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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Communication Breakdown
Day 71: Monday, November 25

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan was having the greatest dream: he was having sex with his beautiful mother. He was in ecstasy as he thrust into Susan, over and over. There was nothing unusual about that, as he'd been having variations on that dream quite frequently these last couple of months, but the sensations seemed unusually intense. Dreams are fantastic! he thought. My life is nonstop heaven when I'm awake, and now it seems just as good when I'm sleeping. Although...


A realization dawned on him, and he opened his eyes. He was momentarily confused when he saw Susan straddled atop his waist, bucking up and down on his groin, which was precisely what he thought he'd been dreaming of. Her big breasts were bouncing up and down. He blinked several times and pinched himself to make sure he was really awake.

He wanted to savor the moment. He watched contentedly and luxuriated in the intense feelings of arousal surging through his groin. He felt incredibly tired and sore, but the joy of fucking overwhelmed such trivial concerns. He didn't mean to let her know he was awake just yet, since her eyes were generally closed in her own dreamy ecstasy, but his cock started to thrust involuntarily, which gave away the fact he was no longer asleep.

She turned his way and smiled down at him. "Oh, Tiger! Did I wake you up?" She chuckled at the pretense that her heavy fucking might not have been the cause of his waking.

Alan smiled. Not only did it feel great to wake up to fucking, but it felt even better waking up to see that his warm, sexy, and loving mother was the one fucking him. He was greatly amused to reply in a deadpan voice, "Morning, Mom. As a matter of fact, you did."

"Oh dear. I'm so sorry." She was grinning from ear to ear. "By the way, you have a new alarm clock. How do you like it?" Despite their calm tones, both of them were intently thrusting away by now. Their timing was excellent, with their thrusts perfectly complementing each other.

"Veeeery nice. But where is the snooze button?"

She paused on the upstroke, with his cock nearly out of her pussy. "Wait a sec." She spent some more moments recovering and thinking. Then, with just his cockhead inside her, she clutched back at her ass cheeks. "Oh yes. I remember now. On this model, you have to put your finger in this hole." Her grasp held both her ass cheeks wide apart, clearly offering her asshole to him.

"Like this?" He licked his index finger and then inserted it. He was surprised by how slippery her anus seemed, but then he remembered she must have done her morning ass lubing at some point earlier in the morning.

"Like that!" she gasped, and then her upper body slowly fell down onto his chest. His stiff dick was still in her pussy and his finger up her asshole, but she pretended to be oblivious and began a rather obviously faked snore.

He shook her, puzzled. "Hey, Mom! What are you doing?"

She opened one eye and looked at his face from just inches away with a great big smile on her face. "You did hit the snooze button, didn't you?"

He laughed. "Oops. My bad. I'd better be careful not to stick my finger in your ass anymore."

She sat back up. "No, you should be careful not to call me Mom. The proper word is Mommy." She resumed bouncing on his prick. "The snooze button is now my belly button, so don't stop with your finger - or anything else you might want to put up there."

Alan laughed at her concern that he would misinterpret her desires and not anally finger her again. "Mom, oops, Mommy, sorry about the Mom thing, but I am just waking up. It's a bit, uh... surprising to wake up this way, to say the least! Anyways, it seems kind of weird and naughty for an eighteen year old son to use the word 'mommy.'"

"That's why I love it," she enthused as she bounced up and down, up and down. Her long hair flew about and her massive chest heaved with each thrust as a fine sheen of sweat began to coat her body. "Just like I love morning wood. Mmmm. Extra hard morning wood! What a way to start a day - with a big-titted mommy taming!"

Alan had been living in the moment since waking, but now he tried to recall where he was and how he'd gotten there. He looked around and saw he was in Susan's bedroom, not his own. Then all the memories from the previous evening came flooding back. It seemed like an endless blur of fucking and brain-melting orgasms. He began piecing the memories together - not an easy thing to do with all the fucking going on. He recalled being dropped off by the scouting van, all the way through some late night fucks in complete darkness. He began to fathom why his body felt like it had gone through a marathon, because it had - a sexual marathon.

He asked, "Mommy, how many hours has it been since our last fuck?"

"Let me see... Woooo! ... I'm riding my wild Tiger! ... Yeah! Hard! Fuck your mommy good! So good!" She seemed to have missed the question, but then after a couple more thrusts, she questioned, "Remember when you said you wanted your 'midnight snatch'?"

"Yeah?" More memories came flooding back.

"That's a good one: 'Midnight snatch.' Mommy's cunt is open to her son's snacking needs twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. We're better than Seven-Eleven! ... But after that, we slept a while, and then we ... OH! FUCK YOUR MOTHER! GOOD LORD! ... MMMMM! Yeah! That's good, baby! My baby!"

Suddenly the door opened, and Alan's head quickly turned to see who it was.

Susan turned her head more slowly. The truth was, she was tired and sore too, and her reaction times were still off.


It was Katherine. She was dressed in sexy see-through lingerie, but she looked really pissed off. She fumed, "I should have known!"

Susan looked abashed, but nonetheless kept fucking. If anything, she only bounced on Alan's rod even faster. "Oh, hi there, Angel."

"Don't you 'Angel' me, Mom! You know what we were just talking about! I can't believe you'd do this to me!"

Susan closed her eyes and bowed her head in shame, as if she wanted to will herself away to some other place. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to... But I came in here to wake him up, and then I saw the covers had been kicked back and Alan Junior was standing straight up. I thought I'd just give it a playful squeeze, but then..." She grunted in ecstasy, still fucking, though a bit slower now.

"That's no excuse, especially because it's always stiff!" Katherine growled as she pounded a foot into the carpet in frustration. "You should have called for me. This is MY TIME!"

Susan kept her eyes closed and didn't say a word.

"I'll be downstairs," Katherine said in a nasty voice. "WAITING!" She slammed the door behind her and stomped off.

Alan was puzzled, not least because of the fact that Susan and Katherine acted like he wasn't even there.

Susan immediately resumed bouncing energetically but still kept her eyes closed, as if that could keep reality out.

He gasped between labored breaths, "What ... was ... that ... about?"

"Later! ... I'll tell you later! ... Just fuck ... your mommy!"

He could hardly say no to that idea, so he turned his full attention to their fucking.


He noticed that Susan seemed unusually distraught and worked up in the wake of Katherine's interruption, but she channeled that energy into even more passionate and animalistic fucking than before. With the way she ground down on his cock, rotating her hips and pushing up and down, over and over, he could hardly stand it without cumming.

He felt a bit of what it must be like to be a female on the helpless receiving end of a hard and relentless fucking. He tried to give as good as he got with his own thrusts, but he just didn't have the energy to match his horny mother. He tried his PC muscle trick, but even that effort seemed futile, for once. The need to cum was simply overwhelming for them both.

She cried out, "Cum for me! Cum! Let's cum together!"

So he did. Their fucking came to a sudden end as a sizzling rush of semen surged into her vagina. She was surprisingly silent during their mutual orgasms, so he didn't yell too much either. He suspected that ecstatic screams throughout the house wouldn't exactly improve Katherine's mood.

She again fell down onto him, only this time his dick popped out as it continued to shrink. Drowsiness appeared to overtake her, but she mumbled, "Set the snooze button."

Her body was now all over his, pressed tightly onto him, but he wedged a finger in between and poked a finger in her belly button.

She giggled. "Not that one."

So he pulled that hand away and poked a finger back into her asshole.

"Not that one, either!" She giggled even more, but clenched her asshole to prevent the withdrawal of his finger. "I mean the real alarm clock. I don't want us to drift off for too long. You have school to go to, buster."

"Oh." He laughed at their "snooze button" confusion. "Don't worry. I'll stay awake."

"Okay. And let me clean your cock and balls for a while. That'll help keep you up with lots of tingly mommy love." Susan scooted down and started to lick. She kept her eyes closed and recalled why Katherine was so upset with her.


Earlier that morning, Susan had been lying in her bed, spooned up next to a still-sleeping Alan, when Katherine gently shook her awake.

Susan looked up and offered a dreamy, tired smile, but she was genuinely glad to see her daughter. "Morning, Angel." She yawned.

Katherine seemed a bit agitated as she whispered, "Morning, Mom. It's only a few minutes till eight o'clock. Should we wake Brother up, or let him sleep?"

Susan looked at the clock and saw that indeed it read 7:49. Every single muscle in her body ached and her pussy throbbed with a dull, throbbing pain. She carefully extricated herself from Alan's embrace without waking him and tried to stand up. However, her body seemed unable to move.

Katherine saw Susan's dilemma and helped her up, but she was careful to keep her distance as much as possible while doing so, because Susan was covered with dried-on sweat and crusty cum.

Susan looked down at her naked body and then looked at the alarm clock again, as if in disbelief. She whispered, "Oh my! You're right! Why didn't you wake me up sooner?"

Katherine looked lovingly at her brother's sleeping form while she whispered to her mother, "I figured you both must be so tired. Especially Brother. He hiked for two solid days, but instead of coming back to rest, the two of you kept at it all night. He must be beyond exhausted."

Susan also looked down at him, and then again back at the clock. Her body woke up at the same time so consistently that she still couldn't believe she'd slept in, even a little. "Dear me. He smells like a warmed-over pitcher of cum and sweat. Not good at all. He'll need to take a shower, and he'll be starving too. I'm so sore and tired from last night! He must be too. Damn, that was some serious fucking. Wow... I think it's best we just let him sleep."

Katherine whispered, "You're no bouquet of roses either. Whoa, and your breath!" But she muttered to herself, "God, I'm jealous!"

Susan heard that. She smiled as she quietly shuffled out of the room, grabbing some clothes. She figured she'd put them on along the way.

Katherine spoke a bit louder once they'd left the room and closed the door. "That's what I thought, too, that he should sleep some more. I figured I'd wait until the last minute, though, in case you insisted he make it to school on time."

Susan froze in the hallway, pulled away, and gave her daughter a hard stare. "Wait just a minute, young lady. What about you? How are you going to get to school in less than ten minutes? You're still dressed in a négligée!" She leaned up against the wall because she could barely stand up on her own.

Katherine continued walking down the hall, forcing Susan to follow. "That's because I'm going to be late, Mom."

Susan reluctantly staggered down the hall, feeling her way along the wall like a drunkard. Alan had fucked her so thoroughly that the muscles in her thighs felt like pudding. "Hold on. Says who? I'm the mother around here, and I say you're going to school this instant! Your grades have suffered enough with your lax attitude!"

Katherine seemed unfazed, and spoke as she began walking down the stairs towards the kitchen, "Mom, you may be the mother, but Alan is the man of the house now, and his needs come first. He runs the house now. Some of us have to be his cum receptacles, or his balls are going to be horribly backed up with sperm. He doesn't even have Glory to help at lunch, at least today. He could go hours and hours completely unfucked!" She said this last sentence with sincere intensity, as if that was a prospect too horrible to contemplate.


"Hold on, daughter of mine." Susan stood still and put her hands on her hips in a defiant stance that was lost on Katherine, because her daughter kept on walking down the stairs. Susan was forced to keep going, but suddenly she fell to the floor as she neared the stairs. She remained there, panting, and said dramatically, "You go ahead, make breakfast. I can't go on. My Tiger fucked me too good."

Katherine walked back and held out her hand. "Talk about a drama queen, Mom. You make it sound like you're playing someone on the verge of death in some movie. Here, take my hand. I'll help you down the stairs."

Susan said, "Thanks. It's just my muscles. I can't wait to take a bath later." They staggered on down the stairs, with Katherine holding her mother up for most of the way.

When they reached the bottom, Susan paused and relaxed a bit, leaning against the wall. "That's better. Now what was I saying? Oh yes. Tiger may be like the father of the house now, thanks to the way he's tamed us all with his manly cock, and none of us want to see his cock unsatisfied for so many hours. But I'm still the mother, and still your parent! You have to do what I tell you! I will not take this insubordination. It's so unlike you, Angel. What's gotten into you?"

Katherine sighed. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I don't mean to be resentful. But it's more a question of what HASN'T gotten into me, if you know what I mean. I'm a wreck. A complete wreck. I can't stand to go another hour being so tragically unfucked. It's been three days! THREE DAYS!"

"Okay, okay. Calm down. I can understand your grief. Three days and no Alan Junior? Phew! Scary. But don't worry, I'm sure he will take good care of your cunt this afternoon. Speaking of being a wreck, can you help me to the kitchen?"

"But I need it NOW!" Katherine moaned, even as she headed back to help her mother. "It's not just the three days. I've gone longer than that before. It's seeing you make love with him so wonderfully last night, over and over. I stayed up late and watched the video, live and on replay. It really got to me. I mean, you can't even walk! I want to be fucked that good too!"

Once Katherine reached Susan, her mother let go of the railing and grabbed her daughter tight, partly to help her stand, but partly as a gesture of support and affection. "Angel, don't worry. He loves you more than life itself. I'm sure he can't wait to inject you with more of his love and his hot sperm."

"You say that, but..." Katherine pulled a bit back from the hug to really look closer at Susan. "Mom, what the heck happened to you? You look like death warmed over. Your eyes - did you get ANY sleep?"

"Oh dear. Do I look that bad? It's just that he fucked me so good and so hard and so long that I can barely move." She gave a smile that was both wistful and naughty. "I wish I could feel this bad every morning!"

Katherine groaned unhappily. "Don't rub it in."

Susan was able to waddle the rest of the way to the kitchen on her own.

Katherine sat on one of the kitchen counter stools while Susan preferred to remain standing, leaning against the wall with her legs slightly spread. Her pussy lips were still swollen and her nipples were hard, aching for more attention. Unfortunately, standing in that position let her and Alan's combined cum inadvertently leak out and drip down the insides of her thighs, which only annoyed Katherine even more.

Katherine was peeved and antsy. But they had a long discussion, and at the end she felt somewhat better. Most importantly, Susan promised to give Katherine more space to be with Alan.


When the discussion was over, Katherine walked up to Susan, casually pulled her mother's top down below her boobs, then said, "You know what I said before about 'Don't rub it in?'"


"Well, now you can rub it in." She gave Susan a tight squeeze, making sure to rub their impressive chests together. They French kissed for a minute or two, but then Susan complained that she needed a bath.

So they went to Susan's big bathroom and took a long hot bath together. Nothing especially sexual happened aside from some light kissing and cuddling, as Susan wanted to recover. By the end of the bath, she said she felt much better. Then the two of them performed their morning rituals such as shaving, brushing teeth, anal lubing, and so forth, together. It seemed that everything had worked out.

Needless to say, after all that, Katherine was shocked to walk into the room where Alan was sleeping, hoping to wake him in a sexual way, only to see Susan enthusiastically bouncing up and down on his morning erection.


Susan had woken Alan with her good morning fuck around nine o'clock. He'd meant to stay awake, but in fact had closed his eyes "for just a minute" and gone back to sleep. She was already asleep again herself, and neither one had reset the alarm clock.

Susan woke up again and looked around. The first thing out of her mouth was a rather loud, "Oh my goodness!" She looked at Alan lying next to her, and was relieved to see that her sudden outburst hadn't woken him. She carefully extricated herself from his arms and stood next to the bed. She looked at the clock by her bed and noticed the time: 9:45.

The fact that Alan was missing school was bad enough, but what made her feel many times worse was how she'd hurt Katherine with her impulsive fucking of her son. She felt so bad that she wanted to cry. Oh no! What have I done? I've really hurt my sweet Angel. I've never done anything so horrible in my life! I'd better go find her. Not only that, but they're both going to be soooo late for school, and it's all my fault!

She knocked on Katherine's door.

Katherine was inside. She'd cried some, but she was done with that and now morosely surfed the Internet. Since she didn't expect to see Alan for a while, she wore an extremely torn white T-shirt and short jeans shorts (this now qualified as conservative dress in the Plummer household). She recognized her mother's gentle knock and yelled, "Go away!"

However, Susan opened the door anyway. She walked to Katherine's computer and briefly noticed a picture on the screen of a nude pregnant woman. But she just caught a glimpse right as Katherine was closing up her computer windows, and she was too preoccupied with her worries to pay it much mind.

She fell to her knees in front of her daughter's computer desk and started crying. "I'm so sorry! I'm so, so sorry! Please forgive me! I don't know what to say. It was wrong, very wrong, but I just couldn't help myself!"

Katherine had vowed to be tough, but she melted as soon as she saw her mother crying with such abject sadness. At first she tried to ignore her, but after about a minute, she pulled Susan up and directed her to a chair.

"Come on, Mom, buck up. I'm pissed, but it's not THAT bad. We all make mistakes."

Susan sniffled as she sat down, "But I'm your mother! I have to be the tough one, the responsible one! I've completely failed you as a parent! All I ever wanna do any more is suck cock and get fucked. Having sex with my own children is WRONG! It's so wrong, if it tears us up like this!"

Katherine went back to her own chair, but held her mother's hands in her own. "You're starting to talk crazy again, Mom. Don't ever say that it's wrong, we just have to work through these things."

Susan still cried. "I guess." She sighed very heavily. "I don't know..."

Katherine chuckled. "Hey! I'm supposed to be mad at you! How can I be mad when you're so sad already?"

Susan sobbed even more. "I'm so sorry, I can't do anything right!"

Katherine looked at her mother's face. "Look up, Mom. Look me in the eyes. It's okay. I forgive you. I suppose it's only fair for all the times I fucked him behind your back."

Susan looked up tentatively. "Really?"

"Well... Maybe. I have to admit that if I were in your shoes, I probably would have done the same thing. You and I are alike in so many ways. We're his personal fuck toys. Serving his cock is what we're best at, and what we feel the most passionate about. Self-control isn't really our strong suit, is it?"

Susan laughed a little through her sobs. Her tears were starting to come to an end. "I suppose not."

"But Mom, I really am mad at you. You're going to have to make this up to me, big time. How could you do this to me after all the things you told me earlier? Not to mention, how the hell was your body even up for it? You were just getting the hang of walking again, last I saw you."

Susan started sobbing again, "I know! I'm so sorry. It's just that I was so proud of ... my Tiger... He was so close to giving me ten loads, just like I asked... and I was..." She had a hard time talking the way she was crying.

Katherine stood up. "This is useless. Mom, I can't have a serious discussion with you if you break into tears after anything I say. Why don't you take a shower? You could use one even after your bath. I'll go down and start on breakfast. We'll need to wake him soon."

"But do you forgive me?" Susan looked at her daughter with heartbreaking, puppy dog eyes.

Katherine hugged Susan. "Of course! I love you! You're the best mother ever. How could I stay mad at you? But you still owe me big time. BIG. TIME. Now, go before you make me all weepy too."

"I promise I won't even so much as touch him today."

"That's a good start, but just a start. I need some serious Brother time." She playfully slapped her mother on the ass, and Susan left after another affirming hug.

Katherine took another peek into Alan's room, but he wasn't there. Assuming that he was sleeping in Susan's room, she went downstairs and started making waffles.

Susan came downstairs about ten minutes later. She looked and felt much better after a bracing shower, but she still looked downcast. "Hi, Angel. I didn't even check on Tiger just now. Frankly, I'm not sure I can trust myself near him, at least not for a while. I just want his body so very much after what happened last night. I want to lie in bed with him until the end of time!" She gazed off, fantasizing, but quickly recovered. "Maybe you should check on him. We don't want him to miss Ms. Rhymer's class, and that starts about an hour from now."

Katherine held out her arms. "Hug." Susan walked over and they hugged. That evolved into some passionate French kissing and groping. They started gleefully rubbing their big racks together.

Susan broke away from the kiss first, delighted. "Daughter! What do you think you're doing? That's so very naughty. Mothers and daughters shouldn't kiss like that!" She melted into Katherine's arms. "I'm so glad you and I can share our love in every way."

"Me too, Mom, me too. But can we talk seriously for a couple of minutes before I wake Brother up? Why don't you sit at the counter while I keep an eye on the waffles?"

"Okay." Susan got some orange juice from the refrigerator and gingerly sat down.

Katherine went back to the stove. Then she turned towards Susan and complained, "Mom, we have a problem. I've been feeling really left out for a while now. It's not just you, but Aunt Suzy too. Now that she's taught you so many sexy tricks, you can please him on a whole other level than I can."

"If that's all that's bothering you, I can teach those tricks to you too. You and Amy. It's only fair."


"Speaking of the girl with the annoyingly super-inflating bust, Amy is another problem for me. I used to pride myself as being his only sister sex toy, but now I don't even have that anymore. Hell, she's got the official girlfriend status AND sister status. It seems everyone has something special to offer him except me! I'm just the also-ran."

"Angel, don't even say that! You're so very special! I told you he loves you more than life itself. Don't you believe me?"

She sighed. "Yeah, I know. I really do. But I need a lot of reminding." She waved the spatula in her hand for emphasis. "I don't have the greatest self-confidence. I need something special to set me apart, and I've been giving this a lot of thought. I think he should make me pregnant."

"WHAT?!" Susan had been sipping her orange juice, but spat it out in surprise.

"You heard me." Katherine grabbed a napkin and helpfully began to wipe up the orange juice spill.

"But that's so very wrong! You're only a junior in high school. You have a whole year and a half left before you graduate! I will not have my daughter drop out of school just to get knocked up!"

"I could do home schooling."

"You know nothing would get done - we'd just sit around and study 'sex education' all day, even more than we already do."

"Yeah, but with the stealth stroking and stealth sucking... Can you just imagine, kneeling in just your high heels all day long, slurping on his fat cock?" For emphasis, she repeated, "All day long?!"

Susan was momentarily tempted, greatly tempted, but she finally shook her head 'No'. "That might work here and there, but not all the time. You hardly do your homework as it is, and you were slack about that even before the family sex started. In any case, it's a moot point, because you've talked it over with Alan and he said no. Did he not? So why do you question his decision? Is he not our lord and master? Who are we, his mere sex slaves and fuck toys, to go against his wishes?"

Katherine bowed her head in submission to that. "Okay. You have a point there. But still..."

Susan chided, "If you spent more time working on getting his fuck-meat extra stiff and then giving him immense pleasure draining it, you wouldn't have time for such foolish notions."

"If I HAD time. It's been THREE days!"

Susan winced at that reminder but said, "Don't focus on that. Think about all the good things he's gonna do to you instead. Picture Alan Junior sliding into your juicy twat, filling it with spermy goodness!"

Katherine's eyes lit up. "Yeah, Mom! That's what I'm talking about! Drain that wonderful, baby-making sperm and put it to good use. A real Alan Junior!"

Susan stomped her foot hard, making her enormous tits wobble. "Daughter, don't play games with me! You know that's not what I mean. What I am TALKING about is serving him, helping him unload all that nasty cum buildup by taking it in every hole whenever he wants it! That's what good busty sisters do to help their brothers. I do NOT mean pregnancy!"

Katherine frowned. "But Mom! I just want to show my love in every way, and what would be more of an ultimate sign of devotion than that?"

Susan just gave an emphatically disapproving look.

An implication of what Susan had said struck Katherine. "You say Alan is our lord and master, so what if, in theory, he says that's what he wants? Then you'd have to agree!"

Susan was torn, but said, "He would never say that. But if he did, I'd have to put my foot down and work with Suzanne to do everything we could to encourage him to change his mind. I'm still his mother and your mother, and I will not let my children drop out of high school!"

Katherine tried a different tack. "Okay, fine. If everyone's so against it, here's another idea. What if I start lactating, just like you? It'll be perfect! You know I have an issue with my tit size, especially since Amy's been bursting out all over, and now I'll be able to catch up! Not only that, but he needs so much nourishment; he constantly has to replenish all the fluids he loses from cumming. All that pineapple juice you give him all the time isn't enough. If it's only you lactating, there won't be enough milky goodness for him, not to mention the rest of us."

Susan folded her arms under her bountiful breasts and looked stern. "Sorry, but no. Again, how can you balance that and school? I don't know which would be worse - to have you found out to be lactating in school because you have a baby, or because you DON'T have a baby?! How can you explain something like that, at your age? It could expose us all!"

Katherine pouted. "Mom, that's so unfair! You're so MEAN! You're just saying that because you want to have the biggest boobs, and you don't want anyone else to be near your size. Face it: you want him all for yourself! Look at what you did this morning! Mean, mean, mean!" She shook her fists in the air in frustration.


Susan was hurt, and didn't know how to respond. One factor complicating things for her was that Katherine had a point. Possessiveness did play a factor in her thinking, but even more so was jealousy - the fact that Katherine could and probably would have Alan's babies eventually, while she was barren and could not, was something that ruffled her feathers more than she liked to admit. But before she could think these things through, she heard a voice from behind her.

"Sis, hold on there." It was Alan, dressed in a robe. He staggered forward to the kitchen counter, walking as gingerly as Susan had been.

Susan and Katherine both rushed to him. But then Susan remembered her promise not to even touch him, and stood back. She watched while Katherine covered her brother's face with kisses.

"You're up! I was just about to come get you." Katherine followed that with even more kisses.

He pointed to the waffle iron. "Shouldn't someone check that? And Mom, where's my hello kiss? Or do I have to 'get your attention' if you know what I mean?"

"I'd love that, Tiger, but today I promised to step back and leave you to my sister Suzanne and my daughters. I didn't exactly get off to a good start this morning with that, so we should really respect it now."

"Oh. So that's what Sis meant by 'look at what you did this morning.'"

Katherine went to the kitchen to tend to breakfast, but she turned from the waffle iron to look at him. "Big Volkswagen Bus Brother, how much of our conversation did you overhear?"

"When I started coming downstairs, I heard you talking about pregnancy. Then the lactation stuff. I hate to say this, Sis, but I have to agree with Mommy. Even lactating just isn't doable with school in the way. And Mommy, thanks for putting your foot down. That means a lot to me. You're my mom, and a great mom, not some mindless sex slave."

"Drat!" Katherine slammed the spatula down, and appeared to be on the verge of crying.

He added, "I'm touched, Big Chestnuts Sis, that you love me so much you want to have my baby right away as a sign of that love. But think about it: neither of us is ready for it. We can barely take care of ourselves right now and neither of us wants to lose our freedoms this young. You love the idea more than what the reality would be like. I don't know if you know what you're getting into with the lactation idea, either. However, I'll offer you one consolation: maybe if you want to lactate for just the three months of summer vacation, we could try that. It could be a kind of a test to see if you want it for later, long term. As long as you promise to end it in time for school to start in the fall; that should be okay."

Katherine threw down the spatula and rushed out of the kitchen and into Alan's arms. "Oh really? You're the best, Brother! The best!" She kissed and hugged him so enthusiastically she nearly knocked him over.

Eventually things settled down and Alan sat at the dining table, directly across from his sister. The front of his robe fell open.

Susan took over kitchen duties since she wanted to give her daughter more "Alan time."

Katherine slumped down in her chair. "I'm so bummed."

"What?" he asked, as he started to eat a bowl of his favorite cereal, which was Honey Nut Cheerios. "You were ecstatic about the summertime lactation idea a minute ago."

"I know, and I still am. But I'm a 'now' kind of person and that seems so far away! Not only that, but I had such fun ideas about how I was going to wake you up, and then you wake up all on your own." She shot a resentful look at Susan in the kitchen, but Susan wasn't looking.

"I'm sorry, Big Floatation Devices Sister, but it is after ten o'clock already. I would say it's crazy that I'm missing school except that my body hurts so bad that I can't really complain about the extra rest. Every single muscle is in agony."


Katherine stood up and tore her T-shirt off. She enthused, "'Floatation devices'! I love it! That's how big my tits are going to be this summer! F-cups, with any luck! Gushing with milk! Can you just picture it, Big 2001 Monolith Brother? Woo-hoo!" She put her hands behind her head and proudly jiggled her breasts, as if he might need that to help him visualize.

Alan was amused. He thought, Poor T-shirt, you didn't stand a chance covering her chest up very long. I wonder how many more minutes those cut-off shorts will last before she finds an excuse to shuck them off too?

He was also amused at her latest nickname, a reference to the tall black monoliths in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey." She seemed to have an endless supply of phallic shaped objects for her nicknames.

But then she became a bit calmer, and more coy. She sat down again (keeping her shirt off, of course). Her bare feet began to roam up his legs. "Sorry to hear though about how tired you are. But of all your sore muscles, there's one in particular I'm curious about. How is Alan Junior doing?"

"To be honest, surprisingly well. It's odd. It's like it's - I don't know how to put it - battle-hardened, maybe. Seriously, lately it seems capable of taking any amount of use and abuse. Ironically, that's the one part of my body that ISN'T in complete pain."

"Oh, reaaaaally," Katherine said in a playful, mock-snobby British accent. One of her feet continued working its way up towards his groin. "How... iiiiiinteresting! ... Hmmm." Her foot found Alan's dick, and since he wasn't wearing any clothes, aside from his wide open robe, she began fondling it with her naked toes.

"Come on, Sis. There are limits. I didn't mean that it's okay to do THAT."

"Big Orthanc Brother..."


"Orthanc. You know, Saruman's tower from 'The Lord of the Rings.' I've been reading your 'Lord of the Rings' since you put it down, and if that tower isn't a good phallic fit for your cock, then I don't know what is! The whole book is filled with towers. Pretty good book too, I must say, even if you don't count all the veiled Alan Junior references." She giggled.

"Oh." He was a bit bummed by the reminder that sex had been so good and time consuming lately that he'd even put down "The Lord of the Rings" half way through. In fact, he hadn't really done any pleasure reading in the past month at all. He was additionally bummed that he didn't instantly recognize the Orthanc reference; it was symbolic of things he used to love that he'd let fall by the wayside.

But such worries were quickly cast aside as Katherine started massaging his dick with both feet. As far as she knew, she was the only one to have given him a footjob so far, and she prided herself on her special foot connection with him.

His penis grew erect with surprising speed, considering recent events. He thought out loud, "I simply cannot believe that you're making my dick hard again, after all it's been through in the last twelve hours or so. How the hell does it rebound yet again?!"

Katherine answered what her brother thought was a rhetorical question. "It's very simple: practice, practice, practice. We're training it to remain erect forever. That's why you need a little more practice right now." She had no trouble pinning his boner between her insole on one side and one of his thighs on the other.

Alan saw a plate of waffles appear on the table in front of him. He looked up and saw Susan standing right next to him. She looked quite demure wearing her cooking apron with her hands clasped together over her stomach, except for the fact that the apron was all she wore. She tilted her head and stared at his hard-on with a mixture of pride and wonderment. "Isn't it wonderful, Angel?"

"Mom, it feels soooo hot to the soles of my feet! It's like walking on coals! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!" Her foot continued to press his erection against his thigh. "And I talk about his cock being stiff all the time, but that's not really true. But what if it was?! The body has amazing abilities to adapt and adjust. What if we could train it to stay hard and throbbing nearly every minute of the day?"

Susan sighed happily as she stared longing at Katherine's sliding feet. "Angel, I love the way you think."

Alan said, "That's all well and good, but while both of you are paying attention, well, kind of, I have something important to discuss. Obviously you both have been fighting about my early morning Mom-fuck today. I can still see some redness in both of your eyes. We can't go on like this! We need to get along without conflict. I hate this kind of fighting, especially if it makes either of you cry. But the problem is that I can't even handle the level of sexual activity we're at now, much less handle any more."

He continued ominously, "Forget about your perpetual erection fantasies. It's true that my dick might be able to take a lot more, but the rest of my body can't. Most importantly, my brain can't. After last night I'm so wiped out mentally that I just want to sleep for a week. But I have to go to school! That sucks so bad. A guy can only do so much in a single day."

He paused, and ate a few bites of his waffles. He periodically grimaced, not from pain but from the sheer pleasure Katherine's foot was giving him. He was surprised there didn't seem to be any reaction to his words from the other two, except that after his mention of his body being in pain, Susan stood behind him and began massaging his shoulders. She pushed his robe off to do so, and it fell to the floor.

Finally, he said in exasperation, "Aren't you going to say anything?"

Susan said, "Angel, isn't it impressive how he's able to talk so articulately even while you're intently jacking him off with your foot? He's such a stud! It gets me so HOT!"

Katherine disappeared completely under the table as she replied, "I KNOW! Things like that just prove that he's our natural master and we're meant to SERVE! In fact, it's just WRONG for me not to suck him off, right now!"

Thanks to the mostly open back nature of their dining room table chairs, Susan was able to press her erect nipples into her son's skin. "Good idea, dear. I hope you suck him a good long time, and then he can fill your mouth with a really big load. Late last night he practically ran out of sperm with the last few loads he gave me. It was so tragic. Though what can even Tiger do after nine loads, and another one this morning! Ten cum loads, just like I asked him to! I'm so proud!"

The sound "Mmphftf blotoughf!" came from beneath the table.

Alan and Susan had no idea what Katherine had tried to say, because her mouth was full of his cock now, and she was sucking on it as if her life depended on it.

He laughed at the absurdity of it all, but then exclaimed in exasperation, "You two! Did you not hear a word I said? This is a serious problem! I'm saying I can only handle so much, and your response is to blow me and massage my back with your soft, pillowy tits? We're headed for disaster! These kinds of disputes both of you were having this morning are just going to get worse because you seem to get more and more insatiable every day. It's starting to seriously worry me! I want to keep all the members of this family happy, but how can I possibly do that? All of you are complete nymphomaniacs!"

Susan replied, while still kneading his neck and shoulders and sliding her breasts up and down his back, "Tiger, you have a good point. I'm sorry. Angel, listen up. The way you and I fought this morning was wrong. I'm sorry for what I did. But part of our lot in life as big-titted, incestuous, lusty busty fuck toys is to recognize that we can't always get fucked as hard and long and thoroughly as he did me last night. We shouldn't have such high expectations. Instead, we must pine away the time dreaming until the moment when we can serve as his happy cum receptacles again. We can't place too many demands on him. It's not right... Dear, please take his thick fuck monster out of your mouth so you can pay attention and add to the discussion."

With a loud pop, Katherine let Alan's erection leave her mouth.


But Katherine was only getting started with her sexual fun. She said, "I'm sorry. Big Barad-Dur Tower Brother, please sit on the edge of your seat with your legs spread really wide, then I'll give you my two cents on this."

"Okay, but why am I spreading my legs?" he asked even as he complied. Slumping down, he didn't leave Susan as much to work with on his backside.

Katherine quickly rearranged herself underneath the table, getting on all fours with her ass facing Alan's lap. Then she backed up until her ass was between his legs, right at the edge of his chair. She then used her hands and guided his erection into her hungry pussy as she pushed her hips back into his groin.

He complained, "MoooOOOOoooom! Sis isn't taking me seriously! She's backed her ass up into me and she's starting to fuck me under the table!" He noticed with amused chagrin that her shorts had come off, around two minutes later than he'd guessed they would.

Susan didn't need to be told what was happening because she could see all of it over one of Alan's shoulders. She exclaimed, "Oooh! Good one, Angel!" She watched the fucking with mixed feelings. On the one hand, she was excited to see her strong son's dick already on its way to filling another hot cunt, and she was impressed at how cleverly Katherine was performing her fuck toy duties. The combination of both children excelling at fucking filled her with maternal pride, as if both of them had just been awarded honor student recognition for the month. But on the other hand, after last night she wanted to be fucked again so bad that seeing it happen to someone else created a longing so strong it was like a punch in the gut.

The horny mother decided she needed to do something to redirect her concentration away from the sights and slurpy sounds of her daughter's cock-filled pussy. She found her hands roaming all over her son's chest, and that made her feel much better. But then she remembered her promise to keep cool with Alan for the day, so reluctantly went back to merely working on his shoulders and neck. She figured that might violate the letter of the request, but not the spirit since she was sure Katherine would understand that he needed a relaxing massage quite badly.


Katherine ignored Alan's protest. As she swung her ass back and forth over his stiff rod, preventing him from having to move his sore muscles to thrust, she said calmly, "Brother, I know exactly what you mean. I completely agree with Mom. This is not your problem. This is our problem. We have to learn more patience. It's true that we're a bunch of insatiable, big-titted, hot and tight-cunted nymphos, but we'll just have to do each other more, that's all. So expect to hear the sound of wild, lesbian love screaming through the house more frequently."

Alan was already having a hard time focusing on the conversation because his boner felt so good. He protested, "Why does everyone always have to throw in 'big-titted' all the time whenever they're describing things?"

Susan replied with a touch of pride, "Because it's so obvious that it turns you on. And also because it's true." She walked around to his front side to make face to face contact.

She held him by the chin. "I used to be so modest, but why deny it? Do you deny that your sisters and mothers have just about the nicest, biggest, bounciest, milkiest, and most squeezable racks in the whole county? You have FOUR fuck toys in this house. You OWN our eight tits. Do something with them!"

She pressed her tits into his face, smothering him with tit-flesh. She thought, I just can't help it! Angel, please allow your old mother this one little pleasure? Tiger owns my tits! I must use them for his pleasure! I must!

"MoooOOOOoooom!" Now it was Katherine's turn to cry out. She couldn't see Susan, or even Alan, from her position under the table, but she could guess well enough that Susan was up to something. "Mom, do I have to remind you that you said no touching?"

"Oh. Sorry, Angel. I'll just stick to rubbing his shoulders and back then. I hope that's all right."


Susan did do that, except that she lifted him up an inch so she could move the chair he was sitting in ninety degrees and get at his whole backside without any obstacle. She tried to do it as subtly as possible so Katherine wouldn't notice. Then she really went to town, slipping and sliding her spongy round tits all over him.

Alan sighed. He was frustrated by the sheer intensity of their sexual obsessions, yet the things they did to him felt too good for him to stop.

Katherine picked up on his tone. As her cunt walls milked his dick, she said, "Seriously, Brother, we're going to promise to take it easy. You know that I've been dying for you to fuck me ever since you got back home, and you're doing it now. I was looking forward to hours and hours of languid, lazy fucking this afternoon, but I'm willing to forgo all that so you can get more rest. And Mom has already vowed no touching today, so all you have to do is fuck Amy and Aunt Suzy after their fuck-free weekends. That's only two more fucks today. Talk about an easy recovery day! All you have to do is let us know, and we'll ease up. Right, Mom?"

"Definitely!" Susan hoped Katherine didn't notice the way her voice was starting to pant and get more excited.

Alan thought about that. Hmmm. No way is anything going to happen with Glory today; I'll be lucky if she still wants to talk to me after school. Of course I'll have to deal with Heather somehow. Then there's the Doctor Fredrickson situation which we've planned to tackle after school, and there definitely won't be any sex for me there. So all in all, I'm only really obliged to fuck Sister Amy and Mother Suzanne, and at least keep Heather's holes stuffed with something. All in all, a light day. Not bad.

He finally replied, "Well, that makes me feel better. Thanks. We'll see if it actually happens; I have my doubts. But another thing bothers me. You two are always going on with the fuck toy talk, and I assumed that was just to get me more excited, like the big tits talk you always do. But on my way down here I heard one of you say... What did you say?"

He lost his train of thought, because he noticed his mother was doing something strange. She was having a problem with her tit massage because she lacked lubrication to glide her tits the way she wanted to. But an inspiration struck her: He watched as she took the bottle of maple syrup next to his waffles and poured it all over her tits.


He tilted his head around and gaped in wonder at the sight of the dark maple syrup pouring down her front. Clearly, she loved it. She tilted her head back and let out a scream, but a silent one, only moving her mouth (so Katherine wouldn't know what she was doing), because the whole thing made her feel so good. She imagined that she was pouring an endless amount of her son's cum all over herself. It felt so great that she didn't just stop with the tits and poured some onto her face as well, fantasizing she was getting the facial of a lifetime.

But then she remembered that this was supposed to be Katherine's time and she shouldn't get carried away. So she poured a bit more directly onto Alan's back and then resumed rubbing her bare tits into him. Now, thanks to all the syrup, her breasts slid effortlessly all over his skin. It felt fantastic for both of them.

Alan tried to remember what he was talking about, but even with the end of Susan's little show, he still had to contend with Susan's tits sloshing around his back and shoulders and Katherine's hips doing all the fucking and thrusting for him beneath the table.

Susan said in a motherly tone, "Tiger, enough of this talking. You've hardly touched your food. You still have to finish eating and take a shower, not to mention the drive time to school. So kick back and eat, and enjoy your sister's tight pussy gripping your thick cock. Don't worry. We're going to be totally low profile from now on. You'll hardly notice we're here."

Alan mentally compared her "hardly notice we're here" comment with the way Katherine was exquisitely fucking him and the way Susan was "massaging" him, and had a good laugh. He gave up trying to remember whatever he was going to say.

Katherine's disembodied voice echoed out from under the table. "Think of it as 'stealth stroking,' Big Bunker Buster Brother, only now I'm using the best method to minimize any penis chafing. All the lubrication you could ever want coupled with a fine and firm velvety grip and grasp to keep you exquisitely stimulated and 'on the edge' all the way through breakfast! Call it 'stealth fucking.' Come on, you can't say no to that now, can you?"

Alan replied with a hard to decipher grunt. He was conflicted, but as usual, the desires of his penis won out.

Susan was trying to pretend calmness so Katherine wouldn't suspect that her massage had gotten a bit out of hand with the maple syrup. But while her voice may have been calm, her body certainly wasn't. She cupped her pussy and began frigging herself frantically.

Katherine somehow sensed something was up, if only because Susan and Alan were in close proximity. She said, "Mom, I'm almost done here. Can you get me another waffle?"

"Oh, poo." Susan disengaged and returned to the kitchen, dripping maple syrup everywhere. She was already contemplating the clean-up job she'd have to do later. She was grateful that neither the kitchen nor dining room were carpeted.

Alan had some kind of niggling feeling that there was an important complaint he needed to be making, something about them being too submissive or too enthusiastic, or both. But he felt so good from the things they were doing to him that his worries floated away. He finished his meal in silence. The only sound in the room was Katherine's pussy repeatedly squishing, sliding, and clutching around his hot, throbbing pole under the table. It was a strange sensation, because he could barely see any of her, and he felt little more than the fucking and her ass cheeks occasionally slapping into his inner thighs. It was almost like being fucked by a ghost.

His dick didn't hurt at the moment, but he had a bad feeling that it might if he ejaculated, so once Katherine had a nice climax for herself, he explained that to her, and asked if they could stop before he came.

Katherine pulled herself free of Alan, which allowed a bit of her feely flowing juices to leak out obscenely from her slippery pussy. Then she crawled out from under the table. She returned to her chair and looked at her brother.

She was surprised to see Susan standing behind him, massaging his shoulders with her hands and sliding her tits all over his back. She said in a very peeved tone, "Mom, what the hell happened to you? You call that giant sticky mess from here to the kitchen 'keeping your hands off of him?'"

"Sorry, dear, it's just that he clearly needs a massage. I know firsthand just how sore he feels, and I needed some lubrication to make it work. Between you and me, we've helped him relax, haven't we? You're not mad at me, are you? I wasn't trying to take his attention from you, really I wasn't..."

Katherine just glared, so Susan continued as an idea suddenly struck her. "You know what? The next time either of you need maple syrup for your pancakes or waffles, you know what we could do?"

Katherine sat back and crossed her arms under her breasts, still irritated, "Let me guess. We could just lick it straight off your big tits. And wait. Let me guess some more: the idea makes you, quote, so hot, unquote."

Susan opened her eyes wide in surprise. "Oh my goodness! How did you know?"

Alan smiled at Susan's predictable nature. He found it quite endearing. He added, "But Mom, the only problem with that is we'll still have to go all the way to the fridge to get the milk. If only there were somewhere nearer to get our milk from..."

Susan's eyes opened even wider. She was very excited to tell both of them that they could just nurse the milk straight from her nipples, but then she looked at their amused smirks and felt chagrined. She playfully pushed Alan, since he was easily in reach. "You two! You're playing with me, aren't you? You know exactly where you should get your milk, and it makes me so happy!"

Katherine laughed, genuinely happy now. "Mom, you know what? It's impossible to stay mad at you. You're just too pure and good."

They all had a good laugh.

Alan headed upstairs to take a quick shower. His penis deflated immediately without ever experiencing a climax. He found that to be a welcome relief.

But when he stepped out and felt for the towel in its usual spot on the towel rack, his hand discovered Katherine's arm instead.

She drew his hand to her chest and said, "Today, I'm your towel. You don't think you can go to school without cumming again, do you?"

He groaned and stepped out of the shower, pretending great frustration, but he actually liked her towel surprise. He laughed. "You just never stop, do you?"

"Nope!" She giggled. "Why should I? We're having so much fun, aren't we?"

He couldn't argue with that. He figured he'd be okay as long as he refrained from cumming.

She was dry and managed to more or less dry him off by rubbing her naked body all over him. She asked with real concern, "If we get to be too much and you really want us to stop, we'll stop. You know that, right?"

"Well, kinda."

"We will! Being a fuck toy is all about pleasing and serving your master. And if that means stop, then we'll stop. But it also means guessing when you say 'no' and really mean 'yes.' I could see from the look in your eyes that you were tired but horny."

He nodded. "The problem is, I'm always horny. Too much inspiration around here!" He laughed.

He was silent for a little bit, admiring the effort and creativity she was using in cleaning him with the "human towel" method. It was very arousing, especially since various parts of her often seemed to "accidentally" brush over his erect pole. Still, the general emphasis was on the rest of his body, for once.

After a while he grew a bit contemplative, and asked, "Sis, how did I ever get to be your 'master?' Seriously. I'm just your brother. Remember all those nights you and I played Monopoly and Risk and all kinds of other board games? You beat me more often than not. We were just regular siblings doing regular sibling stuff."


She said, "It's partly BECAUSE of all those nights playing games that you're my master. That just goes to show how we're way closer than most siblings, and so it makes sense we still play games. It's just that these are adult, sexual games. And you're the dominant type and I'm the submissive type, so it all works out."

"I guess I can see that," he said reluctantly. He closed his eyes and tried not to think about it too much. It was easy to get lost in all the physical pleasure she was giving him.

When she'd gotten him fairly dry, she pulled him to the floor, climbed on top of him, and said, "Now, let's work on some advanced toweling techniques."

Needless to say, his dick was erect, very erect, by then. But she didn't fuck him, suck him, or jack him off, she just continued to rub him all over with her body, kissing him everywhere along the way. Since he was sore all over, she made sure to massage and soothe him as much as possible. The main difference was that she focused a lot more on stimulating his cock. Plus, now that she didn't have to deal with getting him dry, she was able to fully focus on arousing him with every trick she knew. (She'd long mastered the finer points of the book Alan brought home detailing the human body's seventeen erogenous zones.)

All Alan had to do was lie there and enjoy. Yet he eventually got so worked up that he was on the verge of grabbing her and pulling her down for a good, hard fuck, no longer caring about the time, his tiredness, or soreness.

He complained, "This is no fair. As usual, you do most or all of the work, and I reap most of the benefits. I should do that to you."

She replied, "That'll be fun. Let's do that some other time, when you're not half dead from fucking Mom all night long. But you're looking at this in the wrong way. Tell me, does it arouse you when I call you 'Master' or call myself your 'fuck toy' or your 'personal cocksucker?'"

"Yeah," he admitted. "You know I'd be a liar if I tried to deny it."

"Well, as arousing as that is for you, it's just as arousing for me. It's like yin and yang, two opposites fitting together. Serving you gets YOU off, and it gets ME off! It's win-win! I know the unfairness of it bothers you sometimes, but it's actually part of the turn-on for me. And I know that's true for Mom and most of the others. Sometimes even more so. So just grin and bear it, literally."

He chuckled. "Okay. I'll try."

After about ten minutes, just as his arousal reached a boiling point, she stood up and said, "Come on. You're all dry now. Let's go get dressed."

Alan groaned in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. But he stood up and followed her lead. He didn't want to miss the start of Glory's class, because that could lead to an awkward encounter with her later, with many awkward questions needing to be asked and answered.

She already had their clothes ready in neat piles, and dressed him and herself. But she wanted to keep him on edge, so even while dressing, she simultaneously either stroked or sucked his perpetual hardness.

She led him downstairs by holding his cock, stroking him whenever she could manage.

As they walked, he asked her, "Hey, I remember you saying that you were going to get me off?"

She grinned wolfishly. "You think I'm done with you? Ha! We're just getting started!"


When they got downstairs, Susan had the kitchen (and herself) all cleaned up from the syrup mess and was all dressed up in "outside clothes" in preparation to drive them to school. She felt a little better than she'd felt earlier in the morning, but still looked forward to taking a big nap as soon as she dropped her children off.

Katherine said, "Hey, Mom. I've got a problem. My brother lover just won't cum. I think I'll just have to jack and suck him off all the way to school."

"Now, Angel, you know the rules about security outside the house."

"But Mom! We have tinted windows on the minivan. No one can see if we sit in the back. In fact, I'm surprised we don't jack, suck, and fuck him to school every day. After all, you don't have to be the driver EVERY time."

"Hmmm." Susan was intrigued.

"In any case, I have two words for you. The first one is 'big' and the second one is 'time.' Have you forgotten how you owe me for this morning?"

That quieted Susan's objections.

"Besides, do I have to quote The Pact to you? 'The women of this harem pledge to devote themselves fully to pleasing Alan and his insatiable cock.' What's the best way to do that on the way to school?"

"Okay, okay, already! Stop before I feel compelled to join you, and then we won't have anyone to drive."


Alan sat in the back seat instead of the front passenger seat as he usually did. As his mother started up the car, his sister's head bobbed on his boner sticking out of the fly of his shorts.

He said, "I can't believe I'm doing this. What I think we have here is a complete failure of willpower by everyone involved, including me. I shouldn't be missing school. Sis shouldn't be missing school. Sis MOST DEFINITELY should NOT be sucking me off right now. I may not even have any cum left to give! Mom, you shouldn't be driving without underwear and fingering your cunt while we wait here in the garage. The car doesn't drive itself, you know! This is a complete and utter failure of willpower, all around!"

Susan pulled her fingers out from under her short dress, and said, "I'm sorry Tiger, it's just that I get so HOT thinking about what you did to me last night, the way you fucked me over and over and over. TEN times! Me, your own mother!"

"It wasn't ten times," he pointed out.

"Well, almost. Besides, it sure felt like it. Not to mention the way you're using your sister as a human cum bucket for just a short car ride! Looking in the mirror and seeing her head bounce up and down... it's too exciting! Next time, Angel, you have to drive so I can do that."

"What about willpower?" he asked.

She replied with brutal honesty, "Sorry. I just don't have the willpower to lead this family." She started the car and pulled out of the driveway. "That's why it's so great that you've become the man of the house. And I'm so happy there are two mothers in this family now. Suzanne is going to have to be the tough one for us all. Maybe even Amy; she's capable of surprises, isn't she?"

Alan frowned. "Yeah, Aunt Suzy is good, but she seems to be growing weaker all the time. Mom, I keep hearing you tell her, 'listen to your cunt.' Every time you say that, her willpower vanishes completely. I say we're fucking ourselves to our doom, with no self-restraint. Look at us in this car! I can't even tell Sis to stop 'cos it feels too good. We need help!"

Susan brightened, thinking, New blood? We can surprise him with Brenda again on Wednesday! Even though he's fucked her already, she's still pretty new...

No, wait. She's not exactly the self-control type. In fact, she's liable to just make things worse. Oh dear. Maybe he has a point.

But as they came to a traffic light, she thought, On the other hand, my son is so big and strong and smart and virile... So potent, so wise, so kind, so manly, so constantly hard and filled with cum, just so damn lovable, that he's completely unstoppable! I'm sure he'll come up with something. It's not my role to think; I should just shower him with love and hot sex.

Brenda's way ahead of me. I should try to be more like her. I should not only serve Tiger, but I need to be the sexual slave for the whole family! Anyone at the house at any time should take and use my cunt, mouth, and ass for their depraved pleasures!

She was so excited by these thoughts that she looked around as she came to the stop and saw no other car nearby, or anyone able to look into their high minivan, so thought, Fuck it! I don't even care that much if I'm potentially exposed. My cunt needs a little bit of attention. Just a teeny weeny bit...

She reached under her dress and fingered herself while keeping her other hand on the steering wheel. Every few seconds, she glanced in the rear-view mirror. She still could see her daughter's head bob up and down out of view over Alan's lap, which served as fuel for the fire in her pussy. However, when the light turned green she reluctantly took her hand from under her dress and forced herself to keep driving.

Alan rather belatedly mumbled, "Maybe we should invite Xania back soon. She could help out and give us some good advice."

Susan thought single-mindedly, Yes! Great idea! More "new blood." Xania is just the kind of 'grade A' fuck-meat that Alan needs to nail more often. She CAN help out. I'd love to share his cock with her in a double or even triple blowjob. Oooh! Imagine her and me and Suzanne on him at once! I love it! The three of us could make a wonderful cunt stack and he could poke from one steaming hole to another. Xania's cunt hasn't been fully tamed, and we need to change that. I should invite her for Wednesday's strip poker game again! Oooh! What an idea! And I suppose while she's here she can give a little bit of advice, too. For instance, maybe she can teach me some new fucking techniques!

She looked in the back seat, but it was pretty quiet. Alan was slumped down with his head back and his eyes closed. He was obviously straining, fighting the urge to climax.

Katherine was fully dressed but still had her head in her brother's lap and a hand in her own lap. Suddenly she paused in her sucking long enough to gasp out, "Cum, dammit, cum already!" Then she resumed her greedy sucking.

Susan smiled. I thought this was going to be a bad morning after what I did to my Angel, but it's turned out okay. More than okay, in fact. As long as my children are sexually aroused and happy, then I'm happy. We just have to take it easier on Tiger, that's all. We can't expect EVERY night to be like last night, or all of us will die very early deaths. Mmmm... Last night...


She started to space out on her sexual fantasies, but the need to not crash the car forced her to pay attention to the road. She pined for another long traffic light, but the next couple of lights were green. She silently cursed as she drove right through them. There was more traffic, too, as she got closer to the school, and that made her very nervous about being seen. She was very grateful for the car's tinted windows, although one could still see clearly through the front windshield.

Before she knew it, they were only a block away from the school. "Sorry, kids, we're there already. Time to wrap it up!"

Katherine pulled her head off Alan's prick long enough to gasp, "Mom! I'm not done! But this is so awesome! I think that from now on you need to drive us to school instead of making us bike or walk. What do you think, Big Ent Brother?"

Alan fidgeted and tried his best to ignore the throbbing sensations in his cock. "Sis, come on! School!"

Katherine bent back down and licked around his cockhead some more. "Okay, okay! Mom, I'm so close, but you know how his cock is! You have to EARN your mouthful! Can you drive around the block a couple of times?"

Susan chided, "Young lady, watch your language. Even though I have the windows rolled up, someone might hear us. But I do know what you mean about earning it. His cum is a great prize that must be fully earned! I'll drive around the block just once. Tiger, enough flexing of that strong PC muscle of yours. Just let go. You only have five minutes until Ms. Rhymer's class begins!"

He grumbled, "Oh, okay. But it's so fun to do it in a car..." He hoped that enough time had passed from having his balls emptied the night before and then losing another load earlier in the morning so he would actually have some cum to give. He earnestly wanted to please Katherine and Susan, just as much as they wanted to please him.

Susan saw him grimacing, which really turned her on. Her mouth started to water as she imagined swallowing the load that was churning and building up in his balls. Then she looked ahead, and to her great joy, she saw a traffic light coming up. Even better, the light was turning yellow just as she came to it. She slowed down instead of speeding up and had her hand in her pussy before her car even came to a complete stop.

As she madly frigged herself, she looked over and saw the school grounds, plus the students milling around, walking from building to building during the five-minute break between classes. Then she looked in the rear view mirror to the back seat. She could see that Alan was cumming now. He was actually biting down on his hand to keep from screaming as he came. She'd never seen him do that, and loved it.

Katherine's body meanwhile was shaking as if their car had just been rear ended by another vehicle. From where Susan sat, it looked like Katherine's head was actually being thrown back over and over by the force of the cum firing into her mouth. She loved that too.

Susan was so turned on by everything that she imitated her son and bit down on her hand (the one not busy in her pussy) to stifle a scream. She'd never cum in anything remotely approaching a public place before, and doing it within full sight of the school and her children's classmates turned her on terribly.

The next thing she knew, the car behind her was loudly and repeatedly honking its horn. She looked up and saw the light was already starting to turn yellow again. She put a sticky hand on the steering wheel and quickly drove through the light before it turned red. Then she pulled to the side and allowed the cars behind her to pass. She decided it was as good a spot as any to drop her children off and said, "Here we are, kids. Are you presentable?"

Katherine and Alan both looked around, dazed. They found their backpacks.

Alan gingerly zipped up his fly. "Uh, yeah. I think so," he said breathlessly. Dang, I'm gonna smell of sex and cum for sure. But it can't be helped at this point.

Susan wanted confirmation from Katherine that she was ready, so she asked, "Angel?"

Katherine leaned forward and lovingly brushed her cheek on the back of her mother's hair. She looked down while doing so and saw that Susan still had two fingers actively pumping in her pussy, and a large cum puddle below it. She wanted to say, "We're good, Mom. Would you look at that big puddle between your legs?" But in fact, she couldn't. She'd kept as much cum as she could in her mouth (not an easy task given the way Alan had been pumping and thrusting into her), so she couldn't talk. The best she could do was point and say, "Mmmm-hmm. Biiii puh-ulll."

Alan already had the door open and was stepping out onto the curb. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and said in the tone of voice of a typical male teenager, "Thanks for the ride, Mom. See you later!" He gave a friendly wave, even though he felt like jumping in the front seat and making out for a while as a proper good-bye.

Susan also felt awkward to merely wave and say good-bye to her children instead of stripping and offering her whole body to them, but that's what she reluctantly did. She couldn't wait to get back home to get out of her conservative "outside clothes" and take a very big nap. But first she had to keep the car where it was for a while and get herself off before she could drive back home.

Alan looked to his sister, pointed in the direction of his next class, and said, "I'm off that way. Thanks for the... relief. You good?"

Katherine just nodded happily. She thought to herself, I've got most of his cum load in my mouth! Sweet! Kind of a small load by his standards, but still nice. I hope I can keep some in there long enough to show to Amy after the next period is over! She's gonna be soooo jealous! Hee-hee!

She swirled her tongue around through the load in her mouth, thoroughly enjoying the flavor. Hopefully I won't have to actually say anything for a good long while, because then I'd have to swallow in a hurry. I sure hope the teach doesn't ask me a question. That would suck.

As Alan rushed off in one direction while his sister rushed off in another, he thought, I'm beginning to think that my mom and sister are actually kind of crazy. There's too much of a good thing! But how can I say no? How can I say no to an under-the-table breakfast fuck? How can I say no to a human towel? Or a blowjob all the way to school, or a maple syrup tit rub? And that's just one morning.

It's crazy! We're getting more reckless and sexually obsessed every day. Everyone expects me to do something about it, but that's like a fox guarding the hen house. I can't say no. They're just all too insanely sexy and gorgeous!

He shuffled along as if his legs were broken, wincing with every step. His penis had finally started to show signs of wear and tear and didn't feel good at all after cumming, either.


Alan realized as he entered Glory's class that he probably looked pretty strange. His face showed shock, as if he'd just seen a ghost. He staggered to his chair with a funny walk, completely out of breath. And while Glory didn't realize he'd just shown up to school, some of his classmates had not seen him in their previous classes and wondered about his late appearance.

But what Alan didn't know was that Glory could ever so faintly smell his cum. In his rush to leave the car he'd tried his best to get all cleaned up, but there wasn't time to do a perfect job. Even though Katherine had taken most of his load in her mouth, a few drops had ended up in his shorts, and a bit more dribbled out after he'd zipped up. It wasn't very much, but Glory's body had become so attuned to his unique sexual scent that she could detect it almost like the way sharks can detect blood in the water from great distances, even if her mind wasn't consciously aware of it. The smell was so unusually sweet for cum that none of the students suspected anything sexual.

The situation was incredibly nerve-wracking for Glory. Between smelling his cum and seeing him for the first time since Friday, she found that her nipples had hardened instantly and her pussy was starting to moisten in anticipation of having sex. She felt light-headed and was actually forced to sit down and close her eyes for some moments to recover. She grimaced and tried to make it look like she had a headache.

But her feelings were conflicted. After Suzanne had met with her on Saturday, she'd spent a lot of time thinking about what Suzanne had said, but she ultimately remained firm in her decision not to continue any kind of physical relationship with Alan. So her feelings of lust also ran into feelings of alarm and confusion about her easy arousal. She thought she was aroused purely by his presence and didn't realize how the subtle smells were magnifying her response. She held her nose without really knowing why. She'd only glanced at him since he'd entered the room, but now she looked directly at him and was surprised by what she saw.

Oh my gosh, what happened to him? He looks like that guy from that TV show "Taxi." What's his name? Oh yeah, Jim Ignatowski, played by Christopher Lloyd. He always had that stunned and wasted expression on his face. What the heck happened to my young man over the weekend? Wasn't he gone on a hiking trip the whole time? Did sexual deprivation do that to him? Is it just my imagination, or does he smell of cum? I'll bet he had a massive, incestuous orgy when he got back. Yuck. Or maybe I want him so bad that I'm actually imagining the smell? Is that possible? Of all the days to forget to wear my underwear!

It was true that she wasn't wearing any underwear, but it wasn't completely true that she'd forgotten to wear it. Consciously she'd forgotten, but subconsciously, she was still following his orders, since he'd told her last Thursday not to wear underwear to school anymore. On a conscious level she was working to gradually free herself of him, but subconsciously she wasn't making nearly as much progress.


As a result, she'd been tremendously distracted all day. She was acutely aware that she wore no panties AND "happened" to wear a particularly short skirt. (In fact, that was her subconscious desire at work again.) She was forced to hold a book over her rear whenever she wrote on the chalkboard, lest she flash her naked beaver to the whole class. There had been some very close calls already, and she'd had to mostly stand behind her podium. It was a most disconcerting experience, but it also kept her terribly aroused and on edge.

She looked around and saw that the whole class was looking at her and wondering why she was sniffing the air and staring at Alan. She sometimes joked around with her students, so, with a nervous lump in her throat, she said, "Alan, you look a little worse for wear. What did you do over the weekend?"

He was really surprised to be addressed by her, but he replied, "Hiking trip with the scouts. Man, I'm so exhausted. You might have seen the way I was limping - I got a little injured."

"I see. Let me know if you need to see a nurse. And hang in there. Everyone else, be prepared. This is what can happen to you if you fall into the path of evil and join the Boy Scouts."

That got a good laugh from everyone (even if most missed the subtle "be prepared" scouting joke), and it gave her the confidence to begin her lecture. But still, the subliminal scent of Alan's cum drove her crazy and didn't seem to fade with time. All through class, her pussy acted needy, and she found herself rubbing her legs together every chance she got.

She thought to herself while sensing her pussy juices trickling out of her slit, How am I going to make it through the hour? I'll never do it!

Three hours of constantly protecting her privates from exposure and constantly holding down and tugging down her short, tight, black skirt had put her right on the edge of a climax. She loved the risk of exposure much more than she could admit. But now, if that wasn't distracting enough, she had to deal with Alan's presence and the faint, sweet smell of his cum on top of that.

After only a few minutes teaching Alan's class, pussy juice began freely flowing down her thighs, which only increased her fears of getting caught. That in turn just made her more aroused as she fantasized Alan being the one to discover her naughty secret, and a vicious cycle was created. She feared that she would cum just from her exposure and sexy thoughts, and prayed for the class to end.

She frequently looked at Alan, more so than she usually did lately, which was quite a lot to begin with. And every time she looked at him she saw him staring off into space with the strangest expression. She correctly assumed that he wasn't paying any attention, and mercifully avoided asking him any questions. She was at least relieved to see him start to look a little better near the end of class.

For once, he wasn't thinking about sex per se - he was just spacing out, like his brain was on autopilot.

Sitting in the chair behind her desk wasn't an option because she was afraid she would frig herself wildly until she had a massive climax, if she was given half a chance at privacy. She couldn't go to the bathroom for the same reason - she was so excited she might have spent the rest of the period there. So she generally tried to stay standing behind the podium, where at least she didn't have to carry her book around and hold it over strategic spots. But finally, thankfully, the class came to an end and she gave a silent prayer of thanks for making it through without an embarrassing public incident.

— — —

Alan stumbled out of class at a complete loss over what he'd done or thought about the entire previous hour. He recalled little more than vague thoughts about fucking Susan and envisioning Glory's surprisingly short skirt rising higher and higher. He wandered out of the class with all the other students, but then it occurred to him that he didn't know where to go. Normally, I'd spend lunch with Glory, but I can't do that today. Wasn't there something about Heather?

He heard a soft voice behind him. "Hi, Alan."

He spun around. "Oh, hi Christine." He thought, Christine? Wow, is she a sight for sore eyes. It would be great just to hang out with her and not worry about all this sexual stuff: my meeting with Glory after school, the Dr. Fredrickson situation we're supposed to deal with later, the-

She interrupted his thoughts. "Boy, Alan, I've never seen you like this. You look like a wreck. Where have you been?!"

"Been?" He scrambled to come up with an excuse. He felt dumb for not having one ready. "I had a medical appointment."

"A medical appointment? What did they do to you? They're supposed to heal you, not beat you up! I think you look even worse than you did on Friday with your black eye and bruises. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Seriously, what kind of appointment was that, that left you looking like this?"

He thought, How 'bout the truth, that I fucked my mom all night long, and she practically fucked me half to death? Hoo boy! No way can I ever tell Christine THAT! He muttered, "It's kind of a private matter."

Christine looked at him suspiciously. "I was just asking around right now, and, as you know, our classmate Jason is in your scout troop. He said you didn't weren't injured anytime during the trip, but that you were acting quite strange. Don't tell me the football players got to you again! That would really get me mad."

"No. In fact, my legs aren't really hurt. See?" He wiggled his legs around, but his muscles were so sore that his claims of health weren't very convincing.


Christine put her hands on her hips and said, "Uh-huh" in a very skeptical voice. "I'm worried about you, Alan Plummer. Is there anything I can do to help?"

He thought, Christine is so kind. She's so wholesome and pretty. On one hand, I can't help but feel aroused by looking at her and imagining what could be. But wouldn't it be great just to have a beautiful female friend who I'm NOT having sex with? My whole view of women in general is getting so skewed when my mother casually refers to other women as "fresh cunts." I need more normality. I need more of Christine!

He said, "Thanks for the offer, but the best way you could help me is if you want to grab a bite with me to eat. When was the last time we had a meal together? It's been too long."

Christine smiled. Assuming he was referring to eating lunch right then, she replied, "Okay! I'm up for that."

But right at that moment, Alan saw Simone standing just behind Christine, looking very intently at him. He was suddenly reminded, Oh shit! Heather! I've got to deal with Heather today or the progress I made on defeating her bitchiness last week will come undone.

He had been talking about lunch, but now he changed his mind. He looked back at Christine, and said, "Great! I've got to go now, but it's been too long since we've had one of our non-romantic dates. Why don't we have dinner tomorrow night?"

Christine tried not to appear too eager - she liked that idea much better than lunch. She said with her usual confidence, "That sounds good. A really good idea. It'll be good also to talk in private about the football players. I've been keeping my ear to the ground and finding out some pretty interesting stuff that I think you should know about."

"Okay. Cool. I can't wait. Later!"

"Later!" She walked off with a friendly wave.

Alan thought, What might have been. If she hadn't turned me down when I asked her for a date right as I started my six-times-a-day treatment, I wonder what my life would be like today. The incest, and so much more, might never have happened.


Simone walked up to where Christine had stood and broke Alan's momentary mental reverie. She didn't need to say anything, since people might overhear in the hall, and Alan could guess her intentions clearly enough. Obviously, she was here to fetch him for Heather. He gave her an almost imperceptible nod, and she nodded back in a similar manner. The two of them walked down the hall close to each other, but both were silent and pretended not to be with each other.

The theater room was in a very little used part of the school grounds, so as they got near it, they saw that the coast was clear and finally said 'hi' to each other. Simone added with mock portentousness, "Her Royal Bitchiness awaits."

Heather was already waiting by the door, tapping her foot impatiently. She was rankled that even though she had her own copy of the key, she couldn't open the door herself, because that would reveal to Alan that she'd made an extra key.

As soon as he closed the door behind him, Heather was all over him. She purred, "Oh, Alan! I missed you!" She hugged him and kissed him all over his face and neck. She was surprised at just how unabashedly she was showing her feelings for him, but she couldn't help herself.


Then she pulled back and looked at him. She had such a strange facial expression that Alan almost had to laugh.

Alan thought, If I didn't know better, I'd think that Heather actually looks worried and concerned. Showing concern for someone else is so foreign to Heather that her facial muscles don't even know what to do. I must look as shitty as I feel if even she is worried about me.

She clutched his shoulders. "Where the heck have you been?! I've been looking for you all morning!"

Simone said with a smirk, "She's got something she's dying to show you."

"Shut up!" Heather growled at her best friend. It was true that Heather couldn't wait to show Alan that she'd shaved off her bush, just as he'd told her to do the previous Friday. She didn't want Simone to spoil the surprise.

Simone's comment caused him to looked up and down Heather's gorgeous body. He idly asked Heather, "That top you're wearing looks nice. But isn't there some kind of dress code regulation about that? It's like the Grand Canyon on display in there." Her dark blue top covered up most of her chest, but that just made the deep cleavage that was exposed even more noticeable.

That seemed to bring the typical Heather back. She boasted, "Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it! Like I give a rat's ass what the regulations say. Anyways, didn't I dress just like you want me to? High heels, no bra, clothes so tight they seem painted on?" She turned and, with a little bit of difficulty, pulled down her tighter-than-tight shorts to reveal a tiny string thong. "And, of course, my favorite: butt floss!"

Suddenly memories of Alan's confrontation with Heather last Thursday came flooding back to him. He'd remembered how he dictated what she'd have to wear, and was surprised that she seemed to be devoutly following what he'd told her then. The only thing was, he'd thought that was just spontaneous and meaningless sexy talk. Memories of her selfish, backstabbing schemes also came flooding back.

As if she read his thoughts, her bitchy side reasserted itself and she said in a demanding and snippy tone, "Let's hurry up. There isn't much time. There's an ass here that wants and needs to get fucked. Badly!"

Alan belatedly realized she was peeved that he hadn't complimented her looks. He also realized this was the ideal time for him to start training Heather's ass, but he didn't feel up to it at all. He said, "Heather, Simone, look at me. Does this look like someone who is ready to fuck anybody? No. I can barely stand. I've had a very long and difficult weekend. If you expect me to do anything at all to you today, for the love of God, make me feel good. And I don't mean sexually. Fuck, no. I mean revive me with a really good massage." He recalled how good Susan's massage had felt for his sore muscles, and wanted more of that.

Heather looked at him suspiciously, as if saying, "What's in it for me?"

He sighed in response to that skeptical look. "Heather, it's a two-way street. Sometimes you have to give to get. You'll get what you want later if you give me what I want now. Strip me. That's an order. Simone, could you help too?"

Simone said "Sure. Look at the poor guy, Heather. You know he went on a big hike this weekend. He looks half dead. Give the guy a break."

Heather grumbled to Alan, "Yeah, well, you should take it easy."

Simone and Heather began to take all of Alan's clothes off. Then they went to a mattress in the back of the stage and lay down in the middle of it.


As four hands started to massage his backside, he thought, I wonder what Simone's deal is. She doesn't seem like the usual flunky or hanger-on type, timidly trying to bask in Heather's glory. She seems like she's her own woman and has her shit together. Why would she be such good friends with HEATHER, of all people?

Simone had taken the position near Alan's head, and was doing a great massage of his shoulders and back.

Heather sat near his legs and ass, but was hardly moving her hands at all. She was still dying to show off her shaved pussy. This wasn't at all how she had hoped things would go.

Alan complained, "Heather, what is your DEAL, woman? I thought I saw a flicker of kindness and concern a minute ago. Was I wrong? Is it really too much for a weary guy to ask for a massage? Simone, you know Heather better than anyone. Am I completely deluded in thinking there's a kind, loving, and love-worthy Heather in there somewhere, trying to get out?"

Simone laughed, and then replied, "No, you're not mistaken. I've known Heather since kindergarten, and believe you me, there are more sides to this woman than mirrors on a disco ball, but she keeps most of them pretty well hidden. For instance, did you know that she's really into stamp collecting?"

Heather had been surprisingly quiet up until that point, but she suddenly burst out, "Hey! Shut up!"

But Simone just laughed some more and said, "Or did you know that she owns every single one of the couple hundred Nancy Drew books, and keeps buying them even now? You should see how excited she gets whenever a new one comes out."

An increasingly agitated Heather raised her voice. "I said, shut UP!"

Alan grinned. "Wait. Aren't those the detective books for young girls? The counterpart to the Hardy Boys? Do they even still make those?"

Heather complained, "Simone, what's gotten into you? That's totally private!"

But Simone just chuckled at her friend's discomfiture and conspiratorially said to Alan, "Get this: you know Kramer from Seinfeld?"

Heather suddenly leaped up and attacked Simone, not in a violent way, but in a determined effort to get her hands over her friend's mouth.

But Simone fended her off and said while she still could, "Kramer! She has the hugest crush on him!" That just caused Heather to attack her best friend even more violently.

Alan rolled over from lying on his front and said, "Hey, you two, break it up. Now!" To his surprise, their squabbling came to a sudden halt.

Whoa. It's weird how Heather alternately defies me and obeys me. He saw Heather was furiously blushing, so he decided that it would be wise not to tease her anymore. Instead, he just said, "Kramer? May I ask why?"

Heather stood up and straightened her clothes, looking very defensive. "Hey, I'll have you know he's a hunk. Did you see the episode where he gets a job posing as a male underwear model? He's totally buff. In any case, who I like is MY business, and I'm going to enjoy ripping Simone's intestines out and feeding her scraps to the wolves for telling! Some friend!"

Heather pouted and glared at Simone, but Simone had already returned to massaging Alan, and merely continued laughing.

Alan said, "Don't be mad at her, Heather. She's just making the point that there's much more to you than most people think. What she said stays in this room, I promise. Anyways, we all have secrets like that. For instance, it wasn't that many years ago when I was into collecting Smurf dolls, and I still have every single one of them in my room."

Heather snickered, very pleased to hear that. "Ha! The Smurfs!" She sat back down and resumed massaging, doing a better job now.

He cooed, "Aaaah. That's better. Thanks. The Smurf stuff stays in this room too, by the way!"

Heather laughed. "Ah, damn." She began aggressively kneading his ass cheeks. "How's this, Papa Smurf?"

"Good. Why don't you both get naked? Simone, you know about Heather's nice side, so what do you think about my plans to tame her through her ass to bring that part of her to the fore?"

Both girls stood up and began stripping.

Alan thought to himself, Amazing, the kind of power I have! I just say, "by the way, get naked," and two of the hottest, most sought after and stacked girls in the whole school just simply do it!

Simone said as she undressed, "I understand Heather, but I certainly can't control her. Nobody can. I've never been fucked up the ass, myself, so I can't really relate, but it does seem to do something powerful to her. She's been raving and carrying on about it like she's found religion or something. So I'll be glad to help you out with that in any way I can. God knows the skanky bitch could use some serious attitude adjustment."

Heather growled, "Hey, look who's talking, you stupid slut."

Alan looked up and saw to his surprise that Heather and Simone were both smiling and playfully sticking their tongues at each other. You gotta be pretty close if "skanky bitch" and "stupid slut" are treated like affectionate nicknames. Weird. Simone is definitely the key to any Heather plan. I didn't realize just what good friends they were.

He kicked back and enjoyed the sight of Simone and Heather taking their tops off and baring their impressive racks. But then, while Simone continued to strip, Heather got surprisingly bashful. She asked him, "Can you please close your eyes for a minute?"

"Okay, sure." He closed his eyes.

Then she added, "Put your hand over your eyes for good measure. No peeking!"

He obligingly did that too, and chuckled easily. "Okay. But what's this all about?"

Simone told him, "It's like I said, she has something she wants to show you."

Heather barked, "Shut your big yap already! Don't spoil this for me!"

"Sorry," Simone muttered.

He kept his hand over his closed eyes and didn't try to peek. But he did wonder what was going on. His brain was too frazzled for him to even speculate.

He heard some rustling and then some urgent quiet whispering between the two sexy teens. He still didn't have a clue what the secret was, but he could sense it was a big deal for Heather.


Finally, after nearly a minute, Alan heard Heather say, "Okay, you can look!"

He removed his hand and opened his eyes. Heather was standing right in front of where he was lying down, totally nude but with both hands covering her pussy mound. Simone stood off to the side, also nude, but clearly trying to be inconspicuous. The focus was obviously supposed to be on Heather and whatever her hands were covering.

Adding to the mystery, Heather was blushing, looking very shy and bashful. He'd already figured out that she hardly ever blushed, even when he put her in very embarrassing situations.


Seeing that she had his undivided attention, Heather removed her hands, revealing that her bush had been completely shaved since he'd seen it last. She spoke nervously, "Voilà!"

Alan was at a loss over what to think or say. In truth, he didn't have a strong preference between hairy pussies and shaved ones. He liked variety. It took him a few moments to remember that he'd ordered her to shave her bush off on Friday. Huh. How the heck am I supposed to react to that?! When I told her to shave it off, I didn't think she'd actually do it. I was kind of hoping she wouldn't, so I'd get a new point of leverage, allowing me to complain that she's just too difficult and disobedient to deal with. But then she up and surprises me by doing it!

Since he was lying down on a mattress at the edge of the stage and she was standing right in front of him off the stage, her pussy was only a foot or so away from his face. He gave it a long look, and then looked up at her face. To his surprise, not only was she blushing, she clearly was anxious and hoping for his approval.

He thought, Shit! Now what? If I want to get really Machiavellian, I should be cruel and uncaring, and just say "Whatever" or something like that. But it's hard for me to be that kind of guy. Look at her! This means a lot to her. How can I be mean to her, not in a sex game kind of way, but in a real, hurtful way? But then again, if I praise and compliment her, that'll only encourage her and I'll end up making more of an emotional bond with her.

Dang, this is tough! There's no easy way out. Maybe I'll try to split the middle. I'll compliment her, but only a little bit.

It had taken him about ten seconds to think of what to say, and Heather had been slowly dying of anticipation. Finally, he looked back up to her face and smiled. "It's nice!"

Heather let out a sigh of relief. But that quickly turned to frustration. "'Nice?!' Is that all you have to say?! 'Nice?!'"

He thought, Crap. I guess that wasn't complimentary enough. He said, "Sorry. You caught me at a bad time. I'm half dead and my brain is kind of running on fumes. Let me take a closer look." He reached out with one hand and ran his fingers all over her shaved skin. But he also used his thumb to rub against her pussy lips.

That caused Heather to relax and even smile. She was disappointed by his words, but she could feel his interest in his touch. Plus, she just loved the sensation of being fondled there. She started lubricating rapidly.

He said, "I'm too tired to put it into words, but I do appreciate the gesture."

Heather relaxed and smiled even more upon hearing that. Aaaah! Now that's the Alan that I know and love! Wait, did I just say "love." Shit! I don't mean 'love love', I just mean, you know... the guy I appreciate and lust for. Anyway, what he can't say with words, he's saying with his hand!

Indeed, he was happy to continue fondling her pussy mound. He did explore her smooth, shaved skin, but mostly he focused on diddling her slit and clit. That was getting her very hot and bothered.

Yet, even as he was enjoying doing that, he thought, Shit. I'm not really handling this well. I'm just not bringing my A game today, and one always has to be on one's A game when it comes to Heather! It's probably better if I don't say much at all, instead of likely saying the wrong thing. At least she seems satisfied. I kind of rue ever telling her to shave her bush, but this kind of thing keeps happening. The more I try to keep her at a distance, the more I somehow get sucked in.

Heather was mostly mollified. Finally! I've been waiting three days to show him that I shaved my pussy, just for him, and all I get is a "nice." Okay, more than a "nice," but still, it's kind of a letdown compared to my fantasies. I guess it is bad timing; he does look like something the cat dragged in. But, if I know him at all, and I'm pretty sure I do, once his libido gets charged up he'll turn into a fuck machine! I don't much care if he's not very articulate today, so long as he fucks me like only he can!

With that in mind, Heather was eager to do whatever it took to revive him. Simone was just getting bored, since she was forced to stand silent and let Heather get all the attention. So both girls were happy to get back to massaging him.

Alan kept his hands at his sides and his eyes closed, and tuned out for a little bit.

Heather soon began vigorously massaging Alan's thigh muscles, which were quite tight.

He groaned, "Oh God! That feels so good. Better than sex. My legs really hurt."

She asked, "Just what did you DO this weekend, Alan? And why did you miss your first three classes? I was looking for you everywhere."

"I'd rather not talk about it right now. As you've noticed, I'm not in the talking mood. Heather, why don't you tell me about your weekend? What did you do?"

Heather quickly replied, "Oh, not much." Then she glared at Simone with a look that essentially said, "Don't you dare tell him differently, or I'll kill you!"

Simone wisely stayed silent. But she thought, It's not like I need to tell Alan that Heather was pining for him all weekend, since her behavior today has basically confirmed that anyway. I'm glad that she's finally shown him her shaved pussy, so she can stop going on and on about it. Sheesh! I remember her proudly declaring that today would be the day she would take control of her relationship with him and turn him into her "boy toy." Yeah, right! Already, we're giving him a massage like he's royalty. I think Heather's so eager to get fucked that she's willing to do whatever he says. After that itch gets scratched though, it's anyone's guess what she'll say or do next.

Alan asked, "What's the latest with the football players?"

Heather replied, "Ah. Glad you asked. You said that this weekend was my last chance at sexual freedom and that I should use it to my fullest, so I did."

Actually, that wasn't true. The only sex she'd had over the weekend was with Simone. Having sex with other guys just didn't do it for her anymore, and she knew it. But she didn't want Alan to get a big head, as that would give him even more power over her.

She asked, "But what happened to you? You literally fucked until you couldn't walk straight! I'm right, aren't I?"

"All right, you are. Although I did a lot of hiking too."

Simone asked, "How is that possible?! You were with the Boy Scouts the whole weekend, right?"

"Almost. I was until Sunday night. Then I got back and made up for lost time with a big orgy."

Heather clenched her teeth and growled. Instantly, she was pissed off that she hadn't been invited.

He heard the growl and responded, "You're hardly the only girl I fuck, you know. You're not even close to consideration for membership in my harem, thanks to your attitude. Your half-hearted massaging is a perfect example of why you continue to remain unworthy." He knew that competition was one of Heather's major motivators.

Sure enough, even though she'd finally started giving him a decent massage, she immediately redoubled her effort.

He chuckled to himself. I've gotta keep working that angle. That harem talk seems to both impress her and motivate her. Let's see if I can do a little more of that. He said, "In any case, it's none of your business how many women I fucked last night, or how much bigger their real tits were than your fake ones. Let me hear more about your work with the football team. I hope you aren't a walking disease factory by now."

She was thrown off her game by her desire to outdo these unnamed harem women who were clearly higher in the pecking order than she was. She even let the fake tits comment slide. "I promise you, I didn't fuck any of them. I know how worried you are about the sexual disease thing, so I wouldn't lie about that. All I did was give them handjobs. And good God, it sucked. It didn't seem nearly as much fun to be with them as it used to. My plan was to sow dissent and pit them against each other. For instance, I got the three cornerbacks together and told them that I'd only jerk off the one who was the best player AND the best lover. In that particular case, they started arguing with each other so intensely that I didn't have to do anything with any of them. I think a full-on brawl broke out after I left. Fucking with minds is so much fun!"

That was only partly true. She really had sown dissent among the football players, but only through a series of strategic, clever phone calls on Sunday afternoon. She hadn't given them any handjobs. But she wasn't willing to admit that to Alan, because she wanted him to believe that she was still tempted to have sex with other guys.

Alan was secretly very disappointed to hear that, since he assumed it was true. It annoyed him to hear that she was acting that slutty with the football players, whom he really disliked. He complained, "Heather, this is why you're so far from belonging to my harem, and your idea of being my girlfriend is still a complete non-starter right now. If you try to mess with my mind, I promise you, you will be very, very sorry. And even though you say you only gave 'em handjobs, I don't trust you. For God's sake, I want to see a bill of clean health from a doctor before I get my dick anywhere near your cunt ever again, especially after a weekend like that."

She grumbled, "Whatever. It wasn't easy to hold back from having to do more. But I did it for you, and this is the kind of thanks I get. I'm clean, I swear."

"Well, I hope so. By the way, did you ever have anal sex with anyone else but me?"

Heather paused in her rubbing and hesitated in answering, so Simone whispered rather loudly, "In the end - so to speak - Heather decided that her ass belongs to you and only you."

Heather stopped her massaging to flip Simone the middle finger. "Fuck you! Simone, what kind of friend are you? Why the hell are you telling him all these things?! Whose side are you on, anyways?!"

Alan replied, "Let me answer that, Simone. Heather, Simone is your friend, but she's on MY side when it comes to curing you of your bitchiness. In a sense, that still means she's on your side on that too, because this is all to help you. She's going to be my assistant from now on in this project to fix your personality. Isn't that so, Simone?"

Simone nodded, and said to Heather, "I love you, girl, but Alan seems to know what he's doing, so he gets my full support. It's for your own good."

Both Simone and Heather's hands had been slowly drifting down to Alan's ass. Heather now gave up all pretense of massaging. She reached under him and began an excellent handjob. It seemed his finding out so much about her only turned her on even more.

Heather's position put her face practically in his ass crack, so he decided to push his luck further. He said, "Heather, since your nose is already up my butt, why don't you rim my asshole with your tongue?"

She pulled back in disgust. "What? You've got to be kidding! Not on your life! That's beyond disgusting."

"Oooh, excellent. Something else she hates that I like. I'll have to remember that. But it's not a request, it's an order. Or, let me put it this way: is anyone volunteering to get ass fucked? Say yes by licking my asshole."

Heather feared this would become a new punishment for her, so she tried to use reverse psychology on him. "Actually, I'm just kidding. I love it! You know how much I love asses. I rim Simone all the time, don't I, Simone?"

There was a long pause, and then Simone said, "I'll refrain from answering for fear of getting in any more trouble with either of you." (In truth, that wasn't something Heather ever did for anyone.)

Alan laughed. He decided to pretend to at least entertain Heather's reverse psychology even though he could see right through it. "Heather, I don't care if you like it or not. Do it. Now."


So Heather began to lick his ass crack, but generally refrained from getting near his asshole. She still couldn't bear to do it, even though he was clean down there.

Still, she managed to make Alan feel really good, especially when her tongue focused on the space between his asshole and his penis. Her continuing handjob and Simone's ass cheek groping didn't exactly hurt, either.

She thought, FUCK! This is seriously fucked up! First, he got me to shave off my bush. I wouldn't do that for anybody, not even Simone, but I did it for him. Now he's got me licking his ass crack! Doesn't he know who I am? I'm Heather fucking Morgan! I'm the head cheerleader, the queen bee of this school, the most beautiful girl around! He is a fucking machine, but he's a social nobody and a nerd too. This shouldn't be happening! But when I get my hand on his cock, it's like I can't help myself!

Simone seemed intensely interested to see whether Heather really would rim Alan, so she spread his ass cheeks wide to give herself a better view of what Heather was doing.

The pressure from Simone's constant staring finally forced Heather to put her tongue right on Alan's anus, but she quickly withdrew it.

Simone thought, Wow! Heather really must be in love with him. As she would say, "Heather fucking Morgan doesn't lick anybody's ass." But she's licking his! What a trip this is, getting to watch. So much for her turning him into her "boy toy" today. Ha!

At the same time, Heather thought, UGH! Fucking disgusting! I can't believe I just did that. He damn well better fuck me within an inch of my life today! I deserve it, after that. Yuck! She licked around his anus without touching it again, and kept right on jacking him off.

Alan figured the massage was effectively over since things were heating up. So he sat up, causing both of them to stop what they were doing. He felt a lot better; almost like a new person. His renewed energy gave him more confidence in dealing with Heather. He still didn't feel like he was bringing his A game, but he was getting there.

He said, "Thanks for the massage, gals. Heather, if Simone pisses you off when she helps me, blame me, not her. You got that? She's just following my orders."


Alan stood, and began to back away from Heather and Simone until he was about ten feet away. "Now, let's see if I have full cooperation from both of you." He pointed at his very erect dick and said, "Look at that. You could hardly call me fully aroused."

He snapped his fingers. "Both of you, blow me together. Now. And Heather, you'll be calling me 'sir' from now on, so the correct response from you is, 'yes, sir.'" Still staring at Heather, he added, "Plus, the correct way for you to approach my dick is crawling on all fours."

Simone looked at Heather to see what her friend would do. While Simone thought blowjobs were okay, she knew Heather hated them. But more than that, she couldn't imagine her haughty friend following the other part of his orders.

Heather shot Alan a dirty look, but in fact, she whispered "Yes, Sir," and got down on her knees.

Simone's mouth hung open and she stared in complete disbelief as Heather started to crawl towards Alan. What the FUCK?! First the ass-licking and now this! Is he blackmailing her with incriminating photos or something?! No way! Especially since I know she's doing it of her own free will!

Even Heather had a disbelieving look, as if her brain couldn't understand why her body was being so subservient. But she was aroused beyond belief by being treated this way. She thought, God dammit! I vowed to Simone that I was going to wrap him around my finger today. I wish she wasn't watching. This is so humiliating! How am I going to explain this?! Why the hell am I even doing this?! But it's like I can't stop myself; it's just too fucking HOT!

Alan said, "Simone, what has Heather done wrong?"

"I could barely hear her."

"That's right. Let's hear you, Heather. What do you say?"

Heather looked up, and shot Alan an even more hateful look. She said, "Yes, Sir," but spat it out.

Alan said to Simone, who remained still, "What did Heather do wrong there?"

"She's got a bad attitude."

"Yes, she does," he replied with a sagacious nod. "Let's see you crawl some more, Heather, but do it like you mean it. Like the shameless cock-hungry slut that we know you really are."


Heather closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. Her blush had faded, but that caused her face to begin turning red again.

She thought, FUCK ME! What the FUCK is his deal?! It's like he's trying to push me and push me until I break! But I'm not going to break! I can take whatever he dishes out!

Strangely, with that logic she somehow turned obeying his every whim into an act of strength and defiance. She didn't completely believe her own analysis, but she clung to it in order to retain some shreds of dignity.

She said, "Yes, Sir." Then, with her eyes still closed, she proceeded to crawl in a large circle around the room.

Simone simply couldn't believe what she was seeing. No way! No fucking way! I wish I had a camera right now. I'd KILL for a working camera! Damn, this would be better than taking a clear picture of a real UFO. The mighty Heather Morgan, crawling on her knees!

She looks so fucking HOT! If that doesn't get one's blood boiling, than nothing will! How does Alan have the willpower not to just up and fuck the living daylights out of her this very second?! My heart is pounding hard from just watching and thinking about him fucking her! It's crazy!

Heather was getting more aroused by the second. Her entire body started to tremble as she blindly continued her crawl. She thought, as if cursing Alan out loud, I HATE you! I hate you so much! Fucking DIE, you fucking motherfucker! Do you know who you're dealing with here? I could destroy you with the wave of my hand! I'm just doing this because... Hell, I don't even know why I'm doing this. I need your cock so bad, Sir! Please! Please! Fuck my face! My ass! My cunt! Anything! Everything! I'm yours!

She completed her circle and wound up near his feet. She opened her eyes and gave him a pleading look. Clearly she was hoping that was enough.

He just stared at her with a poker face. The silence stretched out uncomfortably. By that point he was definitely on his A game.

Finally she broke the silence, asking him, "Sir? Did that please you, Sir?"

Simone had begun masturbating without even realizing it. As she fingered her slit, she thought, Unfuckingbelievable! And to think that yesterday she vowed to turn him into her "boy toy" today. No way is that ever gonna happen. She gets off on this. Her whole body is trembling with fuck need. Hot damn!

He looked over to Simone and said, "Simone, I think she deserves a spanking. Give her ten."

Heather gasped out loud. She'd never let Simone spank her before. The idea was almost unthinkable, and yet she realized that she would let it happen if Alan ordered it. Somehow, that aroused her even more.

Simone was slightly embarrassed to be caught fingerfucking herself, so she stopped as casually as she could. Her eyes lit up at his suggestion, but then she said, "Okay, but, uh, how am I supposed to treat you? Do I need to call you 'sir' too?"

"No, you don't. You haven't displeased me and I like you just fine the way you usually are, so please just act like you normally would. However, if you agree to be my assistant, I will demand complete and utter loyalty and obedience from you. You will be one of my women, and I will treat you any way I like. I will have access to your body twenty-four hours a day. I don't mind you having sex with others when I'm not around, but only if they're completely cleared for STDs. If you cross me or disobey me, you will face punishment until your attitude is corrected. You can quit at any time, but as long as you're with the program it's all or nothing."

Simone thought about that and considered her response. Fuck me all over again! No wonder Heather's fallen for him so hard. I'm not even into that BDSM stuff. But he's so casual with his dominant, confident attitude that it's totally intoxicating. It's actually kind of scary, 'cos I don't want to end up on all fours like her!

She asked uncertainly, "Did Heather agree to those terms?"

"No, she doesn't get a choice. She doesn't deserve to choose since she's a female dog, a bitch. Heather, fuck yourself like a dog in heat."


"Yes, Sir!" Heather immediately slumped the rest of the way to the floor and began fingering her pussy. She was powerfully turned on by his command to do so, so fucked herself eagerly. Dammit! This is so fucked up! But the way he just took control of Simone with a few comments is so fucking arousing that it's INSANE!

Alan looked upon Heather almost with pity. "You see what I mean? If people at this school realized that she was just a sex-crazed manipulative bitch, what would they think? My goal is to use her powerful sex drive to turn her into a worthwhile human being. But since you're already one, you get to choose."

"Hmmm. All right," Simone answered, surprising herself. "I've give it a try, for Heather's sake. But I'm not like her. And I still don't know about you."

"That's understood." He softened his tone and closed the distance between them to reach out with his hand and caress Simone's cheek with his fingers. "But I assure you, you will. And before long you won't even think about quitting because you'll be enjoying yourself so much. We're gonna have a lot of fun together." He brushed his fingers lightly over Simone's lips, which reflexively parted. Before he even realized what he was doing, he was gently fingerfucking Simone's mouth.

Simone was both surprised and very pleased.

Heather, though, looked on with obvious envy in her eyes while she kept on masturbating as instructed.

Alan continued, "With Heather though, sadly, it's mostly punishment." He pulled his hand away from Simone's nursing lips and sensuously traced the curve of her jaw and neck with his wetted fingertips, which excited her tremendously. "Get behind her and spank her please. Give her ten good, solid whacks. I want her ass to be as red as her face."

He turned to glare his disapproval at the blonde cheerleader writhing on the floor. "Heather, after each one, I want you to look me in the eye, say the number of the strike out loud, then give me a 'Thank you, sir.'"

Heather got back on her knees, which left her tits swaying and dangling delightfully and her cunt dripping with her arousal. She raised her butt into position to get spanked. But at the same time, she complained, "Fuck that!"

He had gotten erect again from seeing Heather crawl and frig herself, not to mention thinking about all the things he could do to her and Simone. He stepped forward, closing the distance between himself and the head cheerleader. His long erection bounced in front of her, nearly hitting her on the nose.

She seemed transfixed by the sight. She gulped, knowing that she was about to receive a spanking.

He asked her, "What did you say?"

She grew nearly panicky. "Um, nothing. Sir!"

He thought about Susan and how she said she thought with and was controlled by her breasts, and then he thought about Suzanne and how she had a similar relationship with her pussy.

He said in a calm, collected voice, "Heather, your problem is that you think with your selfish and haughty brain. Look at my cock and imagine how that's going to feel in your ass. Let your ass do the thinking. If you want this in your ass ever again, you will obey everything I tell you to do and never betray me, or I'm not going to bother with you. Believe me, there are plenty of other women I could be fucking at school, and I'm only bothering with you out of a sense of pity. Understand? So what's it going to be? If you're going to obey, you know what to say, and you know how to say it."

Heather tried to look to her friend for guidance and support, but Simone was directly behind her, so she couldn't make direct eye contact. Her focus was magnetically drawn back to his lightly bobbing stiff pole instead. Just the strong scent of his exposed cock-meat right under her nose was incredibly tempting to her. Even though she didn't like blowjobs, she loved this dick above all others she'd had in her life, and found that her mouth was watering for it, just by having it so close. She listened to her ass, and her ass screamed, "YES! GIMME!"

She closed her eyes in defeat, and said in her normal voice, "Yes, Sir."

He smiled and thought, I can't believe this is working! It's like what Simone said earlier: "He seems to know what he's doing." I have to maintain the illusion of control and toughness. He barked, "I will forgive your closed eyes for now. But Simone, make it twenty for her 'Fuck that!' insolence. As hard as you can, please."

Simone seemed very eager to spank Heather, and was already in position to do so before Heather even gave her answer. Her hand came down extremely hard on Heather and made a resoundingly loud slapping sound.

Heather had her teeth clenched, but she couldn't help but let out a loud moan. She thought, This is wrong! This is a major injustice! Nobody treats a Morgan woman like this. Okay with Alan; I could see letting him spank me. But Simone is my lackey. She has no right to do this to me! I will get my REVENGE!

Then Simone stopped, and all three of them just remained where they were for some long moments.

Finally, Alan said, "Heather, aren't you forgetting something? Should I add ten more to help you remember? Oh, and you're not allowed to cum without my permission."

What was expected suddenly came to her. "Oh shit! One! Thank you, Sir!" She thought shamefully, Revenge will have to wait. For starters, I have to get through this damned spanking! I can't cum? That's fucking cruel!

He stood back about five feet, then said, "Simone, you may continue." He watched while Simone spanked Heather over and over with great gusto.

Heather didn't forget to count again, and she behaved as obediently as Alan could have hoped for.

As he watched the spanking continue, he thought, It's incredible what she's willing to endure to get a good assfuck. And Simone seems to be enjoying giving the spanking far too much. Even though they're obviously very firm friends, Simone must have a huge store of resentment for all the times Heather has treated her shitty.

But what's really disturbing is how much I'M enjoying this! For one thing, it's just such a wonderful sight to see one completely naked girl on her knees getting spanked by another completely naked girl standing behind her, and watch both of them getting off on it. And somehow, the fact that Heather is blonde and white while Simone is such a dusky dark ebony just makes it that much more visually appealing. The fact that it's taking place during lunch in the middle of my school day is just extra gravy. Mmmm.

There I go, getting carried away again. I really need to watch myself, because Heather brings out the "Bad Alan" in me in spades. Am I really helping her, or am I corrupting my own soul, or both? What's scary is that both Mom and Sis would probably love it if I'd treat them like this. But I can never ever call them bitches and treat them coldly. Never! If I do, then the "Bad Alan" will have completely won.

Finally the spanking was over. Simone had been vicious with her spankings, never letting up, showing that she had a great amount of resentment indeed.

But Heather had her huge pride, and she had taken it as a challenge not to cry out or disobey. Plus, she'd used all her willpower to suppress a cum.

Alan was impressed with her self-control. He said, "Nice work, both of you. Heather, you've redeemed yourself a tiny bit in my eyes with the way you took that. At least you have some self-discipline. We'll work on building up and improving on that as you progress."

Heather asked with undisguised eagerness, "Sir, may I please cum now?" She was so primed that she knew she would merely have to stop suppressing it and it would happen.

"No. Not yet. Both of you come here and give me that dual blowjob. Simone, you can walk over here. Heather, you need to crawl like the obedient bitch that you are. And if you do an excellent job, I'll consider letting you cum."

The two girls were sweaty and nearly breathless from the spanking. Both were also surprised at how aroused it made them. Heather's thoughts of revenge were completely forgotten, at least for now, because the spanking had made her more aroused than she could ever have imagined.

Heather and Simone practically attacked his cock with wild abandon, even while they attacked each other. And "attack" was the right word to describe it, because both of them fought over his erection, pushing, clawing, and scratching each other (but not Alan) to be in the best position. Yet at the same time they never ceased to finger each other's pussies and do everything they could to keep his boner pulsing with pleasure.

Heather was very torn about Simone fingering her. She was very afraid of cumming without permission, and she knew she was far too aroused to hide it if she did. But she was so very turned on that she couldn't tell Simone to stop. She was flirting with danger, and therefore loving every second of it.


Alan was entertained as he watched three competing desires operating in both girls all at once: their desire to best each other, their desire to suck, lick, and jack off his cock, and their desire to sexually please each other.

For instance, one minute Heather seemed content to lick one side of his erection while Simone licked the other, but then all of a sudden she'd shoved Simone away and swallowed the whole thing, nearly deep throating him in the process.

Simone seemed resigned to that, and went to work squeezing his balls instead, but then, out of the blue, she grabbed Heather's long, blonde ponytail, yanked her friend's head back, and began frantically beating Alan off with her fist.

It kept going round and round like that. The whole time, their hands rarely left each other's pussies or clits.

Another factor was the way they climaxed over and over. Alan had originally intended to wait until he was ready to cum before giving permission for Heather to do the same, but he correctly guessed that she was way too horny to last that long. So, when he unexpectedly gave her permission to cum, she did so right away. But once she started, it was as if her body couldn't stop; she just kept cumming every few minutes.

Simone might be quiet for a minute or two after a climax, letting Heather dominate, but then as another climax began to rapidly well up inside her, her desire for more of Alan's cock-meat would practically drive her berserk and she'd forcibly take control of the most sensitive top part of his dick. Then she would cum and be mostly quiet again, leaving the "best bits" of his erection to Heather for a while. The only problem with it all was that it was rather dangerous for Alan's dick. He worried about an overly enthusiastic accident, especially one involving teeth, but he found it too stimulating to stop.

Alan had originally just meant for the dual blowjob to get him aroused so he could fuck Heather in the ass, as well as having it serve as a test of obedience for both girls. But it had taken on a life of its own, thanks to the strong emotions caused by the spanking, and he was too weary to hold out for long. He could tell they were both having a great amount of orgasmic fun from the process. Besides, their lunch period was too short for this to go on much longer.

So he suddenly grabbed both girls by the hair and shouted, "Stop!"

Heather happened to be sucking him off at that moment, which wasn't too surprising since she was generally the more aggressive one and had the upper hand over Simone more often than not, even though Simone kept fighting for her fair share. Even after he yelled "Stop," she kept on bobbing and licking.

He slowly pulled Heather's head back by her ponytail until his cock swung free of her reaching lips. He said, "That was good. Simone, I think you're beginning to see the rewards you can get if you experience sex my way."

Simone was breathless and amazed. "Yes! Holy cow! I can't stop cumming, and just from sharing a blowjob!"

He tightened his hand in Simone's hair and moved her face in towards his cum-soaked hard-on. He kept pulling her head into his crotch until he felt his cockhead stroke at her tonsils. He barked, "Suck on it!" He belatedly added, "Please," remembering that he was only supposed to be harsh with Heather. But once "Bad Alan" got going, he was hard to stop.

Then he looked to Heather and said, "Heather, you're not yet worthy of my cum, and won't be for some time. Tomorrow, if I'm feeling generous and you act obediently, I may choose to fuck your ass as we begin your inner bitch training in earnest. But if I do, Simone will be the one to take my cum, just as she will now. You'll have to prove your worthiness before you get that reward."

Simone gleefully cocksucked with total abandon. Her mouth kept puckering over and over around his cock, kind of like a fish. It seemed to be her favorite move. She also liked looking up at him and making eye contact the whole time she had his cockhead in her mouth, something his other women did only rarely.

He relaxed his PC muscle and began shooting his long, thick ropes of semen into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Heather thought as she watched Simone, FUCKING BITCH! Some best friend she is! That cum should be MINE! Just look at her gulp it all down. But she can't take it. HA! Look at how his flood of cum is spilling down her chin. What kind of way is that to treat my Sir? If it were me, I'd swallow every last drop!

Had she thought about it, she would have been surprised to realize how quickly she'd internalized the use of the word "Sir." Somehow, she found it perfectly fitting, as if she'd been calling him that all along.


He looked down and watched his relatively light-skinned dick going in and out of Simone's still-pumping mouth, even while he buckled and shivered all over. He let out a contented sigh as a great orgasmic peak hit him and then slowly passed.

He thought, I'm not sure what this says for race relations and if this is politically correct or not, but Jesus, I really love watching someone so dark taking me deep. She loves it so much, and she's got such a talented pair of lips! God, life is good!

He was even more tanned than Katherine (though nowhere as tanned as Heather); nonetheless, his cock practically seemed pale by comparison while surrounded by Simone's dark nursing lips.


When Simone finished, she gasped, "Son of a bitch! Alan! Now I can see what everyone's been raving about! Your cum does have the most amazing taste."


Simone explained, "Ever since Amy started raving about you, your fucking skills have been one of the most popular girl's locker room topics, especially after the other cheerleaders pretty much confirmed how great you are. I think you're right: being your bitch-training assistant is a great idea!"

She extended her tongue back toward his groin, greedily cleaning him. Then she started sucking his penis and balls completely dry, mostly in hopes of enjoying more of his delicious cum.

Meanwhile, Heather put on bored airs and began wiping herself down with a towel, since she was sweaty from all the sexual activity. She didn't want the other two to see how disappointed she was that she didn't get any of his cum, not to mention that he wasn't going to fuck her ass before leaving. She'd been counting on that ass-fucking all weekend long.

She said to him with her usual bitchy tone, "Alan, when-"

"Sir," he interrupted.

She rolled her eyes - now that she was coming down from her erotic high, she wasn't so keen on calling him that. "Sir, when you took away my theater room key, you created a problem. Where is my cheerleading squad supposed to practice from now on? What are we supposed to do for sixth period today? I think it's best if you make me a key so we can keep practicing in this room."

She was again being forced to play dumb and hide the fact she had her own copy of the key, for fear he would figure out that she'd already duplicated it.

He hadn't thought about the complication of cheerleading practice when he took the key, but he didn't want to show any sign of weakness in front of Heather. He said, "First of all, it's not your key, or your squad. Whose cheerleader squad is it? Who owns all of their cunts?"

Heather thought, and then answered, "You do." She shivered lustily as she realized that she really meant it.

Alan glared sternly at Heather, catching her off guard and putting her on the defensive. "Simone, what mistake did Heather make just now?"

Simone paused in her ministrations to Alan's balls and penis long enough to reply, "She forgot the 'sir'." She then returned to her oral search for any more of his stray juices she might have missed. Although she couldn't find any, she loved licking his penis even when it was flaccid. His power-play over Heather had greatly impressed and aroused her, to the point that she was still riding the resulting erotic buzz.

"You do, Sir!" Heather quickly said, before Alan could berate her any more for continued failure to comply with his orders.

"Correct." He knew that his claim to "own" all the cheerleaders wasn't actually true. In particular, his control of Joy and Janice was limited at best. He made a note to try to improve that soon. He wasn't really very keen on Joy and Janice, since he had so many other more beautiful women to have fun with, but he liked the idea of having the entire cheerleading squad firmly under his control.

He said, "I'll loan Katherine or Amy the key for today, and the three of us will discuss it and let you know what we decide concerning how to handle this issue in the future. End of discussion. I will forgive the fact that you called me 'Alan' and not 'Sir' a moment ago because I may not have explained myself properly. But you will call me 'Sir' at all times from now on, unless I say otherwise."

Heather complained, "But what am I supposed to do in front of other people? You don't expect me to call you that in class, do you? Sir?" She just barely remembered to add the 'Sir' at the end.

"Of course I do. However, since you have such a ridiculously huge ego, you may say it sarcastically in front of others, if that helps you save face. But such a tone of voice will result in strict punishment if you try it with me in private."

Heather didn't know how to respond to that. She was pissed off, yet greatly aroused at the same time. So she merely nodded, while she watched Simone continue to clean Alan's crotch. It was completely clean now, but Simone still didn't want to pull away. The dual blowjob had obviously been a very intense experience for her.

Finally, Heather said, "Now I have to go to my fifth-period class. Just how am I supposed to sit down, Sir?"

"Heather, that goes into the category of 'not my problem.' If you enjoy sitting down, I recommend greater obedience in the future. And if you haven't already been preparing your ass with butt plugs, I recommend you start right away. You and Simone meet me here twenty minutes before school tomorrow and you'll find out why. Actually, better make that thirty. I might want to play with your body a little bit. Plus, Heather, I want your ass crack shaved immediately, because you have a wee bit of hair in your ass crack. And make sure to have an enema before school."

"An enema?! That's disgusting!" Heather couldn't even begin to disguise her shock at the very idea.

"You heard me. If you're into anal sex, then get used to it. If you like anal sex, and it goes without saying that you do, you're going to need to get used to taking enemas to keep yourself cleaned out and your butt ready for stuffing and fucking. I don't want to run into anything unpleasant in there, if you know what I mean. Somehow I suspect that the worst thing that could happen is that you'll start liking them and want to do them more often than necessary simply because they make you feel good back there."

Heather kept silent, but her face showed complete revulsion. Shit. Now I've got to shave my ass crack AND my pussy AND have a daily enema AND call him "Sir" and so much more! Where do the indignities end?! Yesterday, Simone told me that shaving my bush for him symbolized that he now owns and control my body. What if she's right?! I've got to fight back somehow! Nobody bests a Morgan woman!

Alan turned to Simone. "Please make sure that Heather gets her minimum daily enema. Administer it yourself if you have to. Maybe you can use the girl's locker room before school or something. In any case, I want you to verify she does it with your own eyes."

Simone's eyes widened, but then she looked over at her friend and gave a slightly naughty smile.

Heather wondered if she was actually seeing Simone licking her chops at the prospect of complying with this latest order, or just imagining it.

"Oh, and one more thing. Simone, do you have any significant other at the moment?"

"As a matter of fact, no. I just recently broke up with one of the football players."

"Good. Keep it that way. I don't mind you having sex with others if you can prove that they're clean, but if you pick a new boyfriend, you'll have to choose between him and me. Especially avoid the football players. As you know, I'm having a bit of a battle with some of them at the moment. Heather is helping me out there, and it goes without saying that we need your support as well."

"Of course." Simone was surprised that she said that. Immediately afterwards, she thought, Why the hell am I letting him help pick who my boyfriend is?! But she didn't complain out loud.

"Good. And remember: you're either in my sexual circle or out of it; there's no in-between. I was lax before, but that's how it's going to have to be from now on. For now, stick to lesbian sex with Heather and the other cheerleaders, and come see me about adding anyone else. Heather, the same goes for you. I'm pretty busy with other women myself, so don't count on me to fully satisfy your or Heather's sexual desires. In the next few days, we'll see about widening your circle and getting you some more cock if you need it."

Heather was strangely disappointed to hear that. She wanted all Alan, all the time. But at the same time, she realized that was probably unrealistic, at least for him.

Simone unabashedly said, "Oh, I'll definitely need it. I'm nearly as insatiable as Heather and I'm not afraid or ashamed to admit that. And as much as I love Heather, I do need a man, and it sounds like you're pretty busy."

Alan gave a firm nod, but thought, Now what am I getting myself into? I'm hoping to put Heather and Sean together, but who will I pair with Simone? I need another apprentice or something, but my mind is drawing a total blank on who it could be. I just don't know that many good guys these days since most of my friendships have faded. It would be great if I could hook her up with my one other good male friend, Peter, but he's short and chubby, and frankly, not handsome. I don't think she'd go for that. Huh. Well, I'll worry about that later. Things have a way of working out for me lately.

Heather soon left for class, followed by Simone a short time later. Heather made sure to leave first, so she wouldn't have to talk to Simone about what they'd just done. Even thinking about it humiliated her tremendously, especially when she remembered the bold claims she'd made to Simone over the weekend about how she was going to turn Alan into her "boy toy."

Heather couldn't stop thinking about what had happened as she made her way towards her locker. Students scurried out of her path (even more than they usually did) at the sight of her annoyed scowl. Her backside was burning from the spanking it had taken. The friction of her tight shorts on her naked ass cheeks only fanned the flames scorching her butt. Yet her asshole remained thoroughly unfucked, which did nothing to improve her mood.

Somehow, she found herself in a kind of love-struck trance when she was around Alan, at least on some primitive level. That bothered her. She could still complain about things, but she seemed ultimately helpless to resist any of his commands. However, as soon as she left the room, her usual bitchy personality reasserted herself.

I must have been out of my mind not to have punched him in the face! He's gone way too far this time, even for him! An enema? Shave my ass? "Sir"?! He turned my very best friend against me with that goddamned talented cock of his, and then just to rub it in he made me lick his asshole! Not to mention the way he made me crawl. And after all that, he didn't even fuck my ass. The fucking ingrate! I deserved a good ass fuck, dammit!

This is all too much. I need revenge. Revenge! He needs a serious kick in the head. A kick in the balls is more like it! I'll go along with his plans for now so he won't suspect anything, but tomorrow I'm going to get him back somehow.

Glory. She's the key. Since I hate her guts even worse than his arrogance, I've got to find a way to spoil their fun together. I can kill two birds with one stone and get both of them with one well-placed act of revenge! Ha! I need to remove her from the picture so I can have Alan on MY terms... What to do, what to do? So many delightful possibilities... Watch out, Papa Smurf, no one messes with Heather and gets away with it!


She strutted down the hallway, catching everyone's attention with a neckline scandalously plunging towards her belly button. A smile replaced her scowl. In fact, her face was filled with swagger and confidence as if she owned the school, because in her own mind her revenge on Alan and Glory was a done deal. No one could have possibly imagined that mere minutes earlier she'd been crawling naked on the floor, begging her "ass master" for more abuse.

Meanwhile, Alan looked at the clock. To his surprise, he discovered there was still almost ten minutes left before he had to be in his next class.

As he checked to make sure the door was locked, he thought, All in all, that went really well. Astonishingly well, in fact. The surprising thing is that I didn't plan any of it. Not even a single word! It's funny how things always seem to come together where Heather's training is concerned, as if I know exactly what I'm doing. True, I started slow, mishandling the whole shaved bush thing, but I made up for it later. All I'm really good at in this and everything else is thinking and acting quickly on my feet. They both probably thought that double blowjob was some carefully thought out thing based on long established domination practices, and that I knew their animalistic, aggressive sexiness was going to happen in advance.

But in fact it totally blew MY mind, too! As a matter of fact, in my post-Susan-fuck daze, I didn't even remember that I wanted to meet Heather for lunch to start her training. And even though I didn't get Heather's ass training started - since I naturally forgot the dildos, too! - I think I reasserted and solidified my control over her. I can't let up with her for even one day, or precious work will be undone. I can see Mondays are going to be a problem unless I can figure out a way to remotely keep her bitchiness in check over the weekend.

I hope I can keep up the act of the veteran ass tamer, because all hope of changing Heather will be lost if she gets even a hint that I'm a fraud, and that I'm just really good at winging it. I should probably check the Internet tonight and read up so I can actually plan ahead for once. There must be someone out there who's done this kind of thing before to truly help someone change their personality, or have I totally gone off my rocker into some weird zone where only freaks go, purely for freaky, selfish pleasures? Is this all just an excuse to fuck her ass and call her names? Has the "Bad Alan" won already?


Susan lay nude in her bed.

Suzanne sat on the edge of the bed, hovering over her new sister like a nurse looking over a sick patient.

However, Susan wasn't sick, she was just tired. She'd slept past noon, and then took a long hot bath. Then she called Suzanne to come over and then lay in her bed waiting for her to arrive. She now had the energy to go do things, but she felt so lazy that she just wanted to stay in bed.


Suzanne looked down with concern. "How you doing?" She was still dressed in her outside world clothes, as she'd rushed to Susan's side as soon as she'd gotten a call to come over. She was concerned for her friend.

"Good, physically. It's the mental part that worries me." She drew her finger in invisible circles around her temple, making the sign for craziness. "I'm officially Coo-Coo for cock n' nuts."

Suzanne burst into laughter at Susan's word play on a famous breakfast cereal slogan. "I love this new sense of humor that's shown up with your sexual liberation... My God, he drained you that good? You're still reeling?"

Susan smiled a bit naughtily. "As a matter of fact, he did. But that's not my problem right now - it's that I'm so addicted. Now that I've had him in me, I must have him again and again! I thought last night would quench my need for a while, at least a few days, but it's only redoubled it! I'm such a hopeless nympho. If his fat stick isn't sliding between my legs, or at least in and out of one of my holes or between my tits, then life seems pale and meaningless. But I've been so bad."

Susan then went on and explained the events of the morning, focusing on how she'd cheated Katherine by stealing a fuck away from her. She played up her role to be as dastardly as she could make it, because she felt particularly remorseful at the moment.

Suzanne mostly just listened, but she scooted down the bed and pulled the sheets away so she could massage Susan's legs. That was a much appreciated gesture.

When Susan finished her story, Suzanne knew it was her turn to speak. She said, "Susan, I know exactly how you feel, it's just that the emotions you're feeling are magnified since you were essentially a vaginal virgin. Ron's small, limp dick hardly counts. You're going a little bit overboard as you discover how good sex can really be. One good thing is that in time your need will lessen after the novelty wears off. But I've often been through what you're going through today - that feeling of withdrawal, the suffering of not getting solidly nailed. I've been going through it all weekend in the worst way, as you know. Luckily, I've come up with some coping strategies. The main thing is that you just have to get used to it. There's only one Alan, and there's four of us, plus all his other women."

Suzanne looked at the clock next to the bed. "Look. It's near the end of lunch at school right now. I'll bet he's drilling a cunt right now." She wasn't far off - Alan had gotten a great dual blowjob from Heather and Simone just a few minutes earlier.

Susan just moaned in pleasure at that. Her heart was filled with pride at the idea of her son having his pick of the best teen pussy and fucking them in secret during lunch while everyone else just ate. She also ardently hoped that he was banging as many teachers and staff as were Alan-worthy.

Suzanne continued, "Given the royal, deluxe fucking you got, I'm sure you'll agree that it's only fair that the others get their chance today. In fact, some resentment has been building that you get an unfair share, what with your nightly goodnight kiss and cocksuck, the Tuesday tradition, before school fun, and more." She cleverly talked about "the others" as if she was neutral in the matter, when in fact she was talking about herself as much as anyone, if not more.

But even the completely trusting Susan picked up on that fact. "Do you resent me, too?"

"Of course. Not all the time, but sometimes. You know how cuntally-focused I am, and after last night I think you can begin to see why. Nothing beats getting a vagina filled to the brim with a stiff, meaty, and oh-so-slippery organ! Having to just listen and watch last night was tough. But I also love you dearly, and I understand you, and forgive you. There's bound to be jealousies. But if you would try to make it fairer, it would be better for the harem dynamic. We all know how much Alan loves you and your scorching hot body, and he's going to tend to choose you the most. You know I've had some issues at being the second fiddle, and it's a difficult issue for me. It'll take time for me to get over my resentments relating to that alone. So please try to understand our needs a bit more, and don't monopolize him so much, okay?"

Susan squirmed around and complained, "But it's so haaaard! I want to be filled! Drilled! Pounded! He needs to drown me in his thick cum!" She moaned some more as she scissored her thighs together in memory of the night before, temporarily kicking Suzanne's hands away.

"I know, I know. I feel the same. But let's be realistic and look at the numbers. If we look long-term, he's probably going to average about six climaxes a day. He's doing better than that right now, but he's bound to settle down a bit once the initial excitement wears off. He may even not regularly make six. So with Brenda and all the outside pussy and whatnot, that means the four of us will probably only get approximately one of his climaxes a day. There will even be days you don't get any!"

Susan moaned louder than before, but in extreme distress this time. She was acting as if all she could do was moan and lay in bed to get fucked, but that was just her laziness. She focused on the pleasures of Suzanne's hands kneading her thighs for a while, but finally added, "How will I endure? If I can't help myself, like this morning, there's going to be big trouble."

Suzanne replied confidently, "There's only one option. Obviously, we can't have any other man. The very idea disgusts me."


"And we can't go without sex. That's like going without air, now that we've fully tasted these joys as a family. So to bide our time, us femmes need to fuck each other more often. I know we've talked about this before, but we need to do it a LOT more often, and we haven't been. Which leads me to coping strategies. These morning sessions with you every day have been vital for me keeping my sanity. If it weren't for you fingering and doing me with a strap-on almost every morning this past week, I think I would have died from pure fuck need."

"That's true," Susan agreed. "We should play around some right now."

Suzanne paused and her eyes brightened, filled with anticipation. "You mean it? You're up for it?"

"Sure," Susan answered with growing enthusiasm. "I told you I'm feeling better now. I was just bummed, that's all."


"Woo-hoo! It's Susan time!" Suzanne suddenly stood up and began to peel her clothes off. For once, she actually had on a bra and panties to remove, and she took them off so vigorously that they almost ripped. She enthused, "Susan, this is one of my favorite parts of the day! God, I love sex!" She playfully stuck out her freakishly long tongue and winked.

"I noticed," Susan answered wryly. "I love it too. But the problem is I love it too much. We need to do something different today. We're always talking about Alan, and when we fuck, one of us is usually pretending to be him. In my current state that would only drive me mad with desire. Plus, most of my body has recovered, but my cunt is still tender. Otherwise, believe me, I would have been fingering it before you even got here. I can't get any relief today!"

"Not true," Suzanne replied knowingly. "This gets to the issue of coping strategies. We have to be clever. For instance, your ass is fine, isn't it?"

Susan huffed, "Unfortunately. He didn't even fuck it once last night!"

Suzanne smiled, "Now, Susan, what did I say? Don't be so greedy or it'll just generate more resentment. You know he didn't only because you wanted him to do your cunt instead. I figured your asshole would be your best hole today, so look what I brought." She pulled out an anal dildo she'd thoughtfully picked up from the underwear cabinet on her way in.

Susan rolled over eagerly so Suzanne could insert it. "You're the greatest best friend and sister ever! I promise I'll try my best to share with you and the others more; it's the least I can do for such wonderful and thoughtful people like you. But in the meantime, how can I make you happy? You're probably as hard up for some Tiger cock as I am."

"Worse! It's only been hours for you; it's been four vaginally un-fucked days for me. I don't count that game of 'Fuck Fuck Goose' that he played on Friday where he stuck it in a few times - it's not the same unless he delivers a load, as I'm sure you'll agree. But leave it to me. First I'll take care of your need, and then you can take care of mine."


Suzanne removed the butt plug Susan had stuffed inside herself earlier in the morning and pressed the anal dildo she'd brought against Susan's back hole. It wasn't as big as Alan's penis, but it was still a fairly good size. Susan sat up while still face down and spread her ass cheeks to help ease its entry into her needy backside.


Once the head of the dildo was past Susan's outer sphincter, Suzanne said, "Now, Mom, we need to come up with the occasional non-Alan fantasy from time to time, and try to have more of a lesbian focus. I've got a good one for you. Will you trust me and allow me to share my fantasies uninterrupted?"

"Uh!" Susan grunted because Suzanne was starting to press the anal dildo further in. But she recovered and replied, "Sure. Well, as long as it doesn't have any other men in it, does it?"

"Of course not. You know I'm not going to cheat on my Sweetie, not even in my mind. No, I've been thinking a lot about Glory these days."

Susan asked anxiously, "Should we be talking about her? Tiger said we should be careful not to even mention her name when we're just by ourselves. We don't want her to lose her job."

"Oh, come on. We're all alone. We couldn't be any more alone. It's perfectly safe."

"I suppose so."

"I'm sure you're as aware as I am that Alan is going to talk to her after school today. She may turn him down for all we know."

"No!" Susan gasped, as if Suzanne had uttered a blasphemy. "My Tiger is irresistible! He'll fuck her into submission, I'm sure. I'm not worried." As if in emphasis, Susan thrust her hips back forcefully and took more of the anal dildo in Suzanne's hand into her depths.

"Susan, let's face reality. He has a really great thing going on with the women around him these days, but he's hardly irresistible. Just look at Christine and how she turned him down. Or look at Akami. She's been fucked a good number of times now, and sure, she loves it, but it's not like the second coming for her, the way it is for you and me. If she never sees him again she won't be hopelessly crushed."

Susan shot Suzanne an angry look. "FOOL! What's her problem? Actually, now that I think about it, she's only about B-cup material. So obviously the Big Tits Theory doesn't apply to her. She's not worthy to join the harem."

"But Susan, the point is that Glory may say no today. She's different than us." Suzanne tried to sound reasonable as she pumped the anal dildo slowly with measured strokes in and out of Susan's tightly clasping anus. "She was raised with conservative moral values, but not so over the top like you that deep down she wants to rebel against her upbringing. I've been thinking a lot about this, and I have my suspicions that indeed that's what may happen, that she's going to turn him down." She couldn't tell Susan about her meeting with Glory over the weekend. "So, if that's what happens, what will you do?"

Susan sat up briefly and clenched her fists. Her asshole clamped down mightily on the dildo buried inside it. "Oooh! Don't get me started! If Glory knows what's good for her, she'd better spread her-"

"Hold it right there," Suzanne interrupted. "Now comes the fantasy part. I know you don't want to stand idly by if she rejects him. So I'm going to get a little bit more comfy and imagine what you and I might do to her. If she turns him down we can right that wrong in our fantasy. But remember this is just a fantasy only, okay? Fantasy! I am not recommending we actually do this."

"Okay," Susan grumbled. She was still steamed, worked up by the suggestion that Glory might turn Alan down and fail to cater to his every sexual whim.

Suzanne lay down naked on top of Susan (who was still lying face down). She resumed slowly pumping the anal dildo and groped at Susan's large tits as best she could, considering they were mostly pressed into the bed. "So imagine that Alan walks out of Glory's classroom today. We meet him there in the hall and see his sad face. He doesn't need to say anything - it's obvious that she's turned him down. That's unacceptable!"

Susan emphatically seconded the notion, pounding the bed with her hand. "Completely unacceptable!"

"Are we just going to stand there and let him down? No!"

Susan was easily worked up on this topic. She exclaimed, "No! Our master gets what he wants! If his fucking Glory means he fucks me less, then so be it! It is his right to take what belongs to him, and he owns her, body and soul! She's a fool if she doesn't realize it yet. A FOOL!" She pounded the bed some more.

Suzanne chuckled. She waited until Susan finished her mini-tantrum, and then slowly resumed pistoning the anal dildo into her spastically gripping asshole. "We'll never get to the fantasy at this rate. Let me speed things up. We'll burst into Glory's classroom and confront her. Alan follows us back in, concerned about what we'll do. Of course, there's a problem: the three of us women are all his natural nymphos, yet we're completely dressed! We're even wearing underwear. That's not right. So before we can talk to Glory we have to get her, and ourselves, naked. She doesn't take kindly to that idea, and in fact strongly resists. She screams bloody murder and tries to fight you and I off, but there's two of us and only one of her. Before long, we rip all her clothes off!"

"Serves her right, the ungrateful wench," Susan sneered. "But what about our Sweetie Tiger? He's such a kind soul. He doesn't fully understand his pussy rights yet. Certainly he would defend her honor, when in fact he should be hammering her with his stiffness while we get the rest of her clothes off."

"That's where Katherine and Amy come in. Together they hold their brother down and keep him occupied by vigorous dual cocksucking, scrotum fondling, anus fingering, and more. Before long, he's too overwhelmed with erotic ecstasy to even stand."

"Oh good! I feel better, so long as someone is doing something to his cock and keeping it hard and happy. But where did they come from?"

"I just added them in. It's a fantasy. Let's say they got held up with something and made a late entrance. Now can I continue?"

Susan smiled. "Sorry."


"That's okay. Before long, Glory, you, and I are all in the buff. Now we can talk to her, but we still need to put her in the right frame of mind. So we bring the Televibe that Alan so ably used on her last week, and put it up her cunt and ass, just like he did. Now, finally, we're willing to hear what she has to say. It's the usual stuff. She complains that she could lose her job. I offer to buy out the rest of her contract and pay her double, using our soon to be new Brenda fortune. But still she wavers. So we bring her to where Amy is sucking Alan off while Katherine holds him down. We hold her and give her a front row seat. Then we just let her watch for a while."

"Is she still struggling some, or can we watch too?"

"No, she's stopped. Her cunt is sopping wet just from the struggle, but you and I take turns checking to make sure it stays that way, if you know what I mean." Suzanne winked, then licked Susan's ear and wiggled the anal dildo around suggestively. "We seem to both particularly 'check' her clit quite a lot."

"Oooh! I like. What do we all see?" Susan asked gleefully. "Describe in great detail!"

Suzanne gave a mock sigh. "You and blowjobs. You can never get enough of 'em. Okay. You know how Alan's cock is. You've explored every one of its eight incredible inches with your lips and tongue so many times. You know and love his sweet cum taste better than the taste of any food. But I should point out that seeing Glory being held naked against her will by the two of us makes him even harder than usual! Of course, she's not REALLY being held against her will, or she could have easily gotten free at any time, or truly given a shrill scream for help instead of breathy screams of ecstasy. Even though her tits are on the small side and she doesn't fall into the same fuckable class as you and I, I'll concede that all that surfing made her pretty strong, with just the right amount of muscle tone to be quite sexy."

It should be noted that Glory's C-cups were only "on the small side" from the recent perspective of someone like Suzanne. With her own G-cups and nothing smaller than D-cupped females all around her most of the day, her perspective was quite biased.

Suzanne elaborated, "In fact, he's so excited by the whole scene that his cock grows an extra inch."

"Can it DO that?" Susan asked, gullibly.


"This is just a fantasy, remember? In fact, it grows TWO extra inches. Our pussies are just deep enough to fit his normal penis all the way, but they can't fit his ten-inch monster! It's long and thick, as always, and so stiff that it's like it's been encased in a plaster cast. But Amy is nothing to scoff at. I'm sure you're as proud as I am at how those Pestridge genes have been kicking in lately. I swear, her breasts are going to end up bigger than yours or mine! And that girl knows how to suck. She's been improving her cock-licking skills by leaps and bounds lately. Alan protests that he'd like to help Glory, but in fact there's no way he can resist when Amy's eager tongue is on his tool. She's just too good with it."

"Does she do the barber-pole move? That's one of my favorites."

"Sure. I'll have you know she's even getting good at tooth-scraping moves. And when her jaw gets tired, she has him fuck her new 36Es instead until her mouth is ready for more. Before long, Katherine doesn't even have to try hard to hold him down, so she grinds her cunt into his face instead."

"You go, girl! That's my Angel!" For Susan, the fantasy was so real she could almost see it and taste it.

"Yes, Mom, he's so hard that he's already spewing so much pre-cum, it's practically covering Amy's face! It's dribbling down onto her sizable hooters and of course her cleavage is heavily slicked up with it. I can't wait to get my hands on my daughter's twin beauties tonight, but I digress. Meanwhile, Glory is watching intently. We push her closer and closer to paradise: our Sweetie's tool. At first you and I are just holding her arms, but as she is slowly consumed by lust, we both start idly exploring her perky tits with our fingers. And I've got the Televibe controls, and I'm slowly ramping up the settings. Soon, she's so lost in an erotic haze that she doesn't even notice when we take out the Televibe and plug her holes with our fingers instead!"

"Oh, God, Mother! That's so hot! Fuck my butt harder, just like you're fucking Glory's butt with your fingers! She's so HOT! I've met her a number of times at the school. VERY Alan-worthy! She's so tight and muscular, like you said! I'm sure her cunt is equally tight, too!"

"It is! At least in my fantasy. While I'm fucking her butt, you're fucking her steamy cunt with two fingers. But she hardly even notices, because I say to her, right into her ear, 'Tell me you don't love that cock in front of you, Glory! Tell me that it doesn't belong in your hole, any hole. Every hole! Tell me that you don't want that big wad of cum that's about to explode like a volcano into my daughter's mouth! Tell me you don't want to feel his throbbing, veiny hotness in your hands. If that's the case we'll just leave you alone now and for all time. Is that what you want, to sit at home alone watching TV instead of worshipping Alan's cock with your lips, tongue, hands, and cunt? Actually, that's probably for the best, because prudes like you are bad cocksuckers and even worse fucks. Go on Amy, lick and jack that hard cock until his sperm splashes all over your tonsils, because Glory doesn't want it or deserve it.'"

Suzanne further explained, "I've heard that Glory has a strong competitive streak, so naturally she can't ignore that challenge. She grabs his erection and says, 'Gimme that!' Then she looks back at you and me and says, 'I'll show you cocksucking! Alan didn't know what real pleasure was until he tried my deep throating!' Then she takes him deep, deep, deep! His cock is completely gone, because she's taken the whole thing down to the root! Her lips are up against his balls!"

"Time out, time out," Susan complained. "Is that true? Does she really deep throat, and do it that well?" She felt very inadequate on this matter; although she'd been practicing, she still hadn't managed to deep throat Alan even once. She'd been thinking about doing it the night before, but it never happened.

Suzanne was getting increasingly excited by her own story, and worked the anal dildo deeper into Susan while diddling her own clit. "Yes, I'm afraid. Alan was telling me all about it on Thursday, while I was practicing my own deep throating techniques on him, that time I was giving him the sexual tips. It seems she can jack him off, suck him off, jack him off with her tongue wrapped around his cock, and delight him with the back of her mouth, all at once! I've tried it myself, and even though I can jack him off with my long tongue. I can't do all that at the same time. She's good!"

"There's just not enough cock," Susan pointed out. "Not even his ten long inches can fit a pumping hand and a cock completely down the throat." She felt doubly bad now, to be reminded that she didn't have a long tongue and couldn't jack a penis off with it. Only Glory, Xania, and Suzanne had the natural tools to do that well, and Glory just barely so.

"Yeah. I don't know how she does it. But she does, so she does in my fantasy, too."


Both Susan and Suzanne paused to ponder their own deep throating inadequacies, and both privately resolved to do better.

But Suzanne soon resumed the fantasy. "Now, here's where it gets even more fantastical. While she's doing that, she's so preoccupied it gives us our chance to really strike. She's complained to Alan multiple times how she isn't into lesbian sex in the slightest, and she won't be persuaded by mere words on that, but now we can convert her with action! We've got four women to go on her all at once. Personally, I find her quite scorchingly sexy, and now I get my chance. First, I'm gonna kiss her all over, but especially duel with her tongue. I know she's got a long and talented one. That'll be so excellent! And play some more with her perky little tits and firmly toned, ticklish tummy. And her sexy, curvy hips will be-"

"But what do I do?" Susan whined impatiently.

"Okay, I'll switch to her ass and really rim her good, while you get your tongue working on her labia and your fingers busy with her clit! Amy and Katherine will go to town on her tits!"

"Okay! ... Oh. Damn."


"Well, you got me so excited that I was raring to dive into her sweet snatch right now, but she's not actually here!"

"No, but you are excited, aren't you?" She was making very long and deep strokes with the anal dildo now.

"Oh, yeah! Completely! I've never had a fantasy like this one before. Please finger my pussy a little bit? I know it's sore, but it's soooo neeeeedy..."

Suzanne giggled. She said as if really put out, her voice falling like a two-note foghorn, "Oooooh-kaaaay... You're a difficult one."

Susan turned on her side, allowing Suzanne to keep working the anal dildo while pumping two fingers into Susan's pussy and work her clit with her thumb resting on it.


Suzanne went on, "Glory doesn't have long to suck on that tasty, stiff treat, because even though Alan can last nearly forever with a beautiful big-titted babe inhaling his long cobra snake, few can do her deep throating tricks. So he unloads, shooting an endless geyser of man-cream into her mouth. Naturally she pulls it back towards her lips so she can taste every last drop before it disappears down her gullet. And right then, right as he's painting her mouth with gallons of cum, that's when we take advantage of her distraction and you come at her from behind with a strap-on!"

"OH!" Susan squealed excitedly.

"It's too much for everybody! Alan is spent, in more ways than one, and falls back to the floor, completely exhausted. Glory can't handle it either. At that moment she hits a peak of perfect erotic intensity, the likes of which she's never felt before. Something like your whole body orgasm, I imagine. Her whole body shudders in a great orgasmic earthquake and she too falls to the floor."

"And then?!"

"She comes to her senses a minute or two later, but only enough to realize that she has no less than eight female hands roaming all over her, exploring every last nook and crevice of her body. She complains, 'What are you doing? Stop it! Please, please, just stop!' But she doesn't mean it. In fact, her body has already had several orgasms since we started, and soon she has more, many more. The four of us women work diligently as a team to smash her resistance to lesbian loving. There's no way she stands a chance, especially after you really give it to her with the strap-on! Soon she's begging for more as she drowns in erotic joy!"

"Excellent! What does she say?"

Suzanne gave a wicked smile. "Well, she can't really talk, since her mouth has been stuffed with cock, and now that Alan's down for the count we keep it filled with fingers and tongues. But she does need to breathe every now and then, so we'll give her enough of a break to say, 'Yes! I'm a slut! A Plummer family bisexual slut! But it feels so good, so right! Please let me join your world! Let's fuck together for ever and ever!"

Susan replied, "Yes, Glory, yes! Please do! We love you!" She turned to make eye contact with Suzanne and asked, "Can I do her in the ass, too? The way you're using that dildo makes me want to see something happen to her ass. I want to put the strap-on in there."

"No. Unfortunately, I hear she's really not into that. Wait, what am I saying? It's a fantasy, so sure, it turns out she secretly loves getting boned up the ass best of all!"


Naturally, Suzanne put a new burst of energy into pistoning the anal dildo after this "revelation," and Susan fucked back with her hips as best she could.


After a minute or two of focusing entirely on her friend's ass, Suzanne went on with the fantasy. "But that's not all. By the time she's been reduced to a wet noodle, barely able to sit up, our well-hung hero has recovered! Since the naughty teacher can no longer stand, we hold her up, drag her over to a desk, and plop her ass up over it. He goes at her from the back, doggy-style, naturally. He fucks her so good that he completely shatters her world. The rest of us stand back and watch with longing as we remember the times he's done that to each of us. Even as he fucks her deeper into the desk, she freely declares that she belongs to him and the family. She says something like... well, you can probably do it better than me. What would she say?"

Susan's eyes lit up and she turned her head to make eye contact with Suzanne while thrusting her hips. "Oooh! Thanks! This is fun! Glory shouts, 'Alan has tamed my cunt! He's fully tamed it! I belong to him now! There is no greater joy on this Earth than being fucked by this teenage super stud! His joy is my joy! And if that means that I have to go totally lesbo to amuse him, I will! But I'll do it anyway because I love my new sisters and daughters, too. I long to fuck them all in incestuous mad love until the end of time! Thank you so much, everyone, for molesting me and tearing down my prudish walls. Alan, my master, my lord, I love you! I need you! Your teacher now is your complete slave! I beg you to take me into the Plummer family as your newest fuck toy amusement!'"

Suzanne laughed. "Well, that's a bit over the top, and Glory would never say that in a million years. In fact, it sounds exactly like something you would really say to him, now that I think about it. But this is a fantasy, after all, so anything goes."

But she thought to herself, I really need to somehow undo her more extreme attitudes before she gets me making a speech like that in real life. I'm already more than halfway there. Her enthusiasm is just so infectious! She needs to understand that you don't need to be totally submissive to show the intensity of your total love and devotion. Ditto with Katherine. And as for Brenda, well, I think she's a hopeless case on that subject.

Nevertheless, Suzanne continued after only a brief pause, "So Alan naturally agrees to all that, and accepts her into his harem. Of course she can't fully join until Alan properly marks her, so he takes turns fucking all of our cunts, but each time he's ready to shoot he pulls out and unloads on her face. He does it repeatedly until she looks like she's been hit by a semen pie."

Susan eagerly raised her hands. "Oooh! I call dibs on cleaning up the sperm pie with my tongue!" She much preferred the word "sperm" to "semen" and subtly tried to get the others to use it more.

Suzanne laughed again. "You got it. I call dibs on his next real cum load, though, if we can call dibs. Anyhow, the six of us make love long into the night, right there in her classroom. The next day, Glory leaves her apartment and moves in with us. We all live together happily ever after. The end."

Susan clapped enthusiastically. "Yeay! Woo-hoo! Encore!" She held up both thumbs as if they were cigarette lighters and she was in a concert arena, lighting them to hear another number. She was right on the verge of a big climax, too, and said, "More cunt fingering too! Please? Rub it raw!"

Suzanne laughed even more. "Now, Susan, I want to really emphasize that this is only a fantasy. It would never happen in real life and if we tried it we'd probably all be hauled away to jail for rape and who knows what else. I'm fairly convinced that Glory really quite simply isn't bisexual, and in any case it's her right to accept or reject him. I assume you've been plotting to take action if she says no?"

Susan blushed. "Well, yeah."

Suzanne shook her head in slight dismay. "What have you been planning? No, wait. I don't want to know. I don't see your aggressive side much, but when I do it's frighteningly intense. And it's been showing up a lot more often lately. You didn't go ballistic on Christine when she turned Alan down."

"That's because I didn't understand Alan's pussy rights back then. Although, now that I think about it, Christine's tits are big enough for the Big Tits Theory to apply to her, which means-"

Suzanne closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose with her hand in frustration. "My mistake for bringing her up. Please don't even go there. Just promise me that you'll keep your Glory plans as fantasies and leave it up to the two of them to sort things out for themselves."

"Awww. You're totally raining on my parade. You get me so excited, and then you say that. You know that something like that fantasy SHOULD happen. It's what's right. It's what's natural! If he loves her, and he does, then she needs to take her proper place in the harem and her proper place on her knees before him! Her life can be an endless pleasure of unconditional love and mind-blowing lust, just like it is for the rest of us."

"I know, but maybe she doesn't want that. Maybe she wants her teaching career and other things. Sitting around the house as one of the idle rich, doing nothing but fucking all day, isn't for everyone. Maybe she's just not mentally open to that for whatever reason. I have my troubles with the submission issue, but for her I think it might be a deal breaker. Let's not push her, and for God's sake, don't try to seduce her! Please don't even try to talk to her. Your mental state... well, let's just say that you've drifted from the norm lately. What seems reasonable to you might strike her as psycho, to be blunt about it. If she even just knew we were fantasizing about her like this, she would completely freak out and whatever chance he has with her would be ruined. He's said he wants to deal with this himself. So will you promise to let him?"

Susan sighed. "Oh, okay. For now. If that's what he insists on, then we must obey. We can give him some time and some space and see how things go. But I won't be happy until she's joined us."

"There, there." Suzanne rubbed her friend's shoulder sympathetically. "I'll tell you what. Since I cooled you down right as you were about to have another great climax, why don't I suckle on your nips for a while? That always gets you off. I did a hasty job when you came home from dropping the kids off from school, given that you were so tired, but I can do a proper job now. Actually, before you do that, I'm hoping you can play with me for a while, too. You can pretend I'm Glory in the fantasy! But you've got to stroke and fondle me at the same time. I need to get off some more too. And then, when we're done with that, I want to hear one of your non-Alan fantasies while we think up some even more fun ways to play with each other!"

Susan laughed, and said jokingly, "Just another typical soccer mom day." More seriously, she pondered, "How did I used to spend my days? Wasting all my time with minor errands and meaningless social obligations. Sad. I suppose we do have to eat lunch at some point, but that can wait a little longer. However, there is one big flaw in your action plan: I have no non-Alan fantasies. Truly."


Suzanne was amused, because she knew it was true. "Okay then, make up a bisexual fantasy like mine that hasn't got so much Alan in it. Maybe it can be another Glory one. Oooh! I have an idea. Imagine that you and I are teenage girls again, and we're in some kind of girls-only class being taught by Glory, like Home Economics. Only the hottest girls like Heather are there with us."

Susan sighed again. "Mother, you have such a better imagination than I do, but I'll try my best. Of course Alan has to be in that class too. And can I keep my adult-sized boobs?"

"Mom, it's a fantasy, already. You can make them larger if you want. And mine definitely have to be at least G-cups!" Suzanne laughed. "You can have yours fully lactating and have Alan and Katherine milk you right there in the middle of the class. You can do anything!"

"I love it! All right! But first, let's do the milking right now!" Susan sat forward and thrust her tits towards Suzanne's face.

Suzanne looked at her friend with love, and said, "Life is so much better with you, my sister. And I don't just mean sexually. That's just one tiny part of it."

Susan simply replied, "I know." They kissed passionately and deeply.

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