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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 126
She Loves You
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Around nine in the morning, Katherine sat down at her desk, took her diary from its secret hiding place, and wrote:

Dear Diary,

Sigh. Such is the life of a harem fuck toy. I just peeked in Brother's room. I found out that Amy's cuddled up to him, with both of them still sleeping soundly. She's such a lucky sister-slut, getting to sleep with him all night long!!!! I was sooooo tempted to wake them up and join in. But Amy's such a sweet girl. She deserves a night with him all alone. And since they didn't get a chance to fuck last night, it's a near sure thing that they'll do it once they're both up and alert!

I'm kind of bummed right now. Not so much about Amy getting royally fucked, even as I have to go do some stupid shopping with Mom. I know I'll also have my moment in the sun soon enough. We all will, and lots of them. That's such a great thing about our master, that he keeps all of us on the verge of being worn out from too many orgasms! No, what bums me out is thinking about the talk that Aims and I had with Christine last night. I'm sure you know what I mean, Diary, since I wrote a tome about it when we got back home. Last night I was all pumped up, thinking we'd scored a big victory. But after sleeping on it, I'm not so sure. I mean, we were so blatant and pushy. That's what happens when we get really horny; we go overboard. Christine was horny too, so she jumped overboard with us.

But the problem is, she's a very smart cookie! Very, very smart. How will she look at things in the light of day, when she's come down off her horny high? Is she gonna be mad at us for pushing so hard? Will she see right through our clumsy maneuverings and figure out our true motives? Might she even suspect that I'm really having sex with Brother and not just thinking about it?

God, I hope so much that we didn't blow it! She's absolutely key. She could make or break the harem. We need to get smart, and strategize!

Oops! Gotta go. Mom is calling for me. I'll write more later.

— — —

Alan felt himself waking up, but didn't open his eyes. Rather than look around, he took a moment to sense what was around him. He could feel a warm body sprawled against him and concentrated on that.

Ah, yes. Amy. My Aims! Sweet, sweet Aims. He discovered that he and Amy lay face to face, tangled all over each other. He realized with pleasure that they were still in the same position they had fallen asleep in the night before. They had held one another sleeping through the night.

Her hair was right under his nose since she was shorter, and he could still smell the fragrant peach shampoo she'd used the day before. He had one leg over both of hers, and both of them had one arm wrapped around the waist of the other. That meant her bare breasts were pressed into his chest and his erection was poking into her thigh.

He was amazed to notice that she looked aroused, even though she was fast asleep. Her nipples were hard, and she had a great big smile on her face. He speculated that she was probably in the middle of a very enjoyable erotic dream. A slight flickering of her eyelids at least confirmed that she was in R.E.M. dreaming mode.

He didn't want to wake her from her dream, but he needed to go to the bathroom sooner rather than later. It was an excruciatingly slow operation to extricate himself from her embrace, but he managed to get up without waking her.

Or at least he almost did. When he got back from the bathroom and looked at her on the bed, he could see her tossing and turning a little bit. One of her arms actually flopped forward and then down in a vain effort to find him. He heard her mumble with need, "Bruuuuutherrrrr." It looked like she was slowly coming out of her dream.

He carefully crawled back into bed and lay down right next to her.

She tossed again, and this time her arm found him. She latched onto his waist and drew him closer.

He stared at her face and was amused to see her pouty frown turn to a contented smile as she cuddled up to him.

He brushed some bangs of hair that fell over her shut eyes and whispered to himself, "Amy, sweet Amy, what would I ever do without you? You keep me sane."


"I do?" She opened her eyes.

"When did you wake up?" he asked, surprised.

Her smile doubled in size as she saw his face so close that their noses were nearly touching. "Just now, when you touched my hair. But I guess I was sleeping lightly already. Mmmm."

She raised her arms above her head and stretched and yawned. "Yummy." She yawned again.

He admired her stretched out form. Damn! I've got the sexiest girlfriend in school. And I love her! But his stomach had its own agenda. He looked around for any sign of food. "What's yummy?"

"Waking up with you in my arms, you silly willy. It's so totally great! Not to mention feeling your thingy pressing against me like that. Mmmm. Yum. You know, I had a pretty neat-o dream just now."

"Really, what kind of things do you dream about?" He cuddled closer, feeling her spongy breasts mold to his chest and her hard nipples poking him.

"Well, since I was all curled up in the arms of my wonderful, strong lover, you might not be surprised to find it was a sexy dream."

"Was it 'so hot'?"

They both laughed at this reference to Susan's most frequently used catch phrase.

She nodded. "It was TOTALLY so hot! It wasn't like a super sweaty bump and grind kind of thing, but all seven of us were hanging out on a tropical island, just kicking back and having fun."


"Yeah. The family, plus Brenda and Adrian."

"Adrian? What was he doing there? I've never even met the guy."

"Well, of course Brenda has to be there since she's all slave-y for you now. Not to mention that she's my Anal Pal. And it would be mean for her to hang out on a tiny island with us and leave her son behind, don't you think? You'll get to know him; he's a nice guy from what I hear. But don't worry; he was mostly just kinda hanging out by Brenda, fondling her big boobs. He'd never touch the rest of us. Everybody knows the rules of The Pact, silly."

That reminded Alan that he'd have to figure out where Adrian stood in the scheme of things before long. He didn't like the idea of Adrian even looking at "his" women naked, and that included Brenda when he was in a really possessive mood. He knew it was just a dream, but he guessed that eventually a similar problem could come up in real life. He realized that he'd have to be flexible on the whole Adrian issue and work out some kind of arrangement for "sharing" Brenda that everyone could live with.

He pushed those worries aside and asked, "So what were we all doing on the island?"

"Just chillin' out under the palm trees on the island. Our private little island. Swimming, sailing, snorkeling, that kind of thing. Some groovy reggae was playing out of a nearby stereo and Mom and Sis were sharing penis tending duties. Everyone was all tanned - even Mother had some color. Can you imagine that?" She giggled. "Sis was psyched 'cos her tan lines were gone, not to mention the way her belly was starting to swell. It was totally cool!"

"Wait - Sis? Her belly was starting to swell? I could easily picture her dreaming about that, but you?"

"Hey, I just like to see everybody happy."

"What were you doing?"

"I was sitting on a comfy lounge chair right next to where you'd usually sit, except that you were standing. I guess it's hard to have a dual blowjob on a lounge chair." She could feel his penis growing against her leg. She looked down at it and said, "Alan Junior, you're just too demanding!"

She giggled as she realized, "Just like real life. And Mom was just like real life, too, all cock hoggy. Mother was kicking back, reading a book, but not Mom. She was, like, totally inhaling your cock! And she was taking it so deep! Can she deep throat in real life? 'Cos she was totally taking you down to your balls! You could hear the loud slurps over the gentle roar of the waves. Sis ended up licking your ass, 'cos Mom was so-"

He was getting more aroused every passing second, but interrupted, "Wait a sec. I was asking what you were doing."

"Oh, me? I had a big easel in front of me, painting the beach scene. Oh, and there was a super tall glass of mango juice right next to me! And pineapple. Yummy sliced pineapple."

Alan knew that was her favorite type of drink, and her favorite fruit.

"Oh! And I had your cum dripping all down my face and chest." She giggled some more. "And there was even more dripping out of all of our holes. I was trying to rub it into my skin like suntan lotion, but there was just too much! My hands were all sticky. You ever try painting with sticky fingers? It's not easy, but it's just too yummy! Oh! And wait! I also remember I had that 'just been fucked' feeling in my ass and my tight pussy. You know that feeling when you've cum so hard and often you can hardly...? No, on second thought you probably don't." She giggled yet again.

He pictured that scene and felt his penis start to rise. He could clearly picture the beach sand below his feet, the shade of palm trees above him, and Susan and Katherine slurping up and down the sides of his dick. He knew just how incredible that felt. He asked, "You mean 'my holes,' right?"

"Nope! I mean our holes! Everybody was totally flooded with Alan-cum, pouring out of every hole! ... Well, except for Adrian, of course." She giggled. "You should have seen how hard Mother was trying not to mess up her book with her cummy fingers. And she had to hold it up 'cos you totally splattered her whole front side!"

"Even Brenda?"


"Especially Brenda! You know how juicy she gets. Oh, and her ass! Such a cute shade of red. You must have spanked her pretty hard just before the dream started. We were all so totally FUCKED!"

His penis was growing harder and harder. He could easily picture how they all looked. But wanting to confirm that they were all naked, he asked, "So that's it? No monsters? No other people around? Or clothes?"

"No way! None of that yucky stuff. What kind of lame-o dream is that? Monsters?!"

He laughed, especially because she was serious, even about clothes being as "yucky" as monsters. "Hey, we can't always choose what kind of dreams we have."

"Yeah, but sleeping in your arms, how could I possibly worry about monsters? Mmmm. It really was 'so hot'. My nipples feel like you were really pinching them while I was dreaming. The whole thing's got me kinda... y'know... going already." She ran a hand over his chest in lazy strokes.

He got the hint and started playfully pinching her nipples.

She purred in appreciation.

Then he commented, "So that's your idea of a mellow day, huh? Sounds like I must have been pretty wiped out though, if you and the others were dripping from every hole." He wondered what the dream-Adrian thought about that. "I mean, that's not even physically possible, not with just one man."

"It was a dream, silly! You were all chill and relaxed just like the rest of us. I know that even you can't do that in real life. We were all so happy together. Family! Harems are cool, 'cos we can share the love." She lost her dreamy look and frowned as she thought back to what he'd said earlier. "But what's this about me keeping you sane?"

"I dunno," he admitted, trying to ignore his hard erection poking into her creamy thighs, so he could talk about serious things first. "Maybe that's not the right word. You keep me grounded, is what I mean. Everything's just so WEIRD lately. Even waking up with you in my bed like this. I'm certainly not complaining, mind you, but it's just... I dunno... weird."

"Why?" She slipped both of her arms around his upper torso and then kissed him lightly on his nose. That caused his stiff dick to slip between her thighs, and she immediately took advantage of that fact by squeezing her thighs together repeatedly around it. "This feels, like, way totally natural and right to me. I know this is only the second time we've slept together, but it feels to me like we've been doing it for years. You know what I mean?"

"I do. But even that is scary, in a way. This whole harem thing, it's really only been a week, but it feels like ages." He grunted, because she was starting to scissor her thighs back and forth just a little bit, increasing the delightfully tight squeeze his dick was in. "I think about what my life was like two months ago and I feel like I'm losing my mind. That's why you keep me sane. With you, I can just relax. Somehow, I don't feel any pressure. You're so accepting and loving." He grinned, adding the obvious Amy-ism, "You're the superest girlfriend ever."

Amy felt a tingle run up her back as Alan said those words. Her heart was filled with love and she wanted to squeeze and hold him until the end of time. She noticed too that his words were getting her increasingly aroused, and she was already randy from the moment she woke up, thanks to her dream.

She blushed and placed a gentle finger on his lips. "YOU'RE the superest ever. Don't even try to deny it. I love you, we all love you, and that's that! So don't stress or else!" She said it in a firm way that made it seem as though he should be able to shut off his line of thinking as easily as shutting off a light.

He grinned widely at that.

"Here, let's give you something else to think about." She brought one hand down to where their crotches met and deftly slipped the head of his erection into her pussy.

He was amazed at how fast that happened, especially given that she was so deliciously tight. Not only that, but her pussy wasn't all that wet yet, but somehow she still managed to slide him in without a grunt or grimace.

She purred, "I know what you're thinking. Let's just leave it there and let Miss Pussy catch up. But you can scoot it in the rest of the way. Get comfy."

"Okay." He wiggled his hips a bit and let his shaft slide forward, slowly sinking his remaining inches into her until he was fully sheathed within the silky tightness of her fluttering pussy walls. "This is so freakin' weird," he mumbled. He could feel her lubrication increasing already.

"What's weird?"

"This. You. Me. Thinking about Miss Pussy again. Waking up and fucking such a stacked and sexy girl who's amazingly lovable and adorable, and to top to it all off, even my sister somehow, all of a sudden. It's just... weird. I mean, I like your dream way better than my own more boring dreams. That's weird."

She frowned and made a face at him. "You're in a weird mood, you know that? Don't tell me you don't feel deserving."

"That's exactly what I'm telling you. Why me? Why do I deserve all this? I mean, it's downright unfair. One guy and about half a dozen of the most beautiful women in town. That means at least five other guys are doing without."

She sighed heavily, which caused her pussy walls to squeeze on his penis a bit as she shifted ever so slightly. "Brother, brother, brother. I hope you're not gonna be like this five years from now, all uncertain-y. The simple truth is that you're just so lovable. How could we not all want you? And we would be meanies if we didn't share, so how else could it end up but like this, with all of us loving each other in one big happy family?"

"You make it sound so easy." He sighed. "Life's not like that. Life is hard. This can't last."

She rolled her eyes. "O.B., you think too much. Life is mostly what you make of it, how you deal with things that come your way. I think you need a distraction."

She rolled over on top of him, and since he was fully embedded in her pussy, he was forced to roll under her. Then she tried scooting up his chest as much as she could without causing his dick to pull out. Propped up by her arms, her upper torso hung nearly a foot above his.

He looked at her full breasts dangling near his face and said, "If life is how you deal with things that come your way, I'd better do something with these puppies." He reached out with both hands and grasped her swinging orbs.

She giggled. "I knew you'd figure that out." Then she bent forward and kissed him on the lips. She was just tall enough for them to lock lips while he was still in her, but he had to scrunch down a little bit to make it work.

He thrust into her a few times, causing her to purr and coo with pleasure. He raised his head to kiss her forehead, and from his new and slightly higher viewpoint he caught sight of a piece of paper on the bedstand right next to him that he'd missed before. Without missing a thrust, he reached out and pulled it in front of his eyes so he could read it.

"What's that?" she asked.

He slowed his thrusting down to mere flexing so he could read, but she made up for that by churning her hips as she rode him in the cowgirl position.

He slapped her playfully on the side of her ass cheek. "Stop that. I need to read. It's a note from Mom. Here, I'll read it to you: 'Dear Son, I hope you and Amy had a fun night last night and are having an even better morning. The rest of your harem is off shopping. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year and there're all kinds of sales. Plus, we're running low on everything, including food. I figure I can leave you and your great big cock in Amy's capable hands - and mouth, I hope! - for a couple of hours. And please don't forget to tame her pussy and ass some more. I hope you nail her good and fill as many of her holes as you can.'"


At that, Amy resumed churning her hips, and with more authority. She wore her usual big smile.

Alan tried to frown at her, but couldn't really get upset. He continued reading aloud, "'I've turned the video on in hopes that I can watch it later. If that bothers you, just turn it off. We should be back around ten, to make you some yummy brunch before we all go to the game. Oh, and Christine wants to have a meeting with us all before the game. Take care, and remember that we all love you. Your loving mom.'"

He thought aloud, "The game. Oh crap." That reminded him of all his troubles with the football players. The only reason to go to the game was to make sure his sisters would stay safe while performing their cheerleading duties. He couldn't care less about the actual game. He didn't like the sound of a meeting with Christine, either. That could spell trouble.

He said, "You gotta admit, that note is weird. My life is not normal!"

But Amy merely shrugged, and then asked, "What time is it?"

He looked at his alarm clock from his supine position. "Just about nine. We've got time, lots of time. But there's more to the note. There's a section for you, too. I'm sure it's a totally non-normal section, too."

He chuckled at that, and then resumed reading out loud. "'Dear darling Amy, Congratulations on your night with your big stud brother. I'm so excited for you! I hope he leaves your holes aching and drooling with sperm, and your face absolutely soaked in it.'"

Amy squealed in delight. "It's like she knew my dream!" She tried to squeeze his dick with her pussy walls.

That made him grimace with arousal, but he kept reading. "'But don't get so caught up in your pleasure that you forget your duties. Don't just suck Alan Junior all morning - make him shoot his load all over your big tits! I hope I don't have to remind you that Tiger has to cum six times a day at the very least. I don't want to come home only to find that he's been suffering the dreaded blue balls, much less falling into the sins of Onan! If you don't think you can handle penis tending duties, please call me! I expect you to wake him with your mouth on his cock, for starters. Don't let him down, if you know what I mean. His harem-taming horse cock is in your hands (and I hope that's literally true as you read this!). Since you're the only big-titted sex slave at home, you can't let your guard down for one minute. The whole harem is counting on you. I worry. Call me! Your loving mom.'"


Alan thought, "Horse cock?" That's a new one for her. My dick is just NOT that big. Sheesh!

Amy rolled her eyes. "How does she expect me to wake you up with a blowjob if you woke up first? I can't always know to wake up just before you do. Geez, Louise!"

He put the note back on the bed stand. "Don't worry about her. She gets carried away, as you know, and we all need to work on getting her to calm down a little bit. Let's just have fun and not worry. You know, I've been fucking, fucking, and fucking some more lately. You know what I'd like to do instead?"

"What?" She was still churning her hips around since he wasn't doing much thrusting.

"Let's make love, my darling sister."

Her eyes lit up at that. "M'kay! My darling brother."

He still wasn't thrusting very much, despite having put the note away. This was because Amy was working intently on her pussy squeezing. She wasn't very good at it yet, but Suzanne had been coaching her and she was starting to get the hang of it. The only problem was that her pussy was so tight to begin with that more squeezing was almost too much of a good thing. Almost.

He grimaced a couple of times, but he knew that she was determined to succeed and show that she could be as good with that skill as the others. He said, "Aims! Nice squeezing."

"You noticed? Cool beans!"

He laughed. "Of course I noticed. I'm impressed. But while we're just lying here, I've got a question. You know, before everything in this house got all sexual, what did you think about me? I mean, we weren't super close."

"I know. I blame Mother. She was all super duper overprotective-y. I didn't like it. I had like, really powerful feelings for you, but I was afraid that if I showed them, she'd freak. You know? And when I was around you, I'd get all tingly and weird. So I kind of avoided you sometimes, 'cos I didn't know how to act around you. Do you know what I mean?" She was still squeezing while talking.

"Yeah. So what changed?"

She laughed. "I looked around and realized that if you snooze, you lose. I had to come up with a plan fast or I'd get lost in the shuffle."

"I'm so glad you did. But why me? Why'd you have this secret crush on me? Kat apparently did too. I just don't get it. I thought both of you were way out of my league. You two couldn't have known then that I'd be good in bed..."

Amy said surprisingly fiercely, "No, you don't get it! O.B., you're YOU! You're kind! You're loving! You're a good man!" She stopped her pussy squeezing and tears began to form in her eyes.

"What? What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

"No," she said between sniffles. "Except that you're such a doofus." But she said that with deep love. "It's just that I'm overcome with emotion. I'm so happy how everything turned out... so... perfect! All of us together... Brother, I love you so much!"

"But you're so sexy and wonderful. You could have any guy."

"I KNOW you! And I want you! YOU! Don't be all super doofy!" She giggled. "You're stuck with me, bucko! I love you, so you'd better get used to it!"

He looked at her face and saw so much love and caring there that he felt overwhelmed. He thought, I'm not worthy. I'm really not. But she's so great; everybody in my family is so great. How can I not try my best to keep them all happy? She does keep me sane. My heart is soaring, just to be near her!

He growled, "Aims, you're gonna regret saying that. You make me love you so much that I'm afraid I'm going to have to fuck you half to death." He started to thrust into her again.

She giggled, responding in a low, funny voice, "Oh no! Miss Pussy is scared!" She giggled some more. "Don't hurt Miss Pussy!"

He laughed. He loved her playful Miss Pussy voice. "Let's explore this making love thing. Let's go slowly and become one."

He rolled back over on top of her. He kissed her lips softly, moving from the top to the bottom lip, licking each one.

She moaned into the kiss. She was surprised; she knew he was a good kisser, but this kiss was something extra special.

He pulled away and sensually brushed noses and lips. He could sense she was really getting into this and their energies were feeding off each other more and more.


He started thrusting into her, still going slowly but with more power, as if he was doing push ups in slow motion over her.

She kicked her legs up into the air, allowing him to drive into her deeper. "Oh, GAAWWWD! Brother!" She thought of Susan and her note, and smiled as she pictured how happy her second mother would be to see her now, getting plowed so thoroughly. He was going so deep that he was banging on the back end of her pussy with each thrust, even though he was sliding alongside past her cervix. But she didn't mind; it was still so slow that the bumping wasn't painful, and extreme pleasure drove out all other sensations anyway.

But after a couple of minutes, he realized that he was getting into it too much. He knew he was going to end up rutting wildly soon if he didn't take things down a notch. He kissed her hard with passion again, and then slid his erection out of her so he could concentrate on kissing and fondling for a while.

She loved the feel of his tongue and lips on her ear, as it was a powerfully erogenous zone for her. She gasped softly as he slid his soft kisses farther down her neck, sucking and nibbling the entire way.

He brought his kisses to her collar bone while he moved his fingers over her tight tummy, gently making the surface of her skin tingle. He came back to her lips, still caressing the sides of her breasts and body.

He smiled. "Just relax, Aims. Just concentrate on the pleasure." He leaned down and kissed her again. He loved her so much that he wanted to focus only on her body's needs and ignore his own.

"M'kay," she whispered breathlessly. Her breathing increased, and she could tell this was going to be different from any of her other experiences with him. She felt like her body was a violin and he was a master musician.

Again, he began kissing her neck and chest. He moved his tongue in circles around her hard nipples, never quite touching them.

She was breathing heavily, her body squirming under his talented tongue. She was ready to cum hard, even more so now than when he'd been slowly plowing her, but she sensed that she should hold back for even greater pleasures. His hands constantly caressed her thighs and sides with a touch so light, but so deliberate, that she only wanted more.

Her thoughts shattered as he finally pulled one of her rock hard nipples into his mouth, licking it with a firm passionate pressure.

She moaned loudly. "That feels... soooo... GOOD! What are you doing to me?!"

He chuckled at that and sat up above her a little bit. He looked down at the squirming teenage bombshell below him. Damn, she's so sexy and HOT! And those big wobbly tits taste as good as they look. The smell of aroused pussy filled the room, so he figured he was doing pretty well. He scooted up a bit and answered her with an intense kiss.

He slid down her body, kissing, caressing, and licking his way down to her belly button. Each touch was now sending small shivers through her nervous system. She nearly came just thinking about where his mouth was heading.

He could feel her mini-spasms and goose bumps. He grinned again, realizing his plan was working well. Fucking was always great, but "playing" her body was great too. He found it interesting to notice that he was enjoying this as much as fucking, and his penis was hard and throbbing with great pleasure even though it was being ignored for the moment.

Sliding his tongue over her belly button, he licked her soft skin straight down to her smooth and shaved pussy.

As his tongue got within millimeters of her clit, she tensed and pushed her hips up to increase his pressure, only to find his tongue not there. She was so overwhelmed with pleasure she was struggling not to pass out.

She gasped yet again in a hushed yet desperate voice. "Please! Miss Pussy wants it so bad!"

"Trust me, Aims," was all he said as he kissed her thighs, running his kisses down her legs to her calves, then back to her inner thighs. He seemed to be kissing her everywhere but where she needed it most.

She was loving every second of this new experience. She couldn't think straight at all, especially since he finally started lightly blowing his hot breath on her clit and pussy lips.

For the next few minutes, he alternated between blowing on her pussy and kissing the skin around it.

Eventually, she couldn't help it and shouted out, "O.B.! Please, for the love of God, pleeaaassse!"

He was all grins as he acted deliberately obtuse. "Please what?"

"Please, lick my pussy! I'm begging you! Miss Pussy needs it so bad! Pleeaaassse!" She felt like every nerve in her body was tingling.

But all he did was slowly blow hot air over her exposed lips again.


"Pleeease, Brother, I beg you! I'll do anything! Anything! Just DO IT!"

Her voice was so filled with need that he couldn't deny her. He moved his mouth down.

As his tongue hit her pussy, she let out a feral groan as a new wave of pleasure rushed through her like a tidal wave sweeping away everything in its path.

He licked her nether lips up and down, sucking them into his mouth.

She found herself rhythmically thrusting her hips up to meet his tongue.

Using his index finger and thumb, he pulled back her clitoral hood.

She let out a shriek as his tongue pressed down on her exposed clit. She stared right into his eyes as he began licking her clit over and over.

She was feeling almost unimaginable pleasure, but to her surprise, she hadn't cum yet. Her body was close to cumming and she was trying to resist, but for some reason the desire for release wasn't overwhelming yet.

He wanted to take her to higher heights, and sensed he could push her further before taking her over the edge. He slid a finger into her very wet pussy and then he added a second. He was hunting for her G-spot. I'm "checking for bumps" again. Those were fun times. Heh. He found the spot and began pressing against it.

She opened her mouth and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, but no sound came out. It was like she was beyond screaming.

As he started pressing her G-spot and rubbing it back and forth, he brought a thumb back to her clit and pressed down there too.

She took a sharp breath and then gasped for air. True, he'd touched her in both places many times before, but the fact they were being touched at the same time, on top of all the pleasure she was feeling already, was like an entirely new experience for her.

Then, keeping his fingers pressuring her most sensitive spots, he scooted back up her body and whispered near her ear, "I love you, Amy." Then he nibbled on her sensitive earlobe.

She was flying high in the sky, but suddenly shot up into an even higher orbit. His words of love ricocheted through her body like she'd been hit by some force. She felt tingles of excitement everywhere.

He had her right where he wanted her now. He kept bringing her to the edge of total ecstasy, then he would ease back. Each time her body would quiver and shake and scream for orgasmic release, he would stop his fingers and just kiss her, whispering sweet nothings in her ear until her orgasmic need passed.

Her body was just reacting to everything. She knew she was passive and putty in his hands. She wished she could give pleasure back to him, but it was like she was unable to control her hands or any other part of her body. He was in total control, and she was loving it. He was the maestro, playing every note perfectly.

Now that he was up higher on her again, he realized that his erection was close to her pussy. He still was all over her clit and G-spot, but now he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and brought his stiffness right on top of her pussy lips.

With two fingers still working her clit, he started dry humping over her pussy lips. However, it didn't seem right to call it dry humping, since her sexual juices were overflowing everywhere.

"Meanie," she moaned. "MEANIE!" She wanted and needed his dick in her so badly that she could hardly breathe. Again, it was all she could do not to pass out, or cum and scream like a tortured banshee.

Then he remembered her wonderful, wobbly, large breasts. He kissed his way down to the nearest nipple while his rigid pole continued sliding up and down right over her soaked pussy lips.

He felt great; he felt like he could feel what she was feeling, and he loved it. He loved getting such intense reactions out of her and giving her so much pleasure. He could hardly wait to nibble on her nipple, knowing that would send her even higher towards ecstasy.

But he wasn't holding his dick at the moment, since it was sliding up and down on its own. Plus, his fingers were needed for other things, like keeping her clit happily humming. So it was a surprise even to him when he felt his cockhead start to push into her pussy. But he decided to go with it. However, he made sure to go extra slowly so she wouldn't explode into an orgasmic supernova just yet.


It took Alan a minute or more of one slow yet continuous thrust before he was fully impaled inside Amy. After another minute or two, he began fucking her slowly. He could feel her muscles ripple around his shaft in extremely delightful ways.

"Yes! Yes!" she whispered. Again, she thought of Susan and resolved to do her absolute best so that she would be proud of her. Her body was mostly limp, but her hips were not, and they began expertly churning too.

Alan found it strange that Amy was being so quiet. Yes, she'd screamed out a few times, but that was nothing compared to her usual ear-piercing shrieks that seemingly could be heard for miles around. Instead, it seemed that as her pleasure spiraled up and up, she was actually getting quieter all the time.

He paused, because he could sense she was getting too close again, and now he was in grave danger of cumming too. Plus, his body needed the rest. He kept his erection fully implanted in her though, because it felt a lot better that way.

Amy though, didn't want to stop. She returned to the pussy squeezing that she'd tried on him earlier. Only now her pussy had loosened up and the sensation was fantastic instead of slightly painful.

"Fucker!" she hissed, with something close to anger. Her lust was overtaking her.

He was honestly taken aback. Amy simply never got angry, and she certainly didn't get that way in the middle of mind-blowing sex.

But she quietly growled again as her pussy squeezed and her hips tried to hump. "Fucker! Fuck me! FUCK me!" Her fingernails dug into his flesh, goading him to give her the hotly penetrating friction he was now denying her.

She wasn't angry, just frustrated beyond all reason. She didn't just want him to fuck her, she needed it like she needed air to breathe. Every second she remained frustratingly unfucked was pure torture. She would have cursed him out, that's how desperate she was, but she was in no shape to string more than two or three words together. Plus, she was sweating bullets and gasping for air.

He tried to calm her down. "Amy. My love, I love you so much. I'm gonna make this the best experience of your life."

That worked. The raging beast within her was soothed, somewhat.

He'd never even realized she could get so feral, that her body could so voraciously demand his sexual attentions, but he really liked that level of passion. Unfortunately, now just wasn't the time for that.

His lips had been playing around her nipple without ever quite touching it. But he raised his head up and his gaze locked onto her eyes. It seemed like tomes of loving non-verbal communication passed between them as they stared at each other. It was almost as if they were looking into each other's souls.

He began thrusting again, only this time he wasn't holding back. He knew it wouldn't be long now. His pace was still relatively slow, but he kept pulling his cock all the way out before plunging back in. He was giving her an extremely solid nailing.

Her body loved it. This is what she was craving so badly. She moaned, "YEEEESSSS!" Her hips were constantly thrusting, helping him fuck her deeper and deeper.

But just when they'd worked up a really great rhythm, he would stop. Then he'd start up all over again.

The mini-pauses were just enough to keep them from climaxing, though it was a very close call.

After a while, he felt his body starting to betray him. He no longer had the willpower to stop thrusting when he needed to. So he rolled over, letting her get on top. He tried to just lie there, hoping that she was so wiped out that she'd just lie there too, and they could rest for a while with his dick still impaled inside her.

However, soon her body began to buck with need.

His hips responded with their own thrusts. Now the situation was the same as before, except he was less able to take his strategic breaks. He knew it wouldn't be long now until they both exploded with triumphant orgasmic release.

His mouth was back near her nipple again. He was licking up and down the slopes of her firm cleavage, but avoiding her nipple. He knew that would set her off. His goal was to hold off for one or two more minutes, until neither of them could stand it anymore. Meanwhile, his fingers still worked her clit, and his slightly staggered thrusting was relentless.


Finally, the moment came. Both of their bodies were trembling with need. He brought his lips around her nipple and closed down onto it.

It was like she'd touched an electrified fence. Her whole body seized up as currents of pleasure soared and flowed through her.

Again, oddly, she didn't scream aloud on the outside, but she was screaming at the top of her lungs with pure pleasure on the inside. Her body was on sensory overload. She could feel everything acutely, from the feel of his sweaty skin underneath her to the slightest pressure from his still wonderfully busy fingers.

Then he brought his head back up from her jiggling chest so they could resume eye contact. Somehow, they both managed to keep their eyes open and locked on each other as the orgasmic waves threatened to completely drown them in love and lust.

Amy felt like her hypersensitive body was exploding in pleasure. There was a vibrant tingle starting from deep within and filling every inch of her body. Every nerve came alive with pleasure. Her entire body convulsed, muscles spasmed out of control, and her vision exploded into stars and lights like fireworks going off.

She dropped her head down, wrapped her legs and arms around him, and just tried to hold on for dear life as the maelstrom of pleasure engulfed and overwhelmed her.


Alan kept thrusting the entire time as she temporarily lost her sanity in orgasmic delight. He loved the looks of shock and wonder crossing her face, and his heart swelled with pride knowing that he was the one giving her so much joy. He felt as if he'd unloaded a gallon of cum deep in her still pulsing pussy, though in reality he guessed it was probably just an average sized load.

He felt her arms and legs go slack. She slowly faded from consciousness as her pleasure finally overwhelmed her senses.

His body also had all but shut down in the wake of that orgasmic hurricane. She rolled off him and rested next to him. He was grateful, because he was just struggling to breathe and stay conscious.

A few minutes later, she opened her eyes. She was disoriented, so she turned to look into his eyes again. That brought a big beaming smile to her face. "Wooooow..." she said weakly, her voice filled with wonder. "What... was... that?" Her eyes started to tear up, as her emotional overload only now started catching up.

He curled up next to her and kissed her. It was a soulful and lazy kiss. Now that she'd recovered a bit more, he said, "Sister, I think you just had a whole body orgasm. Or at least something close to it." He was guessing based on his one and only whole body orgasm experience, with Susan.

"So THAT'S what that is!" she said with even more wonder in her eyes. Her voice was weak and hoarse. "Now I know why they call it that. It's like my whole body was... Wow. I can't... Wow! I can't even put it into words!" She threw her arms around him.

"Can I try?" he asked playfully. "How 'bout double plus ultrasuperduperifficallytasticallywonderful?"

She broke the hug and seriously scoffed, "That's not a word."

He was amused. "I guess there's some sort of rules of Amy grammar that I violated. Oh well."

But her seriousness quickly went back to a blissed out smile. "Brother, I love you soooo much! You're such a DOOFUS though!" She hit him on his arm.

"Ow! What?" He pretended it was a hard hit, even though she was feeling so weak she could barely lift her arm, much less deliver a solid blow.

"Saying you're not deserving! That just makes me mad. How do I prove to you that you're the most loveable-est, deserving-est boyfriend brother in the whole wide world?!" Her eyes were filled with love, but then she shot him another mock angry look. "Grrr. Us girls need to straighten you out. Even if we all have to hold you down and take turns fucking your brains out until you get it!"

He grinned. "Well, I am feeling pretty loved at the moment. Thanks to you."

She smiled at that, but her face was still full of wonder at what they'd done. She rolled off him and lay next to him, just so they could both recover a bit easier. "Why didn't Mom tell us this? I mean, I knew a whole body orgasm-thingy is supposed to be pretty cool, but I didn't know it was the die-and-go-to-heaven-type kinda great. Wow! Brother! You know what this means?"


"Well, two things. First of all, you're gonna need to give everyone else one of these. Mother and Sis first of all, but Brenda too. And Glory! She's a neato bondito... Heather? Nah. She'd never be open to it; you have to open your heart with total love, and total submission. Plus, it would only make her more clingy than ever. And Xania? I wonder if she's ever had one. Probably not. And-"

"Whoa. Hold on. This is no easy thing. The love has to be really deep, I think, to even BEGIN to get in the right mood. I don't think I could do it with Xania."

"It's not just her. The main thing is, you need to share the love! Everybody needs to experience this! It's so great! And to think that you were wondering earlier why we all love you so much. That really gets me mad!" She playfully poked him in the chest.

He laughed. "That's easy for you to say, but I still don't know what's going on. How do all these great things keep happening to me?"

"You're making them happen. You keep making me love you more and more and more and more and more! I mean, that wasn't just sex. It was like you touched my soul! Didn't you feel it?"

"I definitely felt it. And I loved it. And I love you."

She playfully slapped him, causing her breasts to jiggle. "Stop saying that! Or I'm gonna have to cry tears of joy again. Then I'll be forced to fuck and suck you all day long."

"Hmmm. That sounds pretty awful."

She giggled. "Hey, buddy, I'll have you know, if you hadn't just destroyed my sanity, you'd totally be facing a super dangerous tickle attack right now."

"Oooh! I'm soooo scared!"

She playfully punched him, and put a bit more force into it this time. "You're really in trouble, big time! As soon as I can move." She giggled. "And don't forget that I love you."

He playfully taunted her, "Oh yeah? I double love you."

She giggled. "I SUPER double love you, so take that!"

"I ultra double TRIPLE super double love you, so THERE!"

She started giggling uncontrollably at that, so she wasn't able to up the verbal ante.

He saw that and took advantage by tickling her underarms.

"NoooOOOOoooo! Stop!" She was laughing so hard now that she could barely breathe.

However, he couldn't keep it up because he was too wiped out. He rolled her onto her side, until he felt a hard nipple pressing into his chest. He draped an arm under her rack and nuzzled his face into her neck. "Aims, you're the greatest. You're so adorable that I could eat you all up. I'm too tired to fuck anymore, but I wanna lie in bed all day and just cuddle and play."

"Hmmm." She tried to sound stern and doubtful, but said, "That can be arranged." Then she snuggled into him. Her eyes were bright and shining with love as she nuzzled her nose against his.

The two of them were too emotionally and physically exhausted to do anything but lie there and snuggle for a while.


Alan and Amy took a shower together. It was friendly and touchy-feely, but not particularly sexual because they were both completely sated. Then they realized they still had nearly an hour to kill before the others were expected to come home.

There was a pleasant public park just a couple of blocks from their street, so Alan suggested that the two of them go for a walk there.

Amy absolutely loved that idea, because she'd had precious little one-on-one time in a non-sexual setting with Alan since becoming his official girlfriend. They walked across grassy lawns, sports fields, and through a few copses of trees while happily chatting away.


She held onto Alan's hand like it was a life preserver, but there was no hanky-panky at all. They were still basking in the glow of what they had done earlier. They deliberately wore conservative clothes, just to make sure they wouldn't get tempted. At first, Alan was the one who led them along, since Amy was still completely wiped out from the whole-body orgasm, both mentally and physically. But by and by she revived, and eventually she was the one bubbling with energy and life, excitedly pulling him this way and that.

He kept bringing the conversation around to art, and was able to draw out her feelings on the subject in ways that she had never articulated to anyone else before. He was impressed, and more than a little bit envious, at how much she loved art of all kinds and how dead set she was on becoming an artist.

He thought as they walked, I wish I had a passion like that. Well, I do, but somehow I doubt I can get a paying job fucking busty beautiful vixens all day long. I mean sure, some fun fantasies about doing that in an office building nine to five are forming in my head already, but let's get real. I'm gonna need to pick a major in a year or two. What am I gonna do?

I keep thinking about archeology. That would be kinda cool. I could be like Indiana Jones, hacking my way through the jungle with a machete, looking for a lost Mayan temple... But I'm sure the reality is nothing like that. I'd probably be stuck doing paperwork in a college office 99% of the time. And the pay sucks. Nobody gets to be a millionaire archeologist. Am I going to have to earn enough for the whole harem? I don't wanna be a moocher, but it's unfair to expect that I-

"What are you thinking about?" Amy asked, interrupting his thoughts. "You're all frowny."

"Oh, I'm just thinking about how lucky you are that you've found your passion. I'm kind of envious."

She grinned from ear to ear. "I have! And I'm holding his hand right now."

He wanted to make this a PDA (public display of affection) free walk, but at that he couldn't help himself. He bent down a little and kissed her on the lips. Still thinking about becoming an archeologist, he realized, How could I go on a dig to some exotic foreign land? I couldn't leave my girls behind. And if they came along, that would open a whole can of worms. How could I protect them, for starters? Am I doomed to never travel?! ... Man, so many complications to this whole harem thing.

The two of them made it back home just a couple of minutes before ten o'clock.

As they lay on Alan's bed just cuddling, he pointed out, "That was a nice walk. It's kind of silly that we had to rush back here, but you know how Mom is."

"Yeah," Amy agreed, "I don't want her knowing that you were flaccid for a full hour or she's gonna give me a big lecture about the danger of blue balls. What is this blue balls thing, anyways? Are they really that bad?"

"Are you kidding? Just between you and me, not even. Mom's just a little mental about that right now. I'm sure she believes it, but she hypes herself up and gets carried away. Mother tells me that it's just a phase and that Mom is going through a puppy love kind of period of really intense emotion. She's already working on reintroducing Mom to the real world."

"Cool. My mother, our mother, is good at that." They were still getting used to having both a "Mom" (Susan) and a "Mother" (Suzanne) and not getting them confused with each other.

She added with an anxious smile, "But in the meantime, you should probably take off your clothes." She was already nude, naturally, but he was still in his T-shirt and shorts. "You don't want her catching us not having sex."

Both of them burst into laughter as they realized how ridiculous that situation was. They got on his bed naked, but were content just to cuddle for a while.

But just the same, when Amy heard the sound of a door opening downstairs about five minutes later, she said, "Uh-oh."


"That has to be Aunt Susan. Let's not let her think I'm a bad penis tender. Oh no, I hear steps. Someone's coming up the stairs. I'm sure that's her! Quick! Let's sixty-nine!"

As Amy settled her pussy on his face, Alan thought, This is a bit silly, but hey, I'm still loving it. There have been times where I've been too weary from sex to remember my own name, but I've still loved every second of it. There's no sign yet of sex feeling like a chore, not with all this amazing variety, and as long as that's the case I'm actually psyched about how over the top Mom is. Hell, somehow, just imagining Mom fretting that my cock isn't getting sucked enough while she's walking around shopping somehow gets me going.

There was a knock on the door a few seconds later.

"Come in," Alan yelled, although his voice was muffled by the pussy lips resting on his mouth.

Sure enough, it was Susan. She walked in the room and saw Amy lying on top of Alan with his stiff dick in her mouth. She smiled benevolently on the scene. "Good morning, you two. How have you been?"

"Good, Mom," Alan replied. He could talk easily since he was only lapping lightly on Amy's labia, whereas Amy had her mouth completely stuffed with his rapidly growing boner.

Susan was still wearing her "outside" clothes, since she hadn't stopped at the underwear cabinet to take off her underwear, but instead had rushed straight upstairs to see how her children were doing. She started to strip, freeing her breasts right away. "Has Amy been taking good care of you?"

"The best, Mom, as you can see." Alan could hear the sound of clothes rustling and lifted Amy's ass up some so he could watch what he knew would be a good strip show.


Amy finally pulled her mouth off his prick long enough to say, "Yep! Hi, Mom!"

Susan licked her lips. Her eyes lit up as she saw that Alan was watching her while Amy was still sucking his cock.

Susan started wiggling and writhing as she made a striptease out of taking the rest of her clothes off. "Mmmm. Amy, how does it taste?"

"Mmmm! Mmmm mmmm mmmm!"

Amy wasn't just pretending to blow Alan for Susan's sake; she really was giving the blowjob all she had. Her tongue was darting everywhere at once inside her mouth, and her lips had formed a tight seal as they were sliding up and down the middle of his shaft. So her attempt to speak was completely ineffectual.

At least it was to Alan.

Susan smiled knowingly as she said, "I know exactly what you mean. So big and tasty."

"Mmmm!" Amy replied. "Mm mmmm mm mmmm!"

"Really? Good." Susan was topless now and was making an effort to lick one of her nipples. "I was so concerned. We were gone for two hours. Two long and lonely hours."

Alan laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situation. Is there some kind of secret cocksucking language I'm not privy to? Like you try to say "good" when your face is stuffed to the brim with cock and it comes out "mmmm" so when you hear someone else say "mmmm" you know what it means... Actually, that might even be possible. Hmmm.

He asked, "So Mom. How was it out in the real world?"

"Hard. So hard. Just like my son's great big cock. You're all I can think about! Good thing Suzanne was there to keep me in line. But you keep me in line even better! For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about titfucks. But now I'd love to get spanked so hard! And cock whipped! Oh! Yes! Slap your big dick across my face, Tiger!"

Susan stepped forward, but then suddenly realized this was Amy's time and she hadn't been asked to join in. She tried to focus her mental energies on her striptease instead. As she slowly wiggled her hips out of her dress, she asked excitedly, "Amy, how have you been taking care of him?"

But Amy was sliding her lips up and down over Alan's shaft. She looked at Susan and tried to give an encouraging reply by wiggling her eyebrows and moaning, but her meaning was unclear, even to Susan this time.

So Alan replied, "Let me answer that, please. I fucked her pussy for like half the morning and ended up giving her a whole body orgasm. Then we pretty much sucked and fondled away the rest of the time."


"Oh my GOD! That's sounds fantastic!" Susan had dropped her dress already and was just dancing naked despite the lack of music, because she was having too much fun to stop. "Good Lord! Not a whole body orgasm?! Don't even make me think about that - I'm burning up! The one you gave me was so great! Just thinking about it makes me hot and wanna SUCK and FUCK your great big COCK all day long!"

She was less dancing and more wiggling and writhing about in total erotic abandon, not hiding the fact that she was on the brink of orgasm. But she asked in a more timid voice, "Amy, is there room for another tongue there? ... No. I shouldn't. I don't wanna be a cock hog."

She was panting as she continued, "Things have to get done. Kat is unpacking our stuff... The stuff we... we bought... I'm gonna go help her and then whip up... Whip up some food. Whip up... Whip! ... Amy, please! Please keep up the good work."

Despite the meaning of her words, Susan was slowly getting closer. There was a lusty fire in her eyes. She was thinking, Mommy needs to serve! Mommy needs to submit! Amy, you had all morning. Can't Mommy just have a little cock time?

Alan had no doubt Susan's lips would be sliding up and down his pole already if it weren't for the fact that Amy's naked body - and mouth - was right where Susan wanted hers to be.

Susan's writhing slowly subsided as she stood behind Amy, stymied. She was thinking about getting a good cock whipping back and forth across her face as a warm-up to much more sexy fun. Her big breasts were heaving and crashing about so wildly from her panting and dancing that she was forced to hold them, but that seemed to turn into a self fondling that was just getting her even more excited.

However, she closed her eyes and seemed to discover new resolve. She started to turn to walk away and leave the room. But then her resolve crumbled. She turned back and looked at her son and daughter beseechingly as a hand slid down her stomach to her pussy. "Aw hell, that other stuff can wait. Amy, please, there's so much cock to share! Two mouths at the very least-"

Alan interrupted firmly, "No, Mom. You've gotta be strong. You've gotta have a normal, 'real world' side too. Things need to be done. I'll be down to help in a little bit."

"Oh, poo!" She looked very pouty and petulant. My God! What willpower! Look at him, calmly talking to me and telling me 'no' while Amy's head is bobbing wildly over his crotch, slathering his dick with her talented tongue. How does he do it? How does he expect me to even hope to resist such a strong-willed, powerful son?! Why can't I just drop to my knees and suck?!

But then she took a deep breath and calmed herself. She closed her eyes and said in a defeated tone, "You're right. Some girls get all the cock, I mean, all the luck. AND the cock. Oh, poo!"

She waited a minute or so with her eyes closed and her body still, trying to get her pounding heart under control. It was difficult, especially with the sounds of Amy's moans and slurps, but eventually she felt strong enough to open her eyes again.

As she picked up her clothes, making a deliberately sexy spectacle of her bare ass bending over in the process, she said with some resignation, "Well, I just wanted to check on you and see that you two were doing okay. Amy, thanks for taking special care of my baby. I'm so proud and happy to have you as my new daughter."

Amy made some appreciative and happy moans.

That put a smile back on Susan's face and she left the room in a relatively good mood. As she closed the door behind her, she was already contemplating what she might do once she had some free time. Going to the basement and watching Amy's whole body orgasm on video sounded very appealing, but calling Brenda and talking about titfucks and spankings sounded pretty good, too. She also could look forward to naked exercising and storytelling with Suzanne.

Alan waited a few moments until he was sure she was gone, and then said, "Jesus! She's such an insatiable mommy slut. And that hot hourglass body. And those high, firm, huge tits. Damn! ... Um, Aims, you can stop now. She's gone."

But Amy was having too much fun sucking him off. She made a little "Mmmm hmmm" sound and then went right back to sucking.

Alan looked at the dripping pussy just two inches from the tip of his nose and thought, Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to wait another minute or two. Or five... Besides, Amy is really hitting a new level of cocksucking prowess today. I don't want to discourage that.

He decided, "Okay then, but you've gotta take a break or I'm gonna blow. Meanwhile, let me do you."


Ten minutes later, Alan and Amy finally came down the stairs, each dressed in a white bathrobe. Amy had had a nice cum, but Alan had held back from having one of his own. The guilt of the others doing all the work while he got to have nothing but sexual fun had finally gotten to him, plus he missed seeing the rest of his family. But mostly, he knew that if he came too many times with Amy, he wouldn't have enough left for the others.

He strolled into the dining room / kitchen area with Amy right behind him and said, "Good morning, everybody. How can I help?"

Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne were all there, and they stopped what they were doing. They were dressed in robes too, except for Susan who was in her erotic apron. Katherine and Susan were in the kitchen while Suzanne was reading the newspaper. Alan thought it interesting how it almost looked like Suzanne was the father in the family.

Katherine was closest to him and said, "For starters, you can give me a good morning kiss."

Alan sat down on a nearby sofa and spent the next five minutes making out with Katherine and then with Susan. But he wasn't the only one being greeted, since Amy got just as much tongue attention as he did. He thought, Between hello and goodbye rituals, we're never gonna get anything done around here. Not that I really mind!

But since he hadn't cum in his sixty-nine with Amy upstairs, he was still feeling quite randy. By the time Susan got to him, he'd lost the robe, and just about everybody else in the room was nude as well.


Not too surprisingly, Susan ended up kneeling on the floor and sitting on her high heels with his erection in her mouth. She let out an extremely happy sigh as her lips slid over his cockhead. YES! YES, YES, YES! Tiger was such a meanie upstairs, but now everything is okay again. This is ... MMMM! This is where I belong. Mmmm!

Suzanne had put her newspaper away and was busy watching, but she still hadn't gotten her greeting kiss. While the others had been kissing, she lubed up her breasts with some olive oil from the kitchen. Then she sat next to Alan on the sofa and started rubbing her rack all over his chest while using a hand on Susan's head to "force" her to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Then she brought her face right up to his and said in her scratchy, sultry voice, "Having fun yet?" Her long tongue snaked out of her mouth and soon she and he were necking.

Meanwhile, Amy and Katherine had been making out with each other. But they kept looking over at what the other three were doing, wishing they could join in.

Finally, Suzanne got up to use the bathroom. Amy saw her chance and announced that it was her turn for a greeting kiss (conveniently forgetting that she'd just walked downstairs with him). So she necked with him while Susan kept busy below them, constantly inhaling Alan's erection.

After a while, Amy thought it would be funny to sit on Susan's head, since it was at the right level and location. But once she did it, she found that it actually felt really good to slide her shaved pussy through their mother's long brown hair.

Susan loved the treatment. Her head felt like it was trapped in a vise grip between Amy's thighs and it was "forcing" her to take Alan's cock deeper and deeper yet again. It also forced her to be more mindful to breathe through her nose (although she could have gotten Amy off her in order to breathe by tapping on her legs if she really had to). The shameless subservience of what she was being "forced" to do was intensely arousing for her.

As Amy ended her make out session while keeping her thighs wrapped around Susan's head, she started raving about the "whole body orgasma-thingy" she'd had earlier.

Alan looked at the way Katherine and Suzanne were looking at him now like they were ravenous wolves and he was fresh juicy steak. Suzanne looked especially predatory as she watched Susan devouring him while on her knees.

He worried, Uh-oh. I can't do that three times in one day, or even two. I need to start putting my foot down around here, or sex won't be fun anymore. True, that'll be like twenty years from now, but still. It's the principle of the thing. Just then, he smelled something starting to burn. "Um, Mom, are you making some pancakes or something?"

Susan's eyes went wide with alarm, but the big erection in her mouth prevented her from talking coherently. "Mmmm mmmm mmmm!"

Amy hopped off Susan so she could get up.

Susan immediately rushed into the kitchen, holding her colossal tits as she went to keep them from bouncing too much.

Katherine, Amy, and Suzanne were all looking at each other, silently considering who would get to take over Susan's spot.

But as Alan sat there with his erection poking out at a forty-five degree angle, he announced, "I'm going to go sit at the table - alone - until somebody gives me some work to do. We need to pace Alan Junior, and Amy took very good care of me basically all morning." He was trying to "ride" one climax for hours, as part of an attempt to effectively stay hard all day long and have only a few orgasms along the way. But the key to that was knowing when to take strategic breaks.

However, he was far too aroused to get up and actually go into the next room to sit at the table there. He was still clenching his butt cheeks, which helped him control his PC muscle.

"So I hear," Katherine said as she sat down on the sofa next to him, still wearing nothing at all. "Tell me more about what you and Amy did." She grinned wolfishly. "I wanna hear all the gory details!"


But just then, the telephone rang. The women were disappointed because all of them all wanted to hear "all the gory details". Plus they knew that such an inevitably arousing conversation would soon cause Alan to give up his (very weak) resolve to keep Alan Junior untended.

Amy answered the phone in the next room, and then brought it to Alan. "It's for you." She silently mouthed, "Christine."

Alan took the receiver and went through some pleasantries, trying to ignore the fact the rest of his family was as naked as he was and standing nearby so they could listen to his side of the call. He immediately sensed that Christine was stressed out.

Christine asked, "Where have you been? I've been calling all morning. More importantly, where is our meeting going to be? Everybody's calling me and nobody knows what's going on."

Alan thought, Meeting? What meeting? Oh yeah, that meeting. Stalling for time and deliberately avoiding giving an answer to her question about where he'd been, he asked, "Who all is going to come?"

She replied briskly, "Myself, you, Amy, Katherine, your mother, Amy's mother, Ms. Rhymer, Simone, and..." She sighed, and then added, grudgingly, "She Who Shall Not Be Named."

Alan quipped, "Who, Lord Voldemort's wife? Don't answer that; I know who. Hey, wait a sec. What about Sean? You didn't mention him."

Christine frowned, and her unhappiness was clear in her voice. "Yeah, I called him, but he's doing something with his little sister. He said he'd be able to help with your security at the game, though."

"Oh." He thought, That's probably for the best, actually. This meeting is gonna be weird enough as it is. "When and where is this taking place again? I woke up not too long ago and I'm kind of out of it."

"I can see that," an exasperated Christine replied. "The when is in half an hour, and the where is unknown. That's why I've been calling, like, every ten minutes. I've been telling people that it tentatively would be at your place, but when I talked to Katherine earlier, she said there might be a snag about that."

Alan thought about Christine coming to his house. He thought about the dancing pole in the living room, the big bed there too, and worst of all, the smell of sex. Damn, I can't EVER let Christine in this house! She's smart as a whip. Even if we somehow get rid of the smell, she'll take one look at that pole and she'll be like a cross of Nancy Drew and that relentless cop dude in the Terminator 2 movie. No way! ... Although it would be pretty damn sexy to see her dressed up in a police outfit. Sweetness!


Although I could think of some improvements to a boring ol' police uniform. Yes! And if she would find the pole, she'll be taking names and making arrests. And strip searches! Definitely strip searches! Heh!

Man, I gotta get a grip!

He looked around and saw all the naked women watching him and listening intently, which was a bit unnerving. Katherine was still sitting next to him, and had started running a hand up and down his leg. He said, "Snag? Um, yeah, there's a snag." He lied, "My mom's REALLY sensitive about having visitors. She goes into super freak out cleaning mode, and that's just the start of it. Can we meet at your place?"

"What, and have HEATHER in my house? I feel violated just thinking about it. I'd rather open my house to a crack whore. Oh wait, there's not much difference, is there?" Her voice dripped with bitterness and sarcasm. "Please, no."

Alan thought about Heather's house, but then realized she'd feel roughly the same about having Christine over. And Glory would freak about letting Heather see her apartment. He said, "Let me see what I can do." He was about to hang up and have a family pow-wow over the problem, but then he looked at Suzanne standing there in her naked glory and had an idea. "Hold on."

He placed Christine on hold and asked, "Aunt Suzy, are Brad or Eric at home?"

Suzanne answered, "No, and they'll be gone all day. And yes, you can meet at my place."

So with a big sigh of relief, Alan got Christine back on the phone and made final arrangements to have the meeting at the Pestridge house.

That set in motion a flurry of activity. Suzanne and Amy immediately dressed and hurried back to the their house next door, presumably to make it presentable. Susan redoubled her efforts to make breakfast, with Katherine again helping. Alan made some calls to inform others about the new plans. Everyone put on at least some clothes to cut down on distractions, even if it was just a robe.

He thought about the meeting. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick. To have all those women in one room at the same time? What a potential disaster! I was gonna suggest meeting at a restaurant until I realized we'd probably draw a crowd with that many beautiful bombshells all in one place. Heck, just taking the entire family four out in public at the same time is problematic, even when they dress up like the Amish going to a funeral. But the big problem is, what am I gonna do about Heather and Christine? Or Glory and Heather? Or Christine and Mom? Fuck!

To Alan's surprise, Susan managed to hold back her usual lusty urges and was in a fairly efficient "mom" mode, cooking and serving the meal, cleaning up, joining in the conversation, and finding time to eat herself. (It helped a lot that she'd had a nice climax while sucking him off, even though she was sad she hadn't managed to get him to cum in her mouth.) She would have seemed the prototypical "supermom" except that she did it all while wearing her apron, high heels, glasses, and absolutely nothing else.

As the three of them ate, Alan said, "Mom, I gotta warn ya. For this meeting, and heck, for the game too, we're gonna need the old Mom. The prudish Mom. The fully CLOTHED Mom. Especially whenever you're around Christine. You are going to the game, right? I assume that's why you and Aunt Suzy are in on this meeting thing."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Son. For one, it'll be a treat to watch my two daughters shake their sexy booties." She smiled benevolently in Katherine's direction. "I'm sure I'm gonna get extremely hot and bothered just looking at the whole cheerleading squad and all the while knowing that you're boning every single one of them. Angel, maybe you could borrow some extra uniforms after the game and we could have our own little cocksucking, bisexual sex squad here at home!"

"Okay!" Katherine enthused.

Alan was about to complain to Susan that such thoughts were way out of line for the "old Susan" he wanted at the game.

But before he could, Susan's mood suddenly changed. Her eyes narrowed and her voice became strong and menacing. "But also, I'm not just gonna sit at home and fret, not with all those nasty football players on the loose. If they harm ONE HAIR on your head, or Angel's head, or Amy's head, there will be hell to pay."

When Susan said "there will be hell to pay," the happy-go-lucky soccer mom smile was suddenly wiped off her face. She looked more like a hardened mercenary killer. But when she stopped speaking she was all smiles again.

Alan thought of movie superheroes when they grimly said tag lines like, "Hasta la vista, baby," just before killing somebody. He grinned and thought, Man, I almost feel sorry for Ryan and his gang. They don't even know what kind of can of whoop ass they've opened up. He mentally snickered.

Then he said, "Mom, that's great, but what about being low profile? Can you do that? Heather's super suspicious about the whole incest thing. She may try to lay some kind of trap. That goes for you too, Sis. And I don't think Christine is suspicious yet, but if she ever is, she'll be like the ultimate bloodhound from hell. You need to be extra hyper vigilant around her; I can't emphasize that enough. If you so much as look at me longingly when she's around..."

Susan just smiled. "Don't worry, Son. I did all right when Glory came over yesterday, didn't I?"

"Weeeeeellll, kind of," he replied, not feeling too confident about that. Glory already knew of the incest, but it had been a very good thing that Susan had managed not to rub it in Glory's face with blatant reminders. But he remembered some close calls they couldn't afford to have around Christine. After all, Glory already knew everything and it was just a matter of being sensitive to her feelings as she slowly adjusted to that knowledge. But if Christine found out about the incest, he was sure all hell would break loose.

He looked back and forth between Susan and Katherine. Susan's apron didn't cover anything to begin with, but even its shoulder straps were slowly sliding off her shoulders. Katherine was wearing a robe, but she might as well have not been, since it was completely open in the front. She was eating her pancakes but somehow making it look like she was practicing giving a blowjob.

He had a raging hard-on and was wondering why he'd been so reluctant to climax ever since getting back from the walk. It was too late to rectify that now since there was too much to do before the meeting started. Oh man, what am I getting myself into? he thought. Why do we even need this stupid meeting, anyways?


Alan looked around the Pestridge house living room. He almost had to pinch himself, because he could scarcely believe what he saw. There, in one room, sat Heather, Glory, Susan, Suzanne, Amy, Katherine, and Simone, while Christine stood in front of the others. He was intrigued at the spacing, which was loaded with meaning and territorial politicking. Amy sat right next to him, because she was the only one who didn't have to hide her relationship with him from anyone. Glory, by contrast, sat a good distance away from him, and far away from Heather. Susan was with Suzanne, trying to stay far away from both Heather and Christine and yet not be obvious about it. And so it went around the room.


He was also amazed at the sheer quantity and quality of female beauty in the room. Virtually every single woman had dressed conservatively, even Heather, so as to not be accused of being slutty by any of the others. Yet at the same time, they were all dressed to impress. There was a definite competitive mood in the air. The whole group - except for Alan in his usual shorts and T-shirt - could have been instantly transported to a high-class party and would not look out of place.

Alan considered that it was a lucky thing that they'd all arrived pretty much right on the dot, probably also to impress. He'd had nightmarish visions of having to entertain, say, Christine and Heather together, while the others slowly trickled in. However, while that had gone smoothly, he had big worries that they all could be civil to each other through the meeting. After the meeting was another big question mark. He hoped there was no time for people to stay and socialize. There was too much that could go wrong.

He was already wishing he could have had an orgasm before coming to the meeting. Just looking at the fully dressed women was giving him a pulsing hard-on. He looked at Susan, all dolled up with earrings, delicately rouged cheeks, and lipstick, plus a dress that made her look like she'd just stepped out of church, and recalled the way those ruby red lips of hers had been sliding back and forth over his erection while Amy literally rubbed her wet pussy on top of her head, less than half an hour earlier. He idly wondered if Susan's hair still smelled like pussy or if she'd managed to shampoo that out.

Too aroused to stand up and show off the bulge in his shorts, Alan cleared his throat and said, "Thank you all for coming. I have to admit that I basically don't know if I'm coming or going most of the time. The one who has been really on the ball about this threat we're here to discuss, and what we should be doing about it, is Christine. So, without further ado, Christine, why don't you stand up in front of the group and give us the latest?"

Christine stood up and walked to the area in the front of the room where everyone was facing. She was tense but had her act together as she started to speak. "Thank you, Alan. Everyone in this room is a friend of Alan in one way or another. As you all know, he is in danger, due to some jealous thugs who hate him. We've heard rumors that Amy and Katherine could be in danger as well, though we don't know that for sure. Frankly, any one of us in this room could be in danger, simply because we're his friends. These thugs have ruled the school like a personal fiefdom for too long and it's high time their abuse of power comes to an end!"

The whole group broke into applause. Christine was a very charismatic and articulate speaker, and she'd already gotten over her initial nervousness.


Alan was already musing that she had the makings to become a successful politician. However, his eyes rarely made it up to her face since she was pacing back and forth in agitation, which kept her huge breasts in constant motion underneath her blouse. He knew other people were looking at him from time to time, but he couldn't stop staring at her or grinning.

Christine continued, "As most of you know, Alan asked me to serve as his bodyguard and I gladly accepted. I have some martial arts training that could slow these thugs down. Others - I'm thinking especially of Sean and Simone - have also expressed interest in guarding Alan, and their offers are certainly appreciated. But none of us can protect him 24 hours a day, and even if we are there to help we're likely to be very outnumbered. Remember, our intelligence suggests..."

Christine went on and on and on, or at least it seemed that way to Alan. For almost everyone else, they knew some things Christine was saying and didn't know others. But Alan knew it all, at least this introductory material. He found himself spacing out.

He looked around the room. Man, I never thought I'd see the day with all these women in one room. I've fuckin' had sex with ALL of them, except for Christine! That just totally blows my mind. I mean, Hugh Hefner in his prime would be blown away by these gals. And it's funny what each of them knows, or think they know, about the others. Poor Christine. She's the biggest gossip and yet she's the most clueless one here. Thank the Lord she knows nothing about the incest...

His eyes remained open and seemingly alert but his mind went into daydream mode.

In his dream, Susan suddenly stood up, interrupting Christine.

Christine reluctantly called on her. "Yes, Mrs. Plummer?"

"Sorry for interrupting; you're doing a fine job. But it occurred to me, well, heck, let's basically call this what it is. We're Alan's harem. Well, except for you Christine; you have yet to be properly dicked. But Alan has obviously tamed you mentally just the same as us, so I already consider you a provisional member."

Christine's face had turned white and she stared at Susan in pure horror. "Excuse me?!"

"It's cute how you deny it. I'm sure Alan loves that. But I was thinking, as his harem, what on Earth are we doing just sitting here when he has a raging boner about to pop out of his shorts? Whatever happened to the good ol' tradition of penis tending, or even stealth stroking?"

Christine was still staring in complete disbelief. "Excuse me, but, Mrs. Plummer, are you implying that you... have... sex..."

"With my son, yes." Susan finished the sentence for her in a proud matter-of-fact tone, since Christine was having such trouble speaking. "While the newest member of our gang is still coming to grips with that, who wants to be the first penis tender?" She raised her own hand.

Amy's hand shot straight up, and then Heather's. There was a pause, but then Suzanne, Simone, and Glory all looked at each other and raised their hands together.

Christine exclaimed as her jaw hit the floor, "Ms. Rhymer! I suspected, but... Good Lord! And you, Mrs. Pestridge?! But you're Amy's mother!"

Then Katherine raised her hand.

"Katherine?!" Christine was agog. "No! You too?! I thought you were my friend!"

"I am. But resistance is useless. Don't worry though; you're gonna love it!"

Christine staggered to the nearest empty chair and collapsed into it. It looked like her brain had hit overload, so she was taking a mental time-out to deal with the shock.

Meanwhile, Susan was taking charge of penis tending. "Okay. Just as I figured; everybody wants a turn. We should double up to spread the fun around. But I don't want to interrupt Christine's lovely speech with a long selection process. Since we have an unusual mix of Alan's tit slaves here today, why don't we have, say, Simone and Susan share cock-tending duties first? Oopsies, that includes me!" She giggled. "Does that sound agreeable to everybody? ... Good. Simone, since you're in front of strangers, you may decide to keep your clothes on, but I don't mind. I think I'll just get myself a bit more comfortable."

The room was silent while Susan pulled her blouse and bra off. Then Simone and Susan took their positions. Alan stood up to give them better access.

Susan went on, "Now, sorry for the interruption, everybody. I'll just... Mmmm! ... Start licking here a little bit... Mmmm! Yum! ... Back to you, Christine; the floor is all yours... Christine? Christine? Could somebody get her some water? She doesn't look so good."


In the real world, Alan had a great big smile on his face as he pictured Christine staring with a mixture of horror, lust, awe, and envy at Simone and Susan lapping up the sides of his rigid pole. Somehow, in his dream, she was no longer across the room, but kneeling right in front of his erection, staring with even greater fascination as a female hand pushed her head closer and closer...

But then he refocused his eyes on the real Christine. He realized that she was staring back at him with an odd look in her eyes.

Damn! How long have I been out of it? I think this is the time for the expression "Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face" to come into play. I must look like a grinning idiot from where Christine is standing. Have I been missing something important? I need to get serious and tune in. This whole meeting is for MY benefit!

To Alan's relief, he realized that he still knew everything Christine was talking about. He decided that he'd only been "gone" a couple of minutes at most.

But unfortunately, his daydream only made the situation with his penis that much worse. And to think, just an hour or two ago I was telling Amy that blue balls are no big deal. This is a big deal! Major blue balls. This sucks, man! And what really sucks is that I can't look anywhere without getting totally horny. I suppose I could stare at the ceiling or the floor, but that would be rude. And I can't just sneak off to the bathroom and take care of it myself because Mom would know somehow, and then she'll have a "sins of Onan" heart attack. Too bad we can't really have a penis tender at this meeting. That would be so great.

He forced himself to pay attention to Christine, even though he was easily distracted. One thing he noticed was a greater and greater sense of hostility coming from Heather. When Heather had arrived, she looked fresh as a daisy and was nothing but smiles and good manners. She hadn't spoken much yet except to raise the occasional question, but she was obviously chafing from having to play second fiddle to Christine.

He thought, Worse, she's squirming around more and more, like that chair is really uncomfortable. Oh, I know what's causing that. Oh no. She's probably annoyed at the "no anal" ban I gave her yesterday. That's so cool - she's literally feeling the neglect of her ass! But what bad timing; that's gonna put her in an extra pissy mood.

Somehow, the conversation turned to the "Goody-goodies" and the "Blondies". It had to be explained to a couple of people that those were the "intelligence agencies" of sorts for Christine and Heather, respectively.

Heather was happy because that allowed her to show off how she could be useful. When Christine said, "the best intelligence suggests that these eight thugs..." Heather saw her chance to steal the spotlight.

She stood up and said, "Excuse me, Christine, but did you say eight? I think that illustrates right there the relative merits of our respective networks. My sources have just confirmed that not one, but TWO members of Ryan's gang have dropped out within the last two hours, thanks to the pressure I've brought to bear on them. Both Graham and Van are no longer a concern, I'm happy to say. And if you leave it up to me, I'll have the rest of his pathetic bunch crying for their mommies in a matter of days."

Christine was taken aback and more than a little irritated that Heather had outdone her on this. But she quickly recovered and kept her cool. "Very well. That's good news, certainly. However, six on two or three are still not good odds. Furthermore, if what she says is true, Ryan may sense that his group is losing cohesion and that he needs to strike sooner rather than later. I'm afraid that in the short term, that news only increases Alan's danger."

Heather was forced to sit back down.

Happy to have the initiative again, Christine continued, "Which leads me to the two purposes of this meeting. First off, today's football game, which starts shortly, is a golden opportunity for Ryan to cause mischief. Due to Heather's unique, er, management of the cheerleading squad, the squad is woefully short on substitutes. Therefore-"

Heather stood up again in an angry huff. "Excuse me! I have not mismanaged the squad. Au contraire! The reason the squad only has one extra-"

Now Glory stood up and cut her off. "Heather, I'm sure you could pontificate at length on why you're supposedly capable of running the squad. But Christine here has important things to say. Please let her finish."

This was the first time that Glory had spoken. She'd been forcing herself to stay quiet because she feared what she might say if she opened her mouth. She disliked Christine because she saw her as competition for Alan's affections, but she absolutely loathed Heather with a passion. Sure enough, she'd let that "supposedly capable" slip out without meaning to. She knew that certainly wasn't the way a teacher was supposed to behave, even outside of school, so she resolved to keep quiet.


Heather's patience had been wearing increasingly thin, especially since she'd been spending more of the meeting thinking about her "anal neglect" and punishment than listening to the others speak. But Glory's comment was an unexpected blow and pushed her over the edge. She shot a nasty look at Glory. "How DARE you! We're not at school and so you're not a teacher right now, but just another person. Might I-"

Simone interrupted. "Hey! Excuse me. I know we have some personality conflicts in this group. But please, everyone, try to be civil. Right now, Christine has the floor. If someone else wants to speak, raise your hand. Christine, please continue."

Simone rolled her eyes. She felt a bit out of place at the meeting, but she was there largely to try to keep some sort of rein on Heather. It was a role she knew all too well.

Christine graciously nodded to Simone before continuing. "Now, as I was saying, regardless of who's to blame for the small number of cheerleaders, the squad can't afford to have both Amy and Katherine missing for the same game. So they might as well both attend. Safety in numbers. The rest of us should escort them to and from the field, keep an eye on them during the game, be near them at halftime, and escort them safely away after the game. Getting there and back is really the big danger. But with our numbers, and even though most of us are females who don't have a clue how to really defend ourselves or anyone else" - that came off unusually harshly because Christine was staring right at Heather as she said it, and she intended those words just for her - "I think we should be fine. Of course Sean and I and a couple of others will be with Alan at all times, so there should be no problem there."

Alan raised his hand.


"Christine, don't you think you're making too big a deal about this? I mean, I appreciate your excellent efforts and all, but you're making this out to be some kind of military operation. We're just going to a football game. It's not that big a deal."

"Not that big a deal? Forgive me if I'm too harsh, but I think you've been blissfully ignorant of school politics. You don't even know there's a war going on at school, every single day. You're not involved in the power struggle, so why should you care? But now you're seen as a threat, so you ARE part of the struggle. The people who rise to the top of the pecking order are absolutely ruthless and sometimes even downright evil." Christine was deliberately staring at Heather as she said this. She was glad to get in a dig that only Heather, Simone and maybe Glory would get.

Or so she thought. Suzanne had been completely silent because she was devoting all her attention to observing. She'd noticed for instance that every single female was casting occasional lusty glances in Alan's direction, except for Katherine and Susan. To her pleasant surprise, she'd noticed that neither mother nor daughter had so much as looked in Alan's direction. And she was generally the only other one to notice when Christine, Glory, and Heather made subtle, and sometimes completely nonverbal, digs at each other.

Christine continued, "I've seen what Ryan has done to others who got in his way. Are you familiar with any of those episodes?"

"Um... No," Alan reluctantly admitted.

Simone piped up. "I'm not surprised you don't know, because he's clever. He doesn't just up and beat you up in the middle of school for all to see. He does it in a way that doesn't leave tracks."

Christine nodded in agreement. "That's why we can't just sit around and wait for him to make his move. Which leads me to my second main point."

Susan raised her hand. Christine called on her and she asked, "Sorry for interrupting, but just what did Ryan do, before?"

Christine replied, "Well, he's not totally power hungry, like some people at school." She didn't have to look at Heather or raise her voice for emphasis, because she knew that Heather knew that comment was directed at her. "But he rules a powerful clique, and he crushes those who get in his way."

Simone added, "She's right. I know these guys all too well. There was this one boy last year who reported to a teacher that one of Ryan's friends had cheated on a test. We don't know what happened exactly, but that boy missed a week of school not long thereafter, and when he came back he still had some bruises here and there. He was absolutely terrified to talk about Ryan or certain other people, and never said a peep. But things like that happen. It's rough out there."

Christine nodded, pleasantly surprised to have Simone supporting her. "Alan is blissfully ignorant, even though he's already been assaulted on more than one occasion."

Alan glanced over at Glory, and felt a chilling tingle creep up his spine at seeing her nod ever so slightly, confirming for him that what these girls were saying was, in fact, the truth.

"Okay, okay, fine," he said. "I just think... Let's not make too big a deal about this, okay? I mean, three months from now, are we still going to be holding meetings like this and planning where to go every day, like we're some kind of special forces team? It just seems over the top."

Christine said, "You bring up a good point, which is that people don't remain vigilant for long. An excellent point, in fact."

Heather muttered derisively, "Suck up." She cupped her hands around her mouth and projected her voice in the hopes that Christine would hear that but the others wouldn't.

Christine pretended not to notice. "As far as vigilance goes, I think time is on Ryan's side. How long do we want to live in fear, if this thing keeps going? Which again brings me back to my second point: we can't just sit around and wait for him to attack! We must strike first!"

Heather ostentatiously rolled her eyes and mumbled just loud enough for Christine to hear, "Talk about power-hungry! Little Hitler is on the march."

But Christine ignored that too, instead saying, "Here's what I suggest. At a minimum, we implement our defensive strategy and get everyone back from the game without incident. But at the same time, we keep our eyes open for a chance to go on the offensive. We need to trip up Ryan. Rock is already out of the picture, and without either of their leaders, the group will wither on the vine..."

Christine then launched into an elaborate plan based on the old truism, "A good offense is the best defense." The gist of it was to lure Ryan's gang into a trap and get them to play their hand too early on disadvantageous terms. It was a highly complicated plan because Christine had thought out all kinds of contingencies. If Ryan and his gang did one thing, that would lead to one branch of options, and if he did another that would lead to a completely different branch of options. Then the first branch would branch still further based on additional variables at the next decision point, and so on.

Alan was highly impressed with Christine's logical mind, just as the others were (except for Heather, who would concede nothing to her enemy). But he wondered how her plan could possibly work unless it was implemented by a whole squad of Christine clones who were able to memorize its every last detail in order to be on the same page for any given contingency.


Alan started to daydream again. Christine clones. Now, there's a sweet idea. It would be awesome enough to pop Christine's cherry, but deflowering a whole Christine army over a period of weeks or months? Wow.


Why have one Christine bodyguard, when I could have a bunch? And hey, if I'm the boss, then I ought to choose the uniform, or lack thereof. Sweetness!

He looked up at Christine talking and mentally disrobed her with his eyes. It was pretty easy to do, since lately he was more used to naked female bodies than clothed ones. Oh yeah... If only...

But what am I thinking? I have a whole Christine army right here in this room. Every single woman is just as hot as her. Or sometimes hotter even, like Susan and Suzanne, who are possibly the two most smokin' hot females in the entire universe. Maybe I'm just biased 'cos they're my moms, but damn, they're scorching hot foxes no matter how you slice it.

Just because Christine is standing up there in front of everybody, with her improbably gigantic tits having a wrestling match with each other under that shirt despite the industrial-strength bra that I have no doubt she's wearing, but which ultimately is fighting a losing battle... One day, that valiant but foolhardy bra is gonna snap under the strain, and with my good luck hopefully it'll be one of those rare "Wonder Woman T-shirt" days, and then it'll be nipples-a-go-go! Hell, the whole shirt will probably just rip to shreds when those twin torpedoes burst free... Wait a minute. Wasn't I making some kind of point about a Christine army or something?

Damn. My brain is just totally fried. Stupid perpetual hard-on. God damn Alan Junior never rests. Never! Horny little bugger. He always needs attention. But I like my earlier idea about having a penis tender through this very meeting. That would be sweet! Speaking of totally frying brains, just imagine if Mom really did pull that stunt.

Alan drifted back to his daydream fantasy land. He imagined that the meeting was still going on just as it was in real life, except that he really did have two penis tenders, just as he'd fantasized. Before, it had been Simone and Susan, but now they'd been replaced by Katherine and Glory.


Additionally, Brenda had somehow appeared, and clothing had become increasingly risqué. As he stared at Suzanne, her large breasts grew to truly massive proportions that even Brenda would envy, causing her blouse to pull back until she was proudly showing off a Grand Canyon of cleavage. Everywhere he looked, clothes were shrinking and body parts were growing. By the time he looked back down at himself, he saw that both of his penis tenders were topless, while he had lost sight of his shorts.

Christine finally finished explaining her complicated plan in reality and sat down after getting a round of applause.

She finished her speaking in Alan's fantasy, too (although her speech sounded like the "wah wah wah" sounds adults made in Charlie Brown cartoon specials). But when she was done and went to sit down, in his daydream he said, "Not so fast, Christine. Come here."

Christine nervously stood in front of him. She was blushing furiously and trying to look anywhere but at his groin. She seemingly had discovered something very interesting on the ceiling.

"Not there, Christine. Here. Lower." He pointed to a spot on the carpet right before him, between his knees.

Against her will, Christine found her body dropping down. Inside her head a voice was screaming for her to stop as she dropped to her knees between his legs. Now, she had no choice but to stare at the way Katherine and Glory were slurping their way up and down the sides of his shaft. But Katherine wasn't content with just that. She had a hand in there too, rubbing hard wherever tongues were absent. His was an extremely well "tended" penis.

Alan said, "That was a really great speech, Christine. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into that. Just to say thanks, I think you should get the cockhead all to yourself."


She looked back and forth between Katherine and Glory. Their eyes were open and their faces showed a divine bliss Christine had never experienced. The slurping and licking was relentless; it drowned out everything else in the room.

She still didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe she was actually watching Katherine, Alan's own sister, giving him head. She stared at what the nubile teen's mouth was doing, which allowed her to stall for time, but also was making her more and more aroused.

Then she felt hands. One pair of hands was removing her blouse and bra, yet she was too stunned to resist. Another pair of hands was actually using scissors to cut away her skirt and her panties, so she wouldn't have to get up to get them off. A third pair of hands then held the back of her head and began moving it gently but firmly towards Alan's suddenly unoccupied cockhead.

"I can't... I shouldn't..." she mumbled, but the next thing she knew, her lips were on it, kissing it. She wanted it so desperately badly that she was barely able to breathe. The smell of virile male cock filled her nostrils and inflamed her lust. She didn't care that his dick was literally dripping with pre-cum and saliva from other women. She wanted it, she needed it, she absolutely had to have it.

Within seconds, she found herself not just tentatively licking his piss hole, but actually swallowing the entire cockhead. She couldn't begin to fathom how she'd fit the whole thing in her dainty and inexperienced mouth, yet somehow she managed to rise to the challenge.

She started to bob on his knob, heedless to the fact that every other woman in the room was intently watching her performance. She found herself starting to enjoy it. She looked up into his eyes with a timid yet hopeful expression. "Lige thith?"

He patted the top of her head and nodded. "Just like that."

She somehow smiled, despite the fact that her mouth was crammed to the brim with cock sliding back and forth. At least, she knew she was smiling.

Christine and four others

Then the hands returned. She was suddenly reminded that she was completely naked, because there were hands on her back, hands on her ass, hands everywhere. Hands on her breasts - lots of them! Three or four, at least! Kneading, pinching, groping shamelessly. Hands on her bush, even, and then fingers into her pussy lips. And nipples! She could feel many bare nipples pressing against her back.

Then she heard Katherine whisper in her ear. "Ta-da! Welcome to the harem, Christine. Welcome to your new life. You're a tit slave now, just like the rest of us. Your new goal in life is no longer getting into the college of your choice; it's keeping that big dick in your mouth happy at all times. There's a sensitive spot just below the head. Can you hear him moan when your lips slide past it? Focus right there, just like that... Good."

One of Katherine's hands had slid between Christine's legs and two fingers were already pumping in and out of her extremely soaked pussy. Christine was so far gone with arousal that she'd hardly even noticed this extra thing. Katherine said, "And don't mind my fingers in your cunt; we're all bisexual. It's part of the rules of being an Alan girl..."

Alan didn't realize it, but he was so into the daydream that he'd closed his eyes. He wasn't quite asleep, but he'd completely lost mental contact with the outside world.

But he was jarred into reality when a book was suddenly placed in his lap.

Stunned, he looked around and saw that Amy had placed it there. He had no idea where it had come from, as Amy had been nowhere near any book the last he'd seen her, but he noticed it conveniently covered up his throbbing erection. He could only begin to imagine the kind of lewd bulge that was there before, since he'd lost all track of trying to keep his "package" in place during his daydream.

He looked over at Amy, who was frowning at him, obviously annoyed at how he'd been spacing out.

Then he looked for Christine. To his relief, she was sitting in a chair on the side of the room that didn't give her a good angle to look at his crotch. Better still, Heather and Glory were engaged in a rather vigorous debate and all eyes were on them instead of on him. Simone was trying to intercede, but to minimal effect.

He whispered quietly to Amy, "Did anybody see?"

She whispered back, "You mean the Leaning Tower of Pisa that was ripping your shorts apart? Yeah. I had a couple helpers pass me a book from that bookshelf over there. But luckily, Christine, Heather, and Glory are so busy arguing with each other that they're completely oblivious."

"What are they arguing about?"

She practically scowled at him as she whispered, "Geez, Louise! You really need to pay attention. This is important stuff for YOU!" She poked him in the chest. "After Christine put forth her plan, Heather put forth her plan. Didn't you notice?"

He had missed Heather's entire plan. "Sorry, it's just-"

"Sssh! Later. Listen."

So Alan listened. In truth, he hadn't missed that much, five minutes at the most. He very quickly caught on to the gist of Heather's plan (which seemed to boil down to "Trust me, I'm Heather, I'm great, I'll take care of everything single-handedly") and some other plans that were being put forward. The problem was, he was thinking with his dick now as his erection began to desperately crave release.

Seeing virtually all his women in one room for the first time was such a power turn-on, he could barely sit still. How could his ego not soar, knowing so many gorgeous and wonderful women loved him and desired him?

He thought, You know, Christine looks really hot when she's angry. But then again so does Glory. And so does Heather. Hell, they all do. It's really especially hot when they're in each other's faces and it's like, are they going to yell at each other or are they gonna suddenly kiss each other on the lips?

God dammit, listen to me. I think my IQ's dropped in half. I sound like Beavis and Butthead. Plus the "Bad Alan" is really surging through me right now. I feel like a werewolf in search of a victim or something. Too many bombshells in one room, and the clothes don't help me 'cos I can picture them all naked perfectly. These women are trying to help me with a very serious problem, and I can't control my libido. This meeting isn't doing me any good at all. Stupid penis!

Then he saw Suzanne stand up to speak. He forced himself to pay special attention because even he had noticed that Suzanne, normally the group leader, had hardly said anything at all.

Suzanne said, in response to something that Alan had missed, "I think it's worth a shot. But I'd also like to throw something into the pot. I have my own scheme to solve this problem, but it's a little more long-term. Basically, I want to learn everything I can about these eight, or maybe six, boys, and their families. My theory is, they talk tough, but they're a bunch of sissies. None of them are REAL criminals. This school is smack dab in one of the richest neighborhoods in the country. If their parents tell them that they'd better behave or they'll take away the Jag, or they won't pay college tuition, these guys are gonna cave. I know the type. So my plan is to befriend the parents and alert them about just what kind of trouble they're getting into. Most of these parents are hands-off and think their kids are perfect little angels. They'll go ballistic if they find out their precious kids are running with the wrong crowd. So it's just a matter of getting the right information and then working on the parents, especially the mothers."

Now Heather spoke up. She replied to Suzanne in a respectful tone, instead of the snide tone she'd recently been using with Christine. "That sounds very commendable, Mrs. Pestridge. I like your idea much more than Christine's. However, and I mean no offense by this, but since you don't go to our school, you're out of the loop. I, on the other hand, know all these characters intimately."

Christine snorted, "Yeah, that's true. Very intimately."

Some of the people in the room didn't understand that comment, but Christine was referring to the fact that Heather had slept with a good portion of the football team.

Heather ignored that. "I have a certain influence at school, due to my beauty, intelligence, and popularity" - both Christine and Glory snorted loudly - "and I've been using my influence to find out exactly who makes up Ryan's gang, and then put more direct pressure on them to quit. That's how I got two of them to give up this very morning. For instance, once I found out for sure exactly who was involved - something Christine's little bunch of 'Goody Two Shoes' unfortunately failed to do - I analyzed their weaknesses and began applying pressure. Like, Graham has a girlfriend named Mary Ann. She and I had a little talk not even one hour ago, and had he not immediately quit, she already would be his EX-girlfriend. So Mrs. Pestridge, while I admire your efforts, I don't think you need bother; I'll have this gang taken care of in a matter of days."

Glory said, "Heather, that's all well and good, but in reality, you're not the legend that you think you are. Perhaps you can knock off a couple of Ryan's flunkies, but you won't get them all."

"Try me," Heather shot back. "You'll see. And just what are YOU doing to help?"

Simone said, "Look, Heather-"

But Heather interrupted, "Thank you, Simone, but I can handle-"

Alan suddenly spoke up loudly. (He was careful not to stand up, for obvious reasons.) "Hey, everybody. I think it's great how different people are trying different things. However, we're not going to get too far if we're spending most of our time fighting each other instead of Ryan. Furthermore, all this talking isn't really getting us anywhere. Are we going to agree on a plan of action before we all have to leave for the football game? No; not likely. We can take this up again later, maybe tomorrow, and come up with an offensive plan. But right now, this very minute, we need to know what to do to get everyone safely through the football game. And to do that, we need to WORK TOGETHER. Period. All of us."

He stared at each woman in turn, like a teacher demanding attention from every student. Then he continued, "For instance, Heather, you should share what you know with Amy's mom so she can get started. And you and Christine really need to declare a truce and swap information. Then report back here and fill us in on exactly who these six or eight guys are, so we all can recognize them at the game. We have so much potential synergy here. For instance, Glory, you might know if one of these boys is struggling at school. You could work with Suzanne on that and she can pass that on to his parents."

He added to himself, Wow, that makes me look like I actually was paying attention the whole time. Heh! But to be honest I only missed a couple of minutes twice.

Suzanne smiled. "What an excellent idea, Alan. Glory, you and I should definitely work hand in hand on this, don't you think?" She stared right at Glory, who had wound up standing next to her.


Glory suddenly felt flushed and ill at ease. "Um, yeah. Definitely." She wanted to run out of the room, praying that the others wouldn't notice just how loudly her heart was starting to pound.

Alan said, "Okay, let's break up into groups. Christine already discussed in general the security measures we need to take to get through the game. Now, let's put that plan into action and get down to the nitty-gritty details. Christine, you need to talk to Simone and fill her in on guard duty. I'll referee while you talk to Heather. Glory, you should pow-wow with my mom and Amy's on the parent angle. Heather, you and Glory need to talk, and I'll referee that too. Amy and Katherine, you two are pretty much off the hook since you talked to Christine last night, but you should confer with Simone, 'cos she'd be a good one to guard you..."

The group broke up into little clusters. Remarkably, animosity was kept to a minimum because Alan stayed close to wherever Heather went and generally ran interference for her. His job got a lot easier when Heather left early after she'd talked briefly with Suzanne, Glory, and Christine. (The last was a very brief chat indeed.) Simone had come in the same car as Heather, so they left together.

Once Heather was gone, Alan breathed a sigh of relief and went to the kitchen to get a drink. He felt like he'd just gone through a trial. Phew. Talk about estrogen overload! Heather didn't say anything to Mom except for a couple of pleasantries, and Mom and Christine haven't spoken at all. That's a relief! And Mom is looking surprisingly, well, fuddy-duddy. She's certainly not giving Christine any reason to suspect she's an insatiable cocksucking nympho, just from looking at her. I may just get out of here in one piece, after all.

He was especially happy that during the small group discussions his erection had finally subsided. (He'd been forced to carry the book around for a while, not that it had fooled anyone.) Now he could walk around again like a normal person without the urge to fuck anything that moved.


As Alan stood there gulping down a glass of orange juice, Amy came up to him. "Hey, O.B.? It's cool how everybody's coming together. I wish I could be more helpful. I do have one idea, though, that could help you out a lot."

"Really? What is it?"

"Well, it's easier if I show you instead of tell you. Come on; it's up in my room."

Alan followed Amy up the stairs like a lamb to the slaughter. He was too frazzled having kept the meeting from devolving into a catfight to think about why she was taking him upstairs.

As he walked down the upstairs hallway, he commented, "God, it seems like AGES since I've been up here. It's funny how you're over at our house every day and I never come over here."

"Yep." She was happy he was keeping himself distracted. He was staring in every direction, bringing up old memories. He'd visited the Pestridge house much more often when he was younger. "Remember when the four of us used to play Monopoly and cards and stuff up here?"

"Yeah. Whoa! That brings back memories." He could scarcely believe there had been a time when he was close not just with Amy and Katherine, but with Brad too.

He was so distracted that when she took him into her room and closed the door behind her, he merely asked, "So, what is it you want to show me?"

"It's not so much what I want to show you, as what I want to see. Although I can show you a little too." Amy had been wearing a very short, fashionable, tailored dress that could have been worn to a society event. But in one fell swoop she pulled the dress up and over her head and threw it aside. She'd been planning this move, and unlike all the other women except Heather, she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. She was so glad to be naked after enduring the long meeting that she let out a happy sigh.

Then she fell to her knees in front of Alan. Her goal was to get his dick in her mouth before he fully realized what was going on and could raise objections. As she fell, she said, "I saw how much you were suffering from super horny-itis downstairs! As your official girlfriend, it's my job to help."

She was so fast that his penis wasn't even a bit hard. But she yanked his shorts down (much faster than dealing with zippers) and had it in her mouth within seconds just the same. His shoes were already off since Suzanne had a "no shoes in the house" policy, and he wasn't wearing socks either, since he'd been wearing sandals.

He hissed quietly but insistently, "Aims! What do you think you're doing?! We can't do that! Not here, not now! Think of all the people downstairs!"

"Buh Heathah'th goh," she mumbled. Her mouth was rapidly filling up as Alan's penis grew erect about as fast as it possibly could inflate.

Alan hissed, "I don't care if Heather's gone. What about Christine?! Or Glory?! It's too dangerous!" But he failed to pull away and slumped a little down the door he was leaning against. The fact was, his body was so ready to be finally getting some relief that he knew right away his protests were simply a matter of going through the motions. He wanted to jump for joy more than get her to stop.

Amy knew she just needed to stall for time. As she bobbed back and forth on his knob she said, "Buh I jus wanna hep. You're ahh tenth."

"Tense?" She wasn't as good at talking while cocksucking as, say, Susan, who had become an expert at it thanks to her constant practice.

"Yep. Tenth." Her hands were busy on his balls, while his dick was extremely firm and full by this point. But she wanted to seal the deal so she brought one hand through his legs, aiming to find his asshole.


He could sense what was coming. She'd find his prostate gland and his lingering resistance would crumble. Not like I'm gonna push away now, anyways, he thought. I'm a goner and I know it. It just feels too great! Giving in, he stepped away from his shorts and pulled his T-shirt off for good measure.

Amy's index finger hit its target.

Man oh man, not the prostate! God, that feels so good!

Just then, he heard Suzanne yell, "Sweetie, are you upstairs? Almost everyone's gone home. Ms. Rhymer is looking for you."

"Oh shit!" he muttered too loudly. He realized that, while it was true that Amy was his official girlfriend, and in theory there was nothing wrong with them having sex in Amy's bedroom, the reality was quite different. Glory was still having great difficulty with the idea of sharing him with other women, and to accidentally stumble upon them like this would shock and upset her greatly.

He looked at Amy, buck naked and happily slurping away. She obviously was in no rush to take any evasive action; in fact her index finger was still probing his anus, trying to get him to cum. He looked down at his shorts and saw he'd kicked them well out of reach. Luckily, his T-shirt was within reach on top of a dresser, so he picked it up. He slid his whole body to the side in an effort to get away from her ravenous cocksucking lips.

Amy tried to follow him while keeping her mouth on his dick, but he kept moving further away.

His erection finally popped free of her lips. He was simultaneously frantically trying to get his T-shirt back on.

"Awww. Just yell down that you're not here," she suggested. But she also handed him his shorts.

He laughed at the logic of her comment. Obviously she was so lost in the lust of the moment that she wasn't thinking very clearly. "No, I know Glory. She's gonna come upstairs herself to explore. She doesn't take 'No' for an answer. I knew this was nuts. I've gotta run!"

With his shorts newly pulled up, he opened Amy's door and burst into the hallway. Just as he did that, he heard Glory's voice. "Alan? You up there? Where did you go? Suzanne said you were up here." He heard the sound of her feet clomping up the stairs, but he hadn't seen her head emerge from the stairs just yet.

He looked around frantically. He knew he shouldn't be in Amy's room, as he highly doubted Amy would get dressed in time. He saw the bathroom at the end of the hall and scurried to it. Then, right at the door to it, he stopped and turned around.



He was just in time. As soon as he'd done that, Glory's hair came into view, then her face. "Ah, there you are," she said.

Alan's heart was pounding madly. But calming himself, at least on the outside, he said, "Yeah, I was just using the bathroom. The downstairs one was being used."

"Oh." By this point she'd made it up the stairs and was walking down the hall directly towards him. His explanation sounded very plausible.

Looking from side to side, she noted, "This is a nice house. I've never been here before." There were two bedrooms on each side of the hall before it came to an end at the bathroom. Amy and Brad had theirs on one side, and Eric and Suzanne had theirs on the other. (The fact that the two adult Pestridges had their own bedrooms showed just how far their marriage had collapsed.)

She felt a bit odd going upstairs in a strange house and was waiting for Alan to ask her what brought her there. In fact, she had a good reason for seeking him out, because Suzanne had basically told her to go up there to talk to him in private about how to resolve, or at least temper down, the whole Christine-Heather-Glory feud so it wouldn't divide their efforts against Ryan's gang.

But to her annoyance, Alan didn't ask her about that, or anything else. He just stood there, looking a bit fidgety.

As she got nearer, she asked him, "Which one of these is Amy's room?" She'd been specifically told by Suzanne that Amy had left the house, but she was just curious about her room. (She had an insatiable sense of curiosity in general, so this was no surprise.) She looked down at his crotch and noticed that he was covering what appeared to be a large bulge with both hands, and trying but failing to act casual about it.

Alan had a nightmarish vision of Glory walking into Amy's room only to find Amy gallivanting around without a stitch of clothes. Suzanne's bedroom was nearest to him, so he nodded at it and said, "This room is Suzanne's." He took her hand and walked into Suzanne's room, pulling Glory along with him.

"That's very nice, but why should I care if..." Her voice trailed off, because she took another look at his crotch and saw his hands were off it. Now there was no disguising a lewd bulge that was leaning forward at about a 45 degree angle, seriously straining the fabric of his shorts.

She grinned. "Young man, are you hiding a flagpole in your shorts or are you just happy to see me?"

"I'm happy to see you. VERY happy." He stepped forward and, in one fell swoop, took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips.

She broke the kiss and pulled her mouth away for a second, just long enough to say, "We shouldn't!" But she was the one seeking out his lips seconds after she'd made that pro-forma protest.

Their hungry kiss seemed to go on and on forever. When they finally broke lip-lock to breathe, she again protested, "We shouldn't." But his hands were already busy taking off her clothes, and her hands were busy taking off his.

"Damn you, young man!" she cursed as she pulled his shorts off. "Why do you always make me do these insane things? Suzanne sent me here to discuss important stuff with you, not play around! You said this is her room, right?" She looked around furtively, and then realized fully where she was. "Oh shit! Close the door!"

Sure enough, the door to the room was wide open. Alan, already buck naked, went over to it and closed it, but he didn't lock it.

He was having a great time. He was feeling the adrenaline rush of being in danger, yet he felt there was no serious danger. He thought, If Amy or Suzanne "catch" us, then so what? It might freak out Glory, but I know they won't really be bothered by it. Especially since it seems Suzanne sent her here. I'll bet Suzanne knew this would happen. That would explain why she shouted up, to make sure that Amy would have time to hide. But to what end? What's her scheme this time?

However, he was so busy thinking about Suzanne's schemes that he'd forgotten about Christine. Admittedly, Suzanne's shouted comment of "Almost everyone's gone home" caused him to assume that all the others had left. However, Christine was still there.

Downstairs, Suzanne was busily scheming, and part of that was getting everybody to go home. Heather had left early with Simone, even before the small group discussions were over, and then Katherine and Susan left as soon as they possibly could. Both mother and daughter had done an admirable job in not giving away any hint of their incest, but the easiest way to play it safe was to simply claim to be busy and go back to their own home, so that's what they'd done.

After Suzanne sent Glory upstairs, that just left Christine. Unfortunately for Suzanne's scheming, Christine recognized that Suzanne was a very smart person, so she wanted to discuss her offensive plan against Ryan with Suzanne at length, while also discussing Suzanne's plans to get to Ryan by going through the parents.

Even so, Suzanne would have been able to shoo Christine out of the house soon enough, except that Suzanne had to go to the bathroom.

That left Christine all alone, and just minutes before she'd heard Suzanne all but order Glory to go upstairs and talk to Alan about something related to the whole Ryan situation. She didn't catch just what they were to discuss, but Suzanne seemed to be taking her time, and the upstairs conversation sounded like one she wanted to get in on.

So Christine headed up the stairs. She figured she'd just be a minute, just long enough to tell Alan and Glory to come downstairs and join her and Suzanne so the four of them could have a really fruitful discussion. As she reached the top of the stairs, she thought, I don't understand why Alan and Glory had to go somewhere private to talk. I mean, are they talking about something private? I can't possibly see what that could be if it relates to the battle with Ryan's forces. Alan was just saying that we all need to get on the same page and communicate better. I should coax them downstairs.

As she made her way down the upstairs hall, she thought, I hope it's not a sexual thing. That would be really embarrassing. I mean, I saw them together on the beach. I know they're doing it. And when it comes to Alan and sex, the only thing I know is that anything is possible. Maybe I should turn back... Although, Suzanne did tell Glory to come up here, so that doesn't really make sense... But as her puzzlement grew, her curiosity drove her on.

"Alan?" she said aloud.

Just then, as she was passing Amy's door, Amy walked out into the hallway and literally ran into her.

"Oh! Christine! What are you doing here?" Amy was fully dressed by this point, and very alert to Christine's snooping. She strategically placed herself between Christine and the bathroom, preventing Christine from walking forward.

"Um, I was just..."

"You were looking for me? How sweet!"

"No, I'm looking for Alan and Glory. Your mother said they're up here talking about the whole Ryan-"


Amy blatantly yet convincingly lied, "Oh! Them. They were here, but they just left out the back way. Alan was up here to talk to me about something before they left. But actually, I'm totally glad to see you. I've got this idea..."

Amy took hold of Christine's hand and began leading her back downstairs while she prattled on off the top of her head about some half-baked ideas relating to the football game security. What she said wasn't important; all that mattered was that she was leading Christine away from where she knew Alan and Glory were getting it on.

Amy was glad to have her reputation. She knew that other people, including Christine, simply couldn't conceive that she would lie like that. Not sweet, innocent, space-cadet Amy. Even more, it would never occur to Christine that Amy would lie to help Alan and Glory have sex further down the hallway, even if she did suspect that Amy might be lying.

Christine let herself be led downstairs.

Amy hurried her off the upper floor as fast as she could without raising Christine's suspicions. She worried that Alan or Glory would cry out loud enough to be heard. She breathed a sigh of relief when she and Christine made it down the stairs and out of hearing range.

Suzanne soon managed to get Christine out of the house altogether, claiming with some validity that she and Amy needed to get ready for the game.

Christine thought it perfectly natural that the two people left in the house would be the ones who lived there. She wondered where Alan and Glory had gotten off to, but she didn't even consider the possibility that they were still upstairs, not when Amy was there too.

Alan and Glory didn't know it, and in fact they were barely even aware of the danger, but now they were in the clear. Furthermore, Suzanne's latest scheme was now back on track.


Back in Suzanne's room, as Glory was taking off her bra, she looked at Suzanne's big double bed. There was an expensive scarlet-colored duvet on it, lying on top of scarlet satin sheets.

Alan was already sitting on the duvet and inviting her with his eyes to join him.


"We shouldn't. We really shouldn't," Glory protested as she moved to the bed. "I have to put my foot down."

She hopped onto the duvet and threw herself into Alan's arms.

After she and Alan kissed again, she sighed, bemoaning her lack of self-control. She felt bad having sex in Suzanne's bedroom, of all places, but she knew the pull was too strong. She looked around and said, "We really can't ruin her duvet. It's not nice."

"I'll just have to cum inside you then," he suggested with a happy leer.

She shivered with lust at that idea. "Young man, what you do to me! This is wrong. Wrong. Wrong!"

He pulled the duvet back and laid her down on Suzanne's scarlet sheets. Then he got on top of her.

Glory shivered again lustily as she felt his hot erection burning against her thighs. Then suddenly, she hissed, "Sssh!"

She paused, then whispered, "Did you hear that?"

"What?" he asked.

She still whispered, "I thought I heard a voice. Somebody saying 'Alan.'"

He replied while not quite whispering, "Nah. I didn't hear anything." Actually he had, and he was fairly sure it had been Christine's voice. But he figured that Amy was still upstairs, so if Christine was wandering around, hopefully Amy would intercept her. And if Amy didn't, then they were screwed no matter what they were doing.

Alan allowed Glory to just lie there quietly and listen for any further sounds. He figured that was a prudent thing to do in any case, just to make sure that Christine was gone by the time they started making a lot of loud rutting noises. To help pass the time, he started rubbing his cockhead up and down Glory's pussy lips.

"Don't do that!" she hissed quietly, slapping him on the arm.

But he just grinned and kept rubbing. He could tell from her face that she was loving it and could hardly wait for him to push into her. He mused, Seems I'm in Bizarro World. Whatever Glory says, she means the opposite. He snickered to himself.

Finally, her tensed-up body suddenly relaxed. Her hands stopped clenching and started caressing.

He commented, "There. You see; I was right? It was nothing. However, I noticed that the danger of getting caught gets you off, doesn't it?"

"Does not!" However, she was so aroused that her body betrayed her. With Alan still poking right at her door with his bulbous cockhead, she was forced to comment, "I hope we don't ruin these sheets. What are we doing on Suzanne's sheets?" She started to tense up again.

Alan looked down to where a tiny puddle was starting to form on the sheet just under the spot where their privates met. He made a fist and brought it down to the puddle like he was planting a flag there. "In the name of the king, I now officially pronounce this lake Lake Glory!"

That caused her to burst into laughter, greatly relieving her tension. "Okay, wise guy, go ahead and fuck me already. What are you waiting for?"

"Now, that's the kind of attitude I like!" Both of them were so aroused there was no need for further foreplay. Not only was her pussy wetter than the Everglades, but her whole body was panting with need.

As he lined up his erection to put it in her, she complained, "We shouldn't. We really shouldn't. This is Suzanne's room. The meeting downstairs has to be over by now. What if Suzanne comes up here? This is insanity! We can't!" She held his dick since he was nervously fumbling around with it, and helped him guide it in.


"Aaaaah..." she sighed with tremendous relief as she felt his fullness slide in, completely filling her in one long thrust. For some moments she was lost in bliss and all smiles. But then she complained again. "You bastard!"

"What did I do?" he asked in a defensive tone.

"I dunno. You're just... too irresistible! How am I supposed to be responsible when you stand there in the hallway with a goddamned battleship gun throbbing in your shorts? It just isn't fair!"

He laughed. "I'm sorry. You're partly to blame, you know. You're just too sexy." He began to thrust.

"Me? Ha! Lies. Sweet lies. I saw the women at the meeting. That was like some kind of fucking Miss America pageant, with only big-breasted contestants. I should fucking kick your - UH! Your ass. For being too... UGH! God in heaven! ... Jesus!"

He was really pounding into her. But then he stopped.

"What?! Don't stop now!"

"Can you flip over? I wanna do you doggy-style. Also, I need some condoms. I've been far too lax about that kind of thing."

"Why? You know I'm on the pill."

"I know, but one can never be too safe. Besides, it'll make me last longer."

She muttered, "Good Lord. As if that's ever been a problem."

In fact, the condoms and change of positions were just a cover story allowing him to get up and look around. Curiosity had gotten the best of him and he wanted to know what was happening out in the hall. He had a suspicion that Suzanne or Amy might be out there.

Seeing that Glory had turned over, he went to his shorts and found the condoms he kept in his wallet. But he sensed something, and looked up. The door to the room was quietly and slowly opening. Guessing what was going on, he said to Glory, "I love looking at your ass as you lie on the bed, letting me admire your entire backside. It's so firm and sexy."

"It's too fat," Glory complained, even though she loved the compliment.

As he'd hoped, his comment confirmed to the person at the door that Glory was not in position to see the door opening. A hand reached through a crack in the door, holding a couple of condoms.

He laughed out loud. He didn't mean to, but the situation just seemed too absurd for him to resist.

Glory hadn't heard the door open since it made next to no noise, but she did hear his laugh. "What?" she asked.

He grabbed the condoms from what he recognized to be Amy's hand and hurried back to the bed before Glory got curious and looked behind her. "Oh, nothing. I'm just thinking how crazy it is that we're here in Suzanne's room. What are we going to say when we go downstairs after fucking, and she and Amy are still home?"

"Don't remind me!" she griped. "Don't you know some kind of secret backyard escape route or something? That's what I'm hoping. And stick it back in, already; I'm going crazy here! Plus, we need to be fast!"

"Hold on, hold on. I'm not good with these condom things." Now he was nervously fumbling with the condom. The danger of getting caught was a great high, but also made it hard for him to concentrate.

Finally, he got the condom on and then plunged back in.

"Oh, yes!" Glory squealed. "Lover! I love it. I love you!"

He started to thrust in earnest.

"Alan? Amy? Is anybody up here?"

Both Glory and Alan froze as they heard Suzanne's distinctive, scratchy yet sultry voice. It was heart-stopping enough to hear her at all at this time, but what made it worse was that her voice was loud and clear. They knew that she had to be at the top of the stairs, if not even closer.

Alan was much more relaxed about this than Glory, because he could tell that Suzanne was up to one of her schemes, and he knew from recent experience that her schemes generally resulted in him having mind-blowing sex. But he couldn't figure out what she could possibly be up to this time, and that worried him.

Glory, by contrast, was simply terrified out of her gourd.

Alan hissed to Glory as he pulled his stiffness out of her, "Quick! Hide!" He figured that he needed to behave in a predictable way in order for Suzanne's scheme to work, and it was seemingly nuts to do anything but try to hide Glory at the very least.

There was a closet and a wardrobe, but there was no time for Glory to get to either of those. She simply rolled down the bed and flung herself off the side opposite the door. She landed on the floor with a loud thud.

Alan noticed her clothes strewn about the floor. He quickly picked them up and tossed them over the side of the bed where she was hiding.

Glory was panting heavily along the edge of the bed when she heard Suzanne's voice grow much louder. "Sweetie! What are you doing here?!"

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