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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 125
Magic Man
Day 74: Thursday, November 28

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Katherine and Amy were both getting increasingly wet and worked up but they had not yet passed the point where holding a coherent conversation was completely impossible, a line Susan at least had just passed again. So the girls continued their lightly teasing chatter.

Amy said, "Let's drain her dry!" She leaned forward and began suckling on one of Susan's nipples.

Katherine was already holding on to the tit on her side with both hands so it wouldn't swing away. She agreed, "Let's do it! But while I can still talk, I just want to say I'm so jazzed that you share my pregnancy dreams."

"Huh?" Amy asked while fresh breast milk squirted into her mouth.

"Oh, you know, what you were saying earlier about Alan knocking up all the sexy teachers. That really made my day."

Amy paused her suckling. "Oh yeah. But wouldn't that be cool though? Too bad my O.B. doesn't have other sexy teachers to bang, aside from Glory. It's not like he's gonna knock up Mr. Tompkins!" She laughed and snorted at the same time.

Katherine continued in between licks of Susan's dangling breast, "True. But now you've got me thinking about all those big-bellied teachers. I'm gonna be jilling myself to sleep tonight picturing that! And what about Mrs. Ingmar? She's pretty Alan-worthy. And the principal's pretty hot, too. I'd love to see her waddling down the halls carrying Alan's love child."

"Mrs. Napoleoni? Yeah, but she's married. Ingmar is too. Anyways, let's suckle. There's no telling how long Brother'll last. He could shoot at any time."

Now it was Katherine's turn to snort. "Yeah! Right!"

Amy giggled. "Yeah, what was I thinking? Geez, Louise, we're gonna be here for hours!"

"Days!" Katherine giggled back.

Then the two of them stopped talking and did their best to drain Susan dry.

Susan's breasts were so sensitive that before long she was getting nearly as much pleasure from being milked as she was by getting pounded up the rear. The relief that came with her letdown reflex when her milk started flowing freely was in and of itself orgasm inducing (and did set off another climax for her), but that was just the icing on the cake for her right now. Her cowbell was happily clanging away as her upper body continued to move about, while her two horny daughters nursed with gusto on her delicious milk.

Susan and Alan had heard the conversation about pregnancy, and even though they were in no condition to talk about it, they reacted in their own ways.

Susan found herself imagining she was the one with the big and growing belly. That image, however impossible, made her very, very, very happy.

Alan could hardly get any more aroused. He had even thought about telling his sisters to shut up because they might cause him to cum too soon, their talk was so arousing. Yet as he thought about how much he loved each of them, he was inspired to do a bit of his own improvisation. Realizing his sisters were pressing into Susan to suckle on either side, he switched from gripping both of Susan's ass cheeks to gripping one of Amy's and one of Katherine's, without missing a beat. Then he sighed, inwardly content in spite of his growing physical excitement. He might not have three penises but now he was sexually connected to all three of them.

Amy and Katherine so loved the treatment he was giving them that soon they gave up their suckling efforts. The entire group ended up repositioning themselves away from the sofa so Alan could more easily reach his sisters' asses while continuing to fuck Susan's in the middle.

Before long, he was no longer just fondling those ass cheeks, but found himself fingering their assholes. He frequently switched between fingering and stroking.

Out of the blue, Amy yelled out, "Look! He's riding his herd! Brother's got a whole herd of cattle, and he's riding 'em all!"


Although this temporarily changed Amy and Katherine's roles from cowgirls to cows, everybody liked it just the same.

Susan's cow bell was clanging wildly as she repeatedly fucked her ass back onto her son's erection. She'd thought she was too far gone to talk, but she managed to gasp out between desperate gasps, "Three! Three at once! ... Herd! Herd of... Cows! SEX cows! Son! Son!"

The fact that she'd just been fantasizing about a herd of sex cows certainly wasn't lost on her. She felt like her vision had been immediately realized, and that made her so happy she couldn't begin to put it into words.

All three women were galloping up to an orgasmic high, but Katherine was the first to crash over the edge. She came hard, causing her anal ring to clamp down spastically on Alan's finger.

Alan obliged her by poking her clit while continuing to pump her asshole. That took her orgasm to a new level and left her sprawled out on the carpet.

Amy, the next one to crash into orgasmic bliss, also collapsed to the floor, apparently unable to move until the waves of continued orgasm ceased.

Susan was delirious. She kept crying out, "Have mercy! Lord, have mercy!" through another orgasm. Ironically, the fact that she'd climaxed so much already made this latest one less of a big deal. She was able to remain on all fours, and even kept thrusting back on Alan's pole.

But the happy scene couldn't go on forever, especially since Alan's erection was overheating again. Just a couple of minutes later, and far too soon for the ecstatic mother, Susan cried out in dismay when Alan lifted her into a standing position with him pressed close against her back.

Both Katherine and Amy had already disengaged during their orgasms. But they welcomed the break because they both needed more time to regroup and recover.

Katherine looked over at Amy and saw that Amy's face was planted into the carpet, the same as hers was. She quipped and giggled, "Look, Aims, we're a couple of carpet munchers!"

Amy giggled, raised her ass up high, and eagerly "munched" at the carpet.

At this point it was absolutely clear to Alan that his plans to literally follow Susan's fantasy by fucking her here and there around the house were not realistic, even with his impressive sexual stamina. His penis could only take so much, and there was still a ways to go. Just looking at Amy or Katherine or Susan was bad enough, in terms of trying to hold out. But his main "problem" was Susan's anal flexing and back thrusting. No matter how many times she came, she remained coherent enough to keep squeezing and stimulating his cock one way or another.

So he cut to the chase, moving right into the grand finale. He started to walk forward, taking Susan with him.

"Where are you taking me?" Susan asked coquettishly, still wiggling her buns around his stiffness in the most delightful ways.

Amy and Katherine followed close behind the couple, watching Alan for directions. After this question from Susan, Alan nodded at Katherine.

Without a word, Katherine walked up behind Susan and gave her a sharp hand slap on one ass cheek.

Then Amy walked up and did the same to the other cheek, explaining in her same bad accent, "My pard'ner and me, we're the cattle herders."

Alan responded to Susan's question, "What's with this talking stuff? Cows don't talk. But since you're curious, we're heading towards the front door. I want to fuck you over there instead. Do you think you can fuck some more while walking?"

Susan wanted to say, "Oooh! That sounds like fun. Let's give it a try." But instead she shook her head around to rattle her bell, and then let out a heartfelt "Moooo!" She hoped that Alan remembered that in sex cow language, that meant a resounding "YES!"

Katherine registered her approval by belting out the chorus to the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky": "Yippie-i-aaay, / yippie-i-oooo!"

Then, thinking on her feet, she sang, "The rump riders in the ass!"

"Yee-haw!" Amy smacked Susan's butt while giggling. "Ride 'em, cowboy!"

That gave Katherine an idea. "Hey, Sis! Instead of just talking about riding her, why not actually do it?"

"You mean...? Really?! M'kay! Hey Brother, can you put Mom down on all fours? I can't ride her unless she's free range-y."

Katherine giggled, and then joked, "She's free range and organic, too!"

Alan thought about the request even as he was acting on it. He brought himself down to his knees, bringing Susan down too. Aims is going to RIDE Mom?! We didn't talk about that in our planning. Isn't that just too... offensive? No. Today I have to ignore all my PC filters.

There was a collective gasp as Amy stepped over Susan and straddled herself across her back. It seemed that another boundary was being crossed and no one knew what lay on the other side.

Susan loved it. She intently whispered, "Too hot!" But even she felt a bit uneasy, and worried if her status as mother in non-sexual situations was being eroded.


But Amy deftly punctured the worry hanging in the air: she twisted around so she could reach back towards Susan's ass, and gave it a good spank. "Ride along, little doggie!"

Then she spanked her again while waving her bare feet around as if she was wearing spurs and she was trying to spur Susan to go. Then she waved her hat in the air and whooped, "Come on! Let's get moving! STAMPEDE!"

The "stampede" comment cracked everyone up. Susan laughed so hard that she nearly bucked Amy off.

Once Alan recovered from his laugh attack, he said, "Aims, unfortunately, we can't exactly have a stampede here. In fact, we can't really move forward at all. I'm on my knees AND thrusting. I might be able to scoot forward a little bit every now and then, but it'll take us ages to get anywhere."

"Oh. Shoot. Well, I guess I'd better get off then. Sis, you wanna ride her?"

Katherine had rushed off to get a camera, and was snapping pictures. This was a moment she knew she would want to treasure for a long time to come. Although she shivered with lust after hearing Amy's offer to "ride" her mother, she replied, "No. Next time. We can't expect even Big Nightstick Brother to last forever."

Now it was Susan's turn to shudder with lust. "Next time?" I love the sound of that! Even better, Angel just assumes there'll be a next time without even asking me first. Hell, I shouldn't call her Angel, she's more like a slutty little devil! Just look at all that tasty cum sliding down her thighs - yummy! And she's taking pictures of me in my extreme depravity too! I love it!

Susan didn't mind Amy's weight - her daily workouts and even distribution of the weight ensured she could have endured it for a long time. In fact, she was rather eager to show off her physical fitness - plus she loved being ridden like an animal. But the others all seemed eager to get somewhere, so she reluctantly let Amy climb off.

Alan stood up again, carefully pulling Susan up with him so his dick would never have to disengage. He held her close, his erection firmly embedded in her ass, as he waddled both of them along, occasionally pausing for an extra thrust or two.

Alan and Susan started to make good progress forward while having a hell of a lot of fun. They'd take a step in sync, as if in a conga line, and then they'd stop and Alan would thrust in and out a little bit. Then they'd step forward with the other foot, and repeat.

Susan thought, This is such a blast! Whatever will my studly son think of next? And what'll we do when we get to wherever we're going? I love how he won't let me talk, but it's frustrating, too. But still, being a sex cow is the BEST!

A couple of minutes later, Alan and Susan fucked their way to a spot just in front of the front door, herded along by Amy and Katherine as the girls continued their barrage of friendly comments and jokes, with outrageous accents the entire way.

As the procession neared the large front door, Katherine snuck up behind Susan, whipped out a blindfold, and tied it snuggly around Susan's head after first removing Susan's glasses.

Susan didn't try to fight it, but she was confused. "What are you- Hey! What's going on?" Her mind flashed ahead to the next scene in her favorite fantasy. She gasped as she foresaw that fantasy crashing into reality. "Waaaiiit a minute. We're not really going outside, are we? ... Hey! That's the sound of the door opening! I can feel the breeze. Oh no! Amy! Angel! Shut the door! Look at me, I can't be seen like this!" She tried in vain to cover her private parts with her hands.

To her dismay, the only answer she got was even more spanks until she took her hands from her tits and pussy. From the force and the angles, she guessed that all three of her children spanked her this time. She loved the treatment, and each new spank was like a mini-orgasm, but now she nonetheless felt genuinely alarmed.

She thought, Being a sex cow is all fun and games, but even I know that sometimes you have to draw the line. Going outside is reality! Real people could really see us! I can't allow that, no matter how orgasmically delightful it is!

She didn't say anything more out loud, knowing that would only result in more spankings, but she tried to at least delay the disaster. She stiffened and stopped cooperating, slowing their progress to a halt. She only allowed herself to be moved a bit each time, resisting each centimeter forward, stubbornly contesting every small step. She also redoubled her efforts to anally clench around her son's erection, hoping against hope she could get him to cum before they made it outside and that would end their adventure.

Alan had to practically push and even carry her ahead of him. But after a minute or so of frustrating progress, he said aloud, "Time to go to plan B. My two heavenly cowgirls, can you help me here? Lift Mom up so I can carry her and fuck her at the same time."


Alan was in good shape, but he was no Hercules. Furthermore, he was exhausted and drenched with sweat. While he had managed some small progress forward while carrying the uncooperative Susan, it was a chore and he couldn't really thrust or enjoy the sex.

Once they had finally got her through the front door, Alan stopped and sank down to his knees.

Amy and Katherine again came forward and helped Susan get on her knees too, allowing Alan to take a brief rest from supporting most of Susan's weight as well as his own.

But while Alan saw his brief attempt to simultaneously carry and fuck his mother as a failed experiment, it had a big impact in Susan's mind. She loved to talk about how he was "man of the house" now and she was completely helpless to resist him. But at the same time she was confident her children loved her dearly and would do anything she said if she really put her foot down. She had been playing for time while trying to figure out how the stop her children from taking her outside without breaking her verbal silence.

But having him carry her while continuing to impale her gave her such a sense of true helplessness that she well and truly lost any remaining resolve to resist him. My God! It's all too arousing! I wish Brenda was here, so she could see what a natural master he is, and how RIGHT it is to serve him! I can't even THINK about telling him no! All I can think about is how he totally fills my ass! Take me outside and show the whole world that I'm your slut! Your Mommy slut!

Alan was sweating so much that he decided to pull his shirt off. He tossed it aside, even though he was about to step outside. Then he leaned down to Susan's ear. "I'll let you talk this one last time before we finish. Sex Cow Mommy, you'll have to trust me on this."

She thought, Yes! Of course. Even with my life! But still aware that it would be better if she didn't talk, she just nodded her head vigorously, causing her cowbell to again clank and ring. Now that they were outside, the sound of the bell bothered her greatly. Inside, the cowbell was fun, but here it sounded way too loud, despite the dampened ringer.

Then, with one more ass slap just because he felt like it, he stood back up, pulling here up with him. He straightened and resumed slowly walking/fucking his way forward.

Susan was no longer actively resisting, but she wasn't enthusiastically cooperating, either. She felt like a lifeless blob getting slowly pushed forward. Her thoughts were all over the place. One second, she could hardly wait to start fucking outside, and the next second, guilt and doubt would overwhelm her. This is madness! Madness! We can't go outside like this! Can we?! But I AM outside already! I can feel the cool night air. Buck naked and with my son's giant log of a cock driven deep into my helpless butt! What could possibly be more wonderfully humiliating? His control over his busty mommy is TOTAL! But if people see, it'll ruin everything!

Susan was incredibly touched that Alan and both her daughters would try to bring to life every detail of her ultimate fantasy, but on the other hand she was scared shitless. The mere fact that the door had been opened was freaking her out to no end. Her heart couldn't race any faster. The dangers of being caught and even arrested were too frightening for her to even contemplate.

She thought, My Tiger is prudent and wise. I have to trust him! He's not going to chance ruining everything just to help me live out my ultimate fantasy... is he? Plus, it's pretty dark. And there are bushes and trees and all kinds of stuff between here and the road. And he's wearing a big cowboy hat. That could help hide his face...

Listen to me! A hat? A hat?! Like that would make a difference?! Three naked women and a naked guy with a cowboy hat frolicking on the front lawn? That sounds like an X-rated Monty Python sketch. That would be a great story on the evening news, and then the whole world will know! We're doomed! Doomed! We'll get caught for sure! I appreciate the gesture, but someone has to be the responsible one here. I have to bring an end to this craziness!

As her worries grew within her, her whole body tensed up. That meant her ass tensed up as well.

Alan wondered what to do now that she'd tensed up again. His dick felt like it was caught in a vice and he had to pause in his thrusting. He considered backing down a bit, maybe just waiting or possibly talking to her some more to reassure her. He suddenly felt very tired and weary. But then he thought, No! No! I have to be strong. I can't back down now. Why should anyone trust me if I can't even believe in myself? She keeps saying she wants me to take charge: Well here it is! I'm gonna go for it!

He didn't ask, cajole, or plead. He simply spanked her ass again. "Git along, little doggie!"

She moaned lustily. Too sexy! He's herding his big-titted sex cow along. So HOT! But I've gotta think. I need to clear my head for a second here... I'm looking at this all wrong. All that talk about Tiger completely owning me - is that just talk? NO! He really does! He's in complete control! So it's not my place to question him. If he does it, it MUST be wise! He's not just an adorably cute, well-hung motherfucker, he's also really smart. And prudent. So are Amy and my Angel. If they think this is a good thing to do, then it is! My role is just to serve my son with my big tits, tight holes, and curvy body, and GET FUCKED!

She sighed with relief, and her whole body relaxed again. Maybe we're outside without a safety net, and maybe not. Maybe we'll be seen and maybe we won't. Sex cows don't question that kind of thing. Tiger is not just my son, he's my lord and my liege! He's my MASTER and he loves me! He'll never hurt me, so there's nothing to fear!

They still hadn't moved while Susan was thinking, and Alan was still paused in his thrusting since encountering the new resistance. But as Susan relaxed, her ass started to relax too, easing up on her grip there. She resumed milking his erection with her ass muscles, trying to silently tell him that she had no need to look around; she trusted him completely. Then she mooed, loudly, and started forward. She proudly swayed her breasts, knowing that would cause the cowbell to clank louder.

Since Alan was balls-deep in her ass, he had no choice but to shuffle forward too. He almost stumbled in surprise, but he quickly righted himself. "Yee-haw!" He reached back and spanked her ass again, and realized how much it was like spurring a horse onwards. I think Mom gets it now. She gets it! Mom, do what I did before and just let go. Set yourself free!


Alan and Susan eagerly resumed their fuck-walk, only now there was no pausing and thrusting between each step. Both were in a hurry to get to wherever they were going, partly out of fear of getting caught (even with Susan's new epiphany, the fear (and thrill) of being exposed didn't entirely disappear), but also because it was getting increasingly cold now that the sun had gone down and they were all outside and buck naked. Although Southern California doesn't get that cold after sunset, even in late November, it's all a matter of what one is used to.

Still blindfolded, she was so aroused and plain frightened that she paid little attention to where she was going, once they got off the sidewalk that led from the front door. All she really knew was that she was outside and walking on grass.

A sudden noise startled her and she wildly thought, What was that? Did I just hear a car go by? I did! Son, I'm frightened! I'm scared! Take me back, please! She was proud that she didn't actually say that out loud, but the fear was still getting to her.

Sensing a renewed stiffness throughout her body, he took one hand off her hips and walked a finger down one of her arms until they were holding hands. Then he squeezed her hand reassuringly. He hoped that would remind her that he loved her and was taking care of her.

It was all the reassurance she needed. She sighed with contentment and felt like all her fears had melted away. What's with me? My son is making my every dream come true. I just have to enjoy it. Enjoy the passing cars, even. Nobody else has such a wonderful master, nobody! No wonder he has such a large harem! He deserves even more!

To show she wasn't afraid any longer, she mooed loudly and confidently. She delighted in the feeling of her heavy breasts slowly swinging, and reveled in the sound of her cowbell clanking in time.

Then she paused in her walking, but only briefly so she could show her love and appreciation by wiggling her ass and milking his dick a little more. She cooed with contentment as he groaned lustily in response.

Another minute or so passed as they kept fucking/walking. She could hear some whispering between him and one of the girls, but she couldn't make out the words.

Finally, they reached the spot where he wanted them to be. It had only taken about two minutes from the front door, but to Susan it seemed much longer.

"Here we are," he said calmly. He took a hand off his mother's ass and began pumping her pussy with two fingers. "A perfect stretch of grass. And seeing how you're a sex cow mommy, I think it's only right you get back down on all fours. I'm gonna fuck you like an animal!"

Those confident words, plus his fingers and dick, pushed her over the edge again. Her ass erratically spasmed all over his erection as her orgasm surged through her entire body. Normally, that would have been enough to push him, or anyone, over the edge, but he was determined not to lose it prematurely after all the hard work in getting her here.

His close call passed. He wiped the sweat from his brow.

As she knelt, then leaned over to rest her weight on her hands and knees, he simultaneously lowered himself behind her, closely monitoring their positions and the physical link that now bound them together. They moved slowly and deliberately, being careful not to disengage his erection.

Alan just chuckled quietly. It was a nervous laugh because, now that they were beyond the protection of the heavy locked front door, suddenly the precautions he had planned didn't seem so mistake-proof. But he was also incredibly horny and inspired by his mother's trust in him. Besides, it was too late to stop now. He resumed thrusting with as much energy as ever before.


She thought, Good Lord, Tiger! That feels incredible! This really is a dream come true. Look how much my son loves me. He'd even give me this. Give it to me hard and fast, Son! TAKE my ass, before we get caught! Despite everything, she particularly loved the smell of the freshly cut grass. It powerfully inspired her sex cow fantasies. It was also incredibly thrilling to feel the blades of grass tickling her nipples as her heavy breasts swung beneath her.

They fucked in relative silence for a few more minutes. It didn't take them long to get close to climax since that had been closer for quite some time.

Now that the fucking was really swinging, Susan forgot all about Amy and Katherine. She thought of nothing beyond the sensations radiating from her ass plus the smell of grass. So she reacted with great alarm when she heard the sound of someone approaching. Although she was unable to see, she couldn't miss fairly loud clomping sounds and the snapping of small twigs as the feet drew closer.

Susan was sure that some irate neighbor was approaching, but she didn't mind or care. She was in her son's hands now. Whatever happened would happen, and if something bad came up, he'd take care of it because he was great and he loved her. Far from flinching, she actually relaxed even more. Although her eyes were still covered, her smile brightened the surrounding yard.

Then there was a voice, sounding vaguely male. "Postman here. Good evening, Mr. Plummer. And Mrs. Plummer!"

Alan said, "Good evening, Mr. Henderson." He tried to sound calm, as if nothing were out of the ordinary, but he couldn't completely hide the tension of his great erotic arousal.

Suddenly Susan was hit with a double whammy. For one thing, she realized the voice was Amy's, pretending to sound like a man. She wasn't at all frightened, but it was nice to know. For another, she realized the name Mr. Henderson was the one she'd used in her fantasy.

She was all smiles as she delivered her line. "Good evening, Mr. Henderson. Did you know my son owns m-UH! Oh! Owns my ASS?" She had to gasp the words out between pants as Alan continued to fuck her all the while. She couldn't help moaning with unreserved passion as Alan shifted into a slightly higher gear and kept right on thrusting. Another minor orgasm hit her as shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine.

She thought, Tiger, my love, when we get done with this, you're gonna be soooo rewarded! I don't know what I can do that I'm not doing already, but I'm going to love and serve you that much more! I'm gonna love you to death for making my dream come true! 'Mr. Henderson!' That's too much! You're just the best son in the universe! She laughed, groaned, and writhed as Alan started pounding her ass even more powerfully in response to her increasing need to be forcefully violated.

These thoughts never made it all the way to spoken words, as she was too far gone in her lust to say anything coherent.

Mother and son continued to fuck in relative silence. They could hear the sound of crickets over the slurpy and squishy sounds of their joining, and the increasingly loud slapping sound of his thighs against her squirming and squeezing buttocks. But the dominant sound was how both of them were huffing and puffing like two runaway steam engines.


It didn't take long after that, maybe another minute or so. They'd only been outside for about five minutes total when Alan started to cum. What seemed to him like buckets of cum churned their way out of his balls, to be forcibly pumped at high pressure into his mother's hungrily milking asshole. Luckily, that triggered a great climax in her as well and they had a great cum together.

Susan shuddered and twitched while desperately trying to hold on for dear life as they both kept riding the peak of their mutual orgasms. Her long brunette hair flew about in every direction. Her breasts were pressed hard into the grass as he rammed her deep, over and over while his cum flowed freely into the deepest hidden recesses of her happy asshole.

But as her orgasm passed, a little bit of her fear of being caught outside came back. The fear was no longer all-powerful, but it was enough to prevent her from passing out or collapsing.

She could feel Katherine's hand caressing her shoulder. "Mom, can you get up now? How'd you like that?"

Katherine spoke because Alan was still trying to get his breath back.

Susan immediately disengaged and stood up even though she was still blindfolded and couldn't see a thing. "That was beyond great, but let's get the hell out of here!"

But then she remembered her love and trust in her son, and added in a calmer voice, "Tiger, please, can you take me home?" Giggling nervously, she added, "Or should I say, could you corral me back to the barn?" She blindly reached out with her hands, searching for his touch.

"Sure thing, Mom." He also felt some urgency to go inside, but first he needed to express his love and adoration for his mother. He pulled her close and kissed her fiercely on the lips.

Susan relaxed in his arms and happily kissed back. As their tongues dueled, she thought, My son's conquest of me and my lusty busty body is truly complete! I'll never doubt him again. But she felt a tiny twinge of frustration as she thought, Oooh, I just wish I could return the favor somehow! This was even better than the first time he fucked me. Any fantasy that he's got, I'm gonna help make it happen and then some! Any woman he wants to fuck, or even THINKS about fucking, I'm gonna get her for him! I can't even BEGIN to ever repay him for the joy this has given me!

She truly tried to make him climax just from her tongue in his mouth. She used every kissing technique at her passionate best while her hands seemingly covered every inch of his body. Even though she'd had some of the most incredible orgasms of her life, she was still on fire. The fact that she was blindfolded only made it better for her, because it eliminated distractions and also reminded her that she was completely in his hands.

The two of them were enjoying the kissing so much that they gave no further thought to getting caught.

But eventually Katherine was obliged to tap them on their backs. "Um, I hate to break it up, but we ARE outside, you know. Sorry..."

Since they were no longer physically joined at the ass and groin, they were able to move fast. Alan led Susan by the hand because she was still blindfolded (although she wouldn't have been able to see well without it because she didn't have her glasses). He got her through the front door in less than a minute.

The moment she heard that heavy door slam shut, she cried out in joyous relief. "THANK FUCKING GOD!"

Her erotic frenzy was fading and now all she wanted to do was cuddle with her son and bask in his love. She purred constantly and blissfully as she clung to him for dear life. But there was no fear or even relief in her voice, just exultation and happiness. She had never been so much in love.


Susan cried out, "Tiger, were you trying to buttfuck me to death? Or joy me to death? I won't be able to walk for a week! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven after what you did to me in the kitchen, but it turns out that was just the appetizer. Jesus!"

She laughed. After she undid her blindfold, she reached behind to feel her ass and thighs. "Look at this! What did you do, dump a bucket of cum in my ass? My thighs are so wet and swampy, they should be made a state park!"


But then she turned serious. "Son, I love you so much! I couldn't possibly love you more. I don't even mind all my years of loneliness and sorrow, because it led me to being with you. Son, I'm yours forever - if you'll have me!"

Alan felt overwhelmed by her outpouring of love, and nearly got teary. "Mom, I love you just as much! Of course I'll have you!" They necked a little while. Then he remembered to gave her glasses back to her.

As her eyesight came back, she looked around. Alan was standing buck naked before her, but then she saw Amy and Katherine milling about nearby, wearing robes. "You two! I love both of you so much too. I hope you know I would give my life to save either of yours." She turned back to Alan and stared into his face lovingly. "But with Tiger, it's different. He's not just my offspring and close friend, he's my son and close friend AND lover AND master." She said that last word particularly breathlessly.

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Of course we understand. Don't sweat it. It's the same with us. I mean, I love you and Amy as much as I can, but my heart doesn't start to pound wildly whenever I see either of you, like it does with Brother."

Susan nodded, and then asked the girls, "What were you doing the whole time during that... that... insanity?"

Katherine said, "I was the lookout. Here, come and see."

Susan went to one of the bay windows looking out of the front of the house, dragging Alan with her because she was still clinging to him tightly and didn't want to ever let him go. Both of them were still naked and could have been seen through the window (in theory, although it was highly unlikely). But she didn't care.

"Oh. No way. You rats!" She laughed, because out in the front yard there were a few poles staked in the ground, and between the poles hung a large blue tarp they kept in the garage for when it was needed for odd jobs like painting. It was huge and completely covered the front walkway and a part of the lawn from the street. She realized that, in reality they'd been in almost no danger whatsoever from being caught because of the tarp. Even if someone had happened to wander to the side of the tarp, the spot of grass Alan had carefully picked was well concealed by bushes and trees there.

"You rats. You stinking bunch of filthy rats! You all had me frightened out of my MIND! I really thought that we could get caught at any moment. Damn!" She laughed, but then turned lovingly to her son and said softly, "Well, I was frightened until I realized I had to place my heart and faith in my son's hands, and that it would be absolutely safe there." She kissed him on his cheek and his nose.

The girls laughed good-naturedly, not fully realizing the depth of the fundamental change in outlook Susan had just experienced.

Still giddy from the emotional release, she looked up at her son's hair. "Hey! Where's your hat?"

He just shrugged while grinning from ear to ear. "It fell off somewhere. I dunno."

She joked, "No hat? But that was your big disguise! No one would have noticed anything out of the ordinary if you were wearing the hat!" She laughed with the others at that, but then went on more seriously, "But even with the tarp, we could have gotten caught, you know. I heard some cars go by, didn't you?"

He grinned mischievously. "Oh that? That was Aunt Suzy. She was in on this too. In reality nobody drives down this street; you know that. We're just a block from the cul-de-sac, you know."

Amy chimed in, "You should have seen what we were going to do. We were gonna have my mom drive right up the driveway and come to a screeching halt."

"Oh God!" Susan put a hand over her heart like she was going to have a heart attack, although it was just in fun.

"I know!" Amy said. "We got a little carried away. When Sis and I saw how frightened you were getting, we kinda changed the plans. I had to run off and warn Mother."

Susan smiled warmly, but said, "Thanks for the thought, and I'll admit I was feeling a little nervous there for a while, but then I let myself go. Tiger, I didn't understand what you meant earlier about letting go, and why that made such a big difference, even in the way your hips churned. But now I do! You're right that it's not a matter of 'Good Alan' or 'Bad Alan' or anything like that; it's just a question of letting go of all of one's hang-ups. In your case, it means accepting your total sexual domination over your loved ones, and in my case it means accepting my complete submission to you and your unstoppable, all-conquering cock of obedience."

She was glad that she was buck naked, and proudly thrust her big tits forward. She looked down at herself and gleefully noticed some grass stains on her chest and stomach.

Katherine quipped, "Spare the rod, spoil the mom."

Alan didn't seem to hear that, and mumbled sheepishly, "Well, I don't know about TOTAL domination..."

Amy tickled him in his side. "Uh-oh! 'Good Alan' alert!"

Susan purred and rubbed her naked body against his. "That's okay. I like Good Alan, Bad Alan, naked Alan..." - she ran her hands all over his bare chest - "Just so long as I have MY Alan doing me right and PROPER!" She purred and cooed, seeming to melt into him.

But then she started mentally savoring what they'd done outside and her eyes went wide with amazement. "Wow! You really let me live out my butt slut, sex cow, milky-mommy fantasy! The whole thing was perfect from start to finish. I don't know if you've noticed, but I love being dominated!"

"Somehow, I noticed," he said with more than a little wry understatement.


"Like, right now, the way you're kneading my tits feels even better if I pin my arms behind my back and pretend I'm all bound up. MMMM!" She suddenly exclaimed, as if she'd been hit with an epiphany, "Tiger! I didn't even know such a thing was possible, but I'm even more in love with you now than ever before!"

She threw her arms around him. Pressing against him, her lips quickly found his, and within seconds the tongue lashings resumed as she moaned with delirious joy.

Katherine joked as she watched the hug and the tongue duel, "Sheesh. Typical, Aims. We do all the hard work, laboring for hours and hours erecting the tarp, checking and double-checking the entire fiendishly complex plan, making sure every little detail is perfect, and stud boy here gets all the tits and glory."

Alan rolled his eyes, but he was highly amused at her exaggeration. "Right. 'Hours and hours.'"

"Not true," Susan panted, breaking the kiss off only to come up for air. "I'm going to reward you all. Or something. Maybe it'll be payback time someday soon." She winked.

They all started to walk back through the living room to the dining room, with Susan still fused to her son.

Susan paused, and then looked adoringly at all her children. "I'm going to have to find out your fantasies so I can help make them all real."

"And as for you, big boy..." She poked her son in his chest. "You're gonna get soooo lucky tonight! First you're gonna fuck me, of course, and then you're going to fuck your two sisters, and then Suzanne, and then Brenda... Let's see... Definitely invite Glory over so you can fuck her, and Akami of course, and Simone, hell, the whole cheerleading squad. I wanna see you do them all at once! Including Heather, even. Especially Heather. I really wanna see you stuff her bitchy twat. And invite Christine. You need to take her cherry while Heather and the rest of us watch! Oh, and Xania! You definitely have to do Xania. Let's see... Is that all? There needs to be more! I want to see you fuck EVERYBODY! Tonight! All at once!"

He laughed, even as he groaned. "Um, Earth to Mom, that's a lovely image, but I really am only human. In fact, I can say for sure I'm totally done for the night. That took a lot out of me."

"Oh. POO!" Susan stamped her foot like a spoiled brat and genuinely pouted. Then she smiled and joked, "Well, you can do all of them tomorrow, then." She paused with good comedic timing, and then added, "All at the same time."

The group was still laughing when they heard a door open and then close. It was Suzanne entering the house.

While Suzanne took off her bra and panties next to the underwear cabinet, Susan poked her son in the chest again. "Okay, so maybe I'm joking about you fucking everybody at once. But you have NO IDEA" - she poked him twice more - "just what a monster you created tonight. You made my ultimate fantasy come true, so I'm gonna help make all of your ultimate fantasies come true."

He admitted, "Hey, I'm living my ultimate fantasy every day, in large part thanks to you. It can't get any better than this, except maybe give me another 12 energetic hours every day, and an unlimited ability to cum."


As he said this, he looked over Susan's shoulder through the living room to the front entrance where Suzanne was undressing. He thought, Even though Suzanne's on the other side of the house, she seems to sense that she's being watched and is putting on a bit of a sexy striptease. Sweet. ... Yep. I'm definitely living the dream. Just her being in the house raises the sexual temperature a good ten degrees.

But then the thought occurred to him, Or what if she doesn't know she's being watched and she just undresses like that naturally? That thought is almost scary. It's like she IS some kind of sex goddess come to Earth! Why she hangs around with us in this nothing neighborhood instead of living on a yacht with a billionaire or movie star is something I'll never understand. How did I get so fucking lucky?

Amy came up behind him and started tickling him from behind. "Oh come on, Brother. I know things are perfect for you, but they could always be even MORE perfect" - she leered and wiggled her eyebrows - "if you know what I mean. Like, what if you had this sexy nude girl come up behind you and start poking around for your prostate gland?" Amy stopped tickling and poked her index finger up his ass. "Wouldn't that make life even more fun?"

Alan tried to ignore the anal poking, even though it felt great and nearly as arousing as a blowjob. He said, "Okay, admittedly, you add Glory and Christine to my harem and even the angels up in heaven are gonna be jealous of me."

As if they had a mind of their own, Alan felt his hands drawn to his mother's magnificent ass cheeks, even as she kept her arms around him with her large breasts squeezed in between their bodies. If Alan's dick had anything left to give he would have gotten erect again, but there was just no way, not after everything that had happened to him today.

However, Amy's index finger was still rooting around his ass and had most certainly discovered his prostate gland. She seemed to be trying to prove that he could have an orgasm without even having an erection.

"What about you, Kat?" he asked nonchalantly. Asses were on his mind, so he started fondling and squeezing Susan's buttocks, while she happily squirmed against him.

"You know what I want. But I'm not allowed to talk about that, so I won't." She rubbed her belly significantly. "What about you, Aims?"

"Oh, I think I'm pretty much like Brother. Things are close to perfect. After all, I've got my Official Boyfriend." She looked away from everyone else, suddenly shy and coy. "The only thing that would be better is if we could be even more official and legal, if you know what I mean." She blushed.

Alan knew exactly what she meant: marriage. Whoa! Man! What do I say to that?!

Luckily, Susan came to the rescue. "Good one, Amy, but who around here doesn't want that? Tiger, I think I know what my new ultimate fantasy is!" She rubbed the spot on her ring finger where her wedding ring used to be. She was trying to act like she was just joking around, but there was something in her eyes that showed she wasn't.

Alan thought, Jesus! And what am I supposed to say to THAT?! It just gets stickier and stickier.

But he lucked out again because Suzanne had finally finished undressing.

She walked through the house and rushed right up to Susan, giving her a hug. Actually, she ended up hugging Alan and Susan at the same time, since Susan seemed permanently attached to Alan's side. Suzanne gushed excitedly like a little kid, "So how'd you like your fantasy? Pretty cool, huh? Pretty cool!"

Susan bounced up and down, causing her tits to wildly swing in circles when they weren't bumping into Alan's chest. "Too cool! I have the best family in the universe! Although they're also the sneakiest! Suzanne, where do I begin?!"

Susan finally let go of Alan and focused on returning Suzanne's enthusiasm with her own big naked hug. Susan's eyes were bright and sparkling as she started talking breathlessly about her amazing experience.

Suzanne put a finger across Susan's lips to hush her. Once Susan calmed down, she said, "Relax. I know you too well. You're going to start getting carried away talking about 'SO HOT' this and 'SO HOT' that, and how great it was that Tiger totally dominated you, and before you know it you'll work yourself into an orgasmic lather. But you don't need that right now, do you?"

Susan realized that her best friend was right. "I suppose not."

"Of course not. You need to rest." Suzanne looked down at Susan's feet, then laughed. "I can't believe it! You're still wearing heels, after all you went through?"

Susan looked down too and saw to her surprise that she was wearing bright red medium heels. "Oh my. I am. It's like they're like part of my feet now." She smiled at Alan. "Besides, I'm not going to take them off as long as HE is around!" She winked.

The two of them walked off towards the kitchen, chattering and giggling like overexcited schoolgirls.

Susan realized already that this had not just been the fulfillment of her greatest fantasy, but that it would become one of her most treasured memories, but that it also was a pivotal step in her life-long relationship with her son. She could hardly wait to start the rest of her life in complete loving submission to him, not just in name and desire, but in actual fact. She'd changed this evening, but more important was that she could tell he was changing. He was finally starting to accept his role as master of his harem.


Heather managed to pull herself together and had gone back downstairs to finish eating her big Thanksgiving meal. The rest of the dinner passed without incident or further embarrassment. Sensing that everyone was still rattled, Frank decided to hold off unveiling Heather's big Thanksgiving Day present until the next day.

Then Simone and Heather went upstairs to "hang out" in Heather's bedroom. Heather made sure to lock her door, because it went without saying that her parents would never approve of the things they did with each other more often than not while supposedly just "hanging out."

The two of them joked and talked about the big misunderstanding over Heather's supposed drug use while they casually took their clothes off. They were in a lazy mood as they digested their meals and were in no hurry to do anything special.


At one point, Heather commented that "it's getting a bit nippy in here," which led to no end of nipple jokes from Simone. In fact it wasn't particularly cold since the central heating was on. But Heather made her comment just to give them a thin excuse to change into sexy nighties, and that's what they did.

Simone could tell that Heather was in a mood to play. But Simone had to be mindful of the time since she still had to go back to her house and eat a second Thanksgiving dinner. She still had some time, but she couldn't stay here all evening.

So she blindfolded Heather again and removed the Bitch Trainer dildo from her ass (after the obligatory protests from Heather that it was perfectly fine where it was), washed it clean in Heather's private bathroom, and put it away in a secret spot. Only after that was all done did she take off Heather's blindfold again.

Heather asked as she reclined on her bed, fiddling with the hem of her nightie, "So what's next? Do I get a bigger one tomorrow?"

Simone didn't answer immediately. Finally she mumbled, "Not exactly."

"What do you mean?"

Simone said warily, "As much fun as I've had here, you know I've got to get going soon. So it's about time I lay down the law."

Heather got a bad feeling about that. She barked, "'Lay down the law?' What are you, fuckin' Moses with the Ten Commandments or something? What's that supposed to mean?"

Simone joked, "Wow, first you give the blessing and now a Moses reference. Next thing you know, you'll be joining the 'Butt Sluts for Jesus' youth group or something. But seriously, as your official Assistant Bitch Tamer, I have bad news. When I talked to Alan on the phone earlier, he said he'd allow you to keep your Bitch Trainer in through the end of the Thanksgiving meal, so you could be in a relatively good mood. But now the dinner's over, he wants me to administer the rest of your punishment."

Heather got a really bad feeling about that, but tried to keep up a brave face. "Whatever. I'm sure I can handle it. Do your worst."

"Okay. Just remember, don't blame me. This is his idea. I'm just the assistant following orders."

Despite her feigned indifference, Heather couldn't help but complain impatiently, "So what is it already?"

"You're not gonna like this..." Simone was certain that Heather was about to explode and that she'd get the brunt of it. "Let me remind you that you've been a very, very bad girl. An extremely self-serving and willfully disobedient Bitchslut. You stabbed your Sir in the back multiple times, especially with that tape recorder stunt." She looked at Heather shrewdly. "Where do you think you're going with that, anyway?"

"As if I'd tell you," Heather snarled. With the dildo out of her ass, her usual bitchy personality was rapidly reasserting itself. "You say you're my best friend, but I can't trust you about anything Alan-related, can I? He'll just wave his big cock in front of your nose and you'll say, 'How can I serve you, Sir? What would you like to know about Heather? Just please let me lick it!'" She used a deliberately mocking, high pitched tone when imitating Simone's voice that in fact sounded nothing like Simone.

Simone rolled her eyes. "Talk about projection. But never mind about that. Here's your punishment: NO ANAL until Alan says otherwise. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada."

Heather gulped. She briefly felt as if the room was spinning. Her bluster evaporated in an instant. She asked incredulously in a near whisper, "What do you mean by that?!"

"You heard me. No anal. No Bitch Trainers, no fingering, no penetration, no anal sex, no anal toys of any kind, no nothing! I suppose you can wipe your ass clean after going to the bathroom, but that's the height of excitement your ass is going to have from now on."

Heather's tan darkened and reddened dangerously until she exploded in an angry rage. "'From now on?!' What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?! Just how long is this ridiculous punishment supposed to last, anyways?"

"Until further notice. Through the rest of Thanksgiving vacation, at the very least."

Heather complained, "But that's three whole days! And 'at the very least'?! Are you out of your FUCKING MIND?! Do you seriously think I'm going to put up with this shit?!"

"Hey!" Simone held up both her hands in a defensive posture. "Don't look at me. I didn't decide the punishment, I didn't even have a say in it. Don't shoot the messenger. That's just what he told me to tell you."

Heather was getting increasingly agitated and red faced. "Well, you can tell him to shove it up his ass!"

Simone couldn't help but grin and quip, "Then at least one ass will be having fun."

Heather gave her a look that could kill. "That's easy for you to say, but this is MY ASS on the line!"

Simone just couldn't resist even though she knew it would cost her, and deadpanned, "I understand. With your ass on the line, you don't want a cock up... Oops! Or maybe you do." She burst into laughter at her own word play. Seeing no reaction from Heather, she added, "You know, cock up? It's British slang for a big mess or a screw up? Get it?"

But Heather was in no laughing mood and exploded. "FUCK YOU! You think you're so goddamned fucking funny, but this is serious! This is MY ASS we're talking about here! MINE!" She was standing now, pacing around her room. "What am I supposed to do?! I mean, if he doesn't want to fuck me for a while, then fine. But at least let me use a dildo! I mean, COME ON! No nothing?! I'm not just going to take this lying down, you know!"

Simone was sorely tempted to make a joke about all the other things from Alan that Heather had taken while lying down, but this time she wisely kept her mouth shut.

Heather stomped to the phone, while muttering to her friend, "Is this some kind of joke? You'd better hope that this is some kind of sick and twisted joke of yours. I don't believe you. He'd never cut me off like that. He's gonna straighten this all out, you wait and see. You must have misunderstood what he was saying." She picked up the phone to call him.


But Simone said, "Before you make that call, you might want to cool down some first. Remember that you're deep, deep in his doghouse. If his doghouse has a basement, you're in the basement to that basement, gagged and chained up in the corner. The last thing you wanna do right now is piss him off even more. I know you. If you call him right now, you're gonna blow your stack and then he's likely to just make your punishment even worse."

"Worse?! WORSE?! How could it possibly get any worse?!" Heather put the phone down and then paced around the room, thinking deeply. "You're right. I shouldn't call him. Gotta chill." Then, mere seconds later, she said, "But I've gotta call him! I have to know. Now!" After pacing some more, she said again, "No, I can't piss him off." She sat down, then stood up, then appeared to change her mind again.

Simone breathed a silent sigh of relief. She got up and put her hands firmly on Heather's shoulders. She looked her right in the eyes from close up. "Heather. Get. A. Grip."

"That's easy for you to say!" Heather said in a voice half-way between anger and panic. "This is MY ass we're talking about, here! For all I know, he may never stuff it with his thick cock ever again! Ever!"

Simone said, "You don't know that. He's been very clear all along that he punishes you when you're bad and rewards you when you're good."

Heather thought about that, but then honestly concluded with even more distress, "But I'm so BAD!" She added, "If he only knew half the things I have planned, he'd never touch my ass again!"

Simone gave her a hard-eyed "no shit, Sherlock" look, and while still staring into Heather's eyes, said, "Well then, maybe you should STOP planning those things then, hmm? Did that ever occur to you?"

Heather rolled her eyes like Simone was talking crazy. She was afraid to say anything more to Simone, fearing her friend might snitch (and in fact she was regretting saying as much as she already had), but had she talked she would have explained that she could never give up her plans and schemes because she would never be content under Alan's thumb. She considered her current situation nothing but a temporary setback. I'm soooo close to getting some great blackmail material on my Sir! I can feel it. Maybe I'll be able to prove his incest with Katherine or maybe his forbidden relationship with Glory, but either way, once I have it, I'LL be in the driver's seat! I'LL be the one dictating terms to him, not the other way around.

She began to feel a lot better. I keep thinking he's some kind of all powerful being, just because he knows how to push my buttons. But he's just an eighteen year old kid. Sure, he's on top now, but I want the victory more, and I'm way more Machiavellian in getting it. With his sexual prowess he's bound to be fucking some women he shouldn't. Things'll come around my way again. I just need to play along with this ridiculous punishment and bide my time while my perfectly placed voice-activated tape recorder does its work.

Simone, still with her hands on Heather's shoulders, could see the change coming over Heather's face as her friend went from panicky to nearly calm.

Back in control of herself, Heather jerked away from Simone. "Where's that phone?"

"Are you good now? Sure that you don't need my help to calm down?"

"I'm always good. I was just a little bit surprised there for a minute, is all. I'm a Morgan woman. We're tough as nails. I'll get through this punishment and anything else Alan can dish out. Now it's time I get to the bottom of this bullshit." Confidence surging, she picked up the phone and dialed the Plummer house.


Alan had had enough. Sex, sex, and more sex - he loved every second of it, but he needed a mental break. Also, his body could only take so much, and he had once again hit his limit. So after everyone came back inside the Plummer house and got cleaned up, he promptly plopped himself down on a sofa in the living room and began watching an episode of "Family Guy".

He'd only been on the sofa in front of the TV for about ten minutes when Heather called. Katherine answered it and brought the phone to her brother. As she handed him the phone, she silently mouthed the words "It's the Bitchy One" with considerable distaste.

Alan nodded and rolled his eyes. He was expecting this call. Trying to sound bored, he said, "Hi, Alan here."

Heather forced herself to speak in a pleasant and calm tone. "Hey Alan? It's Heather. I'm so glad to reach you, because Simone was telling me some things that, frankly, I find very hard to believe."

He sighed inwardly as he tried to get himself in the right frame of mind to deal with Heather and her games. Luckily, he was still feeling a strong "Bad Alan" vibe after just concluding the wild anal sex romp with his mother. His confidence was surging. Nonetheless, he thought, Oh, great. Another psychodrama. But I have to do my best because Heather could be the key to defusing the football player threat. I've got to stay on my toes while giving her the treatment she deserves and craves.

He said, wearily, "It's all true, Bitch. So suck it up and deal with it. And where do you get off, not calling me 'Sir?'"

Heather had been mentally busy trying to hide her apprehension, so she was completely thrown for a loop when she felt her nipples instantly pop to full hardness. Dammit! He's getting me aroused already. I have to keep cool! She replied, "Sorry, Sir. I was so distraught that I plain forgot." Subconsciously, she no longer doubted that he deserved to be called "Sir," and in fact she could hardly remember a time when she didn't call him that.

He sorted derisively. "Figures. A cum dump like you is lucky to keep one thought in her head, much less two. Are you naked?"

"Yes. Well, close enough; I'm wearing a see-through nightie that's open all the way in the front. Why, Sir?"

"It is not your place to ask why. I want you to switch to speakerphone, drop to your knees, and start playing with yourself. Then you can tell me whatever is on your mind."


Heather followed his commands without even a hint of resistance, and found herself growing more and more aroused as she did so. She began fingering her pussy, which had already started moistening up around the time Alan called her a "cum dump." She looked over at Simone and saw her not trying very hard to hide a leering smirk. Somehow, being humiliated in front of her best friend aroused her all the more, which was a rather disconcerting feeling.

But she had resolve when it came to discussing her punishment and was not easily sidetracked by her lust. She said, "Sir, I have to speak to you about this punishment. What did I do to deserve it? It's way too harsh!"

"I'll decide what's too harsh, Bitch. You know all too well what you've done."

"Um... Don't you mean 'Bitchslut,' instead of 'Bitch?' Sir?"

"No. You have to deserve the name 'Bitchslut.' Right now you don't deserve it so you've been demoted, at least temporarily, back to just plain ol' 'Bitch.' I like fucking Bitchsluts, if they're hot to trot and know how to beg for it, but I won't have anything to do with girls who are just selfish Bitches. Consider this a test. If you fail, well, it was nice knowing you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

"SIR! You can't mean it!" That was a real double whammy, because she had come to take great pride in being called "Bitchslut." She knew she was his one and only Bitchslut.

"Bitch, need I remind you that I have a dozen or more other busty vixens that are equal or superior to you in looks, and ALL of them better than you in the sack? Frankly, I don't know why I put up with your shit at all. I guess I'm just soft-hearted, but even I can only take so much." He was exaggerating here about a couple of things, but Heather knew just enough about his real harem to believe everything he said.

"But Sir! Just this morning, you were so kind and loving to me."

"That, in a way, is part of your punishment. As I told you at the time, if you'll recall. I wanted to remind you of what you'll be missing out on if you don't get your act together and be a good, obedient, little sex toy."

There was a pause. She stammered, "But... You can't... Sir, if you're going to punish me, please at least set a time limit! Simone says there's no telling when this might end! Is that correct?"

He was staggered that he could casually refer to the school's head cheerleader as his "good little sex toy" and she wouldn't so much as blink. Both of them knew that, this time, at least, his demeaning talk wasn't just demeaning talk - she really WAS his sex toy, for all intents and purposes, despite her seemingly never-ending rebelliousness.

He replied, "Bitch, whatever Simone tells you is correct and should be treated just like a command coming from me."

Simone was still standing right there and listening intently to the speakerphone. She smiled widely and wolfishly when she heard that.

He went on, "Now, as for the length of your punishment, that's really up to you, isn't it? If you don't like being on the receiving end of punishments, then you should stop EARNING them, period! If you have any other questions, ask Simone! Now, good day!" He slammed down the phone.

Heather sat on her heels staring at the speakerphone in disbelief, listening to the disconnected line tone that echoed throughout the room with terrible finality. She continued pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy, because, despite everything that had just happened, she was still incredibly horny. In fact, being dealt with so brusquely and dismissively only increased her arousal.

Simone got up and turned off the speakerphone. The only remaining sound in the room was the squishy noise of Heather's probing fingers.

Heather continued to simply sit there, watching her fingers with puzzlement on her face, as if wondering why they weren't stopping. This is fucked up! He totally blew me off, hung up on me, and wouldn't even call me "Bitchslut," and I'm still horny?! It's as if I enjoy being treated like some kind of sex toy, and that's obviously bullshit! Maybe it's just hearing his voice and thinking about him... or something.

Simone was watching all this, and thought, Damn, that girl has it bad for him. Thank God I'm not under his spell like she is. I can definitely see the appeal and I love having sex with him, but somehow, seeing the nasty way he treats Heather helps me hold back from getting too involved.

But she could also see that Heather was having a difficult time coping with this punishment, and she did her best to be supportive now that she'd done her duty of giving the bad news. She said, "You know, it's not really THAT bad. Let's say your punishment ends up lasting one week. One week! Pffpht! So what? Before you met him, you went years and YEARS without any anal play whatsoever, and you did just fine. You lived. Besides, it's only your ass that's off limits. The rest of you is still fair game."

"I know..." Heather was forlorn as she continued to stare at her fingers going in and out of her pussy. She was thinking about the old saying: "You don't miss your water until the well runs dry."

Simone continued optimistically, "Heather, if I know one thing about you, it's that you're strong and you're a fighter. If you can't take a little punishment like this, then he's just wasting his time with you and you don't deserve to be one of his playthings. Are you going to sit there and lose your Bitchslut title without a fight? You know that you're the only one of his sex toys that he calls that."

"I know." She smiled proudly at that thought, but quickly reverted back to a sullen pout.

Simone went on, as if leading a pep rally, "The question is, are you going to just sit here and pout day after day until your punishment mercifully ends on its own, or are you going to DO something about it? The Heather I know is a doer. That's one of the things I love about you. You don't put up with whiners. If you're not his favorite 'good little sex toy' right now, then dammit, you go out there and do what needs to be done to become his favorite sex toy again!"

"You're right." She finally pulled her fingers out of her slit and stared at the way the sex fluids on her fingers caught and reflected the lights in her room. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean before looking up at Simone. "But what am I supposed to do?"

Simone answered, "I don't know. But I'm sure that if you put your mind to it, you'll think of something."

Actually, Simone did know, but she had been told not to say. Alan had worked out a sequence of events with Simone that was designed to get Heather to come up with the idea of helping with the football player problem all on her own. If she felt like she was being forced or manipulated into it, she would resist and turn rebellious and not put her heart into it, because that was how she was. Luckily for Alan, he understood how her mind worked, at least in this kind of situation.

Heather was starting to feel a little better, thanks to Simone's pep talk, but she still whined, "But what can I do? He seems to want for nothing! It's just like I was telling my Mom earlier - I'd do anything for him sexually. It pains me to say this, but if he gives me the slightest sign, I'll come running, and with bells on. He knows that."

She surreptitiously played with her clit as she imagined Alan ordering her to suck him off in the middle of a busy school hallway. He's such a cocky fucker, he probably would, too.

Simone was shocked and surprised by those comments. "You told your mother THAT? Helen?! The same Helen you regularly call a controlling, nosy bitch?"

Heather lifted up her head and recalled her earlier conversation with Helen. It seemed so stupid and imprudent now, the things that she had told her. She wanted to slap herself on the side of the head. "Yeah, I guess I did. Stupid Bitch Trainer. God damned anal dildo! That damned thing turns me into a blabbing, blithering idiot, but I can't get enough of it. It's like crack."

Simone quipped, "Ass crack."

Heather chuckled at that, despite her mood. "In any case, no harm, no foul. I might have mentioned one or two things to Mom in a moment of emotional vulnerability, but don't worry, she's basically as clueless as ever."

Mentally changing gears, she pontificated ruefully, "But what can I do? Maybe I could give him more girls? Any of the 'Blondies' will do exactly what I say. Boyfriends are not a problem, not if I put my foot down. Maybe I could even get him Donna, if I manage some clever negotiations with her, and if she's curious about him. I could even arrange an orgy or two, just like that." She snapped her fingers, which were still wet with her pussy juices.

"True," Simone conceded, "But do you think that's what he really wants? Sounds to me like he has more girls than he knows what to do with already. And with his reputation soaring, he could get most of those girls you mention on his own. Besides, do you really want that kind of competition?"

"Hell no! Dammit!" Heather smacked her fist into an open palm. "Then what are my options? ... Hey, what about that problem he's been having with some of the football players? I could help with that."

Simone thought, A-ha! The fish takes the bait! But she said calmly in a dubious tone, "Could you? I thought you told him that you were doing everything that you could with that already."

"I did, and I've busted my back trying to split up the team, but I suppose there's always more I could do, if I pull out all the stops. Do you really think he would like that?"

Simone shrugged, as if unsure. "Depends. Depends on what you've got in mind. More importantly, it depends on whether you're doing it just for you or if you're doing it as your gift to him to make up for all the trouble you've been needlessly giving him. Like he's said more than once, what happens, or doesn't happen, to your rear end is really up to you. So far, you've been pretty self-serving and disloyal, trying to do end runs around him, and me, and look where that's gotten you."

"Simone, it's not that I'm DIS-loyal, not at all. As you can see, I'd be climbing the walls without him. It's just that the status of my relationship with him needs better definition."

Simone had a hard time not chortling at that. She thought, Yeah. Translation: you won't be happy until you have your boot pressing down on the top of his head. But the irony is, if you ever succeeded in that you'd lose all interest in him quickly enough. Why can't you see that?


But feeling reenergized now that she had a purpose, Heather was already up and looking for her phone book. She had the number of just about anybody of any importance at school, and if she didn't have a number she knew who to call who would. She found the book and started dialing a number, even though she was still wearing just her nightie and leaking pussy juice.


"Hello? Johann? It's me, Heather, from school... Sorry to call on Thanksgiving night and all...Is now a good time to talk? ... Okay, good. Listen. It's a long story, but I'm in matchmaking mode. I hear you're sweet on Cindy, you know, the one who sits next to you in Social Studies... No, that's cool. You don't have to confirm or deny or say anything. I know you're probably freaked out by this call, but don't worry, I'm not out to get you, I'm just pointing out a well known fact. Everybody knows you're sweet on her... Good question, I'll tell you why I care. Like I said, I wanna play matchmaker; I wanna make your day. Cindy looks up to me. All I have to do is say the word and she'll see you in a new light... Trust me... Yeah, I know... Well, there is one thing, now that you mention it. You know Ryan on our football team, and his little gang? Those guys have been up to no good. Ryan thinks he's hot shit and wants to take over everything, but all he's doing is splitting the team, destroying morale, and causing the team to tank. Homecoming weekend is coming up soon and I plan to win the Homecoming Queen crown, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna be the queen of a school with a joke of a football team! Ryan's shit has to stop now! Here's what I need you to do..."

After finishing that call, Heather immediately looked up Cindy's number and dialed it. "Hi, Cindy? Heather. Listen, sorry for calling at a weird hour, but I just found you a new boyfriend... No, I don't care if you have one already, I'm not SUGGESTING the name of a new boyfriend, I'm saying I FOUND you a new boyfriend. Do you get it? Or do I have to remind you about the incident in the locker room last year and who knows about that and who doesn't? ... That's what I like to hear. His name is Johann, you know, the inside linebacker on the football team? ... I don't care if he's chubby! Cindy, are you going to be a somebody or a nobody? Do you want to sit at the 'Blondies' table someday? Or do I have to remind you what happened to Linda Lou when she tried to cross me last month? ... Just date him a couple of times and give him a chance. That's all I ask. You two will be good together. Here's what you have to do..."

When that call was done, Heather put the phone down and smiled an evil smile in Simone's direction. She loved flexing her power like this, utilizing her encyclopedic knowledge of the "in" people at school. "Well, that's one problem taken care of. I'm going to CRUSH Ryan and his buddies like bugs. By the time I finish making my calls here, every single player on the team is going to avoid Ryan and his gang, or better yet, cut them off at the knees at every turn. They'll have no choice but to come to me and beg me to stop. They'll crack like a carton of eggs run over by a fuckin' truck! The only problem is that I don't know exactly who THEY are, but I know some people I can lean on who can help with that too."

Simone just sat there and watched in awe as Heather looked up another number in her phone book. Heather was in her element now and didn't need any help.

Whoa, Simone thought. Sometimes I forget just how scary and powerful Heather can be. I think Alan still has no clue who he's dealing with, 'cos if he did, he'd shit in his pants. His strength actually is his ignorance on that point, so it's better if I don't clue him in. The truth is, she could crush even ALAN like a bug any time she wanted to, only deep down she doesn't want to and doesn't even know it yet. She likes having someone who can best her, for once in her life. But if she ever gets tired of that and turns the full force of her guns on him, all I can say is that I hope he runs like hell until he's safe in a cave in Alaska.

She listened as Heather made call after call. Her best friend was tearing through the school's social order, raising cooperative people up, and tearing the few less than fully cooperative ones down. There would be some new faces at the "Blondie" table Heather sat at on Monday, that was for sure. Simone almost felt sorry for Ryan and his buddies because they stood no chance now that Heather was pulling strings and calling in favors.

The only problem was that many of Heather's manipulations would take time to develop. Most of them wouldn't even begin to be apparent until Monday at the earliest, especially since she had all the callers swear to total silence about what she was calling about. Considering her mastery of a significant chunk of the gossip network, it was even possible that none of the people she was calling would "leak" what she was telling them for fear of Heather hearing the back chatter on the grapevine and figuring out who could be trusted and who couldn't.

When Heather at long last finished calling everybody she could think of calling, she put her phone book away and clapped her hands together several times in a satisfied gesture of completion, as if she was trying to clap away some flour after rolling out pie crusts. "Well, that's done. I'm feeling pretty good. I just hope you pass the word on to Alan, otherwise it'll all be in vain."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want him to find out what great lengths I went to a week from now! This damn punishment hopefully will be over with already by then. I want his punishment to end TOMORROW! Hell, tonight would be better."

Simone said honestly, "I can't make any promises since I'm only the assistant, but I think that after I tell your Bitch Tamer how many people you called and what a big effort you made, he's gonna be very impressed."

"Good! You know what I like the most? If I'm not gonna get fucked, then no one else is either. I'd say that Ryan and his cronies - and I think I know the names of most of them now, by the way - are seriously fucked, except that it's most accurate to say that they'll be seriously UN-fucked. Hee-hee-hee! I have way more control over the girls in the school than the boys, and if any girl so much as touches Ryan or his goons, she'll be so far down the social totem pole that she'll be looking UP at the nerds! Hee-hee!"

Simone grinned. "Cool, but you're wrong about one thing, the point about no one getting fucked. Need I remind you that Alan says only your ass is off limits? And none of MY body is off limits, hint, hint."

"Ah." Heather smiled. "There is that, and thank God you're here, too! Power IS the ultimate aphrodisiac! You have no idea how HOT it gets me to play God like that! Let's fuck!"

"Now you're talkin'!" Simone was already sitting on Heather's bed wearing just her negligée, so she just lay back onto the bed.

"Mmmm, you look delicious," Heather said in admiration as she stared while Simone stretched out on the bed. "I only wish I had my strap-on or something like that."

"Check my backpack. I think you'll find Christmas has come early this year."

Heather walked to Simone's bag, expecting to find one or two sex toys in it. Instead, she found her own entire sex toy collection that Simone had confiscated from her yesterday. "Awww. You shouldn't have!"

"Hey, well, it's what Alan wanted. He can be nice or not so nice; it all depends on you."

"No, I mean literally, you shouldn't have! You've got all kinds of anal goodies in here too. How am I supposed to make it through my punishment with all this temptation?!" She picked up a not-so-small anal dildo and stroked it fondly. However, she quickly noticed that the biggest anal dildos, like the one she'd had in her ass earlier in the day, weren't there.

"You know what?" Simone said. "I think that may be a trick gift of sorts."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, kind of a test, maybe. I'm thinking Alan wants to know if you'll cheat on his punishment. Obviously you wouldn't break it right in front of him or me, but what if you're here, all alone at night, just you and that box of toys? What then? Do you have the willpower to resist?"

Heather scowled. "God damn him! But how will he know if I do cheat?"

"I don't know. Maybe he won't. Maybe it's just a question of if you're weak enough to cheat on yourself."

Heather didn't realize it yet, but she'd been outsmarted once again. Had she not been given her collection of toys back, she would have found some way to get her anal satisfaction. But now that the opportunity to cheat had been thrown in her face and it had been made a question of willpower, she was compelled to prove that she could resist the temptation to cheat, even if only to herself.

"Goddamnit! I hate it when he pulls this kind of shit." Heather growled angrily, tossing the toy in her hand back into the collection and rummaging around to find something more suitable to use on her friend.


Heather ended up selecting a double-headed dildo, and the two of them spent twenty minutes or so giving each other a good vaginal workout. It was great, but they had to cut their sex session short so Simone could attend her own family's Thanksgiving dinner.

But Simone didn't leave right away, as she needed some time to recover.

While they both still lay in bed, Heather found herself in a very rare cuddly mood. She curled up to Simone and said with deep conviction, "I really wish you didn't have to go. You know, I realize that I treat you like shit sometimes, but you really mean a lot to me."

"And you do to me."

This was the closest Heather and Simone had ever gotten to declaring their love for each other. Supposedly, they were just "friends with benefits," even though they'd been physically involved with each other for several years now.

Heather clung to Simone even tighter. "You know, there's one thing I'm really scared about. I know how hard it is to go against Alan - he always seems to outsmart us all and just fuck any beautiful girl he wants, as much as he wants, until they're begging for more. But I'm afraid he'll come between us. I'm afraid you'll betray me for the lure of his way-too-tasty cock."

"Don't worry, Heather, I'd never do that. You and I go too far back, all the way to when we were little kids. You're stuck with me, kiddo!" She playfully tickled Heather a bit. "Mind you, I do side, and I will side, with him most of the time, but that's only because I think he's generally right and you're generally wrong, and what he wants really is what's best for you. He's trying to make you into a better person, you know, not just a better lay."

"I know. I realize that he is well meaning, even though he has turned me into his sex toy in the process, and that's why I haven't gone postal every time you side with him. Like this punishment. I have to grudgingly admit that it'll probably do me some good to go without for a little while, as much as I hate the very thought of it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that crap. But I'm afraid that one day you're going to cross the line and truly betray me."

"Heather, I have the same worry about you. You have to admit that you're much deeper in his thrall than I am. Plus, you have to admit that you have more of a history of stabbing people in the back. What if he made you pick, him or me?"

"I'd pick you!" Heather replied earnestly and honestly. "True, it would be horrible having to choose, but when it comes right down to it, you're my only true friend. Other girls in school only pretend to be my friend, but they're just pawns in the game. And my parents are just parents, you know? They're not there for me most of the time. Without you, I'd be lost! Don't leave me!" Heather rolled over and lay on top of Simone, suddenly reaching all over everywhere at once like a needy octopus. She hugged her with all her might out of emotional need, not physical desire.


They kissed with tremendous passion. They had kissed each other countless times before, but this was different.

When this kiss finally came to an end, Simone looked up and was shocked to see tears leaking from Heather's eyes. And these were not the fake, crocodile tears Heather frequently used as an emotional weapon, but heart-felt tears.

Simone was genuinely moved. "Don't worry, you're stuck with me," she said reassuringly. "I don't know why I like you so much when you're always so bitchy, but I do. We may both effectively be Alan's sexual playthings now, but that doesn't mean we can't still love each other with all our might. Besides, he's not going to pit us against each other; he's just not that kind of person."

Heather stared at Simone as if she'd just realized that her best friend was a space alien. "You said 'love!'"

Simone hadn't meant to, but now she realized that she had. She instantly regretted it, because Heather frequently dissed love and all that "mushy stuff" as a sign of weakness. Thinking quickly, Simone tried to spin her way out. "I did, didn't I? Well, you know what I mean by that. I don't mean like 'love' love. I mean friendship, that's all."

Deep down, Heather loved all that "mushy stuff," but she was loathe to admit it. She also didn't buy Simone's spin for a minute. Still, she was grateful for the emotional fig leaf. She was all smiles as she said, "I know exactly what you mean! Now, bring those brown sugar lips of yours right here!"

Simone bent down while Heather rose up, and the two of them locked in a steamy and passionate embrace.

Before long, the two of them were still kissing each other - but on their other pair of lips - as they made love to each other with an emotional intensity they'd never shared before. Normally, Heather just fucked for her own pleasure, but tonight she was making love for both of them.

Simone ended up being quite late to her second Thanksgiving dinner.


Back in the Plummer house, Alan went back to watching TV after talking to Heather on the phone. He dearly wished that he wouldn't get interrupted again, though he knew the odds of that happening were quite low.

Five minutes later, the phone in the dining room/kitchen area rang.

Alan yelled, "Please! If it's for me, tell 'em I'm not home! Especially if it's Heather!"

Katherine answered it.

It was Christine, wanting to know if she could come over and talk to Amy, Katherine, and Alan about the football player problem. She said she was worried about security surrounding the game and pointed out that this was the last time to discuss it before the game, since the game was to take place around noon. A big part of her motive was to come over so she could see Alan again, but Katherine managed to talk her out of that. However, there were good reasons for Christine to brief Amy and Katherine about reducing their exposure to danger from the football team conspirators while at school for the game. Realizing cafes would be closed, they agreed to meet at Christine's house.

Katherine had agreed that Amy could come without asking her first, because Amy was back at home. Shortly after the end of Susan's anal sex adventure on the front lawn, Amy and Suzanne rushed home for their second big Thanksgiving meal, this time with Brad and Eric. Their dinner was a relatively joyless affair. Everyone tried to act happy, but they were just going through the motions. There was no denying that the family had already irrevocably split in two. The one upside to this was that the meal didn't last long.

When Katherine got off the phone, she called Amy and confirmed that Amy could make it.

Amy came back to the Plummer house after dinner.

Katherine gave Amy a detailed explanation about the phone call. She wanted to talk to Amy face to face about this to make sure they were on the same page.

She concluded, "I know you'll be up for going over in any case, and I am concerned about what might happen with the football thugs out to get our brother, so we should go over at least for that. But I don't REALLY think there's much chance they'll try to pull something tomorrow. No, my main reason for wanting to go over is something totally different, and I'm wondering if you can help me."

"M'kay! What are we doing?"

Katherine laughed. "Wait until you hear the idea first, 'cos you may not like it. You ready?" She waited for Amy's answering nod. "I say we help bring Christine into the harem."

Amy's face scrunched up in displeasure. She asked guardedly, "Hrm. And why do you want to do that?"

"Well, first and foremost, it's what Brother wants, and are we not his fuck toys? And part of our duties are providing him with a steady stream of fresh pussy."

"True, but you know Christine isn't just another pussy, or just another girl. She's major competition. This is big-time serious!"

"I know, but I think she'd make a great addition. I'd really like to be good friends with her, and lovers of course, if she swings that way. With a bod like hers, there's no way she'd be lousy in bed. Can you imagine your hands on those giant pale orbs, or your tongue in her puss? I can. Plus, I have to admit that if I help give her to Brother, that'll be a sort of penance for my spying on them in the past, and it'll also help prove to him that I'm getting over my jealousy issues."

Amy considered the idea, thinking long and hard while Katherine watched. Finally she said, "Let me tell you some stuff I usually don't talk about, 'cos things are getting super duper serious. For years, Alan has occupied a very special place in my heart. When I began to really want him, in every way, I kept it a secret so deep that I didn't even share it with you! Or my mom. I was kinda embarrassed." She looked away shyly.

"Why?" Katherine asked.

"I just was, m'kay? I mean, he's just such a nice loving guy. Even when he kinda thought I was really stupid and tried to talk me into silly things, like that 'sucking his thingy' cured bad breath, he was being fun and loving about it, not mean. I was never really interested in any other boy. Now that he's my official boyfriend, I'm just so totally way super double duper happy about it! I already can't imagine what it would be like to be without him. I'm cool with the sharing and harem-y stuff. But if he wasn't my O.B., I'd be really sad."

"I realize that," Katherine said.

"I don't know if you do though, 'cos... Christine! I mean, she's the only one who could seriously threaten my position. The mere idea of having her steal my love away and take my title hurts me so much!"

Seeing that Amy was getting worked up, Katherine put a hand on her shoulder and said, "Please. Don't cry."

Amy seemed to steel her resolve, and fought away the urge to cry. "That said, I've been seeing this problem coming for a long time now. I'm scared! But I've gotta have more faith in myself and more faith in Beau. He not just my official boyfriend now; he's my official brother too."

"And your master!" Katherine pointed out.

Amy nodded. "Right. I'm not all way into that like you and your real mom are, but that is pretty neat. It's not like he's gonna date me for a little while and then date someone else. Our futures are deeply entwined now. The harem totally helps! It keeps us close to him, no matter what, and it makes certain that Christine won't be able to steal him away."

Katherine said, "That's so true. I've had the exact same thoughts. He can love and have sex with about half a dozen other women, and look how great it's worked out for us all so far. We need to have faith that this will work out too."

Amy nodded. "So yeah, I agree the bestest thing to do is to bring Christine into the harem, or at least as close to it as she can handle. But I gotta say I'm only keen on this plan so long as she doesn't threaten my official-girlfriend status."

Katherine said honestly, "If he even thinks about taking away that title of yours, I'll personally kick his ass! He needs you in some really profound way. I think you help keep him grounded, for one. That's really important, since things are getting so crazy lately. You know, I used to long to openly be his official girlfriend, and I still fantasize about that sometimes. But now I realize that it's so right and so perfect that you have that title and that role; it just can't be any other way."

That made Amy feel a lot better. "Thanks! Like I said, that's what I've been thinking for a while now. I've been thinking about this, like, a LOT! It's pretty much inevitable that the two of them are gonna get together, since they're totally googly-eyed for each other. So if we're intimately involved in the process, at least we can have some control over it."

Katherine commented, "Sounds like you're talking about that old strategy, 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.'"

Amy nodded. "Yep. I figured that the more she owes us for her getting together with Alan, the tougher it'll be to stab us in the back down the road. And, if we're all friendsy with her, we can see problems coming and nip 'em in the bud."

Katherine noted, "Good idea. But Aims, I don't really think you have to worry about her stealing him away, or I wouldn't be suggesting this in the first place. For one thing, we Pestridge and Plummer women are a team, and if Christine threatens one of us, she threatens all of us. I, for one, am not gonna stand by and let her muscle in on your status. No, she's gonna have to learn her proper place in the harem, just like the rest of us: naked and on her knees, serving his cock! Besides, once Alan Junior slips inside her and fully tames her, she'll do what she's told, again just like the rest of us."

"M'kay! Cool! We're a team! Let's do it!" They hugged and kissed intimately.

When they'd finished playing with each other's bodies, Amy scrunched her face up again and asked, "Are we gonna have to wear bras and stuff?"

"I'm afraid so. We should dress like we're going to school. We don't wanna scare her off."


On the car ride over, the two girls got down to a serious discussion about how to convert Christine. They knew it would take time, so for starters they hoped to just further hype up Alan to lower her long-term resistance, strengthen their friendship with her, and otherwise play it by ear.

It was nearly nine o'clock by the time they arrived at Christine's house. It was a typical two-story upper middle class house in every way, except that there was a nice pool and hot tub in the backyard. Christine's father Lars was off watching TV, but her mother Olga met Amy and Katherine and made some small talk for a little while. It was almost unheard of for Christine to have visitors, so Olga wanted to get to know them a little better.

But due to the late hour, Christine was antsy to get started. She said she had a lot to discuss. She suggested they go upstairs to hang out in her bedroom. Also, she was antsy about Olga and Amy talking to each other. She'd told Olga that Alan was seriously dating another girl, but she hadn't revealed that that girl was Amy. She worried that Amy might accidentally reveal that if they talked for very long.

However, Amy saw potential for her scheming in the hot tub she'd seen in the darkness out through the sliding door that led to the backyard. She said, "Ohmigod! You know what would be so wild and super cool? What if we hang out in the hot tub instead?"

Christine looked out back, but frowned. "Interesting idea, but what would you do for bathing suits?"

Amy pouted, "Awww... I've never been in a hot tub before."

Olga was still there and was surprised to hear that. "Never?! Really?"

Katherine was even more surprised. She knew that Amy had enjoyed hot tubs many, many times, because Amy's family had one of their own. She gave Amy a look, suggesting that she might want to be careful with what she said here.

But Amy said, "Nope. Never. The thing is, I'm not a big swimmer and so I'm not into the whole pool scene. But now I'm all curious. I feel like I've been missing out."

Olga had never met Amy before and didn't know much about her. But Amy exuded such innocence and goodness that it never crossed Olga's mind that she might be lying. "We can't have that. You have to try ours out. It's wonderful."

It occurred to Katherine, I get it now. Amy's scheming to get Christine into a bathing suit, which will help soften her up. Clever. I know Brother told me that Aims is a lot smarter than we used to think, but it's so easy to forget that she's not as innocent as she appears.

Christine asked again, "But what about the bathing suits?"

Olga suggested to Amy and Katherine, "You two could use mine. I've got a couple of bikinis, and we seem to be about the same size."

Katherine thought, Indeed we do. Olga, you're totally Alan-worthy. I can see where Christine gets her stunning blonde good looks. You look just like an older version of Christine, minus the curly locks and with a slightly less endowed chest. Too bad you're married though, 'cos Brother would be all over you - and in you - in a flash. It's sad. You'll never know what Earth-shattering pleasure you've missed.

But Katherine merely said, "Oh, wow! That would be great!"

Christine was still reluctant. Even though it was "just girls", she didn't like to be seen in a bathing suit by anybody. But Amy jumped around so excitedly and insistently that she didn't have the heart to tell her no. (Few people could say no to Amy, especially when she broke out her sad puppy dog look.)

A few minutes later, Christine, Amy, and Katherine found themselves in the hot tub while Olga went off to her bedroom to read and go to sleep.

Christine thought, Phew! I dodged a bullet there. I'm sure Mom thinks Amy is sweet and lovely. I wonder how she'd treat her if she knew she's the other girl that I said Alan is dating! I should tell Amy not to mention anything about dating Alan to her. Or maybe I should just suck it up and tell Mom that the girl IS Amy? The more honest I can be, the better. But I don't know. The truth is just so damn... UGH!

The back yard was very secluded, with high vegetation, so they didn't have to worry about been seen by strangers, and didn't even have to worry much about being overheard.

Christine wound up in her conservative blue one-piece while Amy ironically wore the very same bright red bikini Christine had worn to the beach mere hours before. It was a bit tight on Amy, but not nearly as tight as it had been on Christine, since Amy's E-cup breasts were only a little bit larger than Olga's D-cups, unlike Christine's bigger F-cups.

Katherine wore a similar green bikini, also from Olga, that she was able to tie tightly enough that it fit her.


Christine felt very self-conscious as she got in the well-lit hot tub. While the bathing suit she wore was a one-piece, she only used it swimming in her own pool. She felt it showed far too much cleavage (although given Christine's physique, it was hard to find any bathing suit that didn't show miles of cleavage).

At first, she clutched her chest nervously. But after she became a little more acclimated to the situation, she thought, What's my problem? It is just us girls. And Amy and Katherine are nearly as busty as me, so they're not gonna stare at my chest like even a lot of other girls do. I can just be myself. I'm not at the beach; I'm just at home with friends. Chill out! She tentatively dropped her arms to her sides.

Seeing that Christine still had her eyes closed with embarrassment, Amy began taking her bikini top off.

Katherine hissed quietly right into Amy's ear. "What do you think you're doing?! Wait, don't answer that. You WILL keep all of your bikini on unless I say otherwise. Is that clear?"

Amy whispered back a very dejected sounding, "M'kay."

As Amy submerged herself deeper into the water, she commented to Christine, "This is just too cool that you have a hot tub like this. And it's so big too! You could fit, like, six people in here, easy! Are your parents, like, into wild parties and stuff?"

"No. They're pretty mellow, actually. But we're all into swimming and staying healthy. In fact, swimming and martial arts are the main ways I keep in shape. Swimming actually exercises more muscles than any other physical activity."

"That would help explain why you look so sexy," Amy said with a wink.

That flustered Christine, who protested strongly, "That's not true!" She tried to change the topic back to swimming before they could respond to that. "Anyway, sometimes it's nice to relax in the hot tub after a good swim, but frankly I don't use it much. I just don't have the time."

Amy said, "Wow, you swim all the time? I'll bet Alan would love to be a fly on the wall to watch you do that!" She giggled.

Christine immediately blushed. She protested, "He would not!" But secretly she really loved the idea of having him watch. She dropped deep into the hot tub so only her head was out of the water, in the hopes that the others wouldn't notice that her nipples were rapidly growing erect. Because her breasts were so large and tended to rise towards the surface, she had to sink down practically to her chin for them to completely submerge.

Amy's comment about Alan was no accident, but part of a larger plan. She and Katherine knew they couldn't accomplish everything in one evening, but they hoped to hype their brother up so much that Christine would be unable to resist him in the future. Amy and Katherine didn't yet realize that Christine would need little coaxing, and that Alan was really the main obstacle to the two of them getting together intimately.

Christine was upset she'd sunk so low into the hot tub, because it meant much of her long blonde hair in back and her curly locks in the front were wet now. Stupid bathing suit, she complained to herself. These things show everything! Especially in the nipple area. Grrr! Talk about a weird Thanksgiving - I ended up being seen in a bathing suit twice. What's up with that?


But aside from Amy's one comment about Alan, the girls quickly got down to business. Christine led them on a discussion about the football player threat and what Amy and Katherine should do to prevent themselves from being easy targets. Christine was seriously worried that one or both of them could even be kidnapped.

Katherine and Amy shared a private look that showed they thought Christine was being overly cautious.

Katherine thought, Come on! There's no way Brother's enemies would go THAT far. Still, we need to listen carefully to and consider her suggestions, just the same. There's no harm in being cautious, and cooperating fully will help get us on her good side.

Despite the serious talk, the mood was serene and relaxing. There were some porch lights out by the hot tub, and more lights inside the hot tub itself. There was no shelter above them of any kind, so they had great views of the moon and stars. The only sound, except for their voices, was the quiet chirping of crickets.

Finally the serious talking was done and the girls stretched out and relaxed. They'd been in the hot tub for a while and the water had become quite warm. As a result, they were forced to sit partly or all of the way out of the water some of the time.

They made idle chatter for quite a good while. For half an hour or more, the three of them talked about a wide variety of things and got to know each other better.


Katherine knew that their time was limited since Christine would say she had to go to bed before long. So when she saw a lull in the conversation, she jumped in, asking, "Christine. I'm really curious: how are those practice dates of yours with my brother going?"

Christine wasn't happy with that question, as she was a very private person. The fact that Amy, Alan's official girlfriend, was sitting right there on the edge of the hot tub with her feet in the water didn't help matters. She recalled how Alan had French kissed her and fondled her boobs at the pub, and blushed slightly without realizing it. "Oh, those silly little things? Yeah, they're going okay. Not much to report." She hoped to cut off the topic of conversation with that vague answer.

But Amy pressed on. "Is that all you have to say? I wanna hear the dirt!"

Christine was puzzled. "The dirt? What do you mean?"

"I mean, you know, the dirt! Like, how far did you two go? Let's hear the good stuff!" She giggled.

But Christine was alarmed that Amy was just toying with her to get her to confess, so lied, "Amy, I assure you, my intentions with Alan are purely platonic."

"Oh. Shoot." Amy looked bummed, pretending to be disappointed to hear that, even though she really didn't believe it for a second. After all, Alan had told her the basics about their kissing session.

Christine was puzzled by that reaction. She'd figured that Amy would have a claws outstretched, "stay away from my man!" attitude, especially since Amy had already rejected her suggestion to share Alan as co-equal girlfriends. She asked, "What do you mean?"

Amy said brightly, "Well, it's just that my boyfriend is such a great guy. And he's a GREAT lover. By the way, what's platonic mean, exactly? Does that count the time you and him got all kissy kissy at the pub?"

Christine's face turned red and she sank deeper into the water. She gasped, freaked out that Amy knew about their kissing. But then she remembered that Amy had told her in person the previous Tuesday that she knew about it. Normally, Christine had no trouble remembering something like that, but for Amy to know and be okay with it was so alien to Christine's way of thinking that the idea simply couldn't sink in.

However, she recovered quickly. "I'm not counting that, because I told you that's in the past and he and I are determined to make sure nothing like that ever happens again."

Amy seemed sad. "Awww. So that means you haven't even played with his thingy?"

Christine's eyes bugged out. "You'd be okay with that?!" Then she remembered Amy's stance on sharing him. Again, she had a very hard time comprehending that, since it made absolutely no sense to her.

"As you know, I don't mind sharing. Obviously I don't want to share him with just anybody, but you're cool. You know what I told you earlier about how I don't want him to have more than one official girlfriend, and I stick by that, but I think it would ROCK if the two of you got it on!"

Christine couldn't believe her ears. "Amy! You can't be serious. And besides, my practice dates with him are platonic from start to finish. Really, they are! Not counting, uh, that one kissing session that one time. And you might even call that practice kissing. He's just helping me break out of my shell so I'll be ready for real dating."

Katherine thought, Practice kissing? Please! Since she'd listened in on the last practice date, she knew just how provocative the flirting had been. Is she just lying to us about her feelings for him, or is she lying to herself too?

But instead of saying anything skeptical, she joked, "Are you sure you're talking about my brother? He gets aroused if he sees two scoops of ice cream next to each other."

Amy added, "Yeah. Totally! He's insatiable! That's one reason why I have to share him. I just can't keep up. You know that pill commercial where the guy says that if you have an erection for more than four hours straight you should call a doctor? Well, if he listened to that advice, he'd be calling every single day!"


Katherine added jokingly, "Several times a day, too!"

Christine seemed shocked at that, considering Katherine was Alan's sister.

Katherine spotted her shock and explained, "Hey, it's not like I'm trying to look, but how can I not notice? It's like he's got a friggin' third leg most of the time. I'll tell you, it can be extremely awkward at times, but it's always there. Well, almost always. That's just a fact. Why should I deny it when I'm talking to you?"

"Yeah!" Amy added. "And it's soooo big! Geez, Louise! I can barely get my hands around it. Or my lips. Mmmm. Yummy." She licked her lips ostentatiously, as if she just couldn't help herself.

Christine was getting uncomfortable by this frank talking, and more than a little aroused. Her nipples were so erect they were almost painful. She sat upright on the edge of the tub with her knees up to her chest, hoping that would at least hide her nipples. "Excuse me, but how did we get on the topic of his... you know?"

"His big thingy," Amy suggested helpfully.

Christine could feel the blush, but hoped against hope that the others wouldn't notice. "Yes. But do you have to call it 'big' every time?"

"Pretty much," Amy said, grinning. "I'm just being honest. It's so big that you just gotta say BIG thingy every single time!" She held her hands in the air about two feet apart, as if she was showing that his dick was that long. "Holy cow, you should feel how that thing fills me up. Hooo boy! Talk about the most incredibly satisfying feeling of fullness. And then when he starts thrusting... WOW! I can't even explain it."

Christine's mind was already filled with the image of Alan's throbbing erection, which she could picture quite clearly since she'd seen it in all its naked glory on the beach just hours earlier. Alarmed at how aroused that memory made her, she complained, "Katherine, please! Make her stop!"

"Amy, really," Katherine chided, pretending to comply. "I know you're proud of my brother, but Christine doesn't want to hear it. She's very, well... conservative... when it comes to talking frankly about sex. And I don't want to hear about it either!"

She turned to Christine, continuing the deception, "You don't know what a drag it is to be his sister when it comes to this kind of thing. It seems like with every attractive girl I talk to these days, all I ever hear is, 'Ohmigod! Your brother completely rocked my world!' Or, 'Just sucking him off was like a religious experience!' Or, 'He touched me in places no one else had ever reached. And then he started to thrust and churn!' Yada, yada, yada. I mean, gross! That's the last thing I want to hear about! But I never hear the end of it."

Amy joked, "And I never taste the end of it! It's just too big to swallow all the way, although it sure is fun trying!"

"AMY!" Katherine pretended to scold her. "Christine, my apologies, but as you may have noticed, that filter that people have that says they shouldn't talk about sexual stuff, well, Amy doesn't seem to have one. I'm sure you've heard what she's been saying at school. But I just can't stop her."

Amy was pouty. "I'm sorry, but what's so bad about sex? I mean, it feels so good, and it doesn't hurt anybody. Why is it all secret-y?"

Christine's face was growing quite flushed. She was grateful that the lights were dim and hoped the others wouldn't notice just how aroused she was getting. She still happened to be sitting on the edge of the hot tub instead of in it, so she didn't have anywhere to hide. She'd lowered her knees, since keeping them up against her chest was so awkward. Then she tried to casually drape an arm over her tits, to hide her erect nipples that way. "Yeah, the rumors are getting pretty outrageous. But it's not like I'm conservative. I hate that word. It's just that, well, you know, there are some things you just don't talk about publicly."

"I'm sorry if I bend all those old fuddy-duddies out of shape." Amy waved her hand through the air, dismissing an imaginary crowd of fuddy-duddies. "But look. We're not in public. It's just the moon and the crickets and the three of us having a good time. I know I tend to get carried away talking about my boyfriend, and I'll stop if you want me to, but I was just thinking that it's a shame that he's out there drilling the likes of Heather who don't deserve the relentless pounding and indescribably amazoriffically mind-blowing multiple orgasms that he gives them. Meanwhile, Christine, you're like, totally, well... Alan-less. It just doesn't seem fair."

"Well, that's how it goes sometimes," Christine said sadly. "Life isn't always fair."

Amy protested, "But why? We should make it fair. And don't give me that 'you turned him down and now he's not interested in you' stuff. I know for a fact that that's not true. In fact, sometimes I call you 'Viagra Woman'." She giggled a little bit nervously.

Worried that Amy's answer would arouse her even more, Christine started sliding from the ledge back into the hot tub. "Uh-oh. I'm afraid to ask, but why do you call me that?"

"Promise you won't get mad at me?"

"Amy, it's impossible for anyone to get mad at you. You're just too cute."

Amy giggled, making her all the cuter. "Thanks. Well, the deal is, sometimes my boyfriend gets weary. Maybe he's climaxed six, seven, eight, or even nine times already-"

"Wait! Wait just a minute. Is that in one day?!"

"Yep! Ten's the record so far," Amy confided, "but I'm working on breaking it."

Katherine thought, The amazing thing is that she's actually not exaggerating about that. God, how I love my brother!

Christine felt her jaw drop like it had just come unhinged. She looked back and forth between the two other girls, trying to imagine Amy having sex with Alan ten times in one day. "That's just not possible! Is it? I've read enough to know that if a guy can have sex, like, three or four times in a row, that's really remarkable. But... ten?!"

Amy explained, "Well, yeah, that's true, but that's like in one session. Even Alan can rarely manage four in one go. But he can do a lot in 24 hours. It starts early. Someone always has to come over in the morning to help, assuming he's not sleeping with a big-titted hottie or two already. There are perks to living next door, 'cos sometimes that morning helper is me!"

She winked and grinned, like she didn't have a jealous bone in her body. "And then he needs help during school, lunch definitely at the very least, and again just after school, and then the fun REALLY begins! You can start to see why I don't mind sharing. Geez, if I had to do it all by myself, I think my hands, jaw, and pussy would have fallen off by now."

Christine was reeling. She was unused to talking about sex with anyone, and was repeatedly shocked by Amy's casually blunt language. But she was too interested in what Amy had to say to get her to stop. She was like someone watching a horror movie who covers up their eyes with their hands to avoid looking at the scary parts, but then peeks through their fingers because curiosity gets the best of them. She could scarcely believe what she was hearing.

She asked, "Katherine, is this true?"

"Well, obviously, it's not like I'm in the room and keeping a running tally or anything. But I'll tell ya, in these past weeks our house has become some kind of Grand Central Station for busty vixens. When I wake up, I'm always thinking, 'Which sex bomb am I going to see staggering bowlegged out of his bedroom with a dreamy smile on her face THIS morning?'"

Of course that wasn't true, even though the reality wasn't terribly far off, but she was having a lot of fun hyping her brother.

Christine stared slack-jawed. She sank deeper into the water, still afraid that the others would see the state of her nipples. She didn't know why hearing about Alan having sex with so many other women was arousing her so terribly, but it was.

Katherine continued, acting oblivious to the effects of their conversation on Christine. "Which is why Amy and I think it would be great if you could help out with his never-ending sexual needs. He's discovered that he can charm the pants off just about any woman he meets, and I do mean that literally. And while that's great for his ego, I worry about him. How long will it take before he gets some nasty STD? Or he comes across a jealous boyfriend or even a husband? He needs to focus his considerable sexual energies on the small group of girls he really loves."

Christine could feel her engorged, extra-large clitoris start to throb. "And you're including ME in that group?!"

Amy said, "Of course, you silly willy!" She suddenly grew unusually serious and hard-faced. "Just so long as you understand that he can have only ONE official girlfriend and there would be limits to how often you could see him. That's very important!"

Christine sat there, neck deep in the water, looking like she'd been hit by a truck. "Wow... That's... I don't know. I mean, I've been trying my best to keep my hands off him. But I have to admit I'm attracted to him..."

"A-ha!" Amy was all smiles again. She clapped her hands together in glee. "I knew it! No girl can resist my boyfriend! He's just too cute and nice and, heck, let's face it, well-hung and sexually talented!"

Christine pretended she didn't hear the "well-hung" comment.

Amy continued, "Mmmm! And if you could taste how yummy his cum is-"

Katherine cut her off, pretending to be prudish. "Please! I don't need to hear that!"

Christine turned to Katherine. "What do you think?"

Katherine chimed in, "Hey, I'm rooting for you all the way. For one thing, I have to admit that I'm hoping that if you become a bigger part of Alan's life, that'll help keep Heather at bay. Did you know that she's even come over and screwed him right in his bedroom? Uck! It's bad enough that I have to deal with her every day on the cheerleading squad, but then to come home and find her there as well? No thanks! I don't want her to get her claws and fangs in him, not if I can help it!"

That got Christine's dander up. "Damn that stuck-up bitch! It gets me SO MAD when I think about her and him and, well..." Her voice faded, but her head was filled with images of Alan and Heather having sex. It greatly distressed her. She could see where Katherine was coming from, because even though she hated Heather already, she realized she'd be much more aggressive in keeping Heather away from Alan if she were having sex with him herself.

Christine wished she could sink her entire head under the water, because of what she felt compelled to say. But she plowed on and said it: "The thing is, I've been wishing that he could, well, make me a woman. I'd like that... very much."

"Cool beans!" Amy said enthusiastically, even though she was forcing herself.

Christine sighed with relief, having gotten past the hard part. She could barely believe that neither girl had ripped her head off. "But beyond that, I'm just not into sharing. I know me. I'm not like you, Amy; I'd be horribly jealous and possessive."

Amy clapped her hands again. "Oh cool! Alan's gonna pop your cherry! He's gonna love that!"

Christine thought, Speaking of cherries, my face is probably redder than the reddest cherry there is. This is beyond embarrassing! I can't handle how frank and open about sex Amy is. But she just said, "Well, I dunno. We'll see. But what about me being jealous and possessive and all that?"

Amy leaned forward in the water. "We'll cross that bridge later. His girls learn to share soon enough. The key thing is, how are you gonna get him to slip his big thingy into you?"

Katherine again pretended to be bothered, complaining, "Amy, please! Would you stop being so graphic?"

"What? 'Thingy' isn't graphic at all."


"I know, but you don't have to say 'slip his big thingy into you'. That brings up images of giant dicks pounding into tight, juicy slits. When you use vivid language like that, it pretty much forces the listener to think about and even practically hear the squishy sounds of his thick erection sliding in and out, in and out, and the slapping of his balls against skin as he drives deeper and deeper. I mean, I can almost imagine his hot breath on my ear, not to mention his hands cupping my breasts, and that's the last thing I want on my mind! Talk about gross! Uggyyyhh!"

She made a mock gagging motion with her finger in front of her mouth while sticking out her tongue.

Christine was so aroused that her sharp intellect had been considerably dulled, if only temporarily. She didn't realize how Katherine was ramping up the use of arousing descriptions while pretending to protest them. All she knew was that she was growing uncontrollably horny, but she couldn't rush off to masturbate and get her release; she felt a responsibility as hostess to stay with her guests.

She said, "Please! Amy, Katherine's right. Your language is really getting to me. This whole conversation, it's just..." She threw her hands up in the air in exasperation.

Katherine said, "Christine, believe you me, I've come across this problem lots of times - ever since my brother discovered sex and turned into some kind of super stud. I've found the only cure is just to get away from it all. Call a time out. Take a cold shower. That kind of thing. Why don't we take a break right now?"


Amy looked over at Katherine, puzzled where she was going with this. Now that Christine's resistance was crumbling, Amy didn't want to let up the pressure one bit.

But Katherine had to maintain her role as the grossed-out sister, even as she schemed to help Amy. Earlier, when Christine was talking about the football-player problems, Katherine had gone inside to use the bathroom, and on her way back she stopped by the kitchen to see if there was anything there she could use to help her scheming. She'd found just what she'd been looking for. She hadn't had a chance to clue Amy in, but she was sure Amy would know how to respond.

So she said, "You know what? I'm getting the munchies. Christine, would you mind if I raid the fridge for a snack?"

"Yeah, no problem. Let me get up and help you."

"No way! You look too comfy there. I can find things myself. Either of you want something too?"

Amy was puzzled, but she agreed after seeing a private encouraging wink from her sister.

Christine gratefully declined, She absolutely did not want to show either her erect hard nipples nearly poking through her suit or her flushed face in the clear light of the kitchen. This fit perfectly into Katherine's plan.

Katherine was back in only a minute or so, because she knew exactly what to get. As she drew near the hot tub, she said, "Look. Popsicles!" She brought forward one red cherry-flavored and one purple grape-flavored Popsicle from behind her back and held them up. She unwrapped the red one and gave the other one to Amy.

Christine, sexually naïve as she was, didn't see anything untoward about Popsicles, but she should have wised up once Amy and Katherine started licking them.

The two girls sat in the hot tub, side by side, directly across from Christine, as they enthusiastically enjoyed their frozen snacks. The brightly colored Popsicles stood out in the soft light of the hot tub. Not only were they perfectly cylindrical; the heat of the hot tub caused them to immediately start to melt so they quickly began to look like stiff dicks covered with grape or cherry pre-cum.


Christine thought as she watched them, My God! I must be losing my mind. I must have sex on the brain because it looks to me like they're not licking Popsicles, they're licking cocks! Good God, I can't believe I just used that word, but it's true. "Cock." Look at the way their tongues go up and down and around and around... It's totally erotic! Why do the two of them have to be enjoying those damned Popsicles so much? They look like they're about to have an orgasm or something, just from eating those things. Damn!

I wonder if giving a blowjob is kind of like that? It's such a bizarre idea, licking a penis...

Amy said between licks, "You know, I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I think we should finish off our old topic before moving on to a new one. I have to totally super double duper agree with Katherine here about my boyfriend sleeping around too much. I think it would be much better if he limited himself to having sex with only a dozen or so women."

Christine blurted out, "A DOZEN or so?! How many is he sleeping with now?"

Amy licked and licked in a particularly intricate pattern of quick small licks, alternating with slow, whole-tongue languid licks running the entire length. Then she finally stopping to answer, "Hard to say."

She licked some more, knowing Christine was mesmerized by the sight. "He spreads his seed all over the place. He's always like, 'Oh, by the way, Aims, I popped another cherry today.' But..." - she paused briefly to take the end of her Popsicle into her mouth, just like she was swallowing the whole of Alan's bulbous cockhead - "I worry about him, I really do. I mean, just look at this whole football-player problem. People talk and get all jealous-y. If he doesn't stop bonking every E-cup and bigger hottie that he meets, he's gonna get beat up, like, super bad!" She paused to swallow the Popsicle even deeper than before, as if she was trying to deep throat it.

Christine swallowed hard, suddenly very aware of the fact that she had F-cup breasts and that she was considered quite a "hottie" despite her "Ice Queen" reputation. Her clit was throbbing with need, a sensation she found to be more than just a little distracting. She found her hand drifting through the water down to her pussy, but she managed to hold back from touching it.

Katherine paused her lewd licking to add, "Christine, you've taken on the role of Alan's bodyguard, and as his sister I really appreciate that. I mean, I'm sure Amy and I speak as one when we say that we don't want to see him hurt."

She licked and licked and licked. She practiced her mother's "candy cane" and "polishing the golden doorknob" techniques while Christine stared intently. "Mmmm. Yum. Where was I? Oh yes." She licked again, this time in a slow spiral from bottom to top. "But you should consider that maybe there's more than one way to be a good bodyguard. If you could help Amy and others keep him so sexually satisfied that he isn't out there all the time looking for new girls to, er, well, do you-know-what with, then he wouldn't get into so many dangerous situations in the first place. Basically, keep him away from the Heathers of the world, if you know what I mean."

Amy nodded as she sucked. With a faint pop she pulled her lips off what looked like a bright purple erection-on-a-stick and then said, "Yeah, it's almost like your duty to have sex with him. A lot!" She giggled.

Katherine pretended to disagree. "Oh come on, that's overstating it. I don't know if I'd say DUTY, even if she is his bodyguard." The area around her lips had become red from the cherry Popsicle. It looked just like smeared lipstick.

Christine closed her eyes. She couldn't deal with watching them lick any longer. To make matters worse for her, now they were holding their Popsicles close to each other, and from Christine's perspective it almost looked like they were licking the opposite sides of one long erect cock. She thought such things were only in her overheated brain and briefly wondered if she was on the verge of losing her mind.

She mumbled, "I don't know. This isn't what I imagined at all. I mean, it just seems like yesterday when Alan asked me out and I turned him down. Then later, when I started to reconsider, I imagined wine, candlelight, and roses. You know, something really romantic. But now Alan's like this, this..."


Amy suggested helpfully, "Unstoppable, relentless sex machine?" She'd mercifully finished her grape Popsicle, but she seemed fascinated by the remaining wooden stick. She was staring at it intently and running her fingers up and down it in an extremely suggestive manner.

Christine didn't consciously realize what Amy was doing, but she found it strangely alluring. She said, "Exactly! I have to admit that I'm more than a little bit aroused thinking about your offer, but it's still such a come-down from when he could have been all mine. We could have been a couple!"

Amy said sourly, "That's ancient history. You don't even wanna go there." Then she dropped her near growl and continued in her usual bright tone, "But Alan can be VERY romantic, and there's no reason why he can't be romantic with you, even as he screws your brains out and leaves you gasping for more. Take me, for instance. The night he deflowered me was soooo romantic! There was candlelight and rose petals strewn all over the place! And I had these big bows all over my naked body and he undid them one by one as he covered me with kisses. I'll tell you, I was shivering with excitement all over. And that was BEFORE he even put his thingy in me." She deliberately failed to mention that Katherine was responsible for the petals and bows.

Shivers of excitement raced up and down Christine's spine as she imagined being in Amy's place. She was gratified to learn that Amy had exactly the kind of romantic experience she was longing for. That increased her hopes that she could have her own heart-melting magic moments with Alan even as he gave her orgasmic pleasure beyond her imagining. Her fingers finally couldn't take it anymore and jumped to her pussy. She thought the others wouldn't be able to see what her hand was doing underwater, but even so, she was still too self-conscious to rub herself. Instead, she pressed down with her palm, as if she could push her arousal away. But that pressure only stimulated her more.

Amy turned to Katherine. "Was that better? Didja notice I merely said 'he put his thingy in me'? I didn't talk about 'slipping.' I didn't go on and on about how it feels as he slips and slides his monster log so incredibly deep, filling me up, making me proud to scream his name at the top of my lungs all night long. I didn't even call it a 'big thingy,' even though fitting the head of his thingy into my mouth is like trying to swallow an apple whole."

"Okay, okay, that's better," Katherine replied, trying to hide a smirk. "But when you were talking about the things you didn't say just now, you actually said them! So that's nearly as bad."

"Oh. Oops." Amy had a lot more experience in playing dumb than Katherine did, so she had no problem hiding her smile and looking contrite. But on the inside she was having a great time.

Christine tried to keep a neutral face, but thought, Amy's just the most adorable thing, but she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Talk about a fluff head! She stared off into space, thinking about Alan. Her fingers began to rotate a little over her clit without her consciously thinking about it.

Katherine could see that Christine was in a dreamy mood, and was obviously starting to imagine some of the things that she and Amy had been describing, so she said, "I hate to be a party pooper, but once again, I just have to ask if we could please talk about something other than my brother and his incredible sexual prowess. In fact, what if we don't talk about anything at all for a little while? It's such a beautiful night and this hot tub feels great. I especially love these underwater jets. I've got one right where I'm sitting. Christine, Amy, have you two tried this? You have to sit right up next to it and feel it on your skin. It's like a powerful massage, but without any hands."

Amy scooted around until she found a jet. "Oooh! Cool! Too cool for school! It's like an ass massager! That feels great! It's like all tingly and stuff!"

Christine obligingly moved to the jet nearest to her. She'd idly run her hands through the jets before, but never tried using them as a massager of sorts on her private parts.

She'd been sitting with her ass on the bottom of the hot tub, which covered her to her neck. If she moved in front of the jet while sitting like that, it would hit her in the back. But she realized that if she sat like Amy was doing, up on her knees, she could get the jet of water to hit her in the ass. In her current excited state that sounded a lot more appealing, and she figured the others wouldn't know or care, especially since they both had their eyes closed at that moment and looked like they'd be that way for a while.

She closed her eyes again as she slid her ass into position. Aaaaah! Oh my God! This feels fantastic! Why didn't I ever try this before? I guess there's a lot of things I've never tried that I need to try. Thank God for good friends. And Amy's right, it IS an ass massager. Especially if I put it right there. Oooh... Or there... Oooh! It feels like there's a hand on my ass!

And not just any hand, but Alan's hand! Dammit, every other attractive busty woman is having sex with him, so why can't I? It's not fair! Just once... At least once... I want to find out what the big deal is all about. It must just be the most incredible thing imaginable. If there's anything worth swallowing my pride for-



Christine had started shifting her ass around a bit as she grew more comfortable with the jet of water hitting her skin. She'd been avoiding the ass crack area except when moving the jet from one ass cheek to the other, but she'd lost her concentration and somehow found the jet directly striking her perineum. In fact, she discovered that if she moved just right the jet would shoot between her thighs and stimulate her pussy and clit in an amazing way.

She felt like her whole body was screaming with delight in response to the unexpected sexual jolt. It was a close call but somehow she managed to avoid screaming out loud.

She opened her eyes, certain her obscene deed had been detected. But Amy and Katherine still had their eyes closed, making them seem completely oblivious. Amy actually looked like she'd fallen asleep smiling, although Christine recognized the "awake but dreaming" relaxed look common among nighttime hot tubbers.

Feeling relieved that she hadn't humiliated herself, she tentatively put herself back in position so the jet could stimulate her perineum and on to her pussy. She didn't need to put her hand down there anymore because the jet was doing it all. God, that feels beyond incredible! Just like what sex with Alan must feel like. Although actually, it's probably not even close. I mean, this is just water shooting past my pussy. Imagine a big fat cock sliding right into it! It must be to die for! If only...

But what am I waiting for? I already made a pathetic, fumbling attempt to seduce him today. The less I think about that incident, the better. But the fact is, he wants me, and I want him. So what's the holdup? I saw the way he was staring at my bare breasts at the beach. I just need to do more of that. Seduce him. Like take him to this hot tub, for starters. This would be a perfect seduction spot...


While Christine was lost in her thoughts, Amy had taken advantage of Christine's distracted state to take off her borrowed bikini top.

Katherine's eyes were closed too, but some kind of sixth sense caused her to open them. When she did, she realized that Amy was stripping. She quietly hissed, "What are you doing?! Put your top back on, right now!"

Having lost her top, Amy was now shedding her bikini bottoms. She froze at Katherine's warning, then whispered her objection back, "But you said it was okay. You said I had to stay dressed unless you said 'otherwise', and you said that a few minutes ago."

Katherine thought back to all she'd said and finally whispered, "I did not!"

Amy admitted with a naughty grin, "Okay, technically you didn't, but you said 'other,' and that's more than half of the word."

Katherine just gave Amy a withering, disapproving stare and held it until Amy put her top back on.

Christine was completely oblivious to the fact the other two were even whispering, because she had drifted off into fantasyland. In her mind, she was sitting where she presently was in the hot tub, with her breasts just out of the water. Amy and Katherine were sitting where they were in real life as well, but somehow Alan was there too, sitting in the frothing water between her and Amy.

"I love this hot tub, Christine. Thanks so much for inviting us here," she heard Alan say in her dream.

"Yeah, well, I heard you live in a nice, big place, but you don't have one of your own," she replied.

"That's true," he said. "And speaking of nice, big things that I love - Christine, your breasts are fantastic." He reached out and put both hands on her rack.

Christine was stunned, and beyond appalled at his brazenness. She tried to move to the other side of the hot tub to get away from his grasping hands.

But Alan seemed not to notice her wide-eyed look, and he simply followed right behind her. In fact, he didn't just bring his hands back to her chest when he caught up with her, but he pulled her bathing suit's straps down her shoulders first, and then brought his hands back down to her now-naked chest.

Despite the fact that Christine could control Alan physically without even breaking a sweat, she gave up her feeble effort to move away from him.

He began rubbing her soft white breasts from behind. He continued speaking in a low voice, an intimate voice that excited yet unnerved her. "Ah, that's better. Now what was I saying? Oh yes. We're talking about your fantastic tits."


Christine protested, "Alan, I don't care who you are or how many women you've seduced, you can't just pull my top down and start playing with my breasts! That's outrageous! And by the way, that's what they are, breasts, not tits." Yet despite her angry words, she literally did not lift a hand to stop him.

Alan chuckled, amused but not dissuaded at all. "My mistake. Breasts, then. I'll tell you what. I'll stop playing with your breasts and focus instead just on your nipples. How's that?" He began pinching and pulling gently on her nipples, as if punctuating his spoken words.

She began panting, despite not wanting to do so. A part of her brain screamed, What are you doing?! Why aren't you stopping him?! But all she said was, "I don't see how that's... any better!"

She suddenly remembered her other guests, so she looked around frantically, hoping against hope that the other two weren't noticing.

In fact, Katherine was looking, but demurely turned away when she met Christine's eyes, saying, "Don't worry. I'm used to this kind of thing. I'll just pretend it's not happening." She closed her eyes, put her fingers in her ears, and began whistling the "Jeopardy!" game show song.

Amy laughed at that, especially the song, but then waved her hand through the air dismissively. "Christine, what's the big deal? That's Alan for you. He's like a big kid. Just humor him."

Christine still hadn't made any move to remove his hands, except for some sexy and utterly ineffectual squirming about. As he continued to toy with her very erect nipples, she asked Amy incredulously, "Are you saying I should just let him have his way with my breasts?"

Amy giggled, "What's the big deal? Let him have his fun. It's not like your breasts were busy doing something else, anyway."

"Well, I don't know..." She thought Amy's logic was ridiculous, but she still did nothing in response to Alan's groping except for more sexy wiggling and gyrating. In fact, what he was doing felt so good that she soon found herself thrusting her boobs outwards to make it easier for him to manipulate them.

Then Katherine sighed. "Oh God. And so it begins. Yet again. I'm gonna go inside. Can I have another Popsicle?" She pulled herself out of the water.

"Sure," Christine answered. She was extremely distracted by Alan's fingers pulling on both her nipples and panted as she asked, "But what do you mean by 'And so it begins?'"

"Ask Amy." Katherine was already up and walking towards the house, grabbing a towel as she went.

Christine looked helplessly at the hands now kneading her chest. She shook her head in disbelief and looked back up. "Amy?"

Amy replied, "Well, it's just that he's so relentless. Katherine doesn't want to watch yet another seduction. SHE thinks it's gross!" She rolled her eyes, acting like Katherine must be a fool.

Christine suddenly realized that Alan's wonderful work on her breasts had somehow made her oblivious to what was happening to the rest of her body. His thinly covered erection was not only probing her ass, but she was actively responding, rubbing her ass cheeks back against it. She managed to stop her hips from gyrating all over it, at least for the moment. "Wait! Seduction? Who said anything about seduction? Alan, get your hands off me!"

But he didn't reply. He was fully absorbed with her wet breasts. He certainly wasn't limiting himself to her nipples. Although that's where he was concentrating his attention, his hands seemed to roam everywhere at once. At that moment he had raised both her perfect orbs and was holding them as if he owned them.

Amy sighed with sympathy. "Sorry, Christine, but you don't know the rules, do you? Once he touches your breasts, then it's all over. You'll be screaming his name as he fucks you in a matter of minutes. You know that song 'Magic Man' by Heart?"

"He's a magic man,
he's got magic hands."

"It's kind of like that. You know how the mother tells her to 'Come on home, girl.'" She started to talk instead of sing:

"Too soon to lose my baby yet,
my girl should be at home."

She gave a few words of explanation, "But the girl replies," - she switched back to singing, more passionately this time,

"But try to understand,
try to understand,
try, try, try to understand,
he's a magic man,
YEAH! Ooooh!"

Amy was grooving to the song; she looked ready to break into a wailing air guitar solo.

Then Christine interrupted her. "Nonsense! That's just a song. Alan, take your hands off my breasts this instant!" She stood up and, to her surprise, he let her go.

He grinned. "Sure. My pleasure." He waded through the tub. Then he pulled himself out of the water and sat on the tub's edge. He still smiled wolfishly in Christine's direction while watching her every move even more closely than before.

As he was pulling away from her, Christine was surprised to find that her hips had immediately resumed their gyrations against his erection. Even more, she was amazed at how disappointed she felt when he moved further away, out of reach, as she had just asked.

In an angry huff, she also left the tub, striding over to stand above him. She said defiantly, with her hands on her hips. "This isn't over! What do you think you're doing to me?! This is an outrage!"

He looked up at her, but rather than reply verbally he just casually reached up to her pussy, which was conveniently close at hand as she towered over him. He immediately found her clit and began gently rubbing it through her bathing suit.

"Noooo!" She made a halfhearted effort to get away, but only ended up sitting down instead. She found herself on the edge of the hot tub right next to him, with her calves and feet in the water, just like him.

Part of her reacted with shock, realizing that now her body was even more conveniently positioned for him. The shock increased when she glanced down and realized that she hadn't even closed her legs.

"Is there some kind of problem?" He resumed his light massage through the thin material of her suit, now focusing on her pussy lips.

"Yes, there's a problem! Your hand is between my legs!"

"Yeah, I noticed that." He refocused his attention on her clit, driving her up the wall with the tantalizing teasing friction from his talented fingertips. The fact that he wasn't touching her there directly but only through the material of her suit was maddening for her.

She didn't know what to say. She was torn between yelling "Get away from me!" and "More! More! More!" The fact that she could hear Amy giggling occasionally deepened her humiliation, but the only thing she did in response was close her eyes and try to forget that Amy was there.

While Christine was completely distracted with Alan's clitoral stimulation, he brought his other hand to her taut belly and began stroking it. At the same time, he somehow also managed to pull her bathing suit down bit by bit, exposing more skin to explore.

Christine was horrified, but she decided there seemed to be some truth in Amy's "Magic Man" analogy, because she felt helpless to resist him. It was like there was some magical force preventing her from turning away or even closing her legs. Of course, it didn't hurt that she was extremely aroused before he even touched her. Now her arousal grew with each passing moment. Her heart was beating fast and her big rack was heaving up and down as she struggled to breathe.

Still, she had enough sense and resolve to cry out, "Amy! Do something! ... AMY! What are you doing?!"


Amy replied calmly, "What? I'm just getting out of the pool."

"I know, but you're naked!" Christine averted her eyes.

Amy was all smiles as she pulled herself out of the water. "I know. Isn't it great?"

Christine had heard rumors about Amy's love of nudity. She decided that she'd have to deal with that later; the more important immediate problem was the way that Alan's hands were wandering all over her. So she urgently appealed again, "Amy! Help me here with Alan. Please!"

"M'kay. Just hold your horses." There was a long pause, and then Amy added, "How's this?"

Christine had been looking away, since she felt it impolite to look anywhere near Amy's nude body. But when she looked back in response to her question, she saw Alan's bathing suit was down his thighs and Amy's hands were pumping on his big erection.

Amy said, "You see? I'm getting him ready for you."

Christine moaned in dismay. "No! Please! Don't be so helpful!"

But that wasn't Christine's only reaction. She gulped, torn between fear and excitement. She couldn't tear her eyes away from Alan's big erection. Every instinct in her body told her that she needed to feel that inside her, and soon.

He moved the crotch of Christine's bathing suit to the side to get free access to her entire pussy, then began running a finger up and down her pussy lips.

She sensed that this was the point of no return, the moment she absolutely had to stop him. But she just watched as he pushed a finger inside her hot folds. She was so wet, it slid right in. Good Lord! He's really gonna fuck me for sure! Amy's right - it's like he has some kind of magic!

She looked to Amy with desperation. She couldn't understand how Amy could be willing and even eager to share her boyfriend. "Amy, help me!"

The request had become all the more urgent because now two of Alan's fingers rhythmically pumped into her slit. It felt great, and normally Christine would have egged him on because she was so filled with desire, but she was upset at the way he was just taking her like he owned her.

To her surprise, Alan nodded at Amy, indicating she should help.

Amy let go of his erection and lifted Christine's ass off the concrete as he peeled Christine's bathing suit down her body.

Christine watched helplessly as the suit went down her legs and then came off her altogether. Then, as if adding insult to injury, Alan cocked his arm back like he was a quarterback throwing a long bomb, and tossed the bathing suit deep into the darkness towards some bushes.

"What'd you do that for?" Christine complained angrily, even as she let him resume fingering her pussy.

"You won't be needing that anymore," Alan purred into her ear. "Ever." He placed his other hand back onto one of her breasts and began kneading it.

Christine whined helplessly, "But I'm naked! Totally naked!" This was especially galling to her since he was still wearing his own bathing suit, although it was now down around his knees.

"Yep!" Amy happily agreed, while her hands continued pumping up and down on Alan's erection. In fact, both her arms were moving wildly back and forth, making her breasts bobble crazily as she gave the handjob her all. "Isn't it great?! He likes all his girls to be naked." She looked down significantly at her own nude form.

"But I don't want to just be one of his many girls," Christine complained. As if controlled by someone else, her hands reached out and found Alan's dick. "I want to be his MAIN girl!"

Amy's hands covered Alan's entire hard-on, but she gracefully withdrew, letting Christine take over jacking it off with one hand.

Alan's fingers were drilling deep into Christine's pussy now. Her ass was still planted firmly on the concrete, but she remained sitting up and that was the only part of her that was relatively quiet. Her legs and arms flailed about wildly as her body was wracked with pleasure, over and over again.

Amy changed positions. She lay face down on the concrete, with her head towards Christine and her face just inches from Alan's erection. That way, she could more easily talk to Christine while concentrating on Alan's rod. Christine's hand was sliding up and down his pre-cum-soaked dick. (All the rubbing had dried the water off it quickly, but the pre-cum made a much better lubricant.) "Do you promise to share him?"

"Yes! Yes! I'll share! Anything!" She waited breathlessly for Amy's reply.


But Amy seemed to be in no hurry to answer. Although Christine was eagerly jacking Alan off, she was concentrating on his shaft and letting his cockhead be. Amy stretched her neck forward a little bit and cooed as she licked the mushroomy head all over. Finally, she seemed to remember the discussion and asked, "You're not gonna be all hoggy?"

Christine was having a hard time breathing, much less talking. But she managed to say, "No! No! You can- you can have- it all now!"

"Oh goody!" Amy swallowed all of Alan's cockhead and moaned with pleasure as it seemed to fill her entire mouth. But then she pulled away and said, "You know what's even more fun: sharing. You can have it too." She went back to just licking around the head and especially his frenulum just below it, leaving the rest for Christine.

By this point Christine was so overwhelmed that all she could do was grasp firmly on the lower part of the shaft and erratically slide her hand up and down it every now and then. She was finally forced to give up her attempt to remain sitting. She leaned back onto the concrete patio, with only her feet still dangling in the water.

Alan was taking good care of one of Christine's nipples, so her other hand alternated between pinching her other nipple and pinching her clit. Sometimes she tried, weakly, to swat away the fingers that were relentlessly plowing her pussy, but only because what he was doing to her felt so good that she feared she might die of pleasure.

Amy was happily watching everything Alan was doing to Christine. "Feels good, huh? Alan doesn't just fuck you. Any guy can fuck, but he does more. He steals your soul. Soon, you'll be doing nothing but thinking about him, obsessing over him, until the only thing you want to do is please him and please his cock!"

Christine moaned even louder than she already was. She thought, Oh God. I think I'm already there! There goes my sanity. But I love it!

Amy observed Christine's body thrashing about in the water a bit longer, and then said, "Tell you what. As long as you promise to share his cock with every girl who wants it, why don't we both be his official girlfriends? A real man like him needs more than one; I've just been too selfish to admit it."

Christine anxiously looked to Alan's face.

He nodded and smiled.

She was nearly hyperventilating now. "Oh, really?! No! Oh! Oh God! Amy! Thank you! Oh! Oh! Ohnoimgonnacum! Aaaaiiiiieeee!"

As she was hit by a powerful orgasm, she screamed, "Alan! Oh Alan! Take me! I'm yours!" Somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered that Amy had promised she'd be screaming his name in a matter of minutes, and realized that Amy was right, even if he still hadn't gotten around to actually fucking her yet.


Surprisingly, the dream continued. The next thing Christine knew, she was lying on the concrete patio right next to the hot tub, her arms and legs spread out wide. Someone had thoughtfully put a pillow under her head. Her hair and skin had mostly dried, so she figured she must have passed out for a while.


Moving her head slightly, she was surprised to see Amy lying on the ground with her face lifted to Alan's hanging but stiff dick. Amy's tongue was stimulating the head of his cock as she licked up the pre-cum dripping off the end.

Christine couldn't help but practically yell, "Alan, don't you EVER get flaccid?!"

He pulled away from Amy and stood up. For a moment it appeared he was leaving, but he only took a couple of steps and then suddenly sat down on Christine's stomach, straddling her with his erection pointing towards her face. "Hi, Christine. Having a good time?"

She was exhausted and exhilarated, and her throat was dry. Yet she still managed to crack out, "It was unbelievable. Just fantast- Hey! What are you doing?!"

He had scooted forward a bit. He was already sliding some intimate flesh between Christine's big breasts. "Oh, just getting ready for a titfuck," he said in a nonchalant tone.

"Don't you ever rest?! Seriously!"

Of course, since this was just a dream there were no limits to what he or his cock could do.

Amy, appearing at Christine's side, smiled and replied, "Nope, he never does. Soon you'll be like me. You'll be glad to share, just to get a little rest. Remember what your pussy feels like now, 'cos that's the last time it'll feel like that. Soon you'll have this constant, slightly sore, 'just fucked' feeling. You'll never guess what causes that." She giggled. "Do you need to hold your tits together to make a nice fuck tunnel? 'Cos I can help."

"No, I've got it." Christine wearily brought her hands up and no sooner did she get a firm grip than Alan started plowing away.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," Christine mumbled.

Amy said, "Unfortunately it's not. Now reach out your tongue and see if you can lick the tip when it gets near. He expects the best from his girls, especially if you think you've got what it takes to be a co-girlfriend."

"I do! I do!" She had her tongue out as far as it could go, but it couldn't reach the cock tip. Unfortunately, her tits were too big, and her tongue wasn't particularly long.

"Come on, try harder," Amy goaded. "Tilt your head forward more. Here, let me help you with that."

Still trying to talk despite the dick sliding through her cleavage and her tongue fully extended, she asked, "Whatsh thish you thaid about 'unfortunadely iths nod?'"

Amy had her hands behind Christine's head, lifting her head forwards, helping her tongue get closer and closer. It had come so close with the last thrust that Christine could just barely feel that she could make contact. She was sure to do better momentarily.

But Amy explained, "I said it's not happening 'cos it's not. This is all just a dream, you silly willy."

Christine finally made contact as Alan scooted forward a little bit, as well. The pleasure of feeling his great erection sliding through her cleavage was wonderful enough, but as her tongue solidly reached his cockhead, she truly knew joy.

Strangely enough, his cock tasted exactly like a cherry Popsicle.

Then Christine could feel the dream slipping away. Even though Alan had been strangely quiet and distant, and not at all romantic, she was loving every second. She didn't want the fun and pleasure to end, ever. She cried out, "NoooOOOOoooo!"

She thought, Dammit, why do my dreams always have to end right when I'm getting to the good part?! I'd just got my tongue on it!


She opened her eyes and realized that she was really screaming the word "no" and her cry was only now coming to an end. She also realized that her tongue was fully extended, as if she was trying to imitate a frog catching a fly. Furthermore, she was standing up in the hot tub, not sitting.

She looked at Amy and then at Katherine. They were staring right back at her with obvious curiosity.

She looked down at her hands. They were on both sides of her breasts, pushing them together to create a tunnel for a titfuck, just as in her dream. She quickly dropped her hands to her side, but the damage was done, especially since her rack was completely out of the water.

Oh my God! I've never been so humiliated in all my life! I thought I knew the meaning of embarrassment after what had happened to earlier with Alan and Glory at the beach, but this is worse!

She closed her eyes and found herself sinking slowly into the water. But this time she didn't stop when she reached her neck. She kept going down until her head was entirely submerged.

With her eyes closed and her mouth shut, she thought, Okay, I officially pronounce myself mentally deranged. Was I asleep, or just totally out of it, or what? I just hope I wasn't acting out everything that was happening to me! I should consider myself fortunate that my bathing suit is still on and that I didn't throw it into the bushes! Jesus! What's wrong with me?!

And my dream! That was the best I could do? To be totally humiliated and dominated by Alan before finally, maybe, being made co-girlfriend with Amy? Boy, talk about aiming low. And where's the romance? Why didn't I dream about the rose petals and candles? Am I resigning myself to being just another girl in his harem? No way am I going to stand for that. No way, no how! I don't care what my stupid head thinks up in my increasingly fucked up dreams! It's not. Gonna. Happen! Period!

Well, I do know one thing: if I don't come up for air soon, it'll all be a moot point. Of course hiding underwater just increases my embarrassment for when I finally do surface, but I should be getting used to it by now. Meet Christine Anderssen, the laughingstock of the universe.



Christine slowly dragged her head out of the water. She took a big breath when she broke the surface, but kept her eyes closed. She wasn't ready to face the shame that was sure to come.

However, to her surprise, she felt Amy and Katherine coming in on her from both sides, enveloping her in a silent and supportive hug.

It was meant as a completely platonic hug, Christine could tell. No body parts were touching that shouldn't be.

She found herself thinking, What's wrong with me? Despite my humiliation, I'm still as aroused as I've ever been in my life. I can't stand to be hugged like this when I'm feeling this way. I'm not even sure if I can trust myself not to let out some kind of crazy moan or something, because this skin-to-skin contact feels amazing. I want, no, I need, to experience sex with him!

She immediately pulled herself out of the tub and sat with her knees up to her face right next to its edge. She physically closed up, practically curling into a ball. "Sorry, I appreciate the hug, it's just..." She couldn't say any more and buried her face between her knees.

But Amy and Katherine weren't offended. They got out of the tub too and sat next to her, but didn't immediately try to touch her.

Katherine, speaking in a quiet and careful voice, said, "Hey, it's cool. You're embarrassed, obviously. But it's no big deal. So you were fantasizing a little bit and you cried out. So what? We all do it. In fact, I think all three of us kind of got a little carried away just now."

"Really?" Christine opened her eyes and allowed herself to hope things would be all right after all. Tentatively raising her head just enough to make sure the other two weren't looking smug or mocking her, she grabbed a nearby towel and began drying herself off.

"Sure," Katherine continued, while also drying herself off with a towel. "I mean, between the soothing bubbly water, the steady soothing sound of the crickets, the moonlight, and of course, the water jets... It's like the perfect setting for erotic dreaming."

"Stupid jets!" Christine muttered under her breath. But then she said, "But I don't DO that! I mean, erotic dreaming is bad enough, but then to do it with both of you right here... Argh! It's no small wonder I just wanna stay underwater! Or crawl in a hole and die, or something. God!" She covered her face with her hands again and let her head sink between her knees.

Amy put a comforting hand on Christine's shoulder. "Hey. No worries. I mean, we were all totally closed-eyed and dreaming too, right until you shouted, 'NooooOOOOoooo.' That kind of snapped me out of it, and I looked at Si- I mean Katherine, and she was just kinda snapping out of it too." She withdrew her hand with a final friendly pat.


Katherine and Amy both emphatically nodded their heads.

Christine looked back and forth between them. "Amy, I can pretty much guess who you were fantasizing about. Probably the same as me." She flinched a bit at that admission, but forced herself not to close her eyes again. "But you, Katherine, who's your fantasy guy?"

Now it was Katherine's turn to blush and stammer, although she largely had to will herself to do it. "Well, I have a few fantasy guys, but I gotta admit that sometimes I fantasize about my brother too."

She immediately added, "Not that I would ever do anything about it in real life! I mean, when you get down to it, he's totally straight-laced about that kind of thing, and so am I. He's so blasted honorable that he won't even touch you because he thinks that would be wrong for you! But, I mean, come on! It would be totally inhuman of me NOT to think about him like that, ever. Put yourself in my shoes. All I ever hear is Alan the big stud this, Alan the well-hung Don Juan that, and it grosses me out most of the time, but not ALL of the time, you know?"

Katherine was being strategic with her partially true confession. She figured that if she was going to become good friends with Christine, she wouldn't be able to completely hide her lust for her brother forever. Little things would slip out, like certain wistful or lustful looks. And furthermore, with Christine feeling deeply ashamed and yet still obviously aroused, there was no better time to bring it up. Besides, it helped Christine take her mind off her own recent behavior.

Christine pondered Katherine's words, and then finally said, "Yeah, I guess I can understand that." She thought back to her frequent Wonder Woman sexual fantasies. "Truth be told, we ALL have some pretty weird fantasies from time to time, don't we? I guess there's no helping that. And you certainly are between a rock and a hard place. It's the gap between having fantasies and acting on them that makes all the difference in the world."

"That's definitely true. So you don't think I'm weird?" Katherine confirmed.

"No. Who am I to throw the first stone? If you knew half the stuff I fantasize about..." She stopped herself, embarrassed that she'd said that much. But then she thought, Aw, fuck it. That's small potatoes compared to all the other idiotic things I did today. Besides, we've talked and she does know about some of my weirder fantasies! Including some of my Wonder Woman fixation. Good grief, tonight is a night of endless humiliation. I sure do hope she didn't mention any of that to Amy, and doesn't mention it now.

Katherine certainly remembered Christine's confession about her strange dreams, but she decided it was prudent not to say anything about it right now. Clearly, Christine was being pushed way, way out of her comfort zone already.

Amy put a consoling hand back on Christine's shoulder. "Hey, it's totally cool. Ever since Alan started, well, doing his thing, if you know what I mean, things have gotten way weird all around. Sometimes I even surprise ME, what with the sharing and all that kind of stuff."

Christine thought back to her dream. "Yeah, I keep wondering how you do that. As I said before, there's no way I could. If he was my boyfriend and he tried to sleep around on me at all, all I can say is there'd be one swift kick, and then one newly testicularly challenged soprano!"

They all laughed at that.

Amy withdrew her hand again while laughing, but said with uncommon wisdom, "Yeah, well, it's surprising how life sneaks up on you. What's totally bizarre one day can become routine before long."

She opened her eyes wide, as if she'd just come up with a brilliant idea. "Say, why don't we stop worrying about that and just figure out how to get you and him together? I mean, he's more than happy to bone every big-titted babe that comes his way, except you, and that's not right." She was careful to add, "And of course his sister and his mother, but they don't count."

Katherine, carefully monitoring Christine's reaction, playfully chided Amy, "What did I say, Amy, about using words like 'bone'? Why can't you just say 'have sex' or something like that?"

But this time, Christine waved her hand dismissively. "Never mind about that, Katherine. After all I've been through today, that's the least of my worries. Let Amy be Amy."

"That's what I always say!" Amy said, bursting into giggles. "Anyways, I know he totally lusts after you, but he thinks that you're 'too good' for him and that he's going to spoil you by dragging you into his harem. Er, well, it's kind of like a harem, anyways." She coughed nervously, but was very relieved when Christine didn't have a fit over the use of that word. "He thinks you deserve a totally monogamous-y lover who'll adore you and only you. And for some reason, he's being really stubborn about it."

Christine said, "Well, I certainly do want someone like that, long term. But I don't have to marry the first guy I sleep with, right? I mean, what's wrong with playing the field a little bit first? Is that such a bad thing in this day and age? And who's better for me to have as my first than Alan, if even one-tenth of the rumors about him are true? But how are you so sure that he 'totally lusts after me?'"

Amy and Katherine both looked at each other significantly, then they looked at Christine as if shocked by something they saw.

"Who are you? And what have you done with the Ice Queen?" Katherine teased, gently.

"Yeah, that's what I wanna know!" Amy giggled. "Who is this girl that he says he doesn't want, and yet goes on dates with her and gets this dreamy sad look on his face whenever he thinks about her?"

In an instant, Amy's entire attitude and look shifted, as she took on the role of a melodramatic, lovesick heroine on the cover of some mass market romance novel, gazing up at the moon with outstretched hand and heartfelt yearning.

Christine could feel the blush rising on her skin. "It's not like that between us!"

Amy dropped her arms and her act, and winked at Christine. "I know it's not, really, but it is, kinda, a little. You've got a thing for him, and he's got a really big thingy for you, even though he tries to deny it." She intended both meanings to "really big thingy," although the others didn't catch her phallic reference since they didn't know about Amy's love of word play.

"But there's no way you can be sure of that!" Christine protested, embarrassed by the possibility. Then she remembered the effect she'd had on him at the beach, and how his rising erection had shed the towel covering him all by itself.

Amy rolled her eyes theatrically. "Are you kidding? I'm his girlfriend. I'm totally super sure! I never did tell you why I jokingly call you Viagra Woman, did I?"

"No, you didn't. I forgot all about that."

"Well, I hope you don't mind, but sometimes, when he's all pooped out, and he's cum and cum and cum and it seems like he can't cum anymore... Heck, when even two or three sexy babes try licking his thingy together and he STILL doesn't get hard, I have to resort to serious measures! Luckily, all I have to do is mention your name, and it's like, BOING! Heeeell-llllooo! What do we have here?" She giggled. "You know what I mean? We call it the 'Christine Effect.'"

Christine giggled too. Her body posture had slowly changed as she relaxed and now she sat with her legs out instead of curling into a ball. "Really? You're not just saying that?"

Actually, Amy would have said it if it was true or not, because it furthered her scheme. It happened to be true, for the most part. She'd only tried it once, and she'd never really referred to Christine as "Viagra Woman," but the mention of Christine's name really did help to revive Alan. In fact, that incident was what made her think of the idea in the first place. "It's TOTALLY true! He lusts after you, like, big time!" That last comment was certainly honest enough.

Katherine cut in. "Hey, I've got a suggestion. Your practice dates are the perfect vehicle for seducing him. You just gotta be clever about it, and before he knows what's hit him, you'll be practice kissing, practice blowjobbing, and even practice screwing!"

Christine giggled along with the others, then paused, and with a touch of honest sadness, added, "Nice idea, but believe me, I tried. My clumsy attempts at seduction went over like a lead balloon. I'm great when it comes to telling a guy 'no', but when it comes to 'yes,' I completely seize up and panic. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I wasn't exactly honest earlier when I said my feelings for him were totally platonic."

Amy grinned and said, "Duh!"

Katherine marveled how something like that coming from almost anyone else would have been seen as nasty, but coming from Amy was just cute and funny and not at all insulting. It led to even more giggles all around.

Christine got serious again and added, "I tried, but I can't get anywhere with him. He's really stuck on this idea of trying to 'save me' from his 'evil ways' or something like that. It's so frustrating!" She stood up.

Katherine said, "I've got a suggestion. The three of us, we need to pow-wow. Let's have a serious strategy session. Amy and I'll teach you how to dress to kill, to flirt, and to seduce. Amy and I, and especially Amy, knows exactly what he likes. By the time we're done with you he'll be putty in your hands!"

The other two girls joined Christine in standing. Christine cautiously looked back and forth between them again. "You'd do that for me? But why?"


Katherine hugged her, and then Amy reached around both of them to turn it into a group hug.

Katherine said, "Because we like you. And don't worry, we mean that in a totally non-sexual way."

That last bit was a lie, but she didn't want to push her luck. "It's like what we were saying before. We both think you're pretty cool and we'd like to have you as a friend. We'd much rather he have sex with a nice girl like you than his current policy of boning anything with a pussy and two big tits. I mean, picture him with Heather, for crying out loud!"


Amy poked Katherine in her ribs. "Hey! You said 'boning'." She started tickling her.

"Oops, I did." But Katherine was unrepentant, and she began poking and tickling Amy back.

While Katherine and Amy were tickling each other across Christine, a single thought floated through both of their minds quite independently: Lesbian threesome!

The three of them were feeling so comfortable with each other at the moment, and rules for touching were so more lenient for women than for men, that Christine didn't seem to notice or care about some contact that might sometimes have been considered sexual. For instance, Christine found her big rack squished up against Katherine's at one point, but she didn't do anything about it.

Such touches got both Amy and Katherine extremely excited and hopeful about the future. But neither of them tried to make any kind of overt sexual pass at her, knowing the situation was not at all ripe for that.

Christine laughed at all the fun. But as the hug broke up, she said, "That sounds great, but unfortunately we can't do that tonight. It's getting pretty late and I need my sleep. I have to be on my toes for my bodyguard work tomorrow, and I imagine you both need the rest, too."

"Okay," Katherine said amicably as the tickling came to an end, "but don't forget what we said about how, if you really want to help protect him, you need to strike the problem at the root."

Amy poked her again. "Hey! What about sucking the problem at the root? Not that I can make it that far yet with my small mouth, but it sure is fun trying!"

Katherine poked back. "Aims, you're so bad! You've got such a naughty little mind. Christine, what am I supposed to do with this girl?"

"Like I said, let Amy by Amy. But did you just call her Aims?"

"Yeah, I call her Aims and she calls me Kat. Alan uses both of those names too. Actually, Aims and I are so close that we call each other Sis sometimes. We were pretty much raised as sisters, living next door to each other the whole time and all. In fact, since Alan and I are both adopted, in a way, Amy really is as much my sibling as he is."

"Wow, that's cool. I wish I had one friend where I could feel like she's practically my sister. I know this is awfully forward of me, but can I call you two by those names? Kat and Aims, I mean?"

"Sure!" Amy and Katherine answered in unison.

Then Katherine pointed out, "I already told you that you could call me Kat."

"I know you did, but it just didn't feel right to me then. Now I'd be happy to."

With one last group hug, the three broke up. They quickly dried off, changed clothes, and said their final goodbyes.


Back in their car a few minutes later, Katherine and Amy kept their cool until Katherine drove the car around a corner and they were sure there was absolutely no way Christine could see or hear them.

Then they gave each other a big high-five across the front seat. "Wooo-hooo!"

After more cheering and high-fiving, Katherine said, "I think that went pretty well! I was so worried I'd slip up and say the wrong thing."

"I know! I totally worried about saying something incest-y too, but it went great. No problems at all! We'll have Brother slippin' her the sausage on the next practice date, I can tell!"

"Well, maybe. And that last hug. That rocked!"

Katherine continued "It really did rock. I thought we'd just put in a few good words about Brother and get to be better friends. But things were WAY more sexual than I figured they'd be."

Amy said, "That's 'cos she's so ripe! She's, like, dying for sex!"

"You may be right. She was soooo horny! We were even doing the full-on rack rub for a few seconds there. Nipples poke-o-rama and everything!"

Amy bounced in her seat with excitement. "No way!"

"Totally! She's got such a fit, hard body. And by the way, I like how you explained about calling me Sis. That's one less thing to worry about."

"Yeah. I almost slipped up with that earlier. But 'maybe?'"

"I'm thinking maybe not the very next date, but soon, for sure. And you know what'll happen once she's been boned by him for the first time." She winked at Amy.

Amy said proudly, "Yep! She's gonna be a total goner! An Alan cock addict! Just like you and me, she'll never look at another guy again. Another big-titted, tight-slitted fuck toy for his growing collection!"

Katherine deliberately laughed like a mad scientist, hamming it up. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Amy laughed along, and then they high-fived each other again.

Katherine said, "You know, it was fun totally hyping him up, but we didn't really have to hype him THAT much. He is pretty amazing."

"That's way true," Amy said while nodding. But then her mood changed and she looked over at her best friend and sister with new worry. "You don't think, you know, that we're making a mistake with her, do you? I mean, I am NOT going to have her steal my official girlfriend status EVER, that's for sure!" She huffed and crossed her arms defiantly.

Katherine shook her head 'No' while keeping her eyes on the road. "Nah. No problem. Sure, she says she's jealous now, and I'm sure she'll always be more jealous than most, but once she tastes his sweet cock, she'll totally break. just like the rest of us. She'll be his latest fuck toy! Admittedly, a semi-genius, kick-ass martial artist fuck toy, but a fuck toy all the same. Sure, she's so naturally stubborn that she'll grumble all the time about some things, like whenever he's boning Heather, but when he says 'assume the position' she'll rip her shirt off and drop to her knees with her big tits thrust out just as quickly and eagerly as Brenda does. Just you wait and see. She's got it bad."

"She does. Alan-itis." Amy giggled.

"And she's never going to threaten your place or mine as his favorite fuck toys, 'cos she didn't know him practically from birth like we did. Let's face it: I think the sister taboo thing works for you nearly as much as it does for me, 'cos you've been his de-facto sister too all along."

"I know. I think you're right. That's why I don't worry too much, though I do worry a bit. Boy! I'm just... Wow! That was wild. It feels as if she's, like, practically a full-time member of the harem already!"

Katherine cautioned as she drove through the night, "Well, I wouldn't go that far. She may never get to be a full member. For one thing, she almost certainly has her issues about incest. I think I pushed that tonight as far as I can go, at least for a while. And I didn't get any kind of bisexual vibe from her, like, at all. I'm glad you didn't try anything with that."

Amy slouched down a bit with disappointment. "Yeah. Bummer. I didn't either. But you never know, with both those things. I mean, look how long it took for Mom to come around on them, and then look where she is now."

"True. But let's take it one step at a time. In any case, Brother's gonna be so proud of us, when he finds out what we've done."

"Totally! Though we can't tell him a thing until after he's balls-deep in her, or we could ruin it. And you said 'boning' again. Twice!"

They giggled uproariously.

By the time they got back to the Plummer house, it was after ten o'clock and Alan was already asleep. He hadn't planned on going to bed early, but that's what his body demanded. In fact, his crash came so quickly that Susan didn't even get a chance to give him a good night kiss and tuck (much less what she now liked to call her "tuck and suck"). One minute he was reading a book in bed, and the next minute his face was planted in it.

However, Amy and Katherine at least were able to share the good news with Susan, about their progress with Christine.

Not surprisingly, Susan was delighted, pronouncing herself "so hot!" on more than one occasion as the two girls recounted their story.

That led to more kissing, groping, and eventually, orgasms for all, before Katherine and Susan also went to bed relatively early for a holiday night.

However, Alan's night wasn't quite over, and neither was Amy's. There was no reason for Alan to sleep alone anymore, and Amy had won the spot of being his bed warmer that evening. Plus, he was still lying on top of his covers, still dressed, and with his sleeping face in a book, and the others couldn't leave him like that.


So Amy was the one to wake him up. She snuck into his room wearing a see-through négligée and gently tapped him until he woke up. (She'd considered waking him with a blowjob, but figured he probably wasn't up for it.)

"O.B.? Brother? You up?"

"I am now." He felt the book on his face, sat up, and put the book on his nightstand. "Hi, Aims. What's up?"

"Oh, not much. But I was thinking, can I sleep with you tonight?" She quickly clarified, "It doesn't have to be sexual! Not at all. But wouldn't it be fun just to cuddle?"

He smiled. "Yeah. I'd like that." He stretched his arms and sat up. "I've gotta go brush my teeth, but I'll warn you now that cuddling is all I'll be good for tonight."

"That's totally cool with me. In fact, I'd love that more than anything, 'cos it shows you're not just after my body, but that you love me, and love being with me." Her smile lit up the whole room.

He put his hand over his mouth and breathed on it. "You know, my breath is fine. Screw brushing my teeth for once. I just wanna lay here with you." He pulled his T-shirt over his head and then stepped out of his shorts.

"Woo-hoo!" Still in her nightie, she opened her arms invitingly as he settled back down on the bed.

He snuggled up against her breasts as she lazily laced her fingers in his hair. He reached up to kiss her lips, before settling back down and closing his eyes.

"I should warn you though," she murmured into his hair, "my ass is starting to feel really tingly again."

One of his hands drifted down to sleepily cup one of her delightfully big butt cheeks.

"Mmmm, that's my girl..." he mumbled happily.

Even though he was already starting to drift to sleep, she said, "By the way, I haven't had a chance to talk to you about the visit Sis and I had with Christine tonight. Turns out she decided she likes nude beaches after all. In fact, she liked it so much that she told us she wants to go back there with you tomorrow - totally in the buff!"


Amy reached down to his groin and grasped his dick. She giggled as she felt it engorging and growing. "Hee-hee! Viagra Woman strikes again!"


"Oh, never mind." Giggling some more, she brought her hands back up to his chest for a closer cuddle.

Seeing that she was just joking about Christine, he drifted off in Amy's arms with a smile on his face.


Back in her bed, Christine tossed and turned. She was extremely distraught by all her major embarrassments. There was no doubt in her mind that it had easily been the most humiliating day of her life. But she consoled herself that at least it had ended on an up note. Thanks to Amy and Katherine, I feel like I have new hope with Alan. Or should I say, Aims and Kat. That's neat, that I can call them that. It's good to have friends who are looking out for me and helping me. Whatever happens with him, I have a feeling that all three of us are going to be friends for a long, long time.

Hmmm. since Glory picked Alan up at his place, she and Amy know about...

Christine's mind raced while starting to drowse. She couldn't focus and didn't want to. No, they tolerate each other, that's all. Knowing about each other is one thing, but having to see each other regularly is another, and Amy isn't in any of Glory's classes. But Heather is, for third period. That would be fun to see if... well, better Glory than me.

It could be worse, I suppose. Amy and Katherine both say there are scheduling problems at the Plummer house. I wonder, how do they and the rest... Well, he did say he is doing some of them together. And Amy confirmed that today, as well as admitting that she's one of them sometimes. Gross! Now I understand Katherine's reaction better. She lives there and can't get away from it. I should pay more attention to her. She's sharp. It must be awful to have to put up with those, those... ORGIES going on all the time!

How can Amy have any self-respect at all? It's bad enough to watch others around knowing what they'll be doing with him, but watching them doing it... I couldn't handle that. And she does more than that. I'd run away screaming.

Speaking of things that make me scream, I can't believe I had that fantasy today, right there in the hot tub! What came over me? My dreams are changing from having him by myself to, to a, a threesome with Amy?! What was I thinking? True, we were in the hot tub and... That's it! Katherine and Amy tried sitting on the jets. Oh yeah, that was great. It hit me, hit me, right HERE!

She started to finger herself in the same spot. Oooh, that's what started it. That's nice, really nice.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I thought the hot tub would be a good spot for Alan and me, but I also dreamt that Amy and Katherine were still there. Katherine left when he went for me, and Amy went for him. I wonder if he prefers more than one girl at a time - well, he probably does. He probably expects it, even demands it when there's more than one girl there. No one can resist him.

Christine's hips started to move as her fingers swirled. She licked her lips.

Resistaaaance is, is, futile. She giggled. That's how he does it. He expects it. His attitude, just like he does what he wants and we can't say no. He assimilates us - aaagh! Another giggle turned into a pant.

I suppose my fantasy was tame compared to what really happens. He just started in on me, and after a while Amy started doing him too. Could I do that? Amy practically lives with him; she has plenty of opportunities. And, to be his girlfriend, she probably has to do more than that plus, well, threesomes, maybe worse, more than anyone else.

Would he expect me to? Would he force me? Would I like it? Two of us arousing him? I believe Katherine and Amy about his stamina; a super stud like him couldn't be satisfied with just one all the time. That explains why he's been so, so protective about me. But I don't want to be protected! I want him to take me! And not just once! But he called it a den of iniquity. How could I fit in?

Her hands stilled and her eyes closed as she started to drift into slumber. However, she couldn't turn off her restless thinking. But I'm not the only one in that position. There's also Glory. She snuck off with him to be alone. She'll share him as long as she doesn't have to look at them. That's how I feel! But why did I daydream about sharing with Amy, er, Aims, at the same time? Is that what I want to do? And she's his 'official' girlfriend, as well as being as good-looking as I am. If I have to do it - a threesome, who would I prefer?

Hmmm, I know there's Amy, Glory, Heather, Kim, and Simone. Alan said there are other girls at school that he's doing. Maybe that includes Joy and Janice too. No, I'd be nervous with anyone I didn't know. And the only one at school who wouldn't make fun of my inexperience is Amy. ... No, Glory wouldn't either; she's too good a person. And a good teacher. That's what I'd want, if I have to do it, a teacher who is kind. She took her top off to make me feel better, and didn't rub her victory in. She won't laugh at me. If I have to do a threesome, I'd rather it be Glory. At least at first. Amy is nice too, but she's only been doing it for maybe a few weeks.

But, but, after today, how could it happen? No, don't worry about that now. That's up to him. God, I wish he'd just take me. Take us. Not give us any choice. Then it would be easier. Then it...

Christine stopped thinking and started dreaming, dreaming that she was back on the beach with Alan and Glory.

"Okay", Alan said, "That wraps it up with the football players. It's a good plan, Christine, I'm proud of you. And Glory, you're right that it will take both of you. I need you both working together, and that will take coordination and teamwork. Which means we practice all three of us working together, starting right now."

"Practice?" uttered Christine and Glory simultaneously. "Now?"

"Yup, now," he said with a grin, "something we'll all enjoy but" - firmly - "me more than you. We've already started, and we're finally alone on the beach." Then he dropped his towel, but on purpose this time.

There were gasps. Reddened cheeks. Hands raised to mouths.

"See, you're blushing in unison. I knew you could do it. I really am proud of you two. This is a good start. Let's see if you're good at doing something else together."

He advanced remorselessly. They didn't understand until he reached out. Christine and Glory jumped and squealed in surprise as he cupped their pussies.

Christine felt a lightning bolt of excitement start at her groin and come out her ears. She was paralyzed; she couldn't breathe, and her knees gave out. She slumped into one of his strong arms and clasped it desperately as she struggled to stay upright.

"Wha ..., uh, ooh, AHHH!" She dimly heard Glory screaming.

He held both of them. "Wet, that's what you both are! As I thought. Nice teamwork. Let's get more comfortable on these towels." He pushed the gasping ladies to their knees and laid out the beach towels. "That's better. Now lie down on either side of me."

Glory managed to stammer, "Young man, what are you doing? I-"

He cut her off. "I'm doing what I want, and what you both need." Then he knelt, took Glory's head between both hands, and kissed her firmly.

Glory shook violently and collapsed onto a towel.

He turned to an amazed Christine. She wet her lips and shivered.

This is IT! He's going to take me! Christine was engulfed. She came to, lying on her side next to him on the towels, with his right arm around her and back up into... "AGGHH!" She writhed against him, one leg scissoring over his. His hand! His hand! I can't stand it!

She heard Glory howling on his left. What is he doing to us?

The dream scene changed.


Christine and Glory were lying on either side of a prone Alan. Christine grasped the enormous head of his erection while Glory lightly encircled the base.

The dream scene changed again.

Christine watched in awe from inches away as Glory's nose pressed into his belly before slowly pulling her head back. She's doing just what she said she could! But how can I?

Glory's tongue swirled all the way around the cockhead, then she pulled away entirely and told Christine, "It just takes practice, that's all. Even if you start with a normal gag reflex. Just do it slow and easy, and remember to have fun yourself. And he's delicious. Now cover your teeth with your lips and take a long, sweet taste."

Christine took a deep breath and stuck out her tongue to try a swirl herself, but sheer exhaustion ended her dream. Her last feeling was one of frustration that her dreams always ended right before they got to the good parts.

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