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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 134
Fat Bottomed Girls
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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Christine woke up with a start from another Wonder Woman-themed dream, and sat up in her bed. She yelled, "Damn you, William Marston! Damn you to hell!"

William Moulton Marston was the original creator of the Wonder Woman character, and she was cursing him for ever creating the sexy superheroine.

She flopped back down on her pillow, causing her bare breasts to bounce around wildly until she pulled the covers back over herself. She closed her eyes in an attempt to remember her dream before it faded away.

God dammit, these stupid fuckin' dreams! They're always the same. Let's see... I was Wonder Woman again, of course... And, again, Alan somehow overcame all my special powers and tied me up and had his way with me. AGAIN! Dammit, what's the point of even HAVING special powers if he ties me up and has his way with me every night anyway? I may as well be ordinary Christine.

Although, he was pretty great at having his way with me in real life yesterday... Mmmm... She smiled in fond remembrance of how the two of them had fooled around in the backyard of her house the previous evening.

She dramatically sat back up in bed again, causing her big tits to fly around once more. Oh my God! That really happened?! Yes! Yes, it really happened! Alan and I made out, and fondled each other, and everything! Holy... Wow! That was soooo much better than those practice dates!

She was tempted to forget about the dream altogether and instead just luxuriate in happy memories of her time with Alan, but she closed her eyes again and lay back down, slowly and gently this time. Hmmm... I can't really remember... The dream's fading already... But Alan definitely took off my Lasso of Truth and my indestructible bracelets. Then he pulled most of my uniform off, like he does most every night. But I remember more breast fondling and kissing than usual, which makes perfect sense given what we really did not that many hours ago. I wish he wouldn't always tie my wrists together though, so I could stroke his big... WAIT! Hold on! Don't tell me... OH NOOOO!


She sat up for a third time. Shit! Shit, shit, shit! My dream's mostly gone now, but I definitely remember a flash of Heather in there. What was SHE doing there?! Talk about pissing all over my fun times. Now that I think about it, I kind of remember her working WITH him to take all my clothes off, and then...

She recalled that her wrists were bound behind her back while she was bobbing on Alan's erection. There was nothing unusual about that in her dream world, except that the blowjob was much more vivid than ever before, no doubt due to the oral practice with her Mr. Plummer dildo late last night. The disturbing element was that not only was Heather there too, but she was completely naked and guiding Christine's head up and down over Alan's cockhead with one hand while stroking the rest of his thick shaft with the other.

No! No! NO! I'm not even going to think about it! It's too awful to contemplate!

She sat on the edge of her bed and violently shook her head back and forth several times, as if attempting to shake her dream thoughts of Heather right out of her, which again created interesting motions of her breasts as they mimicked her head motion.

Despite her attempts to forget, she remembered dream-Heather saying, "Welcome to the harem, Wonder Woman. This is what we do. We work as a team to keep Alan happy. It's a full-time job. You were a superheroine, but now you're the same as me: just another one of his big-titted sluts!"

She shook her head in horror. NO! Please! God dammit! She would say that. SHE'S the big-titted slut! BITCH!

Then, more calmly, she thought, Damn. Dreams can be such fucked-up things. But the important thing to keep in mind is that they mean absolutely nothing. They're just a random bunch of images. Just because I somehow dream about Alan binding my helpless body up with ropes nearly every night lately doesn't mean I'd want him to do that to me in REAL life! Puh-lease! It's just that I'm thinking about him a lot lately, and I've been watching and reading way, way too much Wonder Woman stuff. I should throw out my DVDs before I somehow wind up watching all those episodes yet again. And as for Heather being there, that just proves how random and meaningless dreams are. And that's all I'm gonna think about that!

She stood up and stretched out her nude body, reaching her hands nearly to the ceiling. I gotta admit, sleeping naked feels pretty good. Maybe that's why I've been having all these super sexy dreams. They did start around the time I stopped wearing my PJs...

Enough about my stupid dreams. I've got better things to think about, like the way his hands really did caress me all over... She closed her eyes and cupped the underside of one hefty tit, and used her other hand to lightly stroke an ass cheek. His hands were aaaaaallll over me... Mmmm! So good! It seems so real, so vivid, like he's touching me right now.

She giggled. Stop it, Alan! Stop it! What's with you and my nipples? I swear, you're gonna twist them off if you keep doing that. Take it easy, especially on poor Veronica! She smiled from ear to ear.

She had both hands on her breasts now, twisting her nipples. She opened her eyes and started looking around the room, trying to remember where she'd hidden her two sex toys.

Then she froze. Wait a minute! This is Alan we're talking about. Alan! The guy who's with Amy, AND her mother Suzanne, AND who knows how many others?!

She sat back on her bed, as if too staggered by that realization to remain standing. She went from nearly euphoric to morose. Shit! You'd think that with a body and a face like mine, I could get a great boyfriend of my own, free and clear of any entanglements. But no! I have to pick the one guy who's so taken already that he practically has his own frickkin' harem! And from what he says, and I believe him, there's no "practically" about it. UGH!

Although her thoughts had depressed her somewhat, she was still horny, and she slid a hand down the nude contours of her firm, strong body until it reached her pussy lips. Then she suddenly jerked it away. Forget it. I'm not gonna break out those evil dildos Simone got me to buy and masturbate yet again to thoughts of stroking Alan's big cock. It's a total waste of time. I can fantasize about someone else, thank you very much. Like... oh, I dunno... somebody! I can fantasize about anybody I damn well please, and it doesn't have to be him!

She ran through a mental list of hunky stars, but none of them held any interest for her. All she could think about was Alan's touch, his kiss, and even the sound of his voice. Most of all, she couldn't stop thinking about how stiff and hard his dick had felt when it had pressed against her.

What's so great about his penis, anyway? I'm sure most other penises are just like his. Okay, maybe not most, but some... A few, in any case... Besides, it's pretty pathetic to spend so much time thinking about that damn thing, when I know I'd be absolutely terrified if I had a real chance to hold it and stroke it. It felt so good rubbing against me though... Soooo goood...

Her hands again started wandering down her body towards her pussy, and a smile came to her face. However, it fled just as quickly when she finally managed to continue her train of thought. Rubbing my tummy against it, I can handle that. In fact, I remember really getting into it. But having it in my hands would be a completely different thing altogether. I wouldn't know what to do, or how to begin! The pressure, knowing he has all those other women who can run circles around me with their bedroom skills...

Suzanne Pestridge, for one. Talk about some crazy pressure right there! She's not human; she's a goddess! She's like some sort of cartoon character version of a super sexy woman. The tone of her voice, her smoldering eyes, the way she sashays her hips... Hell, compared to her, I have no clue how to even WALK! How on Earth am I supposed to compete with her when it comes to stroking a penis?! I'd make a total fool of myself!

She looked down and consoled herself that, without false modesty, her body was as impressive as anyone else's, even Suzanne's. It was merely the skills and experience that she lacked.

An intense expression crossed her face as she dramatically punched a fist in the air. Dammit, I'm not gonna just sit here feeling helpless! If there's one thing I've learned, it's that knowledge is power. Mom's not gonna call me down for breakfast for another hour or two. Probably two, in fact. I'm gonna use that time to conquer my fears with information! There'll be plenty of other times for me to figure out what to think or do about Alan's many girls. Besides, I'm both too depressed and too horny to think about that right now, since what the hell can I do about it but suffer?

She had some sex books that Simone had recommended she buy at the sex shop. They were secretly hidden in her room, since she was terribly afraid of her parents finding them. But she'd already made good headway in reading them, mostly when her parents were asleep or out of the house. In her current mood, however, words alone weren't enough for her. She wanted to see what she might be in for if she really had to stroke, or even suck on, Alan's erection.

Still naked and horny, she booted up her computer and began searching the Internet for word combinations like "handjob" and "video." She truly had never explored Internet pornography before, since she had repeatedly and vocally railed against pornography's harmful effects on society, and she didn't want to be a hypocrite. But she decided that she could make a one-time exception, for educational purposes only.

She was stunned at what she discovered. It was a hassle wading past pay-sites, advertisements, and a lot of crap, but even so, she was quickly able to find more relevant videos than she knew what to do with.

Unfortunately for her, the quality was wildly uneven. She watched video after video of handjobs, most of them very brief in length. They made her increasingly aroused, because she kept imagining those were her hands around not just any erection, but Alan's erection. However, the videos weren't very educational. They're just hands sliding up and down, over and over. Big whoop! I can figure out that much on my own. I wanna see the tricky moves, the special little things that someone like Suzanne does to him. If anybody is naturally talented at this kind of thing, it has to be her.

She froze as another thought came to her. Hell, for all I know, Suzanne could be giving him a handjob right now, right this very second! He'll be waking up soon, if he isn't up already, and with HIS sex-mad life, it's not only possible he'll wake up to handjob or blowjob, it's almost likely!

Oh God. That is soooo depressing. I wanna crawl back to bed, curl up in a ball, and cry. Why does he have to have those other women? Why? Why?! Why do I have to be interested in HIM?! It's not fair!

But then a new look of determination crossed her face. Dammit, I have to be honest with myself. I can't stop thinking about him. The reason he has all those beauties is because he's the BEST! Think about Mrs. Pestridge again. Why would she settle for anything less than the very best? She wouldn't.

And how can I blame her, or them, because I'm sure they feel just like I do. I can't wait to see him again, touch him again, and kiss him again! It's like there's a hole in my heart because he's not here. I can't wait for him to squeeze and knead my breasts again with those magic fingers of his. Mmmm, and his kisses! I'm even getting shivers just thinking about the way he holds my ass cheeks! It's all I can do not to call him right now and see if he wants to get together later.

Time is wasting! I need to learn my way around a penis, and fast! I'm not going to chicken out again. Not today! At the very least, I want to feel what it's like to hold it in my hands, and even stroke it!

Her steely gaze turned fatalistic. I have to accept that he gets his cock sucked about as often as other people blow their nose or sneeze, and if I want to feel his special touch, I have to get with the program. That's just how it is.

She turned her attention back to the computer screen, but soon gave up on the handjob videos. She looked up blowjob videos, and found those much more interesting, not to mention arousing. The women were generally using a variety of moves, and doing it in plain sight of the video camera instead of inside their mouths. She found herself fingering her slit with one hand while using the mouse with her other hand to rewind and rewatch key "educational" scenes over and over.

But the videos depressed her as much as they aroused her. Blowjobs look difficult! I mean, a handjob, I think I can handle that, so to speak. To do it as well as someone like Suzanne probably takes a lot of talent, but to do an okay job looks easy. But a blowjob? Just doing it at all seems impossible! Alan's cock is thicker than most of the penises on these videos, and even fitting any of those in my mouth looks like it would be a nightmare!


Then she watched a longer clip of a nameless woman who not only slobbered, nibbled, and sucked a man's long erection, but licked and sucked his balls. Then the woman deep throated the man, to the point that there was nothing left of his penis to see.

Christine watched the clip closely, almost breathlessly, fingering her clit all the while. Now we're talking! This woman knows what she's doing. She's the best of the best, and that's what I'm going to be! I never do anything half-way.

Finally, the woman pulled off and let him shoot his cum all over her face. She even showed the camera all the cum in her mouth, and then swallowed it.

That soured Christine's enthusiasm. EEEWWW! That was totally disgusting! Am I expected to do all that too?! No fucking way! If Alan expects to cum on my face, I'm gonna chop his body into kindling! Many strong emotions were running through her, including lust and disgust in nearly equal measure.

She cringed as she started the video again, and tried harder to learn from it. But from time to time, she thought things like, How in Hera am I going to do that?! Woe is me!

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, and imagined trying to cram Alan's bulbous cockhead inside it. She gave up and shook her head in disbelief. I might as well try fitting an entire fist in my mouth. And even if I did get it in, how is that supposed to be pleasurable for ME?! I've read "The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio" book cover to cover already, but that's really for someone who already knows her way around a penis. I need some practical experience with a real dick before I could dare to suck Alan's, but it's a Catch-22, because his is the only one I want to touch!

She thought over this conundrum as the video again came to an end. I need to get some kind of special edge. What I really need to do is talk to someone who knows his penis intimately, and how best to pleasure it. All his most sensitive spots, his favorite techniques... Maybe then I'd have half a chance of not making a complete fool of myself.

But who? Amy? That would be the logical choice, but it's just too weird. "Hey, Amy, can you show me all your best moves so I can steal 'em and use 'em on your boyfriend when you're not busy with him?" God, that is just too WEIRD to even contemplate! And she'd probably happily say, "M'kay! Let me show you," which would be even weirder, if such a thing is possible. I mean, she was giving pantomime demonstrations in the girls' locker room, for crying out loud!

In retrospect, I should have paid more attention. Damn!


Christine temporarily gave up on watching the videos and thought more about who she could turn to for help. What about Simone, maybe? She's pretty stacked and sexy too, so I'll bet Alan's fooled around with her a lot already. She must know her way around his dick pretty well by now. Heck, she even picked out an "Alan-size" dildo for me, and she seemed to know exactly what she was looking for.

She frowned as she pictured Alan lying on top of Simone and thrusting in and out of her dark-skinned body. As horny as she was, just thinking about that made her even more depressed. As if I'd ever say something like "Oooh! Please do me next." I have more dignity and self-respect than that!

She sighed heavily. But in any case, I don't know Simone well enough to talk to her about something as intimate as that. Besides, she's Heather's best friend, so I can't trust her, even if she did help me at the sex shop.

Ms. Rhymer? No way; she's a teacher! Talk about too weird! I can't even go there in my own mind. She shook her head as if trying to clean it of that idea.

Suzanne Pestridge? No, that's even weirder and MORE intimidating! Besides, I barely know her. Although I'll bet she knows the most. Not only is she older and therefore more experienced, she just has "that look," a sex vixen look. But a lot of good it does me.

Hell, the only one I'd feel comfortable enough talking to about something like this is Katherine, maybe, although even that's a big stretch. But it's just my luck that she's the one beautiful, busty girl around who doesn't know anything about his penis. Talk about ironic. Thinking about all these other gorgeous women having sex with him is too upsetting to contemplate anyway. I guess it's back to the Internet for me. That's better than nothing, or so I hope.

After a while, she began searching Google for some other sex terms. She found a few curious things here and there, but nothing particularly interesting. However, her latest dream was still in the back of her mind, and she had the idea of typing "Wonder Woman" plus "erotic" into a search engine.


An electric thrill shot up and down her spine as she stumbled across a cartoon picture of a captive and topless Wonder Woman sucking a big stiff erection. In her mind, it instantly became her and Alan in the picture. WOW! That's just like my dreams, except I always wake up right before Alan sticks it in! Well, at least until last night's weird dream with Heather, but let's forget that, forever. This is great! The Internet rocks!

Needless to say, she'd completely forgotten about her objections to Internet pornography. She soon discovered the picture was part of a series, which told a story about Wonder Woman fighting a male villain, only to be defeated, then bound and stripped and forced to service him, using each and every one of her orifices. She got off on it so much that she didn't resist even when her hands were freed. At the end, he dumped her in the back of a truck and drove her back to his headquarters so she could be his "permanent plaything," as the captions put it.

Christine was still fingering her pussy. But she found this all so terribly exciting that she had to stop, find her small Blue Bomber vibrating egg, and click through the pictures again from the start. She would have preferred to use her black penis-shaped dildo, but because of her intact hymen, she couldn't freely slide it in and out of her hot pussy. The Blue Bomber gave her more pleasure, especially when she pressed it against her clit.

But even as aroused as she was, she was full of guilt and worry. This is bad! Mom's gonna call up here to let me know breakfast is ready. What if she suddenly bursts in here without knocking? It's never happened before, but it COULD happen! I would just die! And why do I find these pictures so, er, interesting, anyway? This stuff is patently ridiculous. Like this one: "Let go of me, you brute! Take your hands off my tits, now! I'll give you one last chance to surrender!" Poor, deluded Wonder Woman. She still thinks she's got the upper hand. Little does she know that Alan's gonna fuck the ever-loving shit out of her in about two minutes!

She was so carried away that she didn't notice that she'd thought "Alan" instead of the villain's name.

The Blue Bomber rapidly brought her to orgasm. As she started to climax, she frantically clicked back to a series of pictures showing the villain groping Wonder Woman's big boobs, and even rubbing his cockhead around her nipples, smearing them with streaks of cum. She found that much more arousing that a picture of actual fucking, because she could vividly recall Alan groping her own boobs in a very similar way. She used her other hand to tug on an erect nipple, just as her climax washed through her.

But as the euphoria of her orgasm passed, she felt a deep post-orgasmic depression hit her. I'm so fucked up. I'm actually getting excited over Wonder Woman's defeat?! I should be cheering her victories! That guy actually dumped her in his truck like a slab of meat and took her back to his lair. I can't even BEGIN to think of the unspeakably sexy, er, I mean sexual, things he and his henchmen are gonna do to her all day long, day after day! It's not right that Alan's gonna share her like that. Where's the love? Where's the loyalty? I just hope she eventually manages to escape somehow. Maybe there's a sequel I can check out later, where something like that happens.

She sighed heavily, and grew more philosophical. I seriously think Freud must be right. We have a self-destructive drive, what he called thanatos, and sometimes we actually hope to fail. But I'm not gonna fall into that trap. I've got willpower of steel! I'm gonna shut down this web page right now and never look at it again. She closed the page, but bookmarked it first without consciously asking herself why she was doing that.

Not to mention all the other Wonder Woman-themed perverted stuff out there. Why, I'll bet there's probably entire websites full of nothing BUT busty superheroines being captured and sexually ravaged! I'm getting seriously angry just thinking about it. Although, maybe if I watch enough of that stuff, all at once, I'll become desensitized to it. Then I'll finally be able to stop having my stupid sexy Wonder Woman dreams. That won't help me with my unhealthy and unworkable Alan obsession, but at least it's a start.

However, as she continued to sit there, with her pussy still throbbing and wet, she realized that she was just trying to trick herself and come up with any feeble excuse to look at more Wonder Woman-themed porn. She removed the bookmark she'd just made, and even cleared her browser history. But she couldn't unlearn what she'd just discovered. Now that she knew websites like that existed, they would always be at the back of her mind, taunting and tempting her.

She decided to look more into handjobs and blowjobs on the Internet instead, just as soon as breakfast was over and her parents left the house. If they didn't leave, she could read more of her secret sex books.

Thoughts of seeing Alan in the flesh later in the day were also constantly coming to mind, even though no specific arrangements had been made as of yet. But she was eager to call him, just as soon as she considered it a decent hour to do so. She correctly figured he wasn't an early riser like she was.

Sighing again, she stood up and put a robe on so she could go take a shower.


Alan woke up with his arm around Katherine. He opened his eyes and saw her still sleeping with a smile on her face.

Too cool! he thought. Waking up with Sis, AND yesterday was a pretty awesome day! His first thought was the sexual fun he and Christine had shared, but then he remembered the fight. He tested his body, and especially his hands, and was surprised at how little his injuries hurt.


He luxuriated in reviewing all that had happened the day before, focusing mostly on how he'd kissed and fondled Christine extensively. Hoo-eee! I swear, over the last three years, I jacked off so much thinking about Christine that it could be measured in gallons. And now, a lot of what I dreamed about has come true! She has the most frigging amazing body, and it feels as good as it looks.

But still, I'm here with Sis. I need to put my Christine thoughts away for a while, 'cos to think about her now would be rude. His hand was resting on Katherine's mane of dark brown hair, and he very gently stroked it a little bit.

He lay there for a few minutes, until the urge to pee grew too great and he was forced to get up. He tried to extricate himself from Katherine without waking her up, but there was no good way to pull his body out from under hers. As he left the bed, he saw her stirring a bit, and even grumble in her sleep. He wished he could have stayed there with her a long time, but nature called.

He did most of his morning routine, including shaving and brushing his teeth. By the time he got back, Katherine was obviously awake and sitting up against the headboard. Wow, just look at Sis. She looks really submissive and sultry with her hands cuffed behind her back like that. I'm warming up to the bondage thing, as long as I'm not the one who gets tied up.

"Morning, Brother. But what's the big deal?" she complained. She attempted to raise her hands so she could rub her eyes, but that did little except make her handcuffs clank and rattle since they were locked behind her. (She'd gotten uncomfortable and woken up a couple of times to change the position of her hands, but she'd never had her handcuffs taken all the way off.)

She looked at him with seeming annoyance, and pouted, "That's not how you're supposed to wake up."

He got back in bed, naked, but stayed on top of the sheets. He kissed her on the top of the head. "It's not? Why not?"

"You're supposed to wake up with Alan Junior in my mouth. We've got certain morning 'alarm clock' traditions in this house, and I have a Number One Fuck Toy reputation to maintain, you know." She said this in a playful way, but she also was genuinely frustrated that he'd woken up before she did.

"What are you doing?" he asked, as he saw her shake her way out from under the covers and then kneel in the middle of the bed.

Smiling widely, she thrust her impressive chest out, and held her head high. She didn't have any choice but to keep her wrists together behind her back, since they were cuffed that way. "Your sex slave fuck toy sister, reporting for cock cleaning duty, Master!" She giggled.

He looked at her and couldn't help but feel impressed. How am I supposed to keep in control when she shows off her magnificent tits like that? I'd better try to calm her down or I'll never be able to have a serious discussion about what's bugging me. He said, "Sis, you don't have to do that. I'm really just your brother, you know."

She made an exasperated noise. "But I want to. Holy moly, the things you did to me last night. That whole body orgasm was just about the greatest thing ever! I love you more today than ever before, and I didn't even know that was possible. Come on, hop up next to me so I can properly blow you." She tried in vain to use her hands to point at a spot on the bed, and wound up nodding at the spot instead.

He winced as he thought about a wake up blowjob.

She noticed. "What? Are you upset about something? Do your wounds hurt?"

"Nah. My wounds are fine. They're not even on my mind anymore. It's just that... Well, I'm in kind of a philosophical mood. I'm not feeling horny in the slightest. By the way, do you want your cuffs off?"

"Yes, please. As great as they look, and as much as I loved waking up like this, I have to admit they're kind of chafing my wrists." She held her hands out, and he easily undid them.

As he worked on them, he recalled how she'd been forced to wake him up in the middle of the night so he could take them off just long enough for her to go to the bathroom. He asked, "Did you enjoy wearing those all night?"

"You betcha!"


She rubbed her now freed wrists. "You wouldn't understand. You tried that submissive experiment a couple of days ago, remember? Obviously, it doesn't work for you."

As he sat next to her in the middle of the bed, she added, "Just trust me that it was pretty cool wearing them all night long. We're gonna have to do that a lot more, where you keep me as your cuffed slave all night long. I woke up a couple of times, only to realize with a start that you were in bed with me and I was all bound and thoroughly enslaved. I got so excited that I wanted to wake you, but I knew I shouldn't."

"Why the handcuffs though? It's not like you're gonna up and escape."

She rolled her eyes and huffed, "Bro, you just don't get it. It has NOTHING to do with wanting to escape or not. Sheesh!"

He shrugged, all but admitting defeat in trying to understand her mentality, at least for the moment.

Her hands went straight to her new collar, and she lovingly caressed it. "You can't get aroused with only one of your collared sex slaves, huh? Maybe I should go and get our super-stacked Mom to help. She probably needs to be milked by now, anyway." Despite her light tone, not to mention her intense sexual experience the night before, she couldn't completely shake her feelings of physical inferiority.

His concern about her feelings caused him to refocus his attention on her. "No, that's not it. Not at all! You're beautiful. And totally wonderful."

He caressed her cheek, and looked intently into her eyes. "It goes without saying that I love you as much as anybody in this world. It's just that, before I even opened my eyes and remembered where I was, it hit me that I have this harem. And yeah, it excites me some, but today it's also making me feel burdened down. There's so much physically intense sex and emotional drama going on in my life that I'm sitting here wondering how I can muster the emotional and physical energy to be 'on' again today. I have this huuuuuge reputation to maintain now. It's fun to be 'Alan Plummer, supposed super stud,' most of the time, but sometimes I just wanna call time out, you know?"

"No," she admitted, "but I can kinda sorta imagine. I'm not a guy who somehow regularly cums six or more times a day. Frankly, this last week or two, sometimes I've been wondering how you manage to keep up with all of us. I've gotta say, I'm really impressed. From time to time, I proudly think, 'That's my brother!'" She cuddled her naked body against his, and ruffled his hair. "Like the way you deal with Heather."

He sighed and groaned. "Don't remind me. She's such a pain in the ass... And I'm gonna have to deal with her at some point today." He sighed again.

Despite his ennui, he found himself lightly tracing the shape of his sister's hip with a finger. That gesture reminded him of Heather's hips, and then her richly tanned and firm ass cheeks. Thoughts of plunging his erection deep into Heather's muscular ass boosted his confidence a bit, but didn't help him grow aroused.

"Yeah, but she's totally worth the hassle, isn't she?" Katherine playfully poked him in his side. "Just think about her body. She's like one of those Baywatch babes, only for real. Think about her ASS! Think about sliding your big, fat cock into her tight back door, and giving her the pleasure she craves and so desperately needs. Feel your balls churning and pumping your thick, hot cum deep inside her itchy, bitchy, itty bitty butthole!"

She got up on all fours on the bed and gripped her dark brown hair above the back of her neck, making a ponytail. Then, while still holding her hair like that, she closed her eyes and swayed her entire body back and forth as if she were being roughly fucked in the ass.


He lightly chuckled. "I get the picture." He was surprised his penis still wasn't responding, because his sister looked very sexy and tempting doing that, and the thoughts about Heather's ass alone would normally have gotten his motor running.

She sat back beside him and fingered her collar again. "Think about totally humbling and taming her. In fact, think about all the pussy taming you do on a daily basis in general. Gaawwwd, Brother, thinking about how impressive and relentless you are is making my pussy wet. Who knows? Maybe today will finally be the day you tame Christine the way SHE needs to be tamed. You know and I know that today you're gonna be sliding your cock between those huge melons of hers, don't you agree?"

"Well, I don't know about that," he grumbled. But his mood was improving, especially because he thought, You know what? I probably will! Wow! And she might end up sucking my dick today too. Christine! Talk about a mind-blowing idea!

"You totally know it!" Katherine grabbed his hand and put it directly between her breasts. Then she pushed her breasts together with both hands.

Without thinking, he kept his fingers straight but bunched them together. Then he started sliding them up and down, as if it was his dick getting titfucked.

Trying to imitate Christine's voice, she moaned, "Oh Alan, where have you been all my life? I don't care about the incest. As for the harem, where do I sign up? Will you collar me, like you did your sister and mother?" She giggled.

He snorted. "Yeah. As if!" He withdrew his hand. We all know what Christine would really say if she knew about that. She could ruin everything. I've got such a great thing going, but I could lose it all by getting greedy with her. But I can't help myself! She's just too sexy!

"Hey, you never know, with your luck. The fact is, you're probably the luckiest kid on Earth! You have no cause to grumble. Sure, it's taxing, but you've got a fuckin' HAREM of the most buxom and beautiful women you could possibly imagine! And we all love you! Think about all our arms, surrounding you, enfolding you in our united love."

He closed his eyes and imagined. "Mmmm. Sounds pretty good..."

"Now, picture Mom, Mother, Amy, me, Brenda, and Glory all naked and in a line, our hands on the backs of our heads, our legs spread wide, and a metal chain leading from each of our collars. All the chains would ultimately link together and lead back to one chain in your hand." Her hand went back to her collar and she resumed stroking it. She stroked his chest with her other hand.

She went on, "Heck, I'm feeling generous, so let's toss Christine, Heather, Simone, Kim, Akami, and Xania in there, too. My GOD! Can you just picture it? That's a DOZEN women all eager to serve you! And okay, maybe twelve is pushing it, but you could get most of them to show up for that very pose today, if you really wanted to."

She was periodically looking down at his penis. It had been slowly engorging, and now it was stiff enough for her to take it in her hand and start stroking. She snickered to herself, A-ha! The Christine Effect in action again! Though, admittedly, I'm having to throw the rest of his slaves and sex pets in there for good measure. He must really be in a stubbornly non-erotic mood, but I can fix that. Hee-hee!


He didn't react to her hand, but pictured her idea even more vividly. Wow! Twelve babes? Whoa! Twelve naked busty babes, including my mothers and sisters, all in CHAINS?! Even Christine in there? Right there in the middle of all the others, with a collar and an iron chain! A full and willing member of my harem, dedicated to serving my dick! Damn, man! Damn! They're all just too sexy! It's not normal!

Thinking about that caused his slowly engorging dick to suddenly swell to full hardness. He asked, "Why do they have their hands behinds their heads? Are they bound together back there, or something?"

"No, silly," Katherine replied, as if she was explaining an obvious real world situation. "That's so we can show our totally willing subservience and obedience to you, which we'd be doing anyway, even without the chains." As her fingers slid up and down his shaft, she thought, Sweet! I'll have to remember what gets him hard, even in dire situations. Christine and/or chains certainly do the trick! And I'm not jealous of the Super Stacked Ice Queen, because I'm the one with all this hot cock-meat in my hands! She snickered with glee.

He felt mentally overwhelmed, because he realized there was some truth in what she was saying. At least some of his women would gladly stand in a line like that. He plaintively asked her, "But why me? Why me?! What did I do to deserve all this? Seriously. I feel so unworthy. Okay, so let's say I have some talent at pleasing women, both in and out of bed. I mean... I could be the greatest Don Juan on Earth, and even that wouldn't explain how fortunate I am. I'm afraid karma's gonna bite me on the ass sooner or later, or I'm gonna wake up and find out I was a brain in a jar all along, or who knows what. It just doesn't make sense."

"Now you're just being silly. 'Brain in a jar.'" She snorted, as she happily stroked his stiff erection. "Besides, remember that it's not all about you. Sure, we all love you, and love submitting to you, and we really, really love stroking your cock, but..."

As her fingers played on his frenulum, she stared at his dick and thought, It's so long and FAT, and yummy looking this morning. Even more so than usual! Is it my collar making me extra horny this morning? Probably, hee-hee!

Seeing that she'd gotten a bit distracted, he prodded her, "But...?"

"But, this is also a kind of female collective. We love each other. God forbid, but if you were to suddenly pass away, I think most of us would somehow manage to go on as a unified sexual family, without any male at all. Probably Suzanne would lead us, because it would be chaos without a leader, plus we're a pretty submissive bunch. Although some of us have our uppity moments." She flashed him a naughty smile.

He considered that, and said, "Yeah, that's true. It's not all about me. I should probably just shut up with my self-important ramblings and enjoy what I've got, right?"

He brought a hand back to her body, and started exploring her tummy, of all places. He thought, Sis is so fuckin' fit! She almost, but not quite, has the beginnings of a muscular six pack. Where'd that come from?

She smiled. "Now you're talking. But also remember, we're not energy vampires. I want to lift you up, not wear you out. For instance, this handjob I'm giving you now."

She stroked his boner with more vigor as she saw his gaze drop down to his crotch. "Isn't that making you feel better? Don't you like it when one of your two sex toy sisters slides both of her hands up and down your huge fuck stick? Don't you love the sticky sound of all that pre-cum sloshing around? Don't you feel your energy start to surge?"

He stared at his crotch as if it was the first time that he'd ever seen his dick stroked. "As a matter of fact, that is pretty inspiring."

"Don't you especially like it when I do this? I know you do." Two fingers on one hand simultaneously stimulated his sensitive frenulum and piss hole, while her other hand gently grasped and kneaded his balls.


Alan closed his eyes and savored the pleasure. But he said, with a touch of melancholy, "Kat, you're so great. I don't deserve you."

She rolled her eyes and sighed at him. She bent over his lap. "Boy, Brother, what's gotten into you? I'm just gonna have to fuck and suck all this moodiness right out of you."

He grunted lustily as her mouth swallowed his entire cockhead. He was also glad she did, because that prevented him from having to answer why he was feeling so moody.

In truth, he was well aware that the benefits and joys of his life far, far outweighed the negative of having to find the necessary energy and enthusiasm so often. The reason he was feeling introspective was because, now that he had bought six rings and given one to Glory, he knew he needed to give out the other rings, and quickly, before Glory spread the word about her gift. And, for him, giving rings wasn't just a simple gift of something nice, like a bouquet of flowers - it signified a new and closer bond, and new emotional understandings.

He thought, But what should that bond be, exactly? Is it too soon to think about marriage, or something like it? And how could I marry more than one woman, anyway? I've got a plan in mind, but do I really want to carry through with it?

He was so filled with doubt that at times he even worried that one or more of his women would reject his ring and the implied bonds that came with it. After all, it's one thing to have fun now, for a few weeks or months. But what about, say, two years from now? Having a frigging HAREM in Southern California just isn't sustainable, is it? I could totally picture Aims or Kat going to college and meeting some brainy hunk who can give her 100% of his attention, instead of my 20% or less. And they'd be fools not to run off with some guy like that, right? I mean, I've got a lot of gall thinking I could keep this harem together forever. Right?!

He sighed again, even though Katherine was doing wonderfully pleasing things with her tongue and her lips. Since she was bending over, he lazily ran his fingers up and down her back.

She suddenly reverted to merely licking his sweet spot while looking up into his eyes. "I know what you're thinking. You're worrying about how you'll be able to keep the harem together indefinitely. Am I right?"

He was astonished. "How do you know that?! My God, it's like you're reading my mind!"

"Elementary, my dear Watson. A, you're still sighing. B, it logically follows from some of the things you were just saying. C, it's a reasonable thing for you to worry about. D, I've got my tongue actively lapping your cock, which tells me a whole lot more about what you're thinking and feeling than you're willing to believe, I'll bet. Every little twitch, every little moan, gives me clues." She paused to dramatically lap all over his sweet spot until he moaned with sheer erotic delight.

She said triumphantly, "See? Case in point. That says you're enjoying this."

He snorted mirthfully. "Genius!"

She giggled. "Okay, admittedly, that's an easy one. I do get clues though." She kept on licking and talking at the same time. "But most importantly, E, I'm your sister, and I love you and know you practically better than you know yourself. That's why you don't have to stress. None of us are going to leave you - ever! We've ALREADY committed to be with you, and sexually serve you, for the rest of our lives! Don't you remember a little thing called The Pact? Do you think that was just a crazy, heat of the moment thing that we didn't really mean?"

He admitted, "To be honest, yeah, kinda. I mean, that just kind of happened. It's not like any of us thought it out for hours and hours beforehand."

She was showing a remarkable ability to talk while licking her way around and around his cockhead. "That's true enough. But it didn't come out of the blue. There was a lot leading up to it. Think about how we all became your official personal cocksuckers first. That was a big commitment right there. Plus, we've given a LOT of thought to it ever since, and we're all totally committed. Aims and I have talked about it at great length, for instance. Heck, I've discussed it with just about everybody, even with Brenda."

"Really? I didn't know you've already had serious talks with Brenda." He continued to stroke her shapely back.

"Hey, there's all kinds of 'boring' stuff going on when you're not around. The only person who hasn't been in on these discussions is Glory, since her connection with us is pretty delicate. Heck, technically, she's not even part of The Pact, although I hope you change that soon. But then again, neither is Brenda, since she has her own special agreement with you."

"Wow. That makes me feel better already, that good things are happening that I haven't heard about. What kinds of stuff have you and Brenda talked about?"

She still gazed up into his eyes while she licked, which wasn't her usual style. "Well, practical stuff, like how to vary up cock stroking so your hands don't get tired. Or tips on how to suck cock or squeeze our pussy muscles. And she's always pumping me for info about you." She grinned mischievously. "Get it? Pumping?" One of her hands was steadily pumping up and down most of his stiff shaft.

"I get it." He rolled his eyes, but he grinned too. "Is that all?"

"Well, we've only had a few long talks, generally when Brenda called for Mom and I was here instead, but sometimes in person too. By the way, she takes her sex slave status EXTREMELY seriously, I hope you realize. You know that whole ceremony the day before yesterday, when she gave herself to you as your total slave? She takes that commitment way more seriously than marriage."

"Really?" And I haven't given that ANY thought since it happened. How could I, when my life is so crazy busy? I'm married, kind of, to Brenda?! Whoa!

"Really." Katherine was expertly fondling his balls, stroking his lower shaft, and licking around his cockhead for good measure. "In her mind, she's committed to you FOR LIFE. True, she's starting to have sex with Adrian, but that's only a temporary thing, and she only does it because you ordered her to. In a way, that ceremony was just like a wedding for you, only even MORE intense. You can divorce a husband, but sexual slavery is a lifetime commitment!"

Katherine was so aroused by her own words that she was tempted to engulf his cockhead and really go to town on his cock. But she wasn't able to, due to the on-going discussion. She thought, That's seriously hot! If anybody has a body that was born and bred for fucking, it's Brenda. And she really has enslaved herself to my "doofus" brother! It makes me really proud to be his sex slave too. It's like, he only deserves the best of the best, and he's included me in that group!

At the same time, he was thinking, Whoa! Actually, she hasn't really told me anything new. I kind of knew all that already. But to hear her state that so matter-of-factly really makes it hit home. When the ceremony was happening, it kind of felt unreal, like a big sex fantasy. But it's really real! Wow!

He was eager to change the subject, because thinking about Brenda was mentally overwhelming. He looked down at Katherine's smiling face and asked, "What's making you smile so much all of a sudden?"


Sure enough, Katherine was smiling from ear to ear, even as she managed to steadily lap her tongue all over his upper shaft, while still stroking it too. "Oh, nothin'. It's just that I'm thinking about talking with Brenda. I've discovered that she's more forthcoming if you strip all her clothes off, heft up and squeeze those monster tits of hers, and spank her big ass every now and then."

She vividly recalled a recent encounter with Brenda when she'd done exactly that. Unfortunately, she'd been called away before she could have much fun with Brenda's improbably curvy body, but she knew there would be plenty of opportunities from now on.

He thought, That's probably true. I'll bet she really is more honest when she's naked. Plus, it's just fun to order her to strip!

He looked down at his slurping sister and asked, "You get off on being her mistress and bossing her around, don't you?"

She proudly admitted, "Oh, definitely! Just 'cos I'm submissive with you doesn't mean that's how I am with her. Even Mom likes to order her around and swat her ass sometimes. And her cum tastes almost as good as yours, and there's so damn much of it!" She giggled.

"Sounds like you didn't discuss any heavy topics then."

Katherine airily replied, between continued licks on his sweet spot, "Oh, no, we did. True, most of the time we talk about sex, and you, and sex... and you." She giggled. "But we've discussed all kinds of things, like where should we all live? Or what if we have to move towns? Or how can we juggle being your sex toys with going to college or working? Actually, I've discussed that kind of stuff with all my sister slaves."

He clenched his teeth, because the pleasure was getting intense. But still, he was determined to see the conversation through. "Really? And what did you all decide?"

"Nothing. Duh! You're our master; you make the big decisions, obviously. You give the orders and we obey!" She liked that idea so much that she stopped talking and just slathered her tongue up and down his shaft.

Eventually, he coughed to encourage her to go on.

She reluctantly pulled her tongue from his shaft so she could look up at him and concentrate on a more complete answer. "We need to talk with you about these things, but we're just kinda thinking ahead and framing the problems. One thing we're all in agreement about, though, is that staying together, and staying with you, is obviously the most important thing. After all, how can we serve your cock from another town? If you think you're gonna do something like sneak off to college and leave some or all of us behind, you're got another thing coming, mister!" She winked, and then went right back licking and stroking.

He thought that over. How could I ever live without them? No way! She's just convinced me that I do need to go ahead with my plan with the rings.

He spoke with renewed confidence. "Of course not. That would be like leaving most of my body behind. I'd never do it. Even with you being a year behind in school, I'm sure we'll figure something out."

She froze, and looked up at him in pleasant surprise. "Phew! You mean it?" When he nodded, she continued, "Awesome! You're not the only one with self doubts sometimes, you know. We all worry about the Christines of the world. It's not like you're gonna abandon us, since we're family now, but maybe we'll slide way down your list if even more amazing women come along to occupy your time and keep your dick..." - she gave him a long lick and a mouth popping suck - "well drained." She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Are you kidding me? Stop that and come up here."

She slithered up his body until her nose was practically touching his. She was careful to keep a hand on his crotch, allowing her to at least keep jacking him off.

He stroked her long hair, and said, "Listen to me. I guess we've all been silly at times, having these doubts. We need to remember there's an unbreakable bond between us, a bond of love, sex, and friendship. It's true that things are still in flux right now, but the main thing is, we're a family, and that family is the rock, a solid rock. I don't know why I doubted that this morning; I must be out of my mind."

She replied as she resumed stroking his boner, "No, don't sweat it. Let's face it - we're in totally uncharted waters here. It's gonna be tough to keep the harem together, since we're flouting conventional morality in so many ways. But with you leading the way, I know we'll overcome the odds."

He was so moved by this that a few tears started to come to his eyes. "Sis! How could I ever live without you?! Talking to you has been so therapeutic! And the way you practically read my mind - you're our resident psychic." Overcome with emotion, he kissed her on the lips.

Katherine was bursting with joy, and not just from the kiss, or the feeling of her hand slipping and sliding all over his pre-cum soaked dick. One of her greatest fears was that Alan would go to college in a different town next year and the rest of the family would follow, leaving her behind to finish her senior year of high school. But if he said they'd work it out somehow so they could all stay together, she was confident that they would.

Jacking him off at double her previous pace, she thought, Oh my God! I'm soooo in love with my brother! He's never gonna let me down. And so what if I'm not the most endowed or the most beautiful in the harem? He's my brother, and he loves me just the same!


Susan stood in the kitchen, wearing nothing but her erotic apron and high heels. She was bored to tears because she'd been up for two hours and had finished all her morning errands and cleaning, and since her kids weren't up yet, she had nothing left to keep her occupied.

She'd listened to her "Sex Slave Mix" already, and didn't want to hear it again so soon for fear of burning out on it. She'd been listening to some other new music lately - she'd never really "gotten" rock and roll until her sexual liberation, so she had a whole new world of music to explore. "1999" by Prince was playing, and she liked it a lot. But even so, she wasn't feeling inspired.

She practiced her Kegel exercises as she stood there, but she did that all the time without thinking lately, and it wasn't helping her boredom.

She turned the music way down, walked over to the telephone receiver, and dialed Suzanne's number.

"Hi, Mother! Good morning," she said to Suzanne.

"Hi, Mom. What's up?" Suzanne was in her dining room alone, watching CNN while eating a muffin, and about to do her nails.

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. I'm bored. So I thought we could chat for a while." Susan idly fingered her new collar.

"Sure. Just let me get dressed and I'll come on over."


"No. I mean, chat on the phone."

Suzanne paused, surprised. Then she chuckled. "Whatever for? I'm, like, a hundred feet from you right now."

"I know. But Brenda and I have fun conversations all the time, and sometimes it's better on the phone, because then you get to use the power of your imagination."

"Well, why don't you just call Brenda then?"

"I was going to - I can't wait to talk to her about collars, especially now that I've got one just like hers! To think that I'm gonna be wearing this proof of my son's love and domination every day for the rest of my life! OOOH!" She squealed with excitement.

Suzanne said wryly, "Let me guess. That makes you 'so hot.'"

"I know you're teasing me, but it does! It DOES! To think my very own son has tamed and collared me... Come on! Doesn't it at least do something to you?"

In truth, it did something to Suzanne too, but she was too proud to admit it, especially since she wasn't particularly horny at the moment. "Never mind me."

"Come ON!" Susan insisted. "Get real! Doesn't that make your pussy all gushy and squishy?"

"Maybe a little," Suzanne conceded. But she was quick to change the subject. "You were explaining why you called me and not Brenda?"

"Oh yeah. So then I thought that you're my best friend and co-mother, and we haven't been able to share much fun time lately. It's been a few days since we've reminisced, and so much has happened. You spend too much time being the responsible one, and not enough time having fun."

"That's true." Suzanne knew that when Susan said "reminisced," she meant it in a very specific way. She was referring to their daily habit of getting together in the morning and describing their sexual encounters with Alan from the day before, as well as their sexual thoughts and fantasies. "So what's on your mind?"

"Not 'what,' more like who. It's my cutie Tiger!"

Suzanne chuckled at that, and especially at the enthusiastic way Susan said it. "Color me shocked!"

Susan smiled just from thinking about him, and cupped her boobs with her free hand in fond memory. "I know, I know, people would think I'm obsessed, but when I wake up, I think about those heavy balls of his, so full of yummy sperm, and it's all I can do not to rush into his room and wake him up with a prolonged, jaw-busting morning hummer! GOD! GOOD GOD!"

Suzanne was alarmed at how loud Susan shouted that, and thought she might have stubbed her toe or something like that. "What?"

"Nothing. Sorry. I'm just thinking about sliding my lips up and down his big shaft, and seeing the smile on his face as he wakes up and realizes what I'm doing. Mmmm! Yum. That's not even an option today, though. My lucky Angel got to sleep with him all night long."

"Oh really? Do tell." Suzanne was walking around already, in search of a dildo. She began to strip off her clothes too.

"Is it okay to talk on the phone?" Susan was mindful of Suzanne's ban on all sexual activity at the Pestridge house.

"It's a bit late for that question," Suzanne noted with a chuckle, even as she was quickly walking to her back patio with a dildo in her hand. "But yeah, it's fine, as long as you only call me on my cell phone. As I think I told you yesterday, Brad and Eric have gone on one of their god-awful boring fishing trips. They left at some ridiculously early hour this morning, and they're not supposed to be back until tomorrow night. I couldn't be happier. But just to be on the safe side, I'm taking my phone out to the pool. In fact, I'm already out there, getting comfy in a lounge chair."

"Oh, goody. Let me switch to the cordless phone in the other room, so I can wave to you over the fence."

Suzanne laughed. "Don't bother. That would be silly. Now, tell me all about what happened last night!"

"Okay, but don't forget to put your sunscreen on. You know how fair your skin is."

Suzanne already had a big dollop of suntan lotion in her other hand, and was slathering it all over her big breasts. She tried not to sound sarcastic as she rolled her eyes, and said, "Thanks, Mom."

Susan naturally didn't know what had happened to Alan and Katherine after they left her bedroom, but she went into great detail about all the things the three of them had done in her bedroom together.


Suzanne started off merely mildly amused, but after about ten minutes of Susan's passionate and detailed descriptions, she was seriously hot to trot. She was busily frigging her pussy with one hand while holding the phone with the other.

Susan too was panting and hot as an oven. She'd ditched the apron because it kept getting in the way. She stood in the middle of the kitchen with her legs spread wide, awkwardly trapping the phone between her shoulder and head, so she could use both hands to fondle her pussy and boobs.

As she wound down her account, she concluded, "So, that's all I know, since they left my room at that point. What do you think?"

"What do I think?" Suzanne half-joked, "I think if you say 'so hot' one more time, I'm gonna either scream or cry."

"But you have to admit that it was, well, so hot! The way Tiger totally dominated us all evening long, forcing us to pleasure his cock for hours on end-"

"I don't think there was much 'forcing' going on," Suzanne dryly noted.

Susan chuckled. "Okay, maybe so. But the fact is, we're his big-titted sex toys. Nay, sex SLAVES!" She said the word "slaves" with so much emotion and even astonishment that it sounded like it was the first time that idea had come to her. She was back to holding the phone with one hand and frigging her pussy with the other.

Suzanne admitted, "If you had said that at the start of this call, I would have been annoyed. But now I just have to... Fuck it. It IS 'so hot'! Damn that boy! If he doesn't somehow magically fly out of his window and land on me so he can fuck me good this very second, I'm gonna cry!"

She looked up from her lounge chair towards the Plummer house as if expecting to see him heading her way.

Susan giggled, but there was triumph in her voice. "You see? You see? Being a big-titted sex slave is the BEST! But don't worry; good things come to those who wait. Or should I say, big things cum ON or IN those who wait, hee-hee-hee! Today's gonna be a special day. I can feel it."

"Every day's been a special day lately," Suzanne pointed out. "Since even before we signed The Pact."


"True, and don't even mention The Pact, because you know how horny that gets me. But I just know it'll be an EXTRA special, extra spermy day. Tiger doesn't have school, there're no bullies to worry about, and there're no special responsibilities, like the Thanksgiving meal. Basically, we can just laze around all day and get royally fucked and suck and titfuck! Our faces will end up splattered with his sweet, sperm goodness, over and over again!"

"That's easy for you to say," Suzanne grumbled, even as she continued to frig herself. "I've got all kinds of real world shit to deal with, including lots of fallout from the fight. In fact, maybe I should start taking care of that stuff while Sweetie is still sleeping."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"That's sweet of you to ask, but probably not. Most of this stuff requires very tactful diplomacy and intricate knowledge of a lot of different and shifting factors. In fact, I'd better get started making some phone calls soon. I'm gonna have to talk to lawyers, school administrators, doctors, the police, other parents, and more - basically, anyone involved who's willing to talk on a Saturday. Ugh!" She withdrew her fingers from her pussy as the thought of making those calls cooled her ardor.

"I thought you love that intrigue stuff."

"Yeah, but not when I'm all horny, thanks to you," she whined. "And what's worse, I can't get any satisfaction. I wish I could be Sweetie's blowjob alarm clock sometimes."

"Sorry. You will, lots and lots of times, don't worry. Just not today."


Susan tried to change the topic slightly. "Are you going to talk to Glory later?"

"Oh, definitely. In fact, we'll have so much to discuss that I was thinking about seeing her in person about it."

"Ooooh! Sounds like fun. So it's not all bad. You know she has the hots for you; even I can see that. And when you're feeling down or overwhelmed, just remember that before the day is over, Tiger's gonna give you a royal fucking too."

"He'd better. Grrr! And not just a royal fucking. I'm gonna need a God dammed imperial one!"

"I like the sound of that! My Tiger's not just the king, he's the emperor!" Susan thought back to Brenda's favorite phrase: "Lord and master." It was starting to become one of her favorite phrases too. Okay, maybe "emperor" is a bit much, but he is the lord and master to us all!

Susan said goodbye and hung up after a little more small talk. Between the talking on the phone and the squishing of her fingers in and out of her pussy, not to mention the music playing, she hadn't been paying attention to anything else. But now that she was left alone, her senses were heightened as she looked around the kitchen.

Oooh! What's that? Sounds like the shower's running upstairs! Hee-hee! That means the kids are up... Hmmm. I wonder if Tiger is showering alone and needs my help. Gaawwwd, that would be so HOT! He could soap up my milk wagons and then I could rub them all over his magnificent muscular body as I slowly sink to my knees and stare up into the face of my son, my master, while his thick cock slides deep into my mouth...

A shiver of excitement ran through her as she pictured her lips straining to surround his bulbous cockhead. Damn! What the heck am I doing standing here? Mommy just might have some son-cock to take care of, hee-hee! Life is GOOD!

For a second, she considered kicking her high heels off so she could make it upstairs faster. But then she decided, No! If I do get to play with him, then obviously I'd better have them on. But even if I don't, they make me feel incredibly sexy all the time.

She scurried out of the kitchen and up the stairs, reveling in her nudity. She didn't even clutch her boobs to her chest like she usually did when moving quickly in the nude. The sensation of them shifting and swaying in the open air caused her nipples to harden and leak milk, and made her clitoris swell in anticipation.


As Susan got closer to the upstairs bathroom, she slowed down and grew more careful. Now, I can't just go barging in there, tits a-blazing. I've been a shameless cock hog lately, and Angel in particular has been getting the short end of the stick. Admittedly, it's a very long and thick stick... - she chuckled to herself - ...but she's still not getting enough of it. So first, I should scout around, and if she's taking good care of our master, I'll just leave them be.

After checking both of their bedrooms, she quickly determined they had to be in the shower together. She stood in front of the closed bathroom door, wondering what to do. Hmmm. If I'm a good mommy, I'll just go back downstairs and wait for Tiger to come down. That's what an obedient sex slave would do... On the other hand, Tiger says he likes his slave mommies to be a little bit uppity. Besides, I just have to see that big fat cock of his! Maybe if I just open the door a little bit...

Abruptly, she pulled her hand from the door. No, I shouldn't. I need to be strong, and not some interfering pest.

But as soon as she did that, she heard screaming coming from inside the bathroom. It was Katherine's voice. "Help! Help me!"

Fearing that her daughter had fallen and hurt herself, or something along those lines, Susan barged in. However, even as she did so, Katherine continued, "Help! My brother is threatening to fuck me, and it feels soooo good!"

Susan's heart was in her throat, and it took some long moments for her body to realize there was no need to panic. Thank the Lord! She's okay! After a few more seconds, she realized they hadn't noticed her open the door, and she took a look around the room.

The shower curtain was closed, so all she could see were blurry shapes of bodies. However, what she saw was enough to mollify her. It was hard to tell, but it looked like Alan had Katherine pinned up against a wall (facing away from where Susan was), and was rubbing his dick over her ass.


Susan was quickly able to confirm this last part, because Katherine was still pretending distress. "Help! Brother's sticking his cock everywhere but in my hole, where it belongs! Somebody help! Help him guide it in!"

Katherine giggled. She suddenly turned around, however, and told him, "If you're not going to rape me properly, I'm just gonna have to take matters into my own mouth." She suddenly dropped to her knees.

YES! Susan silently pumped her fist into the air as she salivated and licked her lips. Go, Angel! She could see that Katherine was bending her head forward and starting to give Alan a combined titfuck and blowjob.

Susan felt a great sense of relief, just from knowing that her son's dick was being properly taken care of. She didn't have a good view, because of the shower curtain, but she could see enough to confirm that Katherine's head was bobbing up and down in a tell-tale motion. That's it, Angel! That's it! Choke and gag on your brother's massive cock! Don't be afraid to encourage him to vigorously fuck your face!

Susan was startled when she heard Alan speak, but then calmed down when she realized he was talking to Katherine.

He said, "I told you that's completely unnecessary, Sis. I mean, trying to make my dick hard right now is like trying to keep the sun up in the sky. It's already there, and doing fine!"

Katherine pulled her lips off his shaft and giggled again. "I know that, Big Windex Bottle Brother. But humor me, okay? And then you can go down on me."

He replied, "Hey, I'm the master here, aren't I? And I say I want to go down on you right now."

Katherine moaned lustily. "If you insist! I love it when you play the master card. Go for it! But then remember that it's gonna be MY turn."

Susan found herself slowly drawn deeper into the room, like a moth to a flame. She moved silently, and Alan was facing the other way, so there was little danger at the moment of her being detected. She stood still as a statue when Alan and Katherine changed positions and Alan got down on his knees in front of his sister. (Of course, there was no real danger if she got "caught" by either of her children, but she'd gotten caught up in the situation and was quite nervous. She just didn't want to be seen as a "cock hog" trying to elbow in on their private time together.)

Unfortunately for Susan's stealthy efforts, Katherine was now directly facing her, and Katherine could easily see the flesh-colored, Amazon-sized figure on the other side of the curtain. However, she wasn't alarmed in the slightest, since she could make out Susan's unusually voluptuous shape and long dark brown hair. She could even make out Susan's black collar.

If anything, Katherine was amused. Sweet! Mom is spying on us, and buck naked to boot. How cute is that? She crooked her finger, motioning Susan to come closer.

Susan poked her head through a gap in the curtain, but only did so because Alan still was kneeling away from her.

Mother and daughter communicated with each other using non-verbal gestures and exaggerated faces while Alan continued to lap away at Katherine's pussy, oblivious. Katherine "asked" Susan if she wanted to join in, but Susan was very determined not to cut in, and made backing away gestures with her hands. So Katherine went back to enjoying Alan's oral work, while Susan grew hot as an oven playing with herself and watching through the gap in the curtain.

Alan kept right on licking Katherine through a big (and loud) orgasm.

As both of Susan's children started to recover from that effort, it was clear that Alan was about to stand back up. Susan knew that the odds were good that he would see her, especially since she was standing right next to the shower. So she silently backed out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Why did I do that? Susan asked herself as she leaned against the door, recovering from the excitement. I'm terrible! I just can't get enough of my son and his glorious cock! The problem is, I'm even MORE horny now. Instead of getting my "fix," I want him twice as much.

She sighed. Ah, well. Such is the fate of being a big-titted sex slave mommy to a son with a big harem. There's just not enough Alan Junior to go around... Gaawwwd, that fact alone is so HOT! Even thinking about how my son has so many other women to fuck that he's forced to leave me deprived sometimes totally turns me on. And is it possible to say "big-titted sex slave mommy" too many times in a single day? I think not! She chuckled at that.

Still, big-titted mommies do have other duties. Those two will have worked up a sweat, and they'll want to eat a big breakfast in a very short time. And since Angel got him all night, maybe she'll let me have a turn slurping on his fat knob? Oooh! I might even get to do it under the table while he eats. That's my favorite!

I'd better go put on some more clothes, because if I keep running around naked like this, I'll be too horny to cock. Er, I mean cook! She headed towards her bedroom.

At the same time, back in the shower, the two siblings were busy kissing and fondling. After one particularly long kiss, Alan said, "Kat, you smell so good, and you feel even better. How are you doing? Are you up for a shower fuck, or are you still a bit wobbly from that orgasm?"

"A bit wobbly, actually. But I have an idea. Think about Mom."

"That's your idea?" he asked in confusion.

"No, silly. Think about what she's doing right now. You know she's up long before us, working hard to keep the house clean and all of us well fed. I'll bet she's totally chomping at the bit, listening to the sound of the shower running and pretty much counting the seconds until you come downstairs and 'get her attention.' In fact, I'm surprised she was able to resist the urge to sneak in here and spy on us." She said this last comment as a little joke to herself, since of course she knew full well that Susan had done just that.

"So you want me to go downstairs and fuck her? That's pretty selfless of you."

"Well, yeah, kind of, but not really. I've got a plan forming in my mind that'll involve you having anal sex with me, as well as her." It was seeing Susan sneaking into the shower that had put the thought in Katherine's head of doing something to please her. She knew that Susan was even more aroused than usual (which was saying quite a lot!), so whatever they tried was bound to be wildly successful.

Alan asked skeptically, "Anal sex with you? But we tried that before, twice even, and I thought you didn't like it."

Katherine just rolled her eyes at him, as if he'd just said something stupid. "I think you got the wrong idea somehow. It's not like I hated it; it's just that it doesn't make me see stars like it does for Mom. Normally, if you're gonna fuck me, I'd rather you fuck me in a different hole where I'd enjoy it more."

She nodded towards her shaved mound, in case he didn't get the hint. "But not today. This'll be a key step to help ensure Mom has her brain completely blown out of her head. She's been so good to us and, thanks to her selflessness last night, I got to experience a whole body orgasm with you. So I really want to make her day."

She then leaned in close and spoke to him in hushed tones. "We both know that Mom REALLY gets off on anal submission to you. She still thinks of it as THE most 'sinful' and humiliating sex act there is."

"She does? But she and I had anal sex long before vaginal."

"I know, but that was before her old, prudish belief system was overturned. Now, she thinks all sex acts are delightfully naughty, and gets an erotic buzz out of the 'sinfulness' of whatever you do to her, but anal seems the most 'unnatural,' so that give her an extra big buzz. Yet you hardly ever poke her back door. That needs to be rectal-fied right away."

He groaned at her "rectal-fied" pun. But his heart also started to pound as he imagined what Susan's reaction might be. He grinned with anticipation, as he imagined his mother bent over and eagerly wiggling her ass at him. Just thinking about her luscious ass being willingly offered up to him made his dick harden even more and throb with anticipation. "Okay, I'm up for that. Let's blow her head off!"


After Katherine explained her plan, she hustled him out of the bathroom, and told him he should wait in his bedroom while she took care of some necessary "feminine things" before they went downstairs.

He didn't ask, and didn't want to know what that meant, but she was just lubing up and otherwise preparing her own ass for anal sex.


Downstairs, Susan was chopping up bananas to put into the banana pancakes she was about to make. She was dressed more like a porn star than a soccer mom. Her miniskirt didn't even cover the bottoms of her ass cheeks, and her milk-filled breasts were constantly falling out of her extremely loose and low-cut top.

But still, she worried about being too covered up and wondered if her erotic apron might be better.

Any minute now, Tiger and Angel are going to come downstairs. Will he be feeling frisky? Will he be erect, even? Will he be naked? What if Angel will have just drained him completely dry? Then I'll look pretty foolish dressed like a shameless hussy. But that's okay. Part of being a big-titted sex slave mommy is getting humiliated. To be honest, I kind of like that part. As a matter of fact, I like it a lot!


Alan and Katherine came strolling into the kitchen and dining room area together, fully dressed. Alan went straight to the kitchen, and Katherine sat down at the dining room table.

"Good morning, Mom," he said to Susan as he walked up to her. He purred with approval as he blatantly looked her over from head to toe. "You look extra hot and sexy. Nice!"

Susan felt a tingling shiver of lust shoot through her, but she tried not to show it. "Good morning, and thank you," she replied warmly. She preened, striking a sexy pose. "You think?"

"I know." He kissed her on the cheek. "By the way, I like your heels."

Susan beamed. "You do? Suzanne uh, OH! Tiger! ... Suzanne bought them for me."

Her comment was cut off because Alan simply slipped both the straps off her shoulders and then grasped her newly exposed big tits with his hands. He gently squeezed her nipples, forcing a bit of milk to dribble out.

Susan was left breathless. Oh my goodness! Today is going to be a VERY good day! He's frisky AND erect!

"That's nice of her," he said casually while rubbing his face in her cleavage. "Please thank her for me." He inhaled deeply of her chest. "You smell nice too. Kind of like strawberries and cream."

Susan was trembling with delight, and gasped especially loud when he dropped a hand down the back of her miniskirt and firmly squeezed an ass cheek.

But just as quickly, he withdrew from her and even pulled one of her straps back over her shoulder, leaving one boob covered. He looked around the kitchen, as if interested in other things. "And speaking of tasty fruit, what are you making? What's for breakfast?"

Susan though was still reeling from near orgasmic pleasure, and was too dazed to immediately answer his question. Good Lord! He just comes strolling in here, and manhandles me, and yanks my clothes off like he owns me. And of course, HE DOES! He OWNS me!

She nearly climaxed just from thinking that. She certainly would have if her privates had been touched at the right moment.

But Alan didn't notice her trembling because he was looking at Katherine. "Sis! What the heck is wrong with you?" Pretending anger, he left the kitchen and went stomping over to where his sister sat in the adjacent dining room.

"What?" she asked, in a haughty and uncaring tone. She chomped down on an apple.

"First off, you come down here and you don't even say hello to Mom, after all she does for you. Then you just sit there fully dressed, like you're expecting Christine to show up or something."

"Well, so what if I do? Maybe I'm cold."

"Maybe you're cold?! Just who's the master around here?"

She looked guilty. "Um, you are."

"And who's the sex slave?"

She bowed her head dejectedly. "Uh, me. Mom and me."

Susan was watching, completely shocked. She didn't realize that this was a role-play her children had worked out in advance. Upset by her daughter's sulky attitude, she stormed into the dining room as quickly as her high heels could carry her. As she reached the table, she slid her other strap down her shoulder so her other breast was freed too.

"Damn straight!" she boomed, while striking a sexy pose that emphasized her exposed and lightly bouncing globes. To her delight, her flimsy top quickly slid all the way off her body. "Tiger is in charge here, and don't you ever forget it! Does that collar around your neck mean NOTHING to you?!"

"Of course it does. But he's only one year older than me," Katherine pretended to gripe. She fingered her collar, feeling guilty that she had to say such things, even in a role-play. "Why should he be in charge?"

Susan was temporarily struck speechless. But she recovered, thundering, "Why?! Because he's tamed you, and me, and the rest of us, that's why! He's proven his natural superiority, and you know it! Now, get your face in his lap and let's see some stealth sucking while he eats breakfast before I get REALLY mad! Or... don't tell me you don't even want to suck his cock? I'm... I'm... speechless! Have you gone completely crazy?!"

Susan had been looking forward to doing the stealth sucking herself, but she figured it was more important that Katherine be reminded of her place as one of his personal cocksuckers with a prolonged cocksucking session.

Alan put a hand on Susan's shoulder. "Mom, let me handle this." But his hand quickly slid down to her nearest bare breast and gave it a honk. "By the way, how's the milk? Do you need to be drained?"

Susan was grimacing angrily, trying to be nice to him while still feeling irate at her daughter. "I definitely could use a good suckling, I've been holding out all morning, waiting for you. But don't worry about that right now. Put some sanity back in your sister first!"

"I'm not worried," he replied calmly. "She's just seeing how far she can push me. But Sis, you went over the line." He spoke to his sister in a much sterner tone, "Strip, and then bend over the dinner table, face down."

To Alan's amusement, Susan started to step towards the table and pull her miniskirt down.

"Not you, Mom. Please, go back into the kitchen and let me take care of this." But while his words said "go," his hands said "stay." He lifted up his mother's short skirt and fondled her exposed ass with both hands while watching his sister undress.

Susan was gratified to see that he was taking control of the situation. She decided to stay for as long as he wanted to enjoy her ass.


Katherine was pretending to be surly about it, but she was finding it increasingly difficult to hide her arousal. She couldn't help but put on a sexy show as she took off her clothes. This part of the role play she liked. As she danced and stripped to "Master and Servant" by Depeche Mode on the Sex Slave Mix CD, she thought, I've been baaaad! Really bad! Brother, punish me GOOD!

"Yes, Son," Susan said between sultry moans. "You're really gonna... take charge! Aren't you? You're gonna... show her... her place!" She was right on the edge of a big orgasm, especially because Alan continued to knead her sensitive ass cheeks.

But then he pulled her miniskirt back in place and gave her ass a slap.

Unfortunately for Susan, it wasn't the start of a spanking; it was a gesture directing her back to the kitchen. Even so, she very nearly fell to her knees in orgasmic ecstasy after his hand smacked her. She was so worked up that it was a challenge for her to stagger back towards the kitchen.

She only made it as far as the stools in front of the kitchen counter, and then she had to sit down and try to recover. Oh my Lord! Is there anything hotter than seeing him take control of his rebellious sister while treating me just like a sex pet? I think not! He put both of us in our place at the same time!

Katherine, meanwhile, had completely stripped faster than she wanted to, as she wasn't wearing underwear. She bent over the table at a right angle and excitedly wiggled her ass around before she remembered that she wasn't supposed to be happy. "I'm so sorry, Brother!" she pretended to apologize. "You're right that I didn't really mean it; I was just testing you."

"Well, it's too late for apologies now. You still need to be punished."

"Oh, no! What are you going to do to me?!" Again, she couldn't help but wiggle her ass around. Even though this was a pre-arranged act, she was getting carried away. She felt like she really was getting punished, and she loved it.

Alan, too, was starting to forget that this was supposed to just be an act designed for Susan, and he was getting into it as well. His dick had been firm and erect pretty much since he'd strolled into the kitchen, and now he whipped it out of his shorts and laid it along Katherine's ass crack.

Susan gasped, loudly. YES! That's it, Son! It's time for some sister-taming!

Forgetting her role, Katherine cooed lustily. "Big Jai Alai Stick Brother, what have you got for me there? Hmmm?" She bucked backwards, as if trying to catch his dick with her pussy.

He snorted with laughter at her obscure phallic object reference. But then he said, "Hey Mom, can you get me some kind of lubrication? Something from the kitchen will do, like olive oil or even a stick of butter."

Katherine's asshole was already lubed up, but she didn't say anything, since she figured it would be better (and sexier) if he lubricated himself and her too.

Susan stumbled to the refrigerator on wobbly legs and got a tray of butter. Seeing it there in her hand, and thinking what Alan might use it for, she nearly collapsed on the floor. Somehow, she managed to stagger back over to where Alan was rubbing his dick all over his sister's ass. Her miniskirt was askew, but she was too frazzled to notice.

Her mind filled with vivid images of Katherine having her ass violated right there on the dining room table while she watched from a short distance away. She whispered in awe, "What are you going to do? Not in her ass?"

"Yes, the ass," he said firmly.

Katherine was just alert enough to remember to shriek with distress.

Susan gasped. "But she hates that!"

"I know." Actually, Katherine didn't really hate it, and Alan knew that Susan was aware of that, since Susan and Katherine kept no sexual secrets from each other anymore. But he also knew that Susan was aroused by anything suggesting he would have his way with her against her will. Since this fit into that, he played along.

Sure enough, Susan's nostrils flared and her eyes went wide with excitement. Her heart was practically thumping out of her chest.

He casually added, "And I hate it when she tests my authority." He swatted Katherine's left ass cheek hard to punctuate that.

Katherine shrieked again, and this time she didn't have to fake it.

Susan clung to Alan's left shoulder like an adoring groupie. "Son! You're so... forceful! So manly!"

Knowing that Susan was as aroused as could be, he stuck his hand out towards her and ran it all over her tummy. As his fingers went up and explored the sensitive undersides of her huge boobs, he stated matter-of-factly, "Mom, when I say that you and Sis are my sex slaves, I really mean it. I expect total obedience and submission. Do you understand?"

His hand drifted down her tummy again and kept going down. He pulled down her miniskirt as his fingers reached her bush.

This was simply too much for Susan to take. She looked at his hand, her miniskirt slowly sliding down on its own to her knees, the tray of butter on the table, and his dick resting in between the upturned cheeks of Katherine's ass, and she started to whine. The whine quickly turned into a high-pitched wail as an orgasmic wave of lust and desire washed over her. There were a few "YES!"-type sounds in there, as she valiantly tried to answer his question.

She literally was unable to stand, and crumpled to the floor.

For a few seconds, he was concerned that she'd hurt herself, but she obviously was just fine, since she kept squealing with delight. She even pulled herself together enough to diddle her clit, which set off yet another round of ecstatic squeals.

He was chagrined, but in a pleasantly amused way, because the plan had been for him to fuck Katherine's ass in order to push Susan over the edge, yet his mother was already over the edge and he hadn't even started. However, he resolved to keep going anyway. Katherine's ass looked too tempting to resist, and he wondered if he might get a better result than last time, now that he was more talented with anal sex.


Alan slathered his dick up with the butter as best he could, and began the slow and tricky process of fitting it into Katherine's anus. But it wasn't nearly as difficult as entering Amy's ass, especially since Katherine was completely relaxed and eager.

Susan recovered over the next couple of minutes, while he pushed into Katherine's ass ever so slowly.

Out of the blue, he gave Katherine's ass another hard whack.

Katherine exclaimed, "Finally! It's about time!"

That comment puzzled him, so he asked, "'About time?' What do you mean?"

"Remember last night, how you promised me that you'd give me a 'very thorough spanking' tomorrow? Which means today, which means right now! Remember how you said you might even need to tie me up first?" That gave her an idea. "Hey, Mom! Can you get us some rope?"

Susan was overcome with another surge of lust. She didn't cum again, but her mouth hung open in shock. Holy cow! A tied-up spanking is just about the greatest idea I've ever heard! If he's going to do that to her, then he needs to do it to me. Fair's fair, right? He can line us up side by side, with our arms tied behind our backs, completely and utterly helpless, and take turns fucking our faces and generally having his way with us!

Oh, what a great day this is going to be!

But to Susan's dismay, and Katherine's too, he said, "Not so fast, Sis. That sounds like something you'd enjoy, and you're supposed to be getting punished right now. Besides, I was just joking around when I said that."

"DRAT!" Katherine complained. Stupid role-play! However, she realized she needed to play along. She quickly came up with what she hoped would be a good compromise. "Well, could you at least smack my ass a few more times while you squeeze Alan Junior in?"

"I suppose I can do that." He proceeded to give Katherine six more hard whacks over the next couple of minutes.

Katherine loved it. She particularly loved that she never knew when the next smack would be. It actually slowed up his progress into her ass because she clenched up her ass in anticipation of the next blow, but she figured it was more than worth it for the extra thrill and submissive joy.

Susan was beside herself with jubilation watching that. She only wished that it could have been a "proper" spanking instead.

Once Alan had managed the difficult task of fitting his bulbous cockhead inside his sister's tight butt, he knew that the rest would be comparatively easy. He turned to Susan, who was sitting up and staring intently at his insertion. "Mom, please put your clothes back on, such as they are, and go back in the kitchen. I'm getting hungry, as I'm sure we all are. I'll take care of Sis here."

From her vantage point, Susan could clearly see his erection entering Katherine's asshole. That's such an affront to God. Unnatural and sinful. So wrong! So wonderfully, deliciously wrong! She gasped lustily, "Yes, Son."

She spied her top on the floor where she'd discarded it a little while ago. Knowing that her son's attention was still on her, she made a big production out of bending over to pick it up. She was particularly mindful to have her breasts dangle in an enticing manner.

As she did so, she thought, Dear Lord, I love my big tits so much! I used to be neutral about them, at best. They were a bother. But now, they've become a central part of my identity. All I have to do is bend over like this, and I can see a fire light up in Tiger's eyes. Every single time, whether he's erect or not. It's such a rush! I'll bet it's making his cock throb and grow a little in Angel's ass. This is what sex slaves do. We help each other out in little ways.


Once Susan finally finished putting her skimpy top back on, Alan turned his attention back to Katherine. He started stroking in and out, going a little bit deeper with each thrust.

Katherine was unabashedly enjoying what was happening, and that wasn't just an act. (In fact, she was supposed to be disliking it, but she'd completely forgotten about that.) She was surprised that anal sex wasn't the ordeal it had been the first time. It wasn't really the physical act of being fucked in the ass that she was enjoying, as much as the whole milieu. She was extremely aroused before the insertion even began, which was a big plus. Also, she had loved their little role play, especially the reaction from Susan as she watched.

Sex and lust filled the room like a thick fog, and there was simply no way for anyone there not to feel aroused. She eagerly anticipated each new thrust.

Back in the kitchen, Susan had more or less straightened up her clothes, and was trying to focus on the pancake batter instead of the sounds of anal sex going on right behind her. She tried her best not to look across the counter to the dining room, and turned up the volume on her "Sex Slave Mix" CD to drown out the sounds of grunting and thrusting.

Unfortunately for her efforts to remain calm, the song that happened to be playing was "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. Strictly speaking, the song didn't fit the sex slave theme, but since Katherine had had trouble finding enough thematic songs to fill a CD, she added some just for their sexy aura, and this was one of them.

As the singer started to sing,

"I'm too sexy for my shirt,
too sexy for my shirt,
so sexy it hurts,"

Susan found herself starting to take her top off without even thinking about it, even tough she'd just put it back on. After a moment or two, she stopped herself, pulled her top back down, and tried to focus her attention on the pancake batter. Tiger just told me to put my clothes on and keep them on. He's my master, which makes that an order. I'll bet he said that so Angel will feel reassured that he has all his attention on her. Such a good son!

But when the singer started to sing about strutting around on the catwalk, she found herself strutting around the kitchen and taking her top off again, in striptease fashion.

Again she caught herself, but not until after she'd tossed her shirt over the kitchen counter. Oh dear me! I did it again! It's just that I'm having so much sexy fun. How can I not at least get topless? But I have to obey my well-hung master!

She rushed to the CD player sitting on the counter near the sink and skipped to the next song, hoping that would help to calm her. But this song was "Sexy MF" by Prince (the uncensored version). Strictly speaking, it also didn't have much to do with the CDs theme either, although it did contain the line "I'm with the blindfold, gagged and bound." But the chorus, with the repeated line "Come here baby, yeah, you sexy motherfucker," was her absolute favorite part of the whole CD.


As soon as the chorus came around, she couldn't resist dancing. Sorry, Tiger! Sorry, Angel! I'm having too much fun! Just look at my children. Tiger is really giving it to her good! He's punishing her, putting her in her place, and getting a great ass fuck at the same time. He's so clever! It's no wonder he's tamed us all!

She whimpered and stared at the CD player helplessly as she continued to groove to the music. She muttered to herself, "There's nothing I can do! Each song is better than the last. There's no escaping Tiger's sexy net!" (In her frazzled state, it didn't occur to her to simply turn the CD player off.)

She turned to look back into the dining room, and she was hit with a memory so powerful that she actually staggered back a step or two. She suddenly vividly recalled a discussion she'd had with Suzanne over a month earlier, at a time when Suzanne was still attempting to break down her prudish defenses. Susan had become an enthusiastic cocksucker by then, but Suzanne was trying to convince her that anal sex was okay as well. This was when the two of them came up with the "bend over but don't break" motto, a line that Susan still liked to think about and chuckle over from time to time.

As they had talked, Susan had brought up the possibility of Alan having anal sex with Katherine as well. This had led to Susan having a fantasy where she'd imagined Katherine naked and bent over the dining room table, with Alan relentlessly fucking his sister's ass. In the fantasy, Susan had been in the kitchen, wearing nothing but her apron, and looking on like a proud mother while her daughter screamed in mingled agony and ecstasy as her well-hung son vigorously thrust in and out of Katherine's butt.

The thought that had physically staggered her was that that previously outlandish fantasy was now a very real occurrence, taking place right in front of her. She could scarcely believe it. The only flaw was that she was wearing a miniskirt instead of an apron. Luckily, she kept a spare apron in one of the kitchen cabinets, so she quickly dropped her skirt and put that on instead.

Susan remembered how her little sex fantasy from what seemed like ages ago had concluded, with her getting down on her knees on the floor, her ass lifted up and spread by her very own hands and telling Alan as he continued to pump Katherine's rear, "Now don't forget about your mother!"

Without even really thinking about it, Susan's hands reached back and gently cupped her sensitive ass globes, which were uncovered now that she's switched to the erotic apron. She couldn't stop her fingers from softly kneading her buttocks, and had to stifle a small cry of pleasure when she carefully pulled her ass open and felt a scintillating chill of cooler air touch her skin between her cheeks. She felt a thrill of yearning as her asshole fluttered with desire and need.

She was so overjoyed that she actually wiped a few tears of joy from her eyes. Everything is too perfect to be believed! Just look at them. LOOK at them! Even as he brutally plunders her ass, one can still feel the love between them. I've raised the best two kids in the whole world! It's so right to see them like this, master and slave!

Giving up on her half-hearted effort to make pancakes, Susan wandered around the kitchen counter and sat on one of the tall stools. She sighed contentedly as she watched Alan continue to slowly plow Katherine's ass. But what made her even happier was that, every now and then, he'd deliver a hard stinging slap to one of Katherine's ass cheeks too. Each time he did that, Susan would jump in her chair a little bit, pretending that she was the one getting spanked.

Wow! Am I the luckiest mother in the world, or what? All my dreams are very literally coming true! I have no idea what the heck got into Angel there for a minute with her sassy and disobedient attitude, but Tiger's taking care of it, one thrust at a time. God, he's really slipping her the sausage, and she's squealing like a stuck pig! Hee-hee! And I love that he's starting to understand his slaves' need to be regularly spanked, even if they are sister slaves... or big-titted mommy slaves! Hee-hee! She started out all rebellious, but just look at her now - she's totally tamed and loving it!

She had a "Eureka!" moment. Hey! All Angel had to do was talk sassy and cover her body with too many clothes, and bam! Ass attack! Gaawwwd, I NEED that dick in me!

It was only a minute or so after she'd come to that realization when Katherine had a loud and satisfying orgasm. She watched as Alan pulled out of Katherine to go sit on the love seat in order to rest.

Katherine remained bent over the dining room table, panting for breath as her body quivered and twitched.

However, just before sitting down in the love seat, he changed his mind and went to the kitchen to grab a handi-wipe so that he could clean himself off first. His attention had been entirely on Katherine during the ass fuck, but now that he was passing through the kitchen, he gave his mother a good look over. He merely smiled at her while he wiped his erection clean.

Susan struck a sexy and submissive pose, with her arms pinned behind her back. "Son! Color me impressed! You really gave it to her good!"

He still just smiled in return. But once he had the handi-wipe in the trash, he walked up to her and swept her in his arms. "How you doing, Mom?" He gave her a big kiss on the lips that left her breathless.

Yet before the kiss was over, she had both of her hands on his boner and all ten fingers pumped up and down. She finally replied, "I'm doing great! Even better, now that you're here!"

He looked down at her sliding fingers. "Yeah, well, sorry, but I'm just passing through. I'm gonna go crash on the love seat for a while." He disengaged.

He started to walk away, but then he turned around and gave her a solid whack on one ass cheek and then the other. He resumed walking away, saying, "That's for disobeying me and taking your top off." But he winked at the same time, showing he wasn't upset at all.

Susan was in awe, her entire body trembling with lusty desire. BEST. DAY. EVER! And we haven't even had breakfast yet!


Susan saw her chance. Finding new energy, she rushed to the front of the house and rummaged through the underwear cabinet, looking for some of the "normal" clothes she took off when she entered the house. She found a sleeveless sweater and a dress that went down to her ankles. She quickly shucked her apron and put those on instead.

From where Alan was now sitting, on the love seat in the dining room, he could look down the open corridor through the living room and almost to the underwear cabinet. He kept staring there, wondering what his mother was doing.

He soon found out, because Susan started walking back through the living room. He had to laugh, as he saw her wearing the sweater and dress, even though it was a sunny and warm day. She was working at cross purposes, because she saw him watching her, and put on her most sultry, sashaying walk, despite her heavy clothes. It had become second nature to her, and she truly couldn't help it if she knew his eyes were on her


When she stood in front of him, she scowled and tried to think of something defiant to say, in order to piss him off. "Son, the next time you get a big, fat, delicious hard-on, maybe I won't even feel like sucking you off. So there! What do you think of that?"

He grinned, knowing full well what she was trying to do, which was goad him into punishing her like he'd just punished Katherine. He decided to have some fun with it. "That's fine with me. I'm sure you need a break from time to time."

She scrunched her face up in frustration. "Um... Maybe I won't even want to touch your incredible cock for a whole DAY! How does THAT hit you?"

He replied matter-of-factly, "No problem. Then I'll just have to rip your clothes off and give you a good spanking."

"For what reason?" she asked.

"No reason at all," he replied casually. "Just 'cos I feel like it."

Just about any answer would have aroused Susan, but she especially loved that one. She shivered all over.

He maintained a poker face as he added, "After ripping your clothes off and pulling you to your knees, I'll feed inch after inch of my cock into your hungry mouth, whether you like it or not. I don't have a problem with MAKING you take it." (Actually, he did, but he knew what she wanted to hear.)

She winced while she began salivating. "Oh Gaawwwd! That's so HOT!" Even as her eyes closed, her mouth opened, and in her imagination she could feel and taste the heaviness of his erection on her tongue as his hands grasped her head and made her take his shaft deeper and deeper.

Alan and Katherine were both sitting in the love seat next to each other now, with Katherine slumped against her brother.

Susan couldn't help but notice that Alan's cock was still erect, since Katherine had climaxed but he hadn't yet. Her body was acting on its own as she dropped to her knees right in front of him. She eagerly licked her lips, closing in on his crotch.

But she caught herself in time, and tried harder to think of something mean to say. "Tiger, you're, uh... I dunno, you're not so great." She licked her lips again and stared wantonly at his slicked up pole.

He brought a hand to his forehead and shook his head, amused and chagrined at Susan's inability to play her role by saying something offensive. He realized she needed help. "Mom, are you thinking mean thoughts about me?"

"Yes! Definitely!" she nodded fervently. She might have been more convincing if she wasn't beaming with eager happiness, with her eyes locked on his erection. The fact that she'd just shucked her sweater off, leaving her naked from the waist up, didn't help her credibility.

"Well then," he purred confidently, grabbing hold of her chin and forcing Susan to look him in the eye. "Looks like I'm just gonna have to FUCK such willful disobedience right out of your naughty ass!"

"Oooh! Goody!" She clapped her hands with glee. She was a terrible actress, and forgot that she was supposed to be opposed to that idea. "Please, Son! Big-titted mommies need their asses tamed daily!" She took the rest of her clothes off with lightning speed, except for her high heels, of course.

Katherine was still a bit out of it, but she was watching and giggling. "Mom, you're so cute. That's the most adorably pathetic attempt at insulting someone I've ever seen."

Susan was already on all fours with her ass pointing at him, and panting with excitement. Her hands began pulling her ass cheeks open in anticipation. "Son, it's very important at times like this to not forget your Mommy, and her oh-so-sinful anal needs! I'm all lubed up, just like I am every morning. So just ram it in your naked, sex slave mommy's ass!"


He proceeded to do just that. He dropped to the floor and knelt right behind her, in the middle of the dining room. He used his hands to keep her ass cheeks spread wide. "God... DAMN!" he grunted, as he slowly pushed his bulbous cockhead in. After a minute or so of slow progress, and a lot of fevered moans from Susan, he managed to get all of his cockhead in. He shouted, "Damn! Hot damn!"

It was much easier going than it had been for Katherine. His sister had been tensed up, while Susan was relaxed and eager.

Katherine was more or less recovered by this point, and got up to see what was happening. "What's up, Big Guitar Case Bro? Trouble?"

"No. Actually..." - he grunted again - "I'm almost" - another grunt - "all the way... IN! Phew. There!" He paused and caught his breath.

Susan panted lustfully, but remained fully impaled and otherwise quiet. She was waiting for him to "flex" his cock in her, their signal that he was ready to start fucking her.

Still resting, but breathing easier, he explained, "I was crying out 'cos I'm just so frigging goddamn happy. I mean, your ass, and then Mom's ass, both feel so insanely good. I'm surprised pleasure this intense isn't illegal."

Giggling, Katherine pointed out, "Technically, it is. There's that whole fucking your mother and sister incest thing."

"Oh yeah." He wiped the sweat from his forehead. "By the way, Mom, that whole thing about Sis being disobedient, that was all an act. We just came up with that idea to get you all riled up and excited."

"Well, thank God for that!" Susan replied, as she started to wiggle her ass a bit. "That takes a big load off my mind. Why, Angel, I'm getting angry at you all over again, just thinking about it!" She scowled and clenched her fists, even as she kept her forearms on the floor to hold up her weight.

"But it wasn't real," Alan reminded her. "Anyhow, let's get your mind off that already." Placing both hands on Susan's ass for a good grip, he pulled her hips back hard against himself, trying to gain the last tiny fraction of penetration. Then he did what she had been waiting for: he "flexed" his cock inside her.

Susan's head shot up as she arched her back and ground her ass into her son's crotch, and let out a loud gasping cry of lusty satisfaction. Yes, Son! That's the way to get your mommy's attention! Fuck your Mommy-splitting cock all the way up my tight little ass and do THAT! Such a GOOD son!

Alan waited for Susan to settle down from her near orgasm.

Susan once again lay sprawled across the coffee table. Her hips involuntarily rocked against him, urging him to start fucking her.

Placing both hands on her ass for a good grip, he started slowly thrusting in and out.

That set her to gasping and mewling with pleasure, as she shamelessly began to match his rhythm and fuck back to meet his thrusts.

Suddenly, a thought came to Susan. "Oh my goodness! Son, you tricked me, didn't you?!"

He smirked, but played dumb. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean! You and Angel, you did all that stuff just to get me to act defiant so you'd fuck my ass!"

He broke into a big smile, as he continued to plow in and out of her ass. "Guilty as charged."

Katherine quickly and quietly muttered, "Here it comes: 'Gaawwwd, that's so hot!'"

Susan didn't hear that. She loudly exclaimed, "Gaawwwd! SO HOT!"

Katherine giggled to herself. Close. So close. One word off. Mom's super predictable, but somehow that makes me love her even more. Her feelings are straightforward and strong.

Alan hadn't heard Katherine's muttering, since he was preoccupied with the ass fucking, but he chuckled at Susan's predictable "SO HOT!" response.

Susan was delighted beyond measure to have been tricked. While trying to hump back onto his cock, she admitted, "Son, I love how clever you are! How you always trick me and humiliate me! It just proves over and over again that resistance is useless. God must want me to endlessly serve your huge cock! It's God's will!"

That was such a thrilling idea for Susan that she pretty much took over the ass fucking for a while. She humped back and forth with such vigor that it was all he could do to keep up with her rhythm and not accidentally pull out.

But he didn't mind at all. He was amused and entertained. He loved to see his mother completely succumb to her lusts, as she was doing now.

A couple of minutes passed. Slowly but surely, the ass fucking returned to how it was before, with Alan leading the way with his steady thrusting.

Katherine put her elbows on the table and leaned over Susan's ass to witness the thrusting from mere inches away. "Brother, can I ask you a question? What's it feel like? You know, from the male point of view?"

He replied, while huffing and puffing a bit, "It's so true what they say about the ass being a really tight squeeze. But it feels great... not too painful. It's like, every single part of my dick is feeling an intense sensation, all at once... Ask me later... Wanna... fuck!"

Katherine turned her attention to Susan. She slapped her mother's nearest ass cheek really hard, even as Alan continued to plow in and out.

"Ow!" Susan cried. "What was that for?"

"That's for wearing all the clothes!" she slapped her other ass cheek. "And that's for saying that Brother's not all that great!"

"I didn't really mean it!" Susan wailed contritely. "He's the BEST! Son, Mommy's so proud to be your sex slave! You make me- UH!" She grunted as he thrust in. His thrusts were coming deeper and faster now that her ass had adjusted to his intrusion. "You make me so- UGH! ... So very happy! ... HNGG! My little baby has grown up to- UH! ... Up to be a FANTASTIC Mommy fucker!"

Running her hands up and down Susan's ass and back, Katherine asked, "I dunno. Should we forgive her? Or should I spank her some more?"

"I say we do both," he replied, between heavy grunts.

Katherine giggled. "Excellent idea. Mommy" - her hand came crashing down on Susan's ass - "you're" - she let loose another hard slap - "for-" - another - "giv-" and another - "en!" She concluded with an especially hard one.

All the while, Alan continued his steady, rhythmic thrusting.

Katherine then started rubbing Susan's ass tenderly, and said in a gentle voice, "But Mom, never forget your place. And what's that?"

Susan was already so worked up that she was having a difficult time breathing, much less talking. But she gasped out, "Slave! ... Mommy slave! ... Underneath Tiger! ... Butt slut for, for my, my... son!"

"That's right," Katherine replied, patting her butt encouragingly. "Hey, Bro. I have an idea. Mom said earlier that she hasn't been milked for hours. We can't let our sex cow go unmilked, can we?"

He liked where she was going with this. He paused in his thrusting so he could catch his breath and talk freely. "Definitely not. Let's change the angle here so I'm fucking her at a different angle. That way, her udders will dangle down and you can suckle."

Susan moaned lustily, especially over the use of the word "udders."

Katherine commented, "That's what I was thinking about the suckling, but I don't see how that's really doable, as long as she's on all fours in the middle of the room."

"Hmmm." He pondered that. "We'll just have to pick a different spot then." But instead of disengaging, he managed to stand back up while his cock fully sheathed in his mother. As he did so, he picked up her legs, leaving her balanced only on her hands.

Susan was perplexed by the strange positioning. "S-s-son! What are you doing to me?!"

"You'll see." He started walking her across the room to the kitchen counter as if she were a wheelbarrow, all without disengaging from her.

Susan absolutely loved it, uncomfortable and difficult though it was. She especially loved the way he periodically slapped her ass to keep her moving. (He had to be quick about it, for fear of dropping her.) She was pleasantly reminded of how he'd recently treated her like a sex cow and fucked her in the ass while blindfolded on the front lawn.

He reached the counter, and asked Katherine, who was closely following them, "What do you say, Sis? Should I fuck her on the counter?"

"Nah. You can do better in the living room."



Susan was fuck-walked back into the living room instead. He was feeling energized and excited, so he took the "long way," deliberately parading her all around the living room while pretending to be undecided on which sofa to choose.

Naturally, Susan was blushing profusely and profoundly embarrassed. She couldn't help her feelings. But at the same time, she was basking in a nearly overwhelming erotic euphoria. She had fully accepted her role as her son's slave, and this was truly living the sex slave life to the fullest.

There was a wide armrest on a sofa that was comfortable for her to rest her weight on, so he wound up there. He had to briefly disengage in order to reposition, but he made it very brief. Susan whined piteously when his cock slipped out, and sighed with utter satisfaction when he pushed it back in.

Alan kept fucking her ass from one side, while Katherine lay on the sofa face up and placed her face directly under where Susan's big boobs were dangling.

Susan thought in short bursts, as her mind and body was truly overwhelmed with seemingly endless joy and arousal. I'm in heaven! This is the BEST! So hot! ... Assfucking - great! Tit suckling - great! But combined? TOO MUCH! ... I'm over the moon! ... The sex cow jumped over the moon, tee-hee! ... Oh God! It's so wrong, but it feels so right!

The three of them continued like that until Susan's breasts were completely drained. Susan lost track of the number of orgasms she had along the way.

Alan still hadn't climaxed, but Susan cried, "Tiger! Please! No more! My body just can't take any more pleasure!"


However, he knew her body well by now, and knew that she'd love it if he pushed her past her usual limits. He teased as he pumped, "Sis, did you hear somebody say something?"

Katherine was jacking off the lower part of Alan's shaft (insofar as his thrusting allowed it) while suckling on Susan's tits. She muttered, "Nope!"

"Oh no!" Susan squealed. "Angel, help! He's gonna do that, that thing where..." She paused to gasp for air. With Alan steadily drilling her, it took her nearly a minute before she could continue. "Where he just keeps fucking and fucking and fucking and... there's just, just... just no stopping him!"

Katherine giggled and said, "Yep!" She stopped her suckling as the milk ran out, but seeing her brother's relentless strategy, she went back to licking and playing with Susan's nipples. "He did that to me last night, by the way. It was AWESOME! I even had one of those whole body orgasm things!"

Susan wailed, "Oh God! He's gonna totally tame my sexy ass! AGAIN!"

She loved his aggressive behavior so much that she came, and came hard, after only another minute or so. She closed her eyes and focused entirely on the pleasure her children were giving her as they ravished her body.

Alan wouldn't even slow down when she climaxed, but instead he continued rhythmically pumping in and out of her ass, as though he meant to keep on doing it all day long.

Susan was practically frantic, fearing that she could ruin everything by passing out altogether. Oh no! I can't take any more, but I also can't resist! He's going to keep fucking me until he cums, but he never ever cums! I've gotta make him cum, but I can't, 'cos he's such a stud! He's gonna fuck me to DEATH! Angel, help me! Help me make your brother cum, fast, before I faint or even DIE!

In the middle of her thoughts, she felt another orgasm hit her. She screamed loudly and incoherently, even as she had coherent thoughts in her mind. Oh Gaawwwd, my ass! He's making me cum AGAIN! Help! I'm gonna DIE, for real! He's relentless! Lord have mercy, but I LOVE IT! Cram it all the way into me! Make me take every inch! Oh... fuck... Too good! Tiger, you're making me cum yet again! Help! Help! I'm cumming to death!

Finally, he came to a halt, but didn't pull out. He thought, Damn! I love doing that. "That thing where he just keeps fucking and fucking and fucking." We need to come up with a better name for it, 'cos that method works like gangbusters every time. Sis is right, I used that on her then too, and it worked like a charm then too.

As they were resting, Katherine said to Alan, "Don't worry, Big Pringles Can Bro. I can help you take care of that urgent boner. You can fuck my ass some more, once you're ready. You know how super sensitive Mom's nipples are - that almost wasn't fair. Just look at her - she's totally destroyed!"

He looked at his voluptuous mother, still sprawled over the arm of the sofa, with her ass hanging high up in the air. She really did look like a dead body someone had carelessly tossed over the furniture. Even though he hadn't climaxed in her, her thighs were absolutely soaked, and rivulets of her cum dripped down past her knees. He was proud of the state he'd left her in. That's a good name: the "total destruction fuck." Sweetness!


As Alan came down from his euphoric fuck, he noticed Amy standing in the entryway. She had a dejected look on her face that was very out of character for her. Aims! What's wrong with her? Has something awful happened to her?

He noticed she was fully dressed (by Plummer family standards), which only increased his concern, since it was obvious she'd been watching for some time, and no one had noticed her.

Alan asked, "Aims, my love, is something wrong?"

Katherine jerked her head up to see what had gotten Alan so concerned, and saw how sad Amy looked.

"Sister! What happened? Is everything all right? Are you okay?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I'm okay..." Amy quietly replied, trying to smile, but not succeeding.

Alan's thoughts were still scattered, thanks to his lingering orgasmic euphoria, but he tried to gather his wits. It was hard to concentrate after so much fucking, especially since his now partially flaccid penis was still inside Susan's asshole. Something's wrong... Did I say something by accident? Maybe something to Mom or Sis to make Aims think I didn't love her anymore? Noooo... I don't think so. I didn't say much at all, so what's going on? It's obvious SOMETHING happened.

But Katherine jumped up and rushed to Amy, trying to get things under control. She wiped a tear or two that was rolling down Amy's heartbreakingly-sad face, and started whispering in her ear.

Amy started whispering back, and before long they were talking loudly enough for Alan to hear Katherine firmly say, "No! That's not true! Our brother LOVES fucking your ass!"

Amy bitterly replied, "Well then, why has he only fucked it once? I don't wanna complain, but I thought that since I was officially declared an Anal Pal and everything-"

He cut her off, now that he understood the situation. He went to her, and gave her a big hug and a kiss. "Hold on, Aims. I LOVE your ass! It's the tightest, cutest, biggest ass I know, and is absolutely delectably delicious!"

She asked uncertainly, "Is 'biggest' a good thing?"

"Not in every case, when it comes to asses. But in your case, definitely yes! There's more firm bubble butt for me to love. I'm really sorry I haven't been paying enough attention to it, and to you, but I've been pretty spaced out lately, with so much stuff going on."

He hoped Katherine and Susan wouldn't feel slighted by his praise for Amy's ass, but he figured they would understand his effort to cheer her up.

He tipped Amy's chin up so he could look her in the eyes. "You need to let me know when I am neglecting you like that. I love you as much as I possibly can, and just because I have these other women in my life and in my bed, that doesn't make me love you less. You know that, don't you?"

"Yeah," Amy admitted. She was still looking down sadly though.

"So if you're feeling left out, I wanna fix it right away. The truth is, I've been spread so thin with this whole harem thing, that sometimes I make mistakes. You need to complain! You need to hit me on the head and get my attention. I'm really sorry, but you know the saying 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease...'"

Susan had been listening, but she was still too fucked out to stir or say much. However, upon hearing that, she half-jokingly said, "Eeek! Eeek! Squeak! Squeak!"

Alan nodded towards her, and gave an amused shrug. "See what I mean? Certain big-titted mommies around here have been pretty 'in your face' lately. If you don't speak up, I can't read your mind. That said, I LOVE to fuck your ass! No offense Mom and Sis, but Amy has just about the most fuckable tush I've ever had."

Amy asked uncertainly, "Really?"

"Really! You know how careful I am about making comparisons like that, but in this case it just can't be denied." Actually, Heather's ass was pretty fantastic too, but Alan knew Amy really needed an encouraging boost.

"Oh. That's cool." Amy was happy to hear that, but she was still sad because she knew that Alan had just fucked Katherine's and Susan's asses, and she figured he wouldn't be in any shape to fuck hers too, at least for a while. She'd secretly witnessed much of that, and it had made her very horny, which only increased her frustration.

Katherine quickly said, "Hey, Sister. Guess what?"

"What?" Amy asked listlessly.

"We found out this neat secret. It turns out that if you put on a ton of clothes, so you're hiding your luscious body from Brother, and then you insult him to his face, he'll get all angry and fuck your ass on the spot. That's what he just did to me, and then to Mom."

"But he can't possibly... Not now..."

Katherine added, as if confiding a great mystery, "The thing is, it works every single time. Even now." She had great confidence in Alan's sexual abilities, and figured he'd be up for more soon, since he hadn't climaxed yet.

Amy looked to Alan for confirmation.

"Wooooo!" Amy cheered, once she saw him nod and smile. "I'm sooooo all over that! That's super duper double duper awesomorifically... WOW!" She started running up the stairs, shouting "Wooooo-hooooo!" all the way.

Alan chuckled, while Katherine giggled. He said, "I think we've created a monster with this new tradition. I don't like it. I'd rather you have to, I dunno, strip and say nice things instead."

"Good point. But let's let the 'tradition' run just long enough for Amy to get her jollies today, okay?"

"Okay." He momentarily wondered how he'd be able to muster the energy for another go. But he realized that the reason he hadn't climaxed yet was because both Katherine and Susan had both "popped" so quickly, essentially crying uncle after only about five to ten minutes of intense thrusting. He'd had anal sex sessions go on for much longer than that.

Susan finally gathered enough energy to slide off the sofa, so she could lie on the floor right next to it. Staring up at the ceiling, she had a look of awe on her face. She whispered, "S. H."

"What?" Alan asked.

Katherine explained, "I think Mom's turning into a regular comedian. Isn't it interesting how her sexual awakening woke her sense of humor, too? I assume 'S. H.' means 'so hot,' but she's trying to act like she was so profoundly fucked that she's too tired to say the full words."

Susan turned her head towards them. She grinned and nodded. She thought, I really need for Tiger to plunder my ass more often. I'm always thinking oral first, but, good God Almighty! Anal is great!

He said to both sister and mother, "By the way, I figured out a good name for 'That thing where he just keeps fucking and fucking and fucking.'"

Katherine raised a curious eyebrow. "Oh?"

"I call it a 'total destruction fuck.'"

Both Susan and Katherine beamed with delight and approval. Susan spoke for both of them when she simply said, "Perfect!"

They could have talked about that some more, but Katherine wanted to get something sorted out before Amy returned. Hesitantly, she asked, "Bro, you're not mad that I told Amy you'd be ready to fuck her again, are you? I'm sorry, I know you're overtaxed, but she looked so pitiful..."

"No, I'm not mad at all. You handled the situation brilliantly. I have been neglecting her ass, and I feel really bad about that. It's so tough to stay on top of everything" - a joke came to him, and he added with a wry grin - "and everyone. The truth is, there have been times lately where I've thought about fucking her ass, but it's just such a prolonged production fitting myself in there. It's like an ordeal. She's so insanely tight. It's great, don't get me wrong, but in the same way that a whole body orgasm is great. It's not something I'm mentally or physically ready for all that often."

Katherine squeezed his hand encouragingly. "Don't worry. Mom and I will do everything we can to help out."

Amy came clomping down the stairs wearing blue jeans and a heavy jacket. Seeing Alan still sitting there, she pointed at him and exclaimed, "Alan Plummer! You... meanie! Mean, mean, meanie!"

Katherine cracked up at that, and even Susan snickered. Katherine leaned over to Alan, and said, "We've seriously gotta have a cursing contest between these two someday."

Alan was too tired at this point for extensive games. He stood up and tried to look stern. "Nobody dresses up like that and calls me a 'meanie' and gets away with it. Prepare to be fucked in the ass!"

"Yeay!" Amy jumped around and high-fived Katherine, and Alan for good measure.

"However," he added, "I need to pee. While I'm doing that, Kat, can you help her take off all those layers of clothes, and dress her up in something sexy instead?"

"Yes, sir!" Katherine saluted him.

After Alan went to the bathroom, he washed his penis and then he stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. I can do this. My dick doesn't get sore all the time like it used to. It's like rhino skin now. This is all part of being a harem master, I guess. It's not like I don't enjoy the sex or that I'm bored with it. God knows that isn't true! It's just a matter of getting psyched up. I can do this!

He sighed. I just wish Aim's ass wasn't QUITE so tight. Maybe I should have her stretch it out with butt plugs? ... Nah. Not yet. Let's see how I can handle this before I consider that.

He strolled back into the living room buck naked. "Whoa!"


"You like?" Amy asked shyly, but still smiling. She was posing for him, wearing nothing but a small sarong wrapped around her hips.

"I love it," he replied.

Katherine stepped up to Amy and yanked the sarong off, causing both of them to giggle.

Susan said, "Okay, daughter, you look cute, but don't forget to show the proper subservience and obedience to your brother and your master. Drop to your knees and assume the position."

But Alan said, "No, no, no. Please don't do that, Aims. I'd only want you to do that if you're into it, but you're not really into all that master and slave stuff, are you? What is your feeling on that, anyway? Somehow, you've never really told me your thoughts."

Dropping to her knees before him anyway, she replied, "Well, at first it was just like a fun game. Then I realized the others were serious, and that was kinda... weird. I love The Pact and being one of your sex slaves, 'cos I love making you happy. I love having fun with your big thingy, that's for sure!" She reached out for his penis. It had gone flaccid while he used the bathroom, so she started playing with it, trying to revive it.

She added, "But I'm not into the whole power dynamic thingy. However, I do love thinking of you as my master, but in a different way from Mom and Sis, I think. Instead of getting all aroused, it kinda makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside, knowing that you're gonna take care of me and stay with me forever."

All the others smiled and said, "Awww" at once, because they were touched by Amy's words.

She left go of his dick, even as it continued to engorge. She assumed the position, which meant arms pinned behind her back, chest thrust out, and her head bowed down.

Alan knelt down next to her and kissed and hugged her. After the kiss, he said, "I love you, Sister. I love so much that you're officially part of our family, although you were already family in spirit." He ran his hands over her bare butt.

Beaming, she sat higher up on her heels to give him better access to her ass. She nudged him playfully, and asked saucily, "Do you love me enough to fill my sex slave ass with your hot brotherly seed?" She reached down and stroked his newly hard dick. "Are you prepared to cram this fat thing into my back door, even after you just did that to Kat and Mom?"

"I am. How's that famously tight ass of yours? Is it tingly?"

"Ohmigod! It's SUPER tingly!" She stood back up and turned around. She wiggled her butt ostentatiously. Then she turned back around and leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "I LOVE wearing your collar! I think it's pretty cool how you're all master-y and stuff. But please! Don't make me wait any longer! Fuck me... right HERE!"


She turned her back to him yet again. Then she bent over and wiggled her butt some more, making very clear exactly where "here" was.

Alan was in awe. Hot damn! Just look at Amy! People underestimate her, including her looks. She could easily be a centerfold. And she's all mine! I'm a fool. Why don't I fuck her more often, including in her ass?!

Susan and Katherine went to the big bed in the corner of the living room and started removing the covers and decorative pillows on top of it.

As Amy and Alan walked hand in hand to the bed, Katherine brought a hand to her mouth, acting like she was holding a microphone. Imitating a boxing announcer's voice, she boomed, "And in this corner, the legendary assfucker and all around great brother, son, and harem master who needs no introduction... Aaaaaalan Pluuuuummer!"

Alan pumped his fists in the air and jumped around, as if hyping himself up before a crowd. His erection bounced around wildly.

Susan screamed and cheered like her life depended on it.

Katherine continued, "And in this corner, weighing in with some seriously big fuckin' tits, a luscious butt that is just absolutely to-die-for, and the tightest holes in all of the known universe... is... a new challenger! Alan's just fucked two VERY impressive asses, if I do say so myself" - she briefly turned and wiggled her butt - "but can he go for the trifecta? The gonad triad, if you will? The big dick hat trick? Hailing from next door, of the big-titted, centerfold-worthy Pestridge babes fame, our challenger regularly worships Alan's cock with her tongue and pussy, but her ass is an extra sexy weapon! She's ready to take on the champ, and all of his eight heavyweight inches, and make him cry uncle with her tight anal squeezing! Ladies and gentlemen, I present... Aaaaaaamy Pluuuuummer!"

Amy felt a thrill of excitement run through her, because no one had ever called her "Amy Plummer" before. She loved the sound of that. She channeled her excitement into pumping her fists up high and generally whooping it up. She bounced around like she was on a trampoline. Then she took a low bow.

Susan, the audience of one, cheered equally loudly for her too, since she was her daughter. Even she realized this was a win-win situation. However, it wasn't hard to guess who she liked to think would "win," because she preferred to see a successful ass fuck as Alan further conquering and taming his second sister.

Alan couldn't help chuckling to himself, and thought back to some video games he was fond of. Now all I need is a Capcom game announcer saying, "Round One. FUCK!"

However, it wasn't as easy as someone ringing a bell and then both of them going at it full bore, because of the difficulty involved in getting Alan's dick into Amy's ass. The boxing-themed joking around ended, and all four of them crawled onto the big bed.

Amy sprawled out, with her chest and face lying on the bed but her ass raised up at him. Katherine literally crawled over her, and sat with her legs on either side of Amy's torso and her big boobs resting on Amy's ass.

Alan sat on his knees with his dick close to Amy's ass, ready for action.

Katherine couldn't resist the temptation of her brother's pole swaying mere inches from her face. Instead of preparing Amy's ass, she found herself licking her way around his cockhead.


Susan knelt right next to them. She asked, "What can I do to help?"

Katherine smirked gleefully as she answered, "Help make sure that Alan Junior stays long and hard. Keep this yummy distraction away from me."

"Oh! Yes! Wooo-hooo! Angel, have I told you lately how much I love you?" Susan immediately began licking and stroking his dick at the same time.

But while Katherine intended to pull away, her willpower was lacking. Soon, both she and her mother were happily slurping their way all over Alan's dick.

Amy couldn't see what was happening, but she could guess well enough from their noisy licking. She wiggled her ass in frustration. "Hurry it up back there, you meanies! You're ALWAYS doing that. Come on! I'm dying here!"

For Amy to call them "meanies" meant she was truly going out of her mind with frustration.

Katherine reluctantly pulled back, letting Susan take over cock tending duties. "Sorry, Sister. Uh, where were we? Oh, yes. Let's get your ass loosened up. Reach back with both hands and pull those big, beautiful ass cheeks of yours as wide apart as you can."

Once Amy did that, Katherine used one of her hands to help keep Amy's ass open, while using the lube-glistened middle finger of her other hand to probe in and out of Amy's asshole. "How does that feel?"

"M'kay, I guess. But it's almost like a torturous tease. I want the real thing, not just a finger! Did you know it's been FIIIIIIIIVE DAYS since he fucked my ass? And, worse, he's only done it to me once! It's, like, totally tragic!"

"Wow, has it really been that long?" Katherine asked Amy sympathetically, even as her middle finger kept up its probing.

Meanwhile, Susan tilted her son's cock in her direction, allowing her to engulf his cockhead and start a very spirited bobbing on it without bumping her head against Amy's ass.

"Yes," Amy whimpered, her voice muffled by the pillow her face was resting on. "I kept dropping little hi-hints, hoping he'd pick up on them, but h-he didn't. Oooh, yeah... like that, Sis! That feels so good..."

Alan said, "Aims, I'm sorry, but you really need to speak up. I didn't even realize." He clenched his teeth, because Susan's tongue and lips were doing amazing things to his cock.

Amy responded, "Well, I am... now." She wiggled her ass impatiently.

"I noticed, and please keep it up. I really do like my women 'uppity,' even if that means more demands on me."

All three women made eager "ooooh" sounds as their eyes widened with excitement.

"Shoot me now," he said with chagrin. "I shouldn't have said that. The three of you and Mother are gonna kill me. Death by fucking."

Susan's mouth was stuffed full with Alan's thickness, but she pulled back enough to mumble, "Perhapths, but wha a way ta go." She looked up into her son's eyes and winked as she quickly engulfed him again and resumed her bobbing motion.

He thought, Man, I really flirt with danger, don't I? Mom's going to get me so worked up with her great tongue work that I'll be ready to blow before I even squeeze my dick in Amy's super tight ass. But it feels so good that I can't even tell her to slow down. Once again, I let my dick do my thinking for me.


Amy was raring to go, to say the least. Her entire body twitched and wiggled with lusty need.

However, the fucking couldn't start yet because Katherine was fully absorbed in the process of transferring generous dollops of anal lube to Amy's asshole, gently massaging it into the flesh around the outside of her tight opening, before gathering up the excess and pushing it into Amy's clenching anus with her long middle finger. This would cause Amy to gasp and sigh most fetchingly, as Katherine dutifully "attended" to her anal opening, which only relaxed sufficiently for this intrusion with reluctance.

Meanwhile, Susan was taking the opportunity to go to town on her son's cock. She was moaning loudly as she slurped and sucked, loving every second.

The loud cocksucking noises reminded Katherine of something. "Hey Mom! Aims! Guess what? Last night, I managed to deep throat Brother for the first time!"

Susan exclaimed, "NO!" That came out surprisingly clearly, considering that she had all of her son's cockhead in her mouth at the time.

Katherine added, "It's true! Not only did I do it once, I did it five times in a row, for about a minute each! Once I did it the first time, I kind of got the hang of it. It's not really that difficult after all."

Amy said, "Congrats, Sis. That's pretty cool! How did you like it?"

Katherine replied, "AWESOME! Having his entire cock down my throat is simply unbelievable! It is pretty hard to do, but that's a good thing in my book. It's, like, the ultimate cocksucking experience!"

Susan was feeling extremely inspired and more than a little envious. She quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth in order to take a deep breath and give deep throating him another try.

However, Alan saw that coming, and put a hand on her head. "Mom, please. I know what you want to try, but not right now, okay? Let's keep the focus on Amy's ass. There will be plenty of time for that later."

Susan was bummed, but she nodded obediently. She took his cock back in mouth and consoled herself by going as deep as she could without actually deep throating him. That meant lots of choking and gagging as she flirting with triggering her gag reflex.

He clutched her head with both hands. Oh, man! So INTENSE! What a rush of pure arousal! Sis, please, hurry up with your prepping before Mom makes me blow!

As Amy continued to wiggle her ass impatiently, she asked, "So, Beau, how did you like Kat's first deep throating?"

He was gritting his teeth and clenching his PC muscle. Come on! Give me a break! How am I supposed to talk like nothing's going on when Mom is doing her choking and gagging thing?! Jesus! He decided to go for a short but emphatic answer. "Great! Really great!"

Katherine practically hummed with pleasure from hearing that. She proudly proclaimed, "That was the first time, but it certainly won't be the last! And don't worry, Mom, Aims, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it too. I can help with that. Then, before long, we'll all be deep throating him, pretty much daily!"

Susan shivered and felt goose bumps all over. She increased her suction while continuing to choke and gag. "Daily!" I can't wait! I would kill just to swallow Tiger's huge cock all the way to the root just once! I'm sure Angel is right and it IS the ultimate cocksucking joy! As one of my son's official personal cocksuckers, it's practically criminal that I can't deep throat him already. Oh dear! At least I have it in my mouth right now, and I'm choking on it pretty good.

Amy began moaning even louder. "Kat, please! Aren't I lubed up enough already?! I can't take the anticipation anymore!"

Katherine sheepishly realized that she'd been done for a while. She'd just been enjoying playing with Amy's ass while touting her deep throating triumph. She said, "Good point. I think we're good to go. Mom, I know how much you love to suck his cock, but it's time to pull off. This is Amy's special time. Please don't be a cock hog."

Susan thought, Oh, POO! With all this deep throating talk, I'm more cock hungry than ever. But she's right. This is Amy's time, and I need to be considerate. She tried to get in some last loud and deep sucks.

Katherine tapped Susan's head. "Come on. Remember, we've got all day. There will be plenty of that later, I'm sure."

As Amy moaned with need, Susan reluctantly pulled her mouth off Alan's erection. Then she scooted back, giving Alan room to move in closer. Once he did so, she returned control of his erection back to him.

Alan thought, Shit! Talk about lousy timing. I truly feel the need for a strategic break already, just like I'd feared would happen. But I don't want to keep Aims waiting anymore. That would be mean. He lined his erection up with her anus, but doing it with deliberate slowness. He hoped the extra time needed to get into Amy's tight ass would work in his favor, giving him time to calm down some.


Katherine had been assisting Amy in holding her ass open, but she asked, "Big Brother, can I hold Alan Junior while you push your way in?"

He just nodded slightly. Yet he thought, Why did I just agree to that? I'm right on the edge! Just about any movement or talk could trigger my climax at this point. I have no idea how I'll last past the next few minutes, after Mom got a little too enthusiastic with her penis tending. But after letting Mom suck me all that time, if I said no to Sis it would seem like I'm playing favorites.

Katherine quickly took charge of Alan's boner, and was soon rubbing the head of his erection all around Amy's anus as well as up and down her ass crack. Naturally, she was stroking his cum-soaked shaft a good deal in the process.

He grunted loudly, and squeezed his PC muscle with all his might. His heart was pounding and his breath was coming out in gasps. He tried to psych up his resolve. Come on, dude! Hang on! We're almost there! I can't let sweet Amy down now!

Amy was so hot anticipating the moment of first penetration that she was squirming slightly, even though this was making it harder for him to get lined up properly to begin pushing in.

Luckily, Katherine did more than just furtively jack him off. She really did help, bringing Alan's erection to rest on Amy's tight little asshole and then holding it in place despite all of Amy's wiggling and writhing.

"Okay, Aims," Katherine soothed, "it's time to open up and take it all in..." She pulled on Alan's erection to encourage him to start applying gentle pressure. "Just relax, and let your wonderful lover enter your ass. Go on, relax. Just like that. Relax your asshole. Relax..."

Alan felt Amy's asshole yield the tiniest fraction, as she began to unclench her muscles to permit him entry. In response, he increased his pressure on her anus by a slight amount.

All the while, Katherine kept up an almost hypnotic repetition of how Amy needed to just relax in order to take Alan's huge erection into her tight little ass. Thankfully for Alan's efforts, she stopped stroking him, allowing him to fully focus on the insertion.

Susan didn't really have anything to do, but she watched with fascination from less than a foot away. Not surprisingly, she soon began to fondle her nipples and pussy.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Amy's anus gradually began to relax and open to accept the invasion of her rear end. It took many, many minutes of coaching and gentle yet insistent pressure, but as time wore on Amy's asshole began to open wider and wider. At the same time, her moaning and groaning began to get louder and sexier, as in response to every fractional inch of extra penetration from her lover.

For Alan, the sensations were particularly intense and exciting, as his cockhead incrementally seemed to wedge its way into Amy's incredibly tight rear end. But the relative lack of motion on his shaft gave him the chance to come down from his immediate need to cum, although he was still close.

When he had maybe half his glans piercing Amy's reluctantly-relaxing anus, Katherine encouraged Amy to start gently rocking backwards, to help push his erection into her asshole at a rate she felt comfortable with. This helped speed things up slightly, until reaching the thickest part of Alan's cockhead, which was also the thickest part of his entire hard-on. At this point, progress towards further penetration slowed to a crawl once again, as Amy was having difficulty relaxing any further.

But after a couple more minutes of rocking and gentle but insistent pushing, her asshole suddenly yielded. His cock slid nearly an inch deeper before her asshole clamped down hard.

Amy gasped and shuddered and writhed, even letting go of her butt long enough to pound the pillow under her head with a clenched fist, while Alan held still but refused to vacate the position he'd achieved.

Katherine maintained her grip on Alan's cock, but that didn't stop her from leaning forward and kissing Amy's near ass cheek as part of her encouraging efforts. At the same time, she continued to cheerlead, saying things like, "Oh wow, Amy! The head just went all the way in. Good job!"

Alan was glad he'd made this much progress, but he nonetheless thought, Man! It's been what, five minutes already? And I'm only an inch or two into her. This is why I don't fuck Aims' ass very much. And it's such a TIGHT fit! Crap, that's tight! I know it'll feel great later, but right now it's so painful that I'm almost ready to give up.

Katherine had assumed that her assistance was no longer needed, now that Alan had made it past the most difficult part. She finally let go of his hot cock.


Susan, though, did not agree. She'd been standing by, just idly playing with herself, but as soon as Katherine took her hand off Alan's pole, she moved forward and put her hand there.

"Angel," she complained, "you can't expect Tiger to do everything. Here, Son, let Mommy help. Gosh, your cock is soooo soaked. Would it help if I stroke it a little bit?" She was already stroking by the time she asked that.

He huffed with labored breaths, "Um, Mom, I'm still too close to cumming. Maybe Sis should hold it some more?" He figured Katherine had more self-control.

Katherine understood that was worried that he was too close to cumming and he wanted more of a respite before starting to fuck Amy's ass in earnest. So she put her hand on Susan's hand gripping his shaft, and stopped Susan from stroking. She even whispered, "Mom, I know how much you love to play with our master's cock, but he needs a second wind so he can fuck Amy a good long time. Okay?"

Susan was a bit pouty, but she said, "Okay."


Then there was little movement for the next couple of minutes. Susan continued to hold Alan's shaft, with Katherine's hand on hers. It was a matter of waiting for Amy's ass to adjust and relax.

Nobody talked much, but at one point, Susan said, "I just want to take a moment to point out how incredible this is. Tiger has enslaved us all! We're his big-titted, collared sex slaves! We've dedicated our lives to serving his cock. And look what we're doing: Angel and I are helping to feed Alan Junior into Amy's butt, after he fucked our butts! We really ARE living the dream!"

Katherine said, "That is true. You know, back in the day, I used to have all kinds of incestuous fantasies, and I'd write about them in my diary. But I never imagined this! I didn't believe this kind of cooperation was possible."

Susan was emotionally moved. "Indeed. Angel, Amy, you make me so proud! Working together, we'll be able to pleasure and serve his cock much, much better than if we were working on our own. Remember what the Bible says: 'And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.'"

Katherine and Amy muttered their agreement.

Slowly but surely, Amy got over her discomfort until she felt like she was ready to keep going. She was too winded from exertion to say much, but she managed to moan, "Mooooore!"

"Yes, Son," Susan murmured excitedly. She had just moved away from the center of action, and was enjoying the feeling of her big breasts flattening themselves against his skin as she hugged him from behind. "Give her more. She needs it. Your new sister is begging for more of your big thick cock! Fill her up with your glorious sperm from your heavy balls!"

One of her hands reached down to cup his balls, which she promptly began caressing and kneading with her fingers, since he hadn't prohibited her from doing that. "Give it to her. Give her MORE!"

Unable to resist, he found himself being inexorably pushed forward (mainly by Susan at his back) and guided by Katherine's hand into sinking ever deeper and deeper into Amy's uplifted and open behind.

As more and more of his erection forced its way into her primed and tingly ass, Amy couldn't help but moan and groan lustily as her earlier discomfort transformed into an undeniable flood of pleasure. A sense of tremendous "fullness" began to pervade her nether regions, driving her desire for still more.

When Katherine removed her hand from his stiff boner to allow Amy access to the last few inches Alan had to give, Amy started writhing her body around and rocking her hips. This action not only heightened the pleasure both Alan and Amy were drowning in, by stirring his cock around inside her, but also made it slightly easier for him to continue penetrating her ever deeper and deeper and deeper.

Amy began chanting, while still moaning and groaning, "More... more... more... more..." as her asshole continued to devour and swallow up the inches he had left to give.

Soon, Susan and Katherine began chanting right along with her, "More... more... more... more...!"

Alan felt helpless to resist, because Susan was hugging him from behind and pressing him forward while still fondling his balls, and Katherine had adjusted to grasp Amy's hips with both hands to be able to push her ass back onto his cock. He could only watch in awe as his erection seemingly vanished, inch by inch, into Amy's ass. The feeling was very different from what he'd experienced with first Katherine and then Susan this morning. The extreme tightness, the friction, the heat, the pleasure, the way she strained to relax enough for him to even do this at all, the way her muscles involuntarily fluttered and flexed around him - everything was different.

Holy shit! he thought to himself in astonishment. How could I have ever forgotten how good it feels to fuck Aims in the ass?! I take it all back. It's been a trial getting this far, but it's soooo worth it! Unfuckin'believable! And I can tell she's totally loving this, which makes it all worthwhile.

He was still breathing hard, trying to catch his breath before making the final push to cram the last inch of his dick inside, when he felt an extra hand on his balls again, joining Susan's. He heard his lusty mother say to Katherine, "You hold your side, while I hold mine. This is so great. It's like we're all in this together, as a family!"

Holy crap! My mom and my sister are going to hold onto and play with my balls as I cram the last inch of my cock into Amy's ass! Fuuucck!

He also found Susan's "we're all in this together, as a family" comment amusing, since it showed just how far her views had evolved. He figured it could only help to run with that idea. So, with one final push, he shouted, "For family!"

"YEEESSSS!" Amy shrieked, as she toppled forward, taking Alan with her.

Susan and Katherine had to let go of Alan's balls with the unexpected thrust, but they remained leaning against him.

He grabbed Amy by the hips and pulled her back up to her former position, carefully staying fully inside her as he lifted her ass back up.

Her asshole quivered and flexed around his imbedded erection, already well beyond her control. She felt like she was on the brink of a tremendous orgasm. All she needed was for him to pull the trigger.

Grunting with exhaustion, he "flexed" his cock inside her.

Amy's reaction to him flexing his cock was no less dramatic than Susan's usually was. Her hips shoved backwards, she arched her spine upwards, and she raised her head high. Her gasp of delight quickly transformed into a wild groan of orgasmic release as the bomb of pent up pleasure detonated inside her well and truly stuffed ass.

Even though he wasn't buried up to the hilt in her own rear end, Susan could tell what he'd just done. Her body tumbled into orgasm in sympathy with Amy's, just from the recent memory of how good it felt to have him "get her attention" with that very maneuver.

He had to wait a while for Amy to recover after her anal orgasm. Ironically, after all the spasms died down, her asshole relaxed far more than it had been up to that point, which was fine with him. She was so tight back there that it was difficult to move unless she let him.

He also didn't want to cum too soon. After all the trouble it took to get into her, he at least wanted to make this experience last more than just a few minutes. He had no trouble staying hard inside her, since even though she was rocked and shocked by a tremendous orgasm, her asshole stayed tight around him and clutched at the root of his cock like no other.

He thought, Phew! Man! There really is no comparison, as far as I'm concerned, with any of my other lovers. Amy is in a class all by herself. I certainly can't say that out loud, and I feel bad for even thinking it, because I don't like making comparisons between my lovers. But it's true. I must have been out of my mind, waiting five days until I fucked her ass again!

The first clue that Amy was reviving was when she groaned, "Sooooo... gooooooood..."

Her asshole began clenching and unclenching around his erection. She lacked the control and finesse of either Susan or Xania, but in Alan's opinion she didn't need it. The sheer tightness of her asshole was more than enough to get his balls churning.


So far that day, Alan had only had doggy-style anal sex with Amy. He wanted to see what else might work. So he and Amy rearranged themselves, with his cock kept firmly implanted in her, until she was lying on her back on top of him, with her asshole still sucking at the root of his erection.

In this position, Amy's legs naturally fell open, and she lifted her knees up to put her feet flat on the bed while lying back on top of him. This put her entire crotch area on open display to Katherine and Susan.

He wasn't able to do much thrusting in their new position, but he didn't want to. He was content to just rest and relax like that for a while, and so was she. He reached up to cup and fondle her boobs, which he soon learned seemed to have a direct line to her asshole. Whenever he'd stroke or pinch her nipples with his fingers, her asshole would respond in kind, by squeezing or flexing around his stiffness.

He asked Amy about the new position, "How do you like this?"

"Mmmm! Feels so good!" she replied, sighing with deep contentment. "I totally love feeling all full and filled up. I could lie like this, with my brother's fat cock in my ass, all day long!"

"Then let's do just that!" he replied.

"M'kay!" she giggled happily, even though she knew they couldn't really do it all day.

Katherine had positioned herself between Amy's splayed legs. She tapped her on her ankle. "Um, Aims?"


"Things are looking pretty tasty between your legs. Can I dive in and have a snack?"


"M'kay!" Amy giggled with joy. She was on top of the world. She felt like things couldn't possibly get any better or more pleasurable, and then they did once Katherine started licking up and down her wet pussy and especially stimulating her clit.

The only one not having a great time was Susan, who sat on the bed just watching. Still, she was happy, and horny enough to be quite satisfied just watching for now.

Alan said with a very serious expression, "Uh-oh. We have a problem. Kat, I'm afraid that Amy's dreaded 'bumps' problem may be back. You should do some serious checking."

Amy furrowed her brow, not understanding. Then a big smile spread across her face as she remembered their early sex games. "Oh! Checking for bumps!" She giggled with glee. "Yep, Kat, please check for those, like, a lot!"

Still looking serious, Alan added, "I don't think one tongue is enough though. Mommy, I think you'll have to check too." He spread his legs wider, prompting Amy to spread hers wider as well.

Susan didn't need to be invited twice. Within seconds, her tongue was right next to Katherine's, happily lapping and licking away at Amy's clit and pussy. She and Katherine stiffened their tongues and took turns probing the entrance to Amy's vagina, as well as the junction between Alan's rod and Amy's impaled asshole. They licked and mouthed Alan's balls as well.

Everyone was so happy that there were spontaneous outbursts of giggling.

Even Alan joined in. His dick was fully sheathed in Amy's delightfully tight ass, his hands were twisting Amy's nipples like they were radio dials, and Katherine and Susan were as busy licking and playing with his balls and ass as they were licking and fingering Amy's pussy.

He thought, How could life possibly get any better? I only have one dick, and nothing stimulates every last bit of it at once more than Amy's ass. Well, okay, it would be pretty nice if Aunt Suzy was kissing my lips too. And Brenda could be rubbing her oiled-up monster tits all over my chest... FUCK, man! I have a fuckin' harem! I have a fuckin' HAREM of all of those incredible women! I really truly have an honest to God motherfuckin' harem of the sexiest women on the fuckin' planet! It's too crazy to believe, but I can feel all these tongues and hands on me! Three women at once!

He felt high, like someone had just given him the greatest drug in the world. And he wasn't even close to cumming yet.

But that great high filled him with a surge of energy, and suddenly he wanted to do more than just lie there with Amy on top of him. He explained, "Aims, this is really nice. But, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back into doggy style for some serious thrusting."


Katherine and Susan helped them switch positions. They made sure Alan's cock never pulled out along the way, because no one wanted to find out just how difficult it might be to put it back in.

He didn't understand where all his energy was coming from. It was like someone had flipped a switch - he'd gone from lazy and languid to fevered and animalistic in seconds. He channeled all that into thrusting into Amy's ass with long, deep, and powerful strokes.

Katherine and Susan sat back, awed and a little bit jealous that they weren't on the receiving end this time.

A few minutes later, Alan was riding the edge of his own orgasm, and he could only assume that Amy was too. He panted, "Aims! I'm gonna cum soon! Ready to cum with me?"

Amy's head was nodding vigorously in the affirmative before he got past "ready." Her big problem was holding out long enough for him to cum, so his words came as a great relief.

Relenting in his efforts to delay his orgasm, he felt his balls begin to churn. "Here it cums, Aims. Take it! Take it all... IN YOUR ASS!"

He felt Amy's anal orgasm begin almost as soon as his cum started spurting out into the depths of her ass. But rather than scream the house down like she did during vaginal sex, her voice dropped nearly a full octave as she moaned and groaned her way through her orgasm as he filled her ass very nearly to overflowing with his cum.

He could feel himself blacking out as his balls continued to churn and pump his cum, at high pressure, into the furthest recesses of her asshole. He prided himself on how he'd managed to make his lovers pass out due to sheer pleasure from time to time, but now the shoe was on the other foot. Fucking her ass was making him pass out, because it felt too damn incredible, and his energetic high was peaking at just the right time.

What a way to go! he thought. Pleasure overwhelmed him while Amy's tight ass drained his balls of every drop he had to give her.

When he recovered consciousness a couple of minutes later, he found his body draped over Amy. She wasn't passed out, but she was fairly oblivious to the world. Her head was tilted so he could see her profile, and the look of pure bliss on her face alone made all his sweaty exertions worthwhile.

His penis was still in her, but it had lost most of its stiffness, so he pulled out without any difficulty. He rolled his weight off her and then flopped back down on his back on the big bed.

As he lay there gasping for breath and trying to recover, he saw Susan and Katherine still sitting on the bed and watching him. They looked extremely pleased, and perhaps even a bit smug and amused.

"What's so funny?" he said between heavy and labored breaths. He also marveled at how tempting they both looked, wearing nothing but their slave collars.

"Nothing," Katherine replied. "It's just that we're so tickled pink that you rose to the occasion and gave Amy such a royal buttfucking. And after you did Mom and me, no less. We're VERY impressed!"

Susan joked, "None of us will be able to sit for days!" After she and Katherine laughed at that, she added, "Son, have I told you how PROUD I am of... well, everything you do?! You see how wet I am, mostly just from watching?" She swiped a finger across her wet inner thighs.

He didn't need to reply to that, since everyone knew she told him how proud she was all the time, especially lately. Instead, he commented, "Boy. I'll tell ya. I used to read erotic stories, before my life basically turned into a huge erotic story. And one thing they never tell you in those stories is just how fucking EXHAUSTING all that sex is."

But Susan came over and kissed him on his forehead, and ran her hands through his unruly hair. "Don't worry, Son. We all know you. You're tired now, but you'll recover and in an hour or two you'll be raring for more. That's why you're the master of such a big harem, because you CAN handle it. That was a classic example of a 'total destruction fuck!'"

"It is!" Katherine giggled with glee.

Amy hadn't heard that term before, but its meaning was self evident.

He didn't disagree, but simply grunted, "Ugh." To signify just how tired he was, he lifted up a hand like he was going to grope one of Susan's sweaty tits, but he dropped his hand back down like it was too much of a struggle to even do that.

The women had another good giggle over that.

Amy asked, "By the way, what got you super excited all of a sudden? We were all lazy and cuddly, and then - BAM! You instantly turned into a fucking machine. Not that I'm complaining; I'm just curious."

Somewhat sheepishly, he admitted, "The thought hit me that I have a harem. I know that's stating the blatantly obvious, but it hasn't really been that many days since I finally allowed myself to admit that's what it is. Sometimes, I still have some kind of modest impulse to deny it. But every time that thought hits me, I'm overwhelmed with a surge of excitement. It's like... I want to dance down the street singing for joy, and have all the bystanders standing around join in the song, as if we're all dancing in tandem in some cheesy 1950s musical. Is that corny and stupid, or what?"

Amy squeezed his hand and looked into his eyes with a deep, loving gaze. "I love it. I feel that exact same way whenever it hits me you're my O.B. and my master, and we're going to be bonded together for life!"

He playfully chided her with a wagging finger, "Remember, no more being too polite and laid back to express what you really want, okay? Remember the magic word."

She knew he meant "Please," but she exclaimed with a giggle, "MORE!"

His laugh was cut short by her kiss on his lips.

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