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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 130
I'm So Excited
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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<Thwack> "Stop it! Stop it!"

Brenda's old Austrian maid Anika swatted Brenda's arm with a rolled-up newspaper like she was swatting a fly. She was in charge of preventing Brenda and Adrian from touching each other, and the task was growing more difficult by the hour, if not by the minute.

Brenda and Adrian were nearing the end of Suzanne's 24-hour no touching ban. Everyone in the house knew that once the ban ended the two of them would be fucking like bunnies, for the first time ever. The anticipation was making all three of them more than a little bit crazy.

Anika swatted Brenda's arm again as it reached out. "No, no, no! I keep tellink you no! Vhy don't you listen?"


Brenda was wearing a diaphanous gown that threatened to melt away if anyone so much as looked at it. Adrian wasn't wearing anything at all, and his erection was sticking straight out. They were standing within arm's reach of each other in the living room of the Hunter mansion. This was why Anika had to keep swatting one or the other. She was especially busy preventing Brenda from touching Adrian's erection, because Brenda had very little self-control, even on her best days.

Brenda pleaded, "Anika, why are you being so mean? Can't you see my little Pooh Bear is suffering?"

"Hey! You vere de vone who insisted a few hours ago dat neider of you can have de orgasms, much less touch. Und now you're tryink to do both!"

It was true. Mother and son had come up with many ways to arouse each other without direct contact, but Brenda was not allowed to have any orgasms, while there was no such restriction on Adrian. The night before, Adrian had tried to abstain from cumming, to give his mother moral support, but his willpower didn't hold out. However, hours before the deadline, Brenda had insisted that he refrain from any further climaxes. She was worried that he would be all orgasmed out by the time the ban ended.

Anika said, "You vant dat I should call up Suzanne und tell her vhat you're doink? You vant I should do dat?"

Brenda snatched her hand back, as if she had burned herself. "No, no, please, no! I'll be good!"

Brenda imagined that Suzanne would cruelly torture her if she was disobedient, even though Suzanne showed no signs whatsoever of giving her any punishment stronger than a spanking. But due to Brenda's guilty pleasure in reading bondage and discipline erotic stories, her head was filled with images of racks, whips, chains, and dungeons. That actually worked against her, because it got her more turned on, even as she tried to use the idea to keep herself in check. But what if Suzanne decided to extend the ban? Or started a new and more severe one?! That finally penetrated her sexual fog.

Brenda slowly counted to ten in her head to calm down, and then looked at her son. "Aidy, we can't do this. We need to stay in separate rooms until the time comes. That glorious, glorious time when you'll at long last plunge into my pussy."

Despite her attempt to remain calm, Brenda's hand had a mind of its own. Even as she looked Adrian in the eyes, her fingers reached down to cup her sex. The exceptionally juicy squishing noise her overflowing pussy lips made when parted drew his eyes inexorably downward.

"But Ma! I can't make it alone. I'll go insane. I need you. I need to see you!"

Anika slapped the newspaper in her hand, and said, "Und I don't vant you in different rooms vis de vay you are right now. Vone of you vill start to orgasm und then de udder, und I'll be runnink back und fort, back und fort, svattink here und dere, until I can't valk."

Adrian clenched his hands into fists and stomped around in a small circle, causing his erect penis to bob.

Brenda stared, and reflexively started to reach out to grasp it. Anika raised her newspaper again, but Brenda yanked her hand back before discipline could be meted out. "Anika, please!" she whined.

Anika glanced outside to see if the sun was setting yet, and the window gave her an idea. "Hey. Let's try dis. Aidy, go put on a shirt und pants so you don't get cold. Den you stand outside de slidink glass door by de dinink room. Brenda, you can stand on de inside. Dat vay, only an inch of glass vill separate you two. Ve can keep de vindow open next to it, so you can make lovey-dovey talk to each udder all you vant."

Brenda and Adrian both liked that idea a lot. Adrian hurried off to his room to get dressed.

Anika was grateful for the respite. Not only would Adrian's putting on clothes allow her to sit down and rest, but it also would help mother and son cool down a bit. The time they spent getting ready would also bring the seemingly interminable no-touching ban that much closer to its end. She was literally counting every minute on her watch, since Suzanne had appointed her time keeper of the ban the night before.

But all too soon for the overworked maid, Adrian came back and went straight to his side of the sliding glass door. Brenda then took her position on the other side.

Anika stood a few feet away with her newspaper, because although the two were physically unable to touch each other now, they certainly could still cum. Anika was rooting for mother and son to have the time of their lives tonight, and that would be physically impossible if they kept climaxing now.

Brenda stripped off her gown, since even that frilly bit of nothing was already too restraining for her. She was radiating excitement and couldn't keep still. She hefted up her twin peaks and pressed them against the glass of the sliding door. "Aidy, you're overdressed. Let me see your cock! I want to see the cock that's going to be fucking me all night long tonight!"


"Okay, Ma!" He eagerly unzipped his fly and pulled out his erection. The window next to the screen door was open, so they had no trouble hearing each other despite the glass between them.

Brenda cooed at him, "Oh, Aidy! It's beautiful! Do you know what that's gonna do to me tonight? Do you know where it's going to go?"

"In your pussy!" He was panting already, thinking about that becoming reality so soon.

"That's right! Well, close. Momma doesn't have a pussy. Pussies are for pussies." She giggled at that. "Momma has a CUNT!"

She was about to go on, but he interrupted, "Ma! God, I just love your tits rubbing against the glass. You're so damn HOT! I wish you could do this every day!"

She grinned. "You think that's sexy, huh? Well, believe me, it'll be even better when I'm lying on top of you, and these tits are rubbing all over your chest instead. Would you like that?"

He nodded emphatically. With his free hand, he reached out for her gigantic tits, only to be foiled by the glass.

She was gyrating a little bit, and brought her hips closer to the glass. "Do you want to see Momma's cunt? Would that make you happy? Would that turn you on?"

"You know it would!" The urge to masturbate and shoot his cum all over the glass was threatening to overwhelm him, but he managed to simply hold his dick without stroking it for now.

Anika put her hand over her eyes. I can't stand to see it. She's goink to show die mieze to him. Again! How many times today already? She's goink to spread it vis her fingers und show him everytink! Vhy do dey torture each uder like dis? Vhy can't dey just read a goot book until the time comes?

She glanced at her watch yet again. Vone hour und fifty-seven minutes to go. She sighed heavily. She looked up at Brenda and saw that, sure enough, Brenda was slowly running her hands down her belly and hips, working her way to her drooling slit.

Anika asked, "Brenda, please don't torture de boy again? Vhy don't you do vone of your booby dances? You know how Aidy loves de booby dances." Anika liked when Brenda danced, because it could keep her busy for five or ten minutes, sometimes more.

Brenda squealed and clapped her hands in approval. She rushed to the nearby stereo, cradling her boobs in her arms, and put on "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye. Then she picked up a spray bottle of scented massage oil, and sprayed it onto her tits, hips, belly, and ass, and pretty much anywhere else she could think of that she might want to rub against the glass.

Anika sighed. Dis song again? I've heard it two-tousand times today already. Okay, so you vant to get it on. I understand it already. She saw Adrian stroking his erection in anticipation of the dance. She waved the rolled-up newspaper at him threateningly. "Aidy, you vant for me to vack your ting vis dis? No touching yourself! Or you'll shoot off again unt be too sore to perform tonight."

"Can't I at least keep holding it?" the boy pleaded. "Otherwise, it bounces around."

"Vell, okay for now. But be careful." She sighed. I'm too soft vis him.

Brenda returned to the sliding door and started to dance, pressing her oiled body against the glass and rubbing around in time to the music. Her breasts flattened in spectacular fashion, causing Adrian's jaw to drop in wonder, as if on cue. Her sinuous movements smeared oil all over the glass door, making it that much easier for her to slide all over it.

To Adrian, it seemed like she was making love to the glass. He held his dick with one hand and pressed his other hand against the glass. It looked like he was fondling all of his mother's body parts as they went by.

Brenda quickly noticed that, and soon she was playing to his hand. "Look, Aidy, my tits! My tits! You're touching my tits! Tonight, you'll be holding them while you fuck me hard!"

Even Anika was greatly aroused by the display. But she thought, Two more hours. Two more hours! I can't vait. Ve're all sufferink und vaitink, vaitink, vaitink. Dese are goink to be de longest two hours of my life!

Her protests weren't serious, though. While elements of the wait were frustrating, she had a front row seat to an hours-long display of wanton, incestuous lust and desire. She hadn't felt this aroused in years and years.


Alan and Christine napped in the lounge chair for about half an hour. The sun had set while they slept, but the patio lights came on automatically, holding back the dark.

Both were worn out from the tension, the fight, and its aftermath. Alan was particularly tired, because, on top of recent events, it was his usual nap time.

Christine snuggled closer to Alan in the narrow confines of the lounge chair, reassured by the warmth of his presence. She drifted into sleep and began to dream. Considering the fight she had just been in, it was no surprise that her unrest spawned one of her frequent Wonder Woman fighting dreams.


Only this wasn't a dream - it was a nightmare. In it, a masked team of ninjas were out to get Alan, but whether they were trying to kidnap him or kill him right away wasn't clear. She fought them on the roof of the school building, of all places. She whirled, dashed, and leaped through the air, but there were too many of them and her fighting wasn't good enough. A ninja got by her and dashed towards Alan. She landed a flying kick to the back of the ninja's neck, but it was too late. The ninja collided with Alan, carrying both of them off the roof. They landed with a sickening sound on the concrete below, their bodies laying still.

Christine immediately leaped to ground level, where she found Alan's body lying in an awkward position. She threw herself to the ground and cradled his face in her hands. She began to cry with abandon. "No! Nooooo! Alan, don't die! Not now! Not now! It's all my fault!" With her body now draped over his, she sobbed into his neck.

She woke up with a start, confused as to where she was, what was real, and what was just a dream. She saw Alan's body underneath hers, in the exact same position that it had been in the dream. Fearing that he really was dead or severely injured, she clung to him for reassurance. On the brink of real tears, she cried out softly, "Alan! Oh, Alan! Alan, please!"

Christine's jerking about also woke Alan. The first thing he noticed was a mass of blonde hair covering his face. This was quickly followed by an awareness of huge breasts pressing into his chest. His penis surged erect as he sleepily luxuriated in the sensation of all that beautiful tit-flesh enveloping him.

Holy cow! he thought. What's going on?! Mmmm... Who knows? Who cares? Feels good!

Drowsy and confused, he was operating on instinct. When he heard "Alan, please!" he thought she meant "Alan, please make love to me!" when in fact she meant, "Alan, please tell me you're okay!" He brushed her hair back and saw that her lush lips were just inches from his.

Although he might have recognized Christine's voice on some subconscious level, he still hadn't given any conscious thought as to just who was on top of him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Christine was shocked by this. Actually, she was beyond shocked. Holy Toledo! Alan's kissing me! This wasn't what I meant at all! Her body jerked all over again, this time in alarm, even as his kiss soothed her nightmare-induced distress.

Actually, she wanted nothing more than to French kiss him again, but she was shy and afraid. Having it happen more or less accidentally allowed her to dodge the embarrassment of trying to initiate it. Her alarm quickly turned to relief. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him in closer, kissing him back.

She'd never shared such an intimate and passionate kiss before, not even with him. Not knowing what else to do, she just relaxed and went with the flow, copying what he was doing with his lips and tongue. Tentatively at first, but then with growing passion, she let her tongue intertwine with his.

Oh my God! I'm making out with Alan again! This isn't just a brief kiss; this is the real deal! His tongue - it's in my mouth! MY tongue is in HIS mouth! How'd that happen? And it feels GOOD! So warm. So wet. So alive! It's like a dance. God, it feels good!

Wow! I have no idea how this happened; I'm just so glad that it did! Alan! Oh, Alan! Yes! Your lips - magical! More! Give me more! I need to breathe, I need air, but I can't stop! And what's this? His hands. His hands are roving all over my body! Now they're on my ass! No way! I love it!

Still half asleep, Alan was on autopilot. He pulled himself up into a sitting position.

She followed with him, because they had been lying in an awkward position for their prolonged kissing.

His hands wandered all over her, playing with her hair, fondling her ass, exploring up and down her shapely back, until they stumbled over the ties to her bikini top. His hands knew what to do with those, but while her straps fell down, her top stayed in place because his chest was pressed tightly against hers. Soon though, his hands encountered nothing but smooth, soft skin in their travels over her flawless back.

Christine was so caught up in the kiss that it took some long moments before she noticed the knots retaining her bikini top had come undone. In part that was because she didn't feel the two quick tugs on them, as lost as she was in the pleasure of his caresses. She did feel a thumb slide in under the waistband of her bottoms, though. All it took was a smooth, steady pull, and her bottoms slipped snugly up into her ass crack. She opened her eyes wide and gave a startled "Mmmmphf!" into his mouth.

Her heart began to pound wildly, as she realized her ass was almost completely exposed. No way! Ten seconds, and he's got his hands right on my bare butt! I'd better put a stop to this; this boy is DANGEROUS! God, his hands feel great, though!

But she quickly became distracted by something else. What is that that I'm sitting on? Oh my frickin' God! I CAN TOTALLY FEEL HIS ERECTION! I thought it was... Actually, I hadn't given any thought to what it was, but DAMN! I know what it is now! It's so big! So BIG! So hard and long! I really want to wiggle all over it and even squeeze it with my hands, but I shouldn't! God! This is exciting!

Yet, even as she protested in her mind, her hips started experimentally wiggling over it. She was so excited that she forgot to breathe for nearly a minute. But her fears and sense of propriety got the better of her and she stilled her hips.

Alan was also growing increasingly excited. At first, he wasn't as worked up as she was, because French kissing a woman was such a commonplace occurrence in his life lately, and he didn't even realize who he was kissing. He couldn't immediately tell by her body either, because he was intimately acquainted with several other perfectly-formed and firm-bodied women, with even larger breasts, that he could have woken up with instead.


But then he felt one of her curly locks of hair brush against his skin, and it hit him fully: Wait a sec; this is Christine! I'm kissing Ice Queen CHRISTINE! And she's kissing me back! Holy FUCK! How'd that happen to us yet again?!


The reality of a very lusty, busty Christine in his arms and on his lips drove away all thoughts of his usual vow to keep things strictly platonic with her. He was so thrilled that he had to pause in his kissing for a few moments just to gasp for air.

He decided to make the most out of the experience while it lasted, in case the whole thing was some kind of mistake and his good fortune didn't last for long. He'd admired Christine's fantastic body for years, and he'd kissed and hugged her a bit recently, but what had happened then was highly restrained compared to what was happening now. He hadn't felt able to just put his hands anywhere he liked before, which he apparently could get away with at the moment.

He had a hand underneath her bikini top that was gently but firmly fondling her left breast, while his other was caressing her taut belly. He didn't know how long she'd allow him such liberties, so he brought his other hand up to her jutting globes too.

To his surprise, her only response was a contented purring. Oh man! I'm fondling her bare breast and she seems to like it! This is even better than what happened at the Nut House! A fucking dream come true! Oh Jesus! Sweet Jesus!

Feeling emboldened, his hands continued to roam all over her centerfold-perfect body, until they found their way back to her heart-shaped ass. As much as he loved her tremendous rack, he wanted to explore all of her just once, just in case this was all a dream that would end too soon.

Good God! No way! I'm clenching her bare ass cheeks with both hands, and she's letting me do that too! I can even slip my fingers under her bikini bottoms with abandon, and I sure as hell am! I'm actually cupping and fondling her deliciously ripe, naked bubble butt, and she hasn't smacked me or anything! In fact, she's kissing me with even MORE abandon! This is too good. I need more!

He cursed the bandages on his hands, because the heavy wrappings were making it hard to bend his fingers. However, his euphoria over grabbing her ass was so great though that he ignored the pain he was feeling.

Soon, he brought his less injured hand back up to her breasts. She had shifted in his lap, so that both of her fantastic orbs were mashed against his chest, but he managed to slip his hand between their bodies. He cupped a huge tit in one hand, while his other hand continued kneading and exploring her firm, rounded ass cheek. Slowly but surely, the bikini top was falling further down.

Sweet! Now, we're talking! It's Christine-a-go-go all over! I love her ass, but these are the PERFECT tits! Damn, she's a naturally talented kisser, too! Holy shit, her top's basically come off too! Did I do that? I guess I must have, but I don't even remember. Christine's bare boob! Fan-FUCKING-tastic! Nipple, I need nipple!

But she was so involved in the kiss that she forgot to breathe again, and eventually she started to run out of air. Breathless, she finally broke the kiss and pulled back, gasping for air.

No longer pillowed against his chest nor restrained by her bikini, her heavenly globes swung free. she looked down and saw her bikini top lying on his legs. Confused, she uttered a puzzled, "What?"

No sooner had the word left her lips than realization dawned: I'm topless! Oh no! And he practically has his nose in my cleavage! She sat back in renewed alarm, which coincidentally displayed her beauteous boobs to their best advantage (although it meant she wasn't rocking on his throbbing pole anymore).


Alan's eyes were quick to seize and claim their advantage, feasting on her serendipitous display. A bright light behind him illuminated her against the background of the evening sky, so it was like her body was the only thing in the world for him to see.

She immediately wrapped her arms across her chest, as her face flushed hot in embarrassment. But in her haste, she didn't cover herself well at all, which just made her ripe melons squeeze out in an even more mouthwateringly delicious way.

She was mortified, but being nearly naked and vulnerable in front of him was also a huge turn on. Her pink nipples stood up, proud and alert, like sentinels startled awake by a strange sound in the night. Her flush spread further down her neck and over her breasts, making the skin prickle all over her body.

Worse yet, she could feel her clit starting to engorge and stiffen, as it slowly awakened from its slumber. Oh no, not that! I'd just die if he found out about that! She was ashamed about her extra large clit. (It wasn't grossly large, but it was big enough for her to get teased about it a couple of times during showers during Phys. Ed. class, and that had seriously affected her attitude about it ever since.)

But then it occurred to her, Wait, why am I upset by this? I've been trying to come up with some excuse to take my top off pretty much ever since Mom suggested it right before she left. This is a pivotal moment. We've kissed a couple of times before, but each time he seemed to "come to his senses" and stop. This time, I'm not going to let him do that! I'm going to grab the opportunity and celebrate my lucky break!

With that new attitude, she gave him a devastating "come hither" smile and dramatically thrust her tremendous rack forward as if in invitation.

Mesmerized, especially by the way her tits jiggled seemingly endlessly, he recognized her invitation and accepted it gladly. He reached out with both hands and gently hefted her twin beauties. He twirled her erect nipples between thumb and forefinger, lightly at first and then more roughly, feeling them get harder and harder as more blood rushed to them. Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Two-plus years I've wanted to do this! What nipples! With abandon, total abandon! And she's loving it! Just listen to her sexy moans. Sweet! Totally sweet!

She looked down at his hands having their way with her boobs. She was scandalized, excited, and more than a little bit aroused. Oh God! This is it! This is it! The turning point! There's no turning back now. Good-bye to "just friends" and hello to being lovers!

Her body trembled with fear and desire, and the smell of aroused pussy was thick in the night air, but she didn't make any move to push his hands away. "Alan! WHAT are you doing?! You can't just do that!"

He was so absorbed by feeling her pillowy mounds he barely heard her. "Huh? Do what?"

"You can't just go around taking women's clothes off! And, and, and playing with their breasts! Mmmm. And their nipples. Oh! Hnng!" She immediately felt silly. What a stupid thing to say. Obviously he can. He just DID! He's just not supposed to. And... Oh my God, that feels great! My nipples are TINGLING! ALL of me is tingling. I need to regain control!

He reluctantly released her breasts and said, "Umm, sorry. But you started it... uh, didn't you?" He picked up her bikini top and held it out to her. "Here's your top. I don't know how that happened."

"I didn't start it! I don't do that. You're the one who kissed me!" Christine stared at the proffered top, realizing that if she moved an arm to take it she would expose even more of herself (not that it mattered much, since her arms were mostly below her rack, and tit-flesh was lewdly bulging out above them). Wait! Why am I acting like I don't want this? The LAST thing I want is to have him stop!

He replied, "Yeah, but that's only because you draped yourself over me and said, 'Alan, please!'" He was confused, and growing annoyed because this dispute was distracting and delaying him from more breast fondling. He also felt silly sitting there holding her top out to her when she wasn't taking it.

At the same time, she was miffed at being misunderstood. "No, I didn't mean it like that. I'm happy! I want you to... to... play with my body!"

Hearing her say that practically made him swoon. His entire body buzzed with electric arousal.

"I was just so glad that you're okay." She continued looking at the top, and wondered what she should do about it. I feel naked and exposed. A part of me wants to put that back on. But I need to be brave. I willingly took my top off in front of him on the beach yesterday. This isn't any different, is it? Other than the fact that we're alone? And sitting in the same chair? And his boner is sticking nearly out of his swimsuit? And the fact that my parents will be gone for hours, hours for him to have his way with me if I let him?!

Oh God! Dear God! This is so scary and so exciting! This is what I've been missing! I love it!

Her eyes locked in on his crotch. Jesus Christ, that thing is ALIVE! It's twitching and wiggling! Oh God, I can't let it touch my clit! Down girl, DOWN!

"Why wouldn't I be okay? I've never been happier than being here with you. And don't you want this?" he asked, genuinely puzzled. He was still holding the top out to her.

"Huh? Oh." She was undecided, so the silence stretched as the two of them sat looking at the top in his hand. Finally, she shook her hair back and dropped her arms, as if she did this every day. Needless to say, that shaking created a tit-quake of epic proportions. But instead of being bashful about it, she was determined to revel in it and prolong it.

When her great globes finally stopped jiggling, she whispered, "I like being topless for you! Forget my top. I want you to look all you want. And even... even... touch!"

His eyes bugged out. "Are you sure?!"

Trying to keep her voice light and unconcerned, she said, "Sure I'm sure. Why not? What's the big deal? Right? I mean, I had my top off yesterday at the beach, right? So, where were we?"

She gulped, her mouth suddenly dry, her heart pounding wildly. Despite her determined attitude, she had never felt so exposed or embarrassed in her life. Even her experience of being topless in front of Alan and Glory at the beach didn't compare, because here she knew that now she was basically offering her body for him to play with - possibly for hours! - and wasn't just showing him what he was missing.

He stared in amazement for a moment, but he wasn't going to argue, not if it meant a chance to ogle and fondle her massive melons some more. He was having a hard time not cumming, just from the visual splendor of her perfect body, but he kept his cool. He tossed her bikini top on the ground next to the chair.

As she turned her head to watch it land, he leaned forward and confidently cupped her breasts again with both hands. "I think this was where we were. So, tell me, why wouldn't I be okay?" he repeated.

She gulped again, and shivered all over. She looked down at his fingers, which had resumed expertly tweaking her nipples. Well of course, he's a tit man. What did you think he was gonna do? But why does he have to be so... well... commanding about it? And... Oh! so good at it! UNGH!

Despite her thoughts, a commanding man was exactly what she really wanted. It was what she'd been fantasizing about recently, because she knew she needed someone like that to cut through her doubts and hesitation. She felt an even stronger involuntary shiver of sensation reverberate outwards from where her skin touched his fingertips, to coalesce in seemingly totally unconnected places, as if they were being tickled and itched at the same time. She was temptingly close to a climax already. God, I can feel that all over my body! So... GOOD! What were we talking about, anyway?

She thought back to her nightmare, and that snapped her back to full mental alertness. She remembered with vivid clarity the sight of him falling off the building, and the sickening crunching sound of his body hitting the concrete two stories down. She dropped her head and chest back down and enveloped him in another tight hug. "I was having a nightmare. A terrible nightmare! I dreamt you were DEAD! Or at least badly maimed. And it was all my fault!"

He'd had some experience with sobbing women lately (or, in this case, a woman on the verge of sobbing), and quickly took quick steps to soothe her. He grudgingly released a breast and brushed back her hair. Staring into her eyes from just inches away he said kindly, "It's okay. Don't worry. It's probably just an after effect from the fight today. Was your dream about a fight?"

She nodded. "Yeah. And I tried to save you, but I couldn't!"

His hands slid over her silky skin in a titillating yet reassuring way. "You see? It was just your stress about the real fight coming out. The dream doesn't mean anything. Remember, in real life, you DID save me. Don't forget that. I know I never will!"

He saw a few tears leak from her eyes. He decided drastic action was needed, something to make her forget all about her nightmare. He bent his head down and kissed his way up the curve of her neck and onto her chin. He kissed his way all over her face. He didn't stop there, and soon his lips were back on hers.


Surprised, she opened her mouth to speak, but that merely gave him an opening to slip his tongue in. Soon they were passionately engaged in another open mouthed kiss.

Sure enough, his plan worked. She didn't completely forget her dream, but its emotional power faded away. Before long, all she could think about was how good it felt to make out with him.

Admittedly, he didn't have to do much in order to distract her, since she was so hot to trot to begin with.

She thought, Damn you, Alan! You're just too good a kisser! Now there REALLY is no turning back! What's going to happen to me? Am I going to become another one of your many "sex helpers?" A slut is more like it! Basically, another one of your busty and beautiful sluts who can't resist you! It's downright humiliating for someone like me!

But all the time she was mentally complaining, she was kissing him like there was no tomorrow while her hands explored his body and his hands explored hers. She was so very hot and bothered that she couldn't get upset. Ah... ah... OH! Shit! I don't care! I swear, I don't care as long as it feels this good!

In their new position, she could feel the hard bulge of his erection again, as it pressed against her bare belly. This excited her more and more, even though it also scared her. She could feel its warmth through the thin material of his swimsuit, just above her skimpy bikini bottoms. It's hard, incredibly hard! Did it just twitch? It seems like a living creature, all on its own! It's SO HARD!

Her breathing quickened, and she felt wetter and more aroused than ever before. She was panting and heaving so much that her entire body was sliding up and down him slightly, causing her to repeatedly grind against his raging erection. She couldn't believe how much she loved doing that. So far, making out with Alan had been everything she'd dreamt it would be, and more.

She longed to do something with the warm, throbbing bulge that she could feel so prominently, but that was an even more daunting prospect than knowing what to do with her hands. The fact that it was Alan's penis in particular made her heart pound so hard that she felt it would rip out of her chest. This is an incredible chance! I'm home alone with Alan and his big dick! It's a scary prospect, but so exciting too... I can barely breathe! Dare I touch it or rub it in some way? But what would he think? What should I do?!

She chickened out from touching it with her hands, but she'd wiggled her crotch against it a few minutes earlier, and decided that she wanted to try more of that. Experimentally, she shifted her position slightly, causing her body to rhythmically rub more directly over his erect cock. This was what she'd done earlier, but the difference was that she was many times more aroused now, and bolder. Wow! That feels even BETTER! This must be what they call "dry humping." Dare I do more? ... YES!

Tentatively, she shifted again, sliding more directly on top of him, trapping his thick meat between their bodies, so she could feel it better than before. Soon, she was squirming back and forth continuously, trying to rub it as much as possible while pretending not to, as she grew wetter and wetter. Her heart was pounding like a drum and she was forced to try to mask her increasingly ragged and heavy breathing so he wouldn't suspect - although she wasn't fooling either of them. She got so carried away that she forgot about her desire to conceal her big clit. (He noticed it, but with everything else going on, he didn't pay it any special mind.)

He loved all the "shifting" and bouncing, although he just thought she was getting more excited in general and didn't realize she was doing it on purpose. A wet spot on his swimsuit was growing larger by the minute, but he didn't care. Her continual movement felt almost as good as an expert handjob by the likes of Susan or Suzanne. It sent his libido into overdrive.

Before long, both of them were enjoying the "shifting" so much that they gave up on the kissing and devoted their combined attentions to that. He wound up grasping her ass cheeks with both hands and lifting her entire body up and down, so she could slide all over his shaft.


She couldn't believe how indescribably good it felt. Oh my God! We're practically fucking! This is almost like fucking, I'm sure, except that real fucking must be better yet!

She knew that her bikini bottoms were completely soaked, and there was no way he could miss that or the heavy pussy scent in the air, but she didn't care. She raised an arm into the air and whooped with joy, as a great climax crashed over her and through her.

She was breathless and panting. Wow! Holy hell! That was the best orgasm I've EVER had, bar none! No wonder his other girls don't mind sharing him!

Even after her climax, she could have kept going easily, sliding and grinding on his cock for hours. She didn't want to stop for anything.

But there was no way he could miss her orgasm, and that reminded him that he was getting dangerously close to climaxing himself. Unfortunately, a male orgasm was much more obvious than a female one. Although the front of his swimsuit was fairly wet, more from her juices than from his pre-cum, it would be a different thing entirely if his cum started spurting and flying all over the place. He had no idea how she'd react to that.

He still didn't know if she was just being momentarily carried away on waves of lust, or if they had become an "item" of some sort. He didn't want to explore his feelings on that type of issue either.

He stopped raising and lowering her so much, and thought, Wow, Christine is so hot! This is almost as good as real fucking! But she's new to this; I better make sure she doesn't do something she might regret tomorrow. Time to give her a little breather.

Using great force of will, he kissed her on the mouth, forcing their bodies to stay relatively still so their lips could stay in contact.

She seemed more or less content with that, as she'd already had her orgasm and was starting to get some second thoughts about going too far, too fast.

After another minute or so, he broke off their mutual tonsil examination and kissed his way around her face instead. Their bodies were calmer now, although her pussy lips still rested on top of his dick, separated only by two thin layers of fabric. He murmured warmly, "Christine, you're so beautiful. So wonderful."

She reflexively said, "No, I'm not."

He kissed his way to her ear. "You are! My God, I have to be the luckiest guy in school, to be here with you like this."

Unfortunately, that "luckiest guy" comment reminded her again of his other lovers. She said with some bitterness, "You are the luckiest guy in school, but not because of me. It's because you're having sex with a whole bevy of busty, nasty sluts!"

As soon as she said that, she regretted it. She sat up and covered her mouth with her hand as if to catch her words from escaping. "I'm sorry, Alan. I always say the wrong thing. I always RUIN things! Arrgh!"


Sensing the mood turn serious, he gently pulled his legs out from under her, so he could sit more comfortably and without their privates touching. Seeing her tense up, with her hands clenched into fists, he cupped her chin in his hand and stared lovingly into her eyes from inches away. "What's wrong? I wasn't offended. After all, there's a lot of truth to that, although I don't think they'd like being called that."

She sighed, dropping her hands and inadvertently exposing her full breasts again in the process. "I know. It's just that I... have issues. I mean, I love, I love, love, love, LOVE what we're doing. I especially love the way you kiss me. It makes me so happy. You banished away my nightmare and all of my worries about that. But then I have NEW worries about what we're doing. I'm so torn. I was having so much fun, but then I reminded myself about all your girlfriends. That makes the whole thing bittersweet for me."

He had completely forgotten about his private vow to not get physically involved with her, in order to save her from his problematic harem lifestyle, but now it all came back and hit him like a slap in the face. He winced. Damn! I was practically dry fucking her a minute ago! What was I thinking?! He mumbled, "Yeah, I see what you mean."

The more he thought clearly, the more disturbed he was. How did this happen?! I came here with the express purpose of telling her we have to keep it platonic. Then somehow I wound up hugging her barely-clothed body. Then I woke up all confused and wound up kissing and touching her before I even knew what was going on. It's as if I'd been tricked, but there's no one really to blame. It just happened!

Is there any way to turn back the clock? Maybe, maybe... somehow just call this another "practice" necking session or something? We still have all the same problems as before. I'm still flirting with disaster here.

But dammit, disaster is just too tempting! Christine is basically naked in my arms and raring to go. She's so hot to trot! How can I stop now?! I can't!

She asked, "Is it true? Is it true about you having some sort of harem? I keep hearing things and even seeing things, but I just can't believe it."

He thought, Oh, man, I do NOT want to have this conversation. Especially not now. Just look at those magnum mamas! I was just starting to have fun with them. Why'd I have to talk about how lucky I am? IDIOT! Oh, well. On the other hand, my vow. Can't forget the vow.

He sighed. "It depends on what you might call a harem, I guess."

She shot him an angry look. "Don't go all Bill Clinton on me all of a sudden. Next, you're gonna say it depends on what the definition of 'is' is. Do you or do you not have a group of lovers, say, more than three, who are all basically permanently attached to you?"

He wanted to quibble, such as questioning the definition of "permanently," but he realized that was just delaying the inevitable. He closed his eyes and winced. "Basically, I do."

She stared at him, hard. "'Basically.'"

He sighed, realizing the erotic mood was gone for the moment (although a residual lusty mood remained, which helped explain why she wasn't bothering to cover up, even with the cool night air). His erection kept threatening to wilt, but the fact that she was sitting right in front of him, wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms soaked in her own juices, prevented that from happening.

He said, "It's hard to explain. But this is why I've been trying to keep from getting involved with you, because of the other women in my life. You believe in exclusivity and, for you, I think that's very much the right choice. So I don't think you would ever accept my complicated life."

"Yeah, I have issues with that. Big issues. It's just so wrong!"

"It's not wrong. I don't wanna go on an anti-Christian church rant here, but I feel one coming on. Christianity is great in and of itself, but the ways churches have practiced it have twisted it all around. What did John Lennon say? Something about how Jesus was a great guy, but his followers were thick and ordinary. And Neil Young sings in a song: 'Churches all teach sex is wrong. Jesus, where has nature gone?' My point is, it used to be that most cultures around the world were NOT monogamous. Islam even still allows multiple marriages. But the Christian churches taught that any sexual pleasure is a sin and you can only have one partner, if even that. Priests don't even get one!"

He went on, "Christine, think about it. Maybe what you've been taught about monogamy vs. polygamy is only a social construct of this culture we live in. It's not the one and only way to do things. If you were born into a different culture, you might have been raised to think polygamy was perfectly natural."

She frowned. "Well, you might have a point... in theory," - and even that much of an admission made her curl her lip in distaste - "but that's an awfully convenient position for YOU to take, bucko. It allows you to have sexy fun with who knows how many women."

"It's not like that! I LOVE them! Look, I know you may not believe me when I say this, but it's not just about sex. That's why I can't even think about letting them go. Besides, it's not like the fun is all one-sided. I give them a lot of pleasure too. Sex is a wonderful, shared experience, or at least it should be."

She gave him a disgusted and disbelieving look.

He forced himself to keep his eyes on her face and not glance down at her lightly jiggling 38Fs. She's so beautiful when she's mad, he thought. "Come on, when you see Amy and me together, doesn't it look like we're in love?"

Her eyes narrowed, dangerously. "It does. And that hurts. These things do affect me personally in a big way. What if you were dating a girl for a few months, only to be surprised that she was dating another guy the whole time? And then when you get mad about that, she'd says, 'Sorry, but it's none of your business?' Is THAT fair?"

"No," he admitted. "But it's not a fair analogy. I'm not cheating on you, since we're not in some kind of committed relationship. You've known about my other lovers - some of them, anyway - for some time now, yet you're still interested in me. Do you know how tough it's been for me to keep our relationship strictly platonic? It's been torture. But I know you would have trouble dealing with anything other than a monogamous relationship. Monogamy isn't for everybody, but it's what you need and what I think you deserve."

She frowned, and then said, "Fine. I see your point. How about this, then? You say you love Amy, right? Well, how would you feel if a few months from now, she decides that since you have other lovers, that it's okay for her to take another lover as well? Do you expect her to be exclusive to you?"

"Yes I do. She thinks our arrangement is just fine."

She grimaced. "Okay, bad example. She's got a perplexing attitude about that; I'm gonna have to talk to her about it. But what about Glory then?"

He answered carefully, while still forcing himself not to run his eyes all over her very nearly completely naked body. "Glory can do what she wants. She's her own woman. Of course, I'd be sad. Crushed, even. But the brutal fact is, the reality that I have other lovers would lessen the blow for me."

"But why not just allow her to have other lovers, then, and still be with you? I imagine even you have to be stretched pretty thin with all these women in your life. Wouldn't that be fair, and take some of the pressure off you?"

He thought, Speaking of taking the pressure off, I need some serious help with this painful boner! Even now, I can't get flaccid around this woman! Christ! I wish she'd get with the 'stealth stroking while talking' program. Yeah, right! Like that'll ever happen. I must be horribly spoiled.

But he merely said, "Yes. That would be the logical thing to do. Call me a selfish bastard, but I just can't do that. I love and treasure my women and can't bear to share them with another man. I know that's hypocritical, but it is what it is."

"It's VERY hypocritical."

He bowed his head. "I know. Now, if they want to sleep with other women, then I'm fine with that, strange as that may seem to you. Maybe it's a double standard, but I don't think a man can share the same woman with another man without there being big trouble down the road. I guess I can't help it, but I've got some of the possessive caveman in me." He immediately thought of his situation with Brenda and Adrian, and wondered how that would end up.

Arousal was still flowing through Christine's body like a raging river, yet she was intellectual and interested in the discussion at the same time. "It IS a double standard, Alan. You're taking advantage just because you can. I'll bet your women are chafing under your incredibly hypocritical rules."

She crossed her arms underneath her bare boobs, but then realized how that sexily thrust them forward as if on a platter, and that wasn't the message she wanted to convey at that moment. She resorted to putting a hand on a hip instead to look suitably peeved.

"You'd think so, but they're not. Everybody's really happy, and I truly believe that's not just some pose. Look at Amy, for instance. Talk with her. See if she feels like she's 'chafing.' But each person is different, and this arrangement isn't for everybody. I strongly suspect it isn't for you."

She said sadly, "I'm sorry, but you're right about that. Maybe you're right that we're doomed and can't be together for the long-term. I can accept that you have other lovers, on a purely rational level, but when I think about it and mentally picture you with another woman, it's like you're ripping my heart out. I know I don't have any right to claim an exclusive hold on you, not now anyway, but that's just how I feel. I can't help myself! When I think about those other women, I want to tear their eyes out. But I want to be with you so badly too. I'm all messed up!"

Her words made him sad, but they came as no surprise. Problems like this were why he'd been trying to keep her at arm's length in the first place. He thought, If she's having these kinds of issues now, imagine how much worse it'll be if we get really serious! Man, this sucks.

She tried to push her sadness away, but jealousy came to the fore instead. She said bitterly, "I bet I can guess who else is in this harem of yours."

She leaned forward and dropped her head down, inadvertently causing her boobs to swing forward and appear to be a couple of sizes larger than they actually were.

But he couldn't fully enjoy the display, since he was panicking over what she'd just said. He decided to tell her a bit more, if only to try to stop her from snooping around on her own. What can I tell her? Who can I tell her about? Mom and Sis are out of the question; she'll KILL me. Slowly and painfully!

Brenda? She doesn't know about Brenda. No, Brenda's just far too... Brenda-ish. Between her insanely huge boobs and her submissiveness, that's just a bad idea all around. What if they were to meet?! Yikes!

Hmmm, Aunt Suzy. Er, I mean Suzanne. Now, there's a possibility. That should shock her enough to get her to back off. But she's got to agree to stop snooping first.

He said, "Okay, I'll make you a deal. I don't want to play 20 questions with you. It's not fair to me, because you put me in the position of either answering your questions and violating someone's privacy, or lying to you to protect them, neither of which I find acceptable. But if you agree to stop questioning me on this, I'll tell you about one of the women I love that you don't know about. Just ONE."

He winced, because the "just one" comment made clear there was more than one, and probably more than two.

Luckily, that didn't bother her much, since she'd already assumed that was the case. She spoke her thoughts out loud. "Well, I already know you are sleeping with Amy and über-bitch Heather. Plus, I know you've done it with Kim and Simone, and most likely Joy and Janice besides. And I know about Ms. Rhymer, since I caught you on the beach with her."

FUCK ME! Christine cursed to herself. That's seven right there, and there's at least two or three more! And look at me, sitting here with my big, bare breasts bouncing all over the place. UGH!

Alan leveled his gaze at Christine, meeting her eyes. "See, that's exactly what I'm talking about; she has a right to her privacy."

Feeling chastened, Christine looked away. "Okay, yes, you're right. I stuck my nose into your private business. I was wrong, and it puts her in danger of losing her job. But you know, the two of you chose to get involved and flirt with danger. So where is your responsibility?"

"I know it's not an optimal situation."


She sat up and clenched a fist at him. "Optimal situation?! That's so weak! Alan, you're having sex with your TEACHER!"

He spoke with sincerity and passion. "I know. In fact, it's a disaster. But haven't you heard the expression 'love is blind'? We love each other. It's not just the sexual attraction; she's a wonderful person: kind, and smart, and nice, and yes, beautiful. I'm happy just to talk with her for hours. It's love!"

"Oh, Alan." Tears welled up in Christine's eyes. She struggled not to break down, hearing him say what was so clearly true. He really DOES love Glory! And Amy, too, I'm sure. God, I feel terrible, because where's the room in his heart for me?! He obviously can handle the multiple lover situation, but I can't.

Yet... despite everything, my heart burns for him! I think I truly could be in love with him. And I'm definitely in lust with him! Even as we talk about his many other lovers, I can't wait to get back to what we were doing earlier!

He continued, "I'm sorry, Christine, but the fact is, I love more than one person. It's complicated, and hard to deal with. Tell me, how am I supposed to choose? Really! Think about it. Am I supposed to go to people that I love and say, 'Sorry, I've decided to not love you anymore?' Is that what I should do? Should I decide to not care about YOU anymore? To be completely consistent with your monogamous thinking, should I stick with Amy only and never touch you again? I refuse to do that."

That last question hit her hard. She had no answer to the contradictions involved, so simply lashed out, "You're supposed to make sure you don't fall in love with multiple women at the same time in the first place!" She pounded a fist on the arm of her lounge chair, creating quite an erection-inspiring tit-quake.

He gave a sharp, barking laugh. "Well, I wish someone had warned me about that before it was too late! Of course, two months ago I wouldn't have believed them. It's so surreal. Can't you see how things have gotten complicated for me?"

She nodded reluctantly.

"So anyway, will you stop snooping in my life if I tell you one new name?"

"Good grief! Just how many more new names are there?!"

"That's not the question."

She frowned and pouted, "I'm not sure I want to know." She felt the burning pain of jealousy, and it physically hurt like a bad case of heartburn. But her arousal stayed sky-high just the same.

He stared at her critically. "Then why play guessing games?"

She looked at him, and then looked down towards her feet. "Okay, I guess I'm curious. I can't help it. I really don't want to hear about it, but it's like I can't help myself. Maybe it's like seeing a car wreck - you don't want to look, but you can't turn away."

He waited while she stared off into the darkness beyond the pool of light around them. Although he remained focused on the conversation, with her eyes averted he couldn't help but ogle her glorious body from head to toe. That revived his flagging erection.

Finally, she muttered, "Fine. Fine, tell me."

He said, "Okay, I really shouldn't be doing this without her permission, but if I tell you some more about my quote 'harem' unquote, maybe you'll come to understand that it's really about love and not just sex."

Unable to resist the temptation, she started to speculate. "Well, Amy's one, certainly, and Ms. Rhymer could-"

He held up a hand. "You don't know most of them. They don't go to this school."

She exclaimed, "I know seven names already! SEVEN! Are you telling me that's not even the HALF of it?!"

"No. Most of those names you count, like Janice and Joy, I don't count. Just because I've had sex with someone a little bit... that's a whole different thing. Lots of people are sexually active. I'm sure plenty of people at our school have had many more sex partners than I have."

Thank fucking God for that! Christine thought. So maybe the number isn't as big as I'd feared.

He said, "As for Glory, the exact nature of our relationship is something private between her and me. Would you want me to tell her what you and I've done today?"

Christine shook her head 'No' very emphatically. That set off another inadvertent tit-quake.

While she had basically forgotten that she was topless, he certainly had not. Damn! How frustrating! For the first time in my life, I get to see Christine's huge hooters in all their glory, but we have to have a serious conversation that makes me actually wish they weren't so jiggly and distracting. I need to think. THINK! And my damn stiff dick isn't helping matters!

After considering her words some more, he added, "So please don't ask then. Besides, if I did tell you all the names, you'd just start nosing around and invading their privacy. You must admit that you get far too curious sometimes. I don't think you'd like it if YOU were the target of snooping."

She hesitated. She knew the way she poked into other people's business was a very bad habit, but she couldn't help herself. "I'll try to be better, but I just have to know: does that include Heather? Please tell me you aren't in love with Heather. I couldn't stand it!"

He couldn't help but throw back his head and laugh at that idea. "In love with Heather?! God no, I'm not THAT crazy!" Actually, that wasn't exactly true, as he realized he did love her in some weird and unique way, but it was complicated and he knew that would launch a discussion he didn't want to get into.


Christine, though, was so relieved by his response that she jumped up from the lounge chair and shouted "YES!" She stretched her arms high in the air in triumph. Words could not describe how happy she was to hear that he wasn't in love with Heather.

But by standing and stretching her body like that, she didn't fully realize what an erotic show she was putting on for him. The fact that she had closed her eyes made it even more tempting for him to gawk.

And gawk he did. Jesus Christ! I wanna get my hands back on that body! She's so fucking athletic and fit! And stacked! God, this is painful, though! I need to CUM! Alan Junior is suffering! He needs to be sliding along her pussy, like we did before. Or better yet, in her cleavage! Or sliding in and out of her hot mouth! Oh, man! FUUUUCK!

Just look at her! Can I cum just from looking?!

She froze in her stretched-out position as she realized that he had to be staring at her. She was torn between lust and shame, so didn't know if she should cover up as best she could with her arms, or put on a sexy show.

Because of the nature of their conversation, she still felt more serious than aroused, although she was discovering that being topless in front of him felt surprisingly liberating and good. She certainly had noticed that his dick continued to poke stiffy against his swimsuit, and that emboldened her. She let him ogle her for a few more moments, then opened her eyes and slowly turned to face him.

She sat down on the lounge chair, keeping her back stiff and her bouncy bare tits thrust out. Hot damn, that felt good! I love showing off for him. I love the way he looks at me. This must be what love is like!

She kept those thoughts to herself and tried to refocus on the issue at hand, especially Heather. "Well, at least you show some judgment. Besides, how could I stop digging up dirt on her? I LIVE for that!"

He snorted mirthfully. "Okay, Heather, fine. School stuff, fine. There's probably no way you could stop that anyway, unless you stopped listening to all school gossip whatsoever, and that would be like asking you to stop breathing. But my private relationships outside of school, those are completely off limits. Plus, in school, I obviously don't want you nosing around about Glory, Amy, or people like that either. No snooping around me or my house to see whom I'm with or what I'm doing. And trying to be better isn't good enough. I want a complete 'no snooping' firewall. Agreed?"

The way he so easily surrendered Heather to her made her conclude that he probably didn't care for her that much after all. I'm sure that on a purely sexual level, the bitch has her... talents. And with Alan being such an incredible stud, he's going to want to have only the very best. It pisses me off, and it has to stop soon, but as long as there's no actual love involved, I'm not going to tear her limb from limb... Yet!

She grudgingly mumbled, "Fine. Agreed. So who is this mystery girl you say you love?"

He took a deep breath and then blurted it out. "Suzanne Pestridge. Amy's mother. I love her."


Christine stood back up and exploded in anger. "SUZANNE?! Dammit! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!" She pounded the lounge chair in frustration, and then started pacing around, setting her massive melons knocking yet again. "That's wrong. That is so wrong!"

"Whoa. Hold on a second. Before we get into the whole wrong issue, how did you know?"


She calmed down just enough to explain, but she was still incredibly peeved. "Some months ago, she came by school to pick you up for some reason. I'd noticed her at school a few times before; after all, how could I not? Whenever she comes by, it's like a major event. Everybody stops and gawks at her walk. The way she walks is totally obscene, with her sashaying hips and the boom-boom bouncing of her chest. Geez! It's ridiculous the way she's so overtly sexy! She's like Jessica Rabbit come to life."

"Everyone says that," he noted with a satisfied smile. But he wiped the smile from his face when she glowered at him.

She continued, "Anyway, I always keep my eyes open, as you know, and that day I saw her staring at you. And the way she stared at you, well, let's just say it was like you were a delicious candy bar, and she couldn't wait to eat you all up. So once I heard all these harem rumors, she seemed like a natural candidate, and her presence at the meeting this morning increased my suspicions. I'll bet you're sleeping with half the women who were there!"

Christine is too perceptive. As for the meeting, what would she think if she found out I'm sleeping with ALL the women there, except her? Man! She'd flip out!

But he didn't have much time to think, because Christine stood in front of him in all her near-naked glory, bending over with her great tits dangling towards his face. She poked her finger at him accusingly. "How COULD you, Alan? How could you?! Not only is she Amy's mother, but she's MARRIED!"

"Now, hold on. Yes, she's married, but only technically, as their love completely died years ago. She's still been living in the same house as her husband so they can keep the family together, but now that Amy and her brother are finishing high school and about to go off to college, the divorce is already in progress. She and her husband haven't so much as kissed each other in years!"

Christine shook her head. Even in the middle of her anger, she couldn't resist occasionally checking out the bulge in his swimsuit. For some reason, seeing that made her salivate. She griped, "Poor Amy. I can't believe you're doing this to her."

He got defensive. "Poor Amy? You don't know what you're talking about. Amy puts on this airhead act, but she's really not like that. She seduced me with an elaborate plan, and both she and her mother have been 100 percent in agreement on sharing me all along. She's probably smarter than you and me put together. So don't criticize things you don't know. Go ask her about it. I want you to, so you'll see that what I'm saying is true."


Despite the seriousness of the discussion, thinking about Amy brought a smile to Alan's face. Do I have the most perfect girlfriend in the world, or what? I can picture her right now. She's probably sitting at home with Mom and Kat, wearing something super sexy, if she's wearing anything at all, wondering where I am. Not only is she eager to share me with her own mother; she's eager to share me with anyone I want! No wonder Christine can't understand her; I can barely fathom it myself.

Meanwhile, Christine thought, The very idea that a girl would willingly share her boyfriend in a sexual way with her own MOTHER, and even happily agree to such an arrangement, is beyond bizarre! I'd be a lot angrier about the whole thing, except I remember how delighted Amy was when she told all her friends at school that she's sharing her boyfriend with other girls. Heck, Amy even offered to share him with ME! I'm gonna have to have a long talk with her - I must be missing something.

And what about my mom? She's so hung up on this idea of Amy and me competing to go steady with Alan. What would she think if she knew that he's fucking Amy's centerfold MOTHER too?!

The thought of Olga made her remember the danger of her parents coming home. She quickly scanned the house and was relieved to see that the lights were still off.

She shook her head incredulously, then said, "I'm sorry. I guess one reason I'm bothered so much is simple jealousy. I mean, who can compete with the great Suzanne?"

"'The great Suzanne', huh? She is pretty great, actually. What do you know about her?"

"Well, um, next to nothing, I suppose. Just seen her here and there. The meeting this morning was the first time I've spent any time talking to her beyond social niceties. But she's just soooo sexy, soooo confident, soooo smart, soooo... well, everything. But especially sexy. If anyone has a centerfold body and a centerfold face, it's her. That's really daunting. This whole harem thing of yours is REALLY daunting! I can't handle it. Just thinking about it makes me angry and jealous."

She tried to control her rising emotions, but didn't succeed very well. "I expect better from you, Mr. Alan Plummer! Although, given your boob mania, I shouldn't be surprised. Woe be unto any woman with E-cups or larger, including myself!"

"Hey, it's not like that."

She grumbled unhappily, "It sure looks like that to me! Heck, your mother is even more endowed than Amy's mother. If I were her, I'd watch my back around you."

He was very perturbed by that comment, but tried not to show it. For one thing, it immediately brought to mind images of a naked Susan sneaking up on him from behind and rubbing her big breasts into his back while cooing into his ear something about horny, big-titted mommies needing son-cock to play with. He felt his erection surge, but he pretended to be outraged. "Hey!"

Christine had been lashing out with that comment, trying to hurt, but she immediately felt very bad about it. "Sorry. That was uncalled for. But hell, you even sleep with HEATHER, the Queen Bitch of the Universe! You'll sleep with practically any busty, beautiful woman!"

As she said the word "Heather" her face turned sour, as if she'd swallowed a lemon.

He waved a hand in the air dismissively. "Heather's a whole different, complicated deal, one that we already talked about in the ambulance. I'm trying to extricate myself from that, by the way. It isn't exactly easy because Heather could blow her top and practically nuke the school if I don't play my cards right with her."

That gave Christine pause, since she could easily imagine Heather in a vindictive mood.

He continued, "But Christine, you have to understand that Amy's mom seduced ME. It was about the same time Amy did, in fact. Eventually, both realized what the other one was doing, and both fully approved. And why? Because they were both in love with me. You may think that it's all about lust and sweaty sheets and nothing more, because of Suzanne's looks and the age difference, but it's not. We're in love! I know it's hard to understand, but it's real. It is possible to fully love more than one person, just like a parent loves more than one of their children."

That brought her up short. To avoid admitting he'd scored a point, she folded one arm under her enormous hooters and glowered at him. Finally she thought of a comeback. "Huh! She's old enough to BE YOUR parent!"

"Are you saying it's impossible to love or be with someone of a different generation?"


"No. But there is age difference, and then there's nailing your girlfriend's MOTHER!" she complained bitterly.

Dammit, it's hard to argue against his "love" argument, but it still isn't right! And why does she have to be so gorgeous?! I could never win in the sexual arena against her, and I HATE it!

She looked down at her massive globes, with her arm still pushing them forward and up. You'd think that with a body like mine, and especially breasts like these, I'd have a "tit man" like Alan eating out of the palm of my hand. But Mrs. Pestridge is probably even MORE endowed than I am. I just can't win!

She looked back up at him and complained, "It's not like I need to know the details about these others though, since I can guess what they're like well enough. I'll bet they're all incredibly beautiful, with huge busts to boot. What is it with you and big breasts, anyway? Am I supposed to believe that you're really in love with all these women, and the fact that all your lovers look like, well, THIS, is just total coincidence?"

He'd been struggling to keep looking her in the eye and not let his gaze drift down to her own remarkable rack, especially given what they were talking about.

But when she said "THIS," she actually held her twin torpedoes from below and briefly hefted them up. Then she let go, setting off another jaw-dropping tit-quake.

He was so horny that he almost whimpered and moaned helplessly.

She could see the effect her dramatic move had had on him, and she secretly felt triumphant. She noted with approval that his boner was still threatening to rip his shorts to shreds. She couldn't wait to rub against it a lot more, and maybe even hold it directly in her bare hands. She knew, to her shame, she'd be doing something sexy to it soon, no matter how this discussion ended.

He gathered his wits and said, "I'll admit it's hard to believe, but that's basically the truth. I can't explain it. Maybe I'm just really lucky. But look at the two of us. Yes, you're sexy, and yes, you're busty, but is that all there is between us? Just lust? Is there no friendship? Is there no love? Doesn't our relationship go much, much deeper than just that?"

"I don't know," she replied, knowing that she did know and that he was right. But she was being difficult because she was so upset with him, even as her pussy still tingled and lubricated for him.

"Come on," he urged. "Physical attraction is obviously a part of it. Would we be kissing and stuff if you didn't find ME attractive? Big breasts like yours get you noticed, as I'm sure you've discovered firsthand many times. They can be fun for both you and your partner in bed, believe me. But big boobs don't make a woman beautiful on the inside. It's the person behind the eyes that you fall in love with."

Seeing that she was wavering but unconvinced, he continued, "I have to admit that I've been extremely lucky. I seem to have something women really like, and in the last couple of months I've had sex with lots of women. I've turned into kind of a 'mimbo,' a male bimbo. For some reason, I was very lucky and wound up sleeping with some extremely attractive women. But you know what they say: beauty is only skin deep. I think I would have settled down from my promiscuous ways before too long, if the only thing I had in common with these women was the sex. But along the way I connected with a handful on a different, deep level."

She scoffed, "A handful?!" Of course, she knew that already, but any reminder tended to set her off.

He ignored that and pressed on. "You're one of them. You've got it all: beauty, personality, intelligence, and a kind heart. Remember, you were my first choice, the one I wanted to date the most."

He was unable to look her in the eye, so he lowered his eyes and stared at his hands in his lap. "Christine, I don't know what this means exactly, but I think I love you... No, I KNOW I love you."


He'd been on a roll, expressing his feelings as honestly as he could, while needing to keep certain things secret, but he had no idea where he was going with those words. When he said, "I think I love you," it surprised him as much as it surprised her. Once he said it, though, he knew it to be true. It was something he'd never consciously realized before, and it hit him like an epiphany. That's why he added, "No, I know I love you."

Her surly facial expression vanished, replaced by a look of total shock.

Alan knew he had to strike while the iron was hot. He moved in to kiss her. He said, "Christine, I want to kiss you again so very much, but I won't if you don't want me to."


She shot him an angry look, but then said testily, "Shut up and kiss me, you fool!" Then her face turned to a lusty, eager one as she closed the distance until their lips touched.

Within seconds, once their tongues started dueling, her anger had been forgotten. The only things that mattered were the kiss and his words "I know I love you." It was like a nuclear explosion, a supernova of desire.

She found herself thinking, Dammit! Damn ALAN! God DAMN him! I swear, he's just completely irresistible! I should be resisting to protest about him fucking all those other women, but I can't! The way his hands are running all over my bare skin is setting me on fire! The way he just took over and pulled me down onto the lounge chair! Gaawwwd! And his kisses, his kisses! It's like I'm melting: I'm turning into mush!

DAMN him! Why did he have to say "I love you" and take my heart? I love you too, Alan Plummer, God dammit! It's true! I love you! With all my heart and soul! I'm too afraid to tell you that to your face, but deep down I've known it for weeks.

So now what? He's got his hands on my bare breasts and he's going to kiss and fondle them for hours, until I'm totally addicted to him! Where's my top now, anyway? Where did it go? She'd had her eyes closed to better savor their latest kiss, but she opened them and looked around until she spied her bikini top lying on the ground some distance away.

Figures, she grumbled to herself. Stupid fucking tit fiend. I really should break off this kiss and go pick up my top, then put it back on, just to piss him off. His hands are groping at my chest like he's only got minutes left to live. Not like I will cover up, but I should. Except that his hands feel so damn good! Dammit again! Arrgh!

He's really driving me crazy! His stupid magical fingers are bringing more pleasure to my nipples than I ever thought possible! What with his kisses and his "I love you" crap. I oughta kick him into the next county. Mr. Smooth Operator, that's what he is. Says he loves me. HA! Probably just a bunch of bullshit so he can plunder my body even more than he already has. It's like he's turning me into another one of his willing sluts with each passing minute! It's so totally humiliating. I should at least put up some token resistance!

Only, only, he DOES love me! I KNOW he does! I can see it in his eyes, and I can feel it in his every touch! He's so caring and gentle, yet strong. Why does he have to love me? Why, why, why?! And why does he have to have a fuckin' HAREM?!

Oh God! Oh God! Now he's pinching my nipple so hard! I can't take it! I'm gonna scream! And then I'm gonna cum! That damned baseball bat of his is rubbing back and forth, pressing into me! It's so friggin' HUGE! I couldn't POSSIBLY take that in my pussy. There's no way! It'd be like squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle!

But my God. If I could. If only I could! Let's face it: he's gonna fuck me! Maybe even tonight - who knows?! But I'm not ready! The very thought is downright scary. If I could manage that fat slab of meat, the pleasure I might feel! I'd just DIE! Hell, I'm dying right now! I'm gonna cum any minute just from his kissing and his nipple play, and I almost never cum! The way he's running his hands all over me, so possessively, so MANLY! I never LIVED before today, I've never LIVED!

Alan was also feeling quite emotional about what was happening. He thought, Why did I just say that? "I know I love you." It's true, it's definitely true, but some things are better left unsaid. I've totally fucked up. My vow. What about my God-damned vow? Somehow we wound up necking, and more. That's just wrong. I should have stopped. I should have gone home. But noooOOOOoooo! Stupid me, I kept talking. I told her about Suzanne, and that was good. Honest. Maybe on some deeper level I was trying to sabotage things, 'cos it could never work out between us. But then I had to go and say that "I love you" stuff!

He lost himself in the kissing for the next minute or two, and then thought, What's maddening is how good this kissing is. I can't stop! I mean, it was good before, but this is just... wow! I've kissed a lot of women lately, but this is something else altogether! This is what they call a soul kiss. I should have known it: she's such a passionate, intense person, that it only makes sense that she'd be a passionate, intense lover!

He also was looking around as far as the pool lights would allow and, just like Christine, he discovered her bikini top lying some distance away. Sweetness! I wonder how that got way over there. Is it my lucky day or what? I can't even remember how that happened anymore. Hell, who cares why? I'm in beautiful, big-tit heaven! Two solid years of dreaming of doing this, and now it's happening!

His brain more or less shut down for a while after that as he drifted into some kind of erotic nirvana. Between the continued kisses and groping her bare breasts and her nearly bare ass cheeks, he was soaring as high as a kite. The only fly in the ointment was his bandaged hands, limiting what he could do sometimes.

Meanwhile, she was thinking, He thinks he's lucky with women. Ha! Lucky, my ass! It's not just luck that he gets all the most beautiful girls - he's a sexual BEAST! If he's as sexually talented with those other girls as he is with me right now - and I'm sure he is - then it's no wonder they all fall in love with him. I'd fall head over heels in love just from the way he's kissing and touching me, except that I'm in love with him already. And probably he falls in love with them in the same way they fall in love with him. This is a problem, to put it mildly, but at least I kind of understand things better now.

The sun had set about half an hour earlier, and now the last remaining light in the sky had faded. It had been a nice day, especially for late November, but it quickly began cooling off. Both of them were getting cold, but neither of them wanted to stop the kissing and fondling because it felt so good.

Christine was somewhat frustrated that she wasn't in a position to grind or bounce against his erection some more, but then again she was soaring into the stratosphere just from what he was doing to her. She doubted she could handle any more pleasure without possibly passing out from an epic orgasmic overload.

Finally, their shivering grew too much. Alan broke their kiss and said, "Aren't you cold? I'm freezing."

"Yeah, I'm pretty cold." She looked around and confirmed that the lights in the house were still out. Then she saw the hot tub. "Hey! The hot tub. That'll warm us up."

"Yeah, good idea. But you know what would be a better idea? A MASSAGE in the hot tub. My muscles are sore all over, and I'll bet yours are too."

"Oh, great idea!" Oh boy! I hope this night never ends! I should call my parents and tell them to stay out until late.

He nodded happily, but then remembered his commitments. "Shit, I don't know if I can. I've got this thing to do to at six. It's an appointment and I can't be late."

She was so frustrated to hear that, she wanted to scream. Still in his arms, she raised an eyebrow and looked at him skeptically. "'This... thing?'" For crying out loud! He's going to leave me for some date to fuck one of his other women! Does my shame know no bounds?! I'm acting like the kind of weak woman I detest!

"Yeah. This thing." He was thinking about his agreement with Ginger to pick up his many purchases at Stephanie's lingerie and sex shop at six. He couldn't be late for that, since the shop was closed and Ginger was going out of her way to be there for him, since he had so many purchases to make.

"What kind of 'thing?'" she probed suspiciously, feeling jealous again. "You might as well say 'these things,' as in the bouncy boobs of some beautiful lady."

He frowned. "It's not like that. It's private, but I swear, it doesn't involve me having sex. Why would I lie to you about something small like that, when you already know I have sex with other women, and then tell you the truth about my big Suzanne secret? That doesn't make any sense."

She conceded the point. "Yeah, you're right. Sorry to be suspicious, but I'm just curious in general, and I'm having a real hard time with you being with these other girls." She thought, Well, at least that's a big relief. Funnily enough, even though he's a total player, I trust him. I can't deny that he's been honest with me all along. I'm sure he lies sometimes, but it's lies of omission.

Feeling better about everything, despite the new time constraint, she smiled and suggested, "Say, what are we waiting for? Let's get in the hot tub."

He smiled back. "Yeah. Definitely. Only, what time is it? My appointment is at six sharp."

"I think it's around five thirty based on the sun setting, but let me check. Just a sec." She disengaged from him, turned around, and walked back towards the house.


The sight of Christine's rear as she walked to the house while wearing only her tiny bikini bottoms was something to behold. She didn't sashay her hips in the exaggerated fashion that Suzanne was justifiably well known for, but her body was so outstanding that it didn't really matter. However, she did deliberately take her time getting to the house, wanting to give him a good view.


Halfway to the screen door, she paused and turned back in his direction. She said in a surprisingly sexy and teasing voice, "You're not going anywhere, are you?" Before he could respond, she cradled one of her huge 38Fs and added in an extra sultry tone, "And you're not planning on playing with my titties any more, are you?"

His eyes practically bulged out of his head. She's flirting! She's totally flirting! And while she may not have it down to Suzanne-esque levels, with her body, who cares?!

He stammered, "Uh, um, no. To, uh, both questions."

"Good," she replied, as she hefted her breast up and down a little bit, and then let it bounce free on its own. "Because I don't know if I want you to play with my boobs for hours and hours." However, her tone indicated that she wanted just that.

She added in an even more sultry tone, "Mind you, I definitely want you to play with them, but I don't know about it being for THAT long." She winked, and actually pinched the nipple he could see.

He just about passed out. HOT DAMN! Christine's one hot firecracker, that's for sure! Somehow, I always knew she would be.

She wasn't quite done. "If you kept that up, heaven forbid, the next thing you know you might even be kissing them." She winked, to make sure he understood. Then she continued to saunter off.

He gulped. Jeee-sus! Where did that come from?! If she does much more of that kind of sexy flirting, I'm a goner! His cock was pointing straight up in a very obscene fashion, even though it was still straining inside his swimsuit, and it was throbbing painfully. He was sure he could cum on the spot just by releasing his PC muscle.

She felt sexy - very liberated and very sexy. That, in and of itself, was a new and wonderful experience for her. She'd known for years that she had a sexy body, but she'd never felt sexy. Now, she felt emboldened to flirt and tease like she never had before. She didn't even worry about her "freak clit."

As he stared at her undulating ass cheeks, rising up and down, up and down, he thought, Man oh man! I could seriously take my erection right now and use it like a hammer to break bricks. That is one awesome babe! No flab on that ass - you could bounce a quarter off it!

During all of his ass fondling, her bikini bottoms had ridden up into her ass crack, making them look almost like a G-string when viewed from behind.

She could have straightened the fabric out, but she didn't, wanting to give him a more delicious view. It took all her willpower not to fix it, however, because old habits die hard. She thought, God, I feel so NAKED! Here I am, topless, and for all intents and purposes bottomless too! Why should I fix my bikini bottoms when he's fondled every last inch there already? Let him look at his latest conquest. Maybe he'll come to appreciate my rear as well as my breasts... and play with it too!

Wow! This is all so strange for me. I don't know what to think. It's all so... tingly! My pussy's feeling HOT! It's throbbing, too!

She was even tempted to give him a sexy wiggle, but felt too embarrassed to do that, since she hadn't practiced any kind of move like that and she liked to be well prepared.

As she disappeared into the house, it was clear to Alan that she was doing something more in there than just checking the time. (In fact, she was going to the bathroom, as well as to double check that her parents weren't home.) So, with her out of sight, he brought his hand to his crotch and slipped it inside his swimsuit. He grasped his erection, wet with pre-cum, and thought, Oh man! The agony! It's not that my dick is really hurting too much - the little guy has gotten pretty resilient lately - it's just that she's so sexy that I can't stand not cumming for even another minute! Just watching her walk away and tease me like that is as stimulating as a primo blowjob from Mom, and I really mean it!

He stroked his pole a little bit, but at the same time, he thought, But I can't. I've gotta hold out. She could reappear at any second, and what would she think? Not only that, but in a way, it would be even worse if I DO cum. I mean, where would the cum go? Shit! There's no time! I've got to let go of my dick! If I stroke it any more, I'm gonna blow!

However, his hand seemed to have different ideas, and he couldn't find the willpower to stop his light stroking. He was extremely close to the edge, and only his PC-muscle control kept him from making an embarrassing mess in his swimsuit.

The issue was decided for him after a minute or so, when he saw Christine about to reemerge from the kitchen. He quickly withdrew his hand from his crotch before she could see.

He started to think, Okay. I need to calm down! Down, boy, down! He looked at the lewd bulge sticking up and tried to flatten it with his hand, but that practically got him started stroking himself again. I need to take a strategic break before... oh... SHIT!

All thoughts of calming down flew out the window as he saw her open the screen door to come back outside. Since he was a tit man, it was the walking back towards him that was the real killer.

His heart was pounding as he thought, She's still topless! Jesus H. Christ! How can I resist that body? WHY should I resist that body?! She's perfect! Every inch, total perfection! She's in the Mom and Suzanne league of voluptuous... uh, er, perfection! She's literally a walking wet dream! My God! Can't think! Brain... melting! Heart... stopping! Dick... erupting!

He was only partially exaggerating about his body's reaction. It was an extremely close call that he didn't climax simply from looking at her walk.

Christine was extremely self-conscious about her looks, and it took all of her self-control not to cover her big boobs with both arms as she walked back. She was determined to look good for him. The very fact that it was such an obvious struggle for her, with embarrassment written across her face, only made her even more intoxicatingly arousing.

Again, she didn't walk in an especially sexy way, because she wasn't practiced in the arts of seduction. Then again, she didn't really need to be. All she had to do was walk slowly, and her jaw-dropping beauty took care of the rest.

Her boobs swayed one way, then the other, back and forth with each stride, in an incredibly enticing manner. They didn't move exactly the same way as the breasts of any of his other lovers did. They were uniquely Christine's boobs. The subtle interplay of factors and forces that made her breasts bounce with her stride was nothing less than a symphony of beauty played for his enjoyment, as far as he was concerned.

Dang! I almost have to give her the most perfect boobs award. My God, if I could fuck those puppies, all oiled up and pressed together, I would be in seventh heaven!


As she drew closer, her confidence increased, buoyed by the nearly rapturous look on his face. There was no way she couldn't notice the long, thick log straining in his shorts, threatening to burst free of its confines altogether. Seeing that image boosted her confidence even more. For just about the first time in her life, she let go of her self-confidence and modesty and reveled in her own beauty.

I'm smoking hot! I'm a smoking-hot BABE! Why try to deny it? If that wasn't true, Alan wouldn't be with me right now. He only bothers with the best of the best. It's clear that even the likes of Janice and Joy are hardly worth his time anymore. But he chooses to be with ME!

Her only worry was her pussy. It had been drenched, but while inside the house she'd rushed to the bathroom and dried it, and her bikini bottoms, as best she could. Now, shamelessly parading her body in front of him, walking at less than half speed while sashaying her hips and swaying her boobs as much as she ever had in her entire life, her pussy was so wet again that she was already concerned rivulets would start flowing down her thighs.

When she returned to him, she stood close, with her very erect nipples just inches from his bare chest. She was too shy to strike an elaborately sexy pose, but she did manage to stand with her shoulders back and thrust her chest out. She looked at his muscular chest, and longed to lean in until her nipples pressed against his skin, like they'd been before. Except that now she fantasized about sliding her entire body against his.

She realized the bulge of his erection was again only a short distance from her bare belly. She fought the urge to lean in and press herself against it, to wiggle and grind against his erect rod. I wanna ride that, like I did before! Ride it! Gaawwwd, that sounds so nasty: I wanna ride Alan's cock! I'm so far gone from being a "Goody goody." But it's true. I want him to grasp my ass tightly and grind me all over his cock like some kind of wanton slut!

Somehow, she managed to look up instead, and smiled.

His jaw nearly dropped to the ground upon seeing her stand there like that, looking so unabashedly proud of her sexuality.

Grinning at his reaction, she said, "I checked the kitchen cock. CLOCK! I meant clock!" That Freudian slip brought her down to Earth some. She blushed at his suppressed mirth, and then leaned over enticingly and punched him lightly in the arm. "Don't laugh. It's not funny." She sighed at his continued snickering.

"You know it is," he grinned.

She grinned back. "You beast. It's a few minutes after five thirty - plenty of time left."

He couldn't resist - with a deadly serious face, he deadpanned, "Ah, yes. We must be careful about the pissing of the time, the dicking of the cock." Unable to contain himself any longer, he burst into laughter.

"Aaaaalan! That is NOT funny." But even though she was blushing with embarrassment, she couldn't help laughing too.

Between his own laughter, he said, "Dick, dick, dick," in imitation of a ticking clock.

Her chest heaved so much from her laughter that she was forced to cradle her rack with an arm until her orbs stopped crashing into each other. Trying to dissuade him from further teasing, she hit him in the chest again, only much harder this time.

"OW! The pain! The pain!" He clutched himself where she'd hit him, and really hammed it up, acting like he'd just been shot instead.

She tried to scowl at him, but she couldn't keep from smiling.

He gasped out as if it was his dying breath, "If I... don't... make it... tell my family... I, I, I... I love them!" But then he took his hands away from his "wound" and said in a normal voice, "However, I might live if you kiss it and make it better."

With a raised eyebrow and a theatrical sigh, she bent over again to kiss him near his right nipple. "Fine. Anything to get you to shut up." She gave his skin a quick peck on the spot he'd indicated. She loved leaning over and letting her heavy breasts dangle, because she knew he absolutely adored the sight.

He teased, "What?! You call that a kiss? You wounded the entire area. Also, let's see some tongue. You know what they say: 'saliva heals wounds.' That's why cats lick themselves all the time."

She gave another heavy sigh, but she kissed him all around his nipple, and on it too. She even licked him some. Despite the ridiculous way she'd gotten there, she was having fun.

He put a hand on her head to guide her. "There. I can feel the healing already. But straighten your legs and raise your ass up high. And sway your dangling tits a bit. That'll speed the healing." He reached out and cupped one of her full, hanging breasts. "Oh, and there's some collateral damage down by my belly button. You should probably kiss that too."

Only then did she realize what a lewd spectacle she was presenting, because her legs already were straight, her ass was up high, and her tits were dangling obscenely as he groped one of them. She imagined how horrified her parents would be if they saw her like that, so she started to straighten up. "Smart ass!" she complained.


However, he stopped her by kissing her on the lips. This allowed him to continue to play with her dangling orbs a little longer, while enjoying a smoldering kiss, too.

He reveled in his position. Aaaah! It's good to be the king! Or the harem master, or whatever one could call me. I know I'm pushing my luck, but I don't think I can give Christine up! I want her! I want to fuck her and love her in every way possible!

Eventually, they had to stop to recover their breath, and that gave her the chance to straighten up after all.

He pretended to be insulted by her comment. "'Smart ass'? Oooh, now you've really got me mad. Take that, you brute!" He punched her, but his punch was so slow and soft that it was like it moved in slow motion. His fist finally made its way up to her chest and gave her an almost imperceptible love tap right on her right nipple.

She laughed. She rolled her eyes and joked sarcastically, "Ouch!"

Now, he feigned being extremely apologetic. "Oh no! I'm so sorry! So sorry! I should kiss that better, just like you did to me."

"Alan, don't even think..." But words failed her, because he moved like lightning and latched his lips onto her nipple before she realized he was actually going to do it. In her highly aroused state, it was like a bolt of energy hit her, shooting from her nipple straight down to her clit. It was such a shock that she jumped back, causing his mouth to disengage.

She was amazed by how good it had felt. The second or two his lips made contact with her right nipple was almost better than an orgasm, making her shiver and tingle all over. In fact, it felt so good that it frightened her. Oh no! I've got to watch myself. Any more of that and I could lose all control!

He suspected her jump back meant that she was annoyed that he'd gone too far. But her face was flushed and full of desire, so he thought he'd try again and see what happened. He joked, "Now, I can't do that to Veronica and ignore Betty. She'll feel left out." He leaned in towards her left nipple.

She chuckled. "I didn't know that my nipples had na-aaaaaAAAAAaaah!"


Her word turned into a siren-like unintelligible wail, because at that moment his lips made contact with her nipple and she lost control. It was like sticking a finger in a socket and getting a shock, except the intense feeling was all pleasure. She stepped back in confusion again. Wha...? What happened?! I can put my lips to my own nipples, but it doesn't feel anything like THAT!

He let her be this time, but he noted what a strong reaction she'd had. Cool! She's just like Mom: she's got extra-sensitive breasts! But of course she does. Her body is built for sex. I'll bet she's got extra-sensitive everything!

Another thought hit him as if it was brand new. Oh man! I can't wait to get to know her cunt! Her pussy! Man, I'm gonna fuck her so deep and so hard, all night long! Maybe not tonight - actually, definitely not tonight. But someday! Someday soon! She'll be clutching my ass cheeks with her legs wrapped around me, screaming at the top of her lungs! "Master! Master!"

Oh shit! I shouldn't think that. Not the "M' word, not with her! Talk about pushing my luck!

She looked around and again noticed her bikini top on the ground. Nodding towards it, she said, "I really should pick that up and put it back on, you know. You're dangerous!" She had no intention of putting it back on and they both knew it, but she was having fun playing around with him. She felt more liberated and uninhibited than she'd ever felt before, and she loved it.

His eyes and mouth went wide, but in a comical and over exaggerated way. "Oh my God, that reminds me! Did I tell you about the alien invasion? The imminent alien invasion? All our lives are in danger!"

She put her hands on her hips, which in itself was incredibly sexy. She knew he was bullshitting. Grinning, she obligingly asked, "What alien invasion?"

"Oh my God, it's so SERIOUS!" He held her hand. "Let's walk over here towards the hot tub and completely AWAY from your bikini top, and I'll tell you all about it."


She laughed heartily as she let him walk her towards the hot tub. "You're a case, you know that? A real case. Alien invasion, my ass."

"Yep. Those are two extraordinary things."


"The alien invasion, and your ass." He reached out and caressed her nearest butt cheek.

She laughed again. "Liar! You just like me for my boobs." However, she certainly didn't mind what his hand was doing.

Like a gentleman, he guided her into the hot tub - or maybe that wasn't so gentlemanly, since it gave him an excuse to keep his hand on her ass and fondle it some more. "Not so. I love every single inch of you. On the inside and the outside. You're an amazing, amazing woman."

She snickered, "Hmmm, you especially seem to love the inches on my rear end." She wiggled it a bit, as if trying to shake his hand off, but that only ended up arousing both of them still more, as well as setting her tits off yet once more, like a shaking plate of Jell-O.

He brought a second hand to her other ass cheek, and gave both of them a good squeeze. But he deadpanned, "I have no idea what you mean."

She giggled, but then slipped free from his fondling. As she seated herself in the tub, she said, "Outside AND inside, huh? So you like my spleen?"

"Like it? I positively LOVE it! You've got a totally sexy spleen. It's definitely on my Christine's Top Five Internal Organs list."

"You nut, get in the tub already!" She laughed yet again and reached up to pull him into the water.

She gasped. Oh my! It's so... BIG! There it was again in all its glory, that protruding bulge of thick, hard cock, straining to get free of his swim trunks.

With him standing directly above her, she had a great view of his tremendous erection. It was pushing out against his swimsuit so strongly that she could even see the outline of his cockhead. Looking at its tented shape made her dizzy. Flustered, she gaped at it, awestruck, fearful, and lusting.

She forced herself to look up past his crotch to his face. "So, what's your Christine's Top Five External Organs list?"

He quickly replied, "Oh, that's easy. I'll be perfectly honest, and in no particular order: your boobs, your ass, your hoo-ha, your mouth, and your eyes. But then again, there are things I can't leave off the list. What about your legs, your nose, and your hair? I can't skip them."

She felt goose bumps of arousal all over. "Your hoo-ha?!" Did he really just say that?! Gaawwwd! He IS being perfectly honest. How long can I put him off from fucking me, if he wants me there?! Aside from that, I love his list. The others I expected - boobs as number one, of course! No particular order? Ha! But I'm a little surprised about the mouth. He must really like kissing me!

That last thought was partly true; he did love to kiss her. But more than that, he was imagining what it would be like to have Christine's lips stretched around his thick shaft. he knew that she excelled at everything she seriously attempted, which meant she could potentially become a world-class cocksucker.

She kept her thoughts about his selections to herself, and snickered, "Cheater! I asked for five and you gave me eight." Her gaze drifted back down to his raging boner, straining against his swimsuit. Even in the darkness she could clearly see the wet spot and the exact shape of his cockhead. She could barely breathe.

He smirked. "Guilty as charged. Actually, it was impossible to keep it down to eight. The only thing I don't like about you is the inside of the second digit of your left pinky."

She couldn't resist looking at her pinky. There was nothing unusual about that spot; she realized to her pleasure that he was simply teasing her.

He stepped into the lukewarm water.

She was both relieved and annoyed that she was no longer directly confronted with the thinly covered sight of his huge boner. She turned on the jets and the heater. The water started to heat up, churn, and bubble. Looking at his hands, she said, "Be careful of your bandages, so they don't get wet."

He replied sarcastically, "Yes, Mom." He immediately thought, Note to self: be very, very, VERY careful with any "Mom" mentions around Christine! Especially because it's likely to make my dick twitch and throb.

She went on, "Why don't I do you first, since my hands are more functional? I'll bet your mom doesn't tell you THAT. And I'm certain she doesn't do THIS!" She hugged him from behind, as he already had started to turn around in the tub in response to her suggestion. As she said "THIS!" she mashed her huge boobs into his back. Her soft tit-flesh molded to his skin, but her hard nipples poked deep into it.

Oh, if only you knew! he thought. He was very glad she couldn't see his guilty face. Mom's tits feel exactly like that too. Pure heaven! I'm so lucky. Too lucky! Even I get annoyed at how damn lucky I am.

But he merely said, "Oh! Wow! You're right! That's some pretty special service."

"For a pretty special guy," she cooed. She started to massage his chest, but it was sort of half a massage and half a sexy fondle. She thought, with some frustration, Well, now I'm a total slut. I'm hopeless. I just can't help myself around him! But then again, I have to remember that I'm using him just like he's using me. We're both young, fit, and horny, and we're having fun pleasuring each other sexually. What's wrong with that?!

She wondered about his erection. She perched her head on his shoulder, so despite the bubbly, churning water she could look down his body and see the tent in his shorts. If I were a good seductress, I'd keep massaging his front, working my hands down until they reached that bulge. Then I'd go to town on it. But I can't! I can't!

Just thinking about it, her heart started to pound wildly. But, what would happen then? "Go to town" - what does that mean, exactly? Would I just... stroke it? I'm not like sexy and talented like Amy or Heather; I'd make a fool of myself. Heather may be an evil bitch, but I'm sure she knows her way around Alan's penis. Most everybody else's too for that matter, the shameless slut! What would I do? I'd flail about like a beached fish! I don't know anything about anything, not really. Why did I have to be a "good" girl?

She stomped her foot in the tub in frustration.

And, hell, what about Mrs. Pestridge?! Just one look at her and anyone can tell she's got to be some kind of succubus or vixen, a goddess of sex! There's NO WAY I can compete!

She noticed the water had made his swimsuit just a bit transparent, plus the fabric was clinging to him like a second skin, allowing her to clearly see the shape of his still straining erection. Oh, shit! I can see inside his swimsuit. Well, practically, anyway. There it is, right there! Oh, God! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, it's HUGE! Women actually put that in their MOUTH?! No way! Heather is SUCH a SLUT! What's wrong with me? Whenever I think of her touching my man I get ill, but now imagining her with sliding that thing in and out of her mouth actually gets me hot! Help! I feel like I'm losing my mind!

She gave up on massaging his chest and resorted to a more standard massage of his back. She was in a better position to do that anyway, and it allowed her to let her raging libido cool down.

After a minute or so, she tried to restart the conversation. "Now that we're settled, tell me all about this imminent Alan invasion. I mean, this alien invasion!" She blushed at making another Freudian slip.

Remembering her punches from her earlier slip up, and not wanting to embarrass her too much, he gracefully ignored this one. He spoke in an earnest, apologetic tone. "Um, I have a confession to make. There really is no alien invasion. I just said that to keep you from your bikini top."

"NoooOOOOoooo!" she said sarcastically. "Color me shocked! Shocked! I'm just like that guy in Casablanca who's shocked to find out about the gambling taking place as he collects his winnings. Alan Plummer, a tit man? Pass me the smelling salts!"

"Okay, wise gal. But you have to admit breasts are pretty great. I know you've complained how they're these useless things that hurt your back and get in your way, but didn't you like what I was doing to them earlier? Didn't that feel good?"

She blushed a little, as she thought about his hands and what they'd been doing. Her blush deepened, as she thought about his lips on her nipples and how good they made her feel. She teased, "That may be so, but you're still a relentless boob fiend."

He pretended to be offended, but he was just teasing. "'Boob fiend?' Me? I resent that. I also resent being called a Tit Terror, Breast Beast, Rack Maniac, or Hooter Looter."

She giggled and shook her head at his silliness. He couldn't see her head shaking since she was directly behind him, but he could feel it from the way her nipples were sliding back and forth across his back.

"I tell you, I'm not going to take this disparagement of my character lying down." He literally stood up in the hot tub as he said that and turned around to face her, and then struck a dramatic and dignified pose. (That is, it was dramatic if you could overlook his raging boner, and she certainly couldn't, especially since it was practically in her face.)

He proclaimed, "I'll have you know that I'm a much more complicated person than you realize. I also really like asses."

She guffawed, but also thought, What if he gets me out of my bikini bottoms instead? Or, in addition? That would be really hot! If only I'd worn the bottoms with tie strings. I could just let them come off me in the water! I was lying right on top of that thing; it was RIGHT THERE! I'd be in so much trouble! I wish we were back in the chair. Maybe his stiffy would accidentally pop out, and then I could hold... No! Too scary! And speak of the devil, there it is again, still practically poking me in the nose! Doesn't it ever go down?!

He started wading around behind her to get to her back side. He said, "On a completely unrelated note, haven't you been massaging my chest long enough? Your hands must be tired. Why don't I massage your chest for a while?" He knelt down behind her in the water and brought his hands up to her wet globes from behind.

She laughed some more, and mock squealed, "Help! I'm being attacked by a Breast Beast!" But she made no move to actually take his hands off her tits as he cupped their undersides.

As she relaxed back into him, she suddenly felt his erection pressing up against her ass. She gasped, and knelt stock still in the bubbling water. OH GOD! DEAR GOD! IT'S RIGHT THERE!

His tit-flesh-filled hands also suddenly went still as he realized where things were positioned. His erection was lined up right along her ass crack. In a way, this felt even more forbidden and arousing to her than when it had been pressing against her pussy lips.

She even stopped breathing, as the moment seemed to stretch into eternity. Wow, pussies really do throb. I always laughed at that when I read it in romance novels, but I guess I was simply never this turned-on before.

She tried to calm her breathing, because she felt like she was on the verge of having a heart attack. Breathe, Christine. In. Out. In. Out. Oh God, what if it slips out? What if I have no bottoms on? What if it slips IN?! He's so close to fucking me! That idea both alarmed and aroused her so much that her heart pounded like a big bass drum.

She had always thought she was a good girl. Even the idea of anal sex was disgusting to her, but out of nowhere she wiggled against him, anyway. She could feel the contours of his cockhead as it wedged deeper into her ass crack. Oh my God, what am I doing?! I'm no slut! But that big stiff rod of his feels soooo GOOD! I'm glad I'm in the water so my suit is already wet. One thin strip of fabric is all there is between him and my virginity!

Somehow, I know Alan's going to be the one to take my cherry, but not tonight! Please, don't have him try tonight! I'm nowhere close to being ready for THAT!

She thought about making a joke to ease the sudden erotic tension. The line "Is that your big dick or are you just happy to see me?" came to mind. Then she realized there was no joke in that, as it was too close to reality. She decided to simply pretend that contact wasn't happening. Some moments later, she complained more seriously, "You silly, silly man. I wasn't even massaging your chest for more than a minute."

He was happy to go along with her denial of how their privates were gently yet steadily grinding against each other, since that meant they could grind some more. He replied in a casual voice, "Far too long, in my opinion. You're probably all traumatized and exhausted, but I know the cure. Here, let me do this for the next few hours instead." He began fondling and pulling on her nipples.

She thought longingly, I wish! If only I could have hour after hour of this, please! She glanced again at her house and was relieved to see it was still dark. Unfortunately, my parents are going to come home. But then again, he's got to leave soon anyway. I'm not going to remind him about that though. Let him be late so we can be like this forever!

She had a sudden realization. Wow! I really love sex! I've been missing out, so much! But then again, somehow I know it wouldn't be half as good with anyone else.

She luxuriated in the way he teased and twirled her nipples. Each small movement seemed to go right to her smoldering pussy, which was tingling and throbbing with need. The warm, bubbling, churning water added yet another level of stimulation to her fully erect, oversized clit. Unconsciously, she swiveled and undulated her hips, rubbing against the iron bar pressing into her ass crack. Moment by moment the tension built, stretched tight like a harp string, until she was holding her breath in expectation.

She was flying high. Mmmm... So divine! Alan has the magic touch. I can't even imagine how much better it'll be when he fucks me, and he IS going to fuck me! How could it possibly be anyone else?! I do love him, now more than ever!

He could tell she was getting close to an orgasm, and he wanted to push her over the edge. He was getting pretty close to shooting off himself by this point, so he wasn't fighting his own urges very hard. He started bouncing up and down on the bench in the tub, knowing that would cause her ass to bounce and grind over his thinly covered erection.

At the same time, he kneaded both her tits. With the other women he'd been with, he'd gained a sense of just how gentle or rough he should be when it came to breast play, mostly by the vocal feedback he received. Most of his women preferred a more gentle touch (although Brenda was an exception). However, with Christine, he noticed that the rougher he got, the more passionately she purred and moaned. So he went all out, digging deep into her tit-flesh as much as he dared.

She loved it. Soon, she was practically ready to hyperventilate. Ah! Ah! I can't take it! Too... good! So damn GOOD! All the grinding and kneading... AH! It's too much! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! This has to be better than sex; it has to, or else I'll DIE if he fucks me! Make that WHEN he fucks me! GOD! HELP ME!


Then the tension snapped and she was there. She closed her lips to hold back a cry, and moaned through her nose in a long whine as the spasms began. She climaxed, trembling and gasping, the muscles in her thighs twitching.

"Whoa," he said in surprise. "You okay?" Not knowing what else to do, he just supported her, still holding her boobs from behind, until she was quiet again.

"Um, yeah. I'm just so tense. It feels good to release the tension. You know, from the fight." She was too embarrassed to admit that she had just come, even though she guessed he'd realized it.

"Yeah. The fight." He did realize it, but he was willing to play dumb, if that gave her enough of a fig leaf to make her feel better.

God, I think I've been drugged, she thought. Yes, that must be it. That wasn't me that did that; it was some doped-up and hypnotized version of me. He hypnotized me with those devilish fingers of his. And that big dick. Mustn't forget about THAT!

I was even thinking about getting fucked! That is soooo not going to happen, not anytime soon. I hope he doesn't get pushy about that, because that's where I have to draw the line. We have to take this step by step, and that step's a long way off.

She drew several deep, trembling breaths. She could scarcely believe that his hands were starting to knead and explore her tits again, when she'd barely had a chance to catch her breath. Then she realized that while she'd climaxed, and was feeling sensitive all over, he hadn't climaxed. He still needed his release.

However, she still wasn't ready to help his penis with her hands. Damn! Talk about not being ready yet, I'm still too chicken to even touch him there. Too much has happened tonight. I need time to adjust before I can "go there." I sure wish I could though. Gaawwwd, he's so BIG!

Reluctantly, she said, "I think that will be quite enough playing with my boobs for today." She also was growing increasingly overwhelmed by the feeling of his stiff rod wedged in her ass crack. It seemed that he wasn't making the slightest move to fix that, so she wiggled out of his grasp, and away from his cock.


Christine struggled out of Alan's arms, and then waded back around behind him. Whew, this is a lot safer. Dammit, I miss his special touch already, though. But I need to regain some control. It's all happening too fast! To distract herself, she returned to massaging his back and neck.

She thought, This is so good! A dream come true! Now I know why all the girls are so eager to let him take full advantage. I've never had an orgasm like that in my life. Not even close, except for the other really big one he gave me earlier! This is bliss, just cuddling with my man. She sighed contentedly.

His muscles actually felt quite tense, so she began digging her fingers in. He's so tight; maybe he's feeling the strain as much as I am. It feels good to press in deeply, just like the way he was pressing his erection deeply into my ass crack. I wish I could make him cum too.

Even though his hard-on was no longer touching her, she suddenly clenched her ass cheeks, imagining that she was trapping his stiff rod and squeezing it between them. In so doing, her fingers also dug in extra deep into his back.

"Owww!" he complained.

Her fingers froze when she thought, DAMMIT! Christine, what's wrong with you? You've got a one track mind today! What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking, that's what. I practically let him do it in my butt!


By way of apology, she stopped her overly aggressive massage altogether and pressed her soft boobs into his back. Trying to make light of the situation, she said, "Sorry. It's all your fault, though."

"MY f-f-fault?" His voice stammered, as he was taken by surprise by the way she started to slither all over his back. She even wrapped a leg around one of his legs.

She felt triumphant, knowing that she'd caused him to lose his cool for a brief moment. "Yes, Mr. Tit Terror, all your fault. You're just too good with those fingers. That's why you're so much trouble. It makes me mad. And makes me forget that I'm mad at you. And I AM still mad at you. That whole thing with Mrs. Pestridge really pisses me off. Amy's mother! Where does your crazy harem lifestyle leave us?"

She was a bit miffed, but she was still blissed out from her climax so her tone lacked bite. In fact, even as she complained, her wet body continued to slide all over his. If only it wasn't for THEM. His other lovers. I'd be such a good, loyal girlfriend! We'd be perfect for each other. I'd please him with my body every single day to make sure he doesn't stray, and I'll bet I'd love every single minute!

Seeing that the conversation was beginning to touch on matters both serious and important, he interrupted her massage by turning around so they could make eye contact. The position was no less sexual, but now their front sides were pressed together instead. "Christine, I have to be completely honest: I really don't know. You know what I said earlier. My feelings for you are strong. I feel that you have strong feelings for me too."

She nodded shyly and almost imperceptibly. Too strong! She was confident in so many things, but when it came to romance and sex she felt completely lost.

He went on, "Look, I've gotten myself into a real fix, I know that. I'm in way, way over my head. When I have sex with a woman, I tend to fall in love with her, and I didn't realize that until it was a done deal. It started out really simple, but one thing led to another, word got around, and I got swept along, like in a flash flood. Emotional forces were released that I can barely control. Now I'm in love with multiple women and I can't live without them. Honestly! And there's more than one or two; there's a handful."

He gave a wry laugh and thought to himself, They're a real handful, alright. He thought about the emotional strain of trying to deal with them all at the same time, but he also envisioned a literal handful, cupping Susan's giant milk-filled jugs with both hands.

With Christine's hard nipples pressing intently into his chest, he thought, Why the fuck don't we play some more, right now? I'm soooo horny! If she doesn't like it, she can complain. I've been worshipping her body for years - I can't get enough! He brought his hands up to her hefty rack.

She wiggled about a little bit, as if she was trying to get out of his grasp, but she didn't try hard at all (in fact, both of them greatly enjoyed the wiggling). After a few seconds, she "gave up" altogether and instead said with bitterness, "Poor Alan, your life is such a trial."


He hefted her boobs with both hands and resumed mauling them.

Outwardly, she looked like she was suffering greatly from his aggressive tit-play, but that was only because she was struggling hard not to be overwhelmed with sexual pleasure. It felt so good that she thought she might pass out at any moment, and already she was holding off another cum. She tried hard to remain engaged in the conversation.

As he worked the undersides of her soft globes, he replied, "Hey, I'm not looking for pity. Love happens. I can't control the where or when or who or how. It just happened, and now this is the reality I'm living with. I didn't plan this, and definitely wasn't prepared for it."

She tried to look at his situation more sympathetically. "Surprisingly, I can understand what you mean. I mean, I had feelings for you before today. UGH!" She groaned with arousal. "But what we've done just now, the physical intimacy... It did something to me. I just want to... be with you all the more." She was going to say "love you all the more," but she chickened out at the last second. "So I can totally understand where these women are coming from if the same thing happened to them. You have a special touch."

She looked down at his busy fingers and wryly noted to herself, Yeah, a particularly special touch with my nipples. Geez, you love those things! It's crazy that he's playing with my breasts like he owns them even as we talk about his other women. Does the indignity never cease? I guess I'm just too horny! It actually was a relief to her that he'd switched to nipple play for a while. since his rough-all-over tit fondling was driving her wild.

After steadying her breath, she continued, "And I don't think it's just my inexperience. Other girls, when they talk about their boyfriends, it's nothing like this. The problem is that you got involved with all these different girls. You should have just picked one and stuck with her."

He thought, I did pick just one, but she turned me down. But he resisted the urge to rub it in by saying it out loud. They'd been there and done that. However, it still hurt him.

Instead, he said, "I know. It was dumb, but I don't regret it. It's not just the great sex I'm enjoying, although there is that. I'm surrounded by so much LOVE. I'm even more addicted to the love than to the sex, believe it or not. The intimacy. The bonding. The friendship. It's all so good."

She nodded, trying to understand. She could sort of see what he meant, but at that same time she was having a hard time masking her jealousy and moral outrage. One boy just didn't have a "handful" of lovers. It went against everything she believed. She would have been a lot angrier, and probably would have even yelled at him, had he not been doing such arousing things to her body as they talked.

He ran one hand over her taut belly just under the water while rolling a nipple between his fingers. "So, on the one hand, I love what happened today, and I don't want it to stop. It was kind of an accident how it happened, but aren't you glad that it did?"

"VERY glad." She nodded her head emphatically, leaned forward, and kissed him. Her body desperately longed for more stimulation. Her tongue briefly explored his mouth. But she quickly pulled back when she realized that if they started necking, the conversation was probably going to die, and unfortunately, these issues needed to be addressed.

"But on the other hand," he continued seriously, while caressing the sensitive undersides of her massive boobs, "I still have all these issues about the harem thing. I've got my own issues and problems relating to it, which are a whole other thing that would be a big sidetrack discussion, and then there's the issue of you and the harem."

She pointed out, incredulously, "You talk about 'the harem' like it's really, you know, a harem!"

"It kind of is. I don't know what else to call it. I have a handful of lovers and they all know about each other and have accepted the situation, so what else is it?"

She felt goose bumps all over. GOOD GOD! It IS a harem! That staggered her, but strangely, it didn't cool her ardor.

He continued, "I know the harem lifestyle isn't for everybody. Maybe some people were raised to firmly believe such a lifestyle is wrong, and it's hard to change those beliefs. Maybe some people are just more inclined to be monogamous, for one reason or another. The bottom line is, you feel that the harem life is not for you; it bothers you on many different levels. And I feel the harem life is not for you."

She nodded. But she looked down at herself again, and at the way his hands were lazily running all over her body, and thought, I feel like I'm in his harem already! My God, it's like I'm helpless to resist his touch. I've got a feeling that if I see him at school on Monday, and he wants to slip his hands under my clothes to play with my tits and ass, I'd let him! And right now, they definitely feel like "tits" and not "breasts." I'm so slutty tonight. UNH!

Thank goodness he's avoiding my pussy, or who knows what would happen! My "hoo-ha!" Jesus! He never talks about it, but that comment shows he's thinking about it. How can he talk so casually while driving me mad with desire?! Those hands! Those relentless hands!

Then she forced herself to concentrate on the discussion. She tried to ignore her rising lust. It wasn't easy though, and she knew her arousal had to be making her feel more agreeable. She asked, "How do your mother and sister deal with all this, by the way? Do they know about you having a harem? Do they maybe even approve?"

As his hands went back to working her nipples, he said casually, "First off, it's not REALLY a harem; you used that word first. It's not like we all sit around in Turkish pants smoking hookahs. I do use that word myself sometimes, but only because there's no other word in the English language to describe my situation."

She pointed out, "But still. It's pretty damn harem-y. And there's probably details you don't want me to know."

He sighed at that dangerously accurate truth. "As for my family, of course they know. I don't want to lie to them. Amy and her mother are over at our house a lot, so I wouldn't be able to hide it even if I tried, in any case. Of course you know my mom's prudish reputation. She had big issues at first. However, Suzanne is her best friend and she's seen how much we love each other, and well... Her prudish upbringing is still an unfortunate factor, but the fact that she sees the powerful loving feelings, and that it's obviously not just or even mainly about sex, that makes a big difference for her. Ditto with Katherine."

That answer was highly misleading, to say the least, but he was trying hard not to outright lie.

Christine nodded again, but resolved to discuss this in depth with Katherine soon. She thought, I really need to tell him to stop playing with my nipples, so I can think. Heck, he needs to take those magic hands off me altogether, already!

But she didn't say a word about that; what he was doing simply felt too good. In fact, she was having a hard time not kissing him some more, especially with their faces so close together. Her hands were exploring his back, but so far, she'd resisted the urge to slip them down inside the back of his swimsuit.

He continued, "Now, you'd like me to forget those other women and just go with you. I'm sorry, but I can't let them go. I love them and need them too much, and they love me. So we're at a fundamental impasse that seems to have no solution. The main thing is I care for you, and I don't want you to get hurt. To me, that's the bottom line here: don't hurt you. You deserve better. That's why I mentioned Suzanne's name of all the names, kind of to shock you. You really don't want to get caught up in all my craziness."

Christine was deeply touched that he cared so much for her and was still trying to protect her. He could just up and have sex with me today. I want him so bad and I'm so far gone into this new world of overwhelming lust that I probably wouldn't resist. Hell, I know I wouldn't resist! And then I'd probably be hooked, and he'd be free to use me as he pleases at any time. But he won't take the easy, selfish way. That's one reason why I love him so much!

She mentally paused and considered the phrase, "Free to use me as he pleases at any time." God, why does that thought make me feel so HORNY?! That's messed up. She thrust her chest out in order to give his fingers better access. The gesture was completely unnecessary since they were so close already, but it looked very sexy and enticing.

Then she remembered the time that Amy had "offered" to share Alan with her, the curious warning Amy had given about how girls got "hooked" on Alan, and did she want to be "hooked" too. It was too bizarre for Christine to contemplate. She was suddenly filled with an urge to neck with him for a long time, until all of her concerns were forgotten. She found that bizarre as well.

With a worried face, she asked, "So where does that leave us? Don't say we have to stop the kissing and the touching. PLEASE don't say that! Or the practice dates. I LOVE the practice dates!"

He spoke with a furrowed brow. "I don't know. I don't want to stop that either. But I worry that we're falling down a slippery slope. We'll get more and more physically involved, but we won't solve our fundamental problem. I know that you love being with me right now, as much as I love being with you. Isn't this fun?"

She nodded eagerly. Then she remembered that a girl was supposed to play hard to get. So she said with a disinterested air, "Yeah, it's alright." But her effort to appear indifferent failed badly, and they both knew it. She immediately gave up the pretense and grinned from ear to ear.

He grinned back. "I also know that it hurts you that I have other women whom I love a great deal. In the end, that'll just mean more heartbreak for you. It could ruin our growing friendship too. And that's going to hurt you even more than it does me, because I do have those other women to console me. I'm feeling like a scoundrel here. We're both walking a tightrope, but I'm the only one who has a safety net!"

She thought, Alan Plummer, you take the cake. Of all the times to get moralistic and responsible on me, in the disgustingly immoral and irresponsible life you're now leading, you have to pick this time! And ME! Why didn't you get all moralistic about Amy's mother, and then get all wild and sexy about me?!

He was used to carrying on a serious conversation while experiencing great sexual pleasure - weeks of "stealth" handjobs, blowjobs, and "penis tending" had seen to that. But while she was an experienced multi-tasker, she was having an increasingly difficult time thinking at all as her lust grew and grew. It was becoming like a game of chicken though - she wasn't going to give in and ask him to stop, if he showed no sign of being too distracted. However, it wasn't really a fair "fight," since she was only stroking his back, while he had resumed relentlessly working her nipples and breasts.

Then she said, "You're right. You're totally right. Here's an idea. Sometimes, people are 'friends with benefits,' as the saying goes. What if we're like that? What if we keep our practice dates, keep everything as before, but just allow a whole lot more kissing and touching? Think of it as practice dates plus."

He laughed. "Plus what? ... I dunno. It sounds very tempting. But there's the slippery slope. It's really a bad idea in the long run. We can't fool around and not grow more serious about each other. It just happens; trust me on this one."

The slippery slope! She sighed with longing, because for some reason that sounded really sexy, as it made her think of wet bodies sliding against each other. Then she thought more about his words and sighed with frustration. Of course it's going to "just happen." That's my plan! Now that I've discovered how great sex is, I want more, a lot more! And I want it with you!

But what she told him next was almost the exact opposite of that, because she didn't want to scare him off. "Look. This is hard for me to talk about, but I have to make a confession. I don't know why, but I find this whole physical intimacy thing so wonderful, yet so scary. I love what we did today, but I'm not really ready for more."

Misunderstanding, he pulled his hands from her chest.


She frowned, disturbed by how much his withdrawal bothered her. "No, I don't mean that. I mean... you know... going further. I know that you're probably doing all kinds of wild things with your other women, and that frightened me, that you wouldn't be interested in me because I'm not ready for all that. Now I'm thinking it could be a good thing; it's like a built-in brake on that slippery slope."

He found this line of thinking very hopeful. "You think?" He brought his hands back to her rack and cupped the sensitive undersides again. She seemed to go ga-ga whenever he did that.

Why is it that when he touches me there, I can feel it in my clit? It doesn't make any sense! That never happens when I touch myself there, which makes even less sense. She shivered lustily, but somehow still forced herself to focus. She couldn't believe she was having such a serious conversation while on the brink of orgasm.

She replied, "I know. I mean, it's one thing to kiss. And maybe go a little beyond that. I'm not completely averse to sliding down the slope some more." She winked at him. She brought a hand around to his front and provocatively ran it up his chest. "But when I think about... sex." Her blush came back with a vengeance as her hand dropped away. "You know, full-on sex. I'm soooo not ready for that. Months and months from now, I think I still won't be ready for that."

Ironically, even though she was contradicting her own thoughts, she was being mostly honest. It was an issue of time scale. She wanted more, much more, but she wanted to take things very slowly.

As she explained all this, she had visions of his big erection. She couldn't see it under the bubbling water, since they'd settled deeper into the tub to protect themselves against the increasingly cold night air, but she could easily recall it pressing against her skin earlier, along with the obscene bulge it created in his swimsuit. Adding to her arousal and alarm was the memory of seeing it in its full naked glory at the beach the day before.

The idea of that humongous monster fitting in her virginally tight vagina was truly frightening for her, and she wasn't ready for that anytime soon. She had great performance anxiety with penises in general. The thin fabric of his swimsuit was very important for her, psychologically. Ditto with her bikini bottoms. Had it not been for those she would have been in a panic about her large clit.

He smiled and said. "Well, then maybe there's hope for us after all. Actually, it's more like pushing the problem off to a later date, but I'm willing to take that risk."

"Me too!" Her heart soared.

"Well then." He grinned. Like her, he was secretly ecstatic.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled widely. She leaned in closer and wrapped her arms around him again. "So, with that out of the way... Can we kiss some more? Like, right now?"

He snaked a hand around her and dropped it down to her ass. "I like that idea, but what about the massages?"

She blushed at the memory of her recent "massage." I can't believe I'm acting so wanton, so shameless. I need to run far, far away from Alan and his huge cock! On the other hand... I just can't resist! Gaawwwd, he makes me feel so good! And now he's starting to knead my ass cheeks more than even before. No fair! That feels divine!

She exclaimed passionately, "Screw the massages! Your hands are all bandaged anyway. Come back tomorrow, and we can do more hot tubbing and kissing!" She scooted forward in the tub and boldly dropped her hands down to his ass cheeks. She added shyly, "And maybe massages, too."

He laughed, amused and pleased by her enthusiasm. "Okay. But remember, one downside to my loving all these women is that my time gets split up. I may hide some things so as to not hurt your feelings, but I don't want to lie to you. That's just an uncomfortable truth that exists. Also, I don't suppose you want people at school to know we're kissing and stuff."

"No. Good point," Christine conceded. She instantly grasped the ramifications of what could happen if it became widely known that goody-goody "Ice Queen" Christine was kissing Amy Pestridge's now quite notorious boyfriend, let alone what sort of retribution that might invite from Heather.

She continued, "That could be problematic. Although, I don't mind if Amy and Katherine know. They've been sort of supporting me and giving me good advice and confidence."

Where would I be without my sisters? he thought happily.

With his arms around her and exploring everywhere but her crotch, he added, "Okay, but what I'm thinking is that maybe we should just continue with our practice dates. Friends in school like before, but when we get together outside of school, once or twice a week, we can make it really special sometimes, like a fancy date."

"Okay! Sounds great, but don't forget the 'plus.' Practice dates, plus lots of kissing! Heck, maybe we should just call them real dates. I mean, that's what people do on real dates, right?"

Before he could reply, she raised herself up to put her nose within an inch of his. She tilted her head a tiny bit so she could bring her lips even closer. She leaned in and plastered her mammoth pillows against his bare chest, sending little shocks of pleasure from her sensitive nipples to places farther south. As she leaned in though, their hips came together too, fitting their bodies together in a way she didn't expect.

Suddenly, she felt his erection between her thighs, pressing up against her still heated mound. Her engorged clit was pressed directly against his rigid shaft, separated from it by only two thin layers of wet cloth. The intensity and power of the sensation just about blew her head off. Her heart turned over in her chest and started thumping madly. Her face heated and prickles broke out all over her body. She was so close to cumming that it was taking all her willpower to resist. She could easily picture herself screaming into his mouth as she wiggled wildly all over his stiff pole.

Christine, you idiot! she berated herself. How could you forget about that... THING?! It's not like it isn't obvious; it's been sticking out forever, like some kind of... I dunno, guitar neck! Or oil derrick! It's HUGE! Now what? Jesus! It feels so good. Everything's TINGLING! Alan, please, please, please don't move! I swear, if he moves an inch down there I'm going to cum again, so hard! I can't stand this; it's driving me CRAZY. Too intense!

She panted wildly. Oh, God, he's looking at me! Damn his sexy eyes! Look at him, the BEAST! He knows exactly where that giant schlong of his is, damn him! Rubbing, grinding, driving me crazy! Smug bastard, I'll bet he planned this! DAMMIT! I'm going to explode!

Actually, he hadn't planned it at all. He was quite surprised to find her nose nearly touching his face and her nearly naked body plastered so closely to his. He was shell-shocked and didn't know what to do. This was too close to real sex for him to feel comfortable. He wasn't rubbing, grinding, or even moving his overheated rod at all; the notion that he was shifting on her was just her fevered imagination getting carried away on a rising tide of lust.

But what worried him most of all was the fact that the tip of his erection had slipped free from his swimsuit, as it got caught between her thighs. So far, most of its length remained covered, so she remained clueless as to his exposure. But if there was any sliding back and forth, it was certain that his bared cockhead would make contact with her exposed thighs, and he worried she'd freak out about it. He remained stock still, uncertain of what to do. He was still trying hard to avoid touching her pussy or having her touch his cock, for fear of taking things too far.

Despite her thoughts blaming him, she knew this intimate contact was all because of her. Oh my God, what am I doing?! I'm acting like a total hussy. I should run. I should hide, but I can't. It feels too good! That THING! So HOT! Even in the water, it's like a bar of molten lava, burning my skin! I'm practically daring him to fuck me, tonight! Now what? Come on, Alan, DO something. The suspense is killing me. Oh, I can't STAND it!

She fought not to let her fear show, so instead grinned widely, hoping that she was making it hard for him to think, much less reply. "Yes? You were saying?"

She looked him in the eye daringly. She wondered, What am I daring him to do, exactly? Talk? Kiss? Have sex? Say something about where his dick is nestling? All of the above? What's with me?! She hadn't been this afraid since the very first time she stepped out on the mat in her dojo. Yet even though she was trembling in his arms, and panting like she'd just run a race, she swallowed hard and fought to maintain eye contact.

He was tempted, incredibly tempted, to give in completely to his urges. He would start by kissing her and rubbing his hard-on up and down all over her, allowing it to become completely uncovered. She'd climax again and again as he dry fucked her (if one could call it that, since their lower bodies were underwater). The more times she came, the more helpless she'd be to his further advances. But he still worried that he was walking into disaster, with her snooping ways and his incestuous secrets. The urge for him to cum, by rubbing his partially exposed erection against her inner thighs, was almost irresistible.


He thought, That would be good, but I know what would be ten times better. Just one blowjob. That's all I ask. She's climaxed a couple of times already; it's only fair I get off at least once, right? She can kneel on the ground next to the hot tub, and I'll stand there and slip my dick in between her sweet lips. Oh man! GOD that would feel good! I don't care if she's never done it before; it's time that she learns! Man! Sliding in and out, in and out, with her tongue, her busy tongue...

He clenched his PC muscle hard as he struggled mightily to hold back. Oh GOD! I need it! I need to squirt! To cum! To spurt my hot seed all over her face! Down her throat! The tight lips, the dancing tongue, but most of all, the sweet, sweet bliss of release! God, help me! That wouldn't change our relationship too much, would it? Just one measly little blowjob? One pearly facial? I mean, we've done so much tonight already...

It took great willpower, but he slowly pulled his hips back, until his erection was no longer pressing against her. Then he carefully reached down and readjusted his swimsuit, making sure to tuck all of his cock back inside it.

He sighed with relief at that, especially since she seemed none the wiser about his accidental exposure. However, their bodies were still molded together everywhere else, and with her lips only an inch or so from his, he was still nearly dizzy with need.

His heart was pumping almost dangerously fast. Fuck! I need to cum so bad that I want to cry. At least I should run off to the bathroom and take care of this boner. But I can't even do that, 'cos of Mom! It's like I'd be cheating on her, committing the "sin of Onan" and all that crap. Seriously, she'd be totally crushed if she found out, and I don't want any more secrets. Shit! Talk about ironic: Mom would totally love it if I fuck Christine and pump my load into her, but she'd have a hissy fit if I masturbate instead!

He stammered, "Um, I like all that, but, uh, maybe we should, uh, keep calling them practice dates though, since we want to keep, um, what we're really doing a secret at, uh, at school..."

She didn't try to disagree with him, mostly because she was so eager to lock lips with him again. She thought, Who cares what they're called, ultimately, as long as they involve a heck of a lot more of THIS?!

Besides, they both were too horny to keep talking coherently. So that was the end of the conversation for a while, as they lost themselves in the joys of making out.

While the kissing was as great as before, helped along by the fact that their bodies were wet and sliding all over each other, a part of Alan's brain was also busy thinking. Damn. That was sort of a devil's bargain. I think I handled that well and set things up great for the short term. But in the long term, it still really sucks! I'm totally setting myself up for heartbreak and disaster.

Man, if she finds out about the incest, I'm toast! She'd kick my ass. Literally! Even with all these latest confessions about Suzanne and everything, there's still such a huge gap between the moral Boy Scout type of person she thinks I am and the total horndog I've actually become. For instance, if she knew I was getting double and even triple blowjobs on a daily basis, she'd flip her lid.

Even without that, I just know I'm gonna end up falling in love with her more and more and more, and her with me. Then where will we be? We'll still be stuck. And her body! I'm already becoming addicted to it. It seriously needs to get fucked! God dammit, it would be a crime if I don't drill her hard, daily!

He tried to switch his thoughts from that forbidden topic. Glory? Now, Glory I could kind of see joining the harem, maybe, if I put my most optimistic rose-colored glasses on. Maybe she could have some kind of linkage to it, while keeping her independence. Emphasis on maybe. Maybe after a couple of years, if she's willing to move to Berkeley or wherever I end up going to college. She did come over for Thanksgiving, after all.

But Christine's a whole different matter. She's very moral and inflexible. My whole argument trying to justify polygamy went over like a lead balloon. And she gets jealous, even if she did manage to agree to what I'm doing on some intellectual level.

Nope. I'm screwed. All I can hope is some magical solution will fly out of my ass between now and when she's ready for sex. And that might end up being a lot sooner than she realizes. God knows she's taken to kissing like a fish to water. Then I'll be toast even faster. But, dammit, she's just too irresistible! I can't say no to this perfect body. And these tits!

His hands were already on her bare breasts, but he gave them an extra firm squeeze.

And this ass! He dropped his hands back into the water and gave her almost bare ass cheeks a good squeeze. And her insides, too. Even her spleen. He chuckled to himself at that. God, I love her! I don't just love her absurdly incredible and curvy body; I love HER! I love her mind. I love her smarts. I even love her temper. If there were some way I could solve this harem problem and marry her AND Amy, I'd do it in a heartbeat!


"Oh shit," he suddenly said out loud.

"What?" She broke off their kissing and looked at him, worried that he'd come up with a reason to change his mind.

"It's my hands." He pulled his hands off her ass and out of the water and held them up. "It was pretty inevitable, I guess. You have such a fine ass that I just couldn't resist giving it a squeeze. Well, I guess they've been in and out of the water for a while now, but I only just noticed what's happened to my bandages. Look. They're all soaked."

In truth, he'd been having so much fun that he'd completely forgotten about the fight, the bandages, and even the pain and soreness in his hands.

She was dismayed. "Oh no! My bandages have gotten somewhat wet from touching your wet skin, but I was going to take care of that easily enough after you left. Yours are really soaked. We'd better get you re-bandaged. You can't leave like that. I'm good with bandaging, due to all my martial arts practice."

"There's no time! It's what? Five forty-five already? Later, probably. I need to head to the store right now if I'm gonna make it on time. I shouldn't have agreed to the hot tub idea in the first place, but I couldn't resist. I guess that's my problem in general - low willpower, and not thinking with the right head."

"'The store,' eh? Which store?"

"Um, I can't say. It's kind of personal."

"Hmmm. Curious. Why would you need an appointment to shop? ... Well, whatever store it is, they're probably in the phone book. Why don't you call them and tell them you'll be a little late? Meanwhile, I'll get some new bandages for you."

She pulled herself out of the tub and rushed into the house. To his disappointment, she picked up the bikini top along the way (although watching her bend down and pick it up was a sight to see).

He hadn't considered the idea of simply calling the sex shop, because he'd assumed that Ginger would arrive at the same time he would. Then he realized it would only take a minute to look up the number. He decided it wouldn't hurt to try.

So he hurried inside and looked up the number, while simultaneously trying to dry himself with a towel.

He called, and to his great surprise Ginger answered the phone. He explained to her that he was running a little late and asked if she minded. She said she was multitasking and had some other things to do there, so she didn't mind if he was a little late, as long as he wasn't very late.

That was a relief for him, especially since he was late already since he'd gotten so carried away having sexy fun with Christine. But he still wanted to hustle, because he had a lot to do. The day before, he'd arranged to borrow several thousand dollars from Brenda, so he could pay for his sex shop purchases. (She'd wanted to give him the cash outright, but he felt that the gifts wouldn't mean as much if it didn't ultimately come from his own pocket. Besides, some gifts were for Brenda and he didn't want her to pay for her own gifts.) But he'd forgotten about that arrangement until just now. So he realized that he'd have to stop by Brenda's mansion first.

As he walked into the house to find Christine, he had another realization: I jogged here. I don't have my car! Shit! That's another delay and complication. Plus, I wouldn't want Christine to drive me to Brenda's. She'll put two and two together and figure out that Brenda's part of my harem. With the way Brenda looks and acts, that's inviting disaster. No, I'll have to ask Christine to drive me home first, and then I'll have to drive myself to the sex shop, stopping by Brenda's on the way. Man, it's a good thing I was able to get Ginger on the phone, or else I would have had to drop everything and have Christine drive me there with no money, except for what's in my wallet plus the maximum withdrawal from an ATM!

So that's what happened. He rushed from room to room looking for her, but she found him in the den. She sat him down and quickly re-bandaged his hands, which only took a couple of minutes.

He was delighted to notice that she still hadn't bothered to put her bikini top on, or anything else on. As he continued to dry his hair, he took the time to openly ogle her nearly completely nude body. It was even more glorious in the well lit room. He amused himself by pondering how many hundreds or even thousands of dollars some of his friends would pay to see Christine's bare breasts sway wildly as she changed his bandages.

To his surprise, the bandages were much better when she'd finished. He realized that the nurses had been professionally cautious and wrapped him liberally with the gauze. Christine, though, had different motives and used a lot less, which left him more mobility. He commented, "Boy, if only my hands had been like this before we started playing around, I could have done so much better."

She actually blushed a bit at that, because she was thinking, It gets BETTER?! His touch was a thousand times better than when I touch myself. If that was just clumsy groping, I'm almost afraid of what he could do with finesse! Her nipples and clit had gone down, but they popped up erect again as she considered the possibilities.


With the bandaging done, there was no reason left for him to linger, yet she didn't want to see him go. She struck a somewhat awkward pose, trying to look casual while standing on her tip toes to firm up her legs and ass, and allowing her huge hooters to dangle enticingly. (She still didn't have the whole "flirting thing" down, but she was trying.)

With the most sultry voice she could manage, she asked, "Do you REALLY have to go? Can't you put off whatever you're doing and stay a while longer? We could go to my room and hang out... and stuff."

He thought, Lord, have mercy! I don't say that much, but seriously, if there's a God, please God, have mercy on me. She's too sexy! And God, have mercy on my bathing suit. How my boner hasn't ripped it in two yet is a mystery. And have mercy on Alan Junior. If I can't cum soon, I'm seriously gonna cry!

He said, "I hate to say this, but I honestly have to go. Believe me, I'd love to stay, I really would."

Straightening up, she replied, "Well then, will you promise that we can hang out tomorrow?"

Alarm bells went off in his head. The vow! I must uphold the vow! Can't get too involved... But if we just do tomorrow what we did today, would that be so bad? Oh, fuck. Where's my willpower?

He grinned, and said, "Okay, but only on one condition: that you're not so overdressed like you were today."

She put a hand on her hip and glared at him indignantly. "Overdressed?! How could I possibly wear any less?!" She looked down significantly at her bikini bottoms and wondered if she really could take them off in front of him.

He quipped, "Well, you could wear a toe ring. Or a bracelet."

She rolled her eyes, but she grinned too. "You're a hopeless case, you know that?"

However, at that point, he remembered the time, and reminded her of his urgent need to leave quickly. "Man, I've really gotta go. It's six already."

She held her arms open. "Good-bye kiss?"

Damn, I'm so weak! He stepped forward and kissed her.

Not surprisingly, neither of them could limit it to a short kiss. They ended up freely and passionately necking and fondling for several minutes. Alan nearly forgot about having to leave, because he couldn't get enough of Christine's incredible body. But he knew time was running out, so he re-explored virtually every part of her body he could reach, as if saying a fond farewell to all of her. The only exception was that he still avoided her pussy.

However, he got so carried away that he slid his hand under the back of her panties, exploring her ass crack for the first time.

That drove Christine wild. Naturally, his cock was like a hot iron bar. She found herself grinding and sliding her body up and down it even more than before. The two of them were spiraling towards a mutual climax. It looked like Alan could finally cum for the very first time with her.

But unfortunately, she remembered that her parents were due home any minute. In fact, now that she thought about it, she was surprised that they hadn't returned for dinner already. Plus, she worried about making Alan late for his appointment. So she eventually managed to pull away.

She finally put some clothes on, while Alan borrowed a shirt from her father since the shirt he'd arrived in had big sweat stains. Then they rushed off to the car. But she felt a lot better knowing that she'd be seeing him soon, even though no specific plans were made.

During the ride, they had fun talking, but they were careful not to discuss what had happened between them or even anything sexual. Neither of them wanted to jinx things or ruin the chance of a repeat performance the next day.

Alan had her drop him off a block from his house. He explained that it might be problematic if Amy found out where he'd been and what he'd been doing. He wanted to tell Amy, but break it to her gently and diplomatically. However, right now he had to hurry to the store instead.

Christine bought that explanation. She figured that if she were in Amy's shoes, she'd be more than a little peeved, to say the least. She still couldn't understand Amy's approval of Alan's other lovers at all.


In fact, that excuse actually was true, since Alan knew that even Amy could feel jealous at times, but it was only part of his reasoning. He was insistent on having his house be a "no go" zone for Christine. With the entire house smelling like cum, the dancing pole in the living room, the big bed now visibly present after Glory's Thanksgiving-day visit, and his mother Susan generally dressed in only high heels and an apron or négligée (if that), having Christine enter his house was one of the biggest disasters he could imagine. He could easily picture her walking through the front door with him, only to find his mother Susan on her knees and dressed in just an erotic apron, ready to give her son a 'welcome home' blowjob or titfuck. He shuddered to imagine the epic disaster if that should occur.

However, before Christine let Alan go, she walked around to his side of the car, and the two of them stood there French kissing right next to the car for a couple of minutes. They figured they could stop and quickly get themselves presentable if a car's headlights started to expose them in the darkness.

Their make-out session was less intense, due to the location as well as the fact that they were fully dressed. But that was only in a relative sense; it was still extremely hot and heavy.

As the kissing went on, he thought, Sweet! Maybe this is the start of a new goodbye kissing tradition with Christine, just like the hello and goodbye kissing tradition at home. How cool is that? I'm making out with the notorious "Ice Queen" and she's exactly the opposite of icy. This girl is flat out fucking hot to trot, with the emphasis on HOT!

They finally broke the kiss, and Alan walked towards home.

Christine watched as he disappeared into the darkness. She sighed and got back into the car.


Christine drove home on autopilot, her mind churning over the events of the last two hours. Boy, I can't believe it! I'm so overjoyed at everything that just happened, but I feel unsettled too. I'm weak. Weak! I shouldn't be putting up with this "harem" bullshit. But I can't deny my feelings for him.

What choice do I have? It's not like I can stop, not after what happened tonight! Instead of being so ashamed, I need to look at this in a practical way. It's like what Aunt Kirsten once told me about that song lyric: he's using me, but I'm using him too, and we're both benefiting. We'll be "friends with benefits," so what difference does it make it he has other lovers?

The house was still dark when she got there. She was very grateful, because that was a good sign that her parents still weren't home. She parked in the garage and entered through the kitchen. As she dropped the keys on the counter, she saw the phonebook sitting next to the phone. Hmmm, I wonder what store he called. As she looked at the phone, her eyes fell on the redial button.

Hmmm. just one little push of a button and I can find out. Wait. I promised not to snoop. Darn it! It's not really snooping though, is it? I mean, he didn't call one of his "harem" beauties, did he? No, it's just some store. There's no agreement preventing me from looking into that, right? Plus, this is my house, darn it. I'm allowed to know where calls go from our own phone, aren't I?

Grrr. Come on, who am I kidding? I know he'd be mad.

She sat down and stared daggers at the phone. Then she got up, picked up the receiver, and then banged it down again. Stalling, she put the phone book away. Too bad he closed it; I could have gotten some idea where he called from that. Well, it was the yellow pages, so he did call some store.

She sat and stared at the phone a while longer. Again, she got up and picked up the receiver. Her finger hovered over the redial button, as she continued arguing with herself. Finally she closed her eyes, punched out some numbers at random, and then hung up. There, no more temptation. I was a good girl, Alan, more than you deserve.

Christine went to her room and flopped down on her bed. She was emotionally and physically exhausted.

But she had only been lying there for about a minute when there was a knock on her door. "Christine? Honey? May I come in?"

UGH! Just what I need. Christine sat up. "Sure."

Olga walked in and closed the door. She was wearing typical hanging-around-the-house clothes. She smiled significantly at her daughter, fanning her face suggestively. "Phew! Talk about a scorcher!"

Christine stiffened and got a sinking feeling in her stomach. "What do you mean?!"

Olga kept on fanning herself. "I'm talking about what happened in the backyard tonight."

Christine bolted upright, a horrified look on her face. "Oh no! NO! Tell me you didn't see any of that!"

"Honey, how could I not?" Olga finally stopped her fanning. "You must have been at it with him for a loooong time. I live here too, you know."


"NO, no, no!" Christine buried her face in her hands.

Olga put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about it. I didn't see much."

Christine removed her hands to look at her mother's face with alarm. "Just how much DID you see?!"

"Like I said, not much. I could have seen much more, but I wanted you to have your privacy. So I just peeked enough to get the general gist." That was true, although it had been more than one brief peek.

Christine was relieved to hear that, but she still paced around her room in agitation. "But... but... the lights were off the whole time!" She remembered how she'd periodically checked to make sure the house was dark, and once even went inside and looked around to make sure it was empty. But she had grown lax later on, even as the odds of her parents returning increased.

Olga pointed out, "I didn't want to turn the lights on and have you freak out. Then you would have stopped immediately, and I didn't want that. I'm really rooting for you two, you know. You make an ideal match."

Christine thought, For the thousandth time, Mom, if you only knew the full story! I couldn't have picked a worse match if I'd tried! She suddenly froze in her pacing as a disturbing thought hit her. "Oh no! What about Dad?!"

Olga waved a hand dismissively. "Fortunately, he's still not home."

PHEW! "But you were supposed to be out with him!"

"True, but I came home early." In fact, curiosity had driven Olga to "accidentally on purpose" return early. She figured, correctly, that she could see for herself how Alan and her daughter were getting along. She waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about that. These things happen sometimes when you don't have a place of your own. But anyway, isn't this great news? We should celebrate with some bubbly apple cider!"

"What?! What are you talking about?!"

"What happened with you and Alan. You'd only kissed a little bit until today. Obviously, this is a big, big breakthrough for you two. There's no going back now. Isn't that GREAT?! This other girl he's dating - Amy - certainly she must be yesterday's news after what happened today."

Christine wanted to scream, because she knew that wasn't true. Alan wasn't going to give up Amy for anything. Instead she stepped forward and gave her mother a big hug.

Olga was happy to hug her daughter and give her emotional support, but she was slightly puzzled by it too. When the hug finally ended, she asked, "What was that for?"

Christine stepped back and flopped her hands up and down in frustration. "I don't know. I guess I'm just a bit emotionally drained after everything that happened today. You're right; this is good news." She wiggled her eyebrows, with her eyes opened wide. "It's all so crazy! Honestly, I wasn't expecting that! But it was like we couldn't keep our hands off each other!"

Olga nodded and smiled. "I know. I saw. And he couldn't keep his hands off your bryster, specifically."

Christine slapped her own face, covering it. She spoke enough Norwegian to know that "bryster" was the word for "breasts". "MooooOOOooom! Could you make me any MORE embarrassed?!"

"Probably. I am a mom, after all." Olga chuckled at that little joke to herself. "But seriously, I knew that would happen before long. Guys simply can't resist a figure like yours."

Christine narrowed her gaze with renewed concern. "Just how much did you see, exactly?!"

Olga held her hands up defensively. "Less than a minute in total. Honestly! But it was a VERY steamy minute! In the future, if you want total privacy, Lars and I will be glad to respect that. But you need to be clear: 'be gone from exactly this time to that time, at least.' You assumed we would be out until a certain hour based on our habits, but you assumed wrong."

Christine flopped back on her bed. "Ugh! You can say that again! I think I'll curl up in a ball and die of shame right now, thank you very much."

Olga sat down next to her daughter and put a hand on her knee in a supportive gesture. "Why? I never raised you to believe that sex is a shameful, dirty thing. You seem to have picked up that idea all on your own somehow. Sure, if Lars saw too, that would have been unfortunate, but it was only me. Anyway, forget about what I saw. The important thing is that your relationship with Alan is coming along nicely! Amy is TOAST; I can guarantee you that!"

Olga dramatically thrust her chest forward, emphasizing her sizable bust. "We Anderrsen women always get our man. We seem to have certain genetic advantages that help. For one thing, the Boob Fairy has been very generous to you." She winked knowingly.

Christine rolled her eyes. "Mom, I don't doubt that, generally speaking. But unfortunately, Amy is genetically blessed too. The Boob Fairy was just about as generous with her, for starters."

"You do have a point there." Olga slumped her shoulders, but then brightened again right away. "Don't you think that how you and Alan were going at it so passionately... doesn't that put you in the lead in the war with Amy for his heart?"

"Mom, first off, I don't like to think I'm in a war. I'm not going to try to stab Amy in the back or anything like that. I'm not going to take a 'win at any cost' approach, especially since it was my waffling that created this problem in the first place."

"That's very noble of you, but you know the saying: 'All's fair in love and war.'"

"Please. Don't meddle, okay? This is my quest. I'm going to take the high road and keep on being myself, and see if that's good enough for him. But don't you go underestimating Amy. She's his next-door neighbor, you know. They've been friends since they were in diapers. Amy's got a lot going for her, more than you know. I've got a really tough challenge there, maybe an unwinnable one. How can I compete against the deep bond they share? The way I figure, I'll be lucky just to keep the status quo, and not have him get exclusive with her."

Christine said that because she knew that her best scenario was to have Alan agree to date both her and Amy - as well as continue with his other lovers. There was no realistic chance he'd drop everyone else to be with Christine alone. So she was trying to lower Olga's expectations.

Olga kept her chin up. "Don't you worry. Perhaps it may take some time for him to see the light. But I've got a very, very good feeling that Alan could be, well... someone very special for you. Very long term. Call it a hunch."

"MoooooOOOOoooom! I told you to lay off the wild speculation already. That doesn't help me AT ALL."

"Sorry. I'll try to control myself. It's just that I see how you look at him and how he looks at you. You can't deny that there's a special spark there."

"Maybe so," Christine grudgingly admitted. "But don't get my hopes up, okay? Today's the first day we really got intimate like that, so it's way, way too early to say anything about anything. Agreed?"

Olga nodded. "Agreed. But still... you can't blame me for getting all excited. You're my only daughter. This is exciting!" She smiled widely with a twinkle in her eye.

Christine chuckled. "Okay, Mom. Enough, already. I need some time to chill out, please."

Olga left a short time after that. Clearly, she was still tickled pink by everything she'd seen and learned. She really did have a strong feeling that Alan could be "the one" for her precious daughter.

Christine couldn't help but pick up on her mother's enthusiasm, and it energized her. But once she was alone again, she lay on her bed and grew more contemplative. Oh boy. As if I don't have enough trouble already. Mom was already practically fitting me for a wedding gown. After today, she's going to be a hopeless case! I'm tempted to pop her bubble by telling her more of the depressing truth about his other lovers, but I just can't. She's so happy for me. It's kind of cute.

Although... it's pretty damn annoying too. Like when she said "There's no going back now." Is that really true?! God, I don't know. I must admit that I DO feel a special spark. Hell, it's more like a raging inferno! But what am I supposed to do?! The more my feelings grow for him, the more troublesome things get!


Even though Alan was once again only wearing his jogging clothes (a T-shirt and shorts), his plan was to avoid going in the house altogether, not even just for a minute to grab a warmer change of clothes. He'd just have to be a little cold.

He (correctly) figured that odds were good that Susan, at least, was eagerly waiting for his return in a see-through négligée or something like that. Even just kissing her hello and then explaining why he didn't have time to fool around with her would take time, especially since the trip to the sex shop was supposed to be a secret from his family so he could surprise them. Plus, he was so horny from all that fooling around with Christine that he didn't know if he could resist her ample charms, especially since he still hadn't climaxed even once. He was flaccid now, which was actually a mercy after being erect for so long. But he figured that could and probably would change very quickly (especially in Susan's presence).

The good news was, since he had temporarily "won" Xania's Corvette, there were more cars than spots for them in the garage. The bad news was that the Corvette was one of the cars in the garage, and he didn't have the key for it on his key chain. Dang! When am I going to be able to drive that thing? he wondered as he snuck into the family sedan, which was parked on the street in front of the house.

Brenda lived less than five minutes away from the Plummers. In recent weeks, Suzanne had pointed out her mansion, as the family had driven past it, but Alan had never actually been inside. He looked forward to seeing what the interior was like, but he was also worried: What about Adrian? He'd never met him, and meeting him could be extremely problematic.

Damn, damn, and double damn! This sex shop trip is turning out to be a logistical nightmare. I wish I had a cell phone so I could call up Suzanne and get her advice on what to do about Adrian. She's so wise. I did hear something about this being Adrian's first night to have sex with Brenda. Hmmm. That could be interesting. I wonder if they've done the deed yet.

All the way to the Hunter mansion, he pondered the problems involved in potentially meeting Adrian, He also pondered how to meet Brenda and get the money from her without meeting Adrian.

Inside the mansion, Suzanne's 24-hour 'no touching' ban was still holding, but it had been a very close call at times. All would have been lost many times over had it not been for Anika's heroic efforts.

As Alan drove up to the mansion, he was unaware that Brenda and Adrian were going bat-shit crazy with anticipation. Suzanne had given them permission to go all the way as soon as the ban was over, and that's exactly what they planned to do.

Brenda was very worked up, but Adrian was absolutely sweating bullets. After all, Brenda had years and years of fucking experience, and she'd had lots of powerful sexual experiences recently, whereas Adrian was a complete virgin. The sum total of his sexual experience was what he had done in recent days with his mother. So this was a gigantic step into the great unknown for him.

At first, the twenty-four hour ban hadn't been a bother at all, what with the way Brenda was arousing him with sexy outfits and stripteases and such. But the last two hours of the no orgasm ban had been pure torture. After Brenda's show of rubbing herself all over the sliding glass door, Adrian and Brenda had finally decided they couldn't bear to look at each other without basically going into a sexual frenzy, so they retired to their respective rooms to rest up.

Adrian started out reading a good book, but soon found he couldn't concentrate. He'd tried to watch a Monty Python's Flying Circus video, but even that couldn't hold his attention. When Alan finally pulled up in front of the mansion, Adrian was curled up in a ball on his bed. The video was playing, but he was staring into space, trying to imagine what fucking his mother would be like.

As Alan arrived, he made the snap decision that he should try to meet Adrian after all. He figured that there was no good time to hold the meeting, because Adrian would react badly no matter what he said or did. However, with Brenda and Adrian about to have sex together for the first time, he assumed Adrian would be so distracted by that impending event that the impact of their first meeting would be muted.

It was something that needed to happen sooner or later, probably sooner. Brenda wasn't making any special effort to hide where she was going every day. It would be quite easy for Adrian to simply follow her to the Plummer house if his curiosity got the best of him. To have him simply show up like that and stumble across who-knows-what could be disastrous.

Alan had plans that he hoped could help at least lessen Adrian's natural hostility towards him. He'd recently heard from Suzanne that Adrian was having great difficulty with the bullies at school. Since they went to the same school, they were probably some of the same bullies. He knew the fight he'd been involved in earlier would unleash a wave of bureaucratic action against bullies, so it would be good if Alan could ride that wave to help take care of Adrian's bullies too. By working against a common enemy, they would be allies, at least on that issue, which was very important in Adrian's life. Alan had no delusions of suddenly becoming Adrian's friend, but he wanted to ease Adrian's hostility enough so that Adrian wouldn't lash out and do something rash.

But in order to get started with that plan he needed to meet Adrian at some point before school resumed on Monday, so he figured, Why not now?

The Plummer family was wealthy and lived in a nice house, but Brenda's mansion made it seem like a shack. Her estate had a long private driveway, guarded by an iron gate. Alan pulled up to the gate, found the intercom, and buzzed the house.

Anika answered. "Ya? Who is it? Vat do you vant?"

Alan had heard Brenda had a loyal old maid named Anika, but he hadn't met her and knew very little about her. "Um, my name is Alan. Brenda knows me very well. I stopped by to see her."

There was a long silence. Then Anika asked, "DAT Alan?"

"Yes. That Alan. Can you buzz me through?"

A minute later, he parked as close to the front doors of the Hunter mansion as he could get. It seemed just like valet parking at a fancy hotel, and he half-expected to see a valet show up. The private driveway was so long that he couldn't even see the public road anymore.

Anika walked out of the mansion and made brief small talk with Alan at a well-lit spot on the lawn, while Brenda was getting ready.

About a minute later, Brenda came out of the house, running as fast as her high heels could carry her, right up to where Alan and Anika were standing. When she'd found out that Alan had arrived, she'd been standing in front of her closet and trying to decide what to wear for when the ban ended. Then she'd fretted about what to wear for Alan. She'd quickly changed into a French maid outfit, figuring that displayed her slave status the best. Her huge boobs were completely exposed in this attire though, as she was following Suzanne's admonition to always keep her extraordinarily long nipples uncovered.

"MASTER!" she gasped breathlessly. She dropped to her knees on the grass a couple of feet in front of Alan and "assumed the position," bowing her head, pinning her arms behind her back, and thrusting her chest forward.


Anika's eyes bugged out. She knew very well that Brenda had a master, but to actually see her boss behave like that was shocking, to say the least. Furthermore, she'd known that Brenda's "master" was young, but to see just how young he was astounded her.

Alan was surprised too. Even as his penis surged to full size, he complained, "Quick, Brenda! Stand up! You'll ruin everything! Does Adrian know I'm here?"

"No, Master," Brenda answered as she scrambled to stand.

Anika clarified, "He's in his room, vich looks out over de backyard. I don't tink a nuclear bomb vould rouse him."

Alan sighed with relief. "Well, thank God for that." Even though he was planning to meet Adrian, he didn't want Adrian seeing him and Brenda together - especially not like this!

Worried that she'd done something wrong with her greeting, Brenda asked, "Have I been bad? Should Master punish me? I think I need a good spanking. Please, spank me!"

He was seriously tempted to get something sexual started with her, because his body was still craving release from his time with Christine. But now was definitely not the right time or place, so he waved that suggestion off. "Not now, Brenda. I'm only here to pick up the money I need to borrow from you."

Brenda stood, still with her arms behind her back and her chest thrust out. "Oh! The money! I forgot all about that. Of course. You see, I can hardly think straight. As you've heard, Aidy and I are about to have sex for the first time, so we're all very excited around here." She frowned with doubt. "At least, I assume you've heard. I've been told you gave the okay."

Alan gently tipped her chin up with his fingertips, so she would look him in the eye. "Yes, I know, and I fully approve. I'm glad you haven't started yet, though, because I thought this would be as good a time as any for me to finally meet Adrian."

Anika noticed the way he looked at Brenda, with the ease of someone in complete control and not worried about anyone challenging that control. She also noticed the adoring look on Brenda's face.

Brenda's face grew very worried. "Oh dear. Oh no! Aidy... Well, he's not going to take too kindly to that. He doesn't know what a wonderful man you are. His attitude towards you varies between incomprehension, fear, and blind rage."

Alan released her chin with a sigh. "I figured as much. I know I can't change that overnight, but I just want to meet him briefly, so he'll at least know that I don't have horns and fangs. I figure now's the best time, since he'll be so distracted with thoughts of losing his virginity to his remarkable mother. Um, by the way, is there any way you can pull your top up, so it can at least cover your nipples?"

"Probably not, but I can try." However, she figured the trying could wait until they were in the house. In fact, she thrust her chest out even more. She reveled in being topless in front of her master.

The three of them walked up the many steps that led to the front door. Before entering, Alan explained that he just wanted to say a few words to Adrian and give him some advice. "Let's make sure I get the money before I see him, because I'm going to want to leave quickly and alone. It's important that it doesn't seem like you're leaving with me and leaving him stranded. After I'm gone, DON'T talk to him about this. Say as little as possible. Change the subject. I just want to plant a seed at this time, not get him fully focused on me. Get his mind back on sex and keep it there, so he doesn't have time to ruminate. As soon as I'm gone, you can consider the 24-hour ban officially over. Fuck him all night long, and as much as you can over the next few days. Is that all understood?"

"Yes, Master," Brenda breathed, her bosom heaving with emotion. "I can't believe how giving and understanding you are about this! You're the most wonderful master ever!"

"No, I'm not. The way I figure, if I was Adrian and I had you for a mother, I'd be totally obsessed with you too. I'm not happy about it, but it just seems cruel not to allow his dreams to come true. Now, don't try to kiss me or anything. This is HIS night. Please make it special for him."

"Yes, Master. What a wonderful order to be 'forced' to carry out!"

Once inside the house, Anika went off to get the money from a safe, while Brenda started towards the stairs to get her son.

But at the last second, Alan grabbed her hand. He couldn't really articulate why, but his intuition was warning him that meeting Adrian now would be a very bad idea. His main worry was that he was stumbling in without knowing enough about Adrian or the situation in general. So he said, "Wait a minute. Now that it's come to this, I'm getting cold feet. Maybe it would be better to wait a few days and have his confidence grow a bit more. Do you mind if I call Suzanne?"

"Mind? Master, I'm your slave! Don't ask, just take."

So Alan called Suzanne and briefly explained where he was and what he was planning on doing.

Suzanne got very upset. "You wanna do WHAT?! Sweetie, NO! That's so wrong on so many levels."

"But I could be very careful and diplomatic. And quick. I just want to briefly see him face to face."


"Sweetie, thank God you called. Get out of there right away! NOW! Adrian's a very messed up boy. He's like a powder keg waiting to go off. When people get pushed down and kicked around as much as he has, there's no telling when they'll snap."

"So you mean he could go postal or something like that?"

"No, he's not that messed up. His love for Brenda keeps him grounded. But still, this is a very delicate stage for him and you could do more harm than good. Seriously, get out of there. If you love your harem at all, you'll move your cute butt, Sweetie. And I mean now!"

So Alan hastily hung up and went back outside, with Anika and Brenda following. Anika gave him the money he'd asked for.

He explained the gist of Suzanne's comments and his change of plans. He made them swear not to let Adrian know that he had even been there. Then he got back in his car without even kissing Brenda, since he felt that this was Adrian's special day, and it didn't feel right.

Anika followed Brenda back into the house. Once inside, she stared hard at her boss, and frowned. "Dis Alan boy. He's not just after your money, ist he? He comes valtzink in here and valks off vis tousands of dollars!"

Brenda waved a hand dismissively. "No way! He's not interested in money in the slightest. He doesn't even have a car or a cell phone, and in fact, he has very few possessions at all. You should see his Spartan room. Besides, his family is rich, and Mistress Suzanne is rich too. They're millionaires. The money he took is just pocket change. I'd give him more, much more, gladly!"

Anika still frowned, especially at that last comment. "Dat's vat I vorry about. But if you say so." Mollified for now, she gave her boss some encouraging words, and then watched her climb up the stairs, still dressed in her skimpy French maid outfit.

Anika thought, Interestink. Wery interestink. Dis Alan, he seems like a vily character. Wery clever. I'm glad that he seems like a nice boy, because poor Aidy's such a cream puff. Let's face it, Brenda ist too. A charlatan could take dem for everytink dey've got, and I don't tink I could do much to stop it. If it turns out dat Alan ist not goink to steal her blind, den ve can only tank pure luck for dat.

I might even actually like dis Alan, if he's really like vat everybody says he is. He gives off a good impression. An honest and clean cut Boy Scout type vis special smarts and cunnink, it seems. Does he really haf his own harem?! He looks like the last vone on Eart to be into dat kind of kinky stuff.

I like how he listens to dis Mistress Suzanne voman. I don't know if I vould trust him alone, but I trust her. Maybe they can actually help turn Aidy around and help give him a backbone, because de God in de heaven knows dat Brenda and I haven't been able to do enuff. I haf hope.

Hee-hee, now I haf to sneak up de stairs to see vat Aidy and Brenda are up to! My sex life is over, so sad, but at least I can live wicariously through her.

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