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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 135
Good Times
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Afterwards, they all recovered and cleaned themselves up with quick showers. The priority now was on having breakfast, since as of yet no one had eaten much. They all dressed up too, although Susan only wore her erotic apron.

Amy naturally took her clothes off before long, but Alan complained he was getting too much visual stimulation, so she put on one of Susan's extra aprons.

Alan, Katherine, and Amy sat on stools at the kitchen counter and offered to help Susan, in order to speed things along.

Susan responded tersely, "I can handle it myself quite nicely, thank you very much." This wasn't too surprising, as she considered the kitchen her turf and didn't like others to "meddle" there. However, she continued, "But if you're in a helping mood, there's lots that can be done. I've been thinking - what if Christine were to ring the doorbell right now and wanted to come in for a visit? What would we do? We'd be in deep doo-doo. We need to get the smell of sex out of here."

Katherine said, "But Mom, you know that's a losing battle. I predict that even before we finish cleaning, Brother's cock will be soaked with our cum and/or saliva, and he'll have made us all sopping wet, smelling it all up again."

"I know," the buxom mother conceded, "but we have to try. We certainly can do better than how it is at the moment, with a really deep clean."

Alan pointed out, "That's kind of a moot point, though, isn't it? The place can smell great, but if Christine or anyone else walks in and sees the big bed and the dancing pole in the living room, they'll know something's up. We just have to keep this house visitor-free."

Susan continued to talk while finally preparing the pancake mix. "Yes, I've been thinking about that too. Back when we installed those things, I'm afraid we were too addled with cock lust and googly-eyed over our big strong Tiger here." She smiled and pointed her spatula at her son. "Mistakes were made. But now that we're more lucid, we need to rethink some of those rash decisions."

Amy looked at her brother and sister and said, "What happened? Did space aliens come and replace Mom with an exact duplicate or something?"

"They must have!" Katherine answered while giggling. She leaned over the counter and waved her hands towards Susan's face, snapping her fingers. "Hello? Mom? You okay?"

Susan grumbled, "Ha-ha, kids. I know I enjoy my mind-blowing incestuous sex as much as anybody, but Suzanne doesn't have a corner on being responsible, you know. This is a serious problem. Now that Tiger's starting to tame Christine, she's gonna want to see him more and more. It's just a matter of time until she comes over here to visit, and... play." She cupped her boobs from below, and wiggled her body back and forth suggestively.


Amy had just walked around the counter into the kitchen. She made the exact same gesture and motion with her bare chest. She mimicked Christine's voice. "Is Alan here? Can he come out to play with me and my horny body? My tits are so lonely. They really need to get fucked!"

Katherine pumped a fist in the air, celebrating Amy's playfulness. "Good one!" She was surprised, since Amy normally didn't make that kind of joke. However, she detected a slight undercurrent of sarcasm and jealousy towards Christine as well.

"Very funny," Alan deadpanned. But he felt his penis begin to stir a little, as Amy and Susan wiggled their asses back and forth in synchronous rhythm.

Susan stood still, and quickly switched from teasing back to dead serious. "But seriously, once Christine is tamed and wants to visit, then what'll we do?"

"Whoa," he said, holding his hands out defensively. "Who said I'm taming Christine? I don't even know what this taming process that everyone talks about is, exactly. Besides, whatever it is, I seriously doubt it would work on Christine. We need to have a group talk on what we should do with her, and soon."

Susan grinned. "I know exactly what you should do with her: teach her the joy of living on her knees, with her mouth stuffed with your cock! And there's so much she could do with those enormous round tits of hers. She'd be a natural titfucking queen. But that's probably not what you're talking about at the moment."

The horny mother smirked, briefly thrusting her tits out with her hands cupping their undersides again. She looked down at her own rack as if she were looking at Christine's F-cups. "She is soooo Alan-worthy."

Alan rolled his eyes. "I'm pretending not to hear you."

Still standing next to Susan, Amy smacked Susan's nearest bare ass cheek. "Fat chance of that!"

Susan caught on. She turned around and bent over, putting her gorgeous bare ass on display for Alan and Katherine sitting at the counter. "Ouch! Tiger, tell her to stop. Tell her that you're in change of spanking my ass!"

He covered his eyes with his hands. "I'm pretending not to see you either."

Susan stood back up and said more seriously, "In any case, we should have a group talk on how we can help you seduce her, but later. First, we'll eat breakfast. And regardless of what we decide in the group talk, it won't hurt to make this house more presentable. Why don't we move the bed to the upstairs guest room, or to the basement, or something? And, I dunno, disguise the dancing pole somehow?"

Alan put his hands down and grunted. "Huh. That might not be a bad idea."

Katherine joked, "Aims, I think you're right. Space aliens replaced Mom with an exact duplicate."

Soon, the banana pancakes were ready, and as the four of them ate, they brainstormed on what to do about the bed and the pole. The bed was no problem - since it was just a box spring and a mattress with no frame, it could be moved elsewhere in a matter of minutes. The dancing pole was much more vexing, and various ideas on how to disguise it were thrown around, but no single suggestion stood out as the best.


Midway through the meal, Suzanne walked in, coming through the gate between backyards and using the sliding door that led directly into the dining room. She was wearing a skimpy red bikini. As she opened the door, she said, "My, my, my. You people are totally messing with my mind."

"Why, Mother?" Amy asked.

"You're all sitting around, eating breakfast like a, like a... Well, like a bunch of normal people. There's not even any kind of stealth anything going on. If it weren't for the fact that Amy and Susan are both only wearing erotic aprons, I'd think I'd just walked into the wrong house."

The others all chuckled knowingly.

"What's so funny?" Suzanne asked, a bit miffed at being left out of the joke.

Katherine explained, "If you'd stopped by, say, fifteen minutes ago, you wouldn't be saying that. Mr. Studmuffin has been doing nothing but playing with our naked bodies all morning. In fact, he fucked all three of us in the ass, one after another! Wham, wham, wham, thank you ma'ams."

Suzanne turned to Alan for confirmation. "Really? Wow. You fucked THREE ASSES before breakfast?!"

He modestly nodded.

"That's impressive, even for you." She sashayed her way over to him, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressed her big breasts into the back of his neck, and cooed into his ear hotly, "My turn...?"

He was so wiped out that he didn't even feel a twitch of arousal.

But Suzanne didn't give him much of a chance to respond. "I know, I know, you need a prolonged break, right?" When he nodded, she cursed, "Damn! What lousy timing on my part. Susan, ever since your arousing phone call this morning, I've been kind of antsy. Look." She held her arms out and looked down on herself. "I'm all ready for sexy fun."

He said, "Sorry. I'm still recharging my batteries. In a little while, though..."

Suzanne waved her hand dismissively. "Never mind. It's probably for the best. But what are you all talking about so intently?"

They explained Susan's suggestion to clean up the house, and the problems they were facing.

Suzanne sat down and started adding her two cents.

Eventually, it was decided that they would cover up the pole with a hollowed out wooden pole, and pass it off as a support post. But it would take professionals to do it right and create a tight, form-fitting removable split beam from top to bottom that could be easily and quickly taken on or off. In the meantime, they decided to buy a big Christmas tree later in the day, and use that to cover the pole as best they could until workers could arrive in a few days. (The timing for that was perfect, since Christmas trees for sale were easily found just after Thanksgiving.)

With that decided, and breakfast over, all five of them changed into work clothes and began cleaning the house. The house had already been cleaned for Glory's sake just two days earlier, but that was a hasty and superficial clean. A lot of the sex smell was covered up through the heavy use of air freshener. This was a much deeper clean. In fact, Katherine was sent to the local supermarket to rent a professional carpet scrubber.

Alan was a bit chagrined by this turn of events, especially since he was the one recruited to do the most physically taxing jobs, plus all the heavy lifting (except for the moving of the mattresses, which were so big and hard to hold that four people were needed to get them into the guest room upstairs).

He mused, Talk about a come down. One minute, I'm the master of a bevy of sex slaves, fucking every ass in sight, and now I'm just the guy moving all the furniture around so we can clean underneath. What a drag! Even when we take breaks, nobody seems interested in any hanky-panky. Heck, Amy even put proper clothes on, and Mom replaced her Sex Slave Mix with Simon and Garfunkel! I'm beginning to think that space aliens replaced ALL of them with duplicates!

But I shouldn't complain. If there's one thing I need these days, it's a dose of humility. I've gotta keep it real and not let the "Bad Alan" turn me into an arrogant asshole. I don't wanna reach the point where a bunch of football players try to beat me up again. This is like someone dumping a bucket of cold water over my head. I can't forget that, basically, I'm just a very, very, VERY lucky kid.

What he didn't realize was that the others were all deliberately avoiding sexual contact with him. Suzanne had gone around to the other women one by one when Alan was out of sight, and explained that Xania had called and said that she wanted to come down to "discuss the Christine problem face to face." Suzanne wanted everyone to refrain from any sexual contact with Alan, so he could be completely recharged by the time Xania arrived. That was why she'd said it didn't matter when Alan said he wasn't ready for hanky-panky earlier.

Susan, in particular, remained very hopeful that Alan could "tame" Xania and bring her into the harem, so she was the chief enforcer, keeping everyone focused and working.

Xania had called as she was about to get into a car she'd borrowed from a friend (since Alan had her Corvette), and said she'd be there in the hour or so it took to make the drive. While it was true that she did want to be a part of the discussions about Christine, she could have taken part in a group meeting over a speakerphone. The main reason she rushed down was that she'd loved Alan's erotic phone call the night before, and wanted to experience sex with him in person.

Xania made the drive unusually quickly, because there was very little traffic on a Saturday morning during a four day weekend, and she wasn't averse to flagrantly breaking the speed limit.

When the doorbell rang, the whole gang was in the living room, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, wiping windows and so on, using liberal doses of cleaning fluids everywhere to overwhelm the sex smell. Susan stopped and asked, "I wonder who that could be?"

But Susan was a bad actress, and her sly, knowing smile gave away the fact that she was already aware of who it was, and furthermore, that she was pleased as punch about it. As a result, Alan wasn't worried that Christine or some stranger was there. Besides, for once, everyone was fully dressed and presentable. He went to the door and opened it.


Like Suzanne, her former college roommate, Xania had a flair for the dramatic, and knew how to strut her stuff. She'd carefully picked out her outfit, and also struck an outrageously sexy pose.

She wore a pale blue top that revealed all her cleavage. A tight black leather skirt and black medium high heels completed her look. Knowing how much Alan loved tits, she cocked a hip and pulled down on the front of her top with both hands, exposing to the top of her tummy.

As she mugged for him shamelessly, she teased, "My oh my, it certainly is hot around here, isn't it?"

Despite the fact that Alan was constantly surrounded by beautiful women in various states of undress, his breath was taken away. Xania? Cool! Man, today is going to be a GREAT day! I'm totally going to fuck her, that's for sure! Jesus Christ, with my four loves in the house plus Xania, the collection of busty beauty in the house is gonna be off the charts!

He finally gathered his wits to say, "Xania! Wow! What are you doing here?"

She grinned. "Is that any kind of way to greet me? After our phone call last night, I'd half expect you to strip me naked on the front lawn."

He put his hand to his chin, pretending to be in deep contemplation. "Hmmm..." Then, moving with lightning speed, he stepped forward and closed the door behind him.


Alan and Xania were now both standing outside, but in fact they weren't really exposed. The house extended out further on one side of the door, blocking the view from that direction, and there were plenty of trees and bushes blocking the view from other angles. One would pretty much have to be standing on the street, right in front of the house, to see the two of them standing there.

Xania was turned on by involuntary exhibitionism like nothing else, and the fact that they were outside tremendously excited her. "Hey! Stop that!" she squealed as Alan wrapped his arms around her and pulled in for a kiss.

As soon as their lips were locked and she wasn't able to easily protest, his hands got to work. At first, he reached underneath her shirt and managed to unhook her bra.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" she complained, even though she made no effort whatsoever to impede him.

"You know our policy: no underwear allowed in the house." However, he couldn't get it off her shoulders with her top on, so he started taking her top off as well by unbuttoning the buttons down the front.

She broke another passionate kiss to complain, "Wha-? No! Not the top too!"

"Don't worry," he said calmly, while lightly tugging on one of her nipples. "Just for a sec, so I can get your bra all the way off."

She grumbled, but assisted him until her bra was in his hands. She put her top back on, but it remained completely unbuttoned and wide open in the front. Her pussy was wet and her nipples rock hard, and she was half-wishing that he'd insisted on keeping the top all the way off too.

He casually tossed the bra far into the bushes.

"Hey! That's expensive!" she protested again, even though the gesture made her smolder with desire.

Just then, the sound of a muffled cheer went up.

Xania looked around frantically. Through the foliage, she spied the rest of the women plastered to the front windows of the living room, watching intently. They waved, smiled, and flashed the thumbs-up sign.

But Xania squealed with distress and tried to wiggle out of Alan's grasp. Crap! What the hell is happening here?! Of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on him, but not outside! And not with an audience staring at us!

However, he kissed her again, and before long she melted in his arms. Soon, his hands were back on her boobs, only this time, he was able to directly grope and fondle her big boobs through the front gap of her top.

"You beast!" she complained between kisses, as he played with her nipples. "Bastard!"

He ground his erection against her, deliberately sliding it up and down her camel toe. "'Beast?' If I were a beast, wouldn't I try to take your panties off, too?"

"Yes! I mean..." Her eyes went wide. "Eeek! Oh, no you don't!" Her arms had been wrapped around his back, but she brought them back to her front. He was so closely molded to her that she had to push him back a bit to cover her crotch.

He chided her, "Ssssh! The neighbors will hear!"

When he'd closed the front door, he'd only had a vague, off the cuff idea of playing around with her for a minute or two before letting her in, in order to tease her for saying, "After our phone call last night, I'd half expect you to strip me naked on the front lawn." But, judging from her aroused reaction, things were going so well that he decided to see just how far he could go.

First, he distracted her by saying, "By the way, I'm going to fuck you so hard and so long that you really will scream your voice hoarse. You'll be incapable of driving yourself home. And I might just do it here on the front lawn!"

That caused her to gasp. Oh, shit! Is he serious?! Anything is possible with this cheeky kid!

Seeing her hands covering the front of her miniskirt, he slid both of his hands down the backside of her skirt, delving deep down to the bottom of her ass cheeks. As his hands went down, he pulled her panties down too, leaving them bunched up at the top of her thighs.


Xania's hands went back towards her ass, but too late. That left her crotch exposed. He pressed in against her there with his thinly covered erection, and resumed grinding. She wanted to scream again, but stayed quiet for fear of the neighbors.

(In fact, any threat of neighbors was an idle one, since one might wait for hours before seeing a car drive down the street, and the odds of someone walking past were much less. Alan knew that, but she didn't.)

She held on to her panties, preventing him from pulling them further down. Shit, shit, shit! Things are getting out of hand! And I'm getting way too horny to put up a fight! I can't lose my panties or he really might fuck me right here!

He gave up on her panties, at least for now, and went back to kissing and fondling her. He kept one hand on her ass, with a couple fingers hooked in the panties, to make sure she couldn't pull them up again. She had, in fact, stopped trying, beyond one or two feeble tugs.

His erection continued to grind against her. Each time it happened to make contact with her engorged clitoris, she had to fight off the urge to cum. The fact that their clothes were in the way made little difference. She brought a hand down to keep his erection from making too much contact, but somehow she wound up firmly holding it through his shorts instead.

She was panicky. OH NO! What am I doing?! I'm holding his cock and I'm probably going to start stroking him, the way things are going. I'm too HOT! Like molten lava! I've got to get us in the house first, where it's safe!

However, she was lulled with distractingly passionate kisses. Sure enough, she started jacking him off a bit through his shorts.

He attempted to pull her top off one of her shoulders.

Her hands immediately flew up to try and stop that.

But that's what he'd hoped she would do. Even as her hands were going up, his were going down, and he managed to pull her panties down to her knees before she realized what he was doing.

"You BASTARD!" she hissed, still utterly astounded this was all happening outside. "You really are the devil!"

He had to bend down low to take her panties completely off, giving her a golden opportunity to break away and rush to the door.

However, to his relief, not only did she remain standing there, she lifted up one foot and then the other, allowing him to take her panties off the rest of the way. "I might as well admit defeat, you evil boy," she griped.

Standing back up, he brought her panties to his face and took a deep whiff. He grinned. "Hmmm. These are really wet and musky. Somebody here seems to like being stripped in public."

"I DO NOT!" Realizing she was speaking too loud, she repeated herself in a quiet yet insistent hiss. "I do not!" She glanced over to the four women at the window just in time to see their eyes all go to some bushes a few feet away, like they were following a tennis ball flying through the air. Then another round of cheers broke out.

Xania closed her eyes and winced. "SHIT! Alan, tell me that you didn't just toss my panties into the bushes too."

He was all grins. "Okay. I'll tell you that. But it would be a lie."

"Grrr!" She stomped her foot in frustration. But in truth, she loved it. She'd had many lovers, male and female, but nobody else had ever treated her like this. Her pussy was gushing, and her whole body trembled with fear and desire.

She could barely control herself - she threw her arms around him again and kissed him madly.

He naturally kissed back, but he also resumed grinding his erection against her pussy.

"Oh, no you don't!" she panted. She brought a hand down to push his erection away, but despite her intentions, she somehow managed to resume jacking him off through his shorts again.

She was as distraught as she was aroused. Oh, fuck me! My hand is betraying me! But his damn cock is too big and thick! Maybe if I can get him to cum, he'll stop harassing me for a while. She knew that was a feeble justification, since she could tell he was a very long way from cumming.

He took advantage of her distraction to work on her top some more. Happily, since its buttons were already undone, it was off her and in his hands before she fully realized what he was doing.

"NoooooOOOOoooo!" she squealed with aroused dismay, even as she continued to stroke his pole. "You're going too far!" FUCK! I'm topless now, on some random suburban street, and all I can seem to do is jack him off!

"Xania, didn't you say when I came out here that you expected me to strip you naked on the front lawn? I'm just trying to meet your expectations. Are you saying you've changed your mind?"

"No... but... I mean... yes... but, but... Don't listen to what I say! I'm a liar!"

He had a good laugh at that.

She realized with alarm, He says he's going to strip me naked. Please tell me that doesn't mean completely naked. But I'll bet it does. The fiend! I've got to do something, and fast! But it seemed her hands were glued to the bulge in his shorts.

Her top proved much more aerodynamic than the bra or panties, as his casual toss sent it clear over the bushes. He immediately hugged her tight, preventing her from being able to cover her breasts (not that covering them would have had much of an effect, since her newly bared back was to the street).

She looked at her top lying in full view in the middle of the lawn, and cursed again. "You BASTARD! I should hate you! Get that back for me, this instant!"

"Okay." He started to pull away.


"NO!" She'd realized that if he left to get the top, he'd leave her standing there topless and without any cover whatsoever. As if that weren't humiliating enough, her miniskirt was now hanging uselessly above her ass. "Fucker! You were bluffing about getting that, weren't you?"

Her eyes suddenly opened wide with new dismay, because she heard the sound of a zipper unzipping. She held her breath and prayed that he wasn't doing what she thought he was doing. One of his hands was down the back of her miniskirt, manfully clutching one of her ass cheeks, but the other one was over his groin. Her fears were confirmed when she felt his exposed erection poke the skin of her upper thigh.

"Aaaaaalan!" Her tone was a combination of frustration, pleading, and pure lust. I knew he was going to do that!

"Here, if it bothers you, I'll turn us around." They did a little shuffle, so that Alan ended up with his back to the street. Xania's near naked body was now mostly blocked by his, and since he'd unzipped his fly but kept his shorts on, they looked like two lovers kissing. But amidst the shuffling, he managed to slide his unleashed erection between her thighs.

With an evil grin, she clamped down hard on his dick with her powerful thigh muscles. "Ha ha! How do you like THAT?!"

He continued to grin happily enough. "Feels good. Do that some more."

"Arrrrgggaagggh! I hate you!" She groaned in frustration. However, she actually did start to rhythmically squeeze his turgid pole with her thighs.

She muttered as she kept squeezing, "I should just squeeze the damn thing off and save womanhood a lot of trouble from your far too sexy waaaaaAAAAIIIIEEE!"

Her words quickly turned into a shriek when he took advantage yet again and unzipped the zipper on the back of her miniskirt. It was as if he'd cut it in two with scissors, and only her quick reaction enabled her to hold it in place, still hanging uselessly around her tummy.

She was in an even more vexing fix now, because she needed both hands to keep the miniskirt from falling. As a result, she had no hands to block Alan from doing whatever he wanted to do. He was free to knead her bare ass with one hand and her bare tits with the other, while kissing his way up and down her neck.

He thought, Dang, this is too much fun! There's been a lot of talk about sex pets around here, but I'm treating her just like a sex pet. I'm going to relentlessly ravage her and play with her incredible body until her voice really is hoarse from screaming!

She was rendered speechless. She'd never been so horny in her life. She wondered why she was even bothering to keep the miniskirt in place, since it was too high up to cover any part of her ass, and he was pressed so closely against her that she couldn't easily pull it down. But it was her last shred of dignity, so she kept clinging to it.

She consoled herself, This is bad, really bad! But at least his body is between me and the sidewalk. True, his four naughty sluts must be having a high time watch my complete and utter humiliation, but I can handle that. As long as no strangers see my nudity, I can survive this!

"So," he said casually, licking her neck a little, "what brings you to our humble little abode?"

She laughed, and shook her head incredulously. "You're something else, you know that? I'd kill you with my bare hands right now, if I weren't so horny. But seriously, help me pull my skirt down. People will see my ass!"

"Pull your skirt down? Very well." He said this in a resigned tone, as if he'd finally realized he'd gone too far. He pulled away from her slightly, as if to let the skirt naturally fall back in place, but instead he yanked it down with both hands and didn't stop until it was out of her grasp and down to her knees. His hard-on slid out of her thighs as he went down, but that was a small price to pay in comparison with seeing the priceless shocked look on her face.

"OHMIGOD! HELP!" Xania screamed, forgetting about her desire to keep silent and not cause a ruckus. "I didn't mean THAT!"

The skirt would have fallen the rest of the way to the ground on its own, but he kept holding it with both hands. In truth, if anyone had been looking they would have had a difficult time noticing Xania was naked, since he stood in the way. He pretended confusion, and then understanding. "Oh, right. I forgot." He tossed her miniskirt onto the lawn too.

"Arrrggh!" She reached out helplessly towards the skirt, but it had already flown far out of her reach.

It hit her like a lightning bolt, OH GOD! Dear God! I'm COMPLETELY naked! Except for her my glasses and heels, that is, but fat lot of good those do me! Things have gone too far! Even though Alan's body was still effectively blocking anyone from the street from seeing her, she panicked and disengaged.

She actually increased the odds of someone seeing by pulling away from him and turning towards the door in a frantic effort to get inside.

Alan knew that strangers could only see if they were standing right in front of the house, because of all the foliage, and he had been periodically checking to confirm that no one was there.

However, the women peering out through the living room window could see quite well what was happening, and they were all over the moon at Alan's unexpectedly aggressive behavior.

Susan rushed to the front door to open it, just as Xania was about to start pounding on it. In fact, all the other women rushed there too, so the doorway was completely blocked.

Susan pretended she was a typical suburban soccer mom, an act made much more believable by the fact that she happened to be dressed for the part, for once. In fact, all four women blocking the door were still fully dressed in their work clothes, making Xania's nakedness stand out that much more starkly.

"Why, Xania!" Susan said, trying to hide her gleeful smirk and not succeeding too well. "What a pleasant surprise!" She repeated the line she'd just heard Alan say. "What brings you to our humble little abode?"

Xania couldn't believe what was happening, and she couldn't believe how insanely horny she was. She was struck speechless. The fact that she was standing naked, outside, while surrounded by five fully clothed people (if one didn't count Alan's erection still poking out of his fly) was simply the most incredibly arousing thing that had ever happened to her.

Susan added, "Come in. May I take your coat? ... Oh. wait. I see you're not wearing one." She giggled. "May I take your, uh, top? No? Oh my, where did that go? Your miniskirt? No? My goodness! As a matter of fact, it looks like you're standing there completely butt naked! Xania! I'm shocked!" She was really hamming it up, while the others were trying their best not to giggle.

Suzanne piled on. "Sweetie, you also should please cum in... our guest!" She snickered. "After all, we wouldn't want to be thought of as inhospitable."

Susan hammed it up. "That would be soooo very improper!" She got a kick out of using her old catch phrase.

Katherine teased, "Yeah, Bro, cum in our guest. I think you should start by fucking her face!"

Amy chimed in, "But do it out on the lawn!"

Xania had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. She had no idea what to say or do. She was contemplating simply barging into the house, never mind who stood in the way.

However, Alan was actually starting to get a little concerned about them being seen. In the extremely unlikely event that someone did see them, that person would just assume that a teenage kid was making out with his extremely hot date at the door. But now that she was standing a few feet away from him and clutching her privates, she looked like the completely naked voluptuous woman she was. Alan didn't much care if the neighbors saw, since he only knew a few by name, and Brad and Eric were gone. But his mother knew more of them, and he didn't want to cause a local scandal that might reflect badly on her.

So he said, "Okay, that's enough, folks. Let's make way so she can get inside." With one hand on her ass, pushing her forward, and the other exploring her body here and there, he guided her into the house.

The others made way and then closed the front door once everyone was inside. Alan felt hands from behind unbuttoning his shorts and then pulling them all the way off, but other than that, the other women just stood by and watched.


Now that he was just in his T-shirt, his erection was constantly rubbing all over Xania's bush and pussy.

Susan was still relishing her "soccer mom" role. She wagged a disapproving finger at Xania. "You've been a very, very, VERY naughty woman!"

Xania suddenly found her voice and spun around on her heels to face him. "You... FUCKER! I'm so fucking mad at you! I'm gonna strangle you to death with my bare hands!" She reached out to him, but instead of strangling him, she pulled him in close and plastered her lips on his.

Suddenly, they were making out again. She directed her angry thoughts at Susan. "Naughty woman?" I'll show you a naughty woman! She grabbed his erection again, and madly jacked it off. In her frazzled state, she somehow thought this would show Susan something, when in fact Susan was delighted to see her do that.

Alan would have been happy to neck and fondle like that, but Xania was a raging inferno of lust. After another minute or so, she suddenly shifted her hips, and guided his pole into her pussy, even as they continued to stand there by the door. It slid all the way in to the hilt with one great thrust.

"You BASTARD!" She screamed. She realized that she was inside and she didn't have to worry about keeping her voice down, so she screamed it again, twice as loud. "You BAAASTAAAAARD! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME GOOD!"


Alan started to thrust in and out of her.

Before he could really get going however, Susan suddenly said, "Wait! You can't do that here. We're having a big cleaning day today, and we've already cleaned this area. What if some stranger comes to the door? They'll immediately smell the smell of a horny, well fucked slut!"

Xania groaned lustily and needfully. Shit, that's what I am! Fuck me, Alan! Fuck this damn horny slut! She humped back onto his cock as best she could.

Susan nodded towards the professional carpet scrubber, which was sitting in the middle of the living room. "Let's move over towards, oh, I dunno, that sofa over there." She pointed towards one of the living room sofas.

Xania groaned with needy frustration, but she reluctantly started to disengage.

Susan looked at her and Alan with confusion. "What are you doing? Tiger, why are you pulling out? Why don't you use the wheelbarrow method you used on me earlier?" She winked at him.

He laughed, and thought, "Wheelbarrow method." Ha! Great name. My mom is seriously getting kinkier by the hour.

To Xania's dismay, Alan did go ahead and use the "wheelbarrow method," basically fuck-walking her to the sofa while the other women stood around and watched. It was embarrassing enough to be fucked standing up in front of others, but her face was cherry red with the shameful humiliation of being fuck-walked in front of them.

But Susan wasn't done playing mind games with Xania. Susan knew from personal experience how much she enjoyed it when Alan sexually dominated and humiliated her. She could tell that Xania was of a similar spirit, except that Xania got off on exposure and embarrassing situations, but not submission.

All Xania wanted was for Alan to fuck her like a wild animal until they were both drenched in sweat and completely satiated, but Susan wasn't having that. She had Alan sit on the sofa, and then Xania sit naked in his lap, facing away from him and impaled on his pole.

Susan actually physically guided Xania's hips into place, and then asked her with a sweet smile, "There. Are you comfortable? Oops! Of course you are."

Xania wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but the feeling of being completely filled by Alan's large dick was too good. She felt like she was paralyzed. Oh God, please! Have mercy on me! This is the most humiliating experience in my life, bar none! The only things to even come close all involved Alan! Damn that cheeky bastard!

It didn't help her composure any when Alan's arms wrapped around her, pulling her back against him. This left his hands in perfect position to cup and fondle her unrestrained breasts, and of course that's exactly what he did.

None of the others made any mention of this, and continued to act as if nothing out of the ordinary were going on, let alone anything noteworthy. They pulled up their chairs in a tight circle, like they were taking part in a book club or sewing circle.

Susan even made a point of serving tea to the whole group, to heighten the feeling that they were all taking part in some kind of formal and routine social event.

Xania was torn. On the one hand, her body was raging with the desire for fast and violent sex. But on the other hand, four fully clothed women were sitting around her, sipping tea, and acting as calm as can be, while she sat naked, impaled on Alan's erection. She didn't know how to act.

Suzanne was pleasantly surprised by Susan's twisted hospitality, and played along. Trying her best not to smirk too much, she calmly asked Xania, "So, how was your drive down here?"


Alan had shifted his hands down onto Xania's hips, and just then, he started lifting her up and dropping her back down, repeatedly sinking her onto his thick rod.

Xania realized, I'm was getting simultaneously body-fucked by Alan and mind-fucked by the entire Plummer family! Unfortunately, that knowledge doesn't help me one damn bit!! I'm so fucking aroused that it's like I've lost all control of my body!

The social rules she had internalized pretty much dictated a polite response. Yet she was completely nude and being aggressively fucked at the same time. She was trapped and confused, but she found the situation extremely arousing.

After a long pause, she replied to Suzanne's question, "Uh, good. Fast."

Suzanne continued, "When we were talking earlier, you never did explain what car you were using. But it's occurred to me that Alan's driving your Corvette already, isn't he?"

"Uh... yes!" She couldn't think straight. Somewhat remarkably, she hadn't climaxed yet, but she was very, very close. She was afraid to let go and scream her head off. Why am I just answering these stupid questions while rising up and down on Alan's big cock?! I have to DO something! Gaawwwd! I'm gonna cum! So fucking hard and loud! Then he'll win. My shame will be complete. But I'm not going to give him that satisfaction!

Suzanne pressed, "So how'd you get here?"

"Borrowed a car... from a friend!" She thought, Fuuuuuck! Gotta cum, gotta cum, gotta cum!

Alan had stopped lifting and dropping her, because she had caught the rhythm and was doing it all on her own with her hips now. She was torn between using her hands to cover her own eyes from all the eyes staring at her, and needing to use both of them to help push up from the sofa. Soon, the latter won out as the fucking grew more intense, leaving her to feel even more exposed and ashamed.

The others continued to make polite small talk, deliberately asking Xania the most inane and mundane questions they could think of.

Xania had clenched her teeth at first, but she was gasping for air too much to do that. This is NUTS! It's like we're at tea time of some ladies' club, except for the way my naked ass is slutting up the place! How do I get out of this?! What's my endgame?! If this keeps up, I'm going cum so hard and long that I'll totally lose my mind! Can't... can't let that happen!

She had no solution to her predicament. She was directing all her energy to stave off her big climax, but she knew that was a losing battle. She tried not to think about how her public humiliation could get even worse when the time came and she had an epic orgasm.

At one point, Amy asked, "By the way, do you notice something different about us?" She proudly ran a finger over her black collar.

Even in her half-insane state, Xania couldn't help but notice Amy's obvious gesture. Her eyes went from woman to woman, and saw that they all wore the exact same collars.

"It's a gift from O.B.!" Amy said, flashing her million watt smile. "Uh, that means Official Boyfriend - my brother! He gave one to each of us!"

Susan helpfully added, as she also fingered her own collar, "He gave these to us so we'll never forget that we belong to him. We're his sex slaves!"

Xania felt like the room was spinning. "Sex slaves"? Collars? This guy is fucking unstoppable! She actually had been told about the collars the night before, but in her current state she could barely remember her own name, much less any details from earlier phone calls.

Meanwhile, the fucking grew more and more physical and intense. Since Xania was facing away from Alan, she couldn't see his face, which made the whole thing that much more surreal. It was like she was sitting on a flesh and blood dildo, while a disembodied pair of hands kept clutching at her hips, and sometimes her bouncy breasts.

Alan knew that she was so insanely aroused by now that he didn't need to do anything anymore. He ran his hands all over her, and especially pulled on, kneaded, and mauled her big tits, because he enjoyed doing that, and he knew it shamed her even more. Otherwise, he simply sat there and let her do all the work of the actual fucking.

She couldn't help herself, and churned her hips in a very athletic and wanton manner, trying desperately to get him to cum. All her grinding gyrations just made her stand out even more compared to her fully clothed and sedate audience.

Eventually, she couldn't handle the weird situation anymore, and shouted out, "Why are you all just... just sitting there?! With your ri-ri-ridiculous small talk?!" She was having a hard time talking as her entire nude body wildly bounced up and down, and jerked from side to side. "Can't you s-see I... I'm getting serious- UGH! Uh, nailed?! He fucking THE SHIT OF OUT ME!"

Susan gleefully chuckled. "Sure, we've noticed. But that's no big deal around here. In fact, just two nights ago, Tiger took me out to the front yard, blindfolded, and seriously fucked my ass in public! It was great. Oh, and Amy, remember how you rode me around like I was a pony?"

"Yep!" Amy eagerly agreed. "That was totally fun!"

Xania felt for sure that she'd crossed into the Twilight Zone. She even slowed her bouncing as she tried to figure this out. It didn't help that she'd gotten the misimpression that Amy had ridden Susan "like a pony" all over the front lawn while Alan was still fucking her. "Wait. You're putting me- UGH! Me on, right? HNNGG! Are you serious?!"

All four women solemnly nodded.

Alan tried to explain, "It wasn't like we were fucking in the middle of the lawn in broad daylight. We took some precautions." But he was breathing heavily, even though Xania was doing most of the work, and he couldn't give a more detailed explanation.

His words only made the claim that much more believable, and thus arousing.

Xania felt like the entire room was spinning. Oh no! That really happened! Which means things can get worse! MUCH worse! He's going to fuck me on the front lawn! Can't hold it! Gonna... gonna cum! UNGH! Somehow, she still held off her climax a little longer, but the situation was getting desperate.

Seeing the effect this topic was having on Xania, Susan pushed, "You know, it's just a matter of time before Alan will be fucking you on the lawn too. There's just no resisting whatever he wants. In fact, Tiger, why don't you take her out there right now?"

Xania pictured herself on the lawn out near the sidewalk in the middle of the day (forgetting Alan's claim that it wasn't like that). She visualized a busy street with random passers by stopping and staring. She was so hot and horny that she feared she'd simply pass out. FUUUUUCK! I was right! Oh God! Have mercy! Please! Have mercy!


Her dark brown hair was swinging about like an energetic lap dancer. She closed her eyes, trying to block out all the insanity as best she could. She attempted to pretend her body wasn't bouncing up and down, and concentrate. I'm not... not like them... Not... not a slave! ... Gotta... gotta think! Gotta... gotta get... upper hand! But how?!

She briefly considered pulling up and away from his dick so she'd have a chance to at least recover for a few minutes, but she quickly dismissed that idea, since she knew she didn't have the willpower to withdraw from such pleasure. Instead, she resolved to try harder to get Alan to cum before she lost her mind, or at least before she climaxed herself.

A new sense of resolve and energy surged through her. She began urgently churning her hips in all kinds of unexpected ways. She had some talented moves that few men had been able to resist for long. Fucking piece of shit Alan! Thinks he's such a stud! I'll show him!

She threw off all concerns about propriety and manners, and tried to focus entirely on Alan, especially grinding on his cock. She kept her eyes closed to block out the others. She gasped out, "Gonna... gonna... gonna fuck you, you fuckin' BASTARD!"

Alan had been greatly enjoying her bouncing about, but these new hip churning moves took his pleasure to an entirely new level. Soon, he was frantically squeezing his PC muscle to stave off his orgasm.

Xania was so into it now that she mostly forgot about the others. She almost looked like she was dancing in place, or perhaps riding a mechanical horse, as her entire body swayed in time to her pelvic gyrations. Her huge boobs flew about without restraint, since her hands were still busy sometimes lifting herself up whenever she wanted to vary up her hip movements with more impalings. Even her glasses flew off in the fucking frenzy.

Before, she felt like she was getting fucked, and now she felt like she was the one doing the fucking. The physical result was, more or less, exactly the same, as they both soared to the highest heights of arousal, and it even looked basically the same. But psychologically, it was very different for her. Before, she felt like everything was spinning out of control, but now she felt triumphant and able to cope.

She continued to mutter things like "Fuckin' fuck you!" and "Fuckin' bastard!" between heaving, labored breaths. She didn't understand how she'd managed to delay her big climax through such unbelievable pleasure, and just decided to be grateful for small mercies.

The other women had been showing remarkable restraint in an effort to maintain the right atmosphere to maximize her public humiliation (and thus arousal), but with Xania's eyes firmly closed and her thoughts far away in some erotic la-la land, they all started masturbating.

But the frantic pace couldn't go on forever, and eventually Alan lost control. He squirted his load deep into Xania's pussy while she screamed her head off.

That was the final straw for her. The feeling of his hot seed filling her up pushed her over the edge and so let go with the her biggest climax she'd ever had.

Just as she'd feared, she screamed in a delirious frenzy, and lost all control over her body. Her arms flew this way and that, and it seemed she couldn't even control her neck. She kept her eyes shut tightly, as if not seeing the others meant they couldn't see her, but of course she knew the were all staring. That only increased her humiliation, seemingly taking her orgasm to an even higher level.

Alan's orgasm only lasted a few seconds, like male orgasms do. But his cock didn't go flaccid just yet. She was flailing about on him so much that she couldn't have bounced and churned on his cock even better if she'd tried. As a result, the wave of intense pleasure went on for both of them for nearly two more minutes.

After they crashed, somehow Xania found herself sitting next to him and reclined back, cradled in his arms. When she'd sufficiently recovered, she looked up at him and exclaimed, "You're the craziest bunch of motherfuckers on the planet, do you know that?"

"Did you like that?" he asked. He was still breathing heavily, but he felt serene and satisfied.

"Are you kidding me?!" She thought, I swear, if I could have a bunch of people treat me like that with every fuck, I'd simply die within a week!

She looked around and saw a more ragged scene than what she'd been expecting. The others had tried to recover, but they were partially undressed here and there, and a bit flushed and bedraggled. Looks like I wasn't the only one who enjoyed that.

Out of the blue, Katherine announced, "Ladies and gentleman, that's what we call a 'total destruction fuck!'"

Suzanne hadn't heard that term yet. She didn't hesitate to show her approval. "Nice! Is that new?"

Katherine explained, "It is. Brother came up with it last night after he, well, totally destroyed me with his cock yet again. And he totally destroyed Amy with an ass fuck before breakfast."

Suzanne was all smiles. "Excellent. We all know how that feels!" She thought, If there's one reason why we're all his willing sex slaves, it's gotta be those total destruction fucks. Once you experience one... well... it's like a transcendent religious epiphany, except with sex and love instead of religion. I don't know if he's done that to Xania before, but he clearly did it now. Even she, with her stubbornly independent ways, might not be able to resist that siren call for long!

Xania thought, "Total destruction fuck?" That is apt. Gaawwwd, I really am... destroyed! How the hell did he do that?! I've had sex with guys who are master cocksmen. The best of the best, who have fucked their way through the Hollywood elite. Hell, I've even been fucked by some famous star who are impressive studs. But I've never been fucked like THAT! It almost makes me want to forgive him for what he did to me outside the front door.

Xania continued to rest with her eyes closed, her immense tits heaving up and down with every labored breath.

Susan got up, feeling apologetic. She leaned over Xania like a nurse, full of concern. "Xania? Are you okay? I'm sorry if we kind of, well, messed with you. From your clothes being scattered on the lawn to... kinda everything... But we were thinking that's what you really wanted."

Xania thought, Let's face it, I wouldn't have cum that hard if it wasn't for what he did to me outside, plus all the rest of the humiliation. I hated it at the time, but... damn! I suppose it was worth it in the end.

She opened her eyes and wearily replied, "I guess I must be a freak too, because you were right. That was the most intense experience I've had in just about ever. But could we kind of be normal for a while? I can't take much more of that. I need to wash up and recover."

Susan smiled. "Sure. But welcome to our world. Tiger does that to at least one of us pretty much every single day. Can you imagine if you were part of the harem and he rocked your world as much as you could humanly stand it?"

With that, she turned around and began picking up the tea cups. She was hopeful that Xania got her not-so-subtle message that the harem life was the best way to live.

"Whoa," Xania quietly exclaimed. "For a while there, I almost..."

"What?" Susan asked with sudden eagerness. She bent down over her, even closer this time, as if she was trying to hear a deathbed confession.

But Xania didn't want to talk about how close she came to losing control over her body and her mind. Instead, she asked, "Has anyone seen my glasses?"

Susan went to pick up her glasses, but thought, Oh, poo! So close! "For a while there, she almost..." You almost got your ass tamed, that's what! Enjoy your precious "freedom" while you still can, girl, 'cos Tiger's gonna keep fucking you, and that means it's just a matter of time before he fully tames you. Once he does, there's no going back!


After another break to clean up sweaty bodies and sticky sofas, the group returned to the living room to discuss "the Christine problem." They more or less returned to the same seats in the circles of chairs that they had been in earlier. Alan and Xania sat on the sofa they were on before, except now they sat on either side of the wet spot they'd created.

Alan had already insisted that everyone remain fully dressed and that there shouldn't be any penis tending or other hanky-panky, so they could fully focus on the discussion. He'd never lost his T-shirt, but he put his shorts back on. Amy wore a cowboy hat, but no one asked why.

Not quite everyone was dressed however, since Xania's clothes were still scattered on the front lawn. Naturally, Xania asked Susan, "Can I borrow some of your clothes? I'm basically the same size as Suzanne in everything, or at least I was, back in our college days. I'm pretty confident you and I are the same size too."

"Oh, I'm sure we are," Susan replied. But she added with a mischievous smirk, "Unfortunately though, all my clothes are in the wash."

"ALL of them?" Xania asked in disbelief.

Susan looked past Xania towards Alan to see if he approved where she was obviously going with this.

He gave her the thumbs up.

Susan smirked with glee. That's my boy! What a stud! He'll have Xania collared and adoringly choking and gagging on his cock in no time! Well, at least if I'm not busy doing that already! She continued, "Yep. All of them. Even the bath towels. Sorry."

Feeling increasingly naked and embarrassed, Xania placed an arm across her huge rack. She turned to Katherine. "I don't suppose I could borrow something of yours? We're about the same height and pretty close in size."

Katherine gave her a naughty grin. "Sorry. Today's laundry day for all of us. Every single last item is in the wash. However, you could just gather your clothes from the bushes."

Xania looked longingly towards the front of the house. She stood up to gaze through the windows, and actually saw her top lying on the grass. "I could..." Then she turned to Alan and gave him a sharp look. "Or, some kind and fully-dressed gentleman could take ten seconds and get them for me."

Alan chuckled. "I suppose that's true, if there were a kind gentleman around here. Unfortunately, we seem to be fresh out of them at the moment. All we have around here are evil bastards who like to see you stand around naked all day."

Xania rolled her eyes and looked hopefully at Amy.

But Amy was grinning too and said, "Sorry. Bum ankle."

Xania threw her hands up in the air in exasperation. "'Bum ankle'?! Bum ankle, my ass!" She slumped in resignation. "Okay, obviously there's a conspiracy against me. I give up. Would you at least have some kind of small towel, so I could clean up my sticky thighs?"

Susan started to reply, "Would you believe-"

Xania cut her off testily. "No, I wouldn't!" She sighed heavily. "Can we start the meeting already?" Frustrated, she sat back down and looked peeved.

Susan said, "Almost. I do have something for you after all."

"Well, thank goodness!"

"I noticed that, somewhat shockingly, you failed to arrive in high heels. Medium heels, yes, but those just won't do. Luckily, you and I share the exact same shoe size, so I have some lovely red pumps for you to wear."

Xania grumbled and griped, but didn't stop Susan from putting the five-inch heels on her. "This is ridiculous," she protested as she remembered to close her legs, bringing them together.

Alan reached over and cupped the underside of her nearest boob. "Protest all you want, but you know you love it."

Xania pretended to be annoyed, but didn't deny it. She really had no leg to stand on since she'd already admitted that she approved of everything else they'd done to her so far.


Her body was conflicted. She'd never really stopped feeling highly aroused, not even after her intense orgasm, but she didn't want to show it. She was trying to grimace, but it was sometimes coming out more like a smile. She was trying to lean away from him, but ended up leaning towards him, making her body more accessible to his hands.

Furthermore, she kept crossing her legs to cover her wetness, but her legs kept opening up. It was as if her body was trying to signal that it needed to get fucked some more.

Susan smiled motheringly, but said to the group, "Seeing Xania all squirming, nude, and horny like this makes me very happy, because her body is almost exactly the same as mine, in every way. It's like I'm getting a front row seat to watch my own taming."

Susan idly fingered her slave collar as she closely examined Xania's nude body. There are limits to how perfect a female body can be. Tits can only be so big or you'll fall forward. Waists can only be so narrow, hips only so wide, and so on. Xania has a perfect body. I don't know how it could be improved upon, except maybe to make her tits a size or two larger. And she has a slutty, feisty spirit, a long history with Suzanne, and a nice personality. She's EXACTLY the sort of woman this harem needs!

Turning to Suzanne on the other side of the table, Xania again asked, "Can we start the meeting, already?" She added in her mind, It damn well better start soon, before his hands make me cum again! And I am NOT going to get tamed! Period!

But Suzanne wanted to get in on the fun too. "We could... Or we could have you lie face down on the coffee table over there, because, well, just what the heck. The five of us all would like to fondle your naked body. All in favor, say aye."

Everyone loudly said "aye" except Xania. She was blushing furiously as she imagined lying there with ten hands on her at once.

Trying to change the topic, she asked, "Just what do I have to do to get some clothes around here?"

Suzanne answered, "You need to get in our favor with good deeds. One such deed would be to lie across that table. Naked. So we can all play with your curvy body." She winked.

Looking irked, Xania replied, "Then I'll stay naked, thank you very much."

On one level she really was irked, but on another she loved the treatment. Word had gotten around the Plummer family that Xania had a thing for exhibitionism, especially if she was "forced," and they were giving her what she wanted, in spades. Xania realized that the fact that she was naked while the others were all dressed really got her juices flowing. She glanced down at her thighs and saw that was literally true, as new rivulets were trickling down.

Suzanne coughed, signifying that she was taking charge. "Okay, I think we've teased our busty and beautiful guest quite enough. For now. We'll have to save laying her across the table for her next visit." She winked at Xania again.

Xania gulped, but deep down it made her excited and want to come back soon. She thought, Dammit, Alan, stop twisting my nipple like that. Now! That's an order! 'Cos if you don't, I'm gonna wind up sucking your cock! She licked her lips and stared at his crotch with hunger.

Suzanne continued, "And speaking of busty and beautiful, let's turn our attention to Christine. Now, Xania, I know you've never met her, and some of us have had only limited contact with her. But we've all talked about her plenty, for at least two years now, and Xania, you and I spent a long time talking about her on your cell phone as you were driving down here. So, would you agree that there's no point in repeating the basic facts?"

Xania nodded, carefully. She was trying her very best to ignore the needy throbbing of her pussy, and the stimulation of her hard nipples, so she could contribute to the discussion.

Suzanne said, matter-of-factly, "Basically, Christine is one seriously sexy, busty, beautiful, and intelligent girl, and she and Alan are starting to get it on. Yesterday, he got her completely naked and basically had his way with her entire body. I don't suppose you'd know how that feels like?"

Xania refused to reply. But the way she blushed and squirmed in her seat was telling. Fucking shut up, Suzanne! Don't make me lose control again!

Suzanne continued, "Unfortunately, she's got a very strong and stubborn moral sense, and she's likely to go ballistic if she finds out about the incest we all know and love. She's also such a straight-laced girl that she's extremely unlikely to warm up to the harem situation. Would everyone agree that's the problem in a nutshell?"

Everyone nodded this time.

Xania slapped one of Alan's hands, as it was sliding down to her pussy lips.

He switched to fondling her nearest tit instead, and she let him do that.

She tried to sound thoughtful, trying to ignore the way he was pulling on her erect nipple in front of all the others. "Alan, you'd probably be alarmed to know just how much I've been told about what you and Christine have done with each other. As I said to you on the phone last night, I was clued in before you expressed any concerns about respecting her privacy. Let's not cry over spilled milk. So, given what you've done with her already, do you think it's possible to pull back and just have a platonic relationship with her?"

Alan pondered that a long time before answering. "I wish I could say yes, but we need to be realistic. Pandora's Box has been opened, and it can't be closed again."

Katherine quipped under her breath, "More like Pandora's Blouse."

"No, I think he's got it right," Amy giggled. She pointed between Xania's legs, since everyone could see Xania's pussy lips, and the way Alan's fingers were stroking them. Clearly, he hadn't been deterred by a slap or two.

Xania quickly slammed her legs shut, forcing him to remove his hand from there - for now.

Amy quipped, "Pandora's... Box. It's definitely having trouble getting closed." She giggled some more. "Like some other boxes around here." She giggled even more, as the others joined in too.

Xania's red face turned redder as she turned to Alan and glared at him.

He wasn't deterred at all. He brought that hand back up to join his other one in pulling on her nipples.

Xania grumbled in her mind, Dammit, he's doing it to me again! Fucking BASTARD! Just look at his fucking cock, all erect and jutting straight out like that again. How did he revive that quickly? I'll bet he'd love for me to stroke him right in front of everybody. Fat chance!

But she bit her lip, because she was sorely tempted. She decided to sit on her hands, so she wouldn't give in to her urges and start stroking his dick.


Katherine marveled, "Gaawwwd, can you just imagine Brother seriously drilling Christine's hot box? Her huge boobs wobbling back and forth with each thrust as he pounds her tight virgin slit, deeper and deeper? I'll bet she's a screamer. I can almost hear her screaming, 'Oh! Alan! You've broken my will. Make me your slave!' That would be really hot!"

Susan's eyes brightened. "That would be TOTALLY hot! But let's focus here, people, so we can help make that vision a reality sooner rather than later. I know some of you are concerned with Tiger's answer. But I, for one, heartily applaud it. Christine is as Alan-worthy as can be, and the Big Tits Theory says it's just a matter of time before he fully tames her. So I say: bring her on!" She pumped her fist into the air dramatically.

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Geez, Mom. And I thought you were regaining contact with reality after your suggestions on cleaning the house. It's not that easy."


But then Amy said, "Actually, I kind of agree with Mom. Not about the Theory thingy, but the fact is, Alan's already crossed the line, like he said. It's just a matter of time before he fucks her. Does anyone here deny that?"

No one spoke up to contest that. They were all quite shocked by Amy's apparent pro-Christine attitude, especially since she'd displayed a bout of jealousy the day before.

Amy continued, "Not only that, but we all know that he's totally loved her for, like, forever already. And look at us, and everyone else in the harem. Look how we've changed after he fucked us and tamed us. Remember Brenda, how she was when she first met us? She had a temper and was kind of, um, bitchy. We don't remember that very well, 'cos Alan pretty much fucked it out of her, like, about ten minutes after he met her." She giggled. "But it's true. So I say we should let the Alan magic run its course, and see if it works on Christine too."

Alan sighed and shook his head. "I can tell you right now that Christine is different. Way different. She's even more hard-headed than Glory. Brenda was a really weird exception to the rule. She was way overdue to live a super submissive life, and I just happened to be there in the right place at the right time, thanks mostly to your guidance." He looked at Suzanne as he said that, and gave her a grateful nod.

Suzanne nodded back. She was secretly amused at the way he continued to fondle Xania's body during this serious discussion. He was still tugging on her nipples, causing her to pant heavily.

He continued, "No way is Christine like her, nor would I want her to be. The fact is, MOST of the women I've had sex with don't suddenly go all ga-ga over me. Look at Xania here, for instance."

He reached out and patted her on her nearest thigh.

Her legs spread wider, seemingly of their own volition.

He resumed pumping a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy.

Xania was heating up by the second, it seemed. She no longer had the willpower to slap his hand away. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend the others weren't all staring at what was happening in her crotch. She considered it a small victory that at least she was resisting jacking off his tempting jutting erection.

He went on, "Sure, we have fun, and hopefully we'll keep doing that for a long, long time to come, but she's not clamoring to join the harem at all. Look at Janice, Joy, Kim, Akami, Simone... all women I've had sex with. And yeah, they enjoyed it, but they weren't quote, tamed, unquote, in any way. And Mom, before you bring up the Big Tits Theory to explain that, I'm banning all mention of that for the rest of this conversation."

"Oh, poo!" Susan's disappointment was tempered by the fact that she was secretly enjoying how he was "taming" Xania right in front of everybody.

Xania was blushing profusely, knowing full well that the way she was spreading her legs wider and wider was only encouraging his probing fingers.

Before he could go on, Katherine cut in. "Sorry, but before I forget, I wanna ask Amy, why are you so keen on having Brother and Christine get even more intimate with each other? Aren't you jealous or worried about her?"

"Sure I am," Amy replied, "but Brother promised me yesterday that she's not a threat to my Official Girlfriend status, and I believe him, and trust him." She looked at him and smiled.

He smiled back. He was delighted to share a loving moment with Amy even as two of his fingers pumped in and out of Xania's hot slit, and he was tugging on a nipple for good measure.

Xania had her eyes shut tight, trying to act as if her body wasn't slowly succumbing to lust all over again. But she was also determined to carefully follow the conversation.

Then Amy got very serious and said, "I've been thinking about this, like, a LOT lately. I was thinking all last night about how I got jealous and all. It's a fact that our man has a harem, and he always will, 'cos we all love him so much and we're not going away. I think there's kind of a right size to what we have. If it's too small, it just doesn't feel harem-y, you know? Plus, it takes a lot of us to keep his thingy properly taken care of. It needs TLC pretty much 24/7."

Susan wasn't up on the current lingo. "What's that mean?"

Katherine clarified, "She means its needs tender loving care pretty much 24 hour a day, seven days a week."

Susan nodded approvingly. "Oh. Well, that's certainly true!" In fact, she was staring at his erection with increasing concern, upset that nobody was "tending" it. However, she was willing to let that slide for now, since he clearly was having fun playing with Xania's incredible body.

Amy continued, "And the harem can get too big, where not even Brother can handle that many women. I'm thinking we're just about the right size. In my opinion, he's gonna keep adding until he's maxed out with what he can handle mentally and physically, and he can't go beyond one or two more. But if he's gonna add someone, I'd rather it be Christine than just about anybody else."

Alan thought to himself, I'm maxed out already! Seriously.

Amy looked to Xania. "No offense, Xania."

That forced Xania to open her eyes.

"Actually, you'd be a totally awesome choice too, but you seem pretty serious about keeping your independence. Am I right?"

Xania looked away as she considered that. She was slumping lower and lower on the sofa, getting lost in Alan's groping and fingerfucking. But she straightened back up and slapped his hands away, so she could seriously answer the question.

When she finally spoke, she replied honestly, "In a lot of ways, I'd love to join. And not just because of the great sex. You all have soooo much fun. I'm attracted to your sense of family and community. But I think I'm just a natural solo-flyer type, for whatever reason. Heck, I'm almost forty and I've never really been in a serious, long-term relationship..." - she scanned her memory - "well... pretty much ever. That's just who I am. To suddenly be thrown into an intense relationship with half a dozen people would completely overwhelm me. It would never work."

She winced as she stated that painful truth. She didn't understand her difficulty in forming lasting relationships, and she didn't like it, but it was something she couldn't deny. She added, "Besides, I'm not of the same mindset as you all are. To be called a sex slave not only doesn't arouse me, it kind of annoys and offends me. No offense to those of you who seriously get off on it."

Alan's hand was back on her thigh. He patted her encouragingly, but his hand slipped and he wound up diddling her clit some more.

Xania thought, Alan, stop it! This is so embarrassing! But she didn't say anything to him or make any move, aside from wiggling her hips to no apparent purpose.

Amy replied, "That's what I thought. And it's a bummer, but we are who we are. Getting back to Christine, I actually kinda like her. A lot. Yeah, sometimes I get jealous, 'cos she's just so totally superamazorificallywondertastic in everything she does, you know? It's kinda scary, almost. But I just can't get myself to hate her. She inspires me. In fact, I get kinda horny when I think about her. I'm so super totally hoping that she's bi. At least a little, 'cos she's gonna need a lot of lovin' with a body like that, right?" She giggled.

Suzanne's ears perked up. Could it be Christine IS bisexual? If so, that could change everything. Unfortunately, I haven't spent enough time with her to get a good reading. Besides, if she is, I'll bet she's the type to repress those feelings deep down.

Amy continued, "But in any case, I figure I can either sort of fight her joining us, and go down kicking and screaming and ending up losing to the inevitable, or I can embrace it, and have a lot more fun that way. Don't you think that's better?"

Alan was hit with a vision of Amy and Christine getting it on. A stupid grin spread across his face as he pictured them kissing and rubbing their big racks together. Without thinking about it, he started hefting Xania's boobs with both hands.

Xania grumbled to herself, He's determined to make me climax and scream out, so I can humiliate myself in front of everyone even more, isn't he? Why does he keep picking on me and me alone?! Well, I'm not gonna give in and cum!

Then it occurred to her, Wait a sec, that's what I said easily, and look what happened to me. Luckily, I'm super horny, true, but not insanely horny like I was then. I need to be much more resolute this time. For instance, I'm dying to yank on his big cock, still protruding lewdly from his crotch, but I'm not going to give in! So there!

However, she'd twisted in her seat to face him in order to help him extensively fondle her big globes. That left her staring at his crotch nearly all the time. She was finding it increasingly difficult to follow the conversation as she repeatedly licked her lips and pictured herself stroking or even sucking his boner.

Katherine said, "That's way better. Aims, once again, you're an inspiration to us all. How you can be so jealousy-free just amazes me. I'm gonna have to try to think like you about her."

"Hey, I never said I'm jealousy-free," Amy noted, looking quite serious. "But the main thing is, I just love my O.B. Brother so much!"

She smiled, reached out to Alan, and patted his knee. "I KNOW he's never gonna let me down. Even though we've only been Official Boyfriend and Girlfriend a little while, I've known him all his life, and I know he's not gonna break a promise or lose me in the shuffle. So, like I said, if the harem's gonna grow a little bit more anyway, wouldn't you rather it be Christine, than say, Heather?" She stuck out her tongue in distaste. "Or any of the other people he's fucked who aren't already in this room? If we could get Christine to join, she could be the backbone we lack. We're all so submissive-y. She totally kicks ass!"

Alan was quite surprised by Amy's comments. While he caressed Xania's huge knockers from below, he said, "Wow, Aims. I had no idea you like her that much. And I'm blown away by how selfless you are. But you said, 'It's a bummer, but we are who we are.' Unfortunately, Christine is who she is, and that's someone who would never ever be part of any kind of harem. I know that deep in my heart."

The discussion turned to a closer examination of Christine's character. Since Alan knew her best, he provided some anecdotes illustrating her strong and nearly unshakable sense of right and wrong.

Meanwhile, the unmentioned elephant in the room was the fact that his dick was fully erect and yet untended. Obviously, he was well aware of this fact, but he didn't want anyone to stroke it, since he felt it needed a rest. Besides, he was having fun playing with Xania. He saw the way she was staring wantonly at his jutting pole and how she was licking her lips with increasing frequency. He could sense that it wouldn't be long before she broke down and started to at least jack him off.

So he lifted her up and put her back on his lap, but kept his erection trapped between his legs so she wouldn't play with it either.

Xania was very frustrated, because she had been just about to give in. She tried to reach between his legs, only to have him squeeze his thighs together, cutting off access. FUCK! What is this new devilry?! What does he want from me?! Is his plan to make me so hot for his cock that I'm on the verge of tears? Because he's succeeding with that!

As his hands went back to playing with her erect nipples, she leaned back and whispered to him, "How do you expect me to think when you're treating me like this?!"

He whispered back, "Get used to it. The day is young, and I plan on treating you like my personal, buck naked sex pet all day long. I manage when my dick is being tended, so you can manage too."

"You beast!" But she didn't say more, or try to move away. She tried to completely forget his plan to treat her " like my personal, buck naked sex pet all day long" because she was having to struggle to avoid cumming, just like earlier, and that idea was too arousing to even consider.

Xania valiantly tried to contribute to the discussion, partly to show that he wasn't getting the best of her. She said, "I think it's important to point out that people tend to get more set in their ways as they get older, but Christine is still very young. I was quite stubborn at that age, but I changed a lot in college, and continued to change in the years just after college. Christine could be quite different in two, five, or ten years' time. Everyone changes."

Alan whispered in her ear, "Nice! I think that deserves a reward." He brought a hand from her tits to her pussy and diddled with her clit.

Xania froze up and clenched her teeth. Holy crap! Not that! No reward, please! Her urge to cum was growing increasingly irresistible.

Susan complained, "Ten years for her to accept her role? That's way too long. Ten WEEKS is too long. This whole discussion is moot in any case. Tiger simply needs to fuck Christine a lot, and if that doesn't work, it means he hasn't fucked her enough yet. Everything will change the instant he puts his dick in her virgin pussy, and she realizes how incredible it feels to be fucked by your master. Look at me. Look at the amazing, relentless way Tiger fucked my ass only an hour or so ago. I challenge any woman to experience that and not totally adore my sweet cutie Tiger afterwards!" She smiled lovingly at her son.

Nobody else took her ideas seriously, however, since they realized Christine wasn't another Brenda. But given Amy's surprisingly strong stance in favor of trying to get Christine to join the harem, with Katherine seconding Amy's opinions, the discussion turned to arguing over the best way to get her to join.

Xania and Suzanne, both old hands at seduction, argued in favor of a take it slow approach. They thought that Alan should wait months before taking her virginity, and all the while employ a range of psychological techniques to get her to gradually change her attitudes. They argued that only a consensual approach that Christine chose for herself would be in any way lasting. Anything else would exchange the quick payoff of a brief (if intense) sexual moment for a long term sense of violation and betrayal.

Actually, Suzanne did nearly all the arguing. Xania was too horny and distracted to say much. But she remained determined to carefully listen, and she frequently seconded Suzanne's comments.

Susan naturally led the opposing "fuck her early and often" approach.

But surprisingly, Amy and Katherine also agreed with her.

Katherine explained, "Big Brother, you're a man. You can't possibly understand what happens to a woman when she gets fucked like the way you fuck me. Us, I mean. It's like, each time, this big bonding thing takes place. There's some sort of chemical or biological thing going on, probably. The point is, whatever it is, it works. The fact that you're head of a harem is proof. Mom gets a little carried away sometimes, but I agree that the more you fuck Christine, the more loyal and loving she'll be."

Susan added, "Son, especially if you do that 'total destruction fuck' thing. I can't define what it is, but it's a real phenomenon, for sure. If you could do that to Christine even once, she'd be yours for life!"

Suzanne said, "Hold on. Let's calm down a bit. I'll admit that is a powerful and real phenomenon with a big emotional impact, but 'for life' is quite a stretch."

Alan was divided on the question. Logically, he felt the go slow approach was the safer bet. But his libido strongly pushed for the "fuck her tonight, if at all possible" approach. As a result, he didn't say much, and hoped the others would reach a consensus.

However, they couldn't agree. So that issue was put aside for the time being.


Meanwhile, Alan could tell his mellow yet non-stop fondling of Xania's body was having a strong effect. Xania wasn't talking much anymore, no doubt due to the way she was panting heavily for air. Her heaving chest caused her huge melons to bounce wildly nearly all the time.

With the Christine discussion over for now, Suzanne asked, "Hey everybody, what's that strange squishy sound?"

Xania's face blushed even redder, because the squishy sounds were coming from the way Alan was fingering her hot cunt. Suddenly, all eyes were on her crotch. She thought, FUCK YOU, Suzanne! Some friend you are! As if you didn't know the answer to your own damn question!

Katherine cheekily played dumb. "Why, Mother, I believe that odd noise is coming from the general vicinity of Xania's groin. Just look at the way her legs are splayed out and cum is flowing freely. Something is definitely going on over there."

Suzanne smirked as she replied, "Good point, Angel. And what's Sweetie's hand doing? Did he drop a contact lens in her naughty hoo-ha?"

The others all giggled at the use of the phrase "naughty hoo-ha."

Xania stared daggers at Suzanne and thought, Fuck you, already! Traitorous "friend!" I've never been so humiliated. I literally could die of shame right now!

Not for the first time, she wished this meeting was being held at a table so she'd at least be partially covered below the waist. She squirmed around anxiously, which only brought more pleasure to the way Alan's fingers were probing deep inside her. Her urge to cum was nearly overwhelming.

Jesus Christ, just look at me! I'm like some kind of fuckin' living blow up doll. Alan gets to play with my naked body all he wants, while everyone else just smirks at me! Well, I'm sorry. I'm not some kind of submissive slave, like everyone else in this room. Hell, even Suzanne! I'm not gonna just sit here and take it. TWO can play at that game, ha ha!

She hopped off his lap, reached over, and started to stroke Alan's rising erection. Hee! Take THAT, you cheeky bastard! You think you're gonna make me lose my mind cumming again? Not this time! I'll make YOU cum first!

But she wasn't thinking clearly. She looked up at Alan's happy face, and realized that he was delighted with her act of "revenge." He'd decided his dick had had enough rest.


She was chagrined, but it was too late to stop without losing face. Besides, deep down she didn't really want to stop. Just sitting there naked in a room full of clothed people kept her constantly hot and bothered, and Alan's increasingly bold explorations had her teetering on the edge. She simply couldn't resist her lusty desires any longer.

As her hand slid up and down his thick shaft, she thought, Fuck me! Tricked again! Look at that smug smirk on his face. This is exactly what he wants me to do. Why is it that up in LA I'm a maneater? No man would dare treat me like this, not even in a role-play. But whenever I come down here, I'm putty in his hands!

She sighed heavily, even as she buzzed with arousal pumping both hands up and down his long shaft. I blame this house. It's cursed with extreme sexiness, or something. Every time I come here, it's like I enter an alternate universe where what I'm doing to his cock is not only normal, but expected. And he never cums. What's up with that?! It's not fair!

Susan was squirming in her seat from watching what Xania was doing. She raised her hand. "I have a proposal. Since we seem to be at an impasse over how Tiger should tame Christine, I say we take an extended break and just... well... help Xania out! We should take off all our clothes and help her tend to Tiger's cock... with our mouths! We can lick, slurp, and stroke in various threesomes. Or even a foursome or a fivesome! Then, after we do that for an hour or two, the fuckings can begin!"

Alan groaned lustily at that delightful suggestion.

However, Suzanne said, "I'm not opposed to that. In fact, that sounds downright delicious. But we need to have SOME restraint. Can we please finish the discussion about Christine first? The day is long. We can reward ourselves with some spermy fun once we're done."

Katherine asked, "I thought we were done already?"

Suzanne said, "Not by a long shot. We're having trouble achieving consensus on that one issue, but there are other issues about her that need to be discussed. This is a great time to keep going, because look at how well Xania is taking care of the penis tending."

Susan spoke somewhat glumly, "That's true." She was keen on her "fivesome" idea, but she figured the penis tending was helping Xania's taming, so she acquiesced. She figured there would be plenty of time for more "spermy fun" later, just as Suzanne pointed out.

So the Christine discussion continued, with Suzanne taking a more assertive role directing the conversation. A variety of issues were covered, such as the danger of Christine's nosy and snooping ways, security measures to keep her finding out about the incest, thoughts on how to bend her opinion about incest and harems in favorable directions, speculation on what she might do or say if she found out the full truth, and much, much more.

Xania said the least, since she knew the least about Christine and also had the least invested in the issue as a relative outsider. Plus, she was having a ball with the "penis tending," especially since Alan was fondling her body nearly as much. But from time to time she would offer helpful insights, and everyone was glad to have her outside perspective.

If nothing else, her presence helped keep the mood serious and focused on the task at hand, instead of slowly devolving into an Alan-centered orgy. For instance, the use of terms like "sex slave" and "master" dropped way down.

This was highly ironic, given that she was completely naked and jacking Alan off most of the time, while he idly pumped her pussy or played with her nipples. Xania was an experienced actress, after all, and she used all her acting skills to look stern and even slightly disinterested on the outside. As a result, there was a sexual buzz in the air, but by Plummer house standards it was mild, so everyone could remain focused. Alan had a constant erotic high going thanks to her stroking, but he was nowhere near cumming, and everyone knew it.

However, on the inside, Xania felt as if her whole body was on fire. The weird situation pushed all her sexual buttons, and kept them pushed. She'd successfully avoided cumming by using the "best defense is a good offense" approach. But the result was that she was riding an intense high that seemed to have no end. Alan carefully fondled her just enough to keep her on the edge of climax without going over.

She began to understand why the others were willing and even eager to jack or suck Alan off for prolonged periods of time, because she was experiencing more sexual pleasure than what she felt during a typical night of getting fucked. She never would have imagined a mere handjob could make her feel this good. True, he was constantly fondling her too, but she knew she would have been over the moon even if he'd stayed still. His talented touch was merely the icing on the cake.

Furthermore, acting like she was in front of others added all kinds of new dimensions to the act. At times, her urge to cum grew nearly desperate. But Alan would see that and get her to calm down just enough. She was fairly amazed that she somehow managed to concentrate on what was being said, and even make a comment of her own every now and then.


The six of them talked and talked about Christine. All the while, Xania kept her stroking going. She was forced to use one hand at a time and switch hands periodically. And yet, he didn't cum or even get close to cumming. She realized that she simply wasn't going to get him to shoot his load if she only used her hands, no matter how she tried.

She was impressed at his stamina, to say the least. From time to time, she was tempted to give the penis tending task to someone else, but she would have considered that a defeat. Besides, like him, she didn't have to cum in order to greatly enjoy herself.

Eventually, everyone realized they were rehashing points that had already been made.

Suzanne said, "We've been at this for nearly an hour. I think we need to take a break. Xania, I'll bet your hands are tired."

Xania reluctantly nodded. At the moment, she was just rubbing his sweet spot without moving her hand at all, and she knew the others were staring at her relative lack of effort. She felt embarrassed about that and got busy stroking him more vigorously.

Suzanne continued, "Then, when we resume, let's try to sum up what we agree on and what we agree to disagree on. After that, I want us to focus on the very short term. Sweetie made a promise to meet with Christine again later today. He hasn't called her yet, and I'm sure she's eager to hear from him. We need to figure out what he should ideally say and do to her today, and how far he should go sexually, if he gets the chance."

Amy raised her hand.

"Yes, Honey Pie," Suzanne said, chagrined. "And, for like the fifth time today, you don't need to raise your hand."

"M'kay. Sorry. I think Sis and I should meet with Christine BEFORE Brother does. We can help soften her up."

"I like it already," Suzanne said. "But what do you mean 'soften her up'? I'm always big on gathering information and laying the groundwork before launching my schemes. Is that what you mean?"

"Exactly! I know it's a bit unethical, but we can totally get inside her head and give Beau that extra edge, so he'll know to ask the right question or whatever. Even though it's kinda wrong, I think that with the stakes so high, we have to do everything we can."

"All's fair in love and war," Xania noted. She looked at her fingers sliding up and down Alan's cum-soaked pole and thought, I wonder if that saying could somehow be relevant to my current situation. Somehow, I feel like I got outsmarted. How did he get me so hot for his cock that I can't stop stroking it, even when my hands are aching?

Amy replied, "Totally! Besides, pardon my French, but Christine's got, like, this really big stick up her butt when it comes to sex. I think she thinks penises are, like, icky, or scary, or something. We can help shake her free of the fuddy-duddies. That's one reason why I kinda want to see her join the harem. I mean, it's almost like she's a tragic figure. She's soooo super amazing in everything, and yet she's unhappy. I can tell from looking at her that deep down she's lacking love. And obviously, she's never really known the joy of sex. I think that's why she comes across as the 'Ice Queen.' Frankly, I think she needs to get seriously boned!" She giggled. "And Kat and I can help pave the way."

Suzanne replied, "Well, I'm convinced. I think that's brilliant, Honey Pie. It's exactly what I'd do if I were your age. And as for the ethical issue, I'm a big believer that sometimes the ends CAN justify the means. Clever scheming is all about helping others, or at least doing no harm. Look what happened to your mom here. Susan, I have to admit that in the early days of your sexual awakening, I stretched the truth pretty damn far sometimes. Why? Because I knew you'd be a lot happier once you gave up your prudish ways. Remember, for instance, when I told you that French kissing was a common greeting between women in Southern California?" She chuckled.

Susan, though, wasn't too happy about being reminded of that. She trusted Suzanne as much or more than she trusted her own parents, which was really saying something. The idea that Suzanne could lie to her was almost beyond her imagination, and she'd already blocked out the many instances where Suzanne had done just that as part of her sexual awakening. Frowning, she said, "Yeah, now that you mention it. Obviously I love the result. Every day of my life is beyond a dream come true for me."

She couldn't help but smile as she watched Xania stroke Alan's boner while Alan lazily fondled Xania's tits and pussy. Look at my son! He really is living the life of the "lord and master" to us all. And nothing could make me happier! Clearly, I was meant to be one of my son's big-titted sex slaves. Maybe it's even God's will. But what if Suzanne had told me from the start that I needed to re-center my life around serving Tiger's big cock? None of this would have happened!

Haltingly, she conceded, "I guess I had some pretty mixed-up ideas in those days, and I can see why you couldn't tell me the truth sometimes. I suppose that sometimes white lies are necessary. But promise me that you won't do that ever again, okay?"

"I promise I'll try my best. I know how much you trust me, and I'm deeply honored. You've made me want to be a better person, so I won't let you down."

Alan said, "Awww. That's touching. I think that calls for a kiss."


Susan and Suzanne stood up, since they weren't sitting next to each other, and shared a long and heartfelt kiss or two. It felt a bit strange for them, because they were both fully clothed.

Susan found herself thinking, I know the Good Book warns us not to covet our neighbor, but I seriously wish I had Suzanne's long tongue! The things I could do to Tiger's cock, with a tongue like that! Anyway, how can I stay mad at her? She did what she had to do, out of love.

However, Suzanne felt guilty. She'd phrased her reply in such a way that she didn't actually promise not to lie to Susan in the future, because she knew her own nature, and scheming and trickery were a deeply ingrained part of how she did things. For instance, she was still deathly afraid of revealing the six-times-a-day scheme she'd concocted which had started everything, mostly for fear of what Susan's reaction might be.

But as the kiss went on, she made a private vow to herself to do everything she could to lie to or deceive Susan as little as she could possibly manage from now on.

The two mothers seemingly couldn't get enough of each other. Not only did the kissing go on and on, but their hands started to wander all over, and especially under their clothes.

Xania was getting so turned on from watching Susan and Suzanne kiss that simply stroking Alan's erection wasn't enough anymore. She felt like she was burning up.

But now her good acting job came back to bite her on the ass, because Alan wasn't nearly as aroused as she was. He pulled his fingers from her hot box and licked them clean. "Mmmm. You taste good. Now, wasn't that fun? That's what we call penis tending. It makes these long-winded meetings really fly by."

She just nodded. She struggled to hide her disappointment as she was forced to withdraw her hand from his crotch.

He stood up and said, "I'm hungry, and thirsty too. Does anyone want something?"

"Some juice for me, if you have it," Xania said. She stood up to stretch out her gloriously nude body.

While she continued to stretch this way and that, she thought, Well, that sucks, big time. But what did I expect? I knew before coming here that there would be lots of weirdness and sex. Lots and lots of sex. I just need to chill out and wait a little bit, and I'm sure some other absurdly sexual situation will come along. Willpower. I've gotta use all my willpower.

Amy, still wearing her cowboy hat, quickly jumped up before Alan could leave the room and asked him urgently, "Wait! Aren't you going to ask me why I'm wearing this hat?"


"Awww! Brother! Please!"

He grinned. "Sorry, I was just yanking your chain. Okay, Aims, why the hat?"

"You said earlier that the squeaky wheels gets the grease, so I'm trying to do more to get you to notice me."

He liked that. "Very good, Aims, very good."

Her smile lit up the whole room.

Amy and Katherine also wanted juice, so Alan went to the kitchen to get drinks for everybody, figuring that the two kissers were probably thirsty too, after so much discussion, but were unable to express themselves at the moment. While he was there, he decided to make a sandwich, so he gathered together some sliced bread, hummus, cucumber, lettuce, and avocado.

This turned out to be a big mistake.

Susan was too distracted by the kiss to notice what was happening, but when it finally ended, she looked around and realized Alan was gone. She walked to the kitchen and saw Alan there and a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter on the kitchen counter. She immediately rushed to him, saying, "Here, Tiger, let me take care of that."

"No, Mom," he replied. "You're always doing everything for us. I love you for it, but you really don't have to. I'm fully capable of making my own sandwiches. Why don't you just relax and mingle with the others?"

She was hurt. "Maybe I don't want to mingle. Please, let me make that sandwich."

He paused in slicing up cucumber and looked at her. He chuckled. "Come on, Mom. Seriously, I feel silly having you do even little things like this for me and Sis, and now Amy too. True, I'm your master now, but it's important that you don't spoil me rotten. I'm a fully grown adult. I can make my own sandwiches from now on."

Susan suddenly burst into tears. She looked at him with a face that could break any heart. "Fine," she whispered in a very tiny voice.

Then she fled the room and didn't stop until she was up in her bedroom.

Alan was befuddled. He shook his head. "What the heck was that all about? It's just a sandwich. Geez!" He finished making his sandwich, and also retrieved a pitcher of apple juice from the refrigerator.

The other four women had been listening to and in some cases watching the whole scene. They came over to the kitchen as one and surrounded him.

"Smooth move," Katherine said to him, sarcastically.

He looked from face to face. "What? I'll go up there and apologize in a minute, as soon as I finish this. I feel terrible, just terrible, for making her cry."

"But you don't have a clue as to why she's crying, do you?" Xania pointed out.

He stammered, "Well, I was making a sandwich, and she wanted to make it, and, well... No. Not really."

Amy closed her eyes and smacked the palm of her hand against her forehead.

Katherine shook her head and said, "I've got an idiot savant for a brother. The world's only sex stud doofus."

Xania asked Suzanne, "Should you explain, or should I?"

"Since I'm his other mother, let me give it a shot. Sweetie, it's not just about the sandwich, or even about making food in general. You see, even before all the sex started, your mom never had much of a life of her own. She gets most of her happiness out of helping others, and nothing makes her happier than when she's helping her own children. This is one big reason why serving you sexually brings her so much joy. When you make your own sandwich, you're thinking that it's good for you to do such things on your own and that you're less of a burden on her. But what she sees is that you're saying 'I don't love you, and I don't need you anymore.'"

"What?! You can't be serious."

All four women nodded.

"But it's just a frigging sandwich!"

Amy slapped her forehead again. "D'oh!"

Katherine sarcastically muttered, "I never would have thought his skull could be thicker and harder than his dick."

Suzanne shot a quelling look at her daughters before saying, "This kind of thing always happens between parents and their kids at some point. True, usually it's over something bigger, but the point is the same: it's a sign that you're growing up and becoming more independent. She thinks that before long, you'll fly the coop completely and leave her alone, and there's nothing sadder for a parent. She's probably crying her heart out right now."

"Oh God! I feel terrible that I made her cry. But I'm not gonna 'fly the coop,' and everyone here knows that, right? We've got a unique and wonderful arrangement, and we're all deeply in love with each other. This isn't the normal situation at all! I'm her master and she's my sex slave, which is forever, right? In fact, I am gonna stay with you all forever, if I can help it!"

Suzanne smiled, glad that at least understood that much. "Then tell her that. But even so, even with the intense sexual and emotional relationship you have with her, you still are growing up. It's inevitable that you won't want to be mothered as much. Sure, I don't doubt that you'll always love it when she's choking and gagging on your cock, but I'm not talking about that. You'll want to do things like, well, make your own sandwich from time to time, even when she's there. That's painful, but it's part of life."

He nodded. He could tell she was right.


Xania said, gently, "Go on, Alan, go. Talk to her now. I agree with Suzanne that, sometimes, complete honesty isn't always the best policy. I'm not saying you should lie, just focus on certain things. Focus on the fact that you ARE going to stay with her and not completely run off like most kids. Emphasize what you just told us, that you're her master and she's your slave, and you'll never stop sexually using and dominating her. That's what she needs to hear today."

The others nodded at him in solemn agreement.

Xania added, "It's good for you to assert your independence too, but that needs to be done gradually, carefully, and diplomatically." Staring right at Amy and Katherine, she added, "In fact, just like how the whole Christine situation should be handled."

Katherine made a "tssss" sound, like something burning. "Oooh. Burned. Score one point for Xania. I still don't agree in that case, though."

Alan said, "Oh man, I really fucked up. I'd better go!" The sandwich was forgotten as he ran to the stairs.

Once he was out of earshot, Xania poured herself a glass of juice from the pitcher and noted, "You know, he really IS like an idiot savant in some ways. When it comes to sex, he's such a natural, like that way he treated me at the door. He somehow seems to know EXACTLY which buttons to push, and when. But otherwise, he's not that brilliant in understanding women. He shows his youth sometimes."

The others nodded. Katherine half-joked, "True enough. But he gets around that problem by taking the woman straight to bed and doing the whole 'total destruction fuck' thing. That does the trick every time."

"Hmmm," Xania mused. "Has he ever really seduced anyone? Christine, maybe?"

"Nah," Amy replied. "Those practice dates were the opposite. He was trying his best NOT to get physically involved, and he basically totally blew it."

Suzanne pointed out, "He kind of seduced Brenda, but to be honest, he wouldn't have gotten anywhere with her if I hadn't been secretly advising him. Still, he played his role to perfection, which explains why she's so devoted to him already."

"Hmmm," Xania said again. Even with Alan gone, she still felt a constant buzz being the only one naked. "What about with the likes of Heather at school?"

Katherine answered, "Not really. The hype paved the way in those cases. In fact, Heather basically seduced HIM. True, he managed to quickly turn the situation around to his benefit, but nothing would have happened with her if it had been left up to him. I'm sure of it."

Amy nodded.

Xania said, "In that case, we all need to help him with his non-sexual social skills. Frankly, I'm amazed this kind of problem with Susan hasn't come up more already. She is pretty darn, well, uh... mothering."

Katherine nodded. "True, but all she needs to do is turn sad and pouty and flash those big brown eyes at you, and you'll agree to do just about anything. Believe me, it happens to me too all the time. So that pretty much ends any discussion. And let's not forget the power of her great beauty. I think that affected both of us even before we hit puberty."

Xania said, "I can see that. Beauty is a powerful and mysterious factor."

Katherine continued, "The thing is, she's a pretty easy going mom, if you just stick with the system. We all know our roles, and everybody's happy with them, and as long as everyone keeps to them, there's no conflict. Mom gives us her love and time unconditionally, and expects the same in return."

Xania pointed out, "But everything's changing now, isn't it? With Amy turning into the second daughter, and Suzanne the second mother, not to mention Alan being the 'man of the house' as Susan likes to say about every five minutes" - everyone rolled their eyes - "the whole thing is topsy-turvy, right?"

Katherine stared out into space for a while, and then replied, "You know, I hadn't really thought of that. We've been so busy on the whole fucking each other's brains out part that I don't think we've looked much beyond that. But you're right. There's probably gonna be a lot more crying as we all make adjustments. What a bummer."

Amy hugged her, and Suzanne pulled in too, turning it into a group family hug.

Xania though just stood by, since she wasn't family.

"Don't worry," Suzanne said to her children. "Yeah, there'll be some growing pains as the family changes and expands, but we all love each other and are there for each other, and we'll come out of this stronger, better people."

Xania was so moved by that that she couldn't help but join the hug too. She loved the feeling of togetherness that she so rarely felt in her independent minded life.


As he leapt up the stairs, Alan could hear that his mother was still crying her eyes out in her bedroom. He rushed down the hall and threw himself on the bed where she lay.

Wrapping her in his arms, he said, "Mom, I'm so sorry. So terribly sorry. I didn't get it, but now I do. It's not about anything like a sandwich; it's that you're worried I'm growing up and drifting away from you."

Susan didn't reply, or even stop crying, but she pulled her face out of her pillows, turned around, and squeezed him tight. She knew he'd hit the nail on the head.

He continued, "But don't worry! That's not gonna happen. We're not like other people. We've got something very special going on. Don't you think that we're closer than ever before in this last month or two, since we've started having sex?"

"Yes," she admitted. She wiped the tears off her face and tried to stop crying. But the tears kept flowing.

"Mom, I love you so much that I can't even put it into words. Even before the sex, we were closer than ninety-nine percent of mothers and sons, don't you agree?"


She nodded.

"Then why worry? Sure, the nature of our relationship is changing. Maybe you're less of a soccer mom now, and more of a, well... a cocksucker mom." He chuckled at that, particularly pleased at the sonic similarity between "soccer" and "sucker." He still couldn't really believe they were using terms like that in non-sexual situations and actually meaning it.

She chuckled a bit too, even though tears were still falling.

He kissed her forehead tenderly. "So maybe I'll be more independent in some ways, but we'll be closer in other ways. So why worry?"

She squeezed him tighter, and spoke into his neck. "I don't know. I just worry. I guess my biggest fear is of being alone. Your father - sorry, Ron - never really loved me, and I sensed that on some level, so I threw most of my emotional energy into you and Angel. And then the two of you were going to move away to college, and then where would I be? So alone! All alone!"

He rocked her gently. "But you're talking in the past tense. That's never gonna happen now. Our family has doubled in size, and we'll all be together forever."

"Keep telling me that! I know my fear is irrational now, but it's still there. You, Angel, and now Amy, you're my whole life! True, there are others I love, like Suzanne, but I mainly see myself as a mother. Getting to do mother-y things brings me my greatest joy. Don't take that all away from me just yet, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy."

She smiled with particular pleasure that he'd called her "Mommy" instead of "Mom."

He remembered Xania's advice, and said, "Never forget that I'm your master and you're my sex slave, and that's a 'until death do us part' kind of commitment, isn't it?"

She nodded eagerly. A great feeling of relief washed over her.

"I'm NEVER going to stop dominating and controlling you. Never! Because I love you and I know that's what you want and what I want. So I hope you own a good pair of kneepads, because you're going to spend a significant portion of the rest of your life naked and kneeling, bobbing on my dick! And that in turn guarantees that we'll always be together, forever!"

Those were the words she longed to hear. She was emotionally overcome and overjoyed. "Oh, Tiger!" She squeezed him tightly, as if her life depended on it.

As they hugged, and he continued to rock her, her tears slowly came to a stop and her mood improved.

Still holding her tight, he thought, Boy, as if my life doesn't have enough drama already. But I understand where she's coming from. It's like we've all leapt off a cliff together, and nobody really knows what's happening or where we're gonna land. Things have been changing so fast that it's hard to know for sure even where we'll all be next week, much less next year. Sis has expressed similar fears to me lately. Heck, even Aims gets scared. I know she's trying to put on a brave face with her stance on Christine, but she gets jealous and worried too. For instance, the way she calls me O.B. or Official Boyfriend all the time shows that she's clinging to that title like her life depends on it.

I'm so glad I've got these rings and that I'm going to give them out later today. But that's not enough. The Pact is good, but that's not enough either. I need to say or do something more to reassure everybody. Some kind of dramatic statement or gesture or something is needed to put all these worries to rest, once and for all. Our harem is here to stay, and that's all there is to it!

After a couple of minutes, Alan noticed Susan was getting a bit frisky. She was starting to plant little kisses up and down his neck and chest, and whisper sweet nothings.



"Yes, Son?" Susan asked, not slowing down. She started licking one of his nipples.

"I just wanted to tell you again how much I love you. I love that we can be lying together like this, closer in every way than most mothers and sons can ever hope to be."

"Mmmm," she agreed with a contented purr. She started to wiggle her way out of her top.

"What are you doing?" he asked, as she bared her enormous breasts.

"I'm sorry. It's just that, whenever you tell me you love me, it gets me soooo HOT! And it's just plain wrong to keep my big tits covered up when we're like this. Give me another minute to recover from my crying spell and I'll suck your cock like a good sex slave mommy should."

"Mom, despite what I said, it doesn't always have to be about cocksucking, you know."

She looked at his bashfully. "I know. But can't a lot of it be about cocksucking?"

He chuckled. "Sure. But remember that when it comes to sex, I love you in every possible way. For instance, did you know that now, whenever I'm headed home, I pop a major boner just thinking about having a centerfold sex bomb mommy waiting for me, willing and eager to get fucked when I get back?"

She purred again, but this one sounded more erotic. She cupped her I-cups from below and pushed them together. "Mmmm! And you have no idea of my agony as I count the minutes until you come home. But I keep myself busy thinking about all the different ways your big fat cock is gonna tame me and put me in my proper place, daily! I love it when you rub in the fact that I'm your slave when you literally rub your cock all over my face... and even slap my face with it!"

Eagerly, she began to strip out of the rest of her clothes while remaining cuddled next to him.

"Mmmm," he agreed, fondly recalling when he'd done just that. "I have all kinds of fantasies too. Sometimes, all I can think about is how wonderful it'll be to come home, find you already bent over the kitchen counter with your ass held open for me so I can 'get your attention' properly with the kind of good, hard buttfucking that you need and so richly deserve. It just feels... so... so..." his voice trailed off in wonder.

"Good?" Susan prompted helpfully, when he didn't continue immediately. She was naked already, since she didn't have underwear to take off. She quickly wrapped her arms around him, pressing her mammoth melons into his chest.

Alan chuckled and kissed his way down her neck. "That too... but the word I was really looking for was 'right.' It just feels so... right... to come home and fuck my stiff, hard cock all the way into your one-of-a-kind Mommy ass. Your ass is so warm, so welcoming... and it's such a wonderful relief to be able to fuck my way into it after a long hard day. Cumming in your ass is like... coming home. It's a powerful, primal feeling that's naughty, but loving too. So that's the kind of thing I mean when I say don't always think about cocksucking first."

"Son, you have no idea!" she breathed ecstatically. "I simply love thinking about taking you in my ass. As Brenda once told me, it's the ultimate act of submission, and I think she's right. I constantly have dreams and fantasies that are almost an exact mirror image of yours. As a matter of fact, today, what you did with Angel and then me fulfilled one of my fantasies practically to a 'T.'"

Her own voice filled with emotion, "We fit together so perfectly!" She still was in a mellow mood, but her hand finally dropped down to his erection, and she started stroking it. "Coming home... cumming home... It's all so..." She felt chills and tingles start racing around all up and down her body, but especially in her ass. She couldn't put the depth of her emotion into words, so she pulled his head up and started kissing him with a profound passion.

But before that could get very far, they both heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hall, and then knocking on the door that Alan had inadvertently left wide open.

"Come in," Alan said.

It was Xania. She mostly hung behind the door frame, trying to hide her nudity. "Hi. I really hate to bother you. I know you're having a private moment."

Susan looked annoyed, and she nodded emphatically at that. She almost always loved sharing her son sexually, but not right at that moment. She had big plans on giving him a prolonged, incredible blowjob, to reaffirm how important that was to her sexual relationship with him. She held his erection with both hands and stroked it possessively.

Xania continued, "But Alan, Katherine asked me to pass on the message that your friend Heather just called, and she's hanging on the line. She really, really wants to talk to you. Apparently, she won't take 'No' for an answer."

"Sheesh! If it's not one thing, it's another," he complained as he idly pulled on one of Susan's nipples. "Okay. Please have Kat tell her that I'll call her back in five minutes. What's going on downstairs?"

"We're having an important discussion, planning out the nitty-gritty of how Amy and Katherine should hook up with Christine today, and what they should say to her when they do. Both of you really should be in on that."

Alan griped, "Good grief. Somebody, please clone me. I can't be in three places at once! Mom, can we both go downstairs? Meetings like this don't happen very often."

She looked frustrated at first. As her fingers pumped up and down his shaft, she thought, Drat! I was going to give him the blowjob to end all blowjobs. "So I hope you own a good pair of kneepads, because you're going to spend a significant portion of the rest of your life naked and kneeling, bobbing on my dick." That comment alone deserves at least an hour of non-stop cock worship! But that can wait for another time. Xania isn't here very often, and he needs to be free to continue taming her. And although I don't like Heather, I suppose it's important that he tames her too.

She finally smiled with genuine warmth. "Whatever you want, my Sweetie Tiger. You've put my mind at ease and then some." Her lips locked with his and then shared a long and particularly intense kiss.

For now, he thought while they made out. Man, what I wouldn't give to just space out and play video games all afternoon sometime. But there's too much going on today to laze around for even an hour.

He said, "Okay, here's the plan, folks. Xania? Susan? Can I trust you two and Aunt Suzy to give the girls sound advice? 'Cos I've gotta figure out what I'm gonna say and do with Heather today, and then go and do it. I might as well get it out of the way sooner rather than later. I think we've pretty much covered all the Christine discussion we need, except for a few loose ends the rest of you can take care of, right?"

"Right," Susan said firmly. She was still happily cuddled up to him and stroking his boner. She looked at Xania, beaming with pride. "You see the way he takes charge and delegates too? I'm so proud to wear his collar. He's a natural leader."

He muttered, "Yeah. I wish." He kissed his mother on the nose, and then they shared a longer French kiss, with lots of tongue. "I love you, Mom, and never forget it."

She was all smiles now, and looked at him like she wanted to fuck him all day long (even more so than she usually did). As she happily stroked his erection, she purred contentedly, "Love you too."

Then an idea came to her. She whispered in his ear in a sultry voice, "Son, what if I suck you all through your phone call? Won't that help it be more enjoyable for you? Plus, you can revel in putting one over on her."

He seriously considered that, especially because he'd gotten very aroused. He also remembered how Katherine had sexually assisted him when he'd spoken to Heather on the phone last night. But he also recalled how he'd had trouble getting in "Bad Alan" mode during that call. He said, "Thanks, but no. I'm going to nee to do some serious thinking before I even talk to her. I have to have a clear head. With most any other phone call that would be fun, but with her I have to get into a certain mindset, and it helps if I'm unhappy and even feeling mean."

She didn't fully understand, but she nodded in acceptance anyway.

He got up, gently but firmly disengaging from his increasingly aroused mother. He said to both of them, "I'll be in my room for a while, probably talking on the phone with the Queen Bitch."

He pinched Xania on her bare ass as he passed her on the way out, causing her to squeal and then angrily give him the finger.

As he walked on down the hall to his room, he thought, What was I thinking? Video game? This is a zillion times more fun than any video game!


Alan sat in front of the phone in his room for a couple of minutes. He was thinking of what he needed to say to Heather, but also trying to psych himself up for the call. This sucks! It's a pain in the ass anytime I have to get into "Bad Alan" mode so I can deal with Heather, but I'm too emotionally drained to deal right now. To make matters worse, I just had a really tender and loving moment with Mom, and now I'm supposed to turn on the evil, like flipping a switch? Give me a break!

Right now, I would seriously kill to just laze around like a sloth for the rest of the day. It would be such bliss to simply play video games, or sleep. Yes, sleep, sweet, blissful sleep! But if I'm gonna keep my harem life going, I can't be a lazy bones. I have to rise to the occasion. That means calling Heather before she turns into an even bigger problem for me.

His penis slowly went flaccid as he stressed out about the Heather situation.

He picked up the phone, and then put it back down. He stood up, and started pacing around the room. I can't do it. I just can't do it. I'm feeling too nice, and she'll eat "nice" alive.

Why do I have to be "Bad Alan" with her all the time, anyways? It's just not sustainable. Am I going to have to switch that on and off every time I see her, nearly every single day, for the rest of the school year and maybe beyond? No thanks! I need to be firm with her all the time, yes, but I have to start to move away from constantly going into full-on "Bad Alan" asshole mode with her every single time.

Hmmm. I'll just have a brief call with her now, but agree to meet with her later. It would be pretty tough not to meet with her today anyway, since I promised her I would on the phone yesterday. And maybe by then, "Bad Alan" will be back in the building, just in case I need him. But no sex! I've got too much sexy stuff going on at home, especially with Xania here, and hopefully I'll be seeing Christine later. But most importantly, I'm supposed to be punishing her, and I can't afford to send mixed signals.

He sat back on the bed and pondered. But on the other hand, she did save my ass in the fight yesterday, and she should be rewarded for that. Hell, she'll demand an immediate reward in no uncertain terms, and she was already complaining along those lines last night. Shit! My life is too complicated. How am I supposed to reward AND punish her at the same time?!

He considered that dilemma for five minutes or more, and eventually came up with some ideas that had potential, although how they would play out depended on Heather and her mood. Inspired by the possibilities though, he picked up the phone and called her cell phone number.

Heather happened to be eating a late breakfast with her parents when she answered the phone. It took her a moment to realize who it was when she heard him say "Hi." Then panic hit her. Oh shit! The phone call rule!

She abruptly stood up, and said, "Sorry Mom, Dad, but I'm taking this up in my room!"


Alan was confused, because the next thing he heard was the sound of running, an all-out fast run. Then he heard a door open and slam shut, followed by rustling noises.

Finally, after a minute or so after he'd said "Hi," Heather picked her phone back up. She was panting from the sudden exertion. "Alan! Sir! ... Hi! ... I'm so glad you called!"

He chuckled. "What was that all about?"

She chuckled too. She was in such fit shape that she was already recovering from her sprint. "It's kind of funny. I happened to be in the dining room when you called, and then I remembered the phone rule. Needless to say, I hightailed it to my room. Sir."

He thought, "Phone rule?" Phone rule...? What phone rule? Then he remembered that when he called her the night before, he told her to strip off her clothes as soon as she heard his voice on the phone. It was just a spur-of-the-moment comment meant to get her aroused, so he was blown away that she was still taking it seriously a day later.

However, he was ready to roll with the punches and act like he'd been expecting her to obey the "phone rule" all along. He asked, "So, you're totally nude right now?"

"Of course," she chuckled, as if amused by the overly obvious question. "Talk about a panicky moment," she told him in a fond and amused tone.

"High heels?" he prodded.

She breathed a quiet sigh of relief, because she did have high heels on. "I've been wearing high heels all day, which really made my parents wonder, since I normally don't wear them when I'm just hanging around the house. And I've been trying to keep to my room too, but a girl's gotta eat sometime, and you caught me at the worst possible time. Sir." She chuckled some more.

He thought, Whoa! Apparently, I have to be more careful about what I say to her! I keep telling her these crazy things I don't really mean, like how she's supposed to bow down low whenever she sees me, and she's taking them dead seriously!

Then again, I wasn't really serious about "Grope Naked Heather Day" either, and she totally seized on that one too.

He asked, "What position are you in?"

"Is there a position? You didn't say anything about a position, Sir."

"I was merely curious if you were in one already, since I can't exactly see you at the moment." He was being vague to see how she'd interpret his words. He'd been expecting the feisty, haughty, and even traitorous Heather, and didn't quite know how to deal with her otherwise.

After a moment's pause, she asked him, "Can I kneel on my bed? Is that okay, Sir?"

Again, he was totally blown away by her relatively obedient reaction. Despite all his sexual activities all morning, he felt his penis begin to engorge, as he pictured her nude, aroused, and kneeling on her bed. The last time he'd seen her like that, he'd soon had his stiff cock buried in her ass. "Sure," he replied casually. "After all, it's hard to go wrong with being aroused while nude on your knees, in bed. That's definitely firing up my imagination, by the way."

She let out a sultry purr, happily picturing him stroking his erection. She purred huskily, "Sir, are you... hard?"

He chuckled. "As a matter of fact, I am."

She was surprisingly pleased to hear that. YES! Sir's cock is stiff, thanks to me! I'll bet it got erect in a flash from picturing me kneeling like this! Hmmm... Maybe I should send a picture of myself right now, and he can do the same for me!

However, before she could make a suggestion along those lines, he quickly changed gears, hoping to get the call over with as soon as possible. "Now, as for the reason I'm calling... I've been thinking..."


He was speaking slowly, trying to gather his thoughts, but Heather didn't wait and immediately cut him off. "Sir! No! You can't!"

"Can't what?"

"Cancel! You promised we'd meet before noon, but here it is, almost eleven, and you didn't take ANY of my calls this morning, and now you're telling me you're gonna cancel our meeting?! I'm sorry, but 'Sir' or no 'Sir,' I'm not gonna stand for this bullshit! You OWE ME, big time! Need I remind you just who saved you in the fight yesterday? ME!"

He didn't immediately respond, which confirmed her suspicions.

Her tone turned spiteful. "It's Christine, isn't it? She called you, and you've made plans to do something with her instead of me! Well, I'll be damned if I'm just gonna sit here and twiddle my thumbs while you and that big-titted egghead go gallivanting-"

He interrupted, "Heather, Heather, Heather! What the hell are you going on about? You sound like you're on speed. I didn't call to cancel."

"You didn't?"


There was a long pause. "Oh." Phew! Shit. I hope I didn't make him mad!

Then they both started speaking at once, Heather to apologize, and Alan to explain why he'd called.

After some awkwardness, Alan was able to say, "Look. The reason I called was to flesh out our plans to meet up, but you didn't even give me a chance to speak. What's gotten into you?"

"Sorry, Sir." She sighed audibly. "I guess I'm just overanxious, and jumped to conclusions, especially when you ignored my calls, and it practically seems like noon already. It's just... I'm just so keen to see you, even though you said we couldn't have sex today. And I guess I'm a little bit jealous about your feelings towards Christine, Sir. I mean... I saw the way you were looking at each other after the fight, all googly-eyed for each other."

"So what?" he asked, as if annoyed to have to answer such a question. "You know that I'm involved with all kinds of girls. In fact, to be perfectly frank, the reason I didn't call you yet is because I had a very beautiful guest come in from out of town this morning, and we've been having a bit of a fuck-fest this morning."

"I couldn't care less about that," she said, feigning disinterest, even though this news was quite important for her. "But you and Christine... GRRR! The very thought of you two together gets my goat!"

He chuckled, but silently and inwardly. Women! They can be so irrational at times. "What's the big deal about Christine?"

"Don't get me started!" she growled.

"Okay, I won't. Now, here's the deal." He talked quickly in an effort to move the topic away from Christine. He started to lay out in detail where and when they would meet, and for how long. He wanted to present the meeting as a fait accompli, so he could get off the phone quickly and without bickering.

To his surprise, she easily agreed to all of his plan. Unfortunately, she also spent more time trying to turn the conversation back to Christine's supposed "evils," as she put it.

But he wasn't willing to listen to her rants, and told her that if she wanted to say anything else, it was better if she did it when they met in person in less than an hour. Since she was eager enough to do that, he was able to keep the call short.

After he hung up the phone, he stretched out on the bed to ponder what had just happened. His penis had already gone flaccid, and he wasn't feeling particularly horny due to her griping, so he could think with clarity. That was majorly weird, even by Heather standards. At first, she seemed so compliant. It seemed that if I told her to stick her toes in her ears, she'd find a way to do it. But then, the whole rest of the call, she was a pain in the ass.

Why? What's the pattern here?

He thought long and hard about that, and eventually had a Eureka moment. Here's an idea. Sometimes, when I order her around, it's something she really wants to do, or at least has no objection to doing. She gets off on it and she has fun with it. She not only goes along with it; she treats it like an ironclad rule. Like when I tell her what she can or can't wear, or this latest phone rule.

Even the bowing-before-me thing, including when there are other people around. She hates it a lot on one level, but I think she gets off on it even more on another level. In fact, I'll bet she especially likes that she's forced to do that in front of others. It's a challenge, a thrill, an adventure. Actually, now that I think about it, it's almost like I'm daring her to do these things. That must play a role too, because she's so competitive that she's not going to back down from a dare.

But when there's something she doesn't want to do, trying to get her to do it is like trying to drag a mule up a mountain. The truth is, she's just as stubborn and bitchy as ever. It's just that when she keeps calling me 'Sir' and obeying some of my bizarre commands, it sometimes seems otherwise. She's no Brenda, that's for sure.

It's a good thing I figured this out now. Otherwise I probably would have made some major fuck-ups with her before long. In a way, I almost prefer her this way, because she's more predictable like this, and I need to understand her so I can always stay a couple of steps ahead of her.

Besides, truth be told, the element of danger with her is a big reason fucking her is so hot. I can't deny that I like playing with fire. I just have to keep in mind that her selfish desires come above everything else for her. The tricky part is to figure out what her desires are. For instance, I'll bet even she doesn't consciously realize that, deep down, she actually likes humiliating stuff like the "phone rule." She probably tells herself that I'm being an arrogant, unreasonable ass about it.


With that call thankfully out of the way, he picked up the phone and called Christine.

She was excited to talk to Alan too, but at least on this occasion, she did a better job than Heather in controlling her emotions. They had a nice, normal, and friendly conversation.

Alan made plans to meet with her later, but he deliberately kept the plans quite vague. He didn't want to lock himself in to a certain time, especially since he was unsure when Xania would leave, or how much quality time he'd have with Xania before she left. So instead, he made plans to meet in the "late afternoon." He said he'd call later and they could figure out the details, including the exact time and what they'd be doing and where.

As he ended that call, he felt his mood improve. That certainly went a lot better. Heather and Christine are like night and day; it's no wonder they hate each other so much. But they both have the hots for me, which is pretty sweet. In fact, between Heather, Simone, Kat, Amy, and Christine, I've got pretty much ALL of the school's hottest babes under my thumb to some degree. Out of the 1,500 plus girls in school, about the only seriously hot babe I'm not involved with is Donna, and she's another bitchy, difficult case like Heather, so screw her. Nobody can have everything anyway.

He grinned widely. But having almost everything is pretty sweet! Today, I think I'll play with Heather's and Christine's tits, just because I can.

The fact is, the world is my oyster. I just need to keep finding the willpower and energy to enjoy it all to the fullest.


"I don't know... It's not sexy enough," Brenda complained, as she pulled a blouse over her head and prepared to put on another one.


She was in her room with her old maid Anika. She'd been trying out different outfits for the past hour. She and Adrian had woken in her bed two hours earlier, but Adrian was still exhausted and she wasn't, so he'd stumbled back to his room to sleep some more, and he was still sleeping.

Brenda, by contrast, had already eaten breakfast and done all her morning rituals, and now she was just occupying the time until he woke up.

"You alvays keep sayink dat," Anika noted. "Everytink is 'not sexy enuff.'" Anika was seated at the doorway between Brenda's bedroom and bathroom so she could keep an eye on Brenda changing, and also keep an eye on the secret video monitor in the bathroom. Her job was to alert Brenda when Adrian started to stir so Brenda could be there when he woke up.

"But it's true," Brenda complained some more, as she stared into one of her huge closets. "Nothing's sexy enough for my little Pooh Bear. When he wakes up, I wanna take his breath away. I want him to take one look at me, and have his penis spring to life so fast that it literally throws the covers off the bed! I want his heart to skip a beat as he looks at his momma and thinks she's the sexiest vision he's ever seen! Then I'm gonna take his cock in my mouth, and suck and suck and lick and-"

Anika rolled her eyes as she interrupted. "I know, I know, I know, already. You'f only told me a tousand times dis mornink. But don't VORRY! Vatever you vear, he'll luff it."

"You think?" Brenda moved over to her closet that was filled exclusively with thirty-plus risqué French maid uniforms. "Maybe I should go for the French maid look. Here's a nice one. This one's pretty good too." She picked two uniforms off the rack and held them up. "This one is so short in the front that he'll see up to my pussy lips if I make any kind of move at all. But this other one has got slits up the sides that go up so high, I can flash my entire ass if I bend over."

Anika was generally looking at the video of Adrian sleeping, but she glanced over at Brenda and frowned. "Enuff vis the French maid schtuff already. You'f been vearink those all de time dese last few days."

"But nothing says 'I'm your big-titted sex toy' better than a French maid outfit! Look at these. They pretty much scream, 'I'm ready to serve you and suck your cock.'" She stood there naked, looking back and forth between the two options in her hands.

"I know," Anika said, "but boys like wariety. Try sometink else. De sky's de limit. Try sometink vild!"

She reluctantly put the two outfits down. "Like what?"

"Anytink! Vat about a bunny outfit, vis de bunny ears? Dat's cute."

"I don't want cute, I want, 'Ma, I have to stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you half to death right this minute, or I'm gonna die.' Show me an outfit that does that. Besides, I like the bunny ear idea, but those tight bunny outfits they wear in Las Vegas don't show enough skin for me. I want to show tit! Lots and lots of tit-flesh!"

Anika rolled her eyes. "Vis you, dat's never a problem, believe me."

"That doesn't help me. What do I wear?!"

With her eyes still on the monitor, Anika suggested, "Okay. Vhy not do some... what do they say... pretendink? Like, you could be a nurse, or a nun, or a cowgirl, or a policevoman, or... I dunno, you know vat I mean. Sometink fun, like a costume. You could even be a superheroine like Vunder Voman. Or a harem girl, and vear weils, like in de Arabian Nights. Ooh! Dat's a good idea!"

Brenda stomped her feet in frustration. "Curse you, Anika! Those are GREAT ideas! The only problem is, I don't have ANY of that stuff! Well, not nearly enough, at any rate. I need to go on a big shopping trip tomorrow. Hell, today!"

Anika suggested, "I could help you. I know you vill vant to see Master Alan later."

That halted Brenda in her tracks. She cocked her head in wonder, and nervously asked, "How do you know that?"

Anika made a disgusted noise as if the answer was beyond obvious. "He's your master! You've pledged to be his zex slave for ever and ever! You need him like you need vater to drink. I know you too well, unt it's like I can see it written on your face."

"That's true," Brenda replied, contemplating her maid's words. "His sex slave for ever and ever." So true, and so hot! I wonder what it'll be like when we're all middle aged, and I'm over ten years older than him...

Anika continued, "I could take Aidy shoppink vile you're gone, since ve need to do some Christmas shoppink tinks anyvays, and vile ve're doink dat, ve can buy some sexy thinks for you too. You know I know all your sizes, and I even know de stores dat cater to your special needs." She cupped both hands under her small breasts and held them out like she was hefting a huge pair of hooters.

Brenda pushed away her thoughts of Alan and forced herself to think only of Adrian. "That's true. And that's a great idea. You and Aidy can have fun doing that, and then tomorrow I can go buy even more." She looked at her closets. "Damn. I'm gonna need a lot more space. Everything is full already."

She paused her searching, and stared into space. "I just had an idea. There's so many different ways I can enslave myself to my son, and show him my love. I can be his private nurse, and nurse his cock, if you know what I mean. Or, a cheerleader! Oooh, I like that. Can you just picture me, his buxom cheerleader slave, getting fucked with nothing but one of those short pleated red skirts and, well, nothing else! Or maybe the red top up around my shoulders? Oh, Anika! I'm getting all wet thinking about my son fucking his big-titted cheerleader mommy. You HAVE to find a way to buy a cheerleader outfit, and soon!"

Anika rolled her eyes when Brenda wasn't looking, amused at her antics. "Okay. I'll try."

"How's Aidy doing?"

Anika had gotten a bit distracted, but she looked back at the monitor. "Vell, he just moofed his leg."

"Oh no! He's starting to stir! What'll I do? I don't have ANYthing to wear!"

Anika pointed towards a pile of clothes behind Brenda. "Vat do you call that? You'f picked out tventy or more good vones already in dis last hour. And I agree. Dey're all wery goot."

"But I don't want good; I want great! I want his dick so hard, so long, and so thick, that I'll have a hard time even fitting it in my mouth! Though of course I will anyway." She giggled. She walked over to another closet and started digging through the clothes. "I think I've got a nurse uniform in here somewhere. But I don't have the hat with the red cross. You gotta have the hat."

Anika noted, "You don't need great. Aidy's been sleeping a lonk time, and his body has been recoverink. I'm sure he'll get hard as soon as he sees you. Probably before, vhen he's just tinkink about you. You should save de great schtuff for later, vhen he's havink trouble vis his erection. Besides, you know you'll be naked in a minute anyvays."

Brenda stopped flitting from closet to closet and rack to rack, and gave Anika a good long look. "Anika, you're a genius! That is SO true! I don't need great; I need something I can take off quickly." She looked at the pile of good possibilities. "Let's see. That means no stockings and garters..."

"Uh-oh!" Anika cut in. "He just moved his arm. And his leg too! He's vakink up!"

Brenda was filled with excitement, but also panic. "Oh no! Oh no! I'm naked! What'll I wear?!"

Anika pointed to the top outfit on the pile Brenda had already selected, and made a command decision. "Dat vone!"

As Brenda frantically wiggled into the outfit Anika had chosen, she thought, Thank the Lord for Anika! She's so much more than a maid, or even an almost mother. It's like she's my best friend and confidante too. What would I ever do without her? And she's soooo understanding about the incest! I think she deserves yet another big raise.


Adrian had been awake for a few minutes, but trying to deny the reality that his body was waking up. He finally gave up the effort, opened his eyes, and looked at the clock on his bed stand. Eleven already? Daaaammn!

His eyes opened wide, and he felt a shiver of excitement run through his body as he suddenly was filled with memories of what he and Brenda had done the day and night before. Holy cow! No way! We fucked! We really did it! I fucked my ma!

As he lay there, reveling in his joyous memories, he sensed something more unpleasant. He did a mental check of his body, and realized that he hurt all over. Crap. I feel like I just ran a marathon. Worse, my dick is sore. I mean, here I am, thinking about ACTUAL MEMORIES OF FUCKING MA! And yet I can't get hard. Shit! How many times did we do it last night? Seven, I think. Well, I came seven times at least. It seemed like one endless fuck.

Jesus Christ! That's so much. Too much. Nobody ever told me just how TIRING fucking is. I mean, it's like playing racquetball or something. Crap. I feel like I can barely lift my arms. But I fucked Ma, so it was sooooo worth it!

Just then, there was a quiet knock on his door.

"Come in," he said loudly, but he was still too wiped out to sit up.

Brenda opened the door a little bit, and peeked her head in tentatively. "Oh, you're up." She brightened, and said happily, "Good morning, Son!" She had to pretend she wasn't sure if he was awake or not, so he wouldn't have any reason to suspect the video monitoring.

She sauntered into the room, sashaying her hips in the sexiest way she knew how. Then she stopped and pirouetted. "Ta-da! How do you like your mother? Good enough to fuck?"

Adrian's jaw actually dropped, and his heart started to pound. His penis grew fully erect within seconds. Inspired, he sat up, and even leaned forward.

Meanwhile, Brenda was doing a little dance for him. She was wearing the famous "little black dress" that most women owned, only hers was more revealing than usual, and strapless to boot.


With her back turned, she gyrated her hips in a very suggestive manner. As she preened and posed, running her hands over her ass and tits, she purred, "How are you feeling this morning, Aidy? Should I be concerned that you're going to up and fuck your poor, defenseless mommy?"

She moved her ass outrageously from side to side, like she was trying to use it to knock something over. "Are you gonna put your hands all over me, rip this dress off, and do with me what you will? And by that, I mean fuck the ever-loving shit out of me!"

Surging with excitement, he stood up and rushed towards her. "You're damn right I will! Right now, in fact!"

She turned around to face him and raised her arms up high as if in surrender. But she was giggling with glee.

He immediately went to work on her dress, which had already slipped down her big tits. He would have liked to rip it into pieces, but it was a lot easier and faster to simply pull it down and off.

That accomplished, his hands went straight to her huge rack, and then he buried his face in her cleavage for good measure. He happily and vigorously nuzzled his nose deep into her valley, while his hands just as vigorously kneaded her acres of tit-flesh. Oh God! I've got the sexiest, most fuckable mother on Earth! I really do! I'm a motherfucker, a real motherfucker!

She bubbled excitedly, "What's gotten into you?"

With unusual aggressiveness, he said, "No, it's a matter of what's about to get into you!" He rubbed his erection up and down her pussy to make his meaning perfectly clear. Pussy, tits, and ass! They're all so great. I wish I had eight hands and three penises, so I could be everywhere at once!

She giggled gleefully some more. "Goodness!" Seeing the way he was kissing, nuzzling, and mauling her tits, she teased, "Looks like you're getting reacquainted with a couple of old friends!"

These tits! Ma's tits! I swear, I could drown in all this bouncy marshmallow softness. But fucking is even better! He didn't reply to her verbally, and instead took a hand off her twin peaks just long enough to guide his dick into her pussy.

"OH!" she squealed with pure delight. "Adrian! You naughty boy! It looks to me like you're fucking your mommy! Is that your cock in my cunt, or are you just happy to see me?" She laughed at that silly question.

He twisted and twirled her long erect nipples as he reveled in the joy of fully impaling his boner deep into her pussy. He was so ecstatic and high that he felt like he could simply float away.

Unfortunately, because she was wearing five-inch heels, she was too tall for them to fuck with good penetration while standing up. With so much focus on her breasts, it was easy to overlook how unusually tight her pussy was, but, after last night, he certainly didn't forget. Her slit was so tight, he needed a lot of leverage to thrust. He pulled out, picked her up, carried her to his bed, and tossed her onto it. Then he leaped on top of her.

He was shocked that he'd managed to carry her like that. He figured she weighed about 130 pounds, but he wasn't strong, and that was more than he could normally carry. Furthermore, just a couple of minutes earlier, he'd been too exhausted to sit up.

He didn't ponder this for more than a second or two, because he had much better things to do. In a near frenzy of excitement, he slid his dick back into his mother's tight slit, and thrust in all the way again. It felt even better the second time since he was able to reach deeper penetration, and with a lot less effort.

He paused, but only so he could savor the overwhelmingly arousing sensation of being fully sheathed in her tight cunt. "Ma! Look! I'm in so deep! Gaawwwd! It's like, soooo tight and great!"

She pretended distress. "Oh dear. You're turning into a regular little mommy fucker, aren't you? I'll bet you're gonna fuck me every day from now on, won't you?"

"Just try and stop me!" He started to thrust in and out.

"Oh my! I'd better be careful. If I so much as bend over at any time, I'm likely to find my pussy fully impaled with son-cock!"

"Yep!" He laughed with pure joy.

Giving up on the teasing, she shouted, "Fuck me, Son! Fuck me good!"


He started to drive hard and deep, with powerful thrusts. It felt so good that he seriously felt like crying tears of joy.

With his balls slapping against his mother's inner thighs, and his hands on her hips and legs, he thought, It's so good! Nobody told me it would be this good! I thought masturbating felt great, but this is a thousand times better! Nothing, nothing, NOTHING has ever felt this incredible in my whole life!

Brenda started to fuck back with her own hip thrusting, and his pleasure grew.

Then she put her hands on his ass cheeks, both to squeeze them and help him with his thrusting. His pleasure grew again.

Then, realizing he didn't really need his hands on her hips and legs anymore, he leaned forward and placed his hands on her tits instead. Now it was like he'd died and gone to heaven. He actually had to stop thrusting for a little while, for fear of cumming already.

He didn't get much of a respite, though. Brenda was so turned on that she started squeezing and massaging his erection with her pussy walls. It was nearly as intense for him as the thrusting. But because their bodies weren't moving so much, he had an easier time playing with her tits.

Between ecstatic pants, he exclaimed, "Your cunt! Your tits! Your ass! Your whole body! It's mine! Mine to play with!"

She was pleasantly surprised, since that wasn't the kind of thing she expected her shy and modest son to say. "That's right," she encouraged him. "It's all yours! Momma is your sex slave! Do you understand me? Your momma lives to be fucked by you! She lives to suck your cock, and swallow all your tasty cum! Momma is your play thing, your sex toy, your cum dump! Your slut! Your fuck slut, any time, anywhere, any day, day or night! Fuck your slut, Aidy! Your SLAVE! Fuck her good!"

He'd been planning on resting longer than that, but her words were so inspiring that he couldn't help but resume a steady thrusting rhythm. Besides, her pussy squeezing felt so great that his pause wasn't doing much except allowing him to catch his breath a little bit.

As he drove in and out, in and out, in and out, he thought, God, I'm gonna fuck the SHIT out of her! My slut! My mommy slut! So GOOD! Good Lord God, this feels SO FUCKING GOOD! He shouted out loud, bellowing a long, wordless cry to let out how euphoric he felt.

His hips and her hips moved together, fitting and churning like one well-oiled machine. There were no fancy or subtle moves, just a steady and relentless driving rhythm. Somehow, over time, it seemed she drew him in deeper and deeper.

Brenda loved it almost as much as Susan did. Since Brenda's body was naturally prone to cum easily, she'd been on the verge for a while, but she held out, hoping to cum at the same time he did.

She didn't have to wait too long, because he was simply too excited, plus he still lacked the needed experience to be able to prolong the ecstasy.

With another great, incoherent cry, he unloaded into the back of her pussy. He froze up and trembled as his first rope was unleashed, but then he went back into his rhythmic thrusting until his body started to wind down.

Brenda was over the moon at how aggressively he was behaving. She had no trouble at all exploding and shaking with a great heaving orgasm that seemed to go on forever, even as she felt an extra orgasmic high from sensing his cum splatter her pussy walls and start to fill her up. She was still trembling and buzzing with little orgasmic after-quakes a couple of minutes after he'd collapsed on top of her.


A few minutes later, with both of them in rest and recovery mode, Anika knocked on the door. It happened to be wide open from when Brenda had let herself in, so Anika strolled on in, carrying a tray.

She walked up to where Adrian lay on top of Brenda, and said, "How are you two doink? Nice fuck, ya? I brought you both some snack." She held out the tray, which contained a variety of fruit cut into bite-sized pieces, some croissants, and a selection of drinks. They could choose between 7-Up, ice water, milk, and orange juice.

Adrian rolled off Brenda, chose the water, and immediately downed the entire glass. After a satisfying exhale, he said, "Wow, thanks Anika! What service. This is the life!"

"Only de best for you and your mudder," Anika replied happily. "I imagine I'm goink to be doink dis post-sex snack service a lot from now on. Ya?" She winked cheerfully and conspiratorially. "Look. I brought you some moist towelettes to wipe your sveaty faces, and some regular towels too. There's breath mints, perfume, and everytink else I could tink of."

Brenda also downed a glass of water, and then selected a breath mint to suck on. "Very good, Anika. Very, very good. Thank you so much."

"My pleasure. Vould you like me to change de sheets?"

Adrian was about to agree, having only now noticed the rather sizable wet spot Brenda had made. It simply didn't occur to him to be surprised or puzzled by the incredible flow rate of her love juices, since he had studied her body for so long, and he didn't have anyone else to compare her too. He was also embarrassed by this graphic evidence of what they'd done, and would have been happy to see it go away.

Brenda quickly replied without shame or modesty, "No thanks; not yet." She looked at Adrian as she added, "We're going to get them a lot messier first, right, Son?" She winked at him.

"Right!" He winked back. With that kind of thinking, he didn't mind the spot. He climbed down her curvy body to get a good look at her pussy, red and slightly open from recent use. Wow. My dick was just in there, in my ma! That's just too weird.

"Leave the tray on the bedstand, please," Brenda told Anika. "That'll be all for now. I feel some serious cocksucking coming on."

A happy Anika smiled, curtseyed, and walked off. She felt that she was too old to ever enjoy sex directly, so she was channeling her energies into living vicariously though Brenda and Adrian instead. She was pleased that they were so happy, and she was eager to do all she could to help them enjoy themselves even more. She went back to Brenda's room to resume watching them on the video monitor.

Brenda and Adrian hadn't said anything to each other since the fuck had ended, since they'd conveyed their love non-verbally through kisses and touch. But now Adrian said, "Ma, I'm so high. High as a kite! I love you so, so, so very much! I thought my life was a complete pile of shit last week. The only good thing in it was you. But now, I don't care what happens. Those bullies could beat me up in school again on Monday, but I'll never stop smiling, because I have you, and you have me."

"Mmmm!" was all that she said in reply, because she was repositioning herself over his crotch, and about the time he said "bullies," she took his penis in her mouth and started to suck.

Unfortunately, he was flaccid, and even after a few minutes of sucking and fondling, he stayed flaccid. Finally, she was forced to ask, "What's wrong, Pooh Bear?"

"Nothing's wrong, Ma. I'm just still recovering from that great sex we had. But could you please not call me Pooh Bear? Remember I asked you that last night?"

"Oh. Right. I'm sorry. Please be patient, because I can't change my habits overnight."

She was a bit disappointed about his flaccid state, although she tried hard not to show it. It had been about fifteen minutes since they'd both climaxed, since they'd been resting for a while, and it was perfectly reasonable for any man to still be recovering. But her standards of sexual performance were now largely based on Alan's abilities. In truth, she hadn't been with Alan that often yet, but she'd heard detailed descriptions of his sexual exploits every day (mostly, but not exclusively, from Susan). She was sure that if Alan was the one in bed with her, his penis would be stirring by now, especially if he'd had a long and restful night's sleep as Adrian had had.

But Adrian's penis was still as flaccid as could be, so she sat up next to him instead. They chatted, cuddled, and fed each other pieces of fruit. Mostly, they talked about all the fun they'd had the night before, and recalled some of their feelings and favorite moments.

After about twenty minutes of this, they'd finished all the fruit and the croissants. Their discussion grew increasingly erotic and graphic, and their cuddling turned into all-out fondling and kissing. Brenda especially made sure that Adrian could play with her big tits to his heart's content. That was something he never got tired of, and his nipple play kept her quite aroused. But even after all that, his penis was still as flaccid as ever.

Adrian too was beginning to show concern, and eventually he explained, "Sorry, Ma, but the last thing I remember thinking last night was that I was so wiped out from cumming seven times that I'd be completely useless tomorrow. And now it's tomorrow, and I am totally destroyed. You got me going with a big burst of energy there, and that was awesome, but I'm afraid I'm gonna be pretty useless for the rest of the day. Last night wasn't just like a marathon, it WAS a marathon! I've never exerted myself that much in my life!"

Brenda smiled, patting him on the back. "Don't worry about it. You were extremely impressive. Momma's VERY proud of you."

"But look at you," he complained. "You worked just as hard as me, and yet you came in here looking as fresh as a daisy. When did you wake up?"

"About two hours before you," she admitted.

"You see? I suck!"

"No, you don't suck. I'm the one who's gonna be doing all the sucking around here." She grinned at that.

He grinned too, and brought a finger up to her lips.


She playfully sucked on it like it was a little erection, and found herself getting surprisingly aroused doing so. But she pulled back a bit and suggested, "Now, why don't you go take a shower, and I'll take a shower. By the time we're both done, let's see if we can get your soldier to salute. Meanwhile, don't be surprised if Anika, our magical food dispenser, brings you some breakfast to eat."

After some goodbye necking, Brenda went back to her room. She was all smiles on the outside, and showed no sign of disappointment.

But in truth, she was disappointed. As she walked naked down the hall (Anika had taken her black dress away already), she thought, Master Alan certainly would have been hard again by now. Why, it's almost noon. I'll bet he's already fucked three or four beautiful women today. That's just the kind of naturally superior master he is. Her pussy got moist all over again as she thought about each of the other women in Alan's harem, and imagined the different things he could be doing to them.

After she showered, she wanted to give Adrian time to eat his breakfast and recover some more, so she called Susan. She loved her frequent Susan calls.

Susan filled her in on Alan's morning exploits, and confirmed that in fact Alan had already fucked three women anally, plus Xania vaginally. Furthermore, he'd just left the house, presumably to go fuck and play with still more women.

Brenda was very pleased to hear that, and the descriptions of all that anal sex left her as horny as a goat. But she wasn't surprised in the least.

The phone call left Brenda extremely horny, since Susan had described all the fucking in great detail. Brenda especially loved hearing how Alan had stripped Xania on the front walkway, and then relentlessly fucked her in front of all the others, until she was a quivering wreck. She dearly wished that could have been her.

But hearing all that also depressed her a bit, when she compared it to Adrian's exploits. I know Aidy is wiped out from an incredible performance last night, but that doesn't stop Master Alan. He fucks and fucks and fucks until he's too tired to move a muscle, and then he gets up the next day and does it all over again.

But let's be realistic. Master Alan is a one in a million. That's why he has so many busty, gorgeous, and completely satisfied sex slaves. It's unfair to compare Adrian to him. Aidy's a typical boy, not some kind of super sex stud. If I compare him to my about-to-be-ex husband and my other former lovers, he does pretty damn well, thank you very much. Plus, he's just starting out and I'm sure he'll get a lot better. It's my job to teach him, train him, and fuck his eyeballs out, every chance I get!

But Master Alan! She sighed longingly. I love him so much! I love serving him more than anything else in this world. God knows I do love pleasuring that huge, insatiable cock of his! Unfortunately, Aidy's gonna be pretty wiped out for most of the day. He's my first responsibility, since he's my one and only son, but if he's going shopping with Anika most of the afternoon anyway, it won't hurt him any if I go over to the Plummers and serve my master's cock for a couple of hours.

She sighed longingly again. Mmmm... To feel Alan Junior sliding down my throat, sliding between my tits, pounding my cunt, filling my ass, taming me, controlling me, enslaving me! Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to stealth suck him for an hour or two. Mmmm... That would be heaven!

I'm sorry Aidy, I love you so much, and I love fucking you so very much, but I need my master too. I guess if Aidy can't get it up six or more times a day like Master Alan does, or if he doesn't even come close to that on a regular basis, which is probably true, the plus side is I won't have to feel so guilty for having two men in my life. I just hope and pray Aidy will eventually come to understand my special submissive needs.

Brenda had been working hard to think only of Alan when she was with Alan, and only of Adrian when she was with Adrian, and she was getting pretty good at it. To do so was necessary for her mental health. She'd even started to study yoga and meditation to better focus and control her thoughts. The phone call to Susan had put her in "Alan Mode," but now she successfully willed herself back to "Adrian Mode."


Thinking back to what a big impact her little black dress had made on Adrian earlier, she went back to her closets in search of something even sexier. With Anika's help, she picked out an outfit they judged "better," but they kept the "best" ones in reserve, in case Adrian needed even more inspiration later in the day. One problem was that he was already familiar with almost all of Brenda's clothes. She made a vow to shop up a storm in the coming days, until her "best" pile was absolutely huge. Obviously, money was no object.

Brenda strutted through the mansion, feeling sexy and confident. She was wearing a long purple nightgown, mainly because it was nearly completely see-through, and she was able to take it off in one fell swoop.

Alan was completely banished from her mind for the moment; all she could think about was the taste of Adrian's cum, and how she'd soon be guzzling a load of it down her throat.


She knocked on Adrian's door, and as soon as he told her to come in, she burst through the door in very dramatic fashion. "Ta-da!" she announced, just as she had before.

This time, there was no arousal problem. Adrian was sitting naked on a sofa, having just finished eating breakfast. His penis had been flaccid, but it sprang to life nearly as quickly as it had when she'd come in earlier.

She didn't waste much time dancing or posing; she wanted him in her mouth. "Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by all that showering and stuff?" she asked as she closed the distance to him with a sexy stroll.

Adrian answered that by tossing the book he'd been reading clear across the room.

She liked the dramatic flair that showed. She knew he was miles away from being able to do anything like what Alan had done to Xania on his front walkway, but he wasn't a bump on a log either. She felt that he was like a caterpillar, just breaking free of his cocoon, and about to turn into something completely different.

She pushed her nightgown off both shoulders, and waited a couple of seconds until it fell to the floor. Then she crawled between his knees, and took his suddenly turgid pole into her mouth. She looked up into his eyes as she slid her lips up and down his shaft, and tried to non-verbally convey to him just how much she loved him.

"God, Ma," he exclaimed as he slouched down the sofa, giving her easier access to his boner. "That feels totally awesome! You don't have to do that. Really!"

She beamed with happiness, and redoubled her efforts. As she slurped and licked, she thought, Aidy needs to understand. I'm not a normal woman. Probably ninety-nine percent of all women are normal, but there are some of us ruled by the Big Tits Theory. We're naturally submissive, natural big-titted sex slaves. Our role is to serve! If only Aidy knew just how much I plan on sucking his wonderful cock from now on, and how much I love to do it. Hee-hee!


God, I sure do love to suck cock! I love the taste of his slab of beef, and the way it fills my mouth! I love how he sits up high and I sit on the floor, showing just who's in charge, and who's meant to serve! I love how there's not enough room between my son's legs for my big boobs to even fit!

She pulled off and switched to licking for a little while, so she could talk. "Son, you're wrong. I do need to do this. Not just want, but need. Yes, I'm still your mother, and I still need to do mothering things sometimes."

She paused for a while to relish licking his sensitive spot. Then, as she both licked and jacked off the base of his shaft, she continued, "But fundamentally, I'm not your mother, I'm your mommy slut. Anika can be busy washing your socks, while I'm gonna be washing your cock with my lips and tongue. Anika can cook dinner, while you'll have me bent over the dinner table, fucking my cunt raw!"

"Ma, that sounds fantastic! ... But, won't you get tired of that after a while?"

"Son, you don't understand! This is who I am now. It's also who I was all along, but I was blind to my true nature. This, all of this" - she waved a hand over their naked bodies - "is what makes me happy. Look at me in this humiliating position, naked in high heels between your legs, and tell me I don't love it. You know I do! I'm gonna keep your balls completely drained dry - today, tomorrow, next year, and forever. For as long as you let me."

Adrian was awestruck by Brenda's sincerity and undeniable passion. However, he couldn't help but ask, "But what about this Alan, your so-called 'master'?"

She boldly plowed forward, and said matter-of-factly, "I'm going to help keep his balls drained dry too. You don't mind, do you?"

Actually, he did object, very strongly, but his shyness came to the fore and made him tongue-tied.

She quickly continued, "One thing you need to understand is that women have much more sexual endurance than men." She focused on licking some more, and then added, "For instance, I could cum thirty or forty times a day. Probably more. Who knows? To be honest, I've never maxed out, but I imagine I'd eventually reach a point where I was so sore that more sex would feel like a chore. Whereas, yesterday, I'll bet you were pretty close to your peak potential."

"Definitely! I hit my peak, for sure."

"So don't feel bad when you can't get it up anymore. Women are different, period. It's not your fault, nor is there anything you should feel ashamed about; it's just the way things are. Almost always, I'll still be raring to go after your penis is all done. That's how I am. I'm insatiable. This is what I DO now. I don't have a job. I'm not a homemaker. I'm a full-time mommy slut for you, and a sex slave for Master Alan. I don't feel any shame about that, either. In fact, I'm damn proud, because I'm happier and more liberated than I've ever been. At long last, I can be myself."

Feeling she'd made her point, she took his cockhead in her mouth and went back to bobbing on it.

Adrian was pained when she said she was a "sex slave for Master Alan." It was like someone punched him in the chest. But after he thought about it some, he decided, Maybe it's not such a totally terrible thing after all if she has Alan too. I mean, even with him apparently taking up some of her sexual energy, I don't know how I'm gonna keep up with her! I thought there was no way she'd get me hard a second time, and less than an hour since the last time, but she did. There's no way in hell that's gonna happen again soon though. And yet it's not quite noon!

What am I gonna do the rest of the day, if she's always like this, walking around dressed up so sexy that it's melting my brain? She's saying that having sex is gonna be her full time job from now on, and I'd love to do nothing but have sex with her all day long, every day, but my body has limitations. I seriously need to get out of the house for four or five hours, just so I can recover with some dignity!

So yeah, at least for now, maybe having her with Alan now and then isn't so awful. It's pretty embarrassing and depressing not being able to get it up, like what happened to me earlier.

The simple fact is, I need to get my shit together, that's what I need to do! I'm in terrible shape. I just sit in class and then sit in front of the computer or the TV all day. I probably couldn't run a mile non-stop if my life depended on it. No wonder the bullies all pick on me. I need to turn into the athletic, powerful sex stud that my ma needs! Maybe, if I really get it together, I can build up my strength and stamina to the point that Ma will forget all about this Alan guy!

No more lazing around! Starting today, I'm gonna put together a serious, kick ass exercise program. Running, lifting weights, swimming in the pool - whatever it takes! I know I can do it too, because I have the best incentive program imaginable. Fucking Ma longer and more often - nothing can beat that! I love her so much, and I'm in lust with her just as much!

The thing I don't understand is this Alan guy. I gather he really does have an entire harem, which includes that Suzanne woman who was over here the other day, and someone else named Susan who apparently is just as voluptuous and beautiful as Suzanne is. And as much as it pains me to admit it, Ma is right about how women have much more sexual staying power than men. Heck, I've read sex stories where one woman is gangbanged by dozens of men in one session, but the reverse of that is obviously physically impossible. There's no way I can keep up with just Ma alone. So how's Alan able to keep up with Ma, Suzanne, Susan, and who knows who else besides?! It's just not possible, is it? I hope the greedy bastard is running himself completely ragged.

At the very least, it sounds like I have some serious competition. The thing is, I love Ma more than I love life. If I'm gonna win her all for myself, I can't putz around anymore. Childhood is over. Seriously! Just as soon as this amazing blowjob is done, I'm gonna gather up all my video games, all my comic books, all my porno mags, and throw every single one of 'em out. And delete my Internet porn too. And take the TV out of my bedroom. I don't have time for that stuff anymore. Who cares about any of that anyway, now that I can fuck Ma whenever I want? It's gonna be a whole new me! I'm gonna go from Adrian, geeky, bullied loser, to Adrian, the motherfucking sex stud!

I know it's gonna take a long time. It'll probably be six months before I even start to feel new muscles, for one thing. But I've never been so inspired and determined! I can do it! Ma, you're giving me strength!

It took a while for Adrian before he was even able to begin to make good on his promises, because Brenda was in no hurry to finish the blowjob. One thing she'd learned from the Plummer household was the "stealth" handjob or blowjob concept, and she was eager to start such a stealth tradition with Adrian. So she kept him at or near the edge of orgasm for another ten minutes, until her jaw and tongue grew tired.


Then she switched to titfucking. Needless to say, Adrian always loved that. After another ten minutes, she resorted to handjobs for a while. Then she went back to cocksucking. (She avoided straight fucking because she knew that would result in him cumming before too long.) She kept working him over such a long time that so much pre-cum leaked out it practically looked like he'd already climaxed all over her chest.

After the second time her jaw grew tired, she commented as she went back to jacking him off, "Sorry, Son. I'm still pretty new at this. You should see Mistress Susan. She's an inspiration. She can suck Master Alan's cock for an hour non-stop, and not even get tired! And I don't just mean she rests his cock in her mouth; she's constantly doing different, interesting things to it to keep him right on the edge of a glorious climax. Don't worry, I'll get there, but not overnight. She told me it's taken her two months of all kinds of special exercises she does when she's alone to get where she is."

She started moving her jaw this way and that, almost as if she was trying hard to clear her ears. In fact, she was showing that she'd already begun practicing some of the exercises she'd learned from Susan.

He asked, "Who is this Susan you keep talking about?"

Brenda looked up at him, smiled, and licked his cockhead a little as she continued to stroke his dick. "Sorry. I can't say just yet. But don't worry, I'll bet you'll meet her before too long. She's soooo nice and kind and beautiful. You'll like her for sure."

He thought about that for a while, as she continued to stroke him, and occasionally blew air on his cockhead or gave it light licks.

Eventually, she added, "By the way, don't feel sorry about me doing all the work here. The common perception is that a handjob or blowjob is all about the man's pleasure, but that's just not true, at least not for me. I'm sure I'm getting MORE pleasure out of this than you are. I've cum three times already, and I'll cum more before we're done. And you see how wet my pussy is?" She shifted positions to give him a good view of her soaked snatch.

"Your pussy gets wet at the drop of a hat," he playfully noted. "I've noticed that for a long time now."

"That's true." She was pleased to see he was becoming more outspoken. By his usual shy standards, such a comment was a big deal.

As he watched her lick, he kept thinking about her black collar. Finally, he asked, "Ma, I noticed that you never wore a collar like the one you have on now, but then a few days ago, you started wearing it non-stop. Does it have any special meaning for you?"

Brenda was so unsettled by that question that she briefly lost her cock stroking rhythm. Uh-oh! How do I answer that without lying or making him mad at Master? How would he feel if he knew it marks Master Alan's ownership of my body? Let's hope the partial truth will satisfy him for now.

"Yes, it does," she said while steadily stroking him in a good rhythm again, trying to hide her worry. "You probably know from reading Internet porn that submissives like to wear certain things that are constant reminders of their submissive status. This is such a symbol for me. I wear it proudly and never take it off, so I'll never forget who I really am."

He asked, "And what about Susan? Does she wear one?"

"Yes, she does, and a black one just like mine. She and I are very similar. She's a super submissive big-titted babe, just like me. And you've met Suzanne... She's not as submissive, but she wears one too. In fact, I'll bet you'd be hard pressed to find a woman who's discovered her submissive calling and doesn't wear a collar of some kind. Now, that's enough questions for right now. I'm in a cocksuck-y mood again." She smiled at him and resumed bobbing her way down his shaft.

Actually, her jaw was still tired, but she was eager to get back to cocksucking so she would have an excuse not to answer more about collars. She mentally breathed a big sigh of relief a minute or two later when it became clear he was done asking questions. She was very pleasantly surprised he hadn't asked who'd given her the collar, because she honestly didn't know how to answer that. The truth certainly would hurt him a lot, but lying to him might be worse in the long run. It was at moments like this when she worried that having two masters might not be workable. She hoped her answers had satisfied his curiosity about the topic for a long while.

She kept on sucking, stroking, and titfucking, trying to see how long they could last before Adrian climaxed or she ran out of energy. As she did so, she pondered the vexing collar situation. She decided that maybe it would be good if she could wear a gift from Adrian too, to better symbolize her dual loyalty. She decided she'd drop hints about gifts she'd like, and hope he'd pick up on it.

Eventually, after about an hour total of lazy, erotic fun, Anika came in and started agitating about them eating lunch at a reasonable hour. She also described the shopping plans she was eager to do with Adrian, and the need to get started with them soon.


Brenda felt her jaw and hands were practically ready to fall off anyway, so she had him enter his pussy again, doggy-style this time. He triumphantly came inside her after a couple minutes of hard fucking.

As soon as Adrian recovered from that, he actually went ahead and got rid of all the things he'd vowed to get rid of. He gave his PlayStation 2 video game system and DVDs and all the rest to Anika, and told her to either give them to charity or throw them away, and do it fast before he lost his nerve.

Then the two of them left to go shopping. Brenda said she wasn't hungry, so Adrian and Anika planned to eat lunch at the food court in the shopping mall.

Once Adrian left the house, his mood changed dramatically. He went from euphoric over what had happened with Brenda to glum and worried. While Anika drove the car, he stared out the window and thought, What kind of cruel fate is it to have my greatest dream come true, and yet have it be so bittersweet? Sex with Ma is the best thing that ever happened to me, bar none, but how long can it last? We're doomed! She's got this thing for her "master" that's breaking my heart. Obviously, this Alan guy fulfills some kind of deep need she has that I can't even begin to understand.

In a better world, I'd find someone very like my Ma who actually isn't her. Even if she didn't have this weird fetish thing with her "master," she's my mother, so it's not like we could settle down and get married and all that. We're doomed one way or another. If I were a better guy, I'd get involved with someone like, well... Cynthia! She's my age, she's busty and beautiful, and yet she's not that popular since she's so very shy. She's the only girl in my classes that I really like. We'd have so much in common, I can tell. And I'm sure Ma would approve if I dated a girl my own age. Hell, maybe I could fuck both of them! Wouldn't that be great?

But there's no way I'd have the guts to ask Cynthia out. With both of us being so shy, we've hardly said two words to each other. I just don't have the confidence to ask anyone out at this point, not to mention someone as attractive as her.

But that's my own fault! It's time I start to get my act together. Throwing away that stuff was a good start, but I have to do more. I need to take charge of my own life! For one thing, I'm going to join some kind of martial arts class, and right away. It may take time, but I'm going to fight back against those bullies. It's time to start becoming a real man!

The minute Adrian and Anika were out the door, Brenda went to the phone. Still nude, and with her son's cum dripping down her thighs, she thought, I really am such a shameless, insatiable mommy slut. But I love it! She called the Plummer house. "Hi! Mistress Susan? It's me... How's it going? ... Can I come over right now? ... Nothing special - just to hang out, and help, and serve Master's cock... I can? Great! I'll be right there!"

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