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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 138
Ready for Love
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Christine was feeling tense and nervous. She got out of her car, suitcase in hand, and looked up at the Pestridge house. That made her even more nervous, so much so that she had to psych herself up.


People say I've got a stick up my butt, and maybe they're right a lot of the time. But if there's one thing I have, it's willpower! I'm the one in control of myself, and I WILL master my emotions! Besides, what am I scared about? I'm just going to hang out with a couple of friends and talk about clothes. It'll be fun! What's the problem?

She looked down at herself. She was determined to meet Alan later. There were no specific plans yet, but he had agreed to the general idea of spending time with her. She knew that if she hung out at the Pestridge house, it would be easy for her to go next door to see him, or for him to come over to see her. As a result, she'd gone all out with her clothes and appearance. Knowing he was a tit-man, she was showing more cleavage than she'd ever before shown in public, except for her 'practice dates' with Alan.

She was wearing an old top she'd borrowed from her mother Olga. It was so revealing that it caused her discomfort, but her mother had been insistent and, eventually, convincing.

Christine thought, I wish I had the guts to wear a tank top, or even a bikini! Heck, I know Alan would turn to putty if I could find an excuse to strut around in a bikini. But this low-cut top and short skirt is the best I can manage. I already feel like I might as well be naked! I mean, I want to attract him, but I still have to keep my self-respect.

She looked down at her suitcase. It was full of clothes, because she was planning to talk about fashion with Amy and Katherine, and they'd told her to bring her sexiest outfits. She thought, The problem is, this is the first step towards seeing Alan later in the day! In a matter of hours, he's gonna be kissing me and doing God knows what else to me. Based on what happened yesterday, I could very well end up naked and even touching his... penis! I want to! But if that's not scary, what is?!

It's not that I didn't love what we did yesterday, but where does it end?! Am I a fool to even think about being with him again when he has all those other girlfriends? Maybe I should just turn around right now!

With a heavy sigh, she walked closer towards the front door.

Christine had been so focused on her issues with Alan that she'd avoided thinking about how the Pestridge house was where not just Amy lived, but Suzanne too. However, that fact hit her like a punch in the gut after she rang the doorbell and the door opened to reveal Suzanne standing there.

She'd seen and talked to Suzanne as recently as yesterday, when she'd visited this house for the strategy meeting on what to do with Ryan's gang that ironically took place just before the fight. She'd liked Amy's mother then, but now that she'd found out that Alan and Suzanne were having sex, her opinion of Suzanne had totally changed.

She narrowed her eyes and gave Suzanne the kind of hateful, withering look she normally only saved for Heather.


But Suzanne stood there smiling and friendly, apparently oblivious to the look being directed her way. "Oh, hi, Christine. Amy said you'd be coming. Let me go get her."

Christine suppressed her true feelings towards Amy's mother, even managing a smile, although not a very convincing one. "Hi, Mrs. Pestridge. Thanks. That would be great."

Suzanne turned toward the stairs and shouted, "Aaaaaimmmy! Hooooney Pie! Christine is here!" Then she turned back. Looking at Christine's suitcase, she said jovially, "Looks like you're moving in."

Christine's face clouded over again as she thought, As IF! As if I would ever live in a den of vice and twisted sexual debauchery like YOU do! How can you have sex with your daughter's boyfriend, and just stand there and smile like you're a normal person?! You should be ashamed of yourself!

But again, she managed to catch herself and say, "Yeah. Uh, they want to look over my clothes, for some reason." BITCH!

She looked at Suzanne's outfit and thought, What do I have to do?! I'm practically standing here naked, and yet I'm STILL overdressed compared to this shameless harlot! I could hide a golf club or two in her cleavage! She scowled. (In fact, she was showing off only a small fraction less cleavage than Suzanne.)

Suzanne couldn't miss the thinly-veiled animosity, not to mention the way Christine was shifting her feet back and forth like she couldn't stand to be there. But she continued to ignore it and be courteous. In truth, she wanted some brief time alone with Christine to talk to her and help defuse the tension. She knew that retaining an unruffled and apparently unaware exterior was the best counter to Christine's obvious challenge.

She continued to project a welcoming and friendly demeanor, even if she didn't quite smile. She said frankly, "Christine, I know you're upset with me. And I know that you now know I'm having sex with Alan. But I would like to be your friend, not your enemy. Everybody speaks very highly of you, and rightfully so. I know you're angry now, but I hope that in time you'll come to see that I don't have horns or a forked tail."

Christine was relieved. She liked to speak her mind, and wasn't good at hiding her true emotions. She exhaled angrily, "How can you? How can you do that?! Having sex with the same boy as your own daughter! It's SICK!"

To Christine's dismay, she saw Amy coming down the stairs just as she finished saying that. She thought it was unlucky timing, not realizing that the entire encounter had been carefully planned out in advance, with Amy listening just out of view, ready to come downstairs before things could get too heated.

Suzanne replied patiently, "And yet it's no secret that you'd like to have sex with him too. Not that that's anything to be ashamed of, but it's a fact. All one has to do is see how you look at him when you're near him to know that you two share a special spark. So, why is what I'm doing so much worse than what you'd like to do?"

By this time, Amy was down the stairs and almost upon them. Suzanne's answer had greatly flustered Christine, but even so Christine continued defiantly, "It just IS! Obviously, because you're her mother! Not to mention that you're twice his age!"

Amy walked right up to Christine with a big smile and gave her a hug. "Hi, girl!" Then she stood next to Suzanne and hugged her from the side so she could face Christine at the same time. "I heard some of what you were talking about. I don't see what the big deal is. I love my Mom, I love Alan, and I love that we can share him. I know you might think that's kinda weird, and that's your right, but please don't be mad at us."

Christine wanted to lash out angrily, but being mad at Suzanne was one thing while being mad at Amy was another thing altogether. Amy was just so cute, loving, and innocent that it was nearly impossible to yell at her. Amy and Suzanne had cleverly turned this into a Suzanne-Amy issue instead of allowing Christine to focus all her ire on Suzanne alone, and that totally changed things.

Christine was temporarily speechless as she tried to sort it all out. Amy and Suzanne looked so happy in their hug that she felt like a prudish stick-in-the-mud, like one of the villains in the movie "Footloose."

Amy added, "I'm not asking you to be totally psyched about what Mom and I are doing already, but just sleep on it for a while, m'kay? I mean, you do like that I'm keen on sharing Alan, or you wouldn't have a chance to be with him too, right? So put yourself in my shoes. Who would you I rather share him with: a woman I totally love, like my Mom" - she turned to Suzanne and beamed at her as she gave her an extra squeeze - "or someone kinda icky like Heather?"

Suzanne and Amy had talked about how to best deal with Christine's likely objections, and they'd come up with some clever ways to push her buttons, including knowing when to mention Heather.

Christine's eyes narrowed dangerously, as if Heather were in the room. She didn't say anything, but the point hit home that at least Suzanne was much better than Heather.

Christine was torn. She realized that she was being hypocritical to complain about Suzanne having sex with Alan when she wanted to do the exact same thing, and she absolutely hated being hypocritical. Her life had been relatively morally unambiguous until she'd started getting entangled with Alan, and she hated that change too. She was tempted to just turn around and leave. But the memories of what she and Alan had done the day before and the lure of getting to do that again later that day were just too strong.

Again, she was too flustered and conflicted to speak, but at least she kept standing there.

Suzanne suddenly pulled away from the hug with her daughter and said to Christine, "You must be thirsty. Let me get you something. Oh, and by the way, please call me 'Suzanne'; 'Mrs. Pestridge' makes me feel old." She ruefully added to herself, It also reminds me I'm still married to Eric. As she started to walk towards the kitchen, she said over her shoulder, "Do you like fruit juice?"

"Um, sure." Christine felt relieved to be able to fall into the comforting pattern of meaningless social niceties, instead of having to tangle with weighty moral issues. She exhaled, releasing some of her tension.

Amy stepped forward and gave her a big hug. "Thanks so much for coming, friend! I know this is kinda weird for you, maybe even super weird, but don't stress. We're gonna have a GREAT time today!" She could easily see Christine's surly mood and looks, but she was completely ignoring all that.

Christine felt surprisingly comforted by the hug. She really needed a hug, and good friends.

Amy loosened the hug, then looked at Christine's suitcase as if noticing it for the first time. "Oh! Cool! Super coolio! You brought your clothes! I can't wait to swap stuff. Look!" She pulled back and stood face to face, so close that her nipples were actually brushing against Christine's. "We're TOTALLY the same size!"


Before Christine could react to that, Amy grabbed her arm and pulled her deeper into the house. "Come on! Katherine's upstairs waiting for us. Let's have a nice drink and get started!"

Christine soon found herself sitting in the Pestridge dining room, drinking apple juice and eating cookies. Amy was chattering away happily, and Suzanne was serving them like some stereotypical housewife out of a 1950's sitcom. The difference was that Suzanne simply oozed sex appeal. Even though she was earnestly trying to tone down her sexiness for Christine's sake, she was only partially successful at best. The way she stood, bent over, walked - in fact, pretty much every move she made and had been making for years - had been carefully chosen to arouse.

Christine found the whole situation surreal. She occasionally gave Suzanne the evil eye when her back was turned, but she tried her best to not offend.

In fact, she was hardly able to get a word in edgewise since Amy was talking so much. That gave her a chance to think. I don't trust Amy's mom, not one bit. There's something about her that's just... evil. Okay, maybe "evil" is too strong a word, but there's something wrong about her. Look at her, carrying on like everything's perfectly peachy, when she's the Great Whore of Babylon!

Okay, maybe that's going too far too. Why am I so judgmental? I can't just sit up on my high horse and look down on everyone else. That'll only lead to loneliness. I need friends! Amy is lovable and so cute, even though she's quirky and clueless. Besides, I can't afford to make an enemy of her now by going nuclear over her mother. I need her help! In a matter of hours, I'm gonna be seeing Alan again! I don't even know when. Heck, he could call up and want to see me right away!

Suddenly, her heart was pounding wildly. What would I do?! It's practically a given that I'm going to wind up topless, if not completely naked, with his hands all over me like a hungry octopus. I've gotta be ready and willing to handle whatever happens.

He's so charming and tempting, but I don't have a clue about ANYTHING! I must be the world's most terrible kisser. He probably pities me, at best. And as for the rest, forget it! What's even worse is that book learning doesn't cut it. It's like trying to ride a bike. You can read about it all you want, but you won't get anywhere until you actually sit on one and wobble about and fall over a few times.

Her mouth suddenly went dry as she thought about sitting on Alan's erection and "wobbling" on it by sliding it back and forth against her pussy. She suddenly grasped the edge of the table, like she was afraid she'd fall out of her chair.

Get a grip, girl! Get a grip! Why is something like that so scary to me? I won a friggin' ten thousand dollar prize in the national science fair competition last year, and I'm worried about a little eight-inch penis? Come ON!


She looked at Suzanne, still puttering about in the adjacent kitchen, and then at Amy. Shit! Look at them! They're like... fashion models! Centerfolds! Movie stars, even! Especially Amy's mom. She may be acting like a housewife, but she can't help be anything other than who she is. It's like seeing Marilyn Monroe baking a cake. Who cares about what she's doing; she's Marilyn friggin' Monroe! How on Earth am I supposed to compete?!

She looked at the suitcase near her feet. My clothes are pathetic! Arrrgh! I'm so screwed!

Amy commented, "Hey, by the way, nice top! Is that yours?"

"No. I borrowed it from my mom." Christine looked down at herself, worried about how much skin she was showing.

"Cool. You should wear more stuff like that. It's super cleavage-y. Alan loves that kind of thing, as you've probably realized by now." Amy giggled. "If you remind him visually of how big and perfectly formed your boobies are, that'll make him all stiff and excited. And then you get to have the fun of taking care of that until he's stiff no more!" She was all smiles, as if that was great news that had to be shared.

Christine looked at Suzanne with concern. Sheesh! And I thought it was bad talking to my mom earlier! Why does Amy have to say that with her mother here?! As if it's not inappropriate-enough already! Talk about a giant elephant in the room: she probably heard that and now she's thinking about playing with his penis too! Just like her daughter. Ewww!

In fact, Suzanne had heard all of it. However, she expected Christine to have great trouble with the situation, so she pretended to be oblivious. She even excused herself and went back to the kitchen.

Once Suzanne was gone, Christine leaned forward and whispered, "Would you please not talk so explicitly? Especially when your mother might be close enough to hear!"

"Oh. Sorry." Amy appeared to be oblivious, as well as completely unfazed. However, she did refrain from more talk along those lines, for the moment.

To Christine's great relief, she and Amy finished their snacks quickly, then said good-bye to Suzanne. Suzanne mentioned she would be leaving for the rest of the afternoon, which pleased Christine even more. Then the two girls went upstairs to see what Katherine was up to.


Next door, Alan walked into the shower with Brenda more or less staggering in after him.

As he turned the shower on, Brenda fell to her knees, bowed her head, and said, "Master, how may this humble slave serve you?"

He examined her for a long moment, and said, "First of all, please stand up."

She did so. She was still so wiped out that she had a hard time getting back up, and he had to lend a hand.

Then he said, "Brenda, I know you mean well, but you're trying too hard. Rest! Recover. Relax. You look like you're about to collapse. I care about you. I can't enjoy myself if you're that miserable."

She was uncertain about how to react to that. She fell back into routine, and thrust her gigantic tits out while pinning her arms behind her back.

He regarded her while using the showerhead to get himself wet. "What are you doing?"

She replied stiffly, "I'm your slave, so I await your orders."

He contemplated her some more. Damn, it doesn't get any sexier than that, but I'm just not in the mood. I just came like five minutes ago, for crying out loud. Not like she'll think that's a problem though. I'm supposed to be superhuman or something.

He said, "Then let me give you a loving hug, not a sexy hug."

She held her arms out and let him wrap his arms around her.

He dropped the shower hose, but it flew around like a living creature before coming to rest on the floor, and that wet them both. He squeezed her tightly, and she happily squeezed back.

He said, "Brenda, I know you've declared yourself to be my slave, and I've agreed to that. But I have a hard time with the whole concept. I don't want to see you trying to please me when you're practically too tired to stand."

"But Master! I WANT to! That's kind of the whole point of being a slave, that I serve your needs first and foremost, with no regard to my own. Anyway, isn't that what The Pact is all about?"

"Well, yeah, from a certain point of view..." He felt embarrassed. When she put it that way, it sounded terribly selfish.

She continued, "I'm not an official signatory to that great document, but I've memorized it and definitely adhere to it. That means I 'pledge to obey your every desire,' and 'devote myself fully to pleasing you and your insatiable cock.' Yes, I'm exhausted, but I relish the challenge. Being your devoted sex slave could get boring if it's always easy. Besides, Master, you have such busy days, with so many beautiful women serving and servicing you right and left. This could be my only chance today! I have to make the best of it!"

At the moment, she had no thoughts about Adrian, or the fact her son would undoubtedly be fucking her plenty later. With rare exceptions, when she was with Alan she was fully mentally with him, and ditto with Adrian. But while her mind tried hard not to make comparisons between them, her body craved Alan more. Actually, it wasn't even close, because Brenda was so submissively minded. She considered her body temporarily "on loan" to Adrian at times lately, but it permanently belonged to Alan.

As they were hugging, his hands started to wander. Her body was such an erotic masterpiece that he found himself in a losing battle to merely hug her and keep it platonic. Soon, his hands were clenching and even kneading her protruding ass cheeks.

She just kept her arms around his back, but she cooed and purred happily as she luxuriated in what his hands were doing, plus the way her huge tits were mashing against his chest. Needless to say, her nipples were long and hard, and poking deeply into his skin like erasers.

Her head was nuzzled into his neck, since she was shorter, but he raised a hand up and gently tilted her head until they made eye contact. "Brenda, look. I know things are pretty crazy now. And I've only known you for what, two months? If that. And there's so much I don't know about you. But I'm crazy about your body, and having you as a slave, and I think I'm starting to love you." He was careful to emphasize, "Starting, mind you. There's a long way to go before we can talk about real, deep love."

She didn't mind his caveats at all. As long as he's starting, that's all that matters. That he's capable of loving me! Once we start down that path, I'll lavish him with so much cocksucking, titfucking, fucking, and more, that a strong love is bound to follow!

"Oh! Master!" She lifted up on her tip-toes and kissed his chin. "I love you so much!"

He wanted to kiss her, but he deliberately kept his mouth too high, so he could keep talking. He wondered if he really meant that he loved her, or if he was just trying to will that to be true. It bothered him that her feelings for him were obviously so strong, much stronger than his. So he complained, "Not really. At least not deeply. You hardly know me still. You're in love with the idea of me."

"Not true! I talk to your other sex pets so much that you wouldn't believe it! During the day, if I'm not here, I'm on the phone more often than not. Usually with Susan. And she's told me so much, I probably know more about you than YOU do!"

He chuckled at that, even though he realized there probably was a lot of truth behind it. "But still. You're getting that filtered through some VERY rosy glasses. Anyway, I'll bet most of the time you and Susan masturbate as you talk about things you'd like me to do to you."

"Well, yeah, but we talk so much, we don't ALWAYS play with ourselves. I really do know everything about you. For instance, your first grade teacher was-"

He exhaled with exasperation, cutting her off. "Look, what I'm trying to say is, I'm not going anywhere. You're becoming a big part of our family-"

"YOUR family," she corrected. "Your harem! You OWN us, like you own cars!"

He didn't like the "cars" comment, but he blew it off. "Okay. But although you're technically not a member of our family, you're a big part of it, whatever you call it. Sure, I love having sex with lots of different women, but I've come to realize that, paradoxically, less is more. You, Mom, Mother, Sis, Amy, and Glory. You are the ones I'm making commitments to, and the ones I want to focus my energies on."

She thought eagerly, But that's not all! He has many other top notch sluts! She was about to interrupt him and remind him of the names he'd missed.

But he beat her to the punch. "Yes, I know there are a couple others that I still haven't figured out how to deal with yet, like Christine and Heather. And others I may fuck from time to time. I'm a very, very, VERY lucky guy. But you don't have to feel like you're on the edge and in danger of slipping out of my life."

She happily squeezed him tightly. "Master!" She let her hands slip down to his ass and clutched his buttocks.

He continued, "When I took you to be my official sex slave, that was a lifetime commitment. Don't worry, I won't try to deny that or forget it."

She shivered lustily to hear him say that. "A lifetime commitment!" Goose bumps! He'll be my lord and master until the day I die!

He went on, "So you don't have to kill yourself trying to please me just to prove something to me. You and I are going to have fun with each other every single day, if I can help it. So don't act like today's your only chance."

"But Master! I WANT to 'kill myself' trying to please you. I'm not just your girlfriend or friend with benefits or even your wife - I'm your SLAVE! I get off on that kind of stuff! How many woman have bodies like mine?" She clutched her huge globes from below, thrusting them up and out. "If I wasn't born and bred to serve a naturally superior stud like you, then who was?!"

He shook his head. "I can't say what you are, but in my case I'm not a 'naturally superior stud.'"

"I love your modesty. It's endearing. But my points still remain. Furthermore, Susan AND Suzanne always tell me that I have to totally lose myself in the act of pleasuring your cock. In fact, Suzanne even told me that every time I blow you, I should do it like it's my very last time with you. I'm one of your official personal cocksuckers. It's what I DO! It's what I LOVE! I'm never happier than when your cock is in my mouth, cunt, cleavage, or ass, no matter how tired I am! And you must know the saying: 'The greater our passion, the greater your pleasure.' That's what Susan always tells me!"

Actually, he'd never heard that before, and it surprised him, but he tried not to show it. "Well, that may be, but I'm not in the mood to have my cock sucked by someone who's half dead. Besides, my dick is still flaccid and recovering. I know the Brenda on the outside" - he squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands to accent his point - "but what about the Brenda on the inside? You're not just a cute face and a huge pair of perfectly shaped tits. Let's take some real showers to get really cleaned up, and while we do that, why don't you tell me... I don't know. Tell me about the latest book you read."

She lovingly kissed her way up his neck to his mouth (he tilted down to help her this time), but then she pulled back and leaned against the wall to watch him while he showered. "Well, that's easy. Right now, I'm in the middle of reading 'Green Mars' by Kim Stanley Robinson. I've kind of put it down lately 'cos there's been so much sexual stuff going on, but I'll get back to it soon enough. Do you know that book, Master?"

He spoke with his back to her, which improved his concentration on showering considerably. "Of course. I read the whole Mars Trilogy a year or two ago. That's right, you're a big sci-fi fan. That's so weird."

"Why? You just said I'm more than a cute face and a huge pair of tits."

"True, but those kinds of books are super nerdy. I wouldn't expect a smart yet 'normal' woman like Suzanne or Susan or Glory to read that kind of thing. It's kind of... I dunno... escapist, fantasy stuff for people who want to drift off to another world because things aren't going so great for them in this one."

He turned contemplative as he continued to soap up. "To be brutally honest, that's pretty much where my head was at until a couple of months ago. I guess things weren't going so well for me, especially with my social life at school. Now, I don't feel much need to read or watch TV or movies at all, because my real life is going so great that any time 'escaping' from the here and now is time wasted. Do you know what I mean?"

"I do." She comfortably rested against a wall, carefully striking a sexy pose at the same time. "Don't assume that anyone who looks like me is perfectly happy."

He briefly looked back to see her wave a hand down her curvy, naked, and wet body.

She continued, "Master, one thing I've learned is that more money doesn't necessarily make you happy. That SHOULD be true, but I know a lot of rich people, and they're a messed up lot. I think the people who are very wealthy get to be that way because there's something very unusual about them. Maybe they're very driven, or smart, or beautiful, or talented, or whatever. But they generally take something and run with it to an extreme, so they're not living balanced lives."


She leaned her upper body forward while tilting her head back to strike an even more titillating pose. "Look at me. I'm the classic 'trophy wife.' All I have to do is stand around looking good and I end up with the whole world at my feet. That fucked me up. That's my thing: beauty. My big tits especially, obviously. If I'm smart too, nobody cares. I wound up married to a very rich man, and I had everything I could ever want, except for love, companionship, and fun. If it weren't for Adrian, I would have gone crazy. Even the 'good years' with Bob weren't that good."

"Wait a minute. Who's Bob?"

She chuckled. "Why, he's only my husband, Master. I suppose I can finally start saying ex-husband now. You don't know his name?" She chuckled some more. Gaawwwd, I love that Master Alan doesn't even know the name of my soon-to-be ex-husband. Technically, I'm still married, which means that Master is cuckolding him. But he doesn't care a whit about Bob. Why should he? He just sees who he wants and tames her!

He'd been facing away from Brenda to shower himself, but he turned around and looked at her abashed. "I know that's terrible. Here I am, fucking you most every day, and I don't even know the name of the guy I'm cuckolding." He felt doubly bad, because he'd just found out she knew all about him, even apparently down to details involving his first grade teacher.

She remained propped up against the wall, but somehow subtly shifted into an even sexier pose without moving that much. "It's bad, in a way, but it's so hot! Master, a real man like you, he doesn't care. He just takes what he wants! I had no chance! Look at me, completely naked and posing for your pleasure. I AM your sex pet, your slave, and so much more! As soon as you set your eyes on me and decided you wanted me, I was fated to be your slave! My body is here for you to FUCK!"

He noticed she was suddenly much more aroused. For instance, she hefted up a tit and pinched her nipple. And the way she was staring at him was the ultimate "come hither and fuck the shit out of me!" gaze. He couldn't help but respond. But he wasn't ready for more sexual fun yet, not until they'd both showered and recovered some more. So he said, "In my defense, I don't think you've ever mentioned him by name to me before."

She nodded. "Yeah. I guess that's a way I have of putting him down, like he doesn't matter."

He said, "By the way, I thought you'd all but divorced him. What's up with that?"

"That's true." She let go of her nipple and focused on responding. "Even before I met you, the divorce was in its final stages. Now, we're just going through a mandatory two month waiting period before the divorce is official. As if I'm gonna suddenly change my mind. HA!" She had a good laugh at that preposterous idea. "It's be over by Christmas, thank God!"

"So I take it you weren't happy?" His penis was engorging as he looked up and down her wet and nude body.

"You could say that again, Master. Although it took me years to realize it, because I was surrounded by so much STUFF. And when I felt bad, it was easy to get distracted with yet more stuff, another new car, or diamond necklace, or another big vacation to the Bahamas or the Red Sea. I traveled so much, and often without Aidy. I was a bad mom." She turned sad.

Now, he needed to distract her from getting depressed. "Red Sea? Why there?"

She brightened up some as she obviously recalled some enjoyable trips. "The scuba diving! God, it's incredible there. You don't know how much I'm into scuba diving? Boy, Master, we really do need to talk more! Anyway, I guess to bring this back around to the book I'm reading, I did find myself increasingly attracted to 'escapist' entertainment, if you could call it that. I had a pretty crappy marriage to look for escape from, and Bob was never around anyway. Too busy making even more money. I've noticed that rich people never know when to stop and enjoy their riches."

Her voice turned sultry. "But I'm not going to fall into that trap. Since I don't have to work, I can devote ALL my time to serving you!" She licked her lips invitingly. "Well, you and Adrian, until he's ready for a busty sex pet of his own. I want to set some sort of new standard of being the best sex slave a woman can be!"

She was obviously very happy about that, and he looked back to see her striking a particularly sexy pose with her hands behind her head. But he actually was a little concerned. With so many women in his life, he needed them to stay busy much of the time.

Facing the shower again, he avoided that whole issue, and asked, "Okay, but why sci-fi? Why not fantasy, like Harry Potter? That stuff is more popular with women."

"Been there, done that, Master. If a book has a unicorn or elf in it, I've read it." She chuckled. "But I love sci-fi more, because it's so full of intriguing ideas. For instance, the Mars Trilogy doesn't just take you to another world, it raises serious issues about terraforming planets, not to mention issues of environmental destruction, corruption, and capitalism run amok on our planet."

The conversation focused on that for a while, and Alan found himself in the bizarre position of seriously discussing the practicalities of terraforming Mars while showering with a totally nude woman who was just a phone call or two away from being a porn star or a centerfold, if that's what she had wanted. His dick had fully engorged, but he deliberately ignored it, signaling to her that she could ignore it too. He need a sexual respite.

He thought, I don't think of myself as prejudiced in any way, but I find it very hard to take her seriously on an intellectual level. She's just too hot and way too fucking sexy! Besides, she doesn't just look great, her body is literally built for sex.

I mean, if I were a horny mad scientist who could adjust human DNA, where would I go from Brenda, except maybe to make her a little taller and a tad less gushy? And even then, that's more a matter of personal preference rather than a flaw of some kind. If her tits were any bigger, they'd actually be TOO big, and that's saying a lot from me. It doesn't help that she calls me "Master" about once a minute, either. And then, as if that isn't enough, she's a married, multimillionaire international jet setter AND mother, and yet she calls herself MY sex slave! How am I supposed to talk to her about books, much less not have a total brain meltdown just from thinking about that fact?

He turned around and briefly looked at her, something he was reluctant to do for fear of getting too aroused. I mean, look right now. Her mouth is saying very erudite things about the role of powerful corporations in bamboozling people so they won't act about global warming, but when I look at that mouth, all I can see is those same pouty lips sliding up and down my cock while she moans with need and pleasure.

And those gargantuan tits! They need a big cock trapped between them! It's like morally wrong for her not to be in the middle of getting titfucked! It's funny, because Christine is busty and gorgeous, and I have no trouble at all taking her seriously, but Brenda? Get real. Maybe it's because of the way I got to know them. I've been sitting in the same classes as Christine for ages, but when have I been with Brenda when she's not at least partially nude and totally horny?

He sighed to himself. I've really blown it. I've been so busy with other women and simply enjoying Brenda's body that it's almost too late for me to be able to take her seriously. That's what I get for always thinking with my dick.

Nonetheless, they spent about ten minutes having an interesting and thoughtful discussion based on the Mars Trilogy books while they took turns showering. Alan really tried his best to listen closely and take her seriously.


Alan had refrained from touching Brenda or allowing her to touch him, because he knew that if that happened, their intellectual discussion would go by the wayside very quickly.


It had been okay while he was showering and staring at the tiled wall in front of him. Washing up kept him busy too. Once he had finished and it was Brenda's turn, suddenly he had nothing to do but sit against a ledge, while watching her soap up and rinse her outrageously voluptuous body.

He tried to will his dick to go flaccid. But no matter how hard he tried, it just wasn't happening with a wet and sudsy Brenda there in front of him.

He tried to focus on the topic at hand, but the conversation started to die out because he wasn't holding up his end of it. He watched her shifting her weight from one leg to the other, and then back again, and each time she did, it was like her ass was a brand new erotic work of art.

He found himself thinking, Man! That is one plush looking butt. That ass seriously needs to be fucked! What a luxurious and comfy fuck that would be! And yet, I've never fucked it! Why is that? What's wrong with me?

Finally, when he realized how long he'd been staring in silent rapture, he said, "Brenda, I know this is off track, but... um... you have a truly fantastic ass."

She froze and her heart skipped a beat. Finally, she tentatively ventured, "I do?"

"You do. For the last five minutes, I've been staring at nothing but your back, your ass, and your legs. And they're all great. Just so you know, I really love your ever-so-slightly plump look. But your ass... THAT is a true work of art!"

"Really? I don't believe you." Then she turned to face him and remembered who she was talking to. "Er, sorry, Master! I don't mean to ever doubt your word! Far be it for me, your lowly big-titted slave, to question-"

He interrupted, "Shut it, Brenda. I mean, I don't wanna be rude, but... I love that you're my slave, but I don't want a 'slave' slave, if you know what I mean."

"No." She turned fully to face him. She was very worried by that comment, because even though she didn't know what he meant yet, she was almost certain that she'd like doing whatever it was a "'slave' slave" did. That sounded twice as good and enslaved as a regular slave.

Seeing that she'd finished her shower, he grabbed a towel from a rack and tossed it to her. Then he clarified, "I mean, it's great that you're so into sexually pleasuring me. And I have to admit that I do get off on dominating you. But I don't want you to be fawning. There's a fine line... Like I tell Kat, it's good to be a little uppity. For instance, I want you to always tell me your real opinion, and not just what you think I'd want you to say. And that's an order."

She grinned; that wasn't so bad after all. "Yes, Master!" She saluted, then she started drying her hair. "Especially since you put it that way! Do you have any other orders for me? I never really got to finish my story about my marriage, but it has a happy ending, because I discovered that my true happiness is serving you."

He rubbed his chin. "Hmmm. For starters, you can stop calling me 'Master' like every third word."

She grinned impishly. "Sorry, no can do, Master." She delighted in saying that last word. "Every time I say it, it's almost like a little climax shoots through me, giving me a little tingle. You wouldn't deny me that pleasure, would you? Besides, you said you like your slaves a bit uppity. Can't I be uppity in that way?"

He smiled at that. "You've got me there."

She continued to vigorously rub her hair dry, knowing that was an alluring pose, and the motion would keep her immense tits constantly jiggling.

He was content just to silently watch his sexy slave get dry.

Finally, she finished, tossed the towel aside, and asked, "How 'bout another command, Master? I'm feeling much better now." She stared seductively at his stiff erection. She hoped it wouldn't stay untouched for long.

"Fair enough. Let's see... Bend down and touch your toes. Oh, and spread your legs some. I want an even better view of your ass."

She eagerly assumed that position. She even scooted back his way so her ass was easily within his reach. "How about this?"

"Mmmm, excellent." He reached out and stroked her ass cheeks, as well as her thighs.

She thought, Oh boy! It's happening! Somehow, his big cock is going to be poking in me soon! I can feel it coming. He might even take my ass!

He spoke as he fondled her, "I love how you have such an ample ass. It's kind of like your tits. You even have deep 'ass cleavage,' just like your tits. I've never seen such a deep ass crack. And yet, there's no sign of any fatness anywhere. No 'cottage cheese,' or extra lines, or flab. Everything is solid and firm! How do you manage?"


She was walking on air, she was so happy with his compliments. She said, "Well, Master, one advantage to being part of the 'idle rich' is you have a hell of a lot of time to stay in shape, plus the money for personal trainers and all that. I've never exercised as religiously as your other sex pets do, but I did well enough. After all, Bob married me for my looks, and about the only thing he expected of me to do was to keep looking good, so he could show me off to his friends."

She spread her legs wider, and added, "Ironically, that really bugged me. But it turned out to be the best thing possible, because if I'd let myself go, I would never have qualified to be your slave!" She spread her legs even wider, managing to stretch her pussy lips open a little bit.

He ignored that comment, mainly because he couldn't protest that it wasn't true. As his fingers explored her ass crack and perineum, he asked, "Why do you call the others 'sex pets?' That's kind of harsh."

"I'm sorry, Master, but it really excites me. I know they're so much more, and I love them all - well, except for Glory, since I've never actually met her yet. But I'm sure I'll love her too, soon enough. The fact is, they ARE your sex pets on top of whatever else they might be, and that's so hot! That phrase, 'sex pet,' has special meaning for me, because you've called me that on a number of occasions."

He thought back, and sheepishly said, "I have? Oh yeah. I guess I have."

"Don't worry! I'm certainly not offended. We ARE you sex pets, and your fuck toys too! I would get off on calling them slaves as well, except for Mistress Suzanne, of course. She just demands respect and obedience. But I get off even more thinking of myself as your one and only, official, total, complete, and utter sex slave!"

He chuckled as he tentatively probed a finger a short way into her anus, testing her resistance and responsiveness. "I noticed you're saying 'so hot' a lot lately."

She found herself panting and gasping for air, thanks to his stimulating finger probing. "Yeah, well, that's what happens when you talk to Mistress Susan three or four hours every day, and most everything we talk about is 'so hot!'"

They both chuckled at that.

Suddenly, she squealed with urgency, "Oh, Master! Please!"

"Please what?"

She was reacting to some of his new poking motions. "Please, don't torture me! You're barely even pushing one digit into my asshole, but you regularly pound Mistress Amy's and Mistress Susan's asses so good and hard! That's not fair! Go deeper, Master, please! Much deeper!"

He couldn't ignore such a heartfelt and plaintive request, so he boldly began pushing his index finger in until it was swallowed up by her tight anal ring. The sensation of her asshole eagerly engulfing his finger made him think, Every woman's ass is different and singularly unique. Amy's is excruciatingly tight. Heather's is unbelievably strong. Xania's is exceptionally talented. Susan's is lovingly welcoming and comforting, just like her personality. But Brenda's is hot! Literally. Even more importantly, it's exquisitely sensitive! Just the slightest movement of my finger gets a big reaction.

Her breath was growing ragged as she continued, "Look at me, Master, look at me! I'm bent over, clutching my ankles, in this position of ultimate submission! Can't you see how much I want and need for you to claim and rule my ass as your own? RULE IT!"

He laughed. "What does that mean? Does that involve planting a flag on it to claim it in the name of Alan Plummer?"

"YES! YEEEESSS! Oh God! Please do that!"

He didn't realize it, because he wasn't fully attuned to her responses yet, but she actually had a small climax at that. It was more from the way his index finger was now steadily pushing in and out of her asshole, but his words helped a lot as well.

He laughed some more. "Even as I was saying that, I could tell you were going to say something like that. But to get back to Mars and terraforming, I think I need to terraform your ass."

"Whadda ya mean?" she gasped excitedly.

"I don't know exactly, but I think it'll involve me planting my seed all over it, and maybe a lot of spanking to heat the temperature to habitable levels."

She laughed so hard she nearly fell over (which was easy to do in her precarious position). Finally, she said, "I never heard a line so nerdy, and yet so sexy and funny! Master, you're the greatest!"

He continued to fondle and poke her ass, but rolled his eyes. I wish she'd realize I'm just a normal guy. How can I continue to live up to her high expectations? But then again, if she thought I was just "normal" she probably wouldn't be clutching her ankles for me right now. Having a slave is tricky business. Sometimes, like right now, it's awesome, but I totally don't want the fawning. I hope I can get her to understand that.

A minute or two passed with Alan just enjoying the exploration of her ass. His dick remained as hard as could be, but he left it alone. However, he did "accidentally" rub his cockhead against her ass cheek occasionally.

She actually calmed down some, as her ass grew accustomed to his poking, prodding and gentle stroking. But she was still loving it. Finally, she said, "Master, surely you're getting bored? Wouldn't you rather play with my tits or pussy? My ass can't be that interesting."

"Oh, but it is," he replied huskily.

"Surely you're just saying that." She wanted nothing more than for him to keep going, but she lacked confidence about her ass.

"Brenda, I'm your fucking master. I'm not going to lie to you just to stroke your ego. The fact is, you have an absolutely awesome ass. It's as nice as Amy's, or Heather's, or anyone else's." In his opinion, those were the other two most tempting asses in his life, although there were some very close runners-up.

She gasped, "You LIE! Oops! Sorry! So sorry! I don't know what came over me, Master, except that I find that so hard to believe." She would have apologized much more profusely, but she was trying to be mindful of his complaint that she shouldn't be too fawning.

"Why? Come on! You can't tell me you don't have guys saying 'Nice ass!' any time you walk down the street. Or are they blind?"

She replied sadly, "Not as often as you'd think, Master. Unless they only see my back side. My big tits steal all the thunder. Heck, sometimes they even get attention from directly behind me, because usually part of them can be seen as they bounce from side to side."

He'd been sitting on the ledge, but he stood up while keeping his finger gently plunging in and out of her receptive anus. He scooted closer, so close that he could run his erection across her ass cheeks. Seeing no reason not to, that's exactly what he did. He liked the way she shivered with pleasure when he did that. At the same time, he commented, "I could see that. After all, I haven't given this enough attention."

He slapped her ass hard, both to make clear what "this" was, and because he knew she'd love it.

Sure enough, she squealed with delight.

He continued, "It was only watching just your backside while you were showering that let me see the light." He still rubbed his cockhead on her ass cheeks, drawing lines of pre-cum on them. He pushed in closer to her ass crack.


"What now?"

Her voice was suddenly trembling with anticipation. "Your... Sir! Your... Your cock! Alan Junior! He's so close! It's almost like you want to fuck me in the ass!"

He said matter-of-factly, "I do. In fact, that's what I'm going to do right now." He pulled his finger out of her tight asshole. Then he rubbed his erection up her ass crack, pressing it against her starry anus briefly before it slipped on her slippery skin and slid past it on up onto her ass crack.

"NO!" She was so excited, she suddenly stood up and turned around, even though that meant her ass lost contact with his hot and hard pole. There was only one way she could think of for her to express her joy over that idea and do it in a matter of seconds. No words could suffice. She dropped to her knees, slid his erection into her mouth, and started happily bobbing on it.

She was determined to maintain eye contact. She didn't always do that while giving blowjobs, but she hoped her look could convey at least a part of the love and adoration she was feeling, even if words failed her.

He chuckled. "You like that idea, don't you?"

She nodded as vigorously as she dared, considering she had a thick slab of man meat in her mouth. She took him in unusually deep, so she could choke and gag on him a little bit. YESSSS! Does life ever get better than this?! MMMM! SO MUCH COCK!

He let her choke and gag for about a minute. But he wanted to get more involved, so he pulled back until he was almost all of the way out. Then he held her head with both hands and started to thrust his hips. It wasn't like he needed to do that, since she was bobbing so fervently already, but it just felt fun to do.


He thought, Man, it is GOOD to be the king! How did Brenda ever get into my life, anyway? Thanks to Suzanne, of course, who invited her to one of the first Poke-Her parties. That pretty much has to rank as the best Suzanne scheme ever! Brenda's ass IS as amazing as the rest of her, and good God, she knows how to suck cock too!

As usual, she was listening to his grunts and moans to determine which moves got the best reaction. But he was also doing the same to her. He soon discovered that the more he thrust his hips or tightly held her head, the more she loved it. Before long, he found himself forcefully fucking her face, using her for his pleasure with a near violent force.

The only problem was, that aroused them both so much, it wasn't very sustainable. She came, hard. Her climaxes weren't a problem for the two of them, as long as she could remain upright and breathing. But before long, he felt the urge to cum too.

He thought, I need to bask in more Suzanne awesomeness. She taught me that trick on how to do a non-ejaculatory orgasm. This would be a perfect time for that.

But as soon as he thought that, the urge to cum swelled so powerfully within him, even his PC muscle work wasn't enough. He quickly pulled all the way off, and closed his eyes for good measure to reduce the sexy stimulation.

Brenda could see what was happening, so she let him be for a minute or two until his orgasm crisis passed. Even then, she wasn't sure how much he could take, so she went back to lightly licking his balls and the less sensitive lower parts of his shaft.

She thought, I've got the best master ever! First, I get to choke and gag on him, and then he fucks my face! I can't wait to tell Susan. But he's only getting warmed up. Just look at his stamina! It's like he has as much control over his cock as he does over us, his big-titted harem slaves! And now he's gonna fuck my ass?! Is that really true, or is he just fucking with my mind?

I hope it's both! I hope he totally fucks with my mind, just to prove once again that he's my superior in every way, and I have no chance, no hope, no way to resist! All I can do is be his cock-pleasuring slave, outsmarted and humiliated, for ever and ever, and LOVE IT! Susan's so right about that - that's the only proper attitude we sex slaves can have. But THEN, after he's done that, he'll nail my ass too! Gaawwwd!

I mean, MY ass! My goddamned ASS! MY! FUCKING! ASS! I'd given up hope! Sadly, Adrian just is not an ass man. Heck, he barely even knows I HAVE an ass. This is just another reason why I need a strong master who knows how to use and abuse ALL of my holes! Oh God! Can it be? IS he really gonna do it?! GOD!

In her excitement, she'd swallowed his cockhead and resumed frantically bobbing without even thinking about it. It was just that she loved doing that so much, she couldn't resist.

He was forced to extricate himself, because her sucking was too intense. He suddenly took a couple of steps back, panting hard. "Geez! Brenda, if you keep that up, I won't have anything left for your ass."

Still on her knees, she leaned far forward, which left her on all fours. She pondered his words as her entire body swayed back and forth in an extremely arousing manner, her big tits swinging pendulously in an opposite motion to the rest of her. Does he have any idea how fuckin' HUGE this is, if he's serious?! I mean, to give him my ass, my virgin ass, there's nothing more I can do than that! That's the ultimate submission! I won't just be his Tit Slave, and his Cunt Slave, I'll be his Ass Slave too! Good God Almighty, I want to be his ASS Slave! Ooooh! Tingles! Shivers... everywhere! No, I NEED it! I don't even care if it's painful, I know I'm gonna love it, just 'cos it'll prove Master is taking TOTAL CONTROL over me! Susan's ALWAYS going off on how anal submission is the ultimate act of submission, knowing full well he hasn't tapped me there yet. Grrr!

She asked breathlessly, "You mean that? You really mean that? You're gonna fuck my ass?! Right now?!"

"Well, not right RIGHT this very instant. I need to take a strategic break and find some lube or something. But in a couple of minutes... yes." His confidence slid a bit, and he added shyly, "That is, if... if you want me to... you know."

Brenda was up in a flash, and rushed out of the room as fast as her feet could carry her. She was in such a rush, she didn't even bother to hold her tits, which was a near necessity given how endowed she was.


That would have concerned him, except he could hear her joyous screaming. "Susan! Susan! Susan! Master's gonna fuck my ASS! Right NOW!"

He had no idea what Susan was doing (although he guessed it was probably something sexy with Xania), but whatever it was obviously came to an abrupt end as Susan and Brenda seemed to be locked in a contest as to who could let out the loudest and most piercingly joyful screams. He pictured Xania looking chagrined and plugging her ears (just as he was).

He thought with wry understatement, I take it she likes that idea. But his calm tone couldn't hide the fact that his blood was pumping and his entire body was surging with excitement. He knew this was going to be good, damn good.

Looking at his finger that had just been inside Brenda's ass, he recalled what Amy had said to him after he'd taken her anal virginity just this past Monday. She said her ass is really sensitive, and that her "Anal Pal" Brenda had a super-sensitive ass too. Man, was she right about that! Not that I should be surprised though. I swear, all I have to do is look at her funny, and she shakes and cums buckets!


Christine and Amy walked up the stairs at the Pestridge house, with Christine still lugging her suitcase. But as soon as they reached the door to Amy's room, Christine had to drop it because Katherine practically flew to her, smothering her with a friendly hug.

Christine really liked being hugged like that. She loved her parents dearly, but they were a product of their stoic Scandinavian backgrounds, so weren't much into touchy-feely gestures like hugs. She was still too shy about such things to hug back much, but she was all smiles by the time that the hug ended. She asked, "Amy gave me a hug like that too. What's all this hugging around here?"

Katherine breezily replied, "We're a very huggy bunch. See?" She and Amy hugged each other fondly. Then the two of them sat on Amy's bed.

Christine noticed Katherine was wearing a conservative top while Amy's was about as daring as her own rather daring one (especially since it wasn't clear whether Amy was wearing a bra or not). Seeing Katherine dressed like that was to be expected, since Christine still believed the prudish image that Katherine had so carefully cultivated at school. Christine also noticed that Katherine was wearing a black collar, the same as Amy and Suzanne, and that puzzled her.

She brought in her suitcase and stared all around Amy's room. "Nice, uh, decorations. Very nice, actually."

She had no way of knowing, but Amy's room had undergone a major redecoration recently. Years earlier, Amy hadn't cared much about how her room looked, because she didn't spend much time in it. But for the previous two years, she'd started hanging her own drawings and paintings on her walls. Many of them were of Alan. As time passed and Amy fell deeper in love with Alan, she'd begun to hang up more artwork. Her walls were practically covered with charcoal sketches and colored paintings, all done by her. But previously only Suzanne and Katherine had been in her room enough to notice the change.

Katherine said proudly, "You like? Guess who drew and painted all those?" She pointed to Amy and winked.


Amy curled up into a ball on her bed, blushing profusely.

Christine had never seen anyone so adorable in her life. She beamed, extremely delighted by Amy's artistic prowess. "Wow! Really? Amy, you're really GOOD!"

Christine pulled up a chair and the three of them spent some time discussing Amy's artwork, during which they occasionally got up to examine some of it up close. Christine liked Amy a lot, but that was despite the fact that she considered Amy a major airhead. Now she realized that she needed to reassess. At least in one arena, Amy had her beat by miles. Christine was extremely talented in many things, but she couldn't draw or paint to save her life.

As Christine looked around, she realized that most of the art was of naked or partially undressed women. There were a few renditions of nude men too, all of them looking suspiciously like Alan. She said in dismay, "Amy, frankly speaking, a lot of your artwork is downright erotic!"

Amy stood back up and beamed proudly. "I know! Isn't it great? I'm totally psyched that you're open-minded about that kind of stuff. Some people would be all fuddy-duddy and backwards, and get all huffy. But not you; you're the cool beans queen!"

Christine was chagrined, because she had been about to complain about the art being too sexually graphic, but she couldn't after Amy had just said that. (She didn't realize that Amy had been one step ahead of her with that comment, since like virtually everyone Christine seriously underestimated Amy's intelligence.) Even so, Christine couldn't let the issue go completely, so she said delicately, "Well, not everyone is going to be so understanding about it. You might want to put some of the more outrageous ones in a private place. For instance, this one! Oh my gosh! This woman... her top is totally open, and her hand... it's between her legs, and she's... she's..."

Amy happily helped out. "Yep, she's masturbating! Isn't it neat? I'm so glad you picked that out as one of your favorites, 'cos that's one of my favorites too."

Christine thought, D'oh! Favorite?! That's my least favorite. Why does she misunderstand everything I say?

Pretending not to notice Christine's grimace, Amy continued in her usual bubbly style, "But I know what you mean about keeping stuff in a private place. I keep all the REALLY erotic ones in folders in my closet."

D'oh again! Christine thought. If these are the "safe" ones she feels comfortable showing to visitors, I can't imagine what she has tucked away! But that's Amy. Sadly, she just doesn't understand these kinds of things. I wish Katherine would do more to teach her about society's rules.

Trying to do a little damage control so Christine wouldn't freak out too much about the erotic artwork, Katherine pointed out, "You know how it is with beginning artists. Most of the time they end up painting nudes, so they can learn about the musculature and anatomy of the human body. It's kind of a time-honored tradition. It even has a name; it's called 'Life Drawing.'"

Christine nodded absent-mindedly. She found herself staring at a painting of Alan, complete with a very turgid and visible erection. Fair enough, but does she have to be THAT anatomically accurate? How can she get any work done in here with that fat baseball bat practically poking out at me? Er, I mean, at her?

She managed to tear her eyes away from Alan's crotch, but mostly because she worried the others would notice were she was looking. But she still thought, I'm going to be FEELING that later today! At the very least, I'll be rubbing up against it like I did yesterday. I can't miss out on that. But I could end up doing more! I might even end up with it in my MOUTH! I should, if I have the guts. I need to show him I'm serious about being one of his girls!

After Christine pointed out her favorite drawings (carefully avoiding praise of any of the explicitly erotic ones) and gave some more sincere compliments, Amy embraced her in another tight hug. "Thanks!"

Christine chuckled. "Boy, what is this - National Hug Day?"

Amy's eyes lit up. "What a totally awesomifferous idea! It's huggariific!"

A smiling Katherine explained, "Christine, like I said, we're a huggy bunch. That's because we really love each other a lot. And we like you a whole lot too. That's why we want you to be part of our group too."

"Me?" Christine put a hand over her heart, pointing to herself, and sat back down. "I'm flattered, but I'm only just starting to get to know you."

"True," Amy agreed, "so let's get to know each other better right now. Starting with... DRESS UP TIME!" She dramatically stood up and pointed to her closet.

They opened Christine's suitcase and started to go through the clothes within it, as well as the clothes in Amy's closet. Their focus soon turned to the closet, because although Christine had brought her sexiest clothes, they still weren't very sexy. In fact, the top Christine was wearing was more revealing than anything she'd brought, since it was borrowed from her mother.

The mystery about the black collars had been bugging Christine, so it wasn't long until she asked the other two girls, "Um, sorry to be nosy, but is there any special reason both of you, and Amy's mom too, are wearing the exact same black collars around your necks today? Am I missing something?"

The girls had figured this would come up, since the collars were so obvious and Christine was inquisitive, if not downright nosy sometimes. It wasn't an easy thing to explain away, but they'd come up with a cover story they hoped would work.

Katherine replied, "It's funny you mentioned that. Just a short while ago, Aims and I were looking over our clothes in anticipation of you coming, and we got to talking about fashion."

Amy cut in, "Yeah. Keeping up with current fashion is big time lame-o! I mean, think about it. Why is black 'in' now, and then 'out' a month later? It makes no sense! So we thought, 'Hey! Let's see if we can start our own fashion trend, and see what happens!'"

Katherine pointed at her neck and added, "Thus the collars. Our plan is to wear them a lot, and see if that'll catch on around here. We're asking everyone we know to join in, to help gain momentum. Amy's mom was kind enough to humor us and join us for today. Do you want to join us too?"

Christine did not. She thought it was pointless, and it would look weird besides. But she politely replied, "Um, maybe."

Amy acted like that was a 'yes.' "Cool beans!" But her face quickly turned sad. "But you'll have to get your own. I gave my last one to Mom. Sorry." She didn't actually want Christine to wear one, at least not yet, since Christine hadn't properly "earned" it.

"But what's the point?" Christine pressed. "Say you get some other girls at school to wear a black collar sometimes. So what?"

Katherine shrugged her shoulders as if disinterested (while trying to suppress her enthusiasm for exactly such an occurrence). "I dunno. It's just kind of a social experiment, to see what happens. I mean why NOT wear a collar and see who responds? It's not like it's a bother."

Christine responded, "Well, no offense, but it looks kind of weird on you."

Katherine's eyes briefly flashed with irritation, but she quickly stifled that and went back to acting nonchalant. She thought, Weird? That shows what you know! If you only knew how good it makes me feel to wear this symbol of my Big Bro's ownership of me! You want weird? What if you knew the three of us, and many more, proudly wear this as symbols of our sexual slavery?! That would make your innocent virginal brain explode for sure. But you'll be wearing one soon enough, and calling him "Master," just like the rest of us!

Amy knew the signs of Katherine's increasing arousal quite well. She could see her sister's eyes glaze over, and could guess well enough what she was thinking, because she was thinking similar thoughts about how great it was to wear her own collar. But she spoke up before Christine could notice. "Yeah, it is kinda weird, but that's what fashion is all about. You've gotta do something to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. Maybe this could become our trademark or something."

Nice save! Katherine thought. Seeing that Christine had her eyes on Amy, Katherine flashed Amy a look of appreciation. I don't know if Christine is totally buying it, but at least she seems willing to let it drop for now. The question is, what'll she do if she starts seeing the likes of Glory and Susan wearing the same collars?! What if Heather gets one?! If anything could expose our incest and harem secrets, it's this. I might have to go without wearing it at school sometimes, and that would royally suck! Sister is so lucky; she'll be able to wear it any time at all, without any worry. AND, she can practically blow his big cock in public while I'm barely allowed to touch him! Grrr!

Amy kept talking about "what fashion is all about," which cleverly steered the conversation away from the collars.

Katherine continued to think, Phew! That was scary. What if she'd called "bullshit" on us? I feel like I'm wearing a big sign around my neck that says "I'm one of my Brother's fuck toys." It's so fucking arousing and exciting and, yeah, frightening, to be standing here with this huge clue hanging right out in the open. I can't wait until Monday. I'll probably leak a gallon of cum sitting next to Amy in class, with both of us wearing our harem collars for everyone to see. I only hope it DOESN'T catch on as a fashion thing though. If I see another girl with a collar like mine, I'll want to know if she's getting regularly drilled with Brother's thick slab of man meat. It's like having a secret society with a secret handshake or something. We're the elite of the elite: Alan's personal sex pets!

Oh God! How am I gonna make it through Glory's class now? If she wears her collar, I'm gonna totally lose it! My seat'll be a goddamned sticky PUDDLE by the time class is over, and then someone else will have to sit in it. Ewww! Seriously, I'm gonna have to not look at her or her sexy bound neck at all. Or else, every time I see her open her mouth to lecture us, I'm gonna picture Brother's thickness sliding in through her opened ruby-red lips! Not to mention her deep throating skills that he's told us about! Oh God! To actually SEE her collar stretching, as Alan Junior slides down her throat and past it!

She snapped out of her reverie and looked around. She was relieved to see that Amy and Christine were fully engaged in talking to each other, which meant they hadn't been paying attention to her. Phew, again! I can't even think about the word "collar" or I'm gonna ruin everything. Be good, girl; be good!

After a while, Amy held up a blouse in front of Christine and said, "Try that on; I'll bet it fits you. And if it does, you can have it."

"What? No," Christine protested.


Amy raised her hands high up above her head and stared off into the distance, making a dramatic proclamation. "And furthermore, I am officially declaring that Christine and I are Fashion Pals!"

"No!" Christine protested again. "What does that even mean?"

Amy explained, "Looking through your clothes just now, I see you and I are the exact same sizes for everything. Is that too cool for school, or what? The only difference is that your bust is a 38F, and I'm a 36E, but that's close enough for horseshoes. So that means that any time, you can wear any of my clothes, and I can wear any of your clothes too! Isn't that great?"

Before Christine could figure out a reaction to that, Amy turned to Katherine. "Sorry, Sis. You know I'd totally love to be Fashion Pals with you too, but you're a few inches taller than either of us."

"Wait a minute," Christine said. "We can't be Pals or whatever. It's not fair. The brutal truth is, you've got a TON of amazing stuff in here!" She was looking into Amy's big closet. "Whereas, my clothes, well, frankly, they suck! Up until now, my dress choices were basically made to CUT DOWN on the attention I was getting." She looked significantly at her huge rack.

Amy said nonchalantly, "So what? I can only wear one outfit at a time. You could borrow half the stuff I own and it would take a while before it bothered me at all. Besides, I can borrow other stuff." She waved her hand at her closet. "In fact, a ton of this isn't even mine."

"What?" Christine complained. "That just makes it even worse. Whose is it?"

Katherine explained, "Some of it is mine. Even though Aims and I aren't close enough in size to be Fashion Pals, we're still close enough to share certain things. Even more of it is Amy's mom's. And some of it is my mom's. The four of us freely interchange outfits all the time. Actually, Amy's sort of the odd one out, because she's shorter. You should see my closet. I can't even tell anymore what's mine and what's Suzanne's and what's my mom's."

Christine was astounded. "Look, I'm as liberal as anyone I know, but you can't do that. That's like, I dunno... fashion communism or something!"

Katherine and Amy both laughed. Amy playfully slapped Christine's shoulder. "Get over it already, and enjoy! We've got all kinds of great stuff for you that'll make Alan drool. Besides, you ARE going to buy a bunch of new stuff to replace your dowdy wardrobe, aren't you?"

"Yeah." Christine didn't have much spending money, but she also didn't have much else to spend it on. Besides, she knew her parents would give her cash for clothes if she only asked.

Amy added, "So there! We'll be even, later. Besides, now I can totally borrow your Wonder Woman T-shirt! I'm psyched you brought that. Gaawwwd, I can already taste the huge boner Alan's going to pop into my mouth after he sees me in that!"

Christine just stared at Amy. Uh-oh, here we go. I knew coming in that Amy would be pretty shameless in talking about sex, but still, it's like a slap in the face to hear her really go on about it like that. But I'll just have to grin and bear it. I can't be a total prude and complain about everything; I have to save my complaints for when she gets really out of line, if I want them to have any effect.

Damn that shirt! Why did I bring it? I was just about to throw it out!

As Christine looked back and forth at all of Amy's clothes hanging in the closet, a smile crossed her face. "Okay, twist my arm. We can try sharing clothes for a while."

Amy practically lunged at her, smothering her in another big hug. "M'kay! Sweet! We're Fashion Pals now!"

"Well, temporarily at least," Christine said. "I don't want this to turn into some kind of horribly imbalanced thing. I'd feel awful."

Amy was unfazed and squeezed her even tighter. "Provisional Fashion Pals, then! Cool! Coolio in the schoolio!"

Amused and pleased despite her naturally reluctant nature, Christine asked Katherine, "What is a Fashion Pal exactly? Or 'coolio in the schoolio' for that matter?'"

Amy explained, as if the answer was already obvious, "It's cooler than cool, so that makes it coolio."

Katherine was all smiles as she explained, "In case you're curious, I never heard Aims use the word 'coolio' before today. If you haven't noticed, she sort of makes English her own, in constantly changing and really imaginative ways. My sister is a bit unusual, but I love her."

Amy and Katherine proudly hugged each other again while smiling at Christine.

Christine was pleased to hear that, until a disturbing thought hit her. "Wait a minute. I remember a couple of days ago you said you treat each other like sisters, and you just used that word again, but if you're sisters, what does that make your mom and Amy's mom?"

Katherine responded, "All four of us Plummer and Pestridge women have gotten super close. Sometimes, Aims and I even act like we have two moms instead of just one."

Christine made a sour face. "That's all well and good, except for the fact that Alan is doing you know what with you know whom, and you know whom else!"

Amy laughed. "Geez, girl! Get a grip! I assume I'm the 'you know whom' and my mom is the other. Are you afraid to say my name, all of a sudden? I can see where you're coming from, but come on. To say we're kinda like family is totally different from actually BEING family! Get your mind out of the gutter! Yes, I even call Alan 'brother' sometimes, but that's no different from people using terms like 'mama' or 'old man' or 'baby' for their romantic partners. It's just words, trying to show that we're close!"

Christine was abashed. It was a very strange feeling for her to have the sexual libertine Amy accuse her of having lewd thoughts. She immediately dropped that whole line of thinking (for the moment) and turned her focus to the clothes. "Sorry. So, my fellow Fashion Pal, what should I try on first?"

"This!" Amy was holding onto the blouse from earlier, and she held it up again. "Look, it's totally you. And dark blue looks really good on you."

So the three set about sorting through clothes and trying them on.

Christine was having a fun time. However, she didn't realize just how much she was being manipulated.

Katherine and Amy did genuinely like her, a lot. They truly were eager to become close friends with her. But they also had met together with Suzanne just before Christine's arrival, where they had discussed sensitive topics that were likely to come up, or that they could bring up, and what they should say in each case. Christine's moral stances were so predictable, they often could guess more or less what she'd say and so had an answer already prepared.

For instance, the hugs were part of a larger strategy to get Christine used to more intimate physical contact. And while Amy's "Fashion Pal" label was a spontaneous thing (just like her "Anal Pal" label, which no one knew exactly what was meant except for her and possibly Brenda), the idea of freely sharing clothes was something they'd all discussed in advance. Katherine and Suzanne had even brought many clothes to Amy's closet that they suspected Christine would like.

Furthermore, the entire revelation about sharing "sisters" and "mothers" between families was carefully thought out, even down to Amy's "get your mind out of the gutter" comment. They figured that the closer to the truth they could get, the better they were. The five Plummers and Pestridges were calling each other "Brother," "Sis," "Mom," and the like so much that it wasn't something they would be able to hide from Christine for very long, in any case, so they needed to get on top of that and manage it as best they could.

Their thinking was that they couldn't expose Christine to the truth about the incest immediately. But, ironically, the more honest they were, the safer they were, up to a point.

For instance, the previous time the three teens had met, on Thursday, Katherine had "confessed" to Christine: "Well, I have a few fantasy guys, but I gotta admit that sometimes I fantasize about my brother too. Not that I would ever do anything about it in real life! I mean, when you get down to it, he's totally straight-laced about that kind of thing, and so am I... But, I mean, come on! It would be totally inhuman of me NOT to think about him like that, ever. Put yourself in my shoes. All I ever hear is Alan the big stud this, Alan the well-hung Don Juan that, and it grosses me out most of the time, but not ALL of the time, you know?"

Christine had accepted that as a reasonable reaction, considering Alan's great sexual attractiveness (at least in her eyes) and Katherine's close proximity to him. And her acceptance was smoothed by the fact that she had her own strange Wonder-Woman-themed bondage and submission fantasies. She knew all too well it was impossible to control what one's mind fantasized about.

So now Katherine didn't have to worry so much about any slip-ups around Christine. But she also knew that if she took it any further and hinted that things between her and Alan had gone beyond mere idle fantasizing, Christine's reaction would be completely different.


The three of them tried on clothes for a good while. Before long, they were stripped down to their underwear (and Amy and Katherine were actually wearing underwear for once, just for Christine's sake, although Amy's bra was strapless). They tried various clothes on from time to time, but they remained in just their underwear more often than not.


At one point, Katherine even took her bra off in order to try on a particularly revealing dress.

Not surprisingly, Christine was scandalized at first, but Katherine and Amy smoothed things over.

All the while, they kept up a friendly banter. Much of the time they talked about the clothes they were trying on, but just as often they talked about other things, since their friendship with Christine was still forming and they had much to learn about each other.

For the time being, Amy and Katherine were careful to steer the conversation away from sex and Alan, beyond simple comments like "Alan likes that color" or "I think he'd love you in that." They knew that even with Katherine's "confession," it would be awkward to talk about such things with her there. Besides, Katherine had her own prudish reputation to maintain, including at school, where she still dressed conservatively and was not known to date. Raunchy topics would be covered plenty later, after Katherine went home.

Their main goals were to put Christine at ease and to strengthen their bonds of friendship with her. Any fashion decisions or clothes swapped were a nice extra bonus.

It was all gravy for Christine. She really wanted to dress better and more sexily in order to better attract and hold Alan's interest, but she also craved having new friends, and the more she talked to Katherine and Amy the more she liked them.

Things were going swimmingly until Christine happened to look at Amy and saw her starting to take her bra off. "Aaaaiiieee! Amy, watch out!"

"What?" Amy stopped undressing and looked around in confusion.

"You almost took your bra off along with your top. That was close!"

Amy giggled. "You're funny! What's the big deal if I do? It's just us girls, and I'm gonna need a different bra with this next thing I'm trying on. Same with you. Here." She handed Christine a retro-styled outfit, complete with black stockings and garters, and a black frilly bra to match them.

Christine looked around uncertainly. "Well, I suppose I can try that. But I'm gonna use the bathroom if you don't mind."

Amy gave Christine a sad-puppy-dog look, like she was terribly offended.

Katherine said to Christine, "What's wrong? You don't trust us or something?"

Christine felt bad; Amy's sad look in particular was nearly impossible to fight. "Well, no, of course not. But, just, there are things that are not done!"

Katherine joked, "Quick, Amy, cover up your ankles; Queen Victoria is coming!"

"M'kay!" Amy giggled and bent over, reaching for her ankles.

Christine thought, Why AM I acting like Queen Victoria? I need to lighten up. I was topless with Alan yesterday, and I'll be surprised if he doesn't manage to get all my clothes off later today. I should try to get more used to it so I'm not so freaked out when I'm with him. She grinned wolflishly. 'Cos he's probably going to be taking my clothes off a LOT!

She conceded, "Very well. I suppose I don't have to use the bathroom. But let's say that whenever any of us change underwear, the other two have to turn their backs, okay?"

Katherine and Amy nodded. They were secretly pleased. They knew that getting Christine accustomed to being nude around others would be a journey, so this was just one more step along the way.

Soon, the sisters began finding more outfits that "required" a change of underwear, especially for Christine. Otherwise, things continued as they had earlier, and Christine got used to this new wrinkle before very long.

Christine was having a good time. In fact, she was so happy that at one point she asked, "Why are you two being so nice to me? I mean, you're practically treating me like family."

This was another topic Katherine and Amy had anticipated, so they had a carefully-prepared answer for it.

"It's like this," Amy said brightly. "We're grateful that you saved Alan from being beaten up. We've seen that you're a really great girl, but you really have no true friends. Why? A couple reasons. One, you scare everyone off, because you're so beautiful, smart, and all-around awesome."

Christine started to protest, "I'm not all-"

But Amy pressed on, "Shush! You know you are. But that's cool. Kat and I think we're pretty attractive and awesome too, so we're not all scared off by that. But two, you're very stand-offish. You've usually got some beef with everyone, because everyone has problems and yet you expect perfection."

Christine hung her head, knowing how true that was. It especially hurt to be told she had no "true friends" and know that was the case as well. People looked up to her and held her out as an example for others, or simply stood in awe of her, but she blew off those few who tried to hang out and be friends with her.

Amy continued, "So, Kat and I decided we would walk right up to your walls and barriers and knock 'em down! Smash those silly walls! And yeah, you're gonna complain about it at first, 'cos not having those walls is scary, but you'll thank us later."


Christine held her arms out and pulled the two of them into a hug. She wasn't the type to cry, because her fierce willpower and pride wouldn't allow it, but she cried on the inside. It wasn't that she was sad; she was profoundly moved and touched by their kindness.

"Thanks, girls," she said, fighting off a sniffle. "I think that's about the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Well, outside of my parents, of course."

Katherine replied, "Hey, don't sweat it. That's how we roll." She felt bad about generally tricking Christine, but moments like this made that all worthwhile. She reveled in the genuine friendship that was developing.

As the three continued to embrace, Christine asked, "But why me? It can't just be because we're all so 'totally awesome.'" She chuckled a bit at that.

Katherine replied, carefully, "That's true. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think we feel an extra special bond with you because of Alan. Us four Plummer and Pestridge women, we love him so much. Some of us love him as family, and some of us love him romantically, but the bottom line is we all really love him. And it's clear to all of us that he loves you, and you love him, so that kinda makes you part of our little group. You see what I mean?"

Christine thought about that a while before finally replying, "Yes, I do. But Alan and I... We're not really serious, right? I mean... Amy, he's got you. And I could never take your place. Especially now that we're friends, I wouldn't want to fight you over him."

She thought how ironic those comments were, given her recent discussions with her mother. If my mom could see me now, she'd probably slap my face in anger! I keep telling her that I'm fighting Amy to win him, but that's not really true. That's a fight I just can't win. And how can I even fight her, period? She's such a sweetheart!

Amy said, "Girl, you still don't get it. He's not a one-girl guy! I don't know what's going to happen with you and him, but don't you want to stay close friends with him?"

"Yeah?" If she were in Amy's position, she'd never offer a potential rival anything like the sort of access to her guy that Amy seemed to be willing to do.

"Then why not stay close friends 'with benefits?' For as long as you want! That's cool with me. I'm cool."

YES! She's so agreeable! That's EXACTLY what I want! Christine lifted her head and smiled right at Amy. "But are you coolio?"

Amy smiled from ear to ear. "I'm waaaay coolio!"

"Good! I like the 'friends with benefits' idea."

"I like that you like it!" Amy giggled.

Christine giggled along with her, and Katherine too. But then Christine asked with worry, "So what does that mean about someone like Ms. Rhymer or Heather?"

Katherine replied, "We heard about your beach encounter with Alan and Ms. Rhymer, so there's no point in keeping their thing secret."

Christine interrupted, asking anxiously, "You know about that?! What did you hear?" She could already feel a blush of shame rising in her cheeks. Did he tell them I took my bikini top off?!

Amy smoothly lied, "Just that you ran into them at the beach and figured out that they were involved romantically. Alan figured we needed to know the bare bones of that, since it's something that could affect us all. But he wouldn't tell us anything else. He's too much of a gentleman. Why, did you three get it on together or something? 'Cos that's cool if you did."

Christine rolled her eyes and protested, "Amy! Of course not!" She was slowly becoming desensitized to Amy saying or doing sexually outrageous things. It helped that Amy already had a reputation for being like that at school, so her behavior was at least consistent.

Christine thought, As if that could ever happen! She goes too far! She forgot that she'd masturbated about that very scenario earlier in the day, in which she'd been sucking on Alan's erection while Glory watched and provided a running commentary.

Katherine gave Christine a knowing look, as if saying, "Please be patient with Amy; she means well." She added, "Frankly, neither Amy nor I know Ms. Rhymer that well. She's a teacher, so that's kinda weird. But we do feel an urge to be friends with her, 'cos we've got the Alan connection going. It's like, I know you're an only child, but if you had a brother, and he brought home some new girl he said he was serious about, wouldn't you want to get to know her better?"

"That's a good point," Christine noted. "But what about Heather? Or any mysterious others?"

Katherine made a disgusted face while making a dismissive gesture with one hand. "Heather? Please! We know HER far too well already from the cheerleader squad. No thanks!"

They all laughed at that.

Amy added, "As for the 'mysterious others,' they have to stay mysterious." She wiggled her eyebrows, and then made a spooky "woooooOOOooooooh" noise, like she was imitating a ghost.

Christine laughed, although she was secretly annoyed, because she was extremely curious about who the "others" might be.

The three of them finally broke their comforting hug.

After trying on some more outfits, Christine found an excuse to change back into her original underwear. As with each earlier underwear change, the other two turned their backs and closed their eyes until they got the all-clear signal.

Katherine took a look at Christine and asked skeptically, "Are you sure you want to wear that?"

Christine answered defensively, "What's wrong with my underwear?" But then she looked down at herself and admitted, "It's not very alluring, is it? I suppose I should buy some new stuff."

Amy excitedly stuck her hand up in the air like an overly eager student. "Oooh! Oooh! Fashion Pal to the rescue!"

Christine asked, "What, you want to help me buy some underwear?"

"M'kay! Totally! I'm all over that. That's what Fashion Pals do for each other. We'll go to Victoria's Secret together and max out all our credit cards! I'll totally help you pick out all the sexiest stuff!" She held her hand up for a high-five.

Christine was a bit chagrined, since she'd been asking Amy for clarification, not shopping help. But she could tell there was no stopping Amy's enthusiasm, so she high-fived Amy's waiting hand. She felt reluctant about it, but tried not to show it.

Katherine handed Christine another panty and bra set. "Here, put these on and get sexy again."

They did the turn-the-back routine until Christine gave the all-clear again.

Then Amy announced, "M'kay, now that we're even BETTER friends than before, it's time for the... drum roll please..."

Katherine imitated a drum roll by slapping a pattern on her legs.

Amy dug deep into her closet, behind the clothes that could be seen, and pulled something out. "Ta-da!"

Christine looked at what Amy was holding and her jaw actually dropped. It was a complete Wonder Woman costume.

Amy said happily, "Like it, eh? I knew you're, like, totally into Wonder Woman-"

"Because of my T-shirt?" Christine quickly asked. She was suddenly bursting with excitement, barely able to contain herself.

"Well, that, plus I've asked you some questions here and there, and it turns out you know absolutely everything about her, and from all the different versions too. It's kinda cute."

Christine blushed. That was like her secret shame. Even though no one else knew about her erotic Wonder Woman dreams, almost anything related to Wonder Woman had become very sexualized for her. She had to remind herself that they couldn't possibly know about that.

Katherine said, "Aims and I were going through my clothes to see if any of 'em were good for you, and I realized I had this costume. It's actually my mom's, 'cos she wore it this last Halloween. So it might be a little bit big on you, but you should try it on and see."

Christine was sorely tempted. In all her years of Wonder Woman fandom, her T-shirt was as close as she'd come to wearing a real Wonder Woman outfit, and that wasn't close at all. She wanted to, but she was afraid. Thanks to her frequent arousing Wonder Woman dreams, to put that costume on would be akin to wearing the most outrageous and erotic négligée imaginable.

Damn, she thought to herself, just looking at that costume is turning me on! Simply knowing it exists is making me want to try it on! But I can't let on about that. They'd lose all respect for me if they knew.

She was getting quite horny just thinking about wearing it!

An excuse came to her. "Thanks. I'd like to, but I can't. I mean, look at it. How can you wear a bra with that? How does that even stay up at all? There aren't any straps!"


Amy rolled her eyes. "Well, duh! Just take your bra off then." She immediately removed her own bra and tossed it aside.

Christine's eyes bugged out at that. She was staggered that Amy could get topless in front of others as easily as taking off a hat. She stammered, "B-b-but, what about the 'turning the back' rule?!"

Amy giggled. "That silly thing? Don't tell me we still have to do that. You can turn around if you want, but I'm not ashamed of my body."

Christine started to say, "It's not a matter of being ashamed... But, uh..."

Katherine laughed. "Sorry, Christine. Amy's not exactly bashful when it comes to nudity. In fact, it's kind of an on-going battle for some of us to get her to keep her clothes on. But it is just us girls, so what's the big deal? Seriously! I'm probably even more prudish than you, and I don't care about that. Haven't you ever been topless in front of other people before?"

She asked that as if she didn't know the answer, when in fact she was fully aware of how Christine had bared her impressive chest in front of Alan and Glory at the beach. And she knew full well that Christine would immediately think of that.

Sure enough, Christine squirmed as she recalled that event. UGH! That was such torture! Having my bare breasts bouncing all over the place in front of Alan AND my history teacher! On a public beach, no less! But even though it was painfully embarrassing at the time, it does seem inconsistent to have done that then and be unwilling to do so now in a much safer and friendlier situation. Besides, like my mom keeps telling me, I need to be brave and push myself. Would I have had the big breakthrough with Alan yesterday if I hadn't gotten topless for him at the beach? Probably not.

While Christine was thinking, Katherine continued, "I'll tell you what. You and I, we're a lot alike. I have just as much trouble getting naked as you do. But if you'll do it, I will too. At the exact same time. Then you can wear that costume like it was meant to be worn. We can even take some pictures. You're such a big Wonder Woman fan, I'll be seriously bummed if you don't rise to the challenge."

Christine had been leaning against the idea, mostly because she didn't want to find herself uncontrollably horny with two other girls around and no chance to masturbate. But Katherine had said the magic words: "rise to the challenge." Christine was fiercely competitive. Just like Heather (whom she resembled in some ways much more than she realized), she simply couldn't turn down a direct challenge, especially since it reinforced the advice from her mother as well as what she was telling herself. It helped that she also relished the picture-taking idea.

"Well, I'll try," she reluctantly said with a shrug, acting like it wasn't a big deal one way or another. "But just for a minute, so we can take some photos. That'll be great for my scrapbook."

Amy looked at her with surprise. "You have a Wonder Woman scrapbook? That's neato!"

Christine blushed. She hadn't meant to reveal that. She was surprised that Amy had jumped to the correct conclusion about just what kind of scrapbook it was.


Before things could get more awkward, Katherine suggested, "Christine, you turn your back, and I'll turn my back, and we can get undressed like we're alone in our own rooms. Just like we did before, except for what we'll be wearing when we're done. And Amy, close your eyes!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Amy saluted and giggled.


Christine found it surprisingly easy to take her bra off in that manner. But when she put it down and turned around, she was shocked to see that Katherine had taken her panties off too.

Now, it was Katherine's turn to blush. She put both hands over her bare pussy (leaving her bare tits exposed). "Christine?! What the heck?! I said we would both get naked at the same time! Your panties will show in that outfit, with the kind you have on!"

Christine blushed too. She felt bad because, upon reflection, she remembered Katherine had said "naked" instead of just "topless," and since her panties didn't go over her hips they would look pretty silly under the costume. She looked at Amy, who was also standing completely naked, not trying to cover up at all.

Amy shrugged and said, "When I saw that Kat had taken it all off, I thought 'Coolio!' and did the same. Should I have... not?"

Christine groaned mentally, UGH! This is SO HARD! I keep pushing myself to be more sexually open, but it's never enough. I've gotta keep in mind that the odds are very good that Alan's gonna take all my clothes off later. In fact, I'll be kind of disappointed if he doesn't! So this is good practice to make that less scary.

She turned around and said, "No. Sorry, my bad. Give me a minute and I'll take the rest off." She closed her eyes and quickly shucked off her panties, trying to get the ordeal over with as quickly as possible.

She bravely didn't attempt to cover up her privates when she turned back around, but she immediately reached out for the Wonder Woman costume and put it on. She figured she'd only have to endure a few moments of nudity, because she'd soon be wearing the costume.

She felt bad for Katherine, because Katherine didn't have any outfit to change into, so she would have to stay nude longer. She had no clue that in fact Katherine's entire reaction since the Wonder Woman costume appeared had been nothing but a well-performed act. Katherine continued to look terribly embarrassed when in fact she couldn't have been more pleased that their clothes were coming off.

Christine put the costume on with lightning speed. She even donned the golden bracelets and tiara (but not the lasso, since it wasn't in sight).

Amy and Katherine both started exclaiming things like, "Oh, you look HOT!" and "That looks great on you!"

But Christine looked down at her chest and said, "Um, girls, there's a problem. This is probably the first time I've said this in ages, but my breasts are too small for this. Katherine, I know your mom is a busty woman, but... my goodness!"

Again, Christine had no way of knowing how stacked the deck was against her. The costume was made out of regular cloth, except for the bra cups built into it, which were stiff and hard so they could stay in place without any straps. At the time Susan wore the costume to the Halloween party, she hadn't started lactating and wasn't much more endowed than Christine. But Katherine had cleverly let out the fabric just before Christine arrived. Now, it was like the bra cups were two sizes too big. Christine's nipples were covered, but just barely. More disturbing was that her boobs were a fraction of an inch from touching the bra cup anywhere, so she felt like she was still completely topless. The only exceptions were her nipples, which grazed the cups since they were so hard and erect.

Amy said, "Well, I dunno. Give it a try anyway."

Christine was already wildly aroused just from wearing the costume, and having no breast support only magnified her lusty feelings. The way the cups rubbed against her nipples with any slight movement was maddening - it was as arousing as if someone were fondling them. She walked to a floor-length mirror and had a good look at herself.

She nearly swooned, she was so overcome with lust. Her reflection in the mirror looked great. The costume fit her very well, with the exception of the bra cups. But that's not all that she saw in her mind. She also imagined ropes binding her arms behind her back and binding her legs together. Without thinking about it, she pinned her arms behind herself.

Her many sexual dreams of Alan capturing and "conquering" her as Wonder Woman were on her mind, causing her heart to race. This is just like when Alan has his way with me every night, except it's happening in the daylight! I could be bound up just like this when he walks into the room and licks his lips. We'd both know he's got me and there's not a damn thing I can do to stop him!

Then she noticed Katherine and Amy looking at her oddly, so she quickly resumed a casual stance. However, she still felt too aroused to keep standing, as long as she was in front of the mirror. Just seeing herself as Wonder Woman was such a turn-on, it was like invisible fingers were stroking every inch of her skin. She quickly moved away. That helped some, but not completely.

Amy went to a drawer in a nearby dresser, looking for her digital camera. After she found it, she said, "Ohmigod, you look so sexy! This is great! We totally have to take a bunch of pictures. Just imagine if Alan saw you like that! Wouldn't that be awesome?"

Christine was so aroused by that thought, she actually had to sit down. She wasn't just thinking about Alan looking at her; she was picturing herself bound in ropes again, with Alan holding onto the end of the rope.

What the hell is wrong with me?! she thought. Wonder Woman used to be such an innocent, non-sexual thing for me. She's a strong, capable woman in a world without many positive female role models. What's so arousing about that? It's not like she ALWAYS has to submit sexually to Alan. I mean, er, to some guy. I've gotta get a grip! It's just a costume.

Then Amy started taking pictures, and she wasn't content to just snap picture after picture of Christine sitting in a chair, looking worried. Before long, Christine was standing, smiling, and even striking dramatic heroine poses. Katherine and Amy goaded her on, and she soon got carried away.


Christine was an extremely sexual and passionate woman deep down, but her willpower and intellect masked and controlled her desires nearly all the time. But not now. She went from pose to pose with gusto.

The two sisters had never seen her so carefree and happy. They loved it.

Katherine thought, Sweet! I feel bad about tricking her, but it's for a good cause. This is what all our deception has been about, to help her overcome her inhibitions and come to terms with her sexual side. She's going to love being one of his sex pets, I'm sure. Unbelievably fantastic sex is exactly what she's been missing the most.

Katherine and Amy had a prearranged signal for when Katherine should leave. The plan had been for Katherine to stay much longer so the three of them could continue to socialize, try on clothes, and generally become better friends. But Christine was so obviously horny that Amy felt the time was right already to move things into a much more sexual direction. She wiped her hand back and forth across her brow several times - that was the signal to Katherine that it was time for the next phase in their plan.

Katherine stood up. "Great Hera! I just realized something. I've gotta run. You two keep at it though, and have a lot of fun, okay?"

Christine giggled at the "Great Hera" mention, since that was one of Wonder Woman's catchphrases. "Okay! See ya!"

She'd gotten happily accustomed to all the hugging already, so without thinking she met Katherine halfway for a good-bye hug. It was only after they were embracing that it hit her that Katherine was still completely nude, and she wasn't exactly fully dressed either. She was grateful when Katherine soon ended the hug, put her clothes back on, and left. That meant Christine could go back to posing for more Wonder Woman pictures.

The only thing that would have made her happier was if Amy had left too. As much as she was loving her time with the two girls, she was so horny that she could barely see straight. It was as if each time she posed for another picture, her arousal was turned up another notch. She longed to masturbate while fantasizing yet again about Alan "having his way with Wonder Woman." In other words, about Alan aggressively taking charge of her sexually.

As Katherine closed the door behind her, she thought, I gotta give kudos to Aims. She told me that Wonder Woman was the door to Christine's sexuality, and that costume could be the key to that door. I was like, 'whatever,' but it looks like she did her homework. I wish I could stay and watch, but that would totally ruin the mood. Damn!


Christine felt very strange, almost as if she were drunk. Her nervousness was masked by a giddy euphoria, not to mention a driving and demanding lust. She was giggling for no reason, something she'd never done before.

As she continued to pose for Amy's snapshots, she joked, "This is reverse pornography."

"What do you mean?" Amy asked with worry, since Christine was a very vocal opponent of pornography.

Christine replied, "I'm dressed and you're not, but you're the one taking the pictures!" She giggled some more.

Encouraged, Amy giggled too, then suggested, "You know what? Instead of you just standing there, we should get some pictures of you doing Wonder Woman-y stuff. You know, like action!"

"What do you mean?"


Amy helpfully struck some action poses, mostly like she was holding guns in both hands.

Christine thought that was really funny, since Amy was doing that in the nude, and she giggled even more. But she got the idea (even though her heroine didn't actually use a gun), so struck some martial arts poses herself.

As Amy's digital camera clicked away, she said encouraging things like "Wow, you look really HOT! Alan's totally gonna wanna bone you!"

That just made Christine giggle even more. She was reveling in the absurdity of the situation, instead of tensing up like she usually did. The only problem was that her arousal was spinning out of control. Each new action pose made her erect nipples and engorged clit rub against the outfit - a situation made much worse since she wasn't used to going without underwear - to the point that she wanted to scream with frustration.

Amy added, "You know what? He totally IS going to bone you! A lot, I'm sure! And so much more. You're gonna love playing with his thingy. I'll bet you've rubbed against it some on your practice dates? Isn't that fun?"

Christine replied dreamily, "Yeah!" Then she thought, Wait! I shouldn't be saying that. Dammit! If Mom could see me now, she'd have a heart attack. Amy is the exact opposite of my "rival." It's like she's doing all she can to help me get together with Alan. Weird! You'd never know that she's his girlfriend, that's for sure!

Things soon became too unbearably arousing for the stunning blonde. The mention of rubbing against Alan's penis had been the final straw, because then she couldn't stop thinking about it. She suddenly stopped her posing and said, "I'll be back in a minute. Gotta powder my nose!" Then she fled out the door and down the hall to the bathroom.

As soon as she'd closed the bathroom door behind her, she sat on the toilet seat (with the lid down), pulled the fabric of her costume away from her pussy, and began fingering herself. Aaaah, that's soooo good! I need it so bad! Need relief! Too horny! So horny!

But her reverie was broken when she heard Amy sing,

"Ba da dum...
Ba da dum."

Christine recognized that as the opening riff to Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time." She didn't like dance pop like Amy did, but that's not what bothered her. It was the fact that Amy sounded like she was standing right outside the bathroom door.

She asked, "Um, Amy, is that you?"

"Yep! I've gotta pee too! Oops, I mean 'powder my nose.'" She giggled at that euphemism. Then she blissfully sang,

"Oh baiybe baiybe,
how was I supposed to know
that somethin' wasn't right?
Ba da dum!"


Christine rolled her eyes, silently exhaling in frustration. She couldn't masturbate with Amy standing only a few feet away, even if Amy didn't know what she was doing. She kept two fingers in her pussy, but didn't move them. "Uh, Amy, tell me that you've put on some clothes."

"Okay! I put on some clothes! ..."

"Ba da dum!"

She continued to sing,

"Show me how you want it to be-"

But Christine pressed, "But DID you put on some clothes?"


Christine slapped her forehead with frustration. She removed her fingers from her pussy and complained, "You can't just run around totally nude!"

Amy replied, "Why not? My brother and dad went on some stupid fishing trip again. They won't be back until late. Even Mother said she'd be gone the rest of the afternoon. So it's just you and me. You saw me nude in my room, so why would it be any different in the hall?"

Christine shook her head in disbelief. "It just is, okay?" Realizing she needed to make some sounds like she was actually using the bathroom, she got up and turned on the sink to a trickle. Then, as Amy continued to sing her song, she flushed the toilet and went through the motion of washing her hands.

As soon as Christine opened the door, Amy rushed in past her and said, "I'll be a couple of minutes, m'kay? I've really gotta go!" She practically pushed Christine out, then closed the door.

Christine was a bit chagrined, but then realized her opportunity. She rushed back to Amy's room, closed the door, leaned against it, pulled her outfit aside again, and resumed masturbating. She couldn't believe she was doing this in Amy's room instead of the bathroom, but she had no alternatives and she was desperate!

It was a bit disconcerting for her to masturbate while still hearing Amy singing in the distance,

"My loneliness is killing me,
I must confess I still believe, still believe!
When I'm not with you I lose my mind,
give me a sign.
Hit me baby one more time!
Ba da dum!"

Amy sang the riff every time, somehow managing even when it overlapped with the words. And every time she did, it reminded Christine of the similar riff from the movie "Jaws." She felt like Amy was a shark closing in on her, at any moment about to catch her masturbating. But her need for release was so great that she couldn't help herself, despite the risk.

Christine thought she was being clever to masturbate while leaning against the door. She figured that would give her time to hear Amy coming and make herself respectable. If worse came to worst, Amy wouldn't be able to get in even though there was no lock on the door, because Christine's body would hold it closed.

But again, Christine stood no chance, because she had no idea what she was up against. Amy had guessed from the very start that Christine's bathroom break was just a ruse to masturbate. It wasn't a difficult leap to make, since Christine looked so horny and frustrated that she seemed on the verge of tears. Amy had deliberately followed her and sung loudly to deny her the chance to climax, since she wanted Christine to stay right at the edge of losing control.

But Amy didn't stop there. She had quietly snuck out of the bathroom as soon as she heard Christine close the bedroom door, instead tip-toeing back down the hall. She put her ear to the door and heard tell-tale squishy sounds. She reveled in her correct guess and thought about how proud her "O.B." would be after he woke up from his afternoon nap when she handed him an extremely horny Christine.

Amy snuck back to the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and hurried back to her bedroom as quickly as she could. When she got there, Christine was sitting in a chair, looking like she'd been patiently waiting all along, but Amy knew better. Amy joked, "Look at my nose. See all the powder on it? I'm totally powdered up now."

Christine was beyond aggravated. She wasn't the kind of person who could cum easily; it took her time to build up to it. She wanted to yell at Amy for interrupting her when she was on the verge of sweet release, but she couldn't even say anything about it.

That was just how Amy wanted her. She said, "Boy, you look great! I'm wowed all over again. We should take you next door and show you off to Alan in that sexy outfit."

Christine suddenly turned panicky. "No! Not yet!"

Amy stood next to her, even though she was sitting. "Why? What's the problem?"

Christine looked at the floor in embarrassment. "I don't feel... ready. I mean, I hardly know what I'm doing!"

Amy clapped her hands with glee. "Oh, that's easy! Come on, stand up."

Christine reluctantly stood and looked at Amy with apprehension.

Amy said proudly, "As O.B.'s one and only official girlfriend-"

Christine cut in to ask, "What did you say? Obie?"

"No, O.B. That's my little nickname for him. It stands for 'Official Boyfriend.' Anyhoo, I know aaaaalll the little things that he loves, and I'll be happy to teach 'em to you."

"You will? But why? I could turn around and stab you in the back."

"Geez, Louise! Girl, you need to be a little more trusting. Not everybody is out to be all evil-y. I'm totally secure in Alan's love for me. I know you're basically a good, moral person. So if he wants to bone you a lot-"

Christine asked with annoyance, "Could you please not use the word 'bone?'"

"Sorry. If he wants to drill you a lot, that's okay with me."

Christine slapped her forehead again.

Amy pretended not to notice; at such times her airhead reputation came in very handy. She continued blithely. "Like I said, I feel like we're part of a team, and you're my Fashion Pal now, so how could I not help you out? Let's start with kissing. How are you doing with that?"

"Um, not good," Christine replied. (Actually, she was a pretty good kisser already, based on how she'd fared with Alan the day before. But she had no point of comparison to judge against, and lacked self-confidence about all things romantic and sexual.) "I've read up on it, and of course Alan and I shared some... uh..." She was suddenly reminded of the fact she'd been kissing Amy's boyfriend, and was now confessing that to her. "You know... kisses yesterday. Quite a few, actually, as well as a couple of times before that."


Christine was secretly chagrined. I knew she'd say that. But that shouldn't be her response! She continued, "But truth be told, I feel like I'm just kind of blundering about like a bull in a china shop." She sighed with exasperation. "I mean... it's not the kind of thing you can really learn from reading a book, is it?! You need to... um... practice."

"Exactly!" Amy was delighted. She couldn't have asked for a better opening. "I'm not great at explaining, so let's just practice." She put her hands on Christine's shoulders.

Christine suddenly realized with dismay why Amy had asked her to stand up. "Wait a minute! We can't do that! You're a girl!"

Amy giggled. She looked down at her ample front, then looked up at Christine again and giggled some more. "I am? I hadn't noticed."

Christine was too frazzled to respond to that, so she just exclaimed, "And you're naked!" She looked Amy up and down like she'd just realized this for the first time.

"And why is that bad? Look, it's totally common for girls to practice kissing. It's not some kind of lesbian thing; it's just practice! Let's do a before-and-after comparison. Show me the best that you've got, and then I'll show you how to improve it."

Christine started to tilt her head towards Amy's, but suddenly she closed her eyes and turned her head away. "I... Sorry, but I can't do this!"


"Sure you can! I'm not a girl, m'kay! I'm a guy. I'm Alan. Just close your eyes and pretend I'm him. Do it for England, and for the Queen."

Christine couldn't help but laugh a little at that. Although she'd turned her head back, her eyes were still closed and her laughter gave Amy the opening she needed, because it caused Christine to open her mouth.

Amy leaned forward and planted her lips on Christine's.

In any other circumstance, Christine would have pushed Amy away with a near-violent force, but she was so out-of-control horny she just kept her eyes closed and let Amy kiss her. Amy even snaked her tongue inside Christine's mouth and probed around, and Christine still didn't break the kiss.

In fact, Christine found it surprisingly easy to pretend she was kissing Alan, or at least a guy. After all, lips were lips and tongues were tongues, and as long as she kept her eyes closed and didn't touch Amy anywhere else, she could keep up the pretense. So she simply let herself be kissed, but didn't kiss back.

After a while, Amy broke the kiss and said, "Come on, girl. All that showed me is that you have a mouth. Show me what you've got!" Sensing Christine's continued resistance and noticing her tightly shut eyes, Amy added, "Maybe this will help." Suddenly her voice changed, growing deeper. "Hey, Christine. How's it going? Did you hear the one about the blonde who tried to screw in a light bulb?"

Christine was so amazed, she started to open her eyes as if to confirm that really wasn't Alan. Amy's mimicry of his vocals was uncanny.

But Amy had anticipated that, so she immediately placed her hands over Christine's eyes. She continued in her Alan voice, "Don't look. I have a surprise for you. And, I just want to say... I love you so much, I can't keep my feelings in anymore. I just have to kiss you!"

Christine was transported. She felt like Alan was really there in front of her. Given how extremely aroused she was, that was a very good thing. She needed a channel for her sexual energies, and she could channel them into "Alan." She tilted her head forward and opened her mouth. Alan! Please! Kiss me!

Amy intercepted her before Christine could move too much. For instance, it wouldn't do for their breasts to touch as that would obviously ruin the illusion. Amy leaned forward, put her hand on the back of Christine's head to hold her away a bit, and kissed with a firm lip-lock. After a few seconds, she felt confident Christine would keep her eyes closed, so she removed her hand and went back to holding Christine's shoulders in place (again, to make sure their bodies didn't get too close).

This time, Christine didn't hold back. She gave the kiss everything she had, because she really felt like she was kissing Alan, not Amy. Soon their tongues were dueling. The kissing grew hotter and hotter as they became more accustomed to each other.

A few minutes passed. Finally, Amy broke it off, and said in her usual voice, "Not bad. Not bad at all! I'll bet Alan really likes that. But we can do better."

Christine was a bit disconcerted to hear Amy as Amy, even as she kept her eyes closed. Holy Cow! I just kissed a girl! Worse, I necked with a girl! My competition! How the hell did it come to this?!

But her competitive instinct was getting the best of her. Dammit, this is beyond embarrassing, but... potentially useful. It's a given that I'm going to be necking with Alan a LOT today. We could end up kissing for hours! He'll have ridiculously high standards, with lovers like Mrs. Pestridge. I must be a laughably bad kisser in comparison. This could be my one chance to at least get respectably good at it. I just have to swallow my pride, and also forget she's a girl.

Gathering her courage, Christine asked, "What am I doing wrong?"

Amy smiled widely, knowing that meant there would be more kissing. "Well, it's hard to put into words. You're kind of all tensed up. It's like even your lips are stressed out. Relax! But you're not doing anything bad; it's just that you need to be more daring. Here, let's do it this way. I'll try something and do it a few times. Then you try it out on me a few times, until you're sure you get the hang of it. M'kay?"

"Okay. But can you... be Alan again?"

"Sure, if it'll help you." Amy giggled. She couldn't believe how great things were going. She wanted to run all the way next door and up to Katherine's room to proudly announce she was French kissing with none other than "Ice Queen" Christine. However, she realized she needed to be calm and cool.

She mimicked Alan's voice again. "God, Christine. This Wonder Woman costume looks super good on you. I love it! It really accents your curves." It was a risky move, but Amy put her hands on Christine's hips, then quickly slid her hands up to Christine's big tits.

"Hey!" Christine complained, even though she was mindful to keep her eyes closed.

Amy spoke as herself, but continued to use Alan's voice. "What? You want me to be Alan; you know that's exactly what he would do. Tell me he wouldn't have his hands on your breasts within about two seconds of getting in range."

Christine giggled at that. "Good point." She was so horny, she didn't even care much that Amy was now fully cupping the undersides of her huge tits. She consoled herself that at least the stiff bra cups of the costume were in the way.

Amy fell back into her Alan role. "Oh! Christine! I'm sorry, but I just can't help myself. You're too beautiful!" Then she leaned in and kissed her again.

The two of them began doing exactly what Amy had said they would. Amy would show some kissing technique, and Christine would try to imitate it. But they only did that from time to time. Most of the time, they just kissed as their passions dictated.

Christine found herself falling into the ideas common in her Wonder Woman dreams and fantasies. Her arms slid around to her backside and she crossed her wrists. In her mind, she really was with Alan, only he was the "Evil Alan" of her dreams, the one who always tied her up and had his way with her helpless body.

She got so carried away with that, she hardly even noticed when Amy pulled her bra cups down so she could sink her fingers directly into Christine's spongy tit-flesh. She only moaned encouragingly when Amy kneaded her soft yet firm orbs, and even pulled on her nipples. She still hadn't really climaxed because her clit and pussy remained untouched, but it didn't matter much now. She was feeling so good, it was like one continuous orgasm.

She could feel a couple of rivulets of pussy juice flowing down her inner thigh, which was unusual (because she wasn't a copious leaker like Brenda). She knew there was no way Amy could miss the pungent smell of her aroused pussy, just as she could smell Amy's arousal. But she didn't care. After a while, she even felt Amy's nipples rubbing directly on hers, and she didn't care about that either.


After a while, Amy repositioned so she had one leg between Christine's legs. Then she kept that leg elevated, deliberately rubbing the top of her thigh against the lower part of Christine's pussy.

Christine was so far gone that, although she was vaguely aware of the pressure there, it felt far too arousing for her to want it to stop.

Such moves were exactly the kind of thing Christine was eagerly anticipating that Alan would do to her. It was easy for her to pretend she was with him already. She desired him so much that she put up almost no resistance.

Somehow, through it all, she was able to maintain the fiction that she was kissing Alan and Alan only, even though Alan obviously didn't have E-cup boobs pressing into her even bigger ones.

The two of them lost all track of time as they kissed and kissed and kissed. Ten and then even twenty minutes passed. Christine continued to keep her eyes closed and keep her hands pinned behind her back most of the time. She even stayed like that when Amy held her in a tight embrace and couldn't help but notice her strange pose.

She didn't do it just because it fueled her bondage fantasy. On some level, she sensed that she wouldn't be able to maintain the fiction of kissing Alan if she ran her hands freely over Amy's very curvy, feminine body. However, there were times when she found herself fondling Amy's bare ass with one or even both hands. She enjoyed that a lot, because male and female asses weren't so different, and it reminded her of when she'd played with Alan's ass the day before.

Remarkably enough, Christine wasn't having any qualms about taking part in "lesbian action." She was able to think of this as practice kissing only, with an Alan stand-in. Amy's fondling of her upper body was pretty much exactly what Alan would have done had he been there, so she hardly gave any thought to that as being something weird.

Amy, though, was absolutely over the moon. She'd still had her qualms about trying to befriend Christine and bring her into the harem. But getting to make out with Christine and even fondle her truly extraordinary body already made it all worthwhile. Even better, Christine was already a good kisser (although she didn't know it yet), and getting better by the minute.

Amy would have loved to practice kissing for another hour or two, but unfortunately she really did need to use the bathroom, and eventually she couldn't put it off anymore. She broke the kiss and said in her normal voice, "Wow! Christine, that was great! You're a fast learner. O.B.'s gonna love that!"

Christine opened her eyes like she was coming out of a very deep sleep. "What's happening?" she asked in confusion. Her body jerked back in shock as she realized there was no Alan in front of her, but only a very naked Amy instead.

Amy sensed Christine's alarm, but acted like there was nothing out of the ordinary. She explained, "I've just gotta 'powder my nose' again for a minute. But that was fun though, wasn't it?"

Christine was suddenly very embarrassed, stammering, "Yeah, but in a, uh, in a 'me kissing Alan' kind of way, if you know what I mean." She blushed. Oh dear God! What have I done?!

"Sure!" Amy breezily agreed.

Christine's fear was growing as her fantasy of being with Alan turned to harsh reality. "Um, Amy? Please, let's never do that again. And never, ever tell anybody that accidentally happened!"

"What are you talking about? I wasn't even here. That totally wasn't me kissing you. That was just practice kissing. It doesn't count. I think you're, like, half-way ready to see Alan later today already."

Christine's stomach was suddenly full of butterflies as she imagined making out with the real Alan. "Um, only half-way?"

"Sure! Our lessons are just getting started! I mean, there's no way you can hang with my boyfriend and not stroke his cock at the very least. He totally expects that. So that's our next lesson." She stroked her hand up and down, like she was jacking off an invisible penis floating in front of her chest.

She winked, and then walked out of the room, as naked as ever.

Christine gulped as she watched Amy's ass cheeks undulate up and down until she was out of sight. Then she looked down at herself, and saw her Wonder Woman costume pulled down in front nearly to her navel. Shit. What just happened to me? And "stroke his cock?" What have I gotten myself into? Everything is spinning out of control!


Xania was very happy and content. When Brenda and Alan left to use the bathroom down the hall, Xania had found herself in the delicious position of being left alone with a naked and still very horny Susan. She'd been pondering all the wild sexual positions they could use when she'd noticed some dribbles of milk leaking from Susan's nipples. Xania had learned on her last visit that Susan had started lactating, but that fact hadn't really hit her until she actually saw Susan leaking milk.

When Xania asked about it, Susan had admitted that she was in serious need of being milked, so Xania had tossed all her wild sex ideas aside, crawled on top of Susan, and started suckling. That's why she was so content, because for the last ten minutes or so, she'd just been nursing on Susan's stiff and tasty nipples with her eyes closed. She almost felt like she'd gone back to some infantile state where her entire world was suckling on her mother's breasts. True, Susan wasn't her mother, but at the moment it certainly felt like she was. Xania couldn't quite figure out why this experience had such a powerful emotional impact on her. She had a hard time recalling ever feeling so loved.


The suckling was very erotic and arousing for both of them. Most of the time, Susan just gently stroked Xania's hair and purred with contentment, while Xania suckled on one nipple and played with the other one, or fondled and caressed an entire giant milk-filled breast. Susan's soft globes felt like pillows, and Xania loved simply resting her head on them. It was extremely relaxing, and minutes passed with neither of them really speaking or moving much, or even opening their eyes.

But that wasn't all they did. Their frisky energy level waxed and waned, and when it waxed, they each liked to finger the other's pussy and clit. Susan also sometimes played with Xania's nipples, or fed her fingers into Xania's mouth for Xania to suck and suckle on. Xania really liked that; it helped put her in some kind of primal nursing state.

They did talk a little bit from time to time, though that was rare. At one point, Xania asked while licking and suckling on one of Susan's nipples. "So, how are you feeling?"

Susan's whole face brightened. "Divine! Heavenly! Whenever Tiger fucks me, but especially after one of his special total destruction fucks, I feel a kind of euphoric buzz for hours. Right now that feeling of satisfaction and satiation is even stronger because my pussy is still feeling the after effects of being hammered! I tell you, it really is the very best! Especially when I get to revel in the fact that it's my very son who's fucked me and enslaved me. I love him so very much, and he loves me back just as powerfully."

Xania felt jealous. "Yes, I can certainly see you two share a special bond."

"We do. But he shares that special bond with all of his sex slaves. Even Brenda, she and him are just beginning to start to really know and love each other, but already I can see that special connection forming between them. It's something magical. I tell you, I honestly don't think anything compares to the endless joys of being part of his harem!"

Xania chuckled. She pulled off a nipple and lifted her head up enough to make eye contact. "A-ha! I see where you're going with this. You're trying to sell me on joining the harem."

Susan responded, "I'm not lying. Every word I said I firmly believe."

"I'm sure that's the case. But you still are trying to get me to join, aren't you?"

Susan couldn't help but grin impishly, because she couldn't deny it. "Okay, maybe I am. But you should be flattered, not offended. I don't know who's more worthy of membership than you. You'd make a perfect fit. Don't you enjoy your time whenever you visit us? Hasn't that become the highlights of your week?"

"You know it has." She lowered her head and resumed licking and generally fondling Susan's immense globes.

"Well then, just imagine if you could experience that much fun and joy every day, and not just once or twice a week. And all you'd have to do is wear his collar around your neck, swear off all other men, and pledge yourself to be his eternal slave, totally devoted to serving his cock and keeping him happy."

Xania said with sarcasm and chagrin, "Oh, is that all? Susan, please. Don't push me like some kind of religious missionary. Now's not the time, all right?"

"All right. But promise me you'll at least think about it from time to time, okay?"

"Okay." Xania ended the conversation by resuming her nipple suckling, making her mouth unavailable for speech. But she thought, The problem is, I AM thinking about it already, and I feel damn tempted sometimes. But come on, I'm not willing to call anybody "master," especially not some teenage kid. And the harem life doesn't suit my personality. It's much better if I visit here frequently. To live here would quickly ruin things for me.

Still, sometimes I find myself quite tempted; I can't deny it. I have to admit Alan is no ordinary guy. He seems to make a surprisingly good master, despite his youth. I wish I were fully submissive and family oriented like Susan. She's got it made.

Susan thought, Drat! I suppose I was a little too obvious there. I need to lay off on the hard sell. She'll come around soon enough if she simply spends enough time with us. It's better if I persuade by example. But it's so hard to wait! In my opinion, the harem will always feel a bit incomplete until she's an official part of it.

Xania had been careful to drain both of Susan's breasts equally, and after about fifteen minutes in total she spoke up. "Susan, I've pretty much drained all your milk for now, don't you think?"

"Oh, poo. I think you're right. But can you stay like that for a while? You can still lick and suckle on them even if all the milk is gone. It feels so good..."

Xania couldn't resist smiling and licking the nearest nipple. "With pleasure! I love this. I had no idea nursing you could be so much fun. And more than fun... I know this sounds corny, but this soothes my soul. I think I've found a whole new fetish!" She chuckled.

Susan giggled too as she ran a hand through Xania's hair. "You're invited to suckle pretty much as often as you'd like. As the family's milky mommy sex cow, my milk is for everyone here, not just my son. But Tiger's always so busy keeping all his sex slaves so well fucked that he doesn't drain my milky tits nearly as much as I'd like. That's why I was in dire straits and leaking, because I was hoping against hope he'd be the one. But I like it when you do it too."

"Thanks. It's a constant erotic buzz for me. What about you?"

Susan's face lit up. "Oh, Xania, you have no idea! Imagine a talented tongue steadily licking your pussy for a good fifteen minutes - that's how good it feels! It helps that my tits and nipples are so extra sensitive. And that's not even counting what your fingers are doing to me."

They both chuckled at that, because Xania had two fingers rhythmically pumping in Susan's slit.

Xania closed her eyes again and snuggled into Susan's tit-pillows. She sighed contentedly, and said, "I can fully understand why Alan's a 'tit man.' If I lived here with you and Suzanne wobbling your huge racks all over the place, I'd be a 'tit woman' too. These are simply perfection." She reached up and gave the underside of one firm orb a friendly squeeze and caress.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black," Susan replied modestly, even as she basked in the compliment. "Your 38Gs are just as-"

But her words came to a sudden halt when she heard the sound of someone running down the hall to her door. She opened her eyes and lifted her head from her pillow to see what was happening, while Xania also opened her eyes and turned her head.

Brenda burst into the room and exclaimed, "Mistress Susan! Mistress Susan! Mistress Susan! Master's gonna fuck my ASS! Right NOW!" Brenda kept on running straight towards their bed.

The mellow and loving mood in the room was shattered. Susan jerked up and squealed for joy. But that wasn't enough for her. She leapt up off the bed towards Brenda just as Brenda crashed into her, sending her tumbling back onto the bed and nearly hitting Xania.

Susan and Brenda hugged and stared at each other from only inches away. There was a dramatic pause, and then both of them resumed squealing. To say the cliché that it was like they were celebrating winning the lottery wouldn't fully convey just how happy and excited they were. Neither of them was capable of coherent speech, and they just kept squealing, screaming, and shrieking.

Xania was happy for Brenda too, but she didn't fully understand what the big deal was. She was obliged to put her fingers in her ears to dampen the sounds of screaming at such close range. She sat up in the bed, but a bit away from the other two in case they started thrashing about.

Susan and Brenda French kissed each other instead, which finally silenced all their frenzied screaming.

A minute or so of passionate necking went by. The two buxom mothers also made a point of rubbing their massive racks together. Since the celebrating was about anal sex, Xania figured she could join in and help things by positioning herself so she could play with Susan's and Brenda's asses at the same time, and that's just what she did.

Before long, both Susan and Brenda reached out and fondled Xania's perfect body too. Xania scooted in closer, and soon the three of them were all trading kisses and even sometimes managing to engage in a mouth on mouth on mouth kiss between all three at the same time.


Eventually, the kissing mostly came to an end, but the three of them kept on rubbing their impressive tits against each other. It was like some kind of friendly boob battle with all three racks pressing together most of the time.

Things finally calmed down enough for Xania to ask, "So, what's the excitement all about? I mean, I know firsthand that it's nice when Alan fucks his fat cock into your ass, but..."

Susan enthusiastically answered for Brenda as she stared intently into Brenda's eyes and mashed her tits into Brenda's as well. "A couple things. Big things! For one, you have to understand that Brenda is an anal VIRGIN! She's going to give one of her virginities to her master! For a sex slave, there are few pleasures in life as great as that!"

Brenda squealed some more, just from hearing that. "You said it, sister! So true! Oh my God! I feel like I'm gonna just BURST with JOY!"

Susan switched to rubbing her ample rack more against Xania's, but she continued to stare knowingly at Brenda. "But that's not all there is, is there? I'll bet he's going to make you his Anal Slave too! Your ass will totally belong to him!"

Brenda stared at Susan in amazement. "Holy crap! That's incredible! You're so right! But how did you KNOW that?!"

Susan smirked. "Brenda, you're part of our family now. Plus, you and I are on the same sex slave wavelength, and I know Tiger as well as I know myself. It's the next logical step: you're already his Tit Slave, Cunt Slave, Mouth Slave, official personal cocksucker, and all around sex slave, but you can't fully be his Anal Slave too until he's fully plundered and conquered the as yet untouched depths of your asshole with his huge, magnificent cock!"

Brenda was agape. WHOA! This is going to be one of the most important times of my whole life! Anal sex is the ultimate act of submission. Once he fucks me there, he really will own my entire body!

Susan continued, "Besides, how many phone conversations have we shared on this very topic? How many times have I told you that it was only a matter of time until your big beautiful ass was enslaved by my son's incredible cock? Trust me, my Tiger is the very best Ass Master that any Anal Slave could ever want! He's not going to rest until you are completely and utterly dominated and broken to his will!"

Brenda reacted like that was the best news she'd ever heard. Her chest resumed wildly heaving, causing her gigantic tits to crash erratically into Susan's and Xania's. "Stop! Stop! Shut up! Sorry, Mistress Susan for my language, but if you keep talking like that, I'm gonna hyperventilate or pass out!"

Susan's smirk grew into a wide smile. "Relax. Just... relax. Everything's gonna be just fine. You are your master's personal property now, and he treats his property well... Although, there was that one time his bike was stolen after he forgot to lock it up."

"Aiiiieee! Eep!" Brenda had to stifle the urge to scream at the top of her lungs after being likened to being owned like a mere bicycle. She found that idea as hot as a river of lava, just as Susan knew she would. She particularly liked the implication that if she was Alan's bike, he would climb up on her "seat" and "ride" her quite a lot, even if that part was an accidental implication.

Xania found the whole thing pretty weird, but being able to freely fondle and kiss Susan and Brenda when they were fully nude and hot as ovens was not something to complain about. Besides, she found all of the tit mashing to be unique and a lot of fun. She didn't have super sensitive tits and nipples like Susan, or just super sensitive (and extra long) nipples like Brenda, but it was quite arousing for her just the same.

Xania spoke up, although she was careful not to say anything too arousing that would push Brenda over the edge. "This is a pretty crazy sight, isn't it? All this tit mashing between three of the most endowed beautiful women in the state. I wish Alan could see this. He'd totally flip!"

Alan coughed.

The three busty women froze. Then they all turned their heads towards the door at the exact same time, like a single multi-headed hydra.

Alan was standing there, naked and leaning against the door. He looked quite amused, and his boner showed he was certainly aroused. He said, "I'm definitely enjoying watching this, believe me. I don't know how to do a flip though. I never was much of a gymnast."

He walked closer to the bed. "I don't want to interrupt you ladies and your fun. I just got here a few seconds ago, in fact, to tell you that-"

"Stop!" Susan barked with surprising determination. She pointed to the middle of the bed. "If you have anything to say, say it here, lying down in the middle of my master bed! And that's an order!" She added a bit sheepishly, "I know a slave isn't allowed to give her master an order, but I'm asserting my special mommy privileges. You can punish me for it later."

He chuckled at that, but shrugged his shoulders and climbed up on the bed. As the other three all made way, he crawled up into the middle of the bed until he flipped over and rested his head on a pillow near the headboard. "Hmmm. This is comfy, but I can't stay. I just wanted to mention that- WHOA! HEY!"

He shouted out, because all three women bent over and enveloped his stiff cock in an overabundance of tit-flesh. And enveloped was the word: they were positioned nearly equidistant from each other so all six of their tits somehow managed to make contact with his shaft at the same time. It was quite a feat, considering how endowed they all were. Only the very top of his cockhead poked out straight above the sea of tit-flesh.


He had a good laugh at that. "Jesus! Er, sorry Mom. Geez! This is unreal!"

The three of them all had the exact same thing in mind and had managed that with nothing but knowing looks to each other. And after more knowing nods and looks, they started subtly shifting their tits around his boner. Their movements had to be subtle or else they couldn't all stay in contact with his hot pole.

He said, "Damn! This is awesome, but I really can't stay. I just came in here to tell you that Suzanne's arrived. She's waiting for me in my room, and she only let me come in here if I promised to be quick. She said that if I took more than a minute, there would be, and I quote, 'dire consequences.'"

"Well, tough luck for her!" Susan said defiantly. "She should know that the needs of your cock come first!" Worried that time was running out, she craned her head down and licked his cockhead.

"In any case," he said, "I was just filling her in about how I'm about to take Brenda's anal virginity."

Susan cut in with a quip. "I like it when you fill her in, especially if I get to watch!"

He grinned at her licking face, and then continued, "She thinks this is far too important an event not to mark it with a special ceremony. A ceremony officially declaring Brenda my Ass Slave."

Brenda squealed. She was so excited that she rose up out of the triple titfuck and clutched her rack tightly. "Good Lord! It's like you think things can't POSSIBLY get any better, and then they do! Again!"

With Brenda temporarily removed from the action, Susan and Xania were able to be more active in sliding their big tits up and down and back and forth around his stiff shaft. His erection was surrounded in a complete 360 degree circle of succulent, slipping and sliding tit-flesh. Susan had to stop her licking, but only because the dual titfucking action was so vigorous.

He was very, very glad he'd come into the room to make this announcement.

Suzanne politely coughed at the door.

The others looked at her, but their eyes immediately went right back to the titfuck in progress.

Suzanne said with chagrin, "I should have known something like this would happen. Sweetie, you promised you'd just be a minute."

"I know," he said, blissfully. "I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'm coming."

"I'm sure you will be, in a minute," she retorted with a sardonic grin. "But while you somehow extricate yourself, let me announce the plan. Ladies, Sweetie and I are going to go back to his room and make plans for Brenda's long-awaited anal deflowering and the Ass Slave ceremony. I'm going to be the Mistress of Ceremonies of sorts. Meanwhile, you lot help get Brenda ready. Prep and preen her so she'll be looking and feeling her best. And prep her ass so she'll be ready to take his large invasion back there, okay?"

There was no immediate answer. Suzanne sighed, figuring she'd lost Alan for a while. His crotch was totally buried in tit-flesh, even with Brenda sitting up.

But then Brenda kicked into action. "Hey, did you hear what Mistress Suzanne said? Let's get going, people! This is important! Come on!" She began gently but firmly prying people apart.

Suzanne chuckled. I should have figured. Of course Brenda's gonna kick them into gear so she can get on with her anal fun. Good for her.

He stood up and looked back at the bed. He was still sporting a raging boner. Then he turned and looked at Suzanne, standing there in all her naked glory. "Dang! The sheer beauty, and well, the bustiness of the four of you... If the FOUR of you tried to all titfuck me at once, I think there'd be a nuclear explosion or something! I'd like to get a picture of all of you lined up, my four most buxom women."

Suzanne walked up to him and slapped his ass. "Nice try, but some other day, or we'll never get you out of here. Come on, kid. We've got a lot of planning to do."

"Dang." He walked out hand in hand with Suzanne. But as he reached the door, he looked back over his shoulder. "Damn! Mother, just look at them! Damn!"

Suzanne was all smiles. "I know, I know. I like how you never quite get used to our beauty. Don't ever change."

"I won't." He strolled on down the hall like he was the king of the world.

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