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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 114
Hurts So Good
Day 73: Wednesday, November 27

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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In Christine's dream, her joy at finding herself seemingly safe in the theater room with Alan was short lived. In fact, it turned to outright horror because the person who pulled her in wasn't Alan at all; it was her arch-enemy Heather.

Heather was just as naked as Christine, standing with her hands on her hips and a great big shit-eating grin on her face as she looked at the person she'd just rescued. Joy and Janice, equally naked, stood behind her. The three of them had obviously been in the middle of some lesbian sexual romp when Christine interrupted them.


"Oh My God," Heather crowed. "Who could have imagined Christine the Ice Queen streaking naked across the school grounds? I've never seen anything so funny in all my life! Ha! This is really rich! The school bitch has some kind of exhibitionist fetish!" She cackled some more, not at all unlike the typical evil mastermind "Bwa-ha-ha-ha" laugh found in corny B-movies.

Christine tried to cover her breasts and groin with her hands as she blushed, all the while protesting, "It's not like that!" She was so winded from running that she found it took her a while before she could say any more. "I... was... being... chased..." She was forced to stop speaking and bend over just to catch her breath.

Heather said mockingly, "Being chased, eh? You were just happily walking around the campus, minding your own business, completely BUCK NAKED of course, when some people started chasing you? That's a laugh! You expect me to believe THAT? Hell, you look so delicious I'd chase you too if I saw you strutting your stuff in the buff. So what really happened? This I gotta hear."

Christine moved into the room a bit further while still doubled over. With her chest heaving wildly, she looked up at Heather. This is bad. I don't know why, but I've never been so horny in all my life! Was it all those bouncing cocks? I mean, penises? Their probing hands? The sheer exhilarating joy of running for my life in the nude? I don't know what exactly, but it's bad because Heather's actually looking pretty good right now. Of course, I mean that strictly as one female sizing up another, not as a lesbian attraction. I definitely can see why Alan finds her attractive. She's like some kind of Playboy centerfold, more mature than a mere high school student. And Janice and Joy are looking pretty good too... Wait! What am I thinking?!

Finally, she collapsed on the nearby couch and managed to gasp out, "Can I... have... some clothes?"

Heather laughed some more. "Yeah. Sure. You can put on whatever you brought with you, ha ha ha!" She gave Janice and Joy a sharp look to make sure they understood that they'd better not loan Christine any of their clothes.

Christine looked up and saw the way Heather was looking at her. For the first time that night, she knew real fear. Oh no. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. She's sizing me up too, but in a blatantly sexual way. Which is worse, getting raped by the football team or by Heather and her flunkies? I am NOT a lesbian!

She knew that it wouldn't be easy to get past Heather. She could use her martial arts skills to physically overpower them all with ease and leave. However, if she did that to Heather, there would be severe consequences later. Since Heather really ruled the school social structure, Christine realized that pissing her off that badly was a suicide option. I'll have to play along for the moment and think up some other way out. I'm not only stronger than her, but I'm smarter too, so I ought to be able to do this.

Heather sneered, "Come on, I don't have all day, virgin queen. Oops, I mean Ice Queen."

If there was one thing Christine hated more than anything else, it was being reminded of her virginal status. It was far and away the touchiest issue in her life at the moment. Finally breathing a bit easier, she looked up at Heather again and said with determination, "First, I think you just called me the school bitch. Sorry, but someone else here holds that title. Someone else right around here, in fact." As soon as she'd said that, she realized that it had been a stupid thing to say, but it was too late to take it back.

Heather's smile turned to a murderous scowl. "You're not exactly in a position to drop insults, prude! Somebody, or more likely a lot of somebodies, are out to get you. They must be hot on your trail; I can see the fear in your eyes. I'm your only hope. In fact, I think you'd better get down on your knees right now and beg for forgiveness."


"Beg! Now! Then we'll talk."

She's mad! Certifiably insane! Christine thought. But if I leave here, the football players will probably get me again, and that IS worse. She really has me over a barrel.

As luck would have it, as if to confirm her thoughts, at that moment there was a loud knocking at the door. But it was only a couple of knocks, then silence. The room in fact was so soundproofed that little more than knocking could be heard from the outside, unless one put one's ear to the door.

It was nearly impossible for anyone on the outside to hear them, but everyone in the room became as quiet as a mouse and stayed that way for long moments, just to be on the safe side.

Then Heather said to Christine in a near whisper, "A-ha! I was right. You're in trouble and I'm your only hope. So, are you going to beg or do you want us to yell for them and let them in?"

With a heavy heart, Christine fell to her knees. "I'm sorry, Heather. I'm sorry for observing that you're the biggest bitch in the school."

If Heather was upset before, she was beyond livid now. "WHAT?! Did I hear you right?"

Joy said a bit morosely, "Christine, that was dumb. Please stop before you dig yourself in any deeper. Believe me when I say that you don't want Heather as your enemy."

Christine replied defiantly, "I know that was dumb, but Heather, you piss me off so much. You don't even know what kind of trouble I'm in yet, but all you can think of is humiliating me. Where's the 'Hey, let me help you in your moment of need?'"

Heather replied sarcastically, "That's probably in Disneyland, right next to the 'It's a small world after all' ride. Fucking get real. You need my help, and that makes you my bitch. End of story. Don't think I don't know how you and your little "Goody-goody" goon squad has been doing nothing but saying nasty things about me all year. And now you want me to play the Good Samaritan? Yeah. Right. I'm dying to know what kind of trouble you're in. But first I want you to lick my pussy. No, make that a sincere apology first, followed by licking my pussy."

In Christine's sexually overheated state, a part of her didn't seem too upset by that idea. She found herself staring hungrily at Heather's moist blonde pussy, but then turned away. She thought to herself, I can turn away now all I want, but I can just tell that before I leave here I'm gonna be worshipping that hot little box... Oops! Did I really just say that? This is Heather we're talking about. Heather! I'm still so aroused from before that even Heather looks good! I need to buy some time so I can get my lust under control.

Christine barked with anger, "What? Heather, you're completely mental."

Heather had a shit-eating grin. She was holding all the cards, and she knew it. "Am I? I'll tell you what. There's only one group that I can think of that would be chasing you naked. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I know you've been snooping around Ryan and his gang, trying to figure out their plans."

Heather walked towards her backpack and her clothes. She picked up her cell phone as she talked. "You know what? I've actually slept with Ryan in the past. He's not a bad fuck, as football players go. In fact, I have his number programmed in my phone. I think I'll just give him a call and ask him if he's looking for any stray buxom blondes that are streaking around the campus."

"No! Don't!" Christine said reflexively, even grabbing in vain for the phone, but it was far out of her reach.

"Ha! God, you're pathetic. So I was right about that. I'm usually right about everything, which is why I rule this school. I think you should reconsider my offer. Apology. Then pussy. Otherwise, there's the phone and then the door. Your choice."

Christine considered her options. Maybe I should just take out these three. Take them all down, tie them up and gag them, and hole up in here for a while. I'll take Heather's phone and call for help. No. I couldn't do that, especially since Janice and Joy don't look too happy to be here; they're obviously being blackmailed or coerced by Heather in some way. However, the phone. There's an idea. If I could call Alan, he'd be able to do something about Heather. The word is that he can control her, and I'll bet his way has something to do with filling her well-used pussy with steaming hot cock! ... What's with my language? I'm too horny! I need to calm down.

Christine knew or could guess a lot about Heather's sex life, but she was still unaware of Heather's growing need for anal sex, so her dream reflected that.

She concluded, I just have to stall for time until I can get that phone! Alan will save me. It'll even be romantic.

She fell down on her knees. "Sorry, Heather. Really. My bad."

Heather just raised an expectant eyebrow.


Christine looked up plaintively and said in a desperate voice, "Please, Heather. Please! Please forgive me. I'll do anything to make it up to you. Anything!"

Heather towered above her, reveling in her dominant role. "Acceptable. Barely. Of course I know you don't mean it, but it's a good acting job. You have no idea how accurate your words are, though. You will do anything for me, now that I have you. In fact, let's see you start with some licking."

"Heather, why? You have Janice and Joy here to command. I'm not even slightly into girls. I won't enjoy it at all."

Heather cupped Christine's chin with her fingertips. "Why should I care about that? If YOU don't enjoy it, I'll enjoy it that much more. You've been a real loose cannon around school. You're a force to be reckoned with, what with all those loser 'Goody-goody' prudes who follow you around, and all the guys whose tongues are hanging out, hoping to fondle your huge hooters. It's time I bring you into line."

Seeing no way out, Christine scooted forward and began hesitantly licking Heather's pussy. She tried to close her eyes and imagine it wasn't happening, but it was. I have to imagine I'm doing something else to make this more bearable. I could be licking Alan's armpit... Yes. That's better. "Alan, how am I doing? You like this? I love you so very much I'll even lick your armpit."

Heather displayed an evil smile for Janice and Joy, who were watching closely.

But of course, Christine wasn't really licking Alan's armpit; she was licking Heather's pussy, and there was no way to completely deny that reality. She felt like she was having some kind of unreal, out-of-body experience as her tongue slid up and down and all around Heather's slippery pussy lips. Not realizing that she was dreaming, she thought, This CAN'T be happening!

She kept on licking. She was doing a pretty good job too, considering she'd never done it before.

After less than a minute though, Heather said, "Good. You seemed to actually be getting into it. Am I wrong?"

"Of course you're wrong!" Christine replied hotly, letting her anger show. But her thoughts were different. It's not fair. I'm not supposed to like it, but I do! ... No, I don't like it. I really don't! Heather's beyond cruel taking advantage of me like this when I'm weak and winded and so hot and lusty. All this nakedness. Just knowing that I'm naked and have been streaking around the school is such a turn-on. It's downright unjust that her pussy juices actually taste good. They ought to be as rancid and bitter as her black heart, but they're not. I'll have to get my revenge later!

Heather commanded, "Now lie down on the stage and prepare to get fucked. Janice, see if you can find the strap-on in my backpack. Joy, start to warm up Christine's pussy while she tells me about her recent travails. As for me, I'm gonna check out Christine's knockers for myself. I've heard that they're completely real, but that can't be true."

Again seeing no choice, Christine lay down as directed. Once again she tried to imagine it was Alan who was ravaging her. Only this time she had to imagine two Alans. She pictured one licking her pussy while the other one groped at her breasts. She found it didn't feel half bad. In fact, she could almost enjoy it, but only so long as she was imagining it was Alan. Every now and then she remembered that some of the touching was coming from Heather, and that nearly made her ill. It was especially hard to forget that fact because Heather kept talking.

Heather was using both of her hands to try to cup Christine's breasts, but there was more mammary flesh there than her hands could hold. "Damn. Well I'll be. They do feel real. And they feel pretty good too. Janice, you've gotta check out these puppies; I think they're even bigger than mine. I could play with them all day."

Christine could feel a third and then a fourth hand on her chest as Janice apparently was taking Heather's advice. Stupid breasts again! Everyone's taking turns feeling me up, like my boobs are some kind of community resource or something. Imagine that: what if I had to go to school topless every day and all the other students could play with my chest all day long? Not to mention teachers! Or better yet, what if I had to go to school completely naked like I've been today?

Christine could scarcely believe how arousing these thoughts, and all the hands vying to play with her nipples, were getting her. In a way she hoped Joy would join in the groping, so that thirty fingers could wander over her big breasts all at once, providing even more stimulation.

After happy groans and moans from everyone involved, Heather said, "As much fun as this is, it's time to hear your tale of woe. What did you do to piss Ryan off and get him after you?"

So Christine told her story. She was so smart that she could talk about one topic while thinking about a completely different one if she willed herself to do it. Even more impressive, she continued to talk and think coherently while Heather suckled, licked, teased, and tormented her outrageously erect nipples.

As she talked, she was thinking, I wonder how long I'm going to have to put up with this horny bitch. Why won't she just leave my breasts alone? If I can't get to a phone, how long are those thugs going to search the school for me before they give up? One hour? Two? I don't see them as patient types, but Ryan is pretty conniving. I don't think he'll give up easily.

Let's say I have to put up with being Heather's plaything for another hour. The key is, I have to turn into such a raging lesbian slut that Heather will pass out from all the huge orgasms I give her. Then I can steal her clothes and make my getaway. Oh, that'll be fun, leaving her here naked, hee-hee. Maybe a few of those guys will still be scouting the school and they'll find her in the buff! That'd be poetic justice, if they give her the punishment they'd intended for me.

She paused and considered, That wouldn't be so bad, would it? One hour of having to put up with Heather? Two, maybe, on the outside?

While she was playing with this idea, Heather reached down to Christine's groin and began playing with the blonde virgin's clit.

Waves of pleasure surged through Christine's body. She thought in surprise, Heather's not ALL bad. It could have been a lot worse sucking and stroking all those big hard cocks, then getting fucked at both ends over and over, climaxing and screaming so many times, just taking so many long, hard cocks until I couldn't walk. ... Actually, that doesn't sound so horrible either! God, I'm too horny! Maybe I could even learn something from Heather, like how to be a good kisser, or how to be sexy like she is for Alan. Then he might want me instead...

Or is this just another pathetic justification? I can't deny the way my pussy is throbbing and my heart is pounding even though I've recovered my breath. She's all over me like an octopus, and the way she's making me feel as she fingers my clitoris and keeps up that damn nibbling on my left nipple... Oh God, I have to be strong...

She tried to recall just what a bitch Heather was, but her mind was focused more on what Heather's hands and mouth were doing to her. Everything else seemed increasingly hazy and irrelevant. Maybe I should just resign myself to doing whatever Heather tells me to do, because everyone knows there's no way to best her at her own game. She's too ruthless. She's actually a lot more scary than the whole football team. I'll just let her get me off with her fingers... Someone else's fingers, even another woman's, sliding in and out of my pussy lips feel so much better than my own! This doesn't make me a lesbian; it's just like I'm masturbating except with someone else's hands. Right?

However, no sooner did Christine finish thinking that than she caught Janice waving at her behind Heather's back.

Janice was sitting on a couch behind Heather, fishing through Heather's backpack. She had pulled out the strap-on, and then she'd pulled out Heather's phone. Janice opened the phone and started scrolling through Heather's address book. Then, apparently finding the number she was looking for, she dialed.

Christine watched Janice whisper a word into the phone. Her heart leapt as she surmised from Janice's lips that the word was "Alan."

Then, giving the thumbs up, Janice left the phone on, pointing its microphone towards Heather and Christine. Then she flipped the bird at Heather's back, picked up the dildo, looked with sympathy and understanding at Christine, and rejoined the group.

Christine was overjoyed at Janice's actions; they strengthened her resolve to resist Heather. That's almost exactly what my plan was! But I couldn't get to the phone without Heather suspecting. Good thing I kept her occupied so Janice could do it. Now, knock on wood, I'll only have to put up with another ten or fifteen minutes of Heather's orgasmic fondling and kissing before Alan comes to rescue me! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Janice!

Even as Christine was thinking this, she was explaining to Heather what had happened to her. She didn't want to go into too much detail for fear that the more Heather knew, the more Heather would eventually use against her. She also didn't want to relive her recent trauma, particularly the part about being held helpless by the football players before she'd managed to escape. However, she found herself more aroused than anything thinking about those nine dicks constantly brushing up against her naked body. As she talked, she made sure to casually slip in the facts that she was in the theater room, and that Heather was doing things to her against her will. She hoped Alan was listening on the phone and would take quick action.

After she finished explaining her escape, she found herself describing her "sexual torment" in more detail in response to some questions from Heather. Before long, she was breathlessly describing all of the "big cocks" that had brushed all over her. Her descriptions quickly turned purely pornographic.

Heather joined in, describing from personal experience how good it felt to be fucked by some of the dicks Christine was describing. She began pistoning her fingers in and out of Christine's slit in a manner that more obviously mimicked the fucking she was describing. (Christine by contrast wasn't doing much with Heather's body except running her hands all over it, but Heather knew that would change the hotter she was able to get Christine.)

As everyone began to pant louder from all the arousing talk and touching, Heather suddenly stopped completely. She said, "Enough talk! Christine, we don't have to just talk about how good you'd feel getting seriously fucked; we can show you. Have you ever seen a strap-on dildo? Lucky me; I've got one here. I've always wanted to do you but I never thought I'd get the chance. I'm gonna relish this! Janice, where's that strap-on?"

"Right here," Janice muttered. She had no choice but to hand over the strap-on. She grimaced an apology at Christine when Heather's back was turned.


Christine was on the edge of such an immense climax that her brain was fogged with lust. She fought it like a drowning swimmer struggling to reach the surface of the ocean. If I know one thing, it's that I'm not going to lose my precious virginity to Heather, of all people! It doesn't matter that I'm actually starting to enjoy her touching my body; she's crossing the line and going way too far! My hymen can only be broken once and I've been saving that for Alan. I need to distract her! I'm just gonna have to grin and bear it and be such a good nympho cunt slut for her that she'll forget all about that strap-on.

Suddenly, Christine bolted upright. "Heather, you know what? I'm actually really getting off on this girl-girl stuff. And I gotta say it's so inspiring and SEXY the way you're completely comfortable with your amazing centerfold body. Make love to me!" She threw herself at Heather, kissing her fully on the lips.


Heather was taken aback at first, but quickly recovered. She muttered almost inaudibly, "Hee-hee. My plan is working. She is so ripe, so ready to be picked!"

Heather was so aroused by the genuine, undisguised lust that she saw in Christine's eyes that she began kissing back with equal intensity while increasing her fondling of Christine's clit.

Although in real life Christine had no experience of kissing another woman on the lips, in her dream she kissed as well as any woman ever could.

The two of them ended up rolling around on the ground, forgetting all about Janice and Joy.

Even so, Christine kept thinking about Alan and wishing that Heather were Alan. Before long she was half convinced that she really was with Alan. She kept her eyes closed to help keep that fantasy alive. Oh Alan, you kiss so well! It's everything I dreamt about and more! And your hands all over me - I love it!

But there was a bitter undercurrent because all the while some part of her mind was very aware that it was Heather that was necking with her and fondling her. She struggled to stay aware of her real surroundings enough to make sure that Heather's strap-on remained forgotten.

Though it was hard to tell how much of it was her fantasy of Alan versus her real activities with Heather, she found herself getting hotter and hornier with each passing minute. She'd been trying to avoid touching Heather's most private parts, but at some point during the kiss she discovered that her fingers were pushing in and out of Heather's pussy. She imitated what Heather had been doing to her pussy for several minutes already, and soon the two of them were pleasuring each other in perfect rhythm.

She tried to tell herself that she was doing this only to buy time and avoid the strap-on, but it was getting more difficult to deny the extreme pleasure coursing through her entire body. Alan doesn't have a pussy. I can't pretend about that. But I'm getting Heather off and that feels good. She's gonna cum, because of me! That's such a thrilling power to have. And the way she's making me feel! She may be a bitch, but dammit, she really is a sexy bitch, just like her reputation! And the way our breasts rub together, the way my nipples are burning, pushing into hers - I love it! Would I really like to make it with girls too? Maybe. I don't know. I don't care! Just kiss me some more, Heather!

It didn't hurt that once they'd stopped rolling around, Janice and Joy had joined in. Christine wound up on top of Heather, but then she felt the others' hands on her back, in her hair, and especially on her butt.

Oh no! Someone's finger is going up my butt. That actually feels GOOD! Who's doing that? Janice? Joy? Whoever you are, don't stop! Deeper! Push your finger in all the way! God, I'm such a slut! I knew this would happen if I ever gave in to temptation. Alan, where are you?!

Christine moaned out loud, "More! More clit! Heather, what you're doing feels so good, but you're ignoring my clit. Please don't. That's how I get off at home and I need to get off so bad right now. Won't you just play with it a little?"

Heather tormented and teased her helpless prey as she kissed her way down Christine's firm stomach. "Maybe I don't want you to get off just yet. Maybe I want you to see how much you really need and want me."

"Please? Pretty please?! If I don't cum soon, I'm going to die!" This is so humiliating! Begging Heather, of all people!

Heather flashed an evil smile. "Well, okay, since you asked so nicely." She continued kissing her way down to Christine's clitoris, then stopped there and began tugging on it lightly with her teeth. At the same time, she pumped shallowly into Christine's slit with two fingers.

It didn't take much of that to get a reaction. Inwardly, Christine screamed with a powerful mixture of joy and regret, Oh no, not again! I'm gonna cum! No! I want my first cum with another person to be with Alan! Alan my love, save me! Save me! Please! Save meeeee!

Christine came hard. Her hips pumped furiously into Heather's face and hand. Heather was aware that Christine's hymen was still intact despite all the wild movement, so took care not to break it with her pumping fingers. But Christine was so beside herself with sexual excitement that she hardly noticed or cared.

All she knew was how good she felt. As she lay on the floor gasping for air, trying to recover, she thought, I had Heather all wrong. Her touch is like magic - everywhere! I'm on fire. Tingling! And her kiss. I wanna kiss her forever! I hate the bitch and her evil brain, but I love what she does to me.

Where's that strap-on? I'm ready for it now. I don't care who fucks me as long as someone fucks me. Hard! Now! Maybe I am sorta bisexual, but there's nothing wrong with that. Is there? Would it be so bad to be Heather's lover? She obviously has access to this room. Every day after school we could meet here and fuck each other silly. Or even before school if she came in early. I could! Maybe even the four of us. Or even more! I don't care who it is; I just need it!

Christine came up for breath and said, "Ropes! Does anyone here have some rope?"

Heather asked, "Rope? You mean like string? That kind of rope?"

"Exactly. I need to be tied up. I've been bad. I'm such a nasty girl. I want you to tie me up and then fuck my brains out with that strap-on!" She rolled on top of Heather, ready for more.

"Okaaay..." Heather said hesitantly at first. But then, seeing that Christine appeared sincere, she barked to Joy, "Rope! Now! Hurry it up."

Heather and Christine naked, lying on the stage, holding each other fondly

Christine added, "Oh, and I want you to bind my breasts too, with ropes above and below them. They've been the cause of all my troubles today and they need to be punished. I want you to really get rough with them. Pull and bite my nipples; I love to do that to myself."

As Joy scurried off, Heather leaned in, pressing her nose almost up to the tip of Christine's. "Damn, woman! You're sexy. You know that? And rope? Kinky, even. I like that. I have no idea where you got that 'Ice Queen' nickname, because you're anything but, at least once someone lights your fire. This isn't at all what I expected to happen, but I guess, like everyone else, you just can't resist the Heather charm." She grinned before kissing Christine square on the mouth.

Soon the two of them were thrashing around on the floor again, sharing more passionate kisses.

Christine decided that she positively loved pussy-licking in general and the taste of Heather's musky nectar in particular. She no longer had to think about Alan to stay aroused.

Once again, Janice and Joy had to do Heather's dirty work. They were assigned the task of tying Christine up. Janice in particular took her sweet time about it, repeatedly making mistakes.

Oh, how sweet, Christine thought. Janice is still trying to save me. If only there was some way I could let her know, without embarrassing either of us, that I don't need to be saved anymore. I need to be FUCKED! My inner beast has been unleashed and now there's no going back.

Just as the ropes binding Christine's hands behind her back were finally tied (though her legs were left free), there was a knock at the door. It followed a particular pattern, obviously signifying some kind of secret code.

Christine though, That's probably Alan! I forgot all about him! How sweet. He's trying to save me. Well, that's much better. What started out as a horrible day is really turning out great. Alan can be the one to take my virginity after all, and then Heather can have her turn with me after him. That's much better than having Heather take my hymen with her strap-on dildo. This will be my first orgy, hee-hee! God, why didn't anyone tell me that sex is so much fucking FUN?!


Alan let himself in before anyone could answer the door.

He barged in, looking angry. He frantically looked around the room for Christine, but could scarcely believe his eyes when he found her. Not only were her wrists loosely tied together behind her back, but she was on her knees in front of Heather, licking Heather's pussy.

For her part, Heather just looked at Alan and smiled a big Cheshire-cat grin, even as her hands continued languidly guiding Christine's head between her thighs.

He rushed straight to her in a panic and stood above where she was kneeling. "Christine! What happened?! What did Heather do to you?!"

Christine paused in her lapping to say, "Relax. It's nothing to worry about. I'm loving life! I kind of tricked you to come here." She turned briefly to look him in the eye and smile, then returned her attention to Heather's bare pussy.

Christine with hands bound behind her, kneeling in front of Heather, working orally on her as she holds Christine's head against her pussy

Alan looked angrily at Heather, who just returned his gaze with a shit-eating grin. "So you're not in trouble?" he asked Christine, stunned. "I don't believe that." Very gallantly, he was trying to look everywhere except at Christine's bound and naked body.

"Believe it," Christine said blissfully as she stared at Heather's labia with increasing hunger.

Alan was completely aghast. He'd actually balled his hands into fists, expecting to have to fight Heather and the others to win Christine's freedom. "This is insanity!" he shouted. "Christine, you must be brainwashed or something! It's mind control!"

Christine twisted her neck to look at him again. "Alan, that's so cute. I'm so happy you're ready to fight for me, but lower your fists. Trust me; I'm having a great time. I can't wait for you to join in."

"Prove it!" He still stood in a fighting posture but was feeling less sure of himself.

"How can I prove it? I know how - kiss me."

"You sure?"


"Well okay, but just a kiss." Alan finally dropped his fists.

Heather, smirking triumphantly, stepped back to give him room.

Since Christine was bound and kneeling, Alan was forced to sit on a chair and put her in his lap so that their lips could meet comfortably. It was more than a little distracting, especially the way her breasts and pretty much all the rest of her was heaving up and down.

Alan looked deeply into her eyes and saw her great hunger and need. But since he couldn't even begin to conceive of her willingly doing anything sexual while Heather was there, let alone WITH Heather, his guard was down. He didn't even consider taking any of his clothes off because he planned on giving her nothing but a chaste kiss to prove his point.

However, as soon as his lips touched hers it was as if they'd both been jolted with an electric shock. Alan looked puzzled by that reaction, but he was having too much fun to seriously consider stopping.

Christine's arms were bound, which she was regretting intensely at that moment because she wanted to wrap them around Alan and hold him tightly against her naked body. However, her legs were not restrained, so she wrapped them around his waist instead. She even began bucking her hips at his lap just as if they were already having intercourse.

Alan didn't know what was going on or what had brought her to that state, but he wasn't exactly complaining.

His erection was straining urgently inside his shorts, demanding to be let out, so he had Joy help remove his shorts. Then he redoubled his efforts with his kissing, and since Christine wore no clothes, soon his hands were exploring her most wonderful places. Not surprisingly, his hands first went to her enormous 38F tits, the breasts that he'd been dreaming about and masturbating over for years. And since he was no longer wearing his shorts, he found himself almost dry-humping her.

Alan sitting in a chair without his shorts while Christine sits on his lap facing him, with her hands tied behind her back and Alan's dick protruding below her ass crack as if she were sittinng on it

Christine thought, Yes! This is what I've been waiting for! It doesn't matter that Alan has so many voluptuous lovers. The feel of his big thing sliding in my ass crack, it's better than all those football players and their hot dicks sliding all over my body combined! And the way he gropes my breasts like he owns them - wow! Of all the dozen or so people who have played with my breasts today, his touch is the best!

She laughed out loud at the absurdity of that thought. I don't care anymore; I love that everyone wants to fondle me! Gaaawd, I'm gonna cum already! Alan! My Alan! Do me more! There must be something wrong with me, but I loooove being played with when I'm all tied up!

Christine started wiggling her hips even more, in an effort to slide back away from him and then forward toward him, maneuvering to bring his dick up against her pussy lips. But when she did that she found herself falling off his lap.

Alan held onto her as she fell. The two of them wound up on the floor, but they were so into each other that the fall hardly bothered them. In fact, they barely even broke their kiss.

Their French kissing continued on for another minute or so. But then a stray hand appeared on Alan's ass.

Soon there were two hands there, cupping his ass cheeks. "Mmmm. What a cute ass. How do you like her, Alan? Did I get her hot to trot for you or what?" It was Heather.

It was clear from Alan's expression that he wanted to ask her about all the things that she'd done to Christine, but he wasn't about to stop kissing Christine. So he didn't.

Encouraged by his silence, Heather continued to fondle his butt as she said, "I know what you're thinking: 'Christine and Heather? What?!' I was thinking the same thing. But isn't it great? She's MY titty slut now, but I'll let you play with her all you want to, Alan, as long as you give me what I want." Then she turned and said, "You are my titty slut now, Christine. Right?"

Christine was also far too busy necking to say anything. She let out a great big "MMMM-MMMM!" that could have meant almost anything (if it meant anything at all). In fact, it was much more a response to Alan's fevered kissing and the sheer naughtiness of the idea of being a "titty slut" than any actual attempt to respond to the question.

Heather slid her hand up along the inside of Alan's thighs, making a beeline for the cock she loved so much. She grasped it and jacked it off for about a minute until she was sure that any resistance he might have to the proceedings was gone.

Christine finally had to stop kissing to catch her breath. She said, "I may be a titty slut, but I'm Alan's titty slut first. Alan, I know how you've stared ravenously at my chest for so long. I've pretended not to notice, at least a lot of the time, but I've always been secretly flattered and delighted. Now you can have my breasts - and the rest of me - any time you like!" She leaned forward and pushed her tongue again deep into his mouth.

While Christine couldn't do anything with her bound hands, after a couple of minutes of the most fervent necking imaginable, she was athletic enough to manage to roll on top of him. Heather helped her make the move because Heather wanted access for herself to Alan's dick.

After Christine rolled on top, Heather let out a jubilant "Goody!" and wedged her head in between all four legs of the necking couple. She brought her whole body up in between them until they widened their legs to give her the space she demanded.

Then she started licking Alan's erection. Occasionally, she reached out to Christine to work the bound girl's clit or tease her increasingly sensitive labia, both of which caused Christine to thrash about even more against Alan. Heather expected Alan to owe her big-time.


Even as Heather was busy doing that, Alan finally calmed down enough to break off his kissing and gasp, "Christine! What's going on?!"

"An orgy, that's what! Alan, don't even THINK about that 'not wanting to fuck me' stuff. I need to be nailed TODAY and I need to be nailed GOOD! If you don't take my virginity, then Heather's strap-on will. But I so very much want you to be my first. I've been saving myself for you. It has to be you! Please? Pretty please? Turn me into one of your Alan sluts. I wanna join your harem!"

"How do you know about that?"

"Never you mind. I know a lot more than you realize; I've been watching you for a long time now. Just hurry up and fuck my brains out already!"

"Actually, I think someone beat me to it," Alan said with a touch of regret. "You're already totally fucked-out mentally. What happened to, you know..."

"The frigid Christine?"

As he twisted her erect nipples, he said, "I wasn't going to put it exactly that way, but there's an element of-"

Christine was emphatic. "Screw her! You know the stereotype of the repressed, bespectacled librarian who finally lets her hair down and turns out to be an insatiable nympho? Well, that turned out to be me! Heather showed me that! I was all wrong about her. I wanna be your slut, and Heather's too if that's okay with you!"

That startled him. "Heather too?"

"Yes! Let's have orgies! Lots and lots of orgies. Just the three of us! Don't you want to have the two sexiest blonde titty sluts in the whole school at your beck and call every day? I know what goes on in this room. This is where you're going to plow both Heather and me before, during, and after school as much as you want! I need to feel your monster manhood completely filling me up! Please!"

Alan tried to look at Heather, but her face was buried so deep in his groin that all he could see from underneath a frenzied Christine was a bit of Heather's ponytail. She was jacking off the lower half of his erection while licking the top half, but she'd positioned herself so that as her hand went up and down her knuckles roughly brushed Christine's slit. "Heather? Did you do this? Did you give her a drug or something?"

Heather pulled away from her happy cocksucking. She laughed. "Well, I'll admit I did kind of force her into getting started. But then it's like she said, her inner slut came out. I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm not complaining. I'll tell you what. I'm so happy right now that I'm feeling generous. Fuck her first, and then do me." She dove back into Alan's groin, sucking and licking all the way.

Alan looked over at Janice and Joy, who were busy loving each other, and then back up at Christine, who was engrossed with tenderly kissing his nose and forehead. "I don't know. Christine, this is all happening too fast."

But he did know; he had no doubt what they were going to do. In fact, even as he professed to be hesitant, he was kneading both of Christine's enormous breasts with gusto.

Christine was like a tornado of constant, writhing movement on top of him, she was so into it (although she couldn't actually do much with her bindings). She blurted out, "Alan, you're the drug!"

Before she could achieve lip-lock again, he managed to ask, "Christine, okay already. I can't say no to you. But what's with the ropes? I thought Heather had done something awful to you."

"No. She's done something incredibly wonderful to me! I asked for the ropes. I'm just such a wild, nasty nympho that I need to be chained and bound! Then you can fuck my helpless nubile teenage body every way you want and I can't do a thing to stop you! Not that I would. Hee-hee! Stick it to me, Alan. Stick it in ME!"

He laughed with joy. "Twist my arm! Dang, this is gonna be good. I'll bet you're gonna have the tightest, most fuckable cunt yet. How do you wanna do it the first time?"

"Let's see. What about doggy style? I hear you can really go deep with that one. I want to feel you so deep your cock will come out my throat! ... Oh God! That reminds me. We DEFINITELY have to have you stick that thing in my mouth so you can blow a creamy load in there! Oh! And then between my tits. You need to fuck them. I'm glad they're so big, so you've got plenty to fuck! And then... ummm... anywhere else you want!"

Heather had stopped sucking Alan's throbbing boner in anticipation of him repositioning. But since he hadn't moved yet, she leaned down and gave it a few more loving licks. "Christine, you're going to love cocksucking, as long as it's Alan's cock. Just wait until you find out how sweet and delicious his cum is. You'll never want to stop." She swallowed his whole cockhead in her mouth again, taking in as much of his shaft as she could.

"Oh God!" Christine said with increasing excitement. "So the rumors are true?"

Heather was so busy bobbing her head up and down that she just nodded emphatically without losing her lip-lock as Alan's hard-on pushed towards her tonsils. Then, realizing Christine couldn't see that, she moaned loudly. "MMMM-HMMM!"

"Oh God!" Christine said again. She was barely coherent.

Alan could feel a climax coming on, so he forcibly pushed Heather's mouth away from his boner, causing her to pull off him altogether. He wanted to be fucking Christine when he blew his load.

Heather lifted Christine up and brought her to a table. She bent her rival over so her ass was sticking over the table edge at a ninety-degree angle, positioning Christine for a deep doggy-style penetration.

But at the same time that Heather was doing this, she said in a territorial voice, "Now you'll know how I feel. He's about to completely rock your world. But remember, I get him next. Is that clear? We'll take turns. Janice and Joy, sorry, maybe you can assist later, like if he wants a quadruple blowjob and then feels like spraying all four of our faces, but that's it. Today Alan gets the cream of the crop. And we get the cream of his cock, hee-hee!"

As she was saying this, Alan was lining his erection up with Christine's eager slit. At the same time, he was trying to mentally calm himself down enough so he wouldn't lose control on the first stroke. As stimulating as this was, it would be incredibly embarrassing if he were to blow before even reaching her hymen and taking her virginity.

Christine didn't seem to mind the idea of sharing him, partly because her thoughts were now entirely on what was about to happen to her. "I can already tell I'm gonna love doggy style. It's the perfect position to be naked, bound, and royally nailed!"

Heather kissed her on the top of her head, then whispered into her ear, "You will. You're gonna love it all. Welcome to the club. At school you'll be able to hold your head up high and share a secret knowing look with the rest of us - the look that says you're one of Alan's sluts. It's the best feeling in the world!" She stepped back to allow him to go at it.

Alan started rubbing his hard-on all around, even pressing it against Christine's asshole. He was getting her even more worked up, if such a thing was possible, while trying to rest a bit first so he could give her fucking his all.

Startled, Christine thought, That's where he's gonna put it next, in my ass! That's so wrong, but with him even that would be alright!

She was nearly delirious with excitement. Well, maybe not next, but later, and then often! I've been saving my body and all of its holes for Alan - and now for Heather too!

However, she was scared too. It started to hit her that he was about to break through her hymen, and that would hurt. She tensed up and gritted her teeth as she spoke her thoughts out loud. "Oh God! I want this so much, but I'm afraid too! It's gonna hurt like hell, isn't it?"

He said, "I'm sure it will. But everyone says it just hurts for a little bit and then the pleasure takes over. I'll go as slow as you want. I really do care about you."

Heather chimed in, "He's right. Yeah, it hurts at first, but soon you'll be screaming his name in ecstasy until your voice is hoarse!"


Christine was still very apprehensive. Reminded of her former nemesis, she asked, "Heather, can you help guide it in? That would mean so much to me. I feel like you're my new best friend."

"With pleasure, Christie." Heather scrambled into a new position to help.

"I don't let anyone call me Christie, but you can call me anything you like." Christine's voice was both breathless and determined.

Heather grabbed Alan's trembling shaft and lined it up with Christine's dripping vagina. She pushed it in about an inch or so, until it couldn't go any further without piercing the hymen. Then she paused and said, "Alan, have you ever deflowered a virgin before? She still has her maidenhead. I know, 'cos it's blocking the way."

"Really? No, I've never dealt with a hymen. Christine, are you sure you want this? You only lose your virginity once, you know."

"Yes! I want it bad! I want you! I want you to be the ONLY man to EVER fuck me! I'm so ready. The only thing is, before we do it I'm getting the urge to pee first."

"Pee?" he asked with alarm. "I'm not into that kind of kinky thing."

"No, you cute lummox, I don't mean that. I mean I literally have to go to the bathroom. Since my hands are tied, can someone help me get there? There has to be one in this theater room somewhere. Right?"

Alan bewailed, "Not now! Do you really have to go right now?!" He was beside himself with frustration, because he was so eager to start fucking.

Heather removed Alan's boner from where it sat in the first inch of Christine's cunt, ready for the coup de grace. Then she stood up and began pulling Christine off of the table she'd been lying on. "It would be my pleasure. I'm feeling, I dunno, all kind of sisterly towards you, Christine. I guess we can be bosom buddies, can't we?"

"Definitely! Emphasis on the bosom!" Christine giggled. She bent forward and kissed Heather on the lips. They mashed their prominent chests together briefly, which was one thing Christine could do well while her hands were bound. As they broke away she said, "Heather, every time you touch me, it's beyond magical. You set me on fire! Since Alan's so busy with all the other girls in his harem, I imagine you and I are going to get to know each other REALLY well."

Heather said dramatically, as if making a toast, "Most definitely! To you, Christine, my new best friend!" She leaned in for another kiss.

Just then Christine awoke, bolting upright in her bed. She had to pee very badly. Her eyes bugged out as she became consciously aware of the details of the dream she'd just had. She screamed, "NooooOOOOOooooOOOOoooo!"


Christine looked around her darkened room with panic-stricken eyes. Her heart was pounding but she was at least relieved a bit as she realized that it had all been only a dream.

It was just a dream. Just a dream. Thank God! No, it was more than a dream; that was a real nightmare! Heather?! Lesbian lovemaking with Heather?! What the hey?!

She got up, wrapped a sheet around herself, and burst out into the hallway. She really had to pee very badly.

After she'd relieved herself, she remained sitting on the toilet with her head in her hands. God dammit. Stupid nightmare! I can't even begin to believe my body just betrayed me like that. I'm not into girls, not in the slightest! And Heather, of all people?! That has to be some kind of sick joke. It makes me want to puke just to look at her. Where'd all this "magical touch" crap come from?

The big question is, WHEN did I nod off and my idle fantasizing about Alan turn into real dreaming? It must have been right off the bat, because I can't imagine I'd fantasize about any of that! Even the football player part was completely wrong and perverted. Sheesh! They're not even half that good looking in real life. Besides, they'd be in so much trouble if they tried that for real; I'd tear them apart.

But my pussy is all hot and wet. I must have been touching myself at some point. I'm positive though I fell asleep early on. I remember thinking maybe it was time to wake up when those assholes were getting out of control. So that means I was definitely asleep before I had to run naked through the school, which was before the dream got all lesbian. Thank the Lord.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. It was Christine's mother Olga. "Christine? You in there? Everything okay?"

"Yeah, Mom. I'm fine. I just had a bad nightmare."

"Oh dear. I think you woke up half the town with that scream. You sure you're okay? Can I get you anything? Maybe some sleeping pills or hot chocolate?"

"No Mom. Really, I'm fine now. Thanks for asking."

"Okay. If you say so. Nighty-night, and don't let the bedbugs bite."

"Night, Mom."

Wrapping the sheet around her again, Christine made her way back to her bedroom. She figured her mother would notice if she sat in the bathroom for too long. Back in bed with the lights off, she continued to ponder her dream.

What did that mean? My dream me is the exact opposite of the real me. Maybe that dream was reflecting all my worst sexual fears. Isn't that what dreams are all about, sorting out psychological issues through symbolism and the like? No, that's not even true, 'cos it's not like I've ever worried that I'm the least bit attracted to Heather. I've never given any thought about having lesbian tendencies. At least, not before I had THAT nightmare!

I mean, once I was really mad at my parents about some petty thing and that night I dreamt that I killed them. But I would never even remotely think about or desire to do that in real life. Just because I had a torrid sex session with Heather in a dream, that means NOTHING in the real world. So there! It's just that at that point in the dream I was already so aroused and needed to cum so bad that I would literally have been attracted to anyone.

You know what the problem is? It's that stupid Wonder Woman fantasizing I always do. There's been this strange pattern lately. I used to start off kicking ass and saving the day, but lately I always seem to get caught. And then tied up. And then tortured sexually. And then utterly ravaged! I'm forced to cum and cum and cum until I'm delirious. Ugh. I mean, I've heard most women have nonconsensual fantasies at some point, but this is ridiculous! It's getting to the point where I'm afraid to go to sleep.

She sighed heavily. At least I got away from the football players this time. I've had worse dreams about them starting to do all kinds of things to me, and then I wake up. But most of the time it's somehow Alan who ends up catching me and sexually tormenting me. I can't even count all the times I've dreamt I'm Wonder Woman, but Alan always defangs my powers and ends up fucking me into oblivion. The only problem is, in all my sexual dreams, I always wake up just before the penetration. Just like tonight. Damn! Still, although I don't mind those dreams about Alan at all, after this one I think I'm gonna have to go see a shrink.

At one point in the dream I actually said to him, "I wanna be your slut, and Heather's too." Sheesh! I could just crawl in a hole and die! I am NOT a slut. And I'm DEFINITELY NOT into other women in any way, shape, or form. Period! Despite this nightmare I know for a fact I'm just not wired that way. I'm just so horny all the time lately that I guess I'm becoming completely unglued. It's affecting my school work too.

Is it that I know he's having sex with Heather? Is that the so-disturbing and disgusting fact that's warping my dreams? That's probably part of it. But she's not the person who's REALLY bothering me the most.

It's Alan. Is he the problem or is he the solution?

I didn't start having all these strange bondage dreams until I started to get really attracted to him. I need an experienced but very sensitive guy like him to awaken my sexual side. If I'm really some kind of bomb ready to go off, I need someone who can defuse me slowly, bit by bit, rather than me having some huge explosion. I'd like nothing more than to have him date me for several weeks, initiating me gradually into the ways of love. Even though he's sleeping with so many others, I could put that aside and just pretend we're a couple until he makes me a woman. Then I'd be ready to face the world without this huge "virgin ice queen" hang-up that's making my life absolutely miserable.

Nobody else in school even comes close to having the right sensitivity to do that. All the other guys are like, "Big tits, heh-heh-heh. Blonde hair, heh-heh-heh. Nice squeezy ass, heh-heh-heh." It's like being surrounded by hundreds of guys like Beavis and Butthead. Bleah!

On the other hand, Alan seems to be the cause of all these strange dreams, so actually doing anything physical with him might be like trying to use gasoline to put out a fire. I want him so badly, but he seems so dead serious about keeping his hands off me and keeping our relationship 'platonic'. Maybe I'm not sexy enough. Maybe, even though I have a nice body, my "egghead" side, my grouchy perfectionist side, my "Ice Queen" side is too much of a deterrent. I need to change that.

Most of all, I NEED TO GET LAID. I get this feeling that if I actually have sex, all these weird dreams and desires will fade away. I'm getting some kind of complex because everyone I know has had sex except me. Even most of the "Goody-goodies" have. I'm the only one of my friends who's never even been beyond second base. I don't wanna be some bound-up super-heroine; I just wanna be normal! I wanna have a normal boyfriend who loves me. I wanna have ALAN as my normal boyfriend!

Sigh. Woe is me. Alan's living some kind of weird hyper-sexual life now that's probably even stranger than tonight's nightmare. In my dream I said he had a harem. He's got so many girls, for all I know that might be literally true. How can I compete with that? I turned him down when I could have had him all for myself! Duh! Maybe I hurt him so much that now he can't trust me; he's afraid I'll do it again. Arrgh!

Christine hit her pillow several times in extreme frustration. Then she tried to quiet her mind and go to sleep. Usually that worked, but this time it was all in vain.

She finally got so frustrated that she just opened her mouth and let out a great silent scream. Even though no sound came out, it felt good to release her emotions in that way.

Hitting her pillow again, she said to herself, What do I want from me?! My own mind is trying to make me go insane! If it weren't for my years of meditation and practicing self-control I think I'd have flipped out already.

Christine lying in her bed, tossing and turning in torment

I know Amy tells us all how incredibly pleasurable "sucking his cock" is, but I have my pride, dammit. I have to be strong. I need to use my iron will. I have to continue simply willing myself not to consciously think these kinds of thoughts. But that's part of the problem too. I'm so good at repressing sexual feelings most of the day - except when I'm actually around Alan - that it all comes out at night. My dreams are getting more and more sexual and more and more crazy. But even so, there's still NO PENETRATION! Arrgh!

Maybe I can't dream of penetration because I don't know what it's like in real life? I'm probably the last girl in Southern California my age to still have a hymen. But then again it's not like I know what lesbian lovemaking is like in real life either, and this latest nightmare was disturbingly detailed about that. At least I guess it was. It seemed so real. I mean, I experienced things with Heather that I've never even seen in movies, so where did that come from? Okay, there was that one time I spied her getting it on with Simone in the stinky bathroom, but I didn't really see much.

I think my brain is having fun torturing me with all these "sex but no penetration" dreams. To what end, I don't know. All I know is that I can't go on like this. What I really need is a friend, one good friend whom I could share all my dreams and thoughts with. They'd be more sexually experienced than I am since I'm probably the only virgin my age left in Orange County! URGH! It seems like it, anyway. They'd tell me what to do and how to get out of this vicious circle. The only problem is, my "Ice Queen" demeanor has kept everyone at a distance. I'm all alone! Which makes sense, because who'd want to associate with the twisted, disgusting, deviant, sex-obsessed freak that I'm turning into?

At least I'm not alone; Katherine says she has weird submissive dreams too. Maybe I should talk to her some more about that. But I'll bet that if she hears the actual details of what I dream about, and that's it's her brother, she'll think I'm a total freak. Ugh.

Christine tossed and turned for a long time before sleep mercifully returned.


Back at the Plummer house, Alan and Suzanne walked down the stairs together while Xania and Susan followed some ways behind.

Suzanne grumbled, "I'm so upset at Susan right now. By forcing us to come upstairs, she ruined the whole effect of our outfits. We were going to have a big 'Ta-da!' moment."

Alan grabbed Suzanne's hand with one hand while covering his eyes with the other. "Help me down the stairs, Mother, I can't see where I'm going."

"Okay, but why?" She helped him down the last few stairs.

With his eyes closed and his hand still over them for good measure, he said, "I can't see a thing. Why, it's so dark that I can't even remember what any sexy ladies have been wearing in this house for the last few minutes."

An understanding of his intentions hit Suzanne. She hugged him all over then kissed his lips. "Aren't you just the sweetest? You're trying to give me my 'Ta-da!' moment back. No wonder some people around here call you Sweetie."

"I know one smart, beautiful, kind, and loving mother in particular who calls me that."

Suzanne was so overwhelmed by his gesture and kind words that she didn't know what to do. "Good Lord! Sweetie, you are going to get soooo lucky tonight! I can't even put into words..." She suddenly went from nearly teary-eyed to laughing. "Of course, you get lucky every night."

He just grinned. He couldn't deny that.

Then she turned business-like. "Okay, here's the plan. You stay here since you can't move around with your eyes closed like that, and when you hear me say 'Ta-da!' you open them up."


Less than a minute later, Alan heard the words and opened his eyes.

There was Suzanne, strolling into the living room from the dining room, with Xania and Susan following right behind, one on each side. Actually, it would be more accurate to say they were all strutting, not strolling. While Suzanne was mostly naked, with just black leather gloves and thigh-high boots, Xania and Susan were mostly covered in shiny black. However, the amount of covering didn't matter: each one looked sexier than the next.


Alan whistled appreciatively and said, "Dang, I'm speechless. Have there ever been three more beautiful women? You're like the Amazon triplets. But what I want to know is, who's the lucky guy?"

All three had stopped in front of him and began striking poses as if they were models in front of a dozen cameras. But Susan said excitedly, "You are! You're going to fuck all three of us, over and over! Why, I'll bet in the next twenty-four hours you'll have your sperm sloshing around inside each of us, multiple times!"

Alan laughed and continued to admire their posing. I'm the luckiest fuck on Earth! Man! This is fuckin'... Damn! Super boner time!

Even as his erection throbbed insistently, he thought bit more calmly, You know, in a way it's not that shocking to see Xania or Suzanne like this. I mean, you spend five minutes with them and it's obvious that they're both man-eating seductive vixens. But my Mom dressed in black latex and flashing her pussy at me? I don't care how much of a nympho she becomes, it's still shocking because she's still fundamentally a soccer mom at heart. The way she tells me to fill all my women up with my sperm until their pussies are full and sloshing is exactly the same earnest and encouraging voice she uses to tell me to go do well on a test at school.

He didn't want to get too excited too soon, and his heart was already pounding wildly. So he said, "I've got to hit the can and then get a drink. Then we can get started, okay?"

After going to the bathroom, he found himself in the kitchen.

Suzanne was there too, sitting on a counter stool while the other two waited in the living room. She said, "Thanks for that, Sweetie. You know how to make a woman happy. It may sound cliché, but it really is the little things that count. Heck, you know how to make three women very happy all at once. You should have heard Susan go on about you while you were in the toilet. She would give her right arm to you if you just said the word, you know."

Alan replied, "I can imagine. But out of curiosity, what did she say exactly?"

Suzanne grinned. "Oh, you know, the usual stuff. How impressive it is that you've turned three women with 38Gs, and now larger, into your sex slaves, and make them shamelessly pose and perform for you. Xania took offense, but she let that slide."

"And you didn't take offense?"

She blushed. She was going to say that it was incorrect to say that he'd forced them to pose and perform, but then she realized that she was taking for granted the fact that she was one of his sex slaves. That made her blush even more.

Sensing her discomfort, he quickly changed the topic. "Hey, speaking of Mom, why did you send her up to bring me downstairs, by the way?"

"Ah. Good question. We had a kind of a situation downstairs. Amy and Kim passed through on the way out."

Alan was briefly stunned about that. "What? Oh yeah. I totally forgot they've been down in the basement with Brenda this whole time! Wasn't Brenda with them?"

"No. Apparently she passed out cold after what I can only imagine was yet another particularly powerful orgasm that just about set the whole basement shaking. They couldn't wake her up for anything after that, so they just put a blanket on her and a pillow under her head. We'll deal with it tomorrow. I literally just got off the phone with her maid Anika to tell her and Adrian not to worry, so everything's all right. That's why I was in the kitchen." She nodded to the phone next to her.

"So... But that doesn't explain why you sent Susan upstairs. I mean, you know how excitable she is." Alan had gotten a glass for himself and was rummaging around for something to put in it.

Suzanne leaned across the counter and said quietly, "Just between you and me, Kim has a huge crush on Susan. I'll bet she's got a crush on Brenda by now too, 'cos she loves big breasts nearly as much as you do. But still, it's the mention of Susan that really lights up Kim's eyes. I had to send Susan away to stop anything from happening. My mistake was trying to kill two birds with one stone and get her to bring you downstairs."

Alan said in a low voice as he searched the refrigerator, "But why all the secrecy and hush-hush voice?"

"Because Susan, the naïve woman she still is, has no clue about Kim's feelings towards her. And I want it to stay that way. Before you ask why, think about it. Kim blasted into hyperdrive today. The poke-her party plus getting to play with Brenda was a lot for her. Probably too much, in fact. I hate to toot my own horn, but while Kim's a very pretty girl, Brenda, Susan, Xania, and I are in a completely different league. Even if Kim's been with the likes of Heather, Amy, or Katherine, that didn't prepare her for the experience of a fully mature and really busty woman. You should have seen her when she came up from the basement. She looked like she was stoned out of her gourd, she was that high on life. I fear Brenda may have just about broken the poor girl."

Alan replied, "So you need to space her encounters out for her to give her time to adjust, and Susan wouldn't necessarily understand that. I see."



Just then, Xania walked in the kitchen. "Hey, what gives? Are we gonna get this show on the road or what?" Her black leather outfit was completely unzipped in front. She stuck her bare chest out, laced her fingers together behind her, and gave the best pleading look she could give. She swayed slightly like a child wheedling a treat out of a stingy parent.

Suzanne turned and said to her, "Just a minute. I finished my call to Brenda's place and now we're getting a drink. Alan, Sweetie, why don't you have some of that chilled white wine? For what we're gonna do next, the looser you are, the better."

Then she said to Xania in a tone that indicated she wanted Xania to go, "We'll be there in a minute, so everybody needs to chill out. I'm just giving my Sweetie a little liquid courage first. You want some?"

Xania shook her head no while continuing to stand there in the most wanton pose she could think of, with her chest thrust out and her arms behind her back.

Alan hardly seemed to notice her, though. He picked up the wine and asked Suzanne, "Okay, but should I? What about tomorrow? Thanksgiving's a big day and I've got a lot of things planned." He was mindful that he'd already had a couple of drinks.

"Sweetie, with everything else that's happened and is gonna happen tonight, I think your having a few drinks will be the last thing on your mind tomorrow."

Xania got tired of waiting. She said huffily, "I know just what you're doing, Alan. This is all some kind of fiendish plot, isn't it? You say you're just getting a drink when what you're really doing is just building up the anticipation even more until I'm ready to cream in my pants just thinking about what we're going to do. You're ignoring me to impress me and make me want you that much more. Damn you and your self-control!" She returned to the living room with frustration clearly written all over her face.

As Xania left, Suzanne said to her, "And tell Susan to sit still and be patient too!"

Susan in fact was just getting up to see what was going on, but she froze and went back to her seat feeling extremely frustrated.

Suzanne wiggled her eyebrows leeringly. "Kinda nice to have a woman like that so horny for you, isn't it? I'll bet it gives you a sense of power."

"Yeah," he nodded. "To say the least. Having so many women want me definitely makes my 'bad Alan' side flare up. But the funny thing is, my reputation grows by leaps and bounds without me actually doing anything, or deserving it. I mean, I'm really just thirsty and getting a drink, and somehow that drives Xania mad with lust. It's so draining, living up to all these expectations without a let up. I just know that tomorrow I'll sleep past noon and this alcohol won't help matters."

Suzanne chuckled. "If you're tired, it'll be because of all the bombshell babes you nailed today, not to mention all the gallons of cum you shot into their tight slits and down their throats. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Remember that sex is largely in the mind. One of the plusses of having such a reputation is that if you just do a good job, the hype will make it seem great. Xania right now was a great case in point."

Alan poured himself a glass and one for Suzanne too. A part of him wished there would be school tomorrow because he briefly imagined how much fun it could be if he could really tell all his classmates about his unbelievable poke-her party exploits. Sadly, he wouldn't even be able to tell Sean, because of the incest factor.

Suzanne noted, "You did pretty much ignore her though, and nobody ever ignores a bombshell like her, much less when she's thrusting her luscious, squeezable, big tits out at you. That makes you very intriguing and desirable."

"Yeah", he said blandly. He was pretty amazed that he'd reached a point where he could ignore something like that, but sometimes, like now, he was so overstimulated that he needed a break.

He knew Suzanne was trying to get an erotic rise out of him with her "bombshell babes" and "gallons of cum" comments, and it was working (not that it was necessary though, with so much other erotic stimulation all around him). But he switched gears and asked, "So why did Kim and Amy leave already, though? I didn't even get to say goodbye."

"They were utterly destroyed, even after taking clean up showers down there. Sure, they wanted to say goodbye too, but I purposely kept them away from you because I figured that lately around here a two minute goodbye kiss has a habit of turning into a ten minute goodbye blowjob, which turns into a twenty minute goodbye fuck. Look what happened to your goodnight kiss with Kat, for instance, and I REALLY want to turn the tables on you already! Xania's not the only antsy one around here."

Suzanne started bouncing up and down impatiently like a child that had to pee.

"Okay, okay," Alan laughed, trying not to stare too much at Suzanne's crazily bouncing breasts. Taking his wine, he headed towards the living room, but then stopped. "Wait. One more question. Why, after they left, did you AND Xania come upstairs? You said you didn't want to ruin the costume surprise, so why not just send one?"

Suzanne smiled. She acted as if she was speaking into a hidden camera. "He's not just a hunky teen with a cute butt and jackhammer dick. The boy asks some smart questions." Then she said to Alan, "That's because I was afraid that if either of us went alone, we'd get sucked into your sex games too, like Susan did."

He laughed, especially because he could see she was serious about it.

Finally, all four of them were gathered in the living room. Alan wore his usual generic T-shirt and shorts, while the other three were still decked out pornographically in black leather. Xania found the latex body suit too stiff and uncomfortable, so she'd stripped down to stockings, long leather gloves, and nothing else.

Alan let out a low whistle as he admired the dominatrix-themed outfits on the three of them. He said, "I'm still not sure about this whole submission experiment thing, but I do know I love the apparel for it."

Susan chuckled, and said, "My thoughts exactly."

As Alan sat down on a sofa with his wine glass in hand, he commented, "You know though, I still don't feel worthy. I mean, why me? Why do I get to play with three of the most beautiful women in the whole friggin' universe? Just look at you. What did I ever do to deserve all this?"

Xania looked at Suzanne, and said to her, "That's good. Maybe we should exploit that."

Alan was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Suzanne explained, "We're going to try a role-play. Xania and I were thinking that might be the best way to bring you into exploring your submissive side. We're going to punish you and we need things to punish you about." She laughed as she added, "The problem is, you're such a good kid that I'm having a hard time thinking of some way to get righteously angry at you."

She continued more seriously, "But I also want to say that it's when you feel worthy of us all that I'm going to worry. That's when 'Bad Alan' is on the prowl. Your continuing modesty and goodness in the face of such fortune is SUCH a huge turn-on for me, personally."

"Me too!" Susan said enthusiastically. "He's such a good kid! My heart just wants to burst with pride whenever I think about it."

Alan joked, "Is that why you always have such trouble keeping a top on, because your chest keeps swelling with pride and ripping all the seams?" He further joked to himself that she must have had some pride swelling recently, because she'd already taken her top off.

Xania said dryly, "We've got us a regular comedian. I still say we get this show on the road. In fact, I'm going to start right now. Kiddo, here's the plan. Suzanne and I are going to pretend to be teachers in your school. You will call us Mrs. Pestridge and Dr. Goodleigh. Susan, since she's not the domineering type, has promised to just sit quietly and watch."

Susan spoke up. "Tiger, I worry. I'm a kind of referee to make sure they don't go too far. To be honest, I'm against this whole thing as a matter of principle, although I put up with it since you seem to want it. After all, you're the master of the harem."

"You mean master of the house," Alan corrected.

"Yes, that too." Susan giggled briefly. "But you should be dominating them, not the other way around. You should be taming them with your cock more thoroughly. You should fuck Xania in the face and mark her with your sperm. You need to claim her just like a dog marks out its territory."

Her voice grew incredulous. "Do you realize that she's still not willing to give up having sex with other men? I mean, Suzanne's bad enough thinking she's too good to call you 'Master,' but Xania really needs some serious pussy taming." She flashed Xania an annoyed look.

Alan laughed. "Mom, thanks, but variety's the spice of life and I want to try something different tonight. This may well be a one time thing only. I like that Aunt Suzy doesn't call me 'Master' because I want Suzanne to be true to her Suzanne-ness, if you know what I mean. As for Xania, that's her choice. If she wanted to be part of the core group that would be another matter, but she's happy with her life in L.A. So as long as she is extremely careful about using protection, I don't have a problem with who she sleeps with up there. It's none of my business."

Susan shook her head slowly. "Alan, you're far too tolerant of your big-titted nymphos. The Big Tits Theory says she'll break if you just tame her with your cock a little more. Physically, she's SO Alan-worthy that it absolutely breaks my heart she's not worshipping your cock as much as she should. When have you ever REALLY pounded her pussy into oblivion? Has she had enough of your cum to get hooked on it like a junkie gets hooked to crack? Is she-"

Suzanne coughed to draw attention. "Enough of that. Susan, what did I say about mentioning that silly theory of yours? Sweetie, let's get going. I want you to imagine this is a school office. Walk out of the room, and then walk back in as if you've been sent for punishment after school. Then we'll just wing it. Remember that a little bit of pain can heighten the pleasure. Oh, and as you've practiced with me and others, having someone delay your orgasm can heighten your pleasure in the end. So just keep those things in mind and you'll do fine."

Alan nodded. But before he left the room, he walked to the stereo. Suzanne's classical music was still playing, but he turned that off. He said, "If nobody minds, I really enjoyed the Beatles song on endless loop earlier. I'd like to do that again."

He pulled out a Led Zeppelin CD and put the song "When the Levee Breaks" on endless loop. He wasn't really sure why he picked that song, he mostly just thought it would be hypnotic to hear it over and over. Then he walked back towards the kitchen.


He immediately turned around. There was no door between the dining room/kitchen area and the living room, so he knocked on the doorframe. "Um, Mrs. Pestridge? You wanted to see me?"

"Yes I did, Alan," Suzanne answered. "Come on in."

He walked in and looked around as if it was his first time there. He tried to pretend that Suzanne and Xania were normal teachers even though they were basically naked except for some black leather on their arms and legs.

Suzanne said, "You know Dr. Goodleigh. She's here to help me administer your punishment today."

"What did I do?" he asked. "No one's told me why I was being sent here."

Xania spoke to him. "It has come to the school's attention about your sexual exploits. It seems that you've been spreading your seed far and wide."


"And without using protection most of the time, I might add," Suzanne butted in. "Half of the beautiful female students and teachers in this school are liable to give birth in nine months to a new generation of Plummers."

"Is that the problem, that I've been having unprotected sex too recklessly?" he asked with pretend worry.

"Hardly," Xania snorted, getting into her role. "That's just the tip of the iceberg. You see, we know EVERYthing. We know you've been fornicating and fraternizing with Heather Morgan and the rest of her cheerleading squad. We also know that you've tamed the pussies of every single one of them."

"And how is that a problem?" he asked. "Is it a crime to have sex with Heather just because she's such a bitch? Everyone knows what a bitch she is, but I'll have you know that I'm doing the school a favor keeping her dazed by keeping her ass thoroughly stuffed."

"Mind your language with me, young man," Xania growled menacingly, not knowing the term "young man" was never used in the house out of respect for Glory's use of it. "I said every single one of them. Every. Single. One. Do you recall a certain cheerleader by the name of Katherine PLUMMER?"

"Ah. Oh shit. Um..." He felt real shock to hear that pointed out.

"Again, watch your language," Suzanne said this time. She picked up a ruler and held it menacingly. "Although in this case, the use of the word 'shit' is apt because you're in a shitload of trouble, if I may be so vulgar. But it gets worse. We also know about your mother. That's right. Alan Plummer, star student, has been having incestuous relations of the vilest nature with both his mother AND his sister. Disgusting!"

He was starting to believe the role-play now. He'd always held a deep fear that something like this would happen, that he would be publicly found out for the forbidden and possibly even illegal sexual relationships he had. Because the fear was so real, he didn't have to pretend to be frightened.

Xania continued ominously, "But there's more. Ms. Gloria Rhymer. Poor Ms. Rhymer. You've beguiled and tamed her with your big cock and have led her astray from her role as teacher. Thanks to your notoriously sweet seed, you've brought shame upon the whole school by the way you make her guzzle down your cum nearly every day for lunch. I have half a mind to fire her today."

He lurched forward in shock. This was getting increasingly real for him, despite a certain level of sexual innuendo and absurdity the other two were carefully maintaining. "You can't! You wouldn't! Please don't!"

Xania said, "I can! And I just might. I really should for the good of the school board. They don't like scandal."

Suzanne took over. "Well... That all depends on you and how obedient you are, starting right now. But there's more. We know all about your use of the theater room. We've been collecting evidence there for weeks. We've watched hours and hours of disturbingly arousing video of you taking your slutty cheerleader bitches in there and having your way with them. We've seen you pound their sweet pussies, not to mention all their other holes, for hours on end until they're too tired to beg for more. Sometimes we've been forced to watch some of your more intense sex sessions repeatedly, late into the night, just to fully understand all of the horrible things you're capable of."

She straightened up and angrily jabbed a finger at him. "Using school property for your sordid ends, and half the time it's been during school hours, I might add. But truancy is the least of your worries."

He cowered with increasing nervousness. The cowering was an act, but the nervousness was not. "There's more?"

"There is," Xania said ominously. "I can't even begin to count your crimes. For instance, while it's technically not a school violation, Mrs. Pestridge and I are appalled at the way you've flouted the institution of marriage, porking virtually every sexy, big-titted woman you meet, whether she's married or not."

He started to say, "I haven't really done that many married-"

"SILENCE!" Suzanne slammed her ruler down, causing everyone in the room to jump, including Susan. "You will only speak when you are told to. But what bothers Dr. Goodleigh and me is the way you have mocked the two of us personally."

Now he was confused. "What do you mean, Mrs. Pestridge?"

"I mean, you're probably single-handedly responsible for a new Orange County baby boom, and yet you've passed right on by Dr. Goodleigh and me. Why do I never hear the orgasmic screams of my esteemed colleague here echoing down the school halls? Why do I never see HER naked body lying sprawled out, spread-eagled and dripping with cum, on the table in the middle of the teacher's lounge? Why haven't you tamed US, and added us to your harem? Are we not good enough for you?"

Xania added, "Even though you have both of us as teachers, why for instance, did you never come to MY class after school, rip every button off my blouse, bend me over my desk, and ride my sweet ass with that thick cock of yours for hours on end? Why have you not made me scream for more until I'm too hoarse to speak? Answer me that!"

Suzanne groused, "Starting today, things around here are going to change, I know that much. Oh yes." She raised an eyebrow and stared him down menacingly.

Alan couldn't help but smile. Things had been getting too serious with the other accusations, so he was happy for some more tongue in cheek sexual playfulness. He remembered all over again how naked they both were, and his gaze wandered all over their voluptuous bodies. His dick had been on the verge of going flaccid, but it sprang back to life.

Still, he said seriously, "Mrs. Pestridge, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize."

She replied in exasperation, "Didn't realize? When did that ever stop you before? If you see a woman you want, it's usually a matter of hours before she's screaming your name at the top of her lungs and your cum is drooling out of her battered pussy. Why not the two of us? Did we do something to offend you? Perhaps, we're not quote, Alan-worthy, unquote?" She made mocking quote marks with her fingers in the air as she said that. "I can't see why that would be, though. Look at Dr. Goodleigh, for instance. Really look at her! That's an order."


Xania stepped forward. She was already wearing nothing more than black leather gloves up her arms, dark stockings on her legs, and black high heels. As she ran her hands all over her body, she said in a seductively self-assured tone, "Alan, you have to admit that I'm hot. It's just a fact. A body like mine deserves to be fucked by the best. Which means you."

She then suggestively spread her legs a little bit and started fingering her pussy from in front, and her ass crack too. That made her hips gently rock and her breathing quicken ever so slightly. "From now on, whenever you get a note from me excusing you from one of your classes, you WILL go to the theater room and you WILL pound my hungry holes until I'm dizzy from cumming so many times that I lose count. Is that CLEAR?!" Her voice grew suddenly menacing.

"Yes, ma'am," he cowered dejectedly again, though in fact he was loving her "threat."

Then Suzanne stepped forward and showed herself off in much the same manner. In fact, she looked remarkably similar to Xania, in part because she was wearing leather in nearly the exact same places. Part of their strategy to arouse him was to appear almost like twins. Still holding the ruler, she began stroking it all over her ivory skin.

"Alan, what Dr. Goodleigh says goes double for me. You've already done what it takes to get into a good college. Now I think we can find more enjoyable ways for you to pass the rest of your senior year, don't you think?"

He decided not to answer, but just watch.

Suzanne slowly brought the ruler to her moist red lips and began sucking on it, acting as if she was about to give it a blowjob. Then she pushed her breasts together with her upper arms and slid the ruler down into her tight cleavage.

He was having so much fun watching her that he nearly forgot about Xania. But he looked her way and noticed she was still standing next to Suzanne and putting on her own equally sexy show (although she didn't have a prop like a ruler to help her out).

Suzanne continued, while running the ruler over her firm belly, "We're going to make a deal with Ms. Rhymer. Together, the three of us will put you in a special education program. A very hands-on, practical, sex education class. Your grade will be based entirely on how well-fucked you can keep the three of us, together and separately. Is that clear? We'll hold class all day in the theater room wearing nothing but high heels, since everyone knows you love them so much. We'll allow Heather, Amy, and Katherine to come in for occasional 'extra credit' projects, just to show that we can share. Does that sound good to you, assuming we're worthy?"

He found himself thinking, Just imagine if Xania and Suzanne were teachers along with Glory. I imagine it's technically possible, but if it were to really happen everyone would be too busy staring and no one would ever get any work done. It would be like Porn Star High School. The sight of these two shameless flirts strutting up and down the school halls in their tight skirts, dark stockings, and low cut tops, licking their lips with those long lizard tongues that are perfectly designed for cocksucking... Damn, that sounds good, not that the reality of what I do at school is all that shabby!

He asked, "All day? But don't all three of you have to teach other classes?"

Suzanne slammed the ruler into her open palm, creating a loud smack sound. "WE'RE the ones asking the questions around here! Now, answer us!"

He said, "Wow. You're definitely very worthy. I don't know, I guess I was just busy. It's hard to explain. I mean, fucking my sister and mother is pretty much a full time job. But I'd, uh, be happy to make it up to you right now. Let me fuck you both." Though he was still freaked out from being "exposed," he was also very much enjoying himself.

Xania looked at Suzanne with disgust. "Now, he says he'll make it up to us." She turned her wrath back on Alan. "Where have you been these last months when I've been wearing out dildo after dildo screaming your name? Do you have any idea how many times my husband has asked me who the hell Alan is? Your promise to hammer both of our talented pussies with your big battering ram, sounds tempting, and we'll certainly accept. But that hardly gets you off the hook, young man. You still have to make up for your rude and inattentive behavior. Wouldn't you agree, Mrs. Pestridge?"

"Absolutely, Dr. Goodleigh. Alan Evan Plummer, it's time to take your punishment. Bend over and bare yourself to the waist. Better yet, bare yourself completely." Suzanne's eyes glittered with lust. "Prepare to receive one hundred spankings for your many and varied crimes."


Alan was so shocked by what Suzanne had just said that he could scarcely believe it. He was expecting some spanking to happen, but nothing like that many. He shrieked, "One hundred spankings?! Did you say 100?!"

"I did. If you find that too much, we may be able to make, how shall I put this... other arrangements as we go. Perhaps we can come up with some alternatives to those which you can earn with ... other behavior. Given the magnitude of your crimes, wouldn't you say we're actually being quite generous? Why, the way you're banging your mother more often than the banging of a cheap screen door at a busy restaurant, I'd think that's worth more like ten years in prison, wouldn't you? Would that be more to your liking?"

He was silent, hanging his head down like a guilty criminal.

"I thought not," Suzanne said triumphantly. "You will disrobe and bend over Dr. Goodleigh's lap this very minute. Is that clear?"

He nodded forlornly and took his place, butt up, across Xania's legs. So far he hadn't been forced to do anything that submissive, but he did find his new position on top of Xania's legs to be somewhat humiliating, not to mention humbling. Yet it was also arousing, and not just because of all the contact with Xania's heavenly body. Being spanked by a sexy and nearly nude teacher, much less a pair of them, was hardly an unpleasant fantasy for him.

But then Suzanne came down on his ass with the ruler.


He was taken by complete surprise as the small piece of wood loudly crashed onto his skin. He'd expected that Suzanne would have more to say, probably still more intensely arousing things, before she started actually spanking him. As a result, he hadn't even tensed up his muscles. Further, he was shocked that she'd used the ruler instead of her hand. He thought he'd be getting more sexy taps than full-on painful whacks.

And the spanking was quite painful. One could tell that from the yell he involuntarily let out.

He heard a slightly delayed gasp from across the room. He looked to see who'd made it. It was Susan. He'd forgotten she was even there, since she'd been so silent. Looking at her, he noticed that she was busy fingering herself.

Or at least she was, up until that moment when she reacted to the spanking. She stood up and said, "Xania! Suzanne! Stop that this instant! I will not stand to see you hurt my son!"

Suzanne had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. "Susan, what did I tell you? Did I not say we'd be spanking him with a ruler? What did you expect?"

Susan was caught on that one. "Well, I know, but... I didn't expect it to be like THAT."

He butted in, "Mom, I appreciate your concern, but really, this is what I was expecting. Sure it hurts some, but doesn't it hurt when you get spanked? And don't you love it just the same?"

Susan blushed. "That's different. I'm your big-titted submissive milky mommy. Spanking is one of the many ways you tame me and own me. I love it!" She smiled as her mind briefly drifted off to fond memories.

But her upset mood came roaring back. "But you're the master! That's what masters do to take total control of their many horny nymphos. We need to be kept in line." She shook her head and waved a hand through the air. "But this! This is all highly disturbing."

Xania pointedly suggested, "Susan, perhaps you just want to go to bed then? You've had a long day filled with lots of long and tiring cocksucking. We'll be fine here. Really."

Susan stared defiantly, with her hands on her hips. "Ha! Like I should trust you, of all people. You're not even fully tamed. You still sleep with other men! I think I'll just sit here and watch, thank you very much." She returned to her chair and sat back down, still visibly fuming.

Xania thought, Geez, this thing about my sleeping with other men is really becoming a sore point with her. I guess she gave me a grace period and expects that I should have been "broken" by now. I'm sorry, Alan's an excellent lover, but he's not THAT good that I'd give up all other men for him. Get a grip, Susan.

Suzanne said in an authoritative voice, "Susan, you can stay, but I won't stand these kinds of interruptions. You've completely ruined the mood we were carefully building here. So I expect complete silence from you from now on. But since you're so traumatized, I'll make one concession. I'll spank him with my hand instead of the ruler. Is that agreeable to you?"

Actually, Suzanne was planning on making that switch soon anyway, partly because she preferred the feel of skin on skin. She just wanted to give Alan a big initial surprise.

"Well, all right." Susan pointed at Suzanne threateningly. "But watch it! No funny stuff. And if you cross any lines, you're gonna hear about it from me."

Suzanne chuckled. Susan's so cute when she gets angry. "Okay. Fine."

She turned her attention back to Alan. "Where were we before we were so RUUUDELY interrupted? Ah yes. Let's pretend like that never happened. Sweetie, I was just gloating at your surprise about being spanked and I was going to say that you have to count out after each spanking or that spanking doesn't count. Got it?"


"Yes, Mrs. Pestridge," he said dutifully, still across Xania's lap.

"Let's hear you say 'one,' then."



To Alan's great surprise, another powerful spanking slammed into his ass cheeks practically as soon as he finished saying that word. He cried out in surprise again, but not as loudly this time.

That was because Suzanne was using her hand this time. Although she put a lot of force into it, her hand just didn't have the same impact as a ruler.

As he recovered, he said, "Two."

After a brief pause, Suzanne swiftly brought her hand down again from a great height.


He wasn't taken by surprise this time, and so he managed not to yell out. But it was difficult to stay silent because the spankings were in fact still quite painful. "Three," he croaked.

He heard Susan say, "I can't stand to look." He looked over in her direction and saw her face buried in her hands, like she was trying to hide from the scariest part of a terrifying horror movie.


"Four." He thought, Okay, so this is what a sexy spanking is like. I can't say I'm enjoying it at all though, aside from the fact that I'm in the same room with three incredible beauties. It just hurts! And the harsh spanking Glory gave me was even worse. True, my dick is erect, but that's because of everything else, like seeing these lovely ladies. What's the appeal?

No one was paying any attention to Susan, but if they had they would have seen a battle between lust and worry playing out on her face. On the one hand, she was extremely aroused by the spanking and had resumed rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Watching a spanking brought back powerful erotic memories of when she'd been spanked recently, making her squirm in her seat. It was easy for her to imagine she was the one being spanked. But at the same time, she was appalled that Alan was on the receiving end. Her whole body recoiled and twitched each time he was hit, as if she'd been struck by a whip.

Then Xania said, "Mrs. Pestridge, can we hold on for a minute? Every time you rain your hand down, he ends up shifting all over my lap. I'm worried he'll fly off my lap altogether."

With a wry smile, Suzanne suggested, "Well then, Dr. Goodleigh, I suggest you get a better grip on him. Do you see anything you can get a good grip on? Some kind of hard protrusion you can squeeze firmly, perhaps?"

Xania returned the smile as one of her hands reached under him and found his erection. "Yes. As a matter of fact, I think I've found just the thing." She squeezed it hard once, and then began stroking it. "It's all slippery with some kind of lubrication, so my hand keeps moving up and down on it, but I'll manage."


Another blow came down, and again he had to fight not to cry out. But now he was enjoying the experience a lot more. The way Xania's hand slid up and down his pre-cum slickened dick made all the difference. "Five," he groaned lustily.

More spankings came down on his butt. Each one came at fairly regular intervals. He was careful to always call out the number.

Susan briefly peeked between her fingers just after another spanking. This is wrong. All wrong. It's a living nightmare to see the world turned upside down like this. Look at Tiger with his legs flailing up in the air. That should be one of his harem slaves writhing and kicking as he shows them their place. That should be ME! I should be lying across his lap being slapped and fingered. There's nothing better than a good spanking to remind me my son owns me, heart, body, and soul. She found herself growing upset and aroused in equal measure. She decided to keep her eyes closed.

He had thought that he would find it more and more difficult to go on as the pain in his ass grew worse, but found that in fact the opposite was true. By about the tenth spanking, he thought, Hey, this isn't half bad. There might be something to this.

By the twentieth spanking, he was positively enjoying the experience. In fact, he was enjoying it so much that he started to seriously consider why. One thing that obviously helped a lot was that he wasn't just getting spanked. Not only was Xania jacking him off, but after each spanking, Suzanne's hand would linger on his butt and sometimes do a little bit of rubbing, and sometimes a little bit of exploring. Sometimes, her hand would end up sharing Alan's cock or balls with Xania's hand for a few long moments of fondling and stroking before she pulled away for the next spanking.

However, he could tell there was more to it than just that. The pain was heightening all his senses and forcing him to concentrate much more than he otherwise would have. That made his pleasurable sensations feel much stronger too.

At the end of the twentieth spanking, Suzanne stepped out of character and said, "That's enough for now. Let's take a short break, and then Xania and I can switch positions. Sweetie, what do you think of all this?"

Before he could say anything, Susan said from across the room in a near sobbing voice, "I think it's horrible." One of her hands was covering her eyes while the other one worked her crotch. She asked into her hand, "Is it safe to look yet?"

"Yes, Mom," he replied, privately amused at her reaction to the spanking.

Susan immediately stood up and rushed over to Alan. She pretty much threw herself at him. Even though he was still lying across Xania's lap, she managed to hug him, with one of her facial cheeks pressing against one of Alan's ass cheeks. As she rocked him gently, she complained, "The beasts! What have these horrible beasts done to you? What have they done to my little baby?!"

He chuckled. "Come on, Mom. It's no big deal. In fact, I was kind of enjoying it. I was just trying to figure out what the appeal of it is. But it's... interesting."


Susan interrupted, "Your ass. It's hot! It's practically burning up. Oh dear! Tiger! Let Mommy help make it better." She began kissing and stroking his ass in an overtly motherly yet very sexual manner. Before long she found herself tonguing his asshole and stroking his balls (she would have gone for his erection, but Xania was still holding and stroking it).

Suzanne said, a bit irked that Susan was already getting carried away by what she was doing, "Well, at least Susan is helping with one thing. Sweetie, part of this kind of sex play, as you know from the other side, is the 'making it better' stage. Even if you're not crazy about the pain, the making it better part is pretty nice, isn't it? Doesn't it feel good to have a hot ass get cooled off by a sexy mommy?"

"I have to admit it does," he said. "Of course, Xania is still jacking me off and Mom's tongue is feeling great, so things are pretty good just from that."

Xania asked him, "Should I stop for a bit? Do you need one of your strategic break? I can sense you're getting pretty close."

"Yeah, but I'm not quite there yet. Thanks, you're doing great. Anyways, as for the spanking, I'm thinking, okay, Xania's been jacking me off the whole time, and naturally that feels great. But it feels a lot better than a typical handjob. Why? I think it must be the contrast. The pleasure next to the pain. It's kind of like how much better a sunny day is after many days of rain instead of after many days of sun. Or earlier, when you all brought out the ice cube and used it on me, that was great, but then when you did the coffee trick and you had the hot and cold contrasting on my skin, that made everything so much better. And not only that, but all my senses in that whole area down there just feel more alive, more tingly somehow. So yeah, I liked it."

Xania asked, "But what about, did you feel any kind of sense of humiliation? Did you get off on being shamed and put in an embarrassing pose? Did you get off on people like your mom looking at you when you're like that?"

He considered the question, and then answered, "Maybe a bit on being looked at, but not really. But maybe that's because you two didn't really do much to humiliate me in the first place. Your talk at the beginning kind of got me crowing about my sexual conquests more than feeling bad about them. But I don't think that kind of humiliation thing does much for me at all in any case. I do like the 'sexpot teacher spanking me' fantasy concept, though."

Suzanne said, "Interesting. I'll have you know though, when you spank one of us, like Susan, the humiliation and domination are probably the biggest things to make us cum so much. We'll talk about this some more later, but right now we need to keep going. We're only one fifth of the way through your punishment. Susan, can you scoot and let the rest of us resume our roles?"

Susan had been busy licking up and down Alan's ass crack. She got up with a glum look. She sighed, then said, "I suppose. But still, this is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. It's just not right."

Suzanne waved her away dismissively. "Susan, it's not for you to understand. In fact, it would be better for everyone if you'd just go to bed."

"No thanks! I'm not going to abandon my Tiger!" She returned to her far seat, but this time she was more determined to actually watch. She stared at them with a mixture of lust and horror.


During all this talking, Alan had stood up and stretched briefly while Suzanne took Xania's spot. He got back down, this time onto Suzanne's lap.

However, Suzanne had gotten some Vaseline from a bag near her feet and lathered up his cock and balls with it. Now as she took control of the handjob, her extra slick hands slipped and slid all over him in an incredibly diverting and exciting manner. She thought, Xania thinks she's so hot. Just 'cos her tongue's a couple of millimeters longer than mine and she's had sex with some more guys, she thinks she's the bee's knees. Well, Sweetie, we'll find out from you who gives a better handjob, hee-hee-hee!

Suzanne was letting her longstanding rivalry with Xania get the better of her. It was this sense of rivalry that had led to Suzanne stealing Xania's serious boyfriend and the ending of their college friendship. Their friendly competition had gotten out of hand back then. But in Suzanne's defense, Xania could be just as competitive. Had Suzanne been the one with the serious boyfriend then, the tables likely would have been turned.

The spankings resumed, this time with Xania doing the spanking. But after about ten spanks, Suzanne was getting increasingly frustrated with her failure to get Alan to cum. She knew he'd been close to cumming when she started, and she wanted to get him to blow before the next break so she could "prove" that she was the more sexually talented. She thought the Vaseline would tip the balance, but it had mostly been rubbed away by now and he still hadn't cum. Her tugging at his balls between spanks didn't do it either.

So she decided to use another prop to push him that last little bit over the orgasmic edge. She reached back into her bag and pulled out a very small vibrating egg and turned it on. With Led Zeppelin still pounding in the background, she didn't have to worry about anyone hearing its quiet humming. When the next spank was done, she brought the egg to the sensitive space between Alan's balls and his asshole, and let it buzz against him there.

She fully expected Xania to find her out before long. But that was okay, because presumably then Xania would rise to the challenge and go to greater and greater lengths to get him to his next climax. Everyone would win from playful one-upmanship, especially Alan. However, she didn't consider Susan.

In fact, the spanking had been so fun and diverting, and Susan was so silent, that she'd been completely forgotten by Xania and Suzanne by this time. But she was still there, still forcing herself to watch, and growing increasingly agitated.

At the moment, Susan was thinking, I can't just sit here. It's all well and good to be helpless when Tiger's in control and finding new ways to delightfully use my lusty busty body, but this is different. I can't just sit here listening to the sound of skin hitting skin and pretend he's spanking me anymore. They're perverting him, stealing his masculinity. I know he says he wants to experience this and I should obey his every command, but just this once I can't. I can't!

Just as Susan was about to verbally launch a new protest, she saw Suzanne reach into her bag and secretly palm something and then bring it up to Alan's ass. Suspecting some kind of foul play, she got up and came closer to see what was happening.

Suzanne was so focused on her buzzing egg and Alan getting spanked that her first notice of Susan's approach came as Susan stepped forward and pointed her finger right into Suzanne's face.


"A-ha!" she said once she got close enough to get a better look at the egg, and even hear it. "Suzanne, I've had enough of this horrid spanking. This ends NOW! And you've got some kind of buzzing vibrator in your hand, don't you?"

Suzanne opened her palm to show what she was holding. "Yeah I do. So what?"

"So what? You're up to no good. You're trying to harm my one and only Tiger, that's what! I'll bet you're trying to stuff that thing up his ass, too."

"And if I was?" Suzanne foolishly asked in what she thought was a rhetorical manner. "You're overreacting. Do you know how mind-blowingly pleasurable it would be for him if I could stimulate his prostate gland with this?"

Susan was so livid about that that she was struck speechless. She stormed over to Suzanne's bag. "We never agreed to that! You said you'd have limits! You know how he feels about anal insertion. Strictly no way!"

She opened Suzanne's bag and looked at the wide assortment of sexual toys and aids inside it. With horrified shock, she exclaimed, "What's this, a whip? A whip?!" She picked up one item and was practically apoplectic about it. It was a strap-on dildo. "NO! Suzanne, tell me I'm not seeing this! You were going to fuck my baby in the ass?! I'm mortified! Beyond mortified! The spanking was bad enough, but this is, it's, it's... It's beyond words! Suzanne! I thought you were my friend!"

Susan was like a volcano on the verge of erupting. Her voice rose to a screech, her face reddened, and her whole body trembled.

Suzanne was growing increasingly alarmed at Susan's unexpected reaction, which was based mostly on a misunderstanding. She attempted to get up and explain, but Alan was across her lap. "Susan, you've got it all wrong!"

Susan's head practically exploded with anger. "Enough of your twisted domination games! Alan is a natural master! What you're doing to him is an abomination! Suzanne, I love you, but you don't run this house, HE does! You're trying to tame him, but you're the one who needs more taming!"

Xania tried to speak up on Suzanne's behalf. "Susan-"

Susan whirled in Xania's direction and gave her a look that could kill. "And you! You! Ms. Wants to Fuck Other Men, I don't want to hear another peep out of you! You need taming even more than Suzanne, and if Alan won't do it, I WILL!" She reached into Suzanne's bag and grabbed one of the first things her hands touched, a plastic paddle. "GET DOWN on your knees, both of you!"

Alan jumped off of Suzanne's lap and walked to Susan to try to calm her down. "Mom, really-"

Susan wouldn't let him talk either. She was beyond reasoning. "Be quiet! Son, please, this is between me and these two horrible beasts! They've done nothing but hit you and hurt you, and now they were going to violate your ass! Step aside!" Then she whispered to no one in particular, "Nobody harms my baby!"

He wisely stepped aside. He knew from a lifetime of experience that while Susan was angry in the rare occasions she raised her voice, it was much worse when she lowered it.


Turning her blood chilling fury fully upon Suzanne and Xania, she repeated, softly and with deadly calm, "Now! On your knees!" She raised the paddle.

Xania was frightened out of her wits. She'd had no idea Susan could get this furious and aggressive.

Even Suzanne had never seen Susan like this. It seemed to her like Susan was a volcano, one that was beginning a full and spectacular eruption. Heat and anger radiated from her.

Honestly frightened, both of them quickly dropped to their knees, into a Brenda-like position of complete submission.

Susan grabbed Suzanne's arm and pinned it behind her. As she sat down on a sofa, she forced Suzanne to lie across her lap in the same demeaning position Alan had just been in. "I'll teach you to forget your place in the harem!"

The paddle went up and came flying down onto Suzanne's ass.

Suzanne couldn't help but scream out. DAMN! That hurt! Fuck! How could I forget about Susan? I was having too much fun with the spanking and wasn't thinking. If I rush out of the room, her anger will be bottled up and fester in unhealthy ways. There's nothing left to do but wait out the eruption of Mount St. Susan. Shit! Hopefully she'll take her pound of flesh and come back to normal soon enough.

<WHACK> <WHACK> <WHACK> Susan brought the paddle down repeatedly on Suzanne's ass, as hard as she could. Luckily, the paddle was hollow and made of a soft plastic, so its impact was far less than if it had been made of a hard wood.

But still, it hurt like hell. Suzanne wanted to cry, but her pride held her back from doing so.

Susan was wielding the paddle like a weapon, her real weapon was her anger. "Son, these beasts need to be taught a lesson! In Suzanne's bag I saw a lot of rope - probably to do even more horrible things to you."

Suzanne started to explain, "I wasn't gonna do any of those things to Alan you said I would. I was just-"

"QUIET!" Susan bellowed. "It doesn't matter. You went too far in any case, and now you have to pay! Tiger, please take some rope out and tie Xania's hands behind her back. Give me some for Suzanne, my so-called best friend." Her voice dripped with anger and scorn.

So Alan began binding Xania. He figured he should just play along until the misunderstanding could be cleared up.

Susan stopped paddling Suzanne momentarily so she could tie her hands behind her back.

As Susan worked on Suzanne's wrists, Suzanne again tried to explain. "Susan, this is all just a horrible misunderstanding. I wasn't going to put anything up his ass. I was just speaking rhetorically! I was using the egg to stimulate him on the outside."

Susan grunted, clearly unconvinced. "Uh-huh. So you say. What about the way you and Xania repeatedly beat him?"

"What, you mean the spankings? You agreed we could do that! He agreed. He likes it!"

Hoping to calm the situation, he said, "It's true, Mom. It's fun... in a weird kind of way."

But that just seemed to inflame Susan's anger even more. "Fun?! Suzanne, Xania, what have you done to my little boy? You're taking a superior natural master and turning him into some kind of... well, I don't know... some kind of normal person! Worse! You're making him into a submissive weakling!"

Finished with her binding of Suzanne, Susan resumed paddling Suzanne's kneeling ass. "Masters" <SPANK> "do" <SPANK> "not" <SPANK> "get" <SPANK> "spanked!" <SPANK>

She looked over at Alan and waited until he finished binding Xania's hands behind her back. Then she said, "Come on, Son, spank Xania too. She needs to be taught a lesson. That is, unless she's perverted and weakened your mind so much already that you can't even do it anymore."

He laughed. Despite everything, he was amused at Susan's overly dramatic and fundamental misreading of the whole situation. "No Mom, it's still the same me."

"Well, thank God for that. Prove it by walloping her uppity butt!"

Alan put Xania in his lap and started spanking her. Though he didn't really want to strike her hard, he felt obliged to so, so his mother wouldn't think he was somehow "weakened" by the evening's events. XX01


He looked next to him and saw that Susan was now sitting in a chair, just like him, with Suzanne similarly arrayed in her lap. She was striking Suzanne with the paddle even harder than he was spanking Xania with his hands.


Alan was worried about just how enthusiastically Susan was spanking Suzanne. So he paused after about twenty swats on Xania's butt and said, "Mom, I totally agree. We need to tame these two. But you know what would be even better? They both need a good hard fucking. Nothing tames better than a big dick, don't you agree?"

He hoped that he could fuck the two of them while Susan watched and slowly cooled down. He figured her anger would turn to lust, and some fun could come of that.

But, to his surprise again, Susan said, "Good idea. You take Suzanne, I'll take Xania. I don't know why, but Xania's really pissing me off with her 'Alan's not man enough for me' attitude. She's been with you enough times to know better. She's throwing off my whole Big Tits Theory."

Xania started to protest.

But Susan growled, "Silence!" before Xania could get in a single word.

That gave Susan the idea to bring the gags out, and blindfolds for good measure too.

The next thing Alan knew, he found himself pressing his erection into Suzanne's tight slit while he watched Susan spearing her strap-on into Xania. Ironically, it was the same strap-on that helped get Susan so angry in the first place. They were both in position to fuck doggy-style.

Alan's hard-on sank into Suzanne, going in deep on the first push. Aaaaah! he thought. I swear, I don't care how many times I do this, it never gets old. Maybe with most women it would, but not with these special ladies. A-ha! See what I mean? No sooner do I rest my dick balls-deep in Suzanne than she starts expertly squeezing it with her magical pussy wall muscles. God DAMN! It feels so good that I want to explode in her already, and that's just the first thrust!

He let Suzanne squeeze for some long moments and then pulled back. Aaaaah, that feels so good too. In or out, either way, it feels so fantastic! Aaaaah... And I'm so glad Mom picked Xania so I could take Suzanne. Despite the tough competition, she's got the funnest cunt to fuck, bar none! JEEESUS!

He nearly screamed out because as he began to push in for the second time, Suzanne did something with her hips that drove him wild. It inspired him to push in harder and deeper.


While Alan started to get into a good rhythmic fucking groove, Suzanne thought, Well, THIS certainly is a lot better! Susan was starting to seriously freak me out! Talk about a protective mother. Sheesh! That hurt too, and all I could do was take it because she had to be appeased. But it's partly my fault; I should have been paying more attention to her. Note to self: next time you play domination games with Sweetie, make sure Susan is several states away! Inwardly, she laughed bitterly.

On the other hand, he's really slamming into me now. Susan's righteous anger seems to be rubbing off on him and he's channeling it into a powerful fuck. This isn't ALL bad. Maybe I should get Susan angry more often, ha ha! ... NOT!

Xania wasn't so charitable. Susan has some serious issues! I love her to tears, normally, but even though I'm not a real psychologist it doesn't take a real one to realize her extreme reaction shows she's got some problems to work out. A part of me just wants to whop on her ass and get some payback, but I really should take the mature approach and talk to her about this.

However, despite all that had happened, she had no regrets about visiting the Plummers. She correctly figured that Susan got in this kind of mood only once in a blue moon, and she was still having a great time overall. She didn't like being frightened and then spanked, but she was enjoying the sex with Susan now.

Alan continued to plow into Suzanne with all his might. Suzanne was correct as well: he was feeding off of Susan's energy. Periodically he'd look a few feet over to see how she was doing with Xania and he'd find her slamming into Xania with even more energy than he was. He'd increase his pace, if only to keep up.

After about five minutes, Susan yelled, "Tiger, how's it going? I don't hear enough pussy taming going on!"

He laughed at that, especially because she was serious.

Then Susan suddenly came to a halt, so he did likewise. Since Susan still seemed volatile, he figured it was the prudent thing to do.

Susan appeared winded from fucking Xania so fast that it practically would have impressed a hummingbird. She just sat there with her strap-on deep inside Xania, catching her breath.

Alan, though, had to pull out because even though Suzanne appeared fucked to the edge of consciousness and had passed through a powerful cum, she still had enough presence of mind to start up with her pussy muscle squeezing tricks again. He was afraid he'd blow at any second and he worried that he shouldn't cum too soon, lest Susan think he wasn't domineering enough.

So all four of them just sat and panted. Alan had ripped off Suzanne's gag to help her breathe and Susan had done likewise with Xania's gag. But neither Suzanne nor Xania were in any shape to speak yet.

Alan continued to periodically check on Susan. He was glad to see that the angry fire in her eyes was slowly going out. But she still wasn't back to normal yet.

Then she turned to him and said, "Good job, Tiger. I'm proud of you. We'll teach these two who's who around here yet, if you keep fucking like that. How's Suzanne? Did you tame her fully yet?"

He replied, "Well, I think she's been pretty well fucked out, but I don't really see her as tamed. She's not the taming type."

Susan's intense anger flared back up. "I want to see more taming!" She looked all around the room, as if she was looking for a big jar with "Taming Powder" written on the side. Then her face lit up and she said, "I know!"

She turned to her son. "What these two busty beasts need to know is just how mighty and relentless your cock is. There's no way to fight it. There's nothing better for a woman than being pounded until she feels completely helpless in the face of your relentless cock onslaught. I think they need to understand that with an up close and personal lesson. I want you to melt their minds with your powerful thrusting, then finish by cumming all over BOTH of their faces!"

He replied, "Mom, could you please stop calling them beasts? They didn't do anything wrong. They were just trying to show me a good time in a new way."

Susan huffed, "Let's not talk about that now. Maybe I overreacted, but you have to understand how a mother feels for her children. I'd do the same if somebody attacked my Angel."

"MooooOOOOoooom! Nobody attacked me! I ASKED them to do that. I was enjoying it. Awww, forget it. There's no reasoning with you, at least not now. Not only that, but I think I've got some face painting to do."

Susan only responded to his last comment. She smiled and said, "That's the spirit! Now, let's untie their blindfolds, but leave their arms bound. These two are too dangerous otherwise."


Susan grinned at his complaint, but a little sheepishly. "I know, I know. They're not dangerous. I overreacted. A lot. Later, I'm going to have to apologize to them big time. But right now let's keep them tied up because I'm having more fun with them that way." Her grin turned naughty and determined.

He grinned wolfishly. "Now that kind of argument I can buy." Good. She's almost back to normal. I like her a little bit aggressive like this sometimes though. A little bit, mind you, not the full on Susan-as-angry-mother-grizzly-bear-protecting-her-cub mode!

He continued to fuck Suzanne for a few minutes until he was close to cumming again. He didn't give her the intense pounding Susan demanded simply because his body was worn out. But Susan seemed satisfied with his efforts, just the same. It was clear to everyone that Suzanne was getting very thoroughly fucked. Her curly reddish-brown hair was flying everywhere, and sweat was pouring down her face. But what was music to Susan's ears was the way Suzanne kept screaming and begging for more until she was too winded to speak, except to moan and wail.

Then Suzanne and Xania were brought between Alan's knees and had their heads held with just inches between each other before they finally had their blindfolds taken off. His long erection was dangling within tongue's reach between them.

Neither of them said anything, they just leaned forward and started licking.


Susan walked around behind the sofa her son was sitting on, and patted him on the head. Then she started stroking his hair in a motherly fashion.

"Ah," she said, "now that's what I was wanting to see. Look at those freakishly long tongues go. Even Xania doesn't need to be told what to do. She knows when she sees a superior cock belonging to a natural master dangling before her eyes, the only thing to do is to lick it." She let out a long contented sigh. "That makes me feel a lot better, just seeing that you're being taken care of properly."

"Mom, you way" - he gasped for breath - "over - re - acted!" He gasped again. He found it hard to say that much because he was already on the verge of a big cum explosion even before the two of them started licking. As soon as Xania and Suzanne began to go at it, he had to start squeezing his PC muscle as hard as he could just to prolong the experience a couple more minutes.

"Sssh, Tiger, you're right. I know I have some issues we'll need to work out, but now is not the time. Just sit back and enjoy. Damn, can those long tongues lick! God, how I wish I had a tongue like that, or as I like to call them in my fantasies, cock-lickers. Those are easily the longest cock-lickers I've ever seen. Imagine, Tiger, if all three of us had cock-lickers like that! Ooh! And look at those big tits bump into each other. There just isn't enough room between your knees for all that tit-flesh. It makes me SO HOT!"

As Susan continued to talk, her hands dropped down from his hair to his shoulders. She was content to just rest against him, with her head on his shoulder and looking down so she could catch all the activity at his groin. She continued to occasionally describe the action much like a sports announcer. "Oooooh! Would you look at that! It looks like they're both trying to wrap their cock-lickers entirely around your thickness! Oooh! And they just might do it except that you're far too thick and long and tasty! But still, it's an impressive effort. How does that feel? And now both cock-lickers, going almost all the way around..."

Susan's erect nipples were poking into Alan's back, and she started sliding her tits around. "Now, THIS is how two busty nymphos should behave, don't you think? None of this forgetting their place stuff, and trying to rise above their lot in life as your sex slaves by spanking their master!"

Sensing Susan's anger returning, even though she was behind him, Alan warned, "MooooOOOOoooom!"

"Right. Sorry. But they're making up for it now. Look at those snake tongues go! They're sliding up and down and up and down and up and down just like two fists! Yes! And in perfect time with each other, too. Talk about teamwork. Get 'em, girls! Squeeze out every last spermy drop!"

Alan's balls tightened and his groans grew much louder.

Susan's eyes grew big. "Oops! Ha ha! Looks like it's a little bit too impressive, 'cos Alan Junior's gonna blow! Quick, Son! The face! The face! Aim for their faces!"

Alan's hips jerked wildly as the uncontrollable urge to cum welled up within him. He grabbed his erection with both hands and aimed it right at the center of Xania's face like a fire hose ready to put out a raging fire.

Rather than flinching back, Xania pressed forward so his cum blasted right onto her skin from just an inch or so away. Because she was wearing glasses, she was even brave enough to keep her eyes wide open.

He couldn't even hit the tip of her nose because it was too close. Getting into Susan's spirit of things, he yelled with each new rope, "Take that! And that! And that!"

Then he directed his ropes at Suzanne. Like Xania, she opened her mouth and leaned in, but she kept her eyes closed since she lacked glasses.


He went back and forth between them a couple of times, amazed that he still had more cum to shoot.

When his last ropes started to peter out, he happened to be pointing at Suzanne. She moved forward, took the top half of his dick back in her mouth, and sucked it with such enthusiasm that she managed to coax a couple more ropes out that he otherwise might not have spent right then.

Xania's glasses were so smeared with cum that she couldn't see through them. She wrinkled her nose to slide the glasses down a bit so she could peek over the top of them.


Susan said in a surprisingly authoritative voice, "Okay you two, that's good. You're almost forgiven. But you're going to wear Tiger's mark of ownership until tomorrow morning to remind your uppity asses who the boss is around here."

But Alan complained, "Mom, I was hoping to sleep with Xania tonight. A face full of dried cum would put a crimp in my plans and kind of gross me out. And how can Aunt Suzy go home and face her husband like that?"

Susan frowned, then changed plans. "Fine. You heard what our master has to say. That lesson will have to wait for some other time. You both will have to stay bound until I, or Tiger, say otherwise, though. Now, you two made a nasty, spermy mess so you have to clean it up."

Xania and Suzanne began licking each other's faces. Their friendly rivalry once again showing, both went out of their way to show off the length of their tongues, stretching them as long as they could to scoop up this and that cum gob. They were so enthusiastic that they made quick work of all the cum. Suzanne even licked Xania's glasses clean.

He was impressed by their sexy cleaning, but he knew there was nothing they could say or do at this point to get his penis to rise again. His member was definitely done for the evening and even felt a bit sore. He almost regretted this mutual cum cleaning, because it was far too arousing, and he was in no mood to be aroused.

Xania backed out from between Alan's legs, and remained sitting a short ways away since she couldn't stand easily with her arms bound.

However, Suzanne seemed unwilling to have the experience end. Although Alan's penis had gone flaccid and Suzanne couldn't use her bound hands, she still wanted to touch it. She rubbed one of her cheeks up against the side of his dick in a loving manner. It appeared she didn't want to arouse it, just cuddle against it. It flopped out of reach a couple of times, but she managed to trap it between her cheek and one of his inner thighs so she could keep caressing it with her face.

She finally spoke. "Damn, do I love this cock! But not just the cock, I love the man even more! Susan, I don't know about taming, but I know that I'm bonded to this man - heart, mind, body, and soul. If he were really attacked, I'd defend him to my last breath."

Her voice switched to baby talk, a tone she'd never used around Alan before. "He's my everything. My absolute everything. Love me, Sweetie. Love me." She still rubbed her cheek against his trapped penis.

Alan was loving everything, especially Suzanne's uncommonly tender words. "I love you Suzanne, you know I do."

"I know," she cooed. "And I love you too. I just love to hear you say it. Say it again!"

"I love you."


"Ooh! God! That's so good. It's like a hit of some powerful drug. Boy. What a lover. What a son. Susan, you really don't mind if I call him my son, do you?" She rubbed her lips against his dangling flaccidness.

"Mind? I expect nothing less." Susan leaned down and whispered in Alan's ear, "I love you too, you know."

He whispered back to her with a tired smile, "I know."

Susan then said to Suzanne, "And I even love you, dammit. I don't know why, with all your crazy schemes."

Suzanne exulted silently. She forgives me! Thank God! If my friendship with her took a big hit, I don't know what I'd do. She's so much more than just my best friend and lover. She didn't mind that her ass felt like it was on fire, she was just extremely grateful that no lasting damage appeared to have been done to their relationship. She said with utmost sincerity, "I'm so sorry about the misunderstanding."

Susan merely nodded, then looked expectantly to Xania, who was sitting and watching just a few feet away. It seemed that Susan was waiting for Xania to express her undying love and devotion too.

But Xania didn't love Alan; she just really liked him and especially liked having mind-blowing sex with him. Still, she came up with the kindest honest words she could come up with. "Alan, you're the most impressive boy, no, make that man, that I've ever met. If I were the settling down kind, well, who knows what would happen. But I sure do know that I'd like to come down here more often. That is, Susan, if I haven't offended you too badly."

"Me? No. I'm the one who should apologize. I offended you and I'm very sorry. You too, Suzanne. It's just that, well, I guess I never should have watched that spanking. Now I know better. That was like showing red to a bloodied bull. You know, I never get angry like that. Never, ever, ever. I think that was the first time."

Suzanne had finally pulled back from Alan's crotch. "I'll second that. I've seen you angry every once in a blue moon, but never THAT angry."

Susan started to get weepy. "It's just that... My Tiger means so much to me. If I were to ever lose him, if anything were to happen, then I don't know what! I know my reaction was irrational, but I can't help it! Tiger, please don't ever change! And don't leave me!" She was brushing away the tears now as she started to cry in earnest.

He swiveled around where he sat and pulled her face down to his. "Don't worry, Mom. I'm not going to change, and I'm not going anywhere either. I'll promise right now that I'm never going to leave this town, not unless you and Aunt Suzy and Katherine and Amy come with me. Brenda, too. We're a team!"

"Oh, son!"

They shared a very emotionally meaningful kiss.

But then suddenly Susan broke away and stood up. Successfully fighting off the urge to cry, thanks to those words from her son, she wiped away the last of her tears and said, "Okay, that's it. Tiger may be the man of this house, but until Suzanne lives with us, technically I'm the main mommy under this roof, and I say it's beddy-bye time. Come on, Son, I'll bet there are a couple of people here who'd like to have their arms freed."

Alan and Susan untied Suzanne and Xania.

As soon as Suzanne was freed, she wrapped her arms around Alan's shoulders and necked with him for a while. But the kisses were lazy and loving instead of passionate. Then she said, "I heard that promise you made to Mom Number One and although your back was turned, it brought tears to my eyes too."

He examined her face and saw the moisture still rolling down her cheeks.

She continued, "That makes me so happy that you'll promise never to desert us, you don't even know. It's not just the way you nailed me deep into the carpet just now; of course I love that. But now I have a son. Of course Brad has always been my son, but it's just never been the same. I hate to say this, but even before the sex in this house began, deep down I always considered you more of my son than him. I don't know why, I tried everything, but he and I just never connected. At least not once he hit his teens. There was always a distance, like he needed his father but not me. Even though we lived in the same house our family effectively split, and Brad chose his father."

She was very saddened thinking about that, but then she brightened. "But you! You're my son, my lover, AND my best friend. Well, one of my very best friends." She turned to Susan to acknowledge that friendship too, and gave her a heart-warming smile.

Susan smiled back, but then she clapped her hands. "Okay, enough mushy stuff for one evening. Xania, it goes without saying that you're staying here tonight. Tiger wants to sleep with you, and fuck you quite a bit, I'm sure. I absolutely insist that you do."

Xania smiled as if she had a special secret. "I'm delighted of course, but may I ask why you're so insistent about it?"

Susan replied, "To be frank, I'm still unhappy. I know, I know, Tiger says you have the right to sleep with other men, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. The other women, of course no problem. But the men - grrr!"

Susan leaned into Alan, placing her hands on both of his shoulders again, but from his front this time. She let her nipples lightly brush against his chest. "Tiger, I want you to take this bosomy bountiful woman up to your bed and fuck her silly. Tonight, well, probably even you might not have anything left, but tomorrow morning, definitely! Fuck her good and hard and keep fucking her until she sees the light. She needs some serious pussy taming. At least one of the holes between her legs, and preferably both, need to be pumped full of your sperm before you bring her down to breakfast. I want to see her stagger to the dining room with lots of tasty sperm running down her thighs and still more leaking out of her holes. And that's an order!"

"Okay, okay. Geez, Mom. You're still so aggressive tonight."

"I know. Suzanne, too bad you have to go back home to your so-called husband 'cos otherwise you and I could work off some of this energy together." Susan winked, "Who knows, maybe Kat will get a surprise visitor tonight."

Xania did have a special secret. I was going to sleep with Alan anyway because I bet him early in the poke-her party that he'd come twice more before the evening was done and I won easily. Cuddling rights were the prize. Hell, it probably was going to happen even without that. But it's better to be invited there by Susan. Hopefully that'll help put me back in her good graces. Maybe I'll tease him about the bet tomorrow.

Everyone started to move towards the front door to see Suzanne off. But Susan took Alan aside and spoke quietly into his ear. "Son, promise me you won't ever try that submissive role play stuff again, okay? It sort of overturns my whole world."

"I don't know about never ever, but I was just curious, and I satisfied my curiosity. It was interesting, but I have no plans to try that again, believe me."



After yet more minutes of goodbyes and goodbye kisses, Alan finally found himself in his bed with a naked Xania lying next to him. He hadn't pulled the covers up yet, because he didn't want to miss out on admiring her body. Although he was in no condition for any more sexual play, her body was a work of art that demanded admiration.

He said, "You know, this right now is a dream come true for me. So many times in the past years I've jacked off to magazines and Internet pictures, fantasizing about a woman like you. To actually have a perfect ten in my own bed - it just doesn't seem real."

"You're so sweet." She kissed him on the nose. "Especially since I'm sure you wind up in bed with a 'perfect ten' woman pretty much every single day these days."

"True," he conceded. "But that doesn't mean I'm not super stoked to be here with you right now."

She was flattered, especially since she could see in his face that his enthusiasm was genuine. She smiled. "A perfect ten, eh? I don't exactly get called that every day. I'll tell ya, if my ass and pussy weren't so sore from Susan's spanking and strap-on abuse right now, I'd really show you some perfect ten loving. But I'm going to have to sleep on my side tonight!" She laughed.

He laughed too. "You too? I'm so all over that sleeping on my side idea. I'm hurting in front and back too, since my dick is complaining about too much abuse. Plus, I got more spankings than you did, you know. And that was only after 30. I can't imagine if you two had gone to 100. My ass would be hurting even more than how Aunt Suzy's must be hurting right now, after what Mom did with that paddle."

"Oh, you needn't have worried about your butt. The plan was to go to forty and then switch to... other things. We had all kinds of devious activities planned out for you."

"Really? Like what?"

"Remember how we mentioned you could earn your way out of spankings? We had so many things planned. For instance, we didn't even get CLOSE to denying you an orgasm. That would have been a kick. But don't you worry your cute little head about that. We're gonna save all that for another day. That is, if you haven't given up on dabbling with submissive games, and if your first mother doesn't kill us first."

Alan found himself admiring Xania's collarbone area and her graceful neckline. "Well, as I was telling her, that was an interesting experiment, but I'm in no big rush to repeat it. And don't worry about Mom. She never ever gets like that."

"Well she certainly scared the leather out of Suzanne and me, that's for damn sure. I'd been warned by Suzanne about her 'mama grizzly bear' mode, but I had no idea! We were just playing around, but she was serious, which is what made it so frightening."

"Yeah, I know. I've only seen Mom get stirred up in that way a couple times in my lifetime, and believe me, that was enough. I could see her getting upset because of the misunderstanding, but why did she take her freak out to a new level like that? That's what I don't understand."

"Hmmm..." Xania said as she thought out loud. "I can't say I understand it myself. I don't really get why she has those episodes in the first place, though I hope to talk to her about it soon and maybe start to get some answers. But I have one idea about what knocked her anger to a new level tonight."


"What's that?" he asked. His eyes were busy admiring her taut abs.

"Think about her marriage. Even though she had a pretty loveless relationship with Ron, you can't be married to anyone for twenty years and walk away from that unaffected. She found out recently about his passion for boy butt in Thailand a matter of days ago, and that has to be a big shocker. You know, someone you think you've known for years turns out to be someone quite different. Everything you thought you know about your marriage was a lie. That has to hurt."

"Yeah," he agreed. "I haven't thought about it that much because she hasn't wanted to talk about it. So I figured it's not bothering her that much or else we'd be hearing more about it. Not to mention, I'm having so much sex lately that I can barely even remember my own name most of the time, much less what's happening in Thailand."

"Huh," Xania pondered. "I wonder if one reason she's been so sex obsessed lately is to put all thoughts of her marriage out of her mind. Admittedly, that's just one reason, I think she'd be obsessed without that, but maybe that's a contributing factor."

"I could see that," he admitted.

"So think about this," she continued. "Susan has some deeply repressed issues about her husband basically leaving her for gay sex. Then she gets the impression that Suzanne is going to put vibrators and strap-ons up your ass."

"Oh my God!" Understanding came to him. "She's worried she's going to lose me to some kind of homosexual lifestyle too!"

"That's what I'm thinking," Xania commented. "Of course, she would have been freaking out just from the reversal of roles in the first place, because you being her master is obviously extremely important to her. But that could have caused her to doubly freak. "

He laughed. "My gosh. You know what's funny? It was only a couple of months ago when I didn't want anyone to touch my asshole because I thought that was too gay. I still firmly draw the line with anal insertion, but I'd like to think I've matured some on that. But now it's my mom who has homosexuality issues concerning my ass even more than I do."

"I guess that's so. Obviously, in her mind, as in your mind, anal fingering doesn't count. But if you ever try anything more than that, she's probably going to freak out again. In fact, if you were to do anything that might be construed as symbolically homosexual, for instance walk around in drag, she's probably going to have a complete meltdown. Let's just say that the absolute LAST thing Susan ever wants to have happen is for you to turn into another Ron. To have that happen to her twice in a matter of weeks would be too much for her to handle."

He exhaled loudly. "Whoa. I'll have to be careful. I never thought of it that way." He looked at Xania with new respect and thought, How can anyone so drop dead gorgeous be so smart at the same time?

"Well, of course not," she replied. "You knew the spanking was a game, and you didn't have any traumatic associations with playing that game, so naturally it wasn't that much of a problem for you. But for Susan, these kinds of things aren't just games because so much of her self-worth is now tied to her new concepts of who you are. I don't think she has that much self-confidence and relies on you, and to a lesser degree Suzanne, to give her strength and direction. So you have to be mindful of all that if you want to play any more submissive games. Do you?"

He replied, "I'm trying to be open minded, but to be honest, I'm not all that keen on it. The spanking was kind of interesting, but I mostly liked it because I was being jacked off at the same time. I had more fun impaling Aunt Suzy and then the double blowjob. Now, THAT's more my style."

Xania chuckled mirthfully. "Now, why am I not surprised by that? It's the tough life for Alan Plummer. My heart goes out for you in your time of toil and strife."

"Smart ass," he said, but as a gentle tease. He kissed her on the top of her head. Then, with one last long admiring look from her toes up to her face, he turned off the light.

But neither of them was quite ready for sleep. Even though they were physically weary from so much physical activity, their minds were still winding down.

After a minute or so, Xania spoke. "Can I ask you a question?"


"This thing that was really bothering your mom, about me not committing myself to you, does that bother you too? Honestly."

He gave her question serious thought before answering. "Well, yes and no. On the one hand, I'd love for you to join our family. As more than one person here has noted, you qualify in every way. But on the other hand, I know that you never will. I can see it in your eyes when you look at me and the others. You really like being here, you have a great time, but you don't love it. You don't love us, or at least not in the completely loving way we all love each other. You've got your own life with your own friends and career up north. And that's probably for the best. But you should know you're very welcome to visit here any time you like."

"I think you've nailed it on the head," she said. She giggled, "I've noticed that you're particularly good at nailing."

He paused for a moment then sighed. "You know, maybe it's for the best. I mean, I'm soooo emotionally over extended. I can only have so many emotionally close people in my life."

"That's probably true," she said. "Frankly, I'm amazed by how you manage to love so many women so much. And it's obvious how heartfelt your feelings are, just by the way you look at them."

He replied, "It's just that they're all so lovable. But some things, they're just not meant to be, you know? In a parallel universe things with you might have worked out differently. I could totally see that. I think you hold back emotionally partly because you know I'm already taken, and not just once but several times over. I already have my core four, plus Brenda now. I keep forgetting about her, but she's looming large in our lives all of a sudden."

He smiled and joked to lighten the mood, "And I'm not just talking about her bustline when I say that. Heck, even as we speak, she's sleeping in the basement. Not to mention who knows what'll happen with Glory. But that's too many already. Far too many."

He paused, and there was just silence in the darkness for almost a minute. Then he said, "The thing is, sex with a constant stream of new people is fun. But then I really get into having sex with some of those people, and that alone becomes a bonding experience with them. Then I find out I like them as people outside the bed, like I do with you, and then I bond even more. The next thing I know, I'm in really deep emotionally with them when it just started out as nothing but some mindless sexual fun. That's a dangerous path. I wish I could have sex with strangers like a completely emotionless jerk, but it seems I always end up getting involved."

"That is a problem," she agreed. "It's happened to me too, lots of times. The difference is, people normally fall out of love and break up and THEN pick a new partner. But women just stick to you and stay there. You're like a snowball rolling downhill, picking up more partners all the time."

"I know! It's bad. My problems are multiplying constantly with each new person in my life. I can't say no to sex nor to all these new and deepening relationships. I've got so many things I need to talk to you about. I need your advice on so many things that I don't know where to start."

She said, "And I can't wait to hear it all, but unfortunately, the sandman cometh. My eyelids are getting heavy. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised you were able to make it to your bed on your own two feet."

"I know! This has been one of the most pivotal and eventful, not to mention sexual, days of my life. Easily. I guess I'm still a little wired. I would have collapsed hours ago except for that amazing feather massage. That gave me a second wind."

Xania said, "ANOTHER second wind? That's what they should call you. 'Alan Plummer: International Man of Mysterious Second Winds and Strategic Breaks.'"

Realizing this was a takeoff of the title of the first Austin Powers movie, Alan said in his best imitation of that character's voice, "Yeah, baby! Yeah!"

Xania laughed. She thought, Humor is a big part of his charm. He's clearly having such fun, and that rubs off. This house is not just a hothouse of sex, it's fun all around.

His eyes had adjusted to the darkness a bit, and he found himself admiring Xania's silhouette. Even in the darkness there's no hiding she has such a cracking bust. And those wide hips. Not to mention endlessly long legs. Jesus. I could almost imagine myself getting hard yet again! But there's no way. I barely have the energy to move.

"Good night," he said. Then he finally pulled the covers over both of them. He had been facing her, but now he turned so she was facing his back. He wasn't being unfriendly, just trying to find a comfortable side position for his still hurting spanked ass.

"Good night." She immediately cuddled up to him, pressing her large bare breasts into his back. She threw an arm over his torso too.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her in close to cuddle a little more intimately. Yeah. This is the life. Sleeping in my own bed with my own Playboy Bunny. And such a kind and wise bunny she is, too. I hope that no matter what happens, even though she'll never be family, she'll be a frequent guest. Alan of last year, Alan of today says: "Eat your heart out!"

Within seconds, he fell asleep.

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