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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Day 71: Monday, November 25

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

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Enough time had passed for Suzanne to return home and get herself ready to spend the rest of the evening with the Plummers. She and Amy didn't just want to go over to Alan's house and get fucked; they wanted everything to be just right and spent a long time preparing themselves. Amy normally didn't wear makeup, so Suzanne helped her this time with some very subtle touches here and there.

Suzanne and Amy arrived at the Plummer house together and let themselves in, just as they usually did. But when they walked in together, they both wore overcoats that covered everything up to their necks.

Alan was very confused, especially since he could see that Amy had put on some makeup. He was in the kitchen helping clean up, but he stopped and asked, "What's going on?"

Suzanne explained, "We have a special event planned for you, Sweetie. But just as we were almost ready to come over and get started, Susan called to remind me that we've got some important things to discuss first." She waved a hand over her covered body. "So consider this a hint of what's to come, once we get things sorted out."

Alan looked over to Susan, who was also cleaning in the kitchen, as was Katherine.

Susan looked guilty. "It's true. I called her privately when I left to use the bathroom. Remember what I was saying at dinner? We need to figure out what The Pact really means in practice."

Alan shrugged. "Okay, fine. Though you don't need the big secrecy. Why don't we go to the living room and get whatever it is taken care of?"

Susan smiled. "We'll see you there in a minute. Angel and I need to put some more clothes on too."

He was disappointed. "What? Why?"

Suzanne explained, "We're talking about some serious stuff that will affect all our futures. Lately, we've gotten into the habit of teasing and tempting you and tending your penis no matter what's being discussed. But this time it needs to be just talk, without any hanky-panky. We can't afford to be swayed on important decisions just because of momentary lustful urges."

His impulse was to complain, but then he realized that she was really being very sensible so he just nodded.

Alan, Susan, Katherine, Suzanne, and Amy gathered in the Plummer living room a few minutes later. Susan and Katherine both wore sweaters, which was unusual, because the house was kept warm all the time due to everyone's frequent nudity.

The sofas in the living room were arranged in a "U" shape with a central coffee table. Alan sat on one all by himself, while Suzanne and Susan sat on the nearer sofa at the middle of the "U". That left Kat and Amy to perch themselves on the distant sofa opposite Alan. The coffee table location, between the sofas, was fortuitous, as it would deter any spontaneous "penis tending" from breaking out.

As usually happened in such situations, Suzanne took charge. She said, "Okay, if I may, I'd like to get the ball rolling. Sweetie, while you were gone this weekend, we ladies have been doing a lot of talking about The Pact and what it means. I think we're all on the same page, more or less. But now we need to make sure that what you, our master, want is the same as what we do. I have a good feeling that we really all want the same thing."

Alan joked, "Okay, that's settled then. Moving on, let's get to the post-meeting fun."

Suzanne gave him a slightly amused look. "As if it could be that easy. First, I'd like to hear what being the master of a harem means to you." She glanced around at the other women. "And I'd like to remind everyone here that we're not allowed to get too horny, no matter what gets said."

Katherine grumbled, "Easier said than done. Just hearing the words 'master' and 'harem' is starting to get me wet."

Suzanne gave her a sharp look. "Please control yourself, at least for now." She looked back to Alan. "The floor is yours."

Alan fidgeted with his hands. Clearly he felt uncomfortable talking about the subject. "This weekend, since I was alone most of the time, I had a good chance to think as well. And not every single thought was about fucking my mommy. Just most of them." He grinned lovingly at his mother.

Susan beamed. She looked to Suzanne and whispered, "He called me 'Mommy!'"

Suzanne warned her in an answering whisper, "I know. But be strong." She took Susan's hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze.

Alan continued, "The problem is, I thought a lot, but I didn't really come to any decisions about the future. I was mostly just trying to come to grips with being a 'master' and having a 'harem.' How unbelievable is that? It's the very definition of unbelievable! Teleporting to Elvis Presley's secret hideout on Pluto seems more likely. I doubt I'll ever get used to it."

Suzanne said, "I know it's a lot to ask, but you can't just act as if you're staggered by good fortune all the time. Decisions need to be made about our collective future, and soon. For starters, what do the words 'master' and 'harem' mean to you exactly?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I guess a harem is a case where one guy has a bunch of lovers and they all know each other and are okay with sharing him. And the 'master' is the guy in that situation."

Suzanne raised a curious eyebrow. "Is that it?"

He shrugged again. "Yeah, I guess so."

Susan seemed fit to burst. She leaned forward and exclaimed, "Fair enough, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much MORE! So many layers of meaning. There's even a long, rich history of sultans in exotic places with strange names like Kashmir and Samarkand, where there were dozens of nearly naked beauties writhing with need for their lord and master!"

He chuckled. "Okay. But we're in Orange County, and this is 2002."

Katherine was on the other sofa. She addressed Susan, "Mom, at least he's accepted that those words apply to us. That's a big step. You can't expect him to fully come around in such a short time."

"That's true," Susan said with a touch of sadness.

Alan said, "I don't get it. What do you want me to say? Amy, you haven't said anything for a while. What's YOUR definition of 'harem?'"

Amy said, "The way I look at it, Beau, we're a FAMILY. That's, like, the number one thing. We're not just kinda sorta a family; now we really are a family, totally and officially and everything! Kat is my sister for real!" She turned to Kat and shared a smile, which Kat returned.

Then Amy continued, "To me, 'harem' is basically the same as 'family,' except it's like you're the husband for us all. And furthermore, thanks to your big yummiferous cock, it's totally easy for the family to grow. All you have to do is find a really great woman and tame her with your cock, and... BAMMO! It's like... instant new wife-sister for me and everyone else. I think that's super cool."

Alan chuckled. "Yeah, well, I guess that's part of it too. Thanks, Aims." He looked to all four women at once. "That said, I don't feel like we're making much progress. What's so important that we have to talk about it right now?"

Suzanne decided it was time to move on. "Yes, well, we've been thinking about the future. Everything is hunky-dory right now; that goes without saying. But what happens when you 'young 'uns' go off to college? Thanks to The Pact, we've made a firm commitment to always stay together."

A plaintive Susan added, "Son, how can I - no, how can we - how can we serve your cock daily like it needs to be served if you're in a different city?!"

Suzanne stared into Alan's eyes and said, "Actually, she has a very good point. We're all basically committed to you now, Son. I agree with Amy. We're a family. We're a team. We're a harem. If you move somewhere else, we want to be right there with you."

Susan, Katherine, and Amy all nodded emphatically to indicate their complete agreement.

Suzanne asked Alan, "But what do YOU think about that? Do you want these four crazy broads trailing you wherever you go? Can we even make that work?"

Alan replied warmly, "But of course I do! How could I live without the four of you? I'd be terribly lonely in some college dormitory, hundreds of miles away from all of you. I wouldn't be able to stand it."

Susan purred, "Oh, Tiger!" She started to get up.

But Suzanne physically held her back, forcing her to remain in the sofa. She muttered, "Susan, behave."

Susan stayed in her seat, but she was antsy, seemingly on the verge of getting up to hug and kiss her son at any moment.

Alan said, "I haven't been thinking much beyond the immediate situation, but I have been doing at least SOME thinking. For instance, I've been wondering what'll happen if I go to college and it's not right around this vicinity. Sis, what happens to you? We can't have everyone move away but you. No way! Not in a million years!"

Katherine growled at him hungrily, "Brother, you are so fucking going to get fucked to death for thinking of me! Death by sister pussy!" She giggled. "But seriously, that's not a worry at all. If that happens, I'm gonna up and move right with you so fast that I'll be there before you can even blink. Probably before you can even close your door. There are high schools everywhere. I can finish my last year wherever. Who cares? All the friends I want or need are right here in this room. Besides, I'm sure that by the time that happens your harem will be even bigger. You'll probably take half the high school girls with you!" She giggled some more.

He replied, "Yeah, that's not gonna happen. There are limits to how big a harem can be, at least MY kind of harem. I understand those sultans and kings had dozens and dozens of women in their harems, and those old guys barely knew or cared about any of them. The women were basically kept there by force. But I don't want to force anyone to do anything. I want love to bind us all together."

Katherine chipped in, "Love, and lots and lots of mind-blowing orgasms. Am I right?"

He grinned. "That too."

Suzanne said, "That's all well and good. But we do live in the modern world, not in the Ottoman Empire, so there are a lot of practical considerations. For instance..." She stared alternately between Amy and Katherine. "I understand you two are serious about your sexual commitment to your brother, but you still need, and should want, viable careers. A person can't live on cum alone. And don't make any jokes about that, because I'm being serious. Yes, we're basically the 'idle rich' right now, but that won't last forever if we don't have any money coming in. Besides, a good career is a healthy thing to have to motivate and inspire you through life."

Katherine and Amy nodded dutifully.

Amy said, "No worries. I totally know what I want to do: I want to be an artist! I know that doesn't make much money, at least at first. Everybody knows about the 'starving artist.'" She made air quotes. "But it totally makes me happy! I really love drawing, or painting, or sculpting, or, heck, anything arty!"

Alan said firmly, "And I support that 100 percent. Amy is meant to be an artist like a bird is meant to fly. We need to find a way to make that happen, even if it doesn't turn out to be very profitable. Although I know that it will, because you're a really great artist, Aims."


"Thanks, Beau!" Amy flashed him a grateful and loving smile. It looked like she was going to jump up and give Alan an enormous hug, but then she remembered their instructions. She deliberately sat on her hands to control herself.

Katherine said, "I've been thinking about what I want to do too. I know it's not like I have to decide now, or even soon, but right now I'm liking the idea of becoming a teacher... for various reasons."

The others were all surprised by that, since Katherine had never mentioned any interest in being a teacher before.

Susan was practically bursting with joy and pride. "I think that's WONDERFUL, my sweet Angel! That's one of the most noble and rewarding careers, in my opinion. But what are these various reasons you hinted at?"

Katherine was basking in their approval, but she still turned her head shyly. "Let's not go into that right now. I don't want to make a big deal of it, because for all I know I might change my mind next week. But I am saying that I understand the importance of having a good career, and if I'm not a teacher then I'll be something along those lines. I know I can't just sit around at home and suck Brother's cock all day long, no matter how tempting that sounds."

In truth, she liked the teacher idea mainly because it tied into her great desire to have Alan's children, and lots of them. She knew he probably wouldn't impregnate her that many times, but between her and his other young women, she figured he was bound to eventually have many children. If she had a teacher's license, she could teach them at home, probably in conjunction with Glory, so she would be able to "sit around at home" and enjoy the harem life "all day long." However, she didn't want to tell the others that, for fear that Alan would freak out at the idea.

Suzanne said to Katherine, "I agree with Susan. That sounds perfect for you."

Amy chimed in, "Yeah! Rock on, Sister! That sounds totally cool! Maybe we could work together someday and do an arty-teachy thing or something."

Suzanne held her hands up. "Hold on, folks. Let's not get too excited. Remember, we're trying to keep this on an even keel so we can make sober, smart decisions." She waited for the group to calm down somewhat. Then she continued, "Now, as you know, moving isn't a problem for Susan or me. Susan loves doing her mother thing, which admittedly probably involves more cock-pleasuring than anything else these days. Once the grandkids start popping out, she'll have her hands full, that's for sure."

Alan cut in. "Hold on. I just want to say for the record that I like the kids idea, but not anytime soon. Not for another ten years, at least!"

Suzanne nodded. "Thank you. That's duly noted. Although I should point out that with the way you're NOT using condoms, you'll have your own little league baseball team before long. Now, as for myself, I can manage my investments, our investments, from anywhere. So I think our chief concerns need to be where Amy and Alan go to college. Amy, because there are only so many really good art colleges out there. Katherine, if you stick with teaching, you'll have ample opportunity for that anywhere. But art colleges, no."

Katherine nodded in understanding.

Suzanne continued, "And as for our favorite masterly stud over here" - she smiled knowingly at Alan - "you've been mumbling for some time that your number one college choice would be UC Berkeley. Is that still true?"

He replied, "Yes and no. That's my number one choice of schools where I have a good chance of actually getting in. Stanford would be awesome! So would something like Harvard or Princeton. But I have to be realistic. Those choices would be a desperate Hail Mary at best, especially with the way my studies have been nose-diving lately. Whereas Berkeley is one of the top ten colleges in the country, or close to it, and it's public and a lot cheaper to attend for California residents like me."

He continued, "I've heard they pretty much accept students on a point system, so you can tally up your points in advance and know if you're going to get in or not. Luckily, I took the SAT in June, before all this started, and aced it, so I don't have to take it again. Can you imagine how much my studying for that would cut into our sexy fun time? Phew! Anyway, from that, I can already calculate I'm well above the cutoff to get into Berkeley. I'd practically have to flunk a class or two before they wouldn't take me."

Susan said with great concern, "Don't do that!"

"Don't worry. Even if I were to stop doing my homework altogether, which I definitely am NOT planning on doing, I think I would at least coast to decent grades due to my 'teacher's pet' reputation, plus generally being able to think on my feet. So I'm counting on getting into Berkeley. What would you all think about relocating to the Bay Area next year?"

Amy said, "That would be awesome! My favoritest top choice would be the CCA, the California College of the Arts. They're in Oakland, which is like totally next door to Berkeley! We'd totally be able to live together, super easy! And it's a really good art college!"

"It is," Suzanne said. "It's one of the very best art schools in the country. People who graduate from there actually end up with high-paying jobs most of the time."

Katherine said, "Aims, I've heard you talk about wanting to go there. But do you think you'll actually get in? If it's that good, it must be really tough to get in."

Suzanne replied, "Let me answer that, because Amy is gonna be too modest. Amy is a really good artist! And I'm not just a proud mother saying that. Her art teachers and others in the know all say so. I think she has an excellent chance. And even if she doesn't, the Bay Area is like a Mecca for art students. There are lots of other options."

Alan said, "It sounds like we have a plan, then. If I totally luck out and get into Stanford, that's in the Bay Area. And if I get into Berkeley, as I probably will, that's right there too, and on the same side as Oakland. There will be plenty of college options for Amy and Kat no matter what, and the Bay Area has great California weather and all kinds of advantages. It's win-win all around."

The four of them were all smiling from ear to ear. Susan grabbed Suzanne's hand while Amy and Kat hugged each other.


But Suzanne said, "Not so fast. What if you get lucky with, say, your Harvard hail Mary, but not your Stanford one? Or Princeton? Or Yale? What then?"

The smile fell from Alan's face. "Hmmm. That would be tough. Maybe I should just not apply to those places?"

"And turn down a chance to go to HARVARD?!" Suzanne asked.

He replied, "Let's be honest. The odds of me getting in a place like that are really low. The competition is super high. I have good grades and test scores, but they're not outstanding like Christine's. Anyone who would look at her application and then mine would pick hers instantly. There are more than enough Christine-level students to completely fill a place like Harvard. If I don't apply there I won't feel bad, because it's a total pipe dream in the first place. Besides, I want to live in California. We all do. Once you live here, why live anywhere else? Between the Bay Area and the L.A. basin, there are so many college options that it's not even funny."

He continued, "I can do without those Eastern options. I have to remember that this isn't just about me anymore. We really are a family. Just because I'm the so-called master of this harem, that doesn't make me any more special than anyone else."

"It kind of does," Katherine said.

"No it doesn't!" he insisted. "It's true that I happen to have the obvious member that holds the harem together, so that is a special thing. But are my college plans any more important than, say, Amy's? In fact, I'd say Amy's are more important than mine, because she already knows what she wants to do and where and how to do it, and I only have a vague idea that I might want to be an archeologist. No way would I go somewhere without a good art college option for Amy. So that probably knocks out Princeton and Yale right there, anyway. We're FAMILY! You all spoil me so much that it's embarrassing. I want to give something back if I can. I think narrowing our college options down to the Bay Area, or L.A. in a pinch, is a good start. That'll allow us to start making plans already."


Katherine said with sincere eagerness, "Sign me up! That sounds like a plan!"

Susan turned to Suzanne and asked uncertainly, "Aren't people in Berkeley and San Francisco kind of weird?"

Suzanne replied, "I suppose that's true. A lot of unusual people head there. But remember that we're 'kind of weird' now too. One guy living with a bunch of beautiful women won't stick out there nearly as much. And if we move that far away, remember that no one else needs to know how we're related. Just think of the possibilities of having fun with your Tiger in public!"

Susan's eyes went wide. "Ooooh! Oh my!"

Since Amy hadn't said anything, Alan asked her, "What do you think?"

"I'm so there! That would be the awesomest, bestest thing ever! I moved there in my mind, like, five minutes ago already!"

Alan chuckled at that. "Cool. Can we all hug and kiss in celebration already?" In fact, the women were taking turns hugging and kissing the one sitting next to them, with only Alan being left alone.

Suzanne smiled at him, and said, "Not so fast. We've got some loose ends. For one thing, you just mentioned Christine. You said that she's planning on going to Stanford, right?"

"She is. Or Harvard or Yale."

Suzanne put a finger on her chin and smiled knowingly. "Hmmm... Interesting."

Alan said, "It would be nice to have her near, as a friend, but remember that's all she'll ever be to me. Besides, that could be a bad thing, since she'll know that we're related. She could blow our cover in a big way."

Suzanne said, "Putting her aside for a moment, what about your other lovers? Most especially Glory?"

He grimaced. "That would be tough, leaving her behind. I'd hope and pray that she would want to move to the Bay Area too, but I can't presume that she will. I mean, she hasn't agreed to anything like The Pact."

Suzanne grinned. "But you know that she WILL follow you, don't you? In your heart of hearts, you know."

He blushed slightly. "I know no such thing! Things are very rocky with her right now. Who knows if we'll be together in a week!"

But Suzanne persisted, "Come on. I know that's true at the moment, but don't you have a feeling, deep down, that she's going to join the harem for good? Even if that means following you to Berkeley or wherever you want to go? A teacher like her can get a good job anywhere."

He sighed. "I don't know. Let's put it this way: either things between us will come crashing down for good over the next month or so, or I think she'll be with me for the long haul. It all depends on how she handles the incest factor. Either way, I don't see my moving to the Bay Area as being a make-or-break thing for her and me. The make-or-break is kind of happening right now."

Suzanne grinned. "I see. Let's pencil her in, then."

Alan griped, "What?! You can't do that! That's soooo premature that it's not even funny!"

"Even so, I'm penciling her in," Suzanne insisted. "And ditto for Brenda. I have no doubt there. That means Adrian will have to change high schools, but that'll be good for him. He needs a new start."

Alan didn't dispute that; Brenda had been so submissive and enthusiastic lately that he couldn't.

Suzanne continued to go down her mental list. "Xania's a more interesting case. I'm not so sure about her. I know she's having a lot of fun with us, but you don't know her like I do. She has this kind of fear of commitment that I've never understood. Still, she might move. She doesn't really have anything keeping her in L.A., so who knows?"

Susan said, "I like her a lot. She's perfect for the harem."

Suzanne replied, 'I know you do. If you want her to join us, you need to step up your effort to recruit her. Anyway, after her, there are other possibilities, like Heather or Kim or Simone."

Katherine groaned unhappily upon hearing Heather's name.

Alan responded to that. "I think Heather's got a powerful crush on me, but she's not going to follow me around. No way. Heather beats to her own drummer. Besides, if she and I are still talking to each other by the end of the school year, it'll be a miracle."

Suzanne smiled enigmatically. "You never know. In any case, if we all decide to move to the Bay Area, that could impact quite a few other lives as well, starting with Brenda, her son Adrian, her maid Anika, Glory, and Xania. Very possibly Christine, even if you two remain 'just friends,' which frankly doesn't seem all that likely. She's got it really hard for you, and we know that you're always hard for her when we bring up her name."

"And that's just for starters. So this isn't a decision that should be taken lightly. I think it was good we had this talk, but now we should think it over, and talk it over some more with each other, and with others like Brenda and Glory."

Alan said, "Brenda, okay. But Glory? Right now, things with her are on a knife's edge. To suggest that she should move to the Bay Area with us would be madness."

"Okay, maybe not her just yet," Suzanne admitted. "And you'll notice I didn't mention Xania's name. That kind of talk would only scare her off at this point." She smiled at Alan. "But still, keep moving forward with your college applications. I think a lot of things will get sorted out over the next few weeks and months. You don't need to make a final decision until April or so, right? We should definitely know our plans by then."

Alan nodded. "Good. With that settled, for now at least, can we please take off some clothes? The four of you look like you're about to head off on some Arctic expedition!"

The women all chuckled at that, mock-fanning themselves as if they were burning up.

Suzanne said, "Okay. Thank you all for sticking with my 'no penis tending' request, avoiding touching our man at all. It may have seemed harsh, but it was necessary, I think, to avoid the inevitable distraction and disruption of our talk. Susan, Angel, now you can tease him a little bit, but please - no touching. Let Amy and me have the big entrance that we'd originally planned. After that, all bets are off."

Katherine and Susan nodded and immediately took off their sweaters, breathing a big sigh of relief. It wasn't that they were actually overheated; they were just offended at having to be so covered up at home.


Indeed, Suzanne and Amy had arranged a special plan with Susan and Katherine to make the evening memorable, and a dramatic entrance was a big part of it. They'd hoped the serious talk would only delay their plans, not scuttle them altogether.

Suzanne and Amy disappeared into the lower bathroom, still wearing their overcoats.

Then Susan made sure that Alan was standing in the dining room as Suzanne and Amy came through the front entryway area together. She gently positioned him to stand right where the dining room opened into the living room, so he could look through the house almost to the front entryway foyer.


Suzanne came into Alan's view first, leaving her overcoat behind. (Amy knew to hang back and not compete with her mother.) Suzanne was so stunning that she took everyone's breath away. Because of her pale skin she usually avoided wearing white, but tonight she flaunted her ivory tone and wore a pure white gown with long white gloves and even completely white high heels. She truly looked like an elegant, blindingly bright angel except for her dark reddish-brown hair, which stood out like a shimmering halo of fire around her face.

She wore especially dark and glossy red lipstick, and for some moments Alan was transfixed by the sight of those luscious lips, and her sparkling emerald eyes.

But then his eyes dropped lower. Her gown was made of carefully arranged folds of cloth and it covered most of her except for her breasts, which only had one strip running up the middle of each, pulling tight over her extremely prominent and aroused nipples. It looked like almost any movement could cause her breasts to swing free, and of course that was how she had intended it to be.

She hammed it up as she sashayed ever so slowly across the room to the dining room table. She vamped with exaggerated moves, as if she was a movie star walking down a red carpet with dozens of paparazzi snapping her pictures. She'd stop every step or two and throw up her arms to strike another cheesecake pose. Such behavior came naturally to her, as if she was born to be a star.

Not for the first time, Alan was struck by how much she was like the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit come to life. He whistled appreciatively, and felt his penis growing. Hubba hubba! I never thought I'd say that for real, but seriously, hubba hubba! I'm soooo not worthy. God DAMN!

There was a slit on one side of Suzanne's dress that ran far up her thigh. As she got nearer to the table she strategically stepped in such a way as to bring her dark bush into view every so often.

Alan knew at that moment that it was a very good idea indeed to not have Suzanne shave her pussy - the dark brown pubic hair looked incredibly tempting against her pale skin.

Susan stood behind Alan, but reached a hand around him and thrust it down into his shorts. As she started stroking his rapidly rising dick, she purred in his ear, "Look at your mother, Son, your second mother. She's a blinding vision of beauty, isn't she? Just think: you're gonna be tapping her tonight. You're going to fuck your mother! She's dressed up so elegantly in the hopes that you'll want to bone her. Imagine how good it'll feel as you slide your hot pole into her even hotter mommy muffin. Would you like that? Hmmm?"

Finished with her description, she sensuously licked his ear as she continued to stroke him.

His heart was beating like a drum, and his entire body was buzzing with arousal. When Susan said "You're going to fuck your mother," he first thought that she was referring to herself. He thought it was very clever the way she said that, comingling his lust for both his mothers.

Then it was Amy's turn.

Amy waited until Suzanne looked her way and gave a little cough, which was a prearranged signal that it was her time to shine. She stepped forward into the room. However, she didn't try to follow her mother's swishy style, and just walked along like she always did, though she was more bashful and nervous than usual. She felt slightly silly being so dressed up. She desperately wanted Alan to find her in the same league as her shockingly gorgeous mother.

As soon as she came into sight, Alan exclaimed, "WOW! Amy! You look fantastic!"

An uncertain smile crossed her face. "Really?"

"Of course, really! I'm speechless!"

She smiled widely, making her appear twice as attractive as she already was. She looked so lovable beaming with joy that Alan wanted to simply hug and kiss her until the end of time. She walked the rest of the way to the dinner table with a bounce in her step.


As she got closer, Alan took a better look. She was dressed in a bright red dress (an easy choice, since everyone knew red was his favorite color). The knee-length dress had slits up to the tops of her hips, plus it was open down the front nearly to the top of where her bush would have been. It was somehow daringly revealing, yet also very formal and regal. Further, she was fully decked out with perfume, ruby red lipstick, rouge, and so forth. Suzanne wore nice, fancy clothes and make up all the time. But since Amy dressed so casually (when she was wearing clothes at all, an increasingly rare event at the Plummer house) and never wore make up, Alan couldn't remember seeing her look anything like this. He was impressed.

Susan still had her hand stroking away in Alan's shorts, and she leaned back to his ear to whisper something sexy to him about Amy.

But Katherine was standing on his other side, and said to Susan, "Mom, can I do this one?"

"Sure, my love."

Katherine molded herself to Alan's body on the side not already occupied by Susan. She reached down into his shorts. She found her mother's hand busy there already, but that didn't slow her down. She took control of his most sensitive spots near his cockhead while Susan pulled his shorts down to his thighs and began working on his balls instead.

Katherine had heard every word Susan had told Alan, and tried to come up with her own similar message. She cooed right into his ear while Susan still sensuously licked his other ear, "Brother, take a look at your sister. Your second sister. Mommies are hot, but sisters are hot too. Amy's body is in her prime! Her brother-fucking, baby making prime! Just like her mother, she's dressed up like that so she can get fucked! By you! Before the night is out, you're gonna be drilling her cunt, I know it! All you have to do is flip up that dress. You know there's no panties, just hot, wet CUNT, needing your fertile sperm!"

Now, both Suzanne and Amy stood in front of the other three. Their eyes were going back and forth between his face and his exposed erection and balls and the hands working on it. It seemed as if they were expecting something.

Alan didn't know what he was expected to do, but he figured compliments could only help. So he said, "Aunt Suzy, Mother, I've honestly never seen you look so ravishing. And Amy, Sister, you look just as good. I hardly recognize you, all decked out like that! I'm speechless! You two look like the kind of Bond girls that Agent 007 would meet in a Monte Carlo casino."

Suzanne said wryly, "You know, those Bond girls always end up flat on their backs getting to know his secret weapon, if you know what I mean."

Katherine giggled and added, "He leaves them shaken AND stirred."

Susan sighed happily. "'Stirred.' Angel, I love that word. It makes me think about our master stirring our honey pots with his big stick and a lot of hip action."

All four women stared at him hungrily. It looked like an orgy was about to break out at any moment.

He coughed and asked, '"Um, what's the occasion for the fantastic outfits?"

Suzanne struck another pose, holding up her mane of dark red hair with a hand, and said in a Zsa Zsa Gabor-styled voice while she held a devastating "come hither and fuck me" gaze, "Daalink, you just had dinner. We're your dessert."

Alan was blown away by that. He didn't know what to say. Not to mention the fact that both Katherine and Susan were stroking his rod in perfect rhythm with each other. With so much of his blood now in his lower head, his upper head couldn't think clearly.

Like a Vanna White-styled presenter cum maitre'd, Katherine swept her free arm in the general direction of Amy and Suzanne, and then said to Alan in a snobby French accent, "Le Chateau Plummer" - she made it sound like "plume-mare" - "has two dessert items on the menu for monsieur this evening." With a great bow, and then a sweep of her arm from Suzanne's head to her legs, she said, "May I present, Pussy à la Suzanne."


Suzanne walked forward and dramatically rested one of her feet on the kitchen counter, causing her gown to ride up and exposing her pussy just a foot or two from Alan's face. Her boobs were so precariously covered by her gown that they naturally swung free, just as she'd planned.

Katherine and Susan suddenly let go of his rigid erection and stood back.

It was obvious to Alan that he was meant to go forward and inspect his "dessert option." With his dick and balls still hanging out, he stopped forward and then leaned forward a bit more. He sniffed at her crotch and then joked, "Mmmm. Fine vintage. Lovely aroma. A bit bold and fruity... Full bodied, definitely... Robust. Ripe... Tart! She's definitely a tart. A most succulent and feisty red."

Suzanne playfully reached back and slapped him on the head, but she loved the attention.

Amy, knowing that she could expect to get the same treatment Suzanne was getting when her turn came around, suggested, "You know, Brother, you can't really inspect the merchandise without handling it first."

Alan grinned. "Good point." He reached out with both hands to grasp Suzanne's dangling breasts. That allowed his erection to rest along her ass crack.

Suzanne had to stifle a scream. Oh God! I'm a goner! He's practically dry humping me already!

He turned to Katherine. "Very tempting. Very tempting indeed. But you said there were two options?"

"Oui." Katherine stepped back into the light and in fact walked right up to Alan until she stood just behind his shoulder. She reached between his legs and briefly fondled his balls, since she couldn't easily reach his boner the way it was pinned against (and even in) Suzanne's ass crack. "May I present the other selection for sir? Anus à l'Amy." Her French accent made it sound like "A-noose." Her hands swept dramatically all over and around Amy as Amy stepped forward, slightly nervous.

Amy didn't have the natural elegance that Suzanne did, and didn't know what to do with herself in such a situation. So she just got down on all fours, making sure to let her gown slide down her back and completely off, ending on the floor. Then she backed up towards Alan and worked her way between his legs until her ass was practically up against his dick. Now Amy was directly underneath Suzanne, but a couple of feet below her.

Alan laughed at the differing styles, but it was a kind and delighted laugh. He said to Katherine, but mostly to encourage Amy, "Mmmm! Would you look at this? What is this? The world's finest, sweetest peach?" He lightly stroked the globes of her ass that were being presented to him.

Katherine leaned forward over him, dangling her ample but covered tits in his face. "Non, monsieur. That is Anus à l'Amy. I have eaten it many times myself and I can vouch it is a most exquisite delicacy." She couldn't resist the sight of Alan's erection, still wedged in Suzanne's ass crack. She reached out and lightly stroked it, pushing it deeper between Suzanne's butt cheeks.

Alan didn't mind that extra attention, but his focus was still on Amy. He stepped back to give himself better access to Amy, then leaned forward while grabbing Suzanne's waist for balance and ostentatiously sniffed his girlfriend's ass crack. That forced him to pull away from Suzanne a bit, but Katherine kept stroking him all the while.

Amy could tell what he was doing, and protested, "Aaaalan! That's gross!"

He replied, "It would be, except that you've obviously cleaned it and bathed it in oils. I swear, it DOES smell exquisite!"

He turned back to Susan. He was surprised to see her just sitting on one of the stools near the counter, lightly playing with her nipples through her clothes. He asked, "Hey Mom, don't you want to get in on the fun?"

"I do. God knows I do. But I had so much fun last night that it's only fair I step back for a while. Besides, I'm totally getting off on watching you dominate the rest of your family."

Alan grinned. "Is it 'so hot'?"

She grinned widely. "It's definitely 'so hot.'"

"Mom, come on. At least let me see your luscious body."

Susan smiled from ear to ear. "Well, if you insist." She had remained fully dressed so far, probably as part of a prearranged plan so the attention wouldn't fall on her. But she unzipped her dress and let it fall down to her waist. Then she resumed playing with her nipples with both hands while her son continued to watch.

Alan could have watched all day, but Suzanne was still bent over and he had a hand on her ass, Katherine was busy stroking his shaft, and Amy was on all fours right below him. He looked back and forth between the two Pestridge women, and asked Susan, "Boy, what should I choose, Mommy? Both selections seem so tempting." He fingered Amy's ass crack with his right hand and fingered Suzanne's pussy with his left.

Susan just smiled widely, glad that he was happy and that his dick was being stroked. "It's your choice, Son. Both of these dishes are yours now and forever, yours to do whatever you like with, day or night!" She was panting hard, since the situation obviously excited her greatly.

But then she joked, "You know, there are some other house specialties not on the menu, such as Twat à la Susan."

That got a frustrated groan from the other three women. They were still a bit miffed at how she'd monopolized him the night before.

"I'm just kidding," Susan protested, pretending like she didn't mean it.

However, as he continued to fondle her, he asked the others, "Seriously, I love this, but just what's the occasion?"

Suzanne answered while nearly frantic with desire, "It's been THREE days since you fucking nailed my cunt! Er, I mean, our cunts. And I'm loving the finger bang, but if you don't follow up with some serious dicking, there's gonna be hell to pay! I'm gonna go frickin' INSANE, for starters!"

Susan chuckled at that, and then replied, "What Suzanne is trying to say is that your women are especially horny. But don't look upon tonight as special. This is the new normal. From now on, this is how it's going to be. Every night, even. You're the man of the house and the master of the harem."

Alan muttered, "Jesus! What did I do to deserve this? The four most beautiful women in the world, all mine!"

Katherine was under orders not to go too far, but she liked that compliment so much that her handjob quickly turned into a blowjob.

Susan smiled benignly as she watched her daughter's lips sliding up and down just past Alan's bulbous cockhead. But she said more seriously, "So what'll you eat? I think we have a lot of anxious people here."


Amy and Suzanne both redoubled their efforts to pose for him. Amy crawled a little bit away from him (knowing that he had a thing for seeing females crawl), then wiggled her naked ass as dramatically as she could.

Suzanne meanwhile also pulled back and stood up so he could admire her as a complete package. She ran her hands all over herself, causing her loose gown to fall down even more. She made sure that all her privates were exposed.

Alan looked back and forth between Amy's ass and Suzanne's pussy, and thought, How did it come to this, that all these women, these "perfect ten" bombshell women, will go to such great lengths to arouse me? I don't know the answer, but I love it! And the way Sis is focusing her tongue right on Alan Junior's most sensitive spot - priceless! Gaawwwd, and her lips! Her relentlessly sliding lips! No one can resist these sexy vixens!

He pondered with a hand on his chin, and then said, "Boy. Both desserts look very tempting. They're definitely dishes, that's for sure. You know what? I'm trying to watch my weight, but I think I'm just going to have to have both. I think I'll start with the Anus à la Amy, since I've never had that one before."

Amy suddenly stood up and clapped. "Woo-hoo! Goody!" She turned around and gave Alan a big hug and kiss. "Excellent choice!" She giggled at that.

Katherine had to step back and pull her mouth off Alan's erection to make way for the hug.

The hug was so intimate that Amy ended up with her legs wrapped around his torso. That caused his erection to be pointed directly at her wet pussy while she half-stood over his lap to hug him.

Suzanne looked chagrined, but she grabbed Alan's suddenly available shaft and gave it a playful, tight, squeeze while she rubbed its tip against her daughter's exposed pussy lips. "That's okay. I figured you were going to say that. But save a piece of Alan Junior for me, okay?"

Alan leaned forward and kissed her on the stomach. "Definitely. I'll let him baste in cum sauce for a while." It went without saying that he would choose both women, as everyone knew it was essentially his duty to hammer them both until they drowned in his cum to make up for their having gone the weekend without him.

Suzanne remained standing over Alan for some long moments, smiling lovingly at him.

Finally, Amy said, "Mother? Your hand?"

"What? Oh. Right." Suzanne's playful squeeze had turned into a full on jacking off without her even consciously intending it. But even after Amy's reminder she couldn't bear to let go.

Susan snickered, because she'd been there before.

Suzanne only disengaged when she had no choice, once Alan stood up. All this sex in front of others was certainly fun, but he wanted an intimate one-on-one experience with Amy right now.

He and Amy walked hand in hand out of the dining room through the living room to the stairs. They turned back a couple of times and waved.

Amy said to him, "Gosh, Beau! This is so exciting! I feel like we're leaving a wedding reception! Oooh! My ass is all tingly!"


Alan and Amy walked up to his room still holding hands. Amy used her other hand to hold her dress up above her ass, and Alan used his other hand to cup one of her ass cheeks while they walked. He loved the sensation of Amy's big firm butt flexing under his fingers as they walked.

Amy continued to exclaim how excited she was the whole way there. As soon as they got in his room and he closed the door, she pulled her dress over her head. "Finally! Nakedness! They made me wear that 'cos they said you'd like it."

"They're smart, 'cos I did like it. I think it's a lot sexier to get undressed than start buck naked. You know, maybe because you're so full of life and youthful enthusiasm, I tend to see you as a girl. A teenager. But tonight that dress made you look like a mature woman."

Amy positively glowed at the compliment. "Cool!"

"But the important thing is that you do what you like. If you never want to wear any clothes in this house, that's fine by me."

Amy rushed up to him and kissed him on the lips. "You're so cool! Super duper double way cool boyfriend brother!" She obviously loved that idea.

Alan laughed. He decided to keep his short robe on for the moment. It made him feel like Hugh Hefner.

Suddenly, Amy turned more contemplative. "Brother? Before we start, I have a question. What's with all this submissiveness stuff that's going around? I kinda thought that was just a sexy game, like your 'bump check' games you used to play with me. But I've talked to Katherine about it and she's so SERIOUS! Same with Brenda. She's like way, way into it. And of course, there's Susan."

They both smirked at that. Nothing more needed to be said about Susan's attitudes.

"What do you think?" she asked. "Do you get off on being the 'master'? Is that what I should call you? Do you want us to be all slave-y?" She pinned her wrists behind her back and thrust her tits out in an attempt to strike a sexy "slave-y" pose.

Alan's stiff dick visibly twitched in response, but he tried to play it cool. "Aims, it's like I was saying. Do whatever you like. I know that however I interact with you it's gonna be great and we're going to have lots of loving fun." He kissed her and softly caressed her hair before continuing. "So don't feel any pressure to call me anything or act any particular way. What turns me on the most is when you're acting like you. I want to know the real Amy."

She brought her hands from behind her back and ran her fingers across his chest. "Well, that's cool, and I'll definitely do that, but what do you really like? If you like something, then I'll like it more, because it makes me happy to make you happy."

Alan sat on his bed, causing Amy to sit next to him. He pondered out loud, "Hmmm. Tough question. Obviously, it makes me happy to make you happy, too, but that's not what you're asking. I don't know about this dominance stuff. I guess I'm straddling the fence. On the one hand, yes, it's a big turn-on to have women act like my complete sex slaves. I mean, I'm so lucky to have that kind of devotion. It's incredible. But on the other hand, I really love a strong, independent woman. Like Xania, for instance."

"Xania: The Warrior Princess!" Amy joked.

"Yeah. That's a big turn-on too. I mean, do I want to see you drop everything and do nothing but serve me? No." He laced his fingers through Amy's. It felt good and reassuring simply to hold hands with her, even though she was totally nude. "I want to see you develop your artistic talent and become a great artist. And I feel kind of guilty sometimes. It's not right. We go too far, like the way Mom is practically losing touch with reality at times. Yet it's such a turn-on to dominate and bark out a command like, 'You two suck my cock together, and you rim my ass.'" He dropped his head in frustration. "It's confusing!"

Amy pondered that. "Hmmm. Sounds like you're still figuring it out. But if it helps, I'm totally open to doing whatever, whenever. If you want me to play being a slave sometime, I'd be into it. I could even try to be all dominating, if you want."

Alan smiled and kissed her again. "Aims, you're the greatest. Please don't remake yourself to please me or imitate some of the others when that's not really you; I love you just the way you are. You're just such a joy to be with and so understanding about everything."

Amy lay down on the bed next to him. "Thanks! And you know what? I'm not like, all into the slave-y thing, but I think it's good for our family. The Pact, and everything. I like that you're stepping up and taking charge." She added in an extra sultry voice, with bedroom eyes, "...Master."

A thrill ran down his spine from hearing her say that word, but he still tried to play it cool. He didn't want her to think that it meant much to him one way or another. However, he couldn't help but smile widely. "Amy, you're awesome. I love how easy-going you are."

"Yep! That's true. However, that doesn't mean I don't have my own demands."

He raised an eyebrow curiously. "No? And what might they be?"

"Well, I've been kinda hoping that I could sleep with you overnight sometimes. I mean, we're official boyfriend and girlfriend and all, even if we're siblings now, too. And we've been going out for a while. So it's not like my father can complain if I don't come home at night. Heck, I doubt he'd even notice. And it's not like Mother is going to care! Either one of my mothers, in fact. I was kind of hoping you'd ask me, now that you're starting to spend the night with Susan and Kat, but if you're not going to say something, I will!" She tossed her head defiantly, sending her hair billowing around her shoulders, but then she giggled.

Alan thought, I've never even thought about that. This just shows how thoroughly fucked I am, that the idea of sleeping overnight with my official girlfriend never occurred to me. But the problem is, and she's too naïve to realize it, that Susan and Suzanne WILL mind. So will Katherine. I can see jealousies starting to brew. I think the only way to fight that is to do things equitably.

Although it was slightly deceptive, he said, "You know Aims, that's a good idea, and I'm glad you bring it up. It's good to stand up for what you want. The reason I've been hesitating with that is that I think it's best to work out a system with everyone that everybody thinks is fair. I'll think about it some more. Please tell me if there's anything else you want."

"M'kay! There is. Two things, actually. Both related. One, I want to do something with your cock right now! It's just sitting there looking fat and juicy. And two, well... I'll wait on telling you number two."

"What? Come on, tell me."

"Nope! Later! Let's work on number one first!" Amy had been sitting next to him, but she quickly squatted over him and impaled herself on his cock with a hearty sigh of satisfaction.


"What?" she giggled. "As you can see, I'm already quite wet, but we have to get Alan Junior warmed up before we can try the other hole."

Alan laughed at that. "He's plenty 'warmed up.' Still, I suppose it doesn't hurt to warm him up a bit more..." Oh man, I'd almost forgotten how small and tight a fit her pussy was! The babe of the tight holes.


Even as her entire body bounced up and down on his boner, she said, "That's the spirit! ... Geez, this feels so good! Doesn't it feel, like, just the absolute amazingest? You know, sometimes I think about doing all kinds of crazy things to get you to fuck me more, but then I think about how overwhelmed you are already."

He merely replied with a loud grunt.

She stopped talking, instead just bouncing up and down on his rod some more, doing all the work. She groaned, Susan-style, "MMMM! Gosh! Aaaah... Oh! ... YES! Mmmm..."

But then she asked, "Tell me, do you think if I acted all super-slave-y that you might want to fuck me even more?"

He thought, God, I'm not drilling her enough! She's really missing it. Why do they ALL have to be so insatiable? "Probably not, Sister. You know I've got two moms, two sisters, and other women who want me and even need me."

She kept on bouncing as she talked. "Well, can you at least fuck me once a day in my role as your official girlfriend, and then fuck me a second time as your new sister? Oh, and then fuck me once more as one of your slaves! Ha-ha!"

Another thrill ran down his spine as he heard her refer to herself as one of his slaves. He thought, Boy, they're all so needy, even in their joking. But if my "curse" in life is to always be exhausted from fucking these four kind, lovely beauties too much, then let me be cursed!

Fuuuuck, man! You'd think that a great fucking like this would be more than enough pleasure for any one man to stand, but no! She has to go start talking about all this master-slave stuff on top of it. Jesus Christ!

Of course, she doesn't really mean it. This is Amy were talking about, after all, and she's not into that kind of thing. But in a way, that makes it even MORE arousing! She's trying to get into it because she knows I'll like it. Bless your adorable heart, Aims!

He was so aroused by everything (the choice of desserts even more than the fucking) that he didn't want to get too into his thrusting and miss out on the "main event" - the anal sex. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, as her asshole was easily the tightest he'd ever encountered.

He waited until she climaxed. As usual, she did so extremely loudly.

Suddenly he pulled out. He felt it was time to tackle the anal challenge. He hoped that his penis wouldn't be too big to fit in that hole.


Amy complained, "Awww. Bummer. I feel so empty. You don't want- OH!" She had to cry out because seconds after he pulled his erection out of her pussy, he pushed a finger into her asshole. It slid in surprisingly easily, because that hole was heavily lubricated.

He noticed that someone had thoughtfully left a bottle of lubricant by his bedside as well. It made him feel good and very pampered, as if silent, secretive elves were taking care of all his needs behind his back.

"Oh, ALAN!" she cooed lovingly as she wiggled her ass enticingly. She greatly enjoyed the feel of his finger sliding deep within her rear hole.

He got off on her obvious excitement and roughly grasped and fondled her big ass cheeks. He only had one free hand to do that at the moment though, which was frustrating because he wanted to touch every part of her wide yet firm ass at once.


He went deeper and deeper into her rectum with his middle finger with each pass. After some minutes he had it in as far as it could go. Still, even with all the lubrication, the fit was tight.

Her asshole was also quite active, spastically clutching and clenching around his finger as he probed her.

Eventually he wanted to switch to putting two fingers in, but he encountered difficulty even though her hole was looser than usual. He noted, "I see you've prepared yourself."

"Yep! I've been wearing butt plugs, like, ALL the time! School is such a drag 'cos Mother said I couldn't wear one there, but I wore one even during the whole Dr. Fredrickson thing. I drank some wine earlier to help me relax. And I just had an enema and even-"

"Whoa! Too much information. Boy, you're tight. UGH!" He wondered why her asshole wasn't more open if she'd been wearing butt plugs so much. In fact, a good deal of time had passed since she'd taken the latest one out, so it wouldn't mar her display as one of his "desserts." Since then, her hole had tightened up again.

"Aims, can you pull your ass open with both hands for me? You're so tight I need to use my other hand to help get a second finger into you."

"M'kay," she dreamily sighed. Reaching around with both hands, she cupped her buttocks and slowly spread them open for him. She shivered in excitement as her big ass cheeks parted.

He felt the ripples of her excitement as her asshole fluttered around his buried finger. While slowly pistoning the finger he already had inside her, he tickled and teased the outside of her anus with gentle strokes and feather light touches from his other hand. Gradually, his technique started to pay off as her anus relaxed and reveled in the attention rather than tensing up and clutching at the finger already imprisoned in her exquisite tightness.

He kissed up and down the cleft between her spread buttocks as he slowly fingerfucked her asshole. That made her sigh and moan and pull her ass cheeks wider and wider. He finally felt she was ready for more and managed to push a second finger into her.

She responded with loud and very excited groans as she arched her back and thrust her hips back onto his fingers. In fact, she kept pushing back until they were as deep as they could go. Her whole body shuddered as her asshole throbbed and pulsed around his fingers.

He was able to piston his fingers in and out, with some effort, but the resistance he encountered made him wonder, How on Earth will I be able to get the width of my dick inside this tiny hole if my two fingers can barely make it?

But for the time being he just enjoyed himself and pistoned with his fingers while kissing her all over her back. He could tell she was thrilled too from her increasingly sexy moaning.

Even though she was normally very relaxed, she seemed both excited and nervous right now. He figured her excitement was as bad as her nervousness was for making her ass tense up. He ran the tip of his tongue up through her ass crack in a single tickling swipe, which made her squeal with glee, but also tighten up a bit more in surprise.

He hoped that fingering her asshole with two fingers would help her get used to being penetrated enough for the main event yet to come. Meanwhile, he tried to do everything else he could think of to get her to relax. He had her lie face down with a pillow under her hips to raise them up. While he kept working his fingers in her ass, he massaged her back with his other hand and nuzzled his face in her neck. He cooed, "Aims, I want you to know something. I love you so much. Whatever happens, it's cool. Even if we don't get it in-"

"We're going to get it in!" she hotly interrupted. She sounded extremely determined and shoved her ass back onto his fingers as if to underscore her resolve.

He felt her whole body tense up at the same time, and thought, Well, that backfired. What now, genius Romeo? If only Heather knew just how clueless I really am when it comes to anal sex, she'd probably laugh in my face. I read a little bit in those sex books I bought, true, but none of them had anything to say about an asshole like this one. If I try my dick now there's no way it's going to work. Dang!

While he pondered that problem, he kept at what he was doing, pistoning, and massaging, all the while cooing happy things almost directly into her ear. He said, "Aims, you're the super bestest girlfriend ever."

She laughed. "Hey! You sound just like me! YOU'RE the superest!"

"No, you are! You're the super duperest!"

"No, YOU are! You're super double duper!"

Before long, they were laughing and teasing and tickling, and generally having a really great time. The more Amy laughed and giggled, the more her anus eased its clenching.

He felt it almost seemed a shame to interrupt their playing around with the anal sex. However, while he wasn't rushing things, he was also aware that Suzanne was waiting for him. So, once he had Amy as relaxed and soft as mush, he plotted his next move.


It took a while, but Katherine did come. He thought she was just across the hallway in her room, but in fact she'd been downstairs in the basement, jealously watching and masturbating to the video of action in his room. So she was a bit flushed and disheveled. She popped her head in. "Yes, Brother?"

"Good. You're here. Big Pleasure Pillows Sis, can you do me a favor? I'm having a bit of trouble fitting in. Can you get me a variety of anal dildos from the underwear cabinet or wherever they may be? I'm thinking of using those as a kind of stepping stone."

"Ah. Okay. Just a sec." As she walked off, she thought, Grrr! Martyr sister has to go do the dildo fetching errand while brand new E-cup sister gets to have all the fun. Why did I have to volunteer to give him a break this morning? Everyone else gets a big welcome back fuck full-on production, and I just get a quickie under the table. No fair. No fair! Still, I shouldn't blame this on Aims. She can't help it if he's making her feel so great. Grrr! ... "You're the super duperest." When is he going to say things like that to me?

She came back and rather testily handed Alan several dildos.

He could see she was moody, but he quite literally had his hands full with Amy.

Katherine spun on her heels and left the room. Despite being irked, she couldn't help herself and went downstairs to watch them on video some more.

He said to Amy, "Okay, I've heard this is easiest if we do it doggy-style. So get up on all fours on the bed."


Wordlessly, he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with a rather small and soft jelly anal toy. It went in all right, so he started sliding it in and out. He was amazed at her reaction. She'd been loving his fingers, but now she seemed practically beside herself with ecstasy. Soon she was gasping, panting, and moaning as if she was in the middle of a wild fuck romp. He joked, "Aims, save some of that excitement for when I actually get a real dick in there."

"I'm sorry Brother, but it feels SOOOOO GOOOOOD! I think I have kind of a ... a thing for ... anal... Brenda- OH! YES! ... Mmmm! That's so good!" She was too carried away to be able to tell him what she and Brenda had discussed the night before, which was just as well since that was supposed to be a surprise and he had no clue that Brenda had been in the Plummer house recently.

Experimentally, he reached forward and touched her clit.

Amy let out one of her ear-splitting screams and came in a massive climax. She was so overwhelmed that she fell forward into the bed, completely limp and spent.

Again, he was a bit chagrined by the intensity of her reaction. If she's enjoying a tiny little dildo this much, then my dick is liable to kill her. This is nothing like the way I anally deflowered, say, Heather or Mom. This is an intense struggle! A battle!

Luckily, the climax seemed to have greatly relaxed her. In fact, now she was so limp she could hardly even sit up on her own. So he pulled her down to the bottom of the bed and had her lie up against it on her belly. Her ass hung out over the edge and her knees rested on the floor.

"Aims? I'm going to give it a shot now. I think it'll go fine. Okay?"

"M'kaaaaaayyy." She was so relaxed that she even slurred her speech.


He put more lubrication on his hard-on and around her sphincter. Then he pulled her ass cheeks wide open, put his cockhead up against her asshole, and paused.

He prayed, Please, God, make this fit! I'm going to be so bummed if I can't fuck her this way. She'd obviously love it so much. But if it doesn't fit now, with her as limp as a puddle of goo, it never will.

He said, "Aims? My dick is up against your hole. I'll hold still and let you push back, okay? That way you can go as fast or slow as you want. Do you think you can do that?"

"Mmmm hmmm..." Her voice was so relaxed that he feared she was falling asleep. But she was far from sleepy. Slowly but steadily, she lazily rocked her hips back and forth while Alan kept a firm grip on her plush buttocks, holding them apart.

She pushed back again and again, but the progress could only be measured in millimeters. Finally, she said, "My love, I think we're going to have to do this together. You push forward, I'll push back, and then maybe we can find the right rhythm. Don't hold back. I can take it! Push!"

So he pushed, in time with her efforts.

But she suddenly began to yelp at each syncopated thrust, "Ouch. Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!"

He stopped pushing, but he didn't pull back and lose any of the hard-won progress his cock had made. They rested while the tip of his boner kept her twitching asshole slightly dilated.

When she had mostly recovered, she said in a cute voice, "That was far too ouch-y." But then, after some more deep breaths, she said with great determination, "I am not going to give up. Don't even THINK about stopping now, my favorite boyfriend!"

All the while they rested, her ass had been slowly relaxing and adjusting to accommodate the large intruder. So when they started pushing again, it was a bit easier, and they made a little more progress, slowly but surely.

But his cockhead still hadn't gone in yet. That was the widest and most difficult part; although both knew it would be relatively smooth sailing after that.


They gathered their energies for one big effort. They wiggled and pushed and screamed for what seemed like ages. Just when Alan was about to give up and concede that his erection simply didn't fit and could never fit, there was an unexpected "whoosh" sensation. His cock slid into Amy a good inch or more before it stopped again when her asshole clamped down hard with a vice-like grip on his intruding meaty shaft.

Amy's head came up off the bed, her back arched, her eyes grew as big as milk saucers, and her mouth hung wide open. She gasped for air in great gulping lungfuls as though she couldn't breathe. Her whole body reflexively recoiled away from him to try and escape the painful penetration of her asshole, but her position with her ass hanging off the bed didn't allow her enough room to pull away.

He hooted and hollered, pumping his fists in the air even as he continued to press his cock in deeper. "It's in, Aims! It's in!"

"You- OW! You don't have to- ah! ... tell me!" She panted between heaving breaths. "I can- huh! ... feel it, unngh, so big! Oh!" She buried her face in the bed, clenched her hands into fists and pounded them into the bedsprings like a drum major, making the entire bed vibrate. Her whole body kept jerking as waves of pain lashed outwards from her powerfully pulsing asshole, which kept trying to expel the enormous erection that had stretched her decidedly small anal sphincter to its limit.


Suddenly Alan's sense of victory was overwhelmed by concern for Amy. He could feel her anus trying to "bite off" the head of his cock, which he already had inside her, which was an exciting mixture of pleasure and pain. "Aims, does it hurt?"

"Ye-hes..." came the muffled response. Her body twitched in time to the pulses of her anal spasms.

"Do you ... do you want me to, you know ... take it out?"

She turned her head until she could look at the concerned face of her lover.

He could see that her eyes were watering as she bravely tried to hold off tears.

"No, don't take it out. I want it. I want it more than anything. Just- just hold still while I ... while I get used to it." Her asshole throbbed and pulsed, powerfully. Her whole body shivered. "Good God, when did you get so gianormously humongerous? How much have you got in me? Half? More?"

He felt a little sheepish, answering truthfully, "You've um, only got the head so far, so there's uh ... still more where that came from."


She wriggled her hips ever so slightly, which made her gasp and arch her back again, lifting her head up off the bed. She then settled back down with one of the sexiest groans he had ever heard in his entire life.

He cautiously waited a little bit before he filled his hands with her big butt cheeks and started squeezing and kneading them with his fingers while gently rolling them around in his palms.

As if putting his hands on her ass flipped a switch, he felt her suddenly relax.

The tension drained out of her legs, and her breathing changed as she lolled her head to the side and sighed. Most importantly, her anus began to finally relax its "death grip" on him and seemed to decide that being stretched so extremely wide and penetrated by his cock wasn't really such a bad idea after all. Her asshole continued to pulse and throb just as it had done up until now, but did so more in welcome acceptance of his invading pole than in defensive and hostile rejection of it.

"Does it still hurt, Aims?" he asked, the loving concern obvious in his voice. He didn't stop playing with her ass cheeks, however.

It took her a few moments to answer. "Some, but not like it did at first ... and it's starting to feel really good now. Really, really good!" She paused, and then said in a slightly doubtful voice, "I'm ready for more."

To his astonishment, her ass slowly started to swallow up his erection, bit by bit, although there was still a fair amount of resistance to overcome. Like her anus, her rectum was just naturally smaller in size to begin with, and therefore naturally tighter than any he had ever experienced. As more of his erection entered her, the cockhead had to stretch the elastic walls of her rectum open wider than they had ever needed to be before.

She tried to keep her asshole relaxed, so as to make his penetration of her ass easier for both of them, but the virginal tightness of her interior was something she had no control over, especially since he was almost (but, fortunately, not quite) too big for her to accommodate without injury in the first place.

Although the area around the cockhead felt painfully violated as he fucked deeper and deeper into her virgin asshole, the feeling of the shaft behind the head massaging her tightly clasping rectal walls was unbearably exciting for her, to judge by the way her insides so actively responded to being fucked for the first time. She was very aware of every nuanced detail of his erection, from the shape of the veins within it to the heat and throbbing pulse of blood surging through it with his heartbeat, as she accepted more and more of his fuckmeat into her asshole.

She felt the delicate tickling brush of his pubic hairs against her butt and let out a great moan as his stiff pole sank into her yet further still. "YES! Almost there! ... YES! ... OH GOD! I'M SO FULL!"

He paused a few moments, and then resumed pressing forward. But as he did so he began to feel a new sensation. It felt as if she was tightening up inside, if that was possible, but lengthwise along his pole instead of around him as he would have expected. His cock had reached the end of her small rectum, and the last fraction of an inch he pressed into her stretched her tight and deep around his erection. It made him feel like he was pulling a tight fitting glove even tighter.

But then all movement stopped, and the yelling stopped too. She was overcome by the pain and struggled just to breathe. It was all she could do to remain there and take what felt like a gargantuan log shoved up a very tight channel.

He decided she needed another break to adjust, so with his cock still deep inside her, he cooed, "Great job, Aims. Great. I love you so much... Hey, you want me to tell you a story?"

She grunted her approval.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was Amy and she lived in a magical kingdom. She was such a wonderful woman that I can't even begin to count the ways that she was special, but for instance, she had a great ever-present smile, awesome artistic skills, and a wonderfully creative way of abusing English grammar."

She was rapidly recovering, the pain slowly fading as her asshole adjusted to accommodate her lover. She giggled and mock-protested, "Hey!"

"What?" he asked said with false cluelessness. "I thought you'd find my story super-iffic."

That earned a happy snort and a laugh.

"Anyways, one day she met a nice prince, who sneaked up behind her and shoved an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile up her ass. Then they lived happily ever after, although it was a bit difficult for her to sit most of the time, since he fucked her ass so much. The end."

She got a really good laugh out of that, and then commented, "That's just about what it feels like! ... But it feels good now. I'm starting to get used to it and even enjoying it. Why don't you start wiggling your ICBM around? Let's do it!"

He lovingly brushed her cheek and lips with his fingers. "Are you sure? We can wait longer so you'll adjust better."

She sighed, touched by his caring tenderness. She kissed his fingertips lightly, and then turned her head to look him in the eye as her asshole pulsed powerfully around his cock in anticipation of a good and thorough fucking. Her eyes suddenly looked a little wild. "Just do it! I want it! I want you! I want you to fuck me. Fuck MY ASS!"

He laughed. But after waiting only a little while longer, he started to slowly piston in and out. It seemed incredible how tightly his boner was being squeezed, but somehow it moved forward and back. He felt indescribably joyous and triumphant. He thought, This is the ultimate tight hole. If it were any tighter it wouldn't work, but this is just ... exquisite! It's like I'm drilling a hole in her with my dick. Wild!

Before long, Amy was vocally responding to her first assfuck, but in a totally unexpected way. Alan had expected Amy to scream the rafters off the house like she usually did when he fucked her pussy, but instead she was panting and gasping, moaning and groaning with the rhythm of their fucking. While he was glad that his ears weren't being pierced by her usual rattling shrieks, he was surprised by just how much quieter she was when he pumped her ass instead of her pussy.

"Aims, are you holding back on me? You're usually a lot louder."

"Nnnnoooo..." she groaned, as she pushed her hips back until her pussy kissed his balls. "I'm not hooooolding back on ... Mmmm. God that feels soooo gooood!" She wriggled her hips with his erection buried completely inside her. "It's just different. Feels different. Mmmm... This is how gooood you make me feel ... when you fuck my ah, ah, aaaahhh-hasssss! Yeeeessssss!"


He liked the way she sounded; her breathy moans somehow seemed even sexier than her loud shrieking. It reminded him that she was very much the daughter of the breathy, sultry Suzanne.

In and out he pistoned, in and out, over and over. At first he made a real effort to go slowly, but slowly and inexorably the pace sped up. Before long, he was cruising along at a very happy speed.

He thought, Not that long ago I could barely get my pinky in there. Now I'm sliding along, tight, but slick. So tight! So excellent! How is it possible? I LOVE this ass! He shoved himself in deep and whispered loudly to her, "Amy! I absolutely love your ass!"

She was beyond responding, except to grunt and groan even more emphatically. Her asshole pulsed and clutched at his deeply imbedded erection.

After a while, he remembered what a great response he got when he touched her clit, so he tried it again. This time, he didn't really notice a change, but then he realized she was probably climaxing as much as humanly possible even before he did that. Still, he kept playing with her pussy and clit while he continued to ride her rump.

Then, just when he thought she couldn't get any more excited, she did. Her whole body began vibrating, gently at first, but soon it was an intense shake. Her body shivered so convulsively that it felt like he had a human vibrator wrapped around his dick. She threw her head around like an overly excited go-go dancer in the middle of a dancing frenzy.

Alan, afraid that Amy might hurt herself, grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back to help restrain her thrashing.


The sight of Amy so obviously at the absolute peak of orgasmic joy made Alan extremely excited too. The sight of her thrashing her head around like the most reckless body slammer at the wildest punk rock concert was a sight to behold. It aroused him even more than the extremely pleasurable and tight tunnel he was vigorously plowing. He tried his hardest to stave off his climax, but he just couldn't do it, not with that image in front of him.

He bent forward and actually fell onto her back. He grabbed her body and held onto her like a drowning man clinging to a log in a raging sea. His balls tightened and churned, and then started pumping a veritable flood of cum into his sister's ass.

Then, to his surprise, as she started to cum too, he lost the ability to move his boner at all. His cock happened to be all the way inside when she squeezed him so tight that there was nothing he could do but freeze in that position. Each time another rope shot off deep into her ass, it was like an explosion of tight clenching and contractions that threatened to squeeze his cock clean off. That just made him feel even better, and shoot even more cum into her. In fact, the feeling of pain and pleasure mixed together from the tightness of her internal grip on him was absolutely fantastic.

When he was finally done, he just remained where he was, lying on top of her, still tightly clinging onto her. They remained like that for quite some time, simply recovering, while her active asshole kept throbbing and pulsing around his slowly deflating penis. Even these final throbs felt wonderful for them both.

He was in no hurry to talk, but after some minutes he heard the sound of her sobbing, and he had to ask, "Aims? Aims? What's wrong? Are you crying?"

"Yeah. But don't worry. It's tears of joy. I love you so much! Brother!"

He felt a surge of pride, but also chagrin. He thought, Uh-oh. This is what Mom or Brenda would call me taming a woman with my cock. Looks like Aims just got that much more tamed. She's going to be that much more sexually insatiable from now on. But fucking her in the ass is like double the feeling of anyone else's ass. Triple! Again, how can I take this much pleasure? It just feels too good! I could get seriously addicted to this ass.

He asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Brother. Anything for you." She still made tiny sobs, but they were lessening.

"I'm real curious. What's the second point you wanted to discuss?"

"Oh. That." She rolled over so she could look him right in the eyes, causing his deflating penis to slip from her aching hole. Her eyes were red, and there were tears, but there was a big smile, too. She remained in his tight embrace all the while. "I don't want to be all demand-y, but I do have another demand. The thing is, I wanted to see if I enjoyed anal sex first."

"And the verdict is?"

She giggled. "Duuuuuh! How can you ask me that? It was incredi-fantabu-wonder-tastic!"

He stifled a laugh, and then deadpanned, "Okay, just checking. I was worried you might think it was merely marvelo-stounding-tabulous."

She laughed really hard at that, and he did too. "Alan! I love you! You're so funny. You're too great!" She kissed him hard on the lips.

This led to some very prolonged and passionate tongue dueling. As much as Alan loved Amy before, he found his feelings for her surging to an all time high.

He broke the kiss after a while because he wanted to praise her to the heavens. But then he remembered the others might be watching and listening. He correctly suspected that Katherine had been watching before she'd gotten the dildo for him. He worried how she'd take this great anal sex experience with Amy that made her anal sex with him pale in comparison.

That put a big damper on his enthusiasm. I don't know about this camera system. Everything gets recorded? That's like living in a fishbowl. I think I'm going to keep it turned off in my room most of the time. I need my space! I have to be so careful about what I say and do, and that kills my spontaneity.

He refocused his attention on Amy and looked deeply into her hazel eyes. "I just want you to know that I love you."

"I know! You just said that, you big silly! But I love you too, so very much! You know what some of the others say about how we need to keep your thingy hard and pleasured at all times? It's SOOO true! God, that's all I want to do, is just give back the pleasure. But it would take a thousand blowjobs to equal how good you made me feel with that one assfuck. Maybe I'd better get started, once we wash up."

"No fair. Your mother is waiting. We really shouldn't do any more right now, but we'll be at it again soon enough. So what was this second demand of yours?"

"Oh yeah. Only that you fuck me up the ass, like, A WHOLE LOT! I had a feeling I was going to love it, because Brenda and I were talking about it and we were really getting into it, and now that I've had it, it's even better than all the anticipation! I think my ass is really sensitive."

"No kidding," he joshed.

"I think Brenda's is too."

He goggled at that thought. Brenda? She leaks gallons of pussy juice and yells loud enough to wake whole towns all the way to Arizona if I so much as tweak her nipple. It's frightening to think what would happen if I fucked her ass like that and her ass is as sensitive as Amy's! I would need to fuck her outside, and on the roof, to make sure I didn't drown in her torrential flood of pussy juice!

Another thought popped into his head while he nuzzled Amy cheek to cheek. "Aims? We'll be doing this a lot more, I'm sure."

He thought, That's true, but that isn't going to make Katherine happy one bit. But at least this may get me out of the two Katherine fucks for every one Amy fuck promise I've made. If I limit that to just vaginal sex, I'll still keep my promise and fuck both of them roughly about the same number of times per week. That's only fair, since they're both my sisters now.

He said, "But I have one favor to ask. Could you put off your sex with Aunt Suzy? I know that was planned for tonight, and I was looking forward to a good show as you two went all the way for the first time. But what we did was so draining. Plus, I have a feeling that after Aunt Suzy is done with me, there won't be any of me left. And I do want to enjoy watching that to the fullest."

"Oh, sure," she answered brightly. "We'd figured that out already, and pushed it off again to whenever you're ready. Mother said something about how she was going to drain your balls completely dry and turn your knees to Jell-O so you'd be unable to stand. So yeah, she thought you wouldn't be up for watching it, and neither did I. This mother-daughter tag team is gonna fuck you silly!" She grinned like the Cheshire Cat, beaming with pride and happiness.

"Oh, she said all that, did she? We'll just have to see about that. I think she's gonna be the one who won't be able to walk out of here."

"I can believe that" she agreed. "In fact, I'm just gonna have to stay here and cuddle with you some more though, because I'm Jell-O all over. I feel like boneless chicken!"

He smiled. He was proud that he'd overcome the challenge of her tight hole and made her so happy.


After Amy left his room, Alan just lay in his bed for a while and relaxed. He needed to give his penis some time to recover, but he was also in a contemplative and nostalgic mood. How things have changed. It seems like years ago when Aunt Suzy first came into my room and we looked at porn together. She was the first to give me a blowjob. I remember when she said to me, naked and on all fours, "How do you like to see your Aunt Suzy crawl like an animal so she can eat your fuck-meat?" That sends shivers down my spine, the fact that one of the most beautiful women on this entire planet would say that to me.

And then there's Aims. The way Sis and I used to have so much fun tricking her with "bump checks" and that kind of thing. Even though it seems like ages ago, those memories are permanently burned into my brain. Has any guy ever had a luckier situation than to have those two for neighbors? Jesus!

The more he recalled such memories, the more aroused he got. Even though he was tired from the anal sex and everything else in the last twenty-four hours, he suddenly felt a surge of energy, powered mostly by images of when Suzanne came into his room and exposed herself, way back at the start of his sexual awakening.

He took a quick shower, dried off, and then walked naked down the hall. He heard the sound of music coming from Katherine's room. He was glad that she apparently wasn't interested in watching him with Suzanne.

He didn't realize that she was busy writing in her diary. She'd already spent some time describing the day's sexual adventures. Around the time he walked by, she was detailing her latest thoughts on Brenda:

I still don't know what to think about Brother's recent comments about letting Brenda have sex with her son Adrian. He's gotten kind of weirdly philosophical about it, saying it's some kind of "cosmic karma." I'm concerned. I have a sneaking suspicion that Bro is trying to punish himself in some way. It's like he feels he doesn't deserve all of the sexual joy he's been getting lately, and so he needs a little more trouble in his life and someone really unhappy like Adrian needs more success.

Well, pardon me, but that's bullshit! I believe a person has to live a good, moral life. Brother should realize that a huge reason why he's having such sexual success is because we all love him so much, and that's because he's a good person! I couldn't even BEGIN to imagine being someone else's fuck toy! To submit fully to a master, you have to trust that person with your life. So many things could go wrong in a harem-type situation. But with Brother in charge, we all have a quiet confidence that everything is going to be okay. And he's still a teenager! God, how I love my brother!!! :) :) :)

Anyway, sure, live a good moral life, and part of that is helping others when you can. But you have to be clever about it! For instance, he wants to help Adrian, 'cos he identifies with him back from the time when he was still a virgin. Fine. So hire a fantastic professional escort to teach Adrian all about sex. I'm sure that would put a big smile on the kid's face. Then repeat as necessary - we certainly could afford it. Or get Aunt Suzy to manipulate things to get Adrian a rockin' girlfriend. There are so many options aside from making things messy with Brenda. But does anyone listen to me? NoooOOOOoooo! Looks like we've gotta do things the hard way. Sigh.

Oops! I just remembered I'm not supposed to say "Aunt Suzy" anymore. Now it's just "Mother" or "Suzanne." How cool is that?!?! I love it! And Aims is my full-on sister now!


That was a sigh of total contentment, Diary. I've felt like she and I were sisters for a long time, and now we really ARE! And not just regular ol' sisters, but fuck toy sisters, bound extra closely together through our mutual love of serving Brother's big cock!

Could life get any better? I don't know, but it would help if Brother would stop going around and deliberately mucking things up, like with this whole Adrian fiasco. We've gotta cure him of his weird, fatalistic, "I must make life miserable for myself to balance out the cosmic scales" attitude before he goes off and does something else totally moronic. But the funny thing is I love him for his adorable idiocy too. :) It shows that his heart is in the right place.

Alan continued down the hall and found Susan and Suzanne both on Susan's big bed. But for once, they were reading books instead of doing anything sexual. Suzanne still wore the same gorgeous white gown she'd had on downstairs, while Susan had changed into some revealing lingerie.

He cleared his voice and said, "Aunt Suzy" - that was a tip of the hat to his nostalgic feelings - "I'm ready for my second dessert." He stood there naked, his erection sticking out in front of him like a flag pole. There was no need to get dressed when he was going to get naked again in a minute anyway.

Suzanne sat up on the edge of the bed and replied in a very matter-of-fact manner, "Your second dessert is ready for you."

Even though Alan knew she must have been terribly excited to get fucked again after doing without for so many days, she hid her excitement well. She wanted to remain dignified and not seem overly hasty. The only thing that gave away her true feelings was a slight smile, as if she was privy to a great secret.

He noticed that Suzanne had been reading a book on the ancient Mayan culture while Susan was reading a beauty tips book.

Susan put her book down and sighed. "Tiger, whatever am I going to do with you? Look at you, walking around, waving that tasty spermy treat between your legs all over the place, torturing your poor mommy. Curses! Now I'm going to have to frig my already very sore cunt." However, despite her words, her smile and gleam in her eye showed that she clearly relished the thought.

Alan smiled. "Sorry, Mom. Why don't you bring Katherine in here, instead? She can milk you and get you off that way."

Susan was pleased. "Oooh! What a good idea. Okay, you're forgiven - for now. But don't expect me to go easy on you with your goodnight kiss, buster!" She winked. "I think I might just have to jack and suck and fuck your cock right off, at least if it's after midnight and my daughter lets me." She frowned, because she knew those were very big ifs.

Alan smiled back, and then took Suzanne's hand in his. "Have fun, Mommy. Now, if you'll excuse us, I'm afraid my dessert here is going to start to melt or something."

Suzanne winked at him as she started to stand up. "How true. You can see I'm already starting to drip between my legs."

But unexpectedly, Alan pushed her back down on the bed. He got down on his knees and said, "Well, in that case I'd better lick a little now to stop it melting. Just like I do with ice cream cones." Then he pushed her dress to the side and dove into her crotch.


"Oooh!" Suzanne exclaimed in pleasant surprise. "Susan! What a randy one we have here! Oh GOD! ... The only problem is, that's not going to stop the dripping, it's just gonna make it worse!"

Susan sat up and bit her lip. Her nipples sprung up and her pussy began leaking like a dog trained to salivate at the sound of a bell. "Sweet Jesus! Suzanne! Did you hear that? He just pushed you down and TOOK CHARGE! My son!"

She moaned and whimpered, crawling on the bed around Suzanne like a panting puppy waiting to be given a snack, uncertain of what to do. "Oh, I so want to join in, but I can't! I promised Angel. Oh... Tiger, why do you have to be so virile and sexy? Oh... Oh, oh, oh!" She whimpered even more and began frigging herself.

Suddenly, Alan stood up. "Oops. We don't want to get Mom too excited. Let's go to my room." He pulled Suzanne up.

Suzanne was slightly dazed, but was determined not to have him get the best of her. She adjusted her dress, brushed her hair back in place with her hand, and held out her hand. "Let's go, Sweetie."

He took her hand and they walked out of the room as if heading for a formal ball.

Susan pounded the bed in frustration. "Tiger, you meanie! You did that on purpose, didn't you? Now you've got me hot! So hot! Hot for son-cock!"

"Sorry, Mom," Alan said, briefly looking back at her sympathetically as he left the room. "This is Aunt Suzy's time."


Suzanne certainly looked the part dressed in her elegant gown, but they made a funny pair since Alan was buck naked. His boner bounced and bobbed lewdly with every step. She felt a great urge to grab it, but she feared that if she did that, they'd never make it to his room. So she looked away and tried to maintain a dignified pose even though her pussy was throbbing so intently that it was a challenge to walk.

Susan on the other hand, was anything but dignified. So was so turned on that she was bouncing off the walls. As soon as the hallway was clear she rushed to Katherine's room to play with her.

As Alan and Suzanne entered Alan's room, he said, "I'm glad you're so calm, because I wanted to talk a little bit before we really get into it."

Suzanne groaned. "Hold on! I'm not THAT calm! Sweetie, it's been FOUR DAYS! Specifically, about four days, two hours, and fifteen minutes. I thought you were going to fuck me every single day until the end of time, and already you make me suffer so badly. Not only that, but you just got me going there by, uh, licking up all my drippy... ice cream." She giggled at that thought, but then turned serious again. "Please! Fuck first, talk later!"

He sat on the edge of his bed. "Sorry, the talking needs to be first, because it'll affect and hopefully improve our fucking."

She gave a heavy sigh as she sat on the bed next to him. "All right. But can I at least suck you off while we talk?"

"No. You know you can't really carry on a deep conversation that way - you get too into the sucking techniques and you make me so aroused that I can barely breathe. But how 'bout a titfuck? That could be fun."

"Damn straight! Now we're talking!" She leaped up off the bed to get herself into position. She quickly removed her gown and dramatically threw it across the room. She always loved the dramatic touch.

Alan lay down on the bed. He positioned his crotch right at the edge of the bed and kept his legs spread wide.

Suzanne quickly positioned herself in between the opened legs.

Within seconds, his seemingly permanently hard dick was sliding between her pale mountains.

"So what's so important to discuss that it beats fucking?" she asked impatiently.

"Well, I've been putting into practice some of the things you taught me last time-"

"On everyone but me," she complained with surprising bitterness in her voice. However, she immediately said, "Sorry." Her boobs were so big that it seemed his erection was completely lost deep inside her cleavage.

He chuckled, trying to laugh it off. "But it's true. But now I want to do it to you. What's worked really great is your idea to delay the woman's orgasm. That's fun. I want to do it with you."


"Great! That's it? Let's get started then!" Still, she was so into the titfucking that she made no move just yet to stop. Beads of sweat began to form on her round peaks because she was giving it her all. Her whole upper body flew up and down as quickly as if it was a pumping hand.

"Wait." He put a hand on her head, indicating he wanted her to slow down considerably so he could keep talking. "It's not that simple. It ties into issues you've had about letting go. You know, your frustration that you can't completely lose yourself in the moment. Also, your issues of pride and dignity. I don't want to just fuck you; I want to help you get past all that. Let's just get totally wild and get you so into it that you'll completely forget all those concerns. That's what I want to do tonight. Who cares if you do something someone might think isn't dignified? What happens in this room stays in this room."

"But you forget..." She was already starting to pant heavily. "Susan and Angel... What if they go downstairs... watching this on the... video monitor... while they do the nursing?"

"Oh shit. Right. The surveillance system. I keep forgetting about that. I'm beginning to wonder if having that installed was such a great idea. Well, at least we can turn it off if we want, right? Isn't there supposed to be a switch near the door for that?"

"Yeah, didn't you notice it next to your light switch? But I don't care who sees. Let them have their fun."

But then suddenly she seemed to remember something else and stood up. "On second thought, maybe that would help. Sorry, gals. I'm sure you can have plenty of fun with each other and watching other stuff that's already been recorded. Nighty-night!" She flicked the switch near the door.

Then she hurried back to his bed. She got back in titfucking position.

However, this time he did more of the thrusting into her tits, while she mostly sat still. He didn't want her too winded to talk. He sat there enjoying thrusting in and out of her tight chesty tunnel for a minute or two, while he was mesmerized by the sexy sight. He couldn't believe his luck that she would even have anything to do with him sexually, but he didn't want to sound like a broken record. So he asked, "Have I ever told you how much I love your tits?"

She chuckled. "Only about a million times in the last week alone. But that's okay; I wanna hear you reach a billion. Still, us busty babes do have other body parts that are fun to play with, you know." She wanted to draw attention to her pussy but her hands were busy holding her tits tightly together. So she swayed her ass back and forth, hoping that would put his attention in the right general vicinity.

"That reminds me," he said, as he thought about spearing her talented pussy. "We need to get down to some serious cunt fucking."

"Let's do it, Sweetie!" She pulled away from his hard-on, lying back on the bed. "But I have to confess something. The main reason I turned that video off is because I have a secret to tell you: I didn't tell you or Susan all my secrets. I saved a couple of the best ones for myself!"

"Jesus, how many sexual secrets do you know?"

"Unfortunately, not enough. I don't know how I'm going to keep surprising you and drawing you in months or even years from now."

"Hey!" he interrupted. "You don't have to keep surprising me. You're my Aunt Suzy, my second mother, and I love you. I'll never get tired of you, never!"

Her heart soared to hear that, but she craved more affirmation. "But what about all those other women you'll be boning? New women all the time."

"I may play around a little," he admitted as he stopped stroking in anticipation of changing positions. "But I'll never love them like I love you or the rest of my family. If a day goes by without a little Aunt Suzy in it, I figure that's a day wasted."

She laughed and smiled. Then she teased, "And, as for me, if a day goes by without a great big Alan in me, that's a day wasted." Changing gears, she said seriously, "But I have one great secret, a technique that you'll love. And I know I'm being rather selfish, but I want you to promise to keep it a secret too, and only practice it with me."

"Sure, that's only fair considering how much you've freely shared already. But with all these video cameras everywhere, I don't see how it'll stay a secret for long."

"But it will. That's why I've saved this one in particular. You see, it's all in your mind. It's called a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Most people don't know this, but men can do it. You can get off nearly as wonderfully as if you're shooting your spunk all over our faces and chests, but no one will know except you."

"Wow! Why didn't the sex books I bought a few weeks ago talk about that?"

"I'll bet they didn't talk about whole body orgasms, either. This culture is so lame. It's a joke that things like the female orgasm and G-spot are recent 'discoveries' by our scientists when other societies have known about them for ages. But never mind that; let's cut to the chase. The key is that people always think the climax and the ejaculation are the same, but they're two separate things. You can just barely reach the climax BEFORE you hit the ejaculation, and then pull back. Then you can repeat it again and again until you can't take any more and you finally want to blow."

"Holy cow! Really? Fuck! That sounds awesome! Why didn't you tell me weeks ago?"

"My rather stupid plan was to string out sharing new techniques with you over many months, but unfortunately the competition completely blew my schedule. But another reason is that this can only work if you have REALLY strong PC muscle control. You weren't ready before, but now you definitely are. In fact, I think you can skip all the training one normally needs to do. It's just like what you've been doing in catching your second winds with little pauses, but if you and your partner - i.e., me - can do it just right, you can have a mind blowing climax AND still get your rest and keep going without ever losing your hard-on."

"Mother! Brilliant! That is too cool! You know, if this works, I think I'm going to want to have sex every day."

They both laughed, since he already seemingly did little else. Even while they joked, he resumed plowing into Suzanne's deep cleavage at a slow but steady and very enjoyable pace.

"Okay, let's try it," he suggested. "But how does one get it right? I've been doing the second wind thing for ages now and never felt the kind of thing you're talking about."

"The key is practice. Lots and lots of practice." She suddenly reached out with her outrageously long tongue and flicked the tip of his cock with it as he fucked her tits. "I'm afraid you're going to have to fuck your second mother constantly to get it just right."

They both laughed some more. "Okay, Mother, let's do it. But at the same time, we're going to practice climax delay for you. Get yourself right on the edge of a great orgasm-"

"Done!" She laughed, but added, "Seriously. Even though no hand has gotten near my box yet, I'm so excited! I'm already there!"

"Okay. So stay there. Let's work on non-verbal communication so we can maximize our mutual pleasure."

They switched over to proper fucking. They both sat up on his bed and fucked face to face, so they could easily see each other's expressions and quickly get non-verbal feedback.

However, almost as soon as the fucking began, she couldn't stop herself in time, and she exploded in a tremendous multiple orgasm.

But that was only a minor setback as he knew that before long she'd be on the edge again.

Over the course of the next twenty minutes or so, Alan began to understand the different sensations between the arrival of a climax and the arrival of ejaculation.

Suzanne taught him breathing techniques and muscle control techniques that helped. He had several close calls, which felt like mini-climaxes, but it took twenty minutes before he finally had his first real non-ejaculatory climax.

She explained that the closer one could get to ejaculating without actually doing it, the better the non-ejaculatory climax would feel. It was a real art and a skill to get just right.


The skills of the partner were key, too. The partner had to stop or change activity at just the right point.

Luckily, the fact that she'd had a great climax of her own made it easier for her to start and stop on a dime.

They tried a whole variety of different positions, partly to find the ones that would make it easier on her to control the process, but mostly because it was fun. They came to the conclusion that having her on top helped them achieve their goals the best.

He rested a bit after this success, but kept his erection unmoving in her vagina. He asked, "That was great, but now what?"

"Well, Sweetie, you can do it again and again. I've only had a couple of lovers who were able to do this, but they tell me that it's like a constant building up. You hit a non-ejaculatory peak, then come down a bit but keep going, hit another, and so on, until finally you're ready to ejaculate. And when you do, it feels ten times as good as if you'd done it without all those non-ejaculatory climaxes along the way up to the final peak."

"That is so cool! Mother, you are extremely clever, because I'm going to keep my promise and do this only with you. Which means I think we're going to be fucking each other even more than before."

She smiled. Girl, you've still got it! I thought it was such a disaster to give away all those secrets to Susan, even though I knew I had to do it to help her. She is my best and almost only friend, after all, and I just can't say no when she makes that sad puppy dog look. But it's all working out, because somehow I had the smarts to hold this one back and since I've shared so much he doesn't mind me keeping this most precious secret. I may even go to the very top of his fuck list!

Take that, Susan! I love you sister, and I love to see you happy, but I have to take care of my great cunt needs too. Now I have the best of all possible worlds. Alan's happy with me, Susan's happy with me, and my cunt is gonna see a lot of action. Yes! She suppressed the urge to pump a fist in the air.

He had paused, but now he added, "I don't know if I'll be able to keep it a secret forever, though. I mean, I want to get away from this keeping-of-secrets stuff, especially from Mom."

Suzanne frowned as she was painfully reminded of her greatest secret: the entire six-times-a-day scheme. Just hours earlier she'd dodged a bullet with Dr. Fredrickson and now that secret seemed safer than ever, but it still weighed heavily on her mind and kept her from completely opening up. She well understood the desirability of not having to hide secrets.

So she replied, "That's fine. I agree with you about the importance of not keeping secrets from our new open family. But share this one just with me, for as long as you can, okay? It's a totally harmless secret, after all. I hope to get at least some months of special loving from you with this. Hopefully by then, I'll be ready to take you to the next level."

"Next level?"

"As your whole body orgasm showed you, there are almost no limits to what one can do with sex, and how good it can make you feel. I'm starting to max out on what I know and what I've experienced, but I've bought some books that show there's much more. A lot of it is pretty cutting edge, recently discovered stuff that even I'd never heard about. For instance, did you know that you can have quite pleasurable orgasms through your cock while it's still flaccid? Or that the G-spot isn't the only special spot in a woman's vagina? There's the U-spot, the X-spot-"

He cast a skeptical look at her. "Come on! You're making this shit up."

"Nope. At least not if some of the books I've been buying lately are accurate. You just bought the wrong books. And what's great is that you and I are going to learn how to do all of these things together."

She thought to herself, And I don't care that much if the others learn this stuff eventually, because none of them have the sexual skill I do. Even if they learn, not even my cheerleader daughters have as much innate natural gymnastic skill as I do, and only Xania has a tongue like mine. No one else can squeeze their vaginal muscles as well as I do, thanks to my years of practice. That thought caused her to start subtly squeezing her vagina around his cock.

But still she continued with her thoughts while she flexed, True, Glory is a better deep throater from what I hear, but I have the tongue length to be able to match her skills if I keep at it. The fact is, if my Sweetie wants the best of the best, he's going to come to me! Not only that, but as the others get more skilled, I'll reap the benefits with lesbian sex and orgies, too.

Alan was awed by the pleasurable possibilities she hinted at. "Mother, I love you so much. I can't wait until we share a whole body orgasm. I want to have something like a Vulcan mind-meld with you. In fact, if I'm going to reach this great peak today thanks to the non-ejaculatory climax build up, I want you to have something just as good or better. Let's get back on track with taking care of your needs. I'm ready, and in fact, it seems you've started without me already."


"What?" she asked with a gleeful and naughty smile. She appeared to be perfectly still, but in fact her vagina was now squeezing him intently, giving him as much pleasure as if he was deeply thrusting.

"You know what!" he said accusingly, but also happily. He reached down and began rubbing her clit.


As Alan played with Suzanne's body, he thought back to Amy's earlier question about submission and said, "I want to ask you something. Does me treating you submissively turn you on or not? I don't want to treat you like that if you don't like it, but I don't really know where you stand."

"Hmmm. Tough one. Well, the truth is, I DO get into it, thanks I guess to Susan and Katherine putting all kinds of silly things in my head lately. I never did, before you. But I only like it as a fantasy; a role-play. Think of the stuff you've done with Glory, things like a rape fantasy. I don't know if I'd go that far and want you to rape me someday, but who knows? However, when the fantasy is over, I expect to be treated with respect. So I'm really different than, say, Katherine, who doesn't know when to turn her 'fuck toy' fantasy off. But I also demand equal rights. If you get to treat me submissively sometimes, then I reserve the right to do the same to you. I want to tie you up, blindfold you, and torture you just like you did to Susan last night with the ice cubes and everything. That was hot!"

"Fair enough. And thanks for the answer. That really clears things up for me."

"Well, I've only been figuring it out myself. I don't think I could have said that two days ago."

"Interesting. I've kind of been coming to some conclusions about my own feelings, but I'm not quite there yet." He thought back to Amy's questions about dominance and submission and his failure to clearly answer her. "I want tonight to be all about you and your pleasure, especially since it's mostly been about me with this newest non-ejaculation lesson. Do you want to tie me up right now? Is that going to give you the highest high?"

"No. For one, I want to try out the climax delay too. So few of my lovers have ever done that well, but I have great confidence in your abilities. I want you to take me and tease and torture me mercilessly until I die of sheer pleasure! Not only that, but I want to make sure the others are watching when I tie you up. It might give them some ideas. Plus, maybe we can all torture you together."

"Oh, great," he said sarcastically. "So now you're going to have everyone tying me up?"

"You know you like it. I heard about the 'Michelle' incident with Glory and her blindfolding you and everything."


"Angel told me, after you told her, I assume."

"Well, I have kind of conflicted feelings about that whole incident. I consider it another part of the vast female conspiracy to get me to die of a heart attack before I turn nineteen, and I'm only partly jesting about that. But in any case, if you want me to do much more tonight, you're going to have to stop that cunt squeezing. I'm practically out of cum and low on energy. Even though we look like a couple of naked people just hanging out, you're sending me to the edge! You're totally incredible!"

She joked, "I know, but try to keep it under your hat, okay?"

Alan laughed, and suddenly pulled out. He got up off of her, and walked over to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled something out and held it up so Suzanne could see: it was a can of whipped cream. He explained, "Mom and I never did get around to using Amy's second gift last night. I'm thinking that I wanna use it on you right now."

She rolled over so she was face up. "Please do! Actually, it fits with me being your second dessert." She stretched and preened, presenting her body to him as if it was a canvas that she wanted to see him paint with the cream.

He sat above Suzanne's crotch and started squirting the cream all over her bush. Meanwhile, he'd also grabbed a towel and began wiping all the sweat off her as best as he could. He didn't want to lick the cream off of sweaty skin. "I was thinking that, too. You know, I-"

He paused, interrupting himself, and then yelled, "Hey!" His new position had left his butt hanging up near Suzanne's face, and on a whim she reached up and stuck a finger up his asshole. She began pumping her finger in and out.

She giggled. "What? You want me to stop?"

"I didn't say that. It just surprised me, is all. You're so sexual! Even merely standing near you when your hands or mouth AREN'T on my cock, rare as those times are, is practically orgasm-inducing. Yet you're twice my age. Don't you ever get tired?"

"Nope. Not when it comes to fucking you. But thanks to your undiplomatic reminder of my age, you're going to have to be punished. Take that!" With one hand still working his asshole, she used her other to push at a point just below the asshole, on the way to his dick.

It felt fantastic. He went rigid while his body momentarily tried to suss out exactly what was being done to which part of his body. After catching his breath, he gasped out, "What's that? Wow!"

"Just another thing I've been reading about. That's a special part of your perineum, the area between your balls and your asshole. The whole area is a very sensitive zone according to these new books I've been reading. It seems that I've been ignoring it too much all these years."

"Damn, woman! You're just too good." He turned around on all fours on the bed so he was facing her and hovering over her chest. "I'm almost afraid to find out what you'll do to me if I'm pointing this way." He shook the whipped cream and sprayed it on a tit until the nipple was covered with a high cone of white. Then he did the same with the other. Then he sprayed some directly into her mouth, and then more into his. He said gleefully, "We're totally naughty, aren't we?"


"No. You're naughty. Just think of me as a sexy dessert. And you know what men do to desserts?"

He bent his neck down and began licking the whipped cream from her nipple. "Mmmm. Yep. First we add some extra white cream on the top of them. Then we eat them. Then we cum hard in their cunts!"

She laughed. "Is that what you do to desserts? Remind me to never take you to a restaurant."

He spent some time snacking on her chest, and at the same time he fingered her pussy, to make sure she was enjoying this at least as much as he was.

She was. She especially loved his implication that the whipped cream represented cum, and he was eagerly licking it off of her. She also enjoyed the way his tongue worked on her nipples. After some minutes of his frigging and licking, she signaled that she was getting too close to climax, so he pulled his head up and cut back to just some slow frigging. He'd been careful to not knock down the tower of whipped cream over her bush.

He said as he casually sprayed the cream here and there on her body and then wiped or licked it up into his mouth, "You know, Mother, I have these 'Bad Alan' issues. You know how much I love you as a person, but sometimes, like right now, I just want to treat you as a pure sex object. I especially love the fact that you had to wait for me to fuck you while I was assfucking your daughter. Is that wrong, to revel in the fact that I have such an amazing mother and daughter team at my sexual beck and call?"

She shrugged, "Well, it is a bit naughty, but I guess it's harmless enough." In fact, she also delighted in the fact that she and her daughter shared the same man.

"What if I told you I get off on the fact that I have Aunt Suzy, the mighty, one-of-a-kind, ivory, Amazon goddess who walks the Earth, as nothing more than one of the nymphomaniac nymphs in my harem? Or that I fantasize about you and Susan and the rest lining up nude at military attention, my own army of sexual servants?"

She smirked and cocked an eyebrow. "Well, you don't exactly have to fantasize very hard about that one. It's true, isn't it? You could snap your fingers and we'd all line up any way you want us, just like we did on Friday. The four of us Plummer women, definitely, and I'm sure Brenda would come running too. And does anyone else really match us five prime pieces of pussy? You know I'll call a spade a spade, and I don't mind admitting that I'm as good as it gets. As much as you love Glory, you have to admit she doesn't have the tits to be a perfect ten in your boob-obsessed eyes."

"It's true that her body just misses the cut, but she's a perfect ten in my heart, so that makes up for it. And you ARE as good as it gets. But there's Xania, too. She's in that same category. And Heather would be too, if she wasn't so surgery-enhanced." He frowned at the reminder of Heather. "Not to mention her extremely annoying personality."

She could hardly believe what she heard herself saying: "I'm sure both of them, and others too, would be happy to get in that harem line for you. We'll stand any way you like. Do you want dripping cunts shoved in your face? Round asses with tight holes ready to squeeze your cock clean off? Or can we cover our tits in hot oil and give you an all-over tit massage? We'll do it!"

He was surprised at her apparent enthusiasm for his fantasy. "But don't you mind? Don't you mind just being one of my harem nymphs?" He dropped his head down and began licking the whipped cream over her bush.

"Yeah, of course I do on some level. But remember that this isn't just your harem fantasy. It's mine, too. From the very beginning, not long after you got your diagnosis, I started manipulating events to make the Plummer family harem come together. Of course, I thought of it as an 'orgy' then, not a 'harem.' And in my fantasy, I imagined that I would be the one controlling the strings. And I am enjoying it beyond all expectations. It's just that I didn't imagine that you'd take the bull by the horns like you did."

"Or the sex cow by the cunt, as the case may be," a gleeful Alan pointed out. By this time he'd already worked his tongue down through the cream to the hair of her bush, but he didn't really care. "You used to be Suzanne Pestridge, power woman. Someone able to make any guy tremble at the knees with one sultry glance. Now you're Suzanne: second dessert. A nympho sex slave. On Friday, you dedicated your life to serving my cock. There is no higher goal for you in life than servicing my dick and keeping me happy. How does that make you feel?!"

"Alan! You're so cheeky tonight. You don't have to rub it in. Looks like the 'Bad Alan' is out in force tonight."

"Yes, he is. And I'm rubbing it in because it turns me on. What I want to know is: does it turn you on?"

Suzanne paused and thought.

While she did that, he rearranged himself again and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He was ready for more fucking.

Finally, she answered, "Yes! Okay? Is that what you want to know? Not always, I have to be in the mood, but right now, yes! I'm proud to know that my lover is such a powerful, sexual stud! I revel in the fact that my lover is the studliest guy in town! I love to hear about your new conquests, and then share in the fucking of them! I want your harem to grow and grow! It annoys me that Glory keeps her independence. I want so badly for her to learn her place and stand in that line of hungry, desperate pussies with the rest of us! Hell, I want to fuck her too! Is that what you want to hear?"

"Yes!" He wiped his cock up and down her labia, playing in the white cream, driving her crazy.

"Then why don't you put it in?! Put it in!" She made a grab for his boner with her hands in an attempt to force it inside her hot pussy. Her voice grew desperate. "Put it IN!"

But he slapped her hands away. "It needs a little more decorating. Tell me more." He picked up the whipped cream can and sprayed the cream here and there on her crotch. He took his time, as if he was creating a work of art.

At first she tried to wait him out, but that only lasted a few seconds.

She groaned impatiently. "God dammit! Just put it in!" She waited some more, and saw he was in no hurry, and deliberately so. She made an annoyed grumble.

But then she decided she'd try to arouse him with her words to such a degree that his resistance would crumble. Her voice was extra husky and sensual as she said, "I live to be fucked by you! There is no greater pleasure! Sweetie, you and me, we're going to go down in history. We're going to explore every last aspect of human sexuality there is to know! We'll be like sexual gods! A whole body orgasm will be nothing to us! We're going to completely redefine pleasure! Our FAMILY is going to redefine pleasure together! This harem is going to be the most amazing thing, ever! So let's get started! Put it in! Bring the joy! Rock my world!" For emphasis, she thrust her hips at his cock in the hope that she would be able to impale herself on it.

However, he pulled back just enough to stay in control. And that was the message he was trying to get across to her now: he was in control of the situation. Meanwhile, he played dumb and tried to keep his voice calm. "I don't know. What you're saying is pretty remarkable. How is all this pleasure possible?" He sprayed more cream up and down the top side of his erection.

She screamed, "Your cock! It's your cock!"


"Oh, you mean this thing?" He pushed his stiffness into her pussy a little bit. Then he put the whole of his cockhead in. But he wouldn't go any further.

"Oh yes!" She screamed. "YES!"

Suddenly he pulled out, leaving the tip of his cock resting against her pussy lips.

"NOOOOOO!" She screamed even more intently. "What?! What is it?!"

He replied in as calm a voice as he could, "Well, I was just thinking. I made such a nice work of art with the whipped cream, and now it's going to get all messed up."

"ALAN! BASTARD!" She realized calling names wouldn't help, so she resorted to pleading instead. "My love! Good Lord! Please have mercy! Mercy! Please!" She whimpered without restraint.

"Okay," he said, as he rubbed his boner all over her whipped cream covered pussy lips. "But you still haven't answered my question about how the pleasure is possible. Every guy has a cock. So what's the big deal?"

"Fuck those cocks! It's YOUR cock! It's the only one I want! You've tamed us! You've even tamed me! Susan's right: you've tamed all of us big-titted babes with your monster cock and incredible fucking power! I need it! I have to have it. Put it in me now before you drive me mad! NOW! I'M DYING!"

He pushed his cockhead in a little bit again, but then pulled back.

She thrust her hips forward and tried to catch it and swallow it, but she failed again. She cried out, "Aaaaiiieee! Nooooo! Sooo close!" Her voice sobbed with frustration.

He said in a mostly calm but increasingly excited voice, "There's still one thing holding me back. Mother, admit it: if I put it in, you're going to climax right away, aren't you? And you agreed not to do that, didn't you?" He reached out, and found her clit underneath the cream. He pulled on it just a little bit.

"NOOOO! Don't do that! You're right, you're right! That's going to send me over the edge!" Her whole body writhed around beneath him, which was an incredible sight to see. She seemed completely in thrall to her fuck lust.

His dick was as hard as it had ever been and he suspected it was actually a bit longer and more engorged than usual. He could actually feel every beat of his heart pounding in it, and his head was slightly dizzy. He slid further down the bed, away from her and waited for her thrashing to slow down. "Be honest. Have you cum yet?"

She felt as if all ability to reason was leaving her. She wailed, "No, not yet! Suzy is good. So good! She wants to be good for you. The best! The best fuck you ever had! She obeys her master!"

That answer doubly surprised Alan. For one, he'd never heard Suzanne call herself just "Suzy," and he didn't know what to make of that. For another, he was stunned at how enthusiastically she called him master. "That's a good pet," he said as if talking to a real pet. "Master is pleased."

Suzanne mewled and purred with great satisfaction. Her hands even curled up around her chest as if she was a purring kitten. Then she found her sensitive nipples and tugged on them roughly, which caused her back to arch erotically.


His body aflame with desire, he said, "Now, I want my slave to get on all fours on the floor and crawl for me. Do you think you can do that? I love to see you crawl. Then we can fuck."

She was off the bed in a flash. She held her ass up high and crawled around in a little circle at the side of his bed. "Like this? How's this, Master?"

He looked at her skeptically, while lightly stroking his overheated cock. "Tell me: what do you feel? Do you feel any shame? Do you feel any pride? Any restraint?"


She nearly yelled, as she looked up at him with abject desperation, "Fuck no! I feel lust! LUST! I need to FUCK! The only restraint is that I'm trying my best not to jump up and rape you! I MUST HAVE COCK!"

She yelled those last words with such force that he actually flinched a bit. He saw a fire in her eyes which seemed to burn with an equal mixture of lust and fury for being teased this long. Yet he narrowed his eyes and remained stoic. A part of him wanted to see if he could push her so much that she really would attack him. He asked, "How does it feel to be so controlled by your desires?"

"It hurts to want something so bad, but it hurts so good!" She twisted and writhed on her knees as her hands roamed all over her heated body, like her lust had become a second skin on her. She reveled in that thought, that she was now attired in nothing but pure lust and sexual hunger.

She growled, "I love it! I want it! I feel so free! Like an animal! A wild animal! Let's make love like wild animals! I need to fuck!" She whimpered, "You have me begging already; please don't make me cry!" She did seem on the verge of tears.

His passions had been steadily rising too. He tried and failed to remember a time when he'd ever been as aroused as he was now. It was almost like he was having an out of body experience and what was left of the rational Alan was looking on from outside while his base, primeval lust completely took control of his body. He patted a spot on the bed.

She leapt up to it like a flying tigress. She wasn't lying when she said she wanted to fuck like a wild animal: she was all over him as if trying to touch, kiss, and fuck every square inch of him. He hadn't even had a chance to put his cock in her yet.

He was forced to use his superior strength to wrestle her to the bed and hold her down.

Her whole body was on fire, and she burned with white hot passion.

He was on fire, too. In fact, it seemed like the room suddenly grew as hot as a sauna, and both of them began sweating profusely from so much exertion. But only after he shouted, "Fuck you! I need to fuck you! Let me!" did she calm down enough that he was able to line up his cock with her hole and slide it in.

As soon as he did, she cried out, "Cumming! I'm cumming!" That was the last coherent thing she said, but she screamed and screamed and screamed like he'd never heard her scream before. She let out all her passions the way Amy and Brenda liked to scream, except that Suzanne let out more of a feral roar.

Her body continued to thrash about, and she might have fallen off the bed except that he was on top of her, squeezing her tightly.

His cock rammed her pussy repeatedly, in time to their bodies' wild, herky jerky motion. They both were too overcome to be capable of making regular, rhythmic fuck thrusts.

He repeatedly clenched his PC muscle and just barely managed to hold back from a climax.


Somehow, eventually, after she had more climaxes than she could count, her body calmed down enough for them to fuck a little more like they usually did.

He thrust in and out more rhythmically. But the steady pounding only excited him more and made it harder for him not to cum.

Before long, her conscious mind began to take over from her purely instinctive frenzy. She began roughly running her hands through his hair and all over his body while still wildly thrusting and panting. She slowly regained her ability to speak, and alternately shouted and cooed, "Master! Master!" She realized that he'd ended up sitting on top of her, grasping her ankles above her head and pounding down with his whole body weight behind every thrust. She felt extremely vulnerable and helpless in that position, and she loved it.

Her body continued to shudder so much that he couldn't tell how much of it was from more climaxes, but he suspected that really the entire thing was one giant, non-stop climax for her. It must have gone on for three or four minutes like that, at the absolute peak of intensity. But then she somehow regained enough coherent thought to realize he still hadn't cum. She started to thrust her hips back with more intensity and yelled, "Cum! Cum for me, Master! My master! My love! Cum, dammit! Cum IN me!"

He was pounding her backwards down the bed like a jackhammer pounding in concrete. Sex with Suzanne was almost always extremely taxing - she had an exceptionally acrobatic body and was always moving about. They continued to claw and scratch and grasp at each other. In fact, just when they were both about to cum, they fell off the bed and tumbled to the floor. They wound up in a heap of tangled limbs. They had a good laugh about it.

As soon as they determined no one had been seriously hurt, they just rejoined and kept on fucking. He was amused that he'd fucked her clear off the bed, even trying to fuck her all the way across the room. She slid a little further away from the bed with each new thrust he made.

The unexpected delay brought about by the fall caused them to postpone their orgasms too, but that only made their last pinnacle of passion that much more incredible when the time finally arrived.


He came first this time. This was certainly no time to practice a second non-ejaculatory orgasm. He just let go of all restraint and yelled at the top of his lungs as his seed unloaded into her. He could feel from her even stronger than usual vaginal contractions that his climax stirred a yet more powerful orgasmic response from her, too.

Both lovers froze, as though time stood still, while his cock spewed slug after slug of white-hot cum deep into her, filling her up with his seed until his cock could spit forth nothing more and simply twitched within her body.

It was all so intense for him that he completely passed out.


Katherine was getting a drink in the kitchen when she thought she heard a noise coming through the wall from the den. So after she had gotten her drink, she walked into the den to check it out.

"Hey," she said to Amy. "I thought I heard someone in here. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just chilling." Amy was sitting naked on a sofa while drawing with charcoal on her easel. (She spent so much time at the Plummer house that she always kept some art supplies in Kat's room.)

Katherine closed the door and crossed the room. "Can I see?"

"Sure!" Amy moved back slightly to give Katherine space to look, while continuing to sketch. "I've just kinda started. But it's gonna be a sketch of O.B. fucking my ass."


Katherine whistled in appreciation. "Wow. It already looks great. You do that better than I could draw or paint or anything."

Amy shrugged modestly. "Yeah, well, I just want to capture the moment while I still feel it in me."

"But that was, um, well over an hour ago already."

"I know. But I can still feel it in me. Both emotionally, and, you know, literally." She stopped drawing, lifted up a leg, pointed to her asshole, and giggled.

Katherine smirked a little, mildly amused. "So, what else have you been up to since then?"

Amy sat down on the sofa. "Oh, not much. I just took a nap right here. Getting my ass fucked like that really wiped me out! What about you?"

Katherine frowned, and sat down next to her. "Also not much. I must say, a night like this can be kind of torturous for me. Everybody else is getting fucked half to death, and my room is right across the hall. I took advantage of the video feed to the basement to watch Brother fuck you, and that was fun for a while. But then, later, when I wanted to go back and see him do the same to your mom, Mother, it turns out the video feed was turned off! Does that suck, or what?"

"Who turned it off?" Amy asked.

"Mother, of all people! I went back to see the last bit that was recorded. You'd think she'd know better. I mean, these are historic events we're talking about here. Historic! Some day, after he's fucked her thousands of times, she's gonna want to go back and relive the very first few times. But this time? Whoosht! Blank. Nada. Nothing. It's tragic, if you ask me."

Amy nodded. "So, what have you been doing since?"

"I was writing in my diary off and on, but I never let my diary leave my room, and staying in my room at this point isn't just like torture - it IS torture! His door is supposed to be fairly soundproof, but it might as well be wide open, the way Mother was screaming her head off. So, I dunno... I was gonna watch TV, but I'm too amped up. Hey, can I hang here with you for a while?"

Amy smiled brightly. "Sure! Take off your clothes, cuddle up, and let's just hang."

Although Katherine immediately started disrobing, she said, "Is it okay if we don't do anything sexual? I'm not really in the mood. Actually, I AM in the mood, but I'm in the mood to be in Brother's room, helping Mother take care of his big fat cock! Mom and I kinda played around for a while just a short while ago, and I sucked a belly-full of milk out of her. That was fun, but when you hear Mother across the hall alternately begging for mercy and begging for more, it's just not the same. You know what I mean?"

Amy nodded. "I can imagine. That's why I took a nap down here. But look on the bright side. You act like having a room across from Brother's is a bad thing, but think about how many of his lovers would LOVE to have that problem. Including me!"

Katherine had finished undressing, so she lay down on the sofa, causing Amy to lie down next to her and cuddle. "Yeah, I hear what you're saying, but it's not as great as you imagine. You'd think he'd take advantage of having an eager, willing fuck-toy sister right across the hallway more often."

She sighed, then added, "But I guess that's the lot of being just one of his many sex slaves."

Amy had spooned into Katherine's backside, then reached around her to caress her big breasts with both hands. But suddenly Katherine rolled in place to look into Amy's eyes.

"Hey, Aims. You know what? I know we've talked a lot about our feelings for Brother in the past, but we haven't really had a good talk since The Pact happened. I've been meaning to ask you how you feel about that."

Amy giggled, seemingly because it was such a silly question to ask. "You know I love it! Gosh, just having you become my official sister and your mom my official second mother... Everything is just so great! What's not to like?"

"Well, I know that, obviously. And I totally agree... Sister!"

They both giggled in delight at being able to use that word. Then they shared a French kiss to further celebrate. By the time the kiss ended, their hands were all over each other. However, even though Amy was fondling Katherine's tits again while Katherine played with Amy's pussy lips, they weren't really trying to arouse each other. It was more like post-coital cuddling, just enjoying total bodily intimacy.

Katherine finally continued, "Given that, sometimes you can be pretty hard to read. I mean, I know how much you love Brother, and I know you love our de-facto family coming together even more than before, but how do you REALLY feel about this master and slave stuff? I mean, really, honestly truly."

Katherine suddenly sat up and disengaged, because she wanted to be completely earnest and focused on this specific topic. "Look. I know we started off kind of kidding about that sort of thing. And it's still meant to be something we say in the heat of the moment, to get everyone that much hotter. I know Brother keeps acting like he doesn't really like it. But it's slowly become more and more real, if you know what I mean, at least for me and Mom. And the truth is, I can totally tell that Brother loves it!"

Amy grinned. "Yeah, I noticed. If we use certain words, it's like... boing! Instant boner."

"Exactly. And I don't have to tell you how useful that is."

Amy's grin widened. "No, you don't." She licked her lips and winked.

"Right. So anyways, now that we've all agreed to The Pact, it's pretty much official that the four of us - you, me, my mom, and your mom - are his de-facto sex slaves. You remember the words, don't you?"

"Sure!" Amy cheerfully recited the relevant part of The Pact, "'Alan is the head of the family, and master of the family harem. We trust him to lead us in sexual matters, and we pledge to obey his every desire. Alan has the right to sleep with any other women he chooses, within reason, but his first priority is with his harem. The women of this harem pledge to avoid any physical intimacy with other men, without exception, and to devote themselves fully to pleasing Alan and his insatiable cock.'"

"Very good." Katherine nodded with approval. "You see? It says right there that he is the 'master.' And that makes us his de-facto slaves. The only question is whether we should stick with the 'de-facto' or not. And that ultimately comes down to you."

"Me?!" Amy pointed at herself, right between her large breasts. "Why me?"

"Think about it. Mom and I are totally pro-slave. We both get a huge thrill out of calling him 'Master' and serving him in every possible way, especially sexually. We all can see that Brother loves it, but he's too modest to admit it, so he's kind of out of the equation, funnily enough. But Mother, she's torn up about it. When she's horny, she can get into it just as much as anybody. Most of the rest of the time, though, it rankles her, rubbing the wrong way. So, if it rubs you the wrong way too, then Mom and I will just have to try to cool it as best we can. But if you're really into it, then I'm sure your mom will get used to it, by and by."

Amy frowned. "It's not that easy. I know only the five of us signed The Pact, but it's not just us. What about Brenda, for starters? With her sexy, super busty body, and her attitude, she's gonna be a big part of the family for a long time. Probably forever."

"That's true," Katherine considered.

"And she tilts things in the slave-y direction in a big way," Amy pointed out. "in a super duper ultra slave-y way."

Katherine nodded. "You can say that again."

"In a super duper ultra slave-y way." Amy repeated herself, mischievously apparently misinterpreting what Katherine had meant. "Anyhoo, it's not just her, either. The harem is designed for expansion. The Pact even says, 'Any new women wanting to join our harem must be approved by us all.' I kinda assume the harem is gonna grow until Brother has a teeny tiny little more than he can handle. Don't you?"

Katherine chuckled. "Yeah." The she added sardonically, "Poor him."

Amy went on, "And if you're gonna join our harem, you pretty much have to be the submissive type who's into harems, 'cos, well, it's a harem. Duh!" She giggled. "So I think it's not just you and Mom on one side and Mother on the other. My Mom, God knows I love her, but she needs to get with the program. We're sex slaves. We have a master. That's just how it is."


Katharine, Amy

Katherine was so excited to hear Amy say that that she hugged her tight and kissed her mouth to mouth for a good while.

However, in mid-kiss, a new worry hit her, so she broke off the kiss to ask, "Wait a minute. Are you saying that because you figure that's how it already is, so we'd better get used to it, or are you saying that because you LIKE it that way? Aims, I totally love how easy-going you are, but sometimes that makes it hard to know what you REALLY want."

Amy paused to consider that. "Well... It's complicated. I don't just go along with the rest of you because it's the easy way. I feel happy seeing the people I love happy. It's that simple. You and your mom and Brenda totally get off on the master and slave thing, and Alan pretty obviously loves it, even if he can't quite admit it yet. My mom kind of doesn't count, because she has mixed feelings, so that makes me love it with the rest of you."

Katherine pressed, "I understand that, and I love you for it, but what do YOU really feel? Independent of everyone else. Let's say it was just you and Brother as a couple, so it was totally up to you to be his slave or whatever you want to be. What then?"

"In that case, I wouldn't be his slave. I'd just be his regular girlfriend, I guess."

"A-ha! So that means you don't like it after all."

"Not even! Look, if I were having just a normal one-on-one boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with him, things would probably be more normal in general. But we're part of a harem, so that means things are generally gonna be weird. It's pretty obvious to me that a harem-y situation works much better with a master-slave-y thing. So that's not a fair question to ask."

Amy continued, "Here's the thing. A month ago, if you'da asked me, I would have said, 'Nah, I'm not into that.' But seeing you and your mom in action, and now Brenda too, I find myself getting into it. It's fun! It creates a sexy vibe that leads to more boners, more sex, more excitement, more sharing, more fun, and hopefully ultimately more love. And it cuts down on the fighting, a lot. This way, Alan's our master and we serve him. It's simple and easy. I'm totally cool with that. I even told him as much when I was with him earlier."

"You did? Great!"

Amy held up a hand with a stop gesture. "But wait. Like I said, it's complicated. One reason I'm cool with it is because I know that Brother is just, well, himself. He's not a superman with magical powers. We don't call him 'Master' because he's superior and the rest of us are all less than him somehow. He's Master because he's the only guy, the only one of us with a penis, so it just makes sense. If we were on an airplane and only one person knew how to fly the plane, we'd make that person the pilot. That doesn't make the pilot a god. In another situation the same group could find themselves in a medical emergency, and then if it turns out one of the passengers is a doctor, then we'd have that person take charge. You see what I mean?"


"So, to me, it's kind of like we're all just role-playing, like we've done on our fashion nights. That's why I don't take it too seriously. But I worry that you, your mom, and Brenda DO take it too seriously. Like, you hype him up so much about being some kind of naturally superior guy that you start to believe the hype, and he does too. That worries me. I mean, you know all his faults as well as I do. We basically grew up together since diapers, and he pooped in his diapers just as much as you or me!"

Katherine said, "Maybe more so." They both chuckled at that.

"Sure, now it turns out that he's developed some special sexual skills, and that's a super cool bonus. But all people are equal on some basic level, you know what I mean?"

"I do," Katherine replied earnestly. However, she could tell that she and Amy weren't looking at the relationship in the same way. "I understand on some basic level that we're all equal, sure. But I also think that Alan IS superior somehow. Is that a contradiction? Obviously. But it's also love. Because I love him so much, I want to pamper him and treat him extra special, because he's extra special to me, and he always has been. It turns out I'm a submissive kind of person, so I get off on treating him like he's superior. I'm sure I can speak for Mom in saying that she feels the same way. And although I can't speak for Brenda 'cos I don't know her well enough yet, I'll bet dollars to donuts it's the same for her."

Amy's face showed that she wasn't happy.

Katherine tried to mollify her. "I know it seems weird. But people are complicated. I know Brother is just an ordinary guy who picks his nose and pooped in his diapers, but I also get off on imagining that he's some kind of sexually unstoppable super stud. The key is not to get so carried away with that latter viewpoint that you lose sight of the former."

Amy furrowed her brows. "And can you do that? That's not a problem for me, like, at all. I guess that shows I'm not a true submissive or whatever, 'cos I can tell I don't get turned on by that kinda thing as much as you do. But what about you? Or your mom? Or Brenda?"

Katherine replied confidently, "You don't need to ever worry about me. That's because I grew up with him, so I saw all of his faults as well as his good points. I mean, how could I think anyone is 'naturally superior' who sucks at playing board games so badly? Has he EVER won a game of Monopoly against any of us, in his life?"

Amy giggled a lot. "Nope!"

"So you see? And of course Mom knows even better than us that he's just flesh and blood with the same kind of flaws as other people. Don't be deceived. Sure, she gets carried away at times, but if he were to come home with a bad report card, you know how all over him she'd be."

Amy nodded. She was well aware that Susan had a knack for "laying down the law" without getting mean about it. "M'kay. I can see that. But what about Brenda? Or, more importantly, Brother himself? My other big concern is that HE'LL start to believe the hype. We know what a naturally modest guy he is, but if you keep telling any eighteen-year-old boy that he really does have a harem of beautiful, busty sex slaves, how could he not be affected?"

Katherine said, "First, about Brenda, like I said, I can't speak for her. But if she has unrealistic ideas about how great he is, so what? That's harmless enough, and it seems to make her really happy. The main thing is, we shouldn't let that affect what WE think. And especially what he thinks. But also, that means it should be our duty, all of us, to help keep her tethered at least lightly to reality. Right now, she's only seeing his 'super stud' side. But over time she's gonna see his flaws. And that's healthy. We should help guide that process."

Amy nodded.

"And that dovetails nicely into your second concern. If you ask me, I think Brother is pretty damn unflappable. I don't think I'm saying that just because I'm moony over him. I mean, not only does he have our family harem, but he's also fucking the entire cheerleading squad, and his history teacher, and quite a few other hotties besides! He's even necked with Ice Queen Christine! Hell, he's just fucked his own MOTHER! But he's still the same ol' Alan, right? Sure, he smiles a hell of a lot more than before, and his cock is almost always hard, but that's to be expected. He doesn't strut around like a peacock with a 'do this, do that' attitude."

Amy nodded again.

"And if he does, we're not going to take that lightly! We might be his sex slaves, but we're UPPITY sex slaves! That's gonna make all the difference. It's like you said; this is like a big role-play. And when shit gets real, we've gotta step out of our roles and tell him, 'Hey, cut it out.' If we were ALL like Brenda, that would be bad, and things might go to his head pretty fast. But he knows us, and he LOVES us, and he's determined not to disappoint us. Sure, he's gonna make mistakes from time to time, but I trust him to find a way to make this crazy harem thing work out for everyone involved. With help from all of us, of course."

Amy hugged Katherine's naked body. "Thanks for saying that. That makes me feel a lot better. But at the same time, I think it's best if we kinda keep it cool, if you know what I mean."

"Not exactly."

"I mean, we don't have to go around saying 'Master this' and 'Master that' all the time. Especially since my mom isn't so comfortable with it, and even Brother has trouble with it. Sure, it thrills him, deep down, but it also troubles him too. He needs time to adjust."

"Good point." Katherine nodded.

"And we should be even more sparing with the 'S' word. To be honest, that one bothers me. 'Master' is cool, but why does the flip of that have to be 'slave?'"

"Can you think of a more fitting word?"

"Well, no."

"There you go."

Amy said, "Even so, we should try to think of a better one. 'Cos it's not just us. What if people on the outside hear one of us say that?"

"That's a good point." Katherine frowned. "In fact, I was going to ask you that. You say this is just like a role-play, but if that's the case, it's a role-play without any end. I don't know about you, but I plan to be one of Brother's love slaves for the rest of my life!"

"Me too!" Amy stiffened proudly.

"I love to hear that, 'cos I want to be your fellow sister-slave forever and ever. But think about the implications. This is going to affect everything we do, forever! We'll never be 'normal.' Society will never be cool with our lifestyle. Can you handle that?!"

Amy said, "As if I have a choice! This isn't just about me and him, or you and him, or even us and him - this is about FAMILY! You know how us Pestridges got split. This is my real family now, and it's been that way for years and years. These are the people I love! I don't give a patootie about anyone outside of our harem. So who cares what a bunch of strangers say or think?"

Amy added, "I love being in the harem soooo much! At first, I was thinking just about us five. But I'm totally getting to know and really like some new people. Like Brenda. Or Xania. Or Kim, even. I feel like we share a bond. Because we all love Brother and have sex with each other, it's like our friendships naturally zoom to a super intimate, special level, right away."

Now it was Katherine's turn to nod in understanding.

"Heck, even someone like Ms. Rhymer. I don't really know her, but when I see her walking around school, I feel this special connection, like she's one of us. She's been fucked by him. She's grown to love his cock, to love sucking it. He's fucked her so good that he's rocked her whole world, I'm sure. I mean, he fucked my ass so incredibly tonight that I cried tears of pain at first, but later they turned into tears of joy! It's so intense! And she's gone through that, or something pretty close to it. It's like, there are two kinds of women: those who have been fucked by him, and those who haven't yet received that blessing. Anyone who has, I feel like we're part of a secret sisterhood or something. I'm totally hoping the harem will grow by at least a couple more, so I'll have that many more special friends and lovers."

Katherine hugged and kissed Amy again. "I'm so glad to hear you say that, because I feel the same way! Like with Ms. Rhymer, I totally think the same kinds of things when I see her. Maybe I'm a little more jealous, thinking about what fun they're having during lunch that I can't take part in, but the basic idea is the same. I know how long Brother has crushed on her, and I get the feeling that it's not just a crush anymore - it's real love. I find myself imagining that she'll be part of the harem someday, and I'll be licking his cock with her."

"Oh, totally!" Amy agreed. "I already find myself thinking, like, how we'd do it together. Like, would we take turns bobbing-"

A new thought hit Katherine, causing her to interrupt. "Hey! I completely agree again. But if you feel that way, with the 'secret sisterhood' and everything, how do you reconcile that with saying Brother really isn't that special after all?"

Amy replied, "I did say he's got an obvious natural talent for sex. But more than that, it's the HAREM that's super special! Ya know? To be honest, it would be a pretty darn cool thing even if Alan wasn't a part of it. It's like... sex and friendship and love, all tied together... It's just really cool! Oh! And the nudity! Did I mention how much I love that we can all be naked?"

Katherine just smiled at that, since Amy didn't need any more encouragement when it came to nudity.

Amy continued with her usual exuberance, "Now that I've experienced harem life, I couldn't ever imagine going back to being 'normal.' And of course Brother is the glue that holds it all together, and he's really good at that. Sure, I believe that he's just a regular kind of person, not superhuman, but at the same time, if anyone has deserved being a master of a harem, it's him, with the way he's super careful not to play favorites, and how he says just the right things and all that. He makes us all so happy to be a part of it!"

"Amen to that!"

The two beautiful girls celebrated their agreement with many more kisses and lots of fun playing around.

Katherine was relieved overall to hear confirmation that Amy was on board with calling Alan 'Master' and treating him as such. But she remained slightly concerned, because she realized that Amy's stance was not exactly the same as her own. She knew that Amy was right, that it ultimately wasn't healthy to think of Alan as somehow superior, because that implied that everyone else, including herself, was somehow inferior. Yet she had a submissive mindset that made it easy to slip into that way of thinking. And she knew it was the same for Susan and Brenda.

She resolved to try harder not to get carried away, and not let anyone else in the harem get carried away.


Alan woke up with no idea of where he was or what time it was. He looked around and saw Suzanne sitting up against the headboard, leaning back on a big throw pillow, and it all started to come back to him.

She'd thoughtfully remained as far away from him on the bed as she could so he could sleep, and she left him with all the covers. Altruistically or not, that left her completely naked.

He looked her up and down, from head to toe, as if staring at her for the first time. He thought, There's no doubt about it: Suzanne and Susan represent the perfect female form. Well, at least in my eyes. I don't know if that's because my concept of beauty comes straight from them or if there's just no way to improve upon them, or what... Probably both, now that I think about it. Sweet Jesus! I could stare at Suzanne forever. If I don't fuck her every single day for the rest of my life, then I'm certifiably insane.

"What?" Suzanne was puzzled by the way he was staring at her. "Do I have a bug on my nose or something? Maybe some cum?" In fact, she'd managed to pretty herself up a bit with a towel. She was still far from looking her best, but she wasn't nearly as cum-spattered, bedraggled, and sweaty as before (although he still was).


He sat up. "No, Mother. I was just thinking how I don't possibly deserve you. You're far too beautiful. And I'm thinking that if I don't fuck you every day for the rest of my life, then I must be crazy."

She laughed and held her arms open. "Come to Mama."

He scooted into her and dropped his head onto her chest. He thought out loud, "'Mama.' I like that. 'Mom' and 'mommy' are taken by Susan, but both 'mother' and 'mama' can be Suzanne words."

She cradled him as if he was a baby instead of a six foot tall man. She said, "That's what I was thinking." (She'd actually gotten the 'mama' idea overhearing Brenda and Adrian talking during dinner, and kicked herself for not thinking of it before.) "Now, as for your waking thoughts, I have to pretend to be modest and object to your 'far too beautiful' comment, but secretly I'm loving it."

"Some secret," he laughed.

She was rocking him gently, and stroking his hair.

It felt soothing and wonderful. He was happy to just stay like that for a while, relaxing and recovering after the storm of sex slowly passed and his head cleared.

She teased, "I think I'm the one who doesn't deserve you. Especially if you're serious about that 'fuck Suzanne every day for the rest of my life' plan. Suzanne approves. Wholeheartedly."

He was all grins. "I am, as much as my body will let me."

They just rested there for some time, enjoying each other's presence, feeling very content. She thought placidly, I should be upset about using the word 'master.' But I'm not. Fuck it. Fuck the whole political-correctness thing. Fuck my ego and always wanting to be number one. If a little master-slave talk gets us both really hot, then why the fuck not?

Finally, without looking up into her face, he asked, "How long have I been out?"

"Oh, I don't know. Who cares? Fifteen minutes maybe. I passed out too, so I don't know exactly."

There was a long pause, and she continued to cradle and caress him. Eventually, he said, "Wow... Wow. That was great. You're amazing, Mother."

"You're the amazing one, Master."

Alan did a double-take, extended his head to look directly into her green eyes. "Master? What's with this master stuff? Even now when we're resting, no less. Since when have you called me that?"

"Well, I just feel like it at the moment. Indulge me with my whim. I'm still kind of enjoying the used-and-abused sex object feeling, believe it or not, and wondering what that means. I'm enjoying just doing and feeling whatever the hell I want, and my pride and dignity and all that political correctness crap be damned. Look at all the scratches on you, and on me. I love it! But like you said before, what happens in this room stays in this room. You really showed this cunt her place tonight, but next time the shoe is going to be on the other foot. I'm gonna tie you up and have YOU begging. How would you like that?"

He smiled. He was actually relieved, as that sounded more like the Suzanne he knew and loved. "I look forward to it, actually. Even when I call you a slave and stuff, I'm still kind of in awe of your power, your charisma, and your many talents. I'd like to see what new devilry you can come up with in that kind of situation. Just please don't scare me like Glory did with the whole Michelle thing. But on another note, what we did isn't going to just stay in this room."

"Uh-oh. Why not?"

"Well, for one, your screams of 'My master, my love' could probably be heard three counties away. Oh shit. I hope to God your husband doesn't overhear you yelling one day! I mean, he's just right next door, just a couple hundred feet away. I've never really fully thought about that! You've never been the loud screaming type before. You think he heard us?"

She patted him reassuringly. "Don't worry, these walls are pretty thick, and so is his skull. Maybe I have a mean streak, but I rather like the idea of committing adultery right under his nose." Under her breath she muttered, "The asshole. Eric, you deserve a lot worse." The mention of him was like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard for her. She blamed their marital woes primarily on his greed for both money and other women, so she preferred to simply not think about him any more than she had to.

She resumed in her normal voice, "I didn't mean to be that loud, but I've never completely and utterly abandoned myself to the moment like that before. I've come close a couple of times, but I realize now I was always holding back a bit. But this time, there was no holding back. You reduced me to pure animal lust." Her face simply glowed with her appreciation and love.

"I noticed! Actually, I've always thought you were walking and talking pure lust in the first place. You could make picking your nose look like the most sexy come on imaginable."

She laughed. Then, as a joke, she deliberately picked her nose.

He laughed even harder than she did. "See? I knew it. If anyone else did that it would be gross, but you make it look like your finger is fucking a little hole. Phew. Too sexy!"

They giggled a bit, and rested some more.

Then he continued, "So I guess the difference is adding the 'animal' part to the pure lust. We were wild! The only problem is, you know what you were saying about learning new sexual techniques, breaking new boundaries, and redefining the very meaning of pleasure as we ride a giant wave of pure joy into total Nirvana?"

"Yeah? That's still my plan." She chuckled at that.

"And a good plan it is, too. A great plan. The only problem is that you're going to kill us all with your sexual talent. I mean, Jesus, I probably burned off a couple thousand calories in those last five minutes alone. That was beyond a full-on, to the death, wrestling match. You know you punched me a bunch of times. Kicked me real good, too."

She kissed his forehead apologetically and said, "Oops. Sorry. But you got me pretty good, too. Especially that time you body slammed me into the side wall."

"Oops! Sorry. But my point is, this isn't sustainable! I mean, between last night and this night, my greatest thanks on Thanksgiving this Thursday will be that I managed to live a few more days."

She smiled widely. "Wait. You mean that this evening compared to yesterday's for you?"

"Well, I've only shared one of my climaxes with you and I had what? Nine? With Mom just in that evening, so it's hard to compare. But this one matched any of those, even the whole body orgasm, if I can compare apples with oranges. You turned me into a pure animal, too. That was so much fun. Such a high. My goal was to make you completely let go and-"

"Mission accomplished!" She was tickled pink that she'd matched the best of Susan's big night. She didn't feel so resentful at Susan anymore. And she loved that she really had completely let go for the first time in her life.

He continued, "Yeah, but at the same time I totally let go, too. You know, I think I've been having issues of letting go, too, but I haven't really been thinking about it in quite that way. The problem is, the more I let go, the more the 'Bad Alan' comes out. So I try to hold back. But tonight I just let it all fly and said and did whatever the hell I wanted. I hope you weren't offended with some of the things I said back there. I'm sorry."

She pondered that, and what he'd said, then said, "Nah. Like I said, I like to role-play. I know that it wasn't exactly role-playing, since you really do have those feelings, but it's okay because those are hardly your only feelings for me. Sometimes I want you to just let it all fly. We can turn that mode on and off in the bedroom, just like we turned into animals for a while." She thought about his behavior for some moments, then commented, "You really, truly get off on imagining me brought low, don't you? A mere harem slave, crawling on all fours, all that kind of stuff. You sure do have a thing about seeing me crawl like that."

"Yeah, I do." He grinned mischievously as he reached out and playfully tweaked one of her nipples. "But you have to admit that you started it first, all those weeks ago. I was just thinking about that very memory earlier today. You surprised the hell out of me when you crawled naked across my room. Do you remember that?"

"Of course. What you said and did tonight is perfectly okay with me, because I know that it's done in the context of a totally loving relationship. The truth is, I get off on those ideas too, sometimes. Obviously, tonight shows beyond any doubt that submissive talk and treatment can be an incredible turn-on for me. Maybe my crawling back in October shows that you didn't even need to coax it out of me. But the key word is 'sometimes.' Let's act like that only some of the time, please! For one thing, the submissive talk doesn't seem to work to get me aroused, but once I'm aroused it can take me higher. And I feel obliged to show you just how strong my dominant side can be, too. I'm really going to put you through your paces when I tie you up tomorrow!" She playfully flicked her wrist as if flicking a whip, and made corresponding whipping sounds with her mouth.

He finally sat up and looked her in the eyes. They looked at each other with great love and affection. "You don't have to prove anything to me. I know full well you're a strong woman, and I love you for that. But like I said, I look forward to the rough treatment. Maybe not tomorrow, though. For one thing, it's Tuesday, and you know what that means."

She faked a cough. <Cough, cough> "Susan pussy." <Cough> "Susan blowjobs and titfucks up the wazoo." <Cough, cough, cough>

"Funny, and true. And you know how that is. Most intimately, I might add. But I seriously need to recover after something like this. I'm not just joking when I say you're going to kill me before long. There's just no way I can do anything like this on a daily basis. Or anything close to a daily basis! Jesus. Between tonight and last night... Phew! Can I even walk now? I don't know." He dropped his head back into her chest.

She thought, When Brenda asked me earlier today why I didn't use all my tricks to put my Sweetie under my thumb, I didn't really have an answer, even for myself. But this is my answer. I can't possibly feel any happier or more loved than I do right now. It wouldn't be the same if I were trying to control and out scheme everything. I'm so glad that I gave that up as far as he is concerned. I want to have a more honest and open relationship with him than I've ever had with anyone before. More than how I am with Susan, even! I don't know how a mere eighteen year old does it, but he sure knows what he's doing! It almost makes me half-believe her drivel about natural masters. I don't know about that, and frankly, I don't care. All I know is, I have my Sweetie and I'm happy.


They sat quietly for a while, still just recovering and enjoying each other's company. Though they were naked and all over each other, both were too tired to even contemplate any more sexual activity. He felt an urge to suck on her nipples, but couldn't even muster the energy to move his face over to reach one of them.

After a while, Suzanne said, "By the way, after you finished giving Amy your anal best, I went downstairs to the video room to check on Katherine, since she was the only one watching. Did you know she was crying? I had a good talk with her, but-"

Alan interrupted, "Wait. Before you say anything else, I got a little off track there. I was saying that what we did here wasn't a secret. Aside from the scary thought of your husband or the whole town overhearing, I should mention that when I stood up to get the whipped cream I also flipped the switch by the door when you weren't looking, on the way back to the bed."

A realization slowly dawned on her. "So you mean..."

"Yes. The whole thing was recorded. Well, the second part was. Your special thing from the first part wasn't." He was being deliberately vague about her secret technique now, knowing that this conversation was also being recorded. "However, since the first part wasn't, I doubt anyone was downstairs to catch the second part. So you might want to save that for yourself and delete it from the computer. The reason I turned it back on was, I had an intuition that something special was going to happen that we'd want to save for all time. I didn't know I would get so carried away with the domineering talk."

"Hrm. Thanks. Actually, I'm really glad. Your instincts were good. But I am going to make sure no one else sees that. I'm just not ready to be that open about my submissive streak, even if they already have a good idea from little things I've said and done before. Let's go check to see if in fact they were watching and what they heard. For all we know, they might be still listening to us talk right now. That would be ... awkward."

They made to go, but as he sat up and looked her in the eye, he saw something there he didn't like. He asked, "You good?"

She paused, then replied, "Yeah."

But the look was still there - a frown hidden by a fake smile. He said, "Wait. Let me guess. The sexual glow has worn off. You're starting to regret stuff like calling me 'Master', especially since the sex was already over."

She paused again, then again said, "Yeah." But it was so quiet and shy, it was very unlike her.

He responded with surprising assurance, "I understand. Look. You didn't suddenly turn into a Brenda today. Not at all. You just showed that you can run the whole range. You can be completely submissive, or completely domineering, or something in-between, or something else not even on that scale. You can do whatever the fuck you want. You're not all slave-y, as Amy would put it. In fact, I'd argue that you're freer than ever before, because you did that and you're still you. Does that make you feel better?"

She gave a truly warm smile now. "Yes. Much! I DO feel more free, now that you put it that way. You know what I was saying earlier about how I'm the one who doesn't deserve you? This is what I mean. With you, I can drop all my schemes and all my fronts and just be me. I'm still learning what 'being me' means exactly, but I want to learn it with you."

"Aunt Suzy! That makes me so happy! I love you!" He was overjoyed for her.

"Shut up and kiss me!"

They kissed and laughed all at once.

She felt as if a great burden had lifted. She'd always worried about falling into the harem role the way Brenda or Katherine did, but now she saw that she had another path. She could turn completely submissive any time she wanted, just to have fun, yet still remain unchanged when it was over. She didn't need to fear it anymore.

Feeling energized and liberated, she stood up, or at least tried to. She'd been awake longer and recovered somewhat, but he had "rocked her world" so much that even standing was a challenge. However, like two completely wasted drunkards, they eventually managed to both stand and walk, mostly by leaning on each other. Somehow, they made it down the hallway.

As they neared the door to Susan's bedroom, Suzanne asked, "By the way, how did you know what I was thinking? You're a natural genius when it comes to women."

"No, I'm only a natural genius when it comes to knowing you. That's because I've known you my entire life. And after all, you are my mother."

She smiled like a child about to open a big pile of presents on Christmas morning.


Suzanne opened the door, she was relieved to see that Susan and Katherine were in Susan's room and not down in the basement watching the video. As she somehow found an extra reserve of strength and stood straighter than before. She more or less dragged Alan into the room and over to the bed, where she simply let go of him.

Alan was so drained and exhausted that he fell onto Susan's bed, looking for all the world like a tree felled by a lumberjack.

Susan and Katherine were both lying on Susan's big bed, but just like earlier in the evening, the only thing happening on the bed was the reading of books. They were so engrossed in their reading that they didn't notice Suzanne and Alan's entrance until the bed rocked as Alan fell on it.

"Here you go, Mommy. He's all yours now," Suzanne announced. There was a note of defiant triumph in her scratchy voice.

Katherine looked up first. "Oh my God! Look what the cat dragged in. Mom, look at these two puddles of cum and sweat, especially Alan! And only one of them can still stand. I am soooo jealous!"

As Alan lay there like a corpse, he was suddenly reminded of what Suzanne had said about Katherine crying, and was frustrated that privacy concerns had cut that conversation off. But he thought, Whatever Suzanne said to her must have helped, because Sis looks like she's in a good mood right now. She's playfully jealous, not on-the-verge-of-crying jealous.

Susan looked up at the new arrivals and put her book away. She cleverly managed to make the shoulder straps of her négligée fall down as she leaned over to put the book down. Her outfit barely stayed in place on her body, apparently threatening to fall off at any moment, which was how she liked it. "I'm jealous, too. Angel, I'm so glad when Alan gets a good fucking. Come here, Tiger. Mommy will make you feel all better. Need a massage? Maybe a bath? Let Mommy pamper you."

Alan's raised his heavy head just enough to make eye contact with Susan and blearily said, "Actually, Mommy, bad news for you. Sis, you remember how I said earlier that I had a surprise for you? Well, here it is. Mommy, I know that I'm supposed to sleep with you tonight, but as punishment for what you did to Sis this morning, I think it's only fair I sleep with her tonight. After a good morning fuck, the score will be even and we can continue the Tuesday tradition for the rest of the day."


Susan frowned and gave a concerned look. "That's okay. I'll live. But Tiger, look at you. Are you sure you're okay? Maybe you should just get a good night's sleep without any distractions."

"Thanks, but I'm sure I can manage a nice wake up sister fuck. Don't worry, tomorrow night it'll be you."

Susan folded her arms underneath her enormous rack, which caused her boobs to stick further forward in her thin négligée. She harrumphed. "Oh, poo!" But she couldn't complain, as she realized it was a fair punishment. Further, it aroused her when her son bossed her around and denied her like this.

Katherine crawled down the bed to Alan. She was excited, but her excitement was tempered by the fact that her brother looked like the living dead. Still, she tried to make the best of it. As she took control of him with a supportive hug which literally supported him, she said, "Monster cool! My first night sleeping with Brother!" She turned to Suzanne and chided, "I would be able to enjoy it a bit more though if you hadn't nearly killed him first."

Suzanne put on a good act of appearing as though it wasn't a challenge to remain upright. Despite her exhaustion, she looked brazenly smug and deeply satisfied at having drained Alan to within an inch of his life. She just gave Katherine a nonchalant little smile and said, "Oops. Sorry about that." Obviously she wasn't the least bit sorry at all. "By the way, what have you two been up to in the last hour or so?"

Katherine airily replied, "Oh, just a little incestuous tit suckling, then some light reading. I'm still working my way through The Lord of the Rings, you know."

Suzanne was greatly relieved that they hadn't been watching the monitor at all. She resolved to secure the only copy of her abjectly submissive performance for herself before going home. Then another worry popped into her head. "Hey, did either of you hear me screaming?"

Katherine teased, "Oh, you mean something like, 'My master, my love?' No we didn't hear anything like that at all. After all, we know Mother would never say anything like that." She giggled quite a bit.

Susan piped up, "Angel, please, give her a break. She's entitled to say whatever she likes, so don't tease her. You know she has issues about being one of Alan's sex slaves. Suzanne, if it's any consolation, we could barely hear you. We were thinking what would happen if it carried further, but I'm sure it didn't. After all, we're SUPPOSED to have sound-proof walls, and they are pretty good, but the designers didn't take into account just how good Tiger could fuck his women."

Suzanne was very relieved to hear that the sound didn't carry that well, though she knew Katherine wasn't going to let her forget her "master" cries.

Katherine added, "Oh, I especially liked the way you yelled 'I must have cock!' with such heartfelt urgency. When Mom and I heard that, we both agreed we'd have to use that one a lot in the future." She kissed her brother on his eyelids, as his eyes were already closed. "Come on, Big Barbell Brother, your little sister is going to take care of you." She helped him up and led him away, somehow simultaneously kissing him, hugging him, and lifting him along in the general direction of her bedroom.


Even while Katherine was saying that, Suzanne staggered her way to the spare bedroom next to Alan's bedroom and closed the door behind her. It was the nearest place she could be assured complete privacy. She allowed her energy level to crash and fell to her knees. She wasn't sure how she'd find the energy to make it all the way back to her house, but she'd never felt better.

That just left Susan. She was disappointed that everyone had left her without even saying goodbye.

She muttered to the empty room, "Well, so much for my goodnight kiss and tuck-in tradition tonight. Tiger is going to be fast asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, if not sooner. That Suzanne; she's something else. At least tomorrow is Tuesday. I'll tell you one thing: there's going to be some serious motherfucking going on tomorrow! I know that much!"

She felt much better after making that resolution. But then another thought came to her. Oh no. I was counting on Tiger to drain my milky breasts during the night. Well, I suppose he needs his rest.

She turned to her bed stand and said out loud, "Mr. Breast Pump, looks like it's just you and me tonight. But I feel my milk production is increasing hourly. Tomorrow I'm going to absolutely soak my cutie Tiger with my milk. Fucking and suckling on a Tuesday; I can't wait!" Satisfied with that thought, she resumed reading her book and began to hum "The Alan Song."

As Alan was more or less carried down the hall by his sister, he was regarding his situation with a certain level of detached amusement. I'm being handed off from one gorgeous sex goddess to another like a limp rag. Just who is whose fuck toy, after all?

Susan was right that Alan wanted to drop onto the bed and go right to sleep. He practically stumbled across Katherine's room and fell straight onto her bed without bothering with brushing his teeth or the rest of his nightly rituals. He was still as sweaty as if he'd just finished one of his tennis practices, but there was no way he was up for a shower.

Katherine knew better than to even ask to help him to the bathroom, and besides, she actually liked his cummy and sweaty smell.

But as he lay there, he said, "Sis, I really want to thank you for today. I'm so overextended with my sexual responsibilities. I have a feeling it's going to lighten up soon, but today was way too eventful. It was easily one of the most eventful days of my life. By volunteering to postpone your afternoon fuck to another day, you enabled me to take my time and enjoy the rest of my fucks instead of having them seem like chores."

He reached out his hand, and she came nearer to hold it. With her sitting above him, holding hands, and very mindful of the fact that she had been crying earlier, he said, "Sis, you're so very special to me. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for your understanding. That's the best kind of sister a brother can ever have. I know you're feeling like you missed out, and I hear you watched me fucking Amy. I'm sure you saw how intense that was. Then you heard Aunt Suzy's screaming. But I promise I'm going to make you feel that good and then some. That's a big reason why I came up with this punishment idea for Mom. Not only do I hope that you and I will have a really nice long fuck tomorrow before school, but maybe we can wake up in the middle of the night and do who knows what?"

She clapped her hands with glee and giggled. "I think I know what!"

He smiled wearily. "Yeah, me too. But let's leave it to chance, okay? If my body really needs the sleep, it should get it. And if it doesn't happen, I promise we'll do it soon just the same. After all, Kat, I did fuck Amy's vagina today, and I have to honor the two-for-one agreement we have."

He was suddenly hit with an idea. "Hey, you know what? Why is it that ever since we started having sex, we haven't taken advantage of your name?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... Kat. That makes you a cat. I was looking at you right now, stretching and preening as you took your nightie off, and it reminded me of a cat. I think it would be cool if you wore cat-themed clothes, and even played around like a cat, with meowing and purring and stuff. Or is that too much?"

"Too much?! No way! Love it! Why didn't I think of that already? Meow! Rrrr!" She lay down naked on the bed next to him and playfully pawed at him like a cat. "Big Poster Roll Brother, you make me soooo glad to be your fuck toy slave. I'm so totally okay with it! It's giving me all kinds of ideas! All kinds of feline, naughty, sexy cat ideas! Oooh! I'm so excited! Rrraggrr! Rrrr!" She pawed at him some more, then licked his face.

Alan laughed, but gently pushed her away. "I know exactly what kind of ideas you're thinking of. I'm guessing they're centering around coming into heat and fitting a certain poster roll-shaped object into a certain hot and steamy hole. Am I right?"

She raised her hand. "Guilty as charged."

"Later, Kat, later. I really need to sleep. But maybe the cats will be out later for their midnight prowl."

"You know they will!" She bounced up and down on the bed excitedly for a bit until she realized that was bothering him. "Boy, I can't wait until tomorrow, when I can start acting like your pet!"

He kissed her cheek and stroked her back like he would stroke a pet. "Good night, Kat." He noticed her body shiver with excitement when he petted her.

She gave him a big, long, sloppy kiss on the lips. "Good night, Big Brother! I can't wait until tomorrow! I'm going to go shopping after school and get all kinds of cat-related sexy stuff." Thoughts of going to Ginger's sex shop with Amy immediately popped into her mind, especially since the two of them weren't allowed to join in the S-Club meeting after school that Alan was planning. "Oooh! And drinking milk from Mom's boobs? It all fits. It's all so perfect!"


She leaned over him and pawed at his face. "I am Kat Woman. Hear me roar! Rrrraarrgh!" But she did more playful sticking out of her tongue and purring than fearful roaring. If Katherine was feline, she was much more of a pussy cat than a lioness.

Alan laughed, then rolled over and closed his eyes.

In truth, his new idea wasn't as accidental as he'd implied, although her preening did give him a lucky opening. That morning he'd heard her complaints and could sense that she didn't feel special enough. So he'd thought off and on throughout the day about how to make her feel more special. He hadn't been able to come up with the really great idea he wanted. However, pointing out the obvious possibilities of the cat-Kat similarity was something they could have fun with, and he was glad she liked it. Yet he knew that he had a lot more to do to make her feel as special as he thought she was.

Life was very busy, but very good. He fell asleep with his sister spooned up to him and big smiles on both of their faces.

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