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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 142
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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Glory was lying on top of Alan, happily bobbing on his shaft while he was licking her pussy, when she heard the doorbell ring. She said in a voice that was muffled by the thickness of his erection, "I'nore dat. Prob'bly sshomeone sellin' shomesing."

But Alan gently managed to extricate himself from under her, bringing an end to their fun, for now at least. He said, "No, this is great! Quick, throw some clothes on. I want you to answer the door with the Televibe in you."

She longed to keep sucking, but the situation demanded fast action. After one last powerful bob down his shaft, she reluctantly removed her lips. She sat up and wiped drool and pre-cum off her face. Incredulous at his audacity, she hissed, "You wouldn't!"

He wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively, and then nodded towards the front door. He also quickly put his T-shirt and shorts back on.

She shook her head in disbelief. But just then, the doorbell rang again. She yelled, "JUST A SECOND! I'M COMING!" She thought, God dammit! Right in the middle of a great sixty-nine. This had better be a life-or-death matter!

He smirked and reached for the cell phone controlling the Televibe. "What's that about you cumming? What a good idea..."

"Don't you dare!" Glory warned, wagging a finger at him. Then she hopped off her bed and hurried to dress as quickly as possible. She rushed to her closet and quickly threw on a loose, green summer dress, since that took only seconds to pull over her head. It also had a pocket ideal for secretly stashing the Televibe's wireless signal booster unit that she needed to keep near her privates.

Then she ran out of the room to the front door. Although she was covered everywhere that needed to be covered, the summer dress let her feel the cool wind as she quickly moved through the apartment. She was acutely aware of the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath her clothes.

Grinning at this unexpected opportunity, Alan got up and walked after her, holding onto the cell phone controlling the Televibe that was in his pocket. He hoped that whoever was at the door would stay a while, so he'd have a lot of opportunities for Televibe mischief. At the last second, he remembered to wipe his face clean of her juicy cum.

Glory opened the door and saw Suzanne standing there. Glory was shocked speechless in surprise, as was Alan.

Suzanne swept into the room. She was wearing the same clothes she'd had on when she'd left. "Hi, Glory. How are you doing? Am I interrupting anything? I see you're both fully clothed." Her attention went to the stereo system and she smiled, hearing that the Astrud Gilberto bossa nova CD was still playing. Then her gaze went down Glory's shapely body all the way to her feet, and she raised a curious eyebrow when she saw that she was still wearing her high heels.

"Um, well..." Glory wasn't sure what to say. She still had the sixty-nine on her mind and the Televibe was buzzing away inside her. In addition, seeing Suzanne's voluptuous body confounded her extreme horniness.

Alan took charge, since he saw even more opportunity for fun with Suzanne than if it had been some stranger. He walked up to where Suzanne and Glory stood, and said, "Hey, Mother. No, it's cool. We were just talking."

Then he took a step forward and gave Suzanne a French kiss greeting.

But he only put one arm around her, since he kept his other hand in his pocket and manipulated the cell phone controlling the Televibe inside Glory. It had ten different settings for each of the two toys, and they could each be controlled individually by hitting various buttons on his phone. But it wasn't as simple as zero being the weakest and nine being the strongest, although that was the general trend. It had been a while since he'd used the Televibe, and he'd never figured out all the settings, but he did remember some of the most effective ones. He hit the six button on his phone. He knew that switched the vaginal vibrator to "Throb," a setting that delivered a rapid and strong pulse. He knew she had especially liked that setting her prior time.

"Oh!" Glory squealed. She jumped like she'd been goosed on the ass. Not the "Throb!" Please, have mercy! I'm already too horny!

Suzanne was preoccupied with Alan's scorching kiss, but she noticed Glory's squeal. She smiled on the inside, thinking, What a horny bugger my Sweetie is! Even as he's busy kissing me, he's giving her a surprise ass squeeze. I love it! And what's this I'm tasting on his lips?! Could that be... Glory's vaginal juices?! Oh MY!

Alan was sincere when he'd said he liked to push Glory into new things, but he didn't want her to do things she truly didn't want to do. He'd been a bit slow on the uptake about the growing attraction between Glory and Suzanne, but after seeing Glory trying to control herself at the sink, he thought he should give that relationship a nudge, at least, and see what happened.

So, when he and Suzanne had concluded their kissing, he spoke while he lingered in Suzanne's arms. "Glory, now that you're in the harem, you have to observe the harem rules. I'm not asking you to become bisexual, and I'm not gonna push you in that direction. Except! Except, we have a tradition of greeting each other by kissing on the lips. Lots of women do that with each other, and it doesn't mean that they're lesbian."

Glory blanched and held her hands defensively over her chest. "What, you want Suzanne and me to kiss?!"

"I do." In fact, he wanted it a lot. His dick was like an iron bar from him just thinking about the possibilities. "Everyone in the harem kisses everyone else on the lips to say hello and goodbye. It's just common courtesy."

She glowered at him, even as her heart started to beat like a big bass drum. "What if there's another man in the harem? Are you gonna kiss him on the lips too?"

Before he could answer, Suzanne said hotly, "There won't be, ever, so that's a moot point! The whole point of the harem is that we're exclusively Alan's, and Alan's alone!" She knew that wasn't technically true for everyone, since there was the Brenda-Adrian exception, but she figured now was not the time to tell Glory about that. She struck a defiant pose, with her hands on her hips and her heavy rack thrust forward. "Glory, he's our master. We belong to him totally! I'm offended that you would even talk about being with another man!"

Glory was so out of it due to extreme lust that she wasn't thinking straight, so just muttered, "I'm sorry." In fact, Suzanne's words only aroused her more.

Alan modestly ignored Suzanne's outburst, even though he agreed with it. "Now, like everything, if push comes to shove, you don't have to do it... but I'll be very disappointed with you if you refuse."

Glory thought, How can I get him to understand that I don't want to do it 'cos I'm worried I'll like it too much? I don't care about kissing the others, but Suzanne?!

Suddenly, she exclaimed, "All right, I'll do it!" She gritted her teeth, like she was about to face the dentist's drill. In fact, her entire body seemed like it was really on fire, and she didn't have much resistance.

Suzanne swept Glory into her arms, which soon overwhelmed whatever was left of Glory's reticence.

Glory had planned on keeping her lips closed, but within seconds that was forgotten, and soon the two sexy women were kissing like they'd been doing it all their lives. Oh no! This feels too good! I'm too horny! Dammit all! I still have his cock on my mouth, and the taste of his cum on my tongue. What terrible timing. Oh God! What if she tastes him in my mouth! Oh please God, no! Have mercy! Utter humiliation!

Meanwhile, Suzanne was thinking, Oooh! What's this? I detect just a hint of Sweetie's cock in her mouth! Putting two and two together, I get a sixty-nine! She chuckled to herself. This is so much FUN! I swear, being part of a harem pays extra dividends every day.

Alan smiled as he watched the sparks fly between the two. That was a good call, I think. I haven't gotten a vibe between Glory and any other woman, so I don't want to push there, but between her and Suzanne... wow! Look at 'em go!

He was glad he wasn't wearing any underwear. He reached into his pocket and secretly played "pocket pool" with his hard-on. Then he remembered the cell phone for controlling the Televibe in his other pocket. He stuck his other hand in that pocket and hit the button that moved the vaginal vibrator back to a different throbbing-type setting.

Again, Glory wasn't expecting that, and she jumped like she'd been jolted with electricity. Oh no! she thought, as the kiss continued. No fair! How am I supposed to resist Suzanne's sweet lips AND Alan's sneaky games? And he's not turning the damn thing down. I'm gonna cum for sure!

Suzanne in a red dress kissing Glory, who is in a green dress, while fondling her left breast and giving her tongue

Suzanne was deliberately taking Glory's seduction slowly and carefully. At first, she fondled one of Glory's breasts, because that was the kind of thing she did without thinking when she kissed the likes of Susan or Katherine. But she remembered that she needed to not freak Glory out, so she kept her hands wrapped around Glory's back for the rest of the kiss.

Still, from the brief tactile contact, Suzanne was able to tell that Glory wasn't wearing a bra. Nice! This is gonna be such fun, hee-hee!

Glory was sorely tempted to fondle Suzanne's boobs. (They were so big that it was hard not to touch them!) However, she was determined to control her "Suzannesbian" lust, especially since she knew Alan was watching. She carefully kept her hands on Suzanne's back.

Suzanne continued to be careful where she let her hands wander, although she did fondle Glory's butt for a few seconds. That was just long enough to check whether Glory was wearing panties. Suzanne was pleased to find that she wasn't. Damn! Too easy. I wish I could just take her right here, right now! She's so ripe. But good girls cum to those who wait, hee-hee!

After a couple minutes, Suzanne brought the kissing to an end, even though she knew that she could have kept going and going, since Glory wasn't offering any resistance. She cleverly waited until Glory was right on the cusp of a climax, leaving her panting for more.

As the redheaded vixen ended the kiss, she brought her hands up and cradled Glory's face with them. She quietly spoke in her rough yet sexy voice from so close that their noses nearly touched. "Now, wasn't that nice?"

"Mmmm!" Glory replied dreamily, with a big smile on her face.

"Don't you like that tradition? It's a good tradition."

Glory nodded. At the moment at least, she felt like it was the greatest tradition ever.

"Good." Suzanne abruptly disengaged and looked around. Her eyes found Alan, and she apologized to both Glory and him. "Sorry again about leaving like that. I realized that I was being a bit rude, so I decided to come back and try to make amends. I'm honestly not interrupting anything, am I?"

Alan stopped masturbating himself, since the razor-sharp Suzanne was looking at the phallic-shaped lump in his shorts. He replied breezily, "Absolutely not. In fact, we'd love for you to stay and hang out with us, wouldn't we, Glory?" He'd already turned the Televibe down, but he saw that Glory was still spaced out over the kiss, so he hit a couple of different settings in rapid succession to snap her out of it.

Glory was jolted into replying. "Oh, uh, yes! Uh, sure. We were just, uh... talking."

"Talking. I see." The curvy mother smiled as she looked back and forth between Alan and Glory, since she could see slight traces of cum on both of their faces. (Both of them had cleaned themselves hastily and without the use of a mirror.) That just confirmed what she had already figured out from tasting their mouths.

She couldn't resist playfully teasing Glory a little bit by saying to both of them, "You know what's strange? Sweetie, when I kissed you, there was something different about the taste. Kind of feminine, even. And Glory, when I kissed you, there was something VERY familiar about the taste. Kind of sweet and yet... manly." She put a hand on her chin as if she was seriously trying to puzzle that out.

Glory's face had already been slightly red due to her general arousal, but it suddenly turned cherry red as she realized what Suzanne had been tasting. Oh God! Dear God! I could just DIE!

Alan knew what Suanne was doing, but he worried that she was pushing Glory too far too fast. So he said, "Yeah, that's 'cos Glory and I were making out right before you got here, so you probably tasted a little bit of me on her and vice versa."

Glory breathed an audible sigh of relief. Thank you! PHEW!

Suzanne was tempted to toy with the situation some more, so she pretended to be skeptical. "Oh, is that what it was?" She stared longingly at the bulge in Alan's shorts. Then she decided to have mercy on Glory. "If you two were kissing, I'm sorry for interrupting."

He said, "No, it's cool."

She worried that she might be interrupting something, but she figured Alan at least would be honest if she wasn't wanted. So she wandered over to the table in the dining room and sat down. She asked, "So, what should we do?"

Glory was still so frazzled that she was nearly trembling. She needed time to recover, preferably away from Suzanne's siren-like pull, so she said, "Hold that thought. Let me get us some drinks. Alan, would you help me?"

"Sure thing."

The two of them went to the kitchen, leaving Suzanne alone in the dining room.

Because the apartment was small, Glory whispered to Alan as she got a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator, "What are you trying to do to me, young man?! Kill me?"

He whispered back, "KILL you? What do you mean?"

She wanted to explain that between French kissing Suzanne and the Televibe's buzzing, she felt like she'd nearly died from arousal overload. But she didn't want to admit how much the kiss had turned her on. Crap! I know I'm not bisexual, but how can I deny that I'm not at least a Suzannesbian? That kiss was divine! And now I'm wearing nothing but this flimsy summer dress. I might as well be naked, since I feel totally naked underneath. And look at his massive bulge. I can't stop salivating because I have unfinished business there. Ugh! It's like there's some sexy conspiracy against me!

She griped, "I suppose you're going to torture me by frequently fiddling with the settings on this thing."

He smiled from ear to ear. "Things..." he said, discreetly reminding her of the anal egg. "Yep!"

"You're evil, young man! Do you know that?" But she smiled too, and finished getting the wine and wine glasses. She was feeling better as she receded from the brink of climax.

Glory in her green dress, holding a bottle of wine while Alan lifts her dress from behind and fondles her bare ass

He said, "Hey, you're the one who said you wanted more practice in a safe setting, to allow you to get used to it, right?" Then he squeezed her nearer ass cheek with his free hand while dialing up the Televibe briefly. He even lifted her dress to get a nice handful of bare ass-flesh.

She involuntarily squealed again as a minor climax ripped through her. She quietly hissed, "No fair! You cheated with the extra ass grab." She didn't want him to be doing this with Suzanne close by, but she also found herself spreading her legs slightly to give him better access.

Keeping her dress lifted with one hand, he probed her vulva, her ass, and all points in between with his other hand. Because of the Televibe pieces in the way, he couldn't finger his way very far into her holes, but he knew how to drive her wild with his touch just the same.

As he did that, he purred, "You know, you're very, very wet." He poked a finger into her sopping slit as he said that, bumping into the Televibe.

She snorted, "Gee, I wonder why?! Now, get your hands off me before you make me cum in a very loud, embarrrassing way."

He reached further between her legs, even diddling her clit a bit. "You're at a disadvantage. With your hands full, there's nothing you can do to stop me."

She quietly muttered to herself, "I seem to always be at a disadvantage with you." God, I have to do something, fast, or I'm going to whip this dress over my head, get down on all fours, and demand that he fuck me like an animal! I'd do it in a heartbeat if only Suzanne wasn't here, and I might do it even still!

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself a bit. Then she said to him, "I could just keep walking, until Suzanne would see."

"You could," he conceded, "but would I let go first? Maybe I'd just let her see what a fantastic ass my history teacher has."

"You're the fantastic ass!" Glory growled. She was getting increasingly nervous the longer they delayed. She was petrified that Suzanne would get up to see what was taking so long. However, she was so aroused by what Alan was doing to her that her body seemed paralyzed.

In fact, Suzanne was nearly certain that Alan was up to some hanky-panky. She certainly didn't want to catch them in the act, since that would ruin the mood. But she was getting antsy herself, so she shouted out, "Hey, do you need any help in there?"

That startled Glory out of her erotic reverie. She walked back to the adjacent dining room feeling giddy and extremely aroused, leaving Alan behind.


Glory sat across the table from Suzanne. There was only one chair on that side, and she wanted to be sure Alan wouldn't sit next to her, so he couldn't try his "double attack" again, using his hands and the Televibe on her at the same time.

This arrangement suited Alan just fine. He wanted to sit well away from Glory anyway, so Suzanne wouldn't suspect that he was up to something with his favorite teacher. He sat next to Suzanne, which put him diagonally across the table from Glory. In that position, it would be nearly impossible for him to even play footsie with Glory without Suzanne finding out.

Suzanne also liked the seating arrangement. She noticed that Alan was sporting a hard-on in his shorts, and within seconds of his ass hitting the seat, she surreptitiously snuck her hand under the table edge and down inside his shorts before he could do anything to stop her.

But that wasn't satisfying enough for her. Mere seconds later, she unzipped his fly and whipped out his cock, covering the unzipping sound with a well-timed series of coughs.

He thought, No way! You're kidding me! She doesn't seriously think she can get away with that, does she?! And why now? I could tell Glory's in a pretty desperate state right now, but I'm not far off! Still, it felt so good that he made no attempt to move her hand away.

Suzanne sitting next to Alan, stealth stroking him under the table as they both sit across from Glory

Suzanne couldn't help but smirk a little bit as she started to secretly jack him off. She noticed that his boner was wet, and she explored that some more with her fingers. Hmmm. Lots of pre-cum, definitely. He obviously didn't have time to wash up when I came in. But I can tell there's a lot of fresh saliva too. Glory, you naughty, nasty girl! You definitely were snarfing on his fat knob a couple of minutes ago! In fact, I'm pretty sure it was a full-on sixty-nine.

God, that makes me hot! I wonder if she was giving him one of her famous deep throat moves. I'd love to see her do that with my own eyes. We could take turns bobbing down to his pubic hair for a nice ol' lazy hour or two. Is she REALLY the best deep throater? I think this calls for a contest! Mmmm...

Even as she was fantasizing about that, she asked, "So, what have you two been up to while I was gone?"

Alan was fighting a mighty battle not to give away what Suzanne was doing to his erection, so he was in no position to answer. It wasn't just that she was jacking him off in such a dangerous situation; she was really talented with her fingers, and he had to get himself in the right frame of mind to both "resist" and enjoy it.

Luckily for him, Glory quickly replied. "Oh, just talking."

Suzanne looked at her skeptically. "Just talking? Really? With this guy?" She playfully nudged Alan's shoulder with her own. "In my experience, his penis needs near-constant tending." She gave his boner an extra hard squeeze, then rubbed his sweet spot in an especially tantalizing manner, making his eyes bug out in surprise.

Luckily, Glory was too flustered by the conversation to notice. She hastily replied, "Actually, Alan had a bit of an energy crash right after you left. It was as if he was a puppet and someone suddenly cut all of his strings. It actually frightened me for a moment there. He rested on my bed and was just starting to revive when you came back."

"Ah," Suzanne said. "So when you say he was reviving, I imagine his penis was reviving too. After all, this is Sweetie we're talking about here." She chuckled. "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything too exciting when I rang the doorbell. Did you have his big cock in your hands? Were you rubbing it with your fingers?"

She had a way of stimulating Alan's dick very effectively by rubbing his sweet spot with her fingers so that she didn't have to move her hand at all, and that's exactly what she was doing at that moment. But as she said "rubbing it with your fingers," she stroked him from the tip down to his pubic hair and back.

It was dangerous, as she couldn't completely hide her arm movement, but Glory was so shocked by Suzanne's bold words that she wasn't paying attention to what her out-of-sight hands might be doing.

Then Suzanne asked, pointedly, "Or, were you sucking on him? Were you lapping on his sweet spot? You know how much he loves that."

That hit the mark. Glory had even been lapping on his sweet spot when the doorbell rang. She turned away, too embarrassed to say anything.

There was an awkward silence, with Suzanne's question hanging in the air unanswered.

Glory thought, She knows! Oh God, she knows! How totally humiliating. She must think I'm a complete slut! Gaawwwd, and I'm wearing his slave collar for all to see. I AM a complete slut - a slut for his cock! Even now, with my face burning red, I can't stop salivating, wishing I could finish him off with my mouth!

Suzanne didn't want to push the issue any further. She'd only brought up the topic of handjobs because she was feeling mischievous and wanted to talk about handjobs while actually secretly giving him one, and then she couldn't resist asking about blowjobs as well. She didn't want to push her luck and make Glory too upset.

She thought, It's so cute how embarrassed that makes her. I wonder what she'd think if she knew my hand is sloshing through the remnants of her saliva at this very moment, even as more and more pre-cum squirts out and dribbles down my fingers. Would she be grossed out? Turned on? Outraged? I still can't read her like I can read Susan, although I think I'm getting better fast.

Alan wanted to speak up, to help Glory out. But because of Suzanne's sneaky stimulation, he was putting all his effort into maintaining a poker face, so he still couldn't say anything coherent. He was so distracted that he even momentarily forgot about the cell phone in his pocket.

But Glory was distracted too, because she was wondering why Alan WASN'T using the Televibe on her. She wasn't willing to admit it to herself, but she'd been looking forward to it. Her pussy was soaked and tingling, ready for more action, despite the danger of getting caught (or maybe partially because of it). However, the Televibe had no off setting that she knew of, just lower and higher levels of stimulation, so she was still getting a nice buzz. The anal egg was providing a strange sensation in her ass, even though Alan hadn't started manipulating its stimulation levels yet. She was so out of it that she forgot completely about Suzanne's question, and was unaware of the awkward silence that followed.

Having Suzanne sit right across from her was extremely distracting as well. She hadn't really had a chance to appreciate Suzanne's outfit before, since Suzanne had changed into her bikini mere minutes after arriving and then changed back just as she was leaving. But now Suzanne appeared to be looking around the room, thoroughly checking out the apartment, so Glory could ogle her at length.

Suzanne was wearing a bright red top that was surprisingly casual by Suzanne's typical fancy clothing standards. In fact, it was practically a T-shirt. However, it was cut very low in front, showing off nearly as much cleavage as the red bikini had. (Suzanne was wearing a short blue skirt as well, but Glory didn't care about that at the moment since Suzanne's lower body was hidden by the table.)

Glory stared into the valley of Suzanne's deep cleavage as she thought, Suzanne's breasts are just so... big! So firm, so round, so fully packed! So luscious! Boy, did I chicken out during that kiss. I felt them pressing against me, and I could even feel her erect nipples boring into me (and mine into her), but that was all. I should have cradled them with my hands! Damn! Maybe next time... I can't wait till she kisses me again...

Not that I'm bisexual or anything! No way! I'm just Suzannesbian. And that doesn't mean anything, not really. It just means that I appreciate Suzanne's beauty, on the inside and the outside.

I mean, it's not like I would actually DO anything with her. Right? I mean, aside from the kissing. Lots and lots of kissing! Oh, and fondling her breasts, to see if they feel as good as they look. Besides that, I can just pretend.

She sighed longingly.

The extended silence, with no one talking, went on and on.

Yet only Suzanne realized this, or seemed to mind, and she found that very odd. Finally, she said, "This feels nice. Glory, it seems that every time you and I are together, we always have something to do. Like our earlier discussion about the fight aftermath. But now we've got no agenda at all, nowhere we have to be. What should we do?" She looked out the window. "It's a nice sunny day. Maybe we could go outside."

Suzanne reaching into Alan's pants, stroking his dick with one hand and fondling his balls with the other

She said this knowing that Glory's eyes and attention would naturally follow hers. Confirming out of the corner of her eye that Glory was looking to the window, she quickly brought a second hand to Alan's crotch and yanked his shorts down far enough that his entire package was exposed. Then she kept one hand there and fondled his balls for a little while until he gave up on the idea of pulling his shorts back up.

Alan was incredulous at Suzanne's audacity. If Glory got up, perhaps to get something from the kitchen, he'd be in a real fix. But he grinned because he couldn't help but admire his second mother's chutzpah.

He thought, Come on, Aunt Suzy, get real! One hand, okay. I could deal with that. God knows I'm used to having my dick stroked in situations like this, and I love the arousal and excitement. He chuckled to himself. But two hands? That's just asking for trouble! Not to mention pulling my shorts down like that. Geez! She's trying to give me a heart attack!

He looked over at Suzanne out of the corner of his eye. She was leaning forward over the table, as if extremely interested in what Glory had to say. That's what allowed her to reach across her body with a second hand to fondle his balls without it being too noticeable. But it was a somewhat suspicious position just the same. Certainly, she wouldn't be able to maintain that leaning forward position very long without Glory wising up.

He thought, I just hope and pray she withdraws that second hand, and soon! Jesus! It's like she's trying to get caught! And why does she have to point my dick practically straight up as she strokes it? I mean, I have no choice but to slouch way down, or my dick would poke over the table edge. Even so, there's only, like, an inch or two of spare room there! What if it comes into view? Heck, what if Glory stands up?! She might still see!

Oh my God! What if I cum?! Imagine the look on Glory's face if a fountain of cum suddenly bursts up into the air! Shit! And I wouldn't even have to climax, necessarily. Sometimes, I squirt a little bit of cum here and there, well before the urge to climax. I have no control over that, but what if I do that now?! And with the way her two hands are going at it, I'm getting too aroused. Shit! I really need to do something!

And yet, he didn't do anything, other than to adjust the part of the tablecloth hanging from the table edge so that it better covered his dick and Suzanne's hands.

He was right that Suzanne was pushing her luck and almost asking to get caught. She was having a great time. In fact, she even felt tempted to stroke her fingers near the top of his cockhead so that part of her hand would be in view. She figured that if she did get caught, she could smooth things over, since she and Glory were both there for Alan. Thus, she could enjoy all the thrill of risking getting caught without facing any serious consequences if things went wrong.


Suzanne's bold action reminded Alan that he was forgetting to use the Televibe. So he put his hand in the pocket containing the cell phone that controlled the Televibe, and waited for Glory to speak. Happily, that pocket was on the other side from where Suzanne sat.

Glory thought about going outside. But then she recalled Alan's plan to use the Televibe on her as they walked around the neighborhood, and decided that she'd be a lot safer at home. "You know, I kind of like just staying here."

Glory, in her green dress, looking startled

As soon as she finished saying that, her eyes bugged out in an almost cartoonish way, because that was the moment Alan hit a button that turned the Televibe up to full blast.

Suzanne smiled at the funny face. "Glory, what the heck? You look like someone just rammed a stick up your butt!" She chuckled, not realizing just how close to the truth that was (especially given the buzzing anal egg).

Alan could see that Glory was flailing about, trying unsuccessfully to come up with a response to that, so he came to her rescue. "I can answer that. Not long ago, she and I were having some sex talk, and I was telling her some of the things I wanted to do with her in public. I'll bet it hit her what could happen to her if we go outside."

Suzanne laughed. "I see."

She was impressed at Alan's ability to answer coherently, considering that she was rubbing his sweet spot in a way that would have brought almost any man to an immediate climax. And she was fondling his balls with her other hand! She knew she was having a big effect on him, because she could feel the rhythmic contractions of his lower abdomen that indicated to her that he was already clenching his PC muscle to stave off climax.

But she was feeling especially devilish. Not only had she exposed him down to his balls, but she was making no effort to hold back to let him avoid cumming. On the contrary, she was going all out to see what he'd do if he had to cum. She couldn't keep leaning forward without any apparent reason, so she pulled back somewhat, and yet she continued with her two-handed assault. She practically plastered herself against Alan's side to help make her arm positioning less obvious.

She joked to Glory, "Then I say we go outside. I can't wait to see what he'll do to you."

Glory replied defensively, "Hey, who knows, he might pick on you instead."

"Ooh! Even better!" She laughed some more.

Glory's arousal level had risen to dizzying heights. She found herself fantasizing about Alan walking down the street with the two of them, with her on one side and Suzanne on the other. It was the same way the three of them had walked to her apartment, except that in her fantasy Alan was fondling them both under their clothes, letting everyone who saw know that they were both his.

Flustered, Glory thought, What's wrong with me?! I'm thinking like I'm just one of his many women, and I'm not! Well, okay, I am, but I'm not happy about it. ... Dammit, I kind of am, but I'm not too. And he shouldn't treat us like that in public, although it would be really hot if he did!

God, I'm confused! And horny! Too damn horny!

Now that Alan had remembered the Televibe, he was changing the settings every half-minute or so. Because of Suzanne's covert two-handed handjob, he could barely think, so he didn't know which settings he was switching to most of the time.

Glory thought, I'm on a wild roller-coaster ride, and there's no way to get off! No, wait, that's not true. That's all I'm doing: getting off, over and over again!

She was struggling hard to keep her cool and not make any more slip-ups like her bugged-out expression. On top of that, she was enraptured by Suzanne's face and cleavage. As a result, she still had no clue that Suzanne was jacking Alan off, even though Suzanne sometimes got a little careless about the positioning of the arm that crossed her body to fondle Alan's balls.

But Suzanne got to wondering what would happen if she did get caught. She decided to probe that subject, since no one else seemed capable of conversation at that moment. "Okay, fine. Let's stay here for a while then, if it makes you feel better. Let's talk harem stuff."

Glory frowned. "Again? You always want to talk about harem stuff lately."

"That's true, because it needs to be talked about." Suzanne didn't know Glory's level of commitment exactly, and she was trying to find that out. "I don't know about you, but I've made a lifetime commitment to my Sweetie, and so has Susan, and so has Katherine, and so has Amy, and so has Brenda, whom you'll meet before long, I'm sure, by the way. We're all fully dedicated to serving his cock in any way we can. There's nothing more important than keeping his cock stiff and throbbing with arousal."

Suzanne loved the fact that she was secretly caressing Alan's erection and balls even as she said that. She playfully tickled her fingers up and down his shaft, to make sure he noticed that connection too.

He did. He had a hard time maintaining a relatively calm facial expression. Frustrated, he covertly reached down and swatted Suzanne's hand away from his balls.

Suzanne furtively withdrew that hand. She had to admit that it was probably for the best anyway, since having two hands jacking him off was really pushing her luck. But she also loved the fact that Alan could have easily swatted both her hands away, indicating he wanted her to stop totally, and yet he did not.

Glory frowned even more. "Suzanne, try to understand what a whirlwind this is for me. Alan only collared me and gave me his ring last night. And that's the first time I found out that this woman named Brenda even existed. I'm still trying to come to terms with what's happened to me. I mean, technically, two months ago, I was just his history teacher. And now, I'm his goddamned..." She flailed an arm around helplessly in his general direction.

"Sex slave," Suzanne said helpfully, since Glory was too embarrassed to finish her sentence by using those words.

Glory visibly winced, but she didn't deny it. "As it so happens, I have not made a lifetime commitment yet. I didn't know I was alone in that, and I guess I should feel grateful for the special exception. He's given me a six month trial period, and we'll reassess when that ends."

She paused, pondering. She was thankful that Alan had turned the Televibe to a low setting and left it there while she was trying to consider such important matters. "I need that trial period. It's like I need to know that a parachute is there for me if I'm flying in some dangerous, experimental airplane. I don't want to give that up for anything. But I have to be honest and admit that I'm ninety-nine percent certain that when the six months are up, I'm gonna commit completely, just like you have."

She looked away shyly as she added, "I thought about little else all night. I've sort of made my peace with being part of his harem." She glanced at Alan nervously, wondering how he'd take that.

Alan was floored to hear that. "Really?! Wow! Glory, that's so major! That's fucking HUGE! I love it!" He was so excited that his erection twitched and spasmed wildly. An electric thrill ran through him that was magnified by the fact that Suzanne was secretly jacking him off while he heard the great news.

Glory looked at him and grinned a little bit. "I thought you might like that. The problem is, you're such a fucking lucky bastard already, I don't want to give you an even bigger head."

Suzanne nodded approvingly, saying, "That's very good news indeed. I think you two should celebrate with a kiss, right across the table."

Alan was very afraid about having to stand up, since his penis and balls were hanging all the way out (not to mention the way Suzanne was steadily rubbing him). But he realized that the table was narrow enough that he and Glory could probably meet halfway over it while more or less staying in their seats.

That's what they did, and so were able to turn their kissing into a very nice, passionate necking session. Alan wasn't able to manipulate the Televibe while his arms were on the table supporting his forward lean, but Glory didn't notice because kissing him gave her an exciting jolt all by itself.

Alan and Glory leaning across the table, kissing, while Suzanne stealth strokes Alan

Suzanne was tickled pink. She loved that Glory was being drawn deeper into the harem, but she also was delighted by the fact that Glory's eyes were closed as Glory concentrated fully on the kissing.

That gave Suzanne a chance for even more mischief. She considered bending over to briefly suck on Alan's dick, but there was simply no room for her to do that, given the way his tummy was now pressed against the table edge. However, she was able to bring her other hand over again, and she resumed wantonly fondling his balls with one hand while stroking up and down his erection with the other. She knew that she didn't have to worry about what Glory would see as long as the kissing continued.

She did have to be careful about the noise though, because Alan's boner was thoroughly soaked with pre-cum, and her fingers were getting increasingly cummy and sticky from sloshing through all his wetness.

Suzanne wasn't just pushing her luck because she was feeling devilish; she sort of wanted Glory to catch her. She figured it was just a matter of time before she and Glory were doing things like sucking Alan off together, and she wanted that to happen sooner rather than later. Getting caught might help push the issue forward. But on the other hand it might be a setback, so she was uncertain and skirted right along the edge, biding her time and hoping that the right moment would appear.

Alan was in a real bind. He had put one hand on the table to lean forward enough to kiss Glory, and his other hand was holding Glory's head in place. He wished he had another hand to swat Suzanne's hands away from his privates, because he was too dangerously close to cumming. Unlike Suzanne, he wasn't toying with the idea of getting caught on purpose (although he was far less concerned about getting caught by Glory than by some random stranger).

He struggled mightily not to cum. Not only did he have to contend with Suzanne's freely stroking and fondling hands, but the news that Glory was already pretty much committed to staying with him permanently was an absolutely huge deal that aroused him tremendously. He had visions of Glory as a de facto wife - one of his wives - for decades to come. Additionally, Glory was giving him some kind of supernova powerful kiss, just as great in its own way as his necking with Christine earlier.

As if that weren't enough, just mentally comparing this kiss to his earlier kisses with Christine reminded him of the fact that Christine was waiting with Amy to give him a handjob and maybe more as soon as he returned home. So far, he'd done a great job of living in the moment and thinking only about Glory when he was with Glory (not counting a couple of slip-ups), but that just made his brief consideration of Christine an even greater jolt of pure arousal.

He knew he had to take quick action or he'd be painting the underside of Glory's table with his cum. He broke off the kissing, even though he wanted it to go on forever, and plopped back down in his seat.

Suzanne was forced to withdraw both her hands, repositioning herself in the few seconds before Glory opened her eyes and looked around enough to figure out what was going on. Since Glory lingered in her position leaning over the table, Suzanne was pleased to see the reminder that the sexy teacher wasn't wearing a bra.

But ending the outrageous handjob wasn't enough for Alan. He knew Suzanne would have at least one hand back on his boner in a matter of moments. She couldn't use two hands while Glory was looking - at least he figured she wouldn't, after his warning swat - but she could easily apply one hand at any time. He was so close to cumming that he had to keep her from doing even that for a little while.

He thought about sending Suzanne to the kitchen for a drink, but she wasn't someone who enjoyed being ordered around like a maid. (Susan, by contrast, absolutely delighted in doing that kind of thing, especially when it came to the care and feeding of her children.) But then he got a better idea and said, "Suzanne, could you powder your nose or something for a minute, so I can have a private moment here with Glory?"

Suzanne thought, Damn! He's got me there. Just another minute and I would have had him shooting off like a fountain! But she just smiled and replied, "Certainly. Just give me a yell when you're done." Even as she said that, she secretly reached under the table and gave his dick one last squeeze. But then she got up and walked off.


Alan hadn't been planning on saying anything special to Glory; he'd mainly just wanted Suzanne out of the room long enough to give his dick a strategic break. But he realized this gave him a golden opportunity to express his feelings. So he just spoke from his heart without thinking things through first.

He reached out across the table and held Glory's hand. "Glory, you know I love you. I know you have problems with the whole harem thing, and it's good that you do. It's only natural and smart to want to look before you leap, and you're taking a really big leap here. But I meant it last night when I said I feel you're my soulmate and a person I want to spend the rest of my life with."

She leaned across the table, inadvertently giving him an open view down the front of her loose dress. She corrected him, "'A soulmate.' You didn't say I'm your soulmate, you said I'm 'a soulmate' of yours, indicating that you have others."

He admitted, "That's true. I do. And I'm being totally honest and up front about that, just like I was last night. I know right now the others are a bitter pill for you to swallow, but I actually see them as a good thing for you in the long run. And sure, I'm way, way, WAY biased on that point, but what I mean is, all of us, the other five women I've collared, we get along great! Not just me with them, but each of them together without me in whatever combination they hang out together. We're all just getting closer and closer and closer. You're kind of the outsider now, but there's this great, wonderful, loving family that I hope you can become very close to as well. And it doesn't have to be in a sexual way; I don't expect that from you. It's like Suzanne said earlier: she feels like she has an entirely new family in addition to her existing family."

Glory noted, "And in her case, there's a big overlap there. That makes it easier for her."

"True, but the point still stands. You're getting a soulmate in me, but you're also getting a package deal. I'll bet in time you'll end up with an entire 'soul family' that you love dearly, just like a real family. Look at how you and Suzanne are already getting along like a house on fire. I think the more you open up to new friends and new possibilities, the happier you'll be."

She exhaled heavily and leaned back in her chair. "I'll think about that. You're pretty hard to say no to, young man. And I already know Amy and Katherine well enough to know that they're good people. Suzanne's great, of course, and Susan's a total sweetheart. It's hard to find someone kinder than her. You're right that we'll probably all end up becoming really close friends. I guess I look forward to that. And that will make a big difference. My attitude towards the harem would probably be the polar opposite if I knew it was filled with bitches like Heather." Her lips curled in disgust.

"Well, it's not. And don't worry; Heather will never be in the harem, I promise." His dick was slowly coming down from its close call, although it remained as stiff as a real bone, especially since he was getting frequent views down Glory's dress when she was leaning forward, or of her erect nipples poking into it when she wasn't. Using his other hand, he'd managed to pull his shorts back up, but he left his erection exposed for now because he didn't dare touch it. He still worried that any tactile sensations could cause him to shoot his load.

He realized that things were getting serious; the erotic mood that had been built up was fading. He didn't want that to happen, because even though he didn't want to cum all over the underside of her table, he did want to cum soon.

With a brief pause in the conversation, he scrambled to think of how he could keep Glory aroused. Then it hit him: The Televibe! Duh!

Sticking his hand into his pocket, he hit a cell phone button and switched the vaginal controller to the '8' setting. He remembered that was called "Techno," and caused an intense series of pulses and throbs.

Glory jumped in her seat, acting like he'd just tried to stick his entire hand up her pussy. As she settled down, she leaned forward again, narrowed her eyes, and asked suspiciously, "What are you trying to do to me? Make me lose my mind?"

He snickered a little bit. "Glory, I have no idea what you're talking about. After all, you are practicing trying not to show any outwardly visible response to sudden surprises, right?"

"Grrr! You're a real bastard, you know that? If you make me so horny that I out and out lose my mind, the guilt will be on YOUR shoulders!" But she tried her best to deal with the Televibe stimulation without showing what was happening.

She looked down and realized how much she was showing her bare boobs when she leaned forward. Dammit! The bastard made me put on nothing but this dress in a rush, and now I'm basically naked. I mean, I am wearing this dress, but I feel naked since it's so loose. I'm still too fucking horny, even with Suzanne out of the room. If he doesn't fuck the shit of out me before he leaves, I'm gonna stick a Televibe egg up HIS ass!

As soon as she calmed down, he changed the vaginal setting to '7' - "Ramp Down Waves" - a gradual decrease down to nearly nothing, and then a sudden increase to full, repeating over and over.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, but she quickly recovered and put on her best poker face. Attempting to carry on, she said, "Now, as I was about to say, I have a concern about Brenda. I get the feeling that you're hiding her from me. Given how well I know you and how much we talk nearly every day, how is it that you've actually managed to collar her too, and yet I'd never heard of her until last night?"

He grimaced. "Uh, you got me there. It's true that I have been kinda hiding her from you. Mind you, she's NOTHING like Heather. She's a great person, great personality, nice and smart and all kinds of good stuff. But she's kind of... um, extreme."

Glory frowned. "'Extreme?' Young man, just what are you not telling me here?!"

Alan tried to hide his nervousness. Glory and Brenda not getting along could be a disaster. "What I mean is, she's physically extreme. She's even MORE curvy than Susan or Suzanne, and more busty than either of them too, if you can believe that."

Glory blinked her eyes in disbelief. "MORE curvy and busty? Is that even anatomically possible?!"

He slumped down in his seat, as if embarrassed. "Just barely. She's kind of... daunting that way."

Brenda making a tit tunnel around Alan's cock, squeezing her big nipples with her hands while mouthing the head of his cock

He kind of spaced out as he recalled just how endowed Brenda was. Her tits are just about perfect, as far as super big tits go. They don't sag at all, the nipples aren't some weird shape or size or in some strange location, they feel great - not too soft, not too firm... And she knows what to do with them. Like the way she titfucks me. You'd think that with tits that huge, she wouldn't be able to do the titfucking AND lick the tip of my dick at the same time, yet she does! My dick is nearly eight inches long, which is a good size, I'll admit, but still, compared to her tits, that shouldn't be long enough. Yet, somehow, she manages to squish her tits up to her neck and bend her head way down, then bob and lick all over the top half of my cockhead! And she slides her massive melons up and down my shaft at the same time. So much damn fun!

Now, that's what I call a great slave. She totally loves serving me, which is beyond incredible! She lets me know every second she's with me that she's psyched just to be there. How many high schoolers have their very own J-cup sl-

His thoughts were cut off, because Glory said to him, "Young man, don't be rude. You're here with me, so don't fantasize about your other woman."

He quickly redirected his attention to Glory. "Oh. Uh, sorry."

She just rolled her eyes.

He forced himself not to think about titfucking Brenda, if only because his dick was still on a hair trigger. He wanted to zip up his shorts, but he remained reluctant to touch his erection in any way. But he also felt bad. That was a total dick move. The only way this whole harem thing can work is if when I'm with any of the women, I'm one hundred percent with them.

Seeing that this conversation was headed in an unfortunate direction as far as keeping Glory's arousal on high, he tried to compensate for that by changing settings on the Televibe with increased frequency. Now that he was using the Televibe some more, he was remembering more about how it worked. He recalled that most of the more powerful settings were clustered together with the higher numbers, so he started randomly hitting those buttons on his phone.

Glory frowned, wiggling her ass as she tried to deal with this latest "assault" on her already very wet and aroused pussy. It frustrated her to no end that she wasn't even wearing panties. She had to pull the back of her dress up so that she was sitting directly on her plastic chair seat, because she didn't want to get a large wet spot on the dress. That only aroused her more, and increased her feeling that she was sitting there in the buff. But she steeled her nerves and forced a happy smile.

He decided to continue revealing what Brenda was like now, so as to soften the impact when they inevitably met later. "Anyway... Yeah, Brenda is a pretty extreme woman all around. She's extreme in other ways. She's extremely submissive to me too."

Glory rolled her eyes and said bitterly, "Color me fucking surprised."

He ignored that, and continued, "In the interest of complete disclosure, I have to tell you that she's fully dedicated to being my sex slave. And when I say fully, I do mean FULLY. We're talking down on her knees with head bowed, asking, 'Master, how may I serve you?' type sex slave."

"Oh." Glory sat back in her chair and stared off into space, temporarily ignoring the Televibe's effects. "Well... I can see why you didn't mention her to me then." That, in a nutshell, was the kind of person Glory worried that she could become if she fully gave in to her submissive feelings. She liked submitting to Alan to a certain degree, but she dreaded ever becoming like that.

She also felt daunted by this level of competition. Ultimately, that triggered her competitive spirit and made her more determined to be one of his favorite lovers.

Seeing that Glory looking sad and worried, he hastened to add, "By the way, this whole sex slave thing, that was her idea, not mine."

Glory arched a skeptical eyebrow. "Her idea?"

"Yes! Turns out she was way into that big-time long before she met me. In fact, she kind of blindsided me with her slavish desires." Seeing Glory still looking doubtful, he added, "I know. Hard to believe. But ask her yourself; she'll tell you."

Glory thought, I may just do that! I need to see who this woman is since her life is apparently going to be so closely entwined with mine. Besides, I'm dying of curiosity to see what she really looks like.

As he worked the Televibe, he went on, "And then there's the fact that she's super rich. She has more money than the Pestridge and Plummer families combined, and then some. So she's all-around kind of daunting. But she's really great. I think that when you meet her you'll really like her. She doesn't act like a total sex slave all the time - just with me and my family. I'm sure that with you she'll seem totally normal. Well, aside from her figure, of course."

Glory sighed. "I'm sure she's... nice. You have good taste in friends and lovers, not counting Heather, of course. But just hearing about this Brenda, I feel kind of... daunted, like you said. I haven't even seen her or spoken to her yet, but how can I compete with all that? Christ! For one thing, I know how you feel about big boobs, and look at me."

She looked down sadly at her 34Cs. She noticed her dress was billowing forward again, practically giving her a view down to her bush. She actually could see her belly button. She tried to pull the dress in closer, but she knew that would only help for a few moments, since the summer dress was just too loose on her when she wasn't wearing underwear.

He grinned, both impishly and lovingly. "I am looking at you, and I love what I see. I could just stare at you all day."

She could feel the color rising in her cheeks. Her pussy tingled and buzzed as her internal muscles clamped down hard on the Televibe trapped within. "Young man, you are one honey-tongued bastard!" She shook her head and grinned at the same time.


After some small talk, Alan asked, "Can we call Suzanne back in here? Maybe she can help ease your mind on this."

Glory nodded. She'd forgotten about Suzanne, and she didn't want to be a bad host.

Suzanne came back in. She surprised them both because she was again wearing only her red bikini.

Suzanne standing in her red bikini

Glory was particularly stunned. In fact, she forgot to breathe, until her body insistently demanded more oxygen. She blatantly ogled the vision in front of her. Mercy! I mean it: mercy! God, someone, anyone, have mercy on me! Suzanne is just too sexy!

Suzanne strutted proudly across the room. She said to the stunned teacher, "I hope you don't mind that I made myself more comfortable. I figure we'll probably use the pool again before long, right?"

That was a thin excuse, but Glory didn't care. She nodded, because she was unable to speak. God, I want her so bad! What's wrong with me?!

If Alan had any lingering doubts that Glory had a crush on Suzanne, they were dispelled by the look in Glory's eyes as she continued to stare while Suzanne took her seat.

He thought, Man, there goes any chance for my dick to have a genuine strategic break. God, she looks yummy! It would be so easy to untie the strings on her bikini... He finally pulled his shorts up enough to cover his boner, for fear that Suzanne would resume stroking him while he was still too close to the edge of climax.

He brought Suzanne up to speed on what he and Glory had been talking about, since Glory was obviously still out of it and easily distracted due to Suzanne's scantily clad reappearance.

Alan was worried that Glory's concern about Brenda was even trumping the best he could do with the Televibe. He scanned his mind and then remembered: The ANAL egg! I forgot that the Televibe has two parts! Well, that's not entirely true. I was kind of going easy on Glory since she says she's not into anal stuff, but now I've gotta use all my ammo.

Since there really were no off settings for the Televibe, the anal egg had been buzzing with a low level of stimulation all the while. It helped keep Glory constantly horny, but she had become so used to it that she'd all but forgotten about what was causing those feelings in her ass. That is, until he hit some buttons on his cell phone and turned the anal vibrator to the powerful "Throb" setting.

Glory's eyes bugged out and she abruptly lurched forward in her chair.

Suzanne cut off what she'd been saying about Brenda, and chuckled. "Glory, what's with you today? Everyone says I look like Jessica Rabbit; are you doing your best to be Roger Rabbit with his bulging eyes?"

Glory gave Alan an evil look.

Suzanne gave Alan her best femme fatale sultry look as she delivered her line in her own scratchy yet lust-inducing voice, "I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way."

Alan had an idea with good teasing potential, especially now that he could see that something sexual really was going on between these two women. "Hey! Jessica and Roger Rabbit are husband and wife. So if Glory is Roger, that means you two are married!"

Suzanne smiled right at Glory with such a "come hither and fuck me" intensity that Glory practically fell out of her chair. "Yeah," Suzanne purred in her sexy voice. "Can you imagine that, us being married and living together?"

Glory blanched and her mouth went dry. She was so horny all of a sudden that she wanted to scream, or cry, or both.

Deciding she should have some mercy on Glory, Suzanne decided to keep the conversation moving. "So, is that why you're doing the bugged-out eyes routine, so you can marry me?"

Glory's heart was pounding so hard she thought it would burst through her chest. A vision of Suzanne and her getting married hit her like a lightning bolt. Except Alan appeared in the dream too, and it was more like she and Suzanne were brides while Alan was the groom. She pictured the three of them in the middle of a church. The two "brides" were naked except for flowery veils, and white collars, gloves, and stockings. Glory was being repeatedly impaled on Alan's cock while Suzanne helped her fuck him by fondling her tits from behind.

Glory wearing a white veil, long white gloves and white mid-thigh hose, impaled on Alan's dick, while Suzanne, behind Glory and also wearing a white veil, lick's Glory's neck while caressing both of her boobs, while both women are wearing white collars

In her fantasy, she heard Suzanne purr in her ear, while licking the side of her neck, "Glory, don't be deceived. You're not his wife now; you're one of his slaves! Welcome to the harem. Did you know Sweetie likes all his slaves to be bisexual? Would you like me to lick your clit while he fucks you? Hmmm?"

Inwardly, she screamed, "Noooo! I'm not bisexual! Really!"

But outwardly she played it cool with a forced smile. She lied, "No. It's just that..." - she scrambled for any plausible explanation - "I was thinking about, um... Brenda... and it hit me. Alan has SIX women that he's collared. Six women that are his sex slaves now, if you will."

"I will," Suzanne said, grinning lustily.

Glory tried to ignore Suzanne's sexy facial expression. "And each one of them is like a perfect-ten gorgeous centerfold type, except for me. Isn't that extraordinary? It just hit me. Six!"

Suzanne's grin faded and she replied with annoyance, "Glory, what's this 'except for me' crap? You're a total knockout! What do I have to do to convince you that you're beautiful? Is there something you want me to do to you?" Her words were full of suggestion.

Glory gulped. She had lots of ideas, forbidden and powerfully erotic ideas. If Suzanne and I are both Alan's women, then we need to keep him happy, right? Which means I could get him to order Suzanne to make love to me. Er, I mean, he could tell her to make love to me, and I couldn't resist! And that's, uh, bad! Very bad! She was trying to convince herself that was bad, but her body wasn't buying it.

Suzanne commented, "Sweetie, back me up here. For one thing, given that he can have pretty much any woman he wants, why would he settle for anything less than perfect beauty?"

Glory protested, "Because he likes my personality, from before."

Suzanne pounded her fist, reacting with a surprising burst of emotion. "NO! Sure, that's a part of it, a big part of it. But if he only liked your personality, he could have just stayed friends with you. Or he could have simply stayed as friends-having-sex with you. The fact that he wants you in his harem shows he both loves you AND lusts after you in a very big way! Look at me! Look at me!"

Suzanne struck a sexy "cheesecake" pose, taking Glory's breath away. "All of his women look like this, with bodies like mine. Including you!"

"Yeah!" Alan said, trying to get a word in edgewise.

"That's a lie!" Glory protested to Suzanne. "There's no way I'm in the same league as you. Not even close!"

"No, you're the one who's lying here! Glory, you're HOT! You've got the super fit body of a professional female surfer, for starters..."

The two of them continued to go back and forth, with Alan throwing in comments from time to time to support Suzanne's position and help boost Glory's self-confidence.

But Glory secretly breathed a sigh of relief, since her comments were a successful diversion to explain away her weird behavior. She also figured it would give her a chance to calm down a bit after the strangely exciting Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit talk (not to mention her vivid "marriage" fantasy).

Alan didn't ease up on the Televibe. He kept on periodically changing both the vaginal and anal settings, practically driving Glory out of her mind no matter what the conversation was about.

But Glory wasn't the only one having to deal with arousing distractions. Suzanne wanted to be careful, since she didn't know at first what was being discussed, but there was no denying how horny Glory was. The sexy teacher's nostrils were even flaring at times, and she was lightly flushed down to her upper chest. Plus, Glory kept stealing glances at the deep cleavage that Suzanne's red bikini top exposed so fully. (Naturally, Suzanne pretended not to notice.)

Seeing that Glory was preoccupied, Suzanne surreptitiously reached over, yanked Alan's shorts down a bit, and resumed jacking him off with the same subtle rubbing method as before.

Her timing was good, since enough time had passed for him to experience a genuine strategic break, so he didn't try to resist.

But what puzzled her and was different now was that he seemed determined to keep his hand in the far pocket of his shorts (from where she was sitting). She'd suspected that he was masturbating himself through his pocket, but he kept his hand in there even after she got busy again with her handjob. Still, it seemed like just a little thing, so she didn't consider it further.

Suzanne could rub Alan's hard-on all day without actively thinking about it, so she was able to carry the conversation quite ably, talking at length about Brenda. In describing Brenda to Glory, she was trying her best to put Glory's fears at ease. She didn't directly lie, but she glossed over or put in the best light those aspects of Brenda that she knew would trouble Glory.

She finally reached her conclusion, and said, "Glory, Brenda's got a lot going for her. But sometimes she can be TOO extreme. TOO busty. TOO submissive. Spoiled from being TOO rich. The fact is, Alan has known you for three years now, and he only met Brenda recently. Just a few weeks ago, in fact. He has a special bond with you that he doesn't have with her. You are, after all, the first woman he CHOSE to fall in love with. Hell, even I'm envious of you for that. He didn't really have a choice with Susan and me, since we raised him, and you always love your parents. Ditto with Amy and Katherine, his de facto sisters. But you're different, and that's something that the rest of us can't compete with."

"Oh!" Glory unexpectedly cried out.

"What?" Suzanne asked, a bit exasperated.

"Uh, nothing. I'm just very glad to hear you say all that." That was true, but the main reason she'd cried out was because Alan's Televibe manipulations had her on the verge of an enormous climax. She was distressed at how wet her leaking pussy was making her chair, and she worried about leaving an easily noticeable wet spot behind when she eventually needed to get up.

Suzanne went on, "When you do meet Brenda, please don't be too quick to judge her based on her looks. I feel pity for her. Since she was a teen, she's been treated like a huge pair of breasts first and a human being second. I've gotten a lot of that kind of thing too, so I can relate, but I think she's had it way worse than I have."

Suzanne, in her red bikini, holding her massive boobs from below

Knowing that Glory was fascinated by her big boobs, Suzanne temporarily stopped stroking Alan, sat up in her chair, and clutched at her rack with both hands. She had the thin excuse of illustrating that her breasts were big, and she made the most of it: because of how she was clutching her breasts from below, her nipples nearly popped out of her bikini top.

Sure enough, Glory gulped and generally acted like she'd been run over by a truck.

Suzanne spoke dramatically while continuing to clutch at her tremendous globes. "THESE! These are both a blessing and a curse." She would have said more in an effort to further excite her listeners, but she noticed that Glory looked like she was on the verge of a heart attack. So she had mercy on her and sat back down.

Suzanne resumed her previous position and went back to secretly jacking off her guy. She smiled knowingly at Glory as she said, "You know the old saying... the bigger a woman's breasts are, the dumber the MEN become. I can pretty much guarantee you wouldn't want to trade places with her. Money can't buy everything, you know."

"But Alan's feelings for her..." Glory mumbled. Openly gawking at Suzanne's rack, she thought, To think: Brenda's breasts are even bigger than those?! Suzanne's are already too big for a magazine like Playboy or Penthouse. Where does Alan find someone like this Brenda?! It's crazy!

Suzanne pretended to ignore the gawking, and said, "Brenda's really an outsider trying to become a part of our group. Maybe you feel like an outsider, but the truth is you're already halfway inside the group. You and Alan have a history together that she could never hope to match. I guarantee you that when she meets you, she'll be much more jealous of you than you are of her."

"Really?" Glory asked uncertainly. The mixture of the serious talk and the varying stimulation from the Televibe was blowing her mind.

"Really. Glory, I want to be your new best friend. I don't want there to be any bullshit or lies between us. I honestly mean every word I'm saying." Even as Suzanne said this, she was rubbing Alan's sweet spot with a never-ending series of slightly varying rubbing patterns and motions. In a way, it was much like she was her own Televibe for him.

Hearing what Suzanne had said made Glory feel a lot better. Thanks to the Televibe, she had a growing urge to cry out, and now she let herself go. She yelled quite loudly, "YES!"

Suzanne furrowed her brow. Glory's behavior seems odd, to say the least. That yell is far too exuberant for what I just said. Is it just that sitting with us in that loose dress without any undies on is making her so horny? Am I arousing her that much? I can definitely smell her arousal, not to mention my own. I wonder if Sweetie is somehow playing footsie with his foxy teacher?

She kicked and waved her leg under the table, exploring the space between Alan and Glory until she was satisfied that no under-the-table contact was going on. But that only increased the mystery.

Glory's curious nature was fully locked onto the issue of Brenda, and she was eager to meet her and find out what this woman of extremes was really like. She asked Alan, "What's Brenda's last name, anyway? Or do you even know it?"

"Of course I know it," he replied defensively. "It's Hunter. Brenda Hunter."

Glory was secretly delighted, because now she could use that information to look her up and find out more about her on her own. She asked him, "Is there such a thing as too busty, like Suzanne says?"

Now that Alan had had his strategic break, he wasn't on the edge of climax, so he had no trouble coping with Suzanne's arousing rubbing. He was so used to that kind of thing, it was almost like background noise, although it remained a constant, delightful buzz of erotic pleasure.

So he gave a diplomatic, well-thought-out response to Glory's tricky question. "Sure. Look at some pictures on the Internet. Some women just look laughably absurd, where you have to feel sorry for them. If Brenda were any more endowed, it would be a negative for me. But I've come to realize that size is overrated anyway. For maybe a few weeks there, I went a little crazy and figured bigger is better, and biggest is best. I hope I'm a little older and wiser now, since so much has happened in a short time."

He spoke haltingly, as he tried to put his thoughts together. "I guess... part of it is... I don't want to sound boastful, but it seems I have some kind of sexual talent or charm or something, and I can have sex with some incredibly beautiful women who you'd think should be way out of my league. So... it's like... searching for a woman with slightly more ideal dimensions or something sorta seems not so important. Their beauty is a given, since I'm such a lucky guy, and so what really matters is the personality, the heart. The soul, even. Someone I want to BE with, out of bed as well as in it. Someone like you."

Glory's heart skipped a beat. Damn this kid! If I wasn't already heads over heels in love with him, I would be after that! Somehow, I don't mind all the other women in the harem, because he has so much love for me.

He went on, "Mind you, I'm still a tit man. But I think your boobs are perfect for you, and they complete your perfect figure. I really mean that. I'm so proud to call you mine. You would look silly with Brenda-sized boobs. Boobs that size are not you, and I love YOU."

Glory felt a lot better after hearing all that. She let out a happy sigh. Her relief was exaggerated due to all the Televibe stimulation. The anal vibrations were especially bizarre for her, since her anus had been so off limits to sexual play throughout her life. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not; at this point it mostly still just felt weird.


Suzanne looked over at Alan's lap and saw him with his hand still in his pocket. Upon closer inspection, it looked like he was moving his fingers around a little bit. Curious, she let go of his dick and felt around where his hand was.

She was able to determine that he was holding a cell phone. That's when it clicked, and she connected the cell phone with Glory's strangely aroused state and jumpy, hard to explain mood changes. A-ha! The Televibe! It's controlled by a cell phone; I remember now. What a sneaky, clever kid. I love it! I have such a fucking awesome master. I wish I could kiss him!

Then she thought, Hell, why not? She leaned over and planted a kiss on the side of his face. When he turned to see what that was about, she kissed his lips, and tongue-dueled him a little bit.

All the while, she kept on secretly rubbing his erection. Her fingers were getting wet from all the pre-cum.

Suzanne in her red bikini, giving Alan tongue while Glory sits across the table from them

Glory was so aroused watching Alan and Suzanne kiss that she furtively played with her clit a little bit, through her dress. Since the Televibe had her on the edge already, she had to struggle not to cum for fear her orgasm would be noticed.

She panted lustily while thinking, God dammit, why does watching them kiss make me so hot? Is it that I'm imagining Suzanne is kissing me? Or is it that I'm imagining Alan is kissing me? Or is it just seeing how Alan has turned the proud Suzanne into a wanton, collared slut who loves him as much as I do? Whatever it is, it's fucking HOT!

When the kiss ended, Glory forced her hand from her pussy and put it back on the table. She asked Suzanne, "What was that all about?"

Suzanne grinned unapologetically. "Sorry. I know I'm supposed to leave him alone while we're in your place, but sometimes I can't help myself around him." She leaned back to her son and licked her way up the side of his neck, while she kept on sliding her fingers all over his fat boner.

Glory nodded - she certainly could relate to that feeling. She looked as distracted as she felt.

There was a lull in the conversation, and Suzanne noticed that Glory had raised her eyebrow and wore a curious expression. She tried to figure out what was puzzling the always curious teacher, then she realized the long Astrud Gilberto CD had finally ended and no more music was playing. That meant that the sound of her hands stroking Alan's boner could be faintly heard.

Before Glory could get any more suspicious, Suzanne let go of Alan's stiff pole, got up, and said, "Let me go put on some more music."

Glory bit her lip as she watched Suzanne walk away. Damn! I swear, I could watch Suzanne walk away aaaaall day! The sight of her ass cheeks rising and falling has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen, and those red bikini bottoms make it even more enticing than if she were naked. Although, that would be pretty great too...

With Suzanne momentarily gone, Alan took the opportunity to go wild with the anal settings on the Televibe.

Glory abruptly sat up ramrod straight, because it felt as if someone had stuffed an erect penis up her asshole, repeatedly.

Her eyes shot daggers at Alan. She glanced over at Suzanne, and saw her bending over the stereo, picking out a new CD. Seeing that the redheaded bombshell was distracted, she silently mouthed to Alan, "Stop it! You're driving me crazy!"

He pretended confusion, and mouthed back, "Stop what?"

She glowered, mouthing "I'm gonna kill you!"

He held up his hands and shrugged.

Glory thought back to her phone call to Alan earlier, and how she'd talked about how he'd "mind-fucked" her. Damn bastard! He's doing it again. He's seriously mind-fucking me. But the thing is, I hate it AND I love it! I could easily pull this damn anal egg out of my ass, but I won't. And he knows it, the damn fucker.

Suzanne wasn't gone long. She didn't want to spend too long picking out the music, so she put on another Astrud Gilberto CD, since she liked the mood it helped set.

As soon as Suzanne returned to the table and sat back down, she immediately resumed playing with Alan's still fully uncovered erection. She started some small talk about Glory's musical tastes, and especially how Glory had so many world music CDs.

As Glory described her love of Brazilian music in particular, Suzanne looked at her closely and thought, Poor thing. Now that I know what's really going on, I see her in a new light. She's so horny that her entire body is vibrating slightly. And yet she's fighting with all her might to hold back from cumming because I'm here. I could play with her a little, but I think I'll have mercy on her and go. Let these two fuck like bunnies. I need a good fucking from my Sweetie too, but I can see that right now Glory needs it more.

Suzanne lovingly ran her fingers all the way up and down Alan's shaft, which was kind of her way of saying goodbye to it. She let go of it, but then had a better idea.

Seeing that Glory was glassy-eyed and out of it from being half insane with lust, she announced, "Oops, I think I dropped a contact." Then she bent over as if to search for the contact lens on the floor. But of course there was no contact and her mouth went straight to Alan's hard-on.

Alan knew Suzanne's naughtiness well enough, and was able to guess what was coming. As a result, his face didn't betray what was happening. In fact, he even helpfully held his boner straight up so she was able to engulf his entire cockhead.

The conversation had died completely, so Alan just smiled and exhaled happily as Suzanne bobbed up and down on him.

Suzanne, in her red bikini, leaning over Alan, whose cock is protruding through his pants, giving him head while he holds her boob

Suzanne debated whether she wanted to get caught or not, but she ultimately decided that she needed to leave soon so the other two could get to the fucking they both desperately needed. As a result, she only bobbed on him for about ten seconds before she pulled all the way off.

As she sat back up, she looked at Alan with a wry smile, and said, "That's better. I found what I was looking for." She winked at him, and wiped her lips with her fingers.

Glory thought through her erotic fog, Wait a minute. Suzanne doesn't wear contacts, does she?

Then Suzanne suddenly stood up. "It's been fun, but I really should get going. I'm sure you two will have plenty of fun without me." She winked again, but at Glory this time.

She started walking towards the front door. She put a little extra oomph in the way she sashayed her hips, knowing that Glory and Alan would be raptly watching her bikini-clad ass cheeks rise and fall. When she got near the door, she turned back and pouted. "Well, come on already. Aren't you two going to kiss me goodbye properly? It is the tradition, you know."

Glory practically leapt from her chair upon hearing that invitation.

Alan had to act quickly to pull up his shorts before Glory could see his exposed dick. Luckily, she had eyes only for Suzanne.


Suzanne kept walking towards the front door, but Glory was able to intercept her right at the door.

Suzanne put her hands on Glory's shoulders and rubbed noses with her playfully. But then she simply held her there, and said, "Glory, I've got a question. I know you're down on the idea of taking part in sex with Alan at the same time as other women. But what if, say, you happened to walk into a room and I was in the middle of giving him a handjob or blowjob? Would that be so bad?"

Glory was antsy to get to the kissing, but she gave that question serious consideration. "If it were you, you and I, I could deal with that. I wouldn't really mind. Ditto if it were Amy, I suppose. She's so sweet and innocent. But if it were Susan or Katherine? Ugh! That would make me sick. I think I'd literally rush to the toilet and throw up!"

Alan was very upset to hear that. He already knew that Glory was strongly opposed to incest, but he didn't realize that her opposition was that vehement.

Suzanne frowned, also surprised by that. "Really? That's distressing. But you know Susan and I aren't that different. I had a big hand in raising him, and he's called me 'Aunt Suzy' since forever."

"I know, but it's different. And please don't remind me of that kind of thing. The less I think along those lines, the better." She pondered Suzanne's question about walking in on a handjob or blowjob. By now, she was coming out of her erotic fog enough to remember Suzanne bending over, supposedly to pick up a dropped contact lens. "Hey! You were fooling around with his penis just now, weren't you?!"

Suzanne smiled enigmatically. "No comment." She still had her hands on Glory's shoulders. But then, remembering what she'd said not long after first coming into Glory's apartment, she added with an impish grin, "I did warn you that I was liable to slip up from time to time, didn't I?"

Glory thought, Holy hell! She dropped her face into his lap, which meant she must have been sucking on his cock! Right in fucking front of me! Damn, that was seriously ballsy! I should be really fucking pissed, but somehow it just makes me even MORE aroused!

She acted like she was pounding her fists on Suzanne, but really she just waggled her fists in the narrow space between their bosoms. She said, "I should be mad at you, but I'm not, somehow." Her voice faded and she barely finished the sentence, because Suzanne's lips were drawing closer. Glory opened her mouth and tilted her head slightly in anticipation.

But Suzanne was still in an especially naughty mood, so as she moved in for the kiss, she slid the straps to Glory's sun dress off Glory's shoulders. The loose dress fell to her waist just as their lips made contact, leaving the nicely tanned teacher topless.

Glory felt like she was in heaven as her tongue played with Suzanne's. She was very pleased that Alan was continuing to alternate among the most stimulating Televibe settings. She even welcomed the strange vibrations in her ass.

Glory pressed her boobs into Suzanne's as the kiss went on and on, but to her surprise, Suzanne's bikini top had disappeared too. (Suzanne had simply untied it in back and let it drop to the floor.) Glory eagerly rubbed her big tits against Suzanne's bigger ones, and especially delighted in rubbing their nipples together. She was truly in heaven when she reached up and fondled Suzanne's huge globes with her hands for the first time.

Between the tit fondling and rubbing, the Televibe stimulation, and the great kissing, it wasn't surprising that Glory soon surrendered to a nice orgasm. But when it hit her, it hardly fazed her at all. She just kept right on kissing and exploring, and her lusty desire just grew and grew and grew.

The only problem was that her legs briefly gave out as her orgasm washed through her.

Happily, Suzanne was there for her, and brought her hands up to cup Glory's ass and hold her upright. But once Glory was stabilized, Suzanne was annoyed at the dress bunched up there, and yanked it down Glory's hips, causing it to drop the rest of the way to the floor.

Now, Glory was left standing in nothing but her high heels, but she was so over the moon kissing Suzanne that she hardly noticed. However, she certainly noticed and loved the way Suzanne's hands ran over her bare ass cheeks.

Suzanne also figured that she didn't have to hold back anymore, so she undid the tie on one side of her bikini bottoms, and let them fall to the floor. Now, both women were completely nude except for their high heels and their slave collars.

Alan was avidly watching. Yes! Suzanne is a fucking genius! In hindsight, I can see that she's been teasing Glory all along. She's been working things towards a threesome! Dang, I'd love to join in right now, but I'm not about to mess with her brilliant plans. I need to be patient. She always knows just how much to push.

Before long, Glory's hands wandered down to Suzanne's ass cheeks, and she realized with a start that Suzanne was naked too. Oh no! I'm naked! She's naked! And I do mean we're both compleeeetely naked! And I just came hard while fondling her huge breasts! This is bad! It's really bad! I can't let her know I'm Suzannesbian! And Alan is watching! Oh, the utter humilation! I've never felt so helpless! This is totally out of control!

She wanted to speak out in protest, but she ended up just moaning into Suzanne's mouth as they continued to neck. In a matter of seconds, she gave up any attempt to protest and just brazenly explored the pale Amazon's nearly perfect body. The only area she avoided was Suzanne's pussy, since that was a bridge she still did not dare cross.

Suzanne, sensing how far she could push, also restrained herself from touching Glory's pussy in any way. But it was hardly a restriction, since the two of them were having such great fun kissing and fondling everywhere else.

Glory found herself thinking, Dear sweet Jesus! This is so crazy! And so hot! It's crazy-hot! Gaawwwd, we're just two sex slaves, naked and making out for our master! That should bother me - everything about this should bother me - but I'm too horny to care! Suzanne is too sexy to resist!

Suzanne and Glory, both nude, in a frontal clinch, trading tongue

Glory eventually took a break from the kiss, and pulled back a little bit to recover her breath. But she was astounded to realize that Suzanne's exceptionally long tongue was sticking out and could still nearly reach her face. She exclaimed, "My GOD, woman! I knew you had a long tongue, but... Jesus Christ!"

Suzanne chuckled knowingly, and proudly wiggled her tongue as far as it could reach. "Yeah, I get that a lot." She looked over at Alan and winked. "My Sweetie seems to like it a lot though, especially when I'm on my knees."

Glory snickered. "Yeah, I'll bet." Then she was hit by a vision of Suzanne kneeling between Alan's legs with her tongue nearly completely wrapped around his thick erection. She found that so arousing and exciting that it hit and stimulated her entire body just like an electric shock.

Before she had a chance to recover, or even think about why that would arouse her so much, Suzanne's tongue snaked its way back into her mouth, and they resumed their passionate necking.

As they kissed and fondled, Glory thought, I swear, between Suzanne's inhumanly long tongue and her absolutely gargantuan breasts, it's just not fair! And her eyes, her shimmering green eyes... I'm falling! So beautiful! So SEXY! I mean, how am I supposed to resist?! I could play with these soft globes forever! And the way she's pinching my nipple, and- OH! She's running her hand down my ass again, my bare ass! How did we both get naked?! I can't think! And the things her tongue is doing to me! This is an overwhelming seduction! Why, it's almost Alan-esque! Oh, shit! Alan! I hope he's not watching - but of course he is!

Then, all too soon, Suzanne pulled away, turned, and started making out with Alan instead. In truth, she would have loved to keep playing with Glory, but she felt it was important to reinforce the idea that she and Glory were both Alan's sex slaves, and that his sexual needs came first.

Glory stood there feeling like a jilted lover. She wanted to stomp her foot in frustration. She was especially annoyed when she saw Suzanne reach into Alan's shorts and obviously stroke his thick shaft during the kiss, even as Alan played with Suzanne's big, bare orbs with both hands.

It wasn't that Glory was bothered about Suzanne breaking her "no playing in my house with Alan" rule. In fact, that rule was pretty much forgotten by now. It was that Glory wanted to be the one doing all those things - the kissing, the tit fondling, AND the cock stroking. To be forced just to watch was a kind of torture, and she was even more put out because Alan was too busy with Suzanne to keep manipulating the Televibe.

Glory found herself staring at Suzanne's black collar the most, and after a while she raised her hand to her neck and caressed her own collar. God! Good God! We're this boy's sex slaves! We really truly are! How did that happen? Suzanne, tell me, how did we, fully grown women, fall so completely under his spell?! He's my student - he's a mere teenager - and yet I would do just about anything for him! It's scary, and yet it's intoxicating. Love! Pure love! And lust. So much of both that I can barely remain standing!

But, happily for Glory, the kiss between Alan and Suzanne didn't last very long, and then she found Alan kissing her. She brazenly yanked his shorts down his thighs and took over stroking his thick boner, no longer caring if Suzanne watched, or the rule she'd proclaimed against that sort of thing.

She sighed with great relief to have his thick meat pulsing in her hand. Oh sweet Jesus, this is bliss! Gaawwwd, I love this cock! I need it now more than ever, to reassure myself that I'm straight. I swear, every damn straight woman in the world is Suzannesbian; it's just that most of them haven't met her yet. But even all of her ample charms can't compete with the pure joy of playing with Alan's cock!

Her hand started stroking faster, up and down his long shaft. Oh, yes! Cum for me, you bastard! Not that you will; we know that. It takes hours of stroking and sucking to make you cum, you goddamned stud! Well, it seems like hours anyway. But I'm so happy! The only way I could get any happier is to have you cum all over my face! ... And then have Suzanne lick it off! AAAAIIIEEE!

In the middle of all the great kissing and fondling, she heard Suzanne say, "I'll leave you two to it. I'm going to go now."

Suzanne wanted to leave before a full-on threesome broke out. She certainly wanted to see one happen, but she'd decided that now was not the time. She felt she needed to take things a step at a time with Glory to avoid a major backlash.

Glory was surprised and disappointed. She'd figured that if things had gone this far, it was a natural next step that they sucked and stroked his cock together. She reminded herself that it was better if she managed to restrain herself at least somewhat. It helped greatly that she knew she'd be getting hot and horny with Alan as soon as Suzanne departed.

However, before Suzanne could leave, she was faced with the practical problem that she was standing in nothing but her high heels. So she collected her bikini from the floor and put it back on. Then she hurried to Glory's bathroom, where she'd left her other clothes when she'd stripped down to just her bikini. She put those clothes back on too.

Finally, she came back to where Alan and Glory were making out by the front door. She could easily have just kept going and left without being detected, since the other two were all but fucking standing up. In fact, Glory had Alan's cock between her legs and was wildly dry humping him as they kept on necking and fondling. To her pleasant surprise, Alan had lost his shorts and T-shirt at some point too.

But Suzanne just couldn't resist, so she tapped Alan on his shoulder. Once she had his very startled attention, she purred, "I'm going now. Good-bye kiss?"

Alan just stared at her dumbly, with his mouth agape.

She took advantage of his open mouth by moving forward and hotly kissing him on his lips. And all the while, he remained entwined with Glory, his erection just a couple of inches from plunging into her burning pussy, even as the Televibe within her kept buzzing away.

Even though Suzanne had just dressed, she quickly took all her clothes off again. It seemed the only proper way to enjoy a threesome kiss like this.

Glory was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe how wanton, wild, wrong, and all around wonderful this was. She shifted positions as the kiss went on, moving behind Alan so she could continue to jack off his erection by reaching around him, while leaving room for Suzanne and him to go at it.

A naked Suzanne, Alan and Glory pressed together in a sandwich, with Suzanne's left hand wrapped around Alan's rampant dick and her right on his shoulder, while Glory, who is pressed against Alan's back, fondling Alan's balls with her left hand while her right hand is on Suzanne's bare ass

Not by accident, Glory's new position left her face right above Alan's left shoulder, which put her "in line" for another kiss from Suzanne. And sure enough, that's what happened. Glory lost all track of time, but eventually she felt Suzanne's soft, sweet lips on hers.

Glory was flying high, necking with Suzanne while wildly sliding her hands up and down Alan's erection, trying to get him to cum while the kiss continued.

Alan was greatly amused, not to mention off-the-charts aroused. The situation strongly reminded him of what had happened with Amy and Christine earlier.

Suzanne thought, It would be so easy! So, so easy. All I'd have to do is wrap my hand around Sweetie's magnificent cock, right below Glory's hand. Then our ten fingers would slide up and down like one big hand, sloshing through all that yummy pre-cum, and things would just get hotter and hotter and stiffer and thicker! Then, before long, we'd take the inevitable next step. Glory and I would drop to our knees, and we'd worship our master's cock with our lips and our tongues!

As it should be! And as it will be, soon. But not yet. Glory's resistance is low. She's like a barn door that's not only opened wide, but completely kicked down! However, that's now, when she's at the height of her erotic ecstasy, if not hysteria. Later, she'll feel bad, and wonder how things went so far. One step, at a time, Suzanne! Actually, today has been several big steps with her. That's more than enough. I HAVE to stop now, or she'll have one of those annoying, regretful retreats, just like Susan used to have.

But soon. Soon! Next time, we'll suck him off together, and that'll only be the START of all the fun we'll have! Glory, my sister slave, if you only knew how much fun and love we'll share!

All too soon, the kissing ended, since Suzanne found the willpower to pull away. She looked down longingly at Glory's hand slipping and sliding all over Alan's boner. God, it would be soooo easy!

Suzanne stepped back, but she couldn't stop staring at Glory's stroking fingers. She found herself focusing on Glory's ring, and felt a great surge of jealousy rise within her. She was even tempted to cry out in frustration.

Damn! I want one of those already, dammit! If Sweetie doesn't give me a ring within the next twenty-four hours, at least, he's gonna be in big trouble! Not to mention that it looks too fucking hot: the symbol of her submission rubbing directly against the very cock she has sworn to serve! Fuck! I really have to go, NOW, or I'm gonna drop to my knees and deep throat my master's cock down to the root! And then Glory and I can take turns deep throating it, and then... NO!

Suzanne put all her clothes back on again, while watching the other two have fun. "Don't mind me," she said as she slowly backed away towards the front door. "You two have fun."

Glory was going to protest, since she didn't want Suzanne to leave.

But Alan turned around and his lips locked with hers, drawing her attention completely to him.

Since Suzanne was leaving, Glory hoped Suzanne would leave quickly, because she was embarrassed by her lack of clothes and the very sexual things she and Alan were doing to each other. In fact, Suzanne and Glory had sort of a mutual understanding not to touch each others' pussies directly, but Alan wasn't a party to that pact, so he started blatantly fingering Glory's clit.

This embarrassed Glory so much that she very nearly found the resolve to tell him to stop doing that, at least while Suzanne was present. Instead, she found herself loving it and humping back into his hand. She was greatly relieved when she heard the sound of the front door opening and closing, but it also made her sad.


Glory tried to ponder what was happening. Her acceptance of her "Suzannesbian" desires was growing by the moment, but Alan was keeping her so hot and happy with his lips and tongue and hands that she couldn't think. Her body was on fire.

Suzanne hadn't been gone for even a full minute when Glory cried out, "Oh God! Alan, I need you! Now!" Then she tried to guide his raging stiffness into her hot pussy. But in her wild fuck lust, she'd forgotten about the Televibe. It took some frustrating seconds before he was able to pull the wired vibrators out of her pussy and ass.

Then, with great relief, he entered her. Seconds later, he was fully impaled in the tight sheath of Glory's pussy, even as they both stood there near the door.

The two of them reveled in the heat and the tightness and the tingling of their joining. Unfortunately, fucking while standing wasn't that comfortable, especially since Alan was taller. It provided momentary relief, like drinking a cool glass of water after eating super spicy food. But, just like water and spicy food, the burning fire soon came back; it was a fire that could only be quenched by some serious, hard-core fucking.

Alan knew what he had to do to make that happen. He pulled out of Glory, picked up her entire body, and carried her to her bedroom.

She loved it. She thought back to Garth and her other previous lovers - none of them had ever done anything like this to her. Alan was taking her and possessing her in caveman style, and she responded in a powerful, primal way. As he carried her into her room, she cried out, "Take me, lover! Take me! Fuck me like an animal!"

He tossed her on her bed (but from a short distance to make sure she'd be okay). He didn't say anything, but he went with the "Fuck me like an animal" idea and growled loudly, like a feral beast.

Seconds later, he was on top of her, pushing back into her, fucking her. It was very apt that she'd demanded he fuck her like an animal, because that was exactly what he did. He seemed to lose himself and almost step out of himself, because he drilled her and ravished her like a man possessed.

Glory on her back on her bed, reaching up to Alan who is prone above her, nailing her

Between his powerful thrusts, she cried out, as loud as she possibly could, "ALAN! OH, ALAN! YES! FUCK ME! YES! OH, ALAN! MY LOVE!"

She started to laugh, almost hysterically. This was because she thought back to her earlier comments about Heather, when she'd wondered out loud why Heather would have been so eager to be fucked by Alan to the point that she'd lost interest in all other men. She remembered Suzanne having to correct her that this was Alan they were talking about. She found it funny because now, only a short time later, Alan was making her scream his name and cum over and over again, and that had been mentioned too.

The thrusting and counter-thrusting and grunting and flying sweat turned into a manic blur of fast, hard fucking. Glory lost all track of time and almost even her sense of self. She was a wild beast in heat. She didn't know how many times she came, because it was like one endless orgasm for her.

Then Alan started to cum, and that raised her climax to a yet higher level. He unloaded into her, in time to his own great incoherent yell.

All too soon, it was over. In fact, they hadn't really fucked that long, but it was so fast and powerful and energetic that they were both wiped out. He collapsed on top of her, and they panted and rested.

Time passed. Alan got more comfy and snuggled up against Glory, instead of lying on top of her. He put an arm around her and she lovingly put an arm around him. They both just smiled and stared at the ceiling for a while.

Glory was the first to speak. "Wow. You sexy bastard, you outdid yourself that time. That definitely was one of those 'total destruction fucks' Suzanne likes to talk about." She quipped, "Now's the cliché moment when we're supposed to both smoke cigarettes."

"No thanks," he said. "That shit'll kill you. I've gotta be in tip-top shape so I can do crazy things like carry my love to her bed."

She turned her head to his and grinned. "That you did. That was HOT!" Suddenly, it seemed like she got angry at him, and she even punched him fairly hard in his upper arm. She complained, "God, you piss me off! You're making me totally happy to be one of your women! How am I ever gonna get free of you?"

He chuckled. But then he said rather seriously, "You won't. I won't let you get away. I know this may be hard to believe, but I need you. YOU. You help complete me."

They kissed, and it was gentle and loving.

Afterwards, she asked, "Speaking of crazy things, was Suzanne doing something to your dick while we sat at the table?"

"No comment." But his deliberately mischievous smile told her that her guess was accurate.

She shook her head in wonder, but she kind of liked hearing that. If nothing else, she knew that her future would be full of wild and exciting times.

She gazed into his eyes searchingly, and asked, "What is it about you, young man? What is your magic that's so irresistible that I'm actually fucking loving all this insane stuff that's happening to me today?"

He said, "You really want to know? You really want me to tell you? I'll tell you my exact thoughts, because you mean so much to me. You're my mentor, my pal, my confidante."

She smiled and almost wanted to cry, she was so moved by those simple yet heartfelt words.

He explained, "Okay, it's true that I have some skills. I've got stamina, the whole strategic break thing that makes my stamina seem even better, a good sized penis, some good sex moves and kissing skills, a knack for saying and doing the right thing, and so on. But you know what? There are other guys who can do all that too. What's more, there are guys who are even MORE impressive, be it a bigger dick, more handsome features, more muscles, and the like. But I have this mind-blowing harem and they don't."

He paused, then continued, "You want to know the REAL reason why? I'll tell you. Eight reasons, in fact: luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, and luck. Oh, and one more luck."

She snickered with amusement. "Why eight lucks?"

"I dunno; it felt right. Let's make it nine: and luck. But seriously, I'm impossibly lucky. Think about it. I happen to have a centerfold mom, centerfold sister, centerfold neighbor and neighbor's daughter, centerfold history teacher, and on and on. I mean, what are the odds of that? One in how many million? I try to stay humble because I know it's not really due to me. I'm not this unstoppable super stud; I'm just a lucky bastard."

She ran a hand across his chest. "I'll buy all that. You are a lucky bastard, but you're an 'unstoppable super stud' too. Believe me, you just proved it - again! You nearly literally fucked my brains out just now. Jesus, when you do that unstoppable fucking machine thing, no woman can resist you. No wonder you have a harem, just from that! But even though that's all true, you're forgetting the most important reason for your success."

"What's that?"

"Love! I don't care how great a fucker you are, or what a charmer you are, I firmly believe I would not be putting up with all this harem craziness if it weren't for the fact that I'd already fallen head over heels in love with you. Because you're a GOOD KID!"

She poked him in his chest to emphasize "good" and "kid." She said, "I'm sure you could fuck a lot of beautiful women on a regular basis due to your sex skills alone, and maybe you could call that a harem of sorts. But to get them to willingly agree to be your sex slaves, for life? That's a whoooole different thing altogether. I'm already twenty-seven. I've had a few boyfriends. I love you so much more than any of them that it isn't even funny. I took stock and realized that you're the best man I'd ever met or was ever likely to find. You impressed me with your character and personality long before I ever thought of you in a sexual way. Hell, you were already practically my best friend two years ago, even though I wasn't supposed to socialize with a mere sixteen-year-old and we could only meet in school."


Glory gave him a soft and reassuring kiss, and then snuggled up against him. "Really. There's... there's something about you I love so much, even if you weren't also a super stud. Fuck the age difference, fuck the danger to my job, fuck the harem, fuck the incest, even fuck being your god-damn fucking sex slave; true love conquers all. It was a big gamble, but I already know I made the right decision because I know you love me as much as I love you. I can feel it every time you look at me, every time you smile."

He ran his hand through her hair and basked in her love and her loving words. He didn't know what to say to top that, so he just smiled at her and expressed his love non-verbally.

Glory sitting on her bed, between Alan's legs, leaning back against his chest while his arms are around her and hers are crossed contentedly under her boobs, with her eyes closed and a happy expression on her face

They were so good and secure with each other that they didn't need more bold declarations of love, or even another kiss. They just cuddled and enjoyed each other's company for a while.

However, there was one thing still bothering Alan, so he eventually broke the pleasant silence to ask it. "Lover, tell me. Are you just grudgingly tolerating the harem situation, or is it something you think you could be happy with, and even thrive in?"

She thought about that, and especially thought about Suzanne. "Young man, you've got me now. You've got me loving you, loving your collar and ring and all they represent, and even loving your harem. Tomorrow, I'll probably feel a little more skittish, but right now, everything seems perfect."

She thought about the last kiss she'd shared with Alan and Suzanne. She couldn't deny that Suzanne's presence made everything hotter and better. She could hardly wait for the three of them to get together again. If for no other reason, she knew that she approved of the harem because of Suzanne. However, she was too shy to admit these thoughts to Alan.

So she concluded, "Just don't let me see the incest directly, and don't flaunt that you're having sex with them in my face, and we'll be okay."

He smiled with satisfaction at that. He wasn't happy about the issues she still had, but, overall, things were looking extremely good. He pulled her closer against him, and she responded by snuggling up against him and molding her body into his.


"MooooOOOOoooom! I'm hoooome!" Katherine stepped into the Plummer house holding two big shopping bags. She dropped the heavy bags and had a satisfying stretch. Then she took her bra and panties off and put them in the underwear cabinet.

Kat naked and preening, arms stretched high with arched back and long hair falling behind her

"Ah! Much better!" she sighed happily as she stretched again.

Susan hastened to the foyer with a big smile on her face. The two of them got busy hugging and French kissing.

When the kiss broke, Katherine asked playfully, "How come you're not waiting on your knees for me to come home, wearing something sexy, like you would for Big Brother?"

Susan replied a bit teasingly, "You know I love you, but in a different way. Just as soon as you grow a nice thick ten-inch Mommy-splitting cock and a big pair of heavy, churning balls full of hot and yummy cum, let me know and we'll talk."

Katherine rolled her eyes with some amusement. She lovingly caressed Susan's collar. It was a gesture that bound them together and also reminded them that they were bound to and lovingly serving their master. "Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that his cock is only eight inches long, not ten?"

Susan lovingly caressed Katherine's collar in return. "Well, you could have fooled me. If what you say is true, explain how I can get all of his cockhead in my mouth and then some, and still have room to stroke the rest with two hands. AND then there's still room for another tongue or two! Mmmm! Yum."

She licked her lips, and spaced out a little bit. "But never mind that. What's in the bags? You went clothes shopping? Anything for me?"

"But of course." Katherine bent over and looked in one of the bags. Standing back up, she pulled out what appeared to be some long straps of royal blue fabric.

"Oh! Angel! Thank you! It's great! Uh... I think." She held it in her hands, trying to figure out what she was holding. "Is this...? Do I wear this?"

Katherine giggled at Susan's confusion. "It's a kind of bathing suit. You've probably never seen one like it before, 'cos it's really outrageous. Imagine two thin straps rising from your pussy, covering your nipples and not much else, going over your shoulders, and then back down deep into your ass crack. They call it a V-suit."

Susan looked at the swimsuit in a new light as she held it up with both hands. "Oh! Oh my goodness! That's so... obscene! It doesn't cover ANYTHING! I... I love it!" She kissed her daughter's lips again.

When that kiss broke, Susan said, 'You know, I wore something very similar to this for Tiger once, about two or three weeks ago. It was just after he went to the beach with Christine. I figured he'd have a lot of tension he needed released when he got home, so I borrowed Suzanne's sexiest bathing suit."

Katherine quipped, "Not just tension to be released. What about sperm?"

Susan smiled widely. "That too! Especially that. I wore one of these V-suit things, except that one had straps rising from the hips instead of the pussy. Then we had a little role-play where I pretended to be a pornographic version of Christine. He ended up fucking my big tits and my mouth, and even both at once! Mmmm! So good! Angel, if you ever want to feel totally owned by your brother, suck him all the way down to his sweet spot while titfucking the rest of his shaft! MMMM! It really gives me a warm, tingly sex-toy feeling. It's the best!"

Katherine giggled. "Everything's the best with you. But I know exactly what you mean. That's one of my favorite positions too." She asked, "By the way, what's with all your clothes?" She'd been fondling Susan while kissing her, and she'd managed to get Susan's bra off and shirt up around her shoulders.

Susan looked down at Katherine's hands cradling her huge globes. "Um, you probably shouldn't do that. At least, not for very long. I'm supposed to be playing the role of a normal soccer mom. Christine is right next door, remember?"

"Of course! What's been happening there?! I'm dying to find out!"

"Whoa there, hold your horses!" Susan replied just as eagerly. Katherine was playing with her nipples, and naturally Susan loved it, but Susan was being "good" and not fondling Katherine in return. "First, what else did you buy?"

"Oh yeah. Check this out. I'm going to give it to Christine." She let go of Susan's soft breasts and pulled out a Wonder Woman outfit.

Susan was puzzled, but she tried to be her usual optimistic self. "That's, uh, very nice. But Halloween is a month behind us."

Katherine giggled while taking the rest of Susan's clothes off. "You don't know, do you? Mom, Christine has this huge thing for Wonder Woman. She wears a Wonder Woman T-shirt all the time, even though it's old and worn out. If you ask her anything at all about her favorite superheroine, her eyes light up like she's an excited little kid. But more than that, Amy has a theory that Wonder Woman has a lot of sexual meaning for her. I saw some of that too when I first talked to her. Are you familiar with the character?"

"Not really," Susan said. "I just know what the uniform looks like, and a few things like the magic lasso. I went as Wonder Woman for Halloween, you know."

"I know! And that turns out to be awesome, but I'll get to that in a minute. You see, Wonder Woman is not only a sexy, scantily clad superheroine: in lots of stories and cartoons about her, she ends up getting caught and then tied up and sexually threatened. It turns out the guy who created the character was a seriously kinky dude who was into bondage, and even had two wives."

"Two wives?" Susan's eyes twinkled with excitement as she fingered Katherine's collar again. "I like him already!"

Kat facing Susan, both standing nude, with Kat reaching out to hold both sides of Susan's boobs while Susan has her hands hanging by her sides

Katherine giggled. She put the outfit down and went back to playing with her mother's massive globes.

Susan stood stiffly, as if she was being forced to submit to a nude inspection. Of course she wasn't, but she got off on being treated that way.

Katherine replied, "Me too. Anyhoo, Amy has a theory that Christine has a secret kinky side, and that her unusually strong interest in Wonder Woman is a sign of that. So she borrowed your Halloween costume, and I saw Christine put it on right before I left them. Christine was soooo into it and so psyched that it wasn't even funny. And she was way horny! I swear, she just about had an orgasm from putting it on. Your outfit is still at the Pestridge house, but I figured that since I had to make myself scarce from Amy and Christine for a while so they could talk about sex, I might as well do something useful. I got the idea to buy Christine a Wonder Woman outfit of her own, instead of having her just borrow yours."

Understanding came to Susan. "So... You give that to her, she'll put it on and get super horny, and then Tiger can sweep in, and she'll be sucking his cock in no time! Just like a good tamed sex slave should!"

"Exactly!" Katherine said proudly.

Susan enveloped Katherine in a bear hug. She squeezed her so tightly and for so long, without any kissing, that Katherine gasped, "Breathing... becoming... an issue!"

Susan eased up, and pulled back a bit to make eye contact. "Sorry, it's just that I'm so happy! Sure, I'm happy and excited that your gift will please our master and help him with his next conquest, but more than that, I'm happy with what this says about YOU!"

Katherine was pleased, but she just gave an "Awww, shucks, it was nothing" look.

Susan held Katherine's shoulders as she elaborated, "I've always known you to be a kind, loving, and beautiful girl. And when I mean beautiful, I mean you're even MORE beautiful on the inside than your stunning outside. That's why you're my darling Angel. I know you've been having jealousy issues, particularly about Christine. It would have been so easy for you to sit on your hands, if not even get in the way, as Tiger inevitably tames her and makes her his next busty sex slave. But no! You come up with this inspired gift that'll help ease his cock right into her tight, hot, still virgin cunt. How selfless! You make me so proud!" She squeezed her with another tight hug.

Katherine was practically giddy at her mother's approval, but she said modestly, "Hold your praise. I'm not THAT selfless. For one thing, I bought some things for myself too." Even as the hug continued, she managed to reach into one of the bags and pull out a see-through nightie. "See? This, for instance."

"Well, good for you!" Susan exclaimed. "I don't want you to be a wallflower. The squeaky cunt gets the cock, you know."

Katherine continued, "That's true. The leaky one does too!" She giggled. "But besides that, you give me far too much credit. There's a certain level of conniving here. I agree with you that it's obvious that even the mighty Ice Queen Christine will soon be worshipping Brother's cock. 'Cos let's face it: he's Brother, our master, and he's an unstoppable sex machine! So I can either be on the winning side and get credit for helping him, or lose a lot in his eyes trying to delay the inevitable. Seems pretty obvious to me. And Amy came to the exact same conclusion, probably well before I did."

"Even so, I'm still extremely proud of you. You say that's an easy call, but I know it isn't. How many days ago was it when you were so jealous of Tiger's closeness with Christine that you spied on them in that restaurant? Remember how you tried to sabotage their date?"

Katherine blushed a little as she recalled that, even if she hadn't exactly been trying to sabotage them.

The buxom mother noted, "Christine's got it all. She's intelligent, beautiful, hard working, modest, kind hearted, fiercely loyal to her friends, and last but hardly least" - Susan's face lit up with excitement - "she's got tremendous tits!"

They both grinned a little at that. That also inspired Katherine to cup the undersides of Susan's even bigger tits again, and for Susan to do the same to Katherine's.

Susan continued, "It's only natural to be envious and jealous. Heck, I feel jealous about her too. But you managed to pick the better path. And sure, that's self-serving, but we all do self-serving things. For instance, I'm constantly thinking of ways I can get Tiger's cock in my mouth more often. But we can do that in a win-win way or in a zero-sum way. For instance, do I put down your cocksucking skills so he'll hopefully use my mouth more, or do I suggest we blow him together? You chose the loving win-win way. That shows me that you're becoming a mature woman. Not only that, but that's the way an excellent, loyal, and obedient sex slave behaves. I dare say you ARE his number one fuck toy! Tied with me, of course." She giggled.

Katherine giggled with glee too. She loved the praise, but she said modestly, "Awww, Mom. I'm not all that."

"You ARE! I love you so much!" Susan hugged her again, and they necked passionately for another minute or two.


Then, suddenly, Katherine broke away and asked, "Hey! I'm still dying to find out: what's been happening with Christine's seduction next door?"

"I'll tell you what I know, and I do know some. But as long as we're standing here at the front of the house, I say we try on some of these new clothes! It would be a one in a million chance that Christine comes over, but if she does, I could quickly throw on a bathrobe or something like that."

"Okay!" Katherine disengaged, and then handed the V-suit back to Susan while picking up her own newly purchased nightie again.

Susan took the V-suit, but asked a bit shyly, "Maybe, before I try this on, I could try on the Wonder Woman suit?"

"That would be seriously hot, but you'd better not. Your Halloween one was a little big on Christine in the bust area, I'd noticed, so I had this one tailored to her rather unique curvy dimensions while I waited. Incredibly, it would be too small, and too short, for you."

"Why is that incredible?" Susan asked in confusion.

"Because Christine is so amazingly stacked! And yet you're even MORE stacked! Especially given the way your big udders have filled up and grown with milk since Halloween." She gave both of Susan's bare tits a firm squeeze, much to Susan's delight. "Brother sure is a lucky guy."

"Mmmm." Susan agreed happily. She was blissed out on lust, thanks to Katherine's tit squeezing.

"Besides, I want to give it to her brand new. Somehow, I don't think 'horny mommy-slave smell' would make her happy."

Susan giggled at that. Then she began putting her V-suit on, and said, "Wow, I'm impressed, Angel. You were a busy bee."

Katherine responded, as she put her nightie on, "You have no idea. I wanted to get back before Brother wakes up, so I ran around from store to store like crazy. How's he doing, by the way?"

"Oh, you didn't know? Oh my. He woke up a LONG time ago! He barely slept half an hour, if you can believe that! Then, after visiting with Amy and Christine, he rushed off to Glory's apartment. Suzanne's there too and they're having some kind of pow-wow about making sure Ryan and his thugs are properly punished."

Kat standing naked in a short, diaphanous, blue, semi-open nightie, arms spread wide

"Shoot! That sucks. I tried to hurry with the shopping, but it's not easy buying a Wonder Woman outfit in Christine's size, believe me. Well, at least I'm not missing out if he's having a serious talk and not doing something sexual, for a change." She was naked by this time, and slipped into her new nightie.

Her nightie was like two curtains covering her breasts, and not much else. It was blue, but one couldn't easily tell, because the fabric was so transparent. It made no attempt to cover her pussy at all.

Susan was taking longer dressing, as she stood there in the nude, trying to figure out the best way to put the V-suit on. But as she looked up at her daughter, she said, "Mmmm! You look yummy. Very tasty! I'm sure Tiger will love you in that."

"You think?" Katherine asked with uncertainty.

"I know! I can picture him looking at you, and his cock stiffening and his balls churning. I hope your pussy is wet, because in a matter of seconds, he'll be speared ten inches deep inside you! Either that, or maybe he'll fuck your tits between those cute little curtains. Knowing him, he'll probably do a little bit of both."

Katherine beamed.

Susan resumed examining her new bathing suit. "And speaking of churning balls, what if Tiger comes back from all that serious talking with his big balls swollen to near bursting with loads of hot and yummy sperm?! Maybe he'll come home soon and want to paint it all over our faces! After we give him a nice, extra long, dual blowjob, of course." She licked her lips as she thought about that.

"That would be more win-win sharing for us," Katherine pointed out with a giggle.

"Exactly." Susan finally managed to put the V-suit on. "You're learning. Above all, sex slaves need to share. Otherwise, there's infighting and chaos. My new motto is: 'There's always room for one more tongue on Tiger's cock!'"

Katherine nodded impatiently. "Agreed. Just hearing that motto is kind of hot, don't you think?"

"VERY hot! I wish there was some way I could get in a time machine and zoom to the future so I could be slurping all over his cock and balls with you AND Christine!"

Katherine bit her lip. "Damn! That IS hot! But enough of that. I'm dying to find out how Brother's seduction of Christine is coming along, right now! Oh, and by the way Mom, speaking of hot, you look seriously hot! Like rivers of molten lava hot!"

"Really?" Susan stood in her V-suit, happily preening and posing for her daughter. Because the voluptuous mother had such huge, firm, and high boobs, the straps of the V-suit stretched tightly from her nipples straight down to her pussy, gaping away from her body in between.

Susan standing naked in a V-shaped blue bathing suit, covering her pussy, then extending in narrow strips over her nipples and shoulders

The tension on the straps in front pulled the suit up tight in back, forcing the G-string thong to cup her pussy tightly and ride up deeply in between her ass cheeks for lack of any slack anywhere else. She cupped the globes of her butt and experimentally pulled them apart, delighting in the feel of how bare it made her backside feel. "Mmmm! I LOVE this gift! It's just so delightfully naughty!"

Katherine giggled. "Mom, you're the best. Even when you're wearing something as sinful and revealing as that, you have this innocence about you. When you talk about something being naughty, you mean it in such a cute way. It's like you're a little kid overjoyed to be playing with a new toy."

Susan smiled from ear to ear. "Well, I AM! This V-suit is even better than the other one I wore, because the straps stretch from my naughty place. It's so tight on me, it's doing all kinds of delightful things to my nipples, my pussy, AND my ass crack! I'm gonna be constantly creaming in this thing. Once again, you show what a thoughtful and loving daughter you are."

"Forget it. How can I not get something nice for you, when you're always so nice to me? But what's the word on next door, already?" She impatiently bounced up and down, making her big tits jiggle and shake under her see-through nightie.

"Oh, yes. Well, like I said, Tiger left a while back for Glory's place. I dare say he's been gone nearly an hour now. I didn't see him on the way out, but he did take a cell phone with him. He called me as he drove there, and he gave me an update on what had happened up until that point."


Susan smiled as she continued to pose and stretch in her new bathing suit. "You're really rooting for Christine's seduction now, aren't you? Have you lost all your jealousy towards her?"

"Not hardly! It's one of those 'hurts so good' things. You know how it is when you see him fucking someone else. On the one hand, you burn with jealousy, wishing it could be you being drilled like that, but on the other hand it's so fucking arousing, seeing him tame another hot cunt!"

"Mmmm!" Susan knew that "hurts so good" feeling well, and she'd grown to love it. In fact, she found this kind of talk so arousing that she was sorely tempted to masturbate on the spot, or get it on with her daughter. But then she remembered that she was supposed to play the role of an ordinary soccer mom. She compromised by stretching her arms high in the air. Technically, it wasn't masturbation, but it felt fantastic because of the way her V-suit rubbed against her nipples and pussy, digging ever deeper into her skin the more she stretched.

Katherine growled, "Mom, tell me what you know or I'll forcibly put you back in bra and panties!"

"Okay, okay. But hold onto your hat, because it's all so tremendously exciting! Christine's halfway tamed already! She's already stroked his cock a little bit, if you can believe it, AND she and Amy are making out and fondling each other like long-lost lesbian lovers!"

"NO!" Katherine was so shocked that she pushed Susan's shoulders with both hands, as if attacking her for being a bald-faced liar. Even though she was terribly jealous of Christine, she got a powerful pussy tingle from hearing that Christine had stroked Alan's boner.

"It's true!"

"Wow! That means she's past the point of no return. Now that she's stroking his cock, it's just a matter of time before she'll be tickling her tonsils with it!"

"I know! And that's not all!" Susan proceeded to tell Katherine everything that Alan had told her. But it wasn't that much, since his call had been relatively brief. She fleshed out the news with a lot of excitable commentary.

By the time she was done about five minutes later, both she and her daughter were so aroused that they were practically on the verge of spontaneously bursting into flame. But, mindful that they needed to be relatively "normal" in case Christine came by, they valiantly managed to resist blatantly masturbating themselves, or touching each other. They knew without needing to discuss it that that was a slippery slope which could lead to them making love and recklessly forgetting about the danger of getting caught.

Susan was so heated up that as soon as she finished telling what she knew, she walked off and paced up and down the hallway that led to the kitchen in an attempt to burn off some of her sexual energy. She was really trying her best to do the responsible thing and not let her lust get the best of her.

Katherine was tempted to masturbate while her mother was gone, since no one would be the wiser. But after all of Susan's high praise, she was inspired to do her best too. So she paced around the sofas in the living room instead, still wearing her sexy new nightie.

Susan with her blue V-suit, with the vertical riser straps off her shoulders and over her elbows

After a few minutes, Susan came back and they met again in the front foyer. It was hard to miss that her breasts were no longer restrained by the taut straps of the V-suit, since her massive orbs kept on bouncing and jiggling long after the rest of her came to a standstill.

She said, "Okay. I'm better. At first, all the walking around only made me even HOTTER, and then I realized it was this V-suit rubbing me in all my naughty places. I had to pull the straps off my shoulders." As she said that, she pulled the straps back into place, putting serious straining tension on them again. "Angel, this is the best gift ever!"

Katherine giggled. "I thought you'd like it. I didn't know Suzanne had one, but Brenda has one and she told me how great it is. Truth is, I bought one for myself too. I already tried it out in the dressing room, and I can't wait to put it on again."

"Hmmm, now that you mention it, Brenda did tell me a steamy story about wearing something like this." Susan stretched the straps out as if she were pulling on suspenders, causing new tingles in her pussy and nipples.

Katherine's impatience was growing, so she cut in before Susan could say more about Brenda's story. "Anyway, what do you think Sister and Christine are doing right now? Aims wanted me to give her some space for a while so the two of them could talk about sex stuff, but I'm all keen to get back there and give Christine her gift."

"Well, I think you should. From what Tiger told me, it sounds like he got Christine as hot as a firecracker. But she's been there for a few hours now, and it's not possible to stay that hot that long. I know THAT from recent experience, as I'm sure you do too. She'll need some time to rest before he gets back, so they're probably deliberately taking it easy for a while. Kind of the calm before the cocksucking storm, let's hope! But even after she's addicted to Alan and Alan Junior, getting her to fully join the harem won't be easy, not at all. Your growing friendship will be a key part of that, and now's a great time for you to get closer with her. So go for it!"

Katherine paced back and forth in the relatively small foyer. "Okay, okay. That's what I'm thinking too. It's just that I'm too damn horny! It's probably not a good idea for me to go there feeling like this, and certainly not dressed like this." She waved a hand over her tiny, see-through nightie. "She's supposed to see me in a non-threatening, non-sexual way."

"True," Susan said. "I'd better leave too, and put some normal clothes back on, because I feel so hot for you right now! It's all I can do not to drop to my knees and lap up all your sweet pussy juice, straight from the source!"

"Ugh! Mom, don't say that. You're not helping. But you're right; you should go to some other room for a bit. I'll just chill here for a while until I have my act together. Then I'll go see what they're doing. The problem is, it's all too exciting for me to calm down!"

Susan stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Katherine. But it was more of a motherly hug this time, as she was doing her best to control her most lusty urges. "I know! It's so HOT! Knock on wood, the day may come soon when you'll see the proud, beautiful Christine walking down the school hall, while the knocking and bouncing of her big tits causes a constant commotion. She'll raise her head high and push her curly locks aside so she can proudly show off her new black collar for all to see."

Christine walking in school, carrying books in her right hand, in a short form-hugging teal top and short darker-blue wrap skirt, with bare midriff, apparently braless, with her signature pigtails resting on her boobs, winking at the viewer with her right eye

"What's she wearing?" Katherine asked breathlessly.

"Extra-sexy clothes. Not for anyone else, but in hopes that she'll please her master. Let's see. Probably a skin-tight miniskirt and a loose top, braless, so her big tits can bounce around freely."

"So HOT!" Katherine gasped.

"You sound like me," Susan giggled. "But you're right, it IS so hot! She'll smile at her school friends, secretly reveling in the fact that her mouth still smells of Tiger's fresh sperm, and that more of it is leaking from her swampy, tight cunt!"

Katherine added, like they were talking about something real, "I'll bet she was on her knees, loving his sweet spot with her tongue before classes started."

"Probably. And she'll wink at you as she walks by, secretly sharing that special bond between two sex slaves, united in their undying love and devotion for their big-cocked master."

"MooooOOOOoooom!" Katherine complained. "Please stop! You're not helping me calm down. Not AT ALL! Gaawwwd, I wanna kiss you so bad!"

"Sorry. Me too. But I'll go." She disengaged and stepped back without even a goodbye kiss (still afraid they would get too carried away). "You do your best and make us all proud, you hear? I know you will. I'll be waiting on pins and needles for your full report when you get back. Love you!"

She blew her daughter a kiss, and then picked up the clothes she'd been wearing before. She walked out of sight back down the hall, still loosely wearing her V-suit.

"Okay, Mom. Love you too!" Katherine blew a kiss back. Then she started to take her nightie off, and contemplated what she should put on for her visit next door.

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