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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 140
Simply Irresistible
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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Alan fucking Brenda in the ass while she's on all fours with her pussy leaking profusely

Alan was fucking Brenda's ass hard and fast. He'd already been fucking her at a good pace for over ten minutes and was getting tired, but still he kept on drilling her back door. Susan and Suzanne had gone to his room so he and Brenda could have some semblance of privacy in Susan's bedroom.


She kept yelling "please," and for the life of him, he couldn't understand what the "please" was for anymore. But he did know that what he was doing to her was working, and doing so in spades. She was on all fours in the middle of Susan's bed, and he was kneeling behind Brenda with his hands on her lusciously protuberant ass cheeks. Their bodies swayed back and forth in a synchronized rhythm, like a big two-person crosscut saw cutting across a log between them.

Brenda had cum over and over and over already, yet she was alert enough to keep insistently pushing her ass back at him after each of his thrusts.


Alan laughed inwardly as she had yet another obvious climax. She was ejaculating pussy juice again, drenching his balls with even more wetness. She'd started cumming immediately after he'd thrust deep in her ass, as he'd commanded, and she'd continued to climax every few minutes. But as her arousal reached an even higher fever pitch, she'd started cumming even more often. Now she was cumming so much that, for all practical purposes, she was having one long, continuous orgasm. She showed no signs of wanting to slack off for a rest break either. It was as though she either didn't want to, or simply couldn't, stop.

He was envious. He still hadn't climaxed once, and he knew that it would be all over when he did.

He looked down at his crotch, fascinated by the way her ass was repeatedly pushing back to take him as deeply as possible. However, her butt cheeks were so plump and full that he wasn't quite able to achieve total penetration, because the outward protuberance of her seat cushioned her thrusts against him, denying her the last fraction of an inch at the root of his cock. As he watched her push back yet again, it slowly dawned on him that she was instinctively trying to find the right angle to force ALL of his boner into her ass, but without success.

As he watched her ass cheeks sliding back and forth along his long shaft, he started noticing differences between Brenda and the other women who felt very strongly about taking him up the ass. For instance, she didn't have Amy's legendary tightness, nor Heather's singularly amazing internal strength, and he was very glad she didn't.

Instead, he felt a great hunger from her, as if her ass were somehow starved for cock. At the same time, he also felt within himself a contentment with the thought that, by feeding that need, he could satisfy her and bring her the happiness she'd been denied in so much of her life. At the same time, he could also feel how much it meant to her to yield herself like this, fully and completely, and be accepted for who and what she was. She was continually moaning with lust and gasping for air, but he could also detect repeated sighs of profound contentment.

Plus, there was the way she was almost literally hosing him down with her squirting pussy juices every time she climaxed, which was happening more and more frequently as he kept fucking her.

The thing that surprised him the most was just how hot the inside of her ass felt. If he hadn't known better, he would have thought she was fevered, or that she didn't have enough lube and the friction of his cock pounding her up the ass was raising her internal temperature, or something. But no, she was well lubed and still quite slippery. It was disconcerting at first, but once he gave up worrying about exactly why her ass warmed his stiffness as if it were a heating pad wrapped around him, he found the sensation extremely pleasant, not to mention unexpectedly enticing.

Outwardly, though, she looked like a rag doll. Her short curly hair was bouncing and her head nodded up and down so much that it seemed as if her neck was liable to break. Sweat flew off her chin and the tip of her nose, and her mouth seemed permanently wide open as she screamed and screamed and screamed. All the while, she rammed her ass back to take him as deep as she could on every thrust.


This wasn't the first time that he had fucked her until she looked like a rag doll. But she was so excited over being given her new ring (and being able to give him her own "ring" in return) and her status as his official anal slave that her energy seemed boundless, no matter how hard or often she came. True, her head flopped around like a bobblehead doll's, but her hips relentlessly pushed back against his erection. At times, he wasn't sure who was fucking whom.

As a result, he didn't really have the option to stop. He'd tried a brief strategic break once, but that caused her to gyrate and churn her hips in such unexpected, arousing, and insistently demanding ways that straightforward thrusting into her needy ass was almost LESS climax-inducing.

The only "relief" he got was that he'd fucked her for so long that her ass had loosened up, so she wasn't quite as tight and didn't crush his boner with quite as much force as usual. He wondered how his bone was able to slide in and out so ably and quickly when she had such a hot and tight hole to plow.

Yet, despite the insanely great non-stop stimulation, he managed to stay right on the edge of a climax without actually tipping over. He felt like he was flying, and it seemed like he could go on forever. But he knew he'd have to stop very soon, not because his cock couldn't take it, but because the rest of his body was just running out of energy. He was burning up calories as if he were running at full speed, which in a sense he was, and he couldn't maintain that pace for too much longer. But Brenda was worth it. He pushed himself to his physical limit, for her.


He was about to try the strategic break idea again when he heard a loud gasp behind him. He felt as if he were on a runaway train, but he somehow managed to twist his head to look at the doorway as the fast fucking went on and on.

Susan and Suzanne, both on their knees in a submissive posture, masturbating

Susan and Suzanne were there, nude and frantically masturbating themselves on their knees as they raptly watched the powerful anal fucking.

They suddenly both realized that he'd discovered them, causing them to look guilty. Both of them blushed, since they'd said they were going to leave Alan and Brenda alone, and yet they obviously couldn't resist peeking in. But neither of them moved to get up and leave. They were just too horny to stop what they were doing.

He thought their facial expressions were both adorable and hilarious, not to mention arousing. He started laughing heartily, and somehow that interrupted his rhythm and groove in such a way that his control slipped, causing him to cum without restraint.

His mood changed in an instant. Since he was about to cum, he wanted to make the best of it. He roared like an angry, wounded bear. As his cum started to fire deep into the heated depths of Brenda's needy ass, he gathered his last reserves of energy and somehow increased the pace and power of his thrusts another notch.

Brenda could feel that he was cumming. Even though she'd been cumming all along, that triggered some sort of super orgasm in her that was an order of magnitude greater than all her previous ones. No longer even capable of pronouncing a short word like "yes," she screamed incoherently and so loudly that he felt as if he had his head next to a stack of speakers at a heavy metal concert. She was LOUD!

In fact, she came so hard that she even squirted some milk from her nipples. She only did that when she was completely overtaken by her lust during orgasm.

Alan assfucking Brenda, holding her by her arms as milk squirts from her overstimulated breasts

After his climax peaked, he felt like he was spinning and falling. He struggled mightily to stay conscious, and seemingly to even stay sane.

He was only partially successful. His body abruptly dropped onto hers like a sack of potatoes and for a few minutes he drifted insensibly in and out of consciousness. He didn't know where he was, who he was, or what had happened, but he had a lingering sense of satiation and total satisfaction.

Eventually he came around, but he played possum and pretended to still be out of it so he could recover completely. Even though he'd been on top of Brenda during the fuck, somehow her body had wound up partially draped over his while he was resting. He could feel her upper body rising and falling in time to her still heavy breathing, just as his was doing, even though it was now many minutes after their mutual collapse.

As he rested with his eyes closed, he thought, Fuckedy-fuck-fuck-fuck! I think you could kill me with a feather now. That was TOO intense! I pride myself on being able to fuck a woman into unconsciousness, but she pretty much did that to ME! SHE was the unstoppable human fucking machine this time! Hell, if I hadn't even moved at all, that would still have been a great fuck just from all the motion and energy that she put into it.

And that was just the first time doing that, her very first anal sex. Dang! What's she gonna be like once she gets really good and skilled at it? She could kill me with too much pleasure!

Fuuuuuck. "Could?" I'm DEAD already!

Phew! Man! And I can already tell that she's REALLY into it, like Mom is. Hell, maybe even more than Mom, which is a pretty scary thought. And given how submissive she's become, that probably means she's going to be BEGGING me to fuck her up the ass, like, daily! And as hot as that sounds in theory, damn me if I actually love the idea of Brenda, on her knees, submissively begging me to cram my hard cock deep into her hot and needy slave ass in front of my whole harem! And then, she could end up actually DOING it, while they watch and tell her what a good slave she is... FUCK! I can actually imagine that happening, for real! How am I ever going to be able to say "no" to THAT?!

Oh man. It's great, and she's great, but at the same time, anal sex is hard! It's not like a blowjob, where I can just kick back and relax. It takes a lot of physical and mental energy.

He was somewhat afraid to open his eyes, because he worried that she would still be improbably energetic and expect more from him.

As a result, he continued to pretend to sleep. Besides, his body needed to rest and recuperate.


Finally, after about ten minutes of near sleep and deep relaxation, Alan opened his eyes.

He was startled to see Brenda propped up on an elbow next to him, staring right at his face. The love and adoration in her gaze was impossible to miss, not to mention her glow of contentment.

"Howdy, Master!" she said brightly. "Welcome back to the world of the living." She chuckled at that, proud of the fact that she'd fucked him into a state of exhaustion.

He looked at her and almost couldn't believe her continued lusty enthusiasm. But the intense fucking had obviously affected her too, because she looked extremely satisfied and well fucked.

Whoa! That's new... he thought, looking at her. I've seen her look satiated before, after sex, but never this air of deep contentment to go along with her "I've been SO FUCKED!" look. Dang! If I could somehow manage to do it, I'd love to see her wear that well fucked look every single day of her life! She deserves it, and all the love and happiness that comes with it.

He let out a frustrated sigh as he contemplated the difficulty of keeping all of his women happy and sexually satisfied.

Her hair was sticking up in every direction like she'd just stepped out of a wind tunnel, except for the hair over her forehead, which was matted down by sweat. He found the fact that she looked like that because of him thrilling. He also loved seeing his black collar around her neck. But he tried not to visibly react too much, lest it spoil his image with her as the all-powerful "master" she fancied him to be.

He grunted in acknowledgement. He glanced quickly to the door and saw that it was closed and Susan and Suzanne were long gone. Then he looked back to Brenda and saw her gazing adoringly at her new ring on her finger.

Brenda had an arm across his chest already, but now she lifted herself up and pretty much climbed right on top of him. Her huge tits flattened against his chest (or at least tried to - there was just too much tit-flesh there), and she rested her head on his chest as well.

To discourage her from getting too amorous too soon, he closed his eyes again. He was happy to lie there and enjoy the warmth of her body.

Luckily, she seemed content just to cuddle. But she did coo into his ear, "Master, you've made me so very, very happy! That was SUCH a great fuck! Another one of your total destruction fucks, for sure. I think I truly lost my mind for a while there. After that, I'd be ready to pledge myself to be your eternal sex slave. But the only problem with that is... I already am!"

She squealed with glee. "And the collar, and the ring, and the anal domination, and... EVERYTHING! Oh GOD! I'm just too excited to lie still!"

Brenda lying with her head on Alan's chest and her big boobs on his abs just above his flacid penis

Nonetheless, she did keep relatively still, although she molded her body into his even more than before.

She was too wired to keep quiet, though. "Mistress Susan was SOOOO right! The anal surrender of a truly submissive slave to her master is so complete and... POWERFUL! And liberating! And Mistress Amy... she KNEW how much I needed this and supported me all the way. What a great Anal Pal she is. Gosh, I just love ALL my superiors!"

Alan wanted to lift a hand to stroke Brenda's hair, to comfort her, but it was like his arm was made out of lead. He thought, Oh man! That took so much out of me. I am seriously fucking dead. I need a big fat nap. But I have to admit I'm kind of excited too, even now. I mean... Brenda. She's just so... Brenda! He chuckled inwardly.

You know, I'm a selfish bastard. I really am. I really should have stuck with only five women in my harem. If I had to reduce my six collared women to five, Brenda would be the one to go, no question. I don't have much of a past with her, and my feelings for her are based much more on lust and domination than love. At least so far. But I have six and it's too late to turn back, especially now that we've formalized things with these gifts and ceremonies.

Besides, why the hell not keep her? I've spent my life doing the responsible, morally correct thing. Why can't I have this one guilty pleasure? I may not love her quite like I do the others, but I believe I will, in time. We just haven't spent enough time together yet. Plus, she looks like Brenda! Sweet! She's such a soft and squeezable bundle of fuck. Not to mention a bundle of joy. She gets my motor running in a big way AND I honestly just like being with her.

Plus, there's her submissive attitude. Maybe I'm not such a good guy after all, because deep down I kinda love all this "master" and sex slave stuff. I can let out some pretty wild urges with her, like this anal fuck. I know Mom is pretty submissive too, but I can't go totally wild on her 'cos, well, she's Mom.

Somehow, Brenda completes the picture. I can't explain how, but she just does. I can feel she's gonna end up fully integrated in the harem before too long. Heck, she and Mom are already getting to be as close as Mom and Mother are, and that's really close.

Maybe by having her with us, I can let most of my domination ya-ya's out on her. Then I can dial back a bit on that with the others, including Mom. That's probably a healthy thing for everyone involved. Brenda has a deep need to be dominated, but the others, not so much. For instance, Sis loves to go on about how much she loves to be dominated, but for her it's mostly just a game. But to Brenda, it's really real, and it's something she truly needs.

Heck, maybe if I let out all my "Bad Alan" urges with her, I won't have such a weird need to keep fucking Heather.

I don't know what it is... I know it's kind of crazy trying to have such a big harem, but I just feel that my ultra-busty slave has gotta be a part of the final picture.

He opened his eyes again.

Brenda immediately lifted herself up so she could look down at him. Her massive boobs hung down and still rested against much of his chest. She said, "I was just thinking how right you are for me, Master. I mean... God! After the way you fucked me like that, all I want to do is serve you forever and ever. Being owned and controlled by you, there's just nothing to compare!"

Without thinking, he asked, "What about Adrian?" But then he realized that was a rude thing to ask. He didn't want her to compare her son with him; he figured she had enough difficulties with that unusual sharing arrangement already. So he quickly edited his question. "I mean, is he into anal sex too?"

Brenda quickly shook her head. "Oh no, Master, not in the slightest. At first, I was disappointed about that, but now it actually makes me glad. It's only right for a son to fuck his mommy, especially when he's got a busty and beautiful mommy like me. But my ass belongs to you, and you alone, Master, and that's as it should be too."

She stroked her fingers along the line of his jaw as he lay under her. She proudly declared, "I'm YOUR complete and utter anal slave! And I've got a Slave Ring to prove it!" She stared lovingly at the golden ring on her ring finger. It had a purple amethyst stone. She'd been given much bigger and more expensive jewelry, by far, but there was none that she loved more than this.

Suddenly inspired, she managed to quickly flip her position around so her ass was nearly in his face and her mouth was just above his crotch. Not surprisingly, this focused her attention on his penis, even though it was flaccid. She started stroking it and gently blowing on it.

Alan was still so out of it though that it didn't even occur to him to remember where his erection had been not too long ago, let alone be concerned about it on her behalf. (As it was, she'd had an enema a short while before, plus she'd wiped his shaft clean with handi-wipes while he was sleeping.)

Referring to the totally lifeless status of his penis, he said, "You're not going to have any luck there, I'm afraid. You totally destroyed me."

Purring contentedly, but also with irrepressible glee in her voice, she replied, "No, Master, you destroyed ME! 'Total destruction fuck' is the perfect name for it. That was the greatest fuck ever!"

Taking her cue from Susan's post-orgasmic "cleaning" tradition, she started licking his penis and balls clean, even though she'd already cleaned it with the handi-wipe. This wasn't about actual cleaning; it was about the symbolism, showing her submission and gratitude.

She added as she licked, "We're just so anally compatible, don't you think, Master?" She paused to just lovingly kiss her way up and down his flaccid shaft and his balls for a while.

He grunted affirmatively.

Then she went on, "It's like Mistress Amy said: your cock BELONGS in my ass! But how did you know, and how did she know? You must have known already, when you made me your Anal Slave."

He shrugged.

Even though she was facing the other way, she could feel his gesture, and thus got his message.

He found it funny that if he said anything he'd basically be talking to her ass crack and swampy pussy. If he'd had even an ounce of energy left, he would have fingered her or licked her, but he was simply too tired to move.

He thought, The thing is, she's right. But I'm totally anally compatible with Amy too, and Heather, and Mom. Each in somewhat different but still really great ways. And fucking Mother's ass is a pretty cool change of pace. Then there's Xania's nice ass, with her unique talents...

Dammit, I'm just too overextended with that and everything else. But I can't let Brenda go. Heck, I can't let anyone go. It's not just the sex; I've gotten too emotionally attached. I may not really love Brenda, not yet anyway, but she's growing on me in a big way. I mean, I can't imagine her NOT being in my life at this point. In fact, I can already tell I'm going to have a hard time sharing her with Adrian, for as long as that has to last.

Besides, it's not all about what I want. She was unhappy before she found me, and now look at her! She's practically bubbling and glowing with pleasure, and it's all because of me and the harem! I think she'd be even more miserable to have me and then lose me again. Lose us, actually. That would be downright cruel to her. Not an option!

After mulling his thoughts, he said, "I agree with you, Slave, about the two of us being anally compatible. We do have some special chemistry there. And I fully intend to train your ass to crave your master's touch."

"Master...!" She breathlessly whispered, already shivering with anticipation. She stared intently at his flaccid penis, trying to bring it back to full hardness simply through willpower and desire. She kept on licking.

He continued, "But I've got another Adrian question. You say your ass belongs to me, but what if he gets curious about anal sex with you? What'll you do?"

She confidently replied while lovingly slathering her tongue all over his balls. "First of all, he won't. I tell you, he's just not into asses. He thinks anal sex is gay."

"I used to think that also, not too long ago," Alan pointed out, while staring right into Brenda's pussy and ass. He felt his mouth watering in anticipation of having the energy to lift his face between her thighs and return the favor of what she was doing to him down below. He found the delicate curves of her plush buttocks and the cleft in between them surprisingly beautiful.

Her tone was dismissive. "Yeah, and maybe he'll grow up about that eventually, but it doesn't matter. He doesn't even really see the ass as an erogenous zone. If I'm bending over, wiggling my bare butt at him, I swear he'll be wondering when I'm gonna stand up and turn around so he can see my boobs. Master, you may think you're a 'tit man,' but you really aren't, at least not compared to him." She kept right on licking his balls.

Alan had gotten so used to having his privates cleaned after sex that he didn't even think about it, and just enjoyed the pleasurable sensations. Getting his penis licked when it was flaccid wasn't so arousing, but the loving attention on his balls always felt good.

He asked, "But what if he persists, and asks to try out anal sex someday?"

She replied, "I hope he has a girlfriend by then so I can hand him over to her in order to do that. That's something that has to happen before too long as part of Suzanne's overall plan, right? It damn well better, because my ass belongs to YOU! He'll just have to understand that, and you do too. Or does 'Anal Slave' mean nothing to you?"

She worried that she was sounding too demanding for a sex slave, so she tried to dial down her passion. "Master, I don't mean to forget my place with my impetuousness, but that title means everything to me. Susan, Amy, all your other slaves, they've dedicated ALL their slutty, naughty holes to you. Their entire bodies belong to you and you alone. I love my son, and I'm okay with having sex with him for a while, but I have this need to dedicate at least one hole to you, and only to you! That is, as long as you say so and Suzanne deems him sufficiently mature and you can take complete control of my entire body again. You OWN me. It's only right!"

These ideas inspired and aroused her, so she took Alan's penis in her mouth and started sucking and licking it despite its totally flaccid state. At the same time, she expertly fondled his balls with her fingers.

Alan couldn't help but feel inspired and aroused too. What Brenda was doing to his privates helped, but it was mostly about her determination to save anal sex exclusively for him. His jaw practically hit his chest when he felt his dick start to engorge under her care and attention; he'd been convinced that, after that long and exhausting anal sex session and all that happened leading up to it, he wouldn't be able to get hard again for quite a while. Even now, he was still exhausted and more than ready for his usual afternoon nap.

He thought, Fuck! See? That's kind of fucked up. Adrian is her son, yet she seems to prefer me. I'm stepping into all kinds of unhealthy Oedipal issues here, and I suspect that'll bite me on the ass someday. But it's the very wrongness of it all that makes it so uncontrollably arousing!

Dang. What to do about Brenda? It's kind of a done deal now. I should have thought things through before I made all these commitments to her. But dammit, she needs me like she needs air, and I really need her in some weird way too. She NEEDS a strong master, and everyone, including her, says that Adrian just isn't that guy. I know there will be problems with this whole Adrian thing, but we can work it out eventually, can't we?

And good God, she gets me going! I can't believe it, but she's actually sucking me back to full hardness! It's like raising the dead. I barely have the strength to lift my arms, and yet she's giving me this great, arousing cocksucking!

How could I ever boot her out of the harem? I can't! It's just not an option. Our lives are gonna be tied together forever, so we'll just have to deal with this Adrian minefield day by day and come to some kind of permanent arrangement that everyone can live with. I have a feeling I'm going to get increasingly possessive towards her, but we'll jut have to deal with that day by day too.

Whoa! Lift-off!

Indeed, his dick had grown in her mouth to the point that she had to pull back and just bob on the top few inches. She skillfully managed to keep her fondling of his balls going too, although he had no idea where she found the energy to do all that at once. He was still too tired to lean forward and lick her pussy, despite its tempting smell of sex.

He closed his eyes and decided to shut off his thinking and just fully enjoy her oral and tactile talents.

She was absolutely estatic at his renewed stiffness. Aaaah! Yes! My lips are sealed tightly around his magnificent ten inches and I'm working up a good bobbing rhythm. This is true ecstasy. It's what being a sex slave is all about. God, there are so many licking and sucking techniques I want to pleasure him with! Sharing is great, but it's an extra thrill having his cock all to myself!

Unlike Alan, Brenda had no second thoughts about their relationship, even though it was still mostly based on sex. She was totally convinced that everything would be great and the whole Adrian situation would work out fine, despite some likely trouble along the way. The fact that Alan had rocked her world with anal sex, while Adrian didn't care at all for anything anal, was just further evidence to her that she needed both men in her life, but in different ways.

She thought as she bobbed back and forth over his sweet spot, Alan is my master, and what a master he is! After fucking my ass to sweet oblivion, after bending me to his will through countless orgasms, his great cock bounces right back to delicious full thickness! Mmmm! This is just further PROOF that he's no ordinary man. It's like Mistress Susan tells me every day: special men like him deserve total obedience and expert attention from the most beautiful and busty babes. We are his natural SLAVES, meant to SERVE!

I am bound to serve him, and his cock, with my ASS! Oh, Master! Your anal slave is going to be so good to you! Allow me to serve you by wearing my Slave Ring on your cock! Every day!

This excited her so much that she tried to go deeper, but she wasn't in a good position to attempt a deep throat. That caused her to choke and gag on his thickness for a while, something they both loved.

But she also knew that frequent, unpredictable changes were a key to any great blowjob. As a result, she switched to a different plan of attack and began performing a variety of talented moves involving her tongue and lips acting in concert.

She adoringly licked his sweet spot while her lips slowly slid up and down that same region. A thrill of pleasure ran down her spine when she heard him moan happily in response.

She bobbed and licked some more as she thought, I swear, hearing him moan is the sweetest reward! I'll admit, when I first started to know him, my feelings were all about lust. But I've grown to love and adore him so much! I want to prove my love for him every day, and a long blowjob is such a great way to do that. It says, "Master, I live to make you happy. My pleasure is your pleasure. What matters is that YOU feel good because you've brought so much joy into my life!"

Brenda kneeling over Alan, big boobs on his abdomen, blowing him

She was so keen on making him shiver and moan with arousal that she grew extremely frustrated she had only one mouth to blow him with. She tried to make up for that by using her hand to fondle his balls as expertly as she knew how. She even brought a couple of fingers underneath him to stroke his perineum, the area between his balls and anus, and poke at his anus too.

Time passed while she used every last cocksucking trick she could think of. Whenever her energy started to lag, she'd take a glance at her new ring and feel a jolt of inspiration. She rightfully believed she was doing a damn good job, so she was very surprised when she heard a sound like snoring coming from behind her spread thighs.

Oh! No way! He's sleeping?! Boy, Master must have been dog tired. I can't believe it. I've been using my hands, my lips, and my tongue in concert, and that still wasn't enough to keep him awake. Darn.

But you know what? Who cares? His cock is still "awake." I'm gonna keep going anyway, at least until I run down too. I have to admit he really wore me out as well, so I can see why he's so sleepy. Even though he's sleeping, I'll bet he'll still enjoy this. Hopefully, he'll have super sexy dreams!

The funny thing was, she was right. He did dream, and her blowjob did turn it into a wonderful dream of endless sexual ecstasy.


When Alan awoke, he tried to figure out where he was and who was with him. He was surprised to find himself alone and in Susan's bed. Memories of fucking Brenda's ass, and of her enthusiastic responsiveness, plus all kinds of sexual fun earlier that day with Susan, Suzanne, and Xania as well, all flashed through his head. So finding himself alone was a real letdown.

Recent events seemed almost a fantasy, even by his recent standards, except that he noticed his body stank of sex. Also, he noticed that there was a big wet spot in the bed where Brenda had been. He looked at it, and thought, Geez, that thing is like a lake. Classic Brenda!

He had the feeling that he'd had an unusually enjoyable dream, and he tried to remember what it was. Huh. Now that I think about it, I remember dreaming that she was giving me a blowjob, but that's what she was doing just before I fell asleep. That's hardly very creative for a dream. The only difference is that I felt like I was a king in a castle and she was one of my chained slaves. But heck, even that isn't that different from reality. Hell, now that I think about it, she was wearing freaking real iron chains earlier!

He chuckled and shook his head at how outrageous his life had become. Dang it, I'm just a teenage kid living in suburbia. These things just don't happen to normal people like us! It never occurred to him that Brenda had actually continued to blow him through his dream, because he figured no one would bother to blow someone who was sleeping (unless it was to wake him up).

He looked at the clock and noticed that he'd only been sleeping for a half hour, but realized he was now too awake to go back to sleep. He got up and, without bothering to cover himself, went down the hall to take another shower.

He thought as he showered, Man! Today has been some day. That orgy was pretty awesome. I wonder where everyone went though. I'm getting so sexually spoiled that I'm almost surprised Mom or Sis wasn't there to wake me with a blowjob or something. Although I did go to sleep getting one, so that kinda counts in some way, I suppose. And showering alone is kind of a drag. I wish I could be soaping up with Sis right now.

Oh well. It's probably for the best. It's good to have some time alone just to chill so I don't let my expectations get too wildly out of control. I'm just a guy... Okay, just a very, very, very lucky guy. He grinned widely as he thought about all the women in his life, counting them all up in his head. Make that about twelve verys! he chuckled silently.

And today's only gonna get better. It's a good thing I took a short nap, 'cos I've got so many fun things to look forward to. Most importantly, I want to see Glory and Christine. I've promised both of them visits, and those have gotta happen before my big plans for tonight. I need to get cracking if I'm gonna get everything done today.

He dried off, dressed, and went downstairs. It appeared at first that no one was home, but he found Susan in the laundry room, doing laundry. "Hi, Mom!" As soon as she stood up, he swept her into his arms and gave her a scorching kiss.

"Mmmm!" she moaned happily, the laundry momentarily forgotten. She slipped a hand into his shorts and stroked his penis back to life while they kissed.

Within seconds, she had his fully engorged cock poking through his fly, and a hand lovingly sliding up and down it. Mmmm! Serving my son and my master! Mmmm! So good!

He reciprocated, fondling her too. As soon as their chests pressed together, he thought, Dang, Mom is seriously stacked! I swear, I know it well, but still somehow the sheer enormity of her rack surprises me every time. She's almost Brenda-sized, and that's off the charts!

He was quite surprised then to find he had to contend with a full set of clothes, including a bra and panties. Wait, what? he wondered. When did this happen? Oh well, easily fixed.

Susan offered no resistance when he slid her sweatpants and panties down in back. In fact, she helped them the rest of the way down, until they wound up on the floor. That allowed him to fondle her bare ass cheeks.

However, he resisted doing that (or fondling her elsewhere), even when she jutted her ass out to make it easier for him to fill his hands with her perfect behind. Instead, he broke the kiss, and asked, "What's up with all the clothes? T-shirt, sweats, and undies, even." He tried to look stern, but couldn't quite manage it. "You know the rules about undies..." he murmured suggestively.

"I know," she said sadly as she stroked his stiffness. "But Suzanne made me do it. You see, I've been told that Christine is next door right now, hanging out with Amy by the pool. The odds of Christine coming over here are very low to begin with, and Amy knows she has to prevent it at all costs. But if it does happen, I need to look like a standard soccer Mom..." She added with a playful grin, "...rather than the butt slut, big-titted, milky mommy sex cow that I really am."

She sounded calm and carefree, but she was being very strategic with her movements. She used some of her favorite and most effective stroking techniques on his boner with one hand while sliding her other hand inside the back of his shorts. Within seconds, she was busy massaging his prostate. She figured that was "going for the jugular" - she wanted him too horny to resist.

Susan with Alan's left hand on her bare butt while she pleasures his cock

However, he was resisting. True, he gave in some and let his fingers possessively stroke her defenseless, bare ass, but he resolutely kept his head turned away, because he felt the sight of her sexy and adoring face would be too arousing.

"Oh," he said as he thought that over, trying not to pay attention to her busy hands. "I guess that's smart thinking. I'm kind of disappointed though. I thought I had a great excuse to spank you."

She didn't say anything at first. He felt they were in a kind of sex battle. He began aggressively fondling her ass crack, but between her finger massaging his prostate and the way she was pleasuring his cock, he felt like he was losing. The silence caused his curiosity to get to him, so he looked at her face, even though he knew that would help her "win."

She smiled sexily. "You don't need ANY excuse to spank me, Son! You know my body belongs to you, and that your butt-slut Mommy's ass craves the touch of your hands... among other things..." She kissed him again, and lovingly caressed his erection with long strokes all the way up and down it, making clear what she meant by the "other things" she was talking about.

Then she started to suggestively slide down his body. The light in her eyes went from smoldering to downright molten.

But he could see where she was going with that, so he physically restrained her until she relented. "Whoa! Nice idea, Mom, but this is probably not a good time. I've made commitments to visit Christine and Glory, and I should get those out of the way soon so we can have a special family fun evening."

"Mmmm! Sounds yummy!" Susan said, and then kissed him again. She'd given up on the oral sex idea for now, but she went right back to jacking him off using her favorite corkscrew move, and fondling his ass crack too.

He thought, Weird. I feel calm, but I'm enjoying a great sexual rush too! I'm not even close to cumming, but this feels damn good, I could do it all day! I'm sure that Mom playing with my cock is better than any drug.

He had been trying to avoid her boobs, as he felt the need to extricate himself so he could visit Christine and Glory, but his body had other ideas. As he brought his hands up to her full chest and worked on getting her bra undone, he asked, "By the way, you said Amy's next door, but where's everyone else?"

Susan replied, "Angel went shopping. She was a bit mysterious about it, so I don't know what she's buying exactly. She stopped by and told me what was happening next door on her way out, a while back. Brenda went home. You left her so totally sexually satiated and tamed, not to mention all-out ENSLAVED, that she was completely wiped out."

He chunkled. "How could I make her even more enslaved than before? That's like making a pregnant woman more pregnant."

"I don't know how you manage your special skills, but you did! And please don't talk about impregnating her too, or I'll get way too horny!"

He was amused by her attitude. Clearly, he wasn't going to able to reason with her right now.

Susan had to pause to gather her wits. Not only were her thoughts about Brenda making her burning hot, but her son was fully kneading her tit-flesh with both hands. Somehow, she continued, "She literally had a hard time walking, but she was happier than I've seen her look in... well... ever! I suspect she's taking a big nap now."

Her eyes flashed with arousal. She stared at her fingers curled around her son's shaft as she continued in a husky voice, "By the way, that was so HOT, what you did to her! Mmmm! That was another total destruction fuck, for sure. Do you know how my pussy, and even my ass, tingles seeing that you fucked her so hard that she can barely walk? Seeing her stagger around the house seriously made me cream! When I think about your BIG COCK, and the way you anally enslaved her, it makes me jealous. A powerful cock like yours needs to be loved and respected, if not downright FEARED!"

He had to stifle the urge to snicker. "Feared?" Give me a break! But hey, it makes her happy. I won't pop her bubble.

She hungrily licked her lips, "And there's something to be said for being a devoted cock worshipper... something wonderful! MMMM!"

She started to slide down his body again. She playfully stuck her tongue out, showing what she was planning on doing to his boner.

But, again, he stopped her before she could start. "Wait a sec. Where's Aunt Suzy? Er, I mean Mother?" With her bra removed and sweater pulled up, he was able to directly tug on her nipples.

She bit her lip, trying to control her extreme arousal and keep talking. "She went to Glory's to have a talk with her. About school fight aftermath stuff, I think. I'm so glad she's taking the lead on that, so I don't have to. Mmmm, Tiger! Just like that!" She reveled in his nipple play even more than she enjoyed fondling him.

After a long pause, she reluctantly added, "Oh, and by the way, Glory called for you while you were napping. She wants you to call her back right away."

"I'd better call her then." He attempted to disengage, but wasn't entirely successful.

Susan was chagrined about passing on that message. She kept sliding a hand up and down his erection in a twisting motion while wrapping her other arm around his back so he couldn't get away. "What's your hurry? I told her that you'd be napping for an hour, but you woke up in half that time. We have half an hour to play. That's why I'd been doing the laundry, 'cos I figured you'd be sleeping."

He kissed her lips again, and hefted her massive tits up and down a couple of times, but then he disengaged completely and took a few steps back. "Sorry, Mom. You know I'd love to play with you, but I've got a whole harem to take care of now. You already get more fun time with Alan Junior than anyone else, and I need to see to my other women." He playfully wagged a disapproving finger at her. "You don't want to be a cock hog, do you?"

"Oh, poo!" she pouted, particularly distraught at the sudden loss of contact with his erection. "So what if I do? But... very well." She sighed. "And after you got me all hot and bothered." She turned her still bared ass towards him, leaned against the wall, and wiggled invitingly, still hoping against hope that she could change his mind.

Susan's bare butt

He felt tempted as he admired her perfect naked ass and sleek long legs. In his mind's eye he could easily visualize how simple it would be to drop his shorts, bend her over, and sink his erection into her warm and waiting butt. Oh man! Why does Mom have to have such a great ass? Worse, why does she have to be my mom and have such a great ass? It almost would be wrong NOT to fuck the shit out of her ass, right here, right now. Like, it would be a seriously criminal act NOT to pump a thick and creamy load deep up her butt. Man oh man!

In the back of his mind, he remembered what she had told him only a week earlier: "I want you to violate my boundaries more often! From now on, whenever you want to or need to really 'get my attention,' there's one way that's the best way to do it. Push your cock all the way into my ass and flex it around! ... This will henceforth be the PROPER way to 'get my attention' in the future and I will expect you to do it properly at each and every opportunity that presents itself, from now on. Do I make myself clear?"

He felt like moaning and whimpering, because it was all too tempting. But he did his best not to show how close he was to giving in because he didn't want to encourage her, and his body had limits. He chuckled. "Mom, if you have any more orgasms today, you'll probably die of dehydration."

"That's true," she cheerfully agreed. Seeing that her bending-over gambit had failed, she turned back around and stepped up to him. "But I run that risk daily, thanks to my big, strong master son." She caressed his cheeks while her smiling face radiated love.

It was hard for him to walk away, but thoughts of Christine and Glory drove him onwards. Leaving Susan standing nearly naked in the laundry room, he went to the phone by the kitchen and gave Glory a call.

Sure enough, Glory was in the middle of serious discussions with Suzanne, but she walked off so she could talk to Alan in private. She reminded him of his promise from the day before that he'd visit her today; she wanted to make sure that he'd follow through on that. In hopes of convincing him, she started sweet talking him, suggesting some sexy, fun things they could do together.

Her words had an immediate effect on him, since he was extremely horny. He'd zipped his shorts back up, but he still had a raging boner.

One interesting thing she mentioned in passing that caught his interest was, "I want to make you as crazy for me as I am for you. In fact, we should do something wild today. I'd like to see you get me even hotter than when you used the Televibe on me last time!"

He smiled in fond recollection. "So, you liked the Televibe, huh?"

He could almost see the flustered expression on her face as she carefully tried to answer. "I don't know if 'liked' is the right word... It was an extremely... frustrating experience. But when I think about you, and steaming hot sex with you, one of the first things that pops into my mind is when you used that damn thing on me and secretly fucked me with it all day long! Right in front of everyone, no less! Think about that. Think about secretly fucking your teacher, in front of the whole class. That's what you were doing: you were mind-fucking me! Do you like doing that? Do you like mind-fucking me, making the entire classroom smell of my soaking wet pussy?"

He groaned lustily. He had to use a lot of willpower not to start masturbating.

"Do you like mind-fucking me with your proxy cock, even while you make me wear your collar, letting all the other students know that I'm one of your women?"

He groaned even louder.

She grinned, knowing that she was getting to him. But she was arousing herself even more. "And when I think about how you're gonna force me to wear it in school over and over and over again, I get so horny that I feel butterflies and shivers all over!"

Seeing where she was leading with this, he suggestively asked, "Are you feeling these shivers right now?"

"You bet your cute ass I am, young man! Which is kind of awkward since Suzanne is staring at me and wondering what we're talking about. Worse, we're actually outside right now and there are other people around too. If I were home alone, my pussy would be getting a good workout right now, even as we're talking."

She continued to woo him for another minute or so, until he had to fight to stop his boner from squirting. (He wouldn't have been so close except that Susan had already aroused him tremendously.) Glory's enthusiasm was infectious, and she left him wanting to drop everything and rush over to see her right away. However, he was well aware that Suzanne was already there and that they really did have a lot of urgent things to discuss, so it wasn't time yet for sexual fun.

He asked her seriously, "You two are talking about stuff that concerns me. Shouldn't I be there for that?" He didn't want to be in on that boring discussion, but he felt that was the logical and responsible thing to offer. It seemed outrageously irresponsible for him to just have non-stop sexual fun while they did all the responsible decision making on his behalf.

She replied, "I suppose that's a good idea. However, don't think for a minute, young man, that that would constitute your 'Glory visit time.' I expect to spend one-on-one time with you today!" She added in a sexy purr, "Alone and naked, in a very comfy and cuddly setting that just so happens to involve my bed with you in it!"

A surge of lust ran through him, just from realizing that it was his history teacher saying things like that to him.

Alan fucking Glory in her bed in the missionary position, with her legs wrapped around his waist

An even greater surge of lust ran through her, as she imagined her favorite student and new master slowly but deeply drilling her on her bed. Her feelings were so strong that she honestly believed she could taste his cum in her mouth, and feel a satisfying sense of fullness in her vagina.

She added, "Besides, Suzanne and I have been talking and making remarkably good progress. There's a lot of stuff we can handle on our own, and you won't be missing out at all."

He replied, "Tell you what. Why don't you and her talk for a while about the stuff you don't need me for? Then I can join you later for some of the stuff it would be good for me to be a part of."

"Good idea. Could you come here in, oh, I dunno, shall we say an hour? Or maybe less."

He readily agreed to that, so plans were made.


Now Alan had the delightful "problem" of figuring out how to spend his time until he was due at Glory's. One option was to find Susan and play with her a whole lot more. He had visions of fucking her pussy on top of a vibrating washing machine, since she still was in the laundry room. He had no doubts about how much she'd welcome him doing that with her. But he knew that Amy and Christine were hanging out in the Pestridge backyard, and that sounded even more tempting.

Amy and Katherine had come up with a plan to "soften up" Christine for Alan, but he had been unaware of the specifics of what they'd been doing. Their idea had been that Katherine would clue him in as to how he should behave, but she hadn't come home yet. (Like the others, she figured he would still be napping, which made this a good time to get her own errands done.)

As a result, Alan was left without her guidance about what to do. He considered going to ask Susan if she knew more about Christine's visit, but figured that if he got in close proximity to his mother he'd probably wind up having sex with her (one way or another), and he had to be careful about how he rationed his sexual energy.

Finally, he decided to just pop by next door and see what was up. Since Susan had mentioned that Christine and Amy were hanging out by the pool, he figured they were in their bikinis. So he went upstairs and changed into just his swimsuit, leaving even his T-shirt behind. Then he headed out to his back patio, crossed his back yard, and went through the gate that separated the Plummers' and Pestridges' backyards.

The wooden fence between the properties was very high, and there was heavy vegetation along most of its length, so spying into the backyard didn't seem much of an option. Besides, he didn't see any reason to sneak around.

He hoped to see the two girls in their bikinis, maybe while they sat around on the back patio, or perhaps while they soaked in the hot tub. He was right in that they were sitting at the patio table and talking, but he got a great shock when he realized, Holy Hell! They're both NAKED! Completely naked! Okay, Aims is wearing her collar... but STILL! Jesus H. Christ! Christine isn't even wearing bikini bottoms! Wow, I've never seen her completely nude before. YES!

His penis had been flaccid for a few minutes, but it was already hard again from thinking about what he might see, plus the lingering effect of Susan's tactile attentions and Glory's talking dirty to him on the phone. He felt such a surge of excitement that he had to suppress the urge to cum in his shorts.

The girls were fully engrossed in their conversation, so they didn't hear him open and close the gate. As he got nearer, he saw Amy hold up a dildo. She pointed repeatedly and emphatically near its bulbous crown as she talked to Christine.

Christine licking peanut butter off the head of a blue dildo, with Amy standing nearby giving guidance on how to pleasure a cock

He was mostly interested in running his gaze up and down Christine's absolutely gorgeous nude body, from her mane of blonde hair down to her sleek long legs. But then he did a double-take as he heard Amy mention something about peanut butter, and then he glanced again at the dildo. Wait! Is that covered with... peanut butter?! What the heck?! That's hilarious!

He watched Christine licking the peanut butter off the dildo. (It didn't actually cover much of the dildo, but it was applied to the areas on and around the cockhead that corresponded to the most sensitive parts of a penis.) He noticed that she was licking on the underside of the bulbous head, exactly where his penis was the very most sensitive. That would have aroused him tremendously, except that he was already as aroused as humanly possible, thanks to the sight of Christine's perfect naked body.

As he continued to cross the Pestridge lawn, he got close enough to hear them talking. Amy was saying, "Yep, that's the spot! Lick right there. The sweet spot. I swear, you can't go wrong there."

Christine didn't say anything. She seemed fully absorbed in licking away the last traces of peanut butter from the "sweet spot" on the dildo.

Amy said encouragingly, "Girl, you look seriously hot! You look like some kind of sex-crazy porn star! Just keep imagining that's Alan's cock. Imagine hearing him moan and groan!"

Christine stopped, opened her eyes, and said to Amy, "It's funny you say that, because I saw this porn video once, and I'm trying to imitate the way that girl licked..." She suddenly realized what she'd admitted, so she tried to backtrack. "Not that I wanted to watch it, mind you! It's just that-"

Thankfully, Amy interrupted her and remained focused on giving advice. "Pay no attention to the acting you see in most porn films. They're all about what looks good for the camera, not what makes your man feel good, let alone what makes YOU feel good! I'm telling you, THIS is what it's all about, girlfriend! This spot right here! This is what gets him going." She kept pointing at a spot on the dildo that would have corresponded to the frenulum, the "sweet spot" below Alan's cockhead.

Christine said, a bit abashed, "I haven't seen any porn films."

"What?! NONE?!" Amy sounded incredulous. "But you just said..."

Christine shamefully admitted, "I've only seen a few short video clips on the Internet in recent days. I was trying to learn what to do, but it was just so weird that I couldn't bear to watch very much."

"Boy, we've got to fix that! You can learn a lot watching porn flicks, if you watch the right ones. Now, admittedly, most of them are pretty lame as far as enjoyable or arousing entertainment. In fact, they're generally super lame-o. But there are things you really can learn from the good ones, as long as you remember that the actors are just playing to the camera."


Amy looked up, and casually added, "Oh, hi, O.B." She gave Alan a big smile and a friendly wave.

Christine started to say, "Wait, I thought you just said, 'Pay no attention to what I see...'" She had a delayed reaction because Amy had spoken so casually. Her voice trailed off and a horrified look crossed her face as she realized what Amy had just said.

Christine nude by a swimming pool, startled, covering her pussy and trying to cover her big rack

Christine was afraid to look where Amy was looking, but she just had to know whether Alan was really there. She turned and saw him walking her way in just his red bathing suit; he was already less than twenty feet away. Christine certainly wasn't a "girly girl," but she suddenly bolted from her chair and squealed like one. She frantically tried covering her pussy and boobs as she continued squealing in total panic.

Alan could see that Christine was utterly terrified and blushing profusely. He hadn't been expecting her complete nudity, so he'd been mentally dealing with (and enjoying) that and hadn't given any thought to how the girls would respond to his presence once it was revealed. It looked like Christine was going to bolt as soon as she recovered from her shock, and he didn't want her to do that. He had visions of her streaking down the street, screaming all the way.

He didn't think, but just acted on instinct. He kept walking, and even picked up his pace, until his arms were suddenly around Christine's fantastic body. However, he didn't act in a sexual way at all, but just lightly cuddled her as if she were a giant teddy bear. He tried to radiate a calming, loving vibe, with his arms wrapped protectively around her back.

At first this close contact only alarmed Christine even more, since his presence was the very thing she was freaking out about. She cried out, "Alan, NO! I'm naked!"

His head had been resting against her neck. But he pulled back, looked into her eyes, and quietly said with a lopsided grin, "Well, don't yell it to the entire neighborhood."

She looked back at him, and then it suddenly occurred to her how silly this situation was. After all, he wasn't some dangerous stranger; he was Alan, the guy she loved. She'd been very intimate and nearly naked with him just the night before. What started as a nervous chuckle quickly turned into uproarious laughter on her part.

Alan and Amy laughed too, but they were laughing with her, not at her. Actually, the situation wasn't that funny, but it was a way for everyone to release nervous tension.

The laughing calmed Christine down enough so she at least didn't run away, or even break free from Alan's hug. But her heart was still racing at a thousand miles an hour, especially since she could feel his boner rubbing against her, with only his swimsuit in the way.

Again, operating purely on instinct, Alan somehow felt the time was right for a kiss, so he kissed her right on the lips.

Christine didn't understand what was happening, but somehow she found herself kissing Alan back with more passion than she'd ever kissed him, or anyone else, in her life. Her entire body was tingling with adrenaline and fear, due to the shock of having been discovered naked, and it seemed like all that energy was channeled into their kiss.

She'd been hot for Alan before, but the sheer intensity of their kissing took her passionate feelings for him to yet another level. It was as if her brain turned off and some other force took control of her body. Her hands ran desperately all over his bare back while her tongue frantically dueled with his. For some long moments she forgot where she was, and that Amy was there as well. It took her a while even to become fully aware that her bare breasts were pressing into Alan's equally bare chest (which felt really good), or that his erection was poking into her lower abdomen as if there were a billy club in his swimsuit (which felt even better, but was also quite alarming).

Her recent kissing practice with Amy was forgotten in the heat of the moment, so Christine fell back on instinct. But even though she didn't consciously try to use it, that kissing practice had improved her kissing technique. She threw herself into the kiss, hoping that would help her forget her humiliating situation.

She thought, It's happening! Everything is happening again! This is JUST like yesterday, only better! Somehow, I knew I'd wind up completely naked in his arms, just like I'd dreamed and hoped. It feels SO GOOD! It's just that I didn't know it would happen like THIS! Or this fast! Or, for that matter, outside in the full light of day, with Amy watching! SHIT!

A minute passed, and then another, and the mood between Alan and Christine slowly changed. Their kissing grew less frantic and intense and became more loving and playful, yet somehow their arousal kept rising higher and higher. Alan's hands wandered down to Christine's ass cheeks and he cupped them, gently but fully.

Then she did the same with his ass cheeks. But that wasn't good enough for her, because his swimsuit was in the way, so she suddenly yanked it down his thighs. That left his hot boner burning into her skin. She couldn't believe that she'd dared to be that bold. She was so insanely horny that she welcomed it, and even pressed back into it.

She thought, I just shocked the hell out of myself! Did I really just do that? I must be MAD! Oh no! Big mistake! But it's like I NEED to feel his cock directly! Need to rub against it! Churn and grind on it! I know I'm totally out of control, but for now I don't care!

Alan was just as shocked. WHOA! Did she really just pull my bathing suit down?! Awesome! She's so hot to trot! I knew it! I knew all along that there was a total hottie underneath that Ice Queen exterior, a raging inferno of pent-up desire! He sank his fingers into her right boob, making her moan lustily even louder than she already had been.

Before long, the two of them were all but fucking standing up. She tried to wrap her leg around his thigh, so he elevated that leg, helping her into a new position to churn and grind against his raging hard-on.

Oh crap! His COCK! His big, hot cock! So much damn cock! So hot and sexy! Burning directly, skin to skin! Getting wet! Slick! Sliding faster! Pressing tighter! I'm so horny that I can't stand it! So horny! Too horny! Total SLUT! Feel like a slut! UNGH! HNNG!

She never could have imagined doing that with him anytime that day, much less mere minutes after seeing him, but her body had its own agenda. It seemed to alternately tingle and then go numb all over, as if she were having one continuous orgasm from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Their whole encounter felt so fantastic that there was no way she could resist.

Christine nude, hugging Alan, one leg raised so her thigh is horizontal against his waist, while his red swim trunks are around his lower thighs

She was starting to feel almost relaxed, although her heart was still racing wildly, when she heard the sound of a girl giggling. She'd been focusing on slowly grinding against Alan's exposed erection, but she froze as still as a statue as her thoughts turned back to Amy. She thought, Oh shit! AMY! My god, she's his GIRLFRIEND! And I've been swapping spit with her boyfriend right in front of her! And now I've ripped his swimsuit off and his hard-on is poking me... grinding... making a big wet spot on me... and it's all my fault! Talk about a compromising position! SHIT!

She closed her eyes tightly, as if that would somehow make Amy go away. But she heard Amy warmly say between more giggles, "Wow! Now that's what I call a 'friendly howdy kiss!'"

Christine's already blushing face turned beet red as she fully remembered where she was and who she was with. She pulled back a bit, lowered her raised leg, and made eye contact with Alan, but she was so embarrassed by his gaze that she quickly turned away. She muttered to him, but to Amy too, "Dear God! You must think I'm a slut!"

Amy said mirthfully, "You say that like it's a bad thing!" Then she giggled a lot more.

Still holding Christine, Alan gently said, "Shush, Aims." Then looking Christine deeply in her eyes, with his hands firmly holding her ass cheeks, he said, "I don't think you're slutty; I think you're a gloriously sensual and sexual woman. All woman. You're too wonderful and lovely for words!"

Christine had seen a lot of romantic movies where the woman swooned and sometimes even fainted, but she'd thought that was just an acting gesture done for dramatic effect. But now his words, plus the sincere and loving look on his face, hit her with such force that it was like a punch to the gut. She physically swooned, and would have fallen to the ground had he not been holding her up with his tight grip on her muscular ass.

Then they were kissing again. She wasn't sure how it happened, but they kissed as if their lives depended on it. A tidal wave of lust washed over her, drowning her. She was barely aware of what her hands and body were doing to him, or what he was doing to her. But every last touch between them felt deliriously fantastic.

He thought, Hot damn! This is almost better than fucking! The way she's deliberately and rhythmically sliding against my dick, there's as much friction as fucking! Wow! She's totally mine now! So HOT! So smart and sexy and busty! And all mine!

Christine standing near Alan, one hand on his chest while he has both hands on her hips

Eventually, she had to break the kissing because she was literally breathless. Her huge tits were heaving up and down, even while they pressed against his chest.

He was secretly ecstatic over how he'd somehow channeled her initial fear into lust. As she panted for air, he was all smiles. He quipped with dramatic understatement, "Amy's right. That was a very nice 'friendly howdy kiss.'"

Christine had to guffaw at that.


Amy had been directly behind him, watching. She moved to his side and tapped him on the shoulder. "My turn!" She bounced impatiently on her feet, sending her big boobs bouncing too.

Still holding Christine's naked body, and freely fondling her butt, Alan twisted in her embrace so that his head faced where Amy stood.

Amy stepped in close and kissed him on the lips. They started making out, even though Amy couldn't do much more than kiss him and hold her hand against the back of his head, since most of the rest of him was still pressed against Christine. He didn't even stop slowly caressing and kneading Christine's great ass with his fingers.

Christine thought, This is an outrage! He's kissing her and fondling me! This can't be happening! What would Mom and Dad think?! They think Amy's my enemy! But to her surprise, she realized she didn't want him to stop. Her pussy was on fire and she couldn't remember ever feeling so tingly and aroused.

Since Alan was still on fire all over as well, and Amy was hot from watching the other two kissing and grinding, their kissing was pretty intense too.

Their three bodies were so closely entwined that Amy and Christine couldn't help but touch each other as well. Amy reached across Christine's tummy to run her hands over Alan's bare hip. (His swimsuit was still well down his thighs.) Without thinking about it, Christine found one of her hands reaching back to caress Amy's luscious ass.

Alan couldn't believe how much pleasure he was feeling (and that was saying a great deal, given his recent history). As the kissing started, his erection was temporarily ignored, but it wound up getting wedged between Christine's ass cheeks and Amy's hips. Both girls soon realized this, so they began subtly grinding against it. Without words they began working together, rising up and down in rhythm to maximally stimulate the cock that was trapped between their voluptuous bodies.

Christine, Amy and Alan in a group hug, where both girls are naked

Alan's erection was throbbing, tingling, and leaking pre-cum, delighting in rubbing while in this "trap."

Christine was astounded all over again. I can't believe it! We're jacking him off together, with our bodies! It's happening: I'm a part of it, but I still can't believe it! It's like... we're just two of his SLUTS! Two of the many sluts in his HAREM!

Oh God! "HAREM!" I'm so incensed at that, but also aroused! He's a STUD! Look at what he's making us do! Look at me, sliding my ass up and down, jacking him off with my buttock!

Christine was so extremely aroused that it seemed as if she'd lost all control over her body. She was even freely fondling Amy's ass without thinking about it. But she felt she could be positioned better. She pivoted where she stood, so that all three of them were directly facing each other, with Alan's raging hard-on still pinned between her and Amy.

It was tight quarters, but Alan's chest was suddenly enveloped by four large breasts. He moved his hands and cupped both girls' asses, drawing them in even closer. He kept on kissing Amy, but Christine's face was so close that she practically could have stuck her tongue out and licked his lips (and Amy's too!).

Within seconds, Alan's boner was wedged between both girls again, so they resumed their unspoken teamwork, sliding a couple inches up and down to rub his shaft in the most delightful ways. However, now his cockhead was dangerously near both of their pussies at the same time. He was particularly excited by the fact that his throbbing cock was mere inches from Christine's pussy, a pussy so wet and aroused that its heady scent filled the air despite the fact that they were all standing outside.

She didn't realize it, but all of her sliding was quickly wiping her shaving cream away. Fortunately for her self-esteem, her large clit was the last thing on her mind.

But the necking between Alan and Amy didn't keep going much longer, because Christine suddenly and belatedly complained, "Oh God, no! This can't be happening!"

That surprised Alan. "What?"

Christine was incredulous. "What do you mean, 'What?!' You're kissing HER while you're hugging ME!" And I'm naked and you're holding my bare ass in your hands! And your cock... God, your cock! So warm! It's as great as Amy says! I can't wait to be alone with it, and hold it and stroke it! I'm so far gone into this insanity, I might as well do that too!

Playing innocent a little more deliberately, he slid a hand up Christine's taut tummy and cupped one of her huge melons from underneath. He wondered why it had taken her a few minutes to object.

He asked, "But she's my official girlfriend. Don't you think it would be rude if I didn't kiss her?"

"Well, yes, but... No! I mean, yes, but not while we're all naked! That's just obscene!" In truth, she hoped to get rid of Amy so she could be alone with him and then let her inhibitions run even wilder.

Technically, Alan wasn't naked, but his swimsuit was still halfway down his thighs, rendering it all but useless. His boner remained wedged between both girls, but at the moment his cockhead was hotly pressing into Christine.

He noticed that the gorgeous blonde was complaining, but making no attempt to move away. She didn't even move the few inches needed to loosen or break contact with his dick. In fact, she and Amy were still sliding up and down against his erection in perfectly timed, alternating rhythms. In addition, Christine's hands were still running all over his back, and even caressing his ass.

Christine noticed these things too. She thought, What the hell is wrong with me?! I feel so utterly helpless. I can't even stop my damn hands! I'm even tempted to hold and fondle his thick penis! I need to get him alone. I mean, it would be outrageous enough if I was doing this with just him here, but Amy's here too. Hell, her breasts are pressing into mine so firmly that it's like we're trying to merge!

It's weirdly comfortable, actually. Her body's not fat, but it's soft and plush! Feeling our tits rub together, up against his chest - it's making me go totally insane!

Thanks to those thoughts, Christine realized that one of her hands was cupping Amy's ass cheek again. She quickly removed it, but the three of them were locked together so tightly that there really wasn't anywhere else for her to put her hand. She decided to rest it against Amy's back instead, but within seconds it had slid back to Amy's ass once again, as if that hand also had a mind of its own.

She thought with great frustration, as she and Amy kept on sliding their hips against Alan's stiffness, I'm just too hot and horny. Too much COCK! Hot, wet cock! This whole situation is just too damn arousing! I'm burning up!

Amy French-kissed Alan again.

But when the kiss ended, Alan said to Amy, "Enough of that, please. We can kiss later. We don't want to make Christine feel uncomfortable."

"THANK you!" Christine sighed with great relief. As she repositioned her arms around him now that Amy was out of the way, she thought, "Uncomfortable" doesn't begin to cover it! I can't believe this is happening to me. My God, she's his girlfriend! And we're standing here all naked and I'm about to cum so hard I'm gonna pass out! Not to mention, his cock is practically resting against my pussy! Still! Oh God! Oh God, oh God, oh God! He could fuck me so easily. He could do it right now if he wants to! I hope he doesn't but how can I say no?! I can't even stop grinding on it to save my life!

Amy could see Alan's point, so she took a couple of steps back. But her gorgeous nude body remained in easy view of Christine, and that alone continued to freak Christine out.

He had noticed that kissing did wonders to put Christine at ease, so he necked with her some more.

Sure enough, she all but melted in his arms as their tongues dueled playfully. Her eyes even glassed over, as if she were blissed out on opium. Without thinking about it, she resumed churning her hips in this new position, which caused her lower abdomen to rub against his erection in a circular motion. The difference from before was, since she was doing it solo this time, she had more control over where it went. Not only did it constantly rub against her bush area, at times it directly brushed against her rapidly engorging clit. That felt so good that she wanted it to never end.

She was ready to cum at any moment. All she needed was to let herself do it. But she knew it would be no ordinary orgasm, and she dreaded screaming and shaking in obvious ecstasy with both of them watching, so she was trying to hold it off. Ironically, that was heating her up even more.

He was loving life. But his curiosity was niggling him, so he had to break the kissing again to ask the nude girls, "So, it looks like you two have been having a fun time. What have you been up to?" He cupped and caressed Christine's full globes with both hands while he waited for an answer.

Amy said proudly, "I've been teaching her all about blowjobs so she can get good at sucking your cock!"

Christine's hands had returned to caressing his ass cheeks, mostly so she could hold him in place for her hip grinding - she'd figured out a great way to move deliberately so that his boner would continually rub against her big clit. But she momentarily raised a hand and smacked her forehead over Amy's comment. She shook her head in disbelief. She would have blushed, but she was more annoyed at Amy than embarrassed. However, she couldn't really get upset at Amy, because she figured that was just Amy being Amy.

Still, she griped, "Aaaaamyyyy!"

"What?" Amy asked, her face the epitome of pure innocence. "It's true, isn't it?"

Christine sighed. "Well, yeah, but that just makes it even more embarrassing." She continued to cling tightly to Alan. She tried to pretend that his boner wasn't pressing into her skin with the heat of molten lava. She didn't cum easily or get that wet, but she could feel rivulets of pussy juice dripping far down her thighs.

Amy told her, "I don't see why you should be embarrassed; you're doing great!" Earlier, she'd carefully set the base of the dildo down on the table, so the peanut butter on its sides remained untouched. She picked it up by the peanut-butter-free base and held it in view for both Alan and Christine to see. "Look! Practicing just now, she's managed to get her lips all the way down to here!" She pointed at a spot about an inch below the crown. "Isn't that super cool? She's a natural. Soon, she'll be hooked on slurping all over the real thing!"

Christine's face had been reddening, but now it turned cherry red. She winced and buried her face against Alan's neck. She groaned loudly in frustration and mortification and shut her eyes tightly. This isn't happening. This isn't happening! I probably WILL get hooked on the real thing, because sex is WAY too much fun! I feel like I've lost my free will. And as if everything else isn't bad enough, the peanut butter! He must be laughing! She wished for the ground to open beneath her feet and swallow her whole.

Luckily, he wasn't laughing, since he'd noticed the peanut butter earlier. He realized it would only make things worse if he joked about it or otherwise mentioned it, so he kept his mouth shut. Without thinking, he ran his fingers into her ass crack as he focused on fondling her ass with one hand (while caressing a tit with the other).

Amy was trying to be supportive and optimistic, so she didn't mention the setback that had occurred earlier. She had slowly worn down Christine's defenses until Christine had been on all fours and starting to lick at the strap-on dildo that Amy had been wearing. But after just a few seconds of licking, Christine had gotten cold feet and refused to do anything more with the strap-on. In fact, it took all of Amy's powers of persuasion to prevent Christine from just quitting and going home. Since then, Amy had continued her "sex lessons," but with a lot more talking and a lot less practice.

Amy went on in her cheery tone, "We've been practicing all kinds-"

But Alan cut her off. "Aims, please. Can't you see you're embarrassing her? I'm sorry I asked, okay? Maybe we should just be silent for a few minutes."

Christine gasped with relief. "YES! Please! Silence, please! This is just too weird for me. Give me a minute here to recover. I mean, this is just... bizarre!" She kept her eyes shut and her face buried in the crook of Alan's neck as she said that. She loved the feel and smell of his body, deeply inhaling his manly scent to help herself calm down.

Amy said, "M'kay. But Christine, while you're all busy chilling out and stuff, can I kiss my O.B. some more?"

Alan and Christine said simultaneously, "NO!"

"M'kay. Geez, Louise!" Amy rolled her eyes. But seeing Alan looking at her while Christine had her eyes shut, she winked at him knowingly. Obviously, she was pleased at how Christine's sexual "corruption" was coming along.

And despite empathizing with Christine's plight, he couldn't help but also think that Amy had been quite successful. He was especially surprised and pleased that Christine still hadn't made any move to cover her totally naked body. She seemed to have accepted that clothes were no longer an option.


Alan gave Christine a minute or two to recover. Then he decided to sit at the table, since there was a seat right next to him. He pulled away from her to sit down.

Christine opened her eyes and started to disengage, but then, to their mutual surprise, she stuck with him and wound up sitting in his lap. She leaned back into him with his arms under her rack. His swimsuit had slid down below his knees when he sat in the chair, making it even less of a factor.

This new positioning was a bit awkward because of his stiff boner; it poked dangerously close to her pussy before it wound up wedged in her ass crack.

She thrilled at the contact there. She closed her eyes again and tried to calm her still racing heart. WHOA! WHOA! So close! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack! He nearly stuck his dick inside me! It feels like I'm sitting on a baseball bat!

She experimentally shifted her ass a little bit, discovering to her great delight that she was able to grind on him in a brand new way. She shifted back and forth over it some more. WOW! Take THAT! Maybe I should make YOU cum, oh great "harem master." Maybe I should make YOU cum!

He kept his arms wrapped around her, holding her just below her tremendous rack. He was amused at how her ample tit-flesh practically enveloped the upper sides of his arms. He also loved the feel of his erection snuggled in between her enveloping ass cheeks. He was worried her renewed grinding might push him over the edge, but for the moment he could handle it.

Despite everything, including Christine's continued fear and red-faced embarrassment, she smiled blissfully because she felt so good in Alan's arms. She'd had a chance to pull away when he sat down, but she just couldn't bear being separated from him. However, she was very self-conscious about having her pussy on display, so she quickly put her hands in her lap, carefully covering it. Luckily, she wasn't thinking about her big clit or the long-gone shaving cream. She was just worried he could see her pussy in general.

She thought, Okay girl, get a grip. I'm in Alan's world now. This is how things are around here, and it's not as if I haven't been warned! He's got all kinds of beautiful women in his life, and they're probably naked around him most of the time.

He seems fairly normal at school, almost like any other student, but he's NOT! He's a stud! He's the best of the best! The normal rules don't apply to him, so I can't think in a normal way. I have to accept that this is how it is, if I'm going to be one of his girls. Yes, that's humiliating, but FUCK IT! I can roll with the punches. I can be cool. I can be strong. I can do this! Er, I think...

Opening her eyes, she turned her head back to look at him, and said, "I'm sorry about getting carried away there with the kissing and everything. I didn't mean to do that. But I was really freaked out, and somehow that fueled the kiss. It was like being kissed while being shot at with real bullets. I mean, I didn't know how to react!"

Amy had taken a seat at the table across from Christine and Alan. But Christine didn't like looking at Amy, since that reminded her that Amy was looking back at her sitting so very obscenely on Alan's lap and all but riding on his erection. She wanted to look at him, but he was right behind her. She didn't know where to look, and wound up mostly just staring at the table instead.

Alan asked Christine, "Why do you have to apologize? Didn't you like the kissing? Are you sorry we kissed?" He simply couldn't get enough of her body, especially given his years of lusting and dreaming that he could touch her intimately. He ran his hand over her sleek tummy.

"No, but..." Christine was going to launch into a wordy complaint about how wrong it was to behave like that with someone else standing there (let alone his "Official Girlfriend!"), and how what she'd enjoyed or didn't enjoy didn't enter into it. But she realized that would just make her sound like a stick in the mud, and she longed to be cool and accepted. Besides, it would be weird to complain so much even as she reveled in sitting on his exposed boner while still working it a bit with her ass cheeks. She felt somewhat like she was sitting on a very warm poker; it was hard to think about anything else.

So she edited herself to just saying, "I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that Amy is here. If it were just you and me kissing, like last night, that would be okay. That would be wonderful. Plus, I'm nude in the backyard of some strange place I've never even seen before! Come on! I'm trying to keep up here, but this is ridiculous. Give me a break!"

He was secretly amused that they were merely talking about "kissing," since that was just one small part of all the wild things they'd been doing, and were even still doing. He said, calmly and patiently, as if her ass crack wasn't subtly bouncing and riding on his stiff dick, "No one is accusing you of anything. I think you're doing great. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably be even more freaked out than you were."

Amy said, "Me too! Christine, I think you ROCK! O.B., for the last hour plus, I've been trying to help her understand how to become one of your women and learn how to sexually pleasure you as well as the rest of us do. And she's been doing great!"

Christine thought, I am NOT becoming one of his women! Or his girls? Are they women or girls? Or both? Probably both! Like Mrs. Pestridge, for starters! Hell, he's probably fucking a whole bunch of older women just as incredible as she is. But I won't be intimidated. He's flesh and blood, like any man.

She squeezed his shaft by constricting her ass cheek muscles. That was different from her bouncing and sliding around over it, and she loved it even more. HNNG! Have mercy! Mercy! It's all too great!

She stopped that and tried to reassert her willpower. I am NOT going to let myself get carried away. I REFUSE to let myself become just another one of his sexy sluts!

Oh, fuck. Who am I kidding? That's exactly what's happening. This is so discouraging and depressing. And yet... I love it! If the kissing and fondling had been any hotter, I would have literally burst into flames! Damn Alan and his sexy ways and his... his big dick!

That reminded her of the fact that her bare butt was resting right on top of his very stiff boner, staying still for once. She gave it another tight squeeze with her ass cheeks. Doing that made her feel so good that shivers ran down her spine. Dammit, it's just too big! The damn thing is gonna make me cum! She tried to "punish" it for its arousing largeness by giving it another squeeze. And then another.

Those ass squeezes made Alan shiver with lust too, but he didn't have any time to think about it because Amy kept talking.

She said, "Mostly, we've been working on handjobs and blowjobs. But we've been talking about all kinds of stuff. She gets all, uh, unhappy, about the fact that you've got so many girlfriends. But she's trying to deal with it. I mean, look how she's here talking to us while sitting on your big fat dick! Can you feel how she's repeatedly squeezing it with her muscular ass cheeks? Silly me, of course you can. That's pretty cool, if you ask me."

Christine had to resist the temptation to slap herself in the face again, or better yet, slap Amy's face. She was highly annoyed at Amy's blunt honesty. She wanted to deny that she was sitting on his "big fat dick," and frequently squeezing it as well, but she couldn't because that obviously was exactly what she was doing.

Somehow, all the talk about sitting on his dick made her unconsciously squeeze it some more with her strong ass cheeks. In fact, it felt so good that she started rhythmically squeezing it in a very conscious and deliberate way.

He was forced to resort to his PC muscle tricks to keep from coming.

She kept squeezing and shifting her weight over his erection, which felt nearly as good for him as real fucking.

She didn't know what real fucking felt like, but she loved what she was feeling. She thought, What is it with penises? Especially his penis. His dick! His COCK! I swear, it's just like I'm Superman and it's my kryptonite. I go weak in the knees and all my smarts and strengths go right out the window. All I want to do is play with the damn thing, dammit! Except I can't be Superman, since he's a man. It's more like I'm Wonder Woman, and... what's kryptonite for her? A long, hot, throbbing cock, that's what! A really thick one, like his, that can barely even fit in her mouth!

Christine on her knees in a Wonder Woman outfit whose bra cups have fallen from her big hooters, blowing Alan who is sitting in a chair by the pool

She suddenly had a vision of herself on her knees sucking on Alan's boner. Everything was exactly as it would be in real life at this moment, with Alan still in the same chair, except that she was wearing the Wonder Woman outfit Amy had in her closet, though her great melons were hanging free from it. Amy even remained nearby, sitting in her chair casually talking to Alan while "Wonder Woman" single-mindedly focused on blowing him. Alan occasionally stroked her hair as if she were a pet cat, but he otherwise seemed to take no notice of her or her cocksucking efforts. He was more interested in what Amy had to say.

She found this vision so arousing that she spontaneously started to cum. And that meant she was very powerfully aroused indeed, because she didn't cum that easily.

To her great embarrassment, her body twitched and shivered in an obvious way. If he couldn't see it, then he most definitely could feel it. She closed her eyes tightly, again going with the logic that if she couldn't see Amy, Amy couldn't see her. She knew that wasn't true, but it somehow reduced her monumental embarrassment, at least a little bit.

She made a nearly superhuman effort not to scream out loud, and she so wanted not to embarrass herself that she succeeded. However, she had no doubt that he could tell she was cumming, because she couldn't completely control her convulsing body.

She knew for sure that he knew, because he moved his hands from resting just below her tits and pinched both her nipples at the same time. Clearly, he was trying to take her peak to an even higher level.

She'd been doing a good job of at least not increasing her humiliation by screaming or even just moaning like a bitch in heat, although her desperate panting was very telling. But his pinching was such an unexpected and extremely arousing surprise, applied at the perfect moment, that she couldn't help but finally shriek out loud. She wailed lustily and wantonly, like she was in the middle of getting royally fucked.

She thought she'd already been having a great orgasm, but his nipple play took it to a much higher level. ON NO! Dear God, NO! I can't control myself! I'm totally losing it! AAAAAIIIIIEEE!

Her multiple orgasm lasted for a seemingly very long time. She ended up screaming for more than half of that, to her utter dismay and humiliation. She considered her uncontrolled cumming to be a sign of weakness, a sign that she was solidifying his sexual hold over her. She was used to having total mastery of her body with her martial arts and athletic prowess, so the experience of having virtually no control was very humbling.


As Christine started to come down from her quivering high, Amy opened her mouth to comment. She was going to say something slightly teasing, like, "Someone here is having a pretty good time!"

However, Alan could see that coming and shook his head 'No.' He didn't want to increase Christine's embarrassment any further. He'd realized that a little embarrassment and humiliation increased her arousal, but too much could have the opposite reaction, and he figured that Christine had been pushed about as far as she could go at the moment. He didn't want anything to mess up what he hoped could be a long afternoon of sexy fun with both Christine and Amy.

Christine whimpered. Oh God! I'm being defeated just as surely as if he kicked my ass. I'm utterly helpless! All I can do is sit here leaking cum and gasping for air while he brazenly fondles my nude body some more! Will the indignities never stop?! She was being dramatic with her thoughts when in fact all those "indignities" helped make her hotter than molten lava.

Her heavy panting was making her massive globes heave up and down. Alan was behind her so he couldn't appreciate the view, but Amy certainly could. Amy had to struggle with all her might to keep her eyes on Christine's face most of the time. But the sight of Christine lightly bouncing in Alan's lap was so arousing that Amy dropped a hand into her own lap and surreptitiously masturbated herself.

Christine, though, still had her phobia about the size of her clitoris. It was bigger than normal, certainly, but in her mind she thought it was freakishly huge, to the point of being a deformity, and so she tried to hide it from everyone as best she could. The reason why she was willing to go completely naked today was because Amy had come up with the idea of covering Christine's pussy area with shaving cream. That had kept Amy from seeing Christine's pussy lips or her big clit

Since Alan had arrived, Christine had been so distracted by her extreme arousal that she hadn't given any thought to, or worried about, him noticing her unusually large clit. But she'd rubbed her pussy and clit all over him like a bitch in heat, and the shaving cream was long gone. In fact, much of the rubbing had been directly against his erection! He'd briefly wondered what was causing such a soft, creamy sensation.

Since then, while sitting in his lap, she'd used her hand to cover her pussy from his view. But she was so extremely aroused that she was secretly fingering her clit more often than not, since her fingers were already covering it.

It was only now, as she came down from her tremendous erotic high, that she took stock and realized that her fingers only felt a few lingering traces of shaving cream on her pussy, just enough to remind her that it was now absent. She started to get panicky all over again. The idea of squirting more shaving cream on her pussy while Alan was right there under her was a non-starter, since she couldn't do that without him noticing. Oh NO! SHIT! Shit, shit, shit, shit! I can't let Alan see my clit, for anything! He'll think I'm some kind of hermaphroditic freak!

In truth, her fears were wildly exaggerated. Her clit wasn't big enough to make one think of a penis, but she wasn't rational about it. Her entire body tensed up and her face showed fear. She brought a second hand to her pussy and carefully covered the entire area. She tensed up, which caused her ass cheeks to squeeze Alan's throbbing pole yet again.

Alan couldn't see Christine's face since he was still sitting behind her, but when he felt her body tense, he assumed she was growing uneasy due to the awkward silence. He tried to start a conversation by abruptly changing the topic. "It sounds like you two have been having a fun time. I wish I could hang around, but, unfortunately, I can't stay long. I'm supposed to go over to Gloria Rhymer's in a little while."

Christine felt like she was a balloon that had just been popped. She was crushed to hear that he had to go, and the prospect that his departure would help her keep the size of her clitoris a secret was small consolation.

But at the same time, a surge of jealousy welled up inside her as she imagined what he and Glory would be doing. You're kidding me! He's just going to up and leave me now, to be with one of his other sluts?! His teacher slut! Now my shame is truly complete! He knows that his hold over me is so complete that I might gripe about it, but there's nothing I'll do about it! What can I do?! The way he makes me feel is simply UNREAL! That was the best orgasm ever, and I'm sure it gets even better from here!

I'm so fucking pathetic that I'll probably just sit around and wait for him to come back. Wait with Amy while he goes off to FUCK Ms. Rhymer! Gaawwwd, I'm cursed! Cursed to suffer!

Luckily, he could see that jealousy coming. He did a mental check and realized that Christine knew he and Glory were an item since she'd followed the two of them to the beach, and of course Amy knew everything already, so he could talk freely about his relationship with his teacher. "Before you get any ideas, we're just going to talk. In fact, Suzanne is already there, so it's all on the up-and-up. The two of them are leading the strategizing on how to deal with the fallout from yesterday's fight, so it's gonna be pretty boring stuff. But if you two are willing to stick around, I can come back here as soon as is practical afterwards and we can continue from where we left off."

She thought, PHEW! That's a relief! At least he respects me enough to save me from that particular indignity. It's humbling though, because he could have done that. Still, I'm not going to think about it. I'm going to rejoice! He wants to be with me! I'm the one sitting naked in his lap, with his incredible cock sliding in my ass crack! All of his other lovers can go to Hell!

Christine sitting nude on a nude Alan's lap, her legs straddling his while she rubs her ass crack along his stiff dick, with a copiously leaking pussy, while he has both hands fondling her boobs and she has one hand up caressing the back of his head

She was surprisingly elated to hear he wasn't going to have sex with Ms. Rhymer after all. She smiled brightly and "rewarded" him with a new move: she managed to raise and lower her entire body, which caused her ass cheeks to slide up and down his boner. But at the same time, she was able to rhythmically squeeze it with her ass cheeks too. Not a lot of women would have been able to do that, but her athletic prowess was paying dividends.

Alan had never taken his hands off Christine's breasts once he started pinching her nipples. He'd stopped the pinching, but he continued to caress and fondle them from underneath in what he hoped was a "supportive" and reassuring way.

Christine's non-sexual persona took charge. She was very interested in that kind of strategizing, and she believed him because it was something that needed doing right away. She slowed her anal gymnastics in order to focus on talking. "Hey, that sounds like something I should be a part of. Can I come too?"

He could see Amy quipping something to the effect of, "Haven't you cum enough already?" He preempted that by giving her another stern look, resulting in an entirely too innocent "Who me?" look in return. He couldn't help but smile a little bit at Amy's irrepressible nature.

He definitely didn't like the idea of Christine tagging along with him, since he was planning on having sexual fun with Glory afterwards, despite what he'd just told her. (He figured he could be more honest with her later, once she'd grown accustomed to the situation.) But he knew that if he tried to put his foot down about it, it would only increase Christine's suspicion that he would be doing something just like that. So, as he idly twisted her nipples, he said, "If you want, sure. However, if you do, you should call them first and see if it's okay. You do have a tendency to uh... um, how can I put this?"

Amy bailed him out. "Christine, please don't think I'm a meanie, but I think Alan is trying to find a diplomatic way of saying that you can be something of a busybody know-it-all sometimes. If you go to that meeting, you're probably gonna take charge and do all the talking. But the thing is, you don't know a tiny fraction of what they do about all the legal stuff and school bureaucrat-y stuff."

Christine frowned, and then slumped in defeat. She stopped her ass movements altogether. "Am I really that bad?"

Alan's hands casually caressed the undersides of her perfect round boobs. He was having a lot of fun, but he also had a lot of recent tit fondling experience, and he knew just how to drive her wild with his touches. In response to her question, he also tilted his head and kissed the side of her neck. "Christine, we think you're great. We're your friends. Your passion for truth and justice and zest for life are some of the things that make me desire you so much. I can see you're sexually passionate in the same way. But in this meeting, I think I wouldn't want you to be there, to tell you the truth."

She slumped a little lower in his lap, because she reluctantly realized that he was right. Well aware of what his hands were doing, she asked, "Is it that, or is it merely your passion and zest for my big boobs?"

He chuckled good-naturedly. "That too..." he admitted. Then he playfully pinched and twisted her nipples a bit, making her squeal in mock distress. He kept on kissing and licking her neck as well.

She relaxed against him and enjoyed what he was doing. It was all so great that she felt like she was flying through the sky.

She thought, This is quite possibly the most bizarre thing of all: I'm sitting here on his lap, his dick still deeply wedged between my ass cheeks, his hands having a field day on my chest, and with Amy sitting there naked too and watching all the while - and yet, I'm relaxed! My heart finally stopped racing in the wake of that orgasm and now I'm positively mellow. I could do this all day, hanging out in his lap, talking and touching, and rocking on his dick. I am still worried about my big clit being discovered, but I should be okay as long as he's behind me, or I keep my hands over my pussy.

She hadn't squeezed his erection with her ass cheeks for a while, but now she gave it another firm squeeze. He groaned in surprise, which made her heart soar. She squeezed it again, and was rewarded with another sexy groan from him.

She thought, This is fun! I don't even mind much that Amy is here anymore. Well, except for the fact that whenever she opens her mouth, she says the most embarrassing things. If it were anyone other than Amy, there'd be no way. I would totally freak. But she's so accepting. It's like we've been doing this for years.

And what IS the deal with penises? Alan's penis is my kryptonite, there's no doubt about it. I feel so weak right now. I feel weaker than a newborn kitten, but it feels GOOD! I fought some big football players yesterday and I didn't even break a sweat doing it. But one little tube of flesh makes me go weak in my knees! I hate it, but I love it. I feel so safe and loved in his arms, and between his roaming hands and his big dick lodged in my ass crack, I'm riding this perpetual erotic high that I never want to see end. This is heaven!


Amy said to Alan, "That's a big bummer, that you have to go. When can you come back?"

"I don't know," he replied honestly. "Frankly, I have no idea what plans and schemes those two are coming up with. It could take a little while or a long while. I'm totally clueless. But we can talk on the phone and stay in touch about it. But let's suppose I'm going to be gone an hour or two, probably more like two. If that's the case, Christine, do you mind hanging out here until I come back?"

Christine nodded somewhat uncertainly. She didn't want to say anything for fear that she would sound far too enthusiastic. Truth be told, she was willing to wait a lot longer than that, if need be.

Amy cheerfully told Christine, "Coolio! Coolio in the swimming poolio. Speaking of which, there's lots we can do. We can swim in the pool, chill in the hot tub, and run around the yard in our birthday suits. Maybe we can play some nude tennis in the court down the hill." She nodded over her shoulder at her family's private tennis court, which was through the trees behind her and mostly out of sight.

"Amy!" Christine complained, but she was amused since she knew that even Amy was joking about those last two things. She's such a kidder. At least, I'm pretty sure she's kidding. Although, I can easily imagine her running around the yard in the nude, chasing butterflies. She's like the original flower child.

Amy was all smiles. "Kidding! Of course we won't have time for nude tennis, 'cos we'll mostly be busy with more blowjob practice."

"AAAAAMMMMY!" Christine complained again, except this time she was really annoyed. "Do you have to keep talking like that?" Sheesh! It's like she's trying to embarrass me.

"Why not? It's way superrifically fantabulous, like I keep telling you. You're gonna love it, I promise! There's nothing better than having Alan's BIG THICK COCK in your mouth, sliding your lips all over it, running your tongue up and down it. Mmmm! Yummy! I'd totally want to blow him right now if his dick wasn't all wedged into your ass crack."

Christine wondered with alarm how Amy knew that, since the table and Christine's body blocked any clear view. But then she realized that was the most likely place for it to be, especially considering the way she sometimes rocked back and forth on it. She felt her pussy tingle and her mouth water a little from hearing Amy go on about how "yummy" it was to suck on Alan's stiffness.

She felt like she was sitting on an iron bar that had come straight from a smithy's furnace. She deliberately shifted her weight back and forth on it, and then bounced on it some. She didn't even care anymore if Amy noticed her obvious rocking body motions.

Alan groaned loudly as his arousal soared yet again. He had to resume his PC muscle moves.

Christine grinned wickedly. She loved making him groan like that. She kept on rocking on him in a subtle but very arousing manner. YES! This is such fun! I wish someone would have shared with me just how great sex is. I love it when I make him too horny to even breathe!

He reached up to still her suddenly wildly bouncing boobs, but that quickly (and happily) turned into more kneading and nipple play.

Christine wanted to laugh out loud. Oh no! Now he's making ME too horny to breathe! Well, I'm not done with you, mister!

Amy wondered why Christine's fantastic breasts were swaying and jiggling in Alan's hands more than before. Then she grinned when she thought about Christine bouncing up and down on Alan's dick. That was the only logical reason for the blonde bombshell's entire body to be moving around so much.

Pretending not to notice that, she went on, "In fact, I say enough talking! Christine, you and I have been talking about cocks, but now we have a real live one to play with! And not just any cock, but Alan's super suckable yummalicious cock! We should practice a little bit with his tasty fat cock before he goes, just so you can start to get the hang of it. Isn't that better than a peanut-butter-covered dildo?"

Alan couldn't see Christine's expression, but he could feel her body tense in his lap. He said, "Aims, please don't push her. Not everyone is the same as you."

"M'kay. Shoot." Amy looked at the table with such sadness and disappointment that Alan wanted to kiss and hug her and reassure her until she smiled again. But he couldn't do that with Christine in his lap.

Christine said, "Thank you, Alan. I can't even begin to tell you how impossibly weird just sitting here like this is for me."

She thought again about her big clit, and was suddenly hit with the fear that Alan might have noticed how large it was when he was rubbing against it. She grimaced, and double-checked to make sure that her hands were keeping her pussy well covered. One hand had risen up to guide one of his hands back to her left nipple, but she brought it back down so that her entire pussy area would be thoroughly covered by both hands.

Then Amy asked eagerly, "Well, what if I blow him, and you can watch and learn from close up? It would be, like, totally educational!"

Christine had to think about that. She got very excited imagining lips sliding up and down his pole, and she bounced some more on the stiff dick underneath her in response. But then she realized she was imagining her lips doing that, not Amy's. She wished she could be hip and accepting enough to say yes, but she felt that if she actually saw Amy doing anything intimate to his erection, she would be overwhelmed with jealousy.

Seeing the frown on Christine's face, Amy could tell that that idea wasn't going to fly. So she asked, "What about if YOU blow him? Or at least give him a handjob. I don't have to look if you don't want me to. I can go inside for a while. It's just that it's kinda mean to leave him all blue balls-y. That's not nice."

Christine was even more tempted by that option. It helped that the way Alan was playing with her nipples, not to mention her bouncing on and squeezing of his boner, was rapidly bringing her to another great climax. But she wanted her first handjobs and blowjobs with him to be something special and not rushed, with Alan having to hurry to Glory's and Amy waiting impatiently inside the house.

Seeing Christine continuing to frown, Amy mumbled dejectedly, "Awww. Bummer."

Alan had stayed silent, hoping against hope that Christine might agree to either of those last suggestions. But seeing that she didn't, he said, "Don't worry, that's okay. I'll survive. Truth be told, blue balls isn't the end of the world. My erection will go down in a few minutes anyway, once I'm out of sight of you two stunning beauties." Sensing that it was time to go, he wiggled his body a little bit until Christine got the idea and stood up so he could maneuver himself out from under her.

However, three things happened then. One, Christine suddenly felt empty and dissatisfied because her body had lost its intimate contact with Alan's. She was still extremely horny and didn't want him to go. Two, Alan pulled his swimsuit all the way back up, covering his stiff erection. This made Christine feel even more disappointed. She'd gotten quite comfy with his hot and throbbing hard-on wedged in her ass crack, and it felt strange to be standing up without it there. To see it disappear completely was worse. And third, it occurred to her that maybe the reason Alan didn't seem to mind very much about leaving without an orgasm was because he could get plenty of sexual help where he was going.

A view of Christine's groin, including her big clit and leaky pussy

Jealousy surged within her, and she spoke to him without thinking. "Are you REALLY going to a meeting about how to deal with the fight fallout? Or maybe you're just gonna get it on with BOTH Mrs. Pestridge and Ms. Rhymer!" Forgetting about covering her big clit, she defiantly crossed her arms under her tremendous rack.

Alan sighed and rolled his eyes. "Look, that's not gonna happen. If nothing else, Glory is just like you. She's not into sharing, and she's not in any way into sex with women either. I respect her feelings on all that. Ask her yourself if you don't believe me." That was true enough, but he wasn't really being honest since he didn't mention the likelihood of something happening when he would be alone with Glory after the meeting.

Christine was terribly conflicted. She was shy and lacking self-confidence when it came to this kind of situation, but her entire body continued to hum with arousal. She started to get down on her knees, which was an extremely inspiring and hopeful sight for Alan. Dammit! Earlier today Mom said, "Just do it! Go for it! Let your hair down and have some fun while you're at it!" She also told me that "Sex is a wonderful thing that's meant to be enjoyed." She's right! This is my moment!

But then she quickly stood back up. She was still too intimidated by the prospect of stroking his erection. She said, "No, Amy, you do it. A handjob only, please."

"Oh goody!" Amy quickly came around the table and dropped to her knees as if she were going to give him a blowjob. But she only pulled his swimsuit down and started stroking his stiff pole.

Christine stood right next to her watching. She'd asked Amy to do this, but she felt such a powerful flash of jealousy passing through her that she almost literally saw red. She had to close her eyes because the sight of Amy's hands sliding up and down Alan's shaft was too painful to take. She could feel real pain in her chest. Dammit! That's MY cock! MY responsibility! He's MY man! So she cried out, "No! Wait! I'll do it."

Amy shot her a challenging look of "Are you sure?" before she gave way. She felt that as far as her plan to corrupt Christine went, this was even better. She was all smiles as she stood up. "Cool beans!"

Christine again dropped to her knees. Her heart seemed to pound so hard and so loudly that she felt like it could be heard all the way down the street. Mom said don't waffle or overthink things. "Just do it! Go for it!" She quickly took Alan's erection in her hands before she could chicken out again. She peeked at its length briefly, but that was too scary, so she kept her eyes tightly shut.

Her heart was pounding so hard that she could hear it thumping in her ears. Her entire body was trembling. This was extremely difficult for her. She was tempted to let go and give up, and maybe even run away. But she knew it was a pivotal moment, and that if she could get past her initial fear she'd be okay. She clung onto his boner like her life depended on it.

Amy stood directly behind Christine and put her hands on her shoulders, like she was going to give her a neck massage. She said enthusiastically, "You can do it! Heck, think about the way you and I were rubbing his cock between our bodies. Or how you were humping and grinding on it all on your own. Or the way you were sitting in his lap and bouncing and sliding all over it. You've already done it! You're a super great cock-pleaser already. Using your hand instead is no big deal."

Christine, nude, giving Alan a two-handed handjob while a nude Amy stands behind her with her hands on Christine's shoulders

Christine grimaced at those embarrassing reminders of what she'd already done. I pulled his swimsuit down as soon as he arrived, and I've been constantly rubbing his cock ever since. What would the other Goody-Goody girls think of me if they could see me kneeling here with Amy touching me and Alan's massive erection burning in my trembling hands?! This is NOT how I thought things would go, to say the least! But it's just too much fun to stop myself!

She grimaced at the daunting task in front of her. Do it! Just do it! No fear! She started to stroke, but her movements were mechanical and nervous.

Still, she marveled at the fact that she was actually holding his thick erection in her hands. It was one thing to rub various body parts against it, but it was totally different to feel it with her sensitive fingers. Her pussy and nipples tingled with arousal and her heart pounded wildly. She was so giddy and excited that she still was completely forgetting about her "need" to cover her fully engorged clit.

Amy stayed right there, essentially giving Christine a neck massage. She muttered encouragingly, "That's it! You can do it!"

About a minute passed, with Christine stroking steadily. However, the look on her face made it seem more like she was suffering from some grievous wound, as she gritted and ground her teeth.

She tried to remember all her recent book learning about pleasuring a penis, as well as the many tips Amy had given her, but that only increased her nervousness. She felt like she had a thousand different techniques to try out, and she wanted to do them all at once. As a result, she couldn't do any, and mostly just held it and slid her fingers back and forth in the most basic way possible.

She thought, Shit! I'm fucking up! It feels so THICK and STRONG! I love just holding it. It's so HOT! But he has all these other gorgeous women and it's like they've got PhD's in penis pleasuring and I'm still in fucking kindergarten! Dammit, I should lick it or blow on it or SOMETHING, to show how special he is to me. I can't stand being incompetent at anything, especially this!

Her panic grew as Suzanne popped into her mind. Somehow, she knew that Suzanne not only looked fantastic, but had penis stroking abilities and experience that she couldn't hope to match.

Amy continued to mutter encouraging things like "You go, girl!" but Christine's head was so filled with worries that she wasn't really listening.

In desperation, she seriously considered slipping her lips over it. She hoped she could make up for lack of skill by the sheer surprise that move would create. She drew her mouth extremely close, and breathed on the tip from just an inch or two away. But his cockhead seemed impossibly large from that close up. Even just licking it seemed too bizarre to contemplate, especially since her panic was continuing to rise.

Amy could sense that Christine was about to give up. She knelt behind her and whispered directly in her ear. "It doesn't matter how good you do! It really doesn't! Alan loves YOU! He loves everything about you. Anything you do to his cock, he's gonna love it, just because it's YOU who's doing it! You don't have to hit a home run your first time at bat. Just relax and get to know it."

Those words were exactly what Christine needed to hear. Thank you, Amy! Thank God for her. She's right! She closed her eyes and performed some martial-arts mental exercises that were designed to calm her mind and ready her body for action.

Amy dropped to her knees. She reached around and ran her hand over Christine's abdomen to sense whether the blonde was calming down. Realizing that she was, Amy brought that hand back to Christine's shoulder and cooed, "Good... good... We've gonna tackle this together. I'm your friend, and I've got your back. Literally!" She patted Christine's back, and giggled. "His cock feels good in your hand, doesn't it?"

Christine nodded. "Mmmm-hmmm." She did love holding it. However, her heart was pounding so crazily and everything was so intense that it seemed like the entire world was about to start spinning, so she had a hard time appreciating how it felt to handle his cock.

Amy purred in Christine's ear, "There, there. M'kay. Cool. Now, just move your fingers a little bit. Remember what I said about his sweet spot. It's impossible to go wrong with that; he loves any kind of touch there! It's the male equivalent of a woman's clit."

Christine resumed stroking Alan's erection, focusing on his sweet spot.

"Cool!" Amy suggested, "Forget all those books and special tricks. I'll tell you a secret: a handjob is super duper easy. Ninety-nine percent of it is just rubbing the sweet spot. That other stuff is like extra credit after you've already gotten an 'A'. As long as you keep doing that, there's no way he won't love it!"

Christine nodded and took another deep breath. Okay. Sweet spot. Keep rubbing the sweet spot. Easy! Forget that other stuff, and his other lovers. Stop stressing already!

Alan loved what he was seeing and feeling. But just to make sure that Christine got the message, he moaned quite vocally in response to just about anything she did.

A nude Christine on her knees, holding and fondling a standing Alan's cock with one hand and caressing her own breast with the other, while Amy is right behind her giving counsel with both hands on Christine's shoulders

Another minute passed. Christine felt encouraged. She was doing little more than just holding his shaft and tickling his sweet spot with a couple of her fingers, but the mere fact that she was able to keep doing this much felt like a victory to her. In fact, she was so emboldened that she opened her eyes again and stared directly at what her fingers were doing.

But that turned out to be a mistake. Keeping her eyes closed had been a smart decision, because it allowed her to remain detached, as if it were all just a dream. But when she suddenly saw Alan's long, thick, and raging cock mere inches from the tip of her nose, it was suddenly all too real and too much for her to take.

The wildly panting blonde abruptly let go of his hard-on and tried to stand up. FUCK! AAAAEEEE! Can't... can't handle it! Too much! She was so dizzy with lust that she had to tighten her abdominal and calf muscles to stand on her own. Everything was spinning.

Luckily, Amy was still right behind her. She got up too and hugged Christine from behind, helping her stay on her feet.

Once Christine had regained her balance and calmed her panic somewhat, she told Alan with dismay, "Sorry! I can't do it! I mean, I can... but this is just too weird. What with Amy here and you having to leave in a hurry and everything..."

She tried to regain her wits. Fuck! I'm not a quitter! I can do this! She spoke with new resolve. "Look. Let's try this again when you get back, okay? I... I'm sure I'll do better then." She winced and frowned. Inwardly, she felt like crying.

Alan pulled his swimsuit back up and tucked his still extremely erect dick away. He smiled and nodded. "Sure. Whatever you want. I feel lucky and honored that I get to be the first guy you deem worthy of being graced by your touch."

He said that with obvious and complete sincerity, yet with a hint of happy playfulness too. Then he grew more serious and tender still, and quietly added, "We can take things just as slowly as you want. There's no pressure at all. In fact, I'd prefer to go at whatever pace you're comfortable with, honestly. Amy's right that absolutely anything you do to me at all makes me happier than words can say, because you're the one doing it. There's zero pressure."

He was frustrated that she couldn't stroke him to completion, or at least allow Amy to do it. His prostate urgently craved release. However, he was capable of waiting if need be. It was a lucky thing that his penis was used to such a wide variety of stimulating experiences. Sudden starts and stops weren't unusual for him. Besides, he was confident he'd be sticking his dick in Glory before long. Then he could return here and let Christine take her sweet time getting used to him.

Christine nodded unhappily. She was glad about Alan's understanding attitude, but she was very disappointed in herself. She felt like she was some kind of freak (and that wasn't even considering her undue worries about her big clit). By that time she could rub her bare ass or stomach against his stiff cock easily enough, and with great enthusiasm, but when it came to holding and stroking it she got cold feet.


Alan stepped forward and kissed her and hugged her again. He whispered, "I heard what Amy told you, and it's true. I love you. And I love whatever you and I do to each other, if only because I'm doing it with you!"

Christine's heart soared and she swooned again. Bastard! How can he say that when he loves so many other women too? I should be mad. I should slap his face for getting my hopes up! But... he said he loves me! He LOVES me!

Within seconds, she went from helpless and nearly lifeless in his arms to kissing him with a ravenous passion. That turned into a full-on make-out session that significantly improved her unhappy mood.

Kissing him was something she could do without worrying or being too self-conscious, and she'd already grown to love it. As a result, she tried to make up for her "failed" handjob by giving their make-out session her all. She loved the way she'd rubbed her hips and even her pussy against his stiff cock earlier (without or with Amy doing the same thing), so she went back to doing more of that. But now that she'd held his dick for the last couple of minutes, it no longer felt like such a taboo to use her hand, so she held his erection in place and even stroked it a little bit.

She was encouraged, and not so nervous. For some reason this was actually a lot easier for her, with jacking him off being just one thing she was doing and not the whole show. Look at me! My hand is pumping up and down his hot shaft, no problem! This isn't so tough. We should have done it like this from the start, with him distracting me with his kisses and his talk of loving me. LOVE! Oh God, he loves me!

Since Alan merely had his hands on her back, she whispered hotly, "Hold my breasts! I love it when you do that! My breasts crave your touch!"

He could hardly resist that invitation, and fondled them with both hands while the passionate necking continued.

She moaned into his mouth loudly and erotically. Aaaaah! Even better! If this is what it's like to be one of his women, sign me up! I LOVE holding and stroking it, to be honest! I love being naked for him! And what he does... does... UNGH! To my body! She could feel an impending cum rising quickly.

But he did need to hurry to his meeting with Glory and Suzanne, so he broke free from the kissing after another minute or two.

Ironically, he had cut her off just before she could cum, similar to how she was leaving him orgasmically frustrated.

Christine and Amy giving each other obvious tongue

Amy immediately stepped forward and took over hugging and kissing Christine. She kissed her right on the lips.

Christine was so carried away with lust that she didn't worry much about the propriety of kissing and fondling another woman.

It helped that she could tell herself that she was doing it entirely for Alan's benefit. In fact, both of them were more focused on arousing Alan than each other, so they mostly kissed with their tongues visibly sticking out of their mouths, allowing him to watch the way their tongues "battled" each other.

Amy was less overwhelmed by everything, so she made sure to raise her own boobs and ostentatiously rub them against Christine's even larger ones.

Christine soon caught on. She knew for sure that he would love the sight of that, so she ably rubbed back while continuing to kiss. She even raised her tits just like Amy so they could deliberately rub their nipples against each other. She had to admit that although she was doing it for Alan, it felt incredibly pleasurable for herself. The "shameful" aspect of such brazenly lesbian activity more than doubled the intensity of her feelings, including both her humiliation and her erotic euphoria. I hope he appreciates how much I love him, because I'd never, ever do this for anyone else! Hell, I can't even believe that I'm doing it for him!

Alan thought, Fuck, man! Is Christine, like, bisexual? Maybe even just a little bit? Wow, that's so awesome! Or maybe she's just carried away by the moment? I do know that she's so worked up right now that she hardly knows up from down, so she's probably just caught in the moment, but still. This is way, way hot! Look at the way they're hefting their tits and directly rubbing their nipples together! WOW! Oh man, Christine totally has to wear a collar, and soon!

As he watched their tongues slide and lick, he imagined Christine with a black collar to match Amy's. Reality was already arousing enough, but that mental addition greatly increased his excitement.

Sensing that Alan felt the urgent need to walk away soon, Amy finally pulled hear head away from Christine's while continuing to embrace the blonde. She said, "Christine, that was GOOD! That was progress! You touched your very first real live penis! With your hands, even stroking it. You can totally build on that!"

Christine grinned just a little bit as she thought that over. "I did, didn't I?" Seeing the way his swimsuit was still lewdly tenting out, she said to him, "Um, maybe you should stay and we can practice this some more." Her heart pounded hard as she contemplated stroking and maybe even tonguing his thick erection for the next hour or two. She was still very freaked out by the thought of doing something like that, but she felt that she could manage it even if Amy were there to encourage and guide her. She could feel her pussy pulsing in time to her heartbeat, and her entire body seemed alternately numb or tingly.

He thought, Oh man! Torture! Why'd she have to say that?! And while she and Amy are still fondling and hugging each other, no less!

Christine and Amy made eye contact and somehow communicated without speaking. They both resumed hefting their own tits and rubbing them against the other's great rack. When they looked to Alan at the same time and saw his mouth hanging open in awe, they giggled together in triumph.

He said, "Man! Christine, you're killing me! You too, Aims. I'd love to stay a little longer, but I feel obliged to do the responsible thing. Suzanne and Glory have already started without me. I'd feel like a total heel if they do all this strategizing on my behalf and I stay here like a selfish lame-ass."

Christine nodded sadly, finally pulling away from Amy completely. She could understand that Alan needed to go, even though it disappointed her. But it also increased her respect for him, and that made her want him more.

Since he saw Christine staring blatantly at his crotch, he found himself staring at her crotch too, now that Amy's body wasn't in the way. It was the first time he'd had a good chance to look at her exposed pussy, since she'd either been rubbing it against him or covering it with her hands.

She suddenly realized where he was staring, and reflexively moved to cover up as fast as possible. OH NO! She blushed all over again. She was more embarrassed by the possibility of his noticing her "freakish clit" than she was by kissing and rubbing tits with Amy.

But he'd gotten a good long look and was already grinning like a fool. Without thinking, he blurted out, "Nice clit!"

She gasped. Her jaw dropped. "WHAT?!"

Afraid he might have offended her, he hastily tried to explain. "I said, 'Nice clit!' Sorry to offend, but you probably have the sexiest clitoris I've ever seen. It's nice and big. I can hardly wait to nibble and suck on it."

Christine swooned again, very nearly passing out, she was so surprised to hear the praise for what she thought of as a deformity. He LIKES it?! No way! That's not possible! It's my secret deformity!

Luckily, Amy was still standing right next to the blonde bombshell after hugging and kissing her, so she swept her up, again preventing her from dropping to the ground. Amy giggled. "Whoa? What was THAT about, girlfriend?"

Christine wanted to explain all her fears about her oversized clit, but she didn't know where to begin. It was beyond the realm of her imagination that Alan or anyone else would actually like it. She feared it could be a deal-breaker, especially since his other women were all so very beautiful.

She just whispered in disbelief, "My clit..."

Amy was literally supporting Christine's newly limp and listless body, but she adjusted her grip so she could look down at Christine's clit and even touch it. She wiggled it playfully between two fingers. "Oh, look! O.B., you're right: it is a big one. Boy, Christine, you're soooo lucky. I wish I had one that big!"

Amy hugging Christine from behind, fondling Christine's clit with one hand and her breast with the other, while Christine reaches back to hug Amy's head

The blonde sexpot recovered a bit, and even tried to look back at Amy's face to make contact, even though Amy was standing right behind her. "You're lying! You have to be lying, both of you! Don't touch it, please! Please, I beg of you, just let me be!"

Amy kissed Christine's ear and blew into it, while also bringing her other hand down to fondle one of her massive globes. "Nope! Ain't gonna happen!"

Christine thought, It's all over! I tasted a little bit of Heaven with Alan, but why would he settle for someone freakishly deformed like me?! I'm sure he's going to tell me, "Let's just be friends."

Amy spoke encouragingly while continuing to diddle Christine's clit. "You're awesome all over, including your clit. Heck, ESPECIALLY your clit! Right, O.B.?"

"Definitely," he replied. "I don't even understand the problem. Bigger is better."

The blonde bombshell panted, "No, big is bad, for this!"

"Wrong!" Amy proclaimed defiantly.

Christine whimpered helplessly as another great climax ripped through her. It wasn't what Amy said that pushed her over the edge (although those words surprised her and delighted her), or the other ways that Amy was touching and caressing her; it was the way that Amy kept pushing and wiggling her super sensitive clit.

She didn't scream, but just slumped in Amy's arms again. Her eyes even briefly rolled to the back of her head as she struggled just to stay conscious.

Amy was still holding her tightly, so she was forced to let go of Christine's clit to hold her up with both hands when Christine slumped backwards again. Trying to act like how she'd touched her was no big deal, and Christine's obvious orgasm was of no consequence either, she said cheerfully, "Don't worry, you and I can hang out and have lots of fun until he comes back. And more practice too. And Katherine should be back soon, and the three of us will have a great time."

Amy turned Christine around in her arms until they were face to face. Then she kissed her on the lips again.

Christine was still so horny that she didn't think, and kissed back with as much enthusiasm as Amy was kissing her.

Amy's hands dropped to her ass, and Christine's hands dropped to Amy's ass. They fondled asses vigorously and also pressed their big tits and pussies against each other. Since Christine's clit was extra large, it was easy for her to get stimulation when rubbing it against Amy's skin.

It was only when the kiss ended after a minute or more that she realized that Alan was still standing there, watching. Even though she'd kissed Amy in front of him earlier, she'd forgotten to feel shame. The exposure of her clit had reawoken her sense of shame, so she fretted about the kissing too. She dropped her head and closed her eyes again. Oh no! Not again! What a great day, but what a nightmare day too. He must think I'm a lesbian freak! A big-clitted, penis-phobic, lesbian, official-girlfriend-kissing freak!

Alan was all smiles as he asked about the girl-to-girl kissing. "Nice! So what's that all about?"

Amy said happily, "We've been practicing kissing!"

Christine grumbled, "Someone please shoot me now. Alan, tell me you didn't see any of that!"

He put a hand on her shoulder encouragingly. "Oh, come on, Christine. I'm a guy. You know I love that kind of thing. But don't worry; I know you're not a lesbian or bi or anything. You were just carried away in the moment, right?"

She nodded her head most emphatically.

"Besides, lots of women kiss on the lips without it meaning anything serious. It's cool, really. Actually, I love it! Look what it does to me."

Christine opened her eyes to see what he was referring to.

To her shock, he'd pulled his swimsuit down again, exposing all of his dick and balls yet again. And he was stroking his thick, hard shaft to show how aroused he was.

The thing was, she'd rubbed all over his dick for many minutes earlier, but that close, she hadn't had a chance to get a good look at it. (When she'd tried to give him a handjob, she'd been so close that it was too much for her to bear, and she'd kept her eyes closed much of the time, up until the last few seconds.) But now she stared at it for a long moment. She found the sight so arousing that she very nearly fainted again.

Luckily, hot thoughts about his hard-on pushed her worries about her clit out of her mind, at least for the moment.

Amy wrapped her arms around Christine again, and said, "Look! Look at my Official Boyfriend and his great big cock! Doesn't that just make you hot? It makes me totally super duper double way hot! Let's kiss again! Let's seriously make out and show him just how hot two of his sluts can get!"

Christine and Amy kissing closely, boob to boob, in front of Alan while he jacks off

Christine had no real resistance when Amy resumed French kissing her. But mentally, a part of her was outraged. "Two of his sluts?" Aaaaamyyy! Don't say that! Maybe you consider yourself one of his sluts, but not me! Never! In fact, I'm not even enjoying this!

She's called herself one of Alan's sluts in her critical thoughts to herself a number of times. But it was very different to hear Amy use that word out loud.

She mentally took stock of what was happening. Amy had started the kiss with a rather unusual level of aggression, even grabbing her wrists to make sure she didn't let go. Christine was mortified about the fact that Alan was watching, now that she was hung up on her shameful feelings again, and she was determined not to give the impression that she was fully partaking in such "lesbian" activity. But it wasn't too many seconds before she was kissing with the same total abandon as Amy.

Furthermore, the two gorgeous girls weren't just kissing; their hands were roaming all over, and in the most forbidden areas. Somehow, Christine managed not to put her fingers in or on Amy's pussy, but she tried to make up for it by caressing Amy's big tits and ass with gusto. She told herself she was doing it to get Alan too aroused to leave immediately.

Amy, though, felt no such need for restraint. She had been avoiding Christine's pussy in deference to Christine's concerns about too much "lesbian" contact. But now she felt that diddling Christine's oversized clit could help Christine get over her phobia about it. So Amy was actually making a point of touching her there quite a lot.

Amy's intimate clit touching was having an impact in convincing Christine that Amy truly wasn't repulsed by it. But more than that, it was driving Christine insane with arousal. It felt many times better than when she touched herself there.

Christine tried hard to keep a cool head. She had to concede, Okay, I am enjoying this. Too much, dammit! But it's, uh... it's not Amy. It's Alan! Actually, she'd gotten so carried away that she'd completely forgotten about Alan for a few moments, but after reminding herself, she looked his way and saw him standing a couple of feet away, masturbating openly.

Oh God! Oh God! No! Up until that moment, she'd been flailing around for an excuse to explain why she was riding up to orgasmic ecstasy (yet again already, thanks to Amy's clit stimulation). But now that she took a good look at what he was doing to himself, it wasn't just an excuse anymore. She was transfixed by the sight of his stroking fingers, even as she and Amy kept on kissing and fondling. No! Please, no! Too hot! Great big hot COCK! Oh, Alan! I love you! I want that! I want to touch it! I want it in me!

Oh no! Not that! Not that, not yet! But if he just, if he just... cums! What if he cums, right now?! Of course he won't because he's no ordinary guy - he's Alan! - but what if he did? Oh God! That huge cock of his would spurt cum everywhere, and with the way he's pointing it, it would cover Amy and me! Oh God! Cover me in cum! Cover US! Your hot teen sluts!

(She had a vague sense that she wasn't supposed to be having that last thought, but she was so far gone that she couldn't remember why.)

As if all that wasn't already exciting enough for Christine, Amy was relentless about playing with her ass crack as well as her clit, practically driving the busty blonde mad with lust.

Needless to say, Alan was having an incredibly great time just watching and stroking himself. He liked the fact that Christine was obviously new to kissing busty girls, because her massive rack kept getting in the way of Amy's nearly-as-sizable bust in the most visually delightful ways. (His other women, such as Susan and Suzanne, generally stood with their feet further from each other when they kissed so they'd have more room for tit play.) Their mouths had to stay close for the kissing, which meant that sometimes Christine's tits were stacked on top of Amy's, sometimes it was the other way around, and sometimes they pancaked together, with hard nipples frantically rubbing against each other. He could easily have cum at any moment, but he didn't want the fun to end, plus he wasn't sure where to aim his cum if he did lose control.

Suddenly, it was too much for Christine to take, if only because she had forgotten to breathe and ran out of air, even as the hot kissing continued. In fact, she was on the verge of hyperventilating. She broke away, using her strong arms to push Amy's shoulders back (although their full racks continued to rub against each other in a very delightful manner). She looked at Alan's erection and his stroking hand with a mixture of unbridled desire and dismay.

Seeing that she was overwhelmed, he stopped his stroking. He wanted to be a gentleman and also not push her too far too fast, so after a few more moments spent enjoying the view, he even pulled his swimsuit back into place.

Amy also backed off some. She kept Christine in her embrace - she'd concluded that Christine didn't mind that, due to the way that Christine was still kneading her ass cheeks - but she refrained from any more kissing or overt fondling, at least for the moment.

Christine's big tits heaved up and down, constantly rubbing into Amy's, as she groaned and panted with arousal. A minute or so passed before she was able to bring her breathing largely under control.

Finally, she managed to rip her gaze from the erection-shaped bulge that distended Alan's swimsuit, and looked at his face with worry. "I feel like I'm losing my mind! Too many... too many crazy and exciting things happening! If you had told me when I woke up today that I'd be kissing Amy, or sitting on your lap in such a shameful, naked way..." Her voice trailed off as she shook her head in disbelief.


Alan stepped towards her, put a hand under her chin, and gently tilted it up, forcing her to make eye contact with him. He smiled encouragingly. "Hey. Relax. You're a girl who's never experienced true sexual joy, and now it's coming at you in a great big rush. It's a little bit scary, I'm sure."

She complained, "It's a LOT a bit scary!" She stared at the big bulge in his swimsuit with undisguised fear mixed with unabashed longing. It was straining so tightly against the red fabric that she could still see it throb.

Sensing what was coming next, Amy discretely disengaged.

Alan stared deeply into Christine's eyes as he said, "I can imagine. But we'll get through this together. You're going to be good at this, I can tell. In fact, you're good, no, make that great, at EVERYTHING you set your mind to. You just need to have more confidence in yourself. I promise you, when I get back, we'll have a great time. You won't regret a single moment. And we'll go at your own pace, so you can feel comfortable with everything."

She asked shyly, "You're not... you're not going to break up with me? Because of my... you know what?"


She turned her head away despite his hand on her chin, and blushed. "Don't make me say it!"

Amy clarified, "I think she's talking about her clit. Her big, lovely, neatoriffic clit."

He said, "Oh that? Are you kidding me? That's no matter to me. If anything, it's a plus, a big plus! I love YOU! You think I'd be put off if you had a little blemish somewhere? Which you don't. You can't get rid of me that easily!"

She suddenly lurched forward and kissed him on his lips. Once again, she channeled so much passion into it that it nearly knocked him over.

But just as suddenly, the kiss ended. As her hands drifted down to knead his ass cheeks one more time, she asked him, "Will you come back soon?"

He nodded.

"You promise?"

He nodded again.

That caused her to purr sexily, "Then go. But hurry back, dammit. Hurry!"

He nodded happily, while he reached up and lovingly caressed and squeezed her great tits yet again. The difference was, this time he was determined to focus all his attention just on them.

Christine moaned and bit her lip. She wondered if she could cum just from his talented tit play. It occurred to her that her clit was exposed for all to see, and that she wasn't even trying to hide it. That made her feel really good.

She asked him shyly, "Are you really okay with it? My clit, I mean? Is it really not too big? Or too weird? Don't you think that it's just like a little... penis?" It was almost like she wanted him to be bothered by it, so that all her years of worry would have been justified.

He just chuckled as he continued to let his hands roam all over her firm globes. He pinched both of her nipples at once, making her squeal. "You're so adorable. So strong, such a fighter. And yet there's this cute and vulnerable feminine side to you too. I love the noise you make whenever I do this." He pinched her nipples again, and sure enough, she squealed again.

"Hey!" she protested. She felt like he was treating her like his personal plaything, and that annoyed her. But it was all so arousing that she was loving it too. She couldn't help but look into his eyes and smile encouragingly.

He continued, "Of course I love your clit! I'll bet most women would kill for a clit like yours. You must get triple the stimulation, or even more."

Amy sidled up to Christine and ran her hands over the blonde's ass and backside. "It's true. Can we trade?" She giggled.

Alan sighed with longing. "God knows I'd love to stay, but I've really got to go." He bent over and kissed Christine's left boob. He liked that so much that he knelt down and kissed his way up to her nipple. Then he kissed and licked around there too.

Christine shivered all over as thrills ran up and down her spine. Help me! Mercy! Uncle! Stop! It's too much! And it just keeps getting better and better! But she didn't say any of that out loud because she didn't really want him to stop. She wondered how people could do anything sexual while standing up because her knees were nearly giving way yet again.

Alan mauling Christine's boobs while Amy watches enthusiastically

He kissed and fondled his way over to her right nipple, then kissed and licked it too. He even suckled on it a little bit, which caused Christine to moan out loud with pure arousal. The fingers on his other hand tugged on her other nipple.

He spoke to her right tit, and said, "I'll be seeing you later, Betty." Then he kissed her left nipple and said to that tit, "And you too, Veronica." He forgot which one he'd given which name previously, but he figured it didn't really matter.

Then he looked up into Christine's fiery eyes and said, "And you too, of course." He chuckled at that. Then he looked down at her sopping wet crotch. "And just wait until I get fully acquainted with YOU! Then the sparks will really fly. Well, I've gotta go."

Shivers ran up and down Christine's spine as she contemplated being fucked by him. Her pussy seemed to like the idea, as it tingled and throbbed. However, it was too exciting for her to think about for long.

He smiled at Amy, trying to thank her non-verbally for all her help. Then he turned around and walked back to his house.

As he walked away, he thought, Man! That just fuckin' blew my head off. That much pleasure shouldn't be legal, and I didn't even cum! To think: I came here just expecting to check in, say hi, and tell them I'd be back soon, and THAT happened! Heh! Dang, if only my classmates knew I was not only getting it on with Christine the supposed Ice Queen, and getting it on with sweet Amy, but that I was getting it on with both of them at the same time! They would either kill me or crown me king.

He thought about the fight from yesterday. Hmmm, let's not go there, 'cos they would probably kill me, especially if they knew I was boning Heather, Simone, and even Sis as well! DAMN, life is good!

Christine and Amy watched him go.

Amy muttered gleefully, "'Betty and Veronica?'" She playfully squeezed each breast as she named them.

Christine was embarrassed all over again. She ignored the pleasant squeezing, instead hissing "Hush!"

Once Alan was through the gate and out of sight, Christine felt as if all her energy drained from her. She was so overcome that she couldn't stay standing. She sighed heavily and slumped into the nearest chair. It just happened to be the one that Alan had been sitting in, and that sadly reminded her that she wasn't sitting on his lap anymore, nor feeling his stiffness nestled between her clenching buns. She was already longing for him so badly that it felt like a physical pain.

Amy knelt on one knee next to her so she could wrap an arm around her. As she did that, she said, "Hey! Why are you looking all bummed-y? I think you did great! You made major strides! Major, major strides! You're becoming a woman!"

Christine sighed even more heavily, which caused an alluring tit-quake. "I know. But that's the problem. I'm totally, completely, utterly, helplessly in love with him!" She looked to Amy for a significant reaction to what she thought was a dramatic confession.

But Amy just nodded as if she Christine merely stating the obvious.

Christine continued, "As if I didn't know it already, all that kissing confirmed it. I love him even more than before. I feel like I'd sell my soul just to make him happy. It's all fucked up!" She stared longingly at the gate where she'd last seen him leave.

"'Fucked up?' But that's good!" Amy knelt at her side in a way that let her make eye contact while still semi-hugging Christine's naked body. She smiled at her encouragingly.

"No it's not. You don't understand! He's got you, and Ms. Rhymer, and your mother, and that damn fucking bitch Heather, even! And who knows who else besides. And all I want is him. It's fucked up and imbalanced, and, dammit, it's NOT FAIR! I don't want to be just one of many women for him. I want to be someone special!"

She added wistfully in her mind, I want to be "the one!" I want him to be the ONLY man I'll EVER kiss! The only man I'll ever love!

Amy looked at Christine intently from mere inches away. "Then stop pussy-footing around. He LOVES you! I know that, and I'm cool with that. Right now, he's dipping his big cock in a lot of different honeypots. But if you're an awesome lover, he's gonna wanna be sexy with you a lot more, and a lot less with the girls he doesn't love or even really care about much."

Christine pointed out, "But there's you and the others. Some of whom he loves a lot too."

"I know. We can't live in a perfect world. A sexy, well-hung, and handsome guy like Alan, he's gonna fuck as many women as he wants. You can't change that. That's just a fact. I know it's weird that he has a harem and in a sense you'll just be one of his many conquests, but let me reassure you that he has special feelings for you. VERY special feelings. For instance, did you know that you're the ONLY one of his many lovers where he's given your boobies actual names?" Amy giggled. "Isn't that cute? I think that's super cute!"

Christine sighed. "I guess. And I am kind of flattered, but I'm more depressed. You just said 'many lovers.' I'm way more concerned that he has 'many lovers,' whether their breasts have names or not!"

"Well, you should be flattered. He's never given MY boobies names, and that bums me out. Look. I'm helping you out so much because I want him to be happy and I want you to be happy. You two love each other. You should celebrate that with lots of sex!"

"Aren't you worried I'll take some of his time and attention away from you?"

"Nah. I know how much he loves me. Besides, I have the Official Girlfriend title. His cock needs a LOT of special attention, as I'm sure you're starting to notice. I'd rather you help me with it than the likes of Heather."

Christine muttered, "I can see that. The problem is, I want him all for my own! But that's not going to happen, is it?"

"No, it isn't. Get that idea out of your head now and forever. But if you're super sexy and willing and a totally hot fuck, he's gonna spend a lot more time with you. So let's work on that."

Christine considered that. On the surface, it seems completely backwards. In all the popular media and personal stories that I know of, it's always the beautiful women who have all the men wrapped around their fingers. I've never had any lack of handsome guys drooling and panting over me; there's way too much of that. However, that doesn't seem to help with Alan.

Without thinking about it, she covered up her pussy since her "freakish" clit fears were still deeply ingrained and she knew that Amy could see it. She asked uncertainly, "So you're saying that instead of sharing him with a dozen women, if I totally blow his mind in bed, I'll only have to share him with, what... four or five?"

"Something like that," Amy replied with deliberate vagueness. That was the general idea, although the numbers were slightly off.

Christine thought back to how she'd felt when he was kissing her earlier. Damn! That was so great. I honestly can't live without that, without him. I NEED him! I just know in my bones that no other guy can do that for me. I've heard that kissing can show whether people are biologically compatible or not. When we kiss, I see stars! My body CRAVES his touch! Hell, I even love the way he constantly plays with my breasts.

She sadly looked down at her twin orbs and hefted them up, but, as usual, the touch of her own hands did almost nothing for her. Hmmm. For some reason, it's totally different when he touches me. But even all that aside, there's something extra special about him. That's why all these totally gorgeous girls like Amy - and let's be honest, Heather - are fighting over him. Hell, even sexually experienced older women like Ms. Rhymer and Mrs. Pestridge are totally hooked on him, because he's the best of the best.

I have to admit that when it comes to him, all the usual rules are turned upside down. All the women want him, and with good reason. He just rocked my world, again, and I'm sure he does the same to them, over and over. There's lots of them and just one of him. He gets to pick any woman he wants, and I should consider myself lucky that I'm one of the select few. But not few enough, dammit!

I get it, in theory, but it's just so humbling and frustrating in reality. I'm not made for this lifestyle like Amy is. I'm not good at sharing my man. I know I'm going to end up suffering, constantly. I can't wish away my jealousy. And yet I can't stop myself; I want more of him! More!

Just thinking about how Alan had fondled her tits and licked her nipples right before he left nearly made her dizzy. She couldn't even begin to imagine how pleasurable being fucked by Alan would be. The very thought of it was as arousing as Amy's fingers twisting her big clit had been.

She said with new resolve, "You're right, Amy. Let's do this. I wanna fucking blow his mind! AND blow his dick! Bring on the strap-on dildo and whatever else you want to do. I chickened out on practicing with that earlier, but I won't this time. I did stroke his penis just now, and it didn't kill me. In fact, I more than kind of liked it. I just kind of freaked out because I felt like there was too much pressure on me. But you're right - we can build on that. I'm ready to do whatever it takes. I love him with all my heart, and it's time I show it!"

"Yeay!" A very excited Amy leaned forward and kissed Christine on the lips.

Christine didn't resist, and happily dueled tongues with her new close friend. As they necked, she thought, Crap. Here were go again. I can't say I'm doing it for Alan's benefit this time, because he's not even here anymore. But, strangely, I don't mind. Despite all my intimacy with Amy today, I'm not worried about being bisexual, because I know that I'm not. Kissing Amy is nice, but kissing Alan is much, much better. Besides, seeing Amy doesn't make my heart go pitter-patter or make my mouth go dry, like seeing Alan does.

I've excelled in academics, martial arts, and other things because I've never been willing to settle for being second best. Kissing Amy was okay and even good, because it'll help make me a better kisser. By the time he gets back, he'll be AMAZED at what I've learned so rapidly!

For Christine had a new resolve: she would stop at nothing to win a prime spot in Alan's heart by the sexual use of her incredible body and mind. Her primary worry was that she lacked the sexual experience to succeed.


As Alan drove his car to Glory's apartment building, he was mentally kicking himself. He'd changed into his usual casual clothes of T-shirt and shorts (but no underwear), and he'd brought along a couple of CD's. He was listening to Devo's greatest hits, and the song "Uncontrollable Urge" came on.

Quoting the lyrics, he thought, "I've got an uncontrollable urge," all right. I've got an urge to turn the car around and let Christine practice her handjobs on me some more! What fucking torture was that, her telling me she wanted to practice some more right when I was ready to go?! Argh! I should win some kind of "good kid" Medal of Honor for being willing to leave her behind and come to this sucky, boring meeting. The only reason I had the self-control to do that is 'cos I know I'll be able to come back later and Christine and Amy will still be waiting for me. Thank God.

And thank God, by the way, for sweet, cute Amy. It seems that she's up to something with Christine. Whatever it is, I like it! Heh! I'm gonna have to give her a special thanks later.

I just hope this meeting won't take long, or I'm gonna cry over what I'm missing out on. But it's not all bad. The thought of spending some one-on-one time with Glory sounds pretty good too, especially since I've got this!

He looked to a bag he'd brought. There wasn't much in it except for the Televibe vibrator and a cell phone, which was needed to control the Televibe. He'd had the idea to bring the Televibe after hearing Glory mention it on the phone.

I have to keep going with my successful strategy of living in the moment. I can't be with Glory and be thinking about what I could be doing with Christine and Amy back home instead. I've gotta be there with her, 100 percent. That's what makes this all work: that I don't let my love for one of my women get in the way of my love for any other. Besides, there will be plenty of time to have fun with both of them before the sun goes down, just so long as this stupid meeting doesn't last forever.

But that was easy to say and hard to do. He couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened with Christine and Amy. He kept trying to will his penis back to flaccidness, but it seemed that as soon as he would succeed, another arousing memory would pop into his head and get him hard again.

He'd deliberately avoided seeing Susan on his way through the house to his car. He was so worked up from his fun time in the Pestridge backyard that he knew if he so much as looked at his mother, he would ravage and drill her until they were both completely satiated and sexually exhausted. And while that sounded great in theory, he was trying hard to be responsible and not be late.

However, now that he had safely "escaped," he realized he could use the cell phone he'd brought to call Susan and update her on what had happened with Amy and Christine, and he did. The only problem was that his mother got so excited hearing about his latest adventures and success that her excitement transferred to him, so that his dick stayed as hard as a steel rod for the rest of his drive.

When he got to Glory's apartment, he found a note on the door saying that she and Suzanne had gone to the pool, and to meet them there.

Taking his bag with him, he went back to the ground floor and found the pool. It was shared by everyone in the apartment building, so Glory and Suzanne weren't the only ones there. Still, they were trying to act like they were, lying on adjacent lounge chairs about as far away from everyone else as they could get.

Suzanne and Glory standing in front of a swimming pool in their red and yellow bikinis

He held his breath when he got near, because the sight of his two women as they stood and waved at him genuinely took his breath away. They both wore standard-sized bikinis, and not even particularly revealing ones, but they looked amazing and arousing just the same. Glory's was yellow while Suzanne's was bright red - it seemed they were color coordinating with their hair. But what especially blew Alan's mind and turned his dick rock hard in mere seconds was the fact that they were both wearing their black collars.

These collars were full of symbolic meaning, both for him and for them. He was suddenly reminded, Glory had been deep throating him when I'd collared her last night, and now she's wearing it in public! Just by looking at her collar on her neck reminds me of the feel of her lips and tongue, sucking on me, and the glorious sensation of her "swallowing" around me in the way that only she could to give me pleasure as I claimed her as MY woman.

I've been getting used to seeing my collars on my women around the house. But seeing one of them on Glory too, the teacher I've been in love and lust with for so long, reminds me that I really do have a harem of extremely beautiful and lovely women. And they're all mine!

Oh man! Does this mean that from now on, whenever I see her wearing her collar, I'm going to get an instant raging boner from thinking about her deep throating me while I put that collar on her? His worry turned to glee. Probably. But so what? I love her so much that I get hard whenever I see her anyway!

The two curvaceous women walked towards him when they saw him coming, and he gave each of them a kiss. Unfortunately, he had to settle for kisses on cheeks because there were a handful of people watching and he assumed that most of them lived in Glory's building. He didn't want to be the cause of bad gossip about her by French kissing her the way he felt she deserved to be kissed, then doing the same with Suzanne.

He smiled and stared at the way Suzanne's curly hair shone in the sun. It seemed more red than usual, somehow. He said, "My goodness! You two are a sight for sore eyes. Is this the photo shoot for next year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?"

Glory lightly punched his upper arm, even though she and Suzanne were obviously pleased by his comment. "Flatterer! Liar! We're just a couple of wrinkled old broads."

He admired Glory's blonde hair also as it shone in the sun, then dropped his gaze to her tanned and curvy figure. He longed to kiss her belly button and then kiss his way on down to her slit. "Are you frigging kidding me?! Glory, there's modesty, and false modesty, and then there's just all out bald faced lying. I think you ought to be thrown in prison for such an outrageous slander."

She grinned. "Well, okay, so long as you're the jailer." She would have been more careful with her comments, but she knew the others around the pool were out of earshot.

He shook his head, trying hard not to ogle their racks too much. His dick was hard and throbbing with need. "Man, am I gonna have a hard time concentrating during this meeting! Why are you two meeting out here? Are you trying to sexually torture me?"

Suzanne purred, "I wanted to have more of a festive mood, so I brought my bikini. Even though we're talking about serious things, I figured we could still try to make it fun. Besides, it seemed like a good chance to work on my tan."

Alan knew that she was lying about that last bit, because Suzanne didn't have a tan, nor could she really get one. He recalled from his childhood that she pretty much went straight from pale to sunburned. So he was puzzled about her true motivation.

Suzanne abruptly asked him, "So, what do you have in the bag?"

He held up the bag and looked at it. "Oh, this? Nothing. Just a private gift for Glory."

"Another one?" Suzanne asked. "I'm jealous. I've noticed that not only does Glory have a new collar, like me and all of your other favorite women" - she flashed a sexy smile - "but she has a nice new ring too." Her smile turned to a frown. "Did you give that to her?"

He quickly flashed his eyes to Glory's ring finger, confirming that she was in fact wearing her ring and that trying to deceive Suzanne would be quite futile. "Yes... I did," he admitted reluctantly.

Suzanne raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser." She didn't want to speak of it in front of Glory, but she was thinking about how Brenda had been given a new ring earlier in the day, and the rather unique way in which she'd been given it (and of course, about the "ring" she'd given Alan in return!). Suzanne already had a strong hunger for a ring of her own after she saw him give one to Brenda, but now she wanted one so badly that she could practically taste it.

Glory flung her arms around Alan and gave him a hug. "Well, I for one LOVE my new ring! Thank you, lover." She started to kiss him on the lips, but remembered that others probably were watching, so she kissed his nose at the last second instead.

She stepped back and sighed. "It's weird though." She fingered her black collar. "I understand that Susan, Amy, Katherine, and this Brenda woman also have been given collars like these. We've literally all been collared! It's like we've been enslaved to you."

Suzanne had been standing a few feet away, but she walked up to where Alan and Glory were standing and put an arm around Glory. She told her, "It's not 'like' we've been enslaved to him; we HAVE been enslaved to him. That's just how it is."

She turned her smoldering gaze to Alan's crotch. Then she reached out, stepped closer, and ran her fingers up and down the bulge in his shorts. "We all have been enslaved to endlessly serve and pleasure this little fella. Or rather, not so little fella." She seemed to lose her concentration as she lovingly caressed it. She whispered, "As Susan would say, MMMM!"

When Susan said "MMMM" it sounded like "MMMM." But when Suzanne said it, it sounded like she was in the throes of a wonderful climax. Her voice was an aural orgasm.

Suzanne grabbing Alan's dick that is bulging through his pants

Glory was shocked, but then she looked around and realized that Alan and Suzanne were standing close together in a way that prevented others from seeing what Suzanne's hand was doing. But still, the contact made her nervous.

Suzanne saw Glory's worried expression and reluctantly withdrew her hand. Looking back up, she continued, "I'll admit that I've struggled with it, and I know you're struggling with it now. But trust me, you'll make peace with it. I have. I'm still basically the same person I always was. The way I look at it, it's kind of like being married to him, except... shall we say... in an even more committed and intense way."

Glory nodded. "I know, I know. But I try not to think about it. I find it too depressing. I consider myself a modern, liberated woman."

Alan was silent, happily gawking at the two bikini-clad women. He loved the way they stood so close that their hips were touching.

"Well, you are," Suzanne said. "And so am I. We didn't suddenly turn Amish or something. Like I said, we're the same people we've always been. It's just that now we're part of his harem, and we're totally dedicated to serving his cock."

Glory shook her head in disbelief.

"What?" Suzanne asked. "Do you dispute that?"

"No, but..." Glory blushed.

"Nobody's holding a gun to your head. If you don't like the arrangement, you can take your collar and ring off and walk away at any time."

"No!" Glory said fiercely. "I've tried to break free, and it... didn't work." She looked at Alan and said with a smirk, "This damn kid has a grip on my heart."

He said, "If anyone is the sex slave here, totally dedicated to serving others, it's me to all of you. You're the ones with a grip on MY heart." He looked equally back and forth between them as he added, "I swear, I love you both so much that I can't conceive of my life without both of you in it."

Suzanne hugged Glory possessively, but she kept her voice low. "You hear that? And you wonder why a woman like me is PROUD to wear his collar and serve his cock!"

Somehow, just hearing these two women talking matter-of-factly about being his sex slaves was as arousing as a nice blowjob. He loved it, but his dick was suffering and needed release.

Glory, though, wasn't comfortable discussing such issues in a public place, even if nobody was close enough to listen in. She looked around with worry. "Please, let's not talk about this, especially out here. I know how things are, and there's no point in going on and on about it."

Alan said, "Yes, let's change the subject, please. I think the two of you must hate me because you've conspired to set up the perfect blue-balls cock tease. You're standing there in your super sexy bikinis and talking about being collared while WEARING your sexy collars."

Both Glory and Suzanne brought a hand to their necks and unthinkingly caressed their collars.

Glory thought, It's fucked up, because I feel a strange sense of pride about this damn strip of black cloth. How did I ever let one of my students collar and enslave me?! But I suppose it's too late to turn back now.

He added, "I'm dying here! And with all these other people watching I can't do anything about it. Then Suzanne even dares to stroke me, but only oh-so-briefly. And then on top of that, I'm supposed to talk about serious fight-related stuff? This is pure cruelty!"

Suzanne said matter-of-factly to Glory, "He's got a point. We should probably head back up to your apartment. You know how fair skinned I am. Even though I've been sitting in the shade most of the time, I've gotten all the sun I can handle today."

Glory nodded. "Good idea. Besides, I don't like these people looking at us. When we came here a short while ago, we were alone. Now we're starting to draw a crowd, and most of them are men."

"I wonder why," Alan said with a grin, while blatantly ogling Glory's and Suzanne's nearly naked bodies. Suzanne always got a lot of attention wherever she went, and it seemed that many of the new arrivals at the pool were exceptionally interested in her big breasts. But just as many were admiring Glory's firm and athletic "surfer girl" body. It was hard for any woman to compete with Suzanne in any circumstance, but Alan figured that Glory was getting more attention here since people in the building recognized her and were especially keen to finally see what she looked like without her clothes on.

The three of them walked back up to Glory's apartment.

As they rode up the otherwise empty elevator, Suzanne said, "Glory, there's one thing I want you to understand: you CAN belong completely to Alan and STILL be a strong woman. Look at me: I fully accept my enslavement, but do you see me groveling and cowering before him in some kind of 'yes, massa; no, massa' demeaning sort of way? No! I don't want that, and my Sweetie doesn't want that. I'm still fully capable of taking names and kicking ass, thank you very much, just like how we've been dealing with these fools who fought him."

Glory felt strange to be talking about this in an elevator, but she perservered. "To be honest, I'm having a hard time understanding how you can be both strong and submissive. I worry about drowning in submissiveness."

Suzanne took Glory's hand. "Don't worry; it's easy. I'll teach you. It helps that he's so understanding. For instance, I know he's in love with a strong Suzanne, not some mindless puppet." She winked happily at Alan.

The conversation stopped there, because the elevator had reached Glory's floor and they didn't want others to overhear. Suzanne and Glory walked down the hallway to Glory's apartment hand in hand and arm in arm. Glory felt giddy and tingly from the contact.

Suzanne politely pretended not to notice the effect she was having on Glory.

For his part, Alan lingered a couple of steps behind and contented himself with watching their bikini-clad behinds undulate enticingly in front of him as they led him towards the privacy of Glory's apartment.

He enjoyed the view, but then a thought came to him: Why am I just watching? These are my women. No, these are my collared sex slaves! FUCK! Such a rush, every time I realize that. Anyway, this is an empty hallway, so why not have a little fun?

He picked up his pace and abruptly inserted himself between his history teacher and his second mother. He wrapped his arms around their backs.

Both women happily adjusted to the new situation. Glory playfully teased, as if she'd never seen him before, "So, sailor, lookin' for a good time?" She wrapped her arm around his back.

Suzanne jumped on the easy pickup theme. As she also wrapped her arm around his back, she joked more crudely, using a funny foreign accent, "Sailor, you want fucky fucky? We love you long time!"

Alan cracked up at that, and both women did too.

Glory and Suzanne in thier bikinis and Alan in his swim trunks, walking away from the viewer arm in arm with Alan in the middle, with his hands on their butts, their adjacent arms around his waist, and their other arms akimbo

As he continued to grin, he possessively dropped his hands to their bikini-clad asses. He didn't feel like saying anything, so he kept his mouth shut.

However, the way he grasped their ass cheeks said it all. They were his women, his sex slaves, and they knew it.

He was mindful that Glory was skittish about public displays of affection, since this was her apartment building, so he just kept clutching onto her nearest ass cheek. However, as they reached Glory's front door, he furtively fingered his way between Suzanne's thighs, even slightly reaching her pussy lips.

She shot him a smoldering look, showing that she approved fully.

He thought, Fuckin' A! What a rush! I could totally take them into Glory's place and fuck the hell out of them, right now, as much as I want. I'm not gonna do that though, because I'm considerate of their feelings, especially Glory's feelings, since she's new to all this and she has her stance about only having sex one-on-one and all that. Besides, I'm sure we're gonna have a great time together in any case. But I really could. And then when I think of what just happened with Christine and Aims on top of that... Man! What a frickin' RUSH!

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