SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 128 Supplement
Gary Boaz Aikido videos
plus a few other references

This page lists some of the martial arts techniques used by Christine, most of which are taken from a much larger set of 190 Aikido videos by Gary Boaz, a 4th degree black belt at the time the videos were made. Gary's videos are noteworthy for their clarity of camera angles and explanations, as well as for the availability of a transcript for each video.

Information on most of the techniques used by Christine, in order of appearance in Part 128:

  1. Kiai to distract Aaron and maximize the force of her kick
  2. Forward breakfall: recovery after taking down Aaron
  3. Iriminage: response to Ryan's first attack
  4. Kokyunage irimi: response to Ivan's first attack
  5. Ushiro tekubitori kotegaeshi: taking Ryan down during his second attack
  6. Randori: basic response to the 3-on-1 attack
  7. Randori: separating Ivan from Ryan during the 3-on-1 attack
  8. Iriminage: getting Ivan out of the way during the 3-on-1 attack
  9. Yokomenuchi neck strike: knocking Ryan out during the 3-on-1 attack
  10. Reflex syncope, more specifically Carotid sinus syncope: why that neck strike works
  11. Taking control of Rock via his wrist, using a one-hand combination of these techniques: