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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 109
Soothe Me
Day 73: Wednesday, November 27

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan was extremely drained. Incredibly drained. It wasn't so much the physical as the mental. Doing something like "torturing" Heather into spilling her secret required him to be at the top of his game mentally, just as if he was taking a big test like the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) used for college admissions. But it also had a vital and demanding physical component, and it seemed to be just one of many such demanding situations he'd been forced to be in ever since he woke up. The main reason why he didn't have anyone take care of his erection after he finished with Heather was because it was so much easier just to lie there and recuperate.

He was grateful for the final school bell because that meant that he had a four day weekend ahead of him. He envisioned watching football games, playing video games, eating turkey, and generally vegging out and recovering. Sure, there was bound to be a lot of sex in there, but it could be more at his pace, and with the core group that he loved the most.

But the bell didn't mean that his school troubles was over. Far from it. As soon as he stepped out of the theater room and into the little-used hallway that led to it, Christine was there.

He was so sluggish that it took him some time to mentally register her presence.


Christine by contrast, seemed as fresh, energetic, and mentally sharp as ever. She also seemed worried and peeved with his disappearance. She raised an eyebrow and looked to the theater room door.

He thought, Aaaah, shit! What does she know about that? Christine is like some kind of delicate flower. If she finds out the full depravity of the S-Club, my friendship with her is gonna be cooked. Never mind what goes on at home - her head would completely explode if she found out about that! She must know with her "Goody-goody" network that I come and go from this room a lot, and she must assume based on everything she knows about me that sex goes on in there. But if she were to actually learn the details, that would be a whole different matter. It's like what Glory said earlier: it's one thing to know something theoretically, it's another to see it face to face.

Christine said, "Alan! Thank goodness I found you. What happened? I rushed to the tennis courts after school, and you're here instead?"

Alan thought, She's on a fishing expedition. I can't give an inch because she knows too much already. "It's a long story. I'll tell you later. Why are you looking so worried?" He began to walk away, hoping she'd follow.

Christine, on the other hand, remained standing by the theater room door. "All kinds of news! For one thing, Rock is back on school grounds! He must have left his school early to get here so fast, so it's important! For another, Ryan has his people looking all over for you. I think their plan is going down right now! This is it!"

"Ooooooh shit. Just what I needed. Is there any way I can put this off? I'm really not up for it." He began to walk away again, still hoping she'd come with him. He didn't want her there if someone else came out of the theater room, especially if it was Heather.

"I don't know," Christine replied uncertainly, still standing in place. "Where's Amy? Or Katherine?"

"FUCK! Shit, shit, shit! Katherine should be home and okay by now, but Amy said something about meeting somebody! It's really unusual for her to meet someone after school. That's totally weird, in fact. Do you think she's the bait? Come on, let's go! Hurry!" He started running, but not at top speed, because his body was completely wiped out.

"Where are we going?" Christine asked, finally following him. She was surprised at the slow pace he was setting, but guessed he was trying to save his strength.

Thinking about Heather's recorder, he said, "First, I have to go to Ms. Rhymer's classroom. It'll only take a second, but it's extremely important. Meanwhile, have you seen my friend Sean?"




Little did Alan realize, but Simone was lurking just a short distance away, waiting for Christine to go away so she could talk to Heather. But Simone was oblivious to Alan's current crisis.

"Anyone else who could help us?" Alan was disturbed by his extremely short list of useful and potential allies. He thought briefly about enlisting the help of some of the girls back in the theater room, but they all seemed so lethargic they would only slow them down. Plus, he didn't see what help they'd be in a physical confrontation mostly facing big linebacker types.

As Alan and Christine hustled across the school grounds, Alan yelled, "I think I know where Sean is. This way!"

He made a slight detour from a direct bee-line to Glory's so he could pass where he assumed Sean would be waiting for him.

Sure enough, Sean was there, sitting on a ledge alone, holding his large backpack.

Alan yelled, "Sean! Sean! Come here!"

Sean picked up his pack and hurried to Alan. He caught up and began jogging along with the other two. "What's going on?"

Alan said as he ran, "Come with us! It's very, very important! I'll explain later!" Since he was tired and winded, he didn't say any more.

As they all rounded a corner to head into the school building, suddenly they came face to face with two very bulky linebackers.

Since Alan was leading the way, he had the hardest time stopping without running into them, but he managed, just. He drew himself up into a boxing stance, even though his only knowledge of how to fight came from watching movies like "Rocky." Sean and Christine similarly moved into fighting stances.

The linebackers just stood there like bouncers guarding the entrance to a nightclub. One of them laughed, and said, "Plummer. Are you and your friends looking to get your asses kicked? Never mind, that's not what we're here for. I was told to tell you to come to the guy's locker room immediately. Ryan is there and he wants to talk."

Realizing a fight wasn't imminent, and already knowing that Ryan was looking for him, Alan dropped his stance and edged his way past the two muscular giants. "I know already. I'll be there." He and his friends kept walking.

But the one that had spoken grabbed Alan by the collar. "Are you as dumb as you look? The lockers are that way." He nodded in the direction from where Alan had just come.

"I know that," Alan griped. "Jesus! I'll be there in less than five minutes. Now, leave me alone."

The two linebackers seemed satisfied with that and started walking in one direction while Alan and his two friends continued hastily in the other. Soon they were leaping up the stairs to the second floor where Glory's classroom was.

Alan, in his adrenaline-charged excitement, pounded on the door. "Glory! It's me, Alan! I'm here with some friends! Please open up! It's an emergency."

Glory was in a bad way. Ever since lunch, her naughty and increasingly exhibitionist side had taken control. She had kept the Ben Wa balls inside her pussy for all of her last two classes and still had them inside her now. She was on such an erotic high that it seemed every move she made, every single step she took around the classroom, she almost reached a climax. Almost, but not quite. It was delightfully maddening. She wondered how it was possible her fifth and sixth period students didn't notice anything odd. Luckily, she'd only done this kind of thing with her fourth-period class before, so she figured the excuse she gave that she was feeling under the weather would be believed.


It had been five minutes since school let out and about two minutes since the last student had left her classroom. Glory had been going wild. She had her legs spread wide and her feet up on the desk as she had just frigged herself to an extremely satisfying conclusion. She was so worked up that she was already starting in on reaching another.

But the knock on her door sent her into a panic. She would have pretended not to be in at all except that it sounded like Alan had some kind of real emergency. She jumped up, wobbling dangerously when her Ben Wa balls "jumped up" with her and wouldn't stop moving. Then she found a can of air freshener and some wipes in her purse. With one hand she tried to wipe her thighs and pussy clean of her juices and with the other she madly sprayed the air freshener all around. Meanwhile she cried, "I'm coming! Just a minute!"

Straightening out her far-too-short skirt, she tried to calm her breathing and walk normally to the door. However, she still had the Ben Wa balls within her and they made walking a delightful erotic experience. Even though she'd climaxed a minute or so ago and her pussy was positively worn out from hours of excitement, she immediately wanted to cum again. And again. As she reached to open the door, she prayed that Alan didn't want to start something sexual with her because she knew that in her current state she would fold like a house of cards.

She'd heard Alan say he was with some friends, but she was nonetheless surprised when she opened the door and found Sean and Christine there as well. She knew Sean and Alan were good friends of course, but her gossip network was silent so far on why Alan and Christine were together so frequently all of a sudden. Knowing Alan's sexual prowess, his past history of unsuccessfully asking her out, and Christine's busty chest and stunning looks, she leaped to the conclusion that Alan and Christine must be lovers.

So she opened the door not only looking frazzled, sweaty, and harried, but also shocked and awed.

Alan closed the door behind him and said, "Sean, Christine, Ms. Rhymer, you all know each other already. Ms. Rhymer, these two are helping protect me from the football players. I think they're out to hurt me again. We've gotta run, but first I need to check something."

He rushed to the front corner desk Heather had indicated and began feeling around the underside of the desk.

Very gingerly and slowly, Glory walked over to that side of the room where Sean and Christine stood already. As Alan continued to search, she asked, "What are you looking for?"

"Dammit! Nothing here!" Only paying half attention to the question, he answered, "Uh, Heather supposedly confessed that she- a-ha! Wait!" He'd tried under the desk, under the seat, and just about everywhere he could think of, but found only wads of old gum. However, he finally went a little deeper between two support bars where there was a one-inch space and found a small round object that fit perfectly inside that crack. He couldn't believe how small the fancy electronic gizmo was.

He pulled it out and held it up for inspection. "Here we go. Heather confessed that she left this here. She was hoping to catch you, Glory."

Sean interrupted, "How did you find that out?!" He was always very keen to know what went on between Alan and Heather.

Alan looked around at his present company and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. "The cheerleaders just told me." He kept an eye on Christine - did she with her high intelligence put two and two together and figure out what he'd been doing in the theater room just now? He decided not to even think about that, and pressed on. "I guess this is some kind of bug or recorder or something. We should examine it later. But the point is, she was going to keep this here until you said something incriminating and then, I assume, blackmail you."

Glory was so hopped up on an erotic high thanks to the Ben Wa balls, and just plain shocked on top of that, that she stood silent. Finally, she muttered, "That bitch!"

Alan handed the object to Glory. "We've got to run, so why don't you check this out? I trust you'll destroy it or otherwise take care of it."

Glory nodded. She still looked wide-eyed and wild.

Alan finally slowed down enough to take a better look at Glory and noticed something odd about her. He also glanced at Christine and saw that she was looking at Glory curiously too. But he pressed on, "Actually, I'm about to run off to a potentially big confrontation and it would be great to have a teacher there. Can you come?"

Glory thought for some moments. She looked at how the three students stood eagerly and she realized they were ready to literally run. She thought, Run? In the state I'm in, I can't even walk! Even if I somehow get these Ben Wa balls out of me without them noticing, I can barely do more than stand in this short skirt with no panties. And even if I had a longer skirt, I'm in such a state of sexual arousal that I'd probably lose it totally before we even left the building. Even if I take a few minutes to compose myself, what about the skirt?! Oh damn. What have I become?! Alan needs my help and I'm not there for him!

Seeing the three of them look at her with increasing curiosity, she knew she'd have to answer fast. "Uh, actually, as you can probably see, I'm feeling quite ill. I think I ate something at lunch that didn't agree with me. Do you need me in particular or can any teacher do?"

Alan quickly answered, "Any teacher, really."

Glory mentally breathed a great sigh of relief even as she tried to remain poker-faced. Thank God for that! That just saved me from making a complete fool and public spectacle of myself. Even though he and I can no longer be together, I still very much want to help him if he needs me.

The relief in her face was evident as she said, "Why don't you try Mr. Jackson next door? I think he said something about having to stay after school all this week to work on some things." Mr. Jackson was Alan's somewhat elderly art teacher. He was generally friendly and sympathetic to Alan.

Alan had been with Glory all throughout lunch and knew she didn't eat a bite. He could tell that her behavior and appearance was strange all around. But he'd have to wait to ask her about her condition some other time. He just nodded and said "Thanks! We'll do that!" And then he and his friends rushed off again, closing the door behind them.

Glory staggered back to her desk and sat back on it. She let out a big breath. Phew! What a day! That was a close one. But now I've done it! I've resisted the temptation. I've survived this thankfully short week and passed the danger point. By Monday, my withdrawal from my Alan addiction should be over. And now I find out he's doing Christine, too! Does he have no shame?! That's even more reason for me to sexually avoid him. I should be relieved. Very relieved. I can go back to normal now. I need to be there to help him and straighten him out, not give in to my selfish lust. Look what happened just now where I couldn't give him the timely help he needed because I was acting like an even bigger slut than Heather. This is the last time I come to school without panties, that's for sure!

She sat back to further rest and recover. I should feel good. I made it. But why do I feel so empty? And why do I still have these Ben Wa balls in me? Have I crossed some kind of line of sexual depravity that I can't get back from? No matter what choice I make, I'm bound to feel bad about it.

Despite still feeling so horny she could scream, Glory silently wept at her predicament and especially at her inability to help Alan when he really needed her.


Alan, Sean, and Christine walked briskly across the school with Mr. Jackson. Because the teacher was there, they couldn't say much with each other.

Alan was relieved that Mr. Jackson didn't show impatience and say things like, "This had better be good." But he did seem skeptical about Alan's claims.

As they crossed a grass field and drew near the school gym containing the locker rooms, Alan saw one football player who appeared to be a lookout walk inside the building. Alan assumed he was reporting to Ryan and Rock that Alan was coming.

Right as they came to a short staircase leading into the building, Alan stopped, bringing the progress of the group to a halt. There was uncertainty on his face. On one hand, he wanted to be a take-charge leader, but on the other hand he very much wanted advice and encouragement on what to do.

Christine could read his face and said, "Relax. Don't worry. We've got a teacher with us, so there's no way there's going to be any violence. Let's get this over with. The longer we wait, the more time they have to harass Amy."

Alan was filled with dread. He envisioned a dozen or so beefy football players attacking him as soon as he walked through the door, teacher or no teacher. But worse than that, he was horrified by visions of Amy being gang raped right before his eyes. It was the latter vision, plus the words from Christine, that gave him the resolve to go through with whatever might be beyond the doors in front of him.

They walked in through the main doors of the building and entered a well-used hallway. From it, there were doors leading to the men's showers and lockers, women's showers and lockers, plus various offices, storage rooms, and so forth. There were no people to be seen.

They came to the door leading to the men's section. There was another pause as Alan said, "I guess we should try here, first." The tension was rising, and even Mr. Jackson seemed a bit spooked.

Alan opened the door and... nothing.

No one could be seen, just the usual rows of lockers. Normally there was a big rush of activity in the lockers right before the last school bell and for a few minutes after, then again periodic rushes as various sports groups with after school practices finished their activities. But between ten and fifteen minutes after school, as it was now, the lockers were usually empty or nearly so.

However, as the doors finished swinging shut after them, they became aware of the sound of voices. They began heading towards the voices wordless and very quietly, as if they were police sneaking up onto criminals.

As they made their way down a long row of lockers the voices became clearer. Alan could recognize Amy's voice, which set his heart beating faster than its already quick pace.

He reached the end of the locker row first, turned the corner, and...

He couldn't believe his eyes.


There, on a long bench in front of yet more rows of lockers sat Amy and Ryan, talking and smiling and carrying on in a friendly manner. They both were looking at a book in Amy's lap and staring at it with rapt attention. That was the last thing Alan expected.

Elsewhere, now that they stood at a crossing point between sets of locker rows, Alan became aware that there were other athletes milling about here and there. One peeked around a corner to look at them, stared at Christine in surprise, noted the teacher, then looked at Alan.

Alan was shocked to realize that the guy looking around the corner at him was none other than Amy's brother Brad. Alan felt a brief moment of relief until he realized that Brad's gaze was filled with not only cold disgust, but open mistrust and distaste.

Brad motioned over a couple more guys from the other side of the lockers, pointed at Alan and said something.

Alan couldn't quite make out all the words, but he gathered Brad was criticizing Alan for being an uncaring and unsatisfying boyfriend to have his girlfriend hanging out inside the boy's locker room.

The guys all laughed, slapped Brad on the back with a loud round of "Good one, Brad!" before going behind the lockers again. Even after they all disappeared from sight, the snickering and crude joking could still be heard.

Ryan looked up at Alan, then took in Mr. Jackson, Sean, and Christine. He smiled triumphantly then said, "Hey! It's the Plummer boy and his posse. I was just hanging out with your girlfriend, talking about art. I hope you don't mind."

Alan walked up. "Actually, I DO mind. What's going on here? What's your game?"

"Game? No game. What are you talking about?"

Alan looked at Amy. "Aims, are you okay? Did he force you to come here or try to hurt you?"

Amy looked at Alan quizzically. "What? No. Of course not. He's just showing me his etchings." She lifted up the book in her lap.

Alan was flabbergasted. He looked back to Christine and Sean, as if they had some kind of explanation. He looked all around, but there was nothing to see except some half-dressed boys in the middle of changing. He seized on the only oddity in the scene: "Something's going on! If the two of you are just talking about art, why the hell are you doing it in the middle of the boy's locker room for crying out loud?! Girls aren't allowed in here! And where's Rock?!"

Ryan grinned, "Oh that. We were hanging out in the hallway up until a minute ago, but I just had to come in here for a second to get something from my locker. Girls come in here from time to time when it's emptied out, no big deal. Look, you're standing next to a chick right now," he said as he nodded in Christine's direction. "As for Rock, I don't know what you're talking about. He got suspended and doesn't go to this school anymore. Duh!"

Mr. Jackson spoke up. "Amy, it's not a good idea to come in here, even for a minute. It's against school policy and we've had reports of harassment before. Now, Alan, is there something else you wanted me to see about, because I really need to be going."

Alan looked around and especially stared at the look of snide satisfaction on Ryan's face. He walked down a corridor between rows of lockers, motioning Mr. Jackson to come with him. As soon as he got out of Ryan's hearing, he said to the teacher in a low voice, "Mr. Jackson, I don't know what's going on, but I tell you, this is not normal! Ryan is up to something. I don't know what. Maybe they were waiting for the last few stragglers to leave before doing something dreadful to Amy."

Mr. Jackson shook his head dismissively. "Alan, I understand you're feeling a bit spooked. I heard about how you fell down the stairs and some of your other recent problems."

"I was PUSHED down the stairs, Mr. Jackson," he corrected him testily.

"So you say. And that may well be. Some of these guys, like Ryan here, I know they're a bit questionable and full of themselves. But next time, before you drag a teacher halfway across the school, you need more evidence. Now, can I go?"

"Wait a minute." Alan had visions of Ryan waiting for the teacher to go before springing his trap. He walked back, brushing past Christine and Sean, grabbed Amy's hand, and pulled her up. "Aims, we're leaving. Now. Please. It's important."

"M'kay." She turned to Ryan. "Thanks for sharing your drawings. It was nice to see you."

Alan growled, "It was NOT nice to see you. I don't know your game, Ryan, but you're not going to win."

"Oooh! I'm so scared," Ryan mocked with staged fright. "Boy, this was a real crisis situation. It's not like you're paranoid and jealous of Amy sitting with a REAL man, are you?"

"Shut the fuck up." Still holding Amy's hand, Alan headed out the room with Sean and Christine in tow. Mr. Jackson was already ahead of them.

Alan's face was burning with embarrassment as the group walked out of the building, down the stairs, and back into the light of day.

Mr. Jackson waved and walked off, not wanting to waste any more of his time.

Alan continued to walk with the others until he was well clear of the building, then stopped in the middle of a grass field. He turned back towards the gym and said while facing it, "Will someone tell me what that was all about? I thought the plan was going down! The plan was going DOWN!" He turned and looked to Christine.

Now it was her turn to look sheepish and embarrassed. She raised her hands in the air then waved them helplessly. "I don't know. That's how it seemed. I mean Rock coming to school, Amy with Ryan..."

Sean spoke up. "Dude, I don't know what's going on, like, AT ALL. But I saw the way he looked at you, all triumphant and full of himself. You would have thought he'd just finished beating you up or something. He's up to SOMEthing, that's for sure. I don't know, man. It seems to me like you just got played."

Amy was looking most befuddled. "Alan, love, can you tell me what this is about? I'm all in a muddle."

Alan spun around to look at his girlfriend. "Amy, you were told these football players are up to something. Well, Ryan is the obvious ringleader of the group out to get me and you're just sitting there, pretty as you please, looking at his etchings! 'Come look at my etchings' is one of the most clichéd come on lines of all time, didn't you know that?"

Growing more agitated, he said in a rising voice, "Not only that, but were you OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND to go into the boy's locker room all by yourself? You were just telling me, like, right at the end of sixth period that you had security taken care of. You had your own bodyguard, you said! What the heck?! Aiii-mee!"

Amy looked sad. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'd never met Ryan before. I didn't know him from Adam. Is he one of the ringleaders? Nobody told me that. I'm really super sorry to get you all worried! But I DID have a bodyguard. You may not have noticed, but my brother Brad was there. He wasn't, like, THERE there and standing next to me or something, because I asked him to keep his eye on me from a distance. He was a couple of rows away, listening for trouble. Those guys wouldn't have done anything with my brother close by."

Everyone looked over at the gym, and sure enough, there was Brad leaving with some of the athletes who had been in the locker room. They were walking away, headed to the school parking lot.

It occurred to Alan that even now, Brad had been keeping an eye on Amy, but was doing it in such an unobtrusive way that his friends didn't notice.

Alan looked from Brad to Amy a couple of times, then to Sean and Christine. Finally, he said, "God, I feel so stupid. Sorry, Amy, but communication was bad. I should have warned you explicitly about Ryan and a lot more. And you, Sean, you're totally out of the loop and you must be wondering if I've gone mad. Duh. I'm so stupid. It's just that so much has happened today that some things slipped through the cracks."

Christine spoke up, "No, it's my fault. At least partially. I told Katherine to warn Amy but I forgot to mention so many key things, like Ryan or Rock for that matter, wherever he is. I let everyone down."

"Nonsense," Alan said, still glum and frustrated. "It's just that things have been moving too fast. This whole plot just came out of nowhere hours ago. Look. Why don't the four of us go get an ice cream or something, and compare notes and figure this out? For one thing, I still feel vulnerable standing here in the middle of the school. Who knows what Ryan is planning. I have to admit, he totally surprised me. I'd feel better in a store."

Amy, Sean, and Christine had bicycles while Alan did not, since Susan drove him to school that morning. So they got their bicycles from the bike racks and walked to a Ben and Jerry's located just a couple of blocks from the school.

The mood at the shop was one of frustration and distress as they discussed what had happened and filled each other in with information. Then, as they licked their ice creams, the question was asked: just what was Ryan trying to do with this seemingly meaningless encounter?

There was a long silence after that, but then Christine spoke up. "I have a theory. Only a theory, mind you. You know about the two guys who backed out, right?" (A few minutes before, she had told Sean and Amy about the morning meeting of footballers and what Dave and Gary had done, though she didn't mention Dave and Gary by name to protect their identities.) She continued, "If you look at it like a military operation, when they defected the operational security was blown. They WERE going to do something after school today, but they didn't know who knew what. So they went ahead with kind of a practice run of what they were going to do, just to see what kind of reaction they'd get. Who would turn up? Alan, would you take matters into your own hands and gather up a posse, or go fetch the authorities, or what? What information had been leaked, and who had leaked it? Actually, when you think about it, it's pretty smart. Now they can plan again and be much better prepared next time."

Sean nodded, adding, "On top of that, they've got the whole 'boy who cried wolf' thing going on now. I'm sure Mr. Jackson will complain about how he was all put out for a big ado about nothing, and other teachers will think twice if Alan asks them to go check out something without a lot of evidence first."

Alan dropped his head. "Damn. That sucks. It makes sense. Now they know that my so called 'posse' is a posse of two. That's pretty sorry-assed. And it's not like I really had more people to go to who would know how to fight if I'd had more time to round them up. And not only that, but now that I think about it, Christine, they're going to be wondering big time why on earth you were there. If they do some digging, the element of surprise about the extent of your martial arts training will probably be blown. Dang! This sucks!"

The others all nodded glumly.

Amy grabbed Alan's arm and held him for support. "I'm worried about you. Really worried!"

He looked into her eyes. "And I'm more worried about you, Amy! I don't like this whole idea that you might be used for bait. If anyone harms a single hair on your head, I swear, I'm totally going to go postal!"

Sean lightly punched Alan in the shoulder to get his attention and as a brotherly gesture. "Hey dude, whatever help you need, just ask. I had no clue. I thought we were walking into a lion's den to get our asses kicked by a whole squad of big Neanderthals. But I was totally ready to duke it out, shoulder to shoulder. That's what friends are for, right? It's the least I can do, especially after everything you've done for me lately."

Christine's curiosity was piqued by that last comment. She filed it away as something to be investigated when she had the time.

Alan lightly punched Sean back. "Thanks, man. I really appreciate it. Now, we just need like twelve more of you to even up the odds. I'm worried. I thought these guys were pretty stupid, but apparently this Ryan has a brain. That look he gave me - it was almost like he was saying to me, 'I'm going to attack you soon, but you don't know where, you don't know when, you don't know how, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.' What a prick! That's what really kills me, this not knowing. If it was just something like, 'come fight me at McGill's after school,' I could deal with that. But this! They could be planning anything now!" He turned to Christine. "We need more information."

She replied, "That could be a tough one. I think they've successfully tested the loyalty of their group and flushed out the ones who couldn't be trusted. They'll probably figure out at least one of the guys, you know the one I was telling you about who was talking to all the others and trying to moderate the plan? I'm sure they'll make an example out of him, which will cause the remaining pack to stick together that much tighter. I can try to ask around, and I will, but with school out and Thanksgiving coming up, I can't see how we'll learn anything new until Monday. And even then, I don't know. We're pretty much flying blind now."

Alan paused, then emphatically cursed, "Damn!"

The group finished the rest of their ice creams in silence.

But Amy hated to see when people got sad. Suddenly, she grabbed Christine's arm and said, "Hey, everybody here needs to take a chill pill. Why the sad faces? I say we go back to Alan's house and have some fun! What do y'all say?" She leaned into Christine conspiratorially. "You know what they say, Christine, I'm the girlfriend that loves to share her boyfriend with others. Or maybe you'd prefer Sean here?"


Christine found herself so flustered that she couldn't think straight. "Wha- what do you mean? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Amy leaned in even closer and whispered conspiratorially, "I'm saying, sex is a great way to relieve stress."

Christine was so flummoxed by that that she was rendered completely speechless. Her face grew red as a beet. She tried to look around to see if anyone else had heard that, but Amy still held onto her tightly. She was suddenly very regretful that she'd unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt since leaving school to better entice Alan. She felt that all eyes were on her two suddenly hard nipples.

Suddenly Amy broke into laughter and everyone else followed suit. "Just joshin' ya, Christine! Geez, Louise! Relax, already!"

Christine laughed along, but it was more of a nervous laughter. She couldn't relate to Amy's easy going ways and couldn't tell when she was joking and when she wasn't. She wanted to crawl under a rock and die, but continued to smile for appearances' sake.

Alan looked at Amy continuing to playfully cling to and prod a resistant and stiff Christine, and thought, God, that's so hot: Amy and Christine together. Just the thought! And I can see Sean is thinking the same thing. It's funny, 'cos Christine is this self declared "goody-goody," yet she has the face and body of a porn star... Damn, it's so frustrating. I've made a promise to myself that I can't get involved with her, and I swear I'm gonna keep it if it's the last thing I do. She's just too good for me and my fucked up sex world. Damn!

At least Amy's kidding had broken the morose mood. The group began talking and joking again.

Sean pointed out to Alan, "You know, dude, your whole situation is kind of like the end of 'The Empire Strikes Back', don't you think? I mean, think about it. When you first watch that film you're thinking Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are finally gonna have it out and that'll be the end of it. But noooOOOoooo! Climax denied."

Christine was now freed of Amy and feeling more like her usual self. She said in an acidic tone, "Looks like somebody here needs to get out more often."

But Alan ignored that and said to Sean, "I see what you mean. And think: the people who saw that when it first came out had to wait three whole years to get to the ending. Harsh!" Making a reference to how Luke Skywalker had one of his hands chopped off at the end of the film, he joked, "But on the plus side, at least I still have both of my hands!"


Sean lived in the same general direction as the Plummers' while Christine lived in the opposite direction. So after the ice cream, Christine went one way and everyone else went the other, with Sean on one bicycle and Amy and Alan sharing her bicycle.

As Amy and Alan got to the front of the Plummer house, Sean took a look around, saw no signs of a football player ambush, and began to peel off towards his own house.

Alan yelled as he waved good-bye to his friend, "Sean, very important: you must go straight home. I need to call you on the phone and talk about some important stuff right away, just one to one, so please be there!"

Sean nodded in understanding and headed home. He figured it must be something that Alan didn't want Amy to hear or they could have discussed it as they bicycled. That puzzled and intrigued him because Alan and Amy seemed to be very close to each other. He'd noticed these days that when they were in the same room it was like one could actually see and feel the bond between them.

After Sean got home he lingered in his kitchen, eating a snack and reading a Newsweek magazine while waiting for Alan's call to come. Five minutes, then ten minutes, then twenty minutes passed and still no call. He decided Alan might be a long time explaining all the troubles of the day to his mother and sister and there was no telling how much longer he'd have to wait, so he finally went upstairs and began working on his homework.

He'd hardly sat down when there was a knock at the front door. He didn't hear it as he'd started to blast the latest White Stripes album. As the song "Fell in Love with a Girl" began to play, his eight-year-old sister Gina came breathlessly rushing up into his room.

"Sean, there's a really pretty lady at the door and she says she wants to speak to you." Gina said this excitedly as if she could hardly believe it herself.

Sean got up, figuring it must be some kind of salesperson asking for the "man of the house" or something like that. Since his mother was always glued to one of her favorite TV shows at this hour, he figured he'd have to be the one to deal with it. "A woman, you said? Not a girl?"

"Definitely a woman. And I do mean she's really, really pretty."

Sean got up and sullenly dragged himself down the stairs. But when he opened the front door his jaw nearly hit the floor.


There stood Xania, dressed to the nines and looking about as sexy as any woman possibly could be. She winked suggestively at Sean and then said in a low, breathy, sensual voice, "Can Sean come out and play?"

Sean's penis went from zero to sixty in about two seconds flat. The blood drained from the head on his neck so fast he felt momentarily dizzy. He looked back at Gina (who stood halfway back up the stairs), wondering at the situation. He needed to make sure that this was really happening and that he wasn't passed out upstairs and dreaming in his room. He looked back at Xania, standing there on his doorstep, in broad daylight, and couldn't think of a single thing to say. He was completely dumbstruck by the fact that she was even there, let alone the fact that she was asking him out.

Xania casually reached out and closed Sean's gaping jaw with her fingertips. The corners of her lips twitched as she tried hard not to laugh at the priceless expression on his face.

He still stood there, apparently unable to fully recover from the shock she'd given him. His head was filled with memories of the first (and so far, only) time he'd been with Xania. That was a weekend he knew he'd never forget. While he had greatly enjoyed the sexual attentions of Kim, Janice, and Joy, Xania was in another league altogether.

She glanced down at his groin and quickly confirmed that she'd had exactly the effect she'd wanted to achieve. No doubt the poor boy is having a hard time thinking in words right now, let alone in coherent sentences. She chuckled to herself at his discomfiture. He was ripe for the plucking and hadn't realized yet that she already held him in the palm of her hand.

The sound and feel of his teeth clicking together brought Sean at least partway out of his shell-shocked reverie. He blinked a couple of times and then seemed to focus on her slightly better than he had been.

"I, um..." He blinked again, "I'm uh, waiting for a call. From, uh, Alan."

"Oh?" Xania inquired with pretended innocence.

It suddenly dawned on Sean, If I stay here waiting for Alan to call, Xania's just gonna up and go! Right now. Without me! But on the other hand, I owe Alan so much. He's transformed my whole life. Maybe he really needs my help and right away?!

Xania watched the thoughts tumbling through Sean's mind as they played out on his unguarded face. She hadn't had this much fun teasing and tempting a lover in a long time. She glanced over at his little sister who was still halfway up the stairs, peeking at the two of them with rapt attention. She decided to hurry things along a little. "Well, if you have something more important to do than me, I quite understand. I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by and see if you were free for the afternoon." She casually shrugged, turned, and then started walking slowly away.

Even as he thought, I can't believe I'm doing this! he said, "Uh, I um, I can't. Not until Alan calls. It's really important!"

Xania turned around and looked at him as if for the first time. She cocked a curious eyebrow. "Oh, really? I must be losing my touch."

Sean blurted out all at once, "No WAY! It's just that Alan really needs my help; he's in trouble and I'm his best friend and if friends don't stick together then what are they good for and I made a vow and he's done so much to help me and-"

Xania was smiling broadly now. She walked back to him like a movie star strutting down a red carpet, her hips and breasts swaying with each step. Black leather shone in the sun. She put a finger over his lips. "Sssh." She let that single finger linger there, slightly rolling back and forth across his lips.

Sean was still playing mental catch-up. This Goddess of Lust has appeared on my lawn like a UFO descending from the sky and I'm turning her down?! And for what?! So I can wait for a phone call? From another guy?! Not many women would forgive that kind of a rejection. I must be the world's biggest idiot!

Xania continued, in a deeply alluring voice, "Who do you think asked me to come here? He only said that he'd call you to make sure you'd be here in time for my arrival. Now, are you coming or not?"

Sean felt as if he's been granted a pardon just before a guillotine was going to slice his head off. He was so delirious with joy that he nearly looked like a crazy man.

"Well?" The tip of Xania's finger that had been pressing on his lips now started to wander over his face, sensuously brushing his cheeks and chin. Then she licked her extremely long tongue all around her red lips.

Sean looked at that tongue, recalled some of the incredible things it could do, and thought he was going to faint. Somehow he managed to say in a badly cracking voice, "I- I'll- um, I'll need... I'll need to tell my uh, mom, that I'll uh... I'll be ... out."


Xania walked a couple of steps away, stopped, looked back over her shoulder, and gave him one of her femme fatale groin-melting "come hither" smiles. "I'll be waiting for you in the car." A strap on her skin-tight top slid down her shoulder. She looked down at it, then shrugged her shoulders to make it slip down a bit further. Only an already hard and prominent nipple stopped it from sliding entirely off her breast. She looked back at him and flicked her long tongue at him again.

He watched her saunter across the lawn to a red Corvette parked on the curb in front of his house. As he watched her leather-clad ass shudder and bounce each time her heels hit the ground, he could almost imagine a "ba-BOOM!" sound and a minor earthquake shaking the front yard with each sexy step.

She opened the driver's side door and practically flowed into the car. She winked at him, then dropped her dark sunglasses over her eyes. Inwardly, she crowed, Suzanne, eat your heart out! You're not the only one well versed in the art of seduction!

"MOM!" Sean yelled from the still open front door.

"Yeah?" came the bored reply from deep within the house.

"I'm going out with a friend this afternoon!" he shouted.

"Be back in time for dinner!"

Sean walked out through the front door of his house, closed it behind himself, and then felt like he was sleepwalking across the lawn to Xania's car. He was having a hard time concentrating on anything. He barely even noticed his little sister's wide-eyed stare as he shut the door.

Xania watched him stagger, on very stiff legs, over to her car. No doubt his erection was giving him some serious trouble with walking normally. She could even see the bulge in his pants from here. He seemed to be in a deep sexual fog. She was slightly surprised that he managed to open the passenger door and ease himself into the seat beside her without hurting himself.

She squirmed slightly in her seat, just to hear the creaking sound of leather on leather. She was also getting a lot more turned on by this seduction than she'd thought she would, and once she started squirming, she found it difficult to stop.

"Sean, lover," she moaned sexily, as she continued slowly squirming in her seat, causing her black miniskirt to slowly ride up her thighs, "there's something I need you to do for me. Something very, very special."

His eyes got as big as saucers. He seemed desperate for a second pair of eyes because he kept flipping back and forth between looking at her face, the rise and fall of her breasts, and looking at her thighs slowly writhing in heat as if she was about to climax right there beside him in the car. He could even see a little bit of her burgundy panties covering her pussy.


"Sean," she panted, the lust of her arousal dripping from her lips, "my ass is ready for you. Are you ready for me?"

His lips opened and his mouth worked, but no sounds came out. He was simply too shocked to respond coherently. Inside, a voice screamed, "ASS"?! Did she say "ass"?!

After a few moments of continued silence, he slumped back in his seat and murmured, "Whoa, this is really heavy..." in just the same tone that Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox had said those words in the movie "Back to the Future." The scene continued to play for him as if there was a movie projector running in his mind. He could hear "Doc" Emmett Brown saying, "There's that word again, 'heavy.' Why is everything so heavy in the future? Is there something wrong with the Earth's gravitational pull?" But he slowly snapped out of it and his eyes turned back to the goddess sitting beside him.

Xania chuckled, recognizing the movie reference. Feeling a little triumphant at seeing the look of profound awe on his face, she pulled her sunglasses down on her nose. Looking over the rims with profound satisfaction, she said, "I'll take that as a yes, Marty." To herself, she thought, If Heather is half the man eater everyone says she is, I've got my work cut out for me with nerd boy today. Looks like he had a full-on "nerd moment" there. He's a bit weird, but he's still a cutie, in his own way. All in all, this afternoon might be a lot of fun!

She pushed her sunglasses back up over her eyes like an actress in the movies and turned the key in the ignition. A throbbing purr of raw muscular power, tightly leashed, rumbled the seats. She rubbed her thighs together, enjoying the vibrations, not to mention all the attention.

He looked like he was struggling not to cum, just from looking at her.

Still squirming slightly with anticipation for what she was going to teach the young boy beside her today, she said, "By the way, I was touched by your loyalty to your friend just now. I know that wasn't easy for you. Such friendship will be rewarded. By me. Today."

She flashed him such a sexy smile that all he could do was gulp. She touched the accelerator and eased out onto the street, then headed for a nearby pre-booked hotel room.

Sean's sister Gina meanwhile was trying to convince her mother to pay attention to her and not the television.

"Mom, a really pretty lady came to the door to see Sean."

"That's nice dear."

"But mom, the lady was really, really pretty! Like, really, really, REALLY! "

"Uh huh..." came the disinterested reply.

Gina was frustrated by her mother's seeming lack of interest in the "really pretty" lady that had come for her brother. At only eight years old, it was hard for the young girl to know (let alone verbalize) what it was about the really pretty lady that seemed out of place. She just knew that really pretty ladies like that didn't come to the front door, let alone ask for her brother Sean. So she was girlishly suspicious of what she'd just seen happen, but she just couldn't figure out exactly what it was all about. Seeing her mother zoned out on her program, she stomped her way back up to her room in frustration.


Meanwhile, Alan turned his mental focus to his own family because he had work to do there.

Amy walked with him into the Plummer home.

Both of them knew there was going to be a lot of questions and hand-wringing.

As soon as he opened the front door, he found Susan standing there. This did not surprise him. But he was surprised that she wasn't dressed in an erotic apron or something similar, showing her constant readiness for sexual fun. Instead, she was dressed in blue jeans and a conventional pink top like a typical housewife.

That didn't stop her from rushing up to him and Amy and hugging them both, though. "Goodness! You're both okay! I'm so relieved."

It hit Alan that Katherine must have taken his advice and come home about half an hour early. No doubt, she'd talked to the others and gotten them all worked up. He saw it as his job to calm their fears, because the last thing he wanted was to be all stressed out at school and then come home and have his loved ones infecting him with a stressful mood.

He looked again at Susan's outfit and saw that she was giving him a regretful look.

She looked down at herself then whispered to him so quietly that it was more like her mouthing the words, "Sorry. Suzanne insisted." She flopped her arms up and down in frustration.

He smiled at his first mother's eagerness to please. He whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, you'd excite me even if you wore a potato sack from your neck to your feet."

That got a big smile and a kiss on the lips from her.

He added, "You know why? 'Cos your love and natural beauty always shines through."

She beamed as bright as the sun. "Oh Son!" She wrapped herself around him like an octopus and squeezed him with all her might as her mouth latched itself to his again. One of her hands slipped inside his jeans to directly squeeze his left ass cheek.

The kiss was cut short though when Amy started coughing loudly. Katherine and Suzanne could easily guess what was happening, and joined in the cough attack from across the house.

Alan and Amy soon sat down in the living room with Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine, and they began relating everything that had happened. Everyone remained clothed except for Amy, who to no one's surprise, stripped naked pretty much from the moment the front door closed.

Almost as soon as Alan sat down on a long sofa, Susan sat on the floor in front of him, unzipped his pants, pulled out his flaccid penis, and began stroking it to life.

He was surprised. "Mom, there's a time for that kind of thing, and this isn't it."

As her fingers danced up and down his growing shaft, she said, "I beg to differ, Tiger. I know you pretty well. Sex can be many things. It can be an emotional bonder, a reaffirmation of love, a wild release, and so on. It also can be a stress release, and that's what you need right now. Don't worry, I'm just going to give you a really mild penis tending. Not enough to get you worked up and lose your concentration, but just enough to take the edge off of your worries. Is that okay, Suzanne?"

Suzanne nodded. "It sounds like we're not in an immediate crisis mode like some people led me to believe" - she shot an irritated look at Katherine - "so knock yourself out."

Susan sighed happily as she rhythmically pressed her thumb on his sweet spot. "Thanks. Frankly, I need it to reduce my stress too. Son, what these football clods are doing to you is just dreadful! I can't stand to see you suffer - I want to see you smile, and you know how much I love to lick and stroke your cock until you're smiling from ear to ear." She smiled at him in a very motherly way.

He looked down at her busy hands and her beaming face, and could help but smile back.

As his dick became stiff in her hands, she thought, I DO feel better! A lot better. I feel fulfilled, knowing I'm making my cutie Tiger stiff and happy. MMMM! This is so relaxing...


But one thing was still irking her. She temporarily let go of her son's pole as she pulled her pale coral top up enough to expose all of her large breasts. Naturally, she didn't wear a bra. She let out a big sigh of contentment as she freed her tits from their confinement; from her sigh it seemed as if she'd just slipped into a warm bubble bath.

Alan chuckled at her obvious relief.

She looked over at Suzanne with obvious guilt and embarrassment on her face. "Sorry, Suzanne. I know you said we should stay clothed, but I can't help myself. What's the point of a big-titted mommy having her God-given endowments if she can't show them off to her son? That's just... wrong!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes and chuckled.

As Susan resumed stroking her son's erection with both hands, she wiggled her rack for him in time to her rhythm. Mmmm! That's even better! This feels so good and right. Tiger's big fat cock growing warm and excited in my hands, with my big tits on display... Aaaaah! Heaven! I just wish I could take this stupid top all the way off, and my tight jeans for good measure. And SUCK! I definitely would love to feel his thickness filling my mouth, and pleasure him with my tongue and sliding lips. I have so many moves I want to work on. But Suzanne would put up a big stink. I should be happy with this - for now.

She asked, "How does that feel, Son? Better?"

"Mom, it feels so good. You know, I was just chuckling at your happy sigh, but I feel the same. I feel this sense of... peace... looking at your topless body. The way your tits are undulating back and forth in such a sexy manner, while your whole body sways forward and back in time to your stroking... Man! This is bliss. Things are really stressful at school right now, but at home, everything is so delightfully straightforward. Like that." He chuckled, because even as she continued to stroke, she was already bending forward and licking around his cockhead.

Suzanne coughed. "Susan, we do want him to be able to think."

"Oh, poo!" With the greatest reluctance, Susan reverted to merely blowing air all around his cockhead.

But Suzanne coughed again. She knew Susan's tongue would be back out to play in less than a minute, if she kept her face that close.

Susan reluctantly pulled back, but kept up a very skilled cock stroking.

Alan sighed happily. "You really are too wonderful and too good to me, Mom. So beautiful, so physically perfect in every way. I swear, you're twenty years old, tops, and your waist is impossibly thin. And those enormous tits!" He would have gone on with his praise, but he knew Katherine was sensitive about the breast size issue. He abruptly changed the topic. "So where was I?"

But before he could say more, the sound of loud slurping filled the room.

Suzanne coughed again, because she realized where that noise was coming from: Susan had suddenly engulfed Alan's cockhead and was steadily bobbing on it.

Susan pulled back in response to Suzanne's cough, but she merely went from sucking on Alan's cock to licking it. She protested as she licked, "I'm sorry, but I can't stop! With compliments like that, how can I resist? Come on. Please can't I at least lick it? I promise I'll be good."

Feeling naughty, Alan decided to throw fuel to the fire. "Oh yeah. Did I mention that, today at school, I had four cheerleaders stroke my dick while a fifth licked it?"

Amy proudly proclaimed, "I was one of 'em!"

Even Suzanne was impressed by his claim, especially since she could tell it was true. She muttered, "Holy shit!"

Susan gasped loudly. "Good Lord! This wonderful cock demands service! It NEEDS my lips and tongue! I'm sorry, but I'm claiming special Mommy privileges!" She engulfed his cockhead again and bobbed with even more love and passion.

Suzanne rolled her eyes, and lightly chuckled. "Fine, since there's no stopping you anyway. But please, once you calm down, just lightly lick so the poor boy can still talk, at least!"

Susan thought while she sucked, THANK YOU, Suzanne! You're the best 'best friend' ever! I'm glad you understand that I just can't resist! FIVE cheerleaders working on his cock all at once?! Oooh! I would squeal like a stuck pig if my mouth wasn't so jam-packed with cock-meat! MMMM! Tiger, let me reward you. A powerful cock that's tamed the entire cheerleading squad deserves to be rewarded! I've been thinking all day about so many tricks and moves to use on you. Like this one.

She took advantage of the fact that she was wearing blue jeans, because she'd stored a breath mint in a pocket. She furtively took it out and slipped it into her mouth, then resumed her favorite corkscrew-bobbing style.

Suzanne turned to Alan. "And don't mention another word about all those cheerleader tongues and fingers, or an orgy is gonna break out. Heck, we'd probably end up reenacting whatever the hell happened to you."

Alan's eyes bugged out like a comic-book character in response to the sudden cool, tingly feeling on his erection.

Katherine practically jumped out of her seat in response to Suzanne's comment. "Ooooh! What a GREAT idea!"

Then Amy did jump out of her seat. "Ooooh! I second that! Let's TOTALLY do that!"

Suzanne gave the girls a chagrined look. "Calm down, you two. First, we HAVE to find out what happened. This is serious. Sweetie, are you okay?"

She said that because his eyes were still as wide as saucers and his hands were clutched into fists. Suzanne had used a breath mint on him before, but it had been a long while, and he'd been taken by complete surprise. To make matters worse, or better depending on one's point of view, Susan was using the tip of her tongue to rub the mint up and down the inner side of his shaft, repeatedly touching his sweet spot with it. it felt so intense that he wanted to scream.

After a long pause, he managed to calm himself, more or less. He said, "I'm good. Just a little... uh... surprised... by your, uh, reenactment suggestion."

Suzanne eyed him critically. She strongly suspected that it was something Susan was doing with her mouth that was driving him wild, but it was only a hunch since she couldn't tell for certain what was going on in there.

Susan realized she needed to take it easy on him or Suzanne would get too suspicious and bring an early end to her fun. So she slowed her sucking and was more sparing with the mint contact.

That in turn allowed Alan to calm down enough to talk more freely. He proceeded to narrate what had happened at school with the football players, despite Susan's continued blowjob efforts.

From time to time, Amy and Katherine added tidbits of their own. For instance, Katherine related the gist of her conversation with Christine, minus her fantasies of getting Christine to join the harem. She wasn't sure whether Alan would like those fantasies and she didn't want to know it if he didn't approve.

Amy added some details that surprised even Alan. She explained, "I really have to apologize, guys. At lunch, these guys came up to me when I was at my locker and started talking to me. As usual, they were only there to ogle. I played dumb as usual, since that's what's expected of me. But I recognized some of them and I realized they were a bunch of football players. I thought, 'A-ha! Here's one of those times when my airhead act can pay off. I'll play it really dumb and slutty with these guys and see if I can figure something out that'll help my lover."

Alan interrupted, a bit concerned. "What do you mean by 'slutty'?" He was slumped down and feeling increasingly relaxed since Susan had lubed up most of his shaft with some kind of edible oil and was slowly sliding her hands all over it. She also continued to alternately blow and lick on the cockhead.

Amy explained, "Oh, you know. The usual. Bending forward, stretching, pretending to drop something so I can bend over. That kind of thing." She demonstrated as she continued to talk, twisting her naked body this way and that.

Alan found Amy's movements, plus the way Susan's hands and tongue were gently making love to his cock, extremely distracting. When Amy walked over to where he sat and then bent over to touch her toes so her ass was practically next to the kneeling Susan's face, he was forced to squeeze his PC muscle a few times before Amy stood up again.


As Amy bent over a chair, she exclaimed, "This is FUN! It's totally way more fun doing it naked and with my Official Boyfriend watching. I swear I can actually see him clenching his PC thingy whenever I strike a sexy pose!"

"You probably can," he groaned as he was forced to use his PC muscle yet again.

Amy struck another pose, raising her arms high above her head. "I wonder if I can make Brother cum just from standing here. Well, that and Mom's hot lips and busy tongue, of course." She giggled.

Susan seemed to want to rise to the occasion. She'd been taking it relatively easy on him due to the serious conversation, and her breath mint had melted away. But now she tightened her lip-lock and bobbed with great suction. At the same time, she stroked the rest of his shaft and fondled his balls for good measure.

Suzanne growled at Amy, "Less preening, more explaining."

"M'kay." Amy continued to talk, even as she struck another alluring pose, proudly flaunting her gorgeous naked body. "I wouldn't ever actually let any of those guys touch me, but I've found that after some flirting like that all their blood runs from their heads to their groins and they're way more likely to say stupid stuff. And then I act all, 'I'm so, like, totally eager to meet with you alone, but can't you answer this one silly question first?'"

She bent over right in front of Alan, causing her tits to dangle down and sway in a very delightful way.

Alan groaned with almost painful arousal. He could easily imagine Amy bending over with a top on, but still showing off a massive amount of cleavage to the guys at school. He pushed Susan's mouth off his dick, which allowed him to narrowly avert an orgasmic crisis.

Staying frozen in that position, Amy fluttered her eyelids as if she was the epitome of innocence. "It works! With these guys, I made it clear that I liked to be really friendly with guys who didn't want to hurt you but not at all friendly with your enemies. They fell all over each other trying to tell me what good friends they were with you. I'll bet you don't even know the names of most of 'em!" She giggled.

"So what good does that do?" Alan asked between heavy breaths. He was very cognizant of the fact that his mother was still holding his shaft with one hand. "You're putting yourself at risk and damaging your reputation, and for what?"

"Well, I'm not damaging my reputation. These guys already seem to think I'm some kind of gang bang queen or something. There's been a lot of strong and nasty rumors about me lately and I don't know why people are being so mean. But anyhoo-"

Suddenly, Suzanne barked out like an army officer, "Susan! Stop that! He pushed you away, like, ten seconds ago!"

Everyone looked at Susan. True, she was only jacking Alan off at the moment. But she'd been coming at his crotch from the side, and now she'd moved so she was kneeling between his legs. Obviously, she was getting into position for some serious titfucking and cocksucking. She looked so much like a kid who'd been caught with a hand in the cookie jar that it was quite comical.


"Oh, poo!" she pouted. However, she didn't move, or even let go.

In fact, as she resumed stroking she looked up at her son and winked. She whispered, "Don't mind me; you'll hardly even notice I'm here."

He snorted mirthfully at that.

She continued whispering, "No, really. I promise I'll be good. Just a little bit of stroking. See how I'm only using one hand? And maybe... maybe... Goodness gracious! This big cock, it needs big service! Maybe I'll just blow a little bit of air on the tip..."

Alan knew what that would lead to, so he said in a chastening tone, "Mooom..."

"I'm sorry. It's just that kneeling between your legs gets me so hot! Of course it would be better if I were wearing nothing but high heels, but the main thing is the idea. I'm here to serve! Even during a serious conversation like this, your powerful cock demands quality service!"

Suzanne groaned. "Letting you do that was NOT a good idea."

Alan figured that if she changed to a less provocative position, she might be able to stop herself from getting too excited. So, before Suzanne put a stop to things altogether, he suggested, "I'll tell you what, Mom. I'll scoot over and you can sit next to me."

Susan reluctantly got up and sat down on the sofa next to her son. Then, after taking off the rest of her clothes, she resumed a steady stroking motion on her favorite body part in the whole world.

She whispered in his ear, "Suzanne's such a meanie. She doesn't understand. She doesn't realize the supreme importance of keeping your stiffy, well... wonderfully stiff! She doesn't understand how good it feels to run my tongue-"


Suddenly, Suzanne stood up. "I do understand! I can hear your whispering. You think I don't have a libido? You think I'm not affected watching you stroke and lick Sweetie's fat stick while your huge bare tits bounce all over the place? And now you're naked while I'm fully clothed. I'm tired of having to always be the one to say 'no' around here. In fact, it's time that I get to play around for once! I'm claiming special 'Mommy privileges' too. Susan, you're banned to the other sofa for the rest of this discussion!"

Susan pouted, but she sat back as Suzanne took off her own clothes. Susan fidgeted unhappily as Suzanne began licking her son's erection in such a way that everyone had a good view of the action. Suzanne was being a bit spiteful, letting Susan see exactly what she was missing out on. In fact, as Suzanne took Susan's favorite position, kneeling between Alan's legs, she turned to Susan and said, "And, in case you didn't notice, I AM wearing high heels." She stuck out her tongue.

Amy was about to resume speaking, but Alan could see that Susan was feeling hurt. So, even as Suzanne engulfed his cock and started steadily bobbing on it, he said, "Wait a sec. Now I'm claiming 'special Son privileges,' whatever that means. Mom, sit next to me and I'll play with your tits while we talk."

"Okay!" Susan happily agreed.

Then Katherine complained, "What about me? I'm being left out, as usual."

"Come sit on the other side of me," he suggested, "and we'll cuddle."

That made her happy too. She took off the last of her clothes, leaving only Alan wearing anything, as he still had his T-shirt on.

Alan shook his head in wonder. To think: this is how we conduct serious discussions around here now! It's so typical of Amy that she doesn't demand anything. She's awesome.

Once everyone was settled, Amy continued, "Anyhoo, I was explaining how I was talking to those guys. I pointed out to them that not all the football players could be friends with Alan, and I asked them to name some names. But they were so dumb! It was soooo obvious that these were some of the guys who hated you 'cos if nothing else, if they were your friends why would they be hitting on your girlfriend? They told me the names of most of the guys on the team who are NOT out to get you, I think. They even named Brad, my own brother, as one of your enemies! Isn't that weird?! And I got all of the names of the guys trying to chat me up, so I think that's worth something, too. I remembered just about everything and wrote it all down during my next class. I thought I was doing pretty good!"

Amy was still standing, but frowning now, "So then one of them invites me to meet with Ryan after school. What was the name of the guy who invited me? Oh yeah - Jake. He's one of the evil ones, I think. He just LOOKS bad, you know? So I thought, 'Ho ho! I'm Amy the super sleuth! I'm gonna crack this case on my own and then everyone will be so proud and happy! I'll go meet with this Ryan and REALLY work the dumb airhead angle and finger all the bad guys.'"

"So wait," Alan interjected, trying to not let Suzanne's stroking and bobbing get to him. "When I found you in the locker room you seemed completely clueless and had no idea who Ryan was. You're telling me that's not true?" He casually twirled his fingers around Susan's nearest nipple as he spoke.


Amy giggled. "Uh-oh! Even my boyfriend brother still thinks I'm an airhead. Don't be silly! I'm not a total dummy! I kinda didn't want to tell you everything at the time 'cos I thought you might not let me go. I figured with Brad as my backup, I'd be okay. I had to play dumb until the whole thing was over. I did figure out some things, like Ryan is obviously a bad guy, and he's got about three guys who were lookouts at the gym and I got their names and they're bad guys too. But I couldn't get much out of Ryan. He just treated me like a dummy and showed me some pictures out of some stupid book. Then he said he drew them himself. What a lame-o. I wanna say sorry to you and to everybody 'cos I guess it was pretty dumb of me to try to do everything on my own. But I wanted to be the big heroine!"

Alan, recalling Katherine's confession from the night before, shot his brown-haired sister a frustrated look. "There seems to be a lot of that going around. Look, I appreciate all the help, but we've got to stick together. We've got to have complete and honest communication with each other, otherwise we're sunk. Is that clear?" He looked particularly at Amy and Katherine.

"M'kay," Amy said. She looked rueful and disappointed in herself.

The conversation continued, with Alan doing most of the explaining.

Suzanne used the opportunity to show Susan how penis tending was "properly" done. She carefully kept Alan constantly and wonderfully aroused, but not so out of his head horny that he couldn't continue to clearly think and talk.

Alan acted a lot more confident than he felt. While he didn't leave out any important facts, he consistently acted as though everything was under control and that it was just a matter of time before the football player plot imploded. He did fail to mention the pessimistic conclusions drawn at the ice cream store. Since Amy was at the store too she must have realized the omission, but she didn't say anything.

He was pleasantly surprised at how well the news went over, generally speaking. He realized that that was mostly because his sisters and mothers now had such a high impression of him. The general feeling was, if he wasn't worried, then they shouldn't be too worried either. But the truth was, he was very worried. He wondered if he was doing the right thing by keeping his pessimistic thoughts to himself, especially since he'd just lectured about the importance of complete honesty.

The only major problem appeared to be Susan's reaction. She grew increasingly agitated as the discussion went on, and everyone had to spend considerable time saying things to calm her (in fact, one reason the others took it better than usual was because they realized that if they got upset it only would fuel her reactions).

To Suzanne's great annoyance, she was eventually forced to let Susan resume penis tending duties, since everyone knew how much that always pacified and pleased her. Suzanne was especially annoyed because she'd been nibbling, licking, and suckling Alan's pulsing boner for nearly twenty minutes, hoping to be rewarded with a creamy cum load once the discussion ended.

But even that wasn't enough to keep Susan calm. The bombshell mother kept saying things like, "Those beasts! How DARE they!" and "No one makes threats like that to my son, no one!" At one point, everyone had to laugh because she said with righteous indignation as her hand stroked up and down, "Why, I'm so beside myself with anger that I can hardly even concentrate on jacking off my own son! And that's just WRONG! Sorry, Tiger."

Near the end of the half-hour discussion, she started to make some not-so-thinly veiled suggestions that she was going to do something drastic. With an increasingly grim and fierce look on her face and her free hand balled up into a fist, she said in a low and cutting voice, "They will all rue the day they messed with the Plummer family!" She added a short time later, "I may just be an old woman, but I'm not too old to kick some ass!" Sometimes, she felt so agitated that she honestly could barely focus on her handjob.

Luckily, Suzanne said, "Susan, we all feel like you do. But look what happened with Angel yesterday and Amy today when they went charging into a situation all worked up. We can't make that mistake again. Partly, Sweetie needs to deal with this on his own, his way, but you and I can also secretly help behind the scenes. While he's been talking, I've been thinking up a new scheme. It's a different way we can get back at these guys on top of whatever he may conjure up. You know how much I love scheming; I can hardly wait to get started! But this time it's something I can really use your help with."

Susan was so excited about that that she stood up eagerly and started pacing around. "Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Let's do it! Does it involve violence?" She asked this last question with an obvious eagerness for action.

Suzanne chuckled. "No. You know me, I prefer subtlety. It's better that way and less risky for your children - our children - in the long run. And you do want them safe, don't you? So sit down and relax. Try some cocksucking for a while, since that always calms you down. False modesty aside, keep in mind that we five in this room are not only an exceptionally good looking bunch, we're also quite smart. Our enemies on the other hand have room temperature IQ's. It's just a question of how badly they're going to get beaten." She gave Susan an encouraging wink.

But to everyone's surprise, Susan replied, "I can't! I'm just too worked up. What those boys want to do to my son is an outrage!" She still paced around.

Alan couldn't believe his ears. "Mom, you're too upset to suck cock?"

"I KNOW!" She protested in disbelief, and gave him an apologetic frown. "It's terrible! When I think of those brutes hurting you, I-"

All of a sudden he barked, "Mom! Attention!"

Susan froze.

"Chest out! Head up! Arms back!"


She immediately complied with each command as soon as the words left his mouth.

He didn't like to use the "master" card, since he didn't really think of himself that way, but he saw that as the easiest way of calming her down. He asked her, "Now, who's your master?"

"You are."

"And who's my big-titted sex slave mommy?"

She grinned from ear to ear, and visibly relaxed, even as she kept her proudly thrust out position. "I am!"

"And whose son had five sexy cheerleaders simultaneously serving his cock today during lunch?"

Susan somehow stiffened up even more with pride. "MY son!" She thought, Gaawwwd, I can't wait to hear more about that! And then I'm gonna describe every last lick and stroke to Brenda! And then tomorrow to Suzanne too. What a perfect life!

He prodded, "And what do naked, big-titted mommies do with their mouths when they see their son has an erection?"

She glanced over at his crotch and noticed that his dick was only half-erect. She licked her lips, but also frowned with worry.

He added, with private amusement, "Or when he's possibly mulling over the idea of maybe having an erection at some point in the near future."

She smiled joyfully at that. "Why, everybody knows that it's a good mommy's duty to take her son's cock, in whatever state it's in, and lovingly rub it all over her face, and kiss it, and adore it, and lick it, and generally make it feel all better! Then, so help me God, there's nothing better on Earth than taking that yummy cock and stuffing it in my mouth, er, I mean her mouth, and sucking and licking and stroking it with all her abilities, because she loves you so much!"

His penis was already starting to fully engorge. "So, when I tell you that everything's under control and that you can suck my cock without worry, what are you going to do?"

Susan immediately dropped down and happily knelt between Alan's legs. Beaming with pleasure, she held his shaft with both hands, and asked, "Son, thanks for straightening me out, and showing me my place. Again. Which, of course, is naked between your legs, with your cock in my mouth. Serving! Good God! Being an incestuous harem slave mommy is the absolute BEST! Are you close to cumming?"

"Um, I'm not that close. Even though you and Mother have been stroking and licking it so long, I've had a nice strategic break these past few minutes. I even went flaccid for a minute there. Besides, I'm still in a pretty mellow mood. So please go ahead and do your mommy duty."

He said that last bit with his tongue firmly in cheek, but she didn't take it that way. "Thank you! This'll soothe my ruffled feathers for sure. This IS my mommy duty! It's what good mommies do!" She bent forward and suckled contentedly on his erection, treating it like a pacifier (while still using talented licking moves all over his sweet spot). She was feeling a very nice erotic buzz, but at the same time it was clear she was still somewhat troubled and antsy.

Suzanne was looking on, along with the others, and commented to no one in particular, "You know, as annoying as it is that Susan gets his cock most of the time, I can't really get mad at her. She's just so inspired."

"Not to mention hot!" Katherine added. "Look at that ass. And those tits! I'd KILL for tits like that. Look at 'em sway in time to her bobbing. She's really working it. She even moves her shoulders and grinds her hips as part of some kind of rhythmic groove all over her body. That's how you can tell when she's really into it."

"Actually, she does that pretty much all the time when she's sucking him, I've noticed," Suzanne pointed out.

"True," Katherine conceded. "But I'm talking about an extra sexy wiggly groove. Like, it's as if she's sitting on his fat cock and churning her hips all over it. THAT'S when she's really hot. That, and her 'mmmm' noises."

"Yeah!" Amy added. "She's totally super duper double hot! I just hope my boobs keep growing until they're THAT big."

Suzanne commented, "Well, you do have my genes, Honey Pie, so who knows, you just might. Anyway, can we get back to the topic at hand? What were we even talking about?" She shook her head, trying to tear her eyes away from staring at Susan's busy lips. "Hello? ... Over here, people!"


Still getting no reaction, Suzanne stood up and started preening and posing in the same way Amy had been a few minutes earlier. "Sweetie? Look at me. Yoo-hoo! Are you forgetting about your Aunt Suzy?"

Alan did finally look her way, but Suzanne was so overcome by lust that she forgot about the discussion and started grooving in place. With her arms above her head, she bent deeply with her knees, swaying and gyrating to the music that only played in her head.

Alan was so transfixed by Suzanne's sexy dancing that even Susan somehow sensed his interest and pulled her head from his crotch to see what he was looking at. "Oh! Bonus!" Susan exclaimed. "Very good, Mother. Keep dancing like that. I can actually feel Tiger getting harder in my mouth!" She went right back to her happy slurping.

"No," Suzanne complained, confused. "I was doing this for... Why was I doing this? ... Weren't we talking about something?" She reluctantly stopped her grooving.

Thankfully, Amy remembered the discussion, and got it rolling again.

Alan did manage to make a few more verbal points, but not for long. His explanation wound down as he grew too distracted by the increasingly good feelings caused by Susan's mouth. In fact, everyone was severely distracted, including Suzanne. But in the end he managed to say everything that needed saying.


After Alan was done talking, Suzanne got up and started to make a little speech about the importance of getting the household back on track with reality. But her nude audience was still distracted. She soon wound up complaining, "Come on, people! Focus! Do I need to dance again to get you to hear me? We can't really discuss ANYthing with everyone naked and horny. Step one, I want everyone to go put some clothes on. That includes me. Even you, Amy."

"Awww," Amy groaned. But Suzanne finally used her voice that indicated she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer, so that was the extent of Amy's dissent.

Susan also showed little resistance, except to ask, "Can I still suck on Alan Junior?"

"Yes, but only after you put on enough clothes to be at least somewhat presentable - as if you were going outside."

"Oh, poo!" But Susan complied, rushing to the underwear cabinet like everyone else but Alan.

A couple of minutes later, the group was fully dressed, but in the exact same positions as before, with Susan happily slurping her way up and down Alan's thick pole some more.

Suzanne stood up and started to give her speech. However, it quickly became clear that Alan was only paying half-attention, at best. Now that he didn't have to speak, he was luxuriating in Susan's oral affections more and more.

Furthermore, Susan was getting more into giving the blowjob with each passing minute. She started up her usual loud "Mmmm!" noises, which indicated she was cumming or close to it.

While the other women had quickly thrown on the first clothes they could find, Suzanne had taken the time to dress to the nines. She'd even put on stockings and garters. She'd hoped that she could fully capture Alan's attention with her sexy clothes, but she soon realized that no clothes could compete with Susan's talented mouth. She preened and posed, flipping her curly dark red hair around, but that didn't help. Soon, she stomped her foot impatiently, but that even that failed to get a response.

She tried appealing to Susan instead. "Susan, I know you love sucking your son's cock. I know you love to spend hours just running your tongue around and around his fat cockhead, diddling your clit while you coax that yummy pre-cum out of the tip with all kinds of talented moves..."

"Mmmm!" Susan replied, as she ostentatiously licked Alan's erection from the top of its head down to his pubic hair, and then back again. And again. She made sure his leg was out of the way so Suzanne could have a clear view - she was getting some mild payback for Suzanne's possessive taunting earlier.

Suzanne licked her lips and furrowed her brow in longing and frustration. "Yessss... Lick that fat cock... Drench it with your saliva as you slurp and slather from his balls up to..." Then she caught herself. "Shit. Now you've got ME completely distracted! Susan, can't you please stop?!"

Susan seriously contemplated that, tested her resolve, and found it wanting. She shook her head 'no', even as she used that movement to help wiggle her tongue back and forth over Alan's sweet spot.

However, Amy suggested, "Mother, if you want his attention, you can't just stand there all frumpy like you're going to the Old Fogey Grandma Convention. Loosen up. Get naked!"

Suzanne sighed and acted all put out. As she opened up her top to reveal her stunning pale cleavage, she groaned with great disappointment, "Very well." But in fact, she was as delighted as anyone to strip. She was a natural show off and cock tease.

Katherine commented as she pulled her top off, "Mother, sorry, but wearing clothes is for other families. It doesn't work for us. Did you see how Amy's been squirming in discomfort? Heck, even I was chafing. Face it: we're hypersexual, and we love it." She bent over to where Susan was kneeling between Alan's legs. "Here, Mom." She helped Susan take her top all the way off without having to let go of Alan's pole.

"Thank you, Angel," Susan said as shook her rack in triumph. Then she tried to wiggle out of her skirt with one hand. "You're so sweet."

Suzanne sighed in response to Katherine's comments. "You're right. To be honest, I think we probably do pay attention just as much either way." She started to take her clothes off, but in an outrageously sexy manner. "It's just that I've been thrown into the 'responsible one' role by default, and it seemed like the responsible thing to suggest." She twirled her satin blouse on the tip of her finger, like a professional striptease, and then flung it across the room.

Alan chuckled at the disparity between her sultry striptease dance and her talk of responsibility. His enjoyment was greatly heightened by the way Susan was bobbing steadily up and down his dick.


So, now bouncing and constantly moving about, Suzanne continued to talk with much greater success. She hammed it up like a comedian, delivering her speech with extravagant gestures and movements, which of course constantly jiggled her impressive assets enticingly, but she nonetheless managed to convey everything she needed to say while being very entertaining at the same time.

But she managed to get a serious message across. She laid out a system of rewards and punishments that she'd worked out in her mind earlier in the day. She particularly emphasized the need for Alan to do his homework and for everyone else to help with this. The family members who failed to help out would be denied access to Alan's body for varying lengths of time, depending on what they did or didn't do. It was more than a bit ironic that Suzanne spoke about the need to cool down even while Susan was cocksucking Alan as if her life depended on it, but no one seemed to notice the contradiction.

Alan told the others, "I completely agree. Totally! I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get my homework done. To be honest, I think rewards and punishments is not only a good idea, it's necessary. I'm still a teenager. I'm just not that responsible yet. If I have a choice between sexy fun and buckling down to do my math homework, I'm going to take the sexy fun every time."

Susan pulled her lips off his cockhead to say, "Son, that's what stealth stroking and stealth sucking are for. You can have your cake and eat it too."

Katherine quipped, "Mom, it's more like you can have your cock and suck it too."

Susan was already back to licking Alan's sweet spot. Katherine's comment caused her to groan erotically, "MMMM! Yesss..." Then she engulfed Alan's cockhead once more and resumed her bobbing.

Alan moaned lustily as a surge of pleasure washed through his body. He clutched tightly at the sides of Susan's head until the surge passed. Then he said, "Nice idea in theory, but in practice the jury is still out. How am I supposed to concentrate with THIS going on?!" He nodded down at Susan's bobbing head. "Or this?" He directed his gaze at Suzanne standing in a seductive pose in front of him.

He added, "That's why I need help. I need someone to crack the whip at me. At least through the rest of this semester, so the colleges I'm applying to won't see my grades dip."

He thought, Truth be told, all this sex has got me worn out. I mean, even as I sit here, Mom is giving me a great blowjob. Who can complain about that? It feels fantastic! But just the same, I feel a crash coming on in a big way. I actually look forward to getting back in touch with the old me for a while and doing something intellectual. But if I said that out loud, it would probably cause a commotion, and that's the last thing I need right now. I feel better at least that Aunt Suzy is on the case. She takes care of me as well as Mom does, though of course in her own way.

He said, "Speaking of which, a major disaster was averted today."

Still posing provocatively, Suzanne asked, "And what was that?"

He sighed. "Mom, hold on for a second so I can think and talk, okay? At least revert to just licking."

She nodded. Then she pulled her lips off. But the licking was only a tiny bit less arousing, since she concentrated intently on his sweet spot.

Luckily, he was getting used to speaking in such situations, so he said, "Today, by chance, Christine happened to ask me if I'd finished my application to UC Berkeley. I told her I hadn't. Then she told me that it's due at the end of the month! This Saturday night!"

Suzanne stopped her posing and gave him a serious look that showed her concern.

Even Susan stopped her licking and looked up. She said, "But Son, if you don't get that done on time, you won't get in, and then we won't be able to move to Berkeley together!"

He sighed. "Tell me about it. That's why I said a major disaster was averted. All the other college applications are due on January first or right around there. I don't know why Berkeley does it so differently. Thank God for Christine! I WAS going to work on my applications some this Thanksgiving break, so I probably would have caught it at the last minute. But then again, maybe I wouldn't have, if I kept getting distracted with sex, sex, and more sex. This is a perfect example of why I need guidance, and even a strong hand making sure I stay on the right path."

He stared directly at Suzanne as he said that, and not just because she was the one right in front of him. He wanted her to get the message that he was counting on her most of all.

Suzanne did get the message, so she nodded firmly. "You need to get that application done right away! Don't wait until Saturday night and then rush to the post office at the last minute. You getting into Berkeley is pivotal for all of us!"

He griped, sadly, "I know! I know! I feel shitty for nearly blowing it. Luckily, there's not much to be done. The big thing to do is the essay, and I wrote that and some other application essays back in August when I was being studious and responsible. Thank God for that! I figure I'm going to go take a nap now, 'cos I really need it. But when I wake up, I'll just power through getting the application done."

He looked down at Susan, who was lapping on his sweet spot again. "No distractions. No stealth blowjobs, or even stealth handjobs. I figure I can power through getting this done in about two hours. I'm not going to join the poke-her party until it's finished."

Suzanne said, "That's smart. Heck, I'm not going to let you join the party until it's complete. I won't be able to rest easy until I know that application has been mailed."

Susan looked up at Alan as she kept on licking. "Me too. Son, we're trying not to talk to you about it, to avoid putting more pressure on you, but we're all getting excited about this Berkeley idea. Brenda's already told me that she'd be willing to consider moving up there with us, with Adrian and Anika too."

Amy was surprisingly stern when she told Alan, "Please, don't blow it! I'm totally counting on going to the CCA in Oakland. That's, like, my big dream!"

Alan nodded with determination. "Don't worry, I'm not going to let you down. Disaster HAS been averted. There's no way in hell I'm going to fail to get the application done in time now. Everything is going to be all right. Let's consider this a welcome wake-up call, and learn from it. All this sex is great, but we can't let everything else fall apart."

The women all nodded in agreement.

He looked around and was comforted by all the love and care he felt from the others. I'm not worthy of all this. I'm really not. Nobody is. But even so, I'll have to try harder to at least be as worthy as I can.

He said, "If you'll excuse me, Mom, I need to stand up. It's time I take that nap."

Susan reluctantly stopped licking his cock, giving it a couple of loving farewell kisses before pulling away.

But he wasn't free to go to his nap just yet, because he had to properly kiss each woman good-bye.

Susan stood up with him, so she was the first to kiss him. As usually was the case with Susan, it was less of a kiss and more of her rubbing her naked body all over him, like a cat going wild on a scratching post. She asked with frustration as she tried to pull his T-shirt up in the middle of all that writhing, "Why do you have to wear a stupid shirt all the time? I want to feel skin on skin!"

He seriously considered that. "I dunno. I guess it gives me a bit of a thrill to be clothed, at least somewhat, while the rest of you are completely naked."

"Oooh! I like that answer!" Susan said as she grasped his cock and resumed stroking it. "But let me pull it up to your shoulders at least, so I can rub my big titties all over your chest. I put some oil on them earlier, and your dick too. Did you notice?"

"I did." He pulled his shirt off all the way, just to make sure it would stay free of the oil. He gleefully tossed it aside.

Katherine said, "Hey, Mom, you're being a cock hog, as usual. Remember that Bible quote you love about how we need to be 'cheerful givers.'"

Susan said, "Oh dear me! Thanks for the reminder." She thought, It's true. The Bible actually tells us that not only do we need to freely share the pleasuring of Tiger's cock, "not reluctantly or under compulsion," but they we should do so with love, and with joy in our hearts, "for God loves a cheerful giver." How do I forget?

Katherine added, "You focus on the kissing and tit rubbing, and I'll take care of him down here." She knelt down in front of Alan and took his boner out of Susan's hand. Then, as she crammed it in her mouth, she pointed it straight down so her mother's body wouldn't bump into her head quite so much as she sucked.

Then Suzanne began kissing and necking with him for several minutes.

Katherine didn't stop her cocksucking, and even increased her suction and used her best tongue techniques. She could sense his resistance to more sexy fun was low.

Amy and Susan didn't want to just stand around, so they quickly joined in with cocksucking, ball licking, anal probing, and more.

Between kisses, Suzanne commented, "You know, Sweetie, I've grown used to your stamina, but the fact you haven't climaxed yet amazes me."

He replied, "It's funny. I'm close, so close, but it's gotten to the point where I feel like I can pretty much hold out forever. As long as I keep flexing my PC muscle, I'm good. The problem is when I get so carried away that I forget. Even if just for a few seconds, it's all over."

Finally, Suzanne pulled away and Amy took her place. Suzanne naturally replaced Amy down at Alan's crotch, but she got the least interesting spot since the other two were already hogging all of Alan's hard-on between them. She went around his backside and poked her head between his legs. Then she started playing with and suckling on the four breasts swaying in front of her, while also fingering Alan's ass crack and especially his anus.

As the kiss with Amy came to an end, Alan looked down at his two mothers and original sister. "This is nuts! I thought we were going to have a good-bye kiss or two, and it's turned into a standing orgy!"

Suzanne replied, even though she couldn't see his face since Amy had just resumed kissing him. "Sweetie, can't you see? We all love you so much. It's not just that we all love to suck your cock. Sure, that's part of it, but that's just one way we express our emotional love and support. Look at me; I'm sticking my finger in your butt hole as I say this. Does that feel good?"

"Dang! You know it does! Are you massaging my prostate? Is that why it feels so awesome?"

"Mmmm-hmmm..." Encouraged, Suzanne continued to stimulate him deep within his ass. "You're the man of the house. This is how it's going to be from now on, so don't look so surprised. We all love you and can't stand to see you stressed out."

He commented, "Gee, that sounds like something Mom would say." He closed his eyes and grunted loudly, because the sex attack on his cock and ass was too pleasurable to bear.

Suzanne responded, "I know, but it's true. And when I get really horny like this, all my hang-ups and pride and sense of fairness falls away. I'm left with a great sense of joy that I have a master! And not just any master, but you! The man I love!"

She buried her face in his ass crack and licked it while continuing to finger his anus. She did that partly because she was overcome by lust and his ass happened to be there. But also because she knew it was something few women were willing to do, and she wanted to symbolically show him that there was nothing she wouldn't do to make him happy.

The only problem was that it felt too good, especially when combined with the double blowjob he was getting on the front side. He suddenly cried out and practically doubled over. "Urrrggh! Hnnnggg! UGH! Aaaaiiiieeee!" He was fighting the urge to cum like it was a life and death matter.

All the women backed off to just let him breathe.

As they waited, Susan said to Suzanne, "I'm SO glad to hear you say what you just said. Sometimes I can't help shake the feeling that what we're doing is wrong, or at least terribly unfair."

Suzanne was surprised. "You still have doubts?"

"I do. Very rarely, usually when I'm all alone and far from all the sexual excitement. But hearing you say it's all for his good, that means the world to me."

Suzanne commented, "It IS terribly unfair, and most of the time that bugs the heck out of me. It rankles me that I have a master; it's like some kind of constant, dull ache. But when I get all horny like I am right now, not only do I not mind the unfairness, I actually LIKE it! I revel in it, even! Frankly, I don't understand why I feel that way. But I suppose that if one is going to have a master, you wouldn't want it to be some loser you could run circles around. No, you'd want him to be a mighty and impressive man, somehow worthy of his title. And even though Sweetie is young, he's proving his worthiness every day with all of the beautiful big-titted babes he's collected."

Alan thought, There's some circular reasoning going on here. I mean, it's like a bunch of women got together and decided to make me their master. Then they say I'm worthy of it because I have so many women. But they're the ones who made it all happen, what with their submissive ways and everything. I just kind of fell into it!

But hell, I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth!

Still, the comments made him feel good enough to stand up straight again, even though he hadn't had a proper strategic break.

Susan immediately clung to his leg once again. As she resumed licking his balls, she looked up at him and said, "Did you hear that, Tiger? Or should I say... Master? MMMM!" She was going to say more, but she got so horny that she went to town slobbering all over his boner instead.

Katherine also resumed running her fingers all over his dick and balls as well as licking his sweet spot together with Susan.

Suzanne was still looking at Alan's ass. She could hear all the joyous slurping and she wanted in on that, so she got up and washed her hands in the nearby bathroom, since she'd had a finger up his anus. She quickly returned, and knelt down in front of him. "Um, gals, could you move over and give me some room?"

They repositioned so Suzanne could lick his erection too. Katherine sat up high on her knees and then bent over, causing her hair to swirl down over his crotch. But Suzanne and Susan pushed it away so they could see what they were licking.

When Amy ended their next French kiss, he replied, "I hear what you're saying, but a part of me can't believe it, and will never believe it. I just can't get over your love. I love you all so much too! Even if you were the most hideously ugly creatures on Earth, I would love you all up for your big hearts."


Katherine stopped her cock licking long enough to say in a sexy voice, "I know, but it doesn't hurt that we're all so sexy and fuckable, does it? Number One Fuck Toy reporting for duty, sir!" She gave a mock salute and dove back in to the cock licking and sucking feeding frenzy.

Amy simply said, "I love you!" and then went back to kissing his lips. She also did her best to imitate Susan's tit rubbing style, and even benefited from the layer of oil Susan had left on his chest.

Katherine had all of his cockhead and then some in her mouth, and she was bobbing up and down on it so fast it was like a blur.

Susan looked at that approvingly. "Good job, Angel! The good Lord knows that I love to see a well-tended cock!" Then she said to Suzanne while she continued to lick down by his balls, "One of us should finger his ass some more as well. Let's see if his PC muscle can handle all THAT!" She chuckled with glee, even as her hand snaked between his legs in search of his anus.

But Alan knew that as soon as Susan found his prostate, he was a goner. He fought to disengage himself, and even pushed Amy back a bit so he could free his mouth to talk. "Hold on, y'all. Hold on! I love you all up, but if I cum again I think my dick is going to be seriously damaged. I'm not kidding. It feels weird. I know the signs. I really, really do need to take a nap right now or I'm going to collapse right here. Not only that, I need to save something for the poke-her party or I'm going to embarrass myself in front of everybody."

There was a big collective "Awwww" of disappointment. But they let him go after yet more good-bye kisses.


Alan went upstairs, but he wasn't exactly alone because Susan followed him to his room. She even held his hand the whole way there.

Alan was too tired to ask what she was doing, but was finally obliged to do so when he lay down on the bed and she sat down on it next to him. "What is it, Mom? I reaaaally am tired, so if you've got something to say you should make it quick." He was very aware of the fact that she was still buck naked, and he was too.

She hefted up her massive globes with both hands. "Don't worry, Tiger, it's not what you think. I know you're not up for a wild romp, as much as we'd both totally love that. But I've been saving my breast milk all day, just for you. My nipples are actually hurting and sore. Don't you want to have a little Mommy's milk before you drift off?"

He sighed with contentment. "You know I do. You're the best. It's like you can read my mind."

Susan sat on his bed with a great big smile plastered on her face.

He took one look at her and felt his erection spring back to life. He thought, I could see her like this ten thousand times and I'd still get hard as steel on the ten thousandth and first time. Dang! He said aloud, "Mom, you're a serious MILF."

"What's that mean, Tiger?" she asked as she continued to preen. She actually knew very well what it meant by now. Not only had Alan already called her that, but he'd even used the variation "MIGFS" - Mother I'm Gonna Fuck Soon. But she played dumb because this was the kind of thing she loved hearing him talk about.

She stood back up and struck an extra sexy pose for him. She loved testing to see if she could get his dick hard enough to stand up straight on its own.


He explained, "That stands for 'Mother I'd Love to Fuck.'" With his mother standing naked before him, he completely forgot that he'd explained it to her before. 'People use that when talking about other people's mothers, but dang! You're my real mom. And I have not one but two mothers who look this good! Dang!"

Susan smiled even more. She pulled his sheets away, then sat naked on his bed while he lay naked on his side facing her. As she did this, she said, "You know, you're a SILTSAF."


"Son I Love to Suck and Fuck. And I hope you think I'm a serious MWBILSCDAFAKAAL, too."

Alan laughed, already having a rough idea where she was going with that. "What's that mean?"

"Mother Whose Breasts I'd Love to Suck Completely Dry And Fondle And Kiss All Afternoon Long." She cupped her breasts with both hands and said with urgency, "They need you now! Milk your MILF!"

"That sounds pretty good, I must admit." He raised himself up from where he lay so his head could rest against his mother's chest.

He brought his lips to one of his mother's nipples and began suckling away. He was astounded at the sheer quantity of milk that came out. Only a couple of days ago it had been nothing more than drops, but now it was a steady and delicious flow. He felt like a baby again. He felt relaxed and protected and loved. It felt great.

Susan could sense his relief and happiness. She held his erection and began stroking it, but she tried to keep it merely to a light teasing in order to keep his libido simmering. She explained, "Don't worry, I heard what you said downstairs. I'm not trying to make you cum; I just like holding it."

"And stroking it," he noted with a chuckle, since her fingers were already jacking him off at a good pace.

"That too," she gleefully admitted. But she pushed his head back to her nipple. "Less talking, more suckling. And don't be afraid to play with the other one... or the rest of me for that matter. Not too many sons have big-titted sex slave mommies, so you need to take full advantage."

His mouth was too occupied to reply, but he brought a finger straight down and into her pussy. He started pumping it in and out.

Susan thought, Aaaah! The life of a milky, busty, sex cow mommy! Hopefully, we'll make a frequent habit of this: he'll suckle my nipples and generally play with my naked body while I steadily jack him off. Or probably, it's more likely that one of his other many sex pets will suck his cock and I'll just stroke and fondle what I can. Then he'll drain my udders dry that way, even as we work as a team to drain him dry!

A couple of minutes later, after Alan had fingered her to a nice orgasm, Susan said while she kept on jacking him off, "Tiger, my love, I can tell that you were holding back downstairs as you were telling what happened. A mother knows her children and I can see you're more worried than you're letting on. What's wrong?"

He pulled away from a nipple to say, "Well, you're right. These football players do bother me, but that's not the main thing. It's just that I feel so overwhelmed. There's too much happening. It's like I have to deal with this latest threat while juggling six other plates in the air at the same time. I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep for a week, you know? I don't think I can handle this whole harem master thing. It's so stressful! Everybody looks up to me to lead, but I'm just an eighteen year old kid! I don't know what to do! Everyone has their own agendas, people clamoring for my attention, fighting against each other - it's just too much! I just want peace. I want to sleep."

Sleepy already, he closed his eyes and went back to sucking on a milk-filled nipple.

Susan stroked his hair tenderly with one hand while still lightly jacking his cock with the other. Her hand was mostly still, but she was endlessly rubbing two fingertips in a circle over his sweet spot. "Tiger, I hear you. I spend a lot of time thinking about you, and I have some idea how you must feel. But I have confidence in you. It's not just that you're such a sexual superstar, ready and able to fuck any big-titted woman into submission... because you are, and that's your calling. You can't go back to having only one woman or even being a virgin. Ha! Imagine that! You, a virgin!"

"I wassh, you know. Juss two monssth ago." His words were muffled and slurred because he didn't fully pull away from her nipple.

"I know! What two months they were. Ah, the joyful chains of sweet, sweet slavery!"

He looked up at her face to see if she was joking. She wasn't. She was gazing into the distance in fond reminiscence.

She turned her attention back to her fingers sliding up and down his pre-cum soaked shaft. "But more than your natural studliness, I believe in you because you're a good person, a smart person, and a caring and loving person. I'm so proud of you! You make my heart soar every time I see you. That's why I can't get enough of you sexually, because I love you so much!"

Alan smiled. He felt much better already from hearing these words. He disengaged from a nipple to speak clearly, though he continued to freely fondle her big tits. "Thanks, Mom. You know I love you too, more than I can ever say."

"I do!"

"You're like the wind in my sails. Every day, you inspire me to be a better person."

"Aaaah! That's so sweet!" She beamed and expertly rubbed his sweet spot so well that he had to wince as another surge of pleasure washed through him.

He recovered, and continued, "But still, I feel like what I've got is so unnatural, so forbidden by society. It's not just the incest; it's that everything I do can't be tolerated. Maybe I do need a kick in the ass. Maybe I do deserve to get the shit kicked out of me by the football players because I have completely upset the natural order of things in school and everywhere else I go. I should just take my beating, lick my wounds, and then that'll be one less thing to worry about. Let them take their pound of flesh so they're done with me, and then I'll stay under the radar for the rest of the year." His lips latched back on to the nipple.

"Nonsense!" She accidentally squeezed his dick too hard. "Oops, sorry, Tiger."

"That's okay."

She kept on stroking his erection rather gently, and launched back into her passionate mode of talking. "You stand up and fight! My son, I'm going to forget you said that and put that down to sheer exhaustion. The so-called natural order is what's messed up at school. Having bullies like that Ryan guy or bitches like Heather rule the school, you think that's right? That's complete balderdash! You deserve everything you get." She added ominously, "And they're going to get what's coming to them too."

But she quickly brightened, and said lustily, "The TRUE natural order is having your naked, busty mommy stroke and suck your cock all day long." That reminded her to revel in slowly sliding her fingers from the base of his shaft to the tip of his cockhead and back again several times. "Mmmm! Such a THICK, long cock!" She seemed to lose her train of thought, and repeatedly licked her lips.

He had to prod her, "Um, you were saying?"

"Oh, yes. Thank you, Tiger. Why? Why do you deserve a harem of busty beauties who long to serve you? Because you're a naturally superior alpha male who nonetheless has a caring heart and soul. For instance, when do you ever say a harsh word about anyone? Except of course for Heather, but she deserves it!" She laughed.

He started to protest, "Mom, I-"

But she cut him off. "Shush! We've all signed The Pact, and you have too, so don't you dare doubt it. You see the good in people and so you bring the goodness out in them. That's a rare gift, and one reason why women fall all over each other to get near you and long to be deeply fulfilled and filled by you. Deeply filled by you. Deeply... So hard and deep..."

Her eyes glazed over as she thought about that. But then her determination came back with renewed vigor, causing her to stroke him with renewed energy. "Stand tall! Fuck your mothers and sisters and the rest of your harem with pride! And with joy! You're my hero, and my studly superstar, and the love of my life. If anyone so much as lays a hand on you, they're going to PAY."

Susan said the word "pay" quietly, but with such feeling and cold-blooded resolve that Alan actually shivered.

But a contented smile quickly returned to her face. Among other things, she was enjoying the way his hand lazily caressed her unoccupied breast.

He was amazed at how quickly she could move from her Dr. Jekyll persona to her Mr. Hyde one and then back again.


He closed his eyes again and found himself growing sleepy all of a sudden. His mother's encouraging words, plus the flow of her warm milk into his mouth, plus the buzz caused by her continual slow stimulation of his erection, put all of his worries and responsibilities out of his mind. He felt better than he'd felt in days.

He wanted to continue as he was forever, but exhaustion finally got the best of him. He found himself slowly slipping down her lap until his head rested on a pillow she had thoughtfully put in just the right place.

As he slowly drifted off, Susan continued in a quieter voice while she kept right on jacking him off, "Tiger, my love, you have so much to give. Of course, one could measure your love by the many gallons of cum you deposit on and inside your busty conquests, but that's only the beginning of what you have to offer us. You not only fuck us into oblivion on a near daily basis, you truly love each and every one of us. For instance, I know that as much as you love Suzanne - and it's a huge amount - that doesn't diminish your love for me one bit. That's a really rare thing, and that's why you inspire such loyalty and even slavish devotion. So enjoy your harem without guilt. You deserve it."

Susan noticed that Alan was completely asleep now, yet her fingers continued to lightly circle on his sweet spot. She finally pulled her fingers off his dick, but thought, He's woken up to a blowjob or handjob lots of times already, but I'll bet that's the first time he's gone to sleep while getting stimulated. She chuckled to herself. Morning to night cock pleasuring service - a new first! Being his sex slave is so much fun!

But I swear, I get more pleasure out of it than he does. Like the way he fingered my pussy as he sucked my milk tanks dry. He gave me two orgasms, but really, the whole thing was one endless climax for me. And he makes me feel so proud! So loved!

She gingerly pulled herself away and then just as carefully pulled a sheet over his body. She looked down and felt so much love and concern for her child that she had to force herself not to cry. She kissed him lightly on the top of his head and then quietly left the room.

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