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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 113
Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Day 73: Wednesday, November 27

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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"Wait a minute! You gotta stop this!" Alan yelled, as it fully hit him that Suzanne and Xania had just handcuffed his hands behind his back. Between watching his sister Katherine pole dancing naked in front of him and fucking his nurse, Akami, while she was sitting on his lap, he had good reasons to be distracted and slow on the uptake. But, with growing conviction, he decided that he absolutely did not want to be bound in any way.


No one seemed to hear his pleas, so he shouted louder, "LISTEN! I'm serious! Stop the music! Stop the dancing! Aunt Suzy, stop whatever you're doing, right now! This isn't funny!"

He'd stopped thrusting into Akami, but she continued to expertly grind her hips into his lap. To make up for the fact that he'd stopped his thrusting, she also began to lift herself up and down a little bit, even as her hips were rotating on his cock like a butter churn.

Her ceaseless grinding felt so good to Alan that he was having a hard time staying angry or even focused on anything at all. He tried to keep a serious glare on his face, but it looked more like he was seriously straining not to climax, because that's what he was feeling.

The stereo system was blasting the old Sam and Dave soul hit "Hold On, I'm Comin'" which was very appropriate for the situation at hand, if one caught the double meaning in the song title.

Akami was continuing to grind and writhe and squeeze her pussy for all she was worth. It was as if she realized that the fuck she'd been enjoying was coming to a halt soon so she had to use every trick in the book to get her fill of cum from him before it ended.

Perhaps because she was desperate for him not to stop, she turned her head to the side a bit so he could see her face and said, "Alan, please! Take my pussy! I need you to fill me up! Make me yours! Turn me into another one of your nymphos!"

Alan was having a hard time keeping a focus on wanting to deal with the fact that his hands had just been cuffed. He was so winded that even his thoughts only came in the gaps between his breaths. Take Akami... Gotta take her pussy... Sister dancing... and pole fucking... Feels too good... to stop...

But on some deeper level it dawned on Alan that Akami would never say something like "Turn me into another one of your nymphos." She wasn't the submissive type. He felt like there was some kind of plot afoot to keep him distracted. So he finally managed to shout, "STOP! Akami, please! I'm begging you! Everybody! STOP!"

Finally, Akami's hip thrusting came to an end and someone turned the music down low. She let out one of the loudest groans of profound sexual frustration Alan had ever heard.

Alan had his eyes shut tight as he used his PC muscle to overcome the urge to spurt his seed all over Akami's pussy walls, but he slowly came down from the edge.


Akami though, seeing that the hard fucking she'd been enjoying was all but over, let her restraints go and climaxed with a great moan. Her pussy twitched and convulsed. Her whole body shook as she bounced up and down on him like a pogo stick.

All that stimulation again almost pushed Alan over the brink, but he somehow managed to hold on.

Huffing and puffing, he opened up his eyes and looked around. Katherine was still holding onto the dancing pole, but she was looking at him with concern. Susan was standing to the side, looking at him with even more concern while biting her lip. He could only see the back of Akami's head, since she was in his lap and lying back against him as she caught her breath. Xania and Suzanne were behind him, so he had absolutely no idea what they were up to.

He turned to Susan and said, "Mom, what's going on? Why are you just standing there when these two are trying to tie me up?"

Susan looked down at the floor guiltily. "I'm so sorry, Son. But they made me promise not to interfere. They said this is for your own benefit. And if anyone should know about these things, it's Xania and Suzanne, don't you think?" She looked up with tentative hope that he would understand.

Suzanne spoke before Alan could reply. "Alan, Sweetie, did you or did you not promise that I'd be allowed to turn the tables on you? You left the time and place up to me. Well, now I'm calling in that promise."

Alan groaned. "I was afraid you'd say that. But why NOW?! I mean, you have no idea how on the edge I am, mentally. My brain is seriously FULL! I can't handle one more new thing. This isn't the time to get into some kind of whole new scheme-y power play! Not now. Do you want me to have a complete nervous breakdown or something?!"

Akami had turned to look at Suzanne speak, bringing a profile of one of Akami's breasts into Alan's view.

Alan felt the urge to reach out and fondle it, but he couldn't move his hands. He clanked his handcuffs around in frustration.

Akami had still been holding out hope that Alan might resume fucking her, since his erection was still deep inside her. But conceding the fucking was definitely over, she reluctantly disgorged his dick out of her soaked pussy. Then she stood up and staggered away. She was still weak-kneed from her orgasm.

Suzanne walked around Alan's chair so she could make eye contact with him. She knelt down between his legs, but ignored his bobbing erection as she addressed him with great earnestness. She was not without guile though, and used her upper arms to press her breasts up and outwards towards him. She knew the sight of her deep cleavage would addle his thinking a bit.

"Sweetie, listen. You need to trust me. Do you really think that I'd push you over the mental brink? I love you. Do you think that Xania would want to mentally harm you?" She nodded in Xania's direction as Xania also walked around the chair Alan was sitting in to face him.

"I have no idea what to think," Alan replied with honest exasperation, while staring into Suzanne's strategically forward thrusting breasts. Just watching her breathe was slightly hypnotic for him. "My life is so freaking amazing and bizarre that I don't know up from down or left from right. I just need to rest."

"Exactly!" Suzanne said encouragingly, making sure to raise her fist with an encouraging punch in the air to cause a serious tit jiggle. "I think you have a completely wrong idea about what I'm planning here. Just because you usually treat women submissively in an aggressive and dominating way, that doesn't mean that's the only way things are. I thought this would be the perfect time to show you a whole different way. Sometimes if fun to be passive and on the receiving end."

"But I don't want to learn anything more. My brain is full! Don't you get that? Watching Sis dance with Akami in my lap bouncing up and down on a very stiff and happy Alan Junior was perfect bliss. Why'd you have to ruin it?"


A flicker of hurt flashed through Suzanne's features. She didn't want to ruin the fun, but counseled herself that they would all have even more fun if Alan patiently went along with her plans for him. Still, she tried to project optimism. "Come on. Who brought you fashion shows? Or these poker parties? Who brought you Brenda, your very own tit slave? I just KNOW you'll enjoy it if you trust me." On the word "know," she rose up and settled down again, causing her boobs to fly up and down repeatedly.

Xania replied before Alan could, "The plan was to catch you off guard so you'd be too busy cumming to notice or complain. We didn't expect you to get so upset since you normally roll with the punches pretty well, from what I hear. But you can still watch the dancing and have that fun. We're just going to add to it. Let me explain what we're doing here."

"Please!" he said with worry, while still staring into Suzanne's deep cleavage which she had deliberately kept jiggling and bouncing.

Xania said reassuringly as she leaned closer towards him, "Think of a massage. Imagine lying on your back and having the most incredibly satisfying and relaxing massage." Her hands ran over his chest, reminding him how good a massage could feel. "That's what we're trying to do. The idea's not to freak you out or dominate you, per se, but rather it's to relax you and pleasure you. The handcuffs are mostly symbolic, so you'll surrender completely to the experience. If you turn off your mind and give in without holding back, then you don't have to be worried about anything. You don't have to be tense. Don't think. Let yourself go and let Suzanne and me be in charge for a while. I promise you, all we're going to do is help you relax and enjoy yourself."

He found himself staring at Xania's extremely ample, uncovered rack, and watching her breathe too. He thought, How am I supposed to stay angry at such incredibly stacked and fit women? I feel my IQ dropping the longer I stare. It's amazing I don't just reflexively agree to everything they say like a drooling idiot.

But he was still peeved enough to gripe, "Well, I wouldn't be so tense if the two of you didn't sneak up and handcuff me, for crying out loud. But I have to admit that something like a deep massage sounds pretty good right now. I guess I'm willing to try that out."

Susan let out a sigh of relief so loud that everyone in the room heard it. She was very uncomfortable with the situation, and even felt a bit like she was betraying her son by standing by and letting these events happen right in front of her. She had reluctantly acquiesced to Suzanne and Xania's authority, but was torn up about it. In her mind, her son was her master, period, and it pained her greatly to see him in any kind of submissive role, no matter what the reason was. Hearing him express a willingness to play along reduced her inner tensions somewhat.

Katherine though was more curious about his reaction than stressed out by it. Hearing him agree, she sprang to life and came close to where he sat. She was more than ready to help out in whatever way Suzanne and Xania wanted.

Akami was in a similar role, but stood back more because she felt like it wasn't her place to interfere in family disputes like this.

Suzanne said to him, "Wise choice. Don't worry, we're going to make you extremely happy you said that." Finally taking advantage of her close proximity to his still slightly wobbling erection, she lashed out with her long tongue and gave it a few loving licks from top to bottom. But then she winked at him and stood up.


Suzanne took charge and switched to her more authoritative "instructing the group" voice. "Okay. Good. Here's the plan. Since Sweetie was enjoying the dancing, let's have him lay down on a sofa that's pointed at the stripper's pole. We'll prop his head up with pillows so he can have a good view. Then we'll implement my plan to make him feel good in a whole new way."

Katherine suggested, "Wait. The arms at the ends of the sofa are too much of a bother; let's lay him down on the long coffee table instead. We can put the cushions from the sofa under him to make space for his hands and the handcuffs."

"Make it so, number one fuck toy," Suzanne joked. But she was also nervous and used the joke to defuse the tension. She knew that Alan was very wary and Susan was watching both her and Xania like a hawk. She was going to be in the doghouse if her plan didn't work out.

Xania, Suzanne, Akami, and Katherine all worked to move Alan into position. With his hands still cuffed behind his back, he acted like a potato sack, forcing them to lift him and move him. It was a mild form of passive resistance, since he was extremely reluctant about the whole thing, but he didn't resist more firmly since he was still unwilling to break his promise to Suzanne.

Susan just watched with her arms folded and frowned in disapproval, since she didn't want any part this enterprise.

Seeing that Susan would need to be kept busy, Suzanne suggested, "Susan, Sweetie's going to need some visual stimulation. Akami didn't quite manage to coax that cum load out of him yet, and now we're going to have to redouble our efforts to get him to squirt out all that spermy goodness. Can you help? Maybe you can turn the music back up, and then dress up so you can take it all off with a pole dance striptease?"

Susan's eyes lit up at that.

But Alan said, "Aunt Suzy, why don't you dance? I've seen you do a striptease, true, but I've never seen you really dance before."

"And you never will - not unless it's ballroom dancing." Strangely, even though Suzanne was generally outgoing, she didn't like to dance. She had trouble being completely uninhibited and that tendency showed up in her dancing, which frustrated her. "Besides, I'm needed to direct what's happening to you. You can do it, Susan."

Susan was torn. On the one hand, she was absolutely thrilled by the idea of stripping for her son. But on the other hand, she didn't want to be co-opted into assisting with any plan that put him in a submissive position. So she wavered. "I don't know. Maybe Angel should do it some more. She's obviously the best dancer here. Darling Angel of mine, I must say I'm so proud of you. I had no idea you're such a wonderfully talented dancer." She beamed to everyone, "Isn't she just the best?"

Katherine replied while helping to drag Alan onto the table, "Thanks, Mom. I don't really think I'm all that great, but it's nice to hear you say that. If my dancing helps empty my Big Milk Bottle Brother's heavy cum-filled balls any, that's the main thing though, isn't it? Don't you agree that we all have to work as a team to keep those dreadful blue balls at bay? Look at that huge erection standing straight up, all swollen and throbbing, ready to burst with delicious cum. Mom, don't you want to help see that potent, fertile sperm fly high into the air?"

Susan rolled her eyes. "Well, not into the air. That would be dangerously close to Onanism, unless it lands on a hot babe. But I can see what you're doing, my daughter. You're trying to use some psychological trick to get me to dance by speaking in my favorite kind of language. Well, I hate to say it, but dammit... it's working."

Susan's eyes went to her son's exposed erection, and soon her whole body was drawn to it like a magnet. "Those blue balls ARE dreadful! Don't make light of his condition." Reaching out to his bobbing stiffness, she took it in her hand. "Look. He's got such a bad sperm overload that Alan Junior is hot and throbbing. So thick... and hard... Mmmm..."

Seeing that Susan was weakening, Katherine tried a power play. "Mom, just 'cos Brother's hands are tied up, that doesn't mean anything. He's still our master, and The Pact still applies. It's still your duty to do anything and everything you can to please him. So I'm ordering you to dance. Now!"

"That is true," Susan pondered, as she stroked her son's pole. "To be honest, I'm not a good dancer. But If you think that shaking my booty a bit will help keep his mommy-splitter squirting out more sperm, then that's what I'll have to do. But I want it to be noted that I'm doing this under protest."

Suzanne grinned a bit as she replied, "Duly noted." Noting how Susan was getting into sliding her hand up and down Alan's erection, she said, "Time to dance. Leave a little bit of this for the rest of us."


Susan wiped the pre-cum from the tip of her son's erection, and then brought it to her mouth. As she sucked on it, she gave Suzanne the biggest puppy dog pleading eyes she could manage, hoping that she wouldn't have to let go.

But Suzanne reached down and rather forcibly removed Susan's hand from Alan's hard-on. She pointed to the dancing pole, propelling Susan to head in that direction.

Then she said, "Don't worry, I'm telling all of you that Sweetie is going to love this. Who has the most sexual experience here? Xania and I do. We know what we're doing. And Katherine, I don't want to hear any more of your self-criticisms. You can literally dance circles around everyone here. By the way Kat, why don't you go put on something sexy? Remember my advice: it can be more arousing not to be all naked all the time."

Katherine nodded her head and skipped off to the underwear cabinet.

Suzanne, still standing proudly in the nude despite her advice to others, continued, "Susan, don't even try to compete with that adorable vixen daughter of ours. I'm sure that none of us can hold a candle to her dancing. Rather than all out dancing, just shimmy and sway slowly like you did in some of your earlier stripteases, and I'm sure Alan will love it. Right, Sweetie?"

Alan had been trying to keep a low profile and let the others talk as if he wasn't in the room, as he sometimes liked to do. But forced to reply, he said, "Right. Mom, don't worry. I'm sure Aunt Suzy and Xania have cooked up something good and fun. They've never let me down yet. I was just freaked out by the surprise of the handcuffs and all."

Susan was frowning. "Well, to be honest, I really don't know the first thing about dancing. I've led such a sheltered life. And after Angel's beautiful display, I feel so..."

Katherine suggested, "Mom, just imagine that you're really in a harem in the Middle East somewhere. You don't have to dance per se, just move your body to the music in a way that'll arouse your Sultan. You know how to do that really well."

Alan added, "Yeah, Mom. You're great at that. So let it all hang out."

Susan gave a naughty smile. "Let it all hang out, eh? What would you define as 'it', my Sultan?" She was wearing nothing but high heels, like all the other women in the room (except Katherine who'd shed her heels while dancing). She picked up a throw pillow in each hand and held them strategically over her chest and groin. She teased, "Would you call my tits 'it'? No, that can't be right since there are two of them." She briefly exposed her chest as she spoke. "How 'bout my ass? Is that 'it'?"

She turned to the side and wiggled her rear at him before covering it with the pillow she'd moved from her chest. "Would you like to run your hands all over my ass and stick your fingers in my naughty holes to confirm that's what you mean by 'it', my Sultan? Or were you planning to 'get my attention' by slipping that thing so deep in my ass that if would make a visible bulge in my tummy? Is that 'it'?"

Alan suddenly blurted out, "God DAMN! Mom, every inch of you is 'it'! You're too fucking sexy!"

Susan laughed with triumphant glee. Her teasing had been interrupted before she could fully get into it, but she didn't mind too much. Her mind was completely focused on the stripteasing idea now, and she rushed off to the underwear cabinet near the front entrance to find some items suitably sexy to put on and take off.


As Susan left, Katherine came back in. She was grinning happily, proud to show off the leopard print strapless bikini she was wearing. "Hey Brother, Big Electric Power Strip Brother. You like? You Tarzan, Me Kat!"

He thought, Jesus Christ! She looks so fucking hot too. Suzanne is so right that a little bit of clothes really adds spice, especially seeing Kat in cat-themed stuff. It's like she's proud to be a feline fuck toy. My feline uppity fuck toy. With all this visual stimulation, if anyone else so much as breathes near my dick, I'm totally gonna lose it!

In a rough and low "caveman" voice, he grunted, "Me like."

Katherine rushed up and hugged him, but luckily didn't touch his over aroused crotch. "Oh, I'm so glad! Me like too! I'm gonna buy a whole lot more patterned just like this, that's for sure."

With Alan lying down on the coffee table and his head propped up towards the dancing pole, Suzanne and Xania took their places on either side of him and began massaging.

Xania was a very expert masseuse, definitely the best in the room, so she focused on his neck and shoulders. "My oh my. You're so tense," she said as she began to knead the knots in his muscles away.

Suzanne gave Alan a head massage at the same time. She pressed her fingers firmly into his dark brown hair and rubbed.

Alan joked, "I've never had my head massaged before, at least not that one."

Suzanne chuckled, and then said, "Your other head certainly gets enough daily workouts. I don't have the magic fingers like Xania does, but I know enough to know that a good head massage can do wonders for your whole body. Everything's connected to the head."

The massaging went on for a minute or two. Then Katherine, speaking on behalf of herself and Akami, asked, "Hey. What should we do?"

Xania suggested, "Akami, since your fucking was rudely interrupted, why don't you take his dick and balls in your talented hands? Just lift him up a bit to free them from under his weight, and then flop them down between his thighs. Oh, and use this." She pointed to one of the props she'd set aside.

Akami picked up a very long peacock feather. "Oooh. Nice." She began very gently kneading Alan's balls with one hand while lightly brushing the feather up and down his erection with the other.

Suzanne pointed out to Akami, "I can tell from the way he's straining that he's close to blowing his load. He's been on the edge for a while now. So please be very careful. We want to keep him there, feeling that great and continuous erotic high, but not so much that he has to strain or fight, or worse, shoot off a load uselessly onto the table. Got it?"

Akami nodded knowingly, "Got it." She started to move the feather slower and with an ever lighter touch.

Xania nodded in Katherine's direction. "And you, Jungle Girl, you know how to massage, don't you? Why don't you work on his ass and legs with your hands? Really dig in deep. He's got a lot of (ahem!)... tension" - she grinned lewdly - "that he needs to release."

So the four of them went at it for a while.

Alan immediately felt worlds better. What seems like weeks of accumulated stress started flowing out of him. Soon he was breathing and moaning with great satisfaction.

Susan was dressed and had been back in the room for a bit, but she hadn't started her striptease yet, as she was waiting for him to get settled in comfortably.

But right as she was about to begin, Alan said, "Wait, Mom. Let's change the music. You know what I'd love to hear right now? 'Tomorrow Never Knows' by the Beatles. Let's put that on an endless loop. It's really hypnotic, but still should have enough of a beat for you to groove."

So that's what they did. John Lennon began to sing, "Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream", which was exactly how Alan was feeling.


Susan was still just watching the massage from next to the dancer's pole. She was still a bit intimidated by the pole itself and by Katherine's virtuoso performance a little while earlier. Her earlier enthusiasm had melted away while she was waiting. She started to groove about a little bit, but her movements were halting and awkward.

Alan spoke up. "What's wrong, Mom? I know what you're thinking, that you don't think you're a good dancer. But don't worry about it. Who's my favorite son fucker?" He briefly turned to Suzanne and gave her an apologetic look, since she was a "son fucker" too.

Suzanne understood what he was trying to do, and looked back in such a way as to convey that he should keep pumping Susan with those kinds of comments and not worry about her.

Susan tried bumping her hip against the pole, but she was still frowning.

Katherine suggested, "Mom, I think you're overdressed. I know you, and you always feel better, more confident, and sexier, when you're naked in front of your son. Stand right in front of him and take most everything off, and THEN dance."

Susan did that, wiggling out of everything but a see-through tank top and black pair of panties. She bent over so close to Alan that her butt bumped into Akami a couple of times. Her confidence and arousal surged as she heard her son breathe heavily and moan a little bit.


But when she went back to the pole, she still felt intimidated. She started to move about, but she looked and felt awkward.

Alan could see she needed more encouragement. "Mom, you look soooo sexy! I love the way those tiny panties look like they're about to fall off your ass altogether. I have half a mind to up and fuck that sexy ass of yours right now. What would you think, if I plunged my thick dick into that tight asshole of yours in front of everybody?"

Susan smiled widely. It was like his words turned on a switch that set her ass moving. "Any time, anywhere, Son! You know my ass - and all the rest of me - belongs to you!" She played with her panties, pulling them up and down. But the rest of her body remained relatively still, and she didn't know what to do with the pole. She grabbed it, and then let go as if the touch burned her fingers.

He could see she needed more encouragement. While Suzanne and Xania massaged him, and Akami tickled his erection with the feather, he said, "Come on, Mom. Who's my favorite son fucker? Who's the number one knob nibbler? Who's the most loving big-titted incest mommy in the whole world?"

Susan blushed and smiled shyly. "I am."

"Who's ready to gobble Alan Junior into her mouth at any time of day or night? Who's already ready to spread her legs so her son can make a big sperm deposit in her naughtiest places?"

"Me, and me again," Susan answered happily, though still looking bashful.

He encouraged her, "I didn't hear you. Who's hefty 38I breasts are filled with milky goodness and who always has a mommy nipple or two ready for draining?"

"I do," Susan said with a bigger smile and more enthusiasm.

"Well, let's see those milk jugs then. You know how happy it makes me to see you bare your beautiful breasts."

She said with a huge smile, "'Milk jugs' - I love it! You can call them that a lot!" She dramatically yanked off the tank top, and hefted her breasts up high with both hands.

Alan grinned. "I will. Mommy's milk jugs are just so perfect in every way. I get so rock hard just thinking about them that I can barely stand it."

"Really? You're just saying that." Susan started to really get into her movements now. She was still hefting her rack up, but her hips were churning and grinding to the steady beat of the Beatles song.

"It's true. Sometimes I get so hard in the middle of class just dreaming of my mommy's giant milk jugs that I can't even think."

She was practically blushing with happiness and pride from his words, and her whole body slithered like a snake. She gushed, "I wish you could fuck my tits right this very second!" Her hands lovingly ran over her own chest as she turned to Katherine. "Angel, if Tiger gets like that in class, you and the other cheerleaders need to do something. Have Amy blow him in the bathroom!"

Katherine fed her mother's lust. "Bathroom? Heck, she and I should blow him right then and there, in the middle of the class!"

"YES!" Susan squealed excitedly. "Yes, you should!" Her body began to move in slow motions to the steady pounding beat while she proudly shed her top and thrust her chest forward. There were a few drops of milk oozing out of her nipples, a fact she absolutely loved because it reminded her of what he said about "milky goodness." She swept up the dribble with a finger and sensuously licked it into her mouth. "For you, Tiger, all for you."

Xania and Akami, as relative outsiders, were amused by the whole situation. But there was a rising tide of lust affecting everyone, and it was getting to them too. Xania kept her talented massage going, but she found herself repeatedly brushing her hard nipples against Alan's skin. And Akami was still playing with the feather, but she'd also brought a hand up to hold his dick in place. Before long, it was doing more stroking than holding.

Alan felt so good that he completely forgot his hands were cuffed together.

Katherine could see that while Susan was moving like a porn star, she still wasn't using the dancing pole at all. So she said, "Hey Mom. You know, when I was dancing, you know what worked for me? I imagined the entire pole was my Big Brother's cock! Can you just imagine that? An endlessly long erection?"

Susan looked at the pole with a nearly stunned surprise. She immediately began making love to it - there was no other way to describe it. She ground her crotch into it even before she'd discarded her panties. She went so far as to run her tongue and lips up and down it.

Akami was particularly inspired by that. Since she had control of Alan's real dick, she bent down and started licking it. She periodically turned back towards Susan and tried to imitate the moves she was making. It wasn't that she lacked moves of her own, but she wanted some of Susan's passion to channel through her.

But then, with titfucking still on her mind, Susan suddenly got the idea to push the pole into her cleavage. She began sliding her entire body up and down, "titfucking" the pole with her chest while grinding her pussy into it at the same time. The cold metal was making nearly continual contact with her clit, driving her wild.


"Look, Son! You're fucking Mommy's tits! God DAMN you do have a massive cock and you know just what to do with it! And you're such a tease. You're dry humping your poor Mommy too!" Her whole body was sliding up and down frantically now as she barreled up and up to an overwhelming erotic climax.

Suzanne found herself inspired by that. She'd been periodically massaging Alan's head, but she found herself rubbing her naked tits into it instead. Then she caught herself, and said to Susan, "Whoa there, Mommy! The idea's to provide some mellow and steady visual stimulation, not have a one woman hyper orgy! If we don't watch out, Sweetie's gonna blow his load too soon." She gave Akami a sharp look as she made this last comment.

Akami sheepishly stopped her cocksucking.

Susan pouted, "Oh, poo! Sorry. Tiger, you're gonna have to titfuck Mommy later. Suzanne's being mean."

She disengaged from the pole and went back to a mellower swaying and grooving. But she still continued to occasionally look at and touch the pole like it was an extension of Alan's penis. She'd even sometimes turn around and rub the cleft of her ass up and down the pole, dry humping it as she'd go from standing, to kneeling, to standing again.

Alan was a truly happy camper. Eventually, he was flipped over on the table so the women could focus on his backside for a while, but he was still positioned so he could watch Susan dance. Each pair of hands caressing him were giving him a massage miles better than any he'd ever had before. But with four pairs of massaging hands working on him at once, it was practically a religious experience. He felt like he was melting into another dimension, one of nothing but absolute relaxation and joy.

Then, on top of that, Akami was back to tickling his hard-on in the most delightful ways with the feather she was using. But what she was doing was much more about suggestive tactile delights and surprises then trying to coax an ejaculation out of him.

Meanwhile, Susan was doing a great job dancing. She didn't have Katherine's moves or natural grace, but she was giving her daughter a run for her money when it came to sheer sexual intensity and enthusiasm.

Katherine was particularly attuned to Susan's dancing, and occasionally said things to encourage her. "Mom, don't forget, you're Alan's sex slave! Dance like a slave should dance for her master!"

As Susan ground her pussy into the pole, she replied, "Don't worry! I never, ever, ever forget that! It makes me so HOT!"

Despite the presence of the other women in the room, Susan didn't look at any of them, not even when replying to Katherine. She was dancing for Alan and Alan alone, continually staring at him with the most intense "come hither and fuck me now" look imaginable.

Alan's moans and sighs registered pure happiness and arousal.

After one particularly loud sigh from Alan, Xania couldn't help but laugh as she continued her massage. "You know, I've had a lot of sex in my day and I've left a lot of guys with big smiles on their faces, but Alan's so blissed out it's actually amusing. You lot all spoil this boy rotten."

Suzanne commented, "I know. But in another way, not really. He gives so much to us, too. He's become a non-stop babe fucking machine for the whole family. No one else can drill us like he does, it's not even close. Look at the poor guy. He'd rather fuck himself to death than let any of us down or see any of US go unhappy. He's trying to juggle so many things at once. He's like an engine that's been running non-stop for days and is about to overheat and grind to a halt. What can we do but try everything to help him recover?"

Serious now, Xania replied, "I hadn't thought of it quite that way." Then she laughed, "But I still say he's the luckiest guy on Earth! I think he's jiggling more things than he's juggling. I mean, look at Susan." The busty mother happened to be grinding her pussy into the pole again, while also virtually titfucking it. "She's so hot in every way that I'm surprised smoke isn't rising from that pole!"

Alan closed his eyes and lost all track of time.

Everyone remained silent as a general rule, further accentuating his tactile senses over all the others. When they did say anything, it was done in whispers Alan couldn't hear over the Beatles music.

After a while, nearly every muscle in his body had been thoroughly massaged. All the massaging hands were tired, plus Susan ran out of steam and stopped dancing (leaving the pole quite wet with her pussy juices). So they flipped him over again and began working his front side once more. Except, after a very brief frontal massage, all of them began working him over with feathers.

Suzanne showed the others how to use the feathers so lightly that Alan almost couldn't tell if he was being touched or not. It brought him pleasurable shivers and goose bumps all over his body, which felt simply amazing. They did the same with fingertips at the same time, slowly sweeping over his skin almost imperceptibly.

The one exception to this was his cock and balls. In that area, there were always fingers pressing in more aggressively, not to mention that his crotch was the focus of much of the feather action.

After Susan had rested a little from her dancing, she knelt down between Alan's legs. She looked back and forth between Suzanne, Katherine, and Akami (since Akami was the one still "in control" of Alan's erection). "I'm so HOT from all that dancing. Could I please, please, please suck on it for a little while?"

No one had to ask what she meant by "it."

"I don't know," Suzanne replied. "We're doing a 'less is more' kind of thing here. These light almost touches can be extremely arousing. But you're kind of a 'more is more' person. You get carried away."

Susan replied, "I promise I'll just suck on it in a really mellow kind of way, even though I'm hot as an oven. I can restrain myself, you know."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Very well. Let's see this restraint of yours."

Susan started sucking, and to almost everyone's surprise, she did restrain herself. Perhaps it helped that she was exhausted from all her dancing, but all she did was loll her tongue around his cockhead while Akami teased his shaft with the feather.

As "Tomorrow Never Knows" played for at least the tenth time in a row, Alan let out yet another deep and contented sigh and said, "It can't get any better than this. Thanks again, everyone."


But Suzanne devilishly replied, "Oh yes it can. Are you ready to go to the next level?" The challenge in her scratchy voice was unmistakable. "And can someone turn that damn song off already?"

Alan sincerely replied, "There's a next level? No way. This is almost better than the whole body orgasm."

The stereo was turned off, and everyone just listened to the silence for a long moment.

Then Xania ominously intoned, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the blindfold."

So they put a blindfold on Alan. Earlier, he would have absolutely refused that loss of control, but now he was like a boneless blob. He was so relaxed that he felt agreeable to almost anything.

He'd already had his eyes closed most of the time ever since Susan stopped dancing, but it was different when he couldn't choose to open them anymore. It heightened all his other senses still further.

For a while, he heard all kinds of rustling in the background, but there was no talking and no touching.

Then, something very cold and metallic brushed against one of his nipples.

"What was that?" he asked more out of curiosity than alarm.

Katherine giggled, "No fair, you just have to trust us. Let's just say that Akami is back in her nurse garb, and she's got all kinds of interesting medical implements to try on you. But don't worry, she'll only use them in a good way."

"Okay. I trust you all."

But no sooner did he finish saying that when he yelped, "What the fuck was THAT?!"

Suzanne said, "That, my dear Sweetie, is an ice cube. You remember ice cubes, don't you? Remember when you used them on Susan? This is the kind of turn-about I've been waiting for. I just took a simple ice cube and slowly slid it across your belly."

"Well..." he started to say in a gruff voice. But then his voice softened and he said, "I suppose there's no harm in doing it again."

That got a lot of laughs, and the tension in the room eased.

"He likes it!" Katherine said happily. "But how do you like this?"

He braced himself, but was still completely unprepared for what he felt next. "Ouch! What the...?! That hurt!"

Xania sighed theatrically. "Oh dear. Our boy doesn't like surprises. Kiddo, Katherine sipped some hot coffee and then sucked your big toe with her hot lips and tongue."

He said, "I noticed, to say the least! But I gotta say, it's weird, but good. Really good. Okay, from now on I'm going to shut up and just let you all surprise me."

So for the next few minutes, he was "assaulted" in a variety of ways. Half the time, he had no idea who or what was touching him. But knowing that he was surrounded by love, he stopped questioning so much and just fully gave in to the sensations.

It seemed that every part of him was being touched at once, and with that many hands available, that wasn't too far from the truth.

Of course, his genitals remained a constant focus, and it seemed there was always at least one feather or hand there. For a while his erection was covered on both sides by something silky, and he (correctly) guessed that was Katherine giving him another footjob with both her feet. That felt so good that he had to call for a strategic break for a couple of minutes lest he blow his load too soon.

His nipples were another constant focus, especially for the hot and cold techniques.

His mouth was off limits for mystery items though, because early on Susan put one of her nipples to his lips and began filling his mouth with her breast milk. He knew what was coming before it even happened because Susan's breasts now always had a subtle but pleasant smell of milk about them. She sat behind the top of his head and dangled her "udders" straight down into his face.

The suckling served very much as a pacifier for him, calming him down when strange touches elsewhere caused sometimes startling sensations.

At one point, Susan paused to switch nipples (she wanted to make sure he'd complete an entire feeding session with her) and began crooning a lullaby she had sung to Alan and Katherine as infants: "Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock..."

It brought back distant but strong memories for Alan. His eyes were tearing up as he was overcome with nostalgia and emotion, but in a good way.

Susan softly stroked his forehead and cheek until he sighed and relaxed to the point of drifting off to sleep. But then she put her other nipple to his lips and he resumed suckling again, feeling just like a baby. Sometimes she would take her unattended breast and playfully rub its nipple across his face, further overwhelming his senses.

His fingers, toes, and ears were continually touched, as were the back of his knees and the inside of his elbows. Sometimes his feet and other sensitive spots were tickled. He was bombarded with all kinds of wonderful sensations.

He felt his balls gently lifted and then slight brushing between there and his anus followed by something stroking, but he couldn't tell who or what it was (in fact, it was Akami wearing lubricated latex gloves).

He stopped drifting and tried to concentrate on that sensation, but he couldn't - there was just too much soft, wonderful touching everywhere. He grew increasingly disoriented, imagining that this must be something like losing all sense of time and space while in a sensory deprivation tank.

He couldn't even begin to explain how good it all felt, but in his mind he thought, This is like a blowjob times ten! And with the quality of blowjobs around here lately, that's the highest praise imaginable. It's like feeling Suzanne's cunt squeezing tricks all over every inch of my body.


The five women around him realized that he was slowly working up to a great climax, and they teased him along with that goal in mind. The languid pace slowly picked up. His balls and stiffly waving erection also became more of a focus for their attentions.

Eventually, all the women (including Susan, who had finished emptying her breasts of milk) had at least one body part or object against Alan's extremely happy hard-on. There was an ice cube on one side, coffee flavored hot lips blowing and licking on another side, something he didn't recognize stroking his inner thighs and then circling his cockhead (it was inflated balloons, of all things), and a big feather tickling his lifted balls, while soft stroking continued on the surprisingly sensitive area between his balls and anus.

He'd been quiet for many minutes, but all of a sudden, he shouted, "I'm gonna cum! God, I'm gonna cum! So hard!"

And he did, once the balloons had been hastily removed. He spasmed and groaned incoherently as his first blast of cum went straight up at least two feet into the air.

Akami immediately jammed a lubricated, gloved finger into Alan's anus, and massaged his prostate.

That made Alan feel so good that it seemed like he began climaxing again to a greater height of pleasure, even though he'd started cumming already. He felt like a massive wave inside of him overtaking a wave already threatening to overwhelm his consciousness. It was an intense rush of orgasmic bliss.

That fountain of shooting cum only lasted for a rope or two, though. Akami happened to also be the one with the hot lips sliding along the side of his dick right then, so she was in the best position to take advantage. She brought her mouth over the top of his cock and guzzled down everything else that he had to give. She gulped and gulped, pushing her mouth farther down his erection so his erupting cum could shoot straight down into her hungry belly.

His balls heaved and spasmed while they tried to turn themselves inside out in an effort of squeeze out every last drop of cum.

He had no idea what happened after that, though. He was so physically and emotionally overwhelmed by that point that he passed out.


When Alan came to a little while later, he remained lying still for a bit before he opened his eyes. The blindfold was gone. A big smile immediately crossed his face as he remembered what an intense and wonderful experience he'd just had. He tested his body and realized that his handcuffs were gone as well. Then his ears perked up and he noticed that some new music he didn't recognize was playing on the stereo.

Some kind of classical music, he thought. That must mean Suzanne changed the CD. Ah well, I guess it is kind of relaxing. I'm sure I'm never going to hear the album "Revolver" in the same way again though. Wow.

He opened his eyes and looked around. Susan, Katherine, and Xania were sitting together nearby, intensely talking. They were all fully dressed, wearing different clothes than what they had been wearing earlier. Though their privates were all covered up, the clothes were all too sexy to wear in public. He already found his lustful thoughts returning again, even if his penis wasn't ready to join in the fun again quite yet.

He quickly discerned that Xania was in the middle of one of her consulting sessions.


He didn't see Suzanne and Akami at first though, but he looked around the room until he could find them. Suzanne had her hands pressed up against the wall and her ass thrust high up in the air. She was wearing nothing but a short skirt, and that was hanging uselessly around her middle. Akami was right behind her, wearing her medical garb again.

Alan thought, Hmmm. She appears to be examining Suzanne's ass quite closely. In fact, it looks like she's examining Suzanne's asshole ... with her tongue? Whoa, man. Sexy! What an evening!

The three others had caught on that Alan had woken up from seeing his head turning. Their conversation came to a hasty stop.

Katherine said so he could hear, "Sleepyhead lives! He's aliiiive!" She giggled.

Alan muttered, "Barely. Wow, guys. That was something else."

Katherine joked, "Well, he's alive, but brain damaged, apparently. He seems to think that we're guys. Big Corinthian Column Brother, take a look at Xania's chest and make another guess about her gender."

Alan did look at Xania's chest. While at first glance he thought her upper torso was well covered, he realized that her cleavage was totally exposed and then some. There was a slit in the front of her top that went nearly down to her belly button. By covering most everything else, it highlighted the almost impossibly deep shadows of her bountiful cleavage even more.

He played along. "Dang. My mistake. That's aaaalll woman."


Xania had been holding a coin in her hand, waiting for Alan to awaken. She lifted her hand palming the coin over her cleavage and dropped it down. Then, grinning, she said to him, "I seem to have lost my coin, and my hands can't reach. Would you do me a favor and poke your long dick in there and kind of slide it all around and up and down to find it? It may take you a while 'cos my breasts all are oiled up. See how they shine?"

Her top had a front zipper on it which was already mostly unzipped, but she unzipped it the rest of the way, and then thrust all of her large orbs out of the opening. Just as she'd said, they were glistening with lubrication.

Susan, who was also wearing a new outfit and sat further down the sofa from Xania, thought out loud, "What a great idea! Why didn't I ever think of that? I'm going to have to keep my cleavage well-oiled every day. Maybe that'll inspire Tiger to fuck me there a little more often. Angel, we can add that to our morning anal lubing ritual. I just wish there was something I could do to prep my cunt and mouth to make them more son-fuckable too."

Alan's physical penis remained as flaccid as could be, but if he had a mental penis to measure his mental arousal, then it would have gotten painfully hard in a matter of seconds. But all he could do was let out a loud groan and say, "Ohhhh Gaawwwd..."

His head flopped over listlessly and stared back in the direction of Akami and Suzanne. He could tell from the way that Suzanne's dangling breasts were heaving, and from how her calf muscles quivered and strained as she perched on her high heels, that Akami really had Suzanne going. Akami looks like she's trying to fit her entire head inside Suzanne's ass crack. Wow, that looks like fun. Mmmm, and that nurse outfit still looks tasty. I wish I had the strength to stand. I'd go get me some of that!

But he hardly had the energy to flop his head back towards the other three women. He was actually a bit afraid to look at them because they were all simply far too sexy to handle when he was completely flaccid. He said to no one in particular, "Can someone get me something to drink? I'm really thirsty."

Katherine got up.

Alan closed his eyes again for a little bit and relaxed. He couldn't believe how thirsty he was considering all of the breast milk he'd been drinking a short while before. But he thought, Given all the cum I've shot out today, I should be chugging a big bottle of water all day.

Then Katherine tapped him on the arm, causing him to open his eyes. She handed him a glass of coffee. "Here you are, mi'lord." She curtseyed theatrically and a little bit sarcastically.

Alan considered that curtsey and the coffee, and how he'd made her get him a drink. Also, only as he took the coffee in his hand did he realize that his hands were no longer cuffed behind his back. Finally, he asked, "Was there some meaning behind picking hot coffee?"

"I just thought it would be a fun reminder," she replied.

Alan now spoke to Katherine, Susan, and Xania (since Suzanne and Akami still seemed fully occupied with each other on the other side of the room). "Listen. I don't know what to say. I'm so grateful for what you all did to me. It wasn't just the giving of sexual pleasure; I feel so much better all around. It's like I've been purified. All the cobwebs in my brain have been cleaned out, and all the tension in my body is gone. But at the same time, I feel guilty. Not just about being given the deluxe treatment and all that, but about everything. I mean, I'm the center of attention to an absurd degree, and why? Just because I'm the only one here with a dick? It's not right."

Xania said, "Did you hear what Suzanne said earlier? You all have a symbiotic relationship here. Everyone benefits. Sure, you climax six times a day or whatever it is nowadays, but just about everyone else in this house cums that much in a day too, which is amazing by female standards. Susan, how often do you cum in a day?"

Susan replied a matter-of-factly, "It varies a lot. But generally as much as my pussy can take before it gets too sore, and then a little bit more. Tiger, you keep me walking on air all the time. Just sitting here in the same room with my son and my master, thinking about how I could get my tits all oiled up so he could fuck them with greater pleasure, big milky tits that he has completely tamed and marked as his personal property I might add, well, it just gets me SO HOT! I could never have believed that such constant happiness is even possible!"

Xania had a hard time keeping a straight face because Susan was so amusingly arousable. She thought, Susan practically worked herself into a climax just answering that question. I can't help but be envious of how deliriously happy she is. I think she has more fun just thinking about having sex with her son than I do when I actually have sex with anyone. But she merely turned and asked, "And you, Katherine?"

"Ditto, minus the big milky tits part." She pouted in Alan's direction, "Brother won't let me lactate yet!" Then she continued with Xania, "I average more than six times a day, easily. Before Akami came into our lives, I could hardly cum at all. If I managed to get myself off, period, that was, like, a huge deal. Big brother, I know you were the center of attention just now, but ALL of us had heaps of fun doing what we just did to you."

Alan, slowly reviving, said, "Okay, I expect that kind of treatment every day... Kidding! Just kidding! Seriously, I still feel bad about it." He clicked his fingers as an inspiration hit him. "But I know what'll make it better. We need to do that to everyone else here. Like, Kat we could put YOU on the table next time and give you the full on feathers and ice cube treatment. We'll take turns."

Katherine's face glowed with pleasure at that prospect. "Cool! I'm soooo all over that! You see? Don't stress. It all evens out. Xania, have you ever seen a cooler, more lovable master? We're just one big happy family here. Bro, that's what you needed today, so that's what you got. That's what lovers do for each other."

Katherine had been thinking about Xania's little coin trick a short while before. Seizing a pause in the conversation, she said, "Oh, Big Pope Hat Brother, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure." He sat up a bit and his face immediately showed consideration and concern.

Katherine continued seriously, "It's just that, I seem to have something in the back of my throat. I think it's a hairball or something like that. Would you be so kind as to slip your cock between my lips and, well, basically vigorously fuck my face to get it out? Oh, and you might want to deposit a big spermy load down my throat as long as you're back there." Her face finally broke into a very gleeful smile. She was especially proud of her reference to having a hairball, since it played off of her new feline persona.

Xania teased playfully, running a finger down her cleavage, "Hold on. He has to find my coin first."

Susan jumped in too. "Wait! Tiger, you won't believe this, but I have some kind of annoying itch in the back of my pussy..."

At that, everyone burst into laughter.

Just then, Suzanne wobbled over on unsteady legs to join the others. She and Akami were done with their lovemaking, and were putting their clothes back on. She said to Alan, "Sorry, Son. Looks like I left you with the Three Stooges." She eyed his crotch. "They don't even have the sense to save their come-on's until you can get an erection. Tsk, tsk. But in any case. I heard every word. I've just never had a chance to have fun with Akami one on one, so we were, um, kind of getting to know each other a little better. However, I was hoping you could get back to the serious conversation you were having about submissiveness."

Alan grabbed Suzanne's hand as it came within range and brought it to his face. He kissed the back of her hand like a gallant gentleman (though he hardly looked the part since he was still lying on a coffee table completely naked).

"What was that for?" Suzanne asked. She was inordinately pleased by his little gesture.

"That's to say thanks for pushing me to try something new. I'm sorry I didn't trust you. If that's what being submissive is, then I'm all for it!"

Akami walked up to the group, as she also finished dressing. "Well, knock me over with a feather. Alan Plummer saying those words? I never thought I'd hear that." She glanced at the watch she'd just put back around her wrist and said to the group, "It sounds like you're on the verge of a very interesting conversation, but unfortunately I can't stay. I don't know about you all, but I'm one of those people who wakes up early every morning, even if it's a holiday. I need to get some sleep."

"Awww shucks," Alan said. He felt his body reviving more and managed to sit all the way up. He took Akami's hand in his and kissed it just as he'd kissed Suzanne's. "Thanks for everything. Especially thanks for coming."

Akami laughed. "Do you spell that with two 'm's' and a 'u' or one 'm' and an 'o'? Either way, when I say 'it was my pleasure,' believe me, I really mean it!"

The group laughed.

Akami then said, "Thank YOU, Alan, for having me." She laughed again and said, "Oops, everything I say seems to have a double meaning. In any case, I really should go. Thanks to all of you for having me, and Suzanne, in your case I DO mean that both ways. I've been tickled pink that- ... Wait. Even that can be taken the wrong way!"

The group laughed harder.

Akami asked only half-jokingly, "Alan, you are going to finish tickling my pink slit soon, aren't you? Despite the four day vacation, I think it's time for another medical examination this Friday."

"We'll see," Alan replied. He wondered if he went, if Akami would even bother with any medical procedures this time before the fucking commenced.

Akami frowned. "Hmmm. That's not much of an answer. But in any case, this has to have been one of the best, and certainly the most memorable, nights of my life."

Everyone, even a still recovering Alan, got up and saw Akami to the front door.

Alan felt a tad funny about his appearance. He had a habit of at least keeping his shirt on while having sex, but this time he was buck naked while all the women around him were completely dressed.

As soon as the door closed behind Akami, Xania eyed Alan and said, "Look what we have here. Our own little cabana boy. Our little naked sex slave."

Alan grinned. "Sex Slave Alan, that's me. Now I really understand this whole submissive thing and I seriously dig it as an occasional change of pace kind of thing."

Suzanne chuckled a bit condescendingly. "Well, not exactly. You misunderstand completely, if you think that now you can relate to how we feel when you treat us submissively."

"What do you mean? I let go. I know what it means to place all of your trust in someone else and let them do to you whatever they want. I totally let go and just felt. Isn't that what it's all about?"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Well, partly. But you weren't being dominated at all. Restrained, yes, dominated, no. You were being fawned over and loved. It's completely different, actually. There are so many facets to the BDSM world. You were just taking your first tentative baby steps, at best, into that."

"Baby steps? Well, I gotta say, if that was baby steps, then bring it on! I want the whole package."

Xania and Suzanne looked at each other significantly, as silent communication flashed intensely between the two of them.

Suzanne asked Alan in a portentous voice, "Do you understand what you're saying?"

"Sure. Earlier, I was really frazzled. But now I'm ready for anything. Yes I'm still weary, but it's a good weary. It's like, have you ever gone into a really, really boiling hot tub and when you get out you can hardly stand? But then there's a deep satisfaction deep in your bones and even a new energy. That's exactly how I feel now. That was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. I wanna see what else I'm missing."

Suzanne looked at him intently and questioningly. "Sweetie, I don't think you understand. Actually, I know you don't understand. Do you remember what it was like when Glory blindfolded you and spanked you? That whole 'Michelle' incident? Do you remember how traumatized you were?"

"Oooh... Yeah. I completely forgot. Dang. That was pretty bad. I didn't like that AT ALL."

Suzanne's voice seemed to take on a darker, smokier tone to it that carried both promises and a not-so-subtle warning. "That was a more typical submissive experience. Except that it shouldn't have been traumatic. If it's done right and you're in the right frame of mind, it can be extremely pleasurable."

He considered that for a long moment, then said, "Well, like I said, bring it on. If I'm ever in the mood for it, that would be now. And when I made that promise to you, Mother, to allow you to turn the tables, what you're talking about now is more of what I was expecting. So I'm not afraid. Let's give it a try. If I don't like it, we can always just stop. I know what safe words are for. Let's make my safe word, uh, submarine." (He still had the Beatles' "Revolver" album in his mind.)

Xania asked with growing excitement, "You wanna go full on? You sure?" Her face was flushed with anticipation.

"Full on," he firmly replied. "After all, it's good for me to know what you all experience when you're in the submissive mindset. Plus, I really got into the whole giving up of control thing. Whenever I have sex lately, it feels like I'm in the driver's seat, always making the decisions. People look to me for where to go next and to set the pace. Not to mention that I always feel a big pressure to live up to the high expectations of my vastly overrated reputation. It would be nice to let someone else worry about all that for change and just be ... helpless."

Suzanne was extremely excited. She glided over to the underwear cabinet just a few feet from where they all stood by the front door, muttering, "Man oh man oh man!" With a dramatic flourish, she opened a drawer and pulled out some clothes.

She held up some black leather dominatrix gear. "I didn't dare to dream, but it looks like I can actually wear this kind of stuff for what it was intended, and not just in a fashion show. Yes! Sweetie, I still can't believe you're only eighteen. You continually impress me with your maturity. Come on, everyone, let's all try this stuff on. Between this cabinet and upstairs, we've got more dominatrix outfits than you can shake a stick at."

Katherine joked, "Big Cluster of Celery Stalks Brother, is that true? You want to follow us and shake your stick to test it out?" She giggled.


Alan was left alone in the living room while the others went upstairs to dress and pretty themselves up. There was a palpable feeling of excitement in the air, as everyone was keen to embark on this new adventure.

Only Susan seemed to have mixed feelings about all this. She'd hung back with Alan briefly, probing him with questions to make sure that he was honestly okay with his decision. He'd affirmed that he was, so she went upstairs to join the others. While she wasn't thrilled, if nothing else, she relished the opportunity to play dress-up in some newly purchased outfits.

Alan downed a couple of glasses of wine while he waited. He started to wonder if going "full on" was really a good idea or not, especially after seeing the look of predatory hunger that had passed between Suzanne and Xania after agreeing to this, but it was too late to back out now without losing face.

Then he heard Katherine calling him from upstairs. "Broooother! Can you come up here?"

He went up and found her in her bedroom, lying in bed with only her head poking out above the covers. "Sorry, Big Drinking Fountain Brother, but I'm all pooped out. Oooh, I like that one. You're a drinking fountain in more ways than one. But I didn't take a nap in the afternoon like you did, so I'm fading big time. That's okay, though. This is really Aunt Suzy's and Xania's special moment, so I'm happy to let them monopolize you. Anyways, I can always watch it on video later."

"So that's it? You're just gonna go to bed? What about Mom?"

"I think she's fading too. She keeps yawning. After all, we've all done so much today. I think she might hang out a little bit just to make sure they aren't going to torture you to death and so she can help get you hard prancing around in her leather, and then she's going to bed too."

"Ah. Well. I guess that's okay. Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe go down on you so you can go to bed with a nice cum?"

"Awww. How sweet. Unfortunately, I came really hard not long after you passed out - us girls had a little bit of a celebration of a job well done - and now my pussy's too sore. But can you tuck me in and give me a good night kiss, Daddy?"

"Daddy, eh?" He gave an evil grin. "I can do one better. I'll tell you a bedtime story."

"Oh goody! You're the best Daddy ever!" Katherine had been lying underneath her sheets, but she sat up against the wall behind her bed. Since she slept naked now, her perfectly formed breasts came into view. She kneaded her own breasts briefly, joking, "Boy, I think I left Xania's coin around here somewhere..."

As Alan so often did with sexual things lately, he was completely winging it. He had no idea what kind of story he'd tell; he figured inspiration would somehow come to him. But it took a few moments while he sat and thought of a general idea to work from.

Let's see... I like the Daddy idea. That's one thing Sis and I haven't explored much before. I'll just roll with that and stick close to home.

"Okay. I think I've got it. Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous and lovable girl named Katherine."

Katherine giggled. "Did she have the nickname Kat?"

"Indeed, she did. However, before we start this story, young lady, didn't I teach you that proper ladies don't sit around baring their breasts to all comers?"

She grinned. "Don't worry Daddy, you're the only one that's going to be cumming. Cumming all over them, I hope." She giggled some more, but seeing him pretending to give her a stern fatherly stare, she said, "Drat. Okay, fine. Be that way."


She looked around the bed, and then remembered a long red satin scarf she kept in a drawer below her bed lamp. She pulled it out and carefully wrapped it around her breasts, tucking one end under one of her armpits to keep it up.

The scarf looked very precarious, and very sexy. It covered her nipples, but little more. It seemed that it would fall off with the slightest movement, or even a heavy breath.

Alan knew the satin scarf wouldn't hold up past too many of her frequent giggles, but he didn't exactly terribly mind if it fell. He smiled as if she'd properly obeyed his request.

"Ah yes," he said, starting the story. "So once upon a time we have this lovely girl named Kat. She also had a very evil father named Alan. He had an extremely beautiful wife named Susan with an hourglass figure, a perfect face, and a powerfully healthy sex drive. But Daddy Alan's sex drive was even higher. Even though he was boning his wife constantly, not to mention all kinds of big-titted secretaries at work and elsewhere, it wasn't enough. Or maybe he just liked the variety. Thinking about it, I'd say it was probably the variety. He couldn't help but notice that he had an extremely foxy daughter too. He was so very evil that he began to consider boning her too."

Katherine spoke in an immature voice. "Daddy, what's 'boning' mean?"

"Well, it's slang for having sex."

"But why do they call it 'boning?'" She leaned forward as if intensely interested, and of course the wisp of satin covering her nipples fell to her lap. She giggled, and then picked it up and held it in front of her chest with one hand, covering up even less than before.

He shook his head disapprovingly (although he really was amused and aroused by her antics). "I suppose because the erect male sex organ is long, kind of like an arm or leg bone."

"Is it really? I don't believe you. Show me."

"Show you? Darling, that's not something fathers can do to their daughters."

"What, boning them? Why not?"

He could see her legs go wide under the covers, as if she was getting in position to learn how to get boned in a very hands-on manner. "No, I mean uh, showing their bone. Er, dick. And, uh, boning them is a very big no-no too."

She looked disappointed, dropping her satin scarf as if in shock. "Are you sure? Most of my girl friends are getting boned by their daddies already. Except that they call it getting banged. I guess they call it banging 'cos they're thrusting in and out of their daughter's tight pussies like the banging of a cheap screen door. Bang! Bang! Bang! Do you think that's why?"

He gulped, as his arousal grew. "Um, I guess."

"I hear that daddies always bang their own little girl's pussies the best. Why, every time I visit Sandra, she's busy in her daddy's bedroom screaming his name, and her daddy's busy in her! And you should see how Josie glows every morning at school after what she calls her 'good morning daddy bang.'"

She'd picked the names of a couple of her most attractive friends and classmates, though she wasn't sure if he knew them all by name or not.

He rolled his eyes. "Really. Believe me. I know social mores are changing a bit, but your mother wouldn't approve at all. If your friends all want to jump off a cliff, would you do that too? I shouldn't even show you my 'bone,' as a matter of fact."

"DAAAAAAAAADY! Don't be a total square. It's okay if it's just between you and me. Anyways, it's educational."

"Well, okay, I suppose. But just this once. Just a minute though."

With some amusement, he had realized that it wasn't as much fun "showing" his penis if he was already completely naked. So he went back to his room and threw on a shirt and shorts. Then he came back into his sister's room and made a big show of unzipping his shorts and then pulling out his erection.

She was greatly amused by the irony in his dressing to undress, and couldn't stop giggling about it. Sitting up topless, she said, "I don't know. It doesn't really look like a bone. I still don't get it. Maybe it feels like a bone. Can I examine it closely with my hands? And speaking of educating your daughter, what about teaching me this whole boning thing in a hands-on kind of way? In fact, isn't it your DUTY as a responsible parent to teach your daughter about the birds and the bees, on a daily basis even, if it turns out she has an insatiable desire to, uh, to learn?"

She giggled, and went on, "You know Mr. Jacobs down the street? He's shown all four of his daughters about banging, and keeps showing them pretty much on a daily basis to make sure they've got it. His daughter Kelly tells me that her mother and dad have trouble getting enough sleep at night with the way she and her sisters are coming and going from their daddy's bed at all hours. Now, that's what I call a dedication to education!"

Alan laughed, but he was getting curious about her scenario. "What about Mrs. Jacobs? Does she sit there in bed while, well, you know."

"But of course! She pretends to complain, but she joins in half the time, especially with the dual blowjobs. That's what all the moms around here do."

He said reproachfully, "Not all the moms. Your mother-"

Katherine interrupted impatiently, "I'm sure Mom won't mind. She got me set up with birth control a while back because she said that with the way my curves were growing, you'd be 'tapping my ass' before long. Is that the same as boning, or can we try both? Ooh! What if we try boning, banging, AND tapping? She also said that helping her 'drain the family snake' would soon be one of my daily household duties. Adults sure talk funny. What does THAT mean? Can we try that out too? I wanna get good at it already."

Alan laughed. "You're getting way ahead of me here. I'm telling the story of the evil father who seduces his innocent daughter, not the other way around. I'm sure a sweet, naïve girl like you is making all that up about what your classmates are doing, right?"

More giggling followed, but then Katherine forced herself to be a little more serious. "Oops. Sorry. Riiiiiight." She winked knowingly. "Carry on, Dad."

He "accidentally" left his "bone" exposed. "Right. As I was saying, this evil father had the most sinful thoughts about his daughter. But it wasn't all his fault. She had a very voluptuous body and didn't think about the importance of covering it up when her daddy was around. In fact, she even got a secret thrill out of flirting with him. For instance, she didn't wear underwear under her clothes at home." He added with emphasis and a chiding tone, "In fact, she would sometimes completely forget to cover her chest when talking to him."

Pretending to be contrite, she pulled her bed sheet just barely up past her nipples.

He continued, "If she was talking to him, she often made sure to lean forward to make sure that he could see all the way down her top."

She was glad she'd just covered up, because now she leaned forward and held the sheet a few inches away from her chest.

He laughed, but kept talking. "She'd wear short skirts and bend over to pick things up, practically pushing her pussy right in his face. Daddy Alan got very excited, especially when she flashed her pussy at him like that."

"Wait a minute. Hold on here. Daddy, I can be a little bit slow. Just to make sure I understand what you mean, when you say she was flashing her pussy, you mean something like this?" She pulled her sheets back down just enough so her own bare pussy was exposed.

"Yes. Something like that," he agreed. He was having a very hard time not touching his erection, but he felt that to do so without it being explained in their conversation would violate the spirit of their role-play.

"But wait. And this bending over behavior? Was it like this?" She kicked her covers away completely. Then she got on all fours in bed with her ass facing him. She bent her head down and looked up at him questioningly between her legs.

He had to laugh, because not only did he get a great upside down view of her privates, but her new position also revealed that she was wearing high heels. "Kat, you're too much," he said while still laughing. "This whole goodnight kiss thing was a sexy trap, wasn't it?"


She replied out of her role, "Hey, us number one fuck toys aim to titillate and please." Then getting back into character, she asked, "Daddy, so was it like this?"

"Yes," he conceded, his erection crying out for attention. "Just like that."

Before he could say more, she asked, "Hey Daddy, as long as I'm in this position and since I haven't had sex ed at school yet, I've got a question. You see all that glistening dew on my cunnie?"

"Yes?" he asked, clenching his PC muscle in anticipation of more stimulating talk.

"Well, Daddy, I never have any problems like this around the boys at school, but it always seems to get all wet when I'm around you. I asked my friend Cindy about it, and she says that's our cunnies getting lubricated in anticipation of having a big hard daddy dick go up inside it. And she should know 'cos you should hear her go on about how big her daddy's cock is and how hard it is to get it in her, since us daughters all have such tight cunts."

She looked thoughtful, then her face lit up as if a new idea had just hit her. "Daughters are kind of ideal for a snug little fuck with a delightful amount of friction, now that I think about it. And daughters are always around and you can order them to do ANYthing. For instance, if you were to order me to suck your cock every morning, and again when you get back home from work, I'd have to do it. Hmmm. Food for thought. But in any case, I wanted to ask you if that's true, you know, if tight daughter cunnies are the best."

He groaned. He was very ready to fuck her right now and everything else be damned, except she'd said her pussy was too sore. He said pointedly, "Getting back to the STORY... You remember that, don't you? As I was saying, the evil daddy's daughter would tease him all the time. Of course, she wasn't completely nude when she was doing it, like SOME people around here" - they both laughed - "but she might as well have been, 'cos she was showing off so much. He got to know the smell of her pussy quite well, and it drove him crazy."

She sat back up in her bed (without any covers this time), but said, "Hold on. Time out. This smell you speak of. Take a whiff of my pussy. Did it smell something like mine?"

He bent forward and put his nose an inch or two from her slit, and then he inhaled deeply. "Mmmm. Yes. She had a lovely pungent pussy, just like yours." He picked up the bed covers from where they'd ended at the foot of the bed and handed them back to her.

She was all smiles as she pulled the covers back up to her waist. "Oh goody. I like stories with lots of vivid detail. You did say this was a multi-sensory story, so I'm just trying to help. Please go on."

"So anyway, she really had no idea what she was doing. She didn't-"

Katherine interrupted, "She must have been influenced by all her father-fucking friends. Just like me and my friends. You should hear Tara and Tammy go on about the way they show off their hot, tight, little bodies to get what they call their 'daily protein milkshakes, straight from the source.' I wonder what that means. I'm always too shy to ask, but they all seem to lick their lips a lot whenever they talk about it. And Dana says she gets her 'sperm fix' at every meal while the rest of the family watches. But anyways, sorry to interrupt."

He again had to stifle laughter at her enthusiasm. He knew a couple of the girls mentioned, and had to agree they had "hot, tight, little bodies."

He coughed and said, "Yes. Well. Anyways, so her teasing drove Daddy Alan up the wall. He decided he'd have to teach her a lesson. One night, his wife had a headache and had gone to bed early. Evil daddy Alan hadn't boned anyone in hours. Why, his secretary with the best cocksucking skills hadn't even sucked him off since lunch! So he was in a bad way. He decided to go into his daughter's room and read her a bedtime story. Well, that was the excuse, at any rate. In fact, she was far too old for that. It was just a technique to get in her pants."

"Oooh. Freaky. Daddy, it's almost spooky how similar your story is to what you're doing right here right now, isn't it? Except you can't get in my pants 'cos I'm not wearing any. Look!" She pulled the covers down again, and waved a hand over her bare, shaven privates. This time, she kept the covers down.

"Indeed." He had a hard time not laughing. "We're being very tongue-in-cheek, aren't we?"

She winked. "Just so long as your tongue is in my cheek. Not to mention other orifices."

"Now, now, don't slip out of your innocent daughter role." He said that sarcastically since she was slipping so often.

"Sorry, Daddy." She blinked and smiled like the personification of innocence.

He laughed a bit, but then put on a serious face and continued, "That's more like it. Where was I? So he came in and told a story. But he was very clever and evil and she was innocent and sexually inexperienced, despite her teasing. He said he wanted to make it a multi-sensory story."

"What's that, Daddy?"

"That's what she asked too. He told her it was like those scratch and sniff stories, except involving all the senses. So that's what they did. He particularly desired Kat's large breasts. Although they weren't quite as big as her mother's and she bizarrely thought they weren't big enough, they were still among the biggest in her whole high school. So from the very beginning of the story, he talked about two mountains. Two snow-covered mountains. And naturally, he put his hands over her tits and kept them there to help illustrate how covered they were."

"Hold on again, Daddy. Call me thick, but I'm having trouble visualizing this. Can you show me with your hands exactly what you mean?"

"Well, I suppose, if you're really having that much trouble. Here." He put both his hands on his sister's breasts and began gently kneading them.

She giggled. "But Daddy! You can't keep your hands still. Doesn't snow just sit there?"

"True, but as the evil daddy explained, there was no end to the terrible snowstorms and earthquakes there. It seemed those two unfortunate mountains were in constant motion. Worse, they were actually twin volcanoes and there was constant activity in the craters at the summit. Like this."

With the two of them giggling at the absurdity of the story, he started to play with both her nipples.

She said, "You know what? I like this story. I think I've heard it before. Is it the same story as the one with the magic fluorescent bulb? The one where the girl in the story keeps trying to rub the bulb like Aladdin's lamp so she can get her three wishes?" Even as she was saying this, she finally reached out and grabbed his hard erection with both hands and began rubbing it.

He laughed. "As a matter of fact it is. But you know, you're making it hard for the evil daddy to seduce his innocent daughter when she's not so innocent."

She giggled some more. "What? I'm just rubbing the bulb like the story says I have to. It's not like I WANT to hold my daddy's big hard cock in my dainty little hands and stroke and stroke and -mmmm- stroke some more till he splatters his baby-making goo all over my chest. These are modern times. People use fluorescent bulbs, not rusty old lamps. It's funny though how they get all warm when they're rubbed. Mmmm. And meaty. And throbby. Mmmm! Is there something in the story where she has to end up sucking on them too? Let's skip ahead to that part."

He grinned. "Probably. In fact, I'm sure that's coming up. Plus, I think you have to slide them between your tits to make your wishes come true. Or at least to make my dreams come true, ha ha. But anyway, what happened next was that the evil daddy found his daughter so irresistibly sexy that he couldn't take it anymore. He just had to have her. He leaned forward and kissed her right on the lips in a very un-fatherly way!"

He followed his words with action. Before long, he and his sister were writhing around on the bed, locked in a seemingly never-ending kiss.


Katherine continued to pump Alan's "bulb" for all she was worth while he fingerbanged her as best he could.

But after about two minutes of that, they both froze when they heard a loud gasp by the door. They looked up in surprise.

It was Susan. She had a big grin on her face, but she was pretending shock. "Alan! My evil, evil husband! Just what do you think you're doing?! It looks like you're about to fuck your own perfectly innocent and virginal daughter!"

Alan laughed still more. Obviously, Susan had overheard more than a little, and was happy to play along. "Honey! What are you doing here? I thought you had a headache." While he was forced to stop kissing to talk, the handjob and fingering continued without pause.

"Never mind that!" Realizing she didn't look very much like a typical wife given that she was decked out in a dominatrix outfit, Susan cleverly fit that into the role-play. "I was feeling better and went to find you so we could play one of our bondage games. But you! Bah! You think I don't know about you and all your secretaries? Not to mention what you regularly do to the girl scout troop mothers, my fit and sexy tennis partners, and my luscious aerobics instructor? That's bad enough, but this is worse! You're just so... evil!" She giggled like a kid.

"Well, I'm sorry you had to find out like this, but that's just how it is. I love you honey, but one woman simply isn't enough for me. You have two choices. Either you leave or you join in!"

"Join in?! What do you take me for? Never!" Susan was trying to look angry, but having a hard time of it because she was having so much fun.

"Honey, I'm only going to tell you once. Either you get down on your knees and lick my cock together with your own daughter, or I know a secretary or two who would be happy to take your place in the master bedroom. Heck, maybe I'll just have Kat sleep in there with me from now on, in any case. Now, get down here!" He snapped his fingers. "I want to see you hold my dick and guide it into her."

"You're just so evil! This is so improper." But Susan dropped to her knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. She was panting and heaving with excitement.

Soon, both Susan and Katherine were happily sucking and lapping up and down both sides of Alan's dick. Susan had actually been secretly listening to the conversation for a while, and it had made both her and her daughter extremely aroused. The two hotties channeled all that energy into their dual blowjob.

God damn, I love my life! he thought. With the way they were fervently licking, not to mention how aroused he had gotten from his own story, he knew he was going to lose control of his PC muscle. He hoped to hold out a few minutes at the most. The only reason he could make it that long in the face of their tongue lashing was because he'd cum so many times already in recent hours that his penis had extra staying power.

His need to cum became still more critical when he looked down to admire Susan's chest as she sucked and nibbled his cockhead. He noticed that her cleavage was extremely well lubricated with some kind of oil. That meant she must have lubed it up since coming upstairs, no doubt in response to Xania and her "lost coin" idea. He was so happy about that he wanted to flood every single one of Susan's sexy orifices all at once, and give her the endless supply of his sperm that she so ardently desired.

But only a minute later, there was another interruption. Suzanne stood at the door with Xania, coughing to draw attention. Like Susan, the two of them were also dressed up in dominatrix-themed gear.


Katherine, Alan, and Susan all paused and looked up.

Susan had a "hand caught in the cookie jar" face as her mouth dropped open in shock.

Suzanne was annoyed but amused. "What did I tell you, Xania? I knew this would happen if we sent Susan. Did I not say that within five minutes Susan would be sucking his cock? Susan, I sent you up here to tear him away from Kat, not to join in."

Susan pulled away from the other two, feeling bashful and foolish. "Sorry, I know. I wanted to give them a minute or two to have a goodnight kiss, since that has become our tradition, so I just stood and watched, but they were having so much fun and I kind of got dragged into the role-play story and the story was so hot and Angel was looking so sexy as she flashed her pussy and Alan's cock was looking so big and tasty and suckable and, well, one thing led to another and..." she explained breathlessly, her words rushing together.

Suzanne walked across the room, and held her hand out for Alan's. "Come on, Romeo. You're not going to drag me into this too. Xania and I have been ready and waiting downstairs for five minutes." She growled, "We're VERY impatient."

"I'll second that," Xania said. "Not to mention, getting sleepy."

"Katherine, you can stop any time now." Suzanne said this because Katherine had taken advantage of Susan pulling away to begin bobbing up and down over the mushroomy head of Alan's erection while jacking it off at the base. She reluctantly let go.

Alan disengaged, stood up, and took Suzanne's hand. "Don't call me Romeo; call me Evil Daddy."

Suzanne laughed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever. I don't even want to know."

As Alan was forcibly pulled out of the room, Katherine said to him, "Goodnight, Evil Daddy. Thanks for the story. I reaaaally liked calling you 'daddy.' Will you tell me another bedtime story tomorrow night?"

"You know it!" he said, as he continued to let Suzanne yank him into the hallway.

Left alone, Katherine stretched out on her bed and began fingering her pussy and clit. Her pussy was still sore, but she was too aroused to leave it alone. She thought, "Daddy." I love it! It's just a role-play now, but what if he knocks me up? Then I'll be able to call him "Daddy" for real. Yes!


Meanwhile, several miles away, Christine was also in bed, already sleeping. When she had been drifting off she had two things on her mind: one, Alan's problems with the football players and how to solve them, and two, Alan himself. As a result, when she began having another one of her vivid dreams, both Alan and the football players were in it.

Christine was at school listening through the window of the boy's locker room. It was well after the end of classes and almost everyone had gone home, except for some athletes who were still practicing. However, some of the football players had stuck around to hold a private meeting. That meeting was the target of her investigation. The players were obviously discussing how to get revenge on Alan. She had her ear right by a slatted ventilation window, catching every word.

However, she was listening so intently that she didn't sense it when someone snuck up on her, until he grabbed both her arms and pulled them tight behind her. A rumbling low male voice said, "What do we have here? A peeping Tom?"

Another voice joked "Looks more like a peeping Tina," and grabbed her ear.

Christine turned as much as she could despite having her arms pinned behind her back. The firm grip on her ear had stopped her from using a lot of her martial arts techniques to break free at once, because she doubted that she needed to damage her ear just to handle whoever it was.

She attempted to drop and twist in a spiral motion by letting her supporting leg muscles go limp. That was partly successful for a moment, but then the big football player holding her arms realized what she was doing and simply lifted her off the ground, keeping her where she had been, facing the window. (In real life an attacker would have been unlikely to respond quickly enough to the sudden weight increase on his extended arms, so this tactic would have worked, but in her dream he had lightning-quick reflexes to counter all her techniques.)

Then she tried to kick backward at her assailant, but that was the one place where her legs couldn't strike with any force. Again her big attacker simply held her up, now at arms length so her kicks couldn't reach him.

She might have tried to tuck forward circularly, rotating around her shoulders to bring her feet up to where she could kick her main captor, but she was still so close to the window that there was no room for that maneuver. So all she could do was wait for his arms to tire, or for him to move her or do something else with her; any change in the situation would be likely to give her something to work with.

Then the guy holding her backed up, away from the window, and turned her around so that more of his buddies could get to her. The guy who had been holding her ear let go to reach in and pull her front-closing blouse apart, exposing her breasts, which for some reason were unrestrained (in her dream) by one of the industrial-strength full-coverage minimizer bras that she always wore to school in real life.

Christine with breasts exposed and blouse down around her forearms, trying to get away from her attackers as one of them throws a bunch at her head

That was too much temptation for the big football player who was holding her off the ground while pinning her arms behind her. He moved out to her side to be able to see her humongous hooters. Finally, she was able to bring her feet into play, lashing out with her feet at the guy who was unbuttoning her blouse, who responded by reflex by throwing a punch at her head.

As she ducked that punch she simultaneously twisted, trying to break free of the football player whose grip had loosened while he was peering at her chest. That left him holding her blouse as it slipped down her arms.

The guy who had grabbed her from behind realized his mistake and immediately shifted his grip back to her upper arms, again pulling them tight behind her back and lifting her off the ground. As she flailed helplessly with her feet, other football players rushed in from both sides and grabbed her thighs, lifting and tilting her toward the horizontal, which let two more guys grab her calves while still others came to take over the hold on her arms.

Each attacker grabbed a different part of her body, helping to immobilize her. She thrashed about but accomplished nothing. She was completely helpless, unable to get free because her attackers were too many and too strong. She knew that she could have accounted much better for herself if her feet had ever been on the ground, but that was the one thing that her assailants had not permitted.

She thought theatrically, as might only happen in a dream, Oh no! I can't let them take me alive! She tried to bite one of her captors. That pissed him off, so he hit her alongside the head and knocked her out.

The next thing she knew, she woke up inside the boys' locker room. She felt sore in a few places, where their tight grips and her thrashing about had caused bruising, but that wasn't what bothered her. She was bound tightly to a chair with thick bands and didn't have a stitch of clothing left on her. Her arms were bound behind her, to the back of the chair, and her legs were tied together just below her knees and again around her ankles. The bands holding her were so strong and so tight that she knew she had absolutely no chance of freeing herself from them.

Christine, naked, tied to a chair, looking distressed

But worse than that was her realization when she opened her eyes to see that there were nine big football players there. All of them were leering at her and angry. The one she had kicked seemed to be nursing a bruise.

Dear God no! It's all of Alan's enemies, together! I'm going to be gangbanged, if not worse! This can't be happening to me!

Because the real-life dreaming Christine was aroused and fantasizing, her captors were all real football players from her school, but they were all much larger, stronger and more handsome than in reality. Also, her dream was semi-lucid. Deep down she knew that she was dreaming, and knew that if something truly horrible began happening in her dream she could escape by waking up. That was somewhat similar to having a safe word during kinky sex to allow one to quit at any time. As a result, she was only in as much danger as she would permit herself to be in.

Ryan, the leader of the group, walked right up to her. He stroked his rakishly unshaven chin like a handsome movie villain come to torment the damsel in distress. "So. What do we have here? Christine Anderssen, all naked and bound, on display. Why, it's just like someone left us an early Christmas present, right guys?"

There were lots of rude comments and grunts of approval.

She might have been bested physically, but she still had her fighting spirit. (In addition, knowing at some level that she could quit the dream at any time allowed her to act boldly.) "Don't even THINK about it, you sick, twisted freaks! If you lay one hand on me, I'm going to scream 'rape' so loud the whole town will come running!"

Ryan pointed to the windows, which were really just a few small air vents such as the one Christine had been listening through. Every single one was covered with a sound-absorbing foam pad, making the room darker than usual. "What are you talking about? No one's going to hear you. Almost no one's even left in the school except us. Besides, WE didn't tie you up. Luckily, Rock and some of his friends just happened to be passing by, late for our meeting, when they found you all tied up at the door of our locker room. You were sitting in that chair all hot and horny with a big 'FUCK ME!' sign around your neck. We didn't tie you up; we just found you there and brought you inside, out of the wind. And now we're doing what you asked us to do with that sign. This is all completely consensual."

"That's a lie!" she protested. "It's all lies, and you know it! You thugs grabbed me, and now you're all going to try to rape me. But it'll never work. Unless you have the guts to kill me, I'm going to get out of this eventually and then let everyone know what you've done. I'll never stop until I've ruined you all. That is, unless you let me go RIGHT NOW!"

"Ha. Fat chance," Ryan said smugly. "You were spying on Rock and his boys, listening in on our meeting. Those guys would be in some serious trouble if you'd succeeded in learning anything and reporting it. They all want satisfaction. I think the only solution is to fuck you silly, with a video camera recording the whole thing. That'll ensure your silence, unless you want your parents and everyone else in town to know what a slut for jock cock you really are."

She was silent and fuming, considering her options.

As if reading her mind, he said, "Oh, by the way, we're not stupid enough to show our faces in the video. We're not going to say our names either, and if you say them we'll just edit those bits out. It'll just be you and a bunch of random cocks."

She wanted to curse "Damn!" but she held her tongue.

Happy that he'd finally stunned her into silence, Ryan turned around and looked at the others. "Well, what are we all waiting for? We see each other naked every day in the shower. Let's strip and start feeding the 'Ice Queen' all the cock she can handle. Maybe that will warm her up. Just think about it; if she likes it maybe she'll become our slut, replacing Heather who her friend Alan stole from us."

The players all began to disrobe. High fives were slapped all around.

Ryan said to Rock, "Hey Rock, since it was your meeting that she was spying on, I say you should go first. I think you need to nail her some in return, if you know what I mean."

Rock, however, was mindful of how small his penis was and didn't want to draw any more attention to that fact. (Christine had heard rumors about his small dick, so she'd worked that fact into her dream.) "Thanks, but I'm still recovering. How 'bout Ja- ... Well fuck, we shouldn't be saying names. We gotta get in practice for the camera. How 'bout these two guys here? He," indicating one of the guys, "did a good job holding her up, and she tried to bite him," indicating the other.

The two unnamed guys walked up to Christine. They were so excited they were practically drooling. But one of them said to Ryan, "Hey Ry- uh, I mean, hey boss, what can we do with her bound up like that? I mean, there's no way to get at her pussy and I'm sure not putting my dick between her teeth when she's staring daggers like that. No telling what the crazy bitch will do. And I'm not willing to go down the Hershey highway either."

Christine sitting in the chair, still bound, with one big guy behind her reaching over her to put a hand on each breast, while another guy stands in front of her on each side, rampant cocks on display

"Good point," Ryan replied as he walked up behind Christine and reached over her to place his hands on her breasts, palming them. "I suppose with nine on one she's not about to go anywhere. Let's untie her legs but leave her arms tied up. As fun as it is to see her tits all bound up like this, I think just having some rope around her wrists will do."

Christine saw the first sliver of hope that she might get out of this.

By this point all of the football players were as naked as she was. While they stood close, pawing at her and working to undo the bands that held her, she looked at them one by one. Her idea was to take mental photographs of each one to remember for later revenge, but in so doing she found herself admiring their bodies against her will.

I have to admit, they're all really built. Of course they're all assholes, but at least they're hunky assholes, in the body if not always in the face. And all these penises waving around! Holy Toledo. I've never seen one in the flesh, much less nine! I'm sure the statistical odds are that their penises on average are no bigger or smaller than any other nine penises, but damn, they all look so big! Well, all except for Rock's, hee-hee.

She found herself repeatedly gawking at the large erection on one of the black players. God, that's so big. And so ... black. What would that look like sliding in and out of my blonde bush, between my pale white thighs? But there's no way it could fit. I mean, that's ten inches at least. And so is that one! And that one there is nearly as big. They'd split my poor pussy!

Ryan's hands were still exploring her breasts, but he wasn't just crudely groping - he knew how to arouse. He repeatedly twisted and pulled her nipples with just enough force to drive her wild. Other hands were wandering all over her skin now as well. I just wish they'd hurry up with the ropes and stop pawing me all over. I think they're taking their time so each one can play with my breasts. Damn those 'girls'; they're always causing back pain and get in the way of almost everything I do!

Dammit, no! Not there! She managed to squirm her hips around until a finger that was trying to poke into her vagina gave up the attempt. Thank goodness for small victories. I'm being prodded and poked and fondled like some kind of animal!

She waited until they'd untied her legs, and then let out a great sigh of relief.

But then several burly players picked her up and effortlessly carried her to some sports equipment elsewhere in the room. They bent her over it, leaving her ass wiggling high in the air. She was now in an ideal position to be taken and mounted doggy style, or even to have her backdoor plundered.

Christine, naked, bent over at right angles with her hands tied behind her resting on her ass

"Hey! Just what do you think you're doing?" she yelled angrily as she tried to kick her legs without falling down while trying to tug her wrist bindings apart. "This is completely immoral!"

One of the two guys who had been designated to fuck her first said, "Boss, I thought you said she was some kind of brainiac. Duh! What does it look like we're doing? Stupid cunt!" He punctuated his opinion of her with a powerful swat delivered to her defenseless rear.

Ryan's voice dripped with sarcasm as he melodramatically slapped himself on the forehead. "Hold it, everybody. We completely forgot that this is immoral. Let's let her go and then we can all play Parcheesi together."

He said to Christine in a condescending voice, "You stupid soon-to-be slut. We know this is risky, but we took a look at your topless body while you were passed out and we all agreed it's definitely worth the risk. Actually, I find the danger even more of a turn-on. Do you realize you're the school tit queen?"

"Oh joy," she replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ryan reached out and gave each of her nipples a good squeeze. "Oh, look. Bonus. Check out how hard these nips are." They'd been that way even before he'd started playing with them. Now he began playing with them in earnest.

She had to struggle not to moan in pleasure in response to his insistent squeezing and pinching. Stupid breasts! Doubly so, because if they weren't so big they probably would have just let me go. Now these assholes are going to line up one after another and pound my helpless pussy with their huge dicks!

Realizing things had gone from bad to worse, she dropped her demanding tone and said to the group in a pleading voice, "Wait a minute. You realize I'm a virgin, don't you? Please, please, I beg you, don't make me have my first time be a rape! I swear, if you untie my arms too, I'll jack each and every one of you off as best I can. I swear!"

Jerry, another one of the ringleaders in the plot against Alan, said, "Hey, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I mean, she's so hot. Look at that body and those impossibly huge tits just dangling there! I need to get off and get off now. I can hardly hold it in just looking at her! Maybe we can start with handjobs and titfucks, and if she hasn't satisfied us we can decide on other things to do with her."

The others all leered and grinned at this suggestion.

She thought, Duh! It's obvious they're going to have me jack them all off, and then they're gonna fuck me anyway. I'm no fool. But men are so stupid; all they can do is think with their dicks. She also managed to finally stand up and turn around and no one stopped her. She hoped to get a better answer if they weren't all staring at her pussy.

But seeing that most of them were not completely convinced, she added, "Do all you guys intend to just wait and stand there, getting blue balls for who knows how long, while only one or two get their satisfaction? Don't you want to take the edge off first? I'll do almost anything rather than lose my virginity - and willingly - if you free me first and give me some say. Anyway, I'm not on any birth control and I don't see a condom in sight. Are all of you willing to take the chance of becoming a father?"

All their eyes lit up. She ruefully realized that she shouldn't have added that last part.

Rock said, "Sounds like a good deal to me. She said she'll do anything to not lose her virginity. Think about that, guys. Handjobs and titfucks first, then we can double-team her mouth and her ass."

That brought so many cheers that she thought, Now I've really got a chance to get out of here! Suckers! I just hope I don't have to touch any of these guys' pathetic peckers first. Ugh! I want my first everything to be with Alan!

Christine being held from behind as someone fingers her pussy

Ryan, though, wasn't so sure. He said, "I dunno. It might be some kind of trick. Let me check." With one player holding her bound arms in a strong lock behind her back to help ensure she couldn't squirm much, Ryan bent down before her. He slipped a finger into her pussy and then pulled it out. Then, just to push her a little, he pushed two fingers in and then wiggled them about, bumping them up against her maidenhead.

Finally he pulled his fingers out and held them up. They were covered with her sticky juices. "Look, guys! I think she protests too much. She's hot to trot."

She moaned to herself, Why does my body betray me?! This can't be happening! If I'm going to be raped, why does it have to be by a bunch of muscular athletes who could pass for Chippendales dancers? I don't wanna be conflicted about it. Or even enjoy it. But how could I not feel something from all that probing, not to mention the way this guy behind me keeps rubbing his big dick up and down my ass cheeks even as he holds me in this shameful, helpless position? Maybe I SHOULD just enjoy it and that'll reduce the trauma. No! I have to resist! I can escape; I know I can.

Rock laughed at Ryan's comments and the way Christine's hips were writhing in anticipation. He said, "Figures. It's like I've always said: all women are horny bitches deep down. But this one is something else." He kneaded her breasts. "Look, these fun bags are real!"

So Christine was untied. She rubbed her wrists briefly. All the while, hands were brushing her everywhere. There were at least three hands on her ass. The two guys who were to take her first had taken up the spots right in front of her, but seemed fully occupied for the moment just with hefting her breasts and tweaking her nipples.


Christine fought back her growing arousal and decided to exploit their continued distraction. She said, "Okay, as long as you've got me, I might as well make the most of it. I can jack you off a lot better if I'm feeling sexy, and I'm not feeling sexy at all. Why don't we put on some music and I'll dance a little first?"

The guys looked at each other, scarcely believing their good luck.

Rock crowed to the others, "What did I say? She's just a horny slut, like all the others!"

Christine burned with shame as everyone laughed at her and leered even more. But as she looked around the room and saw nine stiff boners waving in the air, the idea of having to jack them all off, and maybe do more than that, didn't seem so bad anymore. I'm so tired of being a virgin. This'll end that with a bang. A gang bang, to be precise. Alan obviously won't ever want me after that. ... No! I have to be strong! I have the power to resist! Hera, don't desert me! (This was a reference to the goddess that protected Wonder Woman.)

One of the players said to another, "Hey, you know where that CD player is? Is that still around?"

The other answered, "Actually, it is. And I think we've got some Eminem to put on, too. I love that song 'Lose Yourself.'"

"I love Eminem," she lied. She didn't keep up with popular music much and had trouble even naming any Eminem song titles, though she knew vaguely that he was a famous white rap artist. "I'll just start kinda grooving now while I wait. That'll make me feel less nervous."

She started to slowly sway and turn about. The turning was key, because she used the opportunity to look over the entire room in a way she hadn't been able to do when she was bound before. But best of all, one of the thugs left one of the doors that led out of the room open when he went to go get the CD player. That gave her a chance to figure out where she was. Although she'd never been in the boy's locker room before, she assumed correctly that it must be roughly a mirror image of the girl's locker room. That led her to guess where the nearest exit was, so she made her plans.

However, she found it hard to move because some of the more aroused guys had gone from fondling her to practically draping themselves over her. In particular, everyone seemed to want to get close enough to rub their erections against her hips and ass.

The most aggressive player came from behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach, bringing her swaying nearly to a halt. He began sliding his hard-on up and down her ass crack, but not for very long, because he suddenly began cumming onto her lower back. "Oh shit! I just lost it. UH! OH! Yeah! Oh God. She's just too hot! Sorry, guys."

Ryan commented about the mess that had been made, "Dude. Gross. Get some tissues or something and clean that up. We don't want to have to touch that."

Christine was mortified, but there was nothing she could do about it but keep moving about. At least the other players tended to stand back a little more now, if only to avoid the cum that was slowly dripping down her ass. However, a part of her didn't mind that much. She was surprised to realize that some part of her was actually looking forward to this - to having nine big hard dicks bathe her in cum.

Face it. Escape is a long shot at best. I can fight it and be traumatized, or I can maintain some control and enjoy it and learn from it. Maybe this could be both the first and the most incredible sexual experience of my life. She managed to suppress those and similar thoughts for a while, but found it increasingly difficult to do so.

With the CD player found, the music began to play and she danced more aggressively. The real Christine had never danced in public in her life, but in her dream world there was no limit to how well she could move, provided that she could will herself to do it. She thought, This is no time to be prudish. I have to let go and dance like a wanton whore. It's my only chance to escape. I just have to pretend I'm dancing for Alan and that it's his huge cock waving in front of me.

Christine naked with her arms raised and her wrists apparently bound together behind her head

Soon she was dancing as if she was an experienced nude dancer, grinding her hips over and over as if she was fucking the air. Yet she was still burning with anger and shame, as well as an increasing degree of lust, and her hatred showed on her face. She didn't realize that her passionate, fiery expression was just arousing the players even more.

In a way, the more she moved, the better off she was from a groping standpoint, because no hand could stay on her for very long. After a while, the reaching hands all fell away and the players contented themselves with just watching her dance.

Most of them were trying to hold out for her promised handjobs and whatever else might follow, but a few couldn't wait and were masturbating themselves as they watched her gyrate.

Her nine captors had formed a circle around her to help ensure she had nowhere to go. She found that a problem, but she began to dance up to and aggressively rub against some of them. She even let her hand lightly brush past some of their erections. That led to them slowly crowding in to let her fondle them some more.

Soon she was too boxed in to move freely, which led Ryan to complain, "Come on, dudes; give her some room. I wanna see her dance. God, look at the crazy way those massive hooters are bouncing everywhere. She's got a party going on just on her chest. This is even better than normal fucking!"

Another brute replied, "Damn, they're so fucking HUGE! And look at her hips; look at her go! I'm gonna love fucking THAT tight cunt!"

She thought, A-ha, they're going to rape me in every way anyway. No matter. With luck, I'll be long gone in just a minute. Although, would the rape really be so bad? Maybe I should play along and let them have their way with me. They'd think that they've broken me and I'd be able to find out all their plans from the inside as the team cum dump... No! What am I thinking?! That's just a thin justification to give in. I'm not THAT desperate to lose my virginity, am I? I must be losing my mind. I have to resist the growing lust, the bouncing rampant cocks, the hands all over me, the smell of sex in the air! I have to think of Alan and save myself for him! These assholes are evil. They don't deserve me.

With renewed determination, she thought, Now that the symmetry of their earlier circle is gone I can dance between them and really break things up. Oh gross! Another big dick just brushed across my leg. God it's big and hot to the touch. Keep your eyes on the prize, Christine; you're almost there! Almost there... She bent down and touched her toes, then thrust her ass backwards as if trying to impale herself onto one of the many hard dicks pointing at her rear. Then she went back to her usual bump and grind.

One of the players who had started to masturbate found that was more than he could handle and began spurting cum. He wanted to splooge all over her, but he directed his shots down at the ground for fear of hitting some of the other guys, since she was moving around so much (and he knew they'd be grossed out if his cum touched them at all).

All the players were stroking themselves now because her naked dancing was just too hot. If she kept dancing much longer it looked as if most of them would blow before it was their turn for her promised handjobs.

Someone said, "Shit. Do you realize we're not recording this? Hey you, pick up the video camera!"

That's when Christine decided she couldn't wait any longer. One second, she was swaying and dancing through the crowd with genuine passion like some kind of modern-day Salome, but the next she was a blur of motion darting away. She cleverly avoided going for the nearest door. She'd realized that, with the vents all covered up with foam pads, that if the lights were turned out the room would be plunged into complete darkness. So she'd figured out where the light switch was and went for that exit.

The room turned pitch black before any of the players could react. As cries of "What the FUCK?!" and the like rang out around the room, she followed a carefully thought-out path from the light switch to the door that had been opened earlier, which was some distance away. She chose that door because she knew that it was unlocked, since one of the players had gone through it to get the CD player, and also because she'd figured out where the building exit must be relative to that second door.

The next minute was extremely hazardous. There she was, buck naked in a boy's locker room, only vaguely familiar with the layout and with nine angry nude brutes chasing after her. If she tripped or panicked or made even one wrong move, she was done for.

Luckily, she had some leeway because the players were all so aroused and distracted that it took them a moment to react. Also, none of them were able to move quickly while holding their own raging hard-ons so that they could run, plus they were afraid of touching each others' privates, so they came after her almost single file.

She kept her head and found her way to the exit. Once she was out of the darkened room it was actually a fairly straight shot down the middle of the building, through the other rooms. With her heart pounding a mile a minute and her boobs bouncing and crashing wildly, she triumphantly opened the door to the outside and was free.

She wasn't exactly completely free, though. While she'd left the locker room, she still had the closest pursuer just a few feet behind her as she burst into the daylight. But next came her favorite part of the improvised plan. She streaked across the open field that surrounded the locker rooms, glancing back to see how her pursuers were doing. As she'd hoped, they'd all stopped. In fact, most of them had retreated back inside the door and were merely poking their heads out to watch her run away.

Ha ha! Chickens! I knew it! Those losers are too afraid to be seen outside naked in public! HA! As she ran, she looked around and saw the male track team on the nearby track, running laps. Luckily, they were all heading away from her at that moment. SHIT! So that's a big reason why they're chicken! I can't let the runners see me! Damn, but where to go now?! I haven't planned things out this far ahead. To be honest, I didn't REALLY believe I'd actually make it out of there.

The school sports complex was separated by about 100 yards of grass fields, fences, and open space from the cluster of buildings that made up the heart of the school. Christine knew that she only had a brief interval before the football players threw on some clothes to come after her. The school buildings were empty at this time of day but still not locked, so they made an ideal place to run and hide. But the players were watching and could see where she was going.

She ran through the school buildings for a precious minute or two without any plan while she considered her options. Her breasts were so big that she soon was forced to hold them with both hands as she ran.

Christine, naked, running down a hallway

If she just ran through the halls naked, they'd catch up to her before long. If she hid, there weren't too many places to hide and they'd probably find her. She could just take her chances running out of the school grounds, but that was risky too. With no money and no clothes, where would she go? As an extremely attractive, large-breasted woman, she might be in as much danger of rape outside the school grounds as in them. And the football players could still be after her, following the eyewitness accounts of the busty streaker. If they saw her leave the school grounds, then she'd be in even greater danger.

She found herself stopping to catch her breath in front of one of her classrooms and thought, The irony! If people only knew. The school's notorious "Ice Queen" is running around completely starkers up and down the school halls like a demented maniac. But the funny thing is, it feels kind of liberating. I'd actually be enjoying this if I wasn't scared shitless. Hell, who am I kidding? I AM scared shitless, but I'm still horny as a goat and loving it!

Then an idea hit her. The theater room! I know Alan goes in there for his sex sessions. It's a long shot this late after school, but if he's in there I'll be saved!

The theater room was in Building One, back towards the locker rooms. She ran down connecting hallways until she came to the outside door closest to Building One, then opened the door carefully and peered outside, looking for any of the football players. When she saw that the coast appeared clear, she ran across the open space to Building One as rapidly as she could, hoping that she wouldn't be seen. She held her breasts to her chest as she ran, wishing for one of the sports-bra 'boulder holders' that she had at home, which would have kept her breasts from jumping around with every step, permitting her to run faster.

She'd been running as fast as she could since she'd burst out of the locker room, so she was very winded by the time she got to Building One. She found an unlocked door and went inside, running to the theater room. When she got there she started pounding on it. "Alan! Please! If you're in there open up! I'm in trouble! Big trouble! Help! Please! It's Christine! Open up!" If he's in there, he may need a truckload of Viagra, 'cos he's gonna fuck me till I can't walk! Then again, Amy said that he was like the Energizer bunny, so maybe he wouldn't need the Viagra to do that.

To her great surprise and relief, the door opened and a hand grabbed her to pull her in.

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