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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 131
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Another problem Alan had was that he'd forgotten just how far away Stephanie's lingerie and sex shop was. It had been chosen precisely because it wasn't the closest sex shop around, so there was less of a chance of running into someone they knew. (Unfortunately, other people used that same logic, which is why even Christine had gone there.) He knew it would take about another fifteen minutes to get there, even driving fast, so he consoled himself that he should make it there by six thirty.

As he drove, he thought about Brenda's son. Boy, that Adrian. I feel sorry for him. I've gotta figure out some kind of way to help him get his confidence back. He's probably a good kid who just feels defeated from all the bullying. Aunt Suzy, er, Mother, says he really got the rough treatment at school.

Alan arrived at the sex shop, and Ginger let him in the door. He still was in a hurried mood. All he wanted to do was pick out his purchases, pay for them, and get back home. He rued the fact that he didn't have a cell phone, because he figured his family, and especially Susan, was growing really worried about him by now.

The sex shop had been closed for most of the four day Thanksgiving vacation, even though it was a good time for sales, because the other employees had left town to visit family. Ginger had made this special arrangement to be there, partly to make a good commission on the rings Alan wanted. But more than that, she was extremely intrigued about him and wanted to learn more about this "mystery man."

He'd come in recently and bought all kinds of curious purchases, including no less than nine identical black collars. Additionally, many of the items he'd selected were for women with busts ranging from D-cups to J-cups, and he'd given the preposterous excuse that he was buying these things for a "dance troop" he was in charge of.

Ginger was almost positive that, in fact, he was the master of a harem. While Alan didn't conform to most people's typical expectations of what a master would look like (which was somewhat like a Mafia don or a Batman villain), Ginger was a dominatrix herself and had come across all kinds of people in the sex shop, so she knew that masters came in many varied shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, she was fairly positive that Suzanne, Susan, Amy, and Katherine were in his harem, and probably Xania too (since she'd seen Suzanne and Xania act intimate together), and she had the improbably large bosom to fit in with his supposed "dance troop". She'd heard the busty Susan mention that her master was named "Alan," and this Alan certainly seemed to have a large harem of busty women, based on his purchases on his previous visit, so the odds seemed good that they were all references to the same guy and the same harem. After all, Alan was not that common a name. Additionally, in her two years of working at the sex shop, she'd never come across any hints of any honest-to-goodness real harems at all.

Still, Ginger knew something about harems. She didn't have a harem in the same way that Alan did, but she did have a couple dozen potential sex partners who were "on call" for her at any given time, as she used her sex shop job, and a second job at a restaurant, to pick up new partners, both men and women. Although she was a "switch" (able to be both dominant and submissive), she preferred being dominant, because that enabled her to control several submissives at any one time.


Unfortunately for Ginger and her submissives, she wasn't a particularly loving or kind mistress, so her submissives, both male and female, tended to leave her before long. She was the sort of woman who basically preferred the variety of many sex partners over the intimacy of close relationships. After all, she was young and eager to explore the sexual power or magnetism she seemed to have over others, and figured she could always wait to settle down later. She particularly loved whipping her lovers with a riding crop. And even though she enjoyed getting whipped just as much, many found they were not into such an intense S&M scene.

As a result, she didn't really have a harem (and in fact she lived alone), but she fancied that she did. She was eager to get to know another harem master. She mingled in all kinds of BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) circles. But even there, she'd never heard of anyone having something like a real harem, although she had come across some people with more than one long-term lover.

This time, as he set out to pick his rings, she watched Alan very, very carefully, sizing him up and looking for clues.

Alan didn't realize it, but in the last two months he had changed dramatically. His thoughts and his words were not that different from when he'd been a virgin, but there was just something about him that wasn't there before. He wasn't cocky or arrogant, just very confident and self-assured. Other people wouldn't have noticed, but to Ginger's discerning eye, she could see a more mature and knowing air about him that separated him from the run-of-the-mill teenager.

Last time he'd come to the store, he'd bought $1,500 worth of purchases, on a credit card that he'd maxed out in the process. He'd mentioned that he wanted to come back to buy five rings for about $1,000 apiece, but now he said he wanted six rings instead. (It occurred to him that he should buy rings for Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, Amy, Brenda, AND Glory, even though Glory had no official link to the harem.)

This change in his plans almost drove Ginger mad with curiosity. What is WITH this guy? Last time, he wanted four rings and then changed his mind to five. Now he's changed it again to six. What's the deal? Is his harem expanding by the hour?! Who ever heard of four to six women all with bust lines that big? This just confirms my suspicion that he must be the one, the master of those four women that came in together the other day, plus Xania. I wonder who the sixth is, but if she's anything like the others, she must be almost impossibly beautiful. You don't forget faces or bodies like those. Heck, they put my body to shame, to be honest.

It all fits. But I refuse to believe that any one guy could be the master of as many as five or maybe even six women like that, let alone THIS guy. I mean, they're all total bombshells, to say the least! I don't think we've ever had a customer come in here more attractive than ANY of those women! And this guy, of all people? THIS guy?! Come on! But the facts fit so neatly. Those four women were acting like someone was their master, so it has to be someone. Why not this Alan guy? But he's so young and ordinary! Arrgh! I wanna tear my hair out! I don't get it! I need proof of whatever the heck is going on.

Alan spent time with Ginger, selecting six unique rings, but in so doing, he didn't say or do anything that could shed any light on the mystery that was aggravating her so much. Initially, she tried to ask him some subtle yet leading questions, but he was very careful with his answers.

She could see that that approach wasn't working, so she backed off for the moment. How on earth could such an ordinary guy have a harem of such incredibly beautiful women? I've never believed in mind control, but what other explanation is there? I know it sounds silly, but the odds of him gathering THAT group of women together based on ordinary charm is nearly impossible. Or maybe he's hung like a horse and fucks like a god. If he is, and does, then dammit, I wanna get in on that action! But I need to find out what's going on, especially since I don't want some mind controller messing with me.


In preparation for meeting him, she'd dressed to the nines in the most alluring outfit she could come up with. She was proud of her 34C breasts, but after hearing Alan's mention of D- to K-cups, she worried that hers weren't big enough. So she'd worn a low-cut dress and an underwire push-up bra to elevate her breasts up and out even more, making her look like a D-cup.

Then, in showing the rings, she was given the perfect opportunity to repeatedly bend over the display case frequently.

As a result, before long, she was able to see a big bulge grow in his shorts. She thought, Nice. He's definitely hung. But that's only seven, eight, or at the most a nine-inch pocket monster. Hell, I've had cocks a lot fatter AND longer than that to play with. Still, they do say it's not the size of the wave but the motion in the ocean. Maybe he's some sort of incredible fucker. I sure as hell hope it's that and not some mind-control thing! Either way, he doesn't seem to have some sort of mesmerizing charisma going for him. He's just a guy. More handsome than average and more hung than average, admittedly, but that doesn't explain the harem. Especially not a harem of women like THAT! This mystery is killing me. Okay, I'm gonna go for it!

Ginger had paid close attention when the other women had visited the store, and she'd remembered some mundane facts about their clothing preferences that came in handy now. Alan had picked out several different rings, each one a different color, with a different kind of gem in it. But he hadn't picked out a red one yet. So Ginger said to him, as he stared into the display case, "Why don't you pick out a red one? Something made out of ruby, perhaps. After all, isn't red Suzanne's favorite color?"

Alan was so focused on the ring selection that he didn't see the trap. He replied, "Yes, it is. What do you have in my price..." His words trailed off and he looked up at Ginger, giving her a hard look. He asked accusingly, "What did you say?"

Ginger played it casual, as if she'd known all along. "It's no big deal; I know all your women. They've come in here several times and talked about their master Alan. Suzanne, Susan, Amy, Katherine, Xania... Come on! Any idiot could put two and two together. You didn't really expect me to believe you're buying these rings for a 'dance troop,' did you?" She chuckled.

He continued to stare at her hard, uncertain how to react. He looked calm on the outside, but his heart was pounding madly. However, as he thought some more, he realized she didn't know as much as she was letting on. She mentioned Xania. She doesn't realize that Xania's not part of the harem. So she's guessing! Phew! She must have seen those women come here, in various combinations, and she's managed to link some of them together, and to me. That means the incest secret is almost certainly still safe. I can't imagine even Mom being so careless as to let any mention of that slip out. But still, this woman knows way, way too much. She has me over a barrel.

He decided the best approach was to stonewall. "So, you were saying about ruby rings?"

She knew for sure that this was the Alan that was the master of the harem. She was extremely excited by this "gotcha" moment, and wasn't about to stop there. "Screw the rings! Let's talk harems. I feel like you and I have a lot in common. I'm actually the head of my own harem of sorts, you know."

He pointedly stared back down at the display case. "That's nice. I don't care what you do in your private life, but my private life is MY business. I'm just here to buy rings."

"Hey! Don't brush me off that easily. It's not exactly every day one harem master gets to meet another. In fact, I've never come across another before, despite my job in this shop, and I'm fascinated. We could learn a lot from each other. I agreed to meet you under these unusual circumstances, mostly so we could have a chance to talk in private."

Still getting no response or even eye contact, she added, "Come on; don't bother trying to deny it. It's so obvious that it's not even funny."

He looked up at her and stared at her hard. "I don't have to say anything to you. I don't know you from Adam." He briefly but obviously glanced down into her cleavage. "Sorry, Eve." He couldn't resist grinning at that, despite the serious situation. "I just want to buy my rings and get out of here."

Again, she acted hurt. "Hey, don't be that way. Do you know how uncommon harems are in the U.S? I'll bet both of us will go our whole lives and never meet another harem leader. You can't just walk away from that."

"Actually, I can. How do I even know you head your own harem, anyway? You could be making that all up. Not that I admit to having my own harem, by the way. You could be completely misinterpreting what's going on."

She raised an eyebrow and gave him a "don't take me for a fool" type look. "Such as what? There's no point in denying it."

He realized the gig was up; Ginger clearly knew far too much for him to bluff his way out. Still, he didn't know her and didn't trust her. At the very least, he wanted to talk to Suzanne about her first. He decided to reveal as little as he could until he could talk to the others and come up with some kind of strategy.

He thought, This is too weird. She's probably telling the truth, because it seems too weird a thing to make up. Regardless, I need to know another harem master like I need another hole in my head. Besides, I like to be in control, but now she knows too much, and that puts her in the driver's seat. I don't know about her at all. She could be a danger to me and to my women.

He said guardedly, "I feel blindsided. I just came here to buy some rings, and you drop this in my lap. Before I say or do anything, I need some time to think over what you've... insinuated."

She was disappointed; in her best scenario, she'd been hoping to fuck him before he left the store to find out what made him so great. She thought, Shit! I'm pushing too hard. I need to back down - for now - or I'll really mess things up.

So she held her hands up in a gesture of surrender and said, "Okay. That's understandable. Talk to Suzanne and the others, then get back to me. They'll tell you I can be trusted. After all, a harem head has to have discretion, or things just won't work."

He nodded warily. "Can we get back to selecting the rings? I'm in a hurry."

"Okay, but I have just one question: how do you do it? I mean, I've seen some beautiful women and I've seen some beautiful women, but all your women are completely off the scale. No offense - you look like a nice, handsome guy - but you're no Hollywood superstar. What's your secret?"

He smiled mysteriously without realizing he was doing it. "Truth be told, I don't have any secret. I am just a very ordinary guy. Maybe a lucky guy, but that's it. Now, the rings?"

Ginger was dying to ask him more questions, especially about how he'd brought such extraordinarily beautiful women into his harem, but she forced herself to save them for another time. She went back to helping him with the rings, and in fact he did end up picking a ruby one for Suzanne.

She thought, Well, that's a drag. I still don't get it! Hell, it might turn out he's some kind of nefarious mind-controller after all. But he can't ignore me; I can tell he's curious about me despite his "I don't give a shit" pose. If worse comes to worst, I can find out where he lives from the credit card he used the last time he was here, plus I have Suzanne's phone number. No, I'm gonna find out everything there is to know about this mystery man and his women, and soon.

He left with six newly purchased rings, plus Ginger's phone number and e-mail address. She'd let him buy the rings at a good price of about $900 each, lowering her commission in order to gain favor with him. But he left with a very unsettled and worried feeling. His intuition told him that Ginger could be big trouble.


Brenda felt a surge of nervousness as she walked up the stairs. Everything was set up, including several extra hidden video cameras to record the momentous evening from every possible angle. Finally, after all the waiting, there was nothing holding them back anymore from going all the way.


She knocked on Adrian's bedroom door, and then walked inside. She was still wearing the French maid outfit she'd put on for Alan. Now that he was gone, she made no effort to keep her nipples covered up. She struck a sexy pose at the doorway. "How 'bout it, my Pooh Bear? Ready to fuck your mother?"

Despite all her sexual experience, and even a wild sex life in recent weeks, the words "ready to fuck your mother" shocked and aroused her. She thought, This is for real! Theoretically, one could say that all the stuff I've been doing at the Plummers is just wild partying and role playing. But this is real incest. It's illegal! It's hard core! There's no turning back from this!

He looked up at her in surprise. He was still curled up in a ball on his bed, where he'd been staring at a clock on the wall. "Hey, what are you doing here already? We still have thirty-three minutes to wait!"

"I know, but I just spoke to Master Alan directly, and he's given us permission to get started right away. Isn't that wonderful?"

He assumed she meant that she'd just talked to Alan on the phone. "Awww, Ma, did you have to mention HIS name?! That sucks. Oh, man!" He had been surprisingly successful at his attempt to simply tune out for a while, so his pulse was calm. But upon hearing Alan's name, not to mention seeing his mother look so sexy, his heart started pounding so hard and rapidly that he felt a tight pain in his chest.

Brenda realized that she'd screwed up in the excitement of the moment. Because she loved both Alan and Adrian so much, she sometimes forgot the tension between them. "Never mind that, take a look at me." She ran a hand along the door frame in a provocative manner, causing yet more of her ample rack to fall out of her dress.

Adrian loved the show she was putting on, and his penis quickly engorged, but he was still miffed. "Why'd he have to do that? I'd MUCH rather wait longer, than have to do this on HIS time!"

Brenda had recovered from her gaffe and realized that the more they talked about Alan, the worse it would be. She knew she had to distract him. So she struck another seductive pose, leaning back against the doorframe, and threw him a pouty coquettish look, while murmuring, "Well, we can either stay here in your room and rant and rail against him... or... we can both go to my room and do something much more enjoyable. So which is it going to be, cutie?"

He made some unhappy grumbling noises, but when she started sucking on two fingers and then stroking their wetness through her tremendous cleavage, he knew he couldn't refuse her. He got up just in time to see her slink her way out the door into the hallway, complete with a "come hither" finger beckoning him her way.

She made sure to walk ahead of him to her room, so he could watch her plump yet firm ass swaying back and forth. The French maid outfit was purposely designed to expose the entire ass, and she made good use of that fact. When she got to the door of her bedroom, she stopped and bent over, pretending to pick something up (when in fact nothing was there). Knowing that there was no way for her son to get past her, she took full advantage of his attention and wiggled her ass at him, just to give him a good show.

He wasn't much of an ass man, but seeing her pussy in full view and leaking rivulets of cum definitely got his motor running. He gulped nervously. Damn! Before long, I guess that my dick is actually going to go into that slit. Tonight! It's gonna happen tonight! Even with the totally outrageous way Ma has been teasing me lately, it just doesn't seem possible. I mean, she's my mother! She's the most beautiful woman in the whole world! And she wants to be with me? Scrawny little me?!


She stared at the carpet and pretended distress. "Oh no! Aidy, whatever am I going to do? I'm so hot and horny, so eager to get royally fucked by your hot beef steak, that I'm dripping all over the place. Look!" Gazing over her shoulder at her son, she brought a hand to her ass.

She could see his penis was still flaccid, due to his nervousness, so she upped the ante. She ran a finger through her swampy inner thighs. Then she brought the finger up to her mouth and licked it clean.

Still pretending to be dismayed at her "problem," she gave a look over her shoulder of exaggerated anguish and asked plaintively, "Whatever shall I do? Should I just stand here dripping and ruining the carpet?"

Adrian was feeling impatient and surly. He just wanted to get past her at first. Then he really stopped and stared, because he had no way to get past her. Then it hit him, She's all wet like that 'cos her pussy is getting ready to be invaded by a penis. MY penis! Holy... Damn! His arousal surged. Suddenly, he blurted out, "What are we just standing here for? Let's do it!"

She giggled with glee. "I like that kind of take charge answer. Is that an order... Master?"


She giggled some more, and scampered on towards her bedroom.

He eagerly followed.

She led him to her extra large bed, and they both sat up in it. She knew that, despite his growing arousal, he was still in a mood to bitch about Alan, and he was likely to take almost any opening and turn it into an excuse to complain about him. She also knew he was extremely nervous, and she was surprised at just how nervous she felt too. So, although she wanted to talk about the sex they would soon be having, she decided it would be better to pick a safer subject for a while. "You know, Aidy, it's funny. I've known for years that you're fascinated with my breasts, but I never really asked you why. Is it just because of their size?"

His voice was flat and sullen, but that was hiding his churning emotions and his raging lust. "No. I'm annoyed at people who stare at them just because they're big. That's probably what Alan does." (He was even trying to use this to bash Alan.) "But they don't understand."

She didn't say anything, since she wanted him to get this out of his system.

He started to warm to the subject. "There are lots of big breasts that are ugly. Downright ugly! They're all saggy and flabby and floppy. They have no style. No shape. No grace. And they're all pale and veiny, and their nipples are huge and ugly. Usually the women are pretty fat, too. Some boobs are so huge that it's downright disgusting. And don't even get me started about fake ones. Ugh! Bigger is definitely not always better!"

She just looked down towards his crotch and nodded, rather than interrupt him. She was basking in the hungry look he was giving her.

His voice turned downright passionate. "But you! Your tits are perfection."

She started to tingle with pleasure, seeing the look of lust and admiration in his eyes. She hefted her twin mountains from underneath and thrust her chest forward (even though her French maid outfit was already propelling them up and out). "You can touch them, you know."

He eagerly grasped them with both hands and started to knead them gently. His desire grew as his troubled spirit was calmed. "These! These are works of art! They sit up so high, especially considering their weight. And there's no signs of age - none! And round, they're so round! But not the fake kind of round. Anyone can tell at a glance that they're all real! And the nipples! I don't know where to begin; I could talk about your extra long nipples all day! These tits would be beautiful at any size, but the fact that they're all that, and so big too, makes them absolute miracles!"


Brenda didn't want to pit Adrian against Alan, but she knew that Adrian needed a little extra motivation to fully get over his funk. She taunted, "So, you're just gonna crawl away and give up on these breasts of mine, huh? You must be bored of them - and me - already."

He momentarily stopped his fondling to blink in incomprehension. "Huh? Ma, what are you talking about?"

"It seems that all you wanna do is complain about Alan. Is that what you want to do: to spend all evening bitching and moaning about how life is unfair?"

He was about to launch into a diatribe about how life IS unfair, and that Alan had no right being anywhere near his mother, and so on. But he caught himself. No. Ma is right. That's not the way. Not tonight. Am I gonna let Alan beat me? Am I just gonna give up, because he's hypnotized her somehow? Am I gonna let him get in my head and ruin my night of nights?

No way! Alan, I may not amount to much, but my ma deserves better than you! Her tits deserve better! It's like throwing pearls before swine to let you grope blindly at these twin masterpieces! No, Ma needs me. Her tits need me! She needs someone who'll rescue her from an evil bastard like you! Someone who loves her and would still love her even if she was flat-chested! Can you say that, Mr. Harem Asshole Big-dicked Piece of Shit? No, I don't think so! Ha!

I'm the one that loves her, the only one, and I can prove it! I figure that if I can fuck my ma, and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her some more, she'll be so satisfied that she'll never need to run to you again.

Yes! I can see it now! My mission, my goal, my purpose! I'm gonna fuck my ma and save our family!

Brenda was spellbound, because she was able to watch her son transform right before her eyes. She was reminded of the Grinch from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and the epiphany the Grinch had when he realized that the Whos of Whoville were still having a merry Christmas even though all their presents were stolen. The Grinch's heart literally ballooned in size until it practically burst from his chest, and from then on, he was dramatically changed for the better.

An aggressiveness seized Adrian, which Brenda had never witnessed before in her life. He had been fully aroused from all her teasing, but he was still too nervous to get an erection. However, his penis had been steadily rising while he relaxed as he talked about her breasts, and now he was at full mast. He was sitting on the bed between her splayed-out legs. He suddenly grasped her legs with both hands and said, "Okay, Ma, I'm gonna fuck you!" Then he paused, uncertain how to proceed. "Um, what should I do?"

She said, in delight and surprise, "Just scoot up and stick it in. Natural instinct will do the rest. Here, let me help you." She was still wearing her French maid outfit, but she didn't want to spoil the mood by taking the time to undress, especially since the outfit didn't cover up anything important anyway. She quickly lay down, keeping her legs spread wide. As he scooted up, she sat up, grabbed his erection, and guided it in.


Just like that, he was inside her. In his haste, he didn't pause to adjust or work his way in slowly. He pushed and pushed and pushed, helped along by her copious natural lubrication. In a matter of seconds, he found his erection had completely disappeared because all of it was inside his mother!

Only then did he realize just what he'd done. I'm in... my ma! I'm fucking my mother!

Brenda was similarly blown away. She was grateful for this unexpected development, because she was getting so nervous that she was starting to tremble, just as he was. Now she could feel the tension draining away. Instead of worrying about his performance, she could revel in the wonderful way her pussy was getting stuffed. She vocalized her feelings. "Aidy, you're in! You're all the way in! God, it's so good! This is real! Real sex! Real incest! A son fucking his mother! How does it feel?"

His excitement level had just shot off the charts, and he was ready for more, much more. He wanted to thrust already. But her question caused him to pause and focus on the feelings surrounding his erection first. "Oh my God! I LOVE it, Ma! It feels... It feels... fantastic! Amazing! Incredible! It's soooo tight! But more than that, it's simply knowing that I'm really fucking my mother! This is a dream come true!" His heart was pounding, pounding, pounding.

She agreed with every word, especially the part about this being a dream come true. Her whole body was humming with arousal. "So fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He suddenly grew a bit hesitant. "Should I? Just thrust in and out?"

She wiggled her hips impatiently, inadvertently bringing new surges of pleasure to her pussy and his embedded erection. "Yes! Just do it! Like I said, nature takes over! Just move your hips up and down like you're doing push-ups!"

"Okay!" That encouragement was the final mental push needed for him to start physically pushing. He began to thrust in earnest.


To his surprise, he found out that his mother was right, and it really was pretty easy to fuck somebody. In and out, in and out. There was nothing to it. Of course, as yet he had no idea about the difference between good fucking and great fucking, but for now he was very capably getting the mechanics of the necessary piston action right.

An advantage to his fucking urge coming seemingly out of nowhere was that he wasn't on the verge of cumming at the time he stuck it in.

For the next couple of minutes, he fucked his mother with a good and steady rhythm. He had been excited when the fucking began, but as time went on, he actually grew more and more excited, because the initial event had snuck up on him and he'd had no time to contemplate the experience.

Now he did. Holy Christ! This is fantastic! It really is beyond the beyond! I thought handjobs and blowjobs were good, but THIS! This could even be better than a titfuck!

While he didn't think about it consciously, on a deeper level this fuck was a personal triumph in many ways. He hated Alan for many reasons, most of them very justifiable from his point of view. One huge reason was that Alan greatly increased his fear that he was a sexual incompetent, someone who would stay a perpetual virgin, or worse, have sex and get laughed out of bed. There was no doubt in his mind now that his mother was enjoying every moment. She was very vocal and open with her joy, and her face was easy to read. His heart soared, seeing her blissful face and knowing that he'd helped to make it that way.

His thrusting had been somewhat tentative at first. He didn't really know what he was doing or what the limit might be. He worried that he could hurt her or do something wrong if he was too aggressive. But Brenda's passionate cries of "Harder! Harder!" soon cured him of that concern.

His whole body was brimming with energy, so the more she cried "Deeper!" or "Harder!" the more aggressively he pounded into her.

He found himself laughing joyously. Nothing, not even the titfuck and blowjob Brenda had given him recently, felt this good. As great as the physical pleasure was, the mental pleasure was even better. The school bullies, Alan, his lack of friends, his lack of confidence, and all the other things that worried him faded into insignificance. He knew this would be a moment he would savor for the rest of his life.

Despite his general shyness, he couldn't help but shout out in time to his thrusts, "I'm a motherfucker! ... Motherfucker! I'm PROUD to be a motherfucker! ... Fuck! ... Fuck! ... Motherfucker!"

But this was his first time, after all, and he had little control. Out of the blue, he found himself cumming. He would have been disappointed in that - surely Alan lasted longer than a couple of minutes? - except that it felt so damned good. The sheer physical pleasure was beyond description, but the knowledge that HIS seed was blasting into his mother's vagina, and could even theoretically get her pregnant, was so heady that he nearly passed out with pure joy.

She thought, Gaawwwd! He did it! He filled my pussy! I absolutely LOVE that feeling of getting a cummy squirt, deep inside! It's so good, it's even better than a facial! And Susan is soooo right: there's something extra special about getting nailed by your own son!

She searched her conscience one more time in search of any traces of guilt over committing incest. She didn't find any. She smiled and sighed contentedly.


The inevitable post-orgasmic crash came to Adrian, except for one thing: his penis still remained erect in her juicy pussy. He was temporarily too wiped out to use it, though. In fact, he squeezed Brenda in a tight hug and started to cry.

Brenda had been flying up to seventh heaven, but his crying disturbed her greatly. "Aidy! My Pooh Bear! What's wrong?!" She ran a hand through his hair, hoping to calm him.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm happy! So happy! I'm a motherfucker! At long last!"

She let out a big sigh of relief, as she realized that he truly was crying out of happiness. She lifted up his head a bit so she could look him in the eyes, and then kissed him on his forehead. "I'm happy too. You ARE a motherfucker. And I'm a very proud son fucker. I've never been so happy. If you don't stop crying, I'm gonna start crying too. Oops, too late."

She began to cry tears of joy, just like his. She was greatly relieved that they'd finally done the deed. She'd worried that something would go wrong at the last minute, such as her son having such a case of nerves that he wouldn't be able to get it up. She'd also worried that she might not be doing the right thing in allowing him to fuck her. Even after weeks of daily phone calls with Susan, who kept extolling in very graphic and intimate detail just how great incest was, Brenda still couldn't completely forget all the taboos that the schools and churches had taught her, that incest was wrong and a sin. She also had some extra doubt because Alan was adopted and not Susan's biological son, whereas Adrian was her own genetic offspring.

However, now all the doubts that had preyed upon her fled from her mind. It wasn't just the great pleasure that influenced her. Even though she was a terribly spoiled woman, she deeply loved her son and was willing to forego all sexual pleasure for herself, if it was necessary to save her son. The change that came over him convinced her that she was doing the right thing. She could see his confidence and pride growing just as quickly and clearly as air filling up a balloon.

She thought, I may not have been a good mother... Hell, I know I haven't been a good mother. I've been left on my own with just Anika to guide me, and she doesn't know what she's doing either, since she never had kids of her own. But maybe I can make up for my failures with sex. Lots and lots and LOTS of sex! Maybe that'll make my Pooh Bear whole again and help heal his wounds. He's like a battered wife, afraid of his own shadow. He needs victories and success. Fucking his mother into orgasmic submission every day will give him endless success and keep a smile on his face!

She sighed with deep contentment. Susan is right: not only is incest not morally wrong, I have a moral IMPERATIVE to give myself, intimately, lovingly and willingly, to my son! It's what good mommies do! Good mommies need to get FUCKED! We're son-loving cum dumps, who live to drain their son's balls every single day!

Smiling from ear to ear, she asked, "Did you know I came at the same time you did?"

"You did? Really?! YES!" He pumped a fist into the air. "Take THAT, Alan!"

She laughed, "Now, now. Let's not have any of that. This is OUR special time, so promise not to mention his name again tonight, okay?"

"Yes, Ma." But he was riding such a great emotional buzz that no mention of Alan could get him down. "NOW, I get it. They say losing your virginity makes you a man, and now I feel like a man! I feel like I could conquer the world! ... Did you really cum with me? You're not just saying that?"

"Aidy," she purred lovingly, "I'll never fake an orgasm with you, or lie about one." She smiled seductively. "For one thing, you'll find out that I don't have to. My body is built to cum extremely easily, and my pussy juices flow like you wouldn't believe. A very wise woman I know has this theory... well, that's not important." She decided that now was not the time to delve into explaining Susan's Big Tits Theory. "My point is, when we have sex, you don't have to worry about 'am I good enough?' with me, because you'll always be good enough. As you'll discover, I'm extremely easy to please. So you can just have fun and explore."


"Really. It's true. Some women have a hard time cumming. They could fuck for hours and still not cum a single time. I've heard that some even have a hard time getting sufficiently lubricated, if you can believe that!" Brenda herself found that very difficult to believe, and since Adrian had no intimate experience with other women, so did he. "But with me, you merely play with my nipples for a couple of minutes, and I'm ready to pop."


She started to take off the rest of her French maid outfit, even though her son was still lying on top of her. "For instance, now. I couldn't help but notice that you're still in me, and you're still hard. But before you start thrusting into me again, why not just root around a little bit? Churn your cock about down there like it's a spoon in a jar of peanut butter and see what happens."

"Hmmm. Like this? Oh yeah! Awesome!" He loved the sensation of just churning around and poking in and out a little bit. Then he remembered his manners and asked, "How are YOU feeling about all this, Momma?"

"Son, I died and went to heaven tonight! You are my son, my ONLY son! You and I have a special bond that nobody else in this world will ever understand or be able to duplicate. Nobody! And let me tell you, as a mother, there's nothing like the joy of getting fucked by your own son! You came from that hole and now you're going back in it. It feels so right!"

Adrian had to pause for a few moments to contemplate that. "Wow. That's trippy. What a concept."

"Momma's body is here for you. Whatever you want. A titfuck? A blowjob? Anal sex? Anything! My arms are open wide for you, and my legs are too. Anytime, anywhere, my body is ready to serve you. That's what good mommies do." She sounded a lot like Susan, because she'd internalized Susan's ideas and even her lingo.

"But what about-"

"Ssssh!" She laid a finger across his lips, as she finished wiggling out of her uniform. "I said no mentioning his name tonight. Don't even think about him. This isn't about him; it's all about you and me. And I will never deny you, as much as humanly possible. If you find yourself in dire sexual need, call me and I'll come running. I really will. You have no idea how much joy you bring me, every single day. During this divorce of mine, there were times when I felt so down, like a complete failure. You're what kept me going through my darkest hours."

She continued, "Sure, I gained lots of money, but it's true what they say, that money can't buy happiness. You're worth much more to me than any fortune. So, son of mine, why are we just talking, when your cock is both hard AND inside me? Fuck me good!"

"Okay!" Her words lifted his spirits greatly. In particular, the idea that he could have sex with her as much as he wanted intoxicated him to the point that he actually felt dizzy.

Since he was already in her, he simply started thrusting while remaining on top of her.

Then she asked, "What are you doing with your hands? What are they doing on each side of me, like you're afraid to touch me? Why not put them on my tits?"

"Oh my God! I can do that? Hey! I CAN do that!" He laughed with glee as he planted both hands on her meaty boobs. "You don't mind if I kind of put my weight there to get some leverage?"

"Of course not. I'm not made out of glass. Go for it!"


As he thrust in and out, he thought, This is the greatest day of my life! So AWESOME! I mean, the physical pleasure is way out of this world - my dick feels so good that I could do this for a year non-stop! But that's not even the half of it. My mother really, truly loves me! She loves me! Talk about darkest hours, where would I be without her? She's the one bright spot in my miserable life. The ONLY good thing. But that's gonna change. I'm gonna change. She's making me feel so good that I feel like I can do anything!

Brenda purred, "Feel good?"

"Oh man! It's like... beyond words!" His heart was still beating wildly, but it was all good because his fear was gone.

"Well, as good as you feel, you're gonna feel even better. I know you've read a lot of erotic stories on the Internet. I have too. You know how the stories talk about the guy cumming quickly the first time and then being able to last a lot longer after that?"

"Yeah?" Then it hit him that he was in that position at this very moment. "Oh, YEAH! All right!"

He started thrusting harder, making it more difficult for her to talk. But still she forced herself to gasp out, "Don't give in! Hold out as long as you can! Then it'll be better for both of us!"

"Okay!" He thought, Ma's been so great to me. She's the only one who really loves me. Well, her and Anika. I'm gonna hold out forever, until she passes out with sheer pleasure! I wanna give her the BEST orgasm ever! I can do it! I know I can!

It had been a long time since he had felt so inspired and optimistic about anything. He'd been thoroughly beaten down by the school bullies long before he'd ever heard of Alan.


After only a couple of minutes of hard and fast thrusting, he suddenly came to a stop. "Sorry, Ma. I can't... can't... can't do it. Gotta... gotta stop!" He felt like he would cum if he thrust in even one more time.

He obviously felt bad about his short staying power. But Brenda said, "Good! Very good!"

Sweaty and gasping, he looked up at her face with surprise. "Good?! But I... I can't..."

"You know what, my cutie pie? Not a lot of guys can. If you came right now, you'd be about average. The average man lasts a good deal less than five minutes before popping, believe it or not. But you didn't cum. You stopped! You had the willpower to stop. That's good! Most men, when they get started, they're like a runaway train and can't stop for anything. Just from that, I can already tell you're going to be a fantastic lover, and all around great motherfucker."

"Really?! Does he-"

She abruptly cut him off with a finger to his lips. "I'll pretend I didn't hear that. And yes, stopping is really impressive. Stop all you like, if that helps you hold out. That way, we can build up and up and up. Later, I'll teach you some tricks, so you can last a lot longer too. Just remember that when fucking a woman, more speed doesn't necessarily equal more pleasure... unless she's begging you for it, of course. Slower can be better, if it helps prolong the experience."

Most of Adrian's knowledge about sex came from Internet stories, and not many of them mentioned practical tips like PC muscle control. He was pleased to find out there were things he could learn that would help, since he was feeling overwhelmed by his mother's sheer eroticism. Just being able to fondle her breasts freely the way he was at the moment was enough to make him want to flood her with his cum. Adding to that, the way her tight and juicy cunt was squeezing his cock sent his arousal soaring into the stratosphere. As if that wasn't enough, the knowledge that he was truly fucking his own mother was orgasm inducing, in and of itself.

He asked, "Can I take it out for a while?" She wasn't actively doing any pussy squeezing tricks, but he was on the verge of climaxing simply from having his rod inside her tight, fiery sheath.

She chuckled at his shyness. "Sure. Whatever you like. Remember, you're in charge."

He pulled out and breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah, but I don't want to do just anything. I wanna do whatever will make you happy. I wanna rock your world!" He punched a fist in the air triumphantly, something she'd never seen him do.

"Aidy, sex is all about giving and receiving. If I have a big cum and scream out my pleasure at the top of my lungs, don't you think that'll make you feel good?"

"Hell, yeah!" He was glad he'd just pulled out, because thinking about her cumming like that nearly pushed him over the edge.

"Well, it works both ways. I'll be absolutely delighted to see you cum, too. In fact, the look of wonder and joy on your face is so great for me that you don't even have to do anything to me at all. You look just like a kid in a candy store, and I love it!"

"I am! Ever since we started, it's like I don't know where to look. I mean, I love your huge boobs, but your facial expressions are way sexy too. I love how you scrunch up your nose or the way your eyebrows go way up. And looking at my dick slide in and out of you totally blows my mind!"

She chuckled. "Me too. It is mind blowing to see. And speaking of that, why don't you take a closer look down there while you're resting?"

He repositioned himself, kneeling between her legs. "Cool! I'm putting my face practically in your pussy. You don't mind?"

"Mind? The only thing I'll mind is if you DON'T put your face all the way IN my pussy. But there's no rush about that; we have all night and then the rest of our lives. I do however want you to get VERY intimately acquainted with me down there! Get as close as you like. Smell it too."

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply from only a couple of inches away.


"You like that?"

"Well, to be honest, if someone presented that smell to me, and I didn't know what it was, I might not. But since it's your pussy, I think it's the greatest smell in the world!"

She laughed. "I love your enthusiasm. How does it look?"

He opened his eyes and gawked at it for a bit before answering. "Well, the fact that that's MY CUM dribbling out of it is just about the neatest thing I've ever seen! I mean, that's a sight I'm gonna remember forever!" He paused and looked up. "Ma, you've made me so happy. I feel so, well, revitalized. It's like you threw a life preserver to a drowning man."

She was all smiles. "Anything for my Pooh Bear. Other than that, what do you think of my pussy?"

"It's sexy! I've seen pictures on the Internet, and some don't look very appealing at all. But your pussy lips are symmetrical and really nice. I like how you're all shaved down here, too. I like that a lot. Heck, I love everything about you, just because it's you!" His voice turned suddenly shy. "Can I... Can I touch it?"

She chuckled at that. "Given that you just fucked it, twice, I think it's more than okay if you touch it. In fact, why don't you slip a finger or two inside? My pussy is in a really sensitive state right now, so anything you do down there is gonna make me feel really good. You could even kiss it if you want. It's yours to do with as you wish."

He ran his fingers over and around her pussy lips for a while, and experimented with her erect and exposed clit as well. Before long, he had her purring and writhing with arousal. He thought, It sounds funny, but it kind of looks like the insides of a giant clam, with all those fleshy folds. I was sorta scared of it before, almost like being afraid of a clam snapping shut. But pussies are awesome! It seems like all I have to do is rub down here and she's purring like a cat!

Finally, he bent his middle finger at the joint and slipped it in her slit.

He watched and then exclaimed, "Holy crap! It just sucked it in! It's like... my whole finger's in there! It's like it's alive!"

She giggled. "It IS alive. Your momma's cunt has wants and needs, and right now it needs a good finger bang. fingerfuck me, Son!"

He experimentally wiggled his finger in her tight sheath. He was amazed at the slimy wetness, not to mention the sheer heat. Even though he'd fucked her already, this felt like a completely new thing, to be able to focus so intently on these sights and sensations. A wet pussy smell was slowly filling the room. He decided that he loved that too.

He pulled his finger out, but only so he could readjust and then fit two fingers back in.

She cried out with glee, "Oh goody! My son is gonna fingerfuck me good!"


Before long, he found a nice rhythm. The squish, squish sound of his thrusting filled his ears. As she lay back, she rocked her hips back and forth with a blissful look on her face, as if she was dancing to a favorite song playing in her head.

He cried out, "Ma! Ma! I love seeing you like that! Making you happy makes me so happy that I just wanna scream!"

"So scream!" Seeing his hesitation to do that, she explained, "Son, there are times to buckle down and get serious and do your homework and the like. And then there are times to just let it all out. Now's the time to let it all out!"

He let loose with a loud primal scream. It felt incredibly cathartic. He was expressing his frustrations over the bullies, Alan, and more. At the same time, he was expressing the sheer joy he was feeling being able to fuck his mother.

He finished with a big smile on his face. "God, that felt GOOD! Ma, I wanna fuck you more. Is that okay?"

She laughed, absolutely delighted with his enthusiasm. "Very okay! Much more than okay!"

He lay back on top of her and started to line up his erection with her slit. "I may not last long. I'm just too excited!"

"That's fine with me, Son. Just tell me when you're ready to cum, so we can cum together!"

He slid back into her with one great thrust. He paused to savor the sensation, and then started crying again.

"What now?" she asked.

"Sorry, it's just... I'm so happy! Can a person die of happiness? Because that's how I feel right now! My heart is about to explode out of my chest! It's not just the pleasure my dick is feeling, although that's beyond words. It's everything! It's you, Ma! Especially, it's you!"

He was hanging above her like he was doing a push-up, but she pulled him down and kissed him. "Now, stop that talk or I'm gonna get all blubbery too."

She held one of his hands and saw how much he was trembling. "You're not still nervous, are you?"

"No way! Just excited! Because I know that at any second I can do THIS!" His cock suddenly lunged back and then forward, deeper into her depths. "Look at this, Ma! Look at this! I'm fucking you!"

She laughed. "I can see that. And feel it!" She grasped his ass cheeks with both hands and started guiding his hips up and down. "Let's see some more of that. Fucking is one way to express love. Show me how much you love me."

They both stopped talking after that, because he devoted all his energy and concentration to fucking her. He knew now just how hard and fast she liked it, so he immediately set a frantic and powerful pace.

Steadily, the rhythm built up. The sweat was flying off his face, his heart pounding like he was running a fifty-yard dash. But he'd never felt so good, and the harder he exerted himself, the better he felt. Yelling at the top of his lungs earlier also felt great, so he decided to do it some more. A lot more.

All too soon, the urge to cum overwhelmed him again. He just had time to turn one of his guttural cries into the words "I'm cumming!" as his seed began to cannon out into his mother's vagina.


That gave Brenda enough time to start her own climax. She kicked her legs up into the air and squeezed his pole tight with her talented pussy as his butt spasmed up and down, until all his ropes had been fired deep inside her.

"How was that?" she asked, panting hard.

He just laughed, since his ecstasy was so evident that words were unnecessary. As his breathing calmed down, he asked, shyly, "Um, Ma? Um, this is a weird question, but did you just get so excited that you kind of, uh, peed on me?"

She chuckled. "No. I should have warned you. Some women, when they get really, really excited, they can have ejaculatory orgasms, just like men do. My cum actually shoots out when I reach a good climax. If you hadn't been right on top of me, we could have seen it shoot straight up."

"Wow! No way! That's pretty awesome. So that meant you had a good climax?"

She smiled widely as she continued to squeeze him tightly and kiss his face here and there. "A VERY good one. Don't expect that to happen every time. It's pretty rare for me. But it just shows you how good you make me feel."

"My God, Ma! My GOD! This is... It's just... WOW! Can we stay in bed forever? I never want to leave, ever, ever! I wanna fuck you for a year, non-stop!"

She laughed some more. "That does sound pretty nice, but what about dinner? We both need to recharge our energy to keep fucking. And you'll notice I get pretty leaky during sex, so I need a lot of fluids." She cupped her hands over her mouth and then shouted, "Oh, Anika! Anika!"

There was no answer.

She continued, though not as loudly, "Anika, I know you're watching, either on video or through the door. Probably through the door, since I didn't leave it partly opened like that. Aidy and I are both thirsty. Please bring us some juice or something refreshing like that."

Mother and son cuddled and kissed for the next couple of minutes, until Anika sheepishly came into the room with a tray full of drinks. The maid said, "I vas, uh, valkink down the hall unt happened to hear your shout."

Adrian could tell from her tone that she was lying, but he didn't really care if she'd been watching or not. He was ignorant about the sex lives of senior citizens and assumed she was beyond the age of getting aroused. Besides, he took her for granted in general, almost like furniture. For his entire life he'd been used to seeing her come and go under all types of conditions, including when he was naked in the bathtub. The main thing was that he knew she had no issues with the incest and even encouraged it, so he didn't have to feel ashamed about that in front of her.

Brenda rolled her eyes at Anika's words and then gave her a disbelieving look, but didn't press the issue. "Thanks. How's dinner coming?"

"It's all ready. I'm just keepink it varm for you."

"Good. Aidy, we're all sweaty and sticky. Let's shower and eat, okay?"

"Awww, Ma. Do we have to?"

"We do. But we can shower together, and then, after dinner, I hear they're showing a 'The Price Is Right' marathon on TV! Isn't that great?"

He looked at her incredulously.

She broke into laughter. "Just kidding! As if I'd ever want to watch a game show in the first place. The night is still young. Of course we're gonna fuck and fuck and fuck some more. I have soooo much to teach you. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives."

His concern turned into a big smile. He closed his eyes and squeezed her in a big hug. The look on his face was one of pure contentment.

Anika had lingered after putting the drinks tray next to the bed. She smiled too. She felt a great load of worry lift from her shoulders as she saw Adrian looking truly happy for the first time in years.


Twenty minutes later, Brenda stepped out of her shower, still toweling off her naked body.

Anika was waiting for her, showing no reaction to her boss's nudity, as usual. "Brenda, I've been vaitink to speak vis you."

"Oh, sorry. That was an usually long shower, wasn't it? Aidy and I had soooo much fun! Somehow, I got stuck on 'cleaning' his penis and ended up stroking it for a good five minutes, until he finally couldn't take any more and stuck it inside my pussy again! Then he fucked me up against the wall, with all that water running over both of us! It was such a BLAST! And in more ways than one, since he came and came inside... uh, me..." She'd realized she was getting a little carried away with her graphic language. "Um, but you probably don't want to know all that. Is this about dinner? Is it getting cold?"

"Uh, vell, it is, but dat's not vhat I vant to talk about."


Brenda saw Anika's hands fiddling with each other, which was something she did when she was nervous. "Uh-oh. This sounds serious. What is it?"

Anika sat down on Brenda's big bed, looking at it. "Did you see I made the sheets?" But she was just stalling for time to gather her thoughts, so after Brenda thanked her, she continued, "Brenda, you know dat I fully approve of vhat you unt Adrian are doink. Even doh he ist your son, dat doesn't madder to me. I can see dis is goot for him, unt for you. I saw him valk out of the shower unt go to his room a couple of minutes ago, unt he vas like a new boy."

"I agree." Brenda sat on the bed near Anika but continued to dry her wet hair with the towel, heedless of her nudity. "So what's the problem?"

Anika looked to the floor. "Vell, I'm just tinkink long term. Now dat you two have done de deed unt dere vas no big disaster, ve can all breathe a big sigh of relief. But do you stop to tink about de future?"

"I did," Brenda admitted, "and it troubled me. Then I had some long talks with Mistress Susan, and she pointed out that it's not my role to worry. That's what you and Mistress Suzanne are there for. I've told you about Mistress Susan's Big Tits Theory. Look at my body. How can you deny that this is a body built for sex?"

Anika couldn't deny that. However, she pointed out, "But you don't haf sex vis just anybody."

"No. Just Alan and Aidy. I would never THINK about having sex with any other men."

Anika though, shook her head. "But isn't dat vone master too many? Brenda, I know dat you haf an incredible body. Dat vas obvious since you vere about tirteen. But you also haf a goot brain. Except you don't use it."

Brenda stopped drying her hair, and walked to her dresser to comb it. "I know I don't, at least not when it comes to sex. Having two masters is very tricky business. When I'm with Master Alan, I can't be thinking about Adrian, and when I'm with Adrian, I can't be thinking about Alan. What good would that do, anyway? The best thing I can do is clear my mind and live entirely in the moment. These past weeks, I've been training myself to do that. That's why I've taken up meditation and yoga. And I've been getting pretty good at it, I must say."

"Vell, dat's... interestink, but vhen it comes right down to it, you're placink de fate of your family into de hands of a near total stranger. I don't know a tink about dis master business, so it's really up to Suzanne."

"Mistress Suzanne," Brenda corrected, automatically. "I'll admit, when I placed my fate in the hands of her family, she was mostly a stranger. Even Alan was a stranger. But I just knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. Since then, I've gotten to know them a lot better, especially Mistress Susan. I talk to her on the phone every day, as you know, sometimes for hours. You've met or talked to both of them, and now you've seen Master Alan. What do you think; was I wrong?"

"Vell, no, not exactly. I like Mistress Suzanne a lot. Just vone look at her, unt you can tell she's a smart cookie. Unt your Master Alan, I vas pleasantly surprised. He seems kvite mature for his age. Unt he carries an air of kindness unt responsibility."

"Not to mention an air of sexual superiority and masterful domination," Brenda added smugly. Just thinking about that gave her a rush.

Anika wasn't exactly convinced. "Ya, vell, maybe dat too. But dis Mistress Susan, I don't know about her. She seems to have some kooky ideas. Wery kooky. It's obvious she has a goot heart, but if she's advisink you, den dat's like the blint leading de blint. You're smart. You need to tink for yourself sometimes. Vat Suzanne, Susan, or Alan tink is best for de Hunter family may not alvays be vat's best for dis family."

Brenda sighed. "That's true. Everyone has their own biases, no matter how much they may try to think objectively, and oftentimes they don't even realize it. It would probably be best if I take a time out from my increasingly active and satisfying sex slave life, from time to time, and look at the big picture. It would be good to have someone else to confer with, someone with a different point of view."

Anika saw the way Brenda was staring at her, and waved her hands in the air in distress. "No! Not me! Don't look at me like dat! You know dat all I know about is cookink unt cleanink. I've lived an even more sheltered life dan you!"

"Hmmm. Well, at the Plummers' weekly poke-her party I met a woman named Xania. The Plummers use her as their psychologist and sex therapist."

"Is she objective?"

"Well, she is big-titted and beautiful, and Master Alan does fuck her hard and long, just like any woman he fancies. But she seems surprisingly immune to his charms. Oh, she loves it when he fucks her, of course. The Big Tits Theory will tell you that. But she was invited to join his harem, and she actually turned the offer down! Can you believe that?! She has her own life up in L.A. And from all I've heard, she gives good advice, and she likes to help people."

Anika sighed. "Vell, dat's sometink, I guess. Does she believe in dis Big Tits Teory?"

"No, sadly, she hasn't seen the light about that, yet."

"Goot! Maybe she'd be a goot advisor after all. You should talk to her soon. Vere are tinks goink? Vat if dere's a conflict between Alan unt Aidy, for instance? Vat if both of dem need you at de same time?"

"If there's a conflict, hopefully Mistress Suzanne and others could help me resolve it. If they both need me, I've already talked that over with the Plummers, and they agree: Aidy comes first. After all, Master Alan has a large harem with lots of women in it, but Aidy only has one mother."

"Vell, tank Gott for dat! Dese Plummers do seem like good people, unt dat's vone good example of dem havink some sense, but I still vorry. I know you really need to live dis submissive lifestyle, unt Aidy can't be de master you need, at least not until he becomes a man, unt maybe not even den. But you're svimmink in uncharted vaters, unt I've got a bad feelink about dis two masters business. You need to tink vis your brain! Aidy is your son first und foremost, your only real family."

"You're right. Thanks for the reality check. But what happened to dinner? It must be getting cold by now, and Aidy's probably getting nervous. Can you help me dress? I wanna pick out something really revealing and SEXY!"

She got up to go to her walk-in closet, but then she stopped and turned back. "That is, unless there's anything else that's bothering you?"

"Yes, dere is." Anika thought, Vat if Aidy makes Brenda pregnant? Or Alan does for dat matter? Vat if Aidy talks at school about vat he's done? Vat if Brenda's soon to be ex-husband finds out vat's happenink? Dat's just a few of many, many problems she could face, unt she doesn't see!

Instead of giving voice to her fears, she merely said, "But ve can talk about dose tinks later. Tonight is de night for fun."


All the sex between Adrian and Brenda had made both of them hungry. Adrian was so eager to have more sex with his mother that he would have gladly skipped dinner altogether.

But Brenda insisted with a sexy wink, "A good motherfucker needs to keep up his strength, so he has the stamina to fuck his mother over and over and over!"

Since it was framed that way, Adrian relented. Both of them washed up and got ready for dinner separately while Anika prepared dinner.

Adrian made it downstairs first, because Brenda took extra time putting on her perfume, very subtle make-up, and generally checking her appearance.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she thought, Good mommies have to look their best! A good mommy's top job is to look tempting and fuckable for her son at all times, so she can coax out more sperm. That's what Mistress Susan always says, and she's so right! She beamed with happiness, deservedly proud of her voluptuous body.


Adrian was sitting at the dinner table, wearing his usual casual clothes, when Brenda swept into the room.

She was dressed in nothing but a see-through négligée, similar to, but still different from, the one she'd been wearing earlier in the day. It highlighted the fact that her pussy was shaved bare. She also had blue high heels on her feet.

He stood up to greet her. "Wow, Ma! You look great!"

She giggled. "Thanks. But is that all?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're just standing there, like you're a gentleman ready to guide me to my seat." She posed coquettishly before breathily sighing, "But I'm not just your momma now; I'm also your willing and enthusiastic sex toy! This outfit I'm wearing is for you! To get you all hot and bothered."

"It's working," he exclaimed. That certainly was true. Despite all the sexual activity he'd taken part in earlier, his penis was quickly reviving as he looked at his mother, and especially at the way her huge jugs were swaying freely underneath the insubstantial fabric.

She replied with some exasperation, "Well, yeah! I figured that much, but I'm not here merely to be gawked at by my handsome son from afar, not anymore. Don't you want to greet me a little more... intimately?"

She struck a sexier pose, raising an arm above her head. Her nipples and pussy were already tingling in anticipation.

He gulped, and his heart started to pound. "What, you mean I can walk up to you, and just, like..."

Her smile was pure temptation. "Yes. Do whatever you like."

"Wow! That's so awesome!" He finally started to move, quickly closing the gap between them. Not surprisingly, his hands went straight to her big boobs. But he kept his hands outside the lingerie, and fondled her through it.

She rolled her eyes without him seeing. "That's nice, my cutie, but why hold back? Don't you want to grope all that tit flesh, well, more directly?"

"Um, well, yeah! Hell yeah! But, um, what about Anika? Or dinner?" Anika was still tinkering in the kitchen, but there was a lot of open space between the kitchen and dining room, allowing the maid to hear and even see what was happening.

Brenda lifted her nightie up to her shoulders, grabbed her son's hands, and placed them back on her breasts. "Anika's seen everything already. Forget she's there. As for dinner, you've never truly enjoyed dinner until you've eaten it with your momma sitting underneath the table, between your knees, sucking on your cock!"

He gulped again. "Are you serious?!"

"Of course I'm serious! Aidy, look at me!" Since he was too shocked at the moment to fondle, she pulled her nightie all the way off and then stepped back. "Look! I'm standing here in my birthday suit, cum starting to drip down my thighs, thinking about what you're going to do to me next. Are you going to bend me over the dinner table and fuck me doggy style? Or will you make me crawl on all fours and beg to be titfucked? The choices are yours, and they're endless! I'm not just a mother having hot and steamy incestuous sex with her son. I'm your sex toy! I'm yours to command! Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Gladly! Here, look."

"Wow, Ma. Are you serious? I never imagined..."

She dropped to her knees, pinned her arms behind her back, and thrust her chest out. "You see this? This is known as 'the position.' Any time you want me to sexually serve you, all you have to say is 'assume the position,' and I'll strike this pose, no matter what I'm doing. This position symbolizes your complete and utter control over my busty body, and your role as my master."


He loved that, and finally started to get into the spirit of things. As he quickly shucked his shirt and shorts, he commented, "Ma, this is kind of a weird thing to say, but you look almost... proud."

"I am!" She stiffened a bit more, and raised her head up. "I'm not a slut, not in the negative sense of the term. I don't have sex with anyone, just with the two men I love. I don't listen to those who try to denigrate and demonize sex. I consider being a sex slave to be a high calling, just like a doctor, teacher, or artist. In fact, cock pleasing IS an art. There's no greater joy than in keeping your master's cock humming with arousal all day long!"

Unfortunately, her mention of "two men" reminded him of Alan again. He asked, "So, is this something Alan makes you do?"

Her eyes had been closed, but she looked up at him and frowned. "We're not to mention his name tonight, remember? But since you brought it up, yes, it's something I love to do for him on my own. You may hate him now, but he's the one who allowed me to discover, and then come to love, my inner sex slave. You can benefit greatly from what I've learned from him and the other women in his harem, if you can only accept that this is how I am."

He was uncertain. He'd lusted after her for years, to the nearly complete exclusion of anyone else. But all this "sex slave" talk seemed a bit too much. He'd never realistically imagined something like this could happen, and he kept expecting to wake up from a dream.

Sensing his indecision and confusion, she started churning her hips around as she remained kneeling. She figured, correctly, that his eyes would be drawn to that hypnotic and rhythmic movement, and now that he knew what fucking was like, he'd imagine his penis benefiting from all that churning.

He was going to raise some sort of objection, perhaps having to do with her comment about Alan. But whatever the thought, it fled from his head.

Seeing his eyes finally rise from her hips to her busty chest, she thrust her tits out a bit more. "Anytime, anywhere, I'm ready to suck or get fucked by my handsome son. For instance, stealth sex. Have you heard of that?"

He was so floored that he practically forgot his own name. The only thing on his mind was that he was now standing naked, holding his stiff erection and lightly stroking it, while his nude mother knelt submissively before him, right there in the middle of the dining room. The mere thought that this could become an extremely normal, everyday sort of state of affairs completely blew his mind.

He asked, "Um, no. What's that?"

She licked her lips. "Son! Your cock is so full and heavy! Please, bring it closer. And for God's sake, don't stroke it! If there's one thing you need to understand, it's that you should never, ever, EVER masturbate again. There'll be no need, not when you can blow a big, gooey load on my face any time you want." She cocked her curled finger at him, beckoning him to draw closer.

He stumbled forward.

She went on in a sultry voice, "Sometimes, a master can turn his full attention to having sex with his momma. But other times, the master is busy. For instance, eating dinner. Yet maybe he's still horny, or potentially horny. A good sex toy can't let him suffer with an untended hard cock. That would be cruel for both mother and son. Good mommies LIVE to stroke and suck their sons' hard cocks! So that's where stealth sex comes in. Let me demonstrate."

He was standing within arm's length, so she scooted forward a bit, grabbed his erection with one hand, and then brought her mouth up to it. As she started to lick, she explained, "See? My hand is giving you a stealth handjob, and my mouth is giving you a stealth blowjob. The idea is that I'm not going all out to get you to pump me full of cum, as wonderful as that would be. Instead, I'm just lightly fondling and licking. It's soothing and relaxing for both you and for me, and we can both keep our mutual pleasure on a slow simmer for hours at a time. That way, you can keep on doing what you're doing, like eating, studying, or watching TV. And you see how I'm alternating between licking and blowing lightly on your cockhead?"

His voice cracked as he ventured a strained reply. "Yeah?"

"That way, I can keep talking all the while I revel in the joy of sexually serving you. Isn't this a more enjoyable way to hold a conversation with your momma?"

"Oh my God! Yes! It feels SO GOOD!" He grimaced and his eyes rolled back into his head, because the pleasure was overwhelmingly intense. He was afraid to look at her curvy nude body or her cute face, for fear that would push him over the edge already.

She giggled. "Oops. I'm probably not being stealthy enough. I tend to get carried away a little bit when there's a delicious son-cock near my mouth, but I'll try to cut back."

She winked.

However, his eyes were closed and he was panting wildly, so he didn't notice.

She added, "I'm still learning too, but I'll get better, just you wait and see. All it takes is..." - she held his shaft as she licked her way up from his balls to the tip of his cock, ending with a gentle loving kiss on the end - "practice. Lots and lots of practice!"

He groaned with arousal. The euphoria rising up from his groin was so intense that he felt light-headed.

Her voice dripping with desire, she continued, "Now, imagine having breakfast every morning, with your momma sucking and stroking you like this. And then imagine the same thing every night at dinner. And won't it be more fun to do your homework when your big-titted momma's tongue is dancing up and down your cock?"

"God, yes! YES! YES! YES! But Ma! I mean, is this for real? Is this just sexy talk to arouse me, or are you serious? You can't be serious! I mean, you'd get bored of that pretty fast, wouldn't you?"

She frowned again. "Son, you still don't get it, do you? I don't blame you, 'cos it's a lot for anyone to take. Here, let's sit at the dinner table and I'll try to explain things a bit better."

She stood up and ran her hands through her short hair, knowing that would cause her son to groan with arousal. She twisted her upper body and yelled towards the kitchen, "Anika, how's the dinner coming?"

Anika had been standing on the other side of the kitchen counter for the past few minutes, simply listening and watching. She was getting quite horny too. But she quickly kicked back into gear, bustling around the kitchen. "It's goot. Almost ready. Anodder minute or two."

"Okay, thanks." Brenda sat next to Adrian, and pulled her chair up close to his. Then she brought both her hands down to his crotch and resumed stroking up and down his shaft. "Mmmm. Yum. You like that?"

He said frantically, "Ma, if you keep doing that, I'm gonna cum all over the place!"

She ignored that, and happily continued to slide her fingers all over his pre-cum soaked pole. "Pooh Bear, please try to understand. I know you can't truly understand, because you're not a submissive, big-titted woman who loves to get royally fucked, but please, do your best to get inside my head, okay?"

"Okay." He looked down at his crotch and the way her hands were stroking. He could scarcely believe this wasn't some crazy dream.

"Remember our neighbors with the two daughters, Natalia and Sylvia? Remember how big they were on waterskiing, before they moved away?"

"Yeah?" His heart was pounding so hard, it seemed like he could barely hear her voice over it.

"That's pretty much all they did, right? They water-skied for God knows how many hours a day. They were on their way to being professionals. If they hadn't had to go to school, they probably would have water-skied all day long, every single day."

Her giant globes were swaying back and forth in time to her stroking. He was forced to close his eyes again. "Yeah? So?"

"Well, you and I, we're different. We never water-ski at all, or if we did, we'd only do it once in a blue moon, as a lark. But to them, it's their life. As far as they were concerned, time at school or anywhere else was time wasted, because they wanted to be on the water instead, doing what they truly loved. Do you see where I'm going with this?"

The sweat poured down his forehead. "Um, it's kind of hard to think, what with your hands sliding up and down..."

"I know, Pooh Bear, but this is part of the stealth stroking process. Try to get used to it, and carry on like normal. In time, you'll get better at it."

"MA! I'm gonna cum, like, any second!"

"Shoot. Well, I'll only use one hand for a while, how's that? But do you understand my point?"

"Okay... Um, what you're saying is, that you like, uh, sex, as much as they liked water skiing? You'd be happy to, uh... do it... for hours and hours a day, year after year after year?" When he finished, he wondered how he was able to string so many words together, in his current condition.

"Exactly!" She beamed. "A smart boy like that deserves a special kiss!" She bent over and kissed his cockhead. But she enjoyed that so much that she couldn't stop with just one kiss. Before long, a series of kisses turned into a full-on blowjob. She dropped to her knees and swallowed his entire cockhead and then some.

That went on for a couple of minutes, until he suddenly stood up and staggered back a step or two.

"What's wrong, my sweet son?"

He was panting hard. "Um... Nothing. It's just that I was, uh, ready to shoot. I can't hold out any longer! It's like I'm gonna die, I need to cum so bad!"


"Oh. Well, remember, you can shoot whenever you like. What are you waiting for? Inside me, or on my skin, whatever you want. I'd love for you to squirt a big load all over my chest, so I can show off a spermy shiny glaze!" She scooted forward and crammed his cockhead in her mouth again.

As her cheeks sank in with a powerful suck, he somehow managed to say, "Yeah, but I wanted to try this, uh, stealth thing. During, during dinner... AH! To see if it could really work." He nodded at the table.

She looked over and noticed that the dinner had been served. Anika often ate with them, but tonight she'd simply brought the food in silently and then disappeared again.

Brenda pulled his shaft out of her mouth and said, "Oh. I see. That's good. It's good to try to hold out, so you can last for hours and hours. I'm sorry, I got a little carried away again. When mommies suck and suck, they get really horny and their pussies get all juicy, and they just can't stop! ... Where was I? Oh yes."

He was right on the edge of climax, but to his simultaneous delight and dismay, she scooted forward again and resumed stroking his shaft as she resumed their conversation as well. But since her hands were mostly stroking his shaft instead of around his cockhead, he was somehow able to resist immediately squirting. However, he felt like he was going to faint or fall over if he couldn't sit down soon.

"Anyway, Aidy, you've just seen the point of what I was trying to say. Those neighbor girls, they'd discovered their passion. I've kept up with them every now and then in the news, and I see they're still at it. In fact, Natalia won the national championship a year or so ago. And, like them, I've finally discovered my passion too. My calling, if you will."

She paused, then started licking her way around her son's most sensitive spots.

He was forced to warn, "Ma... Please!"

"Oops. Sorry. I must admit, I need work on the whole 'stealth' part. Anyway, I only discovered this new me some weeks back, so yes, maybe I'll grow bored of it after a while. But I really don't think so. I feel a sense of satisfaction and bliss down in the depths of my soul when I hold your cock in my hand. And you have NO IDEA how much fun sucking cock is!"

She was about to cram his cockhead back into her mouth, but seeing the desperate look on his face made her pause, so she just blew on it a little bit instead. "I've never been more certain of anything than I'm certain of the fact that I'm a natural sex toy. It just feels right. When I say I'll do anything for you at any time, those are not just words."

Somehow, he had come down slightly from his immediate urge to cum. She had sensed that, so she was alternately blowing and licking her way around his cockhead, while her hand fondled his balls. But she was doing it all slowly and gently to avoid exciting him too much.

The food was on the table, totally forgotten and growing cold.


Brenda continued, "I'd like you to meet Mistress Susan sometime soon. She's been like my guru in all this. She agrees with me that cocksucking is an art that one could easily spend a lifetime practicing and perfecting. If it weren't so supposedly 'sinful', I'm sure there'd be all kinds of clubs and contests."

He asked, "Isn't she in Alan's harem too?"

"She is, but remember, let's not mention his name. And this goes beyond his harem, in any case. A lot of these things are universal. You've read lots of incest stories on the Internet. Haven't you ever read a story where a master tells a slave, 'assume the position'?"


"And look at me, wearing nothing but high heels. Do you think I was the first to discover that a naked woman in nothing but heels is sexy, or that Mistress Susan was the first? Obviously not. There are whole stores that sell nothing but specialized gear for masters and slaves. In fact, there's an entire industry to support it. And that industry exists because there are so many big-titted women who have discovered their naturally submissive natures, and men who have discovered their naturally dominant natures."

"Um, ma? One question. Why the emphasis on 'big-titted' all the time? I mean, I love your tits, but aren't there naturally submissive women with more modest-sized breasts?"

"I suppose there are," she admitted, although very reluctantly. "However, the odds of a woman being a submissive slut for cock go up exponentially with breast size. That's just a fact."

He was having a hard time making any kind of argument, given the way his mother was licking his sensitive spot under his cockhead, but she kept saying things that he didn't understand or didn't agree with, so he asked, "A fact? Are you sure?"

"Sure, I'm sure. Mistress Susan's proved it. Think about it. Think about a pair of big tits like mine. Look at them."

He was staring at them already, but now she pulled her head from his crotch and slid his slippery dick into her cleavage instead. "Um, Ma, what are you doing? I'm gonna blow!"


"This is called a stealth titfuck. One can do a 'stealth' anything; it's just a matter of taking it slow and easy. I'll just slide your wonderfully stiff and sticky boner in here for a little bit so you can rest for a moment, okay?"

He nodded. He was trembling with excitement, but was doing his best to pay attention to her words too. However, he looked down at his mother's face and chest, and was overcome with emotion. "Ma! You're so beautiful! And cute too! But mostly, you're beautiful. I get completely lost in your eyes, in the same way that my dick is completely lost in your tits... Holy cow! I can't even see my dick, your cleavage is so deep!"

She was overjoyed. "Son! Compliments will get you everywhere, including deep in my cunt! I love you so much. And a loving son gets rewards with lots and lots of titfucks!"

He groaned lustily.

"So anyway, a pair of tits like these..." She started to lift one up and down, and then the other, if only to draw his attention to them. But she noticed the pained grimace on his face as he struggled not to cum, and she remembered her promise to keep still for a while. "A pair like these are damn annoying and inconvenient, to say the least. I have back pain all the time. Imagine how you'd feel, having to carry two heavy basketballs on your chest wherever you go. And speaking of sports, you've seen me try to play tennis or go jogging. Heck, they get in the way if I even try to play something like golf... Are you listening?"

His eyes were glazed over from intense pleasure, but he managed to nod in understanding.

"So, from an evolutionary point of view, such lumps of flesh are extremely dumb. Why have them, then? There's only one reason: sex! A woman with big tits has a big evolutionary advantage, because of her increased sex appeal. Basically, a woman with a body like mine is a woman born and bred for sex. And it goes without saying that a woman bred for sex is going to be submissive. It's all part of the package. The bigger the tits, the more likely she's a natural sex toy, and the more submissive she's going to be. One thing naturally follows from the next. This is what Mistress Susan calls her Big Tits Theory. It's a work of genius, if you ask me!"

This talk about Brenda's favorite theory had gotten her excited, and she'd started squeezing and rubbing her son's dick with her tits, despite her intention mere seconds earlier to give him a rest.

Adrian was so out of his mind with arousal that he barely knew up from down. In such a condition, this theory seemed quite reasonable. But some things nonetheless didn't add up for him. He gasped out, "But, uh, what... What about, uh... Some big-titted... not... not submissive?"

She frowned and looked at him sharply, even as her boobs continued to wobble up and down on either side of his cum-soaked shaft. "Have you ever met a big-titted woman who is NOT a naturally submissive sex toy, longing to serve her master and commit hot incestuous sex with him on a daily basis?"

Since Brenda was the only big-titted woman he knew, he had to admit, "Noooo..." He was too blissed out to fault her logic beyond that.

She was triumphant, and repeatedly squeezed his dick with her tit-pillows. "There! Neither have I! So, do you see what I mean? Now, I'll be the first to admit, there may be some big-titted women out there who don't realize their true nature. After all, look at me, and how blind and foolish I was, mere weeks ago. One problem is that truly natural masters are extremely rare in our society, where the formation of harems is discouraged, so many big-titted women tragically go their whole lives without being properly tamed and enslaved. Think about what my ex-husband missed when... Well, never mind about that. My point is, most men are too intimidated by their beauty, plus they've never even heard of the Big Tits Theory, so they don't know how to act."

Her head was level with the dining room table, and she suddenly noticed the two plates of food sitting there untouched. "Aidy! What's wrong? You haven't touched a bite of your food!"

He didn't know whether to laugh or to scream in frustration. The notion that he'd be able to do anything but struggle to keep breathing while she kept him continually on the brink of a great orgasm was totally absurd. He just stared at her incredulously.

Kicking into mothering mode, she sat back up in her chair, pulling her chest away from his rigid rod in the process. "Look at that. Anika's cooked a wonderful pasta dish for you, and it's growing cold. Eat up! You'll need all your strength if you're gonna fuck me all night long."

He staggered back to his seat and just sat there for a bit, recovering his breath. Finally, he managed to say, "All night long?"

"Sure! The night is young. I have soooo much to teach you that I hardly know where to begin. There are so many ways for a man to fuck a woman. It's incredible! And that's not even counting all the wild stuff you'll find in a book like the Kama Sutra. You haven't even fucked me doggy style yet. I can't wait for that. Oooh! Or cowgirl style! Or to bang me standing up like you're banging a cheap screen door!" She looked at his plate with impatience. "Hurry up and eat!"

He took a bite to eat, but it was really only a symbolic gesture to placate her, because he was still too overwhelmed by everything to properly eat a meal.

After another minute or so passed, it occurred to him that his mother's plate was untouched too. He nodded at her plate and asked, "What about you?"

She waved her hand through the air dismissively. "Don't worry about that. I can eat whenever. The main thing is to keep your cock satisfied. Mistress Susan has taught me the supreme importance of that. Blue balls are one of the great tragedies of modern life, and I won't allow that to EVER happen in this house! And as for masturbation, forget it!" She poked him in his chest indignantly. "I should have Mistress Susan over here sometime to lecture you about the sins of Onan, because I can't do that topic justice the way she does. Just remember that if you ever feel the tiniest bit aroused, come to Momma." She enveloped him in a big hug.

The feel of her soft hooters pushing against him melted his brain. Before he had time to think of a response, she dropped a hand down into his crotch and started stroking. At the same time, she chided him, "Come on. Eat up."

"What?! You want me to eat my food while you're jacking me off?!"

"I told you about stealth stroking before, didn't I?"

"Does Al- does he-"

She cut him off. "Never mind what he does or doesn't do. It's a question of what YOU want to do. If you want to eat your meal in the regular way, just tell me. If you want me to simply hold your cock in my mouth until you're done, tell me that too. I'm your big-titted sex toy momma! You see?"

The "big-titted" mention reminded him of the theory she'd mentioned before. Now that he wasn't quite as insanely aroused as before, he could give more thought to that theory, and it didn't make much sense to him. "Um, Ma? About that theory of Susan's..."

"Yes?" Her sticky hand slid up and down his equally sticky pole, up and down, up and down, over and over.

"Uh, well, I'm just not sure if all big-titted women have a natural need to be 'tamed' and 'enslaved,' whatever that means."

"Well, I never said ALL big-titted women," she replied. "Just the beautiful ones. If a woman is ugly, then ipso facto, she wasn't born and bred for sex."

"So wait. You're telling me that Dolly Parton or Jennifer Love Hewitt is somebody's love slave?"

"Well, I can't speak about any given individual. There are always exceptions to rules, and busty women who have tragically failed to discover their true nature. But maybe. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Probably, in fact. But in any case, who cares about them? What's important is the woman holding your cock, right here, right now. This is what I feel. Getting back to my water-skiing example, this is what I want to do with my life. I want, no, I NEED, to live the life of a sex toy. It's what gives me happiness. If I can do it from morning till night, then that'll be a very good day."

"Um, isn't that kind of a bit... I dunno... extreme?"

She shot back with, "Isn't water-skiing for five or six hours a day extreme for most people? What makes me happy won't make most other women happy, obviously. The vast majority of women are probably what you'd call 'normal.' But there are a select few big-titted and beautiful women scattered across this country who have discovered their submissive passion, and they love it!"

He asked, "Um, Ma? How come I haven't climaxed yet? I mean, I don't understand! The pleasure! So much!"

"Well, it's like this. The more times you cum in one session, the longer you tend to last each time. Think back to what you did earlier. When you started to fuck me for the first time, you had a hair trigger. Each time, you've lasted longer. Isn't that great? In time, Momma will be able to stimulate your cock for hours on end, non-stop!"

He groaned. He half-seriously thought he was going insane. This much pleasure was simply inhuman. The idea of it happening day after day, for hours on end, was completely beyond his imagining. He was so happy that he felt like his heart would burst from his chest. He wouldn't even mind getting beat up at school every day, if he could come home to a mother this loving and sexually eager to please him!

She stared lustily at her son's erection. "Just look! Look at my hands sliding up and down and all around your magnificent shaft. Is that not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? When I think about how good I'm making you feel, that makes me feel good too. I think about your troubles at school, your lack of confidence, all your problems, and I see them all washed away in a spermy bath of pure joy! In fact, the only thing better than jacking you off is sucking you off. Or fucking! Let's see if you can finish your meal while I give you a good stealth suck, and then we can go back upstairs and you can nail me good! Nail your momma to the bed with your big cock, for hours and hours!"

As her lips closed around her son's cockhead again, she was beside herself with glee. This is so great! Mmmm! Yum! Mistress Susan is so right, again: son-cock is extra yummy! But not only that, I've got a new, brilliant strategy. I will simply play with my son's cock so many hours a day that he'll collapse from exhaustion. He'll be so sexually exhausted that he'll understand my need to be with Master Alan too. He'll see that he's physically incapable of taming me enough hours a day. It's not his fault; no one could, not even Alan, especially with the requirements of attending school. But if Aidy's sexually satiated all the time, he won't mind if I go to a poke-her party at the Plummer house from time to time. In fact, he'll probably welcome the break, so he can do his homework and things like that. And all that constant sex will give him confidence and great pleasure, so it's win-win for everybody! Hee-hee!

Adrian gamely tried to keep eating his dinner, but it was a difficult challenge. Brenda simply was too enthusiastic about sex to remain "stealthy" for long, without frequent reminders to take it easy.

As waves of pleasure radiated outwards from his crotch, he thought, Whoa. For years and years, I dreamed about having sex with Ma, but I never thought it would be like THIS! On the one hand, it's kind of a downer to find out my mother is such a sex-crazed slut. I mean, it pains me to imagine her acting like this around Alan. But on the other hand, I could certainly get used to all her non-stop attention! Sweet! I mean, this is crazy good, trying to eat some ravioli while she's slurping on my cock! Whoa!

It's almost scary, actually. Can I really handle it? I heard somewhere that a woman can have dozens of orgasms a day, but a guy would be lucky to have five. That would be pushing it for me. If a woman and a man try to have sex all day long, the guy is gonna give out first. That has to be true for everybody, even Alan. How he could have a whole harem of women and keep them all satisfied is beyond me. I can see now that keeping Ma sexually satisfied is going to be a huge, never-ending task. It's a good thing I love her, and only her, so very deeply.

Eventually, Brenda got a little too carried away with her stroking and slurping, causing Adrian to get carried away too. She turned his chair away from the table so she could bend over lewdly as she sucked. This allowed her enormous globes to dangle and sway enticingly. She thought giddily, I love the look he gets on his face when he sees my tits like this. My tits are gonna sway right in front of his face so often from now on, he's gonna be permanently sea sick! Hee-hee!


All pretense of stealth were forgotten as her hands flew up and down his shaft while her lips slid all over the sweet spot under his cockhead. It felt so good that his vision actually grew blurry, and the room seemed to spin. Finally, she pulled back from his cock tip a couple of inches so his cum could rocket into her mouth.

So far he'd only managed to eat a few bites of pasta. But neither of them minded much. Adrian liked the stealth idea in theory, but he was relieved to be able to eat the rest of his dinner without being wildly distracted. He was so utterly wiped out that it was a challenge to bring the food to his mouth.

That also gave Brenda a chance to eat her meal too (although she still didn't bother to put any clothes on).

As she ate, she said, "Don't worry about cumming so soon. You'll get better at holding out with practice. The key is training your PC muscle. That makes all the difference in the world. Once you're able to control your orgasms, you'll be able to eat every single meal with your mommy blowing or stroking or even slowly fucking you. Won't that be fun?" She winked gleefully. "Before long, you'll wonder how you ever did it any other way."

He was floored by that too. "Cumming so soon?" Geez! I thought I'd held out for a superhuman amount of time! If Alan lasts longer than that, then he's simply not human! Either that, or this PC muscle thing must be the end all, be all. I sure do hope it's the latter. I'm gonna start doing that, whatever the heck it is, tomorrow. And I'm going to get to be the very best at it, so I can out do Alan and show Ma how much I love her!


Alan stopped by a pay phone on his way back to his car and called Susan to let her know that he'd be coming home soon. The last time he'd talked to her was hours ago, when he told her he was going for a jog, so he figured she was probably concerned about him by now. He kept the call short, saying he'd explain when he got home in a few minutes.

Then he drove straight home. It was nearly seven by now and he was getting hungry.

As soon as he opened the door, he noticed how warm the house was. That meant that the heater was turned up high, so everyone could run around naked despite the cool night. He grinned wolfishly at that. He felt his penis stiffening to full size as he contemplated the ecstasy he knew he soon would be feeling. He took a whiff of the air and smelled a familiar mixture of cum and perfume, and that aroused him even more.


Susan immediately came rushing from the kitchen to the front door to greet him. "Oh, Tiger! You're home! Thank the Lord!"

His grin widened from ear to ear, because she was wearing nothing but high heels, a diadem that looked like it came from a French maid outfit, and a scanty apron that made no attempt to cover her tits or ass, or even all of her pussy. And as usual when she ran, she had to clutch her breasts so they wouldn't bounce wildly all over the place. He loved it when she did that.

He thought, God damn! Mom is like the platonic form of the submissive, busty mother! Apron AND French maid outfit in one! And a gorgeous face on top of those ridiculously huge and perfect tits! And she's all mine! DAMN!

At the same time she was running towards him, he also heard the sound of clomping feet charging down the stairs. Susan had barely wrapped her arms around him when he was tackled by two more warm bodies - Amy and Katherine.

"Brother!" they squealed in perfect synchrony. Both of them were naked from head to toe.

But what surprised him most of all was when Suzanne came jogging through the house from the dining room, wearing high heels and a business suit. By this time, there wasn't really any of him left to hug or fondle, but she hugged the whole tangle of bodies and yelled happily, "Sweetie!" He was surprised that even the jaded and restrained redhead was so unabashedly happy to see him.

Alan was pleased as punch at the big reception, but asked, "What's the big deal? It's just me."

Katherine squealed, "YOU'RE the big deal, Big Matterhorn Brother. You had us all worried. Thank God you called, or we would have totally flipped out when you came through the door. What have you been up to?!"

"Seriously!" Susan added emphatically as she managed to snake a hand down his shorts and grip his erection. "I'm just dying of curiosity!"

He suggested, "Well, why don't we retire to the living room and I'll tell you all about it? Um, Amy? If I'm gonna walk, you're gonna have to stop doing that."

While Alan was still being hugged by the others, Amy had slipped down, pulling down his shorts so she could feast on his stiff cock without restraint. Susan's hand was already stroking it, remarkably enough, but as Amy's lips slid over his bulbous head, Susan's stroking fingers were forced to migrate further down.

Amy started to bob up and down, completely unconcerned by the logistics problem of doing that while Alan wanted to walk.

But Katherine tapped her on the head. "Uh, Sis? We're all waiting. Brother wants to go to another room."

Amy pulled back just enough to ask, "Promise I can keep sucking it over there, O.B.?"

"I promise. But please make it more of a stealth sucking, okay? I'm kind of tired."


Susan squealed, "Stealth sucks! I just loooove stealth sucks. Amy, can I help out?"

"Sure, Mom!" Amy and Susan high-fived each other.

As they walked, Katherine grumbled to her sister, "Lucky cunt."

Amy playfully stuck her tongue out. "Hey, the early tongue gets the cock."

They all settled in the living room. Alan flopped down on a sofa while Susan and Amy nestled in between his legs and began a slow and relaxed dual blowjob. Alan still wore the shirt he'd borrowed from Christine's father, and Susan still wore her apron. Katherine and Suzanne sat across from him on different chairs, one of them fully dressed and the other buck naked. All the women wore high heels while Alan went barefoot. Their appearance would have seemed bizarre to any outsider looking in, but to Alan and his family, this had become something that wasn't worth commenting about.

Alan relaxed for a full minute, so he could adjust to the intense pleasure caused by Susan and Amy licking his hard-on as one. He looked back and forth between Suzanne and Katherine, and asked them, "Isn't this... odd?"

Katherine replied, "No, you doofus! This is the new normal. You may be a masterly big-cocked stud, but you can still be a major doof." She winked at him, showing that she was just teasing.

He felt strangely reassured by his sister's comments. My god, man! So much pleasure! The way Mom and Amy are playing with my balls together in and of itself is... UGH! So good! Damn! But it's good to know that Sis is still as "uppity" as ever. Some things change, but we're still all basically the same people. That's good.

He began to tell his story, starting from when he'd decided to jog to Christine's house.


The women got very frisky as he described his time with Christine in great detail. Even Suzanne began taking off her clothes.

Every now and then, Susan would come up from her penis tending duties and say things like, "And THEN you bent her over and fucked her pussy raw, right?" After he rolled his eyes in response, she continued, "No? What were you waiting for? The Big Tits Theory says she belongs to you. She's putty in your hands. God, I wanna see you FUCK THE SHIT out of her huge knockers! HNNNG!"

Susan was so inspired by the thought of Alan giving Christine a good titfuck that she engulfed Alan's cockhead and bobbed down his shaft until she was on the verge of tripping her gag reflex. The resulting choking and gagging noises greatly inspired both her and Amy, causing them to go wild all over his cock.

He was forced to put his hands on their heads and say, "Hey! What happened to the 'stealth' part of the stealth sucking?"

That caused the two giggling and slurping women to restrain themselves... somewhat... for a little while.

At one point, when Amy was taking a solo turn bobbing on his cock, Susan asked him, "Son, can you describe Christine's breasts in detail? Sure, I've seen them in person, but buried by layers of clothes. Besides, I want to hear how you feel about them."

"Well, Mom, they're really nice. They-"

"Wait!" Susan had been stroking the rest of his shaft, but she sat high up on her heels, temporarily leaving her son's entirely cock to Amy's care. She pulled her shoulders back, slipped her apron off, and then hefted her tits up. "As you describe them, close your eyes and feel mine. It'll almost be like you're back there."

"Thanks, Mom!" He leaned forward and started to fondle her massive hooters with both hands, while leaving room for Amy to continue sucking him. "Well, they're absolutely freakin' huge, as I'm sure all of you know. I mean, they're nearly Mom-sized, and yet she's still in high school! And everything about them is just right. I love how they're so round, like, rounder than round, if you know what I mean. I love her fair, pinkish skin, and how soft they feel in my hands "

"Nice nipples too." He twisted Susan's. "But what's funny is that it's not nipple play that really gets her off the most. For one thing, her undersides are REALLY sensitive. And she totally loves it if I knead them aggressively. I mean, getting really rough!"

"Oooh! Show me!" Susan said excitedly.

"Are you sure, Mom?" He still had a hard time getting physically aggressive with his mother, since he felt so protective towards her.

She understood that, and loved him all the more for it. To appease him, she said, "Okay, maybe don't go all out, but almost."

He chuckled, but started doing it. His fingers dug deeply in her tit-flesh, grossly distorting the shape of her entire boobs.

"Oooh! That feels surprisingly good," she said sincerely. "You can do that to me any time, Tiger. When you did that to her, did she totally lose all control, drop to her knees, and start sucking your big fat cock?"

"No." He glanced down at Amy, who was doing just that. She seemed inspired by the talk, because she was using a great deal of suction, much more than before.

Susan asked, "Did she frantically yank your swimsuit off, and then slide Alan Junior between-"

"No! She has this kind of aversion to penises, I think." He grunted and briefly closed his eyes, as Amy's sliding lips caused a particularly powerful surge of pleasure to rush through him.

Katherine saw that, and said, "Aims! Whatever you just did, do more of that! Our job should be to keep him throbbing with so much joy that he's unable to speak!"

"M'kay!" Amy didn't even slow her bobbing, much less pull off, but apparently her "m'kay" sounded much the same even when her mouth was crammed full of cock.

Suzanne said, "Honey Pie, don't listen to your sister. At least, not right now. I want to hear what he has to say."

Katherine complained to Suzanne, "Awww, you're no fun." But she smiled and giggled too.

Susan was pressing her massive globes together, allowing Alan to snake a hand between them, as if he was titfucking them. As he did that, he somehow managed to continue, "She rubbed her thighs and ass against mine happily enough, but she seemed to go out of her way to keep her hands away from it, even when she was wildly aroused."

Susan exclaimed, "What the heck is WRONG with that girl?!"

He chuckled. "Mom, can I tell the story?"

"Sorry. It's just that I get so excited. I can't wait to see her totally tamed, and sharing cock tending duties with the rest of us!"

He rolled his eyes, even though he loved his mother's enthusiasm. He resumed his story while continuing to maul his mother's milk-laden orbs (as well as enjoying Amy's oral talents). Judging from Susan's happy moans, she was thoroughly loving the rough treatment, although he continued to hold back some compared to how he'd treated Christine's rack.

Suddenly, Susan looked down at her chest and squealed. "Look, everybody, I'm leaking! I'm leaking!"

Sure enough, all of his rough groping was causing some milk to dribble out of her nipples.

He immediately stopped fondling her like that, so he could carefully avoid where the milk was dripping down her tit-slopes. When she responded with a needy moan, he pointed out, "Mom, you've only started lactating. Every drop of your milk is precious. You still don't make enough to waste it willy nilly."

But she put her hands on his hands directly over the wet areas, and forced him to renew his kneading. "It's MY milk, and if I want to 'waste' it, then please let me. Don't worry, I'll make more; lots more. I'm your big-uddered sex cow! Soon, if you so much as pat me on the head, milk will be squirting everywhere!"

He laughed, but he also knew she probably would really love it if that happened.

A few minutes later, he was in the middle of describing how he was hefting and kneading Christine's breasts in the hot tub while telling her about how he came to have so many women in his life, when Susan suddenly stood up and exclaimed, "Hold on! Time out! Time out!"

Everyone froze, wondering what was up with her. Even Amy temporarily stopped her cocksucking, while keeping his boner in her mouth.

"Sorry," Susan panted, "but I just have to say: that's SO HOT! I know, I know, I say that a lot, but seriously, I can't keep quiet anymore! I mean, my son is so brilliant! Here he is, talking about VERY serious relationship stuff with Christine, and at the same time, he's driving her wild with his hands, totally taking possession of her enormous tits!"

Amy realized there was no emergency after all, and resumed her rhythmic bobbing. She was fondling his shaft and balls with both hands as well, taking full advantage of Susan being distracted.

Susan paced around in circles, she was so worked up. "Just imagine poor Christine's plight. She's trying to think, trying to talk, burning with jealousy about these other women, but he's twisting her nipples, cupping her ass cheeks, and just TAKING CHARGE of her entire body in every way! Little does she know her true submissive nature - which we already know about due to the Big Tits Theory - so she's completely puzzled why she's filled with an overwhelming need to simply spread her legs and let him ram his cock in her cunt all the way to the hilt! All her smarts, all her talents, they're useless to stop her overwhelming need to have my son royally nail her! She keeps thinking that she's GOT to say something about these other women he's talking about, and how she's not going to put up with sharing, but she's just too horny! By not saying anything, she realizes she's giving tacit approval to the sharing, but she's so horny that that actually makes her even HOTTER!"

Susan was panting hard as she asked in conclusion, "Am I alone here? Is that not brilliant, or what? I mean, how can she possibly resist him?! How can ANY of us resist him?!" She looked down at Amy's bobbing head and practically swooned.

Katherine giggled at her mother's predictable passion. But she said, in a droll fashion, "Yep, Mom, it is pretty brilliant."

"THANK YOU!" Susan said emphatically, glad to get some validation. She stood in front of Alan, holding her big tits since they were heaving up and down. "I mean, if anyone wonders how my Tiger built himself a magnificent harem, there's your answer right there. Christine was completely unable to think straight, I'm sure! He was turning her into one of us, just like that!" She snapped her fingers to emphasize her point. "He's unstoppable! His big dick simply takes what it wants and conquers any hole! And then, as if that's not enough, he's sitting here right now, getting cock sucked and casually kneading and taming MY big tits as he tells us about it! SO HOT!"

Alan was highly amused by this, especially since he wasn't even touching her at the moment. He tapped on Amy's head, causing her to pull her mouth off him. Then he knelt up on the sofa and reached out with both hands, clasping onto Susan's nipples. Then he pulled on them hard, causing her breasts to cone out towards him (and a lot more milk to squirt out). He quipped, "Frankly, Mom, I have no idea what you're talking about."


"You see? You see?!" Susan said to the others as she writhed and gasped for air. "Look what he's doing to meeee! Son, why didn't you do this before? So good! So good! Mercy!"

"Honestly, you're my mom. I have this natural instinct to treat you kindly and gently, you know?"

"Pardon my French, son, but FUCK THAT! Good sons fuck their mommies ROUGH! And they play with mommy's big titties even rougher! UGH! GOD!" Her arms were flailing about wildly as he continued to relentlessly yank on her nipples, slowly drawing her closer to him. "Ohmigod, I'm so hot and horny! I can't take it!"

She dropped down to her knees between her son's legs, right next to Amy. "Excuse me, Amy, but I really need this. I'm claiming emergency First Mommy privileges!" She gently but firmly nudged Amy aside, and took all of Alan's cockhead, and more, deep into her mouth.

The others all chuckled at that, although they also saw her point and found their arousal rising with hers.

Amy contented herself with rolling one of his balls around inside her mouth.

Katherine had been sitting on a different sofa, but she got up and sat back down right next to him. Then she reached out and playfully ruffled her brother's unruly hair while also wrapping an arm around his back. "My brother, the Unstoppable Big Tit Tamer. I like that. Poor Christine; she'll never know what hit her." She giggled some more.

Alan didn't feel "unstoppable." He shook his head in disbelief. Geez, if you listened to Mom, you'd think my dick could knock down Godzilla with a single swing, and cure cancer in its spare time! She's such a case, but I love her. I wish I was half as great as she says I am. The funny thing is, I don't actually do that much. Most of the time, I'm just sitting around and enjoying what beautiful women are doing to my dick, like, say, right now.

He looked down at Amy and Susan sharing his cock and balls, and had to stifle the urge to laugh with pure joy. My chief talent is in not cumming quickly. My reputation precedes me and does at least half the work. Seriously.


Alan tried to resume the story, but it wasn't easy. His account started to peter out as his mother's inspired blowjob attack stole away all his concentration.

However, the one person who wasn't so excited about his Christine story was Amy. She had been at first, but the more excited she got, the less enthusiastic she got. It didn't help that he was so hot and bothered that he wasn't his usual diplomatic and careful self while praising Christine.

Amy eventually left most of the cock tending to Susan, and even frowned at times. An Amy frown was an almost unheard of occurrence.

Alan had been looking down at Susan and Amy working on his crotch from time to time, and he eventually noticed Amy's change of mood. When he'd more or less wound down his description about his visit to Christine, he said, "Aims, I just want you to know, no matter what happens between Christine and me, she'll never come close to taking your place as my official girlfriend. That title is just for you, my love."

"Yeah," she said listlessly, her hands fondling his balls equally listlessly just below Susan's bobbing head. "Thanks."

"No, I really mean it."

"You say that now," Amy said in an unusually pouty and sullen voice. "But you've lusted after her for so long, who knows what can happen in the future? She's totally better than me in every way. She's super busty, she's all smart, she's way super duper beautiful, she saved you from the bullies-"

He put his hand up, making a stop gesture. "Whoa! Stop. Time out, everybody." He patted his knee until Amy sat up on it, forcing Susan to disengage and move back. Then he curled his arms around Amy and drew her in close, while Katherine continued to cuddle him on the other side.

"Aims, my love, you are the most lovable, 'amazingirific' official girlfriend around." He was careful to say "official girlfriend" so Katherine wouldn't feel offended. "I love you so much; I couldn't possibly love you any more! You're incredible in your own way, in lots of different ways. For instance, who's my number one natural nudist, and the girl with the tightest and most fuckable ass on the planet?"


She asked shyly, "Me?"

"You! Who's the best artist I've ever met? If there was a painting contest between you and Christine, who would win?"

"Me?" She grinned a little. She still had a hand on his balls and tugged them with more enthusiasm.

"Yes, you! And who do I turn to when I have a need to check for bumps?"

"Me!" Her grin turned into a big smile. She wiped away some of the cum and saliva dripping down her chin.

"Right! But most importantly, you're so full of love. You're almost never jealous, and you're always there with an encouraging word and a smile. You're one of my sisters! You're not going anywhere. You'll have a special place in my life forever, just like Kat. I have the two best sisters I could ever ask for." He made sure to add that so Katherine could feel reassured too.

"Thanks, Beau!" Amy's face beamed with delight.

He went on, "So, what I'm saying here is, you don't have to worry about Christine. If you've been listening carefully to what I said about my visit to her house, there are certain issues between her and me that are basically unfixable. She and I can have some sexy fun together, but there will always be limits, things we can't get past. That's just how it is."

"But you're still going to fuck her, right? Fuck her and tame her?"

He had to be careful in answering that. "I'd like to fuck her, sure. There's no denying that she's beautiful AND passionate. But of course that's up to her too. And as for the taming idea, that's what I'm trying to say. She's not a submissive type who's just going to up and join the harem. She could never accept the incest, for starters. So even if I end up getting seriously sexually involved with her, what she and I might have someday could never touch what I have with you." Again being extra diplomatic, he looked to Katherine cuddling into him from the other side, and added, "Or you."

Amy suddenly wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight. "Really? I'm sorry! I've been such a meanie!" She began to cry.

"No, you haven't. If even you get jealous, that says to me that you've got very good reason. Please don't cry. Please?"

Amy's crying spell ended almost as soon as it began, because all four people around her said many supportive things and showered her with love.

For instance, Susan said, "Amy, I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I've been all but demanding that Alan tame Christine, because the Big Tits Theory practically ordains it. She's so ripe for the picking!" She took a deep breath, and then closed her eyes with a tight grimace as she added, "But maybe just this one time, we can let the Theory be... wrong." She winced.

The Big Tits Theory was so near and dear to Susan's heart that it was almost like a religion to her, so it was quite painful for her to make this offer. But she loved her three children so much that she didn't have to think twice about saying that, painful though it was. She thought, I have to make this sacrifice for my family. Anything for family!

There was a collective gasp of surprise from everyone else, including Suzanne, as they all knew how important that theory was to her.

Amy pulled away from her brother and dropped back down between his knees. His penis had gone flaccid, but she took it in her hands and started to stroke it back to life. "No! I'd never ask you to go against your theory, Mom. I know how much it means to you. I'm kinda growing to like the theory, actually. Sorry to be a party-pooper. Let's continue like before. Mom, I'm gonna suck Brother's cock together with you with so much love and attention that he's gonna splash his sperm all over our faces, for sure!"

Susan nodded and began eagerly lapping her way up and down her side of his shaft, bringing it back to full hardness.

Amy added as she started to lick up and down her side, "And as for Christine, let Brother tame her all he wants. I'll even help. It would be totally fun to see him fuck her, if, you know, I just didn't have to worry. But Brother, the one thing I ask though, seriously, is that you don't let her take my official girlfriend title away from me. That would break my heart."

He bent down to hug her again, and wrapped an arm around her neck as she continued to lick. "Aims, no way! You have my promise. I'll never ever take that title away from you without your permission, no matter what! I think you're the most selfless person I've ever met! Agreed?"

"M'kay!" As soon as that word was out of her mouth, she stuffed his bulbous cockhead into her gaping maw and then took him as far down to the root as she could go. It wasn't quite a deep throating, but it was close.

Katherine decided to get a little more involved. She helped pull Alan's shirt off, and then tossed it aside. Stroking Amy's hair while also gently assisting in pushing Amy's head up and down over Alan's shaft, she said, "Don't worry, Sister. You know I'm the uppity type. If Brother even THINKS about taking away your girlfriend title, I'm gonna kick his ass into next week!"


"Thanthff!" Amy said in a muffled tone as her lips swept down nearly to gagging distance again.

Susan also simply sat back and watched, so Amy could have this special time with her master and his raging erection.

Suzanne continued to sit on a nearby easy chair, just watching everything and remaining unusually quiet.

Katherine told Amy, "I used to be jealous about that title of yours, but I've come to see that it's so right. You deserve it. Brother needs someone he can fondle and kiss in public if he wants, and it obviously can't be me. You inspire me every day to be less jealous and take more joy in sharing Alan Junior far and wide with the girls beautiful and busty enough to deserve a royal fucking."

"Phaaanth!" Amy said even less coherently, her jaw straining to accommodate all that cock-meat. She slid far down on it repeatedly, nearly reaching the half way point before her gag reflex kicked in.

Susan leaned in, grabbed Alan's shaft, and resumed stroking it up and down. She whispered to Amy, "Good! Choke on that fat cock! Choke on it! Let it dominate you and control you! Remember, you're not just his official girlfriend and sister, you're one of his many sex slaves!"

Amy bobbed slightly deeper the next time her lips slid down, causing her to choke and gag a little bit.

"Good!" Susan encouraged. "Good! That shows you're giving it your all!"

Suzanne had started to curl up on the easy chair she sat on. She was too far to hear Susan's whispers. "Speaking about getting kicked into next week, Sweetie, that's what I would have done to you if you said one wrong thing and hurt my Honey Pie. But I figured I'd let you handle that, and you handled it masterfully. Good job! Look at Amy's lips slide up and down so fervently - I think she loves you more than ever!"

Alan coughed. "Um, maybe she could be a little less fervent... Or I'm gonna blow! UH! UH! Right now!" He squeezed his PC muscle with all his might, and just barely staved off going over the edge.

When he recovered, he said, "Um, Mom, Aims is more than enough for me to handle right now. Can you please let go?"

"Sure, Son." Susan let go of his shaft. Temporarily left without penis access, she got busy fingering her pussy. "You see? Everybody thinks I'm too extreme in my views, but it's like I always say: Tiger's just too suave, too clever, and too well-hung! How can we, as big-titted babes, possibly resist him? The Big Tits Theory is vindicated!"

Alan just shook his head in disbelief. I'm not all that. Really! If they only knew how ordinary I am. I'm lucky, so mind-bogglingly lucky. Just look at me here, with these three sexpots crawling all over me. But what did I do to deserve this? I swear, it's nuts! Her theory is nuts too!

Time passed. Eventually Amy resumed dual licking duties with Susan, and Katherine returned to simply cuddling up to her brother.

Suzanne had been quiet for a while because she was preoccupied thinking about Christine. Now, she had something to say about her. "Sweetie, I'm happy at what happened today. I guess Mom Number One has brainwashed us all to some degree with her theory, and I have to admit that I love it when she's proven right and you tame another seriously busty beauty like Christine. But be careful with her! You're playing with fire. The deeper she falls for you, the more hurt she'll feel if she ever finds out the extent of your deception. Despite her martial arts training, I don't think she'd ever physically hurt you, but she could expose our secrets to the public in a fit of anger."

He sighed with frustration. "I know, I know! Like I said, I didn't mean to do that. It's just that I have no willpower. I mean if I wake up and find a gorgeous girl rubbing her nearly naked body all over mine and whimpering, 'Alan, please!', what am I supposed to do?" He looked down at his lap and added to himself, Or when your mom and your sister insist on sharing a blowjob. How could I ever say no to that?

Susan raised her hand and waved it impatiently, as she slurped her way around her side of the shared shaft.

Katherine giggled. "Mom, let me guess. You're gonna say: 'Fuck the shit out of her!'"

Susan nodded happily in agreement as she continued her languid licking. She was glad that she didn't have to pause to talk, for once.

But Suzanne said to him, "Just remember, don't say I didn't warn you. We may want to discuss her situation in depth and work out a plan of action and some contingency plans, but some other time, when we're not all naked and horny. Right now, our thoughts will be skewed in the 'fuck the shit out of her' direction. I'm not saying don't see her, but now that the football players are defeated, she could be your greatest danger. Tomorrow, we'll definitely have to deal with it. "

He frowned as he nodded at that. I don't want to think of Christine as an enemy, and she's not, at least not unless I slip up somehow. I have to keep so many secrets. For instance, what if she had a bird's eye view of me right now, and saw me surrounded by four naked women, with my mom one of two sucking me off? I think her scream of anger would literally be heard in Arizona!

The idea of an enraged Christine sent a chill down his spine. Yet at the same time, he found the idea of seeing her totally enraged powerfully erotic. He loved her passion, and he relished the idea of all that passion being unleashed in the bedroom. But what's fucked up is that danger of getting caught by her actually makes fooling around with her that much more exciting. I'd better not get addicted to that kind of danger, or I'll end up screwing up and paying dearly some day.

Before long, he went back to describing the rest of his day's adventures, while continuing to enjoying the dual blowjob. Susan and Amy eased up on him, both because they sensed he was getting closer to orgasm and also because they wanted to hear what he had to say. He talked about his visit to Brenda's mansion and almost meeting Adrian, and described what happened in detail.

Suzanne listened closely, and when she found out how close Alan had gotten to meeting Adrian, she shook her head. "Sweetie, I'll say it again: thank God that you called me. Remember, we're a team. Are we not a team? We're in this together, right?"

"Of course we are. I know that just because I have a lot of sexual partners doesn't mean I'm invincible. The close call in the fight today sure showed me that. As I was driving over to Brenda's, my first thought was to call you to see what I should do, since you've met him and know so much. Plus, you're so smart and wise."

She smiled and winked. "Don't forget sexy." She was curled up and comfy on her easy chair. She raised a leg up to make sure he could see her wet pussy. She hoped against hope that he'd be tempted to say, "Okay, time out, everybody. I need to fuck Mother's cunt for a few minutes."

He grinned. "And sexy. How could I ever forget sexy? But you know I don't own a cell phone. I thought I had to make a command decision, until it occurred to me I could use a phone at Brenda's."

Suzanne said decisively, "We're getting you a phone tomorrow. That's long overdue. Susan, why doesn't he have a cell phone already?"


Susan looked guilty, but the others couldn't see that since her head was between Alan's legs, as she happened to be licking his balls. "I'm trying not to spoil him. Mmmm! Especially now that I've been spoiling him... mmmm... sexually... I have to... God, I just have to lick his balls! Those sperm-filled, tasty balls! Do you like that, Son?" She stared up at him adoringly.

"Mom, it's great as usual." His body had gotten so accustomed to intense stimulation that he felt like he was right at the edge of orgasm, but in fact he knew he had the ability to delay it indefinitely. That allowed him to fully enjoy every moment without having to stress and strain.

Suzanne asked, annoyed, "Mom, you were saying?" She was getting in the habit of calling Susan "Mom," since everyone else did.

Susan spoke as she licked. "Oh? Yes. I was just saying that I NEED to lick Tiger's balls! Mmmm. Amy's taking such good care of his cockhead with her light bobbing up and down and tongue work; I can see that from here. But these balls are just hanging there, demanding to be served! And pleasured! Mmmm. MMMM! Yummy!"

Suzanne closed her eyes and winced. "No, I didn't mean that. I mean, what were you saying about not spoiling him?"

"Oh. Ah. Mmmm. Since Tiger is so commanding and basically FORCES me to spend all my day sucking his cock and getting royally fucked in every hole, I have no choice but to spoil this big fat cock rotten!" She kissed and licked her way up most of his shaft right up to Amy's sliding lips, until a cough from Suzanne reminded her to keep talking. As she went back to her ball licking, she concluded, "So, that means I need to be more careful that I don't spoil him in other areas. Mmmm! Even if he is the man of the house, who totally controls my busty body in every way!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. See what I have to put up with on a daily basis? Talking about anything serious when Susan is like this is damn near impossible. But she merely replied, "Good motive, but we have to be practical. He needs a phone, and it's high time he gets a car too."

Susan managed to nod and grunt affirmatively without even a brief pause in her licking.


Suzanne resumed, "And Sweetie, although it's good you didn't see Adrian, this close call reminds me that his situation needs to be dealt with. I'm gonna have to go over there tomorrow. He'll have to be a project of mine, a big project. All of us are going to have to help. He's so psychologically wounded that he's going to need a lot of love, attention, and guidance from all of us. Except you, Sweetie. Best you keep your distance for a long while, for obvious reasons. Brenda loves him all up, but that's not always the same as being a good mother. I just hope she doesn't make things worse by saying the wrong thing. And I hope he slips his sausage to her good. Maybe giving her a really powerful fucking can be the first step on his long road back to regaining his self-confidence."

Alan was finally starting to get the urge to cum, so Amy and Susan allowed him to take a strategic break.

Susan spoke as she slurped. "If I can say something here... I'm seriously rethinking this whole... this whole... letting Brenda fuck Adrian thing. ... Mmmm..." There was a long pause and a lot more licking before she continued, "Brenda belongs to my Tiger! Her loyalty should be... mmmm! ... undivided!"

Suzanne said, "I know, I know. I'm feeling that way more and more as well. But we really have no choice in the matter. The ball has started rolling, and we can't stop it now. A life is at stake here! I truly worry Adrian is in danger of falling apart. He could even kill himself! Who knows? I don't know him well enough to say. But he needs Brenda right now, including physically. It's dangerous, but if we do this right, we can put him back on a good track. Then, once he has a girlfriend his own age, Brenda will naturally come back home to where her heart truly belongs, and that is serving her master." She pointed at Alan. "A.k.a., you, kid!"

Somehow, that startled Alan a little bit. "Me?! Whatever happened to the plan that Brenda would only come over her a couple of times a week? That was a big reason why I agreed to share her with Adrian in the first place."

Suzanne chuckled. "Those days are looooong gone. You've got another big-titted babe who lives to suck you and get fucked by you. Deal with it!" She chuckled some more.

He looked down at Susan and Amy, their tongues actually touching as they both licked his sweet spot together. Crazy, man, crazy! It's like there's some kind of collective insanity, and it always ends up with a hell of a lot of this! God, such bliss!

He began re-describing in detail everything he'd said and done while at the Hunter mansion. Then he talked about his strange encounter with Ginger at the sex shop, but he made up a false excuse for shopping there and avoided any mention about buying rings.

Suzanne confirmed what Ginger had said, that Ginger had helped her with some "fun and games" in the past. But Suzanne added, "Be that as it may, I don't really know her. Given what she's pieced together about us, that's got to change. Knowledge is power. I'll dig deeper into her background so that the next time you talk to her, you'll hold all the cards. Don't say anything until then. You were very right to be careful."

He nodded.

Suzanne rubbed her hands together gleefully. "But in a weird way, I'm kind of happy to hear this bad news. There just hasn't been enough scheming around here lately, darn it! What's a scheming woman supposed to do, Sweetie, when you keep all of us so well fucked and happy all the time?" She chuckled at that. "But now you've left me four projects to work on, so I'm as happy as a pig in a pile of shit."

He said with chagrin, "Glad I could, uh, help. I feel bad about the Adrian thing, though."

"Nah, don't worry about it. You'll have to meet him at some point, but now's not the right time. Give him a few days of pumping Brenda full of cream and sausage and he'll be a whole new kid. You still shouldn't meet him for a long time to come, however. You're going to be like the devil incarnate to him, and there's really nothing you or anyone else can do about it. Time will have to be the healer. Well, time plus some of my sneaky scheming. It's funny: you have such a Midas touch when it comes to women, but with guys, maybe not so much."

He was a bit slow on the uptake about something Suzanne said, but he finally asked, "Um, four? You said four projects. What are they?"

She counted them out on her fingers. "Helping Adrian, investigating Ginger, fixing Christine, and dealing with the extensive post-fight fallout."

"Ah. I see." I wonder what she means exactly by "fixing Christine."

She added to herself, And those are just the ones you need to know about right now. There's also dialing down Susan's cock hunger, dealing with her and my divorces, the Glory project, the search for our new harem house up in the Berkeley area, and more. Yep, I'm gonna be one busy bee! I feel so much better now, after having been brain dead with Alan lust for too many weeks.


Alan abruptly stood up and held his erection to his stomach. He figured this was a good time to do something new, especially since his penis was untended at the moment. "Speaking of making women happy, that reminds me of something. I'll be back in a sec." He walked out of the room carrying the shirt he'd borrowed from Christine's father with him.

He went to a bag he'd left by the front door and soon walked right back. He held something behind his back. "As I'd mentioned a few minutes ago, I bought some things at the sex shop. Now, I don't want to give them all away at once, so we can have fun over the next couple of days. But I want to start by giving you each something small right now."


The four women were all naked by now, and most had even lost their high heels. To his surprise, they all dropped to their knees in a perfect line. Then, without even looking at each other, they all struck the same pose, with their hands over their pussies. They waited with bated breath.

That threw Alan for a loop, and aroused him more than a little bit. He was still holding his erection against his belly, but he let go of it, causing it to stick straight out towards his women.

Susan licked her lips hungrily and lurched forward, but then restrained herself.

He explained, "Now, this gift is kind of weird. It's kind of presumptuous of me, so I really hope none of you are offended." He pointedly looked at Suzanne as he said that. "It just seems to me that now that all of you have signed The Pact and pledged your loyalty to me, it would be kind of neat to have something symbolic to represent that binding. And, in the world of dominance and submission, I understand that collars are used as that symbol."

The sound of four sharply indrawn breaths, followed by looks of adoring anticipation told him everything he needed to know about how receptive his women were to that idea. He pulled four black collars into view from behind his back. They were all identical, and very thin and simple. They almost looked like a circle of black ribbon.

Bedlam erupted.

He was suddenly rushed by a stampede of four extremely happy women. They nearly gang-tackled him to the ground. All four of them spoke to him at the same time, making it impossible for him to hear what any one of them was saying exactly. But from the smiles on their faces, the tones of their voices, and the way they all tried to squeeze and hug him to death, he realized he'd scored in a big way with the collar idea.

He grinned and thought, Thanks, Xania! Looks like you were right about that one.

As the initial chaos calmed down a tiny bit, he heard Susan squeal, "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I have to suck his cock! No, I have to try it on! No, I'm gonna try it on and then I'm gonna suck his cock with it on! YES!"

Katherine gushed as she kissed her way all over his face, "Brother, you've made me so very, very happy! Now, even at school, I'll be able to feel like your sex slave and FUCK TOY! All the time! Twenty-four hours a day! God! I feel TOTALLY OWNED!"

Susan exclaimed, "Me too! Angel, you said it! Now I'm more owned and controlled by my son than ever before! It's SO HOT!"

The two of them broke away from the others and bounced up and down while hugging each other, and simultaneously tried to put their collars on. But they were so excited that they didn't make much progress with that.

That just left Amy and Suzanne. Amy was hugging his backside while Suzanne hugged his front.

He asked Amy, "So, Aims, do you like it?"

"Well, I'm not all into the slave-y thing like those two, but I love it! Mostly because it's from you! I'm gonna wear it every single day, all the time! It's super incredistoundingamazowonderiffically fantabuloverwhelminglymagnifipendous!" She squeezed him even tighter, practically crushing him. But then she pulled away so she could put hers on.

He laughed. Then he deadpanned, "I take it you like it then."

She was holding her collar up before her eyes, twirling around and around. "YES!"

That left just Suzanne still hugging him. He said to her, "So now's when I cringe in fear."

She grinned at him enigmatically from mere inches away. "Well, it was a pretty cheeky thing to buy. You're full of yourself, aren't you?"

"I am. I'm sorry, I just thought-"

A big smile spread across her face. "Ah, shove it up your ass. I love it, you fool! Why do you think I've been going without jewelry for weeks, just like the others? Finally, at long last, you catch a clue!"

He quipped, "Wouldn't you rather I shove it up YOUR ass?"

She laughed as she kissed him hard on the lips. "Bad boy! SUCH a bad boy!" She crushed him in a bear hug, but whispered hotly in his ear, "And the answer is YES, I would rather you did that!" Then she relaxed her grip and went back to trying to kiss her way into the back of his mouth.


Thanks to Suzanne's face covering his, he couldn't tell what else was happening around the room. But as the kiss went on, he felt one tongue on his erection, and then two.

Finally, he broke the kiss. Without even commenting about what was going on down below, he asked her, "So you really like it? Are you gonna wear it?"

"Only all the time, every day! I love it!" Seeing the surprise in his face, she explained, "Look, just because I'm not all 'slave-y', as my Honey Pie puts it, that doesn't mean I don't love you as much as someone who is. Just like my wise daughter said, I love it mostly because it's from you. And I'm not ashamed to admit it: I get off on the feeling of being owned or possessed by MY MAN! That's not so weird, is it? Couples always talk about belonging to each other and say 'you're mine' and that kind of thing. It makes me feel loved. I'll wear it proudly."

The two of them kissed some more.

After the kiss broke, Suzanne asked, "Now, girls, can someone tell me why you lot get all the cock and I'm left with just the kissing?" She slithered her way down his body.

He still felt two tongues lapping their way all over his cock and balls, but that was because Suzanne and Susan swapped places. Susan rubbed her boobs up his chest until she was eye to eye with him. He noticed that she was wearing her black collar now. Seeing that symbolic sign of his ownership of her made him even more aroused than all the tongues had gotten him.

He thought, I own my mom. I actually own her, like a person owns a car. She'll literally do anything I say. That's so fuckin' wild and totally awesome! And the reason I own her, as she likes to remind me daily, is that I've tamed her with my cock. Life is good!

"Hi, Son!" she said as she nibbled on his lip between kisses. "We've got a technical problem here. We all want to get ROYALLY FUCKED by our man, but there are four of us and only one of you. Thank God for triple blowjobs, at least!" She giggled with pure glee. "Do you know how happy you've made me? I've had so many orgasms lately, but I'm having something new: a happy-gasm. I'm overdosing on pure happiness! Son! My son!"

She started to cry. Even though she was obviously crying tears of joy, he didn't like to see her crying, period. So he kissed her on her lips, and she channeled her emotion into a kiss that practically sucked his soul right out of his body.

The whole group continued like that for some time. Alan stood like a pillar in the middle of the room, hugging and kissing whoever happened to be in front of him at the time, while a never ending whirlwind of voluptuous naked bodies slithered all over his front and back. There were always mouths and hands all over his erection.

He thought, It's good to be the king! No, it's fucking AWESOME to be the king! I've got to be the happiest boy on Earth! And not only that, but they're rejoicing in the fact that I'm making them all my sex slaves! I'm speechless! GOD, that feels GOOD!

Time lost all meaning as Alan completely succumbed to boundless ecstasy. Eventually, he finally exploded in a powerful orgasm. He had no idea whose mouth was enveloping his hardness at the time, or who was kissing him, or anything else. It was an endless blur of bodies and pleasure.


But his orgasm didn't seem to matter to anyone, including him. The hugging, kissing, slithering, and fondling continued for a while longer until everyone was fully satiated and out of energy.

Alan collapsed on a nearby love seat, while the girls rushed upstairs to check out their new collars in the mirror, and to see how they looked wearing them in a variety of clothes. Susan returned to the kitchen to work on dinner, happily humming the "Alan Song" that she'd composed a while back.

That left just Suzanne. She wound up on the love seat next to him with her arm around him. She said, "So. I think the moral of the story is: women like gifts!"

"Holy cow! I guess so! You all are going to be getting a lot more from now on. I've been forgetful about that, but Xania straightened me out."

"I'll bet she did, and then she got you flaccid again." She chuckled. "But seriously, if she did that, then I'm going to have to thank her in a big way. I'm kind of a girly girl, Sweetie. I like jewelry, flowers, and nice things. But I don't wear any jewelry anymore because they were mostly given to me by Eric, years ago. I want them to be from you. After all, I am YOUR woman now, and I'm proud of that fact."

"Okay, I'll remember that."

"Where'd you come up with the collar idea, by the way?"

"Don't you remember the poke-her party the day before yesterday, when Brenda officially proclaimed herself my slave for life in that wild ceremony, and I celebrated that by putting a black collar around her neck? Well, I was thinking, Brenda liked that so much, that... What? You're frowning?"

She was frowning. "Of course I remember, but it slipped my mind in the excitement. It's just... I was hoping I was the first one you'd collared. Or at least tied for first. Silly me."

He leaned over and kissed her. "That's cute that you cared. The important thing is, you're tied for first in my heart."

She loudly complained, "Sweetie! Shut up already! Don't say mushy stuff like that. You're just too lovable!" Then she kissed him hard on the lips, beaming with love and happiness.

As the kiss went on, she reached for his cock.

But he pushed her hand away and broke the kiss, so he could comment, "Mother, you don't always have to express your feelings for me by pleasuring my dick, you know."

"I know, but it's fun." She smirked mischievously.

He asked, "Is it always going to be like this? Sex, sex, and more sex?"

"Pretty much, and I see no problem with that. Do you? Sweetie, you're at the center of an extended family now, and keeping your cock happy at all times is a big part of what binds us all together. You keep us well fucked, and we keep you well sucked and stroked. It all works out, and everyone has fun on both ends of the deal anyway. Just go with it."

He smiled. "Well, okay. If you twist my arm."

She chuckled a little bit at that, and then she snuggled her head into his neck. "This is heaven. Wearing my new collar, cuddled up with my man." She sighed happily, but then said, "I almost wish I didn't have to tell you this, but Glory called a while ago, just before you arrived, actually."

"She did? Why are you reluctant to tell me that?"

"Because she mentioned something about how you'd promised to see her when her meetings were over. Well, she called just as her last meeting was breaking up. She's heading back to her apartment and would like to see you."

"Really? Oh shit! I'd better get there on the double!"

"Now you see why I didn't want to tell you? As Susan likes to say, 'Oh, poo!'" She put on a sexy pout.

"Boy, I'd better go take a shower. Even though she knows everything now, I don't think she'd appreciate me going over there smelling like the four of you."


"No, probably not." Suzanne was sad to end the cuddling. She kissed him for a good long while.

Eventually, his dick revived after her leg kept rubbing and rubbing against it. Then, feeling its stiffness, she made a point of sliding her muscular thigh against it even more.

She finally let him go after she climaxed from rubbing her pussy along the top of his thigh.

Susan, who'd been listening, wouldn't let him leave the room either without some more kissing. Since both of them were naked, it was a close thing they didn't end up fucking standing up.

He was actually starting to get a bit annoyed, because he wanted to get to Glory's. But he figured Susan would let him go if she had a nice cum, so they sixty-nined until she did.

Then he made it upstairs, but got waylaid by the girls before he could reach the shower. They decided that, due to his bandages, he needed "at least two shower helpers." It was very firmly asserted that a mere one helper would not do. And since they both just "happened" to be available, that pretty much decided things. His protests that their assistance was unnecessary fell on decidedly deaf ears as they marched him into the bathroom.

All the attention was kind of a bother, but he was having too much fun to mind. He thought about what Suzanne had said, about how the stimulation of his penis helped bind the family together, and decided to "just go with it," at least as long as his penis could endure.

The shower ended up involving a lot of bubble bath soap and "tit sponges." The bubble bath soap kept him covered in big mounds of soapy suds. The four tit sponges naturally belonged to the two sisters, and they generally rubbed up against Alan and each other. Most of the time, two of the "sponges" were sliding up and down on either side of Alan's body while the other two "sponges" were sliding up and down on either side of Alan's erection in what the girls gleefully dubbed a "spongefuck."

He had so much fun that he was frustrated that the shower had to end after ten minutes so he could get to Glory's apartment in a timely fashion. The girls had nice orgasms, but he didn't have time to work up to one for himself.

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