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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 119
Run Like Hell
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Glory stood before a full length mirror in her apartment, looking at her outfit. Does this make me look fat? I think it makes me look fat. No, everyone tells me this is one of my best outfits. But what if I've gained weight, and this dress magnifies it? Maybe I need to wear something more daring.

Arrgh! Listen to me. I sound like some kind of teenage girl. Why did I ever agree to do this? Is it too late to back out? It is. I just know it's going to end badly. How did I ever get in this mess in the first place?

Glory thought back to what led her to her current situation, with Alan scheduled to come and pick her up for the Thanksgiving meal at any moment. It had all started the evening before.

Glory was vacuuming her bedroom when she heard the doorbell ring. She didn't have any friends who just stopped by without calling first, at least not since she'd recently broken up with her boyfriend. She assumed it was some kind of salesperson and kept vacuuming. But the doorbell rang again, so she went to check it out.

She looked through the peephole first. The person was standing close to the hole and all she could see was a mass of curly dark reddish-brown hair. She could tell it was a woman from the hair, so she felt safe enough to open the door. But she regretted it as soon as she did.

"Suzanne! My, isn't this a surprise! Nice to see you!" Glory was all smiles.

Inwardly, she cursed, Shit! Not HER! She's nothing but trouble. I know it! And look how I look. Shit, shit, shit! Look at the miles of alabaster cleavage. You'd think she's off to the Academy Awards ceremony or something. She always dresses so nicely, and I look like some kind of couch potato. Heck, I'd have to put on something nicer than this to even look like a slovenly couch potato. Shit!

Actually, Glory's outfit didn't look half bad, and she kept her apartment nice and clean, but she found herself with a strong need to impress Suzanne. She knew that Suzanne lived over in the millionaires' neighborhood and that her apartment would barely qualify as guest quarters over there. Her heart was pounding way too loud.

"Good to see you," Suzanne said jovially. "Sorry for dropping by unannounced. You don't mind?"

"Mind? Are you kidding? It's a treat." Inwardly she cursed, Damn and double damn! This is a living nightmare. I feel so embarrassed. She added, "Come on in! Please, sit down and make yourself at home."


"Thank you. I don't mind if I do." Suzanne took a seat on the big sofa in Glory's living room.

Stalling for time, Glory asked, "Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes, please. Thank you."

Glory brought the coffee, and then sat on the love seat directly across from her. "So. Let me guess. You're here about Alan. Is there some kind of crisis?"

Suzanne smiled, causing Glory's heart to pitter patter. "Good guess, but no, there's no crisis. Well, not an immediate one at any rate. I just wanted to invite you to a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow at the Plummer house. Alan, his sister, and his mother will be there, and so will I and my daughter Amy. You've met all of us at one time or another. Sorry for the short notice, but I just found out that you'll be spending Thanksgiving all alone and we can't have that. It wouldn't be neighborly."

It was true that Glory was planning on having her Thanksgiving meal alone, but that was only because she'd had plans with her boyfriend which were recently canceled when she broke up with him. She hadn't told that to Alan or anyone else though, so she couldn't possibly see how Suzanne could know that.

She asked, "That's true, but, hey! How did you know?"

Suzanne waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, I ran into what's his name in the supermarket. Your old boyfriend. Garth, I believe. We got to talking and he mentioned how he felt bad that you two would both be alone for the holiday. So of course I just had to do something since I already consider you my friend."

That was all true, technically speaking, but what Suzanne failed to mention was that she'd deliberately "accidentally" run into Garth a few days earlier precisely to pump him for information about Glory while appearing to just hold a casual conversation with him. She'd learned quite a few useful tidbits, including some surprising and enticing hints about Glory's sex life after Garth started wondering aloud if he'd lost Glory because his bedroom skills weren't good enough. When Suzanne was at her manipulative best, she had a way of getting people to reveal more than they normally would have.

Luckily, Glory didn't think to question how Suzanne even knew who her boyfriend was in the first place. (In fact, in recent days Suzanne had been putting out feelers about Glory and trying to learn everything she could about her to gain an edge.)

"Oh, I see." Glory was a bit disappointed that Suzanne had a legitimate reason to have found that out, because now she didn't have any good excuse to turn the invitation down, yet she had to. "Thanks for thinking of me and for coming all the way here to ask me in person, but I... I just can't."

"Why not? If there's a scheduling conflict we can move the time around to better suit you."

"No, it's not that... You're making it really hard for me to wiggle out of this, you know, but that's exactly what I have to do. I just can't go there."

"You can't? Why?"

Glory was getting a little upset and the irritation showed in her face. "Why? You ask me why? You know why! Actually, there are several whys. For one thing, to be blunt about it, it would be too awkward, knowing what I know about everyone there."

Suzanne purposely played dumb, giving her a blank and uncomprehending look.

"You know!" Glory added with frustration. "The fact that everyone there has been... intimate... with Alan. EVERYone. Do I make myself clear?"

"Oh. That." They both knew she was talking about incest, though neither wanted to say that word out loud. She lied, "You know, it's odd, but I've been around that so long now that I don't even think about it anymore."

"Well, I do!" Glory crossed her arms defiantly.

"Look, I know it must seem strange, but I can assure you that a meal at the Plummer house is exactly the same as a meal anywhere else." She added naughtily to herself, Except for all the times someone is blowing my Sweetie beneath the table or at least Susan is serving everyone in her erotic apron and spreading her legs to offer up her tasty pussy juice for dessert, hee-hee.

Suzanne continued with a sincere and even slightly offended face, "It's not like some kind of wild orgy breaks out. I'm insulted that you'd even think anything like that. When you come over, there won't be the slightest hint of anything untoward or sexual. It'll just be family and friends sharing a meal."

Glory huffed, "And all of them are buxom bombshells who just happen to be sleeping with the one and only male there. That right there is extremely untoward, if you ask me!" She briefly glanced down at Suzanne's own buxom chest, and then quickly looked away.

Suzanne frowned. "Oh dear. I was afraid you might say something like this. Let me cut to the chase. Glory, I talked to you recently about you and me working together to help save Alan from his excesses. Remember how we talked about how we'd work as a team to make sure he did his homework? Well, we still need to be doing that kind of thing. I know you've broken up with him and frankly I can completely understand and sympathize with why you did that." She lied again, "I'm not here to try to get you to change your mind about that."

"You're not? Then what's this about?"

"Of course I'm not! I really am here to invite you to Thanksgiving dinner. As for Alan, it's bad enough sharing him with as many women as I do now, so why would I want to share him with one more? That's less time with him for me. Don't worry, I'm on YOUR side. Haven't you ever had a lover and then gone on to be friends with that person? Or at least had people you know who did that? It's common, unless maybe the break up was especially bitter, but that wasn't the case with you and him, so why can't the two of you be friends?"

Glory harrumphed indignantly, "Well, I don't know if you could say that we broke up, seeing how we were never going out. Yes, I was his sexual plaything. One of many. I suppose he thought it would be a real coup to add a teacher to his list of conquests and I foolishly acquiesced. He'd amuse himself during lunch with me sometimes, unless he was off bopping one of his cheerleader floozies. So if you call that going out, then we were going out, I guess." She finished with a bitter, "Ha!"


"Come on, you know it's not like that. He loves you."

Glory wanted to lash out at Alan, but since he wasn't there she shot daggers into Suzanne's eyes instead. "Yeah, me and probably a dozen others, for all I know. Big deal."

Suzanne held her hands up defensively. "Okay, okay, relax. I know what you mean. The same thing happened to me. Look at me. Look at you. Look at all of his lovers. We're all centerfold material."

Glory was about to protest that, but Suzanne beat her to it. "Oops! Don't say it! I know what you're going to say, that you don't fall into that category, but you're wrong. You're sexy. You're hot. You're a very desirable woman." Suzanne knew that Glory felt intimidated by the Playboy model appearances of the other women and that was one important reason she didn't want to attend, but even though she was buttering her up, she really meant it.

Glory found herself blushing. Her heart was beating hard again, just after she'd finally been calming down. SUZANNE thinks I'm hot! Wow! What is it about this woman? I don't have the slightest bisexual bone in my body, but this woman just does something to me that I can't explain!

Suzanne continued, "My point is, Alan clearly is a very remarkable young man. I've never been forced to share any of my lovers with anyone before; I never so much as considered such a crazy idea. And yet now I do. It is an embarrassing thing to admit to, so I know EXACTLY how you feel. But one of the remarkable things about him is that he is fundamentally such a decent young man. He's got such, well, decency and incredible capacity to love and be loved, that I have no doubt he has what it takes to love me and others too. And I do mean love, heart and soul. He loves you, Glory. I know it for a fact because he talks about you all the time."

"He does? What about?"

"Oh, you've been his favorite teacher for two years, at least. It's always been 'Glory says this' and 'Glory says that.' Believe me, I've known all about you for a long time now."

"But how can that be? You're not his mother; you don't live with him."

"No, but Susan and I have been best friends since he was born. I changed his diapers countless times. I'm about as close to being a mother as a non-family member can get. In fact, he even calls me 'Mother' sometimes, and calls Susan 'Mom.'" She figured Glory would figure out Alan had two mothers sooner or later, and she was trying to slowly break the news to her.

Oh great, Glory thought bitterly. More incest, or at least near incest.


Suzanne tried to get the conversation back on track. "But not only that, he NEEDS you, desperately, as a friend! That's why I'm here." She lied once more, "Not to restart your sexual relationship with him, but so you can transition into being a platonic friend with him."

The wily redhead added, "He's going through a difficult time. We've been over this before. The very fact that he has so many lovers, and all of them such amazingly talented and beautiful sexy vixens no less, is messing with his mind! We're in danger of losing the kind and gentle Alan we all know and love, and seeing him replaced by an arrogant, self-centered ass. He needs help and soon, to stop that from happening! I'm convinced that YOU hold the key to saving him!"

"Me?! Why me?"

"You know as well as I do that you were far more than just another one of his teachers before you two became intimate. He considers you his mentor, his guide to life. You know this already." She exaggerated, "He'll listen to what you say and follow your advice more than just about anybody!" Then she added more honestly, "I know that you care about him deeply as a person, all sexual feelings aside."

"That may be," Glory admitted, "but I don't even think that's an appropriate relationship for a teacher and student to have, never mind the sexual aspect. We're just too close." Her gaze strayed to Suzanne's deep cleavage again, before she jerked her head away.

Suzanne put down the cup of coffee she'd been holding. "But that's the reality. You can't deny that, just because some people might frown upon it. Are you willing to just stand there and watch this dreadful transformation take place in him without doing something about it? And don't tell me you need time to adjust. He doesn't have time. He needs to get his head screwed on straight now, right now, or it'll be too late. He's in the middle of a pivotal transformative period as he comes to grips with his new life. These weeks he's going through right now are the most important ones of his life as all his key relationships become settled. The pattern he sets now is the pattern that will guide him for the rest of his life. YOU are the key to his happiness and sanity."

Glory felt a tightness in her chest, as the conversation was making her increasingly stressed. "Suzanne, I think it's unfair of you to put all of this burden on my shoulders. I do appreciate what you're saying, really I do, but I DO need time. I just broke it off with him a few days ago! You know what he's like, his sexual magnetic pull. I need to wash those feelings out of my system at least somewhat before I see him again. I need this long weekend to get my head screwed on straight too. Maybe, just maybe, I need to find a new boyfriend and fast. Then I'll feel safe around him. Hopefully."

"Come on. You make it sound like he's some kind of ruthless sexual predator. Isn't he kind and understanding and sensitive to your needs? At least for now, as he hasn't turned into what we who frequent the Plummer house call the 'Bad Alan.' He's still basically the 'Good Alan.' Do you really think he'd push you into doing something you didn't want to do?"

"No," Glory reluctantly admitted. "But he doesn't have to push! Oh God, this is so embarrassing to admit, especially about one of my students, but whenever I see him I get giddy and weak in the knees! I'm worried that I won't be able to control myself!"

Suzanne replied, "That's why you have to come to this meal with us. You'll be seeing him in school on Monday and every school day after that, will you not? Are you afraid of throwing yourself at him right in the middle of class?"


Glory suddenly envisioned herself stopping a lecture at the chalkboard in mid-sentence, confidently walking between desks to Alan's desk, wordlessly unzipping his pants zipper, and start sucking on his big shaft. She imagined all the befuddled stares and gasps from her students. She pictured reaching a hand between her legs to flip them the bird without even pausing from her licking and sucking. She imagined Heather in particular standing up aghast and insulted, but also burning with jealousy.

Glory shivered with excitement and practically slobbered in anticipation as she started thinking about exactly how she'd deep throat him.

But she looked at Suzanne a bit startled and said, "Just about! It's practically that bad! Come on, you're one of his lovers; don't look at me that way. You know how it is with him! He didn't used to, even a month ago, but now he has this way about him. He's so full of confidence. It's like he can mentally undress you with his eyes."

"I do, I do," Suzanne nodded. "I know just what you're talking about. But I think you're still exaggerating terribly." She said in a very friendly and jokey style, "Come on, it's not THAT bad, is it? I mean, yes, he's a great lover, but he's just a kid. He's flesh and blood just like everyone else."

Suzanne found herself in a bit of an awkward position. She had gotten so used to pumping up Alan's reputation around Susan that it was second nature for her to start raving about how big his dick was, how tasty his cum was, and so on. She knew that kind of talk would just scare Glory off at this point, so not only did she have to refrain from doing that, she actually had to try to downplay his attributes. She found it a constant mental challenge not to slip up.

"Well, I suppose," Glory admitted. "But there's something about him that's just so irresistible."

Suzanne sat forward in her chair dramatically. "But you MUST resist! If you're going to get over him, you must!" She lied again, "I'm rooting for you because I need you to help him as a friend. A platonic friend and advisor. That's why this meal is so important. Right now you're afraid to be alone with him outside the classroom, right?"

Glory glumly nodded.

"So, you have to walk before you can run. You should start out being with him in groups of people in completely non-sexual situations. Then, if that works out, you can be with him in smaller and smaller groups until you're finally comfortable with being with him alone. And what could be a safer and less sexual situation than a Thanksgiving meal with family?"

She lied still more, "Not only that, but I'll be right there to make sure that nothing sexual happens. I can steer the conversation to safe grounds if need be and generally be your guardian angel. If you find his pull too strong despite all that, just make a signal and I'll find an excuse to take you home early. It's a can't lose situation!"

"Well, I don't know... It's just... odd. The whole thing is so damnably odd. I mean, how can I even look him in the eye, with my feelings all a jumble? And I can't look his sister or mother in the eye, either, knowing what they've done. It would be awkward all around. I don't like it. I'm sorry, but I have to say no."

"Don't worry, I'll smooth it all over. Do you think Susan and Katherine have fangs and horns? They're the kindest, nicest people you could ever meet."

"No, I don't mean to insult them. I know they're both very nice people. That's not the main problem, anyway."

Suzanne pressed, "Besides, what else are you going to do, sit at home alone, feeling sorry for yourself while stuffing unhealthy snacks in your mouth and watching parades on TV?"

Glory, in fact, was anticipating doing something just like that. Increasingly frustrated, she blurted out, "It's just that... I'm so tempted! Suzanne, please don't make me do this!" She was practically begging now.

Suzanne stated calmly, "Don't do it for me. Do it for him. If you have any feelings for him at all, help him. Now is his time of need. Next month will be too late. Heck, maybe even next week. You're his mentor, his guide, his good friend. Without your advice, he's lost. You and I, we're the only ones with the inner strength and wisdom to tell him no when he needs someone to tell him no. I can't do it all by myself. The others are well meaning, but are too immature or weak."

"I don't feel strong," Glory sadly admitted, as she snuck a peek at Suzanne's pale cleavage again.

Suzanne leaned forward again and took Glory's hands in hers.

That started Glory blushing again, and her heart resumed racing. The touch of Suzanne's fingers sent shivers of excitement up and down her spine. What is it with this woman?! As if I don't have enough problems already, and enough reasons not to go. I need to steer clear of her. Big time! Why does she have to have so much of her ivory orbs hanging out? I'm not even attracted to women in the slightest! This shouldn't be bothering me!

Suzanne looked Glory dead in the eye and said, "I need you. I have a good feeling about you. I know then when it comes down to it, you'll do the right thing for Alan and for all of his loved ones. You'll transition quickly to a platonic relationship with him instead of running away. I hardly know you, but I feel like I know you well already. I can tell that you're not a quitter; I can tell that you're strong. If you do start feeling weak, I'll be there to hold you up. Together, you and I can make it! We'll lick his thing together!"

Glory was startled. She couldn't believe what she thought she'd just heard. "Uh, did you say 'lick his thing'? You mean lick THIS thing, right?"

Suzanne froze for a long moment and then burst into laughter. She withdrew and doubled over as she had a great big belly laugh. "'Lick his thing'? That's a good one!"

Glory found herself laughing too, a little bit at first, but then it was like an unstoppable flood. Not only did she laugh uproariously, but all her tensions and worries seemed to flow out of her as she did it. She found herself wiping tears of laughter from her eyes as she pondered the absurdity of the misunderstanding.


Somehow, amidst all that laughter, Suzanne and Glory forged a new and closer bond between them. Still chuckling, Suzanne took Glory's hands in hers and stood up. "So, we'll count on you there then? Twelve noon. Are you doing anything at that time?"

"No, but I-"

"Excellent! The dress is slightly formal, but not too formal. Everyone will be wearing very conservatively cut outfits. I can assure you that there won't be any sexual vibes in the air whatsoever."

Glory replied, "Good."

"Okay, then. I should get going. Give me a call if you have any questions, as you probably will. No need to bring anything. Here, let me write down my number for you. You have a pen?"

Glory let go of Suzanne's hands - reluctantly - and went to find a pen. As she did that, she thought to herself, I guess I agreed to go... somehow. I did, didn't I? Suzanne can be awfully persuasive. She could almost be a professional hypnotist. What with the charisma pouring off her, why, you could practically bottle and sell it!

She stared off into space, thinking about Suzanne's voluptuous body and sultry face. And her looks! My God, her looks! She really could sell snow to the Eskimos, from her looks alone!

But I suppose it's for the best. I do need to transition to a platonic relationship with him, and I don't know if I can do it alone, unless maybe I just live like a hermit for a couple of weeks to make sure I avoid him. But with Suzanne standing by me and watching out for me, I feel a lot better. I think I can do this! Yeah! I know I can!

Glory finally found a pen and paper and brought them back to Suzanne.

She waited while Suzanne wrote down her number, even though she already had Suzanne's number somewhere. As she waited, she couldn't help but gawk at Suzanne's beauty. She could feel her heart racing so much, she had to consciously force herself to look and act normal.

As Suzanne handed the paper over, she tenderly took hold of Glory's hand again. "Thanks so much for doing this, Glory. I can tell you and I are going to be very good friends. You won't regret this."

Glory wasn't so certain. She had a bad feeling about it. But at the same time, she felt that it was somehow inevitable that she should attend. She asked, "Do you promise that nothing will happen between Alan and me? Sexual, I mean?"

"I promise that you'll be completely safe at the Plummer house. I swear to God! Nothing will happen to you there. I won't let it!" Suzanne had worded that very carefully. She'd been thinking ahead, hoping that Alan would drive Glory home afterwards, where maybe something could happen.

Suzanne left after some more inconsequential chit chat.


Suzanne waited until she was alone in the elevator heading back to her car before she felt it was safe to celebrate. YES! She threw both arms in the air in exultation. Then she pumped her fists a few times before regaining control of herself.

"Eeeexcellent! Eeeexcellent, Smithers!" Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Tee-hee-hee! I've got to work on my Mr. Burns voice. Oh boy, that was difficult, but fun! I feel so delightfully evil. But as usual with my schemes, it was all done for good and noble reasons. She's such a goner now, and she doesn't even know it! Sweetie will be boning her before, mmmm, say, two o'clock. Three o'clock at the latest.

I'm so psyched!

The thing is, they really do need each other. Glory keeps denying the obvious. For instance, I saw that excited gleam in her eyes when I asked if she was afraid of throwing herself at him during class. She WANTS me to deceive her! I'm just helping her cut to the chase so she doesn't have to go through weeks of waffling and misery before inevitably returning to his sweet, sweet embrace, not to mention a happy reunion with Alan Junior. And at least I wasn't lying about her importance to him. My Sweetie really could turn into "Bad Alan" without her being there for him.

That "We'll lick his thing together" comment was kind of risky though. I can't believe I actually had the cojones to say that! The key was to enunciate it juuust clearly enough to get to her to ask, yet still leave room for her to doubt later. It'll be all the sweeter when we do lick his thing together someday; I'll be able to tell her about what I was really thinking that moment and we'll both have a good laugh. But getting her to laugh there was key to breaking the tension and breaking her resistance.

I'm just so GOOD at this, hee-hee! It's a lucky thing I have a code of ethics or there's no telling what kind of mischief I could get into. It does feel in a way like I'm stabbing her in the back with so many lies, but I'm confident that she'll thank me for it later. Still, I shouldn't get into a habit of acting like this with my friends and future friends. I just didn't have any alternative this time because she's been so foolishly headstrong about leaving him.

The thing that frustrates me though is that I can't reveal the outline of my ethics or people would be on to me too much. For instance, I don't lie about promises. Technically, it's true that I'll prevent Sweetie from having sex with her while in the Plummer house. As soon as they go out the door together though, whammo! They'll probably end up doing it on the front lawn. Hee-hee-hee! Well, okay, that's overstating things quite a bit, but I've got a very good gut feeling about his chances as long as I can get her to actually show up.

God, scheming feels good. That's one disappointment about my current lifestyle. Everything's going so wonderfully that I just don't have enough good excuses to scheme. Oh well. Tee-hee-hee!


As soon as Alan entered his house through the garage door, he went straight for the kitchen, looking for his number one mother.

Susan was in the kitchen, working with Brenda on last-minute cooking and cleaning. She was fully clothed, since she didn't expect him home yet. Katherine and Amy were not in sight because they were cleaning elsewhere in the house.

As he got closer, he spied the two busty women grooving to the music on the CD player. The song was "Pearl Necklace" by ZZ Top. When the chorus came around, Brenda and Susan stopped what they were doing, looked at each other, and zestily sang, "A pearl necklace! / She want a pearl necklace!"

He grinned widely at seeing that, sneaking in even closer. Before Susan even had time to fully recognize him and say hello, he had her in his arms. He gave her a great big hug. It wasn't primarily a sexual hug, but more of a loving, comfort hug.

"Whoa!" Susan said with a big smile, turning around in his arms to face him. "And hello to you too! What brings this on, Tiger? Not that I'm complaining."

Alan seemed to be trying to bury his whole body into hers, he was squeezing her so intently. "I have good news! A little while ago, I dropped the UC Berkeley and UCLA applications in the mailbox. And don't worry; I double checked that there were enough stamps and there was a pick-up later and everything. It's done!"

Susan responded predictably, but Alan loved it just the same. "Son, I'm SO proud of you! You're the BEST! I just know that you're going to get in to your top choice!" She kissed his lips with passion and a lot of love too.

When the kiss ended, he muttered, "Thanks, Mom. The truth is, YOU'RE the best. You give me so much confidence." He kept on squeezing her close.

Susan said brightly, "This calls for a celebration!" She looked down meaningfully towards his penis, although she couldn't see it since their bodies were pressed together tightly. She added with a happy smirk, "I wonder how we can celebrate... Hmmm... Brenda, what do you think? Can you think of any slurpy, spermy ways we could make him happy? Maybe with our mouths, together?"

He looked over at Brenda and said absent-mindedly, "Hi."

Brenda replied, "Hello, Master." She bowed low. She added, "It would be my pleasure to serve." Then she added, less like a sex slave and more like a friend, "And by the way, congratulations! You're going to love Berkeley. That's where I went to college, you know. And if things go like they should, I'm going to be your new next-door neighbor up there!"

He smiled at that, not knowing how to respond. Finally he said modestly, "We'll see. I might not get in. Or I could get in someplace better. It's too early to start making plans, that's for sure."

Susan managed to squeeze a hand between their bodies, working that hand towards his crotch. As she did, she asked, "How are you feeling? You look a little... tired."

He replied, "I am tired. I'm beat! I just came from Heather's place. It was a lot of fun, but so draining."

Susan teased as she clutched at his crotch, "You mean you just came IN Heather's place, don't you? Her special naughty place. Did you tame her haughty cheerleader ass nice and good?"

"I guess, but I don't wanna talk about it."

"Oooh! You did! That's my big, strong boy! Speaking of draining, I'll bet you could use a nice long congratulatory cocksucking! Let Mommy and Brenda help to drain you dry of all that nasty sperm." She began fumbling for his zipper.

"No, Mom."

She misunderstood his objection. "No, of course not! What am I thinking? You want to skewer Mommy's pussy and nail her good and hard! Come on, Brenda, help me here. Guide it in and then give his face a nice tit massage." She had failed to get at his zipper quickly, so she simply pulled his shorts down instead.

He said wearily, "No, it's not that either. Look at me, Mom, my dick isn't even hard. I need to recharge for a while. Can we move to the love seat in the other room and just cuddle and hug? I don't mean sexually, I just want to draw comfort and strength from you."

"Sure. Wow, you really must have fucked up a storm over there. Come on, my cutie Tiger; let Mommy take good care of you."

As they walked to the living room, he thought of the ZZ Top song still playing, and asked Susan, "So, do you know what a 'pearl necklace' means?"

She looked at him incredulously. "Of course I do! I've known that nearly as long as you've been splattering your tasty loads all over my face and chest. And Angel was kind enough to put the song on my most favorite song mix of all time, so I get to sing about it and think about it every day. In fact, just hearing that song, I can practically smell the sperm, and I get all tingly down below."

He grinned some more. "Silly me. I should have known."

Brenda, still dressed in her lewd maid outfit, followed them until they were settled in the living room. Then she asked, "Master, is there anything I can do to help? I could massage your feet. Or my breasts could make nice pillows for your weary head. Either one of them, in fact." She leered at his "little head" to make her intentions clear.

But he was too weary for any kind of sex. Sheesh! What did I ever do to deserve this kind of royal treatment? This isn't right. Yet he found himself saying, "Actually, the foot massage thing sounds nice. I'll just lay down next to Mom here and kick my feet up so you can reach them. Does that sound doable?"

"Perfect, Master." She would have much preferred helping either of his heads to massaging his feet, but she was happy to help in any way.

Susan asked, "Tiger, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Mommy?"

"Sorry, Mommy, but I've got years of habit to unlearn. But, uh, don't you both have more important things to do than pamper me? I mean, Glory will be over soon."

"Nothing is more important than servicing and pampering the master of the house," Susan said confidently. "It's what your big-titted sex pets do best! But still, let me call Amy and Angel in here so they can keep an eye on some things still cooking in the kitchen. You know, now that I have two daughters, I'd like to call Amy something more than just Amy. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that." She cupped her hand to her mouth. "Aaaaaamy! Kaaaatherine! Come heEEEEeere!"

The two girls scurried from elsewhere in the house to the living room.

Katherine looked at Alan, and saw he was naked from the waist down and cuddling next to a newly topless Susan. She was a bit surprised to see his penis was flaccid. She also noticed a topless Brenda sitting at the foot of the sofa massaging his feet. She giggled and said saucily, "Looks like someone here is having fun."

Alan had closed his eyes a short time before as he started to truly relax, but now he opened them and looked to his sisters. To his surprise, both of them were wearing French maid outfits just like Brenda's, except theirs were actually designed to keep their breasts covered (though just barely). "Man alive! Look at you two! I feel like I'm at a cosplay convention or something!"

Katherine giggled some more.

"What's that?" Amy asked.

Alan explained, "It's short for costume play. It's a popular thing in Japan where people dress up in costumes and then get together to show them off."

As if by some silent signal, both Katherine and Amy began turning around, modeling and preening in their indecently skimpy maid outfits from all angles as if being photographed.

Katherine asked him, "You like?"

"Yeah, definitely! But why? I thought everyone here was real busy working."

Amy answered, "We are, silly, but as long as we're gonna work like maids, Sis suggested we should look the part!" She giggled along with her sister.

Alan asked, "Where did those outfits come from? Did they just materialize out of thin air?"

"No, you silly willy!" Amy replied while rolling her eyes.

Katherine elaborated, "Brenda has more French maid outfits than you could shake your big stick at. True, she's a bit shorter than us, which means they don't quite fit, but that has some benefits. Look, you can see a bit of my slit even when I'm standing still."


Amy added, "Actually, I borrowed this one from Mom again, since you liked it when I wore it for you before. Unfortunately you can't see my cunnie with me wearing it, since I'm not as tall as she is, but you can when I go like this." She lifted the front of her skirt.

Katherine then pivoted and bent over. "And look what happens when I turn around like this!" She spread her legs and bent over slightly to help show off her pussy.

Alan said with a bit more energy, "Do I have the two best sisters in the world or what? I'm gonna fuck both of you so hard that my cock's going to come up your throats!"

Katherine wiggled a chiding finger at her brother. "Promises, promises, Big Feather Duster Brother."

Susan gave Amy and Katherine some instructions, sending the two of them off to the kitchen. Then she said to Alan as she stroked his unruly hair, "So, Tiger. What's bothering you? I know it's not just the stress of giving Heather the ass taming she so richly deserves. What's on your mind?" Her hair stroking became gentler as she asked, "Is it about Glory?"

He quickly went from happy to sad. "It is. You know me so well. I've been running at 1,000 miles an hour it seems, just living from moment to moment. There's too much going on for me to think very far ahead, you know? So when I was at Heather's my mind was full of nothing but Heather."

Brenda looked up over the sofa with a leering grin. She cupped her hands in the air in front of her as if holding breasts, and teased, "I'll bet it wasn't just your mind that was full of nothing but Heather. I understand she's quite the big-titted hottie, even if hers are partially fake."

He smiled. He was glad to see that Brenda was showing some spirit like that and not just having a robotic "Yes, Master, No, Master," kind of attitude. "You're not entirely wrong there, Brenda. My hands were definitely full of some Grade A top sirloin Heather ass most of the time, now that you mention it. Man, I wish I could have taped the whole thing. It was pretty spectacular. I'll tell you all about it later."

"I get hot just thinking about it!" Brenda let go of his feet and pulled on her nipples with both hands.

"Me too!" Susan enthused. "It makes me so HOT! Oh God, I've gotta get more comfortable!" She pulled herself up to yank the rest of her clothes off, and then threw them to the floor. Then she went back to cuddling up against her son.

She kept a hand on his penis even though it was flaccid, because she loved any kind of contact with it. But then she remembered he'd specifically asked her not to touch it, so she let go and cradled his balls instead. (She figured that, technically, he'd only said not to touch his penis, and if he didn't want her to pleasure his balls, he'd say something. He didn't.)

"Did you give that saucy bitch a good spanking?" Brenda asked eagerly.

"As a matter of fact, I did," he admitted, a touch of pride bringing a smile to his lips.

Both Brenda and Susan let out almost orgasmic moans when they heard that. The two of them tried to talk at once, they were so excited and full of praise. Both of them wanted him to physically demonstrate on them just how he'd spanked Heather.

He grinned. Just think if I told them about how Heather's dad almost caught us, and how we kept going anyway. Man! I have the power to make them both cum buckets at any time, if I just mention that. That's so cool!

Instead he quieted them by saying, "Let's not talk about that right now. I'm trying to think about the whole Glory situation."


Brenda meanwhile, discovered a happy way to play with her breasts and massage Alan's feet: she began essentially titfucking one of his feet with her expansive cleavage. Her breasts were so big and soft that it felt surprisingly good.

Dang! Only with Brenda. Her tits are so big she could hide my entire foot in her cleavage. Well, practically! He thought about what a sight the three of them would make to a stranger, and then imagined Suzanne walking in on them. He asked, "By the way, where's Mother Number Two?"

Susan answered, "Oh, she's dropping Xania off at the train station. You just missed a chance to say goodbye to her, unfortunately." She was lazily playing with his balls as if experimenting with Ben Wa balls.

"Wait, what? Xania came here in a car."

"Yeah, but she lost her car for a week in a bet to you, remember?"

"But she won the bet!" he protested.

Brenda said emphatically, "No, Master. A well-hung, naturally superior male such as yourself could never lose to a beautiful and busty woman. All you can do is best them, tame them, and fuck them into submission until they beg to be your nympho slaves!"

He just rolled his eyes at Brenda's unrealistic attitude. She'd even said it with obvious complete sincerity as if it were some sort of established scientific fact. He turned his head to look into Susan's eyes for support, but she was nodding in emphatic agreement with Brenda. He pointed out, "But I DID lose the bet. Besides-"

Susan interrupted. "Brenda's right. Don't worry your cute little head about it. Xania insisted on leaving the car behind. It was probably her way of signaling that she secretly wants you to fully tame her and bring her into the harem."

"No she doesn't," he protested. "She-"

Susan silenced him by laying a finger across his lips. "Ssssh. We don't have much time, so tell me what's worrying you about Glory." She wanted to avoid touching his flaccid penis since he'd asked her not to, so she reached under his T-shirt and began stroking his chest with one hand, while the other continued to stroke his hair.

"What's worrying me? Everything! It was like I was saying a little while ago. Leading up to going to Heather's and then while I was there, all I could think about was problems related to Heather. But then when I left her place, pow! It hit me! It's coming up on the big meal and I'm not ready for Glory, mentally, emotionally, or in any way. What should I do?"

"You're asking my advice?" Susan asked.

"Of course I am."

"But I'm not as wise or clever as Suzanne or Xania. Maybe you should wait, because Suzanne'll be back soon."

"No, I want to hear from you. You're my number one mom and I love you. You give good advice too. Just so long as you don't say, 'Tame her with your big cock' and that kind of thing. Think from your brain and not from your milk-laden big tits." He reached out and gave each one a honk squeeze, making her giggle.

He added, very seriously, "How do you think I should deal with things when I see her?"

"Well, you DO want to get back into her pants, don't you?" Susan asked in a decidedly un-motherly husky tone.

"Of course I do, but that doesn't mean it should necessarily happen. I want what's best for HER. She's a teacher and could easily get fired if we were to get caught. She's also really big on this whole monogamy thing, and I have to respect that."

Susan frowned and said hotly, "And she's also a fool! Monogamy. Ha! That's for ordinary people. If your medical six-times-a-day diagnosis is not scientific proof of your sexual superiority, then I don't know what is. She must be mad if she thinks a terribly cum-filled boy like you should be expected to be content with just one woman! That's craziness! Doesn't a smart woman like her know anything about the Coolidge Effect? I ought to give her a piece of my mind!"

"Now, Mom, you've gotta promise to be on your best behavior."

Brenda butted in from the foot of the sofa. "Master, can I make a suggestion?"

"Go right ahead."

"Well, as you know, we, meaning this new family and harem, are not exactly poor. I have more money than I know what to do with, and nothing would make me happier than to share some of it with all of you."

He didn't know what to say about that.

She continued, "If Glory loses her job, I'd be more than happy to pay her salary for the rest of the year. Even beyond, if need be. That way, she doesn't have to worry so much about getting caught."

"Thanks, Brenda. That's very generous and considerate. But it's not just the money. It would hit her reputation big time to get caught with a student, and she might not be able to teach again. It might even make the newspapers. And what would she do for a job?"

"If I could be so bold, Master, she could home tutor you exclusively! Or maybe you, Amy, and Katherine. Just think about the possibilities! Glory could teach you right here, dressed in some scandalously sexy outfit of course, while the rest of us take turns giving you stealth strokes and stealth sucks, all day long!"

Susan gasped lustily at that prospect. WOW! If that could happen, my life would be perfect! My mouth waters just thinking about all the extra cocksucking I could enjoy!

Brenda asked, "Is there such as thing as a stealth fuck? I don't know, but it would be fun to find out! In fact, there's no reason why orgies and learning can't go together."

She got a faraway look in her eye as she fantasized about the possibilities. Then she bent her head down and kissed his foot still sandwiched between her pillowy boobs.

"Thanks for the idea, Brenda. I have to admit that idea has got a lot of appeal, but I have to say no. School is what's keeping me grounded and sane, insofar as I'm still grounded at all. I need to mix with other people and do normal things sometimes. Besides, my dick needs many hours a day of rest too, and school forces me to take that rest, minus a little lunch fun here and there. There's such a thing as too much pleasure."

Brenda looked crushed. But she rapidly got over her disappointment by switching positions and starting to titfuck his other foot.

Susan pouted at the lost opportunity. "Oh, poo! Excellent suggestions though, Brenda. I like the way you think. I like it a lot!"

The two of them shared a knowing smile with each other, bonded together by the strength of their desire to sexually please their master. Their expressions also conveyed an unspoken understanding along the lines of, "Let's get together later to discuss this and find a way to make it happen!"

Alan though, missed seeing that look.

Then Susan said to her son, "In any case, you should tell Glory about the money offer, just as a fallback option so she won't worry so much."

He replied, "I'm not so sure that's such a good idea, Mommy. She's an independent woman, and while the idea of being a 'kept woman' like that may be very appealing to you and Brenda, I get the feeling that she'd be more offended and insulted by the offer than receptive and accepting. Besides, Brenda, I don't think it's right for me to take any money from you. That would cheapen the relationship we have. I want it to be all about lust, and eventually love, with no possible hint of other motives."

Brenda started to say, "I want that too! But..." She was going to say that while she agreed with that sentiment, in her mind her slavery was total, which meant that anything she owned technically belonged to him. However, she worried rightly that he wouldn't react well if she said that. She decided to wait until their relationship was on firmer ground before surfacing that idea.

Susan said, "Those are good points, Son, but the offer still stands, right Brenda?"

"Right, Mistress. I get so wet just thinking about it! Dressed in a French maid suit where I belong, on my knees between your legs sucking cock for hours and hours while Glory teaches you!"

"Me too!" Susan enthused. "Brenda, we could do it together. There's enough room between his knees for two!"

Brenda squealed excitedly, "Two tongues are better than one!"

Susan and Brenda reached their arms out and briefly looked at each other and clasped hands, sharing another tender moment bonded by their mutual love of being buxom cocksuckers.

Brenda added, "Just think! Glory could wear some super-sexy outfits to teach in, to help Master stay hard as much as possible. Can't you just picture her constantly bending over and leaning forward, working with us to keep his dick happy?"

"I can!" Susan lustily agreed. "And when she takes breaks, she can suck him with one of us while the other one struts around posing and preening our naked bodies!"

Katherine and Amy had been listening to the conversation, although they were keeping their distance for now. While leaning over the kitchen counter, Katherine shouted out, "What about Amy and me?"

Susan's eyes lit up. "Oh! Of COURSE you two need to be there. Why, that multiplies the possibilities so much! Just think! Why, before Glory even arrives each morning, Angel, you could-"


Alan was impatient, and he interrupted. "Mom? My problem?" He didn't even want to think about their home schooling idea, because it was too mind-blowing.

Susan was on a roll, but she stopped herself and tried to get back into a more business-like mode. "Right. Sorry. We'll discuss Brenda's wonderful home-schooling idea some other time. Now, getting back to Glory coming over, we have to think: what is it you're trying to accomplish?"

He admitted, "I don't know! This whole plan to invite her was Aunt Suzy's idea. Sometimes I feel like I'm in charge, but at other times, like now, I feel like I'm just along for the ride. I just wanna do what's best for Glory. I mean, look at us here!" In the last minute or two, Amy had drifted into the room to do some dusting (but also to eavesdrop a bit better).


He looked closer at Amy and saw that she was holding a duster, but she seemed a lot more interested in her pussy and ass. In fact, she appeared to be on the brink of an orgasm as she played with herself. He had the wry thought, Well, looks like someone's enjoying dusting the house!

He waved his hand in the vague direction of Amy, and then at Susan and Brenda. "Look at us. It's just not fair to a monogamous woman to include her in my wild lifestyle. I'm thinking I need to let her be free."

Susan snuggled in closer to him, making sure to rub her nipples into his chest. Then, while manipulating his balls, she said, "You know how the military has had this 'don't ask, don't tell' policy?"


"Well, what's wrong with doing that here? Let Glory be with you in just one-on-one settings. She'll be happy, you'll be happy, everyone will be happy. True, there will be some bumps in the road, but what path in life doesn't have some bumps along the way?"

"Wow, Mom, I'm not used to hearing you wax all philosophical."

"I just want what's best for you, Tiger." She was distraught to hear that he wasn't taking it for a given that he would sexually tame Glory and add her to his harem, though she appreciated his considerate nature. But she was so convinced he was an unstoppable sex machine that she decided the best thing to do was simply put Glory and him in the same room and let nature take its course. She didn't have any doubt what the outcome would be, if only they could have some time alone together.

So she suggested, "Tell you what, my cutie. Here's a suggestion. Don't stress! I don't think you're going to make up your mind before Glory comes over, if you haven't decided by now. So just do what you do best and roll with the punches. See how she feels. See how you feel after you see her. Nothing has to be decided today, anyway. Just enjoy the meal and discussion and the good times together. At the very least, you can reconnect with her as a friend. If something more happens, then so much the better."

"Wow. That's really good advice. Thanks, Mom!" Their faces were quite close already, and he leaned in and kissed her.

Somehow, what was intended to be just a quick appreciative kiss turned into an extensive make out session. It wasn't really desperately passionate; more like they enjoyed kissing each other so much that there was no reason to stop.

The kissing felt so good that, seemingly miraculously, he felt his dick starting to revive. It helped that his mother was already playing with it. His renewed stiffness in turn increased his overall lusty mood and his hand began to wander all over his mother's ample chest.

He pondered whether his penis was feeling good enough for further fun or whether it might not be too sore or sensitive. Hmmm. Feels to be in good shape. Great shape, actually. It feels all warm and vibrant and stiff. Mmmm. Really warm and tongue- Hey!


He looked down and saw Brenda with her head between his knees with her eyes closed, happily licking away on his stiffness. Susan went back to simply holding and lightly fondling his balls, giving Brenda this chance to shine on her own.

At first, he was going to say something sharp to Brenda. Dang, she didn't even ask. But how can I get mad at her, especially when she takes her top off but leaves that cute French maid headpiece on? She just sees my dick starting to get hard and she pops it in her mouth. I like!

Still, she's acting kinda different today - more aggressive - and it's kind of strange, coming from her. Maybe after we had that weird slave ceremony she feels safer with her position and figures she can get a little more uppity? Or maybe she just can't resist tasty cock? Whatever the case, it feels too good to complain!

The three of them went on like that for a minute or two, fondling, kissing, and licking. Susan couldn't see what was going on in Alan's crotch, due to her lip-lock with her son, but she certainly could hear what Brenda was doing, thanks to Brenda's noisy, slurpy style. She helped Brenda hold his throbbing pole in place while stroking it at the same time. Still, she generally left most of the cock pleasuring to Brenda.

Alan had been zoning out for a couple of minutes with his eyes closed, just luxuriating in the unbelievable pleasure, when he heard Amy's voice from very nearby. He opened his eyes and saw Amy and Katherine standing right in front of him.

Amy waved. "Hey, Beau. Anything we can do to help?"

He looked down at Brenda lapping all over the underside of his cock, with Susan's hands helping out. He said, "Um, thanks, but I'm pretty well covered."

Katherine said with a smirk, "That's true. However, we are maids, and maids are good for cleaning."

Amy added, also full of happy mischief, "And we're very concerned about the state of your thingy."

Katherine tried to pretend to frown, although she was too happy to manage it successfully. "It looks dirty. Such a dirty, nasty cock! It's probably been in all kinds of dirty, nasty holes today, starting with Heather's."

Amy took over. "Yeah! Just what did you do with her? Did you fuck her mouth? Did you fuck her tight little cunnie? Or did you even fuck her tighter, smaller asshole? Or did you do all three? I'll bet you spent a long time just fucking her to your heart's content!"

Katherine added, "Whatever you did, that's your right, as our lord and master! What I wouldn't give to watch you fully tame that bitch! But still, we're maids, and we need to clean. We'd really love to clean your cock!"

Brenda felt goose bumps all over. Oh fuck! "Whatever you did, that's your right, as our lord and master!" This place is the greatest! If there's a Heaven, it's gotta be a come-down compared to this! Inspired, she suddenly engulfed all of his cockhead and switched from licking to serious sucking.

"Yeah!" Amy agreed emphatically, bouncing a little on her toes. "We need to clean it of all that nasty Heather-y icky juicy yuckiness. With our tongues!"

"And our lips!" Katherine fell to her knees in front of him.

"And our hands!" Amy dropped to her knees too.

Katherine asked, as she moved in closer, "Brenda, Mom, you don't mind if we join in, do you?"

Brenda happened to be lapping back and forth over Alan's sweet spot, which she was pleasuring inside her mouth. She was inspired by the busty sisters and their fun, sexy dialogue. She managed to say, "Thounth goo" (meaning "Sounds good"). She didn't mind if she had to pull off and go back to mere licking, if that meant she would get to share his cock with the three other women.

Susan said, "Oh, I think it would be hot! In fact, let me switch positions here so we can have four tongues on him at once!" She started to get up off her son.

But when Alan finally spoke up, he said, "Um, I'm uh... Sorry, to uh... Oh God! Dear God! ... Hate to be a, uh, ah! Aaaah! So GOOD! ... Damn! Hate to be a party pooper, but... Hnnng! Jesus! Too much pleasure already! ... In fact, time for... for a break!"

Katherine and Amy visibly deflated. "Awwww." They reluctantly stood back up.

Amy added. "Bummer. Major bummer. Big time bummerooski!" But then she looked at Katherine standing next to her and said, "Hey! I've got an idea! Sis, cleanliness starts at home, if you know what I mean. Right?"

"Um, I'm not sure, exactly," Katherine admitted.

"Well, as maids, we have to make sure we're both super clean at all times too! And hey, if that gives O.B. a little visual inspiration along the way, that's gravy, right?"

Katherine grinned; she could see where Amy was going with this. "Yep. Gravy or cum, or something like that. The main thing is we're talking gooey liquid!" She giggled.

Amy dropped to her knees again. "Sis, I couldn't help but notice that all this talking about cleaning Brother's cock has made you musky and leaky down here. Super leaky, even! Here, let me help you out." She tilted her head forward and started licking up the rivulets of cum flowing from Katherine's pussy.

Alan groaned in erotic dismay. "Oh, man! What next? Aims, don't do that please. It's too arousing." He clutched at Brenda's head, trying to get her to slow her fervent bobbing.

Katherine laughed. "Don't listen to him, Sister! Remember, he likes uppity. Besides, it feels too good to stop!" She put her hands on Amy's head to keep her there, just to be sure she kept going.

Amy did keep on licking. In fact, she headed up towards the source of the leakage, teasingly licking all around Katherine's pussy without quite reaching her pussy lips.

He groaned again. "Man. Man oh man oh man. This is nuts. How on Earth am I supposed to get my strategic break? I'm gonna have to close my eyes." He thought, To say the fucking least! With the way Brenda's bobbing on me, even that won't be enough!


But Amy had been clever to position herself in front of Katherine so that Alan (and Susan and Brenda) could have a good view of her licking. Alan found he simply couldn't stop watching, especially when the tip of Amy's tongue finally reached Katherine's clit and Katherine screamed out and bent over in response. Then Amy practically buried her face in Katherine's pussy mound and started sucking on Katherine's pussy lips as if her life depended on it.

Susan was enjoying watching her daughters. She commented, "Would you look at that? Son, I'll bet Amy has her tongue deep inside Angel's hot, wet cunt! Not nearly as deep as your long cock fills it, but still, it's gotta feel good. Why do you think she's so eager? Could it be she's trying to lick out some of your cum in there? Mmmm!"

"Damn!" he complained. "Okay, that's enough. I'm declaring that was only a mini-break, and it's over starting now. Brenda? Mom? Can you carry on like before?"

They nodded. Brenda reluctantly removed her lips, but immediately went back to licking him instead.

He sighed with chagrin, since that was very nearly as arousing. Still, it felt too good for him to tell her to stop completely. "But that's all, okay? Mom, I know you probably want to get more involved, but I'm really worried about overstimulation."

Susan giggled with pure glee as she held Alan's cock with both hands and felt Brenda's lips sliding down it. She had to slide her hands down a bit farther because Brenda engulfed his entire cockhead and then some, and resumed bobbing.

He chuckled. Sheesh! Brenda has no self-control whatsoever. How long did she last merely licking me? Five seconds? Ten? Not much more than that. But... dang! It just feels so incredible!

He clutched Brenda's head tightly. "Brenda, please! Not so much! The goal is not to make me cum immediately; it's to keep me close without going over the edge!"

Susan tapped Brenda's head. "Brenda, behave! You'll get more hot cock if you keep him from cumming. Take it easy!"

Brenda relented somewhat, but kept right on bobbing. It was as if she simply couldn't help herself, her cocksucking desire was so great.

As Susan resumed fondling his balls and stroking the inches of his shaft that she could get to, she said, "Aaah! This is nice. Just look at us! Son, I don't mean to get overemotional here, but just seeing and feeling all this happening is almost bringing tears to my eyes."

"Huh?" he grunted in confusion between heavy breaths. He was already having to vigorously fight the urge to cum, mostly due to Brenda's sliding lips and playful tongue. He kept staring at Amy and Katherine too.

Susan explained, "I mean tears of joy, of course. Son, this is my dream, and we're all living it! The maid costumes with those big bows on the back add the perfect submissive touch. They show that we're all here to serve! To serve you and your powerful cock! Just you wait. When you get close to cumming, the girls and I will join in, and four tongues at once will take you to Heaven! Then we're gonna line up and you'll sperm all four of us!"

Brenda moaned loudly and erotically when she heard that. YESSS! Only at the Plummer house! I love being the house slave. I regret nothing!

Encouraged, Susan added, "Yes, Son, mark all four of us at once! Cover our naughty faces with your shiny, pearly sheen! Then, when Glory gets here, she'll see our faces and tits all dripping with your fertile seed and she'll be overcome with lust! She'll drop to her knees and cry out, 'Alan! Master! Take me! Fuck me here and now, and make me your slave! One of your many slaves! Sperm my face too!'"

Alan yelled, "Mom! Please! No more! I can... I can... barely... barely..." He was panting like he'd just run a long race, and he couldn't even finish his thought.

Susan said, "Brenda, ease up! Quick!"

Brenda pulled her lips off his soaked shaft with a satisfying popping sound. She waited for further instructions from her mistress. She was panting hard. Damn! This is really tough. I want to suck Master Alan's cock so much! But Susan's right: less is more. As she always reminds me, top-notch cocksucking is about the quality as well as the quantity!

Susan continued, "We've got him just where we want him! Right on the edge! Let's keep him like that for a long, long time. Slowly drive him wild with incredible stimulation! What do I always tell you about sucking his cock?"

Brenda was thrilled that she'd just been having thoughts along those lines. She answered by reminding Susan of a quote from Akami. "'It's not just the quantity; it's the quality!' And keep him on the edge!"

"Right! Just lick him a little bit for now, and I'll go back to stroking him with all my fingers. Wait until I say the word before you get your mouth back in the game, okay? Glory won't be here for a long time. Let's ride this cock for hours!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Brenda said brightly. She spoke as she licked. "Boy, this is so much fun! Every day, everything that happens here, it just makes me want to pleasure my master's cock more and more and more!"

Susan laughed. "Join the club!" She shifted positions. Bringing her face close to her son's, she asked, "Tiger, can you breathe okay?"

He nodded. The switch to "mere" licking and stroking was helping him recover a bit, although he remained dangerously close to cumming at any moment.

Susan said, "Good, 'cos I'm gonna eat you all up!" She spent the next few minutes French kissing him while her hands continued to play with all the cock and balls that Brenda left free.



It was the sound of someone with a scratchy voice loudly clearing their throat.

Alan stopped making out with Susan, but before he could turn to see who it was, he knew the answer.

Suzanne had returned from her errand. She said sarcastically from a short distance away, "Well, well, well. Looks like everyone here is hard at work getting things ready for Glory's imminent arrival."

Brenda froze, uncertain about what to do. She continue to hold Alan's erection, but she stopped licking it until the situation became clear.

Susan though, wasn't meek or embarrassed. Alan had a hand on one of her huge tits and another on her ass, and she was basically sprawled all over him, but she made no effort to move away. She didn't even take her hands off his cock and balls. "Suzanne, don't worry! I've got everything under control. The fact is, the house is clean and the food just needs a little bit of watching. We're at the point now where we're cleaning things for the second time just to keep busy and not get too nervous. I'd much rather cuddle with my cutie Tiger than get all obsessive compulsive like I do before most parties."

"Fair enough," Suzanne admitted. "But still, there are other things that need doing you haven't even thought about, and there are always last minute things that come up... Other than Sweetie's cock, that is."

Susan had no answer to that, and just tried to look chastened.

Seeing that she wasn't in trouble, Brenda resumed licking her way up and down Alan's long, hot shaft.

Suzanne brought a hand to her lips and whistled. "Katherine! Amy! I want you two to stop what you're doing and stand up. We're having a family meeting!"

Katherine and Amy disengaged from each other and stood.

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Jesus Christ. Am I going to have to wear one of those, too? No, don't answer. Let's get this show on the road. Brenda, please stop with the cock-licking already and pull your top back up." Seeing that Amy had just taken a seat, she added, "Angel, please sit over there next to Amy where you can see me. Now-"

"Excuse me," Susan interrupted. "Since it seems like you're going to be doing most of the talking, I just wanted to suggest to my Tiger that this is a good time for him to note that my breasts are getting heavy and full of milk."

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "I noticed. They're up to at least I-cups." One of his hands was cupping one of her tits, and he gave it a strong squeeze. "I love 'em!"

She swatted him playfully. "No, silly, I'm saying you should suck on my nipples."

"Yes, ma'am!" As he positioned himself to do that, he said, "Don't worry, Mother, I'll be paying attention to every word." Then he latched on to a nipple and began milking his mother.

"You'd better," Suzanne warned ominously. "This is very important. I know I've gone over this with most of you individually or in groups, but I want to repeat everything to everyone to make sure we're all on the same page. And Brenda, when I said stop with the cock-licking, I didn't mean you could switch to giving him a handjob. Sheesh!"

Brenda very reluctantly let go of Alan's erection altogether. It started to wilt almost instantly due to Alan's exhaustion. She resumed playing with his feet instead.

Suzanne stared at each person one by one until she was sure she had everyone's attention.


Alan seemed intent on licking the milk that was flowing freely from Susan's left nipple, and one of his hands had found its way down to Susan's pussy, leaving Susan already panting with lust.

But Suzanne figured that this was probably as good at it was going to get, as far as attention getting went, especially since she figured his penis wouldn't remain untended for long. So she said, "If you don't mind, let me reiterate the rules for behavior while Glory is here."

A collective groan of annoyance rose up from most of the women, even the obedient Brenda. But no one made any snide remarks as they just waited for Suzanne to say her piece.

Susan, however, just moaned as her letdown reflex released her milk into her son's suckling mouth.

Suzanne, seeing she had everyone's attention, more or less, began her lecture. "Some of this you've heard me say in the last day or two, but some of it is new. I'm going to go back over the rules for dress and behavior. Remember: NO playing with Alan's penis in front of Glory! NOOOOOO cocksucking or licking or stroking of any kind! I can't stress that point enough. You're not even allowed to so much as mention penises whatsoever! And that goes for his balls too. This party is going to be rated G. Not even PG, but a solid G! There's gonna be more sex in a Barney the fucking purple dinosaur cartoon than at this party, if I can help it."

Susan said breathily, "That's all well and good for you to say now, but what if Tiger's big fat thing gets hard during the meal? Look at him now! He's been slowly reviving and he's already three-fourths of the way back, even without anyone touching it at the moment. How can you expect me to just sit there and do nothing for an hour or more if his cock desperately needs tending?"

Suzanne chided, "Susan, we've been over this. That is the kind of sacrifice we have to make to be sure this party goes well and at least isn't a disaster. Sweetie has to go hours and hours at school five days a week without any cock tending; he can make it through an hour or two just fine."

Susan moaned, "But this isn't school. Why should he suffer at home? What if we have some kind of secret signal and if Tiger pops a happily throbbing boner, we can find a good excuse for a couple of us to sneak off and give him a double blowjob?"

"No! That's far too dangerous. But that does remind me about one of my new ideas. All of us, including me, have a habit to find ourselves somehow on sexual topics and the next thing you know, we're all panting and wet and begging for cock. That's not gonna happen this time. We should have a secret signal; not one to sneak off for some cock tending but a warning signal to calm down. I suggest a kick on the shins beneath the table. If that doesn't work, then we'll use the code word 'dolphin.' But mainly we should use the kicking method because it's more subtle."

The others generally nodded in understanding, so she went on, "I've been thinking about the seating arrangements. Brenda, as we all know, will not be there because her very appearance would put Glory off. There's just no hiding Brenda's gargantuan hooters, and they would assault Glory's self-confidence before the party even starts. I'm sorry, Slave, but you'll have to sit this one out I'm afraid. Besides, you have your own special meal to look forward to with Adrian later in the evening."

Brenda nodded meekly in acceptance. She thought, In a way, I should be proud I can't be there. I'm just too obvious a sex slave to be anything less than a threat to Glory. besides, my breasts are just a little too large for polite company. Not even Susan with her newly milk-filled tits can say that! My brilliant Mistress Suzanne knows that I belong in a topless French maid outfit, or less, and any attempt to turn back the clock and make me pose as a normal person just won't do. I live to serve my master!

She thrust her chest out as it swelled with pride, and she kissed Alan's foot, because it was close at hand. These were the kinds of things that made Brenda very happy to be alive.

Suzanne continued, "As for the rest, I definitely need to sit next to Susan. Amy, since you seem more level-headed than most, I think you should sit on Susan's other side. You think you can help me kick her when she starts to get carried away?"

"M'kay. No pro-blame-o."

"Good. Sweetie, naturally, will sit at the head of the table. Being that he's the 'man of the house' and all that." She grinned and playfully winked at him. "Glory will sit on his right, then Katherine, then Amy, then Susan, then me on his other side."

"Hey!" Katherine complained. "I can understand Brother and Glory sitting next to each other, but who elected you to sit in the other seat closest to him?"

Suzanne said, "Let's face it. Putting Susan there is just asking for trouble. And you and Amy have a dangerous tendency to play under-the-table games. So that leaves me. The way I've arranged it, it's nearly impossible for our more uppity family members to play footsie under the table with him without Glory or me noticing." The way Suzanne looked at Katherine sternly when she said "uppity family members" left little doubt who she was talking about.

"Awww, shucks," Katherine pouted. "You're no fun."

"No, I'm not! Not today. You're right about that. This is no time for fun and games. This meal could be very pivotal for Alan and Glory's whole future together, and I will not, NOT, have anyone ruin it by playing footsie or making some stupid comment like, 'Please pass the cock sauce.' I cannot stress this strongly enough: he needs Glory back in his life, as either his friend or lover. She's the key to keeping him level-headed and grounded, just as I told her yesterday. It was practically the only thing I didn't have to lie to her about, and that doesn't make me feel very good. Things are very delicate, and the incest factor just makes the whole situation that much more tenuous. One false move, one inappropriate comment, and she could flee the house in a panic."

"Awww, Mother," Katherine said, "I think you're making too much of this. Brother will see Glory, Glory will see him, they'll make googly eyes at each other, and that's all she wrote. End of story. They'll probably run upstairs to fuck like rabbits before we even get to the salad."

Suzanne glared at Katherine, silently staring her down. Suzanne rarely brought her intimidating persona to the surface because she was almost too good at using it effectively, but she did so now.

Katherine's joking bravado dried up under her second mother's withering gaze. She realized that Suzanne wasn't in a playful mood about this and that not only was her attitude out of line, but the outcome between Glory and Alan was less certain than she'd assumed. She dejectedly dropped her head down.

Her point made, Suzanne continued, "I have my hopes about what could happen, big hopes, but Glory is really determined to steer clear of anything more than a platonic relationship. You have no idea how tough it was to get her to even come to this party in the first place. I had to use every trick in the book. And then I was thinking it was a done deal, but she called no less than twice this morning to cancel. Even I don't know how I got her to change her mind yet again; she might still chicken out at the last minute. We're going to have to pull out all the stops to make sure their reunion goes well. Angel, I shouldn't have to remind you that you very nearly ruined things with Christine. This is no time for an uppity attitude! This is the time to make up for your past misdeeds and live up to your 'Angel' nickname."

Katherine seemed a bit petulant, but said, "Okay, fine. I'll be super double extra good."

"You'd better! Amy, Susan, the same goes for you too. Is that understood?"

All the women nodded obediently.

Alan, while carefully listening, just kept on suckling at his mother's breasts. Meanwhile, Brenda had commandeered his feet again. She'd gone from kissing them to massaging them some more with her huge pillowy tits.

"Good. Now, let's review the rules in more detail..."

Suzanne went on to review a long list of do's and don'ts. She was nearly done with it when she got a call on her cell phone. It was from Glory, so she went to another room to talk to her in private.


As soon as Suzanne was gone, Katherine said to Susan, "You know, Mom, I was thinking. It's true what you were saying before about how terrible it would be for Brother to have blue balls the whole time Glory is here. I don't think Suzanne understands just how painful that can be."

"No she doesn't!" Susan agreed emphatically. "How can she, since she's not a man? Of course, I don't know exactly either, but I'm sure it must be terrible! As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing worse on God's green Earth than to see my Tiger suffer from the deadly blue balls. Or even potential blue balls. Even if he's flaccid, he could get hard at any moment and eventually possibly start to get blue balls at some point, so the only thing to do if you see his cock in any kind of ready state is to stroke and stroke and suck and suck and fuck and fuck until he bursts forth with more spermy goodness!"

Katherine giggled at Susan's boundless enthusiasm. "I'm with you there 100 percent, Mom. So don't you think we should team up to drain him totally dry BEFORE Glory comes over?"

It was like a light bulb went off above Susan's head. She immediately broke into a wide smile. "What a BRILLIANT idea! All four of us can work together as a team! Tiger, what do you think of that? Who's pussy do you want to fuck first?"


Alan was doing quite nicely. He was still alternating suckling on his mother's nipples while Brenda alternated between a regular foot massage and her more unique titfuck-with-his-foot style. Although Susan's breasts were dangling directly down onto his face, he was able to watch Suzanne during her lecture, and also to ogle either Brenda at the foot of the sofa or Amy and Katherine as they waltzed about in their French maid outfits. He'd noticed with glee that his two sisters were finding a lot of excuses to bend over and pick things up right in front of him.

But as happy as he was, he knew he could be feeling even more pleasure. He thought, It's true, I do have to pace myself. But I was exceptionally patient with Heather. I could have cum all over the place but I limited myself to just the one time. I should reward myself a little now with a nice climax. There is some merit to getting that out of my system before Glory gets here. Not to mention, I can satisfy four women in one stroke. Well, probably lots of strokes, in and out! He chuckled to himself.

So he disengaged from Susan's nipple, and said, "Okay, that's not a bad idea. Mommy, I've still got some milk to drink, so why don't you and I stay like this? Sis and Aims, you two could make a nice double blowjob for me. Brenda, since my knees are bent over the sofa arm, why don't you sit on one of my knees and grind your pussy on it?"

The two girls started taking their clothes off even before he finished talking.

Brenda replied, "Okay, Master, but could I lick it a little bit too first, just for a while? I kind of need it. I don't want to miss out!"

"Sure, why not? If you can find room."


So the group repositioned themselves. Before long, Brenda, Amy, and Katherine were all happily licking up and down his thick shaft. It was tough to fit all three heads around his erection the way he was sitting, but they managed. Sometimes Brenda licked and sucked his balls to make sure they were well tended too.

That's how they were when Suzanne came back into the living room a few minutes later. She was already talking as she briskly strode in. "Okay, gang. Slight change of plan. Glory is- WHOA!"

She couldn't miss the sight of three busy young women wearing nothing but French maid headpieces gathered around her son's dick, their heads all bobbing up and down. She could hardly see Alan or Susan beyond them for all the commotion and happy licking. She whistled in surprise, then said, "Looks like you all have been busy!"

Since Susan had the only unoccupied mouth, she said, "We were just thinking it would be a good idea to drain Alan Junior dry before Glory comes over. Think how much simpler things'll be if he's flaccid the whole time."

Suzanne stood there watching from a few feet away. After a long pause, she said, "You know, that's not a bad idea. Unfortunately, there isn't much time. That was Glory on the phone and she was calling about clothes. To make a long story short, she's getting anxious over what to wear. At first, I'd assured her that we all would dress conservatively and completely cover ourselves up like old nuns. But she wants to make a big splash with Sweetie and wear something provocative and exciting. So that means all of us need to reconsider our outfits... Hell-looo? Are you listening? Is anyone hearing me?"

Susan said "Yes," while the rest responded with "Mmmm-hmmm's" and nods.

"Well, okay. I'll at least pretend someone is paying attention here. The bottom line is we all need to up the sexy factor with what we wear so Glory won't feel out of place with the outfit she described to me, and yet we need to keep it toned down enough so that she'll be the star and none of us will upstage her. This will require careful thought, and there's isn't much time." She clapped her hands together. "Come on, people, let's get moving!"

Nobody moved. While the women all wanted to follow Suzanne's instructions, they were having too much fun licking and stroking.

Suzanne impatiently stamped her foot. "There's no TIIIIIME for this! Come ON! Look, Sweetie has to go pick Glory up in ten minutes, and he needs to shower and dress too!"

Susan was in lactation ecstasy. Her words came out slowly and full of lust. "Would it be so bad if she's a little late? Everything's under control in the kitchen. I'm aware of the time. What's the rush?"

"What's the rush? What's the rush?! Come on, people, we've got things to do! And don't make this room smell like a whorehouse again. We've used God knows how many cans of air freshener and kept the doors and windows open for hours on end, and it still doesn't smell right. Damn! There's too much wet pussy here. Everything is gonna be ruined!"

The only sound that followed was a lot of sexual squishy noises.

Suzanne was right; the room really did smell like wet pussy. Even her pussy was moistening the more she watched the three lickers slurping away with total satisfaction.

"Grrr!" Suzanne clenched her fists in frustration. "You all see why this is so important that Alan and Glory get back together? I'm the only one who's half way responsible around here! I need help!"

Impulsively, she strode forward, grabbed Amy by her medium-length copper-colored hair, and pulled her away from Alan's shaft. "Amy, you may be a Plummer now, and one of Sweetie's sex slaves, but you're still my daughter too. Since so many of your clothes are up in Katherine's room these days, or in the underwear cabinet, I want you to go find an outfit close to what I just described."

"M'kay, Mom. Geez!" Amy sounded glum, but now that she'd been pulled away from Alan's intoxicatingly delicious erection, she found obeying her mother to not be that difficult after all, so she ran up the stairs.

Then Suzanne got to Katherine. She was about to pull on her hair too.

But at the last second Katherine pulled away from her brother's crotch on her own. "Okay, okay, I get the picture. I'm on double-plus-good behavior already. I'm going."

Suzanne watched as she went up the stairs, walking instead of running as Amy had.

Then Suzanne turned her attention to Susan. She thought, Oh boy, it's going to take a crowbar to get these two apart. And things are probably starting to burn in the kitchen. too. Susan's such a space case lately.

She said, "Sweetie, can you do me a favor and stand up? Otherwise, I know there's no way a whole herd of buffalo could get your number one mother to move."


It was an ordeal for Alan to move, especially since Brenda now had sole possession of his erection and was giving it a mighty good sucking, with all the suction of an industrial vacuum cleaner. Plus, his face was buried in his mother's cleavage. He was having fun "motorboating" a little bit. But he really wanted everything to go well with Glory's visit, so he gathered up the necessary willpower and managed to stand - eventually.

Susan looked at him desperately and reached out with both hands towards him like she was falling off a cliff and only he could save her.

Suzanne commanded, "Susan, don't look at me or Sweetie like that. This is called tough love. You go in your kitchen right now and make sure everything's still okay. Check on the turkey. Then meet me upstairs. I'll have to limit my clothes selection to what's in your room. Now, go!"

Susan scurried off. She was still buck naked, so she clutched her breasts to her chest as she hurried away.

That left just Alan and Brenda, both now standing in front of their tough taskmaster. Suzanne considered the situation and said, "Sweetie, I'd like for you to take a shower. You're still sweaty and cummy from what was obviously a fruitful visit with Heather. I can't wait to hear all about it later. But the idea to get your rocks off before Glory comes over has a lot of merit. And Brenda, since you won't be at the party, we don't have to worry about your dress. Why don't the two of you go upstairs and shower together? Slave, I'm ordering you to both clean his body and clean his cock of all that nasty cum buildup."

"Yes, Mistress! That's an order a slave can love!"

With a salute, Brenda grabbed Alan's hand and the two of them ran up the stairs, giddy and joking like two happy newlyweds heading to their bridal suite. Brenda had to clutch one arm across her chest to keep her mammoth tits from bouncing too much.

Suzanne shouted as they were almost at the top of the stairs, "Don't take too long! Sweetie, I'm afraid you're going to be a little late picking up Glory as it is, but don't be too late!"

"No worries!" he shouted back after he'd already gone out of sight down the upstairs hall.

Suzanne, now left alone, realized that she was the only one the whole time who'd been dressed in something approaching normal clothes. She sighed. I feel like the bad guy here. Why am I always the one who has to be the bad guy? First I had to lie my ass off with Glory last night, and now this. Nothing will ever get done around here, it seems, unless I make it happen.

She sighed again. I can tell this is how it's gonna be from now on. It's like I'm the mother to five kids, including Brenda and Susan. Hell, especially Brenda and Susan! Sheesh. All I can say is, nobody better mess Glory's visit up, or I'm gonna be seriously pissed. This group absolutely has to have another tough cookie like myself or it just can't function! I wish it could be Xania, but that's a long-term long shot, so that doesn't help much now. If it can't be her, it has to be Glory. What if I hadn't happened to be here to whip them into shape? They'd probably all still be fucking an hour later with Glory calling and calling in vain to find out why no one's picking her up. The mind boggles.

She sniffed the air - it smelled like sex. Damn. I'd better get the can of air freshener again.

Suzanne was in Susan's bedroom with Susan picking out clothes when Glory called her again. Glory had had a change of heart about clothes and now she wanted to wear something much more fancy and formal. Suzanne agreed, cleverly making it seem like the change wouldn't be much trouble at all for anyone.

When Suzanne got off the phone, she thought to herself, Well, that just bought us all some more time. She can't expect Sweetie to be on time to pick her up when she changes this from a semi-formal to formal occasion five minutes before he's supposed to go! And it's a good thing, too, because that damned boy takes forever to cum these days! I wonder how Brenda is faring in there, all by herself?


In the upstairs bathroom, Alan adjusted the water temperature on the shower while Brenda wiggled enticingly out of what was left of her French maid outfit.

Brenda was excited beyond belief. Oh boy! I get Master Alan all to myself, in the shower! Another dream comes true. AND I've been tasked with making him cum! I just hope I live up to the occasion!

She stepped into the shower and immediately enveloped him in a bear hug. "Master, please! Let me serve you. Use my breasts as sponges. Let me clean you with my body!"

He could hardly believe what he was saying, but he said, "As tempting as that is, we'd better not."

She looked at him with sad puppy dog eyes. "Why?!"

"I'm just getting TOO spoiled. Everything is TOO good. The way all of you have been going at my dick today, it's crazy."


"Nonsense! That's no reason not to let your Slave rub her extra long and hard nipples up and down your chest!" She did just that while she spoke, and then kept on doing it. Much of her body wasn't even wet yet, much less sudsy, but she adroitly managed to grab the bottle of shampoo and pour some of it between his chest and hers. The friction between them soon created a stream of soapy bubbles to help glide her body along.

His defenses were weakening because what she did felt so irresistibly good, but he said, "Too much pleasure in one day is dangerous. I could get a big head!"

She giggled, "Well, that's just a risk we'll have to take, Master." Then she went up on her tip-toes to make up the height difference and kissed him on the lips. That, and her continued sudsy grinding, ended the debate.

He thought while their tongues dueled, It's funny. It seems like another lifetime ago, but I vaguely remember when Brenda first got here that she was kind of headstrong and temperamental. I wonder if it could be that some of that personality is finally reasserting itself. Is it possible for someone to be completely submissive yet also uppity and feisty? I don't know, but I sure hope that's the case!

He didn't think of Katherine despite the similarity because he didn't consider his sister to be a true submissive, but more as someone having a lot of fun playing one.

When the French kiss ended, Brenda turned him around so she could wash his back with her tits. Periodically applying more shampoo to keep the suds going, she bent down and rubbed his ass and even his thighs with her awe-inspiring boobs.

Alan, mindful of the time, was cleaning himself off in other areas, such as his arms and neck, but he much, much preferred Brenda's method.

Brenda found herself thinking, Today has been so absolutely unforgettable! Already, I know that dedicating myself to being his slave until the day I die was the smartest thing I ever did. All I ever want to do is serve him!

I feel bad for poor Aidy. I love him so much! I love that he's turning into a motherfucker. But he's not Master Alan; he never will be. He'll never have a harem of his own; that just doesn't fit with his personality. I can't wait to fuck him, but I already know he'll never thrill me to the depths of my soul the way Master does. I know that people would think I'm a terrible mother, but they don't understand what it's like hearing the call of your master. Besides, I have to think of my own needs too. In a couple of years, Aidy will be an adult and heading to college. He'll inevitably go his own way. What would become of me?

Now, I don't have to worry. Mistress Suzanne has made it clear that my sexual relationship with Aidy can last only so long. That's as it should be. My future is right here, serving my master and mistresses!

After a while, Brenda turned Alan around again, and before he knew it his erection was perfectly positioned to fit inside her cleavage. Obviously, a titfuck was coming, time concerns or not, and she had such a look of lust and determination on her face that he knew better than to put up any more objections.


She began rocking back and forth on her heels, doing all the work for the sudsy titfuck. The task of cleaning their bodies was now completely forgotten by both of them, except perhaps for her determination to "clean" all the cum out of his engorged shaft.

He held the shower hose in one hand and a bar of soap in the other, but he was too enthralled by what she was doing to his dick to actually use either one. I thought titfucks felt great before, but man, this one is just INSANE! It's like a super pussy with adjustable walls and a sudsy inside. I love it!

As he looked down and admired the way his dick was enveloped by her huge tit-pillows, he noticed her black collar. He asked, "We're taking a shower. Don't you want to take that collar off?"

"NO! NEVER!" she replied quite loudly and forcefully. "Master, this isn't just any collar, this is YOUR collar, the one you gave me at the ceremony! I would NEVER take it off! Never!"

"Not even in the shower?"

"Never! This isn't just a piece of cloth; it's constant, visible proof that you're my master and I'm your slave! I'd feel completely naked without it, and I don't mean naked in a good, 'I hope Master Alan sees me like this and wants to fuck me' kind of way, either."

He chuckled, but also shook his head in disbelief. I swear, I don't deserve this kind of devotion!

The minutes passed. Brenda's tits were too big for her to be able to lick the tip of his dick while he plowed through her cleavage, but she made up for it by the way she vigorously slid her tits up and down on either side of his shaft, keeping a tight channel all the while.

Eventually, she couldn't contain her excitement, and she gushed, "Oh Master! This is like a dream come true! I can't tell you how often I've fantasized about taking a shower with you! Having you fuck my tits while they're all sudsy and wet - OH! I'm getting so juicy just thinking about it! But I'm not just thinking it; I'm doing it!"

He had to agree about the dream come true part as he felt his erection slide between her enormous tits to be completely enveloped in her deep soapy cleavage. He let out a contented sigh.

Feeling curious, he asked, "How often HAVE you fantasized about it? It can't be that many times; I've only known you for a few weeks."

Somehow, she still managed to talk as she rocked on her feet. "You've known me a bit longer than that, Master. But every night, I dream about you giving me a royal fucking! Every night! In my mouth, my ass, my cunt - every orifice! And every day, I fantasize and daydream. Night or day, it makes no difference! All I can think about is worshipping your magnificent cock!"

He thought, Man! So intense. Obviously she has a need to be dominated, and I just happen to be the lucky guy. "What about Adrian?"

Surprisingly, she suddenly stopped and stood up. She again hugged Alan tightly and enveloped his chest with her massive jugs as she stood on her toes so she could look him in the eye. Adrian was a very sensitive issue for her because she loved two men and wanted to make sure Alan didn't have a problem with that. She looked him right in the eyes as she said with complete sincerity, "Oh, I love him too, in every way. He doesn't compete with you on a sexual level. You're the focus of nearly all my dreams and fantasies, while I love him more in a motherly way. I can't imagine that ever changing, which is why I've enslaved myself to you. But I still do want to have sex with him. Can you forgive me?"

"Of course. If it were anyone else, then no, but he's your son and deserves some good mommy loving."

She rubbed him all over as she bounced up and down against him in excitement. "Oh! Yes! THANK YOU, Master! TWO things you said right there make me too horny to be believed! One, that you say I can have sex with my son, and two, that you say I can't with anyone else!"

"Well, other women in our group are okay, of course," he pointed out.

She squealed with ecstasy. "Oh! Oh! You can see why I'm in a constant sexual HEAT, ready to be FUCKED at the drop of a hat! If I'm not thinking of you, then I'm thinking of Adrian, and sometimes I dream of you both doing me at the same time! In my fantasies, usually I suck on his smaller cock while your great big one pounds me in my ass or my cunt!"

"Well, maybe we can make that happen for real some day."

"YOU MEAN IT?! OH. MY. GOD! Aaaiiieee!"

Alan had to hold her from slipping and falling in the shower because she was hit by a monster orgasm. She'd been tremendously excited to begin with, especially once he started massaging and soaping up her breasts, but his talk about a three way with her two favorite men pushed her over the edge.

It was such a powerful orgasm that she had to sit down in the back of the shower and recover. She looked completely wiped out, but insanely happy.

He took the opportunity to clean himself up some more, since he was still sticky from the visit to Heather's house and he'd been having so much fun with Brenda that they missed some spots. He hurriedly washed his hair, but used copious amounts of shampoo so there would be lots of suds afterwards.

As he did so, he looked back at Brenda with her chest heaving and thought, Dang, that is one easy to please woman! I wonder how many times she cums in a day, on average. I wish my body could be like a woman's and I could cum twenty or thirty times a day. Well, at least like some women such as her can cum that much. I still wonder where all that pussy juice is coming from, though! She seriously has to have a hollow leg with a giant tank of reserve cum in her or something. Weird.


There was a knock on the bathroom door. Then Amy's voice said, "Ding dong!"

"Come on in, Aims!" he replied, happy to hear her voice.

Amy walked in, naked, not surprisingly. "Mind if I join you? Mother said that 'time is of the essence' and that she needed to send in reinforcements to make sure things got done quickly in here. I've picked my clothes out already so she sent me as a reward for being the fastest." She looked over at Brenda, who still looked half-dead as she slowly recovered from her tremendous orgasm. "Wow. Looks like you really DO need reinforcements."

He opened the shower curtain. "Yep, you're here just in time. Come on in."

"What do you want me to do?"

As he talked he pointed the shower hose at her, getting her all wet. "If you don't mind, let's just cut to the chase. I'd really like to unload in your pussy."

"M'kay! Totally! I'm all over that! What do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you get down on all fours and I'll do you?"

Amy quickly repositioned. "M'kay! Like this? I'm wet enough already, so let's just do it!"

Alan was about to get on top of Amy and start humping, but he looked back at Brenda briefly before he did and noticed she was very sad. In fact, she looked like she was about to cry.

He froze, and asked, "Brenda, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, Master. It's just that I ruined my shower fantasy by losing all my energy too soon. It looks like it'll only come true in dreams." She seemed too wiped out to get up, and she was.

Alan felt bad. "That's not true. I am in a hurry but... I'll tell you what. Why don't we all lie on the floor and make a fuck sandwich?"

Brenda perked up.

Amy too, was excited. "Brenda, did you hear that? We're gonna make a fuck sandwich! And we're Anal Pals, too! Isn't that just perfect? Let's do it face to face so we can kiss!"

The three of them quickly got into position. Brenda was able to roll over and lay on her back, then Amy lay on top of her. Then Alan got behind both of them so he could take turns doing them doggy style.

He slid his hard cock into Amy first. Because her pussy was so tight, it was a slow process, taking a number of short and careful thrusts before he bottomed out.

Jesus Christ! That's fucking tight! It took him some moments just to recover from such an intense squeeze.

When he rested, he looked down at the two of them and saw they were fully occupied kissing and grinding their racks into each other. He thought, This is the life! I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Brenda's really big and soft, but not at all fat. Just generously endowed all over. And Amy's the same way. She's like an up and coming Brenda. Man, what if her tits end up that big?! Nah, nobody's that lucky, not even me.

He asked, "Amy, what are you thinking?"

She paused in her kissing to say, "Love, I'm thinking that you don't fuck me nearly often enough! This is sooooooo superincredulisticallysplendorifidous! I just love it when you fill me! But you know what I love even more? When you thrust in and out."

He laughed. "Okay, I can take a hint. And you're right about not fucking you enough. I must be out of my mind not to when your cunt is this tight and your ass is too."

"Mmmm." She was kissing Brenda again, but stopped to say, "I agree." Then, after another long kiss she stopped again to say, "About you being out of your mind, you big silly." Then she giggled.

I love Amy, he thought. Just being with her gives me energy! She's so full of life! This is just the inspiration I need to really go at it.


He started thrusting into her, at first slowly, but he didn't stay that way for long. By the tenth stroke he was already going at a good clip.

That caused Amy's whole body to shake, which in turn caused Brenda's body to shake. A video of nothing but their bodies mashed together and shaking like that while kissing probably would have been a good seller in porn shops. He tried to position himself so he could watch them fondle and love each other while he continued to thrust in and out of Amy.

He was mindful that he needed to hurry, although in fact he was doing everything briskly and it had only been a little over five minutes since he'd gone into the bathroom to take a shower. He could tell because there was a clock on the wall near the sink. But he was also aware that it was ten minutes until noon, which was the time he was supposed to leave for Glory's. He wasn't close to cumming yet though, and he was having too much fun to even think about stopping.

He was also mindful of Brenda's needs. Fucking Amy felt absolutely fantastic, but he didn't want to let Brenda down, especially after she'd explained her heartfelt shower fantasies. So he announced, "Okay, I'm gonna switch," and then he did.

He slowly pushed his way into Brenda's pussy, but only because he wanted to take the time to enjoy it. Hers was a much easier pussy to fit into, not because she was loose (she wasn't), but because she was so extremely wet. The lubrication was unreal. He joked to himself, This is what it must feel like to fuck underwater, if water was the lubricant people assume it is. It's a good thing we're not doing this in the bathtub or we'd probably all drown before we were done!

To his surprise, just as he finished that long first stroke, Amy broke her kiss with Brenda again, looked her right in the eyes, and said, "I love you, Brenda." Her words were surprisingly tender and intimate, given the occasion.

Brenda responded, "I love you too! I love everyone here so much but I'm afraid to say it. People think it's weird to talk about love because they don't know me that well yet. But I mean it! This is the greatest family ever! Everyone is so kind and loving. And Amy, I love that you and I have our special Anal Pal - OH! - bond!" Then she kissed her on the lips.

She thought, I hope Master Alan gets the hint that I love him too. I'm kind of afraid to keep telling him that, 'cos I know he doesn't feel as strongly yet. And I know it started as a lust thing, but lust turns to love easily enough. Most naturally superior master types are jerks, but he's just so kind and smart and wonderful! I'd marry him in a heartbeat!

She gasped near the end of the kiss because Alan had been patiently waiting with his erection fully sheathed inside her while they had their tender moment. But finally his lust got the best of him and he just had to pull back and push in again.

Brenda explained to Amy, "Oh God! He just pushed in me again with his fat cock!"

"I know! I can totally feel it!" Amy replied. "It's like he's fucking me too. Sex sandwiches totally rock!"

He thrust in and out again.

Brenda said, gasping, "You know what I like most about this? That Master takes us two at a time. People think one man with one cock can... can only fuck one woman at a time, but it's not true! UH!" He was pushing in and out some more, making it harder for her to talk. "Our master is such a talented and well hung- OH! stud that he can- UGH! please two at once! Ah! Fuck! Or even more! YES!"

His pace was steadily increasing, so Brenda gave up trying to say any more.

Amy happily agreed. "I know! Totally! And he's my official boyfriend AND my master! Is that totally cool or what?!"

Just then, there was a knock on the door. It was Suzanne. She opened the door and came in.

Alan was too busy fucking to look her way, but he heard her say, "I just wanted to let you lovebirds know that, Sweetie, you're now officially late picking up Glory. However, it's not that bad because she keeps calling me up with last minute things, so you have another ten minutes or so to play with. But please make it fast."

Brenda emphatically agreed with that last part. "Yes! Faster! Faster! Deeper! Hard! So hard!"

Suzanne had a lot of last minute things to do but instead she found herself just standing at the doorway and admiring the fucking. After a minute or two, she urged, "Sweetie, just fucking let go already! Quit clenching and pump them both full of cum!"

He didn't answer, but just kept on fucking away, going back and forth between the two busty beauties.

Katherine was heard in the hallway. "Okay, I've fiiiinally got my stuff all picked out and now I've just GOT to see what's going on in here." Since her bedroom shared a common wall with the bathroom she could hear quite a ruckus while she was getting dressed.

Alan then heard Suzanne sharply say to Katherine, "Oh, no you don't; don't even think of joining them. You're all dressed up, for one thing."

"Oh, Mother!" Katherine groused. "So are you, and you're fingering your pussy. So there!"

That was true. Suzanne replied rather sheepishly, "I'm just touching it a little bit through my clothes, so that doesn't count."

"But look! Look at Brother's ass pistoning back and forth there. Can't I lick it from behind just a little?"


"Party pooper."

Alan could feel four eyes upon him as he stopped thrusting into Brenda and prepared to switch back to Amy. But he thought, This is no good. I'm gonna cum too soon, and I've still got another five minutes at least. I'm gonna make use of every last second. He said out loud, "I'm going into Amy, but let's try a different way. Aims, can you sit up on me?"



He wound up lying on the floor while Amy sat on him cowgirl style. Brenda was right behind Amy, straddled over one of his legs. She held his dick and guided it into Amy's slit, stroking it all the way until there was nothing left to stroke. Then she grabbed hold of his balls and played with them while pulling on one of Amy's now bouncing nipples with her other hand.

This went on for a minute or so, with Amy bouncing up higher and higher on each stroke until she was more repeatedly impaling herself on him than fucking in the conventional sense.

Brenda was so excited she was having a hard time breathing. She whispered in awe, "Jesus! Just look at that! So beautiful!" Her cunt longed to be speared like that, but she wondered if it might be more pleasure than she could handle without passing out. She continued to fondle his balls. She loved the idea that the cum from them would soon be flooding into Amy's cunt.

Alan heard another new voice, this time belonging to Susan. "Doesn't that just look beautiful?" He almost had to laugh, the way the bathroom was becoming more crowded. Again, he chose not to look, for fear it would arouse him too much. (Even though he was supposed to cum quickly, he didn't see the need for a big rush if Suzanne said they had a little more time).

Suzanne immediately said to Susan in her most commanding voice, "Don't even think of joining in. We've got things to do. Who's been checking on the turkey?"

There was a guilty silence.

Suzanne said, "Uh-huh. That's what I thought. Come on, let's leave them to their fun."

Susan complained, "You can't just expect me to leave! Look! Look at the way Brenda's playing with his balls while Amy's bouncing on his big cock like a pogo stick! That's AWESOME! I LIVE for this kind of stuff!"

Suzanne griped, "I know. But if you want Glory to get back together with him and even fully join the harem, you'd better take your hands off your nipples and get your butt in gear."

"Oh, poo! You're no fun!" Susan huffed, "Why do you have to make so much sense? Grrr. Come on, Angel, let's go."

Just then, Brenda repositioned herself so her mouth was right at Alan's crotch. She suggested to Amy, "Can you pull almost all the way out? Then I'll lick Alan Junior from top to bottom. I just... I just need to lick it! Is that okay? I'm sorry!"

Amy said, "No sweat. It's totally cool."

Brenda hasted to add, "I don't want to get in the way. So then I'll pull back and you impale yourself all the way down. Then I'll lick my way back up as you pull back up. We can do that over and over again."

"M'kay! Sounds kinky!"

Alan thought the others had left already, but he heard Suzanne growl, "Angel, Susan, I'm warning you!"

Susan whined, "But we can't leave now! This is epic! It's a fuck and suck at the SAME TIME! We have to watch and learn! Please?!"


"Yeah! Really!" Katherine chimed in. "This is downright educational! Look what Brenda's doing with her tongue! Go, Brenda!"

But Suzanne asked, "Do I smell something burning in the kitchen?"

"DAMN!" Susan and Katherine said at once.

Alan still hadn't looked over at the voyeurs, but he finally heard the sound of them briskly walking away.

The three of them kept at it. Amy and Brenda soon worked up a good rhythm, so Brenda knew just how many seconds of licking she had before she had to pull away.

The pleasure they were giving him was simply insane, especially since Brenda was continually fondling his balls and as much of his shaft as she could manage at any given moment. She loved the fact that Amy was so aroused that her pussy juices dripped all the way down his shaft, onto his balls, allowing her to lick them up. It seemed that each impalement was followed by a new gush of cum.

His only respite of sorts was that Amy's pussy was rising up and down on his pole as if in slow motion. However, this wasn't really much "help" for him, because that just gave Brenda more time to lick.

Sometimes, Amy just stopped with his cockhead held in her tight slit, then spasmodically squeezed her pussy walls around it, while Brenda continued to lick everywhere else.

It felt so good that tears of joy really came to his eyes. But, ironically, the fact that it felt that fantastic caused him to redouble his effort to hold out just a little longer.

Brenda was in ecstasy as well. Due to his question about Adrian, she was still thinking about her son and how he compared to Alan, which was a taboo topic for her most of the time. I love my Pooh Bear, God knows I do. But they can't be compared in a sexual way whatsoever. It wouldn't be fair to Aidy. Nobody can possibly compare to Master! Downstairs I was part of a triple blowjob while he suckled on his mother's huge tits. And now, a fuck sandwich with Amy. this kind of thing happens here EVERY SINGLE DAY! I very much look forward to fucking my son, but that's not my future; this is! Aidy will just have to understand and accept that. This is the ideal dream life of any submissive sex slave!

At one point, Brenda moaned, "I love this! Amy, we're gonna have to do this a lot more! Not only is his cock as yummy as ever, but you're flooding it with your pussy juices too! The combined taste is like... I can't even say! Incredible!"

Alan was glad for the clock in the room because he mentally set a certain minute to cum no matter what. As it so happened, he was fully ready to blow anyway. When that time came around, since he was thrusting in and out of Amy's tight cunt, he practically yelled, "Brenda! I hope, hope you don't mind, but I can't - UGH! - hold it! I'm gonna cum!"

"Mind? Do it! Cum in Amy! Give it to her good!" Brenda pulled her busy tongue and lips back a bit so he could fuck without any obstacle in the way.

Brenda was so enthusiastic that Alan figured she really didn't mind not being the recipient of his next load. To her, it was a great reward she had to earn, and she felt she hadn't earned it yet. So it was no trouble at all for him to do what came next: after impaling himself as deep as he could in Amy's vagina, he simply stopped struggling not to cum. Within seconds he was flooding her with his seed.

Brenda grasped his balls with both hands and said, "Here! Let me help squeeze it all out! Out of you, and straight into Amy's womb!" She found this idea extremely exciting, and started "milking" his balls with stroking motions as best she could.

Alan wasn't much of a shouter, but Amy was. Knowing that he was about to cum, she did as he had done and just stopped trying to hold back her impending orgasm. That resulted in a loud shriek heard all over the house.

Brenda picked up on their vibes in more ways than one, since she let out with a great orgasmic yell of her own. Even though she wasn't being directly stimulated that much, if at all, she was able to climax so easily that she climaxed with them just the same.

Alan was overwhelmed by an indescribable but completely euphoric feeling. For a few precious seconds, he was at peace with himself and the world and everything was absolute perfection. There could be no greater bliss.

But all too soon that was over and he felt his penis start to shrivel up. Then the real world came crashing back in.


"Oh man!" Alan exclaimed, once he'd caught his breath. "That was great."

"That was!" Brenda agreed. "Master, did you like the way Amy and I worked together?"

"Liked it? I loved it! It was almost too good, because it's gonna make it even harder for me to last. But it was worth it. What do you think, Aims?"

"It was awesome! I totally love, like, working together. We should do that fuck-and-suck thing a whole bunch more. Two on one works out pretty cool in general, I think. Especially with my Anal Pal."

Brenda and Amy both reached out and held hands with each other, sharing some kind of special "Anal Pal" moment.

Alan didn't quite know what to make of that, and instead continued, "And you know what I liked as an extra bonus? I've been stressing about Glory, but that distracted me from doing that, to say the least. Mom is right: no matter what happens with my teacher, my life is a living dream. Now there's no time to get all wound up about how to deal with her. In fact, there's no time left at all. Let's all flop on over to the bathtub and recover in there. That way we can get cleaned off at the same time."

So, with the shower hose now hanging up on the wall and pouring water over them, they got thoroughly wet again.

He looked at the bar of soap and thought, Don't even think it! Man, if I get started with soaping these buxom beauties, I'll never get out of here. This plan to drain my balls completely worked 'cos I feel totally sexually satisfied. I'd think that there was no humanly possible way for me to get it up again, but with the likes of these gorgeous vixens always amazing me and astounding me, I'm learning I can never say never.

He stood up before he was really ready to do so, gave Brenda and Amy a final kiss each, and then began to stagger back to his room. On his way out the door, he heard Brenda's voice pleading with Amy.

"Please, Mistress Amy, can I suck Master's cum from your freshly fucked cunt?"

"Of course, but spread your legs so I can drink your juices too! They're too yummy!"

He had to resist the urge to turn around and watch them. He briefly peeked between fingers that weren't doing a very good job of covering up his eyes.

Oh man! What would Glory think if she knew the truth? I know she knows we're all having sex, but I don't think she could picture even in her wildest imagination just what kind of non-stop orgy we have going on around here lately. It's getting to the point where having a sex-free Thanksgiving meal for a couple of hours will actually be a big relief for my body. I must be crazy to think I could handle yet another woman. I should just stick with being friends with her. That would be the smart thing to do.

Seriously! I need to really consider that. I don't think I can handle another woman in my life.

But I love Glory so much! If it was just her in my life, I'd marry her in a heartbeat.

Damn. What to do?

When he entered his room, he was pleased to see a nice suit laid out for him on his bed. Furthermore, both Susan and Suzanne were there to fuss over him and get him dressed. They were both fully dressed in fancy gowns and in full-on mothering mode now. Both were filled with advice and did little motherly things to him, like trying to straighten out his perpetually unruly hair.

— — —

Events were a blur. Before Alan knew it, he found himself sitting in the driver's seat of the family car. The others had thought of everything, so there was a bouquet of flowers in the passenger's seat for him to give to Glory when he picked her up.

Once he'd left the house, most of the women started rushing all over the place in a last minute frantic panic. Susan had yet another can of air freshener and was spraying it everywhere liberally. There was a scream as Katherine found someone's bra under one of the living room sofas.

He smiled as he started his car. It's funny. For like one hour, maybe two, we'll look like a totally normal family. Or at least close to one. There are a few unavoidably weird things that can't be completely hidden though, like the dancing pole smack dab in the middle of the living room.

He sighed. What a weird life I have, not that I would change it one bit, mind you. I just hope we'll be able to pull this off. Frankly, I have some pretty big doubts, especially when it comes to Mom. And it's always the little things. We'll probably be in the middle of eating the turkey when Glory will notice a big gob of cum dripping down Amy's face or something like that.

Glory actually didn't live that far away in terms of driving time (though she was on the "other side of the tracks" in terms of housing prices), so it only took about five minutes for him to get there. As a result, he still didn't have much time to ruminate. As he arrived, he had yet to make up his mind about what to do regarding her. The fact that he'd had a threesome just before coming to pick her up put him in a gloomy mood and increased his gut feeling that she'd be better off without him. But despite his sexual satiation, he still couldn't shake his desire for her.

Fuck it! he thought, just as he turned on to her street and her apartment building came into view. I'm just gonna follow Mom's very sensible advice to go with the flow. That's always worked for me in the past. Whatever's meant to be will be. As long as I can have Glory in my life one way or another, that's the main thing. I'll just try to be a gentleman and probably the fates and Glory will take it from there.


To his surprise, Glory was standing on the street corner already, waiting for him. He guessed it was because she was impatient about his being late, but in fact it was mostly because she didn't trust herself to be alone with him in her apartment. She was wearing a very dark blue gown but it was completely covered by a grey trench coat. She held a purse with a bag obviously containing a bottle of wine sticking out of it.

It was in the middle of a sunny day, so her trench coat seemed completely out of place. Her whole face looked grim and serious and also contemplative, like she was staring past him instead of at him.

As soon as he pulled the car to a stop on the curb right in front of her, she opened the passenger door and got in. He was going to walk around the car and open the door for her like a proper gentleman, but he didn't even get a chance to open his own door before she was already sitting beside him.

She looked at him briefly and without smiling. She'd even grabbed the flowers before he could give them to her and held them so she could sit down where they'd just been. "Hi. Thanks for the flowers. Let's go." She appeared determined, rushed, and even a bit angry.

He couldn't figure it out. Did I do something wrong? I thought Suzanne said it was okay if I was a little late. Does it show that I just had sex ten minutes ago? Maybe she's picking up on some kind of post-sex glow. But she seemed upset even as I was driving up, so how could she know? He said in an upbeat voice, "Hi, Glory, you look beautiful, as always."

She didn't reply to that. She seemed determined not to talk at all, or even look his way. To make matters worse, she put sunglasses on. Then she just stared dead ahead, her eyes shielded by the sunglasses.

This puzzled him even more. He pressed down on the gas pedal and started heading back to the Plummer house, thinking, Man, this drive back could be the longest and most awkward five minutes of my life.

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