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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 115
I Can't Control Myself
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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"Well, well, well. If it isn't Gloria Rhymer, history teacher extraordinaire." Alan walked up to Glory as she was reading a book at a table in the town's public library. He took her by surprise with his happy but hushed words.


Glory looked up with mild alarm to find out who was talking to her. When she saw it was a grinning Alan, she relaxed and grinned too. "My, my, my. If it isn't the extraordinary Alan Evan Plummer! Well, I won't say what you're extraordinary at. At least, not here in a public place." Her voice dropped as she spoke while her grin widened.

Alan sat down at the table, directly across from her. He had a book with him and he put it on the table in front of him. "Isn't this a nice coincidence, finding you here?"

Glory smiled but said sharply, "Coincidence, my rear end." She was going to say "ass," but she looked around and saw several people sitting close enough to possibly overhear, and ended up using the less vulgar expression. Then, recovering from that minor embarrassment, she added, "You know darn well I sometimes come to this library on the weekends to do my history research. But what are YOU doing here, young man?"

He pointed to his book. "Homework. I've got a lot of reading to catch up on and this is a nice place to do it. Though admittedly, the possibility that you might be here was a big draw. It would have been an even bigger draw to find you surfing at the beach, though."

She was all smiles. "Oh really? And why is that?" She made sure to whisper in very low tones so even the couple sitting at the table closest to them couldn't overhear.

"It could have something to do with choice of what to wear. I mean, you look great right now, and a lot sexier than in your usual teacher garb. But nothing beats Glory Rhymer in a bikini."

She smiled at first, but then her expression soured. "Nothing, eh? What about Suzanne in a bikini? That is, when she bothers to wear even that much? I imagine she's a wanton sexual dynamo running around naked all the time. Am I wrong? Or Heather. You could go down to that beach she rules like her personal fiefdom and see her strutting around in one right now."

"Now, now, why do you have to be like that? Things have been so good ever since we got back together again, don't you think? I thought we put the whole jealousy thing behind us."

"We have, for the most part, but sometimes I can't help but feel a little bit inadequate. I mean, I don't have gazoombahs the size of small planets, like some people you know."

He laughed at her made-up word "gazoombah." He whispered back, "Well, that's true, but more and more I'm beginning to think that big gazoombahs are overrated. I think yours are nearly perfect: not too big, not too small, delightfully shapely and deliciously firm."

She couldn't believe she was having this conversation in a library with one of her students. But she couldn't stop herself from fishing for compliments either. She whispered, "You're just saying that. Everyone knows you're a tit man."

"I am, but I love yours; they're just the right size for your very athletic body. You want me to prove how much I love 'em right now?"

She chided him by stroking one finger over another in a "tsk-tsk" gesture. "Hold your horses, young man. I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I highly doubt it's appropriate for a public library."

"Hrm. You're probably right about that. Anyways, what are you reading?" He was eager to steer the discussion away from body part comparisons, which could veer into dangerous jealousy territory.

She looked down eagerly at her book and her notes. "You know my fascination for the Roman and Byzantine Empires? Well, I just found this amazing obscure book about Heraclius, a Byzantine Emperor in the early 600's. He really should be ranked as one of the most important- hey! What are you doing?"

He looked all innocent. "Who? Me? Nothing. This is a fascinating topic. Please continue."

She leaned forward and whispered to him even more quietly, "Nothing? Then why is your shoe off and your foot rubbing on my knee?"


"Oh, that? I'm just scratching an itch. But never mind about that. Tell me more about this Hercules guy. Why is he so important?"

"It's Heraclius, you doof, and he pretty much single-handedly saved much of Europe from being overrun by the Persians. But never mind about that. Why are you scratching MY itch? Stick to your own itches! And anyway, my knee isn't itching in the first place."

"It's not? I know there's an itch there somewhere. Maybe it's over... here." He slipped his right foot up from her right knee to her thigh. She wore stockings, and he liked rubbing his bare foot back and forth over the slippery material.

She chided him, "You're getting into dangerous waters, young man." However, she didn't close her legs to stop his advance. His footsy game was already starting to increase her pulse rate and moisten her pussy.

"Just like Heraclius," he said.

"What?" She didn't understand.

"Well, you said he saved his empire from the Persians, so he must have gotten into some dangerous waters." He slumped down in his chair so his foot could probe to her inner thighs.

"He did!" Glory was enthusiastic to explain. "He went from having his capital of Constantinople literally besieged on all sides to conquering the Persian capital deep in Mesopotamia in a few years. It was one of the greatest military turnarounds in history." Her eyes narrowed. "But you're just stalling for time, aren't you?"

"What are you talking about?" he grinned as he still tried to play the fool.

She furtively looked all around as she complained, "You distract me with my love for history and meanwhile your foot" - she dropped her voice so low that he could only understand her by watching her lips move - "has slid to very sensitive places. Places it should not be."

He whispered back, extremely quietly, "Oh really? What kind of places?" His roaming foot had slowly made its way to her crotch. His big toe started rubbing up and down her panty-covered slit.


She kept looking around, but no one was paying attention to her or Alan. "You know."

"No, I don't know. How did this Heraclius have such success?"

Ignoring the fact that his big toe was rubbing directly up and down her slit, she explained, "It was a combination of reorganizing the military and economy and incredible personal bravery. He even challenged an important Persian general to hand to hand combat, and won!" She realized that she was getting carried away with her love of history and even raising her voice a bit as she got into it.

She paused, then continued with an annoyed voice and narrowed eyes, "There you go, trying to distract me again. Doesn't your libido EVER calm down? How many women did you have in your bed last night?"

He deliberately ignored her second question and just answered the first one. "No, it doesn't. But it's amazing what a person can do with a toe, isn't it?" He had managed to push her panties aside with his toe and now was poking at her exposed pussy lips. "But if this guy was so great, why haven't I heard of him when I know of emperors like Justinian the Great? Wasn't he from around the same time?"

"Yes, he was, but Justinian is highly overrated, and... Dammit, you're not going to distract me again! You know what, you think you're so clever with your so-called itch scratching and diversionary talking, but two can play that game."

Alan felt a shoeless foot on his knee, and then it slid all the way to his crotch in a matter of seconds. It was quickly joined by a second shoeless foot. Meanwhile, he kept his one active foot probing up and down Glory's increasingly moist pussy lips.

She flashed a naughty smile at him. "You think your toes are talented? Beat this!" She trapped the zipper to his pants between her big toe and second toe and then pulled the zipper down. Then she used both of her feet to fish his erection out of his fly.

He was impressed. In fact, he was so surprised that he was momentarily rendered speechless. It was one thing for him to tease her in such a public place; he wasn't that concerned as he felt the odds of getting caught were low. All he'd have to do was remove his foot. But sitting in the middle of a library with his entire erection and balls hanging out, and with two stroking female feet around it, was a completely different matter.

She whispered triumphantly, "A-ha! I'll bet even Suzanne can't do that so quickly." She had his erection firmly trapped between the soles of her feet and was giving it a most pleasurable rub.

He loved what she was doing, even though his heart began pounding in fear. He looked around to see if they were getting away with their footsy games without being discovered, but he couldn't see anyone in a position to see what was happening under the big oak table. The two of them were doing their best to look calm and normal above the table, but just to be on the safe side he scooted his chair up to the table until the table edge was pressing into his chest. It didn't help that they happened to be sitting at the end of the table instead of in the middle of it.

However, even as he got off on the thrill and the rub, he was a bit miffed about Glory's jealousy issues and complained to her, "What's with you and Amy's mother Suzanne? You're always going on about her, her and Heather."

"Sorry. Scratch that comment. It's just that she's so sexy and curvy that she makes me feel inadequate." She dropped her voice down to nearly inaudible again and scanned the room as Alan had just done. She continued to stroke his erection with her feet. "In any case, I can't BELIEVE we're doing this! I'm your teacher, for God's sake! There could be students and other people in here who recognize me!"

He asked, while still pressing his big toe into her slit, "See anyone you know?"

She briefly closed her eyes as a surge of pleasure washed over her. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning. Recovering, she eyed all the people she saw more closely. She didn't know any of the ten or so people in view. "No," she conceded. "But that's not the point. We shouldn't be doing this. Look at that guy over there. He's sitting in such a way that if he really gives me a look over, he's going to know something is up. The fact I'm getting all flushed and pressing right up to the table is a huge clue."

He teased, "I don't remember putting a gun to your head. Uh! God!" He had a hard time keeping his voice to a whisper because she had somehow managed to capture his erection just below his cockhead in the space between her big toe and the rest of her toes. With one foot holding it in a vice-like grip, the other foot was able to stroke it without it flopping around.

However, this took a lot of coordination and dexterity for her to accomplish. She was forced to slouch further down in her chair to gain better access to his crotch, leaving the two of them slouched in very suspicious positions. Further, it was a strain on both of them to keep their legs stretched out for so long. It was as if they were having an intense arm wrestling contest under the table while trying to pretend nothing was out of the ordinary above the table.

He was still pretending interest in her research. "There's nothing strange happening here." His voice was slightly strained and his attention was elsewhere. "I thought we were just having a nice conversation about this, uh, Byzantine emperor guy. You never did explain why he isn't, um, as famous as, say, uh, what's-his-name... Justinian."

"Heraclius," she corrected him, immediately switching into teacher mode again despite all her exertions and distractions. "Unfortunately, later in his reign the Muslims swept out of Arabia in the wake of the death of the prophet Mohammed and conquered much of the Byzantine Empire, wiping out most of his accomplishments. But they were such an unstoppable force that you can't blame- Hey! You got me again!"

He laughed good-naturedly (and quietly). "Suuucker! It's so easy to distract you with history. Gets you every time." He joked, "But then again, talking about seventh century Middle Eastern politics is bound to get anyone hot and bothered."

She sighed. He always gets me in these kinds of situations, reducing me to a quivering mass of post-orgasmic goo. But not this time! I'm gonna make him squirt and cry out first if I have to get naked and dance on the table to do it! He's getting close, though. Look at him huffing and puffing and straining. Hee-hee-hee!

She appeared calm above the table even while she was engaged in frantic footsy games under the table. "Young man, you're incorrigible. Whatever will I do with you? You have such a way with the ladies that it drives me batty."


Another person's voice a short distance away whispered, "I concur."

A number of things happened at once. Glory's body suddenly seized up and she withdrew her feet from Alan's crotch as if she'd just discovered she was stepping on hot coals. She hoped Alan would similarly withdraw his foot from her crotch, but he made no move to do so. In fact, most of his big toe was still inside her slit. She clamped her knees shut, hoping to send a signal to him to pull away and also cover up their shenanigans a little bit better. Finally, she whirled her head around since the voice had come from just behind her. She strained her neck to see who was talking.


It was Xania, but Glory didn't know her by sight, only vaguely by name as the Plummer family psychologist.

Xania smiled calmly at the two of them and whispered, "Hi Alan. Hi Ms. Rhymer." She sat down next to Glory as if she was expected to be meeting them there.

Glory's heart had leapt to her throat. She was in such a panic that she was practically ready to bolt from the library altogether. But she realized from the strange woman's few words that she might not be in big trouble after all. She tried to calm herself and lower her suddenly greatly elevated heart beat.

Alan, by contrast, was completely calm. Xania had slowly and deliberately come to the table from behind Glory so he'd recognize her from a distance. Both he and Xania had angelic, innocent smiles, but there was mischief in their eyes.

Glory's eyes went from Xania to Alan and then back again. She exclaimed in a loud whisper, "Alan! You set me up again! I'll bet you think this is really funny. Who is this, anyway?"

He replied, "Actually, her appearance is as much a surprise to me as it is to you. I only saw her shortly before you did. But I have no reason to be frightened because this is just my good friend Xania."

Glory turned to Xania and held out a hand. "Hi. Xania. Why is that name familiar? Ah yes. Alan's counselor of sorts. And doubtless one of his... well, whatever you call them."

Calming down a bit, she gave Xania the once over. She thought, Xania has some huge boobs - as big as Suzanne's, even! And look at her face. She could be on the cover of a magazine. Hell, she could be on the cover of a porno magazine! Dammit, don't tell me Alan's fucked her too! Of course he has, the horny bastard. How am I supposed to compete with women like her?!

She quietly exclaimed, "Jesus! Look at this woman! And this is your psychologist?! Who's your janitor? Cindy Crawford? And I imagine your dentist is Claudia Schiffer?"

Alan hushed her. "Glory, keep it down. People are staring. And yes, Xania is one of my lovers. Is there anything wrong with that? You're one of them too."

Glory rolled her eyes. "Don't remind me. I must be insane. I really should know better than to do these crazy things with you." She was very mindful of the fact that he still had his big toe in her pussy, even though she'd withdrawn her feet from his crotch. "It's just that you're so..."

Since Glory seemed to be at a loss for words, Xania finished her sentence describing Alan. "Irresistible. I think that's the word you're looking for. Though cute, manly, and lovable work for me, too." She winked at Alan. "And like I was saying, I concur. I live in L.A., so I don't get to see him as much as I'd like. Susan told me he went to the library, so I thought I'd drop by and say hello."

She grinned knowingly as she stared at the way Alan and Glory were both slouching and pressed up against the table. "It looks like you two have been very... busy."

Glory blushed a little bit. She was too flustered to catch Xania's look or insinuation. She looked down at her book and realized she hadn't read a single line since Alan had arrived, and he hadn't even opened his book. "Well, not so much," she admitted.

"Au contraire," Xania whispered. "Of course, I refer to the goings-on UNDER the table, not above it."

Glory's slight blush suddenly turned deep red, because there was no way she could miss that innuendo. She dropped her hands down to her crotch in a new and more blatant effort to get Alan's wiggling toe out of her pussy. "You knew?!" She hissed at Alan and his continued toe probing, "Stop it, young man! Please!"

However, she wasn't really trying that hard to dislodge him because his foot game felt so good and she was aroused. Her fear that she'd been almost publicly exposed only heightened her desire. Her hands grabbed at his probing foot, but she held it more than pushed it away.

Alan just remained silent with a shit-eating grin.

Xania explained to Glory in hushed tones, "Of course I knew. Not that these other people around us know what's going on though, so don't worry. You actually can't see much from above the table, but I made an educated guess just going by the smirk on Alan's face, the worry on your face, and the fact that he's sitting across the table from you in such a slouched position. What exactly IS happening under there, anyway?"

Before anyone could answer, Xania's eyes went wide and she quietly exclaimed, "Oops! I dropped my pencil!" She didn't even have a pencil, but she pretended that she had to go under the table to retrieve one.

Glory was completely flummoxed and speechless. Things had been happening too fast for her ever since Xania had arrived. As it became clear with the passing seconds that Xania wasn't coming out from under the table, she thought, Unbelievable! Some woman who's just about a complete stranger to me is crawling around between my legs in a wide open public place! No doubt, she's staring at Alan as he toe-fucks my open and wet pussy. I wish I could crawl in a hole and die. I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life, but I'm too excited to stop!

As the seconds went by, she sighed and thought, That's the story of my life. Alan's always making me do things I really shouldn't do, but it's all just so damnably exciting that I can't say no to him. I never should have gotten back together with him, but at least so far I've been having too much fun to regret it. Just so long as we don't get caught!

Right then, one of the librarians, an older man, walked nearby.

Glory felt as if her heart stopped completely. She was half-convinced that she was having either a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. She stayed as still as a statue and prayed.

However, the librarian walked right past her and went off to some bookshelves just past her, holding some books. Had he looked down as he passed he would have seen Xania's high heels sticking a little bit out from under the table, clearly showing someone hiding down there. But he remained completely oblivious.

Glory's heart continued pounding so loudly that she felt as if everyone in the library had to be able to hear the drumbeat like thumping. She still didn't feel Xania under the table, but she knew she still was down there. She thought, I can't take these kinds of high stakes games! For Xania, it's no skin off her nose if she gets caught; she doesn't even live here. No one knows who Alan is either since I, at least, have never seen him here before. But all the librarians know me and have helped me find things on occasion. It's not fair!

Time continued to pass. It had been a good minute or more since Xania had gone under the table, and Glory still didn't hear or feel anything down there (except for Alan's big toe still wiggling in her slit).

Glory had slowly calmed down to a manageable level, though the things that Alan was doing with his toe and the fear that the librarian was likely to pass by again soon on his way back to the help desk still had her tense and wildly aroused. But she was most agitated by the realization of just how long Xania had been on all fours beneath the table already. She leaned forward and urgently whispered to Alan, "Just what is she doing under there?!"


Alan whispered back, "She discovered the progress you made, what with unzipping my fly and letting Alan Junior fly free and all. Now her tongue and lips are pretty busy. You should see her tongue, by the way. It's incredible, like the size of two tongues combined."

Glory's eyes bugged out, Roger Rabbit-style. She shouted in urgency, but whispered in volume, "What?! You mean she's giving you a blowjob? Right here? Right now?"

Alan looked puzzled and waited a long time to reply, as if he was trying to figure it out. "Mmmm. I'd have to say yes. Definitely yes." His frown turned back to a big smile as he luxuriated in Xania's tongue bath. Seeing Glory get so freaked out and aroused by the danger of exposure made the pleasure of the blowjob that much better.

"I don't believe it!"

Alan was momentarily lost because Xania had almost his entire dick in her mouth and her lips were sliding up and down his slick pole at a remarkable speed. He wanted to cry out, "YES! GOD YES!" but somehow he managed to keep cool. However, between the excitement and muscle exhaustion, he was losing control of his outstretched leg. He was more or less continuing to keep his toe on or in Glory's pussy, but his knee was starting to tap on the underside of the table.

If there was one thing they could do to draw attention in the quiet library, it was to make noises like that. But so far their luck was holding out.

Alan had forgotten completely about Glory's comment, but she finally prodded him, "Well?!"

He managed to respond, "Take a look for yourself."

She stuck a foot out, and bumped into Xania's legs. It appeared that Xania's body was in the right position for a blowjob, but Glory still had trouble believing she was really doing that. "As if I'm going to go under the table as well? No thanks! Are you crazy? I'll have to believe you, if only because of the ecstatic expressions that keep crossing your face. But dammit, young man-"

Just then, Xania pulled her mouth off of Alan's throbbing shaft and said in a voice just loud enough for both Alan and Glory to hear, "I'm sucking him, all right. It's great! Glory, you should come down here and join me, I don't mind sharing. There's more than enough inches of big, fat, long cock to go around."

"Shush it!" Glory complained, even as her arousal level rose still higher from Xania's scandalous suggestion.

After a few tantalizing, long licks up and down Alan's erection, Xania added, "Is it just all this hot cock in my face, or is it really actually hot in here? Either way, I'm glad I took my blouse and bra off."

Glory's mouth practically dropped to the floor. She stammered a bit, then managed to whisper, "YOU DIDN'T! Alan, tell me she didn't!"

Alan also was getting concerned now that Xania was going too far. He had visions of the three of them getting arrested and being escorted in handcuffs to a police van.

But he replied honestly, "I have no idea. Not unless I crawl under there." He was too busy trying to hold back from cumming to realize that he could probe around with his foot to see if her top was off or not.

However, Xania had been listening to them whispering. She reached out from down below, grabbed one of his hands, and pulled it down to her bare breasts.

Now it was his turn for his mouth to gape open wide and his heart to pound like a big bass drum with worry. "Um, she did," he finally muttered. His fingertips were just able to reach one of her nipples and by practice or instinct he began gently tugging on it.

Glory was ready to have a hissy fit. "But, but, but! But what if someone sees her legs and calls the librarian by, or he happens to wander by again?" Her pussy was gushing, and her whole body trembled.

Alan was finding it increasingly hard to think, given the expert blowjob Xania was busy with again. He wasn't thinking prudently anymore. He pushed his chair back from the table some just so he could better see Xania licking and sucking with her extraordinarily long tongue. He found it hard to believe she'd really gone topless, but he loved it.


Xania responded by positioning herself more directly underneath him so he'd have more to see. But that also put her in a more blatantly obvious position for any wandering eyes.

Alan was so into it and the pleasure was so good that it seemed to him like the room was spinning. He was no longer able to remember to wiggle his toe in Glory's pussy as his leg started to flail around and his knee banged against the table's underside even more.

Yet, ever considerate, he didn't want Glory to think he was ignoring her in favor of Xania, and he somehow managed to keep the sole of his foot stroking over her bush and pussy lips. The fact that she was holding onto his foot with both hands prevented him from accidentally kicking her.

He tried with all his might to think about Glory's question about what would happen if someone saw what Xania was doing, but it only made him think even more about how Xania was topless and cocksucking him under the table. Giving up on coming up with a clever answer, he replied with dramatic understatement as he gasped for breath, "That would be a problem."

"Damn right, it would!" Glory replied passionately, and louder than expected. She dropped her voice and said with steely determination, "But I'm not going to be outdone. I'm especially not going to have my sweet young man stolen from me right under my nose by yet another one of his big gazoombah babes."

Her hands had somehow gone from holding Alan's probing foot to gently fondling it, but now she removed her hands, raised her ass up a bit, and began pulling her panties completely off her body.

Alan had to remove his foot from her slit so she could take her panties all the way off her legs. But he was pretty much forced to give up playing footsie in any case because Xania was cocksucking too intently and his leg muscles were ready to give up on him from remaining outstretched that long. He found himself clutching at the edge of the desk with both hands as the urge to cum welled up within him. He was frantically squeezing his PC muscle.

Xania had assumed that the situation was so arousing, he wouldn't be able to last for more than a minute or so, so her stunt wouldn't be that dangerous. But he was continuing to hold out, increasing the danger. She was going all out with her freakishly long tongue, trying all her cocksucking tricks to get him to climax right away.

Glory looked around the room and was amazed that no one was paying them any attention. She reached to her groin and put her fingers in her newly unoccupied pussy lips. She scooped up as much cum there and on her inner thighs as she could, then brought her hand up above the table. "Look!" She stuck her wet hand out at Alan. "Look how wet you make me. I've never been so wet and horny in my entire life. What am I going to do with you, young man?"


Alan spoke confidently. "That's not the question. The question is, what am I going to do to you?"

A shiver ran up and down Glory's spine. She nearly creamed just thinking of all the talented things Alan knew how to do to her. Trying to shake off her stunned feeling, she said huskily, "Promises, promises. Let's see action."

"Um, action is coming. But first, I'm cumming. Cumming! Jesus! Almost - so close! Urgh!" His voice trembled and he sounded like he was suffering although he was really near the peak of ecstasy.

Glory suddenly was reminded where she was, and put her wet hand down. She spoke her thoughts out loud. "I'm not gonna be outdone by this woman or anyone else!"

After another quick scan around the room, she defiantly took her panties and laid them down on the desk between her book and Alan's. "What do you think of that?"

Alan was so close to cumming that all he could do was let out a kind of ululating whimper.

Glory seemed to be oblivious to his predicament, and was taking it personally that he was so preoccupied with Xania's cocksucking. "Not daring enough? Okay, I'll show you daring. Take me back to the bookshelves back there and fuck me within an inch of my life! People may wander back there from time to time, but I don't care! Between your foot and knowing what Xania's doing, I need a serious Alan plowing. Now! And that's an order!" She looked defiant and determined.

Alan, though, was just hanging on, using all his energy and PC muscle control tricks to stave off a climax. But he knew he wouldn't be able to last for long because once Xania got going with her exceptional tongue, there was no way to stop her until she got the load of cum she desired. As he furrowed his brow and held on to the table edge with a death grip, he gasped out, "Um, I can't get up! Not yet... Blowjob... so good!"

Glory was getting increasingly peeved. She straightened out her skirt and stood up. "I will not let this woman show me up! Alan, you're going to fuck me now and that's all there is to it!" She was still whispering but her voice was getting increasingly loud and insistent.

Between that and the fact that she'd stood up, a few heads were turning in her direction. Or they could have been drawn in by the way Xania was making louder and louder slurping and moaning sounds.

Glory began walking around the table towards Alan.

Alan was still hanging on, fighting the urge to climax with all his might. But his control was slipping away because everything was so much more arousing that he could resist. Oh no! Gotta hold out for Glory. But Xania... Tongue swirling... Lips sucking... What am I gonna do? Glory... Xania... Blowjob... Too much!

He reached the point of no return and nearly broke the table, he was squeezing it so hard.

Suddenly, he woke up.


Alan was completely shocked to find that his entire encounter with Glory and Xania was just a dream. He was very disoriented as he opened his eyes and realized he was in his bedroom and the daylight was shining in between the curtains on his windows.

He'd thought the blowjob was part of the dream, but intense orgasmic pleasure coming from his stiff dick showed that wasn't so. He took a whiff and detected an overwhelming smell of pussy. Then he raised his head a bit and looked down his body and saw a big lump under the covers. It was making a bobbing motion right over his crotch.

Oh God! Someone's giving me a wake up blowjob! And I don't even know who it is!

Just as in the end of his dream, Alan was on the cusp of cumming. If he wasn't there already, he realized that he didn't even know who was giving him a wake up blowjob, but he could tell that undoubtedly someone extremely hot and sexy was pushing him over the edge. At the very least, she was extremely talented at cocksucking.


He realized that someone was straddled over him, which was why the smell of pussy was so overwhelming. There were legs on either side of his head but the only place where any contact was being made was at his crotch. He could see a mouth bobbing up and down, but from this angle he couldn't see eyes or enough of a face to identify who.

However, he could see a mass of long dark hair over a shapely and very busty body, and he tried to make a determination of who it was from that. Aunt Suzy? No, hair's too straight. Sis? No, not tan enough. Mom? Maybe... No, hair's not long enough. God, it's somehow exciting that I have so many lovers that I still don't know who it is!

He reached out to fondle her breasts. Yes, there are definitely very BIG tits! G-cups, at least! But what's awesome is that hardly narrows down who this could be. Hmmm. They seem about Mom-sized, but it's not Mom...

Wait, I know! It's Xania! She was at the party and she went to bed with me last night. Of course! That means more Xania today. Excellent! Hey, and it was her in the dream, too!

This thinking of his had only taken a few seconds, and all the while, the irresistible urge to cum was overwhelming him. He gave up the losing effort and started to shoot his load. He pulled his hands from her rack and brought them to his head, as if he was trying to keep his brain from flying apart. "Arrrggh! Cuuuuummiiiiing!"

Even as he was still coming to and getting his bearings, he felt his stiff cock pulsing and blasting into her mouth.

He continued shouting, both in surprise and exultation. He hoped he wasn't waking up the whole house, but he couldn't help himself.

Slowly but surely, his orgasm petered out. His body relaxed and he breathed deeply to further calm himself down.

Xania turned herself around and lay down on his chest. Her moving about confirmed that she was just as naked as he was. She scraped her erect nipples up his chest as she scooted up for a kiss. "Morning, sleepyhead," she said in a friendly tone, and with a big smile. "How'd you like that?"

Feeling her large breasts press into him and practically envelop his chest, he said, "Nice gazoombahs." He giggled as he recalled the word from the dream.


"Oh, nothing. Wow, Xania, thanks! What a great way to wake up. But may I ask what brought that on?"

Xania kissed her way up his collar bone and neck as she said, "Do you really think that, as a semi-regular, semi-official Alan nympho, I'd miss out on my wake up blowjob duty?" She briefly lifted her head up to make eye contact, and winked at him.

Then she went back to small kisses on his neck. "As for why I woke you up out of a deep sleep, I'm an early riser. I've been lying here for a while, just relaxing, when I noticed a stiff pole protruding in the bed sheets. You were mumbling, too. You kept saying 'Glory, Glory, Glory.' I figured you were having a pretty intense erotic dream about your favorite teacher. I thought I'd help make it an even better dream, but I guess I got a little carried away."

"No worries. It WAS an intense dream. And so real. But you know what's funny? The dream was about Glory. I dreamed she and I were back together again. But then you came in and kind of took over from her, giving my dream-self a blowjob as well."

"Weird," Xania replied. "But I hear dreams can pick up on real life stuff like that. In any case, let's get out of bed and get cleaned up. Before I kiss you on the mouth, we have to get rid of the morning breath. That is, unless you want to sleep in a bit longer."

"Nah. I'm up now. I feel decently rested, considering." He reached out and lightly caressed her big tits.

"Good." She put her hands on his and smiled blissfully at his talented touch.

He thought, God, just look at Xania. She's a total fox! There's no way any boy in my school has ever had a girlfriend like her. And yet here I am, playing with her tits after she woke me up with a blowjob! He asked, "What time is it?"

"It's about eight. I'm glad you've had enough sleep, 'cos I want some more 'Alan time' before I go, but I can only stay a few more hours at the most."

So they got out of bed and did their morning routines. They took showers separately, only because Alan knew that taking a shower with Xania would be extremely arousing and his penis wasn't up for it yet.

When he finished his shower, he walked back to his room with the vague notion that he might actually bother putting some clothes on.

But Xania had some other ideas. She lay across his bed in a seductive nude pose. "So. Got any ideas on how we might pass the time?" She comically pointed a finger right at her pussy in case he didn't get the picture.

"I'd love to, Xania, but my dick..." His voice trailed off, because even as he was complaining about his penis not being ready, an erection was starting to pop up. Apparently his penis had decided that Xania was just too arousing a sight to resist.

She laughed. "You were saying?" She laughed some more as it quickly surged to full size. "Come over here, kiddo." She patted the bed.

"Well, I was kind of hoping we'd have a chance to talk, before things got hot and heavy."

"Kid, it's too late for that. Your entire home is some kind of sex hothouse. Why, this room alone smells so strongly of sex that just lying here is terribly arousing for me. I like this room the best 'cos it smells more of cock and less of pussy than the other rooms. Hey! I've got an idea. Why don't you lie on top of me, put your dick inside me, and then we can just rest like that while we talk?"

"Twist my arm, why don't you? I gotta admit that sounds pretty good." He climbed up on his bed and got into the position Xania suggested. He let out a happy sigh as his erection slowly pierced her, at long last coming to rest in the warm liquid world of her welcoming pussy.

It felt so fantastic to him that he was sorely tempted to follow up with some serious thrusting, but he really did want to talk first, so he held back for the moment.

"Mmmm, that's much better. Much, MUCH better." She traced a fingertip along the line of his jaw, watching his expression carefully. "One of Freud's great ideas was having the patient relax by lying on a couch. But the good Dr. Xania Goodleigh does that one better by having the patient AND therapist lie on the couch together." She chuckled. "As your psychologist, and a very sexy one at that, I think that you should be IN me whenever we're alone and you need to talk just one-on-one. Agreed?" She gave his impaled erection a good strong vaginal squeeze to underscore her point.

He laughed. "That sounds good to me! I should warn you though, I have a lot of problems that need discussing. For starters, I have powerful incestuous desires towards my mother and sister."

She smirked. "We'll just have to have a lot of therapy... like this." She gave him another tight squeeze with her pussy walls. "And I'm afraid I doubt that you'll ever get cured. But that shouldn't stop us from..." - she grunted as she squeezed his cock again - "...trying!"


Alan started to explain many of his current problems to Xania. She continued to squeeze her pussy walls more often than not, but the pleasure wasn't so overwhelming that he couldn't keep thinking and talking.

Naturally, most of his problems related to sex, since sex was now such a big part of his life. He discussed his difficulties with each woman with whom he was intimate. For instance, he expressed his concern that Susan was getting a little overly sexually enthusiastic and that Katherine's occasional fits of jealousy bothered him. There seemed to be at least one problem with each person, with the noticeable exception of Amy, where the only problem he could think of was that he felt bad for not spending enough time with her.

But he spent the most time talking about Glory and Heather. With Glory, he wanted to know if it would be wise to get back with her, and if so, how he should do it. Heather though was a whole other can of worms that also connected to the football player problem. Simone came up a few times in connection to Heather, but the only real problem he had with her was her wicked sense of humor.

Xania listened carefully and offered advice at the right times, but at the same time she was incredibly horny.

It didn't help that as Alan talked about each of his lovers in turn, his erection would inadvertently and tantalizingly flex and stiffen deep inside her as his lusty urges for them surged.

Her wakeup blowjob had provided a great orgasm for Alan, but it had only whetted Xania's appetite. Since his erection was deep inside her, she kept squeezing her pussy muscles in an effort to get him to start thrusting.

Alan greatly enjoyed what she was doing, but he wasn't taking the bait. He was getting increasingly aroused as well, but he figured that this was the only chance he'd get to talk to her completely alone, as she had said she would be leaving in a few hours.

But her pussy squeezing felt so good that he wasn't very insistent in telling her to stop it, either. Between that, lots of wandering hands, and the topic of their conversations always involving sex, it took a lot of willpower to keep the words flowing.


He even started teasing her back. He lifted his body up over hers, pulling nearly all the way out of her hot box.

She thought for sure he was about to start thrusting at any moment, but instead he simply remained like that and kept talking and talking.

He repeated this tease a few more times, and it worked every time.

Xania was getting irritated. Despite her desire to be a good advisor, she felt that he was just repeating himself after a while. Finally, she said, "Let's cut to the chase. Why don't you look at the bigger picture, instead of each relationship? Maybe we can come to some conclusions that apply to everything."

He replied, "Well, if I summarize your advice, you seem to keep saying that with lots and lots of love, care, and sex, I can overcome all my problems."

Xania tilted up toward him, kissed him on the nose, and flexed her pussy muscles with extra vigor. "Very good. You get an 'A.'"

But he turned his head in irritation so she couldn't kiss him again. "I'm serious! Really, it's not that easy."

"Why not? Look. All the women you're talking about are head over heels in love with you. Even Glory and Heather. Yes, even Heather."

"No, she's not."

"Yes, she is." Annoyed, she squeezed his dick with her pussy walls even more insistently.

"How do you know? You've never even met her."

"I know, okay? She shows all the signs of being in love with you, and you're very easy to fall in love with. Hell, even I'm kind of in love with you a little bit, and believe me, I'm extremely jaded. Anyway, it's safer to assume that she is, and act accordingly, than the other way around."

"Hmmm. That's true." He was surprised at Xania's love semi-confession, but he didn't know what to say about it, since he only liked her a lot, and loved fucking her. Besides, he felt her "a little bit" qualifier was accurate.

She continued, "Whatever solution you choose for her, you should do it with love and compassion, not hate and contempt. Don't let her drag you down to her level, but raise her up to yours. I'm a firm believer that love conquers all."

"That may be," he conceded. "I'm also a romantic. But there's only one me, and there's so many of them. I can't keep them all satisfied. And by the way, can you let up with the pussy squeezing? It's getting to be too much."

"Sorry." She went back to a mellow squeezing rhythm. "Look, admittedly you can't give all of them as much love and attention as everyone would like, but in time everyone will learn to adjust. Think about the wife of a sailor who has to deal with her husband being away at sea, sometimes for years at a time. People adjust to all kinds of situations."

"Hmmm. Good point. I keep asking myself, 'What's the alternative?' To say goodbye to all but one of them? Obviously there's no way I could do that now. It would be like having a bunch of children and having to choose to keep just one. But I'm just too spread out and it's killing me, both physically and mentally. Not to mention the impact on my homework and everything else."

"Well, there is another alternative," Xania suggested as she squeezed his erection harder.


"When it comes to sex, let them have a little bit of strange cock from time to time. Between that and all their lesbian lovemaking, the pressure will be a lot less for you."

He grimaced. "Arrgh! You think I haven't thought of that? I have. Call me a hypocritical bastard, but I just can't do it. I mean, the very thought of Susan having sex with another guy - it just tears my heart out! I mean literally, I want to fall to the ground and cry. Just thinking about the possibility is painful!"

"Hypocritical bastard," Xania said half-jokingly.

"Thanks," he replied glumly. "As if I don't feel bad enough! I AM horribly hypocritical, but I can't help it." With his thoughts on Susan, he thought about big tits and unconsciously reached up and squeezed Xania's similarly sized rack.

Xania ruefully admitted, "The other snag is that I don't think most of them would go for it. Amy, for instance, seems game for most anything if you suggest it, but Susan would probably throw herself in front of a train first. Even Suzanne has been acting strangely loyal. You should have seen her tear a wide path through the male population back in college. I saw her when she fell in love with Eric Pestridge way back when and she gave up her wild ways, but I have to say I think her feelings for you are even more intense than the feelings she had for him back then when they were head over heels in love. Whatever it is you've got that gets even Suzanne to feel like that, you should bottle it and sell it."

She paused and considered. "Hmmm... Well, there's another thing you could do, stud boy. You could cut down on all your strange pussy and just remain with the five or six you love the best. That should be more than enough variety for anyone, and then some. I think that inner circle should include Brenda and Glory, but not Heather."

He nodded, but noted, "If I do that, that means no more sex with you."

"Ooooh. Good point. On second thought, scratch that idea too." She thought, then said with a grin, "Did I say five or six? I meant six or seven. You can't forget to regularly bone that sexy Xania chick. She's smart AND a totally hot fuck."

Xania's pussy suddenly rippled so much that Alan gasped, choked, and started laughing.

He retaliated by saying "Trust me, I'm not about to give THIS up," quickly followed by a surprisingly deep and powerful thrust.

She let out a lusty, needy moan.

But he stilled himself and said, "Seriously, I know I'm a hypocrite, but is it really that bad if I go after a bit of 'strange' from time to time?"

Still grinning, she said, "Let me see if I've got this straight. You won't let any women in your harem so much as touch another guy, but you feel like you can go out and fuck any woman at any time, if she strikes your fancy."

"I know! I'm horrible!" He sighed. "The difference is that it bothers me if they were to do it, but they actually seem to love it when I do it. I mean, look at the way they pushed you to sleep with me last night. They practically strapped our bodies together to make sure it happened."

She warily nodded. "True. All I can say is you're one lucky bastard! But at least think about the idea of letting them have some other lovers though, okay? You might find you like it. Does the idea of Sean and you double-penetrating me excite you?" Her pussy rippled and then squeezed in excitement, emphasizing her words.

He wanted to deny it, but the sudden leap of his erection inside her made it clear what his answer was before he could speak. "Um, okay, yeah."

"Well then, why should it be different with, say, Suzanne?"

"No offense Xania, but it's because I love her with all my heart and soul. It would kill me to see her with someone else. I really like you, and I could see myself coming to love you eventually, but we're not there yet."

She was glad to hear that, so she rewarded him with a little bit of hip gyration around his boner. Then she asked, "What if it were Brenda?"

"Hmmm. Brenda's different. If she's with Adrian, no problem. That feels right to have mother and son together, and I, of all people, should know about that. But seeing her with anyone else? It would be kind of tough, but I wouldn't throw myself off a bridge over it."

"What about if it were Heather?"

"I'd be all over that idea. Not only that, but honestly she needs a lot more cock than I can give her."

"And if it were Glory?"

He had to think about that one, and his cock started to soften a bit as he pondered these troubling issues. "Hmmm. Difficult. On one hand it would be extremely painful for me, but on the other hand, she could never handle being in a harem situation, so I'm no good for her in the long run. Maybe she should date other guys while she and I eventually try to move into a more platonic mode? I think I could deal with her dating as long as I didn't have to see it or even know the details."

However, he added, "But then again, no. Dammit, I don't want to share her or give her up. She's mine! I love her! But then again, she can't handle the harem. 'If you love someone, set them free,' right? But it's so hard!"

She thought, Interesting. This question is like a love-o-meter test for him. Obviously he loves Glory, and it's touching that he even loves her enough to set her free, or at least try to. Brenda he's still warming to. But this confirms my opinion that he should stay far away from Heather. She loves him, but he doesn't love her. And as for me, for better or worse, the love just isn't there. Well, not enough, in any case. Maybe because he knows I'm holding back emotionally, but it's not there just the same. Not yet, at least. Her pussy squeezes slowed as she pondered.

But out loud, she merely asked him, "And would that work with any of the others? Kind of a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy that would allow them to sleep with other guys once in a while?"

"I don't know. Why is it so important for them to sleep with other guys, anyways? Shouldn't lesbian lovemaking with strap-ons and all that be enough? This whole discussion is so painful. Can we talk about something else? I'm even going flaccid."

"Believe me, I noticed. As for why it's important, that's because then there would be at least some fairness and balance in the situation, if only symbolically." She realized that it was a losing battle trying to keep Alan's dick erect while talking about this. She stopped her pussy squeezing entirely.

He turned downright petulant. "Maybe I don't want fairness." He added more thoughtfully, "I hate to sound arrogant here, but a ship can't have two captains. Putting aside my jealousy issues, if you start to involve other guys, it just won't work. The dynamic would be thrown all off. There have been a lot of harems in history, but have you ever heard of one with two or more guys involved? Ain't gonna happen. All those hippy communes with total free love between everybody failed miserably before long. There's something stable and tried and true about the harem situation, even if it's inherently unfair."

"You may have a point there," she conceded, "but there's a big difference between allowing a woman to get a little 'strange' of her own and having two captains. In any case, let's take a break since this discussion got so serious. Why don't we go downstairs and get something to eat? I think we're the only ones awake, because Susan stuck her head in while you were still sleeping and said that she and Suzanne were going to do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping."


As Xania got up, she thought to herself, I suppose I should cut Alan some slack when it comes to his hypocrisy. After all, it's easy to forget given the way he handles himself, but he is still only eighteen. Most guys his age presented with his situation would have completely mucked things up by now. It's like giving a seven year old the keys to a Ferrari - you just wince and wait for the crash to happen.

Meanwhile, Alan was thinking, No way, José! No way could I ever share my family four with any other guy, not even the likes of Brad or Adrian. And not Glory either. Heck, I don't even want to share Xania.

Personally, I feel a bit sad for her. She's so keen on having as many partners as she wants all the time that she's unwilling to commit and settle with any one person. She's coming up on forty, and from what I understand she's never had a serious partner for any length of time. She gives good advice on a lot of things, but on this issue I'm gonna take what she says with a big grain of salt.


Susan was extremely nervous. "Suzanne, I don't know about this." She stood next to Suzanne and Brenda at the door of a supermarket just as it was opening, at eight o'clock sharp. Because it was Thanksgiving, the store was only open a few hours in the morning to cater to people who needed to pick up a few last minute items for their Thanksgiving feasts.

Suzanne grabbed Susan's upper sleeve and gently pulled her forward into the store. "Come on. It'll be fine."

The reason Susan was nervous was because Suzanne had insisted they do their shopping while wearing Televibe dildos. There was no good reason for this except that Suzanne was feeling mischievous and frisky, and she figured Alan would be occupied with Xania for most of the morning. She thought she and Susan could combine business with pleasure, getting their jollies while making some necessary Thanksgiving purchases. She also wanted to continue to weaken Susan's aversion to public exhibitionism.

Susan remained very apprehensive about doing anything sexual while in the presence of any male other than Alan, and there was no telling who else might be shopping when they were there. She agreed to wear a Televibe controlled by Suzanne only if Suzanne wore one that she could control as well.

Suzanne was intrigued by Susan's surprisingly aggressive response, but decided that going along with it could be fun. However, Susan firmly insisted that the two of them remain very conservatively dressed, and Suzanne acquiesced to that too. Susan was braless as usual, but wore a sweater over a blouse and a long dress, while Suzanne wore a turtleneck top and blue jeans. Susan did look fairly innocuous dressed that way, but Suzanne was incapable of turning her sexiness off and the tightness of her turtleneck didn't help with that.

Brenda was with them mostly by luck. She happened to wake up from where she'd been sleeping in the basement and wander upstairs at the same time Susan and Suzanne were in Susan's kitchen double-checking what they needed to purchase at the grocery store. Brenda was fully coherent, though a little bleary eyed, and asked how she could be of help.

Suzanne, mindful of Susan's protests and fears about doing anything sexual while near other men, decided to use Brenda as a diversion. The idea was that Susan and Suzanne would dress conservatively and go to one section of the store while Brenda would dress like a slut and go to another section. What horny guys there might be in the store at that early hour would be drawn to Brenda like flies to honey, leaving Susan and Suzanne to their Televibe games with little to no male presence to worry about.

Brenda immediately split from the other two as soon as the three of them entered the store. She'd had time for a quick shower before they left, and felt very eager to play her decoy role.

As Susan walked down one of the store aisles, she gripped Suzanne tightly. She had a slightly lost look in her eyes. "This is so strange!"

"What?" Suzanne asked as she pushed the shopping cart and actually tried to do some shopping.

"Well, all these clothes, for one," Susan said in a conspiratorial and low voice. "I haven't worn a sweater in who knows how long. And I'm not even showing any cleavage whatsoever! It feels wrong."


Suzanne pointed out as she examined the store merchandise, "But wearing a sweater was your idea."

"I know. It sounded good when I worried about lots of strange eyes on me and I get so uneasy thinking about other men looking at my mommaries - that's just a cute name I've been calling them lately. And of course they belong to you-know-who, just like yours do."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Yes, dear."

"So I don't really regret the sweater. But now that it actually comes down to it, I feel horribly constrained. My tits need to be bouncing free! Better yet, I should be pushing them together while my Tiger slides his big thing between them. Oh! And he could be suckling on one nipple while playing with the other and my milk would gush-"

"Susan, focus. We're in a public place. And there are a lot more people than I expected here at this hour."

"Oh. Right. But don't get me started on this dress that goes all the way down to my ankles. It's like I'm in a bad 'old Susan' flashback. This body needs to be naked! And walking around in sneakers feels downright odd. I need high heels! I feel so domesticated."

I think she means domestic, Suzanne thought.

Suddenly, Susan's eyes went wide. "Oh my gosh! That makes me feel SO HOT!"

Suzanne was amused, trying to figure out what had aroused Susan this time. "What?"

"That word: domesticated. It reminds me that you-know-who has thoroughly domesticated and tamed me with his you-know-what. My pussy, my ass, my mouth - they all exist to be filled to the brim with his sperm. I'm helpless to resist, but I don't wanna resist! I love it! Can't we just go back home and help Xania keep him hard and squirting? Maybe my Tiger will feel like a double blowjob or fuck sandwich."

Suzanne just rolled her eyes again. She was happy that at least Susan was keeping her voice down so others couldn't hear. She was puzzled by Susan's selective censorship. For instance, Susan said "pussy," but referred to a penis as a "you-know-what."

Susan's eyes started to glaze over as her imagination got busy. "Or even a triple blowjob. Or, with Brenda helping, a QUADRUPLE blowjob! Just think of the tit power in that one as the four of us all rub our big bouncy racks into each other, jostling for position! Or he could take turns titfucking us all! All that dick taming all that tit. So hot! And then, once the two others wake up, the possibilities are endless! Imagine a SEXTUPLE blowjob. Wow. Why, the very word shows how right it is. Maybe we could have a titfucking contest. God, just thinking about all the different ways to make him cum is making me so HOT!"

Suzanne looked around to make sure no one overheard that since Susan's voice was starting to rise a bit, plus Susan was forgetting to censor herself. She was well aware that Susan got so quickly and easily aroused that she could be recklessly careless about who might be listening. As usual, Suzanne was forced to be the more responsible one.

She said to Susan as she picked up a packet of pre-made salad and put it in her cart, "Hold your horses and keep your voice down. This shopping trip isn't all fun and games, you know. We do have some actual shopping to do. I mean, it's Thanksgiving day and you haven't even bought the turkey yet."

"Oh, poo," Susan pouted. She seemed to focus a bit and even shopped for a minute or two, long enough to put a couple of items in the shopping cart. In a happier tone, she added, "At least you didn't make me wear a bra, even though you put one on. That would just be more than I can take. I might as well throw all my bras out, except for the support ones to keep my tits firm and high for my oh-so-lovable lover."

Suzanne looked around and was relieved to confirm that there was no one near to overhear Susan's aroused ramblings. She worried that Susan might say things to reveal her incestuous relationships. Susan had at least promised to be careful in using real names and so far was keeping to that. Suzanne figured that "Tiger" sounded innocuous enough, but it was good to be watchful and careful.

Suzanne asked, "So, how's the Televibe feel?" She had bought Televibes for all the women in the Plummer house after Alan had explained what a hit it had been when he'd used one with Glory, and on the way to the store she'd taken the time to demonstrate the different settings to Susan.

"Disappointing," Susan replied. "I mean, sure, there's a buzz, but I miss my widdle Tiger. I'd rather be cuddling with him, or better yet, feeling his hot thing in my hands. Mmmm! God, I just love to stroke it and feel that pre-cum soaking into everything. Oh, and then the squish, squish, squish as you just KNOW there's all that cum in there and it needs to come out!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes yet again. She exaggerated her chagrined look, knowing that Susan was completely oblivious to such expressions once she got started in on one of her Alan fantasies. But she thought, Well, I suppose it's as good a time as any to give the Televibe a try. She changed the setting on Susan's Televibe from the lowest to one of the medium settings. Then she quickly changed it back.

"Oooh!" Susan exclaimed, just as if she'd been goosed. Her ass bucked back dramatically. "That was... interesting."

Trying to make sure Susan would get into the Televibe play, Suzanne said, "Imagine that's your Tiger, standing right behind you here in the store. He finds you so sexy that he can't help but pinch your ass a little bit."

Susan liked that idea a lot. She breathed, "More! Hit me with another one, Suzanne!"

Suzanne walked right up to Susan and leaned into her ear. "Tiger thinks you look sooooo edible. He wants to crawl underneath that big dress of yours and lick your pussy right here in the store. Maybe no one will notice that someone is under there. Oops, he's getting down on his knees right now. Here he goes, bringing his face up to your hot box." She changed the setting to "rhythmic pulse" and kept it there, hoping that would crudely imitate the sensation of cunnilingus.

"Mmmm. MMMM!" Susan moaned as she strained not to have an orgasm right then and there. She looked around furtively to see if anyone else was noticing what an erotic experience she was having. Suddenly, she stood up ramrod straight. "Uh-oh! Turn it off! Turn it off!"

Suzanne changed the setting on her remote control back to low. "What is it?"

With a slight head nod, Susan said, "Male alert at three o'clock. I thought Brenda was going to take care of all those beasts? Oh wait. The guy took off already. But bad Suzanne. You need to get punished for that." She took her Televibe remote control out of her pocket and pointed it at Suzanne like pointing a garage door opener at a garage. "Take that!"

Now Suzanne's eyes went big. "Whoa! What setting is that one? I like."

"I dunno. I just picked it at random. Uh-oh! Another male at the end of the aisle AND that woman over there is coming right at us! What are all these people doing shopping before nine o'clock in the morning? And what happened to our decoy, Brenda? I thought she was going to take care of all the guys."

Brenda meanwhile was positioned at the opposite end of the store, in the fruit and vegetables section. She looked a bit like an extremely buxom and slutty Jackie Onassis because she wore big dark sunglasses to help protect her identity in case someone might know her.

She wore a loose shirt and a very short and low slung miniskirt, plus very high heels. The cut down the middle of her top was so deep that all of her cleavage was showing. There were deep cuts under the arms as well. Given the tremendous size of her breasts, her top alone was enough to cause a commotion. But her short miniskirt with nothing but the barest thong underneath had the potential to cause havoc as well.


As soon as she walked into the store, all eyes were upon her. It was like in the movies when a gunslinger steps into a saloon and all music comes to a halt. Her outfit, by itself, would not have been that outrageous given that the store was near the beach and people came in wearing all kinds of things. Both men and women were known to come in wearing bathing suits and the store usually didn't bother to enforce its "no shoes, no shirts, no service" policy as long as at least flip flops were worn and all the private parts were covered.

What made Brenda stand out wasn't so much what she wore as the sheer shock of her stunning looks and unique Brenda dimensions. She had the body of a porn star and the big dark glasses made it seem probable that she was a famous porn star trying to hide her identity. With every step she took, her hips swayed and her breasts bounced and sloshed around inside her top like she was carrying two enormous water balloons. It was impossible not to gawk at her.

Two male employees quickly appeared at her side, asking if she needed help.

When she looked at them hungrily and said, "Oh God, yes!," both of them practically came in their pants. Her eyes lingered on their crotches.

Brenda had never done this kind of thing before. She knew how to selectively tease certain males by flaunting her big rack, but she'd never been so blatant in such a public place for fear of drawing the kind of crowd she was now hoping to attract. But she loved it. And she was just getting started.

When she reached the fruits and vegetables section, with the two employees eagerly trailing behind her, she stopped and said, "I need some help. Which of you want to help me?"

Both of the teenage employees rushed forward, saying things like, "Me! Oh, pick me!" Their professional demeanor was totally forgotten.

Brenda just smiled like a seductress and said, "Okay, I'll pick both of you. We can make a threesome. Would you like that?"

Both the kids were too stunned to speak. Their minds were filled with dirty images of sexual threesomes.

So Brenda pressed on. "I want to buy some fruit, but I can never tell the good from the bad." She looked forward and saw a display of bananas. "For instance, bananas. How green is too green?"

She leaned forward to pick up a bunch of semi-ripe bananas and all hell broke loose. A crowd of about six males had been forming behind her. (In fact, these were all the male customers who had happened to notice her since she'd entered the store.)

Meanwhile, the two employees stood in front of her right next to the banana display. When she bent forward dramatically, her shirt billowed out, exposing nearly all of her dangling breasts to the two employees. In back, her miniskirt rode up, exposing all of her ass to the crowd behind her, which also gave them a good look between her legs at her pussy.

One of the employees, a typical gangly and pimple-faced teen, brought his hands to his loins and made a strange "Urp" sound. Then his eyes went wide and he shuffled off, still clutching his groin with both hands.

Brenda had a hard time not laughing. Oopsies! Looks like someone here has a quick trigger. He came already! Oooh, that was fun! Wouldn't it be great to get all of these guys to cum in their pants? But I suppose I'd better tone it down some. I'm going much too fast.

However, she was like a train out of control; she was having too much fun to stop or even slow down. She sauntered to another fruit display, swaying her hips ostentatiously. It seemed like her body was moving more side to side that it was going forward.

Her crowd of admirers followed behind, tongues hanging out. She spent the next few minutes wandering from here to there, pretending to buy fruit. However, it was all just a ruse for her to continually bend, stretch, and preen, and everyone knew it. She didn't even have a basket to put anything she might buy into.

Time and time again, she pretended to drop something (even though she had nothing to drop). She would make a great show of this, verbally as well as visually. She'd say things like, "Oh no! Not AGAIN! Clumsy me. Oh no, and look! All these naughty boys are looking at my bum. I'd better try to cover up my most private spot before anyone gets the wrong idea."


She had a feeling she was going too far, far beyond what Suzanne had told her to do. But she was having so much fun that she found herself getting swept away in the moment. She loved hearing the cheers whenever she did the next outrageous thing.

Then she came to the watermelon bin. "Ooh! Watermelons! My favorite. But they're so hard to pick out. Does anyone here know how to pick out a good watermelon? I hear you have to feel them to know the good ones." She held up a watermelon in front of her chest. "Is there anyone who wants to feel my melons?"

The men responded with lots of hoots and hollers (though they were a bit muted as most of them realized it wouldn't be wise to draw attention and have security break up their fun).

Several eyes went to the remaining gangly employee, since he presumably really did know something about picking watermelons.

He stepped forward, but he was visibly shaking with nervousness. Obviously he had little experience with women, and the crowd was further rattling him. But he put on a brave face and said, "Uh, you've got to, uh, knock on them." He walked forward and gently tapped on the watermelon she held.

But one man in the crowd, a bit larger and older than the teen, grew impatient with his timid assistance. He stepped forward. "Here. Let me help. Lady, I'll feel your melons." He reached out and put a hand on the watermelon she was holding. But instead of tapping on it, he caressed it lovingly. "Now that's how you treat a lady's melon!"

The crowd, which had meanwhile picked up a couple more men (in fact, nearly all the men in the store not working cash registers or with their wives), again hooted heartily, with lots of high-fives.

Encouraged, he added, "But don't pick this melon. It's not good." He took the melon out of her hands and put it back with the others while the employee stood by, gaping in amazement.

Then, smiling with disarming charm, he said, "The best melons are soft. Like, oh, these two big ones right here." He reached out as if to grab hold of her breasts. However, he chickened out at the last moment.

Again, the crowd erupted into cheers and whistles, even louder this time.

Brenda found herself blushing. She thought, Uh-oh! This guy is really aggressive. I can't let things get out of control. I have to save myself for my son and my master!


Back on the other side of the store, Susan and Suzanne were in the bread section, actually doing some shopping while they waited for some of the other customers near them to clear out. There were many more customers than they had expected at such an early hour.

Susan got panicky whenever a male got close. She often would cling to Suzanne as if for protection. She'd hardly been out of the house for something like a shopping trip in the last week, and had changed so much in that short time she could scarcely remember how to act in public.

Finally, she decided the coast was clear and said, "Where were we? Oh yes. I believe you were telling me how my Tiger was under my dress."

Suzanne was amazed at her changeable emotions, but she took her remote control out and upped the settings on the Televibe. "No, actually. He decided that was too risky. He's standing behind you now. Can you feel a hand slowly drawing down your back? That's his hand. Even under all those clothes, you look so good that he can't help but touch you and caress you."

Susan closed her eyes. She visibly shivered all over and a thrill of electricity ran up and down her spine. "And then?" she asked breathlessly.

"Then his hand moves down to your ass. Tiger wants to get your attention and you know how he does that, don't you?"


Susan's whole body trembled as she imagined Alan "getting her attention" by kneading her buttocks and then invading her always lubed and ready asshole with one powerful, penetrating thrust. The Televibe aside, just thinking of that practically made her cum.

Suzanne upped Susan's Televibe speed a bit more. "His hand closes around the luscious round globe of- I don't know. Don't you think wheat bread is better? Something organic?"

Susan opened her eyes in confusion. She saw Suzanne holding a loaf of French bread and trying to act and sound like a shopper because another woman was standing just a few feet away.

But Susan was so aroused she wasn't deterred, especially since the intruder was a woman. She leaned forward and asked Suzanne in a sensuous voice, "What are you holding there? It seems very phallic, don't you think? Bring it down below your waist and imagine that's Sweetie's you-know-what. Now he's all hot for you. His big... loaf can sense how needy you are. You have a very needy, uh, muffin, don't you? Hee-hee, what a good word for the bread section. He's homing in on your muffin like a heat seeking missile 'cos it's so HOT!"

Throwing caution to the wind, Susan upped Suzanne's Televibe to its highest setting and closed in so she could whisper right into Suzanne's ear. "You know how BOLD and commanding Alan can be. If he wants a pussy, he gets it. He's relentless and unstoppable! And right now, he wants YOU! Right here, right over, well, how about over that display table full of cheeses? He's going to bend you over doggy-style and take you right here in the store! What do you think of that?"

Suzanne was suddenly so aroused that she didn't know what to do. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that the woman shopper, who had an oversized figure and was probably in her fifties, was clearly eavesdropping and even drifting a bit closer. There were several other people elsewhere in the bread section who were liable to notice them at any time.

She tried to fight back. She thought, With Susan so out of control lately, I've got to stay in control. But dammit, her words are so exciting! Why can't I have a little fun too sometimes?

She replied in hushed tones, "No! You're wrong! He's after YOU! His cock, uh, it's sliding up and down your ass crack. And, uh... He's going to, uh..." She was trying to redirect the fantasy back onto Susan, but her pussy didn't want her to. She was conflicted and thoroughly aroused, so her thoughts were scattered.

"No he isn't," Susan said with surprising determination, walking into Suzanne's personal space and backing her into the table of breads behind her. "At least not until he's done with you. He IS a tiger and you're his prey. It doesn't matter where you go, you can't escape his demanding, big, thick COCK!" She suddenly put her hand on one of Suzanne's breasts.

Suzanne was so shocked by the unexpected touching that she dropped the loaf of French bread she'd been carrying. She quickly turned to the older woman nearby and caught the woman blatantly staring at her. Their eyes briefly locked and then the other woman looked down away, embarrassed. But the woman still lingered near to see what these two strange buxom beauties would do next.

Suzanne tried to push Susan away some because their faces were practically touching and she felt trapped between Susan and the table. She hissed, "Calm down, woman! Don't make a scene!"

Susan looked around and saw several people staring at them. They happened to be all females, but still she had enough sense to realize she was going too far. She took her hand off of Suzanne's breast and tried to cool herself down.

However, she wasn't successful for very long. She quietly said, "Sorry, but I'm so HOT! This Televibe has me so wet and I'm just getting all excited with this sexy talk! I mean, wouldn't it be great if our Tiger really WAS here and he just decided to plow you right here, in the middle of everything and everyone? He'd pull those tight jeans down and ram his big log into your helpless cunt over and over and over! Imagine him taking you all the way, filling your tight little gash with one deep, powerful stroke!" Remembering the Televibe, she frantically fumbled at the controls until she managed to change the settings (although, again, she was changing them at random).

She continued, "And what could people do about it? NOTHING!" She waved a hand through the air dismissively. "All these women here, they'd get so hot that they'd all be frigging themselves too. And then he'd do me next, with everyone watching! He'd shove his-"

Suzanne was panting and loving it, but at the same time more in tune with reality. She interrupted, "Whoa, Nelly! Hold on! You're not exactly calming down. And you're not calming me down in the slightest. Let's get our Televibes and set them back to the lowest setting, okay?"

"Okay," Susan pouted. "Oh, poo. You're no fun." She looked around, forcing the women who had been furtively eyeing her to pretend to do something else. "And this sweater. Arrgh! It's choking me. And my nipples are so hard they hurt. I like these special clamps you gave me that can be worn under clothes without much notice, and it's nice not to be leaking everywhere. But the clamps pinch so much - they feel so good even as they feel so bad! I need to be naked and running wild! I need to be milked!"

"Sssh! Keep your voice down. People are staring again."

"Sorry. I'll try to control myself."

"You do that. Remember, we have to actually do some shopping before we go."

About four women in their aisle were still occasionally checking them out, but sensing the show was over, they started going back to their business and moved on to other aisles.

Suzanne thought, Why is it that Susan gets so turned on by thoughts of Sweetie, but practically nothing else? I mean, I didn't even need to bring the Televibe. It would be nice if just once she could get that excited thinking about ME. I'm not exactly chopped liver, you know. She sighed, but she was so aroused that she didn't get that upset.

Susan was slowly counting to ten to calm herself when all of a sudden she heard a noise coming from the opposite end of the large supermarket. "Suzanne, did you hear that? I think that's Brenda, calling our names. She must need help."

"Uh-oh! Come on!" Suzanne left her cart and began running to the fruits and vegetables section, with Susan trailing a short distance behind. (Suzanne could run fast since she was wearing a bra, whereas Susan was forced to hold her breasts with both hands).

As they got closer, there was no mistaking Brenda's cries of "Suzanne! Susan!" They ran faster.

They cleared the tall frozen foods section, giving them an open display of the fruits and vegetables area. Brenda was surrounded by about a dozen guys. There were even more people standing further back, many of them female.


One man, the one who had been the most aggressive with Brenda's "watermelons" earlier, had his hand on her breasts and was saying lewd things to her. Everyone else was cheering him on. Brenda's sunglasses were gone and she was staring helplessly at his hand while her whole body wriggled in a mixture of resistance and arousal.

Suzanne thought on her feet. Those guys around her look so rabid that if we go in there we might just be throwing more wood on the fire. It looks like an orgy's about to break out! Suddenly, she yelled, "Everybody freeze! It's the police!"

That brought an instant reaction. Even though no one could see any police uniforms or even knew who was yelling, the group around Brenda broke up immediately. Some guys even ran away.

"Okay, everybody, show's over!" she shouted. She barked, "Nothing to see here, move along!"

Her words were clichéd but effective. Somewhat to her surprise, everyone scattered, including two teenage boys in employees' uniforms.

Though Susan didn't say anything, she stood behind Suzanne with her arms folded, looking convincingly tough.

Brenda rushed over to Suzanne and Susan and embraced both of them at once. "Boy, am I glad to see you!"

"Are you okay?" Susan asked with motherly concern.

Brenda was panting heavily, but smiled and said, "I'm fine. That was fun! But it was starting to go from fun to ugly. I guess I was a little too successful with the flirting, and there were many more guys than I could handle. This one guy who was kind of the ringleader actually started fondling my breasts in front of everyone, and that's when I freaked and started yelling your names."

Even though Suzanne had just seen that with her own eyes, she was surprised enough about it to ask, "He did?!" Thinking a bit more, she added, "What got into him?"

Brenda blushed. "Well, I may have kind of goaded him to do it a little bit. But I never actually expected he'd go through with it!" She blushed a darker shade of red. "Okay, maybe I wasn't that surprised, but he didn't take his hands off... And I mean, admittedly, I liked that too, but I didn't want my master or mistresses to get mad at me. Things were getting out of control. You came just in time, or who knows what might have happened. I'm so wet!"

Susan, realizing that Brenda was going to remain the center of attention as long as she was dressed like that, quickly pulled her sweater off and offered it to Brenda. She was glad to be free of the sweater (her shirt underneath kept her well covered).

As Brenda put it on and tugged her miniskirt down, Suzanne said, "Let's get out of here! I don't think we did anything illegal, but still it would be best to go before the store's security people come."

Brenda started walking out, with the other two on each side of her like bodyguards. Her high heels click-clicked on the hard tiles in contrast to their quiet sneakers. She giggled, "Actually, one of the guys hollering and clapping was the security guard who had come to investigate. He was REALLY investigating up close." She giggled some more.

They made it out of the store and back to the car without any trouble, though the employees stuck behind the cash registers all stared at them in confusion.

When they got there, they just stood silent for a minute or two, recovering from the excitement.

Finally, Susan said, "Hey Suzanne, what about our shopping? We left our cart in the middle of one of the aisles."

"No big loss. I'm not going back in there. Who knows where the manager is, but I don't want to find out. We'll just shop in a different store before going home. THIS time, without Televibes or decoys. What did we learn here, girls?"

Brenda suggested, "Cry for help when strange guys start groping you in public?"

"Well, that is one thing, but not what I was going to suggest. I was going to say that we're not exactly ready for prime time in the real world. We're all too horny and excitable. Brenda, it wasn't just you going overboard; Susan and I were a little out of control too. I thought we were going to be so low key and undetectable. I've never shopped at this hour on Thanksgiving, and I thought the place would be deserted. We're lucky nothing bad happened."

The other two hung their heads guiltily.

Brenda said, "I feel so bad. I deserve a big spanking."

Suzanne laughed heartily. "You certainly went all out in being a decoy, didn't you? I'm kind of regretful that I missed your little show. Nice try, but remember that you get spankings when you do something good, not bad."

"Oops," Brenda giggled. "Never mind. But the thing is, I do feel bad. I can't control myself. It's like a horny switch got turned on inside of me a few weeks back and I can't turn it off."

Suzanne said ruefully, "I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately, the exact same thing has happened to all of us, myself included. We'd better be careful not to put ourselves in vulnerable positions with other men, at least until that horny switch gets turned down some. But let's worry about that later. Come on, gals, we've got a lot to do to prepare for the big Thanksgiving meal, and now we're going to be running behind schedule. No more hanky-panky, is that clear?"

The other two nodded like scolded children.

Suzanne sighed and thought, It's a shame that I badly misjudged things. Now I probably will be too embarrassed to shop here again, and ditto for Susan. Brenda definitely won't want to come back. I wish we had some place where we could play sexy games in public without consequences...


Xania had a problem: she wanted to have a lot of great sex with Alan before she left, but he'd cum recently and furthermore he wasn't "in the mood" at all. She also didn't know how much time she'd have him all to herself, but she figured it couldn't be that long.

She considered how she could get him going again. She dressed in a see-through gown in the hopes that would inspire him. (He wore a long T-shirt but nothing else.)

However, when they went downstairs together, he seemed a lot more interested in eating breakfast than fooling around. Worse from Xania's perspective, he remained deep in thought, ruminating over the many things they'd just discussed.

Xania decided that a change in scene might be helpful. Remembering the great sex she'd had with Alan by the pool the last time she was here, she waited until he finished a bowl of maca porridge and orange juice, then suggested, "Hey, why don't we go out back? Maybe take a swim?"

"Okay," he replied, but without much enthusiasm.


Xania went outside first, removed her gown, and sat up in a lounge chair in a very provocative pose. She rested her hands on the high slopes of her huge breasts, visually all but shouting "Come fuck me now!"

However, in Alan's hyper-sexual world, her pose wasn't that unusual. He followed her to the lounge chair, but he just stood near her and stared into the distance.

Trying to engage him, Xania asked, "What are you thinking about so heavily?"

He considered her question for some moments then said, "Well, I hate to say this, but I will since I feel like I don't have to play games with you. I hope you're not insulted, but I'm thinking about my vivid dream. And particularly, Glory in it. I really miss her."

But Xania didn't mind that much if he was thinking about another woman as long as she could find a way to use that to get him aroused again. So she began applying suntan lotion to her fair skin and asked, "What is it you like about her?"

He looked at her and smiled for the first time in a while. "What's not to like? She's great. In the dream she was getting all carried away about some arcane history stuff, and that's just like her in real life sometimes. She's passionate AND smart. Both book smart and wise. Kind of like you, actually."

Xania saw no need to disabuse him of the idea that she was book smart; in fact she'd struggled in college and hadn't done much that could be called an intellectual pursuit since.

But Alan was on a roll. "And as if that isn't enough, she surfs and is so all around athletic and fit. Of course, that makes for some great sex. You should see her blowjobs and deep throats. Wow. And she's FUN. Whenever we used to get together it seemed we were always playing some kind of game, usually a sexual role-play. I sure do miss her, but she's probably better off without me." His face started to turn sad and wistful.

Trying to keep him in a happy mood, Xania said, "Role-plays are great, aren't they? What if we try one right now?"

Alan finally turned to Xania and fully focused on her. He looked into her eyes, and then watched her hands applying the lotion to her curvy figure. "Okay. Maybe later though, 'cos I'm not really feeling creative at the moment. But you know, before I forget, I've been meaning to ask you something for a long time now: what's it like to be a porn star? Is it all it's cracked up to be?"

Xania smiled. Finally he's starting to come around. "Well, kiddo, first off, you have to remember that I'm not actually a porn star. I'm just an actress who happens to get a lot of roles in sexy B-movies. My breasts are just too big for anyone to take me seriously in the more popular stuff." She sat up and pressed her arms underneath her rack to make her point, causing her boobs to push up and out.

"I know, I know, you keep saying that, but come on, humor me here. You do full on nude sex scenes, don't you? That kind of makes you a porn star."

"Well, in the movies I'm in, things sometimes do get pretty hot and heavy, but there's no penetration... Except for this one film I made when I was just starting out. I guess you could call that one a full on porn flick."

His face lit up. "A-ha! I knew it! I DO have a famous porn star lying naked in my backyard. Sweet. What's that one called and how do I get a copy?"

"Famous? Hardly. I'll bet you've never heard of my screen name, Dawn Starr. Did you hear of 'Southbound'? That's the best known film I have a big role in."

"Sorry, no. Dawn Starr? With two R's? How cheesy." He groaned.

"I know, but my agent said you have to have a name that's distinctive and easy to remember. And now I'm stuck with it, for better or worse."

"I like you as Xania much better. But now I'm seriously going to be checking out your work at the local video store. What's your porn flick called?"

She sat back in the chair, bummed he didn't know her work (even as she knew the odds of that were extremely low). "Oh Gaawwwd. Let's not talk about that. It's so embarrassing."

"Oh, come on. Pretty please?"

"Well, if you must know, it's called 'Lesbian Spank Inferno.'"

He was growing increasingly engaged. His dick was starting to revive now that he was looking at her rub the suntan lotion on herself as they conversed. "Really? How cool!" His face broke into a wide grin. "We could use some more spank inferno action around here. What's the plot?"


She though back to her role. "Plot? Ha! Please. Well, if you insist, the 'plot' is that the head nurse at a hospital, that's me by the way, is upset that the nurses under her keep drinking all the male patients dry of all their cum. She 'punishes' them with a lot of spankings and lesbian sex, using a lot of strap-ons in the process. But the male patients stage an uprising of sorts, and spank and fuck me and all the other nurses pretty thoroughly. Everyone ends up well and truly fucked. The end."

Alan laughed. He was tickled pink by the over the top plot and actually started clapping. Her description helped him finish regaining his erection. "Bravo! Woo-hoo! That sounds great! I'm so gonna get a copy of that. Ooh, and I should give a copy to Akami since it's about nurses. Did it win any Oscars?"

Xania laughed at his good-natured joke of a question. "Cute." She decided to play along. "Actually, it was nominated in the Best Lesbian Spanking Film category, but lost out to 'Thelma and Louise.'"

Alan laughed. "Nepotism and intrigue, no doubt. Especially since 'Thelma and Louise' didn't even HAVE a lesbian spanking scene. Those bastards!" He playfully shook a fist in the air as she laughed. "By the way, how did you get your role in that? Is it true what they say about the casting couch? I have so many questions now that I have my own porn star to interview."

"Interview? Kid, what are you thinking? Us porn stars are good for a lot more than just talking. Get your ass over here so Alan Junior can 'interview' my pussy!"

He was still standing a few feet from her, but he quickly rectified that situation. As he came close he saw a tempting and exposed ass cheek, and gave it a good slap.

"Owww! What was that for?"

"I'm just trying to start my own spank inferno." He began running his hand up and down her magnificent body, paying particular attention to her tummy and hips. "So tell me about the casting couch."


"Sorry, I don't kiss and tell." Sensing the time was right to resume intimate contact, she poured heaping helpings of suntan lotion on her hands and stood up. Then she seized his protruding erection and began stroking it with both hands. Ah! Now this is more like it.

Alan made no move to stop her; he loved the way the coconut scented oil was assisting her fingers to slide around his throbbing shaft. But he complained about her secrecy. "Oh, come ON! I confess to fucking my mother and sister and you're still keeping secrets? I thought we were becoming close friends."

"All right. Fine. Let's just say that I wasn't immune to using sex to get ahead. But on the other hand, I could have gone a lot farther if I didn't keep some scruples. For one, I didn't go the full porn route when I could have gotten a lot of big roles there, given my curvy and all natural figure. I wouldn't have to act a lick; I could just stand there and wiggle my tits and ass. Needless to say, that wouldn't be very artistically challenging, and I get plenty of sex at home in much more enjoyable conditions. But since you're so curious, why don't we role-play a casting couch situation?"

She sat back down on the lounge chair and then went straight back to jacking him off with both hands. "This can be our casting couch, right here. You can be the evil director and I can be the innocent, wide-eyed kid just off the bus from, say, Kansas."

"Excellent! But aren't you a little, uh, underdressed for the role?" He eyed her naked body from head to toe like a dirty old man.

"Never mind that. Both Susan and Suzanne's clothes fit me perfectly. I'll be back in a jiff." She let go of his erection and made to go.

"Awww," he complained as she left his hard pole alone. He was really getting worked up now and didn't want her to leave, even though she would only be gone a couple minutes. He put on a sad puppy dog face.

She laughed gaily, and then sat back down on the lounge chair right before him. "Don't worry, you're such an evil director that I'm sure there will be a lot of happy stroking and more. But here's something to make sure you don't miss me while I'm gone."


She grabbed his erection with both hands, leaned forward, and slowly fed it into her mouth. Inch after inch went in. But she didn't stop when it hit the back of her throat; she kept feeding his entire big dick down her throat.

He was amazed. He grunted in surprise and arousal when she got the very last of it in and pressed her nose into his pubic hair. "Dang, you're deep throating me!" He put his hands on her head and began face-fucking her with vigor.

She wasn't gentle or timid about it - she allowed him to slide in and out of her throat to a surprising degree. He could plow so many inches back and forth that it was just like fucking a vagina with slow, deep strokes. But she wasn't finished yet. As his cock went slowly in and out, she used her tongue to tickle and tantalize it as it went back and forth. Her hands, no longer having room to hold his erection, focused on fondling his balls instead.

He exclaimed, "Oh! Yeah! Like that! God, that's just like how Glory does it, except your tongue is way longer. I'm down your throat so deep! Oh man! Man oh man oh man! You really know what to do there!"

They went on like that for another minute or two. Both of them were having such a good time that all thoughts of Xania putting on some clothes for the role-play were at least temporarily forgotten.

He kept shouting things to encourage her. He'd been shouting fairly loudly since he figured that the backyard was completely protected from the neighbors, due to all the high greenery.

So he was completely taken aback when he heard a strange voice say, "Frank, come here. You have to see this!"

He looked around frantically to find out where the voice was coming from.

Xania heard the voice as well and froze in mid-suck. She wanted to pull back and find out who was speaking to begin with, and then get clothed and decent as fast as possible. However, Alan's hands kept her head firmly in place. She disengaged her hands from his balls and began frantically but lightly punching his thighs with her fists to get his attention.

But Alan had no intention of letting her go just yet, since he already had a sneaking suspicion about the voice. His eyes quickly focused on the one part of a neighbor's house where one could look into the backyard, namely, Amy's upper-floor room in the Pestridge house next door. He could see Amy standing at her window, wildly waving at him. He'd tensed up upon hearing the voice, but his whole body relaxed when he confirmed it was just Amy playing games.

However, Xania couldn't see what he was seeing, because she couldn't turn her head while Alan had his shaft down her throat. She remained freaked out.

He took one hand off her head.

She breathed a sigh of relief (through her nose), thinking that he was going to let go of her completely.

However, he was only doing that so he could briefly wave at Amy and let her know that he approved of what she was doing. First he made the okay sign, and then he waved his hand in the air like a third base baseball coach waving a runner in to score. Then he rapidly dropped his hand back to Xania's head to prevent her from pulling herself free and seeing Amy.


Amy understood his intent. She was playing the part of a disapproving yet secretly aroused neighbor to better get into a convincing mood.

Trying to disguise her voice as she had before, she said in a loud voice, "Frank, come on! Look at this! It's that Plummer kid. He has some kind of busty centerfold in his back yard and she's deep throating him. I've never seen anything like it!"

At that, Xania resumed punching Alan's thighs, only harder this time. She was also trying to speak but her mouth was so stuffed full of cock that she could do little more than make muffled moans.

Alan bent down and whispered, "Xania, relax. That's just the Ritters. They're cool, a nice older couple. That must be Martha talking; she gets pretty loud. I don't think they're likely to call the police. They seem to live such boring lives; can't we give them a little show? Come on. Please?"

Xania tried to shake her head no, but he was using his hands now to push her head forward and back, causing her to repeatedly take his dick in as deep as it could go. She sighed and resigned herself to her embarrassing fate of deep throating him before strangers, since she had no good way to communicate.

Once Alan felt Xania's resignation by the way she resumed wrapping her tongue around his erection and sucking with her lips, he let up a bit on the way he was forcing her head back and forth.

Xania, though not into bondage per se, did love the excitement of public exposure, and she loved being "forced" to be so exposed. So her resistance was brief and now her enthusiasm was doubled. Let go of me, you motherfucker! she thought. Oh no! I'm cumming!

Alan's hands and dick felt Xania's body trembling in orgasm. Seeing how much she was getting into it, he madly nodded his head up and down at Amy to encourage her to say more.

He could see Amy scratch her head as she thought of what to say. He also noticed that she was wearing a very revealing nightgown. (Amy naturally slept in the nude but had thrown the gown on in case another neighbor actually was looking.) He found himself even more aroused watching Amy's bouncing boobs while Xania continue to deep throat him.

Then Amy's disguised voice shouted, "Frank, I KNOW! Look at that; she's buck naked! God, what a total slut!" After a pause, she added, "I know, I know! She took all eight fat inches down her throat. How did she DO that?! I mean, his dick is so big and so thick! That has to be impossible!"

Xania, listening closely, happily straightened a bit, proud that she was doing the "impossible."

Amy knew that she wasn't good at deep male voices but she paused as if "Frank" was answering inaudibly. Then she said, "Never mind how I know that, everyone around here knows that. It's common knowledge. The scuttlebutt is the Plummer boy has his own harem of jaw-droppingly gorgeous women, if you can believe that! ... I know, I KNOW! I'm starting to believe it now too!"

Amy had recently watched an episode of the British comedy "Fawlty Towers" and was trying to imitate the voice of the character Sybil (the role of John Cleese's wife).

Xania was getting increasingly aroused with each passing moment - she felt like she was having one never-ending orgasm, even though she wasn't. Throwing caution to the wind, she was really going to town on Alan now. One of her hands was tugging on Alan's balls while the other had snaked between his thighs and was toying with his asshole.

She didn't know where the "Ritters" were, but hoped to give them a show on Alan's front and back to make sure they could at least see something from any direction. She thought, If a show is what they want, that's what they're going to get! I'm gonna completely rock their world!

Alan felt confident enough she wasn't going to pull off from her deep throating that he removed one hand and brought it down to her breasts. He wanted to play with her clit to make sure she got off but since he was standing up it was out of reach. So he whispered, "Xania, play with yourself! Go all out slut! The Ritters probably have sex eight times a year. Shake 'em up and turn 'em on!"

Xania immediately took her hand that had been poking at his asshole and brought it down to her crotch. She was so turned on that she began cumming hard again as soon as she touched her clit. But she wasn't content to just touch it, she really worked it, taking her orgasm to an even higher level.

The great orgasms that ripped through her were more than she could take. She screamed out as best as she could. Even though her mouth was absolutely stuffed with cock, she did manage to make some noise.

Amy yelled in her old woman voice, "Frank, did you hear that? I think that's what they call a female orgasm. This is so educational. Quick, get your camera! Oh, and your video camera too! I can't wait to show this to Bonnie! Oh, and the Mitchells too!"

That alarmed Xania greatly - eventually. She was in such orgasmic bliss that she was literally seeing stars. But as she came down from her peaks of ecstasy, those words were fully digested and she panicked. She wasn't worried so much for herself, but feared for the reputation of the Plummer family in their neighborhood if a video got out.

Alan was still using a hand to help in the deep thrusting while he stooped a bit to fully enjoy Xania's big dangling breasts. He was getting extremely close to his own great climax.

So he wasn't prepared when Xania suddenly squeezed his balls tightly and at the same time yanked her head back and away from his rampant erection.

She was free. She was good at breathing through her nose due to a lot of deep throating experience, but just the same she took some moments to recover her breath.

However, as she was recovering, she happened to look up and see Amy at her window. She recognized Amy standing nude, but she was still too breathless and excited to do anything but incredulously point in her direction.


Amy hadn't realized that Xania had pulled off until it was too late for her to hide from Xania's gaze. Realizing she was busted, she just grinned impishly and gave Xania a friendly wave. Then she walked away from the window and disappeared from sight.

Alan just stood there grinning at Xania with his saliva-covered erection still pointing proudly right at her face. He said, "Boy, who would have figured? The Ritters AND Amy all watching you. You've really drawn a crowd."

Xania just gave Alan the middle finger as she sat back some more and rested on her knees. Her breath finally back, she said, "You bastard! Amy may have tricked me, but don't think I'm going to fall for THAT line too. Damn!" She panted some more.

Alan was feeling very aroused and naughty. He stepped forward, putting the tip of his erection practically at the tip of Xania's nose. "True, we tricked you, but you have to admit that you loved it. I've never seen you so out of control horny!"

"Hmmm. True." Despite her post-orgasmic exhaustion, she was tempted to flick her tongue out and see if it could reach the tip of his dick. She was able to touch the tip of her nose with it, but he was just out of reach. "You're still an evil bastard, though." She lightly blew on his cockhead instead.


Just then, Amy came rushing through the backyard gate in the fence between the Plummer and Pestridge properties. The blue robe she was wearing as a precaution when she was moving through the Pestridge house and backyard was on so loosely that it didn't cover much.

She hurried to Xania's lounge chair and said, "Are you mad? Please say you're not mad."

Alan answered for Xania, "She's not mad. In fact, she just had the cum to end all cums at the end there."

"Woo-hoo! Goody!" Amy high-fived Alan, and then they hugged. The robe she had quickly thrown on just as quickly came off to help make the hug that much more fun. She took his erection in her hand, even though it was covered in pre-cum and saliva.

Xania spoke. "No, I'm not mad, just kind of chagrined. I mean, I fell for pretty much that same trick last time I was here. You remember that Amy, when you stood at your window and thanks to the lighting all I could see was a silhouette that I thought belonged to your dad?"

"How could I forget?" Amy answered excitedly as her hands explored Alan's crotch. "That's what gave me the idea this time. I just woke up, had a good stretch, and as I looked out my window what do I see but you deep throating my boyfriend in the backyard! Wow-eee! I couldn't let that go without trying something."

Xania looked back and forth between Alan and Amy as they tightly embraced and asked, "You mean, you two didn't plan this out in advance?"

"Nope!" Amy said proudly as she casually jacked off Alan's pulsing erection. "I thought it all up by myself!"

Alan kissed her on the cheek as his hands groped her all over. "Nice one, Aims. Very nice. I'm so proud of you. I think you deserve a big reward."

She brought a second hand down to Alan's erection and pumped away at it with both fists. She said, "Mmmm. I could think of a big messy reward right here in my hands. Gosh, what a fun way to start the day, with my hands all totally full of throbby thingy. But I have an even better idea. Xania, you're so cool, so talented. Could you teach me some of your sexual tricks? Like, I'd love to learn how to do that deep throating thingy. It looks way cool, but I can never get past that real gaggy thing."

"Sure. That would be my pleasure. Alan, why don't we go ahead with our plan before we got carried away there?"

Alan nodded. Already he was tensing up to fight off cumming, given the enthusiastic way Amy was jacking him off with both hands.

Xania explained to Amy, "We were just about to do a little sexual role-play. I could really, really use a good solid fucking right about now. That explosive orgasm I just had only increased my hunger. The way he forced me to keep swallowing his cock so deep, I'm so pissed at him that I want to fuck his brains out all day long! God, that was great!"

Xania stared at Alan with such a hot passion that it could melt steel.

He said, "I'm getting to know how to press your buttons. It isn't hard 'cos I've learned your biggest button is public sex and the thrill of getting caught. The next time you come to visit, I'm gonna drill you on the front lawn. Then I'm gonna take you to school and bone you in the cafeteria during lunch."

If anything, Xania's stare only grew more intense. She said in a husky voice, "Don't make promises you can't keep."

Amy, ever considerate, said to Xania, "I hear you're only gonna be here for a couple more hours. So I think you two should get a lot of good fucking time in. Is it okay if I just sit and watch? I could learn some that way, too." Not only was she stroking Alan and rubbing her rack all over his chest, but she had a leg wrapped around his butt and was using a heel to play with his ass crack.

Xania looked like she was about to throw herself at Alan, but Amy's words finally penetrated her consciousness and she snapped out of her ravenous mood (at least a little). She stood up and kissed Amy on the top of her head. "'Is it okay'? Amy, aren't you just the sweetest thing? That's absolutely wonderful from my point of view! But don't worry, no doubt we'll make sure that you have plenty of fun also. Does that sound good?"


Xania nodded significantly at where Amy's hands met Alan's long erection. "In fact, it looks like you've started having some fun already."

Amy looked down at her stroking fingers and beamed with happiness. "Gosh, it feels soooo super good. All warm and throbby! I've got the bestest, funnest official boyfriend in the whole wide world!"

Xania spoke over her shoulder as she rushed towards the house to change. "Amy, please keep him going like that, on the verge, but not over the edge, okay? I'll be back in a minute. And I mean it this time!" She opened the screen door and went inside the house.

"M'kay!" Amy said brightly again as her hands pumped up and down on Alan's shaft. Her fingers sped along thanks to Xania's copious saliva.

Alan hugged her tighter and planted a series of small kisses all over one of her ears and down her neck. "Aims, you're so great. Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"Nope! Not today you haven't." She dropped to her knees, grabbed the suntan lotion, and poured a copious amount onto her chest. "Why don't we keep Alan Junior snug and warm in my tits until she gets back?"

Alan looked at Amy rubbing the lotion into her pale orbs and thought, Talk about music to my ears! Is she the greatest girlfriend ever, or what? Oh man, how do I stop myself from cumming?! The story of my life. It's like a non-stop struggle to delay my cum so I can maximize my fun. DANG, she looks good! So fuckable.


He stepped forward, letting Amy squeeze his erection with her big melons. He looked up to the sky with a grateful face. "Damn, I sure do love you, Amy. I may be agnostic, but thank you God just the same! Heaven can only be a let-down from this."

She leaned forward and kissed his cock tip on one of its steady passes through her cleavage. "Aren't you the sweetest? Now I know why mother calls you Sweetie... Mmmm. Oh, I like this." She was kissing his cockhead some more. "Take short strokes so I can kiss and nibble on the head."

"Okay, Aims, but Jesus, please take it slow. I'm soooo close!"

"M'kay!" She extended her head further forward and nearly managed to get all of his cockhead in her mouth. Then her lips started to suck while her orbs surged up and down on either side of his dick. She seemed too excited to pay heed to his warning to take it easy.

Alan just groaned in frustration at how impossibly good it all felt.


Xania really did mean it when she said she would be back in a minute. She hurried to the well-known underwear cabinet near the front door, and basically grabbed the first few items she thought would fit.

She came back to Alan naked but holding a pile of clothes. As she watched him titfucking Amy, she frantically rushed to put the clothes on. She was in a big hurry because she knew that he had been on the verge of cumming just a few minutes before, and the titfuck could easily push him over the edge before she was able to take over from Amy. She wanted his tasty cum.

Alan's face showed signs of struggle as he battled to control his PC muscle, but he remained calm enough to say to Xania, "Uh, if you're playing the innocent in the role-play, I guess we'll have to- UGH! Phew! We'll have to stop this... Uh, titfucking... Which is a damn shame. DAMN!" The sensation of having his erection slide back and forth in Amy's ample cleavage was so good that he felt light headed and giddy.

"Nonsense," Xania said firmly. "Amy, you keep doing that."

He groaned. I'm gonna blow any second for sure! Must... hold... back...

Amy could sense he was getting dangerously close. She froze in place so he'd be able to climb down from the edge.

Xania continued, "Actors are always able to improvise. Just give me a sec to put on something presentable and I'll work with it. Imagine that I'm Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz', only a bit older and a lot sexier. You know, the 'I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto,' kind of Dorothy from the start of the story. For some reason I'm really fixating on Kansas. Isn't that where Susan is from?"

He nodded and sighed in relief as he felt his immediate orgasm crisis pass. He waited some long moments then answered, "Yeah, she's from some miserable Buttfuck, Egypt, kind of small town there. I've been there a couple times and believe me, you can skip it."

"Maybe that's why I'm thinking of there, then. Imagine a young, seriously clueless Susan. That shouldn't be too difficult, since that's what she was. Also imagine that you're a small-time Hollywood nobody with extremely white teeth and slicked-back greasy hair. Like Steve Martin's sleazy character from 'Bowfinger', except a lot younger and more handsome."

"I can do that." Despite his still intense orgasmic struggle, he managed to say in a sleazy, drunken Austin Powers type voice, "Hey little girl, would you like some candy?"

Xania laughed. "Exactly. That's the spirit!" She was dressing so quickly that she was almost done. All she had left to do was put a pair of Suzanne's high heels on her feet. Xania's and Suzanne's bodies were so similar that even their shoe sizes were exactly the same.

Finally, she finished getting her heels on and stood up. She walked over to where Amy knelt in front of Alan, as they were still positioned for the titfuck even though neither were moving much at the moment. Although there was nothing in front of Xania but air, she pretended to knock on a door. "Hello? Is this the Dirk Dudley Studio?" She pretended to push the door open.

Amy began thrusting her chest forward and back, causing the titfuck to resume.

Alan twisted his head around to look at Xania, since she stood behind and to the side of the titfuck action. Xania was a good actress because mere minutes before she'd been acting like a wanton slut as she passionately deep throated Alan, but now she came across all fresh and innocent. She appeared as if she would never have had the slightest clue what deep throating even was.

Her look just screamed "clueless virgin lost and overwhelmed in the big city." She wore a nondescript pair of shorts and a blouse that she'd tied up so some of her stomach showed. The only thing that didn't fit her farm girl image was her high heels, but she was willing to make that sacrifice since she knew how much Alan liked his women in heels.

He was taken by the sight of her, not to mention heavily distracted by the titfucking. But he finally thought to say, "Yes? I'm Dirk Dudley. Who are you?"

Xania made a perfect "O" with her mouth then put her hand over it. "Goodness gracious! Excuse me. I'm so sorry, I didn't know I was interrupting... Oh my goodness!" She convincingly blushed and looked away from the lewd sight of Alan's erection sliding through Amy's hooters.

Alan couldn't help but laugh at Xania's excellent acting performance. But he said, "Never mind that. This is just my secretary and she's, uh, taking dictation. Thank you Amy, that will be all."

He pushed a disappointed Amy away and walked over to Xania, but he made no effort to put on any clothes other than the T-shirt he was already wearing. Nor did he attempt to hide his erection, which stuck straight out from just under his T-shirt.

He extended a hand to Xania. "Hello. Call me Dirk. And you are?"

"Oh. Sorry. My name is Dorothy. Dorothy Smith." She was blushing even more and now had two hands in front of her face to avert her eyes from the sight of Alan's raging erection, not to mention his buck naked "secretary."

But Alan was insistent in keeping his hand stretched out, so Xania was finally forced to shake it. That left her face partly exposed. She stared with fascination and horror at Alan's stiff pole, with occasional glances to Amy still sitting in the nude.

He said in a smarmy voice, "Nice to meet you, Dorothy. I take it you're the two o'clock appointment here for the audition? Come on in."

But Xania didn't move. Still looking shocked, she said, "Um, aren't you going to, uh, put some pants on or something?"

Alan looked down his body as if only now realizing his semi-nudity. But he just shrugged it off. "Oh. That? We're very casual around here. I take it you're not from California."

Xania wandered further into the "room," even though there was no such thing. She pretended there were plaques and movie posters on the walls of the nonexistent room and made an effort to look like she was examining them. "Um, no. I'm from Buttfucksie, Kansas. It's a small town."

Alan laughed out loud at her tongue-in-cheek town name. "I can imagine. It must be very small. Have you heard of casual dress Fridays?"

"Yes. I think I read about that in a Dilbert cartoon." She continued to pretend a dazed amazement.

"Well, out here in Hollywood we get very casual. Clothing optional, actually. In fact, I'm probably overdressed." He took his shirt off, causing Xania to gasp again. "But never you mind that. Please, come in and sit down."

Xania walked over to the lounge chair she'd been lying on before and sat down on it. She still was pretending to try to look anywhere but at Alan's big boner.

Amy, though, didn't want to be left out of the fun. Since she'd already been roped in as the secretary, she decided to run with that role. Still on her knees where Alan had left her, she crawled behind Alan a short distance next to where Xania was sitting. Then when Alan stood still, she reached out to his erection and began stroking it.

Xania gasped as she watched Amy's hand slide up and down Alan's very wet shaft. "Oh my goodness! What's going on?! She's... She's..." Again, she covered up her face with both hands.

Alan couldn't think of any plausible explanation for Amy's blatant act. But still he improvised. Stalling for time, he asked, "You don't know much about Hollywood, do you?"

"No," Xania's shy character admitted. "Just what I see in the movies and on shows like Entertainment Tonight."

"Well, believe me, you've gotten a very censored version of how things really work. Out here, the director is king. The actresses have to do anything and everything to keep the director happy. That's how they get their roles."

In shock, Xania took her hands away from her face and stared at Amy. "Actresses? But didn't you just say she's your secretary?"

Alan waved his hand dismissively. "Oh, she does that too. But mainly she's an actress."


Amy spoke up, trying to sound even more innocent and gullible than she usually did. "That's right! Maybe I'm only a secretary now, but I'm gonna be a big star someday soon! And you know what? I'm from Assfucksie, Kansas! Why, you and I are practically neighbors!"

She was now kneeling with her back against Alan's legs, stroking his erection over her shoulder. It made him look like a lord and her look like a worshipful and possessive harem slave.

He again chortled with mirth at the absurd town name. But he quickly recovered and said, "It's a small world. Amazing. In any case, I am correct that you're here for the audition, right?"

"Yes, but..." Xania was acting extremely flustered, putting one hand over her eyes and then the other, constantly shifting about. But all the while she was getting good looks at Amy's handjob more often than not.

"Well then, let's get started. I've got a long stream of young beauties that are auditioning for the role. You only have until the three o'clock shows up. Take your clothes off."

"What? What did you say?!"

"I said take your clothes off. You know that these days actresses are judged on their talent and looks, so how can I tell if you're right for the role if you're all bundled up like that?"

"Bundled up? Where I come from, I'm practically nude already!"

"Well then if you've gone that far you might as well go all the way. If you plan to succeed in this town you need to have hunger and determination. Are you that kind of star material?"

"I am." There was a proud defiance in her eyes.

"Then hurry up and show me what you've got. We don't have much time."

Blushing furiously, Xania began to slowly undress. Excellent actress that she was, she managed to look extremely reluctant and under duress while simultaneously doing an arousing striptease. But when she got down to just her bra and panties, she stopped and tried her best to cover her privates with her hands.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Dudley, but I can't! I just can't go any further than this! No one has ever seen me naked, not even my brother Jethro!"

Alan said as Amy continued to stroke him, "That's too bad. Did I mention there is going to be a nude scene in this movie? How can I cast you for this extremely important starring role if you won't strip? I guess I'll have to hope our three o'clock appointment is a little more hip. It's too bad, 'cos you have such great breasts. I mean, uh, potential. Great potential."

Xania's eyes lit up. "Did you say this is the STARRING role?"

"That's right. The woman in this incredible role is probably going to be catapulted to fame and fortune. Too bad for you. And I had such a good feeling about you, too. Ah well. Good day. Amy, please see this young lady to the door, and then come back for some more 'dictation.'"

"No! Wait!" Xania said. "I'll do it. Really, I can be hip too. Here. Look." She quickly undid her bra and slipped off her panties, then tossed the items aside. She tried to stand without covering herself up, but managed to look exceedingly nervous and uncomfortable about it.

"Hmmm." Alan said skeptically as he appraised her. "Come here, Daisy."

"It's Dorothy, actually." She very tentatively drew closer to him.

"Whatever. Dorothy, don't be alarmed but there's a lot of fakery in this town. Fake boobs, fake noses, fake everything." He smirked, "You can't trust some people sometimes. I'm going to have to check to make sure everything is real." He reached out with both hands and began fondling her body.

Xania shivered and trembled, but let his hands have free reign over all of her charms for a few moments. However, when both of his hands homed in on her breasts, she looked down in alarm and said, "Look, I don't know about this, Mr. Dudley."

"Call me Dirk. Dang, what are these, G-cups?" He hefted her boobs up repeatedly.

Amy was stroking his erection all the while.

"Oh!" Xania cried out as if goosed when he pinched one of her nipples. "I really don't know about this, Dirk."

"But are they? G-cups?"

"Yes, but I hardly see that how that's relev- ooh!"

"Nice ass!" he said as he groped her ass cheeks.

"Thank you. I mean, well, I'm not sure if I should be flattered. Do you really have to put your finger... Oh my goodness! That's my ass! And I mean, I thought I might have to go topless at some point, but... Mr. Dudley! What do you think you're doing?! Now you have your hand on my..."

"Pussy. It's called a pussy. Or cunt, if you prefer." He played with her clit.

"Oooh! Goodness gracious! What did you just do there? In any case, I didn't expect to be manhandled in my very first audition!"

"I'm not manhandling you. I take offense to that. I'm examining your talent."

"But why do you have to check if that's real?! Aren't they all real?"

"Surprisingly, no. Have you ever heard of labial surgery? It's very common in Hollywood, at least."

"Um, what's that?" She gawked at Amy stroking his hard-on, and managed to look both scandalized and excited.

"Well, some women think their pussies don't look attractive enough, so they have cosmetic surgery. It's hard to tell without a very close, tactile examination."

"I assure you I didn't have that. I didn't even know they did that. So you can take your fingers out of my, er, nether regions already! And haven't you checked my breasts enough?"

"No, I haven't. Why, I barely know you. Why should I trust you?" Alan should have taken things slower to be true to the role-play situation, but he was so aroused that he pretty much went straight for Xania's breasts and pussy and explored there exclusively. Within less than a minute he had his mouth latched onto one of her nipples and had two fingers pumping inside her slit.

After a while, Xania asked, "Is this really how things work in Hollywood?"

"Of course."

"Why are your fingers going so deep? Are you looking for something up inside my...?"


"I can't even say that. Ooh! I'm feeling all tingly. Did you leave the heat on in here? It seems so hot all of a sudden. Oh goodness gracious, Mr. Dudley!" Her entire body seemed to be moving in time to Alan's fingers in her pussy. Her hips especially had started rocking back and forth in time to his finger thrusts, driving the fingers in deeper with each pass.

Out of the blue, he asked, "Should I stop?"

"I guess being checked like this isn't all bad." She was on the verge of orgasm and was having a hard time keeping her act together. "But I still don't understand why your secretary has to be naked and rubbing, well, I can't even say it!" She stared at his hard-on, and then covered her eyes with both hands.

"You can call that a cock."

"Mr. Dudley! That's so profane!"

He explained, "My secretary is checking your sex appeal. She's holding my dick, and sensing how hard I get blatantly fondling every part of your body. Only the sexiest fresh young actresses get my dick extremely hard. And let's be honest, that's one of the main goals of actresses such as yourself, to arouse the audience, especially the male audience." He asked Amy, "How is Daisy doing?"

"It's Dorothy," Xania complained.

"She's doing great!" Amy replied. "You're totally hard, and throbbing too!"

"That sounds like star potential to me." Alan was having a ball. Xania was putting on such a convincing performance that he felt he really was a sleazy director taking advantage of a casting-couch-type situation. And the unexpected addition of Amy as a naked and constantly fondling secretary was wildly improbable but an extremely enjoyable hoot.

Xania was hot as a firecracker and loved what he was doing, but she had to pretend otherwise. She finally looked down and feigned great shock as he switched from pumping two fingers into her pussy to four. "Mr. Dudley! Whatever on God's green Earth are you doing?! Goodness gracious! Oh! SO FULL! Please, not so many fingers, I beg of you! No one's ever touched me there. Even I haven't touched myself there like that!"

"That's why we need to check these things," he said with surprising calm, given all the arousing things swirling around him.

"Oh! Ugh! It feels like... It feels like... UH! Hnnnngg! God, does it have to feel so GOOD?! And what is your secretary doing now, for that matter? That looks so naughty and wrong!"

Amy had taken the opportunity to add her tongue and lips to pleasuring Alan's hard-on, even as she continued to jack him off at the base of his shaft.

Of course, he was greatly enjoying Amy's new efforts, but now he had something new to explain away. Actually, he had several things to explain because he'd started intermittently suckling on one of Xania's nipples as well. "I'm just checking if you're a virgin, of course. And this is how I make sure your boobs are real."

"By tasting them?!" Xania asked incredulously.

"Hey, whatever works," he shrugged. He thought, Dirk Dudley is dastardly and selfish, I have to channel that.

"Well, do you have to check my virginity so long? I mean, your fingers keep going in and out so much! It's extremely distracting. It feels like your fingers are making me a woman! Hnnnngg! Please have mercy!"

"I am making you a woman. As an actress, you need that experienced womanly glow. But I wonder, where's the blood?"

"This is so embarrassing. I'm a virgin, but I had this incident riding a horse... If you won't remove your fingers from my vagina, please make your secretary stop those nasty things she's doing to you with her mouth and hands!"

Alan replied, "Good. I hate blood. Since you don't have a hymen, the only way I can check to see if you're really a virgin is to bunch my fingers together like they're a cock, and then simulate a fucking motion. I want to see if you're familiar with that or not."

She panted, "I'm not! Definitely not! But it feels soooo good! Er, I mean... I don't know what I mean!"

He continued, "As for my sexretary, I meant secretary, she's getting a reading of your sex appeal, like I said before."

"Yes, but why does she have to use her mouth?!" Xania acted as if her resolve was slowly crumbling, especially from the way he continued to finger her pussy.

"It's more accurate. She does this with all the auditions. Her jaw gets tired doing this to me so often. Doris, would you care to take over?"

"NO!" she exclaimed, but her eyes said "yes." Her hips were wildly gyrating in time to his four thrusting fingers, making her look a bit like a go-go dancer dancing in place.

"Suit yourself. Amy, how does this one compare with that girl who came in a couple hours back? She was pretty good too."

"Hmmm. let's see." She swallowed his bulbous cockhead and took him as far down as she could go, which was about a third of his cock. She bobbed up and down on it a few times, then came back up for air. "Oh, I'm pretty sure you're harder now. Besides, that other one only had E-cups."

He grinned. "Keep checking to be sure. Take all afternoon sucking it if you have to, to uh, measure the long term effects." He turned to Xania. "You see? It's really no big deal. Here, try it."

"What?! You want me to put that big thing in my small mouth? You've got to be kidding!"


"It's Dorothy, actually. And can you stop, you know, putting your fingers up my most private place? I don't know why, but it's making it so hard for me to think. I almost forgot what my name was there for a moment!"

Alan was getting her name wrong on purpose. He figured it was what the dastardly and thoughtless Dirk Dudley would do. He did take his fingers out of her pussy though, but only so he could explore more of the rest of her body for a while. "Dorothy, you know the Eagles song, 'Life in the Fast Lane'?"


"Well, that's about life in the big city in California. You're in the fast lane, now. Either you adapt or you fail. What's it going to be?"

Xania pretended to be uncertain while she let him explore her ass, pussy, and breasts. The way he was working her clit drove her so crazy with desire that she really would have had trouble remembering her name now.

Amy stopped sucking and licking Alan's erection and looked up to Xania. "Dorothy, give it a try. It's yummy, actually. Just like eating an ice cream cone. Not only that, but cocksucking, that's what we call doing this, by the way..." - she paused and ran her tongue up and down his long erection - "Mmmm! Cocksucking is a REALLY big part of being an actress. So you might as well get used to it."

Xania disengaged from Alan's probing hands and mouth. She dropped to her knees and looked at the tip of his erection from a short distance away. "It is?"

"It is!" Amy replied firmly. "Why, I've been acting here in Hollywood for six months now, and I'd say I probably spend more time sucking Mr. Dudley's cock than doing anything else. After a while, you really come to crave it. Why, between all the different sexretaries he has working for and living with him, it's a big honor to be his favorite cocksucker." She puffed up her chest. "Which I am." She said this last sentence practically bursting with pride.

"In fact," she continued, "I fuck and suck Mr. Dudley so often that he's practically guaranteed me I'm going to be in one of his movies one of these days."

"Yep," Alan said. "Practically right around the corner." He said to Xania while tickling at her nipple, "Amy truly understands the path to fame and fortune. But the question is, do you?"


Xania dropped her head in defeat. "Okay. What do you want me to do? Am I supposed to share in the sucking of that thing?"

"Yes, that's a great idea," he said as he took one of her hands and brought it to his erection.

She held his stiff pole with great uncertainty. "It feels so ... warm. Are all of them this big? And it's all slicked up with saliva and all kinds of icky things. Why, it's so slippery that I can hardly keep my hand still on it. It just starts sliding all over..." She began jacking him off.

"Good. Just like that. You'll be doing a lot of sharing in the coming weeks and months as you suck and stroke your way towards your first acting role. But, uh, I need, uh..." He squeezed his PC muscle repeatedly. He knew he was close to cumming, but was uncertain just how close.

Meanwhile, Amy was kneeling behind Xania, guiding her head closer to Alan's erection. "Come on, girl, don't be shy. It's totally yummy."

"I dunno," Xania muttered, pretending to be afraid. She continued to jack off his shaft.

"Come on!" Amy encouraged with boundless enthusiasm. "You're an actress. This is your acting job, to be a great cocksucker! Let's see you give it an Oscar-worthy suck!"

"What's my role, exactly?" Xania asked.

"Pretend you're a big-titted, cock-loving, super slutty blowjob queen!" All the while, Amy had been pushing Xania's head closer. Within seconds, Xania had no choice but to press her lips against Alan's cockhead. She opened her mouth and let it slip in.


"That's it!" Amy bounced happily on her heels. "Great! You're totally doing all super duper awesome-y!"

But as Xania started to run her tongue over Alan's piss hole, continuing to jack him off and also suck with her lips, Alan realized he was getting way too much stimulation. He sensed that he was so close to cumming, he was going to blow any second unless he did something drastic, and all his PC muscle work wouldn't be enough to help. He could hardly think.

He suddenly pulled away, stood up, and walked a short distance away. Then he bent over, like he was winded from running a sprint.

Xania pretended concern. "Oh no! Mr. Dudley! Are you okay?" She stood up and started towards him.

He dismissively waved a hand at her, trying to indicate it was nothing to be concerned about. He turned away, since he couldn't bear to see her wobbling tits as she walked.

Amy followed Xania, and put an arm around her. "Don't worry. He's just so moved and overcome by your star potential that he's temporarily struck speechless."

Alan chortled at that. He gradually recovered, and stood back up to face the two women. The immediate danger of climaxing had passed, but he was still breathing hard. His boner stuck straight out.

He knew he needed to rest a while longer if he wanted a real second wind, so he said, "I'll be alright. I'm just gonna, uh, go get a drink. While I'm gone, Amy, I want you to check out Deanna for yourself."

Xania squealed, because Amy adjusted her hug so she and Xania were face to face, and then Amy slid a hand down to Xania's ass and groped a tit with her other hand. "What are you doing?! ... And who's Deanna?"

"He means you," Amy explained. "Don't worry, I'm very good at checking out star potential." She kissed Xania on the lips.

Alan had to look away again, because watching them kiss and fondle each other was too arousing. He decided to go get a drink after all.

When he came back a couple of minutes later, the two women were pretty much fucking each other standing up. Xania was as active kissing and groping as Amy was. In fact, she was pumping a couple of fingers in and out of Amy's slit.

He walked right up to them, and tapped Xania on the shoulder.

She froze, and then looked at him with terror in her eyes. "Mr. Dudley! I was just, uh... I'm not a lesbian, really I'm not! I don't know what's come over me!"

"Relax. Here's a drink. And one for my lovely sexretary." He handed glasses of orange juice to both of them. He was very impressed with Xania's acting skills - she was completely convincing as the corrupted innocent.

They each drank their drinks. But Amy and Xania never really disengaged from each other, and Alan moved in and caressed Xania's ass cheeks.

No one spoke. By the time they'd all finished their drinks and put the glasses on a nearby table, Alan had two fingers pumping in Xania's pussy.

"What's he doing now?" Xania grumbled in a defeated tone.

"Get used to it," Amy replied, sounding chipper. "He's a very touchy-feely people person."

Xania complained, "Can we have a time out? I'm just too horny! I can't control myself. I was even doing all kinds of crazy things to a woman just now!"

Alan took her hand and guided it to his stiff erection. He moved her hand up and down it a couple of times until she resumed doing it on her own. "Definitely not. There's no such thing as wanting a time out in the movie business. Time is money! What if there's a whole crew standing around, waiting for you to do your big sex scene, and you decide you want a time out? Think of the tens of thousands of dollars that could cost!"

"Gosh! I'm sorry, Mr. Dudley. I didn't realize."

"That's okay. You're new. Don't worry, you'll learn. Since you asked for a break so nicely though, why don't we try something else for a minute? You two, lean towards each other and rub your big hooters together."


They did just that, while Alan took a couple of steps back to better enjoy the view.

After a minute or so of sliding their sweaty tits against each other, and sometimes kissing, Xania asked, "What's this accomplishing?"

"Acting!" Alan said dramatically. "Acting! You did say you wanted to act, didn't you?"

She said wryly, "Yes, but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind."

"Don't worry, you'll learn. And speaking of learning, Amy, why don't you show her how to accurately measure a man's arousal?"

"You mean cocksucking?" Amy asked.

"Of course."

"But I did that already," Xania complained.

"And you were awesome!" Amy replied. "That was totally great. But if you want to win the Best Cocksucker Academy Award, you'll need to do a LOT better."

"I don't think there's any such award category," Xania replied, looking skeptical.

"Of course there is! Otherwise, why would Mr. Dudley have me practice at least a couple of hours a day on him? All his sexretaries do." With one hand on Xania's shoulder and another on her ass, Amy rather insistently pushed Xania down to her knees. "Here. Hold him like this." She made sure Xania was jacking off the base of Alan's shaft. Then she leaned in and started to lick around his cockhead.

"You see?" Amy asked Xania after a minute or two. "All you have to do is lick. It's just like licking a stamp. Here. Try it. You take that side, and I'll take this one."

"I don't know," Xania said hesitantly.

"Relax!" Amy said as she gently but firmly pushed Xania's head closer to Alan's cockhead, just like she did before, except she was beside her now. "Like I said, this is the most important part of being an actress. Besides, it's fun! Why, before long, you'll drop to your knees and eagerly stick your tongue out any time you so much as see Mr. Dudley. I know I do!" She giggled.

So Xania reluctantly began licking. Nobody spoke for a long while, since Xania was busy licking on her side and Amy on the other side, but that obviously meant Xania wasn't raising any more objections. She'd kept her hand wrapped around his shaft, and before long, she was jacking and licking him with abandon.

Needless to say, Alan was loving every second. He realized that if this continued much longer, he'd cum before he had a chance to do other fun things. So, after about five minutes, he stepped back, forcing them to disengage.

Xania seemed disappointed she had to stop licking. With Amy fingering her clit, she asked her, "Do we really have to stop?"

Amy replied, "Don't worry, you'll be doing a LOT more of that with our boss from now on, I'm sure! It's fun, isn't it? And it's even more fun doing it with you!"

Xania's character obviously thought so, but she also didn't want to admit it. Instead, she hastily asked, "And what about the way you took the whole thing in your mouth? How do you do that?"

Alan spoke up. "We can practice that later. I'm so impressed with your big tits, uh, I mean your obvious acting talent, that I think we can skip ahead to the most important part of your audition. Lie down naked on that sofa behind you."


Xania went to the sofa frowning. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Amy immediately picked up where she had left off, stroking and sucking on Alan's now dangerously aroused erection.

Alan had to hold his breath and count to ten as he clutched his PC muscle and even tightly squeezed the base of his cock with his fist until the urge to cum passed. He let out a long, "Aaaaahhhh..." Then he asked Xania, "So I assume you do have some acting experience?"

Xania looked relieved to be asked something she could relate to. "Yes. I just played Juliet in our high school performance of 'Romeo and Juliet' last year."

"Ah. Shakespeare. The bard. Excellent. I have a feeling you're a true diamond in the rough. Our film may not exactly be Shakespeare, but it's going to be classy all the way."

"What's the title?" she asked while she stared at Amy's tongue swirling around over Alan's most sensitive spot. She found herself licking her lips, before she remembered she wasn't supposed to appear too eager.

"Lesbian Spank Inferno," he answered with a straight face.

Xania laughed really hard at that. It took her some time to calm down.

Amy, not privy to the earlier discussion of Xania's acting roles, completely missed the joke.

"That doesn't sound very high class," Xania said with worry once she was back in her role.

"Don't judge a book by the cover. Believe you me, it'll be a really classy lesbian spanking film. Top quality all the way. But anyhow, let's test your mettle by doing some acting improv right now."

"Okay!" Xania said with renewed hope in her voice. "I love to act."

Alan disengaged from Amy and her loving lips. He climbed up on the lounge chair and lay down on top of Xania.

"Mr. Dudley! I mean, Dirk. What are you doing?! Just because I love to, er, I mean, I don't mind licking your cock, doesn't mean I'm ready to give up my virginity!" But her body betrayed her true emotions because she spread her legs wide to help his penetration.

"Acting. This is more acting. Just be patient. You'll see. Didn't I say this movie has a nude scene?"

"Yes, but..."


"Shush. Okay, we're going to do some improv acting now." Without warning, he pressed his erection into Xania's wet slit, sliding in all the way with one thrust.

"Mr. DUDLEY! Ouch! ...Oooh!"

"Okay," he said calmly, as he settled fully sheathed within her. "Here's the scenario. Imagine you're getting fucked by a slimy and manipulative movie director. Convince me that you're getting fucked. Make it seem real." He started to thrust in and out.

"But Mr. Dudley, I AM getting fucked!"

He joked under his breath, but still loud enough for Xania to hear, "Indeed you are, and in more ways than one." Then he said loudly, "Well, if you are, then your acting job should be a piece of cake. Don't you think sex scenes look more real if the actors are actually having sex?"

"Yes, but..."

"Come on, imagine the film is rolling. Let's see passion. Screams. Moans. Thrusts. Don't just lie there."

"I don't know," Xania said hesitantly as she pretended to try out various hip moves. "I've never done this before. Back in Assfucksie, Kansas, usually you have to be married before you do this. Shouldn't you at least take me to a dinner and movie first?"

"Dee... Dais... Whatever your name is..."

"It's Dorothy."

"Need I remind you that we're not actually fucking? We're acting! But don't worry, I'll take you to dinner and fuck you again tonight too." He rooted his erection around impatiently.

"But you just said we're not fucking now."

"We're not." He pulled back until his pulsing boner was nearly all the way out of her, and then he thrust all the way back in.

She moaned loudly.

"Now, let's get with it. Imagine a film crew all around you, with everyone being paid by the hour. Time is money!" He started to thrust in and out.

Since Xania got off on public exposure in a big way, the inadvertent comment about the film crew really turned up the heat for her. She looked over at Amy intently watching her, and that aroused her even more. She whimpered, "Things are so different in Hollywood!"

"Indeed they are," he grunted as he happily rammed her over and over. He was too eager to last long and was already increasing his pace. He shouted authoritatively, "Lights! Camera! Action!"

Xania pretended to be newly eager upon hearing those words, but still clueless. She frantically waved her hands around as she asked, "What am I supposed to do?"

"Don't just lay there, thrust back! Use your hands to explore my body. Get vocal."

She tried some tentative but deliberately badly timed thrusts, pretending to be a clueless virgin. She clutched at his ass cheeks as he continued to steadily drill her. Then she moaned in a voice dripping with lust, "Oh, Dirk! It's soooo good!" In a normal voice, she asked, "How's that?"

"Better," he grunted. "But... needs... lots more practice! Uh! Uh! ... Could take weeks. UH! Of practice!"

"Oh goodness!" She was thrusting better and her hands were caressing their way up and down his back. "Oh! So much... PRACTICE!" She nearly screamed that last word as it happened to be spoken when he pounded her with a deep thrust.

Amy crawled over and began stroking her hands over Alan's clenching ass cheeks. "Sir, I have a feeling you're going to be 'auditioning' Dorothy here for a long time. Should I cancel the three o'clock audition?"

"It depends. What's- Uhhh! ... What's her photo... look like? ... Big tits?"

"Big, but not as big as Dorothy's here. I'm sure she'll be a nice fuck, but probably not primo sexretary material like this one." She reached out and pinched Xania's closest nipple.

Alan was so into his thrusting that he forgot to reply. He'd said "sexretary" instead of secretary earlier only because of a kind of Freudian slip of the tongue, but he was glad Amy had picked up on it and was running with it.

Xania exclaimed, "Goodness gracious! Dirk, I don't know what it is, but I'm feeling tingly all over. I think I'm starting to like this!"

Amy started petting Xania's long dark hair. She said to her encouragingly, "You're going to like working under Mr. Dudley. And when I say under, I do mean that literally, hee hee. I spend most of my time under his desk or on the casting couch. He may not be much of a director, but he's a hell of a fucker!"

Xania looked around with worry. "What do you mean he's not much of a director?" At the same time, she gave up the pretense of being sexually inexperienced and began thrusting her hips expertly in perfect synchrony with Alan's thrusts.

Amy sadly confessed, "Well, technically, Mr. Dudley has yet to make a mainstream film, though he does make some porno ones."

"Funding," Alan grunted as he pounded at a fast pace. "Working on funding."

"Yeah, the funding's a bit tricky," Amy admitted. "Funnily enough, most of the money he gets from his blue films ends up paying the salaries for his growing stable of sexretaries, not to mention all his sex maids at home."

Alan grunted as he steadily drilled Xania's tight slit. "You can hardly blame me, what with the kind of UGH! ...girls coming in here for auditions every day ever, ever... UH! Ever since I put that ad in that Kansas newspaper. HNNG! ... And all the sex! ... Uh, I mean auditions, take up so much of my time... HUH! ...that I never have a chance to work on the film."

After a couple of minutes, Alan had Xania reposition herself so he could fuck her doggy style. He knew that she really got off on the clitoral stimulation he could achieve on each thrust when in that position.

Amy still sat nearby, trying to provide encouragement and excitement with her words. She asked him, "How's her cunt? Is she sexretary material? Should I book her for an all night audition tonight?"

He could only grunt, "Yes!"


Xania gasped. "That's not what I expected at all! I don't want to be a mere secretary!"

"Sexretary," Amy corrected. "That's what he likes to call us aspiring actresses who spend all day keeping his cock extra hard. But you'll enjoy being part of his stable. We have lots of fun together! We get along great, maybe 'cos we all seem to come from small towns in Kansas for some odd reason. And boy, do we ever get fucked a lot, so we can always talk about that!" She giggled.

"Well, I suppose that wouldn't be so bad... But what about the acting?" Xania whined between heavy breaths. "I wanna be a star!"

Amy calmly explained, "Oh. don't worry, we act a lot too. For instance, we practice the sex scenes with Dirk just about every evening. And when he's tired out, we work on all the lesbian scenes."

"Well, as long as I get a chance to act." Grinning, Xania asked, "So does that mean I got the job?"

Alan was practically incoherent with raging lust now. "YES!"

"Oh goody!" Xania laughed as her pussy got thoroughly pounded. "I can hardly wait to tell my parents. They'll be so proud of me!"

That was too much for Alan. He began firing his cum into the depths of Xania's vagina. He grasped the sides of the lounge chair and held on for dear life as he seemingly came forever. It felt like the wildest of roller coaster rides. His balls simply kept churning and churning, pumping out rope after rope of cum.

Finally, it was done, and Alan was definitely done. He collapsed onto Xania. He'd already been lying on her, but now all the energy went out of him and he weighed heavily on her like a lifeless sack of potatoes. "Ugggghh..."

After some long moments of heavy breathing, he added, "Damn, that was good." He figured the role-play was over. So, after even more moments of labored breathing passed, he asked, "Xania, how was that? Did you cum?"

She also was sweaty and gasping for breath, but answered, "Did I ever! Fuck, that was great! Are all your role-plays always this much fun?"

He recovered for a bit longer, and then said, "Actually, we don't do this much at home. It's mostly a thing I used to do with Glory. But this one was definitely an A plus... Though a bit dark. I was actually feeling kind of sorry for poor Denise at one point. But then I kind of got into it. The dastardly Dirk Dudley is a good outlet for my 'Bad Alan' urges."

"It's Dorothy, you cheeky bastard." Xania knew he was still getting the name wrong on purpose, but playfully bopped him on the head anyway. "You know the thing that gets my goat is that the real life Alan probably has even more sex than the fictional Dirk Dudley does. Absolutely unreal. You're such a lucky bastard, too."

She turned her head to the side. "What did you think, Amy?"

Amy was sitting on the ground, again stroking Xania's silky hair. "That was way fun! Isn't he a hoot? Is there any doubt I'm the luckiest girl in school to have him for my official boyfriend, or what? Wow. I thought I was just gonna watch the whole time, but that was way super better. Brother, I hope you didn't mind me kind of getting all involved?"

Seeing Alan was still pretty out of it, Xania answered for him. "Believe me, I can guaran-damn-tee he didn't mind your fine handjob and blowjob work in the story. In fact, he loved it. Right, kiddo?" She playfully nudged him with an elbow to his sides.

He grunted in the affirmative. He'd closed his eyes and decided to rest on Xania's hard yet soft body for a couple of minutes, because he was too tired to get off the lounge chair.

Xania continued with Amy, "And I gotta say you really rolled with the improv situation wonderfully. You could make a good actress."

Amy just smiled an extra big smile at that. She joked, "If real actresses suck and fuck as much as the ones in the role-play do, then I am one already."

Xania chuckled at that. Then she directed her attention to Alan, still sprawled all over her. "Hey, lover boy, are you trying to suffocate me here or what? Come on, get up. I've got to go soon, but you and I have a lot of buttfucking to do first."

Alan raised his head a bit. He felt utterly destroyed from their exhausting fuck and even moving that much seemed to be too much. He looked in her eyes with complete disbelief. "What did you just say?!"

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