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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
The Waiting
Day 70: Sunday, November 24

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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That night, Christine lay in bed struggling to get to sleep. She couldn't get Alan out of her mind.

She kept tossing and turning, ruminating. Mostly, she was thinking about what she'd learned from Donna's phone call earlier in the day. Damn that Alan and his irresistible ways! It's true that he hasn't "rocked my world," but I got a taste when we kissed Thursday night. It felt so good and so right, I could have done that for hours!

But no! I'm in control of my body, and I say: NO! I've vowed to just be friends with him, and after what I learned today, that's the only sensible course. He's doing God knows what kind of freaky stuff with Heather, Simone, Kim, Amy, and who knows how many more girls?! Dominating them all! Making them fall deeply for his charms.

Luckily, I've been warned. Knowledge is power. I have the power to say no, and that's just what I'm gonna do. So there! End of story!

But then in the middle of the night, she had a vivid dream.

Outwardly, Christine was a frigid girl - the notorious "Ice Queen Christine." But in fact, she had an extremely vivid and increasingly sexual imagination. It was a deep, deep secret because she would have just about died of shame if anyone knew what, and who, many of her fantasies were about.


Much of the time, her fantasies were run-of-the-mill Harlequin romance type material. But sometimes, and lately more and more of the time, her fantasies would involve a long-standing fetish of sorts: she wanted to be Wonder Woman.

When Christine was a little girl, one of the local television stations had shown Wonder Woman reruns five days a week. She loved it. Christine loved to kick butt (both physically and intellectually), but looking around the cultural landscape, there were no female role models that kicked butt except for Wonder Woman. So the super heroine was a big inspiration for her to do well in school and learn martial arts. While she learned how to fight, more often than not as she practiced her technique she imagined that she was Wonder Woman delivering justice to notorious criminals.

But in the last year or two, something else had happened. She had turned into an exceptionally beautiful young woman but, in large part due to her "Ice Queen" persona, she still had no sexual experience whatsoever. As time went on and her frustration grew, she found herself becoming attracted to that other aspect of Wonder Woman: while Wonder Woman certainly did "kick ass" and defeat the criminals by the end of each show, she also had a habit of getting caught and tied up. The sexual implications were obvious save to the censors, who wouldn't allow anything explicit. She didn't realize that the original creator of Wonder Woman deliberately developed bondage themes and in fact practiced bondage and domination in his personal life.

Christine increasingly longed for a confident man to come along and take charge sexually so she could overcome her complete virginity. She had all the tapes of the old show starring Linda Carter and as she watched them again in recent months, she found herself squirming with excitement whenever Wonder Woman got bound up with ropes. Christine was naturally a dominant type in most things, but she couldn't deny what was arousing her.

Her dream this night started out with a frequent theme for her: she was Wonder Woman and out to get an evil criminal overlord. In this case the evil mastermind was named Black Bart and his fiendish plot involved poisoning the water supply in Manhattan and then robbing key buildings of priceless artifacts after the security was too sick to put up any defense.

She had overheard word of this plot but no one in law enforcement believed her. With so many lives at stake, her only hope was to throw caution to the wind and raid Black Bart's well defended headquarters before the plot could be put in motion.

Christine liked using her martial arts, if only in dreams, so she dispatched many henchmen with takedown throws and dodging maneuvers before reaching Black Bart's lair at the top of a very high office building. With her superheroine powers, she had no trouble overcoming the henchmen no matter how many there were. She could even dodge bullets thanks to her magical and indestructible bracelets.

As usually happens in such plots, she finally managed to break into Black Bart's penthouse for a final confrontation. However, she found out that she had walked into a trap.

As she entered his chambers, a bright ray shone down on her, forcing her to shield her eyes. But then she watched in horror as her golden belt simply unclasped and floated away. No one and nothing was holding it, it simply floated away on its own. "The Golden Girdle of Gaea!" she wailed. "The source of all my strength and powers!"

She attempted to reach after it despite the blinding light, but then her indestructible bracelets came off and began floating away in another direction. "Great Hera!" She exclaimed. "What's happening?!"

However, no sooner did she say that when another powerful weapon she possessed, the Lasso of Truth, also detached and floated away in yet another direction.

"What's happening?! Who is doing this to me?!"

On cue, the bright ray of light disappeared and a man completely covered in black stepped out of the shadows to stand about ten feet in front of Wonder Woman/Christine. A mask covered his entire head except for two slits where his eyes were, making him look much like a common burglar.

"Black Bart!" she cursed. "I should have known!" She looked around for her weapons but they were nowhere to be seen except for the Lasso of Truth, which slowly floated into Black Bart's hands.

"Sorry for the surprise," the villain said, "but I can't allow you your little toys. I want to fight you fair and square, one on one."

She looked around his vast penthouse. Now that she wasn't being blinded, she could see the walls were almost entirely made of glass, giving stunning views of the city at night from every direction. "You mean it's just you and me here?"

He smiled and nodded.


She struck a martial arts pose. "Fine. I can still beat you without my powers. Fight me!" She growled, "Bring it on!"

He closed the distance to her, still holding the lasso in one hand, and struck a similar pose. As they warily eyed each other and circled for position, he said, "It's true that you can probably beat me, even without your special powers. You're still an Amazon and I'm but a mere mortal. However, are you sure you want to hurt me?"

With a dramatic flourish, he suddenly removed his black hood.

She gasped. "No! It can't be! A-A... Al- Alan?!"

Alan took advantage of the confusion, quickly flinging the magical lasso at her. With a bulls-eye toss it went around her neck and tightened.

She struggled with her hands to pull it off but it was useless. In truth, she was still so shocked to find her enemy was Alan that she didn't put up much of a fight. "Alan? You're Black Bart?! But you're not even black!"

He cackled as evil masterminds do and closed the rest of the distance to her. "I guess I wasn't being completely honest when I said I wanted to fight fair and square. But what do you expect from a super villain, Wonder Woman? Or should I call you by your real name... Christine?"

She was still stunned. "And you know my secret identity? Great Hera! I've been completely defeated! Alan or Black Bart or whoever you are, why are you doing this to me?!"

Holding the lasso with one hand, he reached out and traced a finger along the underside of her chin. He spoke mostly to himself. "Finally! All my years of scheming have come to fruition!"

Then, eyeing her body from head to toe with undisguised lust, he spoke to her. "Christine, I'm afraid you are the cause of my fall. I was a good kid until that fateful day way back in high school when I asked you out and you rejected me. Since that time, I knew the only way to take you as mine was by force. It took years and years of scheming, but at last! You are mine!"

Christine blabbered, "But, but, but... Alan, you were always a good person. This plot, the poisoning of thousands, I can't believe you would do something like that!"

Again he cackled, but less like a manic villain. As can only happen in dreams, he was slowly morphing from an evil mastermind to ordinary teenage Alan while Christine was morphing from Wonder Woman to her normal self (while still keeping the superheroine garb).

He said, "You silly fool! There's no poisoning plot. I just made sure you overheard that so you'd be forced to come here and fall into my trap. There is no plot at all. However, it took years of hard work, lots of money, and great advances in technology before I could find a way to neutralize your powers. Everything I've done my whole adult life has simply been to get you at my complete mercy."

With that reminder, Christine again bewailed the loss of her weapons. "Great Hera! Without my Golden Girdle, you can have your way with me and fulfill all of your perverted desires!"

He laughed. "That's pretty much the plan." As they talked, he was using more of the lasso's rope to bind her hands behind her back.

She didn't resist this, but complained, "And you're using my Lasso of Truth against me! Surely you must be aware that anyone bound by the lasso must not just tell the truth, but must obey any command whatsoever!"

He laughed again. "If I didn't know it before I know it now. Thanks for the tip! However, of course I knew that already. In fact, I also know that this magical rope can never be undone or broken. Once it's on, only I can take it off. So that means you'll be mine forever. You're no longer Wonder Woman the superheroine, but simply Christine the super sex slave."

"Great Hera, no! It can't be!" Despite her protests, her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was getting wet as she thought about him taking advantage of her.

With the rope now around her neck and her wrists, he stepped back and admired her. "Damn! You really are something, you know that?"

He reached down with his gloved hands and pulled on the star-studded blue fabric covering her groin. As can only happen in dreams, the strong fabric tore away easily, practically dissolving in his hands. He smirked as he looked at her exposed pussy. "A-ha! I knew it! Look how aroused you are. You're soaking wet! Aren't you?"

Christine could feel the rivulets of cum pouring out of her pussy lips, but she tried to convince herself that she wasn't actually wet. She protested hotly, "Nnnnnnn-yes! Argh! Curse that Lasso! I can't lie! But it's only because... rrrraagggaaah! I can't say that either!"


He laughed. Then his eyes drifted up to her breasts. "Ah. I decided to save the best for last. Why are superheroines always so smoking hot and busty? Do all the superpowers reside in the boobs? Speaking of which..." He stepped forward and pulled her top down enough to cause her breasts to bounce free.

He exclaimed, "Oh yeah! The objects of my desire. These damned tits drove me mad with lust. They've driven me to this extreme, but now the waiting is over!" He reached out and began fondling them with both hands.

Christine stood stiff and grimaced at her partial nudity. She complained as he tweaked her nipples, "That's no way to treat a superheroine!"

He joked, "Sorry. Why don't you make a formal protest to the Justice League?" Then he yanked her top off altogether.

She just whimpered in frustration and shivered with arousal. She knew that she'd been completely bested. She couldn't really hurt Alan due to a love for him that she had long suppressed. Even if she were able to overpower him, she would still face the impossible task of getting past all his henchmen without her powers.

Great Hera! There's absolutely nothing I can do to stop him. Doubtless he's planned this evil deed for years and worked out every contingency to prevent my escape. He's mauling my tits like raw bread dough and all I can do is stand here and take it. How utterly humiliating! My only hope is to talk him out of his madness.

She pouted, "The indignity!" But that just made him chuckle more, so she asked, "Alan, why are you so obsessed with me? Why?!"

He spoke with great pain even as he fondled her erect nipples. "Christine, don't you know? You're the only woman I've ever truly loved. When you turned me down I was utterly crushed and too ashamed to ever ask you out again."

"But you could have just asked me. Don't you remember our non-romantic dates? I practically threw myself at you."

"Perhaps, but my soul was so deeply wounded from your rejection that I could never ask you out again. I knew on some level that you were attracted to me, but that only increased my agony at my cowardice towards you. Instead, I turned to other women. Lots of them. As you know, within weeks, I was having sex with a dozen or more completely stunning women. My libido went into overdrive. I turned into a sex maniac. But it was all a sham! I needed a constant stream of women to forget about you. But it was no good. I knew I could only ever want you and this was the only way since you laughed in my face."

"I did not laugh in your face. I was very polite."

He continued to fondle. He simply couldn't get enough of her breasts. "Christine, you don't understand how you come across to others, do you? You were so cold, so heartless. It's no wonder everyone still calls you the 'ice queen.' You shattered my soul and turned me into this heartless villain. If I can't have your heart, at least I'll have your body." His picked her up and quickly carried her to his bed, conveniently located mere feet from where they were standing.


Alan finally undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. His very large, insistent erection bounced out.

Christine stared at it with great alarm, but more than a little arousal too. Great Hera! What's wrong with me?! This twisted soul is about to rape me and my loins are starting to lubricate even more? It can't be! It's a completely hopeless situation but I have to resist every step of the way and pray for rescue.

She said, "Alan, please. Let's talk this out. I had no idea I hurt you so badly. I had no idea you love me so much either. Can't we make some kind of deal?"

But Alan didn't answer. He merely said, "You know, since you're a captive of the Lasso of Truth you cannot tell a lie. So tell me: why did you turn me down when I asked you out?"

"I don't know! I really don't! I was a fool. Looking back on it now, I think it was partly that I was taken by complete surprise. I thought of you as a friend and didn't have a chance to consider there might be something more there. Also, I was scared. I'd never even kissed a guy and I thought I wasn't ready to start. And to my great shame, I must admit that it was partly due to status. I was a pretty important figure in school and you were unfortunately more or less a nobody, socially. A lot of girls would have teased me if we were more than just friends."

He started to rub his erection against her hip while he continued to run his hands all over her defenseless body. "So that's it?! I was driven to the brink of madness because you were afraid of a little teasing?! Even now, you crush my soul."

"I'm so sorry! I really am. You have the lasso around me so I can't be lying about my sincere regret. Looking back, I know I fell in love with you at some point but by the time I realized that, it was too late and you had Amy! Look! Again the lasso proves that I'm not lying."

He climbed up onto the bed and started to climb over her. "Amy meant nothing to me. She only reminded me of you." He looked at her face and was mesmerized by her luscious red lips. "Oh! Christine! Do you remember our goodnight kisses on our platonic dates? Have you ever kissed a man on the lips since?"

"Of course not. I knew that my secret powers would be rendered useless if I lost my virginity so I was afraid to start any romance. And all the while I still carried a flame for you. I was willing to lose all those powers for you, but not for any other man! Again, the lasso proves my words! But now, the twisted, dark soul you've become..."

"I'm sorry, Christine. I'm so sorry. I should have been stronger and not given into my base lust, but your incredible beauty was more than I could take. We may never be able to regain our lost chances and innocence, but I'll have to console myself by having you as my sex pet."

"No, Alan, no! It doesn't have to be that way."

"It does. I'm afraid I can't risk the chance of losing you again. I can't take the lasso off. If you were to escape, I would truly go insane." He was on top of her now and continued to slowly scoot up her body.

"What are you doing?!"

"Again, I'm so sorry, but I can't stop myself. For years I have dreamt of fucking your brains out, taking every hole and pounding into your sweet body with my hardness until the end of time. I can't wait a moment longer. I love every inch of you, but more than anything, God dammit, I love your tits. I have to have them!"

Now sitting on her stomach, he lined his erection up with her cleavage and pressed forward. "It's not just that they're so damn huge, but they're impossibly perfect in every way, just like you."


Christine struggled to create a better tit tunnel for Alan to fuck but couldn't since she was unable to use her bound hands. She thought, Why am I trying to help him with this humiliating act? I must be as mad as he is! But there's something about him that I just can't resist. Maybe it's that cute irrepressible smile of his or maybe it's the way he used to treat me so kindly when everyone else was turned off by my ice queen reputation. Or maybe it's all those rumors and stories about his incredible sexual exploits!

Alan held Christine's breasts by the nipples, pulling on them as he started to plow away through her cleavage. He was helped by a couple extra inches of penis, thanks to Christine's generous dream imagination.

Damn! So it begins! I imagine he'll never be satisfied until he's taken all my holes and destroyed my super powers. Actually, it sounds like he'll never be satisfied period. I'm probably going to have to suffer this indignity and much worse every single day of my life from now on. The horror!

Alan continued to happily stroke away between her large, soft orbs and tease her nipples.

She thought, So if it's so horrible, then why am I so aroused? Why did I put up such little resistance and let him capture me? Why is my pussy so wet? It's like my body actually CRAVES to be mounted by this twisted man. Having him tie me up and relentlessly use my chest for his own selfish pleasure actually turns me on! It can't be. I HAVE to resist! ... I sure wish he'd stop doing what he's doing to my nipples, though. That's making me hornier than anything else.

Alan suddenly stopped, as if he'd read her thoughts. "God! As much as I love to fuck your huge hooters, there's so much of you to explore." He scooted back down her body, leaving a trail of kisses down her stomach as he went.

Her concern grew as his mouth started to blow air over her bush and onto her clit. "What- what are you doing?"

"I may have an evil and twisted soul, but you can't say I won't treat your body right. I'm going to make you cum over and over and I'm not going to stop until you scream my name with pure joy."

He dropped his face into her crotch, practically burying his nose in her pussy lips.

Christine moaned, "NO! What...? Don't! Oh! ... Not so...! Not so good!"

He was licking her pussy like it was the greatest experience of his life, which it was. Generally his tongue lapped up and in her pussy lips while his fingers toyed with her clit, but sometimes his tongue and fingers switched places.

He paused for a little while just to admire her pussy. "Mmmm. That's a nice one. Nothing like a good ol' all-American, corn-fed, natural blonde pussy. All covered with Stars and Stripes on your red, white, and blue uniform, too." He cackled. "My tongue feels so patriotic!" Then he dove back in.

Christine was concerned that she would climax thanks to the ministrations of a criminal mastermind. She tried to resist, but his every touch was so electric and magical that she knew it was no use.


"Alan! NO! Please! Have mercy, please! ... Spare me. If you keep doing that, I'm gonna... No! Stop! Too good!"

Within minutes, Alan worked her up to a powerful climax. Her protests eventually turned into cries of, "Yes! YES! God, yes! Great Hera forgive me, but I love it!"

Her whole body practically exploded with orgasmic pleasure. She writhed about frantically and helplessly. She actually loved the fact that her arms were bound and that she was at the complete mercy of her lover.

Alan kept licking her pussy even after her great multiple orgasm and even after she completely passed out.


Christine came to only to find Alan still lapping away happily between her powerful thighs. But as her senses returned she realized her pussy was much too sensitive and she successfully begged him off.

But he was only getting started. "Seeing you cum so hard on my tongue has just increased my desire even more. You truly are the sexiest woman in the world, especially when you're in the throes of passion. But as much as I love your pussy, your face is what haunts me. You're so beautiful." He began scooting back up her body.

Christine was in a sexual la-la land, still dreamy from her great climax. She cooed, "Oh Alan... If being with you means I have to be bad, then I don't wanna be good."

But then Alan added, "I love your face. I dream about it every night. That's why I can't wait to fuck it." He scooted up further.

"What?! Alan, please, no!"

"It's only fair. I gave you oral pleasure, now it's your turn to do the same. Isn't that what superheroines are all about, fairness and justice?"

"Yes, but..."

He continued to slowly work his way back up her body, kissing and fondling as he went.

The anticipation for Christine was excruciating. Finally his groin reached her neck. She fully expected him to put his big hard-on in her mouth and fuck her face, but he did not. At least, not yet.

Instead, he sat up on his heels a bit with his knees on either side of her head so that his erection hung several inches above her face. He could have put it in her mouth, but instead he rested the tip against her left cheek.

He looked to be on the verge of tears. "Christine, I've been stalking you for years. I know this face better than I know my own. I just couldn't let go of you, even though you so cruelly rejected me. I want to make love to every last inch of you. Is that wrong? If it is, I don't care! I love you in my own twisted way!"


He slowly dragged his erection around her face, leaving a copious trail of pre-cum wherever he went. His actions seemed more loving than lustful, because it seemed as if his hard-on was actually caressing her face. It explored her nose, ears, jaw line, and even the tiara on her forehead. He mumbled, "I'm going to savor this moment as long as I can..."

She thought, God dammit again! Alan has always been annoyingly thoughtful. Even now, he's nice enough to get me in the mood with foreplay before he takes my mouth. But he's TOO nice! Dammit, stick that fat thing in my mouth already! I want it! Lord help me, but I actually want to suck on his big dick until kingdom come. What kind of sorry-assed superheroine does that make me? I don't know, but I DO know that I'm going to scream out soon if he DOESN'T stuff my lips with cock soon!

Alan had been thoughtful, but now he said, "Say the magic word."

"What?" She had to close her eyes because he was even running his penis over her eyelids. Additionally, as he'd been doing for some time now, one of his hands was stretched back behind him and working on her clit. She thought she would go completely bonkers, it felt so good.

"I said, 'say the magic word.' You know the one I mean."

Christine replied in a pouty, spoiled baby voice, "I don't..." She was going to say "wanna" but the lasso prevented her from telling a lie.

He teased in a sing-song voice, "Oh, I think you dooOOOoooo..." With his arm stretching back behind him, he was fingering her pussy lips, making her even hotter. But more maddeningly, his dick was now rubbing all around her lips but not actually entering in them.

"It's not fair," she complained, still using a pouty voice. "You have me completely at your mercy. You're making me so incredibly hot for you, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it!"

"No one says life is fair." He brought his erection right over her mouth but didn't press down into it.

Christine suddenly found her tongue darting out, licking pre-cum right as it came out of his piss hole. She blushed as she realized what she was doing and pulled her tongue back. "My body is betraying me!"

"And what an incredible body it is. They say that busty superheroines make the best sluts. Is that true?"

She thought, So much for him being nice. He's torturing me! This is cruel and unusual punishment. But I have an iron will. I have my pride. I WILL NOT GIVE IN!

Alan again ran his erection all around her lips.

This time, she suddenly jerked her head forward and attempted to swallow his cockhead.

He let her succeed for a bit and she happily wrapped her lips around it and tried to feed more and more of it into her mouth by leaning her head steadily forward.

However, Alan was just playing with her and also was raising himself up, finally moving his erection completely out of reach.

She let out a very frustrated sigh and dropped her head back down.

He immediately resumed painting her lips with a trail of pre-cum.

She sighed even louder. Then, almost inaudibly, she said, "Please."

"What was that? I can't hear you."

"Yes you can, you evil motherfucker! I said please, dammit!"

"Please what? What do you want me to do?" He started to run his dick over her nose, going further and further away from her mouth.

"Fuck you! Please fuck my mouth! Is that what you wanted to hear? I want you to fuck my mouth more than I ever wanted anything in my whole life and since you still have me bound with my own goddamn lasso, you know it must be true! So do it! Dammit, Alan, do it already!"

"Well, since you put it so nicely... Finally! I've been waiting for this moment practically all my life."

He thrust his hips forward as if he was going to do it, but then at the last second he stopped. "Wait. Say it. The other thing."


"You know what. The Lasso of Truth will prove your words to be true, if you can in fact say it."

"Oh, Alan... This is so humiliating, after the way you're treating me and the twisted evil man you've become... Turning me into nothing but your sex pet... The truth is, I love you! I always have, I always will!"

Alan's face was overcome with emotion. There was sadness and joy together, but mostly there was lust. He replied, "And I love you too. Now we can stay in bed and love each other until the end of time, starting right now."

He put the tip of his dick right over her mouth again, and again her tongue eagerly sought it out and tried to lick what it could reach. But now he guided it in deeper instead of pulling it away.

Her lips closed around it and again she sighed, but this was a sigh of pure contentment. Oh GOD that feels good! The fact is, I still DO love him and I know I'm going to love everything he does to me. Drive it in deep, Alan! Fuck my throat! I want to learn how to deep throat you. I want to do everything I can to keep your balls emptying into my holes all day long! I may be your slut now, but I'm gonna be the best slut you've ever had!

Thinking about being the best suddenly reminded her of Alan's many other lovers. His dick was inexorably filling her mouth, but in the last seconds while she could still manage to say some words, she asked, "What about your other lovers?"

"What other lovers? Those were all long ago. I gave them up because none of them were you. You're the only one I've ever loved or ever will!"

Now her tongue was frantically licking his cockhead and her lips were sliding over all the cock they could. So she was unable to speak out loud, but to herself she shouted, Alan, I love you too! I don't care what you do to me; I want you to do everything to me because I love you so much! Please! Make me a woman!


Just as Alan's big dick started to hit the back of her throat, she woke up.

She bolted up in bed. Bleah! Oh shit! Not again!

She looked over at her bedside clock and saw it read three in the morning. She sat back against her headboard and sighed. Damn, damn, damn. Ever since I overheard Amy going on about what an incredible sex machine he is, I can't stop thinking about him, and dreaming about him. And when he kissed me, that only made things worse.

But what a STUPID dream. I mean, it's so ridiculously implausible. AS IF I'm in love with him. HA! And the whole premise of Alan being some evil mastermind. Give me a break! Why can't my dreams be more logical? There were plot holes I could drive a truck through. Bleah. In love with Alan. RIGHT! Pffft!

I keep having so many sexual dreams. Why? Why?! For the last month plus, almost every time I remember a dream, it's intensely sexual. It seems that with each additional date I have with Alan, my dreams get more sexual, more vivid, and more, well, Alan-centric.

With all these dreams I'm having I'm really starting to wonder if I'm some kind of repressed insatiable slut. I must be repressed on some level because I'm not in the slightest bit submissive, but I keep having these dreams about being tied up. In fact, that happens in every single dream lately, just about. Maybe that's symbolic, too. Maybe it's my libido that's tied up and is trying to tell me how much it wants to be released. But what if I release it in real life and I go completely bonkers, like in this latest dream? Actually, I should call it a nightmare.

And the dreams always end right before penetration, right before the fun is really gonna start. This stupid virginity of mine. I can't even get laid in my fantasies. I don't even get to find out what a blowjob is like. Argh! And it's all Alan's fault! I was just fine two months ago. Sure, it nagged me to not have a normal social life and no romantic life, but I figured I could let my hair down after getting into the college of my choice.

Then. The rumors. The goddamned rumors. Right after I turned him down for a date, the whole 'Goody-goody' network started to light up like a Christmas tree with rumors about Alan this and Alan that. He was supposedly painting panties on cheerleaders, having sex in closets, sex during lunch, sex with his teacher, blowjobs in bathrooms, sex with Heather even, and on and on. Why, there was even a crazy rumor that he and some stacked blonde had sex completely naked on the hood of a car in the upper parking lot! Ha! As if!

But there are so many rumors that it's obvious at least some of them are true. And everybody starts going off on how sex with him is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. Especially Amy. She went into such incredibly graphic detail, and she's his girlfriend - or at least one of them! - so she should know. Then Donna tells me how Alan dominates his women, and even controls Heather, and lo and behold, he dominates me in my dream. It's easy to see the cause and effect. But dammit! I don't want that!

Alan, I hate you! You've piqued my curiosity with all these rumors and now I can't get sex, or you, or sex with you, out of my mind! This is all your fault. The dates we have and all the flirting is just too sexy and fun. I can't stand it! What happened to the old Christine, the good Christine? Even though I still haven't actually done anything I'll regret yet, you've completely perverted my dream mind. Worse, you've been so frustratingly sensible about saying that you wouldn't be good for me and that I should keep my distance from you. That just shames and frustrates me even more and makes me love you for caring about me like that.

No! Woe is me! That's the worst. "Love." How can I love a boy who has a girlfriend and multiple "helpers" besides? Can I be happy as just another helper?

Ha. Hell no! That's a complete non-starter. Thank goodness he rejected that suggestion right off the bat.

I don't need that, no thanks! Although, it wouldn't be THAT bad, really. If only he could make love to me just one time, and make me a woman. He and I should stop talking about it so much and he should just go ahead and do it! Take me!

No. What am I saying? I've gotta shut up. And shut off these feelings. I'm not some helpless blob. I have strength! Willpower! Determination! Alan's bad news and I know it. I can control my feelings for him. I can!

She sighed heavily. She lay in bed staring at the ceiling for a long time. Her feelings for Alan were torn up and confused and she couldn't figure out what she really wanted or what was possible for her to actually get.


Simone opened the door to Heather's bedroom and saw Heather fully clothed in a T-shirt and shorts but just lying on her bed.

Heather turned her head to see who it was. When she realized it was Simone, she growled at her, "The weekend SUCKS!"

Simone chuckled. "Hey, Heather, nice to see you too. That's what I call a friendly greeting."

Recognizing Simone's cheery sarcasm, Heather replied, "Sorry, but it's true. The weekend is too damn long." She said irritably, "When is it going to be fucking Monday already?"

Simone closed the door, walked across the room towards Heather's bed, and sat in a chair next to her. "Yep. So true. That's definitely the Heather I know. You just can't wait for school to come around again, so you'll have more tests and homework to do."

"Fuck off!" Heather griped. She was feeling too lazy to get up or do anything, but she picked up a throw pillow and threw it at Simone. XX01

Simone grinned as she batted the pillow away. "Gee, you're in a better mood than usual."

Heather looked at her best friend with a truly sad face. "Quit the damn sarcasm already. I'm fucking pissed off. Don't mess with me."

Simone could tell that Heather was trying to act mean, but that was just a cover to hide how sad and frustrated she really was. Simone could guess easily enough what the problem was. She knew that Alan was off on a camping trip, because Heather had mentioned it repeatedly since Friday afternoon. That meant two full days where she couldn't get fucked by him or even talk to him.

Simone was tempted to tease her friend mercilessly, but Heather was her best friend and she knew that was the last thing that Heather needed. So instead she just sighed and said, "You miss him that much, huh?"

Heather hadn't been paying Simone much attention, but now she stared at her with surprise. "Who are you talking about?!"

Simone rolled her eyes. "Heather, you don't have to play games with me. This is Simone here. Remember me? We've talked about Alan a hell of a lot lately. It's normal to miss him. That's how normal people feel."

Heather contemplated denying everything but decided that approach wasn't going to fly with Simone. So she just sighed heavily. "Dammit! This sucks! I wish I could fucking punch him for making me feel like this!" Even though she was lying down, she swung a pretend fist in the air.

Simone couldn't resist teasing lightly: "Yeah, that would help." She noticed that Heather was reaching into her shorts and idly rubbing her pussy mound. She joked, "Looks like you've got a bad case of poison ivy, right on your pussy lips!"

Heather quickly pulled her hand out of her shorts. She couldn't help but look embarrassed. "No I don't! I wasn't even touching myself there. Just near there."

Simone said, "Yeah, I know, I was just kidding. But let me guess: you're rubbing where your bush used to be."

Heather replied testily, "So what if I am? Why should you care? I'm not horny, I'm not masturbating, it's just... it's... well..."

Simone smiled knowingly. "You don't have to tell me; I know exactly what's going on. You've been rubbing your smooth skin down there pretty much non-stop ever since you shaved your bush off Friday afternoon because being shaved reminds you of Alan. You can't wait to show him that you followed his orders and actually shaved yourself there, but he's gone, so you can't, and it's driving you crazy."

"DAMMIT!" Heather impulsively stuck her hand back inside her shorts and resumed stroking her smooth mound. She looked at Simone angrily, but then softened her attitude since Simone wasn't the problem. She growled, "You're so fucking right! Why did he have to tell me to do that then, so it's three fucking days before I get to show him?! Fuck!"

Simone smirked. "I'll bet you can't wait to see the look on his face when you tell him what you did. Better yet, the look on his face when you SHOW him what you did. Or even better than that, think about how good you'll feel when he fucks your pussy! Your baby smooth, completely hairless cunt!"

Heather liked that so much that she smiled for the first time in hours, switching from rubbing where her bush used to be to fingering her slit and clit.

Simone continued, "Actually, it's more accurate to call it HIS pussy, isn't it?"

Heather grumbled testily, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"The fact that you've shaved your blonde bush for the first time in your life is highly symbolic. You did it at his command, not because you wanted to, but because HE wanted you to. It signifies that he owns and controls your pussy now, which means he basically owns and controls your entire body!"

Heather gave Simone a nasty look, even as she kept on fingering herself. "Shut UP! You fucking liar! That's not true!"

"Oh, come on. You love it when he dominates you."

"I do NOT! You're totally full of shit!" Heather reluctantly pulled her hand out of her shorts, realizing that her continued fingerbanging was undermining her words. "I'm the one who dominates HIM! True, sometimes I let him think and act otherwise, but that's only because it amuses me."

Simone wisely stayed silent, but she couldn't help but smirk some more.

Heather noticed, and complained, "Smirk all you want, because you don't understand. You're not a master manipulator like I am. I'm playing him like a fiddle. I've got to reward him from time to time so he'll get hooked on fucking me. But really, I'm in total control the whole time."

"Is that so?"

"It is!" Heather stared at Simone with narrow eyes, challenging her to disagree. "It's all part of my master plan. You'll see."

Simone realized this was a super sensitive issue, and she didn't want to piss Heather off. So she merely said, "If you say so." Then, to quickly change the subject, she added, "I've got an idea. Let's go to the beach. You can boss people around, rule your roost, and generally act like a bitch. That'll cheer you up."

Heather considered that for a moment, but then she said, "Nah. You go. I don't feel like it."

Simone was mildly surprised by that. She asked, "Are you just going to lie there all day, fondling your shaved pussy and feeling sorry for yourself?"

"Maybe I will!" Heather stuck her hand back inside her shorts, both as an act of defiance and because she loved fondling her smooth skin there.

"God, what's wrong with you? You didn't go to the beach yesterday either. If it wasn't for me, you would have moped around your room the whole day. I at least got you to have some strap-on fun. Now, it looks like you're going to be even more of a petulant baby. If you don't show up at White Sands Beach even once the whole weekend, people are going to talk."

"Let 'em talk. Tell 'em that I have the flu or something. I don't give a shit."

Simone decided some drama was called for to help get Heather out of her ennui. She stood up from her seat and put her hands on her hips. "HEY! Is this the Heather I know? The Heather I know doesn't just lie around and mope like some kind of fucking wimp or cry-baby. The Heather I know grabs Life by the balls! Then she squeezes Life's balls until Life cries out for mercy! But does she show mercy? No way! She drop-kicks Life and sends it sailing a hundred feet away like she's freaking Godzilla!"

Heather couldn't help but smile at that. "Okay, fine. Whatever. You made your point. Let's go to the beach. I suppose getting out of the house will do me some good."

Simone still stared at her, placing her hands on her hips. "That's a bit more like it, Heather-zilla."

Heather snorted with amusement.

Hoping to cheer Heather up some more, Simone asked, "Before we leave, can you show it to me again?"

Heather's face lit up like a child who had just found a long lost favorite toy. She knew exactly what Simone meant, since she'd been showing off her shaved pussy to Simone with great frequency ever since she'd shaved it on Friday afternoon. Her smile was a mile wide as she pulled her shorts down.


Being a good, loving friend, Simone pretended to be just as enthusiastic as if she were seeing it for the first time. "Nice! Sexy! Alan's gonna love it!"

Heather was surprisingly shy and giddy. "You think?"

"I know! Except it won't look like that for long, once he sees it. Your pussy lips will be stretched wide open once he plunges that big cock all the way in you!"

Heather diddled her clit as she thought lustily, Simone is right! Once he sees me like this, he's gonna get so hot and horny that he'll turn into a wild animal and fuck me hard and deep in every hole! He'll say, "Heather, good girl! You're my favorite sexy little slut! My number one cum dump! I'm going to reward you with lots of hot, throbbing cock, in your cunt, down your throat, and especially in your ASS!"

She stared off into space with a shit-eating grin. But then she remembered that Simone was looking at her. Worse, her thoughts seemed to confirm Simone's claim that she was getting off on Alan dominating her. So she took her hand from her crotch and shrugged nonchalantly. "Whatever. Maybe he'll fuck me, maybe he won't. It's not like I really care much one way or another. Let's get going." She stood up, suddenly all business.

Simone smirked at her friend's pretended indifference, but she knew better than to say anything about it.


An hour later, Heather and Simone were at White Sands Beach, wearing sexy bikinis. Heather was "ruling" the beach as usual, being greeted by various schoolmates who wanted to curry favor with her. But Simone could tell that Heather was just going through the motions and had her mind on other things. So it wasn't surprising when, after an initial wave of greetings, Heather decided to take a walk down the beach with Simone to get away from everyone else. XX02

Shortly after they started walking, Simone said to Heather, "A penny for your thoughts."

Heather gloomily admitted, "This is better than being cooped up in my room. Thanks for being a good friend. Having those losers take turns kissing my ass helps distract me, at the very least. But, dammit, I'm still bummed out and pissed off. I don't like these... weird feelings I'm having."

Simone thought, It's called being in love. But she didn't dare say that out loud, because she knew Heather was in denial about just how she felt about Alan.

Heather thoughtfully stared out at the ocean as they walked along. "I can't stop thinking about... the other day. With Alan. How he made me look at myself through that mirror. I mean, really look at myself. And with his cock in my ass. That seriously affected me somehow. I still don't know how."

Simone was tempted to joke, especially about the "cock in her ass" part, but she restrained herself. Seeing Heather express her inner thoughts like this was very rare, so she didn't want to do anything to discourage it.

Heather stopped and stared off into the ocean with more precision. She pointed towards an island barely visible on the horizon. "He's right there, you know. Maybe not that island, but he's on one of those islands out there. I wonder what he's doing right now, this very minute." Her face turned into a grimace and she growled, "Knowing him, I'll bet he's fucking some impossibly busty, beautiful babe!"

Simone got them to resume walking so Heather wouldn't ruminate on that. "Come on. If there's one time you know he's not doing that, it's this weekend. He's on a deserted island with nothing but a bunch of Boy Scouts! So unless you think he plays for both teams, his penis is safely tucked away."

"Yeah, I suppose," Heather admitted. She sighed. "This sucks! I wish I could take all these feelings I'm having for him and, I dunno... put 'em in a box and mail it somewhere far away so I don't have to deal with 'em. I mean, what's my endgame here?"

"You mean, aside from getting your ass filled to the brim by his long, hard cock and hot, thick cum as often as possible?" Simone pointed out, only half teasing.

That made Heather grin. "That's true. There is that." But her frown returned. "I can't allow myself to get too attached to him, or too sentimental. For one thing, that kind of behavior is not me. I spit on that kind of sappy shit. And for another, he and I have no future. Right? Not only does he have all his other women, but relationships at our age never last anyway. If nothing else, next fall he's going to go to one college and you and I will be going to another."

She stopped and looked at Simone with a surprisingly vulnerable expression on her face. "You don't think there's any chance he and I could wind up at the same college, do you?"

"Why don't you ask him? Do you even know where he's applying?"

Heather turned her head away. "I haven't talked to him about that, and I don't want to. It would send the wrong message, like I care about him or something."

Simone thought with amused sarcasm, And that certainly is not the case! Yeah, right! Normally she would have said that out loud, but once again she forced herself to stay silent.

Heather continued, "However, I've asked around, in a low-key way. It turns out he's really keen on getting into UC Berkeley, and the odds are very good he'll go there. He is applying to a couple of L.A. colleges as back-ups, like UCLA, but as far as I know, he's not applying to even a single college in San Diego!"

This last point was distressing to Heather, and Simone didn't need to be told why. Simone and Heather had had their college plans more or less set for a long time. Heather's grades were poor, since she spent so little effort on schoolwork. But luckily for her, her mother Helen had graduated from the University of San Diego (USD), a small private university, and Helen still had connections there, ensuring that Heather would be accepted pretty much regardless of what her grades were.

USD was ideal for Heather in many ways. She liked the idea of going to a smaller university where she could have a better chance to dominate. And San Diego was an ideal destination for her. It would be new and different, yet still in Southern California with the "surf and sand" culture that she flourished in.

Heather and Simone were such close friends and lovers that they wanted to go to college together. Simone's grades were markedly better than Heather's, plus her athletic accomplishments made it highly likely she would get an athletic scholarship. She was applying to a variety of colleges, just to be on the safe side, but she knew that she'd almost certainly end up at USD or the more prestigious UCSD (University of California at San Diego). She actually preferred UCSD, which was only half an hour away from USD, allowing them to live together somewhere in between if they were split up like that.

Simone said to Heather, "Realistically, it's just not in the cards. Alan is on a whole different level academically than you, or even me. It'll be a shocker if he doesn't get into Berkeley. He might even have an outside shot at Stanford or one of the Ivy Leagues. So it makes sense that he won't be applying to USD or UCSD, not even as a backup. So, yeah, long term, you two are headed in different directions. Of course, the odds are very good that you'll both still be in California, so that's something. You could still see each other on vacations and such."


Heather stared into the ocean with determination. "Even so, it just goes to show that I can't allow myself to get too attached to him. Hell, I'm not going to let myself get too attached to anybody!" She glanced briefly at Simone and said, "You excepted, of course."

She clenched her fist as she kept on staring at the horizon. "I won't allow him to force me into a position of weakness by getting all mushy about him. Use him and lose him, I say! Still, I have to admit, the kid does know how to fuck! That's just a fact and there's no point in denying it!"

"Obviously..." Simone agreed.

"I just need to wrap him around my finger," Heather ranted, "so I can keep my ass wrapped around that cock of his from now until the end of the school year. Or the end of summer would be even better! Then it'll be, 'So long, kid; it was nice knowin' ya. Come back and fuck me up the ass again some time!'"

"Is that what you really want?" Simone asked, quietly.

"Yeah!" Heather fumed. "No regrets, no looking back, and none of that sentimental crap. I hate that fucking shit!"

Simone nodded. "Good idea." In fact, she didn't really agree. She knew Heather was lying to herself about her feelings for Alan, and heartbreak and trouble would almost certainly be looming, eventually. But she also knew that there was no way Heather would see reason on this, so if Simone tried to give good advice, she'd only be blamed as the messenger. Besides, she doubted any advice she could give would help, since she knew one can't just say "Don't fall in love with him." The heart does what it wants, and Heather would have to learn about both the pleasures and pains of love through experience, just like everybody else.

Heather continued with growing determination, "I have to stay on top of this relationship. He should be MY boyfriend, not Amy's. At the very least, she and I should share him. There are lots of other guys out there just like him, I'm sure. He and I can have maximum fun and a hell of a lot of great sex between now and the end of summer. Then, at USD, I'll find some other guy who's as good as he is, or even better. Yeah, better. The potential pool will be like ten times larger, and guys will be older, with more sexual experience. It won't be the slim pickings I have here, of Alan or this bunch of losers."

She briefly turned around to dismissively wave a hand at the people sitting on the beach, most of whom were her schoolmates.

Simone said, "That's true. But would you really be willing to go out with him in a public way? I mean, he's still considered a nerd. He may not actually be a nerd, but that's how everyone sees him. Sure, there's been some scuttlebutt about him recently, but he's still seen as a nobody."

Heather growled, "Fuck that shit. If I say he's cool, then he's cool. End of story! I'm Heather fucking Morgan! I'm the one who says who's popular and who isn't."

Simone pointed out, "But if you were to publicly share him with Amy? That would make you look bad. Why should you have to share your boyfriend with anybody?"

Heather glared angrily at Simone. Then she lightened up some, realizing that Simone was just trying to be helpful by playing devil's advocate. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Besides, maybe I won't have to share. I'm Heather Morgan so I do what I want. You were so right, getting me out of my room today. I'm a woman of action. I don't just sit around and let shit happen to me; I make shit happen to everyone else!"

She turned her intense glare out to the island where she imagined Alan was camping. "I sure as hell hope he's resting up and taking his vitamins. Tomorrow, come hell or high water, he's going to fuck the living shit out of me! For hours! No more of this letting him call me names and call the shots crap. I'm going to take charge, like I should have from the very beginning, and make him my boy toy! Exclusively MINE! All those other lovers of his had better get lost before they get hurt. They don't know who they're messing with!" She shot her fist dramatically out towards the ocean.

Simone secretly snickered to herself. I swear, Heather would make such a classic Bond villain, with her angry glares and her fist shakings. And yet, somehow, she's kind of adorable. I don't know what it is, but her deluded overconfidence is actually attractive to me. How can she not see that she's into him so much precisely because he does call her names and calls the shots? If she ever did turn him into her "boy toy," she'd lose interest in him about five minutes later. It's so damn obvious, but she doesn't have a clue. And that's for the best.

Oh well. Still, this is fun. Heather "fucking" Morgan is in love. I never thought I'd see the day. Pass the popcorn, because this is going to be an interesting show to watch!


Suzanne and Amy were hanging out at the Plummer house after everyone had come back from church. Just as the group was finishing their lunches of shwarma wrapped in pita bread, the doorbell rang.

They all knew who was coming. Amy, the most energetic of the group, jumped up and ran to the door.

Sure enough, it was Brenda. She wore a trench coat even though it was a reasonably warm day outside. As soon as Amy closed the door, Brenda lifted the coat off her shoulders and let it drop dramatically to the floor.

Brenda was dressed for action. She wore black high-heeled boots up to her thighs and black arm-length gloves. But other than that, all she wore were thin black bikini bottoms, and one thin strip that went from the top of one hip, up over a tit, behind her neck and then back down over the other tit to meet back up with the bikini bottoms at the top of the other hip. She was also heavily made up, with perfect hair.

Amy whistled approvingly. "Hey, everybody! Check this out. Talk about some yummy tit-flesh. Mmmm. You're so scrumptiously yummerific, Brenda."

Brenda smiled, amused at Amy's unique lingo. "Thank you, Mistress Amy. You're not looking too bad yourself. But why is everyone so dressed up? There's not a single exposed tit in the whole house!"

"What's up with this 'Mistress Amy' stuff?" Amy asked. "Like, you want us to tie you up and whip you or something?"

"Not a half bad idea, my mistress," Brenda demurred. "Didn't the others tell you?"

"Tell me what?" Amy vaguely recalled Susan saying something yesterday about some new arrangement with Brenda, but she'd been too busy getting felt up by Katherine and sucking on Susan's boobs to pay much attention.


Katherine sat at a counter stool in the kitchen with Susan. They could see and hear Brenda in the entranceway, but Katherine walked up next to Amy and said, "About the lack of exposed tits. You've got a point, Brenda. Two big ones, actually." She giggled.

Brenda grabbed both of her firm melons and thrust them out as far as she could. God, I love these things! And to think that I used to almost hate my big tits. There were times I even seriously thought about getting a breast reduction due to the backaches they occasionally give me. Thank God I didn't do that! I love how easily they make Master Alan's dick hard. Now, merely sensing or thinking about my tits automatically makes me think about his big cock, which is perhaps one reason why I have his cock on my mind nearly all the time!

Susan asked Brenda, "So, how does it feel to finally be one of Alan's official personal cocksuckers?"

It was an obvious question, since Susan and Brenda had talked about it extensively on the phone since Brenda's "ceremony" on Friday, but Brenda was glad to repeat herself so all the others could hear too. "Oh! So GREAT! Gaawwwd, I love it so much! I know this may sound ridiculous, but it's given my life new purpose and meaning. I swear, happiness for me is seeing our master's cock hot and throbbing, and plunged deeply into some lucky slut's hot mouth, big set of tits, ass, or cunt! Even if it's not mine!"

Susan spoke proudly. "I don't think that's ridiculous at all. There's great satisfaction in serving."

"Amen," Katherine said. She reached out and tweaked both of Brenda's nipples through the thin strips of fabric over them. She rolled the remarkably elongated nipples around in her fingers. "Mmmm. That's what I'm talking about. Definitely tasty. But unfortunately we've all vowed to abstain from any orgasms until Alan gets back. So that's why it looks like we just got back from church. As a matter of fact, we did just get back from church."

"Oh." Brenda looked down at the floor, very disappointed. She dropped her large breasts and slumped in dejection, inadvertently causing her nipples to spring free of the thin black straps that had been covering them. Her mighty orbs, freed of restraints, bounced up and down, over and over.

She raised a hand to put the strap back into place, but Katherine reached out and gently stopped her with a hand. That turned into another brief nipple tweak. "Hold on, Brenda. Just because we're not getting all sexual today doesn't mean you have to do the same. Remember, the rules are somewhat different for you."

Katherine looked down and noticed that Brenda's thong in fact left most of her bush exposed. The two parts of the thong met right at Brenda's clit, and it looked like Brenda would get delightfully stimulated with every step she took. Katherine very much approved of that, but she looked back up at Brenda's chest and complained, "Do you not remember what Suzanne told you?"

Brenda remembered. She murmured abashedly, "I'm not supposed to cover up my nipples if I can help it, Mistress Katherine."

Katherine and Amy both nodded encouragingly. Katherine answered, "That's right. And you don't want to cross Suzanne, believe me. Do you believe in my mother's Big Tits Theory?"

"Of course. My enormous breasts are proof that I've been placed on this Earth to sexually serve my superiors. I have no doubt about it. And all of you are my superiors, Alan most of all."

"Well then, let's see your glories in their full glory."

Brenda dramatically pulled the straps over her breasts aside and thrust her bared chest forward again. She happily thought of one of Susan's favorite quotes from Alan, which had become one of her favorites as well: "Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your big tits high in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed of." That's what I'm doing too, Master Alan!

Katherine smiled. "That's better. But come on in. Can we fix you some lunch?"

"No thanks. I just ate... Um, Mistress Katherine." Brenda blushed. She was still getting used to using mistress titles.

Brenda followed the two daughters with her back still arched to thrust her bouncing boobs even more prominently than usual. The sight was so mouth-wateringly arousing that by the time they reached the kitchen counter, everyone was quite horny. Hello kisses followed all around.

Brenda got (and gave in return) enthusiastic French kisses and tit gropes from everyone but Suzanne. The dark red-haired, green-eyed beauty barely gave Brenda a peck on the cheek.

Everyone noticed Suzanne's unusual behavior.

Brenda immediately blamed herself. "Did I do something to displease you, Mistress Suzanne? I'm sorry that my nipples were covered up when I first came in, but I thought I'd quickly remove-"

Suzanne cut in, "No, don't worry about that. It's nothing. I'm just not in the mood. Why don't you all have fun together. I'm going to go lay out by the pool for a while."

She got up, opened the sliding door leading to the patio, and went outside. Her church clothes weren't the thing to wear for lounging in the sun, but in truth she just wanted to be alone for a little while. Brenda's abject subservience reminded her of her own issues with Alan and the new family pact in a negative way. She also was worrying about Glory and if she'd been wise to tell Glory her great secret. Furthermore, Alan being gone was making her feel especially pissy.

Brenda didn't say anything, but her face was full of consternation.

Susan spoke up. "Don't worry, Brenda. It's not you. For some reason, Suzanne seems to be in a bad mood today. She's been like that all morning, and doubly so since we got back from church. I haven't seen her smile once all day. She was kind of moody last night too, now that I think about it."

Brenda frowned even more. In her new, submissive relationship with the Plummer family, she tended to blame herself for any problem, even if she had nothing to do with it.

Katherine immediately saw the frown, and consoled, "Don't worry, Brenda. She's probably just missing Alan. Like all of us."

That made Brenda feel better. "Mistress Katherine, if you don't mind, I have a suggestion. Please take off all of your heavy clothes and I'll help you take your mind off him. Then I'll go down on everyone else. It's the least I can do." She licked her lips in anticipation of this "chore" she'd have to "suffer" through.

But the others showed no reaction to that except frustrated frowns.

Brenda thought, and then said, "No, wait. Scratch that. None of you are having any climaxes today. Well, if you won't have any, then I won't either. We'll all stick together."

Susan spoke up. "Hold on, Brenda. That's a nice thought, but if you do that, how are we going to complete your slave training? That's why we had you come over in the first place."

Since Amy had spaced out in the earlier discussions, she asked, "What training?"

Susan explained, "Amy dear, don't you remember what the five of us discussed on Friday, after Tiger left? How Brenda is going to be the Plummer house slave from now on? That means she's going to be your slave too. This isn't a game; it's very much what she wants to do. Permanently, I think."

Brenda nodded in affirmation.

Amy said, "I know that, but I don't remember any talk about training."

Susan continued, "I guess that was more something I've talked about with her over the phone since then. Remember, it's not like the rest of us, where we play around with the sex-slave fantasy. She's hard core about it. She wants to be a true slave! But while she's very enthusiastic, she's never been any kind of slave before, except in her dreams, so she needs some training. And heck, to be honest, we need the practice too, to figure out how to handle her. I don't know the first thing about slave management, and I'm sure you don't either. I wish Suzanne wasn't having one of her moods, 'cos she'd know what to do."

Amy looked over at Brenda, who nodded again, indicating everything Susan said was true. Then Amy asked to Susan, "What does that mean: 'a true slave'? That's so weird! Is she going to be in chains and stuff?"

"No," Susan explained patiently. "Not unless she wants to. It's just a state of mind. It's something that excites and fulfills her. She told us she wants to be Alan's 'sex pet,' and she takes that quite literally."

Amy pouted, "But I'm his sex pet too, aren't I? Isn't that true for all of us? Especially after The Pact?"

"Of course that's true. We've all pledged our bodies to endlessly serving him. But Brenda, well, she's kind of taken the service idea to an even deeper level. It means that she'll do anything we ask her to do. Any of us, you included. She lives to serve us and please us, especially sexually, just as we live to sexually serve Alan. And if she fails to do what we command, she gets punished."


Brenda got down on her knees, bowed her head, and stated in almost zombie-like fashion, "I am a sexual plaything made only to serve the Plummer family." It was something she'd repeated in her head many times a day since the pivotal events last Friday.

Amy said to Susan, "Wow! That's wild. I guess I didn't fully understand until now. I'm still not sure, actually. For instance, do you mean I could order her to lick my muff and she would, just like that?" Amy snapped her fingers.

As soon as those words left Amy's mouth, Brenda scooted forward a bit, and ducked under Amy's long dress. Remarkably, Amy was wearing underwear for once, since she'd just come home from church, but Brenda pulled that away and had her mouth on Amy's shaved pussy lips within seconds of Amy's question. Despite the ban on orgasms, she wanted to show Amy how well she could serve her.

"WOW!" Amy exclaimed while the others giggled. "That's service! Gosh, this is soooo neat! But, I mean, how is that so different from the rest of us? Aunt Susan, if you asked me to lick your pussy, my tongue would be on it before you could say 'sarsaparilla.'"

Brenda meanwhile continued pussy licking, causing Amy's eyes to go wide.

Susan explained, "That's true, and I'd do the same for you. The difference is that I'd ask you to go down on me, but I'd order Brenda to. And I know we're usually in the mood; in fact we're just about always in the mood, but what if you're not in the mood somehow? What if you were just really tired one day? So tired that you didn't want to fuck?"

"Gosh. I'd have to be super duper tired, then."

Susan grinned at that youthful enthusiasm. "But the point is, you can choose. You can say no. But Brenda can't. She doesn't want to have the freedom to say no. That may sound cruel, but that's the way she wants it. I know it sounds strange, but Suzanne has explained to me that ever since Brenda discovered her true self, she wants and needs to serve us. She even needs to get punished regularly. In fact, she likes that part more than anything. Isn't that right, Brenda?"

Brenda paused in her lapping and spoke up from the darkness under Amy's dress. "I'm sorry, Mistress Susan! I'm a BAD slave. A naughty slave! It's so wrong of me to crave punishment. I think you need to punish me for that. A spanking. I need a real good spanking!"

Amy, Katherine, and Susan all laughed at the way Brenda confirmed the crazy logic behind what Susan had said.

Susan said to Amy, but also to Katherine, "See what I mean? For Brenda, everything is an excuse for a spanking. Your mom and I were talking about this yesterday, and we've decided to institute a reverse punishment system. Brenda will get spanked after she does things well. That way it'll be a reward, though we can play like it's a punishment. When she actually does something bad, we'll punish her by taking away her slave status. She'll have to dress up, underwear and all, and watch TV."

Suddenly Brenda pulled herself out from Amy's dress and looked up at Susan, her eyes wide with horror. "Watch TV? Fully dressed? With underwear? What are you talking about? That's the last thing I want to do when I'm at the Plummer house. That's just so ... normal!"

Susan giggled. "That's the point. Suzanne's so smart. It was her idea. She said that unless we did that, Brenda, you'd probably slowly destroy the house and drive us all crazy in an attempt to get spanked more and more."

Brenda folded her arms beneath her tremendous tits and huffed, "Well, I must submit to the decisions of my superiors. But what am I supposed to do to get spanked, then?!"

Amy lifted her dress back up over Brenda's head and said, "I know! If you get me off real good with that licking, I'll promise to spank you really hard."

Brenda immediately dove back into Amy's snatch.

But before she could get more than a few licks in, Katherine pointed out, "Um, Aims, I hate to bring this up, but what about the no orgasms ban until Alan gets back?"

"Oh. Dagnammit. Golly geez! That's frustrating. Brenda, you'd better stop while I still have the willpower to say that."

Brenda stopped and pulled out from under the dress again. She looked crestfallen, even as Amy's pussy juice dripped down her cheeks. "Whatever you say, Mistress Amy. But with all of you abstaining all weekend, how can I earn a spanking? Maybe if I clean up the house really well, will you-"

Susan spoke up. "That's another thing, Amy. Remember that Brenda's going to be doing most of the chores around the house from now on, too."

Amy said, "I remember that, but I don't really understand it."

"Be that as it may, she says that's what she wants. That's what full slaves do."

"That's right, Mistress Susan," Brenda agreed, while she licked up the cum on her face and swallowed it down. "But slaves most definitely do NOT wear underwear and watch TV. That's just so ... wrong! Licking Master Alan's huge, hot pole for hours on end while he watches a good movie, or making you all snacks while you watch something together, now those are the kind of things a slave should do." She looked resolutely at the others. "My role is to serve my master and mistresses! I am here merely to give you all pleasure!"

"And to get spanked," Susan pointed out. "You have your needs too. In fact, Suzanne says you're going to be very high maintenance with all your spanking and sexual needs."

Brenda blushed slightly. She knew that was true.

"But Mom," Amy asked, "I still don't get it. Why would a woman with tits as large as small watermelons, a cute baby face, and loads of money want to be a slave?"

"That's what turns her on and makes her happy. Suzanne explained it all to me. Amy, I know it seems bizarre to you right now, but if you think about my Big Tits Theory, it makes perfect sense. God obviously made horny, big-titted women to sexually please others. The bigger the tits, the more true that is, so a woman with hooters like hers would naturally want to be a full slave."

"Gosh. I didn't realize." Amy seemed very impressionable. She suddenly opened her mouth wide and gasped, "Wait a minute! My boobies are getting a lot bigger lately. Does that mean..."

"Yes. As your bustline continues to grow, you'll feel an increasingly insistent need to suck and fuck your master. You'll live for lusty, busty sex with him, even more than you do now." Susan really believed that.

Amy's eyes went wide as saucers. "Even MORE? Wow!"

Susan gently tweaked one of Brenda's long nipples. "It's remarkable, I know. Suzanne says Brenda will remain almost orgasmically happy merely by the act of serving us. Something like vacuuming the floor is a sexual act for her. The more degrading and demanding we are to her, the more she loves it. However, Tiger is a very nice boy, as we all know, and there are certain things I'm sure he won't allow anyone to do to her, even though she'd love it. But we can spank her, for instance, and if we spank her she'll be in seventh heaven. We need to practice that, so why don't we do that right now?"

Brenda's eyes went wide and she clutched her legs together as if she'd accidentally peed.

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Brenda, don't tell me you just climaxed from Susan saying you'd get spanked."

"No," Brenda admitted. "But it made me all gushy. See?" She sat up on her knees and pulled her sopping wet bikini bottoms to the side of her crotch.

Katherine was amazed at the rivers of pussy juice flowing down both of Brenda's thighs, even though she already knew Brenda was a copious leaker. She wanted to dive right in and enjoy the taste, but then she remembered the no orgasms vow. "Damn!" she cried out. "Brenda, that looks so tasty, but I can't. Not now. None of us have cum since Saturday morning. It's going to be so tough making it until Alan gets back."

All four of them sighed as they contemplated just how true that was.


Amy, Katherine, and Susan went to the underwear cabinet and changed into more "comfortable" outfits for the spanking, which meant négligées and the like.

Then Susan opened the screen door leading to the backyard and called out for Suzanne to come back in.

Suzanne came back immediately. She was the only one still formally dressed. She said in a peeved and surly tone, "What is it, already?"

Susan explained as she led Suzanne to the living room, "We're about to give Brenda a spanking."

Suzanne sighed, and asked, "Are you doing it because she's been good or because she's been bad?"

"Good, of course."

Suzanne spoke testily, "At least you got that much right."

Susan said, "I thought you'd want to join in. Heck, I don't think we can do it properly without you. We need your help and expertise."


Suzanne looked over at the middle table. Brenda's almost-naked ass was high up over the table, ready and lightly jiggling with anticipation of being spanked. Amy and Katherine stood by, eager to watch or help with her "punishment."

But Suzanne said caustically, "Susan, it's a spanking, for God's sake. We're not building a nuclear reactor here. You don't need me for this. I think maybe I should go home. I've got important things to do."

Susan came close and looked very deeply into Suzanne's eyes, trying to figure her out. Finally, she said, "What's wrong? There's been something about you all day long. I thought you were just missing our Sweetie, but it must be something more. Did one of us upset you or something? Please tell us so we can fix whatever it is and do better. It hurts me to see you upset."

Suzanne sighed again and sat down on one of the sofas. Her surliness disappeared, only to be replaced by sadness. "No. It's not you. Sorry. It's me." She let out an extremely long sigh. "It's just that, well... I've been thinking. I'm happy to be part of the Plummer house, to be your sister and a second mother to Katherine and Alan. That means so much to me. You've always been much more to me than just a friend."

Suddenly, Suzanne's eyes started to tear up. She had to turn away and wipe her face for a second.

Susan sat down on the sofa next to Suzanne and touched her tenderly on the shoulder. "What is it, Suzanne? If you're so happy, then why are you starting to cry?" The tender touch turned to a firm and loving hold.

Suzanne looked at everyone one by one. The spanking was temporarily forgotten while the others tried to figure out what put Suzanne in this unusual mood. "I don't know. It's just that, on Friday I said some things, agreed to some things in the heat of the moment, and now I'm wondering if that was such a bright idea. I mean, no offense Brenda, but I was basically agreeing to be Alan's sex slave. Not only that, but I was actually loving it! I got all excited about it. Me! That's fine for the likes of Brenda, because that's what feels right for her, and Susan, you seem to be into that lifestyle too."

Susan nodded. "If it's my son."

Katherine wanted to chime in that she preferred that lifestyle too, but she decided to stay quiet. She figured it was good if Suzanne didn't fully realize how submissive she was feeling.

Suzanne continued, "But I'm an independent and even domineering sort of woman. I like to be in charge. If you would have asked me even a month ago, I never would have agreed to become anybody's slave in a million years! I would have laughed out loud at the very idea. The euphoria of The Pact kept me buzzing for a long time after Sweetie left. But now that I've calmed down and come to my senses, it just doesn't sit right with me."

Susan just nodded and lovingly brushed the wetness away from Suzanne's cheeks with a light touch from her fingertips.

"But on the other hand, I'm still really glad about The Pact, and I wouldn't undo it. My long-held dreams have finally come true, and I love it. I mean, I dreamt of having..." She was going to continue to say, "one loving, sexual family with you all for years," but she stopped herself, for fear of revealing too much about her role in getting the whole thing started.

Instead, she continued, "Well, I've dreamt a lot of things, but this is even better than any dream. But I'm also kind of ashamed about the way I'm freely calling myself Alan's fuck toy and sex slave. That sure was never part of my original dream!" She thought about the term "fuck toy," and added as an afterthought, "No offense, Katherine."

A puzzled Katherine replied, "None taken." She didn't realize that the term "fuck toy" was particularly on Suzanne's mind, and that Suzanne and the others now closely associated that term with Katherine herself.

Susan held her arms open. "Awww. Come here."

Suzanne fell into Susan's arms.

The two best friends squeezed each other tightly. They rocked and hugged for a while. Susan consoled Suzanne much like a mother consoling a crying child.

Once Suzanne had calmed down and relaxed a bit, Susan asked, "Now, tell us what brought this on. You were so fine with everything yesterday, long after Alan had left. Didn't you agree yesterday morning you were so happy that you could die? So what's changed since then?"

"I don't know," Suzanne answered hesitantly. "Maybe there's something in the air, or should I say, not in the air. This house is usually filled with the smell of Alan's cum, but he's been gone nearly two days now and the smell has mostly dissipated. Maybe we've just all been drugged by his deliciously sweet cum and that's all there is to all of this."

Susan looked to her daughters. "Does anyone else feel that?"

Amy and Katherine both emphatically shook their heads no.

Katherine clarified, "God, no! With him gone for so long, I've never been more ready to suck on the Alan-sicle. I find myself salivating at the oddest times, wishing my mouth was stuffed dangerously full of cock. My tits actually ache because there's no hard brother meat thrusting in between them. And don't even get me started on how badly my cunt longs to be filled! Not to mention, I just miss seeing his face so bad!"

Amy added, "Me too on all that, especially the salivating thing. But don't forget the ass! Alan's going to FINALLY fuck me up the ass when he gets back!" She reached back with both hands and grabbed meaty handfuls of her plush posterior. "It's like waiting for Christmas morning. I can hardly even stand it! I love him and want him more than ever."

"I agree," Susan replied, amused and aroused by Amy's enthusiastic self-groping. "None of us are feeling that way at all. I don't know if I look like it on the surface, but on the inside I'm a total nervous wreck. I can't think of anything but how deeply he's going to plow me tonight. I've been more than daydreaming, I've been literally hallucinating about getting fucked by my son! I see visions of Tiger fucking me everywhere. When I look at a piece of furniture, sometimes all I can think of are the many ways Tiger can take me on it, and it becomes so real that it's like he's really there!"

Suzanne looked at her with concern.

Susan protested, "Don't look at me like that. We're not drugged or crazy. No. We're doing this because we love it! Come on, Suzanne. I know you're the same too. What's going on? What's making you doubt this perfect world we've created and say such ridiculous things? Wouldn't you love to suck on the Alan-sicle right about now?"

"Yeah, you got me there..." But Suzanne's fond vision of Alan's thick penis pumping in and out of her mouth was disturbed by a recollection of the conversation she'd had with Glory the afternoon before. She felt proud of the way she'd handled that situation, but at the same time there were things Glory had said that really rankled her. It had brought long-standing issues that she'd been mostly ignoring to the forefront of her mind, and they'd stayed there ever since. Yet she couldn't tell the truth about what Glory had said to the others, since her conversation with Glory had to remain a secret.

Suzanne thought for a bit, and then came up with a way she could tell the content of what was bothering her without naming names. "Okay. Truth be told, last night I had a dream. In the dream, I met a woman who was very smart and independent-minded, and actually much like myself. She knew everything I'd done sexually with everyone, and said to me, 'I shudder to think what goes on in the Plummer house.' Then she said, 'Have you no shame? Why would you all agree to such an arrangement? Don't drag me into that madness!'"

"And then when I think about that, it reminds me of the way I crawled on my hands and knees that one time, begging Sweetie to let me suck his cock. And then I wonder what's happened to me. I've pledged to be one of his sex slaves, for crying out loud! Where's my pride? Where's my dignity?"

Suzanne paused and sighed. "Alan is wonderful. There's no doubt about that. I love my Sweetie more than I love my own life. But I just feel ... strange. Lately, it feels like my entire purpose in life now is to please him and make him cum. And I love it, most of the time, but now that I've cleared my head a bit with his absence, I feel humiliated by it too. So I'm deeply conflicted. I don't want to change things, but I'm not really happy about things, either."

She looked around to all the others. "Do any of you understand how I feel? Am I the only one? I feel like my reaction is the normal one, and the Brenda reaction is not normal. No offense, Brenda. Again. Sorry. But don't any of you ever wonder about your dignity? Are you all so happy about this that you don't have ANY problems with The Pact we made? Like all these things Katherine says about living to serve as a fuck toy - there's so much more to life!"

Susan replied, "I know what you mean, Suzanne, and I know logically that I should react differently to the humiliation that my son effectively owns me now and that I'm merely one of his many big-titted sex pets, but I can't stay upset for long because thinking about that just makes me more aroused. I mean, my goodness! When my Tiger says 'Assume the position' and makes me get down on my knees naked as the day I was born and suck his magnificent throbbing cock until his sperm shoots down my throat, it just doesn't get any better than that! Well, it will tonight when he finally puts his motherfucking cock where it belongs, but that's another story!"

She sighed with longing, but didn't allow herself to get too distracted. "I guess that's the difference between dominants and submissives, and you're in a house full of subs. The fact is, I love The Pact. It's perfect."

Katherine and Brenda both nodded.

Brenda, in fact, still remained lying naked on the table with her ass up high. She couldn't be in a more humiliating position if she tried. She felt sad that she hadn't been included in The Pact, but she reminded herself that being the Plummer "house slave" could be even better.

Katherine felt the need to defend herself. "Look, Aunt Suzy... Mother. A person can have complete devotion and even submission to their partner and still get on with the rest of their life. Pleasing Brother makes me feel good AND gives me an endless number of mind-blowing orgasms, pretty much on a daily basis. But of course I still have ambitions to go to college and much more beyond that. I'm just determined to be near him from now on, is all. Maybe calling myself a 'fuck toy' is just one way I express my love for the man I know is my soulmate."

Suzanne nodded thoughtfully and turned to Amy to see her response.

Amy said, "Mother, I don't think I'm a domme or a sub. I just love sex. The way I figure, it's all gravy. Sex talk, like calling yourself his 'sex pet' or the like, doesn't that make you hot? It does for me. That doesn't mean I literally am one, like Brenda apparently is now. Sheesh! Yes, I've submitted myself to him, but we're part of a harem, and a harem has to have one undisputed master or else there will be chaos. That doesn't mean I think I'm less valuable than him. We all have our roles in this new kinda sex family life."

She added, "What is pride all about, anyways? I thought you told me pride is not a virtue. Why not just do whatever feels good instead of worrying about how other people would think about it? Because isn't that what pride and dignity is all about, looking good to others and holding your head up high? I don't see the point in that. We should just have fun and forget about all those fuddy-duddy bozo brains."

While Amy was surprisingly articulate, her mindset didn't gel with Suzanne's, so her comments didn't help much. Suzanne couldn't let go of her pride that easily.


Susan saw that and groped for something more useful to say. She started, "Now, according to the Big Tits Theory, women like us are made-"

Suzanne interrupted and said brusquely, "Please. Spare me your Big Tits Theory for once... Sorry. I know it means a lot to you, but..."

"No problem. Okay. Let's put it aside for a moment, even though I think we can learn a lot from it." Susan was going to explain why she enjoyed loving and serving her son, but she belatedly realized that was the last thing Suzanne wanted to hear at that moment.

She tried to find a more diplomatic yet still honest approach to take, and then said, "Let's look at The Pact and see what you've actually agreed to. The way I look at it, I may be my son's fuck toy and sex slave from now on, but he's just as deeply tied to me. Is there anything he wouldn't do for any of us? No. It's a cliché, but he would climb the highest mountain. Literally."

She added, "And who's pleasuring who? He lives for our sexual pleasure just as much as we live for his. The fact is, we're all one big happy family now. It's a communal thing. We talk about harems and being his sex slaves and fuck toys because some of us find those words sexy and arousing. But if you don't, we don't have to use those words around you. We already agreed yesterday to cut back on using the 'slave' word so his ego doesn't grow too big. Of course, that doesn't count for Brenda since no other word does her justice. But the important thing is, we all love each other, and we're all a team. We ALL gain from that, not just him. Don't you see that?"

That argument really hit home for Suzanne. She just stared for a few moments, and then answered, "Yes. Yes, I do see it. God, Susan, that makes me feel so much better." They hugged and kissed.

But Suzanne's feelings weren't completely mollified, and when the hug ended she said, "But there's more to it than that. It's not really a completely equal exchange, is it? Lately, I feel like, well, like the only thing that matters is to please him. It's like we've all joined the cult of Alan and we've all been brainwashed. My own needs mean nothing, even in my own mind. It doesn't matter if I cum, the only thing that matters is if a tasty load explodes out of his big, thick, juicy six-shooter. And I don't even have to be the target! I'll actually go around and find him someone to fuck, instead of me. Sometimes I look at a beautiful woman walking down the street and imagine how much more beautiful she'd look if her face and exposed tits were covered in his magnificent seed. My cunt starts to throb thinking about my Sweetie fucking HER! That's just weird! It's completely nonsensical."

"But is it really, Suzanne?" Susan asked with surprising confidence. "Look at Brenda. Would you have more or less sexual fun if Brenda wasn't a part of our group? Less, obviously. Sure, your holes are filled by Tiger a little less than before, but you more than make up for that with a remarkable new sex partner. And admit it: isn't sucking him off with someone else helping even MORE fun than doing it all on your own?"

Suzanne grinned as she thought about that, and some of the recent double blowjobs she'd been a part of. "Yeah. Most of the time, at least."

Susan nodded. "That's how I feel too. Besides, it seems the only types of new women coming into our harem are bisexual friendly, anyway. I don't think that's just a matter of luck. It's all part of God's plan. And the more you think only of making him cum, the more you end up cumming yourself. He's not going to be happy if you don't cum as much as possible, so you don't need to think of your own needs. You know I'm right!"

"Besides, Mother," Amy blurted out, "when was the last time your high and mighty pride and dignity made you, and everyone around you, deliriously happy and gave you great orgasms? I know it's not all about sex, but doesn't the sex make everything that much better? Look at Alan and me. Before we got sexual with each other, we were close, yeah, but we didn't talk to each other that much. We'd kind of drifted apart for a while. But now, not only is he my official boyfriend, but we're totally soulmates! We can talk about anything! Sex just makes EVERYTHING better!"

Susan grabbed her best friend's face with both hands, forcing Suzanne to look her in the eye. "Don't listen to me or to your rational mind; listen to your cunt. We all know that just as I have extra sensitive tits, you have an especially needy cunt. So what does your cunt think about The Pact?"

Suzanne directed her mental focus down towards her pussy. As if on cue, she felt a surge of tingly feeling coming from deep inside, quickly followed by a throbbing pull and an inner spurt of wetness. "She likes it," Suzanne admitted, blushing heavily, the way Susan used to. "She likes it a whole lot."

Susan smiled knowingly, stroking Suzanne's cheek lovingly with a single finger. She slipped her other hand inside Suzanne's clothes, heading for her slit. "Of course your cunt likes it. It's just like Amy said: it's all gravy. Look at Brenda. Her needs to serve and be spanked are going to make her, and all of us, much happier in the end."

Amy said, "Don't say that. You're getting me too excited!" She was lightly bouncing up and down on her toes, a ball of energy. "I just wish Alan would make ME happier in the end."

The others laughed at that play on words.

Susan pushed Suzanne's panties aside as she continued, "The more Brenda helps others, the more pleasure she has herself, and that means we all have more. Call it luck or whatever, but we really have a beautiful situation. It's gravy for everybody."

Susan slipped a finger into Suzanne's vagina and pumped slowly, creating some rather obscene squishing sounds. "When in doubt, listen to your cunt. That's what I do now, except that when I'm in doubt I listen to what my tits have to say."

Suzanne griped, "Hey, I know what you're doing: you're seducing me with your sneaky fingers."

Susan grinned impishly. "True, but so what? You're the one that taught me I need to listen to my body to fully understand my feelings. I'll bet you're feeling pretty frustrated right now, but wouldn't you feel better after you've spanked that tempting ass of Brenda's hanging in the air over there? My nipples in particular are thinking about that ass right now, and they haven't been wrong yet. Don't worry about if things add up to be exactly 100 percent equal. The point is, we'll all enjoy life so much more as a team. And I'm not just talking sexually. Look how many hands are ready to catch you if you fall. We're here for you, Suzanne. Always."

Suddenly, Suzanne broke down. She fell back into Susan's arms and began crying. "You're right. You're so right! I love you all!" She cried a little bit, but then quickly dried her tears.

Then she stood up. "Look at me. Pride has always been an issue with me. I can never even have a good cry because I have some crazy notion ingrained in me that crying is a sign of weakness somehow unbecoming for a modern woman. So I stop myself from crying even now, when I want to just let it all out. But I do feel much better anyway, thanks to you. I feel so loved, by all of you."

As she talked, she began taking off her clothes. "I'm going to work through my issues. This whole harem thing, it's so intense that I've shied away from the full implications of it. It's like the fear of standing at the top of a steep mountain slope and hesitating to ski down it. But I'm going to dive down, full speed ahead. I don't care about the words we call things. The important thing is, let's all love each other to the fullest!"

Amy hooted "Yeay!" and started a "yeay" cheer.

The others joined in, clapping and hooting while Suzanne finished undressing with an increasingly dramatic flair.

The sultry redhead threw off the last few items like a stripper and then flung them across the room. She thought, Everyone in this room is crazy, but what the hell. That's one reason why I love 'em. We do have so much fun!


The other women belatedly began stripping too, taking off the lingerie they'd put on only a short while before. Even Brenda got out of her spanking position long enough to take off her thigh boots and long gloves. She'd rather hoped that if she stayed in that position long enough, eventually someone would get the hint and give her the spanking she needed so badly. Her patience was about to pay off.


Suzanne took command of the situation, and that made her feel good. The sensation of being totally naked seemed especially energizing and liberating for her at the moment. As she sensuously caressed her naked skin, she said, "Okay, here's what we're going to do. I know we're all feeling increasingly sexed up from the tops of our heads to the bottoms of our high-heeled feet. The fact is, all five of us are naturally sexual creatures who crave physical pleasure, and lots of it. But we can't get too sexy right now thanks to the no orgasms vow we made. However, Brenda didn't make that vow with us. So I propose we make her cum until we practically kill her, and get our fun from watching how much she enjoys it. Are you with me?"

"Yeah!" the others all cried.

Brenda's mouth hung open. She felt great shivers run up and down her spine. She felt obliged to complain, "Mistress! I don't deserve this!"

Suzanne replied, "No, you probably don't. But this isn't for you this time; it's for us."

Brenda had no excuse to object to that logic. Her body was tingling with desire and anticipation as she nodded obediently.

Suzanne clapped her hands to regain everyone's attention.

The loud slapping sound caused Brenda's imagination to run wild. In her mind, she was already bent over Suzanne's knee and getting spanked bare-handed by the dominating Amazon with curly dark red hair. Brenda's pussy began to spasm and leak uncontrollably, making her squirm in anticipation.

Suzanne looked around. "Okay. Now listen up. I've seen a decent spanking attempt from Katherine before, but the fact is, none of you really know how to spank properly. So I'm going to show you. Susan, bring your naked butt up here and give Brenda the best spanking you can."

Even as Suzanne said this, she grabbed a dildo that was lying around, wiped it off, and stuffed it into Brenda's pussy without warning. (It said much about how life in the Plummer house had changed that there happened to be a dildo lying in the open in the living room.)

Brenda grunted and then spread her legs even wider, as if begging for it to be shoved in deeper. Her pussy was already soaked from the mere anticipation of having her ass spanked.

Suzanne happily fulfilled Brenda's craving and shoved the dildo back and forth several times. She stopped and turned to her best friend.

Susan watched all of this and then stood up, cradling her bountiful rack in her arms. "I don't know, Suzanne. Are you sure? Why me? I'm not really the spanking type. I'm more of the 'needing to get spanked by my well-hung son' type. Then he'll cock-whip my face and tie my hands behind my back, forcing me to thrust out my chest so he can drain my nipples of milk as he-"

"You have to learn," Suzanne interrupted, knowing how easily Susan could get carried away with that kind of talk. "Brenda is very spank-needy and we'll all have to learn how to do it. Go on. Give it a shot."

Suzanne looked again at Brenda's butt and belatedly noticed that the dildo was actually a double-headed vibrator. So she pulled it out a bit, turned it on, and stuffed it back in. But it was such a big one that a good four inches stuck out of her even when it was all the way in.

Susan stood behind Brenda and nervously cleared her throat. She really didn't want to spank anybody. "Ahem... Yes... Brenda, are you ready for your spanking?"

"Yes, please, Mistress!" Brenda eagerly replied.

Katherine spoke. "Mom, if I may offer a suggestion? I think it's better if you just order Brenda around, instead of asking her permission in that kind of pleady tone of voice. Remember that she's the slave."

"Very good, Angel," Suzanne agreed. "You don't ask slaves anything; you just tell them what to do."

Susan again cleared her throat and drew her hand back. There was a long dramatic pause, and it seemed she was about to land the first blow at any second, but then she dropped her hand instead. "Sorry. I just can't do it. I've never believed in corporal punishment. Well, except in certain circumstances, such as when Tiger puts me in my place. I just can't do it."

Suzanne sighed. "Susan, Mom, how many times do I have to explain? This is a REWARD for Brenda, not a punishment. She LIKES the humiliation. Her definitions of pain and pleasure are different than yours. She needs direction and discipline. Actually, now that I think about it, she's not that different from you when it comes to spanking. Imagine that you're the one being spanked. Give her what she needs!"

Brenda wiggled her ass back and forth as more pussy juice poured down her thighs. If asses could talk, Brenda's would have screamed "Spank me now! Set me on fire! Go ahead, do it! What are you waiting for?!" But Brenda's mouth was unwilling to actually speak for her needy ass, since she felt that wasn't her proper role as a slave. So she tried to do everything she could nonverbally, thrusting her ass forward and back sometimes as well as side to side and moaning with loud need.

Susan saw all this and raised her hand again, but she still looked and felt uncertain. Oh dear! This just isn't me. I would never dream of even spanking a child. As one of Tiger's big-titted sex pets, I'm the one who needs to be spanked! She walked over to Suzanne for more advice and encouragement.


To her surprise, Brenda crawled over with her like a puppy dog, as if she couldn't bear to get out of the range of Susan's hand. She tried to keep her ass angled up towards Susan, and looked up at her with sad puppy dog eyes. Again, she didn't feel that busty sex slaves had the right to make demands, but she hoped her cute face could express her extreme need.

Suzanne was amused by Brenda's enthusiasm. She commented, "Look at her. Can't you see how badly she wants it? Don't you feel it too, now that you're one of your son's sex toys? Don't you want him to order you around and tell you what to do? Isn't there a part of you that wants him to get tough, and punish you? Rape you, even?"

Susan got very red and embarrassed. "Yes," she said in a very small voice. In fact, I can't wait until he rapes me tonight! In her mind, when it came to her son, the term 'rape just meant being very' sexually aggressive.

Katherine closed her eyes and also silently mouthed "Yes." She was enjoying all of this as much as anyone, since she considered herself nearly as submissive as Brenda. She was another who had the opinion that one couldn't rape the willing.

Surprisingly, Suzanne said, "So do I. Hell, I might as well throw my pride out the window and admit it. I guess that's part of the problem I was having earlier and something I'll probably still take a while to get over. I should be more honest with myself. I'll admit that it feels good to hear Sweetie say something like, 'Hey, you big-titted cunt, get on the bed where you belong and spread your legs for me. NOW!' It gets my juices flowing. Yep, even me. Susan, you're not the only one that loves to hear him say: 'Assume the position!'"

Susan's body shuddered visibly and she began to salivate. She proudly and unthinkingly thrust her massive globes forward.

Suzanne continued, "That's how I understand Brenda's needs so well. I figure she has the same feelings the rest of us do, except she loves the control aspect the most of all."

The others appeared fairly shocked at that, except for Amy, who showed no visible reaction.

Not so for Katherine, who looked the most affected. She imagined herself in Brenda's position, and that made her so aroused that she felt giddy. Wow! Sometimes I worry that I'm kind of weird by taking my fuck-toy fantasy too far. But hearing Suzanne say that these kinds of things could even turn her on totally validates everything I've come to believe! Gaawwwd, it makes me seriously hot too! She was tempted to play with her privates, but decided against it. Amongst other reasons, she remembered that, of them all, only Brenda was allowed to cum.

Suzanne looked at Susan, but Susan had a glassy, vacant, wide-eyed stare. So she asked, "Think about it, Susan: wouldn't you love to have your cutie Tiger spank you?"

"Oh, yes!" Susan's eyes went wide and her chest started heaving as she fantasized Alan saying to her, "Hey, you big-titted mommy cunt, have you been bad? Because I may have to spank you. But then again it doesn't really matter since I feel like spanking you anyway. Assume the position! I'm going to spank your ass red and then fuck your mommy cunt until it's red and sore as well!"

Suzanne coughed loudly and deliberately.

That caused Susan to snap back to the here and now. She finally nodded shyly just a little bit. Then, to reflect her total enthusiasm, she nodded her head up and down vigorously, which caused her tits to fly around in wobbly circles.

Suzanne was amused at how easily she could read her best friend. "Okay, then. You see then that this has nothing to do with corporal punishment, and everything to do with sexual satisfaction. Now let's get to it. Try it again. Be mean. Imagine that you're Alan and Brenda is you. Give Susan the rough spanking she deserves!"

Susan walked (while Brenda crawled) back to the table. Susan focused on Brenda and tried to conjure up a mean attitude, though for her that was quite difficult. "Okay, Slave. Bend your naked ass over the table, because I'm going to give you a harsh spanking. You've been very, very naughty." She turned to Suzanne. "How was that?"

"Surprisingly good, actually, given that it's coming from you. I like the part about her being very naughty. Even though we're going to make spankings a reward for her, she'll enjoy it more if we all act like it's a punishment. So please go on like that. Name-calling is good too. She likes being controlled, so I'll grab her arms so she can't get away if she tried. Do you like that, Brenda?"


"Very much, Mistress." Brenda had gotten tired from all her insistent wiggling and had to temporarily press her boobs down on the cold table top. But now that Suzanne's hands held her by the wrists, she pulled herself up so her massive boobs hung just above the table. They were likely to slap all over and especially into the table when she finally got spanked. Her ass hung even higher than before, and the double-headed vibrator still gyrated around in her juicy pussy. She was in seventh heaven, and she knew it was about to get even better.

Susan raised her hand on high and said to Brenda, "Okay, you slutty little sex toy, get ready for the spanking of your life! Here it comes!" She swung her hand down. But she slowed the hand down as it flew through the air, and ended up giving only what amounted to only a light slap.

Katherine, Amy, and Suzanne all giggled.

Brenda groaned with frustration.

Amy said gleefully, "Brenda, I hope you felt that, because that was the 'spanking of your life!'"

That caused everyone but Brenda and Susan to burst out in laughter.

"What was that?" Suzanne asked, wiping tears from her eyes as she laughed harder than she had in a long time. "You call THAT a spanking?"

Brenda though, just groaned in frustration some more. She tried to wiggle her ass back toward Susan as if that would help, but no more blows were forthcoming.

Susan blushed even as she laughed some too. "I'm sorry, everybody. I just don't like hurting people. I know she needs it, but it's just ... it's hard for me to do. This isn't the right role for me. I need to be on the receiving end!"


Suzanne clapped her hands and stepped one leg up on the sofa. She figured that if the clapping wouldn't get everyone's attention, the excellent pussy view she was giving them would.

"All right, listen up, everybody. Tear your eyes away from Brenda's remarkable bubble butt for a minute. I picked Susan to go first because I knew that this would happen, and this is an important lesson. The key to being a good spanker is you have to feel real anger at your target at the same time you feel real love. If you're not truly pissed off, the spanking won't have enough strength and emotional intensity to be truly satisfying for someone like Brenda, who obviously likes it hard. But if you don't have the love, then the spanking won't have the pleasure it needs. I know we all have the love, as we're all loving types, but where's the anger?"

"That's all well and good," Susan replied, while staring at Suzanne's open pussy instead of her face, "but how can I turn on the anger just like that? I mean, when was the last time you saw me really angry? Well, there was that one time I caught you sucking Tiger off in your backyard, but that was weeks ago."

She stared into space as she wistfully recalled that day. "What a fool I was back then. To think that I got mad instead of getting naked and helping slurp up that always hard and needy mother-splitter! Of course, starting tonight, I'll be able to do so much more than putting his big cock in my mouth..."

Susan started to drift off into another fuck fantasy, an occurrence that was happening to her more and more as the time for Alan's return drew near.

So Suzanne interrupted her and tried to keep her focused. "True, you're not the easily angered type, and that's one reason we all love you so much. But Susan, if you need some inspiration, think about how obscenely big Brenda's breasts are, and how much your Tiger likes those huge milky jugs of hers. You thought your boobs were his favorite, but noooOOOoooo! With her perfect, little, cute, and oh so fuckable body, he even might not want to fuck you much anymore. Do you remember how much he said he wanted to fuck her? What if he comes back from his hiking trip tonight and says, 'Sorry, Mom, I'd rather fuck Brenda tonight. Maybe tomorrow for you.' She needs to pay for trying to steal him from you!"

Suzanne clutched at her own breasts with both hands, to help Susan think about breasts and remind her that Brenda's were the largest. "And not only that, but you know how her tits can spontaneously leak milk, right? What if he decides to get all his milky needs from Brenda and not you?"

Susan turned towards Brenda with real anger in her eyes. "Oh, you fucking little BITCH!" Her hand came slamming down on Brenda, resoundingly hard this time. "Trying to steal my Tiger with your J-cup tits? I almost forgot what a fucking tit freak you are! Take THAT!"


She slammed her hand down again. "And that!" Another hard spanking. "You little tit monster! Stealing my son from me? You think you're better because your tits are two sizes bigger than mine? I'll show you! I'll show you who the REAL milky tit cow is around here!"

She rained several more hard slaps onto Brenda's butt, making her perfectly round ass cheeks shake, wobble, and roll under the ferocity of her assault.

Brenda had an awesome climax as the slaps continued to rain down on her butt. She screamed and shrieked through most of the twenty or so smacks, and for a good while after it was over.

She struggled to regain her breath afterwards. She gasped, "I'm... I'm... sorry... for... my titty impudence... my mistress..." She'd had no idea that Susan had such aggressiveness in her, and the fact that Susan did doubled Brenda's devotion to her. She wanted to feel dominated by her mistresses, and that required them to have some spine.

Susan watched Brenda shake, scream, and leak, as all the others did, then she stopped and turned back to Suzanne. "How was that?" She panted heavily, and had a crazed look in her eyes. She raised her hand again, eager to spank Brenda some more.

Suzanne looked at Susan with awe. She'd never seen her best friend so angry, or so commanding. "Good. Almost too good! Please, take a break and calm down a bit... Wow. I probably shouldn't have reminded you about the lactation too. I guess there's such a thing as too much motivation."

Everyone was shocked by Susan's transformation. Katherine said, "Geez, Mom, that was frightening! You're making me scared that you're resentful of me being with Brother too. Maybe I'm glad my tits aren't that big, after all."

Susan was now all sweetness and light. She brought her hand down and affectionately patted Brenda's head. Then she tenderly rubbed her victim's burning ass as she replied to Katherine, "Oh no, Angel. With you it's different. You truly are an angel to me."

Katherine reluctantly asked, "What about when you found out that he and I had been fucking in secret? Aren't you still carrying around some resentment about that?"

"The fact is, I was more than a bit upset when I found out that my two children were fucking each other behind my back. I thought about making a big scene, but then concluded that the problem was really with me and my old attitudes. That's why you two had to sneak around. Luckily, Angel, you forced the issue and made me watch, or I could have dithered about that for another week, or maybe longer."

Katherine replied, "Yeah, well, it seemed like the thing to do at the time. We all want to help you get over your lingering sexual hang-ups."

Susan smiled. "Thank you for that. You both NEED to have lots of sex with each other, without limits. It's only right and proper. In fact, Angel, my Big Tits Theory says that you MUST give yourself to him, totally. Stupid societal mores kept the facts hidden from us for far too long, but you're hardwired to be a fuck toy for your brother. He owns your dripping, slippery slit, as well as the rest of you!"

Even with her issues, Suzanne didn't think anything strange about Susan saying such things to her own daughter. Somehow along the way in the last two months, she'd come to accept an idea such as Alan owning Katherine's pussy, just as she now had no qualms with sharing in the ownership of Brenda. Her conversation with Glory had brought up some guilt, but those feelings had already faded.

Katherine was absolutely ecstatic. She felt goose bumps all over. YES! Mom gets it!

Susan continued, "And, as I was saying earlier, Our master serves us just as much as we serve him. He'd be neglectful of his duties as brother if he didn't fuck his sister hard and often, just like Xania said he should. And that means both you and Amy, since you're both his sisters now."

"Mom, that makes me so happy," Katherine gushed. "I wish I could take you and hold you, and fuck you silly."

"Don't worry, you can do all that soon enough after he gets back and our 'no orgasms' vow comes to an end. But let me finish my spanking here. It feels so good! It's like blowing off steam."


Brenda heard that comment, so she happily raised her ass for another round. There was a puddle of pussy juice on the tabletop and more on the floor. But Brenda's pussy was just getting started.

Susan raised her hand again, but Suzanne halted her. "Wait a sec. You have the hatred, definitely, but now we need to bring back the love. Now that you're in the mood, we don't need the vibrator anymore. Take it out and pleasure her with one hand while you hurt her with the other."

"Okay!" Once she had the dildo out, Susan gladly probed all around Brenda's soaking pussy. She had a thing for the way Brenda's pussy juices tasted, and she couldn't keep herself to mere fingering. She dove her tongue in and lapped at Brenda's inner thighs for a while. But then she recalled her spanking task, which she considered unfinished despite having smacked Brenda twenty times already. She pulled her hand way back and gave Brenda another hard whack.

Suzanne stood by approvingly, still holding Brenda's wrists. "Good. Good." She looked over at Amy and Katherine. "You two stop frigging each other or we'll never keep our 'no orgasm' vows. Honey Pie, can you come over here and take over pumping Brenda's cunt? Now Susan, you're on the right track, but you're still missing the verbal part. Brenda will love it if you constantly remind her of her slave status."

Susan pulled her hand to the ready position, but held back from striking. "Who belongs to Alan's cock? Who's the big-titted sex goddess who lives to suck him and get fucked by him, any time of day or night?"

Brenda hesitated to answer. "Um, pardon me, Mistress Susan, but doesn't that apply to all of us?"

Susan hesitated. "Oh. Yeah. I hadn't thought of that. I meant you specifically. 'Goddess' may be a bit over the top, but Tiger certainly treats us like goddesses. And the 'big-titted' part obviously can't be denied. And it certainly can't be denied that we all crave to have our holes filled with thick, meaty Alan-cock. We all love the sensation of his delicious ropes hitting the backs of our throats and having his potent spermy goodness run down into our bellies. So really I could have been referring to any one of us. In fact, one cocksucker really isn't enough for him. He's such a special, cum-filled boy. He needs two or three nymphos at the minimum, all blowing him at the same time. And when it comes to fucking-"

Suzanne interrupted. "Um, Susan? The spanking? You've drifted far off into one of your Alan fantasies yet again. Oh, and Amy, don't stop fingerbanging her."


Susan snapped out of it. "Oops. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. Brenda's freakishly large tits. They're just too damn big! Take this, you naughty sex slave!" Her hand finally came raining down onto Brenda's butt cheeks again. "And take this, too, you mammary mutant!" Another blow fell hard onto Brenda's shapely ass.

Suzanne chuckled. "Mammary mutant." Hilarious! How can I not love being a part of all this?

Meanwhile, Amy vigorously pumped into the incredibly leaky hole that was Brenda's pussy. Putting her hand below that remarkable pussy was somewhat akin to sticking it into a drinking fountain: Katherine's juices, which had been all over Amy's hand, were quickly washed away by Brenda's heavier flows.

Brenda seemingly turned to mush all over. Her body slumped down onto the table.

But that only made Susan angrier. "Lift your ass back up, you inferior cocksucker! Oooh! I like that one. Tiger owns your ass! You have no right to rest it! Pull it back up. NOW!"

Brenda lifted her ass up just in time for Susan's hand to hit it.

That particularly hard smack reverberated throughout the house, causing Brenda to cry out in a tremendous moan and slump back down onto the table. She was completely shattered as another orgasm hit her, and then another, for she was very multi-orgasmic.

"Keep that ass up high!" Susan barked. "Tiger needs it up there so he can shoot his torpedo into either hole! You'd love that, if he fucked you good and hard tonight, wouldn't you?" Another smack. "Answer me!"

"Yes! Yes, I'd love it!" Brenda's head drooped until it encountered the table. She was in no condition to even raise her ass again. Another climax rocked through her.

"Well, I'm sorry, but he's going to fuck ME tonight instead! My legs are spread wide for my son because tonight he's going to come home and prove that he owns my pussy along with every other part of me! I'm your mistress, but my son is my master, and don't you dare forget it!" Another smack.

Suzanne finally let go of Brenda's limp arms and announced, "Okay, Susan, that's enough. Any more, and you're going to cum too. I can see you're right on the verge. Amy, why don't you try spanking our new slave for a while? I'm thinking jealousy of Brenda's mammoth tits will work as anger motivation for any of us, even you."

Susan sat back down on the sofa, still flush. Her chest heaved wildly and her eyes still had a trace of wildness to them. She asked Suzanne, "How was that?"

"Good, Susan, good. My one complaint is your name-calling had a tendency to turn into fantasizing about your son's big cock instead. That kind of thing is understandable considering what's going to happen to you tonight, but obviously you don't want to be doing it in future spankings. Okay? Amy, your turn."

"M'kay!" Amy quickly took up the position where Susan had stood.

But Susan said, "That was all right, I suppose, but could you please not ask me to do it next time? I love spankings, but only to be on the receiving end. Otherwise it feels unnatural, even when I get angry."

Amy raised her hand. "You can pick me to do it next time. This looks like fun! Raise that ass, Brenda! Smash those overly busty tits into the table!"

She spanked each of Brenda's ass cheeks then found Brenda's pussy with her other hand and let her fingers wander through her crotch and into her pussy lips.

Brenda's vaginal muscles practically crushed her fingers with convulsions each time a new spanking came down.

Suzanne looked on approvingly. "Good, Amy. I had my doubts that you'd be mean enough, but it looks like you're a natural spanker. And Susan, I understand your preferences, but you need to be ready to help Brenda if you two are the only ones at home in the middle of the day. If you find she has an emergency spanking need, just try to focus your feelings on how she secretly craves to monopolize your Tiger's attentions with her busty chest, and I'm sure you'll do fine."

Susan nodded.

"Okay. Now before we continue, let's plan ahead for a second. Brenda, once Amy is done, you're going to clean the house for a while. For now, you'll be buck naked. Later, we'll get a French maid's uniform for you. You don't really have to worry about what to wear over here, because it'll generally be French maid's uniforms or nothing from now on."

Brenda's lusty desire soared. Yes! French maid outfits! My favorite!

Suzanne continued, "After a while, Katherine and I will take our turns spanking you as a reward, if you do a good job with your chores. I figure Alan could be back as soon as dinner time, so you should be gone by then. Today's not the day for him to learn that he has a true sex slave ready to serve him, since we want the focus to be on Susan's big night. Got that, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress Suzanne." It was all Brenda could do to get that much out. She remained collapsed on the table top. She longed to watch Alan fuck Susan, since she had such strong feelings about mother-son sex, but she didn't feel it was her place to ask for favors.

"Good. We need practice being your mistresses as much as you need practice being a slave. Basically, we're all a bunch of softies, but that won't do. And your desire to be a good slave couldn't be greater, I can see that, but old habits die hard. For instance, you constantly speak out of turn. And another thing. We're going to help you seduce your son, but you have to lay the groundwork. Starting from now on, I want you to dress provocatively around him. Since it's just the two of you living together now, there's no reason why you shouldn't start dressing like the sexpot you are."

Brenda nodded. "I feel guilty though. Alan is my one and only master!"

"I know. But you have to try your best. Remember that your master has ordered you to do this. Think of it as psychological therapy to help Adrian though his tough time. Can you get excited about having sex with your own son?"

Brenda replied honestly, "I'm pretty confident that I can. Mother-son incest has been a big fetish of mine for a long time. As long as I keep in mind that this is just a phase and my loyalty ultimately lies with Master Alan, I think I'll be able to truly enjoy sex with Adrian."

"Excellent." Suzanne nodded. "When you go home tonight, spend the rest of the evening dressed in sexy black underwear and nothing else. If your son asks you why, tell him that now that your husband is gone, you've decided you just want to be lazy and dress casually. If he's even the tiniest bit heterosexual, he's not going to complain. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress." The very idea of seducing her son Adrian brought a fresh flow of cum pouring out of her pussy.

Katherine said, "Aunt Suzy, Mother, let me add something, if you don't mind. Brenda, you not only have to seduce your son, you have to improve his skills. That's part of the point, isn't it? Not only to restore his shattered confidence, but turn him from a sexual zero to sexual hero, right?"

Suzanne nodded.

Katherine told Brenda, "Cool. Alan's six-times-a-day diagnosis was like a gift from the gods that forced him to practice his cumming until he could fuck enough times a day to keep his whole harem satisfied. You need to get Adrian seriously masturbating, too, and thinking only of you while he's doing it. Get him to cum more often, and longer each time."

Amy chimed in, "Teach him the PC muscle squeezy thingy. That's really key."

Katherine suddenly exclaimed, "I have an idea! Why don't you leave a stack of nude pictures of yourself lying around?"

Suzanne cut in. "Good idea, Angel, but I have an even better one. Brenda, we're setting up a series of cameras to monitor every room of this house. You should do the same, and put the computer that controls and monitors them all in Adrian's room. Then you can strut around in the buff and fuck yourself elsewhere in any other room, knowing that he's almost certainly watching you and cumming over and over!"

Brenda sighed, trembling with joy. "Oh, yes. You're too good to me!"

Suzanne smiled with understanding. "That's all right. We're full of good ideas. In fact, here's another one: secretly install a camera in his room as well, and monitor that one from a location that his cameras won't detect. That way, you can see how often he cums and, of course, constantly get off on watching him slosh his sticky fingers up and down his hard shaft over and over. We want to keep you cumming all day, because your huge nipples and always puffy and wet pussy lips show you clearly need it."

Brenda was beside herself with joy. God, I love this place, this lifestyle, these thoughtful beauties. I love Mistress Suzanne!

Suzanne said, "Now, as we've discussed, you'll be here all day from now on, every day, except Tuesdays." (She knew Susan didn't want any distractions on her special day.) "Not counting whenever you can spend quality time with Adrian, of course. That takes priority. All of us women have gotten quite good at arousing Alan at every turn. So we'll give you tips during the day, and then you can try them out at night on your son. When he's so hot for you that he thinks he's simply going to die of frustration, that's when we'll help you make the next move."

"Oh, yes, Mistress!" Brenda's head was filled with the idea of strutting around in nothing but black lace. In her mind, Adrian popped a huge boner and there was no way he could hide it. It was like he had an erection the size of a loaf of bread stuffed between his legs. In her fantasy, she asked, "Do you need some help with that?" and she started rubbing the penis-loaf through his pants. In fact, she knew that it would take time for her to adjust and act like that in real life, but the video scheme would help her lose her inhibitions towards him.

She started frigging herself as she lay face down on the table, but then she felt someone move her hands away and re-insert a large vibrator. It was Suzanne. "There you go, Brenda. Whenever you do any cleaning in this house I want to see or hear a vibrator buzzing in your cunt or ass, or both, at all times. That's an order."

Brenda just gurgled in incoherent happiness. Her mind was filled with the double whammy joy of recalling how well her new mistresses had spanked and treated her and thinking about being fucked by Adrian. It would take her quite a while before she'd be able to get off the table under her own power.

She lay there with her eyes closed, when she heard Katherine say, "I'll bet you're thinking of Adrian's cock, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." That was true, which was unusual, since she almost always thought about Alan's cock instead.

"As you should. But don't just think about it. Taste it. Suck on it. Love it." Katherine lifted Brenda's exhausted head, then opened Brenda's mouth.


Brenda opened her eyes to figure out what was going on. Just as she did, she yelped in surprise as Katherine plunged a strap-on dildo right into her gaping maw.

"Imagine this is Adrian's cock. What do slave mommies do with their son's cocks? Especially big-titted slave mommies?"

Brenda was quite groggy, but she could answer an easy question like that in her sleep, once Katherine pulled the dildo back enough for her to talk. "Uh, they live to tease out all the hot, juicy sperm building up in their son's swollen balls? Any way they can?"

She paused with her lips around the dildo, but then added, as if suddenly struck with a profound insight, "Why, that's what any mommy should do, not just slave mommies!"

Katherine responded, "Good. Surprisingly good answer, in fact. So start sucking! And don't be so lazy. Thrust your chest out more!"

Brenda's energy immediately revived. She sucked on the plastic cock with enthusiasm and focused all of her attention on it. So she was taken by complete surprise a few seconds later when a hard spank landed on her ass.

"Surprise!" Amy giggled from behind Brenda. "The Plummer sisters tag team strikes again! Hee-hee!"

Amy landed another hard blow on Brenda's red behind. Amy was definitely showing her dominant side. She seemed to be really enjoying giving a spanking.

But Brenda was enjoying the combined spanking and oral violation even more. This was the closest thing to heaven she'd ever experienced, save only the time Alan fucked her senseless. If she'd had any doubt over her unusual slave lifestyle choice, the massive multiple orgasms that swept through her removed those doubts once and for all.

Her orgasm was actually an ejaculatory orgasm. The others watched fluid squirt out of Brenda and wrongly assumed that she was so excited that she'd peed. Not even Suzanne had experienced an ejaculatory orgasm before, though she'd tried for it many times. She'd concluded that she probably was one of those women who weren't able to achieve it.


Suzanne looked around and sized up the situation. Keeping a sex-crazy house in order actually took some time and effort, and such tasks usually fell on her shoulders.

She was pleased at the debauchery she saw, except for the fact that Susan was frigging herself and clearly getting too excited as a result. "Susan! Stop that right now and go take a shower. A COLD shower. Remember your vow and save up your orgasms for tonight. Save yourself for him. It's almost like he'll be taking your virginity."

Susan nodded. It IS like he'll be taking my virginity! I need to save myself until then!

Suzanne turned to the others. "Amy and Angel, nice work on Brenda, but when you're done here and Susan's done with her shower, I want to see you both suck Susan's nipples some more. We haven't sucked or pumped them for a couple hours now, and that's unacceptable. Susan wants to lactate for her cutie Tiger tonight, but all we've gotten so far is a couple of drops. We have to do better!"

The two teens nodded.

"Oh. And you remember how we all agreed that it would be more fun to play with Brenda's pussy if it was bald? So don't forget to shave her bush off at some point today, probably when you both do your own smooth little twats. Maybe you can include her in your daily afternoon cunt shaving and cunt licking ritual from now on."

"Yes, Mother," Amy and Katherine said with the frustration in their voice as if they'd been needlessly reminded to do their homework. Then they promptly resumed spanking and fondling Brenda.

Susan had meant to listen to Suzanne's instructions to go take a shower, she really did. But then she'd heard Suzanne discuss lactation, and all the talk of her nipples being sucked and pumped sent her mind off into thoughts of Alan sucking on her nipples. Her hands drifted down to her own boobs, and she spaced out completely.

Susan wasn't paying even the slightest bit of attention to Amy and Katherine playing with Brenda, because her mind was on an empty chair. She was daydreaming again, and saw a fully dressed Alan sitting in the chair in front of her. In her vision, she walked over, unzipped his fly, sat in his lap, and then impaled her pussy down onto his hard cock. (She liked it when he wore clothes because it made her own nakedness seem that much naughtier.) There was no need for either of them to say anything, because it was just understood that she would do something sexual whenever she got near him. The only question was, how would she use her body to drive him mad with lust, and what hole would his jackhammer cock fill to similarly push her over the edge?


She sat in her chair, fondling both tits, trying hard not to cum. She knew she shouldn't go anywhere near her pussy with her fingers, but even just hefting up her breasts nearly pushed her over the edge. She thought, I'm the luckiest mommy in the world. Tonight my son's gonna fuck me, and then he'll own me completely! As it should be! Nothing else matters, but serving him!

As she imagined Alan sucking on a nipple, groping her tits just as her own hands were, and shooting countless ropes of thick cum into her vagina, she mumbled nearly inaudibly, "Love me, Son, love me..."

Meanwhile, Suzanne had stepped out to the back patio to get a breath of fresh air. She felt that everything was in order now, and she wanted to think without the ever-present scent of sex that fogged her brain.

She thought, What Susan said about my enslavement made me feel better, but it still isn't the whole story. The fact is, one can easily go overboard with this whole sex-slave / fuck-toy thing. My cunt is so insistently demanding that I can hardly think straight anymore. But on the other hand, it is great to just let go and think of nothing but pleasuring others. And especially to think of coaxing a hot load out of my Sweetie's boner and feel his jism splash all over my face. Mmmm...

The fact is, I need to learn how to let go and surrender to the moment. I still have so much room for improvement on that. But at the same time, it's clear that I'll have to be the responsible one. Someone has to take charge of this gang. The others couldn't have spanked their way out of a paper bag without my advice and direction. They need me as a leader.

Maybe something like regularly spanking Brenda is exactly what I need. I couldn't deal with being in Brenda's shoes (or should I say high heels?). I can't be at the bottom. But I can better deal with the fact that I'm helplessly enslaved to my Sweetie and his mouthwatering cock if I have someone else to lord over. And telling the others what to do helps my ego even more. It's prideful and vain, I know, but it's true.

I just wish Glory could understand everything. The Pact is probably the best thing to ever happen to me. I've found my true family. I've found true love, four times over. Maybe even five with Brenda, if she grows into the family. If only Glory knew the joy and love we share, she'd forget all her pride and join us in the harem, all the way. I just know it.

You know what Glory's problem is? She isn't true to herself. She hides behind conventional morality and won't admit what she really wants. I need to be more honest with myself too. The fact is, if I'm in the right mood, crawling naked across the floor begging for cock can be incredibly arousing! Standing there in line on Friday and being inspected by Sweetie like I was just another piece of fuck-meat was damned demeaning, but God did it get my motor running! I was leaking like a ... well, like Brenda!

The Pact is a good thing. Damned good. It's what we make it. I don't have to look at it the exact same way Susan does. I'm not gonna let Glory make me second guess everything. What does she know, anyway? The poor woman actually thinks she broke up with him. Talk about dumb! There's no breaking up with him, no going back. She'll learn that soon enough.

Suzanne decided to head back to her own house and spend some time with Brad for a change. They had some hours to kill before she had to start worrying about cooking dinner for her old family, the Pestridge family, and getting ready for Alan's arrival after dinner.


It was eight o'clock at night. The sun set early at this time of year in Southern California, so it was quite dark out. Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, Amy, and Brenda sat around in the family office (a room at the front of the house), nervously waiting. Susan was naked except for high heels, while the others wore various skimpy lingerie outfits.

Brenda considered herself lucky to be there at all. Earlier in the day, Suzanne had ordered her to go home before dinner. But Brenda was so sad to miss out on Alan and Susan fucking that when the time came for her to go, she wore her most forlorn, puppy dog face. The others, all basically softies at heart, caved in and let her stay. She did have to hurry home to feed Adrian, but now she was back.

Alan was expected home at any time, but no one knew exactly when he would arrive. No one had remembered to give him a cell phone to carry on his trip. He did call from a pay phone in Los Angeles just before the scouts started for home, but that only seemed to make the waiting and anticipation worse. There had been many arguments in the last hour over how many minutes exactly the drive would take, including time for dropping off the other scouts at their houses.

The tension was so thick one could cut it with a knife. Amy, in an attempt to lighten the mood, said, "Is he here yet?" Then she waited a few seconds and repeated, "Is he here yet?" She paused even longer, and then asked again, "Is he here yet?" She giggled a little.

Susan spun around on her high heels and glared at where Amy was sitting. "Amy, normally that would be funny. But if you say that one more time, I'm going to have to kill you."

"Geez, Louise! Okey dokey, I get the picture. Boy. But if we just sit here in silence, we're all going to go mad."

An awkward silence ensued. Amy gamely tried to fill it with the comment, "I wonder if Beau found the picture I drew and put in his bag." But that was hardly the first time she'd said that this weekend, and the others just ignored her.


Amy appeared quite disappointed that her efforts to help weren't appreciated. She was supposed to be dressed so she could go outside to greet Alan when he arrived, but after the others ignored her, she pulled her top off to expose her breasts. She always cheered up when she was able to expose her chest. She said, "Hey guys, let's get happy!"

But Susan just sighed and gazed out the window. Their house was quite a ways away from the street and no one ever actually walked around this neighborhood at night, but it was theoretically possible for someone to see her.

She said, "I'm getting so hot, just thinking about him cumming... Uh, back. I mean coming back. I can't wait another minute!"

Amy pointed out, "Mom, I'm all for nakedness, but do you really want any old weirdo guy to see you like that? At least sit down."

"I don't care! I want to be the first to see my Tiger when he comes. We've been waiting for nearly two hours, for God's sake! He has to be here any minute. He has to!"

Suzanne suggested, "Come on. That's mad too, to stand there like that. Just sit down like the rest of us."

Susan pondered for some moments, then said seriously, "Madness. Who's to say I'm not mad already? Suzanne, tell me. Am I crazy to want my son so badly, in a carnal way? Is this just a mad, vain attempt to recapture my youth by having an affair with a teenager?"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Anyone who thinks Susan is crazy, but only if she actually believes that nonsense, raise your hand."

Everyone raised their hand, even Brenda, who was generally trying to remain inconspicuous.

"But Suzanne," Susan asked urgently, as she briefly turned to her friend. "I know my Tiger loves me, but am I forcing him to go farther than he wants to? Maybe he put true intercourse off for so long because deep in his heart he knows it isn't right. Maybe it's a sin after all. Or maybe he's not really attracted to me, and he's just putting up with my pathetic attempts at romance. If I were him, I wouldn't want to sleep with a thirty-seven year old hag when I could sleep with you or so many other tempting and much younger women, like all of you standing here!"


Susan stood before the window bathed in little more than the moonlight and dim mood lighting. She raised her arms up high. She lifted up her long mane of dark, straight hair and held it up for a few moments, then let it fall. Essentially, she was preening, hoping the others would find her attractive and say so.

Suzanne said with a touch of worry, "Okay, if you're so keen on being crazy, you're officially insane now. How could you possibly even think for a microsecond that you're not just about the most beautiful woman on the planet? And you know Alan loves your body as well as your soul. Hell, he probably loves you in every way more than all the rest of us combined." She didn't actually believe this last statement, but she was laying the compliments on thick to help her friend get over her butterflies.

Susan turned and looked at Suzanne with a mixture of hope and disbelief. Tears started to fall from her eyes. "Do you really mean that?"

"Of course I mean it! Help me out here, everybody. If Alan doesn't take one look at you the way you are right now and get the hardest erection of his life, not only is he not male, he's not even an organic life form! Why, even granite boulders are going to get a little harder when you come near."

The others all laughed a little and said similar things in agreement.

Susan held out her arms. Everyone but Brenda rushed into her embrace for one big group hug. The nervous mother gushed, "Oh, thank you all so much! I guess I'm just fishing for compliments with my silly words because I'm so nervous! My heart is pounding, pounding, pounding! Of course I know he loves me in every way, but I'm just so tense and uncertain. Am I going to be good enough for him? What if I'm a big disappointment in bed?"

Suzanne's face was now inches from Susan's. She looked her in the eye, and said, "You're fine, already! How many times have you asked that this evening? I taught you all kinds of special tricks, didn't I? Did I not show you how to squeeze your cunt muscles just like I do? I taught you breathing exercises, endurance techniques, penis stimulation tricks, anal sex secrets - heck, you've just about tapped me out of everything I know. To be completely honest, I was going to keep a lot of those secrets for myself, at least for a while, to give myself a slight edge with our man. But I love you so much that I can't help but share."

Susan's heart soared. "You're so good to me!"

"You can't possibly be a more ready or perfect lover for him. So stop talking nonsense and just relax. It'll be great!"

"I know, I know. And thanks. But still... What if my cunt isn't tight enough? I mean, how could my cunt ever measure up to yours?"

"Susan, trust me. My fingers have come to know your cunt quite well. It's just the right size for his big dick. He'll love fucking you. Trust me."

Suzanne was glad and gratified she could help, but she couldn't help but grumble in her mind, I must be the truly crazy one for giving away all those secrets. Grrr. I just can't say no to her, though. She's just too innocent and loving and emotionally worked up. But it's also crazy to be a member of this harem, sitting here, like I'm waiting for the sultan to come back from a great military victory. Yet I can peer through my sexual fog enough to see that he's just a not so unusual teen coming back from an ordinary hiking trip. But I started this whole thing, harem included. I've made my bed, and I'm going to lie in it. I have to quit second guessing the pact we all made already!

The others broke away so Susan and Suzanne could share a more intimate hug. "Oh, Suzanne, what would I do without you? You're the best friend I could ever possibly have in this life. I know how much it meant to you to keep those techniques secret so you could please him in extra special ways. But you shared your best secrets with me, because you love me. I appreciate it so much. I promise I'll find a way to return the favor." They hugged and kissed some more.

Suzanne blushed with unusual modesty, very pleased. "Awww, it was nothing."

Susan got quite serious as she wiped away more tears. "Promise me that no matter what happens, we'll always be best friends. You have to swear on it."

Suzanne replied with deep, genuine feeling, "Susan, I'm not going to promise that, because we aren't best friends anymore. We're so much more. We're sisters now. Once you become a sister you can't really ever undo it, so I'm afraid you're stuck with me for life."

This only caused Susan to cry more, as she was overwhelmed with intense emotion.

But Suzanne stopped her quickly. "Susan? Sister? Think about what you're doing. If you cry, your eyes are going to look all red. You don't want to look like that when he arrives, do you?"

"Oh dear God! No!" She stopped crying immediately and frantically wiped away her tears.

Suzanne suggested, "Quick, someone tell a joke."

Amy piped up. "At the risk of my own death, I'm going to say it: is he here yet?"

That was just the right thing to say, this time. Everyone broke out into hearty laughter.

More hugs ensued. Susan smiled and said, "Oh, you're all so great. I love each and every one of you."

She turned to Brenda, who purposely sat a small distance apart from everyone else. "Even you, Brenda. You may not be family yet, but I hope someday you will be. At the very least, you and I will always be slave sisters, bound together by our love for our master and our devotion to serving his cock."

Brenda nodded emphatically. "I'd love that!"

"I may have felt some ill will for you, maybe a little jealousy about your massive boobs, but that's all in the past now. I think Tiger's harem really is a natural kind of extended family, even though we may not even know each other yet. We should all stick together and help each other."

Brenda was very happy to hear that. "Oh, thank you so much, Mistress Susan! I'm truly not worthy to even think of someday being part of the great Plummer family. But I agree about helping each other. If we all stick together as a team, we can make sure that Alan will always be loved and cared for and his penis will stay just as hard and constantly-"

She was cut off with a shriek from Amy.

"Wait! Hold on! Yes!" Amy jumped up and down. "The van! It's here! Alan is back!"

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