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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 112
Living Lovin' Maid
Day 73: Wednesday, November 27

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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As soon as Alan sat back down, the group finally finished the round of cards. Suzanne won and was allowed to pull her gown down off of her breasts, which delighted her to no end.

Alan was almost disappointed about that, since her gown looked so alluring. He kept Amy and Akami's hands off him for a little while so he could try to concentrate on the game.

He was immediately rewarded by winning the next round, his first victory. He noticed that most of the women were close to climaxes from the dildo chairs, if they weren't there already and ready for another. By the terms of the new rules, he was allowed to order all of the women to do something, so he said, "I want every woman to find the clit of the woman to the left of them and rub it to orgasm. Meanwhile, keep bouncing on the dildos."

This order was very well received. Most of the women were so close that it took less than a minute for everyone to climax. A few of them came at once, and even helped each other in doing so.

Kim was beside herself with joy. She dutifully reached over and frigged Katherine to completion, but this was no big deal since she'd been with Katherine several times before. What put her into orbit was the fact that Susan reached under her dress, pulled her panties aside, and touched her clit and pussy lips. Kim came almost instantly, and came hard. Her only regret was that it ended so fast.

As she basked in the afterglow, she turned to Susan and looked at her with adoration bordering on outright worship. She wondered again if her strong lust for Susan might be turning into love and what complications that might possibly mean. She'd never really been deeply in love with anyone before, and found the depth and strength of her feelings more than a little frightening.

Susan noticed Kim's horny stare, and replied with a wicked smile and a provocatively arched eyebrow.

That seemed to make Kim melt from the erotic heat. God DAMN, I've GOT to suck on that woman's pussy and tits, like, YESTERDAY already! But she treated the idea as a fantasy; despite everything that was happening at the party it seemed too fantastical that Susan would ever bother with her in real life.

The one downside from Alan's command was that it led to yet another large pause in the game, because the women needed some time to recover. A few got up and brought more snacks (mostly fruits) and drinks (juices, tea, and coffee) to the table. There were a number of easily audible slurping "pop" noises as pussies went from filled to empty. It was both amusing and arousing for everyone.

When Xania stood up, it caused a surprising reaction from Akami. The pretty nurse hadn't seen all of Xania's gown because she had yet to stand in her presence due to the dildo chairs. Akami squealed, "My God, Xania, that's such an amazing slit!"

Xania replied wryly, "Akami, I knew you had bisexual tendencies, but I didn't know you were that forward about it."

Akami blushed and was struck mute for several moments. But then she clarified, "No, I meant the slit on the side of your gown. It goes all the way up to your breasts, almost! That's such a turn-on!" She stared at Xania with the same intense and blatant stare Kim had been using on Susan all evening.


Xania was very pleased. She stood up and proudly modeled her gown. "Actually, look, I've got two slits. One on each side. I'm glad you like it, because this gown cost me a fortune." She let the loose hanging gown fall in such a way that Akami could see her bush.

Now it was Akami's turn to kid as she deliberately misunderstood what kind of slit Xania was talking about. "Two slits?! My, my. I've heard so much about your extraordinary tongue but no one mentioned THAT about you! As a nurse, I'm fascinated. Maybe I will be forward after all!"

Xania laughed. Then she said as she winked, "Don't make an offer like that unless you plan to follow through." She headed to the kitchen, walking with a provocative swish to her hips.

After about five minutes the game started again. At the same time, Amy and Akami resumed their stroking of Alan's rod. To both his frustration and delight, they also resumed their licking of his ears and neck, as well as whispering suggestive sweet nothings to him. But they took turns whispering this time, allowing him to maintain at least a tenuous involvement in the poker game.

At one point, Akami said something to him that he found particularly interesting. "You know, while I wouldn't want to do it permanently, it's lots of fun to be a woman in a harem for the evening. There's such a feeling of camaraderie and belonging here. Like working with Amy to get you to cum. In another situation we might be jealous and fighting and bumping into each other, but somehow she and I work together in harmony. Our hands stroke and fondle your slick stick together like there's one mind controlling our four hands and our only goal is to give you the most mind-blowing orgasm ever. There must be a magic spell cast over this house. I love it! And I feel like such a wanton slut knowing that I have to get in line for my turn to get fucked by you, but you know what? I love that too!"

She continued in a more thoughtful tone, "Everywhere else, that slutty sensation would feel shameful, but here it feels normal and accepted... expected, even. In this house, 'slut' doesn't mean something bad; it means sexual liberation and joy. You're the only man who might judge harshly but even when you call one of us a 'sex slave' or something like that one can see your love and respect shining through too. I can completely let myself go. If only I didn't have to stroke so slowly and just use my hands! I want your manly thickness all the way down my throat, inside my pussy, up my ass - anywhere else other than just in my hands!"

The card hands flew by fairly quickly now, but many of the items coming off were still insubstantial things. For instance, Kim lost a push up bra beneath her dress and Alan lost a sock. (While both of Alan's socks counted to help bring him up to five items, the high heels all the women were wearing didn't count. Even the guests implicitly understood that their heels were to remain on at all times.)

Suzanne remained in the lead, no doubt because she was paying the most attention to her cards. She left her gown on under the table (since it counted for more than one item) and instead triumphantly took her satin panties off and tossed them in Alan's direction.

Amy, thinking quickly, caught the panties in the air. She brought them to her nose and ostentatiously inhaled deeply of her mother's wetness. Then she slumped in her chair with a loud, blissed out sigh while smiling in Suzanne's direction.

Surprisingly, that made Suzanne blush. Suzanne still had issues over the fact that she was committing real incest with her daughter, the only real genetic incest in the group since Alan and Katherine were adopted. She didn't like public reminders of it in front of people like Kim who she barely knew.

Amy winked, and then brought her mother's panties down to Alan's cock. She covered his cockhead with the fine fabric and began jacking him off through it.

If Alan was wondering how a dual hand job could possibly feel any better, he soon discovered the answer. The smooth satin fabric, soaked through with Suzanne's pungent cum, felt so fantastic rubbing up against his slicked up skin that he hardly even noticed Akami had gone back to probing his anus with her index finger.


Since that didn't seem to faze Alan, Akami resorted to more serious measures so she wouldn't be outdone by Amy. She bent down and began licking his erection right through the satin panties. The wantonness of licking his cock while simultaneously sucking up Suzanne's intimate taste nearly made her delirious with lust.

Alan was amazed that he hadn't cum yet, and part of that was due to his great PC muscle control. But in fact it was mostly due to expert "penis tending" on Amy and Akami's part. Sometimes, one or the other would get a little carried away, but they policed each other on that. They always knew when to reduce the stimulation just enough to keep him excruciatingly close to a great cum explosion.

Their secret was that they could always feel his dick tighten up whenever he squeezed his PC muscles really hard. At a moment like that, even a feathery touch or light blow of air on his cock was likely to push him over the edge. Amy and Akami would share a knowing look with each other and back off. After just a minute or two of rest, however, he was usually good to go for a while again.

It was one such PC muscle squeeze that caused Akami to reluctantly pull away from her licking. She felt great though, and could hardly wait for Alan to recover so she could dive back in. As she straightened back up, Amy held a hand up and they high-fived each other.

Amy commented, "I wish there was a bone-ometer or something, a way to measure how great we make his thingy feel. If there was, I'll bet it would be giving the max reading right now!" She giggled.

The card game continued. Katherine won two hands in a row, leaving her with nothing but a push up bra. However, Suzanne also won a hand, making her the first to get completely naked (except for her high heels, which weren't part of the game). If she won again, she could give the others sexual commands.

After a couple more hands, Amy asked out of the blue, "Is it time?"

Suzanne shook her head no. A lot of secretive whispering ensued all around the table.

Naturally, this piqued Alan's curiosity, but no one would explain what was going on.

After two more hands, and more breasts coming into view, Amy asked the exact same question again.

Suzanne again shook her head no. But perhaps reminded from talking to Amy, she said, "You know, I don't think we've been fair to our two great penis tenders tonight. They've been awfully distracted. I say they get two free wins in the card game. Sweetie, what do you think?"

He was so close to cumming that he could barely think straight, but he managed to nod.

Amy and Akami immediately got up to strip down. Akami, who had barely won at all so far, stripped down to her underwear while Amy was able to get out of her clothes altogether.

That made Amy even more antsy for whatever was next, so as soon as she undressed she asked Suzanne impatiently, "How about now?" She further added in a conspiratorial whisper that Alan just barely overheard, "You know, it's kinda cruel to wait. Think about the waiting. Not only that, but even Alan's thingy can only last so long."


Suzanne seemed to waver for quite a long time, staring at her cards while all the women in the room seemed to wait with bated breath for her decision. Finally, she put her cards down and nodded in the affirmative. "Okay."

Suddenly, most of the women stood up, creating yet more loud slurpy pops as they vacated their dildo-chairs. Everyone but Alan seemed to know what was going on. He just watched while everyone else got busy moving chairs, cleaning the table, and generally arranging things for the next surprise.

Alan wanted to lean over to examine Amy's newly revealed, cum slicked, suction cup dildo and the puddle of pussy juice surrounding it, since it was the closest one. But he found himself being led away to the "love seat" sofa just a few feet away from the dining table. He was frustrated because he couldn't get a good look at any of the puddles on the chairs. The odor of sex and freely flowing pussy juice, however, filled the room even more than before.

Suzanne kissed him on the ear and lustily whispered, "Sit back and relax, Son. You're going to enjoy this."


Then the light was turned off, which plunged the room into near-total darkness. The music also came to an abrupt halt.

Alan could see, or sense, shapes moving around the room, but he had no idea what was going on. He assumed that no one would tell him what was happening if he tried to ask, so he didn't bother. He realized that whatever secretiveness there might be was for his benefit so he could have another pleasant surprise.

It had only been a minute or so since Amy and Akami had been stroking him, but his penis didn't get much of a chance to rest. In the darkness, he felt the presence of Susan and Suzanne on either side of him.

Susan whispered very quietly, "Son, how does it feel to be master of a harem? Pretty good, huh?" The glee was so evident in her voice that it seemed she was enjoying things even more than he was. "It's very important that you don't cum just yet, so hold on a little longer please."

The two mothers worked together to pull his shirt off. (Suzanne had been naked already from her poker victories, and Susan had likewise shucked whatever clothes she still had on.) Then they greedily attacked his crotch with their hands.

He'd been jacked off by his two mothers together or separately so often that he could tell from the way their hands roamed over his erection that they were the ones who had replaced Amy and Akami. What he didn't know was why those two, or why now. He thought, Mom thinks I have supernatural stamina. Sometimes cumming is out of my control! Like right now, almost. I'm so close!

Then the music came on again. It was "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys: "I, I love the colorful clothes she wears / And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair..."

Other sounds and movements slowly came to a halt. Then Amy's voice was heard in the dark, sounding surprisingly loud and authoritative. "Ladies and gentleman. Or should I say, my master and my fellow harem nymphos, tonight is a very special night for one very lucky lady. Yes, I'm speaking about Brenda Hunter. Alan, tonight is the night that Brenda is to give herself to you. Now, I know that you've already fucked her, and fucked her good. She wants to give herself in that way to you again, but also give you so much more. It's not just that you've tamed her with your cock, though of course you did that. What we're talking about is a deeper giving of body and soul. She wants to be your slave, and the Plummer family slave, in EVERY sense of the word."


Alan felt a tingle of excitement shoot from his cock straight up his spine. With the way his two mothers were happily stroking his shaft, he had to clench and strain not to cum.

Amy continued, "She wants to pledge herself to serve you, to serve your thick and always hard cock, and to serve the rest of your family, for the rest of her life. She's ready to make a very serious commitment, much like a marriage, but in its own way maybe an even stronger and deeper commitment than that. I know this is a surprise, but the rest of us in the family have discussed it and decided there's no way you'd turn down an offer like that from such a cute, bouncy, juicy, lusty, busty, and all around sexy and fun woman. Did we guess correctly? Do you want Brenda as your slave?"

Alan suddenly had an epiphany. Reminded by the song playing in the background, his mind flashed back to a period some months before when he'd been discovering the Beach Boys and getting into their music. He remembered night after night of sitting at home, working on his homework. His sex and love life was nearly non-existent back then, consisting only of occasionally masturbating to fantasies about Glory or Christine.

He thought, And now, the undeniable fact is I'm master of my own loving harem and the most busty woman I've ever seen in my life is offering herself to me as a slave! Life is an amazing thing! There's absolutely no telling what may lie just around the corner! He was so stunned by how much his life had changed for the better, despite his exhaustion, that he felt overwhelmed to the point of nearly passing out.

But at the same time, he realized that the words Amy was speaking had been carefully thought out in advance, probably with the input of Brenda and others, and that this was the start of a ceremony of sorts. So gathered his wits together and did his best to treat the occasion with a great seriousness. However, there was one issue that was bothering him. He asked, "What about Adrian?"

Amy replied, "Ah, yes. I have an answer on that I'm supposed to give. Understand that Brenda is talking about a major commitment. She wants to serve us every day, and she would, except for her son. We have made an agreement to ensure she can spend many hours a day serving the Plummer family as a maid and sex slave, and still have plenty of time to be with Adrian when he's not in school. Since you have many women and Adrian only has one mother, if he needs or wants her for any reason, including sexually, that would come first. Is this acceptable to you, Master?"


"So do you take Brenda to be your slave, in every sense of the word?"

He sat up even straighter and formally replied in a deep and commanding voice, "Yes. Yes, I do."

As soon as he said that, he heard a great gasp come from where he guessed the kitchen was. He also thought he heard a bit of sobbing. He nearly laughed, assuming correctly that those were the sounds of Brenda being overwhelmed by emotion upon hearing his reply. But he remembered the importance of this event for her and kept quiet.

He realized there were some pretty huge caveats regarding Adrian, but that only sounded fair. Given his own incestuous relationships, he could hardly keep Brenda and her son apart. The fact that Suzanne and Susan were also currently jacking him off greatly limited his ability to think deeply about the ramifications. But he figured that if the rest of the family had discussed it and agreed to it, it must be the right thing to do. Suzanne, especially, wouldn't do anything rash or stupid.

Amy continued with deep portent, "So shall it be. Master, fellow nymphos, I give you the newest member of the Plummer family harem: Brenda Hunter!"

Everyone clapped enthusiastically (except for Susan and Suzanne, who were keeping their hands busy in Alan's crotch). The lights came on while the Beach Boys sang, "Good, good, good, good vibrations..."

Brenda stepped forward from the kitchen into the dining room. She was crying tears of joy.

Naturally, Alan had seen Brenda in various states of undress many times before, but he was nonetheless stunned by her appearance and her beauty. She wore a provocative French maid outfit, in the typical black with white frills and lace. As with all the other such outfits she'd left in her closet back home, it left her breasts and shaved pussy exposed. But the reason why she'd picked this one out from all of her outfits was because it lifted her monstrously large breasts farther up and out than any of the others. She looked like the epitome of a human sex toy, but at the same time, her deep passions and emotions shone through.


She stood for a moment, blushing and crying, totally overwhelmed. She was trembling badly. She was so nervous that she was cupping her pussy without realizing it. But still, anyone could see the rivulets of cum were flowing so copiously from her nether lips that some lines of cum had already made their way down past her knees.

She seemed uncertain at first, then dramatically rushed headlong at where Alan was sitting on the sofa, crying, "Master!"

Since Alan was sitting and Brenda was standing, her big, bare tits ended up enveloping his face as she clung to him for dear life. Somehow, Alan found that very appropriate.

With Brenda's giant pillows doing their best to nearly suffocate him, she gushed, "Master? Master Alan? Do you really mean it? Do you want me to be your slave for ever and ever? Your complete and utter slave? Your property? Heart and mind, body and soul?"

"You know I do," he replied seriously, even though his voice was somewhat comically muffled. He was straining extra hard not to cum. He couldn't believe his mothers hadn't stopped jacking him off yet - it was like they were determined to make him cum at a very inopportune time.

"You know what my vision of the future is, Master? Your pussy tamer in my slit, pounding me and controlling me forever and ever. Taming me. Ruling me! That's my vision of pure bliss."

Alan at first didn't think anything special about those words, but then he sat up with a start. "Wait a minute. Is that a reference to George Orwell's book 1984? You know the end with the image of a boot kicking a face forever and ever?"

She giggled through her tears of happiness. "Yep. Just because I'm stacked doesn't mean I can't read. Since I don't have a job, I read a lot. I'm a big Orwell fan, and a science fiction fan, too. In fact, Dune is my favorite book of all time."

"Wow. Dune? You? That's pretty random. I love that book." He thought, She's into classic rock AND sci-fi. I like her taste! "That Orwell thing is kind of an odd metaphor at a time like this, but I guess it works. You know, we need to get to know each other a lot better out of bed, not just in it."

Alan heard muffled chuckles coming from the darkness around him. He realized that in the middle of being offered a sex slave, and with his face enveloped by her heaving boobs, he was having a full-on nerd moment. So he tried to get back on track to stop the snickers. "But the question is, why do you offer yourself like this to me?"

Still crying, she answered, "Master, I love you so much! The way I express my love is through submission and devotion. I know some people would find that strange, but that's who I am. Because I love you totally, I give myself to you totally! Do you want me? Do you want my love? My body? My heart?"

"I do." His head was still encased in her fluffy mountains. Inwardly, he was wondering why a woman who was obviously smart and wealthy would want nothing more in life that to be a maid and sex slave. He figured there was more to that mystery that he didn't yet understand, but now was not the time to spoil the mood by asking lots of probing questions about it.

He knew it might tarnish the moment, but despite what Amy had said, he had to ask, "What about Adrian?"

"I love my son so very much! And yes, I hope to be fucking him soon. But he's so different from you. He's just not the naturally superior master type. So while I'll eagerly fuck him as a good mommy should, and even call him 'master' if he wants, to me, you are my Master Alan with a capital M, and will be forever! You unlocked my true nature, and fully tamed me. I will always be Adrian's mother, but never will be his slave. I will always be YOUR slave! Does that make sense?"

"It does. But what does 'slave' mean to you?"

"What everyone thinks it means. A SLAVE! Just like from the pre-Civil War days. I must obey ANY order you give me! Chain me and beat me if you must. Only, you could never sell me, because I can only be YOUR slave, forever and ever!"

He thought, Wow, that's pretty intense! I wonder what led her to that?

Brenda suddenly dropped to her knees. Her attention inexorably focused on Alan's rigid cock and Susan and Suzanne's hands still sloshing frantically all over it.

Brenda watched the rhythm of two hands, each from different mothers, pistoning up and down in Alan's crotch for a few moments. Then she looked at each of the mothers in the eye in turn and said, "Mistress Susan? Mistress Suzanne? Thank you for tending my master's cock tonight. Will you allow me, your humble slave and loving servant, to share in the joy of pleasuring it?"

They said, in unison, "We do."

Then Brenda stood up and walked to the dining room table where most of the others were standing or sitting. "And Mistress Katherine? Mistress Amy? Will you also allow me to share in the bounty of our master's cock and all of his glorious cum?"

"We do," they both replied.

Alan found the whole thing kind of absurd. Everybody's so serious. So solemn. You'd think we're in church or something, but everybody's naked and taking turns on my cock!

Suzanne then got up and stood back, giving Alan's stiff pole completely to Susan for the moment. Susan put her lips on her son's erection and sucked on it for a minute or so. She seemed determined to make him cum before Brenda could get a chance to touch it.


It took all of Alan's self-control not to lose a big load right there. He knew that would be a big disaster from Brenda's point of view. He'd experienced so much incredible stimulation already, especially from Amy and Akami, that normally he would have cum long ago. But he was worried that if he came he might not get hard again or his penis would be too sore, so he was prolonging this erection with every self-control trick he knew.

He was forced to whisper to Susan, "Please! Take it easy! I'm so close that it's crazy!"

She did back off some. She made long passes down his shaft, as far as she could go without deep throating. But while it looked impressive, it wasn't as stimulating as if she focused on his sensitive spot, which she usually did.

He was able to breathe a sigh of relief, even though he kept up with his rhythmic PC muscle clenching. He was so happy that it seemed he was floating on clouds, and all the ego boosting "master" talk was making him even more giddy.

While Susan was on her knees happily licking and sucking away, Suzanne had been running her hands all over him and encouraging him to play with her ass. The others, except Amy and Brenda standing nearby, remained in their seats and appeared to be making good use of the chair dildos while they watched the cocksucking.

Alan was amused watching all of them subtly bounce up and down in the chairs.

Susan had never quite mastered deep throating, and her control over her gag reflex was imperfect, but she was getting quite close as her head repeatedly made deep bobs on Alan's erection.

But after just a minute or two of this, Susan and Suzanne switched places. Suzanne did the exact same thing, except that she knew even more tricks with her tongue and lips. Now it was Susan's turn to languidly run her hands over Alan's muscular chest and legs while Alan fondled and teased her ass.

Even though Suzanne was also trying to take it easy on him, he couldn't hold out any longer - it was simply all too much stimulation to take. Nobody could withstand such pleasure forever. He heard Kim scream out, "Oh good Gaawwwd! YES!" as she obviously reached an orgasm of her own. That didn't help his self-control in the slightest. He groaned and felt his balls tightening up.

But Suzanne sensed this. She quickly grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed tight. She hissed quietly, "Don't do it!"

Alan thought, God DAMN! It hurts, but it hurts soooo good! His urge to cum went from overwhelming back to barely tolerable.

Then Suzanne, smirking and very pleased with herself, let go of him.

Brenda looked like she would do anything in the world to touch Alan's erection. Her eyes sparkled with an almost desperate desire. She had come closer and closer, drawn like a moth to a flame, until she was standing as close to him as she could get.

But instead of reaching out to his hardness, she placed both hands behind her back. Sitting up on her heels, she thrust her chest out and dropped her eyes down. "Master, your slave is at your command. Is there any way I can please you? Would you, perhaps, want to fill one of my holes with your sweet and precious cum?" Her tone was suddenly shy, as if she was worried he would reject her.

Alan could feel his "bad" side getting stronger. He felt very happy and aroused, but also intensely possessive. He wanted to fuck each and every one of his women so good and so hard that they'd never forget it for as long as they lived. But most of all, he wanted to make Brenda scream like a banshee and rejoice in her decision to become his slave. 'Good Vibrations' was getting near the end and the Beach Boys were happily singing, "Na na na na na, na na na..." which seemed completely incongruous to his mood. But he didn't care.

He stood up, walked to the table, and swiped it clear. Cards, glasses, snacks, cake - everything went flying. He was careful, at least, to make sure no one was in the way. Luckily, too, there was no wine bottle on the table and the glasses were made of plastic. Then he dramatically yanked at the table cloth and sent the rest crashing to the floor.


Alan turned back to Brenda. Looking at her voluptuous body, he thought, Here's a woman I haven't fucked nearly enough. Hell, I practically haven't fucked her at all. That needs to change in a big way! She's definitely worthy of joining the inner harem, and that's about the highest praise I can think of.

He chuckled inwardly as he thought, If Sean knew there was a woman who looked like this and knew she loved Dune and Orwell, he might even forget all about Heather. Then he imperiously pointed at the table and loudly yelled in his most authoritative voice, "SLAVE! ASSUME THE POSITION!"

"Y--y-yes, M--m-m-ma-master!" Brenda stuttered, almost fainting in delight. She had frequently fantasized hearing him say those exact words, and she was deliriously giddy to have her fantasy occur in real life. She pressed her massive mammaries onto the table top, getting in position for a royal fucking, doggy style.

That position suited Alan just fine. He lined his cock up and slid all the way into her steaming depths in a single stroke. "Oh God, yes!" he groaned to himself as he felt her tight tunnel sheathing his needy dick. "How do you like that, my sex slave?" he asked in a nasty voice.


"Ooo-ooh! Wo- ond- der- ful!" Brenda began to cum as soon as he entered her. After somehow eking out that answer to his question, she lost control of her voice and the rest of her body. She let out a high pitched wail, like a police car siren. At the same time, her body shook so hard that even the heavy mahogany table she was gripping onto for dear life shook a little bit. She was as excited to hear him call her his "sex slave" in a domineering tone of voice as she was to feel the incredible fullness of his powerful cock penetrating deep inside her.

Alan's possessive mood was broken a bit because he found himself laughing. He found it funny the way that she came so much, so hard, and so vocally. It was like a histrionic over-exaggeration of a climax. And the amount of cum flowing out of her seemed to defy belief. He'd barely put her on the table, and already there was a sizable puddle under her pussy.

He noticed she was so excited from her climax that she could barely breathe, so he decided to just rest with his erection inside her for a while. It would give him a chance to recover some too. Actually, it was a very near thing that he didn't shoot off when she came, especially given the way her pussy walls convulsed and squeezed his shaft so delightfully.

As he calmed down a bit, a thought occurred to him. This is a special occasion, and I need to mark it with a special gift. What did Amy say? This is like a marriage but even more intense, but I don't have anything. Wait, that's not true, I have some gifts I was going to give tomorrow, but I can give one of them early. Talk about a lucky break!

He called Katherine over and whispered in her ear. She immediately ran off.

Alan had to stall for time with Brenda at least until Katherine came back. He waited another minute or two until Brenda's breathing was more or less under control. The first question to pop into his head was, "Why the Beach Boys?"

"Oh, that?" Brenda asked as she panted into the table. "That's my absolute favorite song of all time, Master, and they're my favorite group, too. Well, them and the Eagles. There's so much more to both groups than just the greatest hits everybody knows. Take a song like 'Surf's Up' - that shows their real talent. I picked all the songs on this mix with such care and each song has a special meaning to me. For instance, 'Bernadette' and 'Reach Out, I'll Be There,' both by the Four Tops, illustrate the passion of my feelings for you. Or 'Whammy Kiss' by the B-52's - there's a story there about my first kiss way back when. And 'I Feel Good' by James Brown, well, that's because you make me feel so good all the time!"

She giggled, but then asked seriously, "Does it displease you by setting the wrong mood? Do I deserve a spanking?" She churned her hips around his impaling cock invitingly as she said the word "spanking," hoping to encourage him in that direction.

He laughed again, as he was reminded of her great love of being spanked. He suspected she'd figured out a way to drop that mention in to make sure he wouldn't forget to do it to her. He also found it funny to be discussing music in such an outrageously sexual circumstance. He was well aware that he was on display with a crowd of horny women watching his every move. He spanked her hard, and then said, suggestively, "You deserve a spanking for being such a GOOD slave." He slapped her just as hard on the other butt cheek, and then pushed his dick a couple of inches deeper into her.

"OH GOD! That's good! MASTER!" Brenda squealed. Her small feet instinctively hooked around his calves, both to hold him in place and force him forward, deeper into her drenched and throbbing pussy.

Realizing it was premature to get started again, he withdrew his erection a bit and said, "I'm sorry, but one more question. Why Amy? I can see why you wanted Susan and Aunt Suzy to 'give me away' so to speak, but why did you make her the announcer?"

"Oh, that's easy! She's my Anal Pal!" Brenda replied as she wiggled her ass to invite him to get more active with his dick. She'd hardly recovered from her last orgasm, but she was more than eager for more.

Alan laughed heartily again. He roared with unconstrained glee, "'Anal Pal'. What the FUCK does that mean?! Someone's going to have to explain that to me one of these days."

Amy replied brightly from across the room, "It's like pen pals, but with asses."

Alan looked over at her to see if she was joking and discovered from her boisterous giggling that she was. He chided, "I'm going to get you for that." He wanted to tickle her, but he was too involved with Brenda at the moment, so he made tickling gestures in the air with his hands, in her general direction. "My life is so friggin' bizarre!"

Amy rushed behind Xania. "Oh no! Save me from the tickle monster!"

Still stalling for time, he prodded, "But seriously Aims, what do Anal Pals do for each other?"

Amy was clearly trying to think up an answer on the spot. "Well... when times are tough, we come through for each other. Anally. Like right now. Maybe you're tired and need some inspiration to really give it to Brenda. So... voilà!" She turned around so everyone could see her backside, and then spread her legs wide. Her ass seemed incredibly inviting.


Remarkably, Alan did find within himself a new resolve to keep going, in part because of Amy's sexy display. He muttered, "Hmmm. Not bad. Not bad at all." Then he said louder, "I get it now. It's kind of like that show about superheroes on the cartoon channel, 'Superfriends'. You're like Superfriends helping each other out-"

"Except with asses!" Amy gleefully interrupted. Then she burst into laughter.

He grinned and rolled his eyes at all the incongruous silliness taking place while his cock was still sheathed inside his new "slave."

Brenda, meanwhile, couldn't stand to wait. She had about four inches of leeway between Alan and the table edge. She started increasing her pushing back on his dick until she was essentially fucking him with her hips while he stood still. She was raring to go. Each small thrust of her hips made her massive breasts, which kept her both cushioned and elevated on the table, roll and wobble with the effort.

Just then, Katherine came rushing back with the gift Alan had already picked out for Brenda - a black choker. There had been no time to wrap it, but that didn't matter.

Alan took the collar from Katherine and said, "Brenda, my lovely tit slut, I have something here to symbolize your new status." He briefly held the choker in her field of view, then placed it around her neck and, with a loud click, clasped it into place.

If Brenda was happy before, she was positively delirious now. "Oh! Master! You're the best master ever! Good God! I LOVE IT! OH! Oh my gosh, I'm going to wear it forever! I'm never going to take it off!" Since she was lying on the table with his hard erection deep inside her, there was no way for her to kiss or hug him in appreciation. Instead, she began squeezing her pussy walls around him with all her might while rhythmically writhing her hips.

Despite the relative pause in the action, Brenda had been leaking like a faucet the whole time. Incredibly, one rivulet of pussy juice made it all the way to the tip of her left high heel before dripping onto the floor. Yet, no matter how wet she got, her pussy seemed to remain as tight as ever. She truly was a physical marvel.

Alan was a bit surprised to find himself fully fucking her again so soon. But in fact he really had no say in the matter since she was the one fucking him so vigorously with everything she had. Her whole body was sliding back and forth over the table while he remained relatively stationary.

At the same time that she began gasping with intense pleasure, she was still thinking about the collar enough to ask, "But Master! How did you know to get me a gift? I thought this was a total surprise."

"It was. But you don't think I didn't already have plans to make you my complete and utter slave now, did you, my tit slut?" It was bullshit, but inspired bullshit.

Brenda let out a great orgasmic cry of joy, celebrating that her master was thinking of her and independently planning to further tame her. It reinforced her belief that she was doing the right thing in making such a huge commitment to him.

"Tit slut" - I really like that, he thought. He was thrusting in earnest now while she was simply taking it as best she could and holding onto the table for support. He wished that he'd also been able to bind her hands behind her back, but to his surprise, right as he thought that, she was putting both of her hands there, just as if she'd been handcuffed. Sweet! It's like she can read my mind. She's imagining being bound, and I guess that's nearly as good as the real thing for her.

Brenda, being Brenda, was soon writhing and moaning as if in her final death throes. His vigorous thrusts soon propelled her forward down the table until her toes could no longer touch the floor. She loved the feeling of helplessness that created, knowing that her whole body was, in a very literal sense, under the direction of her master's cock now. Between desperate gasps, she cried, "'Tit slut'? Dear god, I love it! ... And my collar! And... Oh, Master Alan! I love you! ... Oh, but can you, can you, call me your ... tit slave? ... That would be ... so fan- fan- fanfuckingtastic!"

He answered in his best authoritative "master" voice, "Of course, my tit slave." He thought, I like the sound of that even better! "Tit slave." How many kids in my high school have an outrageously curvy "tit slave'" to round out their harem? Ha! The very idea is so preposterous none of my friends would ever believe it! Heh! Dang, life is good!

Brenda felt so slutty, so aroused, and so totally dominated that her mind was having a mental orgasm of pure joy at the same time her body was beginning a physical climax. The only thing that would have made her any happier was if her own son, Adrian, could have been there to approvingly watch her be dominated by her master while he waited to have his turn with her too. She really wanted them to get along.

"Aaaarrggh! Uh! YES!" She came hard. She was inspired as much from what he was saying as what his cock was doing to her.

However, he still had a ways to go to achieve his complete satisfaction. He continued to drive hard into her. Occasionally he would remember to spank her hard on the ass, just as if he was riding a horse and spurring it to go faster.

After a short while, she managed to grab a hold of the table edge with both hands. That at least helped to keep her in position. She was beyond the ability to speak by this point, but she did manage to gasp out some very sexy loud moans.

As he drilled her hard and deep, he thought, This is so much fun! Her pussy is greatly underrated. It's literally overshadowed by her rack. I tend to think of her as all tits, or at least all tits and ass, but she's got the full package. Her hole is so buttery hot and easy to enter, but still she tightens up real nice. She's got some good moves too, especially when she's at least semi-coherent. Damn! She's surprisingly shallow, though. I'm ramming all the way in with every stroke... Double damn! She really makes it easy to bust a nut. I'm not going to last long but I have to try to hold out just a little more! She needs this to be her best fuck ever!


Knowing that her ass was easily arousable, he plunged a finger into her anus. He knew that would elicit another piercing scream for joy, and he was right.

Brenda's whole body lit up like a firecracker. She was practically vibrating the entire table now. She was delirious with joy.

Using his well-honed self control techniques, he managed to slow his stroking until he came to an almost complete stop. He was reduced to slow strokes of only an inch or two at a time. He needed another strategic break if he wanted to last more than a minute or two of serious thrusting. But happily, his finger in her ass allowed him to keep her peaking sexually as he worked his digit deep within her. His erection was more or less rested, although her pussy occasionally spasmed around it, giving him shocks of pleasure.

While he let his body and cock calm down a bit, he took the time to look around. The lights had been turned back on, but not all the way. Nonetheless, he could look around and get a better view of what everyone was doing. He noticed all the other women were back on their dildo-chairs and were all grinding away.

That got him to wondering. The whole set of eight has been altered, with only one still normal. I assume we're going to remove the suction-cup dildos after tonight's party, but what if we don't? Is everyone going to be writhing and cumming through every meal at this table from now on? Somehow, I wouldn't be terribly surprised, what with the way things are going around here lately!

The image of that turned him on quite a lot. But more arousing still were the looks on the faces of all the women around him. To call each of them transfixed was a gross understatement. Kim, in particular, was absolutely transformed from her usual appearance. She couldn't have been any more obviously aroused if she was glowing in the dark. It gave her a luminous presence and increased her beauty.

Alan reached under Brenda and began fondling the tremendous tits she was pressing against the table. He continued to watch Kim bounce up and down on her dildo like it was a pogo stick as he fondled away, letting his fingers sink deeply into the tit-flesh.

Kim looked so wildly aroused by that that he thought she might pass out altogether.

He thought, I'll bet there's nothing in the world she'd rather do than fondle the boobs I'm mauling right now. Except, probably, to do it while grinding down onto her dildo chair!

There was just too much sexual stimulation everywhere he looked for him to hold out much longer. His discovered that his dick had resumed stroking into Brenda and his conscious mind didn't have much say in the matter. His middle finger poked into her ass in time with his pelvic thrusts. She obviously loved it, judging from the way she pushed her hips back at him with renewed vigor.

But he still wanted to take things even farther to give her a fucking truly worthy of the important occasion. He leaned forward and said quietly, "Brenda, what are you?"

"A slave!"

He could feel her whole body shudder as she said this. Based on the way her pussy was clenching without any rhythm all over his cock, he had no doubt she was cumming again. He thought, Damn, it's just too easy for her. All I have to do is state the obvious, and she freaks out. I guess five orgasms for her is about the same as one orgasm for a normal woman. He prodded, "And who owns you?"

"You do! Master!" she trembled as his hardness continued to plow her depths. She spontaneously blurted out, "And I love it!"

He idly noticed that Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" was playing on the stereo at the moment. He found it odd "fuck your slave" music, but then again he couldn't think of any music that would particularly fit that occasion. He regained his focus and asked, "And why? Why me?"

This question was a bit harder for her to answer. She had to think about it, at least a little. "Because you're the natural! The superior master! The supreme Fuck Lord! Look around. The harem! The harem!"

It was hard for her to even say this much, because she was already huffing and puffing like a steam locomotive. But she said it with tremendous pride in her voice. She made his ego swell as much as she kept his cock hard.

Alan realized again that he was going to cum at any second. To prolong the experience at least a little bit longer, he suddenly stopped and flipped her over. He figured that in the traditional doggy style, it was too easy for him to penetrate her deeply. He hoped that by fucking her lying on her back while he continued to stand, he might be able to last a little bit longer.


However, that plan didn't work. Brenda was just too pleasurably fuckable, no matter what the position. After only another minute or so of vigorous thrusting, he found himself starting to cum. This time, there was nothing like the way Suzanne knew how to squeeze him in the right spot to stop from gushing a tremendous cum load into her.

But still, he wasn't done. As his cum started to spurt out, he sped up, thrusting in even harder than before.

That caused Brenda to start cumming again too, if indeed she'd ever completely stopped, which meant that her pussy suddenly clamped down on his shaft with renewed tightness.

He could tell she was having a particularly prolonged multiple orgasm, because he faced yet more delightful resistance for what seemed like minutes, even as he continued to slam into her for every precious moment his hard-on remained. Somehow, on top of everything else happening, he managed to partially pull her hips off the table and resume spanking her ass while his cumming slowly came to an end. He wanted to give her the maximum pleasure possible. Even though he was having the time of his life, this fuck was mainly for her.

At the same time, it occurred to him that he really was marking her as one of his own. He normally liked to spray his cum on a woman's face or chest to get that feeling of marking, but it seemed that this was taking possession of her in a much more fundamental and intimate way by cumming into her pussy. They were bonding deeply. From now on, she would belong to him even more than she did before. That meant that he would belong to her even more as well, but he welcomed that with open arms.

While he wasn't sure yet if he could love her in the same way that he loved his family four, and he was glad that he had a different formal arrangement with her than The Pact he'd established with the others, he had yet to find anything about her not to love. He knew now that in life he'd come across many exceptionally beautiful and sexual women, but Brenda was all that and a good and kind person as well. He would never have committed to a formal and presumably permanent relationship with her if that wasn't true, no matter how good she looked. While he couldn't really say he fully loved her, mostly because he was still getting to know her, he felt confident that he would come to love her in time.

As his balls continued to churn and his fiery hot cum continued to pump into her body, he felt as if he were slowly falling. It seemed to him like he somehow was falling into Brenda and discovering the soft and welcoming depths at the intimate core of her innermost being, where she passionately received him into herself and gratefully received the liquid offering that sealed their fates together as master and slave.


Alan slowly came to his senses. He wondered if he might have momentarily passed out from such an intense fuck. He realized again that music was playing. James Brown's "Sex Machine" was on, causing him to think, Now, THIS is more like "fuck your slave" music. This should be my theme song, the way I keep fucking non-stop until I drop.

He'd been on such a lustful high for so long that he wondered if he'd completely missed a song or two.


He looked around and at first naturally focused on Brenda lying on the table in front of him. She seemed very content with her eyes closed, obviously passed out. She was soaked all over. In addition to several cum puddles between her legs, she was covered in sweat. His cum was slowly pouring out of her pussy, turning her crotch into even more of a lake of cum than it already was.

Not for the first time, he wondered how she could possibly drink enough fluids each day to keep up with how much she lost during sex.

He'd also detected something squirting out of her at the height of passion, and worried that she'd lost control of her bladder and peed. But as he inspected her, he remembered that she had been known to ejaculate her cum on rare occasions. He'd heard that women generally only did that when they were extremely aroused, so that made him feel confident that he'd risen to the occasion.

He looked around and saw most of the others were up and taking care of things. For instance, all the stuff he'd sent crashing to the floor was being cleaned up or at least pushed out of the way. Still others were putting new cards, glasses, and snacks on the table. They simply worked around Brenda's nude form, treating her like a living table centerpiece. He wondered who else had climaxed, and how much they'd enjoyed it.

Amy came by and leaned over Alan. "Hey, Tickle Monster" - she'd decided that that would be her new, at least temporary nickname for him - "that was something, wasn't it? Lots of fun, I hope! You're not mad at us, are you?"

"Mad? Why should I be mad? Brenda is so much fun that she probably should be illegal." He looked over at Susan staring intently at Brenda's new collar instead of at him.

He found that interesting, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of Amy for long, given that she was bent over naked in a very alluring pose. She looked quite different without her usual hair band, with a wilder and sexier look since her copper-colored hair was more untamed. He liked it a lot and made a mental note to ask her to ditch the hair band more often.


Amy giggled at his joke, but then looked at him with a surprisingly serious expression. "I mean, silly, are you mad because we didn't tell you what we were going to do? We kind of made some big assumptions, but we all agreed it would be totally super great to spring the Brenda ceremony on you as a complete surprise. Tell me you were surprised!"

She finally stood up straight and jiggled around excitedly as she talked about the surprise part.

"Sure, I was surprised."

"Yeay!" Amy was so excited that she jumped up and down, causing her boobs to fly around in circles. Her nipples went round and round in circles hypnotically until her boobs started to crash into each other.

He remembered that he'd told Brenda that he was planning on making her his slave already. So he backtracked a little. "Hmmm. Well, it was kind of a surprise, but also kind of not. I mean, who didn't see this kind of thing coming? Brenda's so naturally submissive and her feelings for everyone in this family are so obvious. I was kind of assuming she would want to be a slave of some sort and that she'd join the harem sooner or later. That's why I had the collar already. But I must say it was a lot of fun. And the way you did it was a neat surprise, so thank you. I like all the surprises."

He remained kneeling on the floor and leaning against the table, right where he'd finished fucking Brenda. He was exhausted but spoke casually in an effort not to show it.

"Oh, goody!" Amy leaned over and playfully kissed him on the nose. She made sure to brush her sizable mammaries across the top of his head, and then went back to laying out napkins and such.

Susan overheard the whole exchange and was very pleased as well. She walked up to him and said, "Tiger, I'm glad to hear that. I wasn't worried that you'd say 'no' to having your first official sex slave, but I did worry that we'd overstepped our bounds. After all, you are the man of the house now by virtue of that big pussy taming cock of yours, and we don't want to force anything on you."

"No worries, Mom."

Susan smiled, but she said with more foreboding while looking away, "I just hope you'll like some of the stuff we have planned for later."

Then she turned back to him and stroked his arm fondly. "Son, I'm so proud of you! If any teenage boy deserves his own big-titted sex slave, it's you. She's the first of many, I hope." Then she leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "Who knows, maybe you'll tame your mommy's pussy so thoroughly that you'll officially turn her into one of your big-titted sex slaves too!"

Then she walked away, exaggeratedly sashaying her bare ass as she went. There were few things that she loved more - except those directly involving Alan's penis - than sashaying in front of him.

His penis twitched and threatened to revive, mostly because of her last comment. His mind boggled as he pondered what made a woman "officially" turn into a sex slave, as if there was a licensing board or something.

Xania spoke up. She, Kim, and Akami weren't helping to clean up since they were the guests. "I've gotta say, that was hot. Bravo! Every time I come down here I end up thinking, 'Why don't I come down here more often?' You all have so much sexy fun every day that it's not even funny. The fun is infectious, too. I'm almost reaching for the harem application form myself just for the good humor value alone. 'Brenda probably should be illegal.' Hee-hee. Alan, you're a regular comedian! And to think that you would doubt yourself for even one second. Mr. Supposedly Can't Even Get An Erection, you absolutely pounded her big knockers into the table! That was a sight to behold!"

"Yeah, well..." Alan replied uncertainly and modestly. Then, concentrating a bit more, he said, "If you only knew half the stuff I've been through in the last day alone, you'd be amazed I could even walk. I have no idea where that came from. I guess I just get so inspired by all the love and all the beauty. I mean, look around. Look at everyone. And the jokes come easy 'cos we're having so much fun."

But Xania added, "I don't want to praise you too much, though. What you've accomplished is extremely impressive, but the danger is great that your ego is going to swell massively. A teenage boy, with his own sex slave? Who ever heard of it, even if you do have to share her with her son. Don't succumb to hubris! You're a good, modest kid. Please stay that way."

"I'm trying. But you're right, it's tough. My ego is soaring right now. You need to talk to these others and tell them to tone it down. This whole ceremony was too much, don't you think?"

Xania grinned. "Yeah, I suppose. But it was fun. It's fun to just go completely overboard every now and then. Do you think you're up for any more though?"

"Nah. That's probably it for me tonight. I'm seriously going to crash. You have no idea what a strain it was on me to hold off from cumming for so long. I'm soooo happy there's no school tomorrow. I'm going to sleep all day. Hell, I'm not going to get out of bed for the whole four day weekend."

Katherine, who happened to be walking by to bring a wine bottle to the table, stopped by Alan and leaned in. "Mmmm. Sounds like fun." She slowly dragged a hand across his back seductively as she added in a husky voice, "Big Louisville Slugger Brother." Then she giggled and continued on with her task.

Alan rolled his eyes. "I didn't mean it like that! You see what I have to contend with around here, Xania? I swear, I'm just going to collapse at any moment!" He joked, "Can you be a witness for my last will and testament?"

"Nope," Xania replied. "You're all talk. You're just getting warmed up. How much you want to bet that you'll cum at least twice more tonight?"

"Hah! You're on!" He reached out to shake Xania's hand and seal the deal. "Talk about easy money. What are the stakes?"


"Hmmm." Xania said playfully, "Well, it's such a sucker bet that I feel bad in ripping you off, but I'll do it for selfish reasons 'cos I'd really like to cuddle up with you. If I'm right, then I get to sleep with you tonight. Just you and me."

"Is that all? And if I'm right?"

"Well, that's not going to happen. A mere two climaxes? With this crowd to inspire you? Ha! I laugh. But if you insist, I came down from L.A. in a pretty sweet red 'vette, if I do say so myself. If you're right, then you get to drive it for a week."

"Sweet! A Corvette? We have a car shortage in this family since Kat and I aren't allowed to get our own wheels." He had recently been promised his father's BMW, but he still wasn't able to use it frequently because it would be part of the divorce settlement. He finally stood up and walked over to Xania. "Okay, deal. Let's shake."

Xania and Alan shook hands while he whistled the Prince song "Little Red Corvette" despite the music coming from the stereo ("Sweet Home Alabama" was just starting up). Then he sat down in the only non-dildo chair and pulled it next to Xania.

Xania thought, If I lose and he gets to borrow the car, that just might "force" me to stay down here a little bit longer, so really I win either way, hee-hee. Heck, just imagine staying in this oversexed house for a whole week. I only wish I could take the time off. Damn!

As they finished shaking hands, Xania nodded towards Brenda's head lying on the center of the table and mumbled to him in a low voice so the others couldn't hear, "You know that collar? It's a nice thought, but you do realize now that everyone's going to want one, don't you?"

"Really?" he whispered back. "But I have some other gifts planned for tomorrow for everyone else. Like, I got this nice blouse for Susan, some sexy underwear for Suzanne, a big-"

"A blouse? That's nice, but it's not the same thing at all. Whenever you buy a ring or bracelet or something like that, a visible symbol of your love that can be worn all the time, plan to buy five. Five of the same general type of thing, but each one unique and special. It's just a feeling I get, if you want to avoid jealousies. Hell, maybe more than five, with the way your harem's expanding, you stud, you."

"But would Aunt Suzy even wear a collar like that? It's such a submissive kind of thing."

"She might not wear it all the time, but she'll be happy that you bought one for her, just for the thought. And if you buy something for everyone else but her, woo! Watch out! I don't see any rings or necklaces or any such things on your other lover. Bad move. Do you see how none of your women ever wear any jewelry? That's 'cos they're waiting for you to get them something instead of carrying around reminders of their earlier lives."

He nodded in agreement, though he thought, Now that I think about it, Sis was wearing a necklace with an 'A' prominently in the design earlier, though I guess she had to give it up as part of the poke-her game. I wonder what the story with that is. Where'd she get it, for one thing? What's the 'A' stand for? It seems like she couldn't wait for me to get her something. Now I feel like a complete heel.

Xania continued, "You gotta be more alert, kid! If Brenda's the only one with something like that, it'll be trouble. Mark my words. You'd better hope there's a store open tomorrow morning."

"Oh shit. I'm always thoughtless about gifts for some weird reason, but I'll definitely fix that fast. Thanks for the good advice."

He thanked his lucky stars that he'd recently called a nearby sex shop to arrange the purchase of a variety of extra large anal dildos. He needed them immediately to use on Heather tomorrow and on into the future. The store had arranged a time for him to pick them up tomorrow morning even though they were closed for regular business on Thanksgiving. However, he wasn't sure when really big crossed the line into too big, especially in this area. Heather needed to be punished, there was no doubt about that, but he didn't want to hurt or permanently injure her.

He hoped that Xania would stick around long enough in the morning so she could inspect the dildos and advise him on which ones to use and what to do. He knew that Xania had more sexual experience than any other women he knew, even Suzanne, so he figured that if anyone would know about these kinds of things it would be her. Besides, she was a licensed sex therapist (or so he thought).

Additionally, he thought that he might be able to kill two birds with one stone to solve this new gift problem. Since he needed to buy gifts immediately and needed to go to the sex shop before Thanksgiving dinner, it seemed natural to pick up some gifts while he was there. He wondered if he might talk them into letting him do some extra shopping, especially for sexually-themed collars and rings.

Akami interrupted his thoughts. She didn't seem all that interested in Xania's bet, but was intensely staring at Brenda instead. "Sorry to butt in, but this is a very fascinating woman you've got here. Is she always like this?"

"Like what?" Kim, of all people, replied in a very defensive tone. Though she didn't know Brenda from a hole in the ground, she'd taken an immediate liking to her. Or perhaps an immediate lust would be more accurate, but either way, she was very territorial. She strongly resented Akami's implication that something was wrong with Brenda and let it show on her face.

Akami was quick to clarify, "Oh, I'm not accusing her of anything! I'm just saying... she's... interesting."

That calmed Kim enough to stop giving Akami a murderous look.

Akami explained, "I mean, medically speaking, I've never seen anyone cum so much. This is off the scale. I mean, doesn't she ever get too sore or sensitive? And such a powerful emotional response. She looks like Alan actually fucked her to death. I'd practically want to check her pulse, if not for the way her chest keeps heaving up and down in such a distracting way. And her bodily proportions! Is she all, well, natural? I can only assume she's got a good plastic surgeon, from her cute button nose down to her-"

Alan interrupted, "Nope, she's all natural. You can definitely feel it when you heft those puppies around." He watched Kim almost swoon as he said that. It appeared the mere thought of hefting Brenda's orbs was just about all Kim could take.

He commented, "Pretty amazing, huh? I mean, she should be in the movies, though I guess they'd probably only want her in porn flicks. But if you see a picture of her mother, you can definitely see where she gets her curvy shape from. Oh, by the way, Xania, I almost forgot to ask: how did things go with Sean?"

Xania smiled, licking her lips with fond memory. "Funny you should mention it. I had such a great time. He's really-"

Just then, Suzanne walked back in the dining room and clapped her hands to quiet everyone. "Pardon me. Attention, everyone! Even though there's no school tomorrow, it is getting late, and some of us are wearing far too many clothes. I, for one, say enough with the cleaning. We're not trying to win a Good Housekeeping award here. Let's get back to the fun!"


However, Alan quickly squelched some of Suzanne's enthusiasm. He said, "Why don't the rest of you play a few hands without me? The thing is, the poke-her game is so sexual and my dick is feeling painfully sensitive right now. Not that I'm complaining about the attention, mind you, but the way it gets rubbed so much, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. To be honest, I'm actually kind of worried about getting erect again any time soon. So maybe I'll just chill out in the other room for a while."

There were a lot of disappointed faces.

Suzanne, however, recovered quickly. She said, "Okay, that's too bad... but we'll carry on. We did say earlier that we could have a great time even if you weren't here, so that's what we'll do. We'll keep playing and when you're ready, of course you can join us at any time and we'll just deal you in again. Does that sound good to everyone?"

There were nods all around, including from Alan. He got up to go, feeling glum.

Suzanne saw his mood and quickly added, "Wait. Sweetie, I heard you earlier talking about your worries in being able to handle everyone. Don't consider this some kind of strike against your prowess. The fact is, you've absolutely slain Brenda. Look at her, lying there in the middle of the table in her cute little maid uniform. She's soaking in a puddle of her own cum. You've done great. You do realize that, don't you?"

He wore an "awww, shucks, me?" look, but he did realize it.

She added, "But guys need time to recover between orgasms, even you. That's just a fact. It's especially true after particularly strong gushers like the one you just had. So relax and be proud of yourself. Oh, and if you go to the living room, please don't look under any of those tarps, okay? Those are some more surprises under them for you later. Oh, and there's some food waiting for you in the kitchen. I'm sure you must be hungry by now."

Alan thought, IF there's a later, which is a big if, the way my dick is feeling, I might be up for a few more surprises. I gotta at least hang in there long enough for them to unveil whatever's under that tarp.

But he nodded and walked into the kitchen. He hadn't eaten any dinner and discovered he was starving, now that he thought about it. He heated up the macaroni and noodles that had been set out for him, chuckling at the irony of the meal's simplicity compared to the elegant outfits the others had chosen to wear.

He quickly gobbled down the food he'd been left and made his way to the living room. Since the kitchen and dining room were basically one open area separated only by a counter, there was no way to ignore the poker game. Everything about it was too sexy and arousing for him to contemplate. At least in the living room he could turn on the television to drown out the sound of laughter and joviality.

But as soon as he sat down, he was surprised to see Akami come into the room and sit down next to him. "Mind if I join you?" she asked.

He gestured to the open spot on the sofa beside him. "Please do."

Akami said, "Don't worry, I don't plan to arouse you or anything. I've been around men like Dr. Fredrickson - who, by the way, has been a good lover despite his other faults - long enough to know the sexual limits of men and the folly of trying to speed things up too much."

"So how is the jerk, anyway?" Alan asked. "Are you going to keep working with him?"

With that, Akami launched into an explanation of the fallout since Dr. Fredrickson's recent fall from grace. In short, Akami's plan was to essentially take over the clinic while keeping Dr. Fredrickson on for his credentials in a figurehead role only, and things were proceeding quite successfully. But it had only been two days so far, so the long term outcome was still very much uncertain. However, the doctor seemed to be resigned to his fate and was letting Akami make all the decisions.

Then Akami veered into other topics. She spoke about her hopes and dreams while Alan mostly listened.

As he listened to her, he thought to himself, You know, Akami and I have been through a lot together, sexually speaking. She was my first in a lot of things. But the funny thing is, I've never really gotten to know her very well. This is the first time I've really seen her as a full human being and not just some kind of "sex nurse." And she's pretty cool, although I guess we don't have much in common. I wonder though if we'll get a chance to really become friends, or if she'll just kind of drift out of my life. I can only handle so many relationships at once and it seems she's sort of getting the short end of the stick.

As they continued talking, he could still hear some of the sounds coming from the adjacent dining room. He was too far away to make out what people were saying, but he could tell the general mood over there and clearly the party was going great without him. That was a blow to the notion growing in his head that all the women's lives basically revolved around him.

But he thought, After what just happened with Brenda, my ego ballooned to the size of a small planet. So I guess this is a healthy come down from all that "Supreme Fuck Lord" stuff, even if it's a bit of a bummer. I mean, it's like they don't need me, like, AT ALL. What a drag. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if Suzanne engineered this somehow. I'll bet she was the one who had Akami come in here with me too, and probably told her what topics to avoid and whatnot. It's kind of nice to have someone who's like a secret guiding hand behind the scenes, even if it can rankle at times, too.

About half an hour after Akami and Alan started talking, the telephone rang. Alan didn't think much of it; he assumed that no one would answer and it would go to the message machine. However, a couple of minutes later, he heard Katherine call out, "Hey brother! It's for you."

He was puzzled, but figured it must be an important call. He took his leave from Akami and walked into the dining room, because the nearest receiver was next to the counter separating the kitchen from the dining room. As soon as he walked into the room, he was hit by the aroma of hot and bothered pussy. It hung in the air like a fog and made him tingle with desire, but he did his best to ignore it. He took the phone from Katherine while making a "what's going on?" questioning gesture with his eyebrows.

But she just gave him a mischievous look and lingered a few feet away. However, everyone was being quiet so he could handle the phone call.


"Oh, hi Alan. I hope I'm not calling too late?"

To Alan's great surprise, it was Christine's voice. He shot a puzzled look at Katherine, amazed that she'd taken the call. But she was playing coy and looking away with a big grin while reaching for the zipper to his shorts.

However, he could see where she was going with that idea and he swatted his free hand in the air repeatedly. He didn't quite touch her, but he prevented her from reaching her target.

Frustrated, she returned to her seat at the dining room table where she silently impaled herself down onto the suction cup dildo in the middle of her chair seat. She made exaggeratedly comic and lusty facial expressions as she did so while all the other women watched. She hammed it up so much that more than one hand had to be clamped over a mouth to stifle an explosion of laughter.

Alan was amused, but he tried not to give her the satisfaction of showing it since he was peeved at her for making him take the call. He looked up at a clock above the kitchen oven. It was half past ten. He finally answered Christine's question about calling too late with a simple, "Um, no." As soon as he said that, he mentally kicked himself for missing a golden opportunity to cut the call short.


"Oh good. I normally don't call anyone after ten, but I figured that since there's no school tomorrow, and, well, I'm just so busy thinking. I've been running this football player problem over in my head. I've been making some calls too, trying to get information."

Christine "just happened" to have come out of the shower and finished drying her hair when she called. As a result, she sat on her bed completely naked under her loose terry cloth robe with a towel wrapped around her head. She wouldn't admit to herself that she'd timed the call so she could be undressed this way, but that was obviously the case. Just the thought of talking to Alan with her robe hanging open made her feel tingly all over. She wasn't the kind of person to play with herself though when there was business to discuss. However, she did allow herself to luxuriate in the tingly sensations and the deliciously naughty feeling of nakedness.

She waited for Alan to say something about the football players, but he merely grunted in acknowledgement of her words. That was good enough for her. Full of eagerness, she launched into a description of the variety of people she'd called and what they had learned. She hardly let him get a word in edgewise.

While Alan was busy trying to listen to Christine's theories on the football players and related security issues, he turned his visual attention to the dining room table only about ten feet from him. The seven voluptuous beauties there were continuing their game (except for the still unconscious Brenda), but they were careful because of the phone call to do it without any talking or loud sexual noises.

He watched as a new hand began and cards were dealt. He tried his best to pay attention to what Christine was saying, but a lot of his attention was focused on the card game instead (and the partially or totally naked women playing it). The overwhelming smell of leaky pussy emanating from so many horny women and their dildo chairs wasn't helping his concentration either.

It somehow seemed, much like it did earlier in the evening, that the women were aware of him when he was watching them and were all showing themselves off for his benefit. Even though he stood a fair distance away, he still had a great view of most of them. Most were topless.

In fact, as he watched, Xania, nearly the last one with her breasts still covered up, appeared to win the hand. He saw her clap without making any noise, then stand up and pull the top of her dark green gown down. She was making a great production of it, practically doing a professional mini-striptease. She wasn't left with much covering due to the high slits on both sides of the gown that rendered her semi-naked even when she was supposedly fully dressed. When she finished, she began French kissing Suzanne, who was sitting next to her.

Alan knew that Suzanne and Xania easily had the two longest tongues he'd ever seen, and he really wanted to watch them trade spit. The phone extension had a long cord and he found himself wandering closer to the table for a good view on the side opposite Xania and Suzanne, even as Christine continued to talk to him almost non-stop. He was only paying enough attention to say "uh-huh" at the right moments.


Both of the long-tongued beauties were big show offs, and it was obvious they weren't really kissing for maximum pleasure but instead were doing it to create a spectacle of themselves. By some mutual wordless agreement, they kept their faces a couple of inches apart from each other so the tongue duel between them could be clearly seen. At the same time, their hands were all over each other. Suzanne was totally naked and Xania was taking full advantage of that fact.

Alan thought, They're lizards! I swear to God, they're friggin' lizards! Jesus! Tongues like that are simply inhuman. I wonder how they met in college - did they hook up at some kind of Humans Born with Lizard Tongues Anonymous meeting or something?!

But showing off their tongues wasn't the only thing they were doing. Alan leaned over the table so he could watch Xania's fingers exploring Suzanne's clit and pussy lips.

But then he heard Christine say, "Alan? Hello? You're not spacing out again, are you? You were doing that all the time at school today."

"Um, yeah, I guess I'm guilty as charged. Sorry. I guess it's 'cos I've got a headache. It's really throbbing."

However, he put his hand on his crotch over his shorts and thought, I do have a throbbing head, but it's not the one on my shoulders. Geez, so much for my flaccidness problem! Xania and Suzanne are too hot together! I can't even imagine how steamy they must have been when they were college roommates! ... You know, it's like watching two cobras intertwined in some mating ritual, instead of just two tongues. I can't even imagine both of those on my cock at the same time. They'd wrap all the way around Alan Junior just like two dainty hands!

"...better to talk tomorrow then. Don't you think?"

Alan had missed most of what Christine had said, but thankfully he caught the tail end and made a guess at a safe reply. "Yeah. Tomorrow would be good." Actually, it would be great. She's talking about serious stuff, trying to help me, and I can't even pay attention. Pathetic.

Christine then said, "But we should find a good time, since it's Thanksgiving and all, and we've got a lot to talk about. Maybe we should even meet with some others, you know, get a posse together. What do you think?"

"Uh, maybe. Let me think about it." He saw someone turn a small hourglass timer upside down and then watched as Xania's head disappeared below the table edge into Suzanne's lap. Meanwhile, Amy was dealing out a new round of cards.

He thought, I can't believe it. Here I am, talking on the phone with my old crush while my sister, my mom, my official girlfriend, and more sit around topless and play with each other's scorchingly hot, sexy bodies. And there's a busty woman in a scandalously revealing maid outfit who says she's my slave lying passed out in the middle of the table after I pounded her full of my cum! What would Christine think if she only knew?!

No wonder I have to protect her purity and keep her from this sordid lifestyle. She needs to find some kind of virginal Mr. Right, not dip into this cauldron of incest and harem slaves and God knows what else that I'm living in. I have no idea who that guy could be, but it sure as hell isn't me.

He said into the phone, "Um, you know what? Let's talk about it tomorrow and plan a time then, okay? I'm really tired on top of everything else right now and I can hardly stand on my feet. Today's been such an intense day." He didn't actually feel particularly tired at that moment, other than a general weariness that had been dogging him all day, but he felt it couldn't hurt to throw that in to help explain his long pauses.

"Oh. Okay. Shucks, I knew I was calling too late. Sorry about that."

"No, it's not you, it's me. Tomorrow will be better. Let's figure things out then. And thanks for being so concerned about my problems. You're a great friend." He pushed off everything till tomorrow because he was in no mood to even begin thinking about the football player problem at the moment, or his relationship with Christine, for that matter. And of course the poke-her party going on in the background ruined any chance for serious decisions to be made.

As he hung up, he thought, "It's not you, it's me." I can't believe I just said that stupid line. Ugh. I'm afraid though that she and I are going to have an "It's not you, it's me" kind of relationship all the way around. That's a real downer.

He looked at Katherine and flipped her the bird.

She teasingly replied, "'Fuck you'? Is that an offer I can take you up on right now? Or if you want me to fuck myself, that can definitely be arranged." She started bouncing happily on her dildo chair to playfully emphasize the point.

The silence imposed for the phone call was broken and several others began to speak up as well.

But Alan didn't stick around to answer any of them. He hurried back to where Akami was waiting in the living room before he got sucked into watching the results of the next hand.

He was relieved to leave the heady pussy aroma in the dining room area to the more low key smell of sex that pervaded the living room and the rest of the house. He was quite curious to see how the poke-her game would progress, but he figured that it was being recorded and that he could watch the parts he was missing out on now on video later. His overtaxed penis was grateful though that Akami at least was still wearing her bra and panties.


As soon as Alan sat down next to Akami, she asked him, "Alan, how do you do it?" Seeing from his blank look that he didn't catch her meaning, she clarified, "I mean, before you came downstairs for the party Susan and Suzanne were entertaining us with stories of your sexual exploits from earlier in the day. I just don't see how you can handle it. Sex wears the body out like playing a sport. By the time you're done tonight you'll have burned so many calories that you must feel like you ran a marathon. As a nurse, I'm fascinated, not to mention puzzled."

Alan contemplated that for a minute, and explained, "Well, it's not all that bad, nothing like a marathon. But sometimes I do wonder myself how I keep going. I think it's a combination of things. For one, you may notice that I don't engage usually in much athletic or acrobatic sex anymore. The sex with Brenda was kind of an exception 'cos I really wanted that to be special for her. But generally speaking, the others seem to realize I can only do so much in a day, so usually they do most of the work while I just sit there. For instance, woman on top has become my favorite position, just because it's easiest for me. And, of course, this house is blowjob central, which hardly takes anything out of me."


"Except for cum," Akami quipped, "which in your case is a very big exception."

"Touché. But it's unbalanced, even though each woman I love seems to love blowjobs, maybe because they usually have a great cum themselves while they're giving me one too. Still, at first, I felt bad about it. I guess I still do. I mean, it seems like I haven't gone down on a woman in ages. But there's just no chance in hell I could keep going at this pace doing it any other way. I'm looking forward to this Thanksgiving vacation so I can establish a new slower pace and give back a little bit more, you know? Less quantity and more quality."

As his eyes roamed over Akami's body, he continued, "But another thing is that my body has been slowly building up an endurance for this kind of thing. It's like... if you're out of shape you can't suddenly go jogging ten miles a day. But you can build up to it in a couple of months. Like, back in the early days, my dick was sore a lot. Sometimes I felt like I might even have to schedule an appointment with you about it. But I've slowly built up my stamina for that, too."

"Well, that may be," she conceded, "but what about the emotional toll? The stress of that wears the body out also. Even just feeling great pleasure can be extremely draining after a while."

He agreed emphatically. "I know, I know! You're telling me! I have so many joyous highs every single day. I should put my foot down and say 'no' more often, but how can I resist feeling so good? It's like a drug. It's like... we've left the normal world, and live in a hypersexual world where all our wildest fantasies come true every single day. It's intense. And how can I resist the likes of you all? I guess I'm just a big softy, even if it feels like I'm slowly heading towards some kind of complete collapse."

"Wait a minute," she said with more playfulness in her voice. She put her hand on his crotch and playfully squeezed him. "You're big, I'll give you that. But a softy? No sir!"

He chuckled. "The trouble is, I AM a softy. I love my family so much; I want to make everyone feel good. I keep thinking that we're in a frantic phase right now and that things'll mellow out after a while, but it has yet to happen. Every day gets crazier and crazier and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever turn the corner."

Akami took pity on him and withdrew her hand from his crotch while they continued to chat. She reassured him, "Don't worry, I'll have a talk with a few of the 'ringleaders' of this nefarious plot to constantly drain your balls dry. After all, I'm your primary medical caretaker for all practical purposes and I think a little bit of rest and relaxation is exactly what the doctor is going to order here. From what I understand, you're regularly overshooting your six-times-a-day target so often that you don't even keep track anymore. You don't need to keep up that pace. It's not healthy or sustainable in the long run."

"Thanks. I'm glad to hear that."

She winked, "Of course, I'm not going to fill out that prescription until you treat me to a little bit of nookie myself. I do remember a promise that a certain someone was going to 'get stuffed with hot meat,' no?"

She remembered how shocked she was when Susan had said nearly those exact words earlier in the evening, but now she had to force herself not to be even more forward and blatant, mindful of his need to rest.

He groaned, "Oh man! Have mercy!" But in fact, he was looking forward to plowing into her as soon as his penis was feeling a little bit better. It was definitely hard enough at the moment, but still feeling a little tender.

There was a long pause. He sat thinking while she sat next to him, waiting for him to speak. He finally said, "Akami? You know, about this whole six-times-a-day diagnosis. Is that really on the up and up? After all this time, the more I think about it ... Well, it just seems so strange."

She very consciously remained still and expressionless on the outside, although she was freaking out on the inside. She thought, I can't tell him the truth! For one thing, Suzanne would KILL me. And I mean that very nearly literally! Plus, oh God! Susan would hate me, too! And Alan would think I'm completely unethical and never want to see me again. I might even destroy this wonderful sexual world they've created. I'll just have to brave it out.

She replied, "You're kidding, right? Do you think that I and Dr. Fredrickson would betray our medical ethics? For what? Why on Earth would we do that?"

He sighed. "No, of course I don't mean that. I'm just blowing off steam. I mean, why six times a day? SIX fucking times! True, I'm averaging more than that now, but when the crash comes, and I know it will, I probably won't even get close to six anymore. That's why I get so frustrated about this treatment, because it's just not sustainable in the long run."

She thought, Why did Suzanne have to pick SIX times, anyway? She really got greedy with that. Maybe she assumes everyone else has a sex drive as high powered as she does.

She lied, "Look, no one ever said you'd have to do that for the rest of your life. The goal was to get your hormone levels back to normal. Once that happens, of course, you could cut back, if that's what you want."

"Really? Why didn't anyone tell me that?! I feel so much better just knowing that. Except nothing's changing, my thyroid levels must still be the same. I'm just as tired as ever. If I didn't take a nap today, I swear I would have dropped dead."

She thought, Heck, given the amount of sex this kid is having, anyone would drop dead without a lot of sleep. She told him, "Remember that in the greater scheme of things, being tired and taking naps is hardly the end of the world. Almost every single other patient who comes into our office would be happy to trade symptoms with you. You don't have to keep to the schedule if you don't want to."

He sighed again, more dramatically this time. "No, I'll keep going. It's like I was saying, I just can't say no. Look at these women here at the party. I mean, seriously, look at these women! Forget the tiredness, forget the treatment. That hardly matters now. The thing is, I just can't stop getting incredibly aroused by all these women! And I don't want to! I just wish there were 48 hours in a day or I had an identical twin or something. You're right, it's the emotional strain that's the toughest. I have no idea how those sultans of old did it. Keeping a happy and satisfied harem going is hard work!"

She theorized, "I think those kings and such with large harems had very little contact with their concubines. They'd be off in one part of the palace and one or two might get called in to sleep with the ruler on any given night. I imagine very little emotional attachment, unless the guy had a favorite concubine or something. What you're doing is something entirely different. It's as if you've married four, and now with Brenda, five women simultaneously. Really intense emotional marriages. And then on top of it, I heard through my phone calls with Susan about your exploits with the rest of the cheerleading squad, your history teacher, and who knows how many other lucky ladies. That's why you need rest and relaxation, kiddo. Maybe for a while you should consider six times a day to be a maximum, not a minimum."

"Hmmm..." He was very thoughtful and stared off into space for quite a while. But after more than a minute, all he said was "hmmm" again.

She was dying of curiosity and asked, "What are you thinking so deeply about?"

"To be honest, not much. I'm just kind of letting my thoughts run off on random tangents. But you made a good point about having intense marriages. I'm going to have to think about that some more. A lot more. What can I do, or should I do, about that? I want all of them to be so happy. Looking into the future is hard. Things have been moving so fast that I can't even say what things'll be like in a week, much less a year." He drifted off into thought again.

Trying to distract him from thinking about the six-times-a-day scheme any further, she commented, "You know, when I think about it, your ability to love at least four women with all of your heart and soul is probably even more remarkable that your sexual endurance or stamina. We live in such a monogamous society today, but not you. It's like you've forged your own alternate reality. How do you do it?"

He asked rhetorically, "If you love your mother a lot, does that make you love your sister any less? Not in my book. Plus, my family four are all such great people that how can I not love each one of them so much?"

"Yeah, but there's the sex," she pointed out. "When people have sex, things change. For one, people get possessive."

He laughed. "I do get possessive, but it only seems to work one way. I can't bear to think of any of them having sex with another man, while I'm free to spread my seed anywhere. Hypocritical, huh? But that's how I am and I can't help it. Isn't that how most males are? We're a hypocritical lot when it comes to sex."

Akami and Alan then launched into a lively discussion about the differences between males and females and their relative hypocrisies and idiosyncrasies. They continued to talk for a few minutes until the party in the dining room began to break up.

In another minute or two, some of the women started to drift into the living room.

Alan looked up and turned his head around as Katherine walked in. "Hey, Evil Sister. What's happening? Is that it? Is the party over already?" He noticed that she was wearing nothing but her high heels.

"Nope, Big Lighthouse Brother. We're just taking a page from the Alan Plummer playbook and having a strategic break. Phew! Things are getting pretty steamed up in there! You shouldn't miss it."

"Yeah, I saw enough, thanks to your uppity evilness," he replied with chagrin.

"Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" Katherine laughed manically, as if she were a mad scientist in a B-grade movie. "Come on, how could I turn down that opportunity? Miss Virginal Ice Queen meets the poke-her party orgy? I just had to see how you'd respond to that."


As Katherine teased and Alan complained, most of the other women were straggling into the room. Just about all of them held glasses of wine or champagne and were tipsy at the very least.

Katherine, Susan, Amy, and Suzanne were totally naked, but all the others were generally down to their last item or two of clothing.

Kim was the only one still wearing all her clothes because she'd merely won a hand or two in the game.

Alan stood to greet them and to mingle.

Susan appeared to be quite inebriated. She came up to him and steadied herself against him.

"Son! Tiger! What a party, huh? You have no idea how much FUN I'm having! Look! I'm totally STARKERS! Hee! I'm in my bathing suit, er, I mean, my birthday suit! But you know, what's great is when, you know, everyone else isn't naked but you're BUCK NAKED and you're wearing high heels to BOOT! Ha! 'High heels to boot'? Did I make a funny? Hee-hee! I feel so nakedly naughty! Anyway, not only that, but EVERYBODY's wearing high heels 'cos that shows they're ready to get FUCKED by my big strapping son 'cos he's got a big tasty COCK! Oh God, yes he does! And he's just so BIG and HANDSOME all OVER that I want to bend over this sofa and take it HARD up the ass 'cos it's so naughty and there are all these big boobs hanging out EVERYWHERE, great big boobs, and pretty women I want to eat ALL UP and oh my gosh we have to do this MORE OFTEN! Every night, even! Hey, why not?! What a GREAT idea!"

She swayed back and forth while she said all this, as if she was trying to get Alan to come into focus.

Xania, who had been guiding Susan through the room, took her hand again and said into her ear, "Come on, Susan. Why don't you sit down and rest. Let the overtaxed guy chill out a bit. Okay? Come on."

Susan got up on her own, but then stumbled back into Alan. "Oh, hello there, sailor! Guess what? When I have a few drinks, I'm easy! Total fuck bait! You just might get lucky with your own mother tonight, you naughty boy!" She hiccupped and laughed some more.

She finally allowed herself to be pulled away by Xania and promptly plopped down onto one of the sofas to rest off her drunkenness. She reluctantly handed Xania her unopened bottle of champagne as well. However, she was sober enough to remain awake and aware of what everyone else was doing.

Alan was floored by the fact that Susan was drunk since, he'd never seen her that way before. But there was something about it that was quite endearing. She was a traditional Midwestern soccer mom at heart. She actually hadn't drunk that much tonight, but she drank so little in her life that she had next to no tolerance for alcohol. He found it fittingly cute and innocent for her to have no clue whatsoever about drinking too much.

As soon as Susan and Xania were out of Alan's hair, Kim walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Alan! Hey. Wow. What a party! Damn!"

She'd obviously loosened up quite a bit in the last half hour. She'd gotten over her stunned silence, no doubt with the help of a lot of wine. Her hand was on Alan's shoulder in large part to help her remain standing and, if anything, she was even drunker than Susan. She leaned in closer. "Alan. I cannot thank you ENOUGH for inviting me here. I mean it! This is like... well, no one would ever believe it! And to see my dream woman in the flesh! Holy cow!"


Alan had no idea who Kim's dream woman was or about the picture of Susan that Kim treasured so much, but he smiled anyway, pretending to understand.

Kim hiccupped like some kind of stereotypical drunk, then continued, "And everybody else! I mean, no way! And they're all such fun! And Brenda! Jesus H. Christ!" She flailed her arms around for emphasis. "Can you believe Brenda?!"

"Believe what?" Brenda asked as she dragged herself into the room. She had ditched her maid outfit, because it had gotten too sticky and wet from her own juices while she was lying down and passed out. She'd even ditched her high heels, because she was finding it difficult to walk in them. But she still wore her new black collar. That was the symbol of her sexual slavery, so she was determined to wear it at all times, no matter what.

She walked right up to Alan and stood beside him. She was weary and obviously not yet fully awake. She ran her hands through her hair, trying to make it look more presentable. She appeared to have wiped her thighs and the rest of her body off with a towel or something similar because she wasn't soaked in cum and sweat anymore.

"You're awake!" Kim exclaimed. She was already standing near Brenda, also right in front of where Alan sat, but she moved even closer to the busty woman. She brazenly gaped with total amazement at Brenda's improbably curvy body, as if she'd just discovered a corpse risen from the dead.

Alan felt a power rising through him with all these naked or half-naked women standing around. He didn't like the way Brenda was standing in a slouched position, so to flex his authority he barked at her, "Tit slave! Assume the position!"


The change that came over Brenda was dramatic. Her eyes went as wide as Kim's were and she immediately dropped to her knees. She sat back on her heels with her hands behind her back and her chest proudly thrust out. This was the same position she'd taken earlier while wearing the maid outfit. Just like that, she was fully awake and panting with lust. Yet a kind of blissful serenity came over her as well, and she smiled and closed her eyes. Her nipples grew stiffly erect.

Kim had been briefed a little bit about Brenda before Alan came downstairs to join the party. She'd been told that Brenda was a busty woman who was hiding in the basement, watching the video feed of the party. It was explained that she was a submissive who was having a special ceremony and that Kim shouldn't say anything about her until that happened. But, even after witnessing the slavery ceremony, Kim had no idea just how remarkably submissive Brenda was.

She stared some more at the kneeling Brenda and couldn't help but ask, "What's going on? Why is she like this?"

Alan explained, "That's Brenda for you. She's just likes to be this way."

"She does?! You mean you're not forcing her or something? What gives?!"

He said more patiently, "I know it seems remarkable, but it's true. I don't completely understand why she wants to be a sex slave, to be honest. But think about it. People have all kinds of strange tastes that are hard to explain. Think about people who are into sexual asphyxiation. Or get off on bodily mutilation, even. There's even a weird Japanese art film about that. So, compared to some, she's not all that strange. Maybe some people are just hard-wired or imprinted differently to like different things."

"But still!" Kim just couldn't get over this, on top of everything else she'd seen this evening. The posture and bearing the stacked woman was taking just blew Kim's mind even more. Kim didn't feel any particular desire to be in such a position herself, but it made her feel yet more of an uncontrollable desire to ravish Brenda until they both dropped of exhaustion. "You mean that whole ceremony thing was real? I thought it was just some kind of sexual fantasy you were all acting out."

Alan replied philosophically, "What is real? What will it mean exactly, in years to come? I don't know. We're kind of in uncharted waters. But no, it wasn't just some elaborate role play."

Brenda smiled at that, pleased with his answer. You don't know the half of it, Master. I'm yours to command until I die!

He regarded Brenda for a while, then finally said, "Brenda, at ease. You can stand."

Brenda interpreted that as an order and stood up. She loved being ordered about. She still kept her hands together behind her back as if her wrists had been bound together. She just liked it that way. "Master, is there any way I can serve you? Any way I can please you?" There was such a spark of desire in her eyes that it looked like she might just up and jump him.

"Nah. Not right now." He was still trying to take it easy. Seeing a woman as sexy and buxom as Brenda proudly kneel in eagerness to serve got his motor running and caused feelings of power to surge within him even more. But he knew there were other women he needed to get to with the remainder of his dwindling sexual energies, especially Xania and Akami, so he figured he shouldn't have sex with Brenda again this evening.

Susan was greatly enjoying Kim's enthusiasm as she watched the whole scene while sprawled on a nearby sofa. She said to the young teen, "Go ahead; touch them. You know you want to."

"Oh! Mrs. Plummer, can I?" she asked with awe.

"Sure you can. And like I said before, call us by our first names already." Susan was very pro-breast, so she was particularly happy to watch Kim's infatuation with Brenda.


Kim walked forward and put her hand on one of Brenda's prominently jutting boobs. "Oh. My. God. Brenda, I'm sorry, I should have asked. You don't mind?"

Brenda laughed. "Do I mind? I'm flattered. Fondle away. Frankly, I'd love it if you'd feel me up. My body exists now for the Plummer family and their friends. These breasts are here to be fondled; that's what they're for. That is, if it's alright with you, Master Alan?"

He nodded.

With her other hand, Kim reached up and fondled Brenda's new collar appreciatively.

Brenda was amazed at how much that turned her on. It was as if her collar had become a brand new erogenous zone for her. She cooed with happiness.

Alan was paying attention to Brenda and Kim, but he was also watching Katherine, who sat on another sofa in the room. He was very cognizant of the way Katherine was idly rubbing the front of her own neck. It was a very unusual gesture for her to make, and he could only conclude that she was looking at Brenda's new collar and acutely feeling the lack of any collar of her own. She didn't look outright jealous, but on the other hand she was the only one frowning in the room. He redoubled his resolve to get more gifts in time for the big Thanksgiving meal.

He looked at Brenda and said with a dismissive hand wave. "Kim, Brenda is your slave for the evening too. She must obey your every command."

This got both Brenda and Kim extremely excited. Brenda exclaimed, "Oh Master! You're the best!"

Kim began kneading Brenda's gargantuan globes with both hands. Her tiny fingers seemed lost amidst all of Brenda's sensitive tit-flesh.

Alan actually saw both Brenda's and Kim's eyes light up as he finished saying that. He could still feel the sense of power surging through him, and this kind of thing was only making that feeling stronger. It was so exciting that he actually felt the need to calm himself. He knew that if he didn't, he would soon be acting like a cruel asshole, ordering Brenda here and there just because he could.

So he said to Brenda, "Please, just call me Alan for now. While I've been sitting here, I've been thinking that I need to take steps to keep my ego in check. Hearing 'master' all the time can't be good for my mental health right now. Did anyone tell you yet about the speech Suzanne gave earlier today where she lectured us on how we can't let the 'Bad Alan' side win?"

"Yes," Brenda admitted as she turned and stared at him hungrily, "I heard a bit about that from talking to Mistress Susan earlier." She slumped visibly from her busty up thrust stance and said dejectedly, "Okay, I'll try not to say that, but I'll probably mess up more often than not. I'm sorry if I'm an unworthy slave." She suddenly gasped with great distress. "Does that mean you won't call me 'tit slave', either?!"

He chuckled. "I guess I can call you that from time to time, if it floats your boat so much. Kim, what are you waiting for? Your tit slave waits to serve your every desire." He hoped to keep Brenda occupied with Kim for a while.

Kim had let go of Brenda while she waited to find out what Alan would say, but she latched back onto Brenda's exposed breasts with both hands. "YES!" she screamed with a feral intensity. "These are the most amazingly huge tits in the universe!" Funnily enough, she felt more than a little disloyal to Susan and her breasts, especially since Susan was in the room, but she was too caught up in the excitement of the moment to think much about it.

Susan felt a bit miffed, since she still had jealousy issues about Brenda's larger rack, but she was so happy by the overall course of the evening that her negative feelings were but a small blip.

Suzanne laughed at the excited teen and noted wryly, "Looks like you've got a new number one fan, Brenda. Hey Sweetie, how's Alan Junior doing?"

Alan had been sporting an erection off and on ever since the Christine phone call, and right now it was as stiff as can be. He was also happy for the break in the action, but things all around him were far too arousing for him to stay out of it much longer. He grumbled, "I don't know. I think he's on the verge of needing life support."

"Oh dear," Suzanne said with mock seriousness. She could see from the lump in his shorts that he was just joshing, so she said, "With a serious medical problem like that, it sounds like we could use a nurse." She put a hand on her chin. "Hmmm... What should we do? What SHOULD we DO? If only we had a real, professional nurse with us..."

Akami laughed at Suzanne's over the top melodrama. "Okay, I surrender. What do you need me to do?"

Susan, joining in the fun, said, "Why, you'll have to check on Alan Junior's health. I think he may need CPR. That stands for Cum-Pumping Resuscitation, as I'm sure you're aware. But you look overdressed for the occasion, especially since the rest of us have had a chance to shed more of our clothes while you've been sitting out the game." She giggled uproariously, in part because getting drunk made her giddy.

"Very well," Akami said with a mock sigh. "Has anyone ever told you lot that you have far too much fun? If you keep this up, I may have to pick up one of those harem application forms Xania was talking about." While she talked, she was slithering out of her underwear.

Kim blurted out, "Ohmigod! I totally want one of those forms! And, unlike you two, I'm completely serious!"

She was, too, though she also knew the odds of being allowed to join the harem were between slim and none. Kim was a very attractive girl, but as Susan had pointed out earlier in the evening, the women in Alan's harem were in a completely different league of perfect-ten beauty. In fact, Kim had purposely done poorly in the poke-her game because she felt too shy to expose her body in front of the others. However, she was filled with a new resolve to do anything necessary to improve her body and herself if it could help her stay close to this elite group.

Akami got on her knees in front of a standing Alan. She wore nothing but her high heels and a fine necklace. "Okay, what do we have here? I'm used to mouth to mouth CPR so I'm not sure what to do with Alan Junior. Hmmm. I guess I'll just have to swallow the whole thing..." She promptly began a very vigorous cocksucking session.


The other seven women stood or sat around and watched Akami's head bob up and down.

Suzanne realized that it wasn't really fair to put Akami in such a high-pressure situation where all of her other guests were doing nothing but watching her cocksucking and mentally comparing Akami's efforts with their own usually very practiced and talented efforts.

So she said to Akami, "What's the diagnosis, Nurse Fubuki? Do you think he's in good enough shape for us to reveal what's behind curtain number one?" She pointed to the one tarp that reached all the way to the ceiling.

Alan could guess that the other tarps in the room covered up an extremely large bed that was going to fit into one of the corners of the room. But he couldn't imagine what this other tarp was covering. And its prominent location, nearly in the middle of the room, only increased his curiosity.

Since Akami showed no inclination to remove her lips from his dick long enough to answer, Alan joked, "Well, I'm thinking that the good nurse will probably take about twenty minutes to reach her verdict. But in the meantime, sure, let's see what you're hiding."

"Oh goody," Suzanne replied. "Katherine, why don't you go first? I don't think Sweetie has a clue just how talented his first sister is at... Well, I can't spoil the surprise, so let's just say I've seen you do your thing and I think you're perfect to go first."

Katherine clapped her hands, but then looked down at her lack of clothes. "The only thing is, I've gotta be wearing at least some clothes to get out of for a striptease. Aims, please put on some music while I just pop over to the underwear cabinet for a moment. I won't be but a minute. I promise!" She ran out of the living room as fast as she could go.

While Katherine was changing, Amy came into the room holding a lab coat and a stethoscope. She tapped Akami on the shoulder. "Um, I hate to bug you, but could I get you to try this on? I know it's a bit silly, but I've heard so many stories about the amazing adventures of Nurse Akami, and I've never seen you in action in the whole nursey garb thing. Not really. Could you please?"

Akami pulled her mouth off Alan's dick, and laughed. "Sure. Just for you, Amy, since you're such a cutie. 'Amazing adventures?' I wish! Where'd you get the outfit, though?"

Amy whispered something right in Akami's ear while the nurse stood up to put on the lab coat.

Akami laughed some more, then turned back to Alan, eager to have more sexy fun with him. She said, "I've just been told that I'm going to need a good seat with a view in a minute, so I'm going to claim the best seat in the house." She gently pushed Alan down into a chair a few feet behind him, because her plan was to sit down on his lap.

However, Amy prodded, "Wait! You've got to put him in the mood first! Do something sexy and nursey. I've never seen that before."

Akami was puzzled as to what she could do, but Amy acted so earnest and fun-loving that her request couldn't be denied. So Akami stood tall in front of Alan while wearing just the wide-open lab coat. She didn't have an ultra-curvy body like Brenda's, but she was deservedly proud of her firm, feminine shape. She wasn't too shy or in awe of the others like Kim was. Stalling for time while she thought of something, she mumbled, "As if he has to be put in the mood now." But then, fingering the stethoscope, she said gravely to help keep a straight face, "Alan, I'm afraid I have bad news for you. You've been diagnosed with an acute case of hyperstudlicockus."

Alan, happily playing along, deadpanned, "Sounds serious. Is that related to streptococcus?"


"Distantly." Akami replied gravely, even as she was finding it increasingly hard not to burst into laughter. She added in a clinical voice, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to perform a few tests. I may even have to take quite a few semen samples in the process. And we may have to measure the tumescence of your penis with a very special procedure involving your nurse practitioner. If I'm getting too technical for you, I'm afraid we're going to have to repeatedly test how well your penis fits in my mouth."

"How will that help my illness?"

"It probably won't, but it sure sounds like fun." She winked. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation of playing out these silly ideas.

Alan, still playing the straight man, asked, "What are the symptoms?"

Akami looked around the room, looking for inspiration until she thought of something. She joked, "Well, as you can see, it causes insanely gorgeous women to flock to you and take their tops off. The only cure is to have your penis sheathed in a tight, warm pussy. Preferably one of a trained nursing professional, so she can uh, gauge reactions very professionally." She was grinning from ear to ear.

"Quick," he joked, "you'd better sit down on me before the bra makers go out of business."

Akami shucked off her stethoscope and coat and sat down on his lap. She let out a long groan as she impaled herself on his erection. She laughed yet again, but this was from the pure joy of starting a great fuck. She joked, "Warning: do not try this at home. Leave this treatment to the medical professionals!" She began to slide herself up and down. She realized with great pleasure that she was living out the fantasy she'd had earlier in the evening of him "taking and taming" her in full view of all the other women.

The remaining women took seats as well, all facing the mysterious central tarp. They all stared at Akami, making her increasingly aroused the more she looked around and saw people staring.

However, one woman was extremely uneasy: Suzanne. The joking about a fake medical diagnosis just to have lots of sex struck a little too close to home, resembling as it did her actual six-times-a-day scheme. She silently cursed Akami for the careless joking. She at least consoled herself that everyone was so busy looking at Alan and Akami that no one was looking in her direction. Had she known about what Alan had asked about his six-times-a-day diagnosis during his earlier talk with Akami, she might have freaked out completely.


Luckily for Suzanne, just a few moments later the lights went out and more music came on. This time it was 'Foxy Lady' by Jimi Hendrix.

There was just enough light for Alan to see the tarp being pulled down, but he couldn't see what was revealed underneath. Then someone flipped another switch and a spotlight shone in the middle of the room.

The bright light revealed a gleaming, polished brass dancer's pole stretching from floor to ceiling. An eight foot circle of carpet around the pole had been ripped out, revealing the hardwood flooring underneath.

Alan couldn't help but laugh. It was a laugh of both surprise and pleasure. But even more than that, he was incredulous. This is just craziness! Between the giant bed and this freakin' pole, my very own living room is turning into a den of iniquity! This is where we open up Christmas presents every year, for crying out loud! What if some stranger comes into the house? How are we going to hide this pole?!

But his thoughts were interrupted by Suzanne using her "take charge" voice just as Jimi Hendrix finished a verse of his song with the words, "You've got to be all mine, all mine, ooh, foxy lady." Suzanne's heart was still pounding with fear that her most important scheme could be discovered, but she calmly said, "Speaking of foxy ladies, the Plummer family is proud to present our very own foxy lady, the minx lynx, the feline Fraulein of feral fellatio, Katherine the Kat!"


Katherine stepped into the spotlight around the pole. She was dressed in a frilled tube top and red skirt, which seemed strangely ordinary at first, especially compared to the fancy dress she'd been wearing earlier. Remarkably, she still wore her high heels.

But then she started to dance.

This was no ordinary dance, it was a bump and grind so sexy that even the most experienced professional striptease artiste would have been impressed. She was so physical that it quickly became obvious she chose these clothes to strip out of mainly so it wouldn't interfere with her athletic acrobatics.

Alan had no idea what a good dancer his sister was, and he was just beginning to learn. Up until now, he'd only seen her do cheerleading routines, and while she was very lithe and agile at it, those routines had no room for creativity since they were all about being in unison with others.

Her pole dancing was in a completely different league from her sexy but formulaic cheerleader routines. She repeatedly humped her hips and ground her crotch into the pole with an unmistakable lust in her eyes.

Occasionally, she would pause her gyrations long enough to lovingly titfuck, lick, and kiss her way up and down the gleaming brass pole, as if it were a floor-to-ceiling dildo substitute for the brotherly cock that was getting a very good workout of its own just a few feet away. But seeing him laying his pipe deep into Akami turned Katherine on even more and inspired her to dance with a true passion. To be honest, she was just as surprised as everyone else at how well her body was moving because she'd rarely ever let herself dance freely before, and when she had, she hadn't been nearly as inspired as she was now. But she knew she was good, and the more her self-confidence surged within her, the more risks she took and the better she danced.

Everyone just stared in awe as she humped the pole like she was experiencing the greatest fuck of her life. In her mind, the pole WAS Alan's cock, and she was loving it accordingly. She felt like she had to get her naked crotch on it, and fast, or she would die. So she didn't take her clothes off in the traditional stripteasing manner, but more furiously yanked them off so her exposed pussy lips could rub against the cold pole right away. Her impatient passion showed through and made her stripping actually much more arousing than if she'd gone the usual slow route.


Alan, naturally, channeled his inspiration into plowing Akami harder and deeper. All the while, he didn't take his eyes off of his dancing sister for a second.

Katherine had worn underwear under her T-shirt and shorts in hopes of prolonging the striptease. She did grind a little while with just her bra and panties on, but her desire to get totally naked was overwhelming. Many professional stripteases end around the time the dancer loses the last of her clothes, but as Katherine threw her panties over her shoulder, she knew she was just getting warmed up. She started to grind her clit against the pole in sync with Alan's prick sliding in and out of Akami's hot box.

Katherine climaxed hard against the increasingly wet and slippery pole, and for a minute or so she could do little more than grip the pole tightly and rhythmically slide a few inches up and down it. But Alan was still fucking with a steady pace and that inspired Katherine into a new burst of energy.

Then she removed her hair band. It was as if the sensuality of her entire body multiplied as her liberated hair floated and flowed around her like a dark and sensuous cloud, caressing her face and shoulders as she moved, both revealing and concealing her as she danced.

Alan's mouth hung open as he watched his sister swing, sway, and writhe around the pole. It was like she was making love to it in perfect time to the music. He could hardly believe how erotic his sister's movements were. He was equally shocked that she could be so athletic and agile while still wearing her heels. His PC muscle was getting a serious workout as he struggled to keep watching while somehow managing to hold off cumming into Akami.

It occurred to him, It's so right that my beautiful sister is nicknamed Kat because she moves with a subtle feline grace. Yet it's like she's the wildest of wild animals, too! She seems so hungry; sexually hungry! It's almost like she's in heat or something. That's it - she's in heat! How perfect! My uppity number one fuck toy of a sister is a Kat and she's in heat!


Katherine finally kicked her high heels off. She'd been mostly standing in place while the rest of her body moved in every direction, but with her feet bare she began to get even more physical and outrageous. Soon she was flying and spinning around the pole in a celebration of her raw and unbridled sexuality.

Alan hardly even noticed that Akami was busy riding the pole in his lap, despite the fact she was expertly grinding her hips in all directions while going up and down. He knew he was plunging in and out of a wonderfully tight hole, but his thoughts didn't go much beyond that. Still, while his conscious mind was elsewhere, the pleasure Akami was bringing him was definitely being felt all throughout his body.

Meanwhile, he kept thinking how much fun it would be when he'd get a chance to honestly tell Kat what a great dancer she was and see her eyes light up with joy. He thought, She's always knocking herself for being too "vanilla," but damn if this isn't something where she blows everyone else out of the water! At least, I hope she's the best. If anyone else here dances better than this, I don't think my heart will be able to take it! I can't believe we've been such a physical family yet somehow we managed to never do any dirty dancing at all. That's going to change in a big way from now on, that's for sure!

He was so transfixed by his sister's dancing that he completely missed it when Suzanne walked up to Kim, who was still fondling Brenda's breasts and seemed content to do so for hours while completely ignoring Katherine's dancing. He failed to notice a lot of whispering between Suzanne and Kim, Brenda, and Amy, which was followed by Amy leading Kim and Brenda out of the room and down to the basement.

He was surprised a few minutes later when Suzanne and Xania snuck up behind him in the darkness. He didn't pay any particular attention when the two of them grabbed both of his wrists and locked them in a pair of plastic handcuffs behind his back. True, he was aware of their hands touching him and moving his arms around, but he'd grown accustomed to stray hands on him in recent days so he just assumed someone else was getting frisky with him.

But only a few moments later, he wanted to put his hands on Akami to guide her thrusting hips and found out that he couldn't due to the restraining handcuffs. He paused, disbelieving his own senses, then complained, "Okay. Funny joke. What's the big idea?"

Suzanne laughed merrily in the darkness beside him. She was one of the few close enough to hear his complaint over the music. She cooed in his ear triumphantly, "Remember when you promised me that you'd allow me to turn the tables on you? You know, where I get to be dominant for a little while and you get to play the submissive? Well, that time is now."

Alan gulped. "Uh-oh."

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