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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 117
The Devil Inside
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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Alan parked his car and shut off the engine. Looking across the street, he wondered if what he was planning was such a good idea.

He'd driven over to the Morgan house, intending to surprise Heather, but now that he was there he was having second thoughts about it. For one thing, he could tell that her parents were home, which would make any hanky-panky that the two of them might get up to in her room a risky proposition indeed. Of course, taking those kinds of risks had never stopped Heather before, and in fact she seemed to relish and crave that kind of risk taking.

His life had been so crazy and busy lately that he hadn't had much time to strategize and plan ahead. In fact, most of his thinking about how to handle Heather had taken place in the car ride over, so he was still very unsure of himself.

The question is, will what I'm planning to do to her throw her for enough of a loop so as to give me some more breathing space? I've got to punish her for yesterday's defiance, but it can't all just be "bitter, bitter, bitter" or else she'll rebel and that'll be the end of everything. No, Xania's right. I have to do "bitter, bitter, sweet" in order to keep stringing her along and keep her right where I want her. The thing is, will she recognize the sweet for the punishment it is and yet still want it so as to take the bitter as well and reach for the final prize of her own free will? That's the real question.

As usual, trying to figure out Heather only led him around in circles. So far he'd done well with her working mostly on instinct, but he knew he'd been damn lucky too.

Ah, what the hell. Might as well give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Somehow, the bravado didn't help as much as he'd hoped. He unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car.

Trying to act casual and bored, even though the street was completely deserted, he gathered up the dildo for Heather he'd just picked up at the sex shop and wandered over onto the Morgan property. Before his nerve could weaken, he started climbing the tree that led to Lover's Window, the not-so-secret entrance to her room.

You know, it's ironic. Back when Heather muscled her way into my life, she told me in no uncertain terms to come back and sneak into her room to fuck her again, anytime I wanted. Of course when she made her request that was really a demand, so she never dreamed that I, a "mere nerd," wouldn't start coming up here to her room every time she snapped her fingers. Man, was she ever pissed off when I didn't.

And now, here I am, sneaking into her room like she wanted me to, and while her parents are home no less. But if she knew what I'm planning for her I don't think she'd be so keen on my visit this time. If nothing else, I've got to at least knock her socks off again and keep her off balance. If I don't keep the upper hand with her, especially after her recent stunts, I'm gonna be toast.

When he reached the second story window, he tried to peer in through the glass to see if she was anywhere in sight. She wasn't, but her bedroom door was closed. Considering this a good sign, he tried to lift the window and found it unlocked. It was a little stiff as he slid it up.

Hopefully it's just stiff from disuse, he thought. On the other hand this is Heather we're talking about. If the window isn't being used that means her pussy isn't being used and that just ain't happening.

As soon as he'd opened the window a crack and could hear the sounds from inside better, he heard a running shower. Trying to make as little noise as possible, he slid the window up high enough to climb in through the opening. The shower running in the adjacent bathroom was loud enough to cover his entry. Once inside, he quietly closed the window again and took stock of the situation.

So far so good. This is kind of exciting - it's like I'm James Bond on a secret mission or something, sent to seduce the femme fatale. I hadn't expected to find her in the shower, so how can I make use of that? Hmmm. If this were a Bond film, I could join her in the shower. Or I could get naked, climb into her bed, and surprise her with a come-hither look when she walks out all disheveled while still drying off. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...

Looking around while trying to make up his mind, he started undressing and stacking his clothes (and the "gift" he'd bought for her) in an out of the way corner where they wouldn't be obvious.


Then he noticed something on the wall he'd never seen before. It was a picture of Heather, all dolled up with her hair partly in curls instead of in her usual ponytail. He thought, Smokin'! She looks like she's dressed to go to the prom or something fancy, and in fact, she probably was. God, I hardly recognize her. She looks even hotter than usual, if such a thing is possible. I can't believe that I'm gonna be sinking Alan Junior into her honey pot in a matter of minutes. Sweetness! I still can't get over the fact that this girl, the head cheerleader and future prom queen, is my personal bitchslut! Not bad for a so-called nerd, eh?

He felt a stiffening in his shorts as he stared at the stunning photograph. The sound of the running shower was certainly increasing his arousal, too. I think I'll poke both her pussy and her ass today, just 'cos I feel like it. Heh!

But he had time to kill until she came out. Wandering around the room, he came to a full length mirror on the wall near her personal bathroom.

Of course! he thought, remembering back to the time that he'd gotten her to agree to her Inner Bitch Taming program in the theater room. At the time, I didn't think about her having a mirror like this in her room, but as much as she loves to flaunt her body, how could she not?

He felt his balls churn and his erection thicken even more as he remembered what he'd done with her (and got her to admit to) the last time he'd had her in front of a mirror like this one. Hell, man, what am I waiting for? He pulled his shorts down and let his hard-on spring free.

Suddenly the shower in the bathroom stopped.

He felt his "Bad Alan" side well up within him. He grinned at his reflection. Show time!


Heather was in an irritable mood. She was taking a shower not only to get clean but also hopefully to shake her up with scalding hot water and wash away her bad feelings. Unfortunately, she had more than one reason for feeling cranky this morning.

She thought as she grazed her hands over her breasts, There's a lot of things bugging me right now, but let's face it, there's only one serious problem: my goddamned Inner Bitch is too horny and needy. Again!


Yesterday afternoon, Simone had given her an incredible anal reaming (or more properly, "Mister Simone" had done so, as that's what she'd been instructed to call her best friend's huge new strap-on). It went on for hours and hours. By the time Simone left for dinner, Heather felt like she'd be unable to stand or sit for a week. But here it was, only the morning after, and she was already craving more.

Yesterday's experiences had also confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt something that Alan had accused Heather of being when he and Simone had started her on her Bitch Trainers: Heather was a size queen.

Until yesterday, she'd had no idea how big the toys Simone had been stuffing her butt with were. All she knew about them for sure was that they felt "good" when they were in her. Okay, really good actually, she had to admit. But she just couldn't help feeling like she wasn't being filled up to the max somehow, and that any wasted "capacity" for her meant that she was being (in a manner of speaking) shortchanged somehow on the deal. She could tell that since the first day, her Bitch Trainers had been getting bigger, but she'd been prevented from looking at or touching them in any way, so she had no objective way of measuring and quantifying the sizes being used.

That changed when she'd been sent home from school yesterday morning.

Even though she knew she wasn't allowed to touch, let alone see, her Bitch Trainers, she had to see, with her own eyes, touch with her own hands, and even measure with her own tape measure, exactly what kind of toys had been stuffed into the hole between her endlessly tingling nether cheeks for the last few days.

But when she'd actually done the deed and pulled out the latest Bitch Trainer dildo Simone had put in her, she wasn't ready for the shock of actually seeing it. For minute after long minute, she could only stare at the huge monster, dumbstruck by the thought that anything so large could have fit inside her rear end. If she hadn't pulled it out of her ass with her own two hands, she never would have believed it could have gone in.

After the shock wore off, she went and got her tape measure. She discovered the Bitch Trainer she'd extracted was eleven inches long and about six inches around. She compared that to penis sizes. She knew that ten-inch penises were much less than one in a thousand. A nine-incher was the biggest she'd ever personally experienced (Ted "The Big Ten Inch" Pulaski really only had a nine inch penis). That had seemed gigantic at the time. Eleven, on the other hand, was practically off the scale, something one only found in porn.

As far as Heather was concerned, bigger meant better. More powerful. More dominant. More commanding. More exclusive.

Unfortunately for Heather, Simone knew her too well. She'd gone straight to Heather's underwear drawer, found where Heather had stashed her Bitch Trainer, and left with it. Worse, Simone knew Heather's dildo collection intimately and had managed to find and take away every single one as well. She said it was part of Heather's punishment to "go without" for a little while.

So, when Heather woke up feeling intensely hot, itchy, and anally needy instead of just tired and sore like she'd expected, she had no way to scratch her itch. With it being Thanksgiving, she couldn't even count on seeing Simone later in the day. To call up anyone else for sex seemed pathetic and desperate.

She'd tried using her fingers at first, but for some reason that was just really unsatisfying for her. Even if she could find one of her own toys or some random fuck friend, it wouldn't have felt right. If she could have gone out and bought a giant dildo, that wouldn't have been satisfying either. The problem was, none of those things would have had the stamp of approval of Alan, her Bitch Tamer, and Simone, his assistant Bitch Tamer. If it wasn't a part of her bitch training program, then it didn't have that special aura for her. She knew without even trying that the experience would be lackluster and unsatisfying, if not downright frustrating, should she use anything in her ass other than the dildos officially sanctioned as her Bitch Trainers.

Worse, in some weird way, it would have felt like cheating. Cheating had never bothered her before (in fact, she'd reveled in the wrongness of it), but now it did. Even putting her finger in her own ass felt wrong somehow, but not wrong in a delightfully sinful way, just wrong in an unpleasant way. This was pissing her off.

Then there was the fact that she wouldn't be getting her daily enema from Simone today because it was a holiday. Simone had warned her that daily enemas weren't healthy over the long term, so taking some days off was a good thing to do. But Heather didn't care about the long term.

It wasn't that she actually liked the enemas - in fact, they didn't turn her on at all. It was what they meant, what they got her ready for, that got her excited. Getting an enema was like putting a little sign over her ass: "Heather's butt, open and ready for a serious Alan plowing."

Thinking about those possibilities always got her going, that and the fact that Simone would usually finger lube her ass afterwards. Simone had started getting really good at fingering her asshole lately, making quite an enjoyable production of it with her teasing and pleasing ways.

Just before showering, Heather had given herself an enema, but found that without Simone there to talk to and play with, it was just another chore. Instead of getting her warmed up and ready for more, she felt frustrated and denied.

So that's how she'd ended up taking an unusually long and hot shower. The cascading water didn't really take the edge off her anal urges, or the insistent tingling she felt down there between her cheeks, but it did at least distract her for a while and allow her to feel otherwise refreshed.

However, she did have one thing that got her at least somewhat excited, and that was her recurring Alan fantasies. As she showered, she pointed the shower hose to her pussy as she tailored one of her typical recent fantasies for a shower scenario.

She was taking a shower all alone in the girl's locker room after cheerleader practice when Alan came into the shower area, naked. "Alan, what are you doing here?"

"Sorry Heather, but I just had to see you right away."

"What is it? It had better be important. I wouldn't want you to get into trouble."

He walked right up to her and looked her in her eyes, paying no mind to their nakedness. "It's just that I've been thinking, and I realized you're the one I really love."

"No, you're just saying that because Amy found some other guy." (In Heather's fantasies, she always found ways to end Alan's other relationships so she wouldn't have any competition.)

"No. Really, it's true! The thing is, at first I bought into the stereotype of you being a bitch, but as I got to know you better I realized you're not really a bitch at all. You're a great and powerful woman destined to do great things, but you're surrounded by fools and incompetents who hold you down. Of course they say nasty things about you, because they're jealous and they don't understand your genius! But I do." In the daydream, he stepped forward and tentatively held her by the shoulders, while in reality she aimed the shower nozzle up over her chest.

"Finally, at least one person has a clue. But you've been treating me like shit lately, fucking me however you want, like I was your personal sex toy. Why should I believe you now?"

"Oh please let me make it up to you, Heather, my love. If anything, you own MY body, I love you so much. I'll do whatever you want!"

"Will you? Prove it. Get down on your knees and make me cum. Right now."

"Yes, ma'am! There's nothing I'd love better than to eat you out all day!" In the dream, he dropped to his knees and started licking her pussy. Meanwhile in reality, she blasted the nozzle onto her clit from less than an inch away while she fingered her pussy lips.

"Aaah. That feels good. But you've got a lot of making up to do. And I like the 'ma'am.' I want you to call me that from now on."

"With pleasure, ma'am!"

The rest of the fantasy involved a great deal more pussy licking and a lot less talking. The fantasy had a vaginal focus instead of an anal focus mostly for practical reasons: the shower nozzle felt pretty good on her vulva at close range, but it didn't stimulate her anus all that much.


However, touching herself just couldn't compare to the touch of someone else, no matter how pleasant the fantasy was for her. Her heart wasn't really in it due to her existing bad mood, and she couldn't quite get herself off.

As a result, she finished the shower even more sexually frustrated than when she got in it.

Shutting off the water, she stood in the shower, letting the water droplets slide downwards along her skin. Grragh! It's no use. I'm just wasting my time. I might as well try to make something out of this stupid day. Using her hands, she sluiced the water off her body and angrily thrust aside the shower curtain. Yanking the towel out of the rack, she began to roughly dry herself off.

Stupid fucking Simone, leaving me all alone, completely high and dry. Eh, I really shouldn't get mad at her, but dammit, it's not fair! The more my two Bitch Tamers play with my ass, the needier it gets! Stupid holiday, that's the problem. Like I really care about Thanks-fucking-giving. Having to sit through hours and hours of boring family stuff, hours and hours of anally unfulfilling tedium - ugh! If only I could steal away and play with Simone at least a little bit, but she says she's got all kinds of family obligations all day long. Fuck! What am I going to do?

Still rubbing the last of the wetness out of her hair and muttering to herself about the unfairness of being slighted by her "so-called best friend," she walked out of her adjoining bathroom and into her bedroom.


Heather instantly realized there was a male intruder in her room, and that he was completely naked. Furthermore, she was acutely reminded that she was naked too, except for the towel in her hand.

In less than a second, and before she could determine the identity of the intruder, she found herself screaming.

This was a very un-Heather-like thing to do. She prided herself on not being afraid of anyone or anything. What's more, having boys unexpectedly sneak into her room through the window wasn't exactly uncommon. But in the last two weeks or so, she'd made clear to her usual lovers that the window was no longer open. Having sex with other guys just wasn't worth the complications since Alan had started rocking her world. She'd played around a little, but it hardly felt better than masturbation. If she wanted to get her rocks off, she had fun with Simone every day, and Simone could just come in through the front door.

So her gut reaction was that the intrusion was unwanted, probably some former lover who hadn't understood the message that the window was now closed. She immediately began covering up her privates with the small towel in her hand.


But even as she did that the scream died in her throat as she realized that the intruder was none other than Alan.

It took her several seconds to digest that. After everything that had happened recently, especially considering how he'd caught her plotting against him only the day before, for him to be standing naked in her room seemed completely incomprehensible.

He could tell she had recognized him even though she was still too stunned to speak. He smiled. This is great. I should sneak into more bedrooms.

But Heather could roll with the punches as well as anyone. Her shock and fear quickly morphed into unbridled lust as her wide eyes began blatantly checking him out.

The sunlight poured through the window like honey, framing his nude body in a soft glow. She realized with great pleasure that his cock was fully erect already. To her eyes, he looked good enough to eat. Something about his posture though, the lazy arrogance of it perhaps, made her feel like this was actually his room she'd walked into instead of her own. That turned her on, too. He was the only boy she knew who didn't crumble in the face of her intimidating persona and body.

Her pussy began lubricating and her nipples popped to instant hardness as she contemplated his hard body and even harder dick. Noiselessly, the useless towel slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor.

Alan smirked, pleased with her reaction and especially with her signs of instantaneous arousal. He asked, "So Bitchslut, do you like what you see?"

The word "Bitchslut" set her on fire, especially from the confident way he delivered it. She felt a tingling shiver spread outwards from her rear end, the little hairs on her buttocks rising up in goose bumps as her ass fluttered in anticipation of the pounding she hoped and prayed it would soon receive.

Alan's come to take care of my ass. Gaaawd, I love it! He's acting like he owns it! What a great surprise! This is better than even the biggest anal dildo!

"Sir?! What are you doing here?" she whispered urgently, unable to hide her shock.

He was extremely pleased that she'd reflexively called him "Sir" rather than by name without being reminded to do so. It showed that she was internalizing the use of the word.

"My parents are home right now, and if we- I mean, if you- um..." she trailed off, a little lamely. "We can't get caught!" she hissed, trying to cover her rising sense of panic.

He chuckled. How delicious. Now the shoe's on the other foot. Is this the same Heather Morgan who demanded I fuck her on the hood of her car in a school parking lot where any and every passer-by could see us?

He strutted towards her, his surging confidence contrasting with her unusual nervousness.

But before he reached her, there was a knock on the door.

"Princess? Are you okay? I heard you screaming." It was an older female voice.

Heather's eyes grew as big and wide as Alan had ever seen them. She stared at the door, fearing that her mother Helen would open it.

But she quickly recovered and said, "Oh, Mom, uh... I'm fine. I just stubbed my toe getting out of the shower. Damn, that hurt."

"Oh. Well, I'm glad you're finally up. I could use your help in the kitchen in a little while, my little Princey-cakes."

"Okay. Just give me a holler, Mom. "

Unfortunately for Alan, his confident pose had been shattered by the interruption. He'd frozen in the middle of the room with a panicked look on his face. Now he remembered why he didn't make it a habit of sneaking into bedrooms in strange houses - it was dangerous!

But then, barely after Helen stopped speaking, it hit him that her mother had called Heather "Princey-cakes." He found that incredibly amusing. Despite the danger, he found himself chortling. It was all he could do not to break out into loud laughter.

Heather, seeing the danger of his laughter, quickly closed the distance to him and put her hands over his mouth. "Sssh!"

He managed to keep his laughter down to a muffled chuckle. But by the time she took her hand away, his fear at the close call was forgotten.

With her hands removed, he could talk again. He whispered, full of mirth, "Princess? Princey-cakes? What, are you three years old, still?"

Heather, mortified with embarrassment, rolled her eyes and tried to make light of it. "Parents. God, they're so embarrassing."

He was pleased because he had her off balance again. He turned his head down from her face to her body and began blatantly ogling her.

She was surprisingly bashful, dropping her head down as she let him check her out from just two feet away. She tried to look away, but her eyes slowly drifted back to his erection. She licked her lips in anticipation.

He immensely enjoyed the mesmerizing hold his maleness seemed to exert over her. The silence stretched out between them, broken only by the unmistakable sounds of mounting arousal in Heather's quickening breathing. He waited until he felt the time was right, and then reached out with a gentle caress of his fingertips to lift her chin until she looked him in the eyes. He knew when he saw the passionate plea in her face that he had her right where he wanted her.

Her face was still filled with uncertainty and worry. "Sir, I'm so glad you're here. But... My parents. If they catch me... You saw what a close scrape we just had. If that was my dad instead of my mom, and he opened the door... You'd better be able to move fast out that window."

Alan chuckled again, smothering his fear with bravado. "You never cared about getting caught before. In fact, I remember that when I was here in your room before you practically seemed to relish the idea of your dad catching me. So why are you acting so different today?"

She hemmed and hawed as her chin remained caught in his grip. Finally she murmured, "I know you won't believe me, but that was then, and now, well, I care about you. I don't want to see you hurt. I know you're full of surprises, but you can't tell me you're some kind of karate expert too. He'll clobber you."

He knew Heather's father Frank was a giant slab of a man, and he had no wish to tangle with him. Normally he would have been more prudent and come back another time, but this was the only time he was sure he could have with Heather today, so he was determined to brazen it out. He decided that if worse came to worst, he'd simply flee, but until then he'd have to act completely unfazed by danger or she would pounce on his fear.

Leaning forward while holding her captivated by his touch, relishing the feel of her faintly trembling with anticipation, he gently whispered, "But we won't get caught, will we, so long as you can keep quiet through your orgasms... Bitchslut."

Her doubts and fears dissolved on the spot as he kissed her on the lips to stifle her squeal of giddy pleasure.

He figured that a few soft, gentle kisses would get her in the mood for some fun and games. He'd only intended to get both their minds off fears of being discovered by the adults in the house. When she started to eagerly respond, he broke off and said quietly, "Before we proceed any further, you and I, I want you to understand something very important. Are you listening to me?"

Her eyes simply widened and she nodded, nervously.

"Good. I want you to understand that you are still being punished for yesterday. You may not think that what I'll be doing to you here, now, this morning, is punishment. Or at least you might not think so at first, so I want you to get this, without misunderstanding me, before I begin. You have EARNED everything I'm going to do to you. Got it?"

She looked at the floor and nodded. His words made her apprehensive, but very excited too.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"Yes, Sir, I get it."

"Good. Now, do you remember what I said, and you agreed to, about being punished?"

"Yes, Sir," she miserably answered. "We agreed that if I refused my punishment, even once, that we, you and I that is, that we were through." The idea of being through with him seemed beyond unbearable at that moment. An urge welled up within her to fight for him, and even fight him if necessary, to prevent that from happening.

He gathered up her hands from where they hung limply against her sides and brought them to his lips, brushing her knuckles with the lightest of kisses.

The unexpected tenderness of his gesture gave her goose bumps all over again.

"Exactly," he murmured. "If you want to quit, you're free to quit at any time. I won't stop you. But if I can't trust you, or if your word means nothing to you once given, then I want to have nothing to do with you." He paused significantly to let that sink in. "Now, will you accept your punishment for being disobedient, not just once, but multiple times yesterday, or am I simply wasting my time with you?"


She didn't even hesitate. "Punish me. Sir." Standing up straighter, she stood back, raised her arms above her head, and thrust her chest out proudly, offering all of her body to him.

Ha! I'm so fuckin' sexy! How can he resist this body? She ran her hands through her unbound hair, letting it cascade down her back. She actually welcomed the chance to be punished. She wanted to please him.

He prodded, "Are you sure? Not going to change your mind about it?"

She felt a surge of defiance rise up within her. "Are you questioning my determination? Sir?" She looked down and gazed longingly at his stiff, protruding erection.

He smirked, "No actually, just your decisions which led you to this point. Well, that and your trustworthiness. After all, I'm not screwing around with you for my own personal pleasure here. This is for your benefit, not mine. You're the one who wants this, so I'd advise you to stop biting the cock that fucks you. Got it?"

She felt a mutinous fury start to rise up within her. She was torn inside. On the one hand, she took it as a given that she could do or say any damn thing that pleased her at any time. But on the other hand, alienating Alan and not being able to feel his dick plunging in and out of her ass ever again was too horrifying an idea to contemplate. She wanted to say something just to piss him off, but there was also a voice inside of her screaming at her not to do it.

Seeing the expression on her face and feeling the tension in her hands increasing, he cut her off before she could say or do something stupid. "Tell me, have I been fair with you? Have I been honest? Have I in any way lied to you or deceived you regarding my intentions? Have I not given you fair warning when you were crossing the line? Have I in any way violated your trust by doing things I said I would not do? Be honest with me. Have I not been fair and just with you?"

His comments really set her off. She wanted to say the most vile and hateful things to him, claw his eyes out. Not because he'd lied to her or betrayed her trust, but because he'd been with another woman, Glory. She wanted to say, "NO! You act all fair and nice, but at the same time, you're pumping gallons and gallons of your seed into that skank Glory and not into me!"

If there was one thing Heather couldn't stand, it was the thought of losing, especially to a rival. As far as she knew and believed, Glory was her only real rival for Alan's attentions and affections. She knew all about him and Amy and strongly suspected he was with Katherine too, but she considered them mere powder puffs. She felt like she knew them well and knew just how to deal with them when the time came. Once her voice recorders captured the proof of Alan's incestuous relations, the two of them would be at her complete mercy. But Glory had backbone, and many advantages due to her being a teacher. Not only that, but Glory was pretty much the only excuse Alan had to not be with her in the school theater room every day during lunch, banging her brains out.

However, she bit her lip to stop from speaking and tried to think. The problem is, he has been fair. He's been honest, and damn him, he always fucks the shit out of me, and he has to enjoy it. But he somehow gives reasonable excuses for what he does to me, like he's doing it all for my benefit. It's so fucking annoying to always have to face him up on that high horse of his! I wish he'd be more underhanded. Then I'd know how to deal with him.

"Okay, fine," she growled sullenly, "you have been fair, and just, and haven't lied to me, as much as I hate to admit it. Somehow, all your efforts to improve me always seem to involve you fucking me whenever you like, but nevertheless I can see a kind of twisted logic to how what you're doing could help." She tapped her foot impatiently, setting her artificially-enlarged tits bouncing. There was entirely too much talking going on for her tastes, and not enough anal sex.

"Do you admit that you've only gotten what you deserved, and trust me to give you not only what you deserve, but what you have also earned?"

Her temper briefly got the better of her. "We wouldn't be going through all this if you'd just fuck me more already, SIR!" she snarled, though at least she remembered to keep her voice down. She was trying to look him in his eyes, but her eyes kept drifting down to his erection, just bobbing straight out, frustratingly untouched and unused at the moment. She turned to the side and struck a sexy pose, hoping to remind him of her sexy ass.

He favored her with a cold, cruel smile. "I'd be fucking you more if you'd ever learn to behave yourself and stop trying to destroy everyone else I care about. Your horny Bitchslut ass would be my personal cum dumpster if I could ever fucking trust you and didn't have to keep punishing you all the time for pulling stupid shit that I've told you, clearly, repeatedly, and in no uncertain terms, NOT to do."

She flinched, as if she'd been slapped. She felt the blood drain from her face, and along with it, her anger. It galled her more than she wanted to admit that he was right. On the one hand, she wanted to beg forgiveness and really mean that she would never do anything like that again. But on the other hand, she knew there was no way she could share him with Glory and the others. She had to have him, ALL of him, by any means necessary. She knew making promises she couldn't keep would only get her in more trouble, so she kept silent.


Alan sighed, as if suddenly wearied. "Trust me, Bitchslut, if you'd play by the rules I'm giving you, instead of cheating them, fighting me, and backstabbing everyone in sight, I'd be fucking you a lot more. So would your new boyfriend that I'm lining up for you to prove yourself worthy of being MY girlfriend. But no, you-"

Surprised, she relaxed her sexy pose and interrupted. "Wait, do you really mean that?" She belatedly remembered to add, "Sir?" She remembered him hinting about getting another boyfriend for her, but she hadn't really understood what that was all about and didn't think he was serious about it.

"Yes I really mean that. When did I ever lie to you, especially about something as important as this?"

"But don't you want me just for yourself? Amy's told everyone that you sleep with whomever you want, but she doesn't. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd be willing to be monogamous, when it comes to men that is, if you would go steady with me like you're doing with Amy. I wouldn't cheat on you, really. You may not believe me after what you saw me do to Rock, but cheating just doesn't have the same appeal when it comes to you. I actually feel, like... bad, for some reason." A genuinely puzzled expression crossed her face, as if she was dealing with new emotions.

He almost burst into laughter. It sounds like she's starting to figure out what guilt feels like. Well, I guess that's progress. "Heather, you know you're on the S-Club list now. In fact, you're at the bottom of the list. That means that people like Dean can fuck you whenever he wants."

"Are you really serious about that list? Why put me at the bottom of the list when I deserve to be at the top?"

"I am serious. And that's merely one reason, to teach you some humility. Plus, if you're going to act like a traitorous slut, we'll treat you like one."

"Shit. I don't want to be fucked by Dean. That would be a boring chore now that I know what real fucking is like. I want the best, Sir. I want YOU!" Her whole body wiggled and writhed in frustration. She was going out of her mind from too much talking when her body had such urgent needs. Her pussy was getting moist just standing there.

"Well then, listen to what I'm saying. Being in a monogamous relationship with me is a big deal, much less being an official girlfriend. I know you need a lot of sex, and I try to be a considerate guy, so I wouldn't want to neglect you most of the time. That would be a commitment for both of us. But you'd have to prove your worthiness first, which you haven't exactly been doing so far. That's where the other boyfriend comes in. I know the dirty way you treated Rock. You have to prove yourself with someone else before I'd even THINK about making you one of my exclusive lovers."

"Well, bring him on then, dammit. Sir, let me get through whoever this pipsqueak is so I can get back to you. I'll hate every minute of it, but I'll do it if that's what it takes."

Inwardly, he sighed. The plan was to get Heather to go out with Sean using the lure of the test boyfriend idea, and then get her hooked on him permanently. But the whole plan seemed wildly improbable, especially given her attitude. So he complained, "You see? That's the problem, your attitude. If you go in with a hateful, impatient mindset, you'll never pass the test. The thing is, he doesn't want to put up with a hand-me-down, spiteful, half-trained, untrustworthy, toxic shrew like you've been this past week any more than I do, and your little performance yesterday isn't helping your cause any. Worst of all, I can't say I blame him. After all the grief you've given me, I have to wonder what it is that I see in you, especially since you're just this side of hopeless, it seems."

She stiffened up and thrust her chest out again. She knew he always really liked that. She purred, "I know what you see in me, Sir."

He yawned ostentatiously. "So you've got a tanned, hard body. Big fucking deal. I fuck women who put you to shame every single day."

"But you were a total nerd just a couple of months ago," she noted.

"Okay, maybe I was a bit geeky, but I never was a 'total nerd.' Besides, things have changed. I only bother with you out of pity."

"That's impossible, Sir," she said confidently, still preening. "My body is simply perfect. There is no girl out there who could put me to shame."

He replied, "If that's the case, why don't I fuck you every day? You're not even in my top ten." (That was an exaggeration, but not by much.) "I'm not talking just girls at school, I'm talking women. Hell, one woman I'm banging right now has J-cups AND they're all real, unlike these." He reached out and toyed with her hard nipples.

She visibly slumped as her confidence sagged, causing him to let go. She knew the other girls at school, and was confident she was better than any of them, but this talk of other women threw her for a loop. "What are you going to do with me, Sir?" she asked nervously.

"Right now? Punish you, and then, I'm going to test you, all weekend long. If you fail your test, you're through, and it was nice knowing you. If you pass, then maybe I'll see if you're ready for some other tests to prove you can act like a decent human being if you really put your mind to it."

She pictured a weekend filled with sex with Alan. As long as she was with him, she was confident it would be great. (Little did she know, being with her wasn't part of his plan at all.) She stood up straight and tall again, swelling with pride. "I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I'm ready. Sir."

"Ready for what?"

"My punishment, Sir."

"Just like that?"

Rather than answer with words, she let her actions speak for her.

This caught him off guard, because he hadn't expected such a swift and dramatic transition from prideful yet shamefaced schoolgirl into a hot-to-trot nympho.

As much as she had enjoyed the simple sweetness of being kissed by him, she wanted and needed more than that. She also felt like she had something to prove to him. Having him appear out of nowhere in her bedroom like this was just too exciting, and now that she'd thrown caution to the wind, she wanted him to fill all of her holes at once.

With startling swiftness, she reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into her embrace. She crushed her big breasts against his chest, wanting to feel his muscular naked flesh pressed against her own. She stood on one leg as the other hooked itself around his thighs and pulled his hips firmly into her crotch, trapping his rampant cock up against her lower belly and cleanly shaven pubic mound.

She felt her hips humping urgently, rubbing her wet and parted labial lips over his balls and grinding the stiffening shaft of her clit into the hard root of his cock. Her fingers lifted up and twined themselves in his hair as the insistent intensity of her kissing mounted. Her hands were on him everywhere at once while she thrust her tongue into his mouth and moaned with wild fuck lust.


He knew that sex with Heather was a never ending battle. True, it was an extremely pleasurable battle nearly every step of the way, but it was a battle just the same. Just like Xania said, he had to keep the upper hand with Heather at all times and he could never let her sexually overwhelm him.

So, to regain the initiative, he gradually amped up the intensity of his kissing as he firmly held her in his arms, but also slowed down the frantic pace. Slowly, as if by force of will, he managed to damp down the urgency of her kissing and calm her body by limiting her movements within his tight embrace.

After some long moments, she seemed to give in and melt into his arms. She was confident from past experience that he knew how to rock her world better than anyone, better even than Simone. So, even though she had an overwhelming desire to do everything with him at once, she let him steer. She gave up her not so subtle efforts to position her slit so his dick could slide right into it.

Starting with soft, feathery caresses to the back of her neck and spine, he let his hands drift agonizingly slowly down the tautly quivering muscles of her back while gently yet firmly pressing his lips and tongue against hers, continuing to kiss her.

He carefully drew his hands slowly around her waist from her back until his splayed fingers were brushing the taut muscles of her tightening abs. He deliberately refrained from moving his erection, even though it was insistently pressing into her lower abdomen, so he could heighten the tantalizing tactile sensations he was giving her elsewhere. It was a good thing they were still kissing, because that helped to stifle her loud moans.

Savoring the sweetness of her surrender under his delicate touch, he gently leaned forward against Heather while softly pressing his tongue into her now yielding, hungry mouth as he slowly but steadily took control of their kissing. In leaning forward he slowly pressed against her upper body, forcing her to arch her back slightly in order to maintain lip contact. As she did so, he slid his hands down and around behind her until his open palms could grab a firm, dominant hold on the tautly quivering cheeks of her magnificent muscular ass.

The effect on Heather was immediate. Her whole body shuddered violently as his hands cupped and kneaded her buttocks. She moaned her lust as she felt his fingers dig into the crack of her ass and start pulling her butt cheeks apart, testing their resilience and their firm resistance. She could feel sweat dripping into the crack of her ass as his strong hands held her butt open while squeezing her glutes between his fingers and palms. Her asshole throbbed, powerfully, reminding her of its presence and needs.

She thought, Now, that's what I'm talking about! What he does to me! Jesus! It's not right that any man has this much control over me. I should resist and put him under MY spell. But it feels too good to stop! I'm like putty in his hands, his strong hands. This is what I've been craving all morning, having a REAL MAN fill his hands with my butt and take his pleasure while playing with my ass. Damn! He OWNS my ass!

As Alan toyed with her butt cheeks, he thought, I have to admit, for all her other faults, she certainly has a fantastic ass. Amy's may be the most squeezy and tightly fuckable, but Heather's is so strong, so firm! And I love how I can get all "Bad Alan" on her and not hold back. And it's so great how she melts and coos at my every touch. She needs to learn who's boss. Soon Bitchslut, soon you'll be all mine, to do with as I please!

Her ability to contain the rising tide within her was rapidly breaking down. Not only was she moaning for release, but she couldn't stay focused enough to maintain her continued kissing with him. She buried her face in his neck and shoulder, softly biting the manly scented flesh she found there to try and stifle her moaning. She was also acutely conscious of his throbbing erection, trapped against her highly sensitive, cleanly shaven pubic mound and resting on her lower belly. Sometimes, it pressed directly against her erect clit. Yet so far he hadn't touched her pussy with his hands.

To her even greater distress, he hadn't touched her anus either. Please! Please touch me THERE! I need it so damn bad, you fucking bastard!

Hearing the change in pitch and increased volume of her moans, he judged the time was right. With calculated slowness, he repositioned his grip on her behind so that when he pulled her ass cheeks apart this time, his middle fingers could reach out and stroke her desperately needy asshole with his fingertips.

Her response was so reflexive that with a strangled cry she jumped up onto him and wrapped both her legs around his hips. Shaking like a leaf, she clung to him fiercely, mewling like a lost kitten as the wetness of her soaking labia straddled the underside of his throbbing erection, still trapped between their bodies.

His hands still cupping her trembling ass, he held her against him as she gasped and panted for air. After that first tantalizing touch, he left her asshole alone, knowing that she was on the edge of a great climax already.

Bringing his lips closer to her ear, he flicked his tongue over the sensitive outer shell before commandingly whispering, "Quietly, Bitchslut. You have to be... quiet."

She just groaned loudly in frustration, the pout evident in her tone. She could feel herself receding from the brink of orgasm, but at the same time she already felt the foundations being laid for a bigger and more powerful orgasm than this one would have been.

She felt his tongue tickle her ear and shivered as he admonished her for being noisy. It reminded her that what they were doing was extremely dangerous. She worried that if her father Frank found out about what his precious daughter was doing, Alan might not get out of the house in one piece. She hadn't ever told him this, but the last boy caught in her room was pummeled in the stomach several times and yelled at before being unceremoniously dumped on the front lawn to try and slink off under his own power. To make things worse, her dad had made her watch while her lover crawled off their property in disgrace.

But the thought of getting royally screwed, right under her father's nose, and while he was in the house no less, made her blood boil with lust. She wanted to be quiet, but she could only groan even more lustily.

Alan pulled back a bit. "You know what? We can't go on like this or we'll get caught for sure. Why don't you go and put on some music to cover what we're doing?"

She looked over at her stereo. It seemed to be miles away because she'd have to leave his embrace to reach it. "Now, Sir?" she pouted.

"Yes, Bitchslut. Now." He thought, I like how she's calling me "Sir" today without needing to be reminded. Well, for the most part. The more she accepts her position under me, the less these encounters will have to be dangerous power struggles every single time. "Her position under me" - so literally true. He chuckled to himself.


It took a lot of willpower, but Heather managed to pull away from him. She decided that since she had to go to the stereo anyway, she'd put on the sauciest walk she could muster. She wanted him to want her as much as she craved him. Her ass sashayed back and forth almost comically as she slow walked to the stereo.

"Anything you like in particular?" she asked, her voice dripping with sex. They both knew she was talking about her body, not any choice of music. She bent over at a perfect stiff legged ninety degree angle to give him a great view of her luscious ass under the pretense of reaching down to get at some CD's.

He just chuckled and stared with a lusty gaze. As if I need to get any more aroused than I already am!

Since he hadn't answered yet, she spread her legs wider and wider, as if she had to get down further to get to the better CD's at the bottom of her collection. But she deliberately kept her legs ramrod straight.

He watched lustily as he saw a big drop of cum drip from her pussy to the carpet. He thought about how tight yet slippery her pussy would feel. It took a lot of willpower for him not to just walk up to her and stick it to her.

Then, turning to the question of music, since they did have to put on something, he realized that he had no idea what kind of music she liked. In fact, he hardly knew her tastes at all, aside from a few random facts such as her having a thing for Kramer on "Seinfeld." So he shrugged and said, "You pick."

She put on something that he didn't recognize. It was all slow beat and bass, which fit the situation perfectly. It was crotch grinding music.

She'd walked away from him slowly, but now she practically ran back into his arms. She squeezed him tightly and nuzzled her face into his shoulder as if she'd been away from him for months, not a mere minute or two. She wrapped one of her legs around his again as she snuggled up against him.

He was amazed at the depth of her emotion and the intensity of her lust. "Bitchslut, do you think you can keep quiet?"

Clutching him fiercely, she submissively whispered in halting breaths, "Ye-es, Sir. I-I'll be q-qui-et." Her whole body trembled as she nearly climaxed just from being in his arms like this.

He gently kissed her still damp blonde hair. He was surprised at how much he was enjoying this encounter already. He could tell there was something different going on that had never happened between them before. He had a feeling this would be a pivotal day that would set the tone for the rest of their relationship.

He freed himself from her octopus-like embrace to cast a critical eye over her. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eye again. He wanted to ask, "What's with you today? Why are you so vulnerable, so un-Heather-like?" But he knew that approach would not do.

He studied her critically for a moment, as if searching for something inside her. "Are you sorry?"

"Yes. Yes, Sir!" She stiffened even more and barked the words, as if she was a private addressing an officer.

That came too quickly and easily. He took a deep breath and then looked her squarely in the eye. "No, I don't want you screwing me over again and then saying sorry afterwards, no matter how sincere the apology. I've had enough of that shit from you. The key question is, do you promise never to go against me again?"

She gave that question some serious consideration. I'm having such intense feelings for him lately. Is this love? This must be what love is like. I would actually feel horrible going against him. Just seeing him today makes me feel so good - I can't lose that. But on the other hand, I wouldn't really be going against him, per se. I'm only going against Glory and all his other loser sluts. They're SO unworthy of him. I'm actually doing him a favor to get them, and especially HER, out of his life.

If he wants sexual variety, then that's what Simone and the other girls under MY control are for. All the best looking girls are in my group... Well, except for Christine and a couple of others. I can reward them and him at the same time every time I allow him to fuck one of them. A win-win that will only increase my power!

So, with complete sincerity from her twisted logic, she looked him in the eye and said, "Yes. Sir."

He eyed her closely. He was impressed with how sincere she looked, though he suspected that since she was Heather, there had to be some kind of loophole or complication he wasn't seeing yet. Still, he said warmly, "Better. There may be hope for you yet."

He let go of her hands and quickly slipped a hand between her inner thighs. His fingers quickly found the slippery wetness of her arousal as he traced his fingertips in, around, and through her parted labia.

She gasped and her hips jerked, but she managed to contain herself as he fingered her pussy.

"As I recall, Bitchslut," he said casually, as if fingerfucking her pussy were perfectly routine to the point of being ordinary, "I asked you to get yourself tested again for any STDs to make sure you're still clean. Did you do that?"

She tried to act cool, but the increased wetness between her legs and the breathy sound of her voice betrayed her. "Yeeess," she answered.

He stilled his fingers, but didn't take them away from her crotch. "And the results?" he asked.

She sighed and looked up at him. "All good. I'm still clean, Sir." she whispered. "I have the papers here in my room, if you don't believe me." She grinned as she recalled how happy she'd been when she'd gotten the results in the mail just the day before.

"I'll trust you for now, but I'll look those over before I go. Of course, that means that your pussy is mine now, too. I think I'll give it a poke today just to mark my claim, Princey-cakes."

Her whole body shuddered and tingled as she heard him say that. She was so far gone that she didn't even react to his use of her mother's silly nickname for her. As far as she was concerned, if he was going to fuck her he had the right to call her anything he wanted, although she very much hoped it would be "Bitchslut."

He pulled his juice-slickened fingers out from between Heather's legs and gently popped them into her mouth.


She immediately started sucking on them, tasting the flavors of her own rising excitement.

"Then I have only one other question for you," he said, pulling his fingers from her mouth. Tracing the curve of her jaw line, he looked her in the eyes. He let his voice thicken with desire as he asked her, "Is my Bitchslut cleaned out, lubed up, and ready to take it?" He looked at her intently. "ALL of it?"

She looked away, embarrassed. Her all-over tan darkened as she blushed.

"Y-your Bitchslut is cleaned out, Sir, but she hasn't been lu-lubed up yet," she said, haltingly. Her asshole throbbed, the itchy hot feeling inside intensifying. She wanted to offer the excuse that she didn't have time because she'd just gotten out of the shower, but thought better of it. "I didn't know you'd... surprise me like this... On a holiday, no less..."

He pulled her back into his arms, but didn't enfold her in an embrace. "You do realize you need to be ready for me twenty-four hours a day, don't you? Your ass exists solely for me to use, solely for my pleasure, any time of day or night, holiday or not. Do you plan on taking holidays from being my Bitchslut?"

"No, Sir!" she shivered with excitement, but at the same time she mentally recoiled, Who does he think he is, with his supposed ten women better than me? That's a fucking lie. I'm Heather fucking Morgan, queen of the whole fucking school! If he owns my ass, it's because I WANT him to own my ass! And my pussy too! She paused in her thinking. Wait a minute. That doesn't even make sense.

He could see her resisting, and trying to organize her thought. So he added, "Imagine I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm feeling horny and in the mood for some hot Bitchslut ass. What's going to happen if I crawl in through your window at three in the morning, lay down on top of you as you're sleeping, and shove my cock into your butt? Will it be all lubed up and ready for stuffing?"

She found the idea so exciting that she practically swooned. "YES!" she shouted in a triumphant whisper.

"Good," he whispered back, hotly, into her hair. "And I don't mind if you forgot this one time, because it means that I shall have the pleasure of doing it myself."

Tingles and tremors of lustful excitement rippled up and down her body. Her asshole fluttered in anticipation. She was so giddy and weak in the knees that she actually fell forward, forcing him to hold her up. Dammit! He plays me like a fiddle and there's nothing I can do to stop him! The other guys are nothing to me; they're a joke. But Sir... Sir, you own my SOUL! It feels too good to resist!

He chuckled when she didn't move to get up again. "Go and get the lube so we can start your punishment, Bitchslut."

She practically flew to the bathroom in her haste to obey.


When Heather came back out of the bathroom with the tube of anal lube in her hands, Alan wasn't where he'd been when she left. Instead, he was standing in front of her full length mirror. But he wasn't admiring himself (his modesty wouldn't let him); he was more just staring through the mirror.

She paused momentarily in the doorway between her bedroom and her bathroom to admire her lover's body. To think, I used to think he was a nerd. Well, maybe he still falls into that category in school in some ways, even with that hunky body, but I've got me a serious case of nerd luuuuve!

She giggled at her silliness and just kept on staring until prompted forward by the tingling of her rear end and the itchy hot sensations deep inside her to get on with it. She came up behind him, where he could clearly see her in the mirror first, and silently handed him the lube she was carrying.


But instead of immediately cracking it open, he set it aside and pulled her over in front of the mirror. He positioned her exactly as he wanted her, feet apart, hands at her sides. He watched her watching him in the mirror.

He stood behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders. Leaning forward to whisper in her ear again, he said, "Do you remember what happened the last time I had you in front of a mirror like this, Bitchslut?"

She shivered as the memories of that time in the theater room together flooded through her. She felt her hips buck momentarily before she could still them. She sighed happily and closed her eyes, her lips parting in a breathy sigh. "Yes, Sir, I remember."

"Open your eyes," he growled, commandingly. "Look at yourself. Watch yourself. Tell me, honestly, and quietly, what you see in the mirror and what you're feeling. And most importantly, HOLD STILL! I'll tell you this right now, you're not only being punished right now, you're also being tested. This is a test of your self-control, to see if you still have any left. Understand?"

She straightened up slightly and watched herself in the mirror as instructed. "Yes, Sir." She prided herself on her self-control and felt confident she could pass any test.

He leaned back away from her so that their bodies were no longer touching. He then reached around her arms hanging at her sides and cupped her breasts, squeezing her sun-darkened nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, teasing and rolling them.

Instinctively, she moaned and thrust her chest out into his hands, indicating her approval. Her eyes reflexively flicked over to look at his reflection, to see his reaction.

His fingers pinched her nipples cruelly as he hissed, "Eyes on yourself, Bitchslut, not on me. And did I, or did I not, just tell you to hold still?"

She looked at herself and was surprised to see the look of shock on her face. She straightened back up again, and as she did so he relaxed his painful grip on her nipples, but he didn't release them.

"Sorry, Sir. I just couldn't help myself."

"Exactly..." he replied, as if that somehow explained everything.

She wasn't sure she understood everything that he was implying, but she knew enough to realize that she'd already failed a very small test because she wasn't taking things seriously enough. She resolved to not be caught out of line so easily again.

"What are you thinking, Bitchslut? What do you see? What do you feel?" he crooned softly, as his hands started caressing her remarkable breasts again, gently, yet at the same time, possessively. "Tell me. It's important."

Taking a deep breath, which pressed her chest into his hands a little more assertively, she let out a sigh of pleasure before answering. "I see my lover's hands holding my boobs. It feels great."

"Is that ALL that you see? All that you feel? Nothing else?" Something about his tone of voice sounded disappointed, remote, as if he'd somehow been expecting more from her.

She looked at the reflection of his hands playing with her chest, watched as his fingers kneaded and squeezed the firm flesh there. Even as she watched him grope and fondle her chest, she felt renewed tingling between her legs. Her shaven pussy began to reawaken, to moisten itself.

"No, I feel something else. My pussy. My pussy is starting to get wet." Simply saying that, she felt it flood even more, as if it was rewarding her answer.

His fingertips gently teased her hard nipples. "Starting...?" he asked, as if not entirely believing her.

"Okay, um, not starting, like from the beginning, but, um, starting, as in, really getting going now."

"Really?" he asked, as if she might be lying. "Let's see if you're telling the truth, shall we?"

Releasing her right breast, he skated his hand downwards over her taut abs, teasing her with his touch. His fingertips took turns tempting her navel, stroking and poking into the depression there in her otherwise flat belly as if in imitation of a series of lovers taking turns, fucking her there.

She had to resist the urge to grab his hand to force it lower. She desperately wanted to cry out, "Fuck me now!" but she knew that if she did she'd fail the test. She didn't know what the test even was, but she knew it involved her having to show her self-control.

After a few more minutes of this sexy torture, she was delighted to feel his hand resume its downward plunge. But instead of reaching between her thighs and fingering her wetness as she'd expected, his palm settled over her shorn pubic mound while his fingers splayed to the sides of her moistening labia inside her thighs.

With his palm firmly cupping her pubic mound, and his scissoring fingers squeezing her lower lips between them, he was able to create incredibly intense sensations all throughout her pelvic region, seemingly by doing almost nothing. Just the faintest twitching of his fingers sent tantalizing flickers of arousal all throughout her body.

She felt her clit harden and throb with desire, but smothered by the folds of her clitoral hood, she could only feel the echoes of his digital manipulations of her sex. Maddeningly, he appeared to be in no hurry to give her the sort of direct clitoral stimulation that would almost certainly have sent her tumbling into the orgasm she now badly wanted. Instead, he seemed content to let the sexual tension simmer, bringing her to a slow boil rather than to a sharp climax. Never before had she felt so "in the palm of the hand" of one of her lovers, so at the mercy of the capriciousness of his whims, and it was both terrifying and exhilarating for her.

Between his splayed fingers, he alternately squeezed and pulled open her juicy labia lips, loving the soft sucking sound they made when he pulled them apart and the obscenely suggestive squishing noise they made when he squeezed them together again and gently rubbed them against each other. He felt the involuntary bucking of her hips as he played with her pussy mouth, teasing her, tempting her, testing her, knowing full well that she wanted more stimulation than he was giving her right now. Instead, he deliberately let the anticipation build for both of them.

Moving in closer behind her, but being very careful not to touch her with his rampant erection, he carefully transferred his left hand from her left breast to her right, deliberately tickling her sensitive flesh and hardened nipple with the short hairs on his forearm.

Her breathing quickened and she moaned softly as he established a firmer, more powerful grip on both her tits and pussy.

His fingers on both hands began to clutch and cup her more tightly, more possessively. He leaned in to kiss the curve of her neck where it met her shoulder, making her shiver with sexy chills as his lips brushed against sensitive places she hadn't even known were there before.

"Seems like you're telling the truth..." Alan finally whispered, as her juicy pussy continued to make obscenely sexual noises with the aid of his palpitating fingers.

Fuuucck me! she thought, as she slumped back against him, her head lolling on his shoulder. Fuck me already! She'd put up a very strong resistance, lasting many achingly long minutes in the face of his relentless sexual teasing, but she could only take so much. She knew she shouldn't say it, but her body simply gave her no choice: "Please, Sir," she groaned, wistfully, "I want it. I need it."


His hands immediately stopped what they were doing, pulling her back from the shoals of ecstasy.

She whimpered in frustration. She didn't understand how he could have so much patience and self-control. She figured that any other guy she'd ever been with would have cum a couple of times by now and would probably be struggling in vain to get hard again.

He growled, "Stand up straight, Bitchslut, and look at yourself in the mirror. I'm not going to tell you again."

She struggled to obey.

"Now, get back in position and HOLD STILL! I shouldn't have to keep telling you to hold still. It's very easy to understand, and also, a test of your self-discipline, to see if you have any at all."

He moved back into position behind her and his hands resumed their sexy manipulations of her body. "If you can't even pass a test as simple as this then I'm just wasting my time with you, since you'll never be able to complete your Inner Bitch Taming program. In which case, we might as well say our goodbyes now. So, what's it going to be?"

Heather's eyes opened widely in shock. Her first instinct was to whirl around on him and beat him with her fists and cry and scream and somehow take control of the situation, anything to stop the torturous teasing of her body that was driving her to a fever pitch. But then she immediately realized that if she did do that, he'd immediately flunk her out of his life and leave her, just like he'd said he would. If there was one thing she had come to believe in dealing with him, it was that he didn't screw around or make idle threats. If he said he was ready to dump her, right here, right now, then he almost certainly meant it. (That wasn't entirely true, as even he didn't know how much he was addicted to her, but luckily for him she didn't know that.)

She wasn't willing to bank on the chance that he was bluffing on this. She felt a yawning pit of fear open up in her belly. If he left her, getting him back would be next to impossible despite all of her methods of persuasion, that much was abundantly clear. Nothing I do works on him! Even my secret schemes against him crash and burn. It's so depressing and yet... I love it!

Trembling with the act of will it required of her, she carefully and deliberately resumed her assigned posture, with her feet apart and her hands dangling at her sides. She watched with amazement as she saw the transformation in herself from being fearful and nervous to secure and determined as she settled into her pose and accepted her position, literally, in his hands. She felt surprise as the fires of her passion suddenly flared higher, burning hotter and more brightly within her.

Good God I love this man! she thought. I just have to stop fighting, stop scheming. He owns my ass, my body, my soul. I may rule the school, but when it comes to him I really am nothing more than his cum dumpster. My goal should simply be to please him as best as humanly possible so he can please me. She said with confidence, "Sorry Sir, I won't fail you again."

He kissed the back of her neck, tasting her skin with his tongue. He felt her body start vibrating as she forcibly willed herself to keep still.

"Good," he said, "if you hadn't been able to control yourself even that much then there'd have been no hope for you. But since you've passed this little test, it's time to proceed to the next phase, so long as you don't forget this lesson and suffer a relapse."

He kissed her neck and shoulder again, but more sensually this time. He could feel her response, her quickened breathing, but she managed to hold still (for the most part).

"Now, my badly behaved Bitchslut says she 'wants it' and 'needs it' and that's fine with me. I like my Bitchsluts hot and horny. But the real question is, where does she want it, hmm? And does she know that badly behaved Bitchsluts get ignored and left high and dry, while well behaved Bitchsluts get it early and get it often? It's so hard to tell what my Bitchslut wants, a hard fucking or a big fat spanking, let alone if she will EVER learn to be well behaved and stop doing massively stupid shit."

She blushed in shame. She'd known that her plan yesterday involved some risks, but she hadn't realized until now just how fed up with her he was.

"Your Bitchslut is sorry, Sir-"

His hands squeezed her painfully tight, conveying his anger. "Sorry you got caught, Bitchslut, or sorry you did it at all?" he hissed. He didn't like being this mean, but felt he had to go through with it.

She couldn't stifle a small cry of pain. "Sorry about both, Sir. Sorry for doing it, and sorry for being caught." In truth though, she was a lot sorrier about getting caught. She still felt that what she was doing was for his own good, to help him rid himself of the likes of Glory.

"Keep quiet, Bitchslut..." he mumbled, "keep your voice down. We don't want to be discovered, do we?" The throbbing bass-heavy music could only cover up so much.

She watched her damp hair go flying in the mirror as she emphatically shook her head. I'm not gonna let anyone or anything interrupt us now, least of all my annoying parents! His cock is gonna slide into my ass pretty soon now, I can feel it!

He loosened his grasp, but kept a very commanding grip on her highly sensitized, private areas. Just to keep her distracted, he started kissing and licking the back of her neck again.

"Now, where was I?" he asked rhetorically, wetting a part of her spine with his tongue and enjoying the way it made her practically vibrate with the effort to hold still as he resumed mauling her chest and pussy. "Ah yes, needs. I don't know if you've heard or not, but as your Inner Bitch Tamer I am more than aware that Bitchsluts have needs. Very special, and particularly intense, needs. The problem is that some Bitchsluts have different needs from others, so it's not always easy to tell what their special needs are."

He nuzzled her ear, liking the way her breath came in short panting gasps, betraying her arousal. "Can you tell me what you need?" he whispered.

Heather watched the shudder run through her body as she answered. "Fucking," she whispered back, her voice dripping with lust, "Sir, your Bitchslut needs a good hard fucking, and she needs it BAD! I'd prefer it in the ass, as you know, but I'll take it in any hole just so long as it's your cock giving it to me!"

"Ah yes, fucking. All Bitchsluts need their fucking. Lots and lots of fucking. Why, if they have to go without, even for just a few days, they become unhinged, deranged, a danger to themselves and to others. The question is though, do they prefer being fucked by real, meaty, Bitch Taming cocks, or do they prefer their plastic Bitch Training toys that can stay hard forever if need be?"

As far as she was concerned, there was no contest. As much as she loved her Bitch Trainers, not a single one of them could ever hold a candle to a real Bitch Taming penis.

"Real. Hands down, no questions asked, Sir, the real thing is always better. Always."

There was no need for her to lie about that. Anal dildos were great, and the bigger the better, but nothing could compare to how good Alan felt to her. Under his skillful hands, it seemed as if her whole body was on fire. She felt tingles in places where he wasn't even touching her. The anticipation for what he was building up to was killing her.

He kissed her behind her ear. "Good. Very good." He nibbled on her earlobe, drawing a small gasp of pleasure.

She felt her asshole throb powerfully; the itchy hot burning lust she felt in there was making it harder and harder for her to keep her hips still. She kept having flights of her fantasy of throwing him on the floor and raping him with her horny ass (if one could even use an ass as a tool to rape with).

Alan was having so much fun that he'd gotten caught in a sexual fog, just like Heather. But with her so far gone, he took the time to pull back a bit, shake his head in an effort to clear it, and assess what he was doing. This isn't just about having fun, he told himself. I'm here for a purpose.

He tried to recall what the purpose was. Oh yes. The football players. Not only do I need to stop her from stabbing me in the back, but I need her help with them right away. I've gotta play good cop, bad cop, except I'm the only one here so I've gotta play both cops. First, I'll finish getting her all worked up, and then I'll lower the boom on her.

He said, "I want to show you how good it can be, if you don't try to cross me and my friends. Would you like me to get to know your ass a little better?" He shifted his position so that his throbbing erection could come to rest in the humid valley between her buttocks.

The effect on Heather was immediate and electrifying. She choked back a sob as her body threatened to betray her and collapse on the floor. The feeling of his erection resting in the crack of her ass was like tossing gasoline onto the open fires of her arousal. Keeping her eyes on his reflection, she couldn't trust her voice to answer coherently, so she merely nodded emphatically instead.

"Well, if that's so, then perhaps a little inspection is in order. Keep your feet apart and your hands at your sides. And most importantly, keep quiet and keep still! This may take a little while."

He released his hold on her and stepped away. Now it was time for him to unleash the surprise that Suzanne had suggested to him just before he left home.

Heather missed his hands on her body almost as soon as he took them away, but then she saw in the mirror that he was getting down on his knees behind her, even going so far as to get comfortable. She ached to reach back with her own hands, to pull her ass open for him to "inspect," but she knew now that she had to keep her hands at her sides and do as she was told if she wanted him to keep going. Her entire ass was on fire with anticipation. She didn't know what he was going to do exactly, but she knew that she'd love it.

When she felt his fingers grab her buttocks to pry them apart, she felt like crying for joy.

When she felt a completely unexpected breathy hot wetness touch her asshole, she nearly pole-vaulted to the house next door.


Oh. My. GOD! Did he just do what I think that felt like?

Alan had been expecting that the first touch of his tongue to Heather's anus would produce a dramatic reaction, and she certainly hadn't disappointed him. As it was, she'd plastered herself up against the mirror when she'd jumped away from him in surprise. He watched her, shaking like a leaf in a stiff breeze, as she dialed herself back down towards coherence.


Chuckling with mirthful approval, he simply said to the shell-shocked blonde bombshell, "Bitchslut, resume the position. Keep quiet and, as I have to keep reminding you, keep still." He was too obviously amused though for there to be any serious sting in his words.

He paused, and thought, How has it come to this? Man, I never would have dreamed in a million years that I'd put my tongue on anyone's asshole, much less Heather's. But when it's completely clean it's just another sensitive body part that's fun to play with. The main thing is, I know this is going to pay off for me in spades down the road when it comes to dealing with her.

Still feeling like a nervous wreck, she backed away from her mirror and took up the now familiar posture in front of him again. A huge wave of emotions surged through her as she now realized that she was standing with her naked ass only inches from his face. She could feel his warm breath on the tiny hairs on the skin of her buttocks. She had trouble breathing, despite gulping down great lungfuls of air. She couldn't seem to stop shaking. She felt so wound up that it was like she was ready to burst. Even Simone had never done anything to her that made her feel half this excited and alive. What affected her most was just how intimate the gesture was.

"Look at yourself in the mirror, Bitchslut, not at me. Tell me what you see. Tell me what you're feeling."

"O- ok-hay." She gasped.

"Sir." He firmly reminded her.

"Yes. Sir." She gulped, as she saw his hands reach up towards her defenseless rear again. She had to fight her instincts as his fingers took hold of her meaty buttocks once more and pried them apart, slowly exposing her twitching anus to his gaze. God, there's nothing I want more than to shove my ass back and ride his face to an incredibly glorious climax! But all I can do is stand here, completely helpless before him despite the lack of any restraints whatsoever. He's got me exactly where he wants me, AGAIN! And it's driving me wild!

Talking directly into her open ass, he asked, "Are you ready for inspection, Bitchslut?"

She felt his heated breath between her open butt cheeks. She tried to answer, but the groan that came out instead wasn't too terribly coherent. She settled for nodding vigorously instead.

He sensed the nodding of her head through his contact with her intimate flesh. Rather than waste any more time, he decided to plunge right in. Wedging his face into the humid crack of her ass, he started orally pleasuring her spastic anus with his lips and tongue.

Right from the get go, she had difficulties. The most important one was that she found it very hard to keep from screaming her head off in ecstasy. She normally preferred to be quite uninhibited and vocal about shouting out her sexual pleasure, but under the current circumstances doing so would be disastrous rather than fun. The second problem for her was that it was nearly impossible for her to hold still. Her hands kept fluttering at her sides, rather than hanging limply, and her legs continually threatened to give out from under her as wave after wave of pleasure radiated outwards from her rear end.

He sensed that she was about to crumble to the floor, so he backed off for a little bit to let her recover and adjust.

As she calmed down, she thought, How many times have I fantasized about having him in this position, submissively eating out my ass as I reveled in my complete and utter triumph over him? And yet here he is, eating my ass out, but it's all flipped around! Somehow, he's made it so that I'm the one submitting to HIM while he's doing it! He's so fucking diabolically brilliant; I really have to hand it to him. Now, if I ever was able to get him to submit and lick my ass in supplication, it just wouldn't be the same. It would be a hollow shell, a mere mockery of this magical moment. The thing is, this is so intimate, so loving! It's a thousand times better this way, with all these electrical and intense feelings flowing between us, than mere control and domination of him could ever be!


Alan was enjoying himself immensely. This ass licking was Suzanne's answer to Xania's request for him to do something unprecedented that would knock Heather's socks off. He had figured it would get the desired result, but he hadn't been prepared for the sheer pleasure of watching her struggle to contain her screaming libido. One of the things he loved to do to her was make her squirm, and this "inspection" was doing that in spades. Since her pussy was right next to her asshole, he fingered her there at the same time, driving her absolutely wild.

I've got to admit that Heather may be a bitch, but she's a fun bitch. She's so sexually responsive, and her hard body really is something to behold. The only one who matches her in being so relentlessly in shape and athletically fit is Simone. And when it comes to sex, she's even better than Simone is. It's like she was bred, born and raised for nothing but mind-blowing, fantastic sex.

The only problem is that I get carried away. She doesn't just feel like an exceptionally sexy piece of meat today; I feel like we're bonding somehow. That's probably not a smart thing, but I'm on such a roll that I'm just gonna have to run with this and see where it goes.

He resumed licking her asshole, but slowly and gently, keeping her drunk on lust but not too drunk. He asked her again, "So, what do you see in the mirror?"

She regained enough mental focus to start describing to him what she was seeing in herself in the mirror. She kept stressing just how much she loved anal stimulation and having her butt played with like this, and how grateful she was to be his Bitchslut.

Time to up the ante, he thought wickedly. Choosing his moment carefully, he waited until she was distracted saying something-or-other about how wonderful what he was doing to her felt. Then, in mid-syllable, he struck. Taking a firm hold with both hands on the sides of her hips so she couldn't get away from him, he stiffened his tongue and speared it into her hotly clutching, highly sensitized anus.

When she felt his oral muscle invade her rear end, she literally forgot to breathe for a few long seconds. The only thing greater than her shock in that moment was the excruciatingly intense pleasure that she felt.

His tongue is fucking my ass!


She threw her head back and silently howled her passion. She desperately wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, but she thought about her possessive former Marine father downstairs and somehow the danger just turned her on even more.

Her chest heaved mightily as she tried to draw great big gulping breaths. She wobbled precariously on unsteady legs as tremors of sexual fulfillment threatened to crest over her. If he hadn't been holding onto her to keep her steady, she would have collapsed onto the floor. Her hands shook and flailed at her sides, wanting to clutch at something for support but finding nothing to grab onto.

Heather wanted to touch herself, badly. She could feel the cooling wetness on the back of her neck and shoulders where he had kissed her, and she hungered for his gentle caresses again. Her clit hung down, ripe, hot, and bloated between her legs, having thrust aside the covering hood in searching need for that extra flicker of sensation that would catapult her into orgasm. Her pussy was weeping juices, crying out in readiness, drenching her inner thighs. A fine sheen of sexual sweat glittered on her skin in the morning light, radiant and glowing.

But none of those sensations held a candle to what her ass was feeling. She thought she would pass out at any second from the way his hands held her taut, tanned buns with his face buried between them while he thoroughly wetted the inside of her asshole with his wriggling tongue. She couldn't help herself when her hips started bucking, thrusting back to impale her asshole onto his fucking tongue.

She started to feel the rumblings of an awesome climax; there was just no way to hold back.

But Alan didn't want her to peak too soon. He suddenly pulled his tongue away, sat back on his heels, and let go of her sweaty buttocks altogether.

The shocking absence of sensation brought what would have been a tremendous chain of orgasms to an early halt before it could really get going. The conclusion of her ascent was within sight, but frustratingly just out of reach.

Her head flopped down and she looked at herself in the mirror. She could hardly believe what she saw in her reflection - the hunger, the need, the craving she saw in her eyes and in the rippling tension in her body, the overwhelming desire for sex. She was enthralled by the sight of herself and the feelings within her that Alan had unleashed. At the same time, she felt profoundly humbled, tremendously prideful, and of all things, liberated.

He's the one, she thought to herself, as the tremors in her body quieted and she settled back into her "assigned" posture, My God, he's the one for me. She felt her heart go from a bouncing pitter patter to a racing beat as the full realization unfolded. Holy shit! I'm in love! This is so much more than just lust. Fuck me, I'm actually, really in love with Alan fucking Plummer! No way! No fucking way!

She'd had these feelings before, this sense that she was in love with Alan and that she'd do anything to be his girlfriend. But the intensity of her emotions now made those earlier feelings pale in comparison.

He watched her watching herself in the mirror, giving her a moment alone with her own thoughts. He watched the reflection of her chest, rising and falling with her breathing, the sensuous movement of her magnificent breasts, the subtle twitches of the muscles in her calves and thighs. He felt his erection twitch and throb with need.

Man, I have no idea how I've held out this long. I think I must be building up a tolerance to insanely arousing stimulation, thanks to everything that's happened to me lately. Even a month ago, I probably would have cum by now just from the touching we've done. But I can't hold back anymore!

Standing up behind her, he closed the short distance between them. As he wrapped his arms around her to hold her tightly to him in a full body hug from behind, he maneuvered his erect cock to slip between her thighs and slide the head and shaft along, but not into, her wet and juicy pussy lips.

Feeling her pussy sliding along the shaft of his thickness, she couldn't help but moan, heedless to the danger of being too loud. She realized that her pussy had been relatively neglected by him lately, thanks to all the focus on her ass, but with his erection so close suddenly her pussy craved satisfaction as much or more than her ass did.

Still, the firestorm of sensations from even so light a touch as that sent her reeling. She slumped into his embrace and had to reach up behind herself to hold onto his neck to keep upright. But it wasn't enough. That whisper of sensation hadn't been enough for her to claim the release she so badly needed.

Her head rested in the crook of his shoulder as she whimpered with unfulfilled desire. Recovering enough of her wits to look up at him, her eyes glazed with fuck lust and wet with unshed tears, she breathily whispered, "Sir... I love-"

His mouth rushed forward and before she could say the word "you" he kissed her square on the lips.

At first, she was frustrated that she didn't get to finish making her declaration of love. She was swept up in her passion and even wanted to break the kiss in order to get those words out. But as the kiss went on, she thought, "I love you?" Did I almost say that? Stupid me! Even if it's true, and it probably is, I can't actually TELL him that! Then I'll lose a lot of leverage with him. I need to be prudent and strategic. I've got to fight to get what I want, which is a lot more of him! I can't start acting like a silly, love-struck schoolgirl! But dammit, he makes it so hard not to lose my head. He's such a good kisser!

Meanwhile, he thought, She loves me? Fuck! That's not good, not good at all! I know for sure that was what she was going to say; I can just tell. I think the good cop part of my good cop, bad cop routine has gotten out of hand! This is exactly what Xania warned me about. Fuck, fuck, fuck! FUUUCCK!

He looked over to the window longingly, as if he was in a lion's den and he needed to plot his escape. The problem is, I'm feeling such strong feelings for her too. Like this kiss. It's such a searing, soul-melding kiss! At times like this it's so easy to forget what she's like most of the time. Why does she have to be such a bitch?

As they continued to kiss, he calmed down a bit as he justified things to himself, No, Heather may want to SAY the words "I love you," but she has no idea what they mean. She's simply too selfish to feel true love. So I think I'm still safe for the most part, although this is definitely NOT A GOOD THING. I'm going to have to ramp up that Sean handover plan, big time! Good thing I brought that up again earlier. And thank God, too, that Xania warned me in time so I can hopefully nip her romantic delusions in the bud before she starts acting even crazier than usual.


Alan felt a fresh spurt of wetness on top of his erection, and figured it was about time. Breaking off the kiss, he held Heather's eyes captive with his gaze as he shifted his position slightly, pulling his erection back and down slightly until the head was drawn back and angled up into the drooling folds of her pussy lips. Maintaining silent eye contact with her, he slowly thrust upwards with his hips, sinking his throbbing meat into the hot, wet and hungrily clasping folds of her muscular vagina.

The look on her face as he drove into her with his erection was priceless.

"Thank you, Sir," she moaned when he reached full depth. "Thank you!" She bucked her hips at him to encourage him to do more.

It felt so good for him sliding in that he strained with all his might not to cum then and there. At times like this he was acutely aware that he really wasn't the super stud he had convinced her that he was. It was a constant effort to keep his stamina and persona going. He paused and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He thought, Can I do this? I've been on the trigger for so long now - how will I be able to fuck her even one minute without cumming? I guess I'll try my favorite old trick - stall for time until I get my second wind. He grinned wickedly. The really cool thing is how my limitations actually make me appear even more studly. Whenever I pause, it comes across like I'm deliberately frustrating my partner to drive her to a higher high, when in reality it's because I'm so close to popping my cork that I have no choice but to stop. I guess perception really is everything.

With that thought in mind, he barked, "Bitchslut, I can't go on until you hold still. Do you want to do this or not?"

As he'd hoped, she assumed it was all her fault that he hadn't started thrusting already. But she was so turned on that getting her body to completely freeze was a nearly impossible task. Her hips in particular wiggled about like she was auditioning to be a belly dancer.

"Sorry!" she gasped between labored breaths. "I'm too hot! Sir!"

Using all her tremendous willpower, she finally managed to more or less come to a standstill after a couple of minutes.

That gave him enough time to come down from his orgasmic close call. He finally disentangled her hands from around his neck and brought them down, cupping her breasts.

That simple move set her off again. She practically burst into dance, her body was so eager to move about. The only thing keeping her from flailing about even more was the fact that his erection was lodged deeply inside her.

Alan realized that breast play would be too arousing for both of them, so he settled his hands on her shoulders, massaging the knots of tension there. "Hold still, Bitchslut," he mumbled, but warmly and without the menace of earlier disapproval. "How many times do I have to tell you to hold still?"

Heather blushed, ashamed at having to be reminded yet once more to control herself. She was able to take control of her hips, to keep from thrusting back at him, but there was nothing she could do about the involuntary actions going on inside her pussy. Her internal muscles were clenching, grabbing, sucking, and massaging his hardness inside her, desperately trying to make him flood her insides with his tasty cream. She could even see trickles of her pussy juices starting to slide down the exposed fraction of his shaft not already in her and starting to wet the skin of his ball sack.

"Fuck me. Sir. Please. Fuck. Me," she whispered.

"Fuck you? Fuck you where?" he asked, disingenuously, as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Please, Sir! Please! Anywhere!" She was so overcome with need that tears of frustration were actually rolling down her sweaty face. In particular, the hot, itchy, burning need radiating out from inside her ass was like a life force with a will of its own.

Suddenly changing her mind, she screamed none too quietly, "ASS! Sir, fuck me in the ASS!" Even though he was already buried balls-deep in her pussy, her ass was staging a coup d'etat in her brain, demanding more attention.

He was a little surprised by the depth of conviction he heard in her voice. He flexed his cock in her pussy, making her jump slightly and gasp momentarily with the feeling.

Her pussy responded in kind, grabbing onto him and sucking wetly in reply. It felt good, great in fact, but a little flexing just wasn't enough. Her urge to scream out in sheer frustration was nearly overwhelming.


He belatedly clamped a hand over her mouth and muttered, "Shush it! Do you want everyone to hear you?" He seriously hoped her parents were both downstairs and hadn't heard her "fuck me in the ass!" cry.

After a few moments he removed his hand so she could speak and she whispered back, "I don't care! Please, please, PLEASE! Just do me! Hard!"

He nibbled her ear, causing more frustrated moans. "If I do, can you promise to keep quiet?"

"I'll... try." She was so pumped up that she was practically hyperventilating.

Finally, he started sawing his erection in and out of her pussy.

Paradoxically, she calmed down some once he got going. It was the anticipation that was driving her crazy, and now that he was doing it, it was like the relief of walking in from the scorching desert and jumping into a cool pool. It felt so good that even her anal needs were sated for a little while.

He speared her for a minute or two, but all too soon he felt the urge to cum well up within him. If there was one thing he didn't want to do, it was to cum inside her. Part of the carrot and stick approach he had planned for her was making her understand that cumming inside her was a special reward only given when she was well behaved.

So, to his great frustration, he stopped and pulled out. But he had plans to cover this strategic break and buy himself more time.

She was about to complain when his hands left her shoulders as he stepped back from her, but then she saw him reach out with one hand to snatch up the tube of anal lube she'd given him earlier and that he'd set aside. Her protests died before even passing her lips as shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine.

He cracked the lube open, squirted some of it on his fingers, and approached her.

Struggling to hold still, she felt him pry her buttocks open to expose her straining asshole again.

Then, calmly using his probing fingers, he began to lube up her asshole, mostly by feel, while looking her straight in the eye through the mirror. Every so often he would take his hands away from her to put another fresh squirt of lube on his fingertip. Then his hands would disappear from sight behind her again and she'd feel his fingers open her up once more and start sensuously massaging more lube into her trembling rear end. Before long she started feeling deliciously "squishy" back there, though she craved something far more substantial than mere fingers.

When she was finally readied for anal penetration, he stepped back up behind her. But instead of pushing his cock into her asshole like she'd expected him to, he sank it back into her pussy.

"No! Sir!" she protested. "That's the wrong- I mean..." her voice trailed away as he started laughing at her.

"I know, I just wanted to enter you wet, wet with your juices that is, rather than slicked up with that other stuff." He bottomed out inside her and held for a few moments, bathing himself in her vaginal secretions. Stalling for more time to recover, he asked, "By the way, what's the difference between a good girl and a bad girl?"

She whimpered with frustration as he pulled his stiffness out of her again, once again with a "schlorping" popping noise. She wracked her brain trying to think of a simple answer, since Alan obviously didn't want an essay on the subject, but she couldn't think of a summary that made the distinction easy.

"Um, good girls you marry, but bad girls, you just fuck the shit out of them?" she ventured, doubtfully. She didn't like that answer, because she knew she was a "bad girl" and she wanted Alan as a boyfriend, not just a fuck partner. But she knew it was something that was commonly said.

"Close..." he murmured, centering the head of his wet cock onto her ready anus, "but not quite. The truth is, I'll fuck the shit out of good girls too, whether I marry them or not. Six out of ten for effort though."

He began to apply pressure, watching her face as her asshole started dilating, slowly opening to permit him entry. He watched with pleasure as her breasts started heaving more and more as he increased his pressure and her anal mouth slowly yawned wider and wider trying to take his thickness.


Soon, Heather's facial expressions were starting to show the strain of her anus trying to open widely enough to take his rampant erection within.

"Still want to get fucked?" he asked. "Still want it up the ass?"

"GOD yesssss!" she hissed, fighting against the increasing pain to relax her asshole and swallow the man meat pressuring her behind.

He held her trembling body close and whispered into her ear. "The answer is, good girls don't get fucked in the ass, but bad girls..." his cockhead suddenly popped completely inside her straining butt, "Bad girls do!"

She choked back a cry, of pain, pleasure, or more likely, both, as she felt Alan finally gain entry to her rear end. She wanted to be "filled up" right away, but her anus had clamped down hard behind the head of his cock so he wasn't going anywhere for a few minutes.

He used his hands to grab and massage her tanned and tightly clenching butt cheeks, hoping to distract her from any discomfort she might be feeling in the area. Judging from the mighty grip her throbbing anus was exerting on his shaft, it might be a little bit before she could relax enough for deeper penetration.

Once again, he was amazed by the sheer muscular power that she could exert with her asshole. Other lovers had tighter asses, like Amy, or more talented control over their anal muscles, like Xania, but Heather's won hands down when it came to strength.

After a little while he felt a shift in her breathing at the same time that her spasming anus relaxed its death-grip on him ever so slightly. Feeling that this was the perfect time to get her back in the mood for more, he decided it was time to start talking dirty to her once more, whispering of lustful depravity to get her going again.

"That's right, Bad girls love getting fucked in the ass, and you're a BAD girl, aren't you?"

She whimpered, but not in pain, with need. She didn't trust herself to talk just then, so she bit her lip and nodded instead.

He swung his hips gently, stirring the head of his cock inside the hot crushing grip of her clenching anus.


Her ass had already begun swallowing his length, but he wanted to draw out giving her the rest, if only because slowly thrusting into her like this was so pleasurable and would further delay the rush of their orgasms. Rather than pumping his way into her, he simply maintained a steady, even pressure that slowly fed more and more of his cock into her ravenous behind. Her whimpers of lust were like music to his ears.

He was too worked up to talk much more, but he kept feeding more and more of his fuckmeat into her insatiably horny ass.

She wanted to scream with passion, but she remembered her promise to keep quiet. Her hips were starting to wriggle, despite all her frenzied attempts to hold still, as he continued to work himself into her butt.

Finally, he was all the way in. His plan had been to simply stay that way for a while to calm down a bit and give her ass some time to adjust to his massive invasion, but unfortunately her ass wasn't cooperating. Even though she was doing her best to keep still on the outside, on the inside there was no way for her to stop the erratic clenching of her anal muscles.

It felt so good that he knew he was going to blow if he didn't do something soon. Worse, he couldn't simply pull out because the way his dick was being squeezed made even thrusting impossible. So there was only one way out, risky though it was.

"Do you need to cum, Bitchslut?" he asked, gently, sympathetically.

Delirious with lust, she could only answer with a hesitant, fearful nod.

He whispered, "Then cum for me, my Bitchslut, cum for me!"

And right before her eyes, the walls of the room seemed to start melting as her ass erupted into a cataclysmic orgasm.

He felt he was riding a mechanical bull. His challenge was to ride out her climax without cumming himself, because cumming in her ass would ruin all of his psychological manipulations. He strained his PC muscle for all he was worth, but not cumming was just about the hardest thing he'd ever done, given the way her anal walls were randomly contracting and squeezing his erection in the most joyous ways imaginable. Sweat liberally poured down his face as he battled her ass.


Her multiple anal orgasms lasted a very long time, but just how long was impossible to say since time seemed to stand still.

Eventually, he realized that he'd passed through the "worst" of it and he wasn't going to cum after all. But the ride had been so great that it felt better than just about all of his actual climaxes.


Neither of them quite passed out, but they'd been so out of it that when they started rousing themselves a few minutes later, they both felt like they were waking up from a long sleep.

Somehow they were both still standing, but she was leaning on the mirror and he was flopped all over her. Her breasts were pressed so hard into the cool glass that she seriously wondered if her rock hard nipples would leave dents.

Slowly, they righted themselves and resumed standing all the way up in a tight embrace.

She felt like she'd just run a marathon. Before, her long blonde hair had been wet from the shower, but now it was dry and the rest of her body was wet from all the exertion and sweat.

To her disbelief and astonishment, she felt a strange sensation in her ass. No way! He's still hard! And he's still balls-deep in my butt! How did he do that? I thought I'd just about squeezed his cock clean off, the way my ass was spasming so wildly. Incredible! He's such a fucking worthy partner, how could I ever be with anyone else? The other guys are just chumps.

She looked at him in the mirror, her eyes taking a little bit longer than usual to focus, and wondered in awe, What the hell is it going to take to get him to shoot into my ass?!

He tried not to laugh at the priceless shocked expression on her face. He thought, I have no idea how I made it through that, but I swear the effort just took a year off my life. Now, though, I really do have a strong second wind and I can enjoy myself for a while. It's like I came even though I didn't. Did I have another one of those accidental ejaculation-free climaxes Suzanne taught me about?

He mirthfully tweaked her erect nipples before grinding his hips into her defenseless ass, watching her expression melt into one of helpless pleasure as her eyelids fluttered and her eyes rolled back.

She slumped back against him. "Oh! Alan!"

The music was still pulsing out of the stereo, so he churned his hips in time to the beat. "Ahhh, nothing like a fresh, hot, buttfucked Bitchslut first thing in the morning. Mmmm. Breakfast of Bitch Tamers!" he chuckled.

He spanked her ass with one hand. It was a bit risky to make that much noise, but he just couldn't help from delighting in the quivering of her flesh as well as enjoying the squirming of her hips.

He whispered to her, conspiratorially, "This is exactly the kind of... servicing... that well behaved Bitchsluts can look forward to receiving on a regular basis. Obedient Bitchsluts get fucked balls-deep in the ass so they can just cum and cum and cum, oh so fucking hard, all over their Bitch Tamers. They get to open their insatiably horny asses to take big, fat, long, hard, cum-filled Bitch Tamers deep inside their cock-hungry asses and CUM all over them because they love assfucking so very fucking much. Yessss, they do..."

She was having trouble catching her breath, let alone staying upright. The aftershocks of her tremendous anal orgasm were still playing themselves out, rumbling around and echoing throughout her body. But instead of feeling fucked out like she'd expected, her asshole was already starting to suck on and massage his still rampant and throbbing erection once more.

She thought, I'm not sure if I could hold out through something even more powerful than that last orgasm. "Wha-" she gasped, still shocked, "what the fuck did you just d-do to me?"

He pulled her into an embrace and snuggled up and into her behind. He enjoyed listening to the sound of her passionate whimpering moans of pleasure as he made her eyes unfocus and cross.

He nuzzled her ear, licking and nibbling on her earlobe, delighted by the way her asshole rippled and sucked him in response to his ticklish and teasing touches of her body elsewhere. He said soothingly and lovingly, "What happened just now, that was all you. What you saw, what you felt, that was you... you and your very sensitive ass. And, as your Bitch Tamer, I know and understand your very private and very special needs."

She was surprised and seduced by his tenderness and compassion. She felt her entire body tense up, including her anus, before suddenly relaxing utterly as a wave of calming serenity seemed to pool its way outwards from within her. She felt completely safe in his arms, at peace with herself as a fulfilling sense of completeness and total trust washed over her. He does understand me, completely. I feel so safe here in his arms.

Her asshole throbbed in time with her slowing heartbeat, savoring and loving the deeply masculine intruder within her. Fuck me till kingdom cum, I've been completely conquered! Conquered by his kindness, his sensitivity, his tenderness, his fairness, and most of all by that giant, hard, meaty presence completely filling me. Shit, will I ever get enough of that incredible cock of his? Alan, I didn't believe it before, but now I do. You are my ass master, my Inner Bitch Tamer. I love you, Sir, and fuck me and love me until the day I die. I NEED that Bitch Tamer of yours up my butt!

He felt, as well as sensed, the change in her, as she responded to his tenderness while he held her in his arms. It was almost as if she were awakening somehow. He had a sense that her feelings for him were growing, especially since she'd nearly said "I love you" earlier, but he was still mostly clueless. If he could have heard the intensity of her thoughts, he would have been astonished, alarmed, and quite possibly tempted to make a run for it while he still could.

"How do you feel?" he asked gently, warmly.

She sighed. "Like a Bitchslut, Sir. A well-fucked but still needy Bitchslut." She snuggled back against him. "You were right, Sir, about me, about what it means to be a Bitchslut. I don't just prefer or want to be fucked in the ass, I need it. I love it! I fucking love it when you spread my ass and force my tightest hole to open up wide and take you deep. You're so right that I'm a very anal girl with very special needs, needs that only you can satisfy. Please, Sir. Please fuck my ass. Again! And always!"

Gotcha! he thought triumphantly. "I'd love to. But you know you're hardly the only woman in my life. If you were to cross me again, then what we've been doing today, we'd never do it again."

She blanched. The mere possibility of losing him was more disturbing to her than being forced to watch a child get run over by a car in slow motion. For the first time really ever, she thought seriously about stopping all her schemes. He has my number. He literally owns my ass. Every time I've tried to outsmart him he catches me and I get burned. Maybe I should just admit that he's tamed my ass and pussy and just spread my legs whenever he calls, like a good Bitchslut always does.

But as soon as she thought that, her pride kicked in. NO! That's not me! I never give up, never surrender! If I do that, I'll get him, what? One time a week? Maybe I should stay away from scaring off Amy and Katherine, at least for now. Let him have some fun at home. But if I can get Glory out of the picture, then he is mine at school at least, every single school day! That's definitely worth the risk. Besides, how is he going to realize that he and I are meant to be together forever if he's drowning in all his other women? Glory's not even remotely worthy of him. Her body is inferior to mine in every way. Really, I'm doing him a favor to weed out the unworthies he's not strong enough to say no to. That's how lovers help each other out, by making the tough calls the other one can't make.

She felt an even greater sense of calm and happiness settle over her as she fantasized about him loving her and her alone. I'm going to be a good Bitchslut. The best! He may say I'm not even in his top ten, and though I don't believe that, I'm going to be such an incredible fuck that soon there will be no way for him to even lie about who his number one is! I can tell by the way he's treated me today that he loves me. I'm going to love him so good that he won't be able to deny his love for me too.


The reason he's helping me with this Inner Bitch Training program is partly so he can use the head cheerleader and the hottest fuck in town as his personal cum dumpster whenever he likes, I realize, but mostly it's because he cares. No one else has cared enough about me to try to change me. That proves that he loves me!

He snuggled for a little while longer with her, letting his hands wander, before settling his grip on her hips so he could start rutting again. He whispered, "I feel like fucking your hot Bitchslut ass some more, but I doubt I'll cum in you today. You haven't earned that reward yet. You'll help me pull out when the time comes, won't you?"

"Yes, Sir. Anything you say." She would have agreed to dance on the roof in a clown suit if that got him thrusting again. Her hair had mostly dried by that point, so she grabbed a black hair-band from her dresser and put her hair back into its usual ponytail.

He smiled, because he preferred her with a ponytail, since that's how he thought of her. However, he wasn't about to soften his attitude. He said sternly, "Don't disappoint me, or there will be a price to pay."

But before she could reply to that, there was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Princess, can I come in?" a distinctly male voice asked through the door.

Instantly, she went rigid. Not only did her body seem to seize up, but her mind completely blanked. In her mind's eye she saw her father turning the knob to her door and walking into her bedroom. She could picture his red and angry face as he discovered that his "Precious Princess" had a boy's cock buried to the hilt in her upturned ass, and in her own bedroom no less! Her asshole clamped down painfully tight onto his erection, her fearful crushing grip rendering it impossible for him to pull out.

He wanted to run to the window and skedaddle, but he was very literally stuck, deep inside her. Trapped, he ruefully wondered, What is this?! Today's the day of interruptions. This is just like what happened with Amy and Suzanne at the window this morning, except this is all too real!

"Princess? You in there?" Frank asked in his booming voice.

They both stared in horror as the doorknob jiggled.

NOTE: For the first time ever, a part of the first draft was written by IBT. He wrote most of the Heather scenes here, so an extra huge thanks and co-writing credit for him! Big thanks also to IBT (again), Gnome, and WD40, who proofread the part over and over again and helped in lots of other ways. Also thanks to Hermit, Kaiphra, Brian, Warpwizard, DD, Sam.I.am, Lee, Sacbob, Random Zero, PlasmasEnd, BigWooSon, and Logan616.

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