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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 102
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Day 72: Tuesday, November 26

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan felt bad. Horrible, actually. Physically, he was a wreck. First, he'd pretty much fucked the afternoon away, and that was only the culmination of a very busy sex-filled day. His body was exhausted. His penis was lifeless and sore. Not only that, but now he had to bicycle back home from Kim's house, and it was a long and hilly ride. But worse than all that, he felt bad mentally. He knew that he'd screwed up. The plan for the SA-Club had been to surprise Sean with the display of anal sex with Heather, and then leave not long after that, leaving Sean and the remaining girls to have fun with each other. But he'd gotten sucked in and completely forgotten that it was a Tuesday.

Now that he was bicycling home alone (Sean having soon split off to go to his own neighborhood), all he could think about was the fact that Susan was undoubtedly waiting for him, waiting to play. But he knew there was simply no way he could get sexually aroused. He'd come to know just what his penis could and couldn't do, and there was no doubt that it would need a few hours of rest at least before it could show any signs of life again. He needed a couple hours of rest generally speaking, thanks to his body's continuing energy problems. He prayed that Susan would be understanding and allow him a nap. Then he'd do his best to sexually pleasure her in the time remaining before his planned "non-romantic" dinner date with Christine.

He cycled home as fast as he could to have more nap time, but ironically that only left him more in need of a nap.

Alan parked his bicycle in the garage and dragged himself into the house. He was sweaty from the ride and so tired that he could hardly put one foot in front of the other. He heard clanging sounds in the kitchen and knew that had to be Susan.

He considered going straight up to his bedroom and avoiding the kitchen altogether, hoping not to see his mother until after he woke from his nap. But he knew that would be cowardly and unfair. He needed to apologize for his current state and promise her better things for the evening and the night. After all, tonight would be the first time he was officially scheduled to sleep in the same bed as his mother the whole night long. He knew he was going to need a lot of energy for that big event.


He shuffled into the kitchen and looked around.

Susan was over by the dishwasher, standing with her back to him, putting clean glasses away in the cupboard. She was wearing her French maid uniform for a change, the skirt of which barely concealed her behind, and her high heels. She was standing almost ramrod straight with her feet together, presenting him with a perfect view of her long shapely legs from behind, as she transferred the last few clean glasses from the upper rack of the dishwasher to the cupboard. She was even whistling a happy little tune that he had heard before somewhere, but in his current state of exhaustion he was too tired to try and place it.

Ordinarily, the sight of his mother in her French maid outfit would have gotten a quick rise out of his penis, but he was in no shape for that. He coughed to clear his throat and said, "Hi Mommy. I've got some bad news. I'm soooo tired. So very tired. Some things kind of came up that I couldn't get out of. I know it's a Tuesday and everything, but would you mind if I take a nap first? I promise I'll make it up to you tonight. Everything has just hit me all at once and I literally can barely even stand on my own two feet."

To his surprise, Susan didn't turn around, say anything, or even give the slightest sign she'd heard him. In fact, the only thing she did was to close the cupboard and dishwasher, and then continue standing there silently erect with her back to him.

He felt horrible. This morning before he'd left for school, he'd promised Susan that there would be some motherfucking when he got home, and instead he'd gone and exhausted himself in an orgy with a bunch of cheerleaders. If there was one overarching guide for his behavior his entire life, it was to always do his best so he'd never disappoint his loving mother. But he tried to justify himself by the fact that sometimes his penis had its limits.

He knew he could walk over and fondle her ass cheeks with his weary hands, and maybe even rub his completely flaccid penis up and down her labia and butt crack. He might even somehow rouse up enough energy to eat her out. But he knew that would be disappointing for both of them. She wanted a deep and profound filling of hard throbbing cock, and anything less wouldn't do.

He turned and began to walk back out of the kitchen to his room, but he kept his head turned back, looking at the hinted curves of her ass so temptingly peeking out from under her skirt, and looking to see if she'd turn and react. She didn't.

He'd almost left the room when Susan said in a very disapproving and disparaging tone, without turning to face him, "So. Very. IM-proper."

Alan instantly halted in his tracks. On one hand, he almost felt like laughing at Susan's reference to her notorious tag-line, "so very improper," which evoked the seemingly ancient days when she'd actually resisted his advances. But more seriously, her words hit him like a slap in the face. It was no laughing matter at all. This was no mild or half-hearted protest; this was an angry, scathing rebuke. He almost felt like bursting into tears. On one hand, he would rather chew off his own leg than disappoint her in any way. But on the other hand, he'd been fucking for over two hours, nearly non-stop, and his penis was sore and lifeless. He was so sleepy he was nearly swooning. He didn't know what to do.

He turned back and tentatively asked, "Um, Mommy?" But there was no answer forthcoming.

He'd been about to walk out of the kitchen through the living room rather than through the hallway he'd come in from. That happened to put him near the counter that separated the kitchen from the dining room but on the other side of the kitchen from where Susan was still standing, perched tall and stiffly straight on her high heels with her back to him. He thought that she'd say something to him now for sure. She seemed to be seething with a barely controlled anger from the little he could glimpse of her face. But still, she didn't say a word.

She had been standing at the counter with her feet together, but now she took a step back without turning. In complete silence she slowly spread her ankles apart until they were about two feet from each other. Then, ever so slowly, she bent over, keeping her legs perfectly straight and her upper body completely stiff as she rotated at the hips. She came down until her body was bent at a perfect ninety degree angle and her bountiful breasts were pressed hard against the cold counter top, the pillowy soft flesh spilling out on either side of her torso for lack of anywhere else to go.


Her French maid uniform was cut so that half of her ass cheeks were exposed if she was standing up perfectly still. But as she bent over, all of her firm round globes came into view. As she slowly leaned over onto the countertop, her skirt rode up over her backside and her pussy rotated into view. This revealed that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

When her breasts were finally supporting her upper body, her hands slid around, behind, and then up the backs of her thighs until they reached her buttocks, moving any traces of her skirt aside in the process. Her fingers took a firm hold of the inviting flesh there, and she pulled her ass cheeks apart as wide as they could go, all without uttering a single sound.

Alan felt his mother's silent anger; clearly, she was still seething. But even more than that, she was aroused. He looked at her pussy beneath her spread open ass cheeks: it was soaked and leaking. Furthermore, even from across the room he could see her asshole was glistening with lube, and silently clenching and relaxing before his very eyes. In fact, both of her holes were shaking. Actually, now that he was paying attention, her whole body seemed to be shaking.

In a flash, he realized that despite everything he'd said and his obvious exhaustion, she wasn't deterred in the least. She had full confidence that he was about to give her the fucking of a lifetime, so much so that her whole body was trembling in anticipation and in mute invitation.

He practically staggered at her confidence in his sexual abilities. He felt a stirring in his loins and looked down. To his great surprise, he saw that his penis had gone from a flaccid little thing to fully erect and throbbing for action in a matter of seconds. There was a huge tent in his shorts threatening to tear them right off. In a daze, he silently pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them.

His brain was still trying to play catch up when he found himself moving silently forward, as if sleepwalking on autopilot, towards her. It was almost as if her exposed ass was reeling his penis in like a fish on a hook, pulling the rest of him along behind.

He was still completely baffled by what seemed to be happening to him, until a memory of Susan talking to him the week before floated to the surface of his tired mind: "I want you to violate my boundaries more often! From now on, whenever you want to or need to really 'get my attention,' there's one way that's the best way to do it. Push your penis all the way into my ass and flex it around! Don't tell me you're going to do it or ask for my permission, just bend me over and stretch my asshole around your big, fat, hard, manly cock-meat any time you feel like it. You know my ass is always ready for you now, so there's no need for words whenever you stuff my butt with your humongous prick. This will henceforth be the proper way to 'get my attention' in the future and I will expect you to do it properly at each and every opportunity that presents itself, from now on. Do I make myself clear?"

As he came out of his trip down memory lane, his hazy fog of exhaustion seemed to disperse slightly, to be replaced by a rising tide of lust. He thought, Dang! This just shows that I'll never get tired of fucking my mom, never! She has such a power over me. She's the most sexual creature on the face of the Earth, more than Suzanne, more than anybody! To get tired of her bombshell body would be like getting tired of eating or breathing. My God, am I going to FUCK her! And she clearly wants me in her ass and not her cunt; otherwise she wouldn't be holding her ass cheeks open like that, silently begging me to take that hole.

He looked down and saw his throbbing, rock hard erection hovering just a few inches away from her mouthwateringly luscious backside, aching to penetrate the hole being so selflessly offered. He realized he too was trembling with excitement as he stepped forward towards her hungrily clenching anus.


Alan wanted to surprise his mother, so rather than grab her ass cheeks to steady himself and help make sure his erection hit the target, he held his stiffness with one hand and guided it right to her well-lubed asshole. She was bent over so obscenely right in front of him that he hardly had to step forward to make contact.


He hit the bull's eye right away. As the bulbous cockhead tried to fit through, he suddenly grabbed both ass cheeks and held on for dear life, squeezing and pushing and clenching as he drove his stiff throbbing pole all the way home into her lusty asshole.

He thought back to his experience with Amy the night before, and how it took so long to get his penis into her, but this was completely different. He went all the way into his mother's ass in a single, long, deeply sensual stroke. That's not to say it was an easy or loose fit; far from it. In fact, she was excruciatingly tight the whole way in. He felt like he was creating a new hole in his mother's soft flesh rather than merely filling one, and he put so much pressure on her as he went in that he worried he would injure her.

She still didn't say a word, but she couldn't help but exhale deeply. Her big breath said more than words could convey. The whoosh of air carried a tremendous sense of relief and satisfaction. Her hands had let go of her splayed out ass around the time he had grabbed hold of her with both of his hands, and now she grabbed the counter edge for dear life instead.

Then she breathed in deeply, which also said much. She was steeling herself for an upcoming battle with orgasmic ecstasy, the battle to endure her son's merciless, seemingly endless pounding, to get through all the upcoming orgasms and multiple orgasms without passing out. She knew that no matter how tired he had just been (and she certainly knew he was very tired indeed), he was going to ride her like a cowboy racing a horse across the countryside. There was nothing she loved better than to be used by him in this manner.

She was still angry as hell that he had even thought for a minute that he could NOT properly greet her upon arriving home, because she knew he didn't absolutely have to go to the SA-Club orgy or stay so long. But that anger was fuel for her lust, and at the same time she felt a great deal of contentment, knowing that with her son's thick erection now fully filling one of her holes, all was well in the world.

He needed to take some time to recover from that deep push all the way into his mother's ass. He felt his penis inside her ass throb and bounce a couple of times as his pulse raced and his heart pounded in his chest. He began to pant in short breaths, but otherwise he kept his penis where it was. The fit was so tight, and her rectal walls all around his shaft grasped him with such an insistently snug pressure, that it seemed to him his penis would never move again.

But as he rested, he could feel the adrenaline begin to flow. His energy level surged, making him feel like The Incredible Hulk. One minute earlier, he'd been wondering if he could remain standing until he reached his bed, but now he felt he could lift an automobile with his bare hands.

Suddenly, he pulled his hard-on back until it nearly escaped her tight hole, but then he rammed it forward again with all his might.

She let out an extremely loud and satisfied gasp of contentment. Her gasp was so loud it was nearly a scream. She couldn't keep silent any longer, and in a voice still angry and mocking and yet somehow also loving and surprisingly calm, she said, "Oh. Hi Tiger. Mommy didn't hear you come in."

He smiled, knowing that she'd heard him perfectly well. He flexed his penis inside her for extra effect, and then ground his hips against hers. He grimaced with exertion as he pushed in still deeper and said, "Oh, I'm in all right. In deep!" He pulled nearly all the way out, and then slammed forward so hard that her body shook all over.

She groaned with longing and satisfaction as her asshole was emptied and then refilled so forcefully by her son. As he rested briefly from that tremendous body slam, she arched her back up and shamelessly gasped a pure orgasmic sound that couldn't be described, but which expressed utter joy. An anal orgasm ripped through her, to the very core of her being. But she was just getting warmed up, and she knew he was just getting warmed up too.

He rode out her deliciously clenching muscle spasms, then pulled his penis back and drove it home for a third time. He was a little slower and a little less brutal now, because he wanted to get into more of a regular rhythm instead of one violent full penetration after another.

But before he could do that, she looked back over her shoulder with eyes both simultaneously angry and shining with love, and said, "So, how was your day, dear?" She flexed her rectal muscles around his fullness, squeezing him so hard that it felt like his brain was melting.

It was so indescribably pleasurable being there, deep inside her, getting his penis milked from top to bottom, that he found he couldn't move for another thrust just yet. He was captive to the incredibly talented things she was doing with her muscles.

She thought, Good God, he loves me! I just want to shout to the whole world how much he loves me, and how good he makes me feel! I especially love that I could make him hard even when he's completely dead to the world. I wonder who he fucked at his SA-Club meeting. I hope he nailed Heather. She needs to be tamed by a fat cock. And Janice. She's a hot little redhead. Hell, I'll bet he did 'em all! That gets me SO HOT! Has any mommy ever been so blessed with such a studly son?! Thank you, Lord!

She began rocking her hips back and forth ever so slightly, pushing back into his groin, wetting his balls with her leaking pussy juice. Her anal channel felt hot and buttery - there was so much heat churning up from her insides, surrounding his buried erection, that he was absolutely stunned. He realized that Amy's ass might be tighter, and Heather's might be stronger, but Susan's ass was just as incredible as either of those in its own way. Her asshole felt safe, welcoming, and somehow comforting. Putting his erection snugly into his mother felt like coming home after a long journey. He realized just how right it was to greet her like this, with a thorough buttfucking, after coming home from a long day at school.

"I'm sorry I didn't 'get your attention' properly when I came in, Mommy."

Her asshole flexed and fluttered in warm acceptance and forgiveness. "That's all right, Tiger. At least you came to your senses and remembered how to do it properly. You'll remember better next time, won't you?" she said wistfully, as she clamped down on him with her internal strength until he couldn't move again.

Alan felt his eyes rolling back and his brain start liquefying again from the pleasure he was feeling. "Yes, Mommy, I'll remember next time." He thought, There's absolutely no way I'm going to be forgetting this!

After feeling all that pleasure, he decided it was time to give back and then some. The energy and adrenaline were still coursing through his veins, so he finally began to get into a groove. He resumed thrusting with long and deep strokes, but he was very regular now, very rhythmic. In and out he plowed, marveling at how easily his penis could slide through her hot and buttery channel, and yet at the same time he felt so very tightly squeezed. It was like every last little bit of his penis was being fellated, a thousand tongues on him all at once.

He chugged along for some time, moving with a steady metronomic pace like a train riding down a train track. He noticed that she was humming again. It was the same catchy tune that she'd been humming when he first came into the kitchen. He was puzzled because he was certain he'd heard the song around the house a good deal lately, but he couldn't place where it came from.


Little did he know, but the song was her own creation, "The Alan Song." She'd slightly adjusted the words that ran through her mind to better fit the occasion, She repeated over and over:

I am Alan's hole
In the kitchen here he'll take control
I am Alan's ass
He's gonna fuck my butt hard, fast, fast, fast
I am Alan's butt
He owns it all, his mommy slut

Before long, the sounds of her humming turned more to grunting as the intensity and speed of their fucking slowly increased.

Inevitably, with all the heat and friction, he felt the urge to climax well up inside him. In fact, the need to cum came upon him so quickly that he had to nearly pull out. He grabbed his penis at the base, and then again just below the cockhead, and he squeezed hard with both hands. He figured that if one emergency technique to prevent cumming didn't work, the other one would.

He sighed with relief as the urge to cum passed. But ever so briefly he felt all of his weariness return. He slumped over his mother, resting on her back, inadvertently driving his stiff pole all the way into her ass yet again.

She smiled and thought, That's my boy! He's no normal motherfucker, that's for sure! Most mommy fuckers would have given up their incestuous seed right there, but not my Tiger! He's just getting started! Us harem nymphos have to earn our cum loads with a lot of hard work and hard fucking. I spied him through the window over the sink and I saw how utterly dead to the world he was, but look at him now! He's doing his Mommy proud. He's putting me in my place! Mommy is Tiger's very proud and happy after-school sperm dump! If he only knew just how strong a fantasy he's filling right now! Filling literally and figuratively, hee-hee!

I wonder if he remembers that this is the outfit I was wearing the first time he fucked me up the ass. I don't know if he fully understands just how strong my anal need is. He knows that I could get off over and over merely from sucking his cock, and he knows how his thick dick belongs deep inside Mommy's cunt. And he certainly knows that my big tits were made just for his hands to fondle and his cock to slide through and his mouth to suck on. But does he know that my ass is just as needy as all the rest of me? Every square inch of Mommy's hot body has been designed to give my son the utmost in incestuous pleasure! That's what I do now, that's what I live for. But then again, how will he know all that unless I tell him?

"Thank you so much for 'getting my attention' properly, Tiger," Susan panted. "I know it's more than a bit selfish of me to have you greet me like this, but Mommy needs it so bad! Mommy's a completely insatiable slut for son-cock! I promise I won't always be this demanding, but I got so angry, thinking about you fucking all those dozens of hot, sweaty, juicy, teen twats at the orgy. I know that it's only right and proper that you fuck all the busty babes at school into submission, but not on a Tuesday! Please? Not on a Tuesday?"

He laughed, happy to see that her anger was finally dissipating. "Mommy, it was only three cheerleaders, not dozens. Well, four, actually." He briefly chuckled at the absurdity of "only" four cheerleaders. "And I promise I won't be so late again. There's no one in the world I want to make happy more than you, nobody! It just about broke my heart to see you disappointed like that when I couldn't get it up. I couldn't stand it!"

She was so eager, especially after hearing his virile admission that he'd just fucked four cheerleaders in a single afternoon, that she figured he'd already had enough time to rest. She began squeezing and flexing her rectal muscles around his penis in extremely delightful ways. It wasn't just a matter of on or off; now that she'd calmed down a bit she began trying some of the more advanced tricks that she and Suzanne had been working on in recent days. She started by squeezing around one end of his penis and then letting the pressure of her grip roll along his length much the same way that a crowd in a sports stadium will stand up to perform "the wave." A wave of pleasure coursed through his penis as she did this, but no sooner did she finish than she did the same starting from the other end.

Alan was so surprised that his mouth gaped open and closed like a gasping fish. He'd had no idea such anal finesse was possible. He'd felt Heather's rectum rippling up and down his length before, but this was somehow completely different from that.

But at the same time she was doing this, she spoke casually, showing just how easily she could do these tricks. "Tiger, my lover, I have a secret. This isn't just a fulfillment of the fantasy I was telling you about last week, the one where I told you to 'get my attention' by surprising me with a delicious cock stuffing up my butt. I loved how you didn't even touch me first, you didn't even go slow, you just crammed that whole huge thing into me in one massive thrust! What a good son! But actually, that kind of fantasy goes back a ways. What I mean is that long before I mentally allowed myself to dream of getting a good cunt stuffing from you, I channeled a lot of my energies into, um, anal domination fantasies."

"Mom! Stop!" he cried out urgently.


"That anal flexing thing you're doing, God, it's so good! But I'm about to blow, and I can't even pull out when you're doing that."

"What, you mean this?" She let another ripple of flexing pleasure roll back and forth along the length of his erection, and then giggled with glee.

"Yes, that!" He was sweating bullets, struggling not to cum too soon.

She smiled from ear to ear, deeply satisfied that he was enjoying her new technique so much. "Oopsie. I'll stop. I'm so glad you like that, because, for once, that's something I seem to be able to do no problem while Suzanne can't do it at all. If you really like it when I'm doing THIS" - she did it again - "then that almost makes up for the fact that Suzanne's tongue is over an inch longer than mine. That woman is unreal. I'm soooo envious about all the things her tongue can do to your fat cock that mine can't!"

"Mommy, I love it, but please!"

"Oops. Such fun! But as I was trying to tell you, I've been having anal sex fantasies for so long. Pretty much since the start of November, so almost a full month now. In my fantasies, you completely owned my ass, which of course you do now, and I had to spread my cheeks for you at every opportunity! Why, I even imagined you plowing my ass while we were on the front lawn, and the postman walked by with a big look of surprise on his face! But almost always, the fantasies involved you doing me here in the kitchen, usually when you came home from school."

She sighed in happy remembrance. "You know how much time I spend working in the kitchen, and for this past month, half the time I'm in here I'm fantasizing about you silently sneaking up on me and buggering my ass. For some reason, more often than not the fantasy has me just keep on doing what I was doing, washing the dishes or whatever, while you drill my poor little ass into oblivion! I'd often think about casually asking in mid-fuck, 'How was your day, dear?' as though stretching my horny asshole around your big, thick, hot fuckmeat was a perfect normal, everyday occurrence, and today I actually was able to say those very words! That made me so, well, as you kids say it, totally psyched!"

She giggled, and then continued, "To tell you the truth, Tiger, my anal fantasies started that day that you were putting suntan lotion on all of us and were sliding your big fat mommy-splitter back and forth through my slippery ass crack. God, you got me so hot doing that! Even though I was fanatical about boundaries back then, since you were allowed to touch my ass to 'get my attention' I couldn't help but think that if you were to spread my ass open and cram your cock all the way up my butt that you would REALLY get my attention!"

She giggled some more. "I thought at first that it would hurt terribly. I was really scared of what would happen if you did shove your huge man meat into my tiny little asshole, but it was also so terribly arousing to think about! I also thought that if I could take you in my ass, maybe that would satisfy you and we wouldn't have to perform the greatest of incestuous sins, vaginal intercourse. Fortunately I was so wrong and you take all my holes whenever you like now, because I'm your sinful mommy slut."

She grinned and playfully squeezed his stiffness between her flexing butt cheeks. "It wasn't until I talked with Xania that I realized I needed you just as much as you needed me, that there was nothing wrong with my anal needs and fantasies, and that it was wrong to suppress them and feel shame about them. I was so jealous of Suzanne at first, when you fucked her in the ass that first time, but then when I realized that you'd liked it I resolved to become your butt slut mommy and started having fantasies about you fucking me up the ass all the time."

Susan turned her head to look at Alan, the love shining in her eyes, "I don't know why, but when you put your mommy-splitter in my tight little ass, I feel loved by you in a way that I've never known before. It's the total act of submission. I feel so alive and free and happy when your big cock is in my butt."

He was having a hard time talking, as he teetered on the edge of a great climax. But he managed to gasp out, "Isn't that...?"

"A contradiction? You might think so, but not me. To me, submission IS freedom! I'm free to let go, free to love you and serve you with all my heart! I don't have to try to hold back and pretend to be normal, or live a complete lie. I'll never be a repressed prude of a woman ever again, so long as my son fucks me in the ass. So please, don't ever let me go nearly a week without a good hard buttfucking again. Your mommy needs her buttfucks!"

While she was talking, he was listening but also thinking. Whether she knew it or not, she had him in the palm of her hand, and he didn't like that. He was right on the edge of cumming, and yet she wasn't obeying his command to stop her talented anal squeezing. Every so often, maybe about every twenty or thirty seconds, she'd give him another squeeze to keep him nearly mad with desire. He was fighting for his life not to cum, clenching his PC muscle like crazy. He felt he had to get back on top of things to retain total control of his favorite bouncy and milky mommy slut.


Suddenly, the kind of creative inspiration that helped make him such a desired lover struck him, as he realized the silverware drawer was just within reach. As she continued to talk, he reached out, opened the drawer, and pulled out a sharp knife.


Normally, he would never have thought of bringing a knife anywhere near her. Her skin was far too perfect for him to want to chance nicking her, even if the odds were extremely low. She had no freckles, no moles, no bumps, no scars - virtually nothing on her skin of any kind except delightfully peachy and nearly invisible short light hair. An airbrush artist would have had nothing to do to her, except maybe cover up some unsightly veins on her feet and hands that inevitably came with age. However, he had an idea he just had to try and he promised himself that he'd use a knife this one time only.

She felt the knife press against the skin of her arm and she shivered with excitement. She stopped her intermittent anal squeezing, which gave him a chance to calm down enough to more or less talk coherently.

As he lightly held the knife against her skin, he asked, "Mommy, you've been a very naughty pair of big tits, haven't you?"

"Goodness gracious!" she panted. Her son had never called her a "pair of big tits" before, and she loved it. She repeated it back just to make sure he knew she enthusiastically approved. "This big pair of big tits is so sorry, Son. Mommy's nothing but a pair of round, milky, huge, and needy tits! And hard and even more needy nipples. I need to pay! I need to get spanked! What exactly did I do wrong to deserve a royal assfucking, by the way, my cum-filled boy?"

Pulling the knife away, he reached underneath her and found her slit. He pushed two fingers in and rapidly located her G-spot. "It's your outfit. While I love the way it says, 'I live to serve my son and drain him of cum,' it covers up too much of your skin. True, it leaves your ass and cunt exposed for all to see, but what about your tragically covered fun bags? Not to mention the nice bits in between? Your flat and toned stomach, for instance? I could spend years just running my hands over your hips and stomach, but this outfit is in the way."

"I'm so sorry, but I-"

"It's too late! I'm gonna fix it right now!" Knife still in hand, he reached down and cut the back of her maid uniform in two with one non-stop but careful cut. The cloth fell to both sides of her torso and he pulled it away, leaving her naked. He tossed the knife into the kitchen sink.

"Oh my God! It's too much!" Susan was so excited that he'd cut her clothes off that she began to cum hard. She was so horny that she felt dizzy. Tingles of excitement were shooting up and down her spine and all over her body, with everything seemingly wired to her clit.

As soon as she started to recover, she began frantically squeezing her anal muscles around her son's penis. She was so eager to please him that she no longer tried her talented but subtle flexing, but instead seemed to be attempting to squeeze the entire thing off.

He barked, "Mommy-slut, that's much better! From now on, I never want to see you wear any clothes again! Ever! Inside the house or out! Your body is so hot that I want to see all of it, all the time!"

"Oh God!" she screamed with shock, fear, and delight. She hardly knew what to respond to, the knife or his latest arousing comments. She felt like she could climax again already. "You cut my clothes off! You actually sliced them right in two! Dear God!" Then the full weight of his command not to wear clothes hit her and she shrieked, "You can't mean it!" The way he was massaging her G-spot while thrusting into her ass over and over was more than she could take, and it was all she could do to say that much.

In fact, he didn't mean it. He knew that sometimes a partly clothed woman looked sexier than a completely naked one, and variety is the spice of life, after all. But she didn't need to know that at the moment. Unable to endure any more of her anal muscle tricks, he resumed thrusting in and out with long strokes. "Of course I mean it! Though, needless to say, that doesn't include your high heels or glasses. But that's it!"


The thought of being naked forever for her son, plus what he was doing to her G-spot and asshole, drove her over the edge once more. She pictured herself sashaying her way through the school halls in order to find him and take him home, while wearing nothing but black high heels. With a piercing scream, a multiple orgasm tore through her.

At first, he was content just to watch her writhe as her fists pounded the counter helplessly, her body no longer under her control. But then he decided to take things one step further, and he started ramming his penis into her even harder than before. His attack was so fierce that he could no longer keep his fingers on her G-spot, or even in her pussy, but he did manage to grope around on the outside and set off her clit more than once.

Thanks to his continued anal assault, her orgasm seemed to have no end. It went on for a minute or more. She simply couldn't believe she could feel so much pleasure.

Finally, it was over and her body went completely limp. However, she didn't move much because she was still flopped over the counter and still had her son's penis deeply impaled in her ass. She sighed contentedly over and over as she slowly came down from the highest of highs to a more manageable high.

Finally, she recovered enough to speak again. "Thank you, Son. So much. So good. I don't deserve a son as good as you. Can you promise me one thing? I want you to meet me like this every day after school. Every single day, surprise me by taking me in the ass or doing me doggy style. These holes on this pair of big tits belong to you, and I hope you'll use them at every opportunity."

"Oh, I will, Mommy. But sadly, not every day after school. I do hope to work you into my busy fuck schedule at least once a day, but it's up to me to determine the where and the when. It's more fun when it's a surprise."

"Oh, Son! 'Work me into your busy fuck schedule'. I love it! Of course, that is your right and your privilege. This pair of big tits must obey you in all things. Oh, and I loved what you said about me being naked all the time! But what will I do when I have to go outside? Or what if we have guests?"

"If we have guests, I assume they'll be sexy women wanting sex. You'll crawl on your hands and knees and service their pussies, naturally. Nakedness obviously will not be a problem. If they're male for some strange reason, we'll hide you away until they're gone, because no other man should be allowed to see my cum-starved mommy looking so extremely sexy. As for going outside, that is a bit more of a problem. If you're going to do something like go shopping at a supermarket, I'll allow you to wear a little more. You can wear cow ears, a cow bell, and a cow tail sticking out of your son-loving butt. Oh, and a collar around your neck. You can put your money underneath the collar in a wad, like the way strippers keep their tips under a garter when they're dancing naked."

"Fuck! FUUUUCCK!" she cried out desperately. She'd been too wiped out to squeeze his still very erect penis buried in her ass, but she climaxed again and involuntarily squeezed it some more. "Oh shit! You just made me cum again, you big meanie! Is that any way to treat your helpless mother? Those little cow things don't cover anything at all. Are you serious about this no clothes rule? We'll get in trouble and then everything will be ruined!"

She said with a serious urgency, "I love the idea of everyone seeing that you're my master, but we can't! I'm so sorry, but I can't let that happen, I can't let them take you away!"

He rolled his eyes at her gullibility. "Relax, Mommy. It's just sex talk. Of course I like seeing you dressed or partly dressed in sexy clothes. Although... Maybe we can do some stuff like that from time to time. For instance, one of these days we should try a Bound and Naked Mommies Week, where you and Mother are tied up naked, tied to each other for the whole week. Would you like that?"

She was panting frantically as she thought about that. "Would I like it? God, it makes me so fucking hot! Shut up, please, now, or your butt slut is going to cum again and I don't think I could take it!"


He wiped the sweat from his brow. "Oh no. Cumming again. That sounds horrible," he said sarcastically as he began plunging his erection in and out of her asshole some more. He had his second wind now and was ready to get his satisfaction. The truth was, he'd worked himself up with all his talking too, and he was ready to get off.

"NooooOOOOooooOOOOooo!" she wailed. "Not the mommy-splitter! Not the big fat mommy-splitter! It's too good! Far too fucking GOOD! UGH! MMMM! I'm truly gonna lose my mind!"

As she started to rhythmically slam into the kitchen counter, he decided to push her a little bit more. He reached forward and grabbed her breasts with both hands. They were flattened down on the counter as much as the two massive round pillows could be flattened, but he quickly took care of that by lifting her up by his hold on her rack.

"NooooOOOOooo!" she wailed even more. "Not the tits! Not the tits! Anything but the tits! They're too sensitive! I'm going to cum so hard I'm gonna cry! Please have mercy!"

"Tits? I'm not holding your tits. I'm holding your udders. Are you or are you not a sex cow, making milk and pussy juice for your children to drink up every day?"

"I am! I AM! Milk your mommy's tits! Squeeze them until they burst with milk! Use me! Abuse me! Drown me in milk and sperm! Milk and sperm! No! Noooo! Nooooooo! Here comes another one! Oh God, please! Mercy!" Yet another multiple orgasm tore through her brain and body, seemingly electrifying every nerve ending she had.

Alan now had his mother under his complete control. Her body was a limp rag. She was unable to consciously do much more than beg or breathe. He realized he could literally fuck her until she went insane. It was actually in his power to give her so many multiple orgasms that she lost her mind, unless she fell unconscious first. But of course he didn't want to do that. He loved his mother more than anyone in the whole world. His energy still surged through him like a man possessed, but he decided it was time to end their fun.

"I'm gonna cum, Mommy, cum! I'm gonna fill your ass, fill your ass with cum!"

"Yes! ... Fill me! ... Hot seed!" The remarkable thing was that the nearly hyperventilating Susan was somehow still able to say that much.

Soon, both of them were screaming like their guts had been ripped open. They screamed as if the orgasms washing over them were their last acts on Earth.

And in a sense, that was true. They both felt as if they died while cumming. It's not for nothing that the French words for orgasm, petite morte, translate as "little death."

Once his penis was emptied of cum, his energy seemed to drain out of him all at once. He fell to the ground, taking her down with him. They ended up in a sweaty heap on the floor, with her mostly sprawled out on top of him. Neither of them could do anything except simply struggle to keep breathing.


Upstairs, Katherine and Amy had been happily engaging in their daily pussy shaving ritual. It was something they'd started a month ago and still managed to do almost every day, although on some days other events, usually involving sex with their brother, took precedence. The actual shaving of their pussies was only a small part of the ritual. The "cleaning" and "testing out the new pussy" parts of the ritual usually took much longer, and that's what they were busy with at the moment. They were sitting on Katherine's bed, grinding away pussy to pussy, when they heard horrific screams from the floor below. But they weren't concerned.


"Sounds like Big Brother is really giving it to Mom good," Katherine pointed out calmly.

"Yep," Amy nodded. "It's kinda frustrating though, don't you think?"

"I wish I had my own day! Geez, Amy. This Tuesday thing has gotten to be such a big deal. I get all excited when I hear the word 'Tuesday' now, and I'm not even involved in the ritual!"

"Well, you are a bit. Mom gets even hornier than usual, and we all benefit, if only from the smell of a cunt in serious heat all day long."

"True," Katherine conceded as she continued to grind her wet pussy against her sister's.

Just then, they heard yet another blood-curdling scream. It went on and on, and they waited until it was done.

"Jesus!" Katherine exclaimed. "And to think, these walls are supposed to be soundproof. Imagine how that would sound if we were in the same room."

"Do you think they need our help?" Amy asked as she casually fondled Katherine's boobs and rubbed her soaked pussy against her sister's equally drenched box. "They've been going at it like that for a while."

"Yeah. The term 'fucked to death' comes to mind. Even if they're okay, curiosity is getting the best of me. I wanna check it out!"

Amy giggled. "Curiosity killed the Kat."

Katherine really liked that joke, and giggled too. "Let's go!"


When the two girls got to the kitchen, Susan and Alan looked like a couple of corpses piled on top of each other. Alan's face was mostly pressed against the floor tile while Susan stared glassy-eyed nowhere in particular. The only way they could tell she was alive was the occasional blink and the slight rise and fall of her chest.

Amy and Katherine just let them be for a while. They got a pitcher of orange juice out of the refrigerator and sat at the counter stools, waiting for their two fucked out lovers to show greater signs of life.

Finally, Susan seemed to snap back into full consciousness and managed to roll off her son. But she still couldn't get up.

"So Mom," Katherine eventually said. "Was it a good fuck?"

A Cheshire cat smile slowly spread across Susan's face. She replied with pride, "My son fucked me. Do you have to ask?" She paused, and then added, "It was the best! The best! He did me in the ass..." Exhaustion overtook her and she had to stop talking.

But as she lay there, her overall feeling of intense satisfaction was slightly marred by guilty thoughts. As good as that was, it was selfish of me. Tiger was so tired, and I must have drained his last reserves of energy... But he's just too handsome and too sexy! How can I not want to fuck him until we both die of exhaustion?! This is how I want to go, with my son buried in me to the hilt. What a way to live and die! ... I'm a fully responsible, completely sane, mature adult, and I want to be fucked by my son until I die!

And to think, there are millions of people out there who go the whole day without a single good orgasm. Heck, they go for days on end without seriously steaming, sweaty, sticky sex. Weeks, even! So sad. The only problem is, this whole thing Amy was talking about earlier, with Tiger gaining more and more control of our very souls. I should be helping, but I think I'm only making things worse. The problem is that he's only been fucking me since Sunday night. Maybe I'll kind of calm down after a while. I was far too demanding and pushy earlier. I get so carried away! The things I just said, like "This pair of big tits must obey you in all things." That's not exactly helping his problem, is it? But it's so true! He gives me so much pleasure I want to worship his cock and every other last inch of him. I can't get over the fact that my own son is such a MAN! Brenda's right. He's a real fuck lord!

I just hope Suzanne and Amy and the others have more willpower than I do. After a fuck like that, I not only wouldn't mind being called a "pair of big tits", I'd proudly legally change my name to that, if he wanted me to! I'm so endlessly ecstatic that he loves my big tits so much. I wish they were even bigger, like Brenda's. She began groping her breasts with both hands, lifting, pulling, and pinching them in every way.

I could just imagine being at a shopping mall and hearing a voice over the loudspeaker: "Attention, Pair of Big Tits Plummer. Paging Pair of Big Tits Plummer. Please report to the white courtesy telephone. Pair of Big Tits Plummer. If anyone sees Mrs. Big, er, I mean Mrs. Plummer, please notify security immediately. There's a family emergency as her son immediately needs her in a quote biblical way unquote. For those on the lookout, Pair of Big Tits Plummer is said to have, well, quite an impressive pair of tits. And also a saucy and firm ass. Paging Pair of Big Tits Plummer, please report to the white courtesy telephone..." Hah! That would be so much fun! She began laughing out loud.


Susan looked up and realized Katherine was standing directly over her, looking down into her eyes. "What's so funny, Mom?"

She reluctantly stopped playing with herself. "Oh, nothing. Just fantasizing. I think you can roughly guess who I'm thinking about because I can't get him out of my mind. But I really need to get up. And we have to get Tiger up. He's supposed to have dinner with his friend Christine in what? Less than two hours, I think, and I don't think he's had his afternoon nap."

She rolled over and looked at her son. "Tiger? You up?"

"Yeah." His voice sounded beyond weary. "Barely... Kind of drifting in and out..."

Susan, though beyond weary herself, took charge. "My daughters, can you give us both a hand? I need to get him to his bed. I think I'm too fucked to walk, and I think he's feeling the same. Maybe you can kind of drag us along."

So Amy took Susan while Katherine took Alan, and somehow they got them up the stairs. Alan and Susan partly walked and were partly lifted along. They stopped at the bathroom along the way because Susan finally noticed Alan's many scratches from falling down the stairs earlier in the day. As a typical worried mother, she insisted on applying antiseptic immediately even though his minor wounds didn't really need it. But the application process woke him up some.

Then Amy said dreamily, "The ass. Did you hear that, Sister? He did her in the ass? Isn't that just the superest?" One of Amy's hands languidly wandered around to her own naked behind.

That didn't help Katherine's mood, and she replied grumpily, "The ass isn't all that. I'll take it in the cunt any day of the week." She was horribly jealous at how thoroughly fucked Susan was, but she kept quiet about that.

When the group finally arrived at Alan's bed, Katherine asked Susan with some suspicion, "Okay. We made it here somehow. It's obvious why we had to carry Alan here, but why you? Don't you want your own bed?"

"I do, I do. But my role as my son's big-titted sex toy is not yet done. My breasts are simply bursting with milk, and someone's got to help drain them. I was thinking Tiger could fall to sleep with his lips on my nipples, if he's up for it."

Alan was too tired to even reply to that, but Susan sat up against the bed's headboard, and he was planted with his face in her chest. Unthinkingly, he closed his eyes and began to suck.

Katherine was miffed, especially since she wasn't allowed to lactate.

But her anger was mollified a bit when Susan said, "Angel, you realize I love you very deeply, as much as a mother can possibly love a daughter. You know that. My other nipple is needy. Won't you help?"

Katherine helped. Within seconds, she had her face on a big pillowy boob and was happily sucking away. But she was still irked. She knew that what her mother said was true: Susan did love her as much as a mother can love a daughter. But she also knew what was unsaid: a mother can love a son even more than that, when that mother literally lives to get fucked by that son's penis.


Amy just stood there, naked as usual. She asked, "What about me? No more nipples for little ol' Amy..."

"I'm sorry, Amy," Susan said apologetically. "Why don't you join us on the bed and play with Katherine's body, since Alan and I are all fucked out at the moment."

Amy happily did so without further thought. She curled up behind Katherine and was content for the moment to just hold her and nuzzle her face into her neck. She knew that now was a restful time and not a time to get into anything heavily sexual. Alan would undoubtedly fall asleep in a few minutes and then the rest of them would go.

Susan continued, staring at the ceiling with dreamy eyes, "It's just that I want to share a moment with my two original children. I'm feeling nostalgic. Katherine? Alan? Do you remember how life used to be just a couple of months ago?"

Both of them mumbled "Mmmm-hmm's".

"When I look back on how I used to be, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I'm so glad that we have our new video monitoring system because now we can save our memories forever. For instance, I know I'm going to watch my royal assfucking from today over and over again. But I'm not thinking back all the way to my previous prudish existence, but more to how things slowly changed. I wish we had some video of those first days. Tiger, do you remember how this all started? Why, there were days when you actually had to masturbate many times to reach your six-times-a-day treatment! I mean, the very idea of you masturbating. It's so absurd. If you ever masturbate again, some sadly underfucked girl somewhere is going to cry."

Katherine and Amy giggled at this, but Alan just kept suckling away. He was already starting to lose consciousness, and Susan's words seemed more like a dream than reality.

Susan continued, "Maybe I'm feeling so nostalgic because I said 'so very improper' to my Tiger today under some pretty unusual circumstances, and I got thinking about all the times I'd said that before. There were times when I said that and actually meant it! I truly thought there were sexual limits. But now I know there are no limits. None at all. Some people might look at our family and be horrified, wondering if we're collectively insane to be sucking and fucking all the day long, but I don't care. I've never been happier in my life! I don't think it's even possible to be any happier than I am right now. What do you all think?"

She looked down at Alan.

"I think he's asleep," Katherine whispered from her vantage point on Susan's other breast.

"Hmmm. I think you're right," Susan murmured. "Can you two finish my tits off in your room, Angel? You can drink some mommy milk too, Amy, and then I'm going to take a nap myself. I think I'm going to sleep for hours."

Everyone carefully disentangled themselves and quietly left Alan sleeping on his bed, dead to the world.

"Wait a second," Katherine said, once they were all in the hallway and Alan's door was closed. "Don't sleep too long after we finish milking you. Amy and I were talking a little while ago during our shaving session, and we both are thinking it would be really good to go to a sex shop tonight." They all headed into Katherine's room as she talked.

"That's right," Amy seconded as Susan lay down on Katherine's bed. "There's so much we need to buy right away!"

"Like what?" a skeptical Susan asked.

Her daughters lay down beside and on top of her where they could start sucking on a nipple each.

"Like, some serious bondage stuff for Brenda," Amy suggested. "We have to make her unveiling tomorrow night super duper special, and she's way into bondage, but we hardly even have a pair of handcuffs in the whole house! That's just not right."

"True," Susan noted, "but that can wait until tomorrow during the day. We've got a lot to do tonight and I'm pooped."

Katherine stopped suckling long enough to look at Susan pleadingly. "But Mom! I need my cat gear. To be honest, I'm feeling a little bit unloved lately. I so very much want Alan to take special notice of me and I'm hoping cat-themed clothes will help. Can't we do it tonight? Please? Please?!"

Susan smiled. "Hrm. Well, let's see what your mother thinks. Your other mother, I mean. She should be back from visiting Glory in a little while. She's more of a planner than I am, and much more responsible and realistic. I'm just a big softy. If she thinks we can fit it in without cutting Amy's and Suzanne's official sexual consummation short in any way, then I'm all for it. I'd have some things I'd want to buy, too."

She thought to herself, If I can't give my children the discipline they need, at least I can recognize my failings and hopefully Suzanne can pick up the slack. Things like that are what make the two mommy system so great. Or I should say, the two big-titted nympho sonfucking mommy system, hee-hee! She finished off with, "All right, but we shouldn't disturb our favorite cum-filled boy with our shopping chores. Let's surprise him with some of our new purchases later tonight."

"Good idea! Thanks, Mommy!" Katherine said happily, though quietly so as to not disturb Alan. She was so delighted that she'd probably be able to buy cat-related sex products soon that she wanted to jump up and down.

Alan was finally left all alone. He slept with a very contented smile. As exhausted as he was, he had no regrets about fucking Susan over the kitchen counter. Perhaps they were all heading to ruin with their sex obsession, but if so, he was going to go there smiling all the way.


Suzanne drove the Pestridge family car while Susan sat in the passenger's seat and Amy sat in the back. Katherine drove the Plummer family minivan, and followed along right behind Suzanne. She was taking a separate car because she said she had some dinner plans with a friend later, just as Alan had dinner plans with Christine. All four of them were dressed conservatively, as they always dressed when outside the house. The two cars were headed to "Stephanie's," the local sex shop that Suzanne preferred shopping at.

Susan said to the others in her minivan, "This is nice. Girl's night out. But I can't believe I'm actually going to go to the-"

Amy interrupted, singing, "Love Shack! Baby, Love Shack!" She was a big B-52's fan.

Susan pointed out, far too seriously, "I suppose you could call it a love shack of sorts. But really, don't you think one of us should have stayed back to be with Alan? What if he wakes up with a big thick woody? He always does. There won't be any nymphos there to help drain him of his precious seed! You know what a cum-filled boy he is. If he doesn't get instant relief for all that semen building up... well, I don't know what! I'll feel horrible. What if he actually has to masturbate?! The horror!"

Suzanne chuckled at the gravity with which Susan considered these issues. "Relax, Number One Mom. He's so tired from all the non-stop sex he's gotten today that it would take a herd of elephants to wake him up. He needs his rest. I daresay if he wakes up he might even enjoy just relaxing by himself for a while. Plus, don't forget we left that new cell phone and a note by his bed. If he really needs our help, he'll call, and at least one of us will rush back and have his thickening cock in one of our hungry holes within fifteen minutes, max. So just chill out."

Susan frowned. "I suppose. But still, I'm going to feel guilty the whole time we're gone. You have no idea how AWFUL it is to be a male and have an untended stiffy. I can barely even contemplate it myself. Why, the very idea gives me the chills." She reached up to cup one of her breasts, but then stopped herself when she looked out the window and was reminded that she was outside her home.

Amy said from the back seat, "Mom, I think you're exaggerating. Every day at school, I see lots of guys with stiffies standing around. You should see when our whole cheerleader team is together doing our routines. It's like stiffy lookyloos a-go-go, especially since practically the only underwear we wear anymore is the painted on kind. But the guys manage. And after a while, their thingies go down without even so much as a hand job!" Amy sounded a bit surprised at this herself, but she added, "It's not the end of the world."

"It is, too!" Susan said petulantly. "I get all fidgety thinking about his untended cock, but the irony is that the one thing which would most calm me down is a good long cocksuck, but the lack of that is what's making me fidgety in the first place."

Surprisingly, Amy said to Suzanne, "Come on, Mother. You're not heartless. Don't you feel sad about all that untended cock?"

Suzanne looked in the rear view mirror at Amy and frowned. "Okay, it's true. I'm imagining his penis waving and bobbing in the breeze as he lies in his bed after he wakes up from his nap, just like you probably are. But get a grip. Long before all this started, he was perfectly capable of fending for himself. Once we get to the store, we'll have other things to occupy our thoughts."

But Susan was adamant. "That's easy for you to say. But as the Big Tits Theory proves, he's special, and he needs very special treatment and constant cock tending. Are we forgetting his special six-times-a-day diagnosis? Are we forgetting the sweet taste of his cum that practically begs to be slowly savored and swallowed? If he has a hard-on, it NEEDS to be drained, immediately! Let's not talk about this anymore. I'm beginning to get more and more anxious thinking of him waking up in the house all alone, without so much as even a blowjob to greet him upon waking. Let's hurry up and get back home!"

Suzanne chuckled some more. She found Susan's obsessiveness amusing. She could at least take solace in the fact that Amy was a bit more reasonable. She'd noticed during another glance in the rear view mirror that Amy had rolled her eyes with displeasure at Susan's mention of her Big Tits Theory.

Suzanne said to Susan, "Relax. He's going to sleep like a log. And remember that the things we're going to be buying will help us all arouse him even better in the future, allowing us to squeeze even more cum out of him more often. We all have a lot of things to buy that need to be bought sooner or later, like stuff for tomorrow's poke-her night."

Suzanne looked at Susan, who stared off into the distance with a dreamy expression. Chagrined, she added, "Mom, let me guess. When I said 'sleep like a log' you got to thinking about Alan's log, and you didn't hear anything else I said."


Susan blushed, but then defended herself, "Not entirely true. I did hear you say something about squeezing cum out of him. God, just thinking about that third leg of his and how it's always stuffed full of cum and in need of draining, it gets me so-"

Susan finished her sentence, but the other two also chimed in with the same word at the same time: "HOT!" Then Suzanne and Amy burst into laughter while Susan blushed even more.

"But it's true," Susan said defensively, once everyone had settled down. "Sorry if I don't use a lot of fancy words. I'm a simple and direct woman. I state exactly how I feel, and it so happens I feel hot and bothered a lot lately."

Suzanne patted her fellow mother on the shoulder as she pulled the car into a parking lot. "That's okay. We're just yanking your chain a bit. We love you just the way you are, and we love how just about anything and everything makes you 'so hot' for your son's cock. It's cute, how sex-obsessed you are. Now, before you start fixating on my use of the word 'yanking', let's review what we're going to do, because we're here." She pulled into a parking space as she said this.

Moments later, Katherine parked her minivan in the space beside them.

Everyone got out of their cars, but Suzanne corralled all four of them together for some instructions right there in the parking lot. "Okay, ladies," Suzanne said seriously, "remember that each of us is only allowed to spend $400. I know the temptation of wanting to buy everything, but it'll be a lot more fun to come back here from time to time to get new stuff to surprise Alan with, instead of buying the whole store all at once. I'll be buying more than that limit, but only because I'm also buying some gift items for Brenda. I'm under the same restrictions as you all with the stuff I'll be getting for myself."

Katherine whined, "But Mother, I was telling you about this no-brainer idea to take full advantage of my Kat name. Don't you think that I need-"

"No," Suzanne interrupted. "You can deck yourself out as a sexy cat several times over with that money. We've got over two hours and Angel you have one hour, so there's no need to rush. But on the other hand, let's not just sit here in the parking lot yakking the whole time, either."

So the four of them walked into the store. However, Katherine and Suzanne had a secret that they weren't sharing with Susan and Amy. They'd already been in the store in early November, and became physically intimate with the employee named Ginger. Suzanne had called Ginger earlier in the day before agreeing to the trip, because she wanted to confirm that Ginger would be there. She was, and Suzanne talked with her for a while regarding a scheme to seduce Susan.

Suzanne knew very well that Ginger was no ordinary employee. The attractive blue-eyed, blonde-haired college student was such an avid connoisseur of sex that she practically made the Plummer women seem like prudes. She worked at Stephanie's mostly to meet other potential sex partners, both male and female. She had a particularly strong fetish for S&M, and was able to see who else shared her interest in this by what purchases they made. But even this wasn't enough, so she worked at a second job at a restaurant attached to a nursery, so she could meet horny and sexually neglected young mothers.

It was remarkable she found any time to remain a part time college student (in fact, her enrollment was less about getting a degree and more about finding yet more sex partners). Ginger wasn't a perfect ten in beauty, but she was so dedicated to finding new partners that she'd built up a large stable of very desirable beauties and slept with a different one nearly every night.

So, needless to say, Suzanne didn't exactly have a hard task convincing Ginger to go along with her scheme. The main part of the scheme was for Katherine and Suzanne to pretend that they'd never met Ginger before, and let Ginger seduce Susan. Seducing Amy would be so easy that there wasn't much point to it; instead, she could join in the sexual fun later. But seducing Susan would be a pleasantly difficult challenge, due to Susan's phobia of exposure in public places and obsessive devotion to her son. Ginger loved the prospect because she often wanted to have sexual liaisons with complete strangers in the store, but rarely was able to do it due to some rules she'd set for herself regarding sexually transmitted diseases.

The inside of "Stephanie's" was divided into two sections. The front section of the store contained clothing, costumes, lingerie, and accessories that were sexy, but still tame enough to be found in a racy Victoria's Secret. Presumably, they didn't want anything too "scandalous" that could be seen from the large front windows. The back and larger section of the store contained all the naughty stuff - if there was lingerie back there, it typically would be crotchless or edible or special in other ways. After Ginger let the store's four new customers in, she put a "closed" sign on the front window. Luckily, there were no other customers there at the moment, so she locked the door as well. Suzanne had asked for the privacy, but Ginger also knew from Suzanne's previous business that closing up shop was a good business move. The number of purchases this group would make would more than compensate the potential loss of other customers.

Suzanne had a scheme she'd worked out in advance that necessitated Susan and Ginger being alone in the back of the store. So, after she guided Susan back there and connected her with Ginger, she got Amy and Katherine's attention and brought them out again to the front section.

"Look, you two," Suzanne said as she pointed to a display rack she was walking towards.

"Oh my GOD!" Katherine shrieked with glee. "Someone restart my heart!"

There in front of them was a rack that displayed nothing but cat-themed clothing. Katherine rushed up to it and started to feel the fabric of several outfits. Most of them were leopard-skinned or tiger-striped type items.

Amy just stood back for some moments and reveled in Katherine's show of jubilation.

But then Suzanne tapped Amy on the shoulder and gestured at other clothing racks in the same vicinity as the cat-themed one. "Look, Honey Pie. This whole section is nothing but sexy costumes. Don't you think it would be fun to surprise Alan with some special outfits tomorrow night? Kind of like a fashion show and poke-her party rolled in one."

Amy's eyes went wide as she took a good look around. "Excellent! Mother, that's is such a super cool idea! Ooh! Yes! He can poke us in our new outfits!" She ran from one display to the next in excitement (though she knew to leave the cat-themed items alone, as that would be intruding on Katherine's turf now).

Suzanne smiled. Seeing Amy and Katherine suitably distracted for her purposes, she headed to the back of the store.

Katherine held up a cat-patterned bikini and looked around for Amy. "Aims! Look at this! Look how little fabric there is! Sure, I wish there was even less, but you can't have everything. Oh my God! LOOK at all this stuff! Damn that spending limit. I could buy this entire rack!"

"Put something on," Amy sensibly suggested.

"Why, I think I will. Look. There's changing rooms just a couple feet away. Does life get any better than this?" With the bikini still in her hand, she stepped into a changing stall and closed the curtain behind her.

Amy didn't want to miss out. Mindful of the fact that most of the store's front section could be seen through the glass windows leading to the sidewalk, she figured most anything sexually interesting would take place in the changing rooms. She went to a row of costumes that she liked, checked the sizes until she found one that fit, and headed into the same stall that Katherine was using.


Katherine was already halfway into a leopard-skinned bikini by this time. She wasn't too surprised Amy had come into the same stall and merely said to her as she finished adjusting the bikini straps, "So, what do you think? I really like it, especially since the bikini bottoms is more like two loincloths that aren't connected between my legs. There are so many ways I can knock them aside to give that 'fresh pussy and ass here, come and get it!' signal." She struck a sexy pose, but didn't really feel in the mood just yet. Her smile looked a bit forced. She still had a lot of other things on her mind.

"Let's see it in action."

"Sure." Katherine smiled with more feeling as she spread her legs a bit and let the front loincloth fall to one side.

"Mmmm. Fresh and bald pussy!" Amy licked her lips. "Looks like you have a good shaver." She winked at this reference to herself.

Despite the positive reaction, Katherine felt a bit shy in the store and quickly let the loincloth fall back to cover her privates, even though they were behind the closed door of the changing room and no one could see them. But she still preened and posed. "Can you imagine Alan's cum all over this? Just imagine his fresh goo sliding and dripping down my breasts."

Amy replied as she dressed, "I can totally imagine it. I can practically see the splooge dripping off your chin. I think it looks awesome. It's way super poke-y. You look really jungle-y, too. It's like he's Tarzan and you're Jane."

That image perked Katherine up a bit more. "Oooh! I like that. I can just picture him picking me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and carrying me back to his jungle lair to serve him along with his other jungle women." She stared off into space.

"Totally! I can totally picture Aaa- uh, him, swinging through the trees from vine to vine. That would be fun! ... But do you think we should mention his name? Who knows who can hear us?"

"Good point. Maybe I'll ask Aunt Suz- Hey Amy! What are you doing?! You're putting on a cheerleader outfit!"

Amy giggled with glee. "I know. Isn't it cute?" She preened for her sister, and waved her pom-poms.

"But Aims, you already ARE a cheerleader."


"I know, but check this out! It's like the porno version of what we wear. The top is so teeny weeny and tight, like it shrunk down to nothing after someone left it in the dryer for days. It doesn't even come close to TRYING to cover my boobs. But what's too groovy for gravy is the skirt! Look!" She turned around and bent over, thrusting her ass out towards Katherine. "It's all starchy. You can get it to hang up above the ass, like, permanently! It just stays there. Wouldn't it be a total BLAST to do our routines before a big crowd dressed in this?"

"It would, except for the painfully bouncing boobies. But don't sidetrack me. Cheerleader outfits, even that one, are so done already. The whole point is to dress in something exotic."

Amy frowned. "Oh. Right. M'kay. I'll go get something else, then." She turned to go, but paused, adding, "Still... Wouldn't it be cool if we could give Alan special cheers at home, wearing special outfits like this?"

"What, you mean like, we walk in on Alan fucking your mom, and we put on some scandalous cheerleader outfits and pom-poms and cheer them on?"

"Yeah! Just think of the cheers we could do. Like, 'Deep! Deep! Knock her up and make her weep!' And think of the kind of pelvic thrust stuff we could do."

Katherine thought back to some weeks before, when she'd given Alan some private, semi-nude cheerleader routines. She thought, That was fun. And it's been WAY too long. What's the point of being an incestuous cheerleader if you can't do sexy routines for your brother? She said, "I'm warming up to the concept. Good idea. But is it worth putting in the 'must purchase' pile when we could just use our school outfits? I think not."

"M'kay. Bummer." Amy walked out of the stall still dressed in her cheerleader outfit, despite the fact that the outfit left her breasts completely exposed.

Katherine sighed in frustration. Amy was irrepressible when it came to nudity. But left alone for a few minutes, her enthusiasm for the cat clothing died down as she recalled a conversation she'd heard in school near the end of the day.


Katherine had been talking to Alan in a busy hallway between classes when Christine walked up. After some brief greetings, Katherine heard Christine say to Alan, "So, we still on for dinner tonight?"

Alan turned away from Katherine to fully face Christine, and replied, "Sure." Keeping in mind that he needed to reinforce the strictly platonic nature of their dating, especially with his jealous sister there, he suggested, "But you know, the last couple of dates we went to such fancy places that it took a big hit out of my pocket book. Why don't we just go to some kind of normal restaurant and dress normally this time?"


Secretly, Christine was very disappointed by that. She'd recently visited her young aunt Kirsten again to borrow yet another stunning outfit, just for this upcoming date. She thought, I'm so pathetic. First, I had to run the gauntlet of yet more of Kirsten's embarrassing questions about my practice dates before she'd loan me anything. It's not easy keeping the full, painfully embarrassing truth from her.

Then, to make matters worse, with my mom asking about these dates and the way I'm dressing for them, I had to give her the impression that I'm really dating Alan, and not just practice dating. She basically thinks he's my boyfriend! Worse, she told Dad everything, so now he thinks that too. I've never lied to my parents before that I can recall, but they've been pressuring me so strongly to date somebody. Here I am, supposedly one of the best looking girls in the school, and I'm making up lies so I can borrow a dress that I can't even wear. Pathetic!

She thought some more about the dress that she'd modeled in her bedroom just the night before. She'd gotten into an argument with her mother about being allowed to wear it. She said it was too sheer. Well okay, maybe it was a little sheer, but so what? Isn't that the whole point, to look a little sexy? Mom would probably be happy if I went on all my dates wearing a potato sack. Besides, she did let me wear it in the end. What's frustrating is that Kirsten said I need to return it to her in a few days, so now I'm going to have to return the damn thing before Alan can even see it!

But she kept all these thoughts to herself and played along. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm hardly Ms. Moneybags myself. Although going all out can be a lot of fun, don't you think? What if we do that, like, every other time?"

"Okay, sure. We'll do that next time. Any type of restaurant you like for tonight? I'm totally flexible."

"How about Thai food?"

"Great!" Alan replied.

Katherine noticed though that Alan spoke more to Christine's chest than her face. Unusually for the Nordic "Ice Queen," her top was actually a little revealing. In fact, Katherine realized that Christine had been wearing more daring outfits for at least the last week.

But then Alan turned to Katherine and asked, "What was the name of that place we ate at a while back? 'Taste of Thai,' right? Wasn't that pretty good?"

Katherine replied, "Oh yeah. Very good."

She turned briefly to Christine and gave her a bit of a glare. Even before she'd consciously admitted her incestuous feelings for her brother, she had a bad impression about Christine due to unrecognized jealousy. Lately, those feelings had flared up again and even grown stronger, especially since she'd heard about how Alan and Christine had French kissed.

Christine was so focused on Alan that she didn't notice Katherine's mean look. She leaned forward, revealing a bit more cleavage, and said in a low tone, "Um, Alan, it is just you and me tonight, right?"

"Yes. Just us," Alan said casually, oblivious to the tension between the two girls. "Why?"

Christine drew even closer, as if she was saying something just for Alan, but Katherine leaned forward too, careful to listen. "Nothing," Christine said. "It's just that, I have some things I want to say to you in private. Important things about, well, about stuff like what happened to you this morning in first period and everything. Can I have your complete confidence?"

"Sure. My lips are sealed." He pretended to zip his lips closed, and then shot her an infectious grin. "How 'bout seven o'clock? I'll meet you there."


"Sounds perfect." Christine smiled genuinely at Alan, and then gave Katherine a serious look that didn't come across as friendly at all. Even though she didn't see Katherine's mean glare, she was picking up on Katherine's anger toward her, and didn't like that Katherine wasn't giving them any privacy. Turning back to Alan, she waved and walked off.

Katherine played this encounter over and over in her mind as she stood in the sex shop's changing room. Let's be brutally frank. Christine is an exceptional girl. She's one of the best students in the whole high school - popular, a leader, beautiful, intellectual, trustworthy, altruistic, and so on. Blah, blah, blah! She could challenge Heather for Homecoming Queen this year if she really wanted to, especially if she were to get into all the intrigues and popularity battles. But she has higher priorities than that, which is only even MORE frustrating for me! In fairness, I can't even really call her a bitch.

All that wonderful stuff is great for her, but sucky for me. She's everything that I am, only way better! And don't even get me started about her bust. I swear, it walks into the room two minutes before the rest of her! She stared at her own chest and thought, Curse the tit fairy that gave Christine so much. Enough of the goddamned tooth fairy; when is the tit fairy gonna visit me?

So now they're going on ANOTHER damn "practice date," huh? Probably to practice a lot more kissing! I'm sure it's not a coincidence that today, of all days, she happened to show more cleavage with her school clothes than she probably ever did before. That worries me, big time. I can't forget what happened when I intervened in their earlier "non-romantic" date. I seriously doubt it would have remained non-romantic if it weren't for my help. And Christine's mention of wanting to talk to Brother about "stuff like what happened to you this morning" in complete secrecy... What the heck is that all about?! I'm so curious that I'm ready to burst!

Just then, Amy came back into the stall, completely naked except for some clothing she carried in her hands.

Katherine snapped out of her contemplation and complained, "Amy! What the hell?! You do know people can see you from the street, don't you?"

"Oh, that? So what? There's tons of stuff between me and the windows. Plus, today is ladies-only day."

Katherine nearly threw her hands up in the air in frustration. "That's only on the inside of the store! That doesn't stop guys from walking down the street. Geez! What am I going to do with you?" Inwardly, she grumbled to herself that it was hard to keep in mind that Amy wasn't a complete ditz; she just seemed that way sometimes.

Amy sidled up to Katherine and rubbed one hand over her sister's stomach and another over her butt. "What are you gonna do with me? I can think of lots of things. For one, we've only shaved each other once today, and I'm gonna need a super excellent shaving for what's gonna happen between me and Mother tonight." One of her hands slid underneath what little bikini there was covering Katherine's pussy.

But now that Katherine had Christine back on her mind, she wasn't in the mood. She turned around to prevent Amy from getting her pussy all worked up. She asked hesitantly, "Do you think sometimes it can be right to scheme against Alan?" She quickly added, "You know, to give him a surprise, or to help him out in some kind of way?"

Amy replied brightly, "Oh, sure! That sounds like fun! What kind of scheme-y thing are you planning? Can I help too?"

Katherine had been keeping her back to Amy out of embarrassment, but Amy seemed so earnest and infectiously happy that Katherine couldn't help but turn back and smile. "No. This is just my little surprise for now. But I'll tell you all about it later, okay? If you can promise to keep a secret, too."

"M'kay! Now, are you just gonna stand there in that bikini all day, or are you gonna try some more stuff on already?"

"Oh, shit! Time's a wasting! I'll be back in a jiff." Katherine started to open the curtains and walk out, but she noticed that Amy was busy putting on another costume, and she lingered long enough to see what her sister would come up with.

It was obvious that Amy was dressing up as a policewoman, but Katherine waited to see the full effect.


When Amy was done, she stood up proudly and struck a pose. She tried to give her sister a serious and intense stare, but she couldn't quite wipe the smile off her face. "Officer Amy Pestridge, reporting for duty, ma'am."

"Nice, Aims, very nice," Katherine nodded with approval. "Why, I dare say, you look ... arresting."

"Arresting! Ha! Good one, Kat. I'm afraid you're going to have to be PUN-ished for that one."

"Oh puh-lease! You know a bad pun like that is a criminal offense. But seriously, you look really hot. You know, you should be a traffic officer."


"Because you'd have no problem stopping traffic. If the rest of your body isn't hot enough, the fact that you're not wearing anything below your top and that your pussy is completely exposed would certainly bring all traffic to a complete halt. And those handcuffs! They give me all kinds of ideas."

"Me too! Wouldn't it be fun to surprise him and lock HIM up?"

"Yeah," Katherine agreed, though not enthusiastically. "But what would be even better is if he locked YOU up. I can see it now: our brother finds you patrolling the street like that, and makes a citizen's arrest. He handcuffs your hands behind your back and rips the buttons off the front of your top. He does you right there on the sidewalk, with everybody watching!"

"Cool!" Amy's hands went to her moistening pussy.

"Then, after he's filled your pussy to overflowing, he can't find the key to unlock your handcuffs, so he has to wait for another police officer to show up - me! He arrests me too!"

"What charge?"

"Who cares? I'll surrender willingly in any case. He'd handcuff my hands too, as he slowly takes control of the all sexy babe police force, one by one. Then he'd be able to... ah, damn! I really have to stop. This is too exciting, but he isn't here. Man, if he was, he'd be soooo all over you. If fact, I'd be all over you this very minute except this is such a rare shopping opportunity. Damn. Damn, damn, damn!" Katherine was very mindful that she had to leave the store early. "I'll be right back. Then maybe we can play around a bit."

"M'kay!" Amy spontaneously leaned forward and kissed Katherine on the lips. It turned into a very long smooch before Amy finally let Katherine go.

Out in the front room again, Katherine composed herself. Between all these cat clothes and interesting costumes and Amy being Amy, it's hard to stay bummed for long. I really should tell Amy more about what I'm planning on doing tonight, but I just can't. What if she disapproves? And I've already set things in motion. It's just no fair that everyone is so fucking amazing. Amy's so busty and sexy. Christine, if anything, is even more stacked. So unfair. It's like there's some kind of vast big tits conspiracy against me. Every female Alan knows seems to be better than me in every way. I have to do something to stand out! I can't just stand here and get trampled by all these busty, porn star perfect girls.

Maybe if I find out what Christine has to say, then maybe I can get some kind of edge, get some kind of inside knowledge I can put to good use. I have to really wow him somehow. The fact that I'm his sister just isn't good enough! The pressure is too much, and he hardly ever fucks me anymore. True, he fucked me this morning, but it's just not fair the way he pays so much more attention to the other three. Damn! Not only that, but I don't trust that Christine further than I can throw her. They don't call her the "Ice Queen" for nothing. She puts on a good show of being all kind and helpful, but she hardly has any truly close friends because her heart is cold.

Amy told me when Christine talked to her that Christine said that it wasn't so bad Amy turned down her idea to be Alan's second girlfriend as it was probably unworkable anyways. Then she added, "For one thing, I'd never live it down at school." I don't know if Amy realized just how significant that is. It shows that she's prideful and cares more about her place in school than about him. That kind of woman is dangerous. I can't let her put her claws in him. I really have no choice but to do what I have to do. Brother might not understand, but I'm doing it for him!

Not only that, but assuming she shares what she knows about the football player problem, I may be able to learn some things and act on my own to help out. I'm sure there's stuff I could do that Brother won't let me do 'cos it's dangerous and he doesn't want me to take risks. But maybe I could become the big heroine and take care of the football player problem. Then he would THANK me for listening in on his date. I'll make it up to him and then some!

Amy walked out of the changing stall, again buck naked. She looked at Katherine, who had been gazing into space, and pointed to the policewoman uniform that she now carried in her hands. "Hey, Kat, where should I put this? This is definitely a keeper! Let's start a keepers pile."

"Okay," Katherine replied, and she turned back to the cat-themed rack. That brightened her up a bit. "Good idea. But please, wear at least something when you're standing in the store, okay? What would he think if some strange guy saw you buck naked? He wouldn't like it at all."

"M'kaaaaaay." Amy dragged that word out, as if begrudgingly responding to a nagging parent's command. The two resumed perusing the clothes racks and Katherine managed to push all thoughts of Christine out of her mind for a little while.


While all of this took place in the front of the store, Susan had been left with Ginger in the back of the store.

Normally, there were two employees to help the customers at all times, but Suzanne had arranged for there to be just one at the moment. She had plans for Ginger and Susan, and her scheme could now be kicked into motion.

Ginger walked up to Susan dressed in a dark blue military uniform. At least, it was a reasonable likeness, but in fact no real military uniform would show off as much cleavage as this one did. She happened to be dressed that way even before Suzanne had called earlier; she often wore costumes as a way to encourage customers to buy them. She also had a new haircut since the last time any of the Plummer women had seen her (a few weeks back when Suzanne and Xania had met with her).

She was giddy with excitement, and just barely managed to contain it. She thought, Suzanne told me that Susan was busty and beautiful, but I didn't expect THIS! Why, this Susan is the equal of Suzanne or Xania. Damn, I love my job!


Ginger saw Susan holding up a pair of plastic cat ears. She snapped to attention and saluted. "Officer Ginger, reporting for duty. How can I help you, ma'am?"

Susan chuckled. The uniform immediately put her at ease. "Look at this. It's like a second Halloween. Do you always dress like that?"

Ginger stiffened up even more. "Yes, ma'am! I like to wear costumes as part of this job, ma'am!"

Susan chuckled some more. "At ease, soldier."

Ginger immediately relaxed and dropped the salute. She said in a more normal voice, "Looking for something catty?"

Susan had been fingering the cat ears idly while wondering if there might be cow-themed items nearby. She blushed and quickly put the ears down. "No. Uh, I was just uh..." She looked around as if in search of exits.

Ginger gave a friendly smile. "My, you're so pretty. Much more than pretty, actually. A real stunner. What's your name?"

Susan still looked anywhere but at Ginger as she shyly replied, "Susan."

"Well, Susan, there's no need to be nervous. A lot of people come in here who are shy like you, but there's nothing to be ashamed about. I'll bet you have a special man and you're looking for something to make him happy."

At the indirect reference to Alan, Susan immediately lit up with joy. "Oh, yes! A very special young man. And I do so much want to make him happy. He's the love of my life."

"Well then, we'll have to get you something very special indeed. What is it you think your husband would like?" Ginger had already been prepped by Suzanne that Alan wasn't Susan's husband, but she'd been told that suggesting that he was would help get Susan in the right mood.

"My husband?!" Susan blushed even more. "I wish! If only I could be so lucky! But sadly, no."

Ginger went on as if she didn't hear the 'no' already. "Marriage. Wouldn't that be lovely? Can't you just imagine walking down the aisle with your special man, arm in arm, walking up to the preacher to exchange your vows?"

Susan blushed still further. "Oh no!" She waved her hands in the air in front of her as if she was trying to swat away forbidden thoughts floating in front of her. "I can't think that! As lovely as it would be, it's not proper that someone like me should even THINK about such a thing!"

Ginger was curious about the real relationship between these four women and between them and this "master" she'd heard they shared. Why would it be wrong to even contemplate marriage? But before she got answers, she wanted to start the process of getting her and Susan naked, and then see where things went from there. "By the way, do you mind if I take this jacket off? It's so heavy and warm."

"Please, go ahead."

Ginger quickly unbuttoned and removed the jacket, revealing nothing but camouflage underwear underneath. She made sure to keep the officer's cap on, though.

Susan chuckled again, but asked, "Aren't you, uh, kind of underdressed now? You know, for a job and all?"

"For most jobs, yes, but we're in a sex shop. Nakedness is the order of the day. But I want to ask why you wouldn't think of asking, um, this man, for marriage? Uh, this special man, what's his name?"

Susan looked around for Suzanne to see if she was allowed to give out Alan's name.

Suzanne was lingering in the back of the store, keeping herself as far from Susan as possible while still keeping an eye on her (and occasionally checking out possible purchases). She saw Susan's look out of the corner of her eye, but she pretended not to notice. Part of her scheme with Susan and Ginger was also a test for Susan: she wanted to see how Susan would fare at keeping secrets in the outside world. She'd been cooped up so much that she'd never been tested, and Ginger was a good subject because Suzanne knew enough to blackmail Ginger in case Ginger ever learned too much and tried to blackmail any of them. She figured that Ginger's many affairs with married women could cause all kinds of trouble and Ginger would be smart enough to keep quiet. But could Susan keep her incestuous secrets secret when talking to strangers? This would be a good and relatively safe opportunity to find out.

Susan said, "Um, I probably shouldn't tell you his name. You know, in case he comes in here sometime, because he probably will eventually. Let's just call him, uh," - she failed about, looking for the right word - "my superior."

"Hmmm. Your superior, eh? That sounds sexy. Well, why can't you marry him?"

Talking about marrying Alan was like someone putting a vibrating egg right on her clit. She felt her knees growing weak. "Oh, I'd love to! But why would he want to marry little old me? I mean, he's got so many other younger women to choose from."

Ginger nodded in Suzanne's direction, then towards Amy and Katherine over the divider in the front of the store. "Oh, I get it. You all have the same master."

Susan gasped. "How did you know?" Then she gasped again, realizing she'd admitted something she probably shouldn't have.

Ginger knew that much mainly because Katherine had freely talked about her "master" when she was in the store before. But Ginger couldn't say that since she wasn't supposed to have met any of them before. So she just made up an answer. "Oh, I can just tell. I saw the four of you walk in together, and I honestly can't remember seeing one such exceptional beauty in my store, much less four at once. All four of you have the same look on your face, a combination of lust and love. You all look like you've been thoroughly ridden by a powerful penis recently and yet, as good as it was, it's only whetted your appetite for more. That's the sign of a truly superior master. He keeps his submissives satisfied yet still hungry."

Ginger was bullshitting in the sense that she would never have guessed about them all having the same lover if she didn't know already. But in fact all four of them did have a "well fucked yet hungry for more" look about them.

Susan's eyes opened with delight. "It shows?! Wow! Oh, and he does, he does! Ginger, you're so perceptive."

Ginger smiled knowingly. "I try. Now, you may not be able to marry your superior master at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't fantasize about it or even do some role-playing." She walked down the aisle she and Susan were standing in until she came to a rack of what looked like wedding dresses. She held one up. "Look. As lovely as it would be to fantasize about a marriage between you and your superior master in a typical wedding dress, wouldn't it be even better to fantasize about getting married in THIS wedding dress?"

Susan eagerly walked forward, took the dress from Ginger's hands, and held it up for inspection. "What's so special about- oh my God! This isn't just a low-cut bodice; there's nothing in the front to cover the breasts at all!"

"No," Ginger agreed as she grabbed the dress and helped hold it up. "The only thing above the stomach is a cleverly hidden wire base to help push the exposed breasts further forward. Though I would guess in your case that may not be necessary."

Susan stared at the dress in wonder. "Oh my! This dress is just so... Well, it's too much! Why, the thought of getting married to my Ti-, uh, God, it makes me so HOT!"

That caused a few snickers from Suzanne as she eavesdropped nearby.

Ginger prodded, "Imagine standing in front of a crowd of 100 or more finely dressed friends and relatives, wearing this dress. You'd be saying to everyone, 'My superior master owns me, body and soul. Look, I'm such an insatiably hot bitch for his cock that I just have to offer him my naked tits right here in the middle of the wedding ceremony. It would be WRONG to cover these magnificent breasts, ever! Everyone who knows me needs to see he owns my body!"

Susan stared wide-eyed at the younger woman. "Ginger! This is crazy! It's like you're reading my mind! Except that it sounds even better coming from you than me. 'Superior master' ... why do you have to say that each time? I love it, but it's making me too horny. We're in a public place!" She suddenly looked around the store in fear. To her relief, the only other person in sight was Suzanne, though she could also hear Amy and Katherine shopping in the front section of the store.


As Suzanne and Susan made eye contact from across the back room, Suzanne shouted to Susan, "Hey! Check this out!"

Suzanne was sitting buck naked, holding some kind of gun in her hand. She said, "Look, it's some kind of dildo gun. I didn't even know they made this kind of thing. Isn't it neat?" She flipped a switch on the gun and the dildo end began vibrating and stroking in and out while she kept her hand still. She shot a lusty look at Susan and asked in her raspy voice, "Wanna give it a try?"

Susan's mind simply reeled. Surely Suzanne is joking about trying that out right here, isn't she? On the other hand, she IS naked... The thought of Suzanne using the dildo gun on her raised her arousal a notch or two. But she couldn't help but exclaim, "Suzanne! You're naked!"

Ginger recaptured Susan's attention by holding the wedding dress up in front of the sexy mother. She pressed it against her to see if it fit. It appeared to be too small, so she went to get another. "Susan, don't worry. You can clearly see Suzanne isn't worried. Didn't you see the sign out front? Today is a 'ladies only' day. We have days like that from time to time so women will be more comfortable coming to our store." That was true, though today wasn't one of those days, and even on those days no customer was going to walk around butt naked. It didn't matter in any case since the store was closed.

"But, but..." Susan stammered, still staring wide-eyed at Suzanne sitting there in her birthday suit and looking over the dildo gun.

Ginger said soothingly, "Look, it's just us ladies. Would you feel afraid to change your clothes in front of Suzanne in your own home?"

"No, but-"

"Well then, consider this just like your home. Here, put on these white gloves while I see if I can find one of these that fit you. In the meantime, tell me what's so special about your superior master."

Talking about Alan usually put Susan in a dreamy and relaxed state, and she calmed down immediately as she began to think about him. "My master? Let's see. I don't even know where to begin. For one thing, he's so loving, warm, and considerate. Even though he's only eighteen, he has the wisdom and maturity of someone twice his age."

Oooh! Ginger thought. Now we're learning something new. Only eighteen and he has THESE four women in some kind of submissive relationship?! This guy really must be something out of this world. I'm seriously going to need to meet him. Susan here must be twenty-eight or thirty. Any older and I'd have to guess she was his mother, what with the way her chest swells up with pride to an even more ridiculously huge size than usual whenever any mention of him comes up. And Suzanne is only a couple of years older than Susan, at most, so I doubt either he or the two girls could be their offspring. But there seems to be something familial about this bunch. Maybe this guy is a cousin or something. And Susan and Suzanne HAVE to be sisters; their faces are a bit different, admittedly, but their bodies are so similar that it's like they're identical twins from the neck down.

The possibility that any of these women might be involved in some kind of incestuous relationship didn't bother Ginger in the slightest. She'd had so many wild sexual adventures already despite her young years that she would have been hard pressed to think of anything that might shock her. But she didn't want to voice her suspicions out loud for fear of alienating them in case she was wrong.

Ginger asked, "I'm not so interested in his personality, after all, this is a sex shop." She lowered her voice down to a suggestively conspiratorial, smoldering tone. "What's he like... in bed?"

There was nothing Susan liked to talk about more, and she was becoming increasingly relaxed with Ginger, so she launched in enthusiastically. "Where do I begin? He's so good! Having sex with my, my ... superior master" - she savored those last two words, saying them slowly - "is absolutely the best feeling in the whole wide world!"

"Let's not beat about the bush, with the words 'having sex,'" Ginger interrupted as she held up a different wedding dress in front of Susan. She looked Susan directly in the eyes, her entire expression dripping with open lust. "Let's call it what it is: fucking. Fucking your superior master. Being fucked by your superior master. Fucking your fucking superior fuck master. Fuck!" Ginger was starting to get a bit carried away herself.

"Such a filthy tongue, Ginger!" Susan chided playfully. "But you're right. Getting fucked by him is the best! I haven't been with that many men in my life, heck, practically none, but all of his conquests and fuck toys agree on a few things that set him apart. For one, his stamina." Her expression turned dreamy and proud. "He can fuck a woman until her pussy muscles can't squeeze back anymore, and then he just keeps on fucking until you're begging for mercy! God, just thinking about it is making me so hot! He's so inventive and always makes sure all his girls cum lots of times. Oh, and his cum! It's the best! And I'm not just saying that because I'm his, uh, friend." She'd almost said "mother." She turned away in embarrassment at her near mistake.

"Friend?" Ginger asked in an obviously skeptical tone of voice. She was particularly intrigued by the phrase "all of his conquests and fuck toys." Her desire to meet this man doubled, and then doubled again.

"'Sex slave' is a better term, but that's so embarrassing. You must think I'm a weirdo to call myself that."

"Not at all. In fact, I'm into submissive role-playing big time," Ginger replied. That was true, but she was thinking of the context of S&M games, not in the permanent sense Susan had meant. "But cum is cum. What's so great about his?"

"It's so yummy! It's incredibly sweet. Once you have some you just want to LIVE on it, forever! I actually did some research on this the other day and I think it's because of his diet. He loves to eat fruit; he's practically a fruitarian. For instance, he loves drinking orange juice. So sweet goes in, and sweet comes out. Plus, and this is just a little secret between you and me, last week he was starting to run out of cum from time to time because he just fucks us all so many times a day. So I did some more Internet research and started feeding him zinc and certain amino acids, and now he cums like a horse! Actually, his loads were already way above average to begin with, but now it takes a lot of sucking and fucking to get him to run out. I love it! There's nothing like a pearl necklace and facial to keep a horny ... keep this woman satisfied." She'd nearly said "mommy" again.

"Here, take your top off and try this on," Ginger said casually. "How's his penis, by the way? Though I imagine for a superior man like that we should call it a cock."

Susan began to remove her top and bra. Had she given it a moment's thought, she never would have agreed to take her clothes off outside a changing room. But she'd gotten so used to getting naked and staying that way that she didn't think about it, especially since she was practically tripping over her words she was so excited to tell her new friend about Alan's manhood.

"His cock? Oh boy! It's definitely a COCK. Well, let me tell you! People say it's eight inches long, but I don't believe it. That meaty monster has to be at LEAST ten inches long. And as for width, why, I can barely stuff it in my mouth or get my hand around it!" Susan was unintentionally exaggerating the size, because in her mind it really was that big. "But it's soooo fun trying, hee-hee. And it gets hard at the drop of a hat, or really the drop of any item of clothing" - she laughed - "and it stays that way, all day long! Throbbing and poking straight up and dripping pre-cum."

Susan found standing there topless in front of a strange woman while discussing her son's penis to be greatly arousing, but tried to contain herself. "Why, I'll tell you, it's a full time job between the four of us and the rest of his harem to keep that cum-filled boy from just swelling up and bursting with too much semen! Can that happen? Because I'm worried. Why, just a few days ago he went nearly the whole weekend without female relief and I think his balls nearly burst! He needs to have his, um," - she was going to say "mommy" again - "his sex slave. God, it's so embarrassing to say that to a stranger. He needs a sex slave like me to suck or fuck him dry, every hour!" She looked like she practically orgasmed on the spot while saying the words "sex slave."

She went on, "Needs us, I should say, because one or two won't cut it! He's absolutely insatiable!" She held a hand over her chest, trying to control her heavy breathing.

Ginger was particularly struck by Susan's comment, "the rest of his harem." That sent her curiosity into overdrive. Ginger was someone who knew a lot about harems. While it couldn't be said she had her own harem in the sense of a group of people living with her, she did have a large number of male and female sexual partners who called her "Mistress" and would immediately run to her whenever she called. She'd tried living with multiple partners but found there were too many jealousies and conflicts to make it work, so she only lived with one "pet" at a time. She had a lot of questions she was eager to ask Susan's "master" and stories to trade. However, she kept her cool about her feelings for the moment.


As Susan had been talking, she'd also been changing. She wore a medium-length dress and saw no need to take that off as the longer wedding dress covered it up completely. But she'd removed her top and bra, and now stood in a white lacy wedding dress with her boobs hanging out.

Ginger held her by the arm and began to guide her across the room. "Sounds like some guy you have there. I'll bet you'll get a lot of tasty loads out of him with this outfit. What do you think?"


Susan had been led to a full length mirror, and for a few seconds, she admired herself in the topless wedding dress. She imagined what it would look like with Alan's cum all over her face and chest, and more dripping off her tongue and out of her mouth. She held her hands demurely in front of her and smiled as if posing for a wedding photo.

But then a realization hit her: I'm standing topless in the middle of a store! She shrieked and immediately covered up her boobs with both hands. However, the dress also left her entire back and ass completely open to view, but there was nothing she could do to immediately cover that up.

Suzanne had been furtively watching and listening to Susan and Ginger the whole time, but now she felt she had to step in. She crossed the room quickly and said, "Susan, what's the problem?"

Susan turned to look at Suzanne, and saw that her friend wore nothing but crotchless panties and an underbra which merely highlighted the nakedness of her breasts rather than cover them up. "Suzanne! Look at me! I'm practically naked!"

Suzanne replied in an annoyed but patient voice, "Yeah. So what? We're in the back room of a sex shop. Look at me; I'm wearing less than you." She waved a hand up and down her body, and then continued, "This is the tradition here. There's no need for changing rooms in a store like this on a ladies only day." Suzanne then raised a disapproving and curious eyebrow. "Don't tell me you've gone back to being a prude again!"

Susan was still blushing and had her head bowed. "But, but, anyone could walk in! Anybody!"

Suzanne replied, "So what? You know the store is locked and no one can see you but us and the girls. Besides, if some other woman did walk in, you know what she would think? First, she'd be more taken aback by the way I'm dressed, or undressed, than you are. But if she did look at you, she'd think, 'Wow, look at that hot number in that wedding dress. I wish I looked half as good as her.' Then she'd start shopping. We're in a SEX shop, not J. C. Penny's. Now, drop your arms."

Susan replied petulantly like a little girl, "I don't want to!"

"Suuuuuusan..." Suzanne growled like a disapproving mother. Seeing that wasn't enough, she added, "Just imagine: what would Alan want? Imagine he's standing right where I am." As soon as the words left her mouth, she thought, Oh fuck. Here I am testing to see if she can keep a secret and then I say his name. How ironic. And Susan and Ginger noticed right away, too. At least the incest stuff is still a secret, and that's the important thing. Although I'll bet Ginger's so jaded she wouldn't even care much about that.

Susan closed her eyes and imagined Alan there. Not only did she lower her arms, but she thrust her chest forward as far out as she could as she imagined Alan's eyes upon her.

"That's better," Suzanne said comfortingly. "Wow, look at you. You look fantastic. Do you like the dress?"

"Like it? I LOVE it! Suzanne, this is the greatest dress EVER! My God, if by some miracle my you-know-who wanted to marry me, I'd want to wear THIS wedding dress with my breasts completely exposed, to remind him that I'm his big-titted babe. Oh my GOD! The very idea is SOOOO exciting! Can you think of anything MORE exciting?! I think I'm going to faint!"

Suzanne grinned at Susan's enthusiasm. "Well, imagine if you said your wedding vows to him dressed in that while giving him a blowjob. Just picture the preacher and all the onlookers staring at THAT."

Susan's eyes went wide. "OH. MY. GOD. Suzanne! Eeeeek! I AM going to faint! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" She ran around in small circles, exploding with excitement and energy.

Suzanne turned to Ginger and smiled. "Ginger, that's your name, right? I'll let you take over from here. Put that wedding dress on our tab and then see what else she wants."

That caught Susan's attention. She stopped her frantic running about and protested, "Suzanne, we can't! God knows I've love to, but if Alan sees this, he's going to get the wrong idea. You know, it would be presumptuous to think that he and I, well, that he might want to..." She blushed furiously at the thought of marrying her son.

Suzanne waved her hand in the air dismissively. "Nah. Consider it just another costume, like the military uniform Ginger is wearing. A wedding dress is nothing shocking compared to your cow outfit." She walked off deeper into the store, still not wearing a stitch.

Ginger smiled encouragingly at Susan and said, "She should have said 'the military uniform Ginger WAS wearing.' Maybe you'll feel more comfortable changing in public if I'm naked too. There's no point running back and forth to the changing room every time. I've seen the privates of literally thousands of people here. It's nothing." She dropped her skirt and panties before she even finished talking so Susan wouldn't have a chance to protest. Then she began to remove her top at a slower pace.

Susan looked around, from Ginger disrobing, to Suzanne bending over and flashing a naked ass in her direction. Her nipples and pussy were tingling and her breath was heavy. "Wow. I had no idea sex shops are like this."

"Well, just on certain days," Ginger replied untruthfully. "It would be different if men were around. But it's just us girls. Now let's get you some more costume accessories. Did your friend say something about cow outfits? We have a fairly decent selection of cow-themed items if you'll come this way."

"This is so embarrassing. I don't really need any cow- ooh!" Susan stopped her protests because she looked over and saw Ginger standing and wearing nothing but her officer's cap, holding up a cow tail. Swinging from one end of the cow tail was an attachable butt plug, and there didn't seem to be any bikini straps attached to it. She immediately hurried over, still in the wedding dress.

Susan held up the cow tail, staring at it in fascination. "I could use that. How much is that?"

Ginger smiled and noticed that the lack of straps for the cow tail didn't deter Susan in the slightest. Most women would have been turned off by the sight of the naked plug without any other means of attachment. "Thirty dollars. But it's cheaper if you buy the whole set of cow-themed accessories. Here, take off your wedding dress and I'll show you the lot."

As Ginger continued to help Susan shop, Susan never stopped to wonder why the only employee she'd seen in the store was helping her exclusively and ignoring the other three women she'd come with. She was having far too much fun trying out the cornucopia of sex products all around her.

In just thirty minutes she'd collected over $1000 in purchases and still there was much more she wanted to buy. The notion of a $400 limit went completely out the window in her mind. She figured that if Suzanne was insistent in enforcing that, she could sneak back the next day and buy the rest. Susan hadn't been good with self-control in recent weeks; she absolutely had to have it all, and right away.


She also didn't give much thought to the fact that she, Ginger, and Suzanne were naked more often than not now. For her, nakedness had become the norm and it was having to wear clothes on the ride to the store that seemed strange and uncomfortable, so she adjusted quickly.

As they shopped, Ginger made sure to get touchy-feely at every opportunity. Under the guise of helping Susan into or out of outfits, she was able to run her hands all over the foxy mother's body nearly constantly. Furthermore, she kept the conversation on Alan and sex with him, keeping Susan in perpetual heat.

But so far Susan hadn't reciprocated by touching Ginger except in the most incidental way.

Normally Ginger would have made some moves on her "prey" by now, but Suzanne had warned her to go slow.

After taking another outfit off Susan, Ginger decided to get a bit bolder. She ran a finger up a long rivulet of pussy juice rolling down Susan's thigh, and managed to get most of it on her finger. "Look at you. You're quite a leaker. I wish I could gush like that. We'd better get you dried off a bit or you're going to ruin the next outfit you try on. Or maybe not." She brought her cum-soaked finger up to her mouth and sniffed at Susan's juices. "Mmmm."

Susan just looked a bit stunned. She didn't say anything. She looked around for guidance from Suzanne, but Suzanne was deliberately making herself scarce.

Encouraged by Susan's lack of resistance, Ginger brought the wet finger up to her lips.


Susan held her breath, and then gasped, as Ginger smiled and sucked her own finger dry.

Then Ginger said, "Let's tackle this leaking problem right at the source." She brought her hand back down and pushed a finger into Susan's pussy lips.

Suddenly, Susan squealed and broke away. She held her hands over her boobs so they wouldn't bounce so much and ran through the store until she found Suzanne on the other side.

She said, breathlessly, but in a near whisper, "Suzanne! I think Ginger just tried to make a pass at me!"

Suzanne raised an eyebrow and said sarcastically, "You think?"

Susan detected the sarcasm and replied, "Okay, smarty-pants, I know. But what do I do about it? She's not Alan-approved."

Suzanne was honestly surprised and impressed by Susan's loyalty to Alan, even in a female-only situation like this. She decided to give genuine advice, although it kind of ruined her seduction scheme. She muttered in a low voice, "True. But remember that part of our role as Alan's nymphos is that we need to bring him new girls from time to time. Given that Ginger's standing there naked, don't you think you should try her out and see if she's suitable?"

"Oh yeah. Good idea. But how do I try her out? I mean, look at her boobs. They're probably only C-cups, if that. He could do better." Susan had developed great pride in her own breasts. She defined Katherine's boobs as the lower end of "big" and was very proud of her daughter's endowments, but her derision for anything significantly smaller than that was immediately obvious.

"True," Suzanne conceded. "He is a tit man, we all know that. However, maybe Ginger has some other traits that make up for it. Is she bisexual or just lesbian? Can she deep throat? Is she cool with orgies? With harems? With you-know-what?" She hoped Susan would recognize this as a reference to incest and gathered from a subtle nod that Susan did. "You should tread carefully with that last one though until we get to know her a whole lot better. Is she cool in general? Does she have a boyfriend or even a husband? And crucially, how good is she in bed? Basically, is she Alan-worthy? That's a lot more to determine Alan-worthiness than just breast size."

Susan nodded and looked around conspiratorially. "Ah. Okay. I get it. I'll check it out and report back."


Ginger had stayed where she was for lack of a better idea on what to do. She was pleased when Susan came back, still clutching her breasts but seemingly happy. "Susan? I'm sorry. Did I go too far there?"

"Nah," Susan replied. "I just had to check in with Suzanne. She's sort of the leader of our pack." Susan liked to consider herself the number one mother in the family, but she didn't fight the reality that for most practical considerations, Suzanne belonged in charge.

"So, is it okay?"

"Well, I don't know. I much prefer a cock to a cunt. What about you?" She was conscious of Suzanne's questions and was trying to get answers.

"If someone put a gun to my head I'd probably prefer cunt to cock, but I'll definitely take both." She grinned, adding, "Especially if it's a dildo gun. Not to mention, there are all kinds of cocks, like these plastic ones here." She walked a few feet over to where there was a wide selection of dildos and vibrators. "Normally, we don't allow in-store test-drives, but in your case we might make an exception." She immediately grabbed a vibrator that she knew had working batteries in it, and turned it on. It looked like a large, shiny, silver bullet.

Susan smiled, as she knew what was coming next, but she pretended to be more interested in shopping. "But there's so much more I need to buy. Like these nipple clamps. Lately I've started to lactate and I'm beginning to leak. What do you recommend?"

Ginger pushed the vibrator up into Susan's pussy without comment, and merely said casually, "Lactating, eh? Does that mean your master has knocked you up?"

Susan's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. She turned to Ginger and said, "First marriage, and now pregnancy! Ginger, this store is a place of the most wonderful fantasies! Oh my goodness! Alan, knocking me up?! Filling his own mmmm-mouthwateringly, cum-thirsty sex slave with his potent, life-giving sperm?" Yet again, she'd almost said "mommy", but she thought she'd made a good save this time. "Ginger, I so dearly wish it was true! But sadly, I'm infertile. Let's talk about other things."

"What's with the lactating, then?"

"Oh, that's so Alan and the rest of us can have fresh milk all the time, straight from the source. It's induced. I was recently designated the mommy of the harem, so I'm just starting up." She thought, Phew! That should cover any further possible "mommy" slip-ups. Damn, Suzanne would be proud of my cleverness there.

"You sure are an interesting bunch," Ginger commented as she sawed away with the very active vibrator. "You're going to want something more useful, not to mention sexier, than a nursing pad to soak up leakage. I personally recommend nipple clamps, perhaps some of our quick-release constrictors, to gently keep you pinched closed enough not to leak ... until you want to let down your flow. Let me get you some to try out." Ginger rummaged around with her free hand, as if searching for an item. "I must admit though that I'm curious. How is it that Alan can juggle having four or more outstanding women like you? Don't you get jealous with each other?" With her free hand, she reached out to grab a package of nipple clamps and she began unwrapping the plastic wrapper.

"That Alan. He's too clever for us. If one of us were to ask him something like, 'Which one of us do you like the best?' he'd never give a straight answer. He's far too suave and diplomatic. He plays us all like fiddles. Where's a big-titted woman who can resist that kind of cleverness, that's what I'd like to know! Who am I to do anything but spread my legs and submit to such a superior master? God, I love that term! 'Superior master'! Mmmm. Just saying it makes me so damn hot!"

"Big-titted?" Ginger asked quizzically, as she clipped the nipple clamps on Susan with her free hand. She was fucking Susan's pussy with the vibrator, using her other hand. She moved it in and out with long, slow strokes while the vibrator shook at its highest setting.

Susan was too busy trying to fight off an upcoming climax and keep the thread of conversation going to comment about the nipple clamps. But she explained, "Alan's a bit of a tit man. Frankly I don't know if you'd qualify. He fucks only the best."

Ginger thought, I know two things. One, I want this woman in the worst way. Two, I want this Alan even more. I know it's immature, but when I hear "he fucks only the best" I want to prove my worth so bad. Just how big is his harem, anyway? When that busty Nordic blonde and that sexy black girl were in here a few days ago, weren't they also talking about an Alan? Could it be the same guy? I doubt it, but anything's possible I guess. I HAVE to figure out how I can meet him! First, I'll drive Susan crazy with lust. I don't think that'll be very difficult. She got Susan to move a few feet further down the aisle with her, to the section that had the anal dildos.

"Have any women turned him down?" Ginger asked with real curiosity.

"Are you kidding?! We're all just helpless, defenseless pussies to be plowed and filled by his man-seed. If he wants you, he'll have you. Who are we to dare resist?"


Ginger bent Susan over like a living sex doll, starting to insert an anal vibrator that she'd just picked up off the shelf and turned on. She was surprised when Susan not only bent over so willingly, but also accepted the intruding vibrator so easily, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for her to take something up the ass. When Ginger finally pushed the vibrator all the way in, she felt the residue of lube that hadn't been rubbed away earlier by Susan's panties.

Ginger thought, This woman is really over the top. No man can be half as amazing as she makes him out to be. But still... Normally it's such a bother to figure out if my next target is submissive or dominant, but I'm not exactly burning out my brain cells trying to figure that out with her. Look at how she bends over and takes the two vibrators without question, like she's used to a daily dildo stuffing. She could be a lot of fun to play with. Not to mention, she really is one of the most outstandingly beautiful women I've ever seen. I should turn on my dominant side and see just how far I can go.

She asked, "Susan, have you ever tried S&M?"

Standing back up, Susan reached out to hold and inspect Ginger's breasts while she answered, "Not really. Alan's never really gotten into that, maybe because this harem is only a couple of months old. But I have been spanked a couple of times, and that was great. I love a good spanking. Oh, and Alan tied my arms and legs to the bed a few days ago and blindfolded me on top of it. Now THAT was a great fuck!"

Ginger noticed that Susan not only didn't object to having her holes filled with vibrators, but also seemed to be loosening up (in more ways than one) with every passing minute. "Well then, you're going to like what I'm going to do next. Let me get some rope first." She walked off to get some rope from another part of the room.

Now that Susan was left alone momentarily, she began to think about her public exposure and get worried. She looked around and noticed that Suzanne was nowhere in sight, either. "Hey! Ginger! Where did my friend go?"

"Oh, I'm sure she's checking out the front of the store," Ginger replied as she grabbed the rope and began walking back to Susan. "We've got a looooot of great sexy clothes up there, in the front section."

Ginger was lying about Suzanne. While Katherine and Amy could still be vaguely heard shopping in the front section, Ginger in fact had noticed that Suzanne had walked into an "employees only" door in the back of the store. (Susan, between the nipple clamps and the two vibrators pulsing away inside her, wasn't noticing much else at all.) Ginger correctly assumed that Suzanne was up to some further intrigue. She'd already decided that she was ready to play along with whatever the intriguing red-head came up with.

Normally there were at least two employees helping out the customers at the shop. But the other employee at work that day, Cindy, had been told to remain in back so Susan wouldn't be too self-conscious when Ginger started seducing her. But when Susan unexpectedly asked for Suzanne's permission half-way through Ginger's seduction, that had rather ruined Suzanne's plan to keep Susan a bit frightened and thus more aroused. So on the spot she had come up with a new twist to her plan. She went into the back room and found Cindy, and told her of her new idea.

Ginger knew exactly how to tie up another woman with just the right amount of pain and pleasure. She used a rough rope and tied her up tightly, causing pain, but she also ran the rope over very sensitive and sensual parts of the body, causing pleasure. She pushed the anal and vaginal vibrators all the way in up to their flanged bases, then ran a rope right up Susan's pussy lips and over her clit, and also up her ass crack. She ran ropes all over, much more than was necessary just to tie Susan's arms behind her back.

Suzanne and Cindy covertly watched through the "employees only" door until Ginger was done tying up Susan, and only then did Cindy play the role Suzanne had asked her to do.

Cindy, dressed in unremarkable street clothes, walked out into the back room where Susan and Ginger were, but looked away from them. She said, "Ginger? You there?"

Ginger and Susan both ducked down in the aisle they were in, getting below the level of goods on racks and shelves so Cindy wouldn't be able to see them. But there were three long aisles in the back room, and if Cindy just walked forward a few feet, she'd be able to see Ginger and a naked, cowering Susan.


Susan was instantly horrified as she heard the sound of someone walking nearby. She was fairly certain that it wasn't Suzanne, as she knew the sound of Suzanne's high heels, and she had a strong feeling that it wasn't either Katherine or Amy. She'd been drifting along in a blissful sexual fog, happy to boast about Alan and try to test Ginger for "Alan-worthiness." But all of a sudden it hit her that she was completely bound up with rope, wearing nipple clamps, stuffed full with two vibrators, and on public display in the middle of a store, to boot.

She wanted to scream or cry but she dared not make a sound. At the same time, she desperately wanted out of the ropes, but her extreme helplessness in the face of danger aroused her terribly. With her hands and arms bound as they were, about the only useful movements she could make were to duck down or walk. She let out a silent scream of both fear and arousal.

Cindy began walking down a different aisle. She knew exactly where Ginger and Susan were and she was purposely avoiding going there - for the moment. She said in a loud voice, "Ginger, where are you? This place is a mess. Clothes on the floor, clothes everywhere. It looks like a tornado came through here!" She bent down and began picking up some of the items.

Ginger meanwhile, merely put a finger in front of her lips to signal to Susan to be quiet, and then she grabbed some clothes off a nearby rack and checked to see if any fit her size. She discovered a costume that fit her, which happened to be a nun outfit, and she started to put it on. She wasn't too concerned about being caught - she figured that whatever Cindy was doing, it was something Suzanne had instructed her to do for Susan's sake.

Susan however, was increasingly terrified. The sound of Cindy's voice obviously confirmed her worst fear that the person drawing near was a stranger. She and Ginger were in the middle aisle, and Cindy was just one aisle over. The fact that Ginger was dressing only made her feel even more exposed and helpless. She thanked her lucky stars that at least there was some light rock music playing throughout the store, or else she was convinced Cindy would have surely heard the rustling sounds of Ginger changing.

In fact, Cindy did hear those sounds. She waited until she guessed Ginger had dressed and the sounds died down, and then muttered to herself, "Well, this aisle is cleaned, finally. I hope the next one isn't so messy. Ginger, I know you have to be around here somewhere. Are you in the bathroom?"

At that, Ginger whispered to Susan while putting her nun's habit on, "Quick, to the next aisle!" They stayed ducked down and went around to the aisle farthest from Cindy.

Susan was forced into an ungainly hobbling waddle, bound as she was. There was nowhere else to go from there, though, as there was a solid wall on the other side of that aisle that separated the front of the store from the back.

Cindy walked into the middle aisle and exclaimed, "My Lord. Ginger, where ARE you? You not only left a mess here, but look. Some freshly unwrapped packages, including nipple clamps. Ginger, are you playing with one of the customers again? I thought I warned you about that for the last time." Her voice echoed tones of disgust as she continued mumbling to herself. "Don't tell me you've found yet another impressionable, horny, slut to take advantage of. Ah, I know. You must be in the changing rooms." She walked to the changing rooms, located off of a different wall from the one Susan and Ginger were cowering near, and made a lot of noise opening and closing the changing room doors.

Susan took advantage of Cindy being occupied with the doors to whisper to Ginger extremely quietly, "Please! Help me! Can't you get the ropes off? I'm so scared I think I'm gonna die, plus the ropes and vibrators are about to make me cum! I won't be able to stop myself from screaming!"


"Hmmm." Ginger whispered back. "Unfortunately, it'll take a long time to get those ropes off, and it'll make too much noise. We'd better not. But I can help with the screaming." She went down the aisle, ducking all the way, grabbed a mouth gag that included a life-sized penis, and tied it around Susan's head.

Susan was so out of her mind with worry and arousal that she didn't resist in the slightest. In fact, she didn't even realize what Ginger was doing until the gag was on her, and the plastic penis was deep in her mouth. This latest indignity only increased her fear, frustration, and arousal even more.

The head of the dildo pressed down into her throat, almost triggering her gag reflex. It took much of her concentration to simply breathe. But at the same time, she loved the sensation of having it in her throat, not to mention the feelings caused by the rope and nipple clamps. She got off more on being restrained and helpless than the actual rubbing and squeezing on her body.

Then Ginger whispered, "I should at least try to get these vibrators out of you." She made a big show of trying to pull the big vibrator in Susan's vagina out, but a rope constantly stimulating Susan's clitoris also ran right across the middle of the vibrator's flanged base. Ginger kept pulling the vibrator out a few inches, only to find the rope wouldn't give any more, then she'd push the vibrator back in and try again. In so doing, she would tighten and loosen the ropes all over Susan's body, sending shock waves of pleasure everywhere.

Susan cursed in her own mind, Stupid Ginger! Why doesn't she pull the rope to the side first?! To the side, to the side! She was still naïve enough from her earlier innocent days not to realize that Ginger was purposely failing to get the vibrator out and was effectively fucking her over and over again as she slowly pushed and pulled on it. But her body could only handle so much stimulation. She cried out into her gag as a great climax, and then another, ran through her.

"What was that?" Cindy said out loud. "Ginger? Are you hiding somewhere? Come out already. Don't play games with me. Is anyone helping the customers I hear out in front?"

Just then, Amy walked through the door from the front of the store to the back. She turned down the aisle and her eyes bugged out. She opened her mouth to speak, but the look of abject fear on Susan's face stopped her from actually saying anything. She wasn't in on the scheme, but she could instantly tell that Susan and Ginger were trying to hide, though she was a bit puzzled why Ginger seemed to be fucking Susan with a vibrator instead of trying to do something useful.

Amy saw Cindy approaching and decided she needed to draw attention away from Susan. "Excuse me. Could I get some help here in the front of the store?"

"Certainly," Cindy replied. This interruption was unexpected, but she could see no way out of helping a customer. She walked to the doorway between the two sections. Amy cleverly stood at the start of the aisle where Ginger and Susan were squatting down, blocking most of the view in their direction.

Susan looked at the feet and legs of Cindy standing on the other side of Amy and closed her eyes in fear. But the next thing she knew, Amy and Cindy were gone and Ginger was motioning at her for her to move. Ginger shooed her into the nearest changing room and then hurried away.

Susan was still tightly bound with objects plugging up her mouth, asshole, and pussy, but she let out a great sigh of relief. She felt safe, at least for the moment.

Suzanne had been observing much of this the whole time by peeking through the "employees only" door. But she decided that Susan had had more than enough excitement for the day. After all, the goal was to get Susan over her fear of public exposure, not make the fear worse.

She walked over to the changing room containing Susan and knocked on the door. "Susan? You in there? How are things going?"

Susan couldn't answer properly until Suzanne unfastened the penis gag and pulled it from her mouth. Susan was breathless over how close she'd come to discovery. "Suzanne? Is it really you? Thank God!" Susan felt completely overwhelmed by her experience.

Suzanne tried to calm her down a bit, but wasn't entirely successful. At least she was able to undo the ropes and hold her in her arms for a while. After a few minutes of idle chatter as they continued to embrace each other in the dressing room, Suzanne said, "I'm feeling guilty. I have to confess something."


"That whole thing that happened to you and Ginger just now, you know how you were running around like crazy, trying to avoid Cindy?"

"What?! You know all about that?"

"Yep, I do. Matter of fact, I set it all up. Wait!" She held a hand up with a stop gesture. "Before you start screaming bloody murder, realize that there was a point to it."

Susan was pissed. Her eyes narrowed and growled, "A point? What point? Suzanne, you're mean!"

"I know, but the point was, we need to get you over your fear of exposure in public places. Just think of all the fun you could have with Alan in the great outdoors, once you're cured of that. So it was kind of a trial by fire. I wanted you to start getting off on exciting situations. I wanted you so out of your mind with arousal that it would completely overtake your fear. In fact, you'd be able to see that fear can take your arousal to even greater levels. I wanted you so wild with pure lust that you'd very nearly go insane. Did it work?"

Susan looked back on what had just happened. She was exhausted, but she'd rarely climaxed so hard or so often in the span of a few minutes. "Yeah, admittedly. But don't do that again! That was mean. And I think the thing that was the saving grace was getting all tied up. There's something about that... I don't know what."

The two of them talked for a while about what Susan had learned about what turned her on. Suzanne and Susan made a deal: Susan would agree to try more public exposure in the future, but only if Suzanne gave her some warning of what was going to happen in advance.

Eventually, the two of them went back out into the store (fully dressed again) and rejoined the others in making purchases. Katherine and Amy entered the back room not long after Susan's adventure with Ginger ended, and the two of them went wild over the selection back there. All four women did nothing but shop for a while. There was a lot of gnashing of teeth at the $400 spending limit. Suzanne eventually caved in and increased it to $600, but that didn't help matters much, since the other three women all built up "must have" piles containing over $1000 worth of purchases.

After yet more fun and shopping, Katherine suddenly realized her time to leave early had arrived. The time had snuck up on her so quickly that she didn't have time to winnow her purchases down to just $600, and left that responsibility to Amy. Every single item in her pile had some kind of feline theme to it, so she figured she couldn't go wrong no matter what Amy whittled her pile down to.

The other three shopped with Ginger's help until the time they'd allowed for their excursion came to an end. Their car was practically bursting with shopping bags when they finally left for home.


Alan didn't realize what trouble he had caused for Christine with deciding that they wouldn't be going to a fancy, expensive restaurant for their next practice date. He'd thought that would make things simple and easy for both of them. But in fact it had thrown Christine's plans into confusion, now that she couldn't wear the outfit she'd borrowed from her young, beautiful, blonde aunt Kirsten.

Kirsten lived about half an hour away to the north, closer to Los Angeles, where she worked. Christine felt she had no choice but to drive to Kirsten's apartment to get something else to wear. So that's what she did, after calling first to set up a time when Kirsten would be there.

Christine came into Kirsten's apartment carrying the dress she'd hoped to wear that night, as well as some other borrowed outfits she was returning.

After some small talk, Christine said, "Aunt Kirsten, I need your help! I've got an emergency situation. I'm going on another practice date with Alan tonight, and I have nothing to wear! He said we're just going to go to a casual place to eat, so none of those will do." She nodded towards the pile of clothes she was returning. "Furthermore, I need to really wow him. I need something to wear that's casual, yet SUPER sexy! Something that will cause him to lose all control!"

Kirsten sat in a chair with Christine sitting across from her. She said, "Here's a question for you. Is Alan, gay, blind, neutered, or crazy?"

"None of the above," Christine replied huffily.

"Then what's the problem? Why do you need all of these fashionable outfits in the first place? Christine, you're gorgeous! You outshine most of the models I know. Furthermore, you've already got your man. I know you're shy to admit it or talk about it, but don't worry, Olga told me everything."

Christine frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I know all about how you two French kissed. Congratulations! Your first boyfriend! He's a lucky guy. So you don't have to keep up this 'practice date' pretense with me anymore."

Christine sighed wearily. "Oh no! Mom told you about the kiss?"

"She did."

"UGH! She wasn't supposed to tell anybody, not even Dad! UGH!"

"What's the problem? That's great news. It's about damn time, if you ask me."

Christine was distraught. "The problem is, yes, we did kiss, but... it was kind of an accident. You see, Alan's not really my boyfriend. Not yet, at least. I just kind of gave Mom that impression to make her happy. She's been pestering me to date forever. The truth is, I'm still just practice dating with Alan."

Kirsten gesticulated in agitation. "What the hell?! What's wrong with this Alan guy?! If he's French kissed you extensively, then clearly he has the hots for you. How is that an accident? Did he fall on you and get his lips stuck to yours with Superglue?!"

Christine looked away in embarrassment. "No, obviously not. It was something that kind of happened. When it was over, we both vowed not to let it happen again, although I didn't really mean it."

Kirsten growled, "I figured it was something like that. Anyway, it shows that he desires you, which should surprise no one, since he has eyes to see. For instance, you've told me he's a 'breast man,' and he definitely hit the mother lode with you on that!" She nodded at Christine's impressive bust. "By all accounts, you two are getting along like gangbusters on these 'practice dates,' right?" She made air quotes when she said "practice dates," which was a concept she still didn't really understand.

"Right. Definitely."

"So what's the problem? Why aren't you officially boyfriend-girlfriend yet?"

Christine let out an even heavier and more frustrated sigh. "It's... complicated. You see... dammit, do I really have to tell you this? UGH! I guess I do. You see, the problem is, I'm not his official girlfriend because he already has one."

"What?!" Kirsten nearly rose out of her chair, she was so upset and surprised by that. "No! I'm shocked and disappointed. That seems so unlike you!"

Christine frantically waved her hands defensively. "Wait! Wait! It's not like that! I'm not trying to steal him away from someone else! In fact, uh... actually... in a way, it's kind of worse than that."

Kirsten settled back in her chair. "Oh boy. This is going to be interesting. I'm all ears!"

"Uh, the thing is... he does have a girlfriend, a really nice girl named Amy, who by the way is also very busty and beautiful, but... Now, before I continue, don't tell any of what I'm about to say to my mom or dad, okay?"

"Okay. I swear myself to silence. Now, what is it, already?"

"Well, you see, Amy... she's fine with sharing him with other girls. It's a non-exclusive relationship, for him."

"'For him?'" Kirsten raised a suspicious eyebrow.

Christine's face was starting to turn red as she revealed her predicament. "Yeah, well, Amy doesn't want to go out with any other guy, but she has no problem with him doing whatever he wants with other girls."

"Are you kidding me?!"

"No, I'm serious. And... let's just say he takes full advantage. He's involved with a number of other girls, who are pretty much the most beautiful and desirable girls in school. He's even gotten intimate with the evil head cheerleader, to my great frustration, but that's a whole other story."

"But wait. If he's such a player, and he's kissed you already, then what's the problem? I don't know these other girls, but I can't imagine any of them are more beautiful than you. And I'll bet you're smarter and more successful than all of them combined! So why does he hesitate with you?"

Christine growled with frustration. "You tell me! URGH! It's damn aggravating! The thing is, he feels like he's living a pretty sexually wild lifestyle, which I guess is true, and he doesn't think I'd fit in with that. More importantly, he values his friendship with me. He worries that if we get sexually intimate, it could ruin that. Especially since he is involved with these other girls, and he knows that's not a situation I'd be willing to put up with for very long. So he resists!"

Kirsten said, "And you don't want him to resist. Even given all his other girls?"

"No, I don't!"

"How many other girls are we talking about?!"

"I don't know exactly. A handful, I'd guess, unfortunately. He's got all those girls chasing after him for a reason. It's not like he's Mr. McDreamy Dreamboat; some other guys are more handsome or buff or whatever. But... there's just something about him!" She clutched the air in front of her in frustration. "I can't explain it! I want HIM, and nobody else will do! I'm trying to charm him, and flirt, and dress to impress, and so much more... and I'm close! Really close! He's wavering and weakening, I can tell! That kiss you know about, that was key! That shows he wants me too, like you said!"

She shook a fist, because she was so passionate about it. "That's why I need your help! I want to wear something tonight that'll absolutely knock his socks off! He said 'dress casual.' Well, I don't care if we're going to frickin' McDonalds: I can dress informally AND super sexily at the same time, can't I? Can you help me find something to wear like that?!"

Kirsten brought a hand to her chin and stared off into space. After a long pause, she said, "Before I answer that, I want to make sure you're doing the right thing. I've been helping you with your other practice dates, but I didn't know the true situation until now. Is this really wise? I see you kind of like my little sister, so I figure it's my job to look out for you. Christine, this is so very unlike you. It seems to me like you're entering into a hornet's nest. If he has a formal girlfriend AND he's involved with other girls on top of that, how could this possibly end well for you?"

Christine replied, "I understand your concern. But look at it this way. I'm not trying to marry the guy. I'm very young, and totally sexually inexperienced. I'm sure I'll have many boyfriends before I find 'the one.' Right now, what I'm most interested in is finding out what sex and romance is all about, and he's the perfect guy for that. For one thing, he's basically my only male friend, and the only guy I'd feel comfortable enough with to be intimate. I like him a lot. He's a super nice guy, really easy to be with and talk to. Furthermore, it just so happens that he's a total stud! You should hear the girls rave about him. Apparently, he's head and shoulders above everyone else in school in terms of sexual prowess and leaving his lovers VERY sexually satisfied."

She concluded, "So, yeah, the situation is kind of complicated, but kind of not. I want to keep his friendship. That's really important to me. But why can't he and I have a 'friends with benefits' arrangement? Kirsten, I don't want to leave high school still a virgin! It's so embarrassing! The other kids call me 'Pristine Christine' and 'Christine, the Ice Queen' because everyone knows how I've never dated. I'm sick of it! I want to know what I've been missing! And, frankly, I'm really into Alan. He... he... damn it, this is hard to put into words, but... he lights my fire, okay? That kiss we shared, I want a lot more of that! Much more!"

Kirsten smiled and laughed. "Okay, okay, I get it. And I'm glad. Good for you! You're reminding me what it was like to be a hot-blooded teenager. If you put it that way, I don't see the harm. It reminds me of that song 'Night Moves' by Bob Seger. Are you familiar with that one?"

Christine shook her head.

"It's about teenage romance. There's a lyric that goes, 'I used her, she used me, but neither one cared. We were getting our share.' That sounds like what's happening here, and there's nothing wrong with that, especially at your age. So sure, I'll help you 'wow' him. Let's talk clothes."


Christine pumped her first, and then gave a big thumbs up. "YES!"

Kirsten got a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "I do have something special for you, a gift for you. I've been tinkering with designing a sexy, skin-tight outfit. Since I have your measurements, and I could see where things were going with Alan, I had one made for you already. I was going to give it to you some other time, but you might need it now. I'm not sure if it's appropriate for a restaurant meal. Frankly, I'm not sure just what it's appropriate for; it's just something I've been experimenting with. But it IS 'super sexy'; there's no doubt about that. And it should fit you like a second skin. Alan will love it, I'm sure."

Christine stood up. She was bursting with eagerness. "Excellent! Let's see it! Where is it?!"

Kirsten laughed. "I'll get it for you soon enough. But since I've got you here in my grasp, we need to talk about some other things first. For instance, this is a good time for you to borrow some other clothes, for future 'practice dates.' Or, hopefully, just dates. So we should pick those out together. And we've got a lot to talk about regarding Alan. I want to know more about this mysterious Don Juan. There's a lot I can tell you to help you take things to the next level with him."

Christine was beyond impatient. "Good, good, but later! Let's see this skin-tight outfit already!"

Kirsten stood up to get the outfit, knowing Christine wouldn't be put off any longer. She chuckled some more. "Girl, you've changed. Mere months ago, it seemed you couldn't be bothered with boys whatsoever. It looked like you were totally repressing your sexual side with your homework and martial arts. Now, it's like all that pent-up sexual desire is coming out all at once. I almost feel sorry for this Alan guy. Once you two really get started, he won't know what hit him!"

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