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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 111
Games People Play
Day 73: Wednesday, November 27

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Kim walked up the path leading to the front door of the Plummer house. It was quite dark outside since it was nearly eight o'clock in the evening, but the path was well lit.

As she came to the door, she saw two burly men dressed in work clothes carrying a lot of equipment headed the other way. They politely nodded their heads in her direction as they passed, but while still in Kim's earshot one said to another, "Did you see that? There goes ANOTHER one! What is this place?"

The other replied, "You're telling me! What is that, the sixth, no, the seventh hot babe we've seen here tonight? Shit, if we ever get another order at this address, I'm going to fucking kill to get the job!"

Kim couldn't hear any more as they drifted out of her hearing range. She puzzled at what they were talking about, though she was both offended and pleased to gather that she was one of the "hot babes" they were referring to.

She reached the door and rang the doorbell.


Amy opened the door with a happy smile. "Kim! Cool! So glad you could make it. Come on in!" She immediately dragged her inside and crushed her in an enveloping embrace before Kim could even get a word in edgewise.

As Kim pulled away from the hug, she had a chance to get a better view of Amy. She was stunned at how dressed up Amy was.

Amy had never been a big dresser, which wasn't surprising given that she didn't have much regard for clothes in the first place. But tonight Amy was dolled up to the nines in an elaborately fancy white dress complete with long white gloves. She was even wearing some traces of lipstick and make-up, which was unheard of for Amy, because she liked the all-natural look and was beautiful enough not to need make-up if she didn't want it. She also wasn't wearing a hair band, which was equally unheard of for her.

Kim asked, "Amy, like, what's going on? Do you have plans to go somewhere special?"

Amy laughed. "Yep. Right here. The poke-her party!"

Just then, Susan came into view as she sauntered through the living room into the entry way.

Kim's heart skipped a beat and her jaw dropped. She was partly shocked because she realized with horror that because Susan was as decked out in finery as Amy was, the party clearly was much more of a fancy dress-up occasion than she had realized. Another part of her shock concerned the blue gown Susan was wearing. It looked very elegant at first glance, but then Kim noticed that the fabric was semi-transparent. One could see her nipples quite clearly, and a glance at her crotch blatantly showed that Susan had a thick, dark bush. She didn't find that disturbing, just exciting.

But most of Kim's shock was simply because she was looking at Susan in the flesh. Kim had a deep crush on Susan, even though the two of them had never met up close before. Kim's feelings started in early November. Katherine had been confiding to Kim about some of her new sexual adventures with Susan, back in the very early days before she fully realized the danger of sharing knowledge of incest with anyone else, and Kim had gotten so excited about it that she'd begged for and received a photo of Susan in a bikini. She loved the photo because, quite simply, she thought that Susan was the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. Kim had quite a thing for big-breasted women, perhaps in part because she felt that her own chest was inadequate, and Susan was simultaneously wholesome yet improbably busty.


Kim gaped because Susan looked much better in real life than in the photograph. The fact that Susan had filled out by two cup sizes since the picture was taken helped some, but much of it was that Susan in her high heels was unexpectedly full-bodied and tall. She simply towered over most other women.

Kim was so taken aback by all this that she blurted out, "You're a goddess! A real live goddess!"

Susan walked forward and took Kim's hand to shake it. She smiled at the compliment, but also seemed puzzled. "Why, thank you. You're Kim, right? You're on the cheerleader team with Amy and Katherine, aren't you?"

Kim tried to recover and act intelligently, but for her looking at Susan was like staring into the sun: she was blinded by beauty. After a very long pause, she said, "Uh... yeah." She immediately wanted to slap herself on the forehead for such a brainless reply. She found herself blushing furiously.

"I've heard a lot about you. My children really like you. What are you doing here?"

Susan obviously wasn't wearing a bra or panties, and just as obviously, her gown wasn't doing a thing to constrain her massive tits. They were jiggling and swaying all over the place even when she was standing in place.

Kim gawked in awe. This was better than any lesbian porn film she'd ever seen, because Susan was close enough to reach out and touch. Yet, even up close, her skin was flawless.

Amy could see that Kim needed help, so she said with her usual gaiety, "Kim's here for the party!"

Susan looked at Kim with a critical eye. She said, "I know that you're aware of, well, a lot of what goes on around this house, if you know what I mean. I understand that you helped bring Alan and Katherine together in an intimate way, and I'm very grateful for that. But I didn't hear anything about you coming."

Kim knew that she had to explain herself or she'd be in trouble, so she managed to eke out, "Uh, Alan invited me! At school today!"

Susan stared right at Kim's B-cup chest with a curious expression. "Huh. That's interesting." She thought, I know Kim is nice and all, but Tiger can do a lot better. Maybe in a couple of years, when she hopefully grows up and out.

Susan had a fair amount of "boob snobbery," especially since she'd developed her Big Tits Theory. However, she did her best to hide it, because she didn't want Kim or anyone else to feel bad.


Just then, Xania and Suzanne strolled into view.

Suzanne was wary about Kim's presence at the party, due to her fear of the family's incestuous secret possibly spreading, but she figured it was way too late to do anything about it. So she put up a good front and said with great friendliness, "Welcome, Kim! I've heard a lot about you. Don't mind Susan; she's just rightfully wary about strangers being in the know about things around here. She warms up a good deal once you get to know her."

Kim was stunned. She simply couldn't believe what she was seeing. She knew that Suzanne was Amy's mother, and she'd heard some classmates josh Amy about having a centerfold-worthy mother. She'd even seen Suzanne at a distance a couple of times, sitting in a car in the school parking lot as she waited to pick up Amy after cheerleading practice. But to see Suzanne up close like this completely blew her mind. It seemed like Suzanne's body was a near duplicate of Susan's. Suzanne towered over Kim's short stature, just as Susan did, but was nonetheless as voluptuous as a woman could be.

And then there was Xania. Her body was so much like the other two that it was uncanny. If it weren't for the fact that their faces were quite different, Kim would have assumed the three were siblings, possibly even triplets.


She blurted out, "No way!" Then, gaining confidence, she practically screamed, "No fucking way! This is, this is... Valhalla! ... Olympus! ... It's like... like Heaven!"

She was amazed enough at the physical beauty of the three older women, not to mention that they were all so big without being in the slightest bit fat. But she was also quite impressed by what they wore. Complementing Susan's blue dress, Suzanne wore a red one and Xania wore a dark green one. All were low cut and looked fantastic. Amy stood to the side in a white dress. Kim considered them some kind of basic-colors gang; she half expected to see yet another ravishing woman come strolling out dressed in yellow to complete the picture.

The four women now standing around Kim laughed, pleased that Kim was so stunned by their looks. Suzanne said, "My, my, what a flatterer we have here. I'm Suzanne, Amy's mother, by the way, and this is Xania, a family friend from out of town."

Kim wasn't thinking but simply blurted her thoughts again in Xania's direction. "Oh my God, has Alan fucked you too?"

Xania jutted a hip out provocatively and said, "What do you think?" Her proud look left no doubt that the answer was yes.

"Holy Toledo! If Alan sleeps with the likes of you three, then what on Earth is he doing with the likes of me at school?! Next time I see him, I swear, I'm going to bow before him in awe. If he's with you all, and more, he's got to be some kind of sex god!"

Susan couldn't help but smirk a little bit. My sentiments exactly, all around! Okay, he's not a god, but you just try to have a son like that and say 'no' to his fat cock. It can't be done.

Suzanne modestly ignored Kim's question and replied instead, "No, he's not a god; he's just very, very, very, very, very lucky." She said each "very" slowly for extra emphasis. "Did I use enough very's? Because he's a damn lucky guy and I hope he never forgets it." Since Suzanne was the one who'd essentially given Alan the sex life he now enjoyed, she knew better than anyone just how lucky he was.

Xania said, "I think you need a couple more 'verys'." This was both a joke and her honest opinion. She added, "At least, though, you can say he's played his lucky hand very well."

"True," Suzanne nodded. "But in any case, Kim, I understand that you've known about the incest for over a month and you haven't told anybody. I sure hope that's true and that you'll continue to use discretion. You can be trusted with anything that might happen tonight, can't you?"

Kim was seized with fear. She figured that if she answered incorrectly, she might not be allowed to walk amongst these Earthly goddesses. So she pulled herself together enough to answer, "Uh, yeah... Of course! ... In fact, Alan said something about how my being invited was a 'thank you' for being such a good sport and so tight-lipped about things. You can trust me! Definitely!"

Suzanne reached out and patted Kim on the shoulder. "Relax. You look like you're about to hyperventilate or something. Don't worry. We all know you're bisexual, and that's cool. We're all bisexual too, except for Alan, of course."

Suzanne pondered the situation for a long moment, and then asked, "Actually, can I speak to you in private for a minute?"

"Um, sure." Kim was practically trembling with nervousness. She feared that she'd done something wrong already, and Suzanne was going to give her a private dressing down or even discreetly send her home.

Suzanne walked Kim into the dining room so they could sit at the table there. She thought Kim might be intimidated by her size and height, so having them talk while sitting could help Kim relax a bit. To her consternation, Susan walked to the kitchen at the same time to check on some cooking task, leaving Xania with only Amy to talk to. Suzanne was careful to speak in a quiet voice to make sure Susan couldn't hear.

She said, "Kim, I must admit I'm a bit concerned about you being here, for one simple reason: secrecy. Katherine told me just a little while ago that you'd be coming to the party. She's also told me about how you've known about Alan's intimate relationship with both her and Susan. She assures me that you can be trusted about this, and the fact that you haven't shared our secrets for over a month now is proof of that."

The wide-eyed and frightened Kim just nodded.

Suzanne continued, "As a result, I decided that there's no reason to keep you away. That would be pointless, since you already know our most important secrets. But, that said, I want to take a moment to stress to you just how VITAL it is that you keep those secrets secret! Since you go to the same school as Alan and Katherine, if you were to tell even ONE close friend anything in the strictest confidence, that friend almost certainly wouldn't be able to resist telling at least one other close friend, and so on, and before you know it, that secret is out there! That would be a complete disaster! Our lives would be ruined. We'd probably have to move far away. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you don't tell a soul about ANYTHING that happens here, or anything about our sex lives, period!"

Kim nodded very obediently. "Yes, ma'am! You can trust me completely!"

Suzanne stared hard at her, with a narrow gaze. "I sure hope so. We have a lot of fun at parties like this - a LOT of fun. Alan and Katherine both like you and vouch for you. If you can keep completely quiet about us, I have no doubt you'll be invited to more events like this. But if anything gets out at all, you'll never see us again! Furthermore, although I'm not the vindictive type, if you ruin our lives I'll make sure that you pay a big price as well! Do you understand me?"

Kim bowed her head, trying to be as meek as humanly possible. "Yes, ma'am!"

"Good." Suzanne smiled. "Now, with that out of the way, I'm sure you have many questions about our lifestyle. I'd like to help you answer them, but later. I can see Susan is still fiddling around in the kitchen, and I don't want to keep our other guest Xania waiting with only Amy to keep her company. Come to me later if you want to know about anything. The way I figure, you already know our biggest secrets, and the rest are just details, so I don't mind additionally sharing that part. Okay?"

Kim nodded. She was incredibly relieved that she wasn't going to be sent home or something like that. She had no intention of ever telling anyone else about the Plummer incest, but after what Suzanne had just told her she redoubled her resolve to keep her lips zipped shut about the whole subject.

Suzanne walked Kim back to the living room and apologized to Xania and Amy for leaving them alone for so long. Then she started a discussion so that Kim and Xania could get to know the basics about each other.

Susan rejoined the others a minute or two later. She just sat and listened, since she already knew the basics about both Xania and Kim (having been told all about Kim by her own children). But she didn't realize that whenever she looked Kim's way, she scowled disapprovingly.

However, Suzanne soon noticed that. When there was a lull in the conversation, she said, "By the way, I'll bet you're wondering why I talked to Kim in private. I was just stressing to her the need to keep all our secrets secret. With that out of the way, I also made a point of reassuring her that she's very welcome here, since she's an invited guest. Isn't that true, Susan?" That question was said in a tone of voice that left no room for argument.

Susan was looking at Kim's chest with a disapproving expression. Due to the long silence, she finally looked up and answered, "Oh, sure. You're very welcome here, Kim. Anyone who is a friend of Alan's or Katherine's is a friend of mine."

Kim looked like she was going to cry. She looked down at herself and exclaimed, "Thanks so much, but, but, look at me!" She waved a hand over the ordinary blouse and jeans she had on. "I thought this was, like, a normal party. You know, not like a..." She was at a loss for words.

Xania rushed to the rescue. "Amy, can you help her out? Why don't you take Kim upstairs to Katherine's room and see if there's something there Kim can borrow that'll fit the occasion?"

"M'kay!" Amy grabbed Kim by the hand and led the bewildered teen up the stairs.

As soon as the two teens were gone, the three remaining women took a seat around the coffee table in the living room. Xania was looking a bit irate. She leaned forward towards Susan and said, "Shame on you!"

"Shame on me? What for?"


"The way you treated that poor girl, just because she was so tongue-tied and awed by our looks. You should be flattered, but no, you were brushing her off. I thought it would be a good idea to hustle her upstairs before she got hurt."

"What did I do?" Susan complained defensively. "I didn't brush her off. I was polite enough, wasn't I?"

Suzanne spoke up. "Susan, you were polite but distant. Luckily you didn't say much, but non-verbally you were cutting her down. Also, luckily, Kim doesn't know you well enough to realize there was something strange in your manner. But I do, and I know what was really bothering you. You don't like her because you don't think she's Alan-worthy." Suzanne positively impaled Susan with her steely gaze while Xania harrumphed in agreement. "Aren't I right?"

Susan gave her answer with a guilty expression instead of words. But then she said defensively, "Did you see her chest? I mean, really! And she's just all around small and skinny. I actually feel bad for Tiger that he would have to resort to-"

Suzanne cut in. "Susan, Susan, Susan. I love you dearly, but you've let this whole Big Tits Theory go to your head. I'm sure Kim is a very wonderful person and a perfectly fine Alan fuck. Get a grip! It's not all about tit size. Sweetie fucks our pussies, not our tits! Well, okay, he fucks our tits too sometimes, but you know what I mean."

Susan and Xania chuckled at that slip-up.

Suzanne gave a chagrined look, then continued, "The chest is just one part of the body. For instance, a woman might have tremendous tits but be a dead fish in bed. Or think about Akami and Glory. Sweetie loves fucking them, yet they're not that much more stacked than Kim. Susan, my dear, you're so caught up in your chesty superiority that you're likely to crush that poor girl's ego if you aren't careful. It's so unlike you to be a bad host."

"A bad host? Me? Oh dear! God, I hope she didn't notice anything. It's just... Well... Let's face it. I know this isn't the polite thing to say, but Kim simply is not Alan-worthy. There, I said it. She's attractive, yes, but not stunning. Tiger deserves nothing less than completely stunning big-titted nymphos, on their knees, naked and begging for his cock! He's my son, and dammit, he shouldn't settle for anything less than the best!"

Suzanne could tell it was futile to try to talk Susan out of her beliefs, so instead she attempted to use Susan's way of thinking to help win the argument. "Susan, hold on. Is it not the case that Alan is our master and we have to obey his every whim?"

"Yes, of course. Except when we have to step into our parental shoes and crack down if he's not doing his homework or something like that. He's our master and we're his sex slaves, and I love it! I mean, we love it. So what's your point?"

Xania added, "Yeah, what IS your point?" She was greatly puzzled at Suzanne's atypical use of the word "master," and didn't see where she was going with this line of thinking.

Suzanne replied, "My point is, Sweetie is the one who chooses who he wants to fuck and when and where he wants to fuck them. Sure, if we can find him top-notch fresh pussy, that's great. But he obviously likes Kim. He invited her here. If he desires her, who are we to disagree? Is it not our role to help him fuck whomever he wants to, and join in if need be? He's chosen to fuck her a number of times already, so she's obviously Alan-worthy right there. End of story. If you insult Kim, then you insult the tastes of our master. YOUR master."

That hit Susan like a body blow.

Suzanne went on, "You need to start over with her and make her feel welcome. You know how girls are at her age. It's clear that she's in awe of your body. Luckily, she was so stunned that she didn't really notice your disdainful attitude. If she were to know your real feelings about her appearance, she would be absolutely devastated. Don't you remember being a teenager with self-esteem issues and the way a careless insult could seem like the end of the world? I'm sure you were, because everyone goes through that phase."

"Oh my gosh! You're so right. I'd better get up there right away and fix things!" She kissed Suzanne and Xania on their cheeks, and then hurried up the stairs.

After she left, Suzanne shook her head and sighed at Xania. "That woman. God, I love her to death, but she can be so silly sometimes. Xania, before you head back to L.A., can you talk some sense into her? As you know, I put a lot of crazy notions into her head to get her excited about Sweetie, and now they've stuck. And mutated. I don't know how to bring her back down to Earth even a little bit."

Xania nodded. "Ah. Now I get what you were doing there. I was beginning to think that you'd gone off the 'master' deep end as well. Sure, I'd be glad to help."

"Well, I'll admit I do get off on the 'master' thing, but only in bed. For Susan, there's no 'off' button. Speaking of going off the deep end though, I should get you up to speed on what's happening with Brenda tonight. In her case, she's so far gone into some kind of submissive mindset that I've decided we just have to take her as she is and go with the flow."

Suzanne and Xania launched into a discussion about Brenda's planned unveiling, which was scheduled to take place later in the evening.

Xania was disturbed by Suzanne's description of Brenda, and wondered if she might have another counseling project on her hands eventually.

But Suzanne seemed convinced that any attempt to change Brenda would emotionally harm her without having any chance of success. She still recalled Brenda's complete freak-out when she'd idly suggested not having Brenda work at the Plummer house so much. She didn't want to repeat that experience.

She explained, "Susan and Brenda are similar in their extreme submissiveness. But I know Susan as well as I know myself, and I know she can dial back some. I hate to say this, but she's very malleable if you know the exact buttons to push. I don't know Brenda as well, but let's put it this way: it took me weeks and weeks of spending many hours each day with Susan to get her to change her morality from a prudish one to a sexual one. But with Brenda, I hardly had to do anything. It's like she took one look at the possibility of a submissive lifestyle, and eagerly dove in head first. She's a natural submissive, if anyone is, and it was just a matter of time before she found the right trigger into this lifestyle. There's no way she'll ever go back, and I doubt she'll even mellow out much. She actually makes Susan look moderate at times, if you can believe that. She is who she is, and we've got to live with that."

"Well, if you say so," Xania concluded reluctantly. "You're the expert on manipulation, so if even you can't get her to change, there's no way I'd have a chance."

Suzanne commented, "I'm not saying Brenda can't be changed at all, and she certainly has her problems and issues that you might be able to help with at some point. But her submissiveness runs so deep that I doubt you or I will ever fully understand it, and woe betide the person who tries to take that away from her. So that's why I've agreed to her ceremony tonight." Then she started to explain what she meant by that.


Upstairs, Susan quietly knocked on Katherine's door. She didn't want to disturb Alan, who was busily studying in his room just across the hall.

Katherine opened her door.

Amy and Kim were standing in front of Katherine's closet, going through her clothes. Kim was considerably smaller than Katherine, but luckily Katherine had kept a lot of clothes that she had outgrown and they were going through those. Kim stood in just her bra and jeans. Katherine and Amy remained clothed, mostly because it was a pain for them to get in and out of the gowns they were wearing.

Kim turned to see Susan, and her whole body immediately froze up. Her hands rushed to cover her breasts and crotch, despite her bra and jeans. Her eyes grew as big as saucers and her heart started to pound simply because she was in the same room with Susan again.

Susan approached her with a warm, approving demeanor. "Kim, don't mind being a bit undressed. That's par for the course in this house. In fact, I can scarcely believe my eyes right now because there are more UFO sightings in this town than sightings of Amy here with all her clothes on." She pulled her gown down to her waist and let her breasts spring free. "You see? Not a problem."


Then, just for good measure, Susan raised her hands up and piled her long dark-brown hair on top of her head. The pose temporarily reduced the volume of her breast size, but more than made up for that with sheer sexiness.

Kim again felt like her heart had stopped completely. Time stopped for her.

As she stood slack-jawed, she thought, I'm in love! I know it's way out of my place and Susan doesn't seem to even like me much, but I absolutely love this woman! Maybe it's pure lust, I don't know, but I've never felt such powerfully strong feelings for another person as I'm feeling for this goddess right now! Good God, she's perfection! Complete perfection! My pussy is throbbing so hard right now, I'm gonna pass out!

Katherine could see that Kim was actually close to hyperventilating or passing out, so she put her hands on Kim's shoulders and said soothingly, "Relax. They're just breasts. They're just the same as, say, Suzanne's or Xania's, except a little bit bigger."

"'Just breasts?!' 'Just breasts?!'" Kim was incredulous, but too breathless to say more.

Rather than argue the point, Katherine suggested, "Close your eyes and count to ten."

Kim did that, and it helped. But then she opened her eyes again, and her heart resumed pounding like a drum.

Susan drew in closer, while keeping her chest bared. "Kim, I came in to give you a warmer welcome. I wasn't expecting you for the party and it takes me a while to adjust. You may have noticed that I was staring at you and maybe sizing you up. Don't think anything of it. I just wanted to see what you look like in person after hearing so much about you."

In fact, Kim had been so out of it and awestruck when she'd first met Susan that she hadn't really registered that Susan was staring at her. But now that Susan mentioned it, Kim found the prospect of being sized up by the likes of Susan to be terrifying.

She exclaimed, "Oh shit! Oops, please excuse my language. It's just that, I mean, now that you've seen me, you must think I'm a complete nobody. I feel like I'm just a tiny slip of girl completely out of place in this house of bosomy Amazons! Is everyone at the party going to look like you?"

Susan considered that question and mentally ran down the list of herself, Suzanne, Xania, Katherine, Amy, Brenda, and Akami. She decided to dodge the question and instead said, "I can see why you're feeling intimidated. We are an unusual bunch. For instance, I myself wear a 38I nursing bra, when I wear one at all. These turn a lot of heads."

Kim's eyes were about to pop out of her head. "I'll say! My God! They're perfect! Perfect!" She finally yanked her eyes back up to Susan's face. "And the rest of you! Your face! Your body! I can't believe it!" She was ashamed of having the picture of Susan that she'd been masturbating to, but she was struck again at how much better Susan looked in real life.

"Why, thank you. Sure, a big chest is nice, and I can see from the way you're staring that you don't disagree. But it's not the most important thing, not even close. Your personality, the kind of person you are on the inside, that's the most important thing." Susan really believed that. However, if she'd had to rank where chest size ranked in importance, it would have been much higher than on most people's lists.

She put a hand on Kim's shoulder in a reassuring way. "Alan, Katherine, and Amy have all said nice things about you, so you have no reason to feel inferior in any way." She put her other hand over her right breast. "It's the heart on the inside, not the boobs on the outside that really counts."

Katherine looked at her mother incredulously. She thought, Has Mom been abducted by space aliens and replaced by an exact duplicate?! Seriously! True, she's always been big on valuing the inner goodness of a person, but she's just about the last person on Earth I ever expected to hear say, "It's the heart on the inside, not the boobs on the outside that really counts." I mean, Mom thinks boobliness is next to Godliness! What gives?!

Kim was moved, and strong emotions came pouring out of her. "Thanks, Mrs. Plummer, I appreciate that. But look at me. And look at you. And Amy and Katherine here. Everybody in this house! It's crazy. I'm so not worthy of you all. When I said this was Heaven, I meant it. This is like some kind of dream lesbian heaven!" She chuckled a little bit at that, even though she was on the verge of tears. "And look at me. I'm so thin and ordinary. Look at these boring clothes I came in! It's embarrassing!"

"Awww... Come here." Susan moved in and wrapped her arms around Kim. She didn't know what to say, in large part because she was still having trouble seeing Kim as Alan-worthy and she could only downplay breast size so far without choking on her words. But she figured that a heartfelt hug would go a long way in stopping Kim from crying.

Kim had very nearly climaxed when Susan put her hand on her shoulder. But now that she was enveloped in Susan's luscious, naked body, she did cum. She was glad that she had jeans on, so it wasn't obvious. She managed not to cry out, although she did moan lustily.

Katherine spoke up. "Kim, don't cry. I can totally relate. I feel the same way as you about this very kind of thing. When I compare myself to the others in this house, even Amy here, I feel like I'm just barely hanging on by the skin of my teeth, you know - that the competition is so tough and I'm running in last place. I feel plain looking and flat-chested too."

Kim was beside herself with joy at being pressed up against Susan's bare tits. Since Susan was seven inches taller than Kim and her high heels made her tower even higher, her boobs rested up around Kim's collarbone.

The skin-to-skin contact alone had chased Kim's sadness away. But Katherine's comments struck her as completely absurd, so she had to say something. She replied to Katherine, but spoke at Susan's collarbone area, barely resisting the urge to kiss the skin there. "You?! Plain looking?! Flat-chested?! You're a frigging D-cup! Girl, I would KILL my own MOTHER to look like you!"

Katherine answered, "You see? That's just the thing. People are never happy with what they've got. Even Susan here gets jealous at the size of Brenda's knockers sometimes."

Kim blinked at that. "Who's Brenda?" There's a woman in this town whose chest is even BIGGER than Susan's?! I'm in the Twilight Zone now for sure!

Katherine tried to hide a guilty look as she realized that if Kim felt intimidated and thin compared to Susan, her reaction to Brenda probably would be worse.

Amy tried to help out. "She's an, um... an interesting one to say the least. But you'll find out about her soon enough. She's, uh, pretty booby though."

Katherine chimed in, "The point is, don't compare yourself to Susan or Suzanne. Compare yourself to the other girls at school. You're special. You know how special it is to get picked for the cheerleading squad? I wouldn't be surprised at all if you eventually become head cheerleader, although that's a ways down the road. Not only that, but you should consider being invited to a poke-her party to be an honor that again proves you're special. You're here tonight. Don't question it. Enjoy it to the max."

"Yeah!" Amy agreed, trying to cheer Kim up some more. "Not only that, but you're still growing. Look at me; my body's totally bursting out all over recently and I'm a year older than you."

Kim was feeling a lot better. It was partly because her climax had changed her mood. But the way Susan was enveloping her was calming her, even as it aroused her. She pointed out, "But you've got a big frame. I'm skinny."

Amy replied, "Well then, don't be skinny, silly! If you want something, you gotta work for it! Work out every day. Eat good food and lots of it. Get totally buff. Before long, Alan will be totally begging you to join his harem."

"You think? Me?! No way."

"Way! Look at me. Like, a couple of years ago I knew I wanted Alan for my boyfriend, so I kind of took the spacey part of my personality and ran with it. I kept an eye on what turned him on, what kind of stuff he read. I figured that if I went all sexpot on him, he wouldn't be able to resist me. I started seriously exercising, too. And eating right. And eating a lot, so I could grow in all the right places. I knew he went for cheerleaders, so I joined the squad. And it worked! In fact, the spacey thing worked so well that I can't stop the act, 'cos it's become part of who I am. But it took effort!"

Katherine thought, Hmmm. Knowing what I now know about Aims, I highly doubt that. Brother likes smart girls, not spacey airheads. No, I think her act has been all about being underestimated, giving her plausible deniability. And it's worked like a charm! But of course she's not about to up and admit all that to Kim. Kim is a friend, but she's not exactly one of us.

Amy added, with a giggle or two, "I was working that clueless boy for years!"

Even as Amy kept talking, Katherine thought, "Working" him "for years?" I highly doubt that too. I think she's engaging in some revisionist history. Either that or she's exaggerating in her usual "super double duper" Amy way. Besides, what did she really do to seduce him before his six-times-a-day diagnosis? Nothing that I can think of, except maybe prancing around him without much to wear sometimes.

Amy continued, "Not to mention, when I was your age my chest wasn't that much bigger than yours. Or you could always go the Heather route. You know, implants. Don't let the whole boob size thing get you down. The key is, exercise, eat right, and get an awesome body all around."

"Wooowww..." Kim gazed off into space, imagining what could be. She pictured herself with a body like Susan's, every male and female she met drooling at the sight of her. She resolved to get started on a vigorous exercise program right away. Her smile grew bigger and bigger as she drifted deeper into the sexual fantasy of having a perfect figure.

Susan, still holding onto her, had a very close-up look at Kim's dreamy face and so couldn't help but ask, "What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, I was just- not much."

"Come on."

"Well, truth be told, I was just imagining Alan, like, really wanting me. There'd be a room of all his women, but he'd pick me to suck his cock. Me!"

Susan asked with rapidly increasing interest, "Oh? You like sucking cock?"

"Like it? I love it!" She was embarrassed by that outburst, and clammed up.

However, Katherine said, "Go on. Don't worry; cocksucking is one of Susan's favorite topics. And activities."

"Really?" She was emboldened when she looked at Katherine and Amy and realized they weren't joking around. "Heck, this is kind of an embarrassing thing to talk about, but what the hell. It's, like, the best thing in the whole universe! I generally consider myself a lesbian because I don't care much for men, and I can't possibly imagine settling down with one. Their cocks though, are a totally different story. Cocksucking is simply the most arousing sex act there is! People always say it's so great for the guy, but what about the girl? I get totally wet and hot when I'm slurping on a stiffy! For me, it's truly better than regular intercourse."


A light went on in Susan's head. Here was something she and Kim could bond with. "Now you're talking! Isn't that the truth!" She squeezed Kim with increasing familiarity. But she wasn't sure if Kim was being completely honest, so she asked, "What do you most like about it?"

"Everything! For one thing, I love the way it fills my mouth. Alan's cock is so fat that it's always a supreme challenge just to fit it in. Sometimes I don't think I can manage. But then somehow I do. And then, sliding my lips up and down it-"

"Yes?" Susan asked eagerly.

"It feels so good! Knowing that I'm driving him wild, seeing the ecstatic look on his face, feeling his dick throb between my lips, feeling the pre-cum start to dribble out-"

"Yes!" Susan interrupted again. "Please go on! Please do!"

Kim did. "It's all so good that I can't put it into words. I guess I'm just orally fixated or something. But then, when he cums, when he explodes into my mouth, that's just the best thing ever!"

"YES!" Susan cried, nearly having an orgasm herself.

The two of them were bouncing around, peaking with arousal. Even Katherine and Amy were getting drawn into their mood and feeling all hot and bothered.

Kim found herself hugging Susan in such a way that one of her hands was able to grab hold of one of Susan's boobs. She couldn't believe just how small her hand seemed compared to the giant orb she began to subtly squeeze. "Oh! And Mrs. Plummer, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how great Alan's cum tastes. I swear, if he wants me to swallow a load, I'll come running at any time, day or night!"

Susan's whole face glowed with happiness. Her nipples grew hard and poked into Kim's chest. "Kim, when you're right, you're right! That is SO true! Of course regular fucking is great, and assfucking too - oh God, assfucking! I love it! Titfucking, face fucking - basically any kind of fucking, so long as it involves fucking!" She laughed. "I love a grand ol' fucking more than anything. Nothing beats having my son slam into his mommy's pussy or ass over and over."

Susan frowned. She was so carried away that she hardly noticed the way Kim was now fondling her tits with both hands. "The only problem is that it wears me out too quickly. I can't take my pussy or ass getting pounded for hours on end and he gets too tired to keep that up in any case. But as for cocksucking, I'll tell ya, I could literally LIVE with my son's cock in my mouth! Hours and hours of slurping and licking and sucking and guzzling and fondling and slipping and sliding all over that tasty sperm... Savoring his sweet manly goo on my tongue... Damn! Now you've got me so hot!"

Kim replied with complete honesty, "Mrs. Plummer, I am soooOOOoooo there! My mouth is watering right now, big time!"

"How does Tiger's cock compare with other cocks?"

"Other cocks? Forget it. Sometimes I have to settle for those, especially since Alan doesn't see much of me anymore, but those are such a pale imitation that it's hardly worth the bother."

"Ain't that the truth!" Susan looked up at Katherine and Amy and gave them a proud look, as if to say, I really like your friend here!

Kim went on, "You know what I think about at school all the time? I daydream that nobody cares and I can spend the whole class with my face between Alan's knees, licking and sucking the day away on his huge schlong."

Susan squealed with pure delight.

"Of course I'd share with Amy or anyone else who wants to join in, 'cos I'm not selfish. Can't you just picture two heads wedged in between his thighs, bobbing up and down right in the middle of a crowded room during some boring lecture? What fun that would be! I don't think I could ever get tired of that tasty pole. At least, not in my dreams."

While Kim was talking, she was inhaling deeply, trying to permanently imprint the memory of Susan's arousal in her brain. Both of her hands seemed to have minds of their own, running all over Susan's giant tits, including her hard nipples.

Susan though, either didn't mind the groping or was still too carried away by the conversation to really notice. "Kim! My oh my! Isn't it just so WRONG that that isn't allowed? What if you were head cocksucker at school and I had the same job at home? Wouldn't that just be perfect?"

"That would!"

Susan pulled back and looked at Kim as if she was looking at her for the first time. "And what's this Mrs. Plummer stuff all of a sudden?! Call me Susan, please! It's like we're old friends already, aren't we? I'm so happy to have you here tonight. Anytime you want to stop by this house, please do." This time, she was completely sincere.

Kim eagerly seized upon that invitation. On some level, she realized this conversation was a completely bizarre one to be having with a near total stranger, but she was so caught up in it that she didn't care. "I'd love that so much. You know what? We could talk about pleasuring Alan and trade advice and tips. For instance, I can't tell you how much I'd love to deep throat him, but I can't really get the hang of it."

"Get outta here!" Susan pushed her hands hard against Kim's shoulders, but only to emphasize her words. "Me too! That would be the absolute greatest, but I have so much trouble with the gagging. Even Suzanne can't seem to help me much with that... You know what? I'd love to share his cock with you some time. Wouldn't a double-team blowjob be fun?"

"Would it ever!" Kim replied with breathless excitement. "I've done that with him some already, but with you, Mrs. Plummer, it would be an honor!"

"Oh, please! I'm Susan already." She squeezed her with a tight hug.

Kim and Susan chatted for several minutes like they were close sisters. Most of the conversation revolved around cocksucking and what Kim should wear to the party. But then Susan looked at the time and had to excuse herself. She pointed out that there were all kinds of things which she needed to finish before the party began.

However, she left with a whole new attitude about Kim. As she walked down the hallway to the stairs, she thought, Boy, I had her all wrong. Suzanne was right: if she's good enough for Tiger, then there has to be a good reason for that. Kim's got it going ON! Finally, someone who understands just how incredible blowjobs are! I doubt if even Brenda has that much passion about it. I LIKE Kim!


As soon as only Amy, Katherine, and Kim were left in the room, Katherine burst out laughing. "That sure went well, Kim, didn't it? I think you may have just thrown a huge wrench in my mom's Big Tits Theory by expanding her mental category of what 'Alan worthy' means. If there's one thing that's near and dear to her heart, it's sucking Alan's cock. Somehow you managed to stumble right onto that topic, you lucky dog, you."

Kim had no idea what the Big Tits Theory was, but in her excitement she forgot to ask. Instead she replied, "Well, I'm being totally honest. There's something about it that's really fun."

"You're telling me!" Katherine giggled some more, then asked, "Are you still feeling down about coming to the party?"

"Are you kidding? I am sooooOOOOoooo high on life right now! Your mother is absolutely dreamy, and kind, and all around wonderful! This is going to be the greatest night of my life, I can tell. Even if I end up doing nothing but gawk, which is probably what'll happen, I'm gonna love it. This IS lesbian heaven! Now that you have me here in your house, I don't think you're ever going to get rid of me."

Amy and Katherine laughed at that.

They began joking with Kim about her fetish for big boobs. Katherine teased, "You have at least one thing in common with my brother: you're boob crazy!"

Kim joked back, "Hey, I don't call it 'boob crazy,' I call it 'boob sane.' It's crazy NOT to love 'em!"

Katherine said, "Hearing that would warm the cockles of his heart."

Amy joked, "And seeing big boobies would warm the cock of his crotch!"

That got a good laugh.

Kim pointed out, "Somehow, I suspect his cock would already be warm, thanks to one or more mouths. I'm so envious of you two. Getting to live right in or right next door to this epicenter of non-stop sexual fun. I'll bet it never stops, does it?"

Katherine said diplomatically, "Well, we do have our fun." She didn't want to make Kim even more envious.

Amy and Katherine also continued to encourage her and build up her self-confidence. Amy made sure to say with characteristic enthusiasm, "Remember, the good stuff doesn't come easy. If you really want something badly, you've gotta fight for it with all you've got!"


Kim, still filled with emotional feelings about meeting Susan in the flesh, took out the picture of her that Katherine had given her earlier in the month and passed it around. She looked at it wistfully as she told Amy the story about how Katherine had given it to her. In the picture, Susan was sitting on a rock near a beach in a very revealing bikini. (The picture had been taken on November 10th, when Alan went to the beach with Susan, Suzanne, and Amy, after Susan's sexual awakening had begun.) The picture was quite dog-eared and wrinkled now because Kim always kept it in her wallet or purse and took it out to look at it quite frequently.

Katherine poked fun at how worn out it was, teasing, "Call me crazy, but it's not like you couldn't ask for ANOTHER picture of her, you know. Heck, this is getting really wildly out there, but if you're nice to me I might even give you two!"

Kim laughed, but then said, "Seriously, that would be awesome. Seriously."

Before long, the three of them were able to pick out a gown for Kim that fit her. It was relatively simple compared to the near works of art some of the other women were wearing, but it was nice enough to be presentable at the party without looking out of place. Unfortunately, Kim's feet were a different size from Katherine's, or any other woman in the house for that matter, so she wasn't able to wear high heels.

However, that hardly mattered. Overall, Kim was exceedingly happy. She thought back to the two workers who had commented about the seven "hot babes" they'd seen at the Plummer house. At the time, she was both disbelieving and insulted to have those words describe her, but now she took it as a compliment. Her whole body surged with pride.

Yet she wasn't entirely joking with her earlier "I don't think you're ever going to get rid of me" comment. She had powerful feelings for Susan already, and now that the two of them seemed to be bonding at least a little bit, Kim was absolutely over the moon with desire.

As they selected clothes, it finally occurred to Kim to ask, "By the way, what's this Big Tits Theory you mentioned earlier?"

Amy and Katherine looked at each other and laughed.

Then Katherine turned to Kim and said, "You don't want to know."

"No, really, I'm dying to know," Kim said.

This posed a problem, because Katherine knew that Kim might well be insulted by the theory, since it proposed that there was something special and even superior about women with big tits. So she didn't want to explain it. She hoped that Amy had the smarts to stay mum too.

While Katherine was still thinking, Amy spoke up. "It's complicated. Trust me, you don't really want to bother with it. It's silly too. But I can give you the short version: big tits rock!"

Kim laughed at that. "Yes! Now, there's a theory I can get behind!" She pumped her fist in the air, and then high-fived Katherine and Amy.

That led to even more joking and fun talk about breasts. Kim was in high heaven, because it also led to her getting to express her appreciation for Katherine's and Amy's large breasts by playing with them to her heart's content.

At one point, while Kim was focused on fondling, Katherine shot Amy a private, thankful look. Katherine was pleased that Amy wasn't keen on the Big Tits Theory, and she was grateful that Amy had found a deft way to avoid explaining it.

But despite her good times, Kim lacked confidence. Later, when she went to the bathroom, she found herself thinking, What am I getting myself into here? Am I going to be constantly begging for invitations to this house, like a dog begging for a scrap of meat? Am I going to become some kind of Susan stalker even? What if I'm really head over heels in love with her? What then?!


Just down the hall from Katherine's room, Alan was awake again and making surprisingly good progress with his college applications for UC Berkeley and UCLA. He was driven to work in part because he didn't want to think about the upcoming party.

During one rare mental break, he thought, It's weird. Almost any kid in my shoes would be slobbering with anticipation. But right now, I'm actually apprehensive about what's going to happen tonight. Why? This is going to be the pinnacle of my sexual "career" so far, what with Brenda, Xania, and Kim coming, as well as the usual sexy suspects. Plus, each poker party has been wilder and more arousing than the last! So why am I more interested in math all of a sudden? Well, I guess I'd better roll with it while I can, anyway. I could have made more progress if all that pounding and banging downstairs wasn't so loud and annoying. Dang. Now THAT noise really gets me curious.

There had indeed been a loud banging coming from downstairs, which lasted for several hours before it finally ended about eight o'clock. In this case it was clear that the banging was not of a sexual nature; instead, it sounded like people building something and moving heavy objects.

Alan thought, I'll bet Mom n' Mother did something really special, just for tonight. Heck, there's no need to worry about money anymore, if we ever did, so they can really go all out. But with what, exactly? Maybe they put that huge bed in the living room like we'd planned? Or maybe it's some kind of special table just for poker games? I really want to go downstairs and check it out, but I shouldn't.

He stifled his curiosity and continued plugging away on his college applications.

He looked at the clock from time to time, watching the time pass ever so slowly. It passed eight thirty and he still wasn't done, but he redoubled his efforts. While he was still feeling strangely nervous and unaroused about the party, he was also a very polite person and didn't want the others to have to wait for him. Both Katherine and Amy came up to check on him, but they just stuck their heads in, and then left as soon as they saw he was still working.

At one point, he heard the doorbell ring, and that caused him to increase the pace of his work even more. He focused on his college applications like he was possessed. That helped keep all of his mixed feelings about the party in the back of his mind.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was just a few minutes to nine o'clock. He knew the guests must have arrived by now and that the party was starting without him. He'd heard the doorbell ring two more times. He scanned the papers in front of him and saw that he was basically done with the two applications that were soon coming due. However, he wouldn't be completely done and at ease until the UC Berkeley application in particular was actually in the mail.

Then he decided, Fuck it! I still have until Saturday night to mail these. I can do that tomorrow. It'll be good to review everything once again before then anyway, just to be sure I didn't make any mistakes.

Then, aware that someone could be monitoring him on video, he looked up and said triumphantly, "That's it! I'm done!" Despite his best efforts, the curiosity of what might be happening downstairs was really killing him now. He bounded up and rushed to the door.

But even before he could get to it, Katherine opened it and rushed in. (It just so happened that she'd been walking down the hallway to her room and heard his outburst.) "YES!" she exclaimed just as triumphantly over his completing the college applications. She fell into his arms and gave him a big kiss. "Thank God!" she said after eventually coming up for air. "Big Diving Board Brother, some people were saying we should just give in and come up here and get you, but I knew you could finish everything on time. You rock!" She kissed him again and hugged him even more.

Alan was the one to break the kiss this time. He ruffled his sister's hair joyously and said modestly, "Awww, it's just a college application. Geez. You make it sound like I just invented the light bulb or something."

"I suppose you're right; we get carried away. But we're all just so proud of you! I can't wait until we're all living in a big new house up near Berkeley!" Suddenly she pulled back and held out her arms. "How do I look?"


He noticed that she was dolled up in a fancy pumpkin colored dress like she was going to a very high society function. It reminded him of the Renaissance era bodice that Suzanne wore on Halloween. It revealed her breasts right down to the very tops of her areolae, and it pushed everything forward, making her look as ample in the chest as Amy was now. Everything else on her looked exquisite as well. She even wore jewelry and light traces of make-up (make-up was a rarity for any of the female family members except Suzanne, who used subtle amounts every day).

After giving her an appreciative look over, he teased, "You look fantastic. If you weren't my sister, I would grab you and totally do you." He grinned and winked at her. "But that would be wrong."

Katherine giggled at his joke, but she was also pulling him towards the door even before he finished talking.

But he was so appreciative of her look that he whistled and said, "Dang, Sis, you really look like a lady. A beautiful lady."

Suddenly she became all bashful. "Really? You're just saying that."

"No. It's so true. I'm the luckiest guy alive."

She started tugging him along. "Well, at least that's true! Come on, Mr. Flatterer. I'm dying to at least blow you right now so I can gobble down another great big load, but that would be rude to all the people waiting downstairs, wouldn't it? Come on down and meet the guests! Or should I say, cum up and down all over as you meat the guests?" She giggled. "And I do mean M E A T."

"I guessed as much. Comedic genius!"

She giggled, punching him lightly. "Admit it; it gets you horny, knowing you're gonna be slipping into some hot holes tonight."

"You're right. Hell, why are we just walking?"

Alan rushed down the stairs hand and hand with Katherine. He felt a bit like when he was a little kid rushing down these very same stairs on Christmas morning. In fact, there were even some years when he'd gone down holding his sister's hand because the two of them were so close. But things had changed a lot since those days; in fact, when he got to the bottom of the stairs he hardly recognized the living room. There were big white cloth tarps thrown over everything. He couldn't even see the fireplace on the other side of the room. He noticed in particular a large conical tarp in the middle of the room going all the way to the ceiling, making it look a bit like the room had a teepee in it.

His attention was quickly diverted, however, when he looked to the front doorway and saw Susan standing there with Akami.


"Akami!" Alan said in genuine surprise. He thought he knew all the people who were coming, and when he heard three doorbells, he assumed they were Kim, Xania, and Brenda arriving at different times. So he was thrown for quite a loop to see a different guest. He had mentioned to her on the phone recently that he wanted to get together with her soon, but he completely overlooked the idea of personally inviting her to this party.

Furthermore, Akami was dressed in a very sexy pink outfit which made it difficult for him to even recognize her. In his mind, her nurse outfit was practically a part of her body because he'd rarely seen her wearing anything else (except of course, when she was wearing nothing at all). "Dang, you look sexy! Great dress!"

Akami and Susan had been silent, watching him and his sister coming down the stairs. As they got closer, Akami smiled benignly, like a favorite aunt delighted to see her nephew after a long time. "Why, thank you kindly, Mr. Studly."

Alan stepped forward and gave her a hug and then a kiss while Susan and Katherine stood to the side.

He briefly noted that Susan, too, was dressed in a very expensive and fancy dress.

Akami laughed genially, and then said, "Alan! Is that it? Just a little peck on the lips?" She playfully swatted him. "I'm insulted."

She appeared happy enough to see him, but at the same time Alan knew that his greeting was tame by Plummer family standards, so he dipped her whole body down and French kissed her in a very dramatic fashion. It was such a great kiss that she completely forgot about the need to breathe for a little while.

That got some ooh's and aah's from Susan and Katherine, and led to good natured laughing all around.

"Ah, now that's much better!" Akami said after he'd released her and she'd recovered her breath and her composure. But then she frowned. Still in his close embrace, she managed to get a hand over his groin and discovered to her surprise that he didn't have an erection. She immediately protested, "Alan. Now THIS is insulting! Don't tell me that with all these beach ball boobs surrounding you, I'm not arousing to you anymore?" Suddenly, she seemed a lot less jovial and more honestly put out.

Alan replied very defensively, "No! It's not like that at all. In fact, you're looking great. Fantastic, even. You're soooo sexy that I hardly recognized you."

"Now I'm REALLY insulted." She was starting to get downright peeved.

"No, I don't mean it like that. Dang, I'm really putting my foot in my mouth. You have excellent perky boobs that I love to play with. Size isn't important." He didn't completely mean that last statement, but figured it was the right thing to say. He reached forward and pulled her breasts out of her cups and started playing with them as he continued to talk. "No, what I mean is that you're incredibly sexy in your nurse role. I absolutely love that whole nurse act you do."

Akami chuckled. "Yeah, I'm good at the nurse act, maybe because I work as a nurse for a living."

"True," Alan grinned. "But now you're dressed like you're going to a fancy ball, and you're going to take the place by storm and be the center of attention. So you're just as sexy as ever, but in a different way."

Akami was flushed and happy, both from the compliments and the way his hands roamed over her boobs and nipples like he owned them. She wasn't used to being openly pawed in front of others like this and she was getting embarrassed. At the same time, she was surprised to find how much it excited her too. After Akami's "beach ball boobs" comment, he made sure to pay extra attention to her smaller rack. While not big by Alan's standards, they nonetheless were shapely and fun to play with.

Katherine giggled and then smirked, "Nice save, Bro."

Akami grinned at the compliment, but she brought a hand back to his groin and said, "Yeah, nice save, big boy, we all know you have a talented tongue in more ways than one. But what about this?" She squeezed his flaccid penis a bit to make it absolutely clear what she was referring to.

He started to explain, "If you knew what that little guy has been through today... Heck, earlier, even Aunt Suzy couldn't get him up, and it's just a fact she's pretty much the most seductive woman on the planet. It's true. Ask her!"


Just then, Suzanne called out from the dining room, "Hey! Don't forget about us over here!"

Alan assumed correctly that Suzanne and the others were sitting around the dining room table waiting for the poker game to begin. He yelled back, "Just a sec! I need to properly welcome Akami. We have a few family traditions to uphold, you know!" That got a good laugh from everyone in both rooms.

Alan was rolling one of Akami's nipples between his thumb and forefinger, making her very pleasurably distracted. But he still had to explain his lack of erection. He let go and stepped back from Akami so he could see and speak to Susan and Katherine too, as they stood only a couple of feet away in the narrow foyer. He said to Akami, "It's not you. And that's not a cliché. What I mean is, I think it's this game."

Susan immediately rushed up to him and grabbed his shoulder with great concern. "Oh, Tiger! The poke-her game? Tiger, what's wrong?! We've spent so much time putting everything together. After all that happened this week, we thought we should make it a very special celebration of our new life. Look at how we all dressed up, for instance."

She ran a hand over her silk blue gown like a model highlighting herself. "Don't tell me you don't like the effort?" She looked out briefly over all the tarps in the living room.

He noticed that the ocean blue gown she wore was semi-transparent, allowing him glimpses of her bush and nipples. She looked so fantastic that he was more than a little bit tempted to bend her over a nearby sofa and plow her hard until he vigorously pumped another creamy load into her. He might have done just that if his penis were as able to get excited as his mind was at the moment, but his penis remained as flaccid as ever. He said, "Awesome dress, Mom. I love how it's all see-through. Look, I can see your cootie!" He cupped her pussy and managed to finger her pussy lips through the fabric a bit in the process.

Susan practically doubled over, and nearly creamed on the spot. She blushed profusely.

With one hand on Susan's pussy and the other on her ass, he said to Akami, "See? Mom's not arousing me either. No, it's the... Well, I don't know what it is. But I'm kind of, I dunno, afraid of the party, somehow."

He pulled Susan and Akami in close so he could fondle both of them at the same time. He went back to lightly pulling on Akami's nipples, while cupping Susan's ass cheek with his other hand.

Susan asked, "Tiger? I hope you're not mad at us inviting Akami without telling you first? We were thinking that it's going to be a big challenge keeping your sex life continually exciting, so surprises are good. And of course we figured that you always like a variety of pussies to fuck."


Alan looked at Akami. She was blushing, apparently in response to the blunt way Susan described her as fresh pussy, not to mention the way Katherine and Susan were watching Alan play with her breasts. She cried out, "Susan!"

Alan wasn't really sure how to handle the situation diplomatically. First he said to mollify Susan, "Of course I don't mind, Mom. Surprises like this are great."

Susan asked, "Can I watch later when you stuff Akami full of your hot meat?" She smiled naughtily and added, "Because you know you will."

"Um, sure. Uh, assuming Akami doesn't mind." But he quickly turned his attention to Akami before she got any more embarrassed. Susan's latest blunt comment had only increased her level of embarrassment. He decided the best approach would be to change the subject. "Akami, please don't mind her; she gets off on talking like that. You have no idea how much has happened since I saw you last. When was that, anyway?"

"Monday. Just two days ago," Akami replied while staring anywhere but at Alan. She was trying to put her dress back on. She felt very awkward standing topless when Susan and Katherine were so formally and fully dressed. Susan's frank comments made her more self-conscious and she didn't know what to say. But she couldn't really complain since she wanted to be "stuffed full of hot meat" before the night was over, and everyone knew it.

"Jesus! Really?" Alan said with genuine surprise, casually pulling her gown off her shoulders as soon as she'd put it back in place. "It feels so long ago. I thought it was more like a week, at least. It's not just all the sex I've been having, but things have been so emotionally intense for me lately. I mean, these are probably some of the most pivotal days of my life. I feel like everything's coming to a head. But it's all so draining. Do you have any idea what it's like to be in love with a whole bunch of women and have them all counting on you? I thought it would be fun and games, but the RESPONSIBILITY! It's just so intense."

He looked from Akami to Susan and Katherine and realized that he wasn't just answering Akami, he was speaking his deepest worries aloud to everyone. He collected his thoughts, and even stopped fondling. "I guess that's what the main problem is, more than the tiredness. I feel a lot of pressure, you know? Like, here I am, the supposed big harem master, with seven, no make that eight, incredibly sexy women to take care of at one time tonight. But it's all a facade! I'm like the Wizard of Oz. Remember him? He's supposedly this huge scary face, but then it turns out he's really just an ordinary guy hiding behind a curtain. That's me."

He paused, momentarily lost in thought. "I mean, how am I supposed to keep eight sexually insatiable women satisfied in one evening? It just isn't possible! Then you add in the fact that I'm tired and sexually worn out to begin with, and I'm sure tonight's going to be a big disaster. I mean, Mom's comments about putting you and me together show just how high the expectations are. I'm not the sexual stud everyone seems to think I am, and tonight everyone's going to discover I'm just an ordinary teenage kid. But maybe that's for the best, I guess, before expectations get even more out of hand. Sorry, Akami, I'm rambling. To make a long story short, I guess that's why I'm having trouble getting hard."

Susan still had her hand on her son's shoulder all this time, and as he spoke she drew in closer, until she was wrapped around him in a tight and supportive hug. Katherine was inspired to do the same, so now he stood with two beauties draped all over him while he continued to stand a couple feet in front of Akami. Both mother and daughter instinctively brought their hands to Alan's groin, only to pull away after discovering he was still flaccid.

Akami smiled at him sympathetically. "At least now I know your flaccidness isn't because of me, thank goodness. Alan, I'm no sex therapist, but it sounds to me you have the kind of feelings that lead to many men having premature ejaculation and similar issues. Performance anxiety is what they call it. It's perfectly natural, and nothing to worry about. You'll get over it soon enough, once you warm up to your new role as the studly 'man of the house.'" She winked sexily and then melodramatically fanned herself.

"Great," Alan groaned. "I really wish you hadn't mentioned premature ejaculation. Now I have that to worry about, too."

But Susan wiggled around while still hugging her son, so she was chest to chest and looking him right in the face. "Tiger, listen. We all love you. Everyone here loves you. Even the people you don't know so well, like Kim and Akami here, and they love you in their own way too. Isn't that right, Akami?"

"Of course," Akami replied honestly. "Alan's always going to have a special place in my heart, even though I don't see him nearly as much as I'd like. He's no ordinary boy, or should I say, man. And Alan, it's not just your sexual prowess." She shot an embarrassed look at Susan as she added, "After all, I didn't come here JUST to get royally plowed. You have a natural kindness and goodness, and you inspire the same goodness to come out in everyone you meet."

"Do I really do that?" he asked with real surprise.

Susan hugged him tighter and said, "Of course you do, Sweetie!" She deliberately used Suzanne's name for him then, because she was thinking how sweet and modest he was. "The point is that you can't fail here tonight because we're all happy just to be with you, and of course to be with each other. Naturally, we all enjoy sex, but if you just want to sit around, talk, and really just play cards, that would be a fun evening, too."

"Really?" Alan asked while Susan seemed intent on squeezing him to death with an emotional hug. The sensation of her big milky breasts mashing into his chest felt great. He noticed that she was wearing a lot of perfume, something she rarely did, and it smelled great. Since Susan was always saying great things about him, he looked to his sister for confirmation.

Katherine giggled happily as she hugged him from the side. "Brother, you're such a silly boy sometimes! It's not how much you cum that counts, or even how well. Speaking for myself, it's knowing that you love me, and that I love you, and that we're together. Do you think that you're expected to make love to each and every single one of us tonight? We all know that's not possible, not even for you."

She conceded, "Okay, if you abstained for a day or so I'm sure you could take and tame us all, but you've already had such an extremely busy and sexual day. Don't worry about that. It's like Mom said: the party is going to be a success no matter what you do. In fact, us girls would have a hell of a time together even if you weren't here at all."

Akami winked at Katherine knowingly and then said, "Maybe we should just tie up Alan for being a silly boy, then, and have the party without him." She mirthfully winked again; her earlier embarrassment was now forgotten.

Katherine replied with a knowing wink also, "What an excellent idea!"


Alan looked back over his shoulder towards the dining room and saw Suzanne standing a short distance behind him. She was holding a glass of wine and turned in a different direction. At first glance it looked like she was just passing through the living room to head to the dining room, but Alan knew better. He figured she'd been listening in for a while.

But he ignored her and said, "Don't you dare! I feel a lot better now. God, it feels so good to be loved! That takes so much of the pressure off." He squeezed both Katherine and Susan as their three-way hug turned into an even tighter fusion of bodies.

As he continued to squeeze and fondle, he directed his gaze at Suzanne. Not surprisingly, she looked amazing in her tight and shiny gown. It was scarlet red, which made the red in her dark hair stand out even more than usual. Like Susan's gown, it also appeared to be semi-transparent.

Just from looking at the four dresses he'd seen so far - those worn by Akami, Susan, Katherine, and Suzanne - he thought, We need to have dress-up nights more often. God, this is so arousing! EVERYTHING with these women is so arousing, and I can "take and tame" any of them at any time! It makes me so giddy that I can't stand it!

Suzanne caught on that Alan was staring at her, so she dropped the pretense of just happening to be standing nearby. She seemed surprisingly bashful about being caught eavesdropping, but she walked closer to the huggers and said, "Okay, everybody. I'm glad we got that all straightened out, but there are other guests and they're getting pretty antsy. Come on." She tugged on Katherine and Susan, trying to pry them away.

Both of them disengaged from Alan and made to head to the dining room.

But before Susan left, she whispered in Alan's ear, "Remember, Son, you've always been the special love of my life. You and Angel, and now Amy, but the fact that you're male has, shall we say, certain advantages." She chuckled. "But I loved you more than life itself long before we even thought of doing the nasty. You're always going to be my Tiger, my rock, my strength. I've lived for you and Angel, and now for the rest of our family too. I'm sure I'm not the first mother to say this, but I would truly give my life to save the life of one of my children. Whatever you do is great. There is no failure."

She kissed him hard on the mouth and then pulled away, leaving him standing there with just Akami.

Alan thought back to his youth. Unlike Amy, he was a terrible artist. Even now, if he drew a tree, it was likely to look more like a lollipop. His attempts at art were downright embarrassing. Yet, he recalled, whenever he brought any of his pictures home from school, Susan treated each one like they were newly discovered masterpieces by the likes of Michelangelo or Picasso.

He thought to himself, The funny thing is, she wasn't acting. She actually loved those atrocious things and hung them proudly all over the house because I drew them. Heck, she still has some of them hanging up, despite my protests. She's right. With her, there is no failure. I know she would throw herself in front of a speeding bus to save me. She loves me completely and unconditionally. I've seen and experienced so many amazing things lately, but there's nothing more amazing than that! He suddenly found tears running down his cheeks, not because he was sad, but because he was emotionally overwhelmed by all the love in his family.

Akami, though, was puzzled by Alan's wet cheeks. She stepped forward tentatively to give him her emotional support.

Suddenly, Alan grabbed her and kissed her like a man possessed. He wanted to express his joy over all the love around him, and Akami was the only target within reach since the others had just left. His earlier dip and kiss of Akami were impressive on a purely technical level, but this kiss packed such an emotional wallop that Akami practically saw stars.

She didn't know what was going on exactly, but midway through the kiss she recovered enough to give back nearly as much as she'd been given. The two of them were practically burning up the room. The kiss only ended because the two of them finally needed to come up for air.

As Akami rested in his arms, panting, she said, "Now, that's more like it! That's what I call a proper greeting!"

Alan laughed with pure joy. He said, "Akami, it's so good to see you. Seeing your lovely face has been far too rare. Let's not be such strangers." On a whim, he reached underneath her tight pink dress and groped up to her crotch. He was slightly bothered that she was wearing panties, but he easily pushed the fabric aside and inserted a finger between her pussy lips. He knew she wasn't a copious leaker like many of the women in his life, but he could tell that by her standards that she was very wet.

Akami gasped. She joked, "God, Alan, when you say you don't want to be strangers, you really mean it!"

As he probed around her pussy, she whispered, "Is this how you'd greet me if we met on a busy street?"


"Akami!" He answered in a normal voice, "You know it. Except I'd pull your top down so I could play with your great tits too. I'd want everyone to know that you're mine." As he said this, he acted out his words and pulled her gown down. Then he began mauling her breasts with a passion.

"Oh!" Akami moaned loudly. Even though he'd done this to her a short while before, somehow it felt twice as pleasurable now. She wasn't in Alan's thrall like the others, but for that moment at least, she belonged completely to him. If a stranger would have walked up to the two of them in the street and asked her, "Are you a slut for this boy?" she would have answered proudly, "Damn straight I am!"

Alan began working both her pussy and her breasts. When he found her G-spot Akami's knees buckled and she had to hold onto him tightly to remain standing. He finally pulled away from her privates and straightened out her dress. "Keep that hole warm and wet for me for later on, okay?"

Akami thought, What is it about this boy? He gets me so hot! I melt at his touch and let him do anything to me. If he wanted to strip me and do me in front of the rest of the group, I'd actually let him. Hell, I'd prefer it that way! I hope he takes me and fills me right in front of everybody and makes me do all kinds of nasty things!

But mindful of his concerns about being overtaxed, she said, "You know, you really don't have to make any promises. I meant what I said that I'm just happy to be here for the company. I don't have any sexual expectations, despite what Susan may think. Really. And as your official medical practitioner of sorts, I don't want to be the one to push you over your limits."

"Thanks, Akami. We'll see what happens. I do miss you as a friend and a lover. If we don't get some alone time tonight, I promise it'll happen in the next day or two. But we need to get to the other room before they start lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks. It must be after nine o'clock already."


Arms entwined, Alan and Akami walked the short distance to the dining room. Akami felt closely bonded with Alan after his electric kissing, fondling, and emotional honesty. She clung to him closely.

When they entered the room Katherine grudgingly mumbled, "Finally!" But other than that, everyone remained rooted in their chairs, all conspicuously silent. They appeared to be absorbed by an on-going card game; presumably they were warming up with some rounds of non-strip poker while they waited for Alan.

Alan remained standing and looked over the scene while Akami went to her chair on the other side of the table. The first thing that struck him was that all of the women seated around the table were wearing fancy dresses.

Everyone looked unbelievably good dressed to the nines. Remarkably by Plummer house standards, there wasn't an exposed breast to be seen, even though there were acres of cleavage, exposed shoulders, bare backs, and the like on prominent and elegant display. It almost looked like a dinner party at one of the area's most expensive restaurants, except for the fact that Susan's gown was semi-transparent.


Alan was momentarily distracted from admiring the most awesome sight of collective female beauty he'd ever seen when Akami let out a very loud "Ahhh!" as she sat down in her chair. She had a smirk on her face as if she was in on some secret.

That led to uproarious laughter from everyone else, but Alan didn't even grin because he didn't see what was so funny. Instead, he said with a semi-serious, semi-exaggerated pout, "So, this is the greeting I get?"

Amy wiggled her body ostentatiously in her chair, then said to him, "I'd like to get up, O.B., but actually I think I'd rather not."

This led to yet more laughter from all the women, causing Alan to become even more confused. He figured there was some kind of inside joke going on that he wasn't privy to, which wouldn't be surprising since most of them had been sitting around talking while he was up in his room.

Instead of worrying about that, he did a quick head count. Going around the table from the right side of the empty chair saved for him at the head of the table, he saw Akami, Suzanne, Xania, Katherine, Kim, Susan, and finally Amy on the other side of his empty chair. He made a gentlemanly nod at Xania and then at Kim, since he hadn't welcomed them yet. But noticing that someone he'd expected to see was missing, he asked, "Where's Brenda?"

Xania ostentatiously rolled her eyes and exclaimed in mock disgust, "Is that all you think about, big boobs? Well, come over here and give me a kiss, unless you're unhappy to see me." Her green dress managed to keep her tits thrust up firm and high. She ran a hand down into her deep cleavage, visually inviting Alan to explore the same depths.

Alan walked over to Xania's chair. He'd expected her to stand so they could kiss and maybe neck a little bit, but she seemed determined to remain seated in her chair. He thought, Strange. And I noticed Xania neatly avoided the question about Brenda. Everyone seems rather untalkative, too. I was expecting a big gab-fest. There's definitely a strange vibe going on here. Maybe they're just trying to downplay my arrival so as to lower expectations? In any case, I've learned that when in doubt, playing along is usually the safest way to go. He bent down and kissed her.

Immediately, Xania's tongue worked its way into his mouth. While her tongue wasn't a great deal longer than normal if measured in inches, and was hardly longer than Suzanne's similarly remarkable tongue, every extra millimeter of tongue made a big difference in practical terms. A longer tongue could just do so much more, and Xania had honed her oral skills to an art form.

Alan felt as if a cobra snake had been let loose in his mouth, the way her tongue went exploring into depths of his mouth that other women couldn't reach. It was very arousing. He idly wondered, Who knows, maybe Xania could actually deep throat ME just with her remarkable tongue!

As the kiss progressed, Alan heard Susan say with serious concern in her voice, "Tiger, you're ignoring her big breasts. They need you."

Alan felt like laughing because he knew that as far as Susan was concerned, his ignoring of Xania's cleavage invitation was a seriously troubling event. She got such pleasure when her ultra-sensitive boobs were fondled that she assumed other women did too, when that wasn't always necessarily the case.

He reached down and pulled the top of Xania's strapless gown down until her breasts burst into the open. Then he played with her fulsome orbs, spending most of his time fondling and pulling on Xania's hard nipples. As he did this, he kept his eyes on Susan and watched with amusement as the worry lines disappeared from her face.

Xania's arms flapped around uselessly, even though she was a tall and muscular woman who could have easily pushed him away if she really wanted to. She did push at him some, but feebly at best. However, when they broke the kiss to gasp for air, she exclaimed, "No! I just asked for a kiss. I didn't want you to do THAT!" She nodded down to his hands roaming over her bare chest.

But Susan implored him, "Don't listen to her! Xania, you know the house rules: this is TIGER's house, and the moment you step inside, you're fair game! He can fuck you across the table right now if he wants!"

Xania whimpered helplessly at that, but didn't say anything since Alan was kissing her on the mouth again. In truth, she loved the shame of public exposure, and she was beyond horny.

Soon Xania's chest was heaving up and down. Her tits bounced around so much that Alan could barely keep a firm hold of them. That only seemed to further arouse them both, not to mention the other women sitting around the table.

Xania was so sexually experienced that unfortunately there wasn't much that shocked her anymore. But being blatantly fondled by a boy while being watched intently by this group of outstanding women felt like a completely new experience. She loved exhibitionism and public sex, so just a little bit of Alan's fondling had gotten her as hot as a firecracker.

However, Alan was still worried about the high expectations being put on him. All those hungry eyes on him seemed to raise the stakes even more and actually chilled his ardor. He ended their kiss and pulled his hands away.

Xania, though, was so hot by now that she felt like she was just getting warmed up, and the rest of the group be damned. She grabbed his crotch as his body moved away and felt that he was only half-erect. She appeared surprised that, after all that action, he still wasn't fully aroused. Since she'd just come into town, she wasn't fully aware of his exhaustion or self-confidence issues.

She turned to Suzanne sitting next to her and whispered something into her ear.

Then she said to Alan towering over her, "It's no fair. If you're going to humiliate me with a greeting like that, then you need to do it to your other guests."

All eyes suddenly went to Kim, since Alan had thoroughly "greeted" Akami near the front door.


Kim was still staring at Xania's chest, because Alan's fondling had caused the top of Xania's strapless gown to droop far down and Xania had been deliberately slow to pull it back up.

Xania did at least pull her gown up enough to cover her nipples, but this was just so she could be a bigger tease. She immediately sat forward in her chair and subtly used her arms on either side of her breasts to push them further forward. Her dark green gown managed to cling precariously to the bottom of her chest only because her nipples were so erect.

She casually looked away as if nothing was amiss, secretly delighting in giving the others such a great view of her bosomy charms. She was acutely aware that Kim was gazing at her intently, and was doing all she could to keep the girl's attention.

But Kim didn't realize that Xania was just being playful. Instead, the young cheerleader felt as if she'd been caught in the act of shameless gawking by everyone in the room. This made her very self-conscious. In fact, she dropped her eyes and blushed.

As the only self-proclaimed lesbian at the table, Kim was in seventh heaven just being in the room. Admittedly, she loved cocksucking far too much for a supposed lesbian, but right now, the beauty of the female body was all she could think about. She knew Amy and Katherine very well from school, of course, but ever since she met Susan, Suzanne, and Xania earlier in the evening, she couldn't get over how massive and perfectly formed their breasts were. Big breasts were one of Kim's biggest sexual fetishes and a major reason why she still considered herself more lesbian than straight. She'd been as quiet as a mouse sitting at the table, because she felt totally overwhelmed.

So when Alan got around the table to kiss her, she was like putty in his hands just because she was so "out of it" already. Like the others, she also didn't get up from her chair. Alan didn't find this too surprising, however. He doubted she was even capable of standing up right now, given the state of awe that she was in. So he got down on one knee and kissed her on the lips.

Her mouth suddenly sprang to life even while the rest of her body remained as limp as a rag doll. She kissed back with a great intensity, causing Alan to enjoy her kiss even more than Xania's despite all of Xania's greater experience and long-tongued acrobatics. Kim was on fire and Alan was the recipient of all her energy, just as if she was targeting him with a torrent of napalm pouring through a flame thrower.

Alan could easily relate because only a few minutes before he had been in a similar situation where Akami was the lucky recipient of the surge in his energy and emotion brought on by a renewed appreciation for Susan's unconditional love and acceptance of him.

As Alan continued to kiss Kim (and fondle her a bit), he could feel her whole body wiggling about. Then he felt her stiffen up and suddenly go even more limp than she had been before.

He pulled away and joked, "Come on. I'm not that good a kisser!"

The others laughed because it was obvious to everyone that Kim had just experienced a great orgasm which didn't have much to do with the kiss; that was just the icing on the cake for the highly aroused girl. She gazed off into the distance with a happy but glassy-eyed stare. However, her eyes slowly drifted back to where they'd been most of the evening - alternating between Susan's incredible face and her heavy rack.

Alan realized that Kim had hardly said a single word since he'd arrived. Seeing that she wasn't in the mood for conversation, he made his way over to the only open chair left available. His greeting duties were done.

As he sat down, several women laughed out loud. That finally created more curiosity than he could stand. He couldn't help but ask, "What's so funny?"

Suzanne replied with a knowing smirk, "Let's just say that you don't want to make the mistake of sitting in any of the other chairs."

This got more laughs from the others, including the very distracted Kim, but it completely failed to answer Alan's question, leaving him mystified. However, everyone seemed so jovial about whatever it was that he decided not to push it.

Since Kim was his friend and obviously new to all of this, Alan whispered in her ear, "How are you doing? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is everything okay?"

She whispered back, "It's cool. I AM overwhelmed, but in the best possible way! This is awesome!"

He smiled at that. He was delighted that she was having such a good time.

Suzanne was clearly moving into her take-charge mode. She was the natural leader of events like this, and even Alan deferred to her in such situations. Somehow, as if by force of her strong will and charisma, she got everyone to quiet down and direct all eyes to her.

Then she said, "Okay. Finally! We're all here, except of course for Brenda, who will be joining us later, as almost everyone here already knows. I swear, the greeting rituals at this house are so prolonged that it's a wonder if we'll ever be able to start the poke-her game at all. But before we do start, I'm obliged to make the final introductions." She quickly introduced the guests to those who didn't know them already and gave brief descriptions of what they did.

Kim, however, hardly even looked at Akami. Even though the nurse had an arrestingly pretty face and a very intense stare, Kim had determined that Akami had the second smallest rack in the room, after only her own. Hypocritically, even though Kim didn't want to be ignored despite her relatively small breasts, tonight she only had eyes for women with bigger bust lines. Her vision lingered on Xania and then slowly drifted back to Susan's chest once the introductions were over. It was as if there was a magnetic pull there that she was incapable of resisting.

The others could sympathize with Kim's overwhelmed senses. They pretended not to notice her blatant stares and often preened a bit when they were the object of Kim's attention.

Suzanne, still sitting, said, "Now that that's out of the way, let me formally introduce everyone to the sixth weekly Plummer house poke-her party."

Kim was even more overwhelmed to hear that. The SIXTH?! Wow! This happens every week?! That just officially blew my mind. While the rest of the world goes on in its usual way every Wednesday night, with people eating dinner and watching TV, THIS goes on here!

Suzanne continued, "Before I get started, I should point out that reliable reports from various unnamed sources indicate that our big Sweetie is only half-erect right now." She winked at Alan.

Amy was sitting on one side of Alan and Akami was on the other. Amy reached into Alan's lap, felt for his erection, and pulled her hand away. Then she said, "Three-quarters mast, ma'am!" and gave her mother a mock salute.

Suzanne said, "That's better, but still. Alan's not really in the mood, and he's certainly not chomping at the bit like we all thought he would be, so there's going to be a small change of plans. We're going to go slower than what we'd planned before. And, perhaps, some of the things we had planned for later might have to wait for another day."

The last comment led to great groans of protest from almost everyone, again making Alan feel like he was the only one left out of the loop.

"But Sweetie," Suzanne continued, raising a hand to call for silence once more, "I just want to emphasize what the others said in the front entrance. Sure, there's going to be some sex tonight. We're not going to let you off completely!" She gave him a saucy wink. "However, there's no pressure. Every woman here is bisexual to some degree and we're all going to have wonderful climaxes with each other even if you don't touch anyone. We understand you're tired. Whatever you do is just a bonus, so there's no pressure. We all love you. Capiche?"

Amy eagerly raised her hand as if she was in class, and waited until Suzanne called on her until she spoke. She said emphatically, "I just want to emphasize that last thing."

""Capiche?" Katherine joked.

Amy giggled, but said, "No, silly, right before that. That we all love you. Alan, you're just the bestest boyfriend ever! I know from what my mom was telling me just before you came in that you're feeling a little intimidated. Seven or eight women all at once is a super big number for any guy, I'm sure, especially after all the scary stuff that happened to you at school today. But I predict you're going to amaze us all again. I'm getting all wet just thinking about how well you're going to fuck us tonight. Not everyone, m'kay, I know that, but whoever you choose to fuck is going to be soooo lucky! Super duper amazingly lucky..."

Her words drifted off as her eyes went glassy even while she continued to stare right in his direction. Her hands dropped down into her lap and she seemed to be wriggling around in her chair in every direction.

Susan suddenly exclaimed, "I second that! GOD, is that woman going to be lucky! Damn! Just think: Tiger's spear, diving deep, deep down her throat. My throat, if I'm one of the lucky ones. Or deep in my box. Son cock! Plunging! So deep! Sweet cum! Mommy needs that son cock! Fuck me hard! Fuck your mommy good!" She too had her hands in her lap and seemed to be trying to win a wiggle contest between her and Amy. It looked like she was about to fall off her chair at any moment.

Alan looked around, and to his astonishment, saw every woman bouncing around and seemingly playing with themselves (except for Kim, who was still recovering from her recent great climax and was merely staring back and forth at all the most busty women in the room as they squirmed around in their seats). Susan's incestuous "son cock" talk obviously got a big response out of the others too.

It got to Alan too, causing his dick to finally get fully erect. Geez! Am I really that inspirational? Even Akami's totally lost in some lusty never-never land. He said out loud, a bit chagrined, "It seems like you all like the idea of having sex with me so much that I don't actually need to be here in person."

But what was most odd was that all the women remained fully dressed. There wasn't a single exposed nipple anywhere to be seen, ever since Xania had put her top back on (mostly), assuming one didn't count those nipples that were fairly visible through the semi-transparent gowns. He figured that the women had made a secret pact that the only exposure that night would be that allowed by the wins and losses of the card game.


Suzanne clapped her hands together, getting the group to calm down a bit. "Okay, everyone, be still!" That helped calm the group down some more. Susan and Kim took the longest, but Suzanne waited until even those two were "with it."

Then she said, "See what I mean, Sweetie? Really, the bar is set extremely low. All you have to do is whip out your penis, and half of us are likely to pass out from the mere sight and smell of it! We're all low maintenance. So, no worries. Now, let's get to the rules."

Everyone but Kim knew the rules of the game already, but Suzanne quickly repeated the basics and the most recent modifications. The best hand always won. But other than that, there was one set of rules for Alan and another set for everyone else. If any woman won the hand, she was allowed to take an item of clothing off (all the women officially had five items of clothing, though in many cases adornments such as necklaces were counted to help add up to five and long gowns or dresses were counted as two).

If Alan won, on the other hand, he could give sexual commands to any combination of women, including all the women in the room if he so wanted. Once any woman was fully naked, winning a hand meant she could order anyone in the room to do anything to anyone else. There were some minor additions and complications, most of which dealt with exceptions for Alan's sake, but that was the gist of it.

While Suzanne was explaining this, Amy casually unzipped Alan's shorts and fished out his erection. She looked at the others and gave a thumbs up.

As with past games, the woman sitting next to Alan was the official "penis tender," and Amy had taken on that task. But Akami was also sitting next to Alan, on his other side. She looked at Amy stroking Alan's hard shaft with hungry eyes and muttered, "GOD, that looks so good." Through everything, she'd kept the vision in her head of Alan fondling her pussy and tits in the middle of a busy street, and that still made her as hot as a firecracker. Continuing to stare, she coughed, then said in a tentative voice, "Uh, Amy, would you mind if I uh, touch it a little too?"

Amy being Amy, she didn't mind at all. "M'kay! Go for it! Let's play together!"

So Akami joined Amy with the "penis tending." Since Akami was new to this kind of situation, Amy earnestly explained the responsibilities and duties that went with penis tending and the related practice of stealth stroking.

Amy emphasized, "The main goal is to give my O.B. here maximum pleasure for hours at a time if need be, and it usually is! But here's the tricky part: you have to keep him from cumming while also preventing his penis from getting sore or chafing. So this is what I do. I get him all hot and bothered and super stiff, and then I keep him on the edge with gentle and slow stroking. That's key, to go slow! But that's not all. Depending on what he's doing, you might want to also massage and caress him elsewhere on his body. Continually teasing him with visual and verbal delights is also good."

Both of them scooted their chairs up close and used their free hands to caress his chest and arms.

Akami played a bit dumb. "I think I get it, thanks. But what if there's two penis tenders, like right now?"

"Hmmm. That's a toughie. We're going to have to be, like, super duper careful! With hands from different hotties stroking him all the time, he could get overheated too fast! Couldn't you, you lucky dog?" She nudged Alan in the shoulder. "We'll just have to go even slower, Akami. And shoot! I guess that means stealth blowjobs are out of the question. But I think we can still do the other teasing stuff too, if we take turns."

"Oh, good. Can I go first with the 'verbal delights'?"



Akami leaned in and whispered in Alan's ear as she stroked up and down the top of his thickness. "God how I've missed this! ... You know, your penis is not like other penises. Maybe it's just psychological. Maybe it's knowing that you're the master of such a large and incredible harem. A woman fucking you also joins a really fun and loving exclusive club."

At the same time Akami was saying this, Amy French kissed him and tugged at his balls.

The card game, meanwhile, continued all around them.

Akami paused, then cooed, "I have the feeling that you're the most virile and potent man I'll ever be lucky enough to be with. Just look around. These are easily some of the most gorgeous women in the entire country. It's such an ego boost for me to even sit at the same table with them."

Her voice was growing increasingly sexy and it was positively dripping with desire when she added, "But they live for you. They live to pleasure you and your cock. Doesn't that make you feel proud? The more I see them want you, the more I want you for myself. Gaaawwd, I NEED your beautiful cock again! Please promise me you'll 'stuff me full of your hot meat' tonight, just like Susan said you would! Fuck me as good as you'd fuck one of your own mothers!"

Her tongue darted out of her mouth and began licking the ear she'd been whispering in. The fact that Alan had not one but two hot mothers and was fucking them both raised her arousal another notch. She knew that if any stray fingers touched her clit, she'd be screaming to the rafters.

Amy saw what Akami was doing and whispered in his other ear, "Whatever she said, me too!" Then, as soon as she got over her giggling, she began licking his ear on her side.

Alan had never realized what a pleasure center his ears were. He was pleasantly surprised at how good the licking felt.

The two women continued to lick, first exclusively on his ears but then moving sometimes to his neck and other nearby spots. Often, one of them kissed him full on the mouth while giving the other one a chance to whisper naughty wishes into his ear. At the same time, they continued to gently stroke his erection, and run their hands over his chest, usually under his shirt. Before long, they worked together to slide his shorts down some so they had full access to his balls as well.

Akami wasn't used to bumping into another hand when giving a handjob, so initially she spent much of her time playing with his balls and even poking a finger into his anus sometimes.

Amy had to periodically grab Akami's hand to prevent her from doing too much too soon.

Somehow, in addition to all this, Alan was expected to continue playing cards. It was all he could do to just hold his cards when they were handed to him. He was in no shape to figure out which ones to discard each hand, so he generally just stayed with the cards he'd been drawn. Not surprisingly, he didn't win any hands.

Akami and Amy were a little bit more involved in the game because they were both eager to win and take off some of their clothing, so usually they'd hold cards with one of their hands and jack Alan off with their other one. But the game sometimes ground to a halt when any of the three or some combination of them got too distracted to take their turns in the game. Eventually, a cough or nudge or word to the most distracted person would get the game back on track.

Akami had been getting increasingly hot and found herself fondling Alan's stiff rod with increasing urgency.

After about another ten minutes or so, Amy found that Akami was ignoring her verbal warnings that she was going too fast. She finally had to slap the excited nurse's hand. "No, Akami, no! Do you want him to spew his hot cum all over you already?"

"God, yes!" She tried to fight Amy off and get back to Alan's sticky, slippery hardness.

"I know your problem. Come here." Amy leaned across Alan towards Akami and kissed her right on the lips. As they continued to French kiss, Amy tweaked Akami's clit. It only took a couple of seconds of Amy's talented touch before Akami was cumming. She tried to scream with joy, but Amy didn't let up with the kiss, which only drove Akami's passions higher.

Finally, Akami was sated. She calmed down as her body recovered from her great orgasmic peak.

It had been a close call for Alan with the way Akami and Amy were kissing right at the tip of his nose while Akami fought to regain control of Alan's dick, but he'd managed to stave off his climax. As he rested, both Amy and Akami continued with their "tending," but at a lower intensity. They seemed to be really getting into licking Alan's ears and neck while they left his stiff cock alone for a while.


That gave Alan enough presence of mind for him to carefully look around the room. He noticed something interesting. While all of the women were fully dressed, at least for now, it seemed as if each of them could somehow sense when he was looking directly at them, even if they were looking in other directions. He got this feeling because whoever he was looking at seemed to be doing something quite sexual.

For instance, he stared at Suzanne for a while. She was fanning herself with a hand as if the room was boiling hot (though in fact it was not). She pulled her top away from her chest with an idle finger, continuing the charade that she needed air. That enabled him to just barely see her nipples at times, if he was lucky. Somehow, that sight was sexier than if she had been completely nude.

Then he looked over at Katherine. There was a choice of snacks in the middle of the table, including Susan's justly famous homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, and she had a selection of sliced carrots and celery in her hand. The vegetables were sliced length-wise and she had a cluster of them in one hand and was licking the peanut butter out of the grooves in the celery. It looked exactly as if the bunch of vegetables was a hard penis and she was licking it clean. She was going at it so passionately that it seemed certain to make a big spectacle the others would want to comment on and joke about. But no one else appeared to be noticing at all.

Xania meanwhile was taking advantage of her tongue's impressive talents. She was eating a piece of lemon cake, but she seemed to spend most of her time cleaning her fingertips of the white frosting. She kept her fingers fairly far from her mouth and let her long tongue slither out like a serpent to clean them. It was even more arousing and suggestive of a blowjob than Katherine's sensual vegetable display.

Xania seemed oblivious of Alan's attention, except at one point when she suddenly turned his way and winked, then went back to pretending like he wasn't there. Somehow, that aroused him even more.


Next, he looked at Susan. She had both of her hands underneath her semi-transparent top. She seemed very busy fondling her own breasts while rocking back and forth on her seat as if she was riding a see-saw. But unlike the others, she stared directly at Alan nonstop and with a laser-like intensity. She was so into her own breasts that she was on the verge of cumming at any moment.

As a result, she didn't notice how Kim, sitting next to her, was staring her way just as intently and was continually reaching out towards Susan's rack, but in a very tentative fashion. Kim would always pull back before getting very close. Alan noticed her situation and was greatly amused by it.

And so it went around the room. Even though not an item of clothing had come off yet (except, technically, for his shorts), there was something highly arousing to see anywhere he looked. Even Kim, though she wasn't doing anything sensual, was staring at everyone else with such obvious admiration and lust that her mood was infectious.

With so much teasing and arousal going on, it was a wonder that the card game was moving forward at all. But it was, despite many interruptions, mostly due to Suzanne's prodding. She was very competitive, and when she started a game she wanted to finish it as the victor. She was determined to be the first to lose all of her clothes.

Alan found himself so aroused, particularly from the constant low-level ministrations of Amy and Akami, that he wondered if he might shoot his load before the first pair of breasts was even officially bared in the game. It didn't help that Amy and Akami resumed stroking his hard-on after only a short break. It got particularly crazy when both of his "penis tenders" stopped taking turns and began whispering sweet nothings in each of his ears at the same time.

On one side, Amy was saying things like, "Brother, big sexy official boyfriend brother, just look at your harem. I get so hot just looking at everyone here, and I'm not even the harem master! I'm just one of your many tightly-cunted, busty nymphos. Gosh, it must be so tough for you to decide who to fuck. Who do you think you're going to fuck first tonight?"

Amy looked pointedly at Suzanne and then at Susan. "Look at our moms. Isn't it especially tasty, to fuck one of your own mothers? Both of them at once, even? I've gotten to know my mother's pussy with my tongue a little bit, so I think I can guess how ready she is. It must be so hot and tight and wet right now, just waiting for her Sweetie. It almost makes me want to have a cock, so I could explore and fuck every last needy inch of it!"

As she whispered, her wet tongue was making love to his ear. "Don't you just want to fuck everyone here? You're such a super stud brother that I know you can. You know what would be cool? You should have a cocksucking contest. I want to see every woman here tonight gag as you fill their throats with your thick, hard, meaty cock..."

Amy was learning from her mother how to talk in a sexy bedroom voice. The way she said "thick, hard, meaty cock" was so drawn out and intense that Alan felt like he'd had a good fucking just from her words alone.

Then she enthusiastically added, "Including me! Especially me, in fact!" She giggled uncontrollably. She had possession of the top part of his cock now and was making full use of it. His erection was so slick from pre-cum and sweat that her fingers freely glided up and down in a most maddening fashion. She seemed to have forgotten all about the need to take it easy and slow.

On the other side, Akami was saying things like, "Alan, I miss you so much! Do you know I call here nearly every day? Usually it's just to talk to your mom during my lunch break at the office. We talk about getting fucked by you, of course. That's how I know a little bit about some things already, like your nickname 'man of the house' or this game's penis tender tradition. The talks help to ease my need a little, but at the same time it keeps me so hot for you! Susan's lust and love for you is so intense, just hearing her talk is like standing in front of an open blast furnace."

Alan remained silent, but that comment made him look over at Susan again. He felt the heat of her stare, and it made his heart beat faster.

Akami continued, "I used to just be your nurse and I was content with that, but lately I always find myself masturbating while thinking about you. It's embarrassing because I know you hardly ever think of me. But I do it to myself with you on my mind almost every day, I'll have you know! I have to lock the door when I make those calls to Susan because I always end up jilling myself! She's your number one fan, you know. God, if you get her started talking about your cock there's no way to get her to stop."

She went on, "But tonight you can do me for real, can't you? Are you going to lay your thick pipe down my throat? Make me shut up already by filling my mouth with cock! Or maybe, maybe you need to take my ass? Take it! Maybe you need to show me who's the boss by stuffing my ass completely full of your manly meat! I bet you'd love to FUCK my ASS, wouldn't you..." Between each sentence she would stop for a while and seemingly attempt to fuck his ear with repeated jabs of her little tongue. All of her talk about assfucking inspired her to probe his anus, too, digging in deep to stimulate his prostate gland.

Alan was too blown away to say anything in return. It was all he could do just to use his PC muscle control to keep his surging erection from blowing. He was determined to set some kind of endurance record so he wouldn't let anyone down or lose his inflated image. When both women talked to him at once he couldn't always understand all the words, but their lust and strong desire came through loud and clear in any case.

After a while he had to ask both of them to stop with the whispering, kissing, and tonguing. It was simply too arousing and ego-boosting for one man to take. He slowly returned to Earth as the stimulation was "merely" reduced to their hands stroking his shaft and balls at a slow pace.

As if coming out of a fog, he looked around the room again and was surprised to see that all the other women had gone quiet. Each of them were staring right at him, and all had the same smugly satisfied "cat that ate the canary" look. It seemed that they were all waiting for him, for some reason.

Suzanne seemed the most satisfied of all. She said to Alan teasingly, "So, still having trouble getting an erection, lover boy? Are your two tenders not taking good enough care of you? We can make this a non-erotic evening if you just want to sit around and talk. Or we could just really play regular poker, if you'd prefer that."

"NO!" Alan replied a bit too forcefully. He was loving life, now, and riding a very excellent erotic buzz.

"I thought not," Suzanne smirked. It was her turn to shuffle, so she began shuffling the cards, leering, "I'd rather play Strip Stud so we could see you take off that stupid U2 concert T-shirt and show us your manly chest." She licked her lips as she dealt out the cards.

However, now that Alan was slightly more aware, the mention of his concert shirt reminded him that something was missing. "Doesn't anyone want to put some music on?" He picked up his cards and actually examined them for a change.

A long quiet followed his question. Then Amy giggled, "Not really."

That broke everyone up into fits of laughter except Alan. He grumbled at being left out of another inside joke.

As the laughter died down, Alan turned to Amy and said, "Okay, that's enough. Something strange is going on, and I want to know what it is. Amy, I'm going to tickle you to death until you tell me. Rggrrr!"

He began tickling her, though he wasn't that effective since his hands seemed more interested in playing with her tits. Her white gown had just one jewel-encrusted clasp holding the fabric over her chest. He simply undid it and the top of the gown burst open from its tight confines, completely baring her chest.

He continued to tickle and fondle her mercilessly, but Amy was putting up a brave front. In a voice like the Cookie Monster on 'Sesame Street' he growled, "I'm the tickle monster!"

That made Amy laugh so hard that she had to withdraw her hand from Alan's crotch completely. But she still wouldn't talk, and she didn't budge from her seat.

Akami took full advantage of Amy's distraction. While he tickled his sister, she was playing a little game on his sweet spot just below his cockhead. She would rub it really slow for maybe twenty seconds or so, and then give it a hard and frantic rub for about five seconds that would very nearly make him cum. But, after a great surge of pleasure, she'd return to the slow rub. It was delightfully frustrating and he'd never know when the next hard rub would strike.

She also bent over and began flicking the tip of her tongue around the tip of his dick. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! What is it about sucking this boy's cock that's so great? Is it just the sweet cum? Am I hyped up just because I hear Susan rave about cocksucking this piece of meat so often? Whatever it is, I'm hooked!

Finally, just as Alan leaned over to suck on one of Amy's nipples, Suzanne said, "Okay, we give. I don't want you to 'tickle' my poor daughter to death." She made quote marks in the air as she said the word "tickle" because Alan seemed more determined now to make Amy cum than he was tickling her to get her to talk.

Then she said, "Akami, ease up on the 'tickle monster' or he's going to blow like Mount St. Helens. I can tell from experience, just by the look on his face, that he's truly on the verge this time. And definitely take your tongue off his cock already or he'll lose it for sure."

There was a long pause as both Alan and Akami reluctantly complied with Suzanne's orders. Finally, some semblance of order returned to the table, although Amy remained topless.

Suzanne said, "Katherine, reach behind you and show Alan the chair Brenda will be sitting in when she joins us."

With a big grin, Katherine raised up a bit and spun around so she was sitting backwards on her chair. She carefully bunched her dress between her legs so her ass was completely exposed. (Luckily, she'd recently lost her panties in the card game.) Then she reached back and slid a chair along the floor until it came into Alan's view. She did all of this without ever completely leaving her seat.

Alan looked at the empty chair, and suddenly the reluctance of everyone to get up became clear. There, in the middle of the seat, was a plastic dildo that appeared to have a suction cup at the bottom, holding it firmly attached to the seat.


Katherine squirmed around in her chair delightfully. She rose up enough for Alan to see the dark blue dildo she was impaled on, then slowly settled back down on it. She sat backwards on the chair to give him the best unobstructed view of the dildo.

Alan noticed it looked thinner than his own penis, but he couldn't tell the length because much of it was still trapped inside her. He did notice that it appeared to be quite bendable and flexible, which helped explain how the women were writhing around all over their chairs so much.

She said, "Big Golf Club Brother, now you see why we warned you not to sit in any other chair?" Everyone laughed and giggled.

Even Alan laughed a bit. He stopped his tickle and tit-fondling attack on Amy and slapped himself in the forehead. "Duh! How did I miss that? So every blessed one of you is sitting on one of those?"

There was more laughter and giggling as all the women nodded. This was followed by Cheshire Cat grins all around the table.

He continued to look around the room. If he wasn't horny enough already, knowing that every single woman in the room had not only been impaled on, but was actively riding and writhing on dildos that had been suction cupped to their chairs during the whole party turned him on in a big way. At the same time, he was very glad that everyone was having a lot of sexual fun without him, or even needing anyone to touch them. It reduced the pressure on him to deliver orgasms.

Suzanne spoke up. "Sweetie, you remember this afternoon when you told us your fantasy about the Duke clan sitting down to dinner on special chairs with wooden dildos built right into the middle of their seats? Well, voilà!" She squirmed particularly vigorously as she finished, opening her eyes wide as if she were cumming hard.

Alan couldn't tell if she was actually cumming, or just hamming it up. He suspected the latter. "That's amazing, Aunt Suzy, I mean, Mother. They're not actually built into the chair, but still, it's pretty dang close. Where did you get those? And in just a few hours, no less?"

But no one seemed to care or want to respond. They were having a lot of fun hamming it up by writhing around even more than before, though. Even Kim was getting in on the act.

Sighing with theatrical exaggeration, he said, "Well then, since I seem to be the only one capable of standing, I guess it's up to me to put on some tunes." Temporarily extricating himself from Amy and Akami, he went to the stereo and put in a selection of CDs on the random setting. The choices were all hit compilations, including the "Sex Slave Mix" Katherine had made recently.

While he was alone, he thought, Dang! Dildo chairs?! These sexy ladies are such hotties! The rest of the night is gonna be great! Heck, with my family four here, plus Xania, Brenda, Kim, AND Akami here as well, the rest of the night is going to be absolutely insane!

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