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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 132
She Belongs to Me
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan hadn't eaten dinner yet, and Susan had finished cooking dinner for him and the rest of the family while he was taking his shower.

When he called Glory to tell her he was coming over, he found that she hadn't eaten either. So he packed up his dinner of eggplant parmigiana, including an extra serving for Glory, and went to her home. He'd changed into pants and a different T-shirt, but didn't bother with a sweater since it wasn't that cold of a night.

For the first time since he'd temporarily "won" it, Alan was able to drive Xania's Corvette. He was very psyched about it, and after the discussion of him not having a cell phone, Suzanne made sure that Susan loaned hers to Alan.

So he tried calling Xania in L.A. to revel in his use of her car, but unfortunately she wasn't home. Bummer. Still, life is pretty sweet. I feel like a movie star driving down the road like this. It'll be doubly awesome during the day. And Mom and Mother are talking about me getting a car of my own! Man, I really am living a charmed life.

It came as no surprise that Glory was in a very non-erotic mood when he arrived at her place. She'd just come home from about five hours of non-stop school meetings, and she was frazzled and completely exhausted. She didn't even have the energy to dress up for Alan, and had gotten out of her formal wear and put on casual "lounging around the house" clothes.


She was so glum that she couldn't even muster up a smile at first, when she opened the door for him.

However, she was feeling very needy for his presence. Although she'd seen him and even had sex with him earlier in the day, she hadn't had a chance to talk to him alone since the fight. All his other lovers (except for Heather, whose father had grounded her in a fit of overprotectiveness) had had time to bond with him again after the fight. In the same way that loved ones come together after a trauma, Glory simply needed to be with him and feel reassured that everything would be okay with him and with her.

So all she wanted to do was eat, talk, and cuddle. After a welcome hug, her mood improved considerably.

They kissed some, but not that much, and even then the kisses were mostly for intimate reassurance rather than as a prelude to getting frisky.

He was perfectly okay with that, though. In fact, once they'd eaten their dinner (lovingly feeding each other forkfuls every other bite) and were cuddling on the sofa, he thought, This is nice. Things can get pretty frantic back at home sometimes. I'm basically living with four women now, for all practical purposes, and that's sorta turned the house into a circus. Like what happened when I gave out the collars. That was nuts! I was like a tower of lust, just standing there with all those curvy bodies sliding up and down.

That was insanely awesome, but sometimes it's nice to just chill out like this instead. I don't even mind that I wasn't able to cum in the shower with my sisters before I came here. I'm perfectly fine in a flaccid state, and I'm not suffering blue balls like I was at Christine's. Now THAT sucked.

The two of them were in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything, so they just talked for an hour or more as they remained cuddled together.

Glory had a lot to say about what had gone on in the meetings, but she was burned out on that topic and figured she could update him tomorrow. She thought, And while I'm at it, I should probably keep Suzanne in the loop, too.

She froze. Uh-oh. Why did I just feel a tingle down below when I thought about Suzanne? Damn her! Damn her for being so sexy! I almost hope she won't be able to come, because my heart can't take it. But if she does, I'd love for her to wear something red or maroon. She looks so sultry in any shade of red! And a low cut top. And a really short skirt. What legs. What incredible legs. Oh my God: a bikini! Suzanne, in a bikini?! ... Arrgh, I have to stop this self-torture! On second thought, hopefully she'll wear a burlap potato sack.


But despite her attempt to think different thoughts, her mind remained fixated on an image of Suzanne in a red bikini. In her vision, Suzanne was looking away, allowing Glory to gawk without restraint. Then Suzanne started to fiddle with her bikini top, toying with taking it off altogether.

Glory literally shook her head, trying to shake herself free of the erotic scene. Curse you, Suzanne! Curse you and your sexy Suzannesbian ways! Curse your glorious curly red hair, that makes me want to run my hands through it for hours. And curse your red lips, your red fingernails, and that fire red bikini top, barely containing those huge ivory boobs of yours from spilling out all over! Those damned perfect beauties are just crying out to be squeezed and kissed! And that face! Oh God, that beautiful face!

She asked, "Um, by the way, when Suzanne goes to the beach, does she need to put on a lot of suntan lotion, because of her fair skin? And does she usually need someone to help put... uh... the lotion..." Her voice trailed off. She'd been fantasizing putting lotion all over Suzanne's body, and only partially realized that she was talking out loud.

"Huh?" Alan was confused, because they happened to be discussing current politics. Her comment was completely out of the blue.

She blushed. "Um, sorry. My mind's all over the place. Even as we were talking, I was thinking about the situation in school, and how Suzanne and I would have to work together on some things, and, well... you have to admit that she has really fair skin!"

She was forced to make an excuse to go to the kitchen, which allowed her to duck out of that discussion. Once there, she splashed cold water on her face. That finally enabled her to snap out of it. As she walked back to Alan, she muttered to herself, I'm really starting to hate red. And it's my favorite color!

They ended up avoiding talk about current problems entirely and talked about their pasts, filling in gaps about things the other person didn't know with interesting stories. They also talked a lot about history, since both of them loved that subject.

But there was one thing that Alan wanted to do before he left. He'd hidden one of the rings and one of the collars from the sex shop in his pockets and, as their conversation started to wind down, he decided the time was ripe.

He stood up, hid both presents behind his back, and then knelt down in front of Glory as she remained sitting on the sofa.

She joked, "Well, well, well. This is an interesting turn of events. I've been between your legs often enough, but I rarely see you between mine."

That disappointed him, because he felt guilty about being on the receiving end of sexual pleasure an unfair amount of the time. "Am I not going down on you enough? Shoot, I'm not. I could do that now. I've really come to like it. It's just that other things always seem to happen..."

She chuckled, "Yes to doing it more, but no to doing it right now. I'm bushed. And besides, I'm very curious about what you're obviously hiding behind your back."

"Ah. Well, I've got two gifts for you. Strangely enough, one of them I don't think you're going to like. I probably shouldn't even give it to you, but I kind of can't help myself. If you don't want it, I'll totally understand and I won't be offended in the slightest."

"Now you've got me more than a little bit curious, young man. Let's see this terrible gift of yours."

Frowning, he brought the collar into view while keeping the hand back that was still holding the ring. "As you can see, it's uh, a collar. And the thing is, and this is where you're gonna slug me, I just gave one of these to each of the women I love back home. I would like it if all the women I love would have one, even if you don't want to wear it. To me, it symbolizes the bond of love between us."


She took the collar from him and held it up for inspection. Her mind whirled in turmoil. Her initial mental response was anger, and she wanted to yell at him, right before slugging him into next week. But as the seconds ticked by, she realized that the gift represented a significant commitment to her that he was making, as well as a commitment to him that he was asking for from her. She liked that.

But what surprised her the most was that her pussy was growing moist.

Because her powerful emotions were in conflict, her words came out sounding rather mild. A part of her liked the idea of sexually submitting to her young lover, but she struggled to keep that urge under control. "Hmmm. I can't say I'm overjoyed with this gift, to say the least. In fact, it kind of irritates me. It makes me think about your other lovers, and the incest. And it doesn't seem fair. It's not like you're going to wear one, obviously. It seems to me that you're sort of claiming me with this, like I'm some sort of possession."

He responded, "You know what? I guess I kind of am. Glory, my love, I know you're not into being really submissive, but the fact is I'm the dominant one in all my relationships to varying degrees, even with you. Although, I'll freely admit that with you I'm not always the dominant one, and I kinda like that about you. All the same, I like to think that I possess you, just like I possess my other women. It makes me want to protect you, and love you, and be the best man I can be for you, all the more."

Hearing that, she felt like the floor had dropped out beneath her and she was falling to the center of the Earth. For some seconds, it sounded extremely tempting simply to give in and submit totally to him. What kind of man would have the balls to up and give me a gift like that? He's got a lot of gall! I mean, he's trying to spin it and sound polite, but he's basically saying "I'm gonna collar you and make you one of my women"! Not woman, but women! And he's one of my fucking students, for crying out loud! He's got balls the size of China! How do you say no to a man - or boy - like that?! I should slap him!

And what if I say yes, and accept the gift? It makes me feel dizzy, just thinking about it. The BASTARD! How dare he do this to me? What does he want next, blood? I'm already in the totally humiliating position of being nothing more than one of his mistresses, and now he wants to institutionalize that and humiliate me more? Well, fuck you Alan Plummer and the horse you rode in on! No way!

But she was growing increasingly aroused, too. She was tempted, sorely tempted, to accept the gift. She knew she'd be in for an even wilder ride with him if she did.

She stared at him for some long moments before answering. She tried to remain poker-faced, but in fact her face displayed a rapidly changing kaleidoscope of expressions, as different feelings surged forth inside her. "Wow, you're pretty brutally honest, there. I don't really know what to say to that. For starters, I'm annoyed. How many of these collars are you planning on giving out, anyway?"

He winced, but answered honestly, "Right now, six. My four loved ones at home, plus you, plus Brenda. That's not to say I won't give out more in the future, but I'm kind of hoping I don't. I'm really overextended as it is already. But it's just that if I love somebody, I can't just decide to un-love them, even though I love other people already."

She thought, SIX?! God dammit! You evil fucking BASTARD! The number shouldn't surprise me after what I saw at the Thanksgiving meal, let alone at the Pestridge house this morning, but still, it's like a blow to the gut to hear it. Four even, somehow seems almost normal. But six?! And yet I know he really loves me; that's what's so fucking maddening. He's not human; he's the devil!

But once again, her words did not reflect what she was thinking. She merely said, "Young man, you're really being brutally honest. Do you have to be THAT honest?" She chuckled nervously at that. She still didn't know what to think, or how to respond.

"Glory, I don't want to lie to you. I love you too much to do that. I want to have and share a special bond with you, where my heart is totally open to you, because you're my mentor, my intellectual sparring partner, and a soul mate. I can't say I'll never commit a lie of omission or try to shade something in the best possible light, but I'm trying my damnedest to forge a deep bond of total commitment and sharing based on honesty and total love."

"Wow." She was genuinely impressed, but she added with chagrin, "I would be more wowed though if you'd said 'my soul mate' instead of 'a soulmate.'" To say the least! How many 'soul mates' does he think he has, anyway? If I had a lick of sense, I would run screaming out of this building right now!

"I am what I am, and I'm not trying to hide from you anymore. I'm hoping you can love me knowing that I'm like this, basically the head of a harem, who passionately loves all his women without any regret." He thought, How I wish I could say that to Christine, too! But she would basically chop me up into little pieces.

She thought, There he goes again. He's being so bold, so confident. He's changed from even a few weeks ago. He's patient and polite, and even modest, but he leaves no doubt that he fully expects me to comply with his wishes and wear that damned collar! He makes it hard to say no.

She didn't want to reply to his latest comment. Instead, she asked as her jealousy surged, "Who's this Brenda? I've never heard of her, never even seen her. She wasn't at the big meeting at Suzanne's house today. How did she make it into your inner circle? You say you want to be totally honest, so please tell me."

"I do, but I also have to respect other people's privacy wishes. So don't expect me to tell you anything about just anyone I'm with. I'll have to ask Brenda how much I should tell you about her, or maybe you can just meet her and ask her your questions yourself. But I figure you at least deserve to know the names of all the women who are central in my life right now and are being offered a collar."

He could have said more, as he was sure Brenda wouldn't mind anything he said about her. After all, she'd formally declared herself to be his slave in a very literal sense. He didn't want to lie to Glory about her, but between the improbable curves and nipples on Brenda's body and her extreme submissiveness, he wasn't in any rush to introduce Glory to her, either. He also wasn't eager to admit that his relationship with Brenda was more about lust than love at this point, although he cared about her a great deal and felt his feelings could be starting to turn into love.

Glory thought about his words, but again she didn't reply to them. Instead, she looked at the collar again and held it up to her face. "Wow. A collar. The symbolism is so extreme. Slaves used to be collared. Black iron collars locked around their necks."

"I'm sorry, Glory. I'll take my gift back." He grabbed it from her.

"No! Hold on, young man."

Staring at the collar in her hand, she thought, It's very pretty. I'd bet it would look good around my neck... No! What am I thinking! I need to resist! Some of his women have to be pretty submissive, but I'm not like that. Strong. I have to be strong! Resist!

But who am I kidding? I love him! I love everything about him! I love that he's giving me this collar! It shows just how serious he is about me! I'm not just one of his fucks of the week; this means long-term! True, it's kind of humiliating, but it shows that he loves me. Damn, my pussy is throbbing!

She asked hesitantly, "This collar. Does this represent a new commitment on your part? Are you going to just love me and leave me?"

"Glory, remember our agreement to have a trial period and see if we can make something work that could last? I'm not trying to push you into anything more; I'm just telling you how I feel about you. This collar means that I want you to be mine. Once you're mine, why would I ever want to give you up?"

Chills of excitement ran up and down her spine, and a new flood of cum gushed out of her pussy. Dammit, he really is a bastard. Of course this collar will make me feel more committed. Grrr!

She closed her eyes and searched her heart. What we have here is a mere KID giving me a COLLAR, as part of some fiendish plan to try to drag me into his fucking HAREM! The BASTARD! ... But he's MY bastard, and dammit, I'm his woman!

She stared at him intensely. "Since you're being brutally honest, I'll be brutally honest too. I like the idea of you possessing me. I'd like to hear you say, 'Glory is mine. She belongs to me.' I'm shocking even myself to be so much as thinking this, but I'm actually starting to LIKE the idea of wearing this collar!"

Now she was looking at the black fabric in wonder. But then she stared at him with a hard look. "However, young man, don't get any big ideas. I'm not gonna suddenly run around crying, 'Oh, Master, Master, Master!' like some of your other women do. If you start calling me a slave, I'll have to slap some sense into you."

He nodded gravely. "Please do. As a matter of fact, I'd very much prefer that, from you." But his serious face masked his inner joy at her response. It was all he could do not to jump up and down like a little kid.

She added, "However, the way I figure it, this is a two way street. I belong to you, but you belong to ME too, young man." She playfully wagged a finger at him. "The fact that other women also belong to you, well, I guess it sucks to be me. I accept this... gift... of your collar. However, that doesn't negate the trial period plan. And I also will buy you a gift that will symbolize how you belong to me too." She paused to put it on around her neck.

"Fair enough." He was smiling from ear to ear, unable to contain his happiness any more. But in a burst of inspiration, he refused to let her collar go.

The result was a bit of a tug of war over it. "What?" she asked testily as she tugged harder.

But he tugged back. "I just realized we're not doing this right. There's proper etiquette to follow and so forth. Don't you think I should put the collar on you?"


A mischievous twinkle appeared in her eyes as she stopped trying to take it. "You're right. But why stop there? If you're gonna collar me, then do it right!"

She was clearly challenging him, but he didn't know what she meant or how far he should go. But a wicked thought popped into his mind and he grinned. Challenge? She wants a challenge? Okay! Try this on for size!

He unzipped his fly and let his erection flop out. "Now, I'm not looking for a blowjob. I don't want a blowjob. But this just seems right somehow. Call me a bastard if you like." He wondered, Am I pushing this too far? Heck, I probably am. Aaaaah, fuck it. If she's offended, I'll just pass it off as a joke.

"I do and I will. Bastard! I call you that in my head all the time." She was surprised that he could be even this audacious, but somehow it did seem fitting. After all, he was claiming her, and she did basically ask for it.

She was getting increasingly aroused by the situation and thought, "Why stop there" indeed! Let's go all out! "Lover, look at you and look at me. Is this how a real master and submissive would do it?"

"No, you're right." They were still both on the sofa, fully dressed. But he stood up and said, "On your knees."

She shivered at that, especially because of the commanding and deep tone to his voice. This is fun! He's good at this master stuff. He sounds like James Earl Jones. She knelt on the floor and prodded him, "And is that all?"

He laughed, because even as she asked that, she was starting to take her socks off. "There's more. I need you naked."

She giggled with glee as she stripped in earnest. "Master! How can I resist your powerful voice?" She said that with a teasing and almost mocking tone.

Standing there holding his hard-on, he asked in confusion, "I thought you just said you weren't going to call me 'Master'?"

"Well, of course not, normally, but just go with the flow already, will you? This is fun! Now, what am I supposed to do with my hands? Just keep them in my lap?" She waved her hands around in the air, making clear that such an option was not what she had in mind.

Amused, he thought, I think the key to dealing with women is run behind them and try to keep up with them, but pretend that you're in the lead the whole time. He knew the answer she was looking for. "You can guide me into your mouth if you need to, but then keep them behind your back like your wrists are tied together."

She did guide his cock in. But then, as she struck the hands-behind-the-back pose he asked for and felt the thick tube of flesh fill her mouth, she felt shivers run up and down her spine. God, this is great! I love it! In fact, I may love it a bit too much!


As her lips and tongue worked his frenulum, his most sensitive spot, her eyes were wide and watching his hands as they brought his collar around her neck. She noticed though that one of his hands slipped something into his pocket first.

She felt new shivers of excitement, starting from where the collar touched her skin. And when she heard the sound of a tiny metal clasp closing at the back of her neck, it nearly made her cum.

The deed now done, she desperately wanted to get him to blow a tasty load down her throat. She suddenly reached out and clenched his ass cheeks with both hands, pulling his erection into her face and straight down her throat.

Before he knew what was happening, she was busy deep throating him, and her deep throats were as outstanding as always. While her throat muscles milked their way around his cockhead, her tongue flittered here, there, and everywhere, and her lips made love to the base of his shaft.

She thought, Cripes! I can't believe I'm doing this. I deep throat the lucky bastard far too much. He doesn't deserve it. But it's so much FUN! Once I get everything going, I just know there's no way he'll be able to hold back. He's gonna blow! Hee-hee!

No man could withstand that level of pleasure for long, and it became a race to see if she could get him to blow before she had to pull off to take a breath.

He thought, Wow! This is HOT! I can't believe that she went for that in the first place, and even got off on the idea! Hell, I wasn't even sure if she'd accept the collar. I keep learning over and over that it's hard to be too aggressive when it comes to sex... But damn! I need to hold out! ... Too much! UGH!

Even as all this was going on, and her tongue, lips, and throat were working together as an absolutely devastatingly effective cum extraction machine, she was busy thinking. I should be disgusted with myself. If I stay with Alan, and I'm so addicted to him that I probably will, I'll never have a normal life. I'll never get married. In fact, for all I know, this little ceremony of sorts could be the closest I could ever get to a wedding!

That idea upset her, but strangely it also aroused her. Why not imagine this is my wedding? As her special deep throating technique continued to attack his erection from all angles, she pictured herself in a church. She was effectively naked, deep-throating him on her knees just as in real life, except that she wore a white wedding veil pulled up over her hair and he was in a tuxedo.

She heard a voice say, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight to join this man and woman in the bondage of unholy matrimony. Alan Plummer, do you take this woman to be one of your many sexy love slaves, to love, honor, comfort, and control, in sickness and in health, to cum on and cum in, forsaking none while she forsakes all others, for as long as you both shall live?"

Alan gravely looked down to where Glory knelt, and watched her lips slide closer and closer to his pants zipper. His face strained with pleasure. But he responded, solemnly, "I do."


Then the voice said, "Gloria Rhymer, do you take this man to be your unquestioned master, to love, honor, comfort, and obey, in sickness and in health, taking his thick loads of cum on your breasts and face as well as deep in your ass, mouth, and pussy, forsaking all others while he fucks and controls whomever he pleases, for as long as you both shall live?"

Her response was muffled by his thick erection completely filling her mouth and throat, and for some long moments she simply slid her lips back and forth over it, inexorably drawing closer to the zipper. But somehow she finally managed to choke out, "I dhoo!"

She said it out loud in reality too.

Alan looked down at her bobbing head and briefly wondered why she'd just said that.

But while she was having this little fantasy, a very frantic deep throating was taking place. Alan was doing all he could to hold off from cumming, and it was only his fervent use of his PC muscle technique that kept him holding on.

At one point she pulled off to gasp for air, and he thought he could use that moment to push her away, but she latched back on and sucked him all the way back down again. Fuuuck! he thought. Fuck, THAT was her break for air?! I'm screwed! Can't... can't... AH! UH!

He was about to give up the strained battle when she said "I do!" in her mind.

That was such a great arousing rush for her that she was clobbered by a tremendous orgasm. Her lips were only a fraction of an inch from reaching her goal of his pants zipper, which meant she'd truly swallowed him to the root. She tried to keep going, but her legs turned to jelly and she couldn't even remain kneeling.

He had already closed his eyes in anticipation of the intense orgasmic wave about to come, only to discover that she was lying on the ground and his erection was bobbing in the air, slathered with saliva but unattended.

It took him some moments to recover and confirm that he wasn't going to cum after all. He gingerly tucked his erection away and zipped up his fly. He was still worried that the slightest touch might set him off.

She was down but not out. She looked up and honestly complained, "Hey! What's the big idea? I was enjoying sucking on that."

"I noticed!" he joked. "God, that was good. But I don't want this to be about my pleasure; tonight is about making YOU happy. Besides, I want to seal that with a kiss. Plus, you're going to need your hands and mouth free in a minute."

She thought as she pouted, Who says the blowjob is for YOUR pleasure? I was loving that! That fantasy was so intense! Well, hopefully we'll get back to that in a minute. I want to see what his other gift is. What could it be that'll top a collar? A branding iron?! I swear, there's no telling with this boy!

Then he got down on one knee so he and Glory could share a kiss.

As the kiss went on and on, she thought, Gloria Rhymer, you've really gone and done it this time! Deeper and deeper you fall into this madman's pit of depravity. He's probably the only boy in Southern California with his own harem, and here I am, wearing his collar! He just collared me while I deep throated him, for fuck's sake! Why does that make me feel so horny?! Why does that make me feel so loved?! And that fantasy "wedding" was totally fucked up, but it aroused me even more! I should be punching the cheeky bastard, but he thrills me to the bone!

And he thought, Holy fuck! Sweet Jesus! That was some fuckin' mind-melting deep throat! I swear, Glory is the undisputed queen of blowjobs. Her throat feels just like a tight cunt, and then her hot little tongue darts everywhere. And then those sliding lips on top of all that. Man! Not even Suzanne can do all that at once the way she does. If I didn't love her at all, I'd want her in my harem simply for her deep throats. The ultimate pleasure! But thank God I love her all up too. I can't believe she just took my collar like that. Totally sweet!


Eventually, though, Glory's curiosity got the best of her and she playfully tried to fondle her way into his pocket, in order to find out what the gift was.

But he wouldn't let her, and pushed her hand away.

Then she tried to fondle the large bulge in his pants, but he wouldn't let her do that either.

Exasperated, she stopped the kiss and said, "Are you gonna show me the other present already, or am I gonna have to kick your ass?"

He laughed. "Okay. You'll like this one a bit more, I hope. It's the same idea as with the other one: I want to give you something that'll symbolize the bond between us."

She thought bitterly, You mean to symbolize your control over me, don't you? What is this cheeky kid going to do to humiliate me next? Just look at me: naked and collared in my own living room, and wishing I could have his cock back down my throat. I should just be his history teacher, not one of his eager sluts! But she waited expectantly and hopefully.

He pulled the ring out and showed it to her. "It's a sapphire ring, blue, just like your eyes, my love." (He was referring to the stone on its silver band.)

Her eyes lit up, and her doubts and worries washed away. "Aaaaah! It's beautiful! Now, here's a gift I can enjoy 100 percent. Thank you!"

Once again, her heart was suddenly pounding wildly. She spoke to herself in her mind. You see? You were wrong! He's not just using me. It's not just some "I get to fuck my teacher whenever I want" power play; he really loves me! If he didn't, why would he give me this ring? It looks like an expensive one, too, especially considering his lack of money.

Suddenly, a frustrating realization hit her, and she added with disappointment, "Although, I suspect your other women are getting a ring too."

He made no bones about it. "Yep. The same six. Each ring is different though, because you're all distinct individuals in my eyes, and special to me in different ways."

Well, that's something, I suppose. He sees each of us as unique, and loves us in unique ways. I hope. But six?! I mean, two or three, but SIX?! ... It's such a lovely ring though.

She held the ring hovering over her finger as the vision of her naked, debauched wedding returned. Only now, the mood in that imaginary church was more restrained to match her new mood. She still pictured herself mostly nude and Alan fully dressed, but she was standing next to him now, in front of a priest. She imagined Alan saying, "I give you this ring as a token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love." Then she heard the priest say, "By virtue of the authority vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now fuck the ever-living shit out of your bride."

This made her feel very sad. She would have cried except that she was still feeling a strong erotic buzz. I may never get married! This could be it. If I get sucked into this crazy harem and never come out... True, a ring is better than being given a collar during a blowjob, but still. This is so far from my childhood dreams.

She sighed. But I've made my bed and I've got to lie in it. Alan is an incredible boy, no, man. The fact that he's somehow managed to snare so many extraordinary women proves he's special. In any case, I should be happy. I AM happy.

She slipped it on her ring finger, which was quite a symbolic move in and of itself. Then she sighed again at the same time, because she wasn't entirely happy after all. "I should have figured, Mr. Smooth Talker. But that's my cross to bear. I knew what I was getting into when I got back together with you. I shouldn't love you so much, but I do, dammit! But don't get me wrong. I love the ring. But I have a favor to ask."


"For you, anything."

"I know we're going through this trial period right now, and who knows what the future will bring. But if we make it through the trial and we're still together, maybe six months or a year from now, could you give me another ring? And... I know we couldn't ever get married or anything like that. I imagine you'll probably marry Amy someday, if you bother to marry anyone. But could we trade rings and have a ceremony of some kind? I don't know what, exactly, but something where we could make commitment vows in front of others."

He smiled. "Sure. I'd love that. This ring shows that I'm fully ready to commit to you right now, within the context of my weird harem world, of course. If and when you decide to do the same, there will be a big celebration, for sure. I want to love you and be with you for the rest of my life."

Her heart soared. The last vestiges of her sadness were washed away. She smiled broadly and said, "Now that I'm getting over the shock, I think I may even come to love the collar too. Is Suzanne gonna wear one?" Wait, what? Why did I ask him that? Why should I care what she wears, or even if she wears anything at all?

Visions of a naked Suzanne briefly danced in her head. No, Glory, no. Don't go there! But she was too focused on Alan to get easily distracted with a Suzanne fantasy.

Alan was also soaring with elation on the inside, unable to believe how quickly she'd accepted both his gifts. His erection was still throbbing in his pants too. But he still kept a matter-of-fact manner. "Of course. I gave her and the others at home a collar already, and they all really like theirs. That said, you're the first one to get a ring though, so please don't tell them about that yet. Somehow it feels right to make you the first."

I'm the first. I'm the first. Oh my God, he gave me a ring first! Holy shit, I'm first! She knew it was a bit childish to revel in that, but she couldn't help herself. She clung to that fact in hopes that it meant he loved her most of all.

He enjoyed seeing the awestruck look on her face, as she gazed longingly at the ring on her finger.

She shook herself and looked up at him. "I won't tell them. And if a strong woman like Suzanne can proudly wear your collar, then I can too!" She thrust her chin up and out to put the collar and her neck on display for herself and her lover. She pictured Suzanne's perfect, voluptuous body, and felt humbled that Alan had placed her on the same plane as the red-haired MILF.

She felt her head was spinning, she was so giddy. I'm the first, I'm the first, I'm the first! That proves again that he loves me!

Her facial expression suddenly turned mischievous. "I just had a wicked idea. What if I wear this collar to school every single day? That would set tongues wagging for sure!"

"It would," he agreed, trying not to show just how much that idea excited him. "Especially since Kat and Amy have both said they're gonna wear theirs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine if all three of you suddenly start wearing the same black collar beginning on the same day." His rock-hard erection throbbed in his pants.

"Wow! Now, THAT would be a scandal!" Her glee turned to disappointment. "Too bad I can't actually do that. I'll just have to settle for wearing it when I'm with you out of school."

"So you're actually gonna wear it then?"

"Of course! I'm an 'Alan babe' now." She winked up at him and wiggled her bare chest a bit. She was fully swept up in the moment, and her heart was bursting with happiness. "It kind of makes me hot, to tell you the truth. Pretty fucked up, huh? I've had some very long-term boyfriends, including Garth, but I've never felt as loved and possessed as I do now. I've had bad luck with men so far. You're either the best thing that happened to me or the worst; I can't figure it out." She laughed at that, even as she realized just how true it was. "But the fact is, I'm head over heels in love with you."

"I love you too. So much! Glory, you're mine. You belong to me."

She shivered with excitement as she heard those words. To think: at the start of the school year, I considered Alan a nice kid, a "teacher's pet" who obviously had a crush on me. I liked him a lot, but if he'd tried to come on to me, I would have gently let him down. Now, I'm naked on my knees, collared, dripping with arousal, and practically part of his harem! "You belong to me." I LOVE IT!

He pulled her up so they could kiss some more. She fondled and stroked his bulge in his pants, but it remained zipped away. His hands roamed all over her backside, and down to her ass cheeks.

She thought, I know I've told myself that I'm just gonna try being with him for a while and see how it goes, but I'm already blowing that. I'm committing to him, big time! I should be afraid. Where is this leading? What'll happen at the end of the school year? He's going away to Berkeley! What then?! Will he still want me so much? Is he serious about keeping his focus on me and several others, or will twenty women be wearing his collar by then?! But somehow, I'm not worried. All I can feel is happy. He makes me feel loved!

She dreaded it, but couldn't help but ask, "I should have asked this sooner, before I accepted your collar and your ring, but what about your college plans?! You'll be going to UC Berkeley and I'll be stuck here. Will that be the end of us?"

He looked around nervously, building up courage. "Dammit, I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna say it. You should come with me, with us, to Berkeley. Or wherever I end up going."

She practically exploded, "WHAT?! But I have a job! A good job at a very good school. I can't just up and leave that!"

He nodded. "I know, I know. That's why I've been so reluctant to talk about this with you. It's totally unfair for me to expect you to move like that."

"Damn straight it is!"

He said plaintively, "Even so, that's what I'm doing! I'm sorry! I don't want to be a pushy guy. But I want you in my life for the rest of my life! I want to love you forever. Berkeley is the best college I can get into, unless I get super lucky, and it's reasonably priced since its public and I'd have in-state tuition. You know it makes total sense for me to go there, and if I end up going somewhere around here that would be a big step down."

She grudgingly admitted, "That's true."

He continued, "Plus, there's an art school up in the Bay Area that's perfect for Amy, and that's just as important. And Katherine is fine with going to high school there for her last year. We're all gonna move. Even Brenda's gonna move. It's vital that you come too. You know me; I'm not some kind of dominating guy who is going to push you or anyone around. But that's the way it has to be! I know your job is the big sticking point, but what if I guarantee you'll get a job up there next year that's at least as good as this one?"

She scoffed, "And how the hell would you do that?! Talk about pie-in-the-sky promises!"

"On my own, I'd have no chance. But one advantage to a harem is we can pool our resources and talents together, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. In this case, I'm sure Suzanne could do something. She's a natural schemer, but only for good. She lives for an opportunity like this. What if you give her a chance, and work with her on this? If you get hired up there somewhere, you can always turn it down. But at least you'll have that option."

Glory's heart raced as she thought about all the time she'd get to spend alone with Suzanne working on the problem. She was practically willing to agree because of that alone. But she knew that she had to think the whole situation through carefully, so she said, "I don't know. You're hitting me with all these dramatic changes. I can't say 'yes' just like that, on something so important. Let me sleep on it at the very least."

He said earnestly, "Please do. But know this: I'm not taking this stuff lightly at all. I know we've agreed to have a trial period. But in my mind, I'm gonna figure out a way to get you to Berkeley so we can be together forever. The collar and ring are symbols that show a life-long commitment on my part. Maybe you're still wrapping your head around that. Maybe you think I'm just a kid and what we have won't last. Heck, we haven't been together in an intimate way for very long. So, you're right. A trial period is good."

He continued, with even more passion, "But I swear to you, I'm going to find a way to get you to move to Berkeley without suffering. We'll find a job there that's better than the one you've got here, so you'll have no regrets. I'll move mountains if I have to. Heck, we could start a new school if it takes that."

She protested, "That's just crazy talk."

"No, it isn't! You know going to Berkeley is the right thing for me to do for my long-term future. We've talked about my college choices a lot. And it's good for the rest of us too. Not just for Amy and her art career, but for Susan, Suzanne, and Brenda too. They're all going to be better off moving away from problematic ex-husbands or soon-to-be ex-husbands, and for other reasons. We can hide the incest thing with a new start in a new town. You don't have any family or indispensable friends keeping you here. It's only your job that would stop you from moving; right?"

She nodded.

"Then we'll solve that. We'll make it work! I'm willing to throw money at this, if that'll help. A lot of money. Because I can't bear not being with you. Just because I have these other women doesn't mean I'd miss you any less."

She scoffed. "Yeah, right. Gee, only three or four in your bed on any given night? Oh, the hardships you'd suffer!"

He admitted, "Okay. I suppose you're right. It would be a lot easier for me, due to the harem thing. But fuck it! I don't care. I want YOU. I need YOU! I know I'm asking you to make a big concession to move to Berkeley, but I'm willing to make sacrifices too. Maybe I'd wait a year before starting college, if that's what it takes."

"You can't do that!" she insisted.

"We'll see. You might not even want to continue things with me when our trial period is over. But I feel in my heart that you will. I feel in my heart that you'll come to Berkeley with us, and we'll all make this crazy harem-lifestyle work. Please! Give it a try. Talk to Suzanne about teaching jobs up there. Love conquers all! We'll make it work!"

She sighed. "You and that stupid 'love conquers all' slogan of yours. Sometimes love doesn't conquer all. Teaching in or near Berkeley is no easy thing. I'd probably end up teaching at a much worse school than this one, for starters. But... I'm willing to talk to Suzanne. We'll see what happens."

"THANK YOU!" He smiled from ear to ear.


Glory's body was still too tired for sex, but her mind wasn't. She shuddered lustily as he firmly cupped the bottom of her ass cheeks. She whispered in his ear, "Let's make love."

"Are you sure? I'd rather we didn't, actually."

She did a double-take at that. "Wait. Why not? PROVE that I'm yours by fucking me as only you can!" She thought back to Garth and her other lovers before Alan, and their efforts in bed, and snorted with amusement.

"Well, you can feel my erection pressing into you, right? Rubbing over your bush?"

"Oh God, yes!" She shivered and shuddered again.

"It's not because my body doesn't want to. But I don't want you to think that I'm just out to fuck you because that's all there is between us, and that every time we're together we have to have sex. As much as I love that, I love just talking and cuddling with you, too."

She frantically unzipped his fly and whipped his dick out. As she stroked it, she exclaimed, "So do I! But young man, you can't get me all excited with these gifts and then just go. Sometimes, sex is really good! You need to 'seal the deal' and show me just how much you love me. If you say I belong to you, young man, then, God dammit, assert your ownership already!"

He couldn't resist that challenge. But he knew that her body was tired, and he wasn't feeling up to some big sexual marathon, either. She was already guiding his firm pole towards her slit, but he held it too, and stopped it right at her pussy lips.

As a subtle tug of war went on down below, he said, "Lover, I want you to understand that I love you for being you, your mind and your body, and more than that, your heart and your soul. This isn't just about sex. I don't want you to think that I want you only because I love your deep throats and fucking your pussy so much."

"I don't! Trust me, you have my total okay to fuck me now!" She was effectively jacking him off while his cockhead rubbed back and forth over her pussy lips. It was driving her mad with desire.

But he stuck to his principles. "I didn't come here to get off; I came here to comfort you and give you the gifts of my love. So what I want to do is pamper you and make YOU happy. By putting my collar on, you've shown that you're my woman. Now I want to show you that I'm your man."

With that, he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

As exhausted as she was, she couldn't help wrapping her arms around him and sucking on his neck as he carried her.

He laid her down on her bed, kissing her here and there all the while.

However, he kept his own clothes on. Then, contrary to what she'd been expecting, he lay between her legs and began eating her out.


She protested, "I love it! You can do that for as long as you want, young man, but swing your body around so I can do you too. We don't sixty-nine nearly enough."

He paused his oral attentions long enough to look up and look into her eyes. "True, but nope. This is all about you. I'm making a point here. I want to do absolutely nothing but work on giving you pleasure. You mean the world to me, and I want to show it."

She started to get a little choked up, but she fought off tears. Her voice trembled a bit as she said, "Thanks. I really... Thank you." She closed her eyes and let him lap away on her sex.

She thought, He is a total bastard. It's not enough that he has to steal my body; it's his stealing my heart that's the real killer! How can I not love him? You know, it's funny. When I was dating Garth all those months, Garth was never this romantic, nor did he ever fuck me as often as Alan does, not to mention how much BETTER and longer Alan fucks me. And yet Alan has all these other women that he apparently finds time for too. I don't know how he manages, but the bottom line is, I feel completely loved!

After giving her a few more loving and intimate licks, he paused to say, "What we did before, the collar and deep throat thing, that was kind of wild. My 'Bad Alan' side was soaring on feelings of domination. But while that was a blast, that's not really what our relationship is about. We're partners. So, now, it's time for you to be in charge. Let me be your love slave."

She thought, "Kind of wild?" If he only knew about my fucked up wedding fantasy! But he's right; there's no doubt he's driving this train, but I need to feel some balance. I have to be the strong woman he expects me to be. So she said, "Okay, slave, lick me out!"

He laughed. "I thought that was what I was doing already."

"I know, but now you're doing it because I told you. Let's see you do the alphabet trick. I know you know how to do that. And do it on your knees with your hands behind your back, the same way you had me blow you."

So he continued eating her out, kneeling between her legs on the bed. Sometimes she gave him orders, but he knew what he was doing and was good at it, so she was generally content just to lie there and let him go at it.

He was determined for this to be all about her pleasure and not his, so he still refused to even take his pants off or unzip his fly, much to her continued annoyance, in order to make sure he wouldn't have an orgasm of his own. His erection wasn't exactly happy about this, but it wasn't so bad because there was no doubt he could get plenty of orgasmic satisfaction as soon as he returned home.

The mood remained relaxed and intimate. Both of them whispered sweet nothings that, at times, were quite serious declarations of love and commitment to each other.

Glory was very exhausted from her full day, and while her pussy tingled with pleasure at the work of his lips and tongue, she kept her eyes closed and grew increasingly drowsy.

Eventually, she came. Her climax didn't totally rock her world and leave her seeing stars, but then again, it wasn't meant to. This was a more intimate and quiet sharing and bonding experience.

Afterwards, she planned on just resting there a little longer and basking in a post-orgasmic glow before returning the sexual favor. But sleep snuck up on her, and she was out like a light.

For his part, Alan was pleased with his effort. He still wasn't that great at going down on women, but he was getting better. More importantly, he had managed to give her a special thank you that she fully deserved.

He felt kind of strange just leaving her apartment without saying goodbye, though. So he found a pen and paper and wrote her a small note:

Dear Glory,

Please get lots of rest. By the time you read this, hopefully it'll be a new day. Let's get together later in the day. We should probably talk about fight fallout, although I'd love just to spend more time with you. I'm going to prove to you how much you mean to me and that you didn't make a mistake in giving me a chance. I love YOU, all of you, heart, body, mind, and soul, and I meant it when I said I want to be with you forever.

Your "young man"

P.S.- Definitely get a lot of rest because I'm gonna fuck you within an inch of your life the next time I see you!

Although Alan liked to be romantic at times, he also couldn't suppress his possessive and mischievous sides too. He took the note, rolled it up, and slipped it under her collar, so it rested right at the base of her neck. Chuckling at that, he quietly let himself out of her apartment.


Adrian staggered up the stairs, still naked and wiped out from his recent orgasm.

Brenda, by contrast, seemed to have endless stores of energy. She hurried past him and beckoned him to follow her to her bedroom.

When he did, he found her splayed out on her bed in yet another sexy nude pose, ready for more action.

His penis felt temporarily dead, and he wondered how he could get it up again anytime soon. He was well aware of the fact that there were still hours to go until his bedtime.

But he thought to himself, Come on, kid! Ma is an incredible woman, and I've got to be an incredible man to be worthy of her. I can't give up now. I'm gonna show her that I'm not a boy anymore; I'm a MAN! And I don't care what tricks Alan knows. I don't care if he's got balls the size of grapefruits and eight penises that are two feet long each - I love my Ma a million times more than he does, and I'm gonna prove it tonight!

Focused and determined, he willed his penis back to full strength.

Brenda's eyes widened as she saw the fierce look on his face. In fact, she couldn't ever remember seeing him with that expression. Then her gaze shifted to his crotch, and she watched his penis rise, like a video of a building collapse played in reverse.

"Oh boy! Aidy! Boy oh boy, look what you have for Momma! I thought we'd just cuddle and relax for a while, but this is so much better! What are you going to do to me?"

He clenched his fists and pumped his arms like a bodybuilder (even though his muscles weren't impressive). "Look at me, Ma! I feel STRONG! I feel GOOD! I've been thinking about how much you love me, and how much you want to please me. I'm not gonna be just some bump on a log anymore; I'm gonna fuck you!"

She purred excitedly, "Tell me that you're gonna fuck me into submission."

"I'm gonna fuck you into submission!"

She wiggled and writhed with arousal. "Tell me you're gonna tame me with your big cock!"

"I'm gonna tame you with my big cock!"

She clutched her breasts and squealed orgasmically. "Oh! Aidy! Do it! Fuck me! Tame me!"

"I think I will, dammit!" He marched towards her, filled with resolve. He remembered her comment at the dinner table about the different ways she was looking forward to be fucked, and he recalled that the first thing she'd mentioned was doggy style. So he said, "I'm gonna fuck you doggy style! Right now!"

"Oh! Goody!" She immediately turned around on the bed, raised her ass up, and wiggled it at him. "Do it, Son! Do it!"

"I will!" He stepped forward, but then he grew a bit less confident about what to do next, due to his sexual inexperience.

However, she'd anticipated this problem as she twisted her neck to look back at him. "Here. I'll scoot my ass to the edge of the bed. Then all you have to do is walk right up and slide it in."


So that's what he did.

Adrian felt truly inspired. Sliding his erection deep into his mother, he marveled at just how wonderful and pleasurable the tight squeeze felt. Man! I'm so glad Ma's really into sex. I'd love to do this every single day, for the rest of my life! Ma wants it, and I'm the one who's gonna give it to her!

Then he started to thrust. That more than doubled his pleasure, especially when he built up a steady rhythm.

Holding her ass tightly, he pounded into her hard, giving it everything he had.

She started to scream things like "Fuck me like a bitch in heat!" and "Nail your Momma to the WALL!" until her breathing got too heavy and ragged to say anything coherent. But he was so aroused to begin with that he didn't need the additional inspiration.


But after about five minutes, he started to tire. At the same time, though, he felt a climax coming on. His challenge was to keep going long enough for both of them to cum. Then he planned to collapse and recover.

However, Brenda had other ideas. She turned her head back towards him, and asked, "Pooh Bear? Could you stop for a minute please?"

He was incredulous, as he was in a rhythmic groove, and it was extremely difficult to stop. His penis demanded satisfaction. But he loved his mother dearly, and went all-out to obey her wishes. Somehow, he managed to stop before cumming. Yet he felt like he'd failed somehow. He pulled out and sat down on the bed.

She curled up next to him. "What's wrong? Oh. You think I'm upset about something? No. It's just that I sensed you were seconds away from cumming, and I thought we could try to make it last a bit longer. I LOVED what you did."

"Uh... You did?"

"Yes! You were so STRONG and FORCEFUL!" She ran her hands over his shoulders and upper arms, making an effort to squeeze his muscles. "It was great! But the thing you have to remember is that the human body isn't designed to do that forever. It's like trying to run at a hundred-yard dash pace for ten miles. Now, some people might last a bit longer than others, but nobody's going to make it anywhere close to doing that without collapsing. It simply can't be done."

He was confused. "So... what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, women love a good hard fuck like that once in a while. Especially big-titted, sex slave-y type women." She winked, wiggling her shoulders suggestively. "But if you managed to do that, say, four more times tonight, that would only be 20 minutes of fucking, and we've got hours and hours to go. So it's good to change the pace a bit. Fuck hard, and then gentle, and hard again, and then do something else altogether, like licking my pussy or spanking my naughty ass. Vary it up. If you really try, you could last hours on a single orgasm, although it would be very difficult, and maybe not so much fun for you. And also, that in and out steady rhythm is good for a while, don't get me wrong, but after a while it becomes predictable, so try and vary that up too."

She got back up on all fours. "Here, allow me to demonstrate. I want you to stick it back in, and just keep it there."

He did so, gladly. That short break already had given him a second wind, and he was ready for a lot more fucking.

"Okay, now check this out." She began churning her hips, grinding her way all over his stiff pole while he kept still. "How does that feel?"


"Now, you try doing that. It's like what I was telling you before: imagine you're churning your way through a jar of really gooey peanut butter."

So he continued to fuck her, trying out different styles and positions.

All the while, she gave him suggestions and feedback. In the process of doing so, she was unconsciously training him to please her and satisfy her lustful desires, just as she was satisfying his.

As he relaxed, and the fact that he was doing a good job pleasuring her sank in, he felt his confidence grow enough to begin to experiment. She coaxed him into trying new things too. The results weren't exactly what either of them had hoped for, but the trying was fun in and of itself. They both had a lot of learning to do about each other's bodies, likes, and desires.

The time flew by. Eventually, he climaxed. But by the time he had, nearly an hour had passed. More importantly, she'd had close to a dozen very satisfying orgasms of her own.

He laid back on the bed next to her, feeling extremely satisfied and proud of himself.

As she cuddled against him, she asked, "So, how did you like that?"

"I loved it! Each time I gave you a climax, it made me feel so good. It was like hitting a home run!"

She purred, "I'm so proud of you. I can tell you're going to be a fantastic lover, because the best lovers are never selfish. A lot of the handsomest guys, they're so full of themselves that they don't care if a woman gets to climax at all. I can tell you care, and I love you for it."

"Does Alan-"

"Sssh! Remember the rule. We never mention that name." She decided the ban on mentioning Alan was working so well that she'd try to continue it into the future. She quickly changed the subject. "You're also a very fast learner. Truth be told, I wouldn't have had half as many orgasms if you didn't work my clit with your finger too. You picked up on that right away."

"Hey, you know what? This sex stuff isn't that tough! It just feels natural, you know?"

"It is natural," she proudly pointed out. "Our bodies are built for this. There's millions of years of evolution pushing us along."

"Yeah, I can see that," he agreed happily. "The only bummer is that it's hard work. Look at how sweaty we are. Hey! Why don't we take a bath together?"

Her eyes lit up. "Oooh! Pooh Bear! I like how you're taking charge and telling me what to do. That's good. That's very good!"

"Well, speaking of taking charge, Ma, I have a favor to ask. Could you, uh... not call me 'Pooh Bear' anymore?"

Her face fell. "What? No 'Pooh Bear'? But you're my cutie little widdle Pooh Bear." She hugged and tickled him at the same time.

"I know, but Ma, it makes me feel like I'm five years old. I'm not five anymore. Can't you please start treating me more like I'm an adult?"

There was a long pause as she thought about that. "You know what? You're right. You are an adult now, a real man." She stroked his penis possessively, even though he wasn't erect at the moment. "'Pooh Bear' isn't a good name for you any longer. But can I still call you 'Aidy?'"

"Sure. Everybody calls me that. But I'd prefer you call me Adrian when you scream my name in passion." He grinned impishly.

She smiled and relaxed. "You cheeky devil!" She was impressed, as he normally never joked around like that. It seemed as if his confidence was growing by the hour. Then she added, "However, I'll warn you that mommies have a tendency to keep treating their children like, well, like children. I don't think the incest factor matters, when it comes to that. When I'm in my sixties, and you're in your forties, a part of me will probably still think of you as my Pooh Bear."

He smiled and cuddled even closer to her. "I know, Ma, and I love you for it." Then he added, haltingly, "I'm not expecting things to change overnight, but just try to start thinking of me as a man, okay? This fucking has been a wake-up call for me. I've realized I need to grow up. I just keep hiding in my room, doing homework and playing video games. I feel, well, different all of a sudden. I want to build on this. Will you help me?"

"I'd love to." She buried her face in his neck, trying to hide the tears that started to flow from her eyes. She felt incredibly happy, and yet sad at the same time. She was happy and hopeful that, maybe, this incestuous sex could start to cure his wounded soul and give him the confidence to mature and find peace with himself. But at the same time, she mourned the loss of her "Pooh Bear," her baby.


Playing and splashing around in the bathtub together was great fun. The Hunter mansion had huge bathtubs. The two of them fit in one tub with plenty of room to spare, which gave them lots of room to horse around.

But what they really wanted to do was fuck, and before long they were back on Brenda's bed. Both of them noted that Anika must have come in and changed the sheets, since they were clean and a different color. They both realized that she had to be monitoring them to some degree, in order to know when to do things like change the sheets, yet they were grateful that she was keeping such a low profile.

As Brenda hopped back onto the bed, she asked, "What shall we do now? How did you like doggy style?"

"It was good, but not my favorite. I like to see and feel your tits."

"Well, you were grabbing them enough."

"Yeah, but it was a bit awkward, having to bend over like that."

"Hmmm. Well, we mostly did that, and missionary, so far. We could try cowgirl. I know you'll love that. But what if we try something REALLY different first? Are you up for that?"

"I'm up for anything, if it's with you!" He wiggled his eyebrows at her in a very exaggerated style, showing a playful side to his personality that she barely knew he had.


A minute later, he was standing up and holding her entire weight as he fucked her against the wall. It looked impressive, but it was extremely exhausting, especially since he wasn't in peak shape.

After only a couple of minutes, he had to carry her back to the bed. "I'm sorry, Ma," he huffed and puffed. "Just... too... exhausting..."

"That's okay, my Pooh... my Aidy. What say we get you started on an exercise program, so you can fuck your momma harder and longer, each and every night?"

He groaned lustily. "Talk about an incentive. Okay!"

"We can work out together, right after you come home from school. Hmmm. I wonder if stealth sucking would work while you're pumping away on an exercise machine. Well, we'll just have to try it out and see. But about fucking me standing, don't feel bad that you didn't last long. The main thing is that you did it. You showed that you could totally dominate your busty mommy. Tomorrow, my head is going to be filled with so many images of things we did today, but I'm sure right up there will be the memory about how you carried me around and fucked me anywhere you liked, like I was your personal toy... Your sex toy. I felt so helpless!"

"You say that like it's a good thing," he commented.

"It IS! Oh Aidy, you just don't understand. A submissive needs to feel helpless and dominated. You need to have ALL the power, while I have none. In fact, it's high time that you spank your naughty mommy."

A flicker of concern crossed his face. "Spank you? But why? You didn't do anything wrong."

Her eyes were alight with excitement. "Just because! Because you can! And because I can't stop you."

"But I spanked you before, and I just don't think I'm a spanking kind of guy. It hurts me to see you suffer."

"But you have to. You're the man of the house now!"

"I am? What does that mean?"

"It means that, in non-sexual things, I'm still the boss. And so is Anika. Whenever either of us tell you to do something, you still have to do it. But when it comes to sexual things... hot, hard, primal, urgent... lustful... THEN I'm nothing but your big-titted plaything, existing solely to keep your cock hard, FUCKED, and happy!"

"Sounds good to me," he admitted, all smiles. But then he frowned. "But what if the two conflict? For instance, what if you're in the middle of lecturing me about how I need to do my homework, and I tell you to 'assume the position?'"

"Would you do that? Oh Gaawwwd! That would be SO HOT!" She had definitely picked up on Susan's lingo. She also showed no concern that such a situation could seriously undermine her authority.

He laughed, not thinking too hard about the scenario either. "Ma, you're funny. But seriously, I couldn't spank you."

"Why not? You did it before."

"I know, but I'm not very good at it. I just don't have it in me. I love you and respect you too much."

"Love me, yes, but when it comes to sex, don't respect me. I'm your busty, horny, mommy slut. I'm your TOY! Your SLAVE! Busty, horny, mommy sluts need to get spanked a LOT! Daily! Look! Look at me!"


She hopped off the bed and started to crawl around the room on all fours. Knowing how much of a tit man he was, she made sure to keep her tits swaying. "Does this look like a woman who needs your respect, or does this look like a busty, horny, mommy slut who needs to feel your cock and your hand?"


"For the spanking!"

Still confused, he mumbled, "Ah. Well, um, I can try." But he could tell she was frustrated by his lack of enthusiasm about spanking her. She continued to crawl around the room, and there was no doubt her crawling was arousing him powerfully, perhaps making up for the failure of the spanking idea to fire him up.

He thought, I'm so fucking lame. "Well, um, I can try?" I need to do better! The idea of spanking her only makes me wince, but it's obviously something that really turns her on. If she's gonna be doing all this stealth sucking at meals, and God knows what else, it's the least I can do! I need to spank her, and do it like I really mean it!

Inspired, he stood up and barked, "Ma! Attention! Assume the position!"

She froze and turned to him in amazement. She was so overcome with joy that she temporarily forgot about following his orders, because she leaped at him and crushed him in a bear hug. "Aidy! Oh, AIDY! I just knew it! I knew it! I knew you'd understand!"

But then she realized she wasn't obeying his command. Just as quickly, she threw herself to the floor and scrambled into position. "Sir! Private Brenda, First Class Horny Mommy Slut, reporting for duty, Sir!"

He laughed. Trying to get into the role, he said, "At ease."

But then he winced, realizing that was not what she wanted to hear. "Scratch that! Lift up that chin! Thrust out that chest! Are you a soldier, or are you a..." he scrambled for something to say. "Are you a lusty, busty, mommy slut?"

She stiffened up as she beamed with pleasure. "I'm a lusty, busty, mommy slut! Sir!"

"Then report to my lap, on the double! That'll be twenty swats for you, private!"

She quickly got up, and soon was wiggling around on his lap in a most arousing manner. "What are the sexy swats for, Sir?"

He was temporarily stumped. He was proud of his "report to my lap" quip, but he was new to role plays and still finding his way.

She whispered to him the answer she wanted him to give, "For no reason at all, my big-titted mother."

He obligingly barked out, "For no reason at all, my big-titted mother!"

She added, in another stage whisper, "Simply because I can, you shameless, wanton, over-endowed, sex toy slut!"

He replied, "Simply because I can!" He didn't say the rest though, because he thought that was going too far.

But she loved it just the same, and squealed with great glee. Stepping out of the role play temporarily, she gushed (in more ways than one), "Oh my God! I think I'm gonna cum even before the first swat!"

He didn't have any real interest in spankings, but he certainly did have a lust for having his naked mother writhing in his lap against his stiff erection, panting hard, and insanely aroused. Inspired, he immediately began spanking her.

In truth, his swats were far too mild for her taste. But the mere fact that he was spanking her at all set her off. She had a great climax at the first swat, and then more or less kept cumming non-stop until he stopped about twenty swats later. His thigh wound up absolutely drenched from her copious cum discharge.

She'd learned a certain spanking protocol at the Plummer house that, for instance, required her to shout out the number of spanks before the next one could proceed. But in the heat of the moment, there was no time to explain that. She made a mental note to give him an explanation before the next spanking took place.


Both of them ended up hotter than ovens. He had lost count in all the excitement, but once he'd gotten more or less to twenty spanks, he pulled her off his lap and practically threw her onto the bed. Then he leaped after her, and managed to insert his dick in her steamy hot pussy within seconds.

He ignored all her advice about varying the pace and rhythm, and just fucked her as hard and as fast as he could, until they both exploded in a tremendous mutual orgasm.

When it was over, she noted with joy, "Remember what I said about varying it up? Well, sometimes a woman needs to get fucked within an inch of her life. Just like that! You did great!"

He still wasn't keen on spanking, and had he not been so aroused in the first place, he might not have been able to hit her at all. But he certainly loved the effect it had on her. It was obviously something she deeply craved. He made a mental note that he would have to try to keep spanking her a lot more in the future, even if the thought of spanking her did little for him.

That was just the start of an extremely long evening for both of them. They fucked, and fucked, and fucked some more. They tried a variety of positions, but mostly stuck with missionary, cowboy, and cowgirl. Brenda was right - he really loved cowgirl, because he could reach up and fondle her tits as he fucked, and when he wasn't doing that, her giant orbs swirled and swayed in the most enticing ways.

What surprised them both was the fact that Adrian just kept going and going until about one in the morning. In recent days, he'd had way more orgasms than he'd ever had in his life. The recently expired 24-hour ban wasn't really much of a ban, since he'd been aroused and nervous for most of it. So it was remarkable he'd been able to cum more than twice that evening. But he ended up cumming no less than seven times since the end of the 24-hour ban, for an average of about once an hour.

The time had flown by. Mother and son had fucked, then bathed together, then fucked some more, then bathed together some more, and back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes they fucked while bathing. When they weren't doing any of that, she was generally blowing him or getting titfucked.

He could scarcely believe it. He had masturbated every day, especially lately, but to cum even five times in a single day was unusual for him. His penis was extremely sore when it was all over, and he worried that he'd be able to do very little to keep his mother happy tomorrow.

One side effect was that they were so busy having fun that he had pretty much completely forgotten about Alan. But when they were finally all wiped out and they lay resting together in Brenda's big bed (she'd insisted that they sleep together in the nude), he couldn't help but ask, "Now, I know you're going to scream at me about bringing up his name, but just for once, I have to ask: how did that compare to Alan?"

"Now, Aidy, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to make that kind of comparison. Not now, not ever. But I'll have you know that ANY man would be proud of your performance tonight. You really showed me my place, and that's as your personal, lusty, busty, mommy slut! You were a real mommy slayer! A cunt tamer. A pussy killer!"

His chest puffed up as he surged with pride and confidence. "Really?! Cool!" Lazily sliding his hand over her nearest tit, he said, "You know what, Ma? Today was the greatest day of my life, times ten! This really is a dream come true. I never even thought I had it in me. I never even dreamed something like that could be so good. Actually, it's not a dream come true, because it's seriously way better than any dream I've ever had!"

She ran a hand through his hair and purred happily, "I know. Me too. Me too."

But then he frowned. "But there's one thing. I really went all out. I drained every last reserve of energy I had. I've never pushed my body so hard, ever. Not even when I was on the track team in P. E. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be totally dead. I'll probably sleep the whole day away."

"I know. Don't worry about it. I'm sure that I'm almost as exhausted as you are."

"But that means I won't be able to do this to you tomorrow. Just thinking about going through all that again makes me soooo sleepy." He yawned.

"Honestly, Pooh... I mean, Son, don't worry about it. I know that. That was like the sexual Super Bowl. You expect the guys who play the Super Bowl to get up and do another one the next day? No! I bet they can hardly walk. But I'm so proud of you. You showed me what you're made of. You showed me that you're a STUD! I especially loved that spanking. You really tamed me with that one. You left no doubt that you're a world class tamer of big-titted mommies."

He grinned from ear to ear. His heart was ready to burst out of his chest. But at the same time, he yawned, because sleep was closing in on him. "Thanks, Ma! By the way, I noticed you loved using the word 'tame' today. What's that all about?"

"Son, you frustrate me at times. Your actions tonight show me that your body knows how to treat me, but I don't think you mentally 'get it' just yet."

"No, I probably don't."

"No matter. You'll understand soon enough. Just remember that submissive mommies love to serve. And they love to be helpless and powerless, and ruthlessly spanked, fucked, and dominated by their studly young sons."

"I don't know, Ma. I mean, I love you. I can't be 'ruthless' with you, period." He yawned again.

"You say that now, but keep trying. Remember that according to the Big..." She paused, and then sighed. "I'll bet you don't even believe in the Big Tits Theory, do you?"

"I do. Well, mostly... Except for the part about there being a link between big tits and submissiveness. I don't get that at all."

She sighed louder, and with much more frustration. "But that's the whole essence of the theory! Without that..." She stopped and gave up the point, because he'd yawned a couple more times and closed his eyes. She knew he'd be asleep in a very short time. "Never mind. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Just remember that you did great today. Momma's so proud of you. My heart soars, knowing that I gave birth to such a wonderful, natural motherfucker."

"Thanks, Ma! G'night." He was happy as he could possibly be.


In less than a minute, she heard the deep breathing that indicated he was sleeping. She too was wiped out and knew she'd be sleeping as well before long. But as she started to fade, she thought, What a great day! Aidy really did surpass all my expectations, and then some. Clearly, he had something big to prove tonight, not just to me, and to himself, but to Master Alan too. Obviously, he has a lot of issues about Alan to overcome. I just hope that his extraordinary sexual performance tonight will banish some of those Alan demons forever. He's such a wonderful, wonderful son! I want nothing more than to see him happy!

If healing his broken heart meant that I would never have sex with anyone else again, I'd do it. It would break my heart, but I'd do it. But I'm confident that everything's gonna work out, and we'll be able to get this two masters thing to work. I sure hope so, because I've already formally committed myself to being Master Alan's permanent sex slave. Well, one of them, hee-hee! I would only back out of that commitment if it was absolutely essential for my son's well-being. But I have to do everything in my power to prevent things reaching that point.

I was so afraid that my son would be a sissy submissive in bed, but he's got an honest-to-God master streak in him! True, he's not a natural master like Alan, and he probably never will be. Master Alan is truly one of a kind. But Aidy can dominate, if push comes to shove. In time, I'll bet he'll warm up to it and learn how to tame me mentally as well as physically. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that, but today was a GREAT new beginning, in so many ways! I can hardly wait to tell everyone at the Plummer house the good news, especially Mistress Susan!

With that happy thought, she fell into a deep sleep.


As Alan drove home, he thought, Well, my visit to Glory's went a hell of a lot better than I had any right to expect. I don't know what compels me, but I really like the idea of all my women wearing those collars. Am I being kind of a bastard about it? Maybe, but it feels so right to me. God, I just LOVE the idea of collaring Christine. That would be so hot! And Xania. I'd collar her in a heartbeat if she was willing to commit. And Heather, if she earns it. Simone, even. Akami? Sure. Why the hell not?

Heck, collar the entire cheerleading squad! Wouldn't that be cool, having everybody wonder why all six of them are wearing the exact same black collar all of a sudden? Then having all of them service me at the same time while wearing nothing but their heels and those collars? My life is so sweet! The remarkable thing is that it could really happen tomorrow if I wanted. Of course, there's no way I want to make more commitments like that, so it has to remain a dream. But what a nice dream!

Dammit, when there are so many incredible and very willing women in my life, it's tough to have any restraint. The "Bad Alan" comes creeping in. But I really do need to focus on the six women I love the most. I mean, there's playing around, and then there's love. I've gotta focus on the love. Christine would definitely be in there, except that she'd never go along with so many things, especially the incest. It's sad, because I love her so much, but there will always be this wall of deception between us, keeping us apart. All I can do is grow closer to her on some kind of friend "plus" level and hope that somehow, something will change.

I wonder, though, if maybe there's a way to ease her into it, gradually change her mind on things. Maybe Suzanne can think of something; she's so good at hatching schemes. But if Suzanne can manage to get even the stubborn Christine to change her attitudes somehow, that'll have to be her biggest scheming triumph yet!

Then he thought, Speaking of Xania, maybe she's home by now. He called her again on his borrowed cell phone as he continued to drive.

She picked up. "Hello?"

Recognizing her voice, he trapped the cell phone between his head and shoulder and then used his free hand to plug his nose, making his voice sound funny. "Is this Xania? This is the apartment management. We've been having complaints about you."

"Complaints? Who is this?"

"This is the management. We've been getting complaints from your neighbors. They say you haven't been stripping naked and playing with a dildo on your balcony nearly enough."

She laughed. "Alan? Is this Alan? This has to be!"

"I don't know who this Alan is, but I'll confess my true identity if you get naked on your balcony."

She laughed some more. "It IS you. I can tell. It sounds like your voice, only more nasal. I'll bet you're holding your nose."

He let go of his nose, allowing him to hold his cell phone again. "Oops. Busted. But I'm still not going to talk to you until you get naked like I said."


Her hand dropped down to her pussy in anticipation of sexual fun. "Hey, kiddo, do you think I'm just gonna get naked in public every time I talk to you?"

"Yep, pretty much."

"Are you serious?"

"Only when I have to be."

She laughed at that, and then she started to rub the front panel of her panties. "It's not like I won't love a little fun, but I have some pressing things to get off my chest first."

"Hmmm. Pressing things... Xania's chest... Pressing my thing into your chest..." He ostentatiously made some drooling noises.

She laughed again. Why am I getting so horny already, just talking to him? It's like some kind of Pavlovian reaction. The sound of his voice is making me wet!

She didn't consciously realize it, but it wasn't really his voice that was arousing her. What aroused her the most was that she remembered the last time he'd called her, and how he'd "forced" her to masturbate while buck naked on her balcony. She both hoped and feared that he would go through with that again.

Her fingers were getting busier, rhythmically rubbing over her crotch. "Oops. I guess I was asking for that. But seriously, I was talking to Suzanne on the phone a short while ago and she told me all about the fight today. Didn't you want to fill me in?" She chuckled. "Oops. Strike that. I know you definitely have plans to 'fill me in.' But are you okay? How are you feeling? Aside from your usual overtaxed and sore cock, that is." She snickered.

"In all honesty, I feel great. True, I have some bruises here and there, and some annoying bandages on my hands, but it could have been worse, a lot worse. And I've been having so much fun since then that I haven't had much time to think about the fight or my injuries."

"I heard all about that, too. How'd things go with your teacher, Glory?" Her fingers pressed harder into her panties as she imagined Alan lying on top of Glory and drilling into her.

"Xania, what the heck? How do you know about that already? I'm still driving home from her house as we speak!"

"Like I said, Suzanne called me a little while ago. You were already on your way to Glory's place by then. She didn't say much about that or your time with Christine, out of concern for their privacy, so I don't actually know that much."

"Well, it was great at both places. I suppose I shouldn't say too much, though. I haven't been thinking about their privacy. I need to be more mindful about that."

She was chagrined. "NOW you think about privacy issues. My bad luck." She chuckled. "Still, it's good to be considerate. But that cat's already out of the bag with Christine. You told your family all the dirty details, and they told me the gist."

"Shoot. If Christine knew that, she'd be pissed, and rightfully so. Especially since I was just giving her the third degree about the importance of her respecting my privacy. There's so many things going on in my life that sometimes I forget important stuff. I feel like everything's happening at double-speed."

Now Xania was picturing him pumping his way into Christine. (She had yet to meet her, but she'd heard enough about her to form a rough mental image.) She pushed her panties to the side so she could rub her pussy lips directly.

But she didn't let on about what she was doing, and continued to try to parcel out useful advice. "I'm sure that you can make it up to Christine in the future. And my lips are sealed from now on. Well, one pair anyway, hee-hee! The others you can open anytime." She grew serious again. "But as your informal psychologist, I need to tell you, you're in a minefield with Christine. You are going to get hurt, emotionally, if not physically, because as I see it, she's like a sex bomb about to go off, and woe betide anyone caught in the blast radius. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for a week, but you're initiating the arming sequence on her, kiddo."

He quipped. "Hmmm. She definitely is a sex bomb, I'll agree to that part." He growled lustily.

"Oops. Poor choice of words again. You know what I mean." However, her arousal was growing, and her word choices weren't completely accidental. "I am going to have to think about this, and maybe confer with Suzanne some more. For now, try not to see her until I talk to you again, okay?"

"Um, I kind of already made vague plans to meet with her tomorrow. We haven't set a time or anything..."

"Sheesh! You move fast." As she stroked her pussy lips, she thought, Poor Christine, hee-hee! She's going to get so fucking drilled tomorrow, and she doesn't even know it! Hee! Well, maybe not, but that would be fun to see. But she was trying to keep her "advisor hat" on, and complained, "Why'd you have to go and do that?"

He admitted, "Well, she was basically naked when she asked me..."

She sighed loudly, so he'd hear her frustration. "I think your brain has permanently migrated down to your penis. At the very least, make your plans with her for later in the day so that you, Suzanne, and I can knock heads together about this before you see her. This is serious! My gut feeling is that you are in more danger from Christine exposing the harem than you are from Heather. Heck, she's probably the greatest danger to your harem, period."

He sighed. "I know that, but I can't help myself. She really is a sex bomb, you know. You should see her walk around in a bikini. Or topless! Yowsah!"

There was a pause as he imagined just that. His throat went dry as he vividly recalled Christine walking from her house to where he sat in the hot tub, earlier in the evening. Even with the daily barrage of wildly arousing sights and experiences in his life, that was one image he knew he'd never forget.

Xania teased, "You're drooling into the phone." She wished she could finally meet this extraordinary teenage girl whom she kept hearing about. She unbuttoned her blouse and brought a hand up to a breast, imagining that she was fondling Christine's famous hooters instead. She kept working her labia with her other hand.

"But it's true. Man! And her personality makes her even more irresistible. People call her the 'Ice Queen' and are kind of afraid of her, but I really admire her strength, talent, and firm moral beliefs. She's fun, once she opens up to you, and she even likes my dumb jokes. Besides, she literally saved my ass today."

"Yeah, but it's those same attributes of hers that'll get you in trouble if she ever catches half a clue about what you're really doing behind closed doors. I know you have trouble resisting her. That's why the Plummer Family Brain Trust needs to figure something out."

He laughed. "I like that. I'm all over the idea of having a pow wow on this. It's cool that I've got a brain trust watching my back."

"You do. I may not be 'in love' with you in the conventional sense, but I'm extremely fond of you, and I suspect that my feelings will only grow the more I get to know you." She thought back to her visit to last Wednesday night's poke-her party, and in particular the way Alan had repeatedly fucked her in his backyard the morning after. Damn, that kid knows how to churn up a pussy. I wish I lived closer to Orange County. She sighed in fond remembrance as she slid two fingers into her slit.

Her panties were still getting in the way, so she stopped frigging herself long enough to wiggle them down her thighs. She added, "I don't want to see you screw up an extremely good thing."

"Thanks. And you've got a fan club down here too. We're gonna cover your back as best we can. Now, on a different note, I have some pretty exciting news for you, and it's so new that there's a chance that you might not even know about it already."

She laughed as she carelessly tossed her panties away. "Truth be told, Suzanne didn't tell me THAT much. She just gave me the outlines of your eventful day."

"Good. So you probably don't know this. But I can't tell you until you're standing naked on your balcony, wearing nothing but a dildo. It's out of my hands. Union regulations and all, you know."

She laughed. But with the reminder about the dildo, she got up to go get hers, taking the phone with her. "You're nuts. How do you even know I'm home?"

"Call it a lucky guess. Are you naked yet?"

She pretended indignation. "What makes you think I'm gonna just up and take my clothes off?"

"'Cos you're dying to hear the news. I know you. Besides, I can already hear the sound of clothes rustling."


In fact, what he had heard was the sound of her returning to her chair with the dildo in hand. Her pussy was more than wet and ready enough by now, so she slid it all the way in with a very long, loud, and happy sigh.

"Sounds like someone's having fun," he commented, having a good idea of what she was doing.

She sighed, but gleefully this time. "You're a case. You're still driving your car, though, right? Or should I say MY car. I don't want you getting all excited and crashing my precious baby into a tree. Park the car and we'll talk."

He replied honestly, "But I'll be home in a minute or two. I'm almost there. So let's see some balcony action."

She sighed. She'd just started pumping the dildo in and out of her juicy gash, and she was put out about having to stop after only a few strokes. "Fine. I can't believe I'm saying this, but give me a minute. I'm gonna put you on speaker phone and put the speaker on the balcony."


A few seconds later, he heard the sound of a sliding door open, and then the sound of traffic. So he knew for sure that she was, at least, actually standing on her balcony, and all the ambient noise confirmed she had switched to speaker phone.

"Okay, you bastard, out with it. What's this big news?"

"You're not the first person to call me a bastard today. In fact, when-"

She interrupted, "Hey! I'm standing naked where people might see me! Hurry it up already!"

"What are you wearing?"

"SKIN! Nothing! ... Well, actually, I do still have my high heels on."

"Excellent. I like it when my women wear nothing but heels."

She ground her teeth angrily. "What is it with you and heels, anyway?"

"Never you mind. Please insert the dildo."

"Hey! And who says I'm one of your women?!"

"Nobody," he answered breezily. "But I guess it's just a complete coincidence then that you're standing naked on your balcony right now."

"You fucker!" she hissed. "You arrogant fuckhead!" But despite her angry words, her heavy breathing showed that she was getting extremely aroused.

He commanded, "Now, put your hands on your head."

She hastily replied, "Fine. Done. Now, let's talk."

"Nope. I don't believe you. In fact, I doubt you're really completely naked. You're agreeing to everything far too easily. Plus, there's not enough anger and fear in your voice."

"You miserable FUCK!" She was exasperated, because he was right.

"A-ha! So what are you really wearing?"

"Well, I've got MOST of my clothes off," she conceded reluctantly. "I mean, I took off my jacket, my bra, my panties, my stockings, and I even opened my blouse. So I'm mostly naked. Close enough!"

"No, that's not good enough. Take off the skirt and the blouse too. Now."

"But then I'll be totally nude! And it's cold up here!"

"So what? This is Southern California. Besides, you got naked for me recently on your balcony at night."

"I know. But after it was over, I decided that I had to have been nuts to do it, and I promised myself I wouldn't do it again."

"Too bad that promise will be broken tonight."

"Grrr." His confidence and persistence was hard for her to combat. "Can't I at least keep my blouse on?"

"Nope. Sorry. And don't give me the finger."

"WHAT?! How did you know I was doing that?!" She'd just raised her middle finger in the general direction of the speaker phone seconds before he'd said that.

"Maybe I have a secret camera on you." In fact, it was just a good guess. In case he'd been wrong, he could have claimed he was speaking rhetorically. "Now, do it!"


She grumbled and cursed to herself, but she took the rest of her clothes off. She didn't even know why, since she wasn't strongly submissive like Susan or Brenda. Partly, it was because she was so aroused already. But there was something in his voice that made her want to obey. Besides, she sensed that if she tried to continue to trick him, he'd find out somehow.

Once all her clothes were really off (not counting her high heels), she groused, "Okay, you motherfucker - literally! I'm completely naked now. You happy?"

"Almost. I said, put your hands on your head."

"What? Why?"

"Hey, I'm giving the orders around here. But just so you know, it's so you feel completely exposed."

She duly put her hands on her head, but complained, "Shit! Talk about unnecessary! I've never felt so exposed in my life! Riding the world's wildest roller coaster is nothing compared to this. I'm too scared to even open my eyes!"

"Yeah, but think how much sexier you'll look to all the strangers staring at you from every angle with your hands up like that."

Although he had never been to her apartment, he knew that it was many floors up, on a big building facing the ocean, and who ever bothered to look up at the side of an apartment building at night? He figured the odds of anyone seeing her were extremely low, unless she shouted out or someone in a nearby apartment was also using their balcony. But he also knew that she got off on public exposure like nothing else, so he was trying to push her buttons.

He could tell that he was succeeding, too, by the way her heavy breathing turned into even heavier panting. He didn't know it, but she was actually getting into standing there, nude, with her hands on her head, and was even grooving around a little bit. Her pussy was soaked, and her whole body trembled with excitement.

"Good," he said. "You really do have your hands on your head now, right?"

"Yes." She still wondered why she was obeying his commands, but she was.

"And it makes you feel even hotter and more exposed, doesn't it?"

"YES!" She panted very heavily, like a horny Darth Vader. "How do you know these things?!"

He ignored that. In truth, he was just operating on instinct, and his instincts about this type of thing happened to be very good. "It sounds like you're finally behaving like an obedient busty slut. You have the dildo in, right?"


"No, it's in the house. Can't I just finger myself? That's what I'm doing now."

She thought, "Obedient busty slut." What an impertinent ass! But she also was reveling in being an obedient busty slut. She felt incredibly naughty. She whispered, "God, I'm so fuckin' HOT! I'm on fire!"

"Nope. Go get the dildo."

"Sheesh! Do I have... Never mind; I know what you'll say. Just a fucking minute."

In less than a minute, she was back. "Okay! I have the dildo!" Her breathing was even more ragged now since she'd run through the house.

"Have you put it in?" he asked.

"Yes, dammit! I'm all wet and I'm sliding it in and out of my pussy!"

He could tell that she was by her rhythmic grunting. "Good. And by the way, you'll be glad to know that I've reached my house. I'm parking the 'vette on the street as we speak. What color is your dildo, by the way?"

"Color? Color? Who the fuck cares?! You're just stalling for time to make me suffer!"

"No, it helps me get a nice visual image." He turned off the car's ignition as he said that.

"Fine. It's blue, already. Satisfied, you little piece of shit? Now, what's this news before I reach through the phone line and strangle you?!"

"That's not very nice. I'm hurt and offended. I think I might just hang up and call you back some other time." He tilted his seat back to get comfortable.

She pistoned the dildo in and out of her tight and juicy hole. "Arrgh! Now I'm really going to strangle you. Please, it's cold out here. I'm getting goose bumps all over. Hurry!"

Picturing her nude body made his erection even harder. Now that the car was safely stopped, he began stroking the bulge in his pants. "Do you think anyone can see you?"

For some long moments, he only heard the sound of her heavy breathing. But then she admitted in an almost shy voice, "Well, uh, actually, that's not a problem because the lights are all off."

"Xania! Why didn't you say something about that?! That's no good at all. Turn the porch light on this instant!"

"The porch light? No way! You've gotta be crazy! I'm standing here freezing, buck naked. Do you understand? If I do that, it'll be like shining a spotlight on me!"

He did understand. He also knew that Xania didn't get off on being treated submissively per se, but she did get off on public exhibitionism in a big way, and she'd continue to obey all his commands as long as he kept her thinking about being exposed in public.

"You did it for me once before," he said, sounding as if it was the most reasonable thing in the world, and only to be expected.

"I know, but if I do it again right now, that makes it a pattern. Before long, you'll have me stand buck naked on my well lit balcony as a matter of course, every time you call!"

He snapped his fingers and acted as if he hadn't thought of that. "What an excellent idea!"

"Arrrrgh!" But her sky-high arousal level soared even higher, as she thought about that really happening in the future.

He sighed, like he was annoyed by her attitude. Then he said in an impatient voice, "I'm waiting, my naked busty slut." She might not have been that affected by being treated submissively, but he certainly got off on treating her that way, and he was busy stroking his hard-on through his pants.

She came back to the phone quickly. "Okay, I guess I must be the one who needs to have her head examined, because I turned the light on. It's like I'm fucking standing on the sun, it's so damn bright. Happy?"

He unzipped his fly, in order to stroke his erection directly. "Almost. I'm still not pleased that you called me names. I want you to bend down to touch your toes, mooning all of L. A. while you do it. Then you can apologize to me."

"GRRR! I have half a mind to hang up the phone right now."

"But you won't."

She knew he had her, but she teased, "Is this any kind of way to treat your psychologist? Calling her a 'naked busty slut?' You're pushing your luck, buster!" She was still working the dildo in and out of her hot box.

He grinned at her comment. It was obvious from her tone of voice that she was so aroused that that kind of talk only aroused her even more. But he merely said, "Hurry up; you're probably getting cold."

The sound of her panting grew distant, and then louder again. Then she said, "Okay, I'm sorry. Now, are you going to tell me this big news, or do I have to go down there and squeeze it out of you?!"

He chuckled. "The idea of you squeezing some of my body parts sounds fun. Just what would you squeeze and how?"

"I want you to ram your cock balls-deep in my cunt and then I'll damn near fuckin' squeeze the thing off while I strangle you! How does that sound?" Her voice was ragged and wild.

"Hmmm..." he said, at first sounding like he was reluctantly considering it. "I might let you do that, but only if I get to fuck you doggy style and play with your dangling 38Gs!"

She grunted so loudly at that that it was almost a yell.

"Have you bent over yet?"

"I'm doing it now!" And she did. She hated it, but she loved it too. She felt completely alive, as both lust and the fear of exposure thrilled her. She climaxed, which nearly caused her to topple over.

"Is the dildo still in your cunt?"

"YES!" Her tone was exasperation mixed with lust.

"So anyone who looks up from the street would see a big blue dildo poking out of your bare ass?"


He loved that image and stroked his rigid shaft a little faster. "Is pussy juice freely flowing out of your cunt?"


He pretended shock. "Goodness! Don't you think that's indecent?"

She growled menacingly, "Alan, don't push me!"

He snorted mirthfully. Funny she says that when I have her in that lewd position and obeying my every command. But knowing that she had to be feeling the cold, he said, "Very well. You know how you lent me your 'vette? Well, I'm driving it for the first time! I'm sitting in it right now."

"Grrr. Grrr! That's the big news? You have me bending over in the nude, freezing my butt off like a dumb freaking idiot, because of THAT?!"

"Hey, it's pretty exciting for me. Besides, Mom and Suzanne told me that they're gonna buy me a new car soon. Maybe you could come down here and help me pick it out."

Her voice was still distant, and her words were interspersed with loud pants. One hand was working the dildo in her pussy while she remained bending over lewdly. "Maybe I could. That sounds like fun. Although I'll bet you're just saying that as an excuse for me to come down there so you can fuck me."

He chuckled as he stroked his erection with one hand. "Yeah, there is that, too. I do so enjoy our one-on-one therapy sessions together. You really do have a superb bedside manner. By the way, are you still grabbing your ankles with both hands, my naked busty slut?"

"Yes, more or less, but I was just about to get up and go inside. It's probably below sixty degrees out here."

"But you're not done yet. I want you to turn around, so everyone can see just how fuckin' huge your tits are!"

"I'm gonna kill you!" But she turned around.

"Now, shake 'em!"



"No? Are you my adorable, naked, busty slut, or not? How will your audience see just how stacked you are, unless you shake 'em?"

She was about to shake her rack, but then she stood up in fear instead. She was closer to the speaker phone, and her voice was much louder now. "Audience?! You don't think someone's really looking, do you?"

"The way you've been carrying on, complaining and screaming? Sure. I'll bet that the first people to notice are pointing it out to others. A whole crowd is probably forming." In truth, he didn't believe that at all, but he knew she'd get off on it.

"Oh Gaawwwd! Jesus Christ!" She practically came, just from his words. Standing there with her eyes tightly shut, she brought a hand back to her dildo and started working it again.

"Don't turn around!" He thought that if he were in her position, he'd be filled with the urge to turn around, so he figured it was a good idea to give that warning.

"But I want to," she pouted between her sexy heavy breaths. "Can't I?"

"No!" His hand was happily sloshing up and down his erection. It occurred to him, Uh-oh! If Mom sees me masturbating, I'm busted! Maybe I should call Aims or Kat out here, to give me a hand or mouth. Nah. I'm too spoiled. I actually feel bad - don't their jaws get sore? Don't they get bored? I can sense this call is almost over, so my hand can manage for a couple more minutes.

He said, "In addition to thanking you for loaning me your 'vette, I wanted to take this time to thank you for your suggestion to buy more gifts."

"Aaaaaaalan! Why do you bring that up now?! Do you know the position I'm in? And I'm about to cum again!"

But he was having fun talking about something mundane, because the longer he did, the longer she'd maintain that position. He continued, "I bought these thin, ribbon-like, black collars for all my women at home, and man! You wouldn't believe how excited they got. All four of them were crawling all over me. I think they even managed a quadruple blowjob at one point."

In her overheated state, that last comment really got her juices flowing. She gasped out, "I can imagine! Four tongues at once?! Alan, you're so sexy! My God, I wish there was some way you could stick your cock through the phone and straight into my pussy. Or my ass! Yes! My ass!" Her voice grew much more distant with those last words, as she'd put the phone down again.

"Are you fingering your ass now?"

"Hell yeah! So... INTENSE!"

Even though he couldn't see her, it was obvious that she was getting close to an orgasm. But while he was getting a nice buzz from stroking himself, he was still a long way from an orgasm of his own. Masturbation didn't do much for him anymore.

He resumed his story, hoping that would help push her over the edge. "And then I went to my teacher Glory's house - I just drove back from there right now. I collared her too, and gave her a ring as well. She was really into it. Especially the ring, but even the collar. And it's all thanks to you."

"You're welcome. But good God! That's really arousing! You just collared FIVE women? That's so out of control! You're dangerous! Do you know how amazing that is?!"

"I know. Especially since it's six, actually."


"Yep! 'Cos Brenda's wearing my collar too. And I'm not done yet. Next time you come down, you'd better watch out. I'm gonna sneak up on your neck like a vampire and - WHAM! - add you to my harem!"

In reality, she knew she had no intentions of fully joining his harem, as she liked her independent life in L. A. too much. But in the heat of the moment, the idea sounded extremely appealing and arousing. She panted, "Oh God! Oh God! Gaawwwd! Please! GOD!"

"Are you close to cumming?"

She leaned forward and blindly grabbed the balcony railing for dear life, because her legs were wobbly. Drops of cum were flying as she worked the dildo. "Are you kidding me? I'm working up to my third orgasm already. This is too hot!"


"What? You came without asking permission first? What kind of sexy, big-titted... oh shoot."


"I've been sitting here masturbating in the 'vette, parked across the street from my own house. I just saw someone come to one of the front windows and look out. It was probably my mom. I don't know if she saw me or not, but I'd better park this car in the driveway and go inside before she does something silly, like come out here in a see-through nightie. Too bad, 'cos I was having fun."

"Nooooo! Don't go! This is the best sex I've had since, well, since I saw you last in the flesh, obviously. But not counting that, this is the best phone sex since, well, the last time I talked to you on the phone!" She laughed as she realized that both events took place just days earlier. "Damn you, I'm getting addicted to my Alan fix."

He started the car engine again, and opened the garage door, but he kept his erection poking out of his pants for easy access. As he drove the car into the garage, he teased, "You could have your Alan fix every day, if you want. All you have to do is move down here and let me put my collar around your neck. While you're deep throating me, of course. There is a proper procedure for doing these things, after all." He was thinking of what had happened between him and Glory a short while earlier.

"And that would mean I couldn't sleep with other guys, while you could sleep with as many other women as you like?"

"Of course. You could sleep with other women, though."

She thought, Thank God for his double standard, or else I might even be tempted to do it! No way am I ever giving up having more than one guy in MY bed! She chuckled. "You really are something else. Can I go inside already? I'm cold. I'm practically jogging in place just to keep from freezing."

He snickered, "That certainly must make an interesting sight to see. How are you managing to do that and work the dildo?" Now that he'd turned the car off, he resumed stroking his erection.

"It's not easy! I must look ridiculous: clutching my boobs and plunging the dildo in and out, jogging up and down... I don't have enough hands! ... You don't REALLY think there's a crowd down there, do you? I'm still too scared to look!"

He was almost positive that no one was there. But he said, "I dunno. But since you're so cold, I want you to go back inside and close the sliding door behind you, without looking down even a single time."

"But then I won't know!" she whined. She was still working the dildo, aching for that climax that was so tantalizingly close.

"That's right. Not until the video gets posted on the Internet at least."

"Video?! Alan, don't say that!"

He was still stroking himself, which was something he hadn't really done in weeks. "Hey, who knows? Anything's possible. Why don't you go to your bedroom and think about that as you work on that third orgasm? Sadly, I've got to go. I'm beating my meat as I sit in the car in the garage, and if I don't go inside soon, Mom's gonna come out here and have a complete shit fit. I don't want to get another big 'sins of Onan' lecture."

That was true, but he also knew that it would be much more difficult to keep arousing Xania so effectively once she was inside and didn't have an imaginary audience. Plus, he knew he could get a lot better sexual satisfaction once he went in the house.

So the two of them quickly said their goodbyes, each of them eager to get off the phone and work towards an orgasm.

Xania switched back from speaker phone mode as she said her goodbyes. She was surprised at how emotional she got, cradling the phone with her hand and wishing it was Alan instead. She was even tempted to tell him that she loved him. But then she thought, He is a great guy, but that must just be the orgasms and excitement talking. After cumming that hard, there's probably some kind of biological bonding thing that takes place. I can't confuse lust with love.

But she left him with a final reminder, "Don't forget what I said about Christine. Cool your heels with her until we can figure out what to do."

Alan reluctantly agreed to that. With the call over, he stuffed his erection back inside his pants and zipped up his fly (knowing it wouldn't stay that way for long). That was pretty cool. Some people call help lines for advice, and some people call for phone sex. But with Xania, it's like I get a two-for-one. Heh!

Maybe it's true that I do have some kind of sexual gift. I seem to know just how to push Xania's buttons and how far I can go with her. I didn't have any plan to do that whole phone sex thing, but just went with the flow. And it felt so easy - no stress at all! But what's waiting for me inside is probably even more fun than that!


By the time Alan walked from the garage into the house, it was well past nine o'clock. He had expected that Suzanne and Amy would go home right after he left for Glory's place, and therefore figured correctly that they wouldn't be there.

He'd assumed that Susan and Katherine would be waiting for him, if not ready to pounce on him in an ambush of loving lust, but all was dark. Huh. They must have gone to bed already. I'll bet they were tired after a long and eventful day, just like me. I'm exhausted! Bummer, though. Not even a good night kiss and tuck-in from Mom? I really love those. And I was planning on sleeping with Sis, too. Well, maybe I'll sneak into her bed and sleep there, just the same.

His erection started to subside as he wandered the ground floor and saw no signs of life. He tromped up the stairs and noticed the lights in his room were out. He turned the overhead light on, and saw Susan and Katherine naked and kneeling on the floor. They were in his favorite submissive position, with their arms behind their backs, their heads bowed, and their chests proudly thrust forward. He looked closer, and realized that they were wearing nothing but high heels and their new black collars.

"Whoa!" he said in surprise, as his penis started to rapidly engorge again. "I nearly tripped over you two."

Susan solemnly intoned, in a slavishly obedient voice, "Master, two of your collared sex slaves are here for you, ready and EAGER to serve you!" But the serious tone she was trying to set was broken when she giggled with pure glee.

Katherine giggled too. She kept her head down obediently, but added, "Mom, that is SOOO cool: 'two of your collared sex slaves!' Brother, how can this collared slave bring you more joy? After all, now that I wear your collar, I have no choice but to serve as your eternal fuck toy! You own and control me completely!"


"You own and control US completely," Susan added, still bubbling with delight. "Son, your mommy is your sex slave now, your COLLARED sex slave! Your sister is collared too! You collared ALL of us! You're just too sexy and masterful to resist!" She rocked on her heels, and excited herself so much with her own words that she nearly toppled over.

Alan was amazed by all that. He even physically staggered back a few steps. Shit! This is just too insanely awesome! I'll never get used to how awesome this is! Look at them! Just look at them! To think that I've lived with them for years... YEARS! ... without fucking them daily! Man, I don't even want to think about what I almost missed out on, had it not been for that weird medical diagnosis. My fucking MOTHER and my fucking SISTER are my collared sex slaves! FUUUUUCCK!

He wanted to jump for joy. Just look at how happy and healthy a steady diet of my cock and cum every day has made them. They're practically glowing from the inside out, and they've never looked more beautiful, or more alive, since I can remember!

But he snapped out of his thoughts and laughed. Then he joked, "I don't think you two mentioned the word 'collared' enough yet. I take it you like your new gifts?"

"Do we?!" Susan stood up to hug him (and take his shirt and sweater off in the process). "We've been having nothing but one big collar-gasm all night!"

He chuckled. "First you're having a happy-gasm, now a collar-gasm. What's with you and gasms all of a sudden?"

"I dunno; I just like the word. My whole life is an Alan-gasm! I'm so happy!"

While Susan was stripping him and kissing him up top, Katherine crawled forward and started separating him from his pants and shoes. Then she slipped his newly erect penis into her cleavage. She sighed with relief as she cradled his erection between her breasts. She would have blown him, but she wanted to be free to talk. So instead, she just licked at his cockhead while rubbing her hefty orbs up and down on either side of his shaft.

He knew what he said next would drive them wild, and he could barely wait to witness their reaction. "By the way, when I was at Glory's just now, we had a pretty mellow time, but I did take the time to collar her too."

All motion stopped.


"No way!"

He simply stood there, looking happy as a clam.

Just like earlier in the evening, bedlam broke out. Suddenly, he was being kissed and hugged from both sides, as they squealed and raved about this new development.

Then the women disengaged from him to high-five each other. The song and famous bass riff by Queen came to Katherine's head, and she sang,

"Bump bump bump,
another one bites the dust!
Bump bump bump,
another one bites the dust!"


Susan was vaguely familiar with the song and joined in, bumping hips with her daughter as the two of them kicked their heels off and danced around. Susan though soon came up with her own variation, "Pump, pump, pump, another one cums for cock!"

Katherine took that inspiration and ran with it, belting out, "And another one cums, and another one comes... another slave tamed by cock! Hey! He's gonna get you too, another slave tamed by cock!"

Soon, the two of them had latched back onto Alan, and were bumping and grinding their way against his sides and along his thighs.

But Katherine dropped back to her knees, eager to resume the titfuck. "Big Brother, we want to show our gratitude for being collared. Mom, I just HAVE to drain his balls dry!" She stretched her neck forward, trying to lick his cockhead with each thrust that brought it close.

"I KNOW!" Susan exclaimed. "You MUST! A master who collars his slaves so lovingly needs his cock stiff and his balls well-drained at all times, and that's just a fact!"

Katherine added, "Time out: I just want to say how happy it makes me to say that word. 'Collared!' Mom, next thing you know, he's going to BRAND us!"

"Shush!" the horny mother said in return, shivering with pleasure at the thought. She plastered herself all over him again and showered his face with kisses. "Don't even mention the B-word when I'm standing like this, or I'll cum so hard, I'll fall down! Can you just picture a big 'A' branded on all our hips?! Oh God!"

Alan rolled his eyes, but their extreme devotion was turning him on (and needless to say, Katherine's on-going titfuck, and Susan grinding her breasts and pussy against him, was making him feel pretty great too).

Katherine continued, "Mom, now that he's collared Glory, he's gonna collar EVERYBODY! Everybody! Can you just imagine ALL his women wearing his collar 24-7?"

"I can! There have been so many triumphs today! I can feel the harem really coming together. All my sister sex slaves are gathering!"

"COLLARED sister sex slaves," Katherine happily corrected. As she shifted her breasts back and forth over his stiff pole, she commented, "Wouldn't it be great if that collar became the mark of ultimate coolness in school? That's how girls would be judged beautiful: has Alan collared you and added you to his list of official fuck slaves?! Or does he just fuck you every now and then?"

Susan squealed, "I'm creaming! Angel, I'm gushing! Tell me more!" She was writhing and rubbing all over her son like a bitch in heat (while remaining careful not to crash into her daughter).

Alan was already getting too excited, so he had to say, "Hey you two, cool it down. Real life is great enough!"

Katherine replied, "Okay. But seriously, while you were gone, we were thinking about all the things we could do to get you insanely aroused for the rest of the night, so you'd have some of the best orgasms of your entire life! We've come up with a list." She looked around, obviously searching for a piece of paper.

"That sounds great," he said, "but I'm really not up for some kind of athletic orgy right now. At Glory's, I was just hanging out and chilling with her, cuddling and talking on the sofa. Why don't we do that for a while? It would suit my energy level."

"Oh, poo!" Susan pouted. "We had this one idea involving strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate that I..." Her voice faded out. She was so bummed that she slowed her erotic writhing to a mere simmer. But she quickly added, "But Angel, he IS our master. What he says, goes. All we can do is obey!" She had to bite her lip to contain her arousal. "Cuddling sounds..." - she bit her lip - "nice."

Katherine frowned. But then she came up with an idea. "I know. People are playing all kinds of 'extreme sports' these days. What if we try some extreme cuddling?"

Alan chuckled. "Extreme cuddling?"

As she slowly slid her big boobs up and down either side of his rigid pole, she said, "Yeah! You and Mom can cuddle and hang out. Meanwhile, I'll be underneath you with Alan Junior in my cunt. You can slowly fuck me or just enjoy the Kegel squeezes I've been working on. You can't say no to a wet and tight cheerleader sister cunt massage, can you? Then Mom and I can trade off, and she can give you a nice long cunt massage too. Call it stealth fucking."

"Yes!" Susan agreed enthusiastically, sliding her body all over Alan's backside. "Stealth fucking! What a great idea!"

Alan chuckled some more, but said, "You two are too much." He wasn't sure if there would be much "stealth" in the fucking, but it sounded like a lot of fun either way. So he added, "But you know what? It actually sounds pretty good. Why don't we try it and see what happens?"

"Yeay!" mother and daughter yelled simultaneously. They kissed and rubbed all over him so passionately that he had to strain his PC muscle in order not to cum.


"Stop that," he said, in a friendly but firm manner, as he pushed Katherine away from his turgid penis. "You two spoil me too much. Remember what Mother has said about the danger of giving me a big head?"

Katherine looked at her brother's erection, and joked, "Too late for that!"

"Ain't that the truth," Susan giggled as she reached down and started jerking off the newly unoccupied penis.

"No, seriously," he insisted. "You two make me feel so good, it's like I'm high as a kite all the time. But you're spoiling me. I'm just a guy. Sis, I'm just your brother, not some super stud. Remember when you used to call me dorkhead and doofus? I'm still that same guy!"

"Wrong!" Katherine replied just as insistently. "You're not JUST my brother, you're also my master. And Mom's master. And master of a whole harem. I know that word has made you a bit uncomfortable, so we've tried not to use it-"

"Not very successfully," he muttered.

"True," she conceded. She was stroking a finger up and down his ass crack and rubbing her tits against his leg. "But we have tried. Now, we're not even gonna try. You're our master, and the collars prove it, and that's all there is to it! So there!" She stuck her tongue out playfully, yet defiantly.

"But what gives me the right to treat you-" he started to protest.

"DUH! Brother, have you forgotten how you repeatedly tamed our pussies? Because we sure haven't!"

"Yeah!" Susan seconded that emphatically. She was still jerking him off, and licking his neck too. "It's a fact that has been relentlessly DRILLED into me."

"Good one, Mom!" Mother and daughter high-fived each other.

"Thanks. I feel so deliciously TAMED by my master, every minute of the day! In fact, Angel, don't you think it's time he says it, without any pussy-footing around? Son, I want to hear you say: 'I'm the man of the house; I'm your master, and you're my slaves. What I say goes, period! I have total control over your sexy, busty bodies! Your only duty is to obey and serve!'"

He was tempted to say something along those lines (although toned down some). But he resisted, and said, "But Mom, you're my mom! You taught me how to ride a bike, and even how to throw a ball when father was... well, who knows where he was. If 'what I say goes,' then how can you carry out your parental responsibilities?"

"My number one responsibility is to have fun with your fat cock!" Seeing him roll his eyes, Susan added, "Seriously, that IS an important mommy duty. When you were five, a good mommy taught you how to ride a bike, and now that you're eighteen, a good mommy sucks your cock and gets royally FUCKED! A LOT! Plus, we can call it my reward for a job WELL DONE!" She pulled one of his hands down to her pussy, showing just how wet she was (not that he needed the proof).

But seeing that he still wasn't buying it, she rubbed his fingers up and down her pussy lips, and reluctantly continued, "Okay, okay. You're such a good boy that I don't worry. Strike that - you're a good MAN! But on those rare occasions that I might want to step back into the responsible mother role for some emergency, I'll... I dunno... I'll put my panties on until I have my say." She frowned and stuck her tongue out, repulsed at the very idea of wearing panties. "How does that sound?"

With the two voluptuous women writhing all over him, not to mention Susan's fist sliding up and down his shaft, he couldn't really think. "Well, okay," he said grudgingly. "As long as you two always remember that you're my mother and my sister, no matter what happens."

"YEAY!" Susan and Katherine shrieked and squealed, almost orgasmically. Susan added, "But wait! I wanna hear it! I wanna hear you say you're our master! At the very least, say: 'I'm your master and you're my sex slaves.'" She tried to stop, but couldn't help but add, "'And that's how it's gonna be. Forever!'"

He chuckled at how easily Susan could get carried away. "No. I'm not gonna say it, because if I do, I know you two will scream and yell and get even more excited, and then you'll really go to town on Alan Junior, probably until I cum. But I'm trying to calm things down." He was rubbing his mother's pussy lips without assistance now, and not even thinking about it.

"Oh, poo!" Susan protested, bringing a second hand down to help stroke his pole. "Calm?! Your cock is so THICK and long and YUMMY, how am I supposed to remain calm around that?!"

"Not to mention how demanding it is!" Katherine butted in.

"Yes! Good one, Angel. It's VERY demanding! And especially after you collared us! Seriously! Be realistic. Son, I love you so much. I just wanna show it! With my lips..." She started to kiss her way down his chest. "My tongue..." She began licking as well as kissing on her way to his belly button. "My tits..." She lifted up her boobs with both hands, pressing her nipples into his skin.

"I'll tell you what," he quickly offered, before her mouth could reach his crotch, and before she could list the other body parts that she wanted to use to show her love. "I'll say that 'M' word all you like tomorrow. That way, there's another thing to look forward to. Now, enough of this silliness. Let's find a bed."

"Yes, Master!" mother and daughter said simultaneously. If they were dispirited by his delaying tactic, they hardly showed it. They stood back from him and high-fived each other. Then they walked off together, whispering conspiratorially while shooting lusty looks in his direction. They even fingered their collars as they made eyes at him, like they were good luck charms.

Alan just shook his head in disbelief. I'm really not all that. Don't they remember my bad side? My bad habits? How can a penis be "demanding," anyways? It's just a piece of flesh. Sheesh. But they're so lovable with their enthusiasm that I can't really get annoyed.

NOTE: For this part, I had exceptionally great help from IBT and Gnome. They proofread the text and pictures over and over again and helped in lots of other ways. This part is much improved thanks to their efforts. JCisme, KGL, and HeatherFan did lots of the production work necessary to complete the artwork. Hermit critiqued the pictures, as usual. Also thanks to Marguerite Mingorance, Ivagabundus, Jimmy the Saint, CPN, Old Salt, Arthvr, ZammyG, sentinel88, yellowperil, doubleH, Sam.I.am, Xinunar, Sacbob, Story Lover, and AkhtariEl.

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