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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 101
Long Train Runnin'
Day 72: Tuesday, November 26

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan was folding laundry when the telephone rang. She was wearing nothing but a sexy apron in anticipation of Alan arriving home. She rushed to the living room, where the nearest receiver was, holding her barely supported breasts to keep them from bouncing all over. She stopped and picked up the phone, but left an arm underneath her hefty rack. "Plummer residence."

"Susan! My mistress Susan! Thank God!" It was Brenda. Her voice sounded panicky.


"Hi Brenda. Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, it's horrible! Just horrible! I'm so horny and frustrated and there's not a damn thing I can do about it!"

Susan smiled. Apparently there was no real emergency, just the usual hunger for cock that afflicted everyone in Alan's harem. "Why not?"

Brenda whimpered. "You know why. I hate to sound the tiniest bit like an ungrateful slave, but it's so hard not being allowed into your house on Tuesdays. I've been climbing up the walls all day! Furthermore, I'll have to wait aaaalll the way until tomorrow night before I can tell Master Alan that I'm going to fully dedicate my life to sexually serving him and his family. It's torture! Pure torture!" She squealed in agonized distress, "I need his thick fuckmeat in me this very instant or I'm going to DIE!"

Susan said sympathetically, "I know exactly how you feel. Exactly! Especially the craving for a long pounding of thick Alan fuckmeat; after you've had it once, it's a constant craving that never dies." She clenched and unclenched her naked ass cheeks as she savored that thought.

"I know! I have that craving already!" Brenda wailed in frustration.

"Yeah, well, that's because he's fucked you good! Just wait until AFTER he starts pumping your hot cunt to overflowing on a regular basis. You think you're suffering now? Ha!"

"But I AM suffering!" she whined.

Susan said more sympathetically, "I know. Just hang in there."

"But it's HARD!" Brenda whined some more.

"It IS! And thick and long and tasty, too!" Susan joked. It was hardly the most original joke in the world, but it cracked both of them up.

That eased Brenda's tension some, so Susan continued more seriously, "Today hasn't been the best of days for me either. Even though it's a Tuesday, here it is, nearly four o'clock, and my son hasn't deposited a single load on me or in me, or practically even near me! Angel got to sleep with him all night last night and got a big deposit of his morning sperm load to boot, and then he rushed off to fuck some high school pussy before classes started. Then last night he said something about having an SA-Club meeting after school, which is mostly a collection of cheerleaders and other hotties dedicated to servicing his penis. And naturally, 'SA' stands for 'Servicing Alan!'"

Brenda already knew about the SA-Club and what the 'SA' stood for, due to her frequent phones calls with Susan, but she loved being reminded about it just the same. "OH MY LORD! That's so exciting!"

"I know! How can I resist a boy who has all the sexiest, bustiest girls in school under his heel?"

"You can't, Susan; you can't! Oh Jesus! I'm... I'm... I'm playing with myself already! Not that it's even slightly surprising, knowing him! I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T have a collection of big-titted hotties at his beck and call at school! How do you think he does it?"

Susan was bursting with pride as she theorized, "Well, I imagine he scouts the school for the sexiest girls he can find. You know, the ones with the sultry faces, curvy and fit bodies, and of course the hugest, shapeliest tits. Then he'll invite her to the SA-Club without explaining what that means. She'll go, thinking it's some kind of extracurricular club that she can use to pad her resume and get into a good college. Only she'll show up and find my Tiger in the center of a bevy of naked busty babes, all taking turns on his cock!"

Brenda interrupted. "Oh God, oh God! That's HOT! She'll be shocked, but she'll see there's no way to resist!" Without realizing it, she started speaking as if this new recruit was her. "The other girls will all rip my clothes off and tie my hands behind my back! Then, naked and on my knees, I'll be forced to suck Master Alan's magnificent prick while the others all stand around and watch! They'll all groan with desire as he shoots a big load of his tasty cream down my throat!"

Susan moaned agreeably. "Mmmm! Yes! So tasty!"

Brenda enthused, "But that'll just be the beginning! Since I'm the new recruit, he's gotta fully break me in! Break my spirit, break my will to resist! He'll take me in every hole, totally taming my body, my mind, and my SOUL!"

With fingers pulling on her clit, Brenda was rapidly approaching orgasm. But she suddenly remembered that she was on the phone with Susan and added in a sheepish tone, "Um, at least, that's what I think would happen. Is that what happens?"

Susan chuckled, even though she too was busy frigging herself and getting close to her own climax "I noticed you changed that from talking about a girl to talking about you."

That embarrassed Brenda, but she said, "Well, it could be me, couldn't it? ... Hey! Do you think he'd let me join? For real?!"

"You could ask, but I really doubt it. Anyway, I don't really know what happens at these SA-Club meetings, but I have to assume it's something like what you described. After all, who could resist? Who would WANT to resist?"

"Not me!"

Susan sighed. "But there's a downside in having such a studly son, when my pussy and nipples, and heck, my entire body, throbs with need waiting for him to come home. Who knows how much teen twat he'll be fucking for how long before he finally gets around to me?"

"God, that's so HOT!" Brenda wailed with excitement. "He's totally putting you in your place, isn't he? Making you wait, making you beg!"

"He IS!" Susan agreed, finding her frustration highly exciting and arousing when it was put that way. Her fingers pulled on her nub and she gasped, "I'm gonna cum!"

Brenda gasped, "Me too! I'm totally WET already! I'm soaked! He's such a stud! He's... he's... Well, I can't even put into words what he is and what that does to me. 'Stud' just doesn't cut it!"

"I know, Brenda, and I agree one thousand percent! How can I stay angry at him when he's just so sexually overpowering? I just have to do what I'm told, and so do you! There needs to be a better word than just 'stud.'"

Brenda breathlessly suggested, "What about 'fuck lord'?!"

"I appreciate your enthusiasm, but let's not get sacreligious."

"No, not THAT kind of lord, I mean 'the lord of the manor' kind of lord. As in lords and ladies."

Susan's face brightened. "Oh! Right! I like the sound of that!"

"Yes! Master Alan! My Fuck Lord!" In Brenda's mind the words were capitalized, as if referring to a deity. "Can you imagine him saying, 'I am your lord and master?!'" She shivered lustily, because the phrase "lord and master" held an extra erotic thrill for her.

"OOOH!" Susan shivered lustily as well. She'd heard Brenda describe her pivotal "lord and master" conversation many times, and that phrase was starting to thrill her as well.

"You're not mad at him, are you? A Fuck Lord like him NEEDS to spread his seed around!"

Susan could feel her pussy quivering as her orgasm rushed over her. "Oh God! It's true! It's true! He's going to FUCK them all, and probably impregnate them for good measure! AAAIIIEEE!"

Brenda had been holding back, just barely, waiting for Susan. But upon hearing that, she gave in to her lusty feelings and came hard. She screamed loudly into the phone with an incoherent wail.

After a minute or two, Brenda recovered enough to say into the general direction of the phone, "Wow. Phew! That was just what I needed. Even when our master isn't around, he fucks me so good!"

"Ain't that the truth," Susan agreed, managing to sit back up. "Every day, I have more orgasms just thinking about him than I do actually with him, and probably most of them are when I'm talking with you. But it's just not the same. I'm still climbing the walls. I mean, I'm absolutely undeniably climbing the walls! Brenda, tomorrow night is your special time with your unveiling as house maid and everything, but Tuesdays are supposed to be MY time. You and I just have to cope during these tragically unfucked and unfondled hours."

Brenda grunted needfully.

Susan fidgeted, but that only caused her to rub her legs together and made her more aroused. Fighting the rising desire, she said firmly, "We have to be strong!"

"But how, Susan, how? He's just so dreamy and dominating. All I can do is think about serving him, helping him cum, feeling his thick cock sliding into my-"

Susan cut her off before she could get both of them too excited again. She replied in as calm a voice she could muster, "Well, for instance, you know how Suzanne and I enjoy passing much of each morning exercising, and I've told you how that makes his time in school go by a lot faster. In fact, today we exercised for over three hours!"


"No. Off and on. But regardless, it feels good to know that I'm making my body more fuckable and sexually pleasing to my son with every weight I lift, every mile I run."

"Ooh! That's really sexy! I'll bet you look really sexy doing it, too!"


"We do! Lately, we've been taking pictures of ourselves working out from time to time, because we look and feel so sexy and it's not fair that Tiger doesn't get to see us like that. In fact, I have one of Suzanne over here somewhere. Ah, yes." She picked up a photo. "Do I love her body or what?! What a body..." She lost herself staring at the photo.

But Brenda brought her back to Earth. "I wish I could see all that with my own eyes."

"Yeah, well, I'll show you some next time you come over. But my point is, we not only do the usual workout stuff, which we've been doing for years, but in recent weeks we've also been practicing our Kegel muscle control to better squeeze and please Tiger's cock with our tight cunts, deep throating and other cocksucking techniques to please his cock, working on anal muscle control, which also helps please his cock... In fact, pretty much everything we do is designed to better please his cock one way or another."

"That's so brilliant!" Brenda stated very firmly as she started to play with her pussy lips some more, "And as it should be."

Susan sighed happily, cupping the sensitive undersides of her breasts. "It makes me feel so good, knowing that every single day, I'm becoming a better sex toy mommy." She hefted her boobs up as if showing them off for her son. "And Suzanne and I usually help each other get a few orgasms in, which helps take the edge off of waiting a little bit. Just like with you, whenever talk about all the things Tiger's done to us recently, it's almost as good as really doing it all over again." She'd been hoping to talk about something calm and non-sexual, but belatedly realized her topic didn't exactly help matters.

"That sounds great," Brenda sighed. She longed to ask if she could join in future workout sessions, and Susan might have been receptive to the idea, but Brenda felt that as house slave it wasn't her place to ask for such things. However, she resolved to start working out on her own immediately. She'd never lost her baby fat, and she worried sometimes that she was too chubby, even though she hadn't gained any weight in years.

She frowned as she imagined neither Alan nor Adrian desiring her. "But I don't have what you have with Suzanne. Worse, Adrian is home from school already, looking so cute and fuckable. How I long to suck his balls dry to mark time until I can be with my master. My Fuck Lord!"

Her own use of this new phrase caused Brenda to suddenly pant so much that she had to take a few moments to calm her voice. "Like you, I need something to take the edge off, and I've discovered cocksucking makes me feel so peaceful and content. It's like having a pacifier in my mouth. I could suck cock for hours! Days on end!"

The idea of sucking on Alan's cock for days without stopping got Susan so excited that she suddenly lost her remaining cool and grabbed at her pussy again. Since she was wearing nothing but an apron, there was little impediment for her to reach her dripping slit. "Oh! Me too! Me too! I've told you how I find cocksucking so calming, even as it's endlessly exciting. How is it the same with you?"

"I don't know. It just is."

After a few moments, Susan cooled down a bit and pointed out, "Brenda, you and I are so similar in so many ways. It's our big tits, I think. You know my Big Tits Theory."

"Know it? My mistress, that theory has become the guiding credo and code for my entire life! I just hope he's knocked off a couple dozen of the sexiest girls in that club of his, so they can all learn the truth too."

"Knocked off? Do you mean knocked up?"

"SUSAN! Good God! That's so sexy! Yes, knocked up! I hope he knocks them up right there in his classes, while everybody else just stands and stares! Wouldn't that be great? Can you just imagine DOZENS of the sexiest girls in the school, all walking around with fat bellies, all proudly admitting that Master Alan is the daddy?" She had to pause for breath because she found that idea so arousing.

Susan gasped with pleasure as she frigged herself with her free hand. "Oh, I agree, totally! That would be SO HOT!" But then she said in a sadder voice, "If only Tiger could breed me. Sometimes I feel so... useless. What I wouldn't give to have him breed me!"

Knowing from previous experience that that topic tended to greatly depress Susan, Brenda quickly changed the topic. "What are you wearing?"

"Oh, it's my erotic-apron look. You know, just an apron and nothing else. It never fails to get Tiger thick and hard, and it doesn't get in the way of any of my 'naughty bits' at all." She could hear the sound of rubbing fabric from Brenda's line. She asked with an increasingly ragged voice, "What about you? Are you naked?"


Brenda looked down at her black dress in frustration. It was on so tight that she didn't have good pussy access, forcing her to rub herself through her clothes or lift her dress up. "No, sadly. Suzanne won't even let me walk around topless when Adrian is around. I've probably ruined this dress, I've gotten so wet... But I'll fix that! I'll be back in a minute! Oh, and switch to a speaker phone! I know I will!"

Susan chuckled because it wasn't her intention to get Brenda naked; she'd just wanted to hear a sexy description of what her bosomy friend was wearing and doing.

Both Susan and Brenda rushed off to find their speaker phones. Susan's was located on the wall by the kitchen counter, and she made it there quickly.

Brenda took longer undressing, so Susan kept herself busy playing with her clit, slit, and boobs. She didn't take the apron off, but just moved it more out of the way. She was soaking wet between the thighs already.


Finally, Susan heard a very breathy, excited, and totally naked Brenda returned to the phone.

"Mistress, sorry that took a bit. We have video monitors all over the house now, as you know, and I don't want Adrian listening in. He's taking a nap right now, but I have to assume he could wake up and spy on me at any time. I had to disconnect the speaker phone from another room and bring it into my bedroom closet, the one place I can go where he can't see."

"The one place? Don't you want some privacy?"

"Absolutely not. Why should I? How can I serve my master or my son if I'm hidden in my room? Plus, it's so damn hot to be on constant display, always knowing he could be looking at me, even if he isn't! It makes me feel like a sex object all day long."

Susan couldn't disagree with that sentiment. "That sounds pretty nice, I must admit. But what about your bathroom? I assume you have privacy there, right?"

"No! Especially not the bathroom! I get so wet knowing that Aidy's probably jacking off most every time I take a shower. And you should see how much I get into my showers lately as a result. God, it's so good! I could lather up my tits and ass for hours, knowing that my son is watching - you should try it!"

"I think I will! Truth be told, we've hardly begun to tap the video surveillance possibilities over here, though Suzanne and I did watch the footage of Tiger fucking Angel this morning after they left for school, when we were doing our morning workouts. But I'd want privacy when I go to the toilet, at least."

"Well, actually, that is the one other private spot. When Mistress Suzanne helped with the installation, she made sure there was no camera pointing in the toilet seat area, since that's separate from the bathtub area. She said she didn't want Adrian to get some kind of weird water sports fixation. She's such a wise mistress. But other than the toilet and my walk-in closet where I have my computer set up, his eyes can follow my body just about everywhere I go! Frankly, I get horny just remembering that I have no privacy, that my every move is on display for his lustful eyes, that he could be shooting hot spunk into the air while looking at me at any given second! Even if he's not home, I walk with an extra bounce in my step and an extra jiggle in my tits, knowing that he theoretically COULD be watching."

"Good Lord!" Susan breathed heavily. "That does sound really hot! Total devotion. Total submission. Total nakedness! I love it. We still have many rooms in this house not under video surveillance. I'm going to have to see about changing that. Although I don't know if the others would agree, especially Suzanne. Heck, and probably Tiger, too. Oh, poo! But in any case, you were talking about stuffing your son's cock down your throat for hours and hours! Let's get back to that. Tell me more!"

"Sadly, it's just talk at this point. I can't even so much as fondle his dick yet, much less give him my tits to plow and plunder. GOD, I'd love to get titfucked by my son all afternoon! But Mistress Suzanne won't let me do anything!"

"What?! Why not? Surely she knows that good mommies fuck their sons. Why, that's practically the very definition of a good mommy. That's what we do! That's why Suzanne and I and everyone agreed to give you a special exception so you could fuck Adrian until he gets a worthy girlfriend. Surely Suzanne would understand that you need to take the edge off when Alan isn't around, and you'll be helping Adrian mature at the same time. So why wait?"

"I know, I know! But Mistress Suzanne said yesterday that I have to slowly seduce him. She says that I've got to draw it out and slowly teach him all along that Master Alan's sexual needs come first. She says it'll be tough for Adrian to understand that his mother is a sex slave willingly owned and controlled by some strange eighteen year old boy. I can see she has a point there. Since Adrian is male, he'll have trouble quickly recognizing my master's natural sexual superiority, and Alan's need to have a large harem of nothing but the sexiest big-titted nymphos around, including me. In fact, Adrian might find the whole thing completely absurd and do something crazy. He's naturally going to wonder why his mommy doesn't spend all her time fucking her own son."

"Naturally!" Over the last two months, Susan had come to consider mother-son incest almost a moral imperative for nearly any family. Neither she nor Brenda had any idea how absurd their conversation might sound to an outsider.


"So it's complicated, my mistress. Suzanne's got a whole progression of seduction steps planned out for me. But it's going to take forever, it seems! I hate to be so uppity, but I want my Pooh Bear filling my tight, needy hole right now! Good God! I've got a big dildo in me at this very moment, but it's just not the same! I want flesh and blood! More than anything, I want Master Alan's eight inches! But all I've got is this double-headed plastic thing."

"I'm so with you, Brenda. I hardly even use dildos any more unless someone's pushing it in me, because after you've been to heaven, nothing else comes close." She looked down at her own fingers pushing in and out of her steamy hole and sighed at how inadequate they were. "But you were saying?"

"Yeah. My frustration! Between my having to stay away from Alan AND Adrian AND the Plummer house altogether, today has been sheer living hell. I'm sorry to take up your precious time with my petty problems, but I just had to vent to someone. Please forgive me, Mistress!"

"Don't worry, I don't mind," Susan said honestly. "In fact, this is just the kind of thing to help take my mind off waiting around for my well-hung son to return to me."

"Oh, Mistress! You're far too kind." Then, after a long pause, Brenda asked, "Susan, I haven't known you very long, but I already consider you my best friend. So tell me: do you ever have doubts about endlessly serving your master as a sex toy?"

Susan asked, "Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious."

"Brenda, may I remind you that we don't have any choice in the matter. That's what the Big Tits Theory says. We were born this way, born to serve. Just like a lion is born to eat meat and a lamb is born to eat grass, we were born to suck and fuck. But even if there WAS a choice, I wouldn't change a thing. I've never been happier in my life."

She went on, "That said, of course I've had my doubts, and I still do sometimes. I have pangs of guilt from remembering that I'm still a married woman, or thinking about what my parents or siblings might think if they knew about my new lifestyle, that sort of thing. I especially wonder from time to time if I can square my lifestyle with being a good Christian. But those kinds of feelings are usually fleeting, and as each day passes, they bother me less and less. What about you?"

Brenda replied, "You're so right, as usual. Times like this, the waiting, it's so frustrating. I have my doubts too, especially during these between times when we just wait and wait. But I'm just like you in that my doubts seem to be lessening day by day. Except for the problem of having sex with Alan and Adrian at the same time. I know that's going to be big trouble before long."

Susan said, "You're almost certainly right about that. But never fear. Alan and Suzanne will manage to overcome whatever problems arise. They're really good at that. Don't forget your true nature. You were made for sex. Just lovingly serve your master and seduce your son, according to plan, and keep Alan and Suzanne informed so they can make adjustments as need be."

"Sounds good. Thanks for the reassurance." Brenda loved how much she and Susan were on the same wavelength.


"Just a minute." Susan stopped fondling herself and looked around, because she thought she'd heard something over the sound of her own pussy squishing noises. "Ah. Amy! How ya doing?"

"M'kay!" Amy stood behind Susan, only a short distance away. She hadn't been hiding, and in fact she'd been quietly standing there a while now. It was just that she didn't want to interrupt while Susan was talking on the phone. She'd wanted to fool around with her original mother a bit, but Suzanne was busy and had sent her off to the Plummer house.

Susan resumed groping her own left breast and pistoning fingers in and out of her pussy as she asked Amy, "Do you have a question for me or something?"

"Nope. Sorry for butting in. I'm just bored. Waiting for tonight, waiting for my O.B."

Susan laughed. "Join the party! That's Brenda on the speaker phone. We both have the waiting for Alan blues. Why don't you listen in? She's about to tell me the latest about her seduction of her son Adrian. Brenda?"

Brenda sighed. "Hi, Mistress Amy. Susan's exaggerating, unfortunately. I don't really have any good stories to tell. I was just telling her that Suzanne wants my seduction of Aidy to go slow. So I have to hold back. And I have my maid living here. Anika. Have either of you met her?"

Amy and Susan both said "No."

Amy added, "I haven't even met Adrian. I've only seen a photo." She began talking off her clothes as she said this.

"Well," Brenda said with resignation, "Anika is wonderful. She's an older lady from Austria, and I kind of think of her as my grandmother. But she's also like my conscience made flesh. She's very old school, very European. Very strict. She knows all about my lust for my son and is fine with it." She didn't realize how contradictory this would sound to a typical person.

She continued, "She doesn't have any sons of her own, but nonetheless she recognizes Aidy and I share something special, something that needs to be shared physically. So normally she would be a big help for me. The only problem is, Suzanne has recruited Anika to sort of be her eyes and ears to make sure my seduction doesn't go too fast. It's so frustrating! I feel like I'm on a short leash, and I don't mean that in the good rape and spank your helpless sex slave on a leash kind of way!"

Susan laughed, and then replied, "But knowing you, you must have done something. Tell me what happened- oh! Sorry. Amy surprised me. She's dropped to her knees and started licking my ass crack. Where was I?"

"You want me to tell you what happened today?"

"Exactly. Oh yessss! AMY! Where did you learn to do that?"

Amy was rimming Susan's anus while running a finger across a sensitive spot in the perineum, the space between Susan's pussy and ass. She answered, "Nowhere special, Mom. I'm just really into asses these days, after what Alan did to me last night."

"Ah. Well, don't stop. I've got my front side covered for now. Brenda, you were saying?"

The loud squishing sounds coming from Brenda's line died down a bit as she resumed talking. "Oh, yes. So when I got up this morning I was going to make breakfast for Adrian naked. Actually, I should say help Anika make breakfast. She really does everything and I supervise. Ever since I've been de facto divorced I really don't have anything to do all day except fantasize about Master Alan, and now my son too. But I digress. Anika asked me what my excuse for being naked at breakfast would be, and of course I didn't have one. So I had to put on something to wear. I chose the skimpiest bathing suit I could find. She allowed that, since I could claim that I was going to go swimming once he left for school."

Amy switched from licking Susan's ass down to her pussy, and then back again.


Susan was so overcome that she had to brace herself up against the wall to remain standing. She said between heavy breaths, "You should try the erotic apron look for breakfast. That's what I wear most every morning, and my Tiger never gets tired of it. Just an apron and nothing else. It's good for cooking AND raising cocks."

"But don't you see, Mistress Susan?" Brenda complained. "I can't even do that, because I can't give a plausible non-sexual excuse for wearing just that. Ad-"

"GOD! Amy's tongue is so far inside me! Jesus, Amy! Oops. Sorry for interrupting, Brenda. It's like she's stuffed her entire head inside my ass crack."

"That's okay. I wish I could be there right now to see it. So much! ... Where was I? Oh yeah. Adrian isn't even supposed to know how badly I want him buried up to his balls in the hole he came out of. It's so aggravating! So I did the best I could. I wore this one bathing suit I just bought the other day. It's fairly normal at the bottom, a real high cut and practically a G-string in the back, but the top is strange. A thin strip of cloth rises from the bottom piece at the hip, then goes over a nipple and not much else, crosses over the back, then goes back down over the other nipple and attaches at the other hip. It looks like a big red X from the front. There are no shoulder straps at all."

"No shoulder straps?" Susan asked. "How on Earth does it stay on? That can't give much support at all, and you need a LOT of support."

"It doesn't!" Brenda announced happily. "All you have to do is look at it funny and the top comes right off. That's why it's my new favorite suit. And as for support, rather than hold my tits down, it actually causes them to bounce and protrude even more than if I was buck naked. So I was pretty happy with wearing it. Anika grumbled though. She said, 'Vatch out. Remember, don't disappoint dat Suzanne voman.' I should mention my maid has the cutest Austrian accent. I can't really do it justice. But in any case, when Adrian walks into the kitchen area and sees me like that, he flips out. But not in a good way. He's suspicious. He says, 'Ma, what's going on? Yesterday, you dressed so... well... unusual. And today you're just the same. You never dressed this revealingly when there was a huge heat wave, but it's November already. I don't get it.'"

Brenda continued, "I had to sit down and explain some things to him. I said, 'Pooh Bear,' - that's my little nickname for him, by the way, since he loved Winnie the Pooh when he was a baby - 'Pooh Bear, you may have noticed I've been acting differently these past couple of weeks.' He agreed to that. Then I explained, 'It's because I have a new man in my life.' He expressed shock, and pointed out that my divorce still wasn't finalized. I said that didn't matter and that if I'd been happily married I would have had to divorce my husband just the same, once I'd met my new man. My new love means everything to me. Then I said, 'Furthermore, he's an incredible sexual dynamo. Since I've started seeing him, all I can think about is sex! I get so excited I just want to run around naked all day, thinking of my new love.'"

"Uh-oh," Susan commented.

"Yep. Naturally, Adrian was upset about this. Deep in his heart, he hoped that he would be the only man in his mother's life. I never would have understood this until I met you all, but now I can see more of what's going on in his head. Now I know he has a serious case of that Oedipal urge, probably like most sons with sexy mommies. I wanted to kiss him so hard and so long for loving me in that carnal way, but then I looked at Anika with her disapproving, wrinkly scowl. Agonizingly, the only thing I knew Anika would allow me was a hug, so I hugged my Pooh Bear tight for a long time and managed to rub my boobs all over his chest until Anika finally gave me a swift kick in the shins. But then came the hard part. I had to break it to him that sometimes there are very special men like Alan who are entitled to take and fuck any women they want, any time they want, even big-titted mothers hot for their sons."

"Did you actually tell him that?" Susan asked, excitedly. She absolutely loved hearing other experiences of mother-son incest and hearing about her son's sexual prowess was even better, so she was in seventh heaven. The fact that Amy's tongue was in her ass crack and keeping her on the edge of a climax naturally improved her enjoyment of the story.

"Sadly, no. I didn't need a kick or a 'Vatch it!' from Anika to know that it wasn't time yet to tell him all of that."

"Yeah," Susan noted, "It can't be easy for other males to accept Tiger's natural superiority. There's bound to be some resentment."

"Yes. Sad, but true. So instead, I stood up and began pacing around the dining table where he sat. Not only was I trying to wobble and jiggle and sashay around to subtly show that I was a horny mother in serious need of a good son-cock stuffing, I was also stalling for time to think. I'm not good at these kinds of things. I just want action! But finally, I said, 'Aidy, you'll come to understand my new love in time. It doesn't mean I love you any less. In fact, he's already taught me how to appreciate you much more than before.' My Pooh Bear looked puzzled, but I didn't explain what I meant, exactly. Instead, I said, 'As I said, my lover is extremely sexual, and he wants me to be very sexual. So that's why I've started to wear things like this.' I came up with that on the spot, but it seemed to me that was a better excuse for my scandalous outfit than just saying I was going to go swimming."

"Good thinking."

"Thanks. I ran my hand over my body as if I were a model pointing out the various attributes of the bathing suit. But I was puzzled because he stared at me open mouthed. I thought maybe my words had been too shocking until I realized that he was staring at nothing but my right boob. I looked down and realized that the strap had fallen off my right nipple, and was only precariously hanging onto the other one because my nipples protrude so much. Like I said earlier, it doesn't take much to get that top to fall off, and I guess just walking a few steps did the trick."

"Cool! I want one!" Amy said happily, as she briefly rested from her licking.

"Me too, dear," Susan chimed in. "Suzanne keeps telling me that it's sexier to wear a little than nothing at all. I'm sure Brenda will tell us where to go to buy that kind of thing, but for now let's not interrupt her story too much. Okay?"

"M'kay." Amy drove her tongue back into Susan's ass crack.


Brenda resumed, "Instead of fixing my top, I held up my hand and smiled, saying, 'Now, Aidy, this is a case in point. You'll notice my top has slipped a little bit. Don't be alarmed! My ma-' - I almost said 'my master' but luckily I caught myself - 'my man likes me to wear extremely revealing outfits. Naturally, he loves outfits that show off my huge hooters. That gets him hot to suck, fondle, and-' Anika coughed very loudly there, which was probably necessary because I was about to launch into how much I love it when Alan titfucks me. Then I said, 'My nipples are so-' but Anika had another coughing fit. Apparently, I wasn't even allowed to tell my son how incredibly sensitive my nipples are and how they long to be pulled and pinched and kissed and sucked."

Brenda's voice turned petulant and pouty. "She's so tough. So mean. I tried to calm down a bit and said, 'He wants me to practice wearing all kinds of scandalous outfits all day long, and he doesn't care if my son sees me outrageously dressed or not. Can you handle that, if I wear those kinds of things around the house like I've started to do lately? Can you handle it if a nipple or two gets exposed from time to time, like I'm exposed right now? Please tell me you won't mind!'"

Susan asked excitedly, "What did he say?"

With all the talk about exposed nipples, Amy had come around and started feeling up Susan's chest. But since Amy was naked, that quickly evolved into a mashing of their impressive racks into each other, while fingers continued to explore and pinch nipples.

Brenda answered, "He was shocked, but he said, 'No, I can handle that.' You should have heard how much he stuttered on the 'no.' It was so cute. But then Anika coughed again, and when she caught my eye she looked at my chest very disapprovingly. I reluctantly pulled my top back into place. I think Adrian was even sadder to see me fix my clothes than I was. But I still wasn't done. I said, 'I'm so glad to hear that, Aidy. You're the best. But I should warn you, my lover doesn't just like to see my tits. He loves the rest of me, too. For instance, my ass. He wants me to learn how to show off my ass as well. I have to admit that I've sort of lost my seductive techniques these past years of marriage, but that's changing. For instance, what if I bend over like this?'"

"Bend over!" Susan said to Brenda with surprising authority. "Bend over, just like you're showing yourself off to him, right now!"


"Okay! So I bent over right in front of Adrian, and in fact wiggled my way back up to him until my ass was practically in his face. The suit was so thin and so narrow that I'm sure he could see every fold of my pussy. My tits drooped down like two water balloons. I could hear him gasp quite loudly. He'd been sneaking peeks at my tits and ass for years, but it was rare for him to get a perfect moon shot like this. He's such a shy boy, and sadly, never takes advantage of me. I taunted, 'Do you think you can handle it when I wear something that reveals all of my ass cheeks like this? Is that too shocking for you?' He muttered something about how he wouldn't mind that too much, and I stood up. I was going to then show him my pussy region up close and talk to him about that, maybe even pull up on the thin strap down there to better show just how much I was juicing while thinking about my new lover, but unfortunately Anika said I was needed in the kitchen. Then she took me aside and told me to cool it. So unfortunately that was pretty much it until breakfast was over."

"Awww," Amy pouted. "Is that all?"

Susan, on the other hand, was so busy being pleasured by Amy that she was fighting to concentrate on the story and was in no shape to ask questions.

"No. There's more. As soon as we finished eating, I got up to clean off the table and of course that gave me all kinds of opportunities to have my suit slip down. You should have seen Aidy! It was so cute, but so frustrating for us both. I swear, his cock looked like it was going to burst through his pants and then drill a hole right up through the table. He was sweating. He was panting. He was blushing. He was soooo turned on! I must have made five trips back and forth between the table and the kitchen, and my nipples were more often exposed than not during that time. Finally, I think it got to be too much for him. He looked like he was about to faint and I imagine he was wondering if he'd be able to cope with many more days of this new dress code. He asked, 'Momma, why do you do what this new guy tells you to do? Don't you find it demeaning?'"

"And...?" Susan prodded.

"I walked back to the table, stood up above him, and leaned far into his direction. I love doing that because it causes my tits to sway forward and practically slap him on the face. You should have seen the way his eyes all but popped out of his head. I said, 'Aidy, you have to understand, whatever my lover says, I do. There's a lot of competition in his harem, and if I want to stay in his good graces-' my voice trailed off because he was staring at me like I'd just sprouted another nose. He screamed, 'Harem?! Harem? You've got to be kidding me! This guy has a harem?!'"

Susan gushed, "I LOVE the sound of that word! 'Harem.' My son has a harem! Harem. I am a slave in my son's harem! I'm one of many sex slaves owned and controlled by my son, in his harem of big-titted babes! ... Sorry, don't mind me. Please continue."

Brenda paused briefly and sighed. "I'd thought that I was playing it cool by giving the competition excuse. I thought that sounded a lot more moderate than giving the real reasons I do things to please my master, that I worship the very ground Alan walks on. But apparently I'd said the wrong thing. For some reason, he was totally hung up merely on the fact Alan had a harem at all! He's such a naïve boy. One can see right away why he's not the harem-keeper type, but he's my son and I love him dearly just the same."

Susan interrupted, "Yes, not everybody has what it takes to be a harem master. My son is so special!"

Brenda went on, "I tried to calm him down and said, 'Really, it's no big deal. It's such a small harem, as harems go.' But it turns out that wasn't the right thing to say either. He looked at me like I'd sprung two horns, and then he fled to his room making some kind of wordless cry the whole way there. I think he cried, but he wouldn't let me into his room. He left for school completely crushed. What did I do wrong?"


Amy stopped fondling Susan and spoke up. "Brenda, no offense, but the way you and Mom carry on like this is, well, it's weird. I mean, I'm on the inside of all these events and even for me it sounds weird. I was listening for a while before Susan noticed me and the way you go on like Alan is some kind of lord-"

Brenda cut in, "Are you saying he's not?!"

Amy laughed. "Yeah! He's not! He's really special, and I love him all up, but he is human just like the rest of us. Come on, you two, chill out a little bit! No wonder Adrian freaks out. Brenda, whenever you talk about Alan you have such a worshipful expression on your face, not to mention something in the tone of your voice. It's weird."

Brenda desperately wished she was in the same room so she could look at Susan's face for a reaction. She pleaded, "Susan, help me out here. Why, just a few minutes ago you were calling him a fuck lord, like I was."

Susan felt sheepish about that now and bowed her head a bit. "I did, at your suggestion, mind you. But Amy's right. That's not a good idea. We have to make sure he's well-adjusted and, uh..." Her voice trailed off as she ruminated and regretted her recent inattention to normal mothering duties.

"But I can't help it!" Brenda complained. "He IS a fuck lord. That's how I feel! I have to devote my busty body to his pleasure. I HAVE to! It's what I was built for. I'm not worthy to suck his balls, though God knows how much I'd love to spend the rest of my life doing just that!"

Amy laughed some more. "Brenda, you're so silly. And Aunt Susan, you're not much better. Brenda, right now you think so highly of Alan because he's been nothing but impressive in your presence. But even though he is our master, he puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. What's going to happen when you see him screw up, have a bad day, pick his nose, and all the rest? You're gonna be super disappointed, because you put him up so high on a pedestal. And it's not healthy for him to be treated all worshippy either. I mean that for both of you! Mom, you should know better because you've seen all his weaknesses growing up."

Susan stood up and protested, "But I love him even more because of all those things! I've always loved him so much, it's just that now I get to love him in a sexual way, too." She began pacing in agitation.

Amy looked at Susan disapprovingly, like a mother frowning at a daughter.

Susan looked away, not wanting to deal with Amy's dose of reality.

Amy walked right up and backed her to the wall, forcing Susan to look at her right in the eyes. "I love him and worship him too, but I don't want to see him get a big head and all know-it-all-y. True, we're all here to constantly sexually pleasure him, and nobody deserves a big sexy harem more than he does. But we also have the job of helping him keep his sanity. I mean, it's not like we're going to be able to change back to our less sexual ways, so he has to be more able to deal with all this non-stop sex. The more we fall over each other to get access to his thingy, the tougher it's gonna be for him to stay the old Alan."

Susan sighed. "Amy, you're such a downer today. I get so hot talking to Brenda about my son's sexual potency - she and I could talk on the phone all day! But then you cool me down with this reality stuff."


Despite the serious talk, Amy didn't want to ruin the sexual mood. So as soon as she heard this, she pressed her chest into Susan's, pushing her into the wall. Susan's apron hung uselessly around her stomach. Amy began grinding her breasts all over Susan's upper torso, even as she continued to stare at Susan intently from a short distance away.

"Me too," Brenda complained, unable to see what was happening. "I was working up to another big 'O' with this dildo, but now I've lost all my momentum."

Susan said to Brenda, "I know, and I'm sorry about that, but I have to admit it's good Amy brought this up. Being a good mommy means more than just endlessly fucking and sucking our sons. I, uh, I..."

She found it hard to continue, with the way Amy's bare chest continued to rub all over her own. She noted with chagrin, Oh dear me! It seems nearly impossible for me to think about anything other than sex these days.

But she forced herself to go on. "But I'm not really so good at that other stuff. The truth is, I never was, and luckily for me, unconditional love has helped make up for the fact that I can't really tell my children 'No.' Amy, do you think you can pick up some of the slack there? We really do need someone with some backbone to restrain the 'Bad Alan', but as you can see that's not exactly my strong point, or Brenda's either."

Amy looked contemplative, even as she continued the tit-rubbing. "I don't know. I'm not really good at saying no, either. I'm not all super backbone-y. The only reason I said something just now is because I don't want to see Adrian cry and the way Brenda was handling things made him cry. That's bad. Brenda, you do need to go slow with him. I mean, talking about the harem in the first five minutes practically? Give him some time to adjust, m'kay?"

Brenda sounded like she was the one about to cry. "Oh, Amy! You're such a wise mistress, but it's so tough! I just don't have any willpower! But I need to be a good parent for Aidy, too. He only has one parent now, so it's all up to me. It's tough. I'll try. At least I acted a little better when he came home."

"What happened?" Susan asked eagerly, hoping to get the conversation back to something more arousing.

Brenda turned on a dime from despondent to excited. "Well, I wore another revealing outfit, naturally. It was a dress this time, kind of a medium blue. Strapless, my favorite kind, and it has stiff supporting cups that really make my twin assets stick out."

"As if you need to draw attention to them," Amy giggled. "Geez, Louise!" She cupped Susan's boobs and hefted them up while she continued to press against them.

Brenda puffed up with pride, though the others couldn't see her do it. She went on, "But the best part was, my nipples could pop out if I just took a breath! Damn, I love it when my long nipples get exposed. Aidy seemed a lot calmer about things than when he'd left. I guess he'd been thinking about the harem thing all through school. Thankfully, Anika gave me a lot of advice about what to say, and I played it pretty cool. You would have been proud of me, Amy. I explained it was kind of like in Islamic countries where one man can have up to four wives. I think he liked that because it made me seem more like a wife than the completely obedient sex pet, or even sex slave, that I really am. Like I said, I was really toning it down. Anika sat right next to me at the table, ready to step on my foot if I started to get too carried away again."

Amy and Susan began to hear squishy sounds coming through the phone line again.

Amy giggled at that. She leaned forward and began licking and kissing all over Susan's face.

Susan just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

Brenda said, "But just being that near to my Pooh Bear gets me so excited these days! Before long, I was less talking to him and more posing and preening and letting my dress slip down. I just can't help it. Amy, you're so right about the need for more backbone, but maybe different people have different roles. My role is to serve! That's what I'm good at. We're a team and we can all have different roles. I'd like my main role to be the one to spread my legs and take a big throbbing Alan log up my tight cunt at every opportunity!"

Amy protested, "Hey, I want that role! Wait a minute. We ALL have that role. That's the fun part, the easy part. But what about the other stuff? We've got to do that, too. Like protecting him from bullies at school. I wanna help with that if I can. God knows how much I want to please that big log of his, but I want to help with the tough stuff too, if I can help somehow, because I love him. But anyways, let's hear what else happened."

She cupped Susan's pussy, and began playing with the sexy mother's engorged clit.


"Oh, right." Brenda continued, "Before long, I was getting carried away with exposing myself. I tried to pretend shock whenever the cups of my dress would fall down, but I suppose in retrospect I couldn't contain my enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Anika caught on. She seemed to be stepping on my foot in protest more often than not. Finally, I was grasping my two heaving heavies in yet another attempt to put them back in the dress, but somehow it turned into more of a long self-grope session. I suppose Anika figured I went too far with that, because she finally barked at me, 'Brenda is feeling unvell. She's going back to her room. Right now!'"

Susan and Amy were getting into each other more intensely now as Brenda's story drove them to higher and higher levels of arousal. Amy in particular, was getting surprisingly aggressive. Her hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere.

Brenda sighed on the phone as she recalled her maid's chastisement. Anika had more or less replaced her mother in many ways, and she wouldn't think to disobey her. She continued, "So I reluctantly went back to my room, right into my walk-in closet. But then things got really fun! I went to my computer where I control the cameras looking into Aidy's room, and I watched him masturbate. The only problem is that he usually gets so excited that he shoots off right away. Not like Master Alan. With Alan, you really have to earn that sweet cum load with so many long minutes of licking, sucking, thrusting, or whatever it is that he fancies."

Susan groaned lustily. "That's so true! Mmmm!"

The sound of Brenda's squishy exploration of her pussy grew louder through the phone. "But with Aidy, it's like all I have to do is show him a nipple and he runs back to his room, and boom! The cum is flying everywhere. But this time, he was so excited that he never really lost his erection after he climaxed, and he just kept on going, Alan-style. He really got into it the second time. What was really cool was that he talked out loud. I could hear him moaning thanks to the excellent sound system connected to the surveillance cameras. He kept saying, 'Oh, Momma!' Over and over. 'Momma.' That's me!" She giggled. "Every now and then he'd say something else, like, 'Those big tits,' or 'You're too stacked,' or 'My own mother!' You all can imagine how wet I get when I hear that kind of thing!"

"Oh YES!" Susan suddenly yelled, surprising everyone. If the way Amy was grinding her entire body into her own wasn't enough to excite her, something about the way Brenda said "Those big tits" took Susan to an even higher level. Susan had once been modest about her bountiful endowment, but now she just absolutely loved the phrase "big tits." She could hardly think of the word "tits" anymore without the word "big" in front of it too.

Brenda plowed on, her voice increasingly ragged, "My favorite though was when Aidy said in a low guttural moan, 'It's so wrong!' Isn't that just the cutest? He's trying to be a good son and hold back from fucking his mommy. Little does he realize that soon he'll be dumping gallons of son-cum into every hole Momma has! It's going to be so fun! But the waiting! The waiting is killing me!"

Susan gushed (in more ways than one), "Brenda, that gets me so hot! 'Gallons of son-cum'! I just adore that. I want entire buckets of spermy son-cum splashed all over me! Soon my Tiger is going to come home and he'll be depositing another load in one of my holes! But I'll never get enough. Amy, I appreciate what you were saying, but a big-titted mommy has many roles. Her main job is to keep her son happy and loved. And a happy son is a well-drained son... Oh yes! Amy, keep doing that! ... His cock needs to be emptied into Mommy's holes at every opportunity! She needs to, ugh! Oh yeah! She needs to spread her legs and take a good pounding every day! Buckets of cum! Buckets! Don't you agree, Brenda? Yes! Yeeeess! A good busty and beautiful mommy has to be hot and sexy for her son every minute of the day! Fuck! You never know when he might say 'assume the position' or even 'bend over and take it, bitch!' We have to be ready! Uh!"

Susan and Amy were rhythmically thumping into each other and into the wall. As soon as Susan finished talking, she attacked Amy's lips with a great hunger. Both of them were so worked up that they were moments from climax.

"Oh yes!" Brenda moaned. Not only were Susan's words turning her on, but she could tell something very physical was happening on the other end of the line, and she loved imagining what Amy and Susan might be doing to each other. "Gallons and buckets and rivers of cum! Cover me in Master Alan's creamy seed, Susan! I want to see him paint my face with dozens of ropes of cum! Plaster my skin with it!"

Amy too imagined the cumulative pleasure involved in being on the receiving end of gallons of Alan's cum. She didn't have the same passion for covering her skin with cum like Brenda and Susan did, but in her nearly deliriously orgasmic state, the idea of gallons and buckets of Alan's sweet cum sounded absolutely fantastic.

The three of them moaned and frigged their way to one tremendous mutual climax.

There was complete silence for a while as they luxuriated in a post-orgasmic afterglow.

Brenda said, "God, that was so good. So... cathartic. Thank you, my mistresses. Was it good for you, too?"

"Yes, it was," Susan replied for both herself and Amy. "It's still not nearly as good as the real thing, but it makes the waiting bearable. Thanks for distracting me."

Then Brenda thanked them both for listening and ended the phone call.


Suzanne walked in the front door of the Plummer house wearing a blue business jacket and black skirt. As usual, she removed her bra and panties, putting them in the underwear cabinet, then dressed again in the remainder of her clothes before walking further into the house.

Amy was sitting in the living room alone. Seeing Suzanne come in, she got up and went to her, giving her a big hug and an even bigger smile. "Hey, Mom!"

Suzanne smiled back. "My Honey Pie. What's up? Where's Susan?"

"Oh, she's in the kitchen. Can we go upstairs for a minute? I want to talk to you about something kinda private-y."

Suzanne naturally agreed to that, and the two of them went upstairs to stand on the sun deck where they could enjoy the view while talking without much fear of being overheard. Suzanne was fully dressed (except for her lack of underwear) while Amy was completely naked, but neither of them were bothered by that at all.

Amy said, "It's kinda about Susan - well, part of it, anyway - so that's why I wanted to come up here." She proceeded to give the basics about Susan's phone call with Brenda and Amy's participation in it.

Then Amy said, "So... long story short, that's made me think about the issue of 'backbone.'"

Suzanne raised a curious eyebrow. "'Backbone?'"

"Yeah. Brenda's neat; I like her a lot. And of course she's super sexy, and super duper ultra boobaliciously busty. But I'm kinda starting to think that she has the least amount of backbone of anyone I know. I hate to say a bad word about anybody, but Brenda is seriously spoiled. I can say that 'cos she freely admits it herself."

Suzanne nodded. "That's very true. She came from a very wealthy family, and then married into even more money. To say she's had a pampered life is a dramatic understatement. I fear she's completely incapable of taking care of herself without help. If it wasn't for her maid Anika, plus all her other hired help, I suspect her life would be a mess."

Amy nodded sadly in reply. "Yeah. Bummer, huh? But that's not the only bummer-y thing. Of course, Susan is super awesome. She's one of my very favoritest people and I love her all up. But she's kinda lacking in the backbone department lately too. We all know how much she dearly loves Alan, but lately she simply gets sexually excited too easily to be able to tell him 'No' on practically anything. Have you noticed that?"

"I definitely have. It's hard to miss. She's taking this 'man of the house' stuff way too seriously."

Amy said, "Yeah. But that's not all. It's sorta the same with Katherine. She's super way into this whole 'fuck toy' thing. Which is great for her, 'cos she's totally loving life lately, but there's no backbone there either."

Suzanne nodded grimly.

Amy continued without her usual smile, "Then there's me! What frustrates me the most is that I don't think I'm really good at giving my O.B. the backbone he needs. I totally want to, but I'm just too easygoing and agreeable to be a tough task master. Plus, I get carried away sexually, just like the rest of us. So when I look to the future, I seriously worry for my brother. Things are getting out of control. I mean, today on that phone call I was telling you about, both Susan and Brenda were calling him their 'fuck lord.'"

Suzanne chuckled. "'Fuck lord?' That's a new one. That's pretty over the top, even for them."

Amy looked worried. "Yeah, it is. And sure, it's fun and sexy to say stuff like that, but how could he not get a big head when he's called stuff like that day after day? Plus, he gets TREATED like that day after day! The thing is, I don't know how to fix this. You're, like, the only one around here with serious backbone. Phew! Thank goodness for that! But sometimes even you get carried away and lose your resolve."

Suzanne frowned. "I know. Unfortunately, that seems to be happening more often lately. Look at me!" She held her arms out dramatically. "I agreed to be one of Sweetie's sex slaves, just like everyone else. Whether one calls it that or not, that's basically what we are now. And I get frustrated about that, but I don't regret it. I want to get carried away with lust and love too. The main snag, however, is that if we're all carried away with our powerful lusts and desires, then who does provide the backbone for him?!"

"Exactly." Amy sighed. "One weird thing is that the problem isn't really with our lovable Alan. He's actually been pretty good at trying to keep a level head despite all this crazy, sexy stuff happening to him pretty much non-stop. It's more of a problem of you, me, and his other women getting carried away than anything he's done or not done. But that just makes solving the problem even more difficult."

She added, "There is one thing I'm thinking though that could help."

"What's that?" Suzanne asked.

"We need reinforcements! Of the right type. I don't mind Brenda joining our harem, but she's going to pull things even more in the wrong direction when it comes to this backbone stuff. Since it seems a given that she'll become a key part of all this, we need to counteract her slave-y attitude, and then some. I'm thinking Ms. Rhymer would be pretty key. He's used to taking instruction from her. Don't you think?"

Suzanne nodded thoughtfully. "I do. I've been rooting for her all along, and doing all I can to get her to join us. I think she would be an ideal addition. It's clear that she truly loves Alan. Plus, she lusts for him and I can tell that she gets off on being dominated by him, which is necessary for harem harmony. But she's nothing like Susan or Brenda. She's more like me. Most of the time, she's got a lot of backbone."

Amy smiled. "Exactly! That's totally what I've been thinking. We're gotta make sure she joins us in the harem, all the way. I'm counting on you to take care of that, m'kay?"

Suzanne grinned. She found it amusing that Amy was speaking almost like her boss. She replied with exaggerated obedience, "Yes, dear."

Amy grinned back. "Sorry. I don't mean to be pushy, but you've got a special bond with her and I don't, so I can't help there. I'm just trying to be practical and figure out who can do what. I can help in another way. I'm thinking that even if Glory joins us, that's probably not enough. I mean, if you get Susan and Brenda together with their super slave-y attitude, and then Kat with her fuck toy thing, it's sexy and fun to just let them run wild, so before long all of us get into the spirit of that. And that's great sometimes, but not all the time. So I'm thinking we need MORE reinforcements! Specifically, Xania and Christine."

Suzanne stared out into the backyard, thinking that over. "Phew!" After a long pause, she commented while still looking away, "That certainly is audacious. BOTH of them?"

Amy responded, "Maybe. I mean, neither of them are a sure thing, so I'm hoping one of them will work out. I don't really understand Xania that well, but she seems to like living by herself. So it may be hard, or even impossible, to get her to fully join us. And Christine... boy! I don't know. That's kinda scary. She could be exactly what the harem needs, since she's probably the backboney-ist of us all, if you know what I mean. But the fact that she's so tough means she might not be willing to live the harem life, and I especially worry she'd never accept the incest-y stuff."

Suzanne looked back at her daughter. "That is the problem. I think we see things the same way. Obviously, Xania's got a lot of backbone. With her, Glory, and me, plus you lending tacit support, this harem would have plenty of toughness to keep Sweetie from succumbing to his 'Bad Alan' side. But I just don't know if Xania has the right personality. Not everyone fits the harem life, you know. In fact, I'm sure the vast majority of women wouldn't fit. We're very, very lucky that all of us generally jibe so well. Xania is a 'lone wolf' type. She needs her space, a lot of space. I could see her visiting us once or twice a week, but otherwise continuing to live her own life in L.A. Who knows, things could go on like that for years."

Amy asked plaintively, "Can you fix that? Do one of your awesome scheme-y things, maybe?"

Suzanne chuckled ruefully. "I wish it was that easy. You can't change someone's basic personality with a scheme. To be honest, I don't even know why she's that way, and I've known her a long, long time. She's never wanted to talk about it, or discuss really intense personal stuff, period. Maybe there is no specific, fixable reason. Sometimes people are just the way they are, all the way since birth. They say signs of personality can be detected from day one, such as some babies crying a lot and others barely at all."

Amy said, "I can believe that. But... it doesn't hurt to try, right?"

"Right. Believe me, I'm already trying to bring her along. I figure we just need to keep exposing her to all the sexy fun and loving good times that we have. How can she not want to keep coming back to visit and get more involved? I'm continuing to play that by ear. It's key not to be pushy with her, or she withdraws."

Suzanne found herself distracted due to looking up and down Amy's nude body. But she refocused, and asked, "Meanwhile, what do you think about Christine? You know her a lot better than I do."

Amy frowned, and took her turn staring off into the distant horizon. "I don't know. It's like... high risk, high reward. I'm thinking it COULD be a really awesome thing if she could join us. Not only because of the backbone thing, but I've got a feeling I could end up being really good friends with her." She looked away shyly. "And... maybe even... her lover."

Suzanne chuckled mirthfully. "A-ha! Now we get to truth time. So you've got the hots for her, do you?"

Amy blushed slightly. "Well... kinda." She suddenly looked back into Suzanne's eyes. "I mean, if I do, what's wrong with that? Geez Louise! Just look at her! You'd have to be dead and buried six feet underground not to notice how super sexy she is! But she's, like, seriously sexually repressed, and that's sad. I want to help her with that. I just know somehow that once her sexual side comes to the surface, it'll be like unleashing a wild tigress! Once she opens up, she'll be great for Alan!" She looked away again uncertainly. "In fact, maybe... maybe too great."

Suzanne said, "Ah, that's another problem, isn't it? Jealousy. You worry that she could outshine you."

Amy nodded glumly. "Yeah. I've discussed this with Katherine. She feels the same way, only even more so. 'Cos let's face it: Christine IS awesome, and in virtually every possible way! She's as smart as she is sexy, which means she's super smart. And who can fail to notice how busty she is? Definitely not a certain 'tit man' who shall remain nameless." She rolled her eyes. "Plus, she always succeeds in being the best at whatever she does. If she sets her sights on my O.B., she could be unstoppable, like some kind of sexual tsunami!"

Suzanne said, "That's true. Let me give you some advice. First, I think it's basically inevitable that he and she are going to hook up. These 'practice dates' they've been going on will get more and more serious. They've already French kissed by 'accident.' Soon, they'll be doing more, much more. And you know how sex with Sweetie is - it's like a highly addictive drug. Once Christine starts regularly sucking and titfucking Alan Junior, and enjoying the huge, frequent orgasms that come with that, she'll be hooked."

Amy just stared at her mother with a worried expression. She couldn't deny any of that.

Suzanne continued, "Trying to fight that is probably futile. Sweetie's been lusting after her for two years, at least. Now that he's discovered his sexual powers, of course he's going to use them on her. He seems to be genuinely trying hard to fight it, apparently out of some sense of honor or concern, but how long can he hold out? She doesn't stand a chance either, especially since she's so sexually inexperienced. If you get in the way of all that, you'll just cause bad blood. So instead, you might want to try the old saying, 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.'"

After letting that sink in, Suzanne asked, "Because you're so laid back, you've had problems having as much sexual fun with Sweetie as the rest of us, correct?"

Amy nodded shyly. "Yeah. Sometimes I feel a little left out. But it's hard for me to be pushy and say, 'Hey! Look at me.' That's not my way."

"I know. And that's part of what makes you the oh-so-lovable girl you are. Furthermore, there are only so many hours in the day, and if Glory joins us, and with Brenda already joining us, and Xania visiting more often, and so on, it'll become harder and harder for you to get as much of his time, cum, and attention as you'd want. But if you latch yourself onto Christine, befriend her and even get intimate with her, you might be able to arrange things so that he can often partake in threesomes with the two of you. I know you're not pushy in a 'Hey, me!' kind of way, but you do manage to get what you want much of the time in more subtle ways. I'm not totally blind to your shenanigans, you know." She winked.

Amy looked away, even more bashful than before. "Yeah... well..." She suddenly changed the topic. "I've kinda been thinking some of the same things you've been thinking. But what if she's, like, totally opposed to the whole incest thing?! Frankly, I'm so certain that she'll be that way that I think we've gotta be super duper careful to make sure she NEVER learns about that. At least not for a really long time. So how could she join the harem?! And she's gonna hate the harem idea even without that. I've gathered she's got really traditional notions of boyfriend and girlfriend and white picket fences and all that."

Suzanne responded, "Yes, well, that's your challenge. I barely know Christine, though I certainly have heard a lot about her, so it's hard for me to have much leverage over her, plus there are the age differences and such, so I have no leverage over her. But you're in an ideal situation to befriend her, and even seduce her."

"Seduce her?! Mother! That's impossible. She hasn't given off any kind of sexual vibe to other girls, like, at all."

"Maybe not. And I don't mean you should seduce her directly. No way! But think about how great sex with our Sweetie is. Think about how he makes us so very, very aroused sometimes that we just about lose our minds. I don't know about you, but there are times I get so into it that I would practically do anything, such as the time I crawled on my hands and knees and totally humiliated myself. What if Christine gets like that with him, except that you're there too? If you could manage to kiss and fondle her a little bit, you could test how receptive she is to that sort of thing when her guard is down. If you time it just right, when she's absolutely losing her mind cumming with Sweetie, I'll bet she'd be VERY receptive."

"Really? Why?"

Suzanne shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just feel that most women have the potential to be bisexual, at least to some extent. It's just that most never explore that potential. It's a different situation than with men, where homosexuality is considered much more of a taboo, and seems to be hard-wired as an either/or thing most of the time. Plus, I know how it feels to basically lose one's mind like that. She could be 100 percent straight, and I still think she'd enjoy kissing and fondling you in the heat of the moment! Nobody can resist, when Sweetie heats things up as much as he sometimes can! The question is how she'd feel about it later, once she cools down. It's tricky. Very tricky. But like you said, it's high risk, high reward."

Amy nodded thoughtfully.

Suzanne added, "The only thing is, I don't want you to do anything that could put the whole harem at risk. We do have to walk a very fine line when it comes to Christine, since there's a clear and present danger there, especially if she learns too much too soon."

Amy gave a single, sharp nod.

"But that aside, if you could help things along with her, it could improve the backbone problem considerably." Suzanne suddenly grinned wickedly. "If you do end up getting intimate with her in some sort of threesome fashion, that could help you get a lot more Alan time, and it could even be a foot in the door towards getting her all the way into the harem eventually, at least potentially. Because if she can get used to intimately sharing him with you, then we could eventually add to that. For instance, imagine her sharing him with you AND me some sweet day!"

Amy's face lit up. "Wow! That would be awesome!"

"It would. In short, I think it's worth the risk. What do you think? Are you up for that challenge?"

Amy furrowed her brow, deep in thought. "I think so. I'll need to think it over. Like you said, it's tricky."

Suzanne patted her back. "You do that. Meanwhile, I'll keep doing what I've been doing with Glory and Xania. Namely, encouraging them to get more and more involved. Glory is a must, in my book. Things are pretty tough with her right now, and it's going to be a long road, in any case. But if we can get her to fully join the harem some day, that'll go a long way towards solving the backbone problem and providing a counterbalance to the submissiveness that tends to get out of hand."

Amy nodded. "Amen to that. I know there's probably nothing I can do there, but if there is any way I can help, please let me know."

Suzanne Amy

Suzanne playfully ruffled Amy's hair, and then gave her a hug, not minding that she was fully clothed while Amy was buck naked. "I will, my Honey Pie, I will."

Amy commented as they hugged, "It's been great having this talk with you, because you told me some things that were almost exactly what I was thinking already! On just about everything, but especially about the Christine stuff. Except all I've been doing so far is thinking and observing. In order to make things happen, I've gotta take action. Talking to you gives me the confidence that I'm on the right track. So maybe that'll help me finally get off my duff and do more to improve matters."

Suzanne grinned. "I can't say I'm surprised that we're thinking along similar lines. I've underestimated you for far too long, since I've had trouble coming to terms with the fact that you've grown up so much. But I'm going to try hard not to keep making that same mistake."

"Thanks, Mother." They French kissed.


A couple of minutes later, Suzanne came downstairs first.

Suzanne walked into the kitchen and found Susan there, still wearing nothing but an apron. "Hey, number one mom. What's up?"

Susan turned around. "Oh, not much. Just waiting for a certain sperm-filled young man to come home. Today is a Tuesday!"

Suzanne smirked. She teased as if she was genuinely surprised, "You don't say?"

"I do! It is! It's so great! I'm just doing a little cleaning to help pass the time until I'm naked and kneeling, slurping and bobbing on my son's great cock!"

Amy came bounding down the stairs (naked, naturally), and soon the three were sitting on sofas and talking.

Amy and Suzanne presented to Susan much the same "backbone" discussion that they'd just had with each other upstairs. Except they framed things differently in order to better appeal to Susan's submissive nature.

The three of them soon came to the same conclusion Amy and Suzanne just had: the harem as a whole wasn't likely to have much more willpower, so Alan needed more backbone, and some of his other lovers needed to help him in this with more guidance and support. Suzanne in particular was expected to be the main one to give him the discipline the others were too sexually obsessed to provide.


As they talked, Susan noticed that Amy seemed to be acting differently than she had when Brenda was on the phone. Her eyes were riveted on Suzanne, and she seemed to be striking one sexy pose after another. She stared directly at Suzanne with a surprisingly intense and sultry stare.

Suzanne, on the other hand, seemed flustered by Amy's behavior. She would feast her eyes on Amy, and then try to look away, but before long find herself looking at her daughter again, and the pattern would repeat.

Then it hit Susan: both Suzanne and Amy were thinking about the complete sexual consummation of their love this evening, and even during this serious conversation they couldn't turn off their attraction for each either.

Susan felt left out. She was mollified that at least the two of them were fully and seriously participating in the conversation even as their bodies were having another quite different conversation with each other.

Susan wasn't seeing things completely eye to eye with Suzanne on this, ironically because she had such great confidence in her best friend. She said, "Ultimately, I'm not too worried, because I know you're on the case. In my opinion, there's literally nothing you can't accomplish if you put your mind to it."

Suzanne sighed. "I wish it was that easy. But I don't have super powers. I definitely have my limits, especially in this situation. I'm just as much in thrall to his cock as anyone. He knows about my weakness now, the way my cunt can completely take over and bend me to its will, so that leaves me pretty helpless. I can try, but I can't do it alone. I need some help too, you know!"

Susan suggested, "I know! Why don't we have Xania join our harem? She's definitely fuck-worthy, and even inner-harem worthy. Tiger really likes her. She's got the necessary tit size, beauty, personality, AND she's got backbone. With her worldly experience and vast sexual history, not to mention her psychological wisdom, she doesn't drop to her knees the first time he snaps his fingers. You and she can do it together!"

"Yeah!" Amy seconded the notion with her usual enthusiasm, not letting on that she and Suzanne had already agreed on that. "And I love her super duper long tongue!" She shifted her naked body into yet another alluring pose.

"I'll concede she's got willpower," Suzanne agreed. "However, she might not have as much as you assume. One reason she can come across as independent and strong as she does is because she lives far away and has her own career and friends and everything. If she lived here with us, perhaps she would slowly succumb like everyone else. I mean, this house, the constant talk about his thick, long, and oh so tasty dick and how we all have to service it better - it's so damn infectious and fun! The smell of his cum has completely permeated everything, making it impossible not to become and stay aroused in here pretty much all the time."

At this, all three of them couldn't help but sniff the air and sigh in satisfaction. Actually, the place smelled like pussy more than anything, but they all liked that smell too.

However, Amy stayed focused, and asked, "You don't know that for sure, right?"

Suzanne responded, "No, I don't. But I think she would change at least some, because she's got such a strong sex drive. However, the bigger problem is her solitary personality. Susan, as a matter of fact, Amy and I were just talking about this a little while ago."

Suzanne went on to explain more about Xania's "lone wolf" ways, such as her inability to maintain long-term romantic relationships. She had to repeat much of what she'd told Amy to make sure it was fresh in Susan's mind too, but she went into more detail, explaining more of Xania's personal history that Amy hadn't known.

Eventually, Suzanne concluded, "So I don't think we can count on her joining the harem any time soon. We can hope she'll come around eventually, but we shouldn't spook her by pushing her too hard. In a way, that's a good thing."

"How?" Susan asked.

"For the time being, at least, she can be like our ace in the hole. Remember, she's not just one very sexy lady; she's also a professional therapist. If all of us fall too deeply under Sweetie's spell to give him the guidance he needs, we can call her in as an emergency measure. We can even make sure he has a formal talk with her that takes place in a serious psychologist setting, so they don't just fuck like rabbits the whole time." She grinned a little and added, "Well, most of the time, naturally, but hopefully not the whole time."

Amy and Susan grinned back and nodded as well. They could see Suzanne's logic, and they also deferred to her decision-making. They watched her while she thought deeply about the problem some more.

The three of them went on to discuss the possibility of bringing Glory all the way into the harem. Again, this largely repeated what Suzanne and Amy had just discussed, but they wanted to make sure Susan was on the same page.

Susan had no problem agreeing to pretty much all their thoughts on Glory. She thought Glory would be a great fit in the harem, for a variety of reasons, but especially because she knew Alan had a deep love for her that went well beyond physical attraction.

Suzanne considered bringing up Christine as another "backbone" possibility, but decided that situation should remain something between herself and Amy, at least for the moment. She didn't want to raise Susan's hopes that Christine could join the harem, because she considered that to be a long shot at best. She was more hopeful that Alan, Amy, and Christine could wind up in some kind of threesome arrangement, but even that was highly problematic. She knew that Susan would take almost any talk about Christine joining as if it was already practically a done deal.

So instead, Suzanne concluded the discussion about Glory by saying, " We could go over all the other possibilities with his other lovers, but it's clear in my mind that nobody could help with the 'backbone problem' more than Glory. Agreed?"

Susan and Amy nodded.

Suzanne spoke dramatically. "Enough talk, then. It's time for action! I'm feeling inspired after all this discussion, and I've got an idea or two. I'm going to give her a call right now, and hopefully pay her a visit right away."

Suzanne called Glory, with Amy and Susan secretly listening in on speaker-phone. Suzanne said very little except to insist that she had to meet Glory immediately for an Alan-related emergency.

Glory reluctantly agreed.

Suzanne hurried out the door very shortly thereafter, saying, "Wish me luck!" She deliberately failed to put her panties or bra back on before she left.

As soon as Suzanne was gone, Susan gave Amy a big hug. "Amy, my daughter, I want to thank you so much. Sometimes I get so horny that I can't see the forest for the trees. Brenda and I do get really carried away when we get to talking to each other. We relate so well on a big-titted level. Suzanne mentioned that you were the one who brought up this 'backbone' issue when you were talking to her upstairs just before I got included. I'm so proud that you did, because that shows real love."

Susan went on, "The signs that the 'Bad Alan' has been slowly taking over have been there for weeks, but I've been too blind to say or do much about it. To be honest, I get kind of hot thinking about Bad Alan taking over and forcing me to do increasingly nasty things. But I can't just think with my tits. That's selfish of me. I think you've just shown the kind of character that tells me you'd make him a good wife."

Amy's eyes lit up. "What?! Are you serious?! Mom! No way! Me? A wife? Alan's wife?! Ohmigod! Oh. My. God. No way!" She gave Susan a big hug, and they necked and caressed. Amy was still naked and Susan only wore the apron, so they were able to get into it fairly passionately.

However, Susan broke the kiss before long in order to say, "Now, don't get too excited. I was just saying you'd make a good wife; I wasn't proposing on Tiger's behalf! So don't get your hopes up."

Amy, though, couldn't be discouraged that easily. As she fingered Susan's pussy she exclaimed, "WOW! Me! Alan's wife! That's too cool for school! Little old Amy? Married to my dreamboat loving brother, my beau? Master of his own entire harem? Wow! What a trip that would be. Aunt Susan, watch out! You just took one of my most treasured fantasies and made it seem real!"

Susan laughed some more. "Now Amy, calm down. I shouldn't have said that. Odds are Tiger isn't going to marry anyone. He can't marry Angel because she's his legal sister, and if he marries someone like you, my precious Angel will be simply crushed. He would never do that to her. He's too kind and caring. What I should have said is that kind of attitude shows that you'll make a very good sex slave for him."

Amy responded, "You're right. Don't worry. I'm perfectly cool with being one of his slaves, and I'm not gonna try to get all pushy about being his wife. But just the thought that he MIGHT marry me, if things were different! WOW! That gets me really excited! Come on, Aunt Susan, let's play!" She stuck a finger up Susan's hot hole and swung a leg over Susan's thigh.

Susan was more restrained, so she limited herself to fondling Amy's wide butt cheeks. "I'd love to. However, Tiger's going to come home from school pretty soon. I'm not going to miss that for the world. If you don't mind, since this is a Tuesday, I want to be alone with him when he arrives. Maybe you can find your sister and have fun with her."

They both disengaged.

"M'kay. Thanks, Mom! You're the best! I'm going to be excited about this marriage thing for DAYS!" Amy kissed Susan yet again and went back upstairs.

Susan went to the sink and started washing the dishes. That Amy. She's so irrepressible. All of us are. We're such an excitable bunch. Thank God there's Suzanne. I just know she'll solve this backbone problem if she puts her mind to it. She's never failed me. Never. I don't know what she plans to do with Glory about it, but as far as I'm concerned, if Suzanne is seriously on the case then the problem is just about as good as solved. Which means I can devote all my attention to Tiger getting MY attention when he comes home, hee-hee! Finally, we're going to start seeing some serious Tuesday action! But when will he ever get here? It's four-thirty already!


Suzanne drove to Glory's apartment complex and briskly walked to the apartment she'd been in once before. She was in a big hurry because she had a lot to accomplish in the next couple of hours. She rang the doorbell.

Glory answered. "Suzanne. Come in. What's this big emergency? Is Alan okay?"


Suzanne stepped inside and looked around. She knew that Glory was normally an extremely neat person, but her stylish apartment showed signs of having been hastily cleaned in just a few minutes. She looked at Glory and saw that she too wasn't in her best shape, even though she'd obviously spent the minutes since Suzanne called getting dressed and applying make up. She looked like she hadn't been sleeping much lately, which was true. Yet at the same time she was wearing a surprisingly formal and sexy black dress, as if she was going to a party and not just meeting someone for a brief chat.

Suzanne quickly took a seat on a couch in Glory's common room and focused on the problem at hand. "Alan is okay. There's no sudden crisis, to be honest, it's just that I wanted to tackle this issue while I was still all worked up. Susan and Amy got me very concerned that Alan is slowly falling into darkness. Now, mind you, it's nothing that he's said or done lately. In fact, none of us have even seen him since this morning. That's because he's been at a regular periodic orgy. The SA-Club orgy. If you don't know already, the SA stands for Service Alan."

That hit Glory like a punch to the gut. "What?! You're kidding me. Why haven't I heard of this? Just who is in this so-called club?"

"Sorry, I can't say. But this is the kind of world he's living in, day after day," Suzanne continued. "And frankly, the problem is much more with us than with him. He's been doing the best he can under the circumstances. He's trying not to go bad, but power corrupts. It's just a matter of time before he falls. Like I said, the main problem is with us. His family. Please put aside your problem with incest for a moment because this is serious. We all love him so much; with his incredible sexual prowess we just can't say no to anything! It's like a race to the bottom as we fall over each other in our submissiveness. More and more, the talk is of him being our master. Hell, even I call him that sometimes, and I never imagined I'd do that for any man, ever."

Glory gave her a disapproving look.

But Suzanne said, "Don't look at me like that. I know you've felt the exact same thing with him at times, so don't try to deny it. It would be okay if it was just for sexual matters, but it carries over into everything. I don't know the last time anyone has asked him about homework, for instance. Or doing the chores he used to do. It's bound to corrupt him, and I don't want to see such a good kid go bad! I need your help. I need your strength! We have to tackle this together!"

Glory looked at Suzanne with great concern. Then she spoke. "I see. In fact, I see very clearly. I know exactly what you mean because you're right: I've been noticing the same thing happening to me for some time now, and it frightens the hell out of me. That's one of the main reasons I've broken up with him. I can't say no to anything either when I'm around him. I feel like I'm going down with the sinking ship. I've been so torn apart, I don't know what to do! Look at me!"

Suzanne gave Glory a good look again, but didn't know what to say.

"You see?" Glory went on, increasingly agitated. "I'm like a junkie. I'm going through Alan withdrawal. But I can't do it! I don't have the willpower! You should have seen what happened at school today. I was so tempted. His big, fat, mouthwateringly juicy cock was sticking straight out, just inches from my face - don't even ask me how, it's a long story. You could have knocked me over with a feather. It's a near miracle I didn't fall on my knees and beg him to do me, then, there and forever! I'm still teetering right on the edge, even now. If he were to walk in right now and kiss me, I'd lose it completely! In fact, when you called I was moping around, drinking too much beer, and trying to decide if I should call in sick tomorrow because I just can't face him."

She continued, "He wouldn't even have to say or do anything. All he'd have to do is smile at me and I'd be down on my knees, fumbling with his zipper, stuffing every inch of his glorious thickness down my throat. God, I need it! I'm hoping that if I miss school tomorrow and then there's the four day Thanksgiving vacation after that, maybe I'll be able to deal with him on Monday. Maybe. I'm praying the worst of the cold turkey withdrawal will be over by then, but who knows. So don't talk to me about strength. If you want strength, you've come to the wrong place. I'm an Alan junkie. I'm hopeless!" Glory dropped her head into her hands and began crying.

"Now there," Suzanne said consolingly. She stood up and began pacing around. "Don't be so hard on yourself. We've all been there. Do you have any idea about how many weeks I've been grappling with the fact that a strong and dominant woman like me is helpless in the face of Alan's cock? It's been very humbling, not to mention frustrating as all get out. I've been there, been through what you're going through, and come out the other side. I've made peace with the fact that I'm one of his harem nymphos. I imagine you will too, in time."

"Wait a second, Suzanne! Don't call me a harem girl. I'm not even seeing him anymore!"

"Well, we'll see. But for my purposes, it doesn't matter if you're with him or not. In fact, it's better that you're not. I have to say that I'm truly impressed that you held out as long as you did. You may think yourself weak right now, but actually you're the strongest of us all! I'm so impressed with you. I really am."


"Really?" Glory stopped sobbing and looked up at Suzanne. In fact, she'd been very hesitant to allow Suzanne over to her apartment because she knew the red-headed Amazon held some kind of strange, spellbinding power over her, but she'd relented because of the emergency. One problem was, even though Suzanne had dressed as conservatively as she could just for this meeting, Suzanne simply didn't know how to turn her sexiness off.

Glory found herself staring at a thin slice of pale flesh on Suzanne's thigh that had been inadvertently revealed when Suzanne stuck a curvy pose. She blushed and tried to look away.

"Of course, really! Glory, you and I are like some kind of sisters from a previous life or something. I feel such a strong affinity for you, such a natural bond. I would never lie to you. I couldn't lie to you. The fact is, you're a tough, little, sexy surfer chick. You can kick some serious ass. I need your strength. Alan needs your strength. You need to realize just how strong you really are and show him that you can be there for him when he needs you. He needs you now."

"He does?" She felt like a little girl being given a pep talk by her mother, but it was working.

Suzanne suddenly sat on the couch right next to Glory so she could give her a comforting hug. "He does! Don't miss school tomorrow. And don't worry if you give in to his charms or not. That's irrelevant. Suck on that big fat cock of his if it makes you feel better. The important thing, from my point of view, is that you don't give up on him emotionally, regardless of what you decide your relationship with him should be physically. He needs you, Glory. He needs you badly. He needs someone who can tell him no. The rest of us are out of control. Now, admittedly, you can't tell him no all the time... But then again, you really wouldn't want to now, would you? I know I wouldn't."

Suzanne's eyes grew distant and one of her hands dropped to her crotch as she imagined herself screaming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while Alan lay on top her, plowing away.

However, Suzanne quickly refocused, pulling her hand away. "But you can tell him no some of the time! That's good! You and I are just about the only women close to him who can do that."

Glory didn't know what to say about that, so she stayed quiet.

Suzanne prodded, "Do you love him?"

"Yes." Glory's body tingled in a strange and delightful way as Suzanne held her, but she tried to ignore the sensations.

"Do you want to see him go to a good college?"


"Do you want to see him drop out of school?"


"Do you want to see the bad Alan take over and destroy the very special young man we all love so much?"

Glory was being cradled like a little baby now. She felt extremely comforted in Suzanne's arms. "No! God, no!"

"Then please, don't walk out of his life! Don't go through Alan withdrawal and free yourself of him. I won't let you! You have a very special role in his life, a unique place in his heart. All the other women he loves have been there with him since before he could talk; you're the only one out of all the women he could choose that he's chosen to love. Think about that, and think about how much he respects your opinion on things. He'll listen to you. If you leave, he's going to drop out and go bad before long, I know it. I won't let that happen to my Sweetie! Please, I beg of you. Let's work together, you and I, to help each other give him the discipline he needs. Neither of us is strong enough to do it alone, but maybe we can do it if we join forces!"

"I don't know," Glory said hesitantly. "Alan's broken my heart and as long as I'm with him, it'll just keep breaking. This whole harem thing, the incest thing, him and Heather together... I don't know..."

Suzanne looked at Glory pleadingly from just inches away, and continued to squeeze her tightly in a loving hug.

Finally, Glory broke the stare and broke her resolve. "Oh, okay already! I'm neck deep in this Alan mess, and I guess I can't pull out now. I suppose I have to see this through, at least until he graduates. I was so despondent I saw no way out, but maybe with you, maybe there is a way out. Maybe we can do it. But! But, even though I'm willing to go to bat for him emotionally, I am NOT going to get involved again physically. No way! If I do, I'll never get out of this Alan mess, never!"

Partly, she gave in because she really did believe the words she was saying, but partly she did it simply because she couldn't bear to look into Suzanne's eyes anymore. She was frightened by the disturbingly intimate feelings she was having for the buxom and incredibly sultry mother.

Suzanne's eyes lit up. "Oh, thank you, Glory! Thank you! I knew you'd see the light!" She leaned in and kissed Glory square on the mouth.

Glory giving Suzanne a scorching kiss

Glory was so taken by surprise by the unexpected kiss that her mouth opened up as if to shout, allowing Suzanne to slip in her tongue and get hot and heavy with the kiss. Glory felt a fire of passion suddenly come alight all over her body. Within seconds, she was eagerly kissing back. She wanted more, more, more!

She wanted Suzanne and Suzanne's voluptuous body in every way. But at the same time, some part of her was horrified. This was her worst nightmare come true. This was why she knew she had to keep Suzanne at bay. Her eyes showed great shock and even terror.

Suzanne could see the look in Glory's eyes as she kissed, and finally pulled away to ask, "What? Is something wrong?"

"Something wrong?! Yes!" Glory leaned forward to kiss Suzanne again, even as she recalled all the horrible things her parents told her about the unnatural and forbidden love between women. She wanted to kiss and hold her new friend forever.

Glory holding Suzanne's head close, as if for a scorching kiss

But now Suzanne was the one to pull away, as remembrances of past experiences with Glory slowly returned to her. "Oh, Glory! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot. You told me that you don't have a lesbian bone in your body. I'm SO sorry! I got carried away there. You see, at the Plummer house, everyone kisses everyone else on the lips about even the smallest thing. That's how we greet each other and say good-bye, and it's such a habit that I... Oh, Jesus! Please forgive me!" She felt truly awful.

But by now Glory was wishing Suzanne hadn't come to her senses. Yet, now that Suzanne had reminded her about her statements vigorously denying any lesbian desires whatsoever, she knew she'd look like a complete fool if she now pushed herself on this gorgeous redhead still holding her tightly. She felt so lonely. It had only been about twenty-four hours since she'd formally broken things off with Alan, but the break up had been a long time coming and she'd been on an emotional roller coaster for weeks. Ironically, she desperately needed Alan to help her get over the break up with Alan. If she couldn't have his touch, then she wanted Suzanne's. But she managed to control herself, barely.

Suzanne had great sympathy for the wavering and emotionally distraught teacher, and didn't want to take advantage of her in her current condition. She got up off of the couch and said, "Sorry again. Let's forget that ever happened. I'm going to go powder my nose, and then when I get back we can talk about how you and I can work as a team to put Alan back on the right track."

Glory nodded. She was afraid to talk, afraid to let out her true emotions.

Suzanne went on, "We're not alone, you know. For instance, just today my daughter Amy showed surprising insight in pointing out the need for action with Alan in the first place. She allowed me to clear my head a bit from the usual non-stop fuck lust invading my every thought, which is why I had to come here fast, while I was still in the mood she helped create. And there are others, too, who might be able to help some, if you and I lead the way. Who knows, maybe we can even tap into Heather's willpower somehow. The harem needs to find a balance, a stability, that'll allow all of our special relationships to endure. Let's talk, okay?"


Suzanne gave another encouraging smile, got up, and walked out of the room.

Glory was shaken up. She was extremely relieved that Suzanne had excused herself to the bathroom. She correctly surmised that Suzanne didn't have to use the bathroom at all, but just wanted to give Glory some time to recover. She walked into the kitchen and fixed herself a cup of coffee. The one thing she didn't want to do was think about the kiss that had just happened. Luckily, Suzanne had mentioned Heather, and that allowed her to turn her mental energy to the girl who was rapidly becoming her arch-enemy, at least in her own mind. Heather? Ha! I'm glad about Amy and the rest of what Suzanne said, but the day I ever cooperate with Heather... Ha! Fat chance!

Her body still trembled from the emotionally intense kiss and finally her thoughts came around to the forbidden kiss. Suzanne is right. That kiss did NOT happen! It's bad enough that I'm so emotionally torn up about Alan. I simply have no room in my heart to think about Suzanne and lesbianism at the moment... She called me her "tough little sexy surfer chick!" Glory suddenly felt weak in the knees as she thought about that, and had to grab hold of the kitchen counter to remain standing.

But then a wave of resolve coursed through her. I am NOT a lesbian! Not in the slightest. When I see a good-looking woman walking down the street, it does absolutely nothing for me. It's just that one remarkable pale goddess does something strange to my insides. That look in her eyes - I can't avoid it. It's like she's looking straight into my soul! Maybe I'm a Suzanne-sbian.

She tried to laugh at her feeble joke, but failed. No, I'm not even that. I'm just emotionally worked up, vulnerable, and very confused. I'm going to forget it all completely. Suzanne is enough of a lady to see how that shook me up, and hopefully she'll know now to keep her physical distance. The two of us have to move forward in a professional manner and get Alan back on track!


While a busy afternoon went by at the Plummer house, Alan was still at Kim's house, enjoying the S-Club (as he usually modestly called it) or the SA-Club (as almost everyone else involved called it). Janice had just talked him into joining the orgy with Sean, Kim, and Joy, which was already in progress.

Alan was very eager to do so and had completely forgotten that it was a Tuesday and that Susan was waiting even more eagerly back home to give him some special motherly loving. He looked at the three girls draped all over Sean and said, "Okay girls, I'll stay, but on one condition. Put your cheerleader uniforms on. I think Sean would appreciate some costume fun, and I know I would."

"But we don't have our uniforms here," Janice sensibly pointed out.

However, Kim said, "I've got mine, and a spare too. I think we can wear two uniforms between the three of us, don't you think, Alan?" She winked and added in pretend distress, "Some of us might have to go topless or bottomless, though."

Alan looked at Sean, "What do you think of that?"

"Fuckin' A, man! God DAMN! You are ... wow. Does this kind of thing really happen to you a lot?"

"Actually, it does. But I still love it just as much as ever."

The girls were all up and about getting the cheerleader uniforms on while Alan still stood near the door. Janice quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him out into the hallway. She whispered to him as they wandered further from Kim's room, "You remember my problem with Joy?"

"Sure." It was easy to recall. Just last week, Janice had confessed that she had the hots for her best friend Joy in a very intense way. But Joy wasn't lesbian in the slightest. She'd even tried doing some physical things with Janice in an attempt to please her best friend, but nothing worked for Joy.

Janice continued to whisper, "Well, I was thinking about what you said, that I should just let go and enjoy her as a friend. A platonic friend. I know you're right, but I just can't let go! I dream of her every night. If she knew how into her I am, she'd totally freak. Can you do something to help? You know, like force us to be together or something? She'll do it if you order her to."

Alan whispered back, "Now Janice, that's not very nice. That's not how I work."

"Please?!" Janice pleaded. "I'll give you... fuck! What do you get for the guy who has everything?" She laughed. "It's not like promising you my body right now would do much good, since you're about to have me anyways."

Alan chuckled, then said seriously, "It doesn't matter what you would offer, I'd have to say no regardless. It just wouldn't be right."

Janice nodded with resignation, but as she continued to stand there, tears started to roll down her cheeks. She looked heartbroken and lost.

Alan had always had difficulty saying "no" to a crying woman, and this time was no exception. "Tell you what, since it means that much to you... wait a minute... No. I can't force Joy, that wouldn't be fair to her either. I like to think I'm only a bastard to people who deserve it, like Heather. Hmmm. This is a real dilemma."

The tears started to flow more heavily from Janice's face and she waited for his response.

Finally, he said, "Tell you what. I'll just kind of try to put you two into proximity with each other. That was going to happen a lot in any case, but I'll try to make it happen some more. Whatever you and Joy want to do from there is your own business."

Janice was ecstatic. "Good idea! All right! You just got yourself a very happy SA-Club member. I'll see you inside!"

They happened to be standing near the upstairs bathroom, so Alan flushed the toilet and then waited for Janice to finish using the mirror in the bathroom to pretty her face and try to hide the fact she'd been crying. They arrived together at Kim's bedroom door.

Kim and Joy were wearing parts of their cheerleader outfits. Joy asked, "Where have you two been, you're missing all the fun!" She nodded to Kim who had her face buried in Sean's crotch. Kim simply couldn't turn down a cocksucking opportunity.

Alan replied, "Can you believe it? I go to the bathroom and Janice insists on escorting me, jacking me off the whole way. She even tried to jack me off while I peed, but that didn't work."

Joy was wearing nothing but a cheerleader skirt and socks. She picked up two pom-poms and did a mock cheer: "Go Janice / And her hand / She wants to pee / Just like a man! Gooooooo Janice!"

Everyone laughed, even Kim, who laughed so hard that she had to stop cocksucking Sean momentarily. Kim tossed Janice a cheerleading top, the last remaining item they had still unworn.

Joy tossed the pom-poms to Janice, who thought for a few seconds as she put on the top. Then she moved to the middle of the room and began waving the pom-poms around in a more serious cheerleading mode. "Go Alan / Strong and wise / He keeps me wet / Between my thighs! Gooooooooooo Alan!"

She tossed the pom-poms to Kim.


Kim felt the pom-poms hit her back, so she reluctantly took Sean's erection out of her mouth and got down on the floor. She smiled naughtily, and said, "You think I'm going to cheer for one of you all, but no. This is a selfish cheer: Go stiffies / Go cocks / Find a home / In Kim's box! Gooooooooooo Kim's hungry pussy!"

That got more laughs.

Sean looked hungrily at Kim, now lying on the floor with her legs spread as wide as usually only cheerleaders can spread them and her pussy on prominent display. He then looked to Alan and said, "Hey bro, can I have me some of that? You've put me into serious cheerleader stuffing mode."

"Knock yourself out," Alan replied with a casual air. "And good idea, too, because as much as I'd love to hear more clever cheers, I'd love some direct cheerleader action myself. Who isn't busy right now?"

Joy raised her hand. "Oooh! Me! The ass! One ass stuffing if you please, kind gentleman."

Alan looked to Joy, then Janice, then Kim. "You all into the anal sex idea, I imagine?"

Surprisingly, Kim said, "Nope. I've got all I want right here and I don't think that would be my thing. Look at Sean go!"

Rather than fucking Kim, Sean was eating her out. She still had her legs splayed wide, her feet up in the air while Sean ground his face deep into her crotch.

Alan was impressed that Sean didn't just stick his dick in and start pumping. He considered that perhaps Sean could end up a worthy apprentice after all.

Kim still had the pom-poms in her hand, so she ad-libbed, "More cunt / no ass / Sean's tongue / is top class! Gooooooo Sean's tongue!"

Alan smiled and looked back to Janice and Joy.

Janice said a bit bashfully, "Neither Joy nor I have done anything anal before, but after seeing what you did to Heather..."

But Alan replied, "Well, if you haven't done it, let's not try now. I think I'm pretty analed out for today, and I don't really want your first time to be a half-assed effort."

Janice imitated the drum sound that often followed a bad joke: "Ba-dump chhh..."

"Oops. Accidental pun. I should be careful shooting off half-cocked."

The others all said, "Boo!"

Alan grinned at his joke, which was intentional this time. "Anyhow, I found out recently that sometimes the first time can be a huge production if the hole is really tight." He reached out and pulled both girls into a hug, giving them each a kiss. "And somehow I suspect that the two of you might be pretty tight." He winked and let his hands wander down to cup a bare butt cheek in each hand. "So I'm thinking we should save that for later, when I'm ready for you and can do you right. I'm feeling more like some double-ended action right now. I've never done that before. What if Sean was to take a mouth and I were to take a pussy? We could do something new for probably all of us. How'd you like that?"

Everyone liked it. However, Janice playfully poked Alan in the chest and said, "Heartless demon, just remember: I'm keeping my ass a virgin until you stake your claim to it. Obviously you're the only guy in school with the backdoor touch."

"Me too," Joy nodded, leaning in closer to Alan with a longing sigh. "Sorry, Sean..."

Alan didn't want to try to put himself over Sean, so he quickly changed the subject. "Let's get started then. Sean, since you're already working on Kim's pussy so ably, just stick your thing in and start pumping. I'll attack her from the other side and then we'll switch by and by. Janice and Joy, ladies, I hate to see you two left out, so please keep yourselves occupied with each other in the meanwhile."

With that comment, he was trying his best to help Janice out in what he suspected was a pointless mission to get Joy to love her physically. In fact, he gave Janice a huge opening. As he walked over to Kim, squatted over her face, and shoved his cock straight down into her mouth, he made sure to keep a close eye on Janice and Joy to see what would transpire.

Unfortunately for Janice, not much happened with her friend. There was no doubt that everyone was as aroused as they could get. The sight of Alan and Sean now pounding away at Kim's mouth and pussy respectively helped ensure that. But all Joy wanted to do was watch what was happening to Kim, and she made only the most perfunctory moves to touch Janice here and there. Janice eagerly kissed Joy on the mouth, but again Joy looked past her in an attempt to keep watching the action around Kim's two holes.

Alan thought, Uh-oh, Janice is going to be seriously bummed. Why did I ever step into this mess between them? Joy is so obviously not a lesbian or even bisexual. Why can't Janice just accept that they've got a beautiful platonic friendship and leave it at that? It's not like Janice is a big lesbian herself; she's obviously way into guys. He watched while Janice tried to feed one of her breasts into Joy's mouth, but Joy almost rudely pushed her away. Man, I have a lot of talents, but matchmaker is not one of them.

Alan was so focused on the problems between Janice and Joy that he hardly even paid attention to Kim. She was just another mouth on his cock, and he didn't really mentally register that he and Sean were doing the same woman.


He heard Janice ask Joy, "You don't think I'm attractive?" Janice mournfully held up her rejected breasts, and it looked like the waterworks were about to begin again.


Alan could see problems afoot. The sex in the orgy hadn't been that good so far, and now a crisis was looming. It was time to do something drastic. All of a sudden, he yelled, "Switch! Janice, it's your turn!"

Janice had nearly forgotten the rest of the action in the room. "What? My turn?"

"Quick, Sean," Alan said, still trying to prevent any crying, "Don't ask questions, just tackle Janice! First one with his dick in her pussy wins the prize!"

Sean didn't ask questions, even though it seemed an oddly short amount of time they'd been doubling up on Kim. Within seconds, they had Janice on all fours. Alan put his cock in Janice's pussy while Sean took the mouth.

"Now that's what I'd call fast, Sean," Alan said flatteringly. "You've got the quick moves like Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix.' Now let's see if we can get this puppy to cum!"

Sean looked a bit stunned, mostly as he thought how this was just the latest weirdness in a long, strange afternoon. "I definitely took the red pill today, that's for sure," he mumbled. "What now, Morpheus?"

"You're doing fine," Alan replied. "Just make sure that Janice proves her worth as cocksucker. Or we'll rotate again. Kim, sorry we were so quick with you, but we'll get back to you. You and Joy act as fluffers and make sure the three of us in the center of the action have fun."

Kim went behind Sean, reached through his legs, and began playing with his balls. Joy saw what she was doing and did the same to Alan.

Alan thought, Now things are starting to roll. Janice will forget about that little mishap with Joy in no time. I'm going to fuck her good to make sure of that. Let's see what this two guys on one girl thing is all about, anyways.

Up to this point, Alan hadn't really seen what the big deal was with two guys on one girl sex. In fact, he figured he was doing the girls a favor, because he certainly didn't like to see Sean naked, and he avoided looking in that direction as much as he could.

But then he heard Janice choking and looked to see her head buckle back as she momentarily rejected Sean's dick. "Sorry," she said, still gagging. "I lost concentration there and went too deep. Wow, I can't believe what a SLUT I am! I'm not performing my cocksucking duties properly because the big tree trunk in my pussy is driving me to distraction! And that's not even counting Kim and Joy joining in! Holy cow! I think I just crossed a line, from normal high school girl to bisexual fuck slut! Give me that cock, Sean! This cunt knows what to do with it! And you, Alan, fill me up with spunk! If I'm gonna go slut, I'm gonna go all the way!"

Alan had always liked Janice a lot, and now he knew why. She had a certain intense and wild look in her gaze, and now he realized that look showed what kind of wild person she really was inside. The difference from the relatively easy-going Kim was obvious. Also obvious was the fact that Janice's sorrow over Joy was completely gone from her mind. She started bobbing on Sean with abandon.

Alan saw that, and began plunging into her in time with her own forward thrusts over Sean's prick. It was then that he started to understand the pleasure of this kind of group sex. Soon, Sean and Alan had Janice caught in a relentless rhythm. Her whole body swayed back and forth, and the sight of her small but pale and firm breasts swinging underneath her was something to behold. Before long, Janice was no longer directing the action with Sean, but instead he was fucking her face mercilessly, thrusting his hips in and out in a perfect rhythm that kept her whole body swinging like a pendulum. XX01

Janice began to cum. Naturally, she'd climaxed many times before during sex, but this was the first time she was unable to speak or shout about how great her vaginal penetration felt, because her mouth was stuffed full of cock. The realization of that fact hit her, and she came all the harder as a result.

But not long after, Sean started shouting to Alan, "Dude! Help! I'm about to cum, but I don't want to! How do you keep going so damn long?"

Alan shouted back, "Just stop! Stop! We'll stop and rest for a minute! Use those PC muscle techniques I was telling you about!" He could certainly see why Sean was having trouble holding out. Behind Alan, Joy now had her face buried in his ass crack and one of her hands still fondling his balls. She was part of the dance now, slowly swaying forwards and backwards as if she was on a heavily rocking ship. Alan could see that Kim was behind Sean and doing much the same to Sean's ass that Joy was doing to his own. They were like five parts of the same organism, a creature slowly swaying back and forth.

But that soon came to an end, mostly with Alan's help.

Janice cried out, "Damn! Don't stop! That's excellent! Fuck! I feel like the slut of sluts, and I'm loving it! I'm on all fours rutting like an animal, and I'm loving that, too! I'm an animal! A beast! These cocks OWN me! More! Give me more cock!"

Alan had to practically tackle Janice to the ground because she wouldn't give Sean's cock a rest. After he'd pulled it from her mouth, she fought him for control of it so she could get both hands on it and shove it back in her mouth.

A couple of minutes of rest to allow Sean to recover helped cool things down a bit. But Janice was indignant when Alan announced that it would be Joy's turn next.

Kim was upset, too. "Hey! I got a bum deal! I got like the warm up job or something."

Alan said, "Don't worry, we'll get back to you, too. There's plenty of cock here for everyone." He looked Sean in the eye, making sure not to look anywhere lower than that. "Dude, make absolutely sure you warn me if you're getting close to cumming again. If you have patience and take these little rests, it's amazing how long a guy can last. It's just that few have the ability to stop once they get rolling. You've cum three times this afternoon and I doubt you'll last longer than a fourth."

"Dude, I came three times already? Shit! I did! And I'm still going! Man, this is so much better than masturbation!"

Everyone had a good laugh at that, but they laughed with him, not at him.


Joy soon got the same treatment as Janice, and she enjoyed the doubled-ended sway just as much, though unfortunately she wasn't as lewdly vocal as Janice was.

At first, Janice was content just to masturbate while watching Joy get plugged at both ends. The way she looked at Joy was almost frightening in its intensity.

But after a while, Janice was no longer content just to watch. She took advantage of Joy's relative helplessness to work on Joy's tits rather than one of the guys, and this time Joy didn't seem to mind at all. Before long she was cumming hard, and Janice's hands were part of the reason. When she was done, she admitted that she'd never felt so slutty before in her life, and it felt good. She also said she never climaxed so often in so few minutes.

Then the "fuck train" set its sight back on Kim. "Fuck train" was the name that spontaneously arose to describe the rocking three or more person chain. This time, it was great for her. Now Janice and Joy worked on Kim - and each other. As happened with Janice and Joy, Kim lost the central position when Sean got tired and had to rest.


Sean needed a more extended break this time, so Kim, Janice, AND Joy all got on their knees before Alan and shared cocksucking duties. There wasn't enough room for serious sucking, but they all were able to lick at the same time. After they got started, he realized this was the first time there had been three tongues on his cock at once. He kind of wished that this first had happened with some of his family four instead.

It was then that Sean seemed to seriously appreciate how impressive Alan's sexual talents truly were. He said, "Shit, dude, I can't believe it. Doesn't that thing of yours EVER get tired?"

"Yes, it does, Sean. It's taken me a couple of months of nearly non-stop fucking to get to this point. I've learned a lot of endurance tricks along the way. The main one is the PC muscle thing, and strategically timed pauses, so keep working at that. And you have no idea how often I've been forced to talk while being blown. It's getting to be second nature to me. But I'm just a little bit ahead of you in experience, and I reach my limits too. Right now, in fact. Girls, why don't you unleash your triple team attack on Sean for a while?"

"Noooo!" Sean cried, knowing he couldn't hold out long against such a sexy attack.

But they went after him anyway. They walked towards him shoulder to shoulder to shoulder, like a three-headed hydra.

Sean nearly came just watching them come at him.

Alan noticed that Janice and Joy were getting very physically close now. Janice was always the initiator, and it was always in the context of being with a man, either Sean or Alan or both, but Joy no longer seemed to resist. Janice nearly always seemed to have a finger or two in Joy's pussy, which was surprising, but what was really surprising was that eventually Joy had a finger in Janice's pussy.

After the triple cocksucking, there was one more round of the "fuck train." The only problem was, it was so arousing for the girl in the middle that the "train ride" rarely lasted very long.


Again, Alan noticed that Janice and Joy always seemed to be touching in one way or another, Janice usually taking the lead.

Finally, as Janice's turn came to an end, Alan looked at Sean and realized his friend badly needed release. He shouted, "Okay, Sean, on three, let that PC muscle go!"

Sean did, and Alan did on his end, too (he was in Janice's pussy again, though this was just coincidence since Sean and Alan traded pussy and mouth positions more or less randomly). Janice had even bigger multiple orgasms than she did on her first "train ride," and the other girls soon frigged themselves to satisfaction as well.

For a while the five of them lay resting on the floor in a big tangle of bodies. There was a little bit of talking here and there. The girls all complimented Sean and Alan's teamwork and insisted that this first "fuck train" wouldn't be their last. They noted that Dean was also on the acceptable SA-Club fuck list, and Janice in particular talked about how great it could be to have all three holes filled at once.

But Janice made the most astute observation. She said to Alan, "I just realized something. That was a strategic fuck for you, wasn't it? I have a feeling this is all part of a strategy to get allies in your conflicts with the football team and Heather. You were saying earlier how you wanted to make sure we'd like being on your sex list so much that we'd never want to get off it. Well, you certainly succeeded in that!"

The other girls laughed and agreed.

Alan inwardly agreed that she was right about his motivations, though pure lust was an even bigger motivator. But he said diplomatically, "Can't I just want to have sex with three hotties without any ulterior motives?"

But Janice said, "Yeah, it's just I don't think that's the only thought in your head. Not only that, but you seem to have turned us all into raving sex maniacs, and I'm not really joking with that. I mean, that double-ended penetration was, like, life changing! I'm going to have to seriously think about what happened to me here today."

Joy said, "I know what you mean. However, Janice, I see one big flaw in his plan."

"What's that, girlfriend?"

"None of us are gonna go for that emeritus shit he was talking about earlier, that's for sure! Not after today. Dean has no idea how good his life is gonna be soon, and Sean is a very good lover, so those two guys could do it for us. But we want Alan on the fuck train!" She began singing Cat Stevens' song "Peace Train," but with changed lyrics:

"Fuck Train holy roller,
Alan get up on the Fuck Train
Oh ah ee ah ooh ah,
cum with the Fuck Train"

The group broke into very loud laughter at that, but it also seemed to signal an end to the orgy. Before long both of the showers in the house were in use as everyone got cleaned up, but all five were so wiped out that there was no shower hanky-panky.

As Alan said his good-byes to the girls at the front door of Kim's house, he managed to take Janice aside and have a private word with her. "Well, I tried my best to help you out with Joy, but I'm not really good at that kind of thing."

She smiled. "That's all right. As you can see, it worked out. Not great, but okay."

"I noticed. It seems that when the two of you are with a guy, Joy is much freer with her affections and runs her hands all over you."

"Yeah." She tried to keep smiling, but she was fighting a frown.

"Janice, I know what you're thinking. You're gonna try to build on that to get her to love just you, but I don't think it's gonna work. In a sexual frenzy, people's hands kind of end up anywhere. I imagine that in theory I could get so worked up that I might do something with a man, which is why I'm never gonna put myself in a position near another guy. In theory only, mind you. I hope to God I'll never have to be tested. Sometimes lust takes over and you don't know if you're coming or going, you know what I mean? I mean, seriously, there have been times lately where I've gotten so aroused that I pretty much didn't even know what my name was. But if you get Joy aroused in a situation like that, that doesn't mean that Joy is really even slightly lesbian, and she probably never will be."

Janice looked like she was going to cry. "Well, I'll just have to take my pleasures where I can find them." It looked like she was going to say much more, but she merely added, "Thanks for all the help." She turned away and rushed back into the house to prevent him from seeing her upcoming tears.

Alan felt confused about Janice and Joy. Had he helped or had he just made things worse? He didn't know. But he resolved to talk about the situation, without mentioning names, to wiser people like Suzanne or Xania, and continue to do what he could to help.


Alan and Sean walked downstairs and out of Kim's house. They had their bicycles locked to poles and began to unlock them.

Sean was shaking his head in wonder the whole time. He got his bicycle ready to go, then swung a leg over it. But then he paused and said, "Alan, dude, one question before we go."

"What?" By that time Alan was also on his bicycle and ready to leave.

"How do you do it, man? ... I mean, all the sex. All the women. You were nearly as nerdy as I was a couple of months ago, and now look at you! You have your own fan club! The friggin' "Service Alan Club," no less. If I read something like that in some pornography story I would just laugh at it being too over-the-top. I mean, what the HELL?! I've seen it with my own eyes, and I still can't really believe it!"

Alan thought back to how things began: the wildly improbable medical verdict by Dr. Fredrickson, the unusually friendly nursing by Akami Fubuki, Suzanne's eagerness to help him reach his daily target, and so on. Step by step he had fallen into a life of sex, but the whole story was so bizarre that he knew recounting it would just freak Sean out even more. So he merely said, "It's like this. Some people are lucky. I've been wildly lucky. To win the lottery would be a come down from all the luck I've had lately. But it's also what you do with your opportunities that counts. I don't mean to brag, but I think I've handled my wild ride pretty well so far. That's what I'm trying to teach you: how to handle sex, love, and women."

He paused and put his feet back on the ground, as he realized they'd be there a while. "Here's the thing. It's occurred to me that most men are bad lovers. They're horrible at sex. Sure, they teach sex ed in school, but they don't actually teach you how to fuck well. I don't think it's so much that I'm really good, although I guess I'm lucky with some physical traits like stamina, it's that I seem great in comparison to all the other guys. The thing is, most guys are just looking out for their own pleasure and don't care how much their girl enjoys it. And the guys who ARE good in bed let that go to their head and are usually arrogant assholes. Love 'em and leave 'em. I don't do that. I almost always get emotionally involved with the girl I have sex with. For instance, Joy and Janice are the two girls I probably know the least and have been with the least, but I even feel emotionally for them."

He thought in particular about Janice's unrequited love for Joy. "And with an emotional attachment and true caring, the sex is soooo much better. Otherwise, you might as well be with a whore. Now I'm giving you the keys to the kingdom. You're a lot like me. You can benefit from all I've learned and have a harem of your own."

Sean's eyes went wide at that. "You may find this hard to believe, dude, but I don't WANT a harem! Yes, I'll admit, the orgy just now was fantastic. No matter what happens, that experience is going to be burned into my brain for the rest of my life. But I'm in LOVE! I know you'll think I'm crazy, maybe you tried to shock me with Heather today to shock me out of love, but it didn't work. I see that some of the things you've been saying about Heather are true, but I still love her anyways."

"Some?! Sean, ALL! From what you've seen today and what I've told you before, you still don't know the half of it. Would you like me to tell you some stories about what she's done?"

"NO! Sorry, uh, I mean, no. Really, I can only take so much today and my brain is about to burst. I mean it's literally gonna explode like what happened to that guy's stomach in 'Alien'. There's too much to take! I'll concede that everything you say has been true so far and you're probably completely right about Heather, but give me time to adjust, for fuck's sake! Not only that, but why are you so keen on turning me off to her? Is it because you want her to yourself?"

Suddenly Sean began to get angry, as he thought about his last statement. "Is this what this is all about, you're trying to remove me as competition, so you confuse me with orgies and say all these bad things about Heather? Well, it isn't going to work!"

"Hold on! Dude! First off, I'm not going to sugar-coat this: you're no competitive threat when it comes to Heather. Until I started teaching you the ways of sex, you were just one more guy with a serious crush on her, one more guy looking all dreamy-eyed at her when she was walking down the halls. She didn't even know or care that you existed, and she still doesn't. You would never have had a snowball's chance in hell with her, and you know it. Only since I've started training you do you begin to have a ghost of a chance. I'm not trying to steal Heather from you, in fact, it's the complete opposite! I'm trying to throw her into your arms and get you up to snuff so you can have something lasting with her. But this is the kind of thanks I get?"

Sean was feeling a little bit abashed, but not fully so. "But the orgy... You let me get carried away with lust. I cheated on her."

"Listen, Sean. I'm not mad at you for doubting me, because the truth I'm trying to tell you is so wildly improbable. The fact is, I have half a dozen women right now whom I'm sleeping with regularly, whom I love deeply, and who are more attractive than Heather and a million times easier to be with than Heather. Why the hell do I need Heather?"

Sean folded his arms and looked very skeptical. He didn't actually say "Who could be more attractive than Heather?" but it was obvious he was thinking it.

Alan said, "I can see you're still doubting, so I'll tell you who one of them is. You know Amy's my official girlfriend. You might consider Heather better looking than Amy, but I don't. I'm also very intimate with Amy's mother Suzanne."

"You're with Amy's mother?! HOLY fucking... Jesus H. fucking Christ! Mrs. Pestridge?! I'll concede that if there's a woman in this world technically sexier than Heather, it would have to be her. When she comes to any school event, it's like an awed hush falls over the whole place. But she's Amy's mother! You're doing both mother and daughter at the same time?"

Alan smiled. "Not often enough."

"What?! You mean you have them in bed at the same time even? My God! If my dick wasn't totally destroyed at the moment, I would be knocking this bike over with my hard-on. Christ!" Sean paused, then tentatively brought up a fond memory, uncertain how Alan would react. "Hey man, do you remember last year, how Mrs. Pestridge dressed at one of those parent-teacher conferences?"


Alan grinned as images of that night came back to him. "Do I remember? How could I forget? I assume you're talking about that business suit that showed off all her cleavage."

"That's the one. Damn! You'd have to have gotten a yardstick to measure all the ivory skin in sight that night, 'cos a ruler just wouldn't have cut it. And those dark ruby-red lips and green eyes! And the way she walked, showing off so much leg! It's almost like she fucks, rather than walks, her way across a room."

Alan laughed at that very apt description. "Pretty close!" He thought, Now that I know Mother better, I'll bet she must have had someone she was trying to seduce that evening because she rarely goes out in public quite that scandalously dressed. No doubt the lucky schmuck succumbed to her charms, whether he was married or not. I'm gonna make a mental note to get her to wear that suit again sometime.

Smiling as he reveled in the fact that this incredible woman was all his now, he commented, "Every guy who saw her had to immediately sit down and cover their laps, if you know what I mean."

"I do." Sean grinned and laughed like a naughty schoolboy, which wasn't very far off the truth. "The drag is, now I can't fantasize about her anymore... Hey, don't you call her Aunt Suzy sometimes? She's practically your second mother."

Suddenly Alan doubted the wisdom of telling Sean about Suzanne, but it was too late to back out now. "Yeah, we've been really close. I shouldn't be telling you about her and me, but I'm putting my trust in you. Not only because you're my best friend these days, but also because you're vital to my plan."

"I am? Plan? What plan?"

Alan was relieved that Sean was going along with the change of topic. "My plan to get Heather out of my life. Turn her over to you. You saw the sex she and I had today, and it was great, but I have even better sex with the likes of Amy, Amy's mom, and others that I unfortunately can't mention by name since I want to respect their privacy. Incredible sex. Sex where you see stars, and that's not just a saying - it really happens. Sex where you're literally one with the universe. I tell you, the more I learn, the more I begin to think there's just no end to the amount of pleasure people can have having sex. I can't even begin to explain. Have you ever heard of a whole-body orgasm, for instance?"

"A what?"

"Remember that phrase and look it up on the Internet tonight. That'll give you a sense of what I'm talking about. I have a whole bevy of women whom I love deeply and I can't spend enough time with. If I never saw Heather again, I'd be a happy guy, because it would mean I could spend more time with the likes of Amy and her mother. Well, that's not entirely true - I do have a certain fondness for the blonde bitch, if only because she's such a character - but on balance my life would be a lot easier without her. But Heather's got her claws in me and I can't just walk away or all hell will break loose. You have no idea how powerful she is at school or how vengeful she can be. I just want peace and happiness; I don't want to deal with her endless psycho-dramas."

Sean said, "I don't know about all that, but DAMN! I think she's just about the hottest girl on the entire planet! I could put up with some drama if I could grope her, her... well, you get the idea." He turned bashful, as he wasn't used to talking frankly about sex with Alan or anyone else for that matter.

"Good," Alan replied. "You need to step in, if you think you can handle it. It's like that scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' where Harrison Ford is in that jungle cave where the big boulder rolls behind him. Remember just before that, when he steals that golden idol statue and he replaces it with another object of the same size and weight to prevent all hell from breaking loose? That's exactly what I'm trying to do here. You'll take my place in Heather's life."

"But all hell DID break loose," Sean pointed out. "The replacement wasn't exactly the same, so all the traps were sprung, like that big boulder getting released. Hell DID break loose! He nearly got flattened!"

"Hmmm. Good point. This is going to be a risky operation, true. That's why you have to be trained and ready. You're not ready for Heather yet. I've put you on the fast track because each day I seem to get deeper into Heather's grasp. You should have seen what happened before school this morning for instance, but that's a story for another time. But that's why I'm pretty much trying to turn the S-Club over to you."

"What? That does not compute. Putting me with other women will just draw my affections and energy away from Heather, won't it? I mean, I'm not in love with them, but I have to admit Kim, Janice and Joy are pretty cool. Still, what happened today has to be the last time for me with any of those three. I don't care how big a slut Heather is; I have to be true to her in order to respect myself." He seemed pained to admit Heather was a slut.

"Sean, Sean, Sean. You have so much to learn about the girl you say you love. Not only do you still need more sexual practice with the likes of those three before you can have any hopes with Heather, but you NEED a harem of your own. Heather isn't going to respect anyone without at least, say, six sex slaves."

Sean's heart skipped a beat and he stood slack-jawed. "Did you just say 'sex slaves'?"

"I did. Perhaps I got carried away there. Let's say fuck partners. You see, Heather's not into loyalty or monogamy. She might say otherwise, but I know what she really wants. She'll fuck anyone she wants to fuck, male or female. She won't respect anyone who pledges undying loyalty and devotion to her."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Well, she thinks loyal is boring. Complete devotion is for suckers. Anyone loyal can be taken for granted and basically tossed aside. She wants challenge and competition. She wants a sexual superstar who's fucking as many, or better yet, more people than she is. That's like a calling card that shows the person is worthy of her attention. The more she has to fight her way to the top of the heap, the more she loves it. Plus, she's got me as her standard now, and she knows roughly how many women I'm with. My replacement has got to be similarly impressive. Of course, I'm talking about the Heather of today. We're going to try to change that. Remember, first you have to be attractive to the bitchy Heather, and only then can you start to change her and bring out the angel hidden inside that we both briefly glimpsed today."

"But Alan! Dude! What you're suggesting here is soooo not going to happen. For one thing, I know I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but maybe I don't want a harem. Call me weird. Sure, I'd love the sex, but at what price? I have to admit, I have kind of a dark side. When I was fucking three girls at once just now, I felt like a big shot. I loved it, living like a lord. When you tell me you're fucking a mother and daughter at the same time, I'm like, 'Yeah! Do them both!' I get off on the sinfulness of it all. I'm so twisted that I even get thoughts of ordering them to kiss each other. I'm sorry. I'm not thinking about those two in general; I don't even let myself think about Amy in any sexual way since she's your girlfriend. I'm just talking about the 'mother and daughter together in bed' kind of thing."

Alan thought, Hmmm. Maybe I might be able to tell him about all the incest stuff some day, if he has that kind of attitude. Maybe he's even more twisted than I am. But he's certainly got to pass a lot more loyalty and trustworthiness tests before I'd entrust him with that deep secret, even if he's totally okay with the general idea.

Sean was continuing, "Then, when you said 'sex slaves' just now, well, you don't want to know what that does to me. You seem to have not let it all go to your head, but I'd probably go power mad at the first opportunity. That's why I need to be a one girl kind of guy. When I think of what I might be capable of with all kinds of women at my beck and call, well, I don't want to open that Pandora's Box."

"Sean, I appreciate your honesty, and believe me, I'm grappling with the power issue every day. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the verge of losing it completely. That's one reason why I like talking to you, because finally there's another guy starting to understand what I'm going through. I'm hoping that we can help each other, keep an eye on each other to fight the whole power-mad thing. But in your case, having a harem is the only way to make headway with Heather. I'll be completely and brutally frank. You don't stand a chance of having her take you seriously as a long-term prospect unless you show her you're an amazing sex stud keeping many other girls well fucked. Competition is such a big motivator for her; you HAVE to use that as a lever or she'll ride all over you. Either go all out, or give up on her right now. There's no point in doing something in between because that's guaranteed to fail. I understand her mindset some. If you follow the path I've set for you, I think you really can win her heart in the long run, at least as much as anyone can."

"But dude! I'm no sex stud. I'm a nerd who happens to have muscles from playing sports. I was a complete virgin until this last week! There is no fucking way I will come CLOSE to your sexual skill. Ever. No way!"

"Don't be so sure," Alan said. "Ask Janice, or Joy, or Kim. I'm sure they weren't caring who was attached to whose dick when things were hot and heavy on the 'fuck train' up there." He nodded upward towards Kim's bedroom. "It was all equally good. True, I didn't really give that session my all, but you're just as handsome as me, just as athletic as me, and just as smart as me. Smarter, in fact. If I can learn things like how to give a whole-body orgasm, you can too."

"That's not true," Sean complained. "I saw your very special way with Heather. Maybe some of that can be taught, but not all of it. What you did was natural talent, plain and simple. You knew just where to touch her and when, just what to say, everything! I'd have to have sex a thousand times before I could even begin to hope to do what seems to come naturally to you."

"You've got a point there. I do seem to have a special affinity for this. In fact, I love fucking so much that I'm beginning to wonder if sex is pretty much going to be my main occupation from now on. I'm happily addicted. But don't count yourself out. You're way ahead of where I was at this point in my sexual development. You may discover talents you didn't even know you had. I did, and completely surprised myself. Maybe instead of having to compare yourself to me you'll end up doing something with Heather that's different but just as good. Who knows. You won't know until you try. If you're really serious about your love for her, you have to take risks. You have to risk the power-mad thing, the rejection, the not measuring up, and much more. But here's the thing. No matter what the final outcome is, I know you're going to live life to the fullest and have a hell of a time on the journey there. So what's it going to be?"

Sean stared off into space for some time, and then looked intently into Alan's eyes. "Okay. I'm in."

"Good. I thought as much. I didn't just pick you at random. I think you have what it takes, and in fact your hesitancy and moral qualms help convince me I picked the right guy. Now, let's get moving. My ass is starting to hurt standing halfway on my bike like this, and I'm already way late getting home."

Sean pushed off and began to bicycle down the street. He still seemed confused and conflicted, and the hurt about what he'd seen and learned about Heather was still visible on his face. "So. You're really gonna set me up with a harem so I can train for Heather, huh?"

Alan bicycled alongside his friend. He grinned. "It's a tough assignment for ya, but someone's got to do it. You should see the surprise I have planned for you tomorrow."

"Unreal. Unreal. Just insanely unreal!" Sean reluctantly grinned too. "But please, no more surprises! That whole closet thing - I'm STILL recovering from the shock!"

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