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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 122
Good Vibrations
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Christine was fit to be tied. As she drove her car, she thought to herself, This is serious! Alan is in extreme danger! Katherine and Amy are in serious danger too. Yet they all seem to be taking a "que sera sera" attitude. The football game is less than 24 hours away and all Hell will break loose then. I just know it.

We need to plan. Strategize. Prepare! Alan mentioned something about how his family has their Thanksgiving meal early, and my family doesn't have it until late. Plus, he's a notorious napper, and especially after a big meal like that he's gonna be zonked out. So now's the perfect time to stop by the Plummer house for an 'accidental' visit. With any luck, Amy and Katherine will be there too, and so can help with planning security precautions for them all.

As her car got closer to the Plummer house, she thought, I just hope he doesn't think I'm weird, like I'm stalking him or something. It's absurd that a girl like me would be stalking anybody, no matter how sexually talented and handsome they are. It's just that all those football players are going to be in close proximity to him, and going there without preparations is pure insanity! He'll understand once I explain.

I mean, it's not like I just wanna be near him or anything like that. I'm just so concerned because, well... it would be irresponsible for me not to be. Plus, he basically made me his official bodyguard. It's my duty! I'm not just going to his house because I want him to kiss me again; I'm not even THINKING about that. Besides, if Amy and Katherine are there, and why wouldn't they be, there wouldn't even be any chance for him and me to get intimate. Er, I mean, private.

Oh God! I sound like I've got some kind of crush on him or something, which is absolutely ridiculous. True, I've had some pretty intense feelings for him, but that's in the past now. He's made it perfectly clear that he just wants a platonic relationship, and that's exactly what I want too. Nothing more, nothing less.

I wonder if this outfit is sexy enough though. I wanna look HOT! God, I hope this is sexy. I'm even showing some cleavage for once. And what's wrong with looking a bit sexy? Just because he wants to be platonic, can't I still dress a little bit provocatively? After all, we have fun flirting. And if he changes his mind about me, would that be such a crime?

Christine was wearing a sleeveless blue-and-white top that did show a good amount of cleavage (by her standards). It was a bold departure from her usual attire, especially since she was wearing relatively short shorts as well. She figured she could justify it by the fact that it was a holiday, and she was dressing more casually than she did at school. It was also an unusually warm day for that time of year.

Christine tried to convince herself that she was visiting Alan on "official business" only, but her feelings betrayed her. The closer she got to his house, the more nervous she became (not to mention hot and bothered).

As the Plummer house came into view, she was telling herself yet again to relax when something out of the ordinary caught her eye. There was a car parked right in front of Alan's house, which in and of itself wouldn't have made her look twice, but there was a surfboard on the roof.

She slowed down as her car got closer. Suddenly, it hit her: there was someone still sitting in the car, and her hairstyle looked very familiar, even from the back. Curly blonde hair, bunched up on the top of her head and held up by a distinctive red ribbon... Holy crap! That's Ms. Rhymer! It must be her because she surfs too!

She hit the brakes and brought her car to a halt at the curb about a hundred feet away and still directly behind where Glory sat in her car, since there were only a few cars parked on the street. Because she was right behind Glory, she didn't worry much about being seen and took the opportunity to stare blatantly to make sure that her identification was correct.

Christine sitting in her car

It's gotta be her, she thought. It's a very distinctive hairstyle. Plus, she's tanned just like Ms. Rhymer. Hell, I can even see those small, teased curls by her ears. That's GOT to be her! Not only that, but the surfboard and all the rumors about Alan having something going with his teacher... Holy Toledo! They must be true! Those rumors, they're actually true! What possible legitimate excuse would Ms. Rhymer have for seeing him at his house, on Thanksgiving no less, unless they're having an affair?

Well, maybe not. I suppose she could be visiting the whole family for some kind of social visit. After all, I doubt that he's the only one home in the middle of the day. But why is she just sitting in the car? I've been here for almost a minute now, and she's just sitting there! This is too weird!

Christine settled in to observe. She was glad that she was wearing dark glasses, although she realized that they wouldn't help hide her identity much because her curly hair tassels made her hairstyle at least as distinctive as Glory's. She slumped down in her seat and was prepared to slump down more if Glory started to turn her head around.

As she waited, she thought, What the hell am I doing here?! This really is beginning to feel like stalking! What if he IS having an affair with her? Would that be so bad? True, that would be a firing offense for her, but it's really none of my business. I'm just here as a bodyguard. God knows he's having sex with a lot of women, so what's one more, even if it is his history teacher?

So why am I burning with jealousy?! Dammit! I hate feeling like this!


Several minutes earlier, Alan had walked into his house still wearing the suit he'd left with, except now he was holding his coat. He heard squeals of delight as he closed the front door, and correctly guessed they were coming from his mother.

Susan shouted from the kitchen, "Tiger? Is that you?" She rushed into the living room as she was saying this and managed to visually confirm that it was indeed him.

Her squeals of delight turned to squeals of distress as she stared at him from across the living room and foyer, and then looked down at herself. "Tiger! I wasn't expecting you until later. Oh dear, I'm not even topless!" She had been cleaning the kitchen and was wearing some old and purely functional clothes that she didn't mind getting dirty.

Alan tossed his jacket on the underwear cabinet and kept walking towards his mother. He grinned. "Well, I know one way to fix that problem."

"That's true!" She pulled her blouse over her head. But to Alan's great surprise, she hurried off away from him instead of towards him. She bee-lined to the telephone by the kitchen counter even as she struggled to free herself from her blouse, and then dialed a number. All she said into the receiver was, "Alan's home!" Then she hung up.

Gloriously topless, now she made her way towards him. As she did, she yelled loudly, "AAAAAAANGEL! Tiger's home!"

Alan had been steadily advancing towards her while she was calling, and they finally met and fell into an embrace and passionate kiss. Since Susan was topless, Alan's hands rapidly found their way to her full-to-bursting breasts.

As their kiss broke, Alan hefted up Susan's tits with both hands, cupping them from below. "I've only been gone for a couple of hours and I already miss these babies."


"And they miss you!" Susan replied excitedly. "UNGH!" She grunted loudly, because of the way he was aggressively fondling her incredible knockers. "Mmmm! Tiger, you really know how to put this big-titted mommy in her place!"

He chuckled to himself. As if that's hard to do! I swear, all I have to do is touch her anywhere, and she starts moaning like she's on the verge of a big orgasm. I love it! Dang, these things feel so soft and squeezable!

For once, she didn't go for his penis, but just stood there and reveled in the way he was fondling her rack. She encouraged him, "Don't stop there, please. They're ready for a good milking too. See how they're leaking a bit? But enough small talk. Did you have a good fuck? Did you give Glory a good taming?"

While Susan was talking, Alan could hear the clomping of feet coming down the stairs. It sounded like a herd of elephants but in fact was just Amy and Katherine. And even as he heard that, he looked past Susan out to the back yard where he saw Suzanne scurrying her way towards the sliding door leading into the house. In her hurry to come over she'd gone through the gate between their backyards.

Amy, Katherine, and Suzanne all seemed to simultaneously arrive in the kitchen where Alan and Susan stood, with his hands on her big breasts.

Susan shouted out to the others, "I was right! Tiger gave her a royal pounding!"

Alan laughed. "How do you know that? I haven't even said anything yet."

"I just know. The look in your - UGH! - eyes." Susan let out a loud grunt while talking just as she and Alan were smothered in a hug by Katherine and Amy. Only Suzanne stood a ways off, as she thought joining in such a hug wouldn't be very dignified.

"Brother!" Amy and Katherine happily shouted at the same time while seemingly trying to squeeze him to death.

Alan laughed. "What's up with you all? I was only gone for a couple of hours."

Katherine replied, "But they were such important hours! We've all been thinking of you, wondering how things were going. Would Glory be joining our harem yet? Why, Amy and I were so excited just now that we were having trouble shaving each other's pussies."

"So that's what took you so long," Alan said, thinking about the delay between Susan's yell upstairs and when the two of them finally clomped down the stairs.

Suzanne was trying to act cool and dignified, but she was having a hard time containing her curiosity. "Enough small talk," she complained. "Come on, you stud. What happened? We all know you fucked her, but we want details."

"Is it that obvious?" he asked.

Amy giggled. "You're all happy and glowing."

Alan ran his hand over Amy's cheek endearingly, and said, "Well, if you all let me breathe I'll sit down and tell you about it. But I have to be brief. Very brief. Glory is waiting out front in the car even as we speak."

This little revelation was met with ooh's of approval and knowing nods all around.

Alan sat down at the dining room table and the others joined him, filling up all the chairs there. Everyone kept their clothes on except for Susan, who deliberately remained topless. She also made sure to sit right next to him so that her milky breasts would remain within easy reach, in case his hands wandered.

Alan smiled at everyone and said, "Well, to make a long story short, yes, Glory and I had sex. And it was great. Epic, even. It just kind of happened. I don't think either of us was expecting it." He turned to Susan. "But no, Mom, I didn't 'tame' her. Glory's not a Brenda-type of woman."

Then he turned to Katherine. "And no, Kat, she won't be joining our harem now, or ever, probably. She's not like that either. She's having a hard time with things, but we've agreed that we're back together... kind of. It's complicated. We're just going to take things day by day. And she wants a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy - she doesn't want to know about my other lovers, and especially doesn't want to know what goes on in this house. Which helps explain why she's in the car right now. We're going to go to the beach for a couple of hours."

Suzanne said, "Well that's great. It's just as I hoped. But how do you FEEL about it?"

"How do I feel? I feel great! I just took a nap before I left her place but I'm still riding a wave of euphoria from before."

As soon as Susan heard that, she reached for Alan's crotch. But even as she did so, he stood up.

Susan complained, "Where are you going? Let's celebrate the good news! I say four-way blowjob, so we can all share in the fun! Is anyone with me?"

The faces of the others clearly showed they liked that idea. Even Suzanne looked keen.

But Alan started to walk away, and said, "As much as I'd love that, my dick isn't up for it. I'm really fucked out, no joke. Besides, now I've got to run 'cos I wasn't kidding that Glory's waiting in her car out front. I just came here to get a change of clothes and towel and whatnot for the beach."

"Oh, POO!" Susan pouted. The others looked disappointed too.

But Alan was serious about being in a hurry. He rushed out of the room and up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

The others left him alone as he went to his bedroom. He thought while he changed, It's pretty cool how they're all so excited to see me. But it is a bit much. Is it always going to be like this? I don't know if I can handle that much attention.

He put on a T-shirt and bathing suit, but also brought a windbreaker and sweat pants in case it got windy, as beaches sometimes did at this time of year.

He made it back downstairs to find all four women were waiting for him at the foot of the stairs.

Susan handed him a towel, then a bottle of water, and then a bottle of sun block. She was still topless, and said, "Son, are you sure you wouldn't like a nice glass of milk before you go? If you know what I mean..." She smiled and looked down knowingly at her bare chest. She rocked her shoulders ever so slightly, which made her magnificent breasts wobble enticingly.

"I'd love to, Mom, but I really have to run. I told Glory I'd be five minutes, tops. You know she's got big issues with the whole incest factor, and as she's sitting there with nothing to do she's probably imagining all kinds of depraved things happening in here."

Suzanne gave a chagrined look and couldn't help but mutter, "If only..."

Alan looked at his mother's leaking nipples and said, "Are you going to be all right?"

"Sure. These three will help me, I'm sure. But the next batch is for you, okay?"

"Sure, Mommy. I'll be back in a couple of hours to do just that." He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

He was going to leave it at that, and just kiss them on the cheek one by one before leaving, but Amy, at least, wasn't content to leave it at that. She rushed forward, giggling and shouting "Tit attack!"


The next thing Alan knew, his head was somehow surrounded by tit flesh, with Susan's bare beauties pressing into him on one side and Amy's pressing into him on the other.

Katherine saw what was going on and rushed to join what quickly became a group hug, with Alan in the center and big breasts pressing into him from every direction.

Suzanne normally didn't join in these types of activities, considering it undignified, and at first she held back. But she too gave in and joined in the hug. In fact, she was happy about times like these, because they helped her let her hair down, allowing her to enjoy life more than ever before.

With all four rubbing their breasts up against him like cats on scratching posts, Amy said, "M'kay, now you have to kiss the rest of us!"

Alan was getting a great kick out of all the love and attention, but he could feel events slipping out of control. First one hand, and then two more, found their way to his crotch. Tops were sliding down. Dang! I wish I could stay and enjoy the orgy that's about to break out, but I can't forget the fact that Glory is waiting in the car. I love her, and I have to treat her right! There will be plenty of other times for fun at home.

So he shouted, "Time out! Hug time is over."

The others reluctantly let go of him and stepped back.

He saw Katherine high-five Amy as she said, "I love your 'tit attack' idea, Aims! I think you just started a new Plummer tradition."

Alan rolled his eyes at that, and said, "Oh, brother." But, in fact, he was gleeful at the prospect too.

However, time was wasting. He quickly kissed Susan on the cheek again. Then he did the same to Suzanne. "And Mother." And then Amy. "Sister." And then Katherine. "Sis." Finally, he opened the front door and stepped outside.

He left all four women a bit bewildered at the brevity of his visit, and disappointed at how little information he'd shared with them. He'd left the door open behind him. As he walked away, he heard Suzanne say, "Look, this is how it's going to be. There's four of us and just one of him, not to mention the others. We're just going to have to get used to it."

But their disappointment didn't last too long. After the door closed they quickly fell into gossipy mode, and before long they were excitedly talking to each other about the implications of Alan and Glory getting back together.


Glory drove Alan to the beach. She told him they were going to a special beach and it would take a while to get there, so even though he'd taken a brief nap at Glory's house, he slept most of the way there. His energy problem was the same as ever, and he was extra tired lately from all the sexual activity.

But when they'd arrived he'd shaken off the grogginess and practically felt brand new. Glory drove them to the San Onofre State Park, and he woke up when they got to the gate where they had to pay a fee to enter.

Glory knew exactly where she was going. She parked her car at the top of a high cliff, which made it a long way down to the beach, but it was a pleasant walk. The weather was great, with very little wind for that time of year, and the view was fantastic.

Alan had never been there before, and asked, "What's so special about this beach that we had to come all the way here? You said that it was what, a half an hour drive? And then we have to drive through the park followed by all this walking."

Glory was carrying her surfboard (Alan had offered to carry it, but Glory wanted to hold "her baby") and it was a steep walk down, so she waited until they'd reached a flatter spot in the trail before replying, "Well, first of all, remember that I'm your teacher. I go to the out of the way beaches even without you just to avoid running into my students, but with you, I have to be even more careful than usual. That's one reason. But this is also one of the best surfing beaches on the entire West Coast. You know the song "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys?"

"Of course."

She sang:

"San Onofre and Sunset
Redondo Beach, L.A.
All over La Jolla
At Waiamea Bay

Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A. "

Glory looked at him expectantly. "You see? We're in the song."

Alan chuckled. "So it's really that good, eh?"

"Yep. When you see long, high cliffs like this, that almost always means good waves because there's usually a steep drop off to deep water. But that's not the only thing that makes beaches off high cliffs like this special..."

Alan waited for her to say more, especially since her voice rose in a way that sounded like her thought was incomplete, but she just kept walking down the trail. He didn't have much to say, especially since the trail was too steep to be conducive for lengthy conversations, so he just looked around as he walked down.

They were nearly to the bottom of the trail, which opened onto a dry riverbed cutting across the beach. "Hey!" he suddenly said out loud. He pointed to two men lying on the beach that he could see off in the distance. "Are my eyes deceiving me or do they have flesh colored bathing suits, or what?"

Glory laughed, her eyes were sparkling. "Or what. Like I was saying, the other thing that makes hard to reach beaches like this special is that that's where you'll find the nude beaches."

He'd paused in surprise, but he kept walking. "Whoa! Nude? You mean the whole beach?"

"Actually, no. As you can see, it's a very long beach, and most of it is a regular beach. It's only the little bit to the south of this gully in front of us that's the nude part. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, you talked about seeing the 'Surfer Girl' surf nude? We made plans to spend all day at the beach sometime? Well, I've been looking forward to that and it's finally here, even if it's only a couple of hours."

"Oh yeah. Cool. You don't know how long I've wanted to see you surf, but to do it nude - wow!"

She laughed happily. "Have you ever been to a nude beach before?"

"As a matter of fact I have. We went to Black's Beach over a month ago. That's the one time for me."


"Um, Amy, Suzanne, Susan, and me, to be honest. Katherine couldn't go for some reason. But one thing I remember from that was that there was this weird mix of nudists, mostly Europeans, gay men, and homophobic surfers. Is that how it is here?"

"Yes to the first two, but no to the latter. Since the vast majority of the long beach is not for nudists, the surfers don't need to come to the nude part. In fact, since it's Thanksgiving afternoon, most everyone will be off eating. I don't think we'll be seeing many people, surfers or not."

"But it's such a nice day," Alan pointed out.

"True, but see for yourself." They'd finally reached the bottom of the trail and Glory waved a hand in the air in the direction of the nude section. Sure enough, the beach was nearly empty. The two men he'd seen from higher up were the closest, but besides them Alan could only see a handful of people. And a couple of them appeared to be packing up their things to go.

"That's IT?"

"Well, as we walk you'll see some more back by the foot of the cliff. Nudists like their privacy. I was thinking we could find a secluded spot like that for ourselves. There are some nooks in the cliff wall that hide you from everyone except people walking right in front of you. And everyone walks on the water's edge, so they're like two hundred feet away at the closest." She smirked, but in a friendly way. "After all, I'm here with the notorious Alan Plummer. There's no telling when a sexual emergency might 'pop up,' so to speak."


"You don't have to worry about that. I'm totally sated from before." He left that comment deliberately vague, as he wasn't about to tell her about his encounters with Xania and then Heather earlier in the day.

"We'll see." But her look said, "Ha, fat chance of that!"

"No it's true. You really put me through the wringer."

"I put YOU through the wringer? HA! Look at me, young man, I'm not walking down the beach, I'm staggering." She started awkwardly shuffling along bowlegged for a few paces, until she heard Alan's guffaw of laughter.

They walked on through the nude part of the beach, but Glory explained that it was okay to wait until they'd picked a spot and put down all their stuff before undressing.

The spot they found was near the end of the beach, just before a fence bounding a military base. Few people would walk that far, and she picked a nook by the cliff wall that gave the privacy she'd described. She wanted to be ready for any sexual situation that might come up without having to worry too much about getting arrested.

"This is weird," Alan said as he pulled his shorts off. He really was worn out from before, and for once, he didn't have a hard-on.

But Glory looked at him as she undressed and said, "You know what I'll bet is weird for you? Having your shorts ON."

Alan grinned sheepishly, even as he felt his face growing warm. "I guess there's some truth in that."

"And you can't tell me that you're a stranger to being nude in public either. I've heard some strange rumors at school lately. Like, there was a rumor a few weeks back of a couple having sex buck naked in the upper parking lot. The more I think about it and learn about you, the more I suspect that it was you."

Alan blushed slightly. "No comment."

"HA! I knew it! You're incorrigible, young man, completely incorrigible. But if you'll excuse me, I have some surfing to do." To Alan's disappointment, she'd taken all her clothes off but then put a thick black wetsuit on. "You care to join me in the water?"

"Um, sure. But I was kind of hoping to see you surf naked."

"Sure, if you want to pay for the hypothermia medical bills. Don't be deceived by the sunny weather - the water's butt cold. The current comes down off the Bering Strait up by Alaska, you know, and it's a wee bit nippy up there."


Glory looked around conspiratorially. "Truth is, I've always wanted to surf naked, too. I'll make you a deal. If you wade out with me, maybe I'll hand you my wetsuit before I'm done."

"Sweet! Deal!"

Glory briefly explained a few things for Alan to watch for when she mounted and rode the waves, such as how cleanly she stood up on the board, the depth of her crouch and sway of her arms as she balanced, and so on. Then she went off to surf while Alan stood watching waist-deep in the water. Glory was right about the water being "butt cold," so Alan had to keep moving about to stay warm. One thing he'd never done before was swim in the ocean while naked, but he grew accustomed to it surprisingly quickly, although his teeth chattered a bit. He noticed Glory did a lot of paddling on her board instead of passively waiting for the waves to come, no doubt to help stay warm as well.

Glory gave the surfing her all to impress her lover, catching wave after wave.

The waves were about six to eight feet measured from the front, which looked impossibly huge from up close. It seemed to Alan like she was catching mini-tsunamis.

As he watched, he thought back to the two years he'd secretly lusted after Glory, and the many times he'd dreamt of being at the beach with her. So far, thumbs up on the reality meeting the high expectations. This is just like I dreamed it. In fact, the beach, the waves, the surfboard - it's like they were all taken straight out of my dreams. But what's totally amazing is that Glory really is "my girl" now. MY "Surfer Girl." She even dropped her boyfriend for me. Man, if any of my classmates could see us now...

Glory didn't stay out in the waves long - less than twenty minutes. She wanted to spend her time with Alan and surfing was a solitary sport. But she did keep her promise and shucked off her wetsuit while out in the ocean, then paddled to Alan and handed it to him.

As soon as she turned and paddled back towards the waves, Alan turned and sprinted back to the beach. He'd brought a camera and wanted some pictures of Glory surfing naked. So he hurried back to the shore line, snapped his pictures, and rushed off to put the camera away again. He also put her wetsuit away.


Glory didn't surf naked for long, really only a few minutes, catching just a few waves before she started shivering too hard. By the time Alan started wading back in the water, she was already coming out.

They were both all smiles as she waded close to him with her surfboard under her arm. "You bastard!" She shook her fist, but in a playful manner. "I'm gonna get you for that."

"You've got to catch me first!" Alan pretended to be afraid and got out of the water, then started running from her. But he made sure to run slowly and in circles so she could catch up.

Once Glory was back on dry land, she put her surfboard down on the sand high enough on the beach to prevent it from being washed away, and then ran after him.

"Young man, come here and take your punishment!"

"Fat chance!" Alan found it incredibly liberating to be running around in the nude. He didn't see anyone nearby, but he didn't really care if they were being watched or not. As far as he was concerned, the only two people in the world at that moment were him and Glory.

He let her catch him, or perhaps it was the other way around. Either way, they soon found themselves Frenching and rolling around in the shallow water. The water lapped against them and every now and then a bigger wave would come and wash over most of their bodies.

But Glory was shivering a bit and when the kiss broke she said, "Mmm, good, but cold. I'm so cold!"

Alan had been underneath but he rolled on top. "Then we should stay warm with our body heat." His dick was reviving and it pressed warmly against Glory's lower abdomen.

Glory laughed. "You truly are incorrigible, young man. But not here. This place looks deserted, true, but they do send police around here from time to time to check on lewd behavior. Just imagine the scandal if you and I got caught! Not to mention, this water is freezing me half to death." Just then another larger wave came by, nearly drenching Glory since she was underneath, accenting her point.

She said, "Okay, that's enough of that. Let's go back to our towels. My nipples are so hard they hurt."

"I can see that. I'll be right there; you go on ahead."

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere special. You'll see."

"All right. I like mysteries. I'll see you back there. But don't get TOO excited. I meant what I said earlier about my pussy being sore. And there are public indecency laws, you know. A little fooling around is okay, but sex on the beach..."

"...has to remain just an alcoholic drink," Alan quipped.

Glory groaned melodramatically, then picked up her surfboard and headed back to their spot.

Alan wanted to go back there too and towel off, but he wanted to find some props first. Some of Glory's comments had given him an idea for a role-play and he dearly missed his role-playing with her. Unfortunately, he had next to nothing to work with. But there was a lot of driftwood on the shore and after a couple of minutes wandering up and down the beach, he found a couple of pieces that were close enough for his needs.

When he got back to their nook, Glory was just finishing drying herself off, and was busy drying and combing her hair. Alan was disappointed to see her putting her hair back up since he liked how it hung down while she was in the water, but he didn't say anything about it.

He was surprised to find that he was already getting dry from the wind and the sun, so he launched straight into his routine. As he got close to her, he said in his normal voice, "Glory, can you toss me my sunglasses?"


He caught her toss and put them on. Then he said in a completely different and dispassionate tone, "'Scuse me, ma'am. I'm afraid you've broken the law." He tried to put a bit of Southern twang into his voice in an attempt to portray a police officer in a small Southern town.

Glory immediately caught on. "Have I? Oh dear. What's the charge, officer?"

"Well let's see here." He brought out the big piece of bark he'd found, held it in front of him, and then brought a stick in his other hand up to it, making it look like he was writing up a ticket. "First of all, disturbing the peace."

"Disturbing the peace? How? I'm just sitting here minding my own business."

"That may be true, ma'am, but you're disturbing the peace... with your raving beauty."

She laughed, pleased at the compliment. "I'm sorry, officer. Is that all?"

"No, 'fraid not. You're also guilty of assaulting an officer... with your sexy ways."

She laughed harder, then went back into her role of pretend worry. "Oh goodness! That sounds serious. But may I ask - if you're a cop, why are you naked?"

"I'm an undercover cop, ma'am."

"You don't look very undercover to me. In fact, I don't see any cover at all. How do I know you're not just some naked pervert holding a stick and some bark?"

Glory was sitting down by now and Alan was standing. He stepped forward until his erection was practically in her face. "For your information, this is extremely expensive camouflaged police equipment. And do I have to show you my badge?"


She looked at his dick which was nearly hitting her in the nose. "No, I can see your credentials are most impressive. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to make a citizen's arrest."

"Why's that, ma'am?"

"Assault with a deadly weapon." She grasped his stiffness and started stroking it.

"Now, hold your horses, ma'am. I'm the one making charges around here." Using a catchphrase from the South Park TV show, he said with a grin, "Respect my authoritaaaaiigh."

She knew the line and laughed again. She was on an emotional high - just the fact that she was taking part in another role-play with Alan gave her a warm and happy feeling.

"Now, lady, either I can take you down to the jailhouse or you can pay for your crimes right here."


Glory asked as she stroked, "Well, what's the punishment?"

Alan got down on his knees, forcing her to let go of his cock. "Forty lashes. No, make that one-hundred lashes... of my tongue on your pussy."

"That's a fair cop," Glory quipped. She spread her legs as Alan lowered his body some more and dropped his head between her legs. But then she broke out of character and said, "But you really don't have to do that. At the very least, let's make a sixty-nine."

"No," he said decisively, dropping the accent and the pose. "I want to do this, and just this. I want to give this 100 percent of my attention. You've given me how many blowjobs by now? I want to even the score. Besides, my dick is still pretty satisfied from earlier. What would give me the most pleasure is to see you have pleasure. I wanna hear you cry out in ecstasy."

"That can be arranged," she joked again. "Oooh! You're not wasting time!"


Even as Alan was talking he was getting into position, and he started right in on licking her pussy lips. Truth be told, he'd gotten quite spoiled with so many blowjobs, titfucks, and fucking every day and he hadn't gone down on his women all that much. He still didn't really know what he was doing down there. But he truly wanted to do this just to make Glory feel good, and he was determined to do it as well as he possibly could.

After a minute or two, Glory laughed and said, "That's so sweet. I love you too."

Alan chuckled and kept going. He was using the well-known alphabet trick where one draws the letters of the alphabet over a woman's sensitive zones to make sure the tongue is always doing different things. But instead of just going straight through the alphabet, he'd spelled out, G L O R Y I L O V E Y O U.

Now that he knew she was paying attention to what he was "spelling," he began "writing" all kinds of loving and heartfelt messages for her. So she was doubly assaulted, with his inspired licking and his creative messages. She'd say each letter he made out loud to make sure she got it, and if she didn't he'd make the same one again. Sometimes she deliberately failed to catch on to his spelling if his tongue was doing something particularly nice.

Before long, he started to catch on to what worked best and what didn't and ditched the lettering system.

Glory was a bit sad to see it go. But she didn't mourn its loss for long because soon he had her panting and loving his attentions.

Alan had been licking entirely on the outside, only occasionally flicking her clit. And while that felt very nice for Glory, she wasn't in danger of cumming anytime soon. But then he upped the ante. He started tonguing inside her pussy while rubbing her clit between two fingers.

That really got Glory hot. She'd been moaning and cooing and saying sweet nothings, but when she said, "Oh God, I can feel it coming, I'm going to cum so hard," Alan suddenly stopped.

"What?" She was surprised. "Why'd you stop?"

Alan pulled up his head and looked at her. "You're not allowed to cum yet, okay?"

"Okay, I guess. But why?"

"Just trust me. And how are we doing with strangers? Anyone see us yet?" Glory was sitting up against the base of the cliff while Alan had his face between her legs, so she was in a great position to watch for passersby.

She giggled. "No. Well, okay, maybe one or two. They turned around as they got near, but I don't know if that's 'cos they saw us or if they were just ending their walks near the fence anyway."

Alan dived back in. He continued his more aggressive methods to great effect. He knew he was getting to her because she started clamping her legs into his head, squeezing him as if in a vise. She couldn't help it - her muscles were tensing up as she tried to hold off her climax.

Alan wanted to step things up another notch, but he didn't know how. He was already poking his tongue as far into her as it could go, over and over, and his tongue muscles were getting very tired. His face seemed covered in pussy juice. The way he was working her clit seemed to be getting an especially strong reaction and Glory was literally begging for mercy. But it still wasn't enough for him. He wanted Glory to have the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had.

He considered sticking a finger up her anus, but so far he'd gotten the impression that she didn't go for anal play that much. Besides, he'd have trouble reaching it given the way she was sitting. But he'd been finding out that the perineum, the area between the pussy and asshole, was surprisingly sensitive, so he started stroking and probing her there with teasing and soft touches.

That worked wonders too. Soon, Glory's gentle pleas to cum turned into increasingly aggressive demands. "Young man, I need to cum! I need to cum right now! If you don't give me permission, well... it's gonna be... bad news!"

Alan laughed, finding it funny that she was trying to bully him into letting her do something that she was having to strain not to do in the first place.

"I'm serious!" she continued with an increasingly ragged voice. "Are you listening to me, young man! Come ON! Alan, my love, if you don't help me out here soon, I'm going to explode!"

But Alan just kept on licking and stroking.

Her demands soon turned back into pleas. "Alan, please! I'm desperate here!" She was huffing and puffing, hardly able to talk now. "Where... how... how is this... going to end?!"

Suddenly, she cried out, "PLEASE! For the fucking love of God, let me CUM!"

Alan didn't even stop his tongue-fucking, but he took the hand that had been working her perineum (and playing with her anus just a bit), and raised it up above her thighs. Then he used that hand to make the 'thumbs up' gesture.

"Thank fucking Gaaaadddddeeeeaaaaiiiieeee!" Glory screamed uncontrollably as her entire body shivered and shook. She was completely heedless of the fact that she was in a public place, and in fact for the last few minutes she'd completely forgotten that she was even at the beach.


Alan felt like his head was a nut in a nutcracker, because Glory was squeezing her thighs as she came without thinking about what that might do to him. She was too lost in the moment to be heedful of such things. To make it worse, her thigh muscles were very strong. Alan had to grab her knees with both hands and try to pry her legs further apart as her multiple orgasm just seemed to go on and on forever.

But finally it was done. Glory slumped down and then flopped over into the sand altogether, as if she'd been shot by a firing squad.

As she slowly began to grow aware of her surroundings, she realized her face was half-planted in the sand. She sat back up and tried to brush her face clean.

Alan was now sitting up on his heels between her legs. He was looking forward to her reaction.

She stared at Alan in amazed admiration for a minute or more while her mind came back to the world. Then she said with awe, "Jesus H. Christ! Alan Plummer, whatever am I going to do with you? I thought you were a great lover before, but if you keep it up with great pussy licking like that, well... I don't know what! But you're a menace to society!"

Alan laughed. "A menace to society? I was hoping you might say something more complimentary."

"You know what I mean, young man. That's a very high compliment. I mean that you're so good at sex, not to mention lovable and an all around good guy, that it's positively scary!"

Alan beamed. He could tell that she wasn't just saying that.

She slouched down, exhausted. "I'd like to reciprocate, but can you take a rain check for a while? I'm just too wiped out. That whole making me wait to cum thing, that's just downright deliciously evil."

"No worries. I meant it when I said I just wanted to make you happy and show you how much I love you. Good pussy licking is damn hard work! Your thighs practically popped my head like a grape! But not only that, my dick is probably feeling as sensitive and sore as your pussy is right now."

"Oh. OH! ... Okay, well, in that case, why don't we go for a walk? That'll help me come back to the world of the living a bit. Did you know that the word for orgasm in French, petite morte, means little death?"

"I do. And believe me, I've thought about how true that is many times lately."

Glory frowned because his comment reminded her about his other lovers, and the great sex he no doubt shared with them too. But she brushed that aside and said, "We might as well put on our clothes because the only way to walk from here is the non-nude part of the beach."

"Okay. Are you just going to leave your surfboard and wetsuit and stuff here?"

"Yeah. I don't want to walk so far that we won't be able to keep an eye on the gully that would be the only escape route for a thief. Besides, that's another reason to dress, so we can make sure we have all our small valuables with us."


The two of them set out on a walk down the beach, walking hand in hand. They passed the occasional nudist while they were in the nude section, but neither of them gave the others much thought. Both of them liked to think that they were on their own private beach.


They were basking in the afterglow of great sex (even though Alan hadn't cum, he still felt great), so they were content for a while to just hug or hold hands. But after five minutes or so of silence, Glory stopped and asked, "So, lover, what are you thinking?"

"What am I thinking? So many things. For one thing, I'm looking at those surfers out there" - they had crossed into the non-nude section and there were a number of surfers catching waves right in front of them - "and thinking about how talented you are in that. What's it like to catch a wave?"

"What's it like? I can't even begin to tell you. Some say it's better than sex, but after what you did to me today, I'd say it's a darn close call. That's how incredible it is. Think of the rush you get when you're on a roller coaster and you're at the top of a high climb and all of a sudden your cart starts speeding down. It's like that, but that's just for starters. On a roller coaster, it's passive. You're just sitting there."

She went on, "But with surfing, it's all your skill that got you to the lip of the wave in the first place. So there's a great sense of accomplishment. But it's more than just that, too. There's this feeling of harmony, of a oneness with nature. The energy! There's just so much energy, and power, and you're riding it like riding a wild bull! I've heard it said that a three mile long six foot wave has the same power as an atomic bomb, and I believe it."

She continued, "And that's just for starters. I could go on all day. I guess a big thing is that, the whole time, I feel a hundred percent alive. Make that a thousand percent. I have to use all my senses and concentration to get up and ride properly, a feel for the rhythm of the waves, all those almost imperceptible cues, the board's vibration, minute changes in balance to stay in sync with the surges - it's SUCH A RUSH! Getting dragged under the wave, gasping for air with your head smashing into the sand and feeling your body tossed around like a rag doll - it's like you've had a near death experience except it really isn't all that dangerous, so long as you know what you're doing."

"Hmmm," Alan said. "Do you know the song 'Wall of Death' by Richard Thompson? I'll bet it's like that."

"No. How's that go?"

Alan sang:

"Let me ride on the wall of death one more time
Let me ride on the wall of death one more time
You can take your chances on the other rides
This is the nearest to being alive
Oh, let me take my chances on the wall of death"

"Exactly!" Glory said. "It's exactly like that. I'd like to hear that song. In fact, I wonder if he wrote it about surfing."

Alan chuckled. "Sure, I'll make you a copy, but I doubt it. He's an old British folkie. R.E.M. covers it too. By the way, do you think you can teach me how to surf sometime? If it's as great as you say, I don't want to miss out."

"I'd love that. You name the time. Maybe before long people will be calling you 'Surfer Guy.'"

Alan laughed. "Yeah, right. Soooo... Lover, what are yoouuuuu thinking about?" he dragged out in a playful attempt at mocking Glory's standard afterglow question.

"Besides surfing? I'm enjoying watching those guys out there, too. But besides that, I'm thinking about what women all the world over obsess about 97% of the time: 'the relationship.'" She made little mocking quote marks in the air.

Alan grinned. "Ninety-seven percent, huh? I thought it was 98.6%."

She grinned back. "Shows what you know. We do have to spend some time thinking about buying shoes too, you know." She winked. "But it's true. I'm thinking about my 'menace to society' comment from before. Sometimes I ask myself how much of my attraction to you is about the sex. Now don't get me wrong, I'll admit that's a huge bonus, but I think that's all it is, a bonus, because I wanted you in a bad way even BEFORE I knew you were Mr. Super Stud. Do you remember how you and I got started? I practically threw myself at you, eagerly offering to help you out with your 'medical treatment.'" She put those words in mocking quotes too.

Alan frowned at that. "What do you mean?"

Glory realized that she'd made a mistake. Since she knew that the six-times-a-day treatment was just a scheme cooked up by Suzanne, she was prone to mock it. But she couldn't betray Suzanne's trust and reveal what the scheme was really all about, so she tried to cover her tracks. "I mean, that from my point of view, I couldn't care less about your medical treatment needs. Sure, I care about you getting over your tiredness problem, but for me I was interested in that mainly as a foot in the door so I could get sexually involved with you. Sorry if that makes me seem shallow, but that's what was on my mind at the time. I had it bad for you, young man! And as you can see, I still do."

Luckily, that mollified Alan and he asked, "Why is that? I mean, come on, I'm no teen heart throb. Back then, I was just a slightly good looking nerd. What was the appeal?"

"Good question. I've been thinking about that too. For one thing, you sell yourself short. You're both cute and handsome - a killer combination. Back then you were a diamond in the rough but I could see you were going to turn into a ladies' man someday. But besides that, I have to admit to some immature motives. You see, I was what you might call a late bloomer, physically speaking. Plus, my teenage years were very, very difficult. My family wasn't poor in the sense of living in a shack or anything like that, but we were in way over our heads. My parents were trying to live the upper middle class dream but they couldn't afford it. Debt collectors and even bankruptcy proceedings were always just around the corner. You see, my father was both a gambler AND an alcoholic."

"Oh geez. I didn't know."

"Well, it wasn't really bad. It wasn't like he beat me or my mom or even yelled at us. He was more of a 'drink alone and withdraw into himself' kind of alcoholic. I was completely oblivious at the time since my mom sheltered me, except that I knew we were skating on thin ice financially. Big time. I tried to help, and all through my teenage years and well into college I worked like a dog. I had to pay my entire way through college and then send money home besides."

"That sounds terrible! But what does that have to do with you and me?"

"Basically, I missed my teenage years. I didn't have ANY free time - I worked at a corner store nearly every free moment I wasn't in school or doing homework - and I had the 'ugly duckling' thing going on. All the 'beautiful people' made fun of me, and proms and dates and all that stuff passed me right on by. So in being a teacher, in some ways, I'm trying to live the high school years I never had. At least, I think that's how I was susceptible to having an affair with a student, now that I look back on it. Of course I love teaching too, so that's not my entire motive, but maybe it helps explain why I ended up teaching high school and not some other school age. But then you came along and turned my susceptibility to an affair into a completely different thing altogether. Talk about a wild ride!"

"Huh. That makes sense. It explains a lot of things, like why you're so friendly with me and some of the other students, and why you're so into school gossip and such. And it explains why you hate Heather so much."

"It does? How?"

"Well, she's one of the 'beautiful people' now. I'll bet she reminds you of the snooty, hoity toity people who made fun of you back then."

Glory pondered that as she walked. She finally said, "That's funny. I honestly never thought about it before, probably because there's such a long list of other reasons to hate her. But you're right, she does remind me of those stuck-up bitches. We had a Heather clone back in my day. Her name was Marlene. Actually, Heather's ten times worse than Marlene ever was, but they're both cut from the same cloth."

She grimaced. "Why you have sex with that fake blonde is beyond me. Okay, sure, I have to admit she's got the looks. She could be a professional model, easily. But after seeing the OTHER women you're with, it's not like you're hurting for sexy partners! I mean, come on! Why bother with Heather, when you've got the likes of Susan and Suzanne? Not that I'm advocating you-know-what, but the plain fact is they're jaw-droppingly beautiful. Especially Suzanne. When she walks into the room, it's like Venus or Aphrodite herself is right there. Her sexy aura, it's like... standing next to the sun! It's too intense!" Her eyes grew distant and dreamy.

Alan laughed. "I've noticed you have a thing for her. I've seen the way you look at her."

Glory stopped in her tracks and stared hard at Alan. "I DO NOT! What are you talking about?! I'm not attracted to her in the slightest! I'm just, well, intrigued by her effect on others. I'm interested in observing that."

"Yeah, right." Alan was going to say, "And I can see how your nipples are interested in observing her too," but he thought better of it and kept his mouth shut. However, even his sarcastic "yeah, right" was enough to land him in hot water.

Glory's face grew red and she aggressively poked him in the chest. "Listen, young man! I am NOT interested in Suzanne, or any other woman! Got it? I don't swing that way, period! I can only imagine that you're having all kinds of wild orgies with bisexual women, but I don't want any part of that. No way, José! Don't even THINK about trying to drag me into that perverted scene!"

"Hey, I never said a word like that to you, did I? I'm just saying that when you look at her-"


Glory interrupted, finishing his sentence, "I show a certain admiration for her many fine qualities. I know she's very intelligent, wise, beautiful, friendly, and, well, just all-around impressive. Why shouldn't I admire her? The fact that she's a wild bisexual tigress in bed with each of her tits as big as my head calling out her seductive song like a siren has absolutely nothing to do with it! Nothing! I can't help that she radiates and personifies sex with those big pouty red lips of hers and her mesmerizing green eyes and her oh-so-sexy curly..." Her voice was softening and becoming wistful, but she finished with a sharp, "Well, you get the picture!"

Alan realized that he'd hit a very touchy subject. "Okay, already! Sorry. I'll admit I'm totally wrong there. It's not like we've ever broached the subject of bisexuality, so I had no idea how you felt about it."

Glory huffed, "Well, now you do." She resumed walking. "And don't you forget it!"

"Okay, fine." But he thought, It's plain as day that she's got some kind of thing for Suzanne but she's in deep denial about it. If I'm smart, I'd better not even touch that with a ten-foot pole. Although it would be pretty cool if she could get it on with my other nymphos. But she's not even close to being mentally ready for that. Maybe someday though.

Wisely changing the subject, he said, "Getting back on track, I was saying that I think you're just as beautiful as anyone else. Even the likes of Suzanne. Okay I'll admit that if there was a beauty contest, someone like Suzanne would get the top marks. But the way we feel about a person colors our attraction to them too. All I know is that every time I look at you, I'm filled with lust and love and all kinds of powerful things. I want to rush up to you and kiss you and make love to you. Believe me, it makes sitting in your class for an hour every day very trying!"

Glory laughed and then smiled. She stopped again and said, "You say the sweetest things, even if they're all lies." Then she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.


The two of them smooched for a minute or so. Then they kept walking, hand in hand again. But Glory was worried about her surfboard so she turned them around and they began walking back.

She said, "I know what I like about you: your good nature, your smarts, your humor, your adorable looks, your good taste in things... Stop me any time."

"I'm in no hurry."

She laughed. "But seriously, what do you see in me, aside from, 'Hey, I get to bang my sexy teacher?'"

Alan looked at her with concern. "Glory, I love you and that's all there is to it. Nothing else matters. Sure, at first I was attracted to you for your looks, but as I got to know you better your looks became secondary because there's so much more to you. It's what's inside you that I love and admire the most, even though you're still a total hottie." He winked. "I wouldn't care if you had an extra foot growing out of your forehead; you're Glory and I love you."

"But why?"

"Oh boy. Glory, it's like you trying to describe why you love surfing." He stopped and put a hand on her shoulder.

She turned his way and they stared into each other's eyes.

He said, "I can't put it all into words. But one big thing is that I feel like you're my mentor, or even my muse. When I come across something neat, I'm always thinking, 'I wish Glory could see this. I'll bet she'd like it.' And when I do something clever, I can't wait to tell you about it. Your opinion means so much to me! It started out as you being my favorite teacher, but it's evolved into so much more. I want to share everything with you! If I'm going to sit down and have a deep conversation with someone, I want that person to be you, first and foremost. I value your opinions and your feelings so much! And you always have fun and insightful things to say. You're the first person I think of when I find something to share. I could just spend all my time with you. We click together so well, don't we?"


Glory's breath caught in her throat. Does he mean it? Does he understand what he just said? This is TRUE LOVE! Good Lord, I could just DIE of pure JOY!

She could feel her eyes getting moist. "We do, and that's the problem. You're not just an eighteen-year-old hunk I'm having a fling with. I want to spend every hour of the day with you, too. We have such a good time, even without the sex. I feel this strong bond, like we don't even need to talk to understand each other. Just being close to you makes me happy. And then you add the sex, and it's like - whoa! This is something powerful, something magical."

Her look turned pained as she stared straight ahead and not at Alan. "But then I see you with all those others. Even Heather, for Christ's sake! Wouldn't you rather be with me than that skanky bitch? Are you just hooked on the variety of having a dozen busty babes at your beck and call?"

His voice was pained. "Glory, it's not like that. Every woman I'm with, I have a serious emotional connection. Yes, even Heather. I've made some mistakes and done some things with her that I'm not exactly proud of, but that's taught me important things about myself too. I feel emotionally invested in her, even though I certainly do NOT love her. Besides, she was the one who glommed onto me and now that she's sunk her claws in my flesh it's not easy getting them out without a lot of blood getting spilled. But I know I'm making a difference with her; incredible as that may sound. Believe it or not, I'm slowly curing her of her bitchiness."

Glory chortled, "Yeah, one cum load at a time. You're a regular Mother Teresa."

"We've talked about this before and I'm sorry if you can't understand. I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoy having sex with her. But it's not just sex; it helps me too psychologically. With her, I can blow off steam and let my 'Bad Alan' run wild. If I didn't have that vent, we'd probably see a lot more 'Bad Alan' popping up elsewhere where he doesn't belong."

Glory put her hand over her eyes as if she was too embarrassed for him to even look his way. "Please spare me the images of you and Medusa in bed together. That's fodder for my nightmares. What ARE you afraid to admit?"


"You said you're not afraid to admit you enjoy having sex with her - what is it about your relationship with her that you are afraid to admit? If you don't mind me asking."

Alan thought, and then said sheepishly, "Well, here's one thing. I was really busy at one point and Heather wanted to spend time with me, so she got one of her nerdy admirers to write a 20-page English paper for me."

Glory was scandalized. "Alan! I expect so much better than that from you! You see what I mean? She's pure evil and every second you're around her, you're not bringing her up to your level, she's dragging you down to hers."

"I'll admit it's been like riding a tiger, but I also have to admit I love the challenge. Maybe it's like the satisfaction you get from riding a long wave. If I can bring the good Heather out into the light, then I can accomplish what no one else has been able to do. Did you know that her parents sent her to a couple of therapists? In the end, I think it was the therapists who needed therapy to recover!"

Glory stared intently into his eyes. "This is bad news all the way. Bad news! You need to put a stop to your Heather foolishness. This paper isn't the only foolish thing you've done with her, is it?"

Alan looked down defensively for a moment. He failed to answer her question, but said, "Please. Let me handle her. I know what I'm doing. Besides, remember the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy we came up with today?"

"I remember, but I don't know what to do about that. You've put me between a rock and a hard place. Lover, I feel so strongly for you. I can't just throw you to the wolves. From what we've talked about before, I know your biggest problems for the rest of this year and beyond will have to do with your 'too many women' problem. I worry about this 'Bad Alan' that you talk about, plus the temptation to put hedonistic sex with more and more women above all the wonderful things that make you the man I love. The saying 'power corrupts' is so true, and the only thing preventing that from happening are checks on power. I feel obliged to be one of those checks. Suzanne is right that you do need my help. I can't just stand by and watch you get dragged down by all of this."

She went on, more pained and reluctant, "But how can I help you out without being more aware of what's happening between you and your other lovers? I don't want to know about any of that! But I feel I'd be letting you down not to help you resist the temptations of power, and how can I help you without knowing the details of what's happening in your sordid orgy world? And if I do know, that'll absolutely break my heart."

"Wow. Glory, I never really thought of it like that before."

Glory grinned through a frown. "Guys don't. They don't spend 98.6% of their time thinking about the relationship."

Alan grinned back. "That's true. I'd say 23% of my time I'm thinking about the Chargers and the NFL in general, and another good 15% of my thinking focuses on nothing but potato chips."

Glory smacked him gently on the arm, pretending anger. "Typical male!" She squeezed his hand and then nestled in against him.

"But seriously," she continued, "I've been thinking about these things, especially while you were sleeping on the ride down here. Partly I think it's your youth; you're just living your fun life day to day without giving thought as to where things are going. But I have. Frankly, I'm worried. As nice as you are, and thoughtful as you are, you have a great power. And power corrupts, it really does. Just imagine the temptation of being able to control minds. Who wouldn't abuse that?"

"What great power?"

She punched him harder. "Your sexual talent, you doofus! In a way, it is like mind control. Great sex is like a drug, and love is a drug, and when you combine the two, which you tend to do so well, what woman can resist? I found out that to my chagrin that I certainly can't."

Alan thought back to his reception at home when he stopped by earlier to change his clothes and the way all four women were practically fawning over him. "Okay, maybe there's some truth there, but I'm a victim of my own success, not to mention my own kindness. Because I'm NOT an evil monster, I get so emotionally involved with the women I'm with that it becomes a big problem. I love them all. I want to be with you 24 hours a day, and with Amy 24 hours a day, and Suzanne 24 hours a day, and so on. But there's just one of me! That's my fundamental problem that I just can't escape. I feel not only responsible to keep them sexually satisfied, but also well loved and emotionally happy. I'm scared that I bit off way more than I can chew, and all these different balls I'm juggling in the air are going to come crashing down."

Glory pointed out, "With power comes responsibility."

Alan's nerdy roots exposed themselves as he thought of the Spiderman comics and corrected her, "With great power comes great responsibility. And don't think I don't know it! It's so easy to give in, like just let them do all my chores, which they're happy to do so I can have more free time to spend with them. But that's power corrupting me. And if I screw up, I'm not only going to hurt myself, but the people I love. I keep thinking about this but I have no solution. I have fantasies of cloning myself but obviously that's not going to work."

Glory thought, His obvious love and concern for the people he loves shines through so strongly. It just makes me love him even more! Suzanne's right - we need to help him!

She said, "That's what I'm saying. Your multiple partners situation can't help but be an endless source of problems for everybody. And you're right, it wouldn't be so much trouble for you if you were a total asshole and treated everyone like dirt, because then at least there wouldn't be all this love to deal with. But there is, thanks to your caring. My first instinct is to just say, 'Give it up, buddy! No one can juggle that many women. Cut down to just one, or at most two, for God's sake!'"

She let out a reluctant sigh. "But after seeing what I saw at your house today, I know that isn't possible. I can still dream of a future with just you and me in it, but I know it'll never happen. There's just too much love there. And maybe all that love will save you from the 'Bad Alan,' but it won't be easy. I don't know what to do. Suzanne was so right in telling me that you need outside help, but it'll kill me to do what I now realize needs to be done. But how can I be me then? How can I remain true to myself? But on the other hand, I can't just stand by and watch what might happen if I don't."

"So what about 'don't ask, don't tell?'"

"I don't know. I really don't know. I haven't put all the pieces together. I'm just starting to realize some of the implications of you and me getting back together. I know I'm going to go through a lot of painful times, no matter what happens. If I stick with you, that'll be tough, and if I don't maybe that'll be even tougher."

Alan felt deep concern. "Glory, I don't want to lose you now! We belong together. Hey, about helping me, what if you use Suzanne as a go-between? She knows everything that's happening with me. Then she could tell you things in a general way, like, 'Bad Alan is on the rise. We need to take stronger counter measures.'" He joked to himself, Intervention! "That way, you don't have to know the gory details."

Glory thought about that for a while as they walked. Finally, she said, "Maybe. I'll think about it."

"At least talk to her about it," Alan suggested.

Glory was excited about having an excuse to talk to Suzanne about sexually intimate things, although she didn't consciously realize this. She said reluctantly, "Well, all right. I'll try. I'm not willing to give up on helping you, even though it hurts me."

Now it was Alan's turn to stop and stare into her eyes. "Thank you, Glory. What you said right there, that's why I love you so much. That's why you're an inspiration to me. That kind of love - it's priceless! How could I ever do without you? I wouldn't care even if you did have a foot growing out of your forehead; you're just about the most beautiful person in the whole wide world in my eyes, because of your love."


Glory grinned and wiped her forehead. "Do I have something up here or what? Or is this some kind of new foot fetish of yours?" But while Alan was still laughing at that, she threw herself at him and smothered him with kisses.

The two of them walked back the rest of the way to their spot, but the feeling of love between them was so strong that it was more like they were walking on air than walking on sand. They had nothing more to say to each other for a long while because their non-verbal communication said it all. They practically stumbled along heedless of where they were going because they only had eyes for each other.

Alan pointed out a sailboat on the horizon and they both squinted into the sinking sun, then watched a child repeatedly throw a rubber ball into the surf for a golden Labrador to retrieve. Finally they just leaned sideways into each other rubbing hips, and then rotated to rub pelvises while leaning back holding each other around the waist to stare into each other's eyes.

Glory thought, I love Alan more than I've ever loved anyone else in my life! If he were to whip out a ring right now and ask me to marry him, I'd say yes in a heartbeat. If it was just the two of us, that is, and not this whole maddening harem thing of his. But I can't let that ruin this wonderful and brilliant day.

She felt happy and sad at the same time. No one has ever, ever, spoken to me about true love the way Alan did and meant it. And he obviously means it even if he doesn't really fully understand what he's saying. I just hope it never ends. But who knows? In six months, he could be gone.


Adrian didn't need to take daily naps like Alan did, but after the big Thanksgiving meal he'd had, not to mention all the sexual excitement, he went back to his room to sleep. He was too tired to think about what had happened and crashed immediately.

He woke up over an hour later feeling well rested. As soon as he started to stir, he heard the sound of knocking at his door.

It was Brenda. "Aidy? Pooh Bear? Are you up?" (Adrian didn't realize it, but Brenda had been anxiously watching him sleeping on the video system and came to his room as soon as she saw him waking.)

"Oh. Hi Momma. Um sure. Come in." Even as he said these things, his mind was reeling as he thought of his mother and how sexy she'd looked and acted.

But the reality blew even his recent memories away. Brenda opened the door and stood in the door frame. She was wearing a bathing suit, if one could call it that. It was a V-shaped thin strap that rose from her pussy to cover one nipple, went over her shoulder, back down to her ass crack, and then did the same to the other side. It was almost too obscene to wear in public, especially when Brenda wore it. The straps had to travel a great distance away from her chest to make it all the way out and over the front of her breasts.

The effect was stunning and Adrian was suitably stunned. He froze on his bed with his mouth open. The only part of his body moving was his dick, which was rapidly rising.

Brenda said, "Aidy, can you do me a favor? Please meet me out back 'cos I have something to talk to you about, and it's such a nice day that I thought we could do that outside." True, the fact that it was an unusually sunny day was one reason she wanted to meet Adrian out back, and another was that it gave her an excuse to wear her V-suit. It has been described to her by an envious saleswoman as "a nipple-strip slit-gripper." However, the biggest reason was that she knew the backyard wasn't wired for video, so she hoped her faithful but watchful maid Anika wouldn't be aware of what they were doing.

Adrian just nodded.

As Brenda had been talking, she was slowly pulling on her straps as if they were suspenders. Finally, she pulled them completely to the side and let go, giving Adrian an unfettered view of her bared chest.


"Please don't keep me waiting." She stood there with her eyes closed for some long moments, allowing her son a completely unfettered look at her bust. Then she took a look at the rising bulge in his bed sheets, smiled, and turned on her high heels to go.

Adrian actually sighed in relief when she closed his door and walked away, because he felt like he'd been hit by a freight train. He was tempted to frantically jack off right away, but she'd told him not to keep her waiting and he was a very obedient boy. Therefore, he got up, put on just his bathing suit, and went downstairs and out to the back yard.

Adrian stumbled more than he walked on his way out to where his mother was resting on a lounge chair beside their pool. His erection was so stiff and needy that it was a challenge for him to walk at all.

Brenda patted a seat near her. "Here, Aidy. Please sit."

He sat.

"I want to talk to you about responsibility." She tried to sound like a serious mother, but her eyes were irresistibly fixed on the bulge in Adrian's bathing suit.

"Responsibility?" Similarly, Adrian would have been oblivious if an eagle landed on Brenda's head, because his eyes never rose above her shoulders and rarely went as far down as her waist, despite the lovely sights to see down below.

"Yes, responsibility. Suzanne, remember her? She told me that I should, we should, be more responsible, and that..." Her voice trailed off into nothingness as she licked her lips.

"That what, Momma?" Adrian asked, getting nervous as he misread her mood.

Instead of answering, Brenda just let out an agonized growl. "Awww, to hell with it! Aidy, I need your cock!"


"You heard me! How am I supposed to just sit here and do nothing when your cock is about to rip your shorts open? Whip it out and let me stroke it at least! Please!"

"Um, okay." He couldn't understand her attitude. It was like someone begging him to take a million dollars off their hands.

As soon as Adrian pulled his shorts down, Brenda was there with both hands, ready to stroke. She let out a happy sigh as she held it. "Oh, YES!" She started to stroke. "GOD, this feels soooo good!" The pure joy of holding her son's warm rod sent tingling waves of pleasure up Brenda's arms and down to her pussy.

"You're telling me! Ma, you're so sexy! I love it. And that bathing suit is great!"

She smiled as her hands flew up and down his shaft. "I wore a similar one for my Master Alan before and he loved it too. But this is the first time I've worn this one. So I'm excited to share it with you first."

Adrian was miffed at the mention of Alan's name, but with the way Brenda was stroking him, he was in no mood to get worked up about it.

Then Brenda winked. "But just between you and me, there's another reason I'm wearing it. I can take it off my tits so easily. All I have to do is go like this."

She reached up and flicked both straps, causing them to easily slide out to the outer sides of her mighty rack. "Actually, I wouldn't even have to do that much if it weren't for my long nipples, which are even harder than usual thinking about you and your wonderful cock. They hold it up like upside down push pins. If it wasn't for that, all I'd have to do is thrust out my chest and they'd fall away." Even though the straps were already off, she thrust out her chest to demonstrate just the same.

She sat back in her lounge chair and put the straps back over her breasts.

That momentarily distressed Adrian until she suggested, "Here, why don't you take these straps off?"

"Really? Can I?!"

"Sure! Aidy, just think of me as your sex toy."


"Sex toy? Ma, don't say that." But he loved the idea. With trembling hands, he removed the straps, then latched onto her bared breasts.

She giggled. "Oooh! Looks like someone here knows exactly what he likes!" Then she went back to double-pumping his shaft.

Adrian was nearly delirious with joy as he looked down and saw his mother's hands sliding up and down, and up and down, all around his erection. But he still had enough sense to ask, "But what's the secret?"

"Oh, the secret is that I can put the straps back on quickly too. So if Anika comes nosing around, I'll just pop it back on and we'll play it cool, okay? With all the trees and shrubbery between us and the kitchen, we should be able to hear her coming before she can see us."

"So I should tuck my dick away as fast as I can?"

"Oh, God no!"


Brenda's hands were still flying up and down his increasingly pre-cum soaked shaft. "I can't stand to be without your great cock! Not now, not ever! If she comes, we'll just pretend that I'm jacking you off."

"But that's what you ARE doing," Adrian pointed out.

"For now, yes, but I want to do MORE! So much more!"

Adrian's eyes bugged out. He was overwhelmed by the sexual vibe radiating from his mother, so his actions were tentative. But if she wanted more, he would give her more. He reached out and started fondling her watermelon-esque orbs, asking, "You mean like this?"

Brenda's loud groan told him he must be doing something right. He went for her nipples and twisted both of them at the same time. It was something he'd read about in erotic stories.

Brenda gasped and stiffened. "OH! God! Aidy! That's soooo good! More!"

That encouraged him to pinch harder in pulling his mother's nipples somewhat out from her breasts.

Brenda lost it. She spasmed and writhed in her chair. "AAAAAHHH!"she cried, as her hands tightened convulsively on Adrian's erection.

Brenda's big nipples were incredibly sensitive. Adrian was a tit-man while his mother was a tit-man's dream, and they were just discovering they were a match made in heaven. But what set her off even more than the physical pleasure was the fact that Adrian had touched her sexually without asking permission first.

Adrian was as happy as he'd ever been. Just touching his mother's breasts was a dream come true, but to be giving her such joy made him happier than he could have ever possibly imagined. He twisted her rapidly engorging nipples in opposite directions while pulling them out farther.

"Gaahhh! Don't stop, don't stop!" Brenda bounced in her chair, released Adrian's erection, and clenched the armrests. She couldn't keep stroking when her breasts were assaulted like that; in fact, she felt like she was on the brink of losing her sanity altogether.

Adrian thought, This is fun! My own sex toy. My MOMMA! He dropped to his knees on the concrete beside his mother's lounge chair, and leaned over her. He palmed her breasts with her nipples trapped between his index and forefingers, then he jiggled her melons from underneath while somewhat pinching the nipples.

This snapped Brenda's head back with her back and legs so arched that she touched the lounge chair only with her head, butt, feet and hands. She screamed like she was getting stabbed to death by a deranged killer.

Anika heard her upstairs and she pivoted towards a back window. Scheiße! That's why I can't find them on the video!

Brenda's eyes opened and she stared into Adrian's. My Aidy is turning into a man! He's controlling me through my tits! He's controlling me! She tried to say something but only a lust-soaked croak came out.


Adrian leaned closer to hear better just as his mother tried to lift her head to speak more clearly. As a result, their lips touched and they both jerked back as if flicked with an electric cattle prod. Adrian tried to push off her breasts with his hands, but Brenda's own hands closed on his head and pulled him in. Adrian settled back onto his knees, which pulled his head down to Brenda's breasts and she dragged his mouth over an inch long, steel-hard nipple.

"Aidy, do it, do it like you used to! Suck, my baby, suck!"

And suckle he did. His hands came up to knead one bouncy orb and unattended nipple while he licked and sucked the other. He quickly decided that as much fun as playing with her bounteous breasts was, playing and sucking on them at the same time was much, much better.

Brenda arched her back again, trying to shove her whole swollen breast into her son's mouth.

Brenda shuddered and her eyes rolled back. "Unnhh, don't stop, don't stop, do it, do it!"

Adrian was only too happy to obey. At first he used only his lips and fingers, then he pulled his head back a bit and licked in slow circles around her erect nipple with his tongue, using irregular flicks against the hard and long tip.

This drove Brenda wild, and her frantic commands quickly degenerated into incoherent cries. Her hips rocked up and down as if she was getting fucked and was trying to drive a dick deeper into her vagina.

A minute later Adrian switched his mouth to his mother's other nipple, which brought a quick shriek from her and some pain for him as she pulled on his hair. Then Adrian pinched, twisted, and pulled on Brenda's newly freed nipple while the thumb and forefinger of his other hand pinched underneath the areole of the other to better lift the nipple into his sucking lips.

Brenda's knees immediately came up as she frantically rubbed her thighs together, and her arms tightened convulsively around his head.

Adrian's nose briefly disappeared in her overflowing tit flesh, then he tilted his head back so he could breathe. This brought his lower teeth into firmer contact with her nipple.

"Bite me! Bite me HARD!" Brenda screamed.

Adrian did bite her, though nearly not nearly as hard as she would have liked. He was afraid of hurting her.

Brenda loved it just the same. She went into convulsions, screaming, squirting, her legs whipping around a hip pivot while both arms clasped Adrian's mouth to her pulsating breast. Somehow her torso writhed to face him while pushing off the lounge chair and Adrian fell over sideways, towards her feet and dragging his mother down on him.


They lay there panting for a moment, then Brenda pulled her head up to devour his face, moaning, and with her tongue trying to massage his tonsils. "Aidy, Aidy, you did it! You made me cum so hard! Now I'm gonna get crazy with you. I love you so much!"

Anika heard this as she came out the back door, and hobbled faster towards them.

"Oh Momma!" He crushed her in a big hug. He didn't mind if that stopped all the sexual stimulation; he craved the love and affection even more. "I love you too, Ma!"

"I know you do, Son." She kissed him up and down his neck. But then she felt water dripping and realized he was crying. She pulled back and asked, "Why the tears?"

"They're tears of joy, Ma. I can't believe it. I thought I was cursed. But it's just so good!"

She was so touched that she nearly started crying too. Instead she tried to let out her feelings with physical intimacy. She grasped his erection again and resumed stroking.

"Wait, Ma. Please go slow. I just can't take how sexy you are. God, and those TITS! So BIG!" He suddenly clasped onto her big hooters and held on as if it was of life or death importance to fondle them.

Brenda laughed. "You words may lack eloquence and subtlety, but you more than make up for that with sheer gusto. It gets me so excited that I just can't stop!" Her hand was building up a good rhythm over his erection, and his dick was so wet from pre-cum that her pistoning made lewd slurping noises.

"Ma, I can't hold out! Too excited already! Gonna cum!"

She reluctantly brought her stroking to a near halt. As she watched him pant and struggle to control himself, she said, "I'll have to send one of the servants to buy a book on PC muscle exercises. Once you learn how to do that, you'll be amazed at what you can do. Then I'll be able to stroke and lick and suck you all day long!"

"D-d-d-did you say suck me?!"

"I did. Can you picture that? Can you imagine what it would look like to slide your wonderful pole between my lips? Would you like to see your big-titted mommy take the whole thing down her throat like some kind of sword swallower?"

She bent forward and started blowing air on the tip of his penis.

Adrian was nearly out of his mind, reeling from the intense pleasure. "Ma! ... Too hot! Uh! ... You... You..."


Brenda was pretty hot too, and seeing her son's stiffness just inches in front of her face was more than her negligible willpower could take. "'You...' What? You want me to suck you off? Is that what you mean?" She bent forward and stuck her tongue out.

"Brenda?! Vat do you tink you're doink?" It was Anika.

Caught red handed, Brenda jerked her head up.

Adrian and Brenda turned to look at Anika, standing just a few feet away in her usual maid attire.

Anika looked cross and her arms were fittingly crossed as well. She'd been secretly watching from a distance for several minutes. She didn't want to spoil their fun, but she considered it her duty to enforce Suzanne's order that Brenda restrict herself to just handjobs, so she stepped forward as soon as Brenda's mouth was about to envelop and swallow Adrian's cockhead.

"I didn't hear you coming," Brenda said as she continued to stroke and fondle. She was determined to take full advantage of what she was allowed to do. But Adrian was so frightened by the interruption that he went flaccid, so she was soon forced to stop.

Adrian similarly had stopped cupping his mother's breasts when Anika arrived, but only for a few seconds. In spite of everything, he just couldn't let go. He didn't actively massage or fondle them with Anika watching, but just luxuriated in their feel.

Anika frowned. "You don't fool me, Brenda. I know vat you're tryink to do here und it von't verk!" She couldn't talk about the video cameras without cluing Adrian in, but she made her point clear that she knew Brenda was trying to escape surveillance and she wouldn't stand for it.

Brenda, though, pretended to be clueless. "It's good you came here, Anika, because I need some help. I was just reminded that Adrian needs a book on strengthening his PC muscle. If he learns how to do that, then he can endure my stroking for a long time. Wouldn't that be lovely? Can you pop off to the bookstore and buy him something like that right away? It's urgent."

Anika put her hands on her hips. "No, I von't. You're just tryink to get rid of me so you can do naughty tinks. Besides, it's Tanksgivink und all the stores are closed. ALL of them!"

"Oh. Damn. Well, don't you have laundry to do or something? ... Oh! I know! Can you look up the PC muscle on the Internet and print out what you find? Thanks. Remember that I'm your boss."

Anika growled; Brenda hadn't pulled the "I'm your boss" card for many years and it made her very upset. "You're not my boss!"

"What? Of course I am."

"Fine. Den I kvit!" She had no intention of quitting, but was making a point.

"You can't quit, Anika! I'd be totally lost without you!" Realizing how much she needed Anika, and how emotionally dependant on and attached to her she was, she said, "Okay, I see what you mean. I'm sorry for saying that you're just my employee; you're obviously much more than that. I got a little carried away there. But can you do this for me today? Pleeeeeasse? It's something that Aidy needs to get started in on today. And right away."

"Okay. I vill. But I von't be lonk! Und Suzanne is goink to hear about dis! So behave!" She hurried off.

As soon as she was out of sight, Brenda sighed with relief. "I thought she'd never leave. All I can think about is your COCK! Cock! Oh, God I want cock! More cock! YOUR cock! Cock, cock, cock!" She brought her other hand back to help stroke it. "I'm counting the minutes until this lovely thing is sliding in" - she was going to rave about being fucked, but showed some rare restraint - "er, I mean sliding down my throat! Tickle my tonsils with your spermies, Pooh Bear!"

After Adrian heard that, his dick shot back up to full size within seconds. But he asked, "Momma, you sound kind of, like, a little bit obsessed or something."

"Oh, I AM! I could hardly wait for you to wake up from your nap so I could hold and stroke your hot and wonderful cock. Don't you like it? I know you're enjoying my bazoombas. I love how you're holding them so firmly. My son's is TAKING CONTROL!" She giggled happily.

Brenda looked around conspiratorially. "Now that the Wicked Witch of the West is gone, where were we? Ah, yes. Blowjobs. Namely, the act of sticking your cock in my mouth. Let's do it!"

"But Anika just said we shouldn't do that," Adrian pointed out.

"Eh, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. By the time she can hobble back out here I'll have a tummy full of warm cum! What do you say?"

Brenda was technically facing the house, not him, but Adrian realized that she was too far gone in cock-lust to pay heed and check if Anika was coming back. So he twisted his head around to see if she was coming. He didn't see any signs of her, and he realized that it was a good distance to the back of the house. Given everything that had happened, plus the way Brenda was stroking him at the moment, he figured he'd be lucky to last a minute before cumming.

He felt terribly guilty breaking the rules, but he turned back to Brenda and said, "Okay. Sounds good." With that decision made, he smiled and relaxed.

"Goody! You gave me such a fantastic orgasm. I'm gonna give you an even better one!"

But even as he watched Brenda bending over as her mouth opened up to take his cockhead in, he heard the sound of rustling nearby. "Oh shit!" he cried, "that must be Anika!"

Brenda immediately tried to bolt up, and Adrian did too. She attempted to pull her V-suit back over her nipples, even as she realized they'd probably been caught red-handed again.

Anika rounded some trees and came close to them. She asked accusingly, "Just vat are you two doink?"


Brenda and Adrian were standing next to each other. Adrian's shorts were down around his ankles and Brenda was holding and stroking his erection. She waved at Anika and tried to fake a smile. "Nothing! Just enjoying a nice handjob, that's all."

Anika folded her arms again. "Don't try to fool me. I could tell you vere plannink naughty tinks, so I turned around und came right back out. I vas just behind dose trees over dere. I heard everytink. 'Vicked Vitch of the Vest'? I'll show you a vicked vitch!"

"No, really, I was just kidding around," Brenda lied, badly.

Adrian felt terrible for having given in, and then getting caught. He loved Anika like a close grandmother and always tried to be a good boy for her. He hung his head in shame.

"Dat's enuff! I can't verk on de Internet und run out here to check on you every five minutes. I'm no sprink chicken anymore. You two haf to come back into the house vere I can keep a closer look on you."

Brenda sounded just like a little kid that had been punished. "Awww... But it's so nice out here."

"Tuff luck! You're busted! If you like de outside, go up to Aidy's room und look out the vindow!"

Brenda was inclined to obey, but Anika could see that Brenda was so far gone that, by herself, she could no more stop Brenda than she could stop a runaway train. Within minutes of her leaving them alone, Brenda would doubtlessly be doing something "illegal" again. So she said, "So you vant me for to call Suzanne? You vant me to tell her vat a bad girl you've been? Ist dat vat you vant?"

Brenda blanched. She looked positively terrified. Then she frantically waved her arms about her. "No, no, please no! I'll be good, I promise!"


So Adrian and Brenda tromped up the stairs like scolded children. But they were a good deal behind Anika, and as they walked, Brenda whispered, "Son, I love jacking you off, but I just can't wait until you fuck my tits! You deserve it! After all the horrible things that happened to you in school, it's the least I can do. That, and cocksucking! Would you like that?"

Adrian had never been asked so many no-brainer questions in one day. "Momma, it would be like... God... It would be... I can't even put it into words. YES!"

"Sssh! We'll find a way. Don't worry. Maybe not today, but soon. There's no way I can disobey Suzanne's wishes." She shivered nervously as she imagined Suzanne in dominatrix clothes repeatedly striking her bound and naked body with a bullwhip.

"Everything's Suzanne this and Suzanne that. Who's this Suzanne to keep deciding what you can and can't do?" Adrian was purposefully walking a little behind Brenda so he could watch her bare ass sway from side to side with every step she took, not to mention the way her breasts wobbled from side to side, peeking around her arms.

Brenda explained, "Oh. Mistress Suzanne, the one who came over the other day, she's very wise. She knows that the more physically involved you get with me, the more possessive about me you're likely to get too. We can't have that, since Momma's got another master. So she wants to use the reward system: the more you honestly accept Alan's role in my life, the more fun you can have with me and my body. Make sense?" She turned back to look him in the eye and gauge his reaction.

Adrian replied in a disappointed voice, "I guess." However, he couldn't think - when Brenda turned to look, she started a jiggle storm on her chest.

Brenda remained perky so she turned back around and kept walking. "But don't worry, Momma's gonna make you cum buckets one way or another. And I do mean that literally! I have permission to cum with you as much as you want; we're only temporarily limited in how we do it."


Brenda knew that she was putting on a show for her son, so she made sure her ass cheeks undulated as much as possible, step by step. She muttered quietly to him, "You know what else I love about this suit? The straps are so tight on my crotch! It's like my big tits serve as weights and as they jiggle and bounce they pull the straps hard across my clit and pussy lips. It's like I'm getting masturbated by invisible hands as I walk! Can you see how wet and juicy I am?"

Adrian just nodded his head, forgetting that she couldn't see his face from where she stood.

She went on, "And it rubs my nipples too. Oh how it rubs 'em! I swear, this outfit feels so good that it should be illegal!"

Adrian whimpered and clutched his erection.

They finally made it upstairs and down the hall to the door of Adrian's bedroom. Adrian was so aroused he wanted to throw himself on his mother and tackle her to the floor.

Anika pointed at his room and said, "You two, in there. I'll be usink Brenda's computer in her room down the hall. Und NO monkey business! If you're naughty, Brenda, I'm really goink to call Suzanne. I may even haf to get her to come over here. Und just tink how angry she'll be about dat, especially on a Tanksgivink!"

That did put the fear of God into Brenda for a while. (She'd completely forgotten that Suzanne was already planning to come over to discuss Adrian's difficulties with bullies.) In Adrian's room, they just played with each other's bodies at first. Both of them were completely naked by now, so they found it difficult to keep their desires in check. Adrian wasn't allowed to touch Brenda's pussy, but then again he wasn't in that big a hurry to. In a very literal sense, he was happy to play with her tits all day long.

However, Adrian was still troubled by his mother's terrified reaction when Anika threatened to call Suzanne, and he asked her about it.

Brenda explained, "You have to understand. I not only have a master, but I have four mistresses. Since I'm the most submissive in the group, it makes sense that all the others get to dominate me. You may not understand, but it makes me very happy and aroused to be controlled by them. It's paradoxically liberating. The problem is, they're all so nice and loving. But luckily there's Suzanne. Out of the whole bunch, she's the one who most understands that I not only want, but I need a firm hand, and she knows just how to give it to me."

"What do you mean?"


"I mean... Well, it's hard to explain. I know you're still getting used to my other life, so it's probably best if I don't say too much right now. But you know what Suzanne looks like. Imagine her dressed in a dominatrix outfit. I know you look at porn on the computer; everybody does. Can you picture that?"

"Um, yeah." Ironically, his vision of Suzanne was very similar to the way Glory envisioned her, except she was holding a large whip. He shuddered in fear to imagine such a whip hitting his mother or himself. However, he felt bad for imagining her naked and blurted out, "But she doesn't mean anything to me! I don't care how sexy she is; I only have eyes for you!"

"Awww. That's sweet. But doesn't it make you a little bit excited to imagine Mistress Suzanne spanking my ass and then fingering my pussy to make it all better?"

He shyly nodded.

She happily agreed. "Me too!"

Since they'd come back to Adrian's room, Brenda had been trying to play it cool by merely kissing and touching him everywhere except around his crotch. But thoughts of being punished by Suzanne pushed her over the edge. She grasped his erection and stroked it rhythmically. She said breathlessly, "This is why I'm a submissive - I get so HOT thinking about Mistress Suzanne spanking and whipping me! She doesn't mess around!"

"Did you say whipping?! Does she hurt you?" His vision of Suzanne holding a whip returned, except now she was striking it through the air.

"Well, not yet." Brenda almost added "unfortunately," since she got off on the idea of being whipped by her main mistress. "But she could! There's just no telling! Suzanne is all powerful! All knowing! Resistance is useless! She's not only gorgeous, she's so clever! And HOT! Did I mention she's hot?"

Brenda abruptly stopped her penis stroking and shook her fist in the air towards an imaginary Suzanne staring at her accusingly. "Damn you, Mistress Suzanne! Even now, you're making me too hot to control myself, forcing me to break your rules. And that just makes me hotter, knowing that you're going to punish me. It's a vicious cycle!"

However, while Suzanne wasn't directly staring at her, she was effectively doing so by proxy. Anika was monitoring them by video from the other room and was making sure that Brenda was obeying Suzanne's restrictions.

Brenda resumed jacking off her son. "Aidy, I'm bad. So bad! And bad mommies get punished. And fucked! Here, we can't lose complete control, but you have to fuck my tits at the very least! I insist!"

"Are you sure? What about this Suzanne? I don't want her to hurt you."

"Pooh Bear, please! Don't make me beg! My tits need you! And then a spanking. A good, hard spanking! And then the oral sex!" Brenda positioned Adrian for a titfuck again.

Anika got up and scurried out of her room. She was a very old woman, but she could still move pretty fast when she had to.


But she had some distance to cover and by the time she made it to Adrian's room, Adrian already had his erection in Brenda's cleavage. She was going to immediately put a stop to this prohibited activity, but what she saw gave her pause. Brenda had been constantly fidgety and nervous all day, but now, with Adrian's penis between her breasts, she finally seemed at ease and even at peace. Anika decided to simply observe a little longer to understand what was happening.

Brenda sighed with relief. "Aidy, this is so good, so right! I can feel all my tension draining away now that you have me where I belong."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

She started to massage and knead her massive breasts around his trapped erection, almost imperceptibly at first. "I mean that Momma needs cock! This is why I have tits like this; this is what I do. Big tits like mine need lots of fucking and loving, because the bigger they are, the more they need to feel a man's hands, fingers, lips, tongue, and most of all, his cock. I feel so content right now because I'm serving my purpose - I'm helping you to cum. With any luck, you're gonna spew your load all over my face!"

She was starting to effectively stroke his erection from both sides with more vigor now, as if she was trying to crush it with her breasts.

Adrian was too stunned to think about sliding in and out, but he didn't really need to since she was creating so much friction and pressure on his pre-cum soaked dick already.

"Do you like that, when your momma says nasty things? 'Cos she certainly means them! Your momma loves to titfuck, so you won't mind if we do this again sometime, will you? In fact, you know what would be nice? If I could titfuck you more often, without interruption, whenever I wanted to. Could you imagine what that would be like?"

Anika had been transfixed and getting more than a little excited herself. But she realized that the strange calm that came over Brenda was turning into unabashed wild lust again, and there was no telling what they would do next when she got like that.

"Okay, dat's enuff!" Anika finally burst in, ruining their fun. She pointed at Adrian's dick nestled in Brenda's cleavage. "Dat's verboten! Strictly verboten! I varned und varned und varned you: no funny business! But you don't listen. Dat's it. I'm goink to call Suzanne." She walked off in a dramatic huff.

Adrian was crushed, so much so that his penis was losing its hardness. He began to get up off Brenda's chest.

But Brenda asked, "Where are you going?"

"Didn't you just hear Anika? She said verboten, and you and I both know that means forbidden. We don't want to be in any more trouble with Suzanne than we already are when she gets here!"

Brenda gently but firmly pulled his arm, preventing him from getting up. "Aw, don't worry about that. She's not REALLY gonna call Mistress Suzanne. After all, it's Thanksgiving and I'm sure she's got a million and one preparations to take care of."

"I dunno... Anika sounded pretty serious..."

"Bless her heart, she thinks she's doing the right thing, but she just doesn't understand how good it feels! Besides, since we're in trouble already, why not do the crime if we're gonna pay the time?"

"I dunno, Ma. I don't know why Anika and this Suzanne are so strict about these things, but I can't go against Anika. She's like my nana; my grandma. And do you really want to get Suzanne even more angry? She sounds like one scary woman!"

Brenda replied with a voice both pouty and sultry. She didn't want to argue on the facts, but instead went for the pure sex appeal approach. "Awww... Pooh Bear. Don't be a meanie. Look where your dick is! It's resting right between my big tits. It's feeling a bit sad now, but don't you want to make it all happy? And hard? Stiff? Throbbing and HOT?"

As she was talking, she started to move her breasts back and forth, rubbing them together. Because his penis was flaccid there really wasn't much for her to rub against, but she was showing him exactly what kind of glories awaited.

"Well, yeah..." Adrian admitted. He'd masturbated many hundreds of times while dreaming of titfucking his mother. And just when it was starting to actually take place in real life, Anika had come in and ruined everything. Now the temptation to finish what they were starting was nearly irresistible. He knew stopping was the prudent thing to do, but in fact he was a goner.

Brenda could see he was wavering and tried to seal the deal by bringing up a totally unrelated point. "There you go, then! Besides, you need the practice."

She stated this so firmly that Adrian was puzzled and asked, "I do?"

"Of course you do." She was still rubbing her breasts together as Adrian's dick was once again steadily engorging, slowly rising up in her cleavage to meet the action. "You've come close to cumming a half-dozen times in the last little while."


"I know, I know, lots of interruptions. But if that was Master Alan, those wouldn't have fazed him in the least. You do really need to learn the things he can do to increase your stamina."

Brenda noticed Adrian stiffening, but unfortunately not the one part of him she was trying to stiffen. She hastily went on, "That's what makes him such a superior lover and, if he learned to please a woman that way, then you can too! I want you to fuck me forever! I want you to be a master to me and a master fucker too, so that you'll be able to do everything that he can. Don't you want that?"

"Hell, yeah!"


Brenda puckered up her lips so as to blow gently on the sensitive head of Adrian's penis that was peeking out between her breasts towards her. The answering spasmodic lurch and throb that she felt as his shaft hardened even more under the teasing assault of her warmly ticklish breath thrilled her. A shining drop of pre-cum worked its way out of his pee hole and valiantly clung there, even as Adrian started to rock his hips again.

She directly addressed his penis squeezed between her boobs. "That means you have to work hard and learn how to last a long, long time. We'll both have so much fun! But we'll have to practice, and practice and practice. How do you like that idea?"

Adrian liked it a lot, and it showed in the way his erection quickly grew the rest of the way to full size. "Let's practice right now, Ma! I wanna practice all over your tits!" He started to thrust in and out of her cleavage even as her breasts continued their rubbing motion.

He watched with bug eyes as his dick repeatedly slid into the crack between his mother's breasts and then back out. Since her breasts were so giant-sized while his dick was merely average in length, it looked like he was being completely swallowed up by two firm pillows. "Oh, ma, ma, MA!"

"What? What Aidy?"

"It's happening, really happening! My dream! Its... Oh! ... God! Yes!"

"Hold on, my cutie. Slooooww down. I know your first titfuck must be really exciting; it's exciting for me too! But remember that this is practice to show your stamina too, so you can titfuck your momma a really long time every single day!"

Adrian was sweaty and nearly hyperventilating, he was so keyed up. His heart was pounding like a jackhammer. He came to a near halt in his thrusting and simply struggled to breathe. He would have simply lost all control without much of a fight except he didn't want to fare badly compared to Alan. Even though he didn't know Alan at all, he was determined to be Brenda's best lover, no matter what it took.

He didn't know what he was doing, but he struggled with all his might not to cum just the same, and just barely managed to hang on. However, he'd come too close too many times already and his mother simply looked, smelled, and felt far too good. His lust was like a raging river, sweeping away everything in its path.

They rested a minute or two, but Brenda realized that to force him to delay his climax any further would just be cruel. He was trying his best and that was the important thing. So she slowly ramped up their sexual play. A couple of minutes later, Adrian was wildly thrusting in and out of her rack as he bounced up and down on her stomach. The sweat was flying off his face. He looked and felt like a wild man.

Brenda was frigging herself too, hoping to time it so she could get off at the same time. She shouted, "Cum! Now! Cum, Aidy! It's time!"

Adrian held out just a little longer, but completely surrendered to the euphoric sensations when he heard Brenda squeal, "I'm cumming!" He felt his balls tighten as he watched her body tremble with climactic bliss.

Gasping and breathless, with one final effort Brenda managed to say, "Spray me with your sperm! Paint me with your seed!" Then she stopped holding her breasts together by squeezing her upper arms. In fact her entire body briefly went limp as an intensely powerful orgasm hit her hard, then she started shaking like she was in the throes of an epileptic fit.

Adrian's erection suddenly came free from its trap, but even though he was delirious with lust, he had enough sense to guide the direction of his cum as it shot out of him with the force of a cannonball. He was beyond ecstatic to watch it land on his mother - there was no way he was going to miss out on the chance to "paint" her.

Not too surprisingly, he chose to cum on her chest. He let most of his ropes splat there, but for good measure he aimed a couple of ropes at her face too.

Brenda laid back and moaned, "Good Lord, but that was the greatest! Look at me! I'm doused with cum. Positively doused, I tell you! So much! Do you like cumming all over your mother?"

Again, Adrian was left figuratively speechless by another no-brainer question, but he was also left literally speechless from simply struggling to breathe. He eventually managed to croak between pants, "Yes, Ma! Hell, yes! A thousand times yes!"

She laughed. "You cutie. You're gonna be a real good mommy-fucker, I can tell! But I think we need to practice our titfucking a lot more, don't you?"

He nodded with emphatic agreement.

"Me too. Maybe even tonight?"

He nodded like he was trying to shake his head clean off his body.

Brenda giggled at his excitement. "Awww. Pooh Bear, come to Momma. We're gonna be so happy together."

He dropped down with exhaustion and now used her breasts as pillows. In so doing, he was resting his face and hair on his own cum, but he was so floored by what had happened that he didn't really care.

But they hadn't been resting long, perhaps a minute or two, when Anika came rushing down the hall and burst into their room. "She's here!"

"Who's here?" Brenda asked, only a little alarmed.

"Suzanne! I called her ven I caught you startink vis de titty fuck."

It took Brenda a second or two before the proverbial ton of bricks fell on her. "You DID?!"

"I told you I vould! You veren't listenink to me; I thought at least maybe you'll listen to her. You gave her a key und so she just let herself in. Didn't you hear her calling out just now? She's comink up de stairs already!"

Brenda stood up and looked down at her naked and cum-covered body in horror. "Oh no! What do we do? Where's my clothes? Quick, Aidy! Hide! Hide! Hide!"

Adrian scrambled to find a hiding place. He could hear the authoritative click-click sound of high heels as Suzanne drew nearer. After seeing Brenda's terrified reaction to the mere mention of Suzanne's name, he was more scared now than if the meanest bully was coming to beat him up.

Anika stood in the doorway, attempting to considerately buy a few extra seconds for Brenda and Adrian, but she fell back as Suzanne effortlessly swept into the room like a force of nature.


Suzanne haughtily stepped through the door and turned her angry gaze on Brenda, who was still just standing there naked but for her son's cum on her face and chest. Brenda was in such a panic that she didn't know what to do or where to go.

Suzanne wore sunglasses for their psychological effect even though she was indoors. She glared at Brenda levelly before saying calmly, evenly, and commandingly, "Slave, you're in a world of trouble!"

Brenda gulped. She was terrified and aroused in equal measure. She tingled just to see Suzanne at all, and seeing her barking orders at her with such natural authority made her tremble with lust. Being called "Slave" on top of everything else nearly made her faint. She didn't even mind being in trouble, because that made her hopeful for a sexy spanking. But she worried greatly for her son.

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