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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 127
Danger Zone
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Over at the Hunter house, Brenda was feeling anxious. She'd tossed and turned for most of the night, fretting about two things. For one, she was suffering due to the 24-hour no touching ban Suzanne had imposed. She was not allowed to touch Adrian in any way, nor could he touch her, until about dusk on Friday (Suzanne had not specified an exact time yet).

For another, when the ban came to an end, Brenda and Adrian had the green light to do anything they wanted with each other. It was virtually certain that they'd go all the way. The only question was how many different times they'd be able to go all the way, before succumbing to mutual exhaustion. Brenda couldn't wait, but that prospect was so momentous and exciting that it made her as anxious as the no touching ban did.

It also made her dreadfully nervous, since she couldn't be sure that Adrian would be amenable to doing to her all the things she wanted him to do with her. What if there's something I really like, and would love for him to do, but which he doesn't enjoy doing? He already seems less than fully excited to spank me, and what would I do without spankings? I need them, daily!

She had no doubt that he loved her and lusted after her intensely, but she also worried that he wouldn't be particularly aggressive or "master-worthy" in bed. Questions like this loomed large in her mind, along with images of him rejecting her advances as being too weird or perverted.

All the previous evening, Brenda dealt with the ban simply by avoiding Adrian altogether. They ate dinner at separate times and kept to themselves for the rest of the evening. Their loyal old maid Anika served as a go-between and a watchdog to make sure the ban was enforced. Had Anika not been there, it was doubtful the ban would have lasted even an hour.

Adrian was feeling the same emotions, except he was even more agonized and excited. Much of Brenda's attention in recent days had been focused on her new lover and master, Alan. But Adrian had never had sexual intercourse before. His entire focus was on his mother and that upcoming event. Nothing else could have left him more emotionally worked up.

The 24-hour 'no touching' ban was psychologically helpful for him in the long term. He was feeling whiplashed by all the recent sexual developments in his life, so it was good for him to have a breather and try to come to grips with what was happening before taking that momentous next step. That was the primary reason that Suzanne had imposed the ban.

However, in the short term he was in agony. Thanks to the video system set up all over the house, he could have spent much of his time jacking off while watching his mother Brenda on video. He loved the sight of her, lusting after her so much that he was constantly aroused by looking at her, regardless of what she was doing or what she was wearing. (It so happened that lately she was nearly always wearing extremely sexy outfits and flaunting her body, since she knew that he was often secretly watching).


Sometimes he was puzzled, because it seemed like she would often stop in the middle of whatever she was doing and just stand in a sexy pose for a while, as if she were deep in thought about something. Other times she might take a long time bending over to get something from a low shelf, or even reach inside her clothes to touch her pussy or squeeze one of her nipples. It was almost as if she somehow knew that he was watching, so she was putting on a good show for him.

(In fact, that's exactly what was happening. Since she knew exactly where all the cameras were located, her little displays even took camera angles into account.)

He vowed to himself to hold off, to not cum until the ban was over. He thought that would make their special moment that much more special when it finally arrived, and he also hoped it would help with his sexual stamina so he could fuck her many times that night. He was terribly afraid that he wouldn't impress her, especially since he knew that she had this other lover, Alan, who was touted as some kind of awesome sex stud. He figured he needed every edge he could get, if he was going to compete with Alan.

He thought he could help pass the time by locking himself in his room and reading the book "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." However, he'd read the book several times before, so even though he loved the series, not even Harry Potter could hold his attention for long. He tried playing some of his favorite video games, but that didn't help either.

Since Adrian was very talented at drawing pictures using the computer graphics program Photoshop, he tried doodling on the computer for a while. But that didn't help much, because about the only things he liked to draw were imagined nude pictures of Brenda, or of Cynthia (the girl at school he was most interested in), or of other girls from school, or of famous models.

Since his goal was to keep his mind off Brenda, he attempted to draw pictures of Cynthia. However, his heart wasn't in it. One problem was that Cynthia bore more than a passing resemblance to Brenda, especially her curvy and busty figure. She was "only" an E-cup, but that was pretty remarkable considering she was just 16 years old, like Adrian. Not too many people had noticed her looks, since she was a shy wallflower who dressed to conceal her figure and avoid attention. But Adrian had noticed.

A few weeks earlier, Adrian would have been very content to draw pictures all day long of how he imagined Cynthia and other pretty girls at school looked naked. But more recently, all he could think about was his mother and what he expected they would soon be doing to each other. He started drawing a picture of Cynthia, but somehow he kept exaggerating the curves and changing the face until it turned into a picture of Brenda. Frustrated, he turned his computer off and decided to go to sleep.

Like Brenda, he tossed and turned in his bed for hours. He felt like he was close to a complete nervous breakdown, torn between hope and excitement on one hand, and fear on the other. He was wracked by both fear of the unknown, and fear of not measuring up to Alan. But eventually, like his mother, he fell asleep several hours before sunrise through sheer emotional and physical exhaustion.

When he woke up, he looked at the clock beside his bed and was surprised to discover that it was already eleven in the morning. This was encouraging, because it meant that he'd gotten a decent amount of sleep after all, but more importantly, it meant that there were fewer hours to suffer through until the big moment arrived that evening.

Once he'd gotten over that excitement, he realized that he was terribly hungry. He hadn't eaten a bite since dinner and had missed his usual breakfast time by several hours. After showering and doing the rest of his morning rituals, he resolved to go downstairs and grab something to eat, and then hurry back to his bedroom so he could hide until darkness arrived.

When he got downstairs, he was relieved to find he was alone. There was no sign of Brenda or Anika. But that meant he had to prepare something for himself. He started making sandwiches and finding snack foods that could hold him until dinner.

While he was doing that, Brenda came walking into the kitchen. She'd finally fallen asleep at the same hour he did, and she'd also woken up almost exactly when he did. She froze when she saw him, since she'd assumed that he'd eaten breakfast a couple of hours earlier.

But it was too late for her to sneak back to her bedroom, because he'd seen her as well.

Both of their hearts stopped beating for a long moment and they stared at each other with wide eyes.

"MOM!" Adrian shouted out, looking and sounding like she'd just caught him masturbating.

Brenda was a bit calmer due to her greater maturity. She managed to shut her wide-open mouth and pretended to act and sound casual. "Hi, my Pooh Bear. Good morning. Or I should almost say good afternoon."

"Um, yeah." As his initial fright subsided, he stared at her hungrily. He was disappointed to see that her body was very thoroughly covered with clothes. Since the ban had started the night before, she'd made a point not to leave her room less than fully dressed, knowing there was always a chance she might run into him. She was even wearing a bra and panties under her long-sleeved blouse and dress.

He had not dressed as prudently. He was still wearing his pajamas, sans underwear. He'd assumed that he could turn back if he saw Brenda was already downstairs, and his goal was just to quickly get some sustenance and hurry back to his room, so he hadn't bothered properly dressing.

He was really regretting it now because his penis immediately grew stiff as a board simply from the fact that he was in the same room as his mother, no matter what she was dressed in. And his pajama bottoms were worse than sweat pants in terms of lack of support for his erection. In fact, there was an opening in the front unhindered by any zipper or buttons, and he was forced to grasp his hard-on to make sure it didn't slip out through it.

Brenda saw his suddenly raging boner threatening to burst free, and that unnerved her somewhat. But she figured that since she was the responsible adult, she would just have to play it cool and act normal, and eventually he'd calm down. Letting out a genuine yawn, she strolled into the kitchen. "What'cha making?"

"Oh, uh, er, just some, uh, beanut putter... Um, I mean, peanut butter. Sandwiches! Peanut butter sandwiches!" He was nervous as hell, and it had been a struggle just to get that sentence out.

She smiled encouragingly. "Relax. I'm not gonna bite you. It's just me, after all. Give your mamma a hug." She stepped towards him with her arms outstretched.


Brenda and Adrian froze and looked around, because neither of them had said that. They saw Anika standing at the base of the stairs, looking into the kitchen.

"Oh, there you are," Brenda said, trying to hide her disappointment. "I was wondering what happened to you."

Anika walked quickly towards the kitchen. "And I vas vonderink how many seconds it vould take you to break de no touchink ban. Look vhat you did to dis poor boy!" She pointed at Adrian's crotch. His erection was poking against the fabric in an almost comical fashion.

Adrian's arms were still frozen up around his head in anticipation of the hug. As a result, there was no hand restraining his erection, and it had immediately found its way through the hole in his pajamas. Mortified, he jerked his hands back down to cover it up.

The sight of her son's boner in the flesh got Brenda's heart racing, not to mention her mouth watering. But she was even more annoyed than she was aroused, because she wasn't allowed to do anything with it. She turned to Anika and complained, "Why is it that you're always lurking nearby, telling me what I can't do? You've been working for me and my family as long as I can remember. But do you follow my orders? No! You listen to Mistress Suzanne instead, a woman you hardly know!"

Anika was completely unfazed by that. "Dis is true. But dere is a good reason. Brenda, you know dat I love you like de daughter I never had. Dere's no doubt that your body is wevy developed and mature. Unt you're much smarter den people assume just from looking at you. But oh mein Gott! You are such a spoiled brat! You haf so little self-control, so little common sense. Suzanne, she's vize unt she's lookink out for you. I talked to her on de phone much more den you know in the past couple of veeks. She tinks a little break is goot, if only so you two can calm down some, unt I agree."

Brenda sighed. She knew that what Anika said was true. But she was terribly spoiled, with little self-control, and tired of Anika always getting between her and her son's penis. She wanted to shout, "So what? I don't care. Leave me alone!"

But she at least had the self-control not to do that. She waited some long moments to cool down, and then said, "Anika, I hear what you're saying. You're probably right. No, I know that you're right, that Mistress Suzanne has my best interests at heart. But still, can't you see how awkward Aidy and I feel, with you always getting underfoot, and acting like our jailer?"

"Vell, if you veren't so naughty all de time-" Anika started to say.

"I know, I know. But just this once, can't you give us some peace?" She looked around. "I've got an idea. What if you hang out in the living room? You can see through from there into here, and yet you'll be far enough away so we can have our privacy too."

"Vell, okay... But be goot! Remember you don't vant to make Suzanne angry."

"Okay, okay, okay."


Anika went to fold a big pile of laundry in the living room while Brenda and Adrian prepared some food in the kitchen. Now that Adrian's plan to rush back upstairs had been foiled, he took time to make a proper brunch with scrambled eggs and French toast instead of just slapping some sandwiches together.

Adrian still wore his pajamas, which was a continual problem due to the open hole in the front and the fact that he was in a constant state of arousal whenever his mother was near. In fact, he didn't even need to see her. Even though Brenda hadn't prettied herself up or put on any perfume, there was a familiar feminine smell coming from her he knew quite well that was almost guaranteed to get him hard or keep him that way. He tried to snake his erection down his thigh. That prevented it from easily poking out of the hole, but it also created an obvious bulge in his loose pajama bottoms.

Brenda was extremely frustrated. She was very serious in her desire not to violate the no touching ban, as obeying her superiors, especially Suzanne, was very important to her. She worried about doing anything sexual in front of Adrian, even things that were technically allowed despite the ban, such as mutual masturbation, for fear of sliding down a slippery slope and losing all control. But on the other hand, she was too aroused, after many hours of repressing her desires, not to mention watching Adrian's erect bulge bouncing all over the kitchen, to act in a completely non-sexual manner.

As she and Adrian carried their completed meals to the dining room table, she said, "Is it just me, or is it really hot today?"

While Adrian could be too shy and even cowardly at times, he was no fool. It was a typical sunny day in Orange County for that time of year; with luck, it might reach a high of seventy degrees. But he said, "Oh yeah. It's a real scorcher, Ma."

"Sure is. You don't mind if I take my top off?"

Adrian certainly didn't mind, especially when she put her plate of food down on the table and pulled her top over her head.

YES! he thought triumphantly, as her gargantuan breasts bounced into view, covered only by a lacy bra.

Brenda smiled as she saw the look of rapture on her son's face. She felt empowered and emboldened as she sat down to eat. She had no idea where she was going with this, but it felt too good to stop.

She immediately stood back up and said, "Heck, I should probably take my bottoms off too." She made a big production out of shimmying out of her dress. She let a bra strap fall off her shoulder in the process, nearly exposing a nipple.

Adrian was loving life. Now that he was sitting at the table, he was free to let his erection poke out the opening in his pajama bottoms, and no one was the wiser. His penis was hot and throbbing already, but he restrained himself from holding it.

Seeing the big smile on her face, he said, "I'll bet it feels better, taking off those heavy clothes."


She sighed with contentment. The sigh caused both bra straps to "accidentally" fall further down, exposing all of both her nipples. "You have no idea. The Plu- er, Alan and his harem, they have such a wonderful, enlightened attitude when it comes to nudity." She opened her mouth to say more, but then stopped. Talking about the Plummers with Adrian was fraught with pitfalls.

Indeed, Adrian frowned from hearing just that much.

She thought, Aaaah, this feels soooo much better! Us big-titted sex slave-y types just NEED to be naked! Mistress Susan says that all the time, and she's absolutely right, as usual! Now, if I could only crawl under the table and slip Aidy's cock into my mouth!

She began to pull her bra aside, but before she could toss it away, Anika had a coughing fit. The old maid continued to cough until Brenda put her bra back on. But the horny mother kept the straps hanging precariously on the edges of her shoulders.

The two of them ate their brunch mostly in silence, just making some inconsequential small talk. But their arousal levels remained sky high. They would have been insanely horny in any case, simply because of the ban and anticipation of what would happen that night, but the fact that Brenda was wearing only her bra and panties and Adrian's hard-on was exposed fueled their fires.

Brenda's bra straps were continually slipping down her shoulders. Several times, both straps slid down at the same time, causing the bra to slide down to her stomach. She was in no hurry to put the bra back in place, either.

Her problem was Anika. Even though Anika was sitting about 80 feet away in the vast house and ostensibly folding laundry, she kept staring right at Brenda and scowling with disapproval or coughing until Brenda would put her bra more or less back in place.

But then Brenda had an idea, stemming from the way she saw Adrian's hands in his lap most of the time. He's jacking off! He totally is! I can tell, from the way his arm is moving up and down a little bit. And from where Anika is sitting she can't see what he's doing under the table. In fact, she probably wouldn't be able to see what I'm doing under the table too, if I'm really subtle about it. Aidy's been so BOLD! He deserves a big reward!

While continuing to eat her food, she very carefully kicked off one of her high heels. Then she raised her foot and slid it up Adrian's leg. The table cloth covered most of what she was doing from Anika's view.

Brenda's worry was that he would give away what she was doing with a shout or astonished facial expression. After all, they weren't suppose to touch at all, so this was definitely against Suzanne's wishes and rules. So, for cover, she spoke in quiet tones. "My Pooh Bear, it seems today is hot and getting hotter all the time, don't you think?"

"I... I...!" He was more or less speechless. His problem was exacerbated by the fact that Brenda had little self-control, as usual, and her foot was sliding along his pajama bottoms past his knee and towards his crotch.

Brenda was able to take advantage of Anika's distance from the table - Anika could see them quite well from where she was sitting, but she couldn't understand what they were saying, as long as they kept their voices hushed. She covered Adrian's stunned stammering by continuing, "Yep, it's gonna be really HOT today! I can practically feel the heat rising up my legs towards my crotch, can't you?"

He certainly got that message, especially since her foot wandered high enough until it made contact with his erection.

"OH!" she exclaimed, pleasantly surprised to feel it completely exposed. As he beamed with happiness, her toes wandered around, feeling that his hand was still holding and stroking his shaft near the base.

"Vat's goink on?" Anika suddenly complained from the other room. "I can't put my finger on it, but somethink ist funny. Vat are you visperink about?"

Brenda froze, and so did Adrian. But Brenda managed to stroke her toes up and down Adrian's boner while he held it firmly in place for her. "Oh, nothing," Brenda said loudly to Anika. "We're just talking about the weather."

Anika glared at her. "The veader, huh? Vell, if it's so interestink, speak up so I can hear you." She couldn't put her finger on it, as the thought of under the table footsy games hadn't occurred to her, but she strongly suspected Brenda was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. She stopped her folding of the laundry for the time being to watch her intensely.

Brenda knew she was in danger, given that level of scrutiny, so she reluctantly withdrew her foot.

Still, her brief footjob of sorts had excited Adrian so much that he overcame his usual shyness enough to comment, "You know, Ma, I'll bet those bra straps can really chafe the skin. Especially if the bra is really tight. I don't know how you can stand it."

In fact, Brenda's bra was anything but tight, which helped allow it to continually slide down. But she leaped at the opening. "You're so right. Those straps do pinch my tender skin."

As she started to unsnap her bra from behind, she said loudly, for Anika's sake, "Heck, what's wrong with a little bit of looking? After all, Mistress Suzanne didn't limit looking or even orgasms, just touching. Why can't I do this?" She cupped her breasts, proudly hefting them up in the process.

She was rewarded with a loud and lusty groan from Adrian.

But there was a niggling worry in the back of her mind. As she jiggled her chest and preened and posed, her worry came to the fore of her thoughts. The slippery slope! What happened to my slippery slope idea? I'm so easily excited today, and just shaking my stuff is flooding my panties! If I keep this up, I'm gonna lose all control!

Then she remembered Anika and looked over towards the living room. She was surprised that Anika hadn't said anything.

Anika had been trying to think about an approach to stop things from spiraling out of control, but hadn't come up with one yet. Cued by Brenda looking at her, she said, "Vell, I don't know about dat. It's dangerous. Vatch out! Bevare de slippery slope!"


Now Brenda was feeling plagued with guilt. Damn! How does she do it? It's like she's reading my mind There IS a dangerous slippery slope here. It's all I can do not to drop under the table and madly slurp and suck my way all over my son's magnificent cock! She leaned back and groaned lustily as she imagined doing just that.

Brenda still desired her son so badly that she didn't have the willpower simply to leave the situation. She felt torn. It occurred to her, I know what I'll do. I'll call Mistress Susan. If anyone understands all about incestuous mother-son relations, it's her. I'd call Mistress Suzanne directly, but I don't want her to think badly about me. Besides, I'm a bit scared of her. But Susan is understanding. She'll know just what I should do.

Seeing that she and Adrian had finished their meal, she sat back up straight, but let her bra fall further down, into her lap. She said, "Pooh Bear, can you be a dear and take the dishes into the kitchen and wash them off? Meanwhile, I've got to make a phone call."

He was crushed to hear that. Doing the dishes was a big come down from watching his topless busty mother striking sexy poses, not to mention feeling her silky smooth foot sliding over his erection. But he was nothing if not obedient, and just nodded. He pushed his erection back into his pajamas and clutched it as he headed to the kitchen.

Wanting some privacy from Adrian, Brenda walked into the living room where Anika was and dialed Susan's number. But there was no answer. Brenda didn't know it, but Susan was still at the meeting organized by Christine. She tried a couple of times and still got no answer, but left a message to call back.

She thought, Well, that's probably for the best. I'm getting too addicted to talking to my mistress. Before long, we'll get to talking about thick, juicy, tasty cocks, and I'll get so horny, I'll have one of those squirty orgasms. I was thinking that if I called with Anika right here, that would slow me down, but chances are I would get all horny anyway. I just need to be patient. Aidy's cock will be in me soon enough. I can wait a mere matter of hours, can't I?


Disappointed, Brenda went back to the kitchen. She saw Adrian working at the sink and the glum look on his face. His erection was still poking against his pajamas, but not as stiffly as before.

Hoping to cheer him up, she spun around and purred, "Aidy? Pooh Bear?"

"Yeah, Ma?" He forgot about the dishes and stared at his mother's shapely back, and especially her ass.

"Do you mind if I stand here all... topless?" She turned back around and cradled her huge tits in her arms. "Does that bother you? Is it too distracting for you to keep doing the dishes?"

"No! Definitely not!" Even as he said that, he turned towards her and completely forgot about the dishes.

She purred in her most sultry voice, "I forgot to mention that panties can be extremely chafing, too. If you don't mind, I'm gonna take mine off... Slowly..."


He gulped. "Um. No. Er, uh... That's..." His heart beat like a big bass drum as he watched her slowly pull her panties down her legs. She'd gone well past her plan to simply cheer him up, and she was making a sexy show out of it. The way the soaked fabric clung to her crotch before finally pulling away and hanging heavily with her juices as she slid them down her thighs was simply mesmerizing.

She was stripping and generally sexing things up as much for herself as for him, because she was so horny at the moment, she barely knew up from down. And she was taking full advantage of the fact that Anika was still sitting in the other room and unable to see them from there.

Brenda suddenly turned back around, and bent over. She asked teasingly, "Are you SURE I'm not distracting you?"

His eyes immediately dropped to her bare and drooling pussy, which was easily visible between her protruding ass cheeks. He'd seen her pussy many times before in recent days, but the knowledge that his dick would soon be inside that forbidden slit was so awesome that he staggered backwards and nearly fell over altogether.

She giggled with pure glee in response. She loved how strongly he desired her, and how he made no attempt to hide it anymore. With Alan, she faced a constant effort to lure him and keep his attention in the face of stiff competition. She had to be on her best and sexiest behavior at all times, and put everything into pleasuring his penis the all too rare times she got the chance to touch it. But with Adrian, she could relax and enjoy herself, knowing that he'd love every single thing that she did.

She continued to ham up taking off her panties while he continued to gawk. She didn't just drop them past her knees and then step out of them, which would have been the easiest thing to do. She pulled them all the way down to her feet and then froze in that position, with her legs stiff and straight.

She looked back over her shoulder and teased, "Aidy, I see your lovely dick is poking out of your pajamas again. You might as well just take those silly things completely off. Just be careful when you do."

"Huh?" He was so excited that he was nearly ready to hyperventilate, so he was not exactly articulate.

"You might trip and stumble as you're pulling them down your legs. And if you stumble forward, you might just skewer your boner into Mamma's wet and needy pussy! It could happen. And once you stick it in, you're not gonna wanna take it out. Ever! And Mamma doesn't want you to, either! If you're not careful, you'll squirt a big spermy load deep inside your mommy's twat!"

He groaned. But he was alert enough to pull his pajama bottoms off and toss them aside.

"Now that you've got those jammies off, all you've have to do is take a couple of steps forward, grab my big ass, and shove it in, where it belongs! Would you like to do that?"

His eyes were just about to bug out of his head. Unable to speak and barely able to breathe, he somehow managed to nod.

She giggled. "I thought so. But it's not just a dream. If not today, you can do it tonight! And then every day and night from now on! Come closer and look. Look just how wet Mamma's getting, thinking about her Pooh Bear's yummy cummy cock, driving in and out!"

He stepped forward, firmly grasping his dick all the while. He was afraid to stroke it, for fear he'd shoot a load onto her ass cheeks.

She was having a great time, but she could also tell that her son was about to blow a mental gasket from being teased too much. She finally finished pulling her panties off her feet and stood back up.

But by standing and then turning to face him, she returned her mammoth swinging rack back to the center of his attention.

Needless to say, that was his favorite part of her body, and seeing it again on top of everything else she'd just done was too much. He didn't have the impressive self-control Alan did (or at least not yet). As he went from simply holding his penis to stroking and squeezing it, he lost control and started shooting.


Brenda squealed with delight as a jet of white shot forward and hit her near her knee. But she didn't want her lower legs painted with cum. His ropes started to hit her higher, and she could feel hot jets splatter up to her belly button. But she worried he wouldn't be able to get higher than that, given that he was standing a few feet away.

She immediately dropped to her knees and shrieked, "Aidy! My tits! Aim for my tits!"

Aidy was so out of his mind with lust that he could barely process her words, but then again he didn't really have to. With her down on her knees, it would have been hard for him to do anything but splash her boobs with cum, and that's exactly what he did.

Both Brenda and Adrian shrieked and hollered to their heart's content as he pumped on his erection and splattered her curvy chest with his load. It was an especially big load too, since he'd abstained for nearly a full day. One or two ropes hit her in her belly and hips as she was bending down, but the rest hit her squarely in and just around her deep cleavage.

When it was all over, Adrian finally fell to his knees, exhausted. But he'd never been happier.

Brenda looked around, and saw that Anika had stood up and started walking towards the kitchen, and then apparently stopped. But Brenda stuck her tongue out at Anika, raised both of her hands above her head, and then shook them back and forth a little bit. She didn't say anything, but her body language basically said, "Nyah, nyah, nyah! Look, no hands. I didn't do anything illegal."

Anika sighed heavily. "I leave you two for two minutes, unt dis happens." She sighed again, but didn't say any more since she couldn't see any "illegal" contact.

Brenda turned back to her son. "Look, Aidy. Look what you gave me. I'm gonna proudly wear this and then lick it all up. Yum!"

That just blew his overwhelmed mind all the more. He staggered back to the dining room table like a drunken man and then collapsed into his chair. He needed some time to recover.

Lacking anything else to do, Brenda stood back up and began working on the dishes, since Adrian had only half-finished that job before getting heavily distracted. She reveled in the fact that she was still fully naked, and dripping with her son's cum.


A couple of minutes later, the phone rang. Brenda picked up her cell phone from where it lay on a counter just a few feet away from where she was working at the sink.

It was Susan, returning Brenda's call. She'd just got home from the planning meeting, and was still dressed in her formal outfit. "Hi Brenda. What's up?"

Brenda was delighted; there were few things she loved more than talking to Susan. Just hearing her voice made her horny (or in this case, hornier). "Mistress Susan! So good to hear from you! Boy, what a day today. Guess what I just doing right now?"


"I was doing the dishes in the kitchen."

"Oh." That threw Susan for a loop. "Um, well, that's nice..."

Brenda laughed. "But that's not all. I'm naked! Totally gloriously butt naked, except for my high heels and collar, of course."

Susan perked up. "Oh! Wow! I can totally picture you." She longingly ran a hand over her bare neck. "You're so lucky. I wish Tiger would collar me-"

Brenda cut in. "But you can't picture me, because that's not all either! I'm splattered with my son's creamy sperm, from below my knees up to my NECK!"

Susan let out a high-pitched squeal. "Oh my God! Brenda! That's WONDERFUL! Tell me more! Are you your son's good and obedient big-titted sex toy mommy? Are you his sexy and stacked cum dump?"

"You know I am! And it's so great!"

Susan squealed again. "Tell me more!"

Brenda was about to launch into a big explanation, but then she caught herself. She looked around for Anika, and was surprised not to see any sign of her. She sighed. I've got to control my own libido sometimes. She steeled her resolve, and took some deep breaths. Then she continued into the phone more calmly, "I will. But later. Before I get too horny, I could use your advice, Mistress."

Susan tried not to let her disappointment show, and replied brightly, "Sure. Is it about Suzanne's no touching ban?"

"It is. I don't know how I'm going to make it to the evening! I feel like I'm losing my mind! Up until a little while ago, Aidy and I had been dealing with it by avoiding each other. But we met in the kitchen, and well, one thing led to another... I don't know. I've been fearing the slippery slope, and losing all control. Tell me, what did you do during those long weeks before Master Alan properly dicked your cunt? How did you bear the long waiting?"

Susan replied, "Well, it's not like I didn't know you then. We were already talking on the phone quite a lot, don't you remember? And talking about it helped. But mostly, I focused on what I could do and blocked out the forbidden as much as I could. For instance, instead of thinking about how needy my cunt was, I'd think about my son's horse cock, and imagined it sliding down my throat again."

Brenda let out a lusty squeak.

"I'd break out my dildo and practice sucking on it. Sometimes, I'd keep it in my mouth for an hour or two or MORE, imagining I was giving my Tiger a long and loving stealth suck. It wasn't so bad, because he'd come home before long, and I really would find myself on my knees, with his hands kneading my fat, milky tits and his long and thick slab of dominating man meat in my hands, burning my skin with-"

"Stop!" Brenda suddenly exclaimed. "Sorry, Mistress Susan, but this isn't helping. It's just getting me even MORE horny. My thighs are soaked already, and there are fresh gushes pouring out..."

"Mmmm! Yummy!" Susan giggled, but then said, "Sorry."

Brenda sighed. "I don't want to disobey Mistress Suzanne. That's the problem. I spin out of control so easily! But on the other hand, how can I say 'no' to my Pooh Bear? He's just so adorable, and he was wearing these cute jammies with his hard cock poking out the front. How can I resist that?"

Susan started to disrobe as she replied enthusiastically, "You can't! Good mommies don't say no to their sons. Ever!"

"They don't? What do they say?"

"Well, it depends on the situation. You might say, 'Deeper! Fuck me deeper!' Or 'Take my ass!' That's one of my favorites. Or 'Cum on my face!' I love that one, too. There are so many delightful possibilities. But you never say 'no.' You are his sperm dump. In your case, you're his only sperm dump, and you should take special pride and pleasure in that fact."


"I will be, starting tonight, believe me." Brenda replied happily, "But what about this ban until then? What about obeying Mistress Suzanne?"

"Hmmm. I agree that's important. But that's why you have Anika, right? Let HER say no. Good mommies have NO willpower when it comes to their sons and their insatiable cocks. Good mommies say YES every chance they get! Good mommies get naked and get fucked!"

Susan had managed to strip down to her garter belt and stockings by now, and was extremely aroused already. She added in a husky and lust-filled voice, "Tell me more about what you're wearing!"

Brenda replied uncertainly, "I told you that already, didn't I? I'm wearing nothing but a collar and high heels. And if I could have my way, I'd never take them off, ever! They make me feel so sexy!"

She thought about her collar being a symbol of her submission and slavery to Alan, and that made her feel a bit guilty because her mind had been totally focused on Adrian up until Susan's call. She looked around furtively for any sign of Adrian, or Anika for that matter. "Just a minute."

She wandered around a bit while still holding the phone to her ear. She found Adrian were she'd left him, sitting at the dining room table. But he was slumped over the table with his head resting on his arms, obviously sleeping off his orgasm. She kept wandering, and found Anika back in her chair in the living room, still folding clothes.

Anika looked up and wagged a chiding finger, no doubt disapproving of the cum all over Brenda's body. But she didn't say anything, especially since she saw Brenda was on the phone.

Finally, Brenda went back to where she'd started. She fingered her collar. I love this, I absolutely love it! I'm so proud and so lucky to be my master's slave. I've never been happier, or felt more fulfilled. But if my Pooh Bear were to learn who gave it to me and what it means... She shuddered, trying to brush that thought away.

Susan grew tired of waiting, and asked, "Brenda? You still there?"

"Yeah, sorry. I was just checking to make sure we could talk in private. Um, since I'm just wearing the heels, you want to talk about them?"

"Oh, girl, you know I LOVE to talk heels. It's funny - a couple of months ago, I thought high heels were 'whorish,' but now I could talk about 'em for hours! But no, I wasn't talking about the collar or the heels. I want to hear more about the OTHER thing you're wearing!" Figuring Brenda might not catch her drift, she added, "Hint, hint." Then she took an audible sniff, and let out a happy moan.

"Oh. THAT!" Brenda chuckled. "Sure! I'd love to tell you all about THAT! He gave me a lovely pearl necklace, and it's dripping down my big tits. Frankly, I love it more than if it was a real necklace!" She took a deep sniff. "Mmmm! It smells so good! It's the smell of a potent and virile man!"

Susan interjected, "I love that smell! As you know, my entire house is pretty much filled with that smell of spermy goodness. That's a big reason why I'm in a constant state of heat. It's such a bummer to go outside."

Brenda replied, "Yeah, well, we're working on it here, but given how big my mansion is, Aidy is gonna have to cum over and over and over before we make a dent in the smell of this place." She chuckled.

Susan also chuckled. "Oh, poor you! I'm sure you'll suffer terribly as he covers every last inch of your skin with his creamy goo!"

Brenda beamed as she envisioned that kind of future. "Yeah, well, he's started already. He managed to talk me out of my clothes and then shot a big sticky load of cum all over me. I've got so many long pearly streaks. There's even some dripping down to my pussy!" Of course, Adrian didn't talk Brenda out of her clothes at all, but in her overheated state, it seemed that way to her.

Susan said gleefully, "That's the thing about sons. They're too clever! They have so many sneaky ways to talk us busty mommies out of our clothes, and what can we do about it?"

"Nothing!" Brenda triumphantly replied. "Nothing except admit defeat, drop to our knees, and start sucking!"

"Exactly!" Susan giggled some more. "And then walk around naked, wobbling on our high heels, ready and eager to get him stiff and throbbing again!" But then she added with a touch of caution, "Did he touch you?"

"No. It was a close thing, but no." She decided not to mention the brief footjob, especially since it was so brief and she was the one touching him for that. "His cum doesn't count as touching, right?"

"Of course it doesn't! That's where ALL of his cum belongs. On YOU! I don't care what rules Suzanne gave you, that's a rule I'm giving you! It's NEVER wrong to be painted in your son's jizz!"

"Thanks." Brenda actually felt a lot better after getting that stamp of approval. She crowed, "I'm glad you approve, because he sure did cover me!" She looked around and then whispered just to make sure no one would overhead her. "It was such a big load, it was positively Alan-esque!"

"Wow! What an impressive young man you have. I especially love the part about how he talked you out of your clothes. That's what sons do! Resistance truly is futile for sexy mommies like us. What chance do you have as a big-titted mommy, against a clever, hard-cocked son like that? It's not a matter of how smart you are, or how strong you are, a good mommy can't say 'no' to her son's throbbing hot cock! I'm so PROUD of him, painting you so thoroughly. He's going to grow up to be a terrific mommy tamer."

"You think?" Brenda frequently worried that Adrian was too timid and submissive.

"I know it! Just talking about it has brought back all kinds of heart-warming and cunt-heating memories of how Alan tamed me, one hole at a time. My fingers are getting really squishy, if you know what I mean!"

Brenda looked down at her own fingers. She was awkwardly holding the phone by trapping it between her head and her shoulder, freeing up both of her hands to play with her pussy and clitoris. Three of her fingers were sliding in and out of her tight, molten-hot slit.

"I do," she replied. "My fingers are busy too. I absolutely LOVE talking to you on the phone. But I don't know if my Aidy is really that relentless. He's still so shy. The truth is, he didn't really talk me out of my clothes so much as I took them off myself."

"A-ha! That just proves how clever he really is! He doesn't have to do it with words, you know. A sad puppy dog look, or a lusty look imploring you to strip - that's how they get you."

"Hmmm. That's true," Brenda realized out loud. "He did just kind of stand there with his big boner clearly outlined for me to see."

"A-ha! See what I mean? Clever! A good son or master instinctively knows how to get his big-titted mommy sex slave naked and on her knees, with her hands tied behind her back, a flaming red spanked ass, and a huge cock stuffed down her throat! That's our lot in life, Brenda. It really is!"

"Oh Gaaawwwd! Susan, I'm gonna cream!"


"So do it! Do it! I'm gonna cream too! Let's do it together!"

"Okay!" Brenda's fingers were a blur, flying in and out of her drooling gash.

"Think of tonight!" Susan screamed into the phone. "Think about Aidy taking you, taming you, a big hard COCK splitting your pussy, filling you! THICK huge log driving, driving! Deep and hard! SON COCK!"

"Oh! Oh! OOOH! AAAAAIIIIEEEE!" Brenda dropped the receiver in her excitement, since she hadn't been properly holding it for a while now, she was so busy masturbating. She'd already started climaxing from her pumping finger action, but then she touched her clit again and took her orgasm to an even higher and more prolonged level.

As she started to come down, she remembered the cum on her chest, and then scooped up a streak of cum and shoved it into her mouth. That brought her senses of smell and taste into the picture, and triggered a new round of intense pleasure that sent new shivers up and down her spine.

Not that many minutes before, it had been her son staggering around the kitchen as if too drunk to walk, but now it was her turn to stagger about in the exact same manner.

Finally, panting and sweaty, she sat on the floor near the phone and picked it up. She gasped out, "Mistress? ... Susan? ... You still... there?"

Susan laughed with joy for her friend. "Yep. I am. Sounds like you had an even better time of it than I did. So how's Aidy doing? Is he up and ready to take more advantage of his cum dump mommy?"

She responded, "Please don't ask me. That would require me standing up and walking to check, and I just don't have the strength."

Susan chuckled. "I know the feeling. I like to think of that as my 'good mommy' reward. So would you say you're pretty much fucked out for a while?"

"Oh, definitely! ... Wait! You did this on purpose, didn't you? You made me cum hard. Now that I'm sexually satiated, I don't have to worry about flinging myself at my son. Well, not for a little while, anyway."

"Yeah, that was my plan," Susan happily admitted. "But then again, when was the last time we talked on the phone and we didn't both cum? So it was gonna happen. But orgasms are good and healthy."

Recovering a bit more, Brenda said, "I love you, Susan. My beautiful and wonderful mistress. It's like, you and I, we're on the same wavelength. I wish there was some way I could have reached through the phone to hold your hand as we came together. I've been so tense. Restless all night. But after a great cum like that, I feel reborn. But what about this ban? I still have the whole afternoon to go."

"Well, it's really up to you, and more importantly, up to Aidy. Remember, your role is to serve and obey. Saying no, that's Anika's job. Try not to resent her for it, because she's doing you a huge favor, and even giving you what you need most of all. She's giving you the freedom to submit fully to your desires. And to your son. If Aidy wants to dump load after load of gloriously sticky cum on your face and chest between now and then, let him! Or if he wants to hold out some so he'll have more bullets left in his sperm gun when he hoses you down from the inside out tonight, let him do that. Remember HE's the man of the house now. And keep Anika close so she can get in the way if the two of you start to touch. That way, you don't need to fret. Just... give in! Surrender! And leave all the fretting to her!"

Brenda felt like she'd just had an epiphany. "Oh my God! It's so easy! I've been so miserable since dinner last night, trying to resist, trying to deny my desires. Instead, I should have let Aidy repeatedly paint my face. That's not touching. That's just... joy."

"You got it!" Susan said gleefully. "There's no greater joy than the joy of complete submission. Most of the time, I don't have a care in the world. My big-dicked man of the house takes care of everything, and Suzanne helps me too. All I have to do is make sure his balls are churning and unloading into either me or somebody else. It's so easy. My life is a dream come true. And soon yours will be too."

"It is already," Brenda replied honestly. "Between Aidy and Alan, it's like a double dream come true."

"I can believe it."

Hesitantly, Brenda dropped her voice and said, "But, I... I don't know if he's ready to be 'man of the house' yet. He's younger and less mature than Alan. He's not really a take charge kind of guy."

"Don't worry, he'll grow into it, as he grows into you. And we'll help every step of the way. I'm sure that once he bangs his mommy, his confidence is going to double overnight. I'd love to talk you through a few more orgasms, but unfortunately I've gotta get ready for this football game I was telling you about yesterday. Angel is already standing here impatiently tapping her foot, and I've got to shower again, dress again, re-lube my asshole, and all kinds of things. But did I take care of your worries?"

"Definitely. Love you."

"Love you too. Bye."

After Brenda hung up the phone, she thought, That's funny. When I called Susan, I'd expected her to offer some advice on how to resist temptation. After all, she'd gone most of the weekend without cumming before her first intercourse with Alan. But I like this 'just give in' advice so much better! I don't have to wait anxiously for tonight. There's so much fun Aidy and I can have until then, even without touching.

She stood up and looked down at the tile floor, and specifically at the large pool of cum she'd created where she'd been standing most of the time. Hmmm. I'm gonna have to get a mop for that. Then she walked to the next room and looked towards her son. "Son? Son? Pooh Bear?"

He stirred, opened his eyes, and lifted his head. He was barely awake, but he was suddenly jolted into full alertness just like he'd been repeatedly slapped in the face, because his eyes locked on her cum-drenched chest.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again. "Oh my God! Did I do that? I DID! I did!"

She walked around the counter and straight towards him. "Hi, Son." She shot him a sultry look that nearly knocked him over. "You sure did! I was just talking to Mistress Susan on the phone and telling her what a very impressive mommy tamer you are. How are you feeling? Feeling better? Do you want to rest a little more, or do you want to come out and play?"

He looked over her nude body from head to toe and just gulped.


Glory spent some precious moments just catching her breath and trying to get her hammering heart under control. She literally couldn't believe that she was lying naked on the floor in Suzanne's bedroom, with Suzanne and Alan standing just a few feet away. She looked around and contemplated sliding under the bed, but she immediately came to the heart-stopping realization that the bed had no underside. There was wood paneling down to the floor. Oh SHIT! I'm TOAST!


Glory heard Suzanne's voice say, "Sweetie! What are you doing here?!"

"What does it look like? I couldn't wait." He still had Glory's bra in his hand, and surreptitiously dropped it over the side of the bed with seconds to spare as Suzanne finished opening the door to her own bedroom.

Glory mentally reviewed what the room must look like, and realized that Alan really had no choice but to make it look like he'd been waiting to have sex with Suzanne. After all, he was in her bedroom naked and the scarlet satin sheets were all askew. The duvet had been tossed to the floor. There's was no other way for him to play it! I just pray he can distract her enough so she won't walk around the bed to the side where I'm hiding! If she does, I'll be so screwed! I will literally DIE of shame! Please God, no! Alan, save me!

"Oh my, what a nice surprise," Suzanne said as she instantly started to undress. "Looks like I'd better close and lock the door then." She purred in a supremely sultry voice, "And get naked!"

Glory heard the sound of the door closing and even a click that sounded like it was locking. NooooOOOOooo! Don't do that, Suzanne! Anything but that! How am I supposed to get out of here now?!

Glory squished herself even closer to the wood paneling at the bottom edge of the bed. But she knew her attempt at hiding was pathetic. If Suzanne walked around to her side of the bed, she'd be easily discovered.

Suzanne added, "My goodness. You even have a condom on already. Somebody here is feeling randy! This calls for my favorite nightie." She was disappointed by the condom, as Alan had never fucked her with one before, but it was something they had to fake because Glory was there. She got out of her clothes in a hurry.

"What can I say," Alan said, enjoying the sight of Suzanne undressing. Even now, with the distraction of knowing Glory was there, she didn't just take her clothes off. She made an extremely sexy production of out it. It was like watching living and moving art. "You have a certain effect on me."

He was careful not to compliment Suzanne too much, knowing that Glory was listening to every word.


Suzanne beamed. She could see from his eyes, not to mention his erection, just how much he loved her little show. She took off her bra and held it out, striking an extra sexy pose in the process. (She was wearing underwear for once, since she wasn't in the Plummer house, so the "house rules" there didn't apply).

She smirked and dramatically tossed the bra away. Then, as she began pulling her panties down, she fished for compliments. "So, you think this old broad has still got it?"

That put Alan in a fix. With Glory there and listening to every word, it was dangerous for him to praise Suzanne too much, especially since he surmised Glory felt like she didn't match up to Suzanne's outstanding beauty. But Suzanne was so jaw-droppingly stunning as she stood there, he couldn't help but compliment her.

An idea came to him. He nodded his head so vigorously, it was like he was in danger of it flying off his neck. He gave two thumbs up for good measure.

Suzanne had a hearty laugh, impressed despite herself at his clever non-verbal way out of the fix she'd put him in. She smiled widely and shook her head.

Since she couldn't see, Glory could only puzzle at what had just happened.

Stalling for time while she got into her nightie, Suzanne asked, "What's with the condom, by the way?"

He was starting to regret the whole condom idea, which had only come to him as an excuse to get up from the bed without Glory suspecting. He'd grown spoiled fucking bareback most of the time. But with Glory listening, he had no choice but to follow through. "Yeah, well, I wanna see if it'll make me last longer."

"Good God. As if that's a problem!" She chuckled. "But whatever you want, Sweetie. Just don't fuck me to death with your stamina, okay?"

Glory was startled by that. That's almost exactly what I said! It was a painful reminder that Alan had multiple lovers who knew his sexual prowess quite well. Obviously, Suzanne and he have sex. A lot. I'm just gonna have to grin and bear it.

Glory had no way of knowing or seeing that up on the bed at that moment, Alan was frantically pointing to where she was hiding. He knew that Suzanne had to know that Glory was in the room. After all, he reasoned, Amy had just passed him condoms a short while before, and how could Suzanne get down the hall without being intercepted and clued in by Amy? He figured it was better that Suzanne knew exactly where Glory was. That way any "surprises" that came along would be intentional.


Suzanne understood the meaning of his pointing and made an exaggerated okay sign, once she'd finished putting her semi-transparent nightie on. She was very pleased.

Alan made the okay sign back, while admiring her body from head to toe. Her nightie looked to be about as substantial as cotton candy, and close to the same color, looking somewhere between purple or pink, depending on the light. It just missed covering her nipples and came nowhere close to covering her pussy. But the most interesting thing was the lack of shoulder straps - he had no idea why it didn't just completely fall off her body.

She thought as she preened for him, This is too much fun! I could do so much with this! My scheme is working to perfection. I'd kind of worried that Sweetie would try to hide with Glory, and then I would have had to leave them both be. But he's not just well-hung and totally lovable, he's one sharp cookie too. Hee-hee-hee! I wonder if he knows where I'm going with this and why. It's actually kind of more fun for me if he's not THAT smart about this. I wanna give him a good surprise too.

She purred with an even more sultry tone than usual, "Oh Sweetie, let's do it! But you know what would really make me hot? You should blindfold me and then do that special thing you do. I love it when you do that."

"Okay." It was hard for him not to put doubt in his voice, because he had no idea what she was talking about. She certainly never liked wearing a blindfold before, and he had no clue what the "special thing" was. But then it occurred to him, If she has a blindfold on, then Glory can relax a bit. A-ha. Clever.

Suzanne asked him, "Do you want me to get the blindfold? It's in the dresser over by the window."

Glory looked around from her spot on the floor and saw the dresser that Suzanne had to be referring to. She realized that if she could see it, that Suzanne would be able to see her. FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm so totally screwed! How the hell am I going to explain this?! I've never been so humiliated in all my-

"Don't worry, I'll get it," Alan said casually.


Glory breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Phew! There IS a God! She looked up and saw Alan's naked ass as he opened a couple of drawers in the dresser until he came across the blindfold. Then she started to worry that her sigh might have been heard.

Alan was thinking along similar lines, because he'd heard the sigh. He said, "While I'm up, let me put on some nice music." He hit the play button on Suzanne's stereo, knowing that she probably already had some CD's in there, probably classical. Sure enough, a soothing Sibelius piano sonata began to play.

Glory couldn't help but quietly sigh again at that, this time with great relief. Okay. It's not the end of the world. Alan got the blindfold, and the music can help cover my butt. With any luck, I just might get out of this alive! I just need to breathe deep and count to ten...

Alan crawled up on the bed and sat up over Suzanne, helping her to put the blindfold on.

She thought, I'm just too naughty. Not only am I going to have another GREAT fuck from my cute Sweetie pie, but I can get Glory hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof at the same time. I've seen the way she looks at me. If I can exploit this to the hilt, it could do wonders in getting her to fully join the harem. My scheme is coming to perfect fruition.

Finally, with Suzanne's blindfold securely on, Alan lay on top of her and began playing with her hefty boobs. He thought, I need to hype up Mother without doing it in a way that'll make Glory jealous. Tricky, but I can do it.

He was so overwhelmed by Suzanne's perfect body, that he momentarily forgot about needing to be diplomatic about his compliments with Glory there. He gushed, "Suzanne, every inch of you is perfection. Everything about you screams sex! You're just the sexiest creature. You're a monster in bed. A monster!"

Luckily for Alan, Glory was still so freaked out about her dangerous situation that she didn't have mental energy left to ponder those words. Her heart was pounding so loudly, it was like someone was playing drums directly inside her ears.

Suzanne growled, "Rrrrawwrr!" Then she giggled. "You asked for it now, Mister! I'm getting on top, blindfold or not!"

They tickled and tussled on the bed for a little bit, having a great time. Suzanne played up her "monster" role, frequently growling and even roaring with pleasure.


After a while, Suzanne wound up on top with her mouth near his crotch. She said, "Obviously, I'm gonna need to suck you for a while to get you ready."

"What are you talking about?! I'm soooo ready already. I'm gonna fuck you in two!"

"That may be true, Sweetie, but first I want a taste. You cock is too yummy to be believed."

Alan was puzzled, because he was wearing a condom. True, it was a flavored condom, but Suzanne didn't know that yet. He couldn't imagine her wanting to suck on him without taking off the condom first in any case.

But then she brought her index finger to the condom, swiped the juices there, and brought the finger to her lips. She moaned with pleasure as she licked her finger clean.

Holy shit! Mother knows that that's not my cum; it's Glory's! She's licking Glory's cum, and loving it!

Confirming this thought, Suzanne purred, "Mmmm. I love your taste. It's a bit more bitter than usual though. You should eat more fruit."

Even though Suzanne was wearing a blindfold, Alan was certain she had to be winking behind it. He was too blown away to reply, not to mention incredibly aroused.

Glory had been far too frazzled to deduce that Suzanne's tongue would come into contact with her juices if she started sucking on Alan's erection. But the comment about the taste being unusual suddenly made the point very clear. At first, it panicked her more than anything. She was certain that Suzanne would realize Alan had just been fucking somebody mere minutes before, if there were female juices on his condom.

But the seconds passed, and all she heard was some happy hums and licking sounds. Her fear receded as lusty thoughts came to the fore. Suzanne, licking my... my...? Why, that's almost like... That's just one step removed from her licking my pussy! Oh GAAAWWD! Oh my God, I can't think that! That's what lesbians do! It's so WRONG! Her tongue, her incredibly long and sexy tongue, on my... on my... No! I can't go there!

Indeed, Suzanne wasn't giving Alan a blowjob so much as she was carefully licking up all of Glory's juices from the condom. She was absolutely loving it, although she wished she could taste it on bare skin instead of flavored plastic, to get a better sense of its true flavor.

Alan was just lying back on the bed, stunned and terribly aroused by this latest development. Intense pleasure was washing through him in waves. Even though Suzanne was focused on licking up Glory's juices, it was impossible for her to give anything less than great head. Her tongue seemed to have a mind of its own, and sometimes wrapped much of the way around his shaft, like it was a finger. It had to be experienced to be believed.

After a minute or so, Suzanne said, "Sweetie, don't just lie there. While I'm doing this, do your 'special thing' that you only do with me." She couldn't wink with the blindfold on, but she pointed at one eye, hoping he'd get that message.

Alan still had no clue what she meant by this special thing, but he understood her attempt to wink. So he tried to play along. "The special thing, huh? I don't know if you're ready for that."

"Oh please!" she purred with lusty need as she licked his sensitive spot below his cockhead. "It's the BEST! I can't live without it!" She'd pretty much cleaned up Glory's juices by now and was changing gears to a more conventional blowjob.

"Well, okay. Since you insist." It was easy to play along verbally, but he had no idea what to do with his body. In any case, he knew he'd have his hands full just trying to ride through Suzanne's blowjob without shooting his load too early.

Glory was nothing if not curious. At the moment, she was insanely horny, and just as insanely worried. But she just had to know what this "special thing" was, especially since Alan apparently never did it to her. She thought, I'll just peek my head over the edge of the bed for a second. Just long enough to figure out what the hell's going on, and then I'll pop back down. Suzanne's wearing a blindfold - it's completely safe! Alan might see me, but the chances of him looking in the right place at the right time are nearly impossible. I just need to be as quiet as a mouse, and only look for a second.

Very, very quietly, she picked herself off the floor and slowly raised her head. She was ready to dart back down at any second. As soon as her eyes came over the edge of the bed, she looked for Alan's eyes. But instead, she found that Suzanne was sitting on top of him in a very lewd position. Suzanne wasn't just sucking his cock, she had her body contorted in a position that displayed all her attributes to Glory's point of view (Glory of course had no idea this was intentional).

She found herself staring at Suzanne's drooling pussy, and then her eyes made her way up Suzanne's voluptuous pale body to her dangling and swinging breasts. Glory was fascinated, as she'd never seen anything like that before. Her heart started to pound even louder and she felt tingles of excitement run up and down her spine. It took her a while to reach Suzanne's face, and only then did she realize with great relief that Suzanne indeed was wearing a blindfold and couldn't see her.

She intended to pop her head back down, but she found she couldn't tear her gaze away from the sight of Suzanne's red lips sliding up and down Alan's blue erection (blue, because that was the color of the condom).


But then she remembered to watch out for Alan. She jerked her head in the direction of where she estimated his head was. As soon as she made eye contact with him, she saw him staring right back at her. He even winked.

"Aaaiiieee!" she shrieked. Then she immediately ducked back down out of sight. SHIT! Shit, shit, shit! I'm REALLY fucked now! She was so frightened that she was in danger of hyperventilating.

She heard Suzanne ask between slurps, "Wha was tha?"

Suzanne had all of Alan's bulbous head in her mouth now, so she wasn't so coherent.

Alan said casually, "Oh, it was something you did. Made me squeal like a girl."

Suzanne chuckled. She was pleased at how good he was at playing along with her schemes. That gave her high hopes for future schemes in years to come. "Oh really? Was it thith? ... Or thith?" She deliberately made extra loud and lewd slurping noises, for Glory's sake.

Glory had been holding her breath as she listened, and finally exhaled. Jeeee-sus! Close call! Did she really fall for that? Thank God! ... I can NOT take another look! It's far too dangerous! But dammit, I took that huge risk and I still don't know what this "special thing" is. At least I know Alan knows I was looking and he didn't freak. He's a cool cucumber.

Alan lay there on the bed with his hands behind his head, doing nothing but enjoying Suzanne's blowjob and occasionally keeping an eye out for Glory's head. Sweet! Man, I'm so fucking lucky. I tell myself that every day, but it's true. I mean, just to have a supermodel-type amazing woman like Suzanne happily blowing me would be astounding enough. But to have her sign The Pact and willingly agree to sexually serve me forever as part of my harem? There are no words to describe how great that is! Not only that, she's my MOM! Even better, she's my SECOND stacked and sexy mom! Fuck, am I one lucky bastard, or what?! And then to have Glory in the same room, listening and sneaking a peek? Wow! I swear, just THINKING about it all makes me really need to cum!

If I play my cards right, maybe I can even get Glory involved in a threesome. Today! That would be such a huge breakthrough. I need to keep pushing her, though, if I'm gonna get her to do anything more. I think she's pretty freaked out from my wink. I need to play on her insatiable curiosity.

He said "Mo- Suzanne, how's the special thing working? Am I doing it right?"

"Mmmm! Tho good!" the bombshell mother managed to reply, even though her nose was nearly down to his pubic hair. She was still loudly slurping up and down, knowing full well that Glory could hear every last juicy lick. Thinking about Glory listening and maybe even watching got her so aroused that she was having a hard time controlling herself from having a massive climax. But right now the higher priority was putting on a provocative and very audible show.

Glory just had to know what this special trick was. Fuck it! Alan already knows I was peeking and Suzanne's got the blindfold, so what do I have to lose? Not to mention I'm simply too fucking horny to resist looking! I won't make any noise this time, no matter what I see! I swear!

As before, she slowly raised her body until her eyes peeked over the edge of the bed.

Again, Alan was watching for such a move, and he greeted her with a friendly wave.

This time, Glory was ready for something like that, so she just frowned at him. She didn't like being reminded that she was in such an embarrassing situation and that someone else knew she was there. She was acutely aware of the fact that she was buck naked and cum was dripping down her thighs. But there was nothing she could do about it, and there was certainly nothing she could say.

Ignoring Alan's greeting for a minute, Glory looked him and Suzanne over carefully, from head to toe, searching for signs of the "special thing." But to her dismay, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary (not that watching her lover enjoying a blowjob from his girlfriend's mother could ever be called ordinary). Alan again had his hands behind his head. He was stretched out in a very relaxed position and seemed to be doing nothing except enjoying Suzanne's oral ministrations.

Glory was so frustrated she wanted to cry. Fucking fucker! I'll bet that the only thing he does all day is lie back and have his cock sucked by an endless array of beautiful women - including me! It's just not right. How is it that a woman like Suzanne, possibly the sexiest woman I'll ever meet...

Just look at her! Arrrgh! Look at those perfect ivory thighs all covered with sweat already. Beads of glistening sweat that just beg to be licked clean as my tongue moves closer to... I can't go there! I need to stop those thoughts, those impure thoughts. Anyway, why does a woman like Suzanne obviously spend so much of her time slurping away at that cock? Alan's giant, wonderful, thick and veiny and oh so delicious... That cock that was covered with my cum! Suzanne, licking up my cum! Shit, shit, shit! I'm gonna cum again!

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying hard not to let out a lusty moan. The urge slowly passed and she hesitantly opened her eyes again.

Dammit! Watching Suzanne's perfect ruby red lips sliding up and down my lover's yummy fuck stick may be the most erotic thing I've ever seen, but it's not answering my question! What's this special thing they keep talking about?!

She didn't even begin to suspect that Suzanne and Alan were toying with her, so she assumed there was something going on that she'd missed or she couldn't see. Maybe he's flexing his meaty dick, or doing something extra wonderful with his talented hips? What is it?! I know how he squeezes his PC muscle to extend his endurance. I'll bet it's something like that. Right? What else could it be? Or maybe he stopped before I took a peek?

Her plan had been to merely peek for a moment to figure out what was going on, but she found herself getting comfortable and settling down for a prolonged watch.


Jesus! So hot! What is it about Suzanne that's so magical and alluring? The way she's sucking him off with such passion... I can hardly stand it! I can't even begin to believe that I'm actually watching two naked people, two gloriously naked, sweaty, long tongued, big-breasted, pale, sexy, red-haired... Captivating emerald eyes... Hell, I can't even see her eyes with the blindfold, but they haunt my dreams. Damn! She's... Alan's right! What did he say about her? "Every inch of you screams sex."

That's so true! I'm dripping and practically drooling. I'm burning up! But I can't touch myself. I really can't! Especially with Alan watching. He's gonna lose all respect for me. Worse, he'll think I'm a lesbian! Or something. Obviously, she's an incredible cocksucker. Can't I just admire her talent? That doesn't make me a lesbian. I can't help it if she looks so sizzlingly sexy and squeezable!

She refrained from playing with herself, at least for the moment, but she didn't stop staring.

And she had a lot to see, because Suzanne was more intent on giving her a good show than on giving Alan an excellent blowjob. In fact, the reason Suzanne hadn't switched to fucking yet was because a blowjob had so much more possibilities that allowed her to pose and show off. Suzanne's body was in constant motion while Alan did nothing but lie there. So naturally, Glory's eyes were constantly on Suzanne, or on what Suzanne's mouth was doing to Alan's stiffness.

Every now and then, Alan would deliberately say things just to drive Glory even wilder. He'd describe things Glory couldn't see, like, "I just love the way you're working my sweet spot with just a little bit of teeth!" And he'd praise Suzanne's many attributes, for instance, saying, "You have such a long and talented tongue! I'll bet you could fuck a pussy just like a cock with that thing." (He knew that Glory was so enflamed with lust that she wouldn't be offended by such comments anymore, as long as he avoided comparative type language.)

At one point, he said, "You're such a sexy sight. You're a sight for sore eyes." He didn't dare risk whispering to Suzanne, not even directly in her ear, because Glory was too close. But he hoped that that comment got the message through that Glory was watching.

It did. And that only aroused Suzanne all the more.

Alan now had two women nearly going out of their minds with desire, falling even deeper in lust and love with him all the time, and basically all he was doing was lying back and enjoying a blowjob. He concluded for well over the thousandth time that month that he was an incredibly lucky man.


Suzanne had always enjoyed giving blowjobs, even before she'd first tasted Alan's uniquely delicious cum, but what she really loved most was intercourse. It seemed to her like ages, but it really was only about five minutes of cocksucking, when she finally decided her hungry pussy couldn't hold out any more. She rolled off her son (deliberately rolling nearly up to the edge where she knew Glory was), and then said, "Sweetie, I need you. Now! Please! Do me!"


Glory had ducked down when Suzanne rolled her way, just to be on the safe side, so she missed it when Alan got on top of Suzanne and stuck his dick in her. But soon enough, curiosity got the best of her again. She'd never seen two people having sex before, and she simply couldn't stop watching.

But this time she sat up on her knees in a position she knew she'd maintain for a while. It also was a position that gave her easy access to her pussy.

She looked over and saw Alan steadily pumping up and down over Suzanne. It looked like he was doing push-ups on top of her. But Suzanne wasn't just lying there and taking it, she was "fighting back" by vigorously churning and thrusting her hips. And while Suzanne still couldn't see, now she could talk, and she made sure to keep up a constant stream of filthy comments for Glory's benefit. "Fuck me, Sweetie! Hard! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! So fucking HARD! So GOOD! YES! YES! YEESSS!"

It looked like Suzanne was having one long, never-ending orgasm, which wasn't far from the truth. Bodies were slapping together and the sweat was flying everywhere.

Glory was jealous. She thought, That could be me. That WAS me, just a few minutes ago! That's MY lover fucking a sex goddess. Damn! Although I have to admit this is nearly as hot as actually getting fucked, especially now that he isn't staring at me. That was so embarrassing. Suzanne is just too sexy! It makes me feel inadequate. But it doesn't make me lesbian just to get off watching heterosexual sex, does it? Of course not. So why do I feel that way? I shouldn't. I'm just appreciating a very, very heterosexual sex act!

Is she a better fuck than I am? She must be. I'll bet her cunt is a fiery inferno of cock melting burning heat, burning just to touch, to caress... To feel her pussy lips, inside and out... And that relentless cock, driving, driving, deeper, deeper!

She was frigging herself now, and began to chant, Can't cum, can't cum, can't cum. She feared that if she climaxed she would yell and completely give herself away. She didn't trust herself to stay quiet while cumming, which meant she couldn't afford to cum. But knowing that made it that much more tempting to cum, and that much harder not to. She was in misery, and yet somehow loving every second of it.


Both Suzanne and Glory were hot as ovens, but Alan was getting close to losing control too. He detected the telltale signs that Suzanne was about to climax, and shouted, "NO! Don't cum! Not yet!" He was sure that if she had a big climax, her pussy would spasm in insanely delightful ways and trigger his own release. He decided that he needed to stop thrusting altogether for a while or else he'd lose it for sure.

Panting desperately for air while remaining embedded balls-deep in Suzanne, he muttered, "Strategic... break."

He and Suzanne did nothing but breathe for a minute or two as they slowly came down from the razor's edge of having tremendous orgasms. He rolled them both on their side, with his erection still fully impaled in her tight, hot sheath.

But Suzanne didn't want to come down too far from that peak, so as soon as she could speak coherently, she said, "Oh no you don't. What about THIS?"

Alan was hit with a new and wondrous sensation. He laughed from joy and said, "Oh no! Not the dreaded pussy ripple! I swear, that's downright deadly! You're so good at that. Too good!"

Suzanne laughed. "Suffer, baby. Can anyone else do this?" She hit him with especially powerful squeezes.

"Good God! That's too much! Lord, please, give me strength!" He was right at the edge of the bed, so close to Glory that he could reach out and touch her. Feeling naughty, he decided to do just that. He turned his head around to look her way, which wasn't easy from his position, and very gently brought his nearest hand to the top of her head.

Glory had a glazed look in her eye and she couldn't stop staring at Suzanne, even though Suzanne's body was mostly covered by Alan's. She was busy wondering how Suzanne's pussy squeezes would feel on her fingers if they were probing deep inside Suzanne's nether lips. So at first she didn't notice Alan's gesture.

He didn't want to freak her out and cause her to scream, so he brought his hand down with great care, gradually putting more weight on the top of her head.

That brought him to her attention without undo alarm, as she slowly sensed the pressure growing on her hair and then saw where his arm was going. But she stared at him incredulously, and even mouthed the words, "What the hell are you doing?"

He slowly brought his hand down her body, tracing a line down her neck, along her shoulder, and then down her arm.

Her skin tingled and trembled wherever he touched her. Curious, she raised her arm to stare at it in wonder.

A movement like that was just what he was hoping for. His hand leapt out and grasped her outstretched hand firmly.

Her eyes went wide and she quietly mouthed, "No! No! No!"

But he had her hand tightly in his now and he wasn't going to let go of it for anything. He said to Suzanne, "You naughty, naughty lady, since you won't stop your pussy squeezing, I have no choice but to fuck you into oblivion."

"That's a lot of big talk," she replied in a sultry and teasing voice, "but where's the beef?"

"Right here!" He resumed thrusting into her.

She acted surprised. "Oh! Well then. That IS a lot of beef. I stand corrected."

They both laughed at that. Even Glory had to stifle a giggle.

That made Glory think, This is nuts. Totally nuts. Hell, we've gone way past nuts to completely fucking insane! I almost laughed there. What if I really do laugh out loud at a joke? Is Alan really holding my hand while he fucks Amy's sexpot mother?! How could things get any more surreal?! Or hot?! Good GOD I'm horny! And I can't cum! I can't cum or I'm doomed! I'm so helpless, naked, and horny! Arrrggh!

Alan had had it with teasing or going slow. His balls ached for release. So he started to thrust into Suzanne deeper and harder than before.

That got Suzanne even more worked up. She was sweating so much that some stray bangs on her face were matted down. She began moaning and panting louder and louder. Soon, she was out and out screaming. "Tiger! Sweetie! Oh! Ugh! Please! Please! Fuck!"


Glory was so far gone that she was sure that if she didn't cum soon, she was going to pass out. She honestly didn't know what to do, as she was far too worked up not to cum. She could no more hold back from cumming than she could hold back the ocean waves - it was just a matter of time now.

Furthermore, she worried that Amy might still be in the house and that Suzanne's screams might bring her into the picture as well. Such thoughts kept her fear level high, even as her arousal level shot through the roof.

Alan, too, was on a wild roller coaster ride and barely holding on. He'd just had a strategic break, but he knew he'd either have to have another one, and fast, or he'd blow his load.


Alan decided to take another rest. He figured that this was quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Glory in a position like this, and it would be a shame not to take full advantage. He slowed his thrusting and then collapsed onto Suzanne like a rag doll as he gasped for air.

Suzanne asked him, "What are you doing? You were almost there! I need it, Sweetie, I need it so bad!"

"I know... I know... Me too... Just a sec."

Still tightly holding Glory's hand, he sat up on the bed. He said, "The thing is, Suzanne, we can't finish already without doing the OTHER special thing."

"Oh yeah. That." Now it was Suzanne's turn to play along and be completely clueless.

He dragged himself to the edge of the bed near Glory and then stood up. Still holding Glory's hand, he asked Suzanne, "I forget. Where do you keep your sex toys?"

The vast majority of her toys were over at the Plummer house now, but she still had a fair number in her bedroom, since she slept there alone most nights and often fantasized about her studly son. She replied, "In my dresser. Top left drawer."

Taking Glory with him, Alan opened the drawer with his other hand and immediately found what he was looking for. But before he picked it up, he wrapped his arms around Glory and kissed her on the lips.

Glory's first reaction was to fight him off. She was petrified that they would make noises that would clue Suzanne in. The classical music playing helped some, but it could only mask so much. But it quickly became obvious that putting up a fuss would be much louder than giving in, so she let him kiss and fondle her. Besides, when his naked body met hers, she knew she was a goner in any case.

Glory had never been so aroused in her entire life. Every little touch of his skin on her skin was like a localized orgasm. So the kiss hit her like a powerful electric shock. Then, when he dropped his hands down her back and vigorously groped her ass, she simply couldn't take it. The thought that she and Alan were practically fucking standing up while Suzanne cluelessly lay resting and waiting just a few feet away pushed her over the edge.


Alan wanted her to cum. Just to make sure that her resistance was destroyed, he brought a hand around to finger her clit and pussy lips. His other hand was already kneading one of her breasts, and kept doing it.

Glory found herself cumming - there was simply no way she could hold back. Despite her attempts to control herself, her worst fears came true and she started to scream uncontrollably. However, Alan could see what was happening and quickly brought his mouth back up to hers right as she began to let loose with a loud wail. He kept his lips locked firmly on hers and so she screamed right into his mouth. That muffled some, but not all, of her noise. However, she was so far gone that she didn't really think much about alerting Suzanne - all she knew was that she was in a perfect heaven of indescribable bliss.

As the kiss ended, Glory's entire body started to crumple to the floor. She had less energy than a sloth in a coma.

But Alan anticipated that and deftly tightened his hold on her, managing to keep her more or less standing.

Glory remained conscious, if only just, but helpless to do anything but rest in his arms while tiny orgasmic tremors continued to cause her body to spasm and jerk.

Alan looked over at Suzanne, wearing nothing but her pink-purple nightie, and then back down at Glory in his arms. I can't believe it, man. This is my history teacher. My frickin' gorgeous history teacher! She's gonna be standing up in front of class on Monday. Frickin' insane! And that's Suzanne, the pale goddess who walks the Earth with us mortals, and now also mom number two!

Suzanne asked, "What was that?" This time, she actually had no clue what Alan was doing, and it was bugging her. She'd heard what sounded like muffled moans and even screams, and was intensely curious about what Alan had done to Glory to cause those sounds. But she dared not take her blindfold off for fear that Glory would see her doing that. For all she knew, Glory could be staring right at her from only a few feet away.

Alan replied suavely, "Oh, just stubbed my toe trying to get to the damn dresser. But I found what I wanted." He gave Glory a significant look, and then kissed her on the lips.

He literally left her breathless and weak in the knees.

It was times like this when he swept her away that she knew she simply couldn't live without him, no matter how many other women he had in his harem, or what he did with them. She thought, Damn that kid! Why does he have to be so fuckin' GOOD?! Then she tilted her head and mouthed the words "I love you" at him.

Mimicking a Star Wars scene between Han Solo and Princess Leia, he mouthed back the words "I know" instead of the expected "I love you too."

Glory got the famous reference, and gave him an amused smirk.

Then he picked up a long tickle feather from the opened drawer and held it up, as if he could show it to Suzanne. He added significantly, "I have things well in hand here." In fact, he also had Glory's left ass cheek "well in hand," because she still needed his help to remain standing.

Suzanne got the gist of his hint to her and thought, Noooo! Don't tell me he's touching Glory in some way? That would make sense - if he's going to the dresser, why not stop along the way and have his way with her? That would also explain the muffled female scream I just heard - he was making her cum! What a stud! Did I luck out in falling in love with him or what? Hell, way back when, when this all started, I thought he was handsome, but I never imagined in my wildest thoughts that he'd become such an unstoppable pussy slayer! It's making me so horny, thinking about what he could be doing to her, right now!

The fear of getting caught by Suzanne caused Glory to recover much more quickly than she otherwise would have. She managed to resume standing on her own.

Alan went back to merely holding her hand, while keeping his other hand on the middle of her back to support her trembling and wobbly body. He repeatedly squeezed her hand encouragingly, but it was like squeezing a limp noodle.

Glory thought, No wonder I can never say no to this handsome young man. No wonder even the likes of Suzanne can't resist him. He delivers! I should probably admit to myself that I'm his to use in any way he wants me. What other boy his age - or any age - would have the balls to do what he just did to me? It's like he doesn't care about getting caught. He has no fear!

Had Glory known that Suzanne was in on the whole situation, she would have been considerably less impressed, if not downright crushed. But she didn't know, and Alan was taking full advantage of that fact to make himself seem incredibly brave and daring.

Alan picked up the feather, which had fallen to the floor when he found himself using too many fingers to "hold up" Glory's body. He sat back on the bed between Suzanne's legs, while Glory went back to kneeling on the floor in the same spot as before.

Alan and Glory kept holding hands, but now there was no pretense of him "forcing" her to keep doing that. She loved the sense of being connected to Suzanne through him.

Suzanne could feel him settling back onto the bed and then his legs brushing up against hers. She started writhing about in need, which was a jaw-droppingly erotic sight to see. "Sweetie, you're back! Good. I need you to fuck me!" Now she was the one aroused beyond all control. She'd already been on the edge of orgasm, and the idea of Alan and Glory quietly getting it on elsewhere in the room was a huge turn on.

There was absolutely no acting involved when she panted, "Sweetie! Please! Jam your hot cock in me! And damn the condom this time. I need you bareback!"

He decided that Suzanne had a good idea about taking the condom off already. He nodded at his dick and then nodded at Glory.

Glory understood what he meant, but simply couldn't believe it: You want ME to take the condom off?! So you can fuck another woman bareback? Come on, young man. You're good, but not that good! Don't embarrass me! She stared at him with disbelief and shook her head no. But at the same time she did that, she let go of his hand so she could reach for his crotch with both hands.

Alan said to Suzanne, "Okay, I'm taking the condom off. But while I'm doing that, let me keep you entertained." He had the long feather in his hand and he began swiping it gently over Suzanne's thighs.

Suzanne loved this surprise, but she cursed, "You bastard!"

Glory could certainly relate to that, and in fact used that very curse on Alan sometimes in very similar circumstances when she was impressed, horny, and frustrated. She had to suppress a laugh as she fiddled with the condom. He is a fucking bastard. Why am I doing this for him? I should be really pissed off about it too, but somehow it only makes me MORE aroused. And the fact that he's gonna fuck this total sex bomb bareback... It's like a finger playing with my clit!

Since Suzanne was up near her edge of the bed and Alan was between her legs, Glory didn't have to reach out far to pull the condom off. But that meant that one of Suzanne's legs was between her and Alan, and Glory had to be extremely careful not to touch it. She tried to keep her arms up as high as possible, but there was always a chance Suzanne would suddenly kick her legs in the air and find extra arms blocking her way that couldn't possibly be there. The fact that Alan was currently slightly tickling Suzanne with the feather was causing Suzanne to twitch and writhe, greatly increasing the danger of unexpected kicks.

Glory silently got the condom off. It was already gooey with cum and pre-cum, even though Alan hadn't climaxed into it yet. She didn't know what to do with it, but placed it down on top of her bra that was lying on the floor right next to her. At least that way it wouldn't make a mess on the floor or on any of Suzanne's possessions.

She thought that her scare was over, and figured that she could go back to merely watching while sitting on her heels at the edge of the bed. But she was wrong.

Alan had his feather in one hand, but he held out his other hand for Glory again.

She took it. She actually was enjoying the holding of hands now, even though her heart was still pounding frantically and her body was tensed up from the danger.

But to her surprise, Alan brought her hand right back to his long and hard dick and wrapped her fingers around his soaked shaft.

She shot him a very dirty look. She silently mouthed, "You bastard!"

But then she looked down at her hand and saw it began to slide back and forth over his slippery erection. Dammit, this fucking kid really has me. I need to stop this RIGHT NOW, especially with Suzanne tossing about almost in range. It's too dangerous!

Okay. I'm gonna stop stroking his big, sexy cock right now, while I still can... Now!

She looked at her hand. It was still pumping up and down his shaft. She silently sighed. She stopped that motion, but only so she could switch to pressing her fingertips into his most sensitive spot under his cockhead.

Damn traitorous hand. Why won't you listen to me? ... Not only are my evil fingers not stopping, they're actually stimulating all his most sensitive spots! I want to make the motherfucker cum, dammit! And he IS a motherfucker! Mmmm, I love this spot right here. He never fails to moan when I rub it like this...

After she was rewarded with her expected moan, she tried to get stern with herself again (even as her fingers continued to run all over his boner). My damn pussy, you're just as bad. Stop pulsing and throbbing with need, already! ... Grrr! ... Am I completely incapable of resisting his insanely sexy commands? I think I am!

She watched Alan run a bare hand and the feather over Suzanne's stomach and breasts, especially her breasts. He wasn't using the feather to tickle her in obvious tickle spots, but more to stimulate all her erotic zones.

Suzanne was loving it, but nonetheless she kept complaining and squirming about. "Tiger... Sweetie... What are you waiting for?!"

He grinned at the fact she'd called him Tiger. "Sorry, Suzanne. It's just that you're so beautiful. Just looking at you makes me feel so good, it's like I'm getting a handjob."

Glory nearly gasped out loud. She shot Alan a look designed to kill.

He raised a hand defensively and bowed his head at Glory, trying to show non-verbally that he knew he'd gone too far with that little joke.

That mollified her, and she went right back to jacking him off. In fact, she was getting into it more and more with each passing second, and was less and less worried about Suzanne bumping into her.

Suzanne understood Alan's sense of humor. She thought, Holy FUCK! The kid keeps blowing me away! He IS getting a handjob! Well, I'll be damned! If I get any more aroused, I'm gonna up and die of a heart attack!

She moaned desperately, "Sweetie... Please... Please! ... Please fuck me. Do me! Do it! DO ME! ... Fuck me, PLEASE! I'm begging you! For the love of God, FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME!" She had her hands up above her head and holding onto the headboard behind her as if they'd been tied there.

Suzanne looked helpless and incredibly tempting. Glory was wishing she was the one holding the feather, and even more crucially, that it was her hand alternating between cupping Suzanne's pale orbs and pulling on her nipples.

Glory thought while her fingers slid up and down Alan's dick, If I'm helplessly in thrall to my lover's cock, then there's no telling what he'll do to me. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he makes me hold that feather next. Then he'll make me run it all over her, tickling her clit with it, even running it over her pussy lips! But he's so cruel and relentless, he won't stop there! He'll make me touch her with my bare hands! Even as he makes me suck his delicious fat cock, I'll be running my hands over her perfect ass cheeks, her divine hips, her reddish brown bush! As he fucks my cunt, those'll be MY squeezing hands dwarfed by the sheer size of her impossibly firm and oh-so-suckable breasts!

The fact is, he's gonna fuck us over and over again to his heart's content, but his perverted lust won't stop there! Oh no! He's gonna have Suzanne and me make love to each other in every possible lewd and disgusting way, just for his own perverted amusement! He'll laugh as he roughly fucks my face while Suzanne eats out my burning cunt! I'll have dozens of never-ending orgasms lasting for days as he keeps us women naked and chained together, making love until we drop from exhaustion!

Glory had one hand furiously pumping on Alan's dick while the other one was frantically frigging her own pussy. But her fantasies spiraled so far out of control that they finally sobered her up a little bit. "Chained together?" What the fuck?! Have I totally lost my mind?!

Listen to me. I sound like some kind of ... lesbian! I'm not. NO WAY! Just because I appreciate Suzanne's perfect body, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Who wouldn't? It's like appreciating great artwork. Just look at those curves, those powerful thighs, those oh so kissable lips! ... Okay, maybe, I know... I know I'm not a lesbian, but maybe I'm just a little bit of a "Suzannesbian," if I can coin a word. She just does something powerful to me! And now, after today, I'll never be able to get her out of my dreams.

This has to stop, before he really does make me pick up that feather! I know what I have to do. Her hand was still sliding back and forth over his slicked up pole, but now she took her other hand off her own dripping pussy and brought it up to his ass. As she began fondling his ass crack, she also started subtly pushing his ass and the rest of his torso closer to Suzanne. At the same time, the hand jacking him off was subtly tugging his dick closer to Suzanne's hot box.


Alan was so busy playing with the feather that he didn't really notice what Glory was doing to him until his stiff erection brushed up against Suzanne's drooling nether lips.

"YES!" Suzanne cried excitedly in response. "That's what I fucking need! No more fucking feather! I love it, but enough! Drill me! Split me in two!"


Bulls-eye! Glory thought, very nearly forgetting that she couldn't laugh out loud. Her fingers wrapped around the base of Alan's cock were now as close as two inches from Suzanne's pussy as he started to inexorably slide in.

She pulled her hand away just in time. Phew! That was too close! She also removed her hand from his ass and went back to simply holding one of his hands. She positively liked that now.

Glory wasn't good at sharing her lover. She really did have a strongly monogamous streak. But right now, her lust overwhelmed all other emotions. There was a burning fire in her eyes as she watched his thick dick slowly slide deeper into Suzanne. FUCK HER! Fucking SPEAR her! NAIL her sexy ass! What are you waiting for? DO IT! She very nearly screamed that out loud.

Alan hadn't expected to go back into Suzanne just yet, but he couldn't help himself. In fact, Glory had been jacking him off so expertly and passionately that he thought that Suzanne's pussy might be a relative relief from the overwhelming urge to cum. He planned to "park" his erection in there for a little bit so he could have a mini strategic break before resuming his thrusting in earnest.

But Suzanne had other ideas. Her cunt was very needy and greedy, and she was nearly as out of control as Glory was. As soon as his cockhead pushed in, she began churning her hips and drawing him in even deeper.

She even brought her hands down from where they'd been holding the headboard and put them on his ass cheeks. Then she used them to squeeze his cheeks and pull his big dick into her even more, until he'd completely bottomed out at the back of her pussy. "That's it, Sweetie!" she cried out hoarsely with her raspy voice. "Fuck your mother! Hard! Hard! DEEP!"

Alan threw away his plans for another break and began fucking her with all his energy and might. He figured that if her talented pussy was going to make him cum shortly, he was going to go all out first and enjoy it to the fullest with what little time left he had.

Glory went back to happily frigging herself with one hand while holding Alan's hand with her other. She was extremely glad that she'd withdrawn her hand from Alan's ass since Suzanne's hands were right where she'd been fondling him just moments earlier. She caught Suzanne's "fuck your mother" comment on some level, but her mind was so overloaded with lust that it didn't really register on a conscious level.

As Alan pounded Suzanne relentlessly, he was squeezing Glory's hand so tightly that she felt like he was going to squeeze it clear off.

He found himself getting close to the edge, and that caused him to briefly ponder just how long he'd been fucking and how long Suzanne's wonderful little scheme had been going on. He started to worry about getting ready for the football game in time, and also worried that Glory would eventually give herself away in a fashion he wouldn't be able to cover. He especially worried about her screaming uncontrollably in orgasmic delight.

He'd tried to milk this situation to the utmost, and felt pretty good about that. But it was time for him to blow his load, especially since he was so aroused that he could barely remember his own name, and Suzanne's talented pussy wasn't giving him any say in the matter. So he gasped, "Gonna cum... Cum together!"

"Okay!" Suzanne panted back. "DO IT!"

As Alan started to shoot his load, Suzanne let loose with a blood-curdling shriek.


The cry was so loud and prolonged that Glory realized this could be her chance. She was still frantically frigging her pussy lips, but she simply touched her clit, and it was like a bomb went off. She clenched her teeth and tried her best not to scream, and succeeded, mostly. She did make some noise, but Alan and Suzanne were so out of it with their own orgasms that they wouldn't have noticed if a herd of elephants came tromping through the room.

Finally, it was done. Alan had filled Suzanne with his cum and he felt like king of the world. Somehow, despite it all, he was still holding Glory's hand. He gave it a couple of reassuring squeezes, and then let go.

Glory thought, You crazy motherfucker! Jesus. That is literally true. Alan's a crazy motherfucker. And sisterfucker, and girlfriend's mother fucker. And a fucker of just about anything that moves. Well, anything that moves that has big boobs on it. I'll bet he's fucked every single woman at that meeting. Okay, maybe not Christine, since she still has that innocent virginal glow about her. But she's next, I'm sure.

I should be more jealous. And I would be burning with jealousy except that I love the bastard too damn much. Not to mention, he keeps me so horny that I can't think straight. This has to be just about the most arousing experience of my life! Well, tied, at least. He's set a pretty high bar these last couple of weeks. He keeps taking me to a high where I'm all maxed out on lust. I don't think it's physically possible to get any more aroused, or feel any better.

Suzanne sighed with contentment as she reached up to take her blindfold off. "Sweetie, that was so good. And adding the blindfold really worked. All my senses were heightened. It was great."

He replied, "You act like you're surprised. You love the blindfold."

She'd actually forgotten all about Glory since losing herself in the mind-bending climax, but that reminded her of the ruse. "You're right. It's just that, every time, I'm amazed at how good it is." Getting back into the spirit of the ruse, she said, "And that special thing you did. The first one, not the feather, although that was great too. Damn! You're getting really good at that."

"I am? Thanks."

The two of them couldn't help but chuckle at that private joke, since in fact there was no "special thing."

"Phew," Suzanne said, still a little winded and flat on her back. "Ah, finally, I get to take the blindfold off." She said that just to make sure Glory had ample warning. Even then, she waited a bit longer before finally taking it off, to give her one last chance to hide. Then she added, "We're both stinky. We need showers. You wanna go first? I need to tidy up around here."

Glory was lying on the floor again by this time, resting and trying to calm her panting and make herself small now that Suzanne's blindfold was off. She was feeling pretty good about herself in having stopped Alan before he had a chance to make her hold the feather, as she'd had a gut feeling that he would do that before long. But her heart leapt to her throat when she heard that.

But Alan said, "Nah, you go first. Maybe I'll join you in there in a couple of minutes."

"You naughty boy!" Suzanne laughed. She sat up in bed and playfully slapped him on the side of his ass. She desperately wanted to look over the edge of the bed where she knew Glory was. In fact, she'd heard her panting there a couple of times, in addition to being aware of her one brief shriek that Alan had covered for. But she knew she couldn't look; Glory would be humiliated and all their progress in bringing her along into threesomes and more would be dashed.

Instead, she went into her own private bathroom (thankfully, the door to it was not on same side of the room as Glory's hiding place, although Suzanne would have made sure not to look Glory's way if it had been the other way).


Glory waited some extra long moments until she heard the sound of the shower running, and then tentatively raised her head up over the edge of the bed. She looked around, scarcely believing that Suzanne was really gone.

Alan was still nude, sweaty, and recovering on the bed. He looked over at her and acted surprised. "Glory?! My history teacher, of all people! What are YOU doing here?"

"Ha ha. Very funny, and keep your voice down," she hissed quietly. "You are an evil, evil bastard, did you know that?"

"That's what people tell me," he said playfully. "In fact, I kinda remember someone else calling me a bastard recently. Can't remember who."

She slapped his leg, since it was in easy reach. "I think that was the pale goddess you just fucked into oblivion. Grrr! The things you did! Making me jack you off while you played with her big tits with that damn feather, for one! Are you freaking out of your mind?!"

"You don't know the half of it," he replied. "I was gonna have YOU tickle her beautiful bod with that 'damn feather.' Too bad we ran out of time."

Glory suddenly blushed. Somehow, she knew that she would be having fantasies about using feathers on Suzanne for a long time to come, even though she was largely in denial about having fantasies about Suzanne at all. She kept trying to tell herself that it was just a passing phase.


She thought of Suzanne's glorious naked body in the shower. It's not fair! It's just not fair! How can I resist wanting her hot body? Her perfect body? Er, I mean, resist admiring her beauty, like a, er, an art lover.

As she fantasized the water running down Suzanne's pale skin, she found herself imagining Suzanne running her hands all over herself. Thanks to what had just happened in Suzanne's bedroom, she could picture that body in the buff now as clearly as if she was watching it on film. But as she kept dreaming, she found herself imagining that it was her hands soaping up Suzanne's big breasts. Her face grew redder and she suddenly remembered that she had to flee the room soon.

Glory's clothes were crumpled up against the bottom edge of the bed. She began picking them up and putting them back on. "This never happened, okay? I can't even believe a minute of it, so I'm going to pretend there's nothing to believe. I've never been so frightened, or so embarrassed, in my entire life! I should be soooo fuckin' mad at you. Fucking another woman, right before my eyes. You're so depraved!"

"Hey, what was I supposed to do? I had to distract her somehow. I mean, I'm in the middle of her room, naked and wearing a condom. Which reminds me... Where'd that thing go?" He started to look around.

Glory was rapidly making progress with putting her clothes on, but she hadn't gotten to her bra yet. She looked down to the floor where the condom rested in one of her bra cups. It had created a large wet spot. She picked up the condom and handed it to him. "You want it? It's all yours."

She laughed, quietly, because it was the first time in a long time she'd put something over him. Now he was left holding the soaked little bag, and uncertain where to put it (he tossed it in the trash a minute later).

As she held up her bra and ran a finger through the cummy wet spot, she shivered. "Okay, I'll admit you had to act lovey-dovey to a certain degree to get out of that jam, but did you have to fuck her like a demonically possessed jackhammer? And what was with that feather crap, and kissing me, AND making me jack you off? That was just downright..."


She laughed. "Maybe, just a bit," she said with obvious understatement. "But the whole thing freaked me out. I mean, I've never been so aroused in my life, but at the same time I feel practically traumatized."

"Really?" He stalled for time with that answer while he contemplated what she said. "Traumatized?" Man! I really blew it! "Bad Alan" has been in control pretty much since the meeting. This is definitely not good! "Sorry, Glory. I just got too horny and didn't think. We really shouldn't have done it here. Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?" Suddenly he was filled with worry and concern. He stepped forward and held her in his arms.

"I'm okay. I said 'practically traumatized,' not really traumatized, and even that feeling is rapidly fading. I guess everything's okay, since we didn't get caught. Before long, we'll probably look back on this and have a good laugh."

"Yeah," He said with great relief as he hugged her tightly. That's a relief, but still. I shouldn't have pushed her so hard. I was totally out of control with some kind of over aroused temporary insanity. It's true that Suzanne certainly schemed the whole thing with the eventual goal of bringing Glory into the harem; I can read her mind on this. And if that works out, that's great. But it was up to me to gauge Glory's feelings along the way and I forgot about that.

He said, "All's well that ends well, but still, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you so hard."

She picked up her bra, as it had fallen to the floor during their hug. "Yeah, well, I'll tell you what. I know how you can make it up to me. Before I go, I just have to know: what the hell is this 'special thing' that you did to her? I didn't see anything special at all."

"Hey. I don't kiss and tell. Seriously, I made a promise not to." He was in a jam - he would have liked to tell her as a way to make things up to her, but he couldn't since there was no "special thing." And there was no way he could confess that, either. If he just made something up, then she'd want him to do it with her too, and how could he?

"Yeah, right," she snorted. "You're a real boy scout."

"I am," he replied defensively. "Or at least I was. That was my last hike last week, due to the whole age thing."


"Nice try to change the subject, but I'll squeeze your special secret out of you one way or another. Please tell? I could make it very pleasurable for you if you do?" She dropped her bra again, smiled, and struck a sexy pose.

"Sorry. I'd really love to, but a promise is a promise."

She visibly deflated as her smile turned to a frown. "Oh hell. Who am I trying to kid? I've got no leverage over you. Not with the likes of Suzanne running around." She looked furtively towards the shower. "I'm kind of starting to understand how you, well... how you fell into the whole incest thing, when women of her caliber were throwing themselves at you. How could anyone resist? It's just not possible."

It didn't take a genius to realize that Glory was thinking about herself resisting Suzanne much more than Alan resisting Susan or Katherine, but he wisely pretended not to notice. Instead, he sought to reassure her. "Lover, she's beautiful, but you're just as beautiful to me. I mean that. I love you with all my heart. I really do."

The smile instantly returned to her face, and bigger than before. "Smooth talking bastard!" She threw her arms around him and kissed him fiercely on the lips.

Then, just as suddenly, she pulled away. "Damn you, stop turning me on. Don't let me get sucked back into the 'Alan vortex.' I've gotta get out of here, and fast. Can you run interference for me and see if Amy's around?"

"Very well. If you insist."

Glory broke the hug and picked up her bra again. She actually put it on this time (despite the wet spot in one of the cups). "By the way, I just want to make it absolutely clear to you that I am NOT a lesbian. Not in any way, shape, or form."

"You mean bisexual."

"Whatever. You know what I mean." She was dressing in a hurry now. "Yes, I was fascinated watching you and Suzanne have sex, but who wouldn't be? You two were so passionate and hot that I couldn't help but love it. Not that you should ever do that to me again, young man! Yes, she's an attractive and sultry bombshell, but I am NOT attracted to her! This issue is NOT open to debate. Do you understand me?"

Alan could easily tell otherwise, but he merely said, "Perfectly. You'd better go. She's not going to be lathering herself up in the shower forever, you know."

Glory shivered a little as she pictured Suzanne soaping up her hefty breasts, but she tried to shake it off. She was relieved that Alan didn't want to argue about the matter, but she also felt strangely sad to be leaving the room. She loved this room now.

She thought, I am most definitely NOT going to go home tonight and masturbate for hours and hours about Alan and Suzanne double-teaming me. Those kinds of fantasies are going to have to be completely prohibited until I can get my appreciation of Suzanne's fine form down to a reasonable level. A definite NON-LESBIAN level. Just appreciate her like fine art, that's all.

Finished with her hasty dressing, Glory turned to leave, but Alan stopped her, bringing her up short. "Hey, are you sure that you're going to be okay?"

She smiled at his concern. "Yeah. I feel better already." She realized that her beef wasn't with Alan for being so aggressive - she found that very sexy. She was upset with herself, both for not having more self-control and for being so powerfully affected by Suzanne.

She thought back to how considerate Alan had generally been and how long it had taken him to get aggressive enough to have intercourse with her for the first time. She thought, I love that he cares about my feelings, but on the other hand I don't want TOO much "Good Alan" in the bedroom.

An idea came to her. "To show you that there's no hard feelings, here. Take this." She reached under her blouse and somehow pulled out her cum-stained bra. "And this." She bunched up her dress, then reached underneath and pulled down her panties.

Getting into the spirit of things, he smiled and said, "You're a very naughty woman. What were you doing wearing those in the first place?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively before lifting her panties to his nose to inhale the intoxicating scent of Glory's arousal. Even though she'd just put them on a couple of minutes before, she'd pulled them up over a very wet pussy so they'd gotten quite wet too.

She was all grins as she said, "I know. I'm bad. You're going to have to figure out just what to do to me as payback next time you see me."

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "I already have some ideas."

She finally left the room after a relatively brief goodbye kiss. They would have necked for a while, but they felt pressed for time since Alan was still naked and had to clean up the room before Suzanne finished her shower.

She didn't realize that Amy had been in the hallway the whole time, carefully listening through the door. Amy just managed to make it back to her own bedroom before Glory walked out into the hall.

Alan put on one of Suzanne's robes, dropped Glory's still warm underwear into a pocket in the robe, and helped Glory get out of the house undetected. Then he went back up to shower with Suzanne. (He was in no condition for serious hanky-panky, but figured that showering together is always more fun than showering alone.)

However, he was met at the top of the stairs by Amy, who was eager to find out what she'd missed. She was extremely frustrated that she'd been able to hear, but not see, what was happening.

Alan ended up showering with both Amy and Suzanne. Even though he stayed flaccid the whole time, he thought as he got out and dried himself off, Life is good. Very, very, VERY good!


Over at the high school, Ryan was having a problem. Actually, several problems. He was conferring with a couple of members of his gang. The fact that he was having to confer with them well before the game began was a bad sign in and of itself, because he'd already been suspended for "attitude issues" by the coach, which meant he was benched for this game. The team was coming apart at the seams due to the infighting instigated by Heather. The coach, Coach Stevens, didn't know exactly what was going on, but he strongly suspected that Ryan had a hand in the trouble. Ryan would be allowed to suit up and sit on the bench with his teammates, but he wouldn't be allowed to play. Several other "bad apples" had been benched for the game as well.

But that was small potatoes compared to the rumors Ryan was now hearing from Steve and Jerome, two members of his gang. They'd just told him that two other members of his gang had dropped out and now wanted to have nothing to do with him.

"Fuckin' fags," Ryan griped. "Pussies. Did they give any reasons?"

"No," Steve said. "But talking to some of the other guys just now, I've heard some rumors. It seems like Heather made a ton of phone calls last night. Sorta turned things upside down. Nobody's really saying anything specific, but that must have something to do with it. I mean, yesterday was Thanksgiving. Why would anybody be talking to anybody on Thanksgiving?"

"Good question," Ryan acknowledged. "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but that bitch must be behind it. I'm sure you guys heard the rumors that she's been all... weird about that twerp Alan lately. Maybe he's been fucking her and he turned her. So she's trying to put the squeeze on us."

"Shit," Jerome moaned. "If that's true, we're totally screwed. You know how Heather is. She's a fuckin' insatiable hottie in the sack, make no mistake, but she's also a fuckin' power hungry bitch and everybody fears her."

"Well, I don't fear her," Ryan said with bravado. "For one thing, she's just a girl. She does get her way a lot with her hot bod and sex appeal, but basically she's just another dumb blonde bitch. We'll deal with her soon enough. But this just goes to show why we've got to deal with Alan. He's fucking up everything."

"You got that right."

Just then, another member of Ryan's gang came up to where the others were meeting. They were sitting on empty bleachers, far from anyone else. "Hey dudes, sorry I'm late. But you wouldn't believe what happened."

"What, Greg?"

"My fuckin' skank ho girlfriend. Been arguin' with Melody for a fuckin' hour. Turns out she got a call from Heather last night. Bitch queen of the school Heather. I practically had to beg Melody not to dump me! Heather's all over her ass like white on rice. She seems to think that if she doesn't dump me, her life is gonna be a living hell."

"So did she dump you?" Jerome asked.

"You kidding me? Melody can't live without 'Three-Legged Greg'." He made some lewd thrusting motions with his hips and the others all laughed.

Except for Ryan. He was grim. "That confirms it. Heather's trying to destroy us, just because she thinks Alan's got a big cock. Or whatever. I don't know what the fuck that nerd is doing, but it's gotta stop. Now he's trying to take our girlfriends away, using Heather to do it. Are we gonna just sit here and let him win? Are we gonna let him fuck us over? A total loser who just happens to have a big dick?"

"Well no, obviously," Steve said. "Duh. But what about Heather? The guy's just a sorry-assed weakling with next to no friends at all. But Heather's got a lot of power."

"I know she does," Ryan replied. "But now the game is on. She's declared war. Either we lie down and get fucked in the ass, or we fight. I say we fight. I've got some ideas already how to deal with her. But first we gotta take care of Alan. I don't know how he does it, but he's got her under his spell. Crush him, and she'll come to her senses. Then we'll have our trophy cheerleader to fuck again."

Steve smirked. "Well, we've already got him taken care of." He was referring to the plan they'd agreed to that was designed to leave Alan battered and humiliated.

Ryan was lost in thought. He liked the plan they had. He'd put a lot of effort into it and he was sure it would work. The only problem was that he couldn't just set it in motion with a snap of his fingers. Certain conditions needed to be in place first and it would take days, if not a week or more, to get everything to fall in place. He realized with Heather declaring war on them already that he simply didn't have that kind of time. He needed to act quickly.

He said, "As much as I'm all for that plan, we need a new plan. I'm not afraid of Heather, but I'm not going to underestimate her either. We need to strike and strike now. Today. This is nothing less than all-out war. But look at us. All we're up against is a couple of pussies. Taking care of them should be a piece of cake. All we need to do is figure out a clever way of doing it so we don't get caught."

"So what do we do?" Greg asked.

"I dunno. Give me a couple of minutes to think about it," Ryan replied.

Ryan knew that he faced serious problems. It really was all-out war, now. Before, he mostly wanted to take out Alan as a favor to his good friend Rock. But now it was a matter of social survival, and getting revenge was just a nice bonus. He could see that all their lives would soon be a living hell if Heather kept doing what she was doing.

He figured it was basically a matter of male muscle vs. female social manipulation. He thought, I've been watching Heather, and listening to the grapevine. I can't shake the feeling that she really does feel something for Alan. God knows why. I thought she was a heartless bitch, but if she loves him, that should make my job easy. We'll just hit him hard - literally - and show her that he can't escape our justice. He needs a serious comeuppance in any case, for what he did to Rock. Then we'll tell her to call off her harpies or we'll hit him even harder. Problem solved.

The only snag is the when and where. I know that Christine bitch has been acting like she's his bodyguard. That just shows how easy this will be - a girl for a bodyguard. What a laugh! But it shows that he's not totally stupid. He'll probably take some basic precautions coming and going to the game, and of course I'll be on the bench all during the game. Rock's not even allowed to come onto school grounds. But if we don't do something at the game, then when? Who the fuck knows where he'll be the rest of this four-day vacation? He'll probably spend the whole fuckin' weekend jacking off playing video games.

No, I've gotta do something during the game. At least try. By Monday, we all could be screwed by Heather, if she pulls out all the stops. But how? I gotta think outside the box. Use the element of surprise somehow...

Not long after that, every single person who attended the meeting at the Pestridge house arrived at the high school. The Pestridges and Plummers traveled together in Susan's minivan, followed by the others in the various cars that they'd used to get to the meeting, traveling together almost as a procession. Sean met them at the school.

This was not the time for hanky-panky. As Christine constantly reminded everybody, they needed to stay on their toes. Most of the women had changed into casual clothes since the meeting. Christine, for instance, wore clothes selected to give her easy freedom of movement in case there was a fight. Katherine and Amy had changed into their bright red cheerleading outfits so they wouldn't have to change in the locker room. Only Susan and Suzanne still wore their formal outfits from before.

After parking the cars, they walked through the school in a pack with Alan, Katherine, and Amy in the center. The school was nearly deserted since only the cheerleaders and football players were supposed to show up early. Everyone in the group was aware that this was a prime opportunity for some kind of ambush.

But they made it to the girls' locker room without incident. In fact, they didn't even see anybody else. They were met at the door by Janice, Joy, and Kim, who'd been somewhat clued in to the security issues involved.

Janice waved hi at the group and joked to Alan, "Whoa, Alan, you're like Mike Tyson or Eddie Murphy now. You've got a serious entourage. Where's the paparazzi?"

"I wish," he replied with a grim smile. "Does everybody know everybody here?" He made a few introductions, since Susan and Suzanne had never been formally introduced to Janice and Joy. Kim remembered well her time at the Plummer house, and couldn't stop blushing as she tried, and mostly failed, to avoid staring at Susan and Suzanne's big racks.

Amy, Heather, and Katherine went inside the locker room with the rest of the cheerleaders while everyone else waited just outside.

But the cheerleaders weren't gone for long. Soon, the newly enlarged group made its way to the football field. The cheerleaders broke off, going to a patch of grass and began doing warm up stretches. The rest migrated to the stands, and sat together near the front rows. They were the only ones there so far. The cheerleaders were in easy view right in front of them and less than thirty yards away, in case anything happened.

Christine sat on one side of Alan, while Suzanne sat on the other with Susan on Suzanne's other side (Susan would have sat next to Alan except that it was agreed beforehand that it wasn't wise to put her within arm's reach of his crotch). Sean and Simone sat one row behind them all. Simone was busy explaining to Sean the things he'd missed from the meeting.


Alan looked down onto the field and watched the cheerleaders doing their warm-ups. Damn! I keep saying "damn," but it's so true. I've fucked the entire squad. I could have any of them I want at any time. Not only that, but even now they know I'm sitting here and I think they're being extra provocative, just for me. At a casual glance they're just exercising, but they're really flaunting what they've got to full effect. Look at Janice, trying to cop a feel from Joy, as usual. Kinda sad, actually. And Heather. She's having a little exercise-gasm down there. Damn, she's competitive. And those black painted-on panties they keep flashing my way. DAMN! Shit, I'm getting another boner. I hope Christine doesn't notice.


Glory didn't want to sit with the group during the game, as that would only fuel rumors. (Even attending the meeting at the Pestridge house had been problematic for her, especially since Heather was there.) She also thought it would be better if Ryan's gang didn't know how closely she was linked to Alan's group. She planned to sit close to the group but not directly with it.

As she stood three rows above the others, scouting out a place to sit that would be close to Alan but not too close, Suzanne walked up and stood right in front of her. They were far away enough from everybody else that they could talk without being overheard.

"Hey, Glory, good to see ya."

Glory immediately got panicky inside from the mere fact that Suzanne was standing so close and talking to her. Her heart started to race and she even felt light-headed. Suddenly, she could picture Alan lying on top of Suzanne, repeatedly thrusting into her, the sweat flying off their naked bodies, and the sound of Alan's balls slapping onto her skin. It was like she was right there watching it all again from a front row seat. But on the outside, she was more or less able to keep her cool. She smiled. "Hey, Suzanne. What's up?"

"Oh, not much. I was just wondering - I didn't offend you in some way today, did I?"

"No, of course not. Why would you say that?" Glory thought, Uh-oh! Nipples, stay down!

"It's just that it seems to me like you've been kind of avoiding me ever since we got here. A couple of times I looked at you and you looked away. And when I tried to walk with you, you walked faster."

"Oh. That." Again, she spoke in her mind to her nipples, which were rapidly growing hard. Down! Down! Not now! She said to Suzanne, "Well, it's just that I'm so paranoid about Ryan's gang and all. I just didn't want any distractions."

That was a big lie and Suzanne knew it, but she went along with it. She smiled and stretched out her arms to Glory for a conciliatory hug. "So we're still good?"

"Of course." Rather reluctantly, Glory held her arms out too and let Suzanne embrace her. She hoped Suzanne didn't notice how aroused and excited she was. Her body was actually trembling.

Suzanne squeezed tightly, making sure that their breasts were pressed together. Then she continued to talk casually while maintaining the close embrace. "That's good to hear, because I really like you. I know that we've only started to become friends this past week, but I already feel a special bond with you. Can you feel it too?"


Glory thought, Yes, and I can feel your damn stiff nipples too! And your whole goddamn sexy body, touching mine everywhere! It feels so good! Christ, you've got huge breasts! They're completely enveloping mine. It's like my little ones have been placed in a mold made out of pale white breast flesh. I never want this hug to end! She pushed up on her tiptoes so their lips would draw closer.

But then she merely grinned and said, "Yeah."

Suzanne elaborated, "I don't know what it is. I'm sure part of it is the fact that we both share the same lover. You and I, we've gone through so many of the same things with him already. We really should get together and talk. Almost like an 'Alan addict' support group." She chuckled.

Glory looked around furtively to make sure no one was able to hear even the indirect reference to her illicit affair with a student. "Yeah," she said again. She wasn't putting much thought into her answers because her mind was racing on another level.

She thought, If you only knew just how true that is, Suzanne! If you only knew that I pretty much guided his cock into your steamy box in what feels like merely two minutes ago. I can practically still smell the aroma of your ripe pussy filling your very own bedroom, the room I so wrongly violated! I can almost taste your sex from when I licked my fingers clean after I let go of Alan's cock and they were sticky with your juices. I can't even believe I did that. But that'll have to be my secret shame, my cross to bear. You must never know. Never!

Suzanne looked into Glory's eyes from mere inches away as their embrace went on and on. "You seem a little distracted. Is there something on your mind... Oh, I know what you're thinking!"

"You do?" She gulped. Her heart was hammering madly as her hands tightly clutched Suzanne's backside.

Actually, Suzanne had a pretty accurate idea. She was sure Glory's head was filling with images from their threesome of sorts. But she didn't want to say that. Instead, she grinned and said, "Of course I do. My bad. I shouldn't have hinted at the topic of sex with you-know-who. Whenever I think of him, I get all dreamy-eyed, and, to be honest, more than a little bit aroused. That doesn't bother you, does it? The fact that we're sleeping with the same man? That won't hinder our friendship, will it? I feel like we're kindred spirits. I hope we can become more intimate friends as time goes on."

"Intimate?!" Glory thought in a panic. What does she mean by that?! ... No, I'm just overreacting. I'm sure she doesn't mean it like I hope she does. Hope?! Did I just think that? No, I don't mean hope. I mean... I don't know what I mean! Oh God, why is she hugging me still?! I can't take it anymore, especially the way her big breasts keep shifting around. I'm gonna cum on the spot if she keeps it up!

Glory realized she was thinking so much that it was leading to another awkward silence. "Um, no. Of course not. That won't be a problem."

"Good. But we should talk about it some more sometime. I'm still feeling a new distance from you. It's like something happened after the meeting this morning, and I'm worried that that's the reason." Suzanne sensed that she'd pressed Glory enough, both literally and figuratively. The hug had gone on for so long that it might cause people to start to stare. So she kissed Glory lightly on the lips and pulled back. "Let's talk later, okay? I'll call you."

Glory nodded. She felt sad when Suzanne broke the hug, and sadder still to watch her turn away and go back to sit down next to Susan. But her sadness was quickly overwhelmed by a great euphoria. Her lips tingled where Suzanne had just kissed her, but really her entire body tingled all over with joy from the hug. Her pussy was dripping so profusely that she decided to make a trip to the ladies room to clean up.

As she started to walk away, she thought, I will NOT masturbate myself silly in the bathroom while thinking about Suzanne. Or worse, Suzanne and Alan double-teaming me. No, I'll just think about Alan getting all sexy on me as I'm doing it 'cos God knows I need relief badly. I'm not a Suzannesbian; really, I'm not! But what am I going to do?! She wants to meet with me later, hang out sometime, and even be good friends! How am I going to handle that?! That makes me so happy, but so... disturbed. I can't EVER let her know how I really feel about her! The things I think about doing with her... I'm sure she'd think I'm a freak and would want nothing to do with me if she had even the slightest clue. Dammit, why did I have to see what I saw today? Those images of her sexy ivory nakedness are gonna be burned into my brain forever!

Once Glory left for the bathroom, Alan stood up and led Suzanne a short distance away from all the others. The two of them compared notes as to what had really happened in Suzanne's bedroom. They could only talk obliquely for fear of being overheard, and they had to be brief, but Suzanne was pleased as she could be to find out that her scheme had exceeded all her expectations. She thought that Alan had ended things at the perfect point, because had he actually made Glory hold and use the feather, he would have pushed her too far too fast and they would have had to deal with a strong backlash.

As Suzanne sat back down next to Susan, she thought with a grin, Well, that scheme certainly is coming along nicely. I DO really like Glory, and not just carnally. I really do feel we're kindred spirits of sorts, and that'll be doubly true once I manage to bring her all the way into the harem. We'll have so much to talk about and share, including dual blowjobs, hee-hee-hee! I swear, Sweetie should be paying me the big bucks for this kind of stuff. He's gonna benefit at least as much as I will when I get Glory to discover her latent bisexual side.

She looked over at Susan, who was looking like the epitome of an innocent and "proper" suburban housewife. She thought, I can't wait to tell her all about what happened in my bedroom today. Man alive, is she going to get "so hot" or what! I swear, the retellings are almost as much fun as the original act. I can't wait for this stupid game to end already.

After Alan returned to his seat, he turned to Christine sitting next to him and said, "Well, that was a little bit tense, but it was a tempest in a teapot after all. Other people are gonna start showing up in a few minutes, and then we'll be in the clear. Ryan and the rest of his gang are gonna be right in front of us playing in the game. What could be safer than that?"


"Well, I suppose," Christine conceded, "but I still don't like it. With Heather causing trouble, he has to know that time is not on his side. He's gonna try to pull something today. I can feel it. Promise me nobody makes a move during half time."

Looking at the intensity of her worried expression and hearing the passionate emotion in her words, Alan thought, Wow, maybe she really does love me and not just feel lust for me. Well, either that or she's really uptight and anal about stuff... Hmmm, maybe a bit of both. I know she cares for me, but how much?

"We've been over that; don't worry," he replied. "Look, all we've gotta do is worry about halftime, and then after the game. That's when the sparks are gonna fly, afterwards. Until then, let's just sit back and enjoy ourselves."

"Easy for you to say," Christine grumbled. "You've got a squad of pretty cheerleaders to gawk at. Everyone knows you're an incorrigible letch. Meanwhile, what am I supposed to do?"

Suzanne leaned forward so she could make eye contact with Christine across Alan. "That's easy, dear. You and I have a lot to discuss. You sound like an absolutely fascinating young lady..."

Soon, Susan, Suzanne, and Christine were gabbing away like old friends. They mostly discussed feminine topics that Alan had little interest in. He actually switched seats so they didn't have to talk around him. But Christine was an excellent multitasker, so even as she fully engaged in the conversation she remained acutely aware of the security situation around their group. She was especially mindful of what was happening with the cheerleading squad.

As time went on, more and more people joined them in the bleachers. The football games were never sellouts in the best of times. Typically, most everyone in the stands were close friends or family to the players. The bleachers only sat three hundred if they were full. But lately the team had downright sucked. Only a hundred people showed up, if that. It was a bright sunny day, and most people would have rather been at the beach or some place else.

Still, the existence of the crowd was very reassuring, and when the team showed up and Christine could see exactly where Ryan was, even she relaxed quite a lot. She figured that as long as he was involved in the game or sitting on the bench, they were okay.

Glory was regretting that she'd chosen to sit a couple of rows behind the others instead of a couple of rows in front of them. She found herself spending too much time staring at the backsides of either Alan or Suzanne. Funnily enough, she recognized on an intellectual level that Susan and Christine were on the same high level of beauty as Suzanne was. She knew that all three of them could easily win beauty contests, for instance. But she didn't feel even the slightest twinge of desire for any other woman but Suzanne. When she saw Susan's head, she was usually thinking with irritation, Get your fat head out of the way so I can see Suzanne's face again, already!

And when Susan would lean forward, giving Glory a view of Suzanne, Glory would sigh with contentment, if not out loud, then certainly on the inside. But that's exactly how she felt about seeing Alan too. Especially after what he'd done to her in Suzanne's bedroom, merely thinking about him could practically get her off. Being so close to both of them kept her in a constant state of mild arousal.

The game itself, once it got going, wasn't terribly interesting, especially since the home team was being badly beaten again. But the company was good, and the group had brought a lot to drink and eat. By the second quarter, it seemed to Alan that all the worrying had been much ado about nothing.


Alan had been drinking a lot, and mindful of the rule that none of them were allowed to leave their seat during halftime, he got up to go to the bathroom as the clock was winding down to the two minute warning before the end of the first half.

He stood up. "Christine, by your leave, I'm off to 'powder my nose.'" He said that in a snooty, joking tone.

Christine stood up too. "Fine, but I'm coming with you."

"Oh, come on. There's a men's room just on the other side of the bleachers. Ryan and his whole gang - we can see them! They're right there on the field or on the bench. Don't be absurd."

"That may be, but I'm coming with you."

"What, are you going to come in the bathroom with me? Are you going to hold my thing while I pee?"

Christine blushed furiously at that. "What are you saying?" she asked in an insulted way.

"Oops. Sorry, I didn't mean that. I know you're just trying to be helpful... Fine, if you want to come, come."

As they walked off, she pointed out, "It's not like I'm missing a good game. What else have I got to do?"

"That's a good point."

They wandered out of hearing range for the others in the group. Although Glory was sitting a couple of rows back she was close enough to hear when she paid attention, especially since there were empty seats all around.

All the others were feeling the same as Alan, that Christine was being way too uptight about the situation, even though nobody made any snarky comments about it. After all, it was obvious that she meant well.

But then Simone noticed something. She didn't care about the game and had been watching the cheerleaders more than the field. "Hey," she said to the others. "Look at that. Isn't that Heather walking quickly to the locker room?"

"It is," Sean replied. He was a long-time secret admirer of Heather's backside, and could recognize it from a mile away.

Suzanne said, "I can see Amy and Katherine with the other cheerleaders, but where's Ryan? He's number 49. I don't see a number 49 on the bench."

"He was just there a minute ago," Susan pointed out. "Since I don't know football, I've been keeping more of an eye on the sidelines. He's down there somewhere. I think."

Simone said. "Shoot. I don't like this one bit. Think about it. Alan's gone. Christine's gone. Heather's leaving. Ryan's gone. Something's happening! I'm gonna go check it out. Sean, come with me. Mrs. Pestridge and Mrs. Plummer, you might want to sneak down to the field and ask Amy and Katherine if they know what happened. Probably they know what Heather's doing. We may just be overreacting..."

"But better safe than sorry!" Susan said firmly. "I'm on it! Let's go!"

Sean asked, "Could Heather be in cahoots with Ryan? Or... somebody?"

"I dunno," Simone replied. "Who knows. Anything's possible with her. Move it!"

Glory had been overhearing all that. As Sean got up to go with Simone, he said to her as he hurried past her, "Ms. Rhymer, can you keep an eye on all our stuff?"

"Sure thing." She wished that she could do more, but she realized that someone had to stay behind and look after all their many possessions, including purses and a cooler.

Simone and Sean walked briskly up the bleachers where there were stairs going back down to the ground. Due to fences all around the field area built for ticketed events, it was just about the only way in and out.

Simone suggested, "Sean, since you're a guy, why don't you check out the men's room. I obviously can't go in there. Check every single stall. Meanwhile, I'll start scouting the surrounding area."

"Okay. If I find anything, I'll shout or whistle."

"Right. Me too."

From the top of the bleachers they had a good view of much of the area behind the bleachers, including a nearby parking lot. Both of them stopped momentarily to look, but neither saw anything out of the ordinary. They split up and took different stairs out of the bleachers.

However, they had a bad feeling. There were too many coincidences piling up. They kept on going, faster than before.

Meanwhile, Susan and Suzanne had made their way down to the bottom of the bleachers. There was about a six foot wall between the closest seats to the ground and the ground itself. Both of them leaned forward.

Susan projected her voice towards her two daughters, loud enough for them to hear but not loud enough to draw the attention of lots of other people. "Angel! Amy! What's going on? What happened to Heather?!"


Katherine and Amy were looking worried, anticipating the question. "I don't know," Katherine replied as she looked up at her two mothers. "She just took off. She didn't say a word to anyone. We were all just waiting between routines so we didn't even notice she was headed to the lockers until she was almost there."

Amy added, "But Ryan's gone! The other guys are all around, I think, but he's gone!"

Susan and Suzanne looked at each other.

Susan said, "Let's get the hell out of here!"

They started running back up the bleacher stairs. There were a couple of stairs from the bleachers down to the field, but if they went that way there were fences preventing them from going around the bleachers to the other side.

Katherine yelled up at them while they were running away, "What should we do?"

"Stay there!" Susan yelled back. "Stay safe!"

Susan was in full 'mama grizzly bear' mode. She didn't care that most of the people near her in the stands were staring at her and Suzanne and wondering what their hurry was. What bothered her was that her heels were slowing her down. They were low heels, not the usual high heels she wore at home, but they were a pain in the ass now, just the same. She muttered to Suzanne, "Ditch the heels."

"Right." Both of them quickly stepped out of their heels and left them in the bleacher aisle where they'd fallen.

Now they were able to move faster up the stairs, taking them two steps at a time, but their tight dresses were slowing them down.

Glory was still sitting there, watching the two mothers hurrying up the bleachers as fast as their formal outfits could let them. She thought, The shit is going down! This is it! Screw watching the stuff; Alan needs me! She turned to an older couple nearby. "Excuse me, but can you watch all these things for a few minutes?"

"Sure, thing," the elderly woman replied. "Is there some kind of prob..." Her voice trailed off because she found that she was talking to air.

Glory was already bounding up the stairs as well.

As Susan and Suzanne reached the top of the bleachers, allowing them to look out over a great distance, they heard a piercing scream coming from somewhere ahead of them, down on the ground level.

Susan's face was grimly determined, yet full of motherly worry. "Oh no! My baby!"

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