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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 118
Baby Come Back
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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The Plummer house had a sun deck on the second floor, over the kitchen area. Lately, it hadn't been used much since the house's occupants were usually in a state of semi-nudity or nudity, or probably expected to soon be in that state. Even though the sun deck was really an unenclosed part of the upper floor, there was much more danger of being seen there.

But that's where Suzanne and Xania now stood, fully clothed. Suzanne had asked Xania to meet on the sun deck wearing something respectable, precisely because it would eliminate the temptation to fool around and because she wanted to have a serious discussion. Because of the sun deck's remote location and lack of in-house camera system, it was an ideal place to have a private conversation.


Suzanne said as she admired the view, "Xania, I need some advice on a really difficult matter."

Xania said jokingly, but also with serious intent, "You do realize I'm not a psychologist or counselor, right? I only play one on TV."

"Of course I know that. But you've been pretty wise with your words lately, and I don't know anyone else I can discuss this with. You see, for a long time now I was so caught up in the quest of getting the Plummer family sexed up that I never really stepped back to look at the bigger picture. Now that my goals are pretty much accomplished and my schemes are more or less successful, I can look at what I've done. Sure, in most ways it's great and I wouldn't change a thing even if things didn't always go as I'd planned. But in other ways I look at what I've done and feel ... distressed. Guilty."

Xania cocked an eyebrow at her former roommate. "Guilty? Why? It's not because of the incest factor, is it?"

Suzanne shrugged that off with a chuckle. "What, that? No. Hardly. It's mostly about Susan. I try so hard in all my schemes to use them to make people happy and at the very least do no harm, but I feel like I've abused her. More to the point, I've brainwashed her. I mean, look at her! Yeah, she's happy, okay, pretty much deliriously happy all the time, but she's practically non-functional in the real world. I've warped her brain! Every day, every single day for weeks on end, I would literally talk to her for a couple of hours at a minimum about how great Alan's cock is, how there's nothing better than sucking on it, and so on. Basically, I totally brainwashed her!"

Xania pointed out, "But her old conservative beliefs were a form of brainwashing, too. Except that she was profoundly unhappy deep inside back then, and look at her now. She IS deliriously happy."

Suzanne replied, "So you're saying the end justifies the means. Well, that's my motto too, usually, and I don't have any problem with that. Usually. But the problem is I went too far! Way too far! I mean, I praised Alan and his cock so much that it's downright unhealthy. And the funny thing is, I think it boomeranged back on me and I ended up brainwashing myself in the bargain! I praised him to the high heavens so much that before long everyone in the house started believing it, and Alan picked up on it and his confidence surged and he started porking girls everywhere he went, and that reinforced the praise and the whole thing just grew and grew in some kind of recursive positive feedback loop!"

"And that's a bad thing?" Xania asked, trying not to smirk.

"Well, not for Alan, obviously!" Suzanne laughed. "He's totally loving life, as usual. But look at Susan. And Brenda. Even Katherine a little, though her case isn't quite so bad. My brainwashing has turned them into such addicts for Alan's cock that it's just not healthy. I feel terrible. I'm worse than the Moonies and the Hare Krishnas put together!"

"If you were able to change Susan that much, why not just change her back?"

"That's the problem, and this is what scares me! I LIKE what I've wrought! Susan and Brenda are naturally submissive and I'm naturally dominant. I like turning them into nymphomaniacs and sex pets. I get off on it! It's something I only just realized this morning. I've been telling myself that what I've been doing is necessary to further my scheme, but a lot of it isn't. I kept pushing and pushing 'cos I wanted to see Susan be completely and utterly sexually free and wild, but I pushed way too far. Then others got caught up in it, like Brenda. And ME! That's what's so ironic. How did I wind up just another nympho in Alan's growing harem when I'm the one who schemed to bring the harem together in the first place? It's my own damned fault. But I'm having so much fun that even though I know I should be stepping back and changing things, I just can't."

"Or simply don't want to."

"Or don't want to, yeah." Suzanne had a sour look on her face, like she'd just bit into a slice of lemon. She hated admitting these things to herself, much less to her friend.

Xania thought about all of that. "Hmmm. Curious. I can definitely believe everything you said. But is it really all that bad? Sure, things have turned out pretty strange and extreme, but as long as it works and everyone's happy, what's the downside? Aside from your wounded pride, that is. Isn't everyone having the time of their life?"

"Yes, but, well, it's mostly Susan that I'm worried about. Brenda seems happy as a clam and I hardly did anything to change her into what's she's become. She saw what was going on and eagerly dived in head first. I doubt there's any way to change her back even if all of us worked on it together. But Susan! She's my best friend and I betrayed her trust in a fundamental way. I kept telling myself it would be okay because it was for her own good, but at some point I crossed a line from saving her from her prudish ways to turning her into a mindless sex toy simply because I could. That really hit home when I attempted to do some shopping with Brenda and Susan this morning. I mean, Susan's just not functional in the real world anymore! If she were to go shopping on her own, I could seriously picture her winding up licking her way up and down a zucchini as she mumbled about her Tiger, oblivious to all the people staring. And who's to blame for that? ME! Some best friend I am!"

"So where do you think things should go from here?"

"Xania, basically I'm asking you to keep me from my worst excesses. I don't want to go back to how things were two months ago, but we need to put Susan on a more even keel. Can you talk to her and test her?"

"Test her? How?"

"Well, for instance, do a little shopping with her before you go. I'm sure we'll discover some last minute things we forgot to get in the next hour or two. I'm just as bad as she is now, so if I went we'd end up scandalizing the whole store. Again. But you could go and just kind of observe from a distance. See how functional she is. Maybe I'm a big part of the problem and she'd be fine without me there blathering about Alan's big tasty cock every five minutes."

"Okay, I can do that."

"And talk to her. Since I am, for once, caught in my own web, I don't have much perspective. But maybe you can see where she is, and where a more healthy sexual level is, and try to dial her back down to the healthy level."

"Well, I'll try. But frankly, Suzanne, I don't think things are as bad as you fear. For one thing, you forget about the time frame. Everyone in this house is going through a sexual explosion. It's like when someone gets converted to a new religion and they become a complete fanatic about it. I had an aunt like that who was born again. For like six months I could hardly stand to be near her. Everything was a miracle. If her husband wanted chicken for dinner and she'd bought chicken that day, it was a miracle. Now she's still religious but she has perspective about it. She looks back to her fervor then and has a good laugh. I think that's what's happening here, too. You're all feeding on each other's energy and excitement, but that can't go on forever at such a fever pitch. Things'll chill out, but the harem and your extremely joyous sexual life together will still be there."

"You think? God, I hope you're right. To be honest, I've started to worry about Susan just completely flipping out."

"No, that's not going to happen. Suzanne, you and I are both very sexual beings, but we've had vastly different lifestyles since college. You've gone down the normal suburban path - in your own distinctive style, mind you, but still a pretty vanilla path, all in all. I on the other hand live in Santa Monica and hang out with some of the freakiest and most sex obsessed people on the planet. And what's interesting is how they all manage to keep it together in the real world. People leaving a wild orgy to do their shift at some boring place like Taco Bell. I see things like that all the time, especially in the porn industry where almost everyone has a second job to keep afloat financially. It's really not the lucrative industry everyone thinks it is, except for a couple of fat cats at the top who rip everyone off."

Xania sighed, thinking about how she had to struggle to get by working as a dental assistant, something she didn't really want to do. Then she continued, "But I digress. My point is, I've seen a lot of people come and go, people who can keep their shit together and people who can't. Susan can definitely keep it together. She's very well grounded with those traditional values of hers. It's just that now she's adjusted her value system to include odd things like the 'Big Tits Theory.' That's one of the wackiest excuses for submissiveness I've ever heard, but it works for her and it makes her happy, so what's the harm, really? She needs a value system to live by and she follows that, well, religiously. She's an extremely predictable person and she's not going to flip out. Trust me."

"I suppose I knew that already, but it's good to hear you confirm it."

Xania nodded. "The fact is, Susan's world has changed. It's filled with sex, sex, and more sex. So her adjusted value system is a good fit with her new reality. If Alan's medical treatment came up and you didn't take steps to quote, brainwash her, unquote, she'd be helping him out but beating herself up about it every single day. Sure, her attitude now is a little over the top, but things are a little over the top around here in general. For instance, where's Alan right now? Isn't he off fucking that bitchy Heather chick?"


Xania prodded, "Probably? You think he went over there to play model trains with her?"

Suzanne grinned wickedly. "Okay, definitely." Her gaze drifted from Xania to the view of the neighborhood as she lasciviously licked her lips. "If I know my Sweetie, he's balls deep in her ass right now and melting her brain through sheer lust." Just thinking about it sent little shivers racing up and down her spine.

"Oh, you can bet on it. He and I talked about Heather some earlier and I advised him that she needs regular vigorous buttfucking to stay more or less in line, since that seems to be her preferred hole. I'm sure that even as we speak she's bent over and screaming his name as that big telephone pole of his slides in and out of her taut bronzed butt."


Suzanne found herself feeling hot and overdressed all of a sudden. Her gaze returned to Xania and she began to mentally undress her. Xania's outfit, while conservative, still exposed some cleavage since she hadn't brought any clothes with her that didn't.

Suzanne's eyes were glued there, down Xania's creamy valley. If I can't have my Sweetie at the moment, Xania's legendary tongue, "The Snake", will certainly do in a pinch! I love the things her tongue can do to my pussy; it's almost like a little Alan Junior, stabbing in so deep! ... No. I came here for serious talk. I can't lose my willpower every five minutes like some people around here or there would be chaos.


Suzanne forced herself to look up to Xania's face. "Yes, please continue."

"So as you see, that's the reality of the Plummer household now. The frantic pace of sex may slow down, but he's still got to do his thing six times a day. You all are having a non-stop barrel of fun in your new harem lifestyle. So we don't want Susan to change back TOO much, now do we?"

"True," Suzanne replied. She found herself thinking, Heather's pretty smoking hot. I wouldn't mind taming her ass myself every now and then with a big strap-on. I'll bet I could teach her some humility! Yummy. But knowing that Xania was waiting for her to say more, she had to give herself a little shake to get Heather out of her head.

Suzanne continued, "But we've also been extremely lucky. We need to be grounded so we could deal with any disaster that might befall us. For instance, what if Alan were to go somewhere far away for a month or more? Even something relatively small like that could push the new Susan over the edge, don't you think?"

That brought Xania up short. She nodded. "Well, that would be tough, and there would be a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth. But the thing is, you all have each other, both as sexual outlets and to lean on emotionally. Sure, sometimes one or more of you can get carried away, but ultimately you're all best friends and lovers. Frankly, I envy you. I'm pretty much on my own up there in a big and heartless city."

Suzanne stepped forward and enveloped Xania in a hug. "Thanks. You ARE really good at this counseling stuff. Now can you go have a talk with Susan before you leave? I know you don't have much time before you have to head back north."

"It would be my pleasure. I was already planning on talking to her anyway about some of these same things. I may not really be a psychologist, but she thinks of me that way and I'm happy to do what I can." Xania smirked and licked her lips. "Besides, she tastes good."

Suzanne had to stifle a grin. "Thanks. And remember, the offer to join our group is always open."

Xania looked regretful. "I know that, and it does look like a better and better offer all the time. But I have to be honest, it would never work out with me. I can't open myself up to Alan because I know he could never be enough man for me, not if I have to share him with so many others, and maybe not even if I didn't have to share him. The bottom line is, as you know, I'm highly sexed and my appetite for it has only increased since college, if you can believe that. So I need a lot more flesh and blood cock than he could ever deliver, maybe more than any one man can ever give me. If I ran around with other men, which I would, that would cause no end of trouble for the group. I just can't settle down with any one guy, period. But I do look on your group and envy you all."

They continued to hug for a long time. Suzanne felt like a great weight had lifted from her shoulders.


Back in the Morgan house, Heather, who was bent over with Alan impaled in her behind, went rigid as she heard the sound of her father Frank knocking on her bedroom door. In her mind's eye she saw him turning the knob to her door and walking into her bedroom. She could picture his red and angry face as he discovered that his "Precious Princess" had a boy's cock buried balls deep in her ass, and in her own bedroom no less! Her anal sphincter clamped down painfully tight onto Alan's erection, her fearful crushing grip rendering it impossible for him to pull out. Paralyzed with terror at the prospect of being discovered, she couldn't think of what to do.


"Princess? You in there?" Frank asked in his booming voice.

Both Alan and Heather stared in horror at the door handle as it jiggled.

Alan, realizing that Heather had only a few seconds to answer before her father came charging in, tried to ignore how her asshole was doing its damned hardest to crush his cock to a pulp. Despite the increasing pain, he wasn't growing flaccid at all. If anything, the danger and excitement was just making him more aroused and engorged. He managed to whisper in her ear, "Tell him he can't come in. Say you're not decent!"

Willing to grab any lifeline, she yelled at the door, "You can't come in! I'm not decent!" There was no need for her to feign panic at this point. For the life of her she couldn't remember if she'd locked her door or not.

At the same time she said that, there was a rattling of the door knob. Both Alan and Heather very nearly passed out from sheer terror, but luckily that's all it was, a rattling.

Then Frank said from the other side of her bedroom door. "Oh. So that's why your door's locked. What are you doing?"

Heather turned her head to look at Alan, forgetting momentarily that she could see him perfectly well in the mirror in front of them. Her expression desperately, silently, begged him for help. The close call with the doorknob rattling had scared the wits out of her in a very literal sense. She was trembling all over in fear, despite the fact that the door was really locked.

But Alan was thinking clearly and quickly, largely motivated by the fear of Heather's big and bulky father beating the shit out of him. He whispered into her ear, "Exercising in the buff. What do you want?" He was very grateful that the bass heavy instrumental dance music was still playing, to help drown out his whispers.

Her eyelids fluttered as she pushed her ass back against him. Regardless of whatever else was happening, the danger of being discovered was a huge turn-on and she was powerfully aroused, even though she didn't want to be. She wanted to say or do something to get herself out of this mess, but all she could think about was how deliciously wicked and wonderful it felt to have her ass completely stuffed with cock.

Her entire asshole squeezed powerfully around his shaft as a form of non-verbal approval for his good suggestions. The delicious innuendo of saying something so deceptively simple to her father appealed to her tremendously, especially since it was technically true.

Sighing loudly, and with a melodramatically grumpy undertone, she said to the door, "Exercising in the buff. What do you want, daddy?"

"Oh." Obviously Heather wasn't about to open her door, and clearly her father was somehow disappointed by that. "Uh, Princess? Your mother and I got you a present for today and she wanted me to give it to you. Could you please open up?"

She groaned loudly, in lustful frustration, shuddering. She could feel a tremendous orgasm coming on and hoped her groan didn't sound as wantonly orgasmic as she felt.

"Yes Daddy, just a sec." She sighed mightily towards Alan, rolling her eyes.

Frank asked, "What's taking so long? It's taking you like a minute to answer each of my questions. Are you on some kind of slow drug or something?"

This time she sighed more convincingly. "No, Daddy. I'm finishing up my reps. I can't just stop my exercises in the middle." She had a naughty thought and added, "I'm just finishing up flexing my gluteus maximus to the max, okay? I'll be done in a minute."

"Well, hurry up. I don't have all day."

Heather should have taken the opportunity to get herself together. She at the very least should have thrown some clothes on while letting Alan find a good hiding place. But she was so aroused that she couldn't resist doing exactly what she said, and flex her gluteus maximus, the muscles in her ass cheeks. She squeezed and released, over and over, trying to get Alan to cum right away.

As she flexed and squeezed, her butt repeatedly crushed Alan's trapped erection, but she wasn't as tense as before so he felt a lot more pleasure than pain.

He urgently whispered, "What are you doing?! Stop and let me out! We have to do something!" But at the same time, as her ass relaxed and his cock started to have some freedom of movement, age old natural rhythms and instincts took over. He found himself thrusting in and out with the inch or two of mobility that she allowed him, rather than withdrawing completely. It just felt too good to do anything else.

At the same time, he was so frightened that he was on the verge of passing out. If he could have made his penis go flaccid he could have pulled it out easily, but the problem was that he was simply too aroused. Even thoughts of a naked Henry Kissinger eating fried chicken didn't do the trick as usual. After only two or three thrusts he regained enough sense to at least try to pull out once and for all, but her ass was just too tight. He only ended up thrusting back and forth even more than before.

She misinterpreted what he was doing. Despite his clear words, she didn't think he was trying to pull out; she thought he was taking advantage of the situation to give her an even better fucking than before. She thought, Oh God! What a stud! He doesn't care about the danger. In fact, he thrives on it! How can I resist?! He's all man!

She was so overcome with this that she let out a yell, forgetting the danger. Luckily, it was a wordless cry, but it was loud enough to be heard over the music and through the door.

"Princess! What was that?" Frank rattled the doorknob some more, though to no effect.

That finally snapped Heather out of it. She struggled to pull herself together enough to yell at the door, "I just stubbed my toe. I'm coming!"

Alan figured that at this point she'd make an effort to relax so he could pull out and he could hide. He looked around for possible hiding places. He considered her bathroom. That seemed a lot better than the closet, since the closet doors were closed and opening them to close them again might sound suspicious, even over the music on the stereo.

But unfortunately for Alan's peace of mind, Heather remembered that "coming" has two meanings. She imagined that she'd been yelling "I'm cumming!" to her father and that got her so aroused that she really did start to climax.

Alan could feel her ass trembling like an earthquake was hitting it, and realized that she was getting off. He whispered forcefully and urgently, "NO! Not now! Do something useful!"

With great determination, she managed to damp down her orgasm before it really got going. It was a good thing, too, because she was so unbelievably aroused that she was liable to scream like a banshee if her control slipped even a little bit more. However, being ordered not to cum in and of itself was a big turn-on for her. In fact, just about anything Alan did or said at this point was going to be a turn-on for her, because she was that far gone.

All these events were happening quickly. (While there had been long pauses, Frank had been exaggerating when he'd said that it took her a minute to respond.) But this time it had been over a minute since Heather had said that she needed to finish her exercise repetitions, and that was far too long. She finally decided to do something about her dad.

Looking at Heather's face through the mirror, Alan saw a steely look of fierce determination take light in her eyes. The powerful vise-grip of her asshole on his cock, rather than slackening, actually increased. Alan felt his eyes starting to cross from the crushing pressure Heather was now, deliberately, exerting on him (of that he had no doubt). She then reached back with both hands to grasp his hands where they hung limply at his sides and, imperiously, settled one of his hands on her muscular ass cheek and the other she drew forward to cup and knead her breast on that side.

The look in Heather's face convinced Alan that she'd made her decision already. She wasn't going to let him "out" while she faced her father, which also meant she had no intention of putting any clothes on.

As quickly as that, she'd turned the tables on him. Now she was the one calling the shots and he was the one along for the ride, not vice-versa.

Alan was concerned, but he figured it was a little better that at least she was finally doing something about her dad and not just making him fuck her ass some more while her father waited impatiently. That was madness.

Clutching Alan's hands to her intimate flesh, and still deeply impaled on his throbbing manhood, Heather locked eyes with him through the mirror and jerked her chin towards the door.

Alan's eyes widened with comprehension, and when he nodded, the two of them started carefully shuffling sideways, in unison, towards the bedroom door together.

When they got right in front of the door, Heather snuggled her ass back against Alan, making sure she securely had him deep inside her mighty anal grip. She then tightened her buttocks and spread her thighs a little wider for him to ensure he wasn't going anywhere. She let go of his hand that she'd been keeping pressed onto her ass cheek and reached out to unlock the door. Her other hand kept his other hand pressed into and gently kneading her cupped breast.

Because they were both so close behind the door when Heather opened it, she could only open it up less than a foot before the wood would be pressed against her front. Standing upright on one leg, she leaned sideways at the hip until just her head, neck, and a part of one bare shoulder could be seen through the slightly opened doorway, but the edge of the door demurely hid the rest of her nudity (and Alan) from her father's sight. She hooked her other leg up and back around Alan to help steady herself.

If Alan had ever had any doubts about Heather's general level of fitness and athleticism, this one little move put a lot of those questions to rest. He also realized that although where she'd placed his hands on her body was intimately sexual, they were also in almost (but not quite) perfect places to "spot" her for the pose she was now in, leaning over to look out the door. As crazy as it was, she knew what she was doing and just how to do it.

"Finally!" Frank complained as he saw the door open a crack.

But Heather was in her element, now that she'd recovered from the shock, and she went on the offensive. "What?!" she rudely barked. "You know how much I hate to be interrupted when I'm exercising."


Frank looked down at the fuming face of his wild child daughter. (At least, he assumed that she was fuming, although the red flush on her face was actually due to something else.)

Frank was a military man and very straight-laced. He had no incestuous feelings toward Heather; he would have been repulsed and appalled by the very idea. On the other hand, he was a red-blooded heterosexual male with a healthy sex drive who certainly admired a gorgeous curvy female, even when she happened to be his daughter. He felt his erection growing, not so much by what he could see as by what he imagined lay on the other side of the door. (Little did he know just what a sight that would be, with Heather still rhythmically flexing her strong ass muscles around Alan's pulsing rod.)

He also was aroused by Heather's disheveled, uncombed, and unbound hair. He was struck by how similar a woman who had just been exercising looked to a woman who had just had sex. (Again, little did he know.) But remembering that this wasn't just any young hottie, but instead his own daughter, he forced himself to do the gentlemanly thing and look away.

"Easy there, girl, easy." Frank chuckled. He was very accustomed to his daughter's imperious moods and they had less effect on him than just about anyone else. After all, he was a veteran in frequently dealing with similar moods when it came to his feisty wife Helen. He said jovially, "I just wanted to give you a little present from your mother and me, especially since we both now think you're old enough." He reached out with a small box.

Heather impatiently reached out to grab at the box. She had to adjust to let go of the door handle and grip it with her other hand so she didn't fall over.

Frank had no doubt she could make the adjustment, but it was still fun to see her wobble ever so slightly as she shifted before stretching her arm out through the open doorway for her present. Of course he had no idea that the main thing keeping her upright was the throbbing dick deep in her butt and a pair of hands desperately clutching at her chest and ass.

Alan had been doing his best to stay still, quiet, and calm. He thanked his lucky stars for the throbbing bass music, because it seemed to him that the squishy noises coming from Heather's ass could be heard a mile away. The last thing he wanted to do was encourage her insanely dangerous behavior by thrusting in and out, so he didn't. But he sure as hell wanted to pound her into the door with his dangerously aroused dick, and then keep fucking her until she begged for mercy, and then fuck her even harder after that.

Frank pulled the box back just as she was about to reach it. He wasn't going to let her jerk him around and bitch.

"Daddy!" Heather pouted. Even as she did, she repeatedly clenched and unclenched her powerful anal muscles around Alan's stiff erection.

Holding the box just out of reach, he teased, "Still hate to be rudely interrupted?"

Heather replied, "No, of course not, Daddy. It's just that you came at a bad time and took me by surprise. Sorry for being snappy. What's in the box?"

Realizing that was as close to an apology as he was ever going to get, Frank brought the box within her reach. But before she could open it, he opened it himself.

Heather watched the top of the small black velvet covered jewelry box come open.

Then Frank brought out the two small sapphire-studded earrings that were inside and put them in Heather's outstretched hand.

This was the time for Heather to duly "ooh" and "aah." She did, except that she was so aroused by Alan still being impaled in her ass that her words came out far too loud and enthusiastic. "OOH! AAAH! OH! YEEESS!"

Frank chuckled. "I knew you'd like them, but really..."

"I LOVE THEM! GODITSSOGOOD! I meant... they're so good! Thanks, Daddy, they're great!"


Alan had been having a hard time breathing. He kept holding his breath in fear until he was forced to breathe. With those kinds of exclamations, he thought that he and Heather were found out for sure. He braced himself for Frank's livid red face to peer around the door edge, and then to feel the blows of Frank's meaty fists on his face.

But Frank was unaware of that. He just thought that Heather was still breathless and red from her workout and that she really, really liked the earrings. He smiled at her unusually enthusiastic reaction. Neither Frank nor Helen was around much to raise Heather well, but they did love her and felt guilty about the neglect. They tried to make up for their lack of time by showering Heather with gifts. As a result, she expected big gifts even on non-gift giving holidays like Thanksgiving. To get a big response from someone as jaded by gifts as Heather was a very pleasant surprise.

Frank played up the moment, happy to stretch out this bit of quality time. "They're not much, really. But I wanted to give you this before you get your big gift at dinner. You'll see why. Your mother and I can't tell you just how much we love you."

In an instant, all the haughty bluff and bluster went out of Heather. "Daddy..." she breathed, suddenly at a loss for words, deeply touched by this unexpected gift. She was so moved that she even temporarily forgot to keep her ass flexing going.

"How about a kiss for your old man, seeing as how he's such a nice guy, hmmm?" Frank asked kindly.

Heather considered how she could kiss her dad without exposing Alan or any of her privates. Frank didn't consider Heather as a potential sexual partner, and the feeling was more than reciprocated by Heather. The very thought of having sex with her father would have elicited a loud "Yuck!" from her. She certainly didn't want her father to see any part of her naked.

So, with her shoulder resting against the edge of the door, she leaned forward just a bit and stuck her head out some more. She puckered her lips and closed her eyes, making it clear that Frank was to close the distance for the kiss.

Frank obligingly leaned in and kissed her cheek, then placed his cheek over her lips so she could kiss it. "Thank you Daddy," she whispered, genuinely moved.

Although Heather didn't think of her father in a sexual manner whatsoever, she did get off on the idea of doing terribly naughty sexual things behind his back. She loved thumbing her nose at authority and getting away with murder.

She'd done many naughty and devious things in her life, but so far nothing was as deliciously sweet as kissing her father innocently on his cheek while standing naked and flexing her ass powerfully around her lover's hot and rigid erection. It was all she could do not to cream on the spot and yell for joy.

Behind her, Alan was struggling to stay not only absolutely still but completely silent as Heather's asshole rippled all around him. He too was engaged in a near life or death struggle not to climax. Only for him, it really did seem like a life or death issue. He knew that if he and her father got into a fight, the former Marine would be the stick and he would be the piñata.

"You're welcome, Princess. Happy Thanksgiving." Frank kissed Heather's other cheek before straightening up. "Oh, one other thing. Your mother says she'll have everything ready in a little less than an hour from now. I presume you'll be joining us?"

"Yes Daddy, I'll be 'done' by then!" she smiled knowingly. Her asshole squeezed Alan strongly, giving him no illusions as to her double meaning. With the danger passing, she started to work her hips some, shifting forward and back a little bit on the firm pole that she couldn't get enough of. "I'll be down when you're ready."

"Okay, Princess, I'll tell her. You'd better get on with your exercises."

"I WILL! Oh, yes I WILL!" Her hip movements were increasing, but luckily all the action was taking place behind the door and out of Frank's sight. "THANKS AGAIN!"

Frank looked at her a bit quizzically, but finally just smiled and said, "Anything for you." Then with a friendly wink, he walked off.


After closing the door on Frank, Alan and Heather both held their breath while they carefully listened to her father's footsteps grow quiet. Moments later, they heard a stair creak as he made his way downstairs.

Alan could still feel his heart pounding in his chest. What he hadn't expected though was being able to feel Heather's heart pounding in her chest too. But with her slumped back against him as she was though, he could.

"Holy shit!" he whispered in relief to Heather. "I thought we were doomed!"

Heather's feelings about the matter were quite different. With both hands she reached around behind herself, grabbed Alan's butt cheeks, and pulled him hard into her ass, grinding her hips against him and trying to work a tiny fraction more of his cock into her powerfully throbbing asshole. At the same time she'd half-turned and started kissing him so insistently, and with so much tongue, that he was convinced she was trying to lick his tonsils.

The near discovery by her father of herself and Alan engaging in forbidden anal sex had fired up her libido to almost impossible new heights.

"Exercise me, Sir!" she moaned, releasing the reins on her lust. "Exercise my Inner Bitch! Sir! Your Bitchslut wants to learn to do her exercises!" Her asshole tightened onto his erection in a crushingly powerful grip, which just didn't let go. "Oh yes! Exercise my Bitchslut ass!" she moaned with need.

He thought, And just like that, she flips the tables on me once again. Who's really in charge here?

But then he decided, I am! Despite her powerful grip, at long last he decisively pulled his erection out of her ass.

She moaned far too loudly for his taste. She wiggled her hungry ass enticingly. "Don't make me beg! I need it!"

He was rarely truly angry, but now he was angry. "Shut up! Shut up and sit down! God dammit, that was the most insanely stupid thing I've ever seen anyone do." He pointed a finger at her accusingly just as she turned around in surprise to look at his face. "Now, I'm going to go take a piss. You just sit there, and shut up, and don't do anything stupid! Sit still! Do you understand?!"

She was confused. She was so insanely aroused that all she wanted to do was fuck and fuck and fuck some more until she passed out from indescribable joy. She couldn't understand why he didn't feel the same way. But for the moment, it was easiest to just agree. "Yes, Sir."

"Good." He stormed off to the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

In truth, he didn't actually have to go to the bathroom, he just needed to get away from her, and this was as good an excuse as he could come up with on the spur of the moment. But once he was in the bathroom his body decided that it was a good idea after all, so he took the opportunity to use the toilet once his erection subsided slightly.

While he was pissing, he thought, Man, I'm so done with her! She's not a bitchslut; she's just a crazy ass bitch. When I'm done in here, I'm gonna climb right out her window and out of her life! I don't need this stress! Sure it was fun, okay, incredibly and indescribably fun, but I probably aged ten years before it was over! Jesus H. Christ! I've seen her dad before and he's built like a tank! I can't believe I was stupid enough to come here of my own free will.

He started thinking back to what kind of crazy idea might have caused him to do such a foolish thing. Then he remembered just how much he needed her help, and right away. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! I can't leave now! Sis and Amy are in danger with the football game coming up tomorrow and I haven't done a single thing to get Heather's help for that. Fuck me!

Having finished emptying his bladder, he paced around the small bathroom. Mindful of the fact his penis had just been in Heather's asshole, he also took the time to wash it clean. Then he considered what to do next.

Man alive! I have to go back out there? Being alone with Heather in her room is like being trapped in a small space with a hungry lioness and nothing to defend myself except a cheap plastic spoon. Jeeee-sus! And she's so aroused that the first thing she's gonna do is attack me and stick my dick back up her butt.

Well, I guess there are worse things that could happen than that. As long as it's gonna happen, I might as well enjoy it. At least THAT won't be a problem. Both of us are on fire. This'll probably be an assfuck for the ages. And somehow I still haven't cum yet, and God knows that would feel great. But I should use the opportunity to bring her to heel. She wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't so TOTALLY FREAKIN' INSANE! Someone needs to do something with her, and it looks like it's up to me.

With a heavy sigh or two, he finished washing his hands, composed himself, and went back out to face her.

As he opened the bathroom door, he didn't know what to expect. His mostly likely guess was that she would be waiting right outside, ready to fling herself at him the second he emerged. He steeled himself to be ready for her to pounce.


But to his relief, he found her on the other side of her bedroom, on all fours on her bed with her ass high up in the air and pointed towards the bathroom door.

She was facing away from him so she couldn't see him, but she heard the bathroom door open. "Finally! Your Bitchslut is waiting! Give it to me, Sir! Please!"

He started to say, "I'm pissed off. You know, I don't even know if you're worthy of the Bitchslut name. What you just did-"

But he stopped abruptly because Frank could be heard shouting from not too far away. At first Alan assumed Heather's "Your Bitchslut is waiting" comment had been overheard and again he envisioned his face pummeled into a bloody pulp. But then he heard what her dad had to say.

"Princess? Can you hear me? I'm going to Safeway to buy a few things. Anything I can get for you?"

Heather immediately turned off her sexy insatiable-bitchslut voice in favor of her daddy's-little-girl cutesy voice. "Yeah, Dad! Ice cream! Ben and Jerry's. You know the kind I like, the cookie dough!"

"One pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough coming up!"

"Thanks, Dad! You're a peach!"

Frank's voice grew distant as he yelled back, "Don't eat the whole thing like last time!"

Alan listened for a minute or two. While they were waiting, he said very quietly, "How you can eat pure fat like that and still keep your figure is beyond me."

She grinned, since there was a compliment buried in there somewhere. "It's a gift," she boasted. "Some people have just got it."

"A gift," he said dubiously and sarcastically.

"Hey, I can't deny it if I have a genetically superior body. What's the point of denying what you and I both know to be true?"

He was going to say a few choice words about that, but remembered about Frank and held up a hand to silence her.

After another long pause as they listened in vain for any more sounds of Frank, Alan finally asked, "Is he gone?"

"Wait. Let me check." She got up from her lewd position and went to one of her windows. Generally speaking, her room looked out over the Morgan family backyard, but from one window she was able to see part of the curving road that led up a hill to her house. She waited and then said, "That's his car. See the blue Beemer? We're completely safe now."

"Well, that's a fucking relief," he admitted.

The buxom blonde was immediately getting back into the same position on her bed with her ass up.

"Heather, you've been a very bad bitchslut. You could have gotten me killed back there. It's no skin off your nose if your father finds you. You'd just bat your pretty blue eyes and coo, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, daddy-waddy.' I'm sure you could turn on the charm and keep him from getting too angry. Meanwhile, he'd kick my ass all the way to Canada."

"I'm sorry, Sir. Why don't you punish me with a big hard assfucking? Use my body any way you please!" She wiggled and squirmed her hips lewdly in invitation.

He took stock of the situation. Man, this is just too weird. Here I am, standing naked in the head cheerleader's bedroom, talking to her ass while she tries to coax me into fucking her up the butt. The truth IS stranger than fiction. Maybe I had a horrible accident a couple of months ago and I'm really in a coma and dreaming? Well, that wouldn't explain how I even know all these centerfold beauties in the first place. Hell, if my life is just an extended dream or Twilight Zone episode or something like that, I might as well enjoy it while I can!

He said, "No, that's hardly a punishment for an anally insatiable bitchslut like you. What WOULD be a good punishment?"

There was a long pause, surprising him that she seemed to be sincerely considering the question.

She thought, I HAVE been a bit bad. He deserves at least some payback, I have to admit. And he is my Inner Bitch Tamer. I should at least throw him a bone. Finally, she replied in an uncharacteristically tentative voice, "A... spanking? ... Sir?"

He thought, Just when you think it can't get any weirder, it does. Now the most beautiful and popular girl in school is begging for me to spank her... I've got to admit, it's a pretty damned good idea!

Without speaking, he began rooting through Heather's cabinets. He found her underwear drawer and picked out a particularly thick black pair of panties. He walked over to her and put the panties on her head.


"A good bitchslut doesn't speak unless spoken to."

Guessing what he wanted, she tied the panties around her head and over her eyes like a blindfold. She actually didn't want to see because she knew from recent experience with him that being blindfolded would heighten her other senses, plus she liked being completely at his mercy, so she put it on very securely.

He opened a few more drawers, but realized it would be hard to find the other thing he was looking for. So he asked, "You got any rope? Or something I can use like rope to tie nasty bitchsluts up?"

She shivered, tingles of lustful excitement racing through her. He was turning her into a bondage aficionado. "You know, I think way back in the foot of my closet there are some boxes of old toys. There should be some jump rope in there."

He found the jump rope. (He was tempted to examine her old toys to find clues to help understand her psyche, but his erect cock was demanding satisfaction, and soon.) He quickly tied her hands behind her back without saying anything more.

Then he went to her phone and called Simone. He knew all the waiting was driving Heather up the wall, and he wanted to prolong her anticipation. "Hey, Simone?"

She answered by speakerphone, sitting at the computer desk in her bedroom. "Oh, hi. Alan, is that you? I didn't even know you have my number."

"I don't. But I'm at Heather's and she has it on her speed dial."


Simone joked, "I know. I'm number six on her list of her ten favorite friends. The first five of course, are Heather, Heather, Heather, Heather, and Heather."

He laughed and joked back, "You should be glad you made it that high, since I'm looking at the list here and seven through ten are Heather too. Hey, is this a bad time to call, what with it being Thanksgiving Day and all?"

"Well, it's not the greatest, but I can gab for a little while. What's up? No wait, let me guess: Heather's being baaaad."

He gasped in poorly feigned stage shock. "How did you know?!"

"Call me psychic. Hey, why don't you put the phone near her tied-up ass and then hit the speakerphone? Then we can have a three-way and I know how much you love three-ways." She giggled.

He did as she suggested, but asked, "How did you know I have her tied up?"

"Like I said, I'm psychic. But besides that, it's easy. If she had her hands free, she would have grabbed the phone away from you already." Simone's next words were directed at Heather, now that Heather could actually hear both sides of the conversation. "Hey, girl! How's he treating your bitchy ass today?"

"Not well enough!" Heather complained. "He's torturing me with all this waiting and WAITING when I desperately need a spanking!"

"Whoa." Simone whistled in genuine surprise. "You sure that's Heather? Her voice sounds like Heather, but she actually WANTS a spanking?! This must be a crank call."

Alan and Heather together briefly explained the gist of how her father had almost discovered them. Both of them were brief because they wanted to get on with things.

Alan though made a point in chastising Heather that Simone was his Assistant Bitch Trainer and needed to be addressed respectfully as "Ma'am." He also warned her that she was not allowed to cum until he said so and if she did she would be punished severely.

With that out of the way, and feeling that with her dad gone he didn't have to worry about making noise for at least the next ten minutes, he got Simone's and Heather's attention by spanking Heather loudly on her ass.


"Okay, let's bring this class to attention," Alan said after the slap in an officious and slightly bored sounding voice, as if lecturing.


Heather was struck speechless, literally. No one had ever spanked her in her entire life. She probed her feelings but didn't know what to think of it.

Simone said through the phone, "Alan, did I just hear the sound of Heather getting spanked?!"

"Yes, but I'm trying to bring the class to order." He was hoping to start a role-play and hoped Simone and Heather would naturally catch on.

But Simone was still fixated on the spanking and absolutely giddy about it. "Cool! Ohmigod! I'm going to get seriously comfortable here! Screw going downstairs to help my mom. I only wish there was some way I could watch... OH! But there is!"

Simone briefly explained to Alan about a webcam on Heather's computer, and had him point it in Heather's general direction. The picture quality was low and the computer was a good distance from Heather's bed, but Simone was absolutely ecstatic to at least be able to see something.

Alan though was getting antsy. He'd been taking his sweet time driving Heather insane with anticipation, but now he worried about finishing before her father returned from what could be a relatively short errand.

So he started to speed things up. "As I was saying, class, today we shall be examining the subspecies of slut known as the bitchslut." He slapped Heather hard on her ass again, but this time he held on after the slap and turned to fondling her still quivering buttock.

He continued to talk as if he was a biology professor describing an animal brought in for display in front of a class. "I was lucky to obtain a prime example of the North American Buxom Breasted Blonde Bitchslut. As you can see, the bitchslut at rest assumes a pose with her ass in the air and her face buried in a pillow. The ass is naked and up high as a rutting display, by which this indiscriminate tramp is hoping a male passerby will see her display, stop, and be tempted to fuck her insatiable asshole. The face is in the pillow to muffle the expected loud 'Fuck me harder' cries once the rutting begins."

Simone spoke. "Professor?"

"Yes?" Alan couldn't see Simone, but he imagined her raising her hand.

"What do bitchsluts eat?"

"We'll be getting to that later, and I'll be personally feeding her in front of you all. But, in short, they mainly live off semen and pussy juice. All bitchsluts are naturally bisexual, so we'll need some female volunteers to join me for some of the feedings." He finished his comment with another loud smack.

That caused Heather to finally speak. "Um, Sir? May I ask why you're spanking me?" She was extremely frustrated at her blindness caused by the blindfold as well as her lack of mobility from being tied up.

"No, you may not." Alan brought another hand crashing down. Then he addressed his imaginary class. "As you have just heard, some bitchsluts are capable of limited speech. Most know only a few simple phrases such as, 'What's a girl gotta do to get fucked around here,' and sometimes the best they can manage is the occasional 'me so horny' or 'fucky-fucky.' But we're lucky in that our specimen today is highly intelligent, for a bitchslut, that is, and can string together two and sometimes even three sentences at a time." He brought another hand down hard on her other butt cheek.

Simone asked another question through the phone, disguising her voice to make it seem she was a different student this time. "Um, Professor, why do you keep spanking her?"

"Excellent question!"

Heather groaned in irritation, because he had ignored her when she'd essentially asked the same question mere moments before.

That groan resulted in another ass slap. "Bitchsluts are rebellious and treacherous creatures by their very nature. So they are in constant need of punishment." He brought another hand crashing down.

"Ow!" Heather had been silent about the spankings so far, but couldn't help but shout out a bit that time. She still hadn't made up her mind about spankings. She hated the pain, and he was in no way going easy on her, but she couldn't deny that her arousal level was off the charts already and still spiraling higher and higher.

"Bitchsluts," he continued, "are also in constant heat, just like a cat in heat." He began probing her dripping pussy folds. "So they must be constantly fucked as well, or at the very least fingered."

Simone again pretended to be a student. "Sounds like they're extremely high maintenance. A real pain in the ass."

"Yes, they are," he agreed. "A very BIG pain in the ass." He spanked her especially hard to emphasize that point. "Some do say that bitchsluts can be tamed, but a tamed bitchslut is only slightly less rare than a unicorn. The taming process can only be achieved through rigorous and exhaustive training, a long..." - he couldn't help but crack a smile - "and very, very hard process. A tamed bitchslut is a treasure beyond price, but the question is, is it worth all the work? To find the answer to that question, we must look to the..." - again, he laid into her butt with another spanking - "ass."


He brought his spanking hand down so he could knead and squeeze her ass cheeks with both hands. "As you can see, class, this bitchslut has excellent raw potential, better than most others we've seen today, but that raw potential still needs to be thoroughly developed and refined if it is ever to be fully realized in all its exquisite grandeur."

Heather squirmed her hips, pushing her ass back into his groping hands while moaning her approval. "A tamed bitchslut is a treasure beyond price." She loved those words and already knew that she'd never forget them. Yes! Tame your Bitchslut, Sir!

He continued lecturing his imaginary students. "Take this latest specimen, for example. From your readings, you should all recognize the tell-tale characteristics we see here. The responsiveness to gluteal fondling, the addiction to anal stimulation," - he flicked a finger over her anus, making her gasp and shiver with renewed need - "the overwhelmingly powerful sexual drive, bordering on an obsessive/compulsive need, for penile contact and penetration HERE" - he briefly poked his index finger deeper into her anus, eliciting a loud and needy moan - "to attempt to satisfy what are essentially insatiable cravings to be allowed to intimately massage and ultimately worship the biggest, the best, and most powerful of cocks."

He went on, officiously, "It is, of course, the goal of every bitchslut to make of her ass a firm and beautiful shrine, dedicated to the passionate worship of Bitch Taming cocks, which if properly pleased and pleasured, will leave an offering of hot, rich, thick and creamy cum deep inside the hidden sanctum of their Inner Bitch."

"YESSSS!" Heather groaned, throwing her head back and arching her back with pleasure. Already she was imagining Alan impaling her ass with his cock once more and pumping enough cum into her butt to fill a milk bottle.

"As you can see, class," he inexorably continued in an almost bored voice, while his hands kept kneading and squeezing her rear, "this bitchslut has a long way to go before becoming worthy of such exalted status."

Heather was shocked out of her happy reverie. Wait! What?! What do you mean I'm not-

In actual fact, he found her ass to be nearly perfect in every way, without even so much as an unsightly mole or scratch on her firm skin. But he complained, "Note the substandard development of the gluteus maximus in this specimen. No self-respecting tamed bitchslut would settle for anything less than the 'Buns of Fuck Me Steel' minimum standard, which, as you can see, this bitchslut here has the potential to achieve, yet has willfully and neglectfully chosen not to attain so far."

"Hey!" she protested out loud. "I exercise every single day!"

He immediately brought a hand down for a particularly hard smack. Then he brought his other hand down on her other ass cheek, before resuming fondling of her pussy lips and ass crack. "See what I mean, class, about their inherently rebellious nature? You would think it would be easy for them to simply spread their legs and get royally fucked, but no, they're always complaining. That's why the ones bred to not speak often go for higher prices than the gabby ones like this one."

Heather bristled and squirmed about, frustrated by the irony of being called "gabby" when in fact she was barely speaking at all. Her head was filled with things to say, many of them biting, but she knew that if she did she would just get more slaps. She had vague notions of revenge against both Alan and Simone, but her lusty feelings were too overwhelming for her to concentrate on any specific vengeance details.

Simone spoke now in a pretend male voice. "Professor? May I ask, why settle for such an ordinary ass? Everyone in class knows that Simone's ass is the hottest and most fuckable one around." She couldn't help but chuckle as she finished saying that.

Heather drew breath to protest, but then remembered Alan's harsh spanking hand and thought better of it. Instead, she fumed inwardly. "Most fuckable?" That's a laugh! I'm going to absolutely strangle her. Trying to steal MY Sir!

He spanked her again anyway. Then he answered, "True. But Simone belongs to the hardbody subspecies 'Hottie' and is in no way a bitchslut specimen. We will be studying Hotties next week, up close and personal. When that time comes, I'm sure that I'll fuck, uh, I mean, use, Simone as one of our sample specimens."

Simone giggled through the phone, obviously delighted with that answer. "I hope you will!" Then she said, "But wouldn't you agree that the asses of highly skilled trained athletes like Simone are naturally superior to the lazy asses of spoiled cheerleader bitchsluts who think that raising a paper pom-pom constitutes work?"

Heather growled quite audibly. She clenched her fists, but found that unsatisfying. She wanted to reach through the phone to strangle her best friend. How DARE she?! Her ass, superior to mine?! HA! I'll show her! She'll live to regret the day she said that! I'll make Alan put her and me together, butt to butt, and ask him which ass to fuck first, and he's going to fuck MY ass, every time! And if Alan picks her first that'll just show that he's saving the best for last, so either way I win. HA!

Alan responded to Heather's growl with another smart spank. But all the while he continued to probe and knead with his other hand, and sometimes both hands. He was perversely pleased at how red both her ass cheeks were getting.

Heather though was appalled at herself. Between the public spanking and being treated like a wild dumb animal being scientifically examined, it seemed that he had found two new ways to humiliate her at once. In her mind she truly felt like she was in front of a real class, so her sense of humiliation was acute. Her arousal was even more intensified, since she got off in a big way from public exhibitionism. Even before the spanking started, she was insanely aroused from the close call with her dad, then from Alan taking his sweet time building up her anticipation. She rightly prided herself on her willpower and resolve, but the strong-willed blonde couldn't take it anymore.

She broke down and began openly whimpering. Her body shook from sobbing even though she wasn't actually shedding tears - yet. "Sir! Please! Please! I beg of you, please! I can't take it anymore! If I don't cum soon, I'm gonna DIE!" She wanted to cum again that very instant more than she'd ever wanted anything in her whole life, and yet she strained with all her might not to since he hadn't given her permission yet and she didn't want to lose him.

He spanked her yet again, which elicited a louder groan of arousal and frustration. He said dispassionately, "As you can see, bitchsluts are insatiable. This one's ass, admittedly, has impressive inherent strength, not to mention internal capacity. But regrettably that's not enough. What this aspiring bitchslut lacks is the internal finesse so crucial to so many of the arts of anal sex."

Heather squirmed nearly violently. The frustration in not being able to climax was killing her. Had her arms not been tied behind her back, she would have thrown herself at him like a wild animal and sexually ravaged him. As it was, all she could do was moan louder, "Please, Sir, PLEASE! I'm begging you! Let me CUM! FUCK MY ASS! Please!"

She shivered and sighed as a couple of his fingers surreptitiously slid down into her ass crack and gently, sensually stroked and massaged her incredibly sensitive anus. His touch promised so much more. She whimpered loudly in frustration and need.

"Indeed," he smiled, "this bitchslut is overdue to begin working on her regimen of anal exercises, which will transform her horny ass from a mere fuck hole into a veritable fucking shrine."

He took his hands away and stepped back, amused by the immediate whimpers of protest that followed the absence of his touch.


He had never heard such an intensity of naked need and desire in anyone's voice before, which was saying quite a lot considering all his recent sexual adventures. He was moved (and his dick was extremely inspired) to finally give her some sexual satisfaction.

"Heather?" He called her name gently, for once using her name and caressing her body with his voice. Clearly his little role-play was over. "Are you ready to start learning how to do your anal exercises like a good bitchslut?"

She nodded vigorously, sending her hair flying. She was so far gone that she had few thoughts of any kind. There was just a throbbing need to get fucked pounding through her head that was almost as intense as the most painful migraine headache. But she briefly realized, Alan's going to fuck my ass, and in my own bed!


She'd been fucked by many other guys in her own bed before, but in her current state the fact that he was going to do this to her right now hit her like a life-altering epiphany. It seemed like the most profound and important sexual act in her entire life. It was like she was a virgin in all things all over again.

She felt a curious tingle spread all over her body as she deliberately spread her legs in silent invitation to her lover to use and abuse her exposed and defenseless rear end for their mutual pleasure. The realization that she wanted it to be Earth-shatteringly good for both of them, rather than just for herself, was something of a surprise in and of itself.

He was glad the spankings were over because he knew her father could return at any time. Alan had a rough idea how long it took to drive to from the Morgan house to Safeway and back, and felt confident that her dad couldn't possibly have returned yet. And that didn't even take into account the time he had to spend shopping.

But Alan knew Heather had very little self-control remaining, and frankly, neither did he; they both were too hot and sweaty and mad with lust. So, with her dad's pounding fists on his mind, he went back to Heather's drawers and rooted around for another pair of panties.

It was physically painful for him to walk around because his erection was so stiff and in need of release. Holding his erection to stop it from bouncing around just made matters worse because the desire to stroke it until the cum started flying was almost irresistible.

But he managed to make it back to her and stuffed her wadded up panties into her mouth as a makeshift gag to help stifle the screams he knew she would soon be making. Before coming back to the bed he also put on a different CD. He had a hard time finding something to play, since his classic rock collection didn't mesh well with her collection of mostly reggae, rap, and hip hop. But he found a CD of Bob Marley's greatest hits that he liked, and he turned the volume way up. He hoped that would be enough to save his skin from her burly father. He began to groove to the song "Could You Be Loved?" and that helped to calm him down some.

However, there was one very important thing that Alan forgot amidst all of his excitement: although Frank had left to go to the store, his wife Helen, Heather's mother, was still at home.

Little did Alan know it, but his spankings had eventually caught the attention of Helen from all the way downstairs where she was working in the kitchen. She'd come upstairs to investigate the sounds, so despite the music playing and the intervening door, she'd managed to hear Heather shout things like "I'm begging you! Let me CUM! FUCK MY ASS! Please!"

Helen knew that her daughter was a man-eater - Heather chewed up her boy toys, then ruthlessly spat them out and kicked them to the curb when they no longer amused her. Helen had been quite a man-eater herself in her high school days, so she secretly approved of and admired her daughter's handling of boys, even though she superficially tut-tutted at Heather's ruthless antics.

Helen knew all about Heather's promiscuous ways, keeping tabs on her boy toys of the moment, but she was always very circumspect about not letting her daughter know how much she knew. Up till now, none of Heather's lovers had impressed Helen much, except maybe as eye candy. But here was a boy who had obviously turned the tables on her daughter and sent Heather to heights of ecstasy that Helen only used to know on rare occasions back in her wild college days and had since almost forgotten.

Helen, like Heather, was very elitist, so she was scandalized to realize that her daughter had been reduced to begging a boy for anal sex, of all things. But she was also more than a little intrigued and even a bit jealous.

She listened raptly through the door to try and learn more, but was frustrated when the music changed and the volume increased. She couldn't hear anything interesting at all. Then she heard Frank come home and had to go back downstairs. She resolved to find out, and quickly, who this mystery boy was and just what he was doing to her daughter that had Heather so enthralled.


Alan was feeling conflicted. On one hand, he'd worked Heather and himself up to a fever pitch and it would be downright cruel to both of them not to cum together soon. But on the other hand, he was suspecting more and more that he was going to have a very sexually busy Thanksgiving day, so he couldn't just cum willy nilly whenever he liked. If he came now, he'd have to either wait a good long while or else it would be the last time he could get it up with her this morning.

He decided to test his resolve and delay his orgasm a bit more while giving Heather her much needed satisfaction. He remembered the oversized dildo he'd brought and figured that could be the perfect thing for the occasion.

He didn't have to worry about what she would say now that she was gagged as well as blindfolded (personally, he got a big kick out of the way she had two black pairs of panties on her head and even walked around the bed to get a better look). But, for Simone's benefit, and because he generally was a polite guy, he explained, "Heather, I need to take a rest. But you don't, so what I'm gonna do is bring out a gift I bought for you that'll make you very, very happy."

He gently stroked his fingers through her hair before softly trailing them across her cheek and along her jaw line. Tilting her head up to look at her blindfolded and gagged face, he asked, "Okay?"


He laughed because he had absolutely no idea what that meant.

Simone spoke up through the speakerphone. "I'll bet you have no idea what Heather's saying."

"You got that right."

Simone suggested playfully, "As her best friend and frequent lover, I know exactly what she means. I'm fully conversant in the language of Heather Moan. You want me to translate for you?"

"Sure. What did she just say?"

"Roughly speaking, she said, 'I'm a stuck-up bitch and my body doesn't come close to matching Simone's in its magnificent ebony perfection.'"

He had a good laugh. "Somehow I doubt she said that." Since Heather responded to Simone's comment with a new burst of moans, he asked, "What's she saying now?"

"She's saying, 'It's so true! Simone speaks the wisdom of the ages.'"

He laughed even harder. While this was happening, he went back to Heather's desk, found some paper and a pen, and scribbled down a note. Then he saw the webcam next to Heather's computer monitor, held the paper up to it, and asked Simone, "Can you read this?"

Simone read the note. It said: "I bought a huge dildo for H and I'm gonna give it to her now. Don't say anything about it unless I tell you, not even joking. Okay?"

She replied, "Sure. No problem."

It was strange for him to communicate by holding up a paper to a camera while hearing Simone speak from the speakerphone across the room. So he said, "Good. By the way, is there some way I can see you as well?"


Simone quickly explained for him how to do that, and he was soon able to see her on Heather's computer screen. He discovered that she had stripped nude and was busying fingering herself. She was using a speakerphone too, so she waved at him with one hand while continuing to jill herself with the other.

He could have chatted with her some, since talking to Simone was always fun, but Heather's frustrated moans were getting louder and he didn't need any translator to hear the increasing anguish in her voice.

He hurried back to Heather spread out lewdly on the bed. All in all he'd only been away a minute or so scribbling the note and fiddling with the web cam, but to Heather it seemed like an eternity.

Now that Alan knew Simone wouldn't ruin the surprise, he went to his backpack amongst his clothes strewn across the floor. He'd brought the backpack just to hold the dildo because it was so big that he couldn't possibly expect to hide it in a pocket.

It was thirteen inches long from end to end, and about two and a half inches wide for just about its entire length. It was made out of a single piece of clear solid tempered pyrex glass, shaped like a double-ended penis, complete with anatomically correct cockheads on each end. One end had a sturdy pull string and ring arrangement, with the string deeply imbedded through what would have been the urethra on that end's cockhead. The surface was actually polished smooth for minimal friction, thus being quite sanitary and requiring very little lubrication. Because it wasn't hollow inside, the glass was extremely difficult to break. It was quite heavy, weighing a bit more than four pounds, even though pyrex was lighter and more durable than regular glass.

In fact, the dildo was so big that it had actually been designed and crafted to be a one-of-a-kind novelty item more for visual show than insertion. However, Ginger at the sex shop had assured him that it could be used for vaginal or anal penetration relatively safely by women who were "size queens."


He picked up the dildo and took it with him as he sat next to Heather on the bed. He didn't have to worry at all about her seeing it, because even if she could see some through her blindfold, given the lewd way she was positioned with her ass up and her face in a pillow, there was no way for her to see her own ass.

He said, "Okay. I'm all ready here. Like I said, I bought you a nice gift. Do you want to know what it is?"


Despite the gag, he could make that out to be a "yes." But still, for kicks, he asked Simone, "What did she say there?"

Simone joked, "She said, 'I worship even Simone's toenail clippings and I wish I could be licking her butthole right now.'" She paused, and then added, "Curious. She didn't even answer your question. Just shows how hard it is to get her to talk about anything but this unhealthy Simone envy she's got."

Heather moaned with angry frustration again. She thinks she's so funny. I'll kill her! GRRR!

He laughed, but said, "Okay, Simone. Enough of that. Seriously Heather, here's your gift. Can you tell what it is?"

He held the big dildo in one hand and started fingering her pussy with the other. Then he brought it up and pressed it against her right butt cheek. It was so heavy that it sank down into her skin despite her firm muscularity there. He pushed it in a bit deeper so she could feel its round shape. "Feel that?"


Then he took it and started to run it through the crack of her ass. He slid it back and forth between her cheeks so she could feel the drag of friction from the glass and start to build up a mental image of the size. "Big, huh?" he asked.


Then he brought the insertion end to her asshole and tried inserting it a bit. It wasn't easy, though. He found himself wishing he could have three hands, one to hold the dildo and two to clutch at her butt cheeks and open them up as wide as possible. Lacking that, as well as lacking lube and lots of preparation time, he could only poke the tip of the end into her. The cockhead part of it was the widest part, naturally, and while he didn't want to push it all the way in, the head gave her an excellent sense of just how wide it was.

Heather, at long last, was finally getting some satisfaction. While the dildo itself was more teasing torture than anything, it set her imagination on fire. She had no doubts about just what was poking at her, and while she couldn't get an exact grasp on its dimensions, she could tell it was easily the largest dildo she'd ever had the pleasure of encountering. Her extreme frustration at him quickly morphed into loving gratitude.

He could tell she was nearing a monster orgasm. He made sure to play with her clit and pussy lips just enough to keep her on the edge. Meanwhile, his erection was still quite stiff, but he was steering clear of any action or even touching anything with it so he could get one of his renowned second winds.

The key though was time. So, stalling a bit, he began talking up the dildo. "Bitchslut, I know you know what this is. Your Bitch Trainer. Your Thanksgiving Bitch Trainer. And yes, it's damned big. The question is, why did I get this for you, especially when you've been doing nothing but scheming against me and stabbing me in the back?"

He contemplated the answer to that and found himself talking in a more heartfelt manner. "Hell, I don't know myself, except that maybe, inexplicably, I care for you. I know you're a selfish and ruthless bitch, but I also know there's a kinder and gentler Heather locked up somewhere inside you. That's the Heather I want to know. She's the one I'm trying to draw out. Also, I want you to know that, while it's true that, yes, I have a hell of a lot of fun using you as I please for my sexual pleasure, you're not JUST a beautiful hard body and a cum dump to me. I fuck you because I can, true, but also because I'm trying to get you to change. You could be so much more than what you are now. When your ass is full, you're a different person, and we all know that. I know we have a strange relationship as Sir the ass master, and Bitchslut the sexual slave, but all sex aside I also just want to be your friend."

All the while he was talking, he continued to poke the dildo against her anus while fingering her pussy or clit. Her ass was slowly relaxing, allowing him to get a little bit further in when he pushed hard, but he knew that about an inch was the best he could do for now.

She was beside herself with joy. For one thing, the dildo felt great and the idea of such a huge dildo filling her up all the way was even better. But more than that, she was deeply touched by his kind words. She keyed in on him saying he cared for her and wanted to be her friend. She didn't mind that those words were interspersed with talk about her being a cum dump and slave; in fact, that just got her more aroused than before, if such a thing was possible. She was practically beyond coherent thought at this point, drifting in a land of pure orgasmic and emotional bliss. In addition to lust, she felt her every inch of her body coursing with the far less familiar but more powerful feeling of love.

He waited for some kind of response from her. He would have taken the gag from her mouth if it was clear she wanted to say something, but she didn't. She was content to just make sounds that were some combination of heavy breathing, moaning, and contented sighing. It was obviously a very happy sound.

He was sincere in saying that he wanted to be her friend - assuming she could at least keep the excesses of her deeply ingrained bitchiness in check when dealing with him. But he was also being Machiavellian and scheming, because he knew he'd need her help very soon in the conflict with the football players.

His point made, he decided to turn up the domineering "Bad Alan" and turn down the considerate "Good Alan" for fear of her growing too attached to him, given that he still planned to hand her off to Sean.

He pulled the dildo away. That caused a new burst of sad moans from her gagged mouth. He got up and walked around behind her so he was standing between her legs. Then he started pulling her down the bed so her knees were right at the edge. That made her pussy and ass line up nicely with his still raging erection. He'd put the dildo down on the bed briefly but he picked it up and resumed poking it in and out of about an inch of her asshole.

He teased, "You want it, don't you?"


"You want more of it, don't you?"


He poked the dildo in a little deeper, stretching her a little wider. "You want ALL of it, don't you?"


Heather couldn't believe how aroused she was. She knew Alan was playing her like a fiddle. She knew her helplessness and sensory deprivation only magnified her lust. She knew he was deliberately teasing and toying with her. It was sheer torture. But she loved every single thing he did or said.

She was so agitated and aflame that her hips were swaying back and forth and front to back, making it increasingly difficult for him to just keep the dildo over her anus. Her sweat was flying in every direction as her hips gyrated.

He put the dildo down and firmly held her buttocks with both hands until she calmed down. Her butt cheeks felt so good in his hands, especially given how they were lightly wet with sweat and cum, that he was happy just to hold them and knead them for a while.

A surge of possessiveness and "Bad Alan" aggressiveness ran through him as he gripped her ass firmly. "These are mine, aren't they?"

"Mmmm-hmmm!" Heather's long blonde ponytail flew through the air as she nodded emphatically.

He stepped forward and rubbed his shaft back and forth over her pussy lips. He said, "Heather, since you're obviously beyond talking right now, I'm going to do a little talking for you. A reminder. You're a bitchslut. And what do good bitchsluts do? At school, you may be the queen, and I'll let you look like you're in charge because it amuses me. But in private, we all know who's really in charge, don't we? Around the others, you're Queen Heather, but around me you're just my dirty little bitchslut. Your body exists for my pleasure only. When I see you, say, walking in the halls at school, you know what to do. You'll rip off all your clothes, bend over, grab your ankles with both hands, wiggle your naked butt, and say, 'Your Bitchslut is ready for inspection, Sir!'"

She liked that idea so much that she started screaming into her gag. "MMMEFFTH! MMMEFFTH!"

He could tell she was saying, "YES! YES!" It wasn't so much from her muffled words, but from the way her head nodded up and down, setting her ponytail flying again.

Seeing she liked his idea, he embellished, "What would you do, when hundreds of people in the hall stop and stare? There would be dead silence, wouldn't there? Then people would start to mutter, 'Isn't that Heather, the Homecoming Queen? What's she doing naked and touching her toes?' What would you say to them?"

"MMMM! MMMM!" She was so far gone that she didn't even know what she was trying to say.

He suggested, "You'd tell them, no, you're not that Heather; you're Heather, Alan's bitchslut. And if he tells you to get naked and suck his cock in the middle of class or the middle of the halls, you'll do it, won't you?"

Her hair flew about madly again, now that she had something concrete to agree with and nod about.


Meanwhile, he was rubbing his dick against her pussy lips and starting to push into them more and more with each pass. She was on a constant, never-ending high, going higher and higher to plateaus of euphoria she never even knew existed. She began to wonder if it was possible to pass out simply from feeling too good.

Then, without any special warning, he yelled, "Bitchslut, you're MINE!" and he skewered his erection all the way into her pussy, filling her vagina completely.

That pushed her over the edge.

Now he was grateful that he'd gagged her, because she screamed bloody murder as one of the greatest orgasms she'd ever known ripped through her. Even with the gag, her screams were quite loud. He could only hope that either the loud music covered it up enough or that her parents were a safe distance away.

All he gave her was the one thrust into her vagina. (He was glad that he'd thought to wipe his penis clean earlier while he was in the bathroom.) He was still trying to calm his own orgasmic urges, relatively speaking, so he didn't want to thrust in and out just yet.

As her orgasmic release detonated through her like a nuclear bomb, she felt all her energy drain away. She sagged down into the bed as if slain and left for dead.

But he wasn't done with her; far from it. He still had his own satisfaction to take care of and he was going to do that with her ass.


Putting the dildo on the floor by the foot of the bed and safely out of sight, Alan crawled up onto the bed so he could take Heather's gag out. She was gasping for breath so desperately that she needed the gag removed just to catch her breath. So even though he took it off, she was in no condition to talk. He took her blindfold off but decided to leave her arms bound for a little while longer.

He thought as he looked down on her panting body, Not that many weeks ago, she wouldn't even deign to speak to me. Now she just agreed to strip naked and suck my cock in front of a crowd. True, it's just a fantasy, but the power of her reaction is how she imagines it's for real. What a turnaround! I have to admit, I feel such a surge of power at times like these. I feel like some kind of crystal meth addict who could lift a car. It's not healthy. I need to calm down. Stay grounded. I can't let her corrupt me.

Damn. She looks so emotionally staggered and all around overwhelmed. I hope I didn't do TOO good a job on her. I still have to think about the Sean handoff, you know. I keep having the urge to be more intimate with her, but the one thing I can't do is let her fall in love with me.

Sitting on the edge of the bed to recover a bit more, he looked around the room and saw live footage of Simone on Heather's computer screen. The computer was a good fifteen feet away and at an angle from where he was so he couldn't see much on the screen except black nakedness. But he'd completely forgotten Simone was still on the line and now he was reminded that she was.

He waited a minute or so until his power surge was mostly under control. Then he said out loud while staring nowhere in particular, "How am I doing, Simone?"

"Awe inspiring! Man, I am SOOO wishing I could be Heather right now. Just look at her, limper than a wrung out dish rag. I'll bet she doesn't know what her own last name is, she's so fucked out. When are you going to do that to me, minus all the 'cum dump' crap? She goes for that shit in a big way, but not me."

"All in good time, Bitch Trainer Assistant Number One, all in good time."

"Oh, so there's lots of Bitch Trainer Assistants now?"

"No, I'm just trying to be inscrutable and mysterious. Kind of a combination of Captain Picard and Charlie Chan; they both like saying 'Number One' a lot."

Simone quipped in a stereotyped Chinese accent typical of the old Charlie Chan movies, "I see. Make eet ah-so, numbah wan."

He obligingly groaned at the word play, pretending to be annoyed, even though he was impressed by her quick wit.

Simone let him breathe for some moments; he was surprisingly winded and sweaty, especially given that he hadn't actually done that much physical activity. But the emotional intensity was physically draining. Making small talk, she said, "Daah-yum! That is ooooooone big Bitch Trainer! Where did you get that? I didn't even know they made 'em that big."

"I had to get it special ordered," he admitted.

Heather, while nearly half dead from orgasmic overload, was alert enough to hear them talking. She caught that he had special ordered the dildo, and that fact filled her heart with gladness. One, it confirmed just how big and special the dildo had to be, and two, it showed more deliberate thought, planning, and effort on his part, increasing the meaning of the gift. She wanted that dildo to completely fill her ass and she wanted it bad.

She thought in all seriousness, Why AM I such a bitch? I don't want to be. If the others would just accept my natural superiority then there would be no need for all the fighting and scheming. Now he's gone and done such a kind and thoughtful thing in buying that for me. In fact, it's the best gift anyone's ever given me! Sure, Mom and Dad shower me with all kinds of expensive stuff, and I know they're going to get me a Trans Am for Christmas, but I'd rather have Alan's Thanksgiving Bitch Trainer than all those other gifts combined!

What could I possibly do to make it up to him? Sure, I could try to satisfy his every sexual whim and spread my legs to eagerly take his big cock in any hole if he so much as raises an eyebrow in my direction, but I'm doing that already! Grrr! And it's not like he wants stuff. All he ever wears are simple T-shirts and shorts and all the other stuff that he owns that I've seen is simple and functional. He doesn't seem to want for anything.

But I just HAVE to make it up to him! I'm in love!

Alan and Simone continued to idly chat until Heather heard Simone ask, "So, what are you going to do with her now?"

"Hmmm. Good question. You do know, I'm completely winging this, don't you? True, I've been working up to getting my rocks off, but beyond a simple-"

"Oh SHIT!" Simone interrupted in a kind of yelled yet fearful whisper.

Sensing the need for quiet on Simone's end, Alan whispered, "What?"

"It's my mom!" Simone whispered back. "She's knocking on the door!" Simone shouted loudly in a sing-song voice for her mother's benefit, "Coming, Mother! Give me just a minute to get dressed!" Then she whispered to Alan, "What a come down! I've got all kinds of errands to do. At least I just had a nice cum. Oh well. Give it to her good for me. Gotta go!"

Simone disconnected the phone line. The webcam view of her on Heather's computer went black as well. However, she had been recording what she was seeing almost the whole time and she kept the recording going. She figured that at the very least, Heather would want to watch it again, and she certainly planned to use it as inspiration in her own future masturbation sessions.

Alan turned off the speaker phone feature, killing the buzzing tone. Then he turned his attention back to Heather. "Well, Bitchkiddo, looks like it's just you and me. Coherent yet?"

"Uh! God!"

He joked, making reference to his earlier pretend class lecture, "That's how I like my bitchsluts, the non-gabby kind. Ready for some more fucky-fucky?"

"Uhh-h-h-h-hhhh..." Her moan was filled with anguish and weariness, like it was her last breath on Earth.

"I take that's a yes," he teased. "Actually, Simone's been teaching me how to translate your moaning sounds. I think you just said, 'I want to lick the soles of Simone's feet clean.' Is that right?"


"No? How 'bout, 'Let me bask in the glow of Simone's radiant glory'?"


"Alan! ... I'm... going... to... kill you! ... And... that... fucking... piece... piece of... best friend!" She was too winded to say all she wanted to say; she was going to say "piece of shit" as just the start of a long string of curse words directed at Simone, but she decided to cut it short so she could simply breathe. She'd made her general point, though.

He laughed. He was glad though that her hands were still tied behind her back, given the murderous look she was giving him. Her helpless physical position and tough anger were completely incongruous. "She lives! Hmmm. Maybe Simone isn't as good a translator as I thought she was. I could have sworn there was something in there about Simone's radiant glory, at the very least. But since you're all rested up now-"

"UGH!" Heather had never felt so completely exhausted. It seemed to her that she was drowning in sweat.

He hardly skipped a beat. "I figure it's time to teach you some new anal sex skills, seeing as how we need to bring your ass up to at least minimal bitchslut standards of taming."

"Can it wait?" She was still limp as a wet noodle and catching up on her breathing.

"I'm going to ignore that since you didn't say 'Sir.' Now, let me tell you about something I call the 'anal wave.' I don't know if anyone else calls it that, and I couldn't find any mention of it on the Internet, so I gather it's pretty rare. But this very sexually talented woman came from out of town this last week and did it to me real well, and then was able to teach it to one of my regular lovers. I know not everyone can learn to do it, but some women can. Let's see if you have the anal strength and control to be one of the elite few who can master this special skill."

Heather liked the sound of that. She was always trying to be more elite and special. She attempted to sit up.

He took pity on her and finally untied her hands.

Just then, the Bob Marley song "Is This Love?" happened to be playing. As Marley sang,

"Is this love,
is this love,
is this love,
is this love that I'm feeling?"

she sang back in her mind, "Yes! Yes it is!" That helped give her the strength to rise.

After sitting up, she rubbed her sore arms. Her ass hurt her even more and sitting on it was quite painful, but once up she was too tired to change positions. Then she tried to concentrate on what he wanted her to do despite her extreme exhaustion.

He grinned at her predictable reaction to being challenged. "So... Let us begin, shall we?"

"Yes, Sir." She wiped the sweat from her brow.

"Okay. I'm no expert on this, but this is what I remember from when it was explained to me. There are muscles inside your butt that help squeeze waste out of your body. Normally, you don't really think about it; it just happens. The 'anal wave' is when you take conscious control of the process and learn to squeeze from deep to shallow slowly. The result is a series of rolling contractions on the embedded erection which I can personally attest to as feeling fucking fantastic. Basically, it's the anal equivalent of the pussy muscle squeezes that can be mastered by doing Kegel exercises. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I think so. Is it a hard thing to learn?"

"I believe that it is. I gather most people can't learn it overnight, though some are lucky or maybe just built to do it more easily. As a man, I don't know firsthand, but I think it could be like learning to overcome your gag reflex so you can deep throat. It goes against your natural instincts, but it's something you can do if you can control yourself. Do you know how to deep throat?"

"No, Sir," she admitted. If asked about deep throating before, she would have just laughed and mocked the very idea. But now she felt shamed and inadequate that she couldn't do it.

"Well, obviously, that's going to change. Your body is a fuck shrine built for the sole purpose of pleasuring my cock. I expect you to begin daily Kegel exercises, deep throating exercises, and anal wave exercises until there's nothing your body can't do to make me happy. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir." And surprisingly, she meant it too.

"You say that now, but frankly, I don't think a selfish and spoiled girl like you has what it takes to be a truly talented and tamed bitchslut."

His earlier words came back to her: "A tamed bitchslut is a treasure beyond price." She thought, I'll show him! He doesn't think I've got what it takes, huh? Well, I'm gonna be the most talented and tamed bitchslut there ever was! I'm going to please his cock with more skill and in more ways than he ever even dreamed possible! Someday soon, he's going to humbly apologize for daring to doubt the strength of my sheer willpower!

She said through gritted and clenched teeth, "Frankly, Sir, I'm offended that you have any doubts about my determination to please you. I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

"So you say," he said in an obviously doubtful voice. Now that he was starting to understand her mindset better as he grew to know her, he was learning how to goad her to get her to do what he wanted. If done correctly, it was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

"You'll see! I heard what you said earlier about how a tamed bitchslut is a treasure beyond price." Suddenly shy, she asked, "Did you really mean that?"

"Yes I did. But I also meant what I said about tamed bitchsluts being almost as rare as unicorns. You might have what it takes to learn things like the anal wave and deep throating - someday - though I doubt it. But I'm almost positive that taming you is a desperate long shot, at best."

"Not true, Sir! I'm starting to feel more than a little tamed already. If I'm willing to rip my clothes off and get fucked by you on command, any time, any place, in front of anyone, doesn't that show at least some taming?"

"Well, perhaps a little," he said, his voice deliberately begrudging and doubtful.

"I know I can do it!" She was reviving quickly now. The challenge he was presenting her was turning her lethargy into excitement.

"You think you can, but you have no idea. You know what a tamed bitchslut would do?"

"What's that?"

"Imagine we're both in a room with Glory and Christine. If asked, you would take my hand and guide it to Christine's bare breasts so I could fondle them, then you'd hold my dick and guide it in to Glory's eager pussy. And not only would you do those things, you'd do them gladly and with a smile on your face."

She blanched. Holy shit! There's no way! I'd kill both of them with my bare hands first!

He saw her reaction and said, "See what I mean? You can't even begin to imagine what it means to put someone else's pleasure before your own. But let's see at least if you have some hope of learning something like the anal wave. Put your knees on the floor and hang off the edge of the bed so I can nail your ass."

"Yes, Sir." She'd lost some of her enthusiasm when she heard his tamed bitchslut test. She wanted nothing more than to be tamed now, but couldn't see how she could put aside things like her hatred of Christine and Glory if that stood in her way. She began to get an inkling of the kind of mental control demanded of highly advanced martial arts students.

Man, that sucks! Anything but either of them. Maybe if I just eliminate Glory and Christine, then the test for being a tamed bitchslut would be a lot easier. I don't mean kill or hurt them of course; I'd never really do something like that. I just mean completely eliminate them from Alan's life, eliminate his interest in them, and theirs in him. Hell, I'm gonna do that anyway; this'll just give me an extra incentive. Then that's a lot more Alan for me!

As soon as she was in position, he knelt down between her legs and spanked her on the ass.

"What the hell was that for?! ... Sir?"

"I saw a scheming look on your face as you were repositioning. I don't know what you were thinking, but I know it wasn't good." He spanked her again, even harder this time.

Shit! He can read me like a book. I've got to be more careful around him. He thinks he's gonna get the best of me, but I'll show him! I'm gonna learn to be his perfect fuck toy and there's nothing he can do to stop me from doing it! Hee-hee-hee!


It took a couple of minutes, but Alan eventually fit his cock all the way back into Heather's quivering ass. Lying on top of her kneeling body, he fucked her butt for a little while to "warm up" again. Because of his long action-free rest after her big orgasm, he wasn't on the edge anymore, but he greatly enjoyed getting back close to that level.


With both of them feeling good and not too winded, they began practicing the anal wave technique. Or, at least they tried to. In fact, he knew little more than what he'd just explained to her. He knew Xania was great at it (she'd done it to him this morning, in fact) and that she had somehow taught it to Susan, but he wasn't there when that happened so he didn't know what Xania's teaching methods were. (As it so happened, Susan was a rare natural in the technique and didn't need much teaching.)

But they tried to soldier on just the same. He figured that because of the seemingly unique rippling pressure her asshole could exert on him involuntarily during the throes of her anal orgasms she'd at least have some measure of aptitude with controlling the flexing of her unusually powerful internal muscles when trying to do so deliberately. But whenever she tried to deliberately flex around his impaling cock, it seemed like all she could do was an all-or-nothing effort, rather than the controlled cascading ripple he was asking of her.

The act of trying was most enjoyable for him, because he was generally either thrusting in or out or having her clench down on his erection when it was stationary and fully inside her. So even when she did the anal wave "wrong" it still felt very, very good.

But it was also clear that no progress was being made. As good as fucking her was, he knew it could be a whole lot better if she could only master this. So finally he said, "Okay, it seems like you need some help here, so I'm going to give you some corny philosophy. I'm totally talking out of my ass here, so to speak, but maybe it'll work. Think back to the Star Wars movies. Even you saw those, right?"

She reflexively groaned. "Oh God. Nerd alert."

He spanked her hard on both ass cheeks.

Did I say that out loud? Shit! "Sorry, Sir."

"Answer the question."

"Yes. I even saw the crappy one. 'The Phantom Something or Another.' Sir."

"'The Phantom Menace.' And yes, it was kind of crappy. In any case, think back to when Obi Wan Kenobi is trying to teach Luke Skywalker The Force. He tells him to feel The Force and they do those exercises where Luke swings his lightsaber without being able to see. Do you remember that?"

She thought, Good God. Major nerd alert this time! I wish he could be as socially studly as he is sexually studly. Then there'd be no stopping us! All the other girls would drop dead with envy when I finally make him completely mine. And there's no doubt that I will, even if I have to do stuff like this stupid anal wave thing first. But she just said, "Uh, yeah?"

"Well, let's try something similar. I know you've always had a very selfish conception of sex. It's always been about you. For instance, before me, you refused to even consider giving a guy a blowjob. I'm sure that was because you were thinking, 'What's in it for me?' But in fact, by giving the other person pleasure, and that person trying to give you pleasure, there's a positive feedback loop that brings you to higher highs than you could ever achieve with purely selfish sex alone."

"I think I experienced some of that a little while earlier, Sir. I was trying to make you feel really good, and it made me feel good when you did."

"Good! Maybe there's hope for you after all. Hell, I still think it's a long shot, but there's a slight chance you might even be tamable."

She felt a flush of excitement all over to hear him say that. Her asshole flexed happily around his erection (although still not the way he was trying to get her to do it).

He added, "So try to recapture that feeling and expand on it. Don't think of the mechanics of what's happening in your ass; just try to think about how you can move your ass in a way that'll give me more pleasure. Maybe if you try that, the anal wave will happen on its own."

So she tried that. She even thought back to the old Star Wars movies and tried to capture the vibe of Luke being taught The Force. She remembered a wizened little green Muppet saying something like, "Do or do not. There is no try." For some reason, that line had stuck in her mind. She attempted to give in to her feelings and focus on nothing but pleasing her lover.

The results were better. She still didn't do the anal wave, but she was doing something closer to it. Instead of just an all the way on or all the way off clenching, she was managing something in between. For instance, she could do a slower and softer clench. And sometimes, rarely, she could clench just part of her asshole, though she couldn't manage a deliberate ripple effect.

Still, Alan was very pleased. They'd been practicing for about fifteen minutes when he smacked her ass again (but in a congratulatory way somehow) and said, "Good! Very good! I'm proud of you. Where's the selfish and bitchy Heather now?" He gently petted her back while rooting his stiffness around in her warm asshole.

She basked in the compliment. Fuck me, this feels GOOD! How much better will it be when I actually get the hang of this anal wave thing?!

"That's enough for today," he said.

All the while, they had been growing closer and closer to mutual climaxes, because failure or success or in between, every part of this anal wave practice felt great for both of them. Now he began slowly sawing in and out of her ass. He reached out with both hands and casually ran them up and down her back, sometimes curling around her torso to play with her dangling boobs.

But in this new mood of his, his manner was gentle and loving. She loved it, especially when he ran his fingers through her long blonde ponytail.

Heather had fucked quite a lot, but she had never done anything close to what people called making love. Before Alan, most of her fucks were of the fast and furious variety. But she discovered that she liked what he was doing now, slowly and gently, as much or more than any wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am fucks she usually craved. Then, when he lay on top of her back, kissing and nibbling her ear, cheek, and shoulder while whispering deliciously slutty endearments and encouragements, she nearly lost it. She would have had a great big orgasm except that mixed in with his loving coos was his specific order not to cum just yet.

Despite the lazy pace (neither of them were even particularly winded or sweaty), he knew that he'd have to cum soon. So he began working to the finale by saying, "There, you see? You have so much untapped potential. I could feel you were trying to please me, not just yourself. Everything feels different, somehow. You can do it, the anal wave and so much more. You just need to practice. Lots and lots of practice so your improving buttfucking technique can help you to tame your Inner Bitch. Because as much as I'm going to enjoy training you and taming your cock worshipping ass, you're going to love it even more than I do. And that, my dear Bitchslut, is a promise."

"YESSSS!" she hissed, arching her back and lifting both herself and him partially off the bed for a moment before slumping back down with him on top of her. She squirmed underneath him as she felt tingles of sensation start to spark and flare within her as her asshole began throbbing insistently and quite uncontrollably.

"Feeling good? Does it feel good to give pleasure?"

"Oh yes! God yes! It's like... ecstasy!"

His thrusting pace started to increase a little as he felt the surge towards orgasm beginning its inexorable rise within him. He was trying to time his words carefully. "Ahhh, but what would feel even better? What do bitchsluts love more than anything?"

She pondered that, and then honestly replied, "I don't know! I don't know if feeling even better is possible!"

He pulled his hips back, drawing his cock out of the hotly clenching interior of Heather's ass until only the head remained within her tight anal grip. "It is! Think!"

She felt his rapid withdrawal from within her, but pinned under his weight as she was she couldn't thrust back to recapture what he was taking away from her. Afraid that he might pull out completely, when she was approaching another climax, she clamped down hard on him to prevent a total evacuation. After feeling deliciously full back there for so many long minutes, she became acutely aware of the sensation of emptiness in her backside as her asshole continued to pulse and throb uncontrollably, now on nothing rather than on his sexy penetrating thickness.

He wanted to draw things out even more, tease her until every fiber of her being was completely fucked out, but his body wasn't cooperating. He hadn't cum since he'd arrived in her room and his cock just couldn't take it anymore.

"I don't know!" She cried in increasing desperation. "Assfucking? More assfucking, Sir? What?!"

Realizing he only had seconds left before he came, no matter what he did, he started pushing back into her.

As soon as she felt the inward pressure on her anus, she loosened her death-grip on the head of Alan's cock. "Thank you, Sir!" she gasped in gratitude, shivering with delight as her anus slid the sexy length of him once more and his thick cock once again took up commanding residence inside her hotly massaging and welcoming interior. "Oh fuck me, yeah!" she moaned.

He panted huskily, suddenly finding it difficult to even speak, "More than a-any-thing else, bi-itch-slu-uts lo-o-ove..." He grabbed her by the hips and started pulling her, hard, into his groin, straining to get that last tiny fraction of penetration into her.

"What?" she breathily gasped into the pregnant silence, feeling herself right on the edge of yet another soul-shattering orgasm. Her asshole throbbed mightily, sending her reeling as wave after wave of pleasure flooded her senses.


"CUM!" He hissed triumphantly, "Bitchsluts love cum!" His cock twitched and jerked wildly within her. "They love Bitch Tamer cum deep in their asses!"

At first she wasn't sure she'd heard him right. After all, he had never, ever cum in her ass before. On her ass cheeks, yes, but never inside. At first, it was just happenstance that he hadn't cum inside her there, but more recently he had purposely held back from doing so, saying she wasn't worthy yet to experience it.

So she didn't know what to expect. If anything, she'd been expecting to directly feel something awesome and momentous, maybe something like the pressurized force of one of her enemas, to let her know conclusively that he was now filling her ass with more than just his cock. The fact that she didn't feel anything of the sort was, initially, something of a let-down for her. But she did notice that his cock was throbbing and jerking inside her in the most deliciously sexy ways.

And then she felt something. It wasn't the internal "hosing down" she'd been expecting, but was rather a profound sense of satisfaction as she felt a warm liquid fullness deep inside slowly start to spread outwards and somehow flow deeper into her.

Ever since Alan had first fucked her up the ass a couple weeks ago, she'd been feeling something new and aggravating: an itchy hot craving to have the inside of her asshole "scratched" by him, somehow, deep inside. Being anally penetrated by one of her Bitch Trainer dildos, or better yet by Alan himself, had massaged that itchy craving to bearable levels, for a while, but hadn't offered real relief.

But now, as he continued to pump rope after rope of thick hot cum into the steaming depths of her upturned ass, she began to, at long last, feel real relief from that maddeningly unscratchable itch. It finally started easing as he filled her up with his cum. Thanks to the unusually long and intense teasing he'd gone through with her since he'd arrived in her bedroom, he had more cum to give than even his usual generous standards. It seemed to her as if he was pouring out a torrential flood into the clasping confines of her butt.


She was already so close to cumming that these feelings, plus the mere mental knowledge that he was really cumming inside of her, pushed her into the orgasmic abyss that opened up to swallow both of them.

As their mutual orgasms continued to play out, her unexpected feeling of contentment continued to spread throughout her body. Blissful and intimate feelings of being made whole, complete, even loved, washed over and through her. She felt like she was drowning in the rising tide of an ocean, drowning in ecstasy. It was such an overwhelming feeling for her that she completely passed out, even as her asshole continued to milk his cock in an attempt to drain his balls dry of every last precious drop of his seed.

When Heather awoke, she found herself in a completely different position. She was lying in Alan's arms, being held by him while feeling the warm afterglow of their mutual exertions. She had never been big on any post-orgasmic cuddling, so this was pretty much a brand new thing for her. She'd also never come close to feeling for any boy what she felt for him, so she was blindsided by how happy and content she felt in his arms. She simply had never felt that good before. It seemed to her like all of her experiences with him had culminated in this moment of epiphany.

She looked up into his face lovingly. This was the inner Heather that Alan had been striving to free, Sean's "angel" that was nothing like the ordinary bitchy Heather. Briefly, in that shared moment, she really did look angelic.

Her asshole felt absolutely incredible, even though Alan Junior had vacated her ass altogether. She could tell his cum was still inside her and in fact drooling out a little bit. She clenched her anus tightly shut to try and keep any more of his cum from escaping her. She shifted her weight a bit and luxuriated in the resulting squishy sensations deep within. She decided that as good as it felt to have a dildo filling her butt, having her ass filled with cum was much more satisfying.

She asked him in a quiet purr, as if she still couldn't believe it herself, "You came? You came in my ass?"

"Yep. You didn't deserve it, mind you" he said sternly, even as he kissed her hair gently. "I'm still pissed at your recent behavior, not to mention almost getting me killed with your dad. But even badly behaved bitchsluts need something to be thankful for, today of all days, and I did want to reward you for trying so hard to learn your anal exercises. And most importantly, I want you to know how good it can be if you tame your Inner Bitch."

"So good..." she sighed reverently. Then she nuzzled her face into his neck and kissed his throat.

Heather simply didn't nuzzle, nor was she the type to coo or purr or snuggle. This tender kind of thing was the sort of "lovey-dovey crap" that she frequently mocked. As much as she was enjoying herself, old habits die hard and her bitchy exterior soon reasserted itself.

The next time she looked into his eyes, he saw that the good Heather had disappeared. There was some subtle and inexplicable difference. But still, he was pleased. He was confident that at least some seeds had been planted.

He thought, And now, the football players. That's what I'm here for, after all. But I can't blow it now and get sidetracked by all this unexpectedly pleasant intimacy. At least a better attitude from her might eventually help with the Sean hand-over. Regardless, I have to keep to the plan and be subtle.

He brushed her lips with his fingertips, saying, "You see what I mean, about giving? Try to do for others and see how it turns out. And I'm not just talking about sex, either. Try doing nice things for the people you love and see if they're returned. By not being bitchy all the time, you won't be able to revel in your power and glory as much, true. But you'll find other pleasures that are ultimately even more satisfying and rewarding."

"I'll try." Her voice was still disarmingly weak and vulnerable.

He thought, A-ha! She's taken the bait. Now it's up to Simone to reel her in. Simone should call her late afternoon-ish and talk to her about my problem with the football players and then leave it up to Heather to take the initiative to help me out before the game. If I forced Heather to help, she'd drag her feet all the way and do a subpar job, and then she'd demand payback later. This way, maybe she'll actually do a good job. It's a risk, but I think it's a good, calculated risk. Plus, there's an outside chance it could actually help tame her inner bitch.

Heather was thinking too. Now that the bitchy side of her had reasserted itself, she thought, That was fucking incredible! He's right. Giving is good, at least in certain cases, because it gets me more. I never understood when people said giving is better than receiving, but now I do. It's better 'cos when you give gifts, people give you even more stuff back! He's taught me an amazing lesson: altruism is just a more subtle form of greed.

Now, more than ever, I need to redouble my twin goals. One, please my Sir in all ways as best as humanly possible so he'll take me as his main lover and girlfriend and cum in my ass every single fucking day! And two, eliminate the competition. I need all of Alan, all the time! I'm not gonna share him with a bunch of other needy girls, much less the likes of Gloria Rhymer! You think he's gonna love you like he loves me, Glory? Ha! In your dreams, loser!

Once he and I are an inseparable pair, there's no telling what I'll be able to do. I'll have love, great sex, money, AND power. The sky's the limit!

Her thoughts then switched to a much more pertinent and practical matter as a physical sensation become impossible to avoid. Damn, my ass! It's on fire. Did he really have to spank me that much and that hard? I don't think I'm gonna be able to sit for a week. But it was soooo worth it!

Alan finally remembered the time. Looking at the clock, he realized he was running a bit late, but thankfully not too late. If he left immediately, he'd still have time to go home, get ready, and pick up Glory. He quickly began putting his clothes on; a shower would have to wait until he got home.

He thought, If Heather only knew that I'm leaving her to spend time with Glory, she'd have a conniption fit. And the same is true if Glory knew where I'm coming from to meet her. I'm walking a pretty dangerous line here, juggling so many women in my life. But on the other hand, life sure as hell is never boring anymore!

He figured that based on how his life had been going lately, there was a fair chance his cock would get fondled when he got back home. So he washed his privates in Heather's bathroom while she lay blissed out on her bed, exhausted and recovering.

Finally dressed and holding his backpack as he prepared to crawl out her window, he said to her, "I've hidden your present, the big dildo, somewhere around here. But you are under strict instructions NOT to look for it, is that clear? Like all your Bitch Trainers, you're not allowed to touch or even look at them without permission. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," she said from where she lay sprawled on her bed, even though she could hardly wait for him to leave now so she could search for it.

Frank had long since returned home. But while he had no clue about what Heather had been doing up in her room, Helen certainly did. She didn't have another chance to go upstairs and listen at Heather's door since her husband was puttering around the house. But she knew all about the window Heather's lovers used, so she positioned herself at the kitchen counter in a spot where she could watch the backyard and see anyone who left by the window route.

Eventually, her patience was rewarded. It was just for a few seconds and from a long way away, but she saw Alan quickly scurrying through the backyard on his way to his car. She was initially surprised and disappointed. She'd been expecting some kind of perfectly sculpted, muscular Adonis, but what she saw looked more like the generic boy next door, perhaps even a bit bookish. That actually left her even more intrigued than before. Helen still didn't know his name, or anything about him, but she resolved to fix that soon. Just like her daughter, she had her ways of getting what she wanted.

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