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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 137
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Next door, and a few minutes earlier, Alan and Heather had finished their ice cream cones. But the silence between them continued and started to get awkward. Taking the initiative, Alan finally asked, "So. You wanted to talk?"

Heather, though, was still pensive and lost in thought. After a long pause, all she said in response was, "Yes."

But nothing else was immediately forthcoming. To break the quiet, he finally added, "Okay... Whatever it is, I'm here. Ready and willing to listen."

"Sir," she started, then stopped. She took a deep breath to steady herself, and then asked, "Where do we stand?"

"You mean... US?"


"You want the truth, or want me to sugar coat it for you?"

Her eyes narrowed. "The truth," she said, dangerously quiet.

"You sure?" he asked, unfazed by her piercing look.

"Damn sure, Sir," she replied, showing much more confidence than she felt. She sat up stiffly and proudly thrust her tits out, trying to show a brave front.

He sighed, slumping in his chair.

While Alan was composing his thoughts, Heather looked to the ice cream scooper to see if he was still staring. He was. She gave him the evilest evil eye she could muster. It worked, and as he turned away, she thought, Fuck off, you little snot-nosed prick! This hot body is for my Sir only, and don't you forget it! That made her feel better.

Alan finally spoke. "If you want the truth, about us, and where you stand with me, I'm going to have to ask for something in return. If you can't agree to my terms, then all you have to do is stand up and walk away. Deal?"


She sat back and folded her arms under her bountiful breasts. She was proud of the fact that her nipples were erect and straining what little fabric surrounded them. "It depends on what your terms are. I'm not agreeing to anything until you tell me what you want."

"All right, fair enough," he replied amicably. "What I want is basically two things. Number one, I want a truce."

She hadn't been expecting that. A little perplexed, she unfolded her arms, asking, "A what? ... Why?"

"A truce," he repeated. "I don't want to fight you, not right now. After the big fight yesterday, I honestly don't feel much like fighting against anyone at the moment. I dunno if you've noticed it or not, but I guess you could say that I'm more of a lover than a fighter."

She couldn't keep her lips from twitching into a sardonic grin. "I guess you could say I've... noticed that."

He couldn't help but chuckle at his own expense. "Okay, I guess I walked right into that one, didn't I?"

"Something like that. On the plus side, you definitely have the 'lover' part down pat."

They both snickered. Their joint amusement was easing the tension a little bit.

Ruefully, he continued, "Look, the point is, whenever you and I get together, there's always a power struggle going on between us. You're always pushing me, so I have to push back, and that has... consequences. So if you don't mind, I'd like to forgo the obligatory tussle for dominance that passes for a relationship between the two of us, for at least... a little while. All right? Can't we just have fun, and be like friends sometimes?"

She was well aware that he had the upper hand in their relationship. Her plans and schemes to get the best of him were still just that, plans and schemes. She was slightly bewildered that he would be willing to yield his advantage over her, even if only temporarily, because it was something she would never do herself if their positions were reversed. She was also disappointed, because she really enjoyed their constant battling, even though she always seemed to lose. (In fact, he made losing exciting and fun, and always left her very satisfied sexually.)

After a long pause, she replied dubiously, "Okay..." Where the hell is he going with this?

He could sense her disappointment, but he continued, "Secondly, I'd like to lay some cards on the table, and I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same. If we're going to be talking truth to each other here, about us, I don't want you deciding later on to take advantage of my trust in you now and turning around and backstabbing me again with what you know. After all, if I can't trust you, then I want you out of my life. Period. End of discussion. Understood?"

She looked him in the eye, and saw the steely resolve she thought he'd abandoned when he said he didn't want to have a power struggle with her. The greedy and bitchy Heather surfaced momentarily in her mind and cackled, SUCKER! She immediately began forming fresh approaches to plot his downfall, hoping she could use his own words against him in order to win. But then another side of her stepped out of the shadows and insisted she look at this in a different way.

She weighed the options in her mind, and concluded, If I agree to his truce offer, and a chance to be openly honest with each other, I really have nothing to lose and a whole lot to possibly gain. I'm reminded about the deal I made with him that led to the whole Inner Bitch Taming program. True, my pride has taken a hit sometimes... okay, hell, a lot of the time. In fact, he humiliates and defeats me constantly! But I'm also getting to experience the most mind-blowing and soul-searing orgasms I've ever had in her life. I've got to admit that it's a good deal, all things considered.

She also realized, Whatever else he may be to me, he's never played me false or lied to me. He seems to be genuinely trying to make me into a better person. I've only known him for two months, but I already implicitly trust him more than I trust any of my long-time friends. Well, not counting Simone, of course.

She put her hands on the table and stared at them, trying to decide what she should do. When she heard him take a big breath to say something, she pre-empted him by blurting out, "Okay!"

"Okay... what?"

She was frowning and squirming uncomfortably in her chair. "I agree to your terms, okay? Truce and cards, alright? Now, Sir, where do we stand... you and I?"

"Keep your voice down, will you?" he asked, a bit nervously. He looked at the older couple, who were still there and looking at them askance.

Heather knew she didn't want a public scene. She was well known near the beach that she "ruled," and it wouldn't do for any rumors to get started that she was having a spat with Amy's boyfriend the day after her expelled ex-boyfriend had tried to beat him up at school during a football game. "Sorry, Sir."

"No need to apologize to me. I'm just trying to look out for you here."

"Huh? You're looking out for me?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, I'm a nobody. I'm just Mr. Nerdboy Plummer. But you, you're NOT a nobody. You're Heather Morgan, future homecoming queen... and it's in neither of our interests to cause a scene right now where you get recognized and talked about for all the wrong reasons. Am I right?"


She raised her arms above her head, proudly and sexily preening at the mention of being the future homecoming queen. She even moved away from the table so he could get a good look at her entire body. "You're right, I am the future homecoming queen, and the sexiest girl in school. The most powerful too. I'm somebody special!"

She still felt intimated by Xania's devastating beauty, as well as many of Xania's comments, so she very much needed to hype herself up for her own confidence as well as to impress him.

But then she commented, "Except you're not a nobody, Sir. Not anymore."

He chuckled dismissively. "Are you saying I'm popular now? I don't believe it."

She dropped her arms and looked at him with disbelief. "Oh, come on! Are you that modest, or that clueless, or are you just flat-out lying? It's not that you're popular, per se, but everybody's talking about you. Big time! And now, after yesterday's fight, and this news that you're fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt-"

"Hold on! I am NOT fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt!" he complained, barely remembering to keep his voice down. True, I sure would like to. She's pretty hot. Although both my moms are sexier, and even more buxom to boot. She's not more beautiful than them just 'cos she's famous. Not at all.

She grinned slightly while maintaining her provocative pose. "A-ha! Finally, I'm getting some answers. Who is it then? Heather Graham, maybe? She's pretty stacked."

He rolled his eyes, even though he was thinking she'd be pretty fun to play around with too. "Please. Enough, already! Can we not get distracted with this ridiculous rumor?" He found the fact that she was taking this idea seriously to be laughable, but he did his best to hide his mirth.

She finally dropped her arms and relaxed her pose. "Hmmm. A clever non-denial denial. Interesting. But fine, Sir, I'll drop it, for now. My point is, you're getting to be as well known as I am even, and when Monday comes around you're gonna be hot topic number one. AND probably numbers two and three as well."

He made a pained face. "And here I thought I was keeping a low profile."

"Oh you were, Sir. Even I didn't know who you were for a long time, and I make it a point to know everything about everybody. But now, when you're fucking the entire cheerleading squad-"

"Minus one," he interrupted, determined to protect Katherine and avoid falling into any verbal traps. He didn't elaborate that, technically, the "one" he was excluding was Heather herself, at the moment.

"Okay, the entire cheerleading squad, minus one..." she allowed with a dismissive hand wave, guessing that he meant Katherine. "Sir, the point is, the word has been getting out all around school about you and your incredible sexual prowess. I mean, let's face it, your 'girlfriend'" - she made little mocking finger quotes in the air for him - "Amy hasn't exactly been all that shy about letting on how impossibly great you are in bed, and we both know she's not lying about it. That's what the fight yesterday was all about, you know. Hell, you've even managed to defrost Christine, the freaking Ice Queen, enough that now even she's sniffing around your crotch! Doesn't that tell you anything, Sir?" Her face suddenly turned into an angry, annoyed scowl.

His penis had grown erect when Heather walked in wearing her yellow bikini while still in high heels, but it had slowly gone flaccid since. Now he felt it stiffen up again. The way she was naturally and continually calling him 'Sir' without being reminded was constantly arousing for him, plus the mental image of Christine bent over with her nose in his crotch and her huge rack swaying pendulously turned him on even more than the deeply tanned and non-imaginary tits practically bursting out of Heather's top right in front of him.

He studied her face, trying to discern what was irritating her so much. The realization, when it hit him, was so obvious that he wondered how he could have missed it for so long. "Heather? Are you jealous?"

Affronted by the mere suggestion, she recoiled and tried to parry. "Sir, what do you mean?"

"I mean... are you jealous because I'm having sex with other women, instead of only with you?"

Ordinarily, she would be able to simply deny the charge, toss her ponytail, and move on. But, truce or no truce, lately she had been feeling a strange compulsion to be truthful with him. She could lie to him, yes, but she'd have to force herself to do it. And with his truce offer in the air, she felt particularly reluctant to jeopardize her already weak standing with him.

Yet she also couldn't answer truthfully, because her great pride wouldn't allow her to admit such a thing. She was torn, and didn't know what to say.

The situation was resolved after a painfully awkward minute or more passed, when he noted, "Your silence is deafeningly clear."

She realized he was right - that no answer at all was an answer in and of itself. "All right, okay? Maybe, just maybe, it bothers me a little bit. Some a lot more than others, like Christine. We're like mortal enemies, all right? So the mere idea of you force feeding that fat fuckstick of yours into a girl like her... I mean, Sir, when I picture her pale nude blonde body lying underneath yours, her weird-ass curly locks flying up and down as you nail her hard and deep, her huge tits flopping around to the mad fuck rhythm, those freakishly oversized fun bags of hers practically thwacking her in her face... well, let's just say it makes my blood boil!"


Alan's blood was also boiling, thanks to her vivid description, but boiling with lust. His dick had been softening again, but it suddenly surged back to full hardness as he thought of fucking Christine. If only Amy were here, she would laugh at the instant "Viagra Woman" effect Christine seemingly always has on me.

He recalled fondly how he'd been hotly kissing Christine and grasping her massive tits with both hands just the night before. It made him smile and readjust his suddenly insistent boner.

Luckily, Heather was oblivious to his arousal. The lurid details she'd mentioned only helped her work herself up into a lather of jealousy. "And to think of you cumming in her instead of me! That's the ultimate insult. It's like you just ripped out my heart! Arrgh!"

Then, just as suddenly as her emotions had flared up, they seemingly retreated. Not quite as confidently, she continued, "Speaking of the frosty bitch, you... uh... weren't lying, were you, Sir? On the phone, when you said you weren't seeing her this morning?"

"No, Heather, I can honestly say I wasn't seeing her this morning."

"Oh." This time, she believed him.

"Not that I would necessarily rule it out, to be honest."

"You can't!" she said hotly.

"Can't what? Have sex with Christine? Of course I can, and to be honest, I just might. How dare you tell me otherwise!" He thought back to the last time he'd been in an ice cream shop with Heather, and his embarrassing situation with Rock being there as well while Heather had quite literally had him in the palm of her hand. He marveled at how much his confidence had grown since then.

Alan had been speaking with the metaphor of playing cards, and Heather realized that she didn't have any cards to play to convince him to stay away from Christine. Instead, she stared darkly, and thought of her enemy, Her icy ass is grass! She may run circles around me in a physical fight, but I'll slaughter her in a battle of wiles and wits. She's so moral and innocent that keeping her from my Sir will be like taking candy from a baby. I almost feel sorry for how easily she's gonna go down.

He clarified, "But if you must know, I was entertaining a friend from out of town this morning, so I didn't have any time to spare for Christine."


Heather needed almost no time at all to make the logical jump. "Xania!" She spoke the name like it was an evil curse, even though she kind of liked her. "Were you fucking her when I kept trying to call you?"

"Let's just say that when we're together, there isn't a whole lot of sleeping involved. Her, plus a couple of others. It was a nice morning orgy." He was trying to be relatively honest, so she couldn't later claim he'd lied to her, and he was also tweaking her nose a little in the process.

Heather felt herself being taken aback by that answer. Still, she couldn't suppress her desire to learn more about her newfound rival. "Is she... good... in bed?"

He answered proudly, "She's extraordinary. In bed, or out of it."

"I can imagine." Heather was feeling low already, and this new information was sending her self-confidence on a downward spiral. She remembered Xania's hint that Alan was fucking more than one woman earlier in the day, but she was so upset that she was afraid to ask who else had been involved.

"No..." he said, rubbing his chin. "No, I don't think you can, to be honest. She's got incredible skills and experience. She's also not just a psychologist; she's a sex counselor, which means she knows the 'ins and outs' of sex extremely well, so to speak. You'd do well to learn from her."

"Whatever." Heather was eager to change the topic, because not only was this line of discussion depressing her even more, but she actually found her nipples hardening and tingling anew as she imagined Alan and Xania in a sweaty, naked embrace. I hate that he has all his other women, but at least he knows quality. The fact that he's seduced the likes of Xania means that my Sir is a total stud! Why should I settle for anyone less? And it's further proof that I'm one of the elite beauties, but of course I knew that already.

She shook her head a little bit to clear it of the unwanted images. "All I want to know is, where do we stand... you and I?"

He sighed, leaning back in his chair again. "Where we stand is at a bit of an impasse. You're jealous of my other women, even if you're reluctant to admit it to my face. You want me to give them up so I can devote all my attention to you. Am I right?"

She refused to answer, again feeling strangely reluctant to lie to him directly. She only said, "Go on..."

"Well, the simple fact is, I'm not going to be giving them up - any of them - anytime soon. Furthermore, I'm not going to be giving up any of my women just so I can be with you and you alone. Period. Now, either you can accept that, and we can move on, or you can simply refuse, right here, right now, and we can both go our separate ways. I never offered you exclusivity, and I'm not offering it now. I hate to be harsh, but you either have to deal with that, or walk away. And don't feel bad, because this isn't a judgment about you, or your beauty, or anything like that. Things are going so great for me that I'd be a complete fool to mess with my situation. There isn't a single woman in the world who could talk me into limiting myself to a monogamous lifestyle."

"Not even Jennifer Anniston? Maybe Catherine Zeta Jones?"

He rolled his eyes, but he was forced to grin. "That's what I call a fishing expedition. No comment, about them or anyone else!"

Heather grinned too, but she quickly returned to feeling deadly serious. "Is that why you won't fuck me anymore, Sir? Because I have issues with your other girls?"

He shook his head. "No. That's not it at all. You and I have got a bunch of other issues already. I'm not fucking you right now because it's the only way I've got left to punish you, and because you've driven me to this point. You're always trying to step over the line simply because I tell you it's there, and please don't step over it. So what do you do? You step over the line and dare me to do something about it. When you push me, you're all but forcing me to push back ... because if I don't, you're just going to walk all over me and not give a shit about how I feel. For you, it's all about winning and losing, and you want to be a winner, every time. But for me, it's not like that at all. You may not believe me right now, but I take absolutely no pleasure in having to punish you. At all. NONE."

She felt very doubtful about that, and it showed on her face. "You don't?"

"Of course not! I don't want to see you suffering or in despair or on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I was messing with your head or something crazy like that. That's stupid! And I'm not 'keeping score' or anything with you so as to hold stuff against you just to be obnoxious or anything like that. Truth be told, I'd far rather be rewarding you every single day of the week with a good hard fucking and a hot n' heavy load of cum than having to punish you every day because you want to play these games all the time that somehow always involve a power trip for you. It's obnoxious and it's tiresome, so I'd appreciate it if you'd cut it out already."

He sighed. "What I wonder about though," he continued, dubiously, "is if you're even capable of changing."

She had no doubt that she could will herself to do anything. She was annoyed he would doubt her willpower, and had to bite her tongue not to say something nasty. Her eyes narrowed again. "You can't be serious. Sir."

"I am. Try me. In fact, you already are... hence why we're here."

Keeping her voice down, Heather replied with increasing heat, "No, no, I don't mean that... I mean, Sir, you can't be serious about not enjoying punishing me. That's a crock and you know it, and you know that I know it! I'm the head cheerleader and the queen of our school... and you want me to believe that you, a former lowly nerd, don't get off on taking me down a peg or two? PUH-LEEZE! Making me crawl around on hands and knees totally naked and begging for your cock doesn't get you off?"


Her thoughts drifted off, as she pictured herself crawling and begging before him. God, that's hot! I have to admit that I kinda love it when he does that. In fact, I wish he'd order me to do that more often. So, if I get off it, how could he not?!

She forced herself to concentrate and focus on her anger. "Making me suck your cock when you know I hate doing that for anyone else doesn't get you off? Parading your other fuck toys around in front of me doesn't get you off? Fondling her big boobs and perfect ass right in front of me doesn't get you off?"

As she grew more animated, she leaned forward across the table and began poking her finger at him. That caused her boobs to sway forward and nearly fall out of her bikini top. "Ordering me around like I'm your personal sex slave and quote, 'cum dumpster,' unquote, doesn't get you off? Making me hold still while you have your way with me and drive your big fat cock deeper and deeper into me, that doesn't get you off? Humiliating me in public in front of my friends doesn't get you off? Getting my best friend to start stuffing my ass with Bitch Trainers bigger than anything I've ever had in my cunt before doesn't get you off? Listening to me BEG you to drive your cock deep in my ass and nail my hot body to my bed doesn't get you off?! I could go on all day!"

She stood up and angrily stabbed her fingers at the table while making her point. "BULL FUCKING SHIT roasted over an open fire pit... SIR!" She was truly pissed off, but she suddenly found herself also extremely horny, as her words brought back a flood of intensely pleasurable memories. To her great annoyance, her pussy throbbed with need, but that was nothing compared to the way her anus itched with a hotter and even more urgent craving for satisfaction.

Alan's penis had grown flaccid again, but it quickly engorged as her words brought back the same similar sexually intense memories that were inflaming her. However, he played it cool. "Ah... I see that we have a difference of opinion."

She glared at him. "You can say that again, Sir." Lately, she'd been saying "Sir" in a nice and respectful way, but at that moment she was so upset that she was saying it in a derisive, mocking tone.


Alan said, "All right, I'm going to put a card on the table here, so you can see the kind of honesty I want us to share. You ready?"

Still standing, she crossed her arms under her still slightly heaving rack. "I was born ready." She tried to use her considerable willpower to suppress the lusty feelings centered in her ass, but with only partial success.

He noticed she was deliberately standing away from him, scowling at the wall. (He also noticed the older couple had finally left, but that wasn't important at the moment.) Partially, she was genuinely annoyed, but at the same time she also wanted to put her ass on display in hopes that would make him want to fuck her there. She'd cleverly pulled her bikini bottoms up into her ass crack, so at first glance it looked like her ass was completely exposed.


He took some long moments to admire her toned and deeply tanned ass, even though he could see through her motives for standing there the way she was. Finally, he said, "Heather, look at me."

She grumpily turned her head to look him in the eye. He really fucking pisses me off. How dare he treat me like he does? It seems that every time I see him, I somehow wind up naked and on all fours, begging for his tasty cock. And half the time, he has me do it in front of Simone or one or more of the cheerleaders, just to humiliate me all the more. And what's really fucking annoying is how fucking hot it makes me! What the fuck is wrong with me? "A Morgan never loses," but he has me losing all the time!

He waited patiently for her to calm down a little after her tirade.

As the seconds passed, she realized she had no excuse to keep her ass on display, so she turned around to face him again. She kept her arms folded under her rack though, pushing her tanned tits up and out. It was a close call, but her bikini top didn't slip off either nipple.

At that point he said calmly, "As far as I'm concerned, none of those things you mentioned are punishments, and here's why. They're not punishments, because you get off on them. No, wait, let me finish."

He paused until he was certain she wasn't going to interrupt. "Yes, it's true that I enjoy embarrassing you, and humiliating you, and all the rest, make no mistake. In fact, I have a great big boner in my shorts even as we speak, just from thinking about the things you mentioned, not to mention how yummy you look right now."

She flashed him a triumphant grin at that.

He went on, "But I ONLY do it, and get off on it, when it's something that YOU enjoy too. Stuff like 'Grope Naked Heather Friday.' That was an idea I just tossed out there on a whim, never expecting you to take it seriously. And then, the next Friday, you showed up naked under your cheerleader uniform, and got me to fingerfuck you in the ass in the hallway between classes in front of your friends!"

"That's because you forced me to do it," she replied sulkily. But she didn't believe that even as she said it. She finally sat back in her chair as it occurred to her that he could easily see the big wet spot over the front panel of her bikini bottoms when she stood facing him.

Again, despite her depressed mood, the mere mention of "Grope Naked Heather Friday" was enough to get her pussy much wetter than it already had been. The table now concealed her crotch from his view, but she nonetheless felt exposed and naked. She reflexively crossed her legs to cover the growing dark spot on the yellow fabric.

He shot back, "Bullshit! You got into it even more than I did! I was just teasing, but you wanted to take it seriously! I want you to sit here and stare me in the face, and then tell me you haven't greatly enjoyed all the stuff I've done to you and had you do. Can you do that?"

After a long pause, she quietly admitted, "No." She found herself suddenly blushing and staring at the table top.

He went on, "Do you even know what kind of person I am? Do you really think I'd rape somebody? And even get off on it?! Do you think I'd have a great time fucking a girl if she was feeling completely awful and unaroused about it?"

"No," she had to admit again.

"So, knowing that, you need to understand the flip side. Yes, I want to hear you beg me to stuff my cock up your ass and fuck the shit out of you... but only, ONLY if it turns you on. Yes, I want you to suck my cock and learn to deep throat me and regularly take my loads down your throat... but I want you to WANT to do that of your own free will and desire, and because it gives me AND you satisfaction and pleasure, not because you hate it and I enjoy being cruel to you."

She replied, guardedly, "Okay, Sir, I'll admit you have a point. And I guess that's one reason why I enjoy it all so much. It's like the difference between laughing at someone and laughing with them. Somehow, no matter what you do to me, there's always an atmosphere of fun in the air, and even... love." She quickly backtracked from that admission though, afraid of revealing her emotions too nakedly. "Er, maybe a better word is 'caring'. But it still sounds to me like you're the one calling the shots."

He said, "Yeah, well, of course it would, if you insist on looking at it that way. And I guess it's true: I am. But that's not what it's all about, not for me. I'm not out to defeat you. I just want to have FUN with you, and you have to admit we have the best time when I get all aggressive in my 'Bad Alan' mode. So when I say I want a truce, I don't mean that I want to stop doing all that stuff. No, what I want to stop are the REAL battles for power and position, not the fun and sexy battles that we both enjoy."

She was very glad to hear that. But again, even though it was a frustrating distraction under the circumstances, she found herself reminded of arousing memories. She pictured him in full-on "Bad Alan" mode, calling her nasty names as she held and stroked his erupting cock while he shot a heavy load of sticky cum all over her face. She had to catch herself from spacing out and sighing longingly. She could practically feel the gobs of pungent cum dripping down her cheeks.

Reminded of his cummy smell, she sniffed the air. To her distress, she couldn't smell his sexual odor at all anymore, but hers was quite obvious. She glanced around for some way to hide it, like lighting a match, but there was nothing like that at hand. She had no choice but to brave it out.

She pictured the ice cream scooper getting off on her scent, which made her want to get up and punch him out. She shot the clueless kid another evil look, despite the fact that, for once, he wasn't even looking her way.

He continued, "That's part of the reason why I want to level with you like this, to lay some cards on the table, so you can understand where I'm coming from. Otherwise, we're never going to get past this. Okay, I've been pretty successful with women lately, granted."

She snorted at that understatement.

He modestly ignored that and carried on, "I think a big part of that is because what I really love is making sure the women I'm with get a lot of pleasure and thoroughly enjoy themselves while they're with me. Even if I'm doing something seemingly selfish, like kicking back and enjoying a blowjob, I'm gonna do my damnedest to hold out until the woman has climaxed enough to feel really good too. That's win-win for everybody. I feel great, she feels great, and she'll be more likely to want to do it again soon, so we can both feel great some more next time."

She thought, That's all true. And maybe that explains why I'm starting to love sucking his cock so much. Er, I mean enjoy it so much.

He added, "The simple truth is that when I'm with you, the thing that gives me the most pleasure is giving you pleasure, believe it or not. Sometimes I talk about you being a 'cum dump' and the like, but that's just sexy talk." Then he added impishly, with a grin and a wink, "Well, mostly, at any rate."

She smiled at that. She was happy he left some ambiguity about his true meaning, because it was more arousing for her when she felt he meant it.

He continued, "But if you were just laying there, sad or impassive, good God, that would totally suck! If you're not enjoying it, then I'm really not enjoying it. And you aren't exactly shy about letting me know when you're getting off on what I'm doing to you... or not. Oh you'll protest, don't get me wrong, that's a part of the dance that you and I are waltzing our way through, but I know you well enough now to know when 'no' really means 'NO' and when 'no' means, 'more, don't stop!' with you."

She growled, "Alan Plummer, you are so full of sh-"

He cut her off. "For example, when I called you today, you raced to get naked so you could talk to me while in the buff, simply because I made up a rule about talking to me on the phone."

She could feel herself blushing. She squeezed her thighs together and idly wondered if her wet pussy would be making a messy puddle in her chair before long. "Well, yes... but I don't-"

"And it excited you to do that, didn't it? It made you feel sexy to be naked while talking to me on the phone, didn't it?"

You fucking asshole! she fumed, even as her arousal rose higher. Damn you for reminding me of that. How am I supposed to sit still and think calmly when all I can think about are the sexy things you make me do?

But she forced herself to take some deep breaths and control her lusty passions. "Okay, Sir, I'll admit that it did... but that doesn't-"

"And that's why I made up that rule, so you'd feel sexy, even if I can't be there with you in person. Yes, I called the shots to get you to do it, but you wouldn't have done it if you didn't enjoy it, or didn't want to do it again the next time I call you. Same deal with bending over to show me your ass when you greet me. Yes, it's humiliating to do that when other people are around, but it also gives you a thrill to show me your ass, doesn't it? You love to tease me with the sight of your hungry butt, to tempt me to run my hands over it and spread your tanned ass cheeks open so I can fuck my cock into you... THERE."

Blushing even more, she remembered the way she'd been showing off her ass to him just a few minutes earlier, and how she'd even bent over for him when Xania was there. She felt a tell-tale itchy hotness growing in her asshole, starting from her anus and then moving deeper inside, trailing the fires of lust and desire in its wake. She was forced to shift in her chair, because a corner of her mind was already replaying memories of him fucking his way into her rear end. Her body was responding to those memories with arousal, and an insistent demand for a repeat performance.

She thought, The arrogant fuckhead! He could order me right now to stand up, rip off my bikini, and bend over, just for his satisfaction, and I'd probably do it! But why should I? I'm Heather fucking Morgan! Head cheerleader! The most beautiful girl in school, bar none! He has no right to treat me like that. I need to stand up for my-

He interrupted her thoughts by saying, "In fact, I just realized a big difference between you and me. It seems to me that you look at everything as a zero-sum game. In your mind, someone's gotta win and someone's gonna lose. I don't believe in that at all. I believe in win-win. I see it and feel it every day, with pretty much everyone else I'm with but you. Yes, I enjoy having a bunch of women eager to have sex with me, but for me, it's not about power and winning. I don't even care much about being popular at school, as you may have noticed. I just want everyone to get along and be friends with each other. I don't want to fight and struggle. It tires me out. YOU and your treachery and games tire me out. I just want to have FUN!"

"Sir, I-"

"Heather. Come here."

She was already halfway around the table before she realized that he was chuckling. She asked suspiciously, "What's so funny?"

"Bring your chair, girl; you're not sitting in my lap."

She felt the color rising on her cheeks again. "Oh." That depressed her, because she was eagerly looking forward to grinding her ass all over his stiff erection. She lifted her chair with one hand, plopped it down beside his, and sat down in it somewhat stiffly. Now they were both facing the back wall and couldn't see anyone else in the shop, so it felt as if they were alone.

When Alan saw that Heather wasn't relaxing in her chair beside him, he lifted his arm, put it around her shoulder, and pulled her in close under his chin where she could lean against him with her head on his chest.

She'd been feeling stiff and awkward, but now she practically melted into his body. Aaaah! Sir! I love it when he holds me like this. She could feel herself relaxing all over. However, she worried he'd be able to smell how wet and horny she was, or worse, see or feel the growing wet spot between her legs. Her yellow bikini didn't leave much to the imagination.

Her thoughts turned to the older couple that had recently left the shop. Thank God they're gone. It's bad enough that they saw me shamelessly flaunting my body in this nonexistent bikini, but what would they think if they saw me cuddling up to my Sir like I'm some kind of fawning groupie? Even though it does feel divine to be held in his strong arms, they could get the wrong idea. I'm a Morgan, and I've gotta act like one! Dignity! Control! Power! Willpower!

And what if they'd heard me talking too? I would have just died. They could have easily gotten the misunderstanding that I'm hopelessly addicted to Sir and his magnificent ass-splitting cock, when nothing could be further from the truth! Sure, it SEEMS like I'm just one of his many "fuck toys," like Xania said, but that's just a big misunderstanding. All's fair in love and war. He can talk all he wants about win-win, but it's high time I get my act together and show-

Again, her thoughts were cut off, because Alan finally resumed speaking.

Murmuring warmly and gently, he said, "Like I said in the beginning, when we both discovered, together, what your special needs are... this isn't about me at all; it's only about you. What I want, from you, is a partnership."

She snorted derisively. She instinctively distrusted the idea of partnerships. In her mind, there were only winners and losers.

However, he persisted, "I've told you before, but I'll tell you again: I want you to be happy. I see two Heathers. There's the outer Heather, an unhappy, mean, selfish, power-hungry bitch who I don't like. Then there's the inner Heather, who is kind and loving, but she's imprisoned by the outer Heather and afraid to come out. Nothing would make me happier than to see that inner Heather come out and play. In a perfect world, I'd love to see the inner and outer merge and reconcile, so you can be truly happy and at peace with yourself. That's what I want; that's what I'm aiming for."

Heather suddenly felt emotionally overwhelmed. She buried her face in his neck and began to cry. She was deeply touched. She already felt that she loved him (although she rarely admitted it to herself), but her love for him instantly doubled. Nobody else had ever treated her like this, or said these kinds of things to her before, not even her parents. It was the first time that one of her male lovers had ever said he cared if she was happy or not, and really meant it.


He let her cry for a while, gently running his hand through her long blonde hair. He whispered, "I'm not happy punishing you. It pains me. In order to punish you, I have to deny you pleasure, deny you your innermost desires ... and that's no fun for me, or for you."

Heather sobbed against his chest, still teary, "I know, Sir! I'm sorry! But sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm such a BITCH!"

He tightened his embrace while kissing her hair. "I know. But that's an energy you can turn into a positive force, if you can learn how to channel it usefully. You're not a bad person, not really. I know the real you, which is why I've put up with your bullshit for as long as I have, because ultimately I think you may be worth it, despite all the screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. At least I certainly hope so."

Heather clutched at his shirt, saying into his chest, "I hope so too, Sir! This is hard for me! I'm not good at this emotional stuff!"

She was relieved that at least her emotional outburst had brought her arousal down to a manageable level. She started a new round of tears as she thought, Please don't give up on me, Sir! Please! I need you so much! You're the only one who understands me! Even Simone doesn't fully understand.

He said, "Don't worry. If we can work together as a team, we can move mountains. I'm your Sir, your Inner Bitch Tamer, and you're my Bitc-" But his lips froze in mid-word.

She waited for him to call her "Bitchslut" like he used to, but in vain. The fact that he wouldn't say it was almost physically painful to her, like someone had punched her in her belly. Only now that she'd lost her title did she realize just how much it meant to her.


Then Heather noticed that while Alan had one arm around her, his other arm was rising up in front of her. She lifted her eyes to see what he was doing, and saw him open his hand in front of her. Nestled in his palm was a necklace on a thin delicate chain. It actually was two necklaces, one containing the word "Bitch" and the second one directly below it containing the word "Slut," but they'd been entwined together, effectively merging them into one.

It took her a while to realize she'd stopped breathing. All she could hear was the sound of her own thudding heartbeat, although she could feel his heartbeat where she was leaning against his chest. When she finally did take another breath, she timidly lifted her fingers up to tentatively stroke the small necklace lying in his hand before her eyes.


She snatched the necklace from him eagerly, but he wasn't willing to let go of the chain until he was sure he had an understanding with her. As she slowly let it slip through her fingers, she absolutely adored what she saw. Oh God, oh God! "Bitchslut!" Can I get those welded together? I'm so gonna get them welded!

She watched the necklace slip away and fall back to his hands.

"Sir..." she ventured nervously, elated but unsure, "does this mean... that I'm your Bitchslut again?" She felt hope start to surge inside of her.

"It means," he answered slowly and carefully, "that I'm not giving up on you. It means that I still believe in you. And yes, it means that I still want you."

Heather could feel a warm glow spreading outwards within her. He wants me! All is forgiven! YES! I think this is love! Yes, I could be experiencing true love for the first time in my life!

She squeezed him in a tight hug as she gushed enthusiastically, "Please, Sir! Please call me your 'Bitchslut.' Your one and only Bitchslut!" She was ready to cum as soon as he said the word she was longing to hear, more from sheer excitement than physical arousal.

But what she heard was, "Not until you've served out your punishment."

Both Heather and Alan could practically hear the record-needle-scratch sound effect in their ears, even though in reality there wasn't one. He hated to say those words, but he felt that he had to.

She pulled back enough to look at him with disbelieving eyes. "What's that supposed to mean?!"

He sighed. "It means that you're still being punished. I want to give this to you to show my appreciation for your help in the fight yesterday, and because I feel we're making real progress today. But I can't go too far."

"What?!" She hissed, "You mean, you're going to give me this and still not fuck me?!" She could feel a sense of rising urgency. "Sir, I need you so bad!"

He replied, "I need you too. But we can't."

She quickly looked around the room, and saw that no one else was there. True, the ice cream scooper was staring right at them, and she vowed to make sure he died a slow, painful death (though obviously she didn't literally mean it). She whispered, "Why not? We can just slip out of here and go somewhere. Who'll care? Sir, I need you so bad! I need your cock! I need to taste it in my mouth, and down my throat! I want you to vigorously fuck my face! And then my cunt! But, but... what I need most is... To feel it in MY ASS! Good God, my ass needs cock! YOUR cock! And cum! YOUR cum!"

She practically swooned as she recalled the taste of his cum. The only thing better than feeling a copious load in her mouth would be having it baste the insides of her ass.

He smiled sadly at her. "Believe me, I'd love to do all that and more with you too, but it would be wrong. I want to reward you." He dangled the necklace enticingly. "But the sad thing is, I still have to punish you, and unfortunately, your punishment isn't over."

"Well, at least please use the word. Please! Call me your 'Bitchslut!'"

He winced. "I'm afraid I can't do that either. That would signal that your punishment was over. I'm hoping the necklace can be the next best thing, to kind of tide you over."

The joy she'd just been feeling seemed to spill out of her, like a deflating balloon. She slumped back down against him, staring at the gift in his hand. She thought, as if talking to him, But I'm your bitch! And I'm your slut! Your Bitchslut! That means so much more than being a mere "fuck toy." You know my body belongs to you, any time! Why are you being so fucking stubborn?! Put the two fucking words together! Just say the damn word one time, at least!

She reached out to stroke the words "Bitch" and "Slut" dangling in front of her face. She looked at the necklace fondly, and she knew with certainty that one day soon she would wear it around her neck with pride. She imagined strutting down the school halls in a typically borderline illegal outfit, happily feeling the weight of her necklace lightly bounce against her skin. Stopped by some of her flunkies in her "Blondie" group, she caressed it in her fingers and explained, "You see? 'Bitch' and 'Slut.' I'm proud to be Alan's Bitchslut, and I don't care who knows, so fuck you if you've got a problem with that! True, he's got lots of other women, but I'm his one and only Bitchslut, and fuck you again if you think you can do any better!"


In her fantasy, she suddenly turned around, bent over, and pulled her miniskirt down her legs, revealing a panty-free ass. She stroked her hands over her bare ass cheeks as her scandalized friends stared in total shock at her blatant display of nudity. "You see this ass? You see this perfect ass? Sir fucking OWNS my hot and horny ass, and I fucking love it! You can only WISH he'll EVER fuck you the way he fucks my butt daily, so there! HA!"

Sadly, her dream faded and she was faced with her less pleasant reality. She gazed at the necklace longingly for a minute or more.

But finally, she decided, If he's not willing to even call me his "Bitchslut" yet, I'm not going to be mollified with just the necklace. Not yet, in any case. He can't buy me off that easily! Right now, it would just be a painful, mocking reminder of what I SHOULD have had from him, rather than the arousing symbol of their relationship that both he, and I, want it to be. He needs to cover me in his cum! When I can smear his necklace with his sweet cum, then that'll be the best gift ever!

What Alan didn't know was that Heather was quite jaded where jewelry was concerned. Her parents somewhat routinely used expensive gifts as a way to try and buy her love from her, rather than giving her the kind of emotional connection and support she'd craved from them. As a result, things like jewelry tended to make her feel like she was being "bought" with them, and she didn't particularly like the feeling.

Even so, she was tempted to take it anyway. She struggled with conflicting feelings until she thought, I'll love it when the time comes that he gives the gift to me so we can mutually celebrate the end of my punishment. There's nothing I want more than to feel the word "Bitchslut" swinging wildly around my neck as me fills my ass with his hot cum, and that's the truth! To take it now doesn't feel right. I need to prove that I can be strong, to myself and to him.

Gritting her teeth, she said, "Keep it."

Confused, he could only ask, "Huh?"

She spoke with a mix of sorrow, frustration, and lust in her voice. "If you're not going to call me your 'Bitchslut' and really mean it... well, then I don't want your little gift. I don't need your goddamned fucking pity. I can hold out until you can give it to me properly when my punishment is fully over."

Before her eyes, he began to close his hand on his gift. "You're sure?" He was clearly giving her time to change her mind.

"Yeah. I'm sure." She pressed herself against him a little more firmly.

She watched as he slowly finished closing his fist around his gift to her. She felt a pang of regret as it disappeared from view. Now only the fine chains dangling from his hand were visible, the only reminder of what he held inside his grip.

He then brought his clenched fingers up alongside her face and gently brushed her cheek, blotting a tear that she hadn't known she'd shed. He quietly murmured, "You win."

It took her a few moments to process what he'd just said. "Um... what? What do you mean I win?"

He lowered his fist to his shorts pocket and stuffed the gift inside. "I mean exactly what I said. You win. I'm not talking about winning a battle between you and me, 'cos I still don't think we have to be at war. I mean a victory of you over you, listening to your better instincts. In fact, I'm rather proud of you right now. I wanted you to take the gift, but now I realize it's better that you didn't. You don't want the token, a mere symbol; you want the real thing the symbol is supposed to represent. That takes courage... and true inner strength. So I see that as a good sign, and a promising one. If we want the good Heather to come to the fore, you'll have to fight not to take the easy way out. And this time, you didn't. Well done."

She realized she'd need to think over his words carefully later to fully understand them, since she wasn't thinking along the same lines he was at the moment. "Thank you, Sir," she murmured sadly, not knowing what else to say.

"No, no, thank YOU. Maybe, just maybe, I'm not crazy to think that I can help to change you in a positive way." He kissed her on the forehead.

She would have preferred a kiss on the lips with lots of tongue and plenty of groping, but right now, his simple little gesture carried within it a surprising amount of promise and comfort that everything was going to be okay. It was just the kind of tenderness he was capable of that always seemed to make her melt for him, and this time was no exception. She relaxed back into his arms, and had to fight off another round of tears.

As he idly cupped the underside of one of her tits, he said, "Heather, I'm going to lay another card on the table for you here. You ready?"

"Yes, Sir. I was born ready."

"Good. I'm thinking that this little moment here should not go unrewarded-"

"You mean you're going to fuck me?!" she gasped, already hopeful.

He chuckled gently at her eagerness. "Not quite. What I mean is, that when your punishment is over and done, you'll know it because I'll give you this necklace again, and ask you then if you're ready, willing and wanton enough to be my..." - he paused significantly - "my you-know-what again."

He was rather amused at how much emotional value she put in the word "Bitchslut," since its two meanings were not exactly complimentary on their face. But their entire relationship was so weird, this was just one more bit of weirdness to deal with.

She could feel her breath catch in her throat. "When that time comes, Sir," she choked out, "I'll be more than ready for anything you care enough to give me." Like your cock! And your cum! I can't wait until you fucking rule my ass, rule my body, for hours! Fuck the ever-loving shit out of me! Oh shit, I'm getting dizzy just thinking about a big cummy explosion up my ass!

He used the side of his index finger to lift her chin. He gently stroked her cheek as he said, "Heather, I'm very, very proud of you right now."

"Thank you, Sir." She even managed to smile shyly for him.


Both his hands had migrated to the undersides of her tits, which he lifted and lowered repeatedly while she purred happily. Before long, her skimpy yellow bikini top was all askew. But seeing one of her nipples pop free forced him to belatedly remember that he was in a public place. He glanced at the ice cream scooper (staring right back at him), put her top back in place, and pulled his hands away.

She glanced over at the scooper, who quickly turned away to avoid her withering glare. I think he just saw my right nipple. Okay, he dies!

"By the way," Alan said, trying to change the topic before they got too emotionally worked up, "I don't know if I've ever told you this before, but when you allow yourself to be vulnerable like this... you're stunningly beautiful."

She lifted her head up to look at him, and beamed at the compliment. "Actually, you did, Sir, once."

"Really? When was that?"

She looked down, suddenly embarrassed. A slight flush rose on her cheeks again as a shiver of excitement stole its way across her body. Haltingly shy, she responded, "That first time in the theater, in front of the mirror... when you, fucked, your... cock... into my... ass... and made me... cum... all over you so... hard." She shivered all over, and felt her pussy lightly throb and tingle.

He fondly recalled the memory she was describing. He used the side of his index finger under her chin again to lift her lips up to meet his. He then kissed her tenderly and sensitively, giving her the reassurance she'd been seeking since the fight yesterday.

She responded with eager lips, even though she still felt sad. At one point, her hand started to migrate towards his bulging crotch, but he intercepted and deflected that move.

He pulled back from the kiss to look her in the eyes. He gently stroked her cheek while telling her, "The truth is, I may want you to feel many things when you're with me - humility, embarrassment, humiliation, forbidden arousal, and secret desires - perhaps even a little discomfort from time to time, just to keep things interesting - but I don't want to truly hurt you. I don't want you to feel real pain at my hands. Mind you, I'm not talking physical pain: we both know that you deserve a lot of hard spankings." He leaned in close and whispered hotly, "And I'm going to give them to you."

She shivered lustily, even as she tried to wipe the tears from her face so she could look beautiful for him again. Sir! He knows how much my ass needs to be spanked! Gaawwwd, I'm so in love!

He explained, "When I mean 'real pain,' I mean to hurt you in a way you don't want to be hurt, and shouldn't ever be hurt. That's why I've been trying to design punishments for you that are just an absence of joy, rather than an infliction of suffering and misery. I don't want to be the 'bad guy.' I wish we didn't have to keep having these dominance battles every time we get together. Every once in a while, sure... it'll keep things interesting between us, and you're certainly a prize fighter when it comes right down to it, but not EVERY time. Please?"

"All right."


She was already cuddled up against him, but she somehow melted into him, relaxing and molding her body into his even more than before. If he can't fuck me today, at least I get this. I've felt greater pleasures in life, but I can't remember ever feeling any more comfortable, safe, and comforted than I am right now. It's exactly the feeling I've been yearning for since the aftermath of the fight yesterday. My Sir! She wanted this feeling to last forever, and was already dreading when he'd pull away.

After a while, she joked, "I guess you really are a lover, not a fighter."

He grinned. "What can I say? Gotta go with what you're good at, right?"

As they continued to cuddle, she reconsidered his truce offer, and the schemes and plans she had in her head. Damn this man! He's turning me into a softie. At times like this, I'm seriously tempted to try to be good. Maybe I should come clean. Throw that hidden tape recorder away, for starters. He truly is trying to help me, and wants the best for me. I so much want him to succeed! How can I scheme against him when everything he's doing with me is all for me? Besides, what if he finds me out? I can't go through more punishments like this one!

But I can't forget that I'm not really scheming against HIM, I'm scheming against the evil bitches who are trying to ruin him and keep him from me. Most especially, Christine and Ms. Rhymer. I'm not going to let Christine's frozen hands hold his cock and turn it to ice. That stuck up, moralizing priss will just make him miserable. Plus, once she has her clutches in him, the first thing she's gonna do is try to keep him from me, so it's basically kill or be killed. And ditto with Ms. Rhymer. She seems like an okay person on the surface, but she's all wrong for him. She's a petty, gossipy, vindictive little bitch! And she doesn't even have Alan-worthy boobs. I'm doing him a FAVOR if I can get those evil harpies away from him.

But he's so nice to me, so great. So caring! I have to try. I can't show him all my cards - no fucking way would I do that for anyone, EVER! But I have to do better and be more honest with him, more considerate. Maybe I should put some of my schemes on temporary hold, at least. I suppose there's no big rush to prove he's fucking his sister, for instance. Can I take the risk of getting caught when I'm already in his dog house? Everything will come in time. Right now, I just want to enjoy him, and be with him, and get fucked by him! A lot!

She spoke, hesitantly, "Sir? I'd like to give this truce idea a try. A serious try."

"Good. I'm glad to hear it." He affectionately kissed her nose, and then lazily ran his hand through her long blonde mane.


"Speaking of being glad to hear things," Alan said, haltingly, "there's something else I've been meaning to tell you, but have never found the right time. Until now, that is. I feel like you're at your most beautiful when you've got a nice thick cock buried deep in your ass. So please don't doubt me when I say I want you to be beautiful."

Heather smiled from ear to ear.

He asked, hesitantly, "What did you think, when, er..." He fumbled for the right words. "Uh, when I came in your ass on Thanksgiving morning, did that, er, uh... did it do anything... special for you?"


She inhaled sharply and clutched more tightly at him while holding her breath. Her asshole throbbed powerfully, flooding her senses with remembered pleasure from that morning.

"That good, eh?" he asked, amused, but also very pleased.

"Like you wouldn't believe..." she breathed, awestruck and with undisguised passion. Just remembering how she'd felt after he'd left that day made her a little giddy, even now. I'm pretty sure I've never spent a happier day in my life! And to think, when I'd gotten out of the shower, I was cursing Thanksgiving as just another stupid fucking holiday.

"Try me..." he prompted, hugging her to his chest again when she didn't continue immediately.

Her breathing was getting husky. "Sir, I was so, um... happy... all day, that over Thanksgiving dinner my parents asked me, and in front of my best friend no less, where... where were the drugs that I was on. They were ready to stage an intervention or something!"

They both laughed out loud at that.

The joking was nice, but she could see that he didn't fully understand just how deeply he'd rocked her world that morning, and she needed him to understand.

She turned serious again. "I can't explain it, Sir, but for some reason, having your cum in my ass... The physical feeling was INCREDIBLE! As a guy, I don't think you could possibly understand how good it feels to have your pussy filled with cum, especially from the man that you, uh... want."

She blushed a little at her near slip-up, then quickly continued, "But it was ten times better than that! That's not even the half of it though. I mean, it wasn't just the physical feelings that sent me over the moon. I was so very giddy, knowing that you approved of me enough to give me that very special gift you'd never given me in that way before. I mean, I don't know how to explain it other than to say that I was happier then than I can ever remember being. It was... wonderful beyond imagining. I wasn't expecting that... like, AT ALL!"

Her eyes were as wide as they could get, almost as if he were flooding her ass with a new load of cum even as she spoke. "And then Simone came over and stuffed that beautiful big Bitch Trainer up my ass, forcing your cum so incredibly deep inside my butt, just squishing it all around in there... And I was like... flying way beyond the moon! I mean... I really can't explain it."

He was more than a little surprised by that. She was right that he couldn't really understand the sensations she was raving about. But he'd been hoping cumming in her ass would have a big effect on her, and it certainly looked like he'd hit a home run on that one.

She snuggled up against him some more, pressing herself into his side more tightly. She loved that she was nearly naked, and she wished she could take her bikini off altogether. Her passion was clearly rising, and she ostentatiously rubbed her big tits into him. "All I know is, I want to feel that again! You were so right, Sir. So very, very right about my SPECIAL needs, and... well... everything you said about me that morning. I KNOW now, thanks to you showing me, that as much as we Bitchsluts loooove taking it up the ass, what we crave most of all, deep inside there is... CUM! That's the greatest reward there is!"

Whoa! She's buying into it! he thought. I can tell she's not just saying that because it's something I want to hear from her. From the sound of it, it's something she well and truly believes in now. It's like I brainwashed her or something. Or could it really feel that great? Damn! Either way it's gravy.

As she rubbed her tits against him, like a cat in heat on a scratching post, she thought, Sir, I need more. I need you! I need to feel you IN me, THERE! I need you to claim me again and again with your cum exploding deep in my ass! My ass, my body, my love - it's yours to take, so take me already! Now and forever!


Her hands began to wander, and soon she was hungrily searching for his mouth to kiss him while he had his hands full trying to fend off her groping. She wound up in his lap after all, with her arms around him.

He let her stay there and kiss his forehead while he kissed down to the top of her cleavage. (She would have much preferred his lips, but she was sitting up high on his lap.) This time though, instead of amping her up, he used their kissing to calm her down. He was also careful not to touch her ass, since avoiding it was part of his punishment of her.

She tried to bounce up and down on his bulge, but he discouraged that with blocking hands so she stopped.

When he'd taken most of the edge off her lust, he broke off, saying simply, "I should go."

She wasn't able to hide her disappointment. "So soon?"

He pulled her hands and arms off him, settling her back in her seat next to him. "Yeah. This wild sex life stuff gets complicated. I've got other people counting on me, and waiting for me. For instance, Xania is probably outside nearby, just wandering around aimlessly, waiting for me to call her."

Thinking of Xania and how impressive and beautiful she was, Heather made a sour face at him. She griped, "Let her wait."

He decided to diplomatically ignore that. He got up out of his chair and asked her, "So, do you understand where we stand with each other?"

She replied unhappily, "Better than I did. Sir."

He sympathized with her situation. "Look, you may not believe it right now, but I really am wishing you all the best. And I really do wish we could be more like partners than competitors in our relationship that we've got. After all, I'm more-"

She finished the sentence for him: "-of a lover than a fighter. Yeah, I hear you." She had to struggle to hold down her disappointment.

"Well, see you."


Alan moved to walk away, but before he took a full step, Heather's hand shot out behind her and grabbed a handful of the back of his shirt to stop him. Without turning around to face him, she quietly mumbled, "Please, Sir. Please don't go."

He paused, turning around to face her again.

But she was looking down with embarrassment. She was almost inaudible as she began, "It's not fair, Sir. You come here today, and we have a good, meaningful conversation, yes..." Her voice grew louder as she gathered her resolve. "But while we were talking, you had to go and mention all kinds of insanely arousing things, like 'Grope Naked Heather Friday.' Or how you make me strip naked just to talk to you on the phone. Or how you make me call you 'Sir.' Or how you call me your 'cum dumpster.' Or how you make me crawl naked on all fours and beg you just to suck your cock. Or how you grab my ass cheeks with both hands and-"

He cut in, "Yes, I get the point." He wasn't annoyed; it was just her words were arousing him too much all over again.

She had lost most of her arousal during the most recent disappointing exchange, but her anal need was so great at that moment that just a few reminders of their erotic past from her own lips set her body on fire all over again. Her nipples poked back to full erection, and her already swampy pussy gushed with new throbbing arousal.

He was inwardly amused to note that she, not he, had first mentioned most of what she described. She clearly loved these "terrible" things he was doing to her. But he sensed this wasn't the time to tease her about it.

She finally looked back up at him. "But that's not the worst! Just being near you, Sir, it's... painful! How am I supposed to just sit here and try and control my hands all the time, when you look so handsome and sexy? Not to mention all hard as steel and hung like a horse." She leered wantonly at his shorts. "I don't want to need you, but I... I... I need you! It hurts! I hate it! Not you, but the... the needing!"

He commented sympathetically, "Hey, that's life. That's how most real relationships work. I need you, and you need me. That's good. That's a balance."

That pissed her off. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Balance?! HA! You're off to have fun with another one of your anatomically impossible fuck buddies, while you leave me tortured! Tortured! You know how many times you've touched my ass today, Sir? None! Zero! Zippo! Not even so much as a gentle little squeeze or a finger swipe down my ass crack. Even when I sat on your lap, I noticed how your hands went everywhere but there. There's punishment, and then there's just plain cruelty! And as if that's not enough torture, you dangle that wonderful necklace in front of me, and then take it away!"

He wanted to remind her that she was the one who decided not to accept the necklace just yet. But he didn't get a chance, as she kept talking after only a brief pause for breath.

Her mood suddenly changed from anger to desperate need, and her voice dropped back to a near whisper. "Please? Sir? Please just a little bit? I know maybe asking to get fucked today is a bit much, but can't you at least slip your hands over my bare ass cheeks and knead them like you own them, just like you always do so well? Or at least let me suck your cock! Or stroke it! Or something! Please!"

She thought, God, I sound pathetic! This isn't me! But her lust drove her on.

He asked, "How does sucking or stroking my cock help with your... anal needs?"

She grew angry and frazzled. "I don't know! It just... does, okay?" Then her frustration and confusion took over. "I don't know anything anymore! I don't understand! I hate my needy body. This sucks!"

He lightly rested his hand on her hand where she still held his shirt in her grip. "Look, Heather. I'd love to help you out, but I can't. Your attitude just now proves it. You've always gotten everything that you want, and you don't even understand how it feels to not have things go your way. That's not normal. I can't deal with you like that. This punishment will hopefully help start to change your expectations."

She grumbled, "In other words, Sir, you're trying to defeat me and break me to your will. And the scary thing is, you're succeeding!"

He sighed. "Heather, have you heard nothing that I've said this whole time? This isn't about ME beating you at all - it's about YOU beating you. It's about that inner angelic Heather beating the mean outer one. Right now, you're still too spoiled for that to happen, and you know it."

She looked around sourly, but didn't deny it.

He said, "Look. It's true there are some women in my life that I enjoy dominating. But they're naturally submissive, and they and I both love that kind of thing."

His thoughts went to all his women at home, plus Brenda, but most especially to Susan. He smiled fondly, almost as if he was looking right at his mother and she was smiling and waving back at him with her usual pure love.


"Hi Son!" He imagined Susan talking to him while wearing his favorite outfit for her: naked except for her collar and high heels. "Never forget that I love you, and I can't wait until you get home so you can fuck my big fat tits with your big fat cock, and then cum down my throat! Your collared, buck naked, big-titted mommy-slave is always here for you. Always!" He spaced out briefly, basking in loving and lusty thoughts about her.

He continued speaking to Heather with more warmth, "But you, you're different. You're unique. I love your strength, your passion, your fire. If you lost that, it would suck. I'm not trying to 'break you'; I'm just trying to get your personality back in balance, and RECHANNEL your energy so you're not out to conquer the world or whatever the fuck you want to do with your power-mad schemes. Power does not equal happiness. The bottom line is that I want to do what's RIGHT for you, not what gets me the most tail. Right now, you don't really care about the feelings of others, not even me."

She started to protest that.

But he kept talking. "You only care about what makes you feel good. Yes, you have feelings for me, but only because I make you feel good. So you're gonna push and push, and constantly see how much you can get away with. But I don't want to go through that every time I see you. I don't like to play that game. I really don't! In fact, I fucking hate it! So I need to make you see that I have limits, and if you keep pushing me too far, you'll lose me altogether. When are you going to get that?"

"I get it," she replied sullenly.

"No, you don't. Even as we're talking right now, you're scheming how you can get out of your punishment. I'm getting to know you better, and I can tell that scheme-y, shifty look in your eyes. YES, I want to fuck your ass. Very much so, as a matter of fact! But NO, I'm not willing to sacrifice my integrity or yours to cram my cock up your butt if it means destroying all hope for any future progress on your character... which, may I remind you, is the whole point of why I started fucking you in the first place. For crying out loud, it's not the end of the world if you don't get your ass fucked for a few days. It only seems like it is, because you're so used to getting everything you want, whenever you want it, simply because you want it. Well, not THIS time! As much as I want to, YOU have left me with no choice."

She was still looking surly, and feeling unhappy, but she didn't try to deny any of that either. And surprisingly, a part of her liked how tough he was being with her. No one else treated her that way, and she loved a tough challenge.

He asked, "Are we clear?"

Deflated by his rant, she merely nodded.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you...?"

She sighed heavily. "Yes... Sir."

"Good," he said, mellowing already. "Trust me, I'd love to fuck your ass and cum in it right now. But we both know that's not smart in the long term, don't we? That's the corner you've driven yourself into, and me too, with your attitude."

Fucking asshole! she thought. As if he isn't torturing me enough, now he has to talk about cumming in my ass. He has to know what that does to me!

Seeing her scowl even more, he said, "Remember, the punishment is a 'no anal' ban, not a 'no sex at all' ban. Why don't you have fun with Simone or someone like that, to help take the edge off?"

She replied with an angry burst, "As if! As if that'll help! Sir, don't you see? It's you that I want. It's you that I need! I want nothing more than to be your perfect, obedient Bitchslut. My body belongs to you, any time, all the time! Other guys just don't interest me anymore. The only cock I want is YOUR cock." She knew she was sounding a bit desperate, and this wasn't smart strategically, but at the moment, she didn't care.

He thought, Man, that sounds dangerous. I'm flattered, but... she's getting way too attached to me.

She allowed, "The fact is, I really don't mind sharing you, if we're all in bed together. In fact, the more threesomes and moresomes with you, the better! Well, as long as you don't include a couple of annoying blondes from school whose names I won't mention." She scowled briefly as she thought of Glory and Christine.

She continued, "I know you're going to fuck Xania some more today, so what if you fuck her and me together? Wouldn't that be fun? Can't you picture her and me sixty-nining each other? Or licking your cock together?"


He thought about it, and really liked those images. He was sorely tempted.

She went on, "You don't even have to fuck my ass if you don't want to, although you know I'd love it if you do! It's enough if I can just touch you, and be with you. Our naked, sweaty bodies tangled together, sliding all over each other. That'll help make this punishment at least a little less unbearable."

"That does sound really good," he conceded honestly, "and maybe Xania will be up for that one of these days. But not today. I hate to keep disappointing you, but I really can't do anything like that with you until you've served your punishment, and that's the bottom line. So please hurry up and finish your punishment, because I really do want to start rewarding you for everything you did yesterday. I'd really appreciate it."

Annoyed that he would continue to refuse her, she demanded, sharply, "Do you want me to BEG you for it? Is that your game?!"

He sighed again. "Sheesh! How many times do I have to tell you that this isn't what I'm about? There's no game! Can't you understand that other people see the world differently than you do? We both know you're damn smart, even though you don't apply yourself in school. Think about all I've said here, and what you need to do for your punishment to end. If you're truly honest with yourself, you'll find the answer in no time."

"What I need to do?! Wait. You mean it's up to me?!"

He nodded guardedly.

"Then I officially declare the punishment over, this very minute! Ha!"

He just smiled patiently at that. Obviously, ending her punishment wasn't going to be that easy.

He started to walk away, but then he suddenly turned around and took her in his arms. He gave her a kiss that literally left her breathless. Since she was only wearing her skimpy yellow bikini, he played with her ample tits a little bit, slipping his hands under her bikini top briefly to toy with her nipples. However, he continued to deliberately avoid her ass.

She loved his every touch, but his avoidance of her ass pissed her off too. She even tried to take his hand and guide it down there, but he held her off.

As he pulled away, he thought, That kiss was too good! I'm getting addicted to her, and she's probably getting even more addicted to me. I really need to set her up with Sean soon, or it'll be too late.

But no more words were said. He merely turned around and walked away.

She could only watch helplessly, dumbfounded by his latest kiss and what he'd said, as he simply strolled out of the ice cream shop without her.

How the hell can I hurry up the ending of my punishment, you bastard?! Sir, you say it's up to me, but you're the one who gets to pick when I'm "done!" That SUCKS!

She smiled wickedly at the ice cream scooper. Well, at least I know who I can let my pent-up frustration out on!

Outside the ice cream shop, Alan pulled out his cell phone and started dialing Xania as he walked back towards the parking lot. He sighed. I really didn't want to put Heather "in her place" quite so forcefully, but that was the way the dominoes happened to fall today. I'm not too surprised though, since it seems that each of my encounters with her is a battle. It wears me down, that's for sure.

He'd gone a few shops down before Xania picked up the phone, allowing him to tell her he was on the way back to the car.

A couple minutes later (and after thoroughly berating and cussing out the scooper for his "wandering eyes"), Heather walked out of the ice cream shop. She felt so devastated by Alan's flat refusal to have sex with her that she could only stand and stare off into the distance where he'd gone, even if she couldn't see him. She was already second-guessing her decision not to accept the Bitchslut necklace just yet.

She wanted him so terribly badly that it was like a deep ache throughout her body. The things he'd said about the "Inner Heather" in particular had deeply moved her, and she wanted to become one with him, if only for a moment. She had a hard time consciously admitting it most of the time, but deep down, she felt she was in love.

He's gone. He wants me, but not enough to fuck me. What am I going to do? What do I have to do in order to bring him back to me? I'm so incredibly sexy already - how can I be any MORE sexy? I'm maxed out! She almost felt like crying again. She was tempted to redouble her schemes to separate him from his other women, but she was equally tempted to drop those schemes altogether. This is so fucked up.

At that moment, Simone came hurrying out of the pizzeria. She'd been pretty sure that Heather was unhappy about how the meeting with Alan had gone, just by looking at her body language through the front window of the pizza place. But now, seeing her up close, it looked like the damage was worse than she'd thought.


"That bad, huh?" Simone asked, sympathetically. She gave her a hug from behind.

"Yeah..." Heather sighed. She knew Simone still had the clothes that she had given her earlier, but she was in no hurry to change back into them. She looked down at the still very visible wet spot over her pussy, but somehow the sight of that only depressed her even more.

Simone suggested, "I'm thinking this is a bad time to hit the beach. Let's head back to my place." In truth, she just wanted to steer Heather well clear from anywhere close to where Christine was. She could easily see Heather letting her frustrations out on Christine, and having that encounter right then could turn very ugly very quickly.

Luckily, Heather replied, "Okay."

Heather allowed herself to be led away, off in the opposite direction from where Alan had gone when he left. How on Earth can I hurry up the end of my punishment?! What am I supposed to say? What am I supposed to do?

Simone! Thank God for Simone. I've got to explain everything to her, every last word. Maybe she'll see something I missed. I've got to figure out a way to end this punishment TODAY, or my ass is never going to forgive me!


"Don't I need to turn somewhere?" Xania asked Alan as she was driving him home. The two of them looked much the same as when she'd driven him to the beach less than an hour earlier. But there was a key difference: Alan was lost in his thoughts instead of feeling frisky.

He'd been staring at the passing scenery without really seeing it, but he finally stirred enough to ask, "Huh?"

She chuckled. "I said, don't I need to turn somewhere?"

"No, we're good."

That puzzled her, since they'd taken such a convoluted route towards the beach, but she let it slide. "You're not exactly Mr. Talkative right now, are you?"

"Nope." He continued to stare away, utterly ignoring the fact that he was sitting next to a gorgeous G-cupped beauty who was still wearing just a peach tank-top and black miniskirt (plus brand new underwear she'd bought at one of the beach shops while Alan was meeting Heather). She'd heard he particularly liked soulful music from the 1960s, so she had the car stereo playing "Gimme Some Lovin'" by Spencer Davis Group. But he remained listless, as if the music wasn't playing at all.

When he failed to say any more, she asked, "You're still thinking about Heather, aren't you?"


She kidded, "Boy, this is good practice for my dental hygienist training, because this is just like pulling teeth."

He nodded absent-mindedly.

"You know, that was when you were supposed to ask me what I meant about this dental hygienist stuff. I might as well tell you now: I'm not REALLY a professional psychologist."

That finally got his attention, and he turned to look at her. "What? You're not?"

"Not exactly. Most everything you know about me is true, except for that. I really am a part-time actress who's been in some forgettable B-movies and all that. But I've been taking classes to become a dental hygienist, since acting doesn't pay the bills, and I am getting older. Truth be told, I really enjoy giving out advice, and I think I have a knack for it, as well as an undergraduate degree in psychology, but about the only counseling I've done is for you and the others in the Plummer family."

"Really?" He didn't seem that upset or surprised.


"Really. In fact, I don't even need to wear these glasses." Stopping at a red light, she took her glasses off. "See? I only started wearing them so I'd look more intellectual for when I was around you or your harem women. But now I decided I like 'em so I wear 'em nearly all the time. I've noticed that they cause people to take me more seriously."

He responded, "Keep 'em. You do look good in them. But how did you start...?" His voice trailed off as the obvious answer struck him. "Suzanne! She put you up to playing this part, didn't she?"

"Bingo. Her scheme was mainly to get Susan over her incest hump, so to speak." She smiled wryly. "You're not mad at me, are you?"

He thought, How do I feel? Not too surprised, actually. She's such a friggin' babe that it always seemed odd to me that she'd a professional psychologist. She seems plenty smart and she actually gives good advice, but in my opinion exceptionally beautiful women are spoiled to some degree, and it's hard for a spoiled person to slog it out in school for ten extra years or whatever it takes, when there are so many easy ways to make money off one's stunning looks. So yeah, this actually makes a lot more sense.

And am I mad? Not at all, actually. It's kind of flattering. Plus, I much prefer a Xania that I get to fuck a lot!

After a pause to think all that, he said, "Nah. It's funny - even after you just told me that, I still think of you as my go-to adviser, of sorts. I hope you won't stop doing that, will you? Even if you're not a licensed professional, I think it's good to talk to someone outside our family who is sympathetic to our, uh, unique situation. By the way, turn left."

She was secretly very relieved that he wasn't mad. That took a big load off her mind.

As she turned the car, she said, "I'd be delighted to stay on as your sex counselor. I really enjoy it, so much so that I've even started reading up on the subject so I won't be talking completely out of my ass. Just mostly." She laughed.

He quipped, "You do have a VERY impressive ass. But I didn't know it could talk too."

She laughed some more, and then continued, "My 'consulting' started out mostly as a chance to reconnect with Suzanne. We have kind of an up and down history, and we'd been out of contact for a while. But I've had a total blast being with all of you from the very start. Literally! In fact, remember how you hosed me down in our very first meeting? And then things just got wilder and better from there!"

"Yeah." He smiled with fond remembrance. I should have known. How probable is it to fuck your psychologist at all, especially when there are strict professional rules against that kind of thing? But things were so great that I wasn't about to question why I was so lucky.

It was fortunate for Suzanne and the others that he didn't stop to apply that same logic to his original six-times-a-day diagnosis. It didn't even come to mind, because he didn't want to look that gift horse in the mouth.

Xania added with an even bigger smile, "So you'd probably have to shoot me to get rid of me at this point. But we probably should keep this a secret from Susan for a while longer. She's going through a lot of changes in her belief system right now, and she needs time to settle down and get comfy again. My advice is sort of a support pillar to her new Big Tits Theory philosophy of life, and while I'm not exactly crazy about that nonsense, it sure beats her previous 'incestuous sinners will burn in Hell for all eternity' line of thinking."


Xania looked at him closely, carefully examining his facial expression. "Boy, you're taking this well. While I'm at it, I should confess some other stuff. For instance, did you know that I'm also the Zodiac Killer?"

He only stared blankly. "The what?"

"Never mind. Just a lame attempt at a joke. I take it your mind is still on Heather, huh?"

He sighed. "Yeah. Sorry. To be honest, I don't care what kind of license you have or don't have, since you give great advice, not to mention great head!"

They both chuckled at that, but he continued seriously, "In fact, telling me about your real profession now while I'm all distracted just shows what a good grasp of psychology you have. Very clever! Besides, you were lying for a good reason, as part of one of Suzanne's many 'benevolent schemes,' which usually do end up working out for the best. So I don't see a problem there. But Heather! She's nothing but a bundle of problems. I still can't get over the fact she didn't want to take my Bitchslut necklace."

"Your what?" Xania was a bit incredulous. "Bitchslut?!" It's one thing to call someone that, but it's quite another to enshrine it on a necklace anyone could see!

He spent the next couple of minutes explaining the gist of his meeting with Heather, with a focus on what had happened with the necklace. He even took the necklace out of his pocket and showed it to her. He kept looking at it sadly, bummed that he still possessed it.

All the while, he gave directions to get back home.

Once he'd finished his explanation, she asked, "I don't know the area well, but aren't we in your neighborhood already? And it's taken us less than half the time than on the journey to the beach!"

He admitted sheepishly, "Yeah, well, we didn't exactly take the most direct route, before."

She pretended to be upset. "Hmmm. Seems like someone was more interested in fondling a certain busty driver than actually, you know, getting anywhere." But even her pretend anger lacked any heat. She'd loved what he'd done to her (although she was too proud to admit it), and the only thing truly annoying her right at that moment was that he hadn't so much as even tried to make a move to touch her on the ride back, even though he'd promised her he'd do just that.

She asked, "So, do you want to hear my take on Heather?"

He sighed, "Yeah, but not now please. We're almost home, and I want her off my mind for a while. If there was some simple solution to the Heather riddle, I'd love to hear it, but I know you're gonna tell me how complicated it all is."

"It is," she replied sincerely. "Sounds like you've got the 'can't live with her, can't stop fucking her incredible steely ass' blues. Unfortunately, there's no easy fix for that."

He sighed heavily.

Trying to cheer him up, she joked, "You know, there's a great Howlin' Wolf blues tune with that very title. You should give it a listen."

He almost broke a smile, but it faded away.

She began to ad lib a blues tune, using a gravelly voice like an old black blues man:

"She's just a low-down and dirty, bubble-butted bitch with sass.
She's just a low-down and dirty, bubble-butted bitch with sass.
Damn! Her name is Heather, and damn, she's got a mighty fine ass!"

He flashed a real smile, but it vanished from his face almost immediately. He knew she was trying to make light of his Heather problems by pretending it was all about her ass, when they both knew it was about much more than that.

Glancing at his shorts, she said, "You know, for someone acting all bummed out, you're packing a lot of heat." She nodded at the significant bulge he had down there.

He looked down at his erection newly straining to escape, wondering how it had gotten to that state, but his dour facial expression didn't change. "Yeah, that happens." He looked around at the street they were driving past, and the answer to his mystery boner became clear to him. "Right around here, in fact."

"What do you mean?" They were only a few blocks from the Plummer house by now, and Xania knew the rest of the way there.

He haltingly tried to explain. "I dunno... It's like this... thing. For a couple of weeks now, whenever I think about going home I pretty much pop a boner. In the last few days it's only been getting worse, or better, or whatever you call it. Stronger, I guess."

As he said that, Xania pulled the car onto the street just in front of the Plummer house, then parked the car. "Interesting. Sounds like a classic Pavlovian reaction to me."

"Hey!" he cut in. "Did you have to turn that off? You're playing some cool music!" "Good Lovin'" by the Rascals had been playing until she turned off the engine.

"Now you notice," she said with chagrin. She was bummed that he was finally coming to life just as they were about to be with other people. "Shall we go in?"

"No, wait. Let me get ready."

She remained in her seat, but looked at him with slight amusement and arched a curious eyebrow as the car coasted. "What? Just to go into your own house?"

"Yeah!" Seeing she didn't understand, he elaborated, "I can never just go into my house like a normal person anymore. It's 'cos of the harem. And not just any harem, but MY extra intense, extra sexy harem. For starters, there's Mom. First off, she's ALWAYS home. She's so loving and devoted that if she does go out, she's gonna do it when she knows I'm out. And she's seriously HOT!"

Xania joked, "She's 'so hot.'"

He genuinely laughed for the first time since he'd left Heather. "She is! She seriously is." He felt a twitch in his crotch - it seemed as if his already full erection had grown another inch as he pictured his perpetually horny mother. "But that's not even half of it. Amy and Suzanne have practically moved in, and Brenda's there a lot too. So I never know what's gonna happen exactly when I get home, but I know it's gonna be a hell of a lot of sexy fun."

"So what's the problem? Why are you looking grim?"

"There's no problem; I love it. It's just that I have to psych myself up first. I absolutely love my life, but I can't be running at full speed all the time, you know? I guess I used our ride back here as a sort of down time. Now, I feel like I've gotta 'lock and load' like I'm a member of the A-Team ready to storm a building." He looked towards his house with growing determination.

Xania laughed. "The A-Team? With Mr. T and all that? I pity the fool who relies on cheesy 1980's action shows for his metaphors!"


He chuckled at the way she delivered the "I pity the fool" line in Mr. T style. "Well, laugh, but it's true. Why, I'll bet that even as we sit here, Mom is standing in the kitchen, wearing nothing but her high heels and an erotic apron. She's probably not so much doing chores as more just leaning over the counter and thinking about what I'll do to her soon, wiggling her perfect bubble butt back and forth, which of course causes her huge tits to wobble, that damn useless apron doing nothing to hide them! Jesus!"

Xania grinned. She could tell from the way he was getting worked up that he was vividly visualizing what he was saying, and she was picturing it too. "You really love those erotic aprons, don't you?"

"Damn straight! I mean, seeing her like that is overlaid on years of trying not to get erect from looking at her centerfold body while she was wearing regular clothes and a regular apron. I know it sounds weird, but I'd probably bust a nut faster from seeing her vacuuming naked than seeing her dancing around the stripper pole!"

They both chuckled at that, even as they both realized it was mostly true.

He continued, "But that's not the half of it. It's her attitude lately that makes my dick as hard as a steel pipe. She's got these fantasies about me coming home and fucking her in the ass every time I so much as walk in the door. JESUS!"

Xania did a double-take, surprised by his sudden emotional outburst. "What?"

"Oh, sorry. I'm just remembering some very, very pleasant times."

She was pleased to see his funk was gone. In fact, he was smiling from ear to ear. She placed a hand on his bulge and started to stroke it through his shorts. "It looks like somebody's in a happy mood all of a sudden."

"Yeah." He patted Xania's hand fondly. But then he left her caressing touches behind, because he stood up and stared at his house as he closed the car door behind him. "What will we find this time? Will Mom be waiting in the foyer, on her knees and ready to suck my cock before I even have both feet in the house? Or will she be in the kitchen, stretched out with her arms straight out and clinging to the edge of the counter while her ass wiggles up high like she's about to get a naked police inspection? Or will Kat and Aims be sunning themselves out back, ready and eager for a yummy sisterly fuck sandwich? Or maybe Suzanne's got some sort of sexy surprise up her sleeve that'll totally blow me away? Hell, maybe I'll even find Brenda in there, chained to some medieval torture contraption in the basement!"

By this time, he and Xania had wandered up the front lawn a bit. He gripped her shoulder and shook her a little bit, as he stared at her with wide eyes. "There's no telling! There's just no telling! I figure there are rich businessmen who would pay untold zillions of dollars for prostitutes to PRETEND to want to give them a special welcome home surprise, but this is what my women do for free without being asked, every single day! Is that awesome, or what?!"

His enthusiasm was growing by leaps and bounds, and it was rubbing off on Xania too. "That is pretty awesome," she admitted, more calmly than she felt. She practically wanted to run to the house shouting "woo-hoo!" just to find out what his latest surprise would be. She said, "If you keep it up, you're gonna force me to live here permanently, just so I can witness all the fun that's going down."

He turned to her, smiling blissfully. "You know Mom has made your 'proper taming' a big project, so make sure to tell her that. It'll make her day." He winked. "But let's go inside and see what's shakin'."

Xania thought, Hmmm. I'm not at all surprised Susan thinks that, but what does he feel about it? Is taming a real thing? Is he trying to tame me? Do I want to get tamed?

As they briskly walked across the lawn, Xania put her glasses back on and asked him, "What about Heather?"

"Who?" After they both laughed, he added, "Seriously, I'll worry about her later. Right now, I've got some major Mommy lovin' to deal with!"


As Alan and Xania neared the front door, Alan said with some chagrin, "This is what I might as well call the 'Boner Zone.' Just walking here, guessing what might lie on the other side of that door is guaranteed to get me hard." He looked down at his raging erection pulling tightly against his shorts. "In fact, here's a little secret: if you ever see me having trouble getting an erection, just drag my ass right here, turn me to face the door, and instant SPROING!"

She chuckled. "Surely you jest."

"Yeah, but not by much. Let's see what's inside, shall we?" He opened the door.

To his disappointment, there was no sign of Susan, or anyone else. He quickly rushed to the kitchen, but even that was empty.

Standing in the kitchen, he put his hands on his hips and sighed. "Dang. What a bummer."

Xania caught up to him, and said, "Never fear. While you were in a rush to get to the kitchen, I was listening carefully. I'm sure I heard some erotic noises coming from upstairs."

His face immediately brightened. "Phew! I would hate to lead you into an empty house, after all my hype." He paused uncertainly. "But... do you think it's weird or wrong for us to live our lives like this? No fake psychology bullshit this time; just the real Xania scoop."

She coolly replied, "To be honest, I never fed you any fake bullshit. I did wrap some of my opinions in some jargon, especially when talking to Susan, but I wasn't gonna lead you all down some misguided path just as a favor to Suzanne. No, I honestly think you've got something very special going on here. You should be proud. It's still a work in progress, and rough around the edges, but I've never seen such a group so happy. So keep it up!"

He was delighted with that answer, and he gave her a big hug. That led to a long and passionate kiss.

When it broke, he pulled her peach top up above her nipples, and then worked on getting her bra off. He quipped, "So, now that you're an oral hygienist, I hope I can expect a lot more oral exams from you."

"Definitely! But remember, I'm not an oral hygienist yet; I'm just taking classes to become one."

"Well, all the more reason for lots of practice then!"

They started making out in the middle of the kitchen.


Another minute passed, and she had her fingers sliding up and down his newly exposed erection. She thought, This is nuts! I'm so hot for this kid, who's just half my age! In what way is he NOT my boyfriend? He certainly acts like my body is his to enjoy and play with any way he wants, and I always let him. And, hell, now that I think about it, I haven't had sex with anyone else outside of his harem in weeks. Okay, there were a couple of women, and there was Sean, but that was as a favor to him. Other guys just don't interest me these days. It's like... why should I settle for a Bud Light when I can drink a $100 bottle of wine? But he's NOT my boyfriend, and I can't lose sight of that! This is just like a vacation; it's not a part of my real life back home.

She sighed happily as her fingers jacked up and down. Mmmm, no matter how thick and long and hard his cock is... Damn, I love stroking him! ... If only he didn't have his harem. Could he have been my exclusive boyfriend in some alternate universe?

Then a thought came to Alan, and he broke the French kissing to express it. "Uh-oh! If Mom knew what we were doing here, she'd freak! It's not that we're getting it on - she'd love that - but to do it in the kitchen without involving her would be bad! Actually, she'd probably get ten different kinds of horny just from seeing us here, but still. That would be kind of like fucking in her bed and leaving a big wet spot. Well, actually, she'd probably like that too. But you get the idea, don't you?"

Xania laughed, and kept jacking him off. "Kind of. You think she'd mind that I'm sliding my fingers all over your hot, throbbing cock?"

"Are you kidding me? She'd probably kiss you and give you a medal! But, uh, still, we should move. You know what I mean?"

She snickered. "Yeah. Basically, your mom's gonna get uncontrollably hot and bothered if you so much as look at her funny, but it's better not to do that in the kitchen."


"Okay, lead the way, stud."

They reluctantly disengaged, and he led the way back to the front of the house.

But once they were back at the front foyer, Alan noticed Xania had picked up her bra from the kitchen floor, and she was carrying it with her. He folded his arms over his chest and looked at her crossly. "You know, it just occurred to me that you're severely violating Plummer house rules. You know female underwear isn't allowed here."

"Just female?"

"Of course. I'm the master, so there are no rules about what I can wear."

She'd been joking around, but he looked very stern and serious. She looked down and wondered what the big deal was, especially since her top was still up around her shoulders. But he continued to just stand there with his arms crossed.

She asked, "So, what, you want me to take off my panties right here? Right now?"

"Yep. And put them, and your bra, over there." He pointed to the underwear cabinet.

She felt strangely cowed. She started to strip right in front of him. She was already quite aroused from their kissing and fondling, but seeing him fully dressed and glaring at her as her clothes came off fired up her public exhibitionism fetish.

She found herself thinking, Normally, I'm not into being submissive, but there's something really sexy about a guy who's THAT confident, yet still not a jerk. He knows he can have what he wants, and he wants me.

She did an impromptu sexy striptease of sorts, and ended it by hanging her skirt, panties, and bra on a nearby railing. She didn't want to flirt too long, because she was keen to get back to his cock, and she wanted to find out what was happening upstairs.

But he said, "Lose the top too."

She thought, I really should slap him for being cheeky, but instead I want to drop to my knees and blow him! Odd. I guess this must be what Susan and Brenda feel like, pretty much all the time.

She resumed the striptease. As she pulled her top over her head, she thought, I wish there was some music playing; then I could do a proper striptease. But in a way, the total silence is somehow even more exciting and arousing. The only sound I can hear is my heart pounding!


She got more into the spirit of the striptease, even though she was running out of clothes. She held her top up above her enormous breasts, but hesitated to pull it over her head. "So... Tiger... Or should I call you 'Sweetie'? Or maybe 'Brother'? Or how 'bout just 'Master'? Or 'Sir'? I heard Heather calling you that. You're the man of many nicknames, that's for sure. Anyway, now that you've got me like this, what are you going to do with me?"

"Um..." He seemed unable to think as he was temporarily overwhelmed by the situation. What will I do with her?! I can do anything, friggin' anything! Just look at her! She, Mom, and Mother are like the triplets of busty Amazon beauty! Man, my life is like a non-stop porn film. And who knows what we'll find when we get upstairs?! It's all too awesome to contemplate!

Xania pulled her top a little higher, causing her great globes to wobble wildly. "What are you thinking? 'Cos let's face it, you're going to fuck me, it's just a matter of where! Do you want to fuck these tits? Or maybe my mouth? I hear a lot of talk from Susan about choking and gagging. Do you want to fuck my face until I choke and gag just like she does? Or are you going to put out the fire that's burning in my boiling hot cunt?!"

He still was too gobsmacked to answer. Then he thought, Hey, I can't let her get to me. I've gotta stay on top of my game and reassert some control here. So he tried to be cheeky as he said, "That's for me to know and you to find out."

She groaned with lusty frustration. She toyed with the idea of teasing him some more, maybe a lot more, but she was too eager to get started, so she pulled her top the rest of the way over her head.

She didn't even have her high heels on, since she'd removed them when she'd walked in the house. She rather awkwardly picked all her clothes back up and held them in her arms. "Is that better? And... Um, what am I supposed to do with these now?"

"That is better, much better. As for your clothes... Hmmm..." He put a hand on his chin. "I did like how they looked scattered over the bushes out front..."

She playfully slapped him in the middle of his chest. "You wouldn't! You know I just bought those while you were with Heather!"

"I would, but I'm too keen to find out what's happening upstairs. Just toss 'em on top of the underwear cabinet, and I'll steal them later so you'll have to drive home in the nude."

She shivered lustily at that possibility. She was highly annoyed, but she loved what he was doing. Sometimes he was serious, sometimes joking, but he always seemed to know just how to press her buttons.

To her surprise, he made no move to start stripping himself (although he kept his stiff pole sticking out through his fly). She eyed him appreciatively, and then reached out towards his lightly bobbing boner.

He intercepted her hands though and melodramatically put a finger to his lips. "Be vewwy, vewwy qwiet..." he loudly whispered to her in his best Elmer Fudd voice. "We're hunting lusty, busty wabbit!"

She slapped away his interception and grasped his boner anyway. She held a pretend carrot to her mouth, and said as she stroked, "What's up, Cock?"

He liked that a lot. He disengaged, and then scooted over behind a sofa. He popped his head up and looked around the living room over the back of the sofa in a comical fashion. Then he made a big melodramatic motion for her to come join him in his "hiding place" behind the sofa.

She couldn't help shaking her head at his amusing antics. She hammed up "sneaking" over to join him behind the sofa. Even though there was no one in the house downstairs, simply moving so slowly and stealthily gave her the sense that someone, somewhere, was watching her.

When she hunkered down behind the sofa beside him, he moved behind her and put his arms around her as if he was protecting her. However, he used the position to run his hands all over her incredible body. He even slid his erection right up her ass crack.

She asked wryly, "What do you think you're doing?"

He whispered, but with theatrical loudness, "Just being careful. I definitely hear sounds now, and who knows what could be up there? It could be a robber!"

She asked in an even drier deadpan, "And this requires that you practically fuck my ass?"

He moved his hips slightly, sliding his boner up and down her ass crack. "Well, yeah! Like I said, you can't be too careful."

She had to stifle a giggle at his total non sequitur, not to mention his all-around silliness.

He whispered (again, way too loudly), "It looks like the coast is clear, but we need to watch out. You think we can sneak up to my room without being seen? We might have to go the long way."

She answered, "And judging from our car ride to the beach, I imagine the long way will involve a lot of hands on tits and pussies and cocks."

He grinned widely, especially since he had both hands on her big tits at the moment. "But of course! You say that like there's some other way to do it!" He squeezed his fingers deep into her ample tit-flesh.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Silly me." But she never stopped smiling.

They continued their sneaking, but away from the stairs. Every so often, he'd grab her and hold her close to him, as if protecting her from an unseen threat lurking in the house. In return, she had great fun "protecting" his erection with her hands. She had to laugh when he pretended that the dance pole in the center of the living room was sufficient to hide them both.

She constantly protested what he was "making her do," but they both knew that was all part of the game they loved so much. She left little doubt about how she really felt by the way she frequently found new ways to "accidentally" brush against his erection.

Eventually, they actually made it to the stairs - Alan loved playing with Xania, but curiosity about who was upstairs and what they were doing drove him on. The two of them started up, crawling on their hands and knees, as if they were naughty children trying to sneak past their parents' bedroom.


As they neared the top of the stairs and got closer to the erotic sounds, Xania looked back at Alan and whispered, "This is too much fun! I feel like one of the Scooby Doo gang sneaking through a spooky mansion."

He liked that comparison, but he rolled his eyes and whispered, "And you were giving me shit for my A-Team reference! But yeah, I can see what you mean. Especially since you've got the looks of Daphne plus the big tits of Velma." He emphasized that point by crawling up to her and squeezing one of her dangling tits.

"What do you think you're doing?" she mock complained.

"Um, I'm trying to help you out. I'm just keeping it from brushing the step we're crawling up." He said this as he pulled on her nipple, distending her entire breast into a more conical shape.

"Yeah, right. You're far too 'helpful.' And how does that explain your fingers in my pussy?"

"Oh, is that where they are?" He pumped in and out of her slit a little bit. "I thought something felt strangely squishy."

"Beast!" she playfully complained, with a great big smile on her face. "But not now! We're almost there, and I wanna see what your surprise is gonna be."

"Rrrarrr!" he quietly growled. He was having a lot of fun hefting her big globes up and down with both hands now, and didn't seem to be in any hurry to move from the stairs.

An idea came to her, "If you're good, I'll give you a Scooby Snack."

He played right along. His eyes went wide, and he panted excitedly, "Oooh! Scooby Snack! Scooby Snack!"

As Xania extricated herself from his grasp yet again while pretending to hold a Scooby Snack just out of his reach, she thought, This place is so much fun! They're getting me seriously addicted. My friends in L.A. are all "cool," but in the wrong way. Joking and playing around like this would never work with those hipsters.

At the top of the stairs, Alan stuck his head up over the top step like a soldier looking up out of a foxhole. He ducked back down and looked at Xania. The erotic sounds from down the hall were pretty obvious by now. He whispered "Ruh-roh!" in Scooby Doo style, trying to indicate their danger was growing. But then he grew more serious, since he didn't actually want to be discovered just yet. He whispered, "Zoinks! Looks like Mom's door is ajar."

She giggled. "How do you expect me to keep a straight face if you say 'Zoinks?'" Then, switching gears from fondling and comedy to snooping mode, she whispered back, "What do we do now?"

He put his hand back on his chin and quietly considered, "Hmmm. I think my best bet is to barge in there acting all upset. I figure Susan at least is in there, and she'll love that. In fact, I know she is, because I can hear her telltale 'Mmmm, mmmm, MMMM!' moans. God I love those noises. Instant boner, every time!"

Xania looked at his erection, which she happened to be fondling again. "So I've noticed."

"Since I'm still fully dressed and you're naked, you should hang back for a few seconds, until after I give 'em a good scare."

She nodded, watching as he gently pulled her hand from him, tucked his erection away, and zipped up his fly.

He added, "I'm gonna take the full-on powerful master approach. I know that isn't your thing normally, but please play along, 'cos Mommy will totally love it."

She nodded again. I wonder if he realizes he called Susan his "Mommy" just now. He's got it bad for her. It's so sweet! Her anticipation was rising, and she could hardly wait to see what he'd do. All his fondling and teasing had her hotter than an oven already, and she knew her whole body would be convulsing in orgasmic release before long.


Alan got up, strode down the hall, and then carefully and quietly positioned himself outside the door to his mother's bedroom.

Xania followed right behind him. As they stood at the door, she whispered, "What now?"

He whispered back, "We'd better split up. You go this way, and I'll go that way." He pointed his fingers in many random directions.

Xania would have been confused, except she recognized he was making another Scooby Doo reference. It seemed that in every show the Scooby Doo team decided to split up. She found his line really funny, and was forced to cover her mouth for fear of laughing too loudly, right in front of the door.

After taking a deep breath, he dramatically and loudly kicked the door wide open. "A-HA!" he boomed, before he even knew what was going on.

His gaze went straight to Susan's big bed, and that's where he found her, naked and locked in a sixty-nine with an equally naked Brenda. Both women were panting and moaning with pleasure, and completely oblivious to anything beyond the reach of their tongues or the touch of their fingers. Their bodies were glistening with perspiration, indicating they'd been at it for a while already.

In fact, the two extra-busty women were so involved with each other that it took them some long moments for his door slam and loud yell to register. They both looked up at the same time, and blanched with wide eyes and wide open mouths.

Holy Christ! Alan muttered to himself as he admired the two women. Brenda was lying on top, and her huge tits were dangling down enticingly. There was so much tit-flesh between them that Brenda couldn't simply lie on top of Susan and still reach her pussy with her tongue. She had to prop herself up on splayed knees and elbows.

He thought, I know I say it every day, but I'm the fuckin' luckiest kid on Earth! I'm gonna seriously fuck that shit! First, I'm gonna bone Mom's ass, and then Brenda's pussy! No, anal then vaginal isn't sanitary. I'll do Brenda's mouth first, then Mom's, then Mom's pussy, then... Oh shit - and Xania's right behind me too! Fuckin' A! She's needs a serious dicking too. How could anybody be this stylin'?! Too many tight holes to fuck, and not enough dicks! I seriously wish I could have about six dicks right now.

Neither Brenda nor Susan had done anything wrong. Not only did Alan not care if they played around with each other when he wasn't there, but he heartily approved of that, since it helped to at least partially satisfy their strong sexual urges when he wasn't able to. But since both women were highly submissive, they felt they'd done something terribly wrong just from his door slam and "A-HA!" cry, even if they didn't know what it was about.

Both of them started nervously babbling, not really saying anything coherent, but repeating "Master!" and "Sorry!" quite a lot. Their hearts were suddenly pounding with fear (and a new burst of arousal), and their blanched faces quickly turned red from profusely blushing.

But what really blew him away was that, without saying anything to each other, they immediately moved into identical positions. Within seconds of noticing him, they wound up on their knees leaning over the bed. Their asses were up high, showing their eagerness to be spanked.

Susan spoke for them both when she said breathlessly, "Master! Son! I'm so sorry! I think we need to be spanked! Hard!" She wiggled her ass enticingly.

"Yes!" Brenda enthusiastically agreed. "Hard! Really hard! I've been bad. Really bad!" She wiggled her ass with even more exaggerated movements. It practically looked like she was being fucked by an invisible lover, the way her whole body was swaying.


With an almost eerie synchronicity, both voluptuous vixens lifted up a hand and slapped their own ass cheeks at the exact same time, trying to prod him to start spanking them.

Susan looked over at Brenda, and thought, Oh, goody! Brenda and I are in perfect sync! She gets it! She knows that our bodies exist to drain Tiger of all his cum! I hope this gets him really hot and erect, seeing his two bustiest slaves strike the same position. We did something bad - I don't quite know what - but it's only right he spanks the hell out of us, hard! And then fucks us even harder!

She went back into position, but then did a double-take at Brenda's improbably curvy body, and especially the way her huge tits were hanging and swaying. Susan wasn't seeing anything new, but Brenda's body was so remarkable that it was almost hard to believe. What kind of boy turns his busty mother into his sex slave, and then turns HER into a sex slave too? My studly Tiger, that's who! Her heart swelled with pride, even as it raced with fear, excitement and desire.

Susan's face was close to Brenda's, and without thinking, she stretched her neck out and kissed Brenda's lips.

While the two of them briefly necked, Brenda thought, THIS! This is Exhibit A why I love being a part of this harem! Actually, it's more like Exhibit 1437 already. Master Alan is BACK! Susan's great! Everything is so great! Master is gonna spank my naughty ass any second now, I just know it!

I've loved all the things I've done with Aidy recently, but the bottom line is that Alan is my one and only master. I feel unpure from having been with another man, even if he is my son. I can't wait for my master to reassert his ownership over me. And what a better way to start with that than a harsh spanking? YES!

As Alan walked closer, it became more obvious to him that they had been having fun for some time. The entire room smelled like wet pussy and sweaty sex. And their pussies were flooded. Susan was a gusher compared to most women her age, but her pussy seemed dry in comparison to Brenda's. It looked like someone had just poured a bottle of syrup directly onto Brenda's pussy and let it flow down her thighs. There also was a steady drip from her pussy lips down to the sheets.

The two buxom mothers were so frightened and aroused out of their minds by Alan's presence that they hadn't noticed Xania yet, especially since she was standing still and lingering back at the doorway.

Xania was quietly watching everything. Wow! I feel like I just walked into a sex inferno! Those two are IN HEAT! This is the main reason I love this place - everybody magnifies everybody else's lust! They probably thought they were maxed out on lust already, and then Alan walked in and took 'em to a higher level still! And now there's a feedback loop, and the three of them will get more and more worked up, until, well... I don't know what! Maybe until they all pass out! I wanna get in on that, and stoke everyone's fires even MORE!

Maybe I'd better see what he's going to do before joining them though - this is too much fun to break them up now!

Xania appreciated how clever Alan had been to remain clothed, when she noticed how Susan and Brenda gasped as they twisted their necks back at him and saw him drop his shorts and step out of them. There was another gasp from the gorgeous mothers as his big erection rose up and poked straight out, like some stiff-necked giraffe raising its head and looking around.

Brenda actually swooned. Oh God, yes! That's the cock that enslaved me! Look at it towering high and firm! I'm in awe! Total AWE! I can't wait to get my lips wrapped around that sexy snake! My lord and master returns to reclaim me!

Still wiggling her ass and panting, Susan exclaimed, "Oh, Son! You're just gonna stroll in here and fuck the shit out of us with your huge horse cock, aren't you? First, you're gonna spank our naughty asses to remind us just who the master is and who the slaves are! Then you're gonna take us in every possible hole, and prove your total domination over us yet again!"

She thrust her ass out, like she was hoping to impale herself on his shaft that very instant, even though he was standing well out of reach.

Brenda squealed, "OH! Oh, oh, oh! SO HOT!" She was too worked up to say more than that, but she thought, It's so true! Mistress Susan is so wise and so right, yet AGAIN! Aidy, I'm sorry! I love you so much, and I'll always belong to you in a certain way, but I have a need to be dominated that only Master Alan can satisfy! It's not just that he's a better fucker, though of course he is; it's everything! His voice, his eyes, his calm... He's just a natural master!

As had become his style, Alan looked calm on the outside, even though his heart was racing and pounding, and his entire body was brimming with barely contained energy. As he sauntered closer, he held his hands out and asked the trembling MILFs, "Do you know what you're in trouble for?"

Susan, as the slightly more coherent one, tried to answer his question. "Um, it can't be that Brenda and I were sexing each other up, since I know you love that kind of thing. Um... Was it that I wasn't waiting in high heels and a sexy outfit to service your masterly cock with all my love and devotion as soon as you got home?"

"Nope. I love your love and devotion of course, but I don't want you totally fawning, like some doormat. I love the exact Mom you are, so don't feel like you're failing in anything."

"Then what's the reason?"

He exclaimed triumphantly, "No reason at all!" Then he slapped Susan's ass cheeks hard with one of his upraised hands.

Susan was delirious with joy to hear that. Oh dear Lord! That answer is SO HOT! That's the BEST answer he could have possibly given! My son OWNS me! I'm completely helpless! There's no escape, ever! Not that I would want to. Could I ever ask for a better master?! No way!

Brenda loved his answer as much or more than Susan did, and actually cried out louder than Susan, even though she wasn't the one being spanked yet. Oh, FUCK! He's going to spank me, and for no reason at all! As is his right! Aaaah, the joy of being enslaved! I'm sorry, Aidy. I love you so much, but I NEEEED Master Alan! He fulfills all my deepest desires, as if he could read my mind!

It was Brenda's turn a few seconds later, and he hit her bubble butt with a firm smack. Seconds after that, he started spanking both their asses at the same time. While his right hand was pulling back, his left hand would be striking forward, and vice versa. Their asses were perfectly placed so he could windmill into them to his heart's desire.

They loved it. Their voices rose higher and higher, screaming separately yet also somehow in unison, almost like they were harmonizing with their high-pitched orgasmic wails.

Xania could see that the busty mothers were so far gone into their spanking ecstasy that the odds of them looking back at Alan at this point were slim to none. Their heads were thrown back and their entire bodies were swinging back and forth so vigorously that their big tits might even have thwacked their faces, had the bed not been in the way.

Taking advantage of their distraction, Xania sidled up to Alan and plastered her naked body against the back of him. She was annoyed by his T-shirt and pulled it off. Then her hand found his stiff erection.

As she started to jack him off, she thought, Jesus H. Christ! Look at those two go, and how their big tits swing! I swear, everywhere I go, I feel self-conscious, like some kind of tit freak, with my monster 38Gs. The damn things always give me back aches, and usually the exact kind of attention I could do without. But between Susan's big milk-wagons and Brenda's 34Js, I think this is the first time in my life I've ever thought, even for a second, that my breasts might be TOO SMALL!

He didn't say anything to Xania because he didn't want to reveal her presence to the others just yet. But he loved it. Man! This is the life! Thanks, Xania. You just doubled my pleasure!


He kept his dual spanking up until Susan and Brenda were wiped out from a near continuous series of orgasms. They both collapsed into the sheets, panting wildly. Yet their knees remained bent, with their asses protruding up high in very tempting positions.

Then he kept on spanking them, while Xania continued to furtively jack him off. Before long, both Susan and Brenda were shouting "Mercy!" over and over. They simply couldn't handle any more pleasure. He finally slowed to a stop when he realized they were so out of it, they weren't even begging him to stop anymore.

Xania watched with amazement. She had no idea a simple spanking could be so orgasmic.

As Alan felt Xania continuing to run her fingers up and down his shaft and causing him to repeatedly shiver with pleasure, he realized that the other two probably still didn't know she was there. Not only had they been highly distracted, to say the least, but their eyes were closed as they tried to recover. They were still panting so hard that he practically would have needed to shout to get their attention.


Alan whispered some instructions to Xania, and then he bent down closer to the bed, leaving her and her great handjob behind. As he ran his hands sensuously up and down Susan's and Brenda's long legs, he said, "Okay, Mom and Slave, we're not done. In fact, we've only just started. I want you to keep your eyes closed, and get on top of each other on the bed. Can you do that?"

It took some time, and a couple of failed efforts as their sweaty bodies slid off each other, but they managed to get into the position he wanted. They were too overwhelmed and winded to speak, but Brenda did eventually nod her head once she realized she could stay in that position and not collapse back down onto the bed.

Brenda thought, "Mom and Slave" - I love it! And the way he picks us up and moves us around - I've never felt so wonderfully objectified! And the spanking! My GOD, the spanking! This is where I belong, being used and abused by my master! I know this is totally humiliating, being collared and fully tamed like this, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Being in Master Alan's harem is the greatest thing to ever happen to me!

He freely fondled their voluptuous bodies while he guided them into the exact position he wanted. They didn't end up in a sixty-nine again, but instead wound up face to face, with Brenda on top and Susan on her back. He was careful to move them so they lay diagonally across the bed, with Susan's head right up to one edge, and Brenda's ass close to the other edge.

Both women were eager to obey, and they kept their eyes tightly shut, but neither of them was really ready for more, since they were still recovering from their highly orgasmic spanking.

Alan let them rest for a little bit. He loved the way Brenda's head was flopped down towards Susan's neck. Her face couldn't reach Susan's, partly because she was a fair deal shorter than his Amazonian mother, but mostly because Susan's big tits and Brenda's even bigger ones created a large rise, just like someone had placed a stiff pillow between them. He looked over at Xania and winked.

Xania was standing near Susan's and Brenda's asses, but she was careful not to touch their dangling legs so they would remain ignorant of her presence. She winked back at him. She thought, As usual, I'm having too much fun! I swear, the worst sex at the Plummer house makes the best sex in L.A. seem boring. We're having such a blast here, and it's only getting better. I can't wait to hear them squeal like stuck pigs once we really get started with them! Can they even take any more, or will one or both of them have to beg off and admit defeat?

Susan and Brenda were still lying on each other like sacks of potatoes, but Susan revived enough to resume speaking. "Son! Master! That was... WOW! That was SO HOT! ... I can't even believe that you... Hey! What are you doing?!"

She was responding to the way he was repositioning her head. He pulled her shoulders a bit so her angle over the bed changed, and her head was suddenly hanging out over the edge. She didn't understand what was happening at all. Completely forgetting his order to keep her eyes shut, she opened her eyes wide to try to figure things out.

He held her head in place with both hands and rubbed his cockhead over her face.

She certainly understood what he was doing after that. Her face positively beamed with joy as she sniffed in the heady scent of his manly aroma. Mmmm! Being enslaved to my son is the BEST! It's like the gift that never stops giving!

She sighed happily as he smeared his pre-cum all over her cheeks and chin. "Oh God! Tiger, cock-slap me!"

"What? Why?"

She wanted to explain how "bad" she'd been (even though she still didn't know why), but she was too winded. Instead, she remembered what he'd said at the start of the spanking, and simply exclaimed, "There is no why!"

He chuckled at that, and cock-slapped her cheeks a couple of times, but he couldn't do it too much, since his hands were busy holding her head in place. He alternated the cock-slapping with gently rubbing his erection all over her face.

She thought, Incredible! It's like all the joy of Tiger spanking my ass, but with Alan Junior on my face, and the joy of cocksucking so tantalizingly close! And the smell. MMMM! It really is the absolute BEST! Once, I was his mother in all ways and he had to do what I said, and now... look at me! Just another one of his big-titted sluts, totally tamed! Getting gloriously cock-slapped! My OWN SON is actually whipping my face with his thick cock! Oh God, I'm gonna cum again!

As soon as his thickness happened to rub across her ruby lips, her mouth opened wide and she welcomed his cockhead in with a happy "MMMM!"

Brenda was torn. She'd been ordered to keep her eyes closed, and there had been no sign of that order being changed. But she was dying of curiosity. She could hear the sound of movement just a short distance in front of her head, where she knew Susan's head had to be. Most tantalizing of all, she was sure she could smell Alan's cock, even though he hadn't cum yet and his pre-cum was nearly odorless. She longed for him to cock-slap her too, but if she couldn't have that, she at least wanted to see him do it to Susan.

Then, when she began to hear slurpy sucking sounds, curiosity finally got the best of her. (In fact, she rather hoped she'd get caught for breaking orders and would be punished with a harder spanking, temporarily forgetting that her real punishments were a denial of sexual contact.) She opened her eyes and gasped loudly as she saw what Alan and Susan were doing. She'd missed the cock-slapping, but realized something even better was going on. She watched in fascination at the way he moved in still closer, causing inch after inch of his hard cock to slide deep into Susan's throat.

She cried out loudly with urgent need. Good Lord! She's sucking him, but upside down! That's gotta be an entirely new experience for her. Lucky slut! I don't care if I'm caught breaking orders or not! Too HOT! I need to lick his big cock like I need to breathe! But as close as it was, it was still well out of reach. She scooted forward, so she could see Susan's sliding lips more clearly, but the way her big tits pressed into Susan's kept her from getting close enough for her own lips to get involved.


Susan was about as happy as she could possibly be, vigorously slurping away on her son's thick pole. She'd never given an upside down blowjob, but she already decided that she absolutely loved it and she was going to do it a lot more from now on. It made the act seem brand new and unfamiliar, even as aspects of it were as comforting and familiar to her as a relaxing bubble bath. It reminded her of that fateful Tuesday back in mid-October, the very first day she'd discovered the joys of cocksucking, when she didn't really know what she was doing.

Even as she licked and sucked, she thought, What a magical day that was! The BEST! It seems like I spent the whole day bobbing up and down on my master's cock. Gaawwwd, so fucking HOT! Of course, back then I didn't know my son would be my master, and that I would become nothing more than one of his many busty and beautiful sex slaves. Oh! Just thinking about that fact is too hot! And as much as I loved licking my way around and around his fat knob, I hadn't yet realized I'd be doing that every day for years and years to come. Heck, back then, I was terribly wracked with guilt, not realizing that serving this marvelous cock would become my calling, and practically my main reason for waking up every morning. How naïve I was!

But this! Doing it upside down, it makes it all so strange and extra incredible! It almost makes me feel like it's a Tuesday already. Oh Gaawwwd! Tuesdays! But I've gotta watch out. With Brenda's soft body on mine, I'm in danger of cumming too hard to give him the kind of expert cocksucking he deserves. I've gotta keep my act together!

Alan was having a great time, but after seeing Brenda's eyes open (and making a mental note that she and Susan were disobeying orders regarding that), he wasn't sure how much longer he could keep Xania's presence a secret. So, after checking to confirm Brenda's gaze was fixed on Susan's bobbing head, he made a subtle nod in Xania's direction.

Xania immediately dropped to her knees. By sheer luck, she was able to kneel closely to Brenda's and Susan's stacked asses without bumping into any legs. It didn't matter that much anyway, because she simultaneously bent her head forward and brought her hands up. All at once, she planted her tongue on Brenda's starry anus and gripped Susan's privates like a bowling ball, inserting her fingers into Susan's anus and pussy at the same time.

The two gorgeous mothers were so shocked that they very nearly flew up into the air. They screamed loudly.

Alan, knowing what was coming, momentarily withdrew his saliva-covered boner from his mother's mouth, in case she accidentally clamped down and bit him during her initial surprise. But, after about a minute of unrestrained ecstatic screaming and hollering from both Brenda and Susan, he deemed it safe enough to resume.

Just as Susan started to ask, "Son! Who is-" he cut her off by stuffing her wide open mouth full of cock again.

She liked that a lot more than an answer to her question, and resumed her happy sucking. Oh, God, YES! Who is fingering my cunt?! Who knows?! All I know is it's gotta be another one of his gorgeous conquests, since I'm sure he'd never let another man touch me. That's good enough for me. Son, I want to give you the best blowjob you've ever had! I know I end up saying that every day, but I mean it even more than usual this time! Mmmm! How 'bout my corkscrew move? You love this. Or the double lollipop! MMMM!

Even though the two women were still suffering from exhaustion, the surprise revived them just like a jolt of electricity. Susan upped the ante with even more passionate bobbing and licking. At the same time, Alan began vigorously fucking her face instead of just resting his cockhead inside her mouth to be licked and sucked.

Susan was beside herself with joy. Oh my goodness! He's starting to fuck my face! That's just about my very favorite sex act, although I love them all. I love it when he gets all aggressive on me like this! MMMM! Tiger, put me in my place with your hot horse cock! Make me choke and gag!

He very quickly took her to another huge orgasm with his powerful thrusting. Yet she was so energized that she made sure the face fuck kept going. Whenever he started to slow down, she'd do something or another with her mouth the excite him and spur him on.

Brenda could only wish she had Alan's cock to suck on. She didn't have anything to do, so she just reveled in the joy of getting her ass licked. She assumed right away that it was Suzanne doing the licking, based on the length of the tongue poking deep into her asshole. (If she'd thought about it, she would have realized Xania had a similarly long tongue, but her first thoughts of other women tended to go to Susan and Suzanne, her two chief mistresses.)

Xania was delighted. This surprise worked as well as anyone could have hoped. What a special treat to have two vixens who are so easily aroused. God, Alan is such a lucky son of a bitch, to be able to fuck these two any time he likes! It's like all you have to do is touch them and they cum.

She nearly had to laugh when she felt Susan climax, and a new gush of pussy juice flooded her probing fingers. It was all the more amusing, because she'd made the mistake of briefly trying to grab onto one of Brenda's inner thighs for support. That almost felt the same as dipping her hand into a full bucket of cum.


Alan was having a great time getting his cock blown by his mother, as usual, but he certainly didn't want to cum into her mouth just yet. He had a lot of holes to fill first. Talk about a kid in a candy store! Choices, choices. I can plug Mom or Brenda from either side, or just nail Xania and leave them panting and desperate for a while! Decisions, decisions! Hmmm...

He decided on Susan's pussy. He reasoned, Brenda is great, and so is Xania, but Mom is Mom. I love her more than just about anybody, and that's saying a whole lot. And she has such an awesome, tight cunt! Besides, there's an extra kick out of being a true motherfucker that just can't be beat!

But before he did that, he decided, I can't totally neglect Brenda. She's so great and devoted, not to mention fuckin' STACKED, I've got to at least throw her a bone. So to speak, heh-heh!

With Susan licking her way in swirls around his cockhead, he abruptly lifted Brenda up and moved her forward so her mouth was within range of his boner too.

Brenda immediately joined in, and soon the busty mothers were working like a team to fellate his throbbing prick as best they could.


Brenda was giddy, but she didn't let her excited feelings distract from her task. She used a hand to both hold his shaft in place and stroke it, which wasn't easy given that Susan was licking from below. But mostly, she focused on her oral work.

She thought, Okay, it's time to get professional. Being one of his personal cocksuckers isn't merely a flattering title; it's a serious responsibility. I just heard the most wonderful slurpy noises coming from Mistress Susan's mouth. I need to try to equal her efforts, so he won't see me as a step down in comparison.

MMMM! Brenda moaned just like Susan. So much thick cock! I swear, this is the best! He's filling my mouth, and taming me further with his sheer thickness! There's nowhere else I'd rather be, especially with Susan helping and mystery fingers probing my body!

Oh shit! he thought to himself as one minute turned into two. The only problem with that plan is that it's TOO pleasurable! Mom already had me going pretty good, but ever since Brenda became an official personal cocksucker, she sucks me like her life depends on it! I won't be able to take this level of stimulation for very long!

To gain some time, he pulled his boner out of range and then proceeded to take turns cock-slapping both Brenda and Susan. He could tell from their orgasmic grunts that they really liked it. But it was also good, because although he found it very mentally stimulating, it didn't really directly stimulate his hard-on.

Soon, the gorgeous mothers were screaming out loud after each cock-slap. It sounded like they were being pulled over a medieval torture rack, when in fact a cock-slap was much less effective than a hand slap to one's cheek. It wasn't that they were in pain; it was that they were that worked up and deliriously happy, especially by the symbolism of the cock slapping.

Xania could only shake her head in amazement.

But the temptation for Alan to enjoy more of their double blowjob was too great, and before long, he let them get back to that. Once again, Brenda bobbed on his cockhead while Susan licked all she could reach from below.

However, he faced the same problem as before. Sure enough, after only another minute or two, the pleasure was just too intense to last very long without him cumming. This was all the more the case when the two bombshells unexpectedly switched roles: Susan managed to capture his cockhead and then some in her mouth, leaving the rest for Brenda to lick.

"Sorry, ladies!" he panted hard. "Gotta... gotta take a break!" He scooted back once more.

Susan let out a pouty moan as she felt her son's long hard-on slide out of her mouth again. Between the cock-slapping, the sharing with Brenda, the mysterious female fingers in her privates, and being in the extra-exciting upside down position, she'd let her lust completely take over. She was so far gone that she hardly even knew her name. All she knew was that she needed to pleasure the cock in between her lips with all her being, and to have it go away was a tragedy. With her head upside down, drool ran out of her mouth and dripped past her nose.

"Tiger, where are you going?" she pleaded desperately. "Can't you see you've got Mommy too horny? Mommy needs to suck on your cock, your glorious MASTER cock! I NEED it! I need it so bad! Please, please, let your mommy lick and suck and love it! I beg you! Please!"

He didn't reply, since he didn't want to give away what he was going to do next. He merely thought, You know things are good when your H-cup or I-cup lactating mom is literally BEGGING to suck your cock. Actually, now that I think about it, she's begging to SHARE sucking me off with her J-cup fellow slave! How I don't instantly cum simply from thinking about this stuff, much less feeling it, is beyond me.

Brenda revived enough to moan, "Master! I need your master cock too! At least cock-slap me some more! Please!"

But he ignored that too, except to chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

Susan had been so focused on delivering maximum pleasure to his cock with her lips and tongue that she hadn't given much thought to who was plunging fingers in and out of her vagina and anus. But now that her son had vacated her mouth and even her sight, those fingers naturally took up more of her attention.

Hmmm, she wondered. Who IS that?! I wish all us harem sisters knew each other so well already that I could tell who that was just by touch, or breathing. We'll get there someday soon, but we're not there yet. Angel, Amy, and Suzanne are all out and about, aren't they? Or did one of them come back? Or could it be someone else? Xania's still in town! It could be her.

Or, Tiger went to meet with Heather - what if that's Heather?! Oooh! What if he's invited her home as the next step in her total enslavement? That would be soooo hot! But what I love the most is that I don't know! My virile, handsome son has such a big harem, it could be just about anybody!

Xania was surprised at just how much she was enjoying licking Brenda's ass while also playing with Susan's privates. She'd been in orgies before, but she generally found them disappointing. A tangle of bodies almost inevitably meant pure fucking, which usually resulted in a strangely detached experience with no intimacy or emotional connection.

She thought, What I love is how passionate Susan and Brenda are. My God, the way they were moaning during that double blowjob, it was all I could do not to join in, if only to see what the fuss was all about. Their emotional intensity is sky high over what I'm doing, and that's before they even know who I am exactly!


Brenda was even more surprised at how fantastic it felt to have her asshole licked. No one had ever done that to her before. In fact, just to reach her there with a tongue was a feat few could manage. Brenda's ass cheeks formed an unusually deep divide, so she doubted even her "anal pal" Amy could reach all the way inside her like this with her more ordinary tongue. Even Xania would have been challenged by Brenda's cleft, had she not been prying Brenda's ass cheeks widely apart with both hands.

With Alan moving around to get into fucking position, Xania needed to either move to the side to make room for him or do something else entirely. She decided to help him out at first, and then move elsewhere.

He held his erection and lined it up to Susan's pussy lips, making his intentions clear.

Susan held her breath and prayed. Please, God, please! Don't let this just be a sexy, torturous tease. I love it when he slides his big cock all over my wet lips, but I hate it too. It's great how he shows his total domination over me like this, forcing me to beg for it like the cock-hungry slut I am, but dammit, I NEED that cock, and NOW! Please Lord, let him plow all the way in with one glorious thrust! Please! Spear me, Son! Plow me! Deep! Mommy lives for this!

Xania pulled her fingers out of Susan, and also stopped tonguing Brenda's anus. With Alan's arrival at the mothers' rears, Xania got up and stopped by the adjacent bathroom to quickly wash up first. She didn't want where her tongue had just been to limit where it might go next.

Alan bided his time until Xania returned by teasing Susan's labia with his erection in exactly the way she both loved and hated. But she loved it a lot more than hated it, because she knew he wouldn't just tease her and then leave her hanging. She continued to beg him to impale himself inside her, but usually more with the extreme neediness of her moans than with actual words.

A minute later, Xania was back. She dropped down and turned her full attention to Alan's stiffness. She held it and guided it up and down Susan's soaked pussy lips some more. She wanted Susan to know just what was about to come.

Susan moaned with unabashed delight. "Oh! Oh God! YEEESSSSS!"

Then Xania licked her way up and down his shaft. Using her personal nickname for her tongue, she thought, Boy, The Snake is really getting a workout today!

Susan wailed, "Is that the sound of cock licking? I'm sure it is! Brenda, our mystery woman is licking Master's cock as he teases my pussy!"

Brenda grunted loudly with approval.

Susan's entire body writhed with lusty need. "Who are you?! No, wait! I like it better that I don't know!"

Alan was obviously eager to get fucking, but her tongue work felt so great that he decided he could hold off a little longer.


Susan was soon reduced to abject begging and whimpering. But she was beyond making sense by this point, aside from shouting out an occasional "Please!" or "Have mercy!"

Xania continued to hold his stiff rod in such a way that it kept sliding up and down Susan's pussy lips. Then, as she licked her way up and around his cockhead for the fifth or sixth time, she licked her way up Susan's pussy lips, all the way to her clit. Then she slowly licked back down to the base of his shaft, having to avoid her own sliding fingers on the way back there.

"Oh Gaawwwd!" Susan squealed. "YES! YES!" Another orgasm washed through her.

"What's happening?!" Brenda asked. Her sexual heat was cooling off some, now that no one was deliberately doing anything to her, aside from the stray hand here and there.

Susan tried valiantly to get her shit together enough to explain. "It's... I don't know! Whoever it is... she's licking Tiger's fat cock, and my hot cunt too! UH! God! She's still just warming him up so he can stick it in me! SO... SO HOT!"

Alan nearly guffawed at that, because the idea his erection needed to be "warmed up" before fucking his sexy mother was so patently absurd. It was only his impressive PC muscle control that was stopping him from cumming already, and he hadn't even started fucking yet. He feared he wasn't going to last much longer, pretty much no matter what he did.

Xania could tell Brenda would be disappointed to find out she wasn't going to be the next taken in any hole. So Xania brought a hand up and plunged a couple of fingers into Brenda's tight slit. She correctly figured some fingerfucking would mollify Brenda, at least for a while.

Brenda naturally squealed like a stuck pig. YESSSS! What a great day! What a great life! Some sexy woman is playing with my pussy, and I don't even know who it is! But she's one of Master's sluts, and that's all that matters. And Master is about to fuck his mommy, and I'm a part of it! I could just die of sheer joy right now!

Susan continued to gasp, "What's really hot... I don't... don't know... who it is!"

Brenda gasped back her best guess, based on the tongue length. "Suzanne!"

Susan exclaimed, "OH GOD! Suze! Yes!" She knew Suzanne didn't like her name shortened, but that was the best she could do as she still struggled just to breathe.

Xania was delighted to be misidentified. When she'd licked Susan's pussy in previous encounters, she had to be careful not to give away how truly long her tongue was. Now, she licked Susan again, only this time she made a big show doing the special things only an unusually long tongue like hers could do. She figured that would cause Susan to conclude Brenda's identification was right, since Xania's tongue was only a tad longer than Suzanne's. Later, Xania could give both of them another surprise when she revealed who she really was.

They could have kept up like that for some time, but Alan was eager to fuck. As Xania kept sliding his cockhead up and down Susan's pussy, he simply started to press in. Before long, a good inch was inside.

Susan thought, YES! YES! It's finally starting! This is gonna be SO GREAT! Not only is my cutie Tiger gonna fuck me, but Brenda's on top of me, trapping me under her busty body, and Suzanne is licking me good! How could I be more totally helpless and humiliated?! Incest is the BEST! I feel so wanton and wicked and DOMINATED! If only my parents could see me now. HA! Or my "husband," although Tiger will always be my one and only soulmate. It's so good, I'm gonna die! Death by fucking!

Alan had his hands on Susan's ass to gain some purchase as he pushed his erection in a couple more inches. But after his bulbous cockhead squeezed in, he had another idea, and held onto Brenda's fabulously plush ass cheeks instead. It wasn't as effective, but it at least partially included Brenda in the fucking, and he considered that more important.

Xania was getting increasingly squeezed out of the picture, and with less and less cock left to play with, she removed herself from her position altogether. She kissed Alan briefly, and whispered, "I'm gonna go have fun on the other end of this yummy fuck sandwich."

"Go for it," he whispered back.

Xania walked away.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Susan repositioned, so Susan was lying face up with Brenda on all fours above her.

He reinserted himself into his mother. He pushed steadily until he was fully sheathed in her. His thickness slid alongside her cervix and then into her fornix.

Susan cried out "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEAAAEEEE!" as she exploded into orgasm.

She'd had a lot of mind-blowing climaxes lately, but this one was one of the best. It wasn't that it was the most powerful, but it seemed to simply go on forever. She was practically vibrating all over, she was so profoundly affected by her son being balls-deep in her.


What made it all the better was that halfway through, Susan's eyes locked with Brenda's. The joyous non-verbal communication that passed through them could have filled a book, and drew them even closer emotionally. They were rapidly becoming as good friends as Susan and Suzanne were with each other, mostly bonded by their love and submissive lust for Alan.

To Alan, it felt like his boner was being aggressively milked by his mother's talented pussy, but it wasn't really. It was just that she was cumming and cumming, so her pussy walls were clenching spasmodically, sometimes practically crushing his hardness with fierce jerky movements. It was a struggle just to endure that without cumming himself, so he hadn't even started to thrust.

He happened to look up towards his mother's face, and noticed something on her big boobs. Wait, is that my cum? No, it's leaking out of her nipples! What the heck?! Oh yeah, I totally forgot she's lactating. But why is some milk dribbling out now, when it wasn't doing that a couple of minutes ago? I'll have to ask her about that later.

Xania could see Susan's entire body was still trembling, but she didn't realize that meant Susan was still cumming. It had been a couple of minutes already, and women just didn't orgasm continuously that long (or so she thought). She was getting antsy for more action in this overheated sex cauldron, so she walked around to Susan's head, and gently ran her fingers down Susan's face, hoping to get Susan to eat her out while getting fucked by her son.

Susan tried to look behind to see who was caressing her, but she was in no shape to tilt her head enough to look into Xania's face (and Brenda didn't notice Xania either). But just from looking at Xania's lower body, she could tell who she was. Xania was fair-skinned, but not as pale as Suzanne, and she had the same large Amazonian build Suzanne had, ruling out other fair-skinned beauties like Amy.

"Xania!" she gasped. She assumed Xania had just been added to the mix and Suzanne was still somewhere on her other end. The surprising thought that yet another voluptuous beauty was joining in their mini-orgy was more than she could take. She was already cumming, and she simply passed out altogether.

Xania snapped her fingers in front of Susan's eyes. When there was no immediate response, she looked sheepishly at Alan, catching his eye. "Um, kiddo, I think you killed her. Seriously though, she's passed out."

"Yeah," he grunted. "She's gone limp on this end too." He was disappointed, because her orgasm and her resulting unpredictable pussy clenching had come to a sudden and unexpected halt as well. Shoot! My fucking of her seems to be over for a while, before I could thrust all the way in and out even a single time. Still, just keeping my dick in her tight cunt feels pretty great. I'm balls-deep in Mom! I swear, that simple realization will give me goose bumps every single time!

Brenda was fairly out of it, but she finally looked up to see who was standing in front of her. "Xania?!"


"That's me," Xania said proudly, striking a sexy side view pose for Brenda's sake. It was a nice bonus that Alan could see her too. She quipped, "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!"

Brenda was confused, especially since she didn't get the Scooby Doo reference.

Alan had a hearty laugh though.

Brenda asked, "So... Suzanne?"

Xania replied, "Nope. Just me."

"There's no Suzanne?"

To Xania's surprise, that was Susan's voice. Susan apparently had only passed out for less than a minute, and she was struggling to figure out what was going on and who was there.

Alan, still with his hands on Brenda's ample ass cheeks and his boner balls-deep in Susan's pussy, spoke up. "For clarity's sake, it's just me and Xania. Aunt Suzy was never here. I don't know where Brenda got that idea."

"Long... tongue..." a very winded Brenda panted.

Susan was blown away. "Tiger! You're so darn sneaky! I love it! It just goes to show... you... superior master... me, big-titted..." But her words trailed off, because she was still too overcome and distracted. She'd realized his cock was still deep in her pussy and not moving, and that didn't seem right. At the very least, she felt a powerful need to squeeze it, and she directed her attention to doing just that.

Xania could see her idea of getting her pussy licked was a non-starter. Susan was in no condition to do that on top of getting fucked, and bodies were arranged in such a way so that there was no easy way to put her pussy up to Brenda's face.

However, before she moved back to the other and more interesting end of the "fuck sandwich," she wanted to do one thing. She stepped forward, tilted Susan's head up, and rubbed her wet pussy onto Susan's face. Her fuzzy dark bush roughly rubbed against Susan's cheeks and nose.

Susan loved it. This is almost as much fun as getting cock-slapped! Xania's dominating me, and reminding me of my role as the family sex pet. Or, at least, one of the pets, which is even hotter! Everything's just too hot! It's like I'm dying in a sauna! I can't breathe! I'm literally being murdered by hot sex!

She was hardly willing to be dominated by anybody "not family," but Xania was the one person technically outside the harem she would let treat her like that. Xania's long friendship with Suzanne counted a lot with her, and she was hopeful that Xania would become a part of the harem before long.

Even though Susan's chest was heaving wildly, she valiantly tried to stick her tongue out and lick.

Xania appreciated the effort, but she knew she wasn't going to get much satisfaction that way. Susan had only just managed to reach her pussy lips. Instead, she stroked Susan's long dark brown hair, and said, "You're special. A real treasure. I love you."

That's odd, Xania thought. I just said "I love you." Where did that come from? Did I mean it? Frankly, I haven't said that and meant it for years. And I really only just met Susan recently. But I love everyone in this house, at least a little. Could I put on a collar and possibly find happiness here? I wish! But I know I'm too much of a wanderer.

Sad feelings threatened to overwhelm her, so she focused her thoughts on others. Still, Susan's so kind and sweet, what's not to love? And she's such a sexual dynamo! My God, she's been fucked half to death, and she's STILL trying to lick me!

She gave Susan a full-on loving kiss, despite the fact that Susan's head was still upside down. Then she pulled away and walked around the corner of the bed to where Alan was.


Xania considered her options. The situation was a bit crowded near Alan's crotch, and it would be hard for her to do much there once he finally started vigorously thrusting in and out. She wanted to play with Brenda's pussy, since Brenda hadn't been doing much more than lie on top of Susan for a while now. So she asked, "Brenda, do you think you could get back into a sixty-nine?"

Still a little groggy, Brenda replied, "Um, yeah. With some help."

Brenda was still recovering from the seemingly endless climax she'd had during her spanking, so she struggled trying to get into position.

Fortunately, Xania was as strong as she was big and tall, and she basically picked Brenda up like a suitcase, turned her around in mid-air, and then gently set her back down on Susan. (She could have placed her elsewhere on the bed, but she liked the "fuck sandwich" a lot.) She also moved Susan a bit so Susan's head wasn't hanging off the bed. Now, Brenda's pussy was directly over Susan's face.

That enabled Xania to get between Brenda's legs and lick from Brenda's asshole, down her sensitive perineum, and to her pussy. Brenda was perfectly positioned for Xania to lick at the bottom of her pussy lips while Susan licked at Brenda's clit.


Rather remarkably, Susan managed to find the energy to do that, although she could only muster up a lick every now and then, because she was otherwise occupied. Mentally, she was far more focused on the stiff cock still throbbing in her pussy, and she was doing the utmost to work her vagina to please her son and master.

That became her entire world once he decided she'd recovered enough for some more fucking. At first, he merely flexed his boner inside her. His control over his PC muscle didn't just allow him to stave off climaxes, it also caused his cock to twitch with each contraction.

Just one such twitch resulted in a dramatic reaction. Susan's entire body jerked and tightened. Her splayed legs unconsciously lifted up and wrapped themselves around his hips, drawing him deeper into her. Her back arched and her head tilted back. Even so, Brenda's weight was still on her, so when she opened her mouth wide to gasp and groan for air, her lips grazed against Brenda's clit. Her eyes were wide open with shock and lust, and her hands desperately clutched at the bed sheets. Her pussy spasmed and flooded her senses with carnal joy.

And that was just from one flex of Alan's erection!

"Mommy, I'm home!" he said lovingly yet matter-of-factly. He was acting out their mutual fantasy that he would greet her daily with a powerful fucking, the way other people would come home with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Such. A. Good. SON!" Susan groaned as she struggled to get enough air into her lungs.

Then he finally started to properly fuck her.

Susan felt like she'd already run 25 miles of a 26-mile marathon, but still had one more mile to run before she crossed the finish line. It wasn't just the intense spanking and the other great things that had happened since Alan and Xania had arrived, it was everything she and Brenda had done before that as well. But, just like a long distance runner, she reached within for a second wind and surprised herself with renewed strength.

She began to fuck back, churning her hips with fierce determination.

As he repeatedly thrust deeply into her, she clenched her teeth and thought, Tiger's my fucking master! I've gotta rise to the occasion. No half-assed, second best for him! Gotta fuck! Be the best mommy fuck I can! Make it GOOD! Ugh! Make it GREAT! Yeah! UH! God, so good!

As the profound pleasure of fucking spread through her, her energy level soared even more. Her thoughts sharpened, and the more she took stock of her situation, the more aroused she became. Tiger's not clutching my ass for support, he's clutching Brenda's shoulders! What a total STUD! And Xania? God only knows what she's doing, but it's probably unbelievably sexy! And yet he's fucking ME, his busty mommy! I have to do better! I feel like I'm about to black out again, but I can't keep passing out. I'm gonna churn on his cock like I'm churning butter!

Alan was thinking, Damn, man! I thought this would be a lazy and slow fuck until Mom recovered, but she's having none of that. It's like she's possessed! Ugh! And she's so TIGHT! Do I have a great mom, or what?

Brenda had a front row seat to the action. Because she was shorter and also pulled down so her crotch was over Susan's head, her face wasn't near Susan's pussy. But if she lifted her head a little she could look up and watch the fucking. In fact, the fucking rhythm was steadily shaking her entire body as well.

Seeing Alan's throbbing pole sliding in and out of Susan's spasming pussy was only an occasionally fascinating distraction for her though, because Xania was going to town on her pussy. Xania was proving yet again just how long her tongue was as she probed deeply into Brenda's pussy over and over again. Brenda was always quick to orgasm and a copious gusher in general, so the expert tongue-lashing Xania was delivering was making her delirious with a steady stream of climaxes. Brenda could squirt when she really got going, and she was squirting now.

Xania didn't know Brenda was a squirter, and just laughed with glee as she got sprayed. Wow! This place, these people...! Wow! Brenda's a marvel. I wish I could do that. What's she gonna do next, shit blocks of gold?!

Xania kept her hands on Brenda and Susan, not just for physical support, but also to feel the tremors of the continuous "fuck quake" taking place next to her. From that, she could sense how Alan's thrusting was building up to a feverish, hard-drive pace.

She didn't know if he was going to cum yet or not. True, he's got extraordinary stamina, but just think about everything he's been through since we came into this room! I've had at least five great climaxes, and the other two have climaxed beyond counting. But I know Susan's already half dead, and another big orgasm would just about kill her. It would certainly knock her out of action for a while. I used to think the women were what made this harem really special, but Alan definitely has some mad sex skills!

She wanted Brenda to reach a similarly high peak, so when she felt the other two were getting close, she suddenly pulled her tongue out of Brenda's pussy and spiked it deeply into Brenda's anus.

That actually was the trigger for Susan too, because Brenda arched like her entire body was a tightly strung bow, and then screamed like a wild banshee. Susan was powerfully affected by that, since Brenda was right on top of her. She'd been trying to hold out for her son, but she couldn't endure through what Brenda was doing. Her next orgasm hit her like a bomb, detonating at her crotch but then sending shock waves through her entire body.

Alan and Susan desperately clutched each other as their hips continued to churn. But while the fucking sensations were great for both of them, Susan had been on her last sexual legs for a while, and he was just hitting his stride. As a result, he made it through all her insanely arousing pussy clenches and spasms without cumming, but she came so hard that she very nearly passed out again. She went limp and fell silent, which momentarily worried him.

Brenda fared somewhat better, since Susan had often been the recent focus while she had mainly just lay on top of her. Brenda came very hard, certainly, but also just managed not to pass out.

Alan thought he'd made it past his immediate urge to cum, and thus would be able to recover for another round, but he wasn't quite out of the woods. With Susan all but fainting on him again, he relaxed his usual PC muscle clenching. At the same time, he looked up and around at the others for the first time in a while. That was a mistake. The sight of Brenda's, Susan's, and Xania's nude bodies all at once hit him like an unexpected and powerful pussy squeeze.

Suddenly, he was past the point of no return, and no amount of clenching could save him. It seemed a waste to cum inside Susan given how out of it she seemed to be, so he quickly pulled out and aimed in the general direction of both Brenda and Susan.

Brenda got most of it because she was on top, but only at first.

Susan stirred, realizing what was happening. Her desire for her son's cum was so great that she felt a sudden surge of energy. She very quickly managed to get out from under Brenda and sit up.

Xania also realized there was no reason for her to just stand by, and threw herself onto the bed.

Within seconds, all three of the busty babes were lined up and pressed together, ready to take his cum.

Alan was on cloud nine, firing his jets of cum here, and there, and everywhere. Six tits and three faces created a large "can't-miss" target. All three women had such a powerful hunger for his cum that they stuck their tongues out as far as they could manage. (Xania naturally won that "contest" quite easily.) That made Alan feel like he was a mama bird feeding his baby birds.


At first, he didn't think he was going to expel a particularly large load, but, inspired by his multiple targets, he just kept on firing and firing and firing. Xania and Brenda were able to pull closer to him, leaving Susan in between but somewhat behind them. However, he tried to make up for that by mainly aiming for his mother. He wound up distributing the cum quite nicely and fairly between the three of them.

But the fun didn't end when he ran out of cum. Their six enormous tits were already pressing against each other as the beautiful ladies jockeyed for position, and soon they were smearing their cum-covered tits together, just for the pure joy of it. With their faces cummy as well, they kissed and licked and rubbed each other.

Oh man! he thought. He stroked his erection. He knew it wouldn't be erect much longer, but he was still able to get a few last squirts to dribble out. Man oh man oh man! What a sight! Does my life fuckin' rock, or what?! I especially love the pearly white splattered on the two black collars. The only thing that could make that vision even better is if Xania were wearing one, so I could cum all over that one too!

Susan made her usual erotic "MMMM!" noises, over and over.

And at one point, Brenda muttered between her moans, "Mmmm! Master's sperm! The BEST! So yummy! Mmmm! Master... Love you... so much!" She usually was shy about confessing her loving feelings for him, but she was so far gone in her orgasmic lust that she didn't even realize she'd said that out loud.

Xania heard that, and as she licked a particularly big gob off of Brenda's face, she thought, Dammit, it IS "so yummy!" You can't even call this cum; it's more like some kind of sweet and creamy dessert. Definitely fruity. Yum!

She licked up a long streak along Brenda's left cheek, and savored it as she swallowed it. ... Damn! Tasty! It's like there's some kind of cosmic conspiracy to get me to join this damn harem. I could easily find myself licking these sexy faces clean on a daily basis!

She licked Brenda's face a bit more, and then Susan's, and then tilted her head downward and licked a cum gob right off Susan's black collar. I wonder what he eats, to produce cum that delicious. He must be living off nothing but pure honey or something. And these damn collars! I wish I could try one on and see myself in the mirror... No! I can't think like that! Am I losing my mind? I swear, this place is like some kind of... I don't know what... Too addictive... Phew! I need to get out of here from time to time, just to clear my head!

Alan flopped down on the bed, a bit away from the others. He was too weak to stand, and even sitting seemed like a chore at the moment.

The three women suddenly lost all their energy, and wound up lying side by side by side. There was still a lot of cum on their faces, and even more smeared all over their hefty racks, but their desire seemed to deflate along with his fading attention, not to mention his rapidly shrinking penis.

Susan and Brenda were both completely exhausted, while Xania remained in much better shape. True, she was sweaty and a bit winded, but she didn't look or feel wiped out like the others did.

He rested his head on Xania's tummy, and thought, Whoa! That was one satisfying fuck! Well, if I can even call it a fuck. Fucking Mom's pussy was just one small part of it. More like an orgy. It seems like years since I came last. Whoa, I've been holding out since the blowjob Xania gave me in the parking lot, and before. Boy, my dick needed that!

He thought about raising his head so he could admire his women in all their cum-stained glory, but that required too much energy. Instead, he reached out and ran a hand along Susan's leg, reaching across Xania to do so. I love you, Mom. You make all this happen. Thank God you're submissive and willing to share. If any of my friends could see me with three naked, super-stacked, total babes like this... Well, forget my friends. This is so beyond them. Even Sean would be blown away, and he's had sex with Xania! Hell, I'm blown away! These three and Suzanne are definitely in a special class of perfect mature and voluptuous bodies.

Time passed. Susan woke up again, but barely moved, and kept her eyes closed. She did fondly pat her son's hand whenever he lazily stroked her thigh though. (He spent more time stroking Xania's strong legs, since they were closer.)

As she laid there, seemingly zonked out, she muttered in a slurred voice, "Brenda, Xania... Tiger recently came up with a new term for when he fucks one of us into oblivion: 'total destruction fuck.' THAT... was a classic example!"

Not surprisingly, Brenda was very impressed. "Oooh! 'Total destruction fuck'! I love the sound of that. Is that when he fucks you and fucks you, and keeps on fucking you even after you came super hard, and yet he still pounds you deeper and harder and faster, and you beg for mercy, but he doesn't listen, and you worry that you're really going to lose your mind, and he STILL doesn't listen, and he keeps on nailing you, taming you, jack-hammering into you until you reach some kind of incredible erotic nirvana?"

"Exaaaactly!" Susan said with a smug and satisfied smile.

Brenda beamed while she laid there too. "Those are the best, aren't they? That alone makes being his sex slave totally worth it!"

"You said it, sister," Susan muttered sleepily.

Xania thought, God damn! They're making a scary amount of sex. I have felt exactly that way with him, like the time he fucked me outside by the pool. And who else has fucked me that good, that intensely? Nobody. And I've been fucked by a lot of guys! This really is the place to be.

Then Alan finally stirred some more. He sat up and said, "If I smell as bad as I feel, I need to take a shower."

To everyone's surprise, Brenda sat up too, and asked, "Master, can I come with you?"

"Well, sure, I guess," he replied uncertainly. "But aren't you still really tired?" He didn't want to be rude about it, but she looked worse than just tired. Her short hair was sticking up every which way, or else matted down with sweat.

She responded, "Yes, but this'll probably be my only chance to be with you today, and I want to make the most of it. The only reason I can come here at all is because Anika took Adrian out for several hours of Christmas shopping."

That startled Alan, both because any mentions of Adrian made him feel guilty, and because it was his first reminder that the Christmas shopping season had started. His life was so sex-focused lately, he rarely watched TV or paid much attention to the news.

However, he also wanted to spend more time with Brenda, so he held out his hand and pulled her up. "Very well. Since you so selflessly insist, I shall accept."

Brenda blushed, demurring, "Not selflessly, Master. Slavishly."

He smiled, and bent down to kiss her neck. But he thought, Man, this whole having a slave thing takes some serious getting used to! I mean, technically, she's not the only one, but the others are kind of playing around and she really means it. She thinks it's her duty, or something. I just don't understand her.

He led Brenda to the bathroom down the hall instead of the one attached to Susan's bedroom, for greater privacy.

After they left, Xania slowly stood up, very deliberately folded her arms under her impressive 38Gs, and stared wolfishly at Susan. With a lascivious grin, she purred, "I think it's high time you and I have another therapy session. It would seem we have much to... discuss..."

Susan opened her eyes and shivered with anticipation.


Olga happened to be walking down a hallway through her house after coming from the bathroom when she saw Christine coming the other way with a suitcase in her hand.

Christine looked exactly like she was sneaking off, because she was. She froze with a "busted" expression of her face when she saw Olga in her way.

Olga joked, "What do we have here? Are you running away to join the circus?"

Christine sighed, realizing she had to deal with her mother now. "No, of course not. I'm just... I'm going to hang out with a couple of my girl friends."

"Oh? Interesting. I didn't even know that you HAVE girl friends that you see socially out of school. Let's move to the kitchen and talk about this."

Realizing she didn't have much choice, especially since she was close to her mother and stayed on good terms with her, Christine left the suitcase where it was and went with Olga to the kitchen.

Once they were both sitting on counter stools, Christine said, "This is kind of a new thing for me, but I'm starting to develop some quality friendships."

"Good for you. Who are they?"

"Amy and Katherine." Christine looked away sheepishly.

Olga's eyes widened. Had she been drinking something, she would have spat it out in shock. "What?! THE Amy?! Your rival?! And THE Katherine, Alan's sister? The two who were here the other night?"


"Yeah, those are the ones." Christine continued to look away.

(The original plan had been to do the make-over with Amy and Simone, but after Simone left unexpectedly, Amy had suggested bringing in Katherine instead. So that was the new plan.)

Olga broke into a curious grin. "This is... interesting, to say the least. 'Bizarre' is more like it. Do you care to explain? And what's with the suitcase?"

Christine defiantly made eye contact. "I know it's hard for you to understand, because, admittedly, it is kind of bizarre, but Amy and I aren't enemies, even though we both want the same guy. In fact, we're sort of friends now. Stranger still, the experience is actually drawing us even closer. The suitcase is because we're going to talk about fashion. They think I need a 'make-over.' They're going to go through my clothes and tell me what's fashionable and sexy and what's not. And since we're all fairly close to each other in size, they've even talked about loaning me some of their stuff until I have time to buy more of my own."

Olga frowned and stared intently at her daughter as she tried to sort this out. "Huh. The plot thickens. I don't know what to think about that. Unless... it could be a clever move on Amy's part: pretend to be friendly so she can give you all the wrong advice and cause you to wear less appealing clothes." She decided that had to be the only explanation. "Wow. Pretty clever!"

Christine said, "It's not like that at all. Believe me. First off, think about my current clothes and how much I cover myself up. They're hardly sexy or appealing. Why wouldn't Amy just have me continue to wear that? Anything new or different I wear is only going to be more revealing and thus sexier."

Olga grunted. "Huh. Good point."

"Besides, Katherine is going to be there too, and our friendship has been growing lately. She's not going to stab me in the back. Give me some credit; I'm not a bad judge of character. Furthermore, you don't understand Amy at all. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's not even capable of scheming like that."

"Of course she is. Teenage girls can be vicious. Believe me, I know, because I used to be one."

"Yeah, most girls can be like that, but not her. She's... unique. I don't mean to sound harsh, but... to be honest... she's kind of an airhead. She's super nice, really, really nice, but... simple. She says exactly what she thinks all the time. You can read her like a book. She's truly incapable of a complicated, underhanded scheme. Heck, I can't remember her so much as saying a bad word about anybody. She even refrains from criticizing Heather, and you know how I and everyone else feel about her."

"She sounds too good to be true," Olga pointed out.

"She's just different. You know how some people are perpetually happy, always smiling and actually meaning it? She's one of those."

Olga complained, "Maybe so. She did come across like that in the very limited contact I've had with her. But she can't be such an airhead as to actually help you out, knowing that you're both competing for the same boy!"

Christine commented, "Maybe it's too harsh to call her an airhead. She just looks at things differently than most people, in a simple kind of way. Sure, she sees we're competing, but it's a friendly competition. She'll help me, but naturally I'll help her too in some way, later. So there's balance. The way she looks at it, why tear each other down? Why not make this into a positive experience so that we'll all come out of it better off, no matter who gets Alan in the end? And since she's taking that approach, how can I not too?"

Olga nodded with a wise look on her face. "Ah. I get it now. She's trying to let you down easy. She figures that she's going to win the battle for Alan's heart. As you've pointed out to me, she's got some serious advantages, such as the fact that she and Alan have been friends practically since birth. So she's killing you with kindness so she can win Alan without turning you into a dangerous enemy along the way. As the saying goes, 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.'"

Christine huffed, "It's not like that! I tell you, she's not even capable of Machiavellian thinking. I wish you could get to know her; then you'd understand. She's really, well... NICE! She's so pure-hearted that it makes me want to be a better person."

Olga was highly skeptical. "I don't know about that. I must confess that I find this Amy girl very perplexing. I don't understand her at all, if what you say is true. But if she's as nice, positive, and pure-hearted as you say, that's got to be very appealing for a guy like Alan."

Christine waved her arms in agitation. "I know! Believe me, I know! I can still like her and be worried that she's going to win his heart. Like I keep warning you, she's way ahead of me in this fight. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth!"

"That's too bad. At least I'm glad to hear that you understand you're in a competition. Don't be blinded by her charm offensive! Intentional or not, it's a winning approach. You've got to step up your efforts to compete with that."

"Tell me about it," Christine groused. "I know."

"Are you planning on seeing Alan again today?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I'll be meeting Amy and Katherine at Amy's house. As I've told you, she lives right next door to him - another key advantage. So, at some point, I'll probably just go with Katherine back to her house and see Alan there. Then, who knows? Maybe he and I will go out and do something. Go to the beach, perhaps?"

"The beach?! You know what that means: bikini! You should definitely lure him to the beach. Now that I think about it, you went to the beach with him a few weeks ago, right?"

"I did."

"Right. Good. But I recall you telling me that you wore a one-piece. Today you'll definitely need to wear a bikini, just like you did with him yesterday. Only you can't wear the same one. You have to wow him even more! I've seen Amy and I know she's a pretty girl, but you're prettier. Yes, I'm your mother and I'm biased, but it's undeniable that you're drop-dead gorgeous! You have the face of a movie star AND the kind of curvy figure that makes boys like Alan lose their minds!"

"MoooOOOOoooom!" Christine scoffed, since she had trouble handling compliments.

"It's true. Amy has certain advantages, I must admit, but that means you've got to make full use of your own advantages. Don't just go to a crowded beach. Get him somewhere alone so you can get kissy-kissy and touchy-feely with him, like you did yesterday. Only even more so!"

Christine raised her hands in agitation. "MOM! Please! Are you trying to embarrass me as much as humanly possible?!"

Olga smirked and smiled. "Yes! And since I've admitted that, I'll also say that you can't afford to be shy. You need to take the carrot-and-stick approach. Let him play with your big round carrots while you play with his stick!"

Christine covered her face with both hands. "MoooOOOOoooom! I can't believe you just said that! Consider me traumatized for life!"

Olga put a hand on her shoulder. "Oh, come on. Don't be such a prude. Where did you get your prudish attitude, anyway? Certainly not from me. We have to face facts. You're not just in a fight; you're in an all-out war! You've decided that Alan is the one, the man you love, and I agree that you've made a fine choice. So you can't let him get away!"

Christine uncovered her face and said with determination, "Believe me, I won't! I'm determined!" She stared with fierce resolve, even raising her fist and shaking it. She sincerely meant it.

"Nice. But talk is cheap. You need action! She has the emotional advantage, but you have the physical advantage. Boys Alan's age are a bundle of horny hormones. A sexy approach can win the day, IF you don't waffle and overthink this like you sometimes do. Just do it! Go for it! Let your hair down and have some fun while you're at it! Sex is a wonderful thing that's meant to be enjoyed."

Christine sighed heavily. "I'm trying, Mom; I'm trying. But it's not easy for me. I'm new to all this. And as I found out yesterday, when I do let my hair down, it unleashes all kinds of powerful feelings and drives that I can barely control. Girls my age are a bundle of horny hormones too, and I'm no exception. It's just that I've kept all that bottled up until now."

"You'll have to strike the right balance, somewhere between 'prudish' and 'slutty.' That's a problem every girl has to deal with. Right now, it so happens we need to push you a lot further towards the slutty side."


"What? You know it's true. You're about to leave for a make-over with your rival and your boyfriend's sister because you know how true it is. Why is it you can turn to them for help, but you can't turn to me?"

"Because it's way too weird talking to you about this. I swear I'm going to need years of therapy just to get over your carrot-and-stick comment!"

Olga looked annoyed and chagrined. "Surely you jest."

"I do, but kind of not too. There are certain things it's just too hard to talk to you about, you know? You're my mom. I'm too embarrassed to even talk to Aunt Kirsten about most of this. That's why it's good to have someone like Katherine as a friend."

"I'm glad about that development. But still, I wish I could help you in some way. I know you. Once you pick a man, he's gonna be IT! You're not just another girl dating a little bit here and a little bit there; you're dead serious. You're putting your heart on the line. Which means that if it doesn't work out, you're going to be totally heartbroken. I can't just stand by and watch that happen, and let Amy win."

She unexpectedly pointed at Christine's shirt. "Are you leaving here wearing that?"

Christine looked down at herself. "Yeah. Why? Is there something wrong with it?" She checked for stains.

"No, not if you're trying to look as bland as possible. Nice job, completely covering up your cleavage. You're going to be right next door to Alan, and you might not get a chance to change into something better before you see him. So wear something casual yet very sexy."

Christine looked glum. "I don't have anything 'casual yet very sexy,' especially if it's something he hasn't seen before. That's the problem. That's why I need new clothes."

"I'll tell you what. Let's go to my bedroom. You can borrow something of mine. I'll help you learn to walk the fine line between 'sexy' and 'slutty.' We can talk about that kind of thing without you dying of shame, can't we?"

"Yeah, sure. As long as we leave all the carrot-and-stick talk out of it."

"It's a deal. Although... I suspect that Alan has a particularly big 'stick.' I couldn't help but notice that at the hospital yesterday, not to mention when you two were going at it hot and heavy by the pool later on."

"MoooOOOOoooom! Seriously, stop! Just... STOP! I can't win Alan's heart if you literally embarrass me to death first!"

Olga chuckled. "You're so easy to wind up that I just can't resist. Like I said, he IS a fine choice." She winked knowingly. "But anyway, let's go upstairs." She began to walk away.

Christine sighed. Mom. Ugh! I love her, but sometimes I want to strangle her! She meddles too much. Still, she's just saying what I've already been thinking. I DO need to push myself out of my comfort zone. I'm confident that I'll get some private time with Alan before the day is over. "Winning" against Amy isn't going to happen, period. But how far am I willing to go in order to... God, I can't believe I'm saying this, but how far am I willing to go to secure my place as one of his girlfriends?

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