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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 110
Take It Easy
Day 73: Wednesday, November 27

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan woke from his nap feeling a lot better. All his problems at school seemed like they'd happened to someone else. He'd made a vow to turn over a new leaf with his school work, so he decided to get started right away. He figured that if he saw any of his women first, it would only lead to distractions.

His first task had to be completing his application to UC Berkeley. That had to be mailed before Saturday night, which was weeks before any of his other college applications were due. Since Berkeley was his top choice (of the colleges he had a reasonable chance of getting into), he didn't want to put that off until the very last minute. He already had most of the pieces he needed, including transcripts, test scores, and even an essay he'd written well in advance. Luckily, Berkeley didn't require teacher recommendations, so it was mostly just a matter of putting everything together and double checking. He figured he could finish in a couple of hours.

But before he could get started, he knew he had to deal with a few things. He thought, Right now, and for the past two hours already, Simone has been at Heather's house doing the devil knows what to her. I should give her a call and figure out what's going on. Maybe give her some direction on how to treat the queen bitch. The other cheerleaders have no clue or experience in sexually controlling Heather, but if anyone could help with that, who would be better than Simone?

But still, Simone should be punishing Heather to what purpose? With so much going on, I haven't really figured out what Heather's full punishment should be, how many days it should last, and so many other issues. It's extremely tricky with her. She's kind of like Brenda, where you have to be careful the punishment isn't seen as a reward.

He sat down at his computer desk and thought. The question is, the really big question is, what do I want from Heather right now?

The answer that leaps out is help with the football player crisis. For starters, she's literally slept with half the team. In fact, the more delinquent the player, the more likely she's already fucked him, so I bet she's fucked most of the guys who are out to get me. She is already supposed to be dividing the team, and I guess she's been having some success with that, but that doesn't really help me now. We're talking about one very closely-knit faction. Forget all the other players. We need to know how many people are in the faction that's after me, who they are exactly, and how they can be stopped.

Amy says she's got the names of a bunch of the plotters from her talk with a few of their teammates, but how can we be completely sure if the names she has are the bad guys or the good guys? Or maybe I should say the not so bad guys. Christine and her "Goody-goody" group seem to have almost no inroads with the really nasty players by virtue of their very own goody-goody nature and the players' nastiness. We're lucky one of Christine's friends is a sister to one of them or we probably wouldn't know anything at all. Heather, on the other hand, knows most of these guys inside and out. Or maybe I should say they know her inside and out, literally. But in any case, now that I think about it, during her first confession in the theater room she did tell me some about the football plot. Her gossip network seems to be all over it already!

So I've got to learn what she knows. But she's in a weak position with me now overall, so she's going to try to play hardball even more than usual to at least get back to the status quo. That means she'll want something big in return. Worse, what would I have to trade to her so she'll go the extra mile and actually talk to these guys directly and even seduce them? THAT'S what I need! Heather can seduce the football plotters one by one and get them to fall out of the plot, in return for promises of sex, or whatever else her sneaky mind can conjure up. Now, there's an idea! If anyone can do it, Heather's in the perfect position for that.

Or maybe not Heather directly - I don't want to get any diseases from those thugs. Plus, hell, let's admit it: I don't like the idea of sharing her with any other guy. But she could hook them up with some of her lapdog groupies easily enough. Yeah, that's much better. She manipulates them with rewards and punishments so well that it's not even funny. Hell, she's the one who brought me Simone in the first place as a "gift"!

The only problem is, she's going to try and get me to drop the rest of her punishment, whatever that might be, in return for what she knows is help I desperately need. Now, she has ME over a barrel! And if I can't successfully punish her this time, she's going to totally run amok with her crazy plots to get back at me and my lovers.


Alan pondered the situation a while longer, then picked up the telephone and called Heather's house. Heather's mother Helen answered the phone and soon yelled for Heather in her room. But to Alan's surprise, Simone was the one to pick up the cordless extension. He could also hear some reggae music playing in the background. The song was "Here Comes the Hotstepper" by Ini Kamoze, which happened to be Heather's favorite song at the moment.


Already having been told that Alan was the one calling, Simone was playful right off the bat. "Heather Morgan's residence. Heather is a bit tied up at the moment. How may I help you?" She cackled with glee.

Alan laughed. "Hi Simone. When you say Heather is tied up, I assume you mean that literally?"

Simone sounded surprised. "Oh goodness! It's Alan Plummer, the father of my child! How you doing, daddy? Yes, she is, how shall we say, 'fit to be tied' as it were? I like that expression. It works on so many levels. What's the occasion for this pleasant interruption? Let me guess: you want to discuss names for the baby. I was thinking Kunta Kinte if it's a boy and Nya Boto if it's a girl."

"Ha ha. Very cute." He recognized that name Kunta Kinte from Roots, the famous 1970's miniseries about slavery that had been assigned in their social studies class not that long ago. "In all seriousness, I need to talk to you at length about the Great Bitchy One."

As he was saying that, he heard a long drawn out moan through the phone line. He thought he recognized the sound. "Speak of the devil, are you STILL reaming out Heather's ass?"

"You bet!" Simone panted. "Does your new baby go goo?" She climbed up onto Heather's bed with the phone still in her hand.

Alan could hear the bedsprings creak as Simone resumed her position. "But it's been hours since you took her home!"

"And I'm still not tired of riding her rump yet. God dammit, the bitch can take it! It makes me so fucking HOT to fuck her like this, over and over and over again. I didn't think I'd get off on this quite so much, but DAMN!" Suddenly there was a loud slap of flesh hitting flesh followed by another groaning noise, this time more sustained, although somewhat muffled.

"What was that?" Alan asked.

"Oh, just a hard thrust that bottomed out in bitchslut butt. She likes it when I put all twelve of my inches into her. Yes, you do, don't you, bitchslut? That's why you keep cumming all over Mr. Simone, isn't it? Your mouth said you couldn't take any more, but your selfish butt just kept pushing back and back and back for more and more, didn't it?"

Alan listened to the sounds of Simone fucking Heather up the ass with her new strap-on and then remembered how he'd talked to Heather's mother on the phone briefly before being transferred to Simone. "Hey Simone, aren't you worried about Heather's parents hearing you?"


Simone was breathing heavily again, and Alan could only imagine what her hips were doing to Heather's backside. "Yeah, they've both come home from work, but that's never stopped us from continuing our sexual escapades before, so why should it now? I assume her dad is downstairs watching TV as usual and we're grooving to Bob Marley up here, so there's no way they can hear us screwing around in her bed. We're always careful to lock the door and have some music playing as safety precautions. Let me tell ya, the song 'Jammin'' takes on a whole new meaning when you're riding Heather with a strap-on!"

Simone laughed heartily. "Besides, there's no rest for the wicked just because the parental overunits are in the house, if you know what I mean. After all, there's an ass that needs to be punished here." There was a loud grunting noise. "Oooh yeah! You like that don't you?"

Alan faintly heard Heather whimpering and moaning again, but decided he needed to stop dilly-dallying. "Anyway Simone, I called you up for a reason. I didn't think you'd still be at it with Heather though."

"Well, spit it out already. I'm kinda busy here, in case you couldn't tell. Even though I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, I'd rather devote all of my attention to what I'm getting INTO here, if you catch my drift. So what's the occasion for this interruption of my pleasure?"

The song 'Exodus' could be heard in the background as the Bob Marley album 'Legend' was still playing. Simone ad-libbed her own words, "Exodus, movement of ja deel-do." Then she burst out laughing again, greatly amused with herself.

Alan laughed too, but then said, "In all seriousness, I need to talk to you at length about you know who."

Simone continued to pant and work her hips. She took her time getting around to answering Alan, but said between slightly labored breaths, "Ah yes. My favorite subject. Well, that and trying to decide on baby names."

"Simone! Cut it out!" Alan was in an all-business, no-sex mood, but Simone's pregnancy jokes were starting to arouse him a little, even as they annoyed him.

Simone laughed. "Let's see, let's see. I'm buck naked, in a house full of white folks with issues, and I'm still fucking their one and only child up the ASS and she's LOVING it, even though she's so exhausted from cumming for hours and hours by now that she can barely move. In fact, she's kinda gone a little pre-verbal right now, which is why you can't hear her complaining all that much at the moment. The pillow she's got her face smushed into helps quiet her down though. Oh, and I suppose the gag in her mouth doesn't help her much. She was way louder before her parents got home. Hmmm. this could be tricky. Now what were we talking about? Oh yes. Baby names."

"Nooooo," he admonished, his voice rising in a chiding tone, "we were talking about Heather, not babies."

"What, there's a difference?" Simone quipped.

"Touché. But seriously, I've got a problem. And we don't want certain people to overhear."

"Oh, shoot. Well, I suppose it's time for a break anyway. Smoke is starting to rise from her ass, and I almost do mean that literally. Hold on a sec, let me move to her oh-so-fancy private bathroom."

Alan heard a loud popping sound, followed by Heather moaning again, although there was more of a whimpering tone to it this time. Then he heard the bed creak as Simone got off it. He continued to wait while hearing sounds of Simone shuffling about.

Simone finally came back on the line. "Ah, that's better. Well then, ride on McDuff. Into the breach we go!"

Since Alan had been working on his college applications just before the call, he still had that on his mind. So he said, "Before I get to the main thing I want to talk about, there's a question I've been meaning to ask Heather for a while now: do you know which colleges she's applying to, and which ones she'll probably get into? And now that I'm getting to know you and you're turning out to be pretty cool, I'd be curious what your answer to that is as well."

Simone joked, "I'm merely 'pretty cool?' The future mother of your children? I'm offended!" She chuckled. "But seriously, what's been stopping you from asking Heather that yourself?"

He admitted, "To be honest, it's pretty rare that I have any kind of normal conversation with her. To be REALLY honest with you, and please don't tell her this, I really have to sort of psych myself up and get into a certain mode whenever I'm around her, like an actor on a stage. The 'me' you see when I'm with Heather is not the real me."

Simone chuckled. "Well, thank God for that!" She chuckled some more, adding, "Seriously, that would be kind of scary if you were. I've suspected that you sort of take on a different persona whenever you're around her, because you've been pretty normal with me otherwise. But it's good to confirm that."

He said, "Yeah, I'm a pretty laid-back guy. But with Heather, it's like being tossed into a gladiator pit with a win-or-die battle on your hands. Frankly, I wonder how you can handle being her best friend."

"You're hardly the first person to say that. But she and I have a special relationship. I can talk with her just like I'm talking with you right now. Well, most of the time, anyway. But, to answer your questions about colleges..."

"Please do."

"It's 99 percent certain Heather will go to USD - University of San Diego. It's not a great school academically, but hey, it is in San Diego. Her mother went there, so she has a special in. Plus, like I said: San Diego! Can you imagine Heather going to college in, say, Wisconsin or Minnesota?"

He chuckled. "Definitely not."

"Me neither. The first winter there, she would track down Old Man Winter somewhere near the North Pole and kick his ass until he stopped the 'whole snow shit thing.'" She giggled. "Anyway, as for me, I'm almost certainly going to end up in San Diego too, at USD or maybe nearby at UCSD, so I'll be there with her. Either way, she and I will be able to be roommates."

Alan replied, "Wow! So you'd deliberately go to the same city as her, as opposed to, say, fleeing in the opposite direction?"

Simone chuckled at that. "Yeah, what can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. But we really do have a special relationship, physically and emotionally. She might be a world-class bitch, but she's my world-class bitch, if you know what I mean."

"I do. And I think that's sweet, actually. You'll be a good influence on her."

"Thanks. As for you, I hear you're Berkeley bound. Is that true?"

He replied, "I hope so. Knock on wood. I have a few pie-in-the-sky choices, but that's my top choice where I have a pretty good shot at getting in. There's also a top-notch art college near there - CCA, the California College of the Arts - that Amy has her heart set on. So I imagine she and I will live together, kind of like you and Heather."

Simone said suggestively, "Interesting. And, lucky you, Amy is totally open to sexually sharing you with other women. Looks like the Alan sex train is gonna keep on rolling."

"We'll see," he said modestly. He didn't want to reveal to Simone that in fact he'd have an entire harem moving north with him as well. He changed topics slightly by saying, "Unfortunately, it sounds like my train is headed in one direction, and yours and Heather's is headed in the other."

Simone sighed. "Alas. You certainly make and keep things interesting. But let's not talk about such sad, distant days. What was the main thing you wanted to ask me about?"

"Oh, right." Alan began explaining in detail his thoughts about Heather helping out with the football-player's plot against him, and the potential pitfalls involved.

Simone actually took the topic seriously and eventually asked, "Look. Why don't you get the school administration more involved in helping out? Or go to the police, even? This sounds like a potentially serious criminal matter to me."

He sighed to himself silently because he had no good answer to give. He figured Simone was probably right, but he wanted to avoid the authorities like the plague, mainly because of the scandalous and probably criminal incest going on in his own life. If any officials were to start nosing around and asking questions on certain topics, such as Amy's boast that she allowed him to have multiple sex partners, things could get tricky very quickly. His worst case scenario was that his conflict would eventually make the local news and then he'd have to live in a fishbowl of public scrutiny.

So instead he explained to her how the teacher Mr. Jackson had been unable to help, and pointed out "the boy who cried wolf" metaphor. He ended his explanation with, "I can handle it myself. Trust me."

Simone sighed theatrically. "Men! I swear, what a hopeless lot you all are. What is it about having one of those things dangling between your legs that makes you lose all common sense? Wait, don't answer that. I don't know what it is, but since I put this strap-on on, I feel myself slowly going stupid. Duuuh... I think I feel like watching a baseball game on TV. Somebody give me a beer!"

Alan snorted with laughter, but stayed focused. He got her to promise not to talk to any authority figure about the situation without his permission. He redirected the conversation to Heather and how she might be able to help. After a while though, he began to notice certain rhythmic sounds in the background, some of which were distinctly squishy sounding. He finally asked, "Simone, where are your hands at the moment?"

"Hey! What kind of question is that?" she responded with theatrical indignation.

"Just answer the question. Since Heather's in the next room now, I'm wondering what all that noise is about."

"Well, I'm talking to the school sex machine while riding the rump of my best friend in her own bed while her parents are home. You expect me to NOT get a little bit excited by all this?"

"Simone," he growled with mock indignation, "Where are your hands already?"


"If you must insist, I have the phone between my shoulder and ear so I can have both hands free. I ditched the strap-on before I lost too many IQ points. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I can get to my clit. One hand is pulling on my little joy button and the other is reaching inside my pussy to wave hi to Kunta Kinte. 'Hi there, little fellow! It's your daddy on the phone. You want to talk to him, Kunta? He fucked me reaaaally good this morning. He kept my cunnie all squishy and full of cum for hours."

Alan joked, "Hush. Don't talk that way to Alan Junior. You don't want to corrupt a minor with foul language."

Simone laughed. "Oh, so it's Alan Junior now, eh? I can live with that. Only we already know there's another Alan Junior. He's already very notorious with all the high school girls even though he's only about eight inches tall. In fact, nowadays, most girls pray for a nightly visit of Alan Junior the way little kids pray for a visit from the tooth fairy. Except instead of leaving us with a nickel under the pillow, he leaves us with big swollen bellies."

Alan laughed again, but said, "Simone, before you up and get your own HBO comedy special, can we please discuss what to do about Heather?"


Alan saw the door to his room opening, so he said, "Wait. Hold on a minute." He put a hand over the phone's mouthpiece.

It was Katherine. Alan hadn't bothered to put any clothes on yet since waking up, something that Katherine definitely noticed. Talking with Simone had gotten him hard, and Katherine most definitely noticed that too. Her eyes were wide, but she still walked right up to him and held a note up to his face. It read:

Message from Suz: We're watching you, so behave.
Less phone sex and more studying!

Alan rolled his eyes but he smiled too. Typical. Suzanne must be watching me on video from the basement. She did mention when we were done talking about my school problems that she was going to try to keep me honest about studying today. I guess this is the start of her campaign.

He nodded, then went back to the phone. "Never mind the interruption. Where were we? Oh yes: What to do about Heather?"

Simone gamely replied, "Well, we need to punish her badly, and I have just the thing. You know how jealous she gets. Well, what could make her more jealous than you having anal sex with ME right in front of her? Repeatedly! In fact, now's the perfect time to get started. Why don't you swing on down here? Oh, and bring that little Alan Junior feller with you if you remember."

Alan chuckled. "You know, Simone, I can't tell if you're making me more aroused or more amused. But this really isn't getting us anywhere." He turned to see if his sister had left yet.

Katherine had started to walk out of his room after delivering the note, but she paused at the door, then closed it and stayed inside. Clicking the switch near the door that allowed one to turn the video monitoring in the room on or off, she locked the door to his room and walked back to him.


Alan held a hand over the phone receiver again as he watched Katherine pull her top off and then drop her shorts as well. She disrobed slowly while mostly facing away from him, for maximum effect.

"Hold on a sec," he said to Simone. He tried to wave Katherine away, but she pulled his chair away from his desk and then dropped to her knees between his legs. Before he could mount an effective response, she was happily slurping away on his erection.

He rolled his eyes and muttered, "Again? Geez!" But the truth was he didn't try very hard (or at all) to get her to stop.

He thought, Mom and Mother were stroking or sucking my dick pretty much from the moment I got home until I took a nap. And now that I've been up for a few minutes, Sis is on it! I swear, I've gotta have the best tended penis on the planet!

Simone asked, "What was that?"

"Oh, nothing. Where were we?"

"We were discussing fucking. Specifically, you fucking me. I was just thinking how nice it would be if you came over here right now. I could just see you saying to Heather's mom Helen as she answers the door, 'Excuse me, ma'am, we've had reports of a very horny, utterly naked, quite possibly pregnant, and extremely naughty black girl humping your daughter in her own bed upstairs. I've been told this dark Nubian princess, this ebony goddess of sexual prowess, this most heart-stoppingly beautiful girl in the school-"

Alan cut in with sarcasm. "Oh yeah, the modest one. Simone is her name."

Simone guffawed, both at Alan's comment and her own tongue-in-cheek self-promotion. "Exactly! That's the one. She needs a very solid, long, and powerfully deep fucking. Since I'm soon to be the father of her child, I've got some serious humping to do. So if you don't mind, can you point me upstairs? Oh, and I should mention that there have been reports of a very large black dildo reaming out your daughter's ass coming in all afternoon. So I figure, when in Rome. I'll probably drop a couple of big slimy loads in your daughter while I'm at it, before I go. Since those two love to do absolutely everything together, I imagine I should get started on knocking up your daughter as well or she might get jealous."

Simone paused, as if listening, and then continued, "What? Why are you so shocked? I know, I'll bet you feel left out. I'll tell you what. Since you look like a pretty hot bitch yourself, if you strip naked and bend over next to your daughter and wait patiently, I'll see if I have anything left over for you. Heather could use a younger sister.'" She punctuated that with a happy, "Ha!" XX03

Alan really liked that fantasy. He found himself holding onto his sister's hair with his free hand and pushing her mouth up and down on his dick. He said, "Very nice, but whose fantasy is that, yours or mine? And I thought I told you to lay off the preggy stuff. You know that-"

Katherine suddenly stopped lolling her tongue around Alan's cockhead and looked up into his face with big eyes. She hadn't been able to make out what Simone was saying, but she most definitely heard Alan say "preggy stuff." Given her own pregnancy fascination, her interest was more than piqued. She poked him in the chest a couple of times in a playful yet urgent fashion, trying to get him to explain what that was about without actually speaking (and thus giving her presence away to Simone). She also wasn't in any hurry to do anything that would involve taking her lips from around her brother's shaft.

However, he just smiled and waved her away.

Simone meanwhile prodded him to finish his sentence. "'I know that...' what? You know, Alan, if I didn't know better I would suspect you're with a girl right now, what with the way we keep getting interrupted. Not to mention, your breathing is getting a little bit heavy. Are you alone or not?"

Katherine found a piece of scratch paper and a pen and scribbled:

Preggers? Me too! Please?!

Then she drew a big smiley face with hearts around it below the words.

Alan looked at the paper and laughed, but shook his head 'No' at his sister. Then he returned his attention to Simone, and with a mind to Katherine's continued poking and pestering, he said, "You know, all these pregnancy jokes are going to get me in trouble."

Simone laughed but replied, "Sorry. I have this bad habit of taking a joke and running with it way too far. My apologies. I promise, no more pregnancy jokes. I'll find something else to rile you up about for a while!" She cackled gleefully. She was really enjoying bantering with him.

Then she added, "By the way, you're still avoiding the question. You are with some hot babe, even as we speak, aren't you?"

He tried to sound offended. "Whatever gives you that idea?"

"I'm hearing some strange squishy sounds on your end of the line as well. In fact, there it goes again. Ooh! Two sounds at once! You ARE with someone, you sexy devil!"

Katherine had resumed loudly slurping on Alan's cockhead and at the same time she was frigging herself, thus the two sounds.

Alan could see no way to talk himself out of that one. He conceded, "You got me. However, we really need to focus-"

Simone interrupted, "Jesus! This is so hot! You're such fun to talk on the phone with, Big Daddy. And no, that's not a pregnancy thing; it's just my new nickname for you that, okay, might totally by coincidence have some minor pregnancy implications." She laughed at her own comment. "Sorry, but when I get started on a running gag, I really go all the way with it."

He started to say, "We-"

But Simone immediately cut him off. "Wait a sec. You're with some woman, and you're not gonna tell me anything about it? That's just mean. What's she doing to you?"

"Sorry, I can't kiss and tell."

"Ha! As if it's just kissing. I'll bet some lucky lady is snarfing down your sausage as we speak. If I'm right, that lady should moan once."

Katherine moaned, loudly.

Alan gave her a look that could kill. His expression made it clear in no uncertain terms that he didn't want Katherine to communicate with Simone in any way. It was simply too dangerous, given the incest secret.

Katherine wasn't too worried Simone would recognize her voice, since she had a fourth of her brother's dick in her mouth when she moaned. She was tickled pink by the whole exchange, but mentally vowed to herself to keep quiet.

"A-ha!" Simone said triumphantly. "I knew it! That would be the logical thing to do, when on the phone. Alan, I must say, you continually amaze me. And what's weird it's that if it was anyone else I would be offended, but with you it just makes me hot."

"Why is that?" he asked, wanting an honest answer.

"I dunno. I guess it's just obvious that you have sexual gifts that need to be shared with many women. You're not cut out for the monogamous lifestyle; it would be like getting angry at a lion for being a carnivore. You're just you."

He thought back to when he'd asked Christine out on a date. If she'd only said yes way back when, who knows? I'd probably be halfway to marrying her by now. Well, maybe not. Who knows? But it's not like I was born to this lifestyle.

Trying to get the conversation back on track, he said seriously, "We're really not getting anywhere here with the whole Heather thing. Can you at least, right now, start to warm her up to the idea of helping out with the football player problem? Don't come out and make it seem like I need her help. Just, by and by, drop it in the conversation and make it seem like it would be a nice thing for her to do. Plant the seed."

Simone interrupted him, repeating his words, "'Plant the seed.' Isn't that more your line of work?" She giggled. "Sorry, but that was such an obvious straight line that I couldn't resist. In fact, I wonder if that's what you're doing with your mystery vixen even as we speak. God, that's so hot!"

"You already know what she's doing," he pointed out.

"True, but help me visualize. Are you standing or sitting?"


"Oooh! I'll bet you have her sitting naked on her heels, rolling her tongue all around your fat knob, staring up at you adoringly, practically begging to serve you."

"No, I assure you, Simone, we're just... I'm just..." He looked down.


Obviously, Katherine could hear Simone though the phone well enough, because she immediately got out of the chair she was sitting in and dropped to her knees without losing her lip-lock on his erection. She looked up at him with her best adoring face, even while she giggled a little bit around the cock she was sucking on.

"Ha ha! I'm so right!" Simone chortled with glee. "That's too hot!"

Alan silently groaned with arousal. But he modestly tried to deflect the attention away. "Enough about me; what about you? I mean, what happened to Heather? Is she still tied up, flopping around her bed like a fish?"

"Yep!" Simone happily agreed. "It's payback time, baby! I've got years of ill treatment I need to work out of my system."

He seized on that to shift the discussion away from his blowjob and back to Heather. "Oh, that reminds me. Please find out where this morning's Bitch Trainer is. If Heather took it out at home, it should still be there somewhere. We don't want something like that just lying around within easy reach for her to get her hands on again. Dammit! Hold on again."

Alan cried "dammit" because now there was a knocking on the door. A loud and insistent knocking. He said to Simone, "Sorry, someone's at the door."

"I guess one woman isn't enough for you and they're bringing in reinforcements?" Simone said with a rising excitement in her voice. "This is astounding! Heather's ass is going to get pounded so fucking hard in a few minutes! But I can't even wait for that. God, I'm going to cum so hard right about now! Ugh!"

Alan wanted to get off the phone immediately before there were more complications. "Let's continue this later, okay?"

"Looks like you've got some more seed planting to work on," Simone kidded in a shaky and gasping voice. "You might need to open up your own nursery there, in more ways than one. Shit! Ooh!" She panted a bit, then added, "Okay, I'll go, but only if you tell me who all the hotties you're with are. Anyone I might know?"

"Um, sorry, can't kiss and tell. Gotta go. Later!" Alan hung up the phone before he was subjected to the sounds of Simone screaming and cumming. He was having enough trouble as it was not cumming from Katherine's blowjob. His goal was to play it cool and just study, but things had gotten way out of control somehow in the last five minutes.

Just then, he heard Suzanne's voice from the other side of the door. She had apparently detected the phone call was over (probably from the way Alan slammed the phone down), so she felt free to speak. "Girl, I know you're in there and I can guess what you're doing! Some big help you are! We all agreed we'd help Alan study, not hinder him! You hear me?!" She pounded some more.

Katherine, though, was too busy cocksucking to stop. She could tell he was about to cum, so she was now frantically working his balls and dick with her lips, tongue, and both hands.

He grabbed her head to push her away, because he wasn't ready to cum. However, his hands betrayed him and started guiding his sister's head so she could gobble down more and more of his throbbing cock with each pass. He quickly conceded defeat and threw his head back to luxuriate in the overwhelming feelings of pleasure coursing through his body.

Katherine was finally well rewarded for her efforts. She greedily guzzled down quite a few warm jets of semen from the end of his cock while Suzanne continued to pound on the door and complain. She thought, Suzanne might get mad at me for getting a little 'distracted,' but this is so totally worth anything she might dish out! Being uppity completely rocks!

Suzanne was particularly upset that Katherine had turned off the video monitoring in Alan's room and vocally made her displeasure known through the door.

As Alan was shooting off, he shouted to Suzanne, "Cumming!" He was in a silly mood and thought this double meaning was very amusing.

Finally they were done. Prior to Alan's nap, he'd felt a weird sensation in his penis, and sensed that it would hurt if he climaxed. He was relieved to find out that everything was okay.

Katherine got up. She yelled at Suzanne, "Just a second!" then poked Alan in the chest again. "So what's with this 'pregnancy stuff', Big Fire Hydrant Brother?"

Alan grinned. "Oh, Simone is just toying with me. For some reason, today she's really into pretending I impregnated her."

"Oh really? 'Pretending', huh?" She made quote marks in the air with her fingers as she said the word 'pretending.' "Looks like she and I need to have a little talk about this EXCELLENT 'impregnation by Alan' idea."

"Don't you dare!" he protested in horror, but just at that moment Katherine finally opened the door.

Suzanne stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips. She was fully dressed (by Plummer house standards) and looking huffy. "'Cumming.' Brilliant, Alan. I'll bet no one has thought of that before. As for you, young lady-"

Katherine stuck her tongue out at her number two mother petulantly. Her tongue was covered with Alan's cum. She got a kick out of that, too.

Suzanne shook her head in frustration. She said, "We had a big plan to get you actually doing some work today, but it's not exactly off to a good start. Everyone here is just horribly incorrigible. Sweetie, you had your fun, but now I need you to buckle up and buckle down. Okay?" She pointedly flipped the switch by the door that turned the video monitoring in his room back on, making clear that he would be checked on.

"Okay." He smiled at the enjoyable turn of events, but once Suzanne shooed Katherine away and he was left alone again, he thought, Unfortunately, this Heather stuff is dreadfully important and I didn't get very far in talking to Simone about it. I should probably call her back later and finish it. Not only that, but I'll probably end up having to go over to Heather's house tomorrow, in person, even though it's Thanksgiving. Dang. If you wanna get something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself, and convincing Heather to do anything is very tricky business.

He sighed and put a T-shirt on. So many sex things to take care of, but that'll have to wait. For now, I actually have to do this Berkeley application. Nothing is more important right now than getting this in on time. Still wearing only a T-shirt, he sat down at his desk and began to work.


Surprisingly, after having a nice climax, Alan found himself getting a lot done. With so much going on in his life, it was nice to fall into an academic mindset and just block everything else out for a while. From time to time he would remember that Suzanne said she'd be watching on video to make sure he stayed focused, and that was a very strange realization. More than once he toyed with the idea of doing something to tease her, but in the end he found himself working straight through instead.

Since he had all the pieces needed for the Berkeley application, he found that putting his package of papers together was fairly quick and easy work. But there was a snag. He double checked the deadlines for the other colleges on his list of possibilities, and found that the November 30th deadline was for all the University of California colleges. Since one of his back-up choices was UCLA, he had to prepare that application too.

He thought, You know what? It's better to be safe than sorry. I should call up Christine and double-check with her to make sure I'm not missing anything.

He rang up Christine. "Hey, Christine. How goes it?"

"Oh, hey Alan. Good. What's up?"

"You got a minute? I don't want to bother you if you're busy."

"Nah. I was just reading a book. You can go ahead and bother me."

He teased, "I like bothering you."

She chuckled. "That you do."

He added, "Unfortunately, this is a serious kind of bothering. I'm hardly thinking about your breastacular appearance at all. Well, not much. Actually, a lot, but less than usual." XX01

She chuckled some more. "This must be serious then."

"It is, actually. I'm in the middle of preparing my UC Berkeley application, so I can send it off tomorrow. And while I'm at it, I'm doing my UCLA application too, since it has the same deadline."

"Good for you! If you don't get that done in time, I'm going to have to really kick your ass. No joking! I'm already expecting you to be in Berkeley next year, right across the Bay."

He replied, "I appreciate that. I really do. And I appreciate even more the breastacular reward you've promised me if I do turn it in on time."

She giggled happily. "You wish! You do know that 'breastacular' is NOT a real word, don't you?"

"Hey, in my world it is. In fact, I was just reviewing my UCB essay and I noticed that I'd used the word five times."

She laughed. "You did not!"

"Okay, you got me. It was only three times, but one was in the title. Anyway, the reason I'm calling is that you totally saved my life with your reminder about the Berkeley deadline, and that got me thinking: What else might I be missing that my three-brained genius friend Christine might know?"

She replied, "Smart move, because I probably do know some things that you don't. But before I answer, I'm making a preemptive strike: you have to promise not to mention three brains, or a butt-brain, or the word 'breastacular.'"

He groaned as if greatly distressed. "Oh, man! What's the fun of that?"

"Admittedly, it's not as much fun. You've pushed your horny silliness on me so much that I'm kind of starting to like it."

"YES! That's breasterrific!"

She chuckled. Then she chided him, "Hey!"

He quipped, "Sorry, but I've been taking grammar lessons from Amy, which may not be the smartest idea ever. But I'll be good."

"Sure you will," she said sarcastically. "But hey, let's focus for a minute, okay? For starters, have you done any research on how to best tailor your UCB application?"

"No. Why should I bother? They operate on the clear-cut point system, and I already know I've got enough points to get over the threshold with ease. So I'm not concerned."


She sighed. "You should be. Where did you get your information, from 1992? Didn't you know they've been phasing out the point system? They've been doing that gradually for a few years now. They still use points, somehow, but this is the first year that all the applications are going to be reviewed 'holistically' by real people."

"Oh shit!"

She said, "It's not so bad. You should still be a lock to get in, but there are things you can do to boost your chances. They're looking for some subtle things they're not supposed to be looking for. To give you an example, the entire public education system is suffering through some big, big budget cuts right now. If you can find some ways to subtly reveal that you come from a wealthy family, as you do, that'll help you in a big way."

"Really?! Wow. I'm glad I called you already. How do you know that?! You're not even applying there. Well, technically you are, but you're such a lock to get into Stanford that it's not even funny. Berkeley would accept you even if your essay was just a crayon drawing of a hand giving the middle finger."

Christine snorted in amusement at that mental image. "Not true!"

"Oh, come on."

"Okay, maybe there is some truth to that. But still, I like to be thoroughly prepared. As opposed to you, Mr. Almost-missed-the-deadline!"

He groaned. "Please, don't remind me."

She added, "Anyway, I've been researching the whole college application situation. Berkeley has been getting a lot of flak for changing their admissions guidelines. It's even been in the newspapers."

He groaned unhappily again. "Which I don't read daily, and you do."

She laughed. "You really do need someone responsible looking after you, don't you?"

He knew she was just kidding, but she also had accidentally hit the nail on the head. I DO! That's just what we were talking about downstairs earlier. I didn't used to, but all this sex stuff has messed me up. For instance, I used to read the newspaper almost every day, but when do I have the time lately?! Ugh! Thank God for responsible Aunt Suzy, at least.

He said, "You don't know how true that is. It looks like I'm going to be even deeper in your debt. What else can you tell me before I stick these two applications in the mail?"

"A lot, I'll bet. It's not enough to just have good grades and SAT scores. There's a whole art to making your application look good."

She proceeded to spend the next ten minutes giving him excellent advice on how to tailor his applications for maximum success.

He was very impressed. When she finished he said, "Wow! Double wow. That was... I'm sorry, I have to say it: abso-tit-ily breastacular! Christine, you rock! Not only is your advice totally key for getting me into Berkeley, but it should help with all my colleges. I might even have an outside chance of getting into Stanford!"

She replied, "Let's not go THAT far." She giggled, and said, "Sorry, I couldn't resist. That's payback for your 'breastacular' violation."

He didn't mind. "Understood. My bad. I guess I'm being a boob."

She laughed. She could have told him to cut out all the breast-related jokes and references, but she didn't want him to, because she thoroughly enjoyed this kind of playful banter. She joked right back, "You may be a boob, but that's still one less boob than me."

He liked that, a lot. "True. And not just any ol' boobs, but full-on chest-heads!"

She laughed even more. "Oh no. I should have banned 'chest-head' too. Consider it banned. But seriously, I think you do have an outside chance of getting into Stanford. We have to be realistic; I'm not saying that just to be polite. Frankly, if I was on the selection committee, I probably wouldn't pick you. But there's no telling. People joke that they take all the applications to the top of the stairs and let them fly. The ones that make it to the bottom get picked."

He said with obvious frustration, "Gee, that sounds encouraging."

"Hey, a chance is still a chance. You should at least be given serious consideration. And if you do get in, think how great that would be. We'd be going to the same place!"

He grinned. "Yeah, that would be pretty great. Then I'd be able to continue my research."


"You know, what I was telling you about in first period today. Since you won't let me say certain words, let's just call it 'the blonde with the multiple brains' theory."

She smiled in fond memory. "Ah, yes. If I recall, your 'investigation' involved extensively fondling my body, and especially my chest."

He quipped, "But of course! In fact, isn't that the solution to MOST problems? It is for me!"

"You must have a lot of problems then, seeing how I hardly ever let you do that."

"Oooh! 'Hardly ever.' I love the sound of that. So much better than 'never!'"

The two of them continued with their playful banter for a while. As usual, Alan was highly sexually suggestive while also limiting himself mostly to "safe" topics like fondling and breasts. And, as usual, Christine pretended to object while being amused and entertained, and often even aroused.

The only frustrating part was that all the fondling was only theoretical. Alan was coming to cherish and desire Christine more and more, but he repeatedly reminded himself that she had to remain off limits.

Eventually he had to end the call. He knew he had a lot of work to do, and even more than planned because he needed to implement Christine's suggestions at once.

He went back to work on his applications. But after that call to Christine, he had a smile on his face that wouldn't go away.


After two hours of the most academic productivity Alan had had in weeks, if not months, he found his concentration waning. He stood up and stretched, then walked across the hall to the bathroom to pee and splash cold water on his face.

He was only gone for a short time, but even so, when he opened the door to return to his room, he saw Suzanne lying on his bed.

She was sitting up on all fours on his bed, wearing little more than high heels. "Good afternoon, Sweetie, or should I say good evening?" It was seven o'clock already. "Looks like you've been working hard." The tank top she'd apparently been wearing at one point was bunched up above her pendulous breasts. The only other item she wore was a pair of red satin panties.

Alan felt a vague stirring in his loins, but his penis didn't spring to life as it normally did when presented with such a sight. Hmmm. What's wrong with me? Am I becoming jaded already to even the likes of Suzanne? Look at her! Her hips are so wide. Her breasts are simply massive! And that face! She's doing her "come hither and fuck me" look even more so than usual. She could be on the cover of any magazine. She's so smart, and that's sexy too. So what's the problem with me?!

Playing for time while waiting for his penis to revive, he answered, "Yeah. You could say that again. Very hard."


"I assume you mean that in more ways than one," she replied as she crawled across his bed towards him.

"What about finishing my Berkeley application?" he asked.

"That is VERY important, of course. But we voted. We all agreed that after a good hour plus of work, you needed a break." She rolled her eyes as she added, "Mom was particularly concerned that you might suffer from the dreaded blue balls."

He teased, "Hmmm. A break sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll play video games for a while."

"Very funny," she replied, not amused. "I can see the lust in your eyes - although not in your groin just yet - so you're not fooling me." She sat up and idly scratched her cleavage, as if there was some kind of insect bite there. In fact, it was just a clever way to further drive Alan's attention her way. "By the way, how many girls did my big stud son fuck in school today?"

He walked to his bed and sat on the edge since she was taking up the usual spot where he lay. "You know, Mother, it's not that easy to fuck girls in school. The lack of time factor alone is such a drag."

He cupped the undersides of her big boobs with both hands. Thinking of Simone before school and Heather during sixth period, he answered, "I guess you could technically say I only fucked two, though I did get intimate with a few more." He smiled, belatedly realizing how incredible that would sound to any of his classmates, 99% of whom would never commit any kind of sex act on any school grounds in their entire lives.

She shot him an eager and sultry smile. "Hmmm. Only two? Are you sure that's all?"

He grinned. "Well, I did get basically blown, titfucked, and fondled by the entire cheerleading squad when they were warming me up to buttfuck the head cheerleader, now that you mention it. Does that count for something?" He still held her tits, so played with them awhile.

She cocked an eyebrow. She thought, I have to admit, that's pretty impressive even by his usual standards. I'm becoming more and more Susan-like in the way that hearing about his sexual exploits turns me on. She could feel her breath quickening.

She exclaimed, "Wow! You're not too tired now? I mean, you've had quite a full day already."

He thought about that, and then replied, "No. I'm good, energy-wise. It actually hasn't been that tiring. Think about earlier - I was just sitting there, while you and Mom did all the work." He brought his hands up to her nipples and started playing with them.

Now that she had the green light, she was ready to rock. She surprised herself by saying, "I'm very proud of you, Son. But I'll bet all that and everything you've done since you got back home just isn't enough, is it? My son's stiff pussy tamer is looking for some tight mommy holes to fill, isn't it? It's been about two hours now since any female touched your cock." She sighed theatrically, "That's an absolute tragedy! Now you're all bursting with a huge cum load that you just have to pump in thick squirts into some sexy babe, don't you? I wonder... What could we possibly do about that?" She winked in an incredibly sexy and endearing manner. She was the ultimate expert in seduction, and every move of her body was planned for maximum arousal.

Alan's flaccid penis twitched a bit, but he still didn't feel an erection growing. He was disturbed that Suzanne, who could just about give a marble statue a woody, apparently wasn't having an effect on him.

Stalling to give his penis more of a chance to respond, he commented, "You sound just like Mom."

She frowned. "I know. The scary thing is, I pretty much mean it. It's pretty addictive to think that way. Life's so simple, just living for sex, thinking about sex."

"Tell me about it!" he replied, still playing with her nipples. "Speaking of Mom, what happened to her? I kind of assumed she'd come by to drop off a snack or something, like she usually does when I'm studying."

Suzanne replied airily, "Oh, that was in the old days. Nowadays, I imagine she'd walk in carrying a snack with all the best intentions in the world to behave herself, take one look at your crotch, drop to her knees, throw off whatever top she's wearing - assuming she's wearing one, which is a big assumption, mind you - crawl between your legs, and start sucking like her life depended on it. And once she gets her head or tits near your crotch, we all know how hard it is to pry her away. Needless to say, that could be a bit distracting for your work. Do you remember the whole stealth stroking idea, where one of us would slowly jack you off or blow you for hours and hours as you worked?"

"Of course. You make it sound like ancient history, but that was just last week." He laughed as he said, "I heartily approve of that idea, by the way!"

"I do too. And I think we'd all like to go back to that very, very soon. We girls would probably have to make a sign-up sheet so we wouldn't fight over who gets to do it when. But I've put a hold on that for now. Look what happened when Katherine came in here a couple of hours ago. Not good. First, we've got to see at least a couple days of solid progress with your work. So, for today at least, your mom and the others are banned from coming into your room unless I say so." She smiled and added, "I've nominated myself as the only one with the self-control to come in here today."

"Ah," he said simply, as he twisted her nipples like radio dials.

Suzanne was a bit put off by his reaction. "What? I have willpower. I haven't even touched Alan Junior yet."

He noted, "That's only because it's still flaccid."

She opened her eyes wide with pretend surprise. "It IS?! Sweetie! Are my senses deceiving me or what? Where's my erection?!"

"Is it really so surprising? Most guys can only get it up a couple of times a day."

"I know, but you're not most guys. Usually after a nap you wake up with a nice- hey!" Suzanne gave him a near angry look. "Don't tell me you were waiting for Susan and you're disappointed in me?"

"No! Nothing like that. My mind is willing, and I even have the energy, but I think my dick is just worn out. I'd totally be into having fun with you right now, but I dunno... It's just kind of hanging there. It's not even half hard. I mean, if there's a limit to how much stimulation a dick can handle, I've probably reached it, and then some. Today has just been too much."

"Hmmm. Sounds like it could be serious. Let's have a look at the problem."

As his second mother closed in on his crotch, he thought, This is odd. Who would ever have thought that Suzanne, especially dressed like that, or I should say undressed like that, wouldn't give me the hugest boner humanly possible? Am I maxed out on sex? And with the poke-her party happening tonight and everything. Talk about lousy timing.

Suzanne looked at his flaccid penis and reached out to stroke it to life, but then she changed her mind and stood up instead. "I'll be back in a second. Don't move. That's an order!"

As she rushed out of the room, she thought, He can say what he wants, but I'm sure that, even as oversexed as he is, he'd still get hard if Susan was here. And damned if I'm gonna be outdone by her! It'll be a cold day in Hell before I fail to get him hard!

He sat up in his bed and waited for her to come back. He didn't have to wait long.


Suzanne sauntered into view through the open door. She paused, as if she hadn't been expecting him, and looked in his direction. "Oh! Howdy, partner." She was trying to look casual, but she couldn't hide her excitement.

He gasped with genuine surprise. "I'd been expecting something sexy, but not THAT! Daisy! It's been too long!"

She smiled widely and walked into the room. She was wearing extremely short jean shorts and a thin yellow shirt that covered her boobs, or at least valiantly tried to, and little else. She'd quickly dampened her top in the bathroom across the hall and now it clung to her like a second skin. The wetness also rendered the shirt nearly transparent. She was a woman on a mission. "Oh? You know little ol' me? That's funny, 'cos I don't reckon I know you."

"You don't? Daisy, I've fucked you on two different occasions a month or more ago." He could feel his dick rising.

She shimmied her way closer, which set her unfettered breasts bouncing hypnotically before her son's lustful eyes. Since he was sitting up naked in his bed, she could watch his dick engorging. A-ha! I knew this would work!

All he could think was, Hot damn! That outfit is my Achilles' heel!

As she swayed her hips dramatically, she also pulled down her shorts until the top of her bush came into view. "Hmmm. Fucked me twice? I get fucked so many times a day, a mere couple of fucks ain't gonna leave much of an impression." Her eyes went wide as she got nearer and stared at his crotch. "Good Lord Almighty! Why, it's even bigger than Pappy's!"

His cock was now standing straight up. "Jesus, Daisy, look! I seem to have sprung up as quickly as if I'd just chugged a whole bottle of Viagra!"

She licked her lips. "Jesus? Hmmm. That guy with a beard, in a robe? I reckon I fucked him once or twice too."

Alan guffawed at that.

She pretended to slowly recognize him as she stared at his crotch. "Wait. Wait one cotton pickin' minute. I DO reckon that cock is familiar. I ain't no good with names or faces, but I never forget a cock!"

She wasted no time. She pushed him backwards, causing him to fall from a sitting position to lying back on his bed, although his feet were still on the floor. She turned, made an athletic hop up on the bed so her knees were on either side of his, and then sank herself down onto his stiff pole. The whole process took five seconds at the most. "MmmmmMMMMMmmmmm!"

He groaned, but he sounded exasperated. Then he groaned again as his mother went to work, grinding and churning on his cock. He had to admit that her vaginal talents were second to none. Her inner walls squeezed in the most delightful and unpredictable ways, even as her hips performed all kinds of tricks of their own.


She joked as she continued to slowly grind her way down onto her son, "What? I'm a Duke. I can't hardly be expected to sit down if I ain't got some kind of dick for me to center myself on."

He suddenly had a vision of the Duke family as they got together for dinner in a ramshackle Southern mansion. All of the many womenfolk pushed aside uselessly short skirts and plunged themselves onto wooden phalluses built into the middle of their chairs. Or at least, most of them did. Some simply sat naked in the laps of their fathers, brothers, or sons. The imagined scene was too arousing for him to take. He found himself groaning even louder and gripping Suzanne's midsection for dear life as his erection throbbed and twitched inside of her.

She broke out of character briefly as she moaned, "Holy shit. Dear God, this is SO. DAMN. GOOOOD!" But she quickly returned to her drawl, and said in a perky though raspy voice, "This is how us Duke girls say 'Howdy!' to strangers don'tcha know." Alan's cock had completely filled her up, and she liked it that way. Rather than bounce up and down, she wiggled and writhed her hips back and forth on him, doing all the work. At the same time, she squeezed his boner with her pussy muscles with still more expert movements, heightening the pleasure for both of them.

Most any man on Earth would have cum on the spot. But luckily he had grown used to such a high level of stimulation, and he could take it. The pleasure though, for both of them, was simply indescribable. He didn't understand how she could work her churning hips while squeezing her pussy at the same time, but somehow she did.

He was content to just lay there and let Suzanne do all the work. Partly, he was feeling lazy, but mostly he knew that if he got his hips pumping on top of all that she was doing, he would cum too soon.

There wasn't much need for talking though, since both of them were about as aroused as humanly possible. But they remained in character nonetheless, with Suzanne occasionally making wry comments like, "Here's another 'Howdy' for ya!" or "Just bein' neighborly!"

This went on for quite a while, with their mutual pleasure slowly rising and rising to great heights. Finally, he yelled, "Daisy! I'm too close!"

However, his words seemed to have no effect. The way Suzanne continued to relentlessly grind down on top of him, he knew he couldn't last for long. She seemed determined to get him to fill her up with cum, and right away.


Alan and Suzanne were shocked into temporarily losing their rhythm when they heard a voice across the room ask, "Who's Daisy?"

The two of them turned to Alan's door.

Amy was standing in the doorway, dressed in an imitation of what Suzanne was wearing, in nothing but cut-off jeans and a white T-shirt. Like Suzanne, the shirt was wet. However, she'd gone further and wet the rest of her body too, except for her head and hair. Her hands were clasped behind her head and she leaned way forward to further emphasize her ample chest.


Amy had the usual big Amy smile on her face while her eyes lit up even more than usual. She said in a convincing Southern drawl of her own, "Well, howdy ho, you two! How ya doin'?" She walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

Alan felt his erection throb in Suzanne's tight channel. "Oh God! Have mercy! Seriously!"

Suzanne looked a bit stunned. She was so surprised that she even stopped grinding her hips and working her internal muscles. Clearly, she hadn't expected this arrival, especially since Amy and the others were technically banned from Alan's room. But she laughed good-naturedly and welcomed Amy in with a wave of her arm.

Alan said to Amy, "Hey, Aims. Come on in. You've never met Daisy? She's your mom's sort of alternate persona. Kind of an incestuous Southern white trash kind of thing."

He was panting a bit, and trying to make use of Suzanne's pause to get his second wind. However, he was having a hard time of it. Amy looked so fuckable with her slicked up skin and wet T-shirt that he was seriously tempted to pull out of Suzanne to plunge into Amy instead.

Amy said defensively in her Southern accent. "'Aims'? What's that? And there ain't nuthin' wrong with incest where I come from. In fact, you gotta do it. It's the law! Not only that, mister, but who you callin' white trash, anyhow? Why, you got me so mad I might not even enjoy fuckin' you that much. Well, not the first couple of times, leastwise."

Suzanne laughed and grinned. She could see where Amy was going with this and approved. She and Alan had momentarily stopped their fucking, but Suzanne picked herself up and slammed back down on her son's dick with a lusty groan, and then resumed her grinding.

Alan, already on such an erotic high that he could practically see stars, was in no shape to try any accent. But he was trying to at least play along. He asked, distractedly, "Do you two, ugh! Uh, know each other?"

Amy replied, "Know each other? Why, Daisy here is my Ma! And my sister too, and technically my cousin too, now that I think about it. Our family tree is all tangle-y. I didn't recognize her face none at first; I reckon that's 'cos I'm not used to seein' it without a big dick in the middle of it, gettin' all slurped up." She sat down on the bed next to Suzanne and nudged her a little bit. "Aren't you gonna introduce me to your new friend?"

Suzanne laughed and said to her daughter. "I didn't recognize you none neither, not without no cum drippin' down your face. Why, you're clean all over instead of drippin' with cum from head to toe! What's the matter? Didn't they learn you nuthin' at school today? Oh, but dearie me! Where's my manners? This is my daughter, Doris Duke. Doris, meet Mr. Big Cock."

He held out his hand so Amy could shake it. "The name's Alan, actually. Pleased to meet you."

Amy looked at his outstretched hand with feigned puzzlement. "What's he tryin' to do there, Daisy? Is that somethin' them damn Yankees do up north? Don't he know how us Duke women greet strange men and say 'Howdy'?" She grinned at Suzanne like the cat that ate the canary.

Suzanne stopped and thought about that for a few moments and then groaned in disappointment. In her normal voice, she whispered at Amy, but loud enough for Alan to hear, "You really have some cheek today, Honey Pie. You're supposed to stay in the basement and just watch on video with the others. But I'll admit, you got me this time." She pulled up and completely off Alan's prick and stood back, shaking her head at her stacked daughter in amazement and frustration.

Amy, always eager to shed her clothes, quickly got rid of her thin shirt. Then she managed to remove her cut-off jeans, but it was a difficult task since they were on so tightly. The process of removing them involved a lot of squirming and wiggling as Amy stood directly over Alan's erection. Her tits swung wildly, occasionally crashing into each other.


Alan felt like he was dying of anticipation, but on the other hand, the view of Amy's ass slowly coming into view was nearly as good as any sex act. Shit! I'm so fuckin' lucky that it's not even funny! She's gonna sit on my cock!

Amy finally took Suzanne's place, settling down on top of Alan's stiffness with a happy sigh. "This is what we do instead of shakin' hands, Mr. Big Cock. Good ol' Southern hospitality."

Alan gasped and his eyes actually crossed as he felt Amy's incredibly tight and silky smooth pussy reluctantly stretch widely around him. Then he held his gasp because the feelings just got better and better as her pussy slid wetly down around his straining shaft with agonizing slowness.

His second sister didn't have her mother's amazingly talented internal muscle control, but then again, she didn't need it. She was so naturally tight that any extra squeezing on top of the way her pussy was built might prove to be more painful than pleasurable. No one else he'd tried could hold a candle to her for tightness, either in front or in back.

Suzanne watched Alan and Amy fuck for a couple of minutes. Amy was quite a screamer during vaginal sex and she was rapidly working her way up in volume. Suzanne was more than a bit miffed by the interruption of her pleasure, and her pussy was none too pleased. She stood impatiently with folded arms for a minute or two then dropped one hand down to her clit.

She thought, I'm so hot and bothered that if I don't get something in me like two minutes ago already, my pussy is going to burst into flames! Damn that girl! But still, she figured she should reward Amy a little bit for her cleverness, not to mention her boldness. The Plummer females were always working to keep Alan constantly aroused, and this was just the kind of initiative they needed.

Amy, though, knew that she was pushing her luck. Getting between Alan's penis and Suzanne's pussy was like getting between a mother grizzly bear and her cub. Also, she could tell that Alan was about to cum at any moment, and if he did, Suzanne would be even more peeved at her intrusion. So, after just a couple minutes of very vocal riding, she got off. "Thanks, Ma!" she said, still with an accent. "This one's a keeper!"

Now it was Suzanne's turn to both surprise and test Amy. Still standing there, looking annoyed, she said, "Doris, ain't you forgettin' somethin'?"

"What, Ma?"

"Aren't you going to thank Mr. Big Cock here for him letting you fuck him?"

Alan was so overcome that he let out a small whimper. He was squeezing his PC muscle for dear life, but had no energy left for anything else.

Amy said while suppressing a giggle, "Oh. Right! Forgive me, sir, for forgettin' my manners." She dropped to her knees and took Alan's hard erection into her mouth. She began sucking like a vacuum while nearly taking it to the base. Repeatedly. She'd been practicing her deep throating skills, although she still hadn't conquered her gag reflex problem.

Suzanne was having fun again, now that she knew she wasn't going to have to watch Alan and Amy fuck until they both came. She said in her Southern drawl, "The way I figger, a friendly 'Howdy, neighbor' is lot friendlier with a little cocksuckin'. Don't ya think?"

Alan was so overcome by pleasure that he didn't know which way was up. He was sweating like a pig and felt completely drained. The only reason he hadn't cum yet was that he was still straining his PC muscle with all his might, just to see what these two might come up with next.

Suzanne let out an exaggerated sigh of relief. "That's better. I'll tell ya, kids today. They ain't got no manners. Why, half her classes have cocksuckin' in the title and still she forgets the basic cocksuckin' rule."

Alan somehow managed to croak out, "Wha- what's that?"

"'If a cock ain't bein' fucked, make sure it's bein' sucked.' Is that so hard to remember? It even rhymes. Why, they spend hundreds and hundreds of hours at school just practicin' that one rule, and she still just plumb forgets it sometimes. When she walks right past any untended cock, much less one so big and throbbin' like this here stiffy, she's disrespectin' the whole Duke clan. For shame!"

Suzanne dropped between Alan's knees, alongside her daughter. Amy made room for her and she began licking the topmost sensitive parts of Alan's boner along with her daughter. As she licked, she complained, "I blame the gub'mint. Look what they done to her, makin' her come and go to school wearin' them clothin' thingies. Why, technically she's supposed to sit in a chair all day, though luckily the teacher don't make her suffer like that."

"No?" Alan asked. He could barely breathe, but he was curious to hear more, so he gasped, "What's he make you do? Uh, Doris?"

Amy stopped licking the sensitive underside of her brother's cock momentarily so she could talk with her drawl. "Why, he's got me in the front of the class givin' me his personal attention. He just loves personally practicin' that one rule Ma was talkin' about. I's either fuckin', suckin', titfuckin', or gettin' rammed up the ass - that's my favorite, by the way - nearly every cotton pickin' minute of the whole damn day! He says us Duke girls are the best fuckers in the class. You should see the way them McCoy girls get jealous, almost always havin' to settle for tiny boy cock in most classes."

Suzanne added proudly, "That's my sister! She gets the most prized 'seat' in the whole class: underneath the teacher's desk, or sprawled spread-eagled on top of it."

"Sister?" Alan asked between grimacing teeth. "I thought she's your daughter."

"She's both, naturally, jus' like she said before. Ain't you never been 'round where we live before? You know, Pappy breeds all his daughters personally. Why, when one of his daughters is at that most fertile time of the month, he'll hardly let anyone else fuck her, at least not outside of family. Isn't that how folks do it up in Yankee country, too?"

Alan groaned loudly. "Ugh! Stop it, you two! I'm getting too turned on!" He was straining with all his might because he wanted the great time to never end. He thought, I've never seen Amy act more Suzanne-like. She's channeling Suzanne's Daisy Duke persona so uncannily that it's like they're operating with a shared hive-mind or something.

A particularly strong surge of desire washed through him, causing him to yell, "Please, at least a break! Have mercy! I'm dying here!"

Suzanne looked at Amy from mere inches away. Their tongues met up at the head of Alan's erection, and the tips of their tongues dueled with each other outside of their mouths for a few moments. Even though Alan wasn't being stimulated directly for a moment, the sound of mother and daughter moaning in ecstasy more than made up for the lack of their touching him.



Suzanne finally pulled away, leaving Alan's dick to Amy. She sat back on her heels, just admiring the scene.

Amy, though, didn't like it. She stopped licking long enough to say, "Mother! What are you doing? This is no time for lollygagging! Look! There's just so much cock and so little tongue. Help me!" She was so distraught that she temporarily dropped her Southern accent.

Suzanne chucked, and said out of her role, "You're doing fine, Honey Pie. I'm just admiring my son and daughter. I'm so happy to see you two love each other. I'm just thinking about what a lucky, loving family we all are. Do you realize I'm living my ultimate fantasy? And I'm loving it!"

"MooooOOOOoooom!" Amy pouted. "Come on! Brother's cock needs tongues! Geez, Louise! Look at this long and tragically under-tongued thing! You know he needs two tongues at the very minimum!"

Alan was loving the way Amy was running her tongue around and around his cockhead when she wasn't talking, and even most of the time when she was. His mind boggled at her "two tongues" statement, but he figured he wasn't in a big rush to contradict it.

Getting back into character, Amy added, "This ain't no time for philoso-fulla-phizer- whatever the heck it is them hoity-toity types do. Daisy! Come on! It's more fun when we work as a team!"

Suzanne chuckled some more, but she withdrew and stood up instead of joining in again. She also slipped back into character. "Sorry, darling, I's gettin' too old. I reckon I could rest a spell. Pappy called all his first generation daughters to his bed last night, and you know how tirin' that can be. Then this mornin', I've had so many brothers and uncles in me that, well... it was even more than most mornin's!"

"Wow," Amy replied as she stood up too. "I'm s'posin' I could take a rest, too. My stomach is still burstin' with cum from the bus ride home. You know how that hugely black bus driver always claims engine trouble so he can pull off the side of the road and get a few fucks in with the prettiest blonde girls to drain those gigantic balls of his."

Suzanne rolled her eyes in sympathetic exasperation. "Typical. Things just ain't been right around here since that damned President Lincoln. But what really gets my goat is when that driver drops you off and then comes inside to do me. What cheek!"

"Yeah," Amy said, "That Jerome has some cheek. What really gets me is that he's so big and he knows how tight I am. It hurts, but it hurts so good, you know? Momma, how it is that I get fucked so many times a day and I'm still so tight? All those hard and thick and throbbing cocks shoot so many gallons of cum inside of my tiny slit and yet I'm always tight as a virgin!"

Alan couldn't take it anymore. Amy was as tight as she claimed to be in the story, and the pressure on his cock from all directions felt too good to be believed. He let out a great groan. "Hold on. Hold on... Ahhh!"

They had stopped too late. Even though no one was touching him anymore, his boner couldn't come back from the brink. A steady stream of cum began to shoot up into the air. But with Amy sitting too far back and Suzanne standing a few feet away, there was nothing to stop the cum from flying as high as it could go.


Amy immediately grabbed Alan's cock to direct the torrent (and jack him off a little more).

Suzanne quickly drew near to get in on the action. The two women stuck their free hands out and either intercepted the cum or let it fall back down on them. It was like playing with the water in a public fountain. It was fun, even though it only lasted a few seconds.

When it was all over, they high-fived each other, slapping their sticky hands together. Working as a successful team to make their lover feel good made them feel very good, too.

"Wow, that was a big one!" Amy said happily in her normal voice once it was all over. She'd squeezed and stroked it until the very end to try to get out every last drop she could.

Alan realized that indeed it was an unusually large load, even by his better than average standards. Cum seemed to be everywhere, like in the cum shots seen in professional pornography but rarely in real life. He wondered if that was because the Daisy Duke role-play always seemed to inspire him in an extra special way.

He sighed with great contentment. He practically felt like he'd died and had been reborn. "That's better. I really needed that release. Phew! ... Can we just, like, hang out in the bed and chill for a while? Just some cuddling while I rest up? And no more Duke girls! I don't think I can take any more mental stimulation."

That idea was well received. Alan lay down first, and then Suzanne lay down next to him, after having finally taken off the rest of her clothes.

Amy, though, was still being mischievous and lay face down, in reverse, on top of the other two.

Alan found himself with his head between Amy's legs, and her pussy resting right on his neck. That put her ass practically in his face. He also noted that she'd cleverly positioned herself with her mouth right over Suzanne's pussy. He laughed. He said with mock frustration, "You see the kind of thing I have to put up with around here? No one can understand a simple request."

Suzanne changed the topic. "I think we learned a valuable lesson here. Sweetie, if your cock is too sore or sensitive, or even plain worn out, that's one thing. I can respect that. But if you can't get it up for lack of inspiration, we now know the problem is you need more inspiration. And we have ways to fix that, don't we, Honey Pie?"

"Yep!" Amy giggled.

They just lay there for a few minutes, mostly to let Alan recover.

But all that naked flesh couldn't remain in such close proximity without something sexual happening before long. Amy started just playfully sniffing around Suzanne's pussy, and soon she was happily lapping away in her mother's snatch.

With Alan's penis both completely flaccid and all the way across Amy's body, Suzanne was content to just sit back and enjoy Amy's attentions on her needy pussy. She figured that Alan had had more than enough sexual stimulation for a while.

Alan meanwhile, had the tiny rosebud of Amy's pink asshole practically shoved into his nose. He realized that during their last time together he hadn't done all that much in the way of sexy exploration in and around her ass. Now was a good time to make up for that. He started by sniffing around, and was pleased to find that Amy's ass was remarkably clean and actually pleasantly fragrant.

He was curious about her sensitivity and responsiveness. Aims was so awesome. What would it take for me to make her feel as good as she'd just made me feel? He began licking up and down her ass crack and around her perineum, the area between her asshole and pussy, but took special care not to touch her asshole itself.

Amy's body tensed up from the first moment his tongue began to explore. Within moments, she lifted her head and gasped quite loudly, because what he was doing felt so great. Trembling shivers raced outwards from wherever he touched her. Soon, her entire body was lightly vibrating. She mewled and sighed at his loving and tender oral attentions to her rear end.

He kissed and tongued the firmness of Amy's twitching buttocks. Sometimes, he gently bit at them as if her ass was the most delicious sweet fruit he had ever tasted, and at other times he dug his fingers deep into her bountiful flesh.

Amy loved it all. She began groaning louder and louder with each passing minute. Her mouth was also pressed into Suzanne's pussy, which made it difficult for her to say anything coherent.

Unfortunately for Suzanne, Amy was so overwhelmed by Alan's anal play that she was barely capable of properly licking her mother. But Suzanne didn't mind too much because she was enjoying seeing her daughter having such a wonderful time.

Alan paused momentarily in his oral attentions and mused aloud, "You know what? I'm too greedy. All of you are so generous and loving, I never can give enough back. Like earlier when you two took turns sitting on my cock, I let you do all the work. I need to learn some new tricks. How about something like this?" He tilted his head forward and stuck his tongue into Amy's anus.


Amy let out a long, drawn out, happy moan. Little shivers raced up and down her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Even though she tried to relax, her anus repeatedly spasmed in delight at his oral penetration.

Her thighs closed around the sides of his face as her ankles crossed behind his head. With her knees behind his ears, she was able to bend her legs, bringing her crossed ankles forward to apply pressure on the back of his head with her calves and push his face deeper into her ass. At the same time, she rocked her hips back and forth to increase the depth of this new and deliciously exciting anal penetration.

He found his tongue and face driven so strongly into her ass that he could barely breathe. He chuckled to himself, This would be an interesting way to go: death by ass! I think this experiment is proving far too successful!

Suzanne was impressed at Alan's boldness in putting his tongue where it was. She remembered that, not that many weeks ago, a less mature Alan had derided any anal contact as being "gay" and too disgusting to contemplate. She said encouragingly, "Oooh! That is new. Very nice! What do you think, Honey Pie? Are you surprised he would do that to you?"

Amy pulled back a bit from her mother's bush and laughed. "Well, I might be a bit more surprised if I hadn't shoved my ass up his nose to start with!" She arched her back and angled her butt for better access by Alan's mouth while laughing some more. "But Mother! It's so great! Superwondertasmic, even! It just feels so unbelievawonderliciouslyfantasmigorically great! Keep doing what you're doing, Brother!"

Suzanne further encouraged, "Honey Pie, I think this shows just how much he loves you. Especially that he'd do this for the first time with you."

Amy groaned so loudly at that that it was more of a scream. "OH! MOTHER!" She was beside herself with joy. "Alan, my love! Oh Beau, I love you so much! Don't stop! "

Alan would have liked to say how much he loved her too, but Amy's calves were pressing his head into her ass even more insistently than before. He counted himself lucky that he was able to keep licking and breathing.

The three of them kept on like that for a while.

Amy had a deeply satisfying anal orgasm. Then she grew more relaxed, but didn't want the fun to stop just yet. She worked her mouth on Suzanne's pussy at a languid pace, while Alan took the same pace as he continued to work on and into Amy's ass. He rightly figured that he couldn't give her enough stimulation there. He was still flaccid but didn't care at the moment; sometimes it was true that it was better to give than to receive.

Much of Alan's attention was spent on testing out licking and piercing her asshole with his tongue. Even a week or two ago, he would have found the idea too disgusting to contemplate, but now he couldn't see what his problem had been, assuming the ass he was enjoying had been properly cleaned. Amy had obviously gone to great lengths to prepare her ass for any intimacy; it even appeared that she had used some kind of subtle perfume on it. He certainly had no doubts about how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her and how much she looked forward to any anal attentions from him. Her constant and very vocal moans of pleasure were all the reward he needed to keep going.

But that wasn't all he did. He used his fingers as well as his tongue to probe wherever he pleased all over Amy's ass. She obviously was blessed with more pleasure nerves there than most, so anything he tried seemed to be a hit. And with the slow pace, it seemed like he could do this all day.


All of a sudden, the door to Alan's room slammed open and Katherine and Susan burst in. Both of them were dressed in similar Daisy-Duke-styled outfits. Both wore cut-off blue jeans shorts cut down so dramatically that they practically looked like bikini bottoms. Katherine had cut up a flannel shirt to the size of a bikini top and then tied it in the front. However, Susan felt so proud of her milk-filled breasts that at the last minute she had shucked off the skimpy shirt she'd carefully prepared. Both women looked fantastic.


Alan took one look over the curves of Amy's delectable buttocks, saw the two of them, and burst into laughter.

Soon everyone else, including Katherine and Susan, was laughing too.

Alan joked, but also with heartfelt appreciation, "If they gave out Nobel Prizes for sexiest Daisy Duke outfits, I think we'd have all four of this year's finalists right here."

Amy replied, "Well, they should!" She sounded so sincere and adamant that everyone laughed even more than they already would have.

Once Alan calmed down a bit, he said, "I think I can figure out what happened here. Aunt Suzy was supposed to have me all to herself, but Amy got clever, picked up on her mother's role-play, and joined in. The two of you saw that, probably while watching us on video from the basement, and figured, 'Why not me?' Then you did the exact same thing as Amy. But unfortunately, the excitement's all over. We're winding down now and just chilling out."

Susan stomped her foot on the floor in frustration. "Oh, poo! I told you Angel, we shouldn't have spent so much time on the costumes."

Katherine explained to the others, "Unlike Amy, we didn't have cut-off jeans to start with, so we ended up ruining two perfectly good pairs of jeans."

Everyone laughed good-naturedly at that.

Alan looked contemplative, and said, "Hmmm. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Role-plays are great, but we've never really done role-plays with multiple people." He bent forward and licked the inside of Amy's asshole with his tongue once more, just to feel her gasp and shudder again.

Amy said proudly, "Do you see what he's doing to me? He's licking my asshole!"

Susan and Katherine drew in, suddenly very curious. "Wow," Katherine said. "Does it feel good?"

"It feels awesome! Super duper awesome! I'm all, like, totally sensitive back there, so it's, like... super tingly tingle-o-rama!"

Katherine was all grins, but Susan looked conflicted.

"What's wrong?" Suzanne asked Susan. "You don't like what he's doing?"

"I do, but I'm torn. It's kind of unseemly behavior for a master. He should be the one getting his ass licked." She thrust her bare chest out and struck a sexy pose. "Tiger, can I lick your ass? Please?"

"Thanks, Mom, but we really are just wrapping up here." He slapped Amy playfully on the butt as a signal that it was time for her to get off of him. He was beginning to grow numb from having all that weight on him for so long.

Amy hopped off. She realized that play time had to come to an end and that Alan had to get back to his work so he could finish his responsibilities before the party started. "Thanks, Brother! What was that you were saying about multiple role-plays?"

Suzanne smiled as she considered the role-play possibilities. "Yes. I think the luckiest boy in Orange County just got a little bit luckier." The wheels began spinning in her head as several different possibilities for more elaborate role-plays came to her. She thought out loud, "Imagine, for instance, that little fantasy Doris was describing, of the teacher who's fucking all of his female students. He's not so much teaching as leading an orgy. Wouldn't that be fun to act out?"

Alan replied, while looking off in the distance, imagining, "Hell yeah." His brain nearly exploded as he imagined the likes of Glory, his sister, his mother, Aunt Suzy, Simone, Heather, Amy, Brenda, Xania, and others all sitting in the same classroom, pretending to be students in a sex role-play meant just for him. He practically drooled as he imagined the school girl outfits they could come up with. XX02

He forced himself to think of other things and pressed on with the conversation, saying, "I have a feeling all these newly cut cut-offs will come in handy. But Mother, you know what I'm thinking? When you dramatically impaled yourself on me earlier, I got this image in my head of all the women in the Duke clan sitting down to dinner on special chairs with wooden dildos built right into the middle of them."

He mentally cursed himself after he said that, because that image was nearly as arousing as the classroom one. He couldn't keep fucking until he dropped; he had to try to get back into a studious mode.

"Gosh!" Amy exclaimed. "That sounds like super fun! Serious super duper coolness! What if we actually did that? Who's to stop us?"

Susan, getting over her disappointment and into the spirit of things, said, "No one. No one can stop us. Or, more properly, no one can stop Tiger. He can do whatever the hell he likes, and all we can do is bend over and take it! Hard and deep!" Her hands drifted up, and she yanked on her sensitive nipples as she thought about getting royally fucked.

But then she grew a bit more contemplative. "The five of us are going to have soooo much fun for the rest of our lives. In fact, we're just getting started. I know we're always going to be together to share it, too. Heck, The Pact guarantees we'll always be together, doesn't it?"

Alan could see Susan needed some reassurance, so he firmly nodded his head.

"That's right," Susan said just as firmly. "Let me quote from The Pact: 'Alan is the head of the family, and master of the family harem. We trust him to lead us-'"

Katherine cut her off, and continued her quote. "'... in sexual matters and we pledge to obey his every desire.' Mom, we've memorized every word."

Susan looked doubtful. "Really? What about the part that says, 'The women of this harem pledge to avoid-"

This time, Amy cut her off and continued the sentence. "'...any physical intimacy with other men, without exception, and devote themselves fully to pleasing Alan and his insatiable cock.' Mom, we know it already, backwards and forwards. Geez, Louise!"

Susan looked at Suzanne, but Suzanne gave her a look indicating that she had it memorized too, and if Susan asked her about it yet again, she'd scream. "Right, then," Susan finally concluded. "That's a very key part. My point is, we're his sex slaves now, and that's a lifetime commitment. Let's never forget the magnitude of what we've pledged to each other."

Everyone was quiet with their thoughts for a few moments, imagining a road stretching out to the horizon and well beyond it, with years and years of good times together to look forward to.

Susan slipped her hand into her short shorts, and then yanked them down her legs because they were on so tightly she could barely reach her pussy. As she started to frig herself, she thought, I can't help it: every time I hear the words "sex slave," I get too hot to be believed! Even if I'm the one saying them, hee-hee! Every morning, I wake up and recite The Pact, and it makes me so horny! The fact that everyone has completely accepted the reality of The Pact makes my every moment on this Earth a living dream. My son is my master! Thank you, God.

But then Susan's mood grew more serious and motherly, "Speaking of getting started, Tiger, if you mean what you said that you were winding things down, then I think it's time you get back to the books, don't you?" She was trying to show that Suzanne wasn't the only one who could be a responsible mother at times.

He replied, "Oh, man! Unfortunately, you made the break far too enjoyable. How can I go back to the books when my mind is on the Duke girls?" He looked especially at Katherine and Susan, still dressed in their outfits, thinking about all the fun he could have with all four of them at once. He sighed loudly and steeled his resolve. "Okay. Fine. I'll give it a shot. Maybe if I take a shower first, that'll get me in the right mindset."

Suzanne, who had been sitting naked on the edge of the bed, got up and began shooing the others out of the room. "Good call, Mom, good call. Sweetie, let this be an incentive. Remember all the work that we agreed you'd try to finish today. I know it's a lot, but us four gals have all agreed that there will be no poke-her party for you until you're all done and the work is approved. The sooner you finish, the sooner the fun can begin. So we're all rooting for you to hurry."

Alan knew that he could easily blow past their attempts to restrict him. He could just go downstairs to the poke-her party at any time of his choosing and do whatever the hell he wanted, to whomever the hell he wanted. If anyone had a problem with that, he'd simply tell them, 'No sex for you until you change your mind and let me have my way.' But he didn't want to do that. He truly wanted to do the right thing, get back on track with his studies, and ultimately get accepted to a good university.

Most of all, he didn't want to let the "Bad Alan" win and turn him into the kind of person that he would hate to meet. His greatest fear was becoming some kind of family despot or dictator and losing the special love they all shared. The fact that The Pact explicitly gave him tremendous powers made it all the more important that he had the willpower to resist using those powers willy nilly.

So, although he was tempted to do otherwise, he just shrugged, nodded, and said, "Maybe I'll hold off on the shower for a while then and use that as another break, later."

He thought, I don't know why I'm so keen on going to college, given that these four are going to out and out kill me with sexual pleasure before the year is over. Seriously! That is, if the football players don't get me first. His back stiffened at that unpleasant reminder of earlier events, but then he forced himself to think of other things. With all the fun he'd just had and the good feelings he still basked in, it was surprisingly easy to put the football player troubles out of his mind, at least for a while.

The others watched from the doorway as he put a shirt on (but still no shorts or pants) and headed back to his computer.

Amy said to Katherine, as the two of them started to walk away, "I think we need to check for bumps right now!" That had become their fond nickname for their mutual daily pussy shaving sessions.

Katherine replied, "You have to tell me EVERYTHING about how Brother's tongue felt up your ass!"



Susan and Suzanne lingered a little longer, standing near the doorway in a light embrace with each other. Both were so in love with their son that they didn't want to leave.

Alan looked at them and thought, This is completely insane. There they are, standing proudly over their son like some kind of Leave It to Beaver 50's sitcom parents. So serene and approving. But at the same time, they're both freaking completely buck naked and so scorchingly sexy! Even though I feel like I want to sleep for three years non-stop, it's all I can do to stop myself from rushing across the room and fucking them both again and again! It's not fair. It's like I have Venus and Aphrodite as my two parents now. One I might be able to handle, maybe, but two?!

Suzanne's the worst because she never turns off that "come hither and fuck me" look. She does something like walking down the hallway so sensuously that it's like she's having sex with the whole room as she goes. In fact, even as I sit here, she's subtly and rhythmically pressing one of her tits into Susan's as if to say, "Don't you want to be in the middle of a four-tits fuck sandwich right now?" Arrgh! How can I concentrate on finishing my college applications? How could anybody?! Maybe I need to start downing Viagra a couple times a day just to survive around here. Geez!

He tried to focus on other things to help distract his attention from his two hot mothers. A question popped into his mind, thanks to the recent reminder of his football player problem. "Aunt Suzy? Before you go, I have a question for you. You said earlier this afternoon that you have a plan to help take care of the thugs that are after me? What is it? It'd be nice to feel like I don't have to worry about that anymore."

Suzanne looked over at Susan briefly. "Actually, it's something both of your mothers are going to help out with. All those brutes are real flesh and blood people with mothers and fathers. I presume most of their parents would be appalled by their behavior, if they knew about it, but there are a lot of spoiled latchkey kids in this neighborhood. The plan is to befriend the parents, especially the mothers. If you just give me the full names of the worst troublemakers, I can pretty much guarantee you that Susan and I will be like long lost sisters to their mothers by the end of this weekend. Then there are so many possibilities to work with at that point, if one can just keep an eye open. Mostly, I plan to pump them for information on their kids so I can find out what makes their little brats tick. For instance, what if one of them has an unrequited crush on a certain girl? How can we use that to our advantage?"

Susan noted, "Speaking of pumping, wouldn't it be rich if some of those mothers turn out to be hotties, and Tiger got to fuck them? That would be sweet revenge."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Mom, you don't know when to stop. That's asking for trouble. Besides, Sweetie has a clear 'no adultery' policy."

Susan pointed out to Suzanne, "Well, I'm married, and so are you, and so is Brenda. It gets me so hot whenever I think that Tiger not only enslaved my big-titted body, but he stole me away from Ron to do it."

"True," Suzanne conceded, "but those are special circumstances. Let's not go into that right now. Sweetie, what do you think of my ideas?"

Alan was impressed, but disappointed at the same time. "That sounds good, but it also sounds like a long term plan."

"Unfortunately, yes," Suzanne conceded as one of her hands idly explored Susan's ass cheeks. "I have a feeling that some of those thugs will soon find themselves getting an earful from suddenly much more attentive parents, but will that be enough to help if there's an immediate plan against you? I don't know."

"But you think you'll be able to make an impact by Monday?" he asked. "I suppose that's okay, unless they try something at the football game on Friday. There's no way Amy or Sis can get out of their responsibilities there."

"Well, Sweetie, I hope we'll start to make an impact by Monday, but there are so many unknown variables. My tactics will take a little time to bear fruit, and that's assuming you can find out their names. I've been trying to learn from Brad what he knows about your enemies, but he hasn't said much because of his divided loyalties. However, just a couple of hours ago I told him about the threat to Amy and he was suddenly a lot more forthcoming. The only problem is that he says that those guys have never forgotten that he's Amy's brother, so they could very well be feeding him disinformation. This is very, very tricky stuff. You've stirred up a hornet's nest at the school with your sexual prowess, my love. No doubt about it. I'm sorry, but there's no quick and easy fix."

Susan joked, "I think one solution is to show off that prowess more at home and less at school." Actually, it wasn't exactly a joke, since that was also her strong desire. Everyone knew that, so she teased with an infectious happiness, "That's just my completely unbiased opinion, of course." She reached over and gave Suzanne's nearest breast a playful squeeze.

"Of course," Alan replied, rolling his eyes but grinning. He recalled not so long ago when Susan was too uptight to have a sense of humor, and greatly enjoyed this newly revealed side to her. "And thanks for the help. I love you both so much. You're far too good for me."

Suzanne waved a hand dismissively. "Pshaw. Speaking for myself at least, it's my pleasure," she purred suggestively, "and then some. You know me, I'm just happy to have a fun new scheme to sink my teeth into."

He nodded. But inwardly he thought, Names! How am I going to get all the names? I know a few for sure, like Ryan and Rock, but for most of the rest I'm just making an educated guess. How do I separate the criminals from the mere assholes? There are so many egotistical assholes on that team. Could, maybe, the names Amy got be right? How can we be sure?

Susan and Suzanne continued to stand together in a light embrace and watch their son as he finally started to turn his attention back to his UC Berkeley and UCLA applications. They silently beamed with approval. Then, together, they pulled his door handle closed behind them and let him be.


Several miles away, Brenda was slowly going out of her mind. She was so excited at the prospect of her big evening that she couldn't keep still. She wanted everything to be perfect for her official unveiling as the Plummer family maid and sex slave. She had changed clothes again and again, choosing between a wide variety of outfits that she'd bought in recent days. A large number of them were French maid outfits. Even though it was only five o'clock, she was stressing out over the upcoming Plummer house party and hoped that trying on the outfits would help pass the time.


Her son Adrian was watching her on the house video system with a mixture of arousal and alarm. The arousal hardly needed explaining - it was beyond incredible for him to see his voluptuous mother changing from one outfit to another, dozens of times. She was naked most of the time, but even when she was "dressed" in any of the outfits she was still basically naked, since every single one left her breasts, ass, and shaved pussy uncovered. He'd been hard and on the brink of climax pretty much ever since arriving home, masturbating to the live video feed of Brenda in her bedroom.

Little did he realize, but she knew exactly where the hidden cameras in the room were, and she was playing to the cameras as she put on each outfit.

However, Adrian was also alarmed because his mother seemed to be very agitated. She was so frazzled that it seemed to him as if she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It seemed that only the presence of the old maid Anika reassuring her and giving fashion advice seemed to keep Brenda from totally losing it.

Adrian felt a strong desire to go to Brenda's room and talk to her and comfort her, even if that meant ending his long and extremely pleasurable wanking session. He was genuinely worried and also puzzled by what was making her act like this.

He thought, It goes without saying that Momma has NEVER dressed or acted this way around me before. For as long as I can remember, she's always tried to dress down and hide her incredibly sexy body, as if that's even remotely possible! But at least she's tried most of the time. Okay, except when she'd bare her cleavage to get better treatment from impressionable men, true. But this is different. She's flaunting everything she has in every way possible. It's completely unreal! I'm going to have enough masturbation material from today alone to last a lifetime. But I really should go and ask why she's so distraught. We're the only family, really, that the other one has got. I have to help her in any way I can.

He paused. But on the other hand... I don't have any excuse to go barging in and ask what the problem is. How am I supposed to know there's something wrong when I'm not supposed to be able to see and hear what she's doing? I'd rather have my back whipped raw than have to give up my secret spying with the house video system. She's no dummy; what if she puts two and two together and figures out why I picked that moment to come in and check on her? Maybe I should just wait a while first, and see if I can pick up on some clues...

As Adrian watched, he kept hearing his mother talk about someone named "Alan" in what could only be described as worshipful tones. He remembered the day before hearing his mother talking about being mistress to a man with a harem, and he made the obvious deduction that this "Alan" was the one with the harem. This alarmed him, but he was so aroused while continuing to jack off that he didn't think too much about what his mother's words meant. He would worry about that later, when he didn't have an urgently throbbing erection in his hand. He generally assumed she must be exaggerating, figuring that it was impossible for anyone in a place like Orange County to have an actual harem or anything like it.

He continued to watch as Brenda threw her latest outfit to the floor and began walking around her bedroom in circles. Her boobs were so big that she had to hold them with both hands at times like this when she was quickly walking or running. She complained to Anika as she paced, "Good Lord, it's hopeless! Nothing I can wear is good enough! How can I compete?! There are going to be so many sexpots there. So many! He'll hardly notice me!"

Anika consoled, "Shush. Vhy do you say dat? I know deese boys deese days. All dey tink about is de boobies. And Brenda dearie, you have the wery biggest boobies any boy could ever vant."

Elsewhere in the house, Adrian nodded his head in complete agreement.

Brenda turned to Anika, where she was sitting on a couch doing some last minute sewing to one of Brenda's outfits, and rushed right up to her. "But Anika! The competition! We're talking about the likes of Susan and Suzanne here! These are some of the most curvy and sexy women on the whole planet! Did I tell you Susan is an I-cup now?"

"Only about a million times deese past two days," Anika said while loudly tapping her foot on the floor. This was a preset signal she had with Brenda to remind the buxom mother to be careful about what she was saying. It wasn't wise to name names, lest that give Adrian some clues as to the real identities of who was being discussed.

But Brenda was so nervous that she didn't even notice the loud tapping. She continued, "And she's lactating now too! How can I compete with that?! And then there are guests like Xania! Dammit, she's probably a good F-cup too, at least, and maybe even a G-cup like Suzanne! And she's sexy all over, too, just like the rest of them. With so many hot fucks around, I'll be lucky if Master fucks me even once tonight!"

Anika's foot was rapidly and loudly tapping now. It was bad enough that Brenda was carelessly naming unusual names like Xania, but even worse was Brenda's use of the word "master." Anika was well aware that Suzanne had given orders that Adrian wasn't to hear terms like that until he was mentally prepared for them and Suzanne had given the okay. Yet Brenda still seemed heedless of Anika's warnings.

Anika wanted to do something more drastic, maybe even get up and shake Brenda by her shoulders, if that was what it took. But she was limited in what she could say or do, since Adrian undoubtedly was secretly watching them and she didn't want to do anything to give away the fact that both she and Brenda knew perfectly well that he could see and hear them at this very moment.

Anika decided that now was a good time to start a coughing fit.

But Brenda went on, flapping her arms in agitation, which set her enormous breasts bouncing around crazily. "I mean, we're talking about an incredible super stud here. Of course the competition is going to be incredible too. Master will settle for nothing less than a perfect ten. But am I good enough? Am I worthy of the harem? That's the big question! I know I have the tits, but maybe they're a little TOO big? I mean, why doesn't he titfuck me more often? And the rest of my body is just so- Anika, are you okay?" Brenda had finally noticed Anika's dramatic coughing and bent forward to check on her trusted maid and close friend.

Adrian watched the image of Brenda bent over at a right angle and zoomed the camera in to focus on his mother's butt. He loved the way that any camera could be zoomed in or out and adjusted in many other ways, and had developed not only the ability to control the camera, and to switch between cameras with one hand while jacking off with the other, but also some skill in doing so.

He was so aroused at the sight of his mother's pussy peeking (and already slightly leaking) between her thighs that he had to let go of his cock momentarily, for fear of cumming too soon. He'd been quickly learning that he had to pace out his orgasms or he'd be wiped out within two hours of getting home from school. Lately his mother had kept him in a near constant state of arousal virtually every hour that both of them were home, for as long as his cock could last. So he'd had plenty of practice in recent days to hone his camera control skills.


He froze for a moment because it looked as if Brenda was looking right at him while she remained bent over. It looked as if she was encouraging him with a friendly smile. But, not knowing that she knew exactly where the cameras were placed, he dismissed her stare into his eyes as mere coincidence and resumed stroking himself.

Yet at the same time he was enjoying the view, his brain was doing somersaults inside his head. It was tough enough to fathom the word "master," but "incredible super stud" distressed him even more. Something inside the shy boy finally snapped. He stood up and started to rush to his mother's bedroom to find out what was going on with her.

However, after taking a couple of steps, he could feel his erection flopping around, so he stopped long enough to stuff it into his shorts and make his crotch at least somewhat presentable. Then he continued hurrying through the house with a mixture of confusion, indignation, and worry.


About a minute later, Adrian burst into Brenda's bedroom without even knocking. He was going to say, "What's this about having a 'master'?! What the heck does that mean?!" But he was struck speechless by the sight of his mother standing buck naked only ten feet in front of him. By contrast, he hardly noticed that Anika was in the room as well. As great as the house video system was, it was another thing entirely to see a naked woman in the flesh and just a few feet away.

Brenda stood up from her position over Anika and turned to the door, once again cradling her breasts in her arms like she was holding up two firm yet pillowy bowling balls. She asked with puzzlement, "Aidy?!"

It took some moments for Adrian to remember what he was going to say. Then, somehow, he remembered that if he used words like "master" and "incredible super stud" he'd be giving away the fact that he was eavesdropping on them, and he might not be able to enjoy his voyeuristic abuse of the house video system any longer. So he was struck speechless. Completely speechless. He didn't have Alan's talent to make up a good excuse on the spot, not when he was as aroused as he was at the moment. It didn't help that he could see his mother's bare shaven and very wet pussy as she simply stood there as if there was nothing unusual about her being totally nude.

Then there was the smell. It was amazing enough for him to actually see a few rivulets of cum on his mother's thighs, but to smell her cum too on top of everything else completely fried what was left of his mental circuits. Brenda's cum was quite pungent. He'd smelled it many times before in the last few weeks since she was so easily turned on and lubricated so heavily whenever she was. He'd immediately fallen in love with the sexy aroma of his mother in heat. He took very overt sniffs of the air to better savor the experience. He knew it was a rude thing to do, but he couldn't help himself.

He thought, Jesus Christ! If I could just reach out and touch her, I'd achieve the ultimate nirvana! Perfect joy! Oh my God, my heart is pounding so hard! And that SMELL! It's like I'm inside her pussy!

Luckily, Anika stepped into the breach with the comment, "Brenda, looks like Aidy here is vorried about you. He must be able to detect your nervousness."

Adrian's first thought was, No, I can detect the overwhelming smell of Momma's hot and bothered pussy! But luckily he didn't say that, and managed to recover his senses somewhat. Finally, after his breathing calmed down some, he said, "That's - that's right! Momma, things have been so strange around here lately, but today, well... this just takes the cake! Since I got home, you've been acting like, I dunno, a heroin junkie or something. I mean, you're seriously freaking me out!"

Brenda walked over to her son and unreservedly enveloped him in a hug. "Oh, Pooh Bear! That's so sweet that you noticed and are worried about me. What a cutie! Anika, isn't he just the best son ever?" She was a couple of inches taller than him in her high heel shoes, so she had to crouch down a bit to get eye to eye with him.

She knew that embracing him like this would make him happy, but she didn't realize just how deep his passionate desire to be touched ran. The only thing that could make him any more overjoyed at that moment was if he could have reached up and groped her rack or kissed her on the lips, but he was far too shy to give either a try.

Anika coughed a couple of times, but seeing that wasn't a very effective warning signal at the moment, she said, "Brenda, bevare. Your dress, vell, I should say, you're wery exposed..." She blushed a little bit for Brenda's sake.

Brenda looked down at herself and laughed. "Oopsie! Sorry, Aidy. As you can see, I'm dressing for the party and I can't decide what to wear." But she didn't make any attempt to pull away. She could feel his hard-on pressing against her thigh. Even though his shorts were a barrier between them, she loved the feel of it just the same.

She thought, It's not the tree trunk monster that my master has, but then again, what is? It's still a lovely thing and I'll bet it could fill me up just fine! Ooh, that's so naughty - mommy fucking! If he just pulls it out and moves it a few inches over-

Anika remembered her role given by Suzanne to make sure things didn't progress too quickly between mother and son. She said in a loud and unavoidable voice, "Brenda, can I speak to you for a moment?" She made it sound much more like an order than a question.

Brenda was forced to pull away from her son, just as she was beginning to rub her thigh up against his throbbing and overheated erection. Her breasts seemed to have completely enveloped and suffocated his chest, and she loved the feeling as much as he did. She began to slowly disengage, then turned to Anika with her hands still on her son's shoulders.

Anika beckoned Brenda nearer with a crooked finger and a dark look. (Adrian was completely oblivious to most anything Anika was doing - all he could think about was the tingling on his chest from the skin to skin contact there.)

Brenda reluctantly let go of her son altogether and bent over in front of him. She made sure to stick her ass up high in her son's direction and keep her legs spread apart as much as possible. She hoped to give Adrian such a great view of her pussy that he'd lose control and reach out to touch it. "What is it?" she asked impatiently.

Anika said quietly, "Do I haf to mention you're not vearing a stitch of clothing?"

Brenda rolled her eyes a bit in exasperation. She pushed her ass further up and back, hoping to give her son naughty ideas.

Adrian was scared shitless of doing the wrong thing. He was completely lost at sea with this new way his mother was behaving and was determined not to do anything he wasn't explicitly given permission to do. If he could have read Brenda's thoughts, things would have been very different, but he couldn't. He didn't even have a clue on how to read her many obvious non-verbal cues.

Brenda considered stepping back until she could push her ass and pussy right into her son. She imagined Adrian taking his hard-on out of his shorts and rubbing it all over her ass. But she thought about Anika telling Suzanne, and then considered the implications of Suzanne getting mad. She imagined all kinds of cruel punishments to follow, and not the "good" ones like spanking, either. With a horrified start, she imagined not being allowed to go to the poke-her party later. She aborted stepping backwards, and with a forlorn sigh, stood back up to turn around and look at her son.

Now facing him, she idly ran her index finger down into her cleavage, pretending to chase down a rivulet of sweat that dripped far down into it. "Pooh Bear, remember what I told you yesterday, when I said that my, uh, lover, wants me to practice my seduction techniques? Remember that I warned you that you might be seeing a lot more of me and I asked you if you could handle it? Well, can you handle it? Maybe you can stay for a while and give me some suggestions on what I need to wear to the party. That is, if you can put up with seeing me naked." She was rubbing her hand between her breasts for no apparent reason, now.

Adrian had so many things he wanted to say that he felt like exploding. Mostly, he wanted to yell, "You mean 'master,' not 'lover,' don't you?!" But he managed to avoid screaming that, mostly in his haste to assure his mother that she didn't have to get dressed on his account. He said, "Of course, I can handle it! But this party. What party?" All the while, his eyes remained riveted to her cleavage. The way she was still idly stroking herself there did wonders to mute his anger.

Brenda walked the short distance to her son again and gave him another tight hug. She was so wired with sexual energy that it took great effort for her to stop with mere hugging.

The friendly all-over squeeze made him stop breathing for a while. It also nearly caused him to cum in his shorts, especially since he felt his mother's hands accidentally brush over his erection (or at least, he assumed it was an accident). His hands also migrated down to her ass without any conscious decision on his part. But once they were there, clenching her ass cheeks quite strongly, he found himself unable to pull them away. Everything was so incredible that he could scarcely believe what was happening. It was like it was happening to someone else and he was just watching the movie of it, except that he could smell and feel his mother so very vividly.


He thought, Her boobs! My momma's boobs! They're so impossibly huge and yet so indescribably soft! And warm! And squishy and good and amazing and wonderful, and well, everything! Not only that, but the ass! I actually have my hands on her ass! This is awesome! What kind of cruel fate has given me such a mother that I can see and now even touch naked, but be cursed to go no further?! If only I could tease and tickle and suckle on her. Momma, I'd love you with my fingertips, my lips, my tongue, even my thing. Especially my thing! Oh God, if she only knew what she's doing to me right now, she'd disown me! This is such cruel pleasure! And now she has a new lover and worships the ground he walks on. Life is so unfair!

Brenda quietly said, "Aidy, you're just the best son I could ever hope for! You're so accepting of my role in his harem, and I love you for it. Remember what I said yesterday about the harem?"

Adrian nodded dumbly. Then he blurted out, "You mean Alan's harem. Your master!" He tried to say it accusingly, but it came out more as simple amazement.

Anika coughed loudly, forcing Brenda to give up the hug and back up a bit.

Adrian was very disappointed that he had to let go of his mother's ass.

Brenda looked a bit surprised, and then said, "Oh? Did you overhear me saying all that at some point? Well, you're right. Yes, Alan is my master's name. My master. Alan." She stared off into space and said the name reverently.

But what really blew Adrian away was that her entire body straightened up and stiffened as if for inspection while she drifted off into a daydream about her master. In fact, she was fantasizing about Alan barking for her to "assume the position." Her chest thrust forward even more than usual, which was saying a lot, and her nipples seemed to grow even stiffer and longer than they already were. She longed to be in that position in front of Alan for real in a matter of hours. Just thinking about presenting herself to Alan like that gave her a great rush.

Then her mental focus seemed to snap back to reality, although her body continued to stand stiffy with her back arched and her chest thrust proudly forward. She continued, "You're right, it's his party. The weekly poke-her party. That's where I'm going to be every Wednesday night from now on. I hope you don't mind. Think of it as Momma's night out on the town."

Again, Adrian was so overwhelmed he hardly knew what to say. His eyes were wide as saucers, the shock, arousal, and confusion plainly evident in them. His mother was leaning so far forward that her nipples were lightly brushing up against his shirt. The only thing stopping him from cumming at any second was the mortal shame of getting found out. There were so many things he wanted to say, but he couldn't think. He struggled in vain to form a sentence. He finally ended up just blurting out, "'Poke-her party'?!"

Brenda giggled. She finally eased her stance and stepped back. Then she turned back to her closet - she had a closet containing nothing but French maid uniforms now - and began looking at outfits again. She felt a lot better since her son had come in and expressed his concern. She said gaily, "Yeah. A funny name, isn't it? Poke. Her. Party. That's what it is, since he ends up poking us all. You know what I mean by poking, don't you? Tonight there's going to be six big-titted nymphos there. Can you just imagine what kind of superior man he must be, to manhandle and fuck all those horny sexpots in one evening? Is it any wonder that he owns my body and my soul?"


She shivered with delight as she imagined sitting on top of her master and bouncing on his stiffness. She luxuriated in her fantasies of being with both Alan and Adrian at different times. She could have stayed in that heavenly state for hours, but she remembered the need to get ready for the party. She resumed looking at her clothes with a blissful expression. She was well aware that she was still buck naked and her son was standing within arm's length, ravenously devouring her body with his eyes.

She thought, For anyone who might question my lifestyle choices, if only they could feel what I'm feeling right now! It can't possibly get any better! Oh, Aidy! Touch me!


Anika slowly got up and walked over to her troublesome boss. She suspected that Brenda was about to do something even more rash, because the buxom mother had showed almost no self-restraint whatsoever so far. Anika knew that the burden of following Suzanne's wise orders fell to her in this situation. Adrian had to be slowly psychologically conditioned to accept a very tricky situation. She said in a low voice, "Brenda, can I speak to you in private? Vithout Aidy?"

Brenda, still blissed out, turned to her son and said, "Pooh Bear, can you step outside for a second and close the door? I'm sure this'll just take a sec."

Adrian backed away and out through the open door without thinking about what he was doing. He was so aroused and emotionally overloaded that he didn't know up from down, but he somehow managed to close the door behind him.

Anika immediately drew close to Brenda's left ear and whispered into it, "Vat are you tinking? Or not tinking!" She knew Adrian would have no time to cross the house to check in by video monitor, so she spoke freely. "Have you forgotten everytink Suzanne told us?! Remember vat she said? 'Go slow.' Dis is not slow! Especially saying dat Alan owns your body and your soul. I tink you've really done it dis time. You're destroyink de poor boy's ego." She shook her head with disappointment.

Brenda nodded her head; some of what Anika said made an impact, despite her lusty fog. She whispered, "Sorry. I'll do better. It's just that I'm so excited!"

Just then, she and Anika heard a loud and prolonged groan out in the hallway. She whispered giddily to her old maid, "Looks like I'm not the only one, hee-hee!"

But Anika continued to chide. "Brenda, vat vill vee say to Suzanne? She vill be mad at me for not stopping you. Me! You haf to slow down. Dat Suzanne, she's a tough one. I don't vant to let her down."

Brenda put her hands together as if in prayer. "Please? Please let me have a bit of fun right now? Today is my special day; this is a day that I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. You know what's going to happen tonight. I want this to be a memorable day for me and Aidy too, not just me and Alan. Please cut me a little bit of slack? I'm sure it'll all work out in the long run. Please?"

Anika looked doubtful. "Vell... I don't know..." But she was kind-hearted; she had never seen Brenda so happy as she'd been in recent days and didn't want to spoil the fun on Brenda's big day. She decided to relax her restrictions on Brenda, but only just a little. She knew there might be a price to pay, especially if Adrian reacted the wrong way to some of the things Brenda was likely to blurt out, but they'd have to do some damage control on another day.

Brenda was encouraged by the look on Anika's face. She made a short, triumphant punch in the air and said out loud so Adrian could hear, "Aidy? You can come back in now."

However, before Adrian could come back in, Anika wagged her finger and said, "Vatch it!"

Adrian was very flustered. As soon as he'd stepped out into the hallway he couldn't help but touch himself. That instantly started his climax. The problem was, he had no idea where to direct his cum. Somehow he'd managed to get his shorts down before the first rope of cum shot out. Largely by default, his cum had hit the wood paneling on the door in front of him. He figured that at least that was better than getting it on the carpet. But no sooner had he finished cumming than he was told to return to the bedroom. He hastily reached out to wipe the door clean with both hands but he ended up with a sticky mess on both his hands and the door.

He opened the door, scarcely knowing what to expect. He kept his wet hands behind his back. He breathed a sigh of relief to see that, whatever Anika had said, it hadn't made his mother put any clothes back on yet. His penis had grown flaccid after that satisfying cum, but just one look at his completely nude mother reversed that. His heart was pounding like a jackhammer once more and he was so out of it that he didn't realize the way his penis visibly grew until he was left with a comically large bulge in his shorts.

Brenda, though, certainly did notice. She thought, If there was only some way I could send Anika away for an hour or so, but she's too smart for that. It's just not right that my Pooh Bear has to cum in the hallway instead of all over his momma's chest. Just look at that! Aidy, is that a hot, mommy-splitting, teenage cock in your shorts or are you just happy to see me? Ha! ... But I have to save myself for my master. Come on, girl, get a grip.


She refocused on her wardrobe and pulled out a French maid outfit. But while she was willing herself not to stare at her son's package, that didn't mean she planned on stopping her teasing of him. She held a small black item meant to cover her stomach (and little else), and placed it over her chest. It was something that she'd tried on twice already, but she wanted to try every outfit on again, now that Adrian was here watching her in the flesh.

She said, "Aidy, Anika reminded me that you might take some of the things I say the wrong way. Of course, everyone knows who owns my body and soul: you! You're my favorite little guy in the whole wide world. But when I think about Alan I get so excited that I say things you might find a little strange. Just please be patient with me, okay? Now, can I get your opinion on which outfit I should wear? What do you think of this one?"

Adrian nodded, then did a double-take as he looked into Brenda's closet. When he was watching her from his room he didn't have the right angle to look into her closet. So it was a shock to see that she had about thirty French maid outfits in there. He said, "Momma, okay, but wait a minute! Why on Earth do you have a closet filled with nothing but these... these... uniforms?! They expose everything! You can't wear something like this in public. You can't tell me you owned even one of these last week!"

Brenda sighed. She motioned for Adrian to sit in a nearby chair, then sat her naked ass down on the sofa that Anika had already returned to. She said with resignation, "It looks like I need to explain a few things to you before we go any further. Like this closet... How do I put this? You understand that I have a master now, and that I'm a part of his harem. I'm doing this of my own free will to fulfill my own desires and needs. How do you feel about that?"

"How do I feel? I'm appalled! Absolutely shocked! Embarrassed! Freaked out!" He kept his hands folded together in between his thighs; his fingers in particular were still drenched with his own cum, and now his thighs were getting a bit slick from the mess as well.

Brenda sighed again, heavier this time. "Hmmm. I was afraid you might say that. Then you're probably not going to like what I have to say about these outfits. You see, Aidy, your mother is a natural submissive. Do you understand what that means, in a sexual sense?"

Adrian nodded. He knew what a submissive was from reading erotic stories on the Internet. In fact, he had a particular fondness for female domination stories and suspected he might be a bit submissive himself. But he wasn't sure about that, because sometimes in his fantasies he also wanted to be able to force his mother to submit to him, to allow him to completely control her, to fuck her, to tie her up, and in general completely have his way with her. However, thoughts along these lines were crowded out by the actual sight of Brenda fawning over him dressed in one of the many French maid outfits she had.

Brenda thought, He thinks he knows what it means, but he has no idea. He doesn't understand the joy in serving. Like, right now, I could sit with my legs together, but I have to serve! That means my legs need to stay apart. That shows that my pussy is available to be fucked. I have to show my readiness and eagerness to serve my master and my son at all times! The joy of making them happy alone would be reward enough, but at the same time they'll please me so very much with their thrusting cocks! Thrusting, thrusting, thrusting! God, I love it! I'm addicted. It's so much pleasure that it seems unfair!

How do I explain all that? How can I explain to him that I NEED his cock tickling my tonsils? How can I make him understand that I've been blessed with these tits precisely so a cock can slide between them? I have two cocks to love! Two! Yes! Imagine: my master's manly powerful cock and my son's cute boy cock! Serving both! In a way, I'm luckier than any of my mistresses to serve a master AND a son. Is there anyone anywhere luckier than me?

Anika looked at Brenda sitting next to her and watched as her buxom boss slumped down on the sofa, slowly spreading her legs wider and wider, revealing her leaky pussy again. Anika couldn't help but shake her head in frustration. She sighed loudly, knowing that Brenda was off in la-la land again. She finally scooted close and gave her a strong nudge. Then she said to Adrian, "Sorry, Aidy. As you can see, your mamma's so wery excited. All she can tink about is dis party tonight."

That gave Brenda time to recover and even remember what she'd been talking about. So, sitting up but keeping her knees wide apart, she said, "Now, I was talking about my master. Alan. The fact that I'm submissive, that doesn't matter much in his book. He's such a sexually potent, virile, well hung, and dominating man that no woman can resist him, no matter what they're like."

Anika coughed loudly.

Brenda continued, "He picks the very best women in the county to be his own in the same way that a shopper might look at a display of strawberries and pick out the very best ones. The strawberry has no say in the matter. Do you see what I'm saying?"

"I guess," Adrian replied with doubt, discomfort, and obvious confusion. He could hardly equate his mother with a ripe strawberry. But staring as he was at her drooling pussy just a few feet in front of him, their conversation seemed totally unreal to him. It was hard to really emotionally engage when he could actually feel the pulsing of his heartbeat in the throbbing of his penis.

Brenda said with motherly understanding, "Don't worry, you'll understand it all in time. But because he's such a wonderful master, he finds the right role for everyone in his harem. Of course, all of his nymphos live to sexually please and serve him; that goes without saying."

Anika coughed out another warning.

Brenda heard that and said, "It's okay, Anika, he needs to understand this, sooner or later. But Aidy, I want you to understand that Alan is a very giving and loving master." She closed her eyes and breathed a wistful romantic sigh. Then she looked at Adrian and refocused. "He does not want to interfere with our bond, the important bond between mother and son. He understands that very well. Oh, yes he does. Doubly so."

Anika gave Brenda a pre-emptive nudge. She knew that incestuous thoughts of Alan with Susan or Suzanne powerfully excited her boss, and the very mention of such things were likely to lead to more distractive daydreams. Further, such comments were dangerous clues about the Plummer family's incest (though luckily, the "doubly so" allusion to Alan's two mothers was difficult to decipher and Adrian was too frazzled to try).

Brenda wanted to make sure she had Adrian's full attention now, so she temporarily closed her legs and waited until her son's eyes finally drifted up towards her face. Then she continued, "He doesn't want to separate you and me in any way. Whatever relationship we choose to have, that's between the two of us. He'll allow it and respect it. Any relationship. Do you understand what I'm saying, Pooh Bear?"

Adrian's heart leapt with hope, but he could scarcely believe that his interpretation of what his mother had just said was correct. He lingered on the words "Any relationship." What he really wanted to ask was if this Alan would allow some kind of sexual contact between him and his mother, but he could never imagine asking such a bold question, not in a million years. His deeply ingrained shy manners prevented it. He meekly replied, "I, um, I think so." However, the fires of hope had now been kindled within him, even if it was a dim and distant hope.

Brenda nodded, then continued, "Good. A good master knows how to please his ... nymphos, and make them happy. And I've made it clear that what makes me happy is serving in his house as a maid sometimes. Think of it as a sexual role-play thing, if you want. I love the idea so much that I went out and bought all of these outfits in just the past couple of days. But you know me" - she giggled - "I have a way of going overboard at times, don't I?"

Adrian laughed a bit, releasing some of his tension. "You sure do," he agreed. His eyes were gawking at her chest again, watching her breasts jiggle as she giggled. He noticed that her legs were slowly opening again to reveal her drooling pussy once more. It was as if she was incapable of keeping her legs closed.

Brenda concluded, "So that's what these outfits are all about. I'm going to Alan's house tonight and I'm going to pretend to be a sexy maid. I'm still your mother, the same as always, it's just that this is how adults choose to have fun sometimes. Adult fun. Do you know what I mean?"

Adrian frowned. A part of him wanted to run to the bathroom to be ill over what was happening to his mother. Another part of him wanted to run to his bedroom to relieve the stiffness of his erection. But the biggest part of him simply couldn't pull his eyes away from his mother's naked charms. As she talked, it seemed that she was always doing some little thing or another to draw his eyes to her body, especially her chest.


Trying to sweeten the bitter pill a little bit, she added, "But I've realized I'm a submissive, and that means there'll be changes around here too. For instance, I'll be wearing French maid outfits around the house a lot. Sometimes even the topless kind. That doesn't literally mean I'm a professional maid; it's just something I like because it constantly reminds me that my role is to serve. Do you understand?"

He was floored all over again. Her attempt to distract him worked, because his head was suddenly so full of thoughts of her running around the house topless that the "master" issue was pushed back, at least for the moment.

Not getting an answer from her wallflower son, Brenda pointed to a formal and imposing oak desk and said to Adrian, "You'll be seeing a lot of my body from now on, because submissive women don't wear much. Is that okay with you?"

He somehow managed to nod.

"Good. Why don't you sit over there while I change? That'll keep you out of Anika's hair while she finishes her sewing job, and it'll make you look like a professional judge for a contest. Imagine you're one of those judges in the Olympics holding up the cards that say 9.9." She giggled.

Adrian walked over to the desk, not really thinking about where he was going or why.

Brenda, however, had given the location some serious thought. It was a new desk, installed in her bedroom just the day before. She'd put it there so her son could have a place to masturbate while she was in the room. It was a strategically located high desk, and had a modesty panel all the way to the floor, so if he got carried away he could jerk off without being seen, even though Brenda might be standing just a few feet away. At least, that's what Brenda hoped he would think. She would be looking very carefully for subtle movements in his upper arms.

Even before Adrian settled down into the plush chair behind the desk, Brenda went back to her closet and put away the French maid outfit she'd been holding, and then took her time picking out another one. Actually, the one she'd been holding was just fine to try on, but she wanted to draw out staying naked as long as possible.

Finally, she began putting on a newly chosen outfit. She made sure to jiggle and preen with every move she made. It was basically a striptease in reverse. She acted very helpless throughout, and continually asked her old maid Anika to get up and help her put on her black stockings, her cuff links, her bowtie, and so forth. Brenda aimed a sultry stare right at her son the whole time as she hammed up a mighty struggle to get into the straining confines of her uniform.

Adrian thought that seeing his mother jiggle and writhe was better than the best porn video he had ever seen. His mouth hung wide open in comic book character style.

When Brenda finished dressing, it seemed as if the outfit made her even more exposed and erotic than when she was actually totally naked. Her hips, belly, shoulders, and other areas were covered with black cloth and lacy white frill, but as she stood in front of her son, her clean shaven pussy and round boobs were on full display. In fact, the outfit was cleverly designed to hold up and push out her boobs even more than usual, as if to make an offering of them.

Adrian couldn't help but groan out loud. His heart was pounding hard, and sweat was pouring down his face. He'd been resisting touching himself behind the desk for fear of getting caught, but even though he'd cum just a few minutes ago, he knew he couldn't hold out very long in the face of such arousal and temptation.

At one point, he noticed a box of tissues conveniently located on the desk, and he also noticed that both Anika and Brenda were not looking his way. He grabbed a wad of tissues and brought them under the desk. He used them to finally clean his cum off of his hands and inner thighs and then put the used tissues in his shorts pocket.

Then he grabbed another big wad with the intention of making another sticky mess to clean up. He was afraid of drawing attention with the obvious sound of a zipper unzipping, but he unzipped his fly as slowly and quietly as he could. It was risky, but he figured it was better than cumming in his shorts, which was what was about to happen, whether he touched himself there or not.

He looked again at his mother, and saw what seemed to be a literal flood of pussy juice pouring down her thighs. She seemed to be gushing an outrageous amount of fluid. The heady aroma of it was unbearably sexy to his senses. He was literally drunk and woozy from the smell of his mother's pussy. He wanted and needed to cum so badly that he actually worried he might pass out at any moment. But he felt he couldn't give in and touch himself, because even though Anika seemed absorbed with her sewing job, Brenda continued to stare right at him most of the time.


The room had been fairly quiet, though the Rolling Stones' song "Bitch" was playing in the background. Finally, Brenda struck a pose in her maid outfit and asked her son, "Aidy, what do you think? Do you like this one? The idea, obviously, is to make myself look tempting, for the party. Do you think this is tempting enough? ... Oh wait! Anika, can you hand me that plate right there on the end table? If I'm a maid I need to serve."

She held the plate up as if it had cocktails on it and still stared right at her son. "So, NOW what do you think, my sweet Pooh Bear? Does it look like my sole purpose is to serve? To serve men who need their balls drained of all that hot and nasty cum churning and burning and building up inside of them? Mist-, er, Susan, oh never mind who..."

Anika coughed again.

Brenda continued, "Let's just say a wise woman told me that one of the gravest problems there is sperm buildup. All that troublesome sperm needs to be deposited in my holes! Do I look like I'm dying to be ordered to bend over and take it? How would you like to have a maid like this, serving you in any and EVERY way? Wouldn't that be fun to order your maid to do ANYTHING at all, because she's your personal sex toy and loves to be fucked?" She got so hyped up from her own words that she was panting and heaving by the time she was done.

Adrian's jaw dropped open even wider than it already was. Her words inflamed his lust so much that he was forced to strain every nerve not to cum. All the heaving and jiggling of her completely unencumbered boobs made his predicament even worse. Restraining himself was like a life and death struggle. But unlike Alan, he hadn't trained his PC muscle or even knew what that was, so he knew that it was just a matter of time before his cock erupted and hot jism spewed everywhere. His only hope was to hold off long enough for Brenda to be looking elsewhere.

The buxom mother turned around and bent over. She grasped her legs with both hands just below her knees and kept her legs spread wide. It looked as if she was ready for someone to walk up behind her and fuck her drooling pussy doggy style at any moment. "How 'bout now? Do you think Alan will want to ravage me if I show myself off like this?"

If there was one thing Adrian loved almost as much as his mother's chest, it was her pussy. Her boobs were always there to be stared at, so round and full that she couldn't hide them even in the bulkiest sweater. He admired her ass, of course, but it was mostly just something to look at until he could get a better view of her front side. However, her pussy had the allure of the mysterious and completely forbidden. While he knew every inch of his mother's breasts, he'd never actually seen her pussy exposed until recent days. Lately, he'd been so curious about her pussy that at times when it came into view it could even cause him to temporarily rip his eyes from gawking at her huge mammaries. While he was normally very mild mannered, he had wild fantasies of fucking her pussy and sliding in and out of her abundant wetness over and over. So her bending like that was more than he could bear.

He finally lost it when he saw several droplets of pussy juice drip out of her slit, linger, dangle from her ripe and bloated clit, and then drip down onto the floor. This was in addition to all the rivulets of cum flowing down her thighs. It was like her body was screaming out: "Aidy, or somebody, anybody, fuck me now! Please!"

He brought the tissues he'd been holding to the tip of his hard-on, and that was all it took. As soon as he made the slightest contact with his iron hard and exposed erection, he began to cum.

It was the most intense and pleasurable experience he'd ever had in his short life. He'd been masturbating so many times a day in recent days that he could have given Alan a run for his money if there had been a cumming contest. But this orgasm was a quantum leap of pleasure beyond any other, much better even than the one in the hallway so shortly before. The only fly in the ointment was that he couldn't scream out with abandon. But he'd gotten pretty good over the years in muffling his masturbatory climaxes, so being quiet was a near automatic process for him.

Brenda was careful to remain bent over for a while, to give her son the privacy to cum, and give him something wonderful to look at while he did so. But eventually curiosity got the better of her, and she looked up a bit in Anika's direction. Her maid gave her a slight nod towards Adrian, then a knowing wink. The room now had a new smell. The heavy musky odor of pussy was mixed with the fresh aroma of Adrian's tangy cum.

Brenda was very glad, both that her son had just cum again and that she had such an understanding maid. She longed for the day, hopefully not far away, when she'd be able to taste her son's cum and not just smell it.


Still looking away from Adrian, Brenda stood up and prodded, "Well? So what do you think?" She began undressing in rhythm to the Rolling Stones playing '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.'

Adrian was flustered but replied, "Um. Good. They're all good. I'm sure you'll look great in all of them. You always look great."

Brenda turned to her son, pleased as punch with the compliment. "Awww, Pooh Bear. You're so sweet. But which one is the best? That's the question. I don't mind trying every single one of them on again to get your opinion, if that's okay with you."

Adrian didn't mind that at all. In fact, it was a fantasy come true. But at the same time, he was sobering up some now that he'd climaxed. He was feeling guilty. The fact that the Stones were now starting to play "Sympathy for the Devil" even made him feel a little bit evil. He thought, I'm probably going to burn in Hell for this. I mean, she's my mother and the only thing I can think about is running my hands all over her... Touching her in places... Her pussy, even! God I'm seriously fucked. This is so wrong! I need to calm down.

His voice cracked awkwardly as he said, "Momma, I'll help you, of course. I'd do anything for you. But isn't this strange? I mean, you're just so... so..."

"Slutty?" Brenda suggested, her voice tinged with eagerness.

Adrian blushed and nodded. He could never actually use such a word to describe his mother, even when it was obvious.

Brenda was carefully putting her first outfit back onto a hanger and returning it to its spot in the closet. But as she stood there, buck naked again except for the obligatory high heels, she looked over her shoulder at him and said, "Aidy, I know this is hard for you to take. My life has completely changed in these last few weeks and you're beginning to see the new me. But you have to understand. There are some men out there in this world who want the best and they know how to get it. Think about a big diamond. The big diamond naturally ends up in the hands of someone very wealthy, very successful. The elite of the elite. You won't find something like that for sale in a Seven-Eleven. In the same way, to drop all pretenses of modesty for a moment, I'm like that diamond. I'm highly desired, mostly because guys like my beauty, and especially my chest and my face. So it's only natural that eventually a superior man with superior seed would come and claim me."

"But Momma!" Adrian complained, even as his penis began to rebound a little bit. "You have free will! You make it sound like you're just a possession, like the ripe strawberry in the store!"

"Well, yes and no," Brenda answered thoughtfully as she got down on all fours. "There are things in life that are almost completely irresistible. Look at my body. Look at me!"


She spread her legs as wide as she could to give her son an incredible view of her wet sex. "Look at all the pussy juice running down my thighs. I get this excited just from standing naked in front of my son. I'm built for sex! I get moist at the slightest hint of anything sexual. I always have, even before my awakening, but I'd tried to deny that I was different."

She continued passionately, "No more! I admit it: my body craves having a hot pole sliding in and out of me all day. You're not a woman, my sweet cutie pie. You can't possibly understand how good it feels to have a virile lover deposit a big, thick load of hot fuck cream deep, deep inside of you. There's a bonding, a taking, a oneness... Words fail to even come close to describing it."

She continued wistfully yet lustily, "Aidy, I've been running from my true nature all of my life, but I can't deny it any longer, and I don't want to deny it. In most any other time or place I'd probably be a prostitute or something like that, because my body is built for sex. I crave it. I really do. I don't just merely want it, I NEED it. I don't know how much you could tell, but I used to be so unsatisfied, before. Drifting. Bored. But Master Alan has kindled the fires of desire within me and there's no way to quench the flames now. Now I rejoice at every day of this glorious life that I've been given. You should be happy for me! How can I resist a natural fuck lord like Alan when he completely fulfills me and makes me feel so good?"

As she was talking, she stood up and then picked out another French maid outfit and held it to her expansive bosom. She began slipping into this second outfit, which incidentally was nearly identical to the first.

Adrian thought, "Natural fuck lord?!" This is beyond bizarre! He complained, even as he began to secretly rub his newly throbbing erection, "But Momma! You're still my mother. I just can't think of you like that."

"Awww, Aidy! My Pooh Bear. Of course I'm your mother. I'll always be your mother. And luckily, I have an understanding master who knows that. If there's a conflict, he agrees that my mothering should come first. I'll always be there for you, I promise. Think about it: if I were to get married again, would that stop me from being your mother? Of course not. This is the same as a new marriage, just, um, more sexual and unusual. And so much more fulfilling. Look at me."

Adrian found it hard to look his mother in the eyes (and for once it was because he was afraid of what he'd find there instead of it being due to his most typical fixation on her chest). But when he did, he could see strength and pride in her face. She was defiant, even. This surprised him because he expected that any woman talking about rampant sexual desire and a place in a harem would be deeply ashamed.

"Look at me, my son! Look at my boobs. They're a huge inconvenience and my back hurts like the dickens sometimes, so why do I have them? There can only be one reason: to attract others to fuck me. Since they're so big, that must mean I need a lot of fucking. Right? Tell me I wasn't born and bred for sex. Tell me I don't belong on my back taking it hard in every hole, every single day! Look me in the eye, Son, and tell me that!"

Adrian dropped his head. He whispered hoarsely but intently, "I can't tell you that. Gosh, you're so beautiful and sexy that I can hardly stand it!" That was, by far, the closest Adrian had come to admitting his incestuous feelings to his mother. He turned red all over again as he realized what he had said.

"Awww! You're so sweet. Give me a huggles, my little Pooh Bear." She thought, Hee-hee, I've got him halfway to understanding and accepting the Big Tits Theory already. I just wish I could tell him everything, and right away. I know he'd understand!


Wearing just the skirt of her latest French maid uniform, Brenda rounded the desk, knelt down, and gave her son a big hug as he continued to sit in his chair.

Unfortunately, she was seriously deluded about how understanding he would be, especially about "Master Alan." However, he was so aroused and generally flabbergasted that he didn't show his resentment much. Even Anika was fooled, and gave Brenda a longer leash than she otherwise would have.

He was so taken aback by his mother's unexpected hug that he didn't even think to take his hands off his once again rampant erection. And with his mother covering his shoulders in naked tit flesh as she pressed into him, there was no way he could will himself to get soft or somehow magically zip up to cover his erection. So he tried to cover his slick shaft with one hand as best he could while giving a semi-hug to his mother with the other hand. In a tiny and uncertain voice, he asked, "So, you don't feel ashamed about all of this?"

"Ashamed? Are you kidding? One thing I learned from Alan and his, uh, lovers" - she was going to say "family" but luckily caught herself in time - "is that the conventional morality isn't always right. You have to be true to yourself, to your inner heart. Just a few weeks ago I was ashamed of my body's extremes and of my easily inflamed lusty desires. I would get defensive and angry because I was in denial about my true nature. But now I not only embrace all of those things, I revel in them as being essential parts of who I am."

She glanced down to her son's lap and was beside herself with delight. She wanted so much to reach down and give him a helping hand or two. In fact, that's what she did. She brought a hand down onto his penis, except that she wound up with her hands on her son's since his hands were now thoroughly covering his raging hard-on. She heard a cough and noticed Anika now standing right next to her, looking very irate. Her wrinkled old maid was silently mouthing the word "Suzanne."

That, finally, gave Brenda a bit of pause. Visions of Suzanne inflicting terrible tortures upon her sobered her up a bit (even though, in reality, Suzanne would never do anything that could match Brenda's overly vivid imagination). She decided not to take over and start to jack off her only son, as she was about to do.

She meant to pull her hands away, but somehow they remained wrapped around her son's pole as she said, "Look at your erection, Aidy. Speaking of shame, that's nothing to be ashamed of. I'm so proud of it, just like I'm so proud of you. It's more proof of what I was saying, that I was built to arouse and please and serve. Even my own son can't resist me. Don't try. Cum if you feel like it, any time you want, as much as you want. I don't mind. In fact, I'm flattered by it, so please don't be shy on my account. Just so long as you understand Alan's place in my life, he won't mind that kind of thing either."

"But I don't!" Adrian complained. He was so shocked at this latest turn of events that the only thing he could do was speak straight from the heart. "I don't understand anything! I'm loving the new sexy you, but I'm hating it at the same time! I'm so afraid I'm going to lose you. Maybe I've lost you already! You're my whole life, Momma! I've never had a real dad, or a brother, or a sister, or anything! You're everything to me! If you go away with this Alan, I might as well die!"

He started to tear up. Yet, despite the sincere emotion, he had enough presence of mind to slowly withdraw his hands from his own cock, leaving nothing but the touch of his mother's hands on his organ as it poked through the fly in his shorts.


Brenda tenderly kissed him on his ear and then down his neck a little bit, both cheering him up and also ensuring that his erection stayed as stiff as it could possibly get.

With her hands still firmly wrapped around his slick hardness, she said, "Pooh Bear, I promise you, I'll never leave you. Yes, my master has a great hold on me, and I love him for it, but there's nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her children. Nothing. If Alan didn't understand at least that, he wouldn't be deserving of being my master. But he is worthy and I only hope and pray that I'm worthy of him. We've even worked out an arrangement so that most of the time I'll be over at his place while you're at school, or your scouting meetings, or other things. So there's no problem. If you want to stay near me as long as you like, of course I'd love for you to do that."

She squeezed his cock reassuringly. "Nothing is going to keep us apart, unless you want to spread your own wings and go off to college or something like that. Again, imagine it's like I'm getting married to a man that I love and adore. Sure, there are going to have to be some compromises with the new and important man in my life. But he's a loving and understanding man and everything is going to work out. I promise."

"You promise?" Adrian blinked away his tears and spoke in a pouty voice just like he did when he was a little kid. His emotional response was a bit muted because what she was saying didn't seem real to him.

"I promise." She kissed him again and squeezed his boner some more. With visions of an angry Suzanne in her head, she still intended to take her hands away, but she couldn't quite get herself to do it just yet.

Although it greatly pained him, he tried to be optimistic about the situation. "When can I meet him, this Alan? Who knows, maybe he could kind of be like a father figure to me. I mean, I've never really had an honest to God father. Not one I could really love and respect, and who would spend time with me. Maybe this could be kind of a good thing for both of us."

Brenda felt sad on the inside. She thought, Son, how can I explain that my master goes to the same high school you do? If you see Alan now, you're not going to be able to handle it. It's kind of tragic that he can't be the father figure that you desperately need... Suzanne's right, my sweet Pooh Bear does need time to adjust. I almost lost sight of how much work I have to do to break him in. He's such a fragile and impressionable boy.

She pulled her body back a little and looked him right in the eyes from less than a foot away. Brushing away her son's tears, she told him, "We'll work our way up to a meeting. Keep in mind that he's pretty young, younger than me. So maybe he could be more like an older brother figure. Wouldn't you like a brother? And remember that it's not like I'm his wife, not in the traditional sense at least. Anyway, I've tried being a regular wife twice already and it didn't work out. That's not me. And remember too, he has a harem to maintain. Right now I suppose I'd be the fifth woman in his harem, but I imagine that number'll grow a bit over time."

That cut him like a knife. "Five?! Five women?! This is so bizarre!"

"Well, yes, that's his core group, more or less." Brenda clarified. "Then of course there are many others he fucks as the mood strikes him. Keeping five hyper-sexual women like me satisfied and still having energy for others - well, you can begin to understand why I call him names like 'fuck lord' with such pride." She felt that his lusty mood was turning into one of alarm, so she began to stroke his cock just a little bit to divert his attention. One of her fingers repeatedly pressed into the sensitive spot just below his cockhead.

That was more than a little bit distracting for Adrian, but he still managed to say, "This is too freaky. Completely nuts!" But surges of erotic pleasure were coursing through his body and his concerns seemed to fade away like cotton candy melting in one's mouth. He knew that later he'd feel very angry and hurt, but now lust conquered all.

He cuddled closer to his mother's chest and said dreamily, "One woman like you, that's all I'd ever want or need. He really must be crazy to want anyone else."

Brenda felt a great swelling of love and lust for her son as she heard that.

Adrian didn't realize just what he was saying with his "one woman like you" comment and didn't give it any thought, but his mother certainly did. She was so excited that she unconsciously began stroking his erection in a more overt manner.

Suddenly, he turned and looked his mother in the eye with great concern. "He doesn't make you sleep with other men, does he?!"

She began to happily jack him off, stroking up and down with long strokes. Talking about Alan while holding her son's cock destroyed whatever resolve she had left. She said, "If he ordered me to, I would have to obey him in that. But he's a very possessive master. I like that about him, actually." She smiled fondly. "So he's not going to do that. Unless... unless he were to tell me to have sex with you. He might just do that, if he felt you were cool with the situation and not resentful of him. If you were mature enough and accepting enough and got to be good friends with him, who knows what he might allow?"


Adrian was on cloud nine. The whole thing seemed like a dream, a very erotic and wet dream. He looked down and saw both of his mother's dainty hands now pumping up and down his stiff pole. She'd pulled his balls through the open fly and was fondling them, too. As if that wasn't enough stimulation, he felt her sweet breath nearby and her boobs and nipples occasionally rubbing up and down his chest or upper arm.

He thought, This feels SO GOOD! If I have to die, kill me now. This is pure heaven!

The pleasure he was feeling was so great that it overrode the many complaints he otherwise would have made about his mother's new harem situation. In fact, it was a challenge for him to speak at all.

Even though he had just cum and was only a couple of minutes into a new erection, the realization that his mother was really, truly jacking him off was so wonderful that he felt himself rapidly building up to yet a third climax in less than an hour.

But just then, Anika stepped forward and said, "Okay, dat's enough." She physically pulled Brenda away from her son, forcing her to disengage from his cock.

Both mother and son looked at her with great disappointment and surprise.

Adrian suddenly gasped for breath, belatedly realizing that he was so excited he'd actually forgotten to breathe for the last minute or so.

But Anika said to him, "Aidy, listen. Your momma now, it's like she said. She's on fire. She's in heat. So she could get a little crazy like dat. I haf to keep her in check; dat's part of my job now. Can you help me vis dis? If she starts to fondle you or suck you, call my name, wery loud. Okay?"

Adrian nodded, even as he thought, As if I would call for anyone to get Momma to stop! Ever! That's the most freaking insane thing I've heard yet!

Brenda seemed to have recovered a bit and said, "Anika's right. I am so excitable these days. Master Alan has awakened my slumbering sexual needs and I can't seem to put them back to sleep. Please forgive me for my boldness, Son. I hope you can deal with a naked and horny mother from now on. Now, how 'bout we go back to trying out outfits?"

Adrian was so blown away that at first he just nodded obediently, but then he said, "Wait a minute. I think I need to take a little rest first. This is all so strange to me. Can I just go to my room and absorb all this for a little while? Or are you in a big rush?" In the back of his mind, he was noting that his mother wasn't really apologizing or feeling guilty about how she'd touched him, only that she was so bold and eager about it.

"No, no rush," Brenda conceded. "The party doesn't start for hours and hours, to be honest." Her shoulders slumped and she became remorseful. "I'm sorry, my love. Mistress Suzanne warned me to go slow. Oh, I guess I'll have to explain who Suzanne is to you soon enough, but not right now. She's a very beautiful and wise woman, by the way. Oops, there I go again. You're right, you're getting too much information at once. Go take a little rest, my cutie. And remember that whatever happens, I will always love you with all of my heart."

She added in her thoughts, And hopefully, soon enough, all the rest of me too!

Knowing that Adrian still sported a massive hard-on, Brenda and Anika cleared out of the room so he could make his way back to his own bedroom without being embarrassed.

Adrian was confused and greatly worried about all this talk of harems, fuck lords, and masters. But the chief thought running through his mind was whether he'd be able to make it to his room before cumming in his shorts or not.

Once he was gone, Anika pointed a bony and old finger at Brenda and chided her, "I tink you screwed up. Big time. I don't think Suzanne vill be happy about dis. No vay. You're going to haf to tell her, you know. You vill get a big time punishment, for sure."

Brenda dropped her head and tried to look chastened and disappointed in herself, but secretly she was delighted. She would be riding the high of actually touching and stroking her son's penis for the first time for the rest of the day, or at least until the party started. And now that that taboo had been breached, she could breach it again and again. She hoped that she'd soon be jacking him off every day - and more. Further, the visit from Adrian had put her in a good mood and nearly completely banished her worries and nervousness. Plus, she could still look forward to trying out many more outfits in front of Adrian before she had to go.

As soon as Anika turned her back, Brenda quickly raised her hands to her mouth. She had carefully preserved some of the cum from Adrian's sticky penis when she was jacking it off just a couple of minutes earlier.

She eagerly licked her fingers to test the taste. Hmmm. Kind of tangy or sour, not sweet like Master Alan's. Still, it's very nice. I'm sure I'm going to love it soon enough. Hee-hee, I'd better, because I'll soon be guzzling it down every day!

She thought, Already, this has been such a pivotal and great day in my life, and the best is yet to come!

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XX01: Christine, lying face-down on her bed, a book in front of her, talking to Alan on the phone, her feet up in the air. Sounds like actual events (as seen later, Christine's wearing a green shirt), but the image I'm suggesting would be the "imagine spot" in Alan's mind: Christine is totally nude.

XX02: This text practically demands a pic.

XX03: Logan616: Simone's made-up discussion (whilst talking to Alan on the phone) practically demands a pic. Where else could we ever get a scene of Heather and Helen being fucked side-by-side?

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