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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
We're Not Gonna Take It
Day 71: Monday, November 25

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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As soon as the group got home, Alan woke up, but only to go straight to his room and promptly sleep some more. The sex with Susan had taken a tremendous amount out of him, emotionally and physically, and the events of the day had been stressful. Everyone could see that he needed more rest.

After he went to sleep, the rest of his new family - Amy, Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne - gathered in the dining room. (Brenda had been fulfilling her new maid duties at the Plummer house most of the day. Suzanne had the task of driving Brenda home while Susan waited to pick up her children from school. Then Suzanne returned to the Plummer house not long after Susan did.) They were all dressed in casual but not particularly revealing clothes, since Alan remained fast asleep.

Katherine, rather surprisingly, took charge of the group's agenda. "None of you have seen as clearly as I have how ragged Alan has been today. It's just not fair that he had to go to school after fucking his first mother so thoroughly, but he did, and it's too late to change that. It's been one thing after another for him. He just had a really emotionally-trying meeting with Glory, and now he's supposed to turn around and take care of the whole Dr. Fredrickson problem? I don't think so. That's just cruel. I have two suggestions. Either we postpone the Dr. Fredrickson plan to later in the week, or better yet, we implement it ourselves. Brother has just had too much on his plate. Let's wake him with the pleasant surprise that the whole doctor problem has been handled, by us!"

This idea was met with doubtful faces.


So Katherine further exhorted them, "Come on! What's the problem? Think about it. Alan has done nothing but give, give, give. He's tried so hard to please us that he's like the living dead. We've selfishly taken load after load of his precious, potent baby batter. We've taken one glorious cocksuck, fuck, and anal reaming from him after another. Yet what have we given back to him in return? Hardly anything! We may all be his harem nymphos now, but that doesn't make us completely helpless. Helpless to resist his tasty, hard, thick, throbbing cock, yes, but we're otherwise still capable, independent people; are we not? Can't we show some initiative and give him a great surprise? Who's with me?"

Suzanne stood up. "I'm with you. I still haven't seen him today, but if he's half as bad as everyone says he is, he needs his rest. Yet the appointment with Dr. Fredrickson starts shortly, at four o'clock. Let's not keep this Sword of Damocles hanging over our collective heads even one more day. How dare a doctor spy on his own patients for sexual gratification! If we cancel the appointment, who's to say he might not try another approach to bed Susan, his apparent main target? This kind of scheming is right up my alley, plus we already have a plan we worked out with Alan in advance. We just have to put it into motion. It'll work just as well if he's there or not."

Susan asked, "But what if something goes wrong? For instance, what if Dr. Fredrickson gets violent? He's a large man."

Suzanne answered, "Susan, for one thing, I'm trained in self-defense, as you know. If any guy ever tries to mess with me, he's in for a big surprise. And as for you, you might not have any training, but you have something even better: that feisty, motherly, Susan spirit. When somebody gets on your bad side, and especially if they're threatening your children, oh boy, watch out. In the immortal words of Mr. T, 'I pity the fool!' Plus, Katherine is the bait, so that leaves us and Amy, too. There are three of us against one of him, and you'd better believe we're coming in armed with mace and pepper spray. We've got Katherine and Akami as backup within screaming distance too, so they can always come running. Not only will he not be able to overpower us, he won't even be able to give us the slip. I guarantee it."

She continued, "Lately I've been a bit sluggish in the scheming department, but today I feel good! The more I think about this, the more I think Katherine is spot on. We're no pushovers; we're tough! We can handle anything that comes up. It's five of us against one of him, if we include Akami. Six on one with Alan would be nearly the same."

Amy stood up too. "I'm with my mother and sister. Let's show some spunk! Alan will really like that." She pumped a fist into the air. "Girl power!"

So they all agreed to do it. Susan was the most reticent as she was very frightened by public confrontations and felt much safer with Alan by her side, but Suzanne as usual knew just what to say to calm her fears. They left a note and a cell phone number by Alan's bed in case he woke up early, and then rode off.

Alan had discussed with the others on Friday afternoon what they should do, and while he was gone over the weekend Susan and Suzanne had discussed it some more with Akami by phone. He had been informed of the latest developments in the plan by Susan during some of their quieter moments on Sunday night, and had given them the thumbs up. The plan was simple: use Katherine as a lure to get Dr. Fredrickson watching, and then have the others burst into his office and catch him in the act. The key was to pretend that they'd discovered him accidentally, keeping Akami's involvement in the plot a secret. After all, in all likelihood she'd have to continue working with the unscrupulous doctor to pay off her debts, including her student loans.

They all arrived in one car together, but Katherine walked in alone while the others stayed in the car. The doctor's receptionist had gone home, which was always the case with these after-hours sexual appointments, but Akami was waiting for Katherine in the waiting room and let her in. They both silently nodded to each other, confirming the plan was still on.

The plan was for Katherine and Akami to get Dr. Fredrickson so excited watching them on the video monitor from his office that he'd literally get caught with his pants down. The office was on the ground floor of an office complex and right in front of a parking lot, so Akami was to signal the others waiting in the car about when to come in. However, Katherine didn't like the idea of having any male but Alan see her doing anything intimate, so the trick was to get the doctor aroused without actually doing or showing much.


Akami knew all of that, but she didn't know Katherine directly except for the one time they'd briefly met during Akami's recent visit to the Plummer house. The two of them spent some time just talking, going through the motions of a normal medical examination, while they found their comfort zones and built confidence in each other. They both figured that Dr. Fredrickson was getting impatient watching and hearing them through the video feed in the next room, waiting for the action to begin. He'd canceled all his regular appointments from three-thirty onwards with the hope of watching some hot lesbian action between Katherine and Akami, so their completely normal behavior was bound to rankle him.

Akami began the examination with a very serious and poker-faced demeanor, treating Katherine impersonally as if she was any other patient. So at first they just chatted about inconsequential things while Akami pretended to fill out some forms. However, slowly but surely, things began to heat up between them. It helped that Katherine was dressed in surprisingly revealing clothing, considering that she was outside the Plummer house: she was wearing very short, blue, latex shorts and a white tank top.

After checking some basic vital signs and reflexes, Akami got out her stethoscope and said, "Miss Plummer, I should check your heartbeat. It would probably be best if you change into the dressing gown from this point on."

But Katherine didn't want Dr. Fredrickson to see her naked. Her goal was to tease him verbally instead. So she said, "Like I said before, I'm too shy to wear one of those. Why, those things are so revealing that I might as well be completely naked! Is that what you want, to see me strutting around totally nude?" She smirked as she imagined the doctor watching and thinking, "Yes! Yes!"

Akami smiled, realizing the game was on. "Suit yourself. I'll have to slip this cold metal stethoscope underneath your shirt then, to get a good reading."

"Oh no. I guess I'll have to remove my bra. This is so embarrassing." She slid her bra off; the shirt she wore was hardly any bigger.

Akami brought the stethoscope up to her chest. "Again I should warn you: this is going to feel unpleasantly cold."

"That's okay, my nipples are already hard as bullets anyway. That must be from the air conditioning."

Akami began probing under the shirt with the scope. "We don't have the air conditioning on."

Katherine forced herself to blush, even holding a hand over her forehead as if swooning.

"What?" Akami asked.

"Well, I just hope you don't think the reason I'm getting all aroused, uh, I mean the reason why my nipples are so erect, is because of you, Ms. Fubuki. It's not that I'm fantasizing about such a beautiful woman as you exploring all my private places. Really, I'm not!" She thought, That should get Dr. Fredrickson's pants down, if they aren't already, hee-hee!

"I didn't say that," Akami said defensively, while she pressed the round surface of the stethoscope against Katherine's left nipple.

"I know you didn't. Sorry, it's just that I'm so embarrassed about these kinds of matters. I've never been with a man before." She then added significantly, in a voice dripping with sex, "Or a woman."

Akami wasn't really sure how to answer that. She continued to explore under Katherine's tight, thin shirt with the stethoscope, but spent more time rubbing it over the nipples than actually holding it against the skin to measure Katherine's pounding heartbeat.

Finally, she finished. "Your heart seems fine. And you have very healthy, uh, lungs."

"Nah, you're just saying that because you have nothing good to say about my tiny boobs."

"Tiny? Miss Plummer, your breasts are positively huge! You want to see small ones? Just take a look at mine. They're only B cups, whereas I'm sure you're a D-cup at the very least." Akami removed her lab coat and unbuttoned her blouse in order to illustrate the size comparison. "See?"

"I see. But Ms. Fubuki, they're so proud and perky. They may be smaller than mine, but they're way nicer."

"Perky? That's just because of this bra." She pulled her bra out from under her blouse. "You see? Without the bra, they sag horribly." Akami didn't mind taking her bra off for the voyeuristic doctor, since he'd been her lover for quite a while. Needless to say, her boobs didn't sag, but it served as a good excuse to remove more clothing.

"No, I don't see."

Akami pretended to sigh with frustration. "I suppose I'll have to take my blouse off too." She proceeded to do just that. However, she put her lab coat back on and wore it loosely, to better play the sexy nurse role.

Rather than reply, Katherine thought, This is a lot of fun! Maybe too much fun. I can't forget that lecherous doctor is watching me. Shouldn't he be aroused enough already? Why doesn't Akami go signal the others?

She said, "Ms. Fubuki, I see that your nipples are erect too, but didn't you say there's no air conditioning in here? How can that be?"

Akami reached to her breasts and pulled on one of her nipples, as if noticing her condition for the first time. "Hmmm. It seems you're right. That is a bit mysterious."

"Hmmm," Katherine replied, grinning like a Cheshire cat while pulling on one of her own hard nipples through her shirt.


Akami pulled a strap-on dildo out of a drawer and held it up. "Miss Plummer, do you know what this is?"

"No, what is it, Ms. Fubuki?" Katherine replied with false cluelessness. She thought, I don't remember discussing strap-ons, but obviously Akami has a pretty clever scheme for guaranteeing the doctor's arousal. I just hope she remembers that we can't go beyond sexy talk and feeling under clothing. I won't do it!

"This is the newest type of thermometer. It's much more accurate than those painful rectal thermometers. I'll be taking your temperature with it later."

"So it doesn't go in the, uh, rectum? It looks like it goes in a hole. A big hole."

Akami said with dead seriousness, "Yes, it does. This is a vaginal thermometer."

Katherine had a hard time keeping a straight face, but she managed to say convincingly, "Huh. I've never heard of those. How does it work?"

"Well, I have to strap it around my groin area, then insert it into your vagina. Then I have to kind of push it in and out a lot to get an accurate reading."

"Boy, isn't that just like having sex with a penis?" Katherine's face was innocent and naïve, but inside she was bursting with laughter.

"Yes, I guess there are similarities. It's the mimicry of Mother Nature that makes it work so well."


Katherine couldn't help but tease a little. "So, you mean I'd take off my shorts, and you'd push it into my cunnie? Or you'd shove it up my asshole? Or both?" She bent over as she stood up, pulling her short shorts up into her ass crack as if she were ready to be violated.

Akami smiled in anticipation and licked her lips.

"Uh, into your cunt. I mean... your vagina. But then we'll have to take a comparative reading in your ass. Then there are some other things we're going to have to put into your asshole too. Big things. Hard things. Things we'll have to thrust in and out, over and over."

"Oh dear," Katherine said delightedly, but still trying to sound innocent. "It sounds like I'm going to have to take off these shorts and get ready for a lot of things to be stuck inside me. Repeatedly!" She wiggled her hips and spread her legs wider.

But suddenly she recalled that she wasn't just putting on a show for Akami, but that Dr. Fredrickson was watching as well. She abruptly stood up.

Akami had been reaching her hands towards Katherine's tempting ass, but she seemed to snap out of it as well. "Uh, yes. In order to do this, we'll have to get you out of those clothes after all. I have to insist on the dressing gown. Do you mind if I go get one?"

Katherine thought, What is she thinking? She knows I'm not going to get naked. The doctor's penis must be practically as hard as Alan's always is by now. What is she waiting for? But then she thought about the words 'Do you mind if I go get one' and realized this could be Akami's cue to leave and make the signal. So she said in her best innocent voice, "Um, I do mind. I'd feel so embarrassed all naked like that, bending over, exposing my ass to your huge thermometer... I'd feel much better if you'd wear one of the gowns too."

Akami was getting alarmed that Katherine didn't "get it," but now she smiled. What a teaser - right to the very end! "Well, Miss Plummer, that's very irregular, but I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable. I'll be back with two gowns in a minute."

"Wait! Is it going to be the type of gown that leaves one's back and ass completely exposed? I hate those."

"Unfortunately, yes. But remember that it's necessary in your case since you're going to be bent over with large objects thrusting in and out of your holes for so much of the time."

"Objects? Holes?"

"Yes. We're on the cutting edge of medical research here, and like I said, new procedures have been developed that mimic Mother Nature. For instance, you'd be surprised how much better a pill is digested if another tongue feeds it into your mouth. I'll explain more when I get back."

"Okay." Katherine tried to sound reluctant, but it was all she could do not to burst into laughter instead.

Akami was having so much fun that she was greatly disappointed she had to leave the room. She buttoned up her lab coat since she was going into the waiting room, which had the windows to the outside world. The prearranged plan was for Akami to go to one of those windows and rotate the Venetian blinds a couple of times, thus signaling the others who were waiting in the parking lot.

However, that didn't prove necessary. When Akami got to the waiting room, she saw Suzanne, Susan, and Amy already anxiously standing on the other side of the window. She gave the thumbs-up signal through the window and then opened the door.

Susan immediately walked up to Akami and whispered, "What took so long? Is everything all right?"

Akami whispered back, "Everything's fine. I'll go back to Katherine. You wait two minutes - no more, no less - and then burst into his office." The others overheard and nodded as Suzanne checked her watch. The delay was so Dr. Fredrickson wouldn't tie the new arrivals in with Akami's leaving the examination room.

As they'd previously arranged, the plan was to have Suzanne enter first, as if looking for Katherine. Suzanne waited the two minutes. Then she nervously walked down the hall to the doctor's office and knocked on the door. However, she opened the door immediately after knocking. "Hello, I'm looking for Katherine Plummer..."

She let the words die on her lips and stared with feigned surprise. As she'd expected, Dr. Fredrickson wasn't behind his desk, but was sitting in a chair in front of the cabinet that contained his video equipment. Despite giving him a few seconds of warning with the knocking, the idea of anyone just walking in on him seemed so unlikely that he still hadn't fully processed the fact that someone could be at the door, and he misinterpreted the sound. After all, the receptionist was gone, the whole office was locked (or so he thought), and the only other people inside, Akami and Katherine, could be seen on his video screen.

His pants were around his ankles and his hands were sliding up and down his erection. The frustrated look on his face (he'd just been thinking, Why doesn't Katherine take her clothes off, already?) turned to wide-eyed shock and horror as he looked up and saw Suzanne. He had no trouble recognizing her, since he'd already slept with her once.

Suzanne played her best damsel-in-distress routine, letting out a high-pitched shriek.

Amy and Susan appeared behind her in a matter of seconds.

Amy brought an expensive digital camera that also could record sound and video, and began clicking and recording.


As previously arranged, Suzanne walked further into his office so she could see what was on the video screen while the other two blocked the door, his only exit. Suzanne pointed at the video monitor. "Look! He's watching Katherine take off her clothes! Pervert!"

All this had happened in mere seconds. Dr. Fredrickson was struck dumb, and still hadn't removed his hands from his rapidly wilting erection, though now, instead of holding it, he was more covering it. Like an idiot, all he could say was, "Susan? Suzanne? Amy? What are you doing here?!"

Amy said as she snapped more pictures, "Hey! How does he know MY name?"

Suddenly Akami and Katherine came running in, pushing the others deeper into the room.

The doctor was now outnumbered five to one. He had no idea what to do and was so traumatized and overwhelmed that he operated on pure instinct. Mostly he just wanted to escape and run from the reality of the whole, horrible problem facing him. He spied the open door behind the women, and stood up to make a break for it.


However, the women had anticipated this possibility. Susan already had a small can of mace at the ready, and Suzanne with her self-defense training had taken up a position near the door in case he made it that far.

He stood no chance, not least because of the fact that his pants were still wrapped around his ankles. He only made it about one step from his chair when Susan let him have it with the mace and he fell to the ground.

He curled up into a ball and covered his face with his hands, screaming, "It burns! It burns!"

Seeing that the doctor wasn't going anywhere, Suzanne walked closer to his video monitor for a good look at his setup. There was a video camera on a tripod pointing directly at the video screen in the cabinet. She thought, Alan was right, he IS recording this, breaking even the sordid deal he had with Akami. If she'd wanted to come in, he could have unplugged the video camera and hid it before opening the door for her. Clever.

She said, "Look at this, girls! He's not just watching, he's recording!"

They all looked at the camera on the tripod, then down at his pathetic, quivering form.

Susan's dander was up, and she was frightfully angry. She had a strong desire to beat him to a pulp for messing with her children, but she'd been repeatedly warned against doing this by the others.

As it was, Katherine strategically stood in front of Susan to prevent her from kicking him. They didn't want to lose their moral high ground by being too vindictive.

So Susan merely shook a fist at him, and said in the most bloodcurdlingly chilling voice imaginable, "Doctor, you're in very big trouble. You're going to pay."

The way she said "pay" was so filled with menace that Dr. Fredrickson peed in his pants. He began to cry.


Alan woke up to the sensation of Susan lightly shaking his shoulder. "Tiger, Tiger, wake up."

"What is it?" He reluctantly opened his eyes because she seemed very insistent with her shaking. He saw her leaning down over him, beaming a peaceful and loving smile at him.


"Did you have a good nap, my baby?"

"Yeah, actually. In fact, between this nap and the earlier one at school, I feel practically normal. I may even have slept TOO much, 'cos I feel all groggy." On closer inspection he was a bit disturbed to see her decked out in a formal outfit like a normally dressed woman. He even noticed a glimpse of a bra, yet a couple of the front buttons on her sleeve-less blouse were unbuttoned. He was a bit confused as to why she'd look like that.

"That's good, my love." She bent forward and kissed him on the lips. Even though their tongues dueled a little, it was more of a quick friendly hello kiss than something passionate.

As it ended, Alan asked, "Hey! What time is it? Don't we have the Dr. Fredrickson thing to take care of?" He looked at the clock by the bed and exclaimed, "Oh shit! It's almost five! Katherine's appointment with him was at four!"

He bolted up in his bed, but Susan's hands calmed and restrained him. She lovingly stroked his arm. "Don't worry, Tiger. It's all over. We didn't want to wake you, so the rest of us took care of it. He's been totally defeated."

Alan blinked owlishly as he processed this news. He was both elated and disappointed - he'd rather fancied himself playing a heroic role in the doctor's defeat. "He has? No way! How did that happen? No way!"

"Way." Susan grinned. "If you don't believe me, why don't you get dressed and ask him yourself? He's sitting in our minivan in the driveway with the others."

"He is?! Oh my God! How did that happen?" He jumped up and started to dress.

"Well, everything went great and he crumbled like a cookie. But there's one minor complication. It turns out he was recording as well as watching."

"A-ha!" Alan exclaimed while he pulled his shorts up his legs. "What did I tell you? Men are hopelessly amoral when it comes to anything sexual and can't be trusted any further than you can throw them. As a male, believe me, I know these things firsthand!"

"Tiger, in your case, what you call amoral behavior is what I'd call you taking what naturally belongs to you. You are a natural dominant-type, meant to possess and control big-titted nymphos such as myself. But a lowlife scumbag like Dr. Fredrickson doesn't deserve to own even one pussy, much less one like mine. In any case, he seems completely cowed and defeated - you should see the giant stain on his pants where he peed on himself! But we need to go to his house to check if he has other videos there. We'd feel safer with you along."

"Of course! Let's go. I feel bad that I couldn't help earlier." He finished dressing and they walked out of the room together.

Susan said, as they headed down the hall, "Tiger, not only were you physically exhausted, but you were mentally exhausted, too. I should know, since last night nearly destroyed me as well. But I got to sleep the day away while you had to go to school. So you've really had it the worst. We're going to do more from now on to make things easier on you. It was Katherine's idea to take him on by ourselves. She's concerned that you're overtaxed. All we did was follow your plan to the letter, so really you deserve the credit as much as anyone."

"Thanks! You're the best. And I'm going to thank her, too. But really, don't make a big fuss over me." He kissed her briefly on the lips, and then they hurried down the stairs.

Susan finally buttoned up the front of her blouse as they reached the front door.

— — —

Their time at Dr. Fredrickson's house was surprisingly anticlimactic. The fight had completely gone out of him ever since Susan sprayed him with mace. As Suzanne commented to the others, "It's funny how people suddenly get so ashamed about what they've done, but only AFTER they've been caught." That was what was happening to the doctor, as he belatedly rediscovered some of his professional ethics. In fact, he cried so sincerely and profusely for so long that by the time they reached his house everyone was wishing he'd shut up.

The fact was, they had him over a barrel. He'd been caught red handed, and seemed resigned to losing his license to practice medicine and probably going to jail.

Furthermore, since he didn't realize Akami was in on the plot to get him, they could play "good cop, bad cop" on him. Suzanne had one worry that she'd discussed in private with Akami, and once they arrived at the doctor's house, Akami was given some time alone with him as "good cop" to sort this issue out. The truth was, the doctor did have one card he could use, but only if he was smart enough to use it: his knowledge that Alan's six-times-a-day diagnosis was false and that Suzanne had been the one to set it up.

Akami discussed this with him in his den while the others waited outside. She argued that the Plummers seemed inclined to let him off fairly easy, but if they found out that he'd been duping them on Alan's diagnosis, too, they'd throw the book at him. She vowed to secretly help him as much as she could in her talks to the others, and that he should come clean with her and let her take care of everything.

He was so desperate for any hope or help that he followed everything she told him to do almost without question.

The others searched his house, but there wasn't much need. He was able to go on-line and show credit card transactions proving that he'd bought the video camera only a few days earlier. That was about the only initiative he took to help himself. Otherwise, he generally sat around crying, confessing, and apologizing over and over. After a while, even Susan began to feel sorry for him.

Everyone gathered in his living room and listened to Suzanne dictate the terms of his surrender. She said, "Doctor, if I should even call you that, normally we'd send you straight to jail for your despicable behavior, and you know we have the evidence and witnesses to do it. However, there are a couple of mitigating factors. One, Akami has pleaded that she has huge student loans to pay off. Two, we have your innocent wife and three children to consider. Akami tells us that apparently you also are having financial hardship and we don't want to see your family thrown into the street. And three, Akami has been guiding Alan's unorthodox but extremely effective medical treatment, and we're afraid that if she were to go, all that we've achieved in overcoming his tiredness problem would be lost."

She smiled. "So, as long as Akami is happy, we're happy. Therefore, you will give all legal and financial control of your business to her, and from now on, you will be working for her. If, for any reason, she gives us the word, we will turn over our evidence to the authorities. The statute of limitations on your crime will eventually expire, but there's no expiration on the damage we can do to your medical career and personal reputation. But we're not mean people and don't like blackmail. We trust that Akami will keep your criminal urges in check."

Since Dr. Fredrickson thought Akami was his secret ally, he readily agreed. He nearly wept with joy that his life hadn't been completely ruined.

But what he didn't know was that Akami planned to take full advantage of her new position. He also didn't realize that his sexual relationship with her was over, too. She'd contemplated keeping him as some kind of boy toy, but she was so disgusted by his craven, defeated behavior that she didn't find that prospect appealing. Currently their practice consisted almost entirely of elderly people from a nearby retirement home. But now that she controlled Dr. Fredrickson's practice, she could find other handsome, young males and give them the same "diagnosis" and "treatment" she'd given Alan.

Thanks to Brenda's money, not to mention Susan and Suzanne's upcoming and probably quite generous divorce settlements, the Plummer family was amply financially secure. All they really wanted Dr. Fredrickson to do was get out of their lives and keep quiet. Thus, the real winner in the whole debacle was Akami. But that, too, was deliberate, mostly thanks to Suzanne. The wily redhead figured that if Akami was given a sweetheart deal, she would be foolish to ever try to cross or blackmail the Plummer family herself, and would be sure to keep Dr. Fredrickson in line for them. Suzanne could finally rest assured that her role in the six-times-a-day scheme would be kept secret forever, so long as Glory and Xania, the only other people who now knew, didn't blab it to others.


Alan hadn't seen Akami in what seemed like a long while, though it seemed much longer than it really was since his days had been so eventful lately. With all the excitement he didn't get much of a chance to speak to her one on one. But after Suzanne's speech, he did get a few minutes alone with her in the dining room to personally thank her.

He was surprised by her appearance, and it showed in his face although he didn't say anything. While Susan woke him up, Akami had taken the time to change from her typical nurse gear into some very casual clothing. Alan hardly recognized her dressed in a sleeveless light yellow T-shirt and muted orange Dolphin shorts. She looked like a teen headed to the beach or going jogging. He found it very sexy. It made him wistful for the time when she played a bigger role in his life and his fantasies.

They necked for a little while, but that was all they could do given the others were waiting in the next room. As Alan pulled away, Akami complained, "You never call! Promise me you'll call. If you really want to thank me, please promise that I can see you again sometime before the weekend. Okay? Please?"

Alan smiled. He knew that he was busy in the near future, but Akami still had a special place in his heart as the woman so instrumental to his sexual awakening. He was always happy to make time for her. He looked back over his shoulder and said, "I promise."

As the Plummer family drove back home in their minivan, Amy said, "Boy, that was kind of a let-down. I almost wish Dr. Fredrickson had put up more of a fight. He was sooooo pathetic! Geez, Louise!"

"I know what you mean," Suzanne nodded. "He looked like a big, tough, authoritative guy, but inside he turned out to be just a little crybaby. I was kind of hoping to clue in his wife and destroy his marriage, but I'm all revenged out."

Susan said, "I still think we should tell his wife about his cheating. Akami says Dr. Fredrickson sleeps with dozens upon dozens of women, and of course as his mistress she should know. I saw all those pictures of his wife - what's her name? Diana, I think - scattered all over his house. They really reminded me of myself, meaning the old me. She even looks a lot like me, except for her flaming red hair. Forget revenge for a minute - we should do it as a favor to her. Imagine how much better my life would have been if, ten years ago, someone told me my lousy husband was secretly gay."

Suzanne thought about her own many affairs and briefly contemplated if her life would have been better or worse if her cheating would have been exposed ten years ago. She wasn't sure. "Maybe you're right, but we can worry about that another day. We'd need some other evidence of his cheating that doesn't point to Akami or us. Actually, Diana was pretty damn hot, now that I think about it. I'll bet she's great in bed. A rich, young, handsome doctor like him with access to so much pussy surely must save the sweetest piece of ass for himself. Wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if we had Alan plow her fields a bit?"

"Oooh! Great idea!" Katherine enthused. "She looked totally Alan-worthy!"

Alan complained, "Come on! I have way, way, way too many lovely women here in this car to please. Anyways, I'm also feeling a little bad for the doctor. After all, if it wasn't for him and his unorthodox diagnosis, I would have never started my voyage of sexual discovery. Maybe we should just call it even. In a way, we kind of owe him."

"Don't be so sure, Sweetie," Suzanne said confidently. She knew that if it hadn't have been Dr. Fredrickson, she would have just picked someone else to help implement her scheme. "Something tells me that what happened between us all was fated to happen. But we can save Diana for another time, once your life settles down. I wouldn't mind a piece of her, myself. Anyway, we have much more important things to do tonight. How are you feeling, Sweetie?"

Alan turned around in his front passenger seat and smiled at Suzanne, Katherine, and Amy sitting in the backseat. "I know what's on your mind, Mother, and all of your minds! It's been too many days, hasn't it? Don't worry, I'm feeling a LOT better. I'm up for a victory celebration, and we all know how the Plummer household celebrates!" He'd been told a bit about how Akami and Katherine had teased the doctor, so he joked, "I know one 'vaginal thermometer' that's going to be very, very busy!"

Amy joked, "Don't forget to bring your rectal thermometer, too!" She paused a brief second, as though in thought, and then quipped with a lopsided grin, "Oh. Wait. They're one and the same, aren't they?"

The others laughed merrily at her small joke.


By the time the Plummers got home, it was nearly time for dinner. Amy and Suzanne had to go back to their own house to cook and share dinner with Eric and Brad, while Susan had to start cooking.

Katherine was visibly eager to have some special time alone with her brother, since Susan had monopolized him the night before. But she sensed that he needed some time alone and left him in the living room. She wasn't being completely selfless though, because she much preferred him at full strength instead of groggy and listless.

He was grateful for the reprieve. As he kicked back on a sofa mindlessly channel surfing on their big TV, he thought, I'm sooooo glad they let me avoid that whole Dr. Fredrickson confrontation. Last night I was so high and drunk on love that I still feel like I'm recovering from the hangover. My body's basically recovered, finally, thankfully, but my mind is still frazzled. And yet new crises keep popping up all the time. There are too many women in my life!

It's like I told Glory earlier. I should just simplify my life to the family four, plus Glory, if she'll have me, then Heather and Brenda. And Heather stays on the list only until her inner bitch is sufficiently tamed for Sean and Simone to take over and finish the job. My body can handle all the sex, but my heart can't handle all the emotional upheaval, pressure, and responsibility.

I can see now that there will always be tough issues to deal with, and at heart I'm the kind of guy who fundamentally wants peace, not conflict. Keeping my family four happy is all the emotional responsibility I can handle. More than anything, I have to avoid the head cases like Heather who corrupt my very soul... Even though she is so much naughty fun.

So really, without Heather it's just six. He chuckled at that.

Six! "Only" six! I've read a lot of erotic stories about one guy having many women, but none of them ever showed how psychologically exhausting it all is, with all the constant juggling to keep everyone happy.

Speaking of psychology, it would be nice to add Xania to my core group. She's got the strength, willpower, and psychological wisdom that I really need, not to mention the fact that she's hot as molten lava and a great fuck. The only problem is, she's so independent that she doesn't really need me, or us. She moves in very different circles, what with her acting career and everything. And with her living so far away, we'll be lucky just to see her every once in a while.

Maybe that's for the best, though, especially if things work out with Glory. I'm being too greedy.

The main thing is, I have to ultimately rid myself of the other cheerleaders, plus Simone, and focus mostly on the women at home. Right now school is an emotional minefield, but I need it to be a calm place where I can actually think about schoolwork. I have to keep my sanity and my decency, and school SHOULD be my oasis of calm. But if I spend all my free moments there buttfucking and spanking Heather, I'm never going to get my act together. Sean has to pull through. I'm praying that he's up for the role I want to give him. Bringing him along as my apprentice was such a lucky move. And Glory! If what we agreed on today could actually work out, that could save me in more ways than one. But the situation with her is so volatile; I don't know how it's going to ultimately go.

Most of all, I need more moments like this. Just time to veg out and decompress...

He closed his eyes and spaced out for a while, but he didn't fall completely asleep because he was too lazy to find the remote and turn off the TV.


When he came to, he saw Susan and Katherine sitting on a nearby sofa. He guessed they'd started out watching TV and then gotten distracted, since they were mostly dressed. Katherine had her face buried in Susan's chest and was contentedly suckling on one of Susan's nipples.

Seeing that Alan was awake, Susan looked over at him and smiled. "Dinner's in the oven. It'll be ready in about thirty minutes."

He asked, "Are we having maca porridge yet again?"

"As a matter of fact, we are."

He muttered under his breath, "Ugh!" He was well aware that she'd been serving maca porridge nearly every day since she'd discovered lists claiming it increased both sperm count and overall libido. It didn't taste very good, but he forced himself to eat it because he figured he needed every sexual advantage he could get.

Susan turned her attention back to the TV program, which was a nature documentary. She loved nature documentaries.

Katherine, though, seemed only interested in her mother's nipples, and kept on suckling them.

Alan felt revived, and even a little aroused already from staring at the two of them. He asked, "Mommy, how's the lactation coming along?"

She turned her head from the TV. "Excellent! Thanks for asking. I've been letting out drips and dribbles all day, with every suckling session. We're doing much better than the few drops yesterday."

"All day?" he asked, slightly confused.

"Of course. Lactation is a big commitment. I need to be drained at least once every four hours, but I've been doing it more like once every other hour to get a good flow as soon as I can. Suzanne came over and milked me as soon as I dropped you off at school, then I napped... In fact, I haven't done much more than alternate napping and milking all day. I even missed my usual morning exercises. I feel flabby already."

Alan sat forward, intensely interested in this new development. "How does it feel?"

"Mmmm. So good! It's like one constant high! Just knowing that I'm going to be serving you and Angel in this new way is an all day high, but then when either of you are suckling like your sister is right now, it's a super-high high! True, it requires hard work and dedication to turn my tits into your personal milk jugs, but I love it! My cunt loves it too. I swear, there's a direct line from my nipples to my clit. I would DIE of pleasure if there was a mouth on my nipples all day long." She winked. "Or two." She hefted up her left breast invitingly.

He looked at her unoccupied tit, so big, round, firm, and soft, and felt quite tempted. He said, "Sis? Big Barakas Sister?"

"Mmmm-hmmm?" she responded without taking her mouth off her mother's tit.

"I know you said that Mom shouldn't touch me any more today for what she did this morning, but do you mind if I help milk a little? I've got a nice surprise for you if you say yes."

Katherine grumbled at first. But then she looked up at her mother's eyes, and felt too much love radiating there to be a spoilsport. "Well, okay. I do love surprises."

So Alan got up and changed sofas to help nurse. However, he clearly stated, "Both of you, hands off my dick, okay? It still needs time to recover."

To the surprise of Katherine and Susan, he took the phone with him and called up Christine even as he cuddled up next to them. He confirmed plans to have his fourth "non-romantic" date with her the following night, and then just chatted with her for a while. The whole time he pulled on Susan's nipple with his free hand.

Susan loved that he did that, and especially loved that she was forced not to make any sounds at all despite the highly arousing way he played with her body. Slowly but surely though, she and Katherine were finding ways to quietly take their clothes off.

Then, when that call was over, Alan called up Kim to find out what had happened with Sean during the afternoon and arrange the S-Club meeting for the next day. There was no need to keep the club's true purpose secret from Susan anymore, especially since he'd resolved to be more honest and open with her in the future, but everyone still liked to call it the S-Club or the SA-Club. (In fact, Alan with his modesty preferred the former, while Susan and Katherine preferred the latter.)

When talking to Kim, he wasn't worried about having her find out about what else he was doing at the same time, so whenever Kim talked he replaced his hand on his mother's tit with his mouth.

Kim soon detected some funny noises and asked him about what they were.

He laughed and replied honestly, "Oh, just suckling on a big tit. A 38G, in fact. Is that a problem?"

Kim didn't mind, and in fact they joked and teased about it. She described in some detail what she'd do if she had a pair of 38Gs to play with.

Alan kept the phone close to Susan's head so she could hear all that. Needless to say, Susan loved every word.

When Alan got off the line, Susan said, "My, my, you've become quite the multi-tasker. And by the way, I think we should invite Kim over to the house one of these days. She knows all about you and Angel, anyway, and how you're keeping your sister's cunt topped off with sperm every day." She didn't have to say all that, but figured Katherine would love it.

He just smiled. Susan obviously had greatly enjoyed Kim's G-cup fantasies and wanted to get to know the young cheerleader much better.

Katherine moaned loudly with arousal. She stopped long enough to say, "Mom, I LOVE that: 'keeping your sister's cunt topped off with sperm every day.' If only! If only my insides were bathed with billions of sperm, twenty-four seven! And every step I took, a little bit of his baby batter would dribble out."

Susan stroked her daughter's head in a motherly fashion. "I know, I know. I'm with you. It's a bit much even for Tiger to manage, but we can dream, can't we?"

With images of overflowing pussies and Kim and Susan making love filling Alan's head, he dialed his friend Sean. He briefly confirmed the S-Club orgy and heard Sean's take on how his afternoon fuck with Kim had gone.

When he got off the phone he looked down into his lap and frowned, pretending to be upset. One of Katherine's feet was rubbing his penis through his shorts and against his leg. Naturally, that had gotten him hard. He complained, even though he was secretly delighted, "Sis, didn't I explicitly say hands off my dick?"

"Yeah, that's why I'm using my feet. Got you!" She giggled. "Anyways, you can't reasonably expect to be around the two of us in a sexual situation like this and have your penis go untended."

Susan chimed in, "Tiger, please. Let her help. She misses it so much. She hasn't been able to seriously tend your cock in three days! Plus, I get distraught when I see Alan Junior not being taken care of in some way or another."

He rolled his eyes, but didn't push his sister's feet away. He said to his sister, "You know, when you started doing that in the middle of my call I had this great desire to say to Sean, 'Guess what? My sister's just started jacking off my dick with her feet. It's giving me such waves of pleasure that I can hardly even concentrate on quietly suckling my mom's nipples while you're talking.' And he's found out enough about my sex life that I think he would actually believe me. But of course I can't ever tell him that. That's why you and Amy can't come to the S-Club meeting tomorrow."

"What?! Brother! Meanie. Why not?"

While Katherine continued to suckle on her mother's nipple most of the time, her feet were getting to intimately know her brother's penis. While Alan was talking, Susan lifted up Alan's ass just long enough for Katherine to pull his shorts off.


She'd purposely worn pantyhose in the hopes that a chance for a footjob would come up. She knew the silky fabric would make him feel that much better. Now, with his shorts off, it was just her silky pantyhose on his bare skin, and it felt fantastic for them both.

He closed his eyes and groaned. "Oh Gaaaawwwd... I can't believe your feet feel that good."

"Hey, I asked you a question. I'm not going to stop this footjob and then you'll answer."

"You mean, 'I'm not going to stop this footjob until you answer,' right?"

She giggled. "Nope! What do I look like, some kind of idiot?"

Susan joined in the giggling and high-fived her daughter. "Good one!"

Alan made an unhappy face, but in fact he was amused too. "To answer your question, you and Amy can't come to the S-Club meeting because Sean is going to be there, along with Janice, Joy, Kim, and me. He needs to be there while I personally demonstrate some fucking techniques right in front of him. It's really important for his sexual development, if he's ever going to be able to take Heather off my hands. But I won't let him ever touch any of my favorites. I don't want him to have the slightest hint about what's going on in this house." He pointedly looked at the feet now working together to drag his shorts down his thighs.

"Dammit," Katherine complained, "that sounds like fun. I wanna be there."

Susan said sympathetically to her daughter, "Angel, you're looking at this in the wrong way. If you go and have fun, then great. If you don't go, it just shows that Tiger's a total stud and needs to fuck a wide variety of pussies, while you and I are completely helpless, completely at his mercy. And that's SO HOT! So it's win-win either way."

"Yeah," Katherine admitted, "I can see that. That is kinda hot. But that's still just the consolation prize. It would be a 100 times more fun to join the orgy."

"True," Susan conceded. "That would be better. But remember that us fuck toys have to be patient. It sounds like he needs to tame those cheerleader cunts a bit more. Think long term. Once all of them are fully tamed sex toys, just think how much more fun your cheerleading practices will be. As sister to the school stud, you're gonna get all kinds of perks."

"Hmmm. Good point." She continued to slide her feet up and down.

"Besides, who are we to complain? Even though it's on a Tuesday, I'm just going to sit back and take it, just like I spread my legs and take his massive log whenever he wants to shove it in me." She winked as she said, "And anyway, you and I can find fun ways to keep ourselves busy while he's gone."

Katherine still frowned, but said, "That's true too." She turned to her brother. "Sorry, Bro. I guess I'm just being uppity again."

Alan then called Akami to thank her again for all her help in the Dr. Fredrickson power play.

Not only did Alan need to touch base with some phone calls, but he was really getting off on talking while suckling on his mother's tit almost every moment his mouth wasn't busy talking. As he grew more aroused, there was nothing stopping him from fondling the rest of Susan and Katherine, so he did so. He held the phone receiver to his ear by leaning into his shoulder so he could have both hands free.

However, his one consideration was that he focused much more on Katherine, since this was supposed to be "her day." One of his hands worked on stimulating as many of her 17 erogenous zones as he could reach. He especially liked to run his hands over her legs since it felt good to stroke her pantyhose.

Katherine, in turn, was getting more and more into giving him a great footjob. Before long, the only item of clothing remaining on any of them was Alan's T-shirt plus Susan's high heeled shoes and Katherine's pantyhose.

There was no need for him to hide anything from Akami, so, while they talked she would occasionally ask him what he was doing to whom, and he'd tell her. Before long, it turned into more of a phone sex call than anything else.

Susan muted the TV volume, and she and Katherine listened to the phone call intently as they both got more aroused, right along with Akami and Alan.

But Alan was trying to keep the calls relatively short. His energy was reviving and he wanted to do more than suckle and enjoy a footjob. So after Akami had a nice climax, he said his goodbyes and hung up.


As soon as the line disconnected, he said, "Sorry 'bout all the phoning. Just one more short call and then I'll be able to give you two all my attention." He dialed Xania in Los Angeles.

Luckily, she'd just returned home and was alone. She was glad to hear from him and eager to talk.

He had her explain in great detail what she'd said and done with Sean over the weekend.

Just as Kim had done on her earlier phone call, Xania frequently compared Sean's love-making skills with Alan's. Although she tried to be diplomatic about it, she repeatedly emphasized that Sean had a long way to go.

He thought, Man, I can feel my ego growing bigger all the time. I need to keep some perspective and not get too much of a swollen head... But that's for later. For now, I'm going to love all the attention devoted to my other swollen body part! He snickered to himself.

All the while Xania talked, Alan suckled Susan's nipples and fondled Katherine all over, but mostly her clit (her pantyhose were rolled down to her thighs). Soon, he began clueing Xania in on what he and his women were doing, especially as it was rather difficult to hide the suckling noises.

She got hot and bothered by the idea of some multi-partner phone sex, and the topic of Sean fell by the wayside. She practically shouted to Alan, "Tell me what you're doing right now!"

"Let's see. The three of us are sitting in a naked pile, basically. Since you're having me talk, I can't suckle, but I'm kind of nuzzling Mom's left nipple with my nose. You like that, Mom?"

"Love it!" Susan replied loudly, wanting Xania to hear.


Alan went on, "My whole face is pretty much buried in tit-flesh. It's really spongy and comfy. That's why I might sound distant and muffled. It's a good thing I've got you on speakerphone at least, 'cos it frees up both of my hands. Hmmm. I think my sister's nipples need a little bit of twisting."

Xania laughed. "You're so boob-obsessed!"

Alan chuckled. "Guilty as charged. But just to prove that's not always true, I'm bringing a hand back down to Sis's clit."

Katherine spoke loudly for Xania' benefit. "I can definitely confirm that! Sweet! Keep up with those circle-y motions, Bro."

Xania was impressed. "That's so insane! I wish I could see it. And smell it. And touch it! Speaking of touching it, who's stroking your cock right now?"

"Hmmm. Let's see. I can't see due to these spongy tit-mountains, and Mom would be able to reach my crotch, but from the angle of the hands I'm guessing that it's Sis. Oh, wait! Breaking news flash... Mom doesn't want to be left out either. Yep, that third hand is definitely Mom doing her patented 'barber pole' move."

"What's that? Tell me everything! Are they both stroking you at once?"

"Yeah, they are. God, it's so good! But unfortunately you and I need to cover some serious business before these two incestuous vixens get me too hot and bothered to talk."

"Oooh!" Susan purred excitedly. "'Incestuous vixens.' I like that! Angel, please wrap your incestuous lips around his incestuous cock. I'd love to, but I can't with Tiger's head resting on my incestuous tit-pillows."

"Incestuous tit-mountains!" Katherine corrected. She stopped sucking just long enough to say that, then greedily took her brother's pole back into her mouth. She groaned lustily as she engulfed his cockhead and more, until she was in danger of triggering her gag reflex.

"Did you hear that?" Alan asked Xania excitedly.

"I did!" Xania replied just as excitedly. "It sounds like someone is practically choking on a monstrous cock!"

"That's my daughter!" Susan said gaily. "She makes a mother proud! If you could only see the way she's practically inhaling his dick. She gagging a little here and there, flirting with deep throating. It's so HOT!"

"It sounds hot," Xania admitted.

Alan said between labored breaths, "I'm already losing control here, so I'd better speed up your report. I'm curious if you taught Sean anything about anal sex over the weekend."

"Oh, shucks," Xania answered. "I hate to report that not only did we not partake, but Sean seemed downright offended by the idea. He called it 'gay.'"

Alan groaned out loud, remembering that not long ago he had given the same immature response. He told Katherine, "Sis, please! Take it easy on my dick for a while. I need to get Xania's report."


He had no idea what that meant; Katherine's mouth was so fully stuffed that her comment was unintelligible. But he guessed, correctly, that her general meaning was "So what?"

He rolled his eyes, and chided, "Sis, behave!"

She kept bobbing on his shaft, but reluctantly slowed to more of a gentle suckling.

Alan soon was breathing easier. That allowed him to discuss how Xania could help cure Sean of his attitude in the very near future.

Xania was only too happy to help; she quite enjoyed being the sexual tutor to a near virginal boy.

It took a few minutes to get that discussion out of the way. Luckily, for Alan, Xania did most of the talking. Then the phone sex resumed while increasing in intensity.

"So what's happening on your end now?" Xania asked him.

"I'll answer that as soon as you tell me what's happening on your end."

Xania was a bit vague, wanting to keep the call focused on what was happening at the Plummer house. "You can guess. My hands are pretty busy."

"Are you naked?"

"Um, no, I've just kind of pushed my panties aside, and-"

"Get naked!" Alan ordered. "I don't want you to be wearing anything larger than an earring, except for your glasses."

Xania giggled giddily. "Yes, sir!" In fact, she wasn't wearing her glasses since she was home alone and only wore those to maintain her image as a learned psychologist. But she knew he liked to picture her in her glasses, so she didn't bother to say anything about that.

Susan shrieked, "So hot! Xania, I can picture you so clearly, your big tits wobbling everywhere in time to the stroking of your clit. You look so gorgeous! I can almost smell your musky pussy!"

Xania began issuing orders over the phone of things she wanted to have happen. "Susan, put a finger up your daughter's ass!"

"OH!" Susan loved that and promptly complied. But she teased, "Is that your professional advice as a psychologist, or is that just a horny big-titted babe talking?"

Xania laughed, and then answered, "Both!" Then she barked, "Katherine, fit every inch of your brother's cock in your mouth, and I do mean every inch! I want you to suck him to the root!"

There was a pause. Xania could only hear the rustling of body parts. Finally, she asked, "Katherine, are you doing it?"

Alan laughed. "Um, she can't talk now. She already had half my cock between her lips before you said that. She can't really deep throat me, but by God, she sure is trying!"

"Oh," Xania replied, panting lightly. "I can hear the gagging! It sounds really hot, knowing how hard she's trying! Katherine, next time I'm there, I'll teach you. It's really not as hard as everyone thinks once you learn the tricks. But you, Alan, what are you doing?"

It was true that Katherine was repeatedly gagging, trying to lunge father down her brother's shaft than she'd ever gone before. Susan of course, heard and saw, responding with loud, lusty moans of her own.

Alan had to speak up just to be heard. "Just, uh, trying to hang on and talk. I'm totally ready to cum already!"

"Don't be so selfish," Xania complained to him. "Pull your mother's tits together and suck on both nipples at once."

"Hmmm," was all he said, as he pondered how to do that. Susan's breasts were so big and round that it was tough to bring the nipples together. He really had to pull hard on the nipples, much harder than he usually allowed himself to do.

Not surprisingly, Susan loved the treatment. "Oh! Tiger! Oh! What are you... YES!"

Xania could tell that he had followed her order, because a few moments later she heard Susan's voice growing increasingly loud. "Oh yes... Oh yes! ... OH YES! TIIIIIIGER! ... Milk my titties!"

And so the phone call went. Xania continued giving commands, but Alan gave some commands to her as well. He started by telling Xania exactly how to masturbate herself. But that was fairly predictable and the options on what he could have her do were limited since she was alone.

He wondered how he could up the ante. He realized that in order to think up something really good he had to do some serious thinking, and he couldn't do that with the way Katherine's lips and tongue were roaming all over his shaft in an increasingly energetic effort to get him to cum. So he panted, "Sorry, every... everybody... Need a... strategic break."

A simultaneous disappointed "awww," came both from inside the room and over the phone.

Xania had been very busy plowing her pussy with her fingers. But as she started to calm down some, she said, "The infamous strategic break. I think that's the key to your sexual prowess, Alan. How do you manage to stop in the middle of so much excitement? It's almost inhuman."

"Simple," he explained. "Because when I'm having so much fun I'll do anything to keep it going. The few seconds of bliss during an orgasm are great, but they can't possibly match how much fun I'll have if I can keep things going here another five or ten minutes. Whenever I cum, it's always almost a big downer afterwards. So I just force myself to take breaks."

"You make it sound so easy," Xania said. "If every guy could do that..."

"Hold on here, Xania," he said. "Let me think for a minute. I really need to think."

With his head still nestled in his mother's cleavage and Katherine's head resting between his thighs, he tried to think of what he could tell Xania that would blow her away. He hadn't given any thought to where she was and what she was doing, so he tried to picture that in his mind. That let him remember that Sean had said that Xania lived high up in an apartment building and had a balcony that looked out onto the ocean.

He asked, "Xania, you're still completely naked, right?"

"Yes. Gloriously liberated and free. It feels great."

"Good. Stay that way, walk out on your balcony and masturbate near the edge, right by the railing."

"No! That's insane!" Exhibitionism really turned her on, much more than Alan even realized, but what he asked was going too far in her mind. After all, she had to live there. The people who saw her just might be her friends or neighbors, even if the odds were extremely small.

But after some back and forth, he finally talked her into doing it. She was just too aroused to say no but she'd stalled for time, at least, knowing that every passing minute meant it was getting darker and she'd be less likely to be seen.

Alan had noticed the growing darkness as well. So he waited until she confirmed that she was standing naked on her balcony and said, "Now, turn your balcony light on."

She realized with dismay that with the porch light on, the longer she stalled, the more exposed she would be. She also realized that that idea aroused her incredibly. She stomped her foot in frustration. "You BASTARD!"

He told her, "I hope that's gonna function like a spotlight pointing right at you, causing everyone at the beach to look up and see. Is anyone looking at you yet?"

"No," she gasped. "Unfortunately I'm a few blocks from the beach. But I want them to! I actually want them to! You make me so hot!"

Susan was in seventh heaven from simply listening. She whispered to Alan, "You're making me so hot too! You're actually taming Xania over the phone!"

Seeing that the game was afoot again, Katherine rearranged herself into titfucking position between her brother's legs. She preferred that to cocksucking at the moment because she wanted to be free to hear and talk so she could fully follow what was happening to Xania.

Susan let Katherine do that. She was basically giving her daughter all the cock access tonight. Frankly, she felt grateful to Katherine that she was allowed to be there at all. As Katherine had made clear that morning, Susan had had her time the night before and now this was Katherine's time. Besides, Susan was very content for Alan to use her soft orbs as pillows, especially since he generally kept at least one hand up around them. Her breasts were so sensitive and easily aroused that any touch by him there made her purr with pleasure.

Alan kept giving Xania new orders. "Reach down and touch your toes."


"No, you didn't do it. I'm serious!"

He had guessed right about that, that she hadn't actually done it. She asked in frustration, "How can you tell?"

"I can just tell." Actually, it was just a lucky guess, based on his surmise that she'd answered too quickly and readily. "Don't try to trick me again or you WILL be punished. Now, go to the balcony!"

She'd had him on speakerphone the whole time, so brought the phone out to the balcony where they would still be able to talk. When she got there, she said, "Okay, I'm here. Now what?"

"Are you facing the beach or facing your apartment?"

"Facing my apartment. Being outside is bad enough! Please don't make me turn around and face the other way!" She was surprised at how readily she was obeying his orders, almost as if she really had given him control over her body. That bothered her quite a bit.

He replied, "Don't worry; that's good for now." He was pleased to hear her sigh with relief, because it indicated she really was doing as he'd instructed. "Besides, it'll be good for everyone in L.A. to check out your beautiful back - especially your gorgeous ass!"

She clenched her teeth and kept her eyes tightly shut. Her breathing was audibly growing more labored, which was another indication that she was really on her balcony following his orders.

"Put both your hands on your head, like you've just been arrested by the police." He waited for a response.

In fact, Xania was testing him, so she didn't follow his order. She waited a few seconds, then said, "Okay."

He sighed. "Xania, what did I say about lying to me?"

She stammered in amazement, "But... How?! How did you know?!"

In fact, it was another good guess. He'd suspected she was going to test him again, and he'd been tipped off by the happy way she'd said "Okay." He'd gotten her far too horny to lie cleverly.

He didn't want to explain his reasoning, as that would only help her outsmart him in the future, so he said, "I just know, okay? Quit trying to trick me or you'll regret it! Now, put your hands on your head already. That's an order!"

She reluctantly did as instructed. But as soon as she did, she felt shivers of arousal throughout her body. This is fucked up! It's like my body is rewarding me for obeying him. But it's too fucking hot, knowing what the people down below could see if they happen to look up!

He continued, "Now, spread your legs wide and imagine that I'm there. I'm arresting you for public nudity and indecency."


She spread her legs wide. She'd given up on trying to disobey him, at least for the moment. "But you're not here," she pouted, surprised at how greatly she needed him. "You're a hundred miles away, fucking Katherine's tits!"

"I know, but just imagine. Besides, I'm not really fucking her tits, it's more like her tits are sliding all over, fucking me."

Xania let out a needy groan. "I want that! Fuck MY tits!" Her tits heaved wildly as she panted, "Gaawwwd, if you were here right now... I'd drop to my knees and... OH GOD!"

Susan said in near awe, "Oh. My. God. Tiger, that's so hot! Too hot! Tiger, I love your tit play, but I can't just lie here when you tell Xania those things. I need to obey! Can I pose like that right here in the living room? That way, you can picture exactly how she looks."

"Good idea, Mommy."

Susan immediately got up, put her hands on her head, and spread her legs. This was one of her absolute favorite submissive poses, which was the main reason why she couldn't resist.

Alan asked Xania, "Hold on. You still have your hands on your head?"

"Of course. I can't believe nobody's looked up to see me yet. This is so humiliating!"

He continued, "Keep your hands on your head, but spread your legs even wider, as wide as you can. Like you're doing the splits. Then grasp both your ankles. I'm afraid that you've been very, very bad and I'm going to have to do a full cavity search."

As Alan watched his mother move into position, he thought, This is perfect! Between Mom mimicking the commands and Sis sucking me off, this has to be the best phone sex ever!

Xania moved into that position too, but complained, "I'm hot! I'm burning up! I've never been so hot in my life! If only someone would look up and see my dangling tits, nearly scraping the balcony, but you're not here! I wanna feel your hands on my ass! I wanna feel your huge cock do a cavity search and fuck every cavity I've got! But I'm alone. I need contact!"

That gave Alan another idea. Although he wanted to keep her in that position for a while, he realized that she did need contact. She needed stimulation on her clit so she could cum. So he said, "I want you to be very, very, VERY careful. Extremely careful. Don't endanger yourself. But I want you to sit on the edge of the balcony and slide back and forth over the cold metal railing."


"Oh, I know. Your railing is like three sides to a square, right? I want you to sit at one of the corners and hold onto the railing that leads back into your apartment. That way your body will be leaning over your balcony a bit and if you fall you'll be okay. Can you do that?"

"This is insane, but it just might work," Xania admitted. "I wouldn't ever try it except that I need to cum so bad!"


Before long, Xania found herself rather precariously sitting with one leg over the balcony's rail, sliding back and forth along the rail and grinding her pussy on the cold metal.

While she'd fucked on her balcony a few times before, she'd never dared (or been dared) to actually do anything with the railing before, and she loved it. She got so into sliding back and forth that she almost forgot where she was at times.

Susan was at a loss since she didn't have a pole like that. She gave the matter some thought, and then rushed out of the room. She hurried back in only a minute or two later, proudly holding up a shower curtain rod. She held it with one hand in front of her and one hand behind, sliding it back and forth between her legs.

At the same time, she started swaying and almost dancing with it. Although she loved the way the metal pole rubbed against her pussy lips, her goal was not just to pleasure herself, but to put on a sexy show for her son.

Meanwhile, Xania continued to give Alan a blow by blow account of what she was doing. She frequently spiced her words with complaints like, "You bastard! I can't believe you're making me do this! I could fall and die! Everyone can see me!"

But such protests only made her more aroused.

Alan knew that public exhibitionism was a particularly strong turn-on for her, which was the main reason why he'd asked her to go to her balcony in the first place. Even with the phone on the deck and the distant sound of traffic, she could easily hear as he gave her new commands or comments every now and then.

But between Katherine's continued oral efforts, Susan's pole dancing of sorts, and Xania's public exhibitionism, Alan was talking less and less.


He was wondering how Xania could top having her fuck the balcony railing, and then it came to him. He told her to bend down and titfuck the rail while she kept grinding her pussy against it. Sure enough, she spread her flowing pussy juices all over her cleavage and fucked the rail with her tits and pussy at once. She loved doing that even more. In fact, she considered it one of the most arousing and erotic things she'd ever done. She came so hard and repeatedly that she seriously worried about losing consciousness and falling ten floors to her death, but the danger turned her on still further.

Susan brought the curtain rod between her large orbs and gave her son an intense "fuck me" look as she slid it up and down her cleavage.

By this time, Xania had cum hard a number of times. She was finally forced to climb down off the railing and flop out on the floor to recover.


Xania lay there panting. This is all fucked up! Look at me! I'm not just anybody; I'm a centerfold-worthy perfect "ten"! Everybody says so. And yet I'm letting myself be bossed around by some teenager over the phone. I have to put a stop to this before he really does kill me!

After a long pause, Alan asked, "What going on?"

Xania had a hard time breathing, much less talking. "I'm... lying... on the... on the... balcony... Had a... big cum! ... Gotta, gotta... rest..."

He said, "Nope, sorry. You can't do that. We're not done yet."

Xania had to wait a few moments to catch her breath. "Not done? Not done?! For the love of God! Are you trying to kill me?!" She panted some more, then continued, "What's it going to take for you to... have mercy? ... UGH! ... I can't, can't... take much more!" Interestingly, the idea of hanging up the phone didn't even cross her mind.

"I haven't cum yet," he replied. "I need to cum."

Xania crawled over to where the phone was on the floor and growled into it, "Susan, Katherine, just what the hell are you doing?! GET ON IT" She gasped for air. "Make that boy cum before I climax so much that my pussy falls off! Please! Please! What are you doing to him?!"

Susan answered, "Um, not much. But I've just been standing here for the last minute or two, uncertain what to do since you said you'd stopped. Remember that I'm supposed to be imitating you."

Xania griped, "Then lie down like you fucking died!" She panted some more. "What about... what about Katherine?"

"My sweet Angel is fucking him with her tits and sometimes licking the tip of his cock. "

Xania growled angrily, "Is that all?! Come ON! We're talking Alan here. Get it in gear, people!"

Alan chuckled, but then said, "Xania, I want you to stand up again and put your hands back on your head."

Xania cried out, "Please! Susan! Katherine! Help! He's gonna make me cum a dozen more times if you don't do something!"

Alan told Xania, "Stand up again. That's an order."

"UGH!" Xania struggled to rise, but she was having trouble.

Xania directed her words at Susan and Katherine. "Girls, I've got an idea. You two need to work together. Susan, lie down on the ground and have Alan sit on your face. Start rimming his asshole. Then trap his evil, evil, bastard cock between your tits and fuck it good!"

"Hey, where do I come in?" Katherine complained.

"You have the best part," Xania explained. "You lie down face first over your brother and shove that big cockhead of his into your mouth! Then you can play with your mommy's tits and help the titfuck as he shoots a big load down your throat!"

Katherine liked that a lot. "Cool! Let's do it!"

While the three of them got into position, Alan asked Xania, "Are you standing? With your hands up?"

She was standing, but she didn't have her hands up behind her head. However, she quickly brought them up, even though it was a real struggle for her in her current condition. "Yes, you bastard! I'm gonna slip on this lake of cum I've created and fall to my death, you heartless demon!"

Alan was amazed as Katherine and Susan finished moving into their new positions. "Hey, this is pretty neat. I can have a titfuck and a blowjob at the same time? Too cool! How come I've never heard of this? I've never even seen a porn picture like this."

Xania commented, "Porn can be surprisingly unoriginal. But I'll tell ya, one can learn a lot in orgies. My arms are starting to get tired, by the way. Hint, hint." Despite all her protests, she was actually ready for more.

Alan thought quickly. "Um, I want you to bend over and moon the crowd below. Then, keep sticking your ass cheeks out further and further until one of the poles holding up the railings is between them. Then slide your pussy up and down it until you cum!"

"That's fucked up!" Xania shouted towards the phone. "I love it!"

Of course, there was no "crowd below." Hardly anybody had even walked by that could have possibly looked up, and while many cars drove by, her apartment was so high up that one would have to poke one's head out of the car window to even have a chance to see her. But comments like that from Alan made her feel like there was a crowd, and that was the main thing, letting her imagination run wild.


Meanwhile, the simultaneous titfuck and blowjob was in full swing, and Alan, Susan, and Katherine were having a great time. His mother and sister were working on overdrive to get him to cum, not so much to help Xania - they were so absorbed in their task that they weren't giving her much thought anymore - but simply because they were both so turned on.

Katherine especially had her jealous moments at times, but this was different. The two of them were doing very different things to please their lover, yet at the same time they were working as one. Katherine realized that Susan's efforts weren't hindering her in any way, as sometimes happened in shared blowjobs where heads would bump against each other or there would be territorial disputes. She saw that this was clearly a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Susan concentrated on licking her son's asshole, allowing Katherine to manipulate her tits as tools to drive Alan to cum sooner rather than later.

That made Alan feel so good that he was rendered incoherent, unable to give Xania any more orders.

But Xania didn't need any. She came over and over as she rubbed her soaking pussy up and down the pole. Even though she couldn't forget that she was outside on her balcony, in plain view, she'd lost all inhibitions about making noise. She shouted things like, "GOD! I came AGAIN! You fucker! I can't believe you're fucking making me do this! FUCK! UGH! GOOD GOD, so horny for you! And when I think about the tit sandwich you're in... Oh no! No! Don't make me cum again! NOOOO!"

Finally, Alan spurted his load into Katherine's mouth, triggering Katherine to climax too.

Susan didn't climax with them, although she came close. But that was okay because she was having a great time, and besides, she was mindful that this was supposed to be her daughter's time.


Xania could hear the sounds of the others screaming and moaning. That helped push her to one last great orgasm as her ass wildly humped the metal pole behind her. She screamed, "FUCK ME! FUCKME FUCKME FUCKME! Alan, you motherfucker, fuck me HARD!"

Finally, she fell back to the floor of the balcony.

After a minute or two, she crawled back towards the phone and spoke towards it. "So... good! ... Girls..." She paused for some moments, gathering strength to talk, then blurted out to the other two women, "You have to try pole fucking. It's great!"

Alan suddenly had visions of coming home from school the next day and finding all the women he knew sprawled all over the house, sliding their curvy bodies over every metal pole they could find.

Susan was the most coherent on the other end of the phone and said, "I will! Just thinking about my Tiger ordering me to slide my naked body all over a cold pole gets me so hot! We seriously need a stripper's pole in here. But that dual titfuck cocksuck suggestion of yours was even better. Sheer genius! Angel, we need to do that all the time, don't you think?"

"Definitely, Mom. We should do that daily. Sharing Alan Junior is a blast!"

"Literally," Susan noted wryly. "In fact, you've got some sperm dribbling down your chin. You want me to lick that off for you?"

"Only if your tongue'll help me 'clean out' the sperm inside my mouth, too."

"You've got yourself a deal!"

Alan was temporarily forgotten as the two women climbed out from under and on top of him so they could neck for a while. He found his T-shirt and put it back on.

Xania picked up her phone and walked inside her house because it was getting cold outside. But she kept the line connected and the speakerphone mode on. She said to Alan as she closed her screen door to her balcony, "Sounds like you're living the life over there, you stud. I've never had phone sex that good, ever. Period. End of story. I'm strolling through my apartment buck naked and dripping with cum and sweat, and I've never felt this free, this alive! Gaawwwd, I want you so bad. You're something else!"

"Hey," Alan protested while feeling proud of himself at the same time, "it's all just an accident. I didn't plan any of this, honest. I just called you to see how things went with Sean and the rest just kinda happened."

"I can believe that, but it just shows what an incredible sex magnet you are. What are your two insatiable sex kittens doing right now, by the way?"

"They're going at it hot and heavy with each other. There's some pretty serious tit rack rubbing going on as they keep kissing and kissing."

"You see? That's you, even though you're not touching them. They're swapping your cum."

"But I'm not doing anything, really! I'm just... a guy." He deliberately looked away from his mother and sister, because he knew that to merely see them necking could give him another hard-on. He was still feeling revived, but he wanted to pace himself.

Xania responded, "I know. And that's one reason why you're so lovable and desirable, your humility. But I should go. I need to shower and eat dinner."

"Me too." He'd been on the floor since his climax, but finally started to pick himself up.

She sighed. "It makes me sad to have to end the call. That was too intense! I don't know if I'm ever going to be the same, and that's not just talk. For one thing, how will I ever show my face around this apartment complex? Every face I see, I'll wonder if they saw me, or heard me." She realized with a start, "Oh shit! I was really loud there at the end, wasn't I?"

He chuckled. "You were. But don't worry about it. How can they know those screams were yours? It's all the people who saw you that you have to worry about."

She said with chagrin, "Ha-ha. Thanks a lot. Don't get me started, or you'll have to come over here and take responsibility."

"Sounds like fun!"

She continued normally, "Good night for now, but I can't wait to see you on Wednesday. If you think I'm gonna miss another Poke-her Night, you're dead wrong!"

"Did you say Poke-her Night?"

"Yeah. That's just my little joke name."

"I love it. Okay, see you then on Poke-her Night. Since you're coming all this way, I hope it'll be a poke-you night, specifically!"

"MMMM!" There was a lusty groan coming from elsewhere in the room.

Alan turned back to Susan and Katherine to see what the "mmmm" was about. Katherine was still busy kissing her mother, but she gave a thumbs-up in Alan's direction, in obvious reference to the "Poke-her" name.

Alan laughed at that.

Xania purred, "Poke-me night? Are you saying you're going to take your fucking huge cock and ram it into my tight cunt? You still need to give me a thorough cavity search, you know. I could be hiding contraband or something. In two days, you're gonna have to fuck me in every hole, and fuck my 38Gs too, just to be on the safe side." She laughed.

"Dammit!" Alan nearly shouted.

"What?" Xania was suddenly worried she'd offended him somehow.

"Oh, it's not you. It's just that I thought I was all done here sexually, until after dinner at least. But between hearing you talk and watching Mom and Sis make out, I'm getting hard again. I can't even believe it!"

Xania laughed. "Amazing. Susan? Katherine? Did you hear that?"

"I'm on it!" Katherine replied. Since this was still "her time," she broke off the kiss and rushed to her brother.

Resigning himself to "his fate," Alan sat back down on a sofa just as his sister got between his knees and started licking again all over his revived erection.

Xania laughed again as she heard the slurping sounds. "Damn. You're an incredible family and you're such an incredible, sexy man. Oh well, I'll leave you to your fun. I can't tell you how much I wish I was there."

"Well, I'll see you... UGH!" He had to groan because Katherine suddenly engulfed his cockhead. It felt so good that he lost his train of thought. "Um, what was I saying?"

Xania teased, "Is someone distracting you?"

"Yeah. Sis. She's like a bobbing machine, and her tongue-work is to die for. Anyway, I remember now. I'll see you on Wednesday."

"You will. You'll be seeing and touching all of me. Every inch, inside and out. Damn, I have to go before I get all horny again. See you soon. Bye."



Alan hung up and looked down into his lap where his sister was greedily sucking away. He arced his back and reveled in the pleasurable sensations.


Susan stood up. She folded an arm under her breasts, mostly to push them up and out. She was sweaty and bedraggled, but she smiled benignly at her children.

Alan asked her, "What did I do? 'Incredible, sexy man'? All I do is just sit here and get my cock sucked. That's not incredible."

Susan scoffed. "Oh, come on. You make this all happen and you know it. That phone call, one clever idea after another, that was all you. You're gonna make me get wet again thinking about how well you tamed Xania even over the phone. But right now I'm going to leave you two lovebirds and get started on dinner."

Alan nodded, but asked, "Mom, you're not mad that I took Sis away from your kiss?"

"Nah. That kissing was great, but seeing my children so happy like this is even better. You don't know how good it makes me feel to see my Angel's head bobbing in your lap, knowing her tongue is snaking around and around your thick cock. I'm going to cook with a song in my heart and a smile on my face, thinking about her lips sliding up and down your hard pole all the while."

Gazing at Susan, and seeing the blissful look on her face, there was no doubt in Alan's mind that she was being completely sincere. Still, he was puzzled, unable to fathom how she could be so happy even when she wasn't taking part.

Seeing the befuddlement on his face, she said, "Someday, when you have kids of your own, you'll understand. Your pleasure, your sister's pleasure - that's my pleasure, too." She was about to walk away, but she said, "Angel, I know how much fun his cock is, but don't forget the balls. It's all about giving full service entertainment."

That was all heartfelt. However, she would have eagerly joined in except that she was mindful that this was supposed to be Katherine's special time. Since she couldn't take part directly, it warmed her heart to know that Katherine was taking good care of his cock. She walked off towards the kitchen.

Without opening her eyes or making a sound above her usual slurpy noises, Katherine reached up with both hands and began fondling her brother's balls.

He groaned out loud. He had to admit to himself that the fondling made a big difference.

She contentedly sucked and fondled him for about five minutes.

Finally, he was forced to complain, "Come on, Sis. Thanks, but really, that's enough of that. If you keep going I'm gonna cum already, and I've gotta save that load for later. I plain ran out of cum last night and I'm hoping we're gonna have a lot of fun after dinner. I haven't even had a chance to properly fuck you yet. I think it's strategic break time."

Katherine pulled away, but complained, "How can you say that? You're the only guy I've ever heard of who can calmly cut a blowjob off right when it was getting really good. It was so close! I could practically feel the sperm splashing against my tonsils!"

"Sorry, Sis. If it's any consolation, you can go back to giving me a footjob once I get my second wind." As soon as those words were out of his mouth he wished he could take them back, because he thought he sounded like an asshole. "Only if you want to, of course" But that wasn't much. He concluded, "Geez. I'm sounding really presumptuous, aren't I?"

"Boy, you're a real difficult one today. We'd LIKE a little more 'Bad Alan.'" She started to get into position for a footjob.

But before she could do so, he said, "Stop right there! What if I lick your pussy instead? I feel bad that we don't have more balance."

She rolled her eyes. "Balance? If you want balance, ride a unicycle or something. Don't you get that Mom and I TOTALLY LOVE playing with your cock?"

"Yes, I do, but you love that too. I know, because you really get off when I do it to you. Besides, if you're so big on pretending that I'm in charge, consider it an order."

She replied, "Look, I know this goes beyond being uppity, but I have to say no." She lowered her voice and looked around with worry. "Think about my reputation! Mom is only one room away. What if she comes in and sees you licking my pussy while your cock goes completely untended? She's going to be so disappointed in me. I'll never hear the end of it."

He responded, "Sis, you and I both know that Mom has a cocksucking fetish. But that doesn't mean that has to be the only thing that happens in this house. I love you and I want to treat you to something special."

"Fine. Let's do a sixty-nine then!"

"We could, but just for once, I want to make this all about pleasing YOU. Come on, let me make you the queen for a little while. If Mom comes in, I'll just tell her that I ordered you to do it while I was taking a strategic break."

She sighed theatrically. "Very well. If you insist. But only if I can give you a footjob after you make me cum."


Katherine lay down on one of the sofas, spread her legs, and closed her eyes.

Alan crawled on top of her, settled in a crouched position between her legs, and got busy licking.

While he did that, Katherine commented, "This feels weird. For starters, it's bizarre that for once I'm able to talk and you can't."

He replied, "Not true. I can talk as I lick, sort of. And I have to say, I've licked a few pussies by now, and I'm beginning to learn how to savor the differences. You, my sweet sis, really ARE my sweet sis! Your juices are unusually sweet. I could get into lapping up this delicious dessert. It kinda makes me wonder if we must be related somehow, because everyone says my cum is unusually sweet too." He was exaggerating a bit about how sweet her secretions were, but it wasn't all exaggeration.

She replied, "Come on. You know that's impossible. Despite what Mom would have everyone think, we're both adopted, with different parents."

He thought, Hmmm. It is curious. But the logical explanation is that we eat almost the same foods, so if that makes my cum sweet it should make hers sweet too. Still, if that's true then it's strange that Mom's cum tastes so different.

Instead of bringing up the food idea, he merely replied, "Maybe so. But at the very least, we both must hail from the Land of Sweet Cum."

She giggled at that.

They stopped talking, which allowed Alan to fully concentrate on his licking. As he did, he thought, I know I keep saying that I need to do this some more, and it's true - I do. The imbalance around here is plain embarrassing. But it's not like this is some chore. This is fun! I can see why Mom gets off on blowjobs so much, because it's pretty cool to be able to get someone else to cum, especially if it's someone you really love.

He added while snickering to himself, Besides, this way I get to eat dessert before dinner!

However, it wasn't long before Katherine groaned extra loudly and shuddered violently, followed by a gush of cum from her slit that showed she'd really climaxed.

She immediately began changing positions. "Thanks, Bro! But now it's my turn. All aboard the fuck-toy train! Next stop: footjob city!" She giggled.

He sat up on the sofa, feeling slightly disappointed. "That wasn't very long at all. Five minutes at most. That's hardly a fair exchange for all you did during the long phone call with Xania, and everything else."

She snickered, "Brother, Brother, Brother. A deal's a deal. It so happens that I was so horny already that I had to fight to last even that long. Next time, be more clever with your deal making. Oh yeah. And screw fairness!"

Knowing that there was no point in fighting his feisty sister when she was like this, he sat up on the sofa. That allowed her to sit right in front of him, rearranging herself so her feet were practically in his lap.

She saw that his penis had gone flaccid while he was going down on her, so she started "tickling" him with her toes. Trying to divert his attention so he wouldn't change his mind about agreeing to the footjob, and also hoping to further arouse him, she asked, "That was a pretty great time with Xania on the phone, wasn't it?"

He nodded. "You know, I've never been much for talking on the phone, but I'm looking at things in a new light. Not only was that a lot of sexual fun, but I actually achieved some useful communication at the same time. I need to do that more often."

Katherine replied, "Totally! That was cool. Was that my surprise, having Xania order me to suck you off and stuff?"

"Kind of. I was winging it, like I told her, but I figured something fun like that could happen that we all could enjoy. But I've got a couple of planned surprises in mind. You'll find out later tonight."

She continued to play with his penis with her toes. She could see her effect, because it rapidly began to engorge. "Oh good. I really like her, by the way. Don't you? And I'm not just talking about her movie starlet quality looks, or if you enjoy fucking the shit out of her. I don't need to ask if you like that. I mean, she's a nice person. Smart too. She's fun to be around even with her clothes on, don't you think?"

He said in a chiding voice, "I think someone around here is getting too uppity." He looked down pointedly at his erection. There were feet on either side of it now, sliding up and down it.

She giggled. "Oops. Looks like I AM being uppity. Sorry." But she grinned widely because she knew he was just teasing.

He said more seriously, "Don't you ever get tired? I mean, really. It must be tiring to do what you do to me for so long."

"Nope! You forget that there's only one of you and there's a bunch of us."

"Don't your jaws and hands get tired sometimes?"

"Dinner's ready!" Susan shouted, interrupting their conversation and the footjob.

Alan was feeling like he needed more of a break, so he stood, put a robe on, and said to his sister, "Sorry, but this time, no touching my dick during dinner. Please. That includes feet."

"Shucks. And you hadn't even finished your second wind yet." She stuck her feet high up in the air and jacked off an imaginary penis with them just in front of his chest, showing him what he was missing. She'd been practicing her foot dexterity and was getting quite good.

She added while getting up, "And to answer your question, of course my jaws and hands get tired. But so what? It's a GOOD kind of tired, if you know what I mean. Didn't you feel that, when you were going down on me?"

He nodded, because he did. He thought, If nothing else, trying to go down on my lovely ladies more often is increasing my appreciation for all they do to me. One of these days I'm gonna try a super long cunt-licking session with Sis just to see if I can lick as long as she can suck.

A couple of minutes later, mother, son and daughter sat down at the dinner table and had a very relaxed and enjoyable meal. However, it was served with a surprisingly fancy presentation for a school night.

Susan cooked a family favorite (chicken à l'orange), and brought out the best silverware and tablecloth. She dimmed the overhead lights very low and put out a nice bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table. Also, while Alan remained in his robe, Susan and Katherine both found time to slip away and put on some fancy and sexy clothes.

Alan asked his mother what the special occasion was.

She just answered vaguely, "Why not? We have so much worth celebrating. Every night should be a special night. I'm surrounded by the people I love, and our fun together never ends."

He certainly could agree with that, but he also felt a sense of foreboding. Things are great. TOO great. What goes up must come down. I must be the happiest kid in California, but how long can that last? When is the other shoe going to drop?

During dinner, Susan said, "Tiger, Angel... On Friday, some very important things were said, and even more important promises were made. I love every last word of The Pact. I especially love the part that says, 'Alan is the head of the family, and master of the family harem. We trust him to lead us in sexual matters, and we pledge to obey his every desire.'"

Katherine said, "Me too. Totally! But remember the part that says, 'The women of this harem pledge to avoid any physical intimacy with other men, without exception, and devote themselves fully to pleasing Alan and his insatiable cock.' How can you not love that more? It's even got 'his insatiable cock' in it!"

Susan smiled widely. "That's true. That's my other favorite part. But really, I love all of it! Anyway, Tiger, I've been waiting for a relatively quiet time like this so we could discuss what The Pact is going to mean in more practical and specific terms. For instance, what will happen exactly to all of us when you go to college?"

Alan frowned as he pondered that. "That's a very good question. To be honest, I'm just living life day by day and I don't think much about the future. It seems so impossibly far away to me right now, with so much going on. College. Wow. What a concept. But anyway, I agree we should have that discussion. But we need Aunt Suzy and Aims in on this too. Let's wait until they come over later before we get into it, okay?"

Susan pouted, "Oh, poo. I can hardly wait. But you're right. They need to be here for it too. I just have to hold off a little bit longer."


Around the time the Plummer family started enjoying themselves, Suzanne was in her kitchen making dinner when she got a phone call from Brenda.

The ultra-busty submissive sounded very urgent. "Suzanne! I'm so glad I could reach you. I know it's not my place for someone as lowly as me to ask a favor from someone as mighty as you, but I could really use your help. Right away."

Suzanne looked around the kitchen. Her hands were messy as she and Amy were in the middle of cutting vegetables. "I'd love to help, but I'm kind of in the middle of something. Preparing dinner, actually. There's a lot of very important things happening this evening so your timing isn't very good. What is it?"

"It's about Adrian. I'm having all kinds of trouble, you know, with the program of events you wanted me to start. I need your advice!"

She paused, then whispered into the phone, "Mistress." Adrian was taking a nap last she'd checked, and she assumed he still was, but now that the video monitors had been installed all over the house she couldn't be completely sure if she was being overheard or not.

Brenda's mansion was only a mile or so away from the street where the Plummers and Pestridges lived, in an even more exclusive part of that neighborhood, so Suzanne decided to speak to Brenda in person. She left Amy to finish preparing dinner and made arrangements to eat at Brenda's house instead. She ruefully thought that she'd missed dinner at her own house so often lately that her son Brad would hardly notice her being gone one more time. (She only cared for her son and how absent she'd been from his life, and gave little thought to missing or disappointing her husband Eric. In her mind, she was as good as divorced already even though she hadn't lowered the boom on him yet.)

Suzanne showed up at Brenda's door a few minutes later. She wore a lime green bathing suit underneath her outfit, since Brenda had asked her to dress that way. Brenda wore a more revealing blue bikini.

The reason for the bathing gear soon became clear. Brenda led her right through the house to her vast back yard.

As the two of them stripped down to their bathing suits and sunglasses, Brenda commented, "Mistress, you certainly seem especially happy today. Any special reason?"


"Oh, nothing special. I was just thinking on the way over about divorcing my husband. As you know, we've been divorced in all but name for years. But I want a real divorce so I can belong 110 percent to Alan. I've been thinking about what I'd tell him if that happened: 'Son, my divorce was finalized today. Now your mother belongs to you, only you, forever and ever."

Brenda's eyes lit up upon hearing that. "Oh, Mistress! That's soooo hot! And then think about how he'd reward you, because a good master rewards his slaves. Why, I bet he'd rip your clothes off and fuck you where you stood, wherever it was! Maybe he'd even fuck all three of your holes and your tits, just to confirm his total ownership over you!"

Suzanne was conflicted. On one hand, Brenda's submissive talk kind of annoyed her. She certainly didn't think of herself as one of Alan's slaves. She preferred the term "nympho." But she couldn't really chastise Brenda about it, since there was no doubt Alan was the master of the harem and she was his slave in at least some sense of the word. Besides, she had been thinking quite a lot on the way over about how Alan would reward her upon hearing her divorce news, and she really liked Brenda's reward suggestion. So she wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that.

She finally commented, "Brenda, you're sounding more like Susan every day. You're even using her 'so hot' catchphrase."

"That's probably because we talk on the phone so much every day. It's like we're both addicted to the phone sex. I love her so much. I know I haven't known her long, but I feel like she's the sister I never had. Besides, 'so hot' is just so... right. Can you deny that it would be extremely hot to have Master fuck you for hours and hours, filling your every hole?"

Suzanne grinned. "You got me there. But what am I doing out here?"

"Oh! Let's go into the hot tub. It's a good place to talk. This way, please."

Before long, they both dipped into the hot tub. In keeping with the Hunter estate's opulence, it was no ordinary hot tub but rather a surprisingly large body of water surrounded by rocks, which was in turn framed by a Japanese garden complete with gazebo. It seemed more like a Japanese natural hot spring than a mere hot tub.

Suzanne said as she settled into the water, "Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I love the hot, bubbly water. But is there any special reason why we couldn't just talk in your living room?"

"Yes, Mistress. That new video surveillance system of yours. It's both a blessing and a curse. I think Adrian is still napping and my maid Anika is keeping an eye on him just to be sure, but I thought this would be the safest bet. As you know from today's installation, practically the whole house is covered with video monitors, but the outside isn't at all. He may be able to see us from his balcony, but there's no way he can hear us above the churning water unless we shout." She made a significant look at a second story balcony about one hundred feet away.

Suzanne saw that the drapes on the balcony were closed, and felt reassured. Not only did she not want to be heard by Adrian, but she didn't want to be ogled by him either. As far as she was concerned, Alan was the only one who had ogling rights. "Ah. Good thinking. So, what's up? I hope you didn't bring me here to gush about cocksucking, titfucking, and fucking our... Alan. As much as I love to do that, I'm a busy woman. I really should be home cooking dinner."

"I wish it was just that, but unfortunately this is serious business. It's this seduction plan, Mistress. I'm screwing it all up. I can't do anything right!" She agonized, "The problem is that I get so excited! I just want to up and get fucked by him already! This whole mucking about with teasing... Why do I have to wait another minute to feel his hot pole sliding in and out of me? It's so aggravating! In fact, with the way I behaved today, it's a near thing my son still has his virginity. You wouldn't believe what I did..."

She started telling Suzanne everything that had happened since Adrian came home. She explained the rectal thermometer story, but that wasn't all. After that incident was over, Anika had strongly recommended that Brenda stay away from Adrian, because Brenda's climax in the bathtub had seemingly only whetted the buxom woman's already voracious sexual appetite. Now that Brenda had gotten over her initial nervousness about seducing her son and adjusted to her new role, she was like a cat in heat. She was so aroused that she could hardly stand in a hallway without rubbing her crotch against a doorframe.

So Brenda had followed Anika's stern advice and stayed away from her son for the next couple of hours. But thanks to the newly installed video system, she didn't have to be anywhere near Adrian to have her fun. She spent the rest of the afternoon cavorting around in her bedroom, wearing little to nothing, bending and preening and jiggling. Her thin excuse was that she was going through her old clothes, trying them on one by one and then throwing them into "keep" and "throw away" piles.

She knew Adrian was in the monitoring room next to his room, jacking off the entire time. She knew this quite well because she alternated her teasing with trips to her walk-in closet (out of view of Adrian's cameras), where she could monitor a camera of her own pointed right at where he sat in the monitoring room. She'd frig herself until she came watching her son cum, then she'd go back out to her bedroom and cavort around some more, starting the process all over again. This happened three times, and would have kept going indefinitely except that finally Adrian was too exhausted to masturbate anymore. He went back to his room and collapsed.

Brenda explained this to her mistress, using enough detail to get both of them quite aroused. For instance, when she described the first time she watched him cum on video, she said, "So there he was. I knew he was going to blow any second, thinking of me! His mother! But when he came I think he was even more surprised than I was. He let out a little yelp - great sound system, by the way - and his cum flew straight up - up, up, up and up, aaaalmost hitting the ceiling, then came down and hit him in the face and chest! Some of it almost landed in his mouth, which was hanging wide open in surprise. It was so beautiful! I only wish it could have splattered all over me instead."

She practically swooned as she continued, "What I wouldn't give to feel that hot jism course through his cock, and feel the pressure as it rocketed past my tiny grip and covered me in a pearl necklace. Oh, and then when he was done he moaned out loud, 'Momma, Momma, what have I done?' That's my favorite part! He tries so hard to be a good boy, but he just can't help his incestuous urges to drill his helpless, big-breasted momma and fill her every hole to overflowing with tasty spunk! So naughty!"

She could have continued like that indefinitely.

Suzanne was enjoying it and getting quite flushed, but she felt bad and disloyal from getting aroused talking about some male other than her own son Alan. Plus, time was pressing, as she had to get back home soon. So, after only a couple of minutes, she cut her off and told her to skip to what kind of help she needed.


With Brenda's chest still heaving in her tiny dark blue bikini, she tried to calm her panting and focus on what she had to say. "So you can see why I called you over. I have no self-control! I'm especially having a hard time understanding why I should have any. I want you to explain that to me again. Obviously Adrian wants me and I want him in the most profound way. The most deep, penetrating, fundamental way! Master Alan gave his permission for me to be with my son, so everything's good, isn't it?"


She paused, then explained, "Now, don't get the wrong idea. Just because I want to have sex with my son, that doesn't lessen my desire or my obedience for my master even the tiniest bit. I have no doubt just who owns me, totally. But Alan gave me his permission, so I'm good with this, for however long this split loyalty lasts. I'm Aidy's momma, and as Susan likes to say, good mommies fuck their sons. It would be wrong for me to hold back from him even one more hour!"

Suzanne chuckled at Brenda's eagerness while her eyes bobbed up and down with the heaving of Brenda's breasts. "Yes, that's all true. But are you really sure there won't be any conflict? If Alan and Adrian are standing naked side by side and both have erections, what are you going to do?"

"That's obvious! I'll drop to my knees and suck off my master unless he makes clear he wants to take another hole. I am first and foremost Alan's sex slave, and first and foremost Adrian's mother. Those are my two primary roles. Those roles could conflict, but they don't have to, not if Alan's got a whole harem to keep him entertained and I've got so much free time to spend with Aidy. But what does that have to do with-"

"Brenda, think! This is a very delicate situation. I'm sorry that I didn't have more time to explain things, but these past few days have been so busy. Imagine if Adrian asked you the same question of which one you would choose, and he heard you say you'd choose Alan."

"But he has to understand!" Brenda complained. "Soon, Aidy will be fucking me every single day, hopefully more than once a day. Whereas, with Master, he has so many other women that any chance to pleasure his cock is a special treat to be savored. Master has first dibs, true, but Aidy has quantity. I'll bet if he had to choose between first dibs and quantity, he'd pick quantity. Hands down, no question!"

"Good point. And you may want to bring that up to him at some point. But can't you see how tricky this is? Your goal is not just to seduce Adrian any old way. You have to seduce him in a manner that will get him to accept Alan's role in your life. That's not easy. Not easy at all. Now, luckily, from the little I've seen of Adrian, he seems, well, to be blunt, a bit of a pushover. But he's going to be very resentful of Alan's role in your new life, especially once he finds out that you can only have sex with him on a temporary basis."


Suzanne waved her hand dismissively. "Just think about it from your son's point of view. A matter of weeks ago, you were like any other mother, with the exception of the extra bountiful endowments God gave you. But now you're turning into a complete slut right before his eyes, and soon he'll find out that you're another nympho in a big harem. Even worse, your master is seemingly just another average high school student! I don't care how mellow or wimpy he is, he's going to be shocked and appalled, if not outright completely disbelieving!"

"Oh. God. Mistress! I never thought of all that. What am I going to do? He HAS to understand that my body belongs first and foremost to Master Alan! I can't have two masters; that would be craziness." She seemed quite disturbed that anyone wouldn't naturally understand that because it seemed so patently obvious to her. "I love Aidy with all my heart, but he's just not master material. Besides, even if he was, I've already pledged myself to my master. There's no going back from that, ever!"

Suzanne nodded. "I know. That's why I was trying to tell you to go slow with your son's seduction. Consider yourself very lucky that you have such an understanding master who will let you sleep with your son in the first place. He sees, like all of us Plummers do, that it's very important for you psychologically to be with Adrian. You have a deep need, and Adrian has a deep need. But your son has to understand that there's a price to having his fantasies fulfilled. For one, you only belong to him during the hours that you're at home. For another, as long as he's still having sex with you, he can never sleep with any other girl but you, because we don't want to be getting sexual diseases through him."

"Of course. I understand that. It's only right. Big-titted women like me must have a natural master, just as Susan's brilliant theory predicts, and Alan is obviously the man for me, My superior master. One whiff of his cum and I knew I was hooked for life. But how do I get Adrian to understand all that?"

Suzanne slid down in the water, relaxing a little more. She thought, It's completely bizarre Brenda would call Sweetie "My superior master." With those Matrix-style glasses on, she seems so together, so cocky, even. But I guess there's no understanding the human heart... Shit! She's not really THAT different from me when it comes to her status with him. That's kind of scary!

She pushed this disturbing thought away, and finally came around to Brenda's question. "That's where the slow seduction comes in. You have to build up his desire to simply unbearable levels. I know how much he wants you; I've seen it written on his face the couple of times I've met him. But you have to turn him into a complete wreck so that he wants you so bad he doesn't know if he's coming or going. While seducing him, slowly reveal details of your new life and your role as one of Alan's personal sex pets. After each new bit of information, wait until he fully understands it and acknowledges it. Only then reward him with more of your body."

"Would that really work?"

"Sure. Imagine Alan's drilling your cunt, really riding you hard. You're about to cum like an exploding supernova, but all of a sudden he stops. He pulls his cock out all the way, leaving your pussy lonely and desperately needy. Then he makes demands before he agrees to keep fucking you. What demands would you agree to?"

Brenda was getting really hot just thinking about it. "Anything! Anything!"

"Exactly. So you need to do that kind of thing to Adrian. For instance, first let him know that you belong to another man who has many other beautiful women at his beck and call. Tell him you can only pleasure him with the permission of this new man. Once he sincerely understands all this, only then can you reward him with a handjob."

"But that could take ages! I want to jack him off now!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Then make him understand these things sooner rather than later. But slowly! Don't just take his word for it. It'll take time for these ideas to sink in. You were telling me earlier today that your maid Anika knows everything already. She seems very trustworthy. Don't go to the next stage until she gives me the okay sign that he's passed his latest test. All right?"

Brenda slumped down, defeated. "Yeah. I guess. What a drag! This could take weeks or months. Years, even! What if my Aidy NEVER accepts the details of my new life?!"

"Don't worry, he will. I guarantee it. If nothing else, my scheme will work on a purely Pavlovian level. You remember Pavlov, the doctor with the salivating dogs and the bells? If you're a good temptress you can get a man to do ANYTHING and even have him love doing it. Believe me, I know. I've done it over and over. I've had many lovers before Alan and you should see how I had every single one of them wrapped around my finger."

"Forgive me, Mistress, but if that's true, then why is it you don't control Master Alan in the same way?"

Suzanne didn't like that question at all, and shot Brenda a mean look. But she quickly recovered her normal smile, masking just what a touchy subject that question brought up. How do I explain that Sweetie stole his way into my heart and I can't be as calculating with him as I was to everyone else? It just wouldn't feel right.

She said, "Alan is different, okay? He's not like other men, as you fully know firsthand. Can we leave it at that?"

Brenda said with shocking boldness, "That's not really the answer, is it? The truth is, you tried to tame him, but he tamed you. You wanted his cock so bad that you had no leverage. He took full advantage, despite your dominating personality, and turned you into one of his busty sex slaves."

"BRENDA! I can't believe you said that!"

Truthfully, even Brenda was surprised she said that. She admitted, "I don't know what happened; it just slipped out. I was just feeling so proud about my master and his cunt-taming abilities that the words just came tumbling out of my mouth. I'm so sorry, my mistress! I'm sure it wasn't like that at all."

Suzanne was chagrined because it was very much like that, but she didn't like to admit it. She thought, Brenda may have her super submissive fantasies, but looks like she's got more than a little 'uppity' in her, too. Interesting.

Brenda was feeling very sorry she'd been so brazen as to ask a question that obviously upset her mistress. She said, "Mistress, what I did was unforgivable. I imagine you'll have to punish me with a solid spanking, soon."

Suzanne chuckled. "You just liked the spanking I gave you earlier and want another one. Remember that spankings now are rewards to be given to you when you're good."

"Oh. Drat."

"Look. Adrian wants you so bad that properly seducing him will be a piece of cake. By the time you're done with him he'll literally worship the ground Alan walks on because Alan will have been the one who has given you permission each step of the way and has made everything possible, thanks to his great generosity. You'll also benefit from the fact that the more he masturbates the greater his endurance, and the larger his cum loads will be, just like happened with Alan."

Brenda looked off dreamily into space.

Suzanne asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about last Wednesday. When Alan fucked me. GAAAWD, that was good! It was like what you were saying before, how he'd pause and deny me and make me beg. That huge log of his splitting me in two! When he fucks you, does your cunt feel so full that you worry he's going to kill you by splitting you in two? Or do you think you'll die of pleasure first?" She sighed longingly.

Suzanne's chest was suddenly heaving. She could practically feel that split in two sensation in her pussy and wanted Alan to fuck her so badly that she was almost ready to cry. She commanded lustily, "Brenda, you're making your mistress all horny. I want you to finger my pussy!"

Brenda looked around nervously. "But I can't. He's watching us right now!"

"Damn! Are you sure?"

"Yes. The curtains to his room were completely closed a few minutes ago but now they're open a couple of inches. It's always like that when he spies on me in the hot tub. If you look closely sometimes you can catch the glint of sunlight reflecting off his binoculars."

"Binoculars? Ah. Now I see why we're still wearing sunglasses even though it's getting dark. You see what I mean, Brenda? He's so far gone that he won't stand a chance. How long has he been spying on your swimming and hot-tubbing?"

"Oh, since puberty hit him at about thirteen."

"Holy mackerel! But why should his spying stop us? You're still going to finger me, and that's an order. And I want you to do it topless too, 'cos that gets me hot. Take your top off and scoot up next to me. He won't be able to see what your hands are doing underneath all the bubbly water, if you're careful. Sit low in the water but not so low that he can't see all of your tits, and don't move your upper arms."

Brenda had been sitting on the opposite side of the hot tub, but moved around to where Suzanne wanted her. As she undid her bikini top, she asked, "Mistress, aren't you going to take your top off, too? I love to see you naked. You know that when I'm not masturbating to thoughts of Alan or Adrian, it's usually to thoughts of you or Susan."


Suzanne put her arm around Brenda and pulled her closer. "I know, but my body belongs completely to Alan now, and only to him. No other man, not even your son looking from a great distance, has the right to see any of my privates exposed. Why do you think I came here wearing my most conservative bathing suit?"

As Suzanne said these words, she marveled at the sincere pride with which she said them. She thought back to Brenda's earlier painful question about why she'd been unable to dominate Alan and thought, What IS it about my Sweetie that makes me say such things? A strange love, indeed, but I do love him so much.

Brenda nodded knowingly. Despite her strong feelings for her son, she felt a little jealous that she couldn't have such a singular devotion to just one man. She thought, Now, wait a minute. My sexual time with Aidy has an expiration date. Mistress Suzanne made that clear. So I'll enjoy this unique situation to the fullest for as long as it lasts, and then I WILL be able to fully devote myself to my master!

With another nervous glance up towards Adrian's balcony, she began frigging Suzanne's pussy as discretely as possible.

Suzanne alternated between discretely looking up towards Adrian's balcony and looking over at Brenda's tits. As she did the latter, she thought, Talk about "floatation devices"! I never thought that I, of all people, would have boob envy. It's not so much the sheer size as those long nipples I love. How could a woman with boobs that big and that all around beautiful be so submissive and so willing to do anything for Sweetie? ... Argh. I don't like thinking about Brenda's situation. It reminds me too much of my own.

The sun went behind some hills, and seconds later some tasteful night lighting automatically turned on, illuminating their hot tub. Suzanne noted, "Ah. Lifestyles of the rich and wicked. I have a hot tub, but it doesn't begin to compare to the size and splendor of this one. Would you mind if, on some night when Adrian isn't here, we bring the Plummer gang over? We could fit the whole harem in this giant hot tub, plus some of Alan's latest conquests to boot. Think of all the fun we could have!"

"Would I mind? Mistress Suzanne, everything you see here now belongs to Master Alan and my mistresses, just as I belong utterly and completely to him and the rest of you. It goes without saying that you can do anything with my fortune and my possessions just like you can do anything with my body." Brenda really meant it, too, but she did feel some sadness in the fact that Suzanne's words implied Adrian would always be on the outside from the Plummer family.

Suzanne replied, "I'm glad you're so understanding. You really are a great slave."

She had a hard time not bursting out into laughter at the absurdity of it all. A slave! Brenda's completely serious about her new life, and she IS going to share her fortune with us, after all! Life is fucking ridiculously good ever since I kicked the six-times-a-day scheme into motion. Brenda's so into the slave idea that she makes Katherine's fuck toy concept seem completely normal and rational in comparison.

But who am I to judge her choices, if this is what makes her happy? Just like the question of her money: she knows we're good people who aren't going to rip her off. It goes without saying that we'll love and care for her as long as she wants to be with us. In fact, I'm almost positive she'll become a member of the Plummer family in time. She knows she'll never want for any material things, which is a good thing since she's just about the most spoiled and pampered slave or maid in history!

But the ivory beauty redirected her thoughts and tried to get down to business. She finally took her sunglasses off, and said, "Now, let's get talking about seduction techniques. My time here is very limited and I hope Anika is cooking up a quick dinner. To be honest, I'm planning on get fucked by my Sweetie tonight and I have a lot of preparation to do first."

"Oh, I'm so jealous! But I know so little about seduction. I'm not like you. Everything you do is completely seductive! With the way you swish your hips and shake your rack, I don't understand how you manage to walk a block down the street without getting gang raped every time."

"Good God, woman! You're just as beautiful as I am. You must know SOMETHING about seduction."

"Surprisingly little, actually. I've spent all my life keeping my head down and wearing baggy clothes, trying to deflect attention from myself. Aside from a little gold digging, I've kept as low a profile as humanly possible."

Suzanne sighed and spoke her mind. "Then we've got a lot of work to do."

Brenda added, "Mistress Suzanne, please don't be offended by this, but don't you get enough attention as it is? I mean, with your face and bouncy, curly mane of reddish hair alone, you'd look mouthwatering even bundled up inside several sleeping bags. But then on top of it you dress sexy, walk sexy, talk sexy, and do everything sexy! I'm almost not exaggerating when I say I'm amazed you aren't gang-raped on a daily basis!"

"I'll admit it's a bit of a problem," Suzanne admitted, frowning. "That's why I've had to learn some self-defense techniques, because some guys get a little crazy around me. But what can I say? I love the attention. Especially now that I have Alan. You know, when you're in love, when you see your lover smile because of you, or pant with excitement a little bit because of you, that's worth more than getting a thousand strange men to pop hard-ons."

"I know, Mistress," Brenda said with a happy sigh. "That's why, whenever I'm around Master Alan or Aidy, all I want to do is strut around naked and suck their cocks!"

"You've gotta tone it down a little bit, Brenda. As I keep telling my Sweetie's other women, a little bit of clothes is usually sexier than no clothes at all. Let's talk about what makes you look good, and how to take it all off, piece by piece."

Suzanne filled Brenda with seduction advice until dinner was ready, and all the while Brenda worked Suzanne's pussy and clit under the water.

The only fly in the ointment was Brenda's lack of self-control. For instance, Brenda would really get into fingering Suzanne's pussy and forget everything else, forcing Suzanne to repeatedly remind her not to be so obvious with her upper arm movements. Sometimes, Suzanne would have to order both of them out of the water for a little while, both to keep Brenda from sexually overheating and also to stop their bodies from literally overheating due to the bubbly hot water.

Suzanne worried about Brenda's almost uncontrollable enthusiasm, especially in relation to her planned seduction of Adrian. She didn't have an easy answer except to suggest that Anika stay close and effectively serve as the restraint Brenda almost entirely lacked.

Suzanne felt a bit bad, because she knew the problem was partly her making. Brenda, Susan, and Angel. I've let all these women around me go too far. Brenda and Susan especially are so into sex with Sweetie that they're almost kind of loony. I really should try to pull them back to reality a bit, but how do I put the genie back in the bottle? Maybe in Brenda's case I should manipulate both Brenda AND Adrian, and get both of them to work on changing each other. He can help bring her down to Earth, if anyone can...

But on the other hand it's so much fun to have her as our completely submissive family sex slave! I can really see where Alan's coming from when he gets off on all this "master" business.

The two buxom beauties quickly dried off, changed back into their clothes, and then met Adrian and Anika inside.

Suzanne called home and let her husband and son know that she wouldn't be able to make it for dinner. Then she stayed at the Hunter mansion and gobbled down Anika's excellent cooking. She mostly chatted with Adrian, asking him subtly probing questions to learn more about what made him tick.

The one thing that really struck her was that even though she ate while still dressed in a bathing suit (as Brenda did), Adrian hardly even gave her a second glance. In a very literal sense, he only had eyes for his mother.

Suzanne was very glad to see that, but still, she wondered if Adrian could truly come to accept Alan's place in Brenda's life without seething resentment and major problems.

She made a resolution to herself to better guide Brenda's seduction of Adrian. She enjoyed the prospect as she always relished an opportunity for some fun scheming. She also noted the strange contrast of Brenda's life at the Plummers, where she spent each day doing menial chores, and Brenda's life in her mansion, where Brenda dropped her fork to the floor and gave it no further thought because she correctly assumed Anika would pick it up.

Suzanne thought, Strange. Is the appeal of the slave life a kind of The Prince and the Pauper story, where the novelty will wear off after a while? No, I think that's just a small part of it. She's obviously in this sexual slavery stuff for the long haul in any case. I wouldn't be surprised if another part of it is, after having everything taken care of for her, she also likes not having to make any decisions on her own. In any case, she sure is something else!

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