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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 124
Mother and Child Reunion
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Anika lurched through the door with several boxes in her arms. She dropped them on the bed and staggered out the door, closing it behind her.

Brenda had a big smile on her face as she looked at the boxes, but then she remembered that she was supposed to be distraught about being punished, so she managed to wipe the smile away.

Suzanne dropped her domineering pose momentarily because curiosity got the best of her. "What's all this then?"

"Let me show you!" Brenda practically leapt to the bed. As exciting and arousing as everything had been up to this point, the idea of being physically punished, and by her most powerful and dominant of mistresses, no less, made her nearly giddy with delight. Plus, she was proud of her collection that she'd been secretly amassing for years while still trying to hide her submissive nature, and was thrilled to finally share it with somebody. She started opening boxes.

Suzanne peered in. She'd expected a few paddles, and maybe a couple of other things like nipple clips, but she was amazed at what she saw. There were things in the boxes that Suzanne didn't even know existed. She held up a hollow long brown leather contraption and frowned at it. "What's this?"

"Oh, that? It completely covers my arms and binds them together behind my back, sort of like a hogtie. And see these things here, those are so you can hook a rope through there and tie the whole thing to the ceiling. In fact, since you like me to have my hands behind my back, maybe you should use this on me right now so I'll be in a completely helpless state for the whipping you're going to give me!" Her eyes lit up at that prospect.


Brenda paused and momentarily fantasized what it would be like to be hogtied in it, grimacing in pain as Suzanne stood behind her, whipping her ass into a flush ruby red. She sighed longingly.

Then she rifled through another box and reverently picked up what looked to be an oversized ping pong paddle. "Or, if you're going to get me warmed up with a spanking, I suggest you use this. It's the paddle my mother Anna used on me in my weekly spankings, so it has a special place in my heart."

Suzanne rolled her eyes when neither Brenda nor Adrian could see. Then she leaned down to Brenda, who was sitting on the bed right below her, and whispered, "Remember that Adrian's watching and you're supposed to be hating this."

Brenda's eyes went wide, then she said, "You... horrible... mean person, you. You wouldn't REALLY whip me, would you?"

Suzanne nearly had to laugh again because Brenda's acting job was so bad.

The quality of her performance didn't matter though, because Adrian was so stunned and amazed that he wasn't thinking clearly in the first place, and a good portion of his brain was focused on nothing but watching and enjoying every move his naked mother made.

When he saw the two women holding up some of the items from the boxes, and heard his mother begging not to be whipped, he felt his heart flutter. He wanted to stop Suzanne, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. It wasn't that he was frightened of the pain - he was used to pain after all his beatings at school. It was the psychological intimidation that he had no answer to. All he could do at the moment was hope and pray that Suzanne would choose to be lenient. He hated himself for not acting.

Suzanne took charge again and grabbed the paddle out of Brenda's hand. "Slave, stand back at attention!"

Brenda hopped up off the bed and resumed her lewd stance.

Brenda expected that Suzanne would bark out new orders, but Suzanne didn't do so. Instead, Suzanne remained completely quiet while closely inspecting her. She slowly walked around the improbably busty woman, looking her up and down in a clinical manner like she was inspecting a new car for even the slightest scratches.

This unnerved Brenda greatly. She wondered what Suzanne was trying to accomplish, not realizing that Suzanne had no motive for doing that except to get her increasingly flustered.


Suzanne slowly circled Brenda twice and then began a third circuit. Her inspection seemed to go on and on forever. Walking around brought her face to face with the wardrobe at times, but she always kept her eyes down when pointing in that direction.

Finally, Brenda couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Excuse me, Mistress, did I do something wrong?"

Suzanne erupted, "YES! Did I ask you to speak? Who gave you permission to ask ME a question?!"

Brenda was shocked. She just barely managed to eke out, "N-n-n-no... Nobody?"

Suzanne asked in a rapid-fire delivery, "Is that a question? Are you daring to ask me another question? Where did you get the gall to ask so many questions?"

"Yes. No. Oh, I don't know!" The questions were coming so fast that Brenda didn't even know which one she was answering. She brought her hands from behind her back as part of her submissive stance and put them on her head as a gesture that seemed to say, "Stop asking so many questions; my head hurts."

Suzanne grinned because Brenda's taking her hands out of position gave her something else she could harp on and fault her for. "Slave! BAD Tit Slave! You know, I don't even know if you're deserving of 'tit slave' status. I just might have to demote you to regular slave status."

"Oh no! Not that! Please!" Up until that moment, Brenda didn't even know that being a tit slave was an extra special thing (because the idea had just popped into Suzanne's head). But now that she heard that, there was almost nothing more important to her than keeping that title.

"Where are your hands?"

Brenda took her hands off her head like she'd realized she'd just put them on hot coals. They flew to her backside. "Behind my back, Mistress!"

Now Suzanne really got into Brenda's face, staring at her from mere inches away. "Behind your back?! Behind your back?! Did you really say that? You think you can LIE to me, while I'm watching you? You don't take me for some kind of fool, do you? Did you think you could get away with that?" Again, she asked more than one question in rapid succession that had opposite answers so Brenda would almost certainly answer incorrectly.

Brenda was in no condition to give a coherent answer such as, "Yes, I really said that, but no to all the rest." Instead, she flailed about, turning her head because she couldn't stand the close stare. "Yes, Sir! No, Sir! Whatever you say! I just... I- I- I don't know what I'm supposed to say!"

"Look me in the eyes." As Brenda forced herself to turn her head back, Suzanne drew even closer, until the tips of their noses were actually touching. "Did I hear you correctly? Am I losing my mind, or did you just call me 'sir'?! Is my very gender in question?" She subtly shifted her posture and closed in. "Can you not feel my breasts pressing into yours? What do you think those are? Answer me, Tit Slave!"

Brenda flinched and yelped. "Aaaaiiieee! I-I-I don't know! Help me! Somebody help me, I can't say anything right!"

Knowing full well that Adrian was hiding just a few feet away and listening, Suzanne said, "There's nobody here but you. So nobody can help you." She hoped that would get Adrian to start seriously thinking about rescuing his mother. "Now, answer the question! Yes or no! And stop looking away already!"

Brenda didn't even know what question she was supposed to reply to, since she'd been hit by so many. And having to keep her eyes looking into Suzanne's eyes from only about two inches away was completely frazzling her and undermining what little remained of her ability to hold herself together.

And as if that wasn't enough, Suzanne knew just how to use her body. Her aroused nipples were pushing hard into Brenda's exposed and pillowy breasts. Suzanne subtly rotated her shoulders in small circles, causing her stiff nipples to repeatedly rub over Brenda's equally stiff ones. It was just one more thing driving Brenda to distraction.

Taking a wild stab at an answer, Brenda replied in a meek voice, "Y-y-yes?"

Actually, Suzanne would treat any answer Brenda gave as the wrong one, but a "yes" made it particularly easy for her. "Yes?! So you ARE questioning my gender, aren't you! You don't think I'm a man? Or don't you?" She was additionally trying to trip up Brenda with a confusing use of negatives.

Brenda started to pull back, realizing that she was just digging herself in deeper and deeper. "Yes! I mean, no! I mean, you're a woman! All woman, Mistress! Help!" She looked towards the wardrobe in desperation.

Suzanne looked angrier than a fire-breathing dragon in full fury. She raised up the paddle she'd been holding all this time and held it above her head menacingly.

Brenda took several steps backwards while Suzanne stepped forwards just as much, pursuing her.

Again, Brenda looked desperately at the crack between the wardrobe doors. Adrian had just opened them wider so he could still see what was happening as Suzanne and Brenda stepped out of his field of vision.

Adrian saw the pleading look on his mother's face and couldn't take it anymore. He thought, It's one thing for kids to beat me up. I'm used to it, and besides, I'm just a no-good nobody. But Mama! She's precious! I can't let this happen to her! I've got to DO something! I know I'm doomed to lose against the likes of Suzanne, but at least I have to try!

Without having any sort of plan or even a clear idea what he was doing, he burst out of the wardrobe. It wasn't the most suave move in the world, since he had to push his way through the sweaters and hangars and he stumbled a bit as he staggered out and regained his footing on the carpet. But his heart was in the right place, and that was to protect his dear mother at all costs, even though he was certain his effort was doomed from the start. Suzanne seemed to be completely in command and unstoppable in getting exactly what she wanted, and he didn't have a clue how to combat that.

Heedless of the fact that he was buck naked and still sporting a very stiff erection dripping with pre-cum, he waved his hands wildly and shouted, "No! Stop! Don't hurt her!"


Adrian didn't realize it, but this was exactly what Suzanne had been planning. She didn't know about his bully troubles at school, but had quickly realized that he lacked self-confidence. She was hoping to manipulate events so that he would come off as a hero, both for his sake and for Brenda's. She wasn't worried about him actually hurting her, since she correctly figured that Adrian would almost certainly be restrained by the social convention against men hurting women. Besides, if he seriously tried anything physical, she was confident she could ably defend herself.

As Adrian stepped closer to where Brenda was cowering on the floor in front of Suzanne, his cry was simultaneously angry and pleading. "Stop it! Not my mother! Please! She's my whole world. She's everything to me! If you hurt her... I can't let you! I can't!"

Suzanne wanted to test him to see just how far he would go on his mother's behalf. She slowly turned her head to look at him, then said with just a hint of cool contempt, "So you finally decided to sneak out of your hiding spot?"

Adrian was taken aback, especially by the complete lack of surprise on her part. "You knew I was in the wardrobe?!"

Suzanne chuckled, almost to herself. "Please! You honestly think you could fool me? I know everything."

Adrian was stunned by Suzanne's presence. She radiated power and control, and he had been shielded from the full effects when peeking from his hiding place. He didn't know how to respond. Then she took a step towards him, and that frightened him. It was all he could do not to run away, but he knew he had to rise above his usual cowardice to save his mother. He cried out, "Leave her alone! Please! I'll do anything. Whip me instead! I'll take her place, but don't hurt her!"

Suzanne hadn't expected this much backbone from him and was secretly pleased, even though it further complicated some of her plans. She pushed him a bit further. "So you think you can question my authority to punish my slave? Why should I believe she'd learn anything by whipping you instead?"

Adrian knew he had to think fast. He blurted out, "It'll hurt her more to see me hurt than if you hurt her! Besides, uh, it was all my idea for the titfuck, and the, uh blowjob. I did it! I raped her!"

Suzanne was honestly impressed. She realized that while Adrian had obvious self-confidence issues, he was no dummy and could think on his feet. More importantly, it was clear from the depth of his emotion that he was prepared to do anything it took to save his mother from danger. In fact, it was obvious that he valued her life more than his own. In this Suzanne was struck by a similarity to Susan, who would stop at nothing to help her children if they were in danger. That passion was one of the things she liked the most about her best friend, and now she couldn't help but feel a lot of admiration for Adrian's determination in the face of danger.

Suzanne wanted to reward his courage but she still had to play her role of the baddie, so she growled in Brenda's direction, "Well, at least someone around here is willing to take responsibility for their actions! Slave, your son has earned you a reprieve... for now."

As impressed as Suzanne was by Adrian's stand, Brenda was completely blown away. Apparently forgetting Suzanne's presence, she stood and threw herself at her son, enveloping him in a big bear hug. "Oh, Aidy! Aidy! My hero!" She began to cry in his arms, touched by his love.

Adrian was simply overcome with emotion. He felt fear and anger and joy and relief all at the same time.


But as the hug went on, it became increasingly clear that Brenda wasn't in any serious danger of being paddled, at least not anymore, and it was increasingly difficult for the two of them to overlook the fact that they were both buck naked. Her pointy nipples were boring into his chest and his hot and pulsing dick pressed into her lower abdomen.

Brenda kept cooing variations on "My hero!" and "My son!" over and over.

This made Adrian feel even more proud and heroic, until he happened to look up at Suzanne.

Suzanne wanted to make the situation a success for him, without ceding her control in the process. "Adrian, your honesty has put me in a generous mood. I'll suspend any physical punishments this time, which is better than either of you deserve." She paused and strategically frowned. "But don't think I'll be so lenient in the future."

Brenda gushed to her son, "You hear that? You really did save me!" Their lips reached each other and they started to kiss like lovers possessed.

Suzanne watched, wryly amused by this turn of events, but at the same time she began to feel like a third wheel. Damn, these two really love each other. It's just so right that they're getting physical. I'm proud to have been helping with that, even though I've also been trying to slow them down. It almost makes me feel sad that Adrian has to share her. But he just doesn't understand her submissive needs, and there's no way he can help her with those. Still, it's beautiful to watch.

Their kissing finally slowed, and Brenda pulled back to say, "Don't worry, Aidy, it's okay now. Please don't be mad at Mistress Suzanne."

Adrian had nearly forgotten that Suzanne was there. He looked in her direction and focused on the paddle she was still holding. "But she was about to hit you with that big paddle!"

Brenda smiled. "Yes, but I don't really hate spankings; in fact, I love 'em! Remember how I was telling you earlier how much I was hoping you could start spanking me every day? She's just giving me what I want and what I need."

Seeing the others were too googly-eyed at each other to pay her any mind at the moment, Suzanne slapped her hand against her forehead in frustration. D'oh! Talking about going off message! How am I supposed to be the bad guy here, when she goes on like that?!

Adrian asked, "But Ma! You can't really mean it. She was going to hurt you! I can't let anyone hurt you!"

She rained kisses all over his face, saying, "And I love you for it, my big hero! But you don't understand me completely. Mama has a need to be spanked. Spanked until it really hurts to sit, even, if Mistress would allow it. You know that old John Cougar Mellancamp song 'Hurts So Good'? It's kind of like that. I love a good hard spanking more than you'd love a blowjob and titfuck put together!"

"But Ma! I couldn't just sit there and watch you get beaten by that paddle. I think of what the bullies do at school to me and-"

"Aidy, it's not like that at all. Mistress Suzanne is my FRIEND! And so much more! She gives me something I desperately need, and that allows me to be what I really am. I love you so very, very much, and today more than ever, my gallant rescuer! But your love also prevents you from providing some things I need very badly in order to be truly happy. Things that I've denied myself for too long in an attempt to be 'normal'. Could you spank me the way Mistress Suzanne can?"

"No! Never! I'd rather die! A little sexy spanking for fun, okay, but not like REAL spanking to really punish!"

"You see? That's why I need people like Alan and Suzanne in my life. It doesn't take away my love for you, not one bit. But I'm an extreme submissive. It's just how I am, and I need a strong dominant, like Suzanne or Alan, in order for my submissive itch to get scratched. Can you understand that?"

"I can try," he answered glumly.

Brenda added with even more enthusiasm, "Good! And now, my knight in shining armor, I think you need a big reward, even though I wasn't really in any danger." One of her hands had already drifted down to his erection, and now she drew attention to that fact, squeezing his hardness a couple of times. "Oh, what's this? Is this all for me?" She giggled mischievously.

She broke the hug and brought both hands to his erection. But then, suddenly mindful of Suzanne's earlier displeasure, she looked to her and asked, "Mistress, may I?"

Suzanne nodded, but said in a no nonsense tone, "Take it easy. Don't let him cum just yet."

Adrian was going to complain about the fact that Suzanne was dictating such terms, but within seconds Brenda had him feeling so good that he nearly forgot Suzanne even existed. It wasn't just the way his mother was stroking him, but also how she lustily rubbed up against him and hotly breathed into his ear. Brenda was all heat and passion, and right now every bit of that heat and passion was focused totally on him, her son, her hero.

Suzanne watched and thought ruefully, When I was whispering to her, I should have made it clear that I'm supposed to be the baddie here. But that's okay. I think things are kind of working out on their own. The fact that Brenda undercut what I'm trying to do here with her comments probably won't matter much. Adrian will just think she's been brainwashed somehow and be all the more frustrated at me. Plus, luckily Brenda brought up a very good point, speaking from the heart. It's blatantly obvious that Adrian can't treat his mother in certain ways she needs to be treated. It's the same thing with my Sweetie: he's got this soft spot with his mother, too. He loves to rain spankings on shapely female asses, but I don't think he gets any joy out of spanking Susan. Makes me kind of jealous of her, actually.

Still, what Brenda pointed out is something we can build on. Eventually, Adrian will see that his mother isn't just temporarily deluded or brainwashed and that she really does have strong submissive needs that he just can't fulfill. He's clearly never going to be a natural master like Alan. If Adrian really loves his mother, and it's obvious that he does, he'll have to realize that she needs her time at the Plummer house to be completely happy, as well as her time with him.

She looked at the big smiles on their faces and the loving look passing between them and thought, My work here is nearly done, which is good 'cos I can't stay long in any case. I've got a turkey in the oven that I can't forget about. But before I go, I just need to put on the finishing touches here...

She deliberately cleared her throat.


Brenda turned Suzanne's way immediately. Her resolve to completely obey her mistress was sky high now, after everything Suzanne had just said and done. She'd very much liked having Suzanne as a mistress before, but now she adored her with a fervor that bordered on the religious.

Adrian turned his head more slowly, mostly to see where his mother was looking.

Even though Brenda's hand was still slowly pumping up and down on Adrian's shaft, Suzanne could see she had enough of their attention, so she said, "I'm sure you two want to be alone, so I'll leave in a minute. But before I do, Slave, there's the matter of your punishment." She turned to look significantly at Adrian. "Since you were so gallant and heroic, I'm not going to spank or whip your mother... this time."

Brenda thought, Damn! And she might even have whipped me? Double damn! But on the other hand, it's so sweet that my Pooh Bear thought I'd mind...

However, Suzanne continued, "But that wasn't going to be Brenda's main punishment in any case. In fact, with her, spanking is probably more of a reward than a deterrent. No, the real punishment, Slave, is that you're banned from ALL sexual activity for the next twenty-four hours. No fucking, no orgasms, no touching!"

Brenda gasped in horror and stopped her handjob. "What?! No! You can't mean it!" Then, realizing that wasn't the response of a good and obedient slave, she said, "Scratch that! What I meant to say is, yes, Mistress. Thank you for your wise and just decision." She dropped her head glumly, then remembered the importance of looking in Suzanne's eyes and jerked her head back up.

Suzanne raised an eyebrow and looked at Brenda doubtfully, but said, "I'll let that insolence slide as well since I'm in a charitable mood."

Adrian looked down at the hand, around his dick but frozen in place, and then at Brenda's nipples poking into his chest. Then he looked up at Suzanne. "Excuse me, but you can't be serious! Twenty-four hours?! Not now, when everything was getting so close! And what gives you that right?!"

Brenda looked at her son. "Aidy, please try to understand. She's my mistress! Well, one of them. And I'm her Tit Slave. Just be glad that she's so kind. I probably deserve to be banned for a week or more, the way I'm so uppity."

Suzanne said, "She's right. I'm too much of a softy. Twenty-four hours is practically nothing. Adrian, I admire the way you defended your mother. That's put me in such a generous mood that I'll add two more conditions for your benefit. One, your mother can give you one more orgasm before the ban begins. Then, from that minute onwards, you have exactly 24 hours, not one minute less. And two, assuming that the two of you don't violate the ban, you will be free to do anything you want to each other once the ban is over."

That got Brenda all excited, and she started jacking Adrian off again. "Did you hear that, Aidy! That means we can fuck! Really, truly fuck! Mistress Suzanne wouldn't allow it before, but now we can! Right, Mistress?"

Suzanne made a slight nod.

"Just think, son! By tomorrow night, you'll be able to dip your wick in your mother. You'll be able to slide your hot, pulsing tool right into my tight slit where it belongs! Did you know I'm tight? I'm really tight. You'll be a motherfucker! We'll be able to fuck and suck, suck and fuck, all night long!"

She had both hands around his pole and they were really flying up and down now, aided by a steady flow of pre-cum. "And it won't stop tomorrow! Sure, I'm Alan's slave, and Suzanne's slave, but I'll be YOUR slave too! Just think: we'll be able to sleep together nearly every night! You won't just give me a goodnight kiss, you'll give me a goodnight FUCK! You'll RAM it in there! HARD! RAM IT! So deep! Deep and hard, you motherfucker! Fuck me! AAAAIIIIEEE!"

Adrian had been struggling not to cum, especially since Suzanne said that he would only be allowed one last climax before the ban began. But between the way Brenda's hands were flying up and down with the speed of hummingbird wings and her filthy and enthusiastic words about getting fucked, there was simply no way he could hold out anymore. In fact, it was a near miracle he'd made it that long, especially after his long suffering state inside the wardrobe.

But then Brenda began her own big orgasm, even though he wasn't really touching her in any stimulating way - she was just blown away by the prospect of getting fucked by her son on a daily basis. And with her body trembling all over his and seeing the rapturous look on her face, he couldn't hold out a single second longer.

"AH! AH! AH! NO! NOOOO!" His climax was powerful but bittersweet, because it came too soon. Even as his dick jerked wildly in his mother's hands and his cum shot towards her chest, he was all too aware that this would also start the beginning of the 24-hour ban.


She let go and scooted back, so that much of his flying cum could land on her face, too. She smiled up at him adoringly all the while, despite the danger of getting cum in her eyes.

As it ended, Brenda fell onto him and wrapped him in a hug. "Oh! Aidy! That was so good! I'm so HAPPY! Between my mistress showing me my place and you showering me in sperm - OH! It's just too good! Pooh Bear!" She kissed him all over his cheek and nose. "I'm going to be TIT SLAVE to my son! I can't wait to tell..." She was about to say "Susan" when she realized it might not be prudent to reveal that name to her son just yet.

Adrian was still panting heavily. "Who... who were you about to tell?"

Brenda looked to Suzanne to see if she should proceed.

Suzanne thought it over seriously. She knew they'd have to tell him soon, if only because Brenda had a habit of blurting things out when she was extremely aroused, and she knew that could cause big trouble. But she decided it wasn't yet time and shook her head no.

Seeing that, Brenda said, "Never you mind. Just a new friend of mine who helped turn me on to what sex can really be. I'll tell you about her later." But her enthusiasm got the best of her and she couldn't help but add, "She believes, as do I, that big-titted mommies have been placed here on this Earth to get fucked by their sons. You should hear her Big Tits Theory. She's so wise! In fact, getting son-fucked is just about our highest calling for us big-titted mommies! Don't you agree?"

"Er, well..." Adrian was feeling whiplashed. He was already beginning to feel a post-orgasmic come-down, and the reminder that this mysterious Alan guy was lording over and having sex with Brenda certainly didn't cheer him up.

But on the other hand, Brenda's sheer enthusiasm at being a "son-fucker" was contagious, even if he didn't understand what she was talking about when she was discussing this new friend of hers. And the two of them were still as naked as ever and her soft and curvy body was still draped all over his, and his mind was mostly focused on that instead.

He knew that despite the great number of times he'd climaxed in the past hour or two, he'd be getting hard again soon if his mother didn't get off him soon. And that realization depressed him more than anything, because of the ban.

He muttered out loud, "I can't believe it! There goes my last cum!"

However, Suzanne winked at him. "Technically, I think we can let that one slide. After all, I was still explaining the rules to you. Why don't we say one last climax for you, starting now. And remember that your mother is banned from touching you or having any climaxes after that. I'm sure she'll appreciate it if you don't make this any more difficult for her to endure than it already will be." She looked meaningfully at Brenda. "I don't even have to worry about you lying to me about that, now, do I?"

Brenda knew that she was completely in Suzanne's thrall now. She'd felt before that, of the four women in the Plummer house who were technically her mistresses, Suzanne was the one who knew exactly how to treat her. Now, she had no doubt about that whatsoever. The mere idea of lying to her was unthinkable. "No, Mistress," she said with complete obedience.

"Good. But as for you, Adrian, you're not really being punished, so you can feel free to cum as much as you like even after the ban begins, just so long as there's no touching of your mother whatsoever. But if I were you, I'd want to save myself up because I have a feeling tomorrow's going to be a big night for you." She winked at him again.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Adrian could scarcely believe his own words and immediately wished he could take them back. Mere minutes before, he'd been contemplating punching Suzanne to save his mother, but now he was profusely thanking her and he didn't understand why. He wished that he didn't always crumble in the face of intimidating and domineering people, but he couldn't help himself.

He was too distracted to realize it, but in saying that he tacitly bought in to the idea that Suzanne really was Brenda's mistress and had complete power over her, and even considerable power over himself. He was simply too beaten down by all the bullies at school and too lacking in self-confidence to challenge Suzanne's authority. He might grumble about it, and resent her greatly, but he didn't think to question the fact that this woman he barely knew now had complete control over the Hunter household.

Suzanne could tell what her position now was over both of them, and felt that it was for the best. She knew that she'd have to talk to Brenda and Adrian in depth later to learn more, but she instinctively felt that some of Adrian's problems stemmed from a lack of discipline. Brenda was terribly spoiled herself and indulged her son far too much. Anika was the only one to tell him no very much, and that wasn't enough. He was drifting and lacked willpower and assertiveness.

Suzanne was already thinking ahead. She could see that the fates of Alan's harem and Adrian would be closely intertwined, even if Adrian never had sex with anyone aside from his mother, and so it was good for everyone if Adrian could get his act together and stop being listless and wimpy. She would use her new power over him and Brenda not only to get him to accept the changes in Brenda's life, but also to make him a better person, given time. She could tell it would be a big job because his life was obviously a mess and the only bright spot was his love for his mother.

She said to him, "Adrian, there are two other things which you need to understand. First, your mother has needs which you as her son shouldn't even try to meet, because the two of you love each other so much. If you try to help her with them, it'll just warp the good thing you share with her. These needs, which you've seen a little of, will be met by her serving us, sexually and submissively, in Alan's house. She won't do that because she's forced to do it but because she wants to, with all her heart and soul. This is what she wants, deep down inside. Yes, she will be serving Alan, sexually, and he will be fucking her when she's earned the reward of being allowed to serve his pleasure, but she won't be sleeping in his bed every night. Not even close. Instead, she'll be here, spending almost all of her nights with you, being fucked by you, until the two of you collapse from sheer exhaustion."

Suzanne had to try hard not to laugh at the look of dumbfounded wonderment on Adrian's face. But even more amusing was the look of pure joy on Brenda's face. Brenda obviously had to force herself not to squeal with delight at several points, for instance when she mentioned "serving Alan, sexually."

Adrian asked, "So that's the deal?"

"No," Suzanne said firmly. "That's the reality. You can either accept the reality or rail against it, but there's nothing you can say or do to change it. This is the new Brenda now, and there's no going back. I suggest you enjoy her to the fullest."

Adrian nodded. He was torn and confused, and had no idea how to stand up to Suzanne. When she used all her powers of persuasion, she truly was nearly unstoppable. (Alan had been lucky that she had been so smitten with him that she had never tried to dominate him the way she was now dominating the Hunter family.)

Suzanne nodded, but in an almost disinterested manner, as if she'd known all along that he had no choice but to agree. "Good lad. Try to keep up with her, if you can. She can get a little... demanding, at times." She smirked and winked at the two of them. Then she pulled out her sunglasses and put them back on, saying, "Okay, I'm going to leave you two be. I'll get Anika - who doubtless still has her ear to the door - to time exactly when your 24-hour ban begins. Have fun. Toodle-oo!" She waved goodbye and walked to the door. She paused before closing it to hear what the other two would say.

"Did you hear that, Aidy? Isn't Mistress Suzanne just the most wonderful mistress in the whole wide world? Let's get started right away! What do you want first? A titfuck or a blowjob, or something else?"

Adrian replied, "Do we have to choose? I feel like I've shot out gallons of cum in the last hour. I think I'll be able to last a good while this next time. Maybe we can draw this out for a while."

"Oooh! Great idea! With any luck, we can play and play for hours! Why don't we start with a blowjob - I really want to give you a good one - and then you can fuck my tits for a while, and we'll see what we want to do after that, okay?"


"Great! Just remember now that I'm still your momma, but I'm also your slave! Your sex slave! Your tit slave!" She arched her back proudly, thrusting those tits forward. "Just because I'm Alan's slave too doesn't stop you from doing ANYthing you want to with me. ANYTHING!"


"Oh God! This is like a dream come true! I'm getting hard again already!"

Suzanne heard the sounds of sucking and slurping, followed by a loud groaning. She smiled knowingly. They think they can hold back from cumming for hours, but I give them half an hour, tops. But then he's gonna remember his video surveillance collection and he'll have plenty of fun after that too, I'm sure.

She finally closed the door and chuckled to herself. She didn't see any sign of Anika in the hall, but had no doubt that she was right that Anika had been listening the whole time, right up until she announced that she was leaving. She thought, I am too much of a softy to be a really great hard-core dominatrix. Those two need some special time together. I just hope everything works out, because both of them need a lot of emotional support.

What did Adrian say earlier? Oh, yes. "Don't hurt her like the bullies hurt me! I can't let her suffer like that!" Obviously he's been horribly traumatized by his school bullies, which isn't too surprising since he's walking around like he has a big "kick me" sign on his back. I'll need to learn more about what's happened to him in school. Maybe I can get him and Sweetie to work together on their respective bully problems. That could be the start of a common bond between them. Hrm. I like. And Brenda seems to have some big skeletons in her closet that I'm going to have to find out more about, especially regarding her relationship with her parents. But at least they have each other and they obviously love each other very, very much. That's... beautiful.

Feeling a little misty eyed but also very pleased at herself, she walked down the hall to look for Anika so she could give her some instructions on monitoring the 24-hour ban before heading home.


"So who would like to give the blessing?" Helen Morgan asked, looking at her husband for him to do the duty.

It was near sunset and the whole Morgan family - Helen, Frank, and Heather - were holding hands around the dinner table, each one on their own side of it. Heather's best friend Simone had been invited to join them. She was holding hands too and sitting directly across from Heather.

But to everyone's surprise, Heather said cheerfully, "Oh, I'll do it! Please! Can I?"

Frank, Helen, and even Simone looked at Heather like she'd just grown an extra head.


But seeing no opposition to her suggestion, Heather bowed her head and began praying. "Dear Lord. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you've given us this WONDERFUL year! Thank you for the good times, good friends, and well, good friends! Really GOOD friends!" She giggled. Then she sighed, practically moaning with lust as she thought back to some of her better recent memories, all Alan-related. "Aaaah. Good times."

She pulled herself together somewhat and continued, "Bless us and keep us, and please make sure the upcoming year is as good as the last one." Suddenly she got especially emotional. "Oh, if only it could be! And maybe even BETTER than this last one! Who knows just all the WONDERFUL things that might happen?" Then, just as suddenly, she calmed down ended her prayer with a very pro forma and quickly mumbled, "And thank you for this food and all the rest, and good luck with whatever it is you do up there in the sky, yada yada yada. The end." Then she remembered prayers don't end that way. "Oh! Amen."

She let go of the hands she was holding and smiled benevolently as she looked around the room. "What?" she complained testily, because now it looked as though the others thought she'd grown a third head.

Helen ignored Heather's question. She gave Simone a fake smile and said to her, "Thank you so much for agreeing to share our Thanksgiving meal with us, and on such short notice, too."

Simone replied, "It's my pleasure. I've never had two Thanksgiving meals in one day before, but hey, two is better than one. Plus, I can always eat a little more of your fantastic cooking, Mrs. Morgan, and I know you guys always have a lot of Ben and Jerry's ice cream." She chuckled mirthfully.

However, Frank and Helen were dead serious and didn't laugh along.

Simone wasn't used to her jokes getting such a poor reaction, so she leaned forward and said conspiratorially, as if she didn't want Heather to hear, "Just between you and me, the only reason I've been friends with Heather all these years and come over so often is because I know you've always got lots of ice cream." She winked.

But that joke was met with silence too. Helen looked at Frank for confirmation about something, and he nodded back at her.

Helen cleared her throat and said, "That's nice, Simone, but the real reason I've asked you over doesn't have much to do with Thanksgiving or cooking. Since you're Heather's best friend, we thought you should be here when we brought it out in the open and, frankly, we're hoping you'll be able to help. We're completely lost at sea about this."

The room was dead silent now. Heather asked, "Okay, Mom, Dad, you're freaking me out. What are you talking about?"

Helen gathered up her courage and stared into Heather's eyes. "The drugs. We know about the drugs."

"Drugs?! What drugs?" She looked at Simone, genuinely bewildered. "Do you know what they're talking about?"

Frank, a big, burly man, said in his booming voice, "Don't try to hide it, Princess. We know, but it's okay. We're not here to judge you. We're here to help."

Heather was starting to gather that they thought she was using illegal drugs. In truth, she actually had used some illegal drugs from time to time, mostly pot. But she'd never gotten into drugs very much, and she'd avoided hard drugs altogether, because she liked to be in complete control and she worried about the effects they could have on her body. But more importantly, recently she'd been on such a euphoric high from her sexual pleasures with Alan that she didn't need or want any artificial stimulation. It was especially ironic for this to come up now, because she hadn't taken anything illegal for weeks. Even when she had, she'd never brought anything into the house, as she knew her mother could be a bit of a snoop.

So she felt she was on solid ground when she protested, "Don't tell me you think that I'M on drugs! Is that what this is all about?"

Helen said, "Heather, there's no use in denying it. We've seen you acting strangely lately, but today just takes the cake. That's why we invited Simone over here right away, because we don't know what to do. You've been acting funny, and even walking around funny, like you're drunk. And then you go and give the blessing just now!"

"And what's wrong with that?" Heather complained. "Wasn't that a nice gesture?"

"You're not even religious!" Frank practically yelled in exasperation. "You've never said a prayer in your life! And then you carry on with such a blissed-out expression that it's embarrassing. If you're not high as a kite right now, then I'm a monkey's uncle!"

Simultaneously, both Heather and Simone caught on to what was happening. They looked at each other and started laughing uproariously.

Helen looked at Frank and clutched his hand with worry across the table. "Oh no! It looks like Simone is high too! And I thought she was such a good kid."

That just made the two girls laugh even harder. Finally Simone managed to calm down. She held a hand up until she could wipe the lingering grin off her face completely, and then said, "Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, I'm sorry for laughing, but there's been a big misunderstanding. Heather IS high. But it's not on drugs; she's high on love."

Before her parents could react to that, Heather exploded. "WHAT?! I am NOT! That's a LIE!" She leaned forward towards Simone in an aggressive pose. It looked like she wanted to reach across the table and strangle her friend.


Simone proceeded calmly, "Oh yes she is. But if she objects to the word 'love,' let's just say that she's found a new guy and that he's made her very happy."

"Well... all right." Heather sat back in her chair but crossed her arms. She was still huffy. "I can live with that description, I guess."

Frank and Helen looked at each other with hope, but they still couldn't believe this latest turn of events.

Helen said, "Wait a minute. Heather, you're telling me that you're acting this way because of a CRUSH?!"

"Well, yeah, I guess you could put it that way," she admitted. She didn't like saying that because it felt to her that any such admission was a sign of weakness.

Frank said, "What a relief! If it's true, that is. But why today, of all days, are you acting so, well, blissful? I mean, this sounds a bit odd, but you've been, well... positively nice! I mean, it's not that you're not a lovely person, my little Princess, but normally you have, er, a rather gruff exterior."

Heather was squirming about in her chair, both in embarrassment and because of the real reason that she was acting so strangely: because of all the sexual antics that had taken place since Simone had come over earlier that afternoon, then blindfolded her and tied her spread-eagled to her bed, then fucked her nearly senseless for over two hours.

In the hours since Simone had repeatedly filled her ass with a large dildo, Heather had been walking on air. She'd even offered to help Helen with the cooking, which nearly caused her mother to have a heart attack, since Heather never helped with anything but just expected to be served. Heather felt a particularly delightful sense of perversion in secretly wearing such a huge dildo around her parents, so she'd actually sought them out after Simone left, instead of trying to avoid them as much as possible like she usually did. Even now, she was feeling a constant high, not only from the sensation of anal fullness, but from the naughtiness of massaging her Bitch Trainer dildo with her internal muscles right in the middle of the big Thanksgiving meal.

Heather explained, "Er, you see, the reason I'm feeling so 'up' today is that I saw him earlier." Up my ass, that is! she thought gleefully.

"Who?" asked Helen.

"Um, his name is Alan."

"You've never mentioned him before," her mother complained. "Besides, how could you have seen him today? You never left the house once."

Still squirming, which brought her right to the edge of climax, Heather admitted, "Er, uh, actually, he came over here briefly this morning to say hi."

"Well I certainly didn't see anybody," Frank complained. "And I was here most of the time. Besides, if you're so moony over this kid, why haven't you ever introduced him to me?"

"He was just here really briefly..." Now that the situation was calming down and the drug brouhaha seemed to be over, Heather was grinning stupidly from ear to ear again, thanks to the delicious feeling of fullness in her ass. She couldn't get enough of it.

Something clicked for Helen when she remembered seeing an unknown boy leaving the house earlier in the day, sneaking out through the backyard. Suddenly it all made sense. She realized that she and Frank had been way off base with their drug suspicions. She stood up and said, "You're right, Simone. This is just one big SNAFU. Sorry. Frank, can I see you in the kitchen?"

In the kitchen, she said to her husband, "It's okay, Frank dear. She's not on drugs after all. Trust me on this. I happened to see a boy sneaking out of her room this morning. All of the pieces are falling into place. Our daughter is finally in love!"

Frank had mixed emotions about that, because he was a possessive father. "That's good... about the drugs, I mean. Definitely a huge relief there. But who's this punk who's taking liberties with my daughter in my own house?!"

"Calm down, Frank. Just be happy for her. Times are different now. Kids have sex all the time. Don't do anything to scare him off. This is the first time I've seen our Princess like this. Look how happy she is, so don't ruin it, okay?"

"Okay," he agreed, gruffly. "I'll try. But just who is this little snot who's sneaking around my house like a common criminal?"

"Why don't we go back in there and find out? And be good. You promised."

By the time the parents came back, Heather and Simone had started eating. The parents joined in eating too. For a minute or two, nobody spoke and just enjoyed the meal.

Then Heather said, "Satisfied? Mom? Dad? I can't believe you two thought I was on drugs. Sheesh! Talk about lack of trust!" She really rubbed it in, even though she had been using some drugs until recently. She'd always believed the best defense was a good offense.

"I'm sorry," Helen said, "it's like Simone said, it was all just a big misunderstanding." Then she got all excited and gossipy and scooted her chair forward. "But forget about that and tell me all about him!"

"Who?" Heather asked as she chewed another bite of food.

"This Alan boy! Is he nice? Handsome?"

"Oh, he's just some guy. Can you pass the cranberry sauce?" Heather asked, trying to get off the subject of Alan.

Simone passed the cranberry sauce and explained, "Heather's just being modest. I've met him, and Alan's not just 'some guy'. In fact, he's very extraordinary, isn't he?"

Heather said flippantly while still eating, "Yeah, I guess."

"You guess?" Frank asked, feeling confused.

"Whatever," Heather replied, obviously in deep self-denial. She didn't even bother to look up. "It's not like I care."

Heather didn't want to mention anything about Alan to her parents, in part because she was uncomfortable dealing with any emotion resembling love, in part because she tried to hide almost anything about her personal life from her parents as a matter of habit, and in part because she was very uneasy about the status of her relationship with Alan. She knew he certainly wasn't her boyfriend in any sense of the word.

She grumbled in her own mind as she stared down into her plate of turkey, What do they want from me? What, am I supposed to tell them that he's my Sir and I'm his Bitchslut? I can just picture my mom's face as I say, "No Mom, he's not my boyfriend per se, but he does use me as a convenient cum dump during lunch sometimes. Yep, a classic fuck and run. But all I can do is beg that he'll do it again 'cos it feels so damn good. And he IS my Inner Bitch Tamer - he owns my ass and helps train it by shoving wonderfully large objects into it, like the one I'm stuffed with right now. So I suppose that's some kind of a relationship, isn't it?" How ridiculous would that sound?

She sighed quietly.

Simone tried to smooth over the situation. "Look, Heather's just feeling a little shy about the whole situation. However, I can assure you that Alan is a very nice guy."

Helen asked her daughter quietly and tenderly, "Is that true? That he's nice?"

"HA!" That startled everybody, until Heather continued, "Nice doesn't even start to cover it. He's good and kind and knows just how to treat a lady." With no sense of irony, Heather smiled as she pictured Alan's dick thrusting deeper and deeper into her mouth as he called her a "sperm-sucking Bitchslut trailer-park-trash scum cum-dump!" She sighed in fond remembrance of such happy times. She could almost taste his cum on her tongue, but that just made her sad that it wasn't actually there.

Frank asked, "Well, is he smart? Does he have good prospects?"

"Smart? Smart?!" Heather looked up and barked at her father with strong emotion, "He's just about the smartest boy in the whole school, that's all! And he's rich! And handsome! And funny! And going places!" She stared the others down defiantly, as if challenging them to contradict her.

Simone said, "It's true. He's all that. Like I said, I know him too, and he's a great guy all around. And no offense, Heather, but he's totally different from all the other guys Heather has ever been interested in or involved with before. He's not just some, well, to be blunt, meathead hunk."

Frank's face lit up. "I'll say that's the best news I've heard all year! Isn't that great, Princess? Congratulations. When do I get to meet the new beau?"

But Helen noticed Heather's uneasiness and asked, "What's the problem, Princess?"

Heather stared intensely at her plate of food, and then suddenly stood up. "He's good. He's too good!" She ran out of the room and up the stairs to her bedroom (or least she tried to run as much as the giant dildo in her ass would permit).


Frank said, "I don't get it."

Helen thought, You never do. Speaking of meatheads, why'd I have to marry one? He's a lovable meathead, but he's still a meathead.

Frank was also particularly disappointed, because he realized that, with all the confusion and drama, he hadn't had a chance to give Heather the big gift he had promised her earlier. He hoped a good gift-giving opportunity would present itself later in the evening.

Simone started to get up. "Let me go talk to her."

But Helen got up first and waved her off. "Let me. Call it a mother's prerogative. I'll just be a minute." She put her napkin down and went upstairs.

Helen knocked on Heather's door. There was no answer, but she heard sobbing inside. She tried the doorknob and, finding it unlocked, she let herself in.


"HEY! I'm changing!" Indeed, even though she was crying, Heather was taking off her fancy dinner clothes and was already down to removing her panties.

"Oops, sorry. Should I come back later?"

"Nah. It's just us girls, after all. But don't just barge in here. You never respect my privacy." Feeling uncomfortable from being nearly naked around her mother, she put her bra back on.

"Sorry." Soon she was by her daughter's side, giving her a supportive hug. Helen hadn't been there very often for Heather, and neither had Frank, but Heather gratefully accepted a shoulder to cry on.

After Heather was seemingly all cried out, Helen asked, "I'm your mother. You can tell me anything and I won't tell a soul. Not even your father, if you don't want me to."

"I don't want you to," Heather sniffled. She was still dressed in just her bra and panties.

"Fine. Now, let's sort this out. Everybody has a downside. What's Alan's downside?"

"It's like I said before. He's great. Too great. On top of everything else, he's fantastic in bed. Way too damn good."

Helen was puzzled how that could be a bad thing. So, when Heather didn't say anything more, she asked pointedly, "And?"

Heather cuddled up some more. She had her face buried in Helen's chest as she admitted, "He's not really my boyfriend. We do have a relationship of sorts, and I'm sure he does care for me, in his own way. But basically he's just using me for sex. And not just me. Not just me! That's the problem!" She broke into another fit of crying.

"What do you mean by that?" Helen asked when Heather was ready to talk some more. "Is there some other girl he likes more?"

"You could say that again!" Her tears resumed flowing.


"And that's a problem? Problem solved," Helen continued breezily. "Heather, my dear, us Morgan women are tough as nails. Whoever this other woman is, I assume you can eliminate her from the competition easily enough. I've taught you some of the tricks I use. If you're still having trouble, I'll help you directly. I can be utterly ruthless, as you know all too well."

"Normally I could handle it," Heather admitted, "if it was just one other girl. But it's not! It's like a whole freakin' big-titted army! Alan practically has his own harem! It's unreal! And I don't know even half of who he's doing."

She looked up into her mother's eye. "I mean, I thought I was pretty hot to trot, you know? Queen of the school and all that; I could get any boy I wanted with the snap of my fingers. And I did, I did. I've had a lot of fun, as I'm sure you more than suspect. But Alan! He's like the male version of me, only... nicer. He's so sure of himself, so confident. He knows exactly what he wants, and who he wants, and he goes out and gets it! No girl can resist him, not even me. Especially not me! I'm like... I'm like putty in his hands, and it pisses me off! One minute I'm up, the next minute I'm down. I wanna get off this crazy roller-coaster ride, but I don't want to, too."

She turned suddenly angry and pounded a fist into her open hand. "Dammit, he can't do this to me!"

Then, just as suddenly, the anger was gone, replaced by a desperate look as she stared into her mother's eyes. "I'm like a puppet on a string for him. We all are! Teachers, students, old women, young women, married women, it makes no difference. He seduces them all!"

Helen was finding herself increasingly intrigued by the young man Heather was describing, but she tried not to show too much interest. She asked, "But why don't you just resist him? You're not like those others; you're a Morgan woman. You're special."

Heather sighed. "You don't understand. He knows just what we need, deep inside. Not what we want, but our innermost needs, needs we never even knew we had! I didn't know what I really needed, I didn't know what I ached for inside, until Alan pounded it into me! ... Um, I mean..." She blushed a bit, belatedly realizing she shouldn't be talking about "pounding" with her mother.

But Helen pretended not to notice that, and said, "You make it sound like this kid has superhuman powers! Surely he can't be that incredible, can he?"

"No, you're probably right. He's actually a pretty normal guy, objectively speaking. I seem to be more powerfully affected by him than anyone I know, so my feelings probably say more about me than about him. He just happens to be the one who had a knack for finding out what really gets me going. I think." She frowned, thinking about Joy and Janice staring at her with amazement while Alan was shouting rude things at her.

Helen suggested, "Fine. But now that you know what you need, go get it from someone else. And then tell this kid to take a hike!"

Heather snarled in exasperated disgust. "As if! You don't GET it! Once he has you, that's it. If he were to call me up right now and say 'I want you and Simone to come over right now and share sucking my cock,' I'd go! In a heartbeat. And that fuckin' pisses me off too!"

Iiiiiintresting, Helen thought. She certainly never was obsessed with, let alone cared much about, her other boy toys. Looks like my daughter has finally met her match. But she said in a carefully neutral tone, "I see. And would Simone?"

Heather realized that in her distress she'd been speaking far too freely. She hadn't intended to mention Simone, and she certainly never used words like 'fuckin' or 'cock' in front of her mother. But the cat was out of the bag as far as Simone was concerned, so Heather just nodded.

Helen thought, This same boy is having sex with both Heather AND Simone? He must really be something! No wonder Simone said that she knew him and liked him so much. I'll bet this Alan has really gotten to "know" her too. Biblically know her! Does he do them both at the same time, I wonder? I'll bet he does. Well, obviously, from what she just said about sucking him off together. Besides, I've known that those girls have been more than just friends for a long time now.

After some moments, Heather added, "Yeah, he's probably got her under his spell by now, for all I know. So friggin' typical. She fits the mold. He has this thing about big tits, you see. His women not only need to be outstandingly beautiful, they also have to be seriously stacked."

"I see. And when you say beautiful and stacked, just what do you mean? Take me, for instance. Do you think I'd qualify?" She pulled back and struck a pose. She tried hard to pretend that she didn't care about the answer.

Heather stopped and looked her mother over, focusing on her chest. "Yeah, probably," she finally concluded.

Yes! That's a salve to an aging woman's ego. But she asked, "Just probably? Princess, everybody says that you and I could practically pass as twins."

"Yeah, but face it, you're twenty years older. And your breasts would be borderline."

"Borderline?! Princess, you must be mistaken. I wear a 36D bra! Do you know how unusual that is?"

"Like I said, he has this thing about big tits." Normally, Heather would never have been so blunt and honest with her mother, but the dildo keeping her ass happy dulled her wits. Even now, in the midst of her crying, she was beginning to feel pretty good due to the fun party going on in her ass. Every slight shift in her seat brought new pleasures.

"Hey, yours aren't that much bigger than mine. And besides, mine are all real." She thrust her chest out defiantly.

"I'll give you that, but you've got tan lines. Look, I don't have any." She pulled her bra down a bit.


"Well, maybe I do, but they're hardly that noticeable." She pulled her short skirt down a little as well. "Wait, you can hardly see anything with all these clothes." She quickly shed her jacket and then her blouse, leaving just her bra above her waist.

Helen added as she finished undressing, "I keep myself in good shape. I have excellent breasts, if I do say so myself."

"Yeah, well, Alan likes mine just fine, thank you very much!" She cupped her breasts with both hands and proudly held them up. Then she realized, I'm comparing boobs with my mom? Too weird! She let go and slumped a bit. She was in such an emotional state that her guard was down, and on top of that the dildo was knocking her even further off her game.

Helen realized that too - how bizarre their situation had become - so began to put her blouse back on. But she didn't focus on that, because the wheels were turning in her head about what Heather was revealing. She was more than a little bit interested in Alan now, and not strictly as a concerned mother. "But darling, what does he DO that makes all these women so ga-ga over him?" Helen hadn't been satisfied in bed in a long time and wanted details. Lots of details.

"I don't want to talk about it, okay? I don't even know why I told you this much. This is so weird, talking to my MOM about this kind of stuff."

Helen reassured her, "It's okay. It'll be okay. I'm sure this problem'll sort itself out. And moms are human too, you know. I'm always here for you if you want to share a good cry."

Yeah, right, Heather scoffed in her mind. My hard-driving, jet-setting mother is suddenly Florence Nightingale... But it does feel kind of nice. I wish we did this more often. She didn't respond verbally, but she did give her mother another hug. The monster dildo in her ass distracted her so much that she didn't notice the hard nipples poking into her during their hug.

Helen said, "Thanks for sharing this with me. We should talk about this more later, but for now I'll bet Simone and Frank are feeling awkward down there. You know they've never really clicked. I should probably go back down and be a good hostess. Do you think you want to join us, or would you rather be alone?"

"I'll come down in a minute. But don't worry. I'm tough; I'm not going to let Alan get to me."

Helen smoothed her daughter's hair with motherly affection. "Good."

Heather raised a fist and said with renewed determination, "The truth is, he doesn't know who he's messing with! I'm gonna turn the tables on him one of these days, just you wait and see! Then he'll be eating out of the palm of MY hand!" She shook her fist fiercely.

As Helen walked back down the stairs, fully dressed again, she thought, Well, I'll be. The boy I saw leaving Heather's room this morning certainly looked ordinary enough. He was fairly handsome, true, but certainly nothing special by Heather's usual boy-toy standards. I wonder how he does it. It can't just be that he's well-hung; I'm sure Heather's been around the block enough to try that out before at least once or twice. Maybe he's well-hung AND really knows how to use it. Now there's a possibility! In fact, perhaps he IS some kind of incredible, irresistible sex stud who takes any woman he wants and uses her roughly for his own pleasure!

It sounds to me like this Alan has taken my daughter, my head-strong, wily, incredibly beautiful daughter, and turned her upside down. She thinks she's in love, but she's just deluded. I'm her mother; I should stick up for her. And I will too, I really will. It's a good thing I found out what's really going on, because he needs to be taken down a notch. But he must really be something special to have done that even to her!


I wonder what he'd do if he saw me, though. Do I pass the muster? Are my breasts big enough? She paused on the stairs and thrust her chest forward hopefully, as if he was watching and judging. She imagined herself naked as he appraised her from head to toe.

What if he came over here looking for Heather, but I was the only one home? Would he silently walk up to me and then, without so much as asking my name, rip my blouse open and fuck me like a Superman right on the dining room table?

I'll bet he would! She said that even marriage means nothing to him! Would he leave me naked and disheveled, completely covered in cum? Her left hand somehow found itself on her left breast, almost at her nipple. She looked down and saw that and pulled it away. She resumed walking down the stairs.

Oh God. My goodness! I'm getting quite worked up, aren't I? I can't believe I'm actually fantasizing about the manipulative creep. I'd better pop off to the bathroom and wait until these nipples aren't quite so perky. And everyone's gonna smell my wetness from a mile away if I don't take care of it. This is silliness. I can't get aroused over some teenage guy I've never even met. If only Frank would take care of me more often, I wouldn't keep fantasizing over every little thing I come across.

She reached the bottom of the stairs and headed towards the lower bathroom. I know one thing though: I'm not going to let this sexual predator break my daughter's heart. This Alan character may think he's the cock of the walk, but he's never tangled with the likes of Helen Morgan!


Susan stood in her kitchen full of anxiety and curiosity. A few minutes earlier, she had been about to go to the front of the house to greet her son on his return home, when Katherine walked in and told her to stay where she was.

She thought, Angel told me, 'Alan says stay here. He wants to give you a special greeting, but it's gotta be in the kitchen. And it might take a while before he's ready, so hang tight.' What did she mean by that?

The kitchen. Tiger's given me some great greetings in the kitchen. Some of his best! All the times he's "gotten my attention" right here where I stand... So hot! It makes me weak in my knees thinking about how he's grabbed my ass, and other fun parts of me, and squeezed and kneaded and just all around showed me who's who and what's what! His every tingly touch makes it clear just who the man of the house is and who the helpless big-titted milky sex cow mommy is!


Oh goodness! Just thinking about all those times gets me TOO HOT! I'd better sit down.

She walked around the kitchen counter, grabbed a stool, brought it into the kitchen, and sat on it. She looked down at herself - she was already wearing an erotic light blue apron, red high heels, and nothing else in anticipation of Alan coming home. I hope this is boner-inducing enough, since I can't leave the kitchen to change.

But never mind about that, 'cos he's always hard anyway. The important question is, how will Tiger "get my attention" when he gets here? I hope it could be... No. It couldn't be my ULTIMATE fantasy, could it? I remember when it came to me, over two weeks ago. I was standing right here imagining Tiger coming home from school. I imagined him dropping his backpack as he ran into the house and he yelled, "Mommy, I'm home! Are you ready to bend over and take it?"

She paused, shivering lustfully at the thought of doing just that. Gaaawd, I just love it when he calls me "Mommy." But I digress. Hee-hee! And then of course I'd already be bent over and lubed up, because that's what good mommies do.

Oh no! Look at me! I'm sitting on my duff wasting my time dreaming about sweet son-cock as usual, and Tiger could come in at any second! I'd better get into position!

She immediately got up and placed both hands on the edge of the kitchen counter. Then she struck a pose like a suspect about to be frisked by police, except that she was wearing only an apron. She also kept her legs spread much farther apart than necessary. She reveled in the sensation of her firm buttocks parting ever so slightly with her lewd pose, the cool air of the kitchen tantalizing the humid cleft in between them.

Ah. That's better. Feels good. I feel tingly all over knowing that Tiger's going to be touching me soon. But in any case, where was I in my ultimate fantasy? Oh yes. I'm bent over - check. And lubed up - check again. Hee hee! I'm such a good mommy! Then Tiger strolls in like he owns the place, because he does!

That's how he's going to greet me now. He'll drop his backpack as he comes home from school and yell, "Mommy, I'm home! Are you ready to bend over and take it?" Of course I'll already be bent over and lubed up, just like I am right now, because that's what good mommies do. Good mommies get FUCKED up the ASS every day! Yes!

He'll walk right up to me and there'd be no reason for words. Tiger would have had a hard day - a hard COCKED day - and he'll need relief! But that's okay, because big-titted butt slut mommies are meant to SERVE! He'd see me like this, bent over, tits swinging and swaying all over the place, panting with hunger and desire, and he'll know exactly what to do. I'll hear the glorious pussy-tingling sound of his zipper unzipping and then, WHAM! Just like that, his fat mommy-splitter would be crammed balls-deep in Mommy's ass! MY ass! Actually, it's HIS ass! He owns it! Oh God!

I'm getting SO HOT! I can't take it!

She dropped to her knees because she needed to finger her pussy and she couldn't do that and prop herself up against the counter at the same time. As soon as her knees hit the floor, she didn't even attempt to get back up again, but just devoted all her attention and energy to pleasuring her pussy and breasts.

As she pinched her hard nipples, she thought, It's okay. I'll just have to keep more or less quiet so I can hear Alan when he comes. I need to be able to get up quickly. Then I'll be in position for him to do whatever incredible thing he's gonna do. Oh! The wait is killing me! Especially if he's gonna fulfill my ultimate fantasy. Not just fucking me in the kitchen, again, although if that's all he does it'll still be beyond incredible.

But in my fantasy, he'll just be getting warmed up! Then he'll carry me to the living room and fuck me over the couch. And then fuck my ass at the front door. Heck! With the front door open, even! Let everyone see that I serve my son in every way! And then on the front lawn! That's my favorite part! Tiger fucking me right there on the green grass, for everyone to see! As the postman walks by, I'll say while Tiger's plowing into me and shoving my face deeper into the fresh green grass, "Good afternoon, Mr. Henderson. Did you know my son owns my ASS?"

Her knees buckled again, but she managed to catch herself and straighten back up. No! I have to be strong. I can't wind up sprawled on the floor, writhing in a puddle of my own cum before Tiger even gets here! I have to hold on and look good. If he's gonna do something extra special for me, I have to be especially extra fuckable for him. Come on, girl! Assume the position! Chest thrust out, legs spread wide, and ass up high. The ass he's gonna fuck! I just know it! Or maybe he'll do me doggy-style. That would be great too. Or maybe he'll start with a spanking and then...

She continued to ponder various possibilities while doing her best to remain standing on wobbly legs. She loved and lusted after her son so much that she was fully capable of reaching a great climax merely from thinking about him, but she held back from that because she wanted her climaxes to be with him.


Finally, a couple of minutes later, she heard it: the sound of someone walking through the living room and into the kitchen. She was excited to begin with, but now her excitement level went right off the charts. Her heart pounded like a big bass drum and her body trembled all over. She had to steel herself yet again to remain braced against the counter.

Oh shit! she thought. The counter? I can't be facing that way! I don't want to be making eye contact when he comes in - we need to do all our communicating with our bodies! Oh well, too late to move now. I'll just have to close my eyes.

So when Alan walked in, he saw Susan with her eyes closed but a great big smile on her face. Her hefty boobs dangled over the counter and her arms were visibly trembling as she continued to try to hold her body up.

Alan didn't say a word. He kept on walking through the gap between the counter and cabinets that took him from the dining room into the kitchen. He walked right past his mother, then ended up a couple of feet behind her.

He stopped and stood there. He wore nothing but a long blue robe.

Susan's anticipation level was high already, but it shot up still further like a rocket ship launching into the sky. Oh my God! He's here! He's here, he's here, he's here! What's he going to do to me?! DO IT, TIGER! Her heart was pounding so fast and so hard that she was sure it could be heard throughout the house.

Alan stopped to simply admire his mother. He looked at her shapely back with the curves of her milk-laden breasts visible on either side, even though he was standing behind her. There was a big bow from the apron over her lower back, but that was the only sign of clothing on her from where he stood. Then his eyes went lower to admire her luscious, ripe and firm ass, and then still lower to her strong thighs. Dang. She's on fire! Just look at how her legs are quivering with anticipation. I love her pose, but more than that I love the way all the cum is running down her thighs in almost Brenda-esque quantities, and I haven't even touched her yet! It almost makes me want to slide into her wet yet oh-so-tight cunt instead. But no. It's "get Mommy's attention" ass time!

He slipped the robe off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He knew Susan would be able to hear exactly what he was doing and that it would heighten her anticipation even more. He didn't realize though that it was simply impossible for her to get any more excited.

Susan heard the robe drop and it took all her self-control not to scream out, "DO IT! JUST DO IT! TAKE ME!"

Alan stepped forward towards her. Her ass was shaking so much that he thought he would certainly have to grasp a buttock as he used his other hand to hold his erection and guide it in, right to her asshole. But then he thought it would be more fun not to touch her with his hands at all, if he could manage it. Holding and aiming his cock, he carefully poked it right at her back door.


It was more than Susan's shaky legs could take. She dropped her chest down to the counter, but her huge bosom cushioned the fall. She was able to keep her ass high up, though, and that was the main thing at this point. Her breaths were coming in short, halting gasps.

With her upper torso resting on the counter, she made a more stable target. His cockhead had been nudging gently forward against her anus, but he hadn't made any headway yet. Now he leaned forward and put his weight into the effort of cramming his thick and throbbing erection deep into her needy asshole. For long moments, his dick hung there on the edge of slipping in, silently and insistently demanding her anal surrender to his invasion. Then, finally, her body obeyed and yielded, allowing his bulbous cock to push on inside her.

She was trying to live up to her fantasy and remain completely quiet, but there was only so much she could take. She cried out, "OH! UGH!" Tingles of excitement ran up and down her spine. But aside from that brief outburst, she managed to shut her mouth, literally keeping her lips clamped tightly closed to be on the safe side.

With the head slipped through and inside her, he was ready to keep going. He paused briefly to let her ass adjust to his massive intrusion into her straining posterior, but only for a few seconds. He was too keyed up to hold back and was ready to ram his way forward so as to sink deeper and deeper into her well-lubed hole.

As it happened, he didn't need to wait long, and certainly not the many minutes of waiting it always took before going deeper into Amy's exceptionally tight ass. Susan had been tensed up with anticipation, but now her body completely relaxed. There was no one she trusted with her body more than her son, so she had nothing to fear. She felt as safe and secure as if he was cuddling her in his arms. She could feel her horny asshole start to relax too. It was already yearning to be filled by the massive intrusion.

He pushed, again using the weight of his whole body to lean into the effort. Inch by inch, his thickness slowly forced itself forward and into her. Her tight anal channel only gave way grudgingly, and in the process heightened the delicious friction that both of them felt as more and more of his thickness entered her, causing her nerve-endings to explode with pleasure.

The feeling of penetration and fullness was so indescribably good for her that she wanted to fall to her knees and cry for joy. She wanted to scream to the heavens and let the whole world know that her son's dick belonged in her ass. She'd been so orally fixated, and then vaginally fixated, that sometimes she forgot just how much she loved anal. But the truth was that she loved it in every hole.

The thick inches of hot man meat continued to force their way deeper into her ass, intoxicating her senses. She'd come to truly believe that her son's eight-inch penis was ten inches long at the very least, but now it seemed more like twenty to her. Lustful chills of excitement and desire shot outwards from her asshole as she felt her hyper-sexualized flesh there being forced to stretch open wider and wider to take her lover's seemingly gargantuan cock into her fuck-hungry butt.

Alan was trying to keep quiet, but as he bottomed out, he couldn't help but let out a couple of loud grunts. He too was feeling so much pleasure that it was almost more than he could handle.

He leaned over and collapsed onto her back and hugged her from behind, briefly hefting her massive tits and placing a gentle loving kiss on her straining neck. Her entire body practically vibrated underneath him. Then he forced himself to stand back up.

He also stifled an urge to pump his fists in the air triumphantly, because he still needed to hold her to gain the purchase to thrust into her deeply. He gripped her ass cheeks tightly, filling his hands with them, pulling them apart ever so slightly to thrust forward one last time and gain that last infinitesimal fraction of extra penetration.

He then paused to let the anticipation build once more. It seemed as if they both were waiting for something significant to happen, some kind of nonverbal communication before he began thrusting in earnest.


Suddenly, he clenched his buttocks powerfully. His rampant erection pulsed and throbbed wildly, making her briefly think that it was actually increasing in thickness and size.

Her head lifted up into the air and she arched her back powerfully. She gasped for air in lustful ecstasy, loudly groaning her approval as her whole body shivered and her hips trembled.

He had flexed his cock inside her ass, but it was much more than a simple flexing. He was marking her, claiming her, asserting his complete control over her body. He was showing that by a simple flex he could nearly drive her mad with lust.

He saw her reaction, and that inspired him to get more aggressive. He thought, If I'm gonna take control, I can't treat her like she's made of glass like I normally do, just 'cos she's my mom. That's not what she wants. It's not what she needs! He reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her long dark brown hair. Then he slowly pulled back, forcing her to arch her back. He'd never done that to her before.

But she absolutely loved it. She sighed with deep contentment. This is bliss! This is perfection! He pulled my hair just like he always does in my dreams! He knows that I'm his BITCH! His slave! He's doing that because he knows it's what I want and what I need, even though it probably makes him uneasy. He's doing it for me! Oh, what a GOOD son! Anything else he does to me now would simply be a very hefty helping of sperm-flavored icing on the cock cake! She was as happy as she could be. Her son loved her totally and she loved him back just as much, and they both knew it.

Hearing her lusty sigh, he experimentally pulled harder, forcing her head further back and forcing her hips to press even more tightly into his.

That excited her so much that she had an orgasm on the spot.

He could feel her convulsions through his dick in her ass, and the random squeezes nearly caused him to shoot his load. But despite the positive response, breaking habits was hard to do and he politely waited for her to recover, gently flexing his cock inside her fluttering asshole as he did.

He thought, Wow, she really does want me to be rough. I can do this. I have to let the "Bad Alan" out. It's what she wants. But I can't! She's my mom. I can't disrespect her. But it's for her... His thoughts were all jumbled up and conflicted.

She thought back to her many fantasies of being taken anally in the kitchen, and remembered what she always said in them. If she was going to speak, she needed to do it now while she still was coherent enough for recognizable speech. She cleared her throat and said, "So, how was your day, dear?" Her tone was both mundane and matter-of-fact, but there was an underlying passionate need that could not be hidden or denied.

She started rocking her hips slightly, letting him know that she was ready to be anally speared repeatedly. The fullness in her ass felt so great that it seemed impossible to her that she could ever feel any better, but she knew from experience that his thrusting would take her to an even higher plane.

He released her hair, but only so he could grab both of her arms instead. He pulled them back, which unexpectedly forced his erection even deeper into her anal depths.

She gasped loudly. She loved it so much that she nearly climaxed again. She wished she could convey just how happy this rough treatment was making her, but words failed her. She twisted her head back around so she could look him in the face over her shoulder. They did just manage to make eye contact, and the look between them was electric. They were sharing a deep understanding that didn't need words.

His cock throbbed and flexed, and her asshole joyfully massaged and milked him in welcoming response.

From elsewhere nearby, Amy gasped in surprise at the depth of feeling in their shared look and breathlessly murmured, "Wow!"


Amy?! What's Amy doing here?! Susan's head flew back around towards the direction of Amy's voice. She was shocked because she hadn't heard anyone else come near. But she got a double surprise when she looked across the counter and saw both Amy and Katherine sitting on the stools on the other side of it. They were completely nude and watching everything like hawks.

Alan also briefly looked back in surprise.

Amy, embarrassed at having spoken, flushed slightly and gave a shy little wave.


Katherine just grinned from ear to ear. She was very happy to see her mother so happy and getting so royally fucked.

Katherine and Amy posed and preened, especially when Alan looked their way with a "What are you doing here already?" look on his face. Katherine playfully ran a finger up and down Amy's stomach.

The two of them weren't supposed to come down until later, because Alan was trying to act out Susan's anal fantasies and he knew that the others being there didn't fit. But curiosity had gotten the best of the girls, and they'd quietly tiptoed up to the counter so they could witness everything up close. They'd been watching in awed silence as Alan had slowly thrust his way into his mother's rear.

Now their jig was up. Nobody minded, though. It was clear to all that Alan and Susan were sharing a special moment, but having the others there and watching only made it that much more special for them, instead of less. They were a family now, after all, and the bonding Alan and Susan were sharing reached out to encompass Amy and Katherine too.

Furthermore, having an audience inspired and aroused both mother and son a bit more than before. Susan had been resting on top of the counter, partly because her legs were too weak from all the excitement for her to do anything else. But now she wanted to put on a good show for her daughters too, not only to set a good example for them to follow and emulate when Alan was fucking their asses, but also demonstrate and reaffirm her love for them, and her son, without shame or dissembling. So she somehow managed to lift her ass up, giving her son even better access to cram his dick deeper into her willing flesh.


She let her huge breasts dangle and sway. (Her apron hung below them, not impeding them in any way.) Alan couldn't see them since he was directly behind her, holding her by her arms, but Amy and Katherine could.

Susan loved putting on a tit show even as she felt as if a baseball bat had been shoved up her butt. Mommy's a moo cow! A sex cow! My udders, my dangling udders... They're gonna be crashing and flying about before long, hee-hee!

In fact, she thought that Alan would start thrusting at any moment, but that wasn't his intention. He wanted to tease, test, and torment her with his control over her. So he toyed with her body, hoping to stall until she reached a fever pitch of quivering, insatiable need.

Deliberately calming himself by taking a few deep breaths, he finally answered Susan's nearly forgotten question about how his day had been. "Good," he replied.

Susan was confused about what that was in response to.

"It's... been... a... busy... day," he panted as he released her arms. She fell again to the countertop, her large breasts cushioning her fall again. He gripped her ass cheeks very tightly so she had no choice but to move her ass wherever his hands led her.

She experimentally tried moving her ass one way, but his hands pushed it the other way. She loved it because it further showed that, at long last, he was taking control.

She also finally understood that he was answering her question about his day. This was all part of her fantasy, that she and her son would hold a normal conversation just like any mother asking her son how his day had been, all while the rampant anal sex would be taken for granted so much that there would be no verbal acknowledgement of it going on whatsoever.

So she tried to play along, even though talking and making sense was already a great effort for her, given how far gone into lust she was. "Oh, r-r-r-really?" She couldn't hide the shiver in her voice, though. "H-h-how 'bout you, g-g-g-girls?"

The girls understood that they were supposed to pretend the anal sex taking place right in front of them wasn't happening, and played right along. Katherine said lazily, "Oh, you know us. We're just hanging out."

Amy caught on, and added, "Yeah, we came down here for a snack."

Katherine's eyes went wide as she thought of something. "Good idea!" She got up from her stool and walked around the counter and into the kitchen as if she was heading for the refrigerator.

Amy followed.

But Katherine went to where Susan and Alan were merged together instead. She looked down at Susan's wet thighs and ran a finger through her mother's dripping cum. She brought a cum-soaked finger to her mouth and licked it clean. "Mmmm. But you know, now that I think about it, something interesting did happen today." She paused dramatically.


Amy walked to the other side of Alan and Susan and ran a finger along Susan's other thigh, eliciting yet another shuddering groan. Then she too licked her finger clean of Susan's juices.

Katherine continued, "You know, I was just talking to my brother. Alan." She looked up into his eyes and winked. "He was telling me about his day today, and what a day it was! Did you know, he picked the sexiest, most desirable teacher in his school, and completely tamed her! Sure, she put up a good fight, but she lost her free will. Now she lives to serve Alan's cock, just like the rest of us!"

Susan was incredibly turned on by that idea, just as Katherine knew she would be. All Susan could do was moan with need as shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine. It was taking all her concentration just to follow what she found to be a highly interesting conversation, because the double attack on her pussy juices and the iron-hard erection in her ass were driving her to distraction.

Katherine continued, "You know what he did with her? He took her to the beach and had his way with her, right there in the middle of a public beach! He had her buck naked and squirming, crying for mercy!"

While Alan had been talking with his sisters upstairs a few minutes earlier, he'd briefly explained what happened on the beach, and that's what Katherine was basing her comments on. But she cleverly implied that Alan had had vaginal intercourse with Glory out on the sand, when in fact she knew that he had not.

She knew what Susan loved, and sure enough Susan was over the moon as she imagined her son pounding his favorite teacher into the sand with each thrust. Yes! That's it, Son! I hope you nailed Glory good and hard, like you're nailing me!

"But that's not all. There was a surprise guest," Katherine pronounced triumphantly, before pausing dramatically again.

Amy and Katherine brought their fingers back to Susan's thighs and began repeatedly running them through her rivulets of cum, scooping it up into their mouths and noisily licking their fingers. Amy knelt down for better access while Katherine remained standing.

But while Susan loved the idea of everyone feeding off her cum, plus the news from Katherine, she was mainly fixated on the long erection lightly pulsing in her ass. Unable to resist or hold out any longer, she began flexing her hotly filled asshole around it. She didn't have anything like Xania's anal control, but as she often did she made up for a lack of skill through sheer need and enthusiasm. She clenched his shaft spasmodically but powerfully.

Now it was Alan's turn to gasp and struggle for control. Suddenly it was all he could do not to cum on the spot. It was only his great PC muscle control that saved him, for the moment.

But he managed to reach a place where he could at least ride the wave of lust her spasmodic clenching was creating. He attempted to reassert control over the situation and proceed only on his schedule by continuing to hold a normal conversation. That would show her anal squeezing hadn't gotten the best of him. He pounded her butt with two very hard thrusts before opening his mouth to speak.


But before he could actually talk, Katherine dropped a bomb. "And do you know who the guest was? Just the bustiest, sexiest blonde in school, that's who! Picture Christine the Ice Queen wearing a fire-red bikini. And in public, no less!"

Susan would have gasped, except that she was having trouble just getting enough air to breathe. She did let her approval be known with an extra loud moan, though.

Then Katherine dropped another bomb. "Christine followed Alan to the beach 'cos she was hungry for cock! Alan cock! In fact, she was so hungry for it that, even though Glory was standing right there, she dropped her top and thrust out her chest, right there in the middle of the beach where everyone could see!"

Susan loved that news so much that she screamed uncontrollably, like she was an excited girl watching Elvis Presley or the Beatles in their prime.

Amy had heard the news at the same time as Katherine, but was getting excited all over again too. Now she got into the act as well. While stroking Susan's shaking and soaked pussy lips, she said, "Mom, just picture it: The hottest teacher and the hottest blonde dropping their clothes in public in a desperate bid to be the next one to get fucked!"

Katherine added, "They almost had a catfight, they wanted it so bad! Can you picture the two of them, on their knees, begging Brother to squirt their fertile wombs?" She lifted Susan up a bit, untied her apron, and pulled it away.

Amy immediately added, "Or both of them lurching forward to share? Their tongues and lips sliding all over it? Sharing is cool!"

Katherine topped that by shrieking, "They both know that resistance is useless! Isn't it, Mom?" Both of them were mostly technically truthful, and when they got carried away and moved into hypotheticals they prefaced their comments with phrases like "picture it."


But Susan was so far gone that such subtleties were completely lost on her. She was left with the impression that Alan had fucked both Glory and Christine on the beach, probably side by side, and she totally loved it.

She thought, YES! Yes, yes, yes! Resistance IS useless! It just goes to show that Tiger can have any woman he wants, and in any combination too! Who am I to resist being his FUCK SLAVE?! He's gonna keep all my holes constantly filled with sperm, and there's nothing I can do about it except LOVE IT!

Between the thrusting and the sexy talking, Alan knew that he would cum soon if he didn't do something fast. But he decided to spin a negative into a positive. Rather than act apologetic about it, he decided to use his need for a rest to further his domination over his mother. He grabbed a firm hold of Susan's hips and kept them from moving, while keeping his erection fully planted in her.

Now Susan could feel the cold tile of the counter edge pressing against her stomach while her firm breasts continued to swing freely through the air. (Even after the rest of her stopped moving, she kept twisting and turning her upper body to keep them swinging.) She was so turned on that she could hardly stand it. All this talk about her son's latest conquests was driving her mad with desire.

But at the very moment she wanted to fuck in an animalistic frenzy, Alan had come to a complete stop. That demonstration of his control and her powerlessness only increased her desire, which increased her need to fuck, which reminded her of her powerlessness, creating a vicious cycle. She was hotter than the surface of the sun, but it really was up to Alan to resume, especially since he had her pressed right up to the counter edge.

She tried more clenching spasms, but they weren't getting her message across fast enough for her liking, so she resorted to grinding her hips instead. She would clench one ass cheek and then the other while moving her hips in time, constantly giving his erection a good workout. In the process she was able to get a couple of inches of clearance between her ass and his body, allowing her to slide back and forth a bit as well.

What she didn't realize was that the very hip churning movements she was making to encourage him to start thrusting was what was preventing him from doing so. He couldn't get his needed strategic break. In fact, her squirming about was so orgasm-inducing that it took all his energy and PC muscle control not to cum inside her at once. If he started to thrust, he'd lose it for sure, and then all the rest of his plans for her would be thrown into disarray.

He had to focus so intently on surviving another near climax that he completely lost track of what Amy and Katherine were saying to each other. When the worst of the crisis had passed, he realized they were still talking about Glory and Christine at the beach.

Amy was saying, "Of course he did! I know my O.B. Glory's probably still trying to get all the cum out of her hair, he gave her such a big cum bath."

"And not just her hair!" Katherine added. "Just think of all the living spermies gushing out of her cunt. She's probably sitting at home right now, still leaking sperm all over the place. If he hadn't knocked her up already, she's definitely got a bun in the oven by now. Oh yeah! She's totally tamed, that's for sure!"

"Totally!" Amy agreed. "Gosh, that'll be really wild when all the sexy teachers start showing up with big bellies in a couple of months. But Sis, I'm running low on cum here. What should I do?"

Katherine giggled. "You just have to go to the source." She paused, then asked, "But Aims, what do you mean by 'all the sexy teachers?'"

Amy replied, "You don't think Alan's just gonna stop with taming and knocking up Glory and Christine, do you? Soon, you'll be able to tell who's Alan-worthy not just by looking at their tits, but by looking below their tits! You know what I mean, their big bellies."

Susan groaned orgasmically upon hearing that. She had a vision of a faculty break room, filled with more than a dozen busty supermodel-worthy teachers, all of them about eight months pregnant and happily rubbing their bellies while talking to each other about Alan's sexual prowess. Needless to say, there wasn't anything close to that many beautiful teachers at school, but she didn't care about the reality.

Katherine was just as excited and aroused. "I do! I do! And I love it!" She got down on her knees, still on the other side from Amy. She pressed her tongue against Susan's ripe and bloated clit.

That gave Susan another mini-orgasm, and her resulting twisting and sexy moaning didn't exactly help Alan to calm down.

Amy stuck two fingers into Susan's slit and started pumping away. Her eyes got big as she started stroking Alan's erection with her fingertips through the thin wall of flesh that separated Susan's drooling vagina from her deeply stuffed rectum. From the inside, she could feel Susan's internal muscles working on his buried shaft, and the throbbing responses of his cock to Susan's squeezing and her own finger stroking.

From the outside, it had looked like nothing much was going on, and Alan had been putting on a good show of not being affected by what Susan's horny butt was doing to him (not counting the pained look on his face and the sweat pouring down his forehead). But now Amy realized that he was in fact straining mightily not to cum right this instant. She looked at Katherine with wide astonished eyes, while still stroking her fingers in Susan's weeping slit, and silently mouthed, "Oh, WOW! Too cool for school!"

Katherine, for her part, leered at Amy, winked and silently mouthed back, "Oh yeah!" She also "helped" by repeatedly teasing and licking Susan's defenseless clit, which hung down, ripe and straining, where it peeked out from beneath her clitoral hood.

Having her clit and slit fingered by both her daughters was more than Susan could take. I need to be fucked in the ass NOW! No matter what! Tiger, what are you waiting for?! Can't you feel my need in my grinding hips? Not next week, NOW, dammit!

She still didn't feel like she could break the unspoken rule of not talking directly about the anal penetration that was happening, so she kept her mouth shut. But her body started thrusting back and forth over his erection as vigorously as she could possibly do it, given the limited distance she had available. She used her hand-holds on the counter edge now as leverage to push back. Sweat seemed to be pouring off her in buckets.

"Oh fuuuuuuck... Mom-mmyyyyy..." Alan groaned, helpless to resist the rising tide of excitement surging through him as Susan's asshole started to fuck him, whether he wanted her to or not. He could feel her desire mounting, her unstoppable need to get fucked long and deep and hard. And he felt himself answering the need, as his body took over. He was swept away by the desire to satisfy her craving to be violated, powerfully, intimately and completely, by her lover.

Holy shit, this is so good! Mom's asshole is absolutely unbelievably friggin' incredible. It just feels so right to bend her over and cram my cock up her fuck-hungry ass. And she loves it! She wants it. Needs it. I've gotta give it to her! Screw the teasing; sometimes it's not the time for that. Now's the time for hard-core triple-X buttfucking!

But despite Alan's intense pleasure, he was frustrated. This wasn't how he had envisioned fulfilling Susan's fantasy. He thought, Mom and my sisters are having such a great time thinking about me and hyping me up that they hardly need the real me to get off. It's a great ride, but I feel like I'm in the passenger's seat. I need to take control! I need to live up to the hype!

So, before he could begin thrusting, he thought, I've gotta take the initiative instead of just drifting into the anal sex because of Mom's increasingly orgasmic hip grinding and ass thrusting. For far too long, I've been too polite and too reactive around her. Why is it with others like Heather I do whatever the hell I want, but I always wait for a clear okay with Mom first? No more! That's not what she wants or needs. Mom's not going to give me her ass; I'm here to take it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! No more holding back! So far, the main things I have going for me are good stamina and incredible, incredible luck! All these women falling into my lap. But no more! I'm gonna live up to the hype and really be the super stud they think I am! Here I go!

He pushed back on her ass cheeks with both hands, pulled his cock out of her ass altogether, with a loud pop, and wordlessly gave her a resounding slap across both cheeks.

Naturally, Susan groaned with great displeasure at the sudden vacancy. "Tiiiiiiger!"

She would have said more, the role-playing be damned. She needed his fat dick in her like she needed air to breathe.

But Katherine saw what was happening and joked to Amy, "Speaking of pussy taming, I think there's some pretty serious taming going on around here."

Amy agreed. "Yeah! Right around here, in fact. There's a very naughty pussy who doesn't know her place." Now that Alan's cock wasn't hogging all the space between Susan's thighs, she poked her fingers deeper into Susan's slit to make it clear exactly whom she was talking about.

Katherine looked up at Alan's erection as it stood out straight and stiff from his body. "Oh look! Free cock!" She lunged forward, loudly licking his erection while fondling his balls. She didn't care that it came straight from her mother's ass, as she knew Susan had gotten her ass as clean as humanly possible earlier in the day in anticipation of Alan coming home. She also didn't mind that she'd probably only get to lick it for a few moments before it plunged back in. She figured a little taste was better than none at all.

Susan got the message about being a "naughty pussy". They're so right! What am I doing?! Tiger's the man of the house; he decides who he wants to fuck and when. What am I doing trying to speed things up? I just have to stand here, naked as the day I was born, my legs spread obscenely wide, my daughters playing with my clit, completely shamed and tamed as usual, and let my son fuck my ass in his own sweet time! He's not the same shy boy of a couple of weeks ago. He knows how to take control!

Alan could see a shift in Susan's body language. She'd been growing increasingly tense and fidgety, but now she relaxed all over again. She wanted him in the driver's seat. As if the message wasn't clear enough, she brought her hands behind her back and crossed one wrist over the other, making it seem as if her wrists were bound together by an invisible rope.

He grinned. Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. This is Mom's fantasy, but it's my coming out, too! I talk about "Bad Alan", but "Good Alan" always kicks his ass. Not today! The game is ON!

He ran a hand through Katherine's hair, somehow making it clear in the process that she had to get out of the way.

She fell back, eager to just watch. She could see a new attitude in his facial expression and was curious what it meant, exactly.

He leaned forward again, grabbing Susan's wrists roughly and keeping them pinned behind her back. This time, luck was with him and his cockhead rested right over Susan's partially open anus. He pushed ahead some more and the bulbous head popped right back into her hot and tight depths. Finally, with great joy, his stiffness sank back into her steaming hole and he began forcefully thrusting into her with abandon.

Susan was getting a royal reaming now, and it was all she could do to hang on and keep her knees from buckling.


Susan and Alan happily fucked the minutes away. Alan hit a rough but good rhythm. He growled and groaned with each thrust while Susan pushed back in perfect time with her hips.

It was a close call as to who was feeling better, but Susan was probably getting the better of it. Not so much from the sheer physical pleasure, but because she had the satisfaction of knowing that Alan was starting to live up to her ideal of him when it came to aggressiveness. She always fantasized that he was in complete control of her, when in fact he deferred to her far more than she liked. But not today. She could sense a major shift in his attitude. This truly was the day her fantasies were coming true.

Normally, Alan was considerate. If Susan, or one of his other lovers, said with worry "Stop for a sec," they knew that he'd stop whatever he was doing, even animalistic fucking, and find out what the problem was. He really only let out his inner demons with Heather. But today, he was fucking his mother just like he fucked Heather. True, he wasn't shouting rude and lewd things, but in his actions and attitude there was no mercy, no stopping, no asking if it was okay. He wasn't following his usual rule of trying to get the woman to cum first; he was fucking purely for his own pleasure and she was merely along for the ride. He was taking her ass, period. He was using his mother, his loving mother, as a cum receptacle.

Susan could feel his new aggressiveness with every fiber of her being, and ironically, it made her even more aroused and orgasmic than if he was thinking of her needs first. It wasn't just a matter of speed or force, although that helped. It was like someone else was fucking her. Even his growl and groans sounded different and much nastier and demanding.

Amy and Katherine watched closely. Once the thrusting began and turned into intense pounding, there was no way for either of them to consistently play with Susan's clit or pussy. It was like trying to hit a swinging piñata while blindfolded, and Alan's slamming thighs were more than a little bit dangerous.

As the pace picked up, Alan took Susan's hair again with one hand and gripped one of her hips tightly with his other hand. He pulled her back, arching her back and pressing her into the counter, using it as leverage when he bottomed out in her. He kept slowly walking her ass back, inch by inch until she was out of reach of the counter anymore and both of them were forced to fall to their knees when she lost her balance.

But that didn't stop them or even slow their fucking down in the least. Her huge breasts were swinging down back and forth like twin pendulums, now that they were dangling in the open air again instead of resting on the countertop. Amy and Katherine saw that enticing sight and wanted to play with them, perhaps even suckle them. But there was just too much motion now, and all they could do was stand back and watch the frantic fucking.

But eventually, all good things must come to an end. In this case, the assfucking didn't end when Alan came, since he knew he had to accomplish certain things before he did that. But Susan came. And came, and came, and came. She was completely out of control, her body spasming and shivering from the orgasm while he continued to relentlessly fuck her ass. She'd had a few minor orgasms even before he'd started really thrusting into her, but then there was a steady orgasmic buildup, culminating in this massive multiple orgasm.


As Alan felt her body losing control, he shouted, "YOU'RE MINE!"

Now, on the surface, that comment seemed to be no big deal. Susan loved to talk every single day about how Alan had tamed her and owned her body and her soul. She really meant it, but, for the most part, he just treated it as sexy talk. Words like "master" and "harem" aroused him, but there was a politically correct side of him, plus a modest side, that prevented him from fully embracing such words and ideas.

No more. The tone of voice he used while shouting "you're mine!" made clear that he well and truly meant it. There was nothing he could say that could have pleased or aroused Susan any more. As it was, she was already starting a multiple orgasm, but on top of that physical release she had an equally great mental orgasm. It seemed to her in that moment that she and her son were truly one, not as equals, but as the owner and the owned. Such a life certainly wasn't for everyone, but that's exactly how she wanted it.

When she was all done and completely sexually satiated, she collapsed forward to the floor. She was sweaty, bedraggled, and gasping desperately to breathe, but at least, remarkably, she was still conscious.

Normally Alan would have disengaged, but he was still working to fulfill her fantasy and he didn't want to pull out of her ass until it was done. He knew he needed to stay in control and continue to show his dominance, so he stayed sitting on his heels with his hands on her hips to make sure his dick didn't fall out. They remained like that until finally everyone had more or less recovered. Even Amy and Katherine were winded, although they'd mostly just watched.

Once Susan got her breath back, she was finally able to respond to Alan's "you're mine" cry. She twisted her head around so she could just manage to look him in the eye and shrieked, "I am! I am, I am, I am! Son, I AM!"

It took a few seconds for him to figure out what she was responding to, since it had been a couple of minutes since he'd last spoken. But once he figured out that she meant that she was his, his face broke into a big smile. He said in a firm voice, "You are, and don't you ever forget it." He flexed his erection in her asshole for emphasis.

Susan sighed in response, her asshole fluttering and sucking on his stiffness. The sound of her sigh was the epitome of arousal and satisfaction. She couldn't believe that even after this sexual marathon he was still in there, still hard, and somehow still hadn't cum yet. I AM. I am! I'm his! He OWNS me now! He's probably still too hung up on the fact that I'm his mother to call me "slave," but that's what I am! For real! And I've never been so happy!

She let out another long, contented sigh. She was exhausted, but she managed to squeeze his cock with her ass muscles a couple of times.

Katherine asked, "Hey, Brother, what happened? That was like a different you."

He replied, "It kind of was. I finally let the 'Bad Alan' out. Not just a little bit, but all the way. On Mom, no less. I know, on the outside, it may not have looked that different, but to me it felt really different. I felt so free. I just let everything go. I didn't think, I didn't have a care in the world. I just lived the fuck. It must sound like I'm rambling, but it was important to me."

Amy said, "No, Beau. I get it, and it was totally cool. It really was like a new you. I could totally tell just from looking. It was like you were possessed or something. Can you try the Bad Alan out on me sometime soon?"

"Or me!" Katherine exclaimed, even more excited about the idea than Amy.

"Or me!"

Amy and Katherine looked at Susan, who'd just shrieked that. They both giggled.

Amy pointed out, "Bad Alan just did you. His cock is still in you."

"I know, but it felt soooo good! I want it some more. And then want it again! Girls, I thought when my son fucked me it couldn't get any better. But he's got another gear! He can turn it up even more! It's totally brain-melting!"

Amy and Katherine stared at Alan like tigers looking at a fresh piece of steak.

He responded, "Hey! Hold on. I'm only human here. Yeah, I turned it up another notch, but that took a lot out of me. It was, like, I really had to psych myself up and get into a special zone. I can't do that every day! It's like a whole body orgasm - it's too intense!"

Katherine pointed out, "But you bring out the 'Bad Alan' with Heather every time."

"Yeah," he admitted. "But that's different. I guess there's more than one 'Bad Alan'. Being an asshole is not the same as completely letting go. And letting it fly with Mom took a huge effort. It really, really... Phew! Really wore me out." He was still lightly panting. "That felt great, but it's not something I'd want to do every single time. No way!"

Susan answered that by flexing her asshole around Alan's still implanted hardness. "Oh no? Well we'll see about that, Tiger!"

Amy and Katherine giggled like naughty schoolgirls as they watched Alan's facial expression melt and his eyes cross and flutter. He couldn't suppress a groan of pleasure as Susan started aggressively doing "the wave" on him with her talented asshole.


Katherine stepped up, reached over, and cupped one of Alan's ass cheeks.

Alan needed to catch his breath. He rested for a moment as he braced against Susan, supporting much of her weight.

Katherine tenderly ran her finger down to his perineum, seeking the particularly sensitive space between his anus and his cock (which was still firmly impaled in his mother's ass).

She gently teased, "Sucks to be you. You're not done here yet, are you?" She began a deliciously light and feathery finger-dance over his sensitive skin.

"No, I guess I'm not," he admitted.

He had worked out an elaborate plan with his sisters upstairs to fulfill Susan's ultimate fantasy, and a good assfucking in the kitchen was only the beginning.

He faced a huge challenge because when it came to sex with her son, Susan not only had a vivid and creative imagination, she had convinced herself that he possessed super-human sexual powers. Alan was all too aware of his very real limitations, but he loved his mother too much to give her anything less than all he had to give. He already knew he would have to draw deeply from his physical, mental, and emotional reserves to successfully pull this fantasy of hers off.


With a weary sigh, he straightened up and shifted his position. Then he sighed again, but this time with great satisfaction as he pushed his cockhead a little deeper into his mother and pulled back. God, I love a tight fuck! And nothing feels better than fucking Mom! All those years of watching her giant tits bouncing around, so close but out of reach, trying so hard not to get aroused... And lately her ass has looked so gorgeous and fuckable, no matter what she covered it up with... And now I'm fucking that same ass!

He nodded and said, "Okay, Sis and Sister, you know what we gotta do next."

Katherine stood up. "Yeah, but hold on, Bro. You're totally wiped out. Let's get you some orange juice." She walked over to the fridge.

From her vantage point on the floor in front of Susan, Amy giggled, and said to her brother, "Too bad you can't be, like, in two places at once. On my side of Mom here, there's, like, totally sweet mommy milk! And you should see and feel the milk jugs!" She briefly reached out and squeezed Susan's tits.

Susan had a mental orgasm from hearing that. That's right! This is what lactating is all about, what makes the bother worth the while! So my children can play with and drink from my "milk jugs!" Yes! A good mommy is a slave mommy!

"I know," Alan agreed with Amy, "but later. Right now I just gotta down like a gallon of juice. This is exhausting! It's like whole body orgasm sex - beyond great, but it's shortening my life span."

Indeed, the kind of physical sex he was envisioning would be a challenge, but at eighteen years old, he was in his physical prime. In fact, just a few minutes later, he was feeling revived while Susan still hung limp like a rag doll.

Susan had extremely high sexual expectations of him, but she was also extremely easy to please. Every little thing he did aroused her. The mere fact that his cock stood as erect as ever, fully impaling her, was almost more than she could take. She wanted to tell the whole world how good it felt, and how naturally superior he was.

Staying impaled in her was key to his plans for the next scene. "Come on, girls. I'm ready. Let's do it."

With Amy and Katherine on either side and Alan still firm in Susan's ass, they carried Susan from the kitchen through the dining room and into the living room. It would have been much easier to simply walk across the room instead, but Alan knew that part of Susan's ultimate fantasy was to have him fuck her in the ass all over the house, and from what he understood, at no time did her fantasy have him pull out.

As the strange procession slowly made its way through the living room, Katherine disengaged long enough to grab a prop she had earlier stashed nearby. "Okay, Big Winchester Rifle Brother, here's your hat..." With one hand, she slapped a big cowboy hat on his head.

While Katherine was doing that, Amy slipped something around Susan's neck, saying, "...And for you, here's a bell for our prize milk producer!" It was a cowbell, but undersized and dampened so it wouldn't ring quite so loudly.

Susan stammered, "Wha-wha-what is this?"

Katherine slapped Susan on her ass and then whooped, "We got ourselves a cattle drive!" She leaned in close to Susan's ear and stage-whispered, "So far, Brother's just got the one big-titted sex cow - you - but you know how he is. He'll have a whole herd of 'em before long. And we gotta keep 'em moving or we'll never get a chance to clean up all the puddles of pussy juice."

Susan groaned with delight. "Moo!" Then she giggled. She nearly came again, just picturing her son leading a dozen or more big-titted and lactating sexy mothers, naked and on all fours except for some cow-themed paraphernalia here and there, including long leashes from each "sex cow" leading to his hand. He held a long whip, and was liberally using it as well as delivering hand spanks as he moved through "his herd."

She shivered lustily, as she continued to fantasize about that while also greatly enjoying what was really happening to her.

They brought her to one of the sofas and bent her over an armrest. Then Amy and Katherine stepped to the side to watch.

Without warning, Alan resumed fucking his mother's upturned ass.

She let out an incoherent lusty groan as he went deep with each stroke. At first, he kept his strokes slow and deliberate until she had recovered a bit more.

As she began to revive, the enormity of where she was and what was happening fully hit her. She squealed with shock and joy, "My fantasy! My ultimate fantasy! Tiger! Can you read my mind?! Is your control over me that complete?!"


He laughed as he fucked. "No, Mom. You've only told Aunt Suzy that fantasy like a thousand times already. I think I know it word for word from her. But there are limits. I can't fuck your ass in every room in the house in a single sweep, at least not today."

"Oh Tiger! This is more than good enough! Look, Angel! Look, Amy! Your brother's got me bent over the sofa and he's fucking my butt like I'm some kind of wanton whore! Is this great or what?!" She laughed joyfully.

But her laughter came to a sudden and surprising halt when Alan spanked her hard on her left buttock (while making sure not to pull out of her ass in the process).

"What was that for?!" she yelped.

Alan said, "Mommy's a sex cow, and sex cows don't talk, they moo. One moo means yes, and, well, that's all you need to know because sex cows live to get fucked. Oh, and milked. Milked and fucked. Fucked and milked! They never say no!"

Susan both beamed and let out a particularly loud and lusty groan as she pondered that comment. Serves me right! I should never say 'no' to him to begin with! I love how Tiger's keeping total control over me, like he did earlier. "Milked and fucked, fucked and milked!" That's going to be my glorious destiny, forever! I hope and pray this isn't just a one time thing, but that he finally understands how to treat me right.

She shook her head, causing the bell to clank around some, muffled though it was. This bell is a good start! Hee-hee!

Energized by Alan's renewed thrusts and bold words, Susan did more than just lay flopped over the sofa while Alan continued relentlessly driving into her. She propped her upper body up on her elbows, allowing her to look around the room, her bell now swinging freely.

Just then, Amy and Katherine sauntered into her field of view. Immersed in the passion of their intense assfucking, neither Alan nor Susan had noticed that when Katherine and Amy had come down the stairs several minutes after Alan's grand entrance they had not only left the cowboy hat and cow bell as he had requested; they had hidden the Western-themed costumes they'd been saving for the next fashion show.

"Look!" Susan exclaimed as Alan hammered forward and then she pushed back. She nodded toward Katherine on one side of her then Amy on the other. "Oh, look at the two of you. Don't you look cute, and oh-so-fuckable? Son, I wish I was a man just for an hour, and had a great big, powerful cock like you do, so I could tap those two cuties!"


Alan interrupted his rhythm, pausing to look as well. This wasn't part of the prearranged plan, so he was as surprised as his mother at this latest development. Amy was wearing a cowboy hat, a toy six-shooter in a holster, a bandanna - and nothing else. Katherine's attire was similar, but in her own unique and equally sexy style.

He looked back and forth between them, smiled, and resumed ringing his mother's bell by rhythmically pounding his mother's ass. He thought, Oh Man! Extra bonus surprise! Or should I say boner surprise? Dang, they both look so extremely fuckable, but I've only got the one dick. If only I could fuck all three at once.

He didn't say anything out loud, but Katherine and Amy were rewarded well enough as they first saw his surprise, and then supreme pleasure, followed finally by pure lust. They reached across both a busily thrusting Alan and bell-ringing Susan, and high-fived each other.

Meanwhile, Susan began pointing around the room with growing enthusiasm. "Look at this room. UH! We've got a giant orgy bed- UGH! tucked away in the, in the corner. Oh! Yeah! ... UGH! Now that Glory's gone home... Oooh! Tiger! ... we should uncover that and, and... OH! ... and put it to good use. Orgy! Good... Good God! ... And, and... the stripper pole smack dab in the middle. I love it! Yes! YEEESSS! This is a room made for fucking! Mmmm! Fuck me! OH! And look at me. Just look at me! God, oh GOD! YES! I wish there was some kind of way the old me could see the new me. Mmmm, yeah!"

Amy surprised everyone by suddenly crying out, "Impertinent heifer!" Then she spanked Susan hard on her left ass cheek.

At first Susan couldn't believe Amy did that, because it seemed so out of character. But Amy quickly succumbed to a giggle fit, leaving no doubt it was her.

Inspired, Katherine eagerly picked up Amy's improvisation, shouting, "That's right! Sex cows never learn!" as she spanked Susan's right ass cheek.

Susan was in seventh heaven. Sprawled nude over the sofa in an obscene position while her son slowly and deeply plowed her asshole was great, but both daughters spanking her at the same time was even better, a detail that even improved on her original fantasy. She wanted to yell out "YES!" But then she caught herself, remembered her role, and mooed loudly instead.

Her real experience continued to improve on her fantasy when Amy said in an outrageous Scarlet O'Hara accent, "I think ol' Bessie is just a little uppity and ornery 'cos she hasn't been milked in a while." Amy reached down and began rubbing one of Susan's nipples between her fingers. "Yep, them teats're swelled up and ripe for a good milkin'." Amy was trying to use a Southern drawl to go with her Western clothes.

Susan thought, Oh my goodness! This is so wonderful! I'm the family milky sex cow, just like in my fantasies. and they're only getting started on milking me!

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