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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Like a Virgin
Day 70: Sunday, November 24

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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At around eight o'clock in the evening, the long-awaited Boy Scout van finally dropped Alan off in front of the house.

Alan's anticipation and frustration had been building all weekend, but his tensions rose to unbearable levels on the ride back home from Los Angeles. He had a non-stop erection that seemed to get harder and harder as time went on, and he had to keep his hands over his lap to keep the other scouts from noticing.

Naturally, the van had gotten stuck in a big traffic jam. And when the scoutmasters began dropping other scouts off at their houses before him, Alan just about thought he would go mad. He had contemplated feigning sickness or hopping out and calling a cab, but in the end he'd managed to endure the wait.

Now it was all over. The long wait to fuck his mother that had really started months earlier was finally at an end. He stood in his own driveway with his backpack in hand, awed by the enormity of the occasion.

The only reason he didn't run straight in was because his heart was already pounding so hard and fast that he seriously worried that he was on the brink of a medical disaster. He counted to ten to calm himself, and then began to slowly walk towards the house on unsteady legs.

This is it... Man! I really can't see Mom backing out now; she's so enthusiastic. Thank God for that. But I'll bet she's as nervous as me. Like about performance. What if I don't do a good job? What if our bodies aren't a good fit in that way? Fuck, man. I'm about to fuck my mom! How could I not have performance issues?! I'll probably cum before I even get to the door!

He hadn't gotten far up the walkway when Amy and Katherine opened the front door. They were the epitome of youthful enthusiasm as they giggled, squealed and waved. They, plus Susan, Suzanne and Brenda, had all been waiting anxiously by the front window all evening, looking for any sight of the van. As soon as it appeared, Susan had let out a scream of excitement and took off to her bedroom to prepare herself. Suzanne went along as an assistant, to make sure that everything was perfect. Amy and Katherine were at the front door because they were so ecstatic to see Alan, but also to serve as a distraction so Susan would have time to get ready.

A massive smile spread across Alan's face as soon as he saw Amy and Katherine open the door and stand underneath the bright porch light. They would have run out to him except for the fact that they wore scandalously skimpy outfits, so he ran to them instead. As he neared the door, he threw his pack past them into the house and then leapt into their arms.

A tremendous three-way hug ensued. Each of them seemed to be trying to squeeze the other two to death.

Alan was dirty and sweaty from hours of hiking, but the girls didn't mind at all. As the hug went on, he looked from face to face and exclaimed, "It's so good to see you! But what's with all the crying? I've only been gone two frigging days!"

"Hey!" Katherine replied as tears of joy poured down her cheeks, "You're crying too, buster!"

"Am I?" He felt his cheeks and realized he was. He smiled and hugged while Amy and Katherine repeatedly yelled, "Brother!" He said their names over and over. He thought it a bit absurd just how emotional they were given that he was only gone two nights, but the feelings were very real. He had missed his family so much that he could hardly stand it.


The hugging soon turned to kissing and tit-fondling. But none of them were satisfied to have to feel through clothes, so Amy paused and tore her T-shirt over her head, while Katherine unbuttoned her blouse. Then everyone went after everyone else even more aggressively.

Katherine practically tore Alan's shorts zipper off. She wasn't happy until she had his erection firmly in hand. "Miss me, Alan Junior?" she asked, and then burst into giggles.

At that point, Amy realized it probably wasn't a very good thing to be standing outside under a porch light wearing nothing above her waist, not to mention that there was no mistaking the rapid jerking motions her bare breasted sister had started making with her hand over his crotch. She felt obliged to play the responsible one (since Katherine wasn't) and pulled the whole hug-tangle back into the house.

Getting inside allowed him to relax. Furthermore, finding himself surrounded and practically smothered by ample female flesh made him feel even better. The tension drained away as he nuzzled, cuddled, and fondled his way all over his two sisters. Even the smell of their perfume was greatly relaxing to him. "Home! I'm home! You two are the bestest sisters ever!"

Amy giggled. "He's starting to talk like me!"

Alan's whole body went limp. He was basically being held up because Amy and Katherine were pressing into him on both sides tightly while both of them had one hand each stroking up and down his erection. Talk about being treated like a king! I swear, I'm never gonna leave home again. Not even for five minutes. This is how I want to die!

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Suzanne walking down the stairs. She stopped at the foot of the stairs and simply cried out "Sweetie!"


Alan turned her way and smiled as he saw her, because she was such a predictably arousing sight. She naturally stopped to preen and pose - she never missed an opportunity to show off her sexy outfits and even sexier body. Not surprisingly, her outfit stretched the very definition of the word "clothing," consisting of just high-heeled shoes and a reddish body suit so thin and transparent that one could pick out every one of the very few blemishes on her skin.

She held her arms up around her head, knowing that Alan loved that pose, and held the position briefly. She looked significantly at where his crotch was. She couldn't see his dick directly, but she could see the way Amy and Katherine were pumping their arms rhythmically. "Looks like someone's getting a very special welcome." She smirked and grinned. Then she rushed the rest of the way to him and joined in the hug.

He loved hearing her scratchy voice, and he loved holding her even more. He frantically kissed from face to face in the group hug for about half a minute. There was only one thing that bothered him: he felt like asking who they were happier to see, Alan or Alan Junior, since all three females had at least one hand on his massively erect dick or swollen balls. He didn't want to complain about the great stroking sensations they gave him since he'd missed it so much all weekend, but he did force himself to mumble between kisses, "Don't make me cum!"

Even though he'd only been stroked a minute or two, he was already on edge from hours and hours of anticipation. His body craved release. But he didn't want to let his mother down by cumming already. This night was for her and her only.

Just thinking about her caused his heart to race again and his nervousness to return, although it wasn't as bad as before. He eventually managed to pull away from the others' lips (no easy task!) long enough to ask, "Where's Mom?"

As soon as Suzanne answered, "She's upstairs," he began to disengage from the group completely. Again, that was no easy task. Groans of disappointment followed all around.

Amy had just gotten on her knees, cleared Alan's cock of two fists pumping in tandem, and swallowed his twitching shaft far down into her mouth. She could already taste the pre-cum on her lips and the taste only made her want more. But she reluctantly gave it up and stood back up. She pouted sadly, her eyes wide and pleading.

He said with a twinge of regret, "Sorry, everyone, it's so great to see you all, but someone's waiting for me."

He'd almost freed himself, but Amy held on to his wrist with a strong grip. "Hey, wait a sec, Brother. Did you find the picture I left you in your bag? Did you? Did you?!"

"Yes I did, Amy. That kept me going all weekend. I love you so much for making that. But let's talk about it later. I've got to go!" He planted a quick kiss on her lips and once again started to head to the stairs.

Amy was ecstatic. The look of pure joy on her face made him want to kiss her, hug her, and fuck her forever. Then he looked at the loving faces on Katherine and Suzanne. It was clear they really missed him, and it was nearly impossible for him to leave them behind. In fact, he'd only made it about two steps closer to the stairs from where they stood.

"How was your hike?" Amy asked, lightly bouncing with glee. Her breasts, naturally, were bouncing too.

Alan looked from one gorgeous topless woman to another. Why?! Why the fuck was I out there getting bitten by mosquitoes and stepping on cow patties? Nature is nice, but damn! I disagree that I need some variety in my life. This is the best!

Suzanne stepped forward and happily noted while caressing his face with the tips of her fingers, "I see your bruises and black eye are gone!"

"Later! Later!"

Amy and Katherine stepped forward too, but then they paused and stepped back. They and Suzanne knew it would be cruel to keep Susan waiting.

The group "hug" had greatly calmed Alan's nerves and eased his tension, but now that it was over, the longer he waited, the more nervous he was getting. He bolted for the stairs as fast as he could, and then practically flew up them. He didn't think to stuff his hard-on back in his shorts, and it bounced wildly as he ran.

Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine remained connected to each other in a loose hug as they watched him go.

"Oh, poo," Suzanne pouted in imitation of Susan. She still ran her hands all over herself and her thin, silky body suit, but it wasn't nearly as good as if the hands were Alan's. "That was so brief. Now we probably won't see him till morning. Damn. But it's so good to see him again, don't you think, girls?"

"Yes!" Katherine agreed. "I was sooooo worried he'd get hurt or sick... We kind of overdid the greeting though, didn't we? We were practically about to gang-rape him there."

Suzanne conceded, "Yes. A tad. We overdid it a little." But she wasn't paying much attention. She just stared up the stairs at the spot where she'd seen him disappear down the upstairs hallway. She was feeling sad and lonely again.


Upstairs, Alan ran down the hallway to Susan's master bedroom at the end of the hall. He could tell by the lights that she had to be in there (dozens of candles were lit all over the room, creating a warm and enchanting glow, much like the lighting when Alan had first fucked Amy).


He paused only a fraction of a second to confirm his guess that Susan would be lying naked on her large bed, and then shouted, "MOM!" and kept running on in. He literally threw himself on her, causing the whole bed to bounce and shake.

"Oh, Mom!"

"Oh, Son!"

That may have sounded corny, but there was no need to say any more. Their lips locked and an electric excitement tore through them as they kissed and groped each other with a deep passion.

In mid-kiss, he realized one small problem: in his hurry to get upstairs, he'd forgotten to take off any of his clothes. Susan was buck naked and ready to fuck, and his boner was already sticking through his shorts and lying on her bush. But it could become excruciatingly painful if he were to fuck through a zipper.

He shucked off his shoes, socks, and shorts, but didn't bother with his T-shirt for the moment. He was having a hard time getting his clothes off with his overly excited and fumbling hands. His dick was practically screaming at him: Let me cum already! And that was even before he got home. All the stroking hands and even Amy's mouth on his dick at the front door almost qualified as cruel and unusual torture for his desperate cock.

This break in kissing gave Susan a chance to speak. "Tiger," she cooed, her voice dripping with affection, "You've made me so happy. I love you so much. This is like a dream come true! I've been thinking of nothing else this whole weekend!"

"Me too, Mommy! Me too! It's been such torture!"

"Torture!" she agreed emphatically. "Pure torture!"

He gushed, "I love you, so, so very much that I can't even express it!"

"Later, Son, later! Talk later. It's time for you to put it in! Don't make me wait another second!"

They kissed again, like their lives depended on it.

Susan thrust her naked hips up at her son and left a small bit of wetness on his exposed erection.

Meanwhile, Alan grabbed his erection and brought it close to her slit. "Okay, Mom. Here it comes! God, isn't this intense? My hands are shaking so bad I can barely hold it!" He wasn't just saying that, either: the head of his engorged dick shook at her opening as though it was a vibrator.

"Don't worry. Relax," she said in a relatively calm tone while stroking her son's face, even though she was hardly relaxed herself. She opened her vagina with two fingers for him to invade. "You're doing fine. But put your big, fat, mommy-splitter in me now! Please!" For added effect, she rolled her hips so that her mons rubbed against the tip of his erection seductively.

That caused both of them to shiver even more.

He looked down so his trembling fingers could know their target. That helped and he pushed cockhead until it settled between her pussy lips, spreading them slightly. He thought, This is it! It's actually fucking really happening! I'M FUCKING MY MOM!

He shouted, "Here it is, Mommy! I'm coming in!"


She spread her legs as wide as she could. She looked forward to keeping them like that as an open invitation for him to fuck her as much as possible. "Do it, Son! Fast! I'm so wet from waiting that you can slide it in all the way! Fuck me hard and fast!" She couldn't believe how wet she was, considering that he'd hardly even touched her yet.

He pushed his painfully stiff erection in, and in one fluid motion it slid down her moist tunnel all the way to the hilt. He felt an intense shiver all over his body as he pushed it in her. "Oh yes! Mom, I've been waiting for you for so long! So long!"

"I know!" she cried. "So good! Fuck me! Fuck your mommy! Fuck me now!" Her whole body shook with excitement. The warmth of human skin felt a thousand times better than any of the cold dildos she had been using to quench her burning need.

"Did you just climax?" he asked, after he felt a particularly intense tremble beneath him. He hadn't actually started fucking yet - he still was adjusting to the fact that he was actually inside her.

"Fuck yeah! I came the second you touched me and twice more since! Fuck me, Son! Fuck me all night! FUCK ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"

Alan laughed, because he felt her cumming again.

But he still didn't start thrusting. From the moment he'd been dropped off by the scouting van until this moment, everything had been such a whirlwind of emotion that he hadn't had a chance to think coherently, he just reacted. But now, he stopped to savor the moment and fully, consciously, think about what he'd done and what he was about to do. Even as his body shook and his heart thumped wildly, his thoughts came with a strange calmness. I'm inside my mother. My dick. Is in. My mom! It's actually happening. This is not a dream. There's no turning back; I'm a true motherfucker.

Those ideas were so exciting that they sent a shiver down his spine, on top of all the other tingles and shivers he was feeling. But he could tell Susan was in no mood for contemplation. He'd been kept fairly busy on the trip back from hiking in California's Channel Islands and only had stolen moments to think about what would happen, but Susan had done little more all weekend than ruminate about what would happen, and she'd had more than enough of thinking. He could see it on her face: she wanted action. Specifically, she wanted the hardest, fastest, and deepest fuck he could give her.

The only problem was, he felt like he could cum any second. He said a little prayer, mostly to himself. Please let me hold out at least a little while. Let me give back just a little bit of all the incredible happiness she's given me. I love her so much! I've gotta do my best!

Then he pulled his hips back, and after a delightfully pregnant pause to savor the moment, thrust his cock back in. It was as if a dam suddenly broke, and within seconds he was pistoning in and out at a fast clip. But even more than going quickly, he made certain to pound her hard. He was in no mood for anything except a brutally straightforward and fast fuck. He slammed her hard into the bed. She had to grab the headboard as he propelled her backwards up the bed and into the wall. There was no way he could fuck her any harder without hurting her. With every deep thrust, he could feel the slightly spongy membrane of her cervix.

And with each hard, solid thrust, she gasped out loud in appreciation for her son's virility.

"YES!" she yelled, her eyes wide with pleasure. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking motherfucker! You're a fucking motherfucker! Ah! Fuck! Fuck me! Yes! Like that! Like that! So good! So hard! So hot! Fuck! YES! Aiiiiieeeee!" Susan screamed her head off.

He did too. Normally, he was pretty quiet during sex, but he let loose with incomprehensible grunts and moans that eventually turned into screams.

Less than five minutes after he had started fucking his mother, an unstoppable climax surged within him and then hit him with full force. His PC muscle could no more stop it than he could have stopped a tidal wave with his hands. It was a near miracle he'd lasted as long as he did, especially since she was cumming more or less continuously.


He held her tightly as he shot his wad deeply into her vagina. He'd always shot big loads, but this was the biggest load he'd ever unleashed, thanks to an entire weekend of abstinence and anticipation, not to mention the intensity of the moment.

Rope after rope fired from his throbbing boner until he almost began to laugh, because it seemed so completely improbable to have such a huge load. He practically flooded her entire vagina with his gooey seed. It began to obscenely squish and ooze out around his hard-on with each subtle spasm.

All the while, Susan's body shook as if she was having a seizure. Her body completely lifted off the bed and came slamming back down onto it again. She arched her back and clawed the air, and still the cum kept coming.

She was as incredulous about the size of his load as he was. She could feel the surge of each cum blast travel up her son's dick and explode out of his dick head. It seemed that he seared her pussy with his hot cum. The sensation radiated outwards and warmed her entire body.

She cried, "Fuck! Cum! So much! So much! Cum! Fuck! God! Fuck! Good! Too much cum! Oh no! God! Oh! FUUUUUCK!"

The high point of a climax is so intense that the French very aptly call an orgasm a "little death." But the peak is also typically very short, and often seems to be over as soon as it began. But not with this fuck. The peak of their mutual climax went on and on and on. Both of them lost all track of time. Time slowed down for them, as if their lives were flashing before their eyes.

The sensations were more than he could bear. The last thing he remembered was fighting the feeling that he was going to pass out. Then, he felt himself falling, and realized the peak was over and his body was slamming down onto his mother as if he was ending a push up exercise. He had completely lost all sense of self as he entered a very magical, transcendent state.

Then he fell on top of her with a hard thud. In fact, both them would have passed out had it not been for all the adrenaline pumping through them. For some time afterwards, their bodies continued to surge with energy even while their spirits were utterly exhausted. They just lay with each other, breathing heavily.

Eventually, he came to enough to lift his head a bit and look her in the eye.

She stared back from a few inches away with the deep and unconditional love that only a mother can give. They both smiled at each other.

He playfully rubbed the tip of his nose against the tip of her nose before he collapsed back down and rested his head above her shoulder.

There was more exhausted heavy breathing. Their bodies rose and fell together in perfect time. There really was no need to say anything, for they understood each other so well.

He stated the obvious, "Oh Mom! God... I'm really a motherfucker now. I've fucked you. I've really done it. So good." He dripped with sweat from just a few minutes of exertion.

He managed to lift his head enough to look her in the face, and saw tears streaming from her eyes. This greatly puzzled him, especially since she also was smiling from ear to ear. "Mommy, you're crying."

"They're tears of joy, Son. I've never been so happy in my life!"

That made him feel happy beyond description.

She thought to herself, So this is what real fucking is like. If he only knew, he'd be surprised to know he just deflowered his own virgin mother. Sure, I've had sex before, but that was with my sorry husband. That wasn't fucking. THIS was fucking! It's really like a completely new experience! Oh, and the love! I could feel his love pouring through me, and sense him enveloping me, holding me. I've never felt so loved!

She felt unable to put her profound feelings into words, and just turned her head and looked at him again, and smiled. They stayed like that for a while. Finally, exhaustion caused her head to loll to the other side and they broke eye contact.


As his mind began to clear more and more, he discovered to his surprise that his penis was actually semi-hard and still in the warm liquid world of his mother's vagina.

He lifted up enough to finally pull his T-shirt off. He looked at his green shirt and thought, That one goes in the T-shirt hall of fame: the shirt I fucked my mom in.

He decided to get up and get glasses of water for them both. But before he left the bed, he paused, and with a silly grin on his face, said, "Wham, bam, thank you, Mom."

She punched him lightly in the arm. "I'll bet you've been waiting weeks to say that."

"Months, actually." They both laughed.

He began to withdraw his penis as he moved to get up.

But she suddenly revived and grabbed him by his upper arms. "Tiger, please don't take it out. Don't leave me. Just fuck me more. Fuck me until I pass out. Fuck me until I die. Just fuck me!" With surprising strength, she pulled her son back on top of her sweaty body with so much force that he was helpless to resist her pull.

"Mommy. You... can't be serious. I have to rest. Catch my breath. I'm thirsty. Gonna get some water."

Alan and Susan still panted, though by now they were taking longer and slower breaths.

"No you don't," she told him firmly. She spoke in choppy sentences as she needed air too. "Don't take it out. I know you well. You're the great cunt tamer. You've just tamed your mother's cunt. And now it needs you! Do you realize I'm fully tamed now? That means so much to me! You're going to stay hard. So hard. Stay hard for your mother. Don't even take it out. Just keep pushing and it'll be hard. Stay hard. Fuck me now. Fuck me forever. Please! Take me, completely! Don't ever stop! Fuck your mother!"

Although their fuck was quite brief, especially by his recent standards, it was so intense he felt like he'd really just run a marathon. He couldn't imagine that he could possibly get hard again quickly, much less conjure up the energy to fuck again as soon as she wanted it.

In fact, he'd just been wondering how he'd even be able to stand up to get a drink. But his mother's words went straight past his brain and directly to his dick and motherfucking muscles. His body revived fairly quickly, but his mind only realized it after the fact. Oh my God! I'm hard again, and my hips are starting to thrust again! This is too much!


Alan resumed his thrusting, or more accurately, his mind caught up to the fact that he was already thrusting and he started doing it more consciously.

Susan brought her feet up and curled her legs around his back. "That's it," she purred. "Tame me even more."

"What's up with this taming stuff? You're so big on that word."

She chuckled gleefully. Tears of joy were still pouring down her cheeks. She mumbled while getting back into the rhythm of their mutual thrusting, "Son, you're not just my son, you're my master. My OWNER. Master of the harem. Lord and master. Big-titted babe tamer. My love. My son!"

She began bouncing her hips, helping his semi-erect penis slide in and out more effectively and pleasurably. She'd gushed so copiously in the first fuck that her tunnel now had a different feel - slicker and very squishy. She whimpered and purred as she felt her son's dick churn their combined love juices around inside of her, creating delightful pressures in places she'd never felt before.

Their pace changed, too. Both of them wanted to go slow and really enjoy this one.

Alan thought back to his secret training session with Suzanne on Thursday, and decided it was time to start using what he'd learned. He naturally focused on what Suzanne said was the most important lesson: making a woman cum as many times as possible is certainly appreciated, but far better is delaying the woman's orgasm until it builds up to something huge. From the way he'd gotten Suzanne to pant and scream in desperation that day, he knew that this was very good advice.

Since they were going relatively slowly, he could still talk coherently. He asked, "Really. What's this about 'taming' that you love so much?"

"Tiger, you don't know, you can't know what it's like to lose all control. To feel completely helpless. To be an absolute slave to my son! I feel so... liberated! The more you tame me, the more free I feel!"

"Free?" He thought of the slogan "Freedom is slavery" in George Orwell's book 1984, and then realized that was a pretty heavy thought to have in the middle of fucking his mother.

"Yes! Free! Free of worry. Free of guilt. Free of doubt. All I have to do is SERVE! Serve your great big fat cock! Does it get any better than that?!"

Judging by the ecstatic look on her face, he doubted she could feel any better. But her words confirmed his thought that he could really get her off by making her feel even more helpless. "Mommy, I want you to tell me this time when you think you're getting close to cumming. And I don't want you to cum without my permission. You got that?"

"Yes, my lovely motherfucker."

"God, shivers shoot down my spine when you say that."

"I know! Me too! Around this house, 'motherfucker' will no longer be an insult, but instead will be the highest compliment." She wiped her face clean of tears now that she'd stopped crying.

"How true." He paused in his fucking for a short rest and asked, "So, do you have any regrets that we waited this long?" He wiped the sweat rolling down his face.

"Let's see..." She waited to answer as if she was lost deep in thought. But then she broke into a big smile and shouted, "FUCK YEAH!"

"Yeah? You have regrets?" He frowned.

"Hell, yeah!" she replied while thrusting her hips upward at him. "My regret is you should have started fucking me months ago. Years ago! Don't ruin the moment by reminding me of all those years we could have loved each other this way. I was such a sorry, prudish woman!"

"But what about all your doubts and worries from before? Don't you remember how torn you were? Why, it wasn't that long ago when you felt compelled to see a psychologist. We're so lucky it happened to be Xania, but still..."

She waved the words away even as she wiggled her hips in a continuing effort to jump start his fucking again. "FUCK doubts and worries! I'm sure you would have fucked them right out of me, just like you're doing right now. I keep telling you, we need to see more of the bad Alan. Just take what's yours! We can have more of the nice Alan AFTER you've filled our pussies, asses, and tummies to the brim with your cum. Don't you understand that all of us have a deep, primal need to be fucked hard and deep by a REAL MAN like you? And speaking of the bad Alan, I'd like to see a little more of him and a little less talking right now. Get medieval on my ass!"

He smiled, happy that she was as guilt-free as he was. He'd felt some guilt over incest when he first started fucking Katherine, but those feelings were long gone. He resumed his fucking with renewed vigor. He pushed his cock inside her as far as it could go, reveling in the heated sensation of their crotches rubbing together.

Suddenly, Susan looked at him with concern. "You realize that what we're doing is very, very wrong, don't you?"

He paused in his thrusting, and then said very seriously, "Yes." He resumed his fucking.

She whooped with delight. "That's the bad Alan I'm looking for!"

His erection got in a really good rhythm, and he fucked with long, slow, confident strokes, while she fucked back with her hips. He had worried all weekend that he might not be up for the occasion and fail to give his mother the fucking she deserved, but those worries were long gone after the intense fuck they'd just shared. In fact, he already felt completely at ease, as if they had been fucking for years.

As his body worked literally like a well-oiled machine, his mind began a more extended contemplation. So this is it. This is what it's like to fuck your own mother. Actually, it's not that different from fucking anyone else. I guess on some level, a fuck is a fuck is a fuck. What makes it so special is the love. I can't say I love Mom more than anyone else, because that would be unfair to Sis and Aunt Suzy, and now even Amy. But there's a special love. I mean, she's my mom! Nothing else beats this. The sensation of making her feel good is so indescribably joyous, and she's on cloud nine right now. I'm the one who made her feel that good! With every thrust, she's enjoying it more and more. We're just going to have to fuck every day for the rest of our lives. That's all there is to it!

Meanwhile, a strange thing was happening to Susan. She found her body so in tune with her son's that it was like she didn't control it anymore. It seemed as if some greater force had taken control of both of their bodies and moved them about to create maximum pleasure. Every touch, every affectionate peck, every move, seemed perfectly placed and perfectly timed.


As she did so often lately, the more love and joy she felt, the more she wanted to serve and pleasure others. She moaned, "Fill me... Fill me. Pound me. Own me! Use me! Impale your slave! Your willing, wanton sex slave. Make me worship your big motherfucking cock! Do it. Do it to me! Fuck me, Son. Fuck your mother! You dirty motherfucker! So nasty! Nasty, nasty, you nasty man! Fuck your slave mommy!" (Her admonitions not to use the word "slave" were completely forgotten in the thrill of the moment.)

Surprisingly, he interrupted her. "No, Mom. You're not the slave. I'M the slave! I want to be your slave and live to make you happy."

"Oh baby, that's so sweet," gasping with each thrust. "But you're WRONG! I'm the slave!" It was a real challenge to talk with the way Alan was pummeling her, but she just had to make her feelings known.

"No, I am!" He emphasized his point with a sudden, powerful thrust that made her body move up towards the headboard.

"I am! Dammit!" she growled as she pushed her hips back up at him just as forcefully, causing his legs to fly up off of her ever so briefly.

They both broke into laughter, forcing him to slow his fucking as the laughing caused him to completely lose his breath. But he didn't hesitate for long.

She took advantage of his reduced pace to gasp out, "You realize you've truly tamed your mommy's cunt?"

"What does that mean? Do I get a prize?" He still didn't understand all this taming talk of hers. Extremely loud slurping sounds coming from the meeting of their groins showed that he picked up the pace again.

"Yes you do. Me. You own me now. You own my mouth and breasts and ass already; and now you own my cunt too. Oh! Ah! How does it feel to add your mommy's cunt to your growing ... OOH! Good Lord! ... cunt collection? I'm so proud to be in your sexy harem. But more than that, you own my heart. I love you, Son. More than you'll ever know. YES!"

"I know, Mom, I know! I love you just as much."

"I know you do! AAH! ... Please call me 'mommy.'"

"Oops. Sorry, Mommy. Old habits die hard." Modesty prevented him from saying so out loud, but he found Susan's talk of a "cunt collection" and "sexy harem" very arousing. But he thought, My "sexy harem" begins and ends with Mom. As much as I love the others, and I really do, she's the one I would have the hardest time doing without.

He tried to imagine life without his mother, and shuddered. I don't even want to think about that!

Gradually, imperceptibly, their fucking sped up. Many long minutes passed before there was a noticeable change. She had been too excited during their first fuck to think about pussy squeezing, but now she very ably gave his dick a squeeze with every thrust. She wasn't quite up to Suzanne's skill level yet, but she'd been practicing on dildos and had a good grasp on what to do.


After a while, Alan realized he hadn't been paying her huge and very sensitive breasts the attention they deserved. He bent down a bit and licked her nipples while his hips continued their thrusting.


This naturally sent new electric shocks of pleasure through Susan's body. Her nipples were as sensitive as she said they were. But more than that, she was excited by the prospect of lactating for her son. She pushed her tits together with both hands and said, "My breasts! Oh, my son! Please suck on them! My nipples. I want you to suck on them for a very long time!"

"Your wish is my command, my mistress." He gladly began sucking. He enjoyed sucking on her nipples more than any other woman's, because it was always such a big emotional deal for her.

"Stop that!" she complained between moans. "I don't EVER want to hear you call me 'mistress' again, you got that? Not only is it wrong, it's a big turn-off. It makes me so happy to know that you're the one in command. Take charge of your mother's cunt, tits, and ass, and RULE them! Master them! Own them! FUCK THEM!"

"M'kay," he answered absent-mindedly, not as a conscious imitation of Amy, but because he could only mumble with the way he was suckling at her nipple. He seemed to be trying to vacuum it right off her breast. And, still, all the while, their fucking continued and slowly picked up speed.

"The other one, my son, don't forget the other nipple. She needs you too. Mmmm! ... My tits and my cunt, so happy at the same time. This is the best I've ever felt, Tiger! The absolute best!"

He switched sides to suck on her left nipple for a while, then went back to her right. He could feel a buzz of excitement growing in her body even above the already high thrill caused by their fucking. He didn't know that she was beside herself with anticipation, waiting for her milk to flow into his mouth. They were reaching the point where they were too excited and breathless to talk. But both of them made up for that with unrestrained grunting and moaning.

Then it happened. He felt a few drops of liquid squirt into his mouth. He was so surprised by this that he didn't know what it was at first. He assumed it was sweat or cum. They were both very sweaty by now, and his or her hands could have carried some of the cum from his recent massive blast up to her chest. But he rolled the drops around on his tongue and realized there was a weak, sweet milky taste. He sucked even more intently, but it seemed no more milk was coming out. So he paused and said, "Hey Mom. There's milk-"

He couldn't even get to the word "here," because she exploded in a tremendous orgasm. When she felt the drops squeeze out she knew she'd lose control for sure, but she held her climax back with all her might until she knew that he knew.

As she let the orgasm rip with a great cry, he urgently went to the other nipple and sucked it hard. Luckily, the milk came out that very instant, at the same time that her climax was still overwhelming her. She was amazed how good the actual release of milk felt. It felt like her breasts were both having massive orgasms too. She hadn't felt anything like that in all the hours of lactation "practice" she'd had in recent days.


He had to stop thrusting for a while, because he didn't want to cum just yet. But with the way her pussy clenched him spasmodically in her climax, it was a wild ride of a struggle as he used his PC muscle to fight the climax off with all his might.

Then a second trick Suzanne taught him came in handy. He grabbed his erection by the base and squeezed it in a certain way that was designed to hold off climax. To his surprise, it actually worked.

But still he had to rest for a bit, because he was on a hair trigger. He pulled his hard-on out of her tight sheath.

She had no objection to a short break, as she was so wiped out from her lactation climax.

He thought, Man, I thought I had good climax control, but with this new trick, this is just unreal! I can practically delay cumming forever! Sure, it's frustrating and painful as hell, but it's so worth it! And my mom! She's lactating? That's so amazingly crazy! This just gets better and better every minute!

While they paused and recovered, she looked her son in the eye and said, "So now you know. My big secret. I've been working on getting my tits ready... just for you."

"What, you mean that wasn't an accident?" He was going to bring up how Brenda accidentally lactated, but then thought better of it.

"No way, no how, Tiger! Within days, I hope to be spewing milk the way you spew cum. You're going to have to wear glasses when you fuck me, because squirts of milk will always be splashing in your face."

They both laughed at that amusing vision.

She added excitedly, "Oh, and what's great is that once my tits start to fill up with milk, they're gonna get big. They're gonna be HUGE!"

"Mom, they're already huge. Huge and perfect." He tenderly caressed and kissed them to help show his appreciation.

"Awww, you're so sweet. But wouldn't they be even better if they were one bra cup size bigger? Two, even?"

"Mom, you know, I don't measure the value of a woman by the size of her breasts, despite what some people tend to think around here. Big is nice, yes, but I actually like your breasts better than Brenda's."

"Really? Wow!" Susan was over the moon about that. Then she calmed down a bit and said, "I so very much want to give you my milk. Give it to the whole family, actually. It's a sign of my love to our new family but especially to you. Please don't say no? You'll break my heart if you do."

"How could I possibly say no and break your heart? I'm only here to serve you."

"Tiiiiger," she growled in complaint.

"Oops. How 'bout if I say I'm here to make you happy?"

She ruffled his hair with tired fingers. "Better. But more domination, please."

He laughed. "Okay." Then an idea came to him. "Mom, I mean Mommy, you know, you've been very sneaky lately. Hiding this lactation from me. Not even asking me if that's what I wanted."

She frowned with worry. "I'm so sorry. I thought-"

"Ssssh. Since you've been bad, it's only right that you get punished." As he talked, he crawled up her body until he had his legs on either side of her head. He sat on her chest.

She assumed he was going to fuck her face as her "punishment." She smiled and eagerly opened her mouth.

But to her surprise, he held his erection in his hand and began slapped her cheeks and nose with it.

"You're cock whipping me!" she squealed as she realized what he was doing. "TIGER! I love it!"

He chuckled. "Don't you mean you hate it?"

She laughed. "Oh. Right. It's terrible! Never stop. Never ever stop!" She closed her eyes to luxuriate in the sensation of his dick slapping against her skin. "Show me who's who and what's what and just who's in charge around here."

"Firmly in charge," he joked as he "hit" her with his dick harder than usual. In fact, his "cock whips" were really more like "love taps," as he didn't want to abuse his over-worked penis any further.

But for her it was the thought that counted, and she loved it. In fact, she reached down to touch her clit, and climaxed again.

She opened her eyes and stared at him with burning lust. "You know one thing that's great about cock whipping?"

"What's that?"

"I love how it puts your cock in such close proximity to my mouth." She lashed out her tongue as his stiffness was passing over it to move from one cheek to another. That caused him to pause, and she took advantage by lunging her whole head forward and swallowing up his cockhead.

Her whole face beamed in triumph, causing him to laugh again.

But he said, "Very cute. However, we've been doing plenty of that lately. There's another hole I'd like to explore tonight."

"Whhnmm wonm ith dadth?"

She was slurping up and down with such gusto that he couldn't understand what she said. He mock-pouted, "I'll tell ya. The life of a harem master isn't all it's cracked up to be. I never seem to be able to stick my cock in the right hole."

That didn't get much reaction except an especially happy look as she continued to suck.

Seeing that he might be able to get to change holes by getting her to talk, he said with increasing enthusiasm, "I do like the lactation idea, though. Now, it won't be enough for you to constantly suck my cock, spread your legs for me so I can fuck the latest addition to my cunt collection, or bend over and pull open your ass cheeks wide enough so I can stretch and ravish your butthole with my mommy-splitter! Oh no, that's not enough for me! Now you're going to have to give up your milk whenever I want it! How's that?"

"Oh, so good! I love it!" She arched her back as her body shivered with pleasure all over.

"What? What was that?" He pulled his dick all the way out of her mouth so she could respond.

"I think I just had a mini-climax thanks to what you said. But don't just sit there. Take complete control of your helpless mother. Fuck me good! Again! Since you're such a meanie and won't let me suck, let's continue where we left off before your wonderful cock whipping. You were just starting to really plow me hard."

"Okay, but Mommy, I specifically said you should tell me when you're about to cum. You obviously didn't do that. You're cumming all over the place, right and left."

"Oops. I truly forgot. You're just going to have to show me who's boss around here and tame me with that big, tasty, cum-filled cock. Punish me with a good, hard fucking!"

"Mom, you're so weird. But a good weird. An extremely excellent weird!"

They giggled with absolute glee, and then went back to their fucking. Sure enough, they continued where they left off.

"So, you're happy with my lactating?" Susan asked to be sure, between hard thrusts.

Alan nodded enthusiastically, licking her nipples as his hips rose and fell rapidly. "Totally. It's great."

"I would have asked you first, but I wanted it to be a surprise. It's kind of an all or nothing thing. My nipples will have to be drained many times a day for months, if not years, to come."

"Mommy, that's like my definition of Nirvana."

"Oh, I'm so happy! Fuck me harder! Fuck me good! Fuck my milk right out of me! Fuck your milky sex cow mommy!"

He let out a great laugh and really plowed into her. He was more amused than aroused at her sex cow concept, but since it made her happy and horny, it made him happy.

They stopped talking and put all their energy into fucking. He fucked her with a vengeance. He pounded her just as fast and deep as their first time, but now he had more patience and stamina, and just kept slamming her.

She fucked back with just as much spirit, at least at first. But over time he overwhelmed her with his drive and energy. She felt like she would split in two, but she soon lost the ability to tell him that, as she screamed incoherently. The more helpless she became, the more she loved it.

She felt a bit bad that she couldn't please him with her pussy squeezes as skillfully and as long as she knew Suzanne could. But on the other hand, the idea that her son was overwhelming her and really taming her with his cock was such a huge turn-on that she nearly fainted just from that idea alone. Despite her fresh promise not to cum without his permission, she came again.

He pounded, steadily, steadily, like a piston in a giant machine. Their first mutual climax had been intense, but the second one promised to be much more. They built up to a higher and higher plateau, until he could take no more. He lifted his head and looked right into her eyes with a great intensity.

She gave a look back that told him she was ready for a great climax. That earlier feeling that their bodies were in sync hadn't abated. In fact, the sensation only grew. It seemed that there was a magic in the air. They weren't just fucking, they were connecting to each other on a very deep level at the same time. Unconditional love flowed between them in their every touch, look, and thought.

He began to get the strangest feeling. It was more than an orgasm in his penis - it was an incredible feeling all over his body. He was having a whole body orgasm, something few people ever experience.

She felt the exact same thing at the exact same time.


Most people don't even know that something called a whole body orgasm exists, but it does. It's a completely different experience than a typical orgasm, and to describe it to someone who's never felt one is like trying to describe what fucking is to a virgin. But suffice to say the name is very accurate: one feels an orgasm all over the body.

A wonderful feeling covered Alan and Susan from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. It was pure sexual ecstasy like neither of them had ever felt, which was saying a lot given all their fun in recent weeks, but it was also much more. They shared a deep spiritual communion, as if their two beings were as one. For one magical, transcendent moment, it seemed that time stopped and they were together in eternity.

But then, suddenly, the moment was over and they were back on Earth, sweating and gasping for air. Now they were "merely" experiencing the joys of a typical orgasm. There was still a residual glow and tingling sensation from the whole body orgasm, though.

He was still backed up with a tremendous amount of cum, and shot rope after rope after rope into her vagina. His felt as if his balls were the size of coconuts, unloading gallons of sperm and cum into his mother's waiting womb. There were more than a dozen ropes in all.

They cried and screamed and held on to each other for dear life. It was as if the whole body orgasm was the eye of the storm and now they were back in the middle of a hurricane of sexual fervor.

She thrashed about, jerking and writhing like a rag doll being thrown around the room. Alan, too, seemed barely able to control his own body, but he grabbed her by her sides and did his best to hang on.

Finally it was too much. Both of them collapsed and passed out.


Suzanne, Amy, Katherine, and Susan had given considerable thought to preparations for Sunday evening's sex session, and that included extensive preparations for the non-participants. Thanks to some electricians willing to do a weekend rush job for extra overtime pay, Katherine's idea on Saturday morning to have video cameras installed in the house had become a reality by Sunday night.

So, while Alan and Susan fucked away, Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine sat in the basement watching the whole thing in real time on a video monitor. Brenda had been invited and was there too.

Although Suzanne told Brenda earlier in the day that she couldn't stay to watch Alan and Susan fuck, Brenda looked so dejected when she prepared to leave just before dinner that Suzanne relented and allowed her to come back after feeding Adrian. Although Brenda was in many respects still a stranger to the Plummers, she was rapidly becoming something like family. She knew how big a deal Alan and Susan fucking was, and she would have been very hurt to have been left out. She was happy just to serve the others food and drinks and so forth, and especially happy that that meant a lot of standing and walking around, since her ass was still on fire from the earlier spanking.

Xania, too, had been kept updated on everything happening in the Plummer house over the weekend through frequent phone calls and naturally wanted to be there too to watch. But she had her own task to perform that weekend, which was teaching Alan's friend Sean how to fuck. To her surprise, by the end of the weekend Sean was utterly exhausted but still didn't want to quit. He wanted to maximize every last moment with Xania because he doubted he'd ever be so lucky as to be with her or someone of her caliber of beauty and all around sexiness again. So Xania was too occupied with him to watch the Plummer house events in person.

Thus, Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine sat on a sofa and watched while Brenda ostensibly walked around and served their needs. In reality though, Brenda did a whole lot of watching the monitor and very little serving.


She wore a frilly French maid costume for the first time to give it a test run before wearing it in front of Alan. She loved it, despite its rather unusual purplish color. The top cut right across the middle of her nipples, leaving them completely exposed except on the rare occasions when she stood perfectly still. She loved that, too. Her newly bald pussy just barely peeked out of the bottom of her short skirt. She loved the fact that her pussy had been shaved bald, and especially the fact it was done without her having any say in the matter.

In short, she pretty much loved anything and everything that went on in the Plummer house.

The Plummer women didn't settle for any ordinary grainy convenience store type monitor; instead, they watched a crystal-clear digital image on a spare-no-expense high-definition wide-screen TV. The monitor had a remote control that allowed one to focus, zoom in and out, rotate the camera, and more. They actually had several cameras set up in Susan's room at different angles so they could switch views, though they could only watch one image at a time.

The end result was that they were able to experience the momentous fuck nearly as well as if they were standing in the room right next to the bed. They could zoom in close enough to count the beads of sweat rolling down their faces.

Unfortunately, that very level of clarity created a problem. Amy, Katherine, and Brenda loved the experience of watching. Amy and Katherine especially had their hands all over each other (needless to say, everyone was dressed in only the flimsiest of skimpy outfits). But Suzanne sat alone at the other end of the sofa, expertly controlling the remote, zooming in and out, but remaining quiet.

In fact, she was upset. The more she watched, the more upset she got. The problem was, she could so clearly see just what an incredible experience Alan and Susan were having. Even little things like the start of Susan's lactation bothered her. She had been unselfishly happy for Susan on this until recently, but now all she could think of was the fact that soon her own breasts would be smaller than Susan's. She repeatedly thought back to her own first real fuck with Alan (not counting her "Elle" misadventure and other technical penetrations). She knew it had been a great fuck, even an incredible fuck. But clearly the fuck she was watching now was on a whole different level yet again. That made her feel like a second-rate fuck, in spite of her superior sexual knowledge and experience.

Then they came to the whole body orgasm. Everyone watched it with awe. There aren't many outward signs of a whole body orgasm, but thanks to the quality digital image and large zoom, there were enough clues for the spectators to realize that something much more than a really great orgasm had transpired.

After the two lovers had passed out in Susan's bed, Amy asked no one in particular, "What was THAT?!"

Suzanne replied in a weary voice, "I believe that was a whole body orgasm. I've never experienced one, though God knows I've tried. I even took some classes in the Indian practice of Tantric sex, but I didn't have a stable partner at the time, so I didn't get very far with it. Of course, my HUSBAND knew nothing about it." She seemed on the verge of bitter tears as she remembered her many loveless affairs and the fact that her marriage was so bad she couldn't think about taking sex classes with her husband, even many years ago.

"But what IS it?" Amy persisted.

Suzanne sighed. "It's hard to explain, Honey Pie. Just know that it's possibly the greatest feeling you ever can experience. Some people study and practice for years and never get one. For other people it happens by accident. Like Susan and Alan here. If it wasn't that, then it was something like it. Some kind of super orgasm. Did you see the way their eyes practically bugged out of their heads?"

Katherine got up. "Wow. That is soooo cool. Someone should tell them, I'll bet they don't know." She ran out of the room and up the stairs to the ground floor.

In the grip of Katherine's excitement, she didn't notice how truly upset Suzanne was. But Amy was more closely attuned to the moods of her mother. She scooted down the sofa and gave Suzanne a friendly embrace. "What is it?" she asked, while soothingly stroking her mother's arm.

Suzanne stared ahead into the wall with a stoic expression. Long, quiet seconds passed. Then she turned to Amy and the bottled-up emotions came pouring out. She gushed, "He doesn't love me!" Then she broke down in tears.

Amy did her best to soothe and calm her mother, but seeing her cry was an extremely rare event, and she didn't know the best way to deal with it. She took the direct route, and while continuing to hug and soothingly stroke, she said what she wanted Suzanne to hear the most over and over: "He loves you. He does. He does. He really does. He loves you..."

That actually helped Suzanne a lot, even though she knew in her heart that Alan loved her. But she wanted to pout. She eventually stopped crying enough to say, "No he doesn't. He doesn't! Didn't you see the video? He loves Susan! That was amazing! He never did that to ME!" That started a whole new round of crying. She threw her arms around her daughter's neck as sobs wracked her whole body.

"Now, now," Amy consoled as if she was the parent and not the child. "Come on, Mother. He loves all of us. All of us. He was waiting for months to fuck Susan, so the whole thing built up and up and up. It was totally different with you. You weren't, like, this total prude to begin with. It's just different, that's all. You'll have whatever they call it, the whole body thingy. You'll have that with him someday. I know it. We all will, because we all love each other so much." She stroked her mother's hair lovingly.

Suzanne kept crying, but not solely from sadness - she also cried for joy at the love and understanding coming from her daughter. Amy's consoling helped, but still not enough. Suzanne complained, "That's true, we do love each other, but that's not the point. The plain fact is, he loves Susan the most! He always will. There's nothing I can do about that. Nothing! I'll always be his mother, yes, but his SECOND mother." She sighed.

Amy looked at Suzanne right in the eye. "You know what, Mother? You're probably right. But you'll always be MY number one mother. Sure, maybe not all the love between each of us in this new family is totally, perfectly equal, but that's okay. When it comes to Alan, he's got such a big heart that there's room for all of us in there. His heart is like, I dunno, Space Mountain. Do you remember when we went to Disneyland and rode on Space Mountain? It's like a huge dark cave underground. You can zoom around in there forever! There's room for, like, bazillions of people down there!"

Suzanne had a really good laugh over the Space Mountain metaphor. But she could also see Amy's point. It's true. He does have a big heart. This multiple partners thing wouldn't work with most guys, but it works with him.

Amy continued, "Mother, here's the thing. Sure, you and him isn't the same as Susan and him. It's different. You two have a special thing going, a one-of-a-kind thing. It's awesome! Has any other man ever come close to loving you as much as Alan does? So quit measuring it on the love-o-meter, and just enjoy it. Don't let your pride keep demanding that you have to be number one at everything. You and Alan need each other. I know it!" She gave an extra tight hug.

Suzanne cried even more, but now it was all tears of joy. "Amy! My Honey Pie! I love you so much! You're so very, very right. Don't let go. Don't let go!" They continued their tight embrace.

Suzanne was strongly reminded of her conversation with Glory the day before. What Amy said to me just now is EXACTLY the same thing I said to Glory. I told her that she might not be number one in Alan's heart, but she still had a special place. They need each other. It's meant to be. It's exactly the same with me! It's so obvious, but my darling daughter has really opened my eyes. God, I'm learning so much this weekend. This is all too much!

Suzanne's thoughts turned naughty. However, there's one difference between this talk and previous mother daughter talks Amy and I have had over the years, hee-hee. We have all kinds of new ways to comfort each other. "Honey Pie, thank you. I'm gonna kiss you till you beg me to stop." She ran her tongue across her daughter's lips and deep into her mouth.

Amy gave as good as she got and they twisted tongue tips together in the deep French kiss that they shared, as if they were wrestling with their tongues.

Suzanne felt her desire for Amy start to spiral out of control, but she couldn't stand to lose control and suddenly broke the kiss.

Brenda meanwhile had been standing beside them the whole time. She didn't feel like she was family enough to say anything, so she'd remained quiet. But she'd listened and watched intently and was profoundly moved. It seemed like she had a bottomless well of moisture inside of her, because her tears poured out of her as copiously as her pussy juice typically did. She was so moved that she couldn't keep quiet any longer. While Suzanne and Amy kissed, Brenda said between sobs, "That was... the most moving thing... I've ever seen... Good Lord, I love this family!"

Then, without consciously thinking about it, she bent down and hugged across both Amy and Suzanne at once. To everyone's surprise, Suzanne reached up, roughly grabbed Brenda, and pulled her down onto the sofa. The top-heavy sex slave came tumbling down over Amy and landed on top of her.

The next thing Amy and Brenda knew, Suzanne pounced on them both like a sexual tigress on a rampage.

All three of them were nearly nude to begin with (and Amy actually was nude), so they quickly got down to it. They practically attacked each other with a vengeance, so intense were their emotions. What little clothes they wore soon came off. Suzanne nearly ripped Brenda's maid outfit in half in her eagerness to get it off.

Brenda happened to wind up with her face in Suzanne's lap, so she stayed there, licking the pussy and clit in front of her as best she could under the circumstances. The three of them fell onto the floor and rolled around, and still Brenda stayed on target, focusing entirely on Suzanne's crotch. She'd felt so bad seeing the normally dominant Suzanne cry that she wanted to give her pleasure until all the sadness went away.

Amy and Suzanne mostly went at each other.

Suzanne muttered, "Honey Pie, let's do each other right now! I have to admit that I was nearly as bad as Susan because I denied my feelings for you for years! But let's go all the way right now!" She redoubled her efforts on Amy, and in particular dove her mouth at her daughter's pussy.

But, to everyone's surprise, Amy pushed her away. "Mother, that sounds awesome, but we can't!"

"What are you talking about? We can do whatever we want now!"

Amy grew increasingly serious and still held her mother's body at bay. "I know. But we can't do it without the others! I want our first time together to be an event for everyone to see. Especially Alan. We don't even have video cameras in this room to record it."

Suzanne panted, "Quick! Let's go to the living room, then!"

"MooooOOOOoooother! I want it to be special, like what Alan and Susan are doing." She looked up at the screen at the mother and son sleeping, bathed in candlelight. "Look at them. They're so in love. I wanna be like that with you, Mother. Right now, why don't we just work on Brenda?"

Brenda giggled giddily, "Little ol' me? You don't mean that!"


"Sure we do. Here, Mother. I'll take the pussy and you take the tits." Amy dove into Brenda's crotch with her tongue.

As Suzanne worked her hands and lips on Brenda's watermelons, she thought, Amy's right, of course. We do need to mark our first time as something special. We're the only real incestuous relationship, of genetically-related people, in this house. That shouldn't be treated lightly.

Why haven't I planned for something? I just lurch from one sexual encounter to the next, and I never PLAN any more! I used to be such a good schemer, but now I just do whatever my cunt tells me to do. I can hardly think straight with Sweetie's cock always on my mind.

Enough of that! Tomorrow is going to be MY day. Not only am I going to get Alan to fuck me for the first time in what seems like years already, but Amy and I are really going to do each other, now that this no orgasms vow is thankfully over. All that restraint over the weekend, and we haven't even told Alan about our sacrifice! I must really be getting stupid.

So Suzanne had to content herself with "merely" making love to Brenda instead of Amy. At least, that was the general idea. While Brenda generally remained sandwiched between mother and daughter, they managed to bypass her and kiss or fondle each other quite a lot.

They were all so emotionally worked up that it was the best lesbian sex the three of them had yet enjoyed together. Naturally, Brenda was especially delighted, as she generally remained the center of attention.

They no longer knew or cared what was showing on the video screen, and the sounds coming from Susan's room were completely drowned out by their out-of-control cries of passion.

True to Brenda's "screamer" nature, soon she was crying for joy at the top of her lungs. Amy was also a screamer, and proved that fact over and over. Before long Suzanne was rather wishing she'd brought a pair of earplugs, but it was only one minor annoyance to mar an otherwise incredible, orgasmic time.

It was sex - wild, orgiastic sex - that felt as if it went on forever. But more than sex, it was a strong bonding experience. Brenda was lucky to have been there, because she was literally sucked in and allowed to join in the love between a mother and her daughter. In a way, Suzanne and Amy made love to each other using Brenda's body as a medium.

Katherine had no idea what she missed.


Back upstairs, Alan was the first one to wake up. He had no idea how much time had passed.

Susan still lay underneath him, looking lifeless.

He watched her for a while, admiring her beauty and treasuring all they'd shared. But he wanted her awake, so he shook her gently, "Mom, Mom, are you okay?"

She slowly came to, and opened her eyes. Her face showed a deep contentedness. She felt better than she'd ever felt in her life. She blinked at him and smiled lovingly for some moments. Then she spoke. "I'm soooo okay. That was the greatest. You killed me. You literally nearly killed me with joy. Did we both pass out? That was soooo good."

"We did. I don't- Hey! What are you doing?"

She'd scooted down, and was busy licking his penis and balls clean. "Just doing my motherly duty. I didn't get to clean you off after the very first time you fucked my cunt... Wow! I love saying that! Anyway, since I missed that, I need to do it twice as long now."

He asked with amusement, "Need?"

"Need," she said firmly as she licked his balls.

He chuckled, but he was very pleased with her dedication.

A minute or two later, he commented, "I wonder how long we both were sleeping here."

They heard another person's voice say, "About ten minutes."

It was Katherine.

The two of them turned towards the door to the room, and saw her standing in the doorway.

Alan had been in such a rush when he'd first come in that he hadn't even thought to close the door behind him.


Katherine added, "I'm sorry for watching, but I just couldn't help it. That was so intense." She was, perhaps surprisingly, still dressed. Less surprisingly, it was obvious she'd been masturbating, and was still at it. One hand reached up her dress and frigged her pussy; the other cupped and squeezed a tit. Unlike Suzanne, she didn't really have any jealousy issues at the moment. She was too happy to see Alan and Susan finally fully united.

"That's okay, Angel," Susan said kindly, while still licking Alan's balls. "I probably would have done the same." She knew all about the video monitor, of course, and didn't mind the loss of privacy.

Alan, though, was puzzled. "What? Have you been standing there watching the whole time? And where are the others?"

Katherine smiled naughtily. "Well, I've been watching the whole time, yes. Standing here, no."

Susan concluded her crotch "cleaning," sat up a bit, and exchanged a knowing look with Katherine. They both thought that now was as good a time as any to tell Alan about the new monitoring equipment.

"The fact is, Brother, I've been watching from another room on a secret monitor. We were all so excited about you finally fucking Mom that we just couldn't miss watching it, but we didn't want to actually breathe down your necks, so we set up some cameras." She gave a few nods towards a camera in the upper corner of the room, and then another in another corner. The camera lenses were hidden, but not that well hidden if you knew to look for them.

Alan was chagrined. "I see." He thought about it, and realized that he wasn't actually that bothered by it. Everything in this family is an open book already. Privacy is right out the window. I reckon things like sleeping alone or showering alone will soon be a thing of the past. So this is no biggie. In fact, it could be cool to watch other people fucking sometimes.

"Have you been recording all this?" he asked. He certainly hoped so, as he already wanted to see it from another perspective. He was hit by the strange thought of filing this videotape labeled "First Fuck with Mommy" next to other family videos with titles like "Alan's Junior Year Soccer Championship Game."

"Oh yeah," Katherine replied with an enthusiastic nod. "We have motion detectors so it'll automatically record any time there's any movement in the room. And it's all digital, so it's automatically saved and labeled by date and time and room on a computer. That way we can make collections of our favorite moments and burn them onto discs."

"You really thought of everything. Between this and the lactation thing, people are just dropping all kind of surprises on me tonight. Do you have any more tricks up your sleeve?"

Katherine quickly thought and came to the honest conclusion, "No. Did you like all the candles?"

"Definitely! Thanks. Where are the others? Watching? Can they hear every word we're saying?"

"Yeah, they are. And they can. But I don't think they're paying attention. Do you hear that sound?"

The three of them stood still and listened, but the sounds were very weak since the basement was a long way off and behind a closed door.

Finally, Alan said, "Yeah, I guess I can hear something far off. Some thumping."

"That's them, Big Giraffe Neck Brother. They must have gotten pretty excited from watching, because it sounds like they're having a full-on wrestling match."

Suddenly, Katherine realized that there was one more secret kept from Alan: he didn't know about Brenda's new occupation as Plummer house slave. She said, "Oh, I do have one more secret for you now that I think about it, but now's not the time to reveal it. Is it, Mom?"

Susan knew exactly what Katherine was talking about, given the previous mentions of "the others." "No, Angel. Some other time. Tonight is a special time just for me and my Tiger." She kissed Alan on the nose affectionately.

Then she got on all fours on the bed and patted her naked and sweaty rump. "Speaking of which, I want to find out what doggy-style fucking is all about."

"You guys are too much," Alan said with admiration at their vigor. "This is so wild."

He got up behind his mother and positioned his erection over her pussy lips. He briefly considered an anal entry, but recalled a vow he'd made to himself on the hiking trail: tonight was for fucking his mother's pussy, and nothing but her pussy.

But before he could push in, there was something on Susan's mind, and she dropped it into the conversation. "Speaking of wild, Tiger, was that second time ... normal? Because if that's what real sex with non-gay men is like, I don't know how many times I could take it. No one's ever told me about THAT before!"

"No, Mom, that was most definitely not normal. I've never felt anything like that before either." He turned to his sister still frigging herself in the doorway. "Any ideas on what happened to us, Big Bazongas Sister?"

"Hey, Bro, What's with the name? I thought I was your little sister."

"I've decided that basing nicknames around your cunt, incredibly fuckable cunt though it may be, was a hopeless task. There just aren't enough words or metaphors for that part of the body. Whereas there's so much more tit slang, and you could use some more tit size confidence, though God only knows why since you have practically the biggest pair in school. Of course, when talking about such sizable assets, I can't put 'little' in front."

"Ah. Cool. I like it." She giggled. "Big Subway Sandwich Brother."

He laughed at that. "Anyways, back to this thing we felt. We're talking about a strange-"

Katherine interrupted, "No worries, I know all about it. Actually, I came up here to tell you what it was."

Alan's face showed puzzlement at how she could know.

She explained, "The video monitor, remember? It was like I was three inches from your face, the way Suzanne was zooming in. She says you had something called a whole body orgasm."

Susan recalled in awe, "I really thought I was going to die. Die from pure pleasure. I'm STILL tingling from that. Maybe making love to you really WILL cause me to go insane. Do you think we can do that again sometime?"

"I don't know, Mom. Maybe it's just a once-in-a-lifetime thing. After all, that was pretty much the climax of my sexual life. So far, anyways. I'm still all tingly too." His cockhead played around with Susan's pussy lips, mercilessly teasing them as he repeatedly seemed to start to enter her hole, but then he pulled back. "Pretty wild, huh? It felt like my whole body got charged up, and then all of it was cumming. I mean, I swear if my hair could have cum, it would have."

Susan grimaced with pleasure, but said firmly, "Well, I'm sure Suzanne will tell us all about it and how to do it again." She had great confidence in her best friend.

"Hey, Mommy, as for seeing if fucking will cause you to go insane, let's experiment with that a little more." He finally pushed his cock all the way in.


"Hnnnrrrggh!" Susan gasped. Her vagina swallowed him up and then began milking him. Alan wasn't the only one to get sexual advice from Suzanne, and Susan was eager to give vaginal squeezing her best shot, now that she'd tried it with some success a short while earlier.

Alan's eyes went wide with surprise at the wonderful things his mother was doing to his hard-on. He turned back towards Katherine, and said in a slightly bothered voice, "Sis, do you mind if we can be alone for a while?"

"Um, well, actually, would you mind if I watch in the flesh for a little bit? It sounds like they're throwing furniture around downstairs, and I'm not in that kind of mood. And you two look like you're having so much fun."

Susan turned her head back briefly towards her lover. She pointed out, "It's not like it's a big difference watching here, versus watching there." Secretly, she was bursting with joy to be finally fucking her son, and she was happy to show off in front of her daughter.

Alan nodded, but he asked Katherine, "But what if I don't want anyone to watch, sometimes? Did you wire the whole house or what?"

"Actually, only this room and the living room have been fully set up so far," Katherine replied honestly. With Brenda's first spanking in mind, she said, "We filmed a really cool session this afternoon that we'll have you watch later. But we want to do up the whole place, even the back yard. The electricians will be back tomorrow to do some more. We wanted to make sure you approved before we went all out. As for privacy, you see this new switch here next to the light switch? That turns the cameras off and on. Instant privacy."

Alan replied calmly as he casually and repeatedly slid his stiff erection in and out of his mother, "Wow. Cool. Sounds like you did go all out already. Hey Mommy, why don't we give the others a show really worth watching? What say we speed things up a bit?"

That got a big smile from her. "Anything you want, Tiger. Anyway you want to fuck me. Anywhere. Anytime. When you're sitting bored in school, I want you to think, 'I have a sexy, big-titted mommy at home, ready to spread her legs for me so I can pump her full of sperm, anytime, day or night.'"

He grunted with a deep thrust, "I do already, Mom, I do!"

"Goody! You're going so good, there's only one thing I need right now. I won't be happy until you fill my cunt with your love sperm. Even though you've already filled it to the brim so good already! Mmmm. Your juices and mine are spilling out everywhere, and no one's even enjoying the taste."

"MooooOOOOoooom!" It was Katherine, still at the door. "Did you have to say that? It's torture enough to only watch Brother fucking without being on the receiving end, but to point out that all that cum is just going to waste is cruel and unusual punishment!"

"Sorry," Susan chuckled while Alan grabbed her tits hanging down and started playing with them. "Ooh! My tits! What a great idea!"

Katherine started to leave. But then she turned around and spoke again. "Hey, wait. I know this is your moment and you two just want to be alone. But I have this really cool idea forming in my mind based on some stuff I heard you two say earlier. Can you two give me a free hand to do something creative? I promise it'll make your fucking twice as good as before. And it'll still be just the two of you fucking. I promise. It's just that I have this really great idea that I know you'll love."

Susan and Alan looked at each other again for confirmation.

Susan spoke for both of them. "Sure. Why not? We've got all night. I figure we're gonna do it so many different ways before the night is over that they're going to have to write a new Kama Sutra. Or even better, a Mama Sutra." She winked at her son and giggled.

Katherine jumped up and down with happiness, which caused her boobs to finally spill out of her top. "Okay! Cool. But I'm going to have to get some help for this. Can you two stay there and NOT fuck each other for a couple minutes? I'll be back as fast as I can."

"That's asking a whole lot, Big Dual Air Bags Sis," he said, again using his new breast-focused nickname system. "As you can see, Mommy's cunt already has me in a very lovely velvety grip, but she's doing this really great squeezy thing. It's like a constantly tightening velvet fist. I love that, Mommy! Did Mother teach you that?"

"She sure did," she replied proudly.

"Phew. Okay, Sis, I'll try to hold out for a while." He reluctantly pulled his wet pole out. But he let the tip of it gently rest against her labia and stroked her softly up and down her gushing slit.

"All right! I'll be right back!" Katherine ran off down the hallway, closing the door behind her.

Susan complained as she felt his dick go, "Wait, Tiger! Don't do THAT! Your ability to stop in mid-fuck is simply inhuman!"

Alan scooted down Susan's body. He joked, "Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not human. Did I ever tell you I'm actually from the planet Orgasmitron? That's why I fuck so well. My secret mission has been to pretend to be a human, find the most beautiful and wonderful woman on Earth, and bend her mind with insanely fun fucks."

Susan laughed. "You're such a flatterer. But that would explain a lot of things. For instance, I imagine boys don't clean their rooms on Orgasmitron. They have their naked big-titted mommies do it."

"No, they don't. Dish washing for boys is very heavily frowned upon there, too." He slowly licked and stroked his way down her backside. "The tradition is, after dinner, boys lean back in their chairs and have their mommies suck them off."

"Sounds like my kind of planet!" she joked. When they'd stopped laughing, she asked, "So what do you Orgasmitroids, or whatever you're called, hope to achieve when you finish your mission?"

"I have no idea what our Great Leader gets out of it; I just know I love to fuck. At least it beats our last mission of giving anal probes to random country yokels. By the way Mommy, did you know Orgasmitroids have twelve-inch long tongues? I know just the way to pass the time until Sis gets back. I haven't gone down on you nearly enough."

"Hold it right there, buster. I'd love to feel your tongue rooting in my snatch a lot more often, but what about a little thing called a sixty-nine? You expect me to just sit here while you're having all the fun without putting my favorite pacifier in my mouth? Even if it is connected to a space alien."

Alan chuckled. "Okay. A sixty-nine it is."


Alan and Susan lapped away at each other quite contentedly for some time.

Katherine was gone at least five minutes, if not ten.

That gave Susan a welcome excuse to vary her fucking with a little cocksucking (as if she'd ever needed an excuse).


Alan, too, delighted in tonguing his mother's cream pie flavored pussy lips. He wondered why he didn't go down on women more often. Sixty-nines especially were disappointingly uncommon, he thought.

Suddenly, the door to the room burst wide open. Suzanne and Katherine stood there, looking very serious.

Suzanne seemed positively livid, but it wasn't because of her earlier issues. Thanks mostly to Amy, she felt much better about herself and the whole Susan and Alan situation. Her look was really just an act, a part of Katherine's plan.

Suzanne marched into the room and announced, "Hold it right there, you two! What do you think you're doing? We heard what happened here earlier, and we can't let your crime go unpunished!"

"What crime?" Alan and Susan asked in unison. The stunned and confused look on their cum-soaked faces was priceless.

"You know very well, Big Brother," Katherine said, marching up next to Suzanne and speaking in the same authoritative style. "You commanded your mother not to cum until you gave her permission, and she repeatedly disobeyed your orders. The evidence is dripping down her thighs! Mom, you've been tried by this court and found guilty of illegal cumming!"

Susan laughed. "Illegal cumming.' What's that?"

"This is no laughing matter," Suzanne said severely. "It's a capital offense. The only possible punishment is death. Alan will administer the sentence. Death by fucking! Quick, daughter, grab her before she gets away."

Katherine and Suzanne rushed to the bed.

Alan could see a fun game was afoot and got out of the way.

Katherine grabbed both of her mother's arms, while Suzanne went to the other side of the bed and grabbed her legs.

Suddenly, Susan and Alan could see what this was about. Susan was always talking about how much she loved being controlled, but she'd never gone very far with it. Now she would get the chance.

Katherine tossed Alan a blindfold, and then went back to pinning her mother down. "Here, Bro. Put the blindfold on and then grab the rope I brought. You're going to have to tie her up while we hold her down."

"Tie me up? Oh God!" Susan was already aroused from the sixty-nine, but got a lot wetter after hearing that. To keep up pretenses, she tried her best to struggle as Suzanne and Katherine held her down. She hoped it would look like struggling and not the happy squirming that it really was.

Alan could see how this role-play was exciting Susan, not to mention himself, and played right along. As he put the blindfold on, he said, "I'm sorry Mommy. Looks like I'm going to have to rape you. I never imagined I'd rape my own mother, but then again I never imagined you'd cum in such a blatantly illegal fashion. And since you did it repeatedly, I'm going to have to rape you over and over again."

"Rape me? This is too much! My own son is going to rape me!" Susan twisted and wiggled in breathless, joyous anticipation even more enthusiastically. She was already having a hard time not cumming, but was more determined to follow his command on that now.

Alan just finished putting the blindfold on. "Look! She's trying to get away! Sis, Mother - new plan. You two will have to tie her up while I impale her and keep her pinned down with my cock."

The others just snickered and giggled at that while he pushed his turgid cock into his mother's extremely excited pussy. He made sure to stroke the slightly-ribbed tissue of her G-spot repeatedly with his cock-head as he penetrated her.

All the talk, the thought of ropes, and the feeling of her son pushing his boner in and starting to "rape" her were too much for Susan. She let out a great grunt, "Unnngh!" and came again. She tried her best to hide it, knowing it would get her in even more trouble, but there was no covering up. In case anyone missed the cause of her scream or her twitching, the priceless contorted expression on her face gave her away.

Suzanne crawled up behind Alan on the bed, pressing her giant pale melons into his back. She reached around his body and found Susan's clit. As she tweaked it, she said, "Mom number one, I'm so disappointed in you. It seems that you're only number one in disobeying your big-cocked son's orders."

Susan gasped, "Don't say that... with... the clit... and... the fucking..." Her hips bucked uncontrollably with excitement. "I can't help it! Too much!"

Alan knew Suzanne was up to something good, so he just kept fucking Susan while enjoying the sensations of Suzanne rubbing her body all over his backside. But most of Suzanne's attention was directed at Susan's clit.

A multiple orgasm ripped through Susan. She tried to stop it every inch of the way, but that only seemed to make it more intense and wonderful. She listened helplessly to the wet, slurpy, sucking sounds her pussy made as it wildly spasmed around her son's dick.

"What is wrong with this woman? Can't she understand a simple command?" Suzanne snickered, knowing that Susan was completely helpless against the double attack on her G-spot and clitoris.

But then Suzanne suddenly stopped and pulled away. She thought to herself, No. I'm enjoying this too much, and for all the wrong reasons. I'm feeding my jealousy by treating her like this. Plus, I'm starting to poach on Alan and turn this into a threesome. No. I should just let these two have their own fun tonight. We'll have thousands of nights for threesomes and moresomes in the years to come. She said, "Susan, we're going to give you another chance. Starting from this moment, no more cumming until your son and your master says so. Is that clear?"

"Yes! Yes!" She knew that Alan was fucking her good, driving in deep and hard with every thrust and making more cums likely, but luckily her body seemed to need a while to build up again to another one after her last great multiple orgasm. Normally her pussy would have been too sensitive to even be touched after so many cums, but tonight nothing could stop her in her sexual frenzy.

Katherine had taken it upon herself to tie Susan's wrists to ropes that went a short distance to the headboard. It was a difficult task given the way Susan thrashed around, but she was making progress. By now, she had Susan's legs bent at the knees on either side of Alan.

Suzanne took some of the rope and decided to bind Susan's upper leg to her lower leg, as that would be the easiest thing to do with all the sex going on. She began working on the right leg while keeping her boobs rubbing onto Alan's pistoning body whenever possible.

Alan kept vigorously pumping with a strong fuck-rhythm, greatly enjoying everything that was happening around him. He held both of Susan's upper arms firmly, which helped Katherine with her rope task and also increased Susan's sense of being fucked against her will. "Sorry, Mom. I'll admit that you were a pretty nice mom. It's going to be a real shame to have to fuck you to death." He chuckled. "You should have listened when I said to tell me before you started to cum. Maybe you can do better this time."

"I will! I will!" Susan was in awe at the sensation of being fucked while blindfolded. She felt completely helpless not being able to see, and she loved it. Over a series of thrusts, she somehow managed to gasp out, "In fact, ... I'm so excited ... and wet... I have to ... to warn you ... I'm about to cum ... cum again ... right now!"

Alan stopped thrusting immediately and pulled his cock out altogether.

"Nooooooo! Don't do that! I was so close!" Susan pulled against her restraints in an effort to get her son's hard-on back inside her willing pussy, but to no avail.

"That's the idea, Mom. Close, but no cigar. That's how I want you."

Katherine kidded, while working on the ropes, "Actually, I'd like to point out that it's much bigger than a cigar. More like a whole cigarette carton, minus the hard edges, of course. Brother's beef stick fits our pussies perfectly."

"Thanks, Big Penis Pillows Sister. What if I want a nautical metaphor for it? Got one of those?"

She smiled at his nickname for her. "Yes. I'm thinking of something that's maybe a little bigger than your cock, but it's definitely phallic in shape. But the kicker is the name fits so perfectly: a sperm whale!"

Everyone laughed at that.

But Alan tried to get serious quickly. "Very funny, Sis. Too funny. We're trying to scare Mom here. As I was saying, Mommy, you have now lost the power to cum. For now and forevermore, you are only allowed to cum when I say so, and I don't say so just yet. So no fucking for you."

"God, you're so cruel. Why? That's just mean." Inside, she rejoiced at her son taking firmer control of her.

"You'll see. We know what we're doing. Who's in charge here, you or me?"

"You are! Oh dear! Don't tell me in detail about how you're in charge and I'm forced to obey, or I'm liable to lose it. I can barely hold back from cumming as it is!"

"So, if I were to, say, lick your underarm, maybe that'll distract you from these sexy thoughts?"

"No, please! Don't do that either! That turns me on big time! How do you expect me to stop from cumming if you do that?"

"Well, what if I just drive hard into your hot muffin, splitting you in two with my throbbing cock?"

"NooooOOOOOoooo! I'd love it, but I'm gonna cum all over the place if you do that!"

"Mom, you're just going to have to be strong. If you cum, we'll give you punishments that'll make you very, very sorry you failed. I'm thinking of a real hard spanking, for starters."

"Oh no! Not that!" Susan wasn't protesting the spanking because she was alarmed by it. Rather, she recalled Brenda's spanking earlier in the day, and was so aroused by Brenda's treatment and the prospect of having Alan do it to her that, again, she nearly went over the edge. It seemed that anything he said or did was going to make her cum against her will.

Alan took a moment to survey the room. Katherine had finished tying Susan's arms to the bedposts and now sat in a chair by the bed recuperating and watching. Suzanne had finished Susan's right leg and was ready to start working on securing the left one.


He scooted down to the edge of the bed and sat up so he could admire the sight of his bound mother for the first time. Given the way she loved being "raped," he knew it certainly wouldn't be the last they played with this scenario.

Suzanne thoughtfully scooted away to give him an unimpeded view of Susan's wriggling body.

"That's perfect," he said appreciatively. "Just perfect. I wish I could take a picture of that. Hey, does anyone have a camera?"

Katherine pointed out, "No need. We can take very high quality stills from the digital video any time we want."

"Cool. Awesome idea, Sis. Hey, Mommy. How full is your cunt right now? If you've got any cum in there, let it out, 'cos we need to make room for more."

Susan muttered, "More?! Dear Lord, he's gonna bang me more!" Then she grunted and pushed, and a great quantity of cum poured out of her pussy lips. She could feel it pass out, and the realization of just how much there was got her excited all over again.

Katherine yelled, "Cream pie alert!" Based on her little experience with them so far, she felt she really loved cream pies. She would have attacked this new pile of tasty goo, but she knew Susan and Alan needed their space.

Susan could feel eyes upon her. She got so excited thinking about Alan, Suzanne, and Katherine all staring at her completely helpless body and especially her spread-eagled, wide open pussy, that she had to ask, "Quick, Son, what's that PC muscle trick of yours? How does it work? I need something like that."

Alan laughed. He scooted back up over her and idly fondled her impressive tits. "A little late to ask now. Anyways, I have no idea how such things work in a woman."

Suzanne said, "I do, but you can't learn it in five minutes. Tomorrow, we'll talk."

He turned to his sister, now masturbating in a chair next to the bed. "Hey, Big Tom-toms Sister, you've been pretty quiet this evening, all in all. What do you think of this motherfucking and everything?"

"Well, Big Stretch Limo Brother, I think it's fantastic! Now the circle is complete, and that makes me feel so good. In fact, look how good I'm doing right now!" She lifted up her legs until they pointed straight up into the air. That raised her butt enough so Alan and Suzanne could see the free flow of pussy juices drenching her entire ass and the chair.


Alan laughed and joked, "I don't know, Sis. That looks pretty par for the course for a typical Plummer family evening, in my book."

She giggled. "Well, that's how it's going to be from now on. But I figure you two need your privacy, so I'm just trying to be a fly on the wall."

He was amused as he stroked his dick and stared at his sister's drenched pussy. "A sexy, madly masturbating fly on the wall, but yeah, I know what you mean. Thanks."

She kept her legs kicking up in the air and plunged her fingers back into her pussy and asshole.

He was sorely tempted to plunge his manhood into his sister's sopping wet pussy for a little while, but he reminded himself this was a night just for his mother. But he was too aroused just to sit there, and decided he had to fuck someone right away. He turned back and said, "Hey, Mom. Try thinking of something extremely unsexy, because I'm going back in."

"NooooOOOOOoooo! Not yet! I'm so hot, so aroused! I'm on fire! I don't want to cum, I can't cum! I can't disobey you! Please, help me! God help me, somebody help me! I'm too close! Go easy! Please!" Her head thrashed from side to side, the blindfold tightly fastened around her eyes. Her body shivered in a near-climax.

He pushed his cock inside, but he just left it in there unmoving for the moment. He said to Suzanne, who had resumed securing Susan's other leg, "What do you think? You know better than I do when a woman is about to cum. Can I go on?"

Katherine hadn't been asked directly, but she volunteered, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe wait a minute or two with just some slow and easy fuck strokes. Keep her boiling with some passionate kisses. Lots of tongue action. Then really hammer her hard."

"NoooooOO-" Susan started to shriek.

But he cut her off with a kiss.

Unable to speak, she tried to nonverbally indicate that the plan was undoable and she would certainly cum in very short order if he kept going. But the only way she could show her opposition was by wiggling around, and that in and of itself set her on fire even more. Plus, given the fact that her son's cock was in her, all the wiggling made his fucking motion that much more deliciously arousing.

She soon realized that her wiggling was just making it harder to hold back her climax and went stiff as a board instead. But his kissing and slow fucking were just too passionate for her to remain still for long. She gave in to her emotions and sensuously writhed beneath him. Suzanne had just finished tying up her other leg, so Susan was able to thrash her legs around some, despite the fact that each leg was bent at the knee and tied to itself.

He suddenly stopped the kiss and pulled his erection out of her sopping slit.

"What?" Susan nearly yelled. "What'd you do that for? I was sooooo close! Right on the edge!"

He ran his fingers through her hairy dark brown bush and asked, "Do you want to cum or not?"

"Of course I want it! I need it! No. Wait. I mean, I don't want it. I'm holding back! Really I am. Put your long, thick mommy fucker back in me!"

"No. Obviously your willpower left you when you started to get all sexy on me down there, wiggling about. Not that you're not sexy every minute of the day, but you got even sexier. You practically made ME cum, too. No, this just isn't going to work." He got up off of the bed altogether.


Since Susan was blindfolded, she had no idea what he was doing or where he was going. "Tiger? Tiger! Where are you! I'm scared! What are you doing? Please come back! I'll be good. I'll have so much more willpower. Please fuck me now!"

"Sorry, Mom." Alan spoke from elsewhere in the room, though Susan couldn't tell just where. "Why should I fuck you when you so clearly disobey orders? Especially since I have two very lovely fucks in the room to play with instead."

As soon as Katherine and Suzanne heard those words, they fell to the floor and began cocksucking. Suzanne tended to forget her dignity issues when she had a chance at Alan's penis. Katherine, of course, never needed any coaxing.


Susan didn't know what was happening, but she could guess something hot and heavy was transpiring nearby from the sound of bodies moving about. She cried, "No, wait! Tiger, you're being so cruel!"

Her pussy actually greatly appreciated the break, as it was extremely sensitive from being fucked so long. But the rest of her body wanted more, more, more.

Inwardly she thought, And it gets me so fucking hot! I love this! He's really taking charge and showing what a powerful MAN he is! He's showing how it's gonna be: if I don't completely obey him in all things, he'll just fuck someone else in his harem! He leaves me no choice but to SERVE his cock! Oh, I'm so very proud to be in his harem. He's taken total CONTROL of us all and TAMED us with that big, tasty, cum-filled COCK!

Oh dear! I can't think these thoughts or I'll cum without permission for sure! Why, even the idea of needing permission is so fucking hot! I'm already sooooooo close. So very, very close. If someone could just touch my clit, just the slightest touch, I'd go off like a firecracker!

I have to think of something else. Something unsexy. He said think of something unsexy. What's that game where the men all throw around that oval ball? My Tiger really loves that one team. The Chargers. Oh yeah. Football! I'll think about football. No, that involves big strong men. Not good. Think of something else. Come on, Susan. Come on. Let's see...

Taxes. I hate taxes. That's extremely unsexy. But the fact is, we probably won't have to worry about taxes ever again. Now that Alan's even tamed the super-busty Brenda with his cock and reduced her to an utter sex slave, she'll give him anything he wants, even her entire fortune. None of us need work ever again. We can just sit around all day and SUCK COCK! YES! And get fucked! Fucked by the mighty pussy tamer! Alan's going to make me his complete slave, too, just like Brenda! It'll be glorious!

No. Wait. Calm down. Calm down, Susan. I can't think of taxes. That sure didn't work. I have to think of something extremely unsexy. Unarousing. And fast. If I could just use my hands and reach my pussy or my tits or anything! What's Alan doing? More to the point, WHO is he doing?! I can hear the slurping and moaning. Maybe he's so busy fucking the other two that no one will notice if I have an orgasm over here. Just one teeny-weeny little orgasm to kind of take the edge off. Then I'll be good, I promise I'll be good! But everything I think of makes me think of Tiger and getting royally hammered by his-

He interrupted her thoughts. "Don't try anything, Mommy. I can see exactly what you're doing from over here."

Oh my God! He can READ MY MIND! He controls me and owns my body so thoroughly that he can actually read my mind now! Damn, that makes me so HOT! But I'm not going to let him down. I have to do my best! I can't let these exciting ideas make me cum... I know! I'll just count to ten. I'll count to ten over and over. Slowly. One, two, three...

Of course he couldn't read her mind, but he was only a few feet away and could see her clearly. When she started straining the ropes holding her arms and vigorously thrashing her bound legs around, he knew something was up and gave her a warning.

Seeing Susan's gorgeous naked body shake and tremble was arousing enough, but what Katherine and Suzanne were doing to him was even better. Still, he felt that this was his night to be with Susan alone, so he didn't want to fuck anyone else. But he wasn't adverse to getting a dual blowjob. He stood right next to the bed with Katherine and Suzanne kneeling before him, giving their cocksucking duties their all. No one spoke, but all the slurping and sucking made a lot of noise. They both loved to rub their naked tits up and down his thighs, and that made a different kind of noise as well.

Susan had managed to cool down a bit after counting to ten several times, but even counting got her excited. Whenever she got to six, she'd think about "six times a day," and drift off to fond memories. But if nothing else, the lack of touching and inability to even touch herself was having an effect.

Less frantic now, she started listening more intently to all the sexual sounds from a few feet away. Finally her curiosity got the best of her. "Um, Tiger? My love? I hate to bother you, but can I ask you who you're fucking right now?"

"No one, actually. Tonight I only fuck you. But it so happens that Mother and Sis are keeping my cock warm with their mouths and lips." He observed, "You have no idea how long and hard they've made my boner; even more so than usual. I think I'm getting really partial to the dual blowjob idea."

"Oh, Son! My mighty son! You deserve it. Even two sexy and talented mouths aren't enough to make you cum. Should I come over there and make it three?"


"Nice try, Mom, but you're my prisoner now. I won't let you out of those bindings so easily."

He thought to himself, Unbelievable AGAIN! Which of my friends could ever possibly believe I'd get a double cocksucking from my sister and mother number two, while waiting to get back to fucking my mother number one, who also happens to be tied up?

Lap, lap, lap. I can't even look down and see their sexy faces concentrating intensely, or I'm gonna blow. And Suzanne's long tongue! Jesus! She's got it doing that wrap-around-the-cock-like-a-fist thing again. Damn!

I wonder what kind of boring things my friends are doing on a typically boring Sunday evening. Probably homework... Wait. That's not entirely true. At least Sean is getting his balls fucked off by Xania up in L.A.

They must be done by now, but still it feels good to know I'm not alone in this. It's like proof that I'm not totally crazy. He's a lucky guy to get to be with the great Xania. I can't wait for him to tell us what happened.

Katherine sucked one of Alan's balls completely into her mouth, which took his breath away for a few moments. But he quickly recovered, and said to Susan, "You won't be getting out of those bonds until I say so, and I won't say so until you've paid for your crimes. As we know, the punishment is death by fucking. I think it's time for a little more punishment. But first, someone should clean up that cream pie positively covering your crotch and thighs. Do we have any volunteers?"

"Oh, me! Me! Me! Me!" Katherine volunteered while her tongue still flicked all over his dick.

Suzanne thought it too unbecoming to beg to clean up a cream pie. However, she had a strange idea of what her pride would tolerate, since "keeping his penis warm" in a dual blowjob was okay, but licking up a cream pie was somehow over the line.

But Suzanne's loss was Katherine's gain. Soon the beautiful teen was happily slurping away between her mother's legs. Between digging out gobs of spunk with her tongue, she jabbed her tongue in and out akin to her brother's strong fucking motion. She was frustrated at not being able to directly participate when Susan and Alan fucked, so this was the closest she could get to their remarkable lovemaking session. Katherine already loved both her brother's and mother's love juices, especially her brother's, but she thought their tastes perfectly complemented each other. She knew she was hooked for good and looked forward to many future tastes of their combined fluids.

Katherine's eager licking brought the tied up and blindfolded mother to the brink of orgasmic disaster yet again, but somehow Susan held out. She figured that if she was going to give in, she much preferred giving in while getting fucked by her son.

The cream pie left Suzanne and Alan in relative privacy. Suzanne switched from cocksucking to more of a hand job and anal finger probe with frequent long licks up and down his pole, so her mouth would be mostly free to talk.

Alan was a bit relieved, because he didn't want to cum tonight unless it was on or in his mother, but the Katherine-Suzanne dual cocksucking attack was hard to resist. Even with Katherine now gone, Suzanne's freakishly long tongue kept him constantly flexing his PC muscle control.

Suzanne said in a very quiet voice meant for only him to hear, "Sweetie, I've had a very tough weekend. I want you to know that I've been having some issues. Like, I've been thinking about The Pact and the idea of harems and sex slaves and fuck toys. I've made some peace with that, but I'm not crazy about it. So please tread lightly with me on that, for a while at least, okay? I have my pride, whether I like it or not, and I probably always will be bothered by undignified things. So that's all. I've made my peace with how much you love your mom. At least I think I have. Amy helped me see the light on that one."

He had a hard time talking, especially given the way her finger was poking at his prostate gland. He scrunched up his face and said, "Mother, anything you want. Just tell me... Tell me what I should say or do or shouldn't say or do... I only want to... to make you... happy and... to love you. Please... Please don't..."

Taking pity on his struggle to speak, she stopped her anal probing for the moment, although she kept up her licking and stroking.

He breathed a sigh of relief and swiped the sweat from his forehead. "Please don't... don't see this as a competition for love... I love all four of my women beyond any measure. With a... a love... a love that can't be measured... Phew!"

He paused again to gather his breath. "How about, if you feel slighted in any way, or I'm calling you the wrong name... Or, or whatever, give me a secret sign and... I'll... I'll know to stop."

"Good idea. I've got just the signal. If you're displeasing me, I'll tug on your cock." She gave his dick a few hard tugs to show just what she meant.

He laughed. Able to breathe easier now, he said without gasping for air, "Then I must be displeasing you all day long, because you tug on my cock constantly!"

She laughed too, and then raised her hefty tits up with both hands. She started sliding his boner through her cleavage. "Good point. I was thinking of an especially hard tug, but I guess that wouldn't be clear enough. Plus, your cock is in someone else's hole half the time these days. We'll think of a better, though maybe less fun, signal later. I think you should get back to fucking your mother. Looks like Angel is finishing up over there."

Alan winced at the pleasurable way Suzanne licked the tip of his cock while sliding his saliva-coated shaft through her spongy jugs. But he somehow managed to say, "Hey. You're my mother too. Be careful of your language so you don't slight yourself or others. We can make this crazy arrangement work; I know we can."

Suzanne nodded.

Susan was too out of it to hear what Suzanne and Alan were saying. Besides, insofar as she could focus on anything other than the way her daughter was licking her, she was concentrating on the squishy sounds to figure out what Suzanne was doing to her son. She asked, "What's going on over there now?"

Suzanne replied, "Oh, just a happy little titfuck."

"OH GOD! This sensory deprivation! I can picture his dick sliding through your huge pale white orbs so clearly. Are you licking the tip too? Tell me you're licking the tip!"

"I am now. Good idea." Suzanne morphed the titfuck into some last quick cocksucking. She knew his hard-on would soon be out of her reach for a while, and quite possibly for the rest of the evening. But she loved to have the smell of his cum on her breath. More than just licking the tip as it passed in range, she kept squeezing his dick in her cleavage but extended her head forward so she could swallow most of his cockhead at the same time. The trick was to keep his erection relatively still so she could keep his bulbous head between her lips.

Alan thought, I'm having too much fun! This much pleasure ought to be illegal! Well, hell, now that I think about it, motherfucking is illegal, but so what? Oh God! Speaking of which, I'm gonna blow before I can get it back in Mom! He looked over at his mother's sweaty, writhing body, and then down at Suzanne's bobbing mass of reddish-brown hair. Damn!

Suzanne was so skilled that he had to use the trick she'd taught him. He grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed right as he was on the verge of exploding all over the back of her throat. It worked again. He thought, This is beyond unreal! I can literally delay my climaxes forever now! This much pleasure is totally nuts!

He pulled away and went to the bed.

As soon as he'd departed, Suzanne sighed, but a silent sigh so she wouldn't disturb the others. Is that it? Fuck. I know it's Susan's special night and all, but it's almost worse to get so close to having a big load deposited on my face but not get one, than to have not sucked cock at all. Damn. I really am a case. I weightily ponder my dignity when Sweetie isn't around. But as soon as he waves that rock-hard, tasty erection in front of my face, all my thoughts and plans fly out the window and I become an unabashed cock whore until he shoots those beautiful streaks of white into the air and the very last drop of cum is licked up. I would be so embarrassed if Glory could see me now, just sitting around, waiting for the off chance that I might get to play with his cock for a few minutes when there are so many other men in the world I could be with and have as completely mine.

Actually, it's funny how he hasn't mentioned Glory once tonight. Is he forgetting about her already? No. That wouldn't be like him. He's got a special spot in his heart for her, and he's just keeping that spot locked up for now so he won't have thoughts that'll ruin this night with Susan.

Now that I think about it, Glory is almost like me, except she's me in an alternate universe where I chose to take a stand for my pride and dignity instead of happily slurping up another big load of cum off my fingers as soon as it dribbles out of my thoroughly fucked cunt. But we'll see who's happier in the long run. Sorry, Glory, but I have no doubt it's me. Alan may effectively be my master, but could anyone ask for a kinder, gentler, more loving, and sexually satisfying master? Listen to him just now: he loves me "beyond measure." He deeply cares about me. It's not just about the non-stop sex, he LOVES me. I could almost cry tears of joy, it all makes me so happy. I'm so in love with this kid.

Hey, Glory, I have a message for you. Dignity is way overrated! I'll bet dollars to donuts that you'll be happily slurping his cock within the week, anyway! I've been with dozens of men, hundreds even, and I can guarantee you'll never find another one like this special boy.

With another frustrated but silent sigh, she sat down in a chair to watch Susan and Alan go at it some more.

Alan meanwhile sat on the bed and did nothing but admire Susan for some moments. Then he said to his blindfolded and tied up sexpot, "Hey, Mommy, looks like you're all cleaned up. It's time to make another big cummy mess again."

Katherine had taken her time cleaning with her tongue, keeping Susan's erotic buzz going but also putting her in a mellow mood with the slower pace. So Susan replied with a lazy voice, "Mmmm, Son, that sounds soooo goooood..."

Alan playfully slapped Katherine's bare butt as he crawled back into bed and she crawled out of the way. "Wow, you even changed the sheets. Good work, my Big Fun Bag Sister."

It had been no easy task changing the sheets while Susan remained tied-up and blindfolded on top of them (and nearly comatose from so much pleasure), but Katherine was going all out to make sure it was a special evening for everybody.

He asked, "By the way, where's Amy? She's missing all the fun."

Amy had stayed in the basement, mainly to keep Brenda company, since it wasn't yet time for Brenda's "unveiling" to Alan. She hated to leave someone all alone like that. Katherine thought of that and the odds that the two of them were probably having great lesbian sex at the moment, and answered, "Don't worry about her. She's having fun in the video monitor room. If she wants to join us up here, I'm sure she will."

"No, wait." He turned to one of the camera locations high up on the wall. "Hi, Aims! We miss you! Come on up anytime. The more the merrier."

He said to the others in the room, "At least for now, that is. I do want to be alone with Susan once this 'punishment' is over. Speaking of which, Mommy, I'm putting on my miner's cap and spelunking gear and going back in your lovely hole. How close are you to cumming?" He'd been positioning his body over hers as he talked, so pushed back into her pussy just as he said "Mommy."


"Very close, Tiger. You're a diabolical genius. You've kept me so close to the most tremendous peak for so long now. I AM dying of pleasure. When are you going to let me cum?"

"Not yet. The longer you hold out, the better it'll finally be. I can't promise something like the whole body orgasm again, but maybe we can repeat the great peak we shared our first time." He began sawing away with a steady fucking rhythm.

"Maybe we can, Son, maybe we can. Or an even better peak! I'm so keen to find out. And the night is so young. I expect no less than a total of ten big loads from you before the night is done."

He laughed. "Ten? Oh, is that all? You think I'm a superhuman fucking machine? Wait. Don't answer that, you'd probably say yes. But there's no way! I may have done ten in one day once, but not ten cums of this tremendous emotional and physical intensity. Anyways, I'm afraid that you're still my prisoner, and prisoners can't make demands. Death by fucking!"

He picked up the pace and started fucking her harder. He thought, Eight more times? Well, I'll have to try. This is going to be such a long, fun, and exhausting evening!


As the pace and intensity of the fucking increased, Alan turned around and saw Suzanne and Katherine just sitting there, watching. "Hey you two, do you mind? On second thought, I think Mom and I need some alone time again."

Suzanne got up, quite embarrassed. She hadn't really meant to watch at all, but her pussy had gotten the better of her. It practically cried out to her with its insistent throbbing, demanding to be filled. She said sadly, "Sorry. We're out of here."

Katherine was less ready to go, but Suzanne dragged her with her. But still, she managed to say, "Thumbs up, Big Rocket Launcher Brother. But remember that tomorrow you have some other women to satisfy. I can't wait until you and I share our own whole body orgasm. Ta-ta!"

He turned back towards Susan, now that they were alone. He sighed heavily even as he merrily fucked. "Man, you just can't win. Now everybody's going to want one of those whole body orgasm things. I don't even know how it happened. And even if I did, doing that over and over will certainly kill me." He paused, panting, "You know, Mommy, there IS a limit to what a guy can do."

"I know. But let's push those limits tonight! Can't we?"

He laughed. "Mom, I love your enthusiasm, but please don't be disappointed if I give out."

"Okay. No pressure. Remember, this is all about having fun."

They just fucked for a minute or two. They were all talked out, anyway. But then she asked, "Can I cum yet?"

He didn't want to laugh because it would have messed up his rhythm, but he couldn't help himself. She sounded like the stereotypical kid on vacation in the back of the family car, asking, "Are we there yet?" He answered, "Not yet... Almost... But not yet."

He rode his mother for many long minutes as they slowly spiraled up to new erotic highs. He thought, Damn! I love this pussy! I've been fucking it for a while now and it still fits me just right!

She periodically asked, "Now?"

He always replied no.

After a while, she started shouting and demanding, "Now! Gotta be now!"

He would still reply no, except that he too was shouting by now. They were thrusting back and forth with such intensity that it was all they could do to say anything at all.

Finally, Alan felt the cum churning in his balls so insistently that he knew neither his PC muscle trick or even his squeezing at the base of his erection trick could stop the inevitable flood of cum any longer. As his balls tightened, he shouted, "NOW!"

Susan screamed, "YEEEESSSS!" and let herself go with a great cum. "YEEEEEEESSSS!"

Her "yes" morphed into an incoherent scream. She felt fantastic, just screaming her joy with total abandon at the top of her lungs. Her powerful climax caused her pussy to convulse around Alan's cock in unpredictable and exciting ways that made his climax all the more intense.

He also found great pleasure in screaming his lungs out. His heart pounded, his emotions soared, and he felt truly alive. His hips kept on bucking even after his balls were spent.

They both heard loud squishing sounds as his cum was squeezed out of his mother's clenching pussy. Even though Susan's arms were bound tightly to the bed posts and her legs were tied up too, her hips twisted and bucked beneath her son as she let out a long, low moan of deep satisfaction while Alan continued to slowly and deliberately pump his softening cock into her depths.

Finally, mercifully, both lovers were totally drained of energy and just lay there on the bed.

As the two rested in post-orgasmic bliss, he thought, What a huge relief! I was worried that I wouldn't be up for it, or that the sex would be ordinary, and so on and so on. So many worries. But it's everything I expected and more. I'm just going to forget all my worries and inhibitions and fuck to my heart's content all night long.

"Oh darling?" It was Susan, still lying beneath him.


"That was so wild! So great." Her voice turned girlish and pouty. "But you're mean. Too mean. Do you have any idea how long you kept me from cumming? Not to mention keeping your poor mother blindfolded and tied up." Now her voice started to get excited. "I'm so helpless. Why, even now some unscrupulous eighteen year old, well-hung, muscular and handsome boy who lives in this house might come along and get the wrong impression. He might even do all kinds of unspeakable, naughty things to my hot, naked body."

"Mom, you're a little late. That boy happens to be lying on top of you right now with his dick in your cunt."

She giggled. "Oh. So THAT'S what that is." She wiggled around, as if testing his penis with her hips. "Unfortunately, I'm pretty pooped out. Can you untie me and take your fuck monster out of me for a while?"

"Sure." He pulled out, undid her blindfold, and started undoing the ropes. "But I thought you loved it when I keep it in there, even at times like this when I'm flaccid."

"I do, Tiger, I do. But Mommy's cunt is so very sore right now. She needs a little alone time. Can we take a rest?"

"You? You're sore? That's a first. I thought it's always the guy that has to stop first."

"I know, my love, But you fucked me so good and hard, and my cunt just isn't used to it. Even though Suzanne and the others have been helping to break me in - aren't they just the nicest? - I'm just not used to such a powerful filling. You on the other hand, fuck so many cunts in a day as your huge harem grows and grows that it's only natural you're unstoppable."

He finished undoing the ropes and she collapsed onto the bed. She was too tired to even massage her reddened skin where the ropes had been rubbing her, and he was too tired to do it either. In his current state, it was a huge effort just to get the ropes off.

"Well, I don't fuck THAT many every day..." he started to say, but he trailed off when he realized how silly that sounded. He also wanted to protest that his harem could hardly be called "huge," but again realized how absurd that would sound. The very idea that he even had a harem still boggled his mind.


As he lay on top of her and rested in her arms, he thought, I am simply the luckiest male ever. Period. Here I have the most beautiful mother in practically the whole universe naked underneath me, and I want to argue with her about the size of my harem! There may have been kings and sultans who had hundreds of concubines and whatnot, maybe even thousands of sex slaves. But I'd take this comparatively small group any day of the week. We have love, too. So much love!

She paused and waited for him to say something. But after he remained silent, she asked, "What are you thinking, Tiger?"

"Oh, nothing. Just how much I love you." He wiped the sweat from his forehead. There was sweat everywhere, covering both of them. He thought it just made his mother look even wilder and sexier. She'd lost her glasses when she'd taken them off for the blindfold, and he enjoyed her face without them too.

"Awww. Tiger, you're so sweet. I'm sure my cunt will recover soon enough. But more than that, I'm just completely wiped out! Those fucks, one after another, were so intense they were emotionally traumatic, reaching my very soul. It's like you ripped me apart and built me up again. My mind is still reeling." She closed her eyes. "My body just wants to shut down for a while. I'm too tired even to lick your cock and balls clean. Do you mind if I take a little nap?"

"No. That's cool. I'm wiped out too, so I know exactly what you mean. Mom-"

"Mommy," she corrected him.

He chuckled. "Mommy, I want to be totally honest with you from now on, no matter what. And my dirty little secret is that I'm not that great a lover. I've been kind of holding on tonight and going all out to impress you, but I'm so drained I don't think I can stand. I'm sorry, because I'm obviously not going to get anywhere NEAR ten times tonight. Fucking you is just too intense."

She smiled, and kept her eyes closed. "I know what you mean about intense. But you ARE that great. Think about it: for most men, a fuck is five minutes of in and out, and then bam, they're done and snoring. No control. A woman is lucky to even get a single climax of her own out of that. Xania and Suzanne have been telling me all kinds of stuff. Did you know that when guys rent porno movies in hotels, the average length of time they watch is seven minutes? Once they get their climax they turn it off. But you..." Her voice trailed off and she smiled even more as she thought about all the things her son could do to her.

"I didn't know that. That is pretty sad. I've learned soooo much stuff lately. Aunt Suzy taught me lots of cool things on Thursday, and I'm going to show you some more later tonight."

"Ooh! I can't wait."

"But if I'm great, it's only in a relative sense. I can't help it if other guys don't realize there's a whole art to fucking and have no clue how to please women. You know, like, the PC muscle control trick is so basic, and I gather most guys never bother to learn it. But some guys out there, obviously, put me to shame. My dick size for one..."

Susan opened her eyes, even though she felt sleep overtaking her. She looked at him very sternly. "Son, your ten inches are perfect!"

"Mom, it's eight. Really."

"If anyone should know the length it should be me, given how much time it spends between my lips every day. But in any case, I've never heard you complain about your size before."

"No, I'm not saying I've an issue with it. I'm just pointing out that it's not really that big, but the way everyone carries on about it around here, you'd think it was God's gift to women."

"Son, your penis is perfection itself. There's such a thing as too big, you know. I imagine there are a few men out there with twelve or even thirteen-inch penises, but so what? If you were any bigger, I'm not sure I could take you in my ass so pleasurably. And that would be tragic. There may be one or two Don Juans out there more sexually talented than you, but screw them. Remember that you OWN my body, heart and soul, and all the ways in and out of it. You're my son. You're the only one for me." She closed her eyes again, content that her point had been made.

"Thanks, Mommy." He kissed her on the nose, causing another smile. Unconditional love. How intoxicating!

He thought with more concern, Now here's the point where I'm supposed to say, "And you're the only one for me, too." Except that isn't true. I love her so much, but she'll never be the "only one." We're a family of five, now. I have to be so careful with my compliments... Oh my God! The video! Anything I do is being recorded and possibly watched, so if I say, "Mommy, you're the greatest," I'm probably going to have some angry family members on my hands. That sucks. Dang. He rolled off of her and cuddled next to her.

Apparently she didn't mind that he only said thanks. She just mumbled, "My son."

Then something in her breathing changed, and he knew that she'd fallen asleep.

That was just fine with him, since he'd been struggling to keep his eyes open as well. He quickly gave up the fight. The last thing he recalled was thinking that he needed to find the alarm clock and set it so they wouldn't sleep the rest of the night away. But sleep overtook him before he could do anything about that.

— — —

Back in her room, Katherine took her diary from its usual hiding place.

Dear Diary,

BIG NEWS!!! IT has finally happened! By "IT," I mean that Brother finally fucked Mom! I got to see it with my own eyes, and it was amaaaaaazing!

I'll get to all of the juicy details later. But first, Diary, I'm sure you're asking if I'm feeling jealous. I know I do burn with jealousy a lot, but not this time! You have to see it to know how much they belong with each other. The only problem I had is that it didn't happen a lot sooner!

And, you ask, if Alan fucks Mom, does that mean he'll fuck me less? No way! This means the floodgates are wide open! Ever since our own little sexual revolution began in this house, Mom has kind of dragged her feet, always trying to insist on boundaries and limitations. That limited all of us. But... NO MORE! Now, it's going to be an all out fuckfest! I'll admit that for the first little while they'll probably fuck each other half to death and that'll mean less fuck time for me. But that'll wear off eventually, and then we'll be in Total Sexual Utopia!!!

The truth is, we're already more than halfway to paradise. For instance, even though this was supposed to be a special night just for Brother and Mom, Aunt Suzy and I still got a chance to give him a nice long dual cocksucking. That's how it's going to be from now on, forever! He still has trouble admitting it, but the truth is, he's our master and we're his happy, obedient fuck toys! And you know what happens to fuck toys? They get FUCKED! Tonight was Mom's big night, obviously, and God knows she deserved it. But tomorrow night, and the night after, and on and on... He's going to fuck ALL of us into sweet oblivion!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: This story strives to stay within the bounds of what is at least technically possible, so yes, there is something called a "whole body orgasm" more or less as described above. Other things mentioned in other parts, such as PC muscle control to stave off orgasms, or male orgasms without ejaculation, are also real. Use an Internet search engine to learn more.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of OmegaZone, IBT, NightShadow, EBC, LordALM, DD, Lucky KM, Jaydee, Gnome, Lee, Sacbob, BigWooSon, Geezer, and greyshadow. Again, an extra huge and special thanks to IBT for extensive help. Not only did he proofread read this part repeatedly, but he also came up with some great suggestions, big and small.

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