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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 104
Little Sister
Day 72: Tuesday, November 26

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Suzanne lay back on the bed, waiting.

Amy lingered over her. She slowly brought her face and body down. As usual, there was a big smile on her face. As her face got within a few inches of Suzanne's, she said, "I love you, mother."

Suzanne finally lost control and burst into tears. She cursed, "Stop saying that, already! You're turning me into a blubbering idiot!"

Amy frowned. "Are you unhappy?"

"No way! These are tears of joy. I WAS unhappy, for so many years. All those affairs I had, they were so unsatisfying. The main thing that kept me going was the people I loved, especially everyone in this room right now. Oh, Amy! My sweet Honey Pie! Kiss me!"

They'd kissed each other many times in recent weeks, but this kiss on the lips felt like their very first. They started slow and tentatively, barely touching lips. Suzanne even kept her mouth too closed for Amy's tongue to enter it. But then, suddenly, she opened wide and their tongues plunged into each other. Something electric happened. Both of them felt shivers and sparks. It was as if the kiss was the only thing in the world.

The others again clapped and cheered. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Susan limited herself to simply holding Alan's erection for the moment, because she didn't want to miss seeing anything.

Katherine sat further down the sofa, alone. She felt a bit like the odd one out, but at least for the moment she was too caught up in watching to let that bother her much.

Suzanne and Amy kept kissing and fondling each other. The clapping had been a brief distraction, but in a minute or two, they got so into each other that they completely forgot the others were watching.

All at once, Suzanne pulled away. "Honey Pie, I love kissing you so much, but let's do something new. I've been holding back on going down on you, thinking that would cross some line that shouldn't be crossed. But let's do it now!"

"M'kay! Mother, I really wanna taste you too! Let's do each other." Now it was Amy's turn to fall to the bed and wait for Suzanne.


Suzanne towered over her daughter. She paused, thinking, This is my last chance to back off. Last chance. All reasonable and moral mothers would stop right here...

Amy looked up and simply said, "I'm soooo totally lucky I have you for a mom. You're the bestest."

Those heartfelt words only Amy could say broke Suzanne's last resistance. She eagerly dropped to the bed. The two of them quickly got into a sixty nine position and began licking away.

Suzanne, for some reason, was very emotionally affected by all of this. She kept thinking, My God! I'm really licking my daughter's pussy! My biological daughter! My tongue is on her smooth slit. How wild is that? It makes me feel so good that I feel like crying all over again. I thought I'd lose Amy when she turned eighteen and graduated, but instead it seems we're going to be lovers forever.

I never expected it would come to this when I started Alan's medical treatment scheme. Never! I just love her so much; I STILL can't believe this is happening!

Amy, meanwhile, was less blown away because such a thing seemed perfectly natural to her. Now that she could physically express her love for her mother, she wanted to make Suzanne feel as good and as happy as she was feeling. She licked and groped like her life depended on it.

With Amy and Suzanne fully absorbed with each other, Susan began stroking Alan's hard-on. She positioned herself on her knees to the side of him between his knees so she could alternate between licking it and watching mother and daughter get it on.

Suzanne tried to give as well as she received, but she was too emotionally overcome to go after Amy's pussy the way Amy was going after hers. Amy had a finger on Suzanne's clit and kept pushing down or twisting it in unexpected ways. But mostly, she kept plunging her tongue in and out of Suzanne's pussy.

Mentally distracted, Suzanne decided to simply do to Amy exactly what Amy was doing to her. That was easy and didn't require much thought. It also allowed her long tongue to be put to good use. She eagerly plunged her tongue in and out of Amy's pussy as if it was a penis. Suzanne really got off on that idea, imagining that her tongue might be able to give Amy some of the pleasure they got when being fucked by Alan.

But Suzanne was feeling even more pleasure than Amy. Amy knew that, far more than for most women, her mother's sexual "weakness" was her pussy. She'd heard and seen Katherine and Susan entwined with Suzanne, but she'd thought they were going about it all wrong. They treated Suzanne like any other woman, shifting attention from one spot on her body to another.

But Amy just went after Suzanne's clit and pussy relentlessly. Occasionally one free hand would wander over Suzanne's hips and stomach, sometimes reaching up to her mountainous boobs, but that was the only diversion from her single minded purpose.

Before long, Suzanne thought, This is no good! Or I should say, it's far too good! Amy's driving me straight to heaven, but what am I doing for her? I so badly want to give her the best climax ever, but my hands, my body, everything feels like jelly. I'm totally helpless in the face of her pussy onslaught. I have to do better. What'll drive HER crazy? ... I know, her ass.

Suzanne immediately changed tactics. While she kept her long tongue snaking inside Amy's pussy lips, she reached around to Amy's backside with both hands and poked an index finger deep into Amy's asshole.

Amy's eyes opened wide and her mouth made a perfect oval as she shrieked, "Oooooh!"

Amy was on top, so the small audience could see her expression. It was such a comical and exaggerated look that everyone else burst into laughter.

But soon Amy's expression returned to a usual one of happy lust. She said, "Mother, you little devil, you! That feels so good. Don't stop!"

Suzanne stopped with her tongue fucking long enough to reply, "Don't worry! I'm gonna get you off if it kills me!" She was treating their lovemaking as a bit of a game at the moment, as something she was trying to win. But she felt that was okay. First, they were going to battle each other to deliver the best orgasms they could. Then, they could relax and be more loving.


That's exactly what happened. Amy wound up lying underneath Suzanne with her head at her mother's bare crotch, with both of them facing up. She continued to plow her tongue into Suzanne's pussy, alternating with fingers occasionally when her tongue needed a rest.

Since Suzanne was face up with Amy's body under hers, she couldn't do much except enjoy what Amy was doing to her. But then she flipped herself over and replied with her own attack on Amy's pussy and asshole.

There was nothing subtle about what they were doing to each other, but it worked. Their fingers and tongues plunged in and out of holes so fast that their movements practically became a blur. It was the female equivalent of the hardest, deepest, and fastest fuck Alan could deliver.

The two of them exploded into orgasm. As the juices flowed out of their respective pussies, they kept at it, licking up all the tasty cum as quickly as it came out.

Finally, they had to crash with emotional and physical exhaustion.

As Suzanne lay underneath Amy, still catching her breath, she muttered, "Damn, that was intense. But I must be getting too old. I very nearly gave up early on. Honey Pie, you just completely overwhelmed me!"

"I did? Goody! But geez, you did pretty great, too. Can you do my ass with your tongue next? Could you? I've been looking forward to that so much."

"Certainly, my love." Suzanne rolled out from under Amy, mostly because she couldn't take all that weight on top of her for so long. "I've never been with another woman quite like that before. That was so fast, but still so good. But now I can't wait to take-"


Suzanne stopped in mid-sentence, because as she freed herself from Amy her eyes happened to wander over to where Alan and Susan were sitting. She'd completely forgotten they were there, so it was a bit of a shock to be reminded they were. But more arresting was the fact that Susan was on her knees in front of Alan but to the side, jacking him off vigorously with both hands. She was facing away from Alan so she could watch the lesbian coupling on the big bed, but that didn't mean she was slacking in her handjob in the slightest.

Alan had his head back and his eyes closed as he strained with every muscle to prevent himself from cumming. His whole body twitched and his feet occasionally rose off the floor as he pushed his remarkable cum-control to the absolute limit.


As the signs of an impending orgasm grew, Susan rearranged herself and began licking the hole where the cum was about to burst out of. She could hardly wait to drink it all up.

Suzanne found the sight absolutely mesmerizing. Between seeing Susan's big, naked tits swinging with every double-fisted stroke, and seeing Alan's purple and angry cock twitch and throb, she was filled with the urge to leap off the bed and catch Alan's cum directly in her mouth as soon as the first rope came out.

But then she thought, No. Today is about Amy and me. Sweetie is just a spectator, for once. I have all I want right here with my sweet Honey Pie. She turned her back on Alan and Susan, and lay on her side facing Amy. She lazily stroked her daughter's hair and smiled with great love at her somewhat sleepy and dazed looking daughter.

Then she heard Katherine say, "Damn, Big Driveshaft Brother, doesn't that thing ever give up its cum?"

Alan replied with a surprisingly calm but proud voice, "Nope, Big Sweater Meat Sis. Though maybe if you lent a hand... or mouth..."

Susan responded to that with a possessive and feral, "Grrr." It was meant as a joke, especially because she used a very low and funny voice, but at the same time it wasn't.

Katherine kept her distance a good ways down the sofa.

Curiosity got the best of Suzanne again, and she looked back over her shoulder to Alan and Susan. Sure enough, Alan had somehow staved off a climax and was having one of his renowned strategic breaks.

That feat was made all the more remarkable because Susan hadn't given up her ministrations completely. The tips of the fingers on one of her hands lazily touched and tickled his boner, much as if she was imitating the light and breezy touch of a feather.

But apparently this hardly fazed Alan, because his face was serene when it had been extremely strained a minute or two before.

Suzanne turned back to Amy, thinking, Jesus Christ. What luck in picking him. I knew I loved him and wanted him, but I had no idea what I was getting into. None at all.

Her focus returned to Amy, who still seemed a bit wiped out from their earlier sixty-nine. And here's another one I had no idea about. I underestimated her nearly as much as everyone else, but she's making me so proud lately. She's really becoming a woman. In retrospect, I wanted to make love to her for years, but I never allowed myself to think that consciously because it seemed wrong, like molesting a minor. In fact, it WAS molesting a minor, but mentally she seemed so much younger than her age that it seemed doubly wrong. But now she's eighteen and in some ways the most mature out of all of us... Damn. I'm getting all misty eyed again! What the hell is wrong with me tonight?

Alan broke Suzanne's reverie with an idle comment directed at Susan. "Mom, what is it about girl on girl sex that's so fun to watch? I love it. God DAMN, that's an arousing show!"

But Susan was busy sucking him off now and was too intent on the cock-meat in her mouth to answer. Though she'd cut his strategic break short, she wanted to get some licking in while Amy and Suzanne were taking a rest so she wouldn't miss anything important over there.

So Alan asked Katherine, "What do you think, Sis? Would you rather watch two men having sex, or two women, or a man and a woman?"

Katherine thought, and replied, "I dunno. All of them sound pretty good to me, though I'm sure the first would gross you out. But I think two women, actually. No offense, but women just look so good."

"None taken. I completely agree... Hold on here, Mom is getting a bit carried away... Jesus! Slow down, Mommy!"


"Mmmmokaaaay," Susan mumbled as her son's boner tickled her tonsils, but she didn't slow down much at all. She was excited he'd remembered to call her "mommy."

Suzanne was under the impression Susan had slowed, though. So she sat up in bed a bit, and said, "Hey, everybody. Since we're all catching our breath here, I have an important announcement to make. I've made the decision that I want to divorce Eric sooner rather than later. It just offends me to have to show my face at the Pestridge house and even go through the pretense of being married. It's in violation of the spirit of The Pact I've just signed, because my heart, body, and soul belongs to Alan and only Alan."

"Thanks, Mother," Alan said to that, with Susan's whole body sliding back and forth between his legs. "I love you."

"Love you too, Sweetie." She winked. "Now, I've been researching California divorce law, and even with a no fault, non-contested divorce, there's a six month waiting period after all the paperwork is done before the divorce can become final. So, if we start things now, it'll probably take until the end of the school year before I'm free and clear. I'm thinking I should start things now, but continue to live with the rest of the Pestridges until the school year ends. That way, my two children still have an unbroken home until they're ready to go on to college. What do you all think?"

Alan said in a rather strangled voice, since Susan was trying to bring him off with her tongue and lips, "Aunt Suzy? You'd, uh! You'd do that, ah! For me?"

"Of course, Sweetie!" Suzanne said brightly. But then she frowned and focused on Susan. "Mom number one, could you please stop cocksucking for one minute? This is serious."

"Schlorry." Susan let go of his erection altogether and forced herself to turn and focus on Suzanne. A long string of saliva stretched from his cockhead to her lips until it finally fell away.

Suzanne continued, "I really wish someone could get him to cum already, so people can concentrate around here. Sheesh! Anyway, I was wondering what everyone thinks. Especially you, Amy, since this will affect you so much. I've started hinting to Eric about where this might lead, but I don't want to drop any bombshells yet unless you approve. How do you think Brad will take it?"

Amy nuzzled herself into Suzanne, and thought about it while playing with the breasts she'd been too long denied. "I don't know. I'm all thumbs up on it, but it could be tough on him. Do you think things can stay pretty normal at home until school's over?"

"Definitely. I've been living in a completely loveless marriage for years now, so we can keep the charade going for six more months no problem. Hardly anything will change."

"M'kay. I'm definitely in then. Wow. That's big. But it's weird. I'm kinda sad, but more happy, too. I love Brad a lot and I'll always consider him my brother, but you all here are my natural family." She kissed Suzanne on the cheek and nuzzled in closer, stretching her arms around her in a comforting embrace.

Feeling calmer after narrowly avoiding another climax, Alan then said, "I'm honored, Mother, that you'd do that for all of us. But will we have to change our lifestyles? Maybe he'll start snooping around or even hire a private investigator? That could be a disaster."

"I really doubt it. I think he'll welcome finally being free. I think he's been longing to be free of me and will want a clean and quick divorce. We don't hate each other, we just don't have much feelings for each other anymore, which I guess in a way is worse. He's only been hanging on because of the kids and a sense of obligation that he's not supposed to get divorced. But just to be on the safe side we might want to move to a new home quickly. Someplace very private. Right now, either of them could just wander through the backyard gate between our houses and discover who knows what."

"True," Alan conceded, as he mulled this over.

Katherine piped in by asking Susan, "What about you, Mom? What's going on with you and Ron?"

Susan smiled knowingly, but merely said, "Some things are still in process. Let's save that for another time. We don't want to spoil Amy and Suzanne's big moment with too much of this divorce talk."

"I agree completely," Suzanne said. "I just brought up my situation because I really want tonight to be a turning point. The completion of the circle binding all of us together. And parting from Eric is a big part of everything, I think. The forging of a new family, if you will."

"The forging of a new harem, too," Katherine said saucily to Alan. Although she felt a bit excluded at the moment, she nonetheless couldn't help but feel turned on, and had been frigging herself while she watched. The fact that even Suzanne was fully committing to the harem really turned her on. She pressed, "What do you think, Big Tennis Racquet Handle Brother? How does it feel to be the head of this new family and harem? How do you like your four naked, nympho, busty, sexy Alan-sluts?"

Alan could have seriously answered the question, but he merely replied, "It feels good. In fact, I'm ready for act two. Aunt Suzy, Amy, I wish I could dive in with you two, but tonight isn't about me."


"No, it's not," Suzanne agreed emphatically. She turned to Amy, and the two of them shared another smoldering kiss. Then they began grinding their impressive racks against each other.

Alan moaned, "Oh God. So fuckin' hot!"

Susan took advantage of his tit-focus, and began titfucking him while he watched Amy and Suzanne continue to kiss and rub up against each other.

That just caused him to moan louder. He glanced over at Katherine, and noticed she was rubbing herself all over her chest, too. That made him feel good, that she was getting her pleasure as well. Given all his close calls with climaxes so far this evening, he didn't expect to last much longer. But he still wanted to hold out so he could fully enjoy Suzanne and Amy.

Susan looked right up into Alan's eyes while she slid her chest back and forth over Alan's mostly immobile boner. She whispered so just he could hear, "What do you think, Tiger? You know why Suzanne is getting a divorce, don't you? You tamed her with your massive cock! If you can tame the high and mighty Suzanne, you can tame anybody. Look at her make love to your girlfriend. Mother and daughter are completely under your control!"

Her voice dropped to a near whisper. "And your girlfriend is your sister too. Are we a naughty family, or what? Feel it! Feel the joy. The love. Feel my love, son. I want you. Need you. Love you. We all love you. Look at the love. Mother and daughter. All of us. Love. Love us. Together. Forever."

Susan's words had turned into more of a chant. The exact words she said didn't matter much, as it became more of a nearly inaudible stream of consciousness. It seemed like her words and rhythmic titfucking were putting Alan into a sort of trance while he watched Suzanne and Amy, completely transfixed by their lesbian lust.

But those words were having an effect. He was surprised that all the talk of love was as much of a turn-on as the usual sexy talk. Maybe that was because there was so much obvious love pouring between Amy and Suzanne even as they were burning with passion for each other. Their kisses and explorations of each other's bodies were becoming more intense with every passing minute.

Then, completely unexpectedly, Alan felt himself pass the point of no return. He tried to apply his PC muscle tricks, but his dick needed release so badly that there was nothing he could do. He barked, "Mom, get out of the way," and stood as quickly as he could.

He staggered forward a bit. Grabbing his erection and using it like a fire hose, he sprayed his cum all over Amy and Suzanne. He aimed mostly for their upper chests, since that's where his eyes were glued most of the time.

Suzanne and Amy both noticed immediately and broke their kiss to laugh about it.

Amy joked mirthfully, "Mom, it's raining cum! Where's your umbrella?"

Suzanne laughed and began singing, "Singing in the cum, / just singing in the cum, / what a glorious feelin'..."

As they talked and sang to the old musical song "Singin' in the Rain", they both turned so the cum could hit their fronts more directly. But even before it was over, they turned their attentions back to each other and resumed kissing. Only now, they had cum on them everywhere. They lost no time in rubbing each other with it, using it as a lubricant to slide against each other that much more easily.

Both Katherine and Susan loved the sight, and brought themselves to climaxes just from watching.

Alan was wiped out. He felt like closing his eyes as he recovered from his climax, but the sight of Amy and Suzanne playing in his cum was just too interesting to ignore.

When he saw the two of them began feeding cum gobs to each other the way lovers might sexily deposit strawberries into each other's mouths, he groaned and thought, There's no way! There's just no way I can do anything but make love to these four because this is heaven on Earth! It's exhausting and demanding at times, but I love every single instant! I feel like closing my eyes just to rest for five minutes since I'm flaccid anyway, but I can't do it because I know I'm gonna miss out on something really good!


Alan kept his eyes trained on Suzanne and Amy as the cum he'd sprayed on them was devoured or smeared away. He watched as their lovemaking grew in intensity.

From time to time, he looked around to see how Susan and Katherine were doing. Susan was as horny and happy as ever. She continued to fondle and frig herself while waiting for Alan to give a sign that his penis had recovered enough for more stimulation. In fact, she was trying to will him to give her a sign, as if she had telepathic powers.

Tiger, I'm your cock tender. Isn't Mommy your very favorite cocksucker? She needs to do soooo... veeeery... much... cock tending. Big juicy cock... You KNOW you want it! Let me do it for you. Fill me with your spunk. Your seed. Your sperm. Baby juice. Oh yeah, give it to me! Anywhere and everywhere! Spray me! PLEASE, let me milk your cock like you milk my heavy tits!

Her mental efforts didn't have any effect on Alan, but they were working her into a lather of lust even without his direct involvement.

Meanwhile, Katherine was on a whole other planet. She seemed conflicted. On the one hand, she looked and was highly aroused, especially since Amy and Suzanne seemed to get even more intense with each other after they had Alan's cum to play around in. But on the other hand, she also looked sad.

Alan thought, I can guess why Sis is frowning. She looks at Suzanne and Amy together and wonders why that can't be her in Amy's place. Why do Amy and Suzanne get a big ceremony together and she and Suzanne never did for their first time? Never mind that Sis and Suzanne have had lots of great lovemaking over the last month and that their first time was under markedly different conditions. That's easy to forget. I can relate to her mood.

But to make it worse, she probably looks over here at Mom and me and feels even more left out. Unfortunately, Mom is feeling so possessive on her special day of the week that I can't really do anything about it. I should probably just tell Mom I'm not feeling up for any more help from her, and that'll at least help to not rub it in for Sis so much.

But I really need to do more than that. After this little show is over, I've gotta deal with Sis. Big time. I think it may be time to spring my surprise on her.

Alan guessed the gist of Katherine's thoughts almost exactly. He only underestimated the depth of her jealousy and frustration. In some situations where one man was shared by many women, there can develop great rivalry and animosity between the women as they try to push each other down to bring themselves up. However, that hadn't happened in the Plummer family yet, mostly because there was such great love and friendship between everyone, as well as Alan's skilled diplomacy.

Katherine was the one most affected by these negative feelings so far. But since she couldn't vent her frustration on anyone in the room and feel good about it, she used Christine and others like Heather as safe punching bags. She felt guilty as she reviewed what she'd done about Alan's dinner with Christine earlier in the evening.


Amy and Suzanne were building up towards another lovemaking frenzy. They still took it slow for the most part, but while their bodies didn't fly about acrobatically, their feelings and passions were nonetheless boiling over. They frequently kissed and simply looked each other in the eyes.

Suzanne continually looked to be on the verge of joyful tears.

When they came down from their erotic highs, Suzanne gently pushed Amy's hands away from where they rested on Suzanne's bush. "Sorry, Honey Pie, but I'm feeling really sensitive there right now. You really know how to get me going down there, but I can only take so much. Let's take a short break, okay?"

"M'kay." Amy moved into a cuddle mode. She closed her eyes and nuzzled her nose into Suzanne's neck. She was happy to stay there while Suzanne stroked her hair.

After a while, Amy raised her head and spoke to Alan. "I'm having a great time, but I also feel bad about something. I mean, Kat's been sitting alone the whole time."

Amy turned her head a few inches and looked Suzanne in the eye. "Mother, you and I have been bonding pretty well, but don't you think it's important that we bond with Kat, too? We should mark that she's just as much your daughter as I am. You and Sis and Susan have had tons of fun together, but she, you, and I never have. What do you say?"

Suzanne nodded in agreement. She knew that while her daughter's words made sense, Amy was making the point mainly because she felt bad that Katherine was sitting all alone. She thought, That's so like my sweet Honey Pie. As much as she wants special time alone with me, it's more important to her that Katherine isn't forgotten. I wish I'd thought about that. Once again, my extreme lust prevents me from thinking straight.

Suzanne said out loud, "I think that's an excellent idea. Don't you agree, you guys?" She looked at Alan and Susan as she directed this question at them.

Susan and Alan nodded in agreement. While both felt it wasn't their place to interrupt Suzanne and Amy by asking Katherine to join, they were extremely glad Amy did so.

Katherine tentatively stood up and walked forward. Suzanne and Amy had been bonding in such a loving fashion that she felt a bit awkward joining in.

However, Amy took care of that by aggressively but playfully tackling Katherine and dragging her down to the bed. "Come on, Sister! I gotcha!"

Suzanne sat up and joined in the melee, making sure to tickle Katherine under her arms and on her sides.

Katherine couldn't resist laughing, and as she did, she felt most of her frustrated feelings wash away. She began tickling and grabbing back.

Then Amy grabbed a pillow and began hitting the others with it, and soon pillows and sofa cushions were flying everywhere.


After the wild tickle and pillow fight went on for a while, Suzanne accidentally fell backwards and toppled back to the bed.

Katherine took advantage of that accident and slammed her body down onto Suzanne's momentarily, knocking the wind out of the sexy mother. She turned to Amy and said, "This is our chance! It's time for the younger generation to take over! Let's get her!"

"M'kay! Woo!" Amy slammed down onto Suzanne too.

Suzanne groaned, and then laughed, "No fair! It's a conspiracy! Susan, help!"

The tickling continued, but Katherine also aggressively plowed her fingers into Suzanne's pussy, in imitation of the highly successful technique Amy had used earlier.

But while Suzanne was incapable of getting away with the weight of both Katherine and Amy pinning her down, she didn't give up the fight, either. She thrashed about and tickled and fondled as best she could. However, that seemed to only provoke the two girls into further efforts to subdue the sexy redhead.

Meanwhile, Susan was keeping an eye on Alan while also watching the fun struggle on the bed. Her son's cock had been fully erect for a couple of minutes now, a fact that she could hardly ignore given his long erection was practically waving in her face. She sat up higher on her heels so her face rose up above his stomach, and looked up into his eyes.

She whispered quietly, "Tiger, you weren't too sensitive before, were you? You were just trying to be considerate to your sister. That's so nice. But we don't have to hold back now, do we?"

Alan leaned down a bit and whispered back, "Actually, I was sensitive, but I would have rested in any case, for her. But you're right. Let's have some fun while we watch the show."

"Oh goody!" Susan said in a louder voice, no longer needing to be quiet. "Mommy's here to make you feel good. Good mommies make sure their sons' balls are kept drained at all times."

But to Alan's surprise, rather than getting back in position between his knees, he saw Susan stand up right in front of him.

She looked around as if in confusion, then stared at the orgy in front of her and said, "Ooh, look at this interesting spectacle! I think I'll sit down and watch." She backed up and slowly lowered herself down onto his lap.

He gladly lined up his erection and waited for her pussy to come down right onto it. Her bare ass looked so good that he couldn't wait to feel her up.

But Susan took an exceedingly long time to come down. It was like she was moving in slow motion.

Frustrated, he finally grabbed her and pulled her the rest of the way down. As his thick boner impaled her, he playfully criticized, "Cock tease!"

She laughed mirthfully. "Who? Me? Is that any way to talk to your mommy? ... Okay, guilty as charged!" That caused her to laugh even more, and Alan joined in.

Meanwhile, back on the bed the other three were having a great and jolly time. The mood was completely different than when it had just been Suzanne and Amy, and Suzanne had always seemed to be on the edge of crying due to being so emotionally overwhelmed. Now, Suzanne was laughing so hard that it hurt.

Katherine and Amy were still ganging up on her, and the two of them were tickling her so much that she was practically delirious. Furthermore, the two sexy sisters were also tag teaming on Suzanne's pussy. Neither could use their mouths there, as they both had to keep their bodies over Suzanne's upper body to keep her from slipping away, but each usually kept one hand down on Suzanne's crotch. Often, one was busy with her pussy while the other went at her clit, but sometimes fingers from both girls were in her pussy at the same time.

Suzanne kept cumming, which further weakened her will to resist. She knew that soon the fight would go out of her, but she wasn't one to give up easily. I can't let them win; that'll just encourage them to do it again!

Drawing on her remaining energy reserves, she made a desperate move to rise up and shake the two vixens off of her. She did manage to sit up somewhat, but Amy and Katherine quickly recovered and pushed her back down to the bed.

However, it happened that Suzanne was facing the sofa where Alan and Susan were sitting, and she caught a glimpse of Susan in Alan's lap. She yelled between laughs and gasps for air, "Oh my God! Look what Susan's doing to Alan! How does she do that?"

Katherine and Amy took the bait and turned around to see what was happening on the sofa. They were a bit surprised not to see Susan at her usual submissive position between her son's knees, so they paused to take a closer look.

That gave Suzanne the opportunity she needed. She shook the two girls away, and rolled clear of them.

Katherine and Amy looked back at Suzanne. They could have chased after her as she scooted her way back across the very large bed, but they both independently decided they'd given her enough of a hard time. They also were nearly out of breath themselves.

Instead, Amy merely asked in a playful voice, "Conceding defeat, Mother?"

"Ha! Never! I'm just getting warmed up!" She'd put on a good front, and the other two were impressed with her stamina. But in fact she was sweating profusely from all the activity and she barely had any strength left at all. She yelled over them, "Hey! Susan! What kind of friend are you, abandoning me to these hellions? Us old broads have to stick up for each other!"

Susan was happily rising up and down Alan's pole. She answered, "Um, sorry, but I got a little, uh, stuck." She added with a gleeful squeal, "I've been impaled on a cock-stick!"

Katherine laughed, adding, "Yep, we can see you've been held up. And down... And up, and down, and up, and down..." She burst into giggles. Then she turned to Amy. A new fire was lit between the two sisters. Their lips locked and they pulled each other back down to the bed.

Suzanne breathed a sigh of relief. Good. Let them blow off some of that boundless teenager energy on each other while I recover. Damn, I thought the morning exercises Susan and I do would keep me in shape, not to mention the Kegel exercises I do all the time, but I'm not getting any younger. All this sex is EXHAUSTING!

Suzanne was content to watch the pairs of Amy and Katherine, and Susan and Alan, for five minutes or more. Her tiredness rapidly gave way to renewed arousal. Then she stood up and walked to the stereo. There hadn't been any music playing since she'd started with Amy, and she resolved to fix that. She put on an album by The Jam. Even though the others weren't familiar with it, it brought back good memories from when she was a teenager. The only rock music she liked was some of the stuff she'd known from that era.

As the song "Happy Together" burst through the speakers, she left the room briefly and came back with a shiny, small silver dildo. She thought, We've had so much fun without any toys tonight; it's almost scary to think what might happen with a strap-on or two. But this should suffice for this weary lot.

Suzanne got back on the bed.

Amy and Katherine were so entwined French kissing and rubbing their bodies all over each other, that they hardly even noticed her.

Katherine was on top, so Suzanne began poking the dildo around the entrance to Katherine's pussy. She said with a pout, "You two, I'm gonna get you back for teaming up on me like that. Didn't you ever hear that women are supposed to be tender with each other? You two practically raped me!"

Katherine disengaged her lips from Amy's long enough to say, "Hee-hee. Sorry, but it's just that we were having so much fun! We knew you were a slave to your cunt, but Jesus, we didn't know just how much!" Then she went back to her kissing.


Suzanne grumbled, "Impetuous youth. I'll show you a thing or two!" She climbed up Katherine's legs and gave her new daughter a kiss on the lips. She wanted to target Katherine for revenge, since she was feeling too good towards Amy at the moment, and made sure that she got on top of her.

But Amy threw a wrench in Suzanne's plans by getting behind her and began playing with her anus and pussy.

Suzanne was practically fearful now about how well Amy could stimulate her most sensitive spot. For the moment, she merely luxuriated in the good feelings that flowed through her body in waves.

Still, the revenge wasn't forgotten. After a few minutes, Amy began kissing Katherine, so Suzanne got into a new position. She climbed back down Katherine and began licking Katherine's ass. She used the silver dildo, which had been forgotten in her hand for a few minutes, and plunged it in and out of Katherine's pussy with vigor.

Now it was Katherine's turn to be double-teamed, since she was caught in a Pestridge sandwich between Amy lying over her top half and Suzanne lying over her lower half.

Suzanne cried out, "A-ha! I've got you, you evil feline strumpet! Turnabout is fair play. How does it feel to be the victim?"

Katherine considered her situation, and replied honestly, "Actually, it feels pretty good!" Then a climax hit her and her body visibly shook.

The other two laughed as they saw and heard how "terrible" Suzanne's revenge had been.

Susan, meanwhile, was lowering herself down onto her son's prick, as he now lay on the sofa rather than sitting on it. She twisted and turned on the way up and down for good measure. She muttered more to herself than to him, "Good mommies are squishy, spermy mommies. They squish- UGH! Oh yeeaaaahhh... Mmmm... So yummy, all that fertile spermy goodness..."

Alan absolutely loved what she was doing. It felt even better than the vaginal clenching she'd been doing a few minutes before. He also loved the position of her sitting in his lap, because it allowed him to freely grope her huge breasts while feeling her silky smooth back rise and fall along his chest.

He'd heard her mutterings, and gave her exactly what she wanted to hear. "Mommy, you're SUCH a great cum receptacle. I wanna keep your hot box full of my wriggly sperm. Isn't that what good sons do - they keep their mommies drenched in frothy fuck juice?"

"TIGER! Oh dear God! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, YES!" She would have climaxed just from his words alone; the pounding in her pussy was just extra gravy. She turned around on his erection and pushed him down until he was lying flat on the sofa. Then she straddled his hips in one of her favorite positions that allowed his cock to get deep penetration.

Encouraged, he continued to talk as much as his breathing allowed while the two of them kept their eyes on the threesome before them. He whispered into her ear comments like, "Just look at all those big tits. Sister tits. Mommy tits. Your tits. And who owns them all? That's right, your son. How did you raise such a big, nasty, tit-owning motherfucker?"


This kind of talk so aroused her that she was barely capable of stringing together more than a few words in reply. Instead, she tried to show her approval by fucking him even better than before. She slammed up and down while he mostly just lay there, clenching his PC muscle for dear life.

But unfortunately, as the minutes passed and the two of them were working their way to a great mutual climax while watching the other three fuck, the phone began ringing. The answering machine wasn't set, so it kept ringing and ringing.

Susan felt obliged to answer it, fearing it might be some kind of emergency. She pulled herself off her son with the greatest of reluctance.


As Susan ran out of the room to get the phone, holding her boobs so they wouldn't bounce and sway so much, Alan watched, and thought, Wow. What a mom. Watching her jog away like that is so friggin' arousing! But then what isn't when it comes to her? Just seeing her smiling face gets me so hard these days. I gotta say, I love her twisted "Big Tits Theory" mind, as silly as that theory is. And what a great fucker! She's an animal in bed. My sweet, innocent mom. That better be a damned important phone call. Fuck.

He turned and watched the other three women fucking for a while. Suzanne and Amy were continuing to lavish attention on Katherine. He figured they were probably still trying to make up for her being left alone earlier. He considered joining in, but he was mindful that he was scheduled to sleep with Susan all night, so he wanted to keep some sexual energy in reserve for that.

Then, only about a minute or two after Susan left the room, the three women on the bed collapsed at the same time. They'd been going at it too intently for too long, and after yet another set of climaxes, they'd all hit a wall. It was all they could do to lay there and pant heavily. They were covered in sweat, cum, and tangled hair, sprawled all over each other.

Alan continued to watch contentedly with a very stiff erection. Just watching them lying there was as arousing a sight as one could hope for. Dang. What women. What curvy, sensual women. Lust and love. It's amazing my brain doesn't just explode from sheer pleasure.

Out of the blue, Amy exclaimed while staring at the ceiling, "Wow, I think I've had TEN climaxes tonight! That's like, so much! I think my pussy is all pooped out. How 'bout you, Sis?"

Katherine answered as she lazily retracted an arm that had been sprawled over Suzanne, "Only five for me. But then again, I joined in the action pretty late. Oh, but now that I think about it, I had two more while I was watching. Damn. What a night! What about you, Mother?"

Suzanne replied in a mock-angry voice, "Let's see... Damn you two, I think I had at LEAST ten. More like twelve probably, and maybe more because it's hard to tell when one multiple orgasm ends and another one begins. And it's all your fault, the way you practically tickled and frigged me to death! And then when you both got to licking my cunt at the same time, why, it's practically criminal what you did! I think you two are trying to kill me!"

Everyone laughed. Suzanne pretended anger, but everyone knew she was quite pleased. However, her pussy was so sensitive now it hurt. She was done for the evening, and she knew it.

Amy joked, "Maybe ALL of us should go on a minimum six cums a day routine!"

That brought more laughs.

But the exertion of the sex session had been too much. The three of them continued to lie there for a few minutes while they waited for Susan to come back.


Alan at least still enjoyed himself watching the three beauties at rest. He noticed their pussies were continuing to drip, soaking their ass cheeks and soiling the sheets. He thought, All the women I've have sex with are quite leaky. I've heard that many women don't drip pussy juice profusely, but that certainly isn't the case with any of my family four. And I don't think it's because I'm such a great lover. It's another example of me being incredibly, stupefyingly lucky. Like Brenda. Jesus! I could be the worst lover in the world and she would still cum buckets.

Finally, Suzanne stirred first. She got up and put on the robe she'd left lying on one of the sofas.

Just after she did this, Susan came back into the room.

Alan asked his mother with some irritation, "Who was that on the phone? What kind of jerk calls after ten o'clock?" He wasn't sure what time it was exactly, but he could sense it was after ten o'clock.

Susan was a bit abashed as she explained, "It was Brenda. I'm sorry, but she has been calling a lot lately, sometimes at odd hours. I'm upset about it too. You were giving it to your milky mommy-slut so hard and good. I should say something to her about these calls, but we have such fun talking."

As she spoke, she crossed the room until she stood right beside her son. "But I was thinking the interruption might be good for one thing." She tapped Alan's stiff boner and set it bouncing. "We don't want to drain your balls completely dry just yet. We should save some of this mommy-impaler energy until beddy-bye time, don't you think?"

"I suppose," he agreed a bit irritably. Although he'd also been thinking about saving himself for later, he was nonetheless quite annoyed to be interrupted in mid-fuck by what he figured was a meaningless phone call.

Brenda had called because she was curious about things like what the others had bought for her at the sex store, and couldn't wait until the next day to get an update. That definitely would have met Alan's definition of a meaningless interruption.

Susan could see his irritation, so she added, "However, one good thing about talking with Brenda is that she never fails to get me hot and bothered." She gave him an extra-sexy "come hither" look. "Like I am right now."

Alan couldn't help but chuckle. "Mom, that's so unnecessary. You're always hot and bothered anyway!"

She snickered in agreement. "I suppose that's true, thanks to you."

He stood up and held his dick to his stomach. It was still very erect and he couldn't get it to go down with four mind-bogglingly sexy women in the room. He didn't want any more sex at the moment, and held it just to keep it from bouncing.

"Okay, everyone, I have an announcement. Can you gather 'round?"

The four sat or lay down on the big bed in front of him.


Alan began what seemed like a prepared speech. "Time seems to have been moving in slow motion lately. I remember when it used to be that day blurred into day, and it seemed like I'd blink and another boring week of school went by. But these have been some crazy and eventful days. It's only been two days since Sunday night when I started fucking Mom, but it feels like two months because so many momentous things have happened since then. And it was only two days before that when we all agreed to The Pact that's bound us all together, but that feels like two years ago."

The others nodded in agreement and listened attentively, trying to not look at his still slightly bobbing erection. They all wondered where he was going with this line of thought, because his somewhat formal demeanor made it seem that he was leading up to something big.

He went on, "I've noticed that Kat in particular has been feeling antsy. It seems like I've been ignoring her lately. And there's some truth to that, if you look at it from one point of view, the one where people think I'm some kind of impossible superhuman sex machine. But let's put this into perspective. I can only do so much. Some days I'm going to focus on one person more than another, and since I only started fucking Mom a couple of days ago, I'm very excited about that. Kat, my Big Flesh Pillows Sis, you and I fucked just this morning, and believe me, you're in my thoughts all the time. But, be that as it may, I've been mulling over this tradition that's arisen about Mom having special privileges on Tuesday, and I've been thinking about how to deal with it. I've asked myself: should I get rid of the Tuesday tradition to make things more even and fair to everyone?"

Susan gasped and held her hands over her mouth. She looked at her son with bug-eyed horror.

But he quickly clarified, "Relax, Mommy. I decided to keep it. For one, I know you'd be really bummed if I got rid of it. And besides," he winked and smiled in her direction, "I really like it."

Susan relaxed, and gave him a big smile. She mumbled under her breath, "I practically live for Tuesdays. God, that was close!"

He continued, "So then, I was thinking, should I give the rest of you special days too? That would certainly make things even. However, I decided that wasn't ideal either. With four special days in one week, and things like the poke-her party on Wednesdays and the S-Club meetings and everything, suddenly my sex life becomes too regimented. I really like having sex and I'm getting more acclimated to doing it a lot every single day, but I don't want to have a fixed schedule about it. That turns it into a chore. In fact, I've thrown away the orgasm chart that used to hang in my room and I don't even keep close track of my daily count anymore, for that very reason."

He continued, "Half of the fun is the spontaneity. For instance, after having this date with Christine, I managed to resist her charms-"

Susan playfully and loudly shouted, "Boooo!"

He grinned at that, then went on, "Yes, I resisted her charms somehow, but I was so horny by the end that I didn't know up from down. I came home fully looking forward to having some sexual fun, but I didn't have a clue what would happen exactly, or even who would be around to play with me. Then Aims and Sis surprised me with a totally great police role-play that soon morphed into a fantastic double blowjob. I couldn't have planned it any better if I'd tried, and the fact that it was all a surprise made it twice as good."

Katherine and Amy weren't sitting alongside each other, so they contented themselves with making an "air high five" at each other. Suzanne did happen to be sitting next to Amy, so she patted her on the shoulder for a job well done. Susan did the same to Katherine.

He concluded, "So I decided against having days for everyone."

He paused dramatically, then continued, "BUT... I know that Katherine has been feeling very much like the least desired out of my home family four. First off, Kat, you've got the boob size issue, which I really don't understand. Just because your boobs happen to be the smallest in the family, they're still HUGE by any normal standards. You hear that? Absolutely freakin' huge. You're one of the most stacked girls in school. It's absurd for you to feel any size envy. It's like some star basketball player feeling short 'cos there are a few taller players on the team."

Katherine cut in, raising her breasts while looking down at them sadly. "That may be, but everything is relative. We're talking more than just a few. If you look at all your sex partners and harem nymphos, a lot of them make me feel inadequate."

By holding and hefting her tits up, she made them look even bigger than usual. Alan took advantage of that to comment, "Christ, look at those things! I swear, I'd need a team of Sherpa guides just to get to the top of one of them. National Geographic could film a documentary about it."


That comment elicited a reluctant grin from Katherine. She quipped, "Hey, forget the Sherpa team. I'd be happy if you just do some more solo skiing up and down their slopes."

Susan added sympathetically, "Heck, Tiger, sometimes I feel inadequate around Brenda. So I know what she means."

Alan sighed in exasperation. "I love you all for so many things, but boobs are just one thing. The main thing is what's in your hearts and in your heads. In any case, I understand Sis is feeling boob envy, irrational though it may be. And I've also noticed, Kat, that you feel like you're too, I dunno, vanilla. You seem to think that everyone has something special going on sexually, and you don't."

"Totally!" Katherine agreed, so for emphasis rose up a few feet on the bed as if to stand, then flopped back down. "Vanilla is the perfect word. Look at tonight. Aunt Suzy, Mother, is an ultra sultry fuckpot who's so cunt-focused she'd probably cream if anyone just says the word 'cunt.'"

"Oh, oh, OH! Aaaaah! Oops, there I go again," Suzanne joked as she faked an orgasm. She wanted to add a bit of levity to the conversation. Her effort got a lot of laughs.

However, Katherine only grudgingly smiled before she continued, "Then there's Amy. If you merely touch Amy's ass, she goes off like a firecracker! Anal sex doesn't make me see stars, and that really bums me out. And of course there's sex cow Mommy with her boob love. Not to mention that she's starting to lactate, which I've been PROHIBITED from doing. And then on top of that, she's got her cocksucking obsession to boot. Everyone is known for something special. But what about me? I'm a little bit of everything, but nothing special of anything. I almost feel like faking some kind of fixation or fetish just so you'd pay more attention to me! I'm clinging on to this new cat nickname and theme for dear life. I know that sounds childish, but it's true."

Alan smiled in understanding. "It's okay, Sis. I know. This group here is an amazing bunch. But don't sell yourself short, since you're an essential part of this amazing bunch. You're forgetting a lot. For instance, what about the fact that we took our virginities from each other? That's a special sexual bond only you and I will ever share. The fact is, I can't get enough of you in my life. That's why I've decided that I'm going to extend the special day tradition, so you'll never have any reason to feel like you're being neglected. Mom has her Tuesdays, and Kat, you'll get a special day, too."

"Yes!" Katherine pumped a fist into the air triumphantly. She pumped it a few times, then jumped up and hugged Alan tightly. Then they kissed and their tongues danced in each other's mouths.

Suzanne cut their celebration a bit short with an impatient question. "Wait a minute. So Susan gets a special day, Angel gets a special day, and Amy and I don't? That's not fair. That's even more unfair than just Susan having her day."

Alan pulled back from the hug a bit. "True, but Sis has been having the most serious self-confidence issues. I think she really needs this. However, I have something for everyone."

He looked at Amy, who seemed surprisingly miffed and pouty. "Aims, keep in mind that you're my official girlfriend already. That's a very special thing, and it means that you and I can do all kinds of things in public that Kat and I can't. Think about how frustrated she must get at times, watching you and me make out in public and knowing she can't do the same."

"I know, but... Still..." Amy said in a grousy voice. It took a lot to make Amy peeved, but now she was peeved.

Alan said to Amy, "Not only that, but you know how I made a pledge to Sis that every time I fuck you, I'd fuck her twice?"

"Yeah?" She opened her legs unconsciously at the mention of being fucked by her brother.

"It wasn't an idle pledge. I've been keeping track, and keeping my word on that, even though I'm a little bit behind at the moment. But, as part of this new special day arrangement, Kat would have to agree to give that up."

Katherine was more than happy to agree. She knew that pledge was fading and wasn't sustainable in the long run in any case. "I'm cool with that!"

Amy said, still frowning, "M'kay, that's good, but-"

Alan cut in. "But that's not all. Amy, I want you to be my very special Anal Pal." He used "anal pal" since he'd heard Amy use that phrase recently. He leaned down to caress her face in his palm. "You have the most incredibly tight and delightful butt out of all the butts it's been my joy to fuck. So to preserve that exquisite feeling of tightness you have forever, I want you to save your ass just for me. Fingers are fine, one at a time, but unless I give you special permission you don't allow anything bigger than a finger back there, okay?"

Amy smiled and repositioned herself. She began caressing and fondling her own ass cheeks as she considered his words.

Alan leaned in close and kissed Amy's parted lips, then continued, "I want to reserve the delicious pleasure of stretching your tight little asshole open for my dick, and only my dick, understand? In short, Aims, I want to own your ass, totally and completely. If you have a need for anal penetration, you come to me. Okay?"

He wasn't sure how Amy would take this idea, and waited with bated breath to see how she'd react. Would she be delighted with what in fact was a new restriction?

He needn't have worried. Amy suddenly jumped up off the bed and bounced around the room like an out-of-control pogo stick. Then she flew into Alan and Katherine, still connected by a loose hug, and embraced them both. "Awesome! Yes! Anal Pals! That is so cool!" But then something came to her mind. "Uh-oh. But I've already pledged to be Anal Pals with Brenda. What about that?"

Alan wasn't sure what being "Anal Pals" with Brenda, of all people, meant exactly - Amy had a habit of making up new terms that often were only fully understood by her, such as her mention of a "huggy wuggy" earlier instead of just a "hug." However, he saw it seemed important to her. "Hmmm. Well, uh, that's still okay. You two can have a special connection that way too, if you want. As for what she can do to your ass, I suppose we'll discuss that with her later."

"Yeay! Cool! I want my ass to be just for you, Beau! It can be our super special bond! Awesomeness!" She disengaged and continued to bounce around with nearly unbelievable energy.

Alan turned to Susan, who seemed to be expecting gifts of her own after Alan's speech to Amy. "Mom, I mean Mommy, I'm sorry to say, but the perception is that I spend too much time and energy with you, and you already have a deeply entrenched special day. So it probably wouldn't be fair to pledge anything more to you. But I promise to be more attentive to you on Tuesdays. It seems lately I've been slipping a bit, like having that orgy this afternoon, plus my date with Christine. Not only that, but now everyone will be more accepting of the Tuesday tradition. After tonight, hopefully it'll be sealed as a permanent thing."

Alan followed Susan's worried gaze to where Amy was still romping around the room and realized one thing that was bothering her. "Don't worry Mommy, you can still be my butt slut mommy and I'll still 'get your attention' just like you want me to. Just because I really enjoy Aim's ass doesn't mean I don't get off on plowing yours as well. I'll still look forward to coming home from school and finding you lubed up and bent over."

Susan blushed and smiled at him. "You know how happy I am to hear that. But Tiger, I understand your purpose here. Whatever you want, I'm fine with it, because I know you always try your best. Making peace with the family is what's most important. I've probably been too demanding, too, especially lately. I see what you're doing with Katherine and I approve wholeheartedly. Look how happy you've made her."

Katherine had been excitedly nibbling on Alan's ear. He turned her way, and the two of them rubbed noses affectionately.

Katherine was so turned on by that little affectionate exchange that she pulled away and began jumping around the room, just as Amy was continuing to do. The two sisters held hands and continued to bounce about in tandem. They looked like two extremely excited little girls having just been told they'd been given some kind of big gift like a pony, except both of them were still sweaty, buck naked, and in no way little.


Standing alone, Alan looked at his two jubilant sisters and felt very happy. He was proud that he'd brought them so much joy. He was also very delighted by how sex had brought all of them closer together and forged a new family. But he knew he still had to make the most difficult "sell" to get everyone to accept his new special day plan.


Alan again grabbed his erection to stop it bouncing and turned his attention to Suzanne.

She said wanly and unenthusiastically, "Oh, goody. My turn. I hope this is something good. Between the two special days and Amy having official-girlfriend AND anal-pals status, whatever that means, I'm feeling like the big loser."

Alan replied, "No one is going to be left out. However, I have to speak to you privately about what you're getting."

That got Suzanne's undivided attention.

As Alan and Suzanne left the room together hand in hand, Alan looked back and noticed Amy and Katherine had stopped their frantic bouncing, and were both excitedly talking to Susan, infecting her with their happiness. He also noticed that they were playing with her nipples as they talked to her. It was constantly arousing sights like that that made it impossible for his erection to subside.

As soon as Alan got Suzanne into the dining room, he whispered to her, "The reason we have to talk in secret is because I want to discuss some sex techniques only you and I know about. You know that orgasm-without-ejaculation thing you taught me? I'd like to pledge to use that only with you for a whole year. I'm sure you can see the implications, since sex with you will be guaranteed to be extra good, and extra long, for both of us."

Suzanne looked at him incredulously. "That's all you've got? The others get Christmas and I get Arbor Day. You already made that promise to me."

"True," he conceded, "but I didn't promise how long, and chances were it wasn't going to be an exclusive thing for very long." He recalled how he'd climaxed without ejaculating earlier in the day without even trying. "But I'll promise to try my damndest to do it with you and only you for a year. What I'm really trying to say is that I want to have great sex with you, and lots of it."


"Hrmph." Suzanne wasn't satisfied and still stared with disbelief. She had already been expecting great sex from him on a daily basis. She said, "I'm sure you mean well, but that idea is a non-starter. Soon you'll be doing that trick all the time, sometimes maybe without even consciously planning it. It's just like your PC-muscle technique. Could you promise to do that only with me?"

He thought again about how he'd climaxed earlier with ejaculating and realized that she was right. He admitted, "No, I couldn't. I see what you mean. Well, okay, scratch that. However, I have another, kind of related, idea. I know you're a sexual pioneer, and what you taught me about that technique is just one example of the stuff you and I can learn together. I'd like to continue to push the boundaries with you on things like whole body orgasms. What say you and I study the Karma Sutra together?"

"Hmmm. You're getting warmer. And it's Kama Sutra, not Karma Sutra."

"Okay, Kama Sutra. See how much you know already and how perfect you are for this kind of thing? Let me put it this way. You're the most sexually adventurous one of this bunch, and your body is amazingly flexible. I absolutely love to bend your limbs every which way and fuck you in the strangest positions. I'll bet there are lots of things you've heard of that you've never found the right partner to try them with. Why don't you and I do some mutual research into human sexuality and see what we can discover together? Let's push the envelope on just how deeply and intensely two people can bond through sex."

She grinned. "Warmer. Definitely warmer, you stud. But how often will these studly study sessions occur?"

"I don't know. A couple of times a week, maybe. Does that sound good?"

She nodded, but then her grin widened into a smile. "You're hot now. And don't fail to catch my double meaning."

He replied in all sincerity, "Mother, if I'm as hot as, say, an oven, then you're the surface of the sun."

She liked that compliment a lot. She pointedly looked down at his crotch where his erection was poking straight out in her direction, and leered. "Is that why your heat-seeking missile is pointing my way?" She reached out as if to grab his shaft, but only stroked the air an inch or two on all sides without actually touching it.

He groaned with rampant lust caused both by her "missile" comment and her teasing.

She winked while pulling her hands back. She made sure to remain leaning forward so her boobs would dangle in front of him enticingly.

That close call aroused him more than if she'd started jacking him off. "See what I mean? I swear, you're gonna fuck me to death, mentally just as much as physically. But Aunt Suzy, Mother, with your wisdom you should understand better than anyone else that I'm really stretched thin here. I know this offer may not be as good as Sis getting a special day, but can't you see the pressure I'm under? Trying to please so many amazing women, trying to keep them all happy... It's tough. Please don't think of me as some kind of mindless sex machine, because I'm really not. I have needs, and sometimes that includes just needing to rest. But I also love Sis a whole lot, and I hate to see her feeling neglected or somehow less adequate or something. So I really have to give her her own special day."

Suzanne had been acting tough in hopes of extracting as much sexual commitment out of him as possible, but his comments put things into perspective, making her feel a bit silly and selfish. She put a hand on his shoulder and said sympathetically, "Of course, Sweetie. I get it. Sometimes I lose perspective too. Let's scratch that first promise about non-ejaculatory orgasms. However, I'm going to hold you to the Kama Sutra lessons, because that sounds like a fun thing to explore together."

"Okay." He was pleased; things had worked out better than he'd expected. He pulled his second mother into his arms and kissed her.

She responded eagerly, so they kissed for many long moments. She brought one of his hands to her pussy, sore though it was.

However, he pulled his hand back and said, "My doctor warned me not to touch the surface of the sun too often." To his surprise, her pussy actually was quite warm, much warmer than usual.

In fact, her pussy was burning with desire. She strongly considered bending over lewdly to see what he'd do in response, but then she remembered his comment about needing to rest, so let him be.

As she tenderly kissed him up and down the nape of his neck, she thought, I'm pathetic. Here I am, begging for scraps from him. Then I voluntarily decline part of his offer and feel good about it. The Suzanne of old would never have stood for any of this. I miss her fire. But that's what love will do, and I just can't deny him anything or get mad at him. Besides, it's time I start thinking more of the needs of others. We're a family now, and Katherine is just as much my daughter as Amy. I've kind of felt that way all along, but here's a chance for me to really show it by putting her needs first.


When Alan and Suzanne walked back to the living room, the others were still locked in conversation, just as before. The only difference was that Susan now had joined Suzanne in donning a robe, since the house was getting colder as the night grew later.

Susan turned and spoke for all three when she asked, "So what was that secret pow-wow all about?"

Alan announced, "Just some horse trading. Mother was extremely understanding and actually turned down some of my offer, so I could get more rest. Isn't that nice of her? But she and I have agreed to study the Kama Sutra together on a regular basis."

"Awww," Amy pouted, wishing she could do that. "That sounds like fun."

"Don't worry," Alan said brightly. "Everyone can benefit from what the two of us will learn. In any case, we should probably be going to bed. It must be eleven, if not later, right?"

No one answered, since no one had a watch and there wasn't a clock in the room. But they all knew it was getting late.

Alan looked at Susan and had to resist the urge to lick his lips, she looked so good. Even bedraggled and sweaty, she looked great, and he relished the prospect of spending the night with her.

However, to everyone's surprise, Susan said, "It is time for bed. But tonight's really wiped me out. Tiger, can I take a rain check on sharing a bed tonight? It's better if I can do that on a night when we're both more lively."

That sounded logical and plausible enough, but everyone was immediately suspicious, because the thought of Susan turning down the prospect of sex with Alan, and on a Tuesday no less, seemed nearly incomprehensible. Especially considering that she was turning down a chance to complete a hot fuck that had recently been interrupted, her rationale seemed even less plausible than the most outlandish fairy tale.

Amy even asked, "Whaaaaat? Did I hear that right?"

Susan wasn't a good liar, but she persisted, a bit flustered, "You heard me. Today was exhausting. And since Angel hasn't been as sexually active as I've been lately, maybe she could sleep with our family stud tonight."

Katherine was so surprised, she exclaimed, "But today's a TUESDAY! Look, even as you say that, your cunt is drooling. Mom, are you feeling okay?"

Susan frantically looked everywhere but at Katherine. It was blatantly obvious to everyone that she was lying for some reason, but the question was why.

Katherine was the first to figure it out. "A-ha! I know. You heard what Bro was saying before about me feeling neglected, and that hit you too. You want to make a helpful gesture toward me like he did."

Susan didn't say anything, but her silence was telling. Clearly, she was trying to think up a good cover story.

Katherine gathered herself and stood up proudly. "Well, thanks Mom, but I don't need your pity! Brother had a very good point that it actually hasn't been that long for me. I have to learn some patience too. Mom, you KNOW you want to sleep with him; after all, it is a Tuesday. I insist you do."

But Susan replied, "No, really, Angel, I'm soooo tired. Look at Alan Junior. He's still stiff and practically bursting with juicy sperm, but I'm so tired I can hardly lift my hands to jack him off. Oh, and my jaw hurts. Ouch. And my pussy's so sore. Really, you should take over." Susan slowly lifted her arms up and down, acting like it was too much exertion for her to handle. But she was a terrible liar and just as bad an actress, since she was such a naturally honest person.

Katherine was equally amused and frustrated. "Mom! That is so not true! You want it bad. I absolutely insist you sleep with him. It'll be good for me to suffer a bit longer."

But Susan persisted. "No! I'm putting my foot down. You-"

Alan interrupted. "Hold on here. This is crazy. Am I some potted plant, here?"


Suzanne felt the need to demonstrate some of her old assertiveness after feeling a bit helpless in the wake of her "horse trading" conversation. She snuck up behind Alan, and then impulsively draped herself around his back, wrapping her arms around him and groping him with what felt like at least three pairs of hands. She clung tightly to him like an octopus, squashing her large breasts into his back, and even wrapping one of her legs around his. He felt her hot breath on his ear just before he felt her tongue lick his earlobe.

"You seem every inch the animal to me, Sweetie..." She moaned this hotly, before her lips engulfed his ear and her tongue started doing things that made him feel the most incredibly sexy tickling sensations in places where she wasn't even touching him.

Alan made a curiously strangled noise and strained his PC muscle to hold off an orgasm that was suddenly threatening to explode from out of the blue. "You're not helping, Mother!" he desperately cried.

Suzanne mercifully drew back as she recalled his words from a few minutes before when he'd asked for her patience and understanding. But that didn't mean she couldn't have some fun in the process.

Her lips twitched as she tried not to laugh at his predicament. "Oopsie." She also said "Sorry," even though she very clearly wasn't. In fact, she couldn't keep a big grin off of her face.

Alan coughed, took a deep breath to steady his nerves, and glared at a still smirking Suzanne. He turned back to the others. "What I mean is, don't I get a say? Maybe I just want to do nothing but sleep all night tonight. In fact, I just may do that. But Kat, I've been feeling bad. You've been looking a bit strange all night, like you're busy thinking about something. Why don't you join Mommy and me in bed? That might help ease your mood. But understand that not much may happen with either of you. It is getting pretty late."

Katherine sighed. "Awww. You're so kind, Big Caveman Club Brother. And you too, Mommy. But I really don't deserve all this kindness. It's true that I've been kind of 'off' tonight. That's because I've been keeping a secret, and it's making me feel guilty. I can't keep it in the face of all this loving and giving and understanding. God, I'm soooo immature. Amy, you've been acting so mature lately, and it's making me feel like such a dolt. Hell, Aunt Suzy even turned down some of whatever he offered her. I'm like a bratty little kid and I HATE being like that! But I can't help it."

Alan said testily, "Spit it out, Kat. What's this secret already?"

Katherine sighed again. "Well, you see, the thing is... Big Brother, um, you promise you won't get mad at me?"

"Sorry, I can't make any promises. But I'll still love you no matter what you do. You're my sister and we're stuck with each other, through thick and thin."

Suzanne joked under her breath, "We like the thick part better." She'd gone back to clinging to him from behind, although that was all she was doing at the moment.

He grinned, but asked, "So what is it, already?"

"Well, I've been feeling really insecure about Christine. She's soooo amazing. And then today she totally helped you out with that painted-desk thing. And then this latest so-called practice date comes along, and she demanded total secrecy about it. Curiosity got the best of me. You might even say curiosity killed the Kat, ha ha."

No one laughed.

He asked impatiently, "So what did you do?!"

Suzanne had been one foot out the door mentally, as she was getting sleepy and was very overdue to be back at her own house. Amy was feeling the same. But now the two of them were determined to stay until they found out exactly what Katherine had been up to.

Katherine miserably admitted, "I really wanted to make an impression on you, you know? I thought I could maybe gain some kind of secret inside knowledge if I heard what Christine was going to tell you. I thought perhaps I could find out something about your enemies at school and do something about it before anyone else and be the big heroine. Then you wouldn't ignore me so much, and you'd be proud of me. But you haven't really been ignoring me, as tonight shows. It's just that I've been so insecure that if I'm without you even for four or five hours I feel horribly lonely. I'm so sorry."

He guessed, "So, what you're saying is that you somehow listened in on Christine and me during dinner? Is that what you're hinting at?"

Katherine dropped her head dejectedly. "Yeah."

"Katherine! Why? That's such a violation of my privacy! And worse, Christine's! She's a very private person. She'd totally freak if she found out."

"I know. I'm sorry! Oh God, please don't tell her; she'd kill me!"

He grew more irate. "Not only that, but last week, after you interrupted our last date I specifically made you promise not to interfere with my dates with her! What about that promise?"

"I know, I know! I'm bad. Really bad. And to top it all off, you managed to eventually resist her advances, so what I did ended up being kind of pointless. Stupid jealousy."

"Jealousy," Suzanne mulled the word over. "Hmmm. Angel, I think it would be a good thing if you talk to Xania soon about some of your issues. But we don't need Xania here for a basic understanding about your feelings concerning Christine. Kat, you feel threatened by her, don't you?"


"Well, yeah. She's SO amazing! She's a Valedictorian with fashion-model beauty, and brains, and a sense of morality that a nun would envy, blah blah blah. And what am I? If I wasn't Alan's sister, he wouldn't even take a second look at me! Here I am, the one merely semi-normal-looking woman in a room filled with the most beautiful goddesses on Earth. How can I compete?"

Alan protested, "Oh, come on! That's not true, and you know it! Not only are you one of the most beautiful girls in school, easily, but you're also VERY smart. It's just that you don't apply yourself."

"Maybe so," she conceded, "but I'm telling you how I feel. I need some kind of inside edge, but I don't know what to do! Brother, I appreciate you giving me a special day and all, but that's just an act of pity, isn't it? Oh, I'm so awful, and I violated your privacy too! I don't even deserve a day! Please, take the offer back!"

She collapsed in a heap on the floor and burst into tears.

He walked over to her, picked her up, and held her close. He was irritated that even in serious moments like this, his erection wouldn't go down; there were just too many stunning naked women in the room. Hugging merely one of them didn't help.

"Sis, I'm supposed to be mad at you. How can I do that when you're crying? I'm not going to take your day away, so just stop crying already, you tricky little brat." His words were harsh, but his tone was kind and loving. He squeezed her tight, and kissed her ear and neck. He looked down at his erection, which was actually poking up her thigh towards her pussy. "You see that? You know why I'm still hard? That's because you're right about there being beautiful goddesses in the room, but there are four of them, not just three."

Katherine whimpered at that. She loved the compliment, but felt she didn't deserve it, especially after she'd broken her promise.

Susan walked up to Alan and Katherine hugging, and hugged them both. She opened her robe and began rubbing her naked tits all over Alan's back as her body automatically moved to sexually please him whenever near him, but then she remembered this wasn't the time for that kind of thing and slowed her rubbing down.

She held her daughter's chin and looked her closely in the eye. "Angel, I'm very disappointed in you. Not so much for your unethical action, or your impatience, but for your lack of confidence in yourself. You're an amazing girl! You're beautiful and smart and friendly and so much more. The reason you fear Christine is because she's all those things too. But there are very, very few people who can even come close to challenging your many talents. You're incredible. You could be just as accomplished as her if you applied yourself more. You ARE a number one fuck toy and a wonderful person as well. You make me SO proud to be your mother."

Alan chimed in, "Sis, you're second to no-one in this family! I have to agree with Mom. You ARE my number one fuck toy."

She trembled with happiness through her tears. "I am? Really?"

"Sure. Although let's call you tied for first place with Mom. Amy and Aunt Suzy don't like to use that term, so they don't count. But that still puts you ahead of any other fuck-toy contenders, including Brenda."

Katherine grinned and sniffled, still trying not to cry too much. "Thanks."

He went on, "It not only fills me with happiness just to see you, but the mere sight of you always turns me on. The main reason I want to give you a special day is to guarantee that you and I will have plenty of time to be together. But this listening in on my private dinner date, I can't just let that slide. First of all, I want to find out why you did it."

"I already told you why," she protested.

"No, Sis, you told me it was so you could be the big heroine in solving the football-player problem, but then when you got talking you started getting all emotional about how you think Christine is so much better than you. So which is it?"

"Both," she admitted miserably. "Actually, it was much more about Christine. She's no good for you! She thinks she loves you but she doesn't; she only lusts after you. Big deal: join the crowd, take a number, and get in line. She likes the idea of being in love with you. But when push comes to shove, she's not going to be there for you like I'll be there for you or anyone else in this room will be there for you. I feel it in my bones. She's too self-righteous and prideful to bend. Besides, and maybe most importantly, she's dangerous to you and to our whole harem. I'm sure I don't have to explain why."

His dick was finally going flaccid due to the seriousness of their talk, even though he continued to hold her and Susan had her arms around them both. "We'll see about that. Personally, I think you're seeing only a bad view of her through the green haze of your jealousy. But first off, what did you do, exactly?"

Katherine felt a lot better after getting a reaction that was not nearly as harsh as she had feared, and she was surprised how much confessing her misdeed eased her mind. She wiped her tears away as she explained, "When I heard Christine talking to you at school today, that's what put the bee in my bonnet. Not only did you two hint at all kinds of important, secret stuff, but I heard you say the name of the restaurant, and the time too. Once I had the idea, the rest was pretty easy. I went to an electronics store after school and bought some bugging equipment. It was kind of expensive for my budget, but readily available; it was as easy as buying a new CD player. Then I went to the restaurant early and planted some bugs while eating a light meal. After I left, I called them and, pretending to be one of you two, asked that the Plummer reservation be seated at such and such a table."

She continued, "The last bit was the most difficult: I needed to get away from the family shopping trip. I had to pretend I had dinner plans of my own and come in a separate car. It was a drag to leave the store early, but my curiosity got the better of me and I simply had to listen to what was happening, live. I actually sat in the car listening just outside the restaurant."

"Huh," Alan thought out loud. "That explains why I didn't suspect a thing." He momentarily wondered what precisely had happened on the "family shopping trip," since all mentions of it such as this one were extremely vague, but this was not the time to pursue that question. Besides, he figured it was probably something he'd be pleasantly surprised about later.

He asked, "But what about the promise you made to me on the last date? Didn't you think of that?"

She admitted, with great misery, "I did, but the thing is, I crashed that date and my intervention went so well. At least I thought it did. You and I had great sex and I helped make sure that things didn't go too far between you and her. That's why I sat in the car. I was ready to come in with another diversion if need be. But that was only in case of a dire emergency, 'cos I knew you'd be mad at me if I showed up."

He replied, with Susan still hugging him from the back, "Well, I still am. A promise is a promise. How can I trust you in the future?"

"Please, please, don't give up on me, Brother! I let my jealousy for Christine get out of control but I swear to God I won't do it again. You two can date all you want. Hell, you can fuck Christine right in front of me and I won't say a peep. I'll be nothing but smiles, I swear."

"Hrmph. Why is it I don't believe you? I know you mean well, and that you thought you were doing this partly to help me out, but you're so damned uppity."

"I know I am, but there's good, sexy uppity, and bad uppity. I realize that this was bad uppity. Alan, Brother, I love you so much! I don't want to hurt you or have you mad at me. I swear I'll do better. You'll see!"

He remained silent and looked at her skeptically.

To herself, she thought, Uh-oh, he's not buying it. Brother, I'm NOT going to do something like that again; I don't want to do anything to get you mad at me. But on the other hand, I'm not going to sit idly by while Christine destroys our harem either. I'm going to have to come up with other methods to make sure she's not in a position to go postal on some kind of moral rampage if she ever finds out about the incest. Big Bro, the problem is you're letting Alan Junior do too much of the thinking when it comes to Prissy Miss F-cups. You may have resisted her this time, but if you keep having these dates it's just a matter of time before she gets into your pants and then sinks her claws into you.


Susan pulled back from the hug and sat down. "Angel, I'm appalled at your behavior. Believe me, as your mother, I'm going to see you punished for this."

Then her mood suddenly changed from stern to excitable. "But I'm curious too. What exactly did you learn? Is it really true that Tiger rejected her advances? Did she try to come on to him? I'll bet she did! He's so cute and lovable and sexy, he's just irresistible!"

Katherine instantly switched from confessional mode to gossip mode, and said excitedly, "She TOTALLY came on to him! She practically threw herself at him. I could hardly believe that Ice Queen Christine could be so hot to trot, but you could tell how much she wanted him just by the tone of her voice. You could practically hear her hormones kick in. I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes. I was trying to imagine what she was wearing the whole time I was listening. Bro, did she wear something really hot and low-cut?"

Alan nodded warily.

Nobody spoke for many long moments.


He understood that none of them would be satisfied until he gave at least some explanation as to what she wore. So he said wearily, "She wore a dark red skin-tight outfit. I almost joked that she looked like Barbarella, you know, Jane Fonda in her famous space outfit from the movie Barbarella, in the 1960s, because the whole thing was shiny. I have to admit, it was really something." His thoughts drifted off to her sexy outfit. In particular, he recalled her bending over the table as she stood up, setting her big breasts swaying like she was wearing nothing at all.

"I knew it!" Katherine exclaimed, oddly triumphant about it. "She knows what her prime assets are, and what he likes the most. She never wears anything revealing at school, probably because she's embarrassed by her big jugs. So her wearing something that highlighted her cleavage today at school and then again at dinner really says something. In fact, that was part of my original plan, to go into the restaurant and sit in some out-of-sight spot near them, just so I could see what she was wearing. But I decided that was too risky."

She continued, while looking in turn at the other women, "You should have heard the two of them talk! It was seriously hot! If I wasn't so pissed at her I would have masturbated in the car the whole time. Okay, maybe half the time. They talked about normal stuff a lot. But you wouldn't believe how flirty she was! For instance, at one point she said teasingly, 'What is it with guys and boobs? Maybe I should just take my top off and let you play with mine until your curiosity is satisfied.' Then, after Brother said that could take a really long time, she said, 'No problem, as long as I have something to play with too.'"

Susan whistled in appreciation while pretending to fan herself. "Phew! Hot stuff! That sounds exactly like the kind of girl who belongs in the harem!"

Katherine added with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "Big Shishkabob Brother, you know what everyone says about her? When she really makes up her mind that she wants something, she gets it. Like remember how she set her sights on getting that ten thousand dollar prize money for some kind of national academic achievement contest? And she got it. Now it seems she's set her sights on you. I'd watch out."

"Hmmm," was all he could say. But inwardly, he was shocked as he thought about her words. She's right. Christine is relentless. Dang. I don't know if I should be worried or delighted. I'm still so torn about whether I did the right thing or not.

Katherine said to the larger group, "Anyhow, it was frustrating to have to hold my tongue earlier, but now I can confirm that Brother actually did reject her advances. She did the full court press. She blatantly offered him a friends with benefits, fuck me whenever you like relationship. Yet even with all that, he was polite but firm."

"I still don't get it," Susan said while hungrily eying his untended hard-on. "That's just so WRONG! My son, you should have as much fun with as many sexy, big-titted babes as you desire. That's your right!" She was truly distraught at this news.

Alan laughed bitterly, then said sarcastically, "Yeah. That's my 'right.' I think I read that in the Constitution somewhere. Back in the real world, I'm not saying I wouldn't turn down opportunities to be with other women that might arise, if everything checks out, like knowing she doesn't have any STDs or a psycho boyfriend or whatever. But it's the very fact that I have, or maybe I should say, had, such feelings for her that I had to turn her down. I can't just have a one night stand kind of a lark with her. I'd be getting into deep emotional waters, and my plate is way too full as it is. And to top it all off, she's still a virgin, and that brings a lot of responsibility for being a girl's first, because that first time experience kinda sorta sets the shape of her future sexuality."

Susan cut in, "So wait. You're not opposed to spilling your seed on and in all the big-titted babes who deserve a solid fucking. I just want clarity on that point."

"No, Mom, certainly not." He added honestly while slightly mocking Susan's attitude, "And you may find this difficult to believe, but I might even go for a girl with a rather small bust, like Akami or Kim. Crazy talk, I know. You seem to be more into tits lately than even I am, which is really saying something."

Susan didn't respond to that. The truth was, in recent weeks she had grown to really love big racks, so much so that whenever she saw an exceptionally busty woman on TV or around town, she felt a special affinity with her, like they were members of a secret sisterhood.

He continued, "But brief encounters only, not something serious like it would almost certainly be with Christine. I guess I should admit that I still have strong feelings for her. And let's wait on you finding others until things calm down around here a bit, okay? Right now we're all excited about discovering each other's bodies. Maybe all of our sex drives will lessen after a while. At least, I hope they will. Okay?"

Susan nodded. She was very happy with his answer. She didn't want him to develop additional serious emotional ties with new women, as that would take away too much of his time and attention, but she did have a mental list of women she'd like to set him up with for purely short-term sexual encounters. She wanted all her good-looking female friends to know firsthand just what a great fucker her son was.

She said, "But Tiger, I still don't understand what the problem is. So you can't have just a one-night stand with her. All you have to do is add another big-titted beauty to your harem. What's the problem with that?" There were only a couple of women she thought worthy of adding to the harem. Christine, Glory, Xania, and possibly Heather were about it, in her book (since she assumed that Brenda was already de facto in the harem).

"Mom, you need a serious reality check. There are only so many hours in a day. More time with her would mean less time with you. Not only that, but did you hear what Sis just said about how relentless and judgmental she can be? She would not approve of our incest at all. And once she found out about it, she would just keep coming and coming, trying to stop it, thinking she was saving me from evil. She'd be like that evil machine guy in Terminator 2, the one that keeps coming after being killed over and over. Is that what you what?"

Susan sobered up. "If you put it that way, no. I don't want anyone to get between me and my baby. Still, people can change, can't they?"

Ignoring that question, he turned to Katherine. "There's another big reason why I turned her down. I was specifically thinking of you, Sis. You and Amy. I knew you two would see Christine as a rival in a lot of ways, given the similarity of age and everything. Remember what I said earlier to Amy about her official-girlfriend status? I really don't want Christine to get in the way of that. But isn't it ironic that while I was thinking of your concerns, you were stabbing me in the back with your spying and broken promises?"

Katherine was instantly thrown back into a guilty mood, which was made worse by his unusually harsh words. "Oh, I'm so ashamed! I've been kind of half crazy with fuck lust lately. Now you're just going to ignore me even more than before, and maybe even hate me! I've really screwed up this time."

He realized his "stabbing me in the back" comment was too harsh, so he struck a conciliatory tone. "No, I don't hate you. I'll NEVER hate you. You're my sister and your love is like a solid rock for me. I count on your support like I depend on the air I need to breathe. Yes, I'm pissed, but I'm not going to punish you by neglecting you in any way. I don't want to make your self-doubt problems any worse. However, I don't know what it is yet, but I will find a way to punish you, because I could easily see this kind of willfulness becoming a bad habit. As an aside, don't forget that I do expect you to apologize to her and make it up to her. If you could become friends with her, that wouldn't hurt."

He stood back and addressed the whole group sprawled out in front of him on various sofas. His erection had finally gone down as the serious mood continued. "Look. This isn't just about Katherine and her boob envy or Christine envy or whatever. The green eyed monster of jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head in this family. I figured we'd see problems on this soon enough, since we're in a weird harem-esque situation and we don't have any guidelines or examples on how to handle it. So I'm not surprised they're finally here in a big way. But I am concerned and I'm not sure what to do. I've tried SO damn hard to keep the peace between everyone, and keep everyone satisfied, especially sexually satisfied."

He continued, "Sure, I've had a ball doing it, but I've been going full blast these past two months and I think I'm about to hit a wall. If I hadn't gone away for the weekend hiking trip, I probably would have broken already. I'm not quite sure what would happen if I break, but I don't want to find out. There's a part of me that wants to throw up my hands, yell 'Fuck it!' and take total control of this family in the most arrogant kind of way."

He paused and sighed. "I don't think any of you would like my bad side taking over completely like that. But there's another part of me that wants to yell 'Fuck it!' and go sleep for a week instead. Just totally withdraw. That's not good either. What I wish is if we could keep the good thing we've got going, maybe tone it down a notch, but keep it going on a slower pace so things can last. I don't want our sex lives to devolve into dueling scorecards and turf battles. But I'm afraid what Katherine did with her spying is just the first salvo in what could become a full on jealousy war as everyone fights each other for my attention. Frankly, I find it absurd that she would go to such extremes when I'm only paying her slightly less attention than usual for a few days. Imagine what would happen with all four of you if I was gone for a whole week!"


Susan abruptly transformed, the way a mother grizzly bear transforms when she sees her young facing danger. She stood up, pointed to each of the other women in the room, and said in a fearsome tone, "A jealousy war is NOT going to happen. Why? Because I won't let it happen. None of us are going to let it happen. The fact is, we're all horribly spoiled, and I'm probably the most spoiled of us all, what with the way that my Tiger gives me so much of his delicious cum, pretty much every single day."

She added as she looked around the room, "We've all been living in heaven on Earth these past couple of months. Each of us has probably experienced more pleasure in the last month alone than most people get in their whole lifetimes, thanks to Tiger, and this is how we thank him? With selfishness and jealousy?"

She raised a fist dramatically and shook it with resolve. "But when the going gets tough, we've got the kind of deep love for each other that'll enable us to get through anything! It's like you said, Tiger, we're all rocks of strength for each other. Rocks of strength! If Angel or anyone else gets out of hand, we have to dig deep and do all we can to help out. We have to hand out punishments that keep her an obedient fuck toy."

She continued, "There is no place for jealousy here. None! Our harem master gets to fuck who he wants, when he wants, and the rest of us just have to lie there on our backs with our legs spread and our puffed-up pussy lips opened wide and take every glorious minute of whatever he dishes out. We have to be vigilant and not get too jealous or we won't be the loving and pleasurable fuck toys he so richly needs and deserves. Is that clear? If anyone has a problem with that, they have a problem with me!"

He found this speech both heartwarming and arousing. He thought, If I really was a sultan with a harem, Mom would probably be the harem girl in charge of keeping the rest of the harem in line. Which, actually, come to think of it, is not all that far from reality. Right here with my mom in the middle of suburban Orange County, no less. Dang!

Susan kept a steely gaze as she sat back on the sofa, but inwardly she recalled with regret her demanding behavior earlier in the day when she all but forced her son to fuck her in the ass. Just thinking about how powerfully he'd "gotten her attention" like she'd been wanting him to for weeks now made her buttocks tingle and her asshole twitch and throb with an itchy lust to be taken like that again.

She resolved, I have to do better, much better. I'm supposed to be the top mom here, but I sure don't act like it very often. There's much more to being a good mommy than just keeping a permanent welcome sign over all my holes for my son. The problem is, I've never been much of a toughie when it comes to having to say no.

Suzanne chimed in, "I completely agree with Susan's main point. And as the older generation, Susan and I can't afford to make the kind of foolish mistakes Katherine made today. I wish we had Glory to help us, but even if she can't do that, we can't just roll over and die. I think the key thing is to recognize that all of us have gone into sexual overdrive. Maybe things will calm down after a while, but right now the four of us are like hyperactive nymphomaniacs on sexual crack. It's been said before, but we have to live it: the four of us have to sexually take care of each other more often, so we won't totally kill our sweet Alan with our demands. It's the only way."

Katherine added, "That, and no more jealousy. I swear, I'm going to go from the most jealous to the least, even if it kills me. Brother, I really do appreciate what you're doing, the way you not only fuck us all constantly, but the way you continue to love us and respect us at the same time. I'm so proud to be your number one fuck toy, but if you go all evil on us, I'm gonna get so uppity that you're gonna be slapped upside the head with a heaping helping of uppity!"

Amy said most emphatically, "Me too! But that goes for everyone. If I see anyone getting all jealous, I'm gonna launch a super massive uppity attack!"

Katherine cheered her on. "Open up a big can of uppity whoop ass, Aims!"

"Yeah!" Amy stood up and punched the air excitedly.

Alan couldn't help but laugh as he watched Amy's breasts sway and jiggle. He was very pleased with everyone's attitude, and his laughter turned into a wide smile. "Thanks, everyone. 'Uppity' may not be the exactly correct term to use here, but I get the general drift. I feel a lot more optimistic that we'll be able to overcome our difficulties. I think the key is talking and sharing feelings with one another, so things don't slip out of hand the way Katherine's concerns did today. But it's late and I'm tired. We're all tired. Let's go to bed."

Everyone was glad to hear that except Suzanne. Tired as she was, she leaned forward and said, "Not so fast. Katherine, you only scratched the surface of what happened during Alan's dinner with Christine. Inquiring minds want to know! Alan seems to be under some kind of promise not to tell what happened, but you aren't!"

"Oooh, good point," Susan agreed. "Angel, let's get together tomorrow after school for some coffee and gossip. Or better yet, tomorrow morning."

"Oooh! Oooh!" Amy said as she raised her hand like a student begging to be called on in class. "Count me in, too!"

"Now hold on," Alan complained. "This is how problems get started, when we all act like children. I'll talk to Christine tomorrow and find out if she'd maybe let me share a little more info with my immediate family, so chill out until then. But really, there's no big secret. It was just a dinner, for crying out loud. Sheesh!"

Katherine teased, "That's so not true. I tell you, you wouldn't believe the way they flirted, teased, and did all kinds of other fun stuff. I've got ALL the juicy dirt!" Then she added more calmly, "But I promise to keep it to myself unless you say otherwise. It's part of my new effort to win your trust back, Big Brother."

Suzanne and Amy headed for home not long after that. On the way out, Suzanne took Alan aside and said, "I know your decision today regarding Christine was a difficult one. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks," he replied with a touch of sadness. "The way I look at it, if I'm a gambler on a winning streak and I keep playing double-or-nothing, eventually I'm going to lose everything. There comes a time to just stop playing, be content with what I've got, and go home."

"Very wise, Sweetie. Very wise. With her moral outrage against incest, she could spell disaster for us all. Don't be blinded by her beauty and all her other charms. Please remember that. Some people just aren't made for the harem lifestyle."

This was in contrast to Susan's earlier attitude, but she'd calmed down and could look at the issue more dispassionately. She supportively squeezed his arm and walked away.


Alan, Susan, and Katherine went through their nightly bedtime rituals and then they all headed to Susan's big bed.

Alan got into bed first, shortly followed by Katherine. Susan took longer, because she had more feminine rituals to take care of than her daughter.

Katherine was restless and excitable.

Alan was sleepy, but also in the mood for perhaps a little bit of sexual play. His dick started to grow in anticipation of what he knew would almost certainly happen.

Katherine read his mood, and tried to perk him up a bit. "Big Water Bottle Brother, I am soooo sorry for what I did. I'm gonna make it up to you, big time. Starting right now."

She dove under the bedcovers and began licking and fondling her way down his stomach. "I noticed that your penis was horribly untended during that whole discussion. Minutes and minutes of tragically neglected brother cock! Watching all those bare boobies bouncing and jiggling without even a hand to help. Talk about a heartbreaker."

By this time, her face reached his newly erect dick, so she began licking her way around it. "I'm gonna make you feel soooo good, Bro, soooo good! I'm gonna have my fingers or lips on your sweet spot at all times, 'cos you deserve a big cum!"

He wondered for the thousandth time what he had done to deserve all this, not to mention the rest of his charmed life. But deserving or not, he felt everyone would benefit if he took some time to just recuperate. So, for once, he didn't reciprocate in any way to help Katherine reach a climax, but just lay back in bed with his hands behind his head and enjoyed all the pleasures Katherine was giving him under the covers.

She was taking her time, as she didn't want him to cum too soon, but she was also using every trick she knew to give him maximum joy.


Susan walked in, dressed in a see-through négligée, and took a long look at the huge Katherine-sized bump underneath the covers, just over Alan's midsection. She smiled a knowing smile, but said nothing. Would you just look at that? Angel's head bobbing up and down, making me such a proud mommy. I don't have to worry so much anymore about the state of my son's cock, knowing he has so many loving helpers.

She sat on the edge of the bed close to Alan and said to him, "Tiger, can I talk to you for a minute? I'm concerned about something."

"Sure. What is it?" He still maintained a casual pose, despite all the wonderful things Katherine was doing under the covers. She happened to be sucking and fondling his balls at the moment. She was doing it surprisingly quietly, so the only giveaway as to what was really happening, aside from the outrageously large and bobbing blanketed lump, was an occasional grimace of pleasure crossing his face.

Susan sidled closed to him. "It's Katherine. Our precious Angel. I'm concerned about her behavior lately."

"Okaaay," Alan replied, confused. He thought, Is this another rehash of what we just discussed? Surely she sees Sis is under the covers; how could she not?!

Susan continued with a surprisingly grave face, "I'm afraid your sister has been showing some very inappropriate feelings for you lately. Loving feelings, but the kind of loving feelings siblings should never share."

He started to figure out where she was going with this. "You mean, incestuous feelings?"

Susan pretended to look bashful and embarrassed. "Yes, but that's such a horrible word! Incest! Can we just say, 'feelings of an inappropriate nature' instead?"

He nearly guffawed. He thought, This is going to be good. Mom may not be a great actress, she can't play a thousand different roles convincingly like Glory can, but she sure does one role great, and that's a mockery of the prudish Susan she used to be. I love it!

Katherine was listening, and she couldn't help but snicker and giggle. She showed her approval, and made Susan's words seem even more ridiculous, by loudly slurping on Alan's cock.

Hearing (and feeling) that nearly made Alan break into giggles too. But he got himself under control and mostly kept a straight face, although his eyes danced with conspiratorial mischief. He looked down at his groin, where anyone could see a head shape rhythmically bouncing up and down over it. "I see. That sounds serious. But I don't see what you're talking about, myself. Whatever gave you that kind of crazy idea?"

"I don't know." Susan was doing a great job looking flustered and embarrassed. "Lots of little things."

"Like?" He put a hand on Katherine's head, to further highlight the absurdity of the situation. His hand rose and fell in time to her bobbing just under the covers.

Susan said, "Like, this morning. She came downstairs hand in hand with you, but without a stitch of clothing on, and a freshly fucked look on her face."

He said soberly, "You mean a fresh 'recently performed intimate act of an inappropriate nature' look on her face, don't you?"

Susan giggled, but quickly suppressed it and put her concerned face back on. "Yes. I stand corrected. Exactly." She broke into a grin, but then suppressed that, too.

"I see. That does seem a bit odd. But then again, I recall that you also weren't wearing any pants. Or a dress. Or even underwear. I could see everything below your waist."

"Oh, silly me!"

"I could even see your... well, I don't even know what to call it. Let's just call it a 'female private part of the very most private nature.'" He traced a finger down his mother's tummy to her pussy, then started fondling her clit and labia through her nightie.

She pretended that wasn't happening, and just giggled some more at his euphemism for 'vagina'. "My goodness! I'm so sorry you saw that. I can be so forgetful sometimes. So I suppose forgetfulness runs in the family."

"Don't worry about it," he replied. "Actually, I could almost see it now, but thankfully you're wearing this nightie." He pushed a finger into her slit, and it went in a little bit by pushing the thin fabric of her nightie in too.

Susan had to cover her mouth with a hand to try to control her giggling. "Yes, thank goodness. But anyway, there have been other small signs."

"Such as?" He kept on fingering his mother's pussy through the fabric, causing it to grow very wet.

"Well, when I served the breakfast, I couldn't help but notice that her hand was wrapped around your... well, I don't know what to call such a vulgar thing in mixed company."

"How about 'male body part of an inappropriate nature'?"

"Good idea!" She giggled again. "Yes. She was not only touching your male body part of an inappropriate nature, her hands were flying up and down its, uh, inappropriateness, with great enthusiasm!"

"Hmmm. I could see how that might be misconstrued by an outside observer who didn't know the full story. But then again, I must say your behavior at the time was damnably odd, too. If I recall correctly, you had your face between her legs and appeared to be licking her, well, let's just call it her unmentionable, for the sake of brevity."

They both chuckled at that.

"Yes," Susan said as she scooted closer still. "I was doing unmentionable things to her unmentionable. But I have a perfectly good explanation."

"And that would be?"

"Unfortunately, that also is unmentionable."

He chortled. "Well, sadly, that's all I can say about what she was doing to me, too. In fact, it's so top secret, I've probably already said too much."

"But wait! There's more, Son! It's really quite disturbing. That's not the only time I've caught her stroking your, uh, unmentionable in recent days."

"Ah. Yes. You see, when I went on the hiking trip, I brushed into some poison ivy. My groin was the one spot that got infected. She's just trying to help me scratch it."

"I see. It must itch all the time, then, the way she's been helping out. Although, I should point out that you're a pretty good itch scratcher yourself." She winked at him in reference to his continued pussy fingering. "But then why did she have it in her mouth, bobbing up and down on it?"

"Oh, that? She's been trying to suck the poison out."

Susan snickered at that. "Hmmm. If you say so. But that's not all she's been doing that makes me wonder. For instance, on more than one occasion, I've caught her with her boobs hanging out of her clothes, like this." The horny mother dropped her négligée down below her rack and set her tremendous globes bouncing and shaking. "Then she stuffs them in your face, like this." She smothered his face with motherly tit flesh.

Alan said in a muffled voice, "Boobs? Mom, I'm shocked. Don't you mean, 'female naughty bits of an inappropriate roundness'?"

Susan laughed out loud, and even Katherine underneath the covers couldn't help but laugh (although her chuckles were somewhat muffled by the stiff cock in her mouth).

He gave up on fingering Susan and began suckling on one of her nipples instead, since they were so close. He also let out a loud groan, because Katherine's blowjob felt so very good.

"Wait!" Susan squealed, pretending dismay. "What are you doing to me?" Oh my, that feels soooo goooood - my breast tingles all the way down to my cunt! I can actually feel the milky goodness flowing out into my BABY. I knew lactating would be good, but I didn't know it would feel THIS good!

He paused briefly in his suckling. "Um, sorry, Mom. It's just that I noticed your nipples have come uncovered. I'm just trying to cover them back up. Oh, that reminds me, I'd better cover the other one, too." He went back to licking one nipple while he pinched and fondled the other.

Susan naturally loved that, and just enjoyed what he was doing for a minute. After a few seconds, warm milk started to flow into Alan's mouth. But the room was generally silent except for Katherine's increasingly noisy and passionate slurping from under the covers. Feeling delightfully "uppity," she was trying to get him too flustered to talk by giving him a fantastic, energetic cocksucking.

Then the buxom mother said, "Wait a minute. She's been doing that to me too, which is another thing that gives me some concern that something is up. But I could have sworn I heard something under the covers, just now. I know you have an extremely well endowed, uh, male body part of an inappropriate nature, but that lump I see there seems too big even for your third leg." She pulled the covers back far enough to reveal Katherine's head, which was busy sucking on Alan's boner.


Katherine pretended not to notice she'd been discovered, continuing to suck her way up and down.

Finally, Susan shouted with pretended dismay, "Angel!"

Katherine froze with Alan's erection in her mouth. She sucked it in as deep as it could go, then looked up at Susan and Alan with feigned guilt.

"Angel! Darling! Whatever are you doing?!"

Katherine acted flustered, finally pulling her lips off her brother's hardness. But she quickly covered it up with two hands instead, and continued by jacking him off. "Uh, Mom, I just uh..." She acted like she was struck by a eureka moment. She'd been listening to Alan's excuses and used one of his. "I know! I'm aware how much the sight of male body parts of an inappropriately tasty and filling nature bothers you, so I was doing my best to cover up this one in case the covers came off."

Susan acted like she bought it. "Awww, how nice. What a wonderfully thoughtful and well behaved child. I guess I was all wrong with my concerns. But what are you doing now?"

"Uh, I'm still trying to cover it up. But since it's so big, thick, and long..."

"And tasty," Susan added with growing mirth. "Don't forget tasty."

"Yes, and tasty. Can't forget tasty!" Katherine chortled.

Susan prodded, "Is it hot too?"

"Mmmm! So hot! Like a delicious spermy lollipop, only all hot and throbbing!" Katherine showed just how much it was like a lollipop by licking it as well as stroking it.

"Mmmm..." Susan practically drooled.

Katherine continued as she licked, "Anyways, it's just so MUCH that I can't cover it all with my two hands. So I try to cover the top but then the bottom's showing, and then I move my hands down there, which leaves the top showing, and so on. Before you know it, it looks just like I'm fisting it, jacking him off with two hands. But nothing could be further from the truth. Why, to do that would be, shall we say, so very improper!"

Everyone giggled at that reference to what used to be Susan's overused catchphrase.

Even Alan managed to chuckle while he continued to suck on his mother's nipple, and generally have his way with her great tits. He was very pleased at the amount of milk coming out today. It was more than just the dribble it had been the past couple of days.

"Indeed," Susan finally replied once she managed to get back some semblance of a prudish expression. "Good show, although it could be so easily misconstrued. But I still can see naughty peeks of it here and there. Can't you think of any other way to cover it up better?"


Katherine quietly impaled herself on his hardness. It was all she could do to stop herself from screaming out loud with joy.

A few moments later, Susan wryly commented, "Thanks for getting rid of that disgusting sight. But if I didn't know better, I could have sworn I saw you grasp it and guide it right into your vagina."

"My what?" Katherine asked as her whole body began to lightly bounce. "Oh, you mean my 'female body part of a far too infrequently stuffed nature.' Yes, it does look that way. Frankly, I'm not quite sure WHAT happened. Why don't you have a closer look and check with your tongue?"

"Hmmm. I just might. Hold on. I seem to be wildly overdressed for the occasion."

Susan took her négligée all the way off and cupped her large breasts together. "Look, Tiger. My female body parts of a far too bouncy and milky nature are even MORE exposed! Not to mention the rest of me. Can you try to cover me up?"

"I'll try," he replied, grinning from ear to ear. "It may not be enough, but here's a hand for your ass and another for your tits." He reached up towards her, which wasn't easy to do given that he was lying down beneath his sister, fucking her from below.

Susan moved in closer and brought one of his hands to her pussy and the other to her rack. "Thanks, Tiger. I wish you could cover more at the same time, but if you run your hands all over me at least you'll cover everything at one point or another. So hopefully no one will get the wrong idea and think something improper is happening here." She smirked with glee. "Oh, and Angel, why are you bouncing up and down on your brother like that? Is something wrong?"

"Um, no. It's uh, his poison ivy again. It's uh, flaring up. There's a big swelling. I'm just trying to scratch it so it can go down."

"How sweet of you. That certainly looks like a VERY big swelling from here. And to think, I thought you were doing something lewd and improper."


After that comment, a full-on threesome began. Any remaining pretense of absurd prudishness was dropped, and in fact all talking very nearly came to a halt. Their mouths were generally too occupied with other things.

Alan spent the next half hour thoroughly fucking both Susan and Katherine's pussies until they were both so sore down below that they could hardly take anymore. As he often did, he fucked with a strategic purpose in mind. He knew both pussies had gotten a good workout earlier in the evening, and if he fucked them enough their pussies would be too sensitive for any further action later on in the night. That would allow him to get some sleep.

He also made sure that they rode him cowgirl style most of the time. Since there were two of them and only one of him, he was in danger of becoming exhausted first. This way, they did most of the work, while he was able to just lie back and enjoy the way they repeatedly impaled themselves on him and churned and ground their hips.


His plan worked, but not before they all had a great mutually shared climax. Alan had been pumping into Katherine at the time, but he pulled out as he felt his balls churning and barked, "Slaves! Assume the position! Facials!" He knew that sounded demeaning, but he was on such an erotic high that he didn't care.

Susan and Katherine loved his comments. They eagerly brought their faces within inches of the tip of his throbbing erection.

When Alan unloaded, they both got a powerful blast at extremely close range. He got a kick out of painting their faces with cum, first this way, then that, as a great many ropes squirted out of him.

Then he fell back to the bed and rested his head on a pillow.

Susan and Katherine spent some time licking the cum off of each other's cheeks, noses, and foreheads. Then they passed the sticky wads back and forth between them in open mouthed tongue duels and long French kisses, sharing and savoring the taste of both Alan and each other for as long as they could. Finally, they both cuddled up to him, one on each side.

Susan asked Katherine, "That was damn good, even by Tiger standards, don't you think?"

Katherine quipped, "Not bad for a 'recently performed intimate act of an inappropriate nature.'"

All three of them got a good laugh out of that.

Susan added, "My favorite part was when Tiger told us, 'Slaves! Assume the position! Facials!' That was soooo hot! Kneeling on the bed with my tits thrust out, my cunt feeling well used, and knowing I'm about to share a sperm bath with my daughter - does it get any better than that?"

"Nope, Slave Mommy," Katherine replied. "That was pretty awesome."

Susan's eyes lit up. "Oooh! 'Slave Mommy.' I love it, Sister Slave!"

Alan kicked back and commented, "Now, this is the life. This is what I call living the life of Riley."

Susan ribbed him, "So Riley was a motherfucker and sisterfucker too? Is that why everyone is always complimenting him? I always wondered what was so great about his life."

Alan giggled a bit, and then said, "Mommy, you've turned into a regular comedian. Do you remember not that long ago when you were practically incapable of making a joke?"

"Don't remind me. The only thing I don't like about the kind of prudish game we just did is when it brings back memories of how I used to really be."

He pointed out, "If it makes you feel any better, I hadn't planned on any fucking. I was thinking maybe a quick and easy double blowjob or titfuck, just to get rid of this unfinished cum load, then right to sleep. But you got me so worked up with your Miss Ridiculously Innocent act that I ended up going hog wild on both of you. I find it a big turn-on when you act like the old Susan."

That made Susan very pleased with herself. "I know. I was trying to get you going, and it got me going too. But still. What a fool I was back then!"

"Ditto for me, Slave Mommy," Katherine said as she ran her hand across her brother's chest. "Except I was a fool mere hours ago, not months ago. I really do feel terribly bad, Big Bro, but tonight I've turned a new leaf. I feel so inspired by all the love and caring that I simply want to burst. I've known the support has been there all along, and deep down I know you would never consciously ignore me, but it feels good to be reminded. I am SO going to make it up to you!"

He spoke, "Not just make it up to ME. In fact, not even primarily me. The truth is, you and I have always spied on each other. We used to play so many tricks. Like, remember a couple of years ago when I read your diary and got you so pissed off?"

Katherine cut in, "You know WHY I got so pissed off? Because there were lots of pages in there where I poured out my desire for you. My anger was hiding my fear of discovery, because I considered that my secret shame. It was sheer luck that the random pages you came across weren't X-rated."

"Wow," he replied, surprised. "That raises an interesting 'what might have been' question. But in any case, I can hardly be the one to throw the first stone. You just took it to another level. The person you need to make it up to is Christine. She's the one who has such a big issue about privacy. She doesn't know me that well, and she has good reason to question if I can keep a secret. Or if my family can."

He playfully bopped his sister on the head. "You've really violated HER privacy more than mine, and you have to make it good with her."

"But how? You say you don't actually know her well, but I know her even less. We say 'hi' to each other as we pass in the halls, but that's about it."

"Figure it out. You want to impress me? This is a good opportunity. Not only that, but if you two can bond, that might help forge a larger alliance against my enemies at school. But that's my last word on anything. I am so beat. It's way past midnight and school starts so early. I'm checking out. Kat, Mommy is going to need some milking at least once in the middle of the night. I'm gonna leave it to you 'cos I desperately need the shut eye."

He closed his eyes. Then he added as an afterthought, "Oh, and please let me sleep in tomorrow until the last possible minute. I soooo desperately need the rest."

"Okay," Katherine answered. She was more than happy to take care of the milking. She closed her eyes too, even though she was still too excited to sleep. If nothing else, she was thrilled that she was lying on one side of her brother while her naked mother lay on his other side.

Susan already had her eyes closed, but she said to no one in particular as if in a dream state, "'Mommy is going to need some milking.' I so love to hear that, especially since he remembered to say 'Mommy' without being reminded. I'm like a big sex cow taken advantage of by my thirsty kids, and I love it! And that's not even mentioning when Tiger said, 'Slaves! Assume the position! Facials!' Is that great, or what? 'Slaves.'"

She said the word endearingly, as if Alan had said "I love you" to her instead.

He grumbled, "You said that already."

But she ignored that and added, "Why, I'm afraid this is going to be the cause for some groans, but that just makes this Slave Mommy so damn HOT!"

Both Alan and Katherine groaned quite loudly, but then they all laughed.

With his eyes still closed, he said, "By the way, Mom, please don't expect me to call you 'Slave Mommy' and don't call yourself that, either. That just goes one step too far for me. Ditto with the 'master' stuff. My ego's getting way too big already."

Mother and daughter happily replied, "Good night."


Alan thought to himself, Now, that's what I call a day! Even by my own recent unusual standards, that was one busy and sex-filled day. How long can this be sustained? I feel like I put out some fires by rejecting Christine and coming to new understandings with my sisters and mothers, but am I just delaying the day of reckoning?

I mean, forget homework! The thought of doing actual work hardly even crosses my mind. Just sex, sex, and more sex, pretty much. And as for tomorrow, there's no chance whatsoever I can take a rest. Jesus! I just remembered that on top of everything else, tomorrow is poke-her night. I can't turn it down, but it's just too much!

Well, at least I'm well loved. These two right here are the greatest. I just hope I make them happy and proud of me.

Katherine thought, I really screwed up today, but Big Brother, as usual, managed to make lemonade out of lemons. Still, I have to do better. He's all stressed out, and I get mental instead of helping. It's time for big changes. First, I am gonna befriend Christine by any means necessary. Maybe I won't be the big heroine, but if I could play a key role in helping with his school troubles, maybe that'll redeem my mistakes a little bit. But more importantly, I have to strive not to be so jealous. I want to become known as the least jealous out of everyone, not the most jealous. If that means I end up fucking him less, well, so be it. There are more important things than sex, like my brother's love and respect.

Susan, by contrast, was still too aroused recalling some of her son's recent comments like "Mommy is going to need some milking" for any deep contemplation. Instead, that comment in particular got her thinking about her lactation schedule. She'd been rather low key about her milking needs so far, because her milky flow had been relatively low. But she was pleasantly surprised at how much milk had come out of her today, not to mention how erotic and pleasurable it felt. She resolved to turn herself into more of a "milk slave" starting tomorrow.

She began to drift off thinking happy thoughts of waking her son tomorrow morning with a nipple gushing milk into his mouth and her pussy riding his morning wood. She thought, Slave Mommy. Tiger's milky big-titted Sex Slave Mommy. Mmmm. What joy! What peace! Even if he doesn't want to call me that, it's what I am. And I love it!

And Katherine is right: he keeps us deliriously happy and well-fucked all the time. We fucked for so long. I feel completely satiated. This is the best kind of tired!

Susan and Katherine snuggled closer to Alan's chest, on each side of him. Their big breasts pressed up against his skin in the most delightful way. All the contact felt quite comforting. Both women had a hand that drifted down to where it felt most comfortable: resting on top of Alan's crotch. Luckily for a very sleepy Alan, there were blankets and sheets in between his penis and their hands, or his penis likely wouldn't have remained flaccid for long.

But all remained still. Finally, Susan reached out and turned off the light. Sleep quickly came to the weary threesome.

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