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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 100
My Best Friend's Girl
Day 72: Tuesday, November 26

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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When school let out, Katherine left immediately to go clothes shopping, looking in particular for 'catty' items like those with leopard skins or tiger stripes. She hoped she could talk some of the others in the family four into going to a sex shop later on so she could pick up even more outrageous items. This left Amy by herself as she bicycled home.

Amy was very distraught by what she'd learned of Alan's near disasters. She hurried back to the Pestridge home, dumped her bicycle in the garage in haste, and rushed inside. "Mother! Mother! Mother!" she yelled as she burst into the house from the garage. She made a point to refer to Suzanne as 'mother' and not 'mom' anymore, since that term was now reserved for Susan.

Suzanne was upstairs in the family den, typing away on the computer. As Amy bounded up the stairs taking two at a time, Suzanne idly replied in a loud voice, "Yes, Honey Pie? I'm in the den." More often than not, Amy's great excitements turned out to be minor matters, so she wasn't terribly concerned about this latest supposed crisis.

But Amy ran right up to her, practically breathless, and gave her a very worried look. "Mother! It's Alan! It's serious. He's hurt!"

All the air rushed out of Suzanne's lungs and she nearly fell out of her office chair in a faint. "My Sweetie?! No! Where?! Is it bad?"

"In the knee! AND the elbow! It was so bad he bled for a while and everything! We're talking a serious scrape!"


Suzanne felt a great relief, followed by a desire to soundly box her daughter's ears. "Amy! Is that all? You nearly gave me a heart attack. Well, at least you have my full attention, that's for sure. Start from the beginning and tell me everything."

So Amy told Suzanne all she knew about the painted chair incident and the stairway "accident." She told the whole thing breathlessly, as if she'd never recovered from running up the stairs.

When she was done, Suzanne said in a calm voice, "Now, Amy, my Honey Pie. Really, it's not that bad. We know Alan, don't we, and he knows how to handle these kinds of things. I'm sure he's going to teach these bullies a lesson or two."

"But Mother! You should see how big these thugs are. They're gigantomonstrously huge! Don't you remember his black eye from last week? Think what these guys could do to him. They could break even a strong guy like him, just like a twig! And there's all these rumors everywhere about Alan, and they're not good, and they're all my fault! I talked too much about how he fucks all the girls so good, and now everyone is so jealous. It's like the whole school wants to take him down a notch. We have to fix it. You have to use your special powers!"

Suzanne laughed. "My special powers? Don't you remember? It was Susan who wore the Wonder Woman outfit at the last costume party."

"No, silly, I mean your scheme-y powers. Do your scheme-y thing and make it all better."

Suzanne chuckled some more, pleased at how much faith Amy had in her abilities, and how much she cared for her boyfriend. "Sorry, my darling, but I don't know the first thing about all the high school dynamics and intrigues. Proper scheming requires a lot of information and preparation, and without that I'd probably only make things worse. But don't worry. You can help him all you can, if you get the chance, but you should trust that he's going to come out on top." Suzanne smiled dreamily. "He always does, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah..." Amy said, suddenly a bit dreamy eyed herself. The "on top" comment caused both of them to start thinking about Alan's sexual prowess. They were both so easily turned on by Alan by now that it didn't take much to get their nipples hard. Even a little comment like that could do it.

But then Amy got excited and breathless all over again. "Oooh! That reminds me! Guess what he told me, just after he told Sis and me about all that bad stuff, right as he was walking away?"


"He said tonight is the night for you and me, together! Can you believe it?! Last night he took my ass, and tonight he's going to watch while you and I are going to go all the way for the first time! Does life get any better than that, or what?"

Suzanne smiled, calm serenity personified. "Nope. It doesn't."

Amy looked at her mother curiously. "Mother, what's wrong with you? How come you're not all excited?"

"Well, for one thing, you've forgotten the Golden Rule: no one talks about anything sexual in this house, no one does anything sexual in this house, and in fact, no one even thinks anything sexual in this house. I don't care if Brad and Eric are both gone for the whole afternoon, we have to be consistent about that, because you just never know."

"M'kay, Mother," Amy said, dropping her head. "Except that I'm thinking something sexual this very moment. I'm thinking about you, and what we're going to do to each other tonight." She looked up into her mother's green eyes, a bit more excited. "And since I just told you that, that means I'm talking about something sexual, too. And I'm even doing something sexual. I'm so bad!"

"You are? Doing what? Where?"

Amy was standing right in front of Suzanne, who had swiveled her computer chair to face her. Now Amy lifted up a leg, moved her foot underneath Suzanne's skirt, and then placed her foot on top of Suzanne's pussy. She began rubbing her foot up and down the silky panties covering Suzanne's crotch. She did all this in a matter of seconds, then once she started the rubbing, she said in a deadpan voice, "I'm doing this."

Suzanne laughed again. "Very cute. But please stop. This is our house. The Pestridge house! Sex here is totally taboo!"

Amy continued to rub her mother's crotch with her foot. "Even sex with your own husband?"

Suzanne laughed yet again, although scornfully this time. "Especially sex with Eric! You know that. I don't even let him kiss me anymore. I'm Alan's woman now, just like you and everyone else, I might add. But even talking about these things here is completely forbidden. What if Eric has gotten suspicious and has been bugging the house, for instance? Amy, what's gotten into you?"


"You've gotten into me, Mother, or at least you will be getting into me tonight. I'm so excited that I'm gonna burst! And as for doing it here, aren't forbidden things the funnest? Like fucking Alan, your own son? Or even your own real flesh and blood daughter, little ol' Amy?"

As Amy said this, she pressed hard with her big toe into Suzanne's pussy lips, causing the panty fabric to give. Her big toe penetrated the entrance to her mother's vagina, which brought a shocked expression to Suzanne's face. Amy began making little strokes and wiggles with her toe, a move that was surprisingly effective, given the inherent limitations of what toes can do.

Suzanne cried out, suddenly distressed, "No! Amy, no! Not the cunt! Please, anywhere but the cunt!"

But Amy didn't stop her toe-fucking or say anything.

So Suzanne added in a near-whisper, "You know the problem with my cunt."

Amy giggled mischievously. "No, I don't. Uh-oh. Don't tell me you have one of those nasty yeast infection thingies. Here, let me make it better with my toe." She giggled some more as she kept wiggling her toes.

Suzanne groaned with frustration and lust. "No! Amy, you... meanie! I was almost going to call you a worse name, because I've never seen you like this. I'm trying to do some important things here. What's gotten into you? You've always been so obedient."

"Actually, I think the question is: what's gotten into you? Uh-oh. Looks like I've put my foot in my mouth... or somewhere. I think I've gotten off on the wrong foot, hee-hee. Or maybe you're getting off on my right foot!" She giggled hard with this last comment, especially since her right foot was indeed pressing ever deeper into Suzanne's pussy. Her entire big toe was now swallowed up in Suzanne's nether hole.

Suzanne, too, couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Okay, very cute... but stop! You know the problem with my cunt: it rules my brain. Once my cunt gets excited, I abdicate all responsibility, and who knows what will happen after that? Do you want to save all the best stuff for when Alan is watching tonight, or are we going to do it all with each other right here and now?"

Amy suddenly frowned, and made a tiny, "Oh." She quickly removed her foot.

"Phew! That's a relief!" Suzanne collapsed with a sigh. She readjusted her skirt, covering up her crotch in the process. "Honey Pie, believe you me, I'm just as excited about the promise of tonight as you are. God, it's been a long time coming. But long ago I learned about something called patience. Tonight will arrive soon enough. In the meantime, savor the anticipation. Dreaming about what will come is half the fun. Okay?"

"M'kay," Amy replied forlornly. She rubbed her toe into the carpet bashfully. "But I'm not good with the whole waiting thing. When I get all nervous and 'fraidy, I just wanna suck on Beau's cock to relax. But he's not around! He went off to another stupid SA-Club orgy without me."

"You know that's his right and privilege," Suzanne pointed out. "He's been very up front about it. That's the price we all pay for being in love with a man who's earned himself a harem. We have to wait our turns."

"I know, I know. But it's still a bummer. I thought that if you and I played around a little bit, I'd feel better. Can't we at least make out? Just a teeny weeny French kiss and tit grope?"

Suzanne's chuckled. "Sorry, my love. Once we get started with something like that, we won't be able to stop. Things have been building up between us for a long time, and now it's all about to explode. If you would have tried that toe stunt of yours at the Plummer house, I would have completely lost it, for sure. Let's not blow it when we're so close. Just let a few hours go by. Do some homework for once. Maybe think up ways to get back at those football players. I can help you with that later this afternoon, if you promise no touching."

"Cool! Mother, if I could help him beat those thugs, he'd be so proud of me! Proud of us! Even though we're all family now, you and I will always be a special team, right?"

"Right. That reminds me. I have some interesting news on the divorce front. Good news."


Amy's eyes went wide. "Oooh! Super awesomeness! Who's divorce, yours or Susan's?"

Suzanne smiled like the Mona Lisa. "You'll just have to wait until tonight to find that out, too."

"Grrr! Mother, you're so mean! How am I going to make it? That's hours and hours and hours away!"

"Well, we may not be allowed to touch until tonight, but I'll bet Susan or Katherine wouldn't mind a friendly hello. Maybe both of them together, even. I'll bet Susan's breasts are swelling up to an obscene size, waiting for someone to suck all the milk out of them."

Amy's eyes went even wider.

Suzanne added, "Too bad she doesn't have any considerate daughters to help out..."

"I'm outta here!" Amy yelled back at Suzanne, because she was already out of the den and leaping down the stairs in a flash. "I'll be back for the football scheming. Can't wait till tonight! Later!" By the time she got to "later," she was already out the front door, which she then slammed behind her.

Suzanne just chuckled and shook her head like the amused and chagrined parent she was. She strongly considered masturbating herself to thoughts of her daughter, but she remembered that she had some urgent and important things to do. She went back to her computer screen, which was filled with legalese about divorce law.


Alan and Sean met at the bicycle rack and biked to Kim's house together. Alan had already explained to Sean much, though not all, of what they would see and do that afternoon. He told him more about the S-Club as they biked there. He joked, "Some call it the SA-Club, which can mean the Service Alan Club, but on a day like this it'll also mean the Sean Action Club. Don't worry, you're going to have a hell of a lot of fun."

Sean gulped nervously. Mere days ago he'd been a complete virgin. Things were moving too fast for him. "Christ, you're kidding me. The Service Alan Club?! How the hell am I supposed to compete with that?"

"Relax, it's just a jokey name. They don't mean anything by it." Alan knew that wasn't true, but he wanted to put Sean at ease. "Besides, sex is so easy. Before I started I thought it was this really complicated thing, and sure, you can spend time learning advanced techniques, but the basics come completely naturally. And that's all you need." That wasn't entirely true either, but he figured it was close enough.

"Thanks, dude. I hope so. I'm really nervous."

Alan patted him on the back. "Chill. You'll be awesome."

Kim met them at the door to her house, but they didn't dawdle with pleasantries. The three of them walked straight up to Kim's bedroom, and then Kim went off to get some things.

Alan still saw concern in Sean's eyes, and understood it. For one thing, he'd told his friend to expect to be severely tested today. For another, he'd told him that he'd probably end up fucking a number of girls today, perhaps even experiencing more than one girl at a time. That was a lot for a self-confessed complete nerd to take, especially one who still strived to maintain some kind of loyalty to his one true love, Heather.

Alan knew exactly what Sean needed to hear, and told him, "Don't worry. Remember, you're doing this for Heather."

Sean sighed heavily and said, "I know. I've been thinking a lot about that. It's like Heather is a fallen angel, an innocent girl trapped in a whorehouse. I have to come in there and rescue her. But the only way in is to pretend to be a customer: just another John. I'll have to treat her like dirt and act like an uncaring John at first, as I slowly gain her trust."

"Exactly!" Alan agreed as he sat down on Kim's bed. "Excellent metaphor. Better than the sci-fi ones we've been coming up with lately. And like a John, you've got to have sex with some other whores and see her have sex with some other Johns as part of this undercover operation. That's what happens in a whorehouse."

Just then, Kim walked back in, carrying some rope and a piece of cloth. She smiled but said, "Hey, who are you calling a whore?"

"Certainly not you," Alan said very sincerely, but at the same time he unzipped his shorts, flopplng out a very erect dick. "If you were a whore, I'd have to actually pay you to suck my cock." However, he winked and said this good-naturedly. There was a certain inherent goodness about him that allowed him to get away with an outrageous joke like that.


"Bastard," Kim complained as she stuck out her tongue playfully. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him and began to eagerly suck him off.

Sean, sitting next to Alan, looked over in complete shock. "H-how...? How did you do that? You say this cutting, degrading thing, and then she drops to her knees to blow you. I don't get it. If I were to try something like that, I'd get slapped, big time! That kind of thing doesn't happen in real life, does it?"

"I know what you mean," Alan agreed. "It's all in how you do it. I've stumbled on to the fact that a lot of women love a guy who's domineering, yet still has true love and affection for them that can't be faked. It's all about knowing when to be naughty and when to be nice. Everyone likes some naughty stuff from time to time, if they're really honest with themselves, and that doesn't make them a lesser person. Keep that in mind when you watch me fucking Heather in a few minutes."

"WHAT?!" Sean stood up, instantly defensive of his dream girl. "You can't be serious!"

"I am," Alan replied, still calmly sitting there and showing no sign that Kim was fervently sucking his dick. "Remember what I said about you being on the fast track? This is the very fast track. You're never going to get it right until you see with your own eyes exactly what she likes. But when you see me calling her all kinds of rude names and treating her like a whore, remember that there's love and affection there. I'm giving her what she really wants. I'm doing all I can to make her happy. Sometimes it's funny what makes a girl happy. You'd be surprised and delighted."

He looked down at his crotch as he continued, "Take a look at Kim here. Even though she doesn't really like guys or want a boyfriend, she absolutely loves sucking cock. All I have to do is flop out my dick and lean back, and she's happy to slurp and lick me all afternoon. Isn't that right, Kim?"

Kim sexily moaned a hearty affirmative, with Alan's cockhead tickling her tonsils. She was trying to deep throat him, as it was something she'd been reading and thinking about, plus she figured the less Sean saw of Alan's penis at that moment the less traumatized he'd be. She was unable to get past her gag reflex, but she nonetheless was getting a great deal of Alan's shaft in her throat.

Sean said with growing exasperation, "But... You're just sitting here talking to me like she's doing nothing. How... What's... How do you DO that?!"

"You think it's easy?" Alan asked, while still sounding as calm as could be. "It's not easy. I'm feeling an incredible amount of pleasure right now, thanks to Kim's busy tongue and lips. But you have to know your lovers. I've noticed that the more I ignore Kim, the harder she tries to please me. Right now, she's so determined to get me to blow or at least moan loudly that she barely even knows if she's cumming or going herself. Right, Kim?"

Despite her condition with his stiff rod filling her mouth, she managed to joke with a muffled shout, "Cumming!"

Caressing Kim's silky soft hair with one hand, Alan continued, "In fact, Kim is so hungry to suck cock, as you probably know first-hand from your own training sessions with her, that I could treat her any way I liked and she'd still come crawling on her knees for more. But she'd do it despite that rude treatment, not because of it. So I wouldn't do that to her. Whereas with Heather, it's the opposite. She'll hardly get aroused unless I call her a bitch and a slut, and that's just for starters. So I treat them differently."

Sean backed away in amazement and even horror. "Dude, I know what you mean. On one level, an intellectual level, I get it. Kinda. But I can't see it with my own eyes! Heather. You, doing Heather! Shit! And calling her names?! Give me some time to adjust!"

"I am."

"Wait. You're actually sticking your dick in Heather's vagina. Like, in it, and everything!"

Alan grinned at Sean's incredulity. "Yes."

"My GOD! Like... IN her body! Your dick is gonna go in... inside... her!"

"That's generally how it's done," Alan deadpanned. "Why is that so hard to believe?"

"She's Heather! Heather fucking Morgan! She's like royalty! And you, well, no offense, but you're just you. Shit!" He was pacing back and forth now, almost completely forgetting about the blowjob taking place in front of him due to his nervousness. "Is she gonna be here? Soon?!"

"Yes. Deal with it." Alan felt strangely calm, but also unusually relentless. He knew he had to shock Sean into accepting the new reality. "I know it'll be difficult. That's why we have the rope here, and a gag for your mouth. My plan is to put you in the closet over there, and you'll watch me do Heather through the slats of the closet door without her knowing. That way, you don't have to worry about yelling or anything. We'll put some music on to cover any noise you might make, too. If it gets too much, just close your eyes. Kim is supposed to tie your arms behind your back, but she's a bit preoccupied, so come closer and I'll do it. You were just telling me on the bike ride over how you're a man, how you can handle anything. So prove it! This is your big test."

Sean paced back and forth, still trying not to look at Kim's bobbing head in Alan's lap. He was amazed how unfazed Alan was about the blowjob, but he felt too awkward to discuss it. "I don't know, dude. I don't know. Can't you do it with another girl first, as like a Heather stand-in? It's shocking enough just to see another guy have sex. And you're my best friend. I don't want to see you like that. That's freaky!"

"No, it's got to be Heather. I don't treat anyone else... anyone... the way I treat her, and you have to learn Heather's true sexual nature if you're to stand even a ghost of a chance with her. But don't worry, you're going to be shocked, but you're also going to enjoy yourself. I have a surprise or two for you."

Alan laughed at that, but Sean couldn't figure out why.

So, a few minutes later, Sean found himself in the bedroom closet, with his arms tied behind his back and a cloth stuffed in his mouth and tied around his head. The closet was stuffed to the brim with clothes on hangers, so he found himself in a narrow space between the clothes pressing against his back and sides and the slats of the door just a few inches from his face. The bed had been moved right up to the closet so he could have a better view, based on the downward angle of the slats. The repositioned bed also trapped him in the closet, since the closet doors opened out and now they couldn't be opened.


Alan sat on the edge of the bed as Kim resumed sucking him off. Then everyone heard Heather open the front door downstairs.

She'd been told to let herself in and come upstairs, which is exactly what she did. Just before Alan had pushed Sean into the closet, he'd explained that he wanted Heather to discover Kim cocksucking him, but he didn't explain why.


Heather climbed the stairs and called out, "Alan? Kim?"

She came into Kim's bedroom and opened her mouth in surprise at the sight of Kim taking long slurps on Alan's turgid erection. "Hi! Uh, everybody..."

For some moments she just stared, her lips thinning with annoyance as Kim continued to orally pleasure Alan without pause. There would have been an awkward silence, except the Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" album was pounding loudly from the stereo system.

She thought, Dammit, I should have figured. As soon as I walk through the door, Alan's already showing his total domination over me, as well as getting me hotter than molten metal in the process. Wait - what am I saying? "Total domination?" I'm the only one who should be dominating around here! I've gotta figure out some kind of way to seize control of this situation. But first, uh, I, um, I kinda... Maybe if I suck on his cock a little bit, that'll take the edge off my lust so I can strategize on how to take charge. It's impossible to think with all that fucking slurping going on!

She walked up to Alan and Kim, and said with unusual uncertainty, "Hi. Um, uh, Alan? Sir? I've been really good today, haven't I? Haven't I been the perfect little butt slut? Can I, um, have a little bit of that cock, too?"

Sean gasped from within the closet.

Alan looked up at her as if he'd only noticed her at that moment. "Oh. Hi, Heather. No, I'm afraid not. You don't even know the meaning of the word 'good.' But you can stay and watch me fuck Kim if you like." He tried to play it cool, but he could somehow tell with just a glance that the "old" Heather was back. It was as if the Bitch Training session had never happened.

The anal dildo had been out since the end of fifth period, and she was no longer feeling subdued. All of a sudden a great anger welled up in her. "Now just a fucking minute, you selfish, arrogant fuck! I've been waiting ALL FUCKING DAY for you to fuck me! It's not fair! You're a fucking monster! A monster!"

Her anger quickly died down, and even before this tirade ended she was more whimpering than yelling. She knew the yelling approach wouldn't get her what she wanted, but she couldn't help herself. "Sir," she added belatedly.

Alan stared at her, showing disgust at her outburst.

Dammit, just listen to me! I sound fuckin' pathetic! But I can't help it. Gaawwwd, I need that cock! I'll get my revenge on him and his arrogant ways soon enough, but first I need to get my satisfaction. She tried a different tack. "Please, Alan, please?! I can't take it! Have mercy, Sir! Please, please fuck me?"

Kim was loving what she was hearing. She was in seventh heaven already just from being allowed to suck on Alan's erection, but to be able to do it while listening to Alan take Heather down a peg was almost too much fun to handle. She didn't hate Heather passionately like Janice and many others did, but Heather's bitchy ways had certainly made her life miserable on more than one occasion.

Alan tsk-tsked as he played with Kim's smallish breasts. It was growing increasingly difficult for him to concentrate on talking while Kim continued to try and deep throat him. While she hadn't succeeded yet, the sensation of nearly three-fourths of his dick sliding deep into her mouth was threatening to push him over the edge.

He pretended to sit there in contemplation, but really he was struggling with his PC muscle. He placed his hands on Kim's head and gently but firmly pushed her back until she was merely lightly blowing on his shaft. As he struggled to recover, he managed to say in a relatively normal voice, "Heather, you disappoint me. Have you forgotten your place already? You don't make any demands on me, ever."

"Sir! I'm so sorry, Sir! Please! If you don't fuck me in the ass, I'm going to cry. Don't make me cry!" This time, she started out very apologetic, but her last statement was more of a threat, even though she really was on the verge of tears. She was clearly very frustrated, torn between extremes of irritation and need.

Alan pretended to contemplate that deeply, when it fact he was just stalling for time. "Hmmm, I dunno," he finally said as a further time-wasting move.

But he was in a bind, because he couldn't overtly tell Kim to take a break without damaging his sexual reputation in Heather's eyes at least a little bit. And Kim hadn't gotten his message to stop through his non-verbal cues. He hadn't even been resting half a minute when she started licking the tip of his cockhead again.


Earlier, Kim had sucked Alan's hard-on with her hair flopped down over his crotch and generally deep throated him (or tried to) so Sean couldn't see much. But now that Sean couldn't see anything from inside the closet, Alan's legs were spread wide and Kim moved off to the side as much as possible, in a deliberate effort to give Heather a great view of Alan's erection. She rolled her tongue around the tip over and over, allowing Heather to see most of Alan's eight inches.

The sight had a visible effect on Heather. She frowned and her lips trembled. Her nipples had already been erect even before she arrived, just from the anticipation, but now they poked even harder into her tight-fitting top.

Heather finally whispered, desperately, "Please, Sir, please!"

Alan said, as he subtly pushed Kim's head a little further back from his overheated dick, "Well, maybe I'll relent, if you show the proper attitude. Heather, are you a good girl or a bad girl?"

Heather straightened up instantly, as if called to attention. "Bad. Sir." She seemed proud about it.

"That's right. And how do bad girls dress?"

"Like sluts, Sir. You see this revealing top? I wore it just for you. I'm obviously not wearing a bra." She raised her arms over her head and thrust out her chest, showing off her thinly covered rack like a porn star. The exact shape of her aroused nipples could be clearly seen.

"And why aren't you?" Alan prodded. His voice was stern and slightly disinterested, as if Heather was an irritating distraction keeping him from fully enjoying the blowjob he was getting.

"Because that's how you want me, Sir. And as Alan's girl, I must obey."

"One of Alan's GIRLS," he corrected. "Do you think my dick exists just for you?"

"Um, no... Sir."

"Don't you think girls like Kim should get a chance to taste it and fellate too?"

"Of course. I'm just saying two tongues are better than one." She blushed and grimaced in frustration. A dual blowjob wasn't what she wanted; her ass cried out to be filled. But she would take what she could get, for the moment. She started to mentally vow revenge upon Alan, but then remembered the problems inherent in biting the hand that feeds you. Instead, she resolved to try to go with the flow for the time being.

"So you think you're worthy of sharing my cock with Kim."

She struck a sexy pose. "Yes, Sir. I am. Am I not the head cheerleader and soon to be the Homecoming Queen?"

"Perhaps. If you're not wearing a bra, then prove it."

"Yes, Sir!" Smiling for the first time since arriving, she pulled her top up and over her tits. Getting sexually involved and exposing herself was fun and she had no problem with that. She left the thin fabric loose around her neck and shoulders, hoping that would be more appealing than going completely topless.

Sean had been hearing all of this from inside the closet with a growing anger. He'd had thoughts like, No one treats my Heather like that! Not even Alan. I won't allow it!

Alan knew that Sean could only take so much initially, which is why he'd kept the closet doors closed. But now that Heather was starting to strip, he reached back and surreptitiously opened one of the doors a little bit so Sean could see out.

Sean felt like he wanted to burst out and attack Alan. But as Heather exposed her rack, Sean's anger was overwhelmed by his lust. He'd never actually seen Heather topless before, despite countless peeks down her outfits in school, and countless dreams where she'd been naked. He gasped so loudly that Heather surely would have known someone was there had it not been for the Talking Heads music and the gag in his mouth. Despite the peeks he'd made down her tops in the past, he hadn't considered the possibility that she might not have any tan lines at all.

She started to wiggle to the beat of the song "Burning Down the House," and said to Alan, "How do you like my tits, Sir? Or should I say your tits? They belong to you. My whole body is yours." It stung deeply for her to say that, but at the same time it turned her on.

Sean groaned with frustration as Heather said that. It was like one of his great fantasies coming true, but for Alan, not for him. Still, he was too aroused to do anything but moan and groan.

"That's more like it," Alan replied, while Kim licked his rod from base to tip. Her jaw was tired so she was switching to tongue work for a while. He hadn't wanted Heather to say that her body belonged to him while Sean was there, but there was nothing he could really do about it.


Heather's wiggling turned into a full-on striptease within seconds. She took her top off the rest of the way, then threw it into a corner of the room. Wildly gyrating by now, she spent a fair amount of time pulling her skirt down, and then up, down, and then up, making a bit more progress with each pass. Finally, she took the skirt off all the way. She held the tiny garment in her hand, and then started to twirl it around as true striptease artists so often do. The only major difference between Heather's performance and that of a professional exotic dancer was just how wildly she danced to the pounding beat.

Alan was mighty impressed and grunted with arousal and approval. Her dance was such a turn-on that he had to grab Kim's head and push it back until she got the message to stop even her gentle licking for a while.

Grunting with exertion as he squeezed his PC muscle hard, he said to Heather between gasps, "Good show! ... If you keep that up... I might even let you share... share... share cocksucking duties with... with Kim. Uh. After all."

"Thank you, Sir!" The prospect of doing just that was getting Heather really hot. As she ran a finger over her pussy lips, she thought back to how she used to hate giving blowjobs. That attitude seemed almost laughable now, given how many times a day she found herself daydreaming about sucking Alan off.

Recovering his breath a bit, with Kim leaving him be, he added, "Although Kim is a much better cocksucker than you could ever be. Kim is a good girl. Did you see how she's been very nearly deep throating me today? Kim, why did you take the time to learn how to do that?"

Kim was playing with his balls now that she understood that his cock needed a break. She was wildly aroused and it was torture to only be able to do that much. She replied excitedly, "To please you, sir."

She'd never called him "sir" before, but she quickly picked up Heather's lingo. She was a natural submissive, albeit a casual one, and such language came to her easily. Alan had never fully taken advantage of her submissiveness simply because her thin body didn't compare with the more voluptuous types he preferred.

Heather, though, shot her an extremely nasty look. She was making claim to the word "Sir" and looked like she was ready to rip Kim's heart out if she used it again. She knew Alan had other women, but things like him allowing her the use of the word "Sir" gave her the happy feeling that she was his very special slut.

Alan smirked - "Bad Alan" was in firm control now. He said to Heather, "There. See? She wants to please me. You just want to please yourself."

"No, Sir! That's not true! Let me try!" Heather dropped to her knees before him. "It's true I told you I don't like cocksucking, but that was then. This is now! I luuuuve sucking YOUR cock! I'll give you the best fucking blowjob you've ever had! I want to be your number one slut! Please! Please? Let me, Sir!"


Alan was silent, but Heather's lusty need was overwhelming. So she took the lack of a "no" to mean a "yes." She crawled forward next to Kim and began licking Alan's erection. Being Heather, she swallowed the whole head and more or less pushed Kim out of the way.

But as soon as she had his erection deep in her mouth, Alan said, "Look at that. What a selfish slut. You just take and take and take. What about Kim?"

Heather apologized without taking her mouth off Alan's stiff pole. "Schorry, shir. Schorry, Kim." She reluctantly made room for Kim at the head of the cock.

Both of them knew Alan's most sensitive spot was right below his cockhead, and both of them wanted to outdo each other without looking pushy. So their tongues generally worked on that spot from different angles. Their tongues actually pushed up against each other at times as they both tried to lick the exact same spot.

Alan was grateful that he'd just had a minute or two break, but with the way both of them were going he knew he'd lose his load in a minute or so. He didn't want Heather to start thinking she could control him by getting him off, so he said to her, "What about your skirt? Show me your skirt. Were you really dressed like a true slut?"

Heather groaned. She was really loving giving him a blowjob, and she didn't even mind Kim being there that much, as long as Kim gave her enough room. But she relinquished the pleasuring of his boner to Kim and stood up to show off her black leather miniskirt. She picked it up off the floor and put it back on so she could show it off. She resumed swaying to the music, eager to dance and get naked all over again. "Look, Sir. Your slut dresses just to please you. Like these five-inch heels."

Heather's eyes flashed dangerously as she let an edge of steel tinge her voice. "Do you have any idea how fucking difficult it is to walk in these things?!" Then just as suddenly, the glint of raw anger in her eyes melted to be replaced by an all-consuming lust as she stared hungrily at Alan, and especially at the sight of Kim lapping away in circles around his cockhead. "But I get so hot just thinking about how I'll dress for you. I was wearing butt floss earlier, but I took even that off when I left to come over here. Look!"

She turned around and bent over. She spread her legs wide and angled herself to give Alan a perfect view.

That also put her pussy and ass in sight for Sean to ogle. Sean was still outraged, not to mention intimidated by Alan's seemingly effortless domination of both Heather and Kim. But more than that, he was aroused. Painfully, incredibly aroused. He nearly came just from watching Heather bend over.

She effortlessly reached down and touched her toes while keeping her legs perfectly straight. She looked back at Alan from between her legs and said, "How's that? Don't you like my pussy and my ass? These are YOUR holes!" Suddenly, Heather stopped being proud and arrogant and instead became pleading and needy. "Why won't you fuck them? Why?! They need you! Sir!"

Alan asked, "What do you think, Kim? Is Heather sincere? Do all her holes belong to me, and me alone?"

Kim was surprised. She'd been content to just suck Alan's dick or fondle his balls when he allowed it, and otherwise sit back and enjoy Heather's constant humiliation. Furthermore, the question was tricky. Heather might be docile and submissive now, but if Kim said the wrong thing she was sure Heather would make her pay dearly soon enough. So she thought and then replied, "I think she definitely means it as she says it."

Sean was so aroused by the sight of Heather's ass and pussy lips framed by her hot leather miniskirt that he came even closer to cumming. He found his cock painfully trapped by his shorts, and with his hands tied behind his back, he was unable to do anything about it. While he generally adored Heather as an "angel," at the moment he was thinking of her more as a hot piece of ass.

"That's true," Alan admitted in a grudging tone. "But what will she think tomorrow? She's always changing. Heather, I'm so disappointed in you. You behaved well enough while your ass was stuffed full with a big Bitch Trainer dildo all day, but as soon as it's out, you start yelling at me and giving me this shit." He turned away as if dismissing her. "You're incurable."


She was humiliated by having to argue while bent over in such a lewd position. But she said passionately, "No I'm not, Sir! I can do better. I'm a total slut, an Alan slut! Nobody else has what I need but you. I'll do ANYTHING for you, Sir! Anything! Stuff your cock up my butt and I'll show you how good I can be!" She slowly spread her legs farther and farther apart to hopefully create an even more inviting target for his cock to aim for.

From where Alan sat, he almost couldn't see the miniskirt at all, since it had ridden all the way up, exposing the entirety of her luscious ass. Her asshole appeared to be a bull's eye exactly in the middle.

By this point, Kim's loving cock-licking and Heather's wiggling to the music and the things she said were getting to be too much for Alan to handle. He'd reached a point where he could lose control at any moment, no matter what he did with his PC muscle.

He pulled Kim away from his lap so his dick could have a longer chance to recover, saying to her, "There's a tasty pussy snack, Kim. Go get it. Just make sure she keeps her legs perfectly straight and her hands on her ankles at all times."

"Yes, sir!" Kim said as she bolted up and went to Heather. Wow! I thought I was having a great time already, but this is unreal! Although she detested Heather's bitchy nature, she loved playing with Heather's busty, fit body. She'd been wearing a loose skirt of her own, but she let it fall to the floor just as her mouth reached Heather's wet pussy lips.

Alan said, "Kim, please don't call me 'Sir.' That word is reserved only for true sluts and bitches like Heather."

By the time he finished saying that, Kim was so involved in licking Heather out that she couldn't or wouldn't respond. She seemed to be forcing her tongue as deeply into Heather's pussy as it would go. She did nod vigorously, but Alan couldn't tell if that was meant to be a reply to his comment or merely part of her new sexual task.

Heather was about to protest being pawned off to Kim, but that comment from Alan silenced her. Tingles of pleasure and excitement shot up and down her spine as he confirmed that word was reserved exclusively for her use alone.

But then she thought, What the fuck is wrong with me?! Why does my brain turn to mush whenever Alan is near? Just look at me, look at what I'm doing! I'm bending over in this totally obscene position and letting Kim have her way with me just because Alan says so. This is fucked up! I need to reassert myself! Reassert CONTROL! I'm not just some puppet for his amusement!

However, Heather was feeling so much pleasure that she was helpless to stop herself. She was loving every single thing Alan was "making" her do or say, and deep down she knew it.


For most of the time since Heather had arrived, Alan had completely forgotten that Sean was hiding in the closet. But now that Kim was no longer sucking him off, he was able to think more clearly and take stock of the situation, and he finally remembered Sean. He hoped that he hadn't gone too far in his domination games for Sean's sake, but it was too late to fix that if he had.

With Heather and Kim now fully preoccupied with each other, Alan moved from sitting on the edge of the bed to sitting up against the closet door behind it. He tapped twice against the door, which was a prearranged signal to Sean, asking if everything was all right.

It took some time because Sean was practically out of his mind with arousal, but Sean eventually replied with two knocks by using his forehead. That meant that he was okay. Actually, Sean had a whole host of things he wanted to tell Alan, but he couldn't exactly talk with a gag in his mouth.

Sean did have a "bad" side, even if he didn't really realize it himself. But Alan had guessed it was there from little things he'd observed, like an occasional cruel streak in Sean's humor, and that was a major reason why he'd chosen Sean as his sexual apprentice. If Sean had been able to speak, he would have raved about how astounded he was that Alan's treatment of Heather was actually arousing him. True, he was furiously angry at Alan, too, and probably would have punched him for insulting his "angel" if his hands were free, but the very fact that he saw Heather as an angel amplified his sexual arousal upon seeing her act like a devil and treated like a whore. The fact that she responded so eagerly to this only added fuel to the fire of his lust.

Alan leaned forward towards the girls and said to Heather, "Heather, it's nice of you to say that your body belongs to me, but I know that's not true. For one thing, you're far too much of a skanky slut to save yourself only for me. You can hardly go twenty-four hours without sticking something in one of your holes. And to be honest, I'm generally too busy with pussy much more tasty and tempting than yours. Hey. Are you listening to me?"

After some grunts, Heather answered in a somewhat strained voice, "Yes, Sir!" Kim's mouth was locked onto Heather's pussy like a leech. That, plus Heather having to keep her hands around her ankles, with her legs straight, made it very difficult for her to concentrate. But her position caused her large, tanned boobs to dangle and bob in the most delightful ways as she trembled and shook from the pleasure she was getting from Kim eating her out, something both Alan and Sean greatly appreciated.

Alan continued, "All I ask is that you only have sex with the people I say you can have sex with. Obey me, and I will reward you with many quality partners, such as Kim here. So think of me as a kind of pimp. Except that you're such a slut, you'll fuck anyone I tell you to fuck, and you'll do it for free. How do you like that?"

"Oh, yes, Sir! You're my pimp!" Tingles of excitement shot through her as she contemplated that delightful idea.

"In fact," Alan went on, "you're such a slut, that maybe I should make you into some kind of anti-whore. Rather than having people pay to fuck you, you should pay THEM hard cash for doing you the favor of filling up your holes. What do you think about that?"

She was nearly delirious with lust. "If you say so, Sir! Thank you, Sir! But the only thing I really want in me is your big thick cock! Everything else is just marking time, Sir."


Kim snorted while pussy licking, as if to say, "What about me?" But Heather didn't pay that any mind.

Meanwhile, Alan knocked some more on the closet door in a way that did not fit any prearranged signals between him and Sean. This set Alan's previously mentioned mysterious "surprise or two" in motion.

Sean had been trying to rub his dick against the closet door slats in a desperate attempt to get some kind of friction going. But he stopped when he heard some very loud rustling coming from behind him, deeper in the closet. He jerked his head around and saw movement, but it was so dark that he couldn't tell who or what it was. His eyes had been staring out through the slats into the bright, sunny room, so he was effectively blind when looking into the back of the closet.

But he could sense something drawing nearer. His heart pounded with fear and excitement. As a child, he'd had the usual irrational fear of a monster hiding in his closet (with another monster under his bed), and in his emotional turmoil he momentarily imagined that the monster was real after all and had finally come to get him. But then he heard a voice above the Talking Heads blaring on the stereo. It whispered, "Hi." That was all. He couldn't figure out who it was just from that one word, but he did determine that the voice was female.

That was a great relief for him. In a flash, he realized, Shit! Alan's had someone else buried in the closet all this time, just to surprise me! Fuckin' A. It sure as hell worked! No way! That's totally whacked! But who is it? Fuck, with everything I've been learning about my friend, it could be anyone! The only thing I know is she's probably hot and ready for sex!

He could feel the woman's breath on his face, she was so close. He could also feel her arm pressing into his as she finished pushing her way through the rack of clothes so she could stand next to him. He still couldn't see much, though, except for an outline of her head that showed she had very short but stylish hair. Then he felt a hand go to his leg and work its way to his crotch.

She felt the large lump in his shorts, and her voice made some appreciative purring noises.

He expected her to unzip his shorts next, but instead, he felt two hands on the waistband of his shorts, and then, moments later, found his shorts dangling just above his knees.

He was so aroused that he knew it wouldn't be long before he reached a great climax. He'd lost track of what was happening out in the room, but he turned some of his attention there to help himself go over the edge.

Alan was now sitting on the floor licking Kim's pussy, while Kim was sitting up on her knees, licking Heather's pussy. But this didn't last for long.

Heather cried out, and her legs buckled as a tremendous orgasm swept through her body. It took her so unexpectedly that she fell forward and crumpled to the floor in a heap. She had just enough presence of mind to stick her arms out and break her fall enough to prevent herself from getting hurt.

Alan said to Kim, "Someone who can lick that selfish slut nearly to death deserves a reward. How would you like it? In the mouth? The cunt? What's your pleasure?"

Kim thought, Boy, today really is my lucky day! Alan hasn't been seeing me much at all lately, and now this. She said, "Hmmm. Tough call. I guess the cunt, since we haven't done that in a while."

Alan paused for a moment. Kim was using double protection now and Alan was tempted to fuck her bareback as he had promised a week ago. However, he had asked Kim to fuck Sean twice since then. Sean knows that he's supposed to always use a condom, but I know it's all too easy to get caught up in the moment. Fuck! As much as I'd like to fuck Kim bareback, I've really got to be careful from now on... especially since Dean will probably be joining the club as well. Alan nodded, then went and got a condom out of the backpack he'd brought.

He asked Kim, "Are you cool with everything that's happening today? Have you minded how I've treated you?"

"I'm cool. Very, very cool! I just wish there could be more days like this. My house is your house for things like this, and please don't forget it."

He nodded again, while seeming to be lost in thought.

Sean looked at Heather sprawled out on the floor, lying on her side. Her tight black leather mini-skirt was now mashed up around her lower back, leaving her ass entirely exposed. Her pussy and sex juices could be seen clearly too. She happened to be facing the right way so he could see most of her sizable chest and gorgeous face as well.

Seeing her like that was keeping him right on the edge of climax and he'd been that way for an unbearably long time now. (He'd started to learn PC muscle control based on Alan's recommendation, but he hadn't progressed very far yet.) But then the mystery hands that had dropped his shorts and left him like that finally took the next step. As soon as he felt two hands grasp his cock, he lost all control.

One big reason why Sean had been fighting his climax strenuously was that he didn't know where he could safely shoot his cum. But by now he was too horny to care. He let out a great yell (largely muffled by the gag) and spurted all over the slats in the closet door in front of him.


Alan heard Sean's muffled cry over the loud Talking Heads music, and looked immediately at Kim. She'd heard it too and knew what it was. They both looked to Heather and guessed she was unconscious, but they couldn't be sure. In any case, she seemed too out of it to notice.

Kim riding Alan

Alan considered leaning right up against the closet door and whispering to Sean. But Kim was sitting on top of him now, energetically grinding her hips down onto his stiff erection, so he decided to keep silent. He realized that Sean couldn't talk back with the gag in his mouth anyway, so there wasn't much point in talking to him.

However, Kim leaned over towards the closet door and ran her hand across one of the door's slats. She held up a finger for Alan's benefit and whispered, "Look."

Alan laughed. Some of Sean's cum had dribbled down the slats and could be seen from the outside if one looked for it closely.

Kim smiled and licked Sean's cum into her mouth. She made a loud "Mmmm" sound as she savored the cum. Then she and Alan resumed their grinding.

Meanwhile, inside the closet, Sean's sight was slowly returning. He was so overcome from his climax that he would have fallen to the floor, except there was no room to do so. He lay back against the nearly solid mass of clothes behind him instead, slumping down a bit until his knees pressed against the closet door and prevented further motion. As his mental clarity slowly returned, he realized that a hand was holding up his ass, even as it fondled his butt. Another hand was still holding his penis, which was exciting, but he was still recovering from his recent orgasm.

So he focused his attention on the outline of the head connected to the hands, and slowly the details came into view. Janice! Holy shit! That's Janice! Damn, I should have known. I'll bet Alan is fucking the entire cheerleading squad, except of course for his sister. Shit, between Kim and Heather out there, Janice in here, and his girlfriend Amy, the only one left is Joy! Wow! And to think that just weeks ago I thought he was a virgin like me.

Janice hadn't looked out the slats yet, so her eyesight was much more adjusted to the darkness. She saw the look of recognition cross his face. After giving him a chance to adjust, she whispered directly in his ear. Thanks to the music, there was no chance anyone could hear, not even Kim or Alan.

"Hi Sean. How you doing? Alan's told us aaaalll about you. He said that we're not allowed to fuck anyone, male or female, unless they're on his approval list. That got me kind of pissed off that he'd be that controlling, until I saw who was on the list. And guess what? Can you guess whose names are on the list?"

Sean shook his head 'no', since trying to speak through the tight gag would be futile.

Janice pulled Sean's shirt up to his shoulders so she could run her hands across his chest. "Well, it turns out that we get to have Heather as much as we like, in any way that we like. I've got some serious issues with that bitch and I'm going to have soooo much fun playing with her and teaching her some lessons. But that's not all. We get access to some prime beauties, like Heather's friend Simone."

Her voice then turned pouty and disappointed. "The only problem is that there just isn't much cock on the list, aside from the far-too-busy Alan and Joy's boyfriend Dean." Janice nibbled sexily on Sean's ear, which surprisingly gave him the most incredibly ticklish sensation in his lower back he'd ever felt. She continued whispering while stroking his ear with her tongue. "Which brings me to you. Would you like to be on that list? Would you like to fuck more than half the cheerleading squad and some of their sexiest friends?"


By this time, Sean was starting to get hot. Not in terms of arousal; he'd been at the boiling point for some time now, and his penis was rapidly rising again, thanks to Janice's sexy whispers and the way one of her hands was sawing a finger in and out of his asshole while the other hand was rubbing his penis and balls. His body was getting literally hot as well, thanks to the small size of the closet and their combined body heat. That forced him to take his shirt off altogether. Sweat poured down his face and he trembled with fear and excitement.

He abruptly pressed his face close to the slats in front of him so he could breathe some fresh air. That also gave him a great view of Heather's naked body, not to mention Kim and Alan as they fucked much closer to him. He imagined being on that list and being able to do anything with Heather at any time, just like Janice could. Then the sight of Kim and Heather sucking Alan's cock at the same time popped into his mind, and he imagined that it was him being treated so royally, rather than Alan. It was all so sexy and arousing that he couldn't think straight.

But then his long-held dream of having Heather as a normal girlfriend that was his, and his alone, came back strongly into his mind. He frowned at the implications of the list idea. Did Alan say he was stuffing Heather's ass with a dildo all during school? And now he's calling her nasty names and offering her to Janice and others like a sex toy?! Heather IS a whore, but only because Alan made her that way! He's corrupted her! He IS her pimp! And now he's dragging me into this mess, tempting me with other girls, so I'll be too corrupted to save her! What an asshole! I've been tricked! Why, when I get my hands on him, I'll-

Janice's face was only inches from Sean's, and her body was all over his like an octopus. She sensed his change of mood and saw his bewildered smile turn into a frown, then into an angry grimace. She withdrew into the back of the closet.

A few moments later, she pushed her way back through the clothes up to Sean and put her hands right back where they'd been.

Sean didn't understand why she'd done that, but his mind was busy with other things.

Meanwhile, Heather was starting to stir.

Sean watched intently through the slats as Heather sat up.

She failed to notice Sean or even his cum dripping down some of the slats (since it was mostly on the interior of the slats), instead focusing her attention on Alan and Kim, who were still going at it.

Heather nearly whispered, "Alan? Sir? What are you doing? I thought you invited me here so you'd fuck me in the ass." Her voice turned pouty and sad. "You promised! I was so good and obedient! You said I'd done well and that this would be my reward. Why are you torturing me like this?!" She ran her hands over her chest and stomach, hoping to draw his attention.


"True," Alan grunted as Kim impaled herself on his boner yet again, doing it over and over. "And maybe I will, if you show the right attitude. But you're not the only one I need to reward. Kim, UH! Kim has been so giving, with her house and so much more... She needs a reward too. Mmmm, good! There are other people than you, you know."

"I know," Heather pouted. She stood up and walked to the edge of the bed, keeping her legs slightly spread so Alan had a great view of her juicy snatch.

Alan huffed at her, "Most normal people would have said 'I'm sorry,' especially after the way ... UGH! The way you've been pushing Kim around." Seeing that he'd have to talk some more, he had Kim nearly come to a stop on top of him.

He caught his breath for a few moments, and then continued with his eyes glued to Heather's sweaty skin, "You need to be taught humility. From now on, you're going to be Kim's slave and obey her every command."

Kim squealed with glee and clapped her hands. This was news to her. In fact, it was part of a new plan Alan had just thought of hours before, and he still hadn't told everyone whom it would impact. Kim lifted herself up and impaled herself forcefully on his prick to help show her appreciation.

He continued, "In fact, you're going to- UGH! Kim, stop for a second! Heather, you're going to be the sex slave of all the other cheerleaders, and command the group in name only. You'll be in charge of the group's routines, but they'll be in charge of your body sexually. You're going to be the slave of Simone, too, and anyone else I say, until you learn things like manners, respect, and dare I say it, even kindness."

"HEY!" Heather protested, her usual combative spirit finally showing itself. "It's one thing to be your, um, sex slave, if you must put it that way. I must say I've grown to... tolerate that."

Kim snorted derisively. She couldn't help herself.

Heather shot Kim an evil look, but conceded to Alan, "Okay, I've grown to like it. But only you! Only you have earned the right to treat me like that! Sir. Not those others! Not Janice, especially! That would be a travesty! An outrage!"

"Maybe so," Alan replied, "But that's how it's going to be, or no more of my cock for you. We're doing this to make you a better person. Plus, it's fun to have you as a sex toy. Kim, I said stop! I can't talk when you're fucking me so much!"

"Yes, sir," Kim said obediently. She finally stopped altogether.

"Do I have any say in this?" Heather said in a dejected voice. Her attitude would have been very different except that her need for an assfucking was so great. Her ass was in control and her brain was forced to say what her ass wanted her to say.

"No. What do you think of that?"

Heather thought about it. As with almost everything regarding Alan, she was badly conflicted. One part of her wanted to scream, Yes! Share me with everyone! Loan me out to the whole school! Tie me up naked in a public place and let everyone have their way with me! But another part of her bristled and rebelled. She loved being Alan's exhibitionist anal slut, but she hated the idea of being his slave. If anything, she thought Alan was the one who should be her slave.

She growled with determination, "You can have my body, but you'll never have my mind."

"That's the spirit! I know you. You'll take this as a challenge and rise back to the top within months. Outside our S-Club group, you'll still be the same proud Heather." He lifted a hand to cup one of her buttocks and let a couple of his fingers teasingly tickle her anus. "But inside, deep inside that hungrily bitchy butt of yours, you'll be learning humility... one assfuck at a time."

Mindful that Sean was watching and listening, he let go of Heather's backside and added, "Think about all the dozens and dozens of boys and girls you fucked before you met me. You fucked so many strange guys that it's a miracle you don't have an STD already. But none of them truly lit your fire until you met me. Now I'm going to make sure an entire group keeps you in sexual heaven every single day. What more could you want? Why fight it?"

Heather thought about that. Why SHOULD I fight it? That does sound pretty damn good... No, I'm forgetting my goal. He's trying to push me onto others so he can do other things, things that don't involve me! I am not going to settle for second best. I deserve the best and I'll accept nothing less! I want Alan as mine, and mine alone! Besides, it'll be a cold day in Hell when Janice is my superior in anything! No fucking way! But I'll play along with his latest craziness at least as long as it gets me one more buttfuck. Oh God, I need it so BAD! Then I'll have to come up with my own plan to beat his.

She pretended to look defeated. "Okay, you win. Sir. How can I help? Perhaps we can get Kim off together?" She then proceeded to climb up onto the bed.

Janice had been meaning to say some things to Sean to calm his mood, but instead she and Sean found themselves listening intently to Alan and Heather's exchange. What was said went a long way towards calming Sean's rage, especially the mention that Heather was so sexually promiscuous before she met Alan.

Sean still believed that Heather was being corrupted by Alan, but now he was too confused and distracted to put his thoughts together.

Janice, naturally, was beyond ecstatic at Alan's new dictate. She could hardly wait to take advantage of her new power over Heather. She longed to humiliate Heather while using her for her own sexual satisfaction.

As Heather climbed onto Alan's legs and began to play with Kim's breasts and back, Sean redirected some of his attention to what was happening in the closet. Janice's face was so close to his that he could feel her every breath. He could feel her naked breasts pressing into his arm and her legs snaked around his. One of her hands rubbed his chest and the other played with his asshole. Two more hands gripped his cock tightly and stroked up and down.

Wait a minute, Sean thought. One, two, three, FOUR hands! How can there be four hands?!

He looked around frantically until he noticed a large mass of hair on the other side of him from where Janice stood. He instantly recognized the unique, big hair hairstyle. Joy! Joy's here, too! Of course. It makes sense. She's in on this as well. I guess that answers the question of whether Alan is fucking the entire cheerleading squad, minus his sister. But fuck! I'm in the same small closet with two hot cheerleaders. NAKED cheerleaders, too, if Joy's taken her clothes off like Janice has! This is too wild! TOO. FUCKING. WILD!

Sean got so excited that he almost completely forgot his anger issues with Alan and his desire to have Heather all for himself.

Joy sensed from the way that he turned and bounced about excitedly that he knew she was there. So she squeezed herself in front of him, pressing her back hard into the closet door's slats, and began cocksucking.

Janice, watching Joy, whispered in Sean's ears, "Remember what I was saying about that list? Guess what? Your name's on that list, too. Alan's at the top, of course; he gets first choice of all the women. Then you and Dean. Then all us girls. Then Heather at the bottom - she has to obey any guy or girl who wants her. That means you can take any of us at any time. Why, if you wanted to fuck Joy or me right now, we'd have to spread our legs and obey. What's that, you say? You're ready to fuck right now? Who do you want: me, or Joy? ... What's that? I can't hear you."

Janice laughed a little bit at her private joke, because she knew that Sean couldn't say anything at all, thanks to the gag in his mouth. But she was serious about her list comments. That was basically the agreement she and Joy had made with Alan when he'd made the offer to them just before cheerleader practice.


Satisfied that her verbal efforts were having an effect, Janice dropped down to her knees as well, but remained behind Sean and licked along the base of his scrotum. She couldn't help but chuckle a bit as she imagined just how hard, shocked, and aroused Sean must be.

Sean's eyes rolled into his head and he tightened all his muscles in an extreme effort not to cum. Looking through the slats, he could see and hear Alan and Kim climaxing, and he knew that Heather would be Alan's next target. He didn't want to have a flaccid penis when he watched Alan take her.

He closed his eyes and moaned in such agony that Joy heard his struggle and eased up on her cocksucking just enough to keep him from going over the edge.

He wanted to swat her away, but bound as he was, he couldn't move his hands. He couldn't even wipe away the sweat rolling into his eyes. Somehow, being helpless like this was even more of a turn-on.

He looked back out and saw Kim arching her back dramatically and her arms flailing around above her head as she screamed like a banshee. The only thing he could make out was "YEEESSSS SIIIIRRRR!" Heather's hands and face seemed busy with Kim's ass, but Sean couldn't see exactly what was happening there. Alan seemed relatively calm compared to Kim, but he too was yelling and thrusting and sweating.

The sight was too much for Sean. What especially got him was seeing Heather's head down low, but her naked ass up high as she wiggled about between Alan's legs. He tried to send a mental thought to Joy. Please! Have mercy! Stop all together or I'm going to lose it! Stop sucking my cock! Please! NoooOOOOoooo!

He lost it. It seemed like gallons of jism poured out into Joy's mouth. It felt as if each time Janice thrust her finger up his ass again, it forced another rope out of him until his balls were drained dry. Once again, he collapsed into the mass of clothes behind him, except this time he was better supported by Janice and Joy.

He'd never had a climax that felt that good. He didn't even know such feelings were possible. He was wiped out.


Sean retained just enough consciousness to hear what was happening outside.

Kim said, "God, Alan, that was the fuck of my life. Sir! I officially renounce my lesbian status after that. Fuuucck!"

She was just kidding around, and Alan knew it. Nevertheless, he said, with a calm that surprised him, "You never were a lesbian. You're bisexual all the way, but with an aversion to serious male relationships, which I can understand. Most guys are pretty lame. But please don't call me 'Sir'. That term is reserved just for Heather to show she's my bitchslut. The lowest of the low."

"Yes, sir!" Kim replied, and then giggled. But all joking aside, she thought, He's got a point. I do still think of myself as lesbian, but I obviously can enjoy sex with guys sometimes. So, okay, technically I guess I'm partially bisexual.

Alan savored his new word invention. "Hmmm. Bitchslut. I really like that. Heather, if one word can describe the person you are now, that's the word. But we're going to change you."

There was a loud thump somewhere in the room.

Sean leaned forward and looked back out to see that Kim had flopped off the bed and was lazing on the floor. It was Heather's turn and there wasn't enough room on the bed for Kim to rest there.

Heather looked at Kim and growled meaningfully. She thought, Kim, you are so fucking dead. I'm Alan's one and only Bitchslut, and only I can use the word 'Sir'! If you so much as mouth those three letters, your life is going to be a living nightmare! She interpreted Alan's declaration of her being his "bitchslut" and "the lowest of the low" as meaning that she was special. In her mind, Alan was saying that there were two types of women in his life: his special bitchslut, and "those others" who didn't have the "privilege" of calling him "Sir." Such was the way her mind worked, especially when she was feeling really horny.

Heather felt a great need to redeem herself. She'd recovered from her earlier great orgasm and now wanted to sexually overwhelm Alan, to help show that she was worthy of the special status he had granted her. He was flaccid though, so she set to work changing that.

Only a couple of minutes after Kim had rolled off of him, Heather crawled up the bed, dragging her mighty orbs all over his skin. She cooed, "Alan, Sir," - she shot Kim a superior look as she said that - "it's true. I am your Bitchslut. I love that word! I don't care what you say, my body does belong to you. Others may borrow it, but you own it. Especially my ass! Do I not have the best ass? Am I not the best assfuck you've ever had? Take my ass!"

She got so worked up over her ass that she quickly flipped around and shoved her ass up towards his face. That put her chest over his groin, so she pushed her tits together then slid his only slightly turgid penis into her cleavage.

Alan thought to himself, No, Heather, as a matter of fact you're not even close to my favorite ass or favorite assfuck. Amy is the "ass queen" now. But of course I can't let you know that or you'd probably rip her hair out. Instead, he said, "I'll admit, you do have a nice and strong, powerfully toned muscular ass, my blonde anal Amazon, but it's not my absolute favorite and you definitely have room for improvement if you want to become my number one ideal ass. The problem is, you cover it up too much with your conservative clothes."

Janice, Joy, and Kim all snickered at that, but luckily the Stop Making Sense soundtrack still blared and covered up the fact that some of the laughs were coming from inside the closet.

He went on, "Heather, if you have such a nice ass, you need to show it off. Why do you cover it at all, even with butt floss? From now on, you should cut off the backs of all your skirts, shorts, and jeans. No panties, nothing. You should go to school completely bare-assed."

"Oh my GOD!" Heather nearly screamed. She was extremely aroused by the idea. If there was one thing she loved as much as all things anal, it was public exhibitionism, so the thought of exposing her ass in public was beyond fantastic. She was so aroused that she dropped down and licked Alan's flaccid penis, still covered with a condom and Kim's juices. She surprised even herself by pulling the condom off with her teeth, then she licked his penis clean as it slowly rebounded back to full size.

Alan's words were exciting himself too, and he even found enough strength returning to run his hands over Heather's trembling ass cheeks, which were still inches from his face. He said, "Heather, what if I'm walking down the halls in school and I see you, and I feel the urge to fuck your ass then and there? I don't want to bother even flipping a skirt out of the way, and I certainly don't want to waste time pulling panties aside. Your only role is to bend over, touch your toes, and present me with a lubed up asshole whenever I see you."


"God YES! Alan, Sir, please! No more talking! Fuck me now! Take my ass, NOW! Dammit! Do it!" Mere cocksucking wasn't enough to show her excitement; she began frantically pumping Alan's revived erection through her cleavage, and licking the tip as it popped through.

He continued to explain, while mauling her ass cheeks and probing her pussy and asshole as if he owned them, "However, there's a problem. From now on, your ass is usually going to be stuffed with plastic cock. I think that in the future we should only use the kind that sticks out for many inches. That way, everyone will know you're my butt slut. You won't be able to sit down in class because of this giant Bitch Trainer sticking out of your naked ass all day. You'll have to stand in front of the class, facing the chalkboard, showing off your completely exposed, dildo-stuffed ass to everyone! It may make it hard for anyone to focus on the teacher, especially as you'll constantly flex your butt cheeks and bend over, but that's how it goes. Of course, everyone will lust after your ass if they don't already, but only those on the S-Club list will be allowed to touch it."

"But what if... what if others want to touch it anyways?" Heather asked, breathless with excitement as she vividly imagined his scenario.

"Of course all kinds of people will grope you there and elsewhere all day long, but maybe if I put a big tattoo on one ass cheek that says 'Alan's' and another tattoo on the other that says 'Bitchslut', that might cut back a bit on the random fingering of your pussy and asshole."

Heather turned around so she could look Alan in the face. Surprisingly, there were tears rolling down her cheeks. "Alan, Sir, please! For the love of God, fuck me now! If you keep talking so sexy like that, I... I can't take it! I can't take it!" She whimpered and her whole body shivered with pure lust. She couldn't believe how much the idea of having a large tattoo proclaiming Alan's ownership of her ass turned her on. It repelled her greatly too, but that was a big reason why it aroused her.

Meanwhile, back in the closet, Sean was amazed to find that he'd re-grown his erection almost as quickly as Alan did. Sean had already cum twice whereas Alan had cum only once, and Sean never, ever, recovered this quickly. But Heather had a special, spellbinding effect on him. He'd always been focused on her breasts (although he loved her ass too), but all this talk of her walking down the busy school halls with a skirt on her front half but nothing covering her ass was rapidly turning him into more of an ass man. The fact that her ass was right there in front of him, constantly squirming and flexing as if prowling the air, searching for something to be impaled upon, helped matters considerably.

He heard some urgent whispering between Joy and Janice, right behind his head.

Suddenly Janice turned him 90 degrees so he was staring at Joy's back. She whispered, "Joy won the bet. She gets to be fucked first. For some reason, we're both in the mood for anal so bad all of a sudden, but we don't know how. We need Alan to show us how to take a cock that way for the first time, I'm sorry. But that means you get to do her doggy-style instead."

Joy was on all fours now, pressed in the narrow space between the clothing and the closet door. Janice pushed Sean to his knees, rolled a condom onto his cock, and then used her hands to feed his cock into Joy's steamy pussy.

But Janice herself was so turned on that she continued to stroke and fondle his thick and sticky erection for quite a long time, and in fact seemed unwilling to give it up. The only reason she eventually relented and pushed his boner into Joy's hole was because Joy was starting to make annoyed moans, and Janice worried about Heather overhearing them.

Finally, Sean was in. However, the prospect of fucking the sexy brunette cheerleader only held but a fraction of his attention. He turned his head and plastered his eyes to the slats so he could see what was happening with Heather. Now that he was on his knees, he was nearly level with Heather's ass, wiggling just a few feet in front of him. He could make out every single bead of sweat and drop of girl-cum so clearly that he could almost taste her skin.

Janice need not have worried about Heather overhearing anything - Heather was completely insane with her lusty anal desires.

Alan leaned over Heather and got into a doggy-style position of his own, with their butts pointed towards the closet. As he lined up his big erection with her asshole, he said matter-of-factly, "The other problem with keeping you stuffed with a Bitch Trainer like that is we've got to get that out quickly if the urge to fuck your ass suddenly hits me. So Simone will have to be with you at all times. She's your official dildo mistress, as you know. She's also pretty muscular and athletic, so she can help fend off all the gang rapists from getting to you ... most of the time. Of course we'll have to let them win a couple of times a day at least, or it would just be too cruel on the guys. And if she walks around topless, that'll help divert some attention from your ass. In fact, you should walk around topless too, so there will be crowds in front of AND behind you wherever you go."

The more outrageous his fantasies, the more she loved them. She shrieked, "Oh, Sir! If you don't fuck my ass this very instant, I'm going to die! DIE! PLEEEAAASE!"


Alan finally showed some mercy. His cock was drenched with cum and pre-cum, so he rammed it into her with one big push. He was surprised to find that her sphincter was still remarkably tight despite the fact that such a big dildo had been inside her all day. Yet she was still nowhere near as tight as Amy. He was able to get it all in with one massive and (for Heather) very painful push.

Heather screamed as if she was being split in two. There was an incredible agony in her voice, as if she'd just been branded with a hot iron.

Alan worried that he might have really hurt her and caused Heather's ass to bleed. However, he needn't have worried so much because Heather had an unusually strong and muscular ass that could take a tremendous amount of abuse. At the same time, her voice carried the unmistakable sound of pure ecstasy. As her cries continued, less pain could be heard, and more pleasure.

Her whole body convulsed and shuddered as her asshole rippled powerfully up and down, all along and around his deeply embedded erection, as a great orgasmic wave of deep anal fulfillment washed over her.

Alan had only gotten hard a few minutes before, but he very nearly lost it from the way her ass kept clenching and squeezing his entire cock in unexpected ways. At times it felt as if his dick would be completely crushed, but it "hurt so good". Finally, Heather's tremendous anal climax ended and her body fell back and to the side, taking the still-attached Alan down with her and crashing him into the closet door on the way down.

Alan's ass only lightly banged the closet door as they collapsed together, but it was enough to cause Janice and Joy to scream in surprise (Sean yelled as well, but that muffled sound could hardly be heard by anyone).

Alan and the rest thought that their ruse had been discovered by Heather for sure, but Heather was so out of it that, if asked at that moment what her name was, she wouldn't have had a clue. The screaming of very close female voices registered in her head at some level, but her brain wasn't really capable of thinking about anything beyond her butt at the moment.

He was also too overcome to do much. He thought about pulling his cock out just to rest a while, but that took more energy than leaving it where it was inside her. Besides, the aftershocks of Heather's anal orgasm were still rumbling through her, and they felt so good to him that he wouldn't miss them for anything, so he left his still hard pole in her. Although he hadn't actually cum himself, he felt like he'd just had one of the best orgasms of his life.


Several long minutes passed. The Talking Heads album was coming to an end and the song "Take Me to The River" was playing. For a while, Alan lost himself in the music, singing along: "Take me to the river. Wash me in the water. Dip me in the river. Washin' me down" He was loving life, even though his body was surprisingly exhausted. The only other sounds he could hear were a gentle, rhythmic thumping coming from the closet behind him, and the pounding of his own heart.

All of a sudden Heather began talking in a voice that was nearly a mad rant. "You see? You see what I mean?! Everybody thinks I'm crazy. 'What happened to the old Heather?' Why do I let myself get pushed around? Why am I LOSING?! I never lose! But how can I resist that kind of assfuck? It's like a drug. Like the most addictive crack imaginable except it's my ass crack!"

She burst into delirious laughter at this minor joke, and laughed so loud and so long that Alan half-worried that she was really losing her mind. He wasn't even sure if she'd been talking to him, or herself, or what.

Then, just as suddenly, she turned her head back around to look at Alan and said, "Alan! Sir! Bitchslut Heather reporting for buttfucking duty. Sir!" She gave him a military salute, and then laughed a bit more, giddy as a little schoolgirl and not her usual bitchy self. "Will crush cocks for cum, Sir!" she enthusiastically added. Her asshole rippled and throbbed with powerful muscular contractions all around his deeply imbedded cock.

The strength of the pressure she exerted caught Alan by surprise.

He had never seen her so happy and carefree. It was as if all her walls and facades had seemingly come down all at once. At first she seemed crazy, but she passed through that and now she seemed kind, loving, and just plain adorable. She wore a very silly grin with the pure innocent emotion of a little child.

"It's just my gut feeling, but I seriously believe that there's a loving and wonderful Heather in there, somewhere, trying to get out." As he looked at her, he heard his own words from that morning echo through his mind. Wow. I guessed right... and what a wonderful woman she is. I can hardly believe it!

Meanwhile, Sean continued to plow into Joy with abandon, still going doggy-style, and flopped over her with his hands behind his back.

Janice had tried her best to get involved, but had some trouble since she was facing his back. But after a little while she'd knelt and used one hand to alternately feed Sean's cock in and out of Joy, or play with his balls. Her other hand worked on her own clit and pussy.

The only problem Sean faced was that he wanted to watch Heather in action more than anything, but couldn't always keep his face near the slats, since he couldn't move his hands or arms. But he caught enough. He was especially transfixed by the sight of Heather in her post-orgasmic glow. In fact, seeing her like that was almost an epiphany.

He thought, as if struck by a religious vision, Yes. That's her. The girl of my dreams! The Heather I've known all along. The pure Heather. The good Heather. MY Heather! Thank you, Alan! I don't know about what you did with her before, but I forgive it all now for giving me the chance to see this unforgettable sight.

Sean was so overcome with euphoria and a renewed sense of purpose to make Heather his very own that he very nearly forgot he was in a fuck sandwich between two cheerleaders. The pleasure they were giving him was almost incidental. Luckily, his hips and cock were able to run on autopilot, because his mental focus was almost entirely devoted to Heather.

Heather, with Alan's cock still deep in her hungrily clutching ass, raised her top half up on her forearms and looked around the room as if trying to figure out where she was. Her eyes fell on Kim, sitting on the floor next to the bed. Both Alan and Heather had temporarily forgotten Kim was there.

Kim sat naked, basking in her own self-induced orgasmic glow. She seemed quite content to quietly watch and listen.

Heather took Kim's presence in stride and said, "Kim! Did you see that? Alan just gave me one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of my entire life, and all he did was put his dick in me! He didn't even move it around or anything. That's still coming up! Can you believe it? He did it all with anticipation. All that talk about me walking around bare-assed. Fuck! I'm getting so hot just thinking about it again, not to mention this giant tree trunk still plugging my ass. I'm in heaven!" She arched her back and stretched languidly, while her ass rippled and pulsed strongly with pleasure around Alan's imprisoned cock.

Kim looked a bit wistful. "I know. I saw it. I heard it. It was amazing. I just wish someone would say those kinds of things about me and my ass, but I'm still so bony back there."

Alan, being the chivalrous guy that he was, kindly said to Kim, "You're still growing into your body. Heather's a little older than you, and she's matured faster, but you'll catch up. You know as well as I do that getting on the cheerleading squad isn't so much a matter of skill as it's a matter of beauty, so that makes you one of the very most beautiful girls out of the one thousand plus girls here in this school."

Heather replied before Kim could. "A great fucker AND a gentleman. I WANT this man! Alan. Sir. Your Bitchslut's ass is ready for a good solid pounding. Ready for buttfucking whenever you are, Sir." She pulled herself and Alan back up into a better fucking position.

Kim smiled at Alan and stood up to put on some more music, given that the Talking Heads album had just ended.

Back in the closet, Sean's mouth hung agape. He couldn't square the new vision of the "angelic" Heather he'd just caught a glimpse of with the words she'd just uttered and what she was doing. It appeared that only her face had changed; her mind was as wanton and sinful as ever. Then, as Alan began to rhythmically thrust into Heather's ass, to her obvious and very vocal delight, it really hit home to Sean that another man was fucking his dream girl while he was merely secretly watching. He suddenly felt ashamed that he was fucking someone else, and he nearly went flaccid in Joy's pussy. Nearly, but not quite: what Joy and Janice were doing together was simply too arousing for his body not to respond.

As Alan and Heather picked up the pace of their fucking, Alan called Heather dirty names more and more enthusiastically as his energy level began to surge.

Heather replied with even more enthusiasm. The two words of the day seemed to be Alan's new invention, "Bitchslut," and "Sir." Heather positively loved the word "Sir", now that she knew it was a word for her alone. She was saying it seemingly every other word. In her mind, "Sir" definitely needed to be capitalized. She even pulled her ponytail out of its tie so as to whip her hair around with increasing energy and excitement as she thrashed her hips in time with Alan's penetrating thrusts.

For instance, he cried out, "Bitchslut, why did God give you those tits?"

"For you, Sir, only for you!" she replied. (Both of them conveniently forgot that in fact her breasts had been surgically augmented.)

Then he cried out, "Why did God give you your hot cunt?"

"For you, Sir! So you can poke your huge cock in it, all day long!"

Bringing up a lingering sore point, he asked, "But I thought I was a 'mere nerd?'" That reminded him that Sean was there and probably listening in. However, he was too excited to tone down his sexual talk.

Surprisingly, she replied, "You ARE! But that's GOOD! Nerds are smart, and you're smart! Nerds rule! Now, rule my ass!"

He was pleasantly surprised at that response and laughed out loud. Then he thrust into her even harder than before.


Every so often, Heather would ram her ass back onto Alan's stiff cock and shake, rattle, and roll through another anal orgasm while he flexed his PC muscle. Afterwards, they'd change positions and start fucking again, sometimes even before she had recovered. His control and stamina seemed almost inhuman in the face of her sexual demands as he rode her on the bed, off the bed, while he was pinned against the wall, then pinning her against the wall, and all around the room. The two of them were practically insatiable. She just couldn't stop cumming.

Kim had revived and could have joined in, but Alan and Heather were so involved with each other that it didn't feel right to her to butt in. She merely kicked back and enjoyed watching them fuck up a storm.

Before long, Sean found himself feeling very depressed. Partially, he was sad and hurt at seeing the insults given and so gratefully received. But more than that, it struck him that Alan was extremely talented at sex. At first, he was filled with bravado, and thought, Alan, you think you're so good, but I'll show you! When Heather makes love to me then she's going to know what pleasure really is, because I'm the one who really loves her. I'll be just like Darth Vader telling Obi-Wan Kenobi, "When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master."

Sean hoped to buoy himself with those words, but instead they just made him feel worse, and he actually broke into tears for the first time in years. No. Who am I trying to fool? This isn't some fucking movie; this is my best friend really fucking MY Heather! I've been learning so much this last week, mostly thanks to Xania, but there's no way I can compete with that. He knows exactly how to hit every single one of Heather's buttons, as if he can read her mind. I'll never be able to please her as well as he's pleased her today. There's no way! All that talk about him owning her body isn't just talk - it's really true! He's playing her like a master musician playing a violin. She clearly loves him in some weird way, and she still barely knows I'm alive! She'll never be mine. Never!

He sighed as the tears rolled down his cheeks. But on the other hand, she'll never really be Alan's either. She had dozens of partners before she even met him! She IS a wanton slut! Look at her! All the names he's calling her are true! But I don't care. I love her! I know it'll only give me pain and sorrow, but I'm going to keep on loving my beautiful angel Bitchslut whore no matter what!

Sean's body seemed to be acting as though it was completely divorced from his mind. His cock kept fucking even as he cried and felt sorry for himself. His cum finally erupted into Joy (though, actually, into the condom he was wearing).

He was relieved the sex was over, for him at least. He didn't want to be with Joy or Janice anymore and didn't want to see or hear Alan and Heather anymore either, although Heather's seemingly incessant cries of anal pleasure made that rather difficult.

He cried out into his gag so much after the sex was over that eventually Joy responded and pulled the gag away. She could see he was still crying, so she and Janice took turns French kissing him.

That distracted him enough that his tears stopped flowing, but his heartrending sorrow remained.

Sean whispered to the two cheerleaders that he needed his arms free.

Together they managed to take the ropes off. They could see he'd been crying and asked in whispers what was wrong, but he didn't reply.

He'd wanted to do so many things with his hands, earlier, but now that they were free his spirit was low and all he did was stretch his arms and hands to get the blood flowing again. Then he put his hands over his ears so he wouldn't have to hear any more of Heather continually begging Alan to pound her insatiably needy asshole.

Sean had as much as he could take, and still his dream girl kept thrusting her butt onto another man's hard erection and grinding her hips into him with lustful abandon, obviously with no intention of stopping anytime soon. The fact that Kim had picked another lively album to play (Sly and the Family Stone's greatest hits) at least helped to drown out the sounds of hot and heavy sex, but that was small comfort for him.

Finally, at long last, the end came as Alan and Heather climaxed together. Alan once again made a point of pulling out of her, painting her straining butt cheeks with his seed while her recently vacated butt continued convulsing in a powerful orgasm, completely overwhelming her senses.

Sean couldn't help but hear yet more orgasmic yelling coming from the bed as their climaxes seemed to go on and on forever. But even that too eventually faded away, and then there was nothing but songs like "Everyday People" and "Stand." The happy mood of the songs seemed cruelly ironic to him.


Heather ended up falling again, and wound up on the floor this time. She sat up against a wall for a while, silent, letting the intensity of the shattering experience wash over her as she panted for air. She'd never felt so drained or so profoundly satisfied in her life.

She thought, Good God, if I wasn't an anal addict before, I sure am now! Nobody's ever made me feel like that before. Fucking hell, he pounded my hole but good.

She felt a deep sense of contentment radiating outwards from the sexual heat still burning inside her well fucked ass. Now if only he'd flood my ass with that delicious cum of his, life would be perfect. Her internal muscles pulsed and throbbed in eager endorsement of that idea.

Joy and Janice continued to kiss Sean and try to cheer him up. They were slowly making progress, although he was still flaccid.

But the three froze when they heard Heather say in a loud but weary voice, "By the way, Sir, what's all that noise I've been hearing coming from the closet? Is it just my imagination, Sir? I vaguely recall even hearing some screaming from in there while you and I were busy. Now that I think about it, I'm almost sure of it."

She got up off of the floor onto her own unsteady legs and began weakly trying to pull the bed away from the closet door so she could open it.

But then Alan got up too (he was none too steady either while standing up) and whispered in her ear. Remarkably, he said something that made her abandon her efforts.

Alan, Kim, and Heather walked out of the room together a short time later, although Alan and Heather more staggered and wobbled than walked.


Some minutes passed, and then Alan and Kim came back into Kim's bedroom. They moved the bed the rest of the way away from the closet.

Alan said to the closet door, "Heather's gone now. You can come out."

Sean, Joy, and Janice opened the door together, and they all stumbled out into the bright light of the room. The three of them seemed dazed, especially Sean, and for a minute or two they just stretched and adjusted to the light while saying a few things like, "Wow," and "Crazy shit."

Then Sean stood before Alan and stared into his eyes. He said, "Man, I don't know. I don't know if I should punch you or hug you or praise you or kill you or what. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer nearly the whole time. I don't know if I'll EVER recover from that. What a mind-fuck! And other kinds of fucks!"

He stared at Alan some more, then impulsively gave him a hug. But both of them were naked, and as they realized this fact they jerked away from each other, ending the hug nearly before it began.

Alan sat down on the floor and leaned back against the bed, exhausted, while Sean flopped on the bed and the others plopped down and collapsed elsewhere in the room. Sean covered his crotch up with the corner of a bed sheet, but Alan had been naked far too often lately to bother with covering up.

Alan said wearily, "Sean, I know you must be confused right now. This is like shock therapy. You saw how much of a slut Heather truly is. But did you see the good side of her, too? I did. It comes out sometimes when her ass is full. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true."

"I did! I saw it," Sean enthused, happy to be talking about that positive point. "And I can't wait to make her feel that way and bring that out of her. But dude. Why did you trap me in there with Joy and Janice? That was seriously over the top."

Alan looked around to Joy and Janice. Both of them had broad smiles. It was clear they'd had a good time.

Then he focused his attention back on Sean. "My friend, are you telling me you didn't enjoy that? Don't even answer. I can see from your face and all the sweat and cum on everybody that you had a good time. That was all part of the plan. I just want everyone to be happy. Oh. And before I forget, I explained to Heather as she and I were walking out just now that Janice and Joy were in the closet and were getting off on just watching. She knew someone was in there, so I had to say something. Clever girl that she is, she'll look for and find Janice's car on the street, but she doesn't know what your bike looks like as she hardly knows you at all, so she'll have no idea a guy was in there too."

"Wait a minute," Sean said. "Is it true what Janice told me about some kind of list? You're at the top and Heather's at the bottom?"

Joy added, "Yeah. Is that true? Or is that just a sexy turn-on like Heather not covering her ass in school?"

Alan replied, "It's true, if you all want it to be. I've been giving this a lot of consideration, figuring out how to keep Heather on the path to some kind of correction. I think it'll work better as a team effort. She needs her pride broken, so the more you all sexually use and abuse her, the better. Plus, this way, as a sexual team, we don't have to worry about sexual diseases."

He didn't add that really a key reason for his new list idea was the football team attacks on him and the need to gain allies to fight back. That explanation would come later, once they got used to the list idea.

Janice asked, "But what about Joy's boyfriend, Dean? And what if I want to have a boyfriend? I have one more often than not. Or Kim? Or Simone?"

Alan explained, "Dean doesn't know yet, but Joy told me that they have an open relationship." He looked to Joy for confirmation and she nodded. "That's one lucky thing that would make this work. I'm sure Dean is going to be very pleased with the setup, given the male-female ratio in the S-Club and the quality of the females involved."

He winked, and the girls gave a bashful but pleased reaction. "Anyone else can play the field to find their own serious boyfriend, but if you get to the point in heavy petting where you could transmit a sexual disease, no matter how tiny the odds or the contraception used, stop there. Only take the next step if you think it's going to be a really serious relationship and if you think the person would be into an open relationship. Then the rest of us should vote on if that new guy or girl should join. And I have veto power, because I feel like it. Does everyone agree to that?"

Alan looked around the room, and watched the three girls and Sean nod.

Then Joy asked, "But what if I have plans to have sex with my boyfriend Dean, and you come along and want to fuck me right then?"

"Then Dean will have to wait. Dean may be your boyfriend, but as long as you're in the S-Club, I have top control of your body and will do with it what I like. If you have a problem with that, you can always leave. But that's not likely to happen very often. I'm very busy. Anyways, if you had a chance to fuck Dean or me, who would you pick?"


Joy blushed as she lay back on one of the couches and recalled the intensity of her recent fucking. "You. Hands down."

Alan winked at Joy. "See? Non-issue."

Sean, rather bewildered by all of this, said, "Dude, Alan, when did you get so, well, cocky? You used to be Mr. Go-with-the-Flow. And now you're like, 'I have veto power, because I feel like it.' It's just strange."

"Sean, believe me, I'm not naturally like this. I'm not some kind of hedonist at all. I just keep getting drawn into more and more sexual stuff because, well, I don't really know why it happens, but these things keep happening to me. Things come my way, and it's too pleasurable to say no. But as long as all this is happening, there needs to be some kind of order. The only way it'll work is if I take charge, so I'm taking charge. Believe me, I'm NOT happy about this. It's a struggle, a constant struggle. With Heather, it's an all out war, and I have to win every single battle, or I'll end up HER bitch."

Recalling what he'd learned at lunch, he added, "I think the only way I've managed to stay on top until now is that I had no clue about just how powerful she is in the school. If I'd have known, I probably never would have dared to touch her in the first place. I just thought she was a hot bitch. Literally."

Kim commented, "Alan, you're the alpha male now. Not just kind of, but all the way. You've even handled the likes of Heather, which shows you can get any girl you want. And with a troop of apes, the alpha male gets all the females, doesn't he?"

"Yes," Alan admitted, "but I don't want to be fending off challengers for the rest of my life." The desk painting incident from earlier was naturally at the forefront of his mind as he said this. "I just want peace, stability, and happiness. I need the support of guys like Sean and Dean, and the support of all of you. I want to keep everyone so happy that they'll never want another arrangement. Sean, I'm really hoping that you'll be able to take Heather off my hands, because frankly, she's my biggest problem right now, although I do have others." The scratches on his knee and elbow were an easy reminder of another big problem for him.

Janice joked, "You want peace, stability, happiness, oh... and your own high school harem of primo pussy."

Everyone laughed. But then Alan said, "True, but also not true. I'm getting extremely primo pussy back in my neighborhood, what with Amy next door, some amazing older women nearby, a new sexy woman with tits out to here" - he held his hands far out in front of his chest - "who seems to want to be my slave, and all kinds of other stuff."

Alan continued, "Frankly, I'm looking more to change to a kind of emeritus status with this S-Club group. I need to focus more on my core group."

"Emeritus?" Joy asked, perplexed.

"That means like I'm kicked upstairs to a more symbolic post and I leave the day to day running of things to others." He looked at Sean significantly. "I'll just come by once in a while to see how things are going. Maybe poke around a bit." He winked to let everyone know he intended the double meaning of "poke around".

Janice joked, "Boy, Alan, you really have it tough. 'Sir.'" She said the latter in an excellent parody of Heather's voice.

Alan said a bit defensively, "I don't know why everyone enjoys having sex with me so much, but they do, so I'm going to enjoy it to the max while I can."

Janice snorted in disbelief. "Sheesh! That's a hard one to figure. Joy, can you possibly imagine why girls like to get fucked by this guy?"

Joy joked, "I think it's his haircut."

Kim laughed. "Yeah. Definitely his haircut." She made air quotes around the word haircut because his hair, while fairly short, was quite unruly.

Alan conceded, "So I like sex and I'm good at it. Is that so wrong? Maybe I'm being a bit greedy, but I want everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun, and no big psychodramas or heartbreaks. That's why I'm taking a firm hand, to prevent chaos. You all are free to walk away at any time. I don't want to force anyone to do anything. I'm just trying to make it too much fun for anyone to want to stop."

There was silence for a while.

Alan was contemplating his various sexual "burdens" and risks.

Sean was mostly thinking about Alan's comment that he needed Sean to take care of Heather. He was still in a wistful mood thinking about his shattered perception of Heather, and the possibility of sex with others seemed unreal and unimportant at the moment.

The girls, to varying degrees, were wondering why they couldn't be the alpha female, and what that would be like if they could.

Then Janice, who had the most feisty personality of the three girls, asked Alan, "Why is it Sean and Dean are a level above all the girls? I mean, for one thing, Dean and Joy are boyfriend-girlfriend."

"Good question. The way I figure, below my level, there are two guys and five girls. Six girls, if you count Amy, but I hope it goes without saying that she's only allowed to take part if I'm the only guy or there's no guy. Seven, if my sister wants to take part in all-girl activity."

He lied, to deflect any suspicion of incest, "But she's so prudish and straight that I can't imagine that happening." He continued, "So it's simple supply and demand. If the sexual ratio gets more even, then we'll come to a new arrangement. Dean and Joy can do whatever they want together, but Dean has to share Joy in order to enjoy the other girls. Joy has told me he'll be more than willing to do that, won't he?"

Joy nodded, but before she could reply, Kim blurted out, "I think you've more than earned the top spot, Alan. You just gave me the fuck of my life, and then you turned around and nearly fucked Heather to death! No offense, Sean, I like you a lot, but Alan's on top. That's just a fact. That's simple supply and demand, too."

Janice agreed with a nod, and added, "Not to mention stuff like having Joy and I hide in the closet and surprise Sean. That was so much fun once we got past the boring waiting part, but who else would think up and actually implement something like that except Alan? But Alan, I just hope you're not too serious about this emeritus thing."

"Yeah!" Kim agreed. "Alan, you control our pussies now. But we're going to get restless and the whole thing will fall apart if you don't 'poke around' here quite a lot." She wanted to say much more about her feelings for Alan, which were growing daily, but she restrained herself because she didn't want to say too much in front of the others.

Alan looked a bit pained. "I'll try. I never wanted or expected to be alpha anything. I fear that I've gotten too greedy and involved with too many women, and this is all going to blow up in my face someday soon. I do need to lower my profile for a while. Listen. I'm opening up and laying it all out on the table here. Anyone here could screw it up and ruin it for everyone. I'm relying on your trust and your discretion, not to mention your own self-interest. Let's not blow a good thing. I need allies, and I need your support to keep our special sex club alive."

There were more nods. But everyone was too tired to talk much, or even move. They all just lay there for a while, stretched out and naked.

After a while everyone started to revive, except for Alan. With so many naked, attractive, and horny teens in one room, all with most of the afternoon left to kill, the prospect of more sex was a near certainty.

But Alan didn't want any part of it, as he was saving himself for his mother. He knew Susan would be waiting, ready to give him a very warm welcome home from school. So he said to the others, "I hate to be a killjoy, but I really need to take a nap and rest up a bit before I go home. My energy level is crashing. Kim, can I go sleep in another room?"

Kim nodded.

Alan stood up. "The afternoon is still young for the rest of you. Maybe the three of you would like to get to know Sean a little bit better. Or each other, for that matter." He winked at Sean.

Sean really wanted to talk at length with Alan in private; he felt like crying in despair, and also for joy at the same time. Mostly, he couldn't get the image of the radiant "good" Heather out of his mind, and he didn't know what to do about those feelings. But Alan looked wiped out, so he decided to save that talk for later.

Alan made his way to the only other bedroom in the house and lay down to rest. He closed his eyes and began to drift off after a few minutes, but then it occurred to him that he should set an alarm to make sure he didn't sleep too long. So he roused himself and went back to Kim's room to ask for an alarm clock.

But when he looked into Kim's room, he immediately began to reconsider his nap plan.

Sean was literally smothered in female flesh. The whole group had hit a second wind, and they were going at it with abandon. Sean was fucking Janice with a steady rhythm, while the lightweight Kim was draped over his back like a fur coat, her hands roaming all over him, and Joy was feeding one of her nipples into Sean's mouth.


Janice noticed Alan watching before anyone else did, since she happened to be facing the doorway. She said, panting, "Alan, we need help! Look at all these holes that need filling! Have you ever done a double penetration on a girl with another guy? I think I need to be your first customer. Look at my mouth. It needs a filling of sweet cock-meat. Forget that silly nap. Take me right here, right now! Or do me in the ass while Sean fills my pussy. Come on!"

Alan wavered.

Sean pulled away from sucking on Joy's nipples and said, "The girl does make a persuasive case. Come on, mi amigo. If you don't help out, these three are going to kill me with their loving!"

"Well..." Alan said hesitantly, his resolve weakening by the second. "I suppose one little blowjob never hurt anyone. God knows I'm a sucker for blowjobs. But I really don't have time to linger. I have some important things going on at home."

"Mmmm hmm," Janice replied with an amused voice. "We'll see about that. Now come on over here. I imagine a stud like you has had a double blowjob lots of times. But have you ever had three tongues on your prick at once?"

"Ooooooh," Alan said, smiling broadly now as he relished that possibility. "The girl does make a persuasive case indeed." He closed the door behind him and stepped forward towards the pile of tangled flesh.

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