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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 116
Lust for Life
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Katherine was the last person in the Plummer house to wake up. She woke to what she thought was the sound of screaming coming through her window, but it took her a while to fully wake and investigate. Since her room overlooked the Plummer backyard, she got a good eyeful of Alan, Amy, and Xania lying naked beside the pool. However, by the time she'd gone to the window their role-play sex romp was over, and they were just resting.

She rushed through her morning rituals and went downstairs with hopes of joining in the sexual fun when they started up again. She wore only a flimsy, see-through pink nightgown in remembrance of Suzanne's observation that a little bit of covering was a sexier starting point than no covering at all.


She swept into the kitchen and dining room area like a winning contestant in a beauty pageant strutting before a panel of judges. But to her consternation, at first she couldn't find anyone there.

But when she got to the screen door leading to the backyard to look outside she ran into a buck naked Amy just coming back into the house.

Amy rushed up to her and hugged her like she hadn't seen her in ages. "Sister! Number one fuck toy!"

Katherine happily hugged back. "Sister! Official girlfriend! How's it going?"

"Pretty good," Amy replied while maintaining the hug and also doing her best to get Katherine's skimpy clothes off. "I was just getting a tampon for Xania. But when I gave it to her they were still talking about heavy serious stuff so I thought they should have their space alone for a while."

"Wait. Back up and start from the beginning." Her mind did a double-take. "Wait, first what's this about a tampon? Ewww. Don't tell me that she-"

"Nah. She's just using it to plug up so Alan's cum doesn't all leak out." Amy had succeeded in disrobing Katherine, and now brought her hands to Katherine's pussy and ass.

Katherine was already one step ahead, plunging two fingers in and out of Amy's tight gash. "That's more like it! So that must mean Alan fucked her pretty good already. Did he do you yet?"

"Define 'do you.'"

"Fill your pussy with his sweet cum."

"Nope, not yet. But I've been having TONS of fun! And I got to stroke and suck him for a really long time. It was super duper awesomoriffic!"

Amy spent the next couple of minutes reprising what had happened. As she talked, she and Katherine all but fucked each other standing up. Each kept fingers inside the pussy of the other. They grew increasingly passionate as Amy described the casting-couch role-play in great detail.

However, their fun was interrupted by the sound of the door to the garage opening. Susan and Brenda came into the kitchen carrying bags of groceries.

Susan was in a rare take charge domestic mode. She unwrapped the turkey she'd bought, prepped it, and put it in the oven before she even acknowledged that Amy and Katherine were necking (and more) on the other side of the kitchen counter. She had to get the turkey started right away since it would take about four hours to cook, and she planned for an early Thanksgiving meal.

As soon as the turkey started cooking, Brenda tapped Susan on the shoulder, "Look, Mistress." She pointed through the kitchen window out to where Alan and Xania were lying on a lounge chair.

Susan looked and smiled, "Oh goody." But she didn't get too excited because, while Xania and Alan were naked and lying side by side in the shade, they were clearly just talking. Then she turned her attention to the two teen girls and walked over to them.

"Hey ya, daughters. Looks like you two are having fun at least. Can you give your mommy a kiss?" She joined in their hug, and they all traded French kisses. Then Brenda got involved, and the kissing, hugging, and fondling went on for some time.

However, things didn't get that heated, partly because both Susan and Brenda were still dressed in conservative clothes (with Brenda even still wearing Susan's sweater that she'd borrowed after things got out of hand at the grocery store).

As the group hug broke up, Katherine asked, "Hey Mom, what's up with you and Brenda bundled up like two Eskimos? You practically look like normal neighborhood mom types."


Susan replied while still fondling Amy a little bit, "I'll answer that, but first, has my Tiger fucked Xania into submission yet?"

Amy answered, "No, but boy! He sure did fuck her to within an inch of her life! I think they're both still hanging out there 'cos they're too pooped to move. He did just about everything to me and Xania but fuck our butts."

"Well, that's good to hear, at least." Susan looked out the big screen door with worry. "I wish he'd hurry the taming though. Xania said something about having to leave by noon at the absolute latest for her own Thanksgiving festivities up north. What holes of hers did he fill, exactly? Maybe he's not doing the right holes."

Brenda interrupted, "Mistress Susan, can I take this sweater off yet? I'd love to change back into one of my maid outfits."

Susan turned back from the window to look at Brenda. "Of course. You should have said something earlier. But please, keep your nipples covered for now."

"Mistress, none of my maid outfits cover my nipples, at least not effectively."

"Well, try your best."

Katherine exclaimed, "Mom, first you're not stripping or changing into something seriously boner raising, and now you're asking Brenda to keep her great nipples covered? What on Earth is going on?"

Susan said in a lecturing tone, "Unfortunately, it's time to get serious and unsexy for a while. As much as I'd love to go out back to suck on some thick and tasty Tiger cock, I can't. Nor can any of you. I've been putting off doing all the things that need to get done for our big Thanksgiving meal and it's practically upon us already. We need to get a LOT of cooking and cleaning done in just a few hours. Brenda's going to help and Angel, I expect you to do the same."

"Awww..." Katherine griped. "That sounds soooo boring."

Amy though was chipper about it. "Can I help too? I want to be a full part of the family in every way."

"Thanks, love," Susan replied, "but I have enough help here. Suzanne needs you though to help with her big meal. The plan is that you two will be eating here for a big mid day feast and then eating a second feast with Brad and Eric in the evening. So I hope you're hungry."

Amy nodded. She didn't like spending time in her own house.

Then Susan clapped her hands together and said more commandingly, "Now, let's get started. Brenda will help me in the kitchen. Angel, you can start by washing the windows on the ground floor. Please put some clothes on too so you don't tempt us so much."

Katherine complained, "The windows? ALL of them? Isn't that Brother's usual job?"

"Yes, but he's got a lot of pussy taming to do, and naturally that comes first. We can watch him impale Xania from here I suppose, but let's not get too distracted until the preparations have come together, okay? I want everything to be absolutely perfect. He is a terribly cum-filled boy, but Xania will have to take care of keeping Alan Junior well drained all by herself for a while."

Katherine was still bummed. When she came downstairs she'd been looking forward to joining an orgy with Alan, Amy, and Xania, but now it looked like she wasn't even allowed to get near her brother. She asked plaintively, "Can't I go outside for at least a little while? If Xania blows him, don't you think a second tongue would make it that much better? Please?" She started hopping about with her arms behind her back like an excited child waiting to open a new toy.


Amy started hopping too and asked, "Or a third? That would be, like, super triple better!"

Susan chuckled at their enthusiasm, but said, "Sorry. I do love your attitudes, but let's give him some alone time with her unless he indicates otherwise. I'll tell you what though. My breasts need draining, and Angel, if you do a good job cleaning the windows I'll let you suckle and play with them for a little while. Amy, unfortunately, you need to go help Suzanne."

That mollified Katherine enough for her to stop hopping. But still, she complained, "Why does everything have to be perfect? Things have been a little messy around the house in recent weeks, but no one seemed to mind."

Susan considered that, and then said, "I suppose I can't keep this secret any longer. Suzanne has a new, wonderful scheme and the rest of us need to help. I expect that G-" She stopped herself from saying "Glory" and looked at Brenda, because she remembered at the last second that Brenda still didn't know anything about Alan's relationship with Glory and she wasn't supposed to. That could cause problems.

Brenda raised a curious eyebrow. "Guh?"

Susan hemmed and hawed, trying to think of a way to explain that away. Finally, she said, "Guests are coming. I was going to say 'guests' and then name names, but Brenda, I realized that I'm not sure if I have permission to name those names to you. I'm going to have to go talk to Tiger about it."

"Ah, I see." Brenda was dying to know who these guests were, but she decided it wasn't her place to be pushy about that information.

Relieved, Susan continued, "Anyways, these guests will be coming over to eat with us in just a few hours. So I want everything perfect and everyone on their best behavior."

Katherine folded her arms under her rack and asked Susan suspiciously, "Just who are these guests, anyway?"

Susan looked to Brenda again. "Um, do you mind if we have a private moment, until I can ask Tiger about what we can tell you about this?"

"No problem. I'll go powder my nose." Brenda walked away, down the hall to the downstairs bathroom. She didn't actually have to use the bathroom, but she wanted to honor her mistress's request.

Susan waited until Brenda was in the bathroom with the door closed. Then she spoke quietly to the two teens. "Actually, it's not guests; it's one guest: Glory. Suzanne has a plan to get her back with Alan!"

Katherine and Amy both reacted with wide-eyed surprise. But they remained silent out of a lingering fear that Brenda might overhear them.

Susan again looked out the window with worry. "If Alan can't tame Xania's pussy today, maybe at least he can tame Glory's."

Amy clapped and pumped her fists into the air like the cheerleader she was. She was energetic, but quiet about it, again due to Brenda being so near. "Woo-hoo! That is so super cool! It'll be way awesome to have my very own history teacher join us in the harem." She nudged Katherine with an elbow while doing a little dance. "Won't that be neat, Sis?" Seeing no reaction, she added, "Just think of all the blowjobs we'll be able to share with Glory during lunch now! And we can get, like, extra help with our homework and stuff, if she's here a lot."

But Katherine's jealousy was flaring up. She said, "Yeah," in a flat tone.

She thought bitterly, Oh great. Just what I need: more competition. I'll be lucky to even get one lick of Big Brother's dick today. And look at him out there. He's supposed to be doing some serious talking with Xania, but how much talking can he get done when his lips are suckling on her left tit? Why does he get to fuck totally voluptuous sexy babes all day long while the rest of us have to work? It's not fair!

Well, okay, he is our natural master, so I can't really say it isn't fair. But being a harem fuck toy sure can suck sometimes, just the same. I can't wait until MY official day comes around.

Susan was determined to get things done. She clapped her hands together again. "Come on, everyone, chop, chop! We've got things to do. I have a feeling today is going to be a great day if we all work together as a team."


Alan and Xania were lying naked and resting next to each other on a pair of lounge chairs by the Plummer house backyard pool. They'd been talking about the women in Alan's life while they both recovered from an intense sexual session.

Xania suggested, "You know, I'm not wearing a watch, but it is getting hotter as the sun rises and the shadows around us shrink. I'd say it's definitely after nine. I know you've got a nice, dark, all-over natural tan there kiddo, but even you need some sunscreen. And I DEFINITELY need sunscreen, with my fair skin. Not only that, but when Amy came out here she very thoughtfully left some lotion." She wiggled suggestively. "Care to put some on me?"

He sighed. "I guess."

"You guess? What kind of attitude is that? You've got a buck-naked woman wanting you to slather her 38Gs with lotion, and you sigh like you've just been told to mow the lawn?"

"Sorry. It's just that I'm so weary. It's this six-times-a-day schedule. Even though I don't keep close track anymore, I'm still easily meeting that average and even exceeding it. Heck, with all the women in my life, what else can I do? I do love it, and I mean I really, really love it. But the pace is so fucking relentless! Every single day!"

He paused, sighing again. "It's not like I can just say, 'nah, today I don't feel like sex'. Too many people have expectations. My mom would probably commit seppuku if I went all day without cumming once. At the very least, she'd practically have a heart attack worrying about my "sperm buildup". Not only that, but my body won't let me stop even if I wanted to. I'm like a nicotine addict smoking two packs a day; I can't just go cold turkey, or my body rebels. I found that out during my unfortunate camping trip last weekend. And I love it, don't get me wrong, but sometimes, like right now, I just want to rest."

She smirked. "I sympathize. I really do. But you need to keep things in perspective. I'm not just talking about comparing yourself to starving kids in Africa, although there is that. Never forget what an unbelievably charmed life you live. But what I'm talking about is closer to home, easier to compare to. Think of the business executive, for instance, who has dozens, if not hundreds, of employees depending on him or her. A lot of executives like that never rest, never take vacations, and are miserable from the weight of the world on their shoulders. Or think of a poor kid your age, already stuck with a wife and kids, who had to drop out of school to get a job and is probably doing drugs as the only means of escape from too many worries and responsibilities. Compared to millions of people here in this country, the pressures on you really aren't that great."

"I know, I know," he wearily admitted. "But the thing is, good sex is soooo draining. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. Like this little casting-couch role-play we just did. God, it was a ton of fun, but the sexual highs were so intense that I feel like my soul was sucked right out of me. I can barely lift my arm, it feels like. The harried executive or poor teen or whomever doesn't have soul shattering experiences every single day like I do. You know?"

She began covering her skin with the lotion, since it was clear he was too exhausted to help with that at the moment. "You know what your problem is? You're too conscientious. You worry too much about your loved ones. It's an admirable trait, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you just have to let go and not try to please everyone all the time. Don't always be worried if they're getting enough sexual satisfaction, because you know what? The bar is set really low. Think about it. Your family four and Brenda are so hot for you that all you have to do is touch them on their elbows and they're cumming already. So don't stress during sex, okay? Just enjoy it!"

Despite being in a non-erotic mood, he closely watched her applying the lotion on her nude body. He always appreciated a sexy sight, even if his penis was dead to the world. "I know what you're saying. And I think that's why I was mostly okay with the submissive sex thing last night, because I wasn't in control and had no responsibilities, so I didn't have to worry. But I feel guilty. I mean, I'm getting blown and stroked all the time, but when was the last time I went down on a woman? I'm too selfish with my sexual habits as it is. Like, have you heard of the stealth stroking we do here sometimes? It doesn't get any more one-sided than that."

"Nonsense. The women here fall all over each other to get to be your stealth stroker, and why? Because they love it just as much as you do. I know just what you need," she said confidently, changing gears a bit. "You need to fuck me again right now, and this time it should be up the ass."

He laughed, especially since she'd already expressed this idea earlier. "You're joking, right?"

"No. I'm deadly serious. You need to realize you can let go and have stress-free, responsibility-free sex while still being in charge. You can feel what you felt last night without having to be tied up and blindfolded. It's the logical next step for you."

He still chortled. "And it's just a total coincidence that you were hinting about this totally spontaneous anal sex idea five minutes ago? Isn't there a rule against psychologists sleeping with their patients 'cos it warps their judgment?"

"True, but as you may have noticed, I'm not exactly your ordinary counselor. I use sex as a learning tool. It doesn't have to be anal sex, but not only am I feeling up for a little butt fun, but I think it would actually be particularly apt to prove a point." She paused to give him a peculiarly piercing look with her intelligent and intense eyes. "Tell me, what do you think of when you think of anal sex?"

"Well, it's tough. Tight. Lots of resistance. I think of really tight tunnels, my cock slowly pushing deeper, but it's slow going all the way. Needs a lot of prep work. It's definitely worth it in the end though."


She grinned at his accidental play on words. "Yes it is. In the end." She quickly glanced into his lap and noticed that merely having him describe his feelings on anal sex was starting to get him erect. The fact that she was spending nearly all of her time applying the suntan lotion to her breasts in the most erotic manner wasn't hurting the revival of his erection at all.

He laughed as he belatedly realized his accidental double meaning. He punned, "That's the bottom line, huh?"

She laughed and punned back, "You bet your ass it is!"

He looked down and also saw his dick starting to rise.

Xania enthused, "Damn, kiddo! All I have to do is ask you to think about anal sex and POW! Alan Junior has entered the building. Talk about the youthful powers of rejuvenation. For all your protests, it seems like ninety percent of the time when I see you, you've got a raging hard-on. The other ten percent, you've just cum in somebody and you're recovering."

He chuckled. "Yeah, that's not too far off, actually. But it only seems like that to you, because when you're looking at me I'm also looking at you, and you're a walking orgasm." He let his fingers slide up from her knee to her hip. "How could I always not get hard around you?"

"Flatterer!" But she naturally loved the compliment.

He looked over to his house, where he could see Susan, Brenda, and Katherine milling about in the kitchen. "Hell, everyone here is a walking orgasm. Look at them over there. How can I keep up? You know, sometimes my dick hurts just from being hard so much. Or maybe it's just from all the cocksucking, I dunno. But it can be a problem. Either way, it probably could use a break."

Xania shook her head. "Trust me, you need this. Besides, how else am I supposed to show you what little tricks and techniques I've been teaching Sean? He practically spent all of yesterday afternoon in my ass, and you haven't done my backdoor even once yet. That's just not right."

Grinning, Alan raised an eyebrow. "Are those breasts of yours covered with lotion yet? Seems that's the only spot you've covered with any lotion so far."

She grinned back, "True, but I believe you can never be too careful when it comes to applying lotion on breasts."

"I can't disagree with those wise words." His smile grew even wider.

"Would you like to help?"

"Well, twist my arm." He grinned from ear to ear.


Susan had been keeping an eye on the action in the backyard. She felt an urgent need to ask Alan if she could tell Brenda about his relationship with Glory, because it was awkward having Brenda help get the house ready for a special guest without knowing who the guest was. However, she waited until she felt he would be in a more receptive mood. She was very pleased when she saw him go from visibly exhausted to frisky over about a fifteen-minute time period. Once she saw that his penis was fully engorged and Xania was jacking him off while French kissing him, she decided to make her move.

She told Brenda, Amy, and Katherine to stay in the house and keep working. Then she took off all her clothes except for her high heels and walked into the backyard. She would have strutted in a seductive manner, but Alan and Xania were so busy kissing and playing around on one of the lounge chairs that they wouldn't have seen her entry.

Xania was the first to realize that something was awry when she felt a hand on her hip that couldn't possibly be Alan's, since his two hands were already accounted for. (Not surprisingly, he was both fingering her pussy and caressing one of her great globes.) Xania managed to open her eyes without breaking her kiss with Alan or alerting him. She was tickled pink when she saw out of the corner of her eye that it was Susan wanting in on the fun.

A few seconds later, Xania obligingly moved the hand that had been sliding up and down Alan's shaft down towards his balls.

A couple of seconds later Alan's eyes opened wide as his heart raced with panic, because he realized his cockhead had just been enveloped by a hot mouth even though he was still kissing Xania on the lips. He broke the kiss and looked down, then sighed with relief, and exclaimed, "MOM!"

She looked up at him and winked. She wanted to smile at him, but she couldn't due to her mouth being stuffed with his cock, so she instead gave him a thumbs-up sign as she kept right on bobbing.

Alan might have said more, but he didn't get a chance because Xania went back to necking with him. Within seconds, they were doing the same to each other as before, except that Xania's hand was stroking further down his shaft in order to make room for Susan's sliding lips.

He thought with some chagrin, but also a great deal of lust, I should have known! Mom was watching us from the kitchen. Of course she couldn't resist. Heck, I should have figured it out right away from her corkscrew sucking style alone. Hot damn, I love when she does that to me! UNGH!

His general assumption was that once Susan got her lips around his shaft, a team of wild horses couldn't pull her away, at least not until he'd climaxed and his dick and balls were properly "cleaned." However, after just a couple of minutes of talented cocksucking, she uncharacteristically pulled all the way off. She tapped Xania's thigh and said to her, "Can you take over for a while, please? Unfortunately, I came out here to talk to my son, not play. Well, at least not play so much." She grinned impishly at that.

Xania smiled from ear to ear. "Certainly. It will be my pleasure. And I do mean that!" She had already started to reposition when she added, "In fact, perhaps I'll titfuck him for a while so I can listen in and chime in if I feel so inspired. Is that okay with you?"

"Certainly," Susan responded.

Susan and Xania swapped positions, after which Xania trapped Alan's erection between her somehow soft yet firm boobs and began to rhythmically squeeze. Mere seconds later, she also stuck her long tongue out and began lapping her way in circles around his cockhead.

He started to moan to register his lusty approval, but Susan silenced him with a scorching kiss, just as Xania's kissing had silenced him a short time earlier. Even as his tongue dueled with his mother's, he chuckled to himself at how great it all was.

However, Susan really was intent on talking, because she didn't neck with him very long. She began fondling his balls, since that was the only part of his privates not already enveloped by Xania's mouth or cleavage. Smirking proudly at how well he was being taken care of, she said, "Okay, now that we're nice and comfy, I can tell you what I came here for."

He smirked too. "What, you didn't just come out here to have fun?"

She replied with a serious, sincere look. "Oh, heavens no!" Then she grinned with impish pleasure. "True, I can't help myself around you. It's like a moth to flame. But I have work to do in the house, and I honestly have something urgent to discuss. Do you think you can pay attention?"

He looked down at Xania. Her tongue was so long that she was licking all over his sweet spot, even while her big tits were tightly squeezing and sliding. He shook his head in wonder. "Somehow, I don't know how, I'm getting used to this. You must have trained me well. So... shoot."

"Okay. I've got a special favor to ask. I know your policy on keeping any mention of your relationship with Glory a total secret. I respect and understand that. But... I think it's time we share that secret with Brenda."

He was deep in an erotic fog, already forced to squeeze his PC muscle continuously just not to delay when he would cum. But he had become accustomed to that exact situation, so he still managed to keep up with the conversation. "NO! Absolutely not!"

"But Tiger!" Susan let go of his balls so she could run her hands sensuously over his chest. "There's good reason. It's not just that I long to tell her about your great conquest of your sexy teacher, and how you're taming her into deeper and deeper submission, although there is that."

"Um, are you forgetting that she dumped me? Hello?"

"That's just a temporary setback, I'm sure," Susan cooed. "No one can resist you. Look at you! You've got two nude big-titted babes crawling all over you. Xania used to just be your psychologist, but now you've got her worshipping your cock! How can Glory resist all this? She can't!" Susan briefly reached back and ran a finger around the crown of his cockhead. Then she had to remove her hand, because Xania suddenly engulfed all of his cockhead, even as she kept the titfuck going.

Susan had to chuckle. "All right! Go Xania! That's what I'm talking about, darn it! That's making me salivate so much!" She looked back up at her son. "Anyway, like I said, that's not the main reason. The thing is, Brenda is growing closer and closer to us all. Right now, she's in the house, helping us clean up, as I'm sure you've noticed. She asked me why we were cleaning the house so thoroughly, and I started to tell her about Glory coming over later. But I had to stop myself and just vaguely say that a special guest is coming."

Susan had been slowly scooting up Alan's body, bringing her face closer to his. She lifted herself up so her chin was nearly touching his. "Son, it's not fair! Even though you've given her an opportunity to pursue a relationship with Adrian, the truth is, she's being fully tamed by YOU!"

She briefly planted a kiss on his lips, but he was too busy just trying to continue breathing to be able to respond much. She continued, "Although she's also pursuing this thing with her son, Suzanne assures me that it's needed for his mental health and development. You're a big man to allow that. But you and I both know that's only a temporary phase. Eventually, Adrian will have to learn to fly on his own. He has to, because Brenda's heart belongs to YOU! She's totally devoted to you, Son. Her greatest desire and her most-secret wish is to be your SLAVE! If you can't see that by the way she looks at you every time she looks your way, then you must be blind! I dare you to deny it!"

He simply panted for a while. Xania was inspired by Susan's statements, more by the passion behind them than the actual words. She was really going to town on his cock with her massive tits, sliding lips, and extraordinary tongue. It was all he could do to pay attention to Susan without cumming on the spot. Forming any sort of coherent response would be a big challenge, which he was trying to work up to.

Susan saw that. She reached back, tapped Xania on the head, and said, "Better take it down a notch or two, or you're gonna be soaked in a sperm bath." She giggled and added, "Not that that's a bad thing!"

Xania kept Alan's boner trapped between her sliding tits, but she removed her mouth from his cockhead. She couldn't see Alan's face, due to Susan's body being in the way, but she looked to where she knew his head must be and said slyly, "Having trouble talking, kiddo?" After a few seconds of no response except his loud panting, she added, "I wonder why." She chuckled at both her humor and his plight.

Xania went relatively easy on him for a minute or two until he calmed down to mere heavy breathing.

When he was finally able to respond, he said, "Mom, I don't deny that Brenda is very submissive and very focused on me. But that's not reason enough to share that secret. I'm in enough hot water with Glory as it is. Imagine if she found out that her secret is being shared with women she doesn't even know, including you, Xania - no offense."

Xania replied, "None taken." Then she added, "But, given that I already know your secret, would it be so much worse if Brenda knew too?"

"I suppose not," he admitted. "But you're in L.A. You and her will never cross paths. Knock on wood."

Susan reached back and tapped Xania's head again. She giggled encouragingly, "Lick on wood too!"

Xania chuckled at that. Even though her titfucking was going full force, she resumed licking his cockhead.

Alan had to chuckle too, not from the joke but from the fact that he was expected to keep an intelligent conversation going with all this stimulation. He tried to make it brief by cutting to the chase. "Whereas, not only does Brenda live nearby, but she has a son who goes to the same high school I do! The danger there is immense!"

Susan said, "True. I'm well aware of that, of course. That's why I've been extra resolute never to mention Glory's name to her, even though we talk daily about your sexual triumphs. Any word about how you're fucking a teacher would send her to the moon! But Son, Brenda CAN be trusted! I know we haven't known her that long, but she's become my new best friend these past two weeks, and we talk all the time. She's keeping our incest a secret as if her life depended on it! She won't tell a soul without permission, not even Adrian. If she can do that, she can keep the Glory secret in the exact same way! We have to trust her on the incest secret. How can we trust her on that secret but not another one?"

Alan's head was reeling. Susan's words made good sense to him, but he feared that was because he was so horny that he couldn't think straight. He tried to rally. "True, she has good intentions. Great intentions, even. But you and her do talk all the time, especially over the phone. What if her son overhears by accident? If he hears 'Glory' and 'teacher,' he may well put two and two together. And then she'll be really fucked, and so will I!"

"Good point," Susan replied. "I'll make a promise then. She and I will never discuss Glory except in person while in this house. Son, be reasonable! You're only delaying the inevitable. Brenda's going to know all before long. I foresee her spending hours in our house nearly every day."

He was panting again, but he managed to ask, "I thought you were against that? Didn't you used to say that she was just going to be here once or twice a week?"

Susan Xania

Susan clutched her tits together, so her erect nipples were nearly touching. Then she started playfully rubbing them across his face. "True, but things change. She's become practically like family, in a shockingly quick amount of time. Not for you, yet, because you still don't see her that much. But for me, it's practically like we're twin sisters. Suzanne is still my very best friend, of course, and she always will be. But Brenda and I share a bond of submissiveness, a love and lust to serve you, that Suzanne can't really relate to."

She spoke with increasing passion while continuing to rub her boobs, and especially her nipples, against his face. "Son, please! You're facing a losing battle! If we don't tell Brenda now, she'll find out in a week or two. It's better if we tell her in a controlled way rather than having her overhear something by accident. This way we can set rules and make sure she doesn't tell Adrian or Anika or anyone else before we even learn that she's found out about it."

Somehow he managed a weary sigh, despite his continued panting. He wanted to suckle on Susan's nipples, but he couldn't do that and talk at the same time. "Okay. Fine. You win. The only thing I ask is that you tell her. I can't handle how excited she'd get, and you also would get. Or the two of you together, which would be even worse! Sheesh! Remember to stress how very important it is to keep this a secret! And how you can only talk about it in person when you're both here in this house. Oh, and since she's so wealthy, if she ruins Glory's career with her loose lips, she's gotta make it right until Glory is satisfied. Clear?"

Susan purred with pleasure. "Yes, Son. Thank you. I think you're very wise." Letting go of her big tits, she kissed his lips again, but still didn't get much response, due to how winded he was.

To Alan's great surprise, Susan suddenly disengaged and stood up.

He gasped out, "Where are you going?"

"I really do have to get a lot done. There's no time for me to just enjoy playing with your big fat cock. Luckily, Xania is here to take good care of you. Besides, I can't wait to tell Brenda the secret! She IS going to fly all the way to the moon! To the stars! If she has any doubts about dedicating herself to serving you - which I'm sure she doesn't - this will prove what a great natural master you are!"

Alan groaned with lust and chagrin. He asked, "Xania, what do you think? Am I making a big mistake here?"

Susan waited for Xania's answer.

Xania replied without even slowing her licking or titfucking. "As you can guess, I've been on Susan's side on this all along, from the way I've been helping distract you. If I thought it was a bad idea, I would have spoken up. I'm not blind, and I've seen how adoringly Brenda looks at you. She would climb Mt. Everest in a bikini if you told her to. Sure, it's a risk, and I wasn't thinking of the Adrian factor at first. But life is full of risks, and it is better to control how she hears about this. Give her a chance. I don't think she'll let you down. Besides, you're already in it neck deep with her knowing about your incest. This is a small-potatoes risk compared to that one."

He sighed. "Very well. Mom, you heard her. Go tell Brenda, and leave me out of it, okay? I can't handle anything else arousing. In fact, Xania, I need a strategic break! Like, right now!"

Xania disengaged and sat up.

Susan pumped her fist right in front of her chest. "Thank you, Son!" Clutching her arms over her boobs to hold them in place, she hurried back to the house as fast as her high heels could carry her.


Alan did take a strategic break, and an unusually long one. But he was so aroused from everything that his horny mood hardly lessened at all. He had to laugh out loud a couple of minutes into his break when he heard a series of loud screams from within the house. Both he and Xania knew exactly what that was: Susan and Brenda were getting worked up as Susan revealed how Alan was fucking his sexy history teacher.

He muttered to Xania, "There's no going back on that now. I sure hope I did the right thing."

Xania replied, "You did. Keeping such a secret from her would have been increasingly untenable, and you know it. I applaud your intentions, but you also need to face facts. Brenda is going to be a big part of your life from now on. A big, big part. You really should get to know her a lot better."

He grumbled, "There is that, too. Man, I really need to clone myself. There aren't enough hours in the day."

When he signaled he was ready to end his break, Xania resumed right where she had left off before Susan's arrival, kissing and fondling him while sitting in his lap.

Xania was enjoying this playing around, but she wanted to take the sex to a much more serious and intense level. It took some cajoling, and a lot more fondling and kissing, but eventually she talked him into having a go at anal sex with her, if only for "educational purposes."

It took yet more minutes to get her ass lubed-up to her satisfaction and his thick erection firmly implanted within her back door, but eventually they managed to do it.

Finally, Alan stood with his legs spread and his hands on Xania's lower back, thoroughly aroused against his will, although still weary from too much sex. "Okay, I'm literally balls-deep in your ass, just like you wanted me to be. Now, can you please tell me how this is going to help relieve my sense of being sexually overwhelmed, and not just make it worse?" There was a strain in his voice as his erection adjusted to being in her buttery yet tight hole.


"Sure, Sweetie. I like that name by the way. 'Sweetie.' It fits you so well, 'cos you're a nice guy all the way. Even your 'Bad Alan' episodes aren't that bad."

"You haven't seen me with Heather."

"True. Anyway, do you remember last night when you were really getting into that Beatles song you kept playing, and do you remember the line you liked so much?"

He had to take a few deep breaths before answering, "Yep. 'Tomorrow Never Knows' was the song, and the line was 'Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.'"

"Exactly. Now, tell me why-"

He interrupted her with a surprised cry. "Wait! What's that you're doing?" He'd noticed that her ass didn't appear to be moving externally, but inside suddenly there was a party going on.

"Oh, you mean my cock milking?" she asked nonchalantly while grinning mischievously. "Bet you didn't think she had it in her, eh? Kid, my ass is a non-stop butter churner. Actually, it's a technique I learned from Suzanne in college, but I like to think that I've made my own unique improvements to it since then. Doesn't she do this for you?"

He panted and worked his PC muscle. "Not enough! Ugh! You're so fucking good at that!"

"Thanks." She started milking his erection with even stronger squeezes, just to show what she could do. Then she did something that he had only ever experienced with Susan. Starting at the root of his cock, her internal muscles somehow rolled a massaging grip along his length in a wavelike motion, before reversing and then smoothly rolling back from the head to the root.

He couldn't quite manage to stifle a small cry of pleasure. He grabbed her hips and strained his PC muscle, trying desperately not to cum. Oh no! Not "The Wave" too! Too fucking... GOOD!

"Oh, you like that one, do you?" she asked, way too calmly. She did it again, just to feel and hear him struggle against an untimely ejaculation. "This is something that I understand even the mighty Suzanne can't do, by the way. Of course, that's probably 'cos she's so cunt focused. I tried teaching this to Susan the other day, but I haven't had a chance to check on her progress yet."

He groaned as she did it again. "Mom can do i-it t-too, but not as good as yo-ou can!"

Good for Susan. She must be practicing those exercises I taught her religiously. But I should calm things down a bit. I don't want him to have TOO much fun too soon, hee-hee. She said, "I'm going to ease up on you for a while, okay?"

"Thank fucking God! You've got me sweating like a pig already, and I haven't even started thrusting yet."

They waited a minute or two. Even just remaining motionless with him fully impaled in her ass felt very pleasurable for both of them. Finally, he was calm enough to ask, "So. Sean really spent all of yesterday in your ass, eh? I'm glad to hear that."

"Oh yeah. He was great. He didn't want to fuck my ass at first, spouting all kinds of nonsense about stupid reasons he had to stay 'pure' for his angel, da da da. Well I wasn't going to have any of that idiocy, so I threw him on the bed and practically raped the poor boy with my hungry ass. I was so fucking horny by then, there was no way he WASN'T going to do me back there. Then I gave him a little bit of this." She did her milking motion again.

Alan gasped.

"And some of this one." She repeated "The Wave" move. "That sure changed his tune in a hurry."

He groaned loudly, his eyes bulging out. "I c-can't imagine w-why!"

She chuckled. "Neither can I," she said with mock cluelessness. "But once he got over his hang-ups, he really cut loose on me. I think you did a bang-up job picking an apprentice. He's handsome, nice, and a natural at sex, just like you. Of course he was completely out of his league with an experienced lady like me, and his technique lacks finesse, but that will come in time. He's certainly not ready for Heather yet, but he's making quick progress. What I liked best is that he seems to have a 'bad Sean' streak just like your 'bad Alan' one. You can see it in his eyes when the nasty takes over."

"Oh good," Alan sighed with relief. That'll help big time with Heather. I'm glad that devilish streak he shows sometimes when we play games comes out in sex, too.

He was going to think about Sean's situation some more, but just then Xania's talented asshole seized him in a strong grip. He was struck nearly catatonic with pleasure.

As intense as the experience was for him, such anal squeezes were almost effortlessly easy for someone as well practiced as Xania. She continued talking casually, "But as I was saying before, tell me why you have to be tied up before you can follow my advice about letting go? Just start fucking me, but with a devil-may-care attitude. Don't think about my pleasure or if I've cum yet or not. There's no need for elaborate role-plays, either. I'm not saying I didn't love the Dirk Dudley role-play, 'cos I did, but you don't have to do that every single time. Sometimes you just need to shut up and fuck the hell out of a hot, tight ass to get your stress release."

"All right. Okay! I think I can see what you mean, now." He snorted with laughter as he said, "You're saying I should take a load off."

She laughed too. "Exactly. That should be easy for you by now, Mr. Six-Times-a-Day Man."

His attitude brightened as he warmed to her idea. "I should just let go of everything, like I did last night. It's like... Last year, I went on this ski trip. And when I got to the top of the mountain and I was hanging there at the top of a ski run, I just blanked my mind and just did it, I dropped over the edge and flew down the mountain. Completely on instinct. And it felt so good!"


He started slowly thrusting in and out of her, partly to stop her milking motions before they made him cum too soon. Ironically, thrusting was actually less arousing for him, since it limited her internal undulating massaging of his shaft, but not for her, because it increased the exquisitely sexy friction she'd been longing for as he pumped her rear.

"By jove, I think he's got it!" Xania enthused. "And there's no need to feel guilty about not paying enough attention to the woman's needs or worry you're not living up to your reputation, because if you really let go, you're gonna pound my ass into the ground so good I'm gonna lose all count of my orgasms anyway."


Hearing that, he began thrusting in and out with even more gusto. Ironically, his very weariness at so much sex made him better at it, because he was too tired to overanalyze and worry. His mind was happy to shut off and just get lost in the moment, like Xania wanted him to do.

"There now," she cooed, trying to look over her shoulder back at him but not quite making it. "Doesn't that make you feel soooo much better?" She grunted with pleasure as her hips started rocking back to meet his thrusts. "You're such a good fucker, kiddo. How many women have you tamed so far with that big beautiful prick of yours? Oh boy! Ugh! Doesn't that just feel- ugh! Right? You belong- hnnnggg! Fucking, oh! Fucking machine! Yes!"

Fuck me! He IS a natural! Sean's good, and their erections are close to the same size, but there's just something extra with Alan. This idea he has to hand Heather off to Sean is going to be a really tough sell, 'cos I'm sure she feels that same special spark with him that I do.

Alan was pushing faster and deeper, really into it now. And just like Xania predicted, he not only loved the experience, but he felt a great weight of stress lift from his shoulders.

He thought, This is great! What's really great is that if I can do this once, I can do it again and again. I need to learn how to master different kinds of sex. There's tender making love, attentive sex, pile-driving freak outs, imaginative role-plays, this kind of mindless stress reducing sex-

Just then, he heard a woman scream.

A voice said, "Oh God! Eric, you have to come and see this!"


Alan froze in mid-thrust, and he felt Xania tense up and freeze too. He didn't recognize the voice, but he did get a sense of where it was coming from, and the mention of the name Eric further clued him in.

Alan and Xania had been facing directly away from the Pestridge house, but all he had to do to find the source of the voice was to turn his torso and look around. Unfortunately for Xania, she had no chance of looking that way as long as she was getting plowed doggy style.

With great fear, his eyes focused on Amy's window on the upper floor. He saw two silhouettes, which just caused his heartbeat to pound harder. He remembered seeing Amy standing there about a half an hour or more earlier, but the sun had risen higher by now and there was a bright glare on the side of the Pestridge house. So while he was able to see Amy before, now he couldn't tell who it was.

Alan was ready to completely panic as he looked and saw silhouettes of a man and woman standing together. He felt his erection start to rapidly deflate. However, despite the mention of the name Eric, the male silhouette was of an athletic man. That seemed odd, since Eric had let himself go and gained a lot of weight in recent years.

He was still puzzling over this, but after what was really only seconds since the scream, the hand of the woman started waving at him in a friendly manner. Then she somehow picked up the man and started waving him around too.

He was completely freaked out by that, until he realized the only explanation was that there was no man there at all, but some kind of cardboard cutout of one.

Then the woman turned so he could see a side view of her profile. Two things leaped out at him. One, whoever it was had an extremely hefty rack. Two, the mystery woman was sticking out her tongue, and even from so far away Alan could tell it was an abnormally long one. It looked like she was either periodically touching the tip of her nose with it, or coming quite close.


The pieces suddenly fell into place and he thought, Suzanne! Duh! Of course! I didn't recognize her at first because the profile of her hair is all wrong, but she must have just piled it up on her head. What the fuck is she DOING, though, standing there with a cardboard cutout?

Duh! She's trying to trick Xania! That's so hilarious! It's exactly what Amy was doing just a little while before. Talk about like mother, like daughter! I love it!

He heard Xania's voice break through. "Alan?! Alan! Alan, can't you hear me? Talk to me! Who is that and why are you laughing?"

He realized she must have been urgently whispering to him for some long moments while he was off on another planet, intensely worrying and thinking. He said in a low voice, "Sorry, I think I've lost my mind. But that's Eric, Suzanne's husband, and his mistress. Her name's uh, Maria, I think." Knowing that Xania wasn't in position to see, he held his arm high up and made an OK signal to Suzanne.

Suzanne made an OK back, and then put her arm around the cardboard cutout. She was ready for Xania to look her way and see nothing but the silhouette of an affectionate couple. Now that she was no longer standing in profile, Xania wouldn't be able to see her huge rack and thus easily identify her.

Alan's distress had actually only lasted a couple of seconds, so his dick started to grow again before it had a chance to deflate down to even half-hard. Within moments, his shaft was stiff as a board and he resumed using it in Xania's clenching butt.

Xania noticed his rebounding hardness with alarm. "Alan!" she hissed, futilely attempting to look back at him over her shoulder. She exhaled in surprise when he resumed his earlier rhythm. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"I'm fucking you some more. I mean, as long as we're gonna do the time we might as well do the crime, right?"

"What? That's crazy! Stop right now!" She tried to wiggle his erection out of her ass, but he was far too deeply embedded. All her wiggling only made fucking her that much more enjoyable for him.

He said in a serene and carefree tone, "Why stop though? I was just laughing because I freaked when I saw them, but then I remembered your advice not to freak, not to stress. Just relax and float downstream, and fuck to your heart's content. Forget everything else." He had resumed a good rhythm and was happily plowing away by the time he finished saying that.

Xania imagined what she must look like to the strangers watching her. She wondered if they were in position to see her large and heavy breasts sway back and forth with every thrust Alan made in her. She desperately wanted to at least cover her chest with an arm to give herself some dignity, but he was thrusting into her so hard that she needed both hands on the ground just to brace herself.

She hissed, "I didn't mean you should do it when people are watching! Get a grip, kid! We've got to go inside NOW! ... Unless... Oh no. This isn't another trick, is it? SHIT! It better not be!"

Alan laughed some more. "No. And that's what made me laugh too. It's so ironic after what Amy just did that we really got spotted, and from the same window no less. If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself."

He slowed down his rhythm to a near stop so that Xania's whole body wasn't shaking in time to his thrusts.

Xania replanted her hands on the ground a bit, positioning herself at an angle to where she could look around and see Amy's window.

She panicked as she saw the two silhouettes.

He could feel the tension course through her ass as her sphincter muscles clenched even more tightly around his dick.

"Oh SHIT!" she muttered, on the verge of panic. "There're TWO of them! I know you enough to know you wouldn't bring another man in on your tricks, especially not a guy like Eric. Fuck! We ARE fucked! What are we going to do?!"

Although she was protesting, her body was on fire like a raging inferno. She didn't consciously realize it, but she'd resumed her exquisite milking and churning motions again, and with much more frantic urgency.

He was about to resume his thrusting once more, but he decided instead to hold as still as he could and see what she would end up doing by herself. Plus, he had gotten somewhat used to her milking tricks by now and wanted to see how long he could ride that pleasure train.

"What can we do?" he asked in a resigned tone. "They've seen us. Now I can see them whispering to each other. We're basically screwed. Eric thought I was just some nerdy virgin, so he didn't mind me dating his daughter that much. Now our cover is blown. He's probably gonna look out of Amy's window from time to time and snoop around from now on."

"Oh no! That's dreadful!" Her ass muscles kept squeezing his dick like she was trying to completely crush it. But it felt fantastic.

He lowered his voice to a whisper. "Yeah, but it could have been worse. A lot worse. Lucky I'm with you! Imagine if it had been Suzanne instead! Can you just picture Eric, watching his wife being royally fucked ... up the ass ... by the neighbor boy?"

"Oh God!" As always, Xania loved the thrill of public sex, and his words just drove her to a higher level of excitement, just as he knew they would. She started unconsciously rotating her hips as well, doubling his pleasure.

"But it gets better!" he whispered while bracing himself more securely to better handle her athletic milking and hip swerving. "Remember, he's with his mistress. Imagine how Suzanne would have reacted to THAT! Can you just imagine the words that would have flown back and forth?"

Xania giggled. "Oh no! That's too funny! ... Hey! Don't!"

She was protesting because as she started to talk, he bent over her back, reached down, and started groping her tits with both hands.

"Please!" she begged. "Not now, not with them watching. This is too embarrassing!"


Bending forward as he was, with no support from his hands, was a bit precarious for him since he wasn't resting on her back.

Xania sensed this and started slamming her ass on his cock in an attempt to shake him free from grasping her boobs. Or at least that was her justification at first. Within seconds, she was thoroughly fucking his pole with her ass just for the sheer joy of it. While he stayed as still as he could (not counting his squeezing hands), her whole body swayed back and forth, repeatedly slamming the full length of his dick in and out of her ass.

Seeing that her protests were futile, she asked between pants, "I don't know- Uh! Eric at all or- Ooof! Uh! Or that he had a- Ugh! Had a, had a mistress. Huh! What's she like?"

Alan had a much easier time talking than Xania did since she was doing all the work now. "I have no idea. I've only heard rumors that he had one. It's not like I hang out with her. I'm assuming that's his mistress 'cos who else could it be? Oh! And she's got her hand on his crotch now!"

"Really? Let me see!" She tried to turn towards the window again, but she was so into fucking that she didn't want to stop (if she even realized that she could stop). She was doing too much thrusting and hip grinding to readjust her hands. Down on all fours as she was, she felt like she was just hanging on for dear life.

But he ignored that and said with an even quieter voice, "But that's not even the worst. Just imagine if it was Susan! Or Katherine! Man, all hell would have broken loose. Turns out this backyard sex thing is not such a good idea. No way!"

He could literally feel the excitement grow in Xania through his erection as he said those words.

She protested, "Well then, uh! We'd better- Oh! Stop. Better stop!" Even as she said this, she was slamming her ass back and forth harder.

He was loving it, though he had to be careful now his erection didn't accidentally pop out at the end of her long strokes. "Stop? Are you nuts? I'm having too much fun. Besides, this is a great chance for me to learn how to not think or stress during sex. 'Just let go' you said, right? Who cares how many people are seeing us out here? For all we know, Eric and his mistress probably think you're some kind of slutty whore, getting your big white ass fucked on all fours in the great outdoors. But you don't care what my neighbors think, do you?"

"God!" She was hot as a firecracker. "Shut up and- Uh! Fuck me harder! Ugh! Hard!" The ironies piled up because now she completely gave in and got swept up in the moment, just as she'd advised him to do. She was so aroused there simply was no way for her to think.

He had quickly built himself up to a point where talking was getting too difficult for him too. He was on a wild ride and hanging on for dear life. He'd tried to stay still, but with all of her forward and backward motion, eventually his hips took over and started giving back as good as he was getting.

With all their wild flailing about, eventually her glasses fell off her head. He was glad for that because it made it virtually impossible now for her to be able to recognize Suzanne, if she even somehow managed to look up in that direction again.

Before long, he was huffing and puffing as much as Xania was. At one point he managed to gasp out, "Look! Now she's on her knees and blowing him!" but that was the last sentence he managed before it became a struggle just to keep getting enough air to breathe.

The urge for him to cum was becoming overwhelming. Suddenly he shouted out, "So tight!" Actually, as far asses went she wasn't that tight, certainly nowhere in the Amy league, but he'd discovered that all the asses he'd tried so far were pretty damn tight. In any case, it felt beyond fantastic.

Puffing like a steam train rolling down the tracks, Xania managed to eke out, "Don't- Don't say- Ugh! Don't say that!"

He found it amusing that words like "so tight" made her even more embarrassed, since they were nothing compared to the visual spectacle the two of them were putting on. So, whenever he got some breath and inspiration, he'd puff out short bursts like, "Big tits! So big!" as he squeezed her dangling breasts extra hard. Or "Hot cunt!" even though he wasn't touching her pussy. He knew shouting those things would make her even more delirious with lust.


The ride grew bumpier, literally, as she started to hit some powerful orgasms. He could feel her anal walls convulsing and clenching around his erection, and of course there was no way for him to miss her screaming.

Xania knew that she shouldn't scream. She was petrified of drawing even more attention to her lewd, public fucking. But she was too far gone to control her voice. The more she screamed and the louder her shrieks, the more she was convinced that the whole neighborhood was coming to investigate. That created a positive feedback loop, making her still more excited, which in turn convinced her that more people were watching, and so on.

She had to close her eyes because she couldn't bear to see what she now imagined were dozens of strangers staring at her naked body while she kept getting royally fucked up the ass. Their bodies pistoned back and forth, over and over.

Both Alan and Xania lost all track of time as they fucked and fucked. In fact, eventually they pretty much lost track of where - or even who - they were. They were just two perfectly fitting cogs in a churning and grinding machine, fucking to sexual oblivion. By now, Alan was unable to make much noise aside from some labored grunts and groans, but Xania kept on screaming and shrieking, giving even Amy a run for her money as the loudest "fuckee" Alan ever had the pleasure to impale.

But all good things must eventually come to an end. He finally felt the familiar tightening in his balls, and let his cum fly deep into her orgasmically ravening ass.

Then, just like that, they collapsed onto the tiled ground like they'd both been struck dead.


They were still impersonating dead bodies when the sound of clapping hands began nearby, and steadily drew closer.


Both raised their heads enough to look around and saw Suzanne, wearing nothing but a dark blue, tropically-patterned Indonesian sarong slung low around her waist, walking alongside the pool and coming their way. She was smiling and slowly clapping as she drew near. As usual when she knew she was being watched, she was less walking and more doing a moving bump and grind show, with her pale bare boobs bouncing wildly and her hips sashaying widely from side to side.

Xania panicked again. She said in a quiet but urgent voice, "No, Suzanne! Run! Don't ask why; just go back into the house!"

Suzanne, with a knowing smirk, just chuckled. She stopped in front of them, standing dramatically with her hands on her hips, limbs akimbo. "Are you worried about what my husband could see? Are you talking about that guy up there?" She pointed towards Amy's window.

Xania and Alan followed where Suzanne was pointing, and looked back up in that direction.

"Yes!" Xania said with breathless urgency. But then as she looked, she began to realize something was wrong. Before, she was being fucked all over the patio and didn't get a clear long look. That man. He's not moving. Completely frozen...

Suzanne laughed some more, then said, "I take it you're talking about my 'husband' Brett Favre. Don't worry, of course I know he's there." She waved. "Hi, Brett."

Even Alan was puzzled at that comment.

Xania could have been photographed just then to be the dictionary definition of "dumbstruck."

Suzanne explained, "Xania, that was me up at the window. Me and Brett Favre, the famous baseball player."

"Football player," Alan corrected.

Sports weren't Suzanne's thing. "Whatever. You see, Brad has this life-sized cardboard cutout of his favorite sports star up in his room, so when I saw Alan laying his pipe into your tail, I thought-"

Xania screamed, "NoooOOOOooo! It was a trick?! Fuck! I was tricked AGAIN! That's just not possible. I'm no idiot! I'm fucking smart!" She suddenly grew furious and shook her fists at Alan. "Kid, I'm going to get you for this!" Her asshole clenched crushingly tight again, but Alan had softened up enough that when she did, she inadvertently pushed his dick out of her.

Suzanne said, "Hey, don't blame him. It was all my idea. He just saw what I was doing as it was happening and then he ran with it, as I knew he would. He's not only my cute studly motherfucker, he's a smart learner." She winked at him endearingly and patted him on the butt.

Alan and Xania fell apart from each other and lay down on the ground again. By that point, Alan's dick was flaccid, yet very wet and slimy, mostly from his cummy climax. Xania was soaked with sweat and had a stunned "just fucked" glow about her. Her glasses which had been fucked off her head still lay out of reach.

Suzanne sat down next to Alan and molded her body into his as she gave him a very affectionate hug and kiss. Her loosely tied sarong fell apart at first contact, leaving her completely nude.


Xania, though, was still steamed. "Then I should get my revenge on you, Suzanne!" She was too tired to sit up, but she shook a fist at her old friend. "I will be avenged! That was so cruel. You nearly gave me a heart attack. Especially after what Amy did. Sheesh!"

"What did Amy do?" Suzanne asked.

Xania was incredulous. "You mean you don't know?!"

"Why should I know?" Suzanne spoke honestly. "I just got home from shopping with Susan and Brenda, and after changing I stopped into Amy's room to see if she wanted to come with me to visit my favorite neighbors, as usual. She wasn't there, but I heard all the tell-tale sounds of another Plummer poolside plowing, so I went to her window to see which of his nymphos my Sweetie was sticking it to this time. I know how much you get off on being watched, so I put two and two together to give you an extra jolt of fun. I did stop by and see her in the kitchen on my way over here just now, but she didn't mention anything special."

Alan and Xania took several minutes to explain to Suzanne exactly what Amy had done from the very same window earlier. While they were talking, Alan got some handi-wipes and cleaned his cock, leaving it ready for someone else to suck, as had become such a common experience for him.

Suzanne had a good laugh at that, because she really hadn't known.

Xania slowly cooled down, but she was still irked, mostly at herself for being fooled twice. After she finally sat up and put her glasses back on, she vowed, "I'm still going to get back at both of you someday. And to Amy too. I'm going to do it in some kind of fiendishly devious way when you're least expecting it. So there!" She stuck out her freakishly long tongue like a petulant grade-schooler.

Suzanne didn't seem concerned. "Ah, lighten up already, Xan. Don't you remember the crazy kind of things we used to do back in college?"

Alan raised an eyebrow. "Xan?" It was said like the "san" in "San Diego" but with a Z instead of an S. It didn't have the longer "aaah" as in the "bah humbug" sound that the first syllable of "Xania" did.

Suzanne explained, "That's what I called her in college. And I was Suz." She struck a classic sexy pinup girl look of shocked surprise before rolling her eyes and settling down again.

Alan's eyebrow arched higher. He knew Suzanne hated to be called anything but Suzanne. It was a sign of how much she loved him that she'd allowed him to call her "Aunt Suzy," though now she much preferred it when he called her "Mother" instead.

Suzanne made eye contact with him. "Anyway, this is small potatoes. We were the terrors of that place; we fucking owned the whole school with all our wild fun and sexy games. That's why I knew you'd love it, Xania, because I know what you like. And don't deny it, that was the best assfuck of your life, thanks to my ruse and my clever son, not to mention his wonderful fat, insatiable cock." She ruffled Alan's messy hair proudly, to his embarrassment.

Xania couldn't stay angry after that reminder. "Okay, I'll admit we were pretty wild. And that was a pretty good fuck. But I'm getting too old for this shit. That was scary!"

"'Pretty good?'" Suzanne prodded. "Just pretty good? I saw you. Sweetie was pounding you clear across the patio, like he was pushing a lawnmower. If he hadn't been so deep in your ass, you would've been flung clear into the pool! And I have never, EVER, heard you scream like that. Thank God houses other than my own can't look into this yard, or you would have drawn a crowd for sure."

Xania shivered with excitement as she remembered being drunk on lust while thinking crowds were gathering to stare and point at her. "Okay, I'll admit that was probably one of my best assfucks ever. Shit. To tell you the truth, Suzanne, it was in the top ten even before you showed up."

Xania looked Alan up and down as if sizing him up for a meal. "Kiddo, you were a virgin, what? Two months ago? I've just gotta know: where did you learn to fuck like that?"

He grinned and put his arms around both of their remarkable nude bodies. "Well, I'm sitting right here with two of my favorite teachers."

Xania muttered, "Damn silver tongued devil, too. How can I stay mad at him, Suzanne? Fuuucck... I'm so fucked out. I don't think I'll be able to walk for a few hours. I'm halfway seriously reconsidering this whole not joining the harem idea. Shit. Especially if you fuck like that every time."

Alan knew she didn't really mean it, and she knew it too. But he said, "Even if you don't mean it, you should tell Susan that. Make sure to tell her how much I tamed you. It'll make her day. But seriously, what's this about the two of you being wild in college?"

Suzanne pointed a playfully accusing finger at Xania. "That's the one right there, the original 'Wild Thing' herself. The legendary tongue known as 'The Snake.' She fucked and sucked her way in and out of more adventures... I can't even begin to tell you!"

Xania pointed accusingly back at Suzanne, but she too was playful and happy about it as she recalled good times. "Me? Ha! YOU were the crazy one! I just went along for the ride with you and your crazy schemes."

Suzanne turned to Alan, acting the picture of innocence. "Don't believe a word, Sweetie. You know me, I would never do anything like that. I stayed back in the dorm room and knitted sweaters while 'The Snake' here was out gallivanting all over town."

"HA! Right! Knitting sweaters!"

The two women laughed uproariously.

Seeing how the two buxom beauties were buck naked and sitting on either side of him, Alan spent a long time enjoying their heaving chests as they laughed and laughed. But then he decided, Why just look? Even if my dick isn't hard, boobs are fun. Especially boobs like these.

He reached out and cupped one of Suzanne's tits with his right hand and one of Xania's with his left.

Suzanne teased him, "My, my, someone here is feeling mighty possessive about his nymphos. Sweetie, I hope you don't reassert your ownership over all this tit-flesh unless you plan to follow up with action."

Xania laughed some more, then said, "Suzanne, I'll have you know, not long before you pulled your little stunt, he was positively flaccid and uninterested. Now, we can't get him to stop!"

Suzanne was all grins as her son tweaked her nipples to hardness. "Watch out, Xan. Once he gets started he won't stop until you're flat on your back with your legs kicking in the air and yet another potent load of baby batter is drooling out of you."

Xania sat up a bit and pulled her ass cheeks apart, allowing a small dollop of his cum to drip to the ground. Then she sat back down. "Too late for that! He got me already. There's millions of Alan sperm wiggling in both my holes already, and I'm sure he's got plans to pump another load down my throat before I go."

He joked as he twisted her left nipple, "Why, sure. It would be rude not to. Hey, I'm just trying to be neighborly."

Xania smiled as she looked at Alan's fingers "walk" down to her belly button, but then grew nostalgic. "Suzanne, those were good days, weren't they? Whatever happened to our friendship? Can't we be best friends again? Or at least very good friends?"

Alan looked at the loving eyes of Suzanne staring at Xania, and the similarly moony eyes of Xania staring back at Suzanne, and he unobtrusively scooted back and slipped free from them.

As soon as he was out of the way, Xania's and Suzanne's lips drew together like two magnets.

He stood up and watched the two buxom Amazons necking with a fiery passion. Then the same thought crossed his mind again: Why just look? They're both my nymphos now, as hard as that is to believe. He didn't interfere with their electric kiss, but instead augmented it by cupping their ass cheeks and helping to grind their crotches together by gently pushing on their butts.


Slowly, though, his hands rose up their backsides and reached around until he was kneading their breasts again.

After a minute or two of that, he realized he was able to lean forward and lick their faces. Sometimes all three of their tongues would touch at once.

Xania broke from the kissing just long enough to tease Alan, "What is it with this kid and tits? Sheesh!" But she loved his attentions, and especially loved the way he aggressively hefted her tits way up and then down again.

He thought to himself with amusement, Just another typical day at the Plummer house. We can't go five minutes without somebody fucking somebody. Literally.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Before we got interrupted, and even after, to be honest, Xania really did teach me something. Complete devil-may-care, "lose yourself in the moment" fucking can be very, very good. It was glorious. For once, even though I thought I'd fucked myself to death there for a while, I actually feel more energetic after the fucking than before. A mental burden has been lifted. I don't always have to stress about being at the peak of my sexual abilities. She's right. I should just fuck her brains out and not stress about it. Everything's good and fun that way.

He disengaged and stood back. He simply stared at the two sultry vixens French kissing for a couple more minutes. There's really nothing on Earth more beautiful than a female body. Lesbian lovemaking is not just totally hot, it's downright artistic.

He felt he could watch them forever, but he decided to give them their privacy and started to wander back into the house. They were so into each other, he thought he'd been completely forgotten. But to his surprise, as soon as he started to go they broke free from their deeply entwined embrace and followed him inside.


As Alan got closer to the house, he was better able to see what was going on inside. To his surprise, the women were all busy working even though they could see him coming. Katherine was cleaning the windows in the dining room, while Brenda and Susan were busy cooking in the kitchen. What's more, they were all conservatively dressed, at least relatively speaking by recent Plummer house standards. Brenda looked the most enticing given that she wore a French maid outfit, but even her long nipples were covered up (although usually just barely, depending on how deeply she breathed).

Still, Alan was feeling playful and frisky, so as he opened the sliding door into the dining room he said in a pouty and childish voice, "Mommy! Mommy! There are a couple of buxom naked ladies following me home from school. I think they're extremely effective Jehovah's Witness recruiters or something."

Susan strolled around the kitchen counter, shedding clothes as she went. Within seconds, her loose sweater and dress were gone, revealing a transparent gown underneath.


Alan looked down and noticed that she'd been wearing high heels the whole time too. He was impressed, and more than a little aroused, by her instant transformation. He whistled in appreciation, and felt a thrill run down his spine. "Wow, Mom!"

She grinned from ear to ear, but carried on with his little role-play. She gave Alan a big hug, just like she'd done when he was seven or eight years old and bullies had followed him all the way home from school. "Let Mommy protect you from the baddy-waddy busty nudie ladies. Where are they?"

At that moment, Suzanne and Xania came in through the door with their arms around each other, grinning insolently.

"That's them!" He pointed at them accusingly. "I'm scared. They keep following me, saying they're going to drain my balls dry."

Susan laughed some more. She said jovially, "Well, Mommy can hardly blame them about that. That's how any super stacked babe reacts around your cock, Son. That's what your big-titted Mommy loves to do to you too."

She grabbed at his crotch, even though he was still flaccid, and pretended to ponder this puzzle. "Maybe, because we're so endowed up top, we want to rest on our knees. And we naturally grab onto stiff rods to help maintain our balance." She snickered at that.

Suzanne and Xania kept walking until they were standing right next to Alan and Susan. Suddenly, both of them reached out with their free hands and pinched one of Alan's butt cheeks.

He jumped with a squeak of surprise.

Suzanne and Xania giggled like schoolgirls and then looked at each other with big shit eating grins on their faces. Ignoring everyone else in the room, they proudly proclaimed "Dibs!" in unison. Then they started laughing so hard they had to hold onto each other to remain standing.

When the two of them were college roommates, one of the little games they'd played was to pinch a guy's butt and say "Dibs" to each other, playfully laying claim to the guy. If they really wanted to mess with a guy's head, they'd do it at the same time, which often resulted in a threesome in bed. So their simultaneous pinching of his butt brought back a lot of good memories for them.

While the others didn't quite understand the history behind this in-joke, the good mood was infectious and everyone laughed along, while Alan rubbed away the minor hurts on his bare bottom.

But then something caught Susan's eye. She froze with genuine dismay and pointed at Xania's crotch accusingly. "Xania! Is that what I think it is?! Are you letting my son's seed spill upon the ground?"

Xania put a finger over her asshole. A few drops of her juices combined with Alan's seed had dropped onto the floor, and that's what she figured Susan was upset about. "I'm so sorry, I didn't realize," she began.

But Suzanne could see what really was going on and explained, "No, Xania, the dripping's not the problem; there isn't a room in this house that doesn't have cum stains and a general tantalizingly cummy smell to it by now. No, what Susan's distressed about is your waste of good Alan sperm."

"Yes!" Susan emphatically nodded. "Do you know nothing of the sin of Onan? I suspect that's why God made Tiger's cum so yummy, so none of it would be wasted."

To be honest, most of Alan's cum had dribbled out of Xania's ass already. But he'd fucked her pussy earlier, and Amy had brought out a tampon before she left to help preserve Alan's cum in there. So, to make Susan happy, Xania asked, "What, Alan's cum? You mean like this cum?" as she pulled the tampon out. Using her tremendous pussy control, she squeezed a new flow out of her pussy lips while she stood still.

By this time, Katherine and Brenda had gathered next to Susan as well. There was a collective intake of breath from all three as they saw a goodly amount of cum roll down the inside of one of Xania's thighs.

Unable to restrain herself, Susan fell to her knees and looked up at Xania like an expectant little kid. "May I?"

Xania chuckled. "Knock yourself out."

Susan's gown, hanging precariously on her shoulders in the first place, fell off altogether as she scooted forward.

Xania wasn't surprised when Susan began lapping up the cum on her thighs. But what did surprise her greatly was when Katherine also got down on her knees behind her and began licking up the cum dribbling out of her freshly fucked ass.

"Sweet Jesus!" Xania gasped, her eyes flying open in surprise as the mother and daughter team sent her pulse racing with their lips and tongues. God, I love this place! Susan is one of the most physically perfect women I've ever seen, and just about the most passionate! And Katherine is like a chip off the ol' block in both respects. They've got me in the middle of a sex sandwich. Amaaaazing!

In truth, there really wasn't that much of Alan's cum left from either hole, partly because he was cumming so often these days that his loads weren't always really large. But neither Susan nor Katherine minded. Susan rapidly worked her way back up to the source and got so busy on Xania's pussy lips that soon there was a constant fresh stream of Xania's cum to lick up. And Katherine more generally made love to Xania's entire backside, alternately fingering and tonguing her asshole.

Xania wobbled dangerously, and grabbed desperately onto Suzanne to keep from falling, the pleasure radiating out from her nether regions nearly overwhelming her. "Help!" she cried as her hips jerked uncontrollably.

Suzanne deadpanned, "What? You need another tongue to help clean you out? I can do that."

"NO! Too much pleasure!"

Suzanne chuckled. Seeing that Xania was being well taken care of, she disengaged herself from Xania's strong grip. She wanted to check on Alan instead. He'd been still flaccid the last she'd noticed, but she figured that all this Sapphic action could have inspired him back to full hardness.

Suzanne was correct. His boner was sticking out proudly. But Brenda was already ahead of her. She actually had been performing real maid duties up until this point. But seeing the sexual mood that erupted, she pulled down the top of her maid outfit to let her breasts bounce free, and then dropped to her knees in front of Alan.


She began licking up and down on his shaft without even saying a word. But that wasn't enough for her. Within seconds, she had his entire cockhead and then some in her mouth.

She thought, Master! It's such an HONOR as well as a pleasure to be allowed to suck on your cock! Just look around this room; you won't find a more incredible bunch of beauties anywhere. And they all belong to YOU! And I have the honor of being one of them! Gaawwwd, that makes me so fucking HOT!

Xania watched on her knees from just a couple of feet away. She warned Brenda between heavy pants, "Do you know- wooh! Where that's, uh! been? That was just in my a-a-aaaAAASSS!"

But Brenda just let out a happy hum and sucked him with more vigor. She replied to Xania, but only in her mind, You say that like it's a bad thing. I'm one of Master's personal cocksuckers, and I'm damn proud of it! That just gives me a chance to show everyone how much I love doing this!

She didn't taste anything funny, yet she almost wished that she had. Sucking his cock after it just came out of another woman only aroused and inspired her even more.

Brenda could sense the other women were all staring at her and wishing they were in her place. That put extra pressure on her to do her best, and she was determined to rise to the occasion. She twisted her head this way and that while applying great suction, lapping on his sweet spot all the while. But she didn't stop there. She'd been holding a feather duster in her free hand (more for show than any actual dusting), and began using it to tickle Alan's erection and scrotum.

Xania looked over at Alan with astonishment. She couldn't believe he was hard again after just cumming in her pussy and ass. She exclaimed, "I thought you said you were sexually weary!"

He ran his hand through Brenda's short brown hair, and replied a bit sheepishly, "Well, yeah, but... Just look at Mom and Sis going to town all over your naked crotch. And then there's Brenda here in her French maid outfit... I'm only human, you know!"

Brenda practically climaxed from hearing that. He loves the outfit! What a RUSH! It's so humiliating, but in the best possible way. I'm going to wear these for him all the time. Of course, I was going to do that anyway! She giggled to herself, which created an interesting hum-like vibration on his shaft. Realizing that stimulated him in a new way, she kept on doing it for a while.

Suzanne had been content just to watch the lesbian cum feeding frenzy centered on Xania, but now that Alan's dick was stiff, she wanted to get in on that action. "Sweetie, what about me? Have you completely forgotten about your second mother already?" She looked at his erection expectantly, while Brenda ran her tongue from its base up to its tip a couple of times, and then went back to bobbing on it.

"Absolutely not, Mother. Brenda, you don't mind sharing, do you?"

"No, Mathstuh! I wub idh!" Brenda gushed, honestly though mostly incoherently, since she kept on bobbing.

He correctly gathered that Brenda said "No, Master! I love it!" And she meant it. She'd come to believe that he was so studly that it took at least two busty babes to properly take care of his cock, so she eagerly welcomed the help.

Suzanne got down on her knees in front of Alan, flicking her tongue at his rod like a hungry lizard. She kept that up until Brenda graciously pulled her lips off. Then Suzanne engulfed his cockhead and got busy with some serious cocksucking. Naturally, Brenda continued to pleasure the rest of his shaft, plus his balls.


In less than two minutes, the household went from being hard-working and productive to having all-out sexual assaults on Xania's and Alan's crotches. Sexy moans and lewd slurping noises filled the kitchen.

The clothes started flying fast too. Within another minute or two, the only clothing left on anyone were Brenda's maid outfit, plus some high heels and stockings here and there. Brenda absolutely adored sucking his cock dressed as a French maid, and she wasn't going to take her outfit off if she could help it.

Suzanne, unconsciously showing her superior position as Brenda's mistress, took the favored position at the end of Alan's shaft most of the time. She repeatedly took his entire cockhead in and out of her mouth while continually using her extraordinarily long tongue on him.

However, Brenda still had plenty of dick to work with. She stroked him with one hand while licking and sucking the many pulsing inches Suzanne left for her. Her cunt was gushing copiously, even by her standards, and she was flying high with lust.

Xania was being bathed by greedy tongues from front and back and loving it, but she tried to play it cool. As she stood there, she looked over to Alan, and said, "So. How 'bout th-them Chargers? How are they d-doing this year?"

He laughed, and said in reply, "You can't say the Plummer household doesn't show a lot of hospitality to its guests." He winced as Brenda tugged hard on his ball sack. However, he was being bathed in endless arousal, and such surprises only heightened his pleasure.

"That's true," Xania admitted, groaning loudly. "I think this is all a fiendish conspiracy to make sure I visit here a whole lot more often! Heck, at this rate, I'm gonna be here every weekend!"

"I'd love to have you," he winked.

Xania joked, "I know you would. After all, you just had me... twice!" With Susan in mind, she added, "You tamed my pussy AND my ass!" She closed her eyes as she was overwhelmed by pleasure.

Susan predictably squealed with delight upon hearing about the supposed taming.


After a couple more minutes, the lapping from Katherine and Susan was too much for Xania to keep standing while casually chatting. She had a tremendous orgasm, and let everyone know with a loud and unrestrained scream.

After it ended, she had to sidle over to a nearby counter stool on very weak and wobbly legs and sit on it before they completely gave out on her.

Susan got up and hurried back to the kitchen. Apparently there were some dishes being cooked that needed tending.

With Xania sitting and Susan gone, Katherine quickly rushed to the kitchen sink and washed her mouth. Then she followed Xania to the stool and kept right on licking. She wanted to lick Xania's cunt now that Susan had vacated that spot, so she did. Plus, she figured Xania would have some more orgasmic "after shocks" after her big climax, and she wanted to help her through that.

Sure enough, Xania had several more small orgasms before her body was finally sexually satiated.

Alan though, remained standing. He spread his legs to brace himself better and also reaching out to grasp the edge of the kitchen counter. Somehow, by standing, it made the sight of Suzanne and Brenda on their knees and sharing his iron-hard dick that much more deliciously naughty.


After a couple of minutes, Susan walked to Alan with a half full glass of milk in her hands. "Tiger, I'll bet you've worked up a big thirst after all that strenuous pussy taming under the hot sun. Would you like a glass of milk?"

"Sure, Mom, thanks." He took the milk she offered and started to drink it. Suzanne and Brenda were still pleasuring his cock together, and he was loving every second of it, but outwardly, he seemed unaffected by their efforts.

He noticed Susan staring at him expectantly.

In fact, she was quite excited, and finally she couldn't contain herself any more. "How does it taste?"

He realized that this was no ordinary glass of milk. Susan's behavior alone was a big tip off, but also, it tasted unusually sweet. And he noticed how the glass was both small and only half full.

Putting two and two together, he replied with extra enthusiasm, "Mom, it tastes fantastic! It's so sweet! In fact, it's almost as sweet as you."

Susan was so happy, she was ready to burst. Her whole body was lightly bouncing and she was tapping her feet. "It IS as sweet as me! That's fresh sex cow mommy's milk, delivered straight from your favorite 38I breasts!"

"Wow, Mom, that's awesome!" He pretended to be surprised, to make her happier. He loved when she got so excited with innocent and pure joy. He took his time savoring the milk and finishing off every last drop, because it really was quite delicious. His head was swimming in total erotic euphoria, because Suzanne and Brenda were taking turns bobbing down on him all the while.

Susan boasted, "Every day, I'm making more and more milk! I already gave Angel her glass earlier. Before long, everyone will be getting full glasses! Tiger, I'd much prefer it if you drink it straight from the tap, if you know what I mean, but we can't have that today because today is a day for serious work."

"Cool!" He couldn't say much more, because he was hanging on, trying hard not to cum just yet. He had to close his eyes and clench his teeth. He even put his hands on the heads of both Suzanne and Brenda, trying to slow them down some.

Susan thought, Oh my goodness! If the good Lord continues to shine His light down upon us, this is how things will be for years and years to come! Tiger drinking down my breast milk while two busty beauties kneel before him, worshipping his cock together! It's such an inspirational sight, I almost want to cry!

Susan looked around the room, and saw that Xania and Katherine were just sitting at counter stools and watching the double blowjob, now that Xania was in recovery mode. She spoke to Katherine as she took the empty glass and headed back to the kitchen. "Angel, speaking of work, I think you've had enough fun now. This is no time for lollygagging. This house isn't going to clean itself. Sorry, Xania, but Katherine needs to finish cleaning the windows, and then I have a whole list of things she has to do."

Katherine couldn't see Susan's face since Susan happened to have her back turned to her, but if she could have, she would have seen that Susan was all business now. Though Susan was now dressed in nothing but an apron, she was on a tight schedule to get everything ready for the Thanksgiving meal, so she meant what she'd said about needing Katherine's help.

Katherine could sense Susan's seriousness, but still complained, "Why me? Why not Brenda, for instance? She is supposed to be the maid, after all. And now you're leaving two on Alan but none on Xania."

Susan said while puttering around the kitchen, "Brenda's a maid, but remember she's a sex slave maid. Don't you remember the oath we all took? Our primary duty first and foremost is to keep Tiger constantly hard, and constantly throbbing with pleasure until he erupts with scrumptious spermy goodness. And then, of course, it begins all over again, forever. Can YOU think of a more important job for Brenda to be doing right now than helping with that?"

"Well, admittedly, no... But what about Xania?"

Susan looked to Xania while speaking to Katherine. "Clearly, she's taking a rest. But if Xania is feeling left out, she can help Brenda and Suzanne pleasure that demanding, fat cock. I'm sure Tiger would agree that three tongues are better than two."

Katherine looked over at Suzanne and Brenda. Both had their eyes closed and blissful smiles on their faces as they contentedly licked their way up and down the sides of Alan's erection. She huffed, complaining, "What a gyp! Everyone else always gets to have all the fun around here but me."

"Now that's not true," Susan pointed out. "I'm busy working, Amy is over at her house busy working, and I imagine Suzanne will be joining her over there before too long, just as soon as Tiger paints her and Brenda's face and chest with his spermy goodness. And Xania's our guest. We can't ask her to help with the cleaning. That would be improper."

Katherine picked up some paper towels and the bottle of Windex she'd been using before, and trudged on over to the sliding glass door and started cleaning it. At least she'd be close to the action and get to work in the nude now.

Seeing her daughter frowning, Susan said to her, "If it helps, consider that you're helping with full service fuck toy servitude. This house needs to be in tip-top shape so Glory's visit will go well. And if that goes well, it won't be long until she joins the harem."

Katherine thought, I suppose. I'm not entirely convinced that's a good thing though. Brother is spread too thin as it is. But she merely asked, "What about Alan? Doesn't he have to do any work at all? He's supposed to stay grounded with normal housework duties, right?"


Susan was ready to claim that keeping Alan's cock humming with pleasure was top priority, and he couldn't enjoy a double blowjob while cleaning. He could clean if and when he was flaccid.

But before Susan could speak, Alan said, "Actually, I've got some errands to run before the big meal."

"Oh yeah? What kind of errands?" Katherine asked, immediately suspicious. "Just about everything's closed on Thanksgiving Day, you know."

The truth was, the most important errand he had to do was to get over to "Stephanie's," the lingerie and sex shop, and buy some gifts for everyone. He'd called the afternoon before to see about getting an extra big dildo for Heather right away. To his surprise, he was able to arrange a pick up time at ten o'clock despite the holiday. Now he had a lot more he hoped to buy there too, after Xania had lectured him last night on not buying enough gifts for his loved ones. But he couldn't say any of that to anyone or he'd ruin the surprise.

He took advantage of the way Suzanne and Brenda were worshipping his erection with their lips and tongues to pant, "Can't talk. Double cocksucking... too good!"

Katherine snorted doubtfully. "Brenda, Aunt Suzy, can you two tone it down a notch or two? I want Big Bro coherent so he can tell us where he's going. He NEVER shops, ever. Mom buys him everything. And shopping on a big holiday is more than a little curious. Spill the beans, Brother."

Xania was still recovering from her orgasms, and was content to simply observe the busy action at Alan's crotch. She joked, "I think he's going to spill something soon, but I don't think beans are going to be involved."

A few more minutes went by. Katherine and Susan cleaned while Suzanne and Brenda bobbed and sucked. However, Suzanne was busy thinking all the while, and she was very curious about his shopping plan too. She eventually pulled her lips off his boner to give him a chance to talk.

Brenda just picked up the slack though, and bobbed on his shaft just deep enough to make lewd choking and gagging noises.

Those sounds drove Susan absolutely wild with lust. She stopped cleaning from elsewhere in the kitchen, and just stared and licked her lips.

Suzanne could easily imagine Susan joining in, if she didn't do something fast. So she put her hands on Brenda's head, and said, "Brenda, please. Give it a rest. Let's give him a chance to talk."

Brenda reluctantly pulled her lips off his privates as well.

As it happened, Alan really needed a strategic break anyway. So he was grateful for the fortuitous timing, and went through his usual mental exercises to calm himself down. But eventually he had no reasonable excuse not to talk, since his breath wasn't even labored anymore.

So he decided to talk about his other intended destination. "I'm thinking about going over to Heather's house, actually."

"Oh, rrrrrrrreeeeaaallly?" Katherine rolled her "R's" in a very derisive tone. She was still peeved at having to work while Alan, Brenda, and Suzanne got to play. "That sounds like a really HARD errand you've got to do, Big Pine Tree Brother. Does that so-called errand involve separating Heather from her clothes? Will your 'chore' somehow involve you sticking your dick up her butt?"

"Probably," he admitted. He looked down at his crotch. Brenda apparently decided on her own that his break had lasted long enough, because she'd resumed lapping her tongue on his sweet spot, while stroking further down.

Even as he watched, Suzanne decided she didn't want to be left behind, and she resumed licking him too.

He grinned, and chuckled silently to himself. Then he turned and said, "Xania, I'm glad you're still here so you can give me some advice. The reason I'm thinking of going to Heather's is not 'cos of fun and games. I mean, just look around the room. God knows there's more than enough fun to be had right here, with my very favorite foxy ladies, instead of going out to deal with pain in the ass bitches. But I've got to do something about the football players right away, and Heather could be the key."

He had to pause and grimace, because Brenda unexpectedly engulfed his cockhead again. Such a surge of lust washed over him that he nearly fell to the floor. Fuck me, man! So intense! He was grateful that Suzanne was taking it easy on him for the moment, and sat back waiting for her turn.

He gathered his wits, and continued, "After all, tomorrow's the big football game and since Sis and Amy are varsity cheerleaders, they have to go. That puts them in close proximity of those football thugs, which really worries me. We've got to act now, to prevent another kidnapping."

"Amy wasn't kidnapped, you know," Katherine pointed out.

"I know. But she could have been, and I would have been clueless and helpless to do anything. I love you and Aims too much to put either of you in that kind of danger."

He interrupted himself, by crying out, "Oh FUCK!" That was in response to Brenda ending her turn bobbing on him, and Suzanne taking over. Suzanne wanted to show that she could easily outdo Brenda's choking and gagging, and she'd deep throated him all the way. Knowing that Susan was in the room, and her rule against cursing, he said, "Sorry, Mom."

Susan smiled at him. "That's all right this time, Son. After all, Suzanne just swallowed your entire sword, and you're ticking her nose with your pubic hair! How I wish I could do that!" She sighed longingly as she stared in admiration. Then she muttered, "But, uh, please don't make a habit of using that sort of language."

He nodded. To his amazement, Brenda fit one of his balls in her mouth and did wonderful things to it, even as Suzanne's throat felt like a second cunt around his shaft. He clenched his hands into fists, and his eyes rolled up into his head.

Xania was secretly amused by his attempts to talk while being so expertly stimulated. She prodded him, "You were saying?"

"Uh, right. Where was I?"

"Heather," Xania helped.

"Oh yeah." He breathed a big sigh of relief, because Suzanne finally finished her deep lunge, and pulled all the way off. But that was no respite, because Brenda immediately took over. She preferred a focus on his sweet spot, sliding her lips back and forth it while using her tongue there too.

Yet, somehow, after a long pause, he managed to resume his answer. "Um... Since Heather's the school's de facto social queen, she's sitting on top of a gossip goldmine. But she totally stabbed me in the back yesterday with her attempted blackmail, trying to record me and Glory together. So I've got to do something about her before the game, and the sooner the better. When can I do it if not this morning? Everyone has their big meals later in the day."

Katherine's surly mood vanished after Alan expressed concern for her welfare. Plus, she had to admit he had good reasons to try to deal with Heather, even though it would almost certainly involve more sex, knowing both of them. She pointed out in a kinder tone, "You know, Amy and I could just not go to the game. We could call in sick."

Alan nixed that idea immediately. "Nah. For one thing, you have such a small cheerleading squad, and no real backups. If one of you didn't show that wouldn't be a problem, but two? That's a third of the squad. Besides, we can't run and hide from the problem. If you don't go to the game, you're only safe one or two more days at best. And the fact is we don't know what those guys are planning at all. It could be something totally different. Xania, what do you think?"

Xania paused dramatically, her hand on her chin in a contemplative pose. Finally, she said, "I think you're making a smart move here. You need to be proactive. I like your plan. Deal with Heather. Pump her for information."

Alan looked at Katherine, and said, "Don't say it!"

Sister and brother grinned at each other.

Susan was listening in, and asked, "Don't say what?"

He said, "I don't know exactly, but I know Sis was going to make a smart comment about Heather and... pumping."

Katherine gave him a "you got me on that" grin, and giggled. Then she stuck her tongue out at him.

Xania said, "If I can interject here, Alan, how the heck are you able to keep talking coherently?!" She nodded at his crotch.

Brenda had just ended her latest turn, and Suzanne had started her next one. Luckily for Alan's endurance, Suzanne sensed he was overstimulated, and while she did have his cockhead in her mouth, she was merely slowly suckling on it.

He replied, "Phew! I really don't know. Practice, I guess. I'm really enjoying the hell of out this - sorry again, Mom - but it almost feels... I dare say... normal to me. That is, the pleasure is incredible! Absolutely incredible! But my body somehow has learned to deal with it without needing to cum right away." He put a hand on Suzanne's head, and gave her a friendly pat. "It helps that Suzanne here read my state and has kind of eased up on me."

Suzanne opened her eyes and gazed up at him with a loving look. Feeling naughty, she greatly increased her suction just as soon as he announced that she'd eased up on him.

Xania thought, That IS incredible, absolutely incredible. Not just his stamina, but the way Suzanne is so submissive to him. She used to be a very demanding, energetic lover. But she's content to wait her turn endlessly sucking his cock. She must truly love him!

He continued, "Now, more seriously, how do I deal with Heather? Every time I turn around she stabs me in the back. But she could help out more in the next twenty-four hours than probably anyone. Christine has her gossip network, but they're on the outside of the football team looking in. Heather, with all her contacts, would be inside the football team looking out."

Katherine couldn't help but joke nastily, "Actually, I think it's more the football team being inside of her."


Meanwhile, now it was Suzanne's turn to be miffed. Her lips slid back and forth rhythmically, while Brenda licked around the base. My Sweetie is interested in what everyone else has to say but me. I'll bet he wouldn't even care about my plan to find out about the ringleaders by talking to their parents. It's kind of galling to be down here on my knees, naked and licking his cock, while he holds a serious conversation with everyone else.

She opened one eye to peek at Brenda. Well, okay everyone except Brenda. Just look at her. She doesn't have a care in the world. She's happily slurping away on her share of master's cock, and nothing else matters. I'll bet she doesn't care a rat's ass about the football player problems as long as she's got a couple inches of hot cock-meat in her mouth.

Suzanne was right - Brenda was in heaven, completely blissed out. For her, just about the only thing better than sucking on her master's cock was sharing the experience with her sternest mistress. Wearing an erotic French maid outfit and high heels was like sweet icing on the cake.

Suzanne sighed. The problem is, I'm not much different from her right now. I COULD pull away and join the conversation, but then, goddammit, I wouldn't get to lick up all this juicy pre-cum. I DO have the prime spot at the top, after all. Mmmm. I just wish Xania wasn't staring at me like she is. This is so embarrassing! She must think I'm out of my mind. I'll bet this is how Susan feels, with her frequent sexy humiliations. It burns, but in a weirdly pleasurable way. Hrm. Curious.

I think I'll bob a little deeper, using Susan's corkscrew move. More than one of us knows how to make those gagging noises! Mmmm! Oh God, that's soooo good!


Xania's eyes went wide as she heard Suzanne start to make choking and gagging noises, just as Brenda had a short time earlier. Hearing such sexy sounds energized her, and made her nipples and pussy tingle with need.

Susan was even more affected. She was forced to stop her cleaning, and she clutched at her bare chest.

However, Xania was determined to add her input to the conversation. "Let me tell you, Alan, how to deal with Heather. That is, if you're capable of hearing and talking."

He looked down and chuckled. "Yeah, I'm good, for now. But, um, Aunt Suzy, maybe you could keep it quiet before a full-on orgy breaks out."

Suzanne felt like her point had been made, that her cocksucking talents were second to none. She relented, and switched to a more normal bobbing style.

Xania looked skeptically at the lips and tongues busy at his crotch, but continued, "I have a little secret of my own, which is that, although I've never met her, I'm pretty sure I know how she thinks. I say that because I used to be very much like her."

"You?" Alan asked after a stunned pause. "No way! You're totally different from her."

"Okay, maybe I wasn't exactly like her," Xania conceded, "since she seems more than a little extreme from what I gather, but I had a pretty similar personality type. Remember what I was saying to you just a little while ago about how wild I was back in college? Wouldn't you say I was Heather-like back then, Suzanne?"

Oh shit, Suzanne grumbled to herself. Stupid talking. Too much damn talking around here. She was having a great time sucking on Alan's cockhead, repeatedly pressing her tongue into his most sensitive spot just below it. But she obligingly pulled her lips away, and responded, "Um, yeah. Well, Xania, maybe you weren't exactly Heather-like by then, but you did say you were even crazier back in high school."

Xania chuckled in fond remembrance. "Yeah. I suppose I'd 'matured' some by the time I got to college, but I stress that's 'mature' in the relative sense. In fact, I'm still not exactly one of the upstanding pillars of the community, if you know what I mean."

Suzanne wanted to talk and play at the same time, so she whispered to Brenda, "Speaking of upstanding pillars, I've got an idea. Let's trap Alan Junior here in a double titfuck."

"Oh, yes Mistress!" Brenda looked down at her chest. "But what do we do for lubrication? I don't like spitting."

Susan could have helped, but she was in a blissed out daze. Her cleaning efforts, half-hearted at best, were completely forgotten, and she was caressing her big tits as she wantonly stared and licked her lips.

Katherine huffed, "Here, let me help." She went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of virgin olive oil. Silently, she poured some onto Brenda's cleavage, and then rubbed it in. She then did the same to Suzanne. She acted put out about this, but in fact she was enjoying all the breast play.

When she was done she continued to stand there, since the mood had grown highly erotic and the cleaning had been forgotten.

While the two buxom brunettes were repositioning and getting oiled up, Xania continued, "My point is, back then, I was selfish, prideful, obsessed with being popular, and completely hedonistic. To be honest, looking back, I think Suzanne helped me wise up a bit, although she did it in that subtle scheme-y way of hers where I didn't even realize what she was doing at the time. But anyway, I understand Heather's general mindset and the kind of logic she uses. And with a person like that, the LAST thing you want to do is ask for help. That puts you in a position of weakness, and from Heather's point of view, the weak are to be exploited."

There was a long silence as Alan contemplated that. The only sounds to be heard were obscene slurping sounds coming from his crotch. Brenda and Suzanne had begun sliding Alan's erection between their olive-scented, slicked up racks. As if that wasn't arousing enough, they took turns craning their heads down and licking the top of his cockhead.

"Well, I realize that much," he finally said. "If I didn't, I'd probably be dressed in a pink tutu right now and licking her toes. And that's not much of an exaggeration." He briefly looked down at Brenda in her maid outfit and imagined Heather making him wear the same get up. He shuddered inwardly. "My dilemma is, if I can't ask her for help, then how do I get her to do something out of the ordinary to help me?"

"Good cop, bad cop," Xania replied confidently. "I was going to say take the carrot and stick approach, but that probably has too many tempting joke possibilities for certain people around here." She shot a mock-stern look at Katherine, who grinned back unrepentantly.

Xania paused, and then said, "Actually, kid, with you it's more a case of good cock, bad cock."

That got some good laughs from everyone. Brenda muttered, "Lotta good cock!" She was so carried away by her enthusiasm that she broke the dual titfuck and swallowed his cockhead and then some.

Suzanne understood Brenda's feelings, and tolerated that for a little while.

Meanwhile, Xania told Alan, more seriously, "You need to arrange it so that she's in your debt. For one thing, you should punish her for what she did to you yesterday, so you've got a good opportunity to take advantage of there. But that's not enough. You don't want her to be resentful or she won't give the effort her all. That's where the good cop, or should I say good cock, part comes in. Give her a taste of heaven, a promise of good things to come if she behaves, even as you punish her."

Brenda's lips were sliding fast over Alan's most sensitive regions. "A taste of heaven!" So true! More like a mouth completely crammed full of heavenly nirvana! HNNNG! So GOOD! UNGH! Gonna cum! I'm gonna cum so hard!

Indeed, Brenda was right on the verge. She was using all her willpower not to cum, helped by the fact that she was avoiding any contact with her own privates.

However, Suzanne was getting tired of waiting. She finally tapped Brenda's shoulder and got her to resume their titfuck sharing.

When Alan didn't respond to Xania for some long moments, Xania asked him, "Are you getting this all in, or are your super stacked nymphos getting a little carried away with all that titty fun?"

There was another long pause before he commented, "I'm listening."

He was both relieved and disappointed when Brenda and Suzanne got Xania's hint and slowed their mutual titfuck down. They French kissed for a little while to distract themselves.

Xania grinned madly as she got to the kicker. "So here's my advice, kiddo. Go over to her house and fuck her, but fuck her GOOD. You have to do something extraordinary, something you've never done to her before, something NO one has ever done to her before. Then, later on, casually set her up to do something about the football players if she wants to get back in your good graces. I don't know all the details of what you need to know, but I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. Make it an order if you have to, but it's a whole lot better if you don't. If it's an order, she can resent it and rebel against you. Don't push her, just let her think of a way to 'make it up to you' and let her do the rest."

"Dang!" Alan said with enthusiasm. "I really like your advice! Do the solutions to all my problems involving fucking beautiful women?"

Xania grinned from ear to ear. "Not for most people, but in your case, I think, pretty much, yeah."

Katherine rolled her eyes in mock disdain. "Why am I not surprised, Big Carrot-Sticky Brother?" She was standing next to Susan now, with her arm around her back.

"Hey," Xania said, "If you're good at something, you go with your strength when you can." She winked lasciviously.

Suzanne made the wry observation, "You know that saying, 'When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail'? Well, Alan definitely has a hammer and every busty and beautiful 'problem' he meets he certainly nails!" She punctuated her point by leaning forward and licking the tip of Alan's "hammer" where it poked up between Brenda's and her heaving breasts.

Alan liked that a lot. He basked in the fun and joking, and felt a lot better about the Heather situation and football player problem generally. "I think I finally get it, Xania. If you treat Heather like a dominant, she'll act like a dominant. If you treat her like a submissive, she'll act like the submissive she really is deep down inside."


Xania grew suddenly agitated and walked right up to him. Now, everyone was gathered in the kitchen. "No! No, no, no, no, NO! Heather's not a natural submissive at all!" She couldn't get as close as she wanted, due to Suzanne and Brenda still titfucking on their knees in front of him.

She looked at the surprised faces around the room. "Now, someone like Brenda here, she's a real submissive." She briefly touched the top of Brenda's head, because it was right there. "But any surface similarity between Brenda's and Heather's behavior during sex is purely coincidental. With the people right here, having sex is as much about love as it is about lust. But with Heather, the most important thing by far is POWER."

Xania stared intently into Alan's eyes as she continued. "Heather is naturally dominant with everyone except the very few who are higher in the sexual pecking order than she is. She treats those rare individuals with the sort of submissiveness she expects from everyone else below her. But I think so far you're the first person she's ever met who clearly bests her sexually, especially since she knows you have a harem, or something close to it. Your prowess just can't be denied."

She looked down at the dual titfucking, and added, "Nor can your stamina be denied."

Susan stepped forward and wrapped an arm around her son. "He really is something special!"

Xania smiled at Susan's immense pride towards her son. Then she pondered the Heather situation with a hand on her chin until she came up with an analogy. "It's like, when lions fight, the loser lets the alpha male winner lightly bite down on his neck. It's a position of absolute surrender. True, Heather gets off on having the tables turned on her. But since she's all about domination and getting to be number one, she's not going to ever give up. As soon as you slip up, she'll be the one with her jaws on YOUR throat. Watch out!"

Alan frowned and said bitterly, "Lovely. Just lovely."

"Hey, if you think that's bad, there's only one thing that could make it any worse for you."

"Oh really? What could that possibly be?" he asked with real worry.

"She could fall in love with you. Pretty much every other woman you're involved with has so far at some point, so why not her too? If that happens, the Sean handoff plan is toast, and she'll never let go of you. Imagine being stalked by a moony and desperate Heather. Not pretty."

Her point made, Xania took a few steps back. The kitchen was silent for a bit while everyone contemplated her perceptive words. Even Suzanne and Brenda were relatively quiet and still as they considered the Heather problem.

Then Alan said, "Well then, I guess there's no choice but to follow through on your plan and really give it to her without any slip ups. I'm not too worried about her falling in love with me; I don't even know how capable of love she is in the first place. The snag is, what am I going to do to her that has never been done before? I've taken her in every hole, I've called her every name in the book, threesomes and moresomes are no big deal to her... I can't think of anything that would really blow her socks off, off hand. If I did, I would have done it to her already."

Now it was Suzanne's turn to smile. She and Brenda still had Alan's erection trapped between their breasts, their dual titfuck had never completely stopped.

But in spite of all that, Suzanne had been paying close attention, and she said, "I know just the thing you need. The perfect thing for her, actually. Don't worry, you just sit back and enjoy your double titfuck. Your second mother has everything under control."


He asked, "Can you give me a hint?"

"Nope! Not right now. Later. Just enjoy yourself!"

So that's what Alan did (metaphorically speaking, since he was still standing).

The conversation died out and Brenda and Suzanne picked up their lazy pace so Alan could cum sooner rather than later.

Susan remained at his side, with her arm around his back. She cooed in his ear, "Tiger, look at you! You have two slutty, stacked goddesses giving you a double titfuck! Meanwhile, there are three more of us, just standing by and waiting for our turns. Including your very own big-titted sex slave mommy! Does that turn you on?"

He was panting hard and squeezing his PC muscle.

She licked and nibbled his ear. "Do you want Mommy to join in, maybe after you cum? Maybe you should cum on all five of us at once! Mark us and claim us with your hot sperm!"

Susan cooed so quietly that the others couldn't hear what she was saying. But they could tell it was something highly arousing, because he got a pained look on his face as he fought the orgasmic urge.

Susan took his nearest hand, which had been limp at his side, and brought it to one of her massive tits. She whispered some more, "Cum, Son! Let it out! It's time. You've held out for so long. We're all VERY impressed! But now it's time to paint the faces of your sexy sluts!"

Feeling the familiar urge to cum building up, he exclaimed, "Man, I can't believe it, I'm gonna come for the third time in an hour, and I've barely even finished eating breakfast!"

Suzanne spoke her concerns out loud. "Hmmm. that is bad. Sweetie, I'm sure we're going to want more fun from you later, so why don't we satisfy you with one of those non-ejaculatory orgasms I taught you how to do?"

"Well, I can try. I'm not that skilled at that yet though, so who knows. But okay, let's try."

Brenda was forced to scoot back so Suzanne could take full control of his erection. Suzanne needed to monitor it very closely, and she also wanted to be in position to apply pressure in the right spots to stave off a real ejaculatory orgasm, if need be.

A couple minutes passed with Suzanne bobbing happily up and down on his shaft, while everybody watched closely.

Susan was particularly fascinated, and watched everything Suzanne was doing so she could do it too. This is so exciting! If this works, and we can get it to work regularly, my dream of keeping my master erect and throbbing nearly all the time will be that much closer to reality!

The others were thinking similar things.

With Brenda, Susan, Katherine, and Xania examining Suzanne's every move, she used all the tricks she knew to give the most impressive blowjob possible.

It was too much for Alan to take, and he found himself climaxing. But although he felt that great orgasmic rush, no cum actually shot out.

Suzanne knew his dick would be extra sensitive for a while, so even though it was still hard as steel, she took it out of her mouth and lightly cradled it in her hands.

Susan started clapping, and the other women joined in. She thought, Oh my goodness! It worked! That's such huge news! Suzanne is a genius! We're all going to be gloriously enslaved to his cock even more than before!

He looked down at his still very excited dick, and said, "Wow, that was great. Though was that non-ejaculatory or did you all finally completely drain my balls dry?"

Suzanne looked up into his eyes and winked. "Probably a bit of both."

Susan asked, "Wait. No joking. Tiger, did you bust a nut down Suzanne's throat, or not?"

"Not really, Mom. See how hard I still am? But it felt as good as if I really did."

Suzanne was proud of herself. She asked Susan, "So, what do you think about that?"

Susan was deep in thought. "Hmmm. I don't know what to think. Son, at first, I was thrilled beyond belief, because this could greatly increase how much time I spend pleasuring your cock. But, then again, I love it whenever you cum. I love it so very much! It makes me feel warm and tingly inside. But a big part of that is knowing your special sperm will be coating the insides of a pussy, or sliding down someone's throat, or covering my face or tits. Er, I mean someone's face or tits. But to suck and suck and suck and have nothing come out! I don't think I like that part at all."

Suzanne said, "Don't think of it like that. He's gonna paint you with his cum sooner or later. This just means that he'll be able to last longer, and feel more pleasure, which means you'll feel more pleasure too. It's all good."

That made Susan feel better. Still, she asked, "Can't we just increase the number of times he cums every day? Why not ten, or twelve, or more?"

He groaned. "MoooooOOOOOoooom!"

Suzanne said, "He's right. There are limits. I think we're at that limit already, or at least close to it. For instance, even right now I'm letting Alan Junior rest a couple of minutes after that close call."

Katherine asked Suzanne, "Could he keep doing that, over and over, and delay his real climax forever?"

Alan fielded the question instead. "I don't think so. It's kind of taxing, just like a normal orgasm. I feel all worn out and sore, and Alan Junior needs to rest a little bit. Mother, how many times can I have a non-ejaculatory orgasm in a row, anyway?"

"Well, Sweetie, I wish you could do it again and again, so we'd have you cumming hard all day long. But as a practical matter, I'd guess two or three times and then your cock would get too sore and sensitive, so you might as well shoot your load and end the session. Feel like another go round?"

"Nah. Thanks. I was looking forward to spraying all over you and Brenda, but I do need to pace myself. I gotta say though, this whole non-ejaculatory thing is pretty cool. Maybe that can help me stretch the envelope of just how much I can do in a day."

Brenda spoke, "Maybe, Master. But I agree with Mistress Susan. On this side of things, it's just not the same without that spermy explosion."

Suzanne nodded. "Yeah, that is pretty nice. It's not something one would want to use all the time. But think: when Sweetie wants to keep going but he just can't hold out anymore, he can do this. Then he can keep going after only a short break. It's like having his cake and eating it too."

Even Susan was impressed with that argument.

Alan dressed, making clear his penis was done for a while. Even though he didn't ejaculate, the orgasm had left him satisfied, and he had to go do some errands.

The group broke up after that. Clothes were put back on, and everyone went back to work. Susan was being a tough taskmaster. Suzanne had to go back to her house to work more with Amy on preparing a feast over there.

It was a very good morning for Alan so far, all in all. The only sad thing was he had to kiss Xania goodbye, because she expected to be gone by the time he got back from his errands.


Alan acted as if he were leaving home right away, but in fact that was a ruse. He went back to his bedroom and gave his applications to UC Berkeley and UCLA a final lookover. He spent a while rereading his essays, but in the end he liked what he'd written so he didn't change anything. Then he put his documents in the pre-stamped envelopes that Susan had thoughtfully left for him.

He got in the car and drove to a nearby post office to ensure a late mail pickup. When he got there he checked the pick-up times on the box to make sure that he had not missed the last pickup. Confirming that he was in time, he dropped both applications into the slot.

Phew! That was pretty big. Too bad there's no one around to celebrate with. I've got other applications to do in the weeks to come, but I've got a feeling that the Berkeley one is the one that'll count. Unless I manage to get into Stanford, somehow. But nobody is THAT lucky, not even me.

He headed to his next destination, 'Stephanie's'. He was in such a good mood that he loudly sang along to the songs on the radio.

Alan parked his car and walked into "Stephanie's," the lingerie and sex shop that had somehow become the only one the Plummer family used, even though there were a couple that were closer. He had to make this his first errand because of the previous arrangement to pick up his purchase at exactly ten o'clock.

The door was locked and the store was dark. Alan knocked several times, and finally a very attractive college-age woman wearing a white beret came to the door.

"Hi, may I help you?" she asked.

He gave her the once over. Cute. Now, there's a nail I wouldn't mind hammering. He chuckled to himself. But he kept a poker face, and said, "Yeah. Are you Ginger? We spoke on the phone yesterday?"

"Right. I assumed that was you. Let's see... Your name is Alan, right?"

"That's right."

"Okay. Wait here. I'll go and get your purchase." She made to lock the door.

But before she could, Alan said, "Wait! Before you do that, can I ask you a favor? There are just a couple other things I need to buy, if I could. Real quick. I know it's weird, but I wanna give some Thanksgiving Day presents, so I need to buy some stuff today."

Ginger eyed him closely. She wasn't supposed to let customers in the store when it was officially closed - it would be an ideal situation for a robbery. Ah, what the hell. This Alan looks like the epitome of the All American nice guy. He's probably the teacher's pet and a straight A student to boot. I can just tell; I know people. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

She warned him, "Okay, but there will be a ten percent premium on anything you purchase, just like with your special order."

"No problem." Alan knew he was woefully behind when it came to giving gifts and showing his appreciation. He thought back to the double titfuck Suzanne and Brenda had just given him and decided that there was no way he could ever spend too much money on gifts. "I'll be like five minutes. Ten minutes max. Is that okay?"

Ginger nodded.

Alan rushed inside and zoomed straight to some cat-themed clothes he'd seen through the front window. Knowing Katherine's sizes (from having taken a peek at her's and Susan's wardrobes just before leaving), he grabbed a few things and was off to the cow-themed clothes before a minute was up.

All the while he was rushing around he kept asking Ginger questions which started to tickle her curiosity. For instance, he asked, "If I'm shopping for a woman who's like five foot five, fit, and maybe just a few pounds overweight, but who wears a 34J bra, does that require any kind of special fitting or can she wear regular outfits?"


After a few more questions like that, Ginger got the impression that he was buying things for a number of women, all of them extremely well-endowed in the chest. In fact, she grew so intrigued by the mystery his purchases presented that she told him, "I can see you're buying a lot of things for a few different people. Since I'm going to make a nice commission off this, feel free to take your time."

Alan let out a big sigh of relief - he'd been running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Slowing down, he directed his attention to one of his must-have purchases. "Um, where would your, uh, necklaces be?"

Ginger pointed him to a range of ordinary necklaces in the front of the store, where the less risqué items were on display.

Alan frowned. "Not like those. I'm thinking more like, well, kind of like... collars." He blushed. "You know, kind of like an S-and-M kind of thing?" He felt awkward talking about such things, not to mention he loathed shopping in the first place.

"Ah. I know exactly what you mean. Here, you haven't been to the back of our store yet, have you?" She led him through a door to the X-rated part of the store and took him to a whole collar section, including ones with metal studs, locks, and more.

Alan picked out some very simple, basic black ones. They didn't scream out 'S and M' and were about as unobtrusive as can be while still being collars. He figured that would be safer if any of his women wore them in the outside world. After some questions about neck sizes, he picked up eight collars, all of the same exact design. He figured he needed one each for Katherine, Susan, Suzanne, Amy, and Brenda (even if Suzanne probably wasn't ever going to wear hers), and he bought a few more just to be on the safe side. He couldn't ever imagine the likes of Christine or Glory wearing one, assuming he ever had special relationships with them in the first place, but he certainly could imagine Heather wearing one, and he figured it was better to be safe than sorry. If he were to come back a couple of years later, he might not find the exact same type.

Ginger raised a questioning eyebrow after seeing him pick out so many, so he lamely explained, "Um, ah, I'm buying stuff for a, uh, dance troop."

"Dance troop. I see..." she said, but she didn't buy his explanation for a second. However, she couldn't figure out what he was really buying all these purchases for. This is like the most stereotypical Joe Average nice guy imaginable. It's not like HE is gonna have two girlfriends, much less eight. Maybe he's like a gofer for a porn shoot or something, although that doesn't really make sense because he seems like he could even still be in high school. The mystery deepens. This guy is really intriguing me!

Alan ended up buying two more collars of a different design, along with seven of the original design. He figured that somehow it wouldn't be right to have Heather wear the same type of collar as the rest of his harem. Then, if Simone wanted one, she'd need to have the same type of collar Heather did, or Heather might get all pissy about hers being the nicer kind, or something like that.

As he was finishing up with the collars, he happened to spy a necklace that held a little metal plate with the word "BITCH" engraved on it instead of the usual jewels. He pumped his fist and exclaimed, "YES!"

Looking around the more risqué section, he noticed other things with words on them and asked, "Um, you wouldn't happen to have anything at all in the store that says 'bitchslut' on it, would you?"

"No, I'm afraid not. However, we do have some items that say 'bitch' and other ones that say 'slut.' For instance, that 'bitch' necklace you're holding. We've got another one just like it that says 'slut.'"

"Sweet! I'll take that too. Can you arrange it so the 'slut' chain is a little longer than the 'bitch' chain so the one can hang below the other?"

"Yeah, sure." Ginger eyed him with even more curiosity. Okay, this is really starting to bug me. What is the DEAL with this guy?

Alan was like a kid in a candy store. Normally he did hate shopping, but he found himself enjoying the experience this time, mostly because he knew almost every gift he bought would end up benefiting him too. He could barely contain his excitement as he thought about the sheer visual bonanza he'd get back home, if nothing else.

He'd picked out nice costume pieces for Suzanne, Susan, and Katherine, but he knew Amy wasn't big on wearing clothes in the first place, so he wanted to get her something else. Feeling increasingly awkward, he asked, "Um, what would you recommend as a gift for someone who is, uh, anally minded?"

Ginger took him to a different section and showed him a few things.

Alan eyed the anal beads on display there. He was trying to act cool, like he knew exactly what everything in the store was all about, but his cluelessness showed on his face. He guessed the string that looked like a cheap plastic necklace was meant to go inside the ass, but he couldn't understand why that would be so special.

Seeing his confusion, Ginger said, "I know, they don't look like much. But each time one of those beads passes through the anal sphincter, it causes a great surge of pleasure. And you see the types where the beads get progressively bigger? Let's just say a lot of ladies will pass out before they can make it through the string."

"Okay. Let me buy one of both kinds." Thinking of Brenda and her anal desires, he added, "Actually, better make it two of each."

Ginger thought, I really want to know what goes on with this guy behind closed doors! He's coming across all experienced on some things and a complete babe in the woods on others. And just what is he going to do with a rush-ordered specially sized giant dildo, anyway?

After a while, Alan remembered the ten percent extra holiday fee and started putting things back. He figured he'd come back another day to get everything except for the things he planned to give later in the day.

Ginger asked him about that and when he explained, she waived her fee. She was going to make a great commission anyway since he was buying so much, and she wanted him to make his purchases when she was manning the register.

Finally, he went to the counter and paid for everything using a credit card Susan had given him recently. He'd ended up spending over fifteen hundred dollars, nearly cleaning out his entire savings.

But after he paid, he didn't leave. There was an entire jewelry section near the checkout counter and he found himself glued to the display of rings there.

Ginger slipped behind the rings counter. She was really happy about this development because rings could mean really big purchases. "See anything you like?"

"Yeah. Each one is better than the next. But the problem is, I only have about five hundred dollars left, and that's if I clean out my bank account, too. If I want to get different rings for four, no make that five, special ladies, what are the nicest ones you think I can get for about a hundred dollars apiece?"

Ginger's curiosity was about at the bursting point. She asked, her voice dripping with disbelief, "And this is for your... dance troop?"

"Yes." He wasn't very convincing when it came to blatantly false lies. "They're putting on a kind of a sexually-themed play."

"Uh-huh. You're what, eighteen or nineteen years old, and you're in charge of a dance troop."


"Of a group of women, some of them nearly six feet tall, with their breast sizes ranging from D cups all the way up to H cups. And you say they're dancers..." Her words oozed with disbelief even as she struggled to remain polite.


"And this play of theirs is so sexual that even anal beads are used. In public. On stage."

"Um, well..."

Her usual rule to be nice to the customer was losing out to her great skepticism. "That must be some dance troop. Please let me know where they perform so I can check them out. I'm sure they'd be very popular, especially with the guys."

"Look. Okay, so I'm not buying this stuff for a dance troop. What difference does it make?"

"Well, the more I know, the better I can advise you on your purchases. When you say special ladies, just how special and romantic do you mean? Are you thinking of something along the lines of an engagement ring? Some kind of commitment ring? Am I close?"

Alan tried to act cool. "Let's pretend and say you are."

"Five of those kinds of rings? All different?"

He nodded, growing increasingly embarrassed as her guesses hit too close to home.

"Well then, anything you buy for just a hundred dollars apiece is just going to be an insult. I'll tell you what. Why don't I void some of your other purchases and you can buy those another time? If you spend a thousand five hundred on rings instead of just five hundred, now there, that's starting to get a little better."

"But it still wouldn't cut it, would it?" he said gloomily.

"No. To be honest, I don't know just how special these ladies are, but judging from the rest of your purchases, they're very special indeed."

Alan, hoping to buy everything in one fell swoop, had bought all manner of sex toys and accessories, not to mention the giant dildo he'd ordered over the phone yesterday for Heather. He knew she was alluding to that, but he remained poker faced.

She took his silence for confirmation and continued, "I'm guessing you'd want to start at a thousand dollars a ring, bare minimum, not a mere hundred. Rings are very special gifts to women - very, very special. A hundred dollar ring to signify a special relationship? You might as well get one out of a box of Crackerjacks, to be brutally honest."

"Urgh. I was afraid you would say something like that. Truth be told, this is the first time I've bought any of this kind of stuff."


"You don't say." Inside, Ginger was screaming to herself, That much is fucking obvious! So what the fuck is going on?! Am I supposed to believe you've gone from zero girlfriends to having at least five busty Amazons all at once?! And what the hell is with him saying, "four, no five?" Does he not even know how many girlfriends he's got?! But on the outside she just smiled politely.

He asked, "Are you going to be open tomorrow? Because I'd like to keep my purchases but scrounge around and see how much more money I can come up with, then come back here to take another look at the rings."

"Unfortunately, no. We're closed for the whole Thanksgiving break, actually. But I'll tell you what. Since five rings would be a very sizable sale, not to mention you've piqued my curiosity more than just a little, what if we make the same kind of arrangement for tomorrow as we did today? Could you come around, say, six? I promise you that for all your purchases, discretion is our middle name."

"Thanks. Yeah. I've heard good things about your store before, actually. If I went to a more conventional jewelry store and bought five, uh, 'commitment rings' all at once, that would probably get some tongues wagging. But I know you can be trusted."

Ginger smiled. "Hey. I live pretty close to the store, so it's not a big bother for me."

He thought intensely, trying to figure out where he could get the money for some decent rings. Then he concluded, "Okay, it's a deal. I'll see you tomorrow at exactly six in the evening then. Thanks again for everything, especially for putting up with all my weird questions."

"No worries. Thanks for shopping at 'Stephanie's.'"

After he'd left, Ginger ruminated intensely about him. That has be the most curious customer I've ever had, and I've had quite a few oddballs in here with the strangest sexual fetishes. Hmmm... He said I could be trusted with something secret too. How would he know that? What was his name again? Alan? Weren't there some tall, busty Amazonian types in here the other day, and weren't they talking about an... ALAN! Oh my GOD! Could this be the guy they were talking about?! It has to be! But it can't be! He's just a fucking kid, for Christ's sake.

Holy shit! Those were like the most smoking hot women I've ever seen collected in one place! And Suzanne! She's one of them. I KNOW her! She's been in here fairly often, though sadly she never fell for any of my come-ons. God, she's so smoking hot! She's like a real live Jessica Rabbit, with reddish-brown hair and impossible curves. Not to mention that friend that was playing around with her at the day care center with the unusual name, something with a Z, I think. I don't remember her talking about a master, but the other ones were all going on and on about how great their master was, especially that busty one that I had running around the store all tied up and naked. What was her name? Susan! Damn! She's just as smoking hot and busty as Suzanne! Hell, they were all busty. Now those absurdly huge breast sizes he was giving finally make sense!

Are you telling me that this kid, this ordinary teenager who doesn't even have a clue how to buy a collar, is the master of THOSE women? Jesus H. Christ! It can't be. But it HAS to be! It all fits.

She calmed down as everything slowly sank in. Then with a start, she rushed out of the store without even locking the door behind her to see if Alan was still in the parking lot. But he had gone.

Damn! Just missed him. If only I'd put it together sooner, he could be fucking me already. "Alan." Duh! I was on the lookout for masters named Alan, but he didn't even remotely fit the master profile, so I didn't think. Whatever the hell he has going for him, I wanna get a taste of that for myself! Oh yeah, baby! I'm all over that idea. AND, hopefully he's gonna come back tomorrow at six for those rings. Excellent! What an ideal trap, just him and me in the store all alone.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get inside his pants. I noticed he had a nice package in those shorts of his, but FIVE women the likes of Susan and Suzanne in his harem? Oh man! He must be the greatest fucker since Don Juan or SOMEthing. Who knows, maybe he's got a twelve inch dick. But whatever it is, this is definitely going to require some special preparation so I can snare him for myself.

NOTE: For the first time ever, a part of the first draft was written by IBT. He wrote most of the Heather scenes here, so an extra huge thanks and co-writing credit for him! Big thanks also to IBT (again), Gnome, and WD40, who proofread the part over and over again and helped in lots of other ways. Also thanks to Hermit, Kaiphra, Brian, Warpwizard, DD, Sam.I.am, Lee, Sacbob, Random Zero, PlasmasEnd, Kernios, and AkhtariEl.

A special thanks goes to YamiBoy for colorizing existing illustrations. And finally, an extra special thanks to Sam.I.am for coordinating and processing all of the proofreading input.

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