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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Start Me Up
Day 71: Monday, November 25

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Dealing with the likes of Glory and Heather as frequently as Alan did, he rarely had any free time between classes at school. This was especially true today when he'd missed his first three classes. However, there was one thing he wanted to do, and the time left before lunch ended was possibly the only time to do it, and that was to talk to Sean. He hurried away from the theater room to find and talk to his friend.

Sean was exactly where Alan had thought he would be, sitting at the same table in the cafeteria with the same group of guys that he sat with every school day. Alan used to sit there with them most days too, before his six-times-a-day diagnosis changed his life.

Alan didn't have time to mess around given that there was less than ten minutes until fifth period started, so he walked right up to Sean and said to the group, "Hey, how goes it everyone?" After a few "long time, no see" type comments, Alan said, "Sean, can I speak to you in private for a sec?" and quickly walked off, heading for the door to the outside. Sean got up and followed him.

"Hey, man!" Sean said, rushing to keep up. "Great to see you, but what's the hurry? Where are we going?"

Alan slowed down, now that he was outside. "I don't know. Just out. I want to be somewhere we can talk freely, because everyone will see and hear in there. If your friends ask what that was all about, tell them I had a real urgent test question I had to ask you."

"Hey, they're your friends too."

"They were," Alan said sadly as he saw a bench that seemed safe from eavesdroppers and sat down on it. His legs muscles still hurt a bit and all the rushing around had worn him out again. "Peter, maybe, I hope I can keep as a friend. For the others, my life has just changed too much." He thought about where he'd been just five minutes ago, naked with Simone and Heather, and absentmindedly shook his head no, as if he himself couldn't believe it. "Anyways, we've gotta hurry to class. I wanted to get the lowdown on your weekend."

Sean sat down too. A big smile crossed his face at the change of topic. "Sweet! I was hoping you'd ask that. Dude, it was as awesome as The Fellowship of the Ring and Star Wars: A New Hope, combined!"

Alan stifled a guffaw at that extremely nerdy comparison, but Sean was too excited to notice.

Sean went on, "Way better, in fact! Shit, it beat the whole Star Wars movie series and every episode of Babylon 5, and then some!"

Alan said, while laughing good-naturedly, "I take it you enjoyed yourself. But what exactly happened?"

"Dude! Xania told me you two have done the deed, so obviously I don't have to describe what she's like to you. But duuuuude! She's too much! She's such a babe that she's almost as sweet as Heather."

Alan mentally noted that that was extremely high praise indeed from Sean, considering that Sean had practically worshipped the ground Heather walked on pretty much since entering high school. Personally, Alan found Xania more attractive than the admittedly very attractive Heather, especially since he knew Xania wasn't enhanced by plastic surgery like Heather was. He asked, "But what did you do?"

"What did we do? Dude! We did the nasty! Over and over! I don't want to get too graphic here, but the first day, I went wild on her FOUR TIMES! And the second day, yesterday, FIVE TIMES! I'm still recovering. Man! It was intense!"

Again, Alan had to hold back a laugh that Sean was so impressed with himself because he'd climaxed five times in a single day. After what Alan went through the night before with Susan, a mere five times seemed like a sex-free holiday. But he kept his mouth shut.


Sean continued enthusiastically, "Man, it was just like I was an actor in a porn film. She was hot and needy. Like, she let me cum all over her face, and then she just left it there! And then she had me fuck her AGAIN! I felt like a sex god. I was cumming over and over! It was great!"

Alan said, "Cool, very cool. But you're my sexual apprentice now, so I expect nothing less."

"And I can't thank you enough! I am so going to try to repay the kindness, but I'm still trying to figure out how."

Alan suddenly had fears of a gift that the old Alan would have loved, but that could really mess up his new life, like a surprise weekend ski trip. He said, "Great, but I can't deal with surprises at the moment, so please tell me first before you do anything nice, all right?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever you want. And please give me some hints about what a good gift would be. I'm stumped to find something worthy."


Sean suddenly exclaimed, "DAMN!"


"I'm just thinking about Xania. Dude! It's like she's Playboy Playmate of the Year material! AND she has the sex drive to match! I mean, Kim, Kim was great. But she's human, you know? She's mortal. She's sexy, but you don't drop your jaw looking at her. But Xania... DAMN! She's inhuman! She almost makes me forget about Heather."

Alan laughed. "I know, man, I know." He thought to himself, And Mom and Suzanne are every bit as sexy and sexual as Xania, and then some. And speaking about inhuman, don't even get me started on Brenda's anatomically impossible body.

But he kept those thoughts to himself and merely asked, "More importantly, Sean, what did Xania teach you?"


"Oh, that was totally weird, dude. Major weirdness. She was wild! We made love over and over in this apartment overlooking the beach. People could have totally looked up and seen us, especially the one time we walked out on the balcony and stood there naked! Dude, and the things that woman can do with her hips. She's like a feral beast in the bedroom! A beast in heat! She's an ANIMAL!"

Alan found himself aroused and distracted as he fondly recalled his times with Xania. He asked, "Yeah, but the teaching? What did she TEACH you?"

"Oh, right. I guess the two of you discussed in advance about how I'd need to be with Heather, and when we weren't fucking, we were talking. She damn near talked my ear off. She's VERY smart, that's for sure. I mean, what are the odds, somebody that hot and that smart too?"

Alan immediately thought of Suzanne, but just nodded his head.

"But you must have given her the completely wrong impression about Heather, because the things she was talking about had nothing to do with the sweet angel I know. I mean, Xania was going on like Heather was some kind of world-class bitch! She kept saying 'bitch' over and over again. It damn near got me mad, but she was naked when she was saying it, so I couldn't get too angry!"

"Sean. Look at me. Look into my eyes. There was no misunderstanding. Heather is a bitch. A world-class bitch. Open your eyes and be realistic."

Sean's defensive anger visibly rose up. "Hey! How can you say that? If you weren't the most amazing friend, I'd want to sock you one. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

"Sean, listen to me. Have you ever actually had a conversation with her? No. Do you know anyone besides me who has actually had a real conversation with her? No. I hate to be blunt, but you've idolized her to the point where you probably think she can fly and fart out strawberries." Alan thought of his previous crushes on Glory and Christine when he was a virgin, and added, "I know what it's like to idolize. I've been there." He let out a big sigh and thought, Dang! This is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.

Sean still looked perplexed, doubtful, and even resentful.

Alan thought hard, and then he had a brainstorm. Okay, Heather is Sean's perfect dream princess. And what do guys do with princesses? They rescue them! He said, "Bro, Heather is a complicated person. Deep inside, she's a very lovely person. Your 'sweet angel.' But she was hurt a long time ago, and on the outside, this very mean and even evil bitch resides, and that part of her rules her mind. I know this for a fact from personal experience." He actually doubted that Heather had been hurt and guessed her bitchiness was more because her parents had spoiled her, but he figured the "hurt" line would help motivate Sean.

Alan went on, "Trust me. I've had many conversations with her. I know her really, reaaaaally well." He thought again about his double blowjob from Simone and Heather just minutes earlier, and wondered how Sean would react if he knew. He could probably deal with it if it was just a normal blowjob, but it's the way I insult her and the way she loves it... First, he'd kill me for the ungallant way I treated her, then he'd die of a crushed heart from her reaction. Not good. Not good at all!

Sean replied, "I know that you've slept with Heather. I've been thinking about that a lot, and I accept it as a reality. I knew she wasn't a virgin. But I can't accept that she's a bitch like you say. You just don't know all of her. I may not have talked to her, but I see the true Heather in her eyes nearly every day."

Alan nodded. "That's good. Good for you. You're seeing the inner Heather. That delicate, sweet flower on the inside needs YOU. She needs you to save her from the evil bitch on the outside that is choking her and killing her. You have to rescue her!"

Sean sat on the edge of his seat and seemed to be bursting with eagerness to help. "What do I do? What do I do?"

"Okay, it's like this. Do you remember-" The school bell rang, indicating they had five minutes to get to their next class. But they just ignored it, and Alan continued, "Remember in Star Wars, the way Luke Skywalker and his friends destroyed the Death Star was that they first had to infiltrate it and pretend to be Stormtroopers. Then they had to find the plans for the station, discover the weakness, and only then could they destroy it with their Starfighters."


"Well, you have to do the same with Heather. First, you have to get her to accept you. That's like getting inside the Death Star. You have to appeal to the bitchy Heather. You, yourself, will have to be a major asshole. The bitchy Heather likes really aggressive guys who yell rude and insulting things at her during sex. If you don't push her around she'll get bored and dump you out the airlock."

Sean replied, dazed, "Like Xania was making me do. Dude, that was so weird. I was having such a hard time with that, because Xania seems so nice."

"I know. She is nice. She's just trying to help. I told her to do that as part of your training. Think about it: you have to be the evil Stormtrooper. You have to go over to the Dark Side for a while to slip past Darth Vader's detection. That's what you have to do to win Heather. First, get the bitch Heather to love you, then peel back her layers to reveal the real Heather inside. It won't be easy. You'll have to do the exact opposite of what your heart tells you to do. You'll have to be mean. Vicious. Imagine slapping her in the face as you call her a skanky slut. Do you think you can handle it?"

"Whoa." Sean sat back, amazed. "I don't know, dude. That sounds pretty heavy."

"I know you can. That's why I picked you. Hate the bitchy Heather and treat her like a sex toy to free the sweet Heather inside. She loves sex. She lives for it. You have to be like a sexual Jedi master." Alan could see that Sean was having a really hard time envisioning Heather as the slut she was. While he may have conceptually understood she wasn't a virgin, in his heart she still was completely pure. He tried some more shock therapy and asked, "Sean, do you remember some weeks ago when we went to Baskin-Robbins and ran into Heather and her boyfriend there?"


"Heather was jacking me off under the table most of the time, right there in the middle of the store. Her boyfriend didn't know, and I didn't want it. But she's that wild. I'm not lying to you. She needs a good man to tame her." As he told this to his friend, he looked him right in the eye so there would be no mistake that he was very serious and telling the complete truth.

Sean stared back, searching for any signs of a lie or doubt. But there were none, so eventually he dropped his head and just sat silent.

Alan could see that he was fighting feelings of jealousy. He could visibly see a great feeling of disappointment sweep over Sean, nearly overwhelming Sean's general sense of shock from everything Alan had told him earlier.

Alan pressed on, trying to distract him, "To switch movie metaphors, you are Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix.' You are 'the One.' Only you love her enough to treat her like a bitch, thus defeating the bitchy part of her, and winning the true Heather. Go home this afternoon and think about that paradox. Also, go home and fuck Kim some more."

"What?!" That last suggestion threw Sean for a complete loop.

"The key to defeating and conquering the bitchy Heather is with great sex. You won't get anywhere unless you can wow her in bed with your confidence, rudeness, endurance, and all around dominating sexual prowess. Am I some big dominating guy? No, but I've gotten good at faking sexual dominance with practice. That's what you need: practice, practice, practice. You don't want to be with her the first time and get cold feet."


Alan chuckled, because Sean unwittingly said "whoa" exactly as Keanu Reeves did in "The Matrix." "Dude, you're on the fast track sexual apprenticeship program. Yesterday, Xania. Today, Kim again. Tomorrow, an orgy."

Sean's jaw dropped wide open. "An ORGY?!"

"Sssh! Keep it down!" Alan looked around, but luckily almost everyone had headed inside for their next classes already. "Yes, an orgy. I'm thinking you and me and maybe three girls. Don't worry, you and I aren't going to so much as touch each other, or I'd have to kill you. You need to be a cruel, evil bastard in bed before you're ready for Heather. It's just like what Xania was teaching you. Do you remember everything she told you, or did you totally space and just stare at her body?"

"No. I remember every word. You know I have a great memory; that's the main reason why I do well in school. Every minute of that amazing whole weekend will be burned into my memory forever." He grinned as he added, "Although I certainly did stare at her body a lot."

Alan grinned too. "Okay, then. Maybe I'll call you on the phone tonight and we can talk about this some more. I'll talk to Kim, and see if she's up for something with you later. If the orgy happens, she'll be at it, too, so you'll have that comfort zone, someone you've already done it with."

Alan was thinking about the S-Club meeting. Technically, it was supposed to happen this afternoon, but no one had said anything about having one. More realistically it happened whenever Alan could make it. While talking to Sean, it suddenly struck him that he should revive the S-Club again and have it tomorrow. He had an idea about something that could happen there that could hopefully shock Sean into becoming the kind of lover he needed to be to have any chance with Heather. Alan was extremely pleased about his idea.

"Uh, okay," Sean said slowly. "This is so much to take. I'm still recovering from the Xania weekend! That was like, whoa. I can't get over it. Mentally and physically."

"Get used to it, dude. From now on, I want you to have a minimum of five orgasms a day. Fucking a girl is preferable, naturally, but masturbate if you have to keep up the average. Space it through the day, so you do it morning, afternoon, and night. Got that?"

Sean looked down at his own groin with a dubious and uncertain look. Then he looked back up to his friend. "I'll try. But why?"

"I've discovered the body changes and adjusts when you do it that much. Think spitting. When people spit a lot, the body is constantly producing saliva. When you cum a lot, the body is constantly producing cum. Heather is sexually insatiable, I tell you! You're going to need to be a sexual dynamo to keep up with her. Now, let's run. We're going to be late to class as it is."


Alan hustled off, though his body movements were still awkward. He looked back and saw Sean still gaping in wonder. He thought, Get used to it, dude, get used to it! Seeing him like that is kind of eerie. It's almost like I took a time machine trip to talk with the old me. Heh. Welcome to my world, buddy. You're gonna have all your sexual fantasies come true, but only if you can survive the shock!


Fifth period really dragged for Alan. It didn't help that it was calculus, which didn't exactly light his fire. While he was much better off than he had been during fourth period, he didn't pay much attention to what was happening around him. If he wasn't reminiscing about what happened with Susan the night before, he was worrying about his upcoming after-school meeting with Glory. But then came sixth period - P. E. He couldn't even begin to imagine playing tennis in the shape he was in. He shuffled off to the tennis courts, too tired to think about what to do just yet. He had vague ideas about faking a leg injury, as he'd hinted at the start of Glory's class.

But, to his surprise, when he got to the tennis court, Katherine was there, talking to his coach. He could see that she'd handed the coach some kind of note. He could figure out that she must be helping him somehow, and felt greatly relieved and appreciative.

But then, just as the coach walked away, she turned her head and saw Alan only a short distance behind her. She smiled as a distinctive wide-eyed look crossed her face.

Alan thought, Uh-oh. I know that expression all too well. That's her "Look out, I'm about to do something naughty" look.


As soon as he thought that, sure enough, she winked at him over her shoulder and then seductively wiggled her ass in his direction. Luckily, the coach was still walking away and no one else was on the court, so only he saw.

He shot her a frustrated look, but was too tired to fight her rambunctiousness.

He wasn't terribly surprised to notice that her mere wiggle had also gotten his penis quite erect, even though she was wearing a long skirt which barely showed her ankles.

He'd thought that after so many weeks of so much sexuality he'd start to grow jaded, but if anything he was becoming more easily aroused over time. In particular, just about any thought about what he liked to call his "family four" or the mere mention of their names could turn his penis into granite at any time. He wanted to shout out "Mercy!" but he also loved it. He more than loved it - he was completely ecstatic. He felt these last two months were easily more fun than the rest of his eighteen years put together.

The next thing he knew, she was leading him away to the theater room.

As she whisked him along, he began to think about what might happen when they got there, given what always seemed to happen to him in that room. He was trying to remain quiet, but once they were in the middle of a field, far from anyone, he couldn't help but whisper, "Oh no. Not more sex, please. I'm so tired."

"I know that, silly. I'm just dropping you off there to nap. We cheerleaders can practice elsewhere, you know."

He said in a relieved, normal voice, "Oh, Sis! Awesome! How did you know I needed that? How did you get me out of tennis?"

"First question: duh! Anyone can see that just by looking at you. Amy was planning the same thing, and she didn't even know how your morning went like I did. As to your second question, let's just call that a little-sister secret too. I also got you a good excuse for you for missing your first three classes. Everyone seems to trust your wholesome, innocent sister. Little do they know, ha-ha! Now, just rest. You need it."

Alan gave her the theater room key and she let him in. As soon as they were both in the room and he felt he could talk more freely, he complained, "Sis, you nearly gave me a heart attack with that ass wiggle. Please don't do that in public? Please?"

She made apologetic body language, but said, "Hey, I checked to see if people were around first. Anyways, if anyone saw they'd just think we're a couple of siblings joshing around."

"Sis, somewhere, in the special hell reserved for extra naughty sisters, someone is warming a pitchfork for you."

She giggled. "Mmmm. Pitchforks. You know what that reminds me of? Long, hot sticks poking into me. Hmmm..."

Alan was amused, but he just rolled his eyes.

Her eyes twinkling, she continued, "What are they doing in the hell for extra uppity fuck toy sisters? What kind of long, phallic objects get all warmed up there? I'll bet they have a good time." She giggled some more, very pleased with herself and her little prank, not to mention helping him get out of tennis.

Alan went to the mattress at the back of the stage where he'd received a massage during lunch and collapsed on it. He sighed and thought, That's just the way she is. She's irrepressible. Incorrigible. Lots of fun. But this can't go on. He gave another stab at alerting her to his concerns. "Sis. Security. Security! We're on the brink of disaster. Hanging right on the edge! Why doesn't anyone believe me?" But he zonked out almost as soon as his head hit the pillow and he got those words out.

She let herself out and went to cheerleader practice.

He slept very soundly.

The bell marking the end of school woke him up, but just a minute or two later, Katherine and Amy rushed in to make sure he got up in time for his meeting with Glory.

They swarmed all over him, covering him with hugs and kisses.

He whispered to Katherine as she tried to kiss him on the lips, "Sis, remember, nothing unsisterly at school, not even if we think we have complete privacy. You never know."

They wished him well for his meeting, and said many encouraging things, but before long he had to leave their comforting hugs and words and face the music with Glory.

He walked the rapidly emptying hallways alone, growing more nervous with every step he took towards Glory's classroom.

The fact was, lately he'd become a stranger to failure. With the exception of his recent run-ins with the football players and his declining grades, his life had been nearly free of defeats and disappointments for the past two months. But his instinct told him that his meeting with Glory was not going to go well. He mentally put himself in Glory's shoes, and figured that if he was her, he'd have no choice but to break the relationship. To him, that was many times worse than getting punched in the face by a football player.

He paused at the door to Glory's classroom, thinking, As long as I don't go in there, we still aren't technically broken up yet. Maybe the girls are right and I'll be pleasantly surprised. There's only one way to find out. Yet still he stayed at the door until the tension grew too much to take and he reluctantly knocked.


Glory had to open the door to let him in, and for a brief moment they stood extremely close to each other. Alan wanted to throw himself into her arms so badly that it hurt, and secretly she wished he would. But they had the willpower to stay apart. Glory returned to her chair behind her desk, while Alan pulled a chair up to the side of it.

She said in a rather bland voice, "So, Alan, how was your weekend?"

"It was all right. Had its ups and downs."

"That's good."

Alan thought, This is craziness! This feels like some boring private student evaluation or something, except that it's so false and so strained! Is this how we're going to interact from now on?


But Glory suddenly cut through the awkwardness. "Alan, let's get right to the point. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. A LOT of thinking. My mind hasn't changed since we discussed this last. There's just no way we can keep going ... physically. It's insanity."

She let out a sad laugh. "I was going to say 'romantically' but how can I say that when you have who knows how many other women in your bed more important to you than I am? To even talk about the position you've put me in is both humiliating and painful. I'm no good at breaking up. If I even see you, it breaks my heart. We just have to completely go our separate ways, at least for a few months, and try to keep our classroom interaction to a minimum."

Alan was silent for a while. Finally, he said, "I had a bad feeling that you would say something like that. And I don't blame you. I don't blame you at all. Maybe I'd do the same thing if I was in your shoes, because it's the logical thing to do. But sometimes love trumps all logic. Sometimes people find they just can't stay away from each other, no matter how insane it is to continue. I don't know what to say to convince you otherwise except that I love you-"

"DON'T," Glory nearly shouted as she winced painfully, but then continued in a calmer voice, "say that. Please."

"Why not? That's what this is all about: love. I think it pains you to hear it because you know it's true. And you know that you love me too."

"Oh God," Glory said as she wiped her cheeks of tears, "I promised myself I wasn't going to cry, and look at me already."

She paused to compose herself a bit, and then said in an incredulous and accusatory tone, "Just who ARE you, young man?! How is it that you can pull at a woman's heartstrings like that at only eighteen years old? Did you know that most of your classmates are only learning how to tie their shoes? I mean that nearly literally. Boys your age are complete emotional idiots, and girls aren't much better. But you make me cry so easily. Don't do that! Haven't you ever seen 'Casablanca'? Think about what happens at the end. Humphrey Bogart lets the woman leave with another man even though they are in love with one another, because he knows that it's for the best. That's what we have to do."

"Glory! Don't say that! I don't remember that movie too well, but I do recall there were lots of important external forces keeping them apart. Our case is different, because the only things keeping us apart are the blockades in your mind."

"Oh really? There is that minor little point of me being about to lose my job any day if we were to get caught," she said caustically.

"True. But you and I are smart. We could overcome that. For instance, we could just meet outside of school. The main thing is that you want an exclusive relationship, and you think that's the only way you'll ever be happy. But what if that isn't true? What if there are other ways to love than just purely monogamous relationships?"

"Ha! That's easy for you to say! It's not like we're talking just one other woman here, like a man with a wife and a mistress. No! We're talking practically about a whole goddamned harem! You just want to add me to your collection!" She lowered her voice and whispered accusingly in disgust, "And your own family members!"

Then, in a louder voice, she said sarcastically, "Life must be really tough for you, having to come to grips with having a harem. I feel your pain! If you can't have me, then what'll that leave you with, a 'mere' eight? Twelve? Twenty? Come on, what is it?"

"Glory, I've hidden some things from you in the past, because I was afraid of losing you. But now, no matter what happens, it's time to be totally honest. Do you REALLY want to know about all my other partners?"

She nodded. She couldn't help her own curiosity.

"Okay. This is probably going to destroy my last slivers of a chance for any good relationship with you, but I dream of our relationship being a very special and unique one, a bond of total honesty and trust. So I won't lie to you. Maybe I started too late, but I can't change the past. Okay."

He took a big breath, and then paused for a very long time. "Okay," he said again. "Here it is. You know now I'm sleeping with my sister. Well, I'm also sleeping with my mother." He looked up for a dramatic reaction, but Glory was poker-faced. He didn't know that she already knew this, thanks to her meeting with Suzanne over the weekend.

He was so surprised that he said, "Don't you have anything to say to that?"

"No. I've suspected that for a long time. Just look at her. She's a perfect beauty." It was true that she'd suspected such a thing for a long time - Suzanne had merely confirmed it.

"Well, there's more. Just over the weekend, a new arrangement was made. My girlfriend Amy and her mother Suzanne have also become family. So now I have two mothers and two sisters. It may not be legally binding, but it's pretty real to all of us. If you think about it, Suzanne has always been nearly as much my mother as Susan is, seeing as how I was adopted and both have known me since I was in diapers. So those are the main four. There are a few others, but they all pale in comparison to my new family. You're the only other one I deeply, truly love. In my dream of dreams I'd hoped that you would understand that I have these special, very loving relationships and be able to accept them."

Now it was Alan's turn to start crying. At "dream of dreams" he began tearing up and had a hard time getting the rest of the sentence out.

Glory was starting to react very negatively to this news, but when she saw him starting to cry she softened up a bit. She could tell that this idea of a sexual and loving family meant a lot to him.

He continued, "You may think that I'm only interested in sex, but you'd be so wrong. I don't know what 'it' is, but for some reason I now am loaded with 'it.' I could go out and create a giant harem now of the most amazing women, based purely on sex. But in the end, that would be hollow and meaningless. I think over time I would actually get bored and jaded with it. What really matters are the people I love. Sex is another way to share the love with the people closest to me and I can never get bored of that."

Glory said, "But it's not just those four, is it? You're having sex with many more. Girls like Heather. Just how many more are there?"

"That's true. I've had sex with a total of a dozen different women in my life, and most of them I remain in contact with. But I'd gladly give up all those others outside my family if that would make a difference to you. As amazing as some of them are, there are only two outside of my new family that I'd have trouble giving up, and that's because I think they honestly need me. And not just for sex, but for important psychological needs, too."

"One is a woman named... well, let's just call her 'B'." He was going to mention Brenda's name, but then he thought better of it.

Glory furrowed her brow. "'Bee?' Is that her real name or just an initial?"

"That's just something to call her. If you don't want me to tell her your name, then it's only fair that I don't tell you her name."

Glory grudgingly grumbled, "Fair enough."

He continued, "She's got a complicated background, but suffice to say that she has very deep psychological needs relating to her deceased mother, and it seems only I can satisfy those when it comes to certain things."

Glory felt her jealousy coming to the fore. "So, this bee, is she very beautiful?"

"Let's not go there, okay? What good does that do?"

She nodded reluctantly.

"Then there's Heather. Obviously, there's no point in hiding her name, since you know so much about her and our situation. As everyone knows, she's a complete bitch. But I think I can change her for the better."

Glory scoffed, "Through fucking."

"Yes. For some reason, when I have anal sex with her, it humbles her. She needs to learn humility. Desperately."

"And it just so happens that you're forced to have sex with the head cheerleader in order to be such a good Samaritan. My heart bleeds for you."

"Glory, please don't mock me. Back when I was a virgin, I thought that sex was just about achieving sexual satisfaction, but now I know there's so much more to it. All kinds of intense emotional things can happen. You've felt it with me. Did we not share some of the most wonderful, emotional, and transformative moments together when we were having sex?"

A sad look crossed her face and a lot of the anger and resentment seemed to drain out of her. "Yes, you know we did."

"Haven't we bonded through sex into something so much more than the relationship we had before? A new relationship based on total love?"

"Argh! Stop saying that! Yes, okay. That's true. But now those priceless memories seem so cheap when I think that you might have been experiencing the same thing with Heather or your own mother. Or should I say mothers? Alan, this is just too weird! You've just had too many intense and sexual relationships with too many other women. I'll never be able to deal with it. No!"

"But Glory, why does that matter? Can a parent only love one child? If a parent greatly loves one child, does that mean there's nothing left for the other child? No!"

He paused for some moments, and then continued, "Think how deep a family bond is, a good family bond. I can't change my relationship to Susan and the rest now. Do you expect me to go completely cold turkey on them, never see them again? Think of the anguish. Think of the pain if I simply can't hug my own mother anymore. Think of all the anguish you've been going through, and imagine that happening to them."

Glory thought about it, but didn't mind that much. "You have to do it. You can't continue with this perverse situation. You need a normal marriage. A normal monogamous life! Let me give you that!"

As soon as the words left her mouth, she thought, Oh my god! Did I just propose MARRIAGE to him? No! He's only eighteen! He's in HIGH SCHOOL! Good Lord, is that what I want? Alan, please let that comment slide because I don't even want to think about the implications!

To her great relief, he merely replied, "You don't understand! I don't have the choice to walk away. A monogamous relationship just isn't the cards I've been dealt in this life. It's not just good sex - I have responsibilities to them. Commitments have been made. They NEED me! Look at Amy's mother Suzanne for instance. She's been in a loveless marriage for years. She was the living dead, really unhappy on the inside, and didn't even realize it because she kept herself busy with all kinds of schemes. Then her romantic relationship with me started. Glory, you know I try to be modest, but it's a fact she's found the most intense love with me that she's ever known, or probably ever will know. She would be beyond crushed if I walked away. My mom's feelings, if anything, are even more intense. And if they blamed you for ending what we have? I hate to think what they would do."

Glory shuddered as she thought about the likes of the wily Suzanne getting revenge on her. But more than that, she was impressed at the depth of responsibility and commitment Alan felt for the others. She could tell he was very sincere about it.

He went on, "But more than that is the love. I love them and need them, and they feel the same about me. I know I'm incredibly lucky with my sexual situation, but there's so much more going on here. It's exactly the same situation with you. It's the same! I love and need you too, just as much as them! We're not just a couple of people having a hot sexual affair; we're in love! We should be together, always. You belong with me. With us, in our loving circle."

Glory put her hands over her ears as if the words caused her physical pain. She closed her eyes tightly and said, "You can't seriously be asking me to join your multiple partner, incestuous, bisexual family! I can't do that! I can't even look at you face to face; it's too painful!"

"That is what I'm asking. I love you and want to be with you the rest of my life."

She griped, "Besides, how would that work, with you going to UC Berkeley next fall? You're a good student, despite slacking off lately. I'm sure you'll get in." Alan had kept her appraised of his college application process all along, so she knew his preferred choices and his rough chances of being accepted.

He said, "I don't know! Frankly, I haven't thought everything through. But we could make it work somehow. You could move up to Berkeley and teach there!"

She scoffed, "Oh, great. That's a big sacrifice for you."

He gesticulated in frustration. "I don't know. Maybe we could compromise somehow. I'm sure we could make it work, because true love conquers all, and I love YOU."

"Stop saying that already!"

He reached across the small space that separated them and gently laid his fingers over hers. "But it's true. Do you doubt my love for you?"

He hesitated to say something several times and even stammered, then finally said, "Ah, what the hell. I might as well tell you. I've never really told you about my crushes in middle school or before. That's because there never were any. Sure, I thought some girls were cute, but I never felt anything strong enough that even made me want to go on a date. Maybe it's because I got interested in sex kind of late. Pretty ironic, given my life today."

He continued to explain with total sincerity, "But more than that, I think all those girls didn't really appeal to me much because they were just that: girls. There wasn't anything for me to talk about with them. You were the first female I fell for, and fell hard. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of deeply ingrained chemical or biological thing that happens to permanently mark that first love. I don't think there will be anyone, ever, who will make me feel like I feel when I see you. I know it sounds totally cornball, but my heart leaps every single time I see you. I do love you. So much."

Glory's eyes were open again, in complete amazement. She replied, "Stop saying that," but this time it was clearly meant as a joke. She was using humor in a desperate attempt to laugh to keep from crying. She was profoundly moved by the depth of his love, and stood up to hug and kiss him.


But as soon as she was out of her chair, she regretted the move. Not only was she afraid of losing all control as soon as they touched, but by suddenly standing she felt a breeze on her pussy and realized that her skirt had ridden up and she was showing everything down below.

She stood like a deer frozen in headlights for a few seconds, and then practically threw herself back into her chair. Luckily, he stood at the same time, and his eyes had never left hers, so she was fairly confident he didn't notice.

Nonetheless, she again cursed her choice of a short skirt and her failure to wear underwear. But that and the near hug reminded her of how impossible the whole situation was. She said, "I'm sorry. I knew I was your first serious crush, but I never realized just how deep it was and how much it's meant to you. That means a lot to me. But still..."

He sighed. "'But still.' I know. I know it'll take a long time for you to understand everything and feel comfortable with these ideas I'm putting out there. In the meantime, can't we at least remain friends?"

She looked at him pleadingly and helplessly. "I really, really want to, in theory. But in reality, you have a very strong sexual magnetism now. Do you know what you did to me during class today? Maybe it was my imagination, but you seemed to smell of cum, your very special and delicious brand of cum. I could barely control myself! Teaching the class was pure torture."

She thought again of how close she'd been mere moments before to a hug that certainly would have ended with him banging her right on her desk, and said, "Even now, my body is begging me to throw myself at you. We can't forget the past and all the intense, sexual moments we've shared. This is pure torture now as I speak! I want so much to be happy with you. But the only way I can realistically survive and carry on is to go completely cold turkey and bring our relationship outside the classroom to a complete halt. Otherwise I'll always be completely dependent on your strange sexual power over me."

She belatedly realized that they were still holding hands. In fact, they were squeezing each other's hand as if their lives depended on it. She reluctantly pulled her hand away.


Alan was stumped. Changing Glory's mind seemed hopeless. But then he decided to take a completely different tack, which was also completely heartfelt and true, but more desperate, in an attempt to keep at least some relationship going. "Let me be brutally honest. I'm the one completely dependent on you. Everything else aside, the fact is, my life is a hair's breadth away from total disaster. You're my only hope of salvation."

"How do you figure?"

"Glory, you're right. There does seem to be some kind of strange sexual thing going on with me. I don't know what it is. But the women I happen to love the most are all basically either submissive or passive types who seem to lose all willpower around me. The only exceptions are you and Amy's mom, and she seems to be getting overwhelmed, especially from my mom. There's no one to say no. It's approaching the point where I could start using my family as furniture. When I sit down to watch TV, I could literally tell my mother to be my naked footrest, and she'd do it! Now, I would never, ever do that to her, but it's so dangerously intoxicating to know that I could treat people like that! Yet, it's so very wrong! Sometimes I feel like my mind is slipping and I'm either going to go crazy or turn completely evil and abusive. Nobody should have that kind of power, because power corrupts, but I just can't trust myself to do the right thing all the time. I don't even know when too much is too much sometimes, anymore. I NEED someone to tell me no!"

He continued, "Look at my schoolwork situation. I missed half my classes today, and completely spaced out in the rest, as you certainly noticed. If I told my family that I was going to drop out of school tomorrow, not even Suzanne would try to stop me. She's too much of a hostage to her own lust."

His voice grew much more urgent. "You're the ONLY ONE out of the people I deeply love with the willpower to keep me on the right path. The very fact that you're telling me 'no' today shows me that you have the strength I need. Without your help, I can see my future, where sexual obsession leads me and my whole family to complete ruin."

He got down on his knees and begged. "Glory, I know that you're not ready to join my family, but don't leave my life completely! I can't make it without you!"

Glory was stunned by that, and just sat silently for a while. She recalled how Suzanne had said that he was thrust into a difficult situation not of his own making. She felt for his plight. She looked at him kneeling before her, and found her eyes drifting down to his shorts. Against her will, she was checking for signs of any bulges. She realized how wildly inappropriate that was and tore her eyes away. Then she said, "Sit back in your chair, young man. I don't like to see you like that."


While Glory had been checking out his package, his lower position gave him an accidental up close view of her legs and the space in between them. Even though she kept her knees close together and a hand on her lap to best protect her modesty, he was able to see some of the flesh between her legs.

He thought, I know it's totally inappropriate to think this right now, but am I seeing things, or is she not wearing any underwear? Maybe she's wearing flesh-colored pantyhose over her panties?

He returned to his chair and tried to keep his mind out of the gutter.

She thought some more. "I had an inkling about those kinds of problems, but I didn't realize their extent. I've been watching you slip into sexual abandon for a while now, and it's been worrying me. I can't bear to just stand aside and watch you drop out of school and out of life, becoming a sexually relentless terror to all women."

Her tone softened slightly as she looked at his earnest face. "You're such a good boy at heart, but you're right, power does corrupt. I want to help you, except for one thing. I don't know if I have the strength to resist you. What if I just totally lose it, and become, well, a sexual slave? That's what I feel like, sometimes. You're so emotionally intense! At times, I feel right on the verge of giving my whole soul to you. The fact that I love you so much makes you that much more sexually irresistible." She bowed her head down sadly. "I don't know if I have the strength you need."

He replied, "Maybe not, but I'm thinking that you and Suzanne can do it together. Right now, she's surrounded by submissives who are all pulling her one way. There's no one and nothing pulling her the other way. Together, you two can lean on each other."

Alan naturally didn't know about Suzanne's fantasy concerning Glory that she'd detailed to Susan a short while before, but if he did it would have served as an excellent case in point about how Suzanne was getting sucked into the submissive mind set. He also would have been completely appalled that even Suzanne would harbor such thoughts about Glory, even if only in fantasy. Worse, if he'd listened to the whole fantasy, he would have been both appalled and very aroused.

He continued, "It's not just a matter of saving me. It's like this new family is a new ship sailing off into uncharted waters, and we're all in danger of drowning. We're getting completely carried away by our lusts. But you're the missing piece. With you, we could right the ship and do great things that have never been done before. We could create a new kind of family and live lives few even dare to dream. That's one reason why it just feels so right that you belong with us."

Glory was hit by an epiphany. She thought back to her conversation with Suzanne, and remembered how Suzanne had told her that she thought they were fated to be best friends. Is this what she meant? That the two of us are the only ones with the necessary willpower, so we naturally have to support each other, and lean on each other, as Alan put it? Somehow, even though I've only met her once, I can imagine being best friends with her, and working with her as the family "backbone" for years to come. It's almost like I can see the future, the two of us, hand in hand, holding each other...


But as she thought this she recalled how attractive Suzanne was, radiating sexiness and desire so strongly that she began to get aroused just thinking about her pale face. She further recalled the hungry looks Suzanne had given her, and wondered if Suzanne secretly lusted after her. In her mind, their holding each other for mutual support turned into a more intimate embrace. She found herself looking up into Suzanne's shimmering green eyes as their lips drew closer. Somehow along the way their clothes disappeared, and Glory's C-cup breasts were swallowed up by Suzanne's soft yet firm G-cup mountains. Their faces came closer and closer together until their quivering lips were on the verge of touching...

Glory suddenly rebelled in disgust at the thoughts entering her mind, and tore herself free from her daydream. She thought, What is WRONG with me? I am NOT interested in women, period! But with Suzanne, who can blame anyone if they... What I mean is, she's so beautiful that any human being, male or female, can't help but desire her sexy, sultry body... It's as if she was one of the Greek goddesses come to Earth... A giant Amazon of pure lust ... holding and squeezing a mere mortal like me...

To her disgust, she realized she'd been drifting off again. She looked at Alan and saw he looked very puzzled by what had been her dreamy and distant gaze. She shook her head as if that would clear her mind, and protested to him, "But I'm not like them! I'm not bisexual. I wouldn't fit in..."

He answered, "I'm not asking you to do anything bisexual just to fit in. That would be wrong. Some people just are that way, and some people aren't. I'm sure they would gladly accept you in a loving but completely platonic way. You must know enough about them from all I've told you to realize they're very loving and understanding people. What's important is that you and I stay together, and my family stays together."

She refocused her thoughts and tried a different tack. "Look. Here's an idea. Your academic career is hanging at the edge of a cliff. Why don't I work with Suzanne to try to get that back in order? Between her at home and me here at school, we can use carrots and sticks to get you back on track. Lately, you've somehow been doing some homework, but it's been a pale reflection of the work you used to do. You can do better. Then, if that works, we can talk about tackling some of the other, bigger problems."

Alan was overjoyed. He jumped up to hug her.

But she recoiled at the prospect of the hug and said, "BUT! Wait! There's a 'but.'"

He stopped just before he reached her and listened.

"The condition, young man, is NO sex with me. Nothing. No hugs, no kisses, no touching, nothing. Frankly, I am very, very doubtful that I have the willpower to do even this. You want to know the truth? I was aroused and wet through the entire fourth period today. And when the class was over, I spent the lunch in a masturbatory frenzy, cumming over and over. Does that sound like the kind of woman with the willpower and strength you need? No! I should flee this whole city if I know what's good for me. I fear that you'll pull me into this sexual storm surrounding you, and I'll never get out. But I'm willing to risk it for you, because... because I love you."

He smiled and joked, "Stop saying that already!"

She laughed. "You see? That's the problem. You're just too damned lovable. Very funny. But you have to work with me, okay? Don't tempt me! Help me, okay? We have to help each other."

"Okay. You're right. I'm so relieved. I was so worried that this would be the last real conversation I'd ever have with you. This feels right. I still feel deeply that you and I should love each other in every way, but we should gather our strength first. Together, we're going to do it!" He reached forward to hug her, but stopped himself at the last moment. "Oh. Right. No touching. Sorry."

She nodded, her face both happy and sad at once.

He started walking to the door. "I'll just let myself out then. Thanks so much, Glory. You're the greatest!"

She remained in her chair after he'd gone. What have I done? "Willpower?" Ha! What willpower? I've just doomed myself to an endless future of frustration and misery. Tonight I know I'm going to be dreaming and masturbating about him yet again, just like last night. Then tomorrow I'm going to see him in class and my heart will leap up into my throat, but I won't be able to even share the smallest hug with him. Is there any other woman as unhappy and trapped between a rock and a hard-on as I am? But I can't stand by and watch him fail. I couldn't live with myself.

She paused. Wait! Did I just say "hard-on"? I meant "hard place." Hard PLACE! See? This is my problem! Why does he assume I'm not as sex-obsessed as the rest?

She raised herself off of her chair a little bit to adjust her skirt. She thought, Of all the days to forget to wear my underwear, why today? And with Alan getting down on his knees he must have seen everything! He'll think I'm a complete slut... But I'm going to prove him wrong. I will NOT let thoughts of fantastic sex overwhelm me. Willpower! I must have willpower!

As Alan closed the door behind him, he thought, Well, that wasn't a total disaster. I feel hopeful that maybe we can reach some kind of new understanding. But now I have to go from the frying pan into the fire. It's time to deal with the whole Dr. Fredrickson situation. Ugh! And so much more to do today. But no time to think - I've gotta run!

He ran to the front of the school, where he expected a ride would be waiting.


Brenda had already had a busy day. She'd spent much of it making changes to her house. Actually, one could hardly call Brenda's residence a house; the only word to describe it was "mansion." It had twelve bedrooms, two swimming pools, a hot tub, a sauna, and much more, sprawled across a three-acre estate that was completely surrounded by a high wall.

In the morning, workers had installed a video surveillance system in her mansion similar to the one that had been partially installed in the Plummer house over the weekend. As per Suzanne's suggestion, Brenda had cameras installed to monitor every well-used room (most of the vast building was mothballed), then set up the controls to look at the output in an empty room next to her son Adrian's bedroom (she'd wanted to put in right in his bedroom, which was part of Suzanne's original suggestion, but Suzanne ultimately decided that was too obvious).

Further, and also on Suzanne's advice, Brenda had cameras secretly installed in her son's room, and then put the controls to monitor that output in a large walk-in closet connected to her bedroom. There were no cameras installed to monitor that closet so she'd be able to look into Adrian's bedroom in complete secrecy. In short, the system was designed so she could monitor him at any time, while he could monitor her without knowing that she knew he was doing so.

Suzanne came over to the Hunter house for about an hour earlier in the day and helped Brenda instruct the workers on what to install, and where. Then a portion of the work crew went back to the Plummer house with both buxom ladies, and Suzanne gave them more installation directions there (cameras had only been installed in two rooms over the weekend, so they had to do the rest of the house). The installation went surprisingly quickly since the cameras were completely battery powered and wireless.

After that, Suzanne and Brenda went back to the Plummer house. Suzanne spent most of her time with Susan, so Brenda was left alone to clean the house. Strangely, Brenda had no interest in keeping her own mansion clean and used maids to do that, but she got a deep satisfaction out of cleaning for the Plummers.

Susan was so tired or occupied talking to Suzanne that Brenda didn't see a lot of her. They didn't even have one of their usual talks about Alan (and especially Alan Junior) that always ended in satisfying climaxes for both of them.

However, not long before Suzanne was to drive Brenda home, she watched her wiping the windows in the kitchen for a minute and then commanded her, "Strip. It's time for your spanking."

"Yes, my mistress!" Brenda was delighted, as she hadn't been expecting a spanking at all. She took her clothes off as fast as her hands could manage.

Her only disappointment was that she knew Susan was napping (again - she'd been sleeping off and on all day), which meant that she wouldn't be there for the spanking. Brenda knew that Susan would have gotten tremendously excited from watching it and would have kept up a lewd commentary until all three of them were whipped up into a froth of orgasmic delight.

Brenda was also disappointed that Suzanne seemed a bit subdued and distracted. Suzanne even kept her clothes on because she was feeling pressed for time (although she pulled her dress up to keep Brenda from getting it wet with her copious sexual fluids).


But these were minor quibbles. For one thing, Brenda was high from lust even before it started if only because of the fact that Suzanne was doing it. She was in awe of Suzanne's power and authority. The very fact that Suzanne kept her clothes on was a big turn-on for Brenda because it made her feel that much more submissive and helpless to be lying across the lap of a fully dressed woman.

And while Suzanne wasn't on the same submissive wavelength as Susan and Brenda, she knew very well how to push Brenda's buttons, due to all her recent experience with Susan.

For instance, Brenda asked as the spanking started, "Why am I getting this spanking? What did I do?"

Suzanne simply replied in a dominating voice, "Because I say so."

Brenda's dripping pussy turned into a gushing flood as soon as she heard that.

Then Suzanne simply fondled Brenda for a while, pulling on one long nipple and then the other while running her other hand over her bare ass.

As she did that, she commented, "Look at you, Brenda. You're a grown woman. There's no doubt about that." She cupped one of Brenda's huge dangling boobs to emphasize that point. "You're a millionaire, a multi-millionaire in fact. You're smarter than most people realize, and of course you're very beautiful. And yet, here you are, lying naked across my lap like some naughty little girl getting punished for making a boo boo."

Brenda blushed at that, but shivered lustily.

Suzanne continued, "Despite all your money, you're completely powerless, aren't you? Any time I want, I can order you to strip naked just because I feel like it. I can spank your bare bubble butt to my heart's desire. I can order you to lick my pussy or my asshole any time, day or night. Can't I?"

"Yes, Mistress!" Suzanne's words were arousing her even more than her roaming caresses.

"But even I have a master, don't I? You have to obey him above all. What if you were walking across a courtyard in a busy shopping mall, full of people, and Alan sees you there and points to his crotch. What would you do?"

"I'd drop to my knees, unzip his fly, and suck him off, Mistress!"

"NO!" Unexpectedly, Suzanne slapped Brenda's ass with a single hard whack. Then she explained as she tenderly rubbed the spot she'd just turned pink, "Almost. You have the right idea, but first you pull your top down below your nipples, if not take all your clothes off altogether. Always suck him topless, always!" She emphasized that point with another hard slap on Brenda's other ass cheek.


"YES, Mistress, YES!" Brenda could picture the scene easily, with crowds of scandalized shoppers gathering round as she licked and sucked with every trick she had, hoping to make him cum before the mall security guards arrived. She pictured dozens of hard erections in every direction as every gawking man, and quite a few of the women, stood in awe of her mammoth tits and total cocksucking obedience.

She didn't know if Suzanne really meant it or if she was just saying that to arouse, but she rather hoped that she meant it.

Suzanne could see Brenda's body was wiggling about more than before, and her moans were getting louder. She momentarily paused her nipple pulling to bring that hand up to Brenda's mouth. "Looks like my little scenario has gotten you hot for cock, hasn't it? You're wishing you really were at the mall, sucking on his fat one in front of a lot of strangers, aren't you?"

Brenda nodded in frantic agreement.

"Here." Suzanne stuffed four clumped together fingers into Brenda's mouth. "Unfortunately, my Sweetie isn't here now, so that'll have to hold you for a while." She pumped her fingers in and out of Brenda's eager mouth for a couple of minutes while playing with Brenda's pussy lips and clit with her other hand.

The anticipation built up and up and up. Brenda knew that Suzanne could start the spanking in earnest at any moment, and her body craved Suzanne's firm hand so much that her whole body writhed in Suzanne's lap and her legs kicked up in the air.

Knowing that Brenda was putty in her hands, Suzanne asked a rather obvious question, just to further arouse her. "So, are you Alan's slave now?"

"YES!" Brenda shouted, even before Suzanne had quite finished the sentence.

"Hold on, not so fast." Suzanne stopped kneading Brenda's left ass cheek and plunged two fingers into Brenda's hot, soaked box. "I don't just mean a playing around when you're having sex kind of slave, I mean a REAL slave. I mean total submission. I mean, if he wants to keep you naked and in chains twenty-four hours a day, your only reply would be 'Yes, Master.'"

"AAAIIIIEEE!" Brenda found that idea so appealing that her whole body started bucking like a bronco over Suzanne's lap. A great orgasm washed over her. But even before her body started to recover from that, Suzanne's hand flew down and the spanking began.

Suzanne knew she had Brenda exactly where she wanted her now. Her hands alternated between pulling on Brenda's nipples, pumping in and out of Brenda's pussy, and raining down more slaps onto Brenda's wide bubble butt. She could keep her in a pretty much constant state of arousal and repeated orgasms for as long as she wanted.

Naturally, Brenda loved that, even as she half seriously worried that she might orgasm to death.

Her disappointment came when Suzanne stopped after only ten or fifteen spanks. She was hoping there would be at least fifty, if not 100 or more.

"Awww," Brenda whimpered, once Suzanne's hands stopped moving. "Is that all? Don't stop. Please! Please, don't stop!"

"Sorry," Suzanne replied, "but I just realized that you're messing up my clothes. Even after I pulled up my dress, you're flooding everywhere! You're so cute and feminine looking, but you sweat like a pig. You're gonna ruin the carpet and the sofa, and more. Besides, it's time to take you back home."

"NoooOOOOoooo!" Brenda whined like a spoiled little brat. She panted between labored breaths, "Tell me more... about... my master... Slave... Chains... Master Alan... Slave... In chains..."

Suzanne resumed fondling Brenda's dangling tits, despite her intention to get going already. "You want Master Alan to enslave you with iron chains? Maybe some shackles around your ankles and wrists? Maybe even a heavy iron collar around your neck? Would you like him to bend you over and fuck you doggy-style like that? Like you're some kind of slave on an ancient sailing ship?"


Brenda was so excited that she couldn't answer - she was doing all she could not to hyperventilate. She had a crystal clear mental image of herself standing in front of her master, naked except for high heels, an iron collar, and chains binding her wrists together loosely. She got her fantasies intermingled a bit, because she pictured herself in middle of a shopping mall court yard, facing the stares of many strangers.

But Suzanne knew Brenda's answer just the same from the excited trembling all over Brenda's body. She pondered out loud, half-seriously, "Hmmm. I wonder where we could buy some chains like that. Maybe on eBay I could buy some real shackles that had been used on actual slaves back in the 1800s. Would you like that?"

"Oh please! Please, please, please! I'll pay! Anything! But spank me! More! Please! Spank me!" She wiggled her slightly reddened ass hopefully.

Suzanne thought, Brenda's got some weird fetishes. I can't believe I'd actually aid and abet her shackle desire. Hell, I put the whole thing into her head. I have to admit that I get off on picturing Brenda a slave, but me? No way! I'll admit I get somewhat submissive sometimes, but not THAT much!

She sighed in frustration as she forced herself to pull her hands away from Brenda's huge tits. "Dammit! This is fun. I could play with you all day, and I really do mean that. You're just so helpless and orgasmic and fuckable. But unfortunately, time's a-wasting. We've got to get you cleaned up and out of here. So get up. That's an order!"

Suzanne looked down at her body after Brenda had gotten off it. She could see her own pussy and bush since her dress was still pulled up around her waist. She hadn't actually climaxed herself, but she could see that she certainly had gotten quite wet. She couldn't fully relate to Brenda's fantasies, but she certainly had fun pushing her mental buttons and playing with her body.

But Alan was to arrive home from school shortly. Suzanne had no choice to rouse Susan so she could drive to school to pick up the three kids while Suzanne drove Brenda back to her mansion.

That's why Brenda was disappointed by the spanking. Even though it had been great, it had been short, and it could have been so much more. She lamented that it could have been just the start of hours of incredible, mind-bending sex.


Back at school, Susan was waiting out front in the driver's seat of the family's minivan, keeping an eye on the traffic.

Amy was sitting in the front passenger seat and Katherine was sitting in the back, looking out for Alan and expectantly waiting to hear how his meeting with Glory had gone.

His eyes lit up as she saw three of the women he loved most waiting for him in the car. He thought as he walked towards them, Ah. Family. Family love. Whatever happens, it'll all work out as long as our family sticks together.

He got into the back seat. Amy leaned back from her spot in the front passenger's seat to give him a quick kiss, but the other two were unable to do that in public.

As soon as he closed the door and Susan started to drive away, all three women started asking him at once how his meeting with Glory went.

Even though they talked over each other, he gathered the gist of their questions and replied, "It didn't go great, but not terrible either. I guess I should be pleased, considering how it could have gone. She called a halt to anything romantic or sexual for the time being, but I expected that. The good news is, she still wants to try to be friends. Well, kind of. At least she wasn't rejecting the idea completely. And she's going to try to help me get some things in my life back in order. Mom, as amazing as last night was, we can't go on like that for long. We still have to deal with real life. School! Friends! I can't just give up everything for sex. Glory is necessary for my sanity."

They would have liked to talk about that some more, but Alan was tired of talking. In fact, he was tired all around. He'd been riding on emotional adrenaline all during his talk with Glory, but now that it was over, his body was ready to crash. He said, "Sorry, but I'm wiped out and need to rest." He rolled his seat back and prepared to sleep.

But as he closed his eyes, Susan asked him, "Tiger, this may seem like a strange question, but are you sure it's okay that Brenda has sex with her son, Adrian?"

He opened his eyes, puzzled. "Mom, why are you asking me that? I thought we'd agreed on that already."

"Mommy, please."

"Sorry. Mommy, why?"

"I know, we did discuss it, but the more I think about it, the more I fear we're making the wrong choice. I mean, sure, I love the idea of sharing the incest joy with Brenda and her son. And I still firmly believe that good mommies should show their love for their sons with lots of daily cocksuckings, assuming their sons are of the right age, of course. But then I think about her loyalty and subservience to you, and isn't that more important? A master can't share any of his slaves. It just isn't done."

"Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don't have any slaves?" He grew more alert, realizing this needed serious consideration. Plus, he welcomed a discussion about Brenda since he figured that would get his mind off Glory for a while. "But I see what you mean. Sharing Brenda like that IS pretty much just asking for trouble. But that's partly why I'm in favor of the idea."

Katherine, sitting next to him, gave him a startled look. "Doink! What did you say?!"

He sighed heavily. "I know, I know, it's weird. But I feel like it's cosmic karma or something, like I've got to do this. Everything has gone so right for me lately that it's crazy. It's way off the scales. Real life doesn't work like that. What goes up must come down; the harder they come, the harder they fall; etcetera, etcetera."

Amy quipped from the front passenger seat, "You mean cum spelled C U M, right?"

Katherine giggled. "If that's true then he's gonna fall off the Empire State Building, 'cos Bro cums really hard, every time!"

Amy added, with her own sweet giggling, "And then he squirts all over our faces!"

"Mmmm! Yum!" Katherine and Amy high-fived each other, right across the center of the car.

He rolled his eyes. "You two. You're both so..."

Katherine smirked, "I believe the word you're looking for is 'uppity.'"

He grinned at that. "True. But you see? This is the thing. Even this joking around is making me so happy that my heart soars. I feel incredibly loved and well taken care of. And sexually? Good grief, I'm so taken care of that I feel this constant nagging guilt that I need to give more back in return."

Susan said from the front, "Hush! I hate it when you say that. That's so untrue! I would rather suck your cock than have you go down on me. Not that I don't mind the latter as occasional variety, but I guess it just shows how very much I love slurping on Alan Junior." She smiled at him through the rear view mirror.

Amy suggested, "Hey, I think sixty-nines could be a neato win-win."

He said, "Good point. However, we're getting kind of sidetracked here. My point is, I'm not really a big believer in any aspect of the supernatural, but I think there are natural rhythms to life, and if we ignore them, we suffer. Like, if things are going too well, we overreach, and then we have a setback or even a downfall. That's not supernatural, that's just basic human nature. Look at me. I'm totally overreaching now, just by thinking I can handle this insanely overlarge harem."

Katherine pounced on that. "A-ha! He calls it a harem. He admits it!" She and Amy shared another high-five.

He rolled his eyes again. "Why are you two happy about that? And no, I didn't admit anything, it's just that I'm tired and I can't think of a better word. But let's not get sidetracked again. My point is, I guess it's human nature to have problems. I think we're basically problem solvers, and if we don't have problems already, we tend to make up new ones. So, if I'm gonna have problems anyway, it's better I get to pick the problem now, and pick one that will benefit Adrian in a big way."

Katherine said, "Brother, that's really screwed up logic. I kind of agree with you about people needing problems. I mean, I consider myself a good Christian, but I don't think Heaven is just people wearing white robes and standing around on clouds all day, playing the harp and praising the Lord. That's such a cartoonish, immature view of things. If it were like that, everyone would be bored to tears after the first day. People do need challenges. But that doesn't mean you have to go literally shooting your own foot!"

Susan piped in. "Yes, Son. Note Angel said 'challenges.' That's not exactly the same as 'problems.' Setting a goal for yourself isn't really a problem, unless you look at it in a negative way. I'm sure that just maintaining your large harem and keeping all of your women feeling happy and well loved will be a constant challenge for you. I know you'll handle it wonderfully, but why don't you see how busy that keeps you first before you go making things even more difficult?"

Amy turned back to look at him and added, "Yeah!"

He replied, "That's all very wise. I agree with all of you. But somehow this just seems like the right thing to do. For one thing, I keep thinking about Adrian. I know I don't know him from Adam. Heck, I've never met him and I haven't even seen a picture of him, so I don't know what he looks like. But maybe it's because I don't know what he looks like that I tend to think of him as me, only the me before all this sexual roller coaster ride began. Back when I'd never even kissed a girl. I think about how my life was supposed to go if it weren't for some totally improbable events. I mean, that whole 'Six Times a Day' diagnosis. How unlikely is that?"

He continued, "Back then, of course I lusted after you all, and Aunt Suzy too. I tried to deny it, I tried not to masturbate thinking of any of you, but many times I just couldn't help myself. I never, ever would have acted on my feelings if it were just up to me and I hadn't been hit by some kind of lightning bolt of awesomeness. But what happened happened, and now my life is so great that it's futile to even try to describe its greatness."

Amy suggested with a grin, "How 'bout doublesuperultrawonderorgasmo-megafantastigigantogreatarrific?"

He smiled widely at that. "You're getting there, better than I could. How did 'orgasmo' get in there, by the way?"

But before she could reply, he said, "Wait a sec. I'm getting distracted again. My point is, Aunt Suzy has talked to me here and there about Adrian's tale of woe. It sounds like the kid has suffered, big time, and through no fault of his own. And he totally lusts after his sexy, busty mom! Boy, can I relate to that."

He looked back and forth between Amy in the front seat and Katherine cuddling next to him. "You guys, you have NO IDEA how much I've changed, mentally, since we've started all this sexual fun. I used to be uncertain, shy, and lacking in confidence. Just like Adrian is now. My God, that day I tried to ask Christine out, I really thought I would throw up, I felt so miserable and nervous. But now, I'm literally bursting with confidence!"

Amy played dumb while slyly grinning. "Kat, is 'confidence' another word for 'cum'? 'Cos I know he's definitely bursting with that!"

"Good one!" Katherine high-fived Amy across the center of the car again. She added cheekily, "Yes. Yes it is."

Alan gave her a withering look. "No, it's not. But I'll admit there is a connection, because thanks to my sexual success, I feel like I can handle anything. Maybe that's what leads to the overreach thing I was talking about before. But in any case, this change I've gone through is a truly great thing. I want Adrian to feel that. I want him to make the same kind of transformation I made. Kind of like the 'pay it forward' idea. I just know that if he has sex with his mother, his life will never be the same. I'm not saying that's true for all boys, or even most of them. Heck, probably very few should do that. But how many boys have a mom like Brenda? The whole situation in their house, it's like it's ripe for an erotic incest adventure."

Susan spoke up. "Son, I agree with all that. And it warms my heart to see you caring about a total stranger like that. That just proves to me all over again that you're the loving, kind boy who's worthy of our love and attention. But, that said, you're setting things up for a collision."

"I know! Believe me, I know! But I feel like it HAS to happen. After all, if I was Adrian and I had a mother as hot as Brenda, what kind of tragedy would it be if I didn't fuck her? Hell, what am I talking about? I DO have a mother as hot as Brenda and then some, and thank goodness I AM fucking her!"

Susan giggled like a schoolgirl, pleased as punch with his compliment. "What a charmer!" Still driving, she briefly turned to look at him flopped out in the back seat, and said, "I wish I didn't have to drive so I could crawl back there and suck your cock all the way home!"

Katherine quipped, "And how would that be different from how you were feeling just before he complimented you?"

Susan giggled. "Good point. Still, it gets me so HOT! Amy, do you want to drive?"

"Um, no," Amy replied. "Just, um, focus on driving, m'kay? I think he's moving into a resty mode, and we should let him do that."

Alan pondered the Brenda situation a bit more, even as his eyelids felt heavy and he closed them. "I've given this a fair amount of thought, ever since this idea was suggested to me. Here's how I think things will play out. Brenda and Adrian will have sex before too long. They'll both love it because it's something they both crave. Brenda, for instance, has some weird issues with her own mom and spanking and such that gave her some kind of strange incest craving itch that needs to be scratched. Aunt Suzy explained it all to me. So that'll happen for sure. And then things'll change. Adrian will grow up fast, especially sexually. He can't just play the victim anymore and let life wash over him."

Katherine pointed out, "He's gonna find out about you before too long, you know. And then he'll be pissed and jealous and out to get you."

"I know, believe me. And if he were some kind of psycho brute, I would look at this in a different way. But he seems like a basically nice, gentle kind of guy, based on all I've heard. So I'm not too worried about him. Instead, I think he's gonna feel like he has to step up his game to win his mother. And no matter what happens from there, that's gonna change his life for the better."

Amy asked, "But what if he quickly decides that he can't beat you, and he just gives up altogether? Won't that makes things worse?"

"No!" Invigorated by this point, Alan opened his eyes again and sat up a bit. "Here's the thing: sex is awesome! That's what I didn't have a clue about, back when I was a virgin. I thought masturbation was close enough for horseshoes, but it's not. Maybe fucking for some people is just okay, if they really don't know what they're doing, or they've got physical problems, or they're mean and selfish, or whatever. But with a woman like Brenda, or any of you? It's so great that everything else pales in comparison! Once Adrian experiences that, he can't go back to just moping around. And if he does, we can always stage a secret intervention and find him someone else to have sex with who'll excite him. I know there's going to be a lot of heartache and suffering here, for him, for Brenda, and probably for me, but in the end it'll be worth it, if only because it'll completely turn his life around."

Katherine asked, "But what if the opposite happens and he goes all out to win Brenda, and he actually makes progress with that? Either he wins her over completely or he at least mucks things up to the point that Brenda can't decide between you and him. And in the worst case, things are stuck in limbo indefinitely, with everyone miserable about the situation."

Alan replied, "That may happen. He's got the mother-son attraction thing going for him, and that's a very powerful thing indeed. But I welcome the challenge. Maybe it's something that not only Adrian needs, but Brenda needs too. She sorta fell into our group in a heartbeat. It was easy, maybe too easy. How does she really feel about me? How strong are her feelings? I think it's healthy if she gets tested, and at some point she has to make a decision. Either she decides that yes, this submissiveness thing is what she wants, or she decides that this is just a passing phase and she wants to be with her son in every way. If she chooses to stay with me, then we'll all know that she's for real, and she's here for the long term. She can truly become one of us. Or, if she chooses Adrian, then it's good to know that she wasn't for real sooner rather than later. Plus, maybe my harem, er, group, is too big, and if it's one smaller, that has its advantages, so I won't be too stretched out. So I kind of feel that whatever happens happens, and that'll be for the best."

"That's good, dear," Susan said. "I didn't realize you'd thought this through to that extent. That makes me feel better about the whole thing. I'm sure that if we trust in God, everything will work out, eventually."

Alan didn't like the God mention, but he decided not to stir up trouble by complaining about that.

Katherine asked Susan, "That said, who are you rooting for in this, Alan or Adrian?"

Susan said, "If you put it that way, I have to say my son, of course!"

Amy asked, "But aren't you pro-incest?"

"I am! Well, in the abstract, at least. I think busty, sexy mommies should fuck their sons, unless they've promised their bodies to special masters in the way Suzanne has. Having sex with Brad is a complete non-starter, for instance. The mere idea makes me ill, and even for Suzanne it could never happen. Harems can't work with more than one master, and of course we can't forget The Pact. The Pact! Why, I get all hot just thinking about it!"

Katherine asked, "Then doesn't Brenda fall under the same exception as Aunt Suzy?"

"Yes, but Tiger gave his permission for an exception to the exception. Besides, I do know how much Brenda wants to have sex with her own son. I tell you, I'm still very torn about this! What do you girls think?"

The three women continued to discuss the issue. Katherine and Amy admitted that they had mixed feelings on the matter too.

But Alan had trouble paying attention. He mumbled, "I can't believe we're talking about this kind of stuff as we drive through town." He fell asleep seconds later.


Susan waited a couple of minutes to make sure he was asleep, and then she called Brenda on her cell phone. "Brenda? Good news! He gives the thumbs up!"

Unknown to Alan, Susan and Suzanne had decided to wait a while for Alan to "sleep on the decision" before giving Brenda the final go-ahead to start seducing Adrian. This was the call Brenda had been waiting for.

Susan smiled while listening to screams of happiness. "He's thought about it a lot, and he really is okay with it. He says it's only right that a mother as hot as you should fuck her son. He also admits that the decision is his alone since he has total control over your body."

She suddenly pulled the phone from her ear as Brenda screeched with loud excitement. She smiled and waited for Brenda to calm down.

Amy muttered, "Um, Aunt Susan? Alan didn't exactly say that."

"Close enough," Susan muttered back to Amy.

Then she put the phone back to her ear and replied to Brenda's latest squeals of joy. "I know! It IS exciting! He's so wise. I wish we could talk about it for ages and 'get squishy' together, but I'm driving. I've got to go and call Suzanne to tell her... Oh, you're going to call her now? Tell her for me then, okay? ... See you later. And congratulations, you son-fucker, you!"

Amy rolled her eyes at Susan's exaggerations. But since Susan was obviously having such a great time, she didn't make any more complaints.

Katherine whispered to Amy, "Um, if Brother has 'total control' over Brenda's body, and Brenda's into that, then why should she be having sex with Adrian in the first place? It doesn't make sense to me."

Amy nodded, and whispered back, "I know. The whole thing seems pretty weird. I think Alan's right about one thing, though: this is just like going out of your way to ask for trouble! I kinda feel this is bound to end badly, no matter what."

Katherine sadly nodded in reply.


It was almost torture for Brenda when Suzanne dropped her off and then drove away. She wished she never had to leave the Plummer house. She wished even more that she never had to leave the comfort of lying in Suzanne's lap with her mistress's hands roaming all over and spanking her.

But then she felt emotional whiplash as she walked back into her house and remembered Adrian. For a time, especially during the spanking, she'd completely forgotten about him. Her only goal had been pleasing her master and Suzanne and her other mistresses. She felt guilty.

How can I serve both Alan and Aidy? Has such a thing ever been done? I can't give up either of them! I need them both, though in different ways. I know I haven't known Alan for long, but he, and the rest of his harem, complete me. And Aidy! He's my son! Of course I'll always love him totally. It's okay if he fucks me for a few weeks or months. Master approves, and Aidy really does need it.

Uncertainty over what might happen with her son made her feel uneasy. She wanted to seduce Adrian, but only if Alan approved. She'd been told that Alan had given his initial thumbs up, but she'd also been told to wait until he gave his "final approval" before actually taking action. The worry that Alan might not give that approval had been gnawing at her for days. She kept wondering how many nights Alan needed to "sleep on it," and she pestered Susan to press him on the issue. Susan had agreed to ask him about it when she picked him up from school, so Brenda was on pins and needles as she waited by the phone for the answer. She knew the result, whatever it was, would have a major impact on the entire rest of her life.

She tried not to think at all about what she'd do if Alan didn't give his okay. That was just too horrible to contemplate. Just thinking about it nearly made her ill.

Finally the call came through, minutes before Adrian himself was due home.

Brenda felt a great sense of relief when she heard the happy answer. It was no wonder that she'd shrieked so loud and long that it hurt Susan's ears.

In a flash it seemed that her life became clear to her. My goal in my sexual life first and foremost will always be to please my master. Then I must please my mistresses. Then I must please my son. If there's a conflict, like an emergency or something, my son naturally must come first since I'm his only mother. But when it comes to my sexual duties, nothing is more important than serving my master! I am first and foremost Adrian's MOTHER. Yet also I am first and foremost Alan's SEX SLAVE. Those two roles don't have to conflict. I'm going to have to work to make sure there are no conflicts, and one way to do that is to keep everybody well fucked.

She'd been wearing a decent amount of clothing since Suzanne had dropped her off, but now she pulled her top down and thrust her bare chest out proudly. She was inspired by Susan in this and even tried to imitate the exact same chest thrust that Susan was so fond of doing.

She pulled on her nipples with both hands, which happily reminded her of what Suzanne had done to her a short time before. From now on, I'm going to be living on my back with my legs spread. I'll go to "work" to get fucked by the Plummers, then come home to get fucked by my son! How perfect! I am a big-titted nympho designed by God to fuck and be fucked. That is the most important truth. I have some smarts, and that's good and very useful. But it's my big tits and the rest of my curvy body that defines me, defines my role. I feel so content to finally understand, down to the bottom of my soul!

What an incredible relief! If I can seduce my son, the last piece will fall into place and everything will be as it should be, at least for a while. Having sex with Aidy can't last, since my ultimate loyalty and servitude lies with my master. But I can enjoy it to the fullest while it does. I can't wait to get started!

Brenda poured herself a glass of wine and then turned her attention to seducing her son. She could hardly wait another second for Adrian to come home so she could jump his bones as soon as he walked in the door. But she remembered recent advice from Suzanne, and realized she needed to use patience and take it step by step.

Suzanne had already figured out how things between Brenda and Adrian would go after Alan's initial thumbs up. So on Sunday, she had laid out the first stages of the seduction when she told Brenda, "We're going to help you seduce your son, but you have to lay the groundwork. Starting from now on, I want you to dress provocatively around him. Since your husband has left you and it's just the two of you living together now, there's no reason why you shouldn't start dressing like the sexpot you are. When you go home tonight, spend the rest of the evening dressed in sexy black underwear and nothing else. If he asks you why, tell him that now that your husband is gone, you've decided you just want to be lazy and dress casually. If he's even the tiniest bit heterosexual, he's not going to complain."

However, Brenda ended up going back to the Plummer house for most of Sunday night, and so she hadn't been able to put Suzanne's exact plan into motion. The sexy black underwear remained in her closet. The only thing she had accomplished was that she'd told Adrian about plans for the new security system over a quick dinner. He'd been fine with it, and didn't seem to grasp the sexual possibilities it offered.

Brenda figured she could take Suzanne's seduction advice for Sunday night and use most of it for today. But as the minutes continued to pass while she waited, her mood shifted again from euphoria after the phone call to a growing nervousness. She poured herself another glass of wine and quickly downed it. Then she went upstairs and changed into the black and lacy underwear.

Still, she remained nervous. Her main concern was that, no matter what happened, her relationship with her son would change forever. She had only been married to her current husband for the past seven years, and their ongoing falling out had been long and painful. Adrian had never really had a good father figure in his life, so he'd latched onto her completely. One could call him a "momma's boy," because he doted on her (fittingly, he actually called Brenda "Momma"). They loved and depended on each other very much. If something went wrong with the seduction and their relationship ruined, she would be crushed and he probably would be hit even harder.

She consoled herself that at least she'd been laying the groundwork for his seduction lately. Ever since her own sexual awakening had begun with her attendance at the Plummer's weekly poker games, she'd started acting differently back home in her mansion. She'd always dressed very conservatively as a matter of habit, in order to cut down on the incredible level of attention her gargantuan boobs gave her. But she'd started dressing more scantily at home as the weeks went by and her mores changed and her resolve to seduce her own son increased.

Her personality had changed rather dramatically too. She'd been tense and hot-tempered, but as she discovered her true submissive and sexual nature, a great peace of mind came over her. Her frequent temper tantrums disappeared and were replaced by a near constant smile.

Adrian had noticed these changes, but he wasn't the only one to notice. Brenda was so rich that the mansion had a support staff. It was made up of a gardener, a handyman, an accountant, and so forth. She rarely interacted with most of the servants on a day-to-day basis, but had a close relationship with one of them, an elderly woman by the name of Anika. Brenda had married into great wealth, but her family was reasonably rich as she grew up as well, and Anika had been the cook and maid for the family long before Brenda was born. Anika was sixty-six years old now, but she'd followed Brenda and preferred working for her over retiring, since she'd never known anything else but working for the same family her whole adult life.

Anika was very wrinkled and shrunken, and she spoke with a heavy accent (she'd moved to the U.S. from Austria as a teen). She was much more than a maid to Brenda: even though she was very stiff, formal, and gruff, she had become Brenda's personal confidante and close friend. She'd seen Brenda's teenage infatuation with her mother Anna with her own eyes, and now she could see that Brenda had a growing infatuation with Adrian. On Saturday, she'd confronted her about it. Brenda confessed everything, including all that had been happening with Alan and the rest of the Plummers.

To Brenda's great surprise, Anika was perfectly fine with all of Brenda's shocking revelations. As Anika put it, "Pootikins," - that was her pet name for Brenda which she'd called her ever since she'd dressed her in diapers - "you know I didn't mind your attraction for your mother. In fact, I even helped you out at times, helping you get sneak peeks and such. It vas fun." (Strangely, her accent made her pronounce most v's as w's, and most w's as v's.) "Vhy should I care now? You're easily the happiest I've ever seen you. No, I take it back. Dees is the happiest I seen you since you vere sixteen."

Anna had died suddenly not long after Brenda turned seventeen, so she referred to when Brenda's incestuous infatuation was in full bloom. "If I knew how much you loved spankink, I'd take you over my lap myself, eef it veren't for my damnable arthritis."

"Do you really mean that? Are you really okay with it?"

"Ya. Vhen you vere a teenager I vas shocked at first vhen I saw you and your momma Anna become so close to each other. The sparks vere flying! But you two loved each other so much, it vas so natural, so meant to be. The vey her face glowed vhen she spanked you, and your face - oh! It still gives me shifers! I vas so sad dat she passed avay before you two vere able to efen kiss on the lips. If you can find dat kind of love and happiness again, I'll be so happy for you."

Anika held Brenda's hand and the two of them had a good cry, leaning against each other, supporting each other. Both of them cried in memory of Brenda's prematurely deceased mother.

So, after that conversation, Brenda's seduction of Adrian became much easier to carry out. For one thing, Anika was around the house almost every evening, cooking dinner, cleaning up afterwards, and so on. In fact, she lived elsewhere in the mansion, ready to respond to any need for help, even in the middle of the night. Now, instead of being an impediment and constant security worry to Brenda's sexual plans, she could actually be a seduction co-conspirator of sorts.

But even with encouragement from Anika, Susan, and Suzanne, plus the crucial last-minute approval from Alan, Brenda was still beside herself with worry when she heard Adrian come home from school around three-thirty. Adrian went to the same high school as Alan, but they'd never met since Adrian was in a lower grade and was an introverted, wallflower type.

At the last minute, she'd decided that lacy underwear wasn't sexy enough. Sure, it looked great, especially in contrast to her light and slightly pinkish skin, but it was hard to come up with a good excuse to take the bra off. So she'd changed into something she thought would work even better to get her son excited.


Adrian walked into the vast living room, threw down his backpack, and then looked at his mother. He'd been growing used to her more casual style of dress, but today was a real shock: She wore a short black strapless dress and was all made up as if she was about to go to a party. But the dress just barely managed to cover her pussy and her nipples. In fact, the dress was so inadequate that both her mighty orbs were all but bursting out. The aureole could clearly be seen even with Brenda standing still. If she were to move around, it was almost guaranteed both nipples would pop completely out. The one inch of fabric below her pussy also could only protect her decency if she stood straight and still.

Adrian openly gawked. He'd always had a strong sexual attraction for his mother (as Suzanne noted, what heterosexual male wouldn't be attracted to Brenda?), but he'd never expected to see her like this. He started to tremble and blush. He was so surprised that he didn't notice she was trembling with excitement too.

However, Brenda pretended complete cluelessness about how much she was showing. Using her favorite nickname for him (out of several she had), she asked, "Aidy, how was your day?"

That was his usual cue to walk to her for his daily welcome back home kiss and hug, something he always looked forward to. But now he walked with great fear. Adrian wasn't nearly as good at rolling with the punches as Alan was, or even Sean was. His whole body shook, and his erection stuck out like a steel bar in his short shorts.

Brenda walked most of the way to him to close the distance, since he was reacting so slowly. She gave him a very innocent kiss on the cheek, and then a friendly hug. She knew she had to take things one step at a time, partly because that's what Suzanne commanded her to do, but also because Adrian clearly needed some time to adjust. His forehead was throbbing so intently that he looked ready to pop a vein, yet she'd only started toying with him.

She looked at her son's eyes and realized she didn't need to actively do anything more at the moment since Adrian was bound to get more generous eyefuls as her dress naturally fell away. Indeed, as they hugged, the half-cups of her dress that had been barely covering her nipples dropped further down, just as she'd expected they would. And given the natural state of Brenda's nipples - elongated and hard even when she wasn't aroused - they pushed deeply into her son's chest. But she was very aroused at the moment, so they were even longer and pushed into him even deeper. His chest seemed completely enveloped by exposed tit-flesh.

Brenda pretended not to notice as her dress slid down her belly. She asked in an innocent voice, "Aidy, is something wrong? You're trembling something horrible. And look: your face is all red! Is my Pooh Bear not feeling well?" She knew her son well, and knew that he would be far too shy to actually point out that her appearance had anything to do with his flustered state.

He seized upon her suggestion that he might be unwell. "Uh, no. I think I might be coming down with something."

"Oh no. Is my darling sick?"


His body shook so fiercely that Brenda took pity on him and disengaged somewhat. She put her hand on his forehead and closed her eyes, as if concentrating fully on detecting if he had a fever. But by disengaging and closing her eyes, she deliberately gave him a golden opportunity to spy on her now completely exposed hooters. He couldn't help but do so.

Adrian had never been so aroused in his entire life. Younger than Sean or Alan, he was even more of a prudish virgin than either of them had been before their sexual lives began. He was such a shy and unassuming boy that he hadn't even dared to fantasize about any of his classmates. Plus, in his eyes, no other woman could come anywhere near the allure of his one constant fantasy: his mother. He'd never seen a naked woman in his entire life, not even her (since she'd habitually covered up until mere weeks earlier).

But now he'd both felt and seen her tits, the incredibly round and full tits he'd been dreaming about and masturbating over for years. He almost couldn't take the sheer pleasure of it all, even if he'd only touched her with his chest and not his hands. But he wanted more. He felt a nearly irresistible urge to reach out and firmly grab his mother's monstrous mounds with both hands. He would have done it, too, except that he was such a momma's boy that he could barely conceive of doing anything to her without asking permission first, and there was no way he could put such a desire into words. So he suffered greatly, seeing those twin treasures so temptingly close, yet so far.

Brenda opened her eyes just a tad and peeked out. As she suspected, her son's eyes were locked on her chest, and he didn't have the slightest clue that she could now see him. She could see in his face how badly he wanted to touch her, and she wanted him to, but she couldn't just up and say that. That would ruin all the fun.

She looked around, and spied Anika in the kitchen (in direct sight, but a long way away in the large rooms of the vast mansion). Anika was pretending to cook but she spent more time happily spying on the mother and son interacting with each other.


Brenda said to her loyal maid, "Anika, I'm worried Aidy has a fever. Could you get a thermometer?"

Adrian closed his eyes as soon as he heard his mother speak. He was afraid that if he kept them open, he'd be unable to look anywhere but at her chest for very long, and then she'd follow his gaze down and fix her dress.

As a result, he failed to see Anika walk closer and wink at Brenda conspiratorially.

Anika smiled and said, "Ya, no problem. Vhat kind do you vant, the regular or the rectal kind?"

A light bulb went off in Brenda's head. Rectal thermometer? I hadn't even thought about that! Oh, the possibilities! ... Nah, I'd better not. As much as I'd love to see his cute little baby butt, he looks like he's about to die of excitement and nervousness. Oh! Maybe I should be the one to pretend sickness and have him stick something hard and long up MY ass! ... No. Calm down. Slowly, Suzanne said, slowly!

She made up her mind to just use the regular thermometer. But she was so consumed by her desire to be fucked by her son that when she opened her mouth the words that came out were, "The rectal." She was as surprised as anyone else by that. She tried to justify it after the fact by lying, "The other one broke last week. Don't you remember, Anika?" She added the truthful statement, "And this way we'll get a better reading."

Anika replied "Ya" in her heavy accent, then nodded significantly down at Adrian's crotch.

Brenda followed where Anika's eyes directed, noticing to her great surprise that her son's hard-on was peeking out from the bottom of his shorts. In fact, as she stared she slowly watched his engorged organ come out of his shorts almost completely.

He seemed clueless about it, no doubt because he was so overwhelmed and flustered.

Brenda took the chance to mentally size up her son's penis. Hmmm. Not as long as Alan's eight-incher, and maybe not quite as thick, but that's to be expected. It wouldn't be right for me to enjoy a penis larger than Alan's - his should always be my greatest joy. Still, Aidy's is quite nice, and it may still grow some. Six or seven inches maybe? I'm a lucky mom. I can't wait to take that baby for a ride! ... Oh: the word baby! He literally IS my baby, and we ARE going to go for a ride! Every night, he's going to ride his momma like a cowboy riding a horse! I'm going to be his bitch. My son's bitch! His slave! It's so exciting! I'm going to be EVERYBODY'S slave! My body is going to be used and abused by all my superiors! That's how it's meant to be. My role is to spread my legs and SERVE!

"Um, Momma?"

Brenda came out of her daydreamy thoughts as she heard Adrian's voice. She looked down (at five foot six, Adrian was normally an inch taller than his mother, but his shoes were off and she was wearing five-inch heels). She saw to her surprise that she'd gotten so excited she was squeezing him in a bear hug, and in fact squeezing him almost painfully tight. The hug molded her tits into his chest again, though she still didn't touch his erection since his tight shorts directed it down along the side of his right thigh.

She pulled back a bit and said, "Oh, sorry. I'm just so worried. I hope you haven't come down with something again - you were sick just two weeks ago."

Adrian forced himself to keep his eyes open and look into hers since she was talking to him. But doing that AND talking was too much for him to handle, and the best he could do was reply, "Um, uh... ah... yeah."

Just then, Anika came back with a thermometer. She'd had a very tough life (especially growing up in Austria during World War II), and her body seemed even older than her age. Mother and son watched as she slowly waddled her way to them. Finally, she handed the thermometer to Brenda, and then stood back a little bit to see what would happen next.

Though Anika's own sex life had ceased years ago and her body wasn't up for more, she could still vicariously enjoy the mental pleasures of seeing Brenda and Adrian interact (and in fact the chance for voyeuristic fun was a big reason why she was so accepting of Brenda's incestuous desires). She knew she was going to get a good show.

All of a sudden, it struck Adrian that he'd have to show his butt to his mother... or something. Actually, he didn't know how it worked, as he couldn't remember the last time he'd had his temperature taken with a rectal thermometer. He gulped, and said, "Momma, I'm kind of nervous. How is this going to work?"

Brenda hadn't really thought it through either. She thought, and then said, "You're all dirty from school. Why don't you take a bath, and I'll come up and give it to you when you're all cleaned up. It'll be just like the old days."

Adrian knew that her "old days" referred to when he was four or five and Brenda supervised his baths. That both excited and disturbed him. He thought, I've never so much as kissed a girl, and now Momma is gonna see me naked? Jesus Fucking Christ! No way! But he ran off eagerly to start his bath.

As soon as he was gone, Anika said, "Pootikins, Pootikins. Vhat are you doing? I tink you're too verked up. Eef you go in dat bath vis him, vell... you know vat vill happen. I tink I'd better be dere too as a referee."

Brenda sighed. "You're right. But how am I supposed to contain myself?! He's so cute! Did you see how cute he was just then? I just want to eat him up and hug him to death!"

Anika wryly noted, "Ya, you nearly did hug him to death. Vatch out. Okay?"

"Okay." Brenda picked up the bottle of wine to pour herself another glass, but Anika stopped her with a disapproving wag of her finger.

Brenda reluctantly put the wine glass back down on the table and noticed there were two small drops of something on one of her shoes. As she bent down to wipe the drops away, she realized the drops were the wrong color to be wine. She scooped the drops up to her nose and instantly recognized the odor: pre-cum. She was astounded to discover that Adrian's penis had accidentally dripped pre-cum on her shoes while they were locked in their hug. Brenda slipped her finger into her mouth and swooned at her first faint taste of her son's juices.

Anika watched the whole thing and just laughed to herself.

Anika and Brenda waited a while for Adrian to finish his bath and call for them. The wait was very helpful for Brenda. It gave her a chance to calm down a bit and relax. She explained to Anika how she'd waited anxiously for the fateful phone call from Susan and her feelings after she got the good word. Her anxieties poured out of her as she explained all this and Anika reassured her that everything would be all right.

Anika rightly pointed out that Adrian so clearly lusted after his mother that she didn't have to worry that her seduction would fail.

But the wait was more nerve-wracking for Adrian. He was so excited about everything that had happened, especially Brenda's drooping dress, that he desperately wanted to jack off. Getting naked in the warm bath water just made him that much more excited.

He held out for a few minutes and soaped himself up, but when it came to soaping up his groin he soon abandoned all pretenses at cleaning and began "soaping" his erection exclusively. The only problem was he was rapidly approaching orgasm and he didn't know what to do with the mess that would result. If he shot off into the bath water, he feared his mother would notice.

He'd just made up his mind to stand up and shoot into the toilet when he heard his mother's voice outside the bathroom door. "Aidy? You've been in there a while. Can I come in already? Anika is here with me."

Oh shit! Holy crappola! What am I going to do? He was distressed, because he was too mortified to jack off into the toilet with his mother and maid standing just on the other side of the door. Yet he still had a raging hard-on, and was even more mortified by the thought of Brenda looking at it in that state (and possibly realizing what made him that excited). He decided to tuck his penis below his legs and keep his legs tightly shut, but even the act of stuffing his penis into a new position nearly set off his trigger.

"Aidy?" Brenda was knocking on the door now.

"Um, yeah. You can come in."

Brenda and Anika walked in together. At first, the sight of Brenda's smile calmed and reassured her son. She sat on the toilet seat next to the vast bathtub and squeezed his hand, and that reassured him still more. He could feel the urge to climax slowly pass while Brenda explained that Anika was going to supervise her use of the rectal thermometer so she could learn how to do it on her own. She was so spoiled from being raised in luxury and constantly waited on by maids that sometimes she needed to be told how to do even the simplest of things, like toasting bread.

But then Brenda said, "I'm glad you're not shy about your nakedness." Adrian had been so absorbed by his struggle not to cum that he could barely think straight. The beating of his heart pounded in his ears. But thanks to this reminder, he was suddenly painfully aware of his nudity and shame hit him like a lightning bolt.

However, before he could fully react, Brenda continued, "Don't worry, if it makes you feel any better, I'll be mostly naked too. Let me get in there behind you so I can put it in properly." Then, with one fell swoop, she pulled the dress down and shimmied out of it. She was left sitting in nothing but her panties. (She wanted to go completely naked, but Anika had insisted she wear at least that much.)

He was so blown away by this new visual bomb that his face turned quite pale.

Brenda sat down in the tub right in front of him, then reached forward and put a hand on his forehead and another on his cheek. "Pooh Bear! You look like you've seen a ghost! Dear me. Anika, where's that thermometer? We should get his temperature right away!"


Adrian stared longingly at his mother's rack, now dangling just a foot or two from his face. His erection lurched in the water and he had to struggle to not ejaculate right then and there. He'd dreamed of seeing his mother topless for years, but this reality was better than any of his dreams. Not only were her boobs so temptingly close, but they were swinging and heaving in the most delightful ways (he didn't realize just how excited she was, too). Furthermore, her hands on his face felt less like she was checking for fever and more like she was tenderly caressing him. The loving touches made him completely moony with desire.

It all seemed like a blur, but the next thing Adrian knew, his mother's hands were all over him, turning him around. As he turned his eyes were dislodged from their usual task of staring at his mother's breasts, and he got a brief look at her panties. The ones Anika made Brenda wear were rather thick and dark "granny" panties, but the mere sight of his mother in nothing but panties was exciting all the same. The water had made them wet and he guessed that he could see the dark shape of her bush, but in reality it was her bare swollen pussy lips that were visible beneath the heavy cloth.

He cursed the fact that he couldn't get a longer and better look because he soon found himself completely turned around and facing the tile wall in front of him. He was acutely aware of the fact that his ass was sticking up out of the water and Brenda was in the tub right behind him, inspecting his bare behind.

When he'd planned to hide his penis below his thighs, he hadn't thought through the fact that he'd have to be in a position like this, but he was so giddy over everything he'd seen that it took a minute or two for the full implications of his change of position to hit home. All of a sudden he realized that his painfully erect penis was pressed down between his legs. The cockhead was bobbing on the surface of the water.

He very nearly bolted up, but instead he froze in place. He didn't know what to do. He was so aroused that he worried if he touched it at all, it would go off like a rocket and Anika and Brenda would both stare in horror as he cried out and shot his cum anywhere and everywhere. Yet he worried that he was so overstimulated he'd cum hard even if he didn't touch it, and then it would be even more obvious when it exploded. He closed his eyes and tried to think of baseball players and gory murder scenes.

Brenda knew she was supposed to put the thermometer in, but she couldn't resist checking out her son's package first. She looked over at Anika, who was now sitting on the toilet seat where she'd just been.

The maid pointed at Adrian's head and closed her eyes, letting Brenda know that Adrian had his eyes closed. Then, to Brenda's great surprise, Anika scooted close to the edge of the tub and bent down a bit so she could get a good look at Adrian's penis. She looked back up at Brenda and, with a goofy smile, gave a conspiratorial wink.

Brenda almost couldn't stop from breaking into hilarious laughter. She'd never expected that kind of brazen behavior from Anika, who, she assumed, hadn't had sex in decades, if at all (unfortunately, Anika had never been attractive at any age). However, she quickly recovered and returned the wink. Then she wasted no more time and bent down herself and peeked between her son's legs.

She smiled as she again sized up her son's penis. Mmmm, mmmm, good! Soon that thing is going to be plunging in and out of my pussy on a daily basis! I can't wait! Look how it's throbbing! She reached out to touch it, and actually put her hand between his legs to do so. But then, just inches from reaching it, a disapproving cough from Anika brought her hand to a halt.

She regained control of herself and carefully pulled her hand back without having ever touched his penis or his thighs. She realized that no one had spoken for a couple of minutes, so she said, "Aidy, Anika's been looking for the thermometer and now she's finally found it. Anika, can you get the Vaseline?"

"Your vish is my command, my Pootikins." The Vaseline was only a few feet away in a bathroom cabinet, so Anika handed it to Brenda just a few moments later.

"Um, Momma? Did you say Vaseline?"

"Yes, my Pooh Bear. It's a big thermometer so I'm going to have to lubricate you first. Is that okay? I just want to make sure it doesn't hurt."

"Boy, this rectal thermometer stuff is a pain in the ass!"

"Good one, son," she giggled, though in fact the double meaning in his comment was completely accidental. "Ready? Here it goes." With that, she plunged her finger into the Vaseline jar Anika held out for her, and then slowly worked her finger into her son's asshole. In actual fact, her finger was much bigger than the thermometer, but she couldn't resist the opportunity to play with his ass. She hoped to use this as precedent so she could get a "fever" very soon and have Adrian be the one to check her temperature.

Her finger pistoned in and out, in and out, over and over again. A good two or three minutes of complete silence went by, with no sounds but little squishy noises coming from Adrian's ass, and a little splashing of bath water, primarily caused by Adrian's diamond hard penis striking the surface of the water as his hips and ass bucked up and down.

Anika watched the whole thing most intently.

She eventually asked, "So, Aidy, how does that feel? Does it hurt? Do you think you're ready for the thermometer yet?"

"Um, it uh, it doesn't hurt. In fact, it uh..." He wanted to say that while it felt exceedingly strange at first, it felt fantastic now. But he was too shy to put that in words. Since he didn't want it to end, he said, "I think we're almost there. Things are, uh, relaxing."

"Oh, good. I'll just do this a few more minutes then." She held one of his ass cheeks as if she was getting into position to put the thermometer in, but really she just wanted to fondle him there. She racked her brain trying to figure out any vaguely plausible excuse that would allow her to fondle his penis, but she couldn't come up with any.

Eventually she could sense his whole body starting to seize up and tremble, and she knew he was on the verge of ejaculating just from the anal probing. She knew he would be mortified if he actually came in that situation, so she finally pulled her finger out. She asked in a tender voice, "Good job, Aidy. I'm sure that wasn't easy. Are you ready?"

"Um, okay. But be gentle, okay? This is so weird!"

She waited some moments to make sure he came down from the verge of orgasm and did nothing more than lightly squeeze the ass cheek she still held with one hand. "Okay, Pooh Bear. Don't worry. Open wide and say 'ahhh.'"

That little joke helped break the increasingly thick sexual tension. While Adrian's body was still shaking from laughter (and nervousness), she pushed the rectal thermometer in. It was such a thin thing that it slid in easily. In fact, it was so much smaller than her finger that he hardly noticed its penetration. But putting the thermometer in his asshole reminded her of her fantasies of being anally pillaged by Alan, and her libido kicked into a yet higher gear.


Once Brenda was done, she found that somehow both of her hands were now palming his ass cheeks. But she ignored this and said, "Okay, Aidy. All done. Nothing to worry about. What do we do now, Anika? Wait five minutes like we do with the other thermometer?"

"Ya. Five minutes."

"There now, Son. That was hardly anything, right? Now all we have to do is wait." Brenda patted him good-naturedly on his ass, but the pats were really just a different kind of groping. Her hands seemed to act on their own as she found them gliding a fraction of an inch above his skin, lightly grazing the peach hair there.

Anika gave a disapproving cough, and Brenda very reluctantly tore her hands away.

There was an uncomfortable silence, so Brenda said to fill the void, "Aidy, you know how hopeless I am with doing anything around the house. We're all so spoiled. But Anika may not always be there for us, so we have to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Now if you get sick, I'll be able to take your temperature. There's really nothing to it. Do you think you could do it? Do you think that if I came down with a fever and got really hot, could you stick it in my ass?"

Adrian's mind was instantly filled with a vision of pushing first his finger and then his penis into his mother's asshole. He opened his eyes in shock and said, "Momma?!"

"What, Pooh Bear? Did you not hear me? The warm water is probably causing you to drift off. I was just saying that if your mother is hot, will you stick it in her?"

He stammered, "Um, stick it in?"

"Yes. Stick it in. Son, I'm asking you to stick it in me! Stick it in your Momma! That is, if you think your own mother is hot." She was so excited by her own words that she couldn't take it. She was sitting on her ass in the water just behind her son and her crotch was right at the surface of the water. She plunged her hands into the water and dug under her panties, feeling for her clit. She figured that since her son was still facing the wall it didn't matter what she did behind him. And she needed satisfaction badly.

Adrian meanwhile had completely forgotten about thermometers. He replied, nearly screaming, "Momma, you're hot! You're so hot!" Knowing that his mother was sitting nearly completely naked in the bath right behind him, his whole body seized up as he valiantly fought the urge to cum. Even without anyone touching his penis, it was touch and go to see if he could stave off a great climax, and only the mortal fear of the shame that would result when Anika and Brenda saw him do that kept him from going over the edge.

Unconsciously, and without knowing what he was really doing, he began clenching his PC muscle. To his surprise, he didn't actually cum. But he was in pure heaven as wave after wave of extreme pleasure washed over him.

Brenda stared wide eyed at her shaking son, waiting for his penis to shoot out ropes of hot cum at any second. One hand flew over her clit faster and faster and while the other one roughly mauled her tits.

Adrian had no idea just what an exciting scene was transpiring just a foot or two behind him. His mother had nearly lost all control and was contemplating if she'd have time to get her lips around her son's penis before his rockets of cum began exploding out of it.


But Anika was still there, and even though she too was getting very aroused, she could see things were getting out of hand. She leaned forward and began snapping her fingers in front of Brenda's face. At the same time, she said, "Aidy, vhy do you tink you're so red? Tell me your symptoms. Does your stomach hurt?"

She kept babbling on, barely giving Adrian a chance to reply, because in addition to distracting him, she was also trying to mask the noise Brenda was making. As soon as Brenda had found her clit, she began climaxing. Anika's finger snaps were too late to stop that. However, they did bring Brenda back to reality just enough to remind her not to cry out in frenzied ecstasy. Her mouth gulped like a fish as she let out a silent scream. She did her best not to thrash about in the water too much, but wasn't entirely successful in that.

Luckily, Adrian was so busy with his own orgasmic struggles that he barely noticed. He only had a vague sense that there was some water splashing sounds coming from somewhere, but he never would have guessed in a million years that Brenda was climaxing right behind him.

Brenda came copiously, as she always did, but luckily the surface of the water was sudsy and mostly hid the fluids that escaped from her panties. She suddenly felt limp and more than a little guilty. So she said, "This hot bath water is getting to me. I think Anika can handle it from here."

Her maid helped her stand up, and then she staggered out of the bathroom.

Anika remained. With Adrian still on all fours in the water, his penis still stirring the water's surface with its insistent throbbing, she decided to bring an end to things. She hadn't been keeping time, but she figured it was close enough to five minutes, so she reached over and pulled out the thermometer. She looked at the reading, and to her surprise, it really did register a fever. But she knew that was just sexual heat and that in fact he was perfectly healthy.

She said, "Good news, Aidy. You seem perfectly vell. No fee-wer. I'm sure you've been in that uncomfortable position long enough. I'll let you be alone. Such a good, obedient boy. I'm going to tell Brenda the news."

Adrian turned over and watched her close the door. The instant it closed he began double-fisting his erection. Seconds later, arcs of semen flew out over the bath water and splattered against one of the tile walls. He let out a groan of great relief.

But as soon as the climax ended, a tremendous feeling of guilt washed over him. He felt guiltier still, not so much for lusting for his gorgeous mother since he'd lusted for her for years, but because he felt helpless to stop. No matter what happened, he knew that he'd be masturbating again to remembered visions of his mother's nakedness before the day was done.

Then he remembered the video surveillance system and shuddered as he considered the endless erotic possibilities. He wondered just how many more times his penis was capable of ejaculating in a single day, because the only thing that could slow down his rampant lust was soreness or sheer exhaustion.

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