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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 139
You Sexy Thing
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Once they reached Alan's room, Suzanne was very careful to make sure the door was closed behind them. Then she pointed to the chair in front of his desk. "Please sit there, Sweetie. We've got a lot to discuss."

As soon as his butt hit the seat, he felt Suzanne straddle him. Her hand reached down to his boner, and before he knew what was happening, his boner was being worked into her steaming hot pussy.

"Whoa, Mother! What do you think you're doing?!"

He could tell she was smirking and grinning, even though she was facing away from him.

"What does it look like?" She wiggled back and forth, settling down on him even more until she was fully impaled.

He muttered, "Um, I'm not complaining, but I thought we've got a lot to discuss."


"We do! And can you think of a better or more comfortable way to discuss it? Sweetie, in case you haven't heard, my cunt has NEEDS! Big needs! My cunt needs to get fucked at least once a day, every day, by my one true love and master!" She squeezed him tightly with her pussy walls, and then churned on him a little bit for good measure.

She added in a more joking tone, "I figure if you don't fuck me right now I'll die of cunt hunger, or something terrible along those lines... And if I'm dead, then we can't plan Brenda's ceremony, can we? Thus, we don't have much of a choice here."

He drolly replied, "So are you rescued from imminent death yet?"

She smiled widely and hungrily licked her lips. She wanted to kiss him, so she lifted herself all the way off, spun around to face him, and then impaled herself down on his shaft again with a long and satisfying "AAAAAH!"

She leaned in close to kiss him softly, whispering, "Almost. Let me bounce on you for about... mmmm, oh, about five to ten minutes, and then I'll be in a good mood to talk." She started to bounce up and down on his shaft.

He quickly tried to object. "In all seriousness, please don't do that. Well, not too much, at least. I'm honestly concerned about my dick. Did you see what those three were doing to me over there? I'm close to the edge already. And I've got to be in TOP FORM for Brenda in a very short while. If you make me cum, it'll be a total disaster! And you're way, way too good at making me cum!"

She was still rhythmically bouncing on him, holding him by his shoulders. "Don't worry. You're always close to the edge. In fact..." - she paused while she settled all the way down on him again - "...it's kind of our sworn duty to keep you that way nearly all the time. If you start to cum, we'll just do the squeeze-at-the-base-of-your-cock trick."

To his chagrin, he already found himself needing to use his PC muscle to avert an orgasm. He couldn't keep the strain out of his voice as he replied, "Yeah, but even if I don't technically cum with you, what'll happen if I'm all worn out and I cum in her after just a minute or two? What kind of supposedly all-powerful master does that when claiming a slave? I've got to live up to her high expectations of me!"

Suzanne sighed and slowed her bouncing. She'd become quite familiar with the feeling of extra stiffness in his erection when he was working his PC muscle, not to mention the pained look on his face. "You're no fun. Very well, what if I just do my pussy squeezes on you for a while? We can talk better that way too."

He poked a finger at her. "Okay, but don't be TOO good at it!" He sank that finger deep into her tit-flesh, just because he could, and it felt good.

They both laughed at his comment.

"I promise to be a terrible fuck," She said with more amusement. She kissed him while provocatively stirring her hips on his lap. "Now, what's the plan?"

"You're asking me? I thought you had all the answers."

She smiled mysteriously, while squeezing his length inside her. "Oh I do... but just because I have them, doesn't mean I have to share all of them." Before he could respond, she continued, "For instance, do you remember the first time you fucked your cock into a woman's ass?"

He had to pause and think about that. It felt like ancient history, a time before time, way back when he hadn't been having sex every single day. It didn't help that Suzanne kept working his cock around inside herself while he struggled to recall that first time.

"It was with you!" he exclaimed excitedly, as the memories of that encounter flooded back into him. "Yours was the first ass I ever fucked. And what a fuck it was!"

Suzanne paused in her pussy grinding and squeezing to give him a hug and a deep tongue lashing kiss as she sat on his lap. "Indeed. I haven't yet come back for more, mainly because once you started fucking my cunt, that's been top priority with me. But my ass is starting to get needy again." She rose up on him and made some simply acrobatic moves churning her hips in improbable directions, forcing his attention to her great ass.

She ran her hands through his hair, enjoying their mutual stroll down memory lane. "You fucked your cock into my ass... on your bed... over there." She pointed to his bed along the far wall. "As I recall, you were rather against the idea... at first."

He felt abashed remembering how he'd been that first time with Suzanne, and his ignorant opinion that anal sex was "gay."

She purred contentedly, "And to think, that was only two and a half weeks ago!" Seeing he was too close to the edge, plus they were getting too excited to talk easily, she stilled her hips completely and just squeezed his boner with her talented pussy muscles. "Do you remember how Susan was pounding on the door, ready to break in and stop us? Do you remember how she thought anal sex was the most immoral and improper sex act imaginable?"

He smiled knowingly.

"And now look at you! You've gone from being against the very idea of anal sex to accepting your Mom as a complete and utter butt slut for your cock who tells everyone who will listen that 'Good Mommies get fucked in the ass every single day!'"

"Does she say that kind of stuff to you too?"

Suzanne grinned wryly. "Does she ever! I can't get her to shut up, sometimes. She's very proud to be your 'butt slut Mommy' as she puts it, and she isn't shy to describe just how much she loves anal sex with you."

He smiled blissfully as Suzanne kept on squeezing his hard-on with her pussy muscles. It felt fantastic.

She asked him, "What are you so happy about? It's not just my cunt moves, is it?"

"No. Although those are awesome, as usual. I'm just thinking of Mom's anal sex lust. She's so cute about it, yet she's got this animalistic passion. I mean... I used to come home and give her a peck on the cheek before going up to my room to take a nap. Now I come home and she's waiting for me in the kitchen, bent over, lubed up, with her ass cheeks spread wide. Wearing one of those great erotic aprons, if even that much. She fully expects me to fuck my cock balls-deep in her ass and pump her butt full of cum!"

Seeing that he was too aroused to think through all the consequences of his actions, Suzanne explained, "Your mom already thinks of anal sex as a special thing you and she share. Since Angel isn't really into it and I'm so vaginally focused, she's really only been able to share her 'ass love' with Amy. But now you're going to have a ceremony in which you claim another busty and beautiful woman's anal virginity. Of course, we know how Susan is, and she's gonna love that part! But you're going one step further, and you're taking that woman to be your Ass Slave! Furthermore, we're not talking just any woman here, but Brenda, the one woman Susan has had jealousy issues with. Do you see what could go wrong?"

A look of concern crossed his face. He even considered pulling his hard-on out of her.

Before he could speak, Suzanne quickly silenced him with a finger across his lips, and clutched his boner extra tightly to make sure he didn't move it. "I'm not saying don't do it. Far from it! I'm all in favor of enslaving Brenda's ass to your cock, as a matter of fact. That will permanently bind her to you even more than she is already. What I am saying, though, is that whatever you plan on doing in this ceremony... be prepared to repeat it with Mom. And soon! I sincerely doubt she'd appreciate NOT being made an Ass Slave too."

He thought about that, and then nodded. "I can do that. But what about the others? What about, say, Amy? She's very anally minded."

Even Suzanne's cunt squeezing had slowed down to a mere occasional twitch, since both of them were focused on the serious discussion. She shrugged. "I don't know. You should talk it over with her at some point. I suspect she won't care much about it one way or another, as long as you keep fucking her ass regularly. All this slavery talk doesn't mean much to her. I think it's because she's such a pure and free spirit that she doesn't really fully get the concept of slavery in the first place. And I think that's very cute and lovable. But play it by ear. You're very good at doing that."

He nodded, even as she resumed her pussy clenching and squeezing. But then a thought belatedly occurred to him. "Wait! What about you?"

"What about me?" She played dumb at first, but then realized that wasn't going to fly. "Do I want to be an Anal Slave too? Nah. No thanks. Consider yourself lucky that you've got me calling you 'Master' and actually liking it. Don't push your great luck any further." She softened the blow with a loving wink and a smile.

Alan and Suzanne began to discuss the nitty gritty details of what he should do to Brenda for maximum emotional and physical effect. The discussion went quickly because they found they were in agreement on most things.

The only delay was that Suzanne really, really wanted a good fucking, and she was pretty much incorrigible when it came to bouncing on him and churning her hips while they hatched their plans.

It made Alan appreciate much more that Suzanne was, in her own words, a very "cunt focused" woman when it came to screwing her man. It was only the fact that he'd had so much practice holding a conversation while having his erection stimulated in some extremely arousing ways that enabled him to think and talk at all.

This was par for the course in his new life, and he loved it.

— — —

When Alan and Suzanne finally finished their "talk" (which what was in fact more of a prolonged fucking with some heavily panting discussion on top of that), they walked back down the hall to Susan's room to see how things were progressing there. Again they didn't bother to put on any clothes. And again, because Alan never quite reached a climax, his dick remained fully erect. (Suzanne though, had screamed her way through some very powerful orgasms after their discussion had petered out.)

Alan had been expecting to see Susan and Xania preening and fawning over Brenda, perhaps combing her hair, applying perfume, or just giving her a spirited pep talk.

But that wasn't what he and Suzanne saw at all.

Susan was in the center of the action. Her ass was up high and her face was pressed into a pillow. Xania's face was just above Susan's ass, and her remarkably long tongue was probing deeply into her anus. Brenda was mostly underneath Susan, licking her pussy lips from below.

He was happy just to enjoy the sexy scene.

But Suzanne walked in and in her best mother-in-command voice demanded, "Just what's going on here? How is this helping Brenda get ready?"

Susan, Xania, and Brenda all looked like the proverbial kid caught stealing from the cookie jar. They disengaged from each other and knelt in a row in the middle of the bed with their heads hung down like guilty criminals.

Susan hastily explained, "Um, it's not like it looks! Really! We were all getting really anal. If you would have come here a minute or two earlier, you would have seen Xania tonguing Brenda's ass. But Brenda said that Xania's tongue was just so incredible, I needed to see what it was like for myself."

Suzanne raised a suspicious eyebrow and asked, "And have you been prepping her asshole to take Sweetie's impressive girth? Because I know for a certain FACT that as long as Xania's tongue is, all her ass licking and even tongue fucking will never get Brenda's anus ready for the imminent invasion of his thick slab of fat fuck-meat."

Xania felt kind of silly to have been "busted" like this. But she explained, "Oh, definitely. Susan and I had been focusing on that until, well, we kind of got a little distracted. But for most of the time you were gone, either she or I have had a couple of fingers at least steadily pumping deeper and deeper into Brenda's asshole while Susan kept her all excited by talking about what it meant to be an Ass Slave."

Suzanne stared intently and almost accusingly at Brenda. "Is that true? Or was it mostly distractions?"

"Oh, it is most definitely true, Mistress!" Brenda said earnestly. "In fact, look! You can see." She quickly turned around on the bed and positioned herself so her ass was up in the air. "My asshole has opened up wide. You could probably stick your finger in there and not touch the sides!"

Alan and Suzanne crawled up onto the bed to get a closer look. Alan held Brenda's ass cheeks open.

Sure enough, Brenda's anus was an open hole.


Suzanne even reluctantly tried the finger test, and found she could poke it in without touching. "Well I'll be damned," she said. "That is one open ass. Xania, how could you stick your tongue in there?"

Xania shrugged her shoulders. "It was kind of an experiment. You should have heard how much she screamed, so my efforts were appreciated at least."

"I heard," Suzanne said, amused. "We were only down the hall, you know."

Susan grinned at her son. "And we heard a lot of female screaming coming through your door. You two were supposedly just talking right? Tiger, I'll bet you made a deep impression when you drove your point home repeatedly."

He chuckled, impressed with her word play. "Yep. I think she enjoyed the THRUST of my argument."

Suzanne shook her head and said seriously, "Okay, enough, you clowns. Brenda's ass isn't going to stay open like that forever. Let's get a move on! We need to get this ceremony rolling NOW, before her ass tightens back up again."

Unexpectedly, Susan spoke up. "Um, Xania? Can I speak to you in private? And you too, Tiger." She looked at Suzanne. "We might be a couple of minutes. Right out in the hall."

Suzanne asked, "What about me?"

"That's not necessary. Just the three of us will do."

Suzanne stared at her suspiciously. She was a bit hurt that she was left out of whatever it was Susan was doing. "Okay. I'll do some of the prep work with Brenda that you all were too horny and carried away to do. She looks like a thoroughly fucked mess, for starters. But JUST talking, right? Don't let me go out there and find you two giving Sweetie another double titfuck or something."

Susan held up her hand like she was being sworn in for a court proceeding. "We won't even stroke or lick his cock whatsoever. I swear."

Suzanne glowered, but relented. "Very well."


Xania, Susan, and Alan moved into the hall and closed the door behind them. Again, nobody bothered with any clothes, although Susan did take a few moments to put her high heels on.

Susan looked around uncomfortably, and then said, "Xania, please don't take offense... I don't know how to put this gently, so I'll just come right out and say it: I'd rather you don't participate in Brenda's anal ceremony or her anal deflowering."

Xania was shocked, and hurt. "You don't?"

Susan put her hands together like she was begging. "I'm sorry, really sorry! It's just that, this is a harem activity, and you're not part of the harem. Well, at least not yet. I'd love if you formally joined us, but you'd have to swear off all other men and dedicate yourself to serving Alan and his cock, and you obviously haven't done that yet. It's like, imagine if you're visiting a family for a few days, and they want to have an important family meeting. It's probably best if you make yourself scarce for a little bit because you're not part of the family."

Alan asked, "Mom, you didn't want to get my opinion on this first? I don't see why Xania has to be left out."

Susan turned to Alan and looked even more apologetic. "I'm sorry, Son. Normally, I'd defer to you, my master. But this is kind of a harem thing that you might not understand because you ARE the master. So I really have to put my foot down. Xania probably doesn't understand either, and that's okay. It's virtually impossible to understand unless you are one of the harem slaves."

She turned back to Xania. "You may think this is weird or something, but we slaves, we consider Tiger our total undisputed master. He can overrule me on this or anything else if he really wants to, because he has ALL the power and we have none! If he ordered me to spend the next week with my hands chained behind my back and my ankles chained together, I'd have no choice but to obey."

Xania nodded, even though she didn't really understand Susan's attitude or where she was going with this. She did note, however, that Susan seemed to be excited by the prospect of Alan ordering her to do precisely that, even if such an order was extreme and impractical, to say the least.

Susan continued, "But even though we consider ourselves the lowest of the lowly slaves, we also consider ourselves a kind of elite. We're like the Green Berets or the palace guard or something like that. We're the best of the best! Out of the thousands of women Tiger could have tamed with this big cock here and turned into his personal fuck toys, he chose US!" She fondly reached to his crotch and firmly held his erection.

She continued, "And just as importantly, we chose HIM! So we share a special kind of bond between us because of that. We have special signed agreements, ceremonies, and gifts that define us and bind us together." She proudly brushed her hair completely off her shoulders and raised her chin to show off her black collar.

Xania pointedly stared at Susan's hand on Alan's boner, and asked, "Excuse me, but didn't you just promise Suzanne you wouldn't touch him there?"

Susan smirked a little bit. "I promised no stroking or licking. And that was deliberate too, because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist! Xania, to be his slave means you really have to make serving his cock the most important thing in your life! This is my passion!" She kept her vow not to stroke, but she began subtly rubbing his sweet spot with a couple of fingers. In truth, it was just as effective as most stroking.

Alan was tempted to reach out and fondle Susan's hefty globes in return, especially now that she was thrusting them forward as part of her proud stance, but he resisted because he didn't want to get carried away with Suzanne and Brenda waiting.

Susan asked Xania, "Do you think it's right for Tiger to let you wear a collar if you haven't made the same commitments to exclusively serve his cock and love him with all your heart and soul that the rest of us have?"

A light dawned on Xania. "No. And, by the same token, it wouldn't be right for me to be part of Brenda's ceremony unless I'm fully a part of the harem. I get it. Just like any club or organization, there are costs and benefits to joining, and it's not fair to enjoy the benefits if you're not willing to pay the costs."

Seeing that Xania was following her line of thinking, Susan replied while she continued her subtle rubbing, "Well, I wouldn't call them 'costs,' because I love them too. More like 'commitments.' But yeah, that's the general idea. Are you mad? Are you offended? Because I really like you a lot, especially after the tender milking moment we shared today."

Alan perked up at the sound of that, and commented, "I missed that."

Susan winked at him. "You miss a lot of fun things. Good thing we're recording a lot of these moments on video. Although, come to think of it, when will we have time to watch them, because we keep making so many new special moments every day. But that's okay."

She continued with Xania, "We LOVE that you visit here, and we'd love for you to visit much, much more. Personally, I'm your number one supporter on the issue of joining the harem. In my opinion, no one outside the harem is more 'Alan-worthy' than you, and it would break my heart if you DON'T join us soon. But until you do, there are certain things that are for us harem slaves only, as much as it hurts me to say that to you."

"I understand," Xania said slowly, reaching a decision. "And I fully agree."

Alan looked up and down Xania voluptuous, nude body. Hot damn! It would be awesome to have Xania join us. If I could have anyone else wear my collar, it would be her. Well, Christine and her.

Susan was rubbing with even more vigor. "And while we're at it, this may not be the best time to bring it up, but we're going to have to work something out if you insist on fucking strangers outside of the harem, especially strange men. Not only does that go against everything we stand for, namely serving Tiger and his cock, but if you catch some venereal disease, it could be a huge health danger to all of us. Since you have a very active libido it's not fair to expect you to be totally celibate up there, but maybe we can work something out. Like, for instance, a limited number of female partners who have been tested and approved. You can see our concerns, can't you?"

"Yes I do," Xania said glumly. In truth, she'd known this moment was coming. In fact, she was surprised the issue hadn't been broached already.

Alan and Susan gave her some time to sort through her feelings.


She stared off into space as she pondered this issue. She even paced down the hall and back.

As Susan continued rubbing his sweet spot, she quietly whispered to him, "By the way, Tiger, I love the way Alan Junior is covered with Suzanne's cum! Did you have a nice little fuck with her?"

He admitted sheepishly, "I did."

"Good for you! Don't give me that sheepish look. That's what being a master is all about. Take full advantage!"

There was silence for a few long moments while they waited for Xania.

Xania turned around, stared at Alan's face intently, and then at Susan's. Her gaze briefly drifted down to Susan's rubbing fingers, causing her to grin. Finally, she said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to be a part of this group. NOT as a member of the harem, mind you," she quickly added before Susan got too excited. "I don't know how Suzanne does it, but I'm NOT a submissive type like the rest of you. Being Alan's 'slave' really doesn't hold much appeal to me at all. To put it bluntly, outside of sex talk while fucking, that sort of thing actually rather annoys me. No offense."

Susan generously replied, "None taken."

Xania sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, which inadvertently created a titillating, sexy pose. "In fact, the truth is I have a hard time being tied down to ANY long term relationships whatsoever. That's just how I've always been."

She paused while the other two wondered just what she meant by that. They had heard some of this from Suzanne, but they didn't understand it.

Xania sighed again in resignation. "But if I think about having to live without you crazy bunch, it makes me feel extremely sad and empty. I think I'm falling in love with you. And when I say 'you,' I don't just mean you, Alan. I mean ALL of you! Katherine, Amy, Suzanne, you" - she nodded at Susan - "even Brenda, and probably even Glory if I ever get a chance to know her. Hell, after meeting her today, I wouldn't even mind a chance to get to know Heather better!"

She continued, "You're all just so lovable and fun, as well as sexy and arousing. I love spending time here. So I don't know what the solution is. I do have a high sex drive, and I know there's simply NO WAY I can get along with just coming here for sex for the weekend every now and then. But if we put our heads together, I'm sure we can work something out. Maybe I can be some kind of special harem associate or something."

She frowned with worry. "What do you think?"

Alan thought that sounded like a good idea, but he decided to let Susan handle this. He knew that issues of harem status meant more to her than they did to him.

Susan considered that for a minute or more, while Xania waited anxiously. She looked up to her son's face to see how he felt about this.

He gave her a slight nod.

Finally, she slowly nodded. "I think we can work something out." She brought her other hand to his balls and started playing with them too.

Xania exhaled with relief, and moved her arms to give Susan and Alan hugs.

Susan quickly stalled that by adding, "BUT! There's a but! But... you'll have to SEVERELY limit your sexual partners in L.A.! You'll have to find just a FEW women you totally trust to stay completely loyal."

"I think I can do that," Xania said cautiously. "As long as I can keep swapping them around over time, because I really don't do long term relationships well."

Susan spoke while she frequently varied her rubbing style. "Suzanne and I will have to personally approve and test each and every one. But here's the kicker" - her eyes narrowed, she leaned into Xania's personal space, and she stared intently into Xania's eyes from just inches away - "NO. MEN! Period! This entire harem is built around worshipping and servicing Tiger's cock, as you can see."

She looked down at her hands, causing Xania to look there too. She even briefly broke her promise and ostentatiously stroked all the way up and down his shaft to emphasize her visual point. Then she added, "And having any other man involved with you in any way is so against our core principles that it would never work."

Xania was not happy about that at all. "What about Brenda and Adrian?" She asked, pointedly.

"That's a very special exception," Susan said testily, a little annoyed to be reminded of that. "And it's only for a limited time, until Adrian gets himself together enough to get a girlfriend his own age. Another one of our core principles is that good mommies have been put on Earth by God to sexually serve their sons. Or that's one of MY core principles, at least. So if you have some teenage son that you've been keeping a secret from us, we probably could make a temporary exception like that for you too. Otherwise, NO MEN!"

Xania grumped in frustration and slumped her shoulders. "Phew! That'll be tough. I've been pretty sexually promiscuous. In all honesty, I don't know if I'll be able to hold to that." She rubbed her chin and stared up at the ceiling as she pondered the limits to her willpower.

She thought, Alan's pretty damn good. Between him and his bevy of buxom beauties, I'll probably have more incredible sexual experiences than ever before. Hell, I'm sure I will. But he doesn't have two penises. Not even he could manage THAT! And if there's one sexual joy I love above all others, it's a good double penetration with real penises, on real MEN! Yeah, dildos and strap-ons can be pretty lifelike, but it's just not the same. Damn! How can I swing this?

An idea came to her. "Unfortunately, I don't have any sons secretly stashed away. But I do have another exception: Sean."

Susan gave her a very dubious and disapproving stare. "Tiger's friend? What's he got to do with this?" She briefly took a hand off her son's balls, swept up some of his copious pre-cum and swiped it into her mouth. She smiled and let out one of her usual satisfied "mmmm" noises.

Xania said, "If you recall, I was asked to be his sexual teacher of sorts. As a personal favor to Alan, I spent a whole weekend, plus another weekday afternoon, teaching him how to please a woman in bed." She spoke directly to Alan. "He's a quick learner. But he'll need to get much, much better if he is going to have any chance to take Heather off your hands."

He pondered that and said to Susan, "That is true. She does have unfinished business with Sean."

Susan was fit to be tied. She was trying to contain herself, but it looked like steam was about to rise out of her ears. "An exception? Sean?! BAH! The very idea sullies the good name of our harem!"

Alan put his hand on Susan's upper arm. "Hold on, Mom. She's got a point here. I'm not happy about it, but it would be good if she could continue his training, just for a little while longer. There are pretty girls at school Sean can have sex with, and in fact, he's already fucked Kim. But none of them can hold a candle to Xania and her sexual expertise, not to mention her insatiable sexual appetites. She's in a totally different league."

Xania grinned and curtseyed a little bit. "Why, thank you, kind sir." But she was careful not to be too flip, because Susan still looked like a teapot about to boil.

Susan looked back and forth between Alan and Xania while she continued to rub and fondle his privates. It seemed as if she were about to put her foot down against this idea in any case, but she finally said through gritted teeth, "Well, if Tiger is okay with it, I suppose I have no choice but to bow to the wishes of my master."

Xania's worried face suddenly lit up and brightened the entire room.

Susan quickly added, "But this is only a very TEMPORARY and LIMITED exception! Is that clear?" She briefly let go of his balls again to poke Xania between her boobs a couple of times.

Xania replied gravely, "Understood! Absolutely!" Her heart raced as it hit her that this entire plan could actually happen. Somehow, being able to have sex with Sean too made the plan much more appealing for her. In part, this was because she had visions of getting a double penetration from the two randy teens. XX01

Alan asked, "So... is that it? Do we have a deal? Xania, are you absolutely sure about this?"

Xania responded with total sincerity, "I'm dead sure. For a chance to share in what you've got here, I'll give it my damn best shot! But... What if we try for say... a provisional, test period, to see if this unique situation is even doable? Six months maybe. I don't want to make promises I might not be able to keep, but I can definitely guarantee I can swear off all other men and most other women for that long, provided I visit here enough."

She winced as she asked, "Would coming here every weekend be too much? Alan, could you promise to leave me thoroughly fucked, in EVERY hole, every weekend? That could keep me going through the rest of the week, or at least until the next poke-her party."

"I could DEFINITELY agree to give that my best shot!" He joked, "That's my kind of agreement!"

Susan was so excited to hear this that she began vigorously stroking her son's shaft again, completely forgetting the promise she'd made to Suzanne not to do that.

Xania added, quite seriously, "I gotta warn you, I have a ravenous sexual appetite. I'm probably going to be seriously hard up for hard cock every time you see me, if you make me swear off all other men."

He grinned impishly and more than a little proudly. "I can handle that."

Susan was still leaning into Xania's space and staring at her intently, as if trying to look into her soul. "Once a week is great, but more is better. I feel like a drug pusher, because I want you to get hooked so you'll fully join us. See if you can regularly make it to the weekly poke-her party plus an overnight stay, in addition to the weekends. I think you'll be much happier with that."

Xania nodded. She already was thinking along those lines. It's a long drive for just one night of fun, since I usually wouldn't be able to arrive early or stay long the next morning. But for the poke-her party, I'm sure it'll be worth it. Besides, I could help Alan get ready for school on Thursday mornings. Hopefully, he could leave me with one last fuck for the road.

Susan continued, "But until you do join us harem slaves in full, keep in mind you won't be able to take part in certain things, like today's Ass Slave ceremony. And you won't get to wear a black collar like the rest of us." She took her hands of her son's erection to fondly fondle her slave collar. "Although, Tiger, maybe we could come up with a different-colored collar for provisional members like Xania. What do you think?"

He shrugged his shoulders. He suddenly realized he had mixed feelings about collaring Xania, at best. It dawned on him that was probably because Xania hadn't shown any interest in being collared, so giving her one could cheapen the love the others had for their collars. He hoped Xania's attitude would change.


Suddenly and dramatically, Suzanne opened the door a few feet behind them. It looked like she was expecting to have a big "a-ha!" moment, catching them in the middle of some sex act, but in fact they were still just standing there, not even touching each other in any way.


Suzanne was obviously a little surprised at that. She didn't realize that Susan had been stroking or rubbing Alan's boner the entire time, up until just a few seconds prior. She'd been remarkably unlucky, although it didn't matter much since she'd only been planning some mild chiding and teasing.

Susan pinned her hands behind her back, and her face looked guilty as hell. She thought, Uh-oh! That was too close! The Lord must really be looking over my shoulder.

She knew it wouldn't have been the end of the world if she'd been caught, but she'd made promise and felt bad about breaking it.

Suzanne figured she'd just missed some hanky panky, especially since she noticed the guilty look on Susan's face, but decided to let it go since it didn't matter much. She said, "I've given you some extra time because I haven't heard any sexy screaming or even moaning out here, but time's a wasting. Brenda is all ready to go, her ass is ready, and she's getting anxious. What are you talking about so intently out here anyway?"

Alan explained, "We're talking about giving Xania some kind of 'associate harem member' status, so we can eliminate the danger of getting sexual diseases through her."

"GOOD!" Suzanne said. "It's about damn time. In fact, Xania, I wasn't going to let you go back north without getting that straightened out. What's the verdict?"

Xania said, "I'm agreeing to a six month trial period. I'd swear off all other men, and to have sex with only a limited number of women, which you and Susan would have to approve. Then we'll see where things stand after that."

She thought, Jesus, did I really just say that? Just a little while ago, I was practically telling Susan the opposite. How did I change my mind so fast? I swear, there must be some kind of magic in the air here. Or maye it's just the smell of cum. But there's just so much love, friendship, kindness, and fucking hot sex, how can I resist wanting to be more of a part of it?

"GOOD!" Suzanne said emphatically again. "Very good, in fact."

Susan coughed, and said, "Well, that's not the whole story. She's somehow finagled a dubious exception that she can still fuck Sean, though for a limited time only!" She shot Xania a dirty look.

Xania could tell she was going to get a lot of grief from Susan until her time with Sean was over. That was one thing she definitely was not looking forward to.

Suzanne thought about that, and then said, "Oh yes. The Heather switcheroo plan. Which, speaking of dubious, may or may not ever work. But I suppose it's not an unreasonable temporary exception."

Xania took note of the subtle yet obvious stress Suzanne put on the word "temporary." Yeesh! These women are REALLY loyal to their man! I can't afford to slip up, not even the tiniest bit, or they'll have my hide! I know Alan is territorial about his women, but they're even more passionate about it!

Seeing that Xania had correctly read between the lines, Suzanne shrugged. "That said, frankly, I'm surprised you'd agree to that much that easily. You're such a free and wild spirit."

"Yes," Xania nodded sadly, "but I'm getting older, much as I hate to admit it. My priorities are changing. I can't lead a transient, wild and crazy lifestyle as a party girl forever. This will be a good step for me, I think. But I have to warn you that this is probably as far as I'll ever be able to go. Being a sex slave? You'd have a better chance talking a black man in the south to go back to work on the plantation, chains and all. That's not for me."

"We'll see," Susan said with a mysterious look on her face. "We'll see."

She leaned even further into Xania, forcing Xania to bend backwards slightly. It was like she was trying to look directly into Xania's soul. Does she have what it takes to be a full sex slave? To proudly wear his collar and call him "Master" with all her heart? To completely submit to his power and authority and lovingly worship his cock every single day? I have my doubts. But time will tell.

Then Susan's demeanor completely changed. She turned to Suzanne, and said in a normal voice, "This was good! I think we're done here. Xania won't be joining us for Brenda's ceremony today."

Suzanne raised her eyebrow again. "Oh?"

Xania said, "Yes. In fact, I really should be going. I've got a lot to think about now, and I wouldn't be in a sexy mood anyway. The drive up north will be a good chance for me to think about what I really want, and what I'll do to get it. I do know that I want you all in my life in a big way from now on. That's a given. It'll be hard for me, especially finding a few good women in L.A. to keep my sex drive quenched, but I'll manage."

Suzanne nodded. "Good. Very good indeed. One less unresolved situation for me to worry about. Come on back, Susan. Sweetie, I'll give you a minute to say goodbye to Xania, but don't take too long."

Xania thought, Okay, that's a done deal now. And I'm not regretful. The trick is to come here often, enjoy all the great sex and camaradrie, but don't fall from all the submissive sex slave bullshit. I can do that with ease, because that doesn't hold any appeal to me. Although... I must admit it would be kind of cool to get to wear a collar, even if it isn't a black one. I feel like the odd one out with my bare neck.


Alan nodded. As Suzanne and Susan walked back into Susan's room, Alan walked Xania to his room in the other direction.

"Where are we going?" she asked. "What are we doing?"

He grinned, because he was taking a page directly from Suzanne's playbook. Once he was in his room with the door closed, he sat down in the same chair that Suzanne had him sit in a short time before. He opened his arms wide and said, "Come here. Close your eyes and sit down on my lap. I want to give you a special goodbye kiss."

She did that, but she didn't keep her eyes closed for long. In fact, they opened wide as she felt her pussy sliding down the erection he was holding straight up with his hand.


"OH!" she gasped as her eyes opened wider still, and she impaled herself on him. "Oh my- OH! ... My goodness, this IS a special goodbye, isn't it?"

"Hey, you're the one who said that I should be IN you whenever we're alone together and want to talk."

"Really? When did I say that?"

He smirked. "Two days ago, in my bed over there, while I was fucking you."

Xania eased her hips lower down onto him. "See? I knew I had a good reason for telling you that."

They both laughed as she settled down until her pussy lips were comfortably down to his balls.

Then he pulled her in for a hug and gave her a scorching kiss on the lips. He left her breathless.

She thought, Shit! If there's one guy who can make me fuck only him without regrets, it's gotta be Alan! I've underestimated him. He seriously knows how to fuck, and his stamina is off the charts!

She stayed more or less in place, but began squeezing his erection with her talented pussy muscles, again unwittingly repeating what Alan and Suzanne had been doing earlier. She asked, "To what do I owe this special, uh, kiss?"

He said, "I was pretty silent back there, letting you and Mom work things out. Sometimes the best thing a man can do is just shut up and get out of the way."

She quipped, "Sometimes? How about all the time?"

They laughed at that.

Not knowing how much time she had with him like this, she switched from her squeezing to more active hip churning and gyrating.

His eyes nearly bugged out, that felt so great. But he kept his calm and focus, and said, "Too true. But in any case, I want you to know that I really like you and in time I may even come to love you. I seem to have this bad habit of falling in love a lot lately."

She snorted with amusement. "You could say that again. And not just with any women, but women of a certain figure." She lifted his hands up and placed them on her big breasts.

He admitted sheepishly, "Yeah, that helps. But you're a great person, someone I really like to hang out with and talk to, not just to fuck. You'd totally fit right in here."

He gently squeezed his fingers, softly kneading her breasts in his hands, just because he could. Then he started gently caressing them while he continued, "I guess I've got you here with my dick inside you 'cos I'm trying to sell you on what Mom just suggested. I'd love to have you down here every weekend, all weekend! And more! I LIKE you! I like you no matter what the official status of our relationship is. And not only that, I'm trying to convince you that I can keep you well fucked. You don't need all those other guys. Maybe you won't have the sheer quantity of regular fucking you're used to, but we can make up for that with quality."

Xania stopped churning her hips onto him and looked him in the eye. "You really don't like the idea of me fucking other men, do you?"

His face scrunched up with an unhappy expression. "Nope. Honestly, a week or two ago even, I wouldn't have cared that much, but I'm getting to really like you. And I'm a hypocritical, possessive bastard, as you've pointed out on more than one occasion. I know, I know, I'm terrible."

She laughed gaily, even exuberantly, and she beamed with a great big smile. She stepped up the churning and gyrating her hips, grinding down on his stiff boner enthusiastically.

Her laugh surprised him. "What?"

"You make me happy!" she said brightly. "I've definitely seen how you are with your women. For instance, the fact that you don't mind Heather fucking other guys tells me you don't really love her, not deep down inside, where it counts. Your jealousy, terribly hypocritical though it is, really touches my heart, because it shows me that you're starting to develop serious feelings for me. Thank you." She kissed his nose.

That quickly turned into a full-blown kiss. She started to bounce up and down at a good rhythm as they kept French kissing.

He thought, Hrm. She makes good points. So it's kind of embarrassing to admit that the idea of Heather fucking another guy is starting to really bother me. I could make an exception for Sean though, thank God.

Then they heard Suzanne's voice distantly as she shouted down the hall: "Sweeeeetie! We neeeed you!"


Xania's eyes opened wide, because the shock of hearing Suzanne hit her right when she was on the edge of an orgasm.

"Shoot!" Alan said, doubly frustrated because Xania abruptly pulled up and off him with a loud, wet, schlorping pop. "Are we gonna end our 'goodbye kiss' just like that?"

"I'm afraid so. Brenda really needs you now. I'll manage. Your 'kiss' will help me get through this coming week until Wednesday for the Poke-Her Party. I'm going to want my car back by then, don't forget! And then, maybe next weekend, I'd like to come back and maybe you could have a special ceremony for me to mark the start of my 'harem associate' status."

He got up and gave her a mostly platonic hug. "Definitely! Good idea."

"Aaaaaaalan!" It was Suzanne's voice coming down the hallway again. "Sweeeeetieeee! Do I have to come down there and get you again?"

Xania pushed him towards the door. "Go! I'll let myself out. I've gotta take a shower and do some other stuff first anyway, before I can show my face in public again. Give her Hell!"

He turned, saluted, and grinned. "Yes, ma'am!"

Xania suddenly became interested in her fingernails. As she inspected them, she loftily said, "Oh, and I expect a full report of what happens, including juicy details. As your official family therapist, that's an order. Oh, and especially the juicy details!" She looked at him and laughed.

He laughed too. "Yes, ma'am!" He rushed down the hall back to Susan's bedroom.

As she watched him go, she thought, God damn, he's one lucky son of a bitch! He's "tamed" so many incredible women, and now he's worming his way into my heart too. But I swear, I will NOT be enslaved, not ever, not even by him!


Christine sat by herself, waiting for Amy to come back from the bathroom. She frowned and looked down at her athletic and voluptuous body. She was still wearing Susan's Wonder Woman costume, but it was pulled down so her large breasts were completely exposed. What am I doing? I really must be out of my mind. She pulled the costume back up over her nipples and tried to make herself presentable.

Amy knew that she'd managed to get Christine in a magical and highly aroused mood, but the longer she was gone the more that mood would fade away. Christine might even completely "come to her senses" if she stayed away too long. Amy certainly didn't want that, so she used the bathroom in record time. She even ran the very short distance back to her room.

"Ta-da!" Amy announced as she burst back into her room. She'd made a comment about needing to "powder her nose" before she'd left, so she said in her usual energetic, happy way, "Look at my nose!"

Christine furrowed her brow, puzzled at the comment. "Okay... I'm looking..."

"Can you see the powder?" She pointed to the tip of her nose. "'Cos I was thinking I didn't have enough powder there."

Christine laughed, causing much of the tension that had built up in just the minute or so that Amy had been gone to dissipate.

Even so, Amy could tell that Christine was still feeling more than a bit uneasy about all the "lesbian" kissing and fondling they'd just done with each other. So she decided she needed to figuratively knock the blonde bombshell back on her heels, keeping her distracted until she could recreate the right mood. She said, "I now pronounce you a pretty good kisser. Which means it's time for..." - she dramatically raised a fist way up above her head - "FIELD TRIP! Woo-hoo!"

Christine chuckled. Amy's child-like sense of play and joy was hard to resist, and her enthusiasm was contagious. "Field trip? I don't think so. You're not going anywhere dressed like THAT." She amused herself with that comment, because Amy was still totally nude.

"Ow contrary. I have a plan."

"I think you mean 'Au contraire.'"

Amy quipped, "No, I made an owie when I stubbed my toe just now, and it makes me feel contrary."

Christine laughed. She really liked being with Amy, and even more of her unease melted away.

Amy continued with a big smile, "Anyhoo, don't worry about clothes. We're gonna get... too hot in the hot tub!" She started dancing around and pointing her fingers in the air like a disco dancer doing a John Travolta impression.

"Will it make me wettah?
Will it make me sweatah?
Too hot! HOOO! Too hot in the hot tub!
Good God!"

Christine laughed some more. "Amy, are you nuts? Is that some song you just made up or something?"

Amy stopped her nude dancing. She pouted, but in an adorable way. "Shoot. I should have known you wouldn't get that obscure reference. I was watching some 'Best of Eddie Murphy' Saturday Night Live video a couple of months ago, and a really young Eddie Murphy did this hilarious James Brown impersonation. That was the song he sang. It was totally classic!" She danced and sang just a little bit more,

"Too hot in the hot tub! HOOO!
Burn myself. Yeow!"

Even though Christine didn't understand the reference, she was thoroughly entertained and amused just the same. She wore a big smile as the rest of her worries dissolved away. She really liked being with Amy.

For some reason, the fact that Amy was naked didn't bother her, and in fact didn't really seem to be an issue at all. A large part of that was because Amy actually was more at ease without clothes than with them. Even the fact that Christine had been French kissing Amy for most of the last twenty minutes didn't seem like much to worry about, at least not anymore, now that Amy was with her again and giving off her usual positive vibes.

Sensing that Christine was back in the right mood, Amy explained, "Yep, we're gonna make a field trip to the hot tub in the backyard. I know you didn't bring a bikini, but we're pretty similar in sizes, even up top" - she hefted up her ample boobs, and winked - "so you can wear one of mine. As Fashion Pals, we totally have to wear each other's clothes all the time anyway. It's, like, the law!"

Christine kept on smiling.

"So now that you've got the kissing thing pretty much down, it's time to move into stage two!"

A little worry crept into Christine's smile. "Stage two?"

"Stage two! I'm talking about stage two in your seduction of Alan, of course." As Amy talked, she walked across her room and opened a drawer in her dresser. "They say that the path to a man's heart is through his stomach, but with Alan the truth is a little bit... well... lower."

"His knees?" Christine was proud of herself for not being her usual uptight self and even making a joke. Amy seemed like the perfect cure for her usual uptight nature.

Amy giggled. "Not THAT low, silly! I'm talking about his great big COCK! Once you get really good at pleasuring his cock, he'll be putty in your hands! And he really will be in your hands a lot, though he'll be a lot harder than putty, believe me!" She giggled some more and reached deep into the back of the drawer.

Christine frowned. She was so lacking in confidence when it came to penises that it was almost a phobia for her.

Amy said, "I can see you're all frowny, but don't worry. Once you graduate from Dr. Amy's Penis Pleasuring School, your frown will turn upside down. Because we're going to teach you everything you need to know with... THIS!" She'd taken something out of the drawer and was carefully covering it with both hands. But now she dramatically held her hands out, revealing a large blue dildo.

Christine gasped. "Oh my God! You have one of those?!"

"Sure thing!" Amy said, showing no shame at all. "And it's super extra cool, because it's exactly the same size as Alan's. So it'll be perfect for you. It's totally fun to practice with it when he's too busy to bone me in person. You want me to show you?"


"NO!" Christine was horrified by the suggestion, but managed to add more calmly, "Er, I mean, no thanks." Had anyone else made the offer, Christine would have gone postal. But she figured it was just Amy being Amy, and so she got over it quickly.

"M'kay. But first, let's get changed." Amy walked to her dresser and pulled out the drawer that contained all her bathing suits.

Her objective was to divert Christine's attention so she wouldn't think about the dildo, and it was working. She held up a very skimpy yellow bikini. "Here. You can wear this."

Christine was alarmed all over again. "Is that the only one you've got for me? That's too daring!"

"No, I've got others, but you don't get to wear 'em!" Her big smile showed her comment was meant in good fun. "Seriously though, as your Fashion Pal, I'm going to have to insist you wear this one. Alan will totally love it."

Christine took it from Amy and stared at the scraps of fabric in her hand. "Amy, seriously, I can't wear this bikini top. There's like... nothing here! It's... four or five yellow-colored carbon molecules, at most!"

"No worries!" Amy said brightly. "More than five molecules is a waste, I say." She giggled. "Besides, that's not a problem because you'll only be wearing the bikini bottoms anyway."

Christine facepalmed herself (slapping her face with her hand), and then shook her head.

"Remember," Amy explained, "we'll be practicing stroking and sucking Alan's big fat boner, and the only proper way to do that is topless, so your big tits are swinging and swaying whenever you do it. Trust me, he tooootally loves that! And I get all extra horny-licious like that, and I'm sure you will too, 'cos it reminds me that I'm being all naked and naughty! But don't worry, nobody will be out there, and I'll be nude anyway. So you'll be, like, totally super covered up compared to me."

Christine had to resist the urge to facepalm herself again. Instead, she asked with growing irritation, "Why do we have to go outside anyway? Let's just compromise and you can show me whatever right here, okay? I'd feel a lot better about that."

"But I've got this totally sneaky plan all worked out," Amy said with a knowing wink. "Alan's not a kiss and tell kind of guy, but he made some cryptic comment about really enjoying soaking in your hot tub last night. I'm guessing that you and he did a lot more than just soaking in your hot tub with some kissing, didn't you?"

Christine immediately blushed, and quite profusely. She didn't say anything, but she knew her embarrassment said it all. She was glad the Wonder Woman costume hid the way her nipples suddenly got erect.

Amy walked up to her and put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "Hey! What are you getting embarrassed about? Since you still don't know anything about pleasuring penises, I'm betting you two fondled each other a lot as you necked. And knowing Alan, in particular he kneaded your big tits and played with your nipples a whole heck of a lot!" She giggled happily.

But Christine dropped her head and blushed even more. Damn! It's like she can read my mind! She knows everything!


"Hey, what's wrong? Seriously! That's GOOD! We totally have to build off that." Amy casually reached out, pulled the cups of Christine's Wonder Woman costume down, and cupped the undersides of Christine's bare breasts. "These are your biggest assets. We've got to take advantage of that. I mean, seriously! You should be proud of these babies!"

Again, if anyone else had just reached out and grasped Christine's boobs, they would have seriously regretted it. But Christine mistakenly figured Amy didn't understand the rules of social convention, and trying to teach them to her was a frustrating, uphill battle.

Besides, although Christine wasn't willing to consciously admit it, the way Amy was holding and squeezing her felt pretty darn good. She just wished it wasn't Amy doing it.

Amy continued, "That's why I'm thinking a hot tub is a good setting for you to meet him at later today. He'll remember his super arousing time with you yesterday, and get all extra hard and horny. So we should practice there, and get you comfortable with it."

There was no immediate response.

Seeing Christine suddenly looking terribly unhappy, Amy said, "Hey, stop it already, or you're gonna make me sad. Why are you all frowny?"

Christine stared at one of Amy's drawings on the wall, because she couldn't bear to meet her eyes. She said quietly, "I'm pretty much stealing your boyfriend, and you're not only okay with it, you're helping me! I feel terrible!"

Amy moved in even closer and held Christine's chin, forcing her to make eye contact. Their hefty, uncovered breasts lightly brushed against each other. "Listen. We're been over this already, and it's a total non-issue. I'm not some kind of dummy. You are NOT stealing him away from me! If you did, you'd have a way major big fight on your hands! I love him with all my heart, and don't think I'd go quietly!"

Christine was surprised to see the fierce and determined look on Amy's face.

But that look quickly passed as Amy continued in more adoring tones, "I love Alan and he loves me. We have a very special thing going on. I'm his official girlfriend, and that is NOT going to change! Period! Anyone who tries to take that away from me is gonna be in a world of hurt!" Her determined expression returned with a vengeance.

But it quickly passed again. She added, "However, Alan is a man with BIG sexual appetites. Some people are meant to be mognanamous or whatever it's called, but he's not one of them."

Christine snickered. "I think you mean monogamous."

"Oopsies. My point is, I'm totally cool with sharing him. Get that!" She held Christine by both her shoulders and looked at her intensely from just inches away. Partly that was to make her point emphatically, but it was also partly so she'd have an excuse to press her big boobs into Christine's even bigger ones. She was especially trying to surreptitiously rub their nipples together, knowing that the more aroused she could get Christine, the better.

She continued, "I feel so secure with Alan that I'm not worried about you or anyone else stealing my official girlfriend title away. So I'm cool with sharing him. I want him to be with cool people like you, instead of kind of not-so-cool people like certain head cheerleaders we don't like to talk about. And now that you're my friend, I want to see you happy, and getting boned by him is the most happy-tizing thing I can think of for you."

It took a moment for even the brilliant Christine to figure out what Amy meant by "happy-tizing," especially since she thought at first she'd said "appetizing." Amy's approach to the English language was unique, to say the least.

Amy continued, "If you WERE trying to steal him away and keep him all to yourself, that would be a whole different matter, but you're not! You're just sharing. Don't use dramatic language that gets us all upset-y, m'kay? Alan has to cum soooo many times a day that I need your help! I mean, it's like... imagine if you're lactating."


"Yep." She held Christine's big globes with both hands and squeezed them near the nipples like she was trying to squeeze out milk.

Christine was so acclimated to being physically intimate with Amy that she didn't even blink. Yet at the same time, no one else had touched her like that before except for Alan last night, and it was making her a lot more aroused than she realized.


Amy said as she continued to squeeze, "Imagine these big udders are constantly full to bursting with milk, and you've got to be milked about every two or three hours, every day, all day, day after day after day! I mean, how many days would you be, like, 'Can I get a time out here? Can we skip this next milking or two, 'cos I've got other things to do.' That's how I am with Alan. I mean, I totally love having sex with him, but to keep his balls fully drained all the time... what was the name of Hillary Clinton's book? Oh yeah: it takes a village."

Christine quipped somewhat ruefully, "Yeah, a village full of nothing but gorgeous, busty women."

Amy let go of Christine's boobs and gave her a hug (pressing their boobs together even tighter than before). "Yes, exactly! You get it! Sure, that's a joke, but it's also true. What's the problem with that, as long as everyone's okay with it and everyone's having fun? And most importantly, nobody tries to steal him away from me!" She wagged a disapproving finger near Christine's face. "I'm totally sharing him already, and it's so great and such a blast that it seems like a crime not to include you in on all the cocky fun. So just enjoy it! Don't stress!"

But Christine frowned and dropped her head again. "I'm trying to, but it's hard. I don't mean to say that I'm stealing him; you're right that I was just being a little dramatic there. But it's hard for me, because I'm used to being..." She paused to sigh before she was about to say "monogamous."

Amy knew what she was going to say, but, playing off her earlier mispronunciation, she teasingly suggested, "Monozygotic?"

Christine giggled and smiled. Then she joked, "Monounsaturated, actually."

They both had a very good giggle over that. They even playfully rubbed their noses together.

Christine was surprised at how physically affectionate she was being with Amy. She didn't see it as a lesbian thing at all, but more like having a very loving and extremely touchy-feely sister. But she was gladly soaking up Amy's bubbly, loving, funny, and constantly happy attentions. These were all things her life was sorely missing, and being around her put her in the mood to do things like rub noses, which she normally would absolutely never do with anybody. Amy was becoming a special friend to her in a remarkably short period of time.

Little did she realize that even Amy normally would have never dared be this physical with Christine, if not for her plot to soften her up for Alan later. Amy was slightly worried that her efforts would go too far and backfire, but she was excellent at hiding her true emotions.

Christine said seriously, "You see, because I tend to see people as only able to have one lover at one time, I think that if Alan gets interested in me, he's gonna lose interest in you just as much. Factually, I know that's not how it is in his case, but I can't easily change my gut emotions. I'm trying though!"

Amy pulled back a bit, but just enough so her erect nipples were lightly resting and rubbing against Christine's equally erect ones. "Don't worry about it. I could tell from the way you were reacting around my mother earlier in the kitchen that you know she's having sex with him too."

Christine's heart suddenly started pounding hard. Her jealousy at Suzanne surged up, and she also rather inexplicably feared Amy would get mad at her.

But Amy showed no sign of being upset at all. "I don't think you know Suzanne very well, but her sexy, curvy looks can't be denied. People take one look at her and their jaws drop, hard! And she's got boobs out to, well, out to here!" She reached out and squeezed Christine's breasts again, and giggled.

Christine groaned. It was meant to be a groan of annoyance, but to her dismay it came out more like a groan of arousal. She gently but firmly removed Amy's hands.

Amy continued, "And she's got a very strong and dominant personality too. And it turns out she's totally in love with Alan too. I mean way totally super love-ifferous. But you know what? He totally loves her back, and he totally loves me back, and he constantly bones her and he constantly bones me. And he STILL has enough love and enough cum to love and bone a bunch of other women besides!"

"Like Ms. Rhymer," Christine muttered.

Completely unfazed, Amy enthused, "Yes. Like her. He totally bones her too. And, for better or for worse, Heather."

"For worse!" Christine said through suddenly clenched teeth.

Amy just giggled. "Yeah, I suppose. But the fact is, he slips his bone in her, like a super duper lot!"

Christine sighed. "Amy, can you please not use the word 'bone' so much?" Amy reminded her of a little kid who discovered a new word like "booger" and kept using it until everyone around was sick of it. And she figured that, just like dealing with a little kid, any attempt to get her to stop would probably be futile, but she felt obliged to try.

"Oopsies! Sorry. But the point is, he's a special guy. Throw out your usual rules. We're on the same team, the Alan loving team. Plus, we're both on the Fashion Pals team." She winked playfully. "Which reminds me - please put your bikini bottoms on so we can move to Phase Two out at the hot tub."

Christine started pulling her Wonder Woman costume off. She whined petulantly, "Do we have to?"

"Yes!" Amy giggled. She playfully poked the tip of Christine's nose. "And no more of these weird 'stealing Alan away' feelings, okay? Sharing is what's going down, so if I hear you getting all bummedy about it, I'm gonna give you a good spanking." She raised a hand and pretended to try to swat Christine's nearest butt cheek.

But even though Christine was in the middle of changing into her bikini bottoms, she adroitly skipped out of reach. "Ha! I'd like to see you try!"

"Good!" Amy said, very satisfied. "That's the kind of fun, frisky attitude I want you to have, because from here on in it's gonna be cock, cock, and more cock." She picked up the blue dildo and waved it around. "If you're gonna see Alan later today, then we've only got a few hours. But I'm gonna give you a crash course in pleasuring cocks that'll make him totally addicted to your charms. Don't worry. It'll be super double duper awesome!"

But upon the mention of cocks, Christine's phallic fears came flooding back. She gulped and tried not to think about what she might end up doing with Alan and his penis in just a matter of hours. With Amy's help, things are bound to get sexual with Alan. Very, very sexual! But, isn't that what I wanted? This is what I want, right?

I know things have gotten extremely freaky, but I need to persevere. Yesterday with Alan was the best time I've ever had in my life, bar none. I've gotta put aside my worries about kissing a girl, going outside, practicing with a dildo, and more. If I can grin and bear it, my reward will be an even greater experience with him later today!


Amy and Christine stopped by the kitchen to get some drinks and snacks. Amy figured that Christine would be even more uninhibited than she already was if she had some alcohol to further loosen her up, so she planned to bring a pitcher of sangria with them out to the hot tub. It tasted much like fruit juice, but it carried a surprisingly powerful alcoholic punch.

Just as they got to the kitchen, Amy heard the phone ringing. She was pretty sure who it was, in which case she needed to answer it in private. She started rushing up the stairs to use the extension in her room, but she said to Christine as she went, "Whip up some snacks in the kitchen, please. My casa is your casa."

Amy was fast. She grabbed the phone off its charger and picked up right on the fourth ring. "Hello?" Her boobs were still bouncing wildly from her quick run.

A scratchy voice said, "Hey, my lovable Honey Pie. Can you talk in private?"

Just as Amy figured, it was Suzanne. Suzanne had warned her that she might be calling later. "Yes, I'm alone at the moment," Amy answered quietly. "Christine's getting us a snack in the kitchen, but I don't want to give her any time to think."

"Understood, and good thinking. I'll be brief. Are things going as planned?"


Amy whispered quietly and excitedly, "Mother, things are going GREAT! I've totally been making out with her, practically for the last half hour!"

"Are you serious?! You? Kissing Christine? On the lips? And she kissed you back?"

"Toooootally! We rubbed our bare boobies together and everything! It's so awesome!"

Suzanne said, "Well, that is very good news indeed. Maybe she's not too uptight to join the harem after all. But I'm just calling to say that I've just come back from a local sex shop with some things that'll help. I've got a truly incredible strap-on she just has to practice on. It looks and feels like real flesh, and when it turns on, it heats up."

"Cool beans!"

"Plus, I have some other things, including some fake cum."

"Fake cum? What's that?"

"I don't have time to explain, but it's an edible product that pretty much looks and feels and tastes like real cum, except of course there's no real cum in it at all. Anyway, I'm sitting in my car just down the street, and I've got all this stuff in a paper bag. I was wondering if the coast is clear so I can drop it off."

"No!" Amy whispered worriedly. "Oh, I know what you can do! Wait five minutes and then drop it by the front door mailbox. We'll be in the backyard by then. We're about to move to the hot tub, just as you and I planned. Everything is going like clockwork!"

"Good! I'm sure our man will be very pleased with what you've done. And speaking of Sweetie, after I drop the bag off, I'm gonna see what kind of trouble I can get into with him, Susan, and whoever else happens to be at the Plummer house."

"Oooh! You lucky, lucky lady!"

Suzanne chuckled, licking her lips in anticipation of sucking on Alan's tasty erection. "Speaking of who's in the Plummer house, I take it Kat left you a while ago, as planned?"

"Yes, but I don't know where she went to. I'll bet she's back home, but I don't know for sure." Interestingly, Amy considered the Plummer house "home" instead of her own.

"Okay. Take care, Honey Pie, and don't have TOO much fun." Suzanne chuckled.

"M'kay! Bye!" Amy hung up, replaced the phone on its charger, and rushed back down the stairs.

When Amy got to the kitchen, Christine was finishing up spreading peanut butter into cut up sticks of celery. She looked up and smiled at Amy, surprisingly unbothered by her friend's nudity, not to mention her own near nudity as at that moment she was only wearing the yellow bikini bottoms. "Hi. Who was calling?"

"Oh, just my mom, with the usual mom-type stuff. What'cha making?"

"Peanut butter celery sticks!" Christine held one up and bit down on it. "It's healthy AND tasty." She kept on crunching and chewing on her stick.

Amy grinned widely. "Yep, it is. AND it's very phallic! Nice choice! This'll totally help. Take another one, but not one of the chopped-up ones. Grab a whole celery stick, but instead of biting down on it, make love to it."

Christine blushed. "I can't do that!"


"Why not?" Amy asked this as she sucked on the tip of her own celery stick.

"I don't know. It's just... weird." Christine pulled the celery stick from her mouth, because she even felt weird eating one with peanut butter now that Amy had pointed out its phallic shape.

Amy couldn't help but sigh. She knew she had a very tough task ahead of her. "Well, no rush. Let me get the drinks and cups and stuff, and then we'll go outside and talk." She looked down at Christine's bare feet. "Oh, and did you bring high heels?"

"No, of course not."

"Well then, you can wear some of mine. I'm pretty sure our feet are the same size. What size are you?"

"I'm not gonna answer that, because it's irrelevant. Wait. Don't tell me that you and Alan's other lovers all totter around on high heels all the time, just because he thinks it looks sexy."

"Sure," Amy replied, appearing guileless. "It does look sexy. It shows off our leg muscles, which helps turn him on. Is that a bad thing?"

Christine rolled her eyes. "Just because you're really into a guy, that doesn't mean you have to totally debase yourself." How ironic, me saying that. I keep going from one humiliating situation to another! But she kept on complaining, "I've only worn high heels a handful of times in my life, and that's not going to change for you, or Alan, or anybody. They're torture devices!"

"So what size do you wear then?"

Christine facepalmed herself again.

But Amy appeared totally unfazed. "I'll go get a pair for myself, and a pair for you in case you change your mind later. I'll meet you out back. Oh, and can you carry some of the stuff?"

Amy's combination of seeming innocence, apparently unintentional obliviousness, and sheer persistence was hard to resist. In addition, she was so genuinely happy and lovable all the time that it was virtually impossible to get mad at her.

Christine thought ruefully, Why do I have a sinking feeling that Amy's going to get me to wear high heels before she's done with me? It's like it's impossible to say 'No' to her!

She shuddered lustily as another thought hit her. Maybe later, when I'm with Alan, high heels will be the ONLY thing I'm wearing! GOD! I've gotta admit... that's a pretty arousing thought!

A minute later Christine and Amy were sitting in chairs next to the hot tub, with two pairs of high-heeled shoes lying nearby on the pool decking). It was a surprisingly hot afternoon, given the time of year, and they were in no rush to get into the water just yet. Also, the hot tub cover was still in place (for when it was not being used), and it's water needed to be heated before they could use it. Amy left the cover in place for the moment but turned on the water heater.

Christine was quite surprised just how at ease she was at being outside and yet almost totally naked. Her yellow bikini bottoms were almost more like a G-string thong; they covered her pussy area adequately, but there was only a tiny triangle of fabric at the top of her ass crack, which didn't cover her firm ass cheeks at all. Sitting down, with her ass-flesh pressed into the plastic of the seat, it felt like she wasn't wearing even the bikini bottoms. (However, she was all too aware of the "butt floss" between her ass cheeks.)

She was so relaxed about the whole situation that she had to consider why. She looked around. This backyard certainly helps. I know I'm outside, but I don't feel like anyone else could possibly see me. Not with all the walls and trees and greenery around me. This is a BIG backyard! I can't even see any other houses from here, and no one should be able to hear us either. Heck, there's even a tennis court way back there.

Plus there's Amy. She's just so happy and at ease that I can't help but feel the same. I wish I could be like her all the time, instead of stressing out over every last little thing. In fact, if anything is bothering me right now, it's this whole 'penis pleasuring' thing.

As if on cue, Amy took a sip of her glass of sangria, put the glass down, smiled even more, and then held up two fingers.

"Peace?" Christine asked, misunderstanding Amy's hand gesture.

Amy giggled. "Yeah, that too. But the two fingers mean it's time for Phase Two."

Christine opened her mouth, but before she could object Amy said, "Whoa! Hold your horses! Look at this thing." She held the normal blue dildo that she'd brought out back with her. "This is just a phallic tube of plastic. It's not gonna bite you. Here, just hold it and lick it." She moved the dildo so far into Christine's personal space that Christine reflexively took it from her.


"What, me? Here? Now?" Christine looked down at the dildo in her hand and frowned.

Amy giggled. "No, I'm talking about Britney Spears, next week, in Peru!" She giggled a lot more, and even Christine had to join in. Amy insisted, "Just lick it! It won't kill you. Pretend it's an ice cream cone and lick. Come on!"

Christine held it right in front of her mouth and tentatively started licking.

Then she paused and complained, "Why the heck did they have to make this thing blue? Is there any more unnatural color for skin? I feel like I'm holding... well, something from a castrated Smurf!"

Amy doubled over with laughter.

Christine had been annoyed, but she couldn't help but smile and laugh too as she thought about what she'd just said. But then she was forced to return her attention to the dildo. She brought it closer to her face, but seemed hesitant to resume licking.

Amy knew Christine would feel extremely self-conscious if she just sat there and stared, and she'd prepared for that in advance by bringing a second dildo. It was exactly the same except that it was red. She held hers up and started licking it.

Christine saw that out of the corner of her eye and chuckled a little bit. But she did feel much better knowing she wasn't the only one acting in this strange way. She wanted to stop her licking after only a few seconds, but when she saw Amy licking and licking and licking her plastic phallus like it was the most enjoyable act on Earth, she kept going too.

After about two minutes, Amy finally stopped, allowing Christine to stop as well. Amy asked, "There! Was that so terrible?"

"No," Christine replied. "You're right - it's just a tube of plastic. It really is no big deal. I'm sorry; I don't know why I've got a stick up my butt all the time."

Amy was very tempted to make a joke about "sticks" going into butts, but wisely decided to restrain herself. Instead she said, "No problemo, señorita! Now, let's lick some more, except try to think that it really is a penis. And focus on this spot here." She pointed to a spot on her red dildo, just below its bulbous crown. "That's called the frenulum if you want to get all technical-y about it, but around here we just call it the sweet spot. Alan toooootally loves it when you lick him there! Boy, you should see his face light up and hear his super sexy moans."

Christine said, "I know what all the parts of a penis are called. I've learned that much from some books I bought recently. And I've read up on the things I'm supposed to do to make a guy feel good. I know all that book knowledge well enough. It's the practical DOING that's my problem."

Amy smiled widely. "Well, coolio in the schoolio! You totally have a super big leg up then. I won't have to teach you that much after all. So let's just lick!"

They went back to licking their respective dildos.


Again, Christine didn't really have a problem with that, and she even did a reasonably good job focusing her attention on where the frenulum would have been if it had been a real penis. However, she didn't feel like this was helping much.

Amy gradually repositioned herself until her face and her dildo were less than a foot from where Christine was licking. She held hers up to her face and gave it an occasional lick, but she increasingly focused her attention on watching Christine's licking efforts. "Come on, Christine. Put some effort into it. You're acting like you're practically bored."

"I am bored," Christine complained. "I've been licking a slab of plastic for nearly five minutes now. That's not my idea of fun."

Amy said, "Don't think of it as just some random piece of plastic; you're holding Alan's cock in your hands! Think about THAT! Show him how much you love him by licking it really good!"

"Sorry, I just can't make that mental leap." She pulled the dildo away from her face and looked at it. "It's just this... eight or nine inch plastic tube that's kind of bumpy and veiny. I could be licking a blue plastic water bottle, for all I care. This isn't really helping me."

Amy said, "A-ha! Hold tight! I'll be right back." She got up and ran back into her house.

Christine shrugged and put her dildo down. She picked up her glass of sangria and sipped on it. That was... thoroughly disappointing. Is that what giving a blowjob is like? No wonder most women hate to do it. It's really, really boring! What Alan did to me last night was a thousand times better than that. I wish I could feel that kind of excitement again.


Amy came back about two minutes later, holding a paper bag in one hand and a portable CD player in the other. As she strutted back to Christine in all her naked glory, she held up the CD player and said, "I know what the problem is. First off, we need groovy TUNES! Do you like the B-52's?"

"Sorry, I don't know them."

"Come on. Sure you do." Amy sang,

"Love SHACK!
Baby, love SHACK!"

She put the CD player and bag down on the table next to Christine and danced a little as she kept singing.

"Love shack baby, yeah!
That's where it's at!"


Christine smiled. What makes Amy so happy all the time? And unlike some fake smilers at school, I can tell it's totally genuine. I wish I could be half that happy. No, I wish I could be a TENTH that happy. Look at her dance and sing. If I don't say anything she'll probably go through the whole song, and have more fun doing it than I typically have in a week! I'd rather have my legs and arms chopped off than sing in public. And she's doing it in the NUDE, and outside, no less!

She was right: Amy was starting to dance and sing the whole song. But as much as Christine was enjoying the performance, she was eager to find out what was in the bag, so she said, "Oh yeah. I remember them. They're okay."

Amy reluctantly stopped dancing and sat down. "Okay? Just okay? They're totally megasuperifferous! Anyway, they have a great beat to their songs that's, like, GREAT to suck cock to. You'll see." She turned on the battery-powered CD player. She had a personally selected CD mix of her favorite B-52's songs, and the song "Private Idaho" began to play.

She said, "M'kay, it's gonna be kinda hard for me to explain things with these fun-tastic songs playing, but I'll try my best." She opened up the bag and reached inside. "Now, it just so happens I have some new purchases in here. They're so new, I haven't even used them myself yet. Ta-da!" She pulled out the flesh-colored dildo that Suzanne had just bought and dropped off.

Christine was disappointed. She'd been expecting something more surprising and helpful. "Hmmm. Another dildo."

"That's not JUST another dildo. Feel it!"

Christine took it from Amy and held it. "Hmmm. Weird. It kind of has some give to it. And it feels... fleshy."

"That's right! That's a super extra awesome dildo! It's really expensive too. The cliché is that an erection is hard as rock or steel or whatever, but they always have some give, like this one does. But that's not all!" She snatched the dildo back, turned the battery power on, and gave it back to Christine.

"It's kind of slightly quivering," Christine noted. "So it's a vibrator."

"That's not all," Amy said with her typical zest. "Wait a little while, and it'll warm up too. So we're getting closer to a real penis. AND it's totally Alan-sized too! Now, check THIS out!" She took out the bottle of artificial cum. As she spread it over the bulbous head of the high-quality dildo, she explained what little Suzanne had told her about the fake cum.

Then she said, "Now, one thing you don't really see in porn films and stuff like that is that sex is really pretty wet and messy. A lot of people think that's icky. For instance, Alan leaks pre-cum like he's constantly peeing. And here's an important tip: in the future, when he cums on your face and tits, my GOD! Make sure you close your eyes, 'cos it splatters all over the place!"

"Eww!" Christine complained. She looked down at her huge melons and imagined Alan's cum being splattered all over them, even sliding down into her deep cleavage. She did consider it disgusting, but also curiously... compelling.

She thought, Why are we talking about Alan cumming on my face and tits? Is that really going to happen to me?! Am I so hard up for him that I'd actually let him do that to me?! No way! Forget it! Although... I'll bet all his other lovers do. Dammit!

Amy said, "See? It looks like you're one of those people who get ickified easily. Now, I'm there with you when it comes to pee, but cum and pre-cum totally rocks! And Alan's always leaking pre-cum, and he even squirts out a little real cum here and there long before he climaxes, so you're pretty much gonna always be licking a wet cock. And that's not even counting all the saliva you'll be slathering all over it."

Christine grimaced. "Sorry, but that sounds really gross."

"But it isn't! Besides, you're super duper lucky, because his cum tastes way yummy. Heck, pre-cum is supposed to be flavorless, but even his pre-cum tastes yummy! Well, at least I think it does but I might be biased 'cos I love everything about sucking his cock so much. We figure it's 'cos he eats so much fruit, so it's kind of tangy, and sweet, and fruity. In fact, we all like to joke that if they could make an ice cream flavor based on his cum, it would be a huge seller, even ahead of chocolate and vanilla! Or mango sorbet, even!" (Mango was Amy's favorite.)


Christine's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "'We?' 'We all?' Who are you talking about exactly?"

Amy very nearly paled, but luckily she was able to stay in her well-practiced, easy-going airhead mode. "Oh, you know. Us. Alan's women. We're pretty much all good friends with each other these days. Well, except for Heather, of course, because, well... you know. She's not so nice sometimes. But the rest of us, we hang out and share stories and sex tips and stuff so we can please him better. That's why you've gotta give up on this monogamous competition idea, because it's soooo not like that."

Christine thought, HOLY SHIT! He'd warned me that it's like he has a real harem, and he was right! My God! If they're talking to each other about how to please him better, then that IS a real harem! What am I getting myself into?! And why are they so intent on pleasing him! She thought back to her experience with him the day before and felt goose bumps of excitement. Actually, I think I know the answer to that question, if he makes them feel the way he makes me feel!

Amy thought she'd done a good job of deflecting Christine's attention away from trying to define the "we," and she had. But she realized it had been a close call. She was finding herself so relaxed around Christine that she'd been getting careless. It was just luck that she hadn't said something like "Susan always says" instead. She resolved to be more vigilant and careful about her words.

Trying again to divert Christine's attention before follow-up questions could be asked, she stuck the new flesh-colored dildo practically in Christine's face. "Here. Try licking this. I've got it all lubed up with the fake cum, and it's pretty warm already. So that's about as good as you're gonna get short of his actual big fat flesh-and-blood boner. Imagine it's a super hot, throbbing, slick and sticky, totally-real Alan cock! Give it a lick!"

Christine stared at the dildo, which Amy was still holding mere inches from her face. "Um, can we work on handjobs for a while first?"

Amy gave a discouraging look while managing to keep smiling. "Pshaw! That's child's play. Since you're reading some sex books, you know the basics. Once you master cocksucking, you'll be like, 'Handjobs? No problem!'"

Christine frowned. "There's probably some truth to that, but can't I take it one step at a time? Instead of licking this... wet thing?" She tried to tilt her head back, away from the dildo being held only a couple of inches from the tip of her nose, but every time she moved her head Amy moved the dildo too so it was always within licking range.

Amy said, "Nope! Besides, you know what your problem is? You still think of it as a 'thing,' just a blob of plastic. You'll never get anywhere with that. You just have to feel it in your bones that-" She gasped, and even held her hands over her mouth, as if she was trying to catch the words coming out.

"What's wrong?" Christine asked in confusion.

Amy looked sad. "I just said the word 'bone.' You said that's a bad word."

Christine had a hard time not laughing. She said, "It's true I told you not to use that word, but that was when you used it in every sentence, saying how Alan was boning this woman and that one."

Amy's face lit up. "So you're not mad at me?"

"No, of course not."

"Cool! I'll be back!" She got up and ran back to the house, carrying the dildo with her, because she didn't know where to put down a wet dildo.

Christine thought, That's another thing about Amy. She's got such boundless energy and enthusiasm. I'm about as fit as I can get, but I get tired watching her always bouncing around or running around. She's quite bouncy. I'll bet Alan loves watching her big boobs bouncing all the time. I could try to imitate that, but it would seem fake, coming from me.

She sighed and then drank more of her sangria.

Christine was mostly right about Amy's energy level, but she didn't realize the main reason Amy was running everywhere was so that Christine wouldn't have time to clear her mind and think by herself.

She shook her head. And that silly misunderstanding about the word "bone." How can she be such a child and yet such an obviously fully sexual being at the same time? She drives me batty! I remember telling Mom earlier today that she's incapable of being devious, and I stick by that. But then she doesn't need to be, because she seems to always get her way anyway!

Christine looked down at her nearly nude body. With Amy gone, she suddenly felt very exposed and uncomfortable. She crossed her chest with both arms, making sure to cover her nipples.


Amy came rushing back holding an one or more items behind her back, presumably in addition to the dildo she still had.

"What do you have there?" Christine asked. "Can I see?"


Again impressed with Amy's enthusiasm, Christine said, "You know what I think when I think about you?"


"Carpe diem. It means 'seize the day' in Latin. That's what you do; you seize the day. I wish I could be like that too."

"You can! In fact, I'm so glad you said that, because I'm hoping you can make a giant leap."

"What, lick that sticky dildo thing? Very well. I'll try my best."

"No. Well, yes and no." She pulled something from behind her back, but Christine couldn't figure out what it was at first. "I want you to seize the cock!" She giggled. "Have you ever heard of a strap-on?"

Christine's eyes went wide as she realized Amy held a strap-on minus the actual phallus part. She started to stand up. "Oh no you don't!"

Amy giggled. "I'm not gonna use it on you, silly! Sheesh. Relax and sit back down already."

But Christine remained standing, with her arms held protectively to cover her boobs and pussy as best she could, in addition to her yellow bikini bottoms. "You're not? I should hope not! I'm saving my virginity for Alan!" She blushed as she realized what she'd just said. Before Amy could comment on that, she added quickly, "But then what do you have it for?!"

"To enhance your licking experience! See, what I'm thinking is that you can't get into practicing blowjobs 'cos you're so smart that you never forget that you're just licking a piece of plastic that's unattached to an actual body. So we have to make the experience as real as we can. That's why I got this from the house too." She held up a black blindfold. "I'm thinking I'll attach this new fancy dildo to the strap-on frame that it came with. I left that inside earlier so you wouldn't freak out. Then you put on the blindfold and get between my legs, and it'll be about as real a blowjob simulation as we can get short of me suddenly sprouting a scrotum and chest hair!"

Christine frowned and even grimaced.

Amy asked with a frown as well, "What? Too weird? We don't have to do it if you don't want to, but I thought you wanted to seize the carpet and all that stuff."

Christine couldn't help but briefly grin despite her fears. She sat back down and stopped covering herself. "I think you mean 'seize the day.' 'Carpe Diem.' But in any case, I appreciate your creative efforts to try to help me overcome my issues. However, I'm kind of worried that your efforts are TOO good! I mean, when you get right down to it, this is kind of scary!"

Amy blinked with confusion. "Scary? Why?"

Christine quickly gulped down more sangria. "Well, for one thing, his penis is just... so big! Too big! I mean, I kind of felt it yesterday... Not with my hands, mind you!" She blushed. "But, uh, he was kind of rubbing it up against me a lot, so I got a really good feel for it. And I saw it totally exposed."

Amy was all smiles. "Mmmm! Yum! Sounds sexy! Tell me more!"

Christine held her hands out defensively. "Um, I'd rather not. But anyway, it kind of scares me. I mean, how am I supposed to fit that entire thing in my mouth? We haven't practiced that yet, and I'm afraid to. It must be like fitting an entire Coke can in between your lips."

Amy frowned again, then said passionately, "It is not! It totally isn't like that! I mean, Alan is endowed, and yeah, it takes some extra effort to get it all crammed into your mouth, but you way exaggerate the difficulty. It's really easy, once you get the hang of it. I love doing it over and over, and I KNOW you will too! If you're gonna be one of his lovers, you've totally gotta love sucking his cock! We all do it a lot, and we all love it! It's the BEST! It's soooo yummy and fun!"


Christine facepalmed herself again, wondering what she was getting herself into. The song "Rock Lobster" was starting to play, and she knew and liked that one, but it didn't cheer her up at all.

Amy continued in her bubbly way, "I just wish I could share with you how much fun it is to suck on his bone, er, his boner! Phew, that was a close call. I almost said a bad word. Besides, you're like some kind of super-special black belt martial artist or something, and you're a track and field star too, and you were the big heroine on the softball team last year, and all kinds of other awesome stuff on top of that! If you can do all those impressive physical things, you can manage to slurp and suck your way all over his thick cock, like, way easy. Right? Right! Besides, you don't even have to do that today at all if you don't want to."

Christine removed her hand and looked up. "I don't?"

"No, silly! First off, Alan loves you. He tries to downplay it 'cos he's all modest and stuff, but any fool can see the way he looks at you. He's not just getting all horny at your big tits and your beautiful face; he really loves you as a person too!"

"He does?!" Her heart started to race.

"Sure! Yesterday, I'm sure he was totally psyched just to kiss and cuddle with you. I'm way sure, even. If that's all you want to do today, he'll still be psyched, 'cos he knows you're not experienced with this kind of stuff. But my fiendishly-brilliant scheme is for you to totally wow him and surprise him with your handjob and blowjob skills! He'll be way impressed, and he'll love you even more, 'cos he knows how hard you're trying to overcome your hang-ups to make him happy!"

Christine slumped down in her chair and sighed. "Great plan. Except I can't overcome those hang-ups. When I think about having to touch his penis, my heart is about to burst out of my chest! And that's just thinking about it! To actually do it with the real thing, I'll have a heart attack for sure! Besides, how the heck am I supposed to compete?! He literally has like an entire ARMY of lovers, of the most beautiful and sexually talented women in town! It would be like taking my limited softball pitching skills to the Major Leagues. I'd get to be humiliated on national television, trying to compete with the real pros!"

Amy tenderly stroked Christine's bare arm. "Chill. It's not like that. You'll be in the heat of sexual passion, ramping up bit by bit, and by the time you'll get around to touching his stiffy, it'll be the natural next thing. You'll be the eager one leading the way. Trust me."

Christine looked away, feeling peevish. "No I won't! I'll run away and be totally embarrassed, and I'll never be able to show my face to him ever again!" She petulantly crossed her arms under her impressive bare breasts, inadvertently thrusting them up and forward.

Amy was frustrated with Christine's issues, so she struggled for some moments with how to approach the problem. Then an idea hit her and she asked, "Christine, what are you wearing?"

Christine was confused by the change of topic, but looked down at herself. "Uh, your yellow bikini bottoms. Why?"

"Maybe I shouldn't ask what you're wearing, but what you're NOT wearing. Christine, you're sitting outside in some place you've never even been before, and you're effectively totally naked!"

Christine looked down at herself again, as if she were just noticing her lack of clothes for the first time. SHIT! She's right! How did she talk me into this?!

Amy continued, "My point is, would you have thought a couple of hours ago that you ever would have been able to do this? And not only that, but even feel at ease about it? Or that you could practice kissing with me so much and get good at it like that?" She snapped her fingers. "But look at you! Look at what you've accomplished! You CAN overcome your hang-ups!"

I CAN! Christine thought. I really can! She said with genuine appreciation, "If that's true, it's because of you and your great help."

Amy could see her argument had hit home. "No, it's because of US! We're good friends and Fashion Pals, are we not?" She held out her hand and Christine gripped it tightly. "We're gonna overcome your issues and you'll totally wow Alan later today! You'll blow him away, even as you literally blow him!" she giggled. "Like I said, he'll be so psyched that he'll love you even more, and he'll never want to let you go."

Christine was suddenly bursting with energy and enthusiasm, thanks to the way Amy had her psyched up. Maybe I CAN do this! What if I DO learn to stroke and suck his cock? Er, I mean, his penis? She says he loves me! If that's true, and if I can do a good job of making him as happy as he makes me, there's no telling how far we'll fall for each other!

Amy continued, "As far as getting all of his cockhead in your mouth, don't worry about it! Do what you want. If you just want to jack him off, or lick him, or both, he'll be in seventh heaven, believe me. And if you let him lick your furry kitten, he'll be psyched about that too. Getting all of his cock in your mouth is like an extra bonus surprise thing, like getting an extra credit question on a test right."

Christine said with distress, "But you don't understand. I'm hyper competitive. Those extra credit questions are very important to me. I just can't stand to be second best. But with this, I'm way, way down on his list. He somehow turned into this super sexy, sexual guy about two months ago, so I'm probably two months behind with him, at least compared to some of his lovers."

Amy said encouragingly, "Well then, let's stop talking and start practicing!"

Christine thought, Maybe this is just an ordeal I have to get through. But then again, maybe I'll actually learn to like doing it to him. Why should I be so shy about it?

She raised a fist and spoke with determination. "Dammit, I can do this! Okay, Amy, let's get on with this crazy strap-on idea. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!" She shook her fist a bit, jiggling her great rack in the process.

"Cool! Cool beans!" Amy smiled from ear to ear, thinking about how happy her master would be when Christine engulfed his entire cockhead later in the afternoon. "Just a sec though. Here, put this blindfold on while I figure out how to get the strap-on thingy attached to the dildo thingy."

"Here, let me help you with that."

They quickly got the strap-on dildo and its mounting strap coupled and fit it around Amy's hips.

Amy then insisted that Christine take her bikini bottoms off. She explained, "If you're gonna do this, you've gotta go all the way and do it right. Trust me, if you're even MORE naked, you'll be more aroused, and then more willing, and everything will be better all around. Nudity rocks, and total nudity rocks totally!"

Christine was still riding a wave of determination and enthusiasm, so she was about to agree. But then she remembered her big clitoris. She realized with horror that her clit had come out and was fully erect, so much so that she feared it was even visible through her bikini bottoms. She was afraid to look and see though, for fear that Amy would follow her eyes and discover her secret shame. She exclaimed, "NO!"

Amy was taken aback by that. "Whoa! Did I say something wrong? Does, uh, nudity not rock?"

Christine couldn't help but smile a bit at Amy's innocent reaction, even though Christine remained extremely uptight about her clitoris situation. She said, "No, sorry, I'm sure it does for you. I just, uh, I'm jumpy. Sorry."

"That's cool." Amy smiled brightly. "Hey, I know! You're nervous about being all naked, right? And since you're nearly totally naked already, you must be all uncomfy about showing your pussy. I can see that. But still, I want you to take it all off. Trust me, your mentality will be completely different if you don't have that little strip of cloth protecting you."

Christine had managed to cross her legs so Amy wouldn't be able to see her clit poking through. She protested, "I'm sorry, but I want that strip of cloth protecting me! I'm really sorry, I know it means a lot to you, but I just can't go all the way."

Amy didn't appear dissuaded, and in fact her face lit up even more. "Hey! I've got an idea! I'll be right back!" She rushed off to the house at full speed, even though she was wearing the strap-on.

Christine sighed as she uncrossed her legs and looked down at her crotch. What now? I'm so screwed. Stupid big clit! Even if I somehow manage to stop the irrepressible Amy from taking the rest of my bikini bottoms off, my clit is totally obvious anyway! I just know she's gonna see it and freak out. She mentally imitated Amy's voice. "Oh, wow, Christine, you're like all... you've got a little man penis there. Wow! That's all super duper freaky!"

She sighed again. I'm screwed. I can't afford to get aroused in front of anyone ever, not unless I'm wearing about eight layers of clothing. How did Alan not notice it last night? What a disaster that could have been! He expects total physical perfection in his women. I'm so inadequate! I haven't been thinking about my freak oversize clit. How can I even get completely naked with him later?! I'm sunk!

Amy came running back with remarkable speed, her strap-on bouncing wildly with every step. She held something in her hand, and held it up as she got close. "Look! I've got the perfect solution! Shaving cream!"

"Shaving cream?!"

"Shaving cream!" Amy stopped and caught her breath while still holding the can up proudly.

"You're not going to make me shave myself down there, are you? Because that is NOT happening! Period!"

"No, silly! You don't want me to see your pussy area, right? So you can just take off your bikini bottoms, lather up the whole area with this, and then you'll be totally naked AND still covering up what you want covered up!"

Christine considered that. She actually liked the idea, because she'd be able to hide her clit even better than with the bikini bottoms. But she asked, "What's the difference then? I'm covered up either way."

"Yeah, well, kinda, but not really. You won't FEEL covered up, with the thin bikini string in your ass crack and all that. You'll LOOK covered, but you'll feel totally liberated and free! It's great!"

Christine grinned. Damn, this is a girl who really loves nudity. And if this works, maybe I can try a similar trick with Alan eventually. "Okay. I'll give it a try."

"Cool beans!"

After positioning herself in a way that Amy couldn't see her crotch, Christine took off her bikini bottoms and then thoroughly lathered up her pussy area with the white shaving cream. She put on a very thick layer to make sure her clit would stay hidden.

Christine looked at Amy wearing the strap-on around her waist, then shook her head. "That is seriously weird. If someone had told me yesterday, 'You will find yourself standing totally nude in the Pestridge backyard, wearing a mountain of shaving cream on your privates, ready to suck on Amy's strap-on dildo...' Sheesh! My brain is about to explode, it's all so weird!"

Amy handed Christine the blindfold again. "Here, put this on before your brain bursts. If you tie it on tight, maybe it'll hold your brains together."

Christine grinned; even with all the sexual weirdness, she was still having a great time being with Amy.

Amy added, "It'll totally help you think you're with Alan. And I'll sit in this chair and spread my legs wide. You just kneel in between my legs and try licking my cock. Oh, and let me put some more fake cum on it." She picked up the bottle of cum from the table.

Christine shook her head in disbelief, but she put the blindfold on and got down on her knees. Jesus H. Christ! Imagine if someone could see us. Hell, what if Heather got video footage of this? My life would be over! Maybe this whole thing is a trap! Amy could blackmail me and keep me away from Alan forever!

No! No. Calm down. I have to be trusting. Amy's the sweetest girl in the world. If there's one person I can trust not to do something like that, it's her. She's the anti-Heather. She goes around telling everyone about how much she loves sharing Alan and pretty much invites them to have sex with him, so it's hardly like she's trying to eliminate her competition. In fact, she acts like she doesn't even HAVE competition, and she's part of one big happy team! It's totally naïve, and a dumb thing to do, and yet I pretty much believe her.

Okay, I can do this. Calm down. Just stick your head forward and lick.


She moved forward on all fours. She was still very nervous and ill at ease though, because the situation was so extreme and bizarre for her.

She closed her eyes, even though she was wearing the blindfold too. She took a deep breath. Okay! Here goes nothing! She scooted a bit closer and stuck her tongue out.


When Alan came out of his bedroom, he was literally reeling. He tried to walk down the hallway to Susan's bedroom, but just before he got there he had to lean against the wall and rest.

His dick had started to go flaccid now that he'd left Xania behind, but then he heard the sound of sexy moaning coming from Susan's room. Fuuuuck! Mom, Mother, AND Brenda are in there! I've just fucked Mother AND Xania, and now I'm about to go in there and do, well, who knows what? But it's guaranteed to be insanely arousing, and I suppose it'll involve Brenda's ass. Shit, man!

He rested his own ass and head against the wall as he kept leaning against it. My every sexual fantasy is coming true, and it's beyond awesome, but I never realized all this sex was so TIRING! Maybe I'll just rest here for another five or ten minutes.



He wiped the sweat off his brow. Shit. Both my moms are calling. They must be getting antsy. He looked down at his dick. It hadn't even gotten half flaccid before fully engorging again, thanks to all the sexy noises coming from the room next door and the anticipation of what was about to happen. Images of those three voluptuous bodies tangled together filled his head, and he knew trying to give his penis a few minutes of flaccid rest was hopeless.

He shouted, "Coming! Just a minute!"

But he was hot and thirsty, so he went to the upstairs bathroom a short way back down the hall. He washed his face and drank some water from the sink, giving his boner time to relax enough for him to have a much needed piss.

He looked at himself in the mirror and pumped a fist in the air with determination. I can do this! I'm the man of the house! Sure, there's a lot going on today, and I'll have to save something for both Glory and Christine later, but I have to do my best with Brenda. No kicking back and enjoying it while the woman does all the work, not this time. I'm gonna fuck Brenda to death!

Riding that surge of inspiration, he sauntered down the hall and opened the door into Susan's bedroom.

Susan and Suzanne immediately looked up at him and smiled. But Brenda was in no shape to look his way - she was lying face down in the middle of the bed, with her ass high up in the air and Alan's two mothers on either side. Susan had three of her fingers clumped tightly together and pumping smoothly and sensually in and out of Brenda's asshole.

That was certainly an arresting sight, but it wasn't the main thing that captured his attention. He was primarily focused on the chains linking Brenda's hands behind her back, and more chains linking her ankles together. These were heavy link iron chains with shackles that looked like they could have come straight from a museum exhibit on pre-Civil War slavery. Brenda wasn't moving much at the moment, but even so, he could hear the sound of the chains lightly clanking against each other.

He thought the use of such authentic slavery equipment was outrageous, to say the least, but then he realized, That's the fucking point! Fuuuuck!

He also noticed that all three of them were wearing spiky high heels, even though Susan was sitting on the edge of the bed, Brenda was in her lap, and Suzanne was kneeling on the floor right next to them.

Both Susan and Suzanne looked at him with satisfied smirks on their faces as they watched his reaction to seeing the chains.

Then Suzanne cupped her hand to her mouth and shouted, "Sweeeeetie! Come on! What's taking so long?"

He was confused, until he saw Suzanne give him a conspiratorial wink. It dawned on him that his mothers wanted Brenda to think that he hadn't entered the room yet.

Suzanne had her face near Brenda's, with a couple of fingers in Brenda's mouth. Brenda was eagerly sucking on them, as if they were a penis.

But Suzanne was quiet, for a change, since Susan had taken over and was talking enough for both of them. There was an open jar of lube on the bed next to Susan, and Susan dipped her fingers back into it, bringing a fresh dollop of lube back to Brenda's waiting asshole.

As she did this, she leaned forward so she could speak closer to Brenda's ear. "Brenda, I don't know if this one jar of lubrication is going to be enough, because Tiger's cock is just SOOO big! ... I hope it doesn't hurt you, but there's just no telling... Alan Junior is like a baseball bat! ... He's gonna shove that big fat bat right up your virgin ass!"

Susan had to pause after every sentence, because Brenda was moaning loudly at everything she said and did.

Susan asked as she fingerfucked Brenda, "When Tiger shoves his meaty fuck-bat deep, deep, DEEP in your ass, what are you going to do?"

Brenda gasped out, "I'm... I'm gonna... TAKE IT!"

Susan smiled proudly, while continuing to work her fingers in Brenda's butt. "Correct! And why?"

"Because, because... I'm his slut!"


"NO!" Susan spanked Brenda's ass cheek, even though she didn't look back from staring at Brenda's head. She was practically speaking into Brenda's ear now.

"No?" Brenda was confused, because that seemed to be the only possible answer. But then a realization came to her, and she corrected herself, "I'm ONE of his many sluts! One of his busty, naughty, sexy, slave sluts!"

Susan smirked. "Correct! And what-"

Suzanne cut her off. "Hey! Are you going to keep spanking her? 'Cos I don't want her to bite my fingers off."

"Oh, sorry," Susan replied contritely. "Yeah, you'd better pull your fingers out." Then, addressing Brenda, her voice became harsh and demanding again. "What will you deny him?"

"Nothing!" Brenda smiled widely with her newly vacated mouth, knowing she'd gotten that one right.

Once Suzanne pulled her fingers away, she continued to hold Brenda's head up with both hands, because Brenda would have toppled to the floor without her help. Suzanne didn't like that, and non-verbally worked with Susan to bring Brenda into a more stable position, with her massive boobs pressing onto the bed.

Susan asked Brenda, "What if he wants to impregnate you?"

"Um..." Brenda had to think about that, as there could be complications, especially with Adrian.

"WRONG!" Susan spanked Brenda's ass as hard as she could.

Brenda loved being treated like that. She cried out in orgasm, "Mistressssss!"

Even as Brenda's body convulsed, Susan said sternly, "'Um' is wrong, because you should show NO hesitation! You can deny your master nothing! BAD slave! BAD!"

Susan knew Alan had no intention of impregnating Brenda, and she also knew that could really mess up Adrian if it ever somehow happened, and no one wanted to see that. But she wanted questions Brenda would get wrong, to put her in her place. She sat up and walloped Brenda's ass with a quick series of about ten smacks, with surprising force.

Alan knew that Susan and Suzanne didn't want him to make his presence known to Brenda just yet, but he was too horny just to keep standing there. His dick was nice and stiff. He wanted to get directly involved.

So he cleared his throat and walked closer to the bed. "Wow, Mom. What's up? You seem really aggressive. I didn't think you had it in you to spank anyone."

Brenda let out an extra loud moan, as if the knowledge that he was in the same room with her was just too arousing for her to take.

Susan straightened up, tilted her head up, and opened her mouth.

He crawled up on the bed and French kissed her.

When the kiss ended, Susan dipped her fingers into the jar for more lube and resumed fingerfucking it into Brenda's ass. Only then did she respond to him. "You're right, I'm not the spanking type. I would NEVER think of spanking the likes of you or Suzanne. But Brenda's not just your slave, she's the slave to the slaves, and she needs to know her place! Did you hear her impertinent answers just now? She hesitates! Her dedication to serving your cock is less than total!" She spanked Brenda's ass cheeks a couple more times.

"NO!" Brenda cried out desperately. "It's not true! Master! Master! Please! I love you and need you so much! I'll do anything for you! ANYTHING!"

"HA!" Susan scoffed, as she smacked Brenda's ass again. "You speak of love, but what do you know about love?"

Brenda whimpered helplessly. She was on the verge of tears.

Suzanne was both surprised and impressed with Susan's behavior. Like Alan, she was surprised that Susan had it in her to spank anyone at all. By now, Susan had worked herself up into a righteous frenzy. She was nearly in one of her rare angry 'mama grizzly bear' moods.

But Suzanne thought, No, she's not quite in a frenzy. She seems out of control, but she's actually being very careful and clever with what she's saying. For instance, she's avoiding all mention of Adrian or anything that might make Brenda feel conflicted over her relationship with Adrian. And she's getting Brenda to give "wrong" answers, so Brenda will feel increasingly embarrassed and anxious. I don't have to say or do anything at all, because Susan's got it all under control.

In fact, she reminds me of me! She knows exactly how to push Brenda's buttons, just like I indoctrinated her by repeatedly pushing her buttons. Most women would get tensed up being treated like that, which is deadly for anal sex, but with Brenda it's just the opposite - she's turning into a blob of Jell-O as she totally submits and surrenders! Brilliant!

It kind of makes me reconsider how clever I was indoctrinating Susan. Maybe she knew exactly what was going on down on a deeper level and used ME as a lever to break down her barriers so she could fully give in to her deepest desires? Hmmm. Possible. But we may never know since I can't exactly interview her subconscious about it.

Seeing that Susan was still a trifle too angry, although she'd stopped her spanks, Alan suspected her well-known jealousy towards Brenda was rising up again. True, Brenda and Susan were best friends now, but Susan still had lingering issues about Brenda's larger breast size. So he pulled himself close to his mother and quietly whispered in her ear, "Mom, I want you to pay attention to this anal ceremony, because you may be the next to get your ass fully enslaved!"

Susan didn't immediately answer, but her eyes went wide and her chest started heaving wildly, sending her big tits on a wild, swaying ride. Finally, she whispered adoringly, "Master!"

He grinned, knowing he'd just given her a major attitude adjustment. He got off the bed and walked around to the side nearest to where Brenda's and Suzanne's heads were, finally putting himself into Brenda's field of view.

Brenda gasped again as she saw his fully erect cock swinging back and forth. She whispered reverently, "Master!"

Interestingly, her whisper was nearly identical in tone to Susan's from only moments ago, even though Brenda hadn't heard it. He thought, Hey, this "master" thing isn't THAT hard to, well, master. I must be getting the hang of it. He snickered to himself.

He looked down at Suzanne and gave her a questioning look. He was non-verbally asking her if she was okay with Susan's strangely aggressive tactics, and if everything was going according to plan.

Suzanne gave him a reassuring nod. Then she reached out and grasped his hard pole.

Not surprisingly, Brenda gasped loudly again.

Alan hadn't even touched Brenda yet, but she was already nearly out of her mind with overwhelming lust. He liked that. It certainly made things easier for him.

Suzanne still didn't speak, but she cupped his ass cheek with her other hand and pulled him in closer to where she was kneeling right at the edge of the bed. Then, with her eyes staring at Brenda's eyes from only about a foot away, she leaned her head forward and started licking her way around Alan's cockhead.

Brenda moaned again, with desperate need. "Master! Master! Please!" She considered that Suzanne had first dibs on him, due to her higher status, so she was really near the end of her rope to be demanding like that.

Suzanne suddenly engulfed all of Alan's cockhead in her mouth, but she didn't break eye contact with Brenda. She was driving Brenda into a genuine frenzy of cock need by pleasuring Alan's dick from such a close distance.

Suzanne immediately tasted Xania's juices on his shaft. The sneaky fucker! No wonder he was taking so long in his room. She sure tastes delicious though. Mmmm!


She found herself engulfing more and more of his shaft so she could consume more of Xania's cum, until she was actually deep throating him. However, that was more work than she wanted at the moment. So after about half a minute of deep throating, she began frantically bobbing right over his sweet spot. She knew that would be the fastest way to get him to cum. She wanted to make him at least fight the urge to cum.

Brenda was amazed. Oh my God! Mistress Suzanne is deep throating him! What exquisite torture for me! I'm delighted she's taking such good care of his cock, but I'm dying for my ass to get fucked! I really need to stay quiet. A good slave is an obedient slave. But, Gaawwwd, Master, please hurry!

Alan clenched up and grabbed the top of her head with both hands. He was tempted to push her off his sweet spot at the least, but it just felt too good to willingly stop it.


Susan was torn. She felt she was needed at Brenda's ass to lubricate and open up Brenda's asshole. She knew this was absolutely necessary because of her own experiences of having anal sex with Alan. But she also felt like she was missing out.

As she kept steadily pumping three fingers in and out of Brenda's asshole, she thought, Screw this! We've been at this a good while already. Brenda's ass couldn't possibly be any more lubed up or widely open. And Alan Junior looks especially yummy! Mmmm! Look at that blissed out expression on Suzanne's face - that's the look of a good and obedient cocksucker mommy!

Brenda's ass can handle a minute or two without me.

She pulled her fingers out and hustled across the bed. Within seconds, she was kneeling next to Suzanne, happily licking Alan's balls since Suzanne was occupying his cockhead and then some. But she could see what Suzanne's purpose was. She held Alan's balls as far forward as they could painlessly get, so she could lick them while staring at Brenda's face most of the time.

Soon, both Susan and Suzanne stared at Brenda with the sultriest expressions they could manage. Suzanne somehow managed to give her best "come hither" look even as, inside her mouth, she slathered Alan's sweet spot with her long tongue.

Brenda's ankles and arms were chained, but in truth it was mostly symbolic, because the chains were long and had a lot of give. So there was nothing holding her back from scooting closer to Alan's crotch, and that was exactly what she did.

But Suzanne had been clever, and had foreseen what would happen. She'd positioned him so he was just out of reach of Brenda's needy tongue, unless she got off the bed altogether. And the chains were restricting enough so she couldn't reach out, or get off the bed without help.


Brenda groaned and moaned with need and frustration. She stuck her tongue out as far as she could, but she didn't have an extremely long tongue like Suzanne and Xania did, so she came up somewhat short.

Brenda was dying of frustration. The torture! The sexy torture! Master's cock is soaking wet from saliva and cum. The smell is so heady that I'm swooning! If only I could reach! I need to serve his cock so bad!

Susan played up the situation. As she licked her way up from Alan's balls to as high on his shaft as she could reach without butting into Suzanne's head, she tasted pussy juice. So she asked, "Mmmm! Tiger, is that Xania's yummy pussy I'm tasting? Mmmm!"

"As a matter of fact it is," he replied happily. "I was just giving her a good fucking a few minutes ago."

Brenda moaned so loudly at that, it was practically a scream. Oh God! He's SUCH a deserving master! His cock is unstoppable and insatiable! I neeeeed it in my ass!

She groaned in a voice soaked in lust. "MMMM! UH! Master! Please! Please! PLEEEAAASSSE! I'm begging you!" Her chains clanked loudly.

He looked down at her. She was straining forward so much that she was in danger of falling off the bed altogether. "Begging me what? And don't move forward another inch! That's an order"

She jerked her head back a bit upon hearing that, but she still licked her lips eagerly. "Please! Please! Please fuck my ass! MAAAAASTEEERRRR!" Her eyes rolled back into her head, and her body shook as an orgasmic earthquake violently passed through her. Her arms and legs flailed about, constrained only by her loudly rattling chains.

Seeing that Brenda was too distracted at the moment to pay attention to her surroundings, Alan whispered down at his mothers, "I think she can't possibly get any more prepped, or she'll pass out!"

Suzanne was still relentlessly bobbing up and down over Alan's sweet spot. But she pulled her lips off his boner and whispered back, "Hrmph. You're right. But that was soooo much fun!" She stood up next to her son.

Susan was enthusiastically licking her way around Alan's cockhead, now that Suzanne had vacated it. She "mmmm"-ed with contentment.

But Suzanne tapped her on the head insistently.

Susan correctly guessed Suzanne wanted her to stop and do something else, so she pretended not to notice the tapping, even though it was impossible to miss. She "mmmm"-ed even louder as she lapped against his most sensitive areas while jacking off the rest of his shaft.

Annoyed, Suzanne reached down and covered as much of Alan's erection as she could, leaving very little for Susan to stroke or lick. She said to her, "Brenda's ass needs you now."

But all that still wasn't enough, and Susan kept right on licking in a crack between Suzanne's fingers.

Suzanne rolled her eyes, but put her comment in terms she knew would be more effective. "Susan, be a good sex slave and OBEY your master! He wants you to keep his new slave's ass lubed and opened wide!"

There was a little grumbling, but Susan quickly disengaged and repositioned herself. Soon, she was back to fingerfucking Brenda's asshole while applying even more lube.

Suzanne was prepared to give a little speech, but now that she had both hands on Alan's throbbing cock, she saw no reason to remove them. She checked his expression and breathing and guessed he was close to cumming, but not dangerously so. Her fists slid up and down as she spoke. "Brenda, it's time."

Brenda had pretty much melted into the bed. She felt boneless, she was so devastated from her recent orgasms. She tried to lift her head up to look Suzanne in the face, but with her hands chained behind her back, she was in no condition to sit up. She found herself staring at Suzanne's hands sliding all over Alan's shaft instead.

However, she forced herself to focus and listen carefully to Suzanne's every word.

Suzanne spoke while she stroked, "Brenda, you THINK you're Alan's slave, and it's true you have gone through a sex slave initiation ceremony. And it's also true that you wear his slave collar. But you can't REALLY consider yourself his total sex slave until he takes your ass!"

Susan eagerly chimed in as she continued her anal fingerfucking, "Anal sex is the ULTIMATE act of submission!"

Suzanne made a slightly annoyed face, but continued, "Yes. It is. The question is, are you worthy? Susan and I have our doubts."

Brenda redoubled her efforts to sit up so she could look Suzanne in the eye as she answered that, but all her struggling was to no avail. That just inflamed her lust even more.

Before she could muster an answer, Suzanne continued, "Sweetie naturally will be the judge of that. But you can prove your dedication by not cumming at all, not until he gives you permission. Can you do that?"

Brenda's entire body was tilted to the side, after her failed effort to sit up. But she could still feel Susan sawing her fingers in and out of her ass, and also she could still see Suzanne's hands sliding all over Alan's shaft. Somehow, she liked the fact that she was unable to see Alan's face at all. It was as if she didn't deserve that honor, as if she merely belonged to his cock and balls instead.

She panted, "I... I... I don't know! I have to be honest. I don't know!" She panted some more, and then continued with fierce determination, "But I'll try my best! I really will!"

"Very well," Suzanne said. "Susan and I will leave you now."

"We will?" Susan asked, bummed.

"Yes, we will," Suzanne said in a voice that allowed no dissent. "Sweetie's not just going to fully tame and own her ass, he's going to possess her heart and her soul."

Brenda was so excited hearing that, her panting sped up until she was practically hyperventilating. Dear God, this is too exciting! It's like getting enslaved by him all over again!

Suzanne continued, while she kept on jacking him off, "We don't want it said that he needed help with that. It's something he needs to do in private, so there can be no doubt who Brenda will be enslaved to until her dying day. Brenda, it's true that Susan, Amy, Angel, and I are your mistresses, but our power over you ultimately flows from Alan's total domination over every last inch of you. So come on, Susan. Oh, but we'll be back when it's over to act as witnesses and celebrate what he has done to you."

Brenda's whole body was rocking back and forth as she heaved and gasped for air. She was wondering how she'd be able to delay her orgasms, because Susan's relentless anal probing already had her on the brink of yet another big climax. She closed her eyes and prayed for strength.

Her prayers were immediately answered at least in part when Susan disengaged, pulling her three fingers from Brenda's anus with a satisfying pop.

But then Susan leaned forward and whispered in Brenda's ear, "You're soooo lucky! Tiger's practically gonna split you in two with his huge cock, but you'll be rewarded with some of the greatest pleasure you've ever known! Given how much you were getting off on my probing fingers, I'm sure you'll love being one of Tiger's butt slut anal sex slaves!"

"I'm sure I will," Brenda whispered back, "but how will I hold back from cumming?! I'm too close already!" She glanced noticably at Suzanne's fingers pumping up and down Alan's long shaft. "It's all too exciting!"

"I don't know," Susan admitted as she reached out and pinched one of Brenda's long nipples. She followed Brenda's gaze and felt a thrill race down her spine from seeing the handjob action. "That's a toughie."

Brenda winced, because the pinching caused another surge of pleasure to soar through her entire body. And not only did Susan not stop at one pinch, but she pulled the nipple away from Brenda's chest as well, causing her entire tit to stretch out in a more conical shape. She feared she'd fail her test before Alan even started touching her, but she didn't dare ask her mistress to stop.

Susan continued, while caressing Brenda's face with her other hand, "That's our lot in life, serving and servicing our master. He's simply too sexy and handsome and strong and clever to resist! You know that you will be utterly defeated by his powerful cock, don't you?"

Brenda nodded gravely. She whispered, "Yet again!" She was still panting unevenly. And I love it! I want him to best me and defeat me, forever!

Susan nodded. "That's how it always goes. You can never win. But still, try your best. I'm sure your rewards for a good effort will be simply incredible." She confided in an urgent whisper, "Boy, I wish I was in your shoes right now!" She kissed Brenda on the lips. They were both so keyed up that the kiss was positively electric.

Then Susan whispered, "Brenda, I love you so much! I feel like you're more my sister than most of my real sisters! Don't let me down. Don't let the harem down. Be the perfect sex slave! Remember that you live to serve Tiger's cock! Love it! Worship it! Submit to it! Take it! ALL of it! Okay?"

Brenda nodded and stared at Susan with fiery determination.

Susan finally stopped tugging and pinching Brenda's nipple. She sat up.

Suzanne was still standing next to Alan, but she was merely leaning on him, not jacking him off anymore. "Done already?"

Susan nodded happily. She stood and walked up next to Suzanne.


Alan looked at them and asked, "Wait. You're not really leaving now, are you?"

Suzanne asked back, "Didn't you hear my little speech about how you fucking her ass should be a private thing? Besides, that's what you and I agreed upon when we were talking in your bedroom earlier."

"True," he agreed. "But you don't have to go just yet. I could use some help getting it in the first time. Besides, Mom, if you go now, how will you know the proper protocol for the day when I take YOU as my next Anal Slave?"

Suzanne was going to point out that he would be just fine. She knew that Brenda didn't have an exceptionally tight asshole like Amy did, plus Susan had done a great job opening Brenda up. But Susan tugged on her arm and looked at her eagerly, and Suzanne realized they could have a lot more fun by staying. She grinned and said, "Very well."

"YES!" Susan pumped a fist in the air and rushed back to the bed. She fiddled with Brenda's wrist shackles, and they came off without the use of any key.

Alan, still standing next to Suzanne, asked her, "Those weren't even locked?"

Suzanne quietly replied, "Nope. We're giving Brenda a hard time because we know that's what turns her on and motivates her. But she's such a great slave she'd never think of taking her chains off without permission. So why bother with a key?"

He nodded and went back to watching Susan talking to Brenda as she undid Brenda's leg shackles as well. Susan's voice was quiet, but Alan was standing close and heard a few words, including Susan encouraging Brenda to "rise to the occasion."

Then Susan turned, patted a spot on the edge of the bed, and eagerly looked to him. "Son, please sit right here!"

He didn't see how sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor would be a good position for anal sex, but he did what he was told. His heart was thumping fast, because he knew that whatever happened was bound to be fantastic.

Brenda crawled off the bed and stood right in front of him.

As she did that, Susan also got off the bed and knelt in front of him. Not surprisingly, she swallowed his cockhead and was happily bobbing away on it a few seconds later.

Suzanne crossed her arms under her ample rack and asked, "Susan, just what do you think you're doing?"

Since Susan's mouth was occupied, Brenda answered for her. "Mistress Susan says we need to get Master Alan fully inspired and aroused first."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Oh, for Christ's sake! That's like trying to make sure the Pacific Ocean is wet enough." But she thought to herself, I'll be damned if I'm just gonna stand here while Susan and Brenda have all the fun!

She knelt down next to Susan and tapped her on the shoulder. The two of them began taking turns bobbing on Alan's erection. One would hold and stroke it while the other would dive down on it a handful of times, and then they would switch.

Suzanne thought while it was her turn to bob with great suction, I honestly don't know how he's going to manage to avoid cumming before the ass fucking even begins. We're starting to get downright selfish with keeping Brenda waiting. But I can't help myself and Susan obviously can't either! God, I love sucking on this cock! If he does cum, so what? We've got all day. We'll just get it erect again!


Meanwhile, Brenda had mostly recovered from her intense orgasms and was feeling re-energized. While facing away from him and the double blowjob, she slowly and seductively slid her hands down her back, like her hands were making love to her body. At the same time, she did her best to rock her ass back and forth, although she could only do so much of that given how widely her legs were splayed apart. Her hands finally reached her ass, and she slowly pulled her butt cheeks open.

She didn't mind this additional delay of having to help "fully arouse" him even though she knew he was as aroused as possible already, because he was staring at her non-stop with a lusty and needy look in his eyes. That was all the reward she craved, at least for now.

She let out a little whimper of joy while intently watching over her shoulder as Suzanne and Susan licked and sucked his rigid hard-on. Unable to control herself in ecstatic anticipation, she spread her knees and lower legs so far apart that it looked like she was ready to do the splits. Then she began backing up until her jiggling bubble butt was so close to him that she was in danger of running into the rapidly bobbing heads of his two ecstatic mothers.

Alan hadn't had a close-up view of Brenda's ass since he'd walked into the room, but now he had a great view of it just above and beyond his two mothers' bobbing heads. He was astounded to see just how open and well-lubed her asshole was. There even was copious lube dripping down towards her pussy lips, looking just like drooling cum.

Brenda looked back over her shoulder. She was tickled pink to see his astounded expression, and that gave her new energy and resolve. She also was very pleased to see that his cock was being so well taken care of. (She had no worry that he'd cum too soon, since she believed his sexual talents were virtually limitless.)

She spread her ass cheeks open even wider and said, "Master! Master, look! See my puckered hole back there? That's where your massive cock is gonna be soon! You're gonna be fully impaled in my most private and obscene hole!" Excited by that idea, she started rotating at the hips to bend over and bring her opened asshole even closer to him.

Unfortunately, two heads were in the way, and she bumped her ass cheeks into them.

But Susan and Suzanne quickly repositioned themselves. They sat more to each side of him, and jointly held his erection straight out so Brenda could very nearly bump her ass into it. But they also managed to lean their heads in and lick at his shaft from the sides.


Brenda looked over her shoulder again and was very pleased to see this new arrangement. She straightened her legs up some so she could gyrate her hips more, and scooted in close so her ass was sometimes just inches from the tip of his hot pole, depending on her hip grinding.

As she kept on churning her hips and holding her ass open, she purred sexily, "Master, I remember when I first met you at the very first Poke-Her Party. I thought, 'Who is this cocky kid?' Especially once I started to hear some stories about your sexual prowess, I thought, 'He's just some random lanky teenager. There's nothing special about this guy.' Forgive me, Master, but that's what I really thought! Little did I know that I was facing my future lord and master! UGH! Hnnng! And that you'd turn me into your willing slaaaaave! Your sex slaaaaaaaave!"

She said the word "slave" each time like it was the most arousing word on the planet. It sounded like she was climaxing each time, even though she wasn't (for once!).

Since Suzanne was merely licking and not bobbing, she was free to make a quip. "Brenda, you got one thing right: he certainly is cocky!"

Brenda didn't laugh, but took the comment seriously. "Yes! Yes he is! Such a POWERFUL and DOMINATING cock! Master, please! Take my ass! Now! I need you to make me your Ass Slave! Please!"

She began churning her ass around so much, Susan and Suzanne were forced to tilt his boner up towards his belly button so she wouldn't accidentally thwack her ass into it. That didn't leave them enough room to keep licking, not unless they wanted to risk Brenda's ass bumping into their heads. But they both kept a stroking hand on his long shaft.

Alan was a bit concerned that she was going to hurt someone with the way she was erratically swinging and gyrating her ass all over the place, so he reached out and tried to still her by holding her ass cheeks with both hands.

That was kind of a revelation to him. Even though it was obvious, it hadn't really occurred to him until that moment that he could touch as well as watch. He held her firmly until her ass came almost to a standstill. Then he bent all the way forward and started licking her sweaty ass cheeks.

Brenda loved that, and trembled all over. However, she was careful not to climax, since she'd been ordered to hold back until she had permission. My lord and master is holding my ass! He's gonna fuck it! I love that he's going to take my anal virginity!

He could reach her ass with his tongue, but it was hardly a comfortable position. Plus, his boner was still pinned up against his body where not much could be done to it.

Suzanne saw all that, and said, "Hold your horses, everybody. We need to reposition. Brenda, drop down on all fours."

Brenda immediately did just that. "Like this?" She not only got on all fours, she began swaying her entire body back and forth, causing her huge, dangling tits to pendulously swing forward when her body was moving backwards, and vice versa. She said huskily, "Master, do you like to see me like this, shamelessly rocking my body for your pleasure?"

"Oh, man!" Alan groaned. He slid off the bed and fell to his knees, enabling him to put his hands back on her ass.

Suzanne was pleased, because she'd been about to tell him to move into that position. As much as she'd been enjoying the licking and sucking, she was eager to see the anal sex begin.


Then Susan stuck her head between Alan's crotch and Brenda's ass, and got busy suckling on the tip of his boner.

Alan was fine with that, and almost didn't seem to notice, even after Susan engulfed his entire cockhead and started passionately bobbing. He ran his fingers though Brenda's pussy lips. Not surprisingly, she was extremely wet, all the way down to her knees.

Suzanne rolled her eyes at her fellow mother. "Susan, what do you think you're doing?"

Susan tried to answer while still bobbing over his sweet spot. "Whaamin hmm uhhh."

Suzanne snorted mirthfully. "Warming him up? If he was any warmer, he'd start glowing like the sun! Pull off, but you can guide him in if you want."

Susan pulled off and wiped away the pre-cum and saliva drooling down her chin. "I want! Come on, Brenda, let's do it!"

Since Brenda was still on all fours, Suzanne moved in and held her ass cheeks open wide with both hands. Seeing Susan starting to jack Alan off again, she said, "Whoa, girl! Be careful. Look at how wet Sweetie's cock is. It's actually dripping with all that cum and saliva. Try rubbing small circles over his sweet spot so he won't lose that lubrication."

Susan did just that, while also guiding his pole closer to Brenda's ass.

But just as the tip of his hard-on bumped into her ass crack, a realization hit him. "Oh shit! I forgot something!"

He suddenly stood, held his boner against his body, and started to rush out of the room. "Just a sec! I'll be back in just a sec!"

The women looked at each other in confusion and shrugged. Susan asked Suzanne, "You were talking to him earlier about how this would work, right?"

Suzanne nodded. "Yeah, but I'm as confused as you are." As she talked, she pulled off Brenda's high heels.

"HEY!" Brenda complained angrily. She wiggled her legs in an attempt to prevent Suzanne from succeeding, but to no avail.

Suzanne responded as she put the heels aside, "I know Sweetie loves 'em and you love that fact, but come on, not once you start to get fucked. You know you're gonna kick like a mule. It's all fun and games until someone gets poked with one of those spiky heels."

Brenda started to respond, "Why do you two still get to wear..." But she stopped when she heard Alan running back to the room.

They were even more puzzled when he came back in, because he looked exactly the same as before. He was still naked and sweaty, and hadn't been gone long enough even to use the bathroom.

"Son, what was that all about?" Susan asked.

"You'll see soon enough," he said, as he knelt back in position. "I should have thought this through a bit better, but it's no big deal. Where were we?"

Susan resumed guiding his raging cock to Brenda's ass, while rubbing his sweet spot with little circular motions. She noticed that he caressed Brenda's ass cheeks with only one hand, while he kept his other hand clenched in a fist and by his side.

Suzanne noticed that too, but neither of them said anything about it. They were dying of curiosity to find out what was hidden in his clenched hand, though.

Suzanne was still holding Brenda's ass cheeks wide, but she thought, Why am I always doing the responsible thing while Susan gets all the fun and most of the cock? Not this time!

She shifted around towards Brenda's front side. Then she helped Brenda lower her upper body until her head, shoulders, and boobs were resting on the carpet while her ass remained high up in the air on spread knees. Then she guided Brenda's hands back until Brenda was holding her deep butt cheeks open with her own hands.


That freed up Suzanne's hands, and she promptly put them on Alan's thick pole. At first, her hands were only able to rest on top of Susan's, but after she gave Susan a sharp look, Susan removed a hand and they compromised with one hand each stroking his length.

Alan spoke his thoughts out loud. "Sweet! My Mommy and Mother are gonna guide me in! This is seriously sweet!"

However, he wasn't entirely correct. They held his cock in place against Brenda's asshole as their ten fingers slid all over it, but they left it up to Brenda to push herself back onto him.

Brenda was way beyond ready. She'd grown so antsy, especially while Alan had briefly left the room, that it took all her self-control not to scream out loud. So, now that she was finally given the chance, she didn't waste any time. She pushed back with all her might.

However, even given how widely her own hands were prying her ass cheeks open, plus all the prep work Susan had done, there was no chance at all she could completely impale herself with one big backwards push. She managed to lodge the tip of his cockhead a fraction of an inch into her anal ring, but that was all.

Frustrated, she pushed back again. And again. And again.

Susan and Suzanne had to use their free hands to help support Alan's ass so his entire body didn't bend back with each aggressive push from Brenda.

Brenda managed to successively lodge his cockhead deeper and deeper into her anus, but the widest part of his cockhead still wasn't past her tight anal ring. She groaned in frustration and pushed back again, but with even less effect.

Suzanne brought her hand back around and caressed Brenda's nearest ass cheek. "Whoa there, Nelly. Hold your horses. That's not how you'll get it done. For one thing, you're too tense. Relax! Remember how you were on the bed a few minutes ago, when your entire body was limp? Try to be like that again."

Brenda whimpered in frustration. How can I relax?! Master is about to take my anal virginity! This is big! Huge! Massive! I've given myself entirely to being one of his sex slaves. This is what I live for! I'm sure he'll fuck my ass countless times in the decades to come, but he only gets to take my virginity once!

Then Suzanne said, "Wait a sec. Speaking of beds, wouldn't it be better if we move this whole operation back to the bed?"

Brenda groaned like she'd just suffered a cruel twist of fate, because she didn't want to suffer another delay. Worse, that meant starting over.

But Susan and Suzanne quickly guided her up to the middle of the bed, with Alan following right behind. Soon, his two mothers were sharing the hold of his cock again.

It seemed likely that all this movement would ruin Brenda's mood and cause her to tense up some more. But Susan had a fix for that. She said, "Brenda, remember: you're in your master's hands now! You have nothing to fear, because he will take care of everything. Just think how good he'll make you feel if you totally submit to his power! Submit! Give in! Relax! Surrender!"

Suzanne watched with amazement, because with Susan's last few words, it was as if Brenda's body suddenly became de-boned. She slumped all the way down onto the bed. Wow! I like to think I'm good at pushing buttons, but when it comes to Brenda, Susan's got me beat all to heck. Probably because their mindsets are so closely aligned.

Susan and Suzanne tried lifting Brenda's ass back into place, but it was like moving a lifeless corpse. It appeared Susan had been a little too successful with her verbal encouragement.

But Susan cooed directly into Brenda's ear. "That's it! Very good indeed! Your master will be pleased. But remember a good slave doesn't get passively fucked. You need to rouse yourself enough to fuck back!"

This time, Susan's words helped revive her. After a minute or so, Brenda at least had enough life left in her to bring her hands back and spread her ass cheeks wide again.

After repositioning Brenda, Suzanne had gained the prime spot on Alan's hard-on, and rubbed his sweet spot with the same circular pattern Susan had just been doing. She told Brenda encouragingly, "Come on, girl. We're just holding and stroking his cock. We want YOU to impale yourself on it, so you're fully responsible for your own anal enslavement to your master's cock! Stay relaxed and loosey goosey, but push your ass back too. Push! It should be easy by now."


Brenda wiggled her ass back a couple of inches until she felt the tip of his cockhead resting against her asshole again. A tremendous rush of excitement ran through her, knowing what was coming next. She pushed, and quickly found herself in the same position as before, with all but the widest part of his cockhead poking inside her ass.

"MASTER!" Brenda lustily moaned as she pushed back again. She only managed to get him in a tiny fraction of an inch deeper, but she knew only a couple more fractions like that would be enough.

Susan and Suzanne straightened back up and pressed their enormous boobs against Alan's upper arms on each side of him. They trapped his arms in their deep cleavage as they straightened up on their knees and leaned in to plant simultaneous kisses on his cheeks.

Susan quietly whispered into his ear, "Son, I'm so PROUD of you! Fuck the shit out of her! Take her anal virginity and add it to your trophies! Then fuck your two mommies as an encore!"

Suzanne was kissing and licking the other side of his face, leaving her close enough to hear Susan's sweet nothings. She whispered back to Susan with amusement, "Color me shocked. You say you're proud of him about twenty times a day, every day!"

"Because I am!" Susan said back, all smiles. Even as she played with his balls, she brought her other arm under her generous rack, pushing her tits more forcefully into her son's arm.

Suzanne seriously pondered if she should perform the squeeze at the base trick or give him a non-ejaculatory orgasm before he started the ass fucking. But she decided to let him just go ahead. They had all day, and if he came, he could just get erect again.

Susan quietly cooed, "Tiger, two of the most busty and beautiful women you'll ever meet are jacking off your huge ten-inch cock while an even MORE ridiculously busty woman is desperately grinding her ass back onto you, trying to take your mommy-splitting cock up her hungry butt! How can I not be proud at how you dominate and tame us all?"

He wanted to clarify once and for all that his penis was not even quite eight inches long when fully erect, let alone ten, but he didn't get a chance.

Brenda unexpectedly pushed back with more force, causing him to slip into her a little deeper. Sensing success, she applied more and more pressure to her asshole, forcing it wider and wider to take him all in. She was breathing hard and panting loudly. She could scarcely believe the incredible pleasure she was feeling as her asshole opened up wider than ever before. But even more exciting was the realization that he would be all the way in her in a matter of seconds. Normally, she would have cum hard by now, but she was ably fighting back against the urge to cum, as per her orders.


Needless to say, Alan was distracted, thanks to the endless pleasure assaulting him from every direction. He'd almost forgotten that he was holding something in his hand, and was only reminded of it when he started to lift that hand to bring it up to Brenda's ass cheeks.

Thankfully, that reminded him just in time. He shouted, "Wait! Brenda, wait!" He brought both of his hands to her hands, which were still prying her own ass cheeks wide open. "Brenda, I should have given this to you a couple of minutes ago, but somehow I forgot." With her hands still in place, he pulled a ring out of his clenched fist and slipped it onto the ring finger of her left hand. Then he pulled his hands away.

Susan and Suzanne gasped, staring at the ring in awe. It didn't slip past their notice that the hand and finger Alan chose was where wedding rings traditionally went.

Brenda felt like time had stopped. For a long moment, her heart didn't beat at all. Then it started pounding as hard and wildly as it ever had in her life.

Alan didn't want his mothers to get the wrong idea that he was planning on marrying Brenda, so he quickly pointed out, "Brenda, that's not a wedding ring; it's a slave ring. I know we've had a slave induction ceremony already, but I wanted to give you this as another symbol of our special relationship, now that I'm taking your ass."


Brenda's hand was behind her line of sight, and she was very preoccupied trying to take Alan's dick into her ass, so she only managed a quick glance at the ring on her finger. She whispered in awe, "A ring? A SLAVE ring?!"

"Yes." He was feeling awkward, wondering if he'd given it to her at the wrong time. He wanted to give it to her face to face, but this was his last chance before the fucking really started in earnest.

Still uncertain how Brenda was taking it, he looked to Susan and then to Suzanne to gauge their reaction.

They were leaning forward instead of pressing against his arms, and still staring at the ring. Their reaction was impossible to read, beyond their obvious surprise and amazement. Worried they'd be jealous, he said, "Uh, Mom and Mother, I, uh... Don't worry, I'll be giving out a lot of gifts before the day is done."

Both mothers tore their eyes from the ring to look him in the face. The relief and joy on their faces upon hearing that clarification was palpable.

It looked like both of them were about to speak, but he never got a chance to hear what they had to say, because Brenda's ass lurched back, capturing a bit more of his cockhead. She gasped out as she steadily pushed back onto his stiff rod with renewed, fierce determination, "Wi-with t-this r-r-ring... AH! Oh! Wi-wi-with THIS Ugh! This RING... I'm... I... UH! I am ENS-SLAV-VED!" Then, with one final, forceful push, she screamed, "MAAAAASTERR!"

That did it. She pushed past the widest part of his cockhead, and since her asshole was relatively loose and open, she immediately managed to push another inch and then some. She let out a sigh of pure bliss and joy.


It took Alan a few moments, since his brain was flooded with pleasure from feeling his cock achieve penetration, but it dawned on him that Brenda wasn't referring to the ring of metal he'd slipped onto her finger. Instead, she meant the ring of her virgin asshole that she'd just now finally slipped onto his cock. The implications of her reciprocal gesture completely blew him away. For him, all this slavery talk was mainly sexy talk meant to arouse, but clearly she took it completely seriously.

The same realization about Brenda's anal "ring" dawned on Susan and Suzanne around the same time. Susan reached across Alan's chest and tapped Suzanne's shoulder. "Look! He's given her a ring, and she's given him the ring of her ass! Her ASSHOLE is her Slave Ring, and he 'wears it' on his COCK! Isn't that just perfect?!"

"I know, I know!" Suzanne replied. She was surprised at how excited she was, not to mention jealous. Suddenly, she wanted to give Alan her anal "ring" too, even though he'd fucked her ass already, and no doubt Susan felt the same.

He wanted to laugh out loud. He thought he'd fucked up by forgetting the ring in his room and then forgetting to show it until it was too late, but it had worked out perfectly.

To emphasize that point, Brenda squealed, "Susan! Suzanne! My mistresses! Did you see? He gave me a ring! ME! A RING! On my wedding ring hand and finger, no less!"

Suzanne chuckled as she stared at Alan's ring on Brenda's finger. "I know."

"What's it look like?!" Her one quick glance at it had been too fast for her to really see what it was like.

Susan answered, "Beautiful! You'll love it! But don't look at it yet, not until you get his cock all the way in you. Son, help her out. Push!"

Brenda was so happy about the ring that she'd almost forgotten about the anal sex. She wanted to run around the room and jump up and down. That ring, it means Master Alan has symbolically taken the place of my husband now. But being enslaved to him is so much MORE than merely being married! And he just took my anal virginity! I love the feeling of fullness just having Master's cockhead in my ass is giving me, and I want more of that! A LOT more! She pushed back hard, at the same time he pushed forward.

Between the two of them, they made slow but steady progress. Inch after inch of his thickness slid into her straining butt, until there was only an inch or two left to go.

Alan loved it, but Brenda loved it even more. It was all she could do not to cum, and cum hard, but she used all her willpower to obey Suzanne's order. That was just about the most important thing in the world to her at the moment, being a good and obedient slave, one who deserved all this intense and endless pleasure.

She paused to recover her wild, panting breath before the final push. This is SO RIGHT! God knows I love cocksucking and titfucking, and of course regular fucking is the best! But this is even BETTER! I just know I'll be Master's most devoted and loving butt slut EVER! Oh, well maybe except for Amy... Oh my God! Anal Pals! Somehow, Amy knew! She KNEW! How did she know I'd love this so much?! Oh, Amy! I wish you could be here right now! We ARE Anal Pals, united in anal devotion to our master forever and ever!

Her thoughts turned to Adrian, which made her quite sad, if only for a moment. It was just about the first time she'd thought of him since well before Alan had come into the room. Oh, Aidy! My Pooh Bear! I'm sorry! I love you so very much, but I need a master too! Master Alan does things to me no one else could ever possibly do! My ass NEEDS my master's COCK! And I need him in so many other ways too. My enslavement and devotion to him is total, and yet nothing is more important to me than being the best mother you could have. Both things are true at the same time. Aidy, you don't want to even touch or spank my ass, much less fuck it! I need what he alone can do to me!

She knew she was walking a tightrope, trying to juggle her special relationships with Alan and Adrian. With this new commitment to Alan, she knew she'd have to balance it with some kind of special commitment to Adrian, but at the moment she was far too horny to even begin to think about what that would be. She'd gotten so good at just thinking about Alan when she was with Alan and just thinking about Adrian when she was with Adrian that it was disturbing and painful for her to think of Adrian at all at a time like this. She resolved to have a discussion with Suzanne later about how she could restore balance to her two special relationships. She loved Susan dearly, but she knew Suzanne was the one she needed to go to for practical advice on this.

Alan didn't realize she was thinking intently, so once her breathing started to recover, he resumed thrusting in.

That caught her attention. Her eyes went wide as he pushed the last inch or so into her with a forceful thrust. She no longer needed to keep her ass cheeks pried open wide, so she clenched her fists. Somehow, that helped her fight the urge to cum. She closed her eyes tight and clenched her jaws, because she was so overcome with joy, desire, and lusty pleasure that she knew she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

She panted, "Master! Please! Please!"

"Please what?"

"Please! Let me cum! For the love of God! PLEASE!"

In truth, he'd forgotten all about the order for her not to cum (especially since it was Suzanne who had given it). He saw no reason for her to suffer, so he shouted hotly to her, "Cum! Cum!"


"YEEEESSSS! AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEE!" She let go like she'd never let go before. She came very easily to begin with, so after holding off all that time, plus her extreme pleasure from being anally filled, it was like a nuclear bomb went off. She screamed and writhed like she was having the greatest orgasm in the history of the world.

Susan and Suzanne could only look on with envy. But they soon had to do more than look, since Brenda flailed about so wildly. They had to move to each side of her and hold her steady. Luckily, her legs didn't move about much due to the way they supported much of her weight as she knelt on the bed, but her arms flailed about wildly. The other two stunning MILFs had to dodge or duck more than once to avoid being hit.

Brenda was having big multiple orgasms that lasted well over a minute each. And all through them, her ass clenched over and over around Alan's buried erection with spasmodic unpredictability. It was all he could do not to climax, thanks to the extreme pressure and pleasure. And just when he thought it was over and he could relax his PC muscle, a new orgasm would hit her and she would clench up on him all over again. It was as if she were trying to crush his dick to a pulp.

Furthermore, Susan had told her that she couldn't look at her ring until Alan's dick was fully impaled in her. Now that he was, she was able to occasionally look at the ring on her finger. But each time she did so, the sight of it would set her off again. Then, once she started to calm down a bit, she'd take another look at the ring and the process would repeat. It was close to five minutes by the time her orgasm-quake settled down to just the occasional random, small after-quake.

Susan looked over Brenda to Suzanne, now that they no longer had flailing arms to contend with. "Geez! Suzanne have you ever seen or felt anything like that?"

"Are you kidding me? I wanna be Brenda! Seriously. That was like a month's worth of orgasms for most women, condensed into a mere five minutes. I've heard of long multiple orgasms, but Brenda, you're ridiculous!"

Brenda was slumped over and limp just as if she was dead. Her lower half remained in more or less the same position as before, with Alan's boner still fully impaled in her and her knees and head on the bed.

Susan ran her hand through Brenda's short hair and asked her, "You okay?"


Suzanne chuckled. "Well, at least we know she's alive. Let's lift her back up; that position doesn't look too comfy."

Susan patted Brenda's back and said to her, "You just lost your anal virginity! To your master!"

"UH!" Brenda felt a shiver of excitement running down her spine upon hearing that, but she was still too winded and wiped out to say anything more.

Susan knew the "too fucked to talk" feeling very well, and caressed Brenda's back lovingly, letting her recover.

Suzanne turned to Alan. "How 'bout you, Sweetie? How are you holding up? I can't believe you haven't cum yet."

He looked down at his erect cock, or at least where he should have seen it had it not been buried deep inside Brenda's ass. As he stared at his tuft of pubic hair, he said, "Yeah, well, I seem to have reached some kind of point where my dick thinks being stimulated by a hand or mouth is normal. Seriously! I can cum or not if I feel like it. It takes something extra to get me to cum against my will. And even then, I can do the PC muscle thing."

Suzanne said, "That figures. I'm not too surprised, given how many hours a day you're in the middle of some sexy situation."

Susan was much more excited. "Son! Do you realize what this means? It's my dream to keep your cock hard and thick and tingling with pleasure all day long! It's getting closer to reality every day! Soon, you'll have my pussy, ass, tits, AND mouth sticky with your sweet sperm, all day long!" She inhaled deeply, hoping to smell his cum. "And not just me! ALL of your sex slaves!"

He chuckled. "Yeah, right. I wish." He added sarcastically, "At least you don't have unrealistic expectations of me or anything."

He wasn't sure she understood that was sarcasm.

Susan said, "But even with your skill, you have to admit it's pretty amazing you lasted through all of THAT. That was another total destruction fuck, and it's still not over! I'll bet Brenda's ass was clenching and clutching your cock like nobody's business!"

"That's true," he conceded. "But I think fucking Heather's strong-as-steel butt has allowed me to build up some resistance to that very kind of thing."

While Alan and Susan were talking, Suzanne kicked back into her responsible mode. She lifted Brenda's upper torso, since no one else was doing so.

Brenda had recovered enough by this time to plant her hands on the mattress in front of herself, taking most of her weight from Suzanne's hands. But just before Suzanne was going to pull away, Brenda noticed the ring on her finger and pulled that hand up to her face to finally give it a long and close look. "Ooooh!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. Knowing this would take a while, she knelt in such a way so Brenda was able to rest on her legs on one side while still holding herself up with her hand on the other side.

Before, the ring activity had been over Brenda's ass, and Brenda couldn't see it. But now the ring activity was right in front of Brenda's face, and Alan couldn't see, since he didn't want to pull out of her asshole after all the hard work it had taken getting in there.

However, Susan moved around to Brenda's front side to get a good look, and Suzanne could already see everything from where she was kneeling.

Susan wasn't shy. She held Brenda's hand and brought it to where both she and Brenda could ooh and aah with their eyes just inches from the ring.

Suzanne rolled her eyes again, as the oohing and aahing went on for a minute or more. She wasn't excited about the ring like they were, mostly because she was jealous. True, Sweetie said there will be other gifts before the day is over, but if I don't get a ring too, I'm going to be seriously bummed, if not downright pissed! If he puts a ring on my wedding ring finger, it'll almost be like we're married! Unlike Susan, sometimes she felt insecure about just how much Alan loved her (or at least that he loved her for herself and not just for her body).

As Susan kept staring at the ring, she asked Brenda with awe, "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?"

"No! Never! I'm so lucky! Master, you're too good to me!"

Alan couldn't see, but he heard sobbing sounds. Oh, fuck me! Brenda's starting to cry tears of joy. I just know Susan's going to get caught up in that, and soon we'll have a full-on weepy scene. Well, I know one way to stop that from happening!

He pulled his hips back until his thick boner was nearly totally vacated from Brenda's asshole. Then he slowly but steadily pushed forward until he was completely buried in her again.

Brenda's eyes went wide and she uttered a wordless "OH!" Instantly, the ring on her finger was all but forgotten, at least for the moment. Instead, she focused intently on the pleasurable sensations pouring outwards from the ring of her asshole sliding up and down his dick.

Seeing what was happening, Suzanne slipped her legs out from under Brenda, forcing Brenda to support her upper body with both hands.

Brenda squealed with glee as Alan slowly thrust all the way in and out again. "Look! He's fucking me! He's fucking my ASS!"


Suzanne stood up, walked to the other side of Brenda where Susan was, and held out a hand to pull Susan up.

Susan took the hand, but didn't get up just yet. "What? Do we have to go somewhere?"

"Yes. This should be a private thing just between the two of them."

"Oh, poo! You're no fun." But she let herself get pulled up. "Why can't we stay? We can augment their pleasure with all kinds of licks and kisses and squeezes and whatnot."

"Yes, but next time. This time should be a special memory just between them."

Susan sighed, but she let Suzanne lead her a couple of steps towards the door.

Alan turned his head to look back at his mothers, who were still practically right next to him. "Thanks, Moms. Wow, that's weird, saying 'Moms' instead of just 'Mom.' But thanks for all your help, with everything!"

Susan replied with a smile. "Sure thing. Maybe you'll be so thankful, you might even give us a ring just like that one of these days."

From the way Susan said that, Suzanne realized that her fellow mother wanted a ring like Brenda's just as badly as she did. That made her feel much better, because she didn't like the powerfully jealous feelings she was experiencing at the moment.

Alan had paused in his thrusting so he could talk while staying twisted around. But Brenda was eager. She didn't have control over her ass muscles like she did over her pussy muscles, so all she was able to do was repeatedly clench and unclench her ass cheeks, hoping that would inspire him to do less talking and more thrusting.

But Alan didn't want to leave his mothers worried about their gifts. Still looking back at them, he said, "Don't worry, I know both of you are going to be VERY happy with the gifts I have in store for you." He winked. He had a plan, and he was feeling increasingly confident about it.

Both Susan and Suzanne instantly felt better. Somehow, they both relaxed their posture while also standing up more proudly than before.

Suzanne said in an extra husky voice, "Sweetie, remember that we'll be right down the hall, waiting in your bedroom. Call us if you need anything, anything at all."

Knowing that Alan was still looking their way, Susan and Suzanne sashayed out of the room hand in hand. They even managed to sync up so they matched each other step for step as they swayed their asses provocatively. When they reached the door, they paused, twisted back towards him, and blew him a kiss.

Then Suzanne sexily reached back and gave Susan's ass a loving squeeze.


It was so cute and yet also sexy that he nearly blew his nut deep in Brenda's ass. His two mothers were like identical twins who could communicate to each other telepathically. He waved back as they left the room and closed the door behind them.

He looked back down at Brenda and ran his hand over her lower back and her ass. Damn! Best. Day. Ever! Of course, I say that pretty much every day, but I think today's going to be THE day! 'Cos it's already this awesome, and it's only halfway over. I KNOW my plan for tonight is gonna be mind-blowing, that's for sure. They want rings? They're gonna get rings, and more!

Brenda moaned impatiently.

So he resumed his slow thrusting. Mmmm! Feels so good! How can I even describe the pleasure? It's like eating all my favorite desserts in the exact same second, only better! Damn, this is a great ass! I can already tell she's seriously loving this! Fuck yeah! This is most definitely an ass that craves a LOT of fucking!

And Brenda's my SLAVE! My fuckin' Ass Slave, and Tit Slave, and Cunt Slave, and every other kind of slave! And not just some kind of role-play slave, either, but a REAL one! And just look at her fuckin' body!

He ran his hand over her lower ass again, even as his thrust bottomed out and he started a long pull back. Even if she had the personality of a cardboard box, she'd be worthy of the harem just for her face and body, and of course her gigantic tits. Luckily, she's nice and lovable too. And her ass! It's almost Amy- or Heather-esque, it's so fun to fuck. Brenda's going way up in my book. The perfect sex slave! YES!

Much to Brenda's joy, he started thrusting faster.

As soon as Susan and Suzanne were out in the hall with the door closed behind them, they stopped and looked at each other significantly.

Susan's eyes went wide. She whispered excitedly, "The ring! Did you see her ring?!"

Suzanne's eyes bugged out too. "I know! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Susan's face turned all dreamy. "Yeah! I want Tiger to simply snap his fingers and tell me he wants to wear MY slave ring! Then I'll have no choice but to spread my ass cheeks and fuck my enslaved ass onto his hard, thick, mommy-splitting cock right then and there! Yes! Tiger, your butt slut mommy loves to take you deep! Oh! Oooh, Suzanne, I can hardly wait for him to make me one of his Anal Slaves! Mmmm! Good god, that is SO HOT! Mmmm, mmmm, MMMM! That's even better than being told to 'assume the position!'"

Suzanne had to stifle a chagrined laugh, especially because it seemed as if Susan was about to climax on the spot. "No silly, that's all nice, but I meant the ring he slipped onto her finger, not the ring she slipped onto his cock."

"Oh." Susan frowned as her mood suddenly changed. "Yeah. I definitely want that kind of ring too! I'm thinking that if I don't get a ring just like that, slipped right onto my ring finger, I'm gonna just DIE!" She fingered her collar. "I mean, I love my collar, don't get me wrong-"

Suzanne also fingered her collar as she cut in, "Exactly! The collar's great, but without a ring... I don't know what I'll do. Scream! Cry! Maybe even have a full-on hissy fit!" She frowned, because she knew she meant it, and she hated not being in control of her emotions. She especially hated feeling as needy and submissive as Susan, but she just couldn't help herself this time.

Susan hugged her tightly, pressing her big rack into Suzanne's. "Don't worry. I'm sure Tiger's gonna get us something great. He's such a loving and thoughtful young man; he won't let us down. But the waiting. The waiting! Oooh, that's gonna be the killer."

Suzanne broke the hug and took Susan's hand. "I know. It's killing me already. Let's go to his room and try to pass the time so the gift giving will come that much faster. By the way, have you seen Kat lately?"

"No. Have you?"

"Hmmm. No. Oh well, I'm sure she's around here somewhere." They walked on down the hall. Susan pinched Suzanne's ass, and Suzanne squealed with delight and pinched back.


About ten minutes later, Suzanne was sweaty and tired from having some very passionate and physical sex with Susan. That had made her thirsty, plus she was bored waiting for Alan and Brenda to finish and call for them. Knowing Alan's stamina, she figured it would still be a good while before that happened. So she went down to the kitchen to get some water for herself and the others. Susan had a shelf on the refrigerator door full of water bottles, thoughtfully reserved for rehydrating during long and exhausting sex sessions.

When she made it to the kitchen, she was surprised to see a fully-dressed Xania sitting at the counter. Xania was sitting right next to the fruit bowl, eating a sliced-up orange.

Suzanne was still naked as the day she was born, but she could have cared less about that. She quipped as she sauntered into the room, "Ah, I see you're cutting out the middleman and going straight to the source."

Xania stood up, and looked up in surprise. "Huh?"


Suzanne explained, "Sweetie eats so many oranges and drinks so much orange juice that I fully expect his cum to come out orange colored one of these days. I gotta say I'm surprised you're still here though."

"I hope you don't mind," Xania said. "I'm showered and ready to go, but I'm recharging with a snack before I hit the road."

Suzanne magnanimously spread her arms. "My house is your house. Or, I should say, Susan's house is your house. I keep forgetting I don't live here." Her face broke into a big smile as she added, "That'll be a happy day, when we do all live under one roof."

She was in front of the refrigerator by now. She opened it up, pulled out several bottles of water, and put them on the counter. "Don't mind me, by the way. I'm just grabbing something to help us recharge."

There was a long pause while Suzanne was gathering up her water bottles to head back upstairs.

Then Xania sat down, and said quietly, "Actually... could you sit down for a minute?"

Suzanne heard something in Xania's tone which gave her pause. "Sure." She put the bottles down and sat down on the counter stool next to Xania. "Something on your mind?"

"You could say that again!" Xania said, her eyes briefly bugging out with a surge of worry. "It's starting to dawn on me that I've just made an agreement that could totally affect the future course of my life, and I've given about as much thought to it as if I'd been asked if I want to go see a movie tonight. Suzanne, what have I done?!"

Suzanne replied very calmly, "You've made a very wise decision. Mind if I speak frankly?"

Xania held her head in her hands, her elbows propped up on the counter. "Of course. You're my oldest friend. And I like to think our friendship is entering a new golden age after too many 'wilderness years' with little to no contact."

Suzanne reached out and held Xania's hand on the counter. "I think that too, and it makes me very glad. But let me be blunt: your life in L.A. is a dead end. Full stop. I'm sure you already know that deep down, but you need to face it. Being an actress was never your passion, but it paid well and got you invited to all the best parties. You've been a party girl since before I met you, which by now is a damn long time. Now that party life is petering out as you near the big four-oh. Worse, I get the feeling you're even less inspired about being a dental hygienist."

Xania joked sarcastically, "Actually, that's been my dream since I was three."

Suzanne just smiled wanly. "So I think it's time you make a major change in your life. Take a giant step into a new world. This could be the perfect opportunity for you at just the right time. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't hesitate."

Xania said, "You're right. It IS a great opportunity, and the future of my acting career looks bleaker than William Shatner's musical career." She smiled weakly. "But there's just one problem: I'm NOT submissive! Not at all! I'm simply not cut out for life in a harem. You know me - I'm a fucking MANEATER! Hell, one guy just isn't enough for me! And that's why I'm keen on talking to you right now. I really want to ask you how you do it, because I know you're not the submissive type either, not in the least. And yet you call Alan 'Master' and seem to really mean it."

"I do really mean it, as a matter of fact," Suzanne replied in a level tone.

"Why?! How?! Explain!" Xania asked imploringly.

"Well, first off, love does a lot of things to you that you'd never expect. I've loved Sweetie since forever, so when I feel in lust with him too, well..." She smiled blissfully. "That alone makes all kinds of things that were previously unthinkable rather... let's just say extremely pleasurable and precious."

Xania nodded, dubiously. "Okay..."

"Xania, this is kind of a harsh question, but have you ever really, truly been in love?"


Xania took a long time to answer that. "Hmmm... There were quite a few times I THOUGHT I was in love, but in retrospect it was just a flash in the pan thing for people I barely knew. It's easy to idolize strangers, but then once you get to know them, you usually find out they're total pricks!" She frowned through gritted teeth. She added sadly, "I'm... not... really good at the whole love thing."

Suzanne could see that was a sore spot, so she changed the subject. "And you're right, it's true that I'm mostly sexually dominant. Or at least I was. But I suspect all of us have a little bit of both sexual dominance and submissiveness in us. Sweetie's kind of taken what little submissiveness I had and nurtured that with an endless series of 'OH MY FUCKING GOD!' incredible sexual experiences, and now it's to the point that I'm just as keen to be submissive in bed with him as I usually am to be dominant. Heck, YOU were the one who helped me realize that, with your whole trusting in letting go thing you and Susan did on me a couple weeks ago the morning after the Poke-Her Party."

Xania smiled as she fondly recalled that. "Sorry."

"Sorry? Don't be! Have you ever been nude and on all fours, crawling to Sweetie's cock and BEGGING him for the chance to suck him off?"

Xania snorted derisively. "Obviously not."

Suzanne just smiled knowingly. "Then you haven't truly lived! And that's not just hyperbole. I get shivers down my spine, even now, just thinking about it. That was one of the first times in my life I totally let myself go. I stopped worrying about my hang-ups of what was 'cool' or 'dignified' and just totally lived in the moment as a completely sexual being!"

Xania shrugged. "Yeah, well, anyone can see you're totally in love with him, so things like that have a different meaning to you. But I'm not fully in love with him the way you are, and I may never be, since I don't have the long history with him that his other lovers do. To be honest, I'm not tempted so much by him as all the rest of you, especially you and Susan. I wish you and I could be best friends again. I just adore this loving community you have. I like to see Alan as just one more member of the group."

Suzanne took Xania's hand. "I wish we could be best friends again too. We can't change the past. Mistakes were made. But we can move on and share the future."

Xania smiled lovingly at Suzanne. She continued, "Agreed. And living in the moment sounds great, but I don't like this harem lifestyle!"

Suzanne started to say, "But you just said-"

"I know. The problem is, I think of you all as a group of close friends having sex with each other. But it's not that; it's a harem. It's Alan's harem. Even to be a 'harem associate,' I'm going to have to hold my nose about certain things. I love spending time with all of you down here, you have so much sexy fun that it's like it was impossible for me to say no to getting more involved. But the imbalance and hypocrisy of the whole 'master' and 'sex slave' situation grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. I can't see myself ever changing my mind on that either. I still don't get how you're okay with all this. Please explain!"

Suzanne pondered that. "To be truthful, I never imagined it would end up like this. When things started, I envisioned I would become the de facto leader of this bunch." (She was careful and vague with her words, since she didn't want to mention her role in prompting the six-times-a-day treatment in case someone happened to be listening.) "Sweetie and I never had a power struggle, which in and of itself is quite astounding to me. I can be quite bossy sometimes, and most guys resent that and fight back."

She was lost in contemplation for a moment as she muttered, mostly to herself, "Maybe that was one thing that turned Eric away from me." Then she snapped back to the conversation. "But somehow I just fell into this role I'm in now. Sweetie's in charge, and I'm, well, I'm basically one of his sex slaves. And I'm fine with that."

"You have to admit that's pretty weird," Xania said.

"It's VERY weird," Suzanne agreed. "But it's what works." She smirked as she looked down at her nude body. "If you have one dominant alpha male and six women, most of them quite submissive, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion how things are going to end up. Normally, I'm as much for equality between the sexes as anybody, but in this situation, having the one and only penis that everyone else is after is the automatic checkmate."

Xania frowned. That was the very kind of thing that rankled her.

Suzanne continued, "I'm very happy at how it all worked out. I doubt our little collective would be able to function smoothly any other way. Yes, Alan is the master, and my master, but we all have our special roles. I'm the de facto practical and organizational leader, Susan is basically the mother to us all, Brenda loves being the slave to the slaves, and so on. A few roles are still evolving, like Angel's and Glory's, but I'm sure they'll end up with clearly defined, unique positions that they find very satisfying. For instance, I may not be THE top dog, but I'm effectively the leader in most things, and that makes me happy. I've still got plenty of power and pull in this relationship, so my pride isn't smarting there."

"How can you say that?! You just said that you're a sex slave! A fucking SEX SLAVE to a teenage BOY! You're like the last person on Earth I'd ever had imagined would freely agree to being that. You could be a mayor or even a governor if you wanted to!"

Suzanne sighed with frustration over Xania's lack of understanding. "It's about what makes us happy. If I had to paint myself in yellow and purple stripes to feel as good as I always feel lately, I'd do that. As it so happens, I can still call Sweetie 'Master' and feel perfectly dignified and proud of myself."

"I don't understand that," Xania admitted.

Suzanne defiantly crossed her arms under her hefty rack. "No, you don't. You're a smart cookie, but there are other things you don't get yet. For instance, I don't think you really know Alan yet, and so you don't fully understand him. There's a lot more to him than meets the eye. He's not some eighteen-year-old kid just sitting back and constantly getting his cock sucked and fucked all the time like a selfish bastard."

Suzanne considered her words, grinned, and joked, "Well, he IS that, but that's not ALL he is."

Xania chuckled knowingly.

Suzanne went on, "He has this... knack... for knowing what to do and what to say. For instance, like I said, he and I NEVER really had a power struggle, which in and of itself it really remarkable, and I think that says a lot about what kind of person he is. And even though we're calling him 'Master,' he actually lets me lead most of the time. As an example, I'm usually the one getting up and giving a speech to the group, or giving specific orders when we need to get things done. He knows I'm good at that, and that doing that makes me happy. He doesn't try to control us - well, not counting in bed and in ways we all enjoy - and he doesn't feel threatened letting us take the lead."

Suzanne uncrossed her arms as she relaxed. "And yet he somehow manages to assert his authority so he can give us the space to do what we do best. Frankly, I'm stunned to think that he's as young as he is. I mean, who could imagine a harem working in Orange County, of all places?! And yet he's the glue that makes it all stick together."

Xania said, "You're right, I probably do underestimate him. I agree that he's a pretty great kid, but he's still just a kid! Sure, he's quite lovable, and smart, and has great sex skills, but so do lots of other kids his age. Ultimately, he's no more worthy of having his own harem than some random teenager working behind the counter at the local 7-Eleven or Walgreens."

Suzanne replied, "I agree, if you consider that no mere mortal 'deserves' a harem, particularly one of our caliber. But so fucking what? Call it luck or a twist of fate or whatever, but we've found a lifestyle all of us love and fully enjoy. Not just him, but ALL of us! Why stress over how 'deserving' he is, or how we came to be here, as long as we're here and we're all deliriously happy being in this together?"

Xania responded, "Okay, I'll admit I do love having sex with him; you know that. But to submit myself totally to him is another thing entirely. For instance, that time he tied me up, took me to bed, and fucked the shit out of me - that pissed me off so much!" Seeing Suzanne's dubious look, she hastily clarified, "I mean the being tied up part, not the rest! ... The fucking part was pretty great, as usual."

Suzanne just smirked knowingly, and even Xania had to grin.

But then Xania sighed with frustration, trying to figure out how to express her reservations. "Look, I mean, if he were Hercules or Alexander the Great or some kind of physically perfect, genius superman like that, I'd have no problem bowing and scraping before him. But he's far from that. He's still in high school, for crying out loud!" She clutched the air in front of them to express her exasperation.

She added, "I've had a kind of passive, amused attitude about this whole harem thing because I figured I was basically just passing through, and you guys are all so happy with it. I don't doubt that it works for each of you in some weird kind of way. But it's hard for me to still be that tolerant if I get more involved. I can guarantee you right now I will NEVER call him MY master and mean it. Take that to the bank!"

Suzanne thought, Back in September, I would have said the same thing. I think I was so keen on reprogramming Susan that I ended up at least partly reprogramming myself in the process. But it's better this way in any case. I know Sweetie is ultimately 'still just a kid,' but he's MY kid, the man that I love! Besides, his harem just wouldn't work without him at the helm, so a little hype about him only helps make things run smoother. I'll just have to work on reprogramming Xania too. True, she'll be a much harder nut to crack than Susan, since she has such an innate understanding of the psychology, not to mention a wealth of sexual and life experience. But as long as Sweetie keeps regularly fucking her, I'm fairly confident she'll eventually be fully tamed. And this time, Susan and all the others can help me remold Xania's views. Working together, we'll be devastatingly effective.


I can't wait to hear Xania call Sweetie "Master!" No, better: hear her say that while crawling naked on all fours, begging to suck his cock. That'll be one sweet, sweet day! ... Oooh, all kinds of scheming urges are kicking in, just so I can see that happen, hee-hee!

But Suzanne definitely didn't want Xania to know those thoughts, so she politely replied, "I understand your frustrations. But one of the special things about Sweetie is how his seemingly limitless capacity to love many women gives us all a sense of belonging. I'll bet that even if it turns out the whole submissive thing isn't for you, you'll find a role within this harem that you'll be very happy and content with. Give it six months. If it works out, great. We'll see where to go from there when the time comes. If it doesn't work out, you'll still have had the best six months of sex in your life. I'll guarantee that. It's win-win for you."

Xania considered that. "True. That's probably why I was so quick to agree. I'm not too worried; I just needed someone to reassure me."

Suzanne grinned. "Glad I could be of service." She hesitated to say more, but then finally spit it out. "Um, but, uh... Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course!"

Suzanne got unusually shy. "Um, you wouldn't know anything about Sweetie buying some... rings lately, would you? Like, maybe... a handful of them?"

"No. Why?"

"Oh, nothing! Nothing!" Suzanne looked abashed, and very nearly blushed, which Xania found quite cute.

"There must be SOME reason for you to ask that question," Xania said.

"No, no reason at all." Suzanne was a pretty good liar and managed to maintain eye contact.

But that didn't fool Xania. She was very curious, but decided not to press the issue. Instead, she pointed out, "Well, if it helps, last time I was here I suggested that he put more thought into giving you all gifts. So maybe he took that advice and ran with it."

Suzanne nodded. She felt relieved to hear that, but she also wanted to get away before Xania could ask more questions as a follow-up to the ring query. So Suzanne said, "I wish I could stay and talk longer, but I was only supposed to be gone a minute or two. I don't want to miss out if something exciting happens and my presence is needed."

Xania grinned too. "Then why are you still standing here? Go!"

Suzanne moved forward to give her a hug.

But Xania said, "No hugs. Not when you're naked! It'll start with a hug and a kiss, and the next thing you know, we'll be writhing around on the floor, grinding our pussies together."

Suzanne grinned lasciviously. "You make it sound as if that were a bad thing!" She leered playfully at her former roommate, then turned and gathered up her water bottles. "But you have a good point. Keep in mind that we're gonna be doing that to each other a lot from now on." She used her long tongue to lick her lips ostentatiously.

Xania playfully did the same with her even longer tongue. But then she pointed towards the stairs. "Go! Before I rape you, or you rape me, or, even more likely, we rape each other at the same time!"

Suzanne chuckled, but then rushed to the stairs. She really did want to get back so she wouldn't miss out on anything.

Once Xania was alone, she thought, Suzanne's probably right. This is a 'win-win' for me. So why do I feel such unease? Is it just my usual phobia about making emotional commitments? Probably. But regardless of that, if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that I will NEVER call Alan "Master." I'm just not wired that way. But maybe some kind of special spot can be found here for me even if I don't swallow all the "sex slave" hype. Time will tell.

Unexpectedly, a wave of despair washed over her. I'm so lonely! I almost wish I could swallow the "Master" Kool-Aid just to be fully one of the gang. Ignorance is bliss. And Suzanne certainly is right that my life in L.A. is a dead end. What do I have keeping me there except for inertia and a bunch of shallow, fair-weather friends? Yeah, there's all the sex a body could want there, but it's empty and meaningless, like so much else in my life.

She sighed. Then, once she'd cleaned up after herself in the kitchen, she walked to the front door and quietly let herself out.

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