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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 123
Surf City
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Back at the beach, once Alan and Glory got back to where they had left their clothes and things, Glory asked, "So, my adorable young man, what should we do now? I was thinking I could do a little more surfing, but that's not all we have time for. I figure we still have an hour left before it gets too cold and windy to run around naked."

"Speaking of which," Alan said, "we're both overdressed for a nude beach, wouldn't you say?"

"I would." She started to take her clothes off. "And there's a randy not-so-little fellow around here somewhere who's been overly neglected recently, don't you think?"

Alan laughed as he whipped his shorts off and tossed them onto his towel. "Perhaps. Which one are you talking about? Maybe that one over..." - he looked around to see if there were any other men in sight. But something caught his eye.

Glory prodded, "Over...?" She looked at him, wondering why he'd paused in mid-sentence and saw that he was staring intently off into the distance. Her eyes followed his.

Instead of seeing any "penises" to joke about, Alan noticed someone walking closer - definitely a female, and an exceptionally curvy one at that. She seemed to be coming right for them. She was making her way over the hot, difficult to traverse soft sand instead of walking on the hard, wet sand at the edge of the water like most people would. But the sun was sinking in the west and the figure was mostly covered in shadow, so Alan could see little more than a silhouette from his angle.

However, there was something about that silhouette that was strangely familiar. Alan had a feeling that this person wasn't a stranger after all. To add to the mystery, the woman seemed to have frozen in her tracks and was staring back towards him.

And then it hit him. Upon closer inspection, there was enough light for Alan to see the woman had long blonde hair, was wearing a bikini, and had two triangular shapes of curly hair hanging down her front. The bikini threw him off at first, but he finally muttered, "Oh shit! It can't be!"

"What?!" Glory asked. She was staring at the figure too, but couldn't figure out who it was.

"Christine! Christine Anderssen, from school!"

"No!" Glory gasped.

"Yes! It has to be!"

"NO!" Realizing that she was naked, Glory flopped down to the ground and tried her best to cover up.

That reminded Alan that he was standing buck naked as well. He also fell down and covered up his crotch.

The figure realized that she had been recognized and one could see from her body language that she was struggling with what to do. She stepped back, then forwards, then back again. Finally, she resumed walking in their direction.

"Fuuucck!" Alan hissed at Glory. "It IS Christine, and she's coming right toward us!"

Glory scrambled for her clothes. "What the hell is she doing here?!"

"Damned if I know! But don't bother with your clothes."

Glory already had her bikini top in hand, but stopped. "What? Why not?"

Knowing that Christine was still too far away to hear them, Alan said, "Obviously she's seen that we're both in our birthday suits. I was standing there with my wang half-hard and flapping in the wind, for crying out loud. And she doesn't appear to have a camera... I know that she's kind of phobic about nudity. Maybe if we stay like this it'll scare her off sooner rather than later."

Glory asked, "Are you sure that's wise?" She disagreed strongly with his idea. She picked up a small extra towel she'd brought in a bag and held it over her chest, strategically covering her nipples and crotch.

A new thought suddenly came to Glory. She hissed, "We could be in big trouble - my career is at stake! Admit nothing and follow my lead!"

Christine was closing in on them quickly now, and Alan was unable to say anything more than a quiet "okay" without worrying that she might overhear. However, his sense of modesty, not to mention embarrassment, got to him. He was sitting on a towel nearly as tall as he was, but he also had a smaller towel for drying off that was about two feet long and one foot wide. He grabbed that and placed it over his lap.

Unfortunately for Alan's modesty, once Christine got nearer, her whole body suddenly became more visible. And the sight of Christine wearing nothing but a bikini walking towards him got him very erect in a hurry. Admittedly, Christine didn't sashay like the moving orgasm that Suzanne was when she walked, and in fact Christine didn't put any extra oomph into her walk at all. But just seeing her in a bright red bikini was almost more than his overtaxed dick could take.

Glory muttered very quietly as she stared at Christine, "Jesus H, Christ! You see what I'm saying about how I can't compete? Don't tell me you're banging her too!"

Alan whispered back, "No, I'm not. Really! We've kissed a couple of times but that's about it."

Glory was going to ask what kind of kisses, but before she could, Christine got too close.

Christine waved and yelled out, "Alan! Ms. Rhymer! Hi! It's me." The entire way to the beach, Christine had been mulling over the idea of Alan and Glory being romantically involved and she'd worked herself up about it. She found it a chore to smile and act friendly.

Alan and Glory also waved back with a marked lack of enthusiasm. Glory gave a "queen's wave" - the kind where you're almost not sure the hand moved.


And then, mere moments later, Christine was right there, standing less than ten feet from the two of them. But her bikini was so tight that when she thrust her chest forward to preen a little, her fabric rode up the underside of her right breast, forcing her to cover up and tug the fabric back down.

She was frustrated that her big moment was seemingly ruined by a "wardrobe malfunction," but in fact it only excited Alan all the more. Her bikini top was so tight that he was hopeful that at any moment it would fly off altogether.

She quickly got her top back into position and then said, "Well, this is awkward. What are you two doing here?"

Dodging the question, Glory said diplomatically, "Have a seat, Christine."

Christine replied as she sat down next to Alan on his towel, "Good to see you, Ms. Rhymer. And you, Alan." She was all smiles, but she added to herself, THEY'RE PETRIFIED! This is a complete disaster! Why did I come here? Alan's gonna hate me! But jealousy drove her on. She had her own beach outing with Alan a week and a half ago on her mind. She'd been very much looking forward to a second such outing, but now she felt like Glory was somehow "stealing" that from her.

Glory forced a frozen smile too, on the outside. "And same to you, Christine. What a surprise seeing you." She shot Christine's question right back at her, asking, "What brings you here?"

That Alan was sitting there essentially naked with his teacher was an undeniable fact, and Christine would have to be a fool not to conclude that they were intimate. Christine was no fool. She also wasn't foolish when it came to seeing how upset Alan and Glory were by her presence, and why. She was sure that if they thought she would try to blackmail Glory over this, Alan would never speak to her again. She had to set that right immediately.

Christine said, "I'm really sorry for barging in on you like this. Please, I want to assure both of you with all my heart that your secret is safe with me. Obviously, if word got out you'd know exactly who told, so it would be foolish for me to tell anyone." She looked Alan right in the eye. "But aside from that, I won't tell anyone because it would be wrong. It's none of my business, and I shouldn't even be here. Besides that, Alan, I value our friendship highly. You've warned me that it's fun to share gossip but doing so can hurt people in real life. Ms. Rhymer, really, and Alan, I mean it: what you do in your free time is none of my business. I won't tell a soul. I'm sorry for so obviously distressing both of you."

Glory let out a huge sigh of relief. She thought, If there's one person in school I can trust to keep this secret, it's Christine. I never thought I'd be so grateful that she's such a "holier than thou" goody-goody. But still, now she's got this big sword hanging over my neck. I can't afford to piss her off, that's for sure. I want so badly to drop a huge hint or two that she should take a hike, but I'd better keep my mouth shut as much as possible while I sort this out.

Glory said as she clutched her towel tightly, "Seeing how you've caught me naked, I think you can call me Glory."

"Okay... Glory." The word came strangely to her tongue because Glory had always been just her teacher, Ms. Rhymer. She tugged on her bikini top again as it kept cutting into rather sensitive areas of skin and needed constant readjustment. She consoled herself that at least the bikini bottoms fit reasonably well.

Alan thought denying that he and Glory were having an affair was obviously futile, but went along with Glory's request not to admit anything yet, so he moved the conversation away from the touchy subject. "I'm dying to hear about how you found us here. There's no way this can be pure coincidence, can it? I mean, come on, you'd be just about the last person I'd expect to find on a nude beach, especially since most of the beach is non-nude except for this little section near the end."

Christine thought back to how she'd gotten here. The truth was, when Christine saw Glory sitting in her car in front of Alan's house and decided to follow them, she could guess from the surfboard on the roof of the car that they were going to a beach. She'd been burning with jealousy pretty much from that moment on, since she'd loved her beach outing with Alan a week and a half ago, and she'd been chomping at the bit to go on another beach outing with him. The fact that he was doing anything with his history teacher at all was galling enough, but the fact that it was probably at a beach felt like a slap in the face.

Although Christine had quickly figured out that Glory and Alan were going to a beach, she'd had no idea they were going to a nude beach. There were no signs along the way to forewarn her. It was only when she was walking down the beach and started to see nude people that she began to figure it out. Even then, not everyone she saw was nude - perhaps four out of five were - and she thought that perhaps they were just a few rogue nudists at the most isolated end of a remote beach. It was only when she got to the end of the beach and saw Alan and Glory nude that she fully realized what she'd gotten herself into.

And unfortunately for her, that pretty much ruined her "I just happened to be passing by" excuse that she was planning on using. However, she couldn't tell the truth, even though she was a stickler for honesty, because the truth was so embarrassing that she couldn't even admit it to herself. The reality was, the main reason she'd come was that she was burning with curiosity and jealousy. She had to see with her own eyes what her love interest was doing on the beach with his, and her, teacher from school.

Her sharp-witted mind went through a series of possible excuses and discarded each one. She knew they wouldn't fly. Finally, she settled on an exaggerated version of the truth as she saw it. The reason she'd given herself for seeing Alan was to talk about the football players threat. It seemed extreme to come all the way to the beach just to the talk about that, so she hyped up the danger.

"Alan, the reason I came here is because I had to talk to you right away. It can't wait until tomorrow or even tonight. It's about the football players. I went to your house to talk to you about it, and I saw Glory parked in the car in front. I don't know why, but I kind of froze up. I thought you might think I was going overboard with worries, so I foolishly decided to follow you two and make it look like I just happened to bump into you in a public place."

"So you tailed us the whole way here?!" he asked incredulously.

Christine dropped her head shamefully. "Yes. I know, I was a dope. I figured you two were going to the beach because of the surfboard and that's a good place to wander into strangers. But I didn't know you were going to such a far away beach, much less the nude section of one! I followed you all the way to the parking lot and then realized I'd look like an idiot dressed in regular clothes with no towel or sun block or anything. So I turned around and drove all the way home, got some stuff and drove all the way back. Talk about idiotic, huh? And I did all that just to make it seem like I was casually running into you, and then when I did I realized my whole story wasn't gonna fly. I should have just rung the doorbell at your house and saved myself more than an hour of driving!" She slapped herself on the forehead, which was a very unusual thing for her to do.

Alan and Glory laughed a bit at that, somewhat nervously. Both of them sensed that there had to be more of a reason for Christine's behavior. What she'd done was extremely out of character.

Glory thought, I know what's going on here. There's only one thing that could make an extremely sharp girl like Christine turn into a blithering idiot: she's in love! Damn. Or at the very least, she's in lust. She's probably extremely jealous of Alan being with me and just HAD to know what we were up to. He mentioned something about kissing her at some point, and with Alan being Alan lately, it's a slam dunk that she's head over heels. Plus, I can recognize a fellow gossip addict when I see one. She lets her curiosity get the best of her, just like I do. I just hope he can see through her transparent excuses. This girl is dangerous! It's not that I doubt Alan's love for me, not after everything that's happened today, but I am NOT charitable about sharing when there's only one of him to go around. Hands off, girl!


Alan said, "Wow, that sounds pretty extreme. But as long as you're here, what's this about the football players?"

So far, everything Christine had said was more or less true, given that she didn't understand her own real motivations. But now she blatantly lied. "I have some new information. It's vague, and I can't reveal the source, but there's a strong chance that the football players are going to launch some kind of attack against you during the football game tomorrow."

The truth was, Christine really was concerned about the possibility of that happening, but all she had to go on was gut instinct. She thought that if she told a white lie, putting a little fear into Alan and making sure that he took some reasonable precautions could only be a good thing, while it also helped her explain why she had to speak to him right away.

Alan looked thoughtful. "Hmmm. that sounds serious." But in fact he wasn't that worried. He figured that the football players would have their hands full getting ready for the game and then playing it. Just because the game put them and the cheerleaders, including Amy and Katherine, into close proximity, was no cause for immediate alarm. There were simply too many people around.

This latest news though gave Alan a new reason for concern, but he decided he'd worry about that later. Right now, he was more interested in staring at Christine's nearly naked body. He'd seen bits of her body exposed here and there, most especially her deep cleavage on their last couple of dates, and he'd seen her in a one-piece bathing suit on their own beach outing. But to see her in an actual form-revealing bikini was almost beyond his wildest hopes. And not only that, but the bikini barely fit her, especially on top. Tit flesh was spilling over everywhere. It looked like her bikini was two sizes too small for her, and that's because it was.

He thought about it. I can't believe Christine's wearing a bikini. Heck, it kind of blows my mind that she even owns one. Now that I think about it, it's pretty remarkable I got to see her in a one-piece bathing suit last time. I've never even heard of anyone seeing her at a beach or a pool, period. She probably avoids those situations because she doesn't like people staring and drooling over her bodacious body more than they already do. Since it's Thanksgiving, it's not like she could have rushed out and bought one, and even if she did, she'd buy one that fits. No, that must be her mother's. I know her mother is pretty stacked, but she doesn't have Christine's huge F-cups. So why would Christine go to all this length to see me on the beach, and do it in her mother's bikini of all things?

He was partially correct in his guess about her choice of bikinis. She did own a couple of bikinis of her own, which she used sometimes when swimming in her family's backyard pool. But she'd chosen to wear her mother's the next time she went to the beach with Alan, correctly figuring that the tight fit would be even more sexually alluring. However, she didn't really want Glory to see her like that!

His mental gears were moving slowly because he was so engrossed in looking at Christine. Between Christine watching where his eyes went and Glory watching him like an eagle ready to dive, he knew he had to be very careful. But his brief glances down from Christine's face were like little slices of heaven.

Long moments passed since he had said "Hmmm, that sounds serious." There already was plenty of tension in the air, and the prolonged silence was making all three of them that much more uncomfortable.

Christine finally decided that he wasn't going to say anything more, and was about to speak. She started to say, "It is."

But then Alan spoke up after all. "I came across a shocking statistic the other day. Did you know that 25 percent of all blonde women are being medicated for one mental disorder or another? Isn't that alarming?"

Both Glory and Christine looked at him like he was an alien that had just landed there on the beach. They were trying to figure out why he was mentioning such a completely irrelevant statistic.

After a well timed pause, he gave the punch line: "That means a shocking 75 perfect go untreated."

Christine clued in, followed right away by Glory. Both of them couldn't help but laugh.

"You jackass," Christine replied. She struck an aggressive pose, and if she was prepared to jump him. "If anyone needs to be medicated for a mental disorder, it's the only non-blonde here!" She aggressively wagged a finger in his face, even as she continued to chuckle.

"You got that right," Glory chimed in, while also still chuckling. "You're the only nutcase here."

Despite their initial confusion and indignation, they both realized what he'd done and were grateful for it. He'd used the fact that they were both blonde to briefly unite them against him, and thus reduce the tension between them. The situation was still awkward, but it had improved considerably.

Christine asked Glory, "Does he pester you with dumb blonde jokes all the time?"

Glory smirked as she replied, "No, thank God. He knows I'd flunk him out if he did. But I've heard that he frequently unleashes his 'sense of humor' on you. You have my full sympathy." She made mocking quote marks in the air as she said "sense of humor." After receiving a grateful grin from Christine, she asked, "But what's this about the football players? I'd like to hear more about that."

Christine replied, "Of course. But before we get into that, can I ask how you two wound up here? Or is that getting too personal?"

Alan turned to Glory to let her know that she should field that one. Since Glory's job was on the line, he didn't want to say something that he shouldn't.

Glory growled, "It is."

He gave her a look that said, "Please behave."

So Glory said testily, "Well, there's no big story here. It doesn't take a rocket scientist given the rumors you've probably heard."

"I've... heard some things, yes."

"And you probably know that I surf. I finally managed to drag Alan to the beach - I'd been dropping hints for some weeks now. As to why a nude beach, well, the idea was to combine good surfing with a remote locale so we wouldn't be bothered by nosy people who might recognize us."


If looks could kill, the look Glory gave Christine right then would have finished her off. Hands off, you ridiculously busty genius freak! He's MINE! I can tell you have the hots for him. A prudish girl like you isn't going to "just happen" to come to the beach in a bikini, much less one like THAT! I'll admit that you've got the look that he loves, but looks aren't everything. He loves me, and I love him! So take your absurdly perfect body and get out of here!

But Christine was no shrinking violet and her glare back was just as deadly. What kind of teacher are you, Ms. Rhymer? A slut teacher, that's what! And to think that you were one of my favorites until now. Alan's been promising to take me to the beach again for over a week. This should be OUR special time! I've dressed like this for HIM! You don't belong. Get the hell out of here so we can be alone!

Alan had to stifle a laugh. He found the thinly veiled animosity between the two women to be both flattering and slightly amusing. But at the same time he realized he shouldn't laugh because the situation was fraught with danger. He didn't want Glory and Christine to turn into enemies.

Christine blushed and looked down for a moment, then stared Glory in the eye. "I know, I'm sorry. I do have a reputation for being nosy, but I'm trying to be better. I've started to realize that gossip isn't just a game; it involves real lives and real reputations. I have a moral code that I live by and remaining true to that is extremely important to me. If I tell anyone about you two being here today, I'll not only betray both of you, but I'll betray myself. I try to be a good and moral person to help people, not hurt them. I'd have to be an awful, spiteful, selfish, evil person to say a single word."

A half-smile crossed Glory's face. "Yes, we both know someone like that, don't we?"

Christine was confused until she realized Glory was talking about Heather. She smirked and nodded while tugging her far-too-tight bikini top back into place yet again.

Glory nodded back, relaxed, smiled more broadly and continued in a normal voice, "It's pointless to deny what we all know. Yes, Alan and I are an item. And this kind of beach is a place for adventurous, loving couples. Don't worry; I'm not blind. I know that he has other lovers. I'm sure you know about those rumors too, the things Amy has said about sharing, and they're pretty much all true. I know I can't have all of him, but I figure it's better to have him sometimes than not have him at all."

Christine's whole body jerked in surprise as she sat up. Ms. Rhymer knows she's sharing Alan?! And she's okay with that? Wait a minute! What am I thinking? Of course she knows: not only does Amy tell every person she meets that he's her "official boyfriend," but she's blabbed all over the school about him having other lovers too. Wow! What kind of amazing lover could have even his teacher okay with such an arrangement, let alone taking part in it? He must be the best lover on the planet! And I let him get away. Damn! I've just gotta do something about that! If she'd just leave already, I could make my move!

Glory suspected what Christine was thinking, but she finished her statement, "So now you know everything, but I'm sure it's nothing a sharp girl like you couldn't put together anyway, after seeing us like this, plus during lunchtime last Wednesday."


Christine nodded, lost in thought. Her feelings were very confused. She was still trying to convince herself that she was okay with just remaining platonic with Alan, but seeing him with Glory set her heart aflame. Not only did it stir her competitive instincts, but she had her heart set on spending more time at the beach with just Alan, and she wanted that very badly. However, she was having trouble fully acknowledging her real desires, partly because she didn't know whether she should act on them, and if she did, what she should do exactly.

She'd been trying to avoid looking at their nudity by resolutely staring in Alan's eyes and nowhere else. But she'd turned to look at Glory while she was speaking, and then when Glory said "after seeing us like this," she couldn't help briefly looking down at their naked bodies.

Glory was deliberately sitting in such a way that her legs were covering her pussy, just to be on the safe side in case the towel she was holding fell out of place. Her hips were turned some to achieve this, leaving a side view of almost all of one ass cheek exposed. And the way she held the towel over her chest was extremely precarious; just a couple of inches' movement to the right or left would expose one or both nipples.


Christine realized that, cleverly, Glory was simultaneously being modest by covering up somewhat and also striking a sexy pose to keep Alan's attention. She quite possibly looked even more alluring holding up the towel than if she were completely naked. It made one want to watch and see whether the towel would fall out of place, since even a good gust of wind could lead to interesting exposures.

Her eyes didn't linger on Glory for long though, partly out of embarrassment and partly because she felt no sexual interest in her, but mainly because her eyes went straight to Alan's crotch. True, there was a strategically placed towel covering up the entire area, but he made no attempt to hide the rather ominous bulge there that could only be his erection. His towel poked up just like a mini-teepee.

Christine was hopelessly fascinated by the sight. She wished with all her might for some kind of accident to occur that would cause the towel to slide off. But seeing as that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon, she also made sure to check out his bare chest and legs. He was no muscular Adonis, but his body was filling out quite nicely. Her nipples had already been hard even before she sat down, and she could feel her excitement continuing to grow. She silently cursed the fact that Glory was there too, putting a serious damper on any possibility of seducing him.

Finally, Christine's eyes finished the grand tour and made their way back to Glory's face. Her competitive instincts flared when she saw Glory's look of charitably amused tolerance. She said, "Let me just repeat that I'm not going to tell anything to anyone. You're right that there are rumors about you two floating around already - lots of rumors. So even if I did say something without any proof, all it would do is throw one more wild rumor out there. Ms. Rhymer, I think you're a great teacher - and to do something that might get you fired, well, I just wouldn't do that. Even though I think that a relationship between a student and teacher is just plain wrong."

Glory turned red. "Excuse me?"

"Like I said, what you do is your business. But Ms. Rhymer, I know that you're a good, moral person. I hope you'll realize that you shouldn't abuse your position as his teacher and take advantage of your student. It's not too late to come to your senses. Sorry if I offend, but I have to speak my mind."

Glory got huffy. "Oh you do, do you? Well let me tell you something! He's legally an adult, and what we do-"

He interrupted. "Glory, let it slide please. I don't think anyone is going to change anyone else's mind today." He realized that he needed to tread very carefully to prevent the two women from going at each other's throat. Their animosity was a real problem, but it was also getting him even more aroused, seeing just how much each of them wanted him for themselves.

Glory let out a loud, "Harrumph!" But she actually was thankful for the interruption because she didn't have much of a case to justify her unethical relationship. She was with Alan for emotional reasons, not logical ones.

He realized it would be wise to change the subject, and quickly, so he said, "Besides, we've got more important things to talk about. Christine, since you've come all this way just to talk about it, let's hear some more about this threat. And was it really necessary to flag me down like this? Couldn't it wait for tonight?"

She replied, a bit bashfully, "The thing is, you can be hard to reach. You don't even have your own cell phone, for one thing. And I've got a big Thanksgiving dinner and family commitments coming up. I could get free later in the evening, but what if you're not around? We'd all be screwed! And you need time to talk to Amy and Katherine as well since it concerns them too. They could be targets!"

"Okay, fine. Never mind about that. I know how you think and I know you've got a plan. I'd like to hear it. And Glory, I'm hoping you can help out too. Are you coming to the game?"

Glory hadn't been planning on it, but she said, "I could, if you need me. What can I do? I'm not a martial arts expert, like some people reportedly are." The way she said that to Christine, it was like she said, "I'm not a drug dealer, like SOME people," even though there was nothing wrong with knowing martial arts. But Glory wasn't thinking rationally.

However, she immediately regretted her words. What the hell?! That doesn't even make sense! My strategy is astray here. I need to THINK. For one thing, my parents raised me to be a proper young lady and it's beneath me to act this catty. For another, Christine holds my job - hell, my whole future - in her hands. I can't afford to make her my enemy. But most importantly, Alan loves me! Today's been just about the greatest day of my life! I'm not going to let her ruin it. I have to put faith in my lover that he's not going to be distracted like some puppy chasing mindlessly after some shiny new rubber ball.

She stole another jealous glance at Christine's overflowing bustline. Better make that two shiny new rubber balls. Very, very BIG balls! Dammit, how can she be so slim and yet so busty at the same time, especially at her age?!

Keeping these thoughts to herself, she said, "Sorry, Christine, I don't know what I meant by that. It's just that... your being here has got me frazzled. We went all this way to make sure no one we knew would see us..."

Christine's hard face softened. "I understand. But if anyone should be apologizing, it should be me. I foolishly came here and stepped right in the middle of your private time. I wish there was some way I could convince you that your secret is completely safe with me, and make up for hurting you. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I can't seem to stop myself from casting moral judgments on everyone when I should just learn to live and let live. Ms. Rhymer, you're my favorite teacher. I wish I could be your friend and not your enemy."

Alan had been trying to figure out how to head off any conflict between the two women, so he was very glad for this turn of events. He said, "Look, we all can and should be friends. And we can start by working together to defeat those thugs. May I make a suggestion?"

The other two nodded.

He said carefully and diplomatically, "Obviously, we only have one martial arts expert here. But Glory, you also have something special to bring to the table: your status as a teacher is like kryptonite for troublemakers. These thugs sound pretty reckless, but I don't think even they would dare try anything with a teacher right there. The problem is, we have three targets: me, my sister, and my official gi-, er, Amy."

Christine was much like Glory in that she was both intellectual and passionate. She'd been letting her passions run away with her, but since Glory had offered an olive branch, she managed to bring her own jealousy under control, at least for the moment. She thought of some cutting things to say, but instead just nodded diplomatically.

The three of them discussed various strategic options for several minutes. But before long it became clear that the discussion was turning into a polite yet clear dispute between Glory and Christine. In short, Christine thought she was the one who should be closely guarding Alan during the game while Glory thought that she was the one who should be closely guarding him.

Alan could see where this was going and tried to diffuse the tensions. "Both of you make good points. But doesn't Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' say something about how surprise is the most important thing in battle?"

Christine knew "The Art of War" like the back of her hand, so she corrected him. "Sun Tzu says a number of things to that effect. For instance, 'All warfare is based on deception.' Or maybe you're referring to the quote, 'He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.' Or it could be-"

Alan cut her off. "I get the general gist. Surprise is key. So my point is, you and Glory should switch roles several times. With our tactics shifting, they won't know what to prepare for."

Christine frowned, as she usually did when thinking intently, but then satisfaction suddenly brought out a subtle smile. She appreciated that it not only made sense strategically, but it also was a diplomatic solution that both she and Glory could live with. "You know, you big lug, you're not just a cute face."

Glory couldn't help laughing, despite her animosity. "I keep telling him that. I'm glad to see someone agrees with me."

Everyone laughed, which helped improve the mood.

Christine said, "And speaking of tactics, this is the ideal time for them to strike. Why? Because they can be almost certain that Amy and Katherine are going to be there. Heather kept the cheerleading squad so unusually small this year, with just five cheerleaders and one alternate for any game, that it would be a disaster for both of them not to show up. And with them both showing up, that virtually guarantees that you'll have to show up to protect them. I dare say the previous close call with Amy was a strategic move - a feint - just to ensure that you'll be there to try to protect them."

"But they'll all be playing football!" Alan pointed out. "That'll keep them busy before, during, and after the game. So yeah, I'm not going to leave Amy and my sister alone, but I haven't been worrying too much about it either."

"A-ha!" Christine said triumphantly. "You see? It's the perfect situation for them to make their move! They each have an alibi. And you've got your guard down. Conditions couldn't be better for them. These guys come from rich families - they could easily hire some low-lifes to do something drastic. Or what about that Rock guy? He's been kicked out of school altogether, but he's still one of their gang. What's to stop him from leading some plot against you or your friends any time during the game?"

"Shit!" Alan complained. "Now you've got me seriously worried. And with this new tip you've found out, I'm REALLY worried. What do you think, Glory?"

Glory had been on the verge of making a snippy comment about Christine being an "armchair general," but she kept it to herself and said in a neutral tone. "I suppose it makes sense. And it's only prudent to be careful."

She thought, And speaking of being prudent, I need to watch myself! Alan loves ME, not Christine. She can have boobs the size of small planets for all I care, but there's nothing she can do to take away his love for me! This too shall pass; I just need to be patient.

Alan, sensing some common ground between them on this issue, decided to seize on the opening and expand it. "I'm glad we're in agreement on that. Another thing I think we can all agree on is that Heather is a wild card in all this and there's no telling what she'll do. We should watch out for that."

The eyes of both Christine and Glory went wide, after which they practically fell all over each other in their eagerness to second that thought.

"You're telling me!" Glory said emphatically. "I know I'm a teacher and shouldn't speak ill of my students, but just between you, me, and the birds, she's a class-A bitch. Don't trust her further than you can throw her!"

Christine nodded her head enthusiastically. "You said it! I can't agree more! She's not just a bitch, Ms. Rhymer, she's pure evil! As a teacher, you may not be aware of some of the things she's done, but let me tell you..."

Then the two of them were off, sharing stories and gossip about Heather, each one happy to outdo the other with tales of just how untrustworthy and bitchy Heather could be.

Such talk did next to nothing to help prepare a strategy for the football game, but Alan encouraged the conversation because as long as they were grousing about Heather together, they weren't brooding about each other's presence. They were easily the two biggest gossip-mongers he knew, so once they started they were practically unstoppable.

Not only that, but the two of them got so passionate talking about Heather that they almost completely forgot Alan was there. That gave him a golden opportunity to freely ogle Christine's magnificent body. With the two of them looking elsewhere, he dipped into his backpack and put on his sunglasses. Then he rearranged himself (and his towel) while sitting up against a rock, so he could look at Christine from a position where Glory couldn't see his eyes, but only the glasses.


That settled, Alan sat back and luxuriated in the vision before him. Dang! Christine is FIIIIINE! She looked great in a one-piece, but seeing her in a bikini is truly a dream come true! I don't see a single blemish or imperfection anywhere. This must be what it would have been like to see Mom or Aunt Suzy, I mean Mother, when they were almost eighteen. Except Christine is possibly even more stacked up top! She's definitely an F-cup. I must say I've become a bit of an expert lately in sizing up big racks - and she could grow even bigger! Heck, if she got pregnant, there's no telling - she could end up giving Brenda a run for her money in the tit-size department! Oh man! There's a thought. I can just picture Christine with a big belly. I hear pregnant women can get really horny. Or better yet, our baby suckling on one breast with me suckling on the other! He snickered to himself.

He looked over at Christine and Glory. Look at them go. Those two are jabbering away happily now - I guess their hatred of Heather knows no bounds. But what if I wasn't running interference to prevent them from turning on each other? What would happen then?


Alan started to drift into fantasy while continuing to look between Glory's and Christine's nearly naked bodies. In his new position he had a side view of Christine instead of a completely frontal one, and from the side she looked even more naked because her bikini top was so stretched. He could see nearly all of her incredible tits and much of a muscular ass cheek as well.

Glory meanwhile, seemed to be an expert at keeping her private parts technically covered from where Christine was sitting while exposing herself from where Alan was sitting. She mainly did this by frequently repositioning herself as if she were uncomfortable. Each time she did, she would draw attention to her nearly naked ass that only Alan was at the right angle to see. She also sometimes "accidentally" let the towel slip down her breasts, but only when she saw that he was looking her way and Christine was not. She was doing everything she could within reason to keep his attention.

Alan mentally rewound the conversation to when Glory had said, "Well, let me tell you something! Alan is legally fully an adult, and what we do-" But now, in his mind, he let Glory finish her thought.

She said, "Alan is legally fully an adult, and what we do on our own is our own business! So keep your nose out of it!"

Christine replied, "Well, it is my business, damn you, because I love him and I'm not going to stand by and watch him waste his time with you!"

Glory came back with, "Oh you're not, are you? Well, let me tell you something, kid; you don't even know what the word love means. Alan loves ME!"

In his fantasy, the two of them were nearly completely ignoring him as their argument with each other grew more heated. "Love? Ha! That's a laugh. He ADMIRES you and he's confusing his feelings. Have you ever heard of something called 'Alan-worthy'? Well I have, and let me tell you, to even get in the door you need to have at least an E-cup chest. And that's the bare minimum (and I do mean 'bare'). What have you got? B-cups, at best!"

Glory thrust her bare chest forward. "I'll have you know, young lady, these are 34Cs and he loves them just fine. Don't you, my lover?"

Christine snorted loudly. "34C? Bah! That's nothing. Just look at these babies! Read 'em and weep!" She pulled her top down, letting her big 38F breasts spring free.

"Oh yeah? Well he's not so shallow that he goes for a girl like you who's nothing more than a pair of overinflated flesh pillows!"

"Overinflated flesh pillows?! Bitch! He loves ME!"

"Bitch, who are you calling bitch?! You're the bitch, you shameless slut! Alan, tell her. Tell her who you really love."

But Christine interjected rapidly, "He loves ME! He even asked me out before anyone else! I'll show you who the bitch is!" She picked up a fistful of sand and threw it in Glory's face.

Glory had to close her eyes when she saw what was coming. But even though she was temporarily blinded, that didn't stop her from taking a fistful of sand and throwing it in Christine's direction. She scored a direct hit and Christine was forced to keep her eyes closed as well.

"BITCH!" Christine screamed hysterically as she launched herself at Glory, her fingers extended into claw shapes.

Glory screamed right back and brought her clawed fingers out as well. The towel she'd been using to cover herself fell to the sand forgotten.

Even though both of them had their eyes closed they had no trouble finding each other, and soon a full-on cat fight was under way. The two of them rolled about in the sand, yanking on each other's hair and generally clawing and scratching. Christine's bikini bottoms were ripped off at some point and fell away.


But it wasn't much of a contest. The odds were fairly even at first by virtue of the fact that both of them were effectively blinded, and both of them were very fit and athletic. But soon Christine's martial arts skill came into play and Glory had no counter for some of Christine's expert moves.

It happened in a flash, but somehow Christine wound up on top of Glory and had one of Glory's arms pinned behind her. "Who's the bitch, now?" Christine crowed victoriously. "That's right; you're my bitch. I think it's time you show the proper appreciation for my so-called 'overinflated flesh pillows.' Let's see you lick my nipples. And you can finger my pussy with your free hand. I'll let you go once you make me cum."

"No! Never!" But Christine still had a hand around Glory's wrist on the arm pinned behind her, and she twisted it a little.

"Ow! Okay, okay! But I warn you, I'm no lesbian! I can't make you cum; I don't know the first thing-"

"Just do it! And no funny stuff, or you'll regret it!"

Glory started licking one of Christine's extended nipples. At the same time, she reluctantly brought her free hand down to Christine's blonde pussy and inserted a finger.

In his daydream, Alan watched as Glory's reluctance slowly faded. Within a minute or two, the two of them were rolling around in the sand again, but this time because they were madly kissing and fondling each other. Christine had let go of Glory's arm because she had no more need to use coercion; their hands were simply flying all over each other as if both of them were trying to touch and stimulate every single body part at once.

But in their rolling about they eventually rolled into Alan's feet. That reminded both of them that he was still there.

Christine broke the lip-lock and exclaimed, "Alan! Um, you don't mind that we, uh...?"

"Mind? Hardly. I like it when my ladies get better acquainted with each other. But look what you two started." He whipped the towel away from his crotch, revealing his throbbing erection.

That fully caught the attention of Glory and Christine. The two of them scrambled for position.

Glory said, "Christine, I know you're a virgin. Leave this to a talented mouth."

"Hey! I won the fight fair and square. Let me claim my reward." They were jostling and pushing each other and it looked like another catfight would break out.

But Alan said, "Ladies, another thing I like is when my women learn to share."

Christine and Glory got the hint and each one of them took one side of his erection. Their hair was still tussled about, their eyes were wild, and there were minor scratches here and there, but nothing serious. Soon enough, they redirected all their hyper fighting energy into a dual blowjob.


He slumped back against the rock wall behind him, put his hands behind his head, and sighed in contentment. Aaaaah! This is the life! Make love not war, I say. And would you look at that? They're still playing with each other's tits even as they suck and blow me while fondling my balls. And Christine's a natural cocksucker! I'm gonna have to fuck those mammoth tits of hers in short order. But that's just the warm-up for when I take her cherry...



He heard Glory yelling, which snapped him out of his daydream. His eyes had been open all the while, still staring back and forth between Christine and Glory, but his mind had been elsewhere. From the stupid grin on his face, the other two assumed that he'd fallen asleep and been having a happy dream.

Glory yelled again, "Alan!"

He pulled his sunglasses down to show he was awake. "What, already?" Then he pushed them back up.

Glory pointed at his crotch. "Your towel, you big doof!"

He looked down. In his excitement, his dick had been twitching and eventually twitched the towel right off. His erection was pointing straight up in all its bare glory.

He looked over at Christine and saw that her jaw had just about hit the ground.

She was stunned. She stood up as if she'd just seen a poisonous snake in his lap and suddenly needed to escape. She was appalled, but at the same time intrigued and aroused. She'd seen bulges in his shorts many, many times, and even recently seen the top inch of his cockhead protruding from his shorts, but she'd previously visualized his fully erect penis only in her dreams. She saw that all the rumors about how thick and long his penis was were completely true.

She'd more or less calmed down, thanks to focusing on discussing the problems at school. But suddenly her heart began to thump like crazy. Worse, her nipples and pussy throbbed needfully, and yet she certainly couldn't touch herself. She was almost totally unfamiliar at how to cope with being so aroused in a public place.

Alan could only go by Christine's shocked facial expression, and he felt bad. Then he realized that this was real life and not just another fantasy, and thus there were certain rules of decency that he was obliged to follow. "Oops!" He quickly put the towel back in place.

Glory sighed. "'Oops'? Tell me that wasn't intentional."

"No, really! I guess I kind of faded out there. I was in la-la land."

She rolled her eyes. "Well, I can believe that much, or maybe it was ta-ta land." She cast a quick, discouraging glance at Christine's remarkable rack. "You're just a hopeless case. Sometimes I think your whole brain has migrated down there. Can you at least cover up with something more secure? You're just asking for trouble with that towel hanging loosely, and Christine here is obviously very sensitive about nudity."

"NO!" Christine shouted a little too quickly. "Er, I mean, I can handle it. I'm not a prude. In fact, I feel foolish in a bikini while you and Glory are essentially naked. I'm no coward. Besides, this top is two sizes too small, as I'm sure you can see, and it's driving me crazy. Since I'm at a nude beach, the least I can do is take off my top."

Now it was Glory's turn to shout "NO!" Then she too tried to tone it down. "What I mean is, you don't have to do that. I can put my bikini back on. I have it here in my bag somewhere."

Christine had cried out impulsively, mostly because she was frustrated that Alan had put the towel back over his still extremely rigid erection. She felt like a child who'd just been handed a new toy, only to see it get snatched away. She wanted a longer and much closer look. So she hadn't really been thinking when she offered to take her top off; she'd just said that in desperation in the hope of getting him completely nude.

But now she considered her offer seriously. Should I really do it? Hell, why not? It'll drive Glory nuts! She can't compete with my body or my bust and she knows it. That's why she's being so 'helpful' in trying to talk me out of it. And if I'm going to get Alan off of his 'Let's just be friends' duff, I'm going to have to take drastic measures. "Fortune favors the brave.'" It wasn't Sun Tzu who said it; I think it was Virgil, but it's true just the same. Besides, Sun Tzu did say, "In the middle of chaos there is also opportunity," and that's almost the same.

Not only that, but Glory's admitted that Alan has multiple lovers and she's okay with that, so why can't she be okay with me being one of them too? Knowing him, it's not like he's gonna MIND if I take my top off. Hell, I can barely get him to look up at my face most of the time as it is. He'll love it and it'll make him want me!

But on the other hand, this is pretty ridiculous. I mean, who do I think I am? Am I going to snatch him away from Glory right under her nose? Is that why I came to the beach? I'm not like that, am I? Am I some kind of shameless hussy? That's not what a proper lady would do. Hell, I must be out of my mind to even think of getting naked in front of him! That smacks of desperation, it's underhanded, and it's downright shameless!

Awww hell. Screw it.

She stood up, undid the tie in the back holding her bikini top up, and let it fall down her body.

There were two very loud gasps from Alan and Glory. That just made the blush on Christine's face even deeper than it already had been.

Alan's hormones were boiling over. The fact that he was nearly naked and merely had to sit up for his towel to fall aside didn't help matters. He'd just been fantasizing about Christine taking her top off, literally for more than the last two years, but now the reality was infinitely better than the dream.

He felt like a raging beast with Christine as his delectable prey. It was all he could do not to leap up and ravage her. Her melon-sized breasts were in constant motion, bouncing and jiggling in every direction. The effect was like two neon signs screaming, "Touch me! Take me!"

And had it just been Alan and Christine, he probably would have lost all control. But then he looked at Glory and everything changed. Suddenly his mind was flooded with memories. He relived her laughing and joking with his family mere hours before, then making out in the elevator, then Glory leaping at him in bed. But mostly he thought of their time together walking on the beach just before Christine had arrived, and the feeling of love and closeness that he had felt and continued to feel. There was no way he could even think of touching Christine with Glory on his mind. Even the urge to do so just dissipated.


Christine could see the lust in his eyes, so she asked excitedly, "Alan, you know I've got such fair skin. Could you do me a favor and put some suntan lotion on me? You've done it before, you know."

He thought back to when he'd applied lotion all over her back during their beach outing a week and a half ago. That's true, although she definitely wasn't topless then! Hot damn! If only Glory wasn't here! No, wait. It's better if she is. Christine and I have to stay just friends. Period! Even though it looks like Christine is coming on to me. No way! Christine?! Wanting me?! Oh God! That blows my mind!

He replied, "I'd better not. After all, we've promised each other to be just platonic friends, so that would just be asking for trouble, especially since you're so incredibly beautiful."

He turned to Glory and took his sunglasses off completely so she could see his eyes. He stared directly at her face and smiled at her.

Glory was amazed for a moment. She could scarcely believe that Alan was looking at her and not going ga-ga over Christine's outrageous hooters, not to mention the rest of her perfect body. Even though she was determinedly not bisexual, she had to admit that Christine had just about the most physically perfect body she'd ever seen. She's almost as incredible as Suzanne, physically speaking, though she doesn't have Suzanne's magical spark. Yet he's looking at boring old me!

But then she thought, I need to have more faith in my lover. Christine just gave it her best shot and she got totally slammed! She obviously doesn't have a clue how to flirt or seduce. She uses her big breasts as a crutch, figuring she can get anything she wants with them.

But Alan's teaching ME a very important lesson here: there are more important things than looks. Things like love. She looked back at him and gave him a warm, loving smile.

There was a long, awkward pause as both Christine and Glory waited for Alan to say or do something more, but he simply continued to stare into Glory's eyes as if Christine wasn't even there, and waited for her response.

Finally, he asked, "So, what were you two talking about? Did I miss anything important?"

Glory was all smiles as she replied, "No, not really. I guess the two of us got a little carried away venting about Heather. But you've heard it all before. I suppose the bottom line is, beware of treachery from her direction." Then, as if on a whim, she said, "By the way, I think Christine has the right idea. We are at a nude beach, after all." She abruptly dropped the towel she'd been holding over her chest.

Christine had been poised to walk to Alan so he could apply suntan lotion on her breasts and everywhere else, but she sat back down in frustration. She thought, What was I thinking?! I didn't know it was possible, but I feel even MORE foolish now! Did I expect him to just start kissing and fondling me with Glory right here? It's obvious they're in love - just look at the way they look at each other. That's what I want. And that's who I want. Alan!

But I need a plan! Since I've got Sun Tzu on my mind, remember that he said, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." I've been acting far too rashly!

Glory did Christine a huge favor by exposing her chest as well. Had Christine been the only topless woman, her awkwardness and shame would have been almost unbearable. But with both of them topless, Christine could just pass it off as simply being nude on a nude beach and not the desperate, clumsy quest for Alan's attention that it really had been.

As the seconds passed, Christine realized that Glory's decision to remove her towel must have been a deliberate act to help her out of an awkward situation. Had Glory been someone like Heather, she could have twisted the knife in and mercilessly mocked Christine's situation. At the very least, Glory could have just done nothing. But instead, Glory was magnanimous and acted like a friend. Christine couldn't understand why she'd done that, but she was very grateful nonetheless.

Glory wasn't quite sure why she'd done it either. True, it was strategically wise to not make an enemy out of Christine, but it was more than that. She both admired Christine as one of the smartest and most upstanding students in the school in years, and took pity on her for the way that she was so obviously struggling to understand and get control over her raging teenage hormones.

Alan also took pity on Christine. He could sense her frustration. She was not used to losing, ever, and she seemed positively baffled at herself for acting so rashly. However, he knew that Christine was the kind of person who had a relentless work ethic; when presented with a problem she attacked it like a relentless pit bull. So he quickly distracted her by saying, "The sun is going down and it's getting cold here. Christine, let's hear your plan on what to do about the football game. I say we can't just wait around until they strike. Is there some kind of way to go on the offensive?"

A host of mixed emotions crossed Christine's face until a look of resolve took over. She looked down at her bare chest and wondered if she should cover up, if only with her arms. But she decided to brave it out. She looked up and said firmly, "There is. That's my thought exactly. To use another military axiom, the best defense is a good offense. I say we set a trap, and here's how we do it. Actually, Ms. Rhymer, Glory, I'm glad you're here because I can use your help as well..."

Soon Christine was all business as she discussed her plans and schemes like a general going to war. But she was so smart that she could talk about one thing while thinking about something else, so even while she was verbally laying out her strategies, she thought, Well today I guess I've completely fucked up in every way possible. I've made a huge fool of myself coming here in the first place, and then I make this desperate move taking my top off and Alan slaps me down! It feels like love shaves off about 50 IQ points. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. And worst of all, maybe he well and truly means what he says about wanting to just be friends.

But I can't believe that. When I was walking towards him, his penis was half-hard at best, and he's been as stiff and long as a flagpole ever since I arrived. That can't all be for Glory - he's aroused by me! Very aroused! Speaking of strategies, I came here without a plan and without even a clue. Sun Tzu would slap me upside the head for my stupidity! But I'm not going to make the same mistake twice.

Next time, I need to catch him ALONE. I saw how he looked at me when I first took my top off. Heck, he's been staring at my body with outright lust ever since I arrived. He nearly lost control for a moment there. I just need a better plan. If there's one thing that's true about me, it's that I never give up until I get what I want.

Having him all for myself, well, I had my chance but now it's too late for that. Even if I could pull it off, there would be too many broken hearts. But he's going to be the one to make me a woman and I'm just NOT going to take a no for an answer on that one! After that, who knows? He did ask me out first. Maybe... maybe we could have something special.

While she was thinking these things, she didn't skip a beat in presenting her detailed and well thought out ideas on how to neutralize and overcome the football player threat. Realizing the value of Glory's "kryptonite" teacher status, she made sure to fully engage Glory. She adjusted her schemes on the fly to incorporate Glory in clever ways while using Alan's suggestion to make changes from time to time to avoid predictability.

All in all, it was a very impressive presentation.

Through it all, she remained acutely aware that her chest was still bare. And even though Alan was resolute in not looking at her there, she discovered the mere fact that she was semi-naked in front of him was making her hot. Very hot. And wet. To make matters worse, she couldn't stop thinking about his throbbing erection. It was a testament to her multitasking abilities and her high IQ that she could be so distracted and yet so verbally coherent at the same time.

Meanwhile, Alan was slowly dying of frustration as he resolutely kept his gaze above the neck for both Glory and Christine. He was determined to prove to Glory that he wouldn't waver in his love for her simply because such a luscious pair of big, bare breasts were placed before him.

He was so stiff and obvious in his attempts that after a while Glory found herself downright amused by his efforts. She was very pleased, but also very amused.

Finally, Christine's presentation wound down.

Glory was first to speak. "Very impressive, Christine. I can see you take your bodyguard duties most seriously. I, for one, give the plan a thumbs up. What do you say, Alan?"

He turned his head towards Glory, but he was trying so hard to control his muscles that it looked like he was wearing a neck brace. "Definitely. Especially when you compare it with my plan, which was the 'duh, flail about with no plan' plan."

Glory smirked. "And speaking of impressive, Christine, as a completely heterosexual woman, I have to say that by any standards you have a remarkable body and impressive chest. You should be proud of yourself. And Alan, for a self-avowed 'tit man', that's a mighty impressive display of self-control you just showed. I know the point you were trying to make, and I love you for it. In fact, you've left me feeling so secure in your love for me that you have my permission to look anywhere you like. Assuming Christine doesn't mind, of course."

"Really?!" he asked with the unabashed excitement of a little kid.

Glory smirked and laughed out loud. "Really. But museum rules: you can look all you want, but don't touch."

His eyes immediately flew to Christine's chest as if pulled by powerful magnets. He even let out a happy sigh.


Both Christine and Glory laughed, and for once Christine didn't make any protest at his blatant staring. She even proudly thrust her chest out a little.

Christine asked Glory, "He's just a big kid, isn't he?"

"He is," Glory agreed, still grinning. "What is it with guys and big breasts? I don't understand. I would say it must be something hardwired except that I know plenty of guys who are more reasonable about it. Alan though, he's just a hopeless case." She rolled her eyes.

Christine laughed even as she was starting to feel increasingly self-conscious at Alan's attentions. She liked it, but she feared she liked it too much. She had to be careful not to say or do anything else impulsive and foolish. She was also very abashed about the fact that her nipples were erect. She joked, "Well, I for one am not complaining. Now that I've turned his brain to mush with these things, I'm going to make him do all my homework."

It was Alan's turn to snort. "Yeah, right. If you want to fail your classes."

Glory clapped her hands. "Okay, kids. I for one am getting cold. I say we pack up and head out."

Christine longed to figure out how to go from that comment to the excuse that her nipples were erect because of the weather. But bringing up her nipples was only potentially even more embarrassing, so she stayed silent.

The three of them put their clothes back on. Alan used the towel wrapped around the waist trick to change so he wouldn't expose himself again.

Alan made a lot of jokes. He even pretended to cry like a petulant child as the bikini tops went back on, which got some wry smiles.

Christine said, "This didn't happen, right? None of us were here. Nobody took their tops off. I certainly am not any the wiser about what you two do together outside of school. Are we all in agreement on that?"

Alan and Glory agreed emphatically.


The three of them walked together back up the cliff face to the parking lot.

Christine marveled at how wet her pussy had become. Even as she walked she felt the desire to say or do something that would make Alan kiss her. I don't understand my body. Being ashamed of my nakedness seems to arouse me still more. Way too much, in fact! I seem to have this submissive streak. It's like my body is betraying me and has its own agenda. How do I fix that?!

Alan offered to carry the surfboard again, and once more Glory demurred, insisting on carrying it herself. Again, she called it her "baby."

That caused him to quip, "Man, I feel sorry for the doctor who had to perform the delivery!"

As they walked up the steep trail, Glory thought, Suzanne was so wise in telling me that Alan really needed my help. She might even have pulled some strings to get us back together, but I don't care. Heck, it just makes me love, er, I mean admire, her even more. But she's not perfect. She went way too far, too fast with this medical treatment scheme of hers. He must feel like he's been hit by a hurricane. I can't just leave him twisting in the wind.

Alan was pleasantly surprised that Christine and Glory seemed to be getting along relatively well. It had been touch and go at first. He knew it wasn't just that he'd been diplomatic.

He thought, For one thing, there's the rule that people unite when faced with a common threat. Right now, we're all united in trying to overcome this whole football player problem. Plus, the two of them seem to have found common ground big time over the Heather issue. But I think it's more than just those things. I gather that Glory feels Christine isn't going to steal me away from her. At least not right now. Not only did she retract her claws, but she actually started treating Christine nicely, even though Christine came in and spoiled our private time together. Glory definitely has class.

And that was just beyond bizarre how Christine shucked off her top like that. I still can't believe I finally got to see her magnificent boobs in all their glory! Woo-hoo!

But she seems resigned to the fact that Glory and I are serious. I hope she understands that I really am determined to stick to my "friends only" vow. It's not that I don't lust after her - God only knows I do! But if I spread myself out any more, even Plastic Man is gonna be incredulous.

All in all, maybe Christine's coming here was a lucky break. For now, at least, we're working as a team and Glory wouldn't have become part of our strategic plans if not for this strange turn of events. If we can just hold that together through tomorrow, maybe we can all make it through this football game in one piece.

Back in the parking lot, Alan saw Christine unlock the door to her car with a key, though he had no clue where the key came from, given that she had approached them wearing nothing but a bikini, without even sandals. He chalked it up as just another of those female mysteries. Once she got into her car, she put on a T-shirt and shorts. Then she came over and gave him a goodbye hug.

He really enjoyed that hug, especially the way Christine put a little extra wiggle into it. He was also pleased to see Christine give Glory a friendly goodbye wave and Glory return it with a friendly wave.

But what he didn't know was that even while they were smiling and waving at each other, Christine was thinking, I used to think that my biggest competition to Alan's heart was going to be Amy. And Amy's a big problem, there's no doubt about it. But now I can see that Glory's going to be just as much trouble!

And Glory was thinking, I'm glad that Alan put Christine in her place. For now. But I know this isn't over. Not by a long shot. In a way, I'd rather have him screw a bitchy floozy like Heather than have him get involved with Christine, because she's potential wife material. I doubt he could have resisted her if I hadn't been there. But I'm not gonna stand by and just let her snatch my man away from me!

When Alan sat down in the passenger's seat of Glory's car, she shot him an amused yet exasperated look. She started the engine. "Some guys have all the luck. You know that she's totally moony about you, don't you?"

"She is now," he sheepishly groaned in agreement, "but since I've gotten this big overhyped reputation, she's hardly the only one. I've made the decision that there's only one of me and too many women I love already. I want to focus on you and my family, Glory. I mean it."

Glory snorted as she started to drive. "Me, your family, and if that isn't bad enough, probably about another dozen women you're casually bonking on the side. But what's crazy is that I love you anyway. What happened on this beach outing alone, between your dangerously excellent pussy licking and all the romantic things you said and did, well, you've turned me into one big pile of goo! I'm helpless as a bowl of mush. I hope you're happy, young man!"

But despite her seemingly frustrated words, she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. She realized that she was in love, deeply in love, and that Alan really loved her back. The fact that he didn't neglect her in favor of Christine's more ample charms helped prove that. And as long as that was true, she felt she'd be able to manage all the other craziness brought about by Alan's far too rampant, active cock.

Out of the blue, she asked him, "So, you think you're going to boink her?"


"You know who!"

"Christine? No way. You heard about the platonic promise I made."

Glory studied him closely even while she drove. Finally, she said, "The funny thing is, I believe you actually mean that. But you will," she predicted. "She's relentless and she wants you something awful."

But he didn't buy it. "Why doesn't anyone believe me?" he complained.

"We'll see. It hurts me to imagine you and her together, but surprisingly, in her case, it doesn't completely kill me to at least contemplate it in the abstract."

"So that means you'd be okay with it?"

"Hardly!" she scoffed. "Look, I know you have special feelings for her, and that worries me big time. But we do have this 'Don't ask, don't tell' arrangement, and that applies to her as well. I know that you love me, and I'm not going to worry about what you do with yourself when I'm not around. I won't! I won't!" She was as much trying to convince herself on this last point as she was trying to convince him.

"I do love you, Glory," he said tenderly.

She smiled and looked at him wickedly. "Consider yourself lucky that I'm driving, young man, or I'd eat you all up."

The parking lot at the top of the cliff was just a dirt lot with no facilities, not even a Port-o-Potty. However, as Glory drove her car, Alan spotted some public showers near the entrance to the state park and asked if they could stop there. She did, and they quickly showered.

Alan thought as he showered, I'm just terrible. When I'm with Glory, I'm mentally with her 100 percent. That's just how I am. I don't even want Christine to distract me, though she obviously did somewhat. But now that we're heading home I can't help but think that my dick is gonna see a lot of action as soon as I get home and I'd better get all the sand cleaned off. It almost feels like cheating on Glory to shower now, but that's just now my life is. What am I supposed to do?

Alan noticed that Glory had put on lipstick and even a little makeup after her shower.

He was still catching up on his sleep deficit though, so he slept nearly all the way home while Glory drove.

As she headed up Highway Five, she quietly exulted. Love. So this is what real love feels like. He turned her down! I kept worrying that I've just been the 'blowjob from the sexy teach during lunch' for him, but it isn't just sex for him! He really, really loves me! ME! He's strong and yet still so vulnerable - he needs me. And he knows he needs me. But I need him - we need each other.


If only I'd gotten to him sooner. Suzanne would have seen we were in love and her scheme would have never happened in the first place. It would just be him and me. US! I've always dreamed of a honeymoon in Hawaii... Our own private villa right on our own private beach... Even better than kissing in the cold waves today, we could make love right on the warm Hawaii sand. Hell, we could do it neck deep in the warm ocean too!

Instead, I have to put up with him dipping his wick in Heather. And his sister. And his mother! Maybe even Christine soon, knowing him. It's so humiliating! Alan, why do I have to love you so much?!

Meanwhile, Christine just sat in her car in the parking lot. For many long minutes she just sat there, staring into space. But ever so slowly, tears began to trickle down her face.

She soon began to cry in earnest. She was the type of woman who almost never cried, but she'd also never really had serious boy problems to cry about until that moment.

Stupid love! I friggin' hate it! I wish I could just turn off these feelings. It's not fair! Why does Alan have to be a nice guy and a good friend AND the biggest goddamned stud on the whole friggin' planet?! Seeing him with Glory like that, it just about kills me! That should've been ME!

She dropped her head and fondly recalled the one time Alan had French kissed her. If only... If only...

Dammit, I've said that too many times lately. "If only." I can't deny it: my dreams of having him as my real boyfriend are completely crushed. "Official girlfriend" Amy has been bad enough, but seeing him with Glory seals it. And today I acted like some kind of complete laughingstock. How could things possibly get any worse?!

The tears flowed freely and she sobbed and wailed with complete abandon since there was no one there to see her.


Eventually she got her grief under control. I don't like this one bit. I feel completely helpless. I don't know the first thing about romance or sex or love or anything! Just stupid, useless book knowledge. GRRR! But I'm not going to flail about like a complete idiot anymore. I'm a winner, and I can win in this too. I just have to set realistic goals.

For starters, I'm going to get Alan to make me a woman. I may not be his only woman, but dammit, at the very least I'm gonna be one of his women, or my name isn't Christine Anderssen! I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get that dumb "friends only" idea out of his head. I'm not helpless. I have assets in more ways than one. Most guys would give their left testicle just to be with me - except for the only guy that I want! Isn't that how it always goes. But I can do this!

She sat up in her driver's seat. Christine wasn't the type to sit around and bemoan her fate; she was a woman of action. Plans were forming in her head and a new sense of resolve mostly swept away her feelings of sadness. She wiped her face dry and started her car.


Glory woke Alan when they were getting near his house so he'd be more than a zombie when they arrived. She felt perversely proud though that his state of exhaustion was at least partially her fault.

She walked him to his front door, but before he could open the door, she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a toe-curling kiss. It was more than just a kiss, as she was trying to convey the message, "I know you've got other lovers, but don't you dare forget about me!"

As their kissing came to an end and they switched to pecking and licking each other's faces, she possessively grabbed his crotch and buried her face in the crook of Alan's shoulder, nibbling and sucking at his neck and t-shirt collar ring. His penis happened to be flaccid at the moment, but she hefted his whole package up in his bathing suit, saying, "You know, we never did take care of this." She lifted her face back to his ear and nibbled on it.

"True. But we didn't have to. If my dick could smile, it would still have a big smiley face from what we did earlier. And just being with you is like one big constant orgasm for me."

She laughed. "That's a bullshit line if I ever heard one, but I love you for it anyway."

They kissed on the lips some more. Glory didn't want to let him go, especially as she was near certain that he would be sexually entwined with one or more of the women inside the house within minutes. That was painful for her to think about, very painful, so she thought, I'm going to mark him just like a dog marks their territory. He's mine!

She wrapped one leg around him, clasped him tighter with her opposite arm, and ground her pelvis into his while cupping his balls through his clothes with her free hand. I may have to share him with these big-titted bimbos, but I'm not going to be a pushover. THIS is how a real woman sends her man home: flushed, panting, hard as a rock, and with her lipstick all over him!

But Glory couldn't kiss him at the door forever, and her frustration over what would likely happen to him once he went inside got to her. She suddenly broke away and rushed down the walk without saying anything.

Alan waved, even though she wasn't looking back, and shouted, "I love you! I'll call you later, okay?"

She still didn't say anything or look back, but he saw her head nod before she got in the car and drove off.

Alan watched the car go and then stepped forward to reach for the door.

But just before his hand touched the latch, the door opened on its own. It was Katherine. Her face was bright and her mood was bubbly. "That was so fucking HOT!"

Alan stepped inside and let his sister close the door behind him. "You saw us kiss? How'd you do that?"

"The bay windows," Katherine explained, pointing. The living room had windows that stuck out the front of the house by about a foot or so.

Alan realized that if a person put their head right up to the windowpane and twisted their head sideways, they'd just be able to see what was happening on the other side of the front door. He laughed as he pictured Katherine doing just that.

Then Amy stepped out from where that window was and Alan laughed even more as he pictured both of them with their faces pressed up against the window.

Katherine already had her brother wrapped in a hug when Amy launched herself at both of them, turning the hug into a three-way squeeze.

"Brother!" Amy shrieked happily. "How was your trip?"

"Good. Great, actually. And how are things hanging here?"

While all this hugging (and a good deal of kissing) was going on, both Amy and Katherine were busy taking off Alan's clothes, while also taking off their own as they dragged him indoors. Amy had been in the middle of pulling Alan's bathing suit down when he had asked, "And how are things hanging here?" and the obvious double meaning set all three of them laughing.

"Oops!" Alan said as he laughed. "Poor choice of words."

"Excellent choice of words," Katherine corrected him as she yanked her top off. "But the big question is, when's the last time Alan Junior shot into Glory, and which hole did you fill? She sure didn't want to let go of you, and boy was it a turn-on watching our teacher go nuts on our stud!"

"Yeah!" Amy agreed as she began stroking Alan's erection. Not surprisingly, she'd taken her clothes off in a flash and dropped to her knees, so she was already stroking while Katherine was still disrobing. "Howdy, Alan Junior! Happy to see us? ...Oh no! Where's the lipstick?"

Alan was puzzled. "Huh?"

"Glory's lipstick, lover. It's all over you up top, but there's none down here." She looked at him with a sad, pouty face.

"Oh," Alan replied. "We used showers at the beach. I wanted to get the sand off, including there."

"BrrooooOOOOooootherrr!" Katherine griped, in the same way he sometimes said "MooooOOOOoooom!" Also putting on a good pout, she complained, "You shouldn't have! How can we taste her or her lipstick on your dick if you wash?" Then thinking about the sand, she decided, "You should have had her blow you after you washed."

"Kat's right!" Amy nodded. "We wanna taste our teacher's pussy on your dick! We're both curious about what she tastes like, and that's the only way we can tell." She slapped his erection like she was punishing it, but in fact the slaps were very light and playful and only aroused him even more as his dick bounced around until she grasped it firmly.

Alan thought, I can't believe this. I think Glory was trying to mark me with all those lipstick kisses, but instead of sending some kind of 'hands off' message, my sisters actually love it! This is too weird. My heart is still soaring with thoughts of Glory even as my sisters are getting into place for a double blowjob. It's like... all that romance was just an illusion. This is my real life now, my harem life.

As if to emphasize that point, just then Amy popped his erection in her mouth. She let out a happy "MMMM!" from within a muffled mouth at the sheer joy of having it to suck on.

Katherine giggled. "I second that emotion!" She dropped to her knees now that she was naked too. "Sister, can I share too?"

"M'kay!" Amy had all of his cockhead in her mouth and then some, but she pulled off completely so that she and Katherine could take turns licking.

Alan could see where this was going. "Wait, wait, wait! If we're going to do that, let me get comfortable. I'm pooped.'"

So they moved to the nearest sofa in the living room. Alan plopped down on it and Katherine and Amy continued where they left off, on their knees between his legs again.

They started alternating so that one of them would take all of Alan's head in her mouth, swirling her tongue all around it, and then withdraw completely so the other one could do the same.


Alan whipped his T-shirt off to get fully into the spirit of things. He asked, "Where's Mom and Mother?"

But Katherine and Amy were too busy to immediately reply. Katherine had one of his balls in her mouth and seemed to be trying to swallow the other one as well, and she was fingering his anus too. And it was Amy's turn to swallow his cockhead, so even though she looked up towards his face with big eyes like she wanted to say something, the only sounds she could make were incoherent mumbles.

However, eventually, Katherine managed a nod in the general direction of the kitchen.

That got Alan thinking. There was something he'd been wanting to do for some time, and having Susan in the kitchen was just what he needed to put his plan in motion. So he said quietly, "Kat, can you do me a favor?"

She seemed intent on sucking all his cum straight out of his balls, but she eventually managed another nod.

"Good. Please go into the kitchen, RIGHT NOW, before Mom comes over here, and tell her to stay there. I've got some special plans for her, but I need her to wait in the kitchen for them."

She looked up at him sadly and said while still inhaling his scrotum, "Wahgh mhough?"

"Yes, right now." He slapped her hard on the ass. "Be a good fuck toy. A good fuck toy always obeys."

She popped his balls out of her mouth so she could reply, but she continued to lick them. At the same time, one of her hands pumped up and down on the few inches of his erection that Amy's hot mouth was not actively sliding up and down on. "A good fuck toy always works nonstop to pleasure her master's cock. And some fuck toys get a little uppity sometimes. Once they're licking" - she ostentatiously made a figure eight lick around his balls - "and stroking, they just don't know how to stop! Unless it's to spread her legs so her big brother can ram his even bigger cock up her cunt and spray her ovaries with baby juice!"

While she'd been talking, Amy had taken her mouth off Alan's erection and was tapping Katherine on the shoulder. As soon as Katherine stopped speaking, Amy said, "That's thirty alligators. Your turn."

"DAMN!" She gave a few licks on Alan's newly vacated cockhead, but she looked up and could see a strongly disapproving stare coming down from her brother. She gave up and withdrew. "Okay, fine. I'll go. Amy, take my turn and PLEASE keep Big Turkey Baster Brother's cock humming with happiness. You'll have to suck and stroke and anally poke for two."


"M'kay! I'll try!" She giggled, "Yeay! More cock for me!" Amy immediately gobbled her way down Alan's erection as far as she could go. She sloshed her fingers over Alan's balls, now very wet with Katherine's saliva.

As Alan admired Katherine's ass while she scampered off, he asked, "Aims, why hasn't Mom come out here yet, anyway? Is she cooking something special?"

"Mehsh wahhinghh schpeshah cloughthing poh mooo."

Alan couldn't quite understand that, but he was enjoying the way Amy was repeatedly trying to impale his erection down her throat too much to ask her to withdraw long enough to clarify. He guessed it had something to do with "special clothing," but by this point he didn't really care. The blowjob was his whole world.

Katherine came skipping back through the living room. She stopped in front of Alan and bowed. With her stiff-legged body bent at a right angle, she said, "Fuck Toy Number One reporting for duty, Sir. Mission accomplished."

Her dangling breasts were an enticing sight and they were close enough to fondle, so Alan reached out and did just that. "Good work, Sis. What did you tell her?"

"Well, not surprisingly, she wants you pretty bad. I had to get all domme on her and threaten to spank her."

Just then, Amy pulled off Alan's erection and said, "Thirty alligators. Again!"


Katherine dropped down to the floor like someone had shot a gun at her. Then she leaped forward and took Alan's erection far into her mouth. One could even hear a sigh of contentment in her loud slurping.

Mere seconds had passed but Amy had already taken position as ball licker and tugger. The fact that Alan's balls were hairless made that a very desirable spot with the Plummer women.

But Alan said, "Aims, can you please come up here to my face? I can't understand you with all that licking and slurping going on."

"M'kay!" She slowly slithered her way up his body, rubbing herself all over him as she went. Of course her tits pleasantly pressed into him all the way, but she also made a point of rubbing her juicy pussy up his thigh too.

Finally, she reached his face and gave him a brief but scorching kiss on the lips.

Then Alan asked, "That's the second time I heard you say something about alligators. What's up with that? Does that have anything to do with the way you two keep swapping positions?"

"Yep!" Amy said brightly, "You liked it? It's a little game we thought up this afternoon called Thirty Alligators."

Alan quipped, "Given the way you two suck, don't you mean Thirsty Alligators?"

Amy squealed with delight. "Oooh! That's too cool for school! Did you hear that, Sis?"

Katherine didn't verbally reply, but Alan felt (and Amy saw) her as she nodded her head back and forth. She never really did stop nodding but it turned into a bobbing technique for a while.

Amy giggled then said, "Even better. Thirsty Alligators! You mentally count 'One alligator, two alligator, three alligator' up to thirty and then you switch. Of course, we count reaaaal slow 'cos we just can't get enough cock! But it's not fair to count too slow. That would be mean."

The way she said "That would be mean" made Alan want to beat up anyone who would be mean enough to make her even say that. Amy was just too cute for words. He complained, "You see? This is the problem. You're all just too sexy. Of course I loved it."

"Super cool!" Amy squealed again and kissed him on the lips again. They shared another electric kiss right on top of Katherine as her blowjob went on and on. Alan also firmly fondled Amy's bouncy breasts, since they were right there, poking into his chest.

When the kiss eventually broke, he asked, panting, "By the way, whe-where's Mother?"

But then he felt Katherine's mouth vacating his throbbing pole and, faster than he could snap his fingers, Amy was gone. One second he was massaging the undersides of her hefty globes and the next second his fingers were clutching at air because Amy had taken Katherine's spot. The cocksucking continued, but the moves and even the smells and tastes were slightly different now that Amy was on the spot.


And almost as fast as Amy dropped down, Katherine popped up to a spot on the sofa next to him. With a devilish twinkle in her eye, she filled the position Amy had left. And she said, "You mean Aunt Suzy?" She was taking Amy's spot in the conversation, too.

"Yes, I do."

"She's over at Brenda's. But you know what's soooo cool? Aims and I are trying so damn hard. We're throwing every technique at you that we know. But you're just sitting there all calm and able to talk like nothing special is happening. That's just so awesome! Big Ironing Board Brother, you're such a STUD!"

He heard an affirming "MMMM!" from Amy down below.

"Well, never mind about that. What's this about Aunt Suzy being at Brenda's? Doesn't she have a big dinner to prepare for?" He began fondling Katherine's tits with both hands.

"Oh, you know Aunt Suzy. She's on top of things." Her voice turned suddenly lusty. "Just like you're going to be on top of me, skewering me deep with that big fat sister-tamer of yours!"

In fact, Alan was finding it increasingly difficult to converse, but he really did want to know what was happening. It would have been much easier if he just asked Amy and Katherine to stop or slow down, but he was drunk with lust. He needed their touch and their love. He couldn't even take his hands off his sister's breasts, and alternated hefting one up and then the other, back and forth.

He closed his eyes to help himself concentrate. "What's Aunt Suzy doing at Brenda's?"

Katherine panted as she replied, "Brenda, as you know, is busy seducing her son, because that's what good mommies do! Especially big-titted mommies! Big-titted women are born to SERVE! Sisters and mommies, we all serve our MASTER! We spread our legs and get FUCKED!"

Alan was beginning to gather that Katherine was so aroused that it would be difficult to get any kind of answer out of her, but he pressed on nonetheless. "And how does Aunt Suzy fit in?"

"No, YOU fit in, into Aunt Suzy! Into her HOT, tight CUNT! But enough talking! Speaking of fucking, slip it into my pink gash now! Or Amy's. I don't care; just fuck a sister! Fuck us both!"

Just then he could feel Amy's mouth withdrawing and he knew what would happen next. Katherine dropped to the floor even as Amy started another slither back up his body. Then, bing, like magic, he found himself holding Amy instead.

She was all grins as she said, "Sis has a good point there, you now. About the sister fucking."

The switch very near caused Alan to cum. It wasn't that the transfer brought any special sensation to his penis, but the mere fact that they were switching back and forth like clockwork in flawless dedication and teamwork was very nearly too arousing for him.

Alan cried out, "STOP!"

The two girls froze in place. Katherine was just starting to go to town on his cockhead. She stopped her happy bobbing on it but didn't actually pull it out.

Alan just huffed and puffed. Actually, all of them were just struggling to get enough air to breathe. The sound of panting filled the room.

Amy finally asked, "What?"

Alan said, once he brought his breathing under control, "Sorry... Need a break... Strategic pause."

Amy ran a hand across his cheek tenderly. "O.B., you're frowning. What's wrong?" She clarified, "That stands for Official Boyfriend, by the way. It's also my old childhood name for you, 'Bo', spelled backward."

He waited some more until he was calmer and then said, "Mostly that's the grimace of trying to control my PC muscle. But I'm also pissed at God. You know, it's just not fair. No guy can endure in the face of one of you when you turn the sexy moves on, much less two at once. I haven't been inside the house five minutes and you're all so sexy that it's a near miracle I haven't cum already! Do you have any idea how tough it was to say 'stop?'"

Katherine still had her mouth full of cock (and was starting to lick and suck a little - she just couldn't help herself), so she couldn't talk, but Amy said, "Well, why not just cum?"

"I'd love to, Aims. But I'm mad at God. He made women able to cum so many times a day but guys far less. Why can't it be even? If I blow now, then we won't have nearly as much fun later."

A lot of time had passed as he was just catching his breath, and apparently another set of "thirsty alligators" was up. Amy dropped down, but slowly this time, doing her slither in reverse. And Katherine pulled off but stayed down on her knees. Apparently the two girls were tiring of slithering up and down the sofa. He longed to look at the two of them naked and on their knees before him, but he dared not do so - the sight of his sisters was far too sexy and he was still on a hair trigger.

With her mouth free, Katherine said blithely, "I can tell you why it's not even. Because sex, fundamentally, is about making a woman pregnant. Swelling my belly - I mean, her belly - with child. Filling her up with your potent, superior baby-makers. If you could do that forty times a day, and shoot off your big wads of cum each time, you'd probably die of dehydration or something."

Alan sighed. "Good point, Kat. However, that doesn't help my frustration. I know my endurance is good, but with you lot it has to be even better. What if I were to wear a condom during a blowjob? I wouldn't have to always be fighting and straining not to cum."

Looking aghast, Amy dramatically popped his erection out of her mouth. "NooooOOOOooo! That is your worstest idea EVER, brother! That's like, the super double duperest worstest bad idea of all time!"

Alan looked down and saw Amy and Katherine wildly nodding their heads up and down to emphasize their agreement.

Katherine explained, "Half of it is about the taste and texture of your skin. And coaxing the pre-cum out. Good God, it tastes so good to get that first drop on your tongue!"

Then Amy said passionately, "You said it, Sis! And the explosion! Don't forget the explosion of tasty cum!"

They both started to talk at once, explaining how great the "explosion" was.

Alan heard one of them say, "If I want plastic, I can suck on some tupperware. Sheesh!" He held his hands in front of himself defensively. "Okay, okay, already! Sorry for the suggestion. But if one more sexy thing happens here, I'm gonna lose it."

He waited some long moments, and no one touched him or said a single word.

He sighed with relief. As much as he loved their attentions, it sometimes just got to be too much.

Once he was better able to control himself, he said, "Good. Now, can someone explain why Aunt Suzy is at Brenda's?"

Katherine stood up since Alan's erection was off limits for the time being - she didn't want to tempt him into losing control. She replied, "Let me give it a better try, since I was just talking to Mom about this. By the way, she's probably going nuts right now, you know."


"Oh, I was just thinking about how she's doing there in the kitchen. It's not that far away, you know. She must be able to hear our moaning and carrying on and it must be driving her absolutely nuts. What are you going to do to her?"

"One thing at a time. What did she say about Aunt Suzy and Brenda?"

"Oh. Right. Aunt Suzy spoke to Brenda on the phone earlier and got the impression that things were going too fast with Adrian there. Once she had her kitchen and cooking all under control with nothing to do but wait for the turkey to cook, she went over there to check on things firsthand. I'm sure Suzanne's on top of things with the Brenda situation, but I hope she doesn't make Brenda and Adrian wait too long before they have sex. Just think about how long you and Mom had to wait before you finally took her and tamed her. I sure wouldn't wish that on anybody."

"That's true," Alan agreed. "And Brenda's so excited that she needs the extra sex just to burn off steam. I'm gonna have to find out what Aunt Suzy's plan is and make sure she's being merciful with it."

Amy was standing up too by this time and asked, "So what's this thing you're going to do with Susan?"

"I don't feel safe talking about it with her just two rooms away. The element of surprise is key. But come on upstairs and I'll tell you about it. I'll need your help with it anyways 'cos I've got plans forming in my head. Big plans. Can you help?"

"Cool! Totally!" Amy and Katherine both said at the same time.

With Alan in the middle and Amy and Katherine on either side of him, the three of them semi-staggered and semi-hugged their way up the stairs to his room.


After proclaiming, "Slave, you're in a world of trouble!" Suzanne swept into the room where Brenda sat trembling at the presence of her mistress.

Brenda tried to answer, to stand up, to do something to hide the sticky sheen of fresh cum splattered in the middle of her ample chest, but she felt powerless in Suzanne's presence. She was busted, caught red-titted with her son Adrian's cum dribbling down into the deep ravine of her cleavage. There was no good excuse and no possible explanation for this violation of Suzanne's orders.

Suzanne never paused as she blew through the door, until she came to a halt towering over the pale and frightened Brenda. Suzanne's look was particularly effective as her eyes were hidden behind the sunglasses she had purposely not removed when she entered the house. She shone in this dominatrix role.

Brenda immediately sprang to her feet and tried to look presentable.

Suzanne immediately noticed that Brenda was extremely nervous and fidgety and her eyes kept going to a wardrobe on the other side of the room. It was just about the only place a person could try to hide, aside from the closet.

Suzanne had to fight the urge not to laugh, but she managed to keep her steely gaze. She thought, Brenda has no idea how much she's telegraphing Adrian's location with her eyes. It's like she's screaming, "Don't look in the wardrobe!" Which of course would make anyone want to look in the wardrobe. This is just too rich. I can't let this opportunity slide. Hmmm, I know just how to handle this.

She walked right up to Brenda and stood above her, towering over her menacingly like a fierce Amazon warrior. "What have you done, Tit Slave? And don't tell me you've been applying donut glaze to your oversized udders, either."

Awestruck and wincing at every syllable, Brenda couldn't answer. She could do little but burn as her humiliation and rising eroticism turned first her chest, then her face, then the entire top half of her body red. It was as if Suzanne had just given her a physical, rather than a verbal, whipping.

Suzanne wasn't going to be put off with a contrite and apologetic expression. She seized Brenda by the jaw and effortlessly lifted her chin to force Brenda to gaze into her eyes through her sunglasses and realize the full extent of her mistress's disapproval.

"You broke the rules I set." Suzanne said those words gently and quietly, yet the menace behind them was more than apparent.

Somehow, Brenda managed to eek out a small, "I'm-"

"SILENCE!" Suzanne thundered, making even the wardrobe doors tremble.

Without breaking her withering stare, Suzanne reached down and, with just two fingertips under Brenda's chin, brought Brenda's eyes to meet her gaze. Her voice suddenly grew much quieter, making her next words sound even more authoritative and menacing than her shout. "Did I ask you a question, Slave? No, I did not." She released her grip on Brenda's chin and started lovingly caressing her cheek and brushing her fingertips ever so lightly over Brenda's quivering lips.

Brenda had to fight the sudden nearly irresistible urge to open her mouth and suck on Suzanne's fingers. She couldn't help sighing with repressed need and desire as she felt herself falling under Suzanne's spell.

"Now, whose room is this?" Suzanne asked.

"A-A-Adrian's, my M-M-M-Mistress." Brenda was quivering even more now. She knew the other shoe was about to drop, and had no idea how Suzanne might punish her for such blatant disobedience.

While she felt especially close to Susan as a kindred spirit, she adored and worshipped Suzanne's powerful aura. Not only was Suzanne always "on" with her sensuality and sexuality, but when she walked into a room, she usually came off as the natural leader of everyone in it with almost no effort whatsoever. Now, as she often did, Brenda felt herself getting wet just from being in Suzanne's presence.

"All right," Suzanne said, releasing Brenda and stepping back to survey her surroundings with deliberate care. "This is as good a place as any for your punishment, at the site of your... transgression." She transfixed Brenda with her piercing gaze once more. "Where has your lover boy gone?"

Adrian had the two wardrobe doors pulled shut as much as he could get them, but he could still hear every word. At that comment by Suzanne, his heart leapt to his throat. He felt that he would surely be found out in a matter of seconds, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Suzanne quickly went on, in a disconcertingly flippant voice, "It doesn't matter. He's obviously long gone or else he'd have to take his punishment too. But we can deal with that later. First, let's take care of you." She returned her full gaze at Brenda. "I want you to tell me exactly what happened here. How did his cum get all over your chest?"

"Um, er, well, it's kind of a long story..."

Suzanne just stood and stared, which was more upsetting than a verbal lashing. Then she stepped forward, removing her sunglasses with one fluid move, and took control of Brenda's eyes. Separated by less than a foot, much of that distance vertical, Suzanne watched Brenda's eyes in silence.

There would be no lies, no obfuscation. Brenda was certain no one could have resisted her mistress' raw power.

Brenda had expected some kind of response from Suzanne to her "long story" comment, but the awkward silence continued unbroken. She tried as much as she could to resist looking into Suzanne's commanding eyes. She mostly looked straight forward into Suzanne's clothed but still impressively full bust line, every now and then glancing up to see what expression was on Suzanne's face. Each time, she didn't like what she saw there and quickly looked back down again.

Finally, Brenda found her voice. "Well, you see, Adrian was, uh, well, he had his, er, his penis in my cleavage, and then he kind of got excited and... er... um..." Her voice was weak to begin with and trailed off altogether as she withered under Suzanne's intense gaze.

"I know what a titfuck is, Slave," Suzanne said, sounding supremely annoyed. "What I want to know is how did it start? What about my DIRECT and EXPLICIT orders NOT to give him blowjobs or titfucks until he was ready for them?"

Adrian heard that from his hiding place and, although he wasn't quite sure what that meant, he couldn't help but notice the implication that he would be allowed to perform titfucks and blowjobs with his mother eventually. That thought alone made his erection surge and throb insistently, despite his fear. He didn't stop to wonder why a near complete stranger to him would have such control over him and his mother.


Brenda dropped to her knees before Suzanne and put her hands together behind her head, hoping Suzanne would see that she was completely bowing to her will. "I'm so sorry, Mistress! So very, very sorry!"

"Did I ask you to kneel?" Suzanne asked, impassive and apparently unmoved by Brenda's display.

"No." Brenda started to stand back up.

"Did I ask you to stand?"

"No." Brenda was increasingly flustered and confused. She didn't know whether she should stand or kneel or what to do with herself. So she remained frozen where she was, in the midst of getting back up. It wasn't a position she could remain in for long, but she was determined to obey Suzanne in everything without question.

Suzanne paused as if reconsidering, and then said with no warmth, "Stand up. And while you're at it, clean that cum off."

Brenda shot back up. She scanned the room wildly: How could she clean herself? Completely naked, she saw nothing she could use to wipe the cum from her chest. As before, her eyes returned time and again to briefly focus on the wardrobe.

Suzanne put both hands on her hips and spoke to Brenda like she was lecturing a dim-witted child. "What are you waiting for? There's only one way tit slaves clean cum off their chests, and that's by eating it all up. And look me in the eye while you do it."

Brenda immediately began swiping up gobs of cum with her trembling fingers and licking her fingers clean. She found the whole thing to be extremely demeaning, especially given the contrast between her nakedness and Suzanne's power suit. But being treated like this really got her horny.

In many other settings, Suzanne would have taken off her own clothes by now, if only to get more comfortable. Nudity or near nudity had become the norm for her lately, but she didn't want Adrian to see any of her private parts, much less touch them. It would make her feel disloyal to Alan. Also, she didn't want Adrian to become attracted to her, further complicating the situation. Staying clothed had the added benefit of increasing Brenda's vulnerability in a subtle yet psychologically powerful way.

With Brenda staring up at her with saucer-shaped eyes while repeatedly sucking her fingers clean, Suzanne impatiently said, "Let's cut to the chase. Just what trouble did you and Adrian get into today?"

Brenda's legs were shaking as she answered, "Er, well, Mistress, I have to admit that I kind of, well, sucked him off a little bit too." It took all her willpower to keep staring Suzanne in the face, yet somehow it would have taken even more willpower to defy her and look away.

"You did... what?" Suzanne's words were quiet, but the displeasure in them was so obvious that Brenda was more scared than if Suzanne had been screaming obscenities and running at her with a knife.

Brenda flinched and stepped back. She raised both hands to her face as if trying to ward off a blow. "Please! Don't blame him! It's all my fault! He can't help it if I have no self-control! It's just... it's just that... well... His cock looks so tasty! How can I resist?!"


With that, Brenda surrendered completely and crumbled to the ground. She fully expected something painful to follow, perhaps a whipping with a cat o' nine tails so intense and lengthy that even she wouldn't enjoy it.

At that very moment, Adrian was a tumble of emotions as he watched from his vantage point hidden in the wardrobe. On one hand, he was intimidated by Suzanne even more than by the bullies at school, because psychological intimidation got to him much more than physical intimidation. He was also extremely worried about what might happen to his mother next.

On the other hand, he was also extremely aroused. Curiosity had compelled him to open the double doors just a crack so he could peek out a bit. Although he didn't know it, Suzanne had deliberately stood in a spot that kept her mostly out of Adrian's view but kept Brenda right in the middle of it. Even though he was recovering from a recent orgasm, just seeing his mother nude was enough to get him hard and keep him that way, and watching her eat his cum really got his heart pounding.

Since he was nude as well, that also increased his arousal. His erection constantly wobbled about, helping to keep him on edge. He had to use both hands to hold the double doors right in front of his face, so the crack never got wider than the inch or so he had it at. That meant he couldn't masturbate. Rationally he didn't want to masturbate to the sight of his mother being bossed around, but his cock had other ideas and his frustration level kept climbing.

When he heard his mother say that his cock looked too tasty to resist, his heart had skipped a beat and a rushing flood of blood roared in his ears. He felt his balls tighten as his erection hardened even more and dribbled out pre-cum.


Suzanne looked down at Brenda and impatiently barked, "Get up already. Stand up straight and face me. And look me in the eye!"

Brenda was trembling all over as Suzanne prowled around her disapprovingly, and couldn't muster the courage to rise.

Suzanne cocked a scornful eyebrow. "I haven't decided on your punishment yet, so don't make things any worse for yourself than they already are. You are to do EXACTLY what I tell you, is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am! I mean, Mistress!"

"Now, get up!"

"Yes, Mistress!"

Brenda stumbled to her feet. She remembered to look Suzanne in the eyes at the end, but her body remained slouched over in fear and humiliation. She'd never been so aroused in her life outside the presence of Alan.

When Adrian saw Brenda stumble, he had a fleeting vision of bursting forth out of the closet, joining his mother, and confronting Suzanne until she backed down and stopped her bullying.

Then Suzanne barked, "Assume the position!"

As soon as Adrian heard that, his heroic fantasy was shattered. Suzanne's sexy voice demanded obedience. He hated the powerless feeling he was experiencing, but he knew that he was just too weak-willed to confront Suzanne for real. He could do nothing but watch his mother's humiliation.

Confused, Brenda started to get back on her knees as if she was about to give a blowjob.

But Suzanne stopped her by saying testily, "No, not THAT position. I want the standing version: stiffen your body like you're a soldier on parade. Then, hands locked together behind your back, thrust out your chest, and spread your legs like you're about to do the splits. MOVE!"

Brenda immediately followed Suzanne's orders exactly. While it may have seemed strange to someone who wasn't a submissive like Brenda, she actually felt much better in this new position. Before, she was fidgeting around and especially didn't know what to do with her hands. But now she didn't have to worry about such things and she felt oddly comforted and relaxed. Being in such a lewd position turned her on, but having to do so under Goddess Suzanne's orders and gaze increased her horniness to an incredible degree. She could feel her cum starting to flow and trickle down her thighs, some of it falling away from her to drip in thickening sticky droplets on to the carpet below.


Peeking at his mother from inside the wardrobe, Adrian thought, Oh man! No way! I just gotta jack off to seeing Ma in that position! But I can't. Ma's in trouble. I can't just think with my dick. But... she's so fuckin' hot! DAMN! He managed to keep his hands off his erection for the moment, mostly because he was afraid the doors would swing open if he let go of them.

Seeing that Brenda had gotten control of herself, Suzanne pressed, "Tell me, Tit Slave, why are you willfully and deliberately flaunting my commands?"

Feeling slightly less freaked out now that she had stopped resisting, Brenda admitted, "I just can't help myself! It's just too exciting! Whenever I'm around Alan or Adrian, all I want to do is serve them! Plus, I don't really understand why I have to wait."

Suzanne was disturbingly silent for a while, which started to make Brenda nervous again. Suzanne realized that there was no telling what Brenda might say about Alan in her current state, and that she would have to clue her in to at least some degree.

Finally, she said, "It's not for you to understand, Slave. Your only desire should be to obey! Be still! Don't make a sound!"

Then she stepped forward and leaned over so she could quietly whisper directly into Brenda's ear. "Don't look now, don't say anything, don't even make a sound. Just act perfectly normal and keep looking at me. I know Adrian's in the wardrobe right now, looking at us. So be very careful what you say about Alan and the others."

From inside the closet, Adrian had no idea what Suzanne said to Brenda, but he could see the immediate impact it had on her. (The size of the crack between the wardrobe doors was slowly increasing as his curiosity grew.) He watched closely as she let out a loud gasp and reflexively covered her mouth with her hands. Her eyes also got big with shock as her whole body went rigid.

"Back to attention, Slave! I didn't give you permission to move! In fact, I ordered you to be still. And then what did you go and do?"

Brenda looked down at the ground shamefully. "I know. I'm a bad Tit Slave." She was so distraught that she didn't have time to think about Suzanne knowing about Adrian, or how Suzanne figured that out. At the moment, she was in such awe of Suzanne that it just seemed natural to her that her mistress somehow knew he was there and watching them.


Suzanne ran a single finger up Brenda's now clean cleavage, around her collar bone area, and then up her neck to her chin. It was like she was idly inspecting something she might want to buy for a friend. Her fingers ended up pressing the underside of Brenda's chin until Brenda was forced to look up into Suzanne's face again.

"Listen to me," Suzanne continued in a much warmer voice. "You're not a bad slave or a bad person; you're just untrained and undisciplined. Perhaps I gave you too difficult an assignment for a new slave just a few weeks into your servitude. I had hoped for more, I had hoped for better, but..." Her vocal tone and her facial expression made it clear that she was sorely disappointed in Brenda's performance.

Brenda clasped her hands together in a begging position again, forgetting that meant she was breaking position once more. She desperately wanted to please her mistress and make up for her perceived failures. She didn't want to be sub-par; she wanted to be the best slave ever. "Mistress, I'm so sorry! Please, tell me what I need to do! I'll do ANYthing!"


Brenda reflexively brought her hands behind her back and thrust her chest out as the reverberations of Suzanne's voice once more rattled the closet doors.

Adrian involuntarily groaned with frustration and arousal from inside the wardrobe, but Suzanne feigned not to hear it. Brenda followed her lead and said nothing.

"That's it, Slave. You've shown you can't even stand still. You WILL be punished." Suzanne twirled on her heels and looked at the door to the hallway. "Anika, come in here! I know you're at the door!"

Anika in fact had her ear to the door, and was shocked that Suzanne somehow knew that. Still, she wasn't going to admit guilt. She pulled back, then waited a few seconds, and opened the door. "Yah, Mistress Suzanne? Can I get you anytink?"

Suzanne just said, "Yes, you can. Brenda, where do you keep your spanking toys?"

At first, Brenda was going to pretend cluelessness, thinking there was no way Suzanne could know about her secret collection. "Spanking toys? What do you mean?" But Suzanne looked at her hard and she crumbled. "Oh, THOSE toys. Um, Anika, you know where I keep my hats in my walk-in closet? You'll find some boxes way in back there. Bring those here."

"Boxes? All of dem?"

Brenda looked to Suzanne.

Suzanne nodded.

"Please do as Mistress Suzanne wishes. All of them."

Anika nodded. "Wery goot, Brenda." The barest hint of a grin touched her lips as she left and closed the door.

Suzanne was pleased by that, but she could see that Brenda was getting back into a comfort zone, and she couldn't have that. She said, "Limber up your ass and your body in general in preparation for your punishment."

Brenda wanted clarification. "Limber up, Mistress?"

"Do you not understand English? Start moving, NOW!" She pointed to a spot right in front of the wardrobe to make sure Adrian had a great view.

Still uncertain as to what Suzanne wanted (How do I limber up my ass?! she thought), she began doing the stretching exercises she usually did just before starting her daily workout on the rowing machine. She looked to Suzanne from time to time to see if she was doing the right thing, but Suzanne kept her face deliberately inscrutable and vaguely displeased. This increased Brenda's anxiety, as she worried that she might be chewed out at any moment.


As Brenda reached down to touch her toes, she also was aware that Adrian was peeking through the wardrobe and that she was mooning him with her bare ass. He had a perfect view of her pussy between her ass cheeks, and he was so close that if he'd opened up the wardrobe doors he could have reached out and touched it.

Between getting aroused while thinking of Adrian watching her, and getting nervous while thinking of Suzanne's disapproval and the upcoming punishment, she could barely manage to stumble her way through her exercises.

Suzanne smiled, because she wanted Brenda flustered just like this. Brenda's exercising also gave her time to think. She put her hand on her chin and started to ruminate about the situation intensely. Okay, so far I'm winging it and things are going reasonably well, but I need more of a plan. I haven't been giving this whole Brenda and Adrian situation the attention it deserves. Obviously trying to keep them more or less sexually apart until Adrian can adjust to what Brenda and Sweetie are doing isn't going to work. It's like trying to hold back a river with my bare hands.

I need to keep doing what I'm doing right now, which is present myself as the "bad guy" so Adrian will direct his resentment at me. All my domineering of Brenda is a good start, but words aren't enough. So far, Adrian's probably more aroused than anything. I need to get physical. I need to go too far. I need to do something so outrageous that Adrian will go completely bonkers. Then he'll blame ME for what Brenda's doing at the Plummer house. Right now, Alan is just a name to him, just an abstract. But I'm for real, standing right here. Then, while he's fuming at how I'm supposedly brainwashing and abusing his mother, I'll find some pretense to get Alan and Adrian together and have them work towards a common goal and hopefully bond some. And if Adrian stays mad at me, so what?

She chuckled out loud and in her thoughts. Hee-hee-hee! I love it! There's nothing as much fun as carrying out a clever scheme to its fruition.

NOTE: For this part, I had exceptionally great help from IBT, Gnome, Hermit, Nightfallen, and WD40. They proofread the text and pictures over and over again and helped in lots of other ways. This part is much improved thanks to their efforts. Hermit critiqued with the pictures, as usual. WD40 put in extra effort getting the Brenda and Adrian chapters just right. The color pictures were Nightfallen's idea and would not have happened had it not been for his extra help making the artwork. Sir J suggested the "dumb blonde" joke in chapter 1. Also thanks to Captain Comic, Dark King, 800ibGorrila, CPN, Old Salt, Tokens, Lee, Sam.I.am, WarpWizard, Sacbob, greyshadow, and Kernios.

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