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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 120
Thank You
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan drove down the road with Glory in the seat next to him. With their windows open, the wind blowing everywhere, and both of them wearing dark sunglasses to fight the glare of the bright sun, they looked like a typical relaxed Southern California couple. But that picture was betrayed by the serious frowns on the faces of both Alan and Glory. The awkward silence between them grew and grew until it became nearly unbearable.

Finally, Glory said, "Sorry, but maybe you should just turn around and take me back. This isn't working."

Alan had a strong desire to ask her what was wrong and talk it out. But he remembered the advice Suzanne gave him before he left: above all, he should get Glory to the Plummer house and not be distracted from that goal. So he just said, "Glory, please. I don't know what's upsetting you, but can't you just give it a try? Just five minutes. If nothing else, I want you to meet everyone." He pushed his sunglasses up on his forehead so she could see the earnest sincerity in his eyes. "Please?"

Glory still looked as ill-tempered, but he had such a sad and pleading puppy dog look on his face that she just couldn't say no. In fact, she was so conflicted that she didn't say anything at all.

As she sat there in the car with the wind blowing through her hair, she thought, This is bad. Why did I even get into this car in the first place? I almost feel like throwing myself out the door when he comes to a stop. What's wrong with me?

She looked over at him again and felt a yawning pit of despair open up. Damn! He's just so... irresistible! I don't know if I want to kill him or fuck him! Okay, I do know: fuck him! Grrr! That fucking pisses me off. I know, maybe I'll fuck him and THEN kill him! No, the one thing I have to do is keep my urges in check. I have to be strong. Dammit!

They continued to ride in silence. Alan turned on the radio to lessen the awkwardness.

By the time they got to the Plummer house, Glory had resigned herself to just grit her teeth and endure her way through the entire meal. It was too late to back out, especially after her last minute calls to Suzanne about what to wear. She tried to psych herself up to act at least halfway hospitable to the people she would be meeting, but it was difficult to get in the mood.

The next thing she knew, she was walking up the driveway to the front door. But long before they could reach it, there was an explosion of happiness.

"Glooooooryyyy! Yeay!" Katherine and Amy burst through the door and rushed at Glory like her long lost sisters.

Amy got to Glory much faster than Katherine, mostly because she'd kicked off her high heels first.


As Alan watched Amy running forward with arms outstretched and her copper-colored hair blowing in the breeze, he thought, I could definitely get used to coming home to this kind of reception every day. Sweet! Amy's so great. Just looking at her, and Sis, and somehow I'm feeling better about the Glory situation already.

Katherine kicked off her shoes and quickly caught up. She held the hem of her Persian-green sleeveless gown as she hurried along.

Before Glory knew what was happening, she found herself in the middle of a three way hug.

"You made it! Cool! We're so psyched! This is going to be a super big fun time!" Surprisingly, it was Katherine who said that to Glory, as she was picking up on some of Amy's lingo.

But Amy chimed in, "Super duper double big fun time! Funtasticallyultranormousblastorific!" She wore a dark yellow gown that showed far too much cleavage to make Suzanne happy, but in fact Suzanne was showing just about as much skin.

Glory felt like she was being squeezed to death from all sides. But the enthusiasm was so overwhelming that she couldn't help feeling a little better. She was too distracted by all the attention to ask exactly what Amy had just said.

Then she heard Suzanne say, "Girls, give her a chance to breathe, please. Welcome, Glory. Sorry about our overenthusiastic welcome wagon, but, well, there's really no containing these two."

Glory looked towards the door and saw Suzanne and Susan standing next to each other in the door frame. Both of them looked smashing in formal gowns. Susan's gown was dark green while Suzanne's was a lighter green that had more blue in it. The cuts of their gowns were almost the same, and both showed a lot of cleavage. By wearing gowns with such similar colors and styles, it was like they were flaunting their remarkably similar bodies and even their similar names.

However, despite all the similarities, Glory only had eyes for Suzanne. She was so emotionally (and erotically) moved just seeing her that she had to look away before her feelings got the best of her. It seemed that every time she saw Suzanne lately, she had trouble breathing. She looked around as Amy and Katherine finally let go and saw Alan standing off to the side of the impromptu huggers.


Had Glory looked closely she would have seen that while Susan was smiling, her face also showed worry. She worried both that Alan and Glory wouldn't end up as lovers and that she would say or do something during the meal to screw things up.

Glory had been mad at Alan since he'd picked her up (though she wasn't sure why) but now she didn't seem so upset anymore. Everyone was so happy and full of smiles (except for a surprisingly quiet and oddly subdued Alan) that she suddenly felt a lot better about coming to the Plummer house after all.

During the hug, Glory's overcoat had opened up in the front.

Amy stood back and said to her, "Let's have a good look at you. Oh, wow! Superstupendowowgasmic! What a dress!"

Encouraged, Glory opened her overcoat some more.

Katherine also stood back and chimed in, "My God, Glory, you look fantastic! I'm so jealous!" But then she thought to herself, Uh-oh! The J-word. I can't allow myself to get caught up in that again. Like Suzanne said, this is Glory's day. So what if she's showing twice as much cleavage as I am? I just have to grin and bear it for my Big Brother.

All four women oohed and aahed at Glory's outfit, especially after she took the overcoat off completely and handed it to Alan, who seemed to be waiting to take it as if he were a household servant. He also held her purse and the flowers he had given her when he picked her up. Glory felt like a star; even Suzanne joined the others in fawning over her and showering her with compliments.

Susan thought, This is so exciting! Glory certainly is a beautiful woman. It makes me so happy and proud to know that my son's fat cock has repeatedly slid all the way down her throat! I can't blow this by getting too excited though. Glory definitely belongs in the harem. I'd love to see her squeal like a stuck pig when Tiger fucks her deep and fast! True, her boobs are on the small side, but he loves her, and that's what matters most.

Glory thought, I can't believe I'm not wearing panties or a bra! If the others only knew, they'd think I'm a terrible slut for sure. Hell, I might as well have stuck a Televibe under my dress for good measure.

Little did she know, but no one there was wearing any underwear at all. Suzanne had ordered everyone to put on panties for Glory's sake, and all the women agreed, but at the last minute they all secretly reneged on this, even Suzanne. Each of them had reached a point where they simply couldn't bear wearing underwear at home.

Glory was feeling better all the time, but she still felt a deep sense of unease that wouldn't go away. She kept looking at Katherine and Susan and thinking about incest. She knew both of them well enough in a formal way from school, especially since Susan was an involved mother, but she hadn't seen Susan since she'd found out about the incest factor and now she saw her in a whole new light. Even as everyone was treating her like a movie star, she kept thinking things like, This is Alan's mother. And they have sex. He actually puts his penis in her. That's just too disgusting to contemplate!

But for now, she luxuriated in the compliments as the group slowly made its way inside.

Amy made note of the darkness of Glory's gown by singing the riff to ACDC's Back in Black. "Bump! Bad-da-dump! Bad-da-dump! Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump, bad-dump! 'Cos she's back in black, yeah she's back in black!' Yeow!" She reached out to press her fingertip against the skin of Glory's upper arm, but quickly pulled back as if her finger had been burned by Glory's sheer hotness.

Amy giggled playfully at her own antics, and even Glory had to grin a little bit in response.

Alan had been quiet and expressionless the entire time, standing there holding Glory's things like some kind of emotionally detached butler oblivious to the party swirling all around him. But now he felt obliged to correct Amy's comment. "Actually, Aims, it's a very dark blue, not black."

He was trying to act standoffish in response to the way Glory had been treating him, but Glory looked so good in her gown that he couldn't help but add, "However, I gotta agree with your 'yeow!' comment. Glory, I have to admit that despite everything we've been through, I keep thinking of you as a teacher. But seeing you dressed like this, you're nothing but 100% gorgeous woman."


Glory beamed. She even found herself unconsciously preening and posing a little bit.

Susan thought, That's my son! '100% gorgeous woman.' What a charmer. How can any woman resist his silver tongue, let alone his massive cock? Not me, that's for sure, hee-hee! I wish I could slide my lips all over his sperm-filled thickness right now. A boy that charming needs to be rewarded, constantly! He needs to pump his cum into his mommy's tummy! Mmmm. Yummy!

She tried to control her rising lust, and think about Glory instead. But I do have to agree with him that she's looking mighty fine today, in spite of her relatively small breasts. I guess I can concede that she's extremely Alan-worthy as an overall package. She just has a kind of aura of beauty about her that even makes me feel a little jealous.

The whole group had made it inside the house by now. Alan gave up on trying to act standoffish. He closed the door and asked, "Glory, can I put your coat away?"

She nodded with a smile.

Alan smiled in return and walked off with her coat. However, his smile was forced, because he was feeling extremely nervous and uneasy.


Susan opened her eyes wide and said, "Ooh! I'd better check on things in the kitchen. Girls, Suzanne, I trust you to take care of our guest." Then she hurried off towards the kitchen.

Glory noticed that Susan had gone through the living room towards the dining room and kitchen while Alan went down a hallway leading in a different direction, but Glory correctly guessed that the hallway went on the other side of the stairway in the center of the house and connected to the kitchen. She'd noticed a concern in Susan's eyes as Alan left and felt almost certain that Susan was really sneaking off to be with him.

As usual, Glory couldn't contain her curiosity. So she said to the others, "If you don't mind, I'm just going to powder my nose for a minute. Can you point me to the bathroom?"

The nearest bathroom was down the same hallway Alan had disappeared into. But she went that way and saw no sign of him, even though putting an overcoat, purse, and flowers away hardly took any time at all. Glory wasn't really sure where she was going, but as she was about to enter the bathroom, she stopped.

She thought, Susan and Alan are up to no good; I just know it. I'll bet dollars to donuts that they're engaged in some kind of perverted incestuous act right now. If I'm going to break loose from his hold on my heart, maybe that's what I need to see, to shake some sense into me. If I see them getting it on, it'll be torture for me, but that'll end the spell.

The bathroom door was a few feet down the hallway, so she knew she couldn't been seen from the front foyer. She knew the others standing near the front door would have no reason to suspect she wasn't in the bathroom. She snuck down the hall towards the kitchen, feeling nervous and guilty about acting like a thief.

The hallway led to the kitchen, and as she got closer she saw that her fears and suspicions were confirmed, because Alan and his mother were standing in a tight embrace in the middle of the kitchen. Her heart was crushed as her worst fears seemed to be realized.

She stood just outside the kitchen. She wasn't worried about being seen because she was too distraught to pay much heed to getting caught snooping. Luckily for Glory, Alan was in the best position to see her but he happened to have his eyes closed, so she was at least momentarily safe.

But as she stared, she realized that Alan was quietly sobbing into Susan's shoulder, although no tears were flowing yet.

That put things in a completely different light.

As she watched them, it dawned on her, This isn't an erotic embrace; it's just a mother comforting a son. It looked like a private and intense moment and Glory knew that she should leave them be, but her curiosity would not be denied so she continued to stare. Mostly she wanted to know what was upsetting Alan so much.


She didn't have to wait very long to find out. As if on cue, Susan asked, "What's troubling you, Tiger?"

Alan sobbed, "Mom, I'm losing it! Just losing it!"

Susan stroked the hair on the back of his head tenderly. "Losing what, dear?"

"Just losing everything! Losing my mind! I'm gonna have a complete breakdown, I know it!"

"What do you mean?" Susan asked in a quiet and soothing voice.

"It's just... Everything is too intense. I mean, what happened this morning, and now with Glory... I feel like I'm stretched twelve different ways. I can't handle it!"

It was a very lucky thing that Alan only obliquely mentioned "what happened this morning" instead of referring to Heather by name, since he was mainly thinking about the mentally and physically exhausting time he'd had at Heather's house. Glory would have thrown a conniption fit if she'd known Alan and Heather had had sex with each other just a short time earlier.

Susan prodded her son as he continued to sob into her shoulder, "What changed? You seemed fine when you left to pick up Glory a short while ago."

"I know. I was so happy to see her. I was really looking forward to it. But she hardly said a single word the whole way here. It was so tense. It was just about the last straw for me. I can't take this nonstop roller coaster ride anymore. I'm ready to snap. She doesn't love me, Mom! She doesn't love me!"

With that, he lost all self control and started to cry.

Susan stroked his back and hair with both hands while still tightly hugging him and said, "Hush, now, hush, you don't want her to hear. This house isn't that big, even with the music on." She was referring to the fact that the stereo in the living room was playing some easy listening background music (Dionne Warwick's greatest hits). That, plus the sheer distance of what was in fact a very large house, could cover up the sounds of normal crying, but not all out bawling.

Alan realized this and the last thing he wanted was for Glory to see him red-eyed and crying, so he managed to stop his tears from flowing before they really got started, at least for the moment. But clearly he was extremely torn up.

Susan just held him and comforted him for a minute or two. She tried by sheer force of will to physically pass her love and energy into him in order to give him the strength and confidence he needed. Her positive vibrations seemed to slowly have an effect.

Glory stepped back down the hallway so she couldn't see them, but stayed close enough to remain within earshot of what was being said. She leaned against the wall.

Then Susan said, firmly and matter-of-factly, "Son, you're wrong."

That surprised Alan enough for him to momentarily pull his head back so he could look into her eyes and see what she meant.

She pressed on, "I know she loves you. It's a fact. A plain and simple fact! If she was acting cool and distant, that's just because her feelings are strong and she's having trouble getting them under control."

He sadly replied, "She's acting reasonably nice now, but that's just 'cos she's trying to be polite. You didn't see her earlier. She was ice cold. She hates me! She can't handle all the weirdness in my life - she thinks I'm a freak. I've messed everything up for her! I've ruined her whole life!" He was ready to launch into all out crying as he worked himself up again.

But Susan cut those feelings off with a simple gesture of a finger on his lips. "No," she said empathically, her voice carrying surprisingly quiet authority and power. "That's not true. If she didn't love you, she wouldn't be here. I'm sure it wasn't easy for her to come here. Yes, she must think we're all a bunch of freaks, including you, but she still came anyway. That's a true sign of love. Now, it's true that maybe physical love with her isn't in the cards; I don't know. But I do know that she loves you, just as much as you love her, and the two of you have some kind of special bond that can't be broken."

So far, Susan's words were keeping his tears at bay, but just barely. "How do you know?" he asked doubtfully.

"A mother knows these things. I can see it in her eyes."

He buried his face into her shoulder again, but at least he still wasn't crying. "I don't know, Mom. I just don't know."

"Trust me. Have I ever been wrong about these things?"

He thought back about it, then chuckled as he said, "Frankly, yes!" He recalled times when she was too overconfident about him, for instance thinking that Christine would say yes when he asked her out two months ago. She thought so highly of him, even before their sexual fun began, that she practically felt he could walk on water. Needless to say, that clouded her judgment and both of them knew it.

They shared a good laugh at that, which at least lightened the mood enough to push further crying from his mind.

As Susan continued to stroke his hair in a motherly way, she said, "Well, okay, you got me there! I can't help it if I think you're great. But I'm really very sure this time. Call it a mother's intuition. I know how strongly you feel about her, and I know that whatever happens, it's going to be for the best."

"I don't know. I just don't know, Mom. I mean, what would I do without her? I know that sounds absurd given all the women in my life, but there's just one Glory, you know? I love her! Am I crazy to want her so badly when I have you and the others with me? Am I selfish? At times like this I feel like I must be mad. It's just not right to have so many lovers."

"Now, now, Tiger, you don't know what you're saying. Everything is going to be just fine. We've been talking for far too long now though and people are going to start asking questions if you don't go back out there. I want you to go back out to our guest and be your charming best. Remember that you're surrounded by a cradle of love. We all love you so much. You're not going to crack up or fall apart because I won't let that happen! I'm going to be right here, praying for you, just like always."

She thought, I wish I could suck Tiger's cock for a couple of minutes, at least. A nice little spermy load down Mommy's throat would help him relax. But I have to be good, with Glory in the house. Besides, he needs me as a shoulder to cry on now. She playfully slapped him on the butt, spurring him to get his act together and go back to be with Glory.

"Thanks, Mom. I'll try." He closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss her on the lips. He felt a couple of passionate French kisses would put him in a much better mood.

But Susan leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, causing his mouth to plant itself on her other cheek. Then she pulled away before he could rectify that and meet her lips with his. She spanked his butt again, less playfully this time. "Come on, don't dawdle. I'm sure Glory's wondering what's up already. Tell them you had to help me in the kitchen with the turkey. And remember that Suzanne and I and everyone else are standing right behind you all the way."

"Thanks, Mom. I love you so much." He felt the urge to French kiss her again, but something held him back. He sensed she must have a good reason why she'd just kissed him on the cheek and had a feeling that he should just accept it and go join the others. He stepped away and said, "I'd better get cleaned up first. I must look like a mess."

He still looked sharp in his suit and tie, but his hair was even more tussled than usual, and there were a few streaks of tears down his cheeks.

Glory had been lurking down the hallway, spending most of the time out of sight. Once she realized that mother and son were just endlessly hugging each other, continued gawking served her no purpose except to increase her chance of getting caught. She had crept a bit closer to the kitchen door to see if they would kiss, but now she realized that there was a good chance Alan would come down the hallway she was standing in to use the bathroom she'd passed through to make himself presentable again.

She ducked back into the den and then through to the bathroom. Checking herself in the mirror for a few moments to confirm that she still looked presentable, she was about to open the door but then remembered to flush the toilet to make it seem like she'd had to go to the bathroom.

As she went through the act of washing her hands, she thought, Boy, that was not what I expected... at all! I feel so guilty, sneaking around like a common criminal, when Susan is just being a good mom! Maybe I have it all wrong. I mean, I know those two must be having sex, and it pains me to even think about that, but at least it looks like it hasn't twisted their basic mother-son relationship all out of shape. I'm probably being too judgmental. Alan's a good kid. I know that; I just have to remember it. It's not like his mother is thinking of having sex with him 24-hours a day and blowing him under the table while he's eating at every meal or anything crazy like that. Probably they're just like any other family most of the time. I have to get a grip instead of letting my imagination simply run wild all the time.

Feeling a lot better about things, she opened the bathroom door to rejoin the others. It seemed like a long time but in reality it had been less than five minutes since she'd walked inside the Plummer house.

Glory didn't realize that even her wildest imagination couldn't compare to just how sex-crazed the Plummer house was most of the time, or how rare it was lately for Alan and Susan to share a completely non-sexual embrace like they'd just had. But Susan had a good mother's intuition. After Alan started sobbing so loudly, Susan grew concerned that Glory might hear and come to investigate. She almost felt as if Glory was watching, and tried to behave as if Glory was watching, which was a very lucky thing since Glory WAS watching. It wasn't that what she'd said was dishonest, but there were other things she otherwise would have said and done (such as French kissing) if she hadn't have a gut feeling to be careful.

After another minute or two, both Susan and her son returned to where Glory and the others were standing by the door. Everyone else was so engrossed in conversation that the two of them didn't even find an occasion to give their excuses as to why they'd taken so long.


With all six people together again, the suggestion was made to move into the living room.

Glory led the way. "My, what a lovely house. It's so much bigger than I imagined. It's practically like a mansion..." She froze in her tracks. "Oh my goodness. What is THAT?" She stared at the polished brass pole in the middle of the living room.

Suzanne had already anticipated that the recent living room additions would need to be dealt with for Glory's sake. The extra large bed in the room had been moved to a corner and covered with boxes, and then the resulting pile had a large tarp thrown over it. She figured that would take care of the bed. But there really was no way to disguise the dance pole.

So the only option was to admit the truth, more or less.

"Oh, that?" Suzanne replied casually, as if discussing a flower arrangement. "That's a dance pole. It's been there for a while. Since Katherine and Amy are cheerleaders, they like to practice their routines with it."

Glory frowned. She was tempted to make some biting comments about the pole, but she held back. However, she couldn't help think about Katherine dancing in some half-naked outfit for the benefit of her brother. In-house, on-demand, live cheerleader strip shows. That must be nice for him. How convenient.


Suddenly, Glory had a vivid vision of Katherine standing at the pole with a long, tanned leg wrapped around it, ready to "dance" for her brother. The room was quite dark, with only one bright stage light shining down over the gleaming brass pole. The shapely teen wore nothing but the high heels she had on in real life. She was looking right at Glory with a deadly serious stare, as if challenging her. Glory imagined her saying, Come, dance. Join the debauchery. Join the evil.

Glory shuddered and turned away. Since the pole conjured up disgusting thoughts and images for her, she tried to move on to other topics. She stated blandly, "Nice house here. Very nice."

Katherine brightly said, "We like it. You want to have the big tour?"


So Glory was led all over the house, with most of the others in tow. Only Susan stayed behind, to keep an eye on the kitchen.

The tour was largely uneventful, except for the fact that on the upper floor Glory was struck by an instantly recognizable smell of cum. Most of the house smelled almost sickeningly sweet from all the air freshener that had been used, but most such efforts were focused on the ground floor. Alan's room, in particular, had such a strong sexual odor that all the others showing Glory around were a bit abashed and tried to get her away from his room as quickly as possible.

But for Glory, the smell was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Her nostrils flared and her nipples grew hard as she took deep breaths, trying to soak up as much of his essence as she could without being noticed. She had to chide herself, What am I doing? This is ridiculous! I don't care how good his cum smells and tastes, he's probably had sex with his mother and sister on that very bed! Maybe even at the same time. He has a whole harem, for crying out loud!

She pushed her way past all the others and out of Alan's bedroom so she could get some fresh air. However, now that she recognized his distinctive scent, she realized that it was all over the house. All that goddamned air freshener didn't get rid of his cum smell; it's just covering it up! Gaawwwd, how much sex must this sex-fiend student of mine have every day to smell up the entire house like this?! He must have squirted his cock into these women in every single room, over and over!

Glory found herself imagining sex acts in every room and on top of every piece of furniture. This was so disconcerting that she only spent a couple of seconds looking at Susan's master bedroom before quickly redirecting the group to show her the pool out back so she could get some truly fresh air.

A minute or so later, as she stood by the pool with the others, she thought, This is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Even here, I can't imagine them actually having sex outside, but surely all these gorgeous vixens must drive him crazy out here with their skimpy bathing suits. Sex is everywhere!

Her brain was filled with conflicting emotions as she was torn between lust and disgust. She called an early end to the house tour and sat down at the dinner table in the dining room. (This was met with disguised relief from the others, since there wasn't much they could do to explain the recording room down in the basement, and they mostly just hoped to keep her from even knowing about that locked door.)

Glory made clear her desire to get started with the meal in a not very subtle manner. "Mmmm, that food smells good. I can't wait to taste it." She figured the sooner everyone ate, the sooner she could get home and end her ordeal.

The others sat down to join her, but good manners dictated that they were to socialize some more before the food was brought to the table.

However, Glory was a bit spooked - everywhere she looked, she imagined Alan plowing into one of the other females sitting around her. But she soon relaxed as the conversation started to flow, largely because it stayed on safe, sex-free topics.

One by one, each of them talked some about themselves and their background. Suzanne started to get the ball rolling, and then after some questions and banter, she turned to Susan on her right for her turn. Susan had been carefully coached about what to say, and she answered a few innocuous questions from Glory without incident.

They continued clockwise around the room, with Amy next, then Katherine, then Glory, and then finally Alan at the head of the table. Since all the questions were of the basic "getting to know you" variety and everyone was being careful about what they said, nothing embarrassing or particularly sexual came up. But still, the conversation was enjoyable, informative, and most importantly, put Glory and the rest more at ease.

Susan, though, was antsy. After her turn was done, and without a single under the table kick being necessary to keep her in line, her concentration drifted from what the others were saying since she knew everything that Amy and Katherine were talking about already.

While pretending to pay attention, she thought, This is nuts. Here we are, sitting around and just chatting like a bunch of old grannies in a bridge club. Meanwhile, we've all got these great outfits on. I have to admit Glory looks particularly sexy and delectable. I can see why Tiger likes to bang her even though she's technically borderline Alan-worthy at best, thanks to her boob size. But I can only imagine the kind of erotic torture my son is going through, seeing all of us dolled up like this. It's not fair! I'll bet he's getting a bad case of blue balls. There's so much lovely cleavage on display here; Tiger needs to be plowing through some of that, or at the bare minimum, doing some fondling. Hrmph!

Outwardly, Susan continued to nod and smile as if listening to every word the others were saying. But inwardly she was growing irate. My Tiger is a powerful man with powerful needs! At the very least, someone should slip a hand inside his pants and give his cock a nice stealth stroking. Blue balls are a terrible affliction! No doubt his big mommy-splitter is rapidly filling up with tasty sperm even as we speak, and yet we just sit here like some sort of gaggle of nuns trapped in a boring committee meeting or something, unable to handle this growing crisis! How am I supposed to stay calm with all that yummy, cummy cock going untended?!

I know this is what we're supposed to do and I'm gonna be good, but if I had my way things would be totally different. For starters, I'd have Tiger and Amy switch seats. That way, I could give my handsome son some nice stealth stroking and neither Glory nor Suzanne would be the wiser. Well, at least not at first...

Her eyes went glassy as she slipped into fantasy. She imagined how things would look for Glory in an alternate reality.

Susan's dream picked up on what had just been happening in the room. Glory had been visibly tense during the house tour, but she felt increasingly relaxed while Suzanne talked at length about her background and family. In the dream, eventually, Suzanne said, "Enough about me. Susan, why don't you tell Glory a little bit about what you do?"

Susan smiled a bit wickedly. "Sure. Well, Glory, as you can probably guess, I used to have a dreadfully boring and prudish life. I'm sure you can remember how I dressed for the parent-teacher conferences and PTA meetings. My life was dull, dull, dull, and I didn't even realize it. I actually thought I was happy! Can you believe it? I was a complete idiot! For instance, I was oblivious that my husband... well, let's just say my marriage was a disaster. Thank goodness those dark days are over."

"What happened?" Glory asked.

Susan beamed. "I discovered sex! Specifically, the joys of sex with my son!" She winked playfully at Alan.

A gasp arose in the room, with Glory gasping the loudest. Susan's feet were assaulted as Suzanne frantically and repeatedly stepped on Susan's toes in the prearranged signal to cool things down.

But since this was her daydream, Susan wasn't going to be deterred. She turned to Suzanne and said, "Give me a break. I love you dearly, but you're not my mother. You know I'm just calling a spade a spade. Glory knows it too. Don't you, Glory?"

Glory just sat and stared at them both, unable to respond.

Susan continued, "When you started fooling around with my son it was like your life went from black and white to glorious Technicolor. You're addicted to his cock just as much as the rest of us. Am I right or what? No other man can compare! I dare you to deny it!" She folded her arms under her bounteous breasts and stared at Glory defiantly.

Glory was beyond flustered; she was shocked speechless.

Susan continued her daydream. In it she visualized Glory with her mouth hanging open, watching as she (Susan) bent over the table while Alan, still dressed in his suit and tie, rammed her doggy-style.


To make matters worse for Glory, Susan started screaming, "God, it's so deep! Soooo DEEP! Jesus Christ, you're a fucking machine! Split me in two!"

In Susan's fantasy, Glory shook off the vision and saw everyone still dressed and sitting around the table. She blinked in confusion. And since this was Susan's imagination at work, she was able to split her legs almost impossibly wide apart as if she was a limber cheerleader, in order to help Alan achieve maximum penetration.

Susan snickered.

Though Susan was normally quite demure and content to let Suzanne lead, was so determined and domineering in her fantasy that both Suzanne and Katherine gave up their foot stomping efforts and just let things happen.

Susan calmed down a bit and goaded Glory, "Come on, admit it! He's the best lover you've ever had, bar none. Name one other man who's comparable."

Glory stammered, "Well, my last boyfriend, um..." The disconcerted look on her face made it obvious that she was trying (and failing) to remember the name of the man she'd previously been dating for months.

Susan laughed. "That's right! You can't even remember the name of the man you broke up with a week or two ago. Such men are fine for most things, but when it comes to sex they know to step aside when a real alpha male like Alan appears. A truly superior man like my son just takes what he wants with his big, thick, superior cock, and no woman can resist! Least of all the targets of his lust, like you. Yes, he has a harem, but that's his due! You should be proud that he's chosen to add you to his harem, especially given the middling to smallish size of your breasts."

Glory blushed and looked away in embarrassment.

Few would consider Glory's breasts "middling to smallish," but Susan was one of those few, given her own ample endowments and those of the other women in her current life.

Alan had been very quiet, but now he complained, "Mom, stop it! You're totally embarrassing her! She's not just my teacher; she's also my good friend. Besides, I think her breasts are just fine, and definitely not small at all. In fact, they're really great."

That didn't deter Susan a whit. "Oh, are they? Well, how do they compare to mine? Or the rest at this table? Why don't we look and see?" Susan's gown was held up only by two narrow straps, but she pulled those down and bared her bountiful breasts. She arched her back and thrust her rack forward.

Amy squealed, "Oh goody! We get to get naked!"

Susan looked around with satisfaction, while Katherine pulled her dress down and Amy stood up and completely stripped out of her clothes. Suzanne refused to undress until Susan turned her attention to her best friend and gave her a withering glare.

That caused Suzanne to uncharacteristically crumble (in a way that would probably only happen in someone else's fantasy). She dropped her head submissively and pulled her gown down, causing her perfect pale orbs to bounce free.

With even Suzanne going topless, both Katherine and Susan were inspired to briefly lift themselves up and pull their gowns the rest of the way off. That put more pressure on Glory.

(Alan, meanwhile, was still fully dressed in his dark blue suit and simply kept eating as he watched what was transpiring all around him.)

Susan now focused her laser-like gaze on Glory. "Come on. There's no reason to be ashamed. The rest of us are all more or less naked now. And so what if you're a little on the small side up top? I have to admit that it's not just size that counts. Tiger says he loves them, and since he's the man of the house, that's all that matters. Let's see what he's crowing about."

Glory closed her eyes tight as she gave a little tug, sucked her tummy in, and let her gown fall down. "God, this is so humiliating," she complained as she pulled it the rest of the way off her legs. "How can I even compete?"

Susan took advantage of Glory's closed eyes to slump down in her chair and fish Alan's boner out of his slacks. She immediately got busy stroking him.

Meanwhile, Alan replied, "Glory, I think you look great! Your body's sleek and strong and perfect all over. And your breasts fit into my hands just right. I don't need any more."

Glory hesitantly opened one eye and then another as she stared at Susan's bare chest. She pointed with disbelief. "But what about those? They're HUGE! Actually, they're not just huge; they're as perfect as the rest of her body. And Jesus! Are they... Is that milk leaking from her nipples?!"

"Well, yeah, a little," Alan conceded on behalf of his mother. With Susan's breasts brought to his attention, he reached out and casually cupped the one nearest to him. "But don't feel intimidated. You can deep throat me and Mom can't, for instance. Things balance out."

Glory gasped. "Good Lord, young man! You called her 'Mom' even as your fingers are pulling on one of her nipples!"

He looked over at his hand on Susan's tremendous tit to see what was so wrong about a little nipple tugging. He removed the offending hand and went back to eating his meal. "Well, that's what she is-" he started to say.


But Glory cut him off with a cry. "Jesus H. Christ! And HER hand! What's her hand doing there?!" Glory had noticed the way that Susan's arm was positioned next to Alan; it appeared that her hand was somewhere in his lap. In fact, that's exactly where Susan had her hand, and the way her arm was moving back and forth left no doubt about what she was doing. The fact that she was slouched down in her chair somewhat made her actions all the more obvious.

Alan looked a bit sheepish. "Well, you know, seeing you and everyone else all dressed up like this gets me so excited... You know, I just can't..."

Susan said defiantly, "Well of course I'm stroking his cock. Haven't you ever heard of stealth stroking? Look how handsome my son is all dressed up in that fancy suit. How can I NOT jack him off?"

"Or suck him off," Katherine pointed out.

"Excellent suggestion," Susan replied, as if they were discussing the finer points of spicing up a meal. Then she gushed, while rubbing his sweet spot, "God, I just think of my big strapping son coming home from work dressed like that, after completely dominating in whatever his job is and turning his female secretaries, bosses, and coworkers into his latest sex slaves, and then he walks in the door and it's MY turn to service him! It gets me SO HOT!"

"Well, I think it's outrageous," Glory complained, even as she started to play with her clit under the table.

Susan cooed into Alan's ear as her hand slid up and down his slick shaft, "Tiger, it's soooo big and hard! Even more than usual! Is that because of Glory? Are you going to fuck her first? If you do, I call dibs on the cream pie."

Glory was just able to hear those soft and sensual words and she stood up to protest. She forgot that she was naked to the waist. She was torn between covering up her bouncing breasts and putting her hands on her hips for effect. She did the first briefly, but saw the absurdity of it in a room where all the other women were topless, so she went for the angry hands-on-hips look instead. "This is COMPLETELY outrageous! I come here as a guest, and this is the kind of treatment I get?!"

Amy spoke up. "Come on, Glory. Don't be such a meanie. It's fun. You totally know that Alan's loving it, so what's wrong with that?"


"But that's not the point," Glory protested. Her resolve was already weakening. There was just too much sex in the air. The smell of Alan's cum was rising up from out of nowhere and filling the room like a thick fog. Her gown was in a heap on the floor, but she didn't bother to do anything about it.

Now Suzanne spoke, though she was still uncharacteristically passive. "Amy, I'll tell you what's wrong with our guest here. She feels left out. She wants that cock all to herself. And who can blame her?"

Katherine giggled as she thought about what she was about to do. "Speaking about being left out, you know, I think I dropped an earring around here somewhere. Or was it a contact? Let me check... for a while." Taking advantage of the fact that she was sitting on the other side of Alan, she giggled some more as her head dropped down into her brother's lap.

Susan was beyond delighted. She ceded the cockhead area to her daughter, but kept on stroking the remainder. Her fingers were already soaked with pre-cum.

Glory, still looking angry with her hands on her hips, leaned forward over the table to try to figure out what was going on. All she could see was the mass of Katherine's dark hair over Alan's lap, but she realized that Susan was still lending a hand because Susan's arm continued its rhythmic movements. She panted, with a mixture of lust and indignation, "You're... you're pleasuring him together!"

Susan smirked. "But of course. We share all the time. Glory, resistance is futile. What are you fighting for? Just admit your place in his harem. You know you want it - come and get it! Angel and I can share with you too. Tiger likes his triple blowjobs. Come and learn your place between the legs of our master."

"But, but... You're his mother and sister! This is so wrong!"

Susan grinned in triumph "Then why are you licking your lips with such obvious hunger?"

Glory was dismayed to discover that, in fact, that's precisely what she had been doing. She forced herself to stop, indignantly denying it had happened, "No I'm not!"

Susan grinned even more. "Then why are you squirming and writhing around like that? You can't even stand up straight, you're so hot for my son's cock!"

"That's not true," Glory replied in a pouty little-girl voice, but she wasn't fooling anyone with her denials, and she realized it. Indeed, her entire body was squirming with need.

Susan prodded, "You want him to drive that monster cock into your pussy like a knife cutting into warm butter, don't you?"

Glory clenched her mouth shut and shook her head from side to side, visually indicating 'No,' as if afraid her lips would betray her true desires if she were to open them.

Suzanne asked, "Look, Glory, will you stop complaining if Alan just stuffs his big cock into your mouth?"

With perfect timing, Alan stood up to take off his jacket. He remained standing there.

Katherine had to pull her lips off his cock when he stood up, so she used the opportunity for a brief rest. But Susan continued to hold his erection, now point it straight out, stroking it lovingly, coaxing and teasing Glory with her obvious loving caresses.

Glory sheepishly nodded while her eyes remained glued to Alan's cock. She moaned erotically when she saw Katherine reach out and join in the stroking.

"You realize you'll have to share with Susan and Katherine," Suzanne pointed out. "Sweetie loves his triple blowjobs and once they get started they won't stop until he blows a load. And as for Amy and me, well, I'm thinking we can find out if both our tongues can fit on Glory's pussy at the same time. Does that sound good, Honey Pie?"

"M'kay! Super good!"

Susan, sounding like the head of the harem, commanded Glory, "Strip!" As Glory started to pull her gown the rest of the way off, Susan added, "Keep the heels though. Now that you've joined our harem, there's so much harem etiquette I'm going to have to-"


Just then, there was a painfully sharp feeling in Susan's foot, which brought her out of her reverie. She looked around, expecting to see panting and naked bodies, but instead the sobering reality of the situation came flooding in. Glory was talking about her life while the others all nibbled on appetizers and paid close attention.

Susan looked over at Suzanne just in time to see her giving her the evil eye in return. Susan put on an innocent "Who, me? What did I do wrong?" expression.

But Suzanne didn't buy it. She nodded down to Susan's chest.

Susan looked down and realized how heavy her breathing had become. Her massive mammaries were rising up and down like ships being tossed on a stormy sea. She thought, Uh-oh! Looks like I got a little bit carried away there... But it's so true! If only Glory could get with the program. I'd even give her the head of his cock while Angel and I work on his balls. Or maybe Angel could take the base. My son has so much mouthwatering cock that simply having one mouth or tongue on it just isn't right!


The fantasy seemed so real to Susan that she felt like she could actually taste her son's scrotum. And since it was a Susan fantasy, his cock was absolutely enormous, ten inches long at least, and his balls were extra large too. Mmmm... Balls. Tasty, tasty son-balls. When I fit one in my mouth, or even both of 'em... MMMM! I just love sharing that cock! Threesomes are the best!

Come on, Susan, clear your head! I have to concentrate. Tiger is counting on me not to get carried away here. I should probably ask a question or something or at the very least Glory will think I'm a mute idiot.

Susan listened for a little while until she caught the thread of the conversation and was able to join in. But she was still aroused and her words didn't come out quite as she'd intended them. Glory had been talking about her teaching and school responsibilities when Susan said, "You sound so busy. I really do appreciate everything you do for Alan on top of all your other work."

The words themselves were innocent enough, it was the way she said them that was the problem. When she said "I really do appreciate everything you do for Alan" she was thinking about all the sexual fun Glory and Alan had together during lunch, and somehow her thoughts were exposed by her lusty tone and facial expression.

But Glory had been looking at Katherine in response to a question Katherine had asked, so she missed the look on Susan's face. By the time she turned Susan's way, both Amy and Suzanne stomped the points of their high heels down on Susan's feet just above her toes. It didn't cause any serious damage but the resulting wide-eyed and shocked look on Susan's face was priceless.

Glory was puzzled why Susan looked like she was so pained that she seemed to be in the middle of child birth, and in the confusion she missed the sexual overtones of Susan's question.

Luckily, Susan played along capably enough. She stood up. "Oh my goodness! The turkey! I'd better go check on things!" She rushed to the kitchen.

She didn't actually need to be in the kitchen, since everything was ready and taken care of, so she mostly just pretended to be busy to give herself time to calm down. She'd greatly enjoyed the triple blowjob fantasy however, and her thoughts kept returning to it, like a person who wakes up from a great dream and tries to go back to sleep to catch the rest of it.

Her fantasy continued where it left off, with Glory, Katherine, and herself all on their knees around where Alan stood. Clothes were flying everywhere as all the women finished getting naked, but Alan remained in his dress shirt, slacks, and tie, with just his erection and balls poking out of his fly.

As the women all started to trade licks, Susan said, "Glory, I'm so excited that you could join our harem. Amongst other things, now I can finally learn how to do a deep throat."

"What, you mean one of these?" Glory pushed Katherine and Susan away from Alan's erection and immediately swallowed him all the way down to the root. She looked over at Susan while continuing to suck and gave her a gloating look as if saying, "Don't you wish you could do this?"


Susan stared in complete shock as the erection went down and down into Glory's mouth like some kind of sword swallower's trick. (And, in an even more impressive trick, Alan's erection shrunk down to a more reasonable size so deep throating it could be anatomically possible.)

Susan thought as she reached between Alan's legs to fondle his balls, I can't do that! I could never do that. Oh no! My dream is turning into a nightmare!

But then she realized, Wait! Glory's a teacher! If she's in our harem now, she has to teach me! That happy realization was like a hit of a great drug to her. She sighed contentedly.

Susan's pussy was creaming both in the dream and in real life. The very idea of deep throating her Tiger got her wildly excited, but so far she'd been unable to get past her gag reflex. The prospect of getting beyond that barrier made her even more excited still. Glory'll teach me, I know she will! Then my mouth can really be like a second cunt! And then Tiger will be able to use-

But then she heard Amy's loud laughter coming from the table and snapped out of her fantasies again.

She tried to check on the food in the kitchen, but she was just going through the motions as her mind kept drifting back to deep throats and triple blowjobs. After a minute or two of struggling with her fantasies, she thought, This is no good. I'm really blowing it. I've got to do better. Why can't I just be a normal mom? There's a time and a place to think about my son's delicious horse cock and this is not it. I need to go back in there and really engage. Be normal! Talk like a normal person. I can do it. I know I can.

Knowing the counter blocked the view of anything in the kitchen from her waist on down from people in the dining room, she picked up a newly washed dish towel, brought it under her gown, and vigorously rubbed her crotch clean. In so doing, she very nearly got carried away into fantasy again and also came close to cumming on the spot.


Susan stayed in the kitchen for a few more minutes until her libido calmed down. With renewed resolve (and reasonably dry privates), she went back to the table and did her best to be "normal." Before long, she was as involved in the conversation as anyone else and even managed to ask a number of good questions.

Eventually, Glory finished answering the basic questions being asked about her, and the center of attention switched to Alan.

Suzanne said to him, "By the way, Sweetie, congratulations. I hear you mailed off your applications to UC Berkeley and UCLA. We can all breathe a lot easier now."

He looked around the room and noticed that no one seemed surprised. He asked, "How'd you know that? How do you all know?"

Suzanne said, "Word travels fast. You told Susan earlier, and let's just say that everybody knows by now."

Susan was beaming. "Son, you make me so proud! So happy!"

He looked down, slightly abashed. "Thanks, Mom."

Susan added with even more pride and love, "I wish I could tell every single person in the world that my son is going to get into one of the top ten colleges in the United States!"

Alan replied modestly, "I don't know about that. First off, please don't say that to anyone until I actually get a letter from them saying if I got in or not. And secondly, I don't know if it's in the top ten or not. What do you think, Glory?"

Glory replied, "Eh. Maybe. Depends who you ask. I'd say it's right around number ten. But you can definitely say it's the best public university in the U.S."

Susan beamed even brighter. "I like the sound of that! Number one!"

Glory smiled at Susan's endless love for and pride in her son. But on the inside she had a terrible sinking feeling, because the conversation reminded her of the fact that Alan would be going off to college somewhere next fall. If not Berkeley, then probably some other far-off place. She hadn't discussed this with him at all recently, mostly because their relationship was in such an uncertain state. But the thought that he'd be that far away was almost unbearable for her.

She thought, Damn! I've got it so bad for him! This isn't good. He's the master of an incestuous harem! Of all the people to fall in love with... why him?! And what will I do when he moves away?! Would I move there with him?! Do I love him that much?!

She decided that this wasn't the time or place to worry about such things, so she changed the subject to something that would occupy her full attention. She said, "You know, we all know Alan very well as he is today. There's no need to repeat what we already know. But I don't know much about his childhood. What can you tell me about that?"

The faces of all the other women lit up. Then Alan groaned and slumped in his seat, muttering, "Oh no!"

The other women started telling amusing and often embarrassing stories from Alan's childhood.

But there was a lot of information imparted as well. Glory's curious nature saw the golden opportunity to ask details about his life and his childhood that she'd never asked before, and that's just what she did.

Before long, Susan hurried off to get her book of Alan's and Katherine's baby pictures.

Alan had been through the routine before; like many mothers, Susan absolutely loved sharing those baby pictures with anyone who showed any interest at all. Since Alan and Katherine were both adopted, there were no pictures of either of them younger than six months old, but there were more than enough pictures of them after that.

Both Katherine and Alan knew that photo album extremely well. They took turns pointing out the most embarrassing pictures of each other, so before long everyone was laughing heartily.

When Alan had been being potty trained, he'd had a portable practice toilet. Katherine absolutely loved to show one picture of him sitting on the toilet in the middle of the living room during some adult party. He was wearing a red fire truck hat and shouting "Poopy! Poopy!" when the picture was taken.

Showing that picture always made Alan blush and want to crawl under the table, and this time was no exception.

But what really struck Glory was the love shown by all the others as they looked through the photo album and reminisced. Everyone gathered around her seat to get a close look at the album and before long all the others were linked in a big loving hug just behind Glory. It was clear there was nothing sexual about it, especially since the focus was on baby pictures, but the feelings were intense, yet at the same time somehow gentle and warm.

Another thing that struck Glory as the group went over the photos was how many of the pictures showed the Pestridges too. It was like they were all one big family back then, and even Eric, Ron, and Brad appeared to be very much included in everything.

Glory's attention to emotional nuance suddenly reached its peak and she had a flash of insight. They're not two families; they're one family! They've been that way since the beginning! NOW I understand. This didn't start with Alan's sexual power over them - Suzanne told me the truth that her scheme started it, and the others fell for it because they were doing their best to help Alan. So I've been deceiving myself about him being a dominating villain to justify breaking up with him. Maybe I should anyway, but for me, not because of him. Oh God, I was wrong. I shouldn't be hasty about this - whatever happens, don't do that today. Sleep on it - no, not that term, not now. I'm so confused!

Suzanne didn't seem to mind seeing pictures of a much younger and loving Eric, but Susan grew increasingly agitated looking at pictures of Ron playing the role of a loving father. This was the first time in a long time she'd gone through this photo album, making it the first time she'd seen such pictures since she'd had her falling out with Ron.

Katherine, by virtue of where she stood next to Susan, was the first to notice Susan's bittersweet and even tormented facial expressions, and took the book away before the group had reached the end.

But still, a generally jovial mood remained. The fact that everyone had been steadily drinking wine for a while helped keep everyone loose. Glory's gift bottle was finished and they'd broken out some more.

Amy realized that, of all the women in the harem, she was the one who could speak most openly about sexual things in front of Glory, since her role as official girlfriend was the most socially acceptable one. So, as the photo album was put away, she tested the waters to see how Glory would react to a sexual joke. Drawing from the fact that many of the pictures of Alan as a toddler showed him naked, she said, "Phew! And to think: my boyfriend was well hung even back then!"

Everyone laughed. (In fact, Alan's penis as a baby was a tiny thing no larger than the average baby penis, but that's part of what made it funny.)

However, in the wake of the joke, Glory looked around and saw dreamy faces on all four women. She thought, Good Lord! Even a joke about his penis gets them all googly-eyed. These women have it bad! They're really in love with him! ALL of them!

This shocked Glory because she'd assumed that the new aspect of their relationships with Alan were first and foremost all about sex. And while she could guess from the dreamy looks that a lot of it was about the sex, the looks left no doubt there was some intense romantic love here too. It was the kind of look you might see on a deliriously happy newlywed.

FOUR women, all in love with the same guy?! How does that work? Are they at each other's throats half the time, or is Alan torn into four pieces, or what? I overheard him earlier saying... What did he say to Susan? Oh yeah. "I'm stretched twelve different ways." I'm beginning to understand what he means.

But while Glory wanted to ask questions about how their relationships with each other worked, she didn't dare do so for fear of opening a can of worms.

The banter and joking went on as Susan finally brought out the food.

It was a very traditional Thanksgiving meal. The turkey was the main item, of course, but there were many sides dishes, and especially non-meat ones since Amy was a vegetarian. Jellied cranberry sauce, baked potatoes, stuffing, gravy, ears of corn, and so on - it was all there.

Everything was homemade. Susan may have had a strict and prudish childhood with more scolds than hugs, but one benefit to her traditional upbringing was that she had been taught to be a great cook.

Susan was showered with praise even before a bite was eaten, just from the beautiful presentation of the meal. Everyone knew it would be a feast to remember.

With the table bursting with food, Susan tapped her wine glass with a spoon, keen to make an announcement before Suzanne could. She said in a loud voice, "Thank you one and all for your kind words. Now, in the past, on the few occasions he was actually here, my husband Ron had the honor of carving the turkey. But Ron is gone for good and we have a new man of the house. Alan, my Tiger, my Sweetie, my son, would you please do the honors?"

"Sure, Mom," Alan said as he stood up and grabbed the carving knife. He looked to Glory with worry, hoping Susan hadn't been too blatant with her "my Tiger, my Sweetie, my son" comment, not to mention the way she gushed about him being the "man of the house." Good God! The way Mom said that, that fiery look in her eyes, it was like she was saying, "We have a new man of the house who's going to knock all this food onto the floor and fuck me on the table right now!" She's just so sexy and insatiable. I can hardly concentrate on the cutting. Geez!

Alan didn't realize that Susan had been fantasizing about that very thing not too many minutes before. He spoke to his penis. Down, boy. Now's not the time to get excited yet again. You're going to take the whole afternoon off, for once, and just rest. So relax and don't think too much about the fact that you're having this meal with five of the loveliest, sexiest, and most fuckable women on the entire planet. He concentrated on his groin and realized his erection was as turgid as ever. Hmmm. That didn't help too much.

Glory did find Susan's demeanor a bit odd, but she let it slide.

Everyone gave themselves heaping helpings except for Amy and Suzanne, since they both knew they'd have to eat another big meal with Brad and Eric later in the day.

After the turkey was carved up and all the plates were filled, Susan again surprised everyone by saying, "And now, Glory, if you don't mind, we're a religious family and we always take time out to thank God for all he's given us, since this is a special day to give thanks. Alan, as man of the house, can you also please say grace?"

Glory said as she closed her eyes and held the hands of those on either side of her, "I don't mind. It's a tradition in my family, too. Please go ahead."

Alan was taken aback that he'd been chosen. He'd all but confessed to Susan that he was agnostic, though she seemed to be in denial about that and generally still tried to drag him to church every Sunday. What's more, the request was surprising because he'd never been asked to say grace before. Susan had always filled in when Ron was gone. But he thought, Wow, Mom must be really serious about all this "man of the house" stuff. I guess that's not just a phrase that gets her excited. I really am becoming head of this family!


He felt a surge of power go through him and felt his erection twitch with excitement. He looked around at all the women holding hands with their heads bowed and thought, Here's my real prayer. Dear God, I don't know what I did to deserve these incredibly wonderful women. This can't all be coincidence, can it? It's like I've won the sex lottery or something. I have more to be thankful for than anyone in the whole state, I'm sure. But God, even though I don't really believe in You, I will nonetheless swear to You that I'm going to do my best not to abuse my position and to keep all my loves as happy as I can. At least, I'm swearing that to myself. Amen.

He took one last look at them and decided he shouldn't keep them waiting any longer.

So he cleared his throat and said, "Dear God, thank you so much for everything You have given us all this past year. You have been extremely generous in making us all so very happy. We thank You and, uh, we pray for good health and happiness for another year. Shine down Your love upon us all. Amen."

The others all echoed his "Amen" and then broke hands, ready to eat.

Alan thought as he took his first bite of turkey, Strange. I'm not big on prayer, obviously, but somehow that really calmed me a lot. I just feel so loved by my family that what's the worst that could go wrong?

As soon as he finished that thought, Glory asked Susan, "What's this 'man of the house' phrase you keep repeating, Susan? The way you say it, it sounds like a formal title, almost like it should be capitalized or something. Is there some kind of interesting family tradition there?"

Alan gulped. What could go wrong? That could go wrong! He looked at Susan fearfully, petrified that she'd start going off about her "Big Tits Theory" and the like. Since she had her predictable catchphrases, he could imagine her exact words: "Glory, you know that my son is a very well-hung and virile young man. It's only natural that someone so clever and handsome should completely control this house and all the lusty busty women within it, don't you agree? Who are we to resist?"

But the holding of hands and the prayer had calmed Susan's ardor quite a bit, and she replied, "No, there's nothing really special about that. I'm just trying to remind Alan that he's eighteen now and he's a man, no longer a boy. With that comes new privileges, such as carving the turkey, but also new responsibilities. You know, call me a simple farm girl, but when I was growing up my parents taught me that responsibility..."

Susan proceeded to launch into a moralistic lecture of sorts about the importance of being responsible. It was all very clichéd, but it helped calm the remaining jitters in the group.

Glory was lulled into at least temporarily forgetting her incest worries.

Alan's erection subsided too. He was relieved about that since, for once, there was no prospect of relief for him in sight.

Suzanne was impressed with her best friend. That was touch and go there for a few moments. I had my stomping foot all ready to go. I can tell that Susan is deliberately switching into some sort of prudish mode and dredging up bits of speeches from her childhood to make us all seem more normal. Good for her. It looks like she's picked up a bit of my scheming ways after all.

Suzanne's suspicion that the speech was largely an act was confirmed when Glory's attention was diverted. (She was admiring Alan in his dark blue suit, and not for the first time that day.) Susan briefly turned to Suzanne, winked, and then grinned.

But Susan wasn't the only one who got horny. The family had gotten into such a habit of constantly flirting, teasing, and sexually joking that the danger of offending Glory always lurked. Most of the time, they were alert and watching what they said and did. But as the meal progressed and the group relaxed, sometimes their guards went down.

Susan had been repeatedly praised for her cooking by everyone, but halfway through the meal Glory realized that she hadn't said anything about Susan's stuffing yet, and there was almost a rule that guests had to compliment the stuffing on Thanksgiving. (Not to mention, the stuffing and the rest of the meal was quite delicious.) So Glory said, "Susan, I just loooooove your stuffing. It's so good!"

Before she could said more, Amy giggled and said, "Me too! But you should really try Alan's... Um..." Amy was going to say "stuffing" in a voice filled with innuendo. She'd been happy with herself that she'd come up with a sexual play on words just like Katherine or Suzanne could do, but then she realized this wasn't the time or place. She rather lamely finished the sentence, "...cooking. Yeah. He's a real good cook." She blushed and turned away.

Glory turned to Alan. "Is this true? I never knew."

In fact, Alan couldn't cook to save his life, since Susan was always ready and eager to cook for him or Katherine anything they wanted at almost any time. He lied, "Well, I can cook a few things here and there." Then he said more honestly, "But it's nothing like MOM's cooking. I think Amy exaggerates."

Glory was no fool and actually was amused by Amy's intended comment about "Alan's stuffing." She didn't mind much since it was coming from Amy. But she diplomatically pretended not to understand what was really meant and diverted the conversation into a discussion about cooking.

There was another minor touch and go moment a few minutes later when Glory mentioned to the others that she would have eaten an unremarkable meal all alone had she not been invited, due to the fact that she'd recently broken up with her boyfriend and canceled plans with him.

That was news to Katherine, who said, "That sucks the big one."

Those words caused Susan's eyes to glaze over as she began thinking about her son's "big one" and the joys of sucking it.

Luckily, Suzanne was keeping an eye out for this very type of thing and snapped Susan out of it with some discreet stomping on her foot. She was relieved that Glory had been looking elsewhere the whole time.

But Alan was a quick thinker, and at the same time Suzanne was stomping, he said, "You know Glory, this is like the tenth Thanksgiving that our father has been absent from the dinner table. In fact, he's missed too many holidays in general. It's not that I'm counting ten to one; on the contrary, what I am saying is that Katherine, Mom, and I know what it is like to be left alone at Thanksgiving. We've had a lot of bummer holidays. That's why we were all keen on inviting you when Suzanne found out that you didn't have any special plans."

He reached out for Glory's hand. She let him hold it and then he squeezed it reassuringly. They looked each other in the eyes and shared a special moment.

The interesting thing was that, while Alan had been goaded to say something to divert attention from Susan's "big one" dreamy gaze, he really meant every word that he said. Glory responded to his sincerity because she picked up on his genuine emotions.


The meal went on for a while without any new difficulties. With Glory busy eating, Katherine had a chance to gawk at her without being detected. She thought, Wow. Glory's outfit is so daring. I mean we all wear stuff that's sexier than it around the house, but she went OUT in it. You can see so much of her breasts! If I wore a dress like that... She glanced down at herself. I'd show a lot more. Hee-hee. FINALLY I'm not the runt of the litter!

She smiled a bit, but then almost immediately had a flash of guilt. Glory can't help how big her tits are any more than I can! I shouldn't even THINK things like that. Besides, her boobs are, like, so perfectly round and well-formed. And in class all the guys ever do is drool at her, so I bet she's not that intimidated.

But Katherine was incorrect about Glory not feeling intimidated. Whenever Glory looked at the women around the table, she had a small nagging feeling she didn't quite measure up to the others, both statistically and in terms of emotional commitment.

Still, despite that minor dark cloud, Glory was surprised how much she felt like a part of "the gang." Aside from Alan, she'd only previously dealt with the others in a very formal manner. For instance, she'd taught both Amy and Katherine, but they were just faces in her classes, no more special than any other students. But Alan had told her some things about Susan and Katherine especially, and much more importantly, the others all knew a startling amount about her from what Alan had already told them.

This really hit home for Glory when the meal came to an end and dessert was brought out. It was angelfood cake with Peanut Butter Cup ice cream and a bowl of fruit consisting of mostly watermelon and kiwis.

She looked at the desert and thought, My favorite kind of cake. And my favorite ice cream. And I just loooove watermelon and kiwis! She said aloud, "Hey! Wait a minute. These are all my favorite desserts. This can't just be a coincidence. How did you know?"

Susan beamed, happy that they'd hit the bull's-eye with the desserts. She nodded at her son. "My Tiger told me, of course."

Glory turned to Alan. "And how did YOU know? I don't remember telling you."

Alan admitted, "I don't know when, but I remembered from something or other. It was probably way back. Just think, Glory, we've been friends for two years now. As your favorite teacher's pet, I got to talk to you for hours and hours and hours." He chuckled as he said, "I probably know more about you than you do."

Glory just nodded, thinking, He's right. And he's obviously shared a great deal with everyone else here. So even though I feel like I hardly know most of them, THEY think of me as an old friend. How odd. No wonder I feel so at home here. And when they were asking me all those basic questions about my life earlier, I'll bet they all knew most of the answers already. Tricky!

The big meal had gone down with a lot of wine, and now the dessert resulted in the drinking of yet more dessert wine.

The dessert finally came to an end and everyone sat back and slouched some, all of them enjoying the feeling of fullness after eating a very good and sizable meal.

Alan unbuckled his belt a notch and patted himself on the stomach. Aaaaah! ... This is the life. Sex, sex, and more sex is all well and good, and I certainly wouldn't change a minute about anything that's happened to me in the last two months. But I'm looking forward to an afternoon with no sex in it and in fact absolutely nothing for me to do at all. I can feel a big fat nap coming on. Mmmm...

Glory was feeling a happy buzz (as were the others) and her guard was down, causing her curiosity to finally get the best of her. She asked, "I've been thinking about this all day. And if it's rude to ask, please just say so. But I keep wondering: HOW do you make this whole multiple lover thing work? I just can't see it working."

There were a lot of nervous glances back and forth between the others, and Glory noticed that most of them were directed at Suzanne as they looked to her for guidance about what to say. Even Alan looked to her and suddenly seemed more like a boy than a man.

Suzanne finally decided to field the question for the group. "Well... To be honest, it does have its difficulties. But the important thing is that we all love each other, and with love, you know, well, it's really true that love conquers all."

Suzanne impulsively reached out her hands to the two people closest to her and held their hands. Within seconds, everyone made a ring of hands around the table and included Glory in it. The glow of love and happiness Glory saw on the faces of the five people around her as they reaffirmed Suzanne's words with loving glances between each other was so bright that it practically could have lit up a dark room.

Glory thought, Geez, that's so corny, yet obviously sincere. I don't know whether to gag or cry tears of joy. She wouldn't admit it consciously, but she felt a strong tug to feel that kind of unconditional love in her life too.

She probed with another question, "I hate to pry, but I was under the impression that Alan would be the one in charge of your group and that's the way you'd keep order, by deferring to him. But that's not what I've seen today. If anything, Suzanne seems in charge. Is that true?"

Susan answered proudly, "Alan is definitely the man of the house! We all love him and look up to him. He's so strong and handsome and clever that how can any of us resist when..."

Suzanne could see where Susan was going with that and stomped hard on Susan's foot before she could start gushing about the joys of being tamed by her son's big cock. She seamlessly continued Susan's sentence for her: "...he really puts his foot down? But the thing is, he does that so rarely. You know Alan as well as anyone. You know he's just not the bossy, asshole type. He likes to go with the flow. That's why decisions are often left up to me."

Glory thought it was fishy how Suzanne took over the conversation like that. She wanted to know what Susan had been about to say.

But Suzanne cruised ahead, leaving Glory no time to think. "That's why I'm so keen to have your help, Glory. It's just like I told you before. We all love Alan so much that we find it hard to tell him no sometimes, and he loves us too much to be bossy, so we can become a bit of a leaderless blob. Like when it comes to getting him to do his homework, for instance, he doesn't have a stern authority figure to say, 'Finish your work right now, or else.' That's why, Glory, I'm hoping you and I can work together to institute a kind of 'tough love' regimen. We should figure out exactly what his daily workload is, what areas he needs help in the most, put together a schedule, and make sure he sticks to it with strategically applied carrots and sticks."

Suzanne was clever indeed in managing to steer the conversation away from contentious relationship issues to the relatively safer topic of homework.

Glory though, was having trouble following along because she was so taken by Suzanne. While the others talked homework, she thought, "Carrots and sticks." I know where Alan can strategically apply HIS stick when he's around me! And with Suzanne there, what if the reward for finishing his homework is that he gets to have both of us at the same time?


Her heart began to beat harder, more from thinking about Suzanne than Alan. What if Alan forces me to do things with Suzanne? Sexual things. Nasty, naughty, dirty, terribly sexual things! What if he forced us to kiss on the lips with our bodies all naked and oiled up and then grind our-

"What do you think, Glory?"

Glory snapped out of her daydream thoughts as she heard someone ask her a question. She didn't know what it was about but assumed it had to do with the homework idea mentioned half a minute before, so she made some general remarks about that.

Meanwhile, she was chastising herself. There I go again, thinking about Suzanne in "that way." I'm not a lesbian, not at all! I hear that sometimes perfectly straight guys can get aroused watching old footage of Elvis Presley - it's not the gender they're responding to, it's the pure sensuality, the aura. That's what it must be with the way I feel around Suzanne. It's not that I'm thinking about actually getting physical with her; it's that I'm responding to her constant sensual vibe. I mean, I look at Susan and objectively she's just as stunning as Suzanne. In fact, their bodies are near mirrors of each other. But Susan doesn't do anything for me. Why is that? But then just one look at Suzanne and I get all weak in the knees! Why is THAT?!

Glory was getting increasingly flustered. She was tipsy and feeling loose as a goose. Now that she'd started thinking of Suzanne in "that way" she couldn't stop thinking about her or even keep her eyes off her, and she was petrified that Suzanne or someone else would notice. Meanwhile, the smell of Alan's cum seemed to be growing stronger and stronger (which was true, as the air freshener was wearing off), and sitting right next to Alan was proving to be just as distracting to her as being near Suzanne.

The others were still discussing Alan and homework, and normally Glory would have been a chatterbox about it. But her thoughts were scattered and she was only giving short answers when directly questioned.

She decided, I need to get out of here before I do something foolish! I have to get out in the fresh air, away from the smell of his cum! She whiffed the air again. God, that boy must be one horny little bugger. Maybe it's just my imagination, or the alcohol, but it seems like the whole house smells like his penis!

She made her excuses to leave, and soon everyone was standing and guiding her to the front door. But she was frustrated because she wanted out, away from the cum smell and all the sexy and gorgeous people around her, but the group seemed to move in slow motion towards the front of the house, chatting all the way.

It took five or so minutes, but Glory finally found herself at the front door. To her great relief, Alan opened it and that let in more fresh air. She felt like she was just about home free.

But that brought a new problem to her mind, one that she'd been suppressing all throughout her visit. Now what's going to happen with Alan? I thought this visit might help clarify my feelings about him, but I'm just as torn as ever.

On the verge of saying a final goodbye, she abruptly blurted out, "One last thing. I just gotta know. I mean, um, er, how do you all do it? Sexually, I mean? I mean, look! There's one of Alan and four of you, and we all know he plays around elsewhere quite a lot. And you're all women with what I can only assume are some strong sexual needs. How can he keep you satisfied? I just don't get it."

Suzanne stepped forward to answer that, carefully stepping on Susan's foot as she did so. She answered very diplomatically, carefully avoiding topics such as lesbianism. "Good question. Some of it is that Alan is a very sexually active young man, as you know. But a lot of it is just that we have to lower our expectations sometimes. I might have to be only half as active as I'd like to be, for instance. But I'd rather have only ten percent of Alan than 100 percent of anyone else, because that's how much I love him, and how good he makes me feel. Does that answer your question?"

Glory stared at Suzanne, and then at the other women who were all fervently nodding in agreement. She nodded. "Yes it does. Thanks. And sorry for being so forward with my questions. But your group is just so... fascinating. And with that, I should probably get going. Thanks again for the lovely time-"

Katherine had been fairly quiet for some time, so everyone was surprised when she stepped up from the back of the group to stand right in front of Glory and said dramatically to her, "I know what you're thinking! You're wondering how you can have Alan in your life, but it just doesn't seem to work! How can you share him with so many? How is that possible? Well, I'm telling you, it's very possible!"

Suzanne had just tried to step on Katherine's foot but it didn't have an effect. She was feeling panicky, thinking, We're soooooo close; we've almost made it without any huge mistakes. She's right at the front door; we can't blow it now!

She stepped forward and grabbed Katherine by the arm. Using Susan's term of endearment, she said, "Angel, really-"

But Katherine was building up a head of steam and defiantly pushed Suzanne's hand away. "Let me talk! This is important! Glory, don't walk out of here without Alan in your life and in your arms. Don't be a fool!"

Again, Suzanne tried to grab her, saying, "Please, I'm sure Glory can make up her own mind-"

Katherine in a gorgeous, form-hugging, sleeveless green gown and Amy in a strapless golden one

But Katherine blew her off again. "Look, Glory, Alan needs you. He's too nice a guy to try to push you into anything, but he does! I've been a fool too. I tried to keep him all to myself. Even now I get so jealous. To answer your question, I want him all the time and it drives me mad when I can't have him. But my needs aren't the most important ones here. He's my brother, and I love him, and I only want what's best for him!" Having said that, she started to get all choked up.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she continued with even more emotional angst in her voice, "I've been so jealous, I've made a mess of things lately. It's time I pay my dues. Glory, if you're giving up on him because you don't think he can be with you often enough, I'll give my share to you!"

All the others looked at Katherine with shell-shocked amazement, except for Glory, who blinked in surprise and didn't quite understand. "Your share? What do you mean?"

"I mean, until the end of the school year, I'll just have to go without sex. I don't know how I'll do it, but somehow I'll manage. I must! Alan needs you and I can't let you just walk away! If he gives you double the attention, believe me, you'll forget about the rest of us and you'll never be more satisfied!"

Now Alan stepped forward and grabbed Katherine by her other arm. "Sis, what are you doing?! You don't have to do this."

She stared at him lovingly. "No, I don't, but I want to! Don't you see I love you? Maybe this is how I can prove just how much I care."

Alan protested, "I won't allow it! This is insane!"

Then Glory said, "Katherine, thank you. I'm touched by your generous offer. I'm just, frankly... floored by the level of love and caring shown by everyone in this house. I was so afraid to come here, but now I'm kind of sad to go. But I can't accept your offer. I'm still all torn up about where Alan and I stand and I guess we won't resolve things today, but the quantity of sex is not the decisive issue, not for me. When I came here a couple of hours ago, I was thinking the worst. Two-headed babies or something. I don't know what I was thinking... I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but Katherine, please keep having sex with your brother. What you just said is so touching, so loving; I can't stand in the way of that."

That reply upset Katherine. She really meant what she said and felt a great need to make Glory understand.

But before she could respond, Alan wrapped her in a big bear hug. "Sis! My little sister! That was such a sweet thought. I love you more than ever!"

Had Glory not been there, Alan and Katherine certainly would have kissed, and probably gotten a whole lot more intimate than that. But with the others watching, and especially Glory standing there, they just hugged in a platonic way.

Somehow, that one hug led to a lot of other hugs, as each woman and Alan gave Glory a goodbye hug. It almost seemed like she was headed off to war. Again, Glory was touched and surprised at how emotionally involved she'd become with all the people here in just two or so hours of good food and lively conversation.

But finally all the goodbyes were said and Alan said to no one in particular, "Okay, time to blow this Popsicle stand."

Immediately, Susan's eyes glazed over. She started to salivate as she dreamed about blowing her favorite "Popsicle."

Luckily, Suzanne was still on alert and brought Susan back to Earth with a well-placed foot stomp. She thought, Geez. As soon as things calm down around here, I'm really going to have to dial down her sex obsession. It's endearing, but a little too much.

Alan and Glory finally made it out the door and down the front walk. There was an unspoken assumption that Alan would drive her home, so he walked with her, carrying her overcoat along the way.

As they reached his car, she turned to him and smiled as she said, "Nice family."

Alan just smiled back. He noticed that she'd picked up on the unmentioned fact that Suzanne and Amy were as much a part of his family now as Katherine and Susan were.


Simone came over to the Morgan house around noonish, not long after Alan had left it. Alan had called her before heading on over to pick up Glory and had explained to his Assistant Bitch Trainer about the things he'd done to Heather that morning that she didn't already know about, and exactly what he had in mind for the remainder of Heather's continuing punishment for that day and afterwards. Simone had rather enthusiastically endorsed his plan.

Simone was such a frequent visitor to the Morgan house that she had her own key to the front door. She let herself in and went straight up to Heather's room without seeing either of Heather's parents. She knocked on Heather's door, and didn't hear any response. But she boldly opened the door and went in anyway.

She laughed heartily as she carefully closed and locked the door behind her.

Heather turned her head and growled, "What?" as if they'd been in the middle of a conversation already.

Simone immediately started taking her clothes off. "It's just that you look exactly as I'd figured you'd look after what I heard on the phone between you and Alan. Look at you. You're lying naked on your bed with a blissed out, spacey smile, like you're still reeling and recovering from getting the fuck of your life."

Heather smiled gleefully at that. "That's because it's true. I AM still reeling and recovering from getting the fuck of my life. Okay, maybe the LATEST fuck of my life, 'cos nothing can surpass the time he fucked me in front of the mirror in the theater room. Or when he fucked me over the hood of a car in the school parking lot. Or... hell, pretty much every other time he's fucked me! Especially when he fucks me in the ass." She took a deep breath to swoon dramatically. "That's the best!"


Heather had been lying face up with her head on her pillow, but she rolled her nude body over to show off her ass to Simone. She smiled brightly as she said, "Check it out. I'm still red from when he spanked me, aren't I? I'm sore in all the right places! And I feel thoroughly spanked... it feels so damn GOOD!"

Simone shook her head in disbelief as she finished shucking her clothes off. "Girl, you've got it bad. Whatever happened to the mighty 'Heather fuckin' Morgan?' The one who doesn't take shit from anybody?"

"She's still in me," Heather said defensively. "Never forget that I'm toying with HIM. Sure, it may look otherwise, but at any moment I could crush him like a tiny bug."

Simone raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Oh, really? Tell me about it while I tie you up and blindfold you."

The cocky Heather seemingly returned. She even managed to sit up. "What? No way! Like that's gonna happen." She laughed derisively.

Simone stood her ground and spoke authoritatively. "Remember, I'm your Assistant Bitch Trainer now. I just spoke to Alan on the phone, and he gave me specific orders on what I'm about to do to you. Then I'm going to have some sexy surprises for you, again on his orders."

Heather's demeanor completely changed. She even shivered lustily. "Oh! Why didn't you say that in the first place?" She suddenly hopped out of bed. "What are you doing just standing there? Let's find some rope and a blindfold already!"

Simone silently sighed and shook her head as she saw Heather rush around the room to find the required props. (It so happened that Heather had both a blindfold and some special sex play rope from when she'd tied up some of her sex partners. Heather had never let herself get tied up with it before though.)

Simone thought, Sheesh! She's so delusional, and she still can't see it. As if she would ever crush Alan like a "tiny bug." I don't know whether I should be amused, disturbed, relieved, or what. At least this new Heather is even more interesting and entertaining than how she used to be.

A couple of minutes later, Simone had Heather lying face down with a black blindfold over her eyes and her wrists and ankles loosely tied to the headboard and other nearby furniture. Heather was spread-eagled with her feet hanging off the bottom edge of the bed.

Simone thought Heather was surprisingly compliant, but neither of them were fully aroused yet. So, with Heather in that helpless pose, Simone announced from behind her, "You may not have noticed, but I brought a bag with some special surprises in it. For starters, I have a video you might find interesting."

Heather groaned unhappily. "A video? Booooring! What is it, a porno? Been there, done that. Don't kill me with boredom. Besides, how am I supposed to see it with this stupid blindfold on?"

"Patience, oh mighty blonde one, patience. Your Sir knows what he's doing."

Heather had been tensed up, since she'd never been tied up before, but she visibly relaxed when Simone called Alan her "Sir." She didn't even notice Simone's sarcastic tone when she said "oh mighty blonde one." Instead, she thought, He sure as hell does! I just wish the word hadn't gotten out already. It fucking sucks, having to share him with Ms. Rhymer, Amy, and the rest. A stunning goddess like me should never share. That's one wrong I'm going to fix, and soon.

Simone went to Heather's computer and inserted a CD she'd made of the webcam video from events in Heather's room only a short time earlier. Simone had listened to the recording while burning it onto CD, and she quickly cued up to a particular point in the conversation that she liked, from just after she'd had to hang up the phone.

From out of the computer speakers came Alan's familiar voice saying, "Do you know how to deep throat?"

Heather's entire body twitched in surprise when she heard Alan speak. With the blindfold on, it was like she was well and truly transported back to the moment he'd said that to her, less than an hour earlier. She felt goose bumps all over, and her heart started pounding hard. She licked her lips and felt her mouth starting to water as she imagined his fat cock starting to slide between her lips.

Then she heard herself reply, "No, Sir," She could hear the deep disappointment in her voice.

The recording continued with Alan saying, "Well, obviously, that's going to change. Your body is a fuck shrine built for the sole purpose of pleasuring my cock."

Simone sat in the chair in front of Heather's computer, and she paused the recording at that point. She wanted those words to sink in. After a prolonged silence, she said, "Hmmm... Interesting. So, what do you think of that, Heather? This Alan guy is one cocky kid, that's for sure. 'Your body is a fuck shrine built for the sole purpose of pleasuring my cock.' Agree or disagree?"

Heather squirmed uneasily. She hadn't minded the blindfold or the ropes much so far, but now she felt extremely helpless, and that annoyed her. She didn't consciously realize it, but it also greatly aroused her. Her pussy was practically flowing like a river. Her facial cheeks turned as red as the spanking blush on her ass cheeks. She took an aggressive approach. "Hey! Are you mocking me?"

"No, I'm just wondering. Is it true or not? Are you going to fully dedicate yourself to pleasuring his cock, your Inner Bitch Tamer, or not? It's a simple question."

Heather replied hotly, "Of course I won't! That's utter bullshit! I'm Heather fucking Morgan! I'm the queen of the school! I'm so beautiful that he should count himself lucky if I let him lick my toes!"

Simone replied casually, "Okay, cool. No worries. I was just curious. So I'm sure you won't mind when I tell Alan what you just told me."

Heather gasped in dismay. "NO! Don't do that!" Her entire body squirmed around, but she was helpless because of the ropes. SHIT! If Sir hears of that, I'm gonna be totally screwed!

"Why not?" Simone asked. Before Heather could think up an answer, Simone added, "Let's hear a bit more." She undid the pause.

Alan's voice on the recording continued, "I expect you to begin daily Kegel exercises, deep throating exercises, and anal wave exercises until there's nothing your body can't do to make me happy. Is that clear?"

Then Heather was heard passionately replying, "Yes, Sir."

Heather thought, Fuuuuuck! That sounds so fuckin' good! He's so confident, even the sound of his voice is such a turn on. He's gonna fuck me in every hole like no one else can, over and over! And all the while, he'll treat me like I'm his personal cum dump, because that's what I am! "Yes, Sir. Cum Dump Heather reporting for duty, Sir. In which hole are you going to defile me today, Sir?"

But then she remembered Simone was in the middle of questioning her. Shit! I've gotta play it cool for Simone.

Simone paused the recording again. She got up and knelt down between Heather's splayed out legs. She ran her hands sensuously over Heather's ass cheeks, thighs, and lower back. As she did that, she said, "Your voice sounds awfully sincere to me. Or should I play the part that's coming up, where you say 'Frankly, Sir, I'm offended that you have any doubts about my determination to please you. I'm willing to do whatever it takes.'"

Heather gasped loudly again, as she recalled saying those words. Her breathing was heavy and loud, because her arousal, as well as her embarrassment, was soaring. With the blindfold making her world pitch dark, it was like she could see Alan standing in front of her in her mind's eye. She stammered, "N-n-n-no, you don't... have to, to play that."

Simone ran her fingers in Heather's ass crack, and teasingly probed around Heather's anal ring. "So let's review these things, one by one. Do you or don't you plan on improving your Kegel exercises, so you can delight Alan with your squeezing and clenching while he's fully impaled in your hot cunt?"

Heather thought, This is ridiculous. With my body, I could be a Playboy centerfold, easy. I could be the star of Baywatch or some show like that. Why should I lift a finger to make him feel good? But, dammit, he makes me feel so incredibly good that it's unbelievable! Sir, I need your cock! I just can't resist! I'm such a horny slut. I can't help myself!

Plus, there's the competition, all those other hot sluts he's fucking. I need to perfect myself, to make my cunt perfect for his cock! To mold it and train it to make it ideally suited for his cock! Then he'll see how much I want him and need him, and he'll fuck me more!

She panted, "YES! Yes! So good!" Her recent memories were so vivid that she could almost feel his cock fully sheathed inside her tight slit.

Simone brought a hand down to Heather's pussy, and noticed just how wet it was, all of a sudden. She slid her fingertips up and down Heather's wet lips. "So you DO want to be Alan's bitch, don't you? And his slut? His Bitchslut, as it were." She chuckled at that. "You want your Sir to fuck your cunt anytime he wants, like he owns it?"

Heather groaned erotically, "Oh, YES! Yes, yes, yes!" I can't deny it! I want that! I want it so bad! Fuck, this is so embarrassing. I can't let Simone see me like this! But I want to be his bitch! His slut! Most especially, his BITCHSLUT! Ungh! Just the sound of the word gets me off! Sir, my cunt belongs to you!

Simone fingered Heather's clit while continuing to rub her pussy lips. "But what about your claim that you could crush him like a bug? When is that going to happen?"

Heather growled, "Fuck you!" She was so horny that she could barely think straight. But she managed to rally with an excuse. "Just because I can doesn't mean I will. At least not right now. It's a fact that he fucks me pretty damn good in every hole, okay? So why should I bite the hand that feeds me?"

Simone grinned wolfishly. "Indeed. Especially when he feeds you by sticking his big, fat cock right into your mouth. Which reminds me... are you going to learn how to deep throat him, just like you promised him? Everyone knows how much you hate blowjobs."

Heather was panting so hard that she could barely speak. Like a Pavlovian response, her mouth salivated some more at the mention of blowjobs. "That's... that's true... but... it's different with my, my... Sir! UGH!"

She grunted because Simone unexpectedly thrust two fingers into her cunt. It felt so good that it was all she could do not to scream out loud with all her might. She held back out of fear that her parents could be somewhere else in the house and might hear her.

Simone purred, "Remember, I'm your Assistant Bitch Trainer now. I'll reward you when you're good, and honest with yourself, and with me. You're being honest now, aren't you? You can't wait to deep throat him, can you?"

Heather grunted loudly. "UNRGH! HNNNG!"

Simone joked, "Is that an 'Unrgh, hnnnng yes,' or an 'unrgh, hnnng no?'"

Heather groaned even louder, as Simone's fingers found her G-spot. "UNNNGRNGH!" I'm so horny right now that I can't believe it! Sir is controlling my perfect body without even being here! It's fucking diabolical!

Simone spoke while continuing to relentlessly probe Heather's G-spot. She lavishly fondled Heather's muscular ass cheeks with her other hand. "Let's face it. You'd deep throat him right in the middle of the school cafeteria if he wanted you to, wouldn't you? You'd risk total humiliation in front of all your friends AND your enemies just to feel his thick, hot cock fucking your throat like a second cunt! Wouldn't you?"

Heather shrieked through her gritted teeth between labored breaths, "YES! YES! It's so fucked up, but YES!" She pictured all the teenage girls and older women that she thought Alan might be involved with, standing around watching her shameless deep throating. The entire cheerleading squad was there, as was Simone. So was Christine, Donna, Glory, and many more. She imagined that she was taking Alan's cock so deep and so well that the others all had to concede defeat. Each one thought to herself that Heather and Alan obviously had a special sexual connection that they couldn't match.

Simone smirked, triumphant that she'd gotten Heather to confess her true desires. She couldn't resist pushing a little further. "You say that, but what if he made you strip completely naked first? Then your humiliation would be complete, and the danger magnified many times over! There'd be no escape! His control over you would be total, and everyone would know it! Would you still be willing to deep throat him in front of an entire crowd, without wearing any clothes whatsoever?!"


Heather smiled smugly as she imagined being demonstrating her triumph over all her competitors. She thought, Hell, yeah! Clothes? Who the fuck needs clothes if I'm deep throating my Sir? Sure, it's good for HIM to stay clothed, but if I'm going to go so far as to deep throat him in front of everybody, including my enemies, then why not do it naked too? Hell, I'd much PREFER it that way!

Heather didn't respond out loud to that question, but then again she didn't need to. She made her answer clear with her facial expression, her lusty moaning, and her very heavy breathing.

Simone fingered her own pussy with one hand, because seeing Heather this worked up was getting her extremely hot and bothered too. She kept on stimulating Heather's G-spot with her other hand. She wished she had a third hand, because she wanted to touch Heather elsewhere too.

Then she remembered her mouth. She tilted her head down until she was breathing right on Heather's soaked labia. She whispered, "Remember, be quiet. Your parents are pretty cool about leaving us be, but even they have limits." With that, she moved her head slightly forward and lightly bit Heather's clitoris, even as she kept on probing deep inside her slit.

Heather clenched her teeth and hung on for dear life as a big orgasm surged through her. She would have screamed her head off, had Simone not just warned her to be quiet. Somehow, having to restrain herself only heightened her orgasmic peak.

As her entire body trembled and shook, she whispered through clenched teeth, "SIR! OH SIR!" In her mind, Alan was patting the top of her head like she was a trained animal, even as she was deep-throating him all the way down to his pubic hair while buck naked right in the middle of the cafeteria. It was such a thrilling idea that, once she started cumming, she couldn't stop.

Gaawwwd! Fucking God! I'm his slut! His shameless, naked slut! I'll do anything to pleasure my Sir! I'm just his... UGH! His cum dump! HRNNG! His, his... personal whore! FUCK YES! It's so wrong, but I love it!

She imagined herself answering her enemies, though in her fantasy she was too intent on taking Alan's cock to the root to stop long enough to say such words out loud. What are you looking at, Donna? Don't give me that attitude. You know you wish you could be in my place! And fuck you, Pristine Christine! You stare daggers of disdain at me, but I can see by your heaving big tits that you wish you could be in my place too! HA!

Simone was chagrined that Heather was saying "Sir." Clearly, Heather was attributing all or nearly all of her current enjoyment to Alan, even though it was Simone that was doing all the work. But Simone didn't mind that much. She'd discovered recently that if she introduced Alan into their sex talk, Heather would get as hot as an oven. It made for fantastic sex for both of them.


By the time Heather's multiple orgasm came to an end, Simone's nose and chin were wet because she was licking Heather's gushing cunt. She'd pulled her fingers out of it to make room for her tongue, and those fingers were playing with Heather's perineum (taint) and ass crack.

Simone whispered, "Now, let's talk about the third thing your Bitch Trainer ordered you to do. In addition to perfecting your Kegel exercises and deep throating skills to endlessly pleasure him with your cunt and your mouth, we still have your ass. Your incredible, firm, bitchy ass, itchy with constant fuck-need. He wants you to perfect this 'anal wave' thing, which I guess is like Kegel squeezing deep in your ass. Are you ready to do that too?"

Heather gasped with breathless exhaustion, "So ready! So motherfuckin' ready!" She was surprisingly loquacious, given how hard it was for her to say anything at all in her current condition. "I almost want to cry just... just... thinking about... that he's not... fucking my ass right now!"

Simone chuckled at that, especially since it was clearly heartfelt. "He's not. But I'm right here. And, like I said, I'm fulfilling his orders. And I have a surprise for you."


Simone got up and went back to the bag she'd brought. Then she knelt back between Heather's splayed out legs. "Okay. Prepare yourself for something big! Something REALLY big!"

Heather whimpered with helpless need and anticipation. She was extremely frustrated that she couldn't see what Simone was doing, but she'd discovered that being unable to see heightened her other senses. Her entire body tingled with desire.

Simone felt all around Heather's rock hard ass with one hand, while she slowly pushed a dildo into her anus with her other hand.

In actual fact, Simone gave her the exact same anal dildo that Heather had disobediently extracted from her own ass the day before, but there was no way for Heather to know that for sure. It certainly felt extremely large to her - deliciously so, in fact! Simone had to struggle to work inch after inch of it into Heather's bitchy behind.

Heather kept on grunting and panting as if Simone was cramming the world's largest flesh-and-blood cock in her ass. It felt absolutely amazing. The feeling of fullness and the thickness of the friction working its way inexorably into her hungry butt was simply mind-blowing.

What really sent Heather soaring to an even higher level was when the big Bitch Trainer invading her rear end encountered the residual pool of Alan's cum that she'd been saving deep inside her ass. She loved the fact that his cum was being squished deeper into her, coating and lubricating both the inner lining of her rectum and the head and shaft of the Bitch Trainer that was penetrating her asshole. She imagined that she didn't just have a dildo in her ass but really had Alan's long, thick cock burying itself into her in there, slathered in his fresh cum.

Once the dildo was all the way in, and Heather's asshole had closed over it to seal her Bitch Trainer inside her stuffed full butt, Simone paused to rest and enjoy the sight. Simone thought, Just looking at her, you'd never know she has eleven fat inches of a double-ended dildo buried in her itchy, bitchy, needy ass. I'm kinda jealous, since I'm not that anally inclined. I can only imagine how good she's feeling right now with her butt crammed so full of cock, even if it is just a dildo.

Heather muttered between urgent gasps for air, "Have mercy! I'm fucking going to DIE!"

An amused Simone asked, "In a good way or a bad way?"

"I don't know! Both at once! It's too fucking intense!"

Simone decided to pause longer, and asked with genuine curiosity, "You know, this dildo isn't THAT big. What gets you so excited? It seems to me that whenever I mention Alan in our sex play lately, it takes things to another level. What is it about him that drives you so wild?"

Heather struggled to control her breath enough to answer. "I don't know! I honestly don't know, okay?" That was true. She didn't know, because she tried hard not to think about it. It was embarrassing. Besides, she suspected that she was falling in love with him, and that disturbed her a lot.

Simone prodded, "Is it the taboo role reversal thing, with him being a mere nerd and relative nobody, and you being the school's blonde head cheerleader goddess?"

Heather barked angrily, "HEY! Don't badmouth him!" Then she said more thoughtfully, while struggling just to breathe, "Maybe that's part of it, but... There's so... so much more. Can't explain... UGH! This is not the... the time... to, to talk. About fucking ANYthing. Later, okay?"

"Okay." Simone realized Heather was far too winded and horny to carry on much of a conversation. "Still, it's all fun and games now, but I'm getting a bit concerned you're getting TOO into him. I mean, you've been off your game lately. For instance, what about the Homecoming Queen competition? That's coming up right around the corner, and you've hardly given it any thought at all. That's so unlike you. Normally, you'd have locked things up by now with your scheming. Are you gonna let Donna walk away with the title, by default?"

Heather growled, "Obviously not! I have plans, okay? Big plans. I'll tell you about them later, okay?" She was bluffing, since she didn't have any concrete plans yet. She panted for air before passionately gasping out, "How do you expect me to talk when you've got that fuckin' baseball bat up my ass?!"

With obvious mock concern, Simone asked, "Should I take it out then?"

Heather hissed menacingly through gritted teeth, "Only if you want to die! This. Bitch. Trainer. Is. MINE!" Her entire body shook as she struggled with her bindings.

Simone knew Heather well enough to know when her friend was joking, and right now Heather was deadly serious.

Simone chuckled. "Well, since you feel that way, I suppose we can let you enjoy yourself for a while." She resumed fingering Heather's cunt, probing to her G-spot again, while she also started sliding the anal dildo in and out of her friend's rectum with her other hand.

Heather thought, So fuckin' INTENSE! God, I fuckin' love it! But I feel guilty. Simone's right. I have been totally blowing off the Homecoming Queen contest. I'm sure Donna has been busy gathering support while I've been so focused on getting fucked by my Sir and related matters, like the football player problem, that I'm barely even keeping up with the gossip about it. But, in my defense... THIS! Feeling this good is so fuckin' awesome that who the fuck cares about that stupid contest anyway?

Although, how could I not win? Of course I'm going to win. I'm Heather Morgan, dammit! It may be too close for comfort, but I'll rally at the last minute, I'm sure. I always get what I want. And, if I'm the Homecoming Queen, my Sir will desire me that much more. Titles do matter. I can just imagine the victory celebration. Simone and I will spend all night with him, sucking and fucking! Sir will fuck both of us so hard and long in every hole that we'll be unable to walk straight for days! I'll be burping up the taste of his cum for even longer than that! HA!

And maybe I'll send Donna a video of it all, just because I'm such a gracious winner. She snickered at that, since she well knew that she was anything but. She'll fingerbang herself until she's literally too tired to move a finger. Meanwhile, I'll have my man, AND the title, AND delicious cum oozing out of every hole. Well, maybe not EVERY hole... since I'll be keeping my Sir's hard cock and rich creamy cum buried DEEP in my ass! Take THAT, Donna. Loooooser!

Life is good! Okay, Simone's made her point that maybe I'm not about to crush my Sir like a bug. But so what? I'd be a fool to. I still have all the power; I just choose not to use it. The key is to eliminate the competition and get him as hooked on me as I am on him, until he agrees to make me his official girlfriend. Then life will be twice as sweet!

Simone was slowly increasing the speed and depth of her anal penetration with the dildo. She could tell that she'd have Heather cumming without restraint soon. She said, "Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that I don't have anywhere I need to be for the next few hours? Alan has given me strict orders that you need to be 'punished' quite a lot. Which means I'm going to make you cum, and cum, and cum again, and then cum some more. And some more after that! And you're going to do the same to me."

Heather grinned from ear to ear. Fuck! How great is that? Life is so fucking good!

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