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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 133
You've Really Got a Hold on Me
Day 75: Friday, November 29

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan, Susan, and Katherine gathered in Susan's bedroom, so they could have a really big bed to use.

All of them were surprised to discover that the "stealth fucking" idea actually more or less worked. Susan and Alan lay naked, face-up and side to side, while Katherine was face down, on top of Alan. His erection poked up into Katherine's pussy. She nestled her head into his neck and closed her eyes.

Susan managed to snake one of her hands under Alan's thigh, so that she could hold his balls in the palm of her cupped hand and gently stroke his testicles and scrotum, while Katherine "massaged" his cock with her talented pussy.

He couldn't get much traction for fucking in that position, as she wasn't riding him cowgirl, or pushing up and down on him. But that was just fine for what they wanted. She had been practicing her Kegel exercises, so this was a great chance for her to try out various pussy squeezing techniques for real on her brother's cock.

He loved what was happening, because he was able to relax and exert no effort at all, while his dick stayed constantly hard and got expertly massaged by her tight and silky slick sheath.

As Katherine started to squeeze, she said, "Big Concorde Jet Brother, you know, over the past two weeks or so, Aims and I have been doing our Kegel exercises every day in school. While the teacher drones on and on, we just squeeze and release, squeeze and release. It totally helps pass the time, especially since I have the most naughty fantasies about you while I'm doing it. But doing it on you is a million times more fun! What do you think? Am I getting better?"


He groaned, "Much! But, uh, chill out a bit though, okay? Where's the stealth part?"

She reluctantly eased up a bit.

Before long, he was able to hold a reasonably normal conversation with both of them, even as they worked their magic in tandem on his genitals. At first, he didn't even try to direct the topic, because they were both too excitable.

With Katherine focusing her attention on squeezing his boner with her pussy muscles, Susan did most of the talking at first. "Son, I can't tell you how happy I am about what happened today! The collars, of course. The collars!" She squealed with glee. "But perhaps more importantly, you've made so much progress bringing Christine and Glory to heel. Angel, can't you just picture both of them happily enslaved and living with us permanently?"

Katherine paused in her squeezing to consider that. "Wow. That would be weird. I have a hard time picturing Christine fully tamed and collared. She's just so stubborn. And living with my history teacher? That would be really weird. Sharing a stealth blowjob with her under the table while Brother eats breakfast, and then sitting in her class several hours later, acting like just another student? Seriously weird. But cool."

"You've gotta believe!" Susan said emphatically.

As Katherine resumed her squeezing, Alan asked, "Mom, why are you so big on the harem? Sometimes, it seems like you're more excited than I am about adding more busty hotties to our group."

She sighed. She had a hand pinned between her children, so she could gently squeeze his balls as she talked. "Son, as you know, when things started to change two months ago, I resisted reality for far too long. I was always clueless about what was really happening as you slowly seduced and tamed me and the rest of our family, and made us love serving your cock. But now that I've fully embraced my position as one of your sex slaves, I honestly feel like I'm actually a step or two ahead of most others, including you, who haven't really thought through all the implications of our new lifestyle. I've spent a LOT of time thinking about the harem life, and I love absolutely everything about it!"

"Like right now." She moved her trapped hand until she felt where her children were joined. "I almost feel as good as if I'm the one being fucked, just knowing that Angel is. And with each new voluptuous vixen you tame, it's like I gain a new sister and best friend! For instance, look at Brenda. When Suzanne began to rope her into the harem, not that many weeks ago, I didn't know what to think. Maybe I was a little bit jealous about her enormous boobs, and I had a hard time liking her. But now, we're like soul sisters! I'm already closer to her than I am to any of my real sisters, since they obviously can't be allowed to know what my life is really like anymore."

She continued, "As you know, I'm all about family. Despite everything that's happened, I still have those old fashioned family values. The nuclear family unit is dying in this country. Two months ago, I was despairing that you and Angel would soon move away to college and leave me all alone. So imagine my delight when our family bonds suddenly firmed up, strengthening with each new blowjob, and then the family started growing and growing with loving and beautiful people. So even if I weren't a bisexual, I'd still love the harem! I grew up in a big family, with lots of sisters, and now I have that big family again."

Alan found that response very illuminating.

Katherine chimed in, "I agree. It's funny; I never really wanted another sister. But now, Aims and I are so close, and it's great. What would I do without her? And having Aunt Suzy as a second mom totally rocks. It already feels so right, like it's always been that way. So I love the harem for lots of reasons, but that's an important one. And once Brother starts knocking us up, think about how cool it'll be to have all of us share with the mothering!"

Susan thought, Oh boy! That WILL be great. Even though I can't have one of my own, I can live vicariously through my daughters. And others!

Alan groaned with disapproval for that pregnancy line of thinking.

Katherine continued, undeterred, "Now, if you were bringing in selfish bitches like Heather, that would be a whole different thing. It would be a major pain dealing with her 24/7. But the women you pick are real winners. Take Brenda. I mean, she's not just all big tits, bubble butt, and gushing pussy. I've been talking a lot to her lately, and she keeps surprising me with the things she's done, and places she's been, and all kinds of stuff. You'll see what I mean as you get to know her better. So keep it up, Bro!"

He asked, "But isn't there such a thing as too much of a good thing?"

Surprisingly, Susan answered, "Yes. Obviously, the harem can't keep expanding forever. But it won't; don't worry. Just a few more, and then we'll be complete. Our new family." She looked very smug and satisfied with that.

He thought with worry, How many is a few? Who is she thinking of, exactly? And why didn't she say "a couple more" if she's only thinking of Glory and Christine? However, he was afraid to ask her at the moment, for fear that she'd rattle off a long list of names.

Instead, he thought, That reminds me of what Suzanne told me before dinner: "You're at the center of an extended family now, and keeping your cock happy at all times is a big part of what binds us all together." It's strange, but true.

The stealth fucking felt great. The only difficulty that he was having was finding a non-sexual topic and staying on it, because if the women started to get aroused, he knew that the stealth fucking would quickly get a lot more energetic.

He kept trying to direct the conversation to safe areas, but it was remarkable how every topic seemed to lead back to something sexual, and to collars in particular. For instance, he was describing a funny episode of Friends he'd watched some weeks earlier (it had been a long time since he'd had much time to watch TV at all!), when Katherine interrupted, "You know what? That show has three guys basically living with three beautiful women, two of them pretty busty. The guys should just pair off and fuckin' COLLAR the women! Turn 'em into their slaves! That'd fix everything. Like that Ross guy and Rachel. They're always breaking up and getting back together, like every other show. Let him collar her and that'll take care of that problem!"

Susan interjected, "Wait a minute. I don't watch that show very much, but aren't Ross and Monica brother and sister?"

"Yeah?" Katherine asked, with rising excitement. She could guess where her mother was going with this.

Susan grinned enthusiastically. "Well then, I think we should accept Ross as the dominant male and have him collar all three of 'em! After all, when a brother has a sexy, big-titted sister like that, it goes without saying that she needs to spread her legs for her him so she can get seriously FUCKED! And collared!"

"Woo-hoo! Right on!" Katherine squeezed Alan's cock to show her enthusiasm for that idea.

Susan continued, "The other two guys are handsome enough; let them get their own harems. Think about how the ratings of that show would soar if the three women were constantly naked and collared, with dog leashes attached to their collars, all worshipping their master's cock every week."

"Totally!" Katherine exclaimed. "I'd watch every show!"

Alan was forced to say, "Hey, you two, if I hear the word 'collar' one more time, I'm gonna scream. And Sis, you're starting to churn your hips. Be careful. Now, I'm gonna have to pick something different to talk about, because I can't think of that show without getting even more aroused. What should we talk about, this time?"

Katherine suggested, "I know! Let's talk about things women wear around their necks, and how those things, some colored black and starting with the letter 'C', help enslave them to their wonderful brother-masters." She giggled, and then added, "Or son-masters, as the case may be."

Susan smiled as she said, "Angel, thanks for that last part." Mother and daughter high-fived each other.

Alan just groaned. He was both amused and chagrined.


A fun time was had by all. Both Susan and Katherine took turns getting "stealth fucked." And when it wasn't Susan's turn, Alan drained her breasts dry of all her milk, which was quite arousing for both of them, all fucking aside. She had two orgasms simply from being suckled.

Katherine helped with milking "duties," but she wasn't as diligent about it as her brother, since she was frequently distracted by the fucking. She'd concentrate on her Kegel squeezing until her pussy muscles would get tired, then she'd lightly grind her hips until she was ready for more squeezing.

Ever since they'd entered the room, Susan had been playing her "Sex Slave Mix, Volume One" CD on an endless loop. She'd had it for nearly a week, and had been playing little else. The three of them knew all the words by now, and from time to time, one or more of them would sing a little, if there was a pause in the conversation or the fucking.

At one such point, when the Beatles version of "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" was playing, Susan exclaimed, "Oh! This is my favorite part: 'Tied up. Tied up!' I can't believe the Beatles got away with singing about binding their sex slaves."

Alan rolled his eyes. "Mom, first of all, they're singing 'Tighter, tighter.' They're talking about a hug. 'I love you and all I want you to do is just hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me.' Then they say 'tighter.'"

"Well, it sounds like 'tied up' to me," Susan insisted.

"Me too," Katherine chimed in. "That's why I added the song to the mix. He's got a hold on her, you know, like she's wearing a slave collar and he's holding the leash attached to it."

"Yeah!" Susan chimed in.

He rolled his eyes again. "Whatever. In any case, the Beatles didn't have any sex slaves."

"Sure they did," Susan said confidently. "They also sing the song 'Chains' on this CD, and that's even more blatant. Hey, Angel, when are you going to make a Volume Two?"

"Sorry, so many things have been going on that I can't find the time. Besides, I had a hard enough time coming up with enough sex slave-themed songs to fill up even one CD. As you know, a lot of them are just songs to get you pumped up about sex, like 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, or 'Wild Sex in the Working Class' by Oingo Boingo."

"Well, I love it to death, just the same. And consider me fully pumped up. Thanks again." She gave Katherine a thankful kiss, which soon turned into the two of them making out.

While the two women kissed, Katherine mostly forgot to keep squeezing Alan's pole with her pussy walls.

That helped him think a bit more coherently. What am I going to do with these two? I thought all this sex slave talk would just be a passing fancy, but as each day goes by, they get more and more into it. I'm really kind of stumped. I mean, outside of bed, I like things to just be normal. Or at least I think I do, right?

After a while, when it was time for Susan's turn to be fucked again, Alan came up with an idea. "Mom, what would you think if I tried to suckle you while we were stealth fucking? Do you think you'd like that?"

Susan's breath caught in her throat upon hearing that. "What, so, you mean 'stealth suckling,' too? Oh my! That sounds amazing! Let's try it!"

He laughed. "What's with the stealth stuff? We're not exactly being stealthy here. What's next, a 'stealth orgy?'"

Katherine and Susan looked at each other with wide eyes, obviously considering the possibilities.

That made him laugh some more.

Soon they repositioned themselves, with Alan's shoulders backed up against the headboard of the bed and a couple pillows. Susan was kneeling up on top of her son, where her breasts could dangle within easy reach of his face, so they could try suckling and fucking at the same time. The problem was, she had both of her hands on his chest and shoulders to steady herself while straddling him, but he had both hands on her dangling breasts, and neither of them could summon the willpower to let go of the other in order to guide him into her hot box. Alan could "flex" his boner, to lift it up off his belly, but Susan couldn't coordinate well enough with him to "capture" him by hip movements alone, and she was starting to get frustrated.

Susan looked mournfully over at Katherine. "Angel," she pleaded, "help me fuck your brother."

Katherine was all smiles. "All you had to do was beg, Mom."

Susan squealed. "Oh Gaawwwd! My daughter is making me beg. She's dominating me too! That's so hot! Please, please, Angel, I beg you!"

Katherine lay down between Alan's legs, where she could get a close up view. She started licking her own juices off her brother's rigid cock. Fuck me, that tastes good! she thought. Gotta do this more often.

Susan could feel Katherine's bangs tickling her ass cheeks and hear her licking Alan's thick pole, but she couldn't feel the telltale touch of his cockhead on her pussy lips. She started wriggling her hips, trying to get the message across non-verbally that she needed her son inside her NOW, but that only prompted Katherine to stop licking his erection and start licking and kissing her clit and pussy.

"Angel!" Susan moaned, "That's good... but I need... IT!"

"Oh?" Katherine asked, before sticking out her tongue and licking all the way from Susan's clit back to her anus, and then on up through the crack in her ass in one long, wet stroke. "What?"

"You know what!"

"No, you need to specify," Katherine teased.

"My son's COCK! My master's cock!" Susan thought, That's SO HOT, because it's true! I need it like I need air to breathe! I'm helplessly, totally enslaved to my son!

"Where?" Katherine asked, innocently.

"Cunt!" Susan gasped, hoarsely, "Mommy needs it in her sex slave CUNT! Please, Angel! Don't be a meanie!"

Katherine pulled Alan's erection out from under her mother, and rubbed it up against Susan's wet and ready pussy lips, forcing a moan of frustrated desire from the lusty woman. "Of course. Here you go, Mom," she said, as she guided his cockhead to the entrance of Susan's vaginal opening. "All you had to do was beg. Beg like a good sex slave for your master's cock." Using only her tongue, she pushed the swollen glans of her brother's hard-on down and into her mother's welcoming embrace.

Susan was delirious with joy that her daughter was bossing her around too. She climaxed again, but hardly even noticed that, since she was feeling so much orgasmic pleasure already. She gasped out, "I'm begging! I'm begging! Pleeeeaaase! Mommy needs cock!"


Alan felt what Katherine was doing, but could hardly believe it. Holy shit! She's using her tongue, not her hands, to guide my cock into Mom! Aaaaahhh, FUCK! It's going in! Goddamn, Mom is slowly sinking her hips onto me, and Sis is riding her way down my cock along with her, using her tongue! Oh man! And Mom is hotter than blazes inside, and fuck me, is she WET! Ohhh, fuck, this is sweet!

Katherine, though, was in no hurry to vacate her position, as it allowed her to take his balls in her mouth and give him a tongue bath, even as Susan worked on his cock using her vaginal muscles.

Once Susan's milk was flowing again, with her son's thick boner filling her delightfully, she was finally able to relax again and just feel the pleasure flooding outwards through her body. Oh my God, I'm absolutely over the moon with delight! My goodness, I AM! "The cow jumped over the moon" - that's me! Tee-hee-hee! I'm my son's sex cow! Sadly, he can't breed me like a prize heifer, but at least he can milk me daily! My udders are tingling all the way down to my cunt. This is SO HOT! It's all I can do not to churn and grind Tiger's cock until he gives me HIS milk! Hee-hee! I'll just have to concentrate on my pussy squeezing techniques, so I can milk him dry of all his spermy goodness while he's milking me!

Susan proceeded to churn and grind on his cock in an extremely arousing manner. She more or less forgot about the "stealth," although she did take thing relatively slowly just so she could prolong the joy.

A few minutes later, she came out of her sex fog to exclaim, "Son, we need to do this more often - a LOT more often! Whenever Alan Junior is in me, it's like a slow orgasmic buzz in my cunt. And whenever you're suckling me, there's a different kind of buzz in my tits that's just as wonderful, and maybe even better. But combining them? Oh Lord! It's like a whole new thing!"

Katherine sighed longingly. "Wow. Mom, you're so lucky."

Susan swiped a spare drop of milk off the lower slope of her left breast, and fed it to her daughter. "I know I am. But this'll be you someday too. Just imagine your brother splattering his fertile baby batter inside you and knocking you up. Then you'll waddle around with huge tits and an even huger belly, and he'll fuck and suckle you ALL the time."


Katherine mentally drifted away, as she envisioned a glorious future day when her brother had impregnated her. In her fantasy, she sat up on him and rode his cock, despite the fact that she had a very round belly. Her tits were the size of Susan's, and her breast milk was shooting out everywhere.

She grinned from ear to ear as she daydreamed this. She mumbled, "Sweeeet! That is sooooo going to happen! And soon!"

"What?" Alan muttered.

"Oh, nothing," she replied, while idly playing with his balls. "But have either of you ever thought, and I do mean really, seriously, deeply thought about the fact that all this wonderful, spermy cum that we bathe ourselves in daily, that any little bit of it could start a new life? Is that not completely mind-blowing, or what?"

Susan replied, "I do! I think about that ALL the time! Especially when I'm guzzling it straight down my throat. Angel, never forget that Tiger's yummy sperm is a sign of his virility and potency! I just know he's gonna make you a happy mommy-sister before too long."

Katherine thought, "Mommy-sister!" I love the sound of that! She started bouncing on the bed impatiently. "My turn! My turn! Big Baby Rattle Brother, do me bareback! And can you suckle my tits too, so I can kind of pretend?"

He chuckled, especially since he was already doing both of them bareback anyway. "Sure. But remember, go slow." He was eager to make a switch already, since Susan's subtle pussy squeezing was bringing him too close to the edge.

The "stealth fucking" went on for over an hour, and Alan hadn't even come close to cumming, so he didn't have to struggle with his PC muscle. It was very low stress for him, and nothing but pure enjoyment. He decided that it was something he'd want to do a lot more of in the future. Plus, his penis had become so accustomed to long periods of friction and stimulation that he wasn't even sore when it was all over. He noted to himself, only half-jokingly, that his penis was probably starting to develop a leather-like hide, in the same way that the fingertips of beginning guitar players develop calluses.


However, Susan and Katherine were tiring more quickly than he was, even though they had traded places several times. After all, they were doing virtually all the work, and the fucking had gone on for so long that they both got tired from clenching and unclenching their pussy muscles. Eventually, they were "forced" to vary it up with handjobs and blowjobs. Both women had several orgasms. But whatever they were doing, his erection was always the center of attention.

Then Susan surprised her children by yawning ostentatiously and saying, "It's been fun, kids, but this old broad is getting pretty sleepy. Angel, I think you and Tiger need some special one-on-one time. And Tiger, don't you think it's time you spent the night in your sister's bed? She's not really going to feel as dominated as she should be until she wakes up in the middle of the night, in her own bed, and finds your stiff cock halfway down her throat before you stuff it all the way into her cunt and ass. That'll really show her just who the boss is around here."

"Go, Mom! Woo-hoo! Great idea!" Katherine enthused. "And Brother, if we do that, I promise I won't even say the 'C' word... much." She giggled.

Alan asked, half-seriously, "Mom, are you sure you're feeling well? I mean, you're practically kicking me out of your bed here."

She kissed his cheek with a smile before ruffling his hair in a motherly way. "Son, I'm not kicking you out of my bed, I'm kicking you into hers. Of course I'd love to spend hours just taking turns slurping on your cock, when you're not busy fucking one of us, that is. But we do need to get some sleep eventually. More importantly, I worry that I've been far too much of a cock hog lately. It's her turn."

He replied, "Okay. Actually, I was going to suggest sleeping in Sis's bed tonight anyway, so this works out well. But Mom, I'm mad at you."

She blinked in confusion. "Mad?!"

He said, "Yes. What you did, suggesting I sleep with Sis, is unforgivable. Tomorrow, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a very thorough spanking. I might even have to tie you up first, just to make sure you learn your lesson."

Susan's face beamed so brightly that it practically turned night into day. "I stand corrected," she giggled as she rubbed her clit. "I promise I'll be a good mommy from now on."

"You'd better," he mock blustered, but he was all smiles too. "By the way, you're not even gonna kiss me good night?"

It hardly seemed possible, but her smile grew even bigger. "When did I ever say that? Come here. Come sit on my big tit-pillows. I'm not in THAT much of a hurry. I want you to 'kiss' my tonsils with your cockhead for a few minutes. Feeling your fat cock slide between my lips is just the greatest thing in the world! Then I'll have really sweet dreams, even if you don't give me your sperm."


So he sat on her and fucked her face for a little while, but at a slow pace, in keeping with the mellow mood they all felt.

Katherine crawled between her mother's legs and lapped on her pussy lips and clit until both she and Susan climaxed again.

Then her two kids got off her.

Susan commented, "Phew. That was great. I had ANOTHER big 'O'. It just goes to show that the more one gives, the more one does receive. I'm too wiped out after that to get up and brush my teeth and such. I'm just gonna have to go to sleep with the taste of my son's pre-cum in my mouth."

"Poor you," Katherine teased and giggled.

Just before Susan closed her eyes, she looked at her children and smiled benignly. "Now, THAT'S what I call a good night kiss. The two of you have made me the happiest mommy in the world. And Tiger, I know that collar didn't cost you much, but it's the best gift anybody ever gave me, bar none. I can go to sleep knowing I've been totally tamed and owned by my master, and that gives me a greater feeling of contentment than you'll probably ever realize."

"I'm glad it worked out so well, Mom. To be honest, I've had so much fun this evening that I've almost completely forgotten I even took part in a fight today. And my hands don't feel bad at all. I might even take off most of the bandages tomorrow. I'm surrounded by so much love and care that I feel humbled. Thank you."

He thought, Man, if that's the reaction I get from giving the collars, I can't even imagine what'll happen when I give them their rings! He walked up to her and kissed her on her forehead. "Nighty night."

She answered dreamily, "Nighty night. Don't let the bedbugs bite. But do let your sister nibble."

While he stared at his beautiful mother just lying there contentedly, he thought, This is great, as usual, but I'm a bit bothered by the shift in the power dynamic. How can Mom be an effective mother if she's calling me "boss" and "master" all the time? So he asked, "Mom, are you okay with everything that's happening here?"

Suddenly, Susan opened her eyes wide, and her eyes lit up. She reached out and clasped Alan's hand in one hand and Katherine's hand in her other. "There's just one more thing I have to say. I still consider myself a very religious person, but I have no moral or religious qualms about what we're doing. None. I figure that what we're doing feels so good, it can't possibly be wrong. I don't care what any preacher says. They're wrong! God wouldn't make a cruel joke like that."

That didn't address his concern at all, but he didn't want to spoil her blissful mood by pressing the issue at the moment.

She closed her eyes with a great big smile on her face. "Good night, my loves. Tomorrow's gonna be another wonderful day, full of fat son-cock sliding down my throat, plowing into my cunt, and general total sexual servitude. Maybe I'll even get it in the ass. One can hope! I love you both, so much!"

She thought, And tomorrow's going to be an extra special day, because he promised me an "extra thorough spanking," and he might even tie me up for good measure! I can hardly wait to go to sleep now, because that will bring me that much closer to my promised spanking. But on the other hand, I'm so excited that my body isn't ready to sleep. Ah, the "problems" a big-titted sex slave mommy must face! She giggled in glee to herself.

Actually, he had just been joking about the spanking, but she didn't realize that.

Alan and Katherine each kissed their mother on her forehead. Then they walked out of the room hand in hand.

He said, "Come on, Sis, enough of this stealth stuff. It's time to give my Number One Fuck Toy what she deserves: a right and proper fucking."

She bounced lightly on her heels. "Yes, please!"


Brother and sister didn't waste any time, once they'd reached her room. As Alan lay down on his sister's bed, he asked, "So, what do you want to do?" He looked around the room until he saw something on a high shelf. Pointing at it, he joked, "I say we play Parcheesi."

Katherine idly tapped a finger to her lips while slowly pacing around her room, as if considering his imminent demise. "Hmmm. Should I let you live, my Big Cell Phone Tower Brother?"

She tapped a finger to her lips, as if considering. "Hmmm, I think I might. For some reason I'm feeling generous tonight." Giggling, she then dove between his legs and started nibbling on his cockhead.

"Another blowjob? Sis, I'm kind of blowjobbed out. I mean, all I do is lie around enjoying the endless erotic thrill, while you do all the work. You have no idea how much royal treatment Alan Junior has gotten today. It's absurd." Boy, I never thought I'd say anything like that.

Totally undeterred, she thought, Exactly! That's how it should be! That's what The Pact is all about. I revel in the unfairness. That's part of the joy of slave life. Unfortunately, my stubborn-headed, doofy brother still doesn't get it. I'll have to give him some excuse. She said as she licked, "Yeah, but I need to get the feller hard again so we can have some fun."

Alan's dick had started to droop as they'd moved from Susan's room to Katherine's, but it was once again standing at full mast. He started to say, "Um..."

"Yeah, I know, I know, it's hard already. Just let me enjoy this for a couple of minutes, okay? Besides, this isn't just any blowjob coming up. You'll see." She looked up at him and winked.

So he stretched out and put his hands behind his head, ready to see what she would come up with.

She whirled her tongue around and around his cockhead as she warmed up to her task. Then she engulfed the head and started bobbing up and down on it. She stared at it intently, showing great concentration to the task at hand.

After a minute or two of blissful bobbing passed, the phone rang. He asked, "Who'd be calling at this hour?"

Katherine happened to have just switched to licking her way all around his sweet spot, his frenulum, so she was more or less able to talk. She muttered with annoyance, "That's probably Heather. She's only called, like, a bazillion times tonight."

"She did? Why didn't anyone tell me?"

Katherine somehow managed to shrug while continuing to passionately lick, and also stroke with her fingers. "I dunno... Yummy distractions."

He rolled his eyes at that, but he had to act fast to answer the phone before the answering machine picked up the call. Luckily, there was a receiver right next to the bed, within his easy reach.

Locked away in her house, Heather was grinding her teeth, waiting for someone, anyone, over at the Plummer house to pick up the phone. She knew that at the fourth ring, the answering machine would pick up. Damn you, Alan Plummer, answer the goddamn phone already!

The fourth ring never came. Instead, she heard the sound of the receiver being picked up, followed by what seemed to be the creak of a bed and the crumpling of a pillow as someone leaned back onto it.

Oh my God! Is it Sir?! Is he in bed? Is he naked? It took her only an instant to reach the next thought. Is he hard?!

Over the phone she heard a sigh before a tired but decidedly male voice asked, "Hi. Who is it?"

The sound of Alan's voice brought Heather flashbacks of seeing him standing gloriously nude in her bedroom yesterday, his skin glowing in the morning sunlight that had been streaming in through her window.

Momentarily tongue-tied by the memory of seeing him, Heather wasn't as smooth as she'd intended to be. "Uh, hi. Alan. You're finally, uh, home. Again."

"So I'm told," Alan replied lazily, "and after everything that's gone on today, I'm trying to relax." Normally, at this point he would have barked at her and complained that she didn't call him "Sir," but he wasn't feeling up to it.

"Oh good, because I've been calling and calling, but you were never home! I mean, I was kinda, you know, worried, a little, that you might not be okay."

He was puzzled by that. "Okay?" What does she mean? It was only a couple of hours ago when she called me and asked the same thing then too, except I kinda blew her off then and didn't really give her an answer... Oh, she must be talking about how I'm supposed to be injured from the fight. That's funny, because I don't feel injured. Even though I'm bruised here and there, I don't feel any pain, thanks to all the sexual pleasure. It's like lighting a match to create a new smell that overpowers some nasty smell. Blowjobs work way better than pain pills! He snickered to himself.

He spoke plainly. "Heather."

"Yes? Sir?"

"What are you wearing?"

"Wearing?" She looked down at the blue sweatpants and plain white shirt she had on, and felt embarrassed. "Um, nothing special. I've been doing nothing but hang out in my room most of the day, since my dad won't let me go anywhere. It's so frus-"

He cut her off. "So you ARE wearing clothes?"

"Sure. I do sleep in the nude, of course, but I haven't-"

He interrupted her again. "Heather! Listen to me. Whenever you're getting ready to call me, you WILL get completely naked, except for high heels, before you even think about picking up the phone. Is that clear?"

"Um... why...? I mean, I'll do it, but-"

"Good. And if I call you, I obviously can't expect you to be naked already, but you will start stripping as soon as you hear my voice."

There was a lengthy pause before Heather's voice came back on the line. "Um, that's kinda impractical, to say the least. What if I'm at the mall, or some place like that, when you call?"

"Not my problem," he said dismissively, as if bored by the question. "Now, I expect you to strip. I don't mind holding."

There was another long pause. Finally, Heather said, "You can't be serious." She had no objection to getting naked, per se, but she was outraged at Alan's audacity in unilaterally imposing such a condition on her.

"This SIR is very serious." He emphasized the "sir" to finally remind her that she'd mostly been forgetting to call him that.

She was surprised at how chastened she felt. Oh, shit! I've been disrespecting him! Still, she couldn't help but ask, "But why? Sir? I mean, it's not like you can see me."

He said testily, "I'm waiting..."

There was another long pause. Heather was extremely frustrated. She was contemplating whether she should obey his orders or just pretend to. This is a good time for me to assert at least a little bit of defiance. After all, how is he going to know? But then again, maybe he has something special and sexy planned. Besides, chances are I'm going to get pretty hot and bothered and it would be good to be naked for that.

Finally, she said, grudgingly, "This will take a couple of minutes."

"I can wait." He smirked and patted Katherine's bobbing head.

"Okay." Heather dropped the phone receiver onto her bed.


Standing up, she quickly shucked her shorts off, and then pulled her shirt over her head. Since she wasn't wearing underwear, she would have been back on the phone in a matter of seconds, but she was barefoot and so she had to go find a nice pair of high heels to wear.

She had to admit to herself that it felt pretty good to get naked. And while she didn't consicously realize it, she also felt satisfication from obeying her "Sir."

Alan took the phone receiver from his ear and sighed heavily. Dealing with Heather is so mentally exhausting. I'm not really feeling up for it right now. I wish I could just lie here and enjoy Sis's great blowjob. But I've dealt with pretty much all the women in my life since the fight except Heather, and I can't neglect her, since she's such a loose cannon.

He grinned. Besides, I kinda like her. A lot, in fact. It's weird. She's always pissing me off, but, well, she keeps me on my toes, to say the least, and I kinda like that challenge.

I wish I could just deal with her like one normal person to another. But if I were to do that, she'd eat me alive. I've gotta psych myself up for Sir Mode, and fast.

He had only ordered her to strip in order to buy some time, but he decided it would actually make a nice new rule for future phone callls.

He chuckled to himself as he pictured the look on Heather's face if he called her while she was shopping at the mall with her friends and she was "forced" to start stripping right then and there.

Katherine was happily licking her way around and around her brother's cockhead. She looked up to his face quizzically when he chuckled, but she saw his eyes were closed and he looked to be deep in thought. She made a mental note to ask him what had struck him as funny as soon as the call was over and it was safe for her to talk again. She returned her attention to slurping her way all over his stiff pole.

Unfortunately, while Alan waited for Heather to finish stripping, he thought, It's just not happening; I can't fully psych myself up. "Bad Alan" seems to be on leave tonight. Maybe I'm too wiped out from the fight and everything after, or maybe I just can't get pissed off enough with Sis doing her magic tongue work. But why should I have to act like I'm a drill sergeant every single time I'm around Heather, anyways? I need to maintain my control over her; that's a given, or she'll wipe the floor with me. But I'm gonna try an experiment here. Maybe I can treat her with more of a velvet glove than an iron fist. I wish we could just be friends some day. Is that too much to ask?

While he tried to prepare himself mentally to deal with her, Heather was standing in front of her closet, quickly trying to decide which pair of heels to wear. As she tried to decide, she thought, He must be NUTS! Why do I have to take my clothes off, simply because I'm talking to him on the phone?! Why shouldn't HE take HIS clothes off instead? And this thing about high heels is ridiculous. Doesn't he know who he's talking to? I'm practically the Homecoming Queen already! I'll be damned if I'm going to listen to him order ME around!

She looked at her collection of heels. She was trying to decide between a red pair and a black pair, since she'd heard from Amy that he preferred those colors when it came to women's heels. (She'd been pumping Amy for information about Alan's likes and dislikes lately, especially his sexual tastes.) But then a realization came over her. HE'S nuts? Fuck! I'm the one who's nuts! What difference does it make which pair I choose, when he can't see me anyway?!

As an act of defiance (a very, very minor act), she picked out a dark green pair instead. But there she was, already sitting naked on her bed, obediently strapping her high heels on. She didn't fully consciously realize it, but being ordered to strip and put on high heels in order to talk to him was making her horny. VERY horny. And she'd only considered heels a necessary evil until now, but having to wear them was arousing her even more.

Once she was otherwise fully naked, she stood up and tested walking around in her heels. And that thing about having to strip if he calls ME! As IF! No way am I going to do that. I mean, just imagine if I'm hanging out at the mall with Simone and some of the Blondies, and he calls me. Like I'm just gonna stand up in the middle of Lou's Diner and pull my shirt over my head! Give me a fuckin' break!

A wave of desire suddenly hit her so hard that she was forced to sit back on the bed. Without thinking, she brought one hand to her nipple, and another to her pussy. Gaawwwd! It sure would be hot, though! I'd tell my friends, "Sorry, my Sir is calling, and you know what that means." Hee! My big bare breasts bouncing in the air, strangers screaming, babies crying in confusion. And even though my friends have been through this routine every time he's called me, they'd still stare in complete shock, 'cos he's never called me at the mall before!


And then, when I'd pull down my tight little miniskirt and toss it aside, exposing my shaved pussy for the whole world to see, there would be complete bedlam! A riot! Even the Blondies would back away, horrified. But I'd just stand there, proudly showing off my nude body! But why should I care what happens? It's not like the security guards will do anything. I'm Heather fucking Morgan!

Then I'd pick my phone back up and calmly tell my Sir, "Everyone can see me, Sir, but only you can touch!" Hell, now that I think about it, I'm almost starting to wish he'd call me at the mall sometime! Hee!

Gaawwwd, that would be so fuckin' HOT! Standing there in nothing but high heels, just like Sir likes, my pussy gushing and throbbing, nipples tingling, ready to bend over so his fat cock can slide deep into my ass...

Only he's not there. Worse, he's not HERE! She pounded her fist against the bed. DAMMIT! How does he do this to me?! I'm so fucking horny now! It's not fair!

"Aaaaah..." she sighed with at least some relief as she pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy.

That's a bit better. But Sir's got a lot of fucking gall, thinking he can boss ME around like that. This calls for revenge! I mean, he's getting seriously out of hand. First, he's telling me what I can and can't wear, and making special rules for Fridays.

She sighed happily as she thought about walking around school in a short miniskirt and no panties on a Friday, just like she'd been "ordered" to do. She remembered it was a Friday, and actually felt a bit sad that there was no school, because she couldn't dress up according to his code.

And then he forces me to call him "Sir," which I actually kind of like, but still. It's the point of the thing. I should be telling HIM the rules. Then he says that whenever I see him, I have to bend over at an obscene angle and show him my ass, even in public! Just so he can ogle my ass and my dangling tits. What cheek. Just who the fuck does he think he is, making up a totally sexy rule like that?

I mean, a totally, uh, annoying rule.

I can just picture him checking out how tight my miniskirt is as it rides up my ass when I bend over, stretching as it tries to keep my buns contained. That's kinda hot, actually.

She found herself panting harder as she thrust her fingers deeper inside her needy gash. Another similar fantasy formed in her mind, except now she was at school. "Simone, shield me! Alan wants me to pull my skirt up, so he can run his hands all over my ass cheeks, and slip a big thumb up my butt! Don't let the others see! ... He's such a fuckin' bastard! Doesn't he know I don't wear panties on Fridays? Does he want everyone in the hallway to see him play with my naked ass?!"

In her fantasy, Alan simply lifted her red leather miniskirt and plunged his index finger deep into her asshole. "NO! Sir, I said NO! You go too far this time! Take me to a closet and fuck me if you must, but you can't just play with my ass like this in public! You're embarrassing meeeee! And Simone, why are you just standing there laughing? Do something!"


However, for all her complaining, she simply remained there, lewdly bent over, letting him have his way with her. In fact, she was even bringing a hand to her pussy so that she could start to play with herself while he plunged and twisted his finger deeper into her asshole. Strangely, the other students in the hallway were looking at her exposed ass a bit oddly and giving the two of them a wide berth, but otherwise continuing their business as usual. It was as if they were quite used to seeing Alan and Heather doing this already.

Heather grinned from ear to ear, imagining that to be a near daily occurrence at school. If I was his official girlfriend, that WOULD happen every day! Aaaah... In a better world...

But then she snapped out of her erotic fugue and her anger at Alan returned. See the kind of shit he's always trying to pull? It's his fault for putting all these fantasies in my head. And now this new rule! He IS a fuckin' bastard. I don't have to stand for this kind of bullshit!

Doesn't Sir understand that I'M the one in charge around here?! I'm only humoring him with his strange demands 'cos it gets me hot. Gaawwwd, does it get me hot! Her fingers were rapidly flying in and out of her juicy slit.

Suddenly, her eyes went wide. SHIT! He's still waiting on the phone! Oh fuck! How long have I been sitting here, fucking myself while my Sir just waits? I hope he's not mad at me.

She took some deep breaths, trying to calm down. She sat cross-legged on her bed, looking like she was about to start meditating. I must be mental, sitting here like this, like some kind of kinky nude Buddha. He can't even see me, for Chrissakes! But still, I've gotta admit that it's kinda hot. I really should trick him and secretly deny his orders, but not right now. Maybe next time.

Then she switched to the speaker phone and reactivated the line.


Heather spoke in the direction of the speaker phone. "Um, Sir? Are you there?"

"Yes, Heather." He'd been waiting for a while, but he didn't mind in the least, since Katherine was still happily slurping her way up and down his rigid shaft.

She spoke nervously, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Sir! I, uh, I had a hard time with the heels."

He continued to pet and caress Katherine's bobbing head. "That's okay. What did you want to talk about?"

She was thrown for a loop again, as she'd been expecting for him to punish her. And if not that, at least some more orders. "Uh, I, uh... Oh. I was just calling to see how you are. I mean, I spoke to your mother earlier while you were out, and she filled me in some."

He thought, Drat! Heather, talking to MOM?! That's a recipe for disaster. And Mom didn't even mention it to me. It must have happened when I was at Glory's. I'll have to make a mental note to tell Mom to never take a call from Heather. Or Christine. Or heck, pretty much anyone I know who isn't in the harem.

"The way she was talking, it sounded like you might not be able to come to school on Monday. So I was... y'know... kind of concerned..."

Heh, I'll bet. Mom would just love to grab any excuse to keep me home from school, and in bed. HER bed! No doubt she'd insist on a whole lot of "nursing" in order for me to get well again, in more ways than one!

There was a momentary pause before he replied, "Oh, nothing that serious. Yeah, I got bandaged up pretty good, but it's not like I'm hobbling around on crutches or anything. My mother is just being overprotective again. You know how moms are, worrying too much about every little thing."

Actually Heather didn't know, since Helen wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination, the protective sort of mother. Her father Frank, though, was a different story. He fit the "overprotective" model quite neatly.

She exhaled with great relief. "Really? Oh good, that's good to hear!"

"It is to me too," he joked, "but thank you for your concern." He almost gasped out loud, because Katherine suddenly switched from languid licking to sucking him, and doing it in a more aggressive manner than usual.

Heather felt her heart unexpectedly go pitter-patter when he thanked her. It was a very disconcerting feeling, since it both pleased her and made her feel apprehensive at the same time. What is wrong with me? I should be getting him to dance to my tune, not the other way around!

At the same time, he was thinking, I wonder what got Sis all energized? Dang, she's good though! Such suction! Such tongue work! I'll bet that she's getting uppity on me again, trying to see if she can get me to lose my nerve while talking with Heather. But I can handle it!

Heather shyly asked him, "Alan?"


"What, no 'Sir'? Come now, you know better than that, girl." His voice was more mellow and languid than usual when he talked to her. Partly that was due to being blissed out from his sister's continuing blowjob, and partly it was because of his decision to try a new approach: remain firmly in control, but be friendlier.

Heather could feel herself redden, even though he couldn't see her. She was embarrassed by her lapse, as well as upset that he hadn't called her "Bitchslut" when calling her to task like he usually would have. It only helped to remind her how far she'd fallen in terms of his favor.

"Sorry, Sir. It's just that I wanted to say that I thought you were very brave to stand up to those guys today. I was really impressed."

"Thanks, but it's not like I had much choice in the matter." He chuckled ruefully. "I sort of had my own reasons for not wanting to let them rearrange my face."

Heather chuckled too, pleased with his easy going manner. "No, I can see how that might have been a little higher on your list of priorities. Still, I think that even you will have to admit that my heroic and pivotal role in stopping the fight when I did deserves some sort of reward. I mean, I did sort of single-handedly manage to-"

His voice turned curt and irritated. "Heather, you didn't single-handedly do anything."

"What?! SIR! That's not true! If I hadn't been there, they would have stomped you flat, and crushed your nuts like grapes!"

"Oh, for crying out loud. Give me a break. Okay, yeah, they would have beaten me up really good, but it's not like they planned to kill me. And besides, it was Christine who-"

"Christine?! Oh PUH-LEASE! That puffed-up, snotty, busy-body nothing? What did SHE do? Nada! Zip! She was just saving her own hide! I was the one who-"

"Excuse me, Heather," he interrupted, trying to stop her before she could get a full head of steam going, "but Christine was the real hero in today's fight. More than me, more than you, more than anybody. Yes, you played an important part in ending things, and I certainly appreciate it, but Christine-"


"THAT FUCKING BITCH!" Heather roared, unable to contain herself. She stood up and started stomping around her room as she pumped a fist in the air angrily. Occasionally, she stumbled in her heels and she cursed them ("Stupid fucking heels! Why the fuck does he make me wear these fucking things?!"), but most of the time she was cursing Christine, very loudly.

Alan merely chuckled to himself; he could easily picture the scene, as the sound of her cursing went from loud to quiet and back again. He continued to enjoy the talented work of his sister's tongue and lips.

At one point, Heather spied herself in the full-length mirror on her wall. She paused, and thought to herself, My GOD, I'm sexy! But then she kept on pacing.

Finally, Heather stopped relatively near the speaker phone, and spoke towards it. "She got to you first, didn't she? And then she brainwashed you with her big fat tits into thinking that she did something special. She probably rubbed them all over your face as she rewrote history in her favor. Now you're letting her steal MY VICTORY out from under me! Well, I'll tell you what, Sir! Sure, she did her overly manly, ice queen, kung fu bitch, butt kicking thing, but so fucking what? She's trained to do that. Whoop-de-fricken-doo-doo! That's like being wowed when a jogger goes jogging or a juggler does some juggling. But I have no fighting skills or training whatsoever. It took a lot more bravery for me to put my precious body in harm's way. And for what? For you, Sir! I laid it on the line, for you!"

A long silence followed Heather's rant, long enough for her to start getting worried. She listened closely for a response. Hmmm. Am I going out of my mind, or do I hear the sound of... slurping? Lips smacking? ... Nah. Can't be. Not even for him, not at a time like this. Maybe he's masturbating, unable to stop thinking about how beautiful I am. That's certainly understandable.

Still getting no response, she asked, "Uh... Sir?"

"Are you finished?" came his testy reply.

Feeling chastened, although she couldn't say why, since she felt entirely justified in her anger, she could only mumble, "Yeah. Sir."

He sighed with deliberate exaggeration. "And it's exactly this sort of thing which keeps you from being in the running for girlfriend status, official or otherwise."


"I'm talking now. You said you were finished. Was that a lie?"

There was no mistaking the implicit threat in his tone of voice. So she fumed in silence, waiting for him to continue.

Katherine was starting to moan a bit as she bobbed her tightly sealed lips back and forth over his sweet spot.

But he waved at her to be silent. Dang it, I'm having trouble thinking here. Besides, that move arouses me too much. He waited a few seconds, until Katherine went back to "merely" licking the same sensitive area, while keeping his cock in her mouth. Aaaah, that's better. I hate giving in to Sis's uppityness, but I really can't get too distracted while talking to Heather.

Then he said to Heather, "Thank you. I wasn't trying to tear you down, Heather, just to make someone else look good, and I won't tolerate it from you. It's ugly and vindictive, and quite frankly, something that makes me want to have nothing to do with you. I'm telling you this so that you can do something about it, if you're still serious about wanting to be my girlfriend. The bottom line is: jealousy will be punished, not rewarded. Period. End of story. Do I make myself clear?"

I should tell him to go fuck himself, right now! Fuck you, Alan Plummer! But the words that came out of her mouth were, "Yes, Sir." She sat back down on her bed, frustrated at herself. For some strange reason, though, her horniness was starting to come back.

"Good." He took a deep breath, and thought, Velvet glove instead of iron fist. But why does she always have to make it so fucking difficult? She's like a big baby.

He stroked Katherine's hair, showing his approval of her more mellow sucking style. Then he tried a more casual and reasonable tone of voice with Heather. "Now, I've already said that I'm grateful for what you did during the fight today. You didn't have to do anything at all, but instead chose of your own free will to come to my assistance in a time of need. That sort of loyalty will not be ignored. In fact, it'll be rewarded. That's only fair, after all."

Her heart soared and her lust came roaring back with a vengeance. On second thought, FUCK ME, Sir! Yes! Fuck me good! Gaawwwd, I love the sound of that word: "rewarded." Memories of yesterday's "session" in front of the mirror and on her bed flashed through her mind.

She ran her hands up and down her naked body, imagining they were his hands engaging in foreplay just before his erection "forced" its way into her itchy and needy asshole. Take me, Sir! Take my ass! Reward me with your FAT COCK! Reward me with a HOT CUMMY LOAD, deep in my ass! That's the ultimate pleasure!

She moaned with undisguised lust, "Thank you, Sir!" Two fingers found their way into her tight, juicy slit. As they pumped in and out, she said breathlessly and dreamily, "I can already feel it! I can feel you in me. My fingers are in my cunt, but it's my ass that feels full!"

He chuckled, quipping, "I can wait if you have to go to the bathroom."

She paid no mind to that, and gushed, "Tell me more about rewards! About how you're going to reward me!" She could feel an orgasm coming on strong already. Her no anal ban hadn't been going on very long in terms of hours, but it already felt like an eternity to her. The merest hint of anal sex got her hotter than a firecracker.

He was lazily stroking Katherine's long, dark brown hair, causing her to purr very quietly as her head bobbed slowly but relentlessly. He paused before saying, "Yes, there will be a reward. However, that in no way cancels out the punishment that you're still serving out."

Heather felt her dreamy mood suddenly shatter. She exploded in anger, "WHAT?! WHAT?! You've got to be kidding me! Are you telling me my no anal ban is still in effect?! After I saved YOUR ASS today? You've got to be seriously fucking KIDDING me!"

He was still trying to remain a calm voice of reason, hoping that would discourage Heather from being hot-headed. His sister's cocksucking was keeping him in a blissful mood. As Katherine subtly resumed a more active tongue work on his sweet spot inside her mouth, he casually asked Heather, "Did you violate the terms of your punishment today?"

"No! Of course not! I was waiting for you to give the official word. That's one reason I kept calling you. But I just assumed that it would be a formality. I mean, come ON! I risked my neck for you, Sir! I threw my life out there to save you! I don't even know if I've ever done anything like that for anybody else before. I figured you'd at the very least be calling me 'Bitchslut' again and happily plowing away in my ass like no one else can, before the-"

"You assumed wrong," he replied evenly, seemingly unmoved. "Unless you can go back in time and undo the things you did that resulted in my imposing the punishment in the first place, it still stands. You will be rewarded when you're good, and punished when you're bad. You've been both lately, so you get both. Do the crime, do the time. If you don't like being punished, then don't do things that will EARN you punishments. And it's not as if you didn't get plenty of advance warning that you were crossing the line and needed to step back before it was too late. Remember, I gave you a chance to redeem yourself, and you threw it away. You were also quite contemptuous at the time about being given an 'out' for your misbehavior, as I recall, meaning you have no one else to blame for your current status and situation but yourself. Full stop."

He was proud of himself for being so articulate, considering that Katherine had just stepped up her efforts again and resumed bobbing over his sweet spot, as well as continuing her talented tongue work on it.

"Oh, man!" Heather fumed in frustration. "This totally fucking SUCKS! ... Sir." She drooped her head in defeat, and pulled her fingers from her hot gash. Damn! I should have totally fucked my ass with a honkin' huge dildo all afternoon, since I was cooped up in this room anyways. I could have claimed ignorance after the fact.

She suddenly blurted out, "So, how long is this no anal ban going to go on?!"

"I hate to say this, since it's not the answer you want to hear, but ... that depends entirely on you. Right now, you're being tested. If you pass, your punishment ends, and then I'll be able to reward you. If you fail, it's sayonara time and it was nice knowing you. Just like I promised."

"Shit." She felt like throwing furniture around. She felt helpless and frustrated, and she absolutely hated it. "Alan... Sir..." She wanted to beg and plead, but she knew she was already on thin ice with him.

"Look, you think I'm happy about this?" he replied a bit heatedly. "After all, I had plans for this weekend. Plans that involved you, and plowing your hot and bitchy ass every single day, maybe even teaching you how to beg to take a hot load of cum in your ass, like a needy Bitchslut should, and then perhaps even giving it to you."


She held her breath and bit her lip. Oh SHIT! That sounds so great! That's exactly what I want too! An itchy, burning sensation was asserting itself deep in her ass, and slowly spreading to her pussy as she contemplated what that might have been like. She could even feel a tingling in her hard nipples.

"But no," he continued, "you had to go and spoil everything by trying to blackmail me into having things your own way. You pull a dumb-assed power play, even after I asked you not to, repeatedly, and now I have to forgo the pleasure of cramming my cock up your hungry butt, and fucking your horny ass until you cum all over me, screaming like a banshee, and then making you beg for even more, until you're all fucked out like I'd wanted. So as much as you hate this punishment you've been given, realize that it's no picnic for me either."

He stilled Katherine's bobbing head with his hand, as he was finding it too difficult to think with what she was doing.

Katherine moaned a little bit in a pouty tone, but she obeyed.

"Sir!" Heather whispered, breathlessly, scarcely daring to believe what he was saying. Despite his complaint, his talk of cocks cramming up hungry butts was keeping her arousal level sky high. "You would have... done all that... for me?"

She also again if she'd heard a feminine moaning sound coming through the line. But she was highly distracted, and told herself that she had to be imagining things.

He patted Katherine's hair approvingly as she went back to a mellow bobbing style. At the same time, with all the talk about asses, he leaned forward a bit and ran a hand over his sister's very fine butt. Aaaah! It's good to be the king! This feels great. I should always get my dick sucked while talking to Heather on the phone, to reduce the stress. And you know what? I can!

He told Heather in a stern voice, "Let's just say it's what I'd had in mind, before you upset the apple cart with your temper tantrum and flat-out bitchiness on Wednesday. It's why I wanted, at the very least, to give you a 'taste' of what you were going to be missing out on yesterday."

She had nothing to say to that. Her mind was filled with visions of what might have been, and the happiness that could have been hers. Her asshole burned hot, angry, itchy, and worst of all, empty.

He waited, respectfully, for her to pull her thoughts together after being hit with that bombshell. As often happened during such pauses, his thoughts went back to his sister's blowjob. I wonder if Sis can hear what Heather is saying. What is she thinking about right now? I know she hates Heather. But she's pleasuring me in such a selfless way just the same. She really is the best sister in the world! He resumed stroking Katherine's hair, and even bent over to briefly kiss the top of her head.

Katherine cooed happily in response. Then she seemed to step her cocksucking efforts up a notch.

But after a while, when Heather still had nothing to say, he asked, "Is that everything? It is late and I've had a hard day, you know." He looked down at his sister's head bobbing up and down over his crotch, with his entire cockhead in her mouth. It seemed she just couldn't be kept to sucking him in a restrained manner for very long, so he resolved to try to end the conversation soon, before he started huffing and puffing in a way that Heather would notice.

"I'm sorry!" Heather blurted out, without even really thinking.

"Excuse me?" He could scarcely believe she was apologizing about anything.

"I said, I'm sorry. If only I hadn't done that... thing... with the tape recorder, everything would be different. Maybe there wouldn't have been a fight. Maybe you'd be in my bedroom this very minute, plunging your fat cock deep in my ass!"

"Are you sorry about what you did, or sorry that you got caught?"

In truth, it was almost entirely the latter. She thought about the second tape recorder that was still safely hidden, and searched her feelings about removing it. But her desire to have the upper hand over him was too strong, despite the great risks.

After a long pause, he noted, coldly, "Your silence is telling."

She sighed. "I'm sorry, Sir. I am who I am. But I'm trying to change, I really am. But it's hard!" That was an honest complaint. She momentarily wondered if she was hearing slurping noises again, but she was too distracted to think about it.

"I can respect that. But try harder, if you want your punishment to end."

She felt sad and guilty. She looked down at her naked body and her swampy pussy. "What do you want from me? Blood?!"

"No," he replied, his voice calm and reassuring once more. "I want the same things that you want from your friends. Loyalty. Respect. But even more than that, I want you to be honest. With yourself, with me, with Simone, and with anyone else who truly cares about you. But most of all, with yourself. I need to be able to trust you, Heather, and I can't do that if you aren't honest with me, and I'll never be able to do it, if you can't even be honest with yourself and your own feelings. That's why I've always said that this thing we have between us really isn't about me. It's about you. It's always been about you."

Bastard! This is all YOUR fault! But she knew she didn't really mean that. In truth, she felt needy and alone. Worst of all was the realization that her fingers weren't going to suffice. "Can I see you tomorrow?"

Heather heard the pillow crumple on Alan's end as he shifted in bed. (He was twisting into a new position, hoping that would help muffle Katherine's increasingly loud slurping and sucking noises.)

He was fighting the urge to pant with arousal. He was eager for the call to end, just so he could breathe freely. "I suppose. Are you free before noon? We could meet up at the ice cream shop along the boardwalk when they open. The place shouldn't be too crowded if we get there before the tide of humanity washes in."

"It might involve a jailbreak on my end, if my dad doesn't let me out of my room tomorrow, but I'll be there." With fucking bells on!

"Okay ... then, uh, I guess it's a date. Just don't expect me to drop my shorts for you, since your punishment won't be over by then. I'll see you, but I won't be fucking you. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir." We'll see if you can resist your one and only Bitchslut when push comes to time to SHOVE IT IN! Yes!

"Good night, Heather."

"Good night, Sir."


She found herself listening to the dial tone after he hung up for a lot longer than she thought she would.


Heather was extremely frustrated. Her body was still very aroused, but she was too depressed to masturbate any longer. She wanted her Sir, and not mere fingers, or even a dildo or vibrator. Nothing else would do.

She kicked her high heels off. For some reason, it was no fun wearing them, if Alan wasn't on the phone with her anymore.

She also felt guilty. It seems like Sir was trying to be nicer than usual. I'm actually kinda bummed that he didn't call me his "personal cum dump" and all that, like usual. But in a way, I'm kinda glad, too. I know he does care for me and he isn't just getting off on fucking the most beautiful girl in school.

Why do I keep managing to piss him off? Why do I keep getting fucking punished? Where are my damn rewards already?! Doesn't he know how much I need him?

She sat up on her bed and stretched out like a yawning cat. She pretended that he was behind her, admiring her. You see this perfect, tanned ass on my perfect, tanned body? It needs your fat cock in it at least once a day, churning around, plunging so fuckin' deep, like only you can do! Driving me mad with lust!


Look at me, Sir! Look at my body! Why aren't you here with me right now? It's no good without you. I can't even masturbate, because it pales in comparison. Are the other women in your harem really that good that you'd turn THIS down? She wiggled her ass seductively.

But of course there was no answer, and she lay back down in frustration.

Where are you, Sir? Why do you make me suffer? I want to feel your sweaty, hunky body lying on top of mine. Even if I can't feel your thickness buried in my butt, I just wanna hold you, and kiss you, and cuddle with you.

Wait a second. Cuddle? Ha! Let's not go that far. I can't let him worm his way deeper into my heart. I'll only get hurt. I love him too much as it is. I need to be tough! That's why I have to gain the upper hand. Right now, I'm totally helpless. If he decides to extend this no anal ban for a full week - or longer! - there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. That's completely unacceptable.

The fact is, he's getting too big for his britches. Doesn't he remember that I RULE our high school? Look at the way I blatantly flaunt the school's dress code, for instance. I'm untouchable! Just because he has such a fuckin' big, thick cock, with all that tasty cum inside, and fucks my ass like some kind of fuckin' god, he thinks he can push me around. How quickly he forgets that only a couple of months ago, everyone considered him a mere nerd.

I need to take him down a notch. That's not being disloyal; that's actually helping him out, helping him see reality. I'd be doing him a favor, to be honest. This fight today is a good case in point. Look at how much trouble he found himself in because he thinks he can have a harem and fuck any girl he wants.

He spends far too much time with other girls, and far too little time with his cock crammed up my butt. I actually don't mind him fucking other girls, just so long as it happens on MY terms. I could introduce him to some of the Blondies, and let him fuck them from time to time. That'd increase my control over him, and them. He'll be safer and happier as MY boyfriend, operating under MY protection.

Once he understands his place, then I won't have to mess around with blackmailing him and sneaking behind his back. The first step is making him understand that those other girls have to go, starting with Christine. UGH! I'll bet dollars to donuts that she tried to make a move on him today. After all, they left to go to the hospital together, and it's totally obvious how they've been drooling over each other lately.

She mockingly imitated Christine's voice. "Oh, Alan! My hero! You saved me! Let me rub my big titties in your face. They're so sore. Can you suck on them while I suck on your cock?"

She shuddered in disgust. I have to act FAST before that happens, if it hasn't happened already! It's not like I ENJOY defying his wishes and running the risk of serious no anal punishment, but there's no way I'm just going to sit around, and let the likes of the Ice Queen and Ms. Rhymer steal all of his attention and all of his cum. No fucking way!

She lay back on her bed, more frustrated than ever. She knew that she'd have a very difficult time getting to sleep. She soon rolled over on her front, though, so she wouldn't be tempted to grind her ass into the mattress for even that small bit of stimulation.

— — —

Back at the Plummer house, Alan sighed with relief as he put the phone down. "Well, it's safe to talk now, Sis." He took some deep breaths.

"Mmmm-hmmm." Katherine was enjoying sucking his cock too much to stop just yet.

"I don't know," he said, musing out loud. "I was trying to be nicer to Heather with that call. I told myself that I'd try for a velvet glove approach instead of an iron fist. But she's just so insanely frustrating to deal with! Grrr. I think I was probably too soft. I just wanna be able to be nice to her, you know? But maybe she's not ready for that yet. In fact, it'd probably only embolden her. Somehow, I need to convince her once and for all that I'm the top dog and resistance is useless. Then we wouldn't have this power struggle all the time, and we could develop a real friendship. But I don't know how to get there from here. Either that, or I could try to extricate myself from her clutches. But that's not exactly easy either."

He sighed again, but this time with frustration. His thoughts bothered him so much that he was hardly paying attention to his sister's great tongue work.

For the last week or so, he'd been kicking around some thoughts on how to introduce his friend Sean to Heather. For a long time now, he'd made it clear to her that he would give her other lovers to help satisfy her great lust, and he'd told Sean that he wanted him to take over "managing" Heather as much as possible.

So far, nothing had come of that, because Sean was not yet ready for any kind of sexual interaction with Heather. It wasn't just a question of performing well sexually, it was the psychological games that were a necessary part of dealing with her, what Alan called his "Sir Mode." Clearly, Sean was not ready for that, as he was still too intimidated by Heather's bitchy persona, and hung up on his puppy love feelings for her.

The basic idea was to set Heather up for a hot fuck, and then let Sean do the honors while she was blindfolded. So long as Sean didn't say anything, she wouldn't know who Alan had let fuck her. And Sean could thus get initiated and learn how to please her sexually before needing to interact with her and carry on a conversation. In the meantime though, Heather would be trying to figure out who the mystery man was who kept fucking her.

Then, after a couple of weeks of Heather getting pounded by her mystery man (and bursting with curiosity to find out who he was because she was enjoying it despite herself), when Sean finally revealed his identity to her, presumably she wouldn't blow him off (or worse, laugh in his face), but instead she'd be "ready for more" and be willing to let him fuck her from then on. And with Sean far more willing to have sex with her than Alan was himself, she'd soon be turning to Sean to feed her need for anal exercise rather than Alan, due to simple availability, if nothing else.

He thought, The problem is, I don't know if this plan is actually workable. More significantly, I'm not sure if it's even desirable. Do I well and truly want to give Heather up? I simultaneously like, love, and hate her. I alway enjoy interacting with her, in some kind of inexplicable way, as stressful as it always is. And she does have an insanely strong ass that's incredibly fun to fuck. But on the other hand, I'm veryy over-committed, while Heather is insatiable and very difficult and demanding. I just don't know.

As the minutes passed, he found himself continually reconsidering his plan.


Alan ran his hand through Katherine's hair while she continued to slowly bob up and down on his shaft. Since he hadn't spoken for several minutes, he explained, "Sorry, I've been thinking frustrating things about Heather. At least I have you, Sis. I'm so incredibly blessed. I mean, getting my cock sucked the entire time I'm talking to her sure makes the whole thing a lot more bearable." He chuckled.

Katherine suddenly stopped, stood up, and pulled him up from the bed. "It's my pleasure, Big Wiffle Bat Brother. Number One Fuck Toy, happy to be of service." She winked and gave him a mock salute, while ostentatiously licking her lips clean of the pre-cum dribbling down. She didn't want to let on, but her mouth was tired after sucking him non-stop for so long, and she was grateful for a good excuse to rest.

Seeing that her mouth was free so she could talk, he asked, "By the way, why were you so difficult during that call? You kept ignoring my nudges to be stealthy. It was a miracle I could carry on a conversation at all, the way you kept going for my sweet spot."

She sincerely explained, "Sorry, but I should clarify that I'm the Uppity Number One Fuck Toy. It's just that I could hear what you were saying to Heather, and most of what she was saying back, and it made me so horny! You handled her so masterfully, proving yet again what a worthy master you are. It makes me so proud to be one of your sex slaves! And knowing that you were doing that while I was sucking you was even more impressive, and so I got into it more, and your continued calm impressed me even more, and it kind of became a positive feedback loop. I couldn't help myself. Sorry!"

"That's okay. Actually, it kind of helped. See, the thing is, I can't be a normal person when dealing with Heather. 'Bad Alan' didn't come out to play this time, but with you sucking me like that, I felt like I was the king of the world, and so I could deal with her almost like I didn't care. That's key with her."

"I'll have to remember that for the next call, and suck your cock even more intensely." She winked, and then giggled.

"Wait! I didn't say that!"

But even as he was saying that, she dropped to her knees, and quickly took his dick back in her mouth.

However, he protested, "Hey! What are you doing that for? I thought we just did that. I need a strategic break. And isn't your jaw tired already? There's so many other things for us to do. Let me go down on you for a while, for starters."

She shook her head no. His tired dick had started to go flaccid the moment she disengaged from it, but it rocketed back up to full size in her mouth, forcing her to mumble, "There'sth shomepting I want to proofth."

He was puzzled. "Something you want to prove, huh? What?" He thought back, and said, "Just before Heather called, you said something about how this wasn't just any blowjob coming up. Is that what you're talking about? You want to try something new?"

She nodded as her lips and tongue polished his knob. After her brief break, she was experiencing a second wind of sorts.

"Well, thanks, but I can't imagine what it could be, since you're fucking awesome at cocksucking, and you're getting better at it every day. It's like your mouth has a Vulcan mind-meld with my cock."

She chuckled at this comment, because it reminded her of her brother's formerly very geeky ways. He's changed so much in the past two months, and mostly for the better... heck, pretty much all for the better! I love how he's turned into an assertive, sexy master. But I kind of missed some of his geeky habits, back when he was a doofus.

She recalled, in particular, the many times she'd cuddled while covered with the same blanket as him as they watched Star Trek together (both new and old versions). Actually, we can still do that. Except, next time I'll be UNDER the blanket, slobbering all over his huge knob! It'll be the best of old and new.

But her thoughts snapped back to the present, and to the difficult task in front of her. Okay, time to show him that I really do deserve that Number One Fuck Toy title. I'm going to choke and gag on him, and worship his cock like it needs to be worshipped, and much, much more!

She asked a bit bashfully, "Can you stand up, please?"

"Sure." He stood up.

She'd been mostly restraining her sucking during the phone call, so he wouldn't get too close to cumming too soon. She'd been especially careful not to make much noise, for fear of Heather noticing. Now, she could go all out and get her long awaited payoff. She paused, and said a small prayer to herself.


Katherine took a big gasp of breath and suddenly went down, down, and then, incredibly, down some more! Within seconds, she was all the way to the root of his cock, her nose literally being tickled by his pubic hair. Her eyes were clenched tight as she struggled with her gag reflex.

He exclaimed in surprise, "Sis! You're deep throating me!"

She nodded. YESSSSS! Yes! I did it! This changes everything! Not even Mom can do this! But she knew that every second was precious in this pose, so she immediately started bobbing up and down again. Only this time, she kept her lips down near the base of his shaft, and his glans in her throat.

She was nearly delirious with a sense of triumph. I'm doing it! I really am! Once I got past my gag reflex, it's not so hard after all. He's fucking my throat like it's a second cunt! Ohmigod! Just like my dreams! I've dreamed about doing this for so long, and now look at me!

She kept him down her throat for just over half a minute. Then she ran out of air and had to pull off.

As she sat there gasping for breath, he commented, "Sis, that was too cool! You did great!"

She panted, "You like?"

"Like? I love it! My God, Sis, your throat fits like a glove. AND you were even doing some stuff with your tongue on top of that. On your very first try, no less!"

She smiled widely. My throat DOES fit Brother's cock like a glove. Master's cock! That felt good! Weird, but good! God, it was tough, but that makes the victory that much sweeter. If I can really get the hang of this, I'll be able to deep throat him all the time! God, what a great thought that is! In the years to come, we'll have even MORE fun! I'll teach Mom, and Amy, and everyone else! He'll fuck our throats as much as he fucks our cunts!

But I need to find out if that was a fluke thing or if I can do it again just as easily. Here we go again!

She took a deep breath, and then deep throated him again. On her first attempt, her gag reflex had very nearly defeated her, and she didn't last very long. But now that she'd proved to herself that she could do it, she overcame her gag reflex with greater ease and confidence. For her second time, she managed to stay down on him for a full minute. She also was able to do more with her tongue and lips.

After she ran out of breath, she had to take a longer break. But she was even more ecstatic. That was even BETTER! Gaawwwd, I've written so many deep throating fantasies in my diary, and now it's happening in real life! This is what being a fuck toy is all about! It really is the ultimate cocksucking adventure. To think, I could actually pass out or even DIE if I seriously fuck up doing that! Scary! But I'm not going to push my luck. One minute at a time is plenty. So what if I come up for air sometimes? The main thing is not giving up and going right back down on him again!

Oh boy! I'm in the big leagues now. The cocksucking major leagues. This is what it means to be a sex slave, to dedicate myself to serving Brother's cock! I can't get enough of it!

Sure enough, as soon as she could manage, she went down on him a third time. She also laste about one full minute that time. That felt like another big victory for her, because she was getting the hang of it and relaxing. That enabled her to concentrate more on pleasuring his cock in every possible way.

She did it a fourth time, and then a fifth. As the minutes passed, she found deep throating less of a struggle and more enjoyable. The only thing she didn't like about it was the battle to breathe and the need to take breaks in order to recover her breath. She could tell from his loud grunts and pants, not to mention the way his cock throbbed and twitched inside her throat, that he was greatly aroused. That encouraged her to try even harder.

After the fifth time, he yelled, "Wait! Sis! Stop! I'm... Phew! I'm so close. Too close!"

She pulled off, and giggled with glee. She was secretly relieved, because her throat was getting raw and she wasn't sure she could manage a sixth time anytime soon.

As they rested, he commented, "Wow, Sis, incredible! Where'd you learn to do that?"

She smiled like the cat that ate the canary. "Pretty neat, huh? Is that Number One Fuck Toy service, or what?"

He pulled her up his body so he could playfully hug her and muss up her hair. "Definitely! But seriously, where'd you learn that? You were so dang good. Your tongue was doing all kinds of great things. It was like my dick was getting blown and fucked at the same time!"

He thought to himself, I'm not just saying that either. If I didn't know better, I'd think she's been taking lessons directly from Glory, the deep throat master!

She was ready to fly over the moon. He loves it! He doesn't just like it, he loves it! So awesome! Now I've got a whole new thing to do to him. It's like discovering the joy of titfucking, except even better! And... he didn't even cum yet! Which means I've got my work cut out for me. I'm going to master this, and learn to do it more and more and MORE!

She eagerly explained, "You know how Aunt Suzy and Aims were going to leave right after you went to Glory's? Well, they didn't. Somehow, the four of us got talking about blowjobs-"

He joked, "Nooooo! I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!"

She giggled, rolling her eyes. "I know. What are the odds? But anyways, Mother was amazed to learn that the other three of us were STILL unable to deep throat you. So we broke out the dildo collection and she gave us some impromptu lessons."

"Cool. How did Aims and Mom fare?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out!" She giggled.

"Oh yeah? Well, if that's the way it's gonna be, I might just have to tie you up, and fuck it out of you!"

"You beast!" Katherine was having the time of her life. She greatly enjoyed sharing Alan with other family members, but having him one on one like this felt even better.

She scrambled off her bed and went to a nearby dresser. From the top drawer, she pulled out a pair of handcuffs, and held them up. "I've been so bad, you might just have to use these on me! Nudge, nudge, hint, hint, wink, wink. Say no more!"

He chuckled. However, he was dangerously close to cumming, so he needed an extended strategic break. He came up with a good excuse for one. "I just might. But let's take a pee break and wash up a bit first, because once I start fucking you, I don't plan on stopping. I can't believe that's your first time. You're a natural!"

She was tickled pink, and skipped her way to the bathroom. She felt that all of Alan's women had some sexual specialty, except for her. She hoped that this could become her "thing," or better yet, one of her things.

He thought, No shit. She really is incredible. If she keeps that up, she'll reach Glory-esque levels. Am I the luckiest guy on Earth, or what?

But while he had been completely honest in his praise, he had also diplomatically failed to mention just how much more talented Glory was with deep throating.


A few minutes later, they were repositioned on the bed. To Alan's surprise, Katherine insisted on having her hands handcuffed behind her back, and on being blindfolded as well.

Alan picked up the handcuffs. He examined them before putting them or the blindfold on her. "Hmmm. I've never played around with these before. Are you SURE you want to wear these?"

"I'm completely sure! I've never been so sure in my life. I didn't know you hadn't used them already. They're Aunt Suzy's from way back, so I kind of figured... Wow! If I get to be the first of your nymphos to get fucked in handcuffs, that'll be an even bigger super double ultra amazing gift!"

"You're beginning to sound like Amy," he muttered, as he continued to inspect the handcuffs. "I don't get it. It's not like you're going to up and run away."

"No, but I COULD get up and run away, in theory. But with the handcuffs, I can't even do THAT! I'm totally helpless, a slave! I'm totally unable to stop you from royally fucking me!"

"But you wouldn't want to stop me. Besides, these aren't even real handcuffs; they're just for play. I've been fiddling with them and I see you don't even need a key to take them off."

She shook a fist in the air in frustration. "Grrr! Brother, you don't get it! I guess that's why you're the master and I'm one of your many busty, fuckable playthings. Just let me have my fantasy, okay? That's an order!"

He laughed. "Yes, ma'am!" He thought, I love Sis. She wins the award for most uppity submissive in my harem, that's for sure. I don't know about this bondage stuff. I'm not sure I should be encouraging things getting even weirder. But this is what she really wants, and after her awesome deep throating effort, how can I tell her no? That must have been really, really hard to do. I'm so lucky to have a sister who truly loves endlessly pleasuring my dick!

Although he didn't fully understand how she felt about this, he understood enough to know how to push her buttons. He put a scowl on his face, and barked commandingly, "Miss Katherine Plummer! Assume the position. NOW!"

Her eyes went wide, but she scrambled on the bed, kneeling up in front of him with her ample chest thrust forward and her hands behind her back, as if they were already tightly bound together.

Alan simply examined her for some long moments as he continued to fiddle idly with the handcuffs. Dang, she's such a babe! And I love how the collar looks on her. That was a really great idea. I'm so glad I bought those. Then he started to inspect her with the cuffs. He took the metal ring of one cuff and brought it right to her left nipple.


She gasped as the cold metal came into contact with her erect nip.

He chuckled inwardly. Geez, this is so easy. She's already so horny that she's panting, and I haven't really said or done anything yet.

She was staring intently at the cuffs, which reminded him about the need for the blindfold. "Here," he said, as he temporarily withdrew the cuffs so he could put the blindfold on her, "It'll be even better when you can't see. Then you can concentrate fully on your sense of touch."

She purred even more contentedly as he finished tying the blindfold around her head and brought the cuffs back to her nipple.

As he ran the metal all over her nipple, he asked in a growl, "What makes you think you're worthy of being one of my fuck toys?"

She started to open her mouth, but he barked, "Don't answer! I just want you to think about it. Think about it long and hard. Like my cock. Looooong and haaard..." He dropped the cuffs down to her pussy and ran the metal ring over her pussy lips and clit.

She shivered all over, but her clit especially was maxing out on pleasure at the touch of the cold metal. Then he started to run the chain between the cuffs over her clit, and she loved that even more.

As he did that, she seriously considered his question. What does make me worthy? Of course, I'm his sister, and a damn good looking one at that. True, I wish my breasts could be larger, a lot larger. But even so, everyone says I'm one of the most beautiful girls in school. But more than that is the love! A lot of brothers and sisters don't even like each other, but I well and truly love him, and I know he loves me! That's what makes it so fun and easy to endlessly serve his cock. It's like Mom says: sperm is love. Every time he cums on me or in me, it's like he's bathing me in his love! Our bond keeps getting stronger and stronger every day, so to me the whole question is moot. I'm totally secure with the love we have for each other!

He could have kept up with an "interrogation" like that for some time, but he was eager to fuck. Plus, he wasn't actually unhappy with her in any way, and didn't want to create the impression that he was. So he said, "Think about that, but later. Now, lie down and prepare to get fucked!"

But Katherine didn't move. There was a pause, and then she mumbled out of the corner of her mouth, "The cuffs."

He didn't understand her. "What?"

She whispered a bit louder, "The cuffs!"

D'oh! Some master I am! But he was quick to roll with the punches, and said, commandingly, "But before you do, I'm going to handcuff you, because you've been such a naughty, uppity, sister slut!"

She cooed, and practically melted with desire as she eagerly twisted around to present her wrists to him.

As he put the cuffs on her, she thought, Ah! The hard metallic click of the cuffs locking together! So harsh! So final! I love it! I already can't wait to tell Mom all about this tomorrow. She's going to flip about the deep throating. And when she hears about the cuffs, she'll cum buckets! Tee hee! And when I tell Brenda, boy oh boy! She literally WILL cum buckets! Hee-hee!

While he laid on top of her, he thought, I'm no expert at the whole body orgasm thing, but this seems like an ideal time to go for another one. The mere fact that she's handcuffed has her hotter than an oven. It's like I've been fucking her for an hour already. And with the blindfold, she'll be able to focus more on her other senses. To be honest, I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing, but I'll just try to do what worked with Aims and Mom.

Other than the handcuffs and blindfold, the only other item Katherine "wore" was her new collar, a fact that delighted her to no end. After her brother slid his erection all the way into her, and started wiggling it around a bit, making things a bit more comfortable for both of them, she said, "This is the first time you've fucked me since you collared me. That just makes it extra hot! I pulled the collar extra tight when I put it on, so it's tugging at my neck a little bit. That reminds me that I'm your woman. It's like my whole neck is a new erogenous zone."

He was focused on fucking. He was already building up a steady, deep rhythm. But he reached up to briefly run a finger along her collar.

"Oooh!" she squealed. "It IS an erogenous zone. Do that a lot! When you touch me there, it's like you're telling me, 'I'm your master and you're my fuck toy sister-slave, and don't you EVER forget it!'"

He didn't know how to respond to that. His natural modesty was still making him resist this sort of master and slave talk, but he couldn't deny that it was arousing him as well. Lately, his mental protests were growing fewer and farther between. He just grunted, churning his erection around deep inside her pussy for a little bit before he resumed his regular thrusting.

She continued, trying to explain while she still had the breath to talk, "After the blowjob lessons, Aims and I got to talking about our collars. Namely, how will we be able to pass off wearing them at school? And then we came up with an idea. We'll create some kind of fake scandal, and then we'll wear the collars as our silent form of protest!"

She stopped her explanation for a moment, distracted by the intense fucking pleasure. "Oh, Brother! Fuck me! Just like that. Mmmm! But, uh, can you take the cuffs off for a sec, so I can put my hands over my head instead? They're starting to get uncomfy, digging into my back."

He did that, which was easy enough, since no keys were needed. Typical. She loves the slavery idea in theory, but she quickly changes her tune if there's any actual discomfort involved.

She resumed grinding her hips in response to his steady plowing. But she continued to explain, "I came up with the idea that we should demand that the school allow us to design new cheerleader uniforms. UGH! HNNNG! ... We'll, we'll... come up with an even sexier and more revealing design, and since our current uniforms are borderline porno already, there's no way they'll agree! HOO! AH! Then we'll be able to wear our collars in public forever!"


Alan was enjoying her fantasy as he kept sawing his thick boner in and out of her.

She went on, while grinding her hips even more, "There's one snag, though: it would be too weird if only Aims and I wear them. With a cheerleader uniform faux protest, we'll need to have all the cheerleaders wear 'em. Which means you're gonna have to collar the rest of the squad. Which in turn... AH! SO DEEP! ... Which in turn means you'll need to fully tame them first!"

He froze, tripped up by that tempting, but very problematic, suggestion. Whoa! Seriously?! Does she really mean that or is it just sexy talk? It's getting hard for me to tell. Imagine that: having the entire cheerleading squad tamed and collared, as my personal sex pets! Actually, I'm most of the way there. That could happen, if I really want it to!

"Ah!" she giggled, as she tried to hump back to accentuate his thrusting. "Sounds like someone likes the sound of that, huh? It's not enough that you collared your entire busty family- UH! ... And your history teacher besides, you've gotta do your entire cheerleading squad, too! UGH! Yeah! Do it, Bro! ... I was thinking we should have a big... a big, ceremony! ... Where you bind and blindfold all six of us, and then fuck us one by one! Fuck us! Fuck ME!"

He was slamming into her by this time, and her scenario inspired him to fuck harder and deeper. Between grunts, he asked, "You think they'd... go for... for that?"

"Oh yeah! Definitely!" She was starting to get tossed about now. "Cheerleading squad... is yours... to collar and control! ... To fuck and command!"

He didn't know if that was true, or if it was wise. After all, he had been trying to put more distance between himself and most of them, so he could spend more time with his core group. He also wasn't sure if she really meant it or would really want to do it. Additionally, he was temporarily forgetting about the danger of Heather discovering his incestuous relationship with his sister. But given that he was in the middle of a really great fuck, the idea was like pouring gasoline onto his fire of lust. At this point, what was realistic and what wasn't didn't matter much to his pounding erection.

Seeing how much he was getting off on the fantasy, she took it even further (despite the increasing difficulty in talking). "Six cheerleaders - not enough. Need more! Christine! Can you imagine her, wearing the uniform, sans bra, sans panties? Panties, painted on by you! Collared and fucked by you! Every day at lunch!"


Alan could imagine it quite well. He pictured Christine lying down on the ground, her cheerleader skirt and top both pulled up (and covering nothing of importance), as he pulled his erection out of her pussy and shot a heavy load of cum all over her.

But in that arousing erotic mental picture, the one thing he loved the most was imagining what she'd look like wearing one of his black collars. A collar would show that she's one of my women. Hell, let's drop all pretense Wouldn't it be fuckin' awesome to have her as a sex slave? Christine, of all people! SHIT! I'm gonna cum!

Katherine had been struggling not to cum, but now the shoe was on the other foot as Alan strained his PC muscle and panted wildly.

She thought, Hee-hee, Christine IS the Viagra Woman. I swear, I just mention her name and his erection grows an inch longer and an inch thicker! Actually, having her join the squad WOULD be pretty amazing, if it was a sex squad!

She wished that she wasn't so insanely aroused, so she could talk easily. "That's not all! Imagine Heather and Christine! ... In a, in a... HNNNG! UH! ... Fuck sandwich! Ugh! Wearing... wearing your collars! Kissing, kissing each other... and you, you switch from cunt to cunt!"

He really liked that image, and started to fuck harder.

She started to get carried away. "Don't stop there! With this, this collar. Cloth... Not good, good... enough! Get big iron ones! And shackles! And chains! Make me wear nothing but! I mean, us! UGH! God! Us! The squad! You're just fucking me, like a, like a rag doll! Fuck me, Brother! FUCK!"

She could have gone into much greater detail about the cheerleader squad slave collar fantasy that was running through her head, but the way she was getting fucked was making it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to talk. She decided to give up and just live in the moment. She clutched her sheets and tensed up, like she was at the top of a roller coaster and about to go barreling down at top speed.

Seeing her change, he panted out, "Don't, don't cum! No cumming! Understand?"

"Oh, no! Daddy, no!"

He thought, Daddy? Hmmm. Interesting. We'll have to explore that later! As if one fantasy isn't enough for her. Man! He kept pounding relentlessly, like a jackhammer breaking up concrete.

Now he had to be careful. His goal was taking her to the high heights of a whole body orgasm, and that meant a long and steady build up, a union of body, soul, and mind. He couldn't accomplish that merely with raw power. So he waited until she started crying for mercy, begging him to let her cum. With her hands cuffed above her head, she was thrashing about like a stranded fish.

He waited until she was straining and nearly hyperventilating with exertion, suffering greatly from his command not to cum. Then he started to ease up. It worked well, since he was getting too tired to keep up the intense pace anyway. Slowly, slowly, slowly, he eased up the pace, until he came to a complete stop.


As Alan rested, some sense of realism returned to him. He thought, I'm really gonna have to have a good long talk with both my sisters about the danger of exposing our family relationship to Heather and the other cheerleaders. Not to mention Christine. She's so suspicious right now that any little thing could trigger her innate curiosity. That would be a total disaster! Those cheerleader fantasies are a lot of fun to imagine, but it has to remain just that, a fantasy.

Able to breathe again, but with her chest still heaving wildly, she asked, "Can, can I, can I cum now?!"

"No! Not until I say. If you do, the punishment will be great. I might not fuck you again for a month!"

She whimpered helplessly at that, not realizing that he was bluffing. She rattled her handcuffs in frustration, but even that nearly sent her over the edge, as it reinforced her fantasy that she was wearing a slave's manacles and collar. "By the way, Big Baby Bottle Brother, can you recuff me behind my back again, instead? That makes me feel more slave-y."

He pulled out, redid her cuffs, and then scooted down her body. He knew her sex organs were supersensitive right now, not to mention sore. He brought his tongue and fingers to her puffy and red nether lips.

As soon as he started to lick, she cried out, "No! No! Please, Master, please! Must... cum!"

"Don't cum. I said don't cum! You understand?" He lapped relentlessly.

"Must... CUM!"

He stopped just in time. He wished there was a female equivalent of the squeezing-the-penis-at-the-base-to-stop-climax trick, because he needed something like that right now. He feared that she could go over at any second, even if he didn't touch her.

As she struggled to get her breathing under control, she thought, As much as I love the fact that Brother wants to spend all this time with just me, I'm kinda wishing that Mom could be here too. Or Aims, or Mother, or even Brenda, but especially Mom. At least to watch. I know seeing Brother acting like such a natural master would make her so very happy, and that would make me happy. That's what I didn't know about harems: everything is so much better when you share.

Ooh! I just remembered the video system. Mom will be able to watch tomorrow. Cool!

He waited a bit, until her breathing became more regular, and then he resumed licking her pussy, not to mention diddling her clit.


But she screamed almost immediately, "No, Bro, no! Too much! Too much! Can't... take it!" She was still too sensitive down there.

Since he had to wait, he worked his way back up her body instead, until his face was next to hers. He cooed in her ear, "I love you. I love you so much that I can't stand it. When I see you at school, my heart soars. I think, 'There goes my sister, just about the greatest girl in the world! I wanna fuck her, and love her, and protect her, and hug her. I wanna live with her forever, and father her children."

"NO!" she cried out in dismay. She wasn't upset in the slightest at what he was saying. In fact, it was the opposite. His words were turning her on just as much as if he was driving into her relentlessly. The "father her children" comment, in particular, nearly sent her spiraling into a great orgasm. She was forced to bite her lips so hard that she almost drew blood.

That set the pattern. He began alternating between fucking her, going down on her, and cooing sweet nothings in her ear that made her blood boil and her pussy tremble. It seemed that he knew exactly what to say or do at any given moment, and everything that he did drove her higher and higher, into a near-delirious orgasmic pleasure frenzy. Her handcuffed hands gave her a tremendous feeling of helplessness and complete submission, and that was so additionally arousing that she repeatedly begged for him to uncuff her, just so she could cool down some.

But he would reply with something like, "Uncuff you? Are you kidding me? I'm never gonna uncuff you again! You and I are gonna live on this bed for weeks! I'm gonna fuck you non-stop until you die! Until we both die!"

Needless to say, that led to a new round of whimpering and begging for him to let her cum. (He didn't want her to be uncomfortable though, so he switched her cuffs back to her front side again.)

Alan was enjoying himself so much that he didn't relent. He knew her body's wants and needs so well now that he could play her like a fiddle. He let the speed and intensity of his actions wax and wane, continually surprising her.

Time lost all meaning. She felt like she'd been fucked non-stop for days on end. Even he no longer had any idea how long he'd been going at it.

Eventually, she was reduced to simply chanting, "Please, please, please!" She didn't know what she meant any more - "Please stop" or "Please finish it?"

Strangely, he discovered that as he brought her body to a higher and higher plane of arousal, he needed to do less and less. For instance, one little puff of air on her labia would cause her to passionately mutter gibberish, as visible shivers of pleasure wracked her entire body. And when his stiffness was inside her and he was slowly thrusting, it was like she was having a continuous multiple orgasm, only she wasn't.

This gave him the freedom to coo into her ear more often. He began talking up her upcoming climax. "Now, Sis, soon, soon, the time will come. Soon, I'm gonna let you let go. Not yet, but soon. But I don't want you to just have any ol' cum. I want us to merge. To merge. You hear me? The French call an orgasm the 'little death' and I want us to die together. I want us to become one. I'm your master, and you're my slave, and together we make up one unit, one body. Do you hear me?"

She was so emotionally and physically floored by this time that her words hardly made a sound. She whispered hoarsely, "I hear you, Master! Oh, kind and loving Brother Master!" There were tears of joy rolling down her face, but neither of them even noticed that. In fact, it was hard to even tell, because there was much more sweat trickling down her face.

But now the pace was slow, nearly still. He was fully impaled in her pussy, but his hips were churning at a slow pace. He thought to himself, So close! So close! Shit, this is tough! I've got her right on the edge. Her entire body is on a hair trigger, and mine is too! I could cum buckets at any second if I just cease to hold back. But what do I do now? How do I take her over that last little bit, so she'll do the whole body thing and not just a great but normal orgasm? Oh well, here goes nothing.

He wiped the sweat from his brow. "Sis, it's close now. Close! I'm gonna start thrusting faster. Can you handle that? Can you hold out?"

She nodded a little bit.

"Good. If you can't take it, let me know. I'm not just fucking you, I'm not just collaring you, I'm binding you to me, forever and ever!"

"Ever... ever..." She muttered absent-mindedly, like she was brain damaged. The glassy, silly smile on her face made her look brain damaged, too.

His thrusting grew in intensity, driving deeper and harder into her with each passing minute.

Her overwhelmed brain thought in shattered fragments, Fuck! Fuck! ... Brother fucking... Total control... Total... Union. Unity. Master slave. Slave master. Together... Cum! Cum together. Come together... One... Love... One love... Us... Brother...

He was pounding her good and hard now, his ass cheeks rising up and down, up and down. Mostly because of her cuffs, he'd been on top the entire time and he was getting exhausted, but he knew that he couldn't quit now. The finish line was in sight.

He gasped, "Sis! Sis! Almost! Almost! ... Get ready... Gonna cum. Cum together! Ready? Ready?"

"Ready!" she suddenly screamed, her mind and body somehow waking while simultaneously remaining in a near trance. "Do it!"

"Almost! Almost! Merge! Gonna merge! Ready? Here it comes!"

He could feel his balls tightening, and the signal that climax was near was affecting his entire body. For some bizarre reason, he flashed to a scene in Star Wars where the technicians were moving levers and setting the firing of the Death Star in motion. He felt like there was just that kind of drawing of power together going on in his body.

"NOW!" he suddenly screamed. "NOW!" The Death Star fired its giant laser beam, only it was his penis firing his cum, bareback, into the back of her womb. His face contorted and his mouth hung open, although he was too far gone to know if he was silent, or screaming at the top of his lungs.

Katherine felt a flood of release. It was like she was a wind-up toy, and she'd been wound and wound and wound until she felt the spring break. She was wildly unwinding, and it felt simply incredible. She could unwind forever, it seemed. For hours!


Only this was no ordinary orgasm. She'd known about Alan fucking Susan, and then Amy, into whole body orgasms, but she hadn't given that any thought tonight, and hadn't begun to imagine that it might happen to her too. She'd been too busy trying not to cum the entire time. So, while she didn't have a conscious label for it, she knew that something special was happening as she felt a tingle of awareness and arousal wash outwards in an inexorable flood, taking over her entire body.

Except it was much more than just arousal; it was nearly a spiritual experience as well. She truly felt a oneness with her brother, a sense that they were merging together, if only for a moment.

All too soon, that moment passed. She returned to the ordinary world, and found her mind discovering more mundane sensations. She realized that she was screaming now. She could feel the jets of cum firing in her pussy, and an intense pulsing as her muscles clenched and unclenched down there, over and over.

Susan had been sleeping, but she woke up to Katherine's screaming. She opened her eyes, but she wasn't alarmed in the slightest since she instantly recognized the erotic passion in the screams. Aaaaah. Tiger's putting the wood to Angel. That warms my heart to hear my son-master fuck my daughter like she needs to be fucked. Wow, he's really giving it to her good! I can't wait to find out all about it tomorrow!

She was tempted to get up and take a peek, but she was too tired. She closed her eyes again and went right back to sleep, feeling that all was well in the world.

Slowly but surely, the orgasmic peak passed for brother and sister, and their bodies started to crash. It was very late, and they'd both had a long and full day. All of this fucking was great fun, but it was extremely exhausting.

So both of them immediately began to drift off to sleep.

Alan didn't even think to pull out. His penis went flaccid inside her, but it was big and long enough to remain within her, despite all the gushing cum that had turned her slit into a slick and slippery tunnel.

Neither of them thought to uncuff her, or had the energy to do it if they'd thought of it. But she liked that. She was more than willing to put up with the discomfort of sleeping that way, because it reminded her of her complete subservience and helplessness. Her hands happened to be cuffed behind his back at the moment, and she particularly liked that, because it meant she'd be "forced" to hug him all night. Her blindfold was still on as well, but she didn't even notice.

Just before he lost consciousness, one of his hands drifted up to her neck and he lightly fingered her collar.

She felt that, and smiled. She heaved a contented sigh. The last coherent thought that she had before sleep finally took her was: Aaaah... the father of my children!

Like Susan, she went to sleep feeling that all was well in the world.


Christine finished brushing her teeth, returned to her bedroom, and closed her door. Finally! I thought they'd never go to bed. I've been waiting FOREVER for this!

She'd spent much of the evening talking to her parents about the fight and its ramifications. That was important, but as time passed she found herself thinking more and more about the sexual fun she and Alan had had together. When he'd left she'd felt sexually satiated, but now she felt a renewed sexual hunger and desire that was stronger than ever before.

She wedged a chair under the doorknob for extra privacy.

Even though she knew her parents had gone to their room and left her alone, she looked all around the room like a guilty criminal. She went to her closet and pulled out a large box of stuffed animals. She looked at them fondly, but chided herself: Aren't they kid's toys? Why do I keep these? I'm too old for that. Especially tonight, after what Alan did to me. I've never felt more like a woman!

She pulled out her favorite animal of all, a huge teddy bear she'd nicknamed Diana (after Wonder Woman's alias Diana Prince).

She'd taken out much of Diana's stuffing some days earlier, instead replacing it with what she dubbed her "bag of sin": a vibrating egg, an Alan-sized dildo, two small vibrators, and a very insubstantial red nightie, all kept inside a black bag. She'd bought all those items with Simone's help at the sex shop over a week earlier. She'd also bought six sex books, on various topics. She'd stopped by a used bookstore and bought some cheap reference books, stripped out the insides, and glued the covers over the sex manuals, which now hid in plain sight on her shelves.

She put on her nightie. It was completely impractical as clothing, a wispy baby doll that made her feel more naked than actually being naked. But Simone had thrust it into her hands at the sex shop and told her to buy it, telling her it would "double her sexiness." She was puzzled then, but grateful now, because she desperately wanted to feel sexy.

She thought, Everyone says I'm so very beautiful. And busty. God knows I'm damn busty. But Alan has such high standards. My God, he's having sex with Suzanne Pestridge! What's he going to think if he compares me with the others? Not "if," but "when." I'm totally unskilled at sex. I need to get up to speed, fast! For starters, I need to figure out what the hell to do with a penis.

She sat on the edge of her bed and looked back into her bag.

In the week since Simone had helped her buy all those things, Christine had been masturbating nightly with her toys. She still felt terribly uncomfortable about it, and lived in fear of being caught. (She didn't believe it, but her parents were actually much more relaxed about sexual things than she was. Her strong sense of guilt and morality was mostly internally driven, but she was deathly afraid of them catching her just the same.) However, her arousal was so great lately that she simply couldn't resist her self-pleasuring.

She braced herself and pulled out the one item she had yet to use. It was a veiny, eight-inch-long dildo. Simone had told her that it very closely resembled Alan's penis. Christine wasn't quite sure why Simone said that though, because it was jet black. (Actually, Simone had chosen a black one as a bit of a joke. Christine had been too embarrassed and distracted to argue with her, so she ended up buying it, much to Simone's amusement.) Nevertheless, on the day Christine had purchased it, she had dubbed it "Mr. Plummer."

Now that she'd seen and even felt Alan's erection at close range, she confirmed what Simone had told her, that indeed it was remarkably similar to Alan's member in size and shape. She found that fact extremely arousing. However, the dildo's black color was extremely embarrassing.

Why didn't I get a flesh-colored one? I just took whatever Simone gave me, and didn't even say "Boo". I'll bet she laughed her ass off at the silly white girl. It's not like I'm gonna go back there and try to trade it in, though! EWWW, a traded-in dildo. Yech! She blushed as she recalled her uncomfortable time at the sex shop.

But it didn't really matter, because she liked to keep her eyes closed and fantasize when she masturbated.

She slowly curled her fingers around its shaft. Look at me. I'm about to play with myself thinking about... what? A friend? A boyfriend? A lover? I don't even know what to call him. But anyway, a guy who has his own actual HAREM! I shouldn't do this, but how can I not? My body betrays me. I'm far too horny!

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that she was really holding Alan's dick. It's funny. In reality I'm scared of his penis, but in my fantasy there's nothing I want more than to hold it, stroke it, and even love it. I can almost still feel the HEAT of it as it burned against my skin! Gaawwwd! Rubbing and grinding against it, so much! It was like his bathing suit wasn't even there, as if we were both completely naked and his living, throbbing, scary erection was branding me, burning into my skin!

He made me feel unbelievably good. I had some orgasms that were the best of my life! I was too chicken to pay him back with even one orgasm, but now I can, at least in my dreams! Not only that, but in my dreams I can show both Alan and Ms. Rhymer just how sexually talented I can be!

She imagined herself back on the beach with Alan and Glory, just like she'd been two days earlier. However, this time all three of them were completely naked and she was kneeling between Alan's legs with his shaft in her hand. Glory was behind her with a hand on her back, telling her encouragingly, "Don't be afraid. It's easy; just stroke it. Pretend you're stroking a cat's back. Run your hands back and forth, over and over. Doesn't it feel good?"

Christine stacked the pillows against the headboard and leaned back into them. She had a very vivid imagination, and before long she felt like she really was at the beach. She could practically feel the sand beneath her feet and hear the sound of the crashing waves. Most importantly, she could easily picture Alan smiling at her. Even the rather cold dildo began to feel like warm flesh.

She cradled Mr. Plummer in both hands and ran her fingers up and down it, exploring the veiny bumps. She felt a guilty thrill, as if she were doing something dirty but delicious. She opened her eyes and looked to the door with a start, unsure if she'd heard something. But there was nobody there; it was just her nerves.

She closed her eyes again and practically felt Glory's breath in her ear. "Relaaaax... Why are you so tense? You're at the beach and it's a beautiful, sunny day. I'm so jealous; I wish I could be holding what you're holding." Glory giggled, acting very friendly and supportive. "Stroke it. Love it. Relaaaax..."

Christine was still hesitant in her stroking, but her confidence was growing slowly. So was her arousal. Drifting away on a sea of bliss, her fantasy scene morphed as her thoughts changed to what she and Alan had done in her backyard just hours earlier. As she continued to caress and stroke Mr. Plummer, she spoke to it in her mind like she was talking to Alan. You really were incredible tonight, do you know that? The way you kissed me! Of course, I've never been kissed by anyone else, but I'm sure you're the best. Whenever you kiss me, you set me on fire! And the way you played with my breasts and ass! My breasts actually feel more sore than most of my bruises from the fight, but it's a good kind of sore. Actually, it's a great kind of sore.

Sex is so great! I feel like I'm in that movie "Pleasantville," living in black and white, and now suddenly the whole world is in color! Even our previous practice dates can't compare. You're the only one I want, and need. I just know you're the one who's going to take my virginity, and soon!

She sighed again. Stupid hymen! I'm probably the only stupid fucking idiotic girl in the whole fucking school to still have one. And for what? Why doesn't he just deflower me and be done with it? What is he waiting for? I want to get LAID!

She picked up an egg-shaped vibrator that she'd nicknamed the Blue Bomber, due to its blue color and round bomb-like shape. She lay back on her bed with that in one hand and Mr. Plummer in the other. Where is the real Mr. Plummer when you need him? I wish he'd sweep me off my feet and take my virginity on a magical and romantic night, like Amy said he did to her.

She sighed yet again. Well, who knows? Maybe he will. I know he'll take my virginity one way or another, because it seems that when it comes to women, he's unstoppable. God knows I can't resist him. He could have done anything he wanted to me today. Anything! Thank God he respects me too much for that. Although... a part of me wishes he would have gone at least a little further!

Vivid memories of him hefting and kneading her bare breasts in the hot tub flowed through her mind. She turned her Blue Bomber egg on and brought it up to a nipple. Even though the buzzing vibration felt good, she felt that it was nothing compared to what his strong hands could do.

But regardless of how it happens, it'll be so bittersweet. I might as well get in line and take a number. A "harem"?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Even if it is just a shorthand name for whatever his situation is, it's still too bizarre for words. And Suzanne Pestridge! Her AND Amy! Mother and daughter! Knowing him, he's probably had them both at the same time. Yuck! I don't even want to THINK about that, or what that might mean.

She imagined incidental contact between Suzanne and Amy during something like a dual blowjob, but the idea of even that much girl-to-girl contact repulsed her. Her imagination wouldn't go any further; more would have been too unbearable.

She lightly stroked her clit through her sinfully sheer panties, feeling it swell out like a teeny little penis. She lifted her hips and pushed the panties down her thighs, and then brought the Blue Bomber to bear. She moved it in lazy circles, but avoided the sensitive tip. She was learning that different things worked best at different times, and she knew she wasn't ready for that, yet.

She groused to herself, Why did he have to tell me about Mrs. Pestridge, of all people? I mean, people tell me I'm pretty attractive, but compared to her I feel like a sea slug. Or a dung beetle. She has such a natural sexiness to her. It's like she doesn't even have to make an effort. How can I compete with that?!

She grew defiant. It's not like Alan deserves me, anyway. I keep throwing myself at him, and he keeps saying that he wants to protect me from his lifestyle. Screw that! I'm an adult. I can protect myself! He's gonna take my virginity, and that's all there is to it!

She smiled and brought the Blue Bomber to her swollen clit as it began to peek out from under its protective hood. Well, at least we had fun today. Lots of fun. What a dreamboat. He's so confident and sexy! The things he can do with his hands. And his lips!

Suddenly, she felt a big tingle in her nipples as she recalled the brief moments when his lips had touched them and even suckled on them for a little while. This piqued her curiosity. She sat up in her bed and pulled more of her nightie out of the way. She hefted her boobs up while she tilted her head downward until her lips touched her own nipples. She suckled on them a bit but didn't get much pleasure out of it. She let the nightie fall back into place.


What a gyp. Why is it that when he puts his lips on my nipples, I feel a special zing, a tingle of excitement all over my body? It was like a powerful electric shock! Or even his fingers. Just the slightest touch sets me off. But when I do it, practically nothing. And it wasn't just a fluke; both Betty and Veronica felt him do it more than once, didn't you, girls?

She gave up the effort and went back to playing with the Blue Bomber on and around her big clit. She laughed at herself. I really must be going insane - I'm talking to my breasts! But she wasn't upset, and she smiled as she fondly recalled him cradling her huge orbs and naming them.

One of her hands was still working the Blue Bomber over her clit and pussy, while her other hand was pinching her nipples. The Mr. Plummer dildo lay unused right next to her. Alan needs to get off his God damned high horse and get on top of ME! I don't even care about his hypocrisy or his harem right now, I just need to get laid! Arrgh! In a better world, he'd be with me right now. I can just picture it.


Settling into a fantasy, Christine removed her hands from her privates, and pretended to be casually resting on top of her sheets with her eyes closed. She imagined that Alan had snuck into her bedroom and was gently tapping her on her hip to get her attention.

"Christine? Christine? You awake?" She still held the vibrating egg in one hand, and used it to tap against her hip, imagining its buzz was the touch of his fingers.

She tossed and turned a bit, pretending to be half-asleep. In her mind, she imagined saying drowsily, "Mmmm. Alan. Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me. I was able to sneak into your house without your parents knowing. I've come here to confess."

"Confess?" She still didn't open her eyes, but she imagined that she did.

Her dream-Alan looked down on her. "Yes. I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about everything. I thought about what you said, and I realized I was all wrong about this whole crazy harem thing. I talked to all my other women, and basically told them to jump in a lake. I told them that the only woman I need is you!"

She pretended to wake up some more. "That's nice. That's very good news. But should you be in here, with me, alone? Look at me. I'm only wearing this frilly see-through piece of nothing, and even that has fallen most of the way off. My breasts and... well, everything... I'm totally exposed!"

She brought her hands and arms to her privates, protecting them from her pretend visitor. But in fact, she only brought them near her nipples and pussy. She smiled, imagining him ogling her.

She pretended that his hand was still on her hip, starting to stroke her skin. She ran the egg wherever she imagined his hand went, which was mostly up and down her hip and leg. "It doesn't matter," the dream-Alan said. "You see, I realized that I was wrong about something else too. You are obviously ready to lose your virginity. And now that we're going to be together, and I was able to sneak into your bedroom, what better time could there be to make love?"

She giggled in her fantasy and out loud, too. "Oh, Alan. You naughty boy! You think you can just sneak in here any old time and have your way with me? Is that what you think, that you're going to plunder my body, take my virginity, and fill me up with your huge cock, making me scream your name at the top of my lungs as I cry out in total ecstasy?"

She was growing increasingly aroused, and found herself panting instead of breathing. Her dream lover responded, "That's exactly what I think. Except for the part about you screaming my name. Not tonight, at least. You're going to have to keep quiet so your parents won't hear. Maybe if I slip my dick in your mouth, that'll stop you from screaming."

She giggled. "You naughty, naughty boy! That's so WRONG! You wouldn't really do that, would you?"

"Just watch me." Her hand that held the egg moved up to her left breast (the one nicknamed Betty). She pretended that he was playing with her nipple by running the buzzing Blue Bomber all around it. Meanwhile, she picked up the much bigger dildo, Mr. Plummer, and skimmed it over her skin, slowing dragging it up towards her face.

Her dream lover said, "Now that I've given up all my other lovers, you belong to me. You'll need to do what all of them were doing to me, combined. That means you're going to have my dick in your mouth a LOT! Every day! My sexual desires are insatiable. I'm going to keep you so well-fucked that you'll barely be able to walk!"

"Oh! Alan! You brute! You sexy, studly brute! But not in the mouth, please. I've never done that before."

"There's a first time for everything."

Dropping the fantasy, she thought, He's right. It's undeniable that he's very virile, with great sexual needs. If I'm going to keep up with him, it's a MUST that I learn how to pleasure him orally. And that starts now!

She brought Mr. Plummer up to her mouth and slid it between her lips. The plastic taste reminded her that she was only touching a toy after all, and that momentarily jostled her out of her fantasy. But she was in such a lusty mood that she soon got over that. Before long, it felt like it actually was his erection sliding into her mouth.

Mmmm! Aaaah! "How do you like that, Alan? Is that good for you? Don't give up on me yet; I'm just getting started." Damn, it's unnatural to have my mouth crammed this full. It's a struggle to breathe through my nose. Damn!


She was feeling emboldened, but she was having trouble with just how big it was. She opened her eyes wide and stared at the head of the dildo. Jesus H. Christ! Is his dick really this thick? It didn't seem so daunting until I put it in my mouth. I've seen the real thing with my own eyes, and even felt it against my ass and pussy. Hmmm.

She rolled over and held the dildo against her ass crack, trying to compare it to how Alan's had felt when he pressed up against her. Unsatisfied, she knelt instead, rubbing it between her legs, then lay back down.

Dammit, I can't be sure. It kinda feels the same, but geez, it's totally different than the real thing. Taking it in my mouth makes it seem much, much bigger! I can barely even get my lips around it, and my jaw's starting to ache already. How am I supposed to keep this in my mouth for a prolonged period of time?!

I'm gonna have to ask Amy about that. She talks about sucking him like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm sure she knows all the tricks.

No, I couldn't ask. It's too personal. But I need to know! Damn you, Alan, why can't you have a normal penis like everybody else?!

She slowly slid Mr. Plummer in and out of her mouth, and resumed imagining Alan sitting on her chest and thrusting in and out with his hips. Despite her mental protests, she found the act of sucking the dildo to be extremely arousing, even if it didn't taste like much. She had a vivid imagination, and to her it really did feel like he was there with her.

But her jaw was having trouble dealing with the thick intrusion, so she pretended that he wanted to move quickly to the main event. "There will be more time for that later, Christine. A lot more time. But now it's time to make you a woman! MY woman!"

She dragged the Mr. Plummer dildo back down her body, but it lingered between her breasts. Let's see about "titfucks." What a lewd name. Amy goes on and on about how great they are too.

She experimentally pushed her huge orbs together and trapped it between them. She tried sliding it through her cleavage a few times, but she didn't really like it. Eww. Kind of gross. All that saliva is getting on my boobs, and it's still not enough lubrication. Maybe it's like when he's sucking my nipples: it's gotta be the real thing to give me the real zing.

So she continued to slide Mr. Plummer down her firm and taut belly, while the egg went back to vibrating over her fully engorged clit.

She'd worked herself up to a lather of excitement by this time, and was right on the edge of a climax as she started to explore her pussy lips with Mr. Plummer, while continuing to work the egg on her clit.

"Oh, Alan! Please! Don't tease me like that. If you're gonna stick it in, please do. Stick it in!"

"Okay, I will. But before I do, I just want you to know, I love you and only you. I was just playing around with those other girls. Even Amy, she's really just a friend. You're the only one I want or need. I love you!"

"I love you too! Make love to me!" She was so far gone that she didn't realize she had actually said this out loud, and quite loudly too.

Mr. Plummer was getting wetter as she bathed it in her pussy juices. But as she started to slide it into her slit, her insecurities and fears returned. She was afraid to force her pussy lips wide with the dildo, afraid it wouldn't fit, and afraid of rupturing her hymen. How would I explain THAT?! "Gee, Mom, I popped my cherry with my Mr. Plummer dildo!"

"ARRGGH!" she tossed and turned in frustration. She wanted to plunge Mr. Plummer into her pussy very badly, but she didn't dare. "Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!" I'm never going to feel TRUE satisfaction until he takes my virginity! And for all my fantasizing, I'm not even close to being mentally ready for that! I can't even imagine how great it'll feel when he finally plunges in deep!

Her future with Alan was still very much up in the air. The exact nature of her relationship with him remained a big question mark, and the "harem" issue was even more problematic. But even so, she took it as a given that he would be the one to take her virginity. Olga was right that Christine was an "all or nothing" kind of person, and fiercely loyal. In Christine's mind, it was Alan or no one.

She continued to rub the big dildo over the entrance to her vagina, which gave her some pleasure, but it wasn't quite enough to push her over the edge, even with the vibrating egg helping out.

Just then, there was a knock on her door. Olga called, "Chrissy? Honey? Are you okay in there? I heard some screaming."

Dammit! What now?! But Christine replied, "Um, I'm fine, Mom. I'm just, uh, waking up from a bad nightmare."

"Oh. Well, do you want me to come in there? Is there anything you need? Your door seems to be locked. That's odd. I imagine you're still traumatized by the fight. Do you want to talk about it some more?"

Christine looked at the cum-soaked Mr. Plummer in one hand, and the equally cum-soaked Blue Bomber in the other, then quickly stuffed them both under her pillow. She thought, The fight? I'm so over that. I'm traumatized by Alan still not having taken my virginity!

She quietly chuckled at that exaggeration. She tried to hide the guilt from her voice as she replied, "Um, no... Uh, yeah. It's the, uh, fight. But we talked about that plenty already. I'll be okay."

"Are you sure? You know I'm here for you."

"No. I'm, uh, cool."

"Would you like me to make you some hot chocolate? I know how much you like that when you can't sleep."

Talk about a major buzz kill! Mom, just let me be! "No, I'm fine. I just want to get back to sleep."

After some more small talk through the door, Christine finally got Olga to leave. But by then, her arousal had completely dissipated. Garraghh! Raarraggh! How frustrated can you get?! I seem to be cursed. Just when Alan was going to take my virginity, too. Well, in my dreams, at least.

On the plus side, all my sexual frustration seems to be pushing the fight out of my mind. For a second there, I was thinking: "What fight is she talking about?"

She brought Mr. Plummer back out from under her pillow and placed it against her pussy lips again, except now she was more curious than aroused by doing so.

I don't get it. I mean, obviously women have sex every day, so it has to be very possible for that thing to fit into my tight slit, and of course babies come out of that same small hole. But childbirth is extremely painful. How is it that fucking can be pleasurable? Taking this big stick and fitting it in there sounds like it would be about as much fun as taking my lower lip and pulling it over my head. I don't get it.

Why does his penis have to be so thick and long? It was bad enough trying to fit Mr. Plummer in my mouth. I need to practice or something. That's another thing I wish I could ask Amy, if I wasn't so shy about this stuff: how does she fit it in this hole, or any hole for that matter? Most importantly, how does she make it pleasurable?!

But then she remembered the feel of Alan's erection pressing against her earlier in the evening, and tingled all over from just thinking about it. Deep down, she knew having sex with him would be very pleasurable indeed, even though she still remained fearful of it.

Still, she knew she couldn't revive the spirit of her erotic fantasy, so she shoved her toys and nightie in her bag, hid it back inside Diana, then zipped the animal closed and returned it to the closet. Rather than pull on a sleepshirt as she usually did, she decided to sleep in the nude. She'd been doing that on a regular basis lately, so was growing accustomed to it.

She slid under the covers naked, feeling sexy and sinful. She tried to sleep, but lingering arousal, and a goodly dose of frustration, kept her tossing and turning. So she lay there, idly fingered her privates while thinking about the difficulties of Alan and his harem.

On the positive side, he agreed to meet tomorrow. She growled with sudden passion, And if he doesn't, I'm gonna kick his ass! I can't wait! How am I going to sleep?! Romance and sex are too exciting for words!

But she immediately became mellow and dreamy again. I wonder what he's gonna do to me. I just hope he doesn't go on and on again about his "vow" to "protect me" from his rapacious charms. I know we've got some serious issues that need to be resolved, but for once in my life, I just wanna have fun!

He's basically won me. I've let go of my dignity and succumbed to my desire for him, even though I know he has Amy and other lovers and I can't do a damn thing about them. And now he's got me totally hooked on him. Isn't that good enough?! What more does he want? Why should HE complain?

Arrrrgh! It's all so aggravating!

Her only saving grace was that her body was still exhausted from the fight and its aftermath. After more than an hour of a restless half-sleep, she finally drifted off.

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