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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 103
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Day 72: Tuesday, November 26

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan woke up to a ringing alarm clock. At first he was confused: there was only a little sunlight outside which made him assume that it was sunrise, but he thought for a few moments and realized it had to be sunset. There was a note on the bedstand from Susan reminding him of his dinner plans with Christine. It contained several motherly admonitions on dressing well and acting polite, which made him smile.

The alarm which Susan had set didn't leave him much time to get ready. He showered and changed into a collared shirt and dress slacks, which was unusually formal for him but still less than the three-piece suit he'd worn on his last date with Christine. He brushed his teeth and rushed out the door.

He arrived at the "Taste of Thai" restaurant right at their planned meeting time. Christine was already sitting in a booth so he joined her.

Christine in a red dress with a lot of decolletage and red arm coverings that go almost up to her armpits

Christine looked fantastic. It seemed that she hadn't heard his suggestion that they dress normally. Not surprisingly, she'd decided to wear the "super sexy" outfit that her aunt Kirsten had given her that afternoon.

Her dark red outfit was skin-tight and low-cut, yet at the same time it offered almost no support for her breasts, causing them to jiggle at her slightest movement. There was also an opening that exposed her firm stomach, and the dress also exposed almost all of her back. On top of that, it was made of some kind of shimmering material, but he wasn't knowledgeable about clothing and couldn't figure out if the dress was made of latex, satin, silk, or what.

Alan was immediately reminded of why he'd fallen in love with her in the first place. Not only did she look like a perfect bombshell, on the same level of beauty as his family four, but she had her usual stare that conveyed both intelligence and intensity. It was one of the things that he liked best about her, because looking at her deep blue eyes always made him feel as if she was full of boundless energy.

However, it probably was the same serious, penetrating stare that was responsible for her nickname of "Ice Queen Christine." The old Alan would have flinched and quickly looked away when Christine looked at him like that, just as almost everyone else did. But lately his confidence and experience had grown, so he found himself capable of staring back.

He thought, Whoa! I already have a boner just from the anticipation, but now that I see her, I swear it's like I have a double boner! I'd better sit down fast, before she sees it. He did just that.

He considered making a joke like, "I didn't know I'd be meeting Barbarella here," but he decided against it. Sometimes she didn't take jokes that well and she seemed a bit abashed about what she was wearing.

Instead, he decided a compliment was in order. He said, "My God! Christine, you look really amazing! I'm totally blown away by your beauty. I mean that sincerely!"

To his surprise, she frowned. "I feel like an idiot, like a fish out of water. I'm too embarrassed to get up and give you a hug. I thought we were going to one of those fancy places where the women wear shiny silk dresses with plunging necklines and backless..." She stopped and sighed. Then she added in a near whisper, "I feel practically naked!"

He replied, "Not even! True, you did kind of overdress, and that's my fault for not making clear what kind of restaurant we'd be eating at. But that's not a minus; that's a plus! I'm really glad you're dressed like that 'cos now I can beam with pride, knowing everyone in the restaurant is jealous that I'm with such a complete, total knockout."

She still didn't look pleased. "Yeah, well, I don't like the way people are staring at me."

"That's just 'cos you're not used to being the center of attention. And I get it that you're shy about your body. But you shouldn't be. Christine, people don't just stare at you because you have big breasts; they stare at you because you're totally gorgeous from head to toe! You have one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen! So be proud. True, a large part of your good looks is just lucky genetics. But an equally large part is the way you take care of yourself, and especially how you stay in top shape. Good looks are a sign of good health, and that's an accomplishment just like getting good grades."

She looked thoughtful, then finally smiled. "Thanks. I've never really thought about it like that before. I've always kind of considered my body kind of a curse, getting me all the wrong kind of attention. But I'll try not to worry about what those others think tonight." She grew bashful and stared towards the ground. "To be honest, I just really wanted to look good for you."

That was true. She was so deeply in love and wanted to impress him so very much that she simply couldn't help herself. She was highly ashamed about it, because it directly flew in the face of her determination to keep their relationship platonic. Just sitting here with him was making her quite horny, and doubly so thanks to her revealing outfit.

He replied, "Holy cow! You succeeded in spades! That has to be one of the sexiest outfits I've ever seen! Be careful: if at some point during dinner you see me start to drool and my eyes roll back into my head, I've just had Christine's sexy-dress overload. Take me to a hospital, immediately!"

She laughed at that, then beamed with happiness. She loved the way he had helped banish her insecurities, even to making her feel sexy and proud to be wearing her outfit. "Thanks. I'm tickled pink that you like it." She added in a throaty come on, "As for your clothes, don't worry. I can help you get underdressed, so we'll be even." Then she leaned back and laughed. It felt really good to be flirting again.

He grinned. "Oh, so that's how it's going to be, eh? More flirting practice? Two can play at that game. You're not tickled pink just yet. Wait until I'm done tickling you. I'm going to tickle you until you're helpless and crying for mercy."

She sat up straighter and looked at him defiantly. "I dare you to. And how do you know I'll be crying for mercy? Maybe I'll be crying for you to give me something else." Her eyes bored through the table as she stared at the spot where his genitals were.

She was shocked at her own boldness, blushing immediately afterward. But the truth was, she lusted after him so much that she was saying and doing things she'd never imagined she would do. Like wearing her outfit. Because it really did provide no breast support, she truly felt like she was naked. And the more she felt her breasts jiggling about and felt his eyes upon them, the more aroused she got.

He thought, Whoa! Double whoa, even! This is supposed to be a non-romantic date. But I feel such electricity in the air. We've only been talking for a minute or two, and already I want to drag her off to the bathroom and have my way with her.

That thought suddenly reminded him of what Katherine had done with him in the bathroom during a previous date with Christine, and it made his erection even stiffer. Dang! Too sexy! And why does she have to keep giggling and laughing? Every time she does that it's like she's shaking two bowls of Jell-O. Very RED Jell-O. Cherry flavored, undoubtedly. Damn, I'd love to nibble on those cherry nipples and - hell, let's face it, take her cherry!

He found himself breathing hard with desire, hoping it didn't show. This is bad. I need to calm down and take things down a few notches. He said, "Okay, you got me there. I can't think of anything to top that. On a different note, what did you think of what Chalmers said in class today?"

That changed the conversation; they discussed school gossip and even some classwork, leaving them both simultaneously disappointed and yet oddly relieved.

After more small talk and placing their orders, they were left with an awkward silence. What exactly was the agenda of their get-together this time? Alan, at least, wasn't at all sure.

Christine was the first to break the silence. "So... those football players are giving you a hard time, huh?"

That broke the ice. Alan was relieved to talk about it, since the seriousness of the topic ruled out more flirting, He smiled, even as he began to discuss his woes. "That would be an understatement. Thanks again for your help this morning, by the way. I'm gonna pay for the dinner this time; it's the least I can do."

She joked, "Big mistake. You should have told me that AFTER we ordered. Let's see. What's the most expensive bottle of wine?" Though she was joking about the price, it was clear she relished having some wine.

Remembering how tipsy they had both gotten on their last date, he said, "We'd better not. We got lucky in not getting into trouble with the under-aged drinking thing last time, but we shouldn't make it a habit." He'd resolved to keep things platonic, so the last thing he wanted was Christine loosening up after getting drunk.

They talked about the football players for quite a while. He was surprised by just how much she knew about his tormentors. For instance, she knew many of the people who were behind the recent efforts to get at him. She named names and gave many details about who some of them were and what they were doing. A fair amount of what she said covered the same ground as what Simone had told him earlier that day, but she added more perspective to the problem and she knew some things that Simone either didn't know or had simply failed to mention during their lunchtime conversation.

One thing that surprised him though was that Christine firmly believed that some recent rumors were the work of the football players, when in fact he knew that Heather herself had been responsible for starting them. It made him even more determined not to have Heather as an enemy.

It also became clear that Christine was one of the people who had stuck up for Amy and Glory when Heather had started circulating rumors against them. He was grateful that she had forcefully taken his side in every instance, even without being asked to do so.

When she was done, he said, "What you've done is really helpful, and very much appreciated. But how did you know all that?"

She smiled knowingly. "Oh, just a little bird or two who talk to me."

"Come on. Seriously. It might prove useful for me to know in any upcoming confrontation with them."

She looked at him questioningly as she considered revealing her sources. The truth was, she wasn't completely sure if he could keep a secret. She wasn't so much worried about him directly, but she worried that he would tell his girlfriend Amy, and then Amy would blab to others. Amy had already gotten Alan into trouble at school by blabbing things she shouldn't have.

So she was coy with her answer. "Let's just say that I've been trying to look out for you for some time."

"Wow, Christine, that's sweet. But I don't deserve it. What have I ever done for you except stare at you from afar way too much?"

They both laughed as they recalled several incidents when she had caught him staring wantonly at her sizeable though well-covered breasts. The recollection of his staring caused him to gaze down from her beautiful face to her low-cut red dress.

Surprising herself with her boldness again, she asked in a husky voice, "See anything you like?"

He was still somewhat exhausted from the events of the day and didn't realize that he had been staring again for far too long, just like he so often did. But he knew he'd been busted. He looked up and joked, "Oops, there I go again!"

She said teasingly, "What is it with guys and boobs? Maybe I should just take my top off and let you play with them until your curiosity is satisfied."

He joked back, "I don't know. That could take a really long time. Years, even."

She teased back, "And the problem with that is? ... As long as I have something to play with too." She winked.

His erection had subsided during all the talk about the football players, but that brought it back with a vengeance. He thought, Wow, she's changed so much. I remember when she always wore those baggy sweaters to hide her charms, even when it was a hot day. Now she's magically turned into an expert flirt. Even her voice is extra sexy all of a sudden!

What Alan didn't know was that Simone had been correct in her assessment that when Christine got started doing something, she didn't stop until she was the best. Christine had prepared a number of flirty lines, so she just needed the right moments to drop them. She'd even practiced her delivery, working on making her voice more breathy and at times more husky.

He pulled at his collar like a nervous Rodney Dangerfield. "I don't know what it is, but suddenly I'm really thirsty for a glass of milk. Or maybe two."

She laughed. "You and milk. You do know that I'm not carrying around two 'gallon jugs' of milk as you once put it, right? Besides, what about the rest of me? Did you know that I also have a backside?"

His gaped in pretend shock. "You DO?! I never really thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense. It's hard to have a front without a back."

She chuckled and rolled her eyes.

Christine with her back to the viewer, in red thigh-high stockings, a red miniskirt that covers only the bottom of her boobs, and red arm coverings that extend from wrist to upper arms

Then, to further wow him, she announced that she had to go "powder her nose" and stood up to head to the ladies' room. She took her time walking away from him, slowly swishing her hips as she went. Ha! That'll show him. I have a pretty damn fine ass if I do say so myself. It's just that no one ever notices, due to these damn "milk jugs."

But in her attempts to arouse and attract Alan, what Christine didn't realize was how much the flirting would affect herself. The more outrageous the flirting got, the harder her nipples ached and the more jolts of arousal shot to her pussy. One reason why she went to the restroom when she did was because she needed to calm down; she feared she'd have an orgasm just sitting there talking to him.

Walking to the restroom was a big challenge as well. The skin-tight outfit rubbed against her nipples in a maddeningly-arousing fashion, while her breasts bounced so freely that her face burned red from all the curious stares. She'd been practicing an exaggerated sashaying of her hips, so she put those moves into motion, but it just caused everything to rub all the more.

Alan was thoroughly wowed, not to mention severely tempted, as he watched her flaunt her rear as she walked away. Fuck man! She's driving me crazy! I swear, I could whip out my cock and masturbate right here and now! Just watching her walk around in that outfit is as stimulating as a nice long blowjob from Mom. I could spend hours watching the light play on the shiny skin-tight red fabric that's covering her magnificent ass!

Once she was out of sight, he looked around the room. And it's not just me. It seems that everyone else in this restaurant, male and female, is still gazing at the door she just walked through, hoping she'll come back and walk around some more.

Dang! He spoke to his raging boner, Down, boy!


Christine had to sit on the toilet doing nothing for a while, just to calm down. It was a big challenge not to masturbate, but she feared that he would detect the smell of her vaginal fluids if she did. She thought, I've got to get ahold of myself! I never realized my breasts could be such powerful erogenous zones. My nipples are on FIRE! It's all I can do not to pull my top down and beg him to play with them and suckle them!

God dammit, why doesn't he make a move? What more am I supposed to do to show him that I want to get something started, short of actually pulling my top down and begging him?! "You like my boobs? Then reach out and play with them, dammit! And kiss me at the same time, like you did before! Only this time, don't stop!"

She paused, sighing. I know it's because of his other women. He thinks I'm not right for him, due to all his running around. And if he wasn't having sex every day with a lot of other women, his resistance would be way lower. But for some weird reason, the more he resists me, the more I want him! I don't understand all this sex stuff. It's messed up. I wish I could just pick a normal, unattached guy, but now my heart is set on him.

Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit! I don't want to be a virgin anymore. I'm so horny I could cry! Or scream. This is torture. Just being with him or near him is exquisite torture.

She decided to put some of her martial arts training to good use. She brought her breathing under control by using the slow, deep, tactical breathing she'd been taught to use in combat. That helped a lot. After about five minutes of just sitting on the toilet, she felt that she had her raging lust under sufficient control, so she got up and walked back to the dinner table.

But the mere act of walking back immediately negated her efforts to cool down, especially since she was practicing her sashaying walk again. As soon as she saw Alan staring at her from across the room, it was as if her entire body had suddenly burst into flame. Her nipples popped back to full hardness. Worse, the maddening rubbing of erect nipples against the tight fabric resumed. She wanted to walk quickly to get it over with, but the faster she walked, the more her unsupported breasts bounced and crashed together, just as if she were topless. It would look too weird to clutch her rack for support in such a public place, so she was forced to walk slowly the rest of the way.

By the time she sat down, her pussy was wet again. She inwardly cursed her body for being so arousable. He was so obviously agog at her outfit, not to mention her sexy walk, that she felt the need to say something about it. "Alan, thanks for waiting. I've made such a spectacle of myself though that I feel I should explain why I'm wearing this. It's not your fault. I knew you said that I should dress casual."

Alan put his hands up to make a "stop" gesture. "No need. Believe me, I'm not complaining. Fault? I'm loving it!"

"I know. But I still feel the need to explain. You see, my mother runs a pretty tight ship at home. She has a big say over what clothes I buy and what I can wear. For the first time, since I've started going out on these dates, she's sort of allowed me to let it all hang out."

He wiggled his eyebrows like Groucho Marx as he stared unabashedly at her prominent breasts, with her nipples clearly outlined. "So I see!" He added suggestively, "So you're saying you're ready to bust out onto the fashion scene?" The emphasis was on "bust."

"Oh, you!" She laughed. "But it's kind of true. There are so many outfits I want to wear now, and who knows how many dates we'll have for me to wear them on? I'm pretty much discovering fashion, so I'm a lot like a little kid in a candy store. Seriously, I'm only now realizing how sexually repressed I've been. Now that I've been given a little freedom I feel like going all the way."

He did the leering eyebrow-wiggle again. "That can be arranged."

She laughed again. But she thought, I wish! Why does he say things like that and then maintain that this is a practice date? Arrgh! "So anyway, that's the main explanation. Thanks for humoring me." She thought about his continuing attempts at jokes and added, "In more ways than one."

Still with a joking leer he said, "My pleasure. And I do mean that."

He thought, Dang, this whole situation kind of reminds me of Mom. Kind of a lot, actually. She was so repressed and then she also started to let it all hang out, so to speak. What is it with sexually-repressed women; are they always total nymphos just waiting to go wild? lf Christine is potentially even half as much a nympho as Mom's turning into, well, I don't know what. The fact is, I would probably die of exhaustion!

Susan and Christine standing naked, hugging each other bosom to bosom

Dang! Just imagine the two of them in a bedroom together, waiting for me. Oh man, how sexy would that be? Christine and Mom, kissing and rubbing Christine's big F-cups against Mom's milk-filled H-cups! That would really kill me! Then they'd lie down one of top of the other in a fuck sandwich and...

Oh man! Man oh man, I can't even go there or I'm gonna splooge in my pants. My wet spot is bad enough already. Alan Junior, you're gonna be in for a long night, I can tell.

But at least I can console myself that, when I get home, I can sink my dick deep into a hot, tight pussy. It could be Mom's. Or maybe Sis's. Or Aunt Suzy's. Or Amy's. Hell, they're all dedicated to me now. I could line their four sexy asses up and play 'eeny meeny miny moe.'

Oh fuck! I was trying to calm down, thinking that I just need to hold on until I get home, but these thoughts are making me super horny instead! And as tempting as all my home hotties are, what I really want to do is make out with Christine! I keep thinking about last time... Only this time, I wouldn't stop after just a minute or two... I'd pull those sexy red straps off her shoulders and sink my fingers deep into her tit-flesh! No, just with one hand, because my other hand would go straight to her hot cunt! So hot and pungent and wet! I can't wait to finger her to orgasm and have her scream into my mouth as we kiss with total abandon!

Shit. This is NOT helping! I've got plenty of awesome tits to play with at home. Bigger ones, even. Why do I have to play with hers? And her body... her hard, athletic, flawless body...

It guess it's true that it's the one who got away that you want the most. Damn. I need to relax somehow!

He was roused when Christine snapped her fingers. "Hello? Where'd you go there, Alan?"

His eyes refocused on her face. "Sorry. I was just... um... Did I kind of tune out for a minute?"

"You could say that again," she chuckled.

He blushed. "Oh, man. I'm sorry." If she only knew what I was thinking! Having all those beauties waiting at home? An entire goddamned incestuous harem?! That's why I have to resist; I'm too far gone for any sort of normal relationship.

Trying to change the subject quickly, he said, "I've got a joke for you. A brunette mother was talking to a blonde mother. The brunette says, 'I was going through my daughter's purse the other day and I found an ounce of marijuana. I can't believe she smokes pot!' The blonde says, 'Yeah, well, I was going through my daughter's purse too and I found a condom. I can't believe she has a penis!'"

Christine had a good laugh at that. "Here's a good dumb BRUNETTE joke for you. So this brunette guy goes into a library. As a matter of fact, he looked a lot like you. Hmmm." She winked at Alan. "Anyway, he tells the librarian, 'I want to return this book. It was terrible; there were so many names it was impossible to keep the story straight.' The librarian - yet another genius-level blonde, by the way - turned to another librarian and said, 'Hey, check it out. That's what happened to our phone book.'"

Alan snickered. "Funny. 'Genius-level blonde.' That's a riot, right there alone. And I could believe it too, since it takes a special kind of blonde genius to end up with no better job than working in a local library."

Christine was surprised by the rapidity of his rejoinder. Although she had a brilliant intellect, she wasn't experienced in finding witty comebacks on the fly. So all she could do was shake her fist at him playfully and say, "Grrr! I'm gonna get you!"

He teased back, "Please do. If you chase me, I won't run very hard."


Christine was encouraged by all the playful, sexy talk, so used that as an opening to broach a difficult subject. She kept her eyes down as she said, "Alan, I need to talk about something serious for a minute. I really have to apologize. I never minded it when you stared at my body, not at all. In fact I was flattered. But when you asked me out in September, I... well, I just wasn't ready. It wasn't you at all; it was me. And now I regret it so much. Is there some way we could turn back the clock so I could tell you 'Yes' instead?" As she finished, she looked up, bashful yet hopeful.

Knowing how much he loved her chest, she pretended to sit up straight as if eager to hear his reply, but she was really just attempting to thrust her rack forward.

He thought, Oh boy. Here we go again. Why does she have to look so sexy? I swear, she could be the Playmate of the Year. How can I let her down gently? I need to be bold and firm to make my platonic intentions completely clear, once and for all. I need to save her from my evil ways!

He said, "I wish we could. I really do. I think you're an incredible girl in every way. But what's done is done. And now I have Amy."

She replied with a little tease in her voice, "Yes, I've noticed. Amy and a few others." She smirked, adding, "Quite a few as a matter of fact, if even half of what I'm hearing is true."

Alan was surprised to find himself blushing a bit. "Yeah, well... what can I say? Guys my age are pretty hopelessly horny, and I guess I'm no exception."

"You can say that again," she exclaimed. "But how many 'hopelessly horny' guys date more than one girl at a time, much less practically have their own harem?"

He blushed. "Hey! I don't have my own harem; those rumors are greatly exaggerated." He thought, Except that I'm lying! Can she tell? Or did she somehow find out? Shit! I've gotta play it cool. Even if we don't get involved, she can never know the full truth!

Still with a sexy teasing tone, she added, "Yeah, well, whatever you call it, it seems like you're becoming a bit of a local legend."

"Well, don't believe everything you hear."

She fell back onto more comfortable ground as she tested her knowledge of school gossip against what she might learn straight from the horse's mouth. "A-ha! I thought so. A lot of the girls keep saying that the rumors can't be true because you turn so many girls down. Why, you even turned down Donna, and she's practically up there with Heather as the reigning queen of the school. A few girls are steadfast that you must be gay, especially some of the ones you turned down, but of course we both know that isn't true, don't we? But speaking of queens, there are a lot of rumors about you and Heather going around, not to mention whisperings of you with some of the other cheerleaders. Care to name names?"

"That's kind of personal, don't you think? And besides, I've already told you I don't kiss and tell."

"Hey, it's okay. I know you don't want to break any confidences, but with Heather it's so damn obvious, why not just admit it?"

He said with increasing annoyance, "Whatever happens between her and me, if anything, is private! You're pretty protective of your own privacy, so aren't you being hypocritical, prying like that?"

She realized that she really was being too pushy. She blushed and lowered her eyes. "Sorry. It's just that sometimes I let my curiosity get the better of me. I apologize."

He thought, Just like Glory. If the two of them ever started an investigative agency, they'd be unstoppable. But actually, maybe I can turn this to my advantage. Why not be a little forthcoming about this for once? If she realizes just how many girls I'm sleeping with and who some of them are, maybe that'll make her realize that there's no way I could ever have her, and her alone, as my girlfriend.

So he said, "Nah, don't worry about it. I'm probably being too defensive. If you're so secretive about the stuff you tell me, then I can trust you with the stuff I tell you, right? Normally I have a very strict 'don't kiss and tell' policy, but I'm hoping that since you're becoming such a close platonic friend I can confide in you and not worry about getting backstabbed."

She looked up hopefully. "I'd like that too, very much. You can trust me completely. My lips are sealed."

"Okay... Well, the rumors are true. I have had sex with Heather."

"Heather." She spat out the head cheerleader's name as if it was a vile-tasting piece of food she'd been choking on.

Heather had her share of enemies, but Alan was surprised by the level of reflexive hatred Christine displayed. What Alan didn't know was that Heather and Christine had a long-simmering rivalry that predated Alan's sexual awakening. Heather and Christine were known as the school's two reigning knockout blondes, and that fact alone had put them into competition with each other a couple of years earlier. Christine hadn't really cared at first, but Heather was so keen on "proving" that she was the best that eventually Christine had started fighting back.

Christine was very satisfied to finally confirm that Alan and Heather were sexually intimate, even though the fact itself disappointed her. But she didn't take any time to think about it further at that moment, because she wanted to push for more information while he was still in a revelatory mood. "Heather and...?" she prodded.

"Well, you probably can guess where Heather goes, Simone isn't too far behind. But you probably know that already since I understand Simone doesn't go out of her way to deny that she's been with me."

"Yeah, I already knew that. So, who else? What about the other cheerleaders?"

He found himself in a surprisingly proud, boastful mood. "Well, let's just say that if you're a cheerleader, the odds of your having had sex with me are pretty high. Except for my own sister, of course."

Just like the Heather news, Christine had been virtually certain of that already, so she wasn't very surprised. In fact, hearing that confirmed somehow even increased her already high arousal. She teased, "Hmmm. then I'll have to see how I can go about becoming a cheerleader."

He suddenly had a vision of Christine as a cheerleader. He could easily picture giving her painted-on panties and then fucking her in the theater room. Hold your horses, boy! Platonic! Keep things platonic, even if she's coming on to you like gangbusters. Don't forget what'll happen if she finds out about the incest. God, I think pretty much all the cheerleaders suspect I'm doing something with Sis. Just imagine if Christine talked to them about that!

That prospect cooled his ardor a bit. He was dreadfully afraid of her finding out about his incestuous secrets, since she would undoubtedly find a way to put a stop to something that she found so immoral.

She continued to pry. "So you're doing the entire cheerleader squad, even Heather. That's every guy's dream. God, you know, I can't help but be impressed by that, even though I know it's completely wrong. You're such a fucking bastard!" However, she said it in a playful way.

"I know. You're not the first person to tell me that."

She thought about what she'd just said and realized, It's true - that IS impressive! He's certainly having sex with Amy, Kim and Heather, and now he basically confirmed Janice and Joy too. That's not only impressive; it's downright arousing! Add Simone to the list, and I'm sure he could have had Donna if he wanted her. He's slept with literally all the other most beautiful girls in school! And now he's on a date with me, and he can have me too!

In actual fact, that wasn't true. Although Christine was extremely horny, she was far from ready for intercourse. When she thought about going wild with him, she was focused on just kissing and fondling, but the fantasy of him "taking" her in the same way that he'd taken all those other beautiful girls was like throwing gasoline onto her fire.

She propped her elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands. That caused her body to sway forward, putting her huge breasts on especially enticing display. If her red outfit hadn't been so skin-tight, her nipples probably would have been exposed to his gaze. She asked, "So how does something like that work, anyway? Don't some of them have serious boyfriends? And do they all know about all the others, and talk to each other about it?"

His eyes practically bugged out, thanks to her new pose. He furtively readjusted the position of his erection in his pants. But just that much touching of his throbbing hot boner caused him to lose self-control, so he reached into his pocket and found himself masturbating. Because his hand was inside his pocket and he didn't wear underwear anymore, all he had was one thin layer of fabric between his fingers and his shaft.

Dear God, she's gonna drive me crazy! I shouldn't be doing this. What if she finds out? But I can't help myself! Oh God! What if I cum in my pants, or make a big wet spot? This isn't good!

Despite distracting himself with his self-stimulation, he managed to reply, "Come on. Do I really have to answer that kind of stuff?"

Her eyes shone brightly. "YES!" She chuckled, realizing just how overeager she was. "Okay, sorry. Never mind that. So who else is there?"

"Well, some other girls here and there. Some of them don't go to our school and you wouldn't know them." That was an intentional misdirection, since she did know some of them like Katherine and Glory, but it was true for others like Brenda and Xania.

He continued more truthfully, even as he subtly continued rubbing his sweet spot through his pants pocket, "But there is sex as an expression of love, and sex as an expression of pure lust. I'm so lucky that Amy allows me to have fun playing around, but Amy is the one that I truly love. That's what matters." In fact, Alan loved Susan, Suzanne and Katherine at least as much as Amy, but he could never tell Christine that.

"I... see..." she said very slowly. Then, after a long pause, she blurted out so quickly that it was nearly incomprehensible, "Andwhataboutsexasanexpressionoffriendship?"

He just blinked. "Huh?"

She blushed, then lowered her voice, saying, "And what about sex as an expression of friendship?"

He understood that but was still momentarily thrown. "What do you mean?"

She blushed some more, her cheeks turning cherry red. In her mind, she imagined Alan standing naked at the doorway of a room full of cheerleaders. Heather was naked on her knees in front of him, giving him a blowjob. Amy stood naked to the side, holding a clipboard. She looked at Christine, who was standing in front of them all, and said to her, "So, Christine, let's see. Alan's put you on his approved-to-be-fucked list, so let's see if he can squeeze you in. Or, should I say, can all of him be squeezed into you, hee-hee? I crack myself up. Sorry... Hmmm. What a busy schedule. Maybe tomorrow afternoon between three and four? Would that work for you?"

To Christine's surprise, in the daydream she said, "Yes!" with great eagerness.

Amy replied, "M'kay! Super! Now why don't you help Heather and me with his blowjob. Alan likes a lot of tongues."

To Christine's further surprise, she found herself dropping to her knees and crawling forward.

Suddenly Christine snapped back to reality. God dammit! I'm too horny to think! I need to cool it, and fast! She responded, "Oh, nothing. Just a lame attempt at a joke. I guess I still don't have this flirting thing completely figured out."

She was torn. She'd always dreamt of a "Mr. Right," a knight in shining armor, perfect in nearly every way. Her new fantasies based around Alan's sexual prowess were disturbingly out of line with all of her dreams and longings up until recently, and she didn't like it. Yet she lusted after him so strongly that she was almost able to ask him if she could be nothing more than one of his "helpers." Almost, but not quite.

Meanwhile, he heard the "sex as an expression of friendship" comment and drifted off into fantasizing too, helped by the fact that he was covertly stimulating his sweet spot. He was particularly struck by the fact that she was wearing long arm coverings that left her hands uncovered but went almost up to her shoulders. That one simple accessory made her appear much more formally dressed, as if she were going to a ball, but also much sexier, especially given the way she normally dressed, fashionably but also very restrained.

a naked Christine in red thigh-high stockings and red arm coverings that run from mid-wrist to her upper arms

The way the arm coverings and her top shone in the light brought up images of her as a go-go dancer. In his fantasy, she slowly stripped in front of a crowd until finally she wore nothing but her latex arm coverings and her even longer latex stockings. In real life, he doubted she knew how to dance at all, since she'd never been to any of the school dances, but in the dream she danced gracefully yet also with a wild abandon.

He suddenly became painfully aware of just how hard and stimulated his hard-on was. He sensed that if he didn't do something quickly, he'd cum, or at least leak an embarrassing amount of pre-cum. That realization brought him back to reality, so he stopped rubbing his sweet spot (although he continued to grip his erection). He guiltily looked at her to see if she could detect his arousal.

However, she still seemed a bit spaced out. With her daydream still on her mind, she attempted to change the subject by asking, "So is it true about the theater room? Is something going on in there? And what about Ms. Rhymer? What about the rumors of you and her being an item?"

He thought, Oh shit! She knows or suspects about all that too?! This is not good. I can tell she doesn't trust me fully, but why should I trust her? It would be nice if I could really have her as my confidant, but there are so many things about me she can never know. I can't let her know about Glory, much less my incestuous family. But I do need to throw her a bone.

So he tried to calm his concern by lying, "I can see how the Glory rumors got started. She is beautiful, and I do work with her as her teacher's aide sometimes. But that's all there is to it. She's a very responsible teacher and I'm sure she'd laugh at those rumors. As for the theater room..."


"Wait. First tell me what you heard."

"I haven't heard anything, to be honest. Except for a rumor that the cheerleaders go in there during lunch to smoke pot. But I've seen you headed in that direction more than once, and I know you don't smoke pot. You remember that discussion we had after that ridiculous anti-drug rally?"

"Yeah. Well, you're pretty sharp. I still don't do drugs, but I do take part in some other activities in that room from time to time."

"I see." Christine's daydream immediately returned, but the situation was slightly changed. She'd seen Kim, Joy, Janice, and Simone headed to the theater room at various times, so suddenly they were all there in the room as well. In other respects, her daydream resumed where it had left off. She crawled forward to try to wrestle some of Alan's boner away from Heather (who naturally would attempt to hog it in the dream, just as she would in real life). As she did that, she was able to look further into the room and saw the other girls sprawled all over the floor, panting with exhaustion and drenched in cum. Whether she realized it or not, her fantasy wasn't that far from the kind of thing that really took place in Alan's life on a regular basis.

However, she caught herself visualizing such images and thought, What is with me lately? Why do I always have such submissive fantasies? It's especially ironic tonight given that I'm wearing what could practically be a dominatrix outfit.


She began thinking along different lines, imagining herself as a dominatrix lording it over Alan. Wearing a stripped-down version of what she currently had on (which in fact exactly matched what she was wearing in Alan's fantasy), she fantasized about sitting on his face. She commanded him to lick her pussy, which he did with gusto.

She found herself greatly enjoying that daydream, even though she had no real conception of what being orally pleasured was like. As she started to come out of it, she thought, Now that's more like it! That would be awesome. Why can't my dreams be more like that? Actually what would be even better than submission OR domination would be to simply make love with him as equals. Will that ever happen? Why have all my dreams become so perverted lately?

Alan was once again looking down into Christine's ample cleavage, admiring the way it was lightly rising and falling with her breathing. He loved how she was still leaning forward on her elbows. He also couldn't help but notice her erect nipples, thinking they looked really sexy.

He was too busy with that sight to notice that Christine was a bit spaced out. Instead, he asked, "I gotta know: how it is you know so much stuff? I mean, I always look around when I'm headed to the theater room, and I could swear I've never seen you in that area."

She paused, once again considering what she could tell him. She decided that he was pretty observant too, and now that she'd revealed that much he would begin to figure things out, so it was best if she came clean. "You probably didn't. I've been down there a bit, but the fact is, I rely on some of my friends. We have a bit of a clique, and we help each other out."

"Aaaaah," he said, pretending as if he understood when in fact he didn't. In his previous existence as one of the school nerds he hadn't paid much attention to school gossip or politics, and now that sex was such a big part of his life he didn't have the time to spend with other students to learn the latest scoop.

She was a good judge of emotions. She smiled with amusement at his attempt to appear clued in, then explained, "The other girls sometimes call us the 'Goody-goodies,' although I find that name insulting. Girl stuff in school is like a whooole different thing than guy stuff. With girls, you're judged by how 'easy' you are. There's a bunch of us who kind of stand apart because of that. Many of us are still virgins, if you can believe that. So we sort of stick together. And I work with them as a kind of network to learn stuff. So you may not have been seen by me, but if you're seen by one of them it's almost the same."

"Ah. Now I DO see. Thanks."

"But wait! You have to PROMISE not to tell anyone about that, okay? If they knew I told you that, they'd probably kill me. In fact, I've probably said too much. In fact, I KNOW I have. Damn." She looked around furtively, as if someone could be listening.

He had to suppress a laugh. I know she means the "probably kill me" metaphorically, but that is still so funny. It's like we're Cold War spies or something. It's only some minor school stuff, but we make it out to be so life-and-death. Then he recalled being punched in the face, and being pushed down the stairs, so he amended his thoughts. Okay, so it's not totally minor. I need to pay a LOT more attention to what's going on.

"Christine, thanks a ton for telling me that much. I promise I won't tell a soul. I can see why you were so careful about secrecy with this meeting. If I tell someone, say, what you told me, that Jake isn't really in line with the other football players, that might get around and then Jake might realize, 'Hey, I told that to that goody-goody Serena. She must be the source of this rumor.' And then Serena will get in trouble, and maybe you'll get in trouble from her."

"Exactly. I knew you'd understand." She sighed with relief. She'd felt as if she were between a rock and a hard place, because there were some things she'd learned about Alan that she felt obliged to tell him, but by doing so she could be betraying the trust of her "Goody-goody" friends. If he could understand her difficult position, that would help.

"Wow," he said out loud as he mulled it all over. He even finally let go of the erection that he'd been stroking through his pants pocket. He put his hands back on the table, if only to prevent himself from losing control in that manner again. "So I've told you some secrets I shouldn't have and you've done the same for me. It makes me feel closer to you, like our friendship is getting deeper."

She was all smiles. "That's how I feel too."

For most of the rest of dinner, the two of them discussed strategy on how to defeat the football players once and for all. They pitched ideas back and forth to each other over generous helpings of red curry and fish cakes, and then mango sticky rice and fried ice cream for dessert. Their focus on practical problems and savoring their meals cooled them down so much that Alan's dick eventually became flaccid.

Almost everything they discussed was based on information from Christine's gossip network. Alan was very impressed with Christine's knowledge and the efforts she had gone to, and made her friends go through, to gain information that would help him.


As they waited for their check, their conversation began to wind down.

Alan said to her, "I must say... I can't thank you enough. It's almost like I've had a secret guardian angel these last couple of months. I mean, I can't even begin to think how much worse off I'd be if you weren't out there squelching rumors, sticking up for me, and who knows what else you've been doing to help that you're still holding back from telling me about."

She gave a knowing, secretive smile. "I can't tell you everything all at once, can I? Keeping a few secrets lends me an air of mystery."

"Yeah, we all have our secrets, I guess." He was very mindful of his own incest and harem secrets as he said that. "But seriously, I owe you big time. How can I ever repay you?"

One thing immediately came to her mind, which involved Alan lying naked on top of her. To be honest, that was a big incentive for her continued secret assistance. But she'd tried to bring up the option of them sharing some casual intimacy earlier in the meal and had lost her nerve at the last second, as she usually did when that subject came up with him. She gathered up her great willpower and resolved to go through with it this time.

She blushed immediately, trying at first to bring it up indirectly, figuring she might have more success following through with that. "Well, you know how you and Amy have a special relationship..."

"Yeah?" He could already guess where that was going. He was both worried and delighted.

"I certainly wouldn't want to intrude upon that in any way. I'd never want to take her, uh... But, um, she's so understanding..." Suddenly, she blurted out, "Did you know that I'm still a virgin?" She immediately felt horrified that she'd said that; she looked like she was ready to crawl under the table in abject shame.

He had assumed that already. He knew it was a sensitive subject, but even so he couldn't help but ask, "Christine, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I am curious, how is it, in this day and age, that a gorgeous, all-around amazing girl like you could still be a virgin? I mean, no offense."

"None taken."

He stammered on, "It's just that... Again, no offense, but you're so hot! You'd think that every horny guy for miles around would be after you. Eventually, someone would succeed."

She modestly said, "Please. I'm not all that."

He raised his hands in disbelief. "Come on! Believe me, you're all that! And then some! And I'm not just talking about your famous boobs, or your equally impressive figure. Your face is just... devastatingly beautiful! And then when I think about the brains behind that face, that somehow makes you ten times more appealing. I don't care what some guys say; smart is HOT!"

Her arousal had largely died away, but now it was coming back with a vengeance. "Enough with the compliments. Seriously. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

"Sorry. Let's go back to my rudely prying into your dating history."

She laughed at that transition. She replied honestly, "Well, you know I'm not shy about telling annoying guys to get lost. I guess I come across as pretty intimidating, so very few have ever actually had the guts to ask me out. But I shot down even those few. The sad truth is, I have no dating history. Did you know that the only dates I've ever been on have been these non-romantic ones with you?"

"What?! You've got to be kidding! At the time I asked you out I was socially oblivious, but now I realize that there must be dozens of guys with serious crushes on you. Now that I'm more clued in to that kind of thing, I've noticed so many guys get all moony whenever you walk down the halls that it's almost comical."

"Yeah, but I don't care about them. None of them are like you."

He was floored. He thought, My God, she wants me. She really, really wants me! I should have said something earlier. I promised myself I would, but I've let things slide. I can see she's working up to something. I need to put my foot down now.

He said, "Christine, we're in a real bind. I'm really attracted to you and I'm pretty sure you're really attracted to me. But as I told you on our last date, we can't ever cross that line, because it wouldn't be fair to Amy. As I've told you, she sees you as a threat to her relationship with me."


Christine was stunned to hear him say it as directly as that. But she gathered herself together and replied, "Well, I know that. But I talked to Amy last week and kind of probed her feelings about this kind of thing. She didn't want me to be another official girlfriend of yours, and besides that would probably never work; people at school would find that too strange. But she said that if you and I just wanted to fool around from time to time, she wouldn't have a problem with that."

Now it was Alan's turn to be stunned. Shit! That completely undercuts my main argument! Curse Amy for being so completely cool and easy-going! What am I going to say now?! I can't give her my real reasons: "Hey Christine, I can't have sex with you just once because I know if I do it'll be so good that I'll want to do it again and again. And then before you know it, with you that much a part of my life, you'll find out all about the incest. You'll discover I actually have FOUR full-time girlfriends, and one is my mother and another is my sister! And then the whole thing will come crashing down around us, because everyone knows that when you don't like something you don't just sit around, you DO something about it. And not only that, but I'm so fucked out as it is that I just can't give your undoubtedly wondrously tight, sweet pussy the regular fucking it undoubtedly so richly wants, needs, and deserves." No, I don't think I could exactly say that. So what DO I say? Shit!

Mostly to buy time, he asked, "But aren't you completely morally opposed to that kind of arrangement? I thought you told Amy how grossly unfair and outrageous our arrangement is."

She sighed. "Boy, you aren't making this easy for me, are you? Yes, that's all true. I don't think it's right that you can sleep around with anyone you want and she can't. However... Alan, I have to be completely honest and lay all my cards on the table now that this has finally come out in the open. I'm a virgin, as I just told you. You'd guessed that already, right? It pains me so much to be one, now that my eyes have finally been opened to what I'm missing. I know I'm not an easy person to get along with at times, for a whole variety of reasons. I scare people away, to tell the truth. What I need is someone to be patient and gently guide me into sexual knowledge and intimacy and make me a real, complete woman. The problem is, I know it's not going to happen anytime soon unless that someone is you. Hell, I don't want it to be anyone else BUT you. I have such feelings for you, and well, uh..."

She couldn't say more. It had been painful enough for her to say just that much.

He was torn. He took her hands in his while he thought. Finally, it was incredibly difficult to do, but he said, "That sounds wonderful. I'd love to be that guide so much. But I'm not the right person for you."

He sighed heavily, while continuing to hold her hands. "Christine? You know what I confessed earlier about being involved with all those girls? Think about it. I'm spread really thin. I'm into all kinds of sordid stuff. Orgies, for instance. You might even say I have a harem of sorts. I mean, not exactly, but kind of, depending on how you look at it. I'm in really deep, in a very sexual world."

She frowned. She wanted to be deflowered, but things like orgies and harems were a completely different matter. In reality, she didn't want to have anything to do with crazy stuff like that, no matter what she might fantasize about.

"Trust me, Christine; you don't want to get involved with me. I know you. Or at least I'd like to think I do. I've admired you for a long time now, and I picture you as the epitome of purity and goodness. You're a one-man kind of girl. You're a dreamer. You're really extraordinary. You need and deserve a guy who can live up to your dreams and your high expectations. I'm not that kind of guy; I know that now. Back when I asked you out, you didn't desire me then. And you still don't, not in the right way. You're just attracted because of this new 'hot stuff' reputation I have. You don't need a scoundrel like me who can't keep his penis in his pants for five minutes. You need a guy who's as good and pure as you are. You need a better man than me to love you for your first time."

She replied with surprising passion, "You're wrong, Alan! I DID want you then. It's just that... I was too shy to act on my feelings."

She didn't want to reveal the complete truth, which was that more than just her shyness had held her back. Even though there were many boys with crushes on her, she'd felt that Alan was very special in his own way, rising above all the others in her eyes. But at that point she'd been very high on the school social ladder, despite her goody-goody reputation and generally acting like she didn't care about such things, and he was way below her socially, with a geeky reputation to boot. Her reputation at school would have taken a big hit if she'd gone out with him. Now, remarkably, he had become the most desirable catch of all. She didn't want him to know the petty reasons that might have made the difference between her turning him down back then or her agreeing to his request.

He suggested, "Let's forget what happened back then. That's ancient history now, because I've changed so much since then. You have NO IDEA just what a wild sex life I have nowadays. If you did, you'd run screaming from me as fast as your feet could carry you. To give you one example, do you think you could stomach being in an orgy with Heather? Can you imagine sharing a blowjob with her?"

She blanched at that. Indeed, that prospect was really difficult for her to stomach. But there was a part of her, a naughty and sexually curious part, that actually found the idea appealing. Her mind flashed back to her earlier fantasy when Amy had told her, "Now, why don't you help Heather and me with a blowjob. Alan likes a lot of tongues," and she'd gone ahead to take part in a three-way blowjob with Amy and Heather. True, it had been just a fantasy, but it was still curiously arousing.

She found herself rubbing her thighs together with excitement. She was glad the table blocked him from seeing what she was doing. She was particularly aroused by the idea of Alan forcing her to take part in sexual acts with others like Heather. Her rational brain was appalled that she was finding such thoughts arousing, but she couldn't help it.

However, she remained calm on the surface, seemingly ignoring his comments about his wild sex life. Instead, she said "I made a mistake, and I really, really do regret it. Moving forward, since Amy doesn't mind-"

He butted in. "Look, let me tell you something about me that I'm just learning myself. There are guys who are happy to just have one night stands. They like to fuck and run, pardon my blunt language. Admittedly, there are a couple of girls I've done that with, girls who didn't impress me that much. But the problem is, I've discovered that sex is a remarkable bonding mechanism. Most of the time, when I have sex with someone I find myself becoming emotionally involved with them. I want to have sex with them more and more, and that just increases the strength of the emotional bond even further."

"And that's a bad thing?" she exclaimed, growing more horny as she thought about having sex with him regularly. "It sounds wonderful to me."

"Yes it is bad. Very bad. Because I know there's no way that you and I could have sex just once. I'd enjoy it too much and you'd enjoy it too much. And then we'd want to do it again. And again. And again and again and again! But the really big problem is that you're so all-around wonderful. So smart, so talented, so beautiful. Once I start down that path, you're gonna become a big part of my life."

She butted in, "What if I was really bad in bed? I promise to be bad. Let me be bad and completely uninteresting to talk to so we can have a mindless one night stand."

He just rolled his eyes. "Nice try, but you know that's not possible. You are who you are. I could see myself becoming extremely attracted to and involved with you. And that's not fair to Amy. And it's not just Amy either. I'm way overextended. If you were to get involved with me, in that way, you'd just be one of many, and there would be others I'm going to be much closer to, which wouldn't be fair to you either."

He went on, "You deserve more than that. Much more. You're destined for great things. I know it. It would pain me not to be with you every day, and I'd feel like I'm stealing time from Amy when I was with you, and so on. And the closer we got, the more you would hurt too, because, what, between my homework and all the girls in my life, I couldn't do the normal things boyfriends should do. Believe you me, my body screams yes but my rational mind says no. I can't just follow my lust, regardless of the consequences. I'm practically failing out of school as it is!"


"Christine, you need someone special, someone who can devote his entire heart and soul to just you. Isn't that what you've always wanted? Isn't that why you're still a virgin, because you've been saving yourself for that one special person?"

"Yes, but..." She wanted to say that he was that special person, but she stopped herself. "Alan! I'm really surprised. And hurt. But you have a point. I'll think about what you've said. I do want just one man." Her thoughts again returned to her fantasy of waiting to be assigned a fuck time in Alan's busy schedule, and she gave thanks that he couldn't see into her imagination. However, his words calmed her down enough that she stopped rubbing her thighs together as if she were trying to rub kindling to start a fire.

She suddenly looked at him with alarm. "I hope you don't think I've been helping you out all this time because I was expecting..." She blushed still more. Then she waved her hands in the air in frantic 'No' gestures. "It's not like that at all! I'm gonna keep helping you, no matter what. I just see you as kind of a 'babe in the woods' when it comes to school politics. And you are a friend, even though things have been a bit weird and sexually charged between us lately."

"That's my fault, Christine. That's because my crush got in the way of what should have been just a normal friendship. But now I really want just to be good friends with you. I need a female friend who's just a friend, if you know what I mean. I really like you, and that's why I think you deserve so much more than what I can provide. I so very much wish I could be your special guy. If you'd said 'Yes' two months ago, that would have been different. But so much has changed since then. To be honest, I'm not proud of how I'm running wild sexually, but I know myself, and I know that I just can't stop. That part of me is here to stay."

"I understand," she said rather glumly. There was much more she wanted to say, but she couldn't. She wanted to say, "Alan, I love you. I don't care if you only see me once a week; it would still be so much better than never. Can't you see I'm so lonely and hungry for love? I'll be one of your helpers or whatever you want from me. Just love me!" But she realized that he'd made up his mind and she needed to leave with at least part of her pride intact.

She also wanted to say, "You may feel that you want to be just friends now, but don't close the door. Maybe you'll feel different in two months. Look how much things have changed over the last two months. Or even longer. I can wait!"

But she didn't say that either. The truth was, she was already deeply in love with Alan, but she couldn't tell him those things in the face of his rejection. She realized that he was right, in the sense that the very depth of their feelings for each other meant there was no way they could have sex just one time or a couple of times like two jaded, uncaring strangers. If they had sex even once, it was bound to lead to more.

Still, like people in love do, she held out hope in her heart that he'd change his mind, despite everything he'd said, or that their situation would change somehow. She wanted to help him with his school problems even more than before, to show him just how much she cared for him. She resolved to stay as close to him as she could so she'd be ready to take their relationship to the next level when an opportunity occurred.

With that in mind, she said, "Okay, I'll think about that. I'm not saying I'm just gonna totally give up on the idea, because I can't. The heart has a certain momentum, and right now all I can think about is you. But despite all these feelings hanging in the air, can we please keep having these dates? Non-romantic or not, I've enjoyed them so very much. I love dressing up and being treated like a lady. And the flirting practice and everything too. Please tell me we don't have to stop."

Against his better judgment, he said, "Sure, I'd love that. Over time, with these dates, maybe we'll both get used to the idea that things really do have to remain platonic."

However, even as he said that, he knew it wasn't likely. If their past dates were anything to judge by, such encounters would only further inflame their lust. On a subconscious level, he hoped that something would happen on one of their dates that would cause them to cross the line into physical intimacy. For instance, they could both get drunk and then there would be no telling what might happen. Like her, he wanted to find a way to get things started without having to take responsibility for his actions. That way he wouldn't have to feel bad about not living up to his own moral standards, let alone hers.

Christine was simply too desirable. Not only was her body out of this world, but he really liked her personality. He even liked her "flaws," such as her stubbornness and self-righteousness. Deep down, he knew that he just had to have her someway, somehow.

If only he could be assured that she wouldn't destroy his entire family when she found out about the incest, he would have thrown caution to the wind and tried to figure out ways to overcome or at least manage all the other problems between them. But he knew her well and had observed her acting with dogged determination according to a strict moral code. He was certain there was no way she'd say, "Sure, have sex with your sister and your mom. Just make sure to save some of that big cock for me." He was afraid to even mention the idea of incest to probe her opinion of it, for fear of tipping her off.

They sat drinking their after-dinner coffees for a while, with both of them feeling and acting awkward. She tried her best to smile, but it looked forced.

He felt conflicted but kept reminding himself that what he was doing was the right thing to do.

He thought, It's insane. I have four women I'm completely in love with and committed to, and that's not even counting Brenda or Glory. And God knows what the situation is with Heather. Or Simone! I could really get into her. I've promised myself that I have to cut down to just the ones I love the very most. I HAVE to do it! There's only one of me and only 24 hours in the day.

I can sense trouble brewing with them, like the way Mom practically raped me a couple of hours ago, she was so needy. I just can't spread myself any thinner, no matter how kind, beautiful, and frankly, big-busted Christine is. And what about jealousy? Sis in particular gets really steamed about Christine. Not only would that cause a new outburst of jealousy... Oh! Sis would be heartbroken. Even Amy would be upset. I'd just be asking for trouble.


Alan brought the conversation back to the football players, which put them both at ease once more. At least, they were at ease for a while until he happened to mention Heather again. In the course of discussing how he was trying a "divide and conquer" strategy to deal with the football team, he said, "By the way, I should point out that Heather and her minions have been a really big help in this. It's been tough getting her to do it, but now she's doing all she can to drive the players apart."

Suddenly Christine's face grew livid. "Heather? Heather?! You've got to be kidding me! Heather only looks after one person: herself! You should know what I've been hearing about what she's been saying! I didn't want to say anything too unkind when you mentioned her name earlier, but now that you bring it up, you should know that she's the one spreading all the worst rumors about you!"

He waved her concerns aside with a dismissive hand gesture. "It may seem that way, I'll concede that. But really, she's just being very clever about it. You should consider her an ally in this. I do." He knew that Heather was good at doing something underhanded while leaving the impression that she'd done the exact opposite. She was wily and great at covering her tracks.


She stood up and stared at Alan as if he'd just sprouted a second head. "An ally?! An ALLY?! Heather?! I'd rather stab my own mother to death with a dull knife than have anything to do with that ... bitch! You may think she's on your side, but the one she's snookering is YOU! She's pure evil! Don't let her beguile you with her womanly charms! You can't trust her!"

There was a lot that he could have said or thought about her passionate words. He knew it all had merit, including the part about being beguiled by her womanly charms. But in fact he'd barely registered what she'd said because all he could think about was her smoking-hot appearance. She was sexy enough sitting down, but once she stood up with her hard nipples protruding from her huge breasts he was completely blown away.

Christine is so fucking sexy! Dang! God DAMN, she looks tasty! I can't get over the fact that she, of all people, is wearing something so revealing in public, just for me! And the way she's so angry right now somehow just arouses me even more. I can't even begin to imagine how passionate and intense she could be in bed. What a sexual tigress! AND she's still a virgin. Hot damn. How could I possibly turn her down?! It's all I can do not to just jump across the table and run my hands all over her tight, incredibly fit body right now. That deep dark red fabric, contrasted by her blonde hair and her fair skin, HOT DAMN! I could stare at her forever.

Maybe I should rethink my whole position here. I'd be a fool not to fuck her. Maybe I need to fuck her tonight! I could! I mean, she's practically begging me for it! I could teach her to suck my cock, letting her learn to love the feeling of my hardness sliding between her lips, the taste of my cum on her tongue and in her teeth.

Man, I just know that she would be so good at it. She's always the best at everything. Before long, she'd be addicted to it, just like Mom. She'd learn every trick in the book, and spend hours and hours practicing on me, until she could say without a doubt that she was the best cocksucker in the harem!

And what about titfucking? Oh man! Be still my beating heart! I could help her learn to titfuck; with those magnificent breasts of hers she'd be a natural at it. And then after painting her face and chest in my cum we could sixty-nine, so while she tries to suck me off again I could taste, tease, tempt and torment her unfucked virgin pussy. Well, I could for a while, but it would be all so good that I'd lose all control. I'd throw her back on the bed, climb on top, mount her, and sink my throbbing pole into the incredible tightness of her fantastic cunt. Oh yeah, she needs to be mounted! Fuuuuuck!

His hard-on was so stiff that it felt as if he could break the restaurant table with it. He forced himself to count slowly to ten to calm down a bit.

As he did, he regained some self-control. No... No. I have to be strong! For my family. For them. I can't waver just because she wore a great outfit tonight and is so all-over painfully temptingly fuckable that I want to cry. I can't forget how horribly overextended I am... But it's such a turn-on to know how much she must really want me. I don't think anyone at school would believe it if they saw her like this. I used to think she was so far out of my league, so impossibly out of reach. Wow!

There was such a long pause while he stared with wanton lust that she finally barked at him, "Alan, are you listening to me?" Her eyes flashed dangerously with righteous anger.

He recovered quickly, forcing himself to look at her face instead of undressing her and devouring her body with his eyes. "Um, yeah. It's just that your passionate feelings about Heather stunned me. I'm blown away, actually."

He looked around briefly, noticing that just about everyone else in the restaurant was staring at her too. He suspected it had less to do with her outburst and more to do with her incredible figure and scrumptious outfit.

She suddenly became aware of all the attention, so hastily sat back down. They could hear a few muttered sighs of disappointment from people nearby as all eyes continued to watch as her massive boobs slowly bounced to a standstill. Slouching down in embarrassment, she said in a quiet but nonetheless very insistent voice, "Well? What are you going to do about it?"

His passion unexpectedly surged again as he thought, What am I going to do? I'm going to fuck your brains out, that's what! First I'm going to break your hymen by fucking your cute pussy, which I could practically see through your outfit. Serious camel toe you've got there, girl. Damn! Then I'm going to fuck those mammoth tit melons. Jesus Christ, I'm gonna squirt my seed all over your perfect rack!

He reached into his pocket and returned to playing "pocket pool" with his erection, just as he had been doing earlier in the evening. He simply couldn't help himself.

Then I'm going to fuck your dainty mouth. I'm not talking about a blowjob; I mean I'm going to fuck your face! Then I'm going to take your ass and fill it with hard cock until you cry for joy! In fact, I'm going to take you and break you and turn the school's perfect golden girl into my personal bitch! One of my bitches anyways! He chuckled to himself. You'll be one of my harem slaves! I'll order you to move in with the rest of us and then keep you naked and locked in chains, ready and willing to serve your master at all times! Hah! Worship my cock! Worship it! Yes!

He was so overcome with desire that had he not been in the middle of a restaurant, he might have tried physically to take her right then and there. As it was, he somehow slowly managed to settle down. He reluctantly stopped rubbing his dick. He had to wipe the sweat from his brow, he was so overcome.

As his surge of lust slowly peaked and then passed, he thought, What's wrong with me? See? This is the problem. I can't control the Bad Alan. Christine is special. She deserves better than someone like me. Much better. As tough as it is, I have to let her go. I can't really explain to her all the reasons why, but it's for her own good. I'm like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'm bad!

After another long pause, he eventually managed to remember her question about Heather, replying a bit lamely, "I'm, uh... well, it's tricky."

He stalled for time so his raging libido could continue to subside. He managed to focus on the conversation a bit more by looking away from her.

While he waited, Christine crossed her arms under her rack, drawing even more attention to her boobs. "I try not to get jealous, especially since we're not even going out. But I'll have you know that I get really upset that you're having sex with that bitch. I mean, REALLY upset!"

That finally jolted him into responding. "Look. I know I'm playing with fire with Heather. And no, I don't trust her. Not at all. It's like dealing with the devil. I hate to get graphic, but I have to lay it on the line here. She's really, really sexually attracted to me, and, well, for reasons that I don't exactly understand myself, we have a special bond, but it's only about sex. She may rebel a little bit here and there, but ultimately she's not going to piss me off and risk her sexual connection with me. So that's one reason why I sleep with her sometimes, to get her help. But I'm not just being selfish. You may laugh at this, but I actually think there's a good person trapped inside that bitchy exterior, and I think I can ultimately be a good influence on her."

Christine chortled with derision. "You got that right about me laughing. Look, Alan, I enjoy helping you with your school problems. I want to see justice done and the bullies punished. But don't ask me to cooperate with that, that... THAT WOMAN, in any way."

She spit out the words "that woman" with powerful malice. "As far as I'm concerned, she's part of the problem. She IS conspiring against you. It may be just an intuition at this point, but I'm absolutely sure of it. I'll get the evidence to prove it to you. She thinks that she needs to control everyone around her, including you."

He was conciliatory. "Okay. You may be right. See what you can come up with." He figured that it wouldn't hurt to have Christine keep an eye on Heather to keep her honest.

Things calmed down after that, letting them continue to discuss problems at school until the bill for the meal arrived. Alan again insisted on paying for the whole thing. He was very grateful that Christine seemed unaware of his earlier "Bad Alan" moment of weakness.

They stood in front of the restaurant for a good ten minutes, talking about plans and schemes to put in motion before it was finally time for them to split up and head home in separate cars.

Sensing the moment, Alan said, "Well, this is it." His heart was pounding fast.

Christine was just as nervous, if not more so. She just whispered, "Yep."

He said, "If we were really dating, this is where I'd kiss you. But we both remember what happened last time with that. We can't let that happen again, can we?"

"No, we can't," she replied. But her sad eyes told a very different story.

They shared only a brief, rather stilted hug and a simple kiss on her cheek.

Afterwards, Alan said, "Oh, Christine! If you only knew how tempted I am. I'm to blame. I'm not a good person. I'm hopelessly hooked on playing around. I really am a cad. This is for the best. Being friends is better, and longer lasting. Friends!" He stuck a hand out to shake.

She shook his hand firmly. "Friends!" But then she grinned with surprising mischieviousness. "That said... we're still going to have another practice date soon, right? Not to mention another trip to the beach, or something along those lines. I was thinking... since you're worried about us being seen at the beach by other students, what about a private pool? I know you've got a thing against me going to your house, but there's no problem if you want to come to my house and use our backyard pool."

He was both thrilled and terrified at the possibility of being alone with Christine in her backyard pool, with both of them wearing just bathing suits. That could be disastrous to his plan to keep their relationship platonic. By comparison, another "practice date" sounded much safer.

So he said, "Right. That could work sometime. But I think it's time for another practice date first. Why don't we go out this Saturday night? Would that work for you? It's right in the middle of Thanksgiving vacation, you know."

"That'll work just fine." She grinned wolfishly as they parted, very pleased by his promise of another date.

Walking away, she didn't linger on her disappointment; there would be time for that kind of rumination later. At heart she was a determined fighter, and now she had something new to strive for. She thought, I don't know what I'm gonna wear next time, but whatever it is, it's gonna blow him away! I'm not gonna give in so easily to this "just be friends" thing. He thinks I'm not right for him because of his so-called harem. But it's not like it's a real harem; all that means is that he's playing around. That's what a lot of teenage boys do.

Dammit, next Saturday night I'm gonna wear something so hot that there's a chance it'll just up and burst into flames! I'm so horny that I can't stand it. I love him! There, I said it! I want him so much. And the fact that he's trying to protect me from his supposed badness makes me love him even more!

He noted that she wore a heavy overcoat as she left. He realized it would have been fairly scandalous and dangerous for her to be seen outside in the outfit she'd shown in the restaurant.

As he walked away, he thought, I must be a complete idiot. Turning that body down? Wow. What a piece of work she is, even just physically. Not to mention how smart and all-around great she is. But there's a battle going on inside me, and Bad Alan wins far too often. If I don't show some self-control, if I don't enforce some limits, things'll get crazier and crazier until it all flies apart and I lose everything. I am NOT going to let that happen!

Why is it there are so many incredible women who have all crossed my path at the same time? What are the odds? Meanwhile, somewhere else in the world there are who knows how many guys just like me alone tonight without even one girl - let alone one of Christine's quality - in their life. Life is just so fucking unfair. It's beyond absurd that I could reach a point of sexual satiation where I actually have to turn down the likes of this stunning woman!


As soon as Christine stepped inside her house, her mother was right there to intercept her and greet her. Olga asked, "Well?! How did it go?"

Christine smiled and rolled her eyes. "MoooOOOOoooom! Please. What happens on my dates is private."

Olga said eagerly, "I know that, and you know that, but we both know I can't control my curiosity!"

Christine laughed. "True. But still, I can't kiss and tell."

"A-ha! So there was more kissing! Excellent!"

Christine rolled her eyes again. "Mom, really. If you must know something, let me put it this way: I had a great time, like I always do on my dates with him, but there were no new developments. We didn't do anything that we didn't do last time." She added in her mind, Less, actually. But I don't want to disappoint Mom by telling her that.

"Oh. That's too bad. Well, what about going steady? Did he say anything about that?"

Christine gave her mother a typical annoyed-teenager look. She was particularly bothered because she hadn't been honest with her parents on that troublesome issue. "Mom, please. Don't pressure me about that, okay? To be honest, Alan was already dating a girl before he got started with me. He may not be that keen to give her up just yet."

That took Olga aback. "Oh, I see. I didn't know about that. What's her name?"

"I'd rather not say. Unfortunately for me, she's extremely sweet and nice, and all around wonderful. Beautiful too."

"Oh dear. Don't tell me he's two-timing her! I can't imagine an upstanding young man like Alan doing something like that."

Christine thought, "Upstanding young man?" True, except for the fact that he's got a whole bevy of pretty girls at his beck and call! At least I'm finally telling Mom about Amy - kind of. That's a start. But she'd freak if she knew the full truth. She replied, "No, he's not. She knows about me and I know about her, and we're both cool with it. We're kind of friends, actually."

"Well, that's good at least. But don't worry; I have no doubt that he'll be dating you exclusively before long. How could he not? Look at your outfit, for one thing!"

That was an embarrassing reminder for Christine. She liked wearing the skin-tight red outfit for Alan, but she dreaded having her parents see her in it. She'd snuck out of the house with a coat on, but she couldn't help getting caught on the way back home. She was grateful that at least her father Lars wasn't to be seen.

Trying to sound optimistic for her mother, she said, "There's no doubt he loved this." She waved a hand down her body, referring to her revealing red outfit. She was grateful that most of it was covered by her coat, but the coat only went down to her waist, so there was enough showing below that to make clear her outfit was skin-tight and very sexy. "I need to thank Aunt Kirsten yet again for her help."

Olga asked, "That's quite some outfit. Can I see the full effect?"

"I'd rather you didn't. Sorry. It was painfully embarrassing wearing this in a public place, but, well..."

Olga made a guess on how that sentence should finish. "You've gotta do what you've gotta do to win your man. I completely agree! That's why I have no doubt you'll be going steady with him soon. And then... who knows? Maybe more! Maybe much more! Speaking of Kirsten, you know she married quite young." She didn't mention that Kirsten's husband had also died young in an accident.

Christine groaned and rolled her eyes. "MoooOOOOoooom! Please! Don't ever talk about that kind of thing! It's waaaay too soon!"

Olga held up her hands apologetically. "Sorry. I guess I'm being a little over enthusiastic."

"A little," Christine said sarcastically.

"It's just that I know you. You're not like other girls. It doesn't surprise me at all that you haven't dated willy-nilly, or even at all. You wait and wait until you find exactly what you want. Then you go for it, all out! You're an all-or-nothing girl. So if you're willing to date Alan, then he must mean a lot to you."

Christine knew there was a lot of truth to her mother's analysis, but she was reluctant to admit the depth of her feelings. Plus, she was painfully aware that there were complicating factors about which Olga only had the slightest glimmer, now that she'd at least mentioned that he was dating someone else. She said, "I don't know about that. We'll see. Besides, it takes two to tango. Anyway, I really, really want to get out of these clothes. Can I go now?"

Olga stood back, making way. "Please. Don't mind me. And congratulations! Although you say you didn't make any progress on this date, I'm sure you did in subtle ways. Each time you go out together, you're bound to draw together ever closer."

"Yeah, well, we'll see." Christine walked off to her room.

Once she was alone, Christine thought, Sheesh! Mom is a problem. She's got such high expectations. Way too high! I don't think that my news about him dating someone else slowed her down much at all. There's no way I could tell her about the rest. No way! I can't even admit it fully to myself, and I know it for a stone cold fact! What am I going to do when the weeks and months go by and Alan and I still aren't going steady? UGH! Maybe I could ask him to lie to her about it? Argh! I don't even want to think about that right now. Hopefully it won't come to that.

— — —

Alan came home from his dinner in an unhappy mood. He thought, I know I did the right thing with Christine tonight. Still, I can't shake the feeling that my words were at least partly influenced by spitefulness. Am I getting back at her for turning me down? I hope that isn't the case, because if it is it means that what I consider a mature, responsible, and selfless decision was actually quite petty. I do have to admit that I got some satisfaction now that the tables are turned, so I wasn't the one practically begging for a date. But I don't think that was all of it, or even much of it. I hope not.

As soon as he walked in the front door of his house, he heard a loud noise. He looked around and saw Amy standing directly in front of him, about fifteen feet away at the foot of the stairs, blowing on a whistle.

She was ostensibly dressed as a policewoman (the same outfit she'd tried on at the sex shop earlier), but it was a bit difficult to tell at first glance since the only things she wore were a police hat, a gun belt, and black high-heeled boots that went up past her knees. The gun in the holster on the belt was obviously a water pistol, but the handcuffs looked plenty real.

One look at Amy's big, wobbling tits and clean-shaven pussy caused Alan's dick to grow hard immediately. Oh, YES! Hell, yes! Just what I need!


"Hold it right there, mister!" Amy said in a mock-angry voice. But even when she tried to sound angry, she was still bubbling over with joy and enthusiasm. "You're under arrest for being too sexy and too well-hung!" She twirled a pair of handcuffs around in her fingers.

Alan was overjoyed. After a couple of hours of blue balls staring at Christine's wobbly breasts and heartbreakingly-beautiful face, he needed some quick relief. Watch out, Aims! I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you! I hope you're ready to get dicked within an inch of your life!

However, he was willing to play along, since he knew that would ultimately lead to even more pleasure for both of them than just a quick fuck. He held his hands up in the air, as if he was caught. "Sorry, officer. I didn't know those were crimes."

She walked forward. "Technically, they're not. However, in this house, keeping your sister-splitter all covered up and full of cum is an extremely serious offense. And you're in clear violation of the Cum Too Yummy to Be Believed act of 1969. I'm afraid I'm going to have to conduct a full-cavity search. And then you're gonna have to search every inch of my body too, for some reason. And then we're going to be forced to release the police cat on you."

He grinned, guessing what would come next. "Don't you mean the police dog?"

She grinned even more, as she reached him and began unbuttoning his dress slacks. "Nope. Definitely a cat. She's really good at sniffing out hard-ons." She whistled, but this time just by putting a finger to her lips. "Oh, by the way, I'm confiscating your pants."

Katherine came bounding into the room. At first she loped through the room, but as she got near to Alan and Amy she got down on all fours. She'd been listening to them from the living room, but she hadn't anticipated that Amy would call her in so soon to join in the fun. As a result, she wasn't dressed in any of her newly-purchased cat gear. In fact, she wasn't dressed in anything at all, except for a sexy pair of high heels.


But she made the best of it. She sat up with her hands held out in front of her as if they were paws and she was begging for food or attention. She meowed, then briefly rubbed her face against one of her brother's legs.

Amy quickly yanked down Alan's slacks.

Just as his erection bounced free, Katherine reached it and began licking it all over. While her tongue got to work, her hands pawed at it like a cat playing with a scratch toy.

He thought, Oh fuck me, that feels so good! Oh man! I could close my eyes and imagine it was Christine. He did just that, but quickly decided it was a bad idea, since it would make him cum far too soon. But opening his eyes and looking down on Katherine lapping eagerly on his shaft didn't exactly cool his ardor either. Oh fuck! Too hot!

Still grinning widely, he asked Amy, "What's the police cat doing, exactly?"

"Oh, that? She's uh, checking for contraband. And terrorists."

He snorted with laughter. "Terrorists, huh?"

Amy stepped closer, putting herself within reach. "Yeah, you never know where they might be hiding." She lifted her hands behind her head and thrust her chest out, giving him an invitation to fondle her big orbs that she knew he couldn't resist.

"So they might be hiding in your cleavage too, then." He reached forward and began groping her tits.

Amy giggled. "Yep! Thanks for checking. Make sure to do a real thorough job." She said to Katherine, "Be sure to check his balls thoroughly also."

Katherine meowed, then grabbed her brother's balls with both hands. She tugged lightly on them and scratched her nails across them in a surprisingly pleasurable way. All the while, she kept a tight lip-lock on his erection while steadily bobbing up and down on it.

Amy smiled to see that, then turned back to Alan. Her voice changed back to her mock-serious, angry one. "But hold on, mister. You're still in a heap of trouble. Isn't that true, police cat?"

Katherine looked up briefly, meowing in affirmation while never letting his dick out of her mouth. Then she went from repeatedly sliding her lips past his sweet spot, while also tickling it with her tongue, to diving down as deep as she could. She was unable to deep throat him, but she repeatedly went down far enough to choke and gag on his dick.

She actually liked that, because the choking was done carefully so that she wasn't ever in any real danger. I'm choking on my brother's fat cock! Yes! This is fuck-toy heaven, right here! She "choked" on him a couple more times before retreating back to his sweet spot.

While that was happening, Alan was staring at Amy's luscious lips, angling for an excuse to kiss them that could fit in with their role-play. He said, "Thank you, officer, for keeping us all safe. You do such a good job that you deserve a big kiss!" He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers while continuing to play with her fantastic rack.

It was a pretty flimsy excuse, even by the standards of their silly role-play, but Amy responded eagerly, kissing back with all the love in her heart. She continued to hold her hands behind her head, because she loved having her big tits fondled while in that pose.

Alan groaned as a surprisingly strong wave of pleasure washed over him. Dang! My sisters are just too much fun. I love them all up. And there's something about Kat acting like a cat that's even more arousing than usual. It's like all that talk of hers of being a fuck toy and a fuck pet somehow becomes more real. She pleases me with pure animal instinct.

Amy, meanwhile, lowered her arms and got busy unbuttoning his dress shirt. "So, mister, I'm warning you, you can't just go around kissing officers of the law like that. If you do it to me again, I'm liable to turn in my badge and become one of your sex slaves! And don't think you can distract me by waving that big stiff tree trunk of yours around. Are you trying to bribe a police officer with your thick, delicious cock?"

"Yes, I am," he said with mock guilt as he fingered Amy's pussy and played with one of her nipples.

Katherine was being extra loud and slurpy with her cocksucking to make sure he wouldn't forget what she was doing to him. Of course there was no way he could overlook the tremendous pleasure she was giving him, but the wet noises made it even more enjoyable.

Amy replied, "Well then, this is an open-and-shut case. I'm ready to pronounce you guilty of bribery AND of being an excellent fuck. You clearly have far too much cum in your dick and balls, and far too little inside your fuck-hungry sisters!" She giggled again, finishing unbuttoning his shirt as she said that and tossing it aside. Then she got down on her knees next to Katherine.

Alan closed his eyes, trying to cope with the upcoming extreme stimulation that he anticipated. Oh, man! Man oh man oh man! I've had such fucking blue balls all evening long. Two busty sisters loving my cock with their tongues and lips is the perfect remedy!

Katherine pulled back to just sucking and licking the tip of her brother's stiffness, giving Amy a chance to lick at the rest.

Amy eagerly took advantage of that opportunity. But after a few licks, she looked up at Alan's face and said, "Since you're such a big, cum-filled criminal, I'm worried you may be carrying a loaded weapon somewhere. I'd better check you more thoroughly." She smirked as she reached behind him and stuck a finger deep in his asshole, then began wiggling it around. "Hmmm. No loaded weapon in here. I don't feel any terrorists in there, either. What do you think, police cat?"

Katherine was supposed to just reply with meows, but she couldn't keep herself from talking. "Mmmm. I think I've definitely discovered a big weapon. And it is extremely loaded; it could go off at any moment!"

Alan strained to control his urge to cum, bearing down with his PC muscle. He mumbled, "You got that right!"


Amy crawled around to Alan's backside, leaving his pulsing erection all to Katherine for the moment. She buried her face in his ass crack, tonguing everything she could reach. She even made her tongue into a spike and then tongue-fucked his asshole.

Her hands also reached around and kept busy fondling his balls or his cock, depending on what Katherine left available at any given moment.

Time passed. He thought, Man alive! This is such an all-out assault. God knows my sisters love to suck cock, but it seems like they're putting extra effort into it. Like the fact that Aims is literally fucking my ass with her tongue at this very moment!

They know that I've just come from a date with Christine. Are they jealous? Maybe this is their way of saying, "Hey, don't forget about us!"

In fact, that was a spot-on analysis. It was a very subtle thing though, since they always gave their all anyway when it came to pleasuring his cock. There wasn't much they could do this time that they didn't already do on a daily basis. It was mostly that they were being more aggressive and possessive than usual.

After a while, Katherine sat up higher on her high heels and began sliding her brother's prick through her cleavage. She made sure to flick her tongue at his cockhead each time it got within range of her mouth. She looked up at him, winked, and said, "I think you'd better check my pussy to see if there are any terrorists in there. Do you have, I dunno, some kind of tool or appendage that could probe all the way to my deepest depths, just to be sure?"

He simply groaned at all this wonderful stimulation. Katherine's tits especially felt delightfully soft and slippery, but the way Amy was repeatedly trying to get her entire tongue inside his asshole was not to be ignored, either.


Just then, Susan walked into view. She was dressed in a sexy one-piece blue outfit (also newly purchased). It covered her tummy and pussy (although just barely), but was made to leave her breasts completely exposed. It was woven like a net, leaving plenty of small holes that made it effectively semi-transparent. "Would you look at that? Girls, it warms my heart, seeing you take such loving care of his big fat cock. But that's enough for now. It's mommy time." Since this was a Tuesday, she wanted some "Tiger time" of her own.

However, the two sisters didn't stop immediately. They were having too good of a time. Four hands, two mouths, and Katherine's two tits were very busy all over his privates, while his hands sometimes reached down and played with as many of their four nipples as he could manage.

Alan's eyes bugged out at the sight of his mother. He wasn't so much blown away by how alluring she looked (though that was part of it), but rather, the combination of seeing her dressed like that while both of his sisters were giving him so much pleasure nearly pushed him over the edge. He could feel a climax coming on, even as he strained with all his might to prevent it.

Oh, shit, man! Mom too?! How am I supposed to handle her too?! It's all too much. I'm gonna cum now, for sure! Just look at those tits! Bigger than Christine's! And I can fuck her anytime I want!


Adding to his arousal was the way Susan was posing outrageously. She held her hands up to her head and spread her legs so a bit of her pussy could come into view. She was trying to act nonchalant but was failing miserably, because her cock lust was too strong.

Alan closed his eyes to concentrate on enduring this latest sexy attack.

Susan let the two girls grope and suck him for another minute or so. But then she said as she subtly set her breasts jiggling, "Come on, you two! I hate to be a nag, but I mean it. I love what you two are doing to him, but there has to be order so everyone gets a chance. Tiger and I are very busy on this TUESDAY evening." She made a point in emphasizing "Tuesday," as if saying that her generosity in sharing Alan on her special day had reached its limit.

Still, there was no response beyond the usual loud slurpy sounds of a passionate double cocksucking in action.

Susan knew that Amy was a softie with a heart of gold, so she singled her out. "Amy, do you want to leave him too drained to enjoy the main event?"

That last point got Amy to reluctantly disengage.

Katherine, however, was redoubling her efforts to guzzle a big load down her throat. She was in seventh heaven, especially now that she had his cock all to herself. She reverted from a titfuck back to a blowjob, figuring that would be harder for him to stop. She slid her lips over his sweet spot with great suction, as usual, but she also bobbed down as far as she could manage, until she choked a little bit. It was like she was saying "This is all mine!"

Amy nudged her. "Come on, Sis."

But Katherine couldn't stop. She was so into it that she was simply incapable of stopping until she got that load and a great climax of her own in the process.

Alan rather forcibly pushed her head away, but she resisted.

Katherine thought, What's wrong with me? Where's my self-control? I feel just like Mom; I absolutely live for this cock!

Alan was beside himself with frustration. He didn't want to cum so quickly after arriving home, not after Susan had gotten all dressed up for him and he hadn't even touched her yet. But things were just too exciting. It was like the three women in the room existed just to get him to cum, and they were succeeding far too well at that. Not to mention, he was still all worked up from his date with Christine. In mere seconds he was bound to lose all control and shoot a load down Katherine's throat, and that would upset his mother.

But then he had a brainstorm. He shouted, "Kat! Heel!"

It took a precious few seconds for that to register with Katherine, but it did. She immediately obeyed. She popped his pulsing pole out of her mouth and struck a submissive pose at his feet. As much as she was loving the cocksucking, obeying that order also held tremendous appeal for her.

Unfortunately for Alan's overtaxed dick, her very obedience only further turned him on. God DAMN! She's acting just like a real pet! My sister is my fuck pet! Dammit! Too sexy! He could feel an orgasm washing over him for sure. Yet, somehow, although he felt a great surge of pleasure, no cum came shooting out of the tip of his dick. He realized with some relief that, inadvertently, he'd had another non-ejaculatory orgasm. He mused that once a person did it a few times, apparently it became easier to do and could even happen by accident.

Susan was still preening and posing in tantalizing ways that threatened to push Alan over the edge. He panted heavily, "Mom! ... Too sexy! ... Need you to... cover up!"

"Okay!" Susan walked the short distance to the underwear cabinet near the front door, not even leaving his sight. While the others recovered and watched, she took off her top, then stood around buck naked, posing shamelessly while deciding what to wear instead. Finally, she settled on a see-through nightie, and put it on. Technically, she was more covered up now, but in reality she was possibly even more arousing.

Alan had to laugh aloud as she walked back into the living room. Even Susan grinned and giggled a bit, knowing she was being naughty.

Katherine was impressed at her brother's staying power. "Mom, did you see that? I could feel his cock throbbing and rumbling, bursting with cum. I thought for sure he was going to coat me with his hot seed, but look! He's still good to go. Is that amazing control, or what? How can we not all worship this sister-splitting pussy pleaser?"


Susan silently nodded in agreement at that sentiment as she sat down on a nearby sofa. It was all she could do not to fall to her knees and scream, "Son! Fuck your mommy now!" But outwardly, she maintained her cool.

She did note, "Angel, there's no way we can fail to worship his cock and love it all up with our lips and tongues and pussies and tits and asses; you got that right! And that just shows what a special young man he is. If he can pull back after getting that close, that means we're just going to have to redouble all our efforts and spend much more time and energy every day trying to squeeze the tasty cum out of that wondrous mommy-splitter."

Katherine corrected her, "Sister-splitter."

Susan smiled and corrected back, "Mommy-splitter."

Amy spoke up to prevent an argument, even though she knew they were being playful for the most part. Although her police cap had fallen off a few minutes earlier, she still maintained her policewoman persona (plus, she was still wearing her knee-high boots). She said to Alan, "Mister, I have bad news for you. It looks like you're still guilty of possessing a fully loaded cock. We're going to have to imprison you in the living room."

Alan, still panting, regained his breath enough to ask, "Oh yeah? How long?"

"Hmmm. We may have to sentence you to a least an hour of watching some hot mother on daughter lesbian sex. I'm sorry big boy, but that's the law."

He grinned yet again as he said, "Is there any way I can get off?"

Amy's idea worked for Susan, because Susan realized Amy was referring to the previously planned Amy-Suzanne love-fest. That would leave Susan's hands and mouth free. Susan walked closer to him and spoke before Amy could. "You bet. I'm further sentencing you to continuous handjobs and blowjobs as you watch, courtesy of your big-titted mommy." She was very clear in insisting on handling that job. "I'll make damn well sure that you get off, several times in fact." She winked, delighted at the double meaning.

She held onto his erection and began stroking. Then, since she was standing, she licked her way up his neck and all over his ear. She leaned into that ear and whispered in a very husky and sexy tone, "That's what big-titted mommies do. They suck and fuck their naughty sons. Mommy's pussy belongs to you and you alone!"

He thought, Dang! With a family like this, not even Christine seems appealing right now. And Suzanne is still hiding around here somewhere! As tempting as Christine is, I've definitely made the right decision. I have to spend every moment I can with my family four. They're the absolute best.

He said to all three, "All I can say is, that's some welcome home greeting. If I can look forward to big welcomes like that, I need to eat out more often."

All three women immediately replied with some concern, "No!"

Then the four of them burst into laughter at the females' identical responses.


Alan passed from the front entrance into the living room.

Susan headed back to the kitchen before him, and Amy and Katherine followed in his wake.

He looked across the room and saw Suzanne stretched out in a casual yet seductive pose. She wore an open robe and held a glass of wine in her hand. She looked like a classic seductress in every way.

He admired her for a few moments. He sniffed the air, realizing that the whole room had an uncommonly strong pussy smell. Then he said, "Hey, Mother. How are they hanging?"


Suzanne gave a wry grin and she traced a finger along the rim of her glass. "I'd ask you the same, but I can see the answer well enough from here. In your case it's hanging very nicely."

Because he hadn't ejaculated yet, his dick was still very aroused and erect. His stiffness lightly bobbed in front of him.

He chuckled, then queried Suzanne, "Mother, how come you didn't join us in the front?"

"I thought that if you got any more sexed up, it would probably kill you, and I don't want you to miss the big show. Plus, it was fun listening from a distance and guessing what was happening." She parted her legs as she said this.

With her legs deliberately spread, he was able to notice just how much the sexy redhead had enjoyed listening by the obvious glistening wetness of her crotch.

Her eyes darted to the center of the room after she finished talking, which caused Alan to look where she was looking.

He noticed an extremely big mattress in the middle of the living room. It was bigger than a mattress made for a king-sized bed. He didn't even know they made mattresses that big. Clearly, the room was fully prepared for the Amy and Suzanne lovemaking event to begin.

She noted, "Clearly, you can see we came prepared."

As Alan and Suzanne continued to talk for some moments about the mattress and where it came from, Amy and Katherine stood on either side of him and began to gently fondle and stroke his body, focusing mostly on his arms, buttocks, and chest. They deliberately ignored his dick because they figured it needed some rest.

That made him feel even more like a lord than before. But he tried to act casual about it, and said to Suzanne calmly, "Looks like you're ready to begin."

"Yeah," she replied, adjusting herself on the sofa and striking a new sexy pose in the process. "We've been waiting for days, so I'm eager to get started at any time. That is, if your cock is up for it. By the way, we're all dying to find out how things went with Christine. Did you introduce her to Alan Junior? Is he tired out after hours of fun?"

"Nope," he replied. "It was a purely platonic dinner. We just talked."

Everyone, even Suzanne, seemed very surprised by that.

Alan found himself confronted by four silent open-mouthed stares of disbelief.

Amy seemed particularly surprised. She reached around and grabbed his erection as if to check that it was still working, and that naturally and instantly turned into a handjob. Her other hand and Katherine's two hands continued to fondle him all over as if he was some kind of pampered sultan.

She asked, "What? Brother? No fucking? I told her it's okay with me if you give her a good plowing sometimes. It seems like she really needs it." That clearly wasn't an easy thing for Amy to say, since Christine was the potentially most serious challenger to her Official Girlfriend title. But she was trying hard to avoid being jealous.

"I know. And thanks for your generosity. But it didn't seem wise."

"Huh? Did she at least give you a blowjob under the table during dinner?"

"Nope. Like I told you, we just talked. I didn't even kiss her."

Katherine said with surprising certainty, "I believe him."

"Damn," Amy continued, as she fondled his shaft lovingly.

Alan was surprised to realize that Amy actually appeared disappointed that nothing had happened between him and Christine. "I thought you're not too psyched about me getting it on with her?"

"Yeah, but I know you do really love her. And if you did bang her, it would be a super nice coup. Everyone would know that my boyfriend's the best lover in the whole school! Just so long as you, you know..."

Alan could guess her concerns, and made it easy so she didn't have to spell it out. "Don't worry, Aims, no matter what happens, I won't let her or anyone else take away your official-girlfriend spot."

"Cool! You mean it?" Seeing him nod, she broke into a huge smile. "Super ultraamazingwonderificallyfantasmotasticallymegadoubleduple cool!" She would have kissed him on the lips, but since she'd just dropped to her knees to better work on the handjob, she kissed his cockhead instead. Within seconds, that kiss turned into a full-on blowjob, as she swallowed more than half of his shaft with each long pass down.

Nobody blinked an eye at her sucking. This was the new normal in the Plummer household.

Susan though, was disappointed about the news regarding Christine. She asked from where she stood out of sight in the kitchen, "So you sat and ate dinner for a whole hour without even a furtive handjob?"

"Yep." Alan had sudden visions of Christine kneeling under the table while he was talking, and that only got him more aroused than before. He grasped Amy's head with both hands and started bucking his hips a little.

"Not even a quick titfuck in the bathroom or something?" Susan pressed. "I know how much you're a tit man and how long you've been admiring her rack."

"No, already," he answered with growing irritation. He spoke normally, as if he didn't even notice the way that Amy was loving his cock with her mouth. "All I did was kiss her when I told her good-night."

Susan responded, "By 'kiss her,' I assume you at least mean half an hour or more of heavy necking and petting, with lots of titty play? Please tell me you at least did that!"

He rolled his eyes. "No, Mom. All I did was kiss her cheek, once. Honestly. Like I said, she's just a friend."

Annoyed, Susan walked from the kitchen so she could look at him. "Tiger! Please. Don't break my heart. You French kissed her and fondled her lovely tits last time, so why on Earth didn't you at least do that?!"

"We had a serious talk and confirmed that things were better if we stayed just friends."

Susan groaned unhappily. "Son, that's just wrong! A pair of F-cup tits like that on a girl that beautiful absolutely need a big Alan cock plowing through them. The Big Tits Theory means that it's predestined that she'll be one of your big-titted fuck toys. I don't care if it was a Tuesday; those kinds of tits need to be taken care of with a good spermy paint job!"

Amy had been happily bobbing on Alan's shaft, but she pulled back, switching to just licking so she could speak. "Yeah, that's weird. I know she's totally got the hots for you, Brother, and she's totally Alan-worthy, so what's the problem?" She nibbled on his cockhead while she said, "As long as she doesn't want to be your official girlfriend, everything's cool with me. I don't know her very well, but she seems pretty neat as a person too, though she can be a bit scary sometimes. I kind of figure she's gonna become one of your playthings before long."

Having said her piece, Amy engulfed his thick cockhead and resumed her contented bobbing.

Suzanne shucked her robe and spoke up. "That all may be. But let's talk about that later. I'm getting pretty antsy over here. Susan, can you come in?"

Susan came in from the kitchen, bringing some raisin and oatmeal cookies that she'd just baked.

Amidst all this activity, no one paid much attention to Katherine. Had anyone looked at her closely, they might have been surprised to see that ever since the topic of Christine had come up, she was looking glum and disengaged. She had even pulled away from Alan's side somewhat.


Suzanne stood up and prepared to make another one of her little speeches. "Everyone, please. Let's get this show on the road. Everyone paying attention? Amy, stop sucking your brother's cock for a minute so you can hear me and he can have a strategic break." She dropped her head and waited patiently for Amy to comply.

Amy did stop sucking, by and by, but she switched to a handjob instead. But because of how she began pressing hard against his sweet spot, the handjob was actually more orgasm inducing. Not only that, but she was lightly blowing air on his cockhead too.

Suzanne saw all that, and complained, "Honey Pie, you think he's gonna get a rest like that? At least slow down a little, please... No? Play with his balls instead then for a little while, can you do that?"

As Amy more or less complied and even pulled back to face her mother instead of Alan's crotch, Suzanne concluded, "Okay, that's better. Now, where was I?"

Susan sat down on one of the sofas arranged around the central bed, while Amy and Katherine were on each side of Alan. They all paid close attention to Suzanne as she launched into the heart of her speech.

"Okay. We've all grown quite close to each other physically, these past two months. We've become a loving family bonded much closer than most families through frequent, mind-blowing sex. I think we can all agree the result has been like we're living a wonderful dream that never ends."

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Suzanne continued, "However, Amy and I have always held back from doing more than kissing and groping each other, due to the fact that she's my real biological daughter. But clearly, it's time for that final barrier to be crossed. I don't think anyone minds true incest in this family when there's no possibility of a genetic disaster."

She looked around. There were no objections at all. In fact, it was well known that Susan fantasized about her two children being her real offspring so much that it had almost become fact in her mind.

Suzanne nodded with approval. "Good. Then there should be no barriers between any of us. Do you agree, Amy?"

Amy replied while lightly stroking Alan's erection with one hand and her clit with her other hand. "Uh, yeah. Sure. As a matter of fact, I love you so much I would have been totally into being with you years ago if you'd only asked. But I didn't want you to think I was some kind of weirdo."

"Hmmm. Well, live and learn, my darling Honey Pie, although to be honest I wouldn't have been open to the idea back then. I was denying my feelings, just like Susan did. Let's make up for lost time. Can you come here?"

"M'kay. Just a sec, though. Let me give Alan a big huggy-wuggy first." Amy hugged Alan with one arm over his back, while he put two arms around her. She made sure to keep a hand on his erection the whole time.


She hugged and French kissed him for some long moments, but then slowly slipped down his chest. She giggled. "Oops! Alan Junior needs a special huggy-wuggy too!" She wound up with her mouth around his thick shaft again. For good measure, she began titfucking it while continuing to suck on the tip.

Alan squirmed in his seat and fought off the urge to climax. He didn't want to lose a load right before the main event. He squeezed his PC muscle tight and felt the urge to release his cum slowly pass.

Suzanne raised a chagrined eyebrow. "Okay, daughter. I think that's enough quote hugging unquote." She chuckled, "You're definitely pushing the definition of a hug."

"M'kay." Amy finally pulled her mouth away while the others laughed at Suzanne's comment. Amy muttered into Alan's ear as she stood up, "I love you so much, Brother!"

She leapt across the room and quickly wound up standing next to Suzanne. Then, just as soon as it seemed she'd finally stand still, she turned and hugged and French kissed her natural mother too.

Standing buck naked next to her daughter, Suzanne said to everyone, "Now, in the recent past, this last Friday in fact, we all had a special ceremony and agreement binding all of us to Alan. I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone, but I'll say it anyway: the four of us pledged to belong to him and no other man, and to serve him sexually to the best of our abilities for the rest of our lives. Although he's only a teenager, he's the head of the family and the master of the harem. We four are all his nymphos and harem girls now, and we're proud of it, aren't we? Is there anyone who regrets that pact we made?"

Suzanne waited for a while, but no one made any sound. In fact, the only sound in the deathly quiet room was a sticky slurpy sound coming from the vicinity of Alan. Everyone turned his way to look, and they discovered that Katherine had taken over from Amy and was surreptitiously suckling on her brother's erection.

Suzanne raised a disapproving eyebrow and put her hands on her hips. When that didn't get a reaction, she coughed impatiently.

Katherine reluctantly pulled her mouth back and mumbled, "Sorry."

Susan meanwhile had fallen to her knees and was trying to angle for a spot next to Katherine so she could share in the cocksucking.

But Suzanne said to her, "Hold on, Susan. You too, Angel. I know we're all excited, and Susan, I'm well aware that it's your turn for some cock-tending. However, his poor pecker does need a break every now and then, and now's a good time for it. Can we do something other than suck on his cock for a few minutes?"

"Oh, poo," Susan pouted. "It's just that it's so tempting, bobbing in the air like that all covered with my daughters' saliva. My tits are telling me to suck. How can I resist him?"

Suzanne said, as if speaking to a child, "Just tell your tits to wait a little while. I'm trying to have a serious moment here. Now, let's see. Ah, yes. The Pact. I like that pact very much. It's helped me come to terms with my new relationship with my favorite sexy son." She winked at Alan from across the room, giving him a warm smile. "I'd like to make a similar pledge to Amy, to officially wipe out any last lingering distaste over committing real incest. Amy, will you take me not to be just as your biological mother, but as your sex partner and lover in every way, now and forevermore?"

"I will," Amy said, in a surprisingly solemn voice. She understood the importance of ceremony. She'd carefully remembered every word, and said back, "Mother, Suzanne, will you take me not to be just as your biological daughter, but as your sex partner and lover in every way, now and forevermore?"

"I will," Suzanne said. She gripped her daughter's hand tightly. Though the words were simple and straightforward, they carried a lot of meaning for Suzanne in particular. She appeared to be on the verge of tears.

Amy spontaneously added, "Mother, I love you so much. But this pledge doesn't lessen our love or commitment to Alan, right? Or our love for Susan and Katherine? 'Cos we're all family now, and all our bonds need to be strong."

Tears began to fall from Suzanne's eyes. "Right. I agree completely. We're all such a great, loving family. I love you so much, my sweet Honey Pie. How could a mother be any happier and prouder with her daughter? You're such a kind girl. Love just pours out of you all the time. Total, unconditional love. You're too good for me." Her tears flowed faster. "Oh, gosh! I'm just getting all weepy here. Sorry."

She tried to wipe her eyes. She didn't like to cry, as she felt it a sign of weakness, and she quickly recovered. "Sorry about the waterworks there. Before I lose it altogether, Amy, let's seal our love with another kiss."

They French kissed again, while Susan, Katherine, and Alan all clapped and cheered.

When the heartfelt kiss finally came to an end, Amy began feeling up her mother's body. "That was so nice, Mother. I love you just so absolutely much! But rather than getting all talky, let's seal our love another way." She slowly pushed Suzanne back to the big bed.

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