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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 129
It's All Right
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Christine was examined for about 45 minutes. She had a cut on her elbow that she'd gotten during her breakfall, and a bruised right foot. A big bandage was wrapped around that elbow after it was cleaned. It took so long because the ER doctor was concerned about her emotional state. It appeared that Christine avoided an immediate sedative only because she and her father agreed on the quick support and advice provided by Frank Morgan, which the physician regarded as excellent.

Alan was only examined and treated for about 20 minutes. He had the characteristic minor bruises and skinned knuckles often seen in high-school fights. He'd been hit a number of times, but nothing major. The hand he favored had taken much of the abuse. His wounds were cleaned and bandaged, as were his skinned knuckles.

Susan, Suzanne, Lars, and Olga waited for Alan's and Christine's examinations to end. Suzanne was busy running around talking on the telephone and pestering the staff to give better treatment to the two heroes. This left Susan to talk to Lars and Olga in the waiting room.

After the introductions and compliments about each others' children, Susan said, "I want to thank you again for raising such an impressive and talented daughter. If it wasn't for Christine's martial arts skills, I hate to think what would have happened to my... uh... son." (She'd wanted to say "Tiger.")

Lars said, "Yes, we're very proud of her. I was a little annoyed to find out that she's been running around for the past day or two serving as Alan's 'bodyguard'. But given what's happened, it certainly looks like he needed one. I hope he's not the kind of guy who always has trouble following him around."

Olga said, "Lars, shush! You know as well as I do that Alan is a top student and just about the most upstanding boy in the whole school."

Susan thought with hidden glee, Well, if by "upstanding" you're referring to his cock, that's certainly true!

Susan in a green suit, sitting on a chair while talking to a standing dishwater blonde in a grey suit

Olga went on, "That's why those terrible monsters hated him so much." She turned to Susan and said with understanding, "We've had a vexing problem with Christine for years. She has so few friends because the other girls are all jealous and always trying to tear her down. She's had no dates in, well, basically ever, until Alan came along. I think it's great that they stick up for each other. Besides, it's so romantic!"

Susan blinked at that and asked, "Romantic?" She envisioned her son as more of a relentless, insatiable, dominant stud, so had a hard time seeing him as a romantic gentleman. However, now that she thought of it, she found the idea incredibly arousing.

"Sure!" Olga said gaily. "Christine tries to downplay what's happening, but I can see right through her. 'Practice dates'. Right!" She chuckled. "You do know they're not just practice dating anymore, don't you?"


Olga didn't give her much of a chance to reply. "And the way Christine talks about him!" She leaned forward towards Susan and stage whispered with a cupped hand by her mouth, "Just between you and me, I think Christine is head over heels in love!"

Susan thought, Uh-oh. If the Anderssens only knew what the real situation was, I don't think they'd be too pleased. I'd better try to lower expectations. "Um, well, actually, Alan refers to them as practice dates too. Maybe that's all they are."

Olga waved her hand dismissively. "Pshaw! Practice for what? That's like going on a 'practice' vacation in preparation for a 'real' vacation. They're the same thing! Personally, I think that's so cute, though. They're obviously both so shy and sexually inexperienced that they need a fig leaf like that to get over their dating jitters. I just wonder how far they've gone already. I know they've kissed on the lips. I'll bet it was the first kiss for each of them. How magical!"

She was practically swooning as she was overcome with romantic nostalgia, probably recalling her own first kiss. Although Christine had told her that Amy was the "other girl" Alan was still dating, that didn't dent her optimism about Christine and Alan very much, or even at all.

Susan naked on hands and knees, approaching a naked Alan and his rampant erection

Olga's words inspired Susan to also think magical, happy thoughts, but in a very different way. Suddenly, she had a vivid vision of herself in the very hospital room she was actually in, crawling on her hands and knees towards her son's turgid erection. She imagined herself thinking, "Son, is that true? Do you like kissing Christine? Why don't you think about that while Mommy helps you out by 'kissing' your cock deep in my mouth!"

In her vision, she reached his boner soon enough and began enthusiastically sucking on it. She could practically feel the gentle stroking of his hands in her hair as he guided her hungry mouth onto his pulsing hot shaft. The weight and flavor of his penis on her tongue only added to her need to suck as she inched his thickness towards her open throat.

As if that wasn't scandalous enough, a nude Katherine appeared by her side in the vision and joined her in licking up and down Alan's shaft. Then Suzanne also appeared, naked as well, and kissed Alan on his lips. It occurred to her that this exact combination had happened in real life recently, and that aroused her all the more. She grinned as she imagined Lars and Olga stuttering and shrieking in dismay at the lewd sex act taking place before them.

She thought, Okay, I've gotta act cool. I can't appear surprised. I have to just pretend like I'm in full agreement and smile and nod. I wish Suzanne was here. I have to be clever and crafty like her! Should I let them know that Tiger is not exactly Mr. Pure and Virginal anymore? I mean, they're gonna get wind of that sooner or later, right? Or should I play clueless? If the Anderssens don't think that Tiger and Christine are an item, they're probably going to get upset that Christine got all scraped up defending just "some guy." I'd better take the clueless approach. That's what Suzanne would do... I think.

She said, "Did they really kiss like that? I didn't know that. That's great. They certainly would make a fetching couple, wouldn't they?"

Lars winced.

Olga noticed, and said, "Look at poor Lars. He has such trouble letting her go. Me too. But on the other hand, I'm so relieved. Christine, well, she never showed ANY interest in ANY boys. With her looks, you'd think she'd be fighting them off with a stick, but few have ever asked and she's shot those down. All of them! So we're trying to bend over backwards to accommodate this growing romance."

Susan's eyes went wide and sex was suddenly on her brain. "Bend over backwards!" That could be me, bending over backwards to accommodate Tiger's growing stick! His shooting stick!

Olga added, "Obviously, it's way too early to talk about something like marriage. I'm embarrassed to even mention the word. But this seed of love, who knows? Maybe it'll grow into something big."

Susan's eyes practically popped out of her head. "Seed." "SEED!" Tasty, spermy seed! Growing into something big, like his big, fat, yummy cock sliding between my lips! Or even him breeding me, knocking me up, making my tummy grow big! AARGH! Can't think about that - too exciting! Need to focus on blowjobs, soothing, comforting blowjobs... Which reminds me - how's Alan Junior holding up, I wonder? I wish I could just slip into his examination room and guzzle down a load before he starts to suffer painful blue balls. He's in too much pain already!

Olga saw Susan's wide-eyed look and luckily misinterpreted it. "So sorry! By mentioning marriage, I didn't mean to imply anything. It's just that Christine is a special kind of girl. It's very, very hard to win her friendship or loyalty, but once you have it, she's so loyal that it's remarkable. So who knows? I can feel it deep inside that these two have some special type of connection. Don't you think?"

Susan groaned inwardly with profound lust. "Feel it deep inside"? Is she trying to drive me crazy?! Why doesn't she just say, "Fuck and suck your son blah blah blah special type of connection deep in your cunt?"

But she calmed herself, and just said, "Don't worry about it. I guess I'm just a little like Lars. Words like that make me realize that my little boy is turning into a big, strong man. But a good thing is that today they really stood up for each other. That shows they share a serious emotional commitment. I'm amazed at the way that Christine handled herself. From what I heard, it sounds like she was a superb fighter. You've raised a very talented girl."

Lars coughed, as he didn't know how to handle compliments. "Um, well, perhaps, but I should warn you. I had a brief, troubling conversation with Frank Morgan just before we left to come here. You know him? Heather Morgan's father?"

"I've never met him personally, but I've seen him. He certainly is a very large, imposing gentleman."

"Yes, he is," Lars agreed. "He said that he'd been in the Marine Corps for many years and fought in Iraq. He warned me that Christine may be going through some of the same kinds of turmoil that soldiers do after battle, particularly after their first combat with the enemy. Obviously it's not the same, but this was her first violent encounter and so the emotions and physical reactions are strong. He gave me some good advice, which I already passed on to the doctor. Alan might suffer from some of the same symptoms, so I thought you might want to know them too."

"Sure," Susan said. "Please, tell me more."

Lars explained, "He said the body and mind have both been put into a very excitable state. It's a defense mechanism to help with combat, I suppose. Frank said that both body and mind will be running with excess energy for hours. This is especially true because the fight apparently paused and then was about to start up again, so each of them had a second adrenaline surge which, because the fight ended, didn't find an outlet. Frank said the best way to deal with this situation is strenuous exercise to burn off the remaining adrenaline so the body can stop racing and get the rest it needs. Then they should take it easy, relax for the rest of the day, and sleep if they feel like it. Have your son run or something, then give him some time to unwind. It probably would be good if you could just talk to him and help him relax. Maybe have him take some sleeping pills tonight if he's still feeling jittery. Then see how he's feeling tomorrow. If he's still stressing over the fight, it might be a good idea to have him talk to a counselor or therapist."

Susan thought, Goodness! I know how to help him unwind: blowjobs! Lots and lots of blowjobs! And all that strenuous exercise, he can burn off that energy fucking me in every hole! Then we can have him see Xania and fuck her too! But I can't just think about sex, despite his huge sperm-filled cock needing so desperately to be drained. Mr. Anderssen is certainly giving some good advice. I'm definitely going to follow that to the letter... Plus lots of blowjobs, hee-hee!

Susan remained on her best behavior (although her head was filled with thoughts of blowjobs). She got on well with Olga in particular and did not dissuade Olga's big hopes that something serious could be developing between Alan and Christine.

In fact, by the time they were done talking, the two women were practically already planning the wedding arrangements. Of course, they had very different visions. Olga imagined a stereotypical white wedding dress for her daughter, whereas Susan imagined Christine collared and naked as an integral part of the harem.


Alan emerged from his examination to find Susan talking to Lars and Olga in an otherwise empty waiting room. He'd never been formally introduced to them, and this was hardly an ideal occasion to meet them for the first time. But soon enough the requisite introductions were made. He wanted to make a good impression, so he praised Christine a lot, especially for her valiant role in the fight. It was easy to do, since he meant every word.

He also buttered up Christine's parents with lots of compliments. That was easy to do too, since they'd obviously done a great job raising her. And when he said to Olga, "It's easy to see where Christine gets her beautiful looks," that was completely true as well. He could have added that it was obvious that Christine had inherited her big breasts from her mother, since Olga appeared to be about a D-cup, but naturally he didn't get that explicit.

After about five minutes of chatting, Olga was looking at him like she wanted to plan the wedding for the next weekend. Even Lars seemed grudgingly impressed by Alan's personality and manners. Of course, Olga and Lars knew that Alan was dating Amy as well as Christine; they'd even seen Alan and Amy French kiss less than an hour earlier. But neither of them felt it was polite or even proper to confront him about it at this time.

As Alan was saying his goodbyes to Christine's parents, Susan spoke confidentially to Suzanne in a quiet voice, down the hospital hallway. She whispered conspiratorially, "Suzanne, I was good. I was really good. I hardly slipped up at all."


"Well, I did have some fantasies, but how could I not, when you-know-who is so incredibly you-know-what." Even now, Susan was talking obliquely, just to be on the safe side.

Suzanne didn't quite know the "you-know-what," but she got the gist.

Susan continued, "I don't think I let on what I was thinking, though. I was being really careful. But it's just not fair! Think of the... you know." She dropped her voice to a very quiet whisper. "The blue balls! During his examination, shouldn't they at least have a sexy nurse 'examine' his penis and take a sperm sample with her mouth or something? Where's Nurse Akami when we really need her?"

Suzanne looked around carefully. "Mind your language. The walls have ears."

Susan nodded, and then added, "By the way, Olga told me that Christine is quote 'head over heels in love with Alan' unquote. Isn't that great?"

Suzanne's eyes narrowed as she momentarily switched into her scheming mode. "She is? Hmmm. Interesting. Very, very interesting."

Susan looked at her friend with curiosity, but Suzanne gave no clue as to what she was thinking.

When Christine's examination finally ended, she joined the others.

Both Alan and Christine grew very nervous when they saw the other in the same room. They had the exact same reaction: first, they wanted to French kiss some more, and they had to stifle that urge. Then they worried about what their kissing in the ambulance meant, and dreaded their inevitable conversation about it. Luckily for both, that conversation had to be delayed because of the others in the room.

After Christine spoke to the whole group, telling them that her injuries weren't serious, Olga got Lars, Susan, and Suzanne to leave the room and go outside so that Alan and Christine would have some time alone together.

Olga's tactic was so obvious that it left the two kids in an awkward situation. Now that they were no longer "protected" by the presence of others, both of them grew even more nervous.

After some long moments, Alan broke the tension by saying, "Soooo... your parents seem to like me... a lot!"

Christine chuckled nervously. "Um, yeah. Parents. They're just so... Arrrgh!"

Alan replied, "Actually, I think your parents are pretty cool. We were talking for a while before you came out. They're nice. And friendly."

She was unconsciously wringing her hands together while her mind was preoccupied with thoughts about their kissing. "Yeah. I guess I'm pretty lucky. But what about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know your father is gone pretty much all the time, but still, isn't it kind of weird to have Mrs. Pestridge here, acting like your second mother or something? Especially since you're dating her daughter?"

He thought, Uh-oh! Danger zone. I've got to be super careful with what I say. He shrugged nonchalantly. "No, not really. She and my mom have been best friends since before I was born, and they're, like, as close as two friends can be. She's helped care for me my whole life. It's great, actually. We all help and support each other, big time."

He was trying to explain Suzanne's relationship to the Plummer family without likening her to a relative, because he didn't want Christine to think of Suzanne as a de facto relative, in case his sexual relationship with her ever came out. But it was tough going, because Suzanne was exactly like a second mother in pretty much every possible way.

So he tried to change the subject. "But hey, why'd you take so long? I thought my injuries were a lot worse than yours." He held up his hands, which now had quite a few bandages on them. He nodded towards Christine's injured elbow. "Is that really worse than what you were just telling us all, or something?"

Christine grimaced, and that turned to a menacing scowl. "No. Not really. Stupid doctor! He was a total perv. I think he took double the time with me just so he could check out my chest."

Alan pretended great shock. "Egads! What a CAD! Thank God I'm nothing like him!" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and stuck his tongue out and made a funny noise as if he were drooling while ogling Christine's immense rack.

Christine laughed, lightly punching him in his upper arm. "Ha ha. Somehow it's okay if you do it. But if he does it, it's all pervy somehow."

Now Alan pretended to be greatly wounded from her playful punch, so he held that spot protectively. "Ow! The pain! That's right where Rock hit me hard, you know."

She immediately looked guilty and concerned. "Oh no! I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?"

"As a matter of fact, there is. I'm going to need to make a tourniquet out of your bra and shirt." He wiggled his eyebrows for comic effect some more.

Her concern turned to chagrin as she realized he was just teasing her. "Very cute." But she couldn't help grinning. No one else could get away with that kind of thing with her - only Alan.

Christine facing Alan, with Alan reaching toward her boobs with his bandaged hands

He said in a serious tone, "You know what irks me about a pervy doctor like that? He was probably so distracted that I'll bet he didn't even examine you properly. But don't worry; just take off your shirt and bra and I'll give you a VERY thorough examination." He suddenly dropped the serious look and eagerly clutched his hands in the air, like he was squeezing invisible boobs.

Christine chuckled. "I'm sure you would. You do know that it's my ELBOW that got hurt, don't you?"

Alan just grinned back. "I know that. Of course, you still have to take all your clothes off so I can examine it properly."

She scoffed, with a chuckle. "My elbow?! But my arms are completely bare!"

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "That's a good start."

Both of them were very anxious and horny, thinking about whether or not it would be wise and proper to kiss on the lips again. So Alan's flirting was having a supercharged effect. As a result, Christine's heavy breasts started heaving up and down.

Had it not been for the fact that they were in a public place, with people coming and going, his jokes about fondling her boobs might have become reality.

He forced himself to calm down, then continued seriously. "Um... speaking of pervs, I'm sorry for, uh... kind of getting carried away with thanking you back in the ambulance." He looked away in embarrassment.

Christine was deeply disappointed, but she played along. "Oh. That's uh... That's cool. Don't worry about it. We were just... thanking each other... right?"

"Right. I was, uh... I think, after a fight like that, one gets all worked up."

"Yeah. Definitely. Happened to me too. That's what it must be."

In fact, he had been unusually horny at the time, and the fact that he was still wired after the fight certainly was a factor. Now, he was calmer. The thought of his de-facto harem and incestuous relationships caused him to redouble his resolve to keep Christine away from all that.

They both looked away. Suddenly, things were as embarrassing as when the conversation had begun. They were both equally embarrassed, but Christine with her fairer skin and greater sexual innocence blushed heavily while Alan just shyly looked elsewhere.

Luckily, Alan had found a solution to awkward moments with Christine, since he'd had many such moments during all the time he'd tried to befriend her and strengthen their bonds. As usual, he tried another blonde joke.

"Hey, I've got a joke for you. This guy takes his blonde girlfriend to a football game at their high school. As the game starts, he says, 'Watch the guy wearing number 22. I expect him to be our best man next year.' Her eyes light up and she gets all excited. 'Oh, Honey! That's such a clever way to propose. I accept!'"

Just as Christine always did to his blonde jokes, she rolled her eyes. But also, as she usually did, she couldn't help but grin a little, since she actually found most of them funny.

That broke the tension, after which the two of them continued to talk and joke until their parents returned.

At one point, Alan thought, I love this. Christine is soooo smokin' hot that it's like standing next to molten lava. I swear, my body gets warmer just being near her. But we're friends, really good friends. It's fun just talking and hanging out with her. She's so SMART! She challenges me with all kinds of interesting ideas. What if we get intimate and then things don't work out? Maybe she finds out about the harem and freaks out. Then our friendship could be ruined permanently. Do I really want to risk that?

NO. But... dang! She's so hot! I can't blame that pervy doctor; she's probably the most stunning patient he's had since, well... ever!

A few minutes later, Olga and Susan walked back into the room, side by side. Both kids were surprised to see their mothers acting so chummy.

Olga said, "Susan and I were just talking. We realized it probably was time to go our separate ways now, since we've got different things to do. So we'll give you kids a few minutes to say goodbye."

Susan nodded. She was beaming. She said to Olga while still staring at the other two, "Just look at them. Look at the two lovebirds."

Olga was all smiles too. "Yes, they really do make a fine pair."

Christine blushed all over again. She objected to the word "lovebirds," but since Alan's mother Susan had said it she didn't feel that she should complain. Finally, she just managed to say to Olga, "Okay, Mom. I'll be there in a minute."

Their earlier awkwardness and nervousness returned with a vengeance when Susan and Olga left them alone.

Alan tried to break the tension by joking, "Parents. You can't live with 'em, and you can't kill 'em."

Christine grumbled, "Yeah." But then she realized with a start, "Hey! Your mom seems to think we're dating or something. But surely she must know about you and Amy?!"

Then, before he could answer, another thought hit her like a thunderbolt. "HEY! It just occurred to me: when the ambulance was about to take us away, you and Amy kissed! On the LIPS! I can't complain about that, since we aren't officially going out or anything, but everybody saw that! Your parent! My parents! Heck, even Heather's dad! So that means your mom definitely knows about you and Amy!"

Alan had to think fast. "Yeah, but come on. Amy and I have only been dating for real for a very short time. She knows that kids our age tend to date around. Remember, I've always been pretty shy with girls, at least until recently. Any sign that I'm dating anybody makes her pleased as punch."

"Oh." After a pause, she asked, "Well, uh, what do you think? Would she be upset if you were dating, say, two girls at the same time?"

That aroused him greatly, because it was obvious that Christine was thinking about herself in that question. And she looked absolutely adorable with the shy way she asked. He knew he had to be careful with his reply. "Well, um, she knows all about, you know, the whole 'going steady' tradition. If I was officially going steady with Amy and secretly dating someone else, she wouldn't abide by that. But if she thought I was just dating around without breaking any firm commitment, she wouldn't have a problem with that. 'Boys will be boys' and all that jazz."

"Ah. I see." Now, Christine was dying to know if Susan was under the impression that Alan and Amy were going steady already, but she was too embarrassed to ask. She worried that would reveal her own intentions too obviously.

Christine's nervousness doubled, because now that the discussion had petered out, it was time to say goodbye. "Yeah. ... so... anyway..."

He tried to help her by saying, "Yeah, well, I guess we should probably get going."


He thought, Sweet Jesus! Christine looks so adorable and innocent, all shy and blushing like that! Yet at the same time, she has this voluptuous yet athletic body that's the total opposite of innocence. Damn, I've just gotta kiss her again!

Christine must have had a similar idea, because she took a step closer and looked up into his face hopefully. Please kiss me! Please kiss me! Just one more kiss!

He tried to think of a rationale that would justify another kiss. Finally he came up with one. "You know, it's fun that we're practice dating. So... doesn't that make it okay to have a little practice kissing too?"

Christine's heart was pounding so hard that she was almost afraid to speak. She just nodded her head, closed her eyes, and opened her lips slightly.

Alan was equally excited, and unusually aroused. He found it interesting that the mere idea of kissing Christine was at least as enjoyable as a double blowjob from any two of his other lovers. He put his arms around her and pulled her in close, and they began kissing again.

That kiss was even better than their previous one. Christine was so overcome that she actually swooned in his arms. He felt her slipping and realized that he needed to hold her up. In the process, one of his hands slipped down to her ass and wound up clutching one of her ass cheeks.

Christine definitely noticed, and it redoubled her arousal. Suddenly she went from practically fainting to almost tackling him to the ground. Her hands clawed at his back and her head tilted this way and that while their lips locked until they ran out of breath. Then they gasped for air and went right back at it.

Alan's hand stayed on her ass, where it was joined by one of hers. He was pressing in so closely that he couldn't help but rub his erection against her body. However, he was worried that would freak her out, so he was careful to keep his legs in such a position that his boner couldn't really press tightly against her sex.

As they kissed, he thought, Oh God, man, what a kiss! And what an ass! I love this ass! I swear, it's just as firm and hard as Heather's! Damn! I'm in heaven!

He'd been keeping his eyes closed to better savor all the sensations. But for some reason he sensed a presence, so he opened his eyes. He was shocked to see Susan peeking into the room and looking right at him. She gave him a friendly wave, a big toothy smile, and an approving thumbs up.

Unfortunately, that freaked him out so much that he broke the kiss, then soon disengaged altogether. He was afraid Susan might say something or make some kind of hand gesture that Olga or someone else standing nearby might witness.

With the kissing over, a sense of awkwardness swept back into the room. Alan stumbled through his words: "Um, good, uh... practice... kiss... I'll, uh... We'll talk later. Okay?"


He rushed out of the room. When he got to Susan, he muttered to her under his breath, "Don't say a word! Not now!"

She nodded, and then the two of them walked away. But Susan was practically skipping down the hall, she was so happy for her son.


Lars drove while Christine and Olga sat in the back. The three of them made some small talk about Christine's health and what had happened at the hospital.

But it wasn't long before Lars and Olga got to what they were most interested in talking about. In fact, Olga had sat in the back seat precisely so she could look Christine in the eye while having this discussion. She started things off by commenting, "So... pretty interesting, don't you think? The way that Amy kissed Alan just before you two were carried away in the ambulance."

Lars chimed in from the front seat, "Yeah! What's up with THAT?! You've been on five or six dates with him, haven't you? I thought that was going well?"

Christine thought, Crap! But she'd seen that kiss too, so she'd known that a grilling was coming. She said, "Things ARE going well, but... it's complicated."

Olga said to Lars, "Christine already told me that Alan was dating another girl before she started dating him. Nobody is going steady yet, from what I understand, so I suppose nothing dishonest is happening here." She turned back to Christine. "Amy is that other girl, right?"

"Yes, she is."

Lars spoke while keeping his eyes on the road, "It may not be dishonest per se, but it's still pretty dubious in my book. Five or six dates - that's pretty serious in this day and age. And who knows how long he's been dating Amy already. How long does he plan on stringing you two along?"

Christine replied, "Actually, it's only been four dates. And he just started dating Amy around the same time as me. He's not being devious about this; it's just something that happened due to funny timing. But I get your point. Like I said, it's complicated. You've seen Amy; she's a real sweetheart. She couldn't be nicer. We're not clawing each other's eyes out or anything. In fact, we're kind of friends, despite the weird situation. It so happens that we're both spending time with Alan and kissing him and stuff. Is that really such a big deal?"

Lars asked, as protective fathers do, "'And stuff?' What does that mean exactly?!"

Olga waved a dismissive hand at him. "Don't ask. You don't want to know. Besides, it's really not our business."

She turned back to her daughter. "Alan seems like a very nice young man, and he comes from a good family." She spoke towards Lars, "You may not be aware of this, but Alan has been Christine's friend for about two years. I've heard a lot of good things about him, off and on, especially these past couple of months. He's not a player or a cad. In fact, from what Chrissy has told me, I don't think there's a better prospective boyfriend for her in school than him."

Christine rued Olga's comment, "He's not a player or a cad." How ironic is that?! Yet again, if they only knew! I don't know about a cad - I think he's well-meaning - but he's definitely a player. This is so humiliating. Here I am, one of the most beautiful and desirable girls in school, and the only guy I want is having sex with five or six other girls! At least! And Mom and Dad worry about him dating Amy. Sheesh! That should be the least of their worries. What about Heather? That shameless SLUT!

Lars said, "That's good to hear. But you can imagine that I'm not exactly thrilled to see the boy I know is dating my daughter make out with another girl in front of me, you, her, and everyone else!"

Olga gave Christine a harsh look. "Yes. That's not exactly... thrilling."

Christine sighed. "I know. Believe me, I'm not happy about it either! But it was a weird, weird circumstance, with the fight and the ambulance and everything."

Olga said, "I suppose I can see that."

Christine said, "Actually, this is mostly my fault. He asked me out not long after the school year started and I turned him down. I was taken by surprise, because I thought we were just friends. I started to have second thoughts. Then he started dating Amy. I knew I had to act fast or I'd lose him, so I asked him out on just a practice date. You know, like I was going through the motions with a friend so I'd be ready for the real thing. So that's how it started, but then the practice dating turned into real dating. However, he still feels for Amy, and she didn't do anything wrong, so now we're kind of stuck in this situation."

She thought, That's kind of true. Close enough for horseshoes! At least, it'll help a lot if they see it that way.

After a long pause, Olga said. "Well! My oh my. That's interesting. That certainly changes matters. We can't really blame him for that, can we?"

Lars added, "Yeah. I was really annoyed watching that kiss. I wanted to give Alan a piece of my mind, but I wasn't sure if I knew the full situation and it didn't seem right to have a confrontation in a hospital. Now I feel a lot better about him. I hate to say this, but it sounds like you created this mess."

Olga patted Christine's upper leg. "Maybe so, but I'm proud of you. You realized the one boy you wanted was getting away, and you had to act fast or lose him. So you did what you had to do. He's not going steady with her yet, so he's still fair game."

Christine thought unhappily, Actually, he IS going steady with her, kind of. Not that that stops him from having sex with all the other most desirable girls in school! Boy, this is so fucked up! And now they're going to think that he's practically blameless. But that's how I've got to play this if I'm going to diffuse the 'Amy kiss' problem.

Olga continued to talk. "That's the daughter I know and love: you know what you want, and you go for it! It took some time - admittedly, a lot of time - but you've finally found a boy who's worthy of you. Let's not worry about who's to blame for starting this mess. Instead, what I'd like to know is how we can change the situation. I'm sure Amy is a very lovely girl, but I don't care who she is; in my book, NO girl can compare to you! Honey, you have the whole package: looks, smarts, morals, personality, and more! That's why, although I wanted to clarify things, I'm not very concerned. We know Alan is a smart guy. So it's just a matter of time before he realizes you're the only girl he wants or needs."

She reached out and took Christine's hand and gave her a loving smile. "I feel in my heart that you two are meant to be. The truth is, I'm not at all worried about Amy."

Lars spoke from the front, "Amen to that! I'm not worried either. I saw she's pretty and cheerful, but he would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to choose you."

Christine thought, I am! I'm VERY worried! Good God! I feel bad, keeping them in the dark. Why should Alan give Amy up, ever? Why should he stop with any of his lovers? He's young, virile, and very, VERY horny! Of course he's going to have his cake and eat it too. If I have any smarts or pride, I should give him an ultimatum: "Hey! It's me or them!" But of course I can't do that because he'd choose them. I could compete if it were just Amy, but not with Amy and all the others!

Dammit, I want him! I want him so bad! Mom and Dad could never understand. I know the situation is kind of bizarre, but it's not nearly as bad as it would seem if I were to try to explain it fully to them. I've gotta do what I've gotta do. My heart is set on Alan!

Fearing that her parents still had unrealistically high expectations about the situation, she added, "I wish you were right, but you don't know the full story. For instance, remember seeing Amy run around in her cute cheerleader outfit earlier? She's a cheerleader! I think cheerleading is pretty sexist, stupid, and pointless, but the fact is, it's a big social status thing."

Lars replied, "Pshaw. Big deal. You're a star athlete AND an academic superstar. Doesn't that convey some status too?"


"Yeah, but it's different. To be honest, those things have brought me more envy and resentment than anything else. There are all kinds of social forces at school that end up working against me. It's complicated. But it's not just that. You know who Amy's best friend is? Katherine, Alan's SISTER! Do you know what a big advantage that is? In all kinds of ways. Of course Katherine wants her best friend to be happy, AND her brother to be happy, so she helps Amy understand Alan and Alan understand Amy. With Katherine helping things along, the two of them are getting on like a house on fire! How am I supposed to compete with that?"

She sighed heavily, with genuine frustration. Although she was hyping Amy to lower her parents' expectation that she should start going steady with Alan right away, these were real problems that did provide Amy with certain advantages. "You know that I'm not like most girls. I don't blubber on for hours about my feelings. I'm very guarded, very private about a lot of things. I have trouble making and keeping friends, period. Heck, I can be downright prickly and intimidating. Meanwhile, Alan and Amy might as well share some kind of Vulcan mind-meld, especially with Katherine helping them out."

Olga said brightly, "Look at it differently. Consider it a golden opportunity to better yourself. Now you have a strong incentive to be more open with Alan and really learn how to be in a serious relationship. It's a great learning opportunity, and a key part of growing up. I can help. Lars can too. We may be your 'stuffy old parents,' but we've been around the block a few times. We can give you a leg up with what we've learned about romance, and more."

"Thanks," Christine said glumly.

With that, the Anderssens reached their home, providing a good excuse to end the conversation. Christine was relieved. In her effort to convince her parents that they shouldn't expect Alan to break up with Amy soon, she'd wound up depressing herself as well.


Susan and Suzanne had come to the hospital in one car, and dutifully walked Alan to the big minivan after he was checked out. They were calm and collected, just in case someone might be looking. (Katherine and Amy had traveled to school in a separate car because, as cheerleaders, they needed to get to school earlier for their pre-game warmup. Now they were traveling home together in that same car.)

However, no one was within earshot, so their conversation was anything but normal. Susan said to Suzanne, "Tiger was TOTALLY making out with Christine! Just a few minutes ago!"

Suzanne raised a curious eyebrow. "Really? Sweetie, is that true?"

Alan tried to downplay the incident. "Well, uh, you know how we're going out on those practice dates? We were just kind of... practice kissing."

Suzanne grinned. "Uh-huh. I'll bet. What do you think, Susan? Did that look like a 'practice kiss?'"

Susan replied gleefully, "They were definitely winning the tonsil-tickling award! Goodness gracious, it was so hot! They were going at it like it was a matter of life and death. And you should have seen the way he was kneading her firm ass cheeks and pressing his stiff cock into her tummy! Mark my words: it won't be long before she's screaming and cumming on his cock!"

Alan looked away in embarrassment. Even though it HAD been like that, he protested, "It wasn't like that! We were just... practicing." But he knew how lame that sounded.

Susan smirked as she sauntered her way through the parking lot, pulling him along. "Sure, Son. You just keep on 'practicing' with her. Practice your pussy taming especially. Next time I see you two, I wanna see you lying on top of her, 'practice spearing' her tight little cunt with your big fat cock!"

He looked around nervously. He had been going to complain about her lack of discretion, except it was obvious that there was no one else in the parking lot within hearing distance. Just the same, he griped, "Ssssh! Lower your voice, at least!"

Suzanne said, "Son, that sounds like you're having a lot of fun. Good for you. I'm sure you're excited after the fight and all. But this is the same Christine who presents you with so many thorny, intractable problems, right? Have you resolved those?"

"No," he admitted. He hung his head in defeat, feeling miserable. "I'm just making things worse. The problem is, I simply can't help myself around her."

Susan said to Suzanne, "Hey, don't put him into a sad funk. He's still running on adrenaline from the fight, I'm sure, and I've got all kinds of ideas of how we can put that energy to good use."

Suzanne smiled. "I'll bet you do. But Sweetie, we're definitely going to need to talk more about this Christine situation before long."

He nodded glumly.

By then, they'd reached their car.

Susan made sure that Alan sat with her in the back while Suzanne took the driver's seat. Susan was unable to give Alan the kind of kiss she really wanted to give him for fear that someone could see through the window, but she ran her hand through his hair and said, "Thank goodness that's over. Now the loving healing can begin. God, Son, I wish I could kiss you. And not just any kiss, but a real loving Mommy-slave kiss! I wanna make out like horny teenagers. Kiss me like you just kissed Christine! Suzanne, can we kiss like that right now? Please?!"

"Not like that. Not yet."

"Oh, poo!" But Susan's face brightened as a new idea came to her. "What about a blowjob? Then I'll be down below the windows. Tiger, are you up for a blowjob? Would you like to throat fuck your anxious but horny Mommy all the way home? A good cocksucking always brings me great peace of mind."

Alan grinned and unzipped his fly. "Sure."

But Suzanne said, "Hold it! Can you two wait at least until I get out of the parking lot? Sheesh!"

"But the tinted windows," Susan said as she reached for her son's crotch.

"Behave!" Suzanne said in a near yell. "Tinted windows or not, you're his mother. It's too risky. Just wait a few minutes already. Sheesh."

Susan moaned and crossed her arms under her huge breasts in frustration. She kept her eyes homed in on Alan's erection, which was poking through his fly. It took all of her willpower not to reach out and start stroking it.

Suzanne looked in the rear view mirror and made eye contact with Alan as she drove the minivan through the parking lot. "I'm sure I speak for both of us when I say we're really, really proud of you. You more than held your own against great odds. Not only does that make me proud as a mother, but it makes me really damn horny as a lover, to know that my man is strong and brave."

Susan nodded her head. "I can't agree enough with that. Son, I'm so PROUD of you!" When she said "proud" she closed her eyes briefly and seemingly almost climaxed. She was beyond antsy with sexual need for her "victorious" son.

Alan sighed. "Thanks, but I don't really deserve that. It was mostly Christine, to be honest. I was just holding on for dear life. I was so freaked out, and, well, basically scared shitless." His mind was still racing from the fight and the aftermath. He didn't have sex on the brain and his penis was softening to only a half-hard state despite the promise of an imminent blowjob.

"You're too modest!" Susan protested strongly. "I just know in my heart that you were the big hero. You're MY big hero! And heroes deserve to have their cocks sucked by their big-titted mommies. A lot!" She giggled excitedly as she wantonly stared at his crotch.

He was going to protest that, but Suzanne said to him, "Let her have her fun and think what she wants to think. It makes her happy."

Alan could see Suzanne's point. So he just said to both of them, "That reminds me: this blowjob idea is great and all, but I've gotta warn you that I don't feel like my normal self. I feel weirded out somehow, excited, and horny, but also kinda light-headed and weak. The doctor warned me that I'm probably gonna feel a little freaked out for the rest of the day. He even said 'freaked out'. So I don't think any kind of big sexual Olympics are in the cards. I think I'm just gonna chill out and take a nap when we get home."

Suzanne said, more to Susan than to Alan, "That's okay. We can be patient and understanding. Can't we, Susan?"

Susan nodded like a chastened child agreeing to a punishment.

To help pass the time, Susan relayed almost word for word what Lars had told her. The well-being of her son came first, and she was very determined to make sure everything was done right to ensure he was fully healed and back to his normal self as soon as possible.

Suzanne listened very carefully. By this time, the minivan was traveling at high speed on a major road.

With her explanation done, Susan began fidgeting with excitement so much that it seemed like she was going to fall out of her seat altogether. She kept jerking her hand towards Alan's crotch, only to pull it back. She looked to Suzanne in the front seat with great expectation, waiting for permission.

Alan found her behavior endearing and more than a little bit amusing.

Suzanne wanted to stall for some more time, fearing that she'd get too aroused to drive if Susan and Alan got hot and heavy in the back seat. But seeing Susan's eager look, she didn't have the heart to delay any longer. "Okay, Susan. Knock yourself out."

Susan sighed with contentment as she bent over and took Alan's penis in her mouth.

His shaft was still only half-hard, but it quickly hardened the rest of the way as she worked her tongue around and around his cockhead. He still wasn't in the mood that much, but that was rapidly changing, as Susan's enthusiasm was infectious.

Suzanne sighed in frustration and envy as she continued to drive. "Susan, what's with you and blowjobs? I do all the hard work around here and you get all the fun. You spend half the day with his cock down your throat and him pawing your big milky tits. I deserve my share of cocksucking joy. I should be the one in the back seat with my Sweetie filling my mouth this time."

Alan asked her, "Why aren't you? You really did a bang-up job, Mother. Why not have Mom drive while you have a little fun?"

"I'd love to," Suzanne said, "but frankly, I'd worry about my safety. Susan's bound to get 'so hot!' for one reason or another. Heck, just the sound of me slurping would probably push her over the edge. And then she'd get so excited and carried away that she'd crash the car. No thanks."

"Good point," Alan admitted as he briefly reached out and stroked his mother's long dark brown hair, encouraging her. "But when we get home I'm gonna treat you like a queen and give you lots of orgasms, 'cos you really did great."

Suzanne smiled. "Thanks, Sweetie. But you're the one who did great, you and Christine."

Susan in her green dress in the back seat of a car, licking Alan's dong as it sticks out through his shorts, while Suzanne, in her red dress, drives the car

He had been feeling somewhat aroused because he was also stressed out and jittery, hurting from his injuries, and thinking about many different things. But after a minute or two of Susan's tongue and lip work, he felt a surge of lust that surprised him by its intensity. "Um, gals? This is weird, but I'm like... really, really horny all of a sudden. I mean, not just 'I'm enjoying a great blowjob' type horny, but more of a 'I wanna fuck a dozen women for hours and hours' kind of horny! God, this feels AWESOME!"

Susan let out a happy "MMMM!" as her tongue worked around his cockhead. She wasn't going too fast or furious because she wanted to enjoy this blowjob all the way home.

"I've read about the horny part," Suzanne replied. "It's in lots of romance novels. Heroes often go nutso about sex after winning a fight. I'll bet there's a lot of truth to that."

"DAMN, yeah!" He grabbed Susan's head with both of his bandaged hands and encouraged her to go faster and deeper.

Suzanne, though, was still frustrated at having to drive. Susan tended to make a lot of contented "mmmm!" noises during her blowjobs, and this time she was especially loud, not because she was trying to be inconsiderate to Suzanne, but just because she was so ecstatic she couldn't contain herself.

Suzanne turned on the radio. "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle was playing. She liked that tune, and she saw through the rear view mirror that Susan started bobbing her head to the funky rhythm. But when the song ended, she changed the dial to a classical station. However, even Beethoven's soaring Ninth Symphony couldn't drown out all the moaning, mmmm-ing, and slurping coming from the backseat.

Suzanne was slowly going out of her mind. For one thing, she could detect the smell of sex already coming from the back seat, and that heady aroma affected her as if someone had put a vibrator on her clit. She rolled down her window, hoping that would help, but it didn't. She took off her dark red jacket, hoping that would help cool her off, but that didn't help either.

She tilted her rear view mirror so she could peek in on the action, but since Alan happened to be sitting directly behind her, she couldn't see much. All she could see was Susan's back and her long mane of hair as she bobbed up and down. But that was enough to whet her desire. She knew EXACTLY what Susan was feeling. She had to force herself to keep her eyes open, because she was tempted to close them and luxuriate in recalling vivid memories of Alan's thick dick sliding in between her own lips and stroking into her throat.

She suddenly slapped the steering wheel, to shake herself up as much as anything. "Dammit! Don't have... so much fun back there!"

There was no answer. Alan had his eyes closed and was lost in the exquisite pleasures of Susan's tongue work. Suzanne thought, Boy, that sounded stupid. But enough with the orgasmic slurping already! When am I going to make it home?! When, when, when?!

Her pussy was gushing with her cum, so much so that it had leaked through her panties and was dripping down onto her expensive skirt, which was part of an ensemble. Impulsively, she lifted her ass and pulled her skirt down her legs, and her sticky panties for good measure. Then, with another glance to the rear view mirror to check out the back seat action, she began intermittently diddling her clit with one hand while holding the steering wheel with the other.

A desparate, bare-assed Suzanne driving a car, wearing only a tight, white blouse.

I'm gonna get us all killed, but I can't help myself! I'm worse than Susan! I have to admit, seeing my brave Sweetie take on all those brutes and more than hold his own makes me even HOTTER for him than I already was! I didn't even know that was possible. Susan's right - he needs to be rewarded with lots of blowjobs and more! I need to massage his cock with my cunt for hours! He's so STRONG and MANLY!

She checked her emotions, trying to get back under control. I need to shut up. I sound worse than Susan. Here I am, like a schoolgirl gushing over her very first crush.

She looked down at her busy fingers. And gushing is the word! If I don't slam this car into a tree, we're all gonna drown in my pussy juice!

She breathed a huge sigh of relief as the Plummer and Pestridge houses finally came into view. She hit the garage door opener early, zoomed right into the Plummer house garage, and closed the door fast.

But Susan either didn't notice or didn't care that they'd arrived, and just kept on sucking. She was totally blissed out making her favorite "reverse lollipop" move, over and over again.


Suzanne hit the steering wheel in frustration, now that the car's engine was turned off. "Susan, your goddamned 'mmmm' sounds are driving me crazy! I want some of that 'mmmm mmmm' yummy goodness!"

She stepped out of the car and then climbed back into the back seat, frowning intensely. At least Angel and Honey Pie haven't noticed we've arrived, 'cos I want a piece of our son's cock and I want it NOW! Sharing it with Susan is always fun, but I don't want to share it four ways at once, for crying out loud! She also was too horny to wait until they made it all the way to a bedroom. Even as she was closing the back seat door, she was already taking off her blouse.

Susan was so into bobbing on her son's shaft while fondling his balls that she didn't even realize what was happening until she heard the door right next to her slam and looked up to see Suzanne right there, taking her bra off. Her eyes lit up, because she didn't mind sharing in the slightest with her best friend. In fact she looked forward to helping her son reach even higher levels of erotic joy.

She pulled her head back off Alan's crotch, but only so she could get topless too. The more she thought about it, the more she felt she needed to get completely naked. She'd come to feel that Alan's cock tasted better when she was 'dressed' that way, somehow.

Wanting to keep Alan from going flaccid while they were undressing (even though there was a zero percent chance of that happening), Susan said, "Look, Son. I know you're in pain, but look at your two big-titted mommies. We're here for you. We love you. Our hot mouths are gonna make you feel so good that you'll forget all about those nasty bruises!"

Suzanne surprised herself by striking a sexy pose with her arms above her head, and adding, "To the victor goes the spoils, and we're the spoils! Take us, claim us! Tame us all over again! Remind us who are the slaves and who's the master!" The fact that she was using this kind of language showed just how relentlessly horny she was feeling.

Susan was very pleasantly surprised by that, and exclaimed, "Right on, Sister! Do it, Tiger! Tame us! Make us suck your cock!"

Alan smiled widely as he thought, Now, THIS is more like it! Boy, it's gonna be really hard to get them to do that. He chuckled to himself. Funnily enough, a couple of weeks ago, the fight would have seemed like reality and this the dream, but now this seems like the reality and the fight some distant nightmare already. THIS is what I'm good at; this is what I do. I fuck hot centerfold mommies!

Suzanne had a head start in undressing since she'd started first, and her open mouth was already hovering just above Alan's crotch. So Susan added, "Mother, take him deep! Show him what that long snake tongue of yours can do!"

Alan groaned loudly as Suzanne's lips enveloped his cockhead, and then her extraordinary tongue came out to play. She was bent over with her huge tits dangling down, and he couldn't resist that. He reached out and cupped her nearest breast with one hand and reached up to cup one of Susan's breasts with his other hand.

Susan bent down and licked his balls since Suzanne had complete possession of his boner and showed no signs of giving that up.

Alan thought, Now, THIS is more like it! Fuck fighting. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Mom's right - the pleasure's so intense that I'm forgetting all about the fight. What a pair of moms! What love! What bodies! Ugh! What fucking TONGUES! The fight had unleashed a host of hormones within him and he could feel his body coming alive as his pleasure grew and grew.

But he said, "Mommy and Mother, this is great, but it's frustrating, too. I feel all this ENERGY within me, but I'm just sitting here passively. I need to let it out. I don't just want a blowjob; I want to fuck your faces! Let's go inside."

However, Suzanne didn't want Katherine and Amy to come along and interrupt her fun, so she wasn't keen on going inside just yet. She had a Eureka moment as she pulled up off his thickness. "No, let's not! Susan, get up for a sec. Don't you remember? This seat folds down!"

The three of them worked together and quickly got the seat down. The situation still wasn't ideal for sex, but it was better than it had been. Strangely, none of them thought about going outside the car, perhaps because the garage was messy and dirty.

Susan and Suzanne both lay down while Alan sat up in front of them. They spontaneously struck identical poses.

Susan said, "Look, Son. You have not one, but TWO, super busty, super hot mommies! Look at our helpless naked bodies!"

Susan and Suzanne side by side, naked on their backs on the rear floor of an minivan, with their heads raised and legs spread, waiting to be fucked

Suzanne's irritable mood was gone and she was happy beyond delight. She wiggled her body and ran a hand through her deep cleavage as she purred in her scratchy but sexy voice, "What are you going to do to us, Son? You won the big fight and now we're your prize!"

Susan cupped both her tits as she lay there. She loved Suzanne's comment and elaborated on it. "Yes! We're your booty! Your spoils of victory, just like Suzanne said before! Take us and TAME us like the conquering, virile hero that you are!"

Alan was torn. With two incredible and voluptuous bodies for the taking, he didn't know what to do first. But then, with a big smile, he crawled up onto Susan's stomach and slid his erection into her cleavage.

Suzanne rolled her eyes and frowned, even though he had a hand on her boobs too while his boner nestled into Susan's deep tit-valley. "Figures. Just because they're one size bigger and full of milk..."

But Alan turned and said to her, "Don't worry, I'm just getting warmed up. I'm gonna finish in your cunt." He looked back at Susan and said to her, "Now, like I said, I wanna fuck your face. I'm gonna get started with a little bit of titfucking and then move up, so get ready."

"Yes, Master!" Susan panted excitedly. "You're so forceful and demanding! I love it!" She squeezed her breasts together to make an especially tight fuck channel. She wanted him to cum all over her so badly that it practically hurt.

He did fuck her tits, but only for a minute or so. He very quickly sat up on her near her neck and shoved his erection far into her mouth. He was wired with energy and soon began thrusting hard and fast.

A naked Susan lying on her back on the rear floor of a minivan, with Alan straddling her neck, his dong obviously down her throat, while he reaches back and gropes her left breast

Susan absolutely loved the rough treatment and began writhing and trembling with excitement all over. She screamed from time to time although it generally came out muffled since her mouth was crammed full of cock. "Mmmm! Mmmm! MMMM! MMMMMMM!"

Suzanne was temporarily forgotten as Alan took his bandaged hand off her to fully focus on pounding his pulsing pole into Susan's face.

But Suzanne didn't mind, since she knew that he'd take care of her soon too. She was delighted beyond belief that he'd promised to fuck her cunt, because her cunt needed a serious fucking. Rather than just lie there, she shifted positions and planted her face over Susan's crotch.

Susan's body was thrashing around as much as it could, considering Alan was sitting on her, so Suzanne had to try to hold Susan's hips in place while she lapped her way up and down Susan's pussy lips.

It was a dangerous job. Susan was in a frenzied sexual heat and as one orgasm after another hit her, her entire body bucked up and down like a wild bronco. Sometimes Suzanne just had to hold her head away until Susan calmed down (relatively speaking), and then she would dive back in with her long tongue.

Alan was getting more and more carried away. He was loving this. He was grasping his mother's hair, yanking her head up and down over his erection. (Susan certainly didn't need to be encouraged anymore, but it drove her wild.) It was all he could do to remember to hold back sometimes so Susan could breathe (even though she wasn't quite deep-throating him). Occasionally, he'd go on too long and she'd have to slap his foot or leg to remind him to take a brief break.

He was getting ready to bust a nut into her mouth after only a couple of minutes of very rough and intense face fucking, when Suzanne spanked him on his ass. "Oh no you don't!" she chided him. "I can tell you're getting close. You promised that load to me!"

He snapped out of his animalistic rutting mode, but only briefly. He looked down at Susan's face and saw she was totally blissed out and luxuriating in her multiple orgasms. He thought, That'll hold her for a while. He snickered silently.

Then he turned his focus to Suzanne. "I guess I did." He turned around, and while still straddling Susan, he grabbed his red-haired mother and pulled her into position like he was a caveman dragging her back to his cave.

Suzanne was in seventh heaven. It was clear that "Bad Alan" was in charge today. She said, "I know we're just in the garage, but imagine that we're outside! Imagine we're parked on the street and anyone can see in!" She conveniently ignored the fact that the car had tinted windows on all sides except for the front windshield. "Rock the car! Rock the car so hard that everyone will know what you're doing to me!"

Alan grinned wickedly at the mental image of the minivan rocking back and forth. He wanted to rock it so hard that the thing was in danger of completely flipping over. He was amazed at the energy surging within him. This wasn't just his usual sexual excitement; it was like he was turbo-charged on some kind of euphoric drug.

"Okay, you asked for it. Prepare to get royally fucked!"

Seconds later, he was on top of Suzanne and savagely thrust his erection deep within her in one powerful stroke. Without any pause, he started to thrust vigorously.

Susan was a bit dazed, but she was too excited by the wild look in Alan's eyes to just lie there in a dreamy post-orgasmic state. She sat up to cheerlead. "FUCK her, Tiger, fuck her good! Fuck her HOT mommy cunt! Scratch that. I don't want you to just fuck her; I want you to TAME her! Dominate her! Control her! Show her who's boss! Prove all over again with your big cock that you're our master and we're your big-titted mommy sex slaves!"

She continued non-stop in this vein while running her hands over Alan's and Suzanne's bodies. Her cheerleading was completely unnecessary though, because Alan and Suzanne were already just about as hot and aroused as they could possibly be.

Suzanne on her back on the rear floor of a minivan, legs spread wide, getting plowed by Alan as a naked Susan sits alongside

By now, Suzanne had been fucked by Alan lots of times, but she'd never been fucked this hard. The cliché in porn movies is of the woman always crying out to be fucked harder and deeper, but there was absolutely no need for such cries this time around. In fact, if anything, Suzanne was tempted to tell him to ease up a bit because he was pounding into her so forcefully and relentlessly.

But she didn't do that either. She let Susan do the talking for everyone and simply moaned and groaned in orgasmic delight. It really felt like he was going to fuck her in two. There was no sign of the usual considerate Alan; he was using her like a cum dump in an almost violent fashion.

For a couple of minutes he pounded her in a very predictable and steady rhythm. It was like he was amazed at what he was doing and couldn't stop himself or even alter his jackhammer thrusting. The minivan was really rocking now, to the point where anyone walking or driving down the street would have had to notice, if they'd really been outside.

But then he started to tire a little bit, and his rhythm grew slower and more erratic. He also started churning his hips some.

As much as Suzanne had been loving what he was doing, she loved this new style even more. She'd never been so passive while getting fucked, since there was no room for her talented pussy movements or hip thrusts in the face of his initial overwhelming onslaught. But with him slowing down a bit and varying it up, she was able to get back into the game more proactively.

Susan was draped over Alan, using her hands and body to help him push in and out. "Do it, Tiger! Do it! Fuck her to death! Fuck her to death! Tame her, tame her, tame her DEEP!"

Between that kind of encouragement and the still frantic pace, it was remarkable that he lasted as long as he did. But he finally gave up the struggle and let his cum fly.

All three of them screamed wildly and the van shook violently as he deeply impaled his second mother a few last times while he coated her insides with his white cream.

Susan was frigging her clit and mauling her breasts as she screamed, "God yes! God yes! Like that! Like that! NAIL HER! Paint her white! Like a Twinkie!"

Then Alan collapsed on top of Suzanne, with Susan collapsing on top of him.

The three rested silently except for the noise of their heavy breathing. As Alan recovered, he grinned as he thought about Susan's "Twinkie" comment.

Then they heard the sound of clapping and looked up and all around.

Katherine and Amy had heard their screams of ecstasy from inside the house and come into the garage to see what was happening. But they'd been content to just watch through the windows and open doors. Now they were smiling and cheering.

Alan, Susan, and Suzanne were all too wiped out to do anything but nod and smile to acknowledge the applause.

Finally, Suzanne said, "Wow. That was... epic."

Susan sighed happily. "'Epic'. What a good word. That's what my face fuck was like too. Epic!"

Alan said, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. I think it must be all the adrenaline from the fight. It's like I couldn't stop myself."

"Sweetie," Suzanne said, "did our screams of ecstasy sound to you like complaining? I'm gonna start compiling a list of your greatest fucks, and that one's gonna go near the top. If fighting makes you fuck like that, we need to have you fight more often."

"NO!" Susan replied forcefully. "Nothing's worth putting my cutie Tiger in danger! You take that back!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Mom Number One, that was a joke. It drives me crazy when you misunderstand like that."

Alan had totally forgotten about his many bruises and hurts. Only now that his sexual urges were ebbing did some of the pain start to come back.


Rear three-quarter view of Suzanne standing naked and in heels

Suzanne opened the side door to the minivan and stepped out, proudly naked and unashamedly dripping with her lover's cum. Yet somehow, she managed to look glamorous and regal and not at all bedraggled. For one thing, her dark red curly hair always seemed to bounce right back in place.

Katherine and Amy stood right before her and resumed clapping enthusiastically. "Yeay! Bravo! Bravo!"

Suzanne smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Oh my God!" Amy squealed as she saw the cum dripping down Suzanne's thighs. "And to think I was so worried!"

Alan was just getting out of the car, also still naked, so Amy rushed up to him and gave him a big hug.

But Suzanne chided, "Careful! Hug gingerly. His sides are bruised."

Katherine also rushed up to hug him and soon she and Amy had him wrapped up in a loving but careful hug. Katherine laughed with pure joy, reassured that her brother was okay. She snickered as she planted kisses all over his face, "He may have some bruises here and there, but we certainly can see that his dick is okay!"

Susan laughed too as she also got out of the car naked and bedraggled. "You could say that again! You have no idea. But let the poor boy go. They cleaned him up a bit at the hospital, but he's in bad need of a shower."

She looked at Suzanne's gooey pussy and thighs. "And speaking of cleaning up, DON'T clean that up, please. I want to take care of that mess personally." She flicked her tongue out.

Suzanne shivered with delight as she imagined what Susan would do.

Katherine and Amy let Alan walk them into the house, but they remained draped all over him as they peppered him with questions about his condition. His answers were short and not very informative as he was still recovering from the fuck-fest in the car.

Susan, though, reverted to full-on mothering mode and got him upstairs and into the bathroom in a hurry. Then she insisted on giving him a sponge bath from the sink so his bandaged hands wouldn't get wet. By doing so, she quickly learned where all his sore spots were so she could avoid those while pleasuring him later.

But she was a vixen as well as a mother. She squirted baby oil all over her tits and upper body as she started, and she took every opportunity to slide her silky smooth skin all over him. She also kept up a constant cooing patter about how brave and heroic he'd been in the fight and the very many ways he would be sexually rewarded by his many devoted women. And once she'd taken care of his wounds, she licked his penis and balls clean of the remaining sex fluids on it. Of course he was still flaccid, but that hardly seemed to faze her.

However, by giving the sponge bath, Susan had to relinquish the opportunity to lick Suzanne's cream pie clean. She let Katherine and Amy take care of that. She'd also ordered the other three to prepare lunch for everyone, so by the time she and Alan came out of the bathroom and arrived downstairs the table already displayed yam pies, steaming risotto, and salted, steamed edamame. Amy was helping by pouring glasses of iced tea for everyone.

Alan hadn't bothered putting on any clothes, while the others had all taken some time to put on very sexy and revealing outfits. Susan hadn't had time for that since she had been with him all the time, so she just stayed naked, but she put on a nurse's hat from the erotic nurse outfit Suzanne had given her recently so she could at least symbolically join in the dress-up fun.

Katherine standing with open arms in a lion-print bra and short, sideless cheetah-print skirt

Katherine proudly came out dressed in a scanty cavewoman outfit. It was made out of fake leopard skin, so she liked it a lot because of the cat connotation. Short loincloths covered her pussy and ass crack.

Alan was suitably impressed. He grabbed Amy, who was dressed in a see-through nightie, and pulled her to him. He pretended like he was using her as a human shield while he also groped her with both hands under the nightie. "Look out, Aims! Save me! What is it, a woman or a cat?"

Both girls giggled in delight at that, pleased that he was paying attention to them both. Amy replied, "It's both, you silly willy! It's Kat!"

"Arrgh!" Alan yelled in mock-fright. "It IS a cat! A big, sexy, pussy cat! Help! It's gonna eat me!"

Katherine dropped to her knees before him, letting her leopard-skinned bikini-styled top fall down to her waist as she did so. "Damn right I'm gonna eat you. Come on, Aims, help me out here. I say we nibble on our prey first." She nodded at Alan's flaccid penis.


But Suzanne was standing by, wearing a very tight red dress, and made disapproving clucking sounds at the girls. "Look, you two. His food is on the table. Let the poor boy eat. Besides, his penis is still recovering."

So everyone gathered at the table.

Alan was bombarded with questions and before long he found himself telling a detailed story about the fight while he and the others ate lunch. Susan and Suzanne also told about their difficulties in finding where the fight was.

So far, not much had been said about the car ride home or the sex in the garage, as Susan and Suzanne were on the same wavelength and saving "the sexy stuff" for when Alan's penis was ready to go again. They sat on opposite sides of him and periodically checked his crotch for any signs of life.

He was still flaccid when the meal was over, but he'd recovered from his post-orgasmic energy crash and was getting a bit fidgety again.

Seeing that, Suzanne changed the subject. "So girls, let me fill you in on what you missed since Alan was released. You'll be glad to know that Susan sucked him all the way home."

"Yeay!" both girls cheered at once. "Go, Mom!" They high-fived each other and Susan too.

Suzanne continued, "And I don't know how much you saw, but yes, my Sweetie fucked me and I'm proud to still be wearing his seed. But that's not all. He didn't just fuck me; he DESTROYED me! I'm gonna have to go back to the car and search for my brains and my shit because he fucked 'em right out of me!"

Everyone laughed at that.

Susan added, "Me too! Girls, he fucked my tits and my face like you wouldn't believe! I can't even count the orgasms 'cos the whole thing was like one giant orgasm. Did you see what he did to me?"

"Yep!" Amy said happily. "Most of it. But we didn't want to disturb you 'cos you all were in your own little world, and Mother especially looked like she really, really needed a good dicking."

Suzanne laughed. "You got that right!"

Amy asked, "Hey, Mom? One question. When you were cheering O.B. on in the car, you shouted something like, 'Paint her white. Like a Twinkie.' What was that all about?"

Suzanne remembered, chuckling at the memory. "Yeah. What WAS that? A Twinkie?" She chuckled some more.

Susan explained, "Think about it. A Twinkie is soft and spongy on the outside, kind of like us. But on the inside it's filled with a yummy, gooey white cream. That's what I want to be: a Twinkie Mommy. I want my insides to be completely filled with Tiger's creamy seed. If you squeeze me hard, I want sperm to shoot out my nose and ears."

The others all laughed at her joking around and her Twinkie idea. But Katherine said, "I actually like that. Now, I wanna be a Twinkie Sister." She struck a sexy pose. "Big Baguette Brother, can you fill me up like a Twinkie?"

Amy added, "Yeah! Me too!"

Alan was pleased, but he groaned. Then he quipped, "Please pass the orange juice. I'm gonna need a LOT of fluids."

Susan commented as she passed him the juice, "That's a good idea, and so is filling up your sisters." Talking to the girls, she continued, "I'm told that he's got all this extra energy as a result of the fight and he needs to burn it off. Now, he could just go running or hit a punching bag, or he could tap some sister pussy and show everyone here who's the boss and the master! What do you think?"

Katherine and Amy raised their hands at once and said simultaneously, "We vote for sister pussy!" Then they looked at each other, marveled at the coincidence, and giggled. "In stereo!" they chorused together, and then dissolved into laughter.

Suzanne smiled. "Somehow, we thought you'd say that, though the stereo bit is a nice surprise. Susan and I are literally wiped out from Sweetie's mighty pummeling, although Susan has some breast feeding needs I'll be more than happy to tend to. So you two need to brace yourself 'cos 'Bad Alan' is out in force today!"

Alan muttered, "Hey! Don't I get a say in this?"

"No!" all four women said at once. That resulted in more laughter; even Alan had to laugh.

But Suzanne added, "Seriously, there's something to be said about a man winning a fight and then coming home and celebrating by reclaiming his woman. Except our studly man has four women, which, in my opinion, makes it even better."

"That is SO true!" Susan eagerly added.

Suzanne stared intently at her daughters as she said, "Sweetie tamed us mommies real good in the car, so now it's your turn."

Susan corrected her, "He has four women right here, but his harem's bigger than just us. He's gotta reclaim Brenda, Glory, and Heather, too, at the very least. And that Christine girl is something else. Tiger, seriously. It's time to stop mucking around. Tame her and add her to the harem, already! She really, really likes you; her mother Olga told me so. Plus, I saw that hot kiss. The Big Tits Theory says she won't be truly happy until she discovers her proper place, naked and on her knees with your cock down her throat!"

Suzanne held up her hand in a stop gesture. "Susan, I agree with all that, well, except for the Big Tits Theory part, but now's not the time. Look." She wrapped her fingers around his growing shaft, despite the fact he had put his shorts back on a minute or two earlier as a sign that his penis needed a break. "Alan Junior is back in the game."

a naked Susan in a nurse's cap, with Suzanne pantiless in a short red dress, sitting on each side of Alan's bed, fondling his erection through his shorts

Susan also saw that and quickly wrapped her fingers around it too. Both of them started to stroke in tandem while the girls watched.

Suzanne added as she pulled Alan's shorts down with a free hand, "Girls, you gotta act fast and take over here, or so help me God, this magnificent meat is gonna be in my mouth in about thirty seconds. And I doubt Susan can hold out that long."

Katherine and Amy were out of their seats in a flash. With Susan and Suzanne sitting on either side of Alan and unlikely to move, the girls simultaneously decided on the direct approach and dived under the table. Within seconds, the two mothers had to remove their hands because the two daughters had taken over.

Katherine was particularly aggressive and took control of his cockhead, cramming it into her mouth so she could start bobbing on it.

Amy was left with most of the rest of his shaft and his balls, so she got to work with her tongue, lips, and hands.

Suzanne looked down at the action and smiled with satisfaction. "That's better. That'll help get him warmed up in a hurry. But I'm sure with all that adrenaline running around his system, the 'Bad Alan' is going to be out in force shortly, and a dual blowjob is just too passive. Susan, what do you suggest? How and where should he reclaim his sisters?"

Amy repositioned herself and then thrust her ass out so her mothers could see it wiggle. "I know! In my brother-loving ass!"

Suzanne couldn't help but put a hand to her face as she laughed. "No, I mean where in the house?"


Just then, the phone rang.

Everyone sat and waited for the answering machine, as nobody wanted to be disturbed. But then Heather's voice came on and Alan felt obliged to take it. He rushed to the phone near the kitchen counter, forcing Katherine to reluctantly disengage from his crotch.

"Hello?" he said.

Heather laughed. "You sound a little breathless. Is someone with you?"

Alan immediately switched into his "Bad Alan" mode, something that was easy for him to do since he was feeling extremely randy and aggressive already. "Excuse me, but that's none of your business. And what's the magic word?"

Heather was surprised at how chastened and obedient she felt after hearing that. It was like he'd used a trigger word to put her under hypnosis. Her nipples immediately grew hard. "Sir. Sorry, Sir! But, uh, if I may..."

Amy, glorious in her usual nudity, standing bent at the waist, with her far hand on a kitchen stool stabilizing her body as she poses

"Yes?" he barked impatiently. Although his impatience helped with his domination of Heather, he really meant it. Amy and Katherine were standing buck naked just a few feet away from him and making every kind of non-verbal gesture they could think of to indicate how eager they were for him to get off the line.

"Sorry, Sir. It's just that I was concerned for you and wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Oh my gosh. Heather? Showing concern for someone else? Be still my beating heart."

"Hey, Sir, that's not fair. I care-"

He heard a beeping on the line. "Wait a minute. Another call is coming through." He switched lines.

"Alan! I got hold of you!" It was Glory.

"Oh, hi Glory. I've got someone on the other line. Can I call you back?"

Katherine and Amy were practically tearing their hair out, now that there were two calls to contend with. Both of them raised their hands to the tops of their heads and pretended wide-open-mouthed shock, but they also used that as another opportunity to strike sexy poses.

"No, unfortunately, you can't," Glory replied. "I feel almost like a criminal calling you. I'm actually sneaking in this call between meetings while hiding in a stall in the ladies' room."

"Really? Why?"

She sighed. "You have no idea, young man. That fight of yours has kicked up a shitstorm around here, and Suzanne's legal threats have created quite a tizzy. I'm being debriefed by just about every police, school, and legal official you can shake a stick at. Everybody's trying to cover their ass, and when in doubt, hold a meeting! One fallout is that bullying and fighting has suddenly been 'discovered' as the big issue everyone's eager to fix, and all kinds of shocking things are coming out from teachers and staff that even I didn't know about! I'm trying to strike while the iron's hot to make sure something substantial is actually done to fix things."

Her voice dropped low and conspiratorial. "I want you to pass a message to Suzanne. Promise that you and she will swear you never heard this, okay?"


Glory in a suit, standing outside a doorway, talking on a cell phone

"Some lawyer from the school district will call you, your mother and Suzanne today to get statements. Just tell whoever it is that talks to you that anything you have to say will come from your lawyer. Keep the asshole scared and clueless! The school district has finally learned how the administrators here were covering up the bullying situation and they are terrified of lawsuits, so the more they think those are coming, the more they'll do to clean up the mess!"

"Hey, that's pretty clever."

"If we do this right, a lawsuit won't even be necessary. I'll call Suzanne directly later. I imagine she and I are going to be working pretty closely on this."

She was surprised to feel a little tingle in her pussy as she said those words and thought about them. But she ignored it and continued, "Right now I'm out of time for this call, and I'll be tied up in meetings for hours here."

"That sucks." He looked over at his sisters. They were still busy striking sexy poses for him, hoping to keep him hard. Amy had a finger in Katherine's pussy, and Katherine had a couple of fingers in Amy's mouth, allowing Amy to suck on them like a penis.

He tried to ignore them, but they were keeping his erection stiff.

She said, "Tell me about it. And it's on vacation time, too. But I have to be brief. I really miss you. I want to hold you. Can we get together later?"

Glory hadn't really been thinking ahead while she was talking, but now that she'd given voice to her feelings she thought, That's so true! For once, I'm not dreaming about my love royally nailing me; I just want to feel his touch. I feel like I nearly lost him because who knows what those goons might have done to him? It was such torture after the fight to be able to stand so close and yet be so far away, completely unable to show my love! Just one hug; I need it like I need to breathe!

He replied, "Sure. When?" He was having a hard time not chuckling into the phone, given the way his sisters were stretching and bending in the most salaciously lewd ways they could think of.

She sighed. "I don't know. Maybe after dinner?"

He looked down. With his sisters increasingly getting into preening and posing and making a big production out of it, Susan had noticed that he was just standing there naked with his erection unattended, so she got up from the table and soon fixed that situation. She slid his dick into her cleavage, hoping that would be less noisy than a slurpy blowjob.

So he was momentarily distracted. But he finally said, "Um, yeah. Whenever you're ready. You're very important to me, so I'll make time."

"I can hardly wait! The thought of feeling you hold me tight is the only thing getting me through all this bureaucratic bullshit. I love you!"

"I love you too. Bye."

He switched lines. He felt whiplashed going from Glory to Heather. He'd been smiling widely and basking in loving feelings for Glory, and now he had to immediately switch back to stern and dominant. His ability to do that was made all the harder by Susan's titfuck and Amy and Katherine prancing around. He looked over at Suzanne, who was still sitting at the table, seemingly greatly amused at his predicament.

She winked at him.

Alan spoke into the phone. "Hey, Heather, sorry about that. I had to take that other call."

"No, that's okay, Sir. If you remember, I was asking how you're doing. And I really do care, Sir, I do."

He felt testy, but he had to admit, "I know you do. But can we talk later? I'm in the middle of something."

"Something or someone, Sir?"

Susan lying on Alan with one breast on each side of his erection, tonguing his dick head while he pets her hair

He looked down at his erection sliding through his mother's massive boobs. "That's none of your business! Look, I've really gotta go. There's all kinds of fallout from the fight that has to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Why don't we talk on the phone later in the afternoon? Then things won't be so hairy."

Hearing that, Susan moved most of her long dark brown hair to her front side and let it fall over her breasts. Then she wrapped his erection in it and jacked him off. Her hair was silky smooth, which made the tactile sensation very interesting, but she was mainly doing it just for the "hairy" joke.

"But Sir! I need to see you! You were so heroic and inspiring. I NEED you! I'd like for you to come here. I'm sort of stuck in my room 'cos my dad's all freaked out about the fight. He's keeping me on a tight leash."

Alan couldn't help but grin maliciously at the mental image that conjured up for him. "I like the sound of that. He's got the right idea."

"Eww! Gross. Not THAT kind of leash!" Her voice grew quiet and sultry. "Although I'd wear one for you, Sir."

Heather thought, Did I really just say that? Jesus! What the fuck is wrong with me? I sound pathetic, like some kind of submissive, fawning pushover. Admittedly, it does sound kind of sexy, but that's no reason... She was too aroused to help herself and her thoughts drifted as she imagined herself naked and on all fours with Alan holding her leash and taking her for a walk down the street. XX01

Realizing she was still on the phone, she shook her head clear of that image. Jeeee-sus! Seriously, what the FUCK? What is WRONG with me?!

Her thoughts drifted. Victory and triumph, especially power plays, always got her motor running and today was no different. She was ecstatic over what she considered to be her own pivotal role in the fight, in delaying its resumption until more help arrived, and she wanted her reward from Alan. Except she was stuck alone in her room for the foreseeable future.

Ever since the fight, her asshole had started feeling itchy and hot again, and the burning need to get fucked in the ass by Alan had only strengthened and intensified. Ordinarily, she would have "taken care of it" using her own sex toys, but she didn't want just any anal stimulation; she wanted Alan! Furthermore, she desperately hoped her role in the confrontation would get her out of Alan's doghouse, and she didn't want to endanger that by violating his 'no anal stimulation' ban. Her sexual frustration was slowly driving her crazy, and having Alan joke about leashing her like a dog was going to make it doubly hard for her not to jump the latex gun, so to speak. Needless to say, Heather was not exactly a happy camper.

"We'll talk about that later," Alan finally replied. He too was distracted, as Susan was not only still sliding her tits up and down his dick, but was also starting to lick at the head with each pass. "I've really gotta go now. Okay?"

"Okay." She sounded dejected by that, because she was.

"Bye." He hung up.

He sighed in frustration as he stood there and watched his mother's incredible body sliding back and forth. "Sheesh! Running a harem is a pain in the ass! Everybody wants me at once, and I wanna BE with everyone at once. There are too many women that I love in my life! I don't want to sound ungrateful, but things are getting out of hand."

He quickly passed on what Glory had told him regarding the lawyers and the upcoming calls, but everyone was too aroused at the moment to discuss it.

Susan had been veering towards a blowjob as he talked, spending more time licking around his cockhead, but now she'd gone back to a traditional titfuck. She loved the skin on skin contact, plus it allowed her to talk. She said, "Tiger, consider that your 'curse' for being so sexually powerful and talented. Not to mention virile. And well-hung! And yummy! Good GOD, I love this cock!"

She was getting carried away with her own enthusiasm, but nearby coughing sounds gave her pause. She said in a calmer and more chagrined tone, "I don't have eyes on the back of my head, but I can tell from all the clearing of throats and stomping of feet that a couple of girls just behind me are pretty antsy."

"DUH!" Katherine practically exploded. "MooooOOOOoooom! Please!"

As Susan pulled away, she winked at her son and said, "Knock 'em dead, Son. Give 'em a good taming! Remember that you're their master and they're your sister slaves, and treat them accordingly. And don't worry about being spread too thin. I have great faith in you."

Katherine and Amy grabbed Alan by his hands and started pulling him towards the living room.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Away!" Katherine said huffily, annoyed by the long delay. "Away from phones and especially away from those two insatiable mommy sluts. It's OUR turn!"

"Yeah!" Amy agreed as she tugged on his arm.


"So where ARE we taking him?" Amy asked Katherine as they practically carried Alan up the stairs.

"I dunno. Maybe my bedroom. That might give us some privacy."

"Or here." Amy opened the door to the seldom-used guest room, which was the closest room to the stairs on the upper floor. "It's closer and there's no phone."

"Excellent!" Katherine guided Alan in. "Now the big question is, who gets to be fucked first?"

"Nope," Alan said, holding his hard-on to keep it from bouncing around. "I don't want to waste one second arguing about that. The phone calls were torture enough. I'm horny! I want you two to lie on the bed in a fuck sandwich and dangle your legs over the edge of the bed so I can stand next to it and plow into the pair of you with wanton abandon. Can you do that?"

"Fuck sandwich!" Amy yelled enthusiastically as she threw herself onto the bed.

Katherine also made a big leap.

"I take it that's a 'Yes,'" he said with amused understatement.

The girls wasted no time in getting into "sandwich" position, with Katherine on top.

Katherine lying face-to-face on Amy, both naked with dripping pussies, forming the outsides of a 'fuck sandwich', waiting for the missing meat

As Alan got into position, he said, "Aims, I know you said you wanted it in the ass, but I'm just too horny to go through all the prep work. We both know how deliciously tight you are back there, and getting into your ass kind of requires a big production. Besides, I shouldn't go back and forth from vaginal to anal 'cos of the whole infection worry."

"That's cool." She giggled as she added, "I'll forgive you if you poke me first!"

He chuckled. "One Amy poke, coming up!" He guided his erection into her moist slit. But even her pussy was extremely tight, so he couldn't just thrust in all the way on the first push. He had to wiggle his way in with a series of short thrusts, each one making a little more headway. There was a lot of grunting and groaning involved, but it was intensely pleasurable, too.

However, he knew that Katherine was even more anxious and needy than Amy right then, if such a thing was possible. And her moans of desire were a loud reminder that she needed to be serviced too.

So as soon as he'd achieved maximum penetration in Amy, he pulled out and plunged into his other sister. That was a faster process, but not that easy since she was quite tight too.

After he finally made it all the way in, he rested from all the exertion. He grunted, "Why do my two sisters have the two tightest pussies in the entire universe?"

Katherine gleefully answered, "To better serve you as fuck toys! Duh! He really is a thick one, isn't he, Aims?"

Amy giggled. "He IS!"

Katherine giggled too as she finally caught her own double meaning. "Oh yeah. In more ways than one!"

He slid in and out of Katherine a few times, just enough to open her up so he could plunge back in a lot easier the next time.

Then he switched back to Amy and really went to town on her. He fucked her good, with strong, deep thrusts for a minute or two.

Then he did the same to Katherine.

As he did so, Amy said, "I just loooove fuck sandwiches! They're so neat-o! I especially like being on the bottom. That's super cool. I get to feel more of the fucking vibrations when it's not my turn, y'know? You hear how my voice is all shaky? That's from the second-hand fuck!"

As Alan switched holes again, he said, "That may be, normally, but we'll see how you like this one. I was just getting warmed up, and now I'm REALLY gonna start slamming. So it might get pretty rough down there, with all that weight bouncing on you."

"M'kay! Sounds like fun! Let's do it!"

He did just as he promised and began plunging in and out of Amy's tight slit with all the energy he could muster. And because he was still surging with adrenaline from the fight, that was a lot of energy. Katherine began to look like a ship being tossed around on a stormy sea as Amy writhed wildly underneath her.

Alan plowing Katherine while she lies on Amy in a fuck sandwich, with Alan between their extended legs

Then he switched and did the same to Katherine. "Oh GAAWWWD!" she screamed as he stabbed his pole all the way into her with one thrust.

"Feels good, huh?" Amy asked. She stared up into her sister's eyes from mere inches away.

"You know it!" Impulsively, Katherine bent her head down and kissed Amy on the lips as Alan began his hard thrusting. She thought, I feel like SUCH a fuck toy! I love getting it at both ends at once!

But the kissing had to stop in less than a minute after the fucking got rough because Katherine was struggling just to breathe.

Then Alan switched again. He kept switching every couple of minutes, seemingly building up even more energy and thrusting power each time he did so.

Susan and Suzanne knew they'd both been a bit "cock hoggy" lately, but as the screams of pleasure from the guest room grew louder and louder, they simply couldn't stay away. They quietly opened the door and peeked in, eager to watch without interrupting.

Alan and his sisters didn't even notice their observers because he was fucking so relentlessly. Normally, by this time he would already have paused for a strategic break or two, but he didn't want to pause any more than he was forced to as he switched from one pussy to another. He wanted to raise the crescendo higher and higher until they all passed out from sheer pleasure.

His challenge though was that each time he was nailing one sister, the other was having a strategic break of her own. So, although it was difficult to multitask when he was in an animalistic mood, before long he began fingerfucking one pussy while his dick was in the other. He clumped his fingers together and rammed them in and out just like he had another stiff penis, although obviously he couldn't go nearly as deep or deliver the same level of pleasure.

But for the girls, such differences didn't seem to matter much. They both felt like they were being fucked non-stop, with only the briefest of pauses every now and then for the few seconds it took him to switch holes.

Susan and Suzanne watched in awe. They knew exactly how the girls were feeling since they'd just been treated to the same kind of fucking a short time before. Every grunt, every moan, every thrust practically felt like it was happening to them instead.

The two mothers were talking quietly to each other, and their mutterings finally caused Alan to look up and notice that they were there.

Seeing the eye contact, Susan said, "Son, I know you're a bit preoccupied at the moment, to say the least, but I just have to say: Wow! WOW! I'm just so PROUD of you, proud of the way you're fucking your sisters, laying your big log in them! What a GOOD son! I love you so much!"

A naked Susan and Suzanne standing in the doorway, with Susan reaching around Suzanne to hold her tight by the crotch and left breast, while Suzanne reaches up and back to stroke Susan's hair

"Me too!" Suzanne agreed. "Look, Susan, just look at him go! What I wouldn't give to be on the receiving end of that right now!"

"I KNOW! Suzanne, I just want to shout to the whole world that my son is my master! That he's the master of an incredible harem! He keeps all of us happy and well fucked! He's gonna make all four of his mommies and sisters cum at the same time! Is that incredible, or what?"

"It's incredible!" Suzanne's scratchy voice sounded genuinely awestruck.

Alan laughed. Once again, his reputation was doing a good deal of his "work" for him. His mothers were getting so excited just from watching and talking to each other that it was like he was fucking them hard too.

Suzanne started frigging Susan's pussy with the same clumped-together finger technique she was watching Alan use. Susan couldn't do the same to Suzanne since Suzanne's pussy was still recovering from Alan's brutal pounding, but she worked Suzanne's clit and nipples to very good effect.

Finally, Alan knew he could last no more. He was so far gone into his fucking that he didn't stop to think which girl he would shoot into. In fact he didn't even know which girl he was currently fucking; he just knew he was sliding in and out of an amazingly hot, tight, and wonderful hole. It so happened that he was balls-deep in Katherine when his cum started to fly.

One would have had to look very closely to notice, though, because both girls were screaming and cumming with great intensity. Amy was a renowned screamer, but Katherine was doing a very good job trying to match her.

It seemed that Alan's orgasm would never end. He just kept cumming and cumming, shooting spurt after spurt into Katherine's thoroughly-plowed furrow. And as long as he was cumming, both girls were cumming too.

In fact, Susan and Suzanne were cumming as well, inspired by watching and what they were doing to each other, so all five peaked at the same time.

Then, wham! Like a light being shut off, Alan gave up the struggle and collapsed onto Katherine. In his frenzy he'd lost track of just how intense the physical effort was, but now his body was paying the price. He was already sore with bruises, but he'd completely forgotten his pain while he was fucking. He'd even used his hands as usual without thinking about the wounds and bandages there. But now he felt even more sore and exhausted as he was left struggling just to breathe.

He was a bit disappointed that he hadn't fucked either girl to unconsciousness after putting in all that effort, but he figured that one can't hit a home run every time at bat. After a couple of minutes, he managed to roll off both girls after Amy's wiggles and grunts indicated she was being crushed by two bodies. Katherine then rolled off her.

The three lay on the bed side by side by side, recovering. "Wow..." Amy finally said.

Suzanne commented, "The word I think you're looking for is 'epic'. That's the word that came to mind for me after Sweetie just about destroyed my pussy out in the car."

That was the first the two girls had looked towards their mothers. "Yeah..." Amy said, still dazed and dreamy. "Epic. Super duper double wow epic." Her brain was too fried after that to think up one of her trademark long Amy words.

Katherine said, "What she said!" Then she looked at Amy and grinned as she added, "In fact, it was fan-epicadoodlearifficaroony-tastic!"

Amy burst into giggles at that. She leaned over and kissed Katherine on her nose. "Super cool sister!"

As Katherine started to recover a bit more, she said to her mothers, "Did you see what he was doing? It wasn't just a fuck sandwich, he was fucking us both at once! It was like he had two penises. This changes everything!"

Alan asked, "Changes everything? How?"

"We need more fuck sandwiches, for starters! You have soooo many fuck toys, and just one cock, but this doubles your fucking power! And I'll bet our moms had real good orgasms too, so it was like you slayed all four of us at once!"

His ego soared as he reveled in that accomplishment. But he said modestly, "Well, I don't know. I'm on this super energy trip, but that's just a one-time thing. It's not like I can do this kind of really physical fucking every day. Or even that I'd want to. Personally, I think I prefer the more intimate one-on-one slower kind."

Amy giggled and said, "Uh-oh! 'Good Alan' alert! 'Bad Alan' has left the building."

But Katherine rolled to her side so she could look at her brother, and she tenderly wiped his face clear of sweat. Then she kissed him on the nose and said, "That's okay. We like 'Good Alan,' 'Bad Alan,' any kind of Alan. As long as we get lots of Alan! Right, Aims?"

"Definitely!" She also turned to her side, extended her head forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Susan said to Suzanne, "Awww. Look at them. They're so cute. The only thing better than getting royally fucked by Tiger's jackhammer cock is when he gets all cuddly and tender afterwards. Don't you think?"

"Yeah." Suzanne said, all smiles. Susan and Suzanne were holding each other and looking at their children fondly, as if they were having some kind of Hallmark card moment like watching their child's first bicycle ride.

Susan added, "That's how he locks in the taming, you know. First, he fucks you within an inch of your life, leaving your body a helpless slave to his cock. But then, by being so cuddly and caring afterwards, he makes your heart and mind a slave to him too, and you can't help but love him more than you ever thought it was possible you could love another person. He leaves you wishing and longing that you could just suck his cock all day long!"

Suzanne was surprised to find that she agreed with all that, even the cocksucking part. She just repeated "Yeah" with a fond and wistful sigh.

Susan went on, "Just look at him. Surrounded on both sides by his busty fuckable sisters, lying there like the conquering hero, knowing full well that he just fucked every single big-titted member of his oh-so-fuckable family. And that's what he is: the conquering hero! First, he single-handedly defeats an entire gang of school hoodlums, and then he comes home and fucks his tamed family into an even deeper level of submission! And yet look how modest he is about it. He isn't beating his chest; he doesn't have to. I just wish there was some way I could do MORE to show how much I love him!"

Alan finally sat up so he could look at his mothers. "Hey, Mom. I'm here and listening to every word, you know. That's not really true. For one thing, I hardly single-handedly defeated Ryan's gang. It was Christine who kicked butt and I just barely hung in there."

"Well, maybe so," Susan said, "but I only have eyes for you. To me, you're the greatest hero." Her face lit up in a smile so bright that it practically filled the room with a happy glow. Then she noticed his messy crotch and got more practical. "By the way, girls, are you two just gonna lie there all day, or is someone going to do some tongue cleaning on Alan Junior?"

Alan covered his privates with his hand. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm seriously sore down there."

There was a collective sigh from all four women. "Awwww..."

"What?" he asked.

Surprisingly, Amy was the one to explain, "Giving your cock a good tongue cleaning afterwards has become kind of a tradition. And traditions are fun, and good, and important, especially in a harem."

He was a bit curious to hear an explanation for her "especially in a harem" comment, but his penis really was sore, so he tried to change the topic. "What I could use is a shower and a re-bandaging." He held up the hand he'd been plunging into his sisters' pussies. Those bandages were wet with girl cum.

Susan started walking towards him, her big breasts jiggling and swaying with every step. "Awww. Tiger. Let Mommy take care of you. Come on, I'll give you a sponge bath."

But Suzanne said, "Um, actually, Susan, he has two mommies now. Can I do it this time?"

Susan was hesitant, but then smiled. "Sure."

Suzanne in a side view, posing with her elbows and hands elevated to show of her massive bust

Suzanne then struck a pose by raising both her arms above her head and asked Alan, "What do you think, kiddo? Is your second mommy Suzanne sexy enough to give you a sponge bath?"

Alan looked around in mock confusion. "Suzanne who? You're not her; you're Venus, the Goddess of Sex come to Earth."

Now Suzanne was the one beaming with delight.

Alan also grinned with great glee to see just how happy and excited Suzanne was to give him his bath. Her usual sophisticated jadedness was all gone and she was just like a big kid again.

Alan felt great after sexually satisfying his family, and felt even better than that after Suzanne gave him a sponge bath that was at times playful and sexy, and at times tender and loving. And she gave his penis and balls a good tongue cleaning while she was at it. His flaccid dick wasn't so sensitive anymore, and she half-jokingly pointed out that Susan would get mad if she didn't do it.

He thought, I know I say this to myself every day, usually several times a day, but I really have to be the luckiest guy in the whole country. I mean, Suzanne is so HOT! And funny and fun, too. She made that sponge bath such a blast, even though Alan Junior couldn't get hard. If only Mom knew how long I was sucking on Mother's big pale tits, she's be totally jealous. Heh! And yet Suzanne is only one of a bunch of centerfold-quality women in my harem. My harem! I have a fucking harem! That is so nuts!

But what's even more amazing is that they all love me, and I love them. The way they all were so concerned about me today, and did everything they could to help - my God! It brings tears to my eyes. That love is way more of a blessing than all their oh-so-fuckable bodies. What did I do to deserve this?

But after he went back to his bedroom to take his usual afternoon nap, he realized he still wasn't at peace. So he called downstairs for his mother to come up and join him in his room. He had to disabuse Susan of the notion that he wanted to have sex again, by telling her that he was having trouble relaxing and wanted to see if drinking her milk would help calm him down.

Susan was beside herself with happiness as she climbed into bed and lay alongside him where he could easily nurse from her milk-filled breasts. "I've been hoping you'd say something like that. My nipples hurt something awful 'cos I'm overdue for a milking. I've been saving all my milk just for you!"

He steadily drained her until her reservoirs of milk were depleted. The intimacy of nursing was enjoyable and calming for them both, but Alan found he still couldn't relax enough to fall asleep.

He felt sexually satiated and knew that he wouldn't be able to get it up again for a long while, but his body still felt antsy and agitated, so he was still in no mood for a nap. Also, now that he'd had some time to think, he found his thoughts were racing also.

After convincing his mother that "No, Alan Junior isn't ready to play again," he went with her to the living room, fully dressed, where the other women were lounging about in various states of undress (Amy, not surprisingly, was completely naked). He announced that he was going on a run to burn off more of his nervous energy. His body was tired and sore from the bruises, but he explained that it was something he needed to do.


Alan didn't have any destination in mind and initially planned just to run around the neighborhood aimlessly. But the jogging cleared his head and he began thinking more and more about Christine.

I've honestly been trying my hardest to avoid doing anything sexual with her, and I'm still set on that, no matter what happened today. Mom's crazy to think that I'm going to "tame" her, or even that I'd want to. Sure, God knows how much I'd love to kiss her and play with her body. Oh, sweet Jesus, what a body! I know that objectively Mom's or Suzanne's are just as perfect, but Christine arouses me so much these days that it's not even funny.

Damn! And the way we kissed today... Double damn! The truth is, there's nothing I'd love more than to go wild with her, and totally ravish her. But that doesn't change the fact that she's off limits! We're sliding down a slippery slope, and it has to stop now. It's just not a good thing for her and her future, or for me and my future. I can't let my hormones rule everything. I'm better than that!

But he kept thinking about her and how she had protected him, and he wondered how she was doing.

Before long, he wound up standing in front of her house. He hadn't consciously planned it, but his legs seemed to have just taken him there on their own.

He walked up to her front door and rang the doorbell. Okay, remember, we're just gonna talk. Clear the air. The key is to make sure my platonic-only plan stays on track. I have to suck it up and do it, not only for me but for all my loves. It's a must! I have to stay strong!

Olga answered. "Oh, hi, Alan. I sure wasn't expecting you. Did you call first?"

"No, ma'am. I was just-"

She interrupted, "Oh, what a polite boy! But don't you dare call me 'ma'am.' Call me Olga."

"Yes, ma... er, yes, Mrs. Anderssen ... Olga. I was just jogging around to burn off energy. I understand your husband Lars heard that would be a good thing for us to do. I wasn't planning on coming here, but I was in the neighborhood, and I started to wonder how she was doing, and wanted to thank her for protecting me. Is she in? Can I see her?"

Olga hesitated, then said, "Yes, she is. And funnily enough, she just got back from jogging too, about half an hour ago." She looked down at his chest. "But I don't think you want to go see her like that."

Alan looked down at his clothes to see what she meant. His T-shirt had big sweat stains, and he realized he probably smelled awful from his jogging. The sweat was pouring down his face. He'd been getting a bit out of shape because he'd been having so much sexual fun lately that he hadn't had time to keep up his exercise routine, so this had been more of a workout than he'd expected. Plus, he had been outside at nearly the hottest part of a warm, sunny day. "Oh. Yeah. Um, maybe I can come back later..."

"Nonsense. We've got a big pool in the backyard, and a hot tub too. Why don't you wear one of Lars' old bathing suits? It's got a stretchy waistband and should fit you close enough. He's not here right now, but he can't mind since he doesn't wear it anymore. I'm a bit of a packrat, you see."

"Ah. Okay, sure. Thanks!"

"Christine is up in her room. She's been pretty moody since we got back from the hospital. Maybe having you talk to her will do her some good. And if you kiss her once or twice on top of that, well, I'm not going to put up a fuss about it." She winked at him, showing obvious approval.

He didn't know how to respond to that. "Well, uh, I suppose I need to get clean first, in any case."

"Why don't you jump in the pool and use it like a big bathtub? We've got lots of chlorine in there. Then I'll call her down when you're more presentable." She jokingly waved her hand in front of her nose like she was going to pass out from the smell.

He laughed. "Thanks. Wow, you're really helpful."

Olga thought, Maybe I'm pushing too hard right after the fight, but if I can play at a little matchmaking, I will. Having a serious boyfriend is just what Christine needs to pull her out of her social isolation. And I'm not about to let that Amy girl steal him away!

Soon, Alan was dressed in just Lars' bathing suit (which fit him fine). He drifted lazily in the pool, being careful to keep his bandaged hands dry. Christine's mom was right - this feels great! I could just stay in here forever. He floated on his back, looking a bit like an otter with his hands held up to keep his bandages out of the water.

Up in Christine's room, Olga explained how Alan had showed up out of the blue. Then she spent several minutes trying to talk Christine into wearing a bikini. She concluded her appeal by saying, "This is your big chance to step things up a notch! Wearing a bikini, with your great figure? Maybe even losing part of the bikini after a little bit of kissing and hugging... Before long, he'll be asking, 'Amy who?'"

Christine sounded like the typical put-out teenager. "MoooooOOOOooom! You're embarrassing me!"

Olga held her hands up defensively. "I'm just saying. You've gotta use what you've got to get what you want."

"Thanks, Mom, but I can handle it."

"So, are you going to wear a bikini then?"

"I suppose, since you're so adamant about it." Despite her dismissive attitude, she was very excited to wear a bikini for Alan. In fact, she saw that her mom actually had a pretty good idea to somehow lose her bikini top eventually, if she had the guts to go through with it. She had butterflies in her stomach, to say the least.

Olga came downstairs a short time later with Christine in tow.

Actually, Christine wasn't as moody as Olga thought she was, since she had just received unexpected phone calls from Frank Morgan and Suzanne. Both of them had been very supportive and had eased some of her self-doubts about her behavior. Besides, thinking about what she and Alan might end up doing together had pushed most other thoughts out of her mind.

Her immediate goal was to get him to French kiss her again, hopefully a lot more than just once. Given the way they'd necked in the ambulance earlier, she felt that she had a pretty good chance.

Christine in a skimpy lime-green bikini, arms crossed under her rack, with a bandage on her left elbow

Alan was shocked and very pleased as he looked upon a blushing Christine, because she was wearing a revealing turquoise green bikini. It was every bit as erection-inducing as the red one she'd worn to the beach the day before. It actually wasn't especially revealing for a bikini, but Alan knew this was a big deal for Christine since she so rarely wore anything even slightly revealing.

She was even wearing some make-up, although it was very subtly applied, so Alan didn't consciously realize that she had it on.

Plus, she kept her arms under her boobs because she was shy and felt far too exposed. Although the gesture was mostly an innocent one, the result was that it pushed her big tits up and out.

Alan's dick was half hard already, just thinking about Christine coming to the pool. But when he saw her, it got fully hard in about two heartbeats.

Olga stood at the screen door leading to the pool and announced in a loud voice for both Christine's and Alan's benefit, "I'm gonna go now. I've got a bunch of errands to run and won't be back for a couple of hours at least. Probably longer, in fact, until dinner time. Lars won't be home until dinner either. Can I trust you two enough to leave you lovebirds alone?"

Christine sighed. She wasn't in the mood for this kind of parental meddling. She was annoyed and embarrassed at how little she was wearing, but at the same time, she'd worn a sexy bikini because she wanted to look good for Alan. She rolled her eyes and objected testily in the Norwegian that her family sometimes used at home: "Mamma, vær så snill, ikke bruk det ordet!" (meaning "Mom, please, don't use that word!")

"What? 'Lovebirds'? Oops. My bad. I must have picked that up from hearing it so recently." She winked playfully at Christine. "Anyway, don't get TOO naughty. I'll see you later." She kissed her daughter on the forehead and then walked back into the house.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Christine walked over to the edge of the pool to sit down right where Alan was paddling in the deep end. "Sheesh! Moms! All they do is embarrass us. My mother seems to have some kind of deluded notion that you and I are..."

There was a long pause as she not only stopped mid-sentence, but stared off into space like she'd completely forgotten he was even there.

"That you and I are what?" he prodded. When there was still no answer, he asked gently, "Is something bothering you?"

Finally she turned around and seemed to remember he was there. "What? Oh, sorry. I was just kind of spacing out."

"Thinking about the fight?"

"Yeah." She scowled and grimaced.

He thought that Olga was right about Christine being moody. (In fact, she was more nervous, mostly due to being nearly naked near him.) Now was not the time for joking around. He pulled himself out of the pool and stood up next to her. With his closer view, and her lack of clothes, he could see the extent of her injuries for the first time. "Just look at you. Wow. Not to make light of your injuries, but I'm more amazed at how NOT injured you are. You've got a bruise here and there, but nothing compared to me or the other guys, especially the giant."

That was true, because of her superior skill as a fighter. But she was too modest to point that out, so she just said, "I was lucky, I guess. Although, look at this." She held up her hands. Her fingers were undamaged but the edges of her hands on the pinky sides were bruised. "And this." She held up her bandaged elbow.

"Ah," he said in understanding as he considered the bruises on her hands. "You were doing blade strikes with those sides, huh? I don't even know how to do that. Is that better than just punching with a fist?"

"It can be, but, like everything, you have to know what you're doing." She obviously didn't want to talk anymore about fighting techniques, and she particularly did not want to point out that most of her injuries were from her breakfall, rather than direct contact. "What about you?"

He held up his hands. They were all taped up, from the palms nearly to the fingertips. "Look. Kind of similar to you, except it's my knuckles that're all messed up."

"You'll be fine," she said, about his hands. She looked him over from head to toe. "And you've got a few bruises here and there. Looks like Rock really liked your chest."


Alan said, "Yeah, but it's funny - it doesn't really bother me. Maybe I'll feel more sore later, but I think the bruises look worse than they feel. Anyway, I came here because I wanted to apologize. About a lot of things. But maybe we can get more comfy first?"

Christine was more aroused than she was letting on. She thought, Such as cradling you in my arms. I'd even let you rest your head against my breasts! But she merely said, "Yeah. Why don't we go lie on those lounge chairs?"

Christine in a skimpy lime-green bikini with a bandaged left elbow, sitting up on a lounge chair on a poolside cool deck

Once they were both settled in adjacent lounge chairs, Alan continued, "Like I said, I really want to apologize. You were such a great heroine, basically totally saving my sorry ass. I want to thank you a thousand times over for that."

"You thanked me earlier," she pointed out.

"I know, but I said I want to thank you a thousand times. So I still have something like nine-hundred and ninety-nine times to go."

She smiled. Thank me with another kiss on the lips!

"But I've been thinking, and the main thing I want to apologize for is that there never would have been a fight in the first place if I hadn't been such a bonehead. Remember when you were escorting me to the bathroom and all I could do was make those stupid, lewd jokes?"

"Yeah." She stared off into the distance and her face was very difficult to read. "But I have to admit that I was having a good time, even though I couldn't get you to stop staring at and talking about my breasts."

He stared deliberately at her barely covered huge boobs as he said with a grin, "Thank God the times have totally changed. I'm way more mature now then I was back then. I would never do THAT again." He ogled her tremendous rack yet more obviously, if that was possible, and even wiggled his eyebrows for comic effect. His dick was in no danger of going flaccid.

She grinned for the first time. "Way back then, huh?" She was happily recalling their earlier kisses, wishing for more like them. She didn't mind his ogling at all, but she felt like she had to put up a token protest eventually. She waved her hand across her face. "I'm up here, remember?"

"Oh yeah." He hammed it up, like it was a Herculean struggle, but he eventually managed to pull his eyes away from her cleavage and up to make eye contact. "What was I saying? I think I just lost about 50 IQ points."

She thought, I've always been flattered that he loves my breasts so much, but it wasn't that big a deal. Now, though, when he stares at me like that, I want him to touch me and kiss me. What if he were to not just look, but hold them and even kiss them? I want him to kiss me everywhere!

What plausible excuse could I come up with to take my bikini top off? Unfortunately, that's a bridge too far. Unless I just... up and do it!

However, she hid those feelings, instead just rolling her eyes. But then her grin turned into a big smile. "I'm not surprised you're staring now. Can you believe my mom made me wear this stupid bikini? She said it would help put me in a 'fun mood'. As if!"

She snorted derisively, again attempting to hide her growing arousal. She ran a hand over the fabric covering her left breast, like she needed to demonstrate what she meant when she referred to her bikini.

He didn't know what to say to that, since he wasn't sure if she'd respond positively to some more teasing. While his erection throbbed to the sight of her touching her breast, he couldn't believe she'd done that to deliberately provoke him, so he gamely pressed on. "I was joking too much and not taking the real danger that we were in seriously enough. And not just then, but all along. I kind of thought the whole bodyguard idea was a bit over the top. But you were totally right and I was totally wrong. I feel foolish. I just didn't think they hated me THAT much, and would go to such extremes and risk to get me."

Christine wished she could tell him what she really felt. Namely, that she hadn't really taken the threat all that seriously either. She'd seized upon the situation mainly as an excuse to be his bodyguard since that would give her an opportunity to spend more time with him, up close and personal. And then she'd gotten serious about strategizing for two reasons. One, it was a chance for her to impress him. And two, it was fun in and of itself for her, almost like playing some kind of war game or an advanced version of Cops and Robbers. The fact that there was a real danger was almost 'icing on the cake'; she would happily have done it all for a completely bogus threat.

She couldn't tell him that, at least not entirely. But she did say, "I didn't really think they'd go to such extremes, either. I was taking the 'better safe than sorry' approach, but I didn't really expect it to end up like it did. If I had, I would have been even MORE careful; I certainly wouldn't have run right into that trap. Talk about feeling foolish! I'm probably kicking myself even more than you're kicking yourself."

"No you're not. That one was just as much my mistake. And I have a bunch of other stuff to feel bad about too. For instance, there never should have been a threat in the first place. I was really, really dumb. Brain-dead, moronic, idiotic, imbecilically dumb. As I told you in the ambulance, some weeks back, Heather found me interesting, God only knows why - since she didn't know me from Adam at that point. But I haven't told you the full, painful truth. She started getting sexual with me while she was still going out with Rock. I mean, she started the whole thing by reaching over and feeling me up in that Baskin-Robbins while talking to Rock at the same time!"

Christine looked like she wanted to gag, because she was forced again to think of Alan having sex with Heather.

He continued, "She totally cuckolded and humiliated Rock, and I just went right along with it like a complete idiot. I wasn't even thinking about HIS feelings; I just thought he was a dumb jock and he could use a comeuppance. So it was my passive cruelty that really started this whole thing. He really was in the right and I was in the wrong. He has good reason to hate me. And I made more mistakes after that, like flaunting my new sexual good fortune without thinking about the consequences."

She grimaced, mainly because an image of Alan boning Heather had popped into her head. Despite the seriousness of their discussion, her arousal continued to slowly rise, so much so that even the thought of Alan having sex with Heather was actually kind of exciting, in a disgusting sort of way. She could easily see the outline of Alan's erection through his bathing suit.

Furthermore, the fact that she felt practically naked was making her tingle in strange ways. Alan's a virile stud. That's just a fact. I'll bet he makes Heather scream in ecstasy until her voice is hoarse. Is there any chance he's going to leave here without at least getting my bikini top off somehow, so he can finally play with my breasts to his heart's content? I doubt it, especially since I wouldn't exactly resist him!

Nevertheless, she stayed on topic, replying, "Yeah, but what you did didn't justify what they were going to do. They would have been after you even without any of that stuff that happened between you and him and Heather. Although I can't resist getting my little Heather dig in: what the HECK were you thinking?! That girl is like poison. Sounds to me like she's the one to blame for the whole cuckolding thing, not you. You were just a pawn in another one of the games she plays to amuse herself. You must have been blindsided by her slutty, er, appeal, if you could call it that, and not thinking straight."

"Well, that's partly true, as I told you before. I mean, you'd already turned me down, so I was willing to accept less. But you can't blame it all on her," he protested.

"Yes I can!" she grinned defiantly, knowing that it wasn't all Heather's fault, and maybe even partly her own. "In any case, I know through the school grapevine that Ryan's thugs beat up lots of kids before you, sometimes for the most flimsy excuses or sometimes no excuse at all, just because they could. They even picked on kids who were way younger and extorted money from them. They would have gone after you eventually, simply for dating Amy, because a 'nerd' isn't supposed to date a cheerleader, period. Maybe they wouldn't have been so fanatical about it, but they would have targeted and harassed you just the same, for breaking an unspoken rule. I know all about these guys from the rumor grapevine - believe me."

"Really? Wow. That makes me feel a lot better."

She added, "And thanks to our fight today, their little reign of terror is coming to an end. You made some mistakes getting to this point, but the end result is really good for the school as a whole."

"You think? I hope so, but a bad action that has good consequences is still a bad action."

She stared at him intensely, like she was seeing him for the first time. "Incredible. You're such a good, moral guy. That's one reason why I like you so much. But consequences DO matter. A lot. Pat yourself on the back. You made mistakes, yes, but you really helped the school."

He thought, Me? A moral guy? Ha! If she only knew! If she could have peeked into what I was doing to my family before I came here, she'd kill me!

However, he did find her words generally comforting, and he replied, "Man! Christine, I love talking to you. It's like you're taking a big weight off my shoulders. But the same applies to you: you shouldn't beat yourself up about falling for their trap. After all, it worked out for the best, right?"

She grimaced. "True, but it could have worked out even better. I made soooo many mistakes! What if I'd called at least ONE person before charging headlong after that Aaron guy? Help could have arrived in just a couple of minutes, well before the whole thing was over. If I had been even a little bit less hasty and stupid before the fight, they wouldn't have been able to hurt you at all! It really is a miracle that no one got seriously hurt, and that Rock didn't smash up your face. I keep beating myself up for that!"

She almost sobbed. "Dumb! Dumb, dumb, dumb!" She slapped herself on her forehead, which set her big breasts wobbling in delightfully distracting ways.

"Yeah," he said, "but they preyed on your inherent goodness, and there's no shame in that. You did about as well as you possibly could. You should be proud. You're a heroine."

He paused for that to sink in, then continued. "Besides, remember what I told you in the ambulance: 'Don't 'should' on yourself. No more 'should-a, could-a, would-a.'"

She smiled in memory of their ambulance ride. Her stomach was doing flip-flops as she recalled how he'd kissed her then, and again later in the hospital. Still, she played it cool, saying, "Funny you should say that, 'cos both Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Pestridge told me basically the same thing on the phone just before you got here. But I still don't believe it."

"Mr. Morgan?" he asked. "As in the father of your mortal enemy? The very man that begat the spawn of Satan? Doesn't that make him Satan?"

She chuckled a bit and broke into a big smile for the first time since Alan had arrived. "Yeah. The one and same. So you've finally seen the light! You've admitted that Heather is the spawn of Satan. I say we need to exorcize you or something."

Alan wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and with great exaggeration. He hammed up his voice like he was a sleazy pick-up artist. "You can exorcise me anytime you like, baby."

Christine in a skimpy lime-green bikini with a bandaged left elbow, on hands and knees, big boobs dangling enticingly

"Alan!" She obligingly protested, knowing he was just kidding around. "You're evil!" She got up from her lounge chair and went to his so she could mock-slap his face. She was well aware of how that would cause her incredibly enticing tits to dangle and sway.

He pretended horror. "Oh no! That means she got me. It's too late to save me, but save yourself! Quick, take your bikini top off, before it's too late!"

She laughed some more. "You silly. That doesn't even make sense."

"Yeah, well, I gave it the ol' college try." He was thinking, Damn! I swear, her breasts are like two squeezy bowling balls, just dangling down and begging to be fondled. I need to get her to change positions before I can't restrain myself!

She thought, Damn it! I should have called his bluff! He told me to take my top off. I should have up and done it! That was my perfect chance. I'm such a coward when it comes to sex.

He asked, "But seriously, how did Mr. Morgan treat you?"

She quickly turned serious again, sitting up on the edge of his lounge chair to answer (much to his relief, as that put her in a less enticing position). She replied, "He seems pretty okay. Maybe even more than okay. He certainly didn't have to track down my number and call me, but he did, and he made me feel a lot better." She scowled as an image of Heather came into her mind. "How can Heather be the way she is with someone like that as her father?"

Alan ignored that question by asking a question of his own. "I remember him talking to you next to the racquetball courts. What did he say?"

"He told me that it wasn't my fault. But IT WAS! I screwed up in ways I can't even begin to describe. I don't want to talk about it!" She sat up, folded her arms under her big boobs, and frowned to keep from sobbing.

Christine sat back in a less provocative pose. The topic was suddenly cooling her ardor. She was truly haunted and ashamed about the thoughts and feelings that she'd had when she decided to leap at Aaron. The specialized women's self-defense courses she'd taken, where she'd learned tactical breathing and other critical things not taught in her regular martial arts programs, had necessarily removed her female inhibitions about attacking lethally in self-defense. This entailed aggressiveness and ferocity to a degree which conflicted with the spiritual training and respect for life of her normal martial arts instruction. Christine had never needed to resolve this conflict, because it did not arise in her martial arts context; she hadn't even recognized that it would be a serious problem until this, her first real street fight.

The unexpected appearance of the behemoth Aaron, and his charge right at Alan, evoked the all-out fight mode of Christine's self-defense training. Her hasty decision to take him down had been based on sound trained logic - to deal with him once and for all - but the surge of adrenaline-fueled anger and outright vengeance (due to his pretended assault on the screaming girl) had led to her initial choice to cripple him, and she was deeply ashamed of that decision, even though she had relented before she'd struck. Worse, she knew that it had arisen through her own failure to read the fight scene in advance, to protect Alan from harm. True, she'd talked about some of this with Alan during the ambulance ride, and that had made her feel a little better, but the issues were so troublesome for her that they didn't go away after just that one discussion.

She felt like all her years of martial arts training to be "a force for good" had almost been for naught, and that she'd let her teachers down.

She'd talked about these issues with Heather's father on the phone. He'd explained that what she went through was perfectly natural and even typical, given the circumstances. He'd even been at pains to praise her for her self-restraint. But still, she had residual guilt and unease about the whole event.


Alan sat up too, moved to the edge of the lounge chair, and gave her a hug. "You can't be perfect. No one is ever perfect. We can only do our best and hope that's good enough. You did, you were, and I thank you. You deserve praise, not blame. You're my heroine."

She stiffened at first in response to the hug, but then she softened and melted into his arms. The comforting embrace felt really good. She swallowed and said softly, "Mr. Morgan told me that too: that I should blame the football players, not myself." She sniffed, fighting back the urge to cry. "He said he was proud of me. I know he's just a stranger, but sometimes words from strangers carry extra weight 'cos they're strangers, right? I mean, why would he say that unless he meant it, especially since he's the father of my enemy?"

Christine in a skimpy lime-green bikini with a bandaged left elbow, straddling Alan (in red swim trunks) on his lounge chair, pressing her boobs and body tightly against his in a loving hug

"That's right," Alan said comfortingly while still holding her close. He didn't really want to hug her, since his main point in talking to her was to put their relationship safely and fully back on a platonic basis. But he felt she needed the support.

Besides, his mind had one intention and his body had another.

Now that he had her nearly naked body in his hands, he suddenly found it hard to concentrate. He'd lost his erection in the past couple of minutes due to the seriousness of their discussion. He decided to use his PC muscle control to make sure it didn't come back. He knew that if it did, there was no way he could stop if from lewdly poking against her somewhere or another.

He pressed on, "I'm sure that with his experience leading soldiers in combat, he knows what you're going through and doesn't want you to beat yourself up needlessly when you should be celebrating your accomplishment. And speaking of words from strangers, what did Suzanne say?"

Christine's face brightened. "She was amazing! She was worried about me, and had apparently talked some with Mr. Morgan about it. She wanted to comfort me too."

Christine went on to explain how Suzanne had told her that not only would Aaron, Rock, Ryan, and Ivan all be jailed, but the rest of the gang would probably be expelled as different people turned on each other in an attempt to save their own skins and get lighter sentences.

Alan tried his best to listen, but he also was highly mindful of the fact that Christine was still hugging him tightly with her huge melons pressed against his bare chest. He could feel her nipples, and there was no doubt they were erect. He had to very consciously keep his hands on her lower back, because they kept wanting to drift down to her ass.

But worse was the situation with his dick. He'd quickly lost the battle to keep it flaccid. Not only was it fully erect, but it was dangerously trapped between his body and one of her legs. True, it was still covered by his bathing suit, but that didn't seem to "help" much. He wondered how she could miss it, since he could feel the heat of her body against it.

In fact, she was acutely aware of his stiffness, plus all the rest of their intimate contact, especially the way her erect nipples were pushing into his chest, but she pretended not to be affected. Like him, she was growing increasingly concerned by the fact that they were home alone and barely wearing any clothes. She trusted Alan; that wasn't her concern. Besides, it was inconceivable that he'd try to force himself on her after what he'd learned of her fighting ability. Her concern was that she was so horny that she wasn't sure she could restrain herself, even though she had reservations about getting involved with someone who had so many sex partners. Her sexual inexperience just increased her fears. She worried that she'd make a fool of herself somehow, or maybe he'd reject her sexual advances.

She tried her best to ignore the tempting situation, instead continuing, "Mrs. Pestridge is so clever. I sure wouldn't want to be her enemy. She thought it was possible to keep pulling on this string and root out all the bullies who have been terrorizing the school. I don't know if you know just how bad the problem is. I'm sure they left you alone because you're tall, you've got muscles, and you don't look like you scare easily."

When she said "you've got muscles," she ran a hand down his chest. She had to do it over his abdomen, because her massive boobs were pressed against much of his chest. Repositioning to move her hand caused her tits to slide up and down against him for a few tantalizing moments.

His heart leapt to his throat as he felt an electric thrill. Oh my God! Gotta... gotta stay calm! I'm not with one of my sex pets; I'm with Christine. The fact that I HAVE sex pets is why I can't get intimate with her!

Only after she came on to him like that did she realize she was letting her hormones get the best of her. Half of her brain and all of her body was preoccupied by thoughts of French kissing again, but she also felt bound by her vow to keep things platonic.

He thought, Holy shit! Doesn't she know what she's doing to me?! How does she expect me to stay calm and focused on this serious stuff?!

Christine continued in a calm and collected manner, "But so many kids, including in junior high, have been terrorized by the bullies here. Stealing lunch money and that kind of thing. It's like a protection-racket-at-school tradition that just keeps getting worse. Mrs. Pestridge said she wants me and some of my friends-"

He interrupted. "Excuse me. When you say 'my friends', do you mean the 'Goody-goodies'?"

She frowned. "Yes, if you must use that snarky term. She wants us to work with her and the district attorney about this, so the police will know the right questions to ask and who to go after. We can really make a difference and make the school a safe place again!"

She looked fierce and determined as she said this. One thing Alan loved about Christine was her strong sense of justice and desire to fight the wrongs of the world. Seeing her like that, he longed to kiss her on the lips. However, he knew this was the time to offer moral support and not get frisky, despite the huge breasts still pressing into his chest and tempting him.

He thought, If it weren't for the fact that I have a harem of women all roughly as beautiful as Christine, I wouldn't be able to control myself right now. In fact, I probably wouldn't even have the confidence to be here in the first place. But at the same time, it's the existence of that same harem that prevents me from allowing myself to give in to my urges, for fear of dragging her down into my bizarre world. It's ironic. Or maybe a Catch-22.

I don't know how I got myself into this situation. But I have to stay strong! If I let my hand slip down to her ass, I could lose all control! The next thing you know, we could be kissing while her fingers pump up and down my dick and I fondle her great tits!

Oh, man!

That's a really BAD idea! I have to remember how bad that would be for my family!

She went on, "And she said that none of this could happen if I hadn't stood by you today. She called me a heroine! Because I did the right thing, and risked my own neck, and worked so hard to protect you when everybody else, even you, thought the danger was overblown. I know I'm not ALL that, but still, it made me feel good. I mean, I screwed up right and left. I should have NEVER walked into that trap. And I was so full of myself and worried about crying wolf that I didn't even call for backup help when I had the chance."

"Not true. You were Admiral Ackbar."

She furrowed her eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

"You know. 'It's a trap!' The line from Admiral Ackbar in 'Return of the Jedi.' You shouted that near the start of the fight, trying to warn me. That was cool."

She frowned, thinking. She wasn't a Star Wars fan, but she had seen the movies, so she searched her memory. "Was he the fishhead guy?"

Alan laughed. "Yeah, you could put it that way."

She loved the fact that Alan was holding her in an intimate manner, but at the same time she was trying to pretend that it wasn't really happening. Her voice was all business. "Anyway, it was total luck that-"

He gently placed a finger across her lips, silencing her. "Shhhh! I don't wanna hear it. No more 'should-a, could-a, would-a'. I was doing that too until I talked to you. Let's mentally note what we could have done better and then move on. Don't obsess."

"Yeah, but-"

"No buts. You're really smart, but I've noticed that really smart people overthink things and tend to second-guess themselves all the time. Don't! You did great. With this one fight, you could end up totally transforming the whole school for the better."

"Yeah, but I really can't take the credit for that. There's a whole bunch of factors-"

He grinned. "Hey! I may be having a blonde moment, but I'm thinking that SOMEbody around here gave me some very good advice recently."

"Oh yeah? Who was that?"

"I don't know. But she told me, 'Consequences DO matter. A lot.' And they do. The fact is, you didn't lose control. You didn't seriously hurt somebody. Things DID work out for the best. You need to pat yourself on the back, because I'm very proud of you, and everyone else is too."

She looked at him with wonder, amazed by his insightful words. She felt the burden from the fight lifting, like a heavy weight dropping from her body. She didn't know what to say in response to that, so she just smiled and teased, "Who is this mystery woman? She sounds wise to me."

He hugged her tighter. He jokingly patted her on the back, since he'd just pointed that out. "She is. And really sexy, too." His hands finally gave up their resistance and slipped down to cup her nearly bare ass cheeks.

She didn't seem to mind at all. Oh, wow! It's starting to happen! He's going to seduce me today, I just know it. Soon, he'll have me completely naked with his tongue in my mouth and his big boner in my hands!

Even though her heart was thumping wildly, she just playfully asked, "What's her name?"

He stared blatantly down at her chest, and especially at her deep, inviting cleavage, as he pretended to be genuinely puzzled by the question. "I dunno. I've talked to her lots of times, but I've never really gotten a good look at her face."

She looked at the mischievous grin on his face, then at his eyes blatantly staring at her rack, and then at his eyebrows, wiggling in Groucho Marx style.

She laughed, then she laughed hysterically, then she doubled over laughing.

He started laughing too. Before long, the fact that they were laughing so much in itself seemed really funny and made them laugh all the more.

Christine in a skimpy lime-green bikini with a bandaged left elbow, standing in a hot pose with eyes closed and arms held wide, happy and almost exultant, with her engorged pudenda outlined through her bikini bottoms

Soon, they were both laughing so hard that their sides hurt and they wished they could stop, but they couldn't. Christine stood up in an effort to literally run away from the laughter, but she doubled over again and ended up laughing more.

They weren't really laughing at Alan's joke; that was just the trigger. The laughter gave release to their pent-up stress and emotions, helping defuse their bottled-up lust.

Christine, especially, had been feeling heavily burdened by some decisions she'd made, and this was compounded by her natural tendency to be very self-critical and her low self-esteem about relationships. But Alan had made her feel that she'd done well after all, and everything would be okay. And all the power of the pent-up fear, pain, rage, guilt, shame and every other emotion that was eating away at her inside, bubbled up as laughter and was washed away.

In fact, it was such an emotional catharsis that when they stopped laughing, they both felt a great weariness come over them, as well as a great peace.

The two of them had been sitting up on his lounge chair, but it was a wide chair so they were able to end up lying down next to each other. Their intimate hug had been broken during all the laughter, but they both reached for each other when that ended and wound up cuddling in another tight embrace. However, it wasn't quite as arousing a hug this time, in part because Alan was able to tuck his erection away so that it wasn't so tightly pressed against her leg.

Christine was so emotionally moved that she was nearly at the brink of tears. It had been years since she'd had a really good friend, and now Alan was proving himself to be a very good friend indeed. "Thanks. That really means a lot to me."

He quipped, "What, that I can't stop looking at your breasts? I thought you didn't like that. Although now that you mention it, they do look really nice. I can't say that I ever noticed them before, actually." He leered and wiggled his eyebrows some more.

She laughed some more, and he did too. It wasn't that his quip was that funny, but they were in a mood where almost anything seemed hilarious. "Stop it!" she pleaded. "No more jokes, please! I just mean that your words really moved me. Thank you. I'm so glad that you're my friend." She looked up from his chest and stared deeply into his eyes. The love there was palpable.

She wondered, Does he love me, the way I love him? How can he, when he has all those other women? Heck, what am I saying, that I love him? ... Do I? ... I do! I do!

But she quickly went from elation to sadness. Oh God, what am I getting myself into? I'm just digging myself into a deeper hole, falling in love with the one guy in school who is said to be sleeping with nearly the entire cheerleading squad, and then some. If only he wasn't so nice!

She didn't want to think about that dilemma anymore. She closed her eyes and said, "I'm tired. Aren't you? I think I'll just rest here for a minute, if that's okay with you."

"That's very okay with me," he replied. He was feeling very tired too. It was almost his normal nap time, and he'd had an extremely emotional and tiring day. He closed his eyes as well.

Christine had had a long, trying, exhausting, and briefly terrifying day. But nestled in Alan's arms for the very first time, she felt secure, protected, loved, and drowsy. Alan's going to have his way with me today. I just know it! But later. Later. We've got plenty of time. Mmmm! I love just being cuddled up against him.

Before either realized it, they were both fast asleep.

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