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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 121
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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Adrian sat at his computer controls, feeling bored and despondent, but most of all, anxious. Unlike most kids his age, the controls were not to some video game console, but to the video system covering the entire mansion he lived in. In a relatively short time, Adrian had become a veteran at monitoring the mansion. He had multiple windows open on a big computer monitor, revealing the activity in many rooms at once.

If there was nothing interesting going on, he also was running the graphics computer program Photoshop. Adrian was an excellent artist, but almost exclusively only with art made on his computer. He had learned to use many of the tools the program offered during the long periods of time he spent alone in his room. He even owned a drawing tablet to draw with. However, no one really knew about his artistic talent except for himself, because nearly all his artwork consisted of imagined nude or semi-nude pictures of beautiful women.

Sometimes he drew purely from him imagination, or from popular models, but he preferred to draw women he actually knew. His favorite subject was his mother Brenda. But he also frequently drew pretty girls from school, especially one named Cynthia. Cynthia was a pretty, shy, and surprisingly busty girl in some of his classes. She was the only other person he lusted for, although his desire for her was much less than how he felt for Brenda.

However, he didn't have time to do much Photoshop work at the moment. The house was bustling with activity, so there was plenty for him to watch through the video system. There were half a dozen paid staffers putting the finishing touches on a big Thanksgiving meal, and the trusted old maid Anika was in charge of everything.

But Adrian didn't care much about any of that, and even the sight of Anika, whom he loved like a grandmother, rushing around and telling the others what to do, could barely hold his attention. The one person he cared about above all others, his mother Brenda, wasn't home, so there was nothing to hold his interest except to imagine what it would be like when she finally did arrive.

What really got him upset as he sat and waited was thinking about where she was and what she was doing. Even on Thanksgiving, which should be a special family day, she spends half her time over at Alan's house! It was like she stabbed me in the chest this morning when she told me that's where she was going, but what could I do about it? It's not like I'M her master. Oh no! Some guy named Alan who apparently isn't even much older than me gets that lucky role.

I'll bet at this very moment Alan is rubbing his hands all over her huge breasts while she gives him a good titty fuck. Those big melons are probably all oiled up and he's having the time of his life as he drowns her chest in spunk! He must be cackling and chortling with glee as he thinks about poor schmucks like me, if he even thinks of me at all, which I'm sure he doesn't.

What's he got that I haven't got?! Why would Ma have this total personality change just because of him?! I've been reading some stories on the web about how perfectly normal women turn into insatiable submissive sluts, but that's just over the top fantasy! It never happens in real life! And even in the fantasies it's usually the son who turns his mother into a submissive slut. But noooo! She's gaga over some other guy I'll probably never even meet. What a body blow. My self-confidence was nearly nonexistent already; every day at school is a nightmare, and now this. I get to sit here alone while some totally hot sex orgy fantasy involving my mom plays out for real somewhere else.

This royally sucks!

He watched as most of the staff finished what they were doing and left. They were under orders to have everything finished and be gone by noon exactly, except of course for Anika who lived at the house and practically never left it. She had been a de facto family member for years, and in fact the only three people at the Thanksgiving meal were to be Adrian, Brenda, and Anika. That's how it was lately at almost every breakfast and dinner. Brenda had taken to wearing such revealing outfits that no staffers besides Anika were allowed in the house when she was there, aside from some rare exceptions.

Finally, the house was empty except for Anika, and even she just sat down on a couch to rest. But Adrian started to get excited and adjusted the controls of one video camera so it pointed at nothing but the front door. He stared and stared at the door, willing for it to open.

About ten minutes later, his hopes were realized as Brenda walked in through the massive front doors and shut them behind her. To Adrian's disappointment, she was wearing an overcoat, but this wasn't so surprising to him since she'd left dressed in one that morning. More worrisome was that she seemed slumped down and dejected, and she even let out a heavy sigh.

Anika roused herself and quickly crossed through several rooms until she came into the large foyer where Brenda stood. That marble floored room was larger than a typical condo or apartment, and that wasn't even counting the two huge staircases leading to the upper floor where Adrian lurked.

Ironically, even though Brenda loved to serve at the Plummer house, she expected to be waited on hand and foot in her own mansion. She didn't even deign to take off her overcoat but waited until Anika arrived and took it from her.


Oh baby! Party time! Adrian's heart began pounding like a drum as the overcoat fell away and Brenda's outfit was revealed. Even though he'd seen her dress in the same outfit that morning, he was so excited to see it again that he was practically salivating. She wore an extremely skimpy gunmetal-gray dress that was just barely enough to wear outdoors and not get arrested. Frankly, it made her look like a high class hooker on the prowl. He knew for a fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath it, since he'd watched her dress.

The sound on the surveillance system was as top notch as the visuals, so when Brenda said to Anika, "Hi. I'm back. How's Aidy doing?" it was like she was ten feet away and saying it right to him.

Anika replied in her thick Austrian accent, "He's goot. He's up in his room, I tink."

Brenda sighed again and said, "Let's take a walk out back."

Adrian was crushed. He had his fly open and was ready to masturbate to the video of his mother walking around the house, but there was no video coverage of the expansive gardens behind the house. The best he could do was look out the window, and that wasn't very good at all.

He'd noticed that in recent days, Anika and Brenda had been taking an unusual number of walks in the back yard, and this puzzled him. He was too young and naïve to put two and two together and realize that the walks had started exactly when the video surveillance system was installed. It was a safe way for them to talk without Adrian overhearing.

But happily for Adrian, the walk out back didn't last long, and when Brenda came back in the house her mood had taken a turn for the better. She headed straight for one of the marble staircases.

Adrian knew she was coming to look for him so he zipped up his fly, rushed back to his room, picked up a book, and flopped down on his bed. The wait seemed interminable. He tried to look like he was relaxing and enjoying the book when Brenda came in.

Brenda walked in without knocking - she wasn't much on privacy these days. "Hi Aidy! You miss me?"

He'd been hoping that she'd come in still wearing her sexy gray dress, especially since it had so much potential for accidental nipple exposure. But to his shock, what she wore now made that dress look positively frumpy.

She paused after entering and closed her eyes, giving her son a perfect opportunity to gawk without fear of embarrassment. All she had on was a see-through nightie and a tiny pair of panties that were nearly as see-through. (She also wore black "fuck me" pumps, but Adrian didn't notice them since his eyes didn't get anywhere near her feet.) The nightie, which was white insofar as it had enough material to have any color at all, hung over her so loosely that it didn't do a thing to stop her breasts from wobbling about and crashing into each other like two Jell-O-y bowling balls.

She said, "Anika, that spoilsport, said the dress I was wearing just now was indecent. She made me go change. But she doesn't know what I've changed into! This can be our little secret, can't it? ... I said, can't it, Pooh Bear?"


But he was beyond words. His blood was boiling and his breathing was so excited that he was in danger of hyperventilation. He thought that life couldn't possibly get any better than this, but he was wrong. Her sweet perfume wafted to his nose, and nearly bowled him over. That smell alone was enough to get his penis hard at any time.

She bee-lined right to where he sat and enveloped him in a big hug.

She was standing and he was sitting, so he found his upper chest, neck, and chin enveloped in gloriously abundant tit-flesh. He could feel her two long nipples poking into his chest just as firmly as if she was poking her index fingers into him with considerable pressure. The satiny lingerie material seemed like no barrier at all to her nakedness. He was in heaven. The only minor fly in the ointment was the fact that he was wearing pants and a T-shirt.

"I take it you like my little outfit?" She giggled nervously. She wasn't used to being this bold.

He nodded frantically. Then he gasped, "Oh Momma! I missed you so much!" The way she'd come up on him and hugged him while he still sat was unusual. He'd opened his arms with the intention of wrapping them around her, but without intending it his hands wound up on her ass instead.

He felt horrified when he realized what he'd done and was about to pull his hands away, but then she cooed, "Mmmm. Someone's feeling frisky. Don't stop! Do you like Momma's ass?"

He'd actually already pulled his hands away some by the time her words registered in his brain. He was shy and timid, but he was no fool. He quickly put his hands back on her butt. While there was some cloth between his fingers and her ass, it was delightfully thin and silky. He found himself actually liking the fact the cloth was there because it somehow heightened the tactile delight of exploring her ass cheeks. And her ass was even more delightful because it was being firmed up by the high "fuck me" pumps she was perched on.

He was too busy with his hands to answer her question, so she continued in a sensual voice, "Mmmm, you DO like Momma's ass. That's good. Momma likes it when you touch all her naughty places."

But even though his hands were in ass nirvana, a large part of him was still peeved that she'd been gone all morning. He complained, "Momma, why'd you have to go back to his place? I've been so bored and lonely without you. It's not like I can really go anywhere on Thanksgiving, and I don't even have any homework. Why'd you have to be with HIM?!"

She pulled back from her hug and looked him closely in the eyes. After a long pause, she said, "That's really eating you up, isn't it?" She broke the hug completely and sat on the bed right next to him.

"It is! Thanksgiving is a family day. But you leave me all alone!" He was rather regretting bringing the topic up because it separated his hands from her ass, but his feelings were bottled up from hours of waiting and he couldn't hold back his frustration.

She cooed, "Awww, poor Pooh Bear."

"Momma, don't treat me like a baby!"

Ignoring his words, she fanned herself with a hand, and the movement of her upper arm caused her whole chest to shake in the most beguiling ways. "Is it just me, or is it hot in here?" She hissed with extra passion, "Hot and sexy, with my sexy young son. I feel so terribly overdressed." She giggled at the absurdity of that comment, especially since he was wearing a black T-shirt and long pants. "I might just have to take off this heavy nightie. Would you like that, Son?"

He felt like his brain was set on "fry," if not "broil," but he persisted with wanting to complain about Alan. "You're trying to distract me!" He added to himself, And it's working. By God, is it working!

She chuckled. "Am I? So you're saying you might find this a bit distracting too?" She lifted her nightie up over her head and pulled it off. Then she tossed it aside. All she still wore were her panties and heels.

He gulped. There was a long pause as he simply tried to stare at her chest without passing out from sheer excitement.

She beamed with pleasure at his reaction. "You were saying something?"

Prior to the baring of his mother's monstrous breasts, he was about to say, "I'm not a little kid anymore." Now he still said those words, but they came out as little more than an awed whisper.

She looked at the visible bulge in his crotch. "No you're not! I can see that." She pointed a finger at his bulge, and then the fingertip of that finger began to slide up and down it. "Is that all for Momma? Have you been thinking naughty thoughts about her while you've been waiting? Here, let me help you with that."

She unzipped his fly and fished his erection out. Then, for good measure, she pulled his pants down his thighs some before firmly grasping his erection with both hands.

He was staggered, and incredibly nervous. True, just the day before she had held his penis and even stroked it a bit before Anika told her to stop, but that hardly meant he was expecting it to happen again, and certainly not in such a quick and matter-of-fact manner.

She held his shaft lovingly. "Ah, such a nice one. It's not as big as Alan's, but then again, you're still a growing boy. Yours is just as fun to play with. MMMM! Feels so warm and alive! Hand me that hand lotion, will you?"

He was embarrassed by the fact he had a bottle of hand lotion by his bedside to help with his frequent masturbation sessions. But he quickly forgot about his embarrassment as he watched his mother cover her hands with the lotion.

Then, with a naughty smile, she began stroking his erection with both hands. "So Aidy, tell me. What's bothering you about Alan? Let's talk."

"Let's talk?! But Momma, you're holding my, well, you know, with both hands!"

"Shhhh! Keep it down. You don't want Anika to find out and spoil our fun, do you?" She winked conspiratorially. "I'll only keep doing this if you tell me what's bothering you." She figured that if she pleasured his penis every time he talked about Alan, before long he wouldn't mind Alan that much anymore. It was simple Pavlovian association, like teaching a dog to drool at the sound of a bell. In fact, she hardly moved her hands at all because she didn't want him to shoot too early, and she really did want a meaningful conversation.

"Well, um, Ma, it's just not right! I know we talked about this yesterday, but I still don't understand. Why him? Look at how wealthy we are, how beautiful you are! You can do so much better than just be one in a group."

"A harem, Aidy, a harem," Brenda corrected him.

"A harem! That's even worse! I can't even get myself to say it. It's so humiliating. Momma, you have to stop. Please! For me!"

"Stop my stroking?" Her hands stopped, but only for a second or two. They resumed their languid journey up and down his shaft. She giggled, knowing that wasn't what he meant, but then turned serious. "I can't stop, my Pooh Bear, and it's not right for you to ask me to. I'm a woman, with womanly needs. What if Alan asked me to marry him? Would you stop that?"

"No. Of course not. That's socially respectable."

"Who cares about socially respectable? Should I stop stroking your lovely cock? Certainly that's not socially respectable in the least. Do you want me to stop?"

"No," he whimpered, almost imperceptibly.

"I thought not. Aidy, I need Alan so much. You can't understand how strong my need is. Please don't try to get in the way. He makes me happy. Don't you want me to be happy?"

"Yeah, but why can't he just marry you? Then it wouldn't be so painful to me."

"Well, he hasn't married me, per se, but I've been accepted into his family of lovers in a special ceremony. In fact, it took place just last night. That's why I was so happy this morning when I came home briefly to check in on you. It's not really the same as marriage, but again, try to think of it like what the Muslims do with their four wives."

Adrian asked with some hope, "So, you mean you're like a de facto wife now?"

"Not exactly. He has some others that are more like his wives; I'm more like his sex slave."

His heart sunk. "SEX SLAVE?! MooooOOOOoooom! That's just so wrong!"

She could see he was upset, and combated that by speeding up her stroking. He certainly wasn't so upset that he lost his erection.

"Why? Look at me." She took one hand off his erection long enough to gesture dramatically at her glorious nudity. She decided this wasn't the time for modesty. "Look at me and tell me my body isn't made for sex. If some mad scientist with a big breast fetish could genetically engineer a body for sex, how would it be different from mine?"

"I don't know," he admitted. Between her increased stroking and her bountiful bare chest staring him in the face, swaying and wobbling enticingly as she stroked him, all the fight had gone out of him.


"Well, my body is built for sex, and I've come to accept and indeed revel in that fact, rather than fighting it and feeling ashamed. Just like I told you yesterday. Alan was the one who discovered my 'on' switch, and so naturally should reap the rewards of my new found sensuality. Isn't that fair?"

"But Ma! Does he love you?"

She thought about that. "No, probably not. But I think he will, in time. It would be nice if he did, but ultimately it doesn't matter. I am his possession, his toy to play with, no matter what."


"Adrian, think for a minute. You're being foolish! Alan has turned me into a sex fiend! I can't stop. Like right now, I feel so much better stroking you as I talk. It just feels right, and natural, for me to do this. That's my role now: getting naked and making cocks cum! For what it's worth, Aidy, there are only two men in my life, Alan and you. So the more my master turns me into a perfect sex toy, the more you'll benefit too!" She found her words making her hotter, and so she stroked with increasing passion. "When I get all hot like I am right now, who knows what might happen? Your Momma's gonna make you cum and cum so very much!"

As she continued to talk, she started to work herself into a frenzy. Her son's erection was extremely slick due to the hand lotion on it, not to mention copious amounts of his pre-cum, so her hands started to practically fly up and down it. The faster her hands moved, the more her arms shook, and that caused her entire upper body to shake and bounce too.

Adrian was a goner. He didn't have Alan's PC muscle control, and in fact had little control over his erection at all. Only the fact that he was in a daze, hypnotized to near idiocy by his mother's jiggling rack and her constant stroking, enabled him to hold out this long. But once she really went for broke while saying such slutty things, what little self-control he had completely collapsed. His hips bucked as he started to spurt his cum.

Brenda kept both hands away from his cockhead for the time being, so there was nothing stopping his cum from shooting into the air. Even as she stroked, she made sure to aim the arcs of flying cum onto her chest as much as possible.

He was a quiet type, so even he was surprised when he yelled out a triumphant roar as his cum splattered his mother's massive tits.


She was surprised; she'd never heard him make a sound even remotely like that. He rarely so much as raised his voice. But his cries encouraged her. "That's it, Pooh Bear! Mark my tits! Make me yours!"

That just drove him on. He thought he was running low on cum due to his recent fevered pace of self-love, but somehow the sheer arousal of the situation coaxed a few more ropes from him before he fell backwards, completely wiped out.


Adrian didn't quite pass out, but it seemed to him as if his life force had left him. He wanted to sleep for a thousand years.

"Aidy? Aidy?"

He opened his eyes to see what his mother wanted, but that was all his completely exhausted body could do.

Suddenly, it hit him like a Mack truck. My God! I just came all over Ma! His whole body spasmed as if an electric shock passed through it, because at the same time that realization hit him, he saw that Brenda was scooping up his cum gobs off the upper slopes of her bare breasts, licking her fingers clean, and sucking them off in her mouth.

He sat up, suddenly completely wired and alive.

"Aidy! You taste good. Yum! I knew you would." In fact, his cum was much more bitter than Alan's, but she wanted to sound encouraging. It certainly wasn't repellant and she could tell she could come to love the taste, in time, but it wasn't addictively delicious the way Alan's was.

"Momma! What the hell?! Is this for real?!"

"Aidy, I keep trying to tell you. My body is meant to serve. To serve you and serve my master. All you have to do is accept me and my new life in Alan's harem. There's enough of me to share."

Despite the insanely arousing sight in front of him, Adrian frowned. "But Ma. I thought I was your master now."

She raised a disbelieving eyebrow. "What makes you think that?"

"What you just said. 'Make me yours.'" His timidity took over and his voice faded as he spoke. The words "Make me yours" seemed so outrageous that he barely managed to finish the sentence.

She replied, "Of course I'm yours. I'll always be yours. And I love that you affirmed that by marking me with your yummy seed. But remember that I'm also Alan's. With you, I'm your mother first and foremost. He's the one who really owns my body."

She wasn't being diplomatic about Alan, to say the least, but she was so infatuated with her master that she didn't realize the damage her words were causing.

Adrian visibly deflated. He was confused. One moment something would happen to get him extremely excited, but then she would say something about her relationship with this Alan that would crush his spirits.

She saw this, at least, and said, "I know you must be confused. I serve two men now and that's unusual. But I'm sure you'll come to love all the changes in me and accept what has happened." She licked up another cum gob and lightly moaned in satisfaction as she swallowed it down. "Mmmm. Let me lift your spirits by drinking straight from the tap."

She bent over to put her lips on his still flaccid penis.

But before she could get there, she heard, "Brenda! NO!"

Brenda lifted her head and turned towards the door where the voice came from. To no one's great surprise, it was Anika, looking stern and unhappy.

Brenda had expected Anika to come in and spoil her fun sooner or later; what surprised her now that she thought about it was that Anika had left her alone with Adrian as long as she did.

Anika walked into the room, completely unfazed by Brenda's and Adrian's partial nakedness. She scraped one of her index fingers back and forth across her other one in a "naughty, naughty" gesture. "Brenda? Vat do you tink you're doink? You know dat's a no-no. No mouth. Not vithout Suzanne's okay."

Adrian had been repeatedly hit by one surprise after another ever since Brenda had come home. He'd fantasized about his mother for years and suddenly all his dreams were coming true, even if there was a fly in the ointment in the shape of Alan. But to hear Anika confirm that handjobs were okay, even if blowjobs were not, almost blew his head open. He stared at Anika with complete incredulity.

Brenda slumped a bit and looked down. "Sorry, Anika. I just can't help myself."

"I know. Dat's de problem. I'm goink to haf to tell Suzanne about dis. She von't be happy." Anika looked upset, but really it was more of an act than anything. She'd been watching Adrian and Brenda through the video surveillance system for a while until they became completely absorbed with each other; and then she'd watched from the door.

She had no problem with Adrian and Brenda getting physical with each other, she just wanted to make sure that they followed the path Suzanne had laid out for them and didn't go too far too soon. She realized that she would have to play the bad cop in a "good cop, bad cop" routine for a while, but she didn't mind. She loved Brenda like she was her own daughter, and Adrian like he was her grandson. She was happy to see them happy together in this way.

Brenda just dropped her head even more dejectedly.

But then Anika clapped her hands. "Come on, you two. Enough dawdlink around. De foot is vaitink for you. Lots of goot foot! Let's go!"

Brenda took Adrian's hand in hers and lifted him up from the bed.

He looked at his mother, caught a glimpse of the totally sheer nightie she'd left on his bed, and then looked down at himself with his penis openly dangling, and said, "Um, Ma, what about our clothes?"


Brenda smiled and winked at him. Then she started forward after Anika, bringing him along with her. "What about them? I feel more comfy like this. How 'bout you?"

Bewildered, he automatically mumbled, "Um, yeah. I guess." But he found that he couldn't actually work up the courage to leave his room in the buff. He pulled his brown pants back up, and said, "Momma, can I leave my pants on for now? I get all weird thinking of Anika seeing me like, well, you know."

Brenda replied, "She just saw everything. She saw my hands flying up and down and all around your juicy rod, so what's the big deal?"

"I know, but I was out of my mind then. Now that I'm thinking about, I get embarrassed."

She shrugged. "Suit yourself. But I'm going to go downstairs in my birthday suit, if you don't mind. A lovely girl named Amy has taught me that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being naked. In fact, we should rejoice in the freedom of complete nudity."

He stared at his mother like she'd grown an extra head.


Adrian thought he was living a dream as he walked through the giant Hunter mansion hand in hand with his mother. The only pause in the dream was when she stopped by a bathroom to pee, as well as wash her face clean.

As they resumed walking, he kept looking over to her bare breasts, which wobbled and swayed in an almost violent yet deliciously enticing fashion, all the more so because of her pumps. Brenda was so outrageously stacked that it was a really bad idea for her to run naked, and even walking fast could be rather problematic.

But seeing that enticing sight, and especially noticing her nipples were even longer than usual, got to him fast. His penis was rock hard before they even reached the ground floor.

The lump in his pants soon caught her eye. "Oh, Aidy! Such a BIG boy! Is that all for me? You're just like Alan, so hard and full of cum twenty-four hours a day!"

Her comments were bittersweet to Adrian. Why always this Alan all the time? he complained to himself. Alan, Alan, Alan. I HATE that name!

But before he could say anything, Brenda's hand found his erection. "Here. Let me help you with that. We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself with that thing so stiff and hard! Do you mind if I do this?" She fished his hard-on out of his pants and held it tightly. Then she licked her lips and gave it a few pleasurable squeezes.


They continued into the dining room with Brenda bent down a little bit and grasping Adrian's erection the whole way. The dining room looked big enough to seat fifty or more, but there was only one small table in the middle of the room capable of seating just four. It was much smaller than the usual table they ate at, and seemed out of place with its simplicity when surrounded by crystal chandeliers and fancy furnishings.

Since he stopped to look at the new table, she began stroking his erection as she talked. "You noticed the table, I see. I figure we should be more comfy now that we're increasingly intimate."

He gulped. Everything seemed to be happening too fast. He sat down in a chair and Brenda sat across the table from him.

Anika stood by, the only servant still in the entire Hunter estate (as usual). But everything had been prepared to perfection already, so she sat at the table too, ready to eat the Thanksgiving meal with Adrian and Brenda just like they were family.

No sooner did Anika sit down though than she stood up again and walked to the adjoining kitchen to bring the food. Though Anika was like family, Brenda was horribly spoiled in her own home and expected Anika to get everything for her.

Brenda winked, and said, "Don't you dare tuck that lovely thing away again. Momma's gonna have fun with it later."

So Adrian kept his fly unzipped and his erection poking straight up as he sat there. (His shyness almost got to him, but the table gave him some protection.) But despite his exposure, which he found surprisingly exciting, his orgasmic urges returned to somewhat manageable levels while he and Brenda waited for Anika to return.

Finally, everything was ready, and with a big mountain of food filling the small table between them, Brenda reached out her hands and said, "Since it's Thanksgiving, shall we say grace?"

Adrian couldn't believe how incredibly bizarre it was for his mother to say grace without wearing a stitch of clothing while his erection hung out in the open and continued to throb with need. The fact that Anika was dressed as usual just made the nudity seem all the stranger.

The three of them held hands. Brenda was fairly religious, though not fervent like Susan. She closed her eyes and said, "Dear Lord. Thank You for everything you've given us this year. It was a difficult year, so very difficult with the divorce looming over our heads, but then you gave me Alan and gave my life new meaning in serving him. Thank You, Lord. I'd like to imagine that Alan is sitting right here in this empty fourth chair, just as he is always here in my heart. And Lord, thank You so much for the continued good health of Anika, whom I love like a mother, and for the good health of Adrian, my cute little Pooh Bear whom I love more than life itself. I know this next year is going to be the best year of our lives, thanks to Your divine guidance and love. Amen."

Adrian could hardly believe his ears, hearing her go on about Alan like that. His erection finally wilted.

With the prayer over and hands unclasped, Brenda was ready to start in on the turkey and the other hot food. But she looked at Adrian and saw him looking very dejected. Tears were even starting to run down his face and his head was still bowed down, a remarkable feat considering that Brenda was right in front of him and jaw-droppingly topless.

"Awww, Pooh Bear. What's wrong, honey?"

There was a long silence. Finally, Adrian said, "Ma, I hate to be ungrateful, what with this big house and big meal and Thanksgiving and everything, but why are you always going on about Alan, Alan, Alan?! I hate that horrible name! You even have him sit here at the table with us in your imagination!" He looked over at the empty chair with loathing. "I hate this guy! I wanna strangle him!"

Brenda reached forward and held Adrian's hand comfortingly. "Awww, Aidy, I'm sorry. I didn't think. It's just that he means so much to me."

"Well, what about me?! Do I mean a lot to you? You just said you love me more than life, but suddenly I'm second fiddle to this Alan guy in everything! I'm so confused! Things are so... great" - his eyes finally drifted up to her exposed cleavage - "but so horrible, too! It's like some kind of twisted joke is being played on me! I'm about to crack! Why can't you love just me? I could give you everything you need! Forget about this Alan guy! Please, Mom, please!"

Brenda was distraught. Her first reaction was to dismiss his concerns and say they had discussed this all yesterday. But seeing the depth of his anguish, she realized that wasn't going to cut it and she'd need a better explanation than what she'd told him before.

She smiled and said, "Pooh Bear, I love you so much and that'll never change, I promise. I'll never neglect you or your happiness, I swear." She kicked off one of her high heels and leaned forward. Then she started to work her bare foot up one of Adrian's legs. She'd brought in the small table mainly so she'd be close enough to her son to play footsie with him, and other games.

She went on, "Aidy, I'm so excited about finding new ways for us to share our love. I want to give you pleasure and joy!" Her foot quickly rose up past his knees and zoomed straight to his crotch.

Adrian gasped as the sole of her foot found his penis. It zoomed back to a full erection in seconds. Her foot had no trouble pinning his hard-on against one of his thighs and starting to stroke it. She figured he would be more receptive to what she said if he was out of his mind with orgasmic pleasure.

She added more soberly, "However, let's face it, there are some things you just can't give me that Alan can. I'm not talking about his giant tasty penis, although that certainly helps. I'm talking about attitude. Some people are natural leaders and some are not. Alan is unusual because he's not arrogant, he's not full of himself, and in fact he's downright modest. Just looking at him at first glance, you wouldn't realize that he's such a sex stud. But he just knows how to take command of a woman!" She closed her eyes for a moment and shivered deliciously with happy memories. "All he has to do is look at me and I get wet, so very wet, because he's claiming ownership over my busty body simply with a single look in my direction."

This was definitely not making Adrian feel better. He said glumly, "And you're saying I'm not like that."

She squeezed his hand with hers above the table and her foot pressed against his hard-on below the table. "No, Pooh Bear, I'm sorry, but you're not."

"But maybe I could learn? Don't you think I could?" His eyes were pleading and sad.

Brenda turned to Anika. "Anika? What do you think? Am I being too harsh here?"

"No," the old woman said, "It's tough luff. Aidy, she's right you know. I hate to say dis, but you're a cream puff. Wery veak. I'm sorry, because it's mostly my fault and Brenda's fault. Ve spoiled you rotten."

Brenda nodded. "It's sad but true. We did spoil you, just like how I'm horribly spoiled too. You just don't have the backbone you need to be a true master. Look at the way you begged me when you asked, 'Maybe I could learn?' Alan wouldn't ask. He just takes what he wants and makes it his. And then he fills every hole with lots of tasty sperm. I doubt I'd even have a long conversation like this with him because after a minute or two I'd find myself on my knees, sucking his intoxicatingly powerful cock. I don't even know how it happens since I'm in such a fog of desire whenever I'm around him, but it does."

Her eyelashes fluttered with desire and then her look turned glassy. But then she refocused on her son and squeezed his hand. "Aidy, I love you as my son, but not as my master. Alan is my natural master. I'm sorry. But as I keep telling you, that shouldn't hinder my relationship with you at all. It's like having both a son and a husband. Just replace 'husband' with 'harem master' and there you go."

Adrian nodded forlornly. His tears had stopped but he was so sad that even his penis had finally gone flaccid again, despite Brenda's footjob. Then, suddenly, he leaned forward and burst into tears.

Brenda put the heel she'd kicked off back on. Then she rushed around the table and wrapped her body around him tightly. As she hugged him, she stroked his hair and kept saying, "There, there."

Adrian stopped sobbing fairly quickly, but tears rolled down his face as he said, "Dammit! You're right! That's what kills me, that you're right. I AM a wimp. I hate it, but it's true! You should see what they do to me in school!"

"What do they do?"

Adrian had been holding a big secret back for a long time, but now it started to come out. "They, they... They beat me up and call me names! Every day! 'Pansy ass' and 'Butt muncher' and so many horrible things! I can't even tell you. It's so shameful!"

Anika gasped.

Brenda gasped too. "What?! Aidy! Is this true?! Why didn't you tell me?!"

Adrian started to cry some more. "I'm sorry Ma, but, I didn't want you to know what a loser I am! That's another thing they all call me! They make the 'L' shape with their fingers over their forehead and..." He was sobbing so much that he had trouble speaking. "And they say things about you, too! ... Horrible things! ... Lewd things! ... They all want to, want to... have sex with you!"

Brenda continued to hug Adrian as he sobbed into her body. She turned to Anika. "Have you heard any of this? This is the first I've heard of this!"

"No," Anika admitted. "Me too! I'm shocked. Wery, wery shocked! Poor little Aidy!"

Suddenly, Adrian sat up and tried to break free of Brenda's grasp. "You hear that? 'Poor little Aidy!' 'Pooh bear!' Maybe everyone treats me like a baby 'cos that's how you all treat me at home! I'm not a baby! I wanna be a real man, like Alan!"


A light bulb went off in Brenda's head. Aidy will never be like Alan. That's just a fact. Maybe I'm to blame for that. But he can learn to be MORE of a man. If he can take charge with his women, that'll give him new confidence!

She suddenly stood up, pulling Adrian with her. With a new fire in her eyes and excitement in her voice, she exclaimed, "Aidy! Forget about the past. Now that we know about your problems at school, we're going to fix them. But let's look to the future. You ARE a man now, and it's time we start treating you like one! Alan is the man of the house in his house, and you should have similar privileges here. It's only right!"

Adrian was still more confused than anything. He'd never been so sad, angry at himself and the world, yet at the same time incredibly aroused because his mother was still topless and constantly jiggling her bared and abundant charms. He asked in a baffled voice, "Um, what do you mean?"

"I mean, when your momma makes a mistake, you have to take a firm hand! And if Anika makes a mistake, that's my mistake by proxy as well, and you have to take a firm hand with me some more!"

His penis started to swell. He wasn't sure what this "firm hand" talk was all about, but it sounded promising. "What do you mean?"

"Your momma is so very, very sorry for not treating you like the big man that you are! You need to bend her over and show her what's what! Give her a good hard spanking!"

He just stood there in a daze, scarcely believing what was happening. He penis rapidly engorged back to full hardness.


She threw herself on the floor right in front of her son. She turned her head around and up to look at him. "Come on, Aidy! You're the man of the house now! Put Momma in her place! Show everyone that you're not a wimp! Get mad! Spank my ass! Let it all out!"

He wasn't good at getting mad. He'd learned to hold things in. Up until Brenda's near total personality change, she used to have a fiery temper, and he had been very much afraid of displeasing her. He'd always repressed his pain, but now his anger and frustration came pouring out.

Normally, he would never have imagined striking his mother, and spanking her wasn't even a part of his wildest fantasies. But spurred by his great emotional distress, he didn't think, he just acted. He stood up over her and then bent down to get closer. His hand rose up and slashed down towards his mother's ass as she continued to writhe on the floor. "Take that, Ma!"

Her entire body shook as the sound of the spanking reverberated throughout the cavernous room.

He was quick to fall back into his timid ways and he began to fret that he'd done something horribly wrong. He stood back up and staggered backwards.

But she yelled, "Oooh! So good! So strong! My little boy has become a BIG man! Spank me again! Do it!"

He asked, "Are you sure?"

Anika stepped forward. "Aidy, mommies aren't meant to be spanked on de floor like dat. Mommies need to be spanked over your lap."

Brenda kicked her heels off and jumped up. "Oh! What a good idea!" She joked, "That's why I pay you the big bucks!" She practically forced him back into his seat, and then threw herself over his lap.

Whatever reluctance he had went out the window as he felt his mother's naked body writhing around over his lap. (He was too blown away by the whole situation to think about why Anika was so enthusiastic about the spanking idea.) He lashed out again, bringing his open palm down with a resounding smack onto Brenda's other protuberant butt cheek.

She moaned erotically. "Oooh! Again! Harder! Show me who's boss around here!"

This time, he let out a satisfying growl as his hand struck down on his mother's ass even harder this time.

That resulted in an even more blatantly orgasmic moan from his mother, so Adrian struck out with another hard slap.

He loved the way her entire body rubbed against his. With each spank it was like she had an orgasmic seizure all over him. But still he was too shy to reach out and fondle the breasts he so dearly loved, since that had nothing to do with spankings.

He was feeling highly conflicted. He still hated the idea of spanking his mother. But having her lie helplessly in his lap like she was the child gave him a great sense of power and strength. He'd been teased and bullied at school for years, but things had gotten much worse in recent months. He wanted so badly to strike back when he was pushed to the ground, but the other boys were much bigger and stronger than he was. Now that repressed aggression was coming out.

In addition, even though he hated the spanking idea, his body couldn't help but react to the sexual contact. He brought down another hard swat with a yet more satisfying growl, which caused Brenda to cry out with an equally satisfied lusty moan. Her body again wriggled all over his in the most delightful ways. He loved the feel of her hefty breasts pressing against his legs. He was very glad now that he'd obeyed Brenda's instructions to keep his penis poking out of his pants. It seemed like he could cum at any moment, even without any direct stimulation on it.

But his self-confidence took a plunge when he heard Anika laughing. He'd forgotten she was still sitting at the table, and he turned in her direction with an angry look. "What's so funny?"

Anika had a hand over her mouth and a mirthful look on her face. "I'm sorry, Aidy. I tink it's great, vat you're doink. But your vee vee is boinkink all over de place. It's so funny!"

Adrian looked down. He didn't realize that his boner was visible to Anika, but from where she sat and the way Brenda was bent over, he realized that it probably was. (In his continuing shyness and modesty he'd been trying to make sure Brenda didn't settle down enough to poke into his hard-on.) He groused, "It's NOT a wee wee! It's a penis. And I'm NOT a baby!" He held his erection with one hand now to stop it from swinging but angrily brought his other hand down onto his mother's ass cheeks yet again.

Brenda twisted her head around in a mostly futile effort to look her son in the eye. "That's right, Aidy! Don't take any guff! This is YOUR ass now, at least when I'm in this house. Spank my bubble butt all you want, but don't stop there. Hold it! Rub it! Do whatever you like!"

He looked around in disbelief. His eyes went from Anika to the food on the table and then back to his mother's ass. Despite his mother's entreaties, his distaste for spankings crept back in. "Should I?" he asked aloud. "Really? It just seems so... And what about the turkey? I forgot about all that. Maybe we should do this later?"

Brenda barked, "The food can wait! Anika can heat it up again. But first you heat up my ass! A powerful man like Alan, he doesn't wait around. He doesn't ask for permission. Adrian, I'm going to turn you into a strong man, a confident man, and a very sexy man, even if you have to give me a thousand spankings in the process." She laughed, correcting herself, "Especially if you do. Momma just loves your strong spanking hand!"

"But can I? Can I just do anything?!"

"God yes!" Brenda gasped. Her whole body was writhing and heaving. She felt smarter than Einstein. One thing her newly ascendant submissive side craved was a good hard spanking and she wasn't getting nearly enough at the Plummer house, especially as they had reversed the rules and decided to give out spankings as rewards, not as punishments. But here, no one knew any better. She could already see a long list of excuses piling up allowing her to get spanked at least once a day in her own home, if not more. The hope that Adrian would overcome his timid ways and really get into the spanking was making her so hot that she forgot all about limits.

But Anika didn't, and corrected, "Vat Brenda means is almost anytink, Aidy. Touch, but vith de hands only, no vee vee, er, I mean vith de dorkus."

He laughed at her unusual name for a penis. He figured it was some European term she'd learned in Austria. "'Dorkus'? You mean my dick!"

"Ya. Spank her AND touch her, Aidy! Do both!"

He looked at Anika closely and realized for the first time just how much the "old maid" was enjoying this. He considered her to be a non-sexual being, but that was wrong because her face was flushed and her chest was heaving.

Smiling and overcome by lust, he reached out and fondled his mother's ass. Oh God! he thought as he groaned, nearly having an orgasm on the spot. So good! So firm! Completely perfect, too. Not a blemish anywhere, not a hint of flab. An airbrush artist would have nothing to do to improve this ass. I'm actually touching it! Me! My Momma's dream ass! I'm really truly touching it, like, for real!

Adrian certainly was no "ass man" and in fact he didn't really dream about them much at all. If he had a great view of his mother's butt, his first thought likely would be a hope that she would turn around so he could see her chest. But on the other hand, he would have been over the moon just to be able to fondle one of her ankles, so to be able to touch her private parts like this without any restrictions nearly fried his overheated brain. Had it been her breasts instead, he probably would have fainted dead away.

Then he felt Brenda straighten herself out and settle down over him, molding herself deeper into his lap. The result was just what she'd intended: his erection firmly poked into her underside. She joked, "Pooh Bear, is that a big hard cock poking into my tummy or are you just happy to see me?"

He reeled with joy. He still hated the spanking idea, but he loved getting to play with Brenda's naked body in his lap! He tried bouncing a bit in his chair and found it caused his shaft to slide back and forth over his mother's lower abdomen in a very pleasurable manner.

Spankings were temporarily forgotten as he brought both trembling hands to bear and really got into fondling Brenda's butt cheeks. Her legs were slightly spread so he could see some of her pussy as well, which was just icing on the cake. It was easy to see just how aroused Brenda was because there was a slow but steady drip of pussy juice from her nether lips to the hardwood floor.

The pussy juice dripping increased in quantity as Adrian spent the next couple minutes in heavenly exploration of his mother's backside. Due to his timid nature and a squeamish fear that anal sex was "so gay" that was common for boys his age, he didn't dip into his mother's ass crack much, and when he did he steered well clear of her anus. He also was far too afraid to come close to her pussy (not realizing that Brenda would have loved it if he had). However, on the plus side, he adored every inch of his mother's body and had a great time running his hands all over her thighs and even way up her back.

He generally kept his hands free of his erection so he wouldn't cum too soon and ruin the fun, but every now and then he'd slide it back and forth over her smooth skin to keep right on the edge of a great climax.

Brenda was constantly moaning, and from the way she was carrying on one would have thought she was being repeatedly impaled by a porn star cock. After a while, she said, "Momma's body was built for pleasure. Alan's pleasure, yes, but your pleasure, too! When you tame her ass with your strong spanking hands, Momma gets SO HOT!" Brenda was largely copying what Susan often said to Alan, but since it worked for Alan she figured it would work for Adrian too. It most certainly did.


Adrian was so overwhelmed by lust that he temporarily forgot about his reluctance to spank his mother. "You like my spanking hand, do you? Then take this!" He brought his hand down from on high, causing his mother's ass cheeks to quiver and shake.

"Eeek!" Brenda screamed, but with the kind of scream she normally made when cumming hard.

Out of the blue, Anika said, "Aidy, I bet dose mean bullies, dey know Brenda from de school tinks like de parent converences, ya? Dey all act crazy about her big boobies, no? Den dey say mean tinks to you about vat they vould do vith her. Am I right?"

Adrian was annoyed. The last thing he wanted to be reminded about at a moment of triumph like this was the bullies that made him feel so helpless. So he just muttered, "Yeah. So?"

Anika explained, "Just tink, Aidy! Who is spankink de livink crap out of your momma's ass right now and who is sitting at home all alone? Who has de most sexy and buxom voman in de whole town lyink nekkid over your lap? Dose big fat bullies vould be so jealous of you but dey'll never do vat you're doink right now!" Anika's face was glowing with delight, and even a hint of vengeful wickedness.

Adrian's face brightened considerably. "You're right! Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't care what they do to me now; I've got something they can never have. I'm so glad I stood up for you, Ma, and never gave in!"

Too often in Adrian's life, he'd felt disempowered and pushed around. But while spanking his mother like this, he was the empowered one, he was in control. Although he wasn't a natural dominant type, the temporary role reversal was a great boost to his crushed ego. He wasn't angry at Brenda since he loved her so much, but by spanking her he felt like he was spanking all his troubles away.

He exultantly brought his hand down for another resounding swat.

Brenda screamed in pleasure. She'd already had a couple of mini-orgasms, but was coming up on a really big one. She twisted her neck around again and asked, "What do you mean? Stood up? Gave in?"

He started to choke up emotionally as he recalled, "What I mean is, I may not really have friends, but I have you, and I wouldn't let them put you down! When those guys would say nasty things about you and call you a slut I would stand up for you!" His chest deflated as he said, "Unfortunately, they'd always beat me up and kept doing it until I guess it got boring for them."

His energy perked up as he added, "But I never stood by silent! And they kept trying to get me to bring them to the house, but I never did. I would rather DIE than let those guys get near you!"

Brenda's heart overflowed with emotion to hear that, and it brought her even closer to a shattering climax. She shouted, "Spank me! Again! Again and again and again!"

So Adrian did. And by the third spanking in rapid succession, Brenda started to cum hard.

He at first thought he must have hurt her by spanking too hard when her whole body started to shake wildly and she screamed like a fire engine siren. Brenda could give Amy a run for her money when it came to being the loudest orgasmic screamer.

But just when he figured out his mother was cumming, a torrent of liquid started to pour out of her pussy. He thought for sure she was peeing, but the rapidly growing puddle on the chair and dripping down to the floor didn't seem like pee. It slowly dawned on him that she was having an ejaculatory orgasm, just like a man. He was glad he'd read about such things in erotic stories on the Internet. But to be sure, he asked, "Mom, is that cum?"

Brenda was delirious with joy and lust. "Oh, yes! Son! It's ALL cum. You made me cum so hard!" She rarely came so hard as to ejaculate like that, even with Alan, but her pride in her son standing up for her despite the overwhelming odds against him, and the brutal price he repeatedly paid for doing so, sent her into orgasmic orbit.

Even before her climax was fully over, and with her knees too wobbly to walk, she was already struggling to get in position to return the favor. She managed to fumble her way to the ground and then sat up on her heels between his legs. "Aidy! Aidy! Oh, I love you so much! My big protector! Son! Momma wants to make you so happy!" She was awed by his love for her and wanted to show her appreciation with all the pleasures her body could give him.

But Anika could see where Brenda was going with that, and knew that Brenda didn't have permission to give a blowjob. So she said pointedly, "To give a KISS, right, Brenda? Suzanne would want you to give him a KISS, wouldn't she?"

Adrian was too out of it to really think about that, but he heard the kiss idea and liked it.

Just then, Brenda managed to sit up on the chair next to his and leaned over.

Their heads drew together and they kissed each other hard on the lips.


Brenda naturally loved that, even though Adrian didn't know the first thing about kissing. Lip to lip contact was all she could ask for at the moment. But denied the blowjob she craved, she at least managed to wrap one and then two hands around his erection. She frantically yanked her fingers up and down his pre-cum soaked pole.

He was so close to the edge that it only took a few strokes before the inevitable happened and he started to shoot. He looked down and watched his cum blasting onto his mother's breasts.

He had been higher than high even before his climax began, but his orgasmic surge, plus the sight of his cum splattering all over her round mountains, was too much for him to take and he passed out altogether.


When Adrian woke up and opened his eyes, the first thing he heard was Brenda shouting, "He's up!"

Then he heard Anika say from much farther away, "Okay, ya. Got it."

His senses cleared and he felt his mother's hands running through his short hair. He felt he was lying back on two comfy pillows, but then it dawned on him, Those aren't pillows; they're Momma's tits!

With a start, he turned around and confirmed his guess. He was disappointed to see that his cum was all gone. (Had it not, much of it would have ended up in his hair already.) He also was sad to see that she was wearing clothes again. But that was more than made up for the fact that her breasts were hanging out of her top and that he was able to raise a hand and latch onto one of Brenda's enormous breasts.

Brenda laughed, and then shouted to Anika, "He's okay! I can tell he's getting better fast 'cos his hand just discovered my breasts!" She sat up and playfully tried to get away, but didn't try too hard. Adrian ended up reaching around her to keep fondling her boobs with both hands.

The sound of Anika's cackling laughter came from the kitchen.

"How are you feeling, Pooh Bear?" Brenda asked, still stroking his hair.

At first, he felt bad about spanking his mother. But he was quickly distracted from negative thoughts because of where his hands were. He was nearly delirious with joy as he ran his hands all over her tits, like this would be the one and only time in his life he'd get to touch them and he had to live the experience to its fullest. Fondling her ass was great for him, but from his point of view it was just the appetizer and the breast groping he was doing now was the full course meal. The room practically spun around for him and his heartbeat pounded so loudly in his ears that he could barely hear his own thoughts.

Somehow, he managed to say, "Never better, Momma. Wow, what a day!" He was still so wiped out from his latest orgasm that he couldn't keep his hand up for tit fondling, but he loved it too much to stop. He was dimly aware that she was wearing some kind of maid outfit, but that fact hadn't really registered in his brain yet, especially since all of his attention was focused on her chest.


Brenda's eyes went wide. "Aidy! My Pooh Bear!"

"What, Ma?"

"It's just that... your hands feel so... GOOD!" She thought, I can feel his sexual hunger and need, even in his exhausted state. He loves these boobs of mine so much! Maybe there's something extra special about pure incest that even my master can't match?

He just groaned with contentment as he groped.

However, Brenda could tell he was on sensory overload and weary, so she rather forcefully turned him back around and brought his head down into her chest. "Don't worry, Pooh Bear, you'll be playing with my tits a lot more often from now on. Big tits like these are there to be enjoyed, don't you think?" She almost launched into an explanation of the "Big Tits Theory," but decided that now wasn't the time.

Giving in to exhaustion, he resumed using her fluffy yet firm orbs as wonderful pillows.

After they cuddled for a minute or so, Brenda said, "You're right; today has been quite a day. A great day. However, it's a sad day for me too. I never knew about these bullies. That hurt me terribly to hear. Tell me. If they were beating you up, how is it I never noticed? Surely you would have a black eye or something like that?"

"No. After the first couple of times, they avoided my face so they wouldn't get in trouble. They'd hit me in the stomach and kick me. In fact, one of their other names for me is 'The Punching Bag.' But at least they're careful not to cause any permanent damage. Again, I guess they're staying on the safe side so they can always have me to punch again the next day."

"Oh God! How horrible!" Brenda realized this went beyond the usual bullying stories to a downright humiliating and nightmarish situation that probably made Adrian a pariah in his classes. "Why didn't you do something or say something?! I'm so proud you stood up for me; you were so brave! Brave, but foolish. They're bigger kids from the older classes, right?"

"They are," he admitted. "Some of them. You know Jack? Or Ryan? Or Van? The really big guys. Van's a good name 'cos he's the size of a van. Some of them are even on the varsity football team. Why do they even bother with a nobody like me? I don't get it. But most are from my classes and they're just meaner and stronger than me."

"Dear me! It sounds like a whole horde of thugs. I can't let that happen! You should have TOLD me! And you're not a nobody; you're my precious Pooh Bear!" She snuggled up to him and hugged him from behind.

"But what can you do, Ma? Expel like twenty guys? How could you do that? The thing is, a lot of 'losers' like me get picked on. There are fights after school every day and no one cares 'cos they take place just off school grounds. I figured if I just put up with it long enough, eventually they'd get bored of me and pick on some other guys. And that's kind of happened; they don't beat me up as much as they did a few months ago at the end of the last school year. Maybe they're growing out of it or something."

"Adrian! No! You can't just hope to wait it out. That's what the old Adrian would do. When one bully gets through with you another one will come along to prove himself on easy pickings. We're going to do something!"

"But what can you do? I didn't tell you because all you can do is pity me and think I'm a loser like everyone else."

"Oh! Aidy! My Pooh Bear." Brenda lifted his upper body and turned him around so they could sit up face to face. In the process she fully revealed to him that she was wearing a French maid outfit with her boobs hanging out. (He mentally acknowledged the uniform but still didn't really take any time to think about it.) It was clear she had cleaned up a bit as well while he was passed out.

Anika was standing by too, putting reheated food back on the table. But she stood by just watching.

Brenda said, "Aidy, I can see now why you've become so timid. Between Anika and me babying and spoiling you too much at home, and the bullies at school, it's no wonder... Oh! Is it okay if I still call you 'Pooh Bear' or is that part of the problem?"

Adrian thought about that. He felt conflicted, but he finally replied with a grin, "It's probably part of the problem, but I love it so please don't stop."

Brenda hugged him happily, making sure to rub her bare chest all over him as much as possible. But then she pulled away and said, "Anika and I were talking about this while you were asleep. We both feel confident that your problems will be over soon because we're putting Suzanne on the case."

"Suzanne? Is that one of the women in Alan's so-called harem that you mentioned?"

"Yes, and it's not a 'so-called' harem; it IS a harem! You'll see soon enough. Don't you remember her when she came over the other day and sat in the Jacuzzi with me?"

"Oh. THAT Suzanne." He thought, My God, she's almost as sexy as Ma is!

"Yes. I asked her to come over right away, and she was kind enough to agree to stop by later this afternoon. She's going to get to the bottom of this and make those bullies wish they'd never been born!"

"But how?"

"I don't know," Brenda admitted. "If it were up to me, I'd just yank you from that school tomorrow and put you in a nicer, private one. But the one I'm thinking of would be such a long commute: about an hour away. Suzanne though, she'll think of something better to do to fix things. She's like an unstoppable force of nature."

He furrowed his brow. "Oh. If you say so... But... if she's so unstoppable, then what's she doing in a harem?"

Brenda looked at him impatiently. "You have so much to learn, Aidy. She's not just in a harem; she's in ALAN'S harem. You still have no idea what that means. Any big-titted woman would kill to be in that harem, if she knew anything about it."

"But why big-titted?"

Anika interrupted, saying, "Your foot is gettink cold."

Brenda pulled Adrian up. "Anika is right. We heated the turkey up one time; let's not do it again. We can talk about Alan and his harem some other time. Obviously I'm not doing a good job with that and I keep upsetting you, but perhaps Suzanne will be able to explain it better. Come, let's eat!"

Adrian took a seat. But he was mindful that his pants were now down to his knees, and that his mother's maid outfit completely failed to cover her privates. "Um, what about our clothes?"

"If your Ma does something bad, don't you want quick access to spank her naughty butt? And Momma wants quick access to help you get relief too. You probably don't have Alan's recuperative powers, and you're just starting out. But I'll bet I'm gonna help you out quite a lot before the day is over." Brenda winked.

Adrian thought, This Alan guy is really starting to piss me off. What's his deal? Is he superhuman or something? I'm almost getting scared to meet him. But on the other hand, I can't get too mad when Ma is talking about helping me out so much. What a day!

Anika, Brenda, and Adrian all sat in the chairs they were sitting in before.

Brenda ostentatiously wiggled around in her chair, setting her twin mountains swinging. "Boy, it's so uncomfortable to sit after my strong and handsome man whacked my ass so hard. I'd better stroke his thing to a great big cummy explosion later so he won't get in the mood to spank me again."

He frowned as he thought back on the spanking he'd just given. He admitted, "Ma, to be honest, I loved everything about the spanking except for the actual spanking part. I loved all the touching and fondling. But I don't know if I'm the kind of guy who could really do that to you a lot. I love you too much to hurt you, and it feels like I'm hurting you."

Brenda was very disappointed to hear that, but she tried not to show it. Instead, she leaned forward and whispered, "That's sweet. But don't worry too much about that. Anything you do to me makes me hot and creamy!"

He was grateful he was flaccid at the moment because he knew that if he'd been hard he would have immediately cum on the spot. He wanted to say something sexy back, but just stood there staring. He still couldn't believe the remarkable turn of events in the last day or two.


Brenda leaned over even more, and said, "Speaking of hot and creamy, you know where I'd just love for you to stick your thing?" She pressed her arms in to squeeze her tits together and looked down significantly at her cavernous cleavage.

Anika cut in. "Okay, already. Enuff, you two luffbirds. Now de foot is definitely gettink cold. Eat!" She paused, then joked, "And by de vay, it's not a tink; it's a dorkus."

The other two had a good laugh over that, and the joke brought Adrian a little bit more down to Earth.

They resumed the meal where they'd left off. Since all three were quite hungry, Brenda put off any sexy teasing for a while.

As the meal started to wind down though, curiosity finally got the best of Adrian, and he asked, "Momma, can I ask why you're wearing that silly outfit?" He remembered that he'd seen thirty or more French maid outfits in her bedroom but still didn't understand why.

"Sure you can, Pooh Bear. You can ask me anything you want. This uniform is symbolic. I'm wearing this to show you that even though I'm serving my master Alan, from now on I'm also going to serve you. I have all the money in the world and can do anything I like, I know. But I'm a natural submissive and this is what I like best, serving the two men in my life and keeping their balls well-drained at all times. You know the greatest thing about the French maid outfit?"

Adrian gulped. "What's that?"

"The feather duster! Just think of all the fun we could have with that!"

He nearly fell out of his chair. He fully expected that everything that had happened to him was just one extremely prolonged wet dream and that he'd be waking up at any moment. His pants were still around his knees, but he didn't care anymore if Anika saw or if anyone else saw.

Eventually, they ran out of milk and Anika automatically started to get up to get it.

But Brenda put a hand on her shoulder and said, "Allow me." She stood up, but kept her legs stiff as boards and bent over her chair like she'd lost a contact lens in the seat and was taking a long time to find it. In fact, she just wanted him to get a long look at her red ass and juicy pussy. She didn't even really need to bend over so much, as the French maid outfit made very little attempt to cover her ass cheeks from view even if she were standing straight.


As she remained bent at a ninety-degree angle, she thought, It's so true what I just said about money. What could I possibly do with my money that would make me happier than I am right now? Good God, I think I'm gonna cum; if only Aidy would touch my clit!

Adrian enjoyed the ass show but he didn't really go completely ga-ga until Brenda got the milk from the kitchen and began sashaying her way back to the table. He was a breast man through and through, even more so than Alan (which was saying quite a lot), and the sight of her wobbling melons was what finally got him hard again.

As Brenda sat back down, still high on lust and flirting with an orgasm, Anika joked, "Aidy, you vant me to vear dat kind of outfit now too?"

He laughed. "Anika, I love you, but please! No offense, but that idea is just... eww!"

Anika laughed with the others, but wistfully wished she could be nearly fifty years younger and really wear something like that. She consoled herself that at least she could live vicariously through Brenda.

However, the conversation soon turned serious, as Anika's and Brenda's concern for him couldn't be contained.

Adrian began telling them details about his school life that he'd been too ashamed to share before. They generally stayed away from discussing his beatings, since Brenda made it clear that that topic should wait until Suzanne arrived, but it turned out that that wasn't Adrian's only problem at school. Bullies shook him down for money, teachers ignored him, girls avoided him like the plague, and everyone generally considered him uncool and unworthy of talking to. He didn't get good enough grades to be considered a nerd, but being labeled "loser" made being called a nerd almost an attractive step up on the social ladder. He admitted that just about the only positive thing in his life were his fantasies about his mother, plus his passion for music.

Both Brenda and Anika were shaken by the revelations, which put a big damper on what would have otherwise been a gloriously arousing and liberating day for both mother and son.

During a quiet moment, Brenda thought to herself, I've been a horrible, horrible mother! How could I be so blind about my son's life? I thought he was happy and that I was an involved parent. But the reality is, especially with this divorce in the last year, I've been completely self-absorbed. Heck, even at the best of times I'm so spoiled that I wouldn't be able to last a day without Anika helping me in everything. Things are going to have to change around here, big time! Serving Master Alan and my mistresses at the Plummer house is all well and good, but it can't come at the expense of my poor Pooh Bear!

And as if that isn't bad enough, I've got him terribly confused about Alan. I really should tone it down about my master for a while. But then again, I can see why he's confused because I'm confused too. I feel I'd give my heart and soul to each of them, but how can that be?


Back in front of the Plummer house, Alan escorted Glory to the family car where it was parked on the street, and opened the door for her like a gentleman.

The car ride back to Glory's apartment was almost as quiet as the car ride from her place, but the feeling this time was completely different. On the trip before, negative feelings had been palpably swirling between them, but now there was no anger or hurt feelings. The silence was only because Glory was awhirl with her emotions and lost in her own thoughts.

As she looked out the window at the houses going by, she thought, Alan's home life is almost nothing like I thought it would be. Such a big and nice house, for one thing. And when it comes to the women, I have to admit that I was expecting something more, well, coerced, maybe. Although that isn't really the word I'm looking for. I'd assumed he had steamrollered over everyone else with his sexual prowess, like the unstoppable force he sometimes is with me. The alpha male lording over his pack and all that.

But it wasn't that way at all. If anything, I got the sense that the women are more in charge than he is! Especially Suzanne. What a woman - talk about unstoppable forces! Alan's just too nice and considerate to be a real alpha-male type. He seems more like just a normal guy who somehow fell into a really extraordinary situation.

But the main thing is I saw so much love. It's like everyone there is as excited as newlyweds. That intimidates me. How can I compete with all that love? But at least it's hard to stay mad about the incest when there's so much heartfelt emotion behind it and it's not JUST some perverted sex thing. The sacrifice Katherine was willing to make almost made me cry too.

Still, where's the room for me? I can't possibly pretend he'd leave those four just to be with me. They're all fused together, and nobody can separate them for all the tea in China. You can see it in the little things - the casual touches, the reassuring smiles, the way they're at ease when they're close to each other. The five of them have been together for nearly two decades now. There's no way I could ever be a part of them; there's no way I could ever accept merely being one woman in a harem. That's just not right! This is not the Middle Ages!

She turned and looked at Alan as he drove. But my young man here is just so adorable. It's not just his sexual prowess, although I have to admit that certainly helps a lot. I think I was in love with him even before I knew how good he was in bed. Oh my God, I think I really was! I have to admit he was daydream fantasy material for me even back when I thought he was a virginal nerd. Damn! Those were the days. He was hunky, but yet so endearingly clueless about women. I wanted to be the one to take his virginity and teach him to be a man, at least in my dreams... God, that seems like eons ago already!

He's so different now. He would sure make a perfect husband despite our age difference. But what about the others? How on Earth can I share him with them and not hate myself? Today hasn't solved anything for me. I'm just as torn as ever!

When the car ride began, Glory had a wistful and thoughtful expression on her face. But as the minutes passed, she started looking more and more pensive. She wanted to resolve things one way or another, but she didn't know how. Okay, I can handle the incest, I think. If I were to never actually see it happen, I could just kind of pretend it didn't exist since it's clear that there's so much love there. But the sharing! The sharing! I just can't share! It's bad enough sharing him with those high school hotties he's got, but his family women are all so close that it's clear I'll never be higher than number five in his heart, at best! And I don't even know all his sex partners. It could be number seven or eight, for crying out loud! I'd have to be insane to have anything to do with him. I just HAVE to say no. I have to!


They finally arrived in front of Glory's apartment building. There was an empty parking space right in front, so Alan parked the car in it and killed the engine. He'd been sneaking peeks at Glory as much as he could while still being a safe driver, and he was alarmed at the change that had come over her since they'd left the house. He thought he could see a hardening of her position to break things off with him as her face grew grimmer, and he felt helpless to stop it.

They just sat there in the car for a minute or more, with Glory seemingly completely lost to her thoughts.

Finally, he said, "Can I walk you to your apartment?"

She replied, "That would be nice," but it still seemed like she was far away mentally.

He walked around the car and opened her door. As he took her hand, he said, "Here, let me help you with your overcoat."

She woke from her dreamy mood enough to notice that he was still holding her overcoat. She said, "Nah. I'm not going to feel ashamed. If you would carry it, that would be nice."

He nodded. Then he gallantly led her to the elevator.

She still seemed lost in her thoughts, because she was. But she wasn't too worked up because she assumed that she couldn't make up her mind, and the state of their relationship would remain in limbo to be dealt with another day.

But the tension for him was nearly unbearable. He thought this was it, the make it or break it moment. He wanted to say something before letting her go, but he didn't know what to say.

Glory's apartment was several floors up and the usual way to get there was by elevator. After Alan hit the button for the elevator lift, the two of them just stood there. The silence between them was deafening.

Finally, he asked, "Glory?"

She turned and looked in his face.

It was tough for him to look her in the eyes, and it would have been so much easier to talk while staring at the floor, but he successfully managed to keep his eyes level with hers. He had no idea what he was going to say except for some vague notion that he had to make it clear to Glory that they were better off without each other.

He said, "Glory, I love you. I know, after what you saw at my house today, you probably can't believe that. You're thinking that if I love them so much, how can I possibly have any love left over for you? I know it seems crazy and impossible, but I do. But I also can see from your eyes that your feelings for me are causing you a lot of pain. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You've got your job to worry about and so many things. I guess... I think I- I'm no good for you."

The elevator made a "bing!" sound as it finally arrived and the elevator doors opened. But neither of them paid it any mind.

Alan continued, "I really respect that you're a one man kind of woman and expect a one woman kind of man. I wish so much that I could be that man for you, but you've seen how it is for me at home. We all need each other there. I know you can't accept that, and you shouldn't have to accept that. It's really strange, immoral, and downright illegal. So the best thing for both of us is if I just back away, right now, and back out of your life forever."

He had been looking earnest and emotive, but it was a big surprise to both him and Glory when he suddenly started sobbing. The elevator doors closed again and the elevator remained empty and wasn't going anywhere since no one else was around to summon it.

He buried his face in his hands and bawled for a few painful moments, but, with a powerful and willful struggle, he rapidly pulled himself together. He still cried some, but he was able to keep looking at her and carry on with his plea. "I'm sorry. This is tough for me." He tried to wipe his face dry, but the tears kept coming. "It's just that I love you, but I, I don't want you to..." He sniffled and wiped his nose.

She was silent but staring at him intently. Tears were starting to roll down her cheeks too.

He continued, "As I was saying, you're better off without me. I respect and admire you so much. I don't want you to be hurt. It hurts me to see you like this, hurts me so much! I can't stand it! It's not right!"

He wiped his still flowing tears on his jacket sleeve. "I should just be a student in your class, and that's all. Maybe, maybe I'll be sitting there in the front row sometimes and imagining what might have been between us - I can't help from doing that. But that's all. Not friends! I thought and hoped we could be friends, but I think that would just be too painful for me. For us. Maybe someday, but not now, not soon. I've gotta go. I love you, Glory. I love you so much! Go, have the life you deserve; steer clear of me. I'm no good for you! I'll see you on Monday!"

He had been repeatedly wiping his cheeks as he talked, but it was a losing battle. And as he finished talking, he lost his composure altogether as he started to stagger away from her, his whole body wracked with painful sobs. He'd had no idea he was going to get so carried away when he started, but he was swept away in a flash flood of heartfelt emotion. He didn't mean to cry and there was no deliberate emotional manipulation in the crying; he just couldn't hold back.

He staggered away, crying so hard that he could barely see where he was going. But he didn't get far. After taking only a couple of steps, he felt something tight around his neck holding him back.

He looked down and saw his necktie taut and sticking straight out to his left side. His eyes followed his tie back to a pair of hands, Glory's hands. He looked up from where she held him back by his tie until his eyes lit upon her shining tears.

She looked stern despite her wet cheeks. When she'd made eye contact with him, she said in a tough, no nonsense tone, "Where do you think you're going, young man?"

He was honestly confused. "What do you mean? I just explained. We're no good for each other! You know it, and I know it. I've gotta go!" He tried to walk away, but she still held him firmly by his tie, so he wasn't going anywhere.

His confusion only grew as she continued to stare at him with a hard look while drawing his face closer to hers by pulling harder on his tie. The tears were flooding her face and he desperately wanted to comfort her and wipe them away, but he felt he should not.

She broke eye contact to look at the elevator. The doors were closed, but she hit the button and they opened up right away.

Glory turned back to face him, and her voice hardened with forceful determination. "You're coming in, young man." There was a short pause. "You're cumming in ME!"

Before he could frame a coherent reply or even really mentally absorb what that meant, he found himself yanked by his tie into the elevator as she stepped into it. The elevator doors closed behind him.

She finally let go of his tie, but closed the remaining distance between them and wrapped her arms around him. Her purse, the flowers he'd given her, and her overcoat all lay forgotten on the floor.

He was paralyzed and dumbfounded. His tears had stopped flowing, as had hers, but both of their faces were wet. He could tell she was positioning herself for a big kiss, but before she could, he said, "Glory, this is wrong! I just want what's best for you. I'm no good for you. I'm a walking disaster!"

Her lips relentlessly drew closer to his, but as he finished saying that, she paused with her mouth just inches from his. She smirked. "I know. But you're MY walking disaster!"


Finally, their lips touched. From the very start, their kiss channeled so much pent-up emotion between them that their lips practically shot off electric sparks. Both of them had been eyeing each other with lust yet also with a "what might have been" wistfulness for the last two hours, and all that feeling coursed through their kiss.

Even as their tongues dueled, their hands were all over each other too. There were efforts to take clothes off, but both of them were too frantic to be methodical enough to actually get much off.

He found both his hands cupping the fullness of her breasts. A surge of possessive feeling raged inside him as he grasped them firmly. These are mine! Mine! He had no idea what their relationship would be even an hour from now, much less a day, but at this moment she was his and he was hers and that was all that mattered.

She managed to free his erection and hold it with one hand as the kiss went on and on, but other than that her efforts centered on the kiss. She was the one in the driver's seat since he was still recovering from the shock. She slowly pushed him across the elevator until he was pinned against a wall, and still their lips didn't part for even a second.

After a while, Alan started to feel worried about breathing. Glory seemed determined to kiss him to death because she showed no hint of wanting to end the kiss any time soon. He was forced to think less about his pleasure and more about breathing through his nose, just so he wouldn't pass out.

Yet the frantic passion didn't ebb; it only grew. She attacked him hungrily with her roving fingers and tongue, and he fought back with his own assault on her body as he got over his shock. The tempo and intensity went up and up, even though, objectively speaking, they were doing nothing more than French kissing and some pretty aggressive fondling over their clothes.

All of a sudden, her body froze, and then trembled.

He was experienced enough to know the signs and realize she'd climaxed. He was ready and grasped her tightly as her knees gave out and her whole body turned to mush. That finally ended the kiss.

She molded herself to his body as she panted in recovery. "Wow, I've never cum from just a kiss," she said quietly, more to herself than to him.

As they just held onto each other, he asked her, "What are we doing? Is this right? Where do we go from-"

He was silenced as she raised a hand to his face and put a finger over his lips. "Shhhh! Talk later. Joy now."

Her body started to slide down, and he redoubled his efforts to hold her up until he realized that she wanted to slide down.

He let go and looked around. He noticed that although the elevator doors were closed, the elevator still hadn't started moving. He hit the button for the fourth floor (since that was her floor), and he worried about people walking in on them.

His erection was already out and pressed between the two of them, but her hands found it again as she fell to her knees.

He knew what was coming next and very much wanted it, but he still felt unsettled about where they stood. He felt the gentlemanly thing to do was resist and not let her get carried away by momentary passions she'd regret later. He started to say, "But Glory-"

"Shush!" she said as she made herself comfortable on her knees with his cockhead inches from the tip of her nose. "Things'll work out. Don't worry about that today. You gave me a great cum and now it's payback time! I have to have you NOW!"


The elevator came to a stop at the fourth floor right as she finished saying this. The elevator doors opened onto the hallway on the floor where she lived. Since he happened to be backed up against a side wall, anyone looking into the elevator would have seen a revealing profile of Glory in her fancy dress on her knees with her tongue extending out towards Alan's shaft.

As it happened, there was no one there, but Glory was so consumed by her passion that she wouldn't have stopped even if there was. She didn't even look to see if she was being watched before she leaned forward, yanked down his pants with both hands, and took his rising erection into her salivating mouth.

He felt more than a little awkward standing there with his erection jutting out for anyone to see, looking through the elevator door down the hallway where she lived. True, he'd done things like have sex with Heather in the school parking lot, but he'd been frightened out of his mind the whole time. Sex in a public place increased his sexual excitement a lot, but he had so much sexual excitement in his life already that he didn't need to go out of his way doing risky things to get even more.

But before he could say something to Glory or even reach out and hit the button to close the elevator door, his cock was enveloped by her mouth, and then the sensations were so extreme that he was rendered incapable of saying or doing anything. For one thing, his erection didn't simply go in her mouth. It went in and kept going, and going, and going. In one slow motion, she deep throated him all the way to the root.

That felt so fantastic, words couldn't even begin to describe his ecstasy.

But she was only getting started. True, the way she started tugging on his balls was delightfully painful, and her lips did wondrous things even way down at the root of his cock, but it was her tongue that turned him into a helpless blob of jelly. While her throat acted as a second vagina and kept his erection firmly in place, her tongue started dancing all around him with phenomenal speed. It seemed as if her tongue wasn't even attached to the rest of her, but danced around his erection like some kind of hyperactive hummingbird attacking a flower from all sides.

He thought, Hooooooooly fuck! Oh man, if I can last one whole minute under this onslaught of pleasure, it'll be a miracle!

He didn't get his miracle. She wanted him to cum, NOW, and she would not be denied. Once she got going with her one-of-a-kind "four in one" deep throats, using her throat, hands, lips, and tongue all together to devastating effect, the best his PC muscle control could do was delay climax by a matter of seconds, not minutes.

But when the climax came, what a satisfying climax it was, for both of them. His dick was buried in her face so deeply that it seemed like he was depositing his cum directly into the furthest depths of her belly, and in fact that wasn't too far from the truth. The room seemed to spin as each jet of semen blasted down her ravenous swallowing gullet.

Glory, meanwhile, was so keyed up that she came in sync to him. She didn't even touch her own privates; just the thrill of getting him off by milking him with her throat and everything else she could do pushed her over the edge with him.


Alan was out of it for some long moments. When he came to, he realized that the elevator doors were closed and they still weren't going up or down. Good! That's one less thing to worry about. For now.


He pulled up his pants. Then he looked down at Glory, who was looking up at him with a face that was halfway between triumphant and dreamy. She looked so cute he wanted to hug her, but with her tanned tits completely exposed, he wanted to fuck her too.

He said, "Have you seen my kidneys?"

"Your kidneys? Whatever do you mean, young man?"

"I mean I think you sucked them clear out of me, along with most of the rest of my vital organs!" He pulled up his jacket, which had somehow slid down his shoulders in all the excitement.

She started slinking her way up his body, smiling all the way. "Uh-oh. That sounds serious. We should take you to bed so you can recover."

"Um, from the look in your eye, I don't think there's gonna be a lot of recovering in that bed."

She rose higher until her face reached his. All of a sudden, they were mouth to mouth. "Nope. Probably not."

They kissed, and somehow it seemed that their big smiles continued despite all the frantic tongue action.

But then the elevator lurched and then started to move.

He broke the kiss to cry out, "We're going down!"

She seemed unperturbed and joked, "Mmmm. Going down? Again, already? What a great idea! God, you're insatiable!" She leaned in to kiss him again.

However, he realized that her dress was still down around her waist, and while his pants were pulled back up, his fly was unzipped and his cock and balls were hanging out. They were not exactly ready to greet strangers. He yelled, "The emergency stop! Stop this thing!"

But there weren't that many floors to go and there were too many buttons to choose from, especially considering that he was almost too flustered and sexually out of it to be able to read at all.

She seemed far less bothered about getting caught than he was. In fact, she was so horny that she was almost looking forward to it. Even as the elevator started to slow, she said, "Kiss me! That way, we'll hide our faces!"

So he kissed her. One careful thing she did at least was she shifted her feet some so her back was to the elevator door. This meant that his face was to the door, but in the middle of their lip-lock all of her hair completely covered his face.

The door opened and the sounds of steps were heard, though Alan couldn't tell if it was someone coming closer into the elevator or walking away in disgust. His heart pounding wildly, he decided there was nothing to do except keep kissing until hopefully the other person or people found their floor and left.

As the doors closed again, Alan heard someone clear their throat. It was obviously done on purpose and had a note of disapproval in it. Oh shit! We're not alone! I hope it's not someone Glory knows; she could be in deep trouble!

With the doors closed, the elevator started moving again.

Alan and Glory continued to kiss, but Alan's heart wasn't in it this time. He was too busy worrying about the person who had cleared their throat. His mind was filled with mental images of imagined faces, from grinning lecherous old men to appalled frumpy blue haired ladies. He guessed the person wasn't a child from the tone of the noise, but beyond that he wasn't even sure of the gender.

Glory though, was spurred to even greater heights of passion. She not only kissed him, her hands wandered all over. She even wrapped one of her legs around the back of his legs as she put everything she had into the kiss.

He was still flaccid, but he wasn't liable to remain that way for long given the way one of her hands was wandering all over his exposed balls and dick.


He was certain that whoever was in the elevator and wherever they might be standing in the confined space, there was no way for them to avoid missing her hand being right over his crotch. He didn't help matters by bunching up her gown until he could grasp the firm flesh of her ass cheeks. In so doing, he exposed those cheeks to whomever else was there.

She found herself thinking, Gaawwwd, I feel so naughty! I don't know what it is about him, but my adorable young man makes me go completely wild! I'm effectively naked, and with my hand sliding up and down his slippery cock no less, and I don't care who sees!

The elevator came to a halt, and soon there was a sound of someone walking away.

He listened closely and discerned it was made by just a single person. With great trepidation, he peered around the sides of her hair and confirmed that they were now alone. The hallway that stretched out in front of them was empty. He whispered to her, "The coast is clear."

"Good! Let's do it right here, young man! Fuck me, lover!"

His dick betrayed him, continuing to rise despite his desire to get away from this dangerous situation and not encourage her any further. He complained, "You sound just like Heather."

His heart stopped momentarily after he said that as he realized what a colossally stupid thing that was to say. It was like being in a crowded bar and saying something that causes a total hush to come over the place and even the music to scratch to a halt. He looked at Glory, fearing the worst.

A hateful look came into her eyes, but it quickly passed. She said, "I'm in such a good mood that I'm going to let that slide. But I don't want to do anything to remind you of the über-bitch. You've got me so hot that I'd almost prefer to do it here, but I suppose it's better for us to go back to my place, since this is my floor."

The doors were closing, but he stepped forward and stuck a foot out just in time.

As the doors opened again, she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the elevator and into the hallway. His penis and balls were still hanging out of the fly of his pants and her dress was only covering her nipples because she was holding the front of it up with her other hand. Before leaving the elevator, she picked up her flowers, overcoat, and purse.

As he shuffled along with both hands over his crotch (he didn't want any painful zipper incidents trying to zip up while on the move - the painful zipper scene from "There's Something About Mary" came to mind), he said, "If this is your floor, then that other person must be around here somewhere!"

Without looking back at him, she responded, "Oh, her? Don't you start thinking about her right now, young man. You need to take care of me first!"

He continued shuffling along, more puzzled than ever. "Her?" Does Glory have eyes in the back of her head or something?! And what the hell does she mean by "First"?

But the next thing he knew, Glory held the key from her purse and they were at the front of her apartment. She playfully grabbed him by his tie and again yanked him with it until they were both inside.


Alan let out a big sigh of relief as the door closed and he sagged back against it. "Phew! Man! I'm not good at that whole naked in public thing. But you were like a wild tiger. Were you content to ride up and down all day long, not caring who sees you?"

She had already put her purse and overcoat down, along with the flowers; now she was methodically stepping out of her dress and removing her earrings and other jewelry. But upon hearing what he said, she burst into laughter. "Yes! Actually, I'm still planning to ride up and down all day long, not caring who sees me, but we're going to do it in my bed!"

He laughed. He had his jacket, tie, and pants off by now, but still wore his dress shirt. However, she obviously was in no mood to wait around, so he let himself get dragged along, trying to unbutton the shirt as he went.

She said as she took him down a hallway. "This is my place. You like? Let me give you the tour." She waved a hand through the air. "These are all the other rooms, the non-fucking rooms." She reached the door to her bedroom and stopped. "Ah. And here's the most important room, my bedroom, where you're going to fuck the ever-loving shit out of me. End of tour."

Alan laughed. He finished with his buttons and tossed his shirt carelessly to the floor. "Okay, if you're gonna be that way, then I'm gonna..." He suddenly reached out and picked her up, kicked her door open, and carried her across the threshold into her room.

She shrieked and pounded her fists on his body, yelling, "You beast!" But it was all in good fun and, in fact, she obviously loved it.

He deposited her on her bed and lay down on top of her.

They kissed again, and it was magical and electric, again.

Pausing for breath between kisses, he said, "You know, I'm not as dumb as I look. I noticed when you were taking your dress off just a minute or two ago that you weren't wearing any panties."

She laughed while looking abashed. She paused to wonder why she didn't wear panties, not realizing that she was still unconsciously following a command Alan had given her some days before. But she did belatedly realize it was a sign. "Dammit! You got me. I guess I was a goner as soon as I dressed this morning, sans panties. Somehow, deep down, I knew I'd end up right here with you on top of me."

"Really? 'Cos I sure didn't. Are you honestly sure this is a good idea? You're not going to regret this tomorrow? 'Cos I don't want to ruin-"

She reached up as he was talking, wrapped her arms around his head, and pulled him back down for another kiss. "Shut up and kiss me!"

He did, but she pulled away after just a brief kiss and said absentmindedly, "Oh, and one other thing." She put her finger on her chin and pretended to be trying hard to remember. "Oh yeah! And literally fuck me in two."

He laughed, and then asked, "Are you sure? 'Cos after what you did in the elevator I was thinking I could reciprocate and go down on you, you know, to warm you up and-"

She cut him off again. "Warm me up? If I were any hotter you could flambé a coq au vin on my ass! Going down on me is nice and great in normal times, but I NEED you in me! I need you to take me, lay claim to me, and reaffirm everything that we have. Please, Alan!"

He was extremely aroused and very happy to oblige. He started to readjust his body to get in position.

But she pulled him close again until they were staring eyeball to eyeball. "Wait, young man. You don't understand. I'm not talking about any ol' fuck. I want you to fuck me so good, so hard, and so long that you leave me a gibbering idiot drooling in a straitjacket in an insane asylum! I want you, no, I NEED you to fuck me until I cum and then I'll be too sensitive and you'll have to stop. Only you won't stop, you'll just keep fucking and fucking and fucking until I beg for mercy but you won't care, you'll just keep on fucking like a madman until we both pass out! Do I make myself clear, young man?"

"Wow," he replied, genuinely intimidated by the tall and passionately expressed order. "I don't know. I mean, I just came once already a few minutes ago."

She said with great confidence, "You can and you will. You did it to me once before, and that was the sexual highlight of my life. If I'm going to be a total fucking idiot and stick with you despite the harem, despite the incest, despite über-bitch Heather, despite my job, and despite all the other craziness that seems to stick to you like glue, you need to do this one thing for me. Then, once I'm a gibbering idiot, I won't have to worry about all that other stuff. You see?"

He grinned. He knew she didn't really want to be a "gibbering idiot" but she did want the greatest sex she'd ever had. As he silently positioned himself, he tried to psych himself up. Okay. That is a tall order. A really tall one. Especially if she knew everything that's happened to me today already. I'm mentally and physically at the end of my rope. But I can do this! One last hurrah. Everyone's always talking about me like I'm some kind of super stud and even a "fuck lord"; this is my chance to live up to the hype. I've done this "royally fuck her brains out" thing before with Glory and I can do it again. I know I can!

As he lined up his erection with her sopping wet pussy, she said, "What are you thinking? ... Wait. Don't tell me; I'm asking too much. Don't worry if you don't feel up for all that; you don't have to really-"

But she never got to finish her thought because he suddenly pushed into her, impaling her all the way in one deep stroke until he completely bottomed out, sliding alongside and then past her cervix.


Her eyes bulged out in cartoon comic fashion. "Hoooooly... mother of God! DAMN, that's deep!"

His grin widened as he saw her responding just like he'd hoped she would. He started stroking in and out, building up a steady rhythm.

At first, she just struggled to catch her breath and adjust to what he was doing, but soon she grew more relaxed and was able to just lay back and enjoy it. For now, she was content for him to do all the work. Since he was plowing in and out with such fervor there was little she could do with her hips or pussy to affect things much in any case.

After a couple of minutes she said, "Damn you, Alan Evan Plummer, damn you! Fuck YOU!"

"What?" He still grinned because he knew from the look on her face that she was far from mad at him.

"Why do you have to be such a fucking good fucker? It's not fair. And then you have to be so cute and lovable to boot. No wonder you have a fucking harem of Playboy bunnies or porn stars or whatever the fuck they are! Jesus!" Her whole body shook back and forth in time to his thrusts.

Grinning even more, he teased between huffs and puffs, "Are you using curse words? You're supposed to be a moral example for us kids."

She burst into near hysterical laughter. "Moral example? Right! Just look at me. I can see the newspaper headline tomorrow: 'Teacher-Slut Screwed to Death by Overly Endowed Student-Stud!'"

He laughed again, thrusting strongly all the while. Somehow the mock headline redoubled his resolve to see if he could really "screw her to death."

She thought, Good Lord, I AM getting screwed in my own bed by one of my students. How wrong! How wondrously, gloriously wrong! I'm so terrible. If the other teachers could only see me now...

He continued to drive into her with a steady and relentless rhythm. The deep throat blowjob earlier allowed him to keep stroking and stroking without worrying too much whether he would cum too soon.

He kept it up until she had a nice climax. But he recalled her earlier "demands" and knew that was just the start. Once she came, he figured that she would be overly sensitive, so he slowed down greatly.

But she wasn't having it. She tried squeezing his erection with her pussy walls, while attempting to thrust up with her hips too. But that didn't get the response she wanted, so she said, "If you're going to fuck like I'm fucking made of frickin' porcelain, then let me have a time out here so I can take a piss. Sheesh!"

Again, her words sounded harsh, but she and he were so giddy that it was obvious she was just having fun yanking his chain a little.

He rolled over and lay on his back so she could climb out. "Boy, you're really cursing like a drunken sailor today."

"What can I say? I'm just letting it all hang out. Which is why I'm going to... do THIS!"


She'd appeared to be walking away, but suddenly turned around and literally leaped into the air, throwing herself right on top of an extremely surprised Alan.

He just had enough time to brace himself for her landing so she didn't knock the wind out of him. Her body bounced up and down on his several times before finally coming to a stop. By the time he'd gathered his wits and stopped laughing, he realized she was straddling him and lowering herself down on his turgid erection.

"I told you not to go easy, young man. I'm not a fucking china doll!"

"I can see that. Damn, you're a spitfire! Was that a professional wrestling body slam move? Do you have a secret career I don't know about?"

She tickled him and joked, "Yeah! But I wear a mask so you can't recognize me. They call me The Body Slam Babe." She sat up on his chest.

"Uh-oh!" He tickled back. "I feel a role-play coming on!"

She laughed joyously. "Uh-oh, yourself! You're no match for the Body Slam Babe!" She tried to use her superior position straddled on top of his body to tickle him until he cried "uncle."

"Well, two can play that game!" Even though she was on top, he started thrusting his hips up, causing her to nearly fly completely off his erection more than once. After each such thrust she came crashing back down on him, re-impaling herself in a near violent and almost painful collision.

"Oh yeah?" she screamed. Clearly, she loved the competition.


For the next few minutes, the two of them engaged in a friendly but intense game of trying to out-fuck each other. He would do something like reach up and grasp at her breasts and yell, "Take that!" only to have her do something in return like reach down and twist one of his nipples and yell, "Take THAT!" All the while, she continued to bounce up and down wildly and both of them had to fight from laughing too much. Tickle attacks only made the laughter problem that much more difficult.

Eventually, after a particularly big tickle attack, he found himself back on top. Once that happened, he took control of the situation thanks to steady, driving thrusts. He said triumphantly, "So, you're the BS Babe? You try to bullshit people to death? Is that a commentary on the state of public education today?"

She laughed hard as she panted. "Please! ... No jokes! ... Can't breathe!"

He stopped joking because her burning cunt was driving him wild and all he wanted to do was fuck it until he drowned it in cum.

She soon was reduced to doing nothing but just trying to breathe consistently as he nailed her hard, again and again and again.

The mood swung from playful yet intense to serious, sweaty, and even more intense. As he built up an increasingly powerful rhythm, he said, "Now Glory... listen to me... You can't cum ... until I say so."

"Oh yeah?"


With that (somewhat) settled, he redoubled his efforts to fuck her harder, deeper, and better than he'd ever fucked anyone before. He twisted his hips in unexpected ways at times to throw off the rhythm and surprise her, which worked well.

He thought, Okay, I have to get into "The Zone," whatever the hell that means. I can't let myself cum for anything. I can't get tired. Can't slow down. Just fuck her brains out, fuck till she's begging. She's been so great for me that I've gotta give her all I've got!

Since his sex life had reached such crazy, overactive levels in recent weeks, he'd found a variety of ways to conserve his energy while having sexual fun. For instance he usually let the woman get on top and do most of the work, not out of selfishness but just pure survival instincts. Most of the time his relative laziness didn't matter since they had their orgasms too. But this time, he didn't hold back in any way. His body existed simply to provide her with the greatest orgasm she'd ever had.

She remembered the last time he'd fucked her like this, and the feeling of sheer helplessness that came over her back then. And sure enough, she felt that way again. He was simply relentless, an unstoppable force. Only it was more intense for her than before because of his command for her not to cum until he said so. It made her feel even more helpless in the face of his sheer erotic onslaught.

Before long, she was begging, "Please! Can I cum now?!"

But Alan, if he would answer at all, would only shake his head no, causing sweat to fly off his brow.

The urge for her to cum in the face of such a thorough nailing was nearly irresistible and it took all her willpower to hold out. But that willpower was slowly slipping away and she didn't want to lose face and cum without permission. For a while, she tried to make him cum before she did, but that didn't work at all because he was drilling her so hard that all she could do was lie there and take it.

Soon her pleas turned more into orders. "Let me cum! Goddammit, let me cum, you motherfucker!" Since it was technically true that he fucked his mother, she spat out "motherfucker" with particular relish.

The sweat seemed to be pouring off her by the bucket load, and the room had turned into a sauna of heavy sex-drenched air that made it even more difficult to breathe than before. She pleaded, "Goddammit, what's it going to take?! For the love of God, please let me cum! I'm gonna die!"

He had been steadily spiraling up and up to his own great climax, basking in his sexual success. He felt less like a human and more like a locomotive, always churning and driving and moving forward, completely unstoppable. He drew on energy reserves he didn't even know he had. But when she screamed with desperation "I'm gonna die!" he realized the time was right to bring the fun to an end.

V: Close-up view of Alan's cock penetrating Glory's gushing pussy

He started to slow, and yelled, "Cum! Cum now!" Then he drew back until his cockhead was barely connected to her pussy lips and rammed home one final time, thrusting as deep down into her as humanly possible.

Both of them screamed at the top of their lungs as his cum poured into the back of her pussy like molten lava. Her whole body twitched and shook as the supreme climax she'd been dreaming he could give her coursed through her, washed over her like a tidal wave, and, at least for some long and glorious moments, robbed her of all her sense and temporarily turned her into the very "gibbering idiot" that she'd been joking about.

Then their bodies started to crash from the great physical effort they'd just gone through and both of them passed out.


When Alan came to, he looked around and saw Glory sitting up on the bed, propped up on some throw pillows. She was bedraggled and sweaty but more beautiful than ever before, at least in his eyes right then.

She saw he was awake, smiled at him, and said in the most casual, off-hand tone of voice she could muster, "That was nice." She couldn't help but smile at her deliberate understatement. "Ready to do it again?"

He chuckled only a little, even though he found that hilarious, because he was too exhausted to laugh. "Cute," he finally said. He contemplated raising a hand to wipe the sweat off his face but decided he didn't have the energy to do it.


She raised an eyebrow enigmatically and smiled.

He just looked at her. Technically speaking, she wasn't looking her best, especially with the way her hair was mussed up in every direction. But he liked seeing her this way, and especially liked the just-fucked rosy glow on her face. After a couple more minutes, he recovered enough to sit up and say, "Glory, I love your 'morning after' look."

"Yeah, right," she quipped. "Truthfully, I look as if I've been ridden hard and put away wet, but after that monster fuck I figured that I needed to rest and recuperate AAAAAALLLL the way," she joked.

Alan smiled weakly. "After what we just did, I'm sure I look just as bad."

"You do," she replied, grinning. "But it's kind of hot." She got up, ruffled his already disheveled hair, then kissed him on the cheek. "Be right back," she said, disappearing into the bathroom. She was in there quite a while before she came back to bed and lay down next to him.

He asked her, "What took you so long?"

"Just douching." Seeing a rising panic on his face, she was quick to add, "And don't worry. I'm still on the pill, as you know. It's just that after a royal fucking like that, I feel better to take extra precautions. Call me superstitious, but I think extra special fucks like that are usually the ones that lead to babies. You fucked me so good and filled me up so much that if I tilt my head, cum is gonna pour out of my ear."

He found himself getting mentally aroused again at that thought of making her pregnant, even though his penis remained completely limp. That would be so very wrong, having my teacher waddle around with a big belly. By the end of the school year she'd be seriously showing and everyone would know that she's carrying my child. Our child.


I could just picture Heather staring at Glory, grinding her teeth as the smoke poured out of her ears. Glory would give her a lecture right in the front of all her students. "Now, class, we can learn an important lesson from Heather here, so listen up. Sure, you can dress like a slut all the time and get a boob job and a deep tan and practice your Kegel exercises all day long until you're super hot in the sack. Then maybe if you're lucky and you have good genes the class stud will give you a poke every now and then. But that doesn't mean that he loves you. That doesn't mean that he'll let you have his baby.

Let me tell you about the fun I've had with Alan Junior making this Alan Junior that's growing inside me! Hee-hee! Don't you wish your tanned and toned stomach was all swollen up like mine? But the poetic justice, Heather, is that now my breasts are nearly as big as yours, except without all the silicone. Oh, and enjoy your lunch, girl. I'll bet you that you won't be enjoying it as much as Alan and I will be enjoying ours, though."

Oh man! I'd just love to see Heather's face as Glory rubs her bulging tummy with profound contentment after telling her that! Hee-hee-hee...

Good God, what am I thinking? I think Sis must be slowly poisoning my mind with all her pregnancy talk. Cancel that daydream. Sheesh!

He brushed such thoughts aside as crazy ravings and merely said to her, "Yeah, that was pretty intense, wasn't it?"

"I don't have to tell you how good that was, lover. Can I call you that?"

"Of course. I really like it."

"Good. 'Cos I'm feeling so close to you right now. I don't know how you did it. I told you just how you should fuck me, and that's exactly what you did. Except for that one time you started to get wimpy on me and I had to take charge." She shot him a lopsided grin.

"Hey, well, you surprised me too. I can't believe you really wanted it THAT hard. I figured I shouldn't believe the BS coming from BS Babe."

Glory snorted in amusement. "Hey, that's Body Slam Babe to you. And I can body slam you right now to prove it."

Now he snorted. "Yeah, right. If you're as pooped as I am, I'll bet you can't even manage a hand slam." He raised a hand and dropped it onto her stomach.

She did the same to him while giggling, and somehow that led to them holding hands as they made a "hand slam" truce.

They were content to just lay there, basking in the love of the other, until he asked, "So, do you really like it that hard? Or was that a fiendish plot to kill me?"

She admitted, seriously, "Well, not all the time, or even very often, but once in a while it's good to be fucked to within an inch of my life to remind me just who owns my body and my soul."

Wow! he thought. She's sounding like a Susan or a Brenda all of a sudden. That's so startlingly sexy and powerful, coming from her.

He sat up a bit more and cupped her chin with one of his hands. "Glory, lover, you know I love you. And my love for the others in no way lessens that. I just want you to know that I mean that from the bottom of my soul."

She stared intensely into his eyes. "I know, love, I know. I love you too. Too much! It's pointless for me to fight it or deny it."

He let go of her chin and slumped back on the bed. "So where do we go from here? We still have all these problems. Your job. The other women. Incest."

She said, "I know. I've been thinking of nothing else since I woke up. But I've come up with an answer: the beach."

"The beach? What do you mean?"

She held his other hand. "I mean, the afternoon is still young, and you and I have a lot more reconnecting to do, both with our heads and our groins. I know I've only been gone from you a matter of days, but emotionally it seems so long. So we're gonna go to the beach. I want to show you my 'Surfer Girl' side. The only thing that can make me feel any better is if I ride a fuckin' ten foot wave, a fuckin' perfect tube! Then I can die with a smile on my face and I don't have to worry about the 'problems.'"

"Okay, the beach it is. I have some role-plays I need to get out of my system. Could something crazy like that happen on a beach?"

She grinned from ear to ear. "That could be arranged, especially considering the beach I want to show you." But to herself, she wondered, Speaking of body slams, I don't know if my pussy could take any more today after all the hard slamming he gave me there. But on the other hand, there's lots of other fun things we can do to each other.

He wondered where he'd find any more energy, but figured he'd be better after the nap that was already starting to overtake him. "But let's make the wild assumption that you don't die in the next few hours. What do we do about these other issues?"

"Well, I've been thinking. The incest, believe it or not, I can handle that. I saw so much heartfelt and deep love in your family that I don't mind so much. Not that I approve in the slightest, mind you. But as long as I don't have to see it with my own eyes or hear about it, I'm good. We can have our own 'don't ask, don't tell' policy."

"Okay. Works for me. And the other?"

"Well, as far as my job goes, I'm thinking we'll need to meet in school a lot less often and out of school a lot more often. I know Suzanne is keen to see you and me get together so I can help her give you backbone, like we were talking about earlier, so I'm thinking we can work out some after-school tutoring sessions. You finish your homework, and only then do we get to play."

He quipped, "So you give me backbone, and I give you bone."

She grinned, and then shivered with excitement as she thought about Suzanne's pale and curvy Amazon body again. "To put it crudely, yes. But as you can see, I have a pretty fuckin' dirty mouth once I let my guard down, so let me rephrase: fuck yeah!"

"Okay, cool. I fuckin' agree. So that problem at least is better, even though the danger of you getting fired still lurks." He thought especially about the likelihood of more Heather-inspired scheming, but decided that now was not the time to mention "the Evil One." Instead, he asked, "But what about the whole harem issue?"

"Ah. There's the rub. I can't find any good solution to that. Now that I've seen them in the flesh as a group I know it would be insanity to try to get in the way between you and the likes of Suzanne or Susan. They'd probably rip me to shreds if I even tried. I think the best we can do, again, is just a sort of 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. And don't come waltzing into my classroom at the end of lunch and tell me how good you just nailed Heather or one of her floozy friends if you plan on waltzing back out with all of your body parts still firmly attached. Is that completely clear, young man?"

"Yes, ma'am." Feeling cheeky, he asked with mock innocence, "So I take it a bisexual romp with you, me, and the über-bitch is out of the question?"

She clenched her teeth, but then laughed loudly when she realized he was just teasing. She said, "You're one lucky son of a bitch. If I had the strength to even lift my arm, you'd find out just what a 'bitch-slap' is all about."

He grinned. "So I'll mark you as undecided for now, then."

She turned serious. "Okay, you've had your fun, but please don't even joke about that. The mere mention of her name ruins my mood."

"Sorry. Seriously. I just couldn't resist."

She quipped, but with bitterness, "That seems to be your problem with women in general." But she immediately said, "Sorry. I didn't mean to be like that. Let me try again."

She sat there thinking for some long moments and her face grew sad. "But here's the tough part. That arrangement I just suggested may work for a while, but I don't think it can ultimately last. I'm thinking that we just have to enjoy these next six months or so, until the school year is over, and reevaluate from there. The odds are very good that you'll be going to college somewhere far from me and that circumstances will pull us apart. And if that happens, maybe it'll be for the best and make the breakup less painful."


"No buts! If you're planning something else, don't tell me, 'cos this is the only way I can justify my foolishness. And even if you do go, I'm running the risk that I will become so attached to you that I'll follow you around to the ends of the Earth like the gibbering idiot you just made me."

They both grinned a little at that, and then she continued, "I hope not, because I so very much want to meet a nice, normal guy, have a nice, normal marriage, and then have two point five kids and the white picket fence dream. It's corny and boring sounding, I know, but it works for me. But who knows? We'll just have to play it by ear, day by day. Six months is an eternity. Look how much you've changed these last two months. Heck, in another two months you'll probably be living in a giant sultan's palace with fifty wives all naked and in chains."

"That's the plan," he joked.

She just rolled her eyes. Then she grew serious. "Alan, my love, the one thing I ask is please don't play with my emotions. Don't play me for a fool. If we were to break up, it can't possibly be as big a deal to you as it would be to me. You've got fallback options, big busty women to ease your heartbreak. All I have is you now. I'm putting my heart in your hands."

"I understand that. The thing is, I've never really been in a serious relationship before. I'm new to all this stuff. But I'll try my very best. I promise."

"Hold me!" she suddenly cried.

And despite the fact that both of them were still in bed and completely naked, that was all they did as they held each other in an emotional embrace. In truth, had they had more energy it would have been a good time for them to reaffirm their connection with more sex. But both of them were so completely wiped out that more sex was the last thing on their minds.

Before long, sleep started to overtake both of them at the same time.


As she started to drift off, she thought, I must be the biggest fuckin' idiot in the history of the planet. I know my six month plan is only going to lead to greater heartbreak down the road, but what else can I do? I love him so much! It's not just the fantastic sex we have together, it's everything about him.

In fact, the greatest thing about the sex we just had wasn't the fact that I just had the biggest multiple orgasm of my life; it's that he tried so hard to please me. Maybe these next six months will be the highlight of my life and everything will be a hollow shell after that. Frankly, I don't know how I'll ever be "normal" again and see my way to my cherished white picket fence dream after I've been on the Alan roller coaster ride. But I have to try. Joining the harem and living a life of shame is simply not an option. For now, I'm just gonna live life to the fullest, day by day, and screw the future.

And as he started to slip into sleep, he thought, Man, I never expected THAT! This is yet another dream come true. How is it that so many things are going so right for me? I don't know what I'd do without her; she's like my compass. She IS my backbone, maybe even more so than Suzanne is. Whenever I have a tough decision, in the back of my head there's always that thought, "What would Glory think about this?" We're gonna have so many good times! Six whole months! Wow!

Minimum. Maybe I'm a greedy bastard, but I don't ever want to let her go. If only she could join the harem, then everything would be totally perfect. She's one of the five women I love the most, even more so than Brenda or Christine.

Well, I'll have to just take what I can get for now, and see how things go. I'll just have to show her all my love so that in six months she'll realize we need to be together no matter what, with her as part of the harem or not. Whatever it takes, as long as we can stay together. True love conquers all.

Both of them fell asleep cuddled together with contented smiles on their faces.

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