The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 136
Running on Empty
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan sat in the front passenger seat of Xania's Corvette, watching her drive. It was a bright sunny day, so he was wearing dark sunglasses. But his shades did nothing to hinder his appreciation of her outstanding beauty. She still wore the same tight black miniskirt she'd arrived in (and had finally been allowed to recover from the front lawn), but Suzanne had let her borrow a peach colored tank top barely larger than the bra beneath it, since both women wore the exact same sizes.

Xania looked smoking hot, and she knew it. Knowing that Alan only had eyes for her at the moment, she was keeping her chest thrust forward. Don McLean's "American Pie" was playing on the car stereo, and she was lightly bouncing along with the music, causing her hair and magnificent rack to sway in time to the beat.

"So tell me more about Heather," Xania said. She was very curious about Heather, and had talked Alan into letting her drive to his meeting with Heather just so she could meet her in person. She was intrigued by what she'd heard about Heather's complex personality, but she also felt a certain affinity towards her, since she'd been more than a bit like her when she was a teenager.

"Well, she's very beautiful, like you," Alan replied, placing a hand on her bare thigh and caressing it. He was feeling energetic and randy, since he was buzzing from the great morning he'd had so far. "And she has big tits, also like you do." He brought his other hand up to her chest and cupped the underside of her nearest breast.


Xania had been smiling, but she looked down in dismay at his hand brazenly kneading her tit-flesh. She turned to him and frowned disapprovingly.

"What's wrong?" he asked with impish glee.

She worried about strangers seeing his fondling, since the inside of the car was highly visible, but she didn't want to be seen as a worry wart, so she just rolled her eyes at him.

Then she snuck a peek at the obvious bulge protruding in his shorts, and complained, "Is that all you ever think about, big tits?"

"Pretty much," he replied matter-of-factly. "I do have the occasional thought about pussy or asses." Then he laughed as he pinched her erect nipple through her top. "It's a tough life, but someone's gotta suffer through it."

She rolled her eyes. "You're joking, but not really. You are boob-obsessed. You can take your hands off them at any time, you know. I'm driving!"

"Hmmm. These are true facts. I COULD remove my hands. And you ARE driving." He pretended to deeply ponder her words, but both of them knew he was just joking around some more while he kept on playing with her body.

"Turn here," he mentioned, as he lightly brushed his fingers over her pussy.

She shuddered with arousal, even though she could barely feel his caress through her miniskirt. Fuck! I'm so fucked! I should have let him drive!

"Here?" She was confused, because it looked like they were turning away from a big road to an obscure side road leading through a generic housing development. She didn't know the area at all, but they'd just left the Plummer house, so she knew they couldn't be close to the beach yet.

"Yes," he replied confidently and matter-of-factly, as if it was clear this was the one and only way to the beach. In fact, he was taking the very long way, since he wanted to play around with her body some more without being seen. He couldn't completely guarantee they wouldn't be observed, since they were in a convertible after all, but he was plotting a route of little-used suburban back streets all the way there to greatly minimize their exposure.

Despite her continued protests, he most certainly didn't remove either hand. As she turned the car, he slipped the hand on her thigh up higher, going up under her skirt right to the edge of her panties.

"ALAN!" She barked with exasperation. "Not this again! You had your way with me earlier. Didn't you get enough? I'm not one of your easy floozies."

"'Easy floozies?!'" He sputtered in protest. "Xania, I'm shocked! Is that really how you think of them?"

Suddenly, she was all apologies. "No. I'm sorry. I really didn't mean that. It's just that I wanted to shock you, to get you to- ALAN! What are you doing?!"

"I believe it's called taking your bra off." Taking advantage of the fact that her hands were busy holding the steering wheel, he used both hands to reach inside her top. Luckily for him, her bra had a front release and was strapless, so he held it in his hands within seconds.

"Give me that!" She reached towards him with her right hand as she continued to steer.

But he easily held the bra out of her reach, and then not so accidentally let go of it. Actually, it was more like he tossed it into the air and let the wind catch it. It wound up on the pavement far behind them. He turned in his seat to watch it disappear. He looked all around to confirm this street was as deserted of both pedestrians and other drivers as he'd expected.

"You BASTARD!" she cursed angrily. "That was expensive!"

He tried to look sad, but he said, "I hope your panties aren't similarly expensive, because I fear they too will soon suffer a similar accident." He couldn't completely hide his grin. "Wait at the sign, by the way."

"Alan! I'm warning you!" The car came to a stop sign. As it stopped, she took the opportunity to turn towards him and point a finger at him like a chiding teacher.

But he also took advantage of the stop, and used both his hands to pull her panties down her legs.

Xania continued to complain about what a "cheeky bastard" he was, but he would have had a hard time removing the panties without her assistance. She lifted up her ass at the right time, and moved one foot and then the other when necessary as well. The net result was that despite her verbal protestations ("You go too far! I am NOT going to let you take my panties off too!"), he soon had her panties in his hands and was sniffing them as if they were a fragrant bouquet of flowers.

She sighed with annoyance, and then suddenly tried to grab the panties away from him. "Gimme those!"

But he'd been expecting such a move, and swung the panties out of reach just in time. Grinning like a madman, he kept them dangling from his finger, just beyond her grasp.

She realized she wasn't likely to get her panties back, and put her hands back on the wheel. "This is like déjà vu all over again," she griped. "Need I remind you that we're out in the open? People can see us!"

Still grinning, he replied, "That's why I'm putting my hands UNDER your clothes, so my groping won't be so noticeable." His hand went under her miniskirt straight to her pussy. As his fingers slid up and down her pussy lips, he was pleased they were just as hot and wet as he'd hoped they would be.

"Let's get out of here," she complained. Her hips were writhing, but she wasn't trying to push his hands away. Realizing that he'd told her to stop at the stop sign, she asked, "Which way do I go? And by the way, you can't expect me to drive with your finger in... THAT!"

"Turn left," he answered. "And my finger in what?" he asked innocently, as he pumped two fingers in and out of her slit.

"Don't play dumb," she said as she turned the car and resumed driving. "You know exactly wha-aaahhh!" She screamed, because she saw him toss her panties over the side of the car. He'd waited until the car was going at a good speed first, so she wouldn't be able to easily stop and get them.

She growled, cursing through clenched teeth, "Must not kill motherfucking cocky passenger..." But she was loving what he was doing, and they both knew it. She could see they were heading through empty streets, and on some level she realized this was a great opportunity for her to revel in her public exposure fetish without having much chance of strangers actually seeing her. And if someone did, they'd be long gone within seconds.

He was so confident he was on the right track that his other hand started playing with her tit again under her top. "You see? By the time anyone notices I'm twisting your hard nipple under all your layers of clothes, they'll be way past us."

She griped, "You're hopeless! 'All your layers' - ha! How 'bout you just don't grope at all? That would be a hell of a lot less noticeable, you know!"

But despite all her protests, he could tell she was really enjoying it. Her face certainly looked red and angry, but she still hadn't lifted a hand to slap him or block him in any way. They were playing a game she secretly loved, and they both knew the unspoken rules by now.


However, even though she was tingling with excitement and her pussy was throbbing and gushing, she did have the practical problem of trying to drive. She was driving well below the speed limit so she didn't have to worry as much about crashing. In fact, the car was moving so slowly that another car appeared in the distance behind them, rapidly gaining on them.

Alan had her turn the car onto another random suburban street so they could lose the other car. It was the only other moving vehicle they'd seen since he'd started fondling her on the deserted back streets.

She tried to change the topic, hoping to distract him before he took even more liberties. "So, um... what can you tell me about Heather?"

"You know a ton about her already. You've had a few conversations with me about her, and even more conversations with the 'easy floozies,' from what I understand."

She winced. "Sorry. Please forget I ever said that, okay? I love 'em all like sisters already, I really do, and I'm really proud of their unabashed sexuality."

He nodded in understanding. However, his two fingers continued to plunge in and out of her hot gash, and he rolled her nipple between his fingers with his other hand.

She continued, "I guess I do know a lot about her, but I'm still excited to meet her in the flesh. You don't mind if I talk to her for a few minutes, do you?"

"No, I'd love that, actually," he replied honestly. "You see, she has an exaggerated sense of her own importance and beauty, so I've tried to combat that by telling her that I'm having sex with all kinds of incredibly gorgeous, busty, and mature women, who put her to shame on those points."

"Which just so happens to be completely true," Xania pointed out. She spread her legs wider, giving his fingers easier access. She was amazed all this was happening while she was driving, but it helped a lot that she was only going about ten miles an hour.

"Well, I know that, and you know that, but she hasn't had to confront the reality of that yet. So you being there and talking to her about my other commitments will help out quite a bit. Turn right here, by the way."

Suddenly feeling a breeze stimulating her nipples, Xania looked down with alarm at her rack. "HEY! Don't even think about it!"

He'd been pulling her top up, and nearly had it above her nipples. But he realized that things could get dangerous if he pushed too far, so he let go of her top, leaving the very bottom edge of her nipples and downwards exposed. It actually looked sexier than if the top was all of the way off. It seemed like her tits were so firm and big that the top was inexorably losing the struggle to keep them covered.

He casually went back to playing with her nipples and pussy as she turned down yet another back street. "You're just lucky you're driving, or I'd have you completely naked already."

She shivered lustily, because she didn't doubt it. The really scary thing for her was that she was almost sad it wasn't practical for him to finish stripping her. She longed to drive buck naked, with crowds of people standing along the roadside, watching his hands visibly groping her tits and pussy. But, regaining some willpower, she finally pulled her top back down to at least cover most of the undersides of her firm melons.

Not like that's gonna stop him for a second, though. Knowing what a cocky bastard he is, he'll have my top lying on some sidewalk in another minute! What a fucking ass he is today, always tossing my clothes away. He's got me so fucking horny, how am I supposed to concentrate on driving?!

After he told her where to turn yet again, he resumed their conversation. "So although I've told her some things about these other women in my life, I haven't really been able to give her much in the way of proof. I mean, obviously Susan's right out as an option; no way I could ever show HER off!"

"No matter how much she'd be absolutely thrilled by you doing exactly that..." Xania pointed out slyly.

"Right. Jesus!" He had a nightmarish yet arousing vision of Susan proudly telling Heather how much "my son tames me and controls me by frequently fucking my ass." But he shook that off and continued, "the fact I'm regularly buttfucking my super-stacked Mom is not exactly practical as 'proof' in this case." XX01

Xania thought, Oh ho! So Susan DID make her move on him on that score! Why doesn't anybody tell me the really juicy news? And did he say "regularly"? Damn! She must be loving that! When we get back, I'm going to need to "inspect" her and ask her some "probing questions" to see how she's... adapting... to taking her son's big fat cock in her ass! FUUUCK, that is SO HOT! Shit, I need to think about driving the damn car!

Alan, not knowing what was running through Xania's mind right then, continued his own thought. "And even though Heather probably suspects that I'm fucking Aunt Suzy, I don't want to confirm that for her. You see, Heather's very possessive. I think she wants to get between me and my other women, so she can have me all to herself. In fact, I KNOW that's what she's scheming when it comes to Glory, at least. So it would also be a bit dicey for me to, say, parade my relationship with Brenda in front of her."

Xania nodded. She was focused on driving and trying not to think about the way he was running his fingertips tantalizingly over her wet and trembling pussy lips, nor the way he was gently twisting one of her stiff nipples. She'd freaked out when another car went past them the other way. So far, it was only the second one they'd come across, but she was scared shitless the driver had seen Alan's hand under her top.

He continued, "But you, you'd be a great example to basically, well, flaunt in front of her. Since you're from out of town, she won't be able to snoop on you, especially if she never learns your last name. Not only that, but you're a friggin' goddess! So your sheer beauty will knock her over and give her food for thought."

She glanced hungrily at the bulge still contained in his shorts. It was a struggle to focus on driving. She longed to pull the car over so he could ravage her completely. But she felt that if she did that, she'd be conceding defeat, and she wasn't ready to do that. Not yet, at any rate. "So you basically want me to strut my stuff in front of her, and play up how much I love it when you fuck me, and that kind of stuff?"

He smiled. "Exactly."

In spite of herself, she couldn't help but grin. "Okay. Sounds like fun. But it's gonna cost you, kiddo. You've gotta take your hands off me so I can drive. Right now!" She added to herself, If he doesn't, I'm gonna cum hard, and lose control of the car!

She looked down with shame at the moving hand shape seen through her top. "Especially my breasts, 'cos people can see what your hands are doing. Look at that! Did you see that guy driving by the other way? Did you see the way he looked at me?"

Alan grinned as he watched this latest car go past. He hadn't removed his hands, but knowing it would be dangerous for her to climax, he'd slowed his caresses for a while. "Yep! We just made his day. But sorry. No deal. Turn right at the stop sign, by the way."

"GRRR! You're hopeless! What's so great about breasts, anyway? You've had your hands on one pair or another pretty much all morning, usually mine, I might add. They're just... breasts! They're not like some kind of damn Rubik's Cube to beguile and bewilder you for hours and hours."

Still grinning widely (and fondling freely), he explained, "What can I say? Until recently, I've been traumatically boob-deprived. I'm making up for lost time."

"Traumatic, my ass!" she muttered darkly. She was praying he'd stop touching her pussy, because it felt so good she wanted to scream. She wanted to spread her legs wide and kick her feet high in the air in a blatant invitation to get fucked, but obviously she was unable to do that.

"By the way, turn left here. We're almost there." It wasn't far from his house to the beach, so they really were getting close even though they were taking a convoluted back route. He had half a mind to get her to pull over so he could fuck the shit out of her, but he decided he could hold on a little longer.

"Thank God! I can see that honkin' huge boner in your shorts. You'd probably have me jacking you off next, if this drive was any longer."

"Hmmm. Interesting idea. I just may have to remember that for the ride back." His fingers were still relentlessly sliding in and out of her steamy slit.

She shook her head, cursing herself inwardly for walking straight into that one. Fuckin' cocky bastard! He'll probably do that, even though my hands are still tired from jacking him off so much back at the house. How did I let that happen?!

"Speaking of which," he asked, playfully teasing, "what's the big deal with you and cocks, anyways? I mean, you've had your hands... among other things... on mine all morning. It's just a... cock! Not some kind of damn Rubik's Cube to beguile and bewilder you for hours and hours."

"Touché." She grinned against her will.


Alan lived relatively close to the ocean, and there was a string of nice beaches all along the nearby coast. However, one beach in particular, the White Sands Beach, was both close to his high school and little known to tourists. So this beach was the "in" place for high school students to be seen on non-school days like today. It also was the beach Heather "ruled" during much of her spare time, and where Alan had run into her a couple of times when he was first getting to know her.

There was a road running next to the beach for only a few blocks, and one had to descend some stairs to get down from the road to the sand. The cliff was close to the road on one side, but on the other side there was a boardwalk with a row of businesses looking down to the beach and catering to the beach crowd.

This was where Alan was going to meet Heather. The businesses were mostly cheap places to eat. Neither Alan nor Heather liked the greasy fast food most of them served, but they both had a weakness for ice cream, so they'd agreed to meet at the ice cream shop in the middle of the strip. It wasn't much of a place, and didn't even have a name. It was a small hole-in-the-wall shop that did most of its business from a counter right on the sidewalk to people passing by. But it did have some tables inside in back, and good homemade ice cream.

Heather was the only customer in the shop. The one employee in the place, a teen boy, was sitting behind the counter facing the street, so Heather was directly behind him. In hopes that Alan might want to fool around some, Heather had picked the table with the most privacy. Although there was an open door into the shop, she couldn't see out, and anyone on the sidewalk couldn't see her.

She was surprised at how anxious she was feeling. She'd arrived early, which was unheard of for her. (As a power trip thing, she liked to make others wait on her instead.) The problem was that since she'd sat down, she couldn't stop fidgeting. Her plan was to spend the rest of the day working on her suntan at "her" beach, so she was wearing a yellow bikini under her clothes. Simone was to spend the day with her. That was the usual case, except this time Heather didn't have any say in the matter. Her father Frank was still freaked out from the fight the day before, and he wouldn't let her leave the house unless she promised to stick with Simone at all times.

At that moment, Simone was sitting in the pizzeria next door. Heather and Alan wanted to talk in private, so Simone had to make herself scarce until the meeting was over. But it wasn't a total loss for Simone, because it was nearly noon, and she was looking forward to eating pizza for lunch while she waited.


While Heather sat, she thought, This is not good. I feel all giddy and nervous, like I'm some kind of girl with her first crush. But I'm not! I'm Heather fucking Morgan! I'm the de facto Homecoming Queen, and everybody knows it! Alan should fucking kiss my feet that I'm willing to even meet with him!

Besides, I look super sexy. It can't be denied. My burgundy top is showing plenty of cleavage, and my purple skirt is so short, just a little bit of my yellow bikini is peeking out. How could he not look at that and want to bone me?

But despite her bravado, a new round of worries hit her. Not like that'll ever happen, though. Somehow, he always twists everything around. If I were to try to get him to kiss my feet, somehow he'd end up having me kiss his! Well, he won't get away with it today, that's for sure. Just because my ass is so needy and empty that I'm practically ready to cry, I'm not gonna let him have the upper hand. I have to be STRONG and DETERMINED! I can't go to pieces as soon as I see that magnificent slab of man meat in his shorts, even though I'm sure it'll be erect as usual.

I have to remember that he was a mere nerd just a couple of months ago. A nerd! Ewww! I have to picture him with a protractor and glasses, the nerdy kind with the tape over the nose. Maybe he's going to some geekazoid sci-fi convention to discuss warp drives and force fields with other nerds, or something totally pathetic like that.

As long as I can keep an image like that in my mind, I won't forget that he's below me, like everyone else! I'm Heather Morgan, dammit! Nobody's gonna push me around, not even him! In fact, I can remember the last time I met him at an ice cream shop! She chuckled to herself at that fond memory.

I was at that Baskin-Robbins with what's-his-name... Oh yeah. Rock. What a fucking tool he was. To think I actually dated him. Sheesh! Anyway, back then, I was in my prime! I had Sir in the palm of my hand, playing around with him right under Rock's nose! I made HIM squirm with embarrassment. THAT's what I need to get back to!

Of course, Sir has changed a lot since then. If I'm not careful, he's gonna walk in here, somehow talk me out of my clothes, and then have me bent over and loving it as he fucks the SHIT out of me! I'll bet that I'll be totally nude and sucking his cock or worse within five minutes of him coming in here.

Her heart started to pound, and her nipples popped to full hardness. And so what if it's a public place? He doesn't care! He's unstoppable! I'm his Bitchslut, and good Bitchsluts do exactly what their Inner Bitch Tamers tell them to do. I can practically feel his slimy, tasty cum sliding down my throat already! Mmmm! "Thank you, Sir! Have I pleased you? What more can I do to keep your cock hard and happy? Perhaps you'd like to stuff it up my ass? Hmmm?"

She stared off into space with a dreamy, happy look on her face. She even shifted in her chair as she pictured herself bent over and wiggling her bare ass at him.

No! Wait! What the fuck?! That's not me. I have to turn this around. I have to be TOUGH! If he says no hanky-panky today, then I can't let on that that bothers me. Most of all, I have to knock off his other girls behind his back. Not actually kill or hurt them, duh! But knock them clear out of his life in such devious ways that they won't even tell him what I've done. First Glory. Then Christine. Or vice versa. Then all the others, one by one, until it's down to just Simone, Amy, Katherine, and me.

Simone, 'cos she's under my control anyway, plus I love our threesomes. And Amy and Katherine because if I push him too hard, too soon, it'll backfire on me. Besides, they're both such cream puffs that I don't have to worry about them in any case. Let him have his twisted incestuous fucks from time to time, as long as he never forgets that I'm his number one! With his great libido a little sharing won't kill me, as long as he fucks my ass at least once a day. That's my due, and he owes it to me. My main problem is figuring out who all of his supposed other women are, and then eliminate them too.

But let's be realistic. He probably doesn't have THAT many others. I've been pulling every string at school to find out all the dirt, and there's no evidence anyone has gotten physical with him, except for Simone and my cheerleaders, and even them, not so often. Kim, Janice, Joy - they'll get their just desserts too! Ha! I can't wait to see their faces, or Amy's, when Sir takes ME to the Homecoming Ball!

Such thoughts were giving Heather confidence. Before long, she'd stopped fidgeting, and several times she even had to restrain herself from punching her fist in the air as she imagined her triumphs and domination over Alan. She spent the next several minutes mostly pondering who she should eliminate as competition next - Glory, Christine, or both of them at once - and how exactly to go about it. She had a lot of advanced plots worked out in her mind already, and she was relishing them like savoring fine wine.


By this time, Alan and Xania were parked only a short distance away.

Alan muttered, reluctantly, "Sorry, Xania, but I don't think this is working."

Xania had been bent over his lap, sucking his dick as they sat in the parked car. She pulled her mouth off his erection and asked, "What do you mean? I thought I was giving great head. Don't you like what my tongue is doing?" She flicked her tongue out and swirled it all the way around his cockhead.

He could hardly believe his eyes. Dang! Her tongue seems positively inhuman. Sure, I've seen it before, but every time I see just how long and agile it is, I'm astounded anew. Just watching her lick my stiff pole sends a shiver up my spine, never mind the direct pleasure the licking is giving me. But what I love most of all is that I didn't even tell her to suck my dick. She started unzipping my fly the second she turned the car engine off!

He said, "It's not that. You're great! Gaawwwd! You know just what to do."

"Mmmm," she said in appreciation. Her tongue slid up and down, practically jacking him off with it like it was a finger inside her mouth. She liked to do that sometimes to show off her tongue's reach and dexterity.

He continued, "It's just that I was hoping you could blow me quickly, so I didn't have to go in to see Heather with a raging hard-on. I can't let my lust get the better of me when I'm around her. But it's been, like, five minutes, and now I'm ten minutes late and I'm still not close to cumming."

"So cum, dammit!" She swallowed his cockhead again and bobbed up and down on his shaft even more feverishly.


Her top was pulled up around her neck, and her miniskirt was bunched up above her ass. (She hadn't protested too much about it, as long as she remained bent down below the window level of the car, which admittedly was hard to do in a sports car.) He was freely playing with her tits and clit most of the time, and generally running his hands all over her luscious body. Even though he'd fucked her and played with her quite a lot at home before they'd left, he wasn't about to stop, not as long as she was within reach.

His fondling was helping her to cum, and in fact she'd already done so twice, but it wasn't helping him much.

Stupid motherfucking bastard! she thought as her long tongue jacked him off while her lips slid back and forth over his sensitive spot. How did I get in this situation, anyway? I did protest when he started to push my head down to his cock. In fact, I called him all kinds of nasty names. But I have to admit I already had my tongue out and I was eagerly licking my lips. Worse, I had his fly unzipped and my hand around his cock! But still, I blame him. The evil fucker just got me too fucking horny driving here. How could I resist?! Now he won't fucking cum!

She was desperate to get him to cum before they got caught. In fact, Alan had her park the car in a back corner of a parking lot, and there was no way anyone could get near them without him seeing first and presumably doing something about it. But as part of her public exposure fetish, she liked to focus on the danger she was in, so she wasn't thinking about the precautions he'd taken.

Another minute of intensely pleasurable cocksucking passed, with Xania moaning and groaning and using every tongue trick she knew to get him to cum. But she could tell he still wasn't even close.

He said, "I'm sorry, it's just that resisting the urge to cum has become such an ingrained habit to me that lately I can't just let go anymore, even if I really want to. It's really weird."

"It is," she agreed, as she pulled off his thick knob once again. "Is the coast clear?" She was careful to stay crouched down. She hoped that anyone looking their way would only see a guy sitting still in the front passenger's seat (although in fact, her ass rose up to window level sometimes). Tempted by his thick pole throbbing inches from her face, her freakishly long tongue snaked out and flicked at his sweet spot.

He replied, "Nah. There's a guy looking right at me, in fact."

"YOU LIE!" she hissed loudly as she licked. Consciously, she was frightened and upset. But subconsciously, she was excited by the possibility that he was telling the truth. She resumed rapidly bobbing on his stiff rod. She no longer cared about getting him to cum so he could meet Heather with a clear head; she just craved his cum. She jacked off the base of his shaft too, as part of her frantic effort to push him over the edge.

"Okay, I do lie," he admitted after nearly another minute passed. "Actually, it's two guys."

She gasped. But that turned into an angry grumble, as she realized, He's just playing with me. And even though I know that, it's still working. I swear, he's the devil incarnate. And his cock tastes so delicious! Is it the fear and excitement making me say that, or is it really true? I don't know anymore!

He chuckled, because he was having such fun pressing her buttons. He looked at the clock on the car dashboard and added, "Shoot. That feels awesome! But you should probably stop now."


She sighed, as she went back to merely licking her way around and around his cockhead. "You're a case. It's probably for the best though, since I shouldn't be doing this in the first place. Not here, not now. I don't know how you talk me into these things."

Alan knew. He'd realized for some time that all she needed was the threat of public exposure, and she would invariably get hotter than a firecracker. He wondered if any of her boyfriends in L.A. had ever fully figured this out, or if they'd simply believed her protests. He figured they probably fell for her protests, since even she didn't understand herself, and she was actually sincere with her complaints on some level. So far, he'd done a great job navigating the minefield of when to push her and when to yield.

Despite his request to get up, she kept right on licking his cockhead. She loved it so much, it seemed like she was truly incapable of stopping.

This is so awesome! he thought. Her tongue does the most amazing things, and it's just like Suzanne's impossibly long snake, so it kinda feels like Suzanne's blowing me too. I swear, I don't even need to cum. Hanging right on the edge like this feels even better!

He muttered a couple times that she really needed to stop and get up, but his resolve crumbled under the continued "lashing" of her tongue. Soon, he was alternating between using his hands to fondle her nipples and guide her head up and down.

They were at it a couple of minutes until a nearby car honked its horn.

"What was that?!" Xania asked, suddenly sitting up. Then, realizing that she'd just exposed her big tits to anyone who could see, she ducked back down.

In fact, the car wasn't even in sight and had been driving down a nearby road. The parking lot remained empty of other people. But the spell had been broken.

As soon as she pulled her top back down over her hefty rack and sat back up, he picked her up, pulled her miniskirt all the way off her legs, and dropped her onto his lap. His shorts were pulled down though and his cock was still as stiff as ever. It was as if they were both completely naked, for all practical purposes.

"Hey! What are you... Hey!" Her complaints were silenced as he kissed her on her lips.

She broke the kiss though, breathlessly asking, "Why'd you take my skirt off?"

He replied dismissively, "Oh that? I tossed it over a fence. Your top is next. I want you to meet Heather in the nude, so she'll see what a perfect body you have." In fact that was a lie, as he'd really tossed her skirt down onto the floor mat between his legs. But he was having so much fun teasing her, he couldn't stop.

She gasped. "You evil FUCK!" She thought she'd pass out, simply from being too horny.

He'd positioned himself so his rampant erection was poking up at her pussy. Had they been positioned just a bit differently, he could have slid into her tight slit, but as it was his pole kept sliding along her pussy lips instead, driving her crazy.

Good God! I'm such a fuckin' slut! she thought. The fuckin' fucker needs to fuckin' FUCK me with his fuckin' ridiculously fuckin' thick fuck-meat! Fucking NOW! Fuuuuuuck! How does he keep doing it? He just fucked me a short while ago, but I need him back in me already! I need to feel that huge log splitting me in two!

She bounced up and down on him, hoping he'd get the hint and guide his thick pole into her needy hole. However, she felt she had to continue to seem reluctant, or all her earlier comments would seem hypocritical. So she couldn't bring herself to beg him to stick it in. She felt it would be the ultimate humiliation, to beg for it after she'd complained every step of the way.

But he didn't. He figured that if he started fucking her, he'd be very late to his meeting.

Ironically, this was the most obscene sight they'd presented yet. Anyone walking by who'd looked at them would have seen them seemingly fully dressed, but bouncing in an obvious fucking motion. Of course, a closer look would have revealed an even more obscene sight, especially since Xania was becoming increasingly forgetful about preventing her ass and pussy from rising too high. However, even though there were people occasionally walking along the closest sidewalk, no one had any reason to look into the parking lot, much less closely examine the farthest cars for signs of people.


As her lusty need grew, she pulled his shorts far down his legs and stroked his totally exposed erection. She didn't care anymore about being seen or being caught; she only cared about her overwhelming fuck need. Her fingers flew up and down his shaft in corkscrew, reverse corkscrew, and many other talented motions, while she purred sexy sweet nothings.

For instance, she panted, "Like that, you big fuckin' stud! Yeah! Just like that! Yank on my nipples like you own 'em! You want me to join your harem? Is that what you want? You want to tame me? You want to enslave me forever to your big fat cock? Then you're gonna have to do better than that! Show me what you've got!"

She thought, SHIT! Did I just say that?! I'm not going to let him tame me, period, much less enslave me. Even though his slaves are just about the happiest and most sexually satisfied women I've ever met, that is NOT an option! I can't even let myself think about it!

Her hands and words were having an effect, but not the one she wanted. He pulled her down and kissed her lips to prevent her from pushing him over the edge with her sexy talk.

Damn you! she cursed him after another orgasm coursed through her. Fuckin' FUCK me already! You've totally humiliated me today, but I still have some pride. I am NOT going to beg! Show me your stuff! Take me and tame me, right here in this open convertible! Arrrgh!

Shit! I just thought about "taming" again! The cocky bastard is downright dangerous!

A couple of minutes later, just when Xania was ready to completely give in and guide his dick into herself, their lips finally broke apart.

She panted wildly as she gazed intensely into his eyes. She asked, "Not that I'm complaining, but what was that great kissing all about? ... Hey! Damn you!" Her latest complaint was because she belatedly realized that he'd pulled her top up to her shoulders again as he fondled her nipples during the kissing. Only this time, anyone looking into the parking lot over the past couple of minutes would have been able to see her bare back and the fact she was necking while topless. If they were looking from a high position, they could have seen she was actually naked from her armpits on down.

Crap! she cursed inwardly. I'm never gonna be able to show my face in this town again! I can just hear it now - some little boy asking his mother: "Mommy, who's that pretty lady walking down the street without any clothes on, and why is she holding and rubbing that young man's wee-wee?" That's probably what Alan's planning to do to me next. Arrgh!

As she pulled her top back down, she complained, "You're a living nightmare, you know that? Trying to keep my clothes on around you is a completely hopeless task. Look at my face. I'll bet it's cherry red."

He grinned from ear to ear. "Yep! You look extra cute and sexy when you're all embarrassed like that."

She was still grinding her pussy lips against his boner as best she could while she replied, "And you are extra evil today, that's for sure. 'Bad Alan' is out in force. I thought you told me earlier that you were going to try a kinder and gentler approach with Heather today."

"That's true, but it's all relative. If I want to talk to Heather at all, I have to get myself in a different mode than the totally loving and accepting atmosphere I have at home. So this is good."

"Hrmph!" she grumbled. "Good for you." She resumed jacking him off, making sure to continue rubbing his rod against her wet pussy as she did so. She poked an accusing finger into his chest, and then brought that hand to his shaft as well. "I'm not one of your totally submissive women, I'll have you know. I never do this kind of thing out in the open. I'm pissed!"

She looked down at her hands sliding in tandem up and down his slicked up shaft. "Unfortunately, you have me so horny that I can't seem to help myself. Why'd you throw my skirt over a fence? What am I supposed to do now?!"

He reached down to the floor mat between his legs and handed her her skirt. "There's no fence near us."

She looked at the skirt with a mixture of relief, regret, and frustration. The regret was because she'd been kind of looking forward to even more outrageous shenanigans. She slipped the skirt back up her legs (but not all the way up - she still held out hope he would see her pussy and feel inspired to fuck it). "Grrr! What was that kiss all about, anyway? I thought you were in a big rush."

"True, but I saw and felt your long tongue doing such incredible things to my cock that I wanted to experience it in a kiss again."

She smiled proudly as she rubbed her fingers in circles over his sweet spot. "So you like 'The Snake', eh?" She ostentatiously licked her lips. "Has Suzanne told you about some of the legendary exploits I had back in our college days? Well, admittedly, it was usually working in tandem with her oh-so-nearly-but-definitely-not-quite-as-long tongue. We pretty much licked the whole town down to the ground." She chuckled in fond memory.

He smiled back. "No, she's never really talked about that, aside from that one Halloween prank story she told when you were there at one of the poke-her parties, but I can imagine. Wow. Just how long is yours, anyway? Can you stick it out all the way, so I can see?"


Xania made a little production out of it by slowly extending her tongue, thus building up the anticipation for when there couldn't possibly be any more length for her to produce. Long before she finished, he went from arousal, to surprise, to astonishment as her oral serpent continued to slowly slither forth, until finally reaching full extension. Then, just to tease him, she curled just the very tip of her tongue at him, as if in a "come hither" motion more commonly seen done with a crooked finger.

As soon as she did so, he leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip. Then he gently parted his lips to take her tongue into his mouth until their lips met again. He gave her tongue a good, strong suck before pulling back.

"Wow. That's seriously long," he concluded approvingly. I almost wish she'd join the harem, just for her tongue alone! To have TWO tongues like that, working together on my cock every day!

"Wow yourself!" she panted, suddenly more than a little breathless. "Nobody's ever done that to me before. That was hot. HEY!" As their bodies pulled apart, a slight breeze alerted her to the fact that he'd managed to pull her top up to her shoulders again.

She chuckled as she pulled it back down yet again. "I'd be really mad at you if I wasn't so fucking happy and horny. You're evil! Good thing for you I happen to almost kinda like 'Bad Alan.' In limited doses, mind you."

Her hand had been off his throbbing boner long enough to help adjust her clothes, then she went right back to stroking it. "Are you really in some kind of hurry, or maybe... well, I'm not saying I want to suck your cock some more, not exactly... certainly not here..."

She looked around again with a start, and checked her top. She was somewhat surprised (and a bit disappointed) that it was still pulled down. "But, you know, maybe it would be for the best if you could unload that big load down my throat..." She stared at his cock with wanton desire. "If you want to, that is..." She unconsciously licked her lips.


Her head started to drop down to his shaft. "I mean, wouldn't you feel more relaxed in your meeting if you could unload-"

"Thanks, but I'm good. It's better if I can be erect and aroused." He abruptly started to stand, forcing her to slide back into her seat. Within seconds, he had his erection tucked back into his shorts and zipped away. He wound up standing next to the car with his door open. "I'm thinking that if we really want to throw Heather for a loop, we should walk in there just as we are with that freshly fucked look. You know, as if we were fucking a minute earlier."

Xania was frantically pulling her skirt up to its usual place and getting her act together. "What do you mean 'as if'?! Shit. You gave me a couple very real orgasms here, and I'm sure I couldn't look any more freshly fucked if I tried." As she ran her fingers through her hair, she tilted the rear view mirror towards her face. Her hair was tousled, and her cheeks were ruby red. Even her glasses were askew. "Shit! You see what I mean?"

"Yeah, but keep it like that. You're perfect just the way you are. Come on, let's go."

She let out another heavy sigh. She reluctantly double-checked her top and her skirt, smoothed them down, and then got out of the car. But after she stood, she blanched. "Crap! What about my thighs?"

"I like 'em! Big and muscular." He ran a hand from her knee up her inner thigh. "They could crack open a coconut."


"No, you goof! I'm talking about my pussy juices. I'm soaked! Do you want me to walk in there with this, this, FLOW, going down my thighs?! I smell like a whorehouse!"

He smiled, and took an obvious sniff of his wetted hand, inhaling and exhaling. "Aaaah! I love that special 'Xania whorehouse' smell. I say you keep it."

She deadpanned, "Note to self: hire hit man tomorrow." But she looked around and realized she didn't have anything to wipe herself with. Crap! Well, it's probably a moot point. I'm so horny that if I clean up, I'll be wet all over again a couple of minutes later anyway. And I'll probably never get the pussy smell out of my car. I'm just gonna pretend this isn't happening!

She rubbed her thighs together several times, hoping to at least smear her rivulets so they wouldn't shine and drip quite so obviously. "That's it. I'm either never coming back down here again, or I'm gonna be back bright and early tomorrow morning. Shit! ... Well, we might as well get it over with. I seem to be addicted to being humiliated by you."

She thought, The scary thing is, that's true. It wasn't long ago when I considered his sex slaves slightly crazy, like they were suffering from a shared delusion. But now I can see what they're coming from. There's something about the way he treats me that's strangely addicting!

As they walked arm in arm to the sidewalk, he said confidently, "No, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing at all, my lovely lady. You're a very sexy, beautiful woman, and I'm proud to be by your side. You're gonna stroll in the place like you own it, and Heather's jaw will drop to the floor in shock."

"Keep talking," she purred. "Build my confidence back up. And if you somehow manage to expose my tits again before we walk in, I'm gonna kill you for real!"

He chuckled. "Hmmm. You just gave me a very interesting idea." He reached up as if to grasp her top and yank it off.

She squealed with glee and rushed a couple of steps ahead to remain out of reach. "Evil, I tells ya. Evil!" She looked around with worry. I can't believe we got away with all that!


Alan and Xania were walking arm in arm again by the time they entered the ice cream shop. Alan had buttered Xania up with a steady stream of compliments the whole way there, and that made her feel so good that she didn't just walk in, she strutted.

Heather's jaw didn't exactly drop to the floor, but her eyes certainly went wide. She had been expecting to meet Alan alone, so much so that she had been sitting there by herself for a while instead of sitting with Simone (who was still just one wall away in the pizzeria). She had no idea how to react to this latest development, so she continued to just sit and gawk as Alan and Xania strolled up to where she was sitting.

Her plan to visualize Alan as a nerd in order to feel superior to him was suddenly and completely forgotten. She'd been eager to chide him for being late, but that was quickly forgotten too.

Alan and Xania stopped right in front of Heather's table, but they seemed to only have eyes for each other. In fact, neither of them said a word to the bitchy blonde. Instead they resumed kissing as they stood within arm's reach of her.


Within seconds, they were doing more than just swapping spit. Their hands were all over each other, and they both especially liked to play grab ass. Alan had to be mindful to keep his hands on the outside of Xania's clothes, because he didn't want to shock Heather too much too soon. Given how freely his hands had been wandering all over Xania for much of the morning, it was a constant struggle to maintain some restraint and not pull her skirt up to fully expose her bare ass.

Fuck! an incredulous Heather inwardly cursed. Who the hell is THIS woman?! I've never seen HER at school, or anyone like her! DAMN! She sniffed the air a few times. And what is that? The smell of aroused pussy? I think it is! No way!

She was steamed. Sir is doing this right in front of me on purpose, as some kind of mind fuck. Obviously, he's showing me that he's turned this ridiculously gorgeous woman into one of his personal sluts. But so what? I'm not going to let that affect me!

However, it was affecting her in a big way. She had to force herself not to cry in frustration and jealousy.

After only a minute or so of heavy snogging, Alan pulled his lips away from Xania's, while their bodies remained entwined. Acting as if having Xania there was no big deal, he turned and said brightly, "Heather! Good to see ya. How're you doing? Oh, by the way, I want to introduce a friend of mine. Heather, this is Xania. Xania, Heather."

Seeing that she was expected to shake hands, Heather reluctantly stood up. But her eyes were shooting daggers at Xania. She muttered ominously, "Friend?" She sniffed the air again in open disbelief.

But Heather never would have made it to be social "queen" of the high school if she couldn't pretend to be friendly when she didn't really mean it. She couldn't actually bring herself to smile just yet, but she stuck her hand out and took part in a handshake with Xania. "How do you do?" she said in a flat, unhappy tone.

As they were shaking hands, Heather noticed three things. One, Alan continued to hold Xania in a loose embrace. Two, Xania's breasts were positively huge. She'd started to realize this as Alan and Xania walked up to her, but she was so shocked by Xania's presence that she hadn't really paid close attention to such details. Now she could see up close that Xania's tits were at least one size bigger than her own, and probably more, and perfectly round and high to boot. Third, she saw that Xania was clearly braless. Just reaching out to shake hands had caused a tremendous tit-quake on Xania's chest that simply wouldn't be possible if they'd been restrained.

FUUUUUUCK! Heather cursed. Is she more stacked than the Ice Bitch, even? I think she is!

But that wasn't all. As Heather gave Xania a once-over from head to toe, the verdict everywhere for her was terrible. Xania's body was simply perfect. And there was more of her statuesque beauty too, since Xania was three inches taller than Heather and yet proportionally the same. Then there was the matter of Xania's face. Holy fuck! She's beautiful! And she's some kind of freakin' monster-titted Amazon! Where the hell did he find her?! Hell, if I want to know where all the most gorgeous big-breasted women on the planet are, I can just look in my Sir's bed!

Heather was scowling, but Xania was all smiles. She replied in an extra perky voice, "Hi! Heather, is it? Nice to meet you! You're beautiful. Are you one of Alan's fuck toys, like me?"

"Fuck me!" Heather muttered in consternation as she staggered back into her seat. She didn't just say what I think she said, did she?!

Seeing Heather sit down, Xania pulled up a chair and sat down across from her. She was determined to play the "fuck toy" role to the hilt, but she hoped she could come across as smart and accomplished too, as that would be even more intimidating. As an added challenge, she was trying to do all that while appearing genuinely friendly, so Heather wouldn't have an easy excuse to hate her. Xania's acting background helped tremendously in this regard.

But Alan remained standing and said, "Heather, have you forgotten how to greet your Sir properly?"

Heather didn't know what to do. He'd given her some arousing commands while they'd both been in the throes of passion before, for instance that she had to bend over low and show off her tits and ass any time she met him, as well as having to call him 'Sir' regardless of who was around. Was he just teasing? Does he actually expect me to do those things in real life, now?! I think he does! Holy crap!

Frazzled and unthinking, she stood up and bent over. She'd been wearing a dramatically low-cut top to impress and arouse him, so it was a near thing that her tits didn't completely fall out of it while she remained bending at a near ninety-degree angle.

He coughed impatiently.

Heather blanched. Oh fuck! Somebody fuckin' shoot me already! He can't expect me to... No! He can't! She remembered well that his original command had been for her to completely expose her ass cheeks. In fact, technically, she was supposed to bare her tits and pussy as well. No way! No way! I can't do that! Not in a public place, in front of two strangers! She glanced up at the ice cream scooper, who luckily was facing the other way. But she could sense that Xania was now standing up behind her.

Flustered, ashamed, and panting heavily, Heather slowly pulled her miniskirt up her ass until about half her ass cheeks were exposed. She never considered simply disobeying him, instead hoping against hope that display would be enough to satisfy him so she wouldn't face further punishment.


She thought, Gaawwwd, I can't even begin to think what this bitch thinks of me now! True, she's wearing as little as I am, but at least she's not completely humiliating herself as well! God dammit! I swear, I'm gonna tear his throat out, just as soon as he lets me stand back up!

Blushing profusely, she couldn't take it anymore, so she quickly resumed standing. But before she could regain her bearings, she found herself in Alan's arms, with his lips closing in on hers.

Her heart skipped a beat and her despair soared into joy as she eagerly French kissed him. She was even happier as one of his hands snaked down her belly and under her skirt, until it was teasing her newly engorged clit. Then his other hand rose up under her top and firmly grasped one of her breasts. (Neither the bikini top nor the bikini bottoms she was wearing underneath got in the way of his flesh-on-flesh grope.)

Heather loved it, until she realized how it must look to Xania only a couple of feet away. She knew Xania could see all too well how Heather had an all-over tan as he raised her bikini top to her underarms before pulling it off her left breast entirely for good measure. As her face turned even redder, she withdrew from him and plopped back down into her chair.

Hee-hee-hee! Xania thought. I'm glad I'm not the only one he does that to.

It took Heather a few moments to remember that her tit was still hanging all the way out. She hastily covered up while looking anywhere but at Xania. Oh Gaawwwd! I've just been totally humiliated! This meeting hasn't even started yet, and it's already a complete disaster! Damn Sir and his sexy commands!

She watched Alan and Xania sit, and then remembered the ice cream scooper at the front of the store. She looked his way just in time to see him turn around and stare at her.

The employee quickly turned away, obviously embarrassed to have been caught staring. He thought she looked extremely sexy, especially with her embarrassed, blushing face, but he had no clue that he had just missed much more sexy sights.

Xania said brightly to Heather's bowed head, "Ah, you ARE one of his sluts. I should have figured as much from your centerfold looks. I just luuuuuuuve the bent-over greeting, by the way." She leaned forward over the table, which put even more of her cleavage on display. Then she added in a confiding tone, "Did you come up with that, or did he order you to do it?"

"Um..." Heather didn't know which answer would sound worse.

"I see," Xania said knowingly. "Typical Alan. He's such a naughty one, isn't he?" Leaning back, she said casually to Alan, "You certainly have this one well trained. She's coming along nicely. Does she do that every time she sees you?"

He breezily replied, "Why don't you ask her?"

Heather quickly nodded before Xania could humiliate her further by asking. Her eyes were closed and her head bowed, but she assumed Xania got the message, because the question never came. Fuck! This is all fucked up! "She's coming along nicely?!" What the hell is that supposed to mean?! I need to be kicking ass and taking names! But now I've just further committed myself to that obscene greeting, every single time he sees me!

Xania suggested, "You know what? You should make ALL of your sluts bend over in greeting like that."

Heather's head whipped up and her eyes opened wide at that shocker.

Alan was surprised by most of Xania's comments, because they hadn't planned any of this. But seeing Heather's shell-shocked face, he decided to play along. "Hmmm. That may be a good idea."

He added to Heather, "By the way, I hope you don't mind me bringing Xania here, but she's giving me a ride. She's gonna leave in a minute so we can have our privacy, but she wanted to meet you first."

Xania said to Heather teasingly, "Giving him a ride? More like he's riding ME, if you know what I mean?" She leaned forward towards Heather again, further flashing her intimidatingly deep cleavage before playfully bumping an elbow into Heather's arm. She giggled. "Damn! He's been fucking us all morning."

Heather was disturbed to realize that Xania had said "us" instead of "me."

Xania went on, "But, as one of his sex toys, I just love it whenever I meet any of his other sex toys. I feel, like, a certain common bond. You know what I mean? Like, I feel too fucked to walk right now, and my thighs are all sticky. I'll bet you know what THAT feels like!" She chuckled knowingly.

Heather was speechless, with her mouth hanging wide open. She momentarily considered that this woman might just be someone Alan had hired in order to deceive her, but she knew the signs of orgasm in other women quite well, due to her frequent lesbian activity with Simone and others, and it was obvious that Xania still had a post-orgasmic glow about her. Plus, Xania and Alan had kissed and fondled with a familiarity and real passion that just couldn't be faked. But mostly, she was coming to believe that, when it came to Alan, anything was possible and it didn't pay to underestimate him.

Trying to recover from this series of shocks, she thought, I can't let Sir steamroll me! I've got to get back on my feet. For starters, this Xania could be a potential gold mine of information about his other lovers. She said, "I know, uh, what you mean. Er... How many of his other, uh, women have you met, by the way?"

"Oh, I dunno," Xania said flippantly. "Ten? A dozen? I forget. There are so many, it's easy to lose count. I'm from L.A. so I don't know many from around here, or the San Diego ones." She couldn't help but grin a little bit at that outrageous lie.

Heather felt like she'd been punched in the face. Her head actually flew back from the blow of hearing that. L.A.? San Diego?! Holy crap! I thought he was exaggerating about his other women, but it's way worse than I'd feared! Fuck! This ruins all my plans!

How is this possible?! He's just a kid in high school, for crying out loud! And to top it all off, he's practically still a nerd! How...? What...? It's just... No!

Alan was watching Heather closely. He was having a hard time not smirking. He was really enjoying Xania's acting, as well as her tall tales. I can only wish I had a harem in each city. Although actually, no, I'm glad I don't. I would literally be fucked to death in a week! Plus, I'm being way too greedy as it is. I can't forget that I need to withdraw back to my core group, the ones I love the most. I understand now that it's about love with my loved ones, not sheer quantity.

With Heather rendered speechless again, Xania plowed on, pretending not to notice Heather's shock. "Alan, I have to say, you picked another beauty." Leaning forward to speak in a confiding tone, she told Heather, "Every time I meet another one of his fuck toys, I think, where does he FIND these gorgeous, busty women? And how does he get them all so hopelessly addicted to that delicious cock of his so fast? Why, he's even added a famous Hollywood movie-"

"Xania!" Alan quickly interrupted, pretending to be upset with her revelation. In fact, he was secretly delighted with this latest lie, and having a lot of fun overall. "I don't want anyone to talk about her, ever!"

Xania covered her mouth, looking as if she'd only now belatedly realized that she'd said too much. But she thought, Ha! Let Heather slowly go crazy trying to figure THAT one out!

Acting as if she was trying to change the topic, she breezily said, "Aaaaaanyway, I happened to meet Alan a month or two ago, and as a professional psychologist I was fascinated by his sex appeal. At first I just wanted to study him closely, as an academic case study of extraordinary sexual prowess and its effects on others. But, ironically, I fell for him too, and now I mostly get to study him up close when his sweaty body is lying on top of mine, thrusting in and out!" She chuckled without any shame, as if she'd merely passed on a mildly amusing anecdote she'd heard recently.

"You're a professional psychologist?!" Heather was stunned yet again.

"She is," Alan replied for Xania, as he slipped his arm around her and blatantly cupped the underside of her tit from the other side. "She has a PhD, so she's a doctor." That wasn't true, but he didn't know it; he still knew her only as Dr. Xania Goodleigh, psychologist and sex counselor and "porn star." He had no clue that she was really Ms. Xania Tsakicheretakis, part-time dental hygienist student and part-time B-movie actress.

Xania felt that she needed to correct his view of her sometime soon, but certainly not now in front of Heather. She just ineffectually swatted his fondling hand, while continuing to smile proudly. She'd deliberately mentioned her faux occupation so Heather wouldn't think of her as an airhead.

Heather stammered, "Bu-bu-but how can you have a degree like that, when you're only twenty-five, tops!"

Xania laughed with genuine glee. "Oh my! You just made my day! Seriously, I like you already."

Looking more closely, Heather realized that Xania could perhaps be older, although it was very hard to tell. Xania's post-orgasmic glow and her enjoyment of the current situation were obscuring any signs of aging at that moment, at least ones that Heather in her confused and flustered state could spot.

Xania seemed to have a sudden revelation. "Hey! If you're from around here, that must mean you go to school with him! Am I right?"

Heather somehow managed to nod. Some of Xania's earlier comments were still bouncing around her head. "You certainly have this one well trained." "One of his sex toys." "Famous Hollywood movie star." Her heart was beating wildly, but not only from arousal; it was more from shock and dismay.

Xania gushed, "Lucky you! That means you must know Amy, his official girlfriend. Isn't she the sweetest?" She leaned in closer again, showing off her impressive cleavage once more. Putting a hand beside her mouth as if to confide something, but not bothering to lower her voice, she asked, "By the way, did you know him from... before?"

"Uh..." Heather was still tongue-tied. The depth of the braless cleavage confronting her was actually more than a bit intimidating. Besides, she didn't quite know what Xania meant by "before," although it started to come to her as she thought about Alan's remarkable sexual transformation.

"That must explain why he still fucks you even though you're... you know... not so well endowed." Xania looked at Heather's rack with pity and sadness. "And they look kinda enhanced, even." She raised a curious eyebrow, as if surprised that Alan would bother to spend any time with a woman with fake breasts.

Then she perked back up. "But still, that's good! That means he must really like you. Either that, or you're a really GREAT fuck. Either way, I'm jealous."

Heather wasn't sure whether she'd just been insulted, or complimented, or both.

Xania thought, This is soooo much fun! I'm probably laying it on a bit thick, but that's just a little payback for Alan throwing my undies away. I'd love to tweak his nose a bit more, if I could get away with it. Besides, it looks like she's falling for it too - hook, line, and sinker. Maybe I should exaggerate even MORE and see if she buys it? Nah. I don't want to push my luck too far and lose all credibility with her. I should probably get goin' while the getting is good.

So she continued, "Oh, but listen to me ramble on. I promised Alan I'd just drop him off and run, and I've already stayed far too long."

That made Heather upset that this potential gold mine of information might get away before she could be questioned further. But she was so flummoxed that she couldn't think of what to ask. "Uh, do you really consider yourself to be 'one of his sex toys?'"

"I know! It's pretty crazy, isn't it?" Xania replied casually, as if she were one sex toy confiding to another. "Imagine me, a highly paid professional, living in another town, and with a serious boyfriend no less, falling so hard for a mere kid that I'd swear off all other men and put myself in totally humiliating positions just for an occasional taste of his cock. I mean, when I started to study him, I expected lots of questionnaires and interviews. But instead, he made me jack him off the whole way here, while he pulled my top up, my skirt down, and played with my pussy and tits. And I was the one who was driving!" She laughed airily.

Heather suddenly found her pussy so stimulated, she felt she could climax just by rubbing her thighs together. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. "Are... are... are you... serious?"

"Of course! It was worse once I parked the car. He had me suck his cock for so long that we're probably dreadfully late." She leaned towards Heather and breathed heavily in her direction. "Tell me, do I have sperm breath? I hope it's not too noticable."

"Um..." Heather was too blown away to even check. But she did detect the smell of Alan's sweet cum, faint though it was. That pole-axed her even more.

Xania continued, "Despite being a professional psychologist, I don't really completely understand how all this happened to me, but I've come to accept it. I'm sure you can relate to what I've gone through, and especially the pain in having to share him with so many others."

Xania thought, The scary thing is, a good part of that is actually true. Even the bit about the driving wasn't that exaggerated. I swear, it's getting to the point where I would seriously consider joining the harem if my personality wasn't completely incompatible with that lifestyle.

She pretended to have a Eureka moment. "Hey! You know what? Normally, I charge... Well, you don't want to know what my hourly rates are. But I'll bet I could assist you greatly in adjusting to your new sex-toy role. I'm sure you've discovered that there's no turning back - you're hooked - so it's a matter of reconciling yourself to your new lot in life, where serving his cock is the most important thing you do. And as one of his sluts to another, I'd be willing to counsel you for free."

But I don't want to be adjusted! Heather thought. He's supposed to be MY... Oh fuck! I'm dreaming if I think I'm gonna bring him to heel, aren't I? She sighed. She was feeling very conflicted about the offer. "Um. Maybe. I dunno... Let me think about it. If I decide I do want that, how should I contact you?"

"Oh, you can get my number from Alan any time," Xania said guilelessly, while secretly delighted. She was fascinated by Heather after all she'd heard about her, and now seen as well, and wanted to get to know her better. A counseling session would be the perfect excuse. It might be risky, as Heather might be savvy enough to see through her ruse, but she felt ready to take that risk. And it would be a lot of fun.


Xania concluded, "But here I am, still rambling on. I've really got to go now. It was great meeting you though. HUG!" She stood up and held out her arms, as if expecting Heather to hug her.


Dazed, Heather stood up and let Xania walk around the table and squeeze her in a very friendly embrace. She sniffed the air again, because suddenly the smell of pussy was much more pungent. Damn, that IS wet pussy! I mean, other than my own.

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, now that Xania's mouth was close to her nose, she realized that she really could smell Xania's "sperm breath." Shit! She really was sucking Sir's cock just before she came in here! She's breaking my heart!

But Heather wasn't totally out of it. With a start, a horrifying thought came to her. She pulled Xania into an even tighter embrace and whispered in her ear, "Um, this is kind of a weird question... but, uh, has he ever called you 'Bitchslut?'"

Xania was genuinely confused, but answered honestly, "He's called me his 'bitch' and his 'slut' and a lot of other things besides, but never 'bitch-slut' per se."

Heather exhaled with great relief. Then she whispered, "Do you know... has he called any of his other women that?"

"No. Not that I know of."

"Phew!" Heather couldn't disguise her relief. Well, at least I still have that! Or I will again, if I ever get over this stupid punishment of his. I don't care how many other hot women he has; I'm his one and only Bitchslut! That's something to cling to.

Xania responded, "Since you asked me a question, I'd like to ask you one: where's your favorite place to take his cock?"

There was a long pause. Finally, Heather responded with a shy, nearly inaudible whisper, "In my ass."

Xania practically had to stop herself from squealing with glee. She thought, She's soooo cute! Look at her blushing and looking all bashful! This has to be what Alan must mean when he says he sees an "inner angel" in her every once in a blue moon.

Growing a bit more confident, Heather said a bit louder, but still in a whisper that Alan couldn't hear, "I like it when he cums in me, there... Actually, I love it!" She hadn't meant to say that last bit with quite so much emotion, but having said it she wasn't about to take it back.


Hot damn! Xania thought. I love her passion. If she wasn't already so deeply into Alan, I wouldn't mind making a play for her myself. Well, who knows; maybe I'll get a chance for a threesome down the line... That's one benefit of being a harem associate - lots of threesomes!

Heather's heart was pounding like a drum. She could feel the flush spreading outward and downward from her face. Normally she didn't care what other people thought of her, but for some reason Xania's opinion was becoming important to her.

As the seconds passed, she felt increasingly perverted and ashamed to have admitted her secret anal focus to a woman she'd only known for a couple of minutes. She hunched her shoulders and looked straight down, hoping against hope that her long bangs would cover her face.

Xania was on a mission to give Heather a reality check, but she didn't dislike her despite her infamous bitchiness (which she had yet to really experience firsthand). In fact she felt an affinity towards Heather due to her own difficult younger years when she'd been similarly bitchy. So, to put Heather at ease, she said warmly, "Good for you. I think that's great."

Heather's head shot up. "Really?! I'm not... weird? ... I mean, my feelings about it can be kind of, er... extreme, you know? To be honest, sometimes, that's all I can think about. It's like... ever since I met him, regular fucking almost pales in comparison." Her blush darkened her already dark tan.

Xania flashed an encouraging smile as she replied, "Hey, whatever floats your boat. It so happens that I love anal sex too, although perhaps not as much as you do. We're all built a little bit differently. I'm guessing though that you probably just have an extra sensitive ass that's naturally built for sex."

Still terribly embarrassed, Heather only managed a single nod.

Xania confided, "Well, I'm telling you there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, girl, so long as you don't let your innate hunger for it take control of your life. Of course," she winked knowingly, "it always helps to find a guy, or guys, who can help you 'feed the need' you're feeling back there, to your satisfaction on a routine basis. Trust me on this; you're going to want 'regulars' you can depend on who will do you 'right' if you're that into it."

Alan had told Xania of his "handover" plan, so she was trying to help lay the groundwork for that.

Heather was upset to hear that, because it sounded shockingly disloyal. She pointed out, "But you said you broke up with your longtime boyfriend, and that once you have Alan there's no going back to regular guys."

"That's true. But he's a very busy guy, and you look like a girl with a really healthy sexual appetite. You have to make do sometimes. You can't have a five-course meal every day, but you still have to eat. Am I right?"

"I guess." Heather was thinking she'd be very glad to have three five-course meals every day.

Xania saw that Heather still couldn't meet her eyes, but she plowed on, "To be honest, you should consider yourself very lucky. I can tell you from personal experience that if you stick with it, you're going to be able to experience and explore a whole different world of intimate pleasure that most other women will never know or understand."

Cool! Heather thought, suddenly looking up and smiling. It felt great to have her preferences validated by a stranger, and especially by a professional psychologist. After hearing that, she was finding the idea of talking to Xania at a later date to be much more appealing.

Xania leaned in and whispered in Heather's ear, "He has a lot of incredible women in his life, and in his bed. I should know, since I'm one of them!" She laughed at her own shamelessly immodest comment.

Heather laughed too, and her tension eased a bit.

Xania suggested, "You need a way to stand out from the pack. You're in the big leagues now, and being buxom and beautiful is merely your foot in the door. I suggest you keep spreading those tight ass cheeks of yours for him to fuck. Exercise daily, and train your ass to be absolutely perfect in every way, both inside and out. Then, when you need a solid pounding back there, beg for his hot, hard cock like a good, obedient, little butt slut should, and before you know it you'll have more of his cum pumped up your ass than you'll know what to do with!"

"Thanks!" Heather felt a lot better after hearing that. She felt that the huge weight of bad news that she'd been getting ever since Xania walked in had just lifted. Her smile beamed even brighter. She was so delighted, she could almost feel a fresh gush of Alan's cum flooding the insides of her ass as they spoke. That's right! I'm Sir's "good, obedient, little butt slut." Even Xania can tell! She makes very good points. I AM in the big leagues now. I have to step up my game!

Then Xania disengaged from the hug, after another reassuring squeeze of Heather's shoulders.

Heather was almost sad to feel the withdrawal of Xania's touch, knowing she would soon be seeing her go. She wished that Xania could stay so that she could learn more from this intriguing, mysterious woman.

However, her happy mood shattered again, because Alan and Xania were sharing a prolonged good-bye kiss right in front of her. This one put their earlier kiss on the same spot to shame. For starters, Xania lifted a leg and wrapped it around Alan, pulling his hard-on into her crotch. Things only got more intense after that.

Heather was suddenly enveloped in a green fog of jealousy. As she watched, she thought, This is sick! It's just sick! I think I'm gonna throw up. Forget the kissing - look at the way my Sir is grinding his hard cock into her. And she's grinding back! She's such a shameless slut! And those damn tits of hers. What are they? F-cups? G-cups?! I can't compete with that. And look how he's groping them, like he knows them very well. Too well! And the more he tugs on her nipples from underneath, the more her slutty top rises up. My god, you can see the entire lower halves just hanging out!

Oh no! Don't do it, Sir! Not the ass! Damn! His hand went right down inside the back of her skirt and he's clutching nothing but ass cheek! A wanton hussy like her isn't gonna wear panties, and I don't see any panty lines anyway. In fact... NO! I see pussy juice just DROOLING down her inner thighs! She IS a shameless slut! SHAMELESS!

Oh God, no! NO! He's actually running his fingers up and down her ass crack! Does he know what that does to me?! My ass is on FIRE! I'm gonna cum just from watching that! That should be me! That should be MY ass! Sir, are you trying to torture me on purpose? You must be!

Without thinking, she brought her hands to her ass and lifted up from her chair a bit so she was able to squeeze her own ass cheeks.

God, his hands are just... everywhere! He's like an octopus, and his cock keeps grinding, grinding, grinding! I swear, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna scream! If I so much as touch my clit, I'm gonna DIE!

She was panting like she'd just run a race. In fact, she was even more breathless than either Alan or Xania. He's marking his territory; that's what he's doing. He's showing the whole world that she's one of his sluts, and he can do anything he wants to her at any time! As if it wasn't fucking obvious already!

That both aroused and upset her.

Then the "whole world" thought reminded her that they were in a public place, so she tore her gaze away to frantically look around the room. She saw that the ice cream scooper was blatantly gawking again. But this time he was so transfixed watching Alan and Xania kissing and groping that he didn't even notice Heather staring right back at him.

Heather didn't look his way for long though, because the make-out session in front of her was infinitely more interesting than some gangly teenage boy.


Soon Alan brought a second hand down to Xania's ass. He was kneading meaty handfuls of her ass so roughly that her miniskirt was pushed down before long, revealing a good portion of the upper half of her ass. And since her top was askew, and skimpy to begin with, she might as well have stood there in the nude while he groped her.

But it was Alan's fingers clutching deeply into Xania's ass flesh that really got to Heather. It aroused her so much that she practically couldn't breathe. But at the same time, it royally pissed her off, because it wasn't HER ass experiencing his "tough love," and seeing that was a painful reminder of her own current punishment, which banned anal stimulation. That led her to realize with dismay that he'd carefully avoided touching her own ass when he'd kissed her only a few minutes earlier.

Heather couldn't bear to watch as he blatantly had his way with Xania's butt, and yet she couldn't look away. She kept squeezing her own ass cheeks, but that felt like a pale imitation of what she was seeing and hardly helped her anal itch. She watched fresh rivulets of pussy juice flow down Xania's thighs even as she felt fresh rivulets flow down her own.

It also didn't help that what Heather could see of Xania's bared ass cheeks, trapped in Alan's grip as they were, was a simply magnificent sight. She examined them closely for signs of flab, but to no avail. She couldn't even see any tan lines (although that was mostly because Xania had fair skin to begin with). And with the way Xania was eagerly moaning in response to Alan's manhandling of her rear end, Heather was having an extremely hard time trying to convince herself that he would have had a much better time playing with her own ass instead.

Heather wiggled and writhed in her chair, distraught, dissatisfied, and insanely horny.

The kiss, if one could call it a mere kiss, finally came to an end. Alan quietly whispered into Xania's ear, "So what did you and Heather talk about just now?"

Xania whispered back, "Stuff. Girl stuff. I'll tell you later."

Alan and Xania pulled away from each other enough to breathe on their own. But still, the way they were gazing into each other's eyes, it would have been natural to conclude that they were deeply in love, perhaps even on their honeymoon.

That really burned Heather with an almost physical pain. She realized that she'd been holding her breath for the entire kiss (which in fact had only lasted a minute or two, but seemed like a lifetime to her), and she finally exhaled. That left her panting even more desperately than before, struggling for oxygen.

She belatedly realized how wildly her big tits were heaving up and down, so she glared hard at the ice cream scooper until he reluctantly looked away from her. (He looked back to Alan and Xania instead, as they still looked quite interesting, even though their kissing and fondling had stopped.)

She heard Alan and Xania say some sweet nothings and fond farewells to each other. Then Xania brought a hand up to her ear with her pinky and thumb stretched out like it was a phone and cooed to Alan, "Call me when you're done."

Xania turned to Heather as she started to walk away. But then she had another idea and walked up to her and bent down to whisper in her ear. "I've got one more piece of advice to you. I'm just like you, except further along. I know it's humbling and frustrating to find yourself merely one of his many fuck toys or personal sluts or whatever you want to call it. But don't try to fight it. That's a pointless waste of energy. Just accept that he's the best of the best, and you're lucky to get fucked by him at all. Work hard to be the best sexy slut you can be. Trust me, you'll end up happier in the long run, with a very well fucked ass!"

With that, she stood back up and took a few steps towards the exit. Then she paused, looked back at Heather, and gave her a friendly wave.

Heather realized that Xania could see how she was still sitting on her hands, rhythmically squeezing her own ass cheeks through her skirt. Feeling like an idiot, she quickly pulled her hands free and waved back.

Her earlier happy moment was forgotten. She'd realized that while Xania's anal sex advice was encouraging to hear, it didn't really tell her anything that she didn't already know. And while she'd learned much more from Xania about other things that she hadn't known or been able to confirm previously, almost all of that information was extremely distressing.

But the final blow for Heather was watching Xania walk away. Seeing her firm buttocks undulate up and down with each step, barely covered by the tight black miniskirt, was almost more than Heather could bear. She longed to rush to Xania to caress and even kiss those strong ass cheeks, but also to scratch at Xania's beautiful face, tearing at her hair and gouging her eyes.

Xania somehow sensed Heather's eyes on her, so she came up with an idea that was both sexy and practical. She stopped at the front of the store and stared hard directly at the ice cream scooper until he turned his back in embarrassment and went to work on stacking cups. Then she pulled some napkins from a dispenser and cleaned her wet thighs very, very thoroughly. She even churned her hips in slow circles as she did it, reveling in the fact that she was doing this in a public place, only a few feet from the sidewalk, but knowing that only Heather and Alan could see her.


Finally, she pulled her miniskirt up so her exposed, wet pussy lips could be seen between her legs, if only just barely. She brushed her mane of hair to the side and pulled the miniskirt fabric taut. Then she asked Heather, "How do I look?"

Heather thought, Fantastic! Fuckin' AMAZING! How am I supposed to compete with that?! If she's a psychologist, she missed her true calling, because she should be a professional stripper! Jesus!

Remembering that an answer was expected, she mumbled, "Uh, good. You're good."

"Thanks. Later!" Xania lingered in her sexy pose for another long moment before she finally started to make a move to leave.

Heather continued to gawk. Oh crap. That ass! She says that she loves anal sex too. That means that Sir has almost certainly tapped her ass already! Just look at it! Why would he prefer mine over THAT?! Hell, even I want that ass! How can I make mine so special and appealing, with that level of competition?!

Xania tossed the used napkins in a trash can and walked away with a huge smile on her face. She didn't turn around, as she could tell from the tremble in Heather's voice that her little "cleaning" show had had its desired effect.

Heather felt a great sense of relief when she finally saw her competition disappear out the open door. Her eyes went to the ice cream scooper. She saw that he was watching every last rise and fall of Xania's awesome ass cheeks as she walked away, and that he appeared to continue watching her walk down the sidewalk long after she had vanished from Heather's sight.

The gobsmacked employee had a slap-happy look on his face, as if he'd either cum in his pants or was about to at any moment. Like Heather, he continued to stare at where Xania had last been seen, even after she'd long disappeared from view.

Heather belatedly remembered that Alan was still standing there, so she looked back at him. His erection was still glaringly obvious in his shorts, and there was even a significant wet spot by its end. From the looks of it, she couldn't tell if that was due to his pre-cum or Xania's pussy juices, or perhaps both.

She gulped.


Alan was as pleased as he could be. He'd hoped that Xania would at least rattle Heather a little. But now it seemed that Heather had undergone a profound change in her beliefs about his other women. He hoped she would finally realize the futility of trying to get between him and them.

He'd heard it said that the best kind of misinformation was almost completely truthful, and that was pretty much the case here. His real situation was so extraordinary that it would be virtually impossible for Heather to separate fact from fiction. Alan even found himself falling for Xania's hype. He knew he wasn't really fucking any movie star and probably never would (unless you counted Xania herself, which was a long stretch). He believed that it was mostly sheer luck and snowballing hype, rather than his supposed incredible sex appeal, that explained why he had "a harem." But even so, he felt like a million bucks, and that maybe, just maybe, some of Xania's amazing lies might be possible after all.

Heather, on the other hand, was as depressed as Alan was elated. She was slumped down and staring at the table.

Unfortunately, his elation left him oblivious to her mood. "So what do you think about Xania? She's something else, isn't she?" That was exactly the wrong thing to ask her at the moment.

Heather couldn't deal with the situation. She decided she had to withdraw temporarily, until she could get her act together. She asked him, "Um, I kind of have to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a minute, okay?"

He nodded.

The ice cream shop was so small, one look around showed that it didn't have any public bathrooms. But Heather was familiar with the pizzeria next door and knew that it did. Besides, that would let her touch base with Simone.

As she walked out the open door to the sidewalk, she passed right by the shop's lone employee.

There was no outrageously erotic display going on at the moment, but Heather was so sexy all the time that the boy gawked at her bouncing tits and swaying hips as she walked by him just the same.

She shot him a look that might have killed him stone dead. She was very good at that kind of look in general, but since she happened to be upset, her expression was so angry that he literally staggered backwards.

That made her feel better, but only a little. She trudged through the doorway, then turned into the pizzeria only a few feet down the sidewalk.

As soon as she entered, she saw Simone sitting at one of the tables. That brightened her up a bit more. She walked over to her best friend and held her arms open. "I need a hug!"

Simone was completely unaccustomed to such an open display of emotional vulnerability from Heather, but she liked it. It showed that Heather really loved her and trusted her. She stood up and hugged her friend tightly.

As they squeezed their buxom teen bodies together, Heather began to vent, but quietly, since there were a few other customers nearby. "That bitch! Sir's not alone. He got a ride here from the most unbelievable slut in the universe!"

"I know," Simone murmured quietly, in sympathy. "I saw." She couldn't remember ever seeing her best friend looking so distraught.

"You did?" Heather would have liked to continue the hug, but her emotional shields were going back up. She pulled away and sat at the table.


Simone sat next to her and put her hand on Heather's thigh, trying to convey her feelings of support. "I did. I saw him and that woman through the front windows as they walked past. I sat here for a minute, but then I got curious and thought, 'What the heck, I'm not doing anything here anyway.' So I went next door and lingered outside the open doorway for a couple of minutes. The guy scooping ice cream was so distracted that he didn't even notice I was there, so I stayed a little longer."

"So you saw her? Xania!" Heather said the name like she was spitting out something vile. "Isn't she a bitch?"

"I wasn't close enough to hear what was being said, so I'll have to take your word for it. She seemed to be smiling and acting nice enough from where I stood, though. And I definitely noticed she's a stone fox."

"Arrrgh!" Heather wailed. "That's just the thing! Okay, so maybe she's not really that much of a bitch and just more of a fucking slut. In fact, she even has some... good points," she reluctantly conceded.

Simone joked, "I know. I saw them through the windows!" She leered at Heather's nipples, which were still erect despite her bad mood.

As was often the case with Simone's jokes, Heather was not amused. "I didn't mean THOSE points. Sheesh. But that's the problem: she's too fucking sexy! That's even worse. How am I supposed to compete with that?!"

Simone didn't know how to respond. On a one to ten beauty scale, I've always considered Heather to be a ten. And myself, for that matter! But if that's the case, then Xania has to be an eleven, because she has everything Heather has and then some. Obviously though, I'd better keep that to myself!

Heather didn't like appearing weak and vulnerable in front of anyone, not even her best friend. So again she pretended that she had to go to the bathroom. "I'll be back in a minute. Use the time to recall the phone numbers of any professional assassins you know."

Simone knew her well enough to know that was a joke. But it also showed that Heather was about as rattled as she'd ever seen her. She didn't fully understand why.

Heather made it to the ladies' room, which was otherwise unoccupied. She was glad to be there, but for the mirrors, not the toilets. Sometimes, when she had some serious soul searching to do, she liked to talk to herself in the mirror, so that's what she did.

She stripped down to her yellow bikini first, hoping the sight of her remarkable body would help cheer her up. But it didn't.

She sighed. I feel so helpless. I feel like giving up. Maybe I should just accept my fate: one of Sir's "fuck toys," nothing more, nothing less. I'd accept whatever he gives me, like a good Bitchslut should.


No. If my mom taught me one thing, it's that "A Morgan never quits, and a Morgan never loses." And it's because we never quit that we never lose. Yes, some of the things Xania said hit me like a body blow, but when you get hit, you get back up and keep fighting!

Her despondent face was turning into a determined one.

It's all a matter of how you look at things. Okay, so maybe trying to eliminate all his other lovers was a little... overly ambitious. If I run them off, he'll find others just as amazing, apparently. I don't know how he does it, but he does. However, Xania mentioned how lucky she thought I was that I go to the same high school he does, and that's my advantage. Like the old real estate cliché, it's all about location, location, location!

True, somehow, he seems to be fucking the very most beautiful and incredible women in all of Southern California. Hell, he's even fucking a goddamn movie star! But most of them apparently live far away. The people he spends the vast majority of his time with are the other kids in school. And when it comes to them, there really are only a few bombshell centerfold types: me (obviously!), Christine, Amy, Katherine, Donna, Simone, and Ms. Rhymer. Probably in that order. How often does he see someone like Xania? Once a week, maybe, at best? Let him spread his seed all over the whole fucking state. I don't care!

Actually, she did care, and quite a lot, but she was trying to put the best light on the situation, glossing over some of the painful facts (as she perceived them).

The important girls though are the ones right around him, the ones he hangs out with every day. Those are the bitches who take up too much of his time and stop him from fucking his cum up my ass once or twice a day like he should. Those are the ones who are my competitors when it comes to official girlfriend status, and who he takes to the Homecoming Ball and other dances. Which is going to be ME, by the way! Every time, every dance. No question!

The fact is, most people who just heard all that depressing news would lie down and die. But most people are losers. She used a mocking voice in her head, and mocked a worried look on her face: "Oh no! Sir's such a stud! I should just thank my lucky stars that he fucks me at all!" Her features sharpened into fierce determination. But not me! That's not what a Morgan does!


She raised a clenched fist. The fact is, I'm gonna win, because I want it the most. I might have to adjust my plan a bit, but it's still the same basic plan: eliminate the competition and become his number one girl. It's just that now, I think I only need to eliminate or minimize the local competition and let the rest slide. The fact is, Sir has been getting the best of me so far, but I've got TONS of cards I haven't even begun to play yet. Like my Blondie network. I've got a whole fuckin' ARMY behind me at school. I can use peer pressure to put the squeeze on anyone so hard that it'll pop every pimple in school. And not just the Blondies - hell, I even have most of the teachers and administrators dancing to my tune. For instance, I can make Ms. Rhymer's life a living hell in a multitude of ways until she backs off and lets ME have him every single lunch period!

And that's just for starters. The fact is, I can beat anybody, even Sir, because I'm willing to hit below the belt. For instance, the tape recorder I still have hidden. I can do a lot of things just like that, to get the information I need. Knowledge is power!

Not only that, but he has a fatal weakness: I'm 99% sure he's fucking his sister. And it's more of a stretch, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that he's fucking his mother too, just because of the way she looks at him, not to mention her outrageously curvy figure. Maybe not, 'cos I hear she's a religious prude, but knowing him I wouldn't put anything past him. If I can PROVE anything like that, he'll become MY bitch!

Hell, what's wrong with me? Why am I conceding anything at all? If I can prove incest, I can get rid of ALL of his other women! Maybe I'll let him continue with a few, like Amy, Katherine, and Simone, just like I was thinking before, but only so he doesn't get too upset. But if so, it'll be on MY terms, and only after he leaves me completely satisfied and satiated!

Her expression in the mirror was smug and almost triumphant. He's good, I've got to admit; he's really good. He almost got me to doubt myself back there and concede too much. He probably told Xania want to tell me, especially that last bit of advice. I almost fell for it, but I'm stronger than that. "A Morgan NEVER quits, and a Morgan NEVER loses." Never! Period. End of story!

Her determination softened as she looked closer at herself in the mirror. The fact is, I love that nerdy, cocky, little piece of shit. I honest-to-God love him! He's the only one even CLOSE to being worthy of me. And to get the one you love, you have to go all out. Of all my local rivals or potential rivals, the only one to understand that basic fact of life is Donna, and luckily she happens to be the only total babe he's not interested in. And she's not interested in him. So I'm home free on that, at least.

The others are all basically softies, Sir included. Someone like Amy, thinking she could try to best me? PUH-lease! The fact is, I'm home free. Yes, I suppose it's true that I'm one of his many "fuck toys." But so what? He's my Sir and I'm his one and only Bitchslut. We have something VERY special going on, and I can build on that!

So, enough of this punishment shit! I've got a lot of things I can do that'll take time, but I want results NOW! No sweat, though: I'll just seduce him. His stupid punishment will lose all meaning if he gives in and fucks my ass! She snickered to herself. Good thing I'm wearing my sexiest bikini.


Heather had psyched herself up so successfully that when she left the ladies' room, she walked right past Simone with obvious renewed determination.

"Hey!" Simone complained, forcing her to stop. "Where are you going? I thought we were going to talk."

"Later! We'll have all afternoon and evening to talk. Right now, I've got a lot on my mind that I need to unload on Sir before the mood passes. I'll come back after I'm done and give you the good news. Then we can go to the beach - MY beach - and catch some rays and talk. Sound good?"

"Sounds good. And good luck!"

"Thanks, but I won't need it. You have to make your own luck in life." Heather was stripped down to just the skimpy yellow bikini she'd been wearing under her clothes. She held her blouse and skirt in her hands and handed them to Simone. "Here, hold these. Actually, I may not come back here directly. But I'll be back eventually." She winked.

She strolled out of the pizzeria like a queen off to reclaim her throne.

Simone was a bit surprised at Heather's transformation after just five minutes in the bathroom, but not that astonished. For as long as she'd known her, she'd seen Heather transform herself like this, over and over again. It seems that Heather just can't be kept down. I swear, if the world exploded into global thermonuclear war tomorrow, she'd cry for about five minutes. Then, while everyone else was still weeping and wailing, she'd be consolidating her position so she could rule over the scattered survivors. She's as tough as nails!

I almost feel sorry for Alan. But the amazing thing is, he's actually holding his own with her so far, and then some. I don't understand how he does it, but it's true. I just hope he can keep it up.

As Heather walked back to the ice cream shop, her head was filled with her earlier fantasies of having Alan fuck her in the ass right there in the shop as she was bent over one of the tables. She wasn't sure if she wanted him to actually do that for real, but she hoped to get him so worked up that he'd at least lose control and try. Even if it were impractical for him to actually do that, simply making him want to do it would be a big victory for her.


Even during the very short distance down she had to walk down the sidewalk, she got some curious stares for wearing high heels with her bikini. But she didn't care. The word around the cheerleader squad was that Alan loved high heels, so going without them never crossed her mind.

She sashayed her hips happily as she walked into the store, although shooting another deadly look at the kid behind the ice cream counter when he started to gawk at her again. She knew she looked smoking hot in her skimpy yellow bikini, and she didn't need some loser boy drooling at her in order to confirm it.

But to her great disappointment, as she walked into the table area, she saw not only Alan, but also an older couple eating their ice creams closer towards the front.

Heather suddenly felt naked, but in an ashamed way, not a proud way. She knew it was no problem to come into the shop wearing any kind of bathing suit, since it was just a simple, informal place across the street from the beach where trunks and bikinis were practically the dress code, but the couple looked at her disparagingly.

Heather had been sitting with her back to the wall when she was waiting for Alan earlier, so she could see towards the front. Now he was sitting with his back towards the front of the shop in the seat opposite where she had been sitting, so she had to walk up right beside him in order for him to notice her. That meant she got to see the look on his face before he saw her coming up behind him. He had a goofy lazy grin on his face.

Alan was marveling (yet again) at his great luck. Just before Heather showed up, he was thinking, Okay, I can't deny that I have a certain amount of sexual talent, especially stamina, plus enough intelligence and other talent to handle having a harem. It's like a never-ending juggling act. But what's awesome, and even kind of amusing, is how the hype takes hold and magnifies everything I do tenfold. Like these lies and exaggerations Xania just told Heather. Now Heather's going to tell her stories to her friends, and my reputation is going to soar even higher. It becomes a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy: all these girls are more and more eager to have sex with me, just 'cos of all this bogus hype!

Where will it end? Like this movie-star lover I'm supposed to have. I'm sure that was just some throwaway line that popped into Xania's head, but I bet that'll spread like wildfire over the school's grapevines. Maybe even beyond - who knows? I can half-seriously imagine turning on CNN tonight to see a news report about Jennifer Anniston's mysterious new Orange County boyfriend! Or, even better, Courtney Cox hears that report, tracks me down, and really has sex with me, to prove that she's better in bed than her famous co-star. Okay, that's pretty absurd, but I swear that nothing would surprise me at this point. It's totally crazy! He chuckled out loud.

Heather had just been standing out of view, watching him sit there for a few moments, but when she saw him chuckle she made her presence known by peevishly asking, "What's so funny?"

He realized he had to say something, because if he just said "Oh, nothing," she would keep pestering him about it until he came up with a better answer. So, since he was still thinking about the movie star lie, he said, "I was just thinking about what Xania told you, that I have some sort of relationship with some famous actress. She's such a joker."

Heather sat down across the table from him and stared at him hard. Her plan to tease and tempt him was put aside for the moment, because she was very interested in this movie star issue. "Oh really?" she asked, pretending to check her nails as if bored and uninterested. Then she glared at him. "So you expect me to believe that was just a joke?"

"Of course! I mean, come on! I've had some great luck with women lately, but someone famous? Let's get real." He eyed as much of her as he could, with the table covering her from her hips down. Naturally for him, his gaze focused on her nearly completely uncovered tits. Nice! True, they do look a little fake, but that's still an awesome boob job. I wonder how she changed into a bikini so fast. Where'd her clothes go? Where does she keep her keys and ID? Oh well. Who cares?


Seeing where he was looking, she thought, Sir is a tit fanatic, and Xania's busty body is just the latest proof of that. I can use that to my advantage. I'll get him so tit-crazy that he won't be able to think straight. Then I'll have the upper hand for once! She started fiddling with her bikini top, pulling it this way and that like she was nervous.

Her eyes narrowed. She replied, very evenly, "I know what you're trying to do. I know more about damage control than you ever could. But you won't shake me off the trail that easily. Come on. Who is it? Jennifer Love Hewitt? Denise Richards? Sarah Michelle Gellar? Halle Berry? Salma Hayek? Come on, give me a clue. I'll bet it's Jennifer Love Hewitt. Am I at least warm?"

He couldn't help but laugh. "You're joking, right?" He glanced up from her stacked, tanned chest and saw that she wasn't. "Okay, I'll bite. Why her?"

"We all know there's a certain... er, shape... you prefer, and she's got it." She clutched the air just in front of her bikini-clad breasts to make her meaning clear. Her arm movement set her rack jiggling.

"I wish!" He chuckled some more. "Come on, give me a kiss. I've missed you."

He knew kissing her would take her mind off her line of inquiry, at least temporarily, and he was right.

Even as they stood up and kissed next to their table, he thought, See? This is how it grows. My attempt to deny Xania's lie only convinces Heather even more that it has to be true. Once the hype starts, there's just no stopping it... Maybe I should actually run with this. I could keep Heather so busy trying to figure out my supposed famous lover that she'll put her fights with Glory and Christine on the back burner. Although, come to think of it, that might just encourage her to spy on me more, so maybe not. Hmmm.

The kiss they shared was nice, but he didn't stick his tongue down her throat or blatantly fondle her like he had done with Xania. He too was mindful of the older couple, and he was also distracted by his thoughts about the movie star rumor. He did enjoy running his hands all over her bare back, but that was all. He made sure to avoid touching her ass, and even avoided her tits (although she rubbed them into his chest in a most pleasing way).

Heather noticed he was holding back, and this made her feel like he was being condescending to her. She found herself getting annoyed that he was NOT taking advantage of her in public, like he had with Xania in the same spot less than fifteen minutes earlier. That put her on edge and ruined some of the good mood she'd psyched herself into.

It also reinforced her new insecurity that she wasn't as alluring to him as Xania and his other mystery lovers of Xania's caliber. She wasn't feeling despondent like she had been when Xania left, but she'd also lost the surge of confidence she'd felt in the ladies' room earlier, that she could easily eliminate all his other lovers. She was beginning to realize how unlikely that was.

The two of them briefly walked to the front of the store and bought ice cream cones. (Alan had no choice but to pay, since Heather was naked for all practical purposes and lacking pockets, but he would have paid anyway.) They chatted, but about inconsequential things, each trying to gauge the mood of the other as the lone employee scooped their choices for them.

Alan thought, I don't mind that he's gawking at Heather, since any heterosexual male would do the same. Hell, even I used to ogle her from afar and dream impossible dreams, just like Sean and Peter still do. If only I could travel back in time and tell the earlier me what was going to happen. That me would just laugh in disbelief.

But Heather wasn't as forgiving. She had visions of slapping the employee upside his head, and then kneeing him in his balls for good measure. Normally, she would have gone over to him and verbally cut him down so devastatingly that he wouldn't dare look her way again, but she was too absorbed by Alan to take the time to do that.

"Interesting choice of 'clothes' by the way," Alan said, his eyes going from the scooper to Heather's near nakedness. His tone of voice made clear that he thought the word "clothes" was a long stretch.

"Hey, it's a free country," she replied defiantly as she thrust out her tits. She was annoyed that he didn't appear more obviously aroused since she'd stripped to her bikini. True, the way his shorts were tenting showed he had a raging erection, but she considered that pretty much a given with him. She wanted to get him flustered and panting.

The two of them returned to their seats and started to eat their ice creams, but the chill that had settled over both of them since Xania left only seemed to harden. Few words were said, as their mouths were busy licking, so they were left with their own thoughts.

Heather was trying to reassess her approach. She'd been planning to go into all out seductress mode, and probably take Alan somewhere nearby for a nice assfuck (she liked the fantasy of doing it right there in the shop, but even she had to recognize that was unrealistic, especially with the annoying young scooper there). However, such plans were definitely unworkable with the old couple there, plus the relatively tepid kiss he'd given her and the talk about his (supposed) famous lover had left her in an indecisive mood.

She made an effort anyway to lick her ice cream cone like she was licking his erection, and she found herself having a lot of fun doing it. However, she couldn't seem to get a rise out of Alan (although, little did she know, his penis was definitely rising under the table).

Alan could tell there were many things she wanted to say, but something was holding her back. Unlike Heather though, he was content to wait.


"Ohmigosh! Too cool for school! Simone! Hey! What are you doing here?" Amy was walking next to Christine as the two of them entered the pizzeria where Simone was sitting. Neither of them were expecting to see her there.

Simone of course was still waiting for Heather to finish her meeting with Alan. She wasn't exactly eager to reveal that fact to Christine, but she really had no choice. Heather had left her clothes with Simone when she went back to Alan in just a bikini, and Simone had left those clothes in plain view on the seat beside her, not seeing any reason to hide them. Christine was one of the people who kept such a close eye on Heather that she knew all of Heather's favorite outfits.

As Amy and Christine bee-lined to the table where Simone was sitting, Simone held up Heather's shirt. "Hey, nice to see you. I just fed Heather to the sharks. This is all that's left of her."

"I wish!" Christine snorted derisively.

Amy said, "I feel bad for the shark, trying to eat a bitter girl like that. He's gonna have a tummy ache."

Simone guffawed in surprise. "Good one! Amy, I didn't know you were such a kidder."


Amy winked, grinning. "I'm full of surprises."

Both Simone and Christine thought that was another joke, since they considered Amy the last person they knew to be full of surprises.

Christine still stood next to Simone's table, feeling like she didn't know her well enough to sit down with her.

Amy didn't know Simone very well, but she breezily sat down at the table like they were old friends.

Simone motioned to an empty chair. "Come on, Christine. Sit down. Unlike the shark, I don't bite. Much. Well, at least not without an invitation and a promise." She wiggled her eyebrows, but clearly wasn't being serious.

Christine reluctantly sat down. She'd thought she'd worn something almost scandalous in its boldness, as part of her new campaign to loosen up and overcome her "Ice Queen" reputation. It was a matching white top and skirt. That was nothing unusual, since she knew she looked good in white and wore that color a lot, but she was showing off more cleavage and leg than she'd ever shown in public before (not including her fairly private practice dates with Alan).

Simone was anticipating going to the beach with Heather after lunch, so she was wearing only a blue bikini.

That irked Christine: with Simone's shorts hidden below the table edge, she felt awkward talking to someone who looked to be just some modest triangles of fabric away from being nude.

Amy looked at her companions and said, "Boy, you two look super duper sexy. DOUBLE duper sexy! I feel totally overdressed. Maybe I should take my boring ol' green T-shirt off." She faked a yawn. "It's soooo boring..." She raised one arm and reached to her collar with the other, as if to pull her shirt off over her head in a single motion.

"NO!" Simone and Christine both said at once, as they reached out to stop her. Amy's love of nudity was well known, since she freely and frequently told her friends about it. They thought she was such an airhead that she might actually do it.

Amy giggled as she dropped her hands. "Hee! Gotcha!"

Christine smiled at that, but she remained uneasy. Amy's joking around only reminded her of how exposed she felt. She also felt uneasy around Simone because of Simone's link to Heather. In fact, she asked, "Speaking of jokes, Simone, how can you joke about Heather like that when she's your best friend?"

"It's complicated." Simone was slightly put out, because she'd been asked this question many times before and there was no easy answer. "A love-hate relationship made in heaven AND hell." She tried to change the subject. "But first, what brings you two here?"

Amy replied evasively, "Oh, we're just chilling out. We've got some stuff to discuss, and why not do it here, where there's yummy pizza?"

In fact, the truth was much more complicated than that. In the group meeting at the Plummer house that morning, it had been decided that Amy and Katherine needed to increase their efforts to befriend Christine, as part of a long-term plan to bring Christine into Alan's harem. At the very least, they were to gather information to see if such a goal was even feasible. Since Christine wasn't doing anything special, it had been easy enough for Amy to call her up and arrange an immediate meeting. Christine was feeling sexually inadequate for Alan, and she knew she could pick up useful sex tips about him from Amy.

Additionally, Amy had overheard Alan's side of the phone conversation with Heather and knew where he'd be meeting her. Curiosity had gotten the better of her, so she'd decided that if she was going to be getting together with Christine anyway, why not do it right next door to where Alan and Heather were meeting? She didn't want to eavesdrop directly on their conversation; she was just curious to see them coming and going, and possibly greeting and leaving each other. She was also interested in how long they talked, to better gauge how serious Alan really was about Heather.

So technically, she wasn't doing anything wrong, but she knew it was a borderline situation and that Alan wouldn't be too happy about it if he saw her there. Katherine had considered coming along, but remembering her recent history of spying on Alan and Christine, she'd decided it was best not to. Besides, they hoped that Christine would be more forthcoming about sexual matters with just Amy there, since it made much more sense to talk about such matters with a guy's girlfriend than with his sister.

Simone replied to Amy, "Talking about 'stuff' huh? Could that stuff involve..." she made a melodramatic move and wiggled her eyebrows in Groucho Marx style, "Alan?"

Christine's face flushed bright red. She barked angrily, "That's none of your business!" However, her blush and emotional reply revealed that Simone's guess was right on the mark, and she realized immediately that the cat was out of the bag.

Simone kindly placed her hand over Christine's hand on the table. "Hey, it's okay..." she said gently. She wanted to remind Christine of how she'd helped her at the sex shop, but since that incident was supposed to stay confidential she said obliquely, "We've talked about Alan before, remember? It's cool. I know what's on your mind. You've got a case of Alan-itis."

"I do not!" Christine protested hotly, but again she realized that her body signals were giving her away. In fact, her huge breasts were already heaving, she was so worked up all of a sudden.

"That's nothing to be ashamed about. It's going around. Amy, you've got Alan-itis too, right?"

"Totally!" Amy enthusiastically agreed. "I'm, like, super duper sickirific with it!"

Simone laughed while also rolling her eyes. She knew that only Amy could come up with a word like "sickirific" and seriously mean it.

Christine protested, "Well, duh! She's his girlfriend. I'm not. It's not right. I don't know what's wrong with me, but... these feelings..." Her hands flopped around in the air as her thoughts flailed about too. She couldn't explain how helpless she felt in the face of her uncontrollable lust. She felt terrible every time she was reminded that Amy was his girlfriend (and, to her continued private annoyance, Amy liked to point that out quite a lot).

Simone shrugged off Christine's discomfort. "Chill pill, girl. Like I said, it's going around. In fact, the reason I'm here is 'cos Heather is next door meeting with him as we speak."

"Oh, really?" Amy asked, trying to look and sound as clueless and innocent as possible.


But her reaction was overshadowed by Christine's. The fiery blonde stood up and clenched her fists together. "She is?! That BITCH! I'm gonna go over there and..." Her words trailed off, because she wasn't sure what she was going to do.

"And do what?" Simone asked pointedly. "There's nothing illegal or wrong with them seeing each other in a public place, is there? In fact, I don't know what they're talking about, but I happen to know... and you're to keep this private, ladies..." - she looked meaningfully at Christine - "that Heather's in Alan's doghouse right now, so I'm pretty sure there won't be any hanky-panky between them today."

That revelation swept through Christine's body, filling her with relief and even joy. It popped her angry balloon. She sheepishly unclenched her fists and sat back down. However, she wasn't completely mollified. "They're not? Are you sure?"

"I'm pretty sure."

"But still, it pisses me off. He should know better than to spend ANY time with that evil skank bitch!"

Simone's lips thinned a little. "Hey, you're talking about my best friend," she pointed out, "who just happens to be an evil skank bitch." She laughed.

Christine furrowed her brow. "I don't understand. You're joking about her, like with the shark thing, yet everyone knows she's your best friend."

Backed into a corner, Simone made a better effort to address this difficult topic. "I know. It's weird. I hate her, and I know all her flaws all too well, but I love her too. The thing is, we go waaaay back, and I can't imagine not having her around. It's almost like she's my sister, except we do each other and I have a little too much of a tan to make a good match."

Simone laughed, and Amy did too, but Christine didn't find any of that funny.


Simone continued, "Look at it this way. Think about your feelings for Alan. You know you shouldn't get involved with him. You know it's unwise, and it's gonna cause you pain. Right?"

Christine nodded guardedly.

"But you love him, even if you don't think you ought to," she continued, "and you just can't stay away, even if you try to. That's kind of how I feel about Heather. I'm kind of happily addicted to the bitch."

Christine blanched at Simone's observations about her feelings for Alan. "How... how do you know about all that?" She belatedly added, "Not that I love him, as in, like, 'love' love... or anything." But that only made her blush some more, and didn't convince anyone.

Simone chuckled knowingly. "Girl, it's written all over your face. Besides, like I said, it's going around. I've got a little touch of Alan-itis myself. And I'll bet I can guess the 'stuff' you've been wanting to ask Amy. Shall we see if I'm right?"


She leaned back in her seat, closed her eyes, and waved her hands around, pantomiming a seer in a trance with a crystal ball in front of her. "You're feeling a little uncertain about your sexual ability and appeal, and you know that Amy talks about that subject freely. So you want to see if you can get some kind of inside edge about him from her, so you can compete with all his other lovers."

Christine's mouth dropped open even as her embarrassment grew. "How...?! You can see right through me!"

Even Amy appeared visibly surprised at Simone's astute guesses.

Simone opened her eyes, dropped her arms and grinned at them. "I'm pretty hot, eh?" She laughed at herself. "Come to Madame Simone for your horoscopes and fortunes. Palm readings cost extra." She laughed. "Here's another freebie. You're feeling very uncomfortable right now 'cos you can't forget that I'm Heather's best friend. You fear I'll go running to her and give her ammo to use against you."

Christine looked down at the table. "Well... It had crossed my mind..."

"I can understand fully," Simone said, now more serious. "But remember, I'm not Heather's flunkie. I'm my own person. I certainly don't support many of the things she does, or always have the same values and views as she has."

Christine considered that. She was well aware that Simone was Heather's best friend and sole confidante. And yet Simone didn't have a reputation for actually being an enforcer, flunkie, or co-conspirator. In fact, Simone usually seemed to often be acting in a "damage control" role, trying to talk Heather out of her more outlandish plots and even apologizing to her victims. So although Christine remained wary, she couldn't dislike Simone and was even starting to like her. She wondered why Simone stayed friends with Heather at all.

Simone continued, "I can't really say too much about this, but let's just say that recently, when it came to supporting Alan vs. supporting Heather in a conflict they were having, I took his side. More than once, in fact. It pissed her off to no end, but I felt it was best for her. If you want to know more, you'll have to ask him about it. Or her, although good luck with that!" She laughed.

Christine stewed in her seat. Those three have sex together; I just know it. And not just taking turns with Alan either. They get together in one big sordid tangle of bodies! Yuck!


While Christine had never been able to finish her dreams about Alan penetrating her own pussy, she did have a good mental picture of what fucking looked like. She envisioned Alan above Simone, slowly and deeply fucking her pussy as they lovingly stared into each other's eyes. But then Heather entered the picture, lying down on Simone and planting her pussy right in Simone's face, all but forcing Simone to lick it. Then Heather began licking Simone's clit. Seeing Heather's tongue there, Alan pulled out and let Heather lick his erection along with Simone's slit.

This entire vision was just too disgusting for Christine to take, so she shook her head, trying to shake the images out of her brain. Forgetting that this vision was the product of her own imagination, she thought angrily, That's just like Heather too. She's so selfish!

Then, knowing she was expected to comment, she exclaimed, "Ewww! Too much information!"

Simone laughed, guessing well enough what was going through Christine's mind. But she figured this was one thing she shouldn't joke about. Instead, she said, "I fully understand your need to keep a certain distance from me, due to my ties with Heather. But I'd still like to be some kind of friend to you too. I LIKE you, and I'd especially like to help you come out of your shell of sexual innocence."

"But... why?" Christine asked, genuinely confused.

"Because sex ROCKS!" Amy exclaimed passionately, surprising both the others.

That led to lots of laughter, even from Christine. It helped dissipate some of the tension.

Simone nodded. "She's right. Sex is pretty awesome, and it's a joy to watch you morph into a sexually mature woman. I can already see you changing and loosening up, and it makes me happy. It's like... if you see a person going the wrong way down a one-way street, you can't help but point out the right way. And then you feel pretty good about setting them straight."

"Not everyone would do that," Christine pointed out. "I doubt Heather would bother, unless she could get something out of it."

Simone frowned. "You're probably right, but again, I'm not Heather. I know it's gonna take you a long time to fully understand that and start to trust me at least a little, but in the meanwhile think about this: what harm will it do you if you listen to some sex advice from me, as well as from Amy? I can even give you some Alan-specific advice, if you're interested. For instance, I know some of the little things he really loves."

Simone leaned over to Amy and the two of them began whispering back and forth. Simone told her some of the sex moves she'd tried on Alan that seemed to work well, and some of the spots on his body she felt were most sensitive. Amy giggled and generally confirmed that a number of Simone's moves worked for her too.

Meanwhile, Christine considered Simone's offer. Finally, in a break between the other two's whispering, she said, "I don't know. I honestly don't know. Normally I'd say yes, but I'm just not good at this kind of stuff. I'm gonna have a hard enough time talking to Amy. And look at her: she's just the sweetest, nicest girl in the world. I'm not good at opening up, or making friends. I guess people call me the 'Ice Queen' for good reason."

Amy brightened. "Hey! I know! Christine, why don't you and I talk first, and let's see how that goes. Then, later, maybe you, Simone, and I can play dress-up! Maybe Katherine can come too!"

Christine frowned with puzzlement. She had an image of putting clothes on Barbie dolls, which wasn't something she'd ever wanted to do at any age. "'Dress up?'"

Simone reached across the table and high-fived Amy. "Dress up! That's an AWESOME idea! We should invite Heather too, and make it a slumber party!"

"NO!" Christine shouted.

Simone laughed. "Chill, girl! I was just joking about the Heather part, obviously. I guess maybe it'll take a while for you to get used to my sense of humor. Anyway, what Amy is talking about is looking good for your man. We can go through your clothes and pick out the stuff that looks the sexiest, and what looks best with what. It'll be fun! And I've got a TON of clothes. Actually, you, Amy, and I are all about the same size, kinda sorta, and we all have similar bust lines. We could easily swap outfits!"

"Woo-hoo!" Amy cheered, high-fiving Simone back. "M'kay! That's a super awesomeifferous idea! Let's do it tonight!" She threw her arms around in the air like she was going through some cheerleader moves.

Christine, though, was still wary. "Wait a minute. Are you saying I don't dress well? I thought I dress very well."

Amy and Simone looked at each other, wondering which of them should field that delicate question.

Finally Amy said, "Christine, you're ultra super sexy. Everybody knows that. But your clothes don't really help you much. In fact, you're all kind of cover-up-y. You don't show much skin. You've been a bit better lately," - she waved her hand at the outfit Christine had on - "but the only really sexy thing you wear is that awesome Wonder Woman T-shirt."

Simone fanned her face with her hands, as if the mere mention of that shirt was heating her up too much. "Now THAT's a shirt! Hot damn! That shows off EVERYthing in all your jiggly glory, including the exact outline of your bra. Every time you wear that, I'm sure Alan has a boner all day long, not to mention every other guy at school."

Amy playfully swatted the air near Simone. "Yeah, except for the fact that Alan has a boner all day long, every day, anyway!"

"That's true!" Simone replied, giggling along with Amy.

Christine, though, felt uncomfortable. She was upset to hear that her clothes weren't as sexy as she'd thought they were, and she also was upset that her favorite Wonder Woman shirt apparently was TOO sexy. Joking about Alan's "boner" bothered her as well. And having Simone fan herself at the mention of her shirt disturbed her most of all, as that conjured up concerns about attracting lesbian interest. It didn't help that she knew Simone was bisexual since she had just implied she and Heather had sex together regularly.

But she thought, I've got to take this stick out of my ass. If I'm gonna be one of Alan's girls, I've got to go with the flow and be cool.

Then she recoiled at her thought: Wait. "Be one of Alan's girls?" What the hell?! Why am I aspiring to do that? That's all wrong. Even as I sit here, I can't forget that both Amy and Simone have had sex with him. He's stuck his penis inside their vaginas! And now they're actually trying to help me be more attractive, so he'll stick his penis inside of mine too! That is just too weird! I can't handle all this weirdness! They're acting like it's no big deal, like it's no problem if he sticks his penis in every beautiful girl he meets. It's a HUGE deal! And don't even get me started with Heather! The idea of him having sex with her just makes me SICK!

"Christine?" Amy had realized that Christine had just checked out of the conversation and was staring off into space with a worrisome frown. She put a hand on Christine's hand and gave her a caring, concerned look.

Christine snapped back and tried to force a smile. "I'm fine. Just thinking." Go with the flow! Go with the flow! Be cool. Don't be an Ice Queen! Filled with new resolve, she added, "Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I guess I don't know much about some of that kind of stuff. I've never bothered to read all those stupid magazines like Cosmo or Seventeen. In fact, I've never paid much attention to fashion at all. I suppose I could use a make-over."

Amy and Simone squealed simultaneously. "MAKE-OVER! Woo-hoo!"

The two of them were so happy and enthusiastic at that idea that even Christine was able to put her worries aside and join in the fun and the "silly" conversation. She decided that a "dress-up" or "make-over" sounded safe enough. Even if Simone really was some kind of "operative" reporting everything back to Heather, she wasn't going to give away any vital secrets just from taking some fashion advice and trying on some clothes.


In fact, as the conversation went on, a part of her participated, but another part of her brain was filled with images of how sexy she could look if she were dressed to the nines, and how aroused and appreciative Alan would be as a result. She pictured him standing in a tuxedo, complimenting her with words while his penis was lewdly bulging through his slacks. She felt her arousal start to stir.

But she also thought, I knew that Wonder Woman shirt was getting too old, thin, and worn. I should have thrown it out years ago! I don't know how I can wear that again, unless if I'm just with Alan. I wonder if my nipples show through it.

She looked down at herself and realized to her dismay that her nipples were hard and poking out in an obvious way even as she sat there. But there was nothing she could do about it. Her bra could hide only so much.

The three of them continued to talk about fashion and the logistics of trading clothes.

All the while, and ever since the conversation began, both Amy and Simone were surreptitiously keeping an eye on the front windows for any sign of Alan or Heather walking by. (Christine had her back turned to the windows and was so distracted by the discussion that she didn't notice their frequent glances.) Amy hoped to find some excuse to be out on the sidewalk or at least closer to the front windows by the time Alan and Heather finished their discussion, so she'd be in position to see them kiss each other good-bye. She was very curious to see if they would share a loving kiss, or just a lusty one. However, she wasn't sure if she wanted to be seen by them or not, so she was playing it by ear.

Amy and Simone had both assumed that Alan and Heather would be talking for a long time. But after they had been talking with Christine for only about ten minutes, Simone looked out the window and saw Heather standing alone in front of the pizzeria, looking forlorn and staring out towards the ocean. Luckily, Heather hadn't yet turned around to look into the pizzeria, or she might have seen Christine.

Simone stood up abruptly, pretending to be shocked about something. "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot! My parents are expecting me to be home already! I'm seriously in trouble. I'd better go." She pulled out some money and left it on the table to pay for her drink. "This was fun. Maybe the three of us can get together tonight or tomorrow to do the make-over thing. Okay? I'll call you both later."

"Um, m'kay," Amy replied, confused at the sudden turn of events. Then she glanced out the front window, saw Heather, and understood why Simone was in such a hurry. She considered coming up with some excuse to get up too, but from the looks of it, Alan and Heather had parted already and she'd lost her chance to get a better feel about the nature of their relationship. She decided she'd have to stay put, or else Christine would get suspicious. As it was, it was a lucky thing that Christine was facing away from the window.

As Simone grabbed Heather's things and rushed off, Amy said to Christine, "Hey, you know what? I've got an idea. After we eat lunch here, why don't we go back to my house? We can talk more here, or there, but if we talk more there, we can discuss the really juicy stuff in private. Plus, I can show you all my clothes and you can borrow any of 'em that you want. I've got some super boner-popping stuff you'll just love!"

Christine was extremely uncomfortable talking about "super boner-popping stuff", but that was precisely what she wanted to wear for Alan. She asked, "Um, do you mean stuff that'll arouse just anybody, or Alan specifically?"

Amy mulled that over briefly. "I suppose it'll arouse other guys too, but who cares about them? The main thing is, it makes my Official Boyfriend soooo horny and hard that I can practically taste him already! Although, admittedly, my favorite 'outfit' is to just be totally naked. That rocks, and it's soooo liberating and fun! There's nothing better than to be naked and kneeling, with O.B.'s, er, I mean Alan's, cock in my mouth, sliding in and out. Mmmm! Yummalicious! Unless it's to be bent over some table with him drilling my ass! That's even BETTER! Have you ever given a blowjob?"

She mistakenly took the look on Christine's face as interest, instead of shock. She continued happily, "You'll love it, I'm sure. I'm gonna have to teach you how to do ALL that stuff! It'll be totally cool!"

Suddenly, Christine's heart was pounding and her stomach was doing flip-flops. It was one thing to think in the abstract that Amy would talk openly and shamelessly about sex, but it was quite another to actually hear it. She wasn't sure she could keep up with such frankness. But Simone was right: she needed an "inside edge" before she met Alan later in the day. She thought, Gotta be cool. Gotta be cool. She forced a smile and replied, "Yeah. Sounds good."

As the conversation changed and Amy continued her happy talk, Christine thought, What the hell am I getting myself into?!

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