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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 141
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Once Alan, Glory, and Suzanne were safely inside Glory's apartment with the door closed, Suzanne felt no shame in once more running a possessive hand over the prominent bulge in Alan's shorts. She even made sure that Glory could clearly see her fingers and palm working on his bulge as she purred sexily at him, "I'd love to take care of this for you, Sweetie... right here, right now..."

Glory held her breath as she saw a stiff rod pressing through Alan's shorts like the shorts weren't even there, and Suzanne's fingers sliding up and down it. She could easily see the shape of his cockhead, and watched a couple of Suzanne's fingers rubbing against his sweet spot. She still couldn't breathe.

Suzanne putting on her heels

Feeling mischievous, Suzanne turned to Glory and asked, "So... what's the plan? What should we talk about first?"

In shock at Suzanne's boldness, Glory pointed at Suzanne's stroking fingers and the outrageously tented shaped they were wrapped around. She started to exclaim, "You're... you're..."

Suzanne explained with a wry smirk, "I'm shaking his hand. Good job, Sweetie." She pumped up and down his thinly covered bulge even more vigorously. She didn't even know what "good job" she was supposedly congratulating him for, but it didn't matter since she was just playing around.

Alan responded with amusement and chagrin. "Actually, you're not really shaking. More like rubbing and sliding. And furthermore, that's not my hand." He loved the stimulation, but he didn't want Glory to get upset.

Suzanne looked down and reacted with obviously feigned surprise. "Oh! It's not? My bad." She abruptly pulled her hand from his crotch as she added, "Sorry, gotta stop. Glory made me promise no hanky-panky while the three of us are here."

Alan sighed heavily with frustration. Even though he'd just been trying to get Suzanne to stop, he definitely felt very conflicted over it, because he was in great sexual need. He hadn't climaxed the whole time he'd been with Amy and Christine, and now it looked like he'd have to hold out quite a bit longer.

Glory was miffed at Suzanne's shameless behavior, plus she was more than a little jealous that another woman was doing something like that to her lover. Even so, she couldn't help but be secretly amused at Suzanne's "shaking hands" humor. In the end, she decided to be lenient and she just rolled her eyes in exasperation.

Although Suzanne let go of Alan's erection, she pulled in close and took a firm hold on the rest of him with a very possessive hug. Acting like she'd forgotten that Glory was there, she licked the side of his neck and then took a deep whiff of him just below his ear. She purred in her husky, scratchy voice, "Mmmm! Master, you smell so good! So manly..."

Hearing Suzanne call Alan "Master" was like an electric shock to Glory. But it was a shock of both pain and pleasure. She wouldn't consciously admit it to herself, but part of her got off on the fact that Alan was a "master" of many remarkably beautiful women. But another part of her hated it.

Acting dreamy, Suzanne turned to Glory with bedroom eyes, and asked her, "Aren't we just the luckiest women alive? Come here."

Glory was already standing right next to the other two, so when she took a step closer, she wound up actually brushing up against both of them.

Suzanne nodded at Glory to come closer still, like she had some great secret she needed to whisper directly in her ear. And she did whisper in her ear, but loud enough for Alan to hear too. "I must admit. when I promised no hanky-panky, that was more of a general intention kind of thing. I may slip up from time to time."

Alan nodded down at his crotch. "Um, Mother? You're doing it again."

Glory looked down at Alan's shorts and saw that Suzanne had her fingers wrapped around his phallic bulge again, stroking it in the exact same way as before.

"Oops!" Suzanne laughed and removed her hand again. "See what I mean? I'll try my best, but pleasuring his cock is like an addictive habit. The more you do it, the more you just can't stop!"

Glory felt like she'd been run over by a truck. They'd only been in her apartment for a minute or two, but it already felt like it was over 100º F (38º C) inside. She'd been talking to Suzanne a fair amount in recent days, but she'd never heard her directly refer to Alan as "Master," nor had she thought Suzanne would act so blatantly and wantonly.

As the frazzled teacher was absorbing that, she felt Alan place a possessive hand on her ass. True, he'd been fondling her ass, and Suzanne's, as they walked to the apartment, but it actually seemed more provocative now that they were inside, Her heart thumped hard, since she knew there was nothing to stop things from going further except their own willpower.

In fact, he was trying to be reassuring by not making a move on her. He said to Suzanne, "Please, try your best. We have to be understanding of Glory's feelings, given her issues about multiple partners."

Suzanne nodded. Drat! But I suppose he's right. I did make a promise.

Then, while cupping two perfect asses at the same time, he spoke to both of his sexy, bikini-clad women. "But now that we are in private, can I at least get a proper welcoming kiss from each of you?"

Suzanne looked to Glory. After getting a reluctantly approving nod in return, she grinned and said, "That I can do!" She locked lips with Alan for about a minute before giving him a chance to come up for air. She wasn't big on rules and restrictions, so she stroked his boner throughout the kiss, and in a rather blatant manner, again. But in a concession to a watching Glory, she still kept her hand on the outside of his shorts.

When the kiss ended, she smiled impishly at Glory. "Oops! See what I mean? It's just so hard. And it's difficult too!" She chuckled at that. "I can't help but be a little naughty."

Glory was already sweating and panting hard. Even just hearing Suzanne mention that she was naughty gave her a thrill. Damn! BIG mistake, inviting both of these two into my home at the same time. Shit!

Then it was Glory's turn to kiss Alan. He'd restrained himself, and especially his hands, during the kiss with Suzanne, but he was a little more aggressive with Glory. He didn't want to force her to do something she hated, but he hoped to slowly break down her resistance to having sex with him when other partners like Suzanne were present. He figured, correctly, that she'd be much less bothered by him getting more sexual while kissing her as Suzanne watched, than by him getting more sexual with Suzanne while she watched.

As the kiss went on, he managed to loosen her bikini top until it slid down and out of the way of her erect nipples. Then he slid his hand under what little fabric there was to her yellow bikini bottoms, and even explored her ass crack. When she offered no resistance to his advances on her behind, he grew bolder. Before long, her bikini bottoms were pulled down just enough to expose all of her wonderfully fit ass cheeks, which he tried to cover with his hands.

Suzanne had been watching from close up, so she stood back a bit to blatantly admire both Glory's butt and Alan's cupping and caressing of it. Her facial expression showed that she thought that Glory's ass was truly impressive.

Alan kissing Glory while working her bikini bottoms down below her ass cheeks

Glory could feel her resolve crumbling. She'd always loved the way that Alan kissed her, but sensing that Suzanne was gawking at her exposed ass on top of that was nearly too much to take. She melted into Alan's embrace even more than before, and got so lost in the passionate necking that she almost forgot even her own name.

She thought, Mmmm! Aaaah! Alan, why do you have to be such an excellent kisser? Why can't I resist you?! We can't do this in front of Suzanne, of all people! Her opinion matters a lot to me, and she's going to think I'm a total slut, especially with the way you've bared my ass! And... and... I can feel your hot cock pressing against my pussy mound. If we were alone, I'd make sure you were balls-deep in me already!

But even that kiss was fairly tame for Alan, especially compared to the scorching kisses he'd shared with Christine earlier, because he figured they had work to do and the kissing was only giving him an even worse case of blue balls. He realized that his thinly-covered pole was pressing hard against Glory's bare pussy, and Glory was so worked up already that she was starting to rub up and down against it, like a cat in heat. Things were likely to spin out of control fast unless he put his foot down.

So he disengaged and clapped his hands together. "Okay, let's do it! Let's talk about fight stuff. What's the plan and all that?"

Glory slowly came out of a heavy erotic fog and looked down at herself. To her great dismay, she realized that her bikini bottoms were all the way down in back, and only barely covering her pussy lips in front. She quickly dropped a hand down to hide her blonde bush. She used her other hand in an attempt to hold her bikini top in place.

She looked over at Suzanne, only to see a pleased and smirking face. Her hands trembled as she pulled her bikini bottoms back up, and then her bikini top too.

Shit! the sexy teacher thought. Shit, shit, SHIT! Having Alan AND Suzanne in my apartment is probably a really bad idea. I'm a basket case already, and we just walked inside! I'm burning up with lust and humiliation! The only saving grace is that I trust Suzanne to keep her promise and make sure things don't go too far. And thankfully, it looks like Alan is being good too. I need to calm the fuck down and get a grip. After all, we have a serious purpose here!

He walked to the dining room table and sat down. He hoped to get serious right away so his penis could finally go flaccid. Even on the car ride over, it had been erect more often than not, and he was increasingly frustrated to be so endlessly aroused with no possibility of ejaculation in sight.

Glory had been ready to follow his lead, but she noticed Suzanne walk in the opposite direction. Suzanne had left her change of clothes in a bag near the door, and now the busty redhead went to it, got out her high heels, and put them on.

Glory bit her lip and her heart raced wildly, because Suzanne didn't just quickly slip her heels on - she made a big production out of it. Knowing that Glory was standing near and watching, she bent over and wiggled her firm ass while letting her massive tits dangle at an ideal angle for her new friend to ogle and enjoy.

Suzanne putting on her heels

In fact, Suzanne took things a step further and asked, "Glory, could you please come here for a minute? I need some help getting these things on."

Glory was on the verge of panic. What does she want from me?! As if she hasn't been able to do it by herself thousands of times before! However, she walked over to help anyway.

Over the next minute or two, Suzanne acted completely helpless with getting her heels on, forcing Glory to touch Suzanne more than she trusted herself to. Glory's knees trembled because everywhere she touched was nothing but bare skin.

In fact, they somehow wound up hugging before they were done. Glory's heart was already racing a mile a minute, even before their breasts touched.

Staring into Glory's eyes from inches away, Suzanne said, "Thanks! Sometimes, when I get really horny, it's like I become a basket case. All I can do is think about Sweetie's cock and what I want to do with it. So you're really a doll helping me out."

Glory somehow managed to mutter, "Uh, um... don't mention it."

Then Suzanne leaned in for a "thank you" kiss. She planted her lips on Glory's.

But Glory was frightened that if she parted her lips and let Suzanne's tongue in, she would quickly lose all control and soon find herself totally helpless to Suzanne's sexual power. It was a struggle to keep it a closed mouth kiss. But even that rocked her to her core.

Then, as if nothing special had happened, Suzanne pulled away.

It was taken as a given that Alan loved his women in high heels (although Alan had never really said anything about it). Glory didn't want to fall too far behind, compared to Suzanne's almost goddess-like sexiness and physical perfection, so she quickly put on a pair of high heels too. She was still in a daze from the kiss, and welcomed dealing with her heels so she'd have some moments alone to recover her composure.

Suzanne and Glory wound up sitting on the opposite side of the table from Alan. As Glory took her seat, she looked at him and thought, He used to just be one of my students, and now he's my lover. My master, even! Just thinking about that kinda pisses me off, but makes my pussy tingle too. I feel so silly sitting here wearing nothing but a bikini and high heels, plus his collar and ring, but somehow, for him, I'm willing. Hell, I'm sitting next to a walking, talking sex goddess, and I know perfectly well that he's royally fucking her even more often than me, and yet I feel more loved and feminine and womanly with him than I ever did with any of my old boyfriends! Damn that charming bastard!

I wonder how he made even the mighty Suzanne into one of his sex slaves. That's a story I'd like to hear someday. I'll bet he fucked her until she begged him to stop, and then he just wouldn't stop! I'll bet he just kept right on fucking her brains out until she thought she'd literally die from cumming so hard and so often. Dammit, I LOVE IT when he does that to me! But I need to focus here. Focus!

Since Glory had been in such a daze from the kissing, Alan had to remind her, "So, again, what's the plan? Let's figure out how we can get the thugs who tried to beat me up."

Glory looked a bit uncomfortable as she admitted, "Oh. That. Well, it turns out we've pretty much finished that conversation already."

"What?! You're kidding me!" He immediately thought about what he was missing out on with Christine and Amy. He figured that if he was back there, Christine would probably be giving him a nice handjob by now, if not a titfuck or a blowjob.

Glory explained, "No, seriously. It's been an hour since Suzanne got here, and we... talked a lot." She blushed a little, even though all they'd done was talk. But just thinking about having been near the bikini-clad Suzanne made her feel as if she'd done something terribly naughty. "And the funny thing is, we completely agreed on everything. It was almost uncanny. Both of us said 'I agree, I agree' so much that it was almost a joke."

Suzanne scooted closer to Glory and put her arm around her. "It's true. It seems Glory and I are like soul sisters: we think so much alike that it sends shivers down my spine." One of her big, soft globes pressed into Glory's upper arm. Suzanne pretended not to notice.

Glory though, couldn't help but notice. She thought, That's the truth! But why does she have to touch me when we're both all but naked? I'm getting shivers down my spine AND goose bumps all over! It's true that we do have a great deal in common, but what if she knew that I'm secretly a Suzannesbian? I would just die!

Glory had been having a lot of trouble over the fact that Suzanne had arrived with a bikini and somehow talked her into having both of them meet by the pool, wearing just bikinis. Glory had agreed with nearly everything Suzanne said about post-fight strategies, in part because they really were thinking along similar lines, but also because she had a hard time thinking at all with Suzanne dressed the way she was. Glory's pussy had been throbbing with a mild erotic buzz ever since she'd seen Suzanne in her red bikini. Even now, back in her own apartment, she had considered changing back into regular clothes but didn't because she secretly longed to see Suzanne stay in her revealing red string bikini just a little bit longer.

While Suzanne kept her arm around Glory (and the side of her boob subtly rubbing against her), the clever redhead told Alan the various steps that she and Glory had agreed to take in order to deal with the fight aftermath.

Firstly, the plan involved keeping the story under wraps, since media coverage could potentially lead to interest in Alan and thus expose his rather unique lifestyle. The odds of that happening were quite low, but they didn't want to risk such an outcome, so Glory would use her influence at school to make sure everyone maintained a wall of silence on the issue. It turned out that Suzanne knew someone working at the local newspaper, so she could get advance notice if any journalist became interested. If that were to happen, hopefully she could step in and use her considerable powers of persuasion to quash the story or at least minimize its prominence. It also helped that the school administrators wanted no publicity of the incident, since it could easily tarnish their reputations and thus hurt their careers.

Secondly, Glory and Suzanne were working together to counter the influence of the rich and powerful parents of the boys in Ryan's gang. They had a whole slew of strategies to do that, to make sure the gang would be broken up and justice would be done. The gang members most directly involved would be expelled, or at least suspended and transferred, so Alan would never have to deal with them again. Also, threats of grave consequences would be held over each of them to ensure that they would not bother Alan again, either in school or anywhere else.

There were a variety of other matters that Suzanne explained to Alan, including a lot of bureaucratic and legal procedures that he found rather bewildering. She concluded by saying, "So, as you see, we've got it all under control. It's all pretty basic and logical, which is why Glory and I had pretty much the exact same to-do lists. Thanks, Glory!"

She looked the suddenly near-panicky teacher in her eyes, but spoke to Alan. "You've got a pretty smart and all-around wonderful woman here, Sweetie. She's going to be a great addition to your harem." Then, as her face drew even closer to Glory's, she said to her, "Thanks so much for your valuable input in this."

Then she closed the remaining inches and kissed Glory on her lips, but with only a quick, close-mouthed kiss.

Still, it was so exciting for Glory that she practically passed out. She couldn't help but notice that Suzanne accidentally left a hand on her thigh when the kiss ended - at least she thought it was an accident - and that kept her heart pounding like a drum. Somehow, she had the presence of mind to mutter, "No... uh, thank YOU. You're so..." She wanted to say "hot," but at the last second she saved herself from embarrassment by changing that to "...considerate."

Suzanne smiled, and then turned back to Alan while keeping a hand on Glory's nearest thigh, with her arm around her shoulder. She said to him, "There's no need for you to get deeply involved. That's it; that's the scoop. What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me," he replied. He was quite impressed. Plus, he was happy that his penis was getting a chance to rest and stay flaccid for a while.


Suzanne got up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Alan and Glory both watched as Suzanne's firm ass cheeks undulated with each step she took. (As usual, Suzanne walked like she was secretly being filmed for a porn flick, and it seemed to take quite a few steps for her to reach the kitchen.)

Suzanne's delectble ass, in her red string bikini bottoms, as seen from behind

Glory thought, Dammit, I wish I had an ass like that! And her pale skin against that red fabric... Oh God! So sexy! What if I pulled on one of those side strings? Her bikini bottoms would fall all the way off! I do have to admit that her high heels turn the simple act of walking into some kind of sex in motion. Gaawwwd, I want her so bad!

Glory realized that she was on the verge of panting, and she had to force herself to breathe normally.

Suzanne came back to the table, settled in her chair, and (not so) innocently asked Glory, "See what I mean? Is my Sweetie a great master and all-around cool guy, or what? He saw that we were knowledgeable and capable of dealing with this, so he gave us complete freedom to do so. We all know that he's ultimately in charge, since he owns us like the slaves that we are, but he gives us so much freedom that there's no reason to be concerned. How can you worry about 'drowning in submissiveness?'"

Glory pondered that, and then nodded. She blushed slightly and mumbled with a little embarrassment, "Actually, I'm not worried about that. I like to think I know him very well, and I know he's not gonna try to be a petty despot asshole. He's a good guy." She smiled at him, but then her worry returned. "I'm more worried about drowning in... sexual situations."

Suzanne smiled wickedly. "Oh. That's different. That's not a minus; that's a plus! You just have to know how to ride the waves of pleasure. Sure, there are times when he's gonna totally overwhelm you and make you forget your own name. The rest of us in the harem have taken to calling that a 'total destruction fuck.' Don't you just love it when he does that?"

Glory turned away in embarrassment, and also to hide her surge of arousal. She knew those moments very well indeed. "Total destruction fuck." That's a fitting name for it. I've literally felt totally destroyed after some of his fucks, like I was practically on death's door. Aaaah, but what a feeling!

Suzanne added, "The REAL fun begins when you just can't help yourself and you crawl across the floor and BEG for more cock!" She leered at Alan and gave him a knowing grin.

He suddenly remembered when Suzanne had done precisely that for him. Seeing the hungry look in her eyes, he thought, Dang! She really gets off on that memory! His resting penis abruptly twitched to life, if only a little bit.

She then turned to Glory and said, "Sorry, I can't help you there, except to help you learn to love it and get back to normal afterwards."

Glory's face flushed a little bit as she recalled some of the times Alan had sexually overwhelmed her. The sexual tension in the room suddenly went up a notch, or even a couple notches, especially once Glory pictured herself crawling on all fours and abjectly begging him to fuck her royally. It didn't help that Suzanne had gotten up again and was standing next to Alan, showing off her long legs and the rest of her voluptuous pale body as she gazed down at him with an obvious lustful hunger.

Glory looked back and forth between Suzanne and Alan and had a hot flash much like an electric shock. Her eyes bugged out as she tried to recover from the jolt. For a second, she'd pictured an image of Suzanne and Alan both writhing naked on top of her, with Suzanne feeding Alan's dick into her wet pussy between her widely splayed thighs. It was such a powerful thought that it almost frightened her, and she had to force herself to think about other things.

Out of the blue, Suzanne asked Glory, "Can I put on some music?" She put her hands on her lower back in what appeared to be a casual pose, but in fact was a deliberate move to show off her thrusting melons.

Glory's mouth went dry, and the room almost seemed to spin. She had to fight like someone drowning in a raging sea just to come up with an answer. They're just so pale and round and perfect! God help me, but it's all I can do not to squeeze and even lick them! And I don't even like women!

She'd noticed that Suzanne's string bikini was held together with ties rather than clasps. She thought, What I wouldn't give to have that tie in the middle of her back come undone! Oh God! Can't breathe! What's wrong with me?! I'm straight! Straight! Oh no! She's jiggling! Don't jiggle, please!

Suzanne bounteous bosom in her red bikini top

Knowing that Glory was staring at her chest, and that Alan was too, Suzanne made an even bigger production of thrusting her rack forward while holding her arms back. She even ran a finger down into her cleavage, as if she were looking for some stray lint or something.

Glory thought her heart had simply stopped beating for good. Suzanne's wandering finger went down to her belly button, and even seeing that made Glory's pussy gush. But finally, she squeaked, "Uh, sure." After another long pause, she nodded towards her stereo, located in the adjacent living room.

Both Glory and Alan held their breath as they watched Suzanne walk away again.

Alan surreptitiously clutched at his crotch, and thought, Dang! Mother raises walking to an art form. Except that art as boner-popping as what I'm seeing right now would never be allowed in any museum!

Normally, Suzanne would have preferred to put on some classical music, and Glory had some of that in her CD collection. But instead, she put on an album of Brazilian bossa nova artist Astrud Gilberto, knowing that would help create a more sexy and seductive mood.

Even after Suzanne returned to the table, Glory's eyes remained glazed over, like she was mentally on some other planet. (She was, and that planet prominently featured a totally nude Suzanne coaxing her with a curled finger.) The song "The Girl from Ipanema" started playing, and Glory sang along in her mind, but she slightly changed the lyrics:

Tall and pale, and red and lovely,
Suzanne from Ipanema goes walking
and when she passes,
each one she passes
goes "Aaaah!"

Glory wistfully sighed "Aaaaaah," as if she were a character in the song, leaving the other two in the room a bit confused about what she was sighing over.

Seeing that Glory needed some time to recover and get her wits back, Alan asked Suzanne, "So is that it then? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Suzanne sat down at the end of the table this time, so she was equidistant from both Alan and Glory. She pointedly sipped on her water for some long moments. Then she responded, "In fact, there is one way you can help us."

"What's that?" he asked.

Suzanne set her cup down, and answered, "We'd like to see everyone in the gang punished, not just the ones directly involved. True, some got cold feet and bailed out, so I suppose they can get off lightly. But others would have joined in if Ryan hadn't been so cocky, thinking he could take you down with so little help."

"Plus, he didn't have much time to prepare for his sneak attack," Glory pointed out. She'd recovered from her erotic fugue, although she was having a hard time looking anywhere but at Suzanne's cleavage, now that Suzanne was sitting in a seat that gave her an excellent view of the busty mother's upper body. Glory would have been at least as interested in the lump in Alan's shorts, but his crotch was hidden below the table and she wasn't even sure if he was hard at the moment.

"True," Suzanne agreed. "But the point is, there are some guys still out there who would have been perfectly happy to beat you to a bloody pulp. They may want revenge. Heck, a majority of the football team may want your hide for basically ripping the heart out of the team and causing them to lose some of their best players."

Glory pointed out, "Not to mention stealing the slutty head cheerleader away from them while getting the star quarterback in so much trouble he'll never play football again, or at least not anywhere other than in jail." With surprising venom, she added, "No doubt they're very displeased at losing their round-heeled punchboard. You ARE still fucking Heather, aren't you?"

Alan flinched at the scalding tone in Glory's voice, and heard the jealousy behind it. He shyly stared at the table top. "Well, uh, yes and no. I'm kinda having to, uh... punish her... for pulling some stupid shit on me this past week, so I've kind of got her on, uh, a sort of probation right now. So to fully answer the question... uh... yes, but her punishment is to... um... do without... for a, uh... a while."

Glory sneered, "Color me surprised that she stabbed you in the back! But what good is that punishment? She's got lots of other sex partners, I'm sure. She doesn't need you to get laid." In a weird way, Glory was happy the topic of Heather had come up, because that helped her focus her mental energies on the conversation (instead of the sight of Suzanne's creamy cleavage).

Alan squirmed uncomfortably. "Uh, I hate to sound all boastful, but I need to be honest here. It seems that she's kind of addicted to having... sex... with me, and she's not really interested in any other guys at the moment. I want to change that so I can spend more time with you and the other women I really love and less time with her, but, uh... it's not easy."

"Fuck me..." Glory breathed, incredulous. "You've cut her off, and she hasn't cheated on you with some other guy yet?!"

Alan wondered if he looked as uncomfortable as he felt. "Yeah," he reluctantly admitted, "I've let her know that if she cheats on me, we're done and it was nice knowing her. It seems to be an effective threat for her. Well, for now, anyway."

Glory looked at Suzanne, a little frightened by what the implications at school would be about that. "No wonder those guys wanted to beat him to a pulp."

Glory also wondered with alarm what would happen if Alan punished her with no sex. She shivered uncomfortably at that prospect, not to mention the potential control he had over her. Fuck! Heather's probably as addicted to him as I am! No wonder she doesn't care about sex with anyone else. It's scary - with women, I'm turning into a Suzannesbian, and with men I suppose it could be said I'm an Alansbian now, if I can coin that word. The only two people who arouse me at all anymore are here in my apartment, right now, and both of them arouse me more than I could ever imagine!

She knew her pussy was getting more than a little moist, but she didn't know what to do about that, especially since she was only wearing a bikini. Once again, she reminded herself to focus on serious matters.

"Hey, don't blame me," Alan complained, unaware of Glory's thoughts. "I don't know most of these guys from Adam. They're the ones who started this. I'm perfectly happy to live and let live."

Suzanne said quietly, yet pointedly, "Yes, but they're gonna blame you just the same. You STOLE the star quarterback's girl out from under him, quite literally from what I understand. And although she's been their 'joy toy' before, now she's cut them all off, which shows that she's effectively under your control. Even some moronic ogre-sized linebacker will know that means she's no longer their plaything; she's yours. That's a territorial challenge that simply can't be tolerated, period."

"But I don't want her!" Alan moaned. "I'm trying to phase her out of my life."

"Yeah, and I'm trying to completely reverse the aging process. Let's face it: you're stuck with this situation, at least for a while to come."

As Glory listened, she was struck with the thought, Suzanne's talking like we're somehow different than Heather, but, when push comes to shove, we're his sexual playthings too! Jesus Christ, that's not just talk. Wow... That really cheeses me off, and yet, at the same time, I have to thank God that Alan's a nice guy and I well and truly love him, and I even welcome having him as my master. I'd hate to see how cruel he could be if he abused this power he holds over us all.

Curiously, she felt her own arousal growing against her will. The fact that she was frequently sneaking glances at Suzanne's full and barely covered globes certainly helped increase that arousal.

Suzanne continued, "Plus, these guys are pumped up on testosterone and maybe steroids and amphetamines and who-knows-what-else. You can't expect them to suddenly become flower-power hippies full of peace and love. They like to solve problems with their fists. And I for one am not gonna let my Sweetie get punched again!" She defiantly shook her fist in the air, causing her huge boobs to jiggle and sway in an erotically enticing way.

"So what can we do about it?" he asked. He scooted his chair way back, pretending to get in a more relaxed position. But in fact he just wanted to change his view so he could get a better look at Suzanne's voluptuous body. At the moment he was so torn between arousal and fear that, for once, he didn't know how to react, causing his penis to linger in a sort of half-erect state.

Glory advised him, "For starters, you need to be more discreet, sexually. This problem started because you were out there fucking every gorgeous girl with big boobs who crossed your path."

Stung by the hint of truth in that, he complained, "I was not! Really! Lots of girls have come up to me lately, asking ME out on a date or even heavily hinting about just wanting a quickie, but I've turned them all down. I mean, ME!" (Old habits die hard, and deep down he still thought of himself as an unpopular nerd.) "I haven't had sex with any girl at school except for Simone and the girls on the cheerleading squad, and that's the truth!"

He did a mental double-check, and then belatedly added, "Oh, and um... Christine. We haven't had, like, actual sex yet, but I must admit that things are, uh... kind of heating up with her." He thought, To say the least! His penis responded as he recalled suckling her nipples just before he'd left her. Again, he thought about what he might be doing with Amy and Christine if he were still back in the Pestridge backyard at that moment. That caused his penis to surge to full erection in no time flat.

Glory just gave him a What rock did you crawl out from under?! look. In careful, even tones, she told him, "I want you to think about what you just said, young man, and how it would sound to someone you don't know. How many other guys have slept with the ENTIRE cheerleading squad? I'll bet you the answer is zero! Heather 'gets around' a good bit, but the rest of them don't. And that's not even counting the fact that Kim is an 'out' lesbian whom you somehow managed to at least partially turn straight with your unstoppable cock. Plus, Simone is one of the most desirable girls in school and, from what I hear, no slouch in bed, if you catch my drift."

He grinned a little bit over the fact that Glory knew so much gossip, even very intimate sexual gossip like that.

She added even more emphatically, "And, to top it all off, there's Christine! Certainly, you must know that Ice Queen Christine is like THE ultimate sexual prize in our whole school, since it's well known that she's a virgin and she looks like, well, like she does."

Alan gulped. He was starting to see things from a different point of view, and it didn't look good. His penis started to deflate just as quickly as it had engorged.

The blonde teacher concluded, "So the football players have it in for you on all that alone, and you can't totally blame them for feeling jealous. You're like a one man cock block for just about ALL the most desirable girls in school. But what really killed you was Amy's loose talk about how she's happy to share you with other girls. Rumors about you have gotten out of control ever since then, and it just so happens that most of them are true."


Suzanne was impressed with Glory's level of social knowledge of the school. She asked Alan, somewhat sarcastically, "Are there any of the most desirable girls in school that you HAVEN'T had sex with yet?"

He thought about that, and then said brightly, "Well, there's Donna. She's up there at the top level in terms of feminine beauty and reputation. Heck, I was so good about limiting my sexual wildness that I even turned her down when she propositioned me in an obvious way. And she's a very striking girl." He was proud at finally having something positive to report.

Glory knew very well who Donna was, since Alan was right about Donna being one of the best known and most desirable girls in the school. "Donna? You mean the Italian beauty, the one they call 'Prima Donna?'"

Alan hadn't heard that nickname before, but it fit her to a 'T,' and she did look very Italian. "Um, yeah. Why?"

Donna in a tight orange top, shorts and athletic shoes

Glory sat back with a grimace. "Because Donna is pretty much Heather's only rival in the entire school, even if they are publicly 'friends' with each other. Their rivalry is much more important than Heather's rivalry with Christine, because Donna is much more powerful than Christine. They'll probably be the two main candidates for Homecoming Queen. But you - most students still think of you as a nerd. Admittedly, you're now seen as a nerd with a bafflingly gorgeous girlfriend, and there are all kinds of rumors swirling around about you, but you're still basically seen as a nerd. You don't even show up on the school social scale. At least that WAS true. If DONNA of all people made a play for you, it shows the balance of power at school has shifted in a major way."

She stared into space, pondering intently. "Not that I should be surprised. Since Heather started calling you 'Sir,' it was probably inevitable that Donna would seek you out."

Alan couldn't hide the surprise he felt at discovering that Glory knew all about that aspect of his relationship with Heather. "How do you know that?!"

Glory regarded him coolly. "A, unlike you, I'm actually plugged into the gossip grapevine at school, because it matters. And B, you're making her call you that in front of other people. Did you somehow think that WOULDN'T become a sizzling hot piece of gossip?"

Alan felt pretty stupid. "Oh... I didn't realize." He looked over at Suzanne to see how she was taking this.

Suzanne shook her head, sighing quietly. Obviously, she was calculating how much more difficult this would make their task of keeping him safe.

Glory added, "You have to be more discreet, young man. I'll bet half the school knows by now that you're regularly pounding her ass." She used that kind of language to try to shock him, but it also served to arouse herself.

"WHAT?! How do you know that too?" He blinked in confusion.

"Elementary, my dear Cockstud." She grinned a little at her spontaneous word play on the name of Sherlock Holmes' assistant Watson, but then she stared into his eyes with an intense and serious look. "Need I remind you how Simone brought Heather to my classroom during lunchtime on Wednesday and then proceeded to inspect her bare ass right in front of me? She even fingered Heather's anus to prove that there wasn't any kind of dildo in there. I can only assume she's got something plugged in there most of the time, when your dick isn't balls-deep in her bitchy ass."

Suzanne picked up her water cup and very deliberately drank from it, in order to hide her pride. Now THAT'S my Sweetie!

Alan clenched his teeth and exhaled through them. "Eeee... Yeesh! Did that really happen? Now that you mention it, it's hard to believe I've allowed outrageous things like that to happen in school. I guess I get carried away sometimes."

Glory nodded while giving him a sour face, as if saying that was the understatement of the year. She went back to thinking intently. Finally, she said, "You know, if Donna's interested in you, we might be able to work with that."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Glory sighed in resignation. "Obviously, she's not going to be interested in you because she shares your love of ancient history or Chargers football. She knows Heather likes you, and wants to tweak her nose by stealing you from her. The fact that you turned her down makes you even more of an intriguing prize. You may not realize it yet, but you're like a pawn in a battle between these two powers. The two of them are the major queens in the school hierarchy. Even Christine is just a minor princess by comparison. As long as the two of them are fighting over you, it'll be dangerous for even the football players to get involved. It would be a bit like trying to stand between two rabid, angry pit bulls. So I'm thinking that if BOTH Donna and Heather send out 'hands off, he's mine' vibes, that could give you a lot of protection."

He asked, "But isn't that like 'Out of the frying pan, into the fire'? I don't exactly like your pit bulls metaphor! I hardly know Donna, but I hear she's quite ruthless behind her friendly smile, much like Heather is. One Heather in my life is already one too many!"

Glory shrugged. "Perhaps. It's risky. Suzanne, what do you think?"

Suzanne replied, "It's certainly food for thought. Glory, I'm very impressed with your grasp of school gossip. That'll come in handy, for sure. But let's deal with Donna some other time and focus on the more immediate problems at hand."

She turned in her chair to face him. "Sweetie, I'm not just saying this because it benefits me, but you need to clip your wings, at least for a while. You've got a wonderful, loving harem now. You're a harem master with a collection of beautiful sex slaves who have dedicated themselves to serving your cock above all else. What more could you want than that?"

Glory thought, I want to object to that kind of language, but I can't because I know it's true. I'm not exactly happy about it, to say the least, and I've hardly had a chance to get used to it, but the plain fact is I'm just one of his "beautiful sex slaves who have dedicated themselves to serving his cock above all else." That's the reality! All this serious talk had cooled her engines a fair amount, but somehow Suzanne's harem comments got Glory furtively and frequently staring at Suzanne's fantastic rack again.

Suzanne said, "Please concentrate your sexual energies on us, your harem slaves, and keep a low profile at school."

Glory practically cried out to object to the words "your harem slaves," but she held her tongue with great frustration because she knew that was true too. It really pissed her off that it somehow aroused her.

Suzanne continued, "Let people think you're just a normal guy and that the rumors about you got WAY out of hand. It may be a bit late to put that genie all the way back in the bottle, but we have to try our best."

He griped, "I'm trying! Lord, I really am. That's, like, my major goal now. I'm way overextended as it is, even with just the women I've collared. And I don't want all the guys in school giving me the evil eye, believe me! But certain things have been set in motion and it's kind of hard to stop them. Like Heather. What's the saying? 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' You think I have problems at school now? Just imagine if she goes on the warpath against me!"

Glory cut in. "Okay, okay, I get it. I get it. You're 'forced' to keep fucking her." She made mocking air quotes when she said the word 'forced,' and gave him a sour look.

Then she continued, "However much it annoys me, I have to admit that, based on all the school gossip I know, you're probably right about how things will come down if you don't play your cards right with her. I hate it, but I have to suck it up and deal with that reality. Freeing you from her evil clutches will take time and careful planning. Not to mention, there's this whole new Donna factor to consider. But in the meantime, for God's sake, at least be discreet about what you do with Heather! Don't collar her, for starters, and don't let anyone know you're having sex with any other girls at school but Amy."

He replied, hesitantly, "Okay. But, uh, um... that'll be kind of hard to do."

Glory asked him testily, "Why, pray tell?"

"I'm ramping down my involvement with most of the cheerleaders, not counting Amy, Katherine, and Heather, of course. Heck, I hardly ever see Kim anymore, and I really like her." He thought about all that Kim knew about his family's incestuous secrets, but decided not to bring that up at the moment.

He went on, "Simone's tied to Heather, obviously. She's never been that into me, which is probably a good thing in retrospect, plus she can keep things on the down low until the situation with Heather gets resolved... I think. But the problem I foresee is Christine. She and I are getting pretty hot and heavy, and I don't see her keeping it a secret at school. That's not her way. She believes in what she calls 'righteous living,' which involves a commitment to total honesty."

Suzanne put her elbow on the table and then put her face in her hand. She sighed at that bad news.

He'd been good at his "living in the moment" strategy, but the mention of Christine made him recall the way he'd kissed and fondled her nude body just a short while ago. He grinned a little bit as he remembered kissing Amy while still kneading Christine's marvelous ass cheeks.

But he pushed those thoughts away, and added, "Besides, even if she tries to keep it a secret, she's one of those people whose face can be read like a book. It's already getting around that she's into me, and everyone will connect the dots when she starts walking on air with a dreamy and sexually satisfied look. I'm basically her first boyfriend, well, sort of, and it's pretty unreasonable to expect her to be able to hide that even if she wanted to."

Suzanne smirked with amusement, and muttered, "'Sort of.'" In that she may be on her way to being the SEVENTH busty babe you collar and add to your harem, and you already have an official girlfriend, I'd say to call her even a "sort of" girlfriend is a stretch. More like another one of your helpless, busty fuck toys! She snickered to herself. She wished she could have teased Alan about that out loud, but she held back because Glory was listening.

He ignored Suzanne's needling, and continued, "Plus, it's probably too late to keep that secret. I mean, Heather told me, to my face, that Christine's been sniffing around my crotch, and that alone has Heather majorly jealous."

Glory also sighed with exasperation. "Young man, you really stepped in it with that one. If word gets out that you're having sex with BOTH Amy and Christine, the jealousy and resentment heading your way is only gonna multiply. And if Heather doesn't keep her mouth shut about you, and I doubt she will, you're gonna hit the trifecta. You might as well pack your bags now before some angry mob of big guys corners you and stomps your balls into ketchup paste. Hell, it's ALREADY getting around that Heather likes to call you 'Sir.' Pack your bags tonight!" She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

He grimaced. "That bad, huh?"

Glory nodded her drooping head.

Suzanne looked at him, and said, "Sweetie, guys just don't have your kind of sexual success. It's seen as unnatural, and a threat to the whole school power structure. In college or beyond you could get away with it, perhaps, but high school is such a small pond. I mean, if some regular guy is dating three or more ordinary girls at a time, that's fine, but you're monopolizing all the very most beautiful and desirable girls! Every wannabe alpha male is gonna want to test his mettle by coming after you. That's why we have to be proactive, and set an example to scare off others before they think of acting. We can't just settle for punishing Ryan and Rock and the other two guys who actually attacked you. We need to get the accomplices who were in on the plan but just so happened not to be part of the fight."

Glory nodded, and said, "If for no other reason than that they're gonna be your next enemies in the near future."

This topic puffed up Alan's ego a little bit, but it depressed him a great deal more. He'd thought the fight had eliminated the bully threat at school. In fact, he was so bummed that his penis went completely flaccid, despite the great view of his two women in their collars and bikinis.


Suzanne said to him, "That's where you can help." She nodded to Glory.

Glory hesitated, but then explained, "It pains me to say this. You really have no idea how much it pains me to say this. But we need information, and maybe even a little underhanded action. I'm talking forceful power plays here. And there's no one better positioned to do that than Heather. So..." - she grimaced - "do to her whatever it is you do that makes her so gaga over you. We need her full cooperation to defeat your remaining current enemies, not to mention your many future enemies."

Suzanne smiled. She scooted her chair closer to Glory and nudged her side. She said to her, "You act like you don't know what that is. You act like he hasn't drilled you so hard and deep and long that you screamed his name at the top of your lungs and came and came and came again so hard that it was like a religious experience. You sit here, wearing his slave collar, knowing full well that he regularly fucks her until she's both begging for mercy and begging for more, and you act like it's a big, huge mystery as to why she's completely gaga over him. You're funny." She smirked.

Heather having a religious experience while being reamed in the butt by Alan

Glory blushed slightly. "Okay. Okay, already. Obviously, I know all that." She winced at the mental image she had of him fucking his way deep into Heather's tanned ass. "But how do YOU know I know all that, about my screaming and cumming so hard and everything? Does Alan share all his sexual stories with you?"

"Some, yes. His other lovers tell me more. For instance, if he so much as taps Susan on the shoulder, I can guarantee you that she'll tell me all about it, in exhaustive detail. But I honestly don't know what's happening between you two behind closed doors, since you've made it clear that you want your privacy respected. Sure, I'd love to find out, but Sweetie respects your wishes too much to kiss and tell."

"Then how do you know?" Glory persisted.

Suzanne chuckled. "Oh, come on! This is Alan we're talking about here. Can you imagine having sex with him and then thinking afterwards, 'That was just okay?' Please!" She laughed.

Glory grinned, despite herself. "Point taken. Now, back to Heather." Her grin instantly disappeared. "It's just that, when it comes to her, I'd rather not even contemplate the idea of Alan having sex with her, okay? I prefer to think they bonded over, I dunno, similar tastes in music or something."

Both Alan and Suzanne snickered at that.

Glory pressed on, and said to Alan, "Anyway, can you do that? How great is your hold over her, anyway?"

He shrugged, not really sure himself. "Pretty good, I think?"

"How good? Be specific. We need to know, to plan for the future." There was truth in that, but also Glory's jealousy and intense curiosity were coming to the fore.

He replied carefully, "Look, I don't want to boast, and I don't want to kiss and tell. So let me just say that she's crawled naked on her hands and knees to me and begged to suck my dick. And I'm sure I could get her to do that again, even though she's said that she particularly hates doing that."

Glory thought, Good God! What's with the crawling and begging again?! He even got HEATHER to do that?! Jesus, that's actually scary. Am I blessed or cursed to have such a natural sex stud as a student? Cursed, probably. But damn, it's arousing knowing a boy that virile is in love and lust with me! Since she couldn't see Alan's crotch because of the table, she stared wantonly at Suzanne's chest.

Suzanne also was quite impressed. My Sweetie! I love it! I feel just like Susan: that kind of sexual success deserves to be rewarded. I wish I could wrap my long tongue around his cock, right here and now!

Suzanne reaching out with her long tongue to lick Alan's frenulum

Glory had been spacing out from time to time with lusty thoughts, but now it was Suzanne's turn to space out. She imagined her long tongue lapping against Alan's sweet spot so vividly that she almost could taste his unique sweet cum flavor in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and sighed happily.

Glory looked over and wondered about that, but, trying to stay focused, she said to Alan, "Okay, so obviously, your hold over her is substantial. I can't imagine her doing that for anyone. But do you think she'll be able to help? Can we get some solid evidence against these guys and at least scare them into leaving you alone? Or better yet, develop some inside sources in the jock cliques who can give advanced warning of any plots against you?"

He thought about that. "Well, yeah, but within reason. The thing is, she's already been really helpful about this. You know how she was at the strategy meeting just before the fight, along with everyone else. She's trying; she really is. She's like some kind of wild bucking bronco. As long as I can keep successfully riding her, she'll keep helping."

Suzanne nudged Glory again. "Riding her, he says." She couldn't help but chuckle and smirk over Alan's unintentional choice of words.

Glory winced and covered her face with her hands. "Please. That mental image isn't helping me." Again, she had a very vivid image of Alan fully impaling his thick dick deep in Heather's ass. It seemed to arouse and disgust her in equal measure.

He said, "Sorry. But even though Heather's gossip network is admittedly second to none, and her social power at school is great, things are still going to be kind of hit or miss. There's no telling if, say, three or four guys get talking one day, and say, 'Hey, you know who annoys the hell out of me? That Alan Plummer kid. Let's kick his ass after school.' And then they go and do it before Heather or anyone else can find out. Plus, the inside source idea seems like a long shot at best, even for Heather. Her gossip network is called the 'Blondies' for a reason - it's mostly made up of real or fake blonde girls who are all trying to be like her. I can guarantee you that there are no football linebackers in it."

"True," Glory admitted wearily. "And that's why you need to rebuild your reputation, young man. Go back to being a lovable but studious nerdy type at school, and keep all the fucking behind closed doors. Like Suzanne said, get back to just having sex with your... uh, favorite women." She was going to use the word "harem," but she resisted. She knew that he had a harem, of course, but was loathe to bring up any reminders of that fact.

He nodded. "I can do that. People forget that I'm still basically the same guy I always was. I still love history and books and all the things I loved before. Everybody seems to think I'm some kind of sexual superman now, but in a lot of ways I'm still just a nerd at heart with a new outer persona."

Glory and Suzanne just looked at him. Neither of them seemed to believe that his recently revealed sexual side was just a persona or an act; he was far too good at it. But he really felt that way at times.

Changing the subject slightly, he said, "We need to get Christine more involved in this too. She's got her own pretty impressive gossip network, you know... the 'Goody-goodies'."

Suzanne smirked, and thought, Yeah, Sweetie, I know you're pretty impressed by something Christine's got, and it's not her gossip network! Damn, that gorgeous girl has a huge rack, and to think that she's probably still growing... I wonder if he's gonna see her later today? I'll bet he will. And by "see," I mean "stick his cock in her naughty places!" Hee-hee!

Alan continued, "If her network and Heather's could work together and share resources and information, we'd be unstoppable!"

Glory said, "Yeah, but don't hold your breath on that. Sure, get Christine's help too, but everyone knows how much Heather and Christine hate each other's guts. Here's another idea. Maybe we can plant some disinformation so we can try to walk back some of the rumors and the things Amy said about you. But it won't help if you keep banging Heather and the other cheerleaders all over school almost every day during lunch."

Suzanne nudged Glory again. "Not to mention you. You know a lot of the rumors are about him and you, fueled by the way he mysteriously disappears into your locked classroom almost every lunch period. I don't have my ears to the ground at school like you do, but even I know that much."

Glory looked very pained. "We've already talked about cutting back on our lunch-time trysts, but do we have to stop those altogether? They mean a lot to me."

Suzanne let that issue slide for the moment, and instead asked, "And what about these new collars?" She looked down and fingered her own collar, and then asked Glory, "What if you start wearing yours to school every day, and Amy does too? And, God forbid, Katherine! And what if he collars Christine on top of that? Talk about a nightmare scenario! And then Heather calling him 'Sir' to pile on top of the collar stuff? Sweetie, maybe you really do need to pack your bags tonight. I'd suggest you change schools if it weren't such a stupid idea."

"It is?" He hadn't given the idea a thought, so he wanted her to explain things to him.

"It is. First of all, think of the people you know and love at your current school that you'd be leaving behind, including Amy, Katherine, and Glory. But also think of your future. The universities you're applying to would notice the mid-year transfer, and that'd raise a huge red flag, probably keeping you out of your top choices."

"Oh yeah." He felt like an idiot; Suzanne and Glory seemed to know much more about his problems and how to fix them than he did.

Suzanne wearily asked him, "Why didn't you tell me more of this before?"

He winced. "Sorry. You didn't ask. And I really do try not to kiss and tell."

Suzanne said, "You may have to change that policy, if only for your own self-preservation. Some little thing, like Donna propositioning you, may not seem important to you, but either one of us could see how key it is. You have an entire harem to help you, Sweetie, but we can't read your mind."

Glory nodded sadly. "Yeah, it's good this is coming out. Young man, you're a very clever guy, but school politics seems to be a blind spot for you. You've been making some pretty boneheaded mistakes there."

He said, "I know, but I always figured that kind of thing didn't matter to me. I mean, I just want to live my own life, so who cares what the other kids are doing if it doesn't affect me or my friends?"

Glory tsk-tsked that. "Very short-sighted thinking. You could get away with thinking that way back when you were widely seen as a nerd, but now everything's changing. Thank goodness we can help you. We women will have to get together and agree to do something about not wearing our collars too much. Maybe we can take turns wearing bandanas or scarves around our necks, or turtleneck sweaters, or something."

Suzanne playfully nudged Glory yet again. "You don't want to take yours off, do you? Ever!" She snickered knowingly.

Glory got annoyed and sharply nudged Suzanne back. "Hey! Pot calling kettle black! I don't see you volunteering to take yours off. Why don't you take yours off right now, just to show that it's no big deal to you?"

Suzanne was all smiles as she reached towards her neck to do just that. But then she stopped and frowned. "Hmmm. I'd rather not. I have this... wonderful feeling of belonging, of possession... I'd feel more naked than naked without it on. And I'm talking the bad kind of naked." She winked.

That comment reminded Alan of how nearly naked both women were in their bikinis. His penis started to revive a bit as he enjoyed the view. He looked at Suzanne more than at Glory, if only because Suzanne was such a tease. Her every move seemed designed to arouse.

"See?" Glory said triumphantly. "It's not just me!"

Suzanne smiled like a Cheshire cat. "Okay, let's see you take yours off. Sweetie, you'd let her do that for a few minutes without punishment, just so she could make a point, right?"

"Sure," he agreed easily. (Actually, he was surprised that Suzanne thought taking off one's collar merited punishment.)

Glory in her yellow bikini, fingering her collar

"Fine. Then I will," Glory said proudly. Her hands went to her neck, and she even tugged at her collar with a finger, but she seemed unable to actually take the collar off. She was surprised by the strong feelings that suddenly emerged within her. She was embarrassed, mystified, and even humiliated by her inability to take the collar off, but the idea of taking it off hurt her almost like a physical injury.

Damn! This damn young man has got me hooked! It's bad enough to be an honest-to-God sex slave, but why do I have to be such a willing one? I hate wearing his collar, and yet... I love it!

She frowned and dropped her hands. "Okay, so it's obviously easier said than done. Unfortunately, Amy and Katherine are gonna feel the same way. And that's like opening a Pandora's Box of trouble."

He suddenly brightened. "Hey! I've got an idea! What if you wear your collar, but not always around your neck? Wear it on your arm under your shirt sleeve, or around your ankle, or under your dress above your knee. The key thing is to keep it on, but hidden. You can easily adjust its length, so why not?"

Glory considered that as she fingered her collar and stared at his ring on her finger. "Well, there's something extra special in having it around my neck. After all, they are collars, and if I've been collared, I want to feel COLLARED, dammit!" She surprised herself at how emphatically she'd said that, and at how strongly she felt that she wanted her collar to be seen by others.

She tried to calm herself, and continued in a level tone. "But I suppose that in a pinch I could wear it somewhere else. If I have to. During school hours only, I guess." She added to herself, Anyway, I can always wear my ring. No one can take that from me, and I damn well ain't gonna hide THAT! She looked down at her ring and smiled.

Suzanne smiled from ear to ear, and bumped Glory's side again. "A-ha! You just admitted it, didn't you? You love being one of his sex slaves!"

Glory replied unhappily, "I wouldn't say that. 'Love' is a bit strong. 'Sex slave' is way too strong. And I definitely dislike the 'one of' part of your comment. But okay, I'll admit that I'm pretty content being, uh, his, uh... sexual helper or servant, if you will. I'm getting used to the idea." She turned her head away and blushed.

His dick engorged rapidly, much more from the discussion than the continued sight of their bikinis (although those certainly helped). He was surprised at Suzanne's use of words like "sex slave," both here and earlier. Normally, he was careful with his language around Glory, avoiding words like "master," "harem," and "slave," and he knew that Suzanne was similarly careful. So she obviously was repeatedly using such language in front of Glory for a purpose, but he didn't know what that was.

Suzanne was still tickled pink. "Glory, you're so cute and adorable! I love the way you try to fight it. It shows character. I tried to fight it too. But now, when I wake up in the morning, one of the first thoughts that always hits me is, 'It's a brand new day, and I'm one of Sweetie's sex slaves.' And it makes me feel so damn GOOD! It's like thinking: 'This is the life! This is paradise!'"

She raised her arms up dramatically as she said "paradise." It was a classic example of how she took every opportunity to draw attention to her smoking-hot body.

Glory hardly noticed that Alan wasn't looking her way much because she was so busy staring at Suzanne herself. Her pussy was wet and getting wetter despite the serious discussion.

Seeing Glory's shocked reaction to her words, Suzanne added, "And I can think that AND stay a strong and independent-minded woman. You can think that too and still be the same wonderful you. And you will; I guarantee it."

He was fairly stunned about all that. He was only starting to understand the emotional hold he had over the women in his harem. He asked, "Wait... Really?! Do you really think that every morning?!"

Suzanne nodded, since she really did. "But keep in mind that it's not just about you. Being part of your harem is like being part of an entirely new family while still keeping my old family. Look at Glory and me here, for example." Suzanne stared at Glory with one of her devastating "come hither and fuck me" gazes.

Glory was so overwhelmed with sexual desire that she literally felt like she was burning up. She wanted to rip her bikini off and throw herself at the voluptuous Amazon sitting before her. But at the same time, she felt sad, due to her lack of self-confidence.

She thought, There she is, Mrs. America. And here I am, like a frog sitting with the prince and princess. Every single move she makes turns me on, but does she even notice me? I need to stand up for myself, and put myself on her radar screen. I'm not TOTALLY ugly! Maybe she's attracted to me, at least just a little? I need to flirt! I don't have much in the boobs department, at least compared to her, but people say I have a very nice ass.

Having psyched herself up, Glory decided to make her move. She noticed a napkin on the table near her, so she "accidentally" knocked it on the floor. Then she quickly stood up, and said, "Oh wait. Let me get that."

Glory in her yellow bikini and red heels, seen in a back three-quarter view as she leans over

She got out of her seat and bent over, so that her butt was pointing at the table. But she just froze there in a sexy pose with her hip cocked, like she couldn't figure out where the napkin went. What am I DOING?! I know Alan will love this. He's perpetually hard and horny in any case. But Suzanne? Do I really think I have a chance with HER?! And what does 'have a chance' mean anyway? What am I trying to do?! I'm straight! Straight, I say! It's not like anything would ever happen between us anyway. She's a goddess. But dammit, I want her to want me!

Glory was so busy thinking these things that she forgot all about the napkin. So she was surprised when she noticed Suzanne in front of her, saying, "Here, let me get that for you." Then she was even more surprised as she saw Suzanne bend over outrageously and pick up the napkin.

But Suzanne being Suzanne, she didn't just pick it up; she made a sexy show out of it. And since Glory was already bent over, Suzanne's bikini-clad ass wound up inches from Glory's face.

Glory practically fainted. Oh. My. GOD! Did that ever backfire! I was trying to, I dunno, kind of even things up, but instead I wind up even MORE hot for her than before! Somebody help me! Have mercy! Suzanne is just too HOT!


Suzanne finished picking up the napkin, stood up, and moved right next to Glory.

That forced Glory to stand up too.

Then Suzanne touched Glory's shoulder and looked her in the eyes while talking to Alan. "Anyway, like I was saying Sweetie, look at Glory and me. Not that long ago, I barely knew any more about Glory than that 'Glory' was the name of a teacher at your school." (That wasn't true, since she'd known of Alan's crush on his favorite teacher for years, plus she'd met Glory at various parent-teacher conferences, but she was trying to make a rhetorical point.) "But now, thanks to you and your harem, we have a natural bond that seems to be growing stronger by the hour."

Her face drew closer to Glory's, causing her heavy boobs to swell forward and actually rest against Glory's smaller, but still impressive, pair. Her voice turned into more of a sultry purr. She asked, "Can you feel it? Can you feel the bond growing stronger between us?"

Glory gulped and nodded with breathless wonder. However, she was more focused on the way their erect and barely covered nipples were brushing against each other than on the "bond growing stronger."

Suzanne looked deeply into her eyes. "We can be so close and intimate with each other, like sisters, but even more so. It's like I said: being enslaved in a harem is like marriage, only even MORE intense! And it's not just being enslaved to you, Sweetie. In a way - all of us women - we're all enslaved to each other too."

Her face wound up mere inches from Glory's, and she softly asked her, "Don't you agree?"

Suzanne pressed up against Glory, nipple to nipple, with Glory's tongue protruding slightly from between her lips, with Suzanne's hands on Glory's ass and Glory's hands on Suzanne's thighs

Glory thought for sure that Suzanne was going to kiss her on the lips. She'd even opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out in the expectation that it would happen. Her entire body shook with desire. Feeling Suzanne's body pressing against her own while they wore just their bikini tops was almost too much to take, especially the way Suzanne's huge boobs practically enveloped her own.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, she forgot to breathe when she felt Suzanne's hands drift down her backside until they rested on the top of her bikini bottoms. Her own hands started to drift up Suzanne's thighs towards her pale ass.

But the kiss didn't come, and a very embarrassed Glory was forced to pull her tongue back into her mouth. But she was so out-of-control horny that it was all she could do not to grasp Suzanne's head and pull her in for the scorching lip-lock that she so eagerly craved.

Glory was so lost in Suzanne's beautiful green eyes that she forgot all about answering the question, or even that there was a question. Yes... bonded together, you and me... bound together, Alan forcing us to do naughty things to each other... Tasting your sweet pussy... I just know it'll taste oh-so-sweet! Kissing and caressing your magnificent round breasts... And your lips! Your red, full, kissable lips!

With a slight, knowing smirk on her face, Suzanne asked her again, "I said, don't you agree? Glory?"

Glory was deep in her reverie, staring into Suzanne's shining eyes from mere inches away like a long lost lover. She was so startled out of her bliss that she actually shook her head as she tried to clear her thoughts. "What? Uh... Yeah." She agreed, even though she didn't know what the question was, just so she'd have some answer.

But then she recalled what Suzanne was saying, and remembered in particular Suzanne's mention about being bonded and even enslaved to each other in intimate ways. That made her heart pound even harder than before. Suzanne and me, enslaved together for all eternity! It even rhymes. And with Alan there, forcing his cock down my throat while Suzanne licks my pussy! Oh God! I wish I could deep throat him this very minute!

She was suddenly so aroused that she feared she couldn't control herself. Her hands kept drifting until she was firmly clenching Suzanne's ass cheeks. She had to close her eyes and turn her head away before she shoved her tongue down Suzanne's throat.

Suddenly, Suzanne pulled away altogether. "I'm going to go change back into my clothes. I'll just be a minute." She promptly rushed out of the room.

Rear view of Suzanne walking away, wearing just her red string bikini and heels

Glory was both relieved and crushed as she watched Suzanne's ass cheeks undulate away from her and then disappear from sight. She wanted Suzanne so much that it truly physically hurt. The last half hour or so had been a kind of wonderful torture for her, seeing Suzanne in nothing but her sexy red bikini and having Suzanne frequently touch her with friendly and intimate gestures.

Without saying a word to Alan, Glory stood up and went to the kitchen to compose herself. She cursed, What a butt! Why does she have such a damn perfect ass? How am I supposed to stay straight, let alone think straight, when confronted with an ass like that, not to mention those long legs?! I could spend all day just running my hands up and down them.

And those breasts! Damn those perfect, pale breasts! I don't even LIKE breasts, normally, but I want to bury my face in her deep cleavage and lick my way up and down to each nipple!

She added with real anger, Damn Alan too, for having such impeccable taste in women! He bears some blame for all these unnatural thoughts running through my brain!

Glory's apartment wasn't that big, and Alan could easily see into the kitchen from where he sat. Glory only achieved some measure of privacy by standing in front of her sink with her back turned to him. She lowered her head and clutched the counter edge like she was struggling with all her might over something.

He could guess easily enough what that something was. He thought, Jesus, man! She's really got it bad for Suzanne! Well, I certainly know how that feels. Mother is like sex personified. I don't think anyone who spends much time around her can fail to fall for her, maybe not even a straight woman like Glory. Or is she really totally straight? I don't know. Look at her.

His dick was almost painfully stiff. Dang, Suzanne is a true sex goddess, like Aphrodite or Venus, and she's my second mom now, one of my busty sex slave moms. How fuckin' cool is that?! When she comes back, I could order her to drop to her knees and blow me in the middle of Glory's living room. Dammit, the temptation to be a demanding asshole is tough to resist sometimes, especially when I haven't been able to cum in a while. But I'm gaining control over the "Bad Alan"; I really am.

At the same time, Glory was thinking, Help! I need help! That was too close! What's wrong with me? Why does she affect me so powerfully? And it doesn't help that I was already way too horny after all this talk about collars and being collared. That shouldn't arouse me at all either, but it does. I hate it! And speaking about being aroused, I bet I smell like pussy. Heck, I'm afraid to look down, because I'm sure my bikini bottoms must have a big wet spot. I hope Suzanne's right about not losing myself to submissiveness. But this is scary shit. Between the two of them tempting me, I'm fucked!

Suzanne came out of the bathroom with surprising speed. She was mostly dressed, but she was in such a rush to leave that she was still dressing as she headed towards the front door. At the same time, as she hurried, she looked at Alan and said, "I've gotta go. Tell Glory thanks for everything."

Glory rushed out of the kitchen into the dining room so she could see what Suzanne was doing. "Wait! Why are you leaving in such a hurry?"

Suzanne paused with her hand on the door. "It sounds like our discussion with Sweetie is wrapping up, even though it took longer than expected. But the main thing is... I'm just too damn horny! I made a promise to you that I wouldn't take part in any hanky-panky with him while I was here, but I don't think I can keep that promise unless I leave RIGHT NOW! I'm so powerfully aroused with all this talk of collars and his many women and whatnot that if I stay here another minute, I'm gonna wind up lying on your dining room table with my legs spread wide and my Sweetie banging me like a cheap screen door!"

Her eyelids fluttered briefly as she took a deep breath in an apparently futile effort to calm herself. Her hefty orbs heaved up and down. "Sorry to be rude, but I've really gotta go!"

Suzanne was being honest. She loved to tease and tempt Glory to a certain degree, but she knew from a big picture view that if full-on sex broke out today, that would be too much, too soon, for Glory. So she hurried out and slammed the door behind her before Glory could even get a chance to respond.


For a long time after Alan left, Christine sat staring at the fence he had walked through. Don't go! Alan, please don't go! Finally, she sighed and slumped a little bit as she had to admit to herself, He's gone, and he won't be coming back for a while. This love stuff is tough. And painful!

Christine had just told Amy about her determination to do whatever it took to be one of Alan's most prized women, so Amy was a bit surprised to see Christine quickly transform from resolute to glum. But Amy realized that Christine had been riding on an emotional roller-coaster, so it was natural for her to deflate and backtrack some once Alan had gone.

Christine naked, leaning forward with her hands wrapped around her boobs to cover them

Christine covered her nipples with her hands and complained, "What am I doing here, naked? This is silly!"

Amy stood before Christine and gently pulled Christine's hands away, making sure her arms fell to her sides. Then she replaced Christine's hands with her own, casually cupping the blonde's massive melons from below. "Relax, C. He'll be back soon, and he loves you. Everything's gonna work out fine."

Christine brought her own hands up and put them on Amy's, intending to pull hers off. But first, she asked quizzically, "Did you just call me 'C?'"

Amy looked a bit shy and uncertain. "Yeah, I did. Is that cool? I want you and me to be special friends, and Katherine too. Kind of like the Three Musketeers, but with, y'know, bigger muskets." She smiled, shook her shoulders a little to draw Christine's attention to her gently wobbling, enticingly bare breasts, and then giggled a lot.

That lightened Christine's serious mood a little bit, and she chuckled some too. If only those boobs of hers were brains, she thought, ruefully.

Christine still intended to complain about Amy touching her boobs, but before she got a chance, Amy explained, "Since Alan and I call Katherine 'Kat,' and she and he call me 'Aims,' I was thinking we need some nickname to help show how you're entering our special little circle. 'C' just kind of came to me. If you don't like it, or want another nickname, or no nickname at all..." She looked down shyly.

Christine pondered that. "No, I suppose that's okay. Normally, I would rip the head off any bozo too lazy to say my entire name, but with you it's... different. I guess I can be 'C' with you guys, as long as no one else calls me that."

Amy's face lit up. "Yeay! Cool beans!" She leaned forward and kissed Christine on the lips.

Christine surprised herself by kissing back and even willingly making out with Amy for a little bit.

In the midst of all the kissing, the fact that Amy was still holding and even fondling her boobs kind of became a moot point. But she was noticeably more reluctant about the intimacy than before. She started to think things like, It's weird enough that I'm doing this with her at all, but I really can't believe I'm doing it buck naked! And Amy is naked too! I need to put some clothes back on, and fast! Alan is gone, so I have to take a breather and stop enjoying myself so much!

As a result, she ended their necking well before Amy wanted to. She pulled back slightly, so their big racks weren't pressed so tightly together anymore. "Amy, can we stop with the girl-on-girl kissing already? I'm not really into that, and I think we've had enough practice for now."

"That's 'Aims' to you," Amy replied playfully, as she brought one hand down from Christine's boobs to her butt, and gave her bare ass cheek a firm squeeze.

Christine rolled her eyes, but she grinned too. "Okay. Aims."

"Yeay!" Amy immediately kissed her again, in celebration. But it wasn't a long kiss, and as Amy ended it, she said, "And as for the kissing, the answer is no, we can't stop. Alan's gonna be coming back here soon. In an hour, maybe, probably two at the most. You need to stay on top of your sexy game! Don't lose your mood!"

Christine sighed and broke their loose hug. She backed up out of Amy's reach. "Ugh. I need a little break, at least. I feel like I've just been through an emotional wringer." She looked around. "For starters, I really should put some clothes back on. Where's my bikini? Or yours for that matter?"

Amy looked around as well. She raised a hand to her chin, and pretended confusion. (In fact, she'd "accidentally" tossed their bikinis behind some bushes when Christine wasn't looking.) "Hmmm. That's kinda weird. They should be right here. I'm sure they're around here somewhere, so we'll find them soon enough. But anyway, it doesn't matter right now, 'cos now it's time for us to chill out in the hot tub. You're all stressed out, and the bubbly hot water will make you feel a LOT better."

She walked over to the tub and pulled the protective cover off it.

Christine was a little concerned about where her bikini had gone, but she mostly just wanted not to feel so naked and exposed, and she figured sinking deep into the hot tub's waters would serve that purpose almost as well as clothing. So she slipped into the hot tub while Amy was turning on the bubbler and the heat.

Christine sighed heavily, but to express relief and relaxation this time, because the hot water felt very good. She knew it would feel even better once it was warmer. She settled down into the water, but at the last moment she only submerged to her waist, because she didn't want to get her hair wet. She wanted to look her best when Alan returned, and getting her distinctive curly locks wet was particularly problematic. She shyly started to ask, "Amy-"

Amy interrupted. "You mean 'Aims.'"

"Right. Aims, you know what you said about wanting me in your 'special circle,' with you, Alan, and Katherine... Do you really mean that?"

"But of course!" Amy finished setting the hot tub controls as she liked them. Following Christine's lead, she slipped into the water up to her waist.

"But... why?" She thought about her mother Olga's assumption that Amy would be her scheming rival. "I mean, I should be your natural enemy. Why don't you hate me?"

Amy briefly raised her hands in frustration, "C, how many times do I have to explain that?! Geez, Louise! I think the thing here is that we're different types of people. You're very competitive, so you see things through that lens. I'm not like that. Sure, I like things to go my way, but basically I'm happier when the people I love around me are happy and having fun."

Amy tilted her head and frowned as she struggled to put her thoughts into words. "The easiest way I can explain it is that I wanna be happy more than I want to get to the top of the heap. Not that I'm being all judge-y; it's just that different people are, well, different. You and I are different kinds of people, and Kat is different yet again, but I think our differences complement each other and make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. I think it would be super duper WAY cool if we all could become really good friends! Isn't that a lot better than being enemies?"

"Yeah, of course," Christine admitted. "I really want that too. But... It's just hard for me to roll with the punches here. I mean, I don't really have a lot of close friends in the first place, and every time I look at you, it's like there's a huge blinking neon sign over your head that says 'Alan's Official Girlfriend.' And that's, um... that's the title I want."

Amy, nude but for her collar, with an intense 'looks could kill' look on her face

There was a brief flash of emotion on Amy's face. Christine couldn't quite place what the emotion was, but it was extremely un-Amy-like.

Amy said rather testily, "And that's a title you're never going to get!"

Christine did a quick double-take. Whoa, she's serious! Push back... from Amy? But she's such a cream puff!

But then Amy quickly calmed down and continued with a patient, smiling face, "Seriously, C, that's something that means a lot to me. We can be the best of buddies, but only if you put all thoughts about getting my 'Official Girlfriend' title out of your mind. Forever!"

Despite the smile, there was steel in her voice. "Instead, remember the vow you made a few minutes ago, how you want to be one of Alan's best lovers, so you'll fit into his elite circle of the girls he has sex with the most, and spends the most time with. Please focus on THAT, not on the 'official girlfriend' title."

Christine sighed. "I know. You're right. It's just that it's so natural to me to always strive to be number one. But I can't do that in this case, because I really do like you, and I don't want to step on your toes. And to be merely ONE of the girls he likes instead of THE girl he likes the most... it's so depressing! I mean, any girl who looks like I do shouldn't have to settle for that. It's kind of humiliating."

Amy replied, "Yeah, but that's in normal circumstances. How many girls like you are lucky enough to go to school with a guy like Alan? These are not normal circum-thingies. But just because you can never be his Official Girlfriend, that doesn't mean you can't strive to be number one. There are different ways to measure that, you know. For instance, I suppose you're not quite ready for actual intercourse with him yet, and that's a good thing. You're gonna wanna take things slow your first time, to have it go right. But what about working on handjobs, titfucks, and blowjobs? Why don't you strive to be the very best in any or all of those? If you can excel in those, he'll want to spend even more time with you."

Christine was the kind of person who needed goals to strive for, but she did best with measurable, achievable goals. So she asked, "But how are those defined? I mean, who could say what is best with those kinds of things?"

Amy smiled. "Alan, of course. Your goal is to serve him and please him." She grinned impishly, and joked, "They say that the path to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the real path is through his dick!" She burst into another giggle fit.

Christine bristled at that. My goal is to do WHAT?! "Serve him and please him?!" Who died and made him king?! But she held her tongue. Amy's brainwashed, or at least terribly misguided, and that's not easy to change. She has such an easily impressionable mind. I'll need to have a long conversation with her later to try to get her to wake up.

Amy saw Christine's startled and disturbed look, but she didn't let that faze her at all. "Now, the bummer for you is, he gives a lot of compliments, but he rarely makes comparative compliments. For instance, he's not likely to say 'You suck my cock better than anyone else.' I mean, that's no way to keep everyone in his harem happy. In fact, he never says stuff like that, because he's very considerate about all of our feelings. But still, it's possible to get a sense over time of how good he thinks you are in an absolute sense instead of a relative one, if you know what I mean."

Christine's frown deepened. "Wait a second! Are you serious about him having a... harem? Or are you just loosely tossing that word around?" She'd already come to believe that, in this case, the word was a fairly accurate characterization, but she wanted to get Amy's perspective.

Amy replied breezily, as if a teen in Orange County having his own harem was no big deal, "Oh, I'm serious, way serious. For instance, my mom and I, we're both members of his harem, and we see it as such. That's the word we use all the time. We're both incredibly... satisfied... with the situation. Believe me."

Christine saw Amy kind of spacing out as she said the word "satisfied," almost as if she was going to have a climax just thinking about how well Alan satisfied her. Despite all the weirdness, Christine still found herself surprisingly aroused by that.

Amy added, "Yep. VERY satisfied. It's haremtastic!" She giggled at her latest invented word. "In fact, we ladies in the harem were the ones who started using that word, and Alan's the only one who still has trouble using it."

Christine thought, Wow! She thinking of it as a harem, and calls it that. And the others do too! Perception is important. That basically makes it real. It IS a harem! Her heart was pounding with worry upon hearing this disturbing harem news. She immediately wanted the harem precisely defined, to know just who and what she was up against.

"Who-" she started to ask, but then thought better of it.

Amy indirectly responded to the implied, unfinished question. "Now, you don't know the others yet, 'cos Alan is a gentleman, so doesn't kiss and tell. I won't name names, but I'm sure you'll meet most of them before too long. We're like a big team! We totally get along and hang out together. It's fun! You'll like it, I'm sure!"

Christine imagined Amy with her mother Suzanne, and other extraordinarily beautiful women like Glory Rhymer. All the women were naked and tangled together on a big bed, with Alan in the center. Despite the sea of smiling, beautiful faces, she shuddered in disgust.

This can't be happening! Things like that don't happen in this day and age. A harem? In Orange County? Ridiculous! I'll bet even the hippies in the Sixties didn't have harems. But... it's... real! It's really real! And I'm kind of a part of it!

Amy figured that Christine had crossed a line in her relationship with Alan, and there would be no going back for her. So she was trying to be as open as she could about things like the harem. Her goal was to lock in certain facts as a kind of new normal while Christine was still trying to sort things out in her mind.

Of course, Amy had no intention of revealing that Susan and Katherine were part of the harem. Nor was she going to mention some others Christine didn't already know, such as Brenda. But she figured that the more she could reveal about the rest of the harem while Christine was in this impressionable state, the better.


Christine sighed. "I'm not so sure I'll like it. In fact, I rather highly doubt it, to say the least! It just doesn't jibe with my competitive nature. Plus, I'm a one-man kind of woman, and of course I expect a one-woman man in return. I mean, that's how everyone does it!"

She shook her head in frustration, and grew even more frustrated when she looked down at herself and was reminded that she was buck naked. She hated how she still felt so horny; she wished there were some way to switch it off.

She asked, "By the way, what about Ms. Rhymer or Heather? Are they considered part of the harem?"

Amy put a hand to her chin. "Hmmm. I don't know what I'm allowed to say about them. But I guess since you know about those two already, I can say a little bit. Glory, yes; Heather, no. Heather's just someone he fucks a lot. The rest of us in the harem, I don't think we'd want her in there, 'cos, well, she's so Heather-y!" She made a sour face as she said that, which was about as close as she got to insulting anybody.

Christine shook her head in disbelief. "Bizarre. So you're telling me that Gloria Rhymer, my history teacher, considers herself part of Alan's harem?!" She thought back to when she'd found Glory and Alan naked at the nude beach. Even knowing that, hearing confirmation that Glory was part of Alan's harem was still like a body blow.

Amy worried she might be saying too much, but she pressed on, since she knew how much Christine already knew about Alan's and Glory's relationship. "Well, kinda. She knows everything and everyone, harem-wise, but she's still getting used to it, so she sorta keeps her distance from the rest of us. I mean, it's not like she and I have sucked his cock together or anything. But I hope that'll change before long. I really like her, big time, and it's a fun bonding experience!"

Christine kept on shaking her head. "Too weird. What have I gotten myself into? Are you telling me that she knows about his harem and even uses that word herself? 'Harem?' For real?" She had absurd visions of Alan as a sultan in some Middle Eastern palace, sitting on a throne with scantily clad harem girls draped all around him.

"Sure. Why not? It is what it is, and that's the best word for it. Alan's a very special kind of guy." As Amy talked, she moved behind Christine. "Here, sit up a bit. I'm gonna give you a neck massage."

Reflexively, Christine flinched. "No, you don't have to do that." Things have gotten WAY too weird with Amy already.

But Amy literally didn't take 'No' for an answer. "I do! You're my good friend now, and friends help each other out. You're still all stressed, I can tell. I wanna help. I'm either gonna give you a massage or kiss you more. Your choice."

Christine grinned wryly at Amy's irrepressible nature. "Okay, if you put it that way." She sat up a little higher in the water, and moved forward so Amy had room to work behind her.

Amy pushed Christine's long blonde hair to the side. Then she dug her fingers into Christine's soft yet muscular flesh, focusing on her shoulders and neck. "Like I said, Alan's a very special kind of guy. Now, he's got some women he just likes and fucks from time to time. As you know, Simone is another one of those."

"So is most of the cheerleading squad, from what I hear," Christine griped. But she wasn't that upset, because Amy's massage felt heavenly. The blonde bombshell actually had never experienced a massage before, and she was surprised at how much it was relieving her stressed-out mood. She tried to ignore the way Amy's erect nipples were lightly grazing against her back, since she figured that couldn't really be helped.

Amy tensed up a bit due to Christine's cheerleading comment. She didn't want Christine to know that Alan was fucking the entire squad, since that would include Katherine. So she replied vaguely, "Yeah, pretty much. Although he seems to be falling away from some of them, and they definitely have nothing to do with the harem."

Christine thought, That's incredible in and of itself. Girls like Janice, Joy, and Kim are some of the most desirable girls in school, but apparently they're not up to Alan's standards!

Amy went on, "But my point is, sex is kind of his special thing. He's gonna have his way with you and dominate you sexually. That's a simple fact. If you just relax and go with the flow, you'll TOOOOTALLY love it! Trust me!"

Christine cut in, and barked gruffly, "Is he? I think not! Sex, maybe, but nobody dominates me! Nobody!" Her entire body tensed up.

"Well," Amy mused aloud, "the alternative is that you want to dominate him sexually instead. Is that what you want?"

Christine hotly replied, "Why does anybody have to dominate? Why can't the sex just be normal? That's how most people do it."

'True. But normal is boring. And sex with Alan is NEVER boring. He's really good at the psychological aspects. That's kind of his special thing too. Believe me, when he dominates you, it's waaaay better. Way more intense!"

Christine suddenly had a vision of herself as Wonder Woman, except that she was lying down, tied up, and most of her skimpy outfit was ripped off. Alan was standing above her, running his hands over her big globes and even cupping her pussy. Then the vision changed and she was the one standing above Alan, and he was tied up with most of his clothes ripped off and her Wonder Woman outfit was whole.

She frowned as she thought, Why is it that the thought of ME being the one tied up makes me aroused, instead of the other way around? And why does that damn Wonder Woman costume show up in all my fantasies in the first place?!

Although Christine didn't say anything, Amy had a good idea of what she was thinking, if only by the way her body tensed up. So Amy said soothingly, while digging deep with her massaging fingers, "There you go again, looking at things in the wrong way due to your competitive nature. Your gut instinct is that being dominated is a bad thing. But think about what he just did to you. He totally dominated you, leaving you barely able to stand. Did you ever have more fun in your life?! Seriously, did you?"

Christine wanted to deny it, but as she thought back, she couldn't help but smile. "Probably not. Except maybe for what he did to me last night." Her smile grew even bigger as she thought about that time too.

"You see?" Amy continued in soothing tones. "Accept that Alan is in charge, and belongs in charge, and your job is to help serve him. The sooner you can do that, the more erotic joy you'll have. You know that Sarah McLachlan song, 'Sweet Surrender?' Surrendering yourself to him and giving in to your feelings can be, like, totally sweet!"

Christine actually could relate to that, since she'd felt "sweet surrender" with him more than once already, and she knew how great it could feel. However, she tensed up again, and complained, "But he's just a guy! A nice guy, a great guy, even, but he's just one of my classmates. Why does he deserve a so-called harem, for crying out loud?! Why does anyone have to dominate anyone in the first place? Even if the sex is better, it's way too unfair! And worst of all, why does he deserve all these beautiful, absurdly busty women serving him? I mean, 'serving!' That's some messed-up language you've got, right there!"

Amy behind Christine, rubbing C's shoulders, fondling one of C's breasts, with her own nipples rubbing C's back

Amy brought a hand down from Christine's shoulders and cupped the side of one of Christine's boobs. "Hey, you're absurdly busty. And very beautiful too."

Christine hardly minded the intimate contact, since Amy had done so much to her already, and was so touchy-feely in general. Plus, she still was surprisingly aroused. She couldn't deny how buxom her own body was, but her low self-confidence in such matters still seeped through, so she muttered, "Well, I don't know about the beautiful part."

"Oh, come ON! You're totally hot! Look at you! You are soooo, way, super duper Alan-worthy! He's gonna fuck you hard and often, and he's totally gonna love it! You'd be a great addition to the harem, that's for sure!"

Christine was getting even more aroused, especially thanks to the discussion of getting fucked hard and often. She was so tingly all over that she hardly even realized that Amy had reached around her to play with one of her nipples. Still, the mention of the harem made her bristle. She complained, "There you go again, talking about his so-called harem, like that's a good thing. You're acting like he's your master or something!"

Amy let that slide, since she figured Christine wasn't ready for the 'master' word yet, much less the capitalized version of it. "Like I said, it is what it is. Fairness doesn't enter into it, one way or another. Would you rather have the best sex of your life, getting totally dominated by Alan and learning to love to serve him, or plain ol' normal but very fair and equitable sex?"

"Well..." Christine knew the answer, but didn't want to admit it.

"Admit it: you love him! You're totally, deeply, head-over-heels in love with him!"

"I don't know about that, either," Christine grumbled. She knew that Amy had heard her earlier tell Alan that she loved him, but to admit point blank to her just how much she loved him made her feel vulnerable and uncomfortable (especially since she could never forget that Amy was his Official Girlfriend).

Amy playfully tickled her sides. "Oh, come on! Who are you trying to kid? Look, just talking about being in love with him is making your nipples all stiff." That gave her an excuse to play with Christine's nipples with both hands, and she took full advantage.

Christine was going to contest that comment, but she didn't want to admit that her nipples had been erect for a very long time already.

Amy added, "Remember, I was here the whole time. I saw everything, including the moony way you look at him. You even admitted to me and to him that you're totally in love with him already!"

Christine couldn't deny that, but she grumped, "I don't know about 'totally.'"

"Come on. There's no shame in being in love, or falling deeply under his spell. There's no shame in wanting to serve him and make him happy either. It happens to all of us. Look at me!"

Christine turned all the way around in the hot tub to look at Amy face to face (and also, to stop the nipple play, which was making her too aroused for her own comfort).

Amy put her hands right back on Christine's shoulders, and kept on massaging them, but from the front this time. "I'm in love with him too! I'm talking the seriously intense, head over heels, big time kind of love. And so is my mom. And so is Glory. And others. We all spend a lot of time on our knees, keeping his big cock happy. We have great fun doing it, and in fact we love it. And he loves it, so what's the downside? Any guy who can inspire that kind of love from lots of women at once, well, you kinda have to throw out all the rules. Just accept the fact that you love him. C'mon, I wanna hear you say it."

Christine blushed a little, and shyly turned her head away. She was tempted to chastise Amy for her "keeping his big cock happy" kind of language. But she quietly mumbled, "I love him."

Amy grinned, but playfully pushed, "I could barely hear that."

Christine groaned with frustration. But she said louder, "I'm totally head over heels for him, okay? Geez! What, is this the Spanish Inquisition?"

Amy squealed with glee, "Nooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

Both of them cracked up, as they shared the memory of that classic Monty Python skit.

"You like Monty Python too?" Amy asked. "So do I, and O.B. does too!" She was so happy about this that she kissed Christine on the lips, and necked with her for a while. She even played with her boobs and especially her nipples.

As Christine kissed back, she thought, What the heck? I'd never even kissed a woman before, and now it's getting to the point where kissing Amy is normal and I don't even think about it. The thing is, she's just so cute and lovable. When she got so excited after saying that line, how could I not help her celebrate with a kiss? It doesn't mean anything, right? I wish she wouldn't fondle my boobs so much though.

Amy smiled in triumph when the kiss finally came to an end. She went back to her massaging of Christine's shoulders. (She astutely realized she'd be pushing her luck to keep playing with her nipples.) "So you love him. That's great. And he totally rocks your world sexually, doesn't he? You and I, well, we don't exactly have a lot of sexual experience with other guys. But take it from my mom. Ask her if you want. She's been with lots of guys over the years, and she'll tell you that no other guy will EVER rock your world and give you the kind of erotic ecstasy that Alan gives us pretty much daily. Any guy who gets my mom to swear off all other men is NOT your average guy!"

Christine realized with a start, "Wait! She's married! What about her husband?! He's your DAD!"

Amy shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh, they'd been having trouble before, big time. They hadn't had sex with each other for years and years, so it's not like Alan stole her away. However, he totally could have if he wanted to, 'cos he's unstoppable! In fact, now my mom won't even kiss my dad on the cheek, because she thinks that her body totally belongs to Alan. Which is true, of course." She winked playfully.

If Christine looked alarmed by that, it was because she was alarmed. However, she was also surprised to realize that it made her feel even more aroused as well. She looked down and was annoyed to see just how erect her nipples still were. I know I'm upset, but I need to be more upset! I should be running out of here, right now, away from all this craziness! Alan's not here, so when will this stupid arousal go away already?! For ANY man to dominate Amy's mom like that, well, that's impressive! And it makes me think about the things he's going to do to ME!

She felt goose bumps all over in response to that last thought. Maybe he's going to "totally dominate" me too! In fact, he probably will. Everything Amy says sounds crazy at first, but seems to come true eventually!

Amy went on, "Like I said, he's special. So you've gotta look at things in a different way. You just gotta! Or you'll always be banging your head against the wall. Forget about being his only girl. Forget about being his official girlfriend. Forget about winning or dominating him in any way. He's going to dominate and control you, and you're gonna totally love it!"

Christine shuddered with both fear and lust. She stared deeply into Amy's eyes, and nervously admitted, "That's... scary! I have this need to be in control."

"I know. But trust me, when you lose control and give in to your urges, that's when you'll find the greatest joy and satisfaction. Sweet surrender, baby!"


Christine had a lot of issues with what Amy had just said, and other things Amy had said earlier, especially about the harem. It was all too much to take, and too hard to believe.

But just as Christine was going to complain, Amy changed gears. "Let's do a little mental exercise here, C. M'kay? Close your eyes."

Christine did that, reluctantly.

Amy said, "Let's envision success. Now, you don't want to just be one of the many girls he fucks, like Heather or Simone, do you?"

Christine shook her head. She especially didn't want to be anything that Heather was.

"No, of course not. You want to be someone extra special to him, just like he's extra special to you. You want to learn to please and serve him, just like he does things to make you deliriously happy. You want to be one of his very favorite sexual helpers, don't you?"

Christine nodded. She had issues with some of Amy's language, but she agreed with the general gist.

"M'kay. Good. Let's work on that. Let's start with your big tits." Amy cupped Christine's huge melons from underneath, causing Christine to open her eyes in alarm. But Amy said soothingly, "No worries. Trust me here for a minute."

Christine with her eyes closed, while Amy faces her and cups her breasts from below, while both are nude

Christine nervously closed her eyes again, and thought, I've gotta trust her. Amy is about the sweetest, most trustworthy person I've ever met, and it seems that all she wants to do is help me. True, she has some extremely odd ideas about Alan and his "harem," but I guess that's how things are around here, and I've got no choice but to at least pretend to get with the program, for now. After all, what's my other option? I can't think of not being with him; that would be too painful! Maybe I can kind of bring some sanity and normality back to this whole situation, since I can't just walk away.

She briefly opened one eye and peeked at Amy playing with her boobs. She sighed, even as tingles of pleasure suffused her body.

Amy went on, "You're a very lucky girl. You've been blessed with great natural beauty, and especially these humongo, giganterrific boobies!" She lovingly ran her hands all over the perfect orbs in front of her, alternately lifting them to admire them. "We should take advantage of that. Alan totally enjoys a good titfuck. What if you become, like, a titfuck queen for him? Can you imagine his big cock right here in your cleavage, squeezing it tight with your bazoonga boobies, overwhelmed with all that hot, throbby COCK?!"

Christine moaned unhappily, with her eyes still closed, "But I barely even know what a titfuck IS! I mean, I do, but... And he's got all these other seriously endowed women in his, uh..." She had trouble using the word "harem" and meaning it.

Her eyes suddenly popped open with alarm. "Mrs. Pestridge! Your mother! Geez, she's got breasts at least as big and nice as mine, and twenty years of sexual experience to boot! How can I compete with that?! She must give him great titfucks all the time!"

Amy continued in her soothing purr, as she gently caressed Christine's massive globes, "Chill. Relax. Melloooowww... Now, it's true that she does. She's really, really good at that kind of stuff. She loves to suck and titfuck him for an hour or more at a time."

A-ha! I knew it!

"And that would be tough to compete with, except that sex is so easy that you can learn it in, like, five minutes. Really! It's super duper simple. It's good to read books and watch videos and stuff, like we talked about before, but our bodies just KNOW how to do this stuff naturally, you know what I mean? Titfucking in particular is a cinch, especially for you. You win practically before starting just by having such big and perfectly round ones. Here, let me show you."

She disengaged to climb out of the hot tub. She picked up the blue, life-like dildo that Christine had been practicing with earlier, and then resumed her waist-deep spot in the hot tub.

While Amy was getting the dildo, Christine had a chance to collect her thoughts a little bit, and she complained, "Amy-"

"Aims, please."

"Sorry, Aims, I have issues with your entire attitude. I mean, everything seems to be about pleasing Alan to the max, like he's some kind of king. I mean, for starters... This harem idea. Doesn't that outrage you? At least sometimes, don't you rail at the injustice of it all?"

Amy nodded patiently. "Very good points. We'll talk about that later. But right now, it's time for this." Putting her hands back on Christine's fantastic rack, she said in a voice parodying a chiding mother, "Now, close your eyes and get all super relax-y, or I'm not gonna go on."

Christine grinned a little, and spoke like a petulant teen being lectured. "Yes, Mom."

Amy grinned too. "Cool. Now, don't be alarmed. I've dipped this dildo in the water so it'll be nice and warm for you, and I'm gonna slide it between your beautiful boobies. Ready?"

After Christine nodded, Amy slid the dildo in place. Then she said, "Now, the trick is, even with super fanmassivenormoustastically bodacious boobies like yours, you have to keep your fun bags squeezed tightly together, so Alan will enjoy a nice, tight tit-tunnel. Think of it like you're creating another pussy for him to fuck."

"This is weird," Christine complained. I shouldn't let Amy distract me like this. I've got issues! Serious issues! It's like there's some kind of collective insanity around Alan. Almost like a cult - a sex cult. He's not all that. Sheesh! She forced herself to keep her eyes closed and follow Amy's instructions though. She used both hands to create the "tit-tunnel" Amy asked for, while Amy held the dildo in place.

"I know," Amy agreed. "It is weird, at first. But imagine this really IS Alan's hot cock! You know how much he's totally been into gawking at your big boobies over the years?"

Christine smiled widely. "Yeah, I guess he has, hasn't he?"

"Toooootally! Just think how excited he'll be to not only hold and caress them, but seriously fuck them! Think about Heather's fake boobies. Yucksies! Whereas yours are all real, even bigger, and are, like, totally perfect! Mine are pretty nice too, but I'm still way envious of what you've got." She playfully pinched a nipple with her free hand. "He's seriously gonna love fucking your tits! And the more he loves it, the more he'll love you, and spend even more time with you."

Christine holding her tits together to form a 'tit tunnel' for the blue dildo that Amy has pressed between them

Christine briefly opened her eyes, and asked shyly, "You think so? Really?"

"Really! I tell ya, all you have to do is give it your all, and pretty soon you're gonna be his titfuck queen, his big tit slut, his go-to gal for the best titfucks in town! So close your eyes and let's practice. I want you to get really good at this so you can surprise him with it later."

Christine thought, I don't appreciate being called a "titfuck queen," and "big tit slut" is even worse. So why do those words make my heart race and my pussy tingle?! I guess it can't be denied that a little bit of dirty language is arousing. Still, it's easy to go too far.

Her heart beat faster still as she recalled that Alan would soon return. She wondered if his erection really would be sliding in her cleavage before long, and that scary possibility made her heart pound even harder.

Amy started sliding the dildo up and down in Christine's deep and tight cleavage, imitating the movement of a real penis. "The real trick, though, is to make this sort of thing totally thrilling for YOU, not just for him. That's because when YOU'RE into it, he's TOTALLY going to be into it too, 'cause then it's a mutual fun thing, and not just you doing it for him. It can become like a positive feedback loop of increasingly great titfucky fun, if it works out right."

"Aims, you're too good to me." She forced herself to say 'Aims' instead of 'Amy,' because nicknames didn't come easy for her. "How is it that you're so nice and helpful?"

Amy replied, honestly, although not completely, "Lots of reasons. I really want us to be good friends, for one. And for another, I love Alan with all my heart, and what makes him happy makes me happy. I know he loves you and is going to add you to his harem, eventually, so it's my duty to help with that."

Christine shook her head in disbelief. "'Harem.' There's that word again. Alan actually has a real harem. I just can't get over that fact."

"Well, get over it, and let's practice, C!"

As they got down to practicing, Christine thought, This is way, way, way too weird! And yet I'm standing nude in a hot tub letting Amy slide a dildo between my breasts. It's like there's the real world and then there's Alan World, and the rules in Alan World are totally different. My rational brain tells me I should run away as fast as my feet can carry me before I get sucked into all the craziness that seems to surround Alan like some kind of sex fog. Amy obviously is infected with some kind of "Alan disease." But my heart. Damn my heart! I love Alan so much that all the crazy stuff she says almost makes sense!

"Harem." She really uses that word a lot. She must believe it. Am I entering some kind of harem, where Alan calls all the shots? That's the last thing I want. What the hell?! I need to get some things straight with her, but... later.

Christine was forcing herself to think that she was just practicing a simple physical act, much like her martial arts exercises, but the mock titfuck felt surprisingly good. The pleasure started in her cleavage, but she felt tingles even in the tips of her fingers. She didn't understand how that was possible, since she hadn't considered her cleavage even to be an erogenous zone until just now. Stranger still, when she imagined it was Alan's hot erection instead, the pleasure more than doubled, making her nearly dizzy with desire.

But what really frightened her was that she didn't want the joy to stop just yet.


Alan and Glory could understand where Suzanne was coming from, and why she had to leave so suddenly, since they were both feeling the same powerful, sexual vibe. There was something in the air, an erotic mood that had been growing over the past few minutes and had nearly reached a breaking point. True, the talk had been mostly about serious matters, but it all reinforced the fact that Alan had a remarkable sexual power over women, and Glory and Suzanne in particular had responded to that like it was an aphrodisiac.

Alan's penis was rock hard, and the aroma of wet pussy was in the air. But they both wondered how much of Suzanne's having to leave was due to her lust for Alan versus her lust for Glory. For Glory, this was an extremely important question.

Glory had walked almost to the front door, even though Suzanne had already left. She turned around and walked back towards Alan. "Well, it looks like it's just you and me, kid."

She was surprised at how disappointed she felt over Suzanne leaving. But she got over most of it when she realized that, since Alan was still there, she could let out her considerable sexual frustration by having some fun fucking him. She felt so horny that she needed to get fucked like she needed air to breathe. With that in mind, she started sashaying her way across the rest of the distance to him. She used her best "come hither" voice, and asked provocatively, "Whatever shall you and I do now... young man?"

She wasn't even aware of it, but a wet spot was easily visible on her bright yellow bikini bottoms.

She kept on walking towards him while undoing her bikini top with the grace and allure of a professional stripper. She tossed it aside while practically dancing her way to him. Then she started pulling off her bikini bottoms.

Alan was just as aroused as she was. He thought with great glee, This is my history teacher. She's totally hot to trot and ready to fuck! Sweet. This is gonna be epic!

Glory, breasts thrust out, tantalizingly removing her bikini bottoms, leaving only her collar and heels

But to her surprise, and his, he suddenly sighed and slumped in his chair. He felt like someone had just flipped an off switch on him, and all of his energy was sucked away. He continued to sit there, but his condition only got worse.

Then he got up, but he seemed strangely like a frail old man in doing so. He asked plaintively, "Can I use your bedroom for a few minutes?"

From his demeanor and tone she could tell he wasn't talking about using it for sex. She was puzzled and concerned about his condition, so she stopped her sexy walk and replied, "Sure. Whatever you want, lover."

He staggered off to her bedroom with a hunch and a grimace, like he was physically wounded. He clutched the bag he'd brought tightly to his chest.

Glory followed in after him, wearing just her bikini bottoms and high heels. She wanted to let him be, but, as usual for her, curiosity got the best of her. After he collapsed into the middle of the bed and closed his eyes, she sat on the edge of the bed and asked him softly, "Lover? Are you feeling okay? Is there anything I can do to help?"

He replied while keeping his eyes closed, "I'll be fine. I just need five or ten minutes to rest."

She reached out and rested a hand on his nearest outstretched hand. "What's wrong? Are you feeling ill?"

He exhaled heavily, and replied, "No. Just tired. For one thing, I only took half a nap today, and my body really needs that rest for some reason. Maybe 'cos I've been burning the candle at both ends for so many days now. But more than that, I'm mentally exhausted. I mean, sometimes I feel like I'm on a roller coaster, except it's one that mostly goes up, up, up. I'm starting to understand how tough it must be to be someone famous like, I dunno, Robin Williams. I'll bet that wherever he goes, everyone expects him to be manic and funny all the time, but what if he just wants to be normal for a while?"

He paused, and just lay there with his eyes closed for a little while. Then he continued, "I've been sort of riding the roller coaster since I got here, sometimes painfully erect and aroused, sometimes serious and non-sexual. Then, when Suzanne left and you started kinda dancing towards me, I felt like, 'Here we go again!' and I just knew that something sexually amazing was about to blow my mind yet again. But it was like my body screamed, 'Hold on! Not right now. Give me a break!' So, I'm totally into getting it on with you, in a little bit. I even brought you something I think you're really gonna like." He was still holding the bag to his chest. "But I just need a few minutes to recharge."

She squeezed his hand reassuringly. "Sure. Whatever you want. I probably can't even begin to appreciate the kind of emotional toll it takes to be on the sexual roller coaster you're riding." She shyly and quietly asked, "Can I just cuddle with you for a while? I promise I'll behave."

"Mmmm-hmmm," he said affirmatively while he continued to rest with his eyes closed. "I'd like that very much, actually."

Glory climbed onto her bed, lying right against his side. She even took one of his arms and draped it over her body.

He liked that too, so she cuddled even closer, until her body was partly on top of his, and her sizable tits were pressing into him. Since she only wore bikini bottoms, he could feel her nakedness all over. But he kept his eyes closed and just rested for a few minutes. He luxuriated in feeling the warmth of her skin, the rising and falling of her breathing against his chest, and the love of her tender embrace. It seemed like her energy was flowing into him.

That enabled him to revive, and before long, he almost felt completely normal again. He opened his eyes and looked into Glory's. "Thanks, lover. I needed that, somehow. You know, I keep saying I'm not the sexual super stud everyone thinks I am. I guess I'm pretty good at playing that role, but sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep all day, and let the whole crazy circus go by without me for a while." He kissed her forehead lightly in apology. "I'm sorry for flaking out on you back there, but I just sort of hit a wall."

Glory caressed his face tenderly, but her words were mock-stern. "Don't be sorry, young man, or I'll have to slap you silly! Your body was telling you something, and you were right to listen to it. I've been fighting being part of your harem until recently, so I'm just getting used to this whole unbelievable harem idea, not to mention all the ramifications that come with it. I understand now that you don't just want to fuck lots of different women; it's almost a duty for you. You want to keep all of us sexually satiated and loved and happy. I can only imagine how tough it must be just to keep Suzanne satisfied, given her perfect... uh... her insatiable sexual hunger." She spaced out in a dreamy way.

Grinning, he asked, "How do you know she has an insatiable sexual hunger?"

She blushed. In fact, she didn't know, but just figured that a sex goddess like Suzanne had to be insatiable. She ignored his question, and said, "I mean, obviously you want to fuck us all, but if you're having an off day, you feel like you have to do it just the same."

He nodded emphatically. "Yes! Somebody finally gets it. Being a master is a two-way street. It IS a duty! I know it must sound ridiculous that I feel I HAVE TO fuck so many women, but it's really not. It's the least I can do for the women I love, after all they do for me."

She continued, "And that's very tough for just one guy to do. So take all the breaks you think you need. I'll always be here for you, because I love you. If the four women in your house get you too tired and you're running ragged from too much fucking, remember that you can always come here to chill out and recharge your batteries. I won't have any sexual expectations. This can be your 'safe pad' if need be."

He smiled and caressed her face like she was doing to his. "Glory, you're so great. I love you too. I'm not just hyping my feelings so you'll want to be one of my sex slaves. I really, truly mean it: I love you."

She flashed him a thousand-watt smile. "I know. That's why I wear your collar. And your ring." She fingered her ring and gazed at it.

He went on, "In fact, I love you so much that I've got another present for you." He remembered the bag, which had slid off his chest but was still within reach. He picked it up and peered inside to make sure everything was still there.

"Oooh! Another present? First a collar, then a ring. What next to bind me closer to you? Maybe iron chains for my ankles?" That sounded bitter, but in fact she was playfully joking around, and it showed on her face and in her tone of voice. In truth, even though she still had issues with the harem, she loved the gifts he'd given that symbolically bound her to him, and she was ready for another one along those lines.

He understood she was just joking, so he merely smiled in response. He said, "Not exactly. In fact, I'm not even gonna give you anything today, I'm just gonna let you use it for a little while."

She frowned in confusion at that until he pulled the Televibe out. Then she laughed heartily. "You didn't! Oh my God!" She laughed some more, along with him. "I mentioned that on the phone today, didn't I?"

"You sure did," he replied. "And I think it's time for your next Televibe training lesson. Now that you're one of my women, you're gonna be wearing it a lot." He whispered hotly in her ear, "I love the thought of fingering your pussy, no matter where you are!"

She snatched it out of his hands and looked at it with a mixture of wonder and fear. "Do I have any choice in the matter?" She ran a hand up and down his forearm, showing that she was getting increasingly frisky.

He replied, "I'm going to answer that question in two ways: yes... and no."

She laughed. "Okaaaay. Those would seem to be the two main choices..."

"Let me explain. It's like playing a bondage game, and having a safe word to stop. You know that I would never do anything to hurt you, or make you do something you hate."

She nodded.

"But sometimes, to have a really great and arousing time, one needs to be pushed beyond one's usual comfort zone. One advantage to being a guy with his own harem is that I'm learning about pushing the envelope with my other women, and I can apply what I've learned from them with you. I think I have a good idea of how best to push your buttons, and a Televibe is a big part of that. For some reason, I feel it's the perfect sex toy for you, more so than for anyone else I know."

He continued, "Now, you can say no at any time, and I'll respect your wishes, but I'll also be disappointed. When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it."

She considered that. "So it's kind of like you're giving me an order, but kind of not. An order with an escape clause."

He nodded. "Yeah, something like that, except I think you'll get a lot more pleasure out of it than I will. Honestly. It makes me happy to see you sexually aroused and feeling good. Trust me on this one, okay?"

She grinned at him and nodded.

He pressed on, "We're gonna have some fun with the Televibe today. There may be problems using it at school-"

"Wait!" she interrupted him with alarm. "You want me to teach classes with this thing in me?! All day long?!"

He rubbed his chin. "Hmmm. I hadn't thought of that. But now that you mention it, what a great idea!"

She playfully slapped his shoulder. Then she stared at the Televibe with renewed fear and wonder.

He went, "Seriously, given what we were talking about earlier, about trying to keep a low profile for a while, I dunno... Maybe we should wait on using it at school. We'll see. But we certainly can use it out of school, starting right now."

Although the erotic mood just before Suzanne left had been so intense that one could practically feel it in the air like a soupy fog, much of it had been lost while Alan rested. Now, he planned to resurrect the intensity of that mood by having Glory insert the Televibe, then go for a walk with him in public. By using his cell phone to remotely control the Televibe settings, he hoped to get her so worked up that they'd rush back here to her bed and fuck like wild animals. (In truth, Glory was still ready to fuck right away, but Alan was the one who needed to get psyched up again.)

Glory examined the Televibe closely, as if she could find the answers she sought for herself there. "I kind of hate this thing, but... I kinda really like it too. It's like... if it's in me, then you're in me, loving me..." Just looking at it made her heart race. She gave herself a shake, as if stiffening her resolve. "What the hell - let's do it!"

He sat up. "Okay, but you're in my hands now. You have to do everything I say, unless you bail out altogether. Just like with a safe word."

"Uh-oh. This is scary." But she tacitly agreed to those terms. She was getting increasingly aroused, knowing he would push her limits. Yet she trusted him not to go too far. She said, "But, I know it'll be good. I mean, it's not like we've never done this before... although you did scare the daylights out of me that first time! More than a few times, actually, now that I think about it. Still... it seems you're gonna be using this on me... or should I say, in me... a lot, so this is a good opportunity to get to know it a little better in the safety of my own home. I mean... I need to get used to not looking noticeably shocked when you... dial me up."

He chuckled approvingly. "That's the spirit! But who says we're just gonna stay in here? Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" He stroked his chin like a mad scientist stroking a goatee.

She grinned and rolled her eyes, but her arousal grew. Knowing what was coming next, she took her bikini bottoms off, leaving her totally naked (except for her high heels and collar). She asked, "I thought you were exhausted?"

As he took off the rest of his clothes, he replied, "I told you I just needed a little time to recharge, and I meant it. I'm fully recharged now. Being in the arms, and bed, of my favorite history teacher has that effect on me!"

She chuckled. "Uh-oh! I've got a feeling I'm gonna be walking funny later."

Alan had Glory lie face down in the middle of her bed, with her knees bent under her and her ass high in the air. Then he got behind her and began a lengthy process of lubing and carefully inserting the Televibe into her.

Actually, the process didn't need to be lengthy at all, but he wanted it that way this time, because it was a good excuse for him to lick her pussy and get her fully aroused before they started in on their Televibe fun (although he was really trying to get himself energized and horny again). He licked her labia, but at the same time he turned the Televibe on and used it like an ordinary vibrator to stimulate her clit.

Glory kneeling on a bed, reversed over Alan, with his hand at her anus

"No, not there!" Glory complained when he started to place the buzzing Televibe at her anus.

"What?" He pretended to be clueless.

"You know what!" she complained. She reached back and used her hand to block him from doing what he was trying to do.

She had an aversion to any anal contact, but Alan suspected that it was more of a mental block than a lack of physical arousal there. He knew her parents had filled her head with phobias against various kinds of "unnatural" sex, including anal sex and homosexuality. But when he'd fingered her ass before, she seemed to get off on it. As a result, he wasn't willing to just take her 'no' at face value; he wanted to push her slowly but surely to anal play.

So he said, "Remember, I'm in charge here. It's all or nothing. And also remember that the Televibe has an anal egg that has to be used; it's needed for the battery power. So I have to get your ass prepared for that."

Glory cursed and gritted her teeth. "Damn! Now I'm starting to remember why I hate that damn thing." But she didn't fight the anal egg idea as much as she could have. After all, she'd experienced it before, and it hadn't been that bad.

In truth, the anal egg was optional. It was useful for extra battery power, but one could do without it easily enough. Plus, it was possible to turn off the Televibe without removing the batteries; it just couldn't be turned off via the remote control. However, he didn't want her to know any of that.

She said, "Very well, but don't put anything except the anal egg in or near my ass. Remember, you can't go anal to vaginal. Not unless you want me to get an infection, which I'm not gonna let happen."

"Oh. Right. Oops."

After a few more minutes of pussy licking and playing around with the main Televibe vibrator, he slowly eased it all the way into her wet and waiting cunt. Then, when he'd gotten her asshole lubed to his satisfaction, he gently pushed the anal stimulator egg through her anus until it was safely and securely lodged completely inside her.

Once he had it in her, Glory let out the breath she'd been holding. To her surprise, she didn't mind the egg so much. It certainly felt weird, but she was used to that from the previous time, and that hadn't killed her.

He tested both Televibe devices and the cell phone used to control them to make sure that they still worked together, but afterward he kept on licking and fingering her privates just because he was having fun making her squirm and squeal. He particularly enjoyed licking her labial lips and then pulling them apart with his fingers so he could see the blunt end of the vaginal vibrator buried within her.

Glory loved what he was doing with his lips and tongue, and she wanted to reciprocate.

But Alan refused, saying, "I've been a selfish lover. Sex doesn't always have to involve my dick. Lately I've been getting into pussy licking. Especially yours! You taste reeeeeaaaaally good."

She chuckled. "It's funny. That comment both thrills me and annoys me. I should be pissed at the reminder that you're having sex with lots of women, but somehow I feel flattered. Anyway, I'm not gonna let you have all the fun. Take this!" Suddenly she rolled over and sat up, then launched herself at him, trying to get her mouth on his erection.

Glory over Alan on a bed, in a sixty-nine, with her crotch over his face and her licking his long dick

They had some fun wrestling and playing around, but ultimately they found a compromise that worked for both of them: a sixty-nine.

As Glory lapped her way up and down his shaft, while fondling his balls, she thought, I wonder how many other tongues have been on his cock today. I'll bet the answer is a lot, and the day isn't even halfway done.

Oh YUCK! I wonder if his mother or sister have been intimate with this thing today. Maybe even together? UGH! I can't think of that, or I'm gonna lose my lunch. Or Heather. UGH! I could be licking right now over some saliva residue from her, or Katherine, or... DAMMIT! I can't go there! This is my lot in life. I'm his fucking sex slave, and there's nothing I can do about his other lovers, so why torture myself?

The crazy thing is, even while thinking all those disgusting things, I can't stop licking this tower of cock! Mmmm... God, I love him so much!

She closed her eyes and slurped and stroked with talent and passion. She repositioned herself so she could bob up and down his sweet spot. She knew he loved that.

Alan was enjoying her oral skills while trying to decide whether he should fully enjoy her blowjob and thus cum first, or stop and take Glory on a walk first and have maybe even more sexual fun later.

Then the doorbell rang.

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