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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 143
Come Together
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Amy heard the sound of the latch at her back gate. She waited several moments before she turned her head and shouted, "Hey, look, it's Katherine. Hey, Kat, guess what?"

Kat in a light blue bikini, without a collar and with a shopping bag in her left hand

By then, Katherine had already walked through the gate in the fence between the Pestridge and Plummer backyards, and she had almost reached where Amy and Christine sat. Dressed in a light blue bikini, she carried a towel and a bag in her hands. She waved in a casual and friendly way, and replied, "What?"

Amy said, "Christine has promised that she's gonna try to be one of Alan's best sex helpers!"

"Cool!" Katherine's voice was lower, since she was walking quickly to them.

"Too cool for school!" Amy exclaimed with her usual boundless enthusiasm.

Christine hadn't said a word yet because she was in a state of shock. She'd been so horrified to be discovered sitting naked next to an equally naked Amy that her heart had literally stopped beating for a moment or two. Her face flushed, and even her ears turned red. But if that wasn't shocking enough, Amy had casually commented that Christine wanted to be "one of Alan's best sex helpers," and Katherine acted like there was nothing strange about that either.

Christine was so flummoxed that she didn't know where to begin or what to say. It was like her brain seized up. She found Katherine's lack of outraged reaction to be particularly disturbing. Finally, she exclaimed rather obviously, "I'm naked!"

Katherine giggled a little as she sat down next to Christine and put her bag and towel down. Amy and Christine were sitting side by side at the hot tub, but they'd dried off and they were only dangling their feet in the bubbly waters.

After Kat sat down, she just smirked playfully at Christine, and joked, "Really? I didn't notice."

Christine stammered and stuttered, since she was uncharacteristically at a loss for words. She hated the fact that, despite everything, she was extremely horny. In fact, being put into an even more embarrassing situation with Katherine seeing her only inflamed her arousal. She felt that her body was betraying her yet again. She was especially concerned that Katherine would see that her nipples and big clitoris were erect (or even notice her "freakish" clit at all). She remained sitting there, but she was practically curled up in a ball, making sure to thoroughly cover her privates.

Katherine could see Christine's extreme discomfort. She was actually hoping for that, because it gave her an opening to get naked too. "Hang on, Christine. Watch this." As she remained sitting, she quickly took off her bikini top and then her bikini bottoms. Then she acted shy and covered up her privates as thoroughly as Christine was doing (but without curling into a ball).

She said in a voice that sounded both scared and brave, "There! I mean, of course I'm freaking out just like you are, but I'm inspired by your example. I figure if you can do it, then I can do it too, if it's just us girls. So I figure this can help you be brave too."

Christine sitting naked, viewed from the side, with her knees pulled up to her boobs

Christine suddenly found her voice. "Thanks, but don't help, please! I appreciate the gesture, but we need MORE clothes on now, not less!" She looked around frantically. "Speaking of which, where are my clothes?! I need to put SOMEthing on, right now!"

Amy wore a pouty face. "You say that like nudity is a bad thing."

"It IS!" Christine complained incredulously. Still curled in a ball, she looked back at Katherine. "Why do we have to sit here like this in the nude, anyway? What if somebody sees?! What's the point?!"

Katherine said calmly, "I know! It's scary! That's why you're such an inspiration for me. You obviously don't want to do this, but it shows your determination to be, y'know... sexy for Alan. Isn't that what this is about?"

Christine nodded shyly.

"When I see your fierce resolve, I can't help but think, 'This is someone who will stop at nothing to get her man.' My brother is such a lucky guy. So that's why I figure we can all be nude together and support each other."

She giggled nervously, still pretending to be bothered by her nudity, instead of secretly loving it. She tried to joke, "Besides, it's high time I try to get rid of these ugly tan lines of mine."

Christine briefly glanced at the tan lines on Katherine's chest, but only for a second. She didn't want to see Katherine topless, even with Katherine covering her nipples, so she averted her eyes. She didn't know where to look, since there was female nudity on either side of her, so she just closed her eyes altogether.

Christine was torn. Katherine's words and actions inspired her, but she still desperately wanted to wear at least her bikini bottoms. If they'd been in sight, she would have put them on in an instant, but she couldn't spot them (because Amy had tossed them into the bushes earlier).

The problem was, sitting nude like this kept Christine in a state of constant arousal. No matter how mundane the conversation or how carefully she covered up, the fact that she wasn't wearing anything (and outside, no less!) kept her light-headed and tingly all over. Somehow, both Katherine AND Amy being nude on either side of her only doubled those surprisingly tingly feelings, especially the continuous jolts of pleasure in her pussy. The only part of this that was reassuring to her is that she didn't feel any special attraction to either Katherine or Amy, even when they were naked; she was mostly just aroused by the embarrassing situation in general.

She frowned with worry and closed her eyes tightly. It was as if she figured that if she couldn't see, then it all wasn't real. She pictured Alan looking at her, walking her way with his big, stiff dick swinging freely. Her mental and physical arousal in response was so intense and frustrating that she wanted to cry.

Seeing Christine's continued discomfort, Katherine feared they might be pushing her too far. She started to suggest, "Well, if you're bothered that much-"

But Amy cut her off, and even frantically waved at Katherine to shut up, since they could communicate by signaling while Christine's eyes were closed. Amy said with surprising force, "Don't listen to her, Kat. C acts all super prude-y, but underneath she's actually a total hottie! We've been practicing kissing and titfucks and blowjobs and all kinds of stuff. And like I said, she's way keen on being, like, Alan's BEST sex helper EVER!"

Christine wished the Earth would swallow her up so she could escape this situation. She even considered just running away, but she was mindful that she couldn't do that without anything to wear.

"Wow!" Katherine replied in a tone of voice that showed she was very impressed.

Amy had noticed that Katherine wasn't wearing her collar, which upset her greatly. Since Christine wasn't able to see her, Amy ran a finger over her own collar while giving her sister a disapproving and curious look.

Before leaving the house, Katherine had decided it was too risky for her to wear her collar again in Christine's presence. Unfortunately, that was too complex a concept for her to convey non-verbally to Amy at the moment.

Besides, she didn't have time to even think about it, because Christine suddenly opened her eyes and gave Amy a deadly stare. "What's with all this 'sex helper' stuff?! I never said that!"

Amy quickly moved her hand from her neck, striking a thoughtful pose with a hand on her chin. (She still wasn't covering her privates in any way.) "Hmmm. I guess you didn't. I just don't know what else you could call it. Would 'sexy helper' sound better?"

"NO!" Christine growled, tightly shutting her eyes again. She thought, The only thing that sounds right to me is 'girlfriend,' and unfortunately that's Amy's title! I'm in a no-win situation. And my nipples are hard and my pussy's wet, and Alan's not even here yet! I'm trapped. There's no escape. It's just a matter of time before he arrives and sees me like this. Just thinking about that makes me even MORE horny!

Amy went on, "Oh. M'kay. But you kinda want to be a sex helper for Alan, don't you? You did say to me, after O.B. left, and I quote, 'Let's do this. I wanna fucking blow his mind! AND blow his dick!' Then you talked some about how much you loved stroking his big fat cock for the little time you did it. And you've been reading books and practicing with a dildo and stuff, just so you could get good at pleasuring his yummy cock. And then you said, 'I'm ready to do whatever it takes. I love him with all my heart, and it's time I show it!' And then you and I kissed on the lips some more."

"UGH!" Christine was still in a ball, so now she buried her face between her knees. She thought, I can't call her a liar because every word is true, but can things possibly get even MORE humiliating?! She realized with a start, Unfortunately, I'm sure the answer to that is "YES!"

With Christine again unable to see, Katherine frantically waved at Amy, showing disapproval and trying to suggest that Amy was pushing too hard. Since Katherine had been gone, she didn't realize just how startlingly effective Amy had been in a short time.

At the same time, Katherine wanted to giggle because Amy was just so irrepressible, but she wisely held back. She knew that it would be terribly damaging if Christine believed that she was being laughed at or made fun of. Instead, she gently and lightly put her hand on Christine's upper back, telling her, "Hey, don't worry. It's cool. Amy just gets carried away sometimes with her um... enthusiasm. I'm sure it wasn't like that."

Christine lifted her head up and looked at Katherine with abject despair. "It was like that! It was EXACTLY like that! God, what's wrong with me?!" Without thinking, she uncurled from her ball and stood up to pace around. But when she saw Katherine stand up too, she held out her arms in hopes of getting a supportive hug.

At the last second, she remembered that Katherine was totally nude, but by then it was too late; Katherine had already wrapped her arms around her.

Kat and Christine hugging, both nude, with Christine looking sad

However, Christine was gratified that she was being hugged in such a way that none of their private parts touched - except for their breasts. Given how endowed both of them were, it was nearly impossible to avoid significant contact there, so she didn't mind that so much. She was more emotionally crushed about being in some sort of sexual free-fall than worried about the nude contact, so she buried her face in Katherine's neck and started to sob.

Christine never let herself cry, or at least she very, very rarely did. So even though her body trembled and she made sobbing noises, no tears actually ran down her cheeks. But although she had the self-control not to shed tears, that didn't mean that she wasn't emotionally agitated. Yet, despite her distress, her constant horny buzz was as strong as ever.

Katherine thought, Dear God, give me strength! Gotta keep this platonic! But damn, Christine feels too soft and wonderful to resist. It's like I'm drowning in tit-flesh here! And she's so distraught that she doesn't realize the way her hard nipples are digging into my skin. But if I do anything but just hold her close, she's gonna totally freak out!

Amy was trying to heed Katherine's non-verbal advice and tone things down. After also standing up, she suggested helpfully, "Um, C, sorry for calling you a 'sex helper.' It's just... I don't know what else to call it. I mean, O.B. hasn't had his harem for long, so we haven't worked out the lingo quite yet. Maybe we could just say, uh, one of his lovers?"

Katherine's eyes went wide. Because Christine's face was resting against her neck, she again was able to look at Amy without Christine seeing. She opened her eyes wide and mouthed the word "Harem?!" She was quite surprised to realize that Amy must have used that word before in Christine's presence, since Christine didn't even twitch or moan in response.

Abashed, Amy tried to backtrack on that too, at least for now. "Uh, not that Alan has a harem, per se. Although he kinda does. Maybe we could call it, uh... Actually, I don't know what else to call it."

Judging by Christine's tearless sobbing, she realized that she wasn't helping, and that she probably was only making things worse. So she decided to shut up. Amy was becoming a clever manipulator, but she was relatively new at it, so sometimes in her enthusiasm she failed to say exactly the right words at the right time.


Katherine tried to help. She lightly stroked Christine's bare back, but in a comforting and non-sexual way. "Christine, look, it's cool. I get it. You're in love, and love makes a person do crazy things. I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of. In fact, I'm impressed."

Christine tilted her head up and looked into Katherine's eyes from just inches away. "What?! 'Impressed?' About what? That I want to be some kind of lowly 'sex helper,' and I'm so desperate to do it that I stand here in the nude like some kind of complete idiot?! Why does that impress you?!"

Katherine thought to herself, Don't kiss her! Don't kiss her! Don't blow it! Damn, her body feels so good, but I have to ignore that. Be cool!

She forced herself to reply, "Because you're a winner! You're tackling this just like you tackle everything else: you go all out. Damn, I wish I had your drive and your resolve. I kinda missed what happened here earlier, but I can guess well enough: you thought, 'You know what? I'm completely sexually inexperienced, and I've got to compete against some very... um... sexually talented women. My gigantic boobs, my perfect face, and my athletic and curvy body won't be enough, because some of his other women have all of that too. I've gotta catch up in the sexual skills department, like, yesterday already!'"

Katherine was just making an educated guess, but she could see from Christine's interest that she was on track, so she continued, "So you thought, 'I have to put aside my sexual prudishness and phobias and do whatever it takes to win! If that means spending all afternoon in the nude, then so be it! If that means practicing kissing with Amy, then so be it. If that means playing with Alan's big, hard penis, then so be it.' And you know what? I wasn't here, but I heard that he came by here earlier, and I'll bet he was totally wowed. I'll bet he was blown away by how hard you tried to overcome your sexual hang-ups. I'm sure he thought, 'Dang! Christine must really love me. Look how hard she's trying to loosen up and get in touch with her sexual side.'"

Christine stared at Katherine, and then pulled back a bit because her lips were nearly close enough to touch Katherine's, and she was starting to feel a decidedly uncomfortable urge to kiss them. She definitely didn't want that, just as she didn't want the constant needy itch in her nipples and pussy. She said with some awe, "How did you know all that?!" She added more shyly, "And do you think he really thought that?"

Then another, more important thought occurred to her. "WAIT! You heard Alan came here earlier? What do you know about him? Where is he now?!"

Katherine's hands were slowly slipping down Christine's back. What a BODY! Jesus Christ! As jealous as I get about her, she absolutely needs to be in the harem, with a body like this!

But she remembered not to cup Christine's ass cheeks while she considered what to say. For once, she didn't need to lie about Alan's incestuous lifestyle because nothing had happened. As far as she could tell with her limited information, Alan had had a great sexual time at Glory's house, but then he'd had a big energy crash. By the time he made it home, it was all he could do to stagger up to his bed and go to sleep for his much-needed, overdue afternoon nap. Even Susan held back and didn't try to tempt him, since she could see how exhausted he was.

Katherine blithely replied, "He's sleeping up in his room. As you probably know, he really needs his daily naps. It'll be a while until he wakes up."

"Oh." Christine was bummed to hear that, since she was so eager for Alan to return. Switching gears, she finally realized just how intimately her boobs were smothering Katherine's. She stepped back, freeing herself completely from Katherine's hug, and then covered her pussy and nipples with her hands. "So anyway, how is it you were practically reading my mind just now?"

Katherine shrugged. "I wasn't, obviously; I'm just guessing. All I know is the little I heard here, like that you apparently stroked his, uh... erection." She blushed, pretending that she had trouble saying that word. "And I can see how psyched Amy is, so things must have gone well."

Christine sitting naked, with her knees pulled up to her boobs

Christine realized that she couldn't cover her pussy, tits, and ass while standing, so she suddenly sat back down. However, she was so caught up in the emotion and importance of the conversation, not to mention out-of-her-mind-horny, that she clutched her hands together between her great globes in a way that left them mostly uncovered. She asked plaintively, "Amy, why? WHY?! Why would you be happy if Alan and I are getting it on? You're his official girlfriend! I'm your competition!"

Still standing, Amy scrunched up her face as she thought about that. "Well, kinda. But kinda not. I mean, it's all how you look at it, and I don't see it that way. I keep telling you, O.B.'s got a really strong sex drive. Which is great, don't get me wrong! But it's also really exhausting to try and keep up with him all the time. I'm sure that pretty soon you'll be stroking and licking and sucking his cock for so long every single day that you'll be thinking, 'Jeepers creepers! My hands are too tired. My jaw is too tired. I need a break.' And you know what? There's nothing wrong or shameful about that. It happens to all of us."

Katherine nodded, since it happened to her a lot too, but luckily Christine had her head turned, so Christine hadn't seen it. Katherine thought, Shit! I've gotta be careful! I'm just a sister here. A totally non-sexual, non-incestuous, non-fuck-toy, non-slave sister. One slip-up and I could ruin everything! She sat back down next to Christine and covered up her privates, since that was the kind of thing she figured a prudish girl would do if forced into this situation.

Christine said, "No, you're just saying that." She wished there were some way to quench the fire in her pussy. She thought she must be a freak, because neither Amy nor Katherine appeared to be particularly aroused, although she could see that Amy's nipples, at least, were erect. In fact, a brief glance at Amy's crotch showed that Amy was slightly wet too. She quickly turned her head, ashamed that she'd even looked there.

Amy shook her head forcefully. "I'm totally NOT just saying that. He cums, like, eight times a day, sometimes more!"

"No way!" Christine said in disbelief.

"Yeah way! But the killer is that each time, he can last an hour, easy. I mean, I'm sure there are days where he spends more time with his cock being stimulated than he spends time in school. It's, like, a team effort, just to keep him satisfied! I'm serious! And if I'm gonna share him, I want it to be with people I like, and people he likes. People like you and my mom."

Christine groaned and buried her face in her hands. "UGH! Suzanne Pestridge. Why'd you have to mention her again?"

Katherine frowned in puzzlement, and asked, "Why? What's the problem? Yeah, she may be a bit conniving, but she's one of the most wonderful, loving people I've ever met."

Christine was forced to turn around to face Katherine. Each time she turned around on her ass, she was a little more careless about how much nudity she showed. Her massive melons were swinging freely now, but she was at least still very careful to keep her pussy covered. "That's the problem! She's just too damn impressive! And she looks like some kind of centerfold! Better, even!"

"And you don't?" Katherine asked, point-blank, cocking an eyebrow.

Christine didn't know what to say to that. She knew objectively that she was a perfect ten, but she lacked sexual confidence, and she was naturally modest. So she avoided responding to that by saying, "The worst thing is, she and Amy are mother and daughter. I mean, that's just sick!"

She thought, I need to think about sick sex! Twisted, immoral incest. Maybe then I won't be so horny! How can they be so calm? I don't suppose anyone else is going to wander back here, but Alan could show up at any moment! No, not "could"; he will! He'll probably see us and get really aroused, and then, before long, he'll be rubbing his hot erection against my naked skin! DAMN my burning hot vagina! It needs to chill the fuck out!


Christine turned around on her ass again. "Amy, please tell me you and your mother don't take turns... you know... licking his, uh..."

"His big, fat, yummy cock," Amy helpfully finished the sentence. She smiled brightly and innocently. "Sure we do! All the time. It's way fun. What's the problem with that? If we do that, we're sexing up his cock, not each other." That was technically true, since she was running with Christine's hypothetical "if" scenario, but her answer was worded very carefully to hide the fact that Amy and Suzanne were frequently sexually involved with each other, both with and without Alan.

Christine stuck out her tongue. "UGH!" But at least she was so distracted from this whole conversation that her earlier sobbing was long forgotten. "I don't even want to know."

She wished that Amy would sit back down, because when she looked in Amy's direction it was hard to avoid staring at her crotch. She forced herself to look at the hot tub in front of her. Hmmm. Maybe I should slip back into the tub. Then at least I'd be able to cover up my body. But I'm in such a state I'll probably give in to temptation and masturbate under the water. I'm almost tempted to do it here and now, OUT of the water! Don't these other two feel the heat? It's like I can feel Alan's gaze on my naked body!

Aaaah! I need to scream. Doesn't this arousal thing have some kind of off switch?! I wish I could ask them "How do I turn off the horny?!" My pussy is so hot and throbbing that I can't stand it! Ever since Alan started kissing me last night, my body has gone haywire!

Katherine said, "The point is, Christine, you've got some stiff competition. You really do. I've been like a fly on the wall around here, watching this wild circus show. What I mean is, a couple of months ago, my brother was a total virgin, and everything was as nice and normal as can be. But then everything flipped upside down, and it's been topsy-turvy ever since. It turns out that he's like the reincarnation of Rudolph Valentino or something. Who'da thunk it? All of a sudden, women started swarming to him like bees to honey."

Her eyes opened wide, like she couldn't believe her own words. "And I'm not talking about ordinary women. I won't name names, but you should see some of the OTHER women he's been having sex with, the ones I'm sure you haven't met yet! These aren't underdeveloped high-school girls. They look as good as Amy's mom. They really do. And then there are some of the girls we know from school, like... Heather."

Christine grimaced and gritted her teeth.

Katherine was secretly amused at how vehemently Christine hated Heather. It made her easy to manipulate, because all one had to do was mention Heather's name and Christine would get pissed off and competitive.

Amy saw that Christine was in an aroused state, so she saw an opportunity to dig a little deeper. She thought about Xania, but was careful not to mention her name. "Definitely! Like, um, let's call her Miss X. She was visiting him earlier today, in fact. She's like my mom's twin! Even down to her super-long tongue, just made for cocksucking. Oh, and when I say 'visiting,' I mean my O.B. really fucked her good!"

"Amy, please!" Katherine complained, shuddering in pretend disgust.

Amy continued, "She looks super hot! She's got a huge rack, bigger than mine. In fact, it's exactly the same as my Mom's. And she's got a GREAT ass!" She twisted as she stood so she could show off her own ass and breasts at the same time. "You should see the way O.B. fondles her ass with both hands as he grinds his-"

"UGH!" Christine groaned even louder, deliberately interrupting Amy. "Don't tell me! Can things get any worse?! How can you like the fact that Alan has sex with other women?!"

She wondered incredulously. Doesn't Amy have a jealous bone in her body? I know she prizes her 'official girlfriend' title, but, aside from that, it's like she doesn't care. No, worse: it's like she's actually proud of his sexual conquests! How is that possible? Is she brain-damaged or something?!

Amy, naked and collared, standing with her right arm wrapped under her boobs, holding her left boob, while her left hand fondles her butt

Amy happily replied, "Like it? I love it! You should just see the way my O.B. takes, er, Miss X and fondles her body like he owns it!" She started caressing her own tits and ass, since her hands were already there. "I mean, if she just looked kinda normal, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but if you could only see his hands on her perfect naked body, not to mention how she impales herself on-"

Katherine hastily interrupted Amy before she shocked Christine too much. "Please don't mind Amy's all-too-explicit descriptions, but she does have a point. Aims, just because all of that is true, you don't actually have to tell it in such graphic detail. Sheesh!"

Christine cut in, "Amy, could you please sit down already? And stop doing... that?" What she really wanted to do was scream "Stop making me so horny!"

Amy looked down and realized she was still fondling herself. "M'kay. Oopsies!" She sat back down on the other side of Christine, keeping her hands at her sides. However, she didn't really look sorry.

She explained more calmly, "It's just that when he conquers another total stunner like Miss X, that's kinda like proof that he's totally studly and awesome. And he's MY official boyfriend! How can I not be proud of the fact that I have the best boyfriend around?"

Christine didn't respond, but she could see a certain kind of logic to that. Actually, she herself felt impressed and even aroused by such news. Unfortunately, she felt a great deal of burning jealousy as well.

Katherine continued, "The problem is, Alan is like a kid in a candy store. When some drop-dead gorgeous woman walks up to him and says, 'Hey, let's get it on,' what's he gonna say? He's an eighteen-year-old, constantly horny guy. You wouldn't believe how many girls have asked HIM out at school lately, for instance."

Christine said sadly, "Actually, I do have some idea about that. But the rumor mill says he pretty much turns them all down." She thought, Why is talking about OTHER girls asking him out turning ME on? Is it because it reminds me of our dreamy "practice dates?" Or the way he ran his hands all over me last night?

She suddenly found herself not just covering her breasts, but actively caressing them. However, she quickly realized what she was doing and stopped herself. She was more in control now that Alan was gone and things had calmed down quite a bit.

Katherine pretended not to notice Christine's self-caresses, and commented, "That's true. By his recent standards, all but the very most impressive girls in school are just, y'know, ho-hum. In fact, only the likes of you, Amy, Heather, and maybe a couple others make the grade. I mean, let's face it: not too many girls our age can compete with the ultra-voluptuous bodies of women like Suzanne or 'Miss X' or his other older lovers of that caliber."

Christine shook her head and put her hands over her ears. "ARGH! Stop! Why are you torturing me like this?! It KILLS me to think about his other lovers!" Her heart sank. How many other lovers "of that caliber" are we talking about?! What have I gotten myself into?!

Katherine continued, "Sorry, but I'm getting to the point. The thing is, he can't continue like this, letting his dick do all his thinking, getting it on with the likes of Heather even, just because they're beautiful and really good in bed. He needs just a handful of women who really love him and care for him. In other words, you! Amy. Glory Rhymer. Amy's mom." Katherine wanted to scream out, "And ME!" but she held back. "And... a few more."

Wait. What?! "A few more?!" Christine was incredulous. I was hoping it would just be one or two more of the ones he's really serious about, but a FEW?! That could mean three, or five, or who knows what! I really should curtail my lust and love for a guy who apparently has some kind of damn harem, but how do I do that? Somehow, I just keep getting MORE horny! I mean, what's going to happen when he shows up, which could be any moment?! He'll take one look at me and know how horny I am. Hell, he'll know just from my scent!

OH GOD! I must smell like a whorehouse! My pussy is just so WET! She inhaled deeply, confirming her worst fears. God! What a disaster! How is it that they haven't noticed?!

She looked back and forth between Amy and Katherine, but they appeared oblivious. She asked in a near whisper, "Have you met this Miss X?"

Katherine nodded. "She's stopped by the house a few times. Remember, my bedroom is right across the hallway from Alan's." She acted frustrated and annoyed. "I try to ignore it, but sometimes I hear the screaming, the endless ecstatic screaming. All night long!"

Christine shuddered. Someday, that'll be me! Even knowing what I now know about his harem, I still know that he'll be the one to take my virginity. She tried not to think about that and the future jealousy that might arise, instead asking, "And is she all that?"

Katherine nodded again, trying to act sad and show sympathy. Then she continued, "She's actually... I can't even begin to describe how sexy she looks. Well, let's just say she's been in some Hollywood movies." She was going to mention how Xania had been in porn films, but she decided Christine might see the porn part as a negative.

Christine wailed, "You're kidding me!" I'm competing against some kind of physically perfect movie star as well?! This is crazy! She looked to Amy, but saw no disagreement there.

Katherine gave another sad, sympathetic look. "That's a big reason why Amy's not thinking: 'How can I keep Alan all for myself?', because she knows that's impossible. Instead, she's thinking, 'If I have to share him, who can I share him with that'll be best for everyone involved?' So yeah, she's rooting for you to succeed."

Christine sighed. This is too much. Too crazy! I know what she's saying is right, and makes sense in a twisted way. I even appreciate that Amy wants me to be one of his favorites. But it's just too alien to my way of thinking. I can't accept it. And yet, I want him so bad! I'm so torn up. And I don't think it's gonna get better. I've got my moral code, and this just doesn't fit into it. But dammit, I'm so hot for him!

Can I deal with being in ecstasy my limited time with him, and suffering with jealousy and frustration all the rest of the time? I don't know! What is it about him that draws us all to him like "bees to honey?"

Amy chimed in, "Exactamundo, Kat. Thanks for putting that so clearly. I figure that once we get it sorted out who's in his harem and who's not, the craziness will stop and all these women won't throw themselves at him so much. Especially, you know, the not-so-nice kinds of women." She shyly dropped her head, like she felt bad to be that explicit about someone she didn't like.

HEATHER! Christine clenched her teeth. Amy's too sweet to say her name, but I'm sure that's who she means. Not to mention Donna and a couple others of her ilk.

Katherine ran with that, forcing Christine to turn around yet again. "And Christine, you have a big advantage. Not only do you look like you do, but he's totally in love with you. He really is, and he has been for some time."

Hearing Katherine say "he's totally in love with you" made Christine's heart practically pound out of her chest. And at least it distracted her from still thinking about the pungent smell of her aroused pussy.

Katherine continued, "Once you get really good at servicing his penis, he'll want you around all the time, maybe even nearly as much as he's with Amy."

Christine raised her hands in frustration and then dropped them, setting her firm globes bouncing. "Katherine, there's so much wrong with what you just said. For starters, you're his sister. You shouldn't be talking about 'servicing his penis.' He's your brother, for crying out loud!"

Katherine had been careful about covering her privates to keep her appearance of prudishness credible. That modesty had made her casual mention of "servicing his penis" that much more shocking. She said incredulously, "I know! I can't believe what I'm saying either. But the reality is, there's just no other way to describe what goes on every single day. I live right across the hall from him, remember, so it's not like I can completely avoid it somehow. I've had to buy extra-good earplugs, because he has sex for hours on end. Like I said, you should hear all the screams of pure ecstasy that I overhear, even with the earplugs. It's all, 'Alan, no more! My pussy can't take one more orgasm!' this, and 'Alan, you're a sex god! The best I've ever had!' that."

She stuck her tongue out, showing her pretend disgust. "I would love for things to settle down and for Alan to have a nice, loving harem of the women who love him the most and are the best at talking care of his penis, so our house wouldn't be like Grand Central Station anymore. It's like non-stop tryouts for Miss America, with all these jaw-dropping G-cup and bigger women running around the house, usually totally naked. But he doesn't need them, if you ask me. They don't care about him like you do. They just love what his great big dick can do to them, and how it feels inside them."

"And how it tastes!" Amy chimed in, far too happily and helpfully.

Christine wanted to beg Katherine to stop. "Jaw-dropping?!" "G-cup and bigger?!" She might as well be punching me in the face! I thought I could get whatever I want with my looks, but with Alan that's just a foot in the door!

It seemed that every word was driving her closer to insanity, and in more ways than one. Arousal, jealousy, shame, frustration - it was too much to take.

Katherine knew her next point would hit home. "What kills me is that, you think Heather's bad? Most of 'em are just like her! They're all these fake-o blonde, beach bunny, gold-digger bimbo types. They don't know him from Adam; they couldn't care less about him. All they want to do is lure him with their beauty and charm into giving them the very best sex of their lives."

She continued more emotionally, "I'm really worried about him! Something needs to be done about this, and fast. He needs help from people like both of you, people who truly care about him. Not only am I willing to take off all my clothes to join you two, hoping that you can help save him, I'd even dance naked in the school cafeteria to save him!"

Amy giggled at that absurdity. She chided, "Not really."

Katherine squirmed uncomfortably. "Okay, you're right. Not really. But that's how I feel."

Katherine was laying it on a bit thick to stir up Christine's competitive instincts, and of course she was totally lying about all the uncaring bimbos, but her description of the sheer amount of sex taking place as well as the beauty of his other lovers wasn't that exaggerated.


Christine shook her head. "Sheesh. Katherine, I can't even imagine what torture this must be for you, not to mention your mom. Knowing how traditional and conservative she is, she must be having a fit."

You have no idea! Katherine had a hard time not snickering at Christine's accidental choice of words. Brother gives her a good fitting with his great big cock, daily! Hee-hee!

Careful to appear calm, Katherine replied, "Yeah, you should hear her scream in disbelief sometimes. But what can she do? She's helpless to stop him." She had a hard time not snickering at that, since her words were thick with double meaning. She had to remind herself that this wasn't the time to get clever with inside jokes and double-entendres.

Amy worried that Katherine was treading on dangerous waters, so she commented, "Yeah, one thing we're trying to do is have sex elsewhere, so Aunt Susan and Kat don't have to see or hear it. At the very least, we try to do it in the backyard, away from the house. It's only polite."

Christine shook her head again. Crazy! Craaaaazy! Outside?! And that's "only polite"?! Crazy! If my mom, dad, or Aunt Kirsten knew even a tiny sliver of any of this, they'd completely lose their minds! No wonder Alan's resisted having sex with me, with all those practice dates and such. He could have gone further faster, I'm sure, but he was trying not to bring me into his crazy world. In fact, he's pretty much told me that exact thing, over and over again, but I didn't get it. Now I do! Boy, do I! He was trying to protect me, but did I listen? NooooOOOooooo!

And now I'm too far in to pull back. Even hearing about all this insanity, I still want him so bad that it hurts like a physical pain. Dammit! This sucks!

Reason should triumph over Emotion, but it doesn't. I'm finding out that Emotion pretty much kicks Reason's ass. Hell, I hear this even happened to Ayn Rand. She wanted to have a perfectly rational, logical life, like Spock, yet she got into some sexual affairs that ruined a lot of lives. The fact is, we're not logical creatures like Vulcans. I've been trying to run from that by not having any sexual relationships at all, but that's backfired on me big time. All that did was increase my sexual desire to the point where I can barely think straight.

I want to have sex so bad! Especially now that I know how great it is! And in the meantime, Alan turns into some kind of satyr, a male nymphomaniac. It's like the universe is playing some cosmic joke on me!

She sighed yet again, even more heavily this time.

"What?" Amy asked. "What'cha thinking, C?"

"You don't even want to know." Not only did Christine not want to explain her Reason vs. Emotion thinking, but thanks to the passing thoughts about Spock and Vulcans, she found herself imagining that she was a crew member on board the U.S.S. Enterprise, getting fucked by Alan, with both of them (mostly) wearing their Starfleet uniforms. Good thing Amy can't see my fantasies! I REALLY don't want to explain that one! XX01

Katherine asked, "Aims, are you calling her 'C' now?"

Amy's perpetual smile widened. "Yeah! We're, like, best buds now. Since she calls me 'Aims,' I want to have a nickname for her too. We're working on it, but for now, 'C' is pretty neat."

Christine realized this could be socially awkward unless she was generous, and she wanted to be generous. She said, "Kat... Can I call you Kat?"

"Definitely! We've been over this before."

"I know. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so unused to that kind of thing. Anyway, I'd be honored if you want to call me 'C' too."

"Cool! I'm all over that!" Katherine moved in to hug Christine, but then she remembered they were both nude so she pulled her arms back. She would have loved another skin-on-skin hug, but she was trying to stay true to her prudish role.

Christine appreciated that and smiled with relief. "All names aside... This is all so... out there... that I have a hard time believing this is really happening to me. I mean, Katherine, er, Kat, another issue I have with your comments is that you talk about 'servicing his penis' like that's some totally normal thing. But it's not!"

Amy said, "I think I've explained this to you before, C. It's simple supply and demand. There's only one of him, and there's lots of us, so of course the focus is on him. The name of the game is pleasuring and servicing his thick, long, super yummy cock. And trust me, it's a way fun game! Don't sweat it. You'll get so much sexual pleasure from doing it that you'll be hooked, like some super addict-y drug. The more you give, the more you receive. It's really true!"

Christine spaced out a little, thinking about "servicing his thick, long, super yummy cock." She found herself licking her lips, but then caught herself. She prayed the others hadn't noticed. Even so, she wondered what it would taste like and feel like. She wasn't nearly as afraid of blowjobs as she'd been even a couple of hours earlier.

She muttered, "Maybe, but it's still all messed up. And so is all this talk of harems and so many lovers." She looked around, and again considered going back into the hot tub. But she was still too horny to trust herself if she were to have her hands near her pussy under the bubbly water.

Katherine shrugged. "It is what it is. I mean, I have this front row seat to my brother's sexual... whatever, and I don't know what to call it except a harem. I know that's a loaded word, but is there some other word? I don't know... Maybe 'squad'? Alan's squad?"

Amy giggled. "That's funny! That's totally like Charlie's Angels!" She dropped her voice like she was a male television announcer. "Coming on CBS this fall: Alan's Squad!"

That made Amy, Katherine, and even Christine have a good laugh, which lightened the mood.

Katherine joked, "I've got it: 'The A-Team!' Alan's team!"

Riffing on that, Amy tried to sound like Mr. T. "I pity the foolish woman who's not on the A-Team! I pity the fool!"

That led to even more laughter, especially since Amy made a surprisingly good Mr. T impression.

There was a pause after all the joking, during which Christine pondered all that had been discussed. She suddenly raised her lowered head and plaintively asked the others, "Why? Why are these other beautiful women so ga-ga over him? I don't get it!"

Amy said, "Yes you do. We've talked about it. You're just having trouble accepting it. Why are YOU so ga-ga over him? It's exactly the same with them. He just grows on you, ya know? Plus, sexually, he delivers. Ho boy, does he deliver! When you're number one, everyone wants you."

Katherine nodded in agreement, making sure Christine saw. She said, "I've had a front row seat to all this. That's how it is, for better or for worse."

Christine sighed. She'd figured as much already, but she hated hearing it confirmed. "I don't know. I must be mentally deranged. I hear all this, and I DO have this feeling. Not the logical idea: 'Run, run away! Fast!' No, I find myself thinking, 'Dammit, I'm gonna be the best!' I'm not gonna leave Alan to Heather and a bunch of evil, selfish bimbos like her. I want to be, you know... someone he really loves. Someone to care for and protect him." She briefly flashed on how she'd saved him during the fight with Ryan's gang.

Christine lying on a bed with white sheets, looking up at Alan while he drills her

She stared into the distance with a satisfied smile as her thoughts grew much more romantic. "I want to wake up in the morning, lying next to him. Both of us naked and... satisfied. I want to feel his arms around me... skin on skin. I want to feel him lying on top of me, kissing me, taking my breath away. And more! I want him to..."

She suddenly stopped, because she realized her words were about to get rather X-rated. Her lusty thoughts were giving her chills and goose bumps, not to mention a powerful tingle in her pussy.

Amy, naturally, goaded her on. "Don't stop there! That sounds super sexy! Yum! You're gonna experience all that, and more! It's soooo good. In fact, it's the BEST! It's totally mind-blowing sex, and yet, there's all this LOVE. So much love! I don't care how many other women he has sex with, or that he's even in a serious relationship with. Every time he looks at me, I know he loves me so much that it's like he's enveloping me in this yummerific bear hug. Mmmm! It's so good!"

Christine looked over in time to see Amy close her eyes and shudder with pleasure. Damn! That's what I want, right there. She's so clearly satisfied with him. Even with him having other women, she doesn't seem to be bothered at all. Could I ever be like that? How I wish I had her easy-going attitude!


Seeing that the sexual vibe was picking up, Katherine decided it was time to break out her gift. She stood up and walked a few feet over to where she'd left her bag and her towel. Pretending to forget about her nudity, she bent over and picked up the bag. She even stood on her tiptoes to present a more sexy sight.

Kat standing naked on grass, without a collar, bending over horizontally at the waist and reaching down, with her long brown hair hanging down

Christine averted her eyes, because otherwise she would have been staring right at Katherine's ass cheeks and her bare pussy, which was peeking out between her legs. For some reason, she was okay with seeing all of Amy in the nude. Although she'd kind of been dragged into it, she'd come to see Amy as someone she could be sexually revealing with, whereas she considered Katherine to be only a platonic friend. She could cope with seeing Katherine topless, now that they'd been sitting sans clothes for a while, but looking at her pussy didn't seem right.

Katherine stood up straight and kept a hand inside the bag. She pretended to forget that she was naked. "C, I have a gift for you. It's kind of an off-the-wall gift, and I do mean really off-the-wall, so I think I need to explain first. Alan's coming back here later, right?"

Christine nodded, but she remained wary and confused. To be polite, she tried to look in Katherine's general direction without actually paying attention to her nudity. It wasn't easy.

Katherine asked, "And you two are probably going to pick up where you left off. You had a lot of sexy fun earlier, didn't you?"

Christine blushed, thinking about sitting bare-assed on his erection, feeling it rubbing against her skin, feeling its burning heat. Then she shyly nodded. She glanced towards the gate, hoping to see Alan standing there. Just thinking about that made her hot, wet pussy pulse and twitch.

Katherine added, "You'll have lots more sexy fun with him, I'm sure. So this gift is something that I hope will help you have even MORE sexy fun than that! Once he sees you in this, he won't be able to resist you!" With a dramatic flourish, she pulled out her gift and held it up high. It was the Wonder Woman costume she'd bought earlier.

Christine gasped. For once, she wasn't gasping in dismay or embarrassment; it was a gasp of joy and surprise. If there was one thing she'd always really wanted, it was Wonder Woman's uniform. But it was also something she'd never allowed herself to get, for fear that it was too "sinful" and immature, and that she'd enjoy it too much. Her attitude resembled that of someone on a strict diet longing for a rich chocolate cake. Now that another person had given her the cake, that choice was out of her hands, since she wasn't the one responsible for the consequences. She could hardly wait to "devour" it.

Her eyes went wide as she exclaimed, "How did you know?!"

She didn't need to say more than that, because Amy and Katherine knew exactly what she meant.

Katherine just beamed in triumph. She wasn't only happy for Christine; she was already thinking, Brother-Master is going to reward me for being so clever! I can almost feel it now: he's gonna rub his big cock all over my face, and then finally shove it in my mouth! After a good, long blowjob to get him 'lubed up,' he'll give me the fucking of a lifetime!

Christine quickly stood up to get closer to the costume. In her excitement, she completely forgot about being naked. She was so transfixed that she didn't even attempt to cover her pussy or clit. She also didn't pay attention to the way her massive globes bounced on her chest in response to her rapid movement.

Katherine certainly noticed all that though, and thought, Mmmm! If she's not Alan-worthy, nobody is! Despite all my jealousy, I have to admit that it just feels so right to imagine her with a black collar around her neck, enslaved to our master, on her knees and begging for cock along with the rest of us... And look at her thighs - those sleek, powerful thighs. She's seriously dripping!

A naked Christine seen from behind in three-quarter profile, arms somewhat spread, looking startled

Christine's body language was conflicted, to say the least. She reached out for the outfit, but she also leaned backwards as if it were deadly. She cried out, "I can't take it! I can't!"

Katherine had half-expected such a reaction, so she short-circuited it by simply placing the outfit in Christine's hands.

Christine's attitude softened, since the decision to take the clothing had been made for her. She lovingly took the clothing in her hands and caressed the fabric.

Katherine proudly exclaimed, "Remember, I was there earlier today when you tried on my mom's Wonder Woman costume, which Amy had borrowed. I saw how much you liked it, so I went shopping and managed to find this one. You don't have to borrow this; it's yours to keep."

"No way!" Christine held the uniform up like she was holding up some hard-won sports trophy. "Wow! Thank you! This is like... the best gift ever!" She gave Katherine a firm hug. She was still so excited over the gift that she hardly noticed when their ample, bare racks pressed together, or even when their erect nipples touched. (Katherine was slouching a bit to help ensure that would happen.) It helped that Christine was already quite horny, to say the least, so such contact felt good instead of strange. The sight of the costume drove her arousal through the roof.

She kissed Katherine, but since her relationship with Kat was completely platonic, she was careful just to give her a peck on the cheek. She was so very horny though that she had to force herself not to aim for the lips.

Katherine didn't mind that much. She figured that Christine was a lot more straight than lesbian, if she had any serious lesbian tendencies at all, so she considered herself lucky just to be able to revel quietly in the way that Christine's huge tits pretty much enveloped her own quite impressive rack. Still, she really desired her, so it took a lot of willpower to keep her hand on Christine's lower back instead of caressing more intimate places.

As they continued their nude hug, Christine gradually became more aware of their skin-on-skin contact, but she was still flying so high over the gift that she shrugged it off. Besides, she remembered they'd hugged like that earlier without any problem. She asked, "How can I ever repay you?"

Katherine replied, "It's a gift with a purpose. Show it off for Alan and blow his mind. Remember how you vowed to blow his mind AND his dick? This'll help with that. Can you picture the kind of role-plays you two could get into with this?" She giggled, and then paused to let Christine's imagination run wild.

Christine on her back in her Wonder Woman costume, hands bound behind her back, with the crotch of her suit pushed aside, letting Alan Junior penetrate her.

Christine had a sudden vision of herself wearing the Wonder Woman outfit. She was lying down and her wrists were bound behind her back by her own Golden Lasso. Oh dear God! Alan is on top of me, fucking me! His thick cock is actually deep inside me, pounding in ever deeper. I can practically feel my pussy being stretched wider than I ever thought possible, and it feels heavenly!

Oh SHIT! I can feel it! I can feel it because Alan's really doing it to me! I'm bound and helpless and all my super powers are useless! He's filling me up! So deep! So full and deep! And HOT! Burning hot! In my CUNT!

She was shocked. She'd had a lot of dreams and fantasies lately, but they always seemed to end before any penetration. But now she was imagining being fucked so vividly that she was almost convinced that Alan's erection was fully skewering her insides. This surprised her so much that, for a second, it was as if she'd forgotten how to stand - she had to grip Katherine even harder just to stay upright. She sucked in air so loudly, and with such a look of wide-eyed wonder on her face, that the other two had no doubt she was having a very arousing fantasy.

Katherine pretended to ignore the way Christine was suddenly panting hard, not to mention clutching Katherine's bare ass just to stay standing. She continued, "Then, once he's got you in his life, you and Amy and the rest of the 'A-team' can keep his dick so hard and happy all the time that the endless Miss America- and Heather-clone parade in my house can finally stop. If you can help take care of him elsewhere, I won't have to hear all the endless ecstatic cries of orgasmic joy, and I'll finally be able to get a good night's sleep. So it's a gift for you, but it's also a gift for me, believe me. To be honest, I'm about at the end of my rope."

"I can imagine!" Christine had heard so much about Alan's sexual prowess that she didn't doubt Katherine's claims of the Plummer house being "Grand Central Station" with bombshell but selfish women all vying for Alan's sexual attentions. So Katherine's reasoning for the gift made perfect sense to her: it seemed like a win-win situation all around.

Yes! I'll keep his dick hard! His thick, burning-hot dick fucking my helpless, horny body! No, wait. Gotta... gotta calm down! No... no ropes. Not rope, please! I'm not... tied up... Safe... Still, still a virgin... She was still panting wildly, oblivious to the way that was causing her body and especially her massive melons to slide up and down on Katherine.

Dammit! I've got to get my act together! I'm about to cum hard all over poor Katherine! She closed her eyes and tried to just focus on her breathing. Most importantly she forced herself not to think sexy thoughts about being a captive and very-well-fucked Wonder Woman.

Katherine forced herself to stand perfectly still, like a statue, maintaining a rather strained poker face. She felt that this was like the ultimate test of her willpower. If she were to permit herself to move at all, she couldn't trust where her hands might go or what they might do. Oh, Master! This is some kind of test, isn't it? The things I do for you. If only you knew how hard Aims and I are working to add her to your harem!

Funnily enough, Katherine wound up with her eyes closed and trying desperately to think non-arousing thoughts, which was precisely what Christine was doing at the same time. Yet neither of them made it any easier by breaking their intimate hug.


Amy tapped Christine's bare shoulder, causing Christine to turn around and open her eyes. Amy was all grins. "Hey, C, I helped too. I was the one who came up with the idea of letting you try on the other outfit, 'cos I knew how much you like Wonder Woman from your T-shirt and everything. Don't I get a kiss too?"

Christine grinned widely. "Sure you do, Aims." She disengaged from Katherine, wrapped her arms around Amy, and leaned in for a kiss. Her mind was swirling, she was flying on such a euphoric high.

But even though she intended to only kiss Amy on the cheek, somehow their lips came together. Once they started French kissing, it was like they couldn't stop. Christine got so carried away that she dropped the Wonder Woman outfit without realizing it, temporarily forgetting about it completely.

A nude Christine and Amy exchanging tongue with boobs pressed together

Christine even thought, Oh no! Shit, shit, shit! Katherine's here! She can't see me like this! She's gonna think I'm some kind of lesbian! But she was in such a horny state, thanks especially to the gift and resulting fantasies, and kissing Amy felt so good, that even that wasn't enough to make her break her lip-lock and pull away. In fact, her extreme embarrassment only made her more aroused, which made the kissing even hotter and that much harder to end.

Somehow, one of Amy's legs got between hers, and she realized that her pussy was sliding back and forth along the top of Amy's thigh. She knew that she was coating Amy's skin with her pussy juices, and she felt very self-conscious about it with Katherine there, but her pussy needed relief so desperately that she simply couldn't help herself. But what was really frustrating was that her clit wasn't making contact, and all the rubbing was only ramping her to a higher level of sexual need instead of allowing her the sweet orgasmic relief that she craved.

Katherine sighed with jealousy, but carefully and quietly. Hot damn! Look at how their huge racks rub together! If only I could take a picture for my brother-master! He'd love it! How I wish I could be playing Amy's role in this sexy little corruption drama. I have to put up with so much, being Brother's sister. But I guess, all in all, it's pretty damn worth it. I'm his one-and-only real sister; not even Amy can say that. But still... Damn! What a kiss!

After a minute or two, Katherine coughed and tapped Christine on her shoulder.

That finally gave Christine the presence of mind to pull her lips free. She immediately was all apologies, and she blushed, finally remembering her shame. "Katherine, this is NOT what it looks like!" Someone help me! I'm just too horny to control myself!

Before she could go further down that path, Katherine waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. I heard earlier that you two were practice-kissing. You're just practicing some more. That's cool."

Christine was still freaked out, worried about what Katherine would think. She eagerly grabbed the fig-leaf being offered. She didn't even think about how Katherine could have been told that previously, because it would create more embarrassing questions for herself. "Yeah, we're just practicing! I am not a lesbian! I'm not attracted to girls at all!"

Katherine couldn't help but look Amy and Christine up and down. Even as Christine said that, she had one hand on Amy's right boob and the other on Amy's left ass cheek. And those hands weren't just holding; they were caressing in a very sexual way. Although Christine had twisted her head around to look at Katherine, it seemed like her hands simply couldn't stop.

As if that wasn't enough, Amy had both her hands on Christine's ass, and she seemingly was trying to pull her even closer, like their bodies were merging into one. In fact, Christine could only caress a part of Amy's right boob since their racks were pressing together so tightly.

But Katherine pretended not to see all that, even though the sight, on top of everything else, was making her so aroused that she almost couldn't stand it. She replied, "I know. Believe me, I've known you for a couple years now, and everyone knows you're totally straight. It's just your passion for Alan. He's not here, and Amy is, so it's like you're kissing him."

"Exactly!" Christine breathed a sigh of relief, because it seemed like Katherine understood. She longed to kiss "Alan" some more. In fact, she couldn't stop herself, now that it had started again. She drew her lips back towards Amy's as she panted for air.

Katherine thought it was best that she should leave, so that things could get even steamier between Christine and Amy. But she couldn't completely suppress her horny urges. She put her hand on Christine's shapely bare back, and ran her fingers slowly down her skin, causing a trail of tingling for the panting blonde. "Christine, remember this. You are an exceptionally beautiful woman. Good Lord, just look at this body!"

Her fingers trailed all the way down to Christine's ass. She might have been tempted to cup an ass cheek, but luckily Amy's hands were already doing that, and that reminded her to pull away before her own desires became obvious.

Christine thought, Somebody, kill me now! Here I am, standing in the sun, BUTT NAKED and holding a very nude Amy like my life depends on it, and Katherine is examining my body like I'm some kind of prized cow headed for auction! Can things get any MORE humiliating? I wish she'd go away so I could just... cum!

She found herself staring deeply into Amy's eyes. Amy had her mouth open and her tongue sticking out a bit like she was waiting for Christine to tilt her head slightly forward. But Christine was trying her hardest not to French kiss anymore, at least not until Katherine looked away.

Katherine couldn't completely hide her arousal as she added, "You're just as beautiful as his other lovers." She was deliberately understating matters to keep Christine on her toes. "You're definitely Alan-worthy!"

Christine thought with glee, YES! I'm Alan-worthy! Wait, wait, wait! What?! Why does that mere thought almost make me hot enough to cum? This is so fucked up. He's just a guy. But I'm so... so hot! And Amy's lips... She remained poised with her lips just an inch or two from Amy's, yet she waited for Katherine to at least look away. She was hoping and praying that would happen quickly.

Katherine continued, "More importantly, Alan loves you. We all know it. In fact, we've known it for a year or two now. When he sees you, he's not gonna be able to resist you. Before long, you'll be kneeling naked in front of him, with his dick in your mouth, showing your love with your lips and your tongue. He'll totally love it! And you're gonna love it too, I'm sure, because every other woman who comes to his bedroom loves doing that to him."

Katherine worried that she was getting a little carried away, especially since her fingers were still wandering over Christine's magnificent backside. But thankfully for her, Christine was even more carried away.

Oh yes! Christine panted hard. Everything was so arousing that she felt delirious. Kneeling with his dick in my mouth! Sucking on it! Kissing Amy! Kissing Alan! Sucking on his cock! Playing with Amy's ripe body! Big cock in between my lips! So thick! So full! Oh God! Oh God! I'm so hot and horny that I'm seriously dizzy. I'm gonna pass out! She began to fear that she wouldn't be able to wait any longer before she absolutely had to kiss Amy's lips again.

Amy took over, since she knew she didn't have to moderate her words like her sister did. Her eyes lit up. "Ohmigod! It's soooo good! Soooo yummy! I swear to God, there's nothing better than having his great big fat cock in your mouth, sucking on it, licking it and loving it!"

Christine still had a fear of doing that, and especially a fear of not doing it well. But Amy seemed so enthused about it that Christine felt a new wave of tingles all over her body, and she very nearly came on the spot. Suddenly, the panting blonde couldn't wait to have her mouth totally stuffed with Alan's cock. She recalled how she'd held it in her hand earlier, and it hadn't been so scary after all.

The busty beauty felt such a sudden surge of arousal that she was about to give in and kiss Amy's lips despite the humiliation of Katherine standing there.

But right before she could, Amy turned slightly while still keeping her arms around Christine, and Christine's arms around her. She moved just enough for Katherine to have a clear view of Christine's pussy mound. "Hey Kat! Please take a look at Christine's clitoris. What do you think? Will Alan like it?"

Christine was so intent on kissing Amy that her normal lightning-fast reaction was dulled. NO! Not that!

As a result, Katherine had a few seconds to look at Christine's big clit before it got covered up. Katherine immediately realized that the clit was extra large, and Christine's distressed reaction showed that she was very sensitive about it. She astutely realized that praise would be helpful. "I think it's GREAT! I wish I had a clit like that. I'm sure he'll love it!"

Christine pressed her body tightly against Amy's to hide her clit as well as her embarrassment. But she looked to Katherine with surprise. "Really?! Do you mean that?!"

"Of course I do! Why, do you not? It's bigger than usual, but that means more nerve endings. And that means more arousal. You're genetically blessed. Big boobs AND a big clit!"

Amy was triumphant. "A-ha! See! You got a totally honest answer from a neutral observer. I've had no opportunity to tip her off; that's how she really feels. That what everyone will think. Where did you get the idea that it's a bad thing?"

Christine was flabbergasted. She mumbled, "I don't know. I just did. It's just that it's freakishly big."

Katherine asked, "Have you EVER talked to anyone about it? Has anyone ever said a bad word about it?"

"N-no," she stuttered. "But I just assumed..."

Amy said with determination, "Don't assume! You're gonna come to LOVE that clit! 'Cos it's extra big, Alan's going to pay it extra attention. He'll be touching and fondling it all the time. And when it comes time to fuck you, the thrusting motions of a big cock like his rubs against the clit over and over and over again!"

Her words tumbled out quickly and breathlessly. "You'll cum and cum and cum, and cum some more, and cum again, and cum, cum, cum, super big orgasmo-cum, and he'll fuck and fuck and thrust and pound and skewer you deep, and you'll cum, cum, cum, and you'll scream and cry till you're voice is hoarse, and he'll keep on fucking you and squirting into you until you cum so hard you really do pass out! It's happened to all of us in the harem, believe me! Then, when you wake up, you'll thank your lucky stars a thousand times over that you happen to have that lovely big clit! Then you'll cum again, just 'cos!" She giggled.

Christine had already been right on the brink of losing control when the clitoris issue came up. Amy's rapid-fire description of getting fucked pushed her over the edge. She found herself madly kissing Amy's lips as if her life depended on it, even though Katherine was still watching. Practice kissing! Need... more... practice kissing! That's all this is! Oh God! Katherine, please don't look! I'm too hooooornyyyy! Alan's going to fuck me forever, just like she said! OH! I'll be tied and bound in my Wonder Woman outfit, and he'll fuck my helpless body until I can't even see straight! UNGH! HNNG!

Amy responded in kind, kissing back with all of her lusty might.

Katherine couldn't help but snicker in glee. Fortunately, she wasn't very loud, and Christine was so deep in the throes of passion that she wasn't paying attention. In fact, Katherine decided she needed to tap the panting blonde on the shoulder to make sure she heard what she was going to say next. After the tap, she said, "Hey, I'm gonna leave you two alone. Practice more kissing. A lot more kissing. That's good. That'll help with Alan later. See ya, and enjoy the gift!"

But Christine's sense of proper manners was deeply ingrained. So even as her fit and curvy nude body ground into Amy's, she broke the kiss long enough to say to Katherine, "No, thank you! It's the best gift ever! See ya later!" Then her lips went back to Amy's like she was desperately starved of oxygen and only more passionate kisses could save her life.

Christine found herself thinking, Where did the uniform go, anyway? She had some vague memory of dropping it, and that was good enough for now, because her body was on fire. The mere reminder of her gift was like throwing gasoline onto her fire of lust. She kissed while even more vivid fantasies of sex with Alan as she was wearing her Wonder Woman outfit ran through her fevered brain.

Katherine picked up her bag, bikini, and towel, then walked back to the gate. She thought about putting on her bikini first, but decided against it, since Christine was facing the other way and was unlikely to disengage unless faced with something like a Class Five hurricane.

She quietly giggled with glee at how well things were going.

As she reached the gate, she couldn't help but look back at the other two. Damn. I've gotta be the best sister ever. Christine is such a passionate hottie. Fuck, it's like I was getting a sunburn just standing near her and Aims. She really IS Alan-worthy! I'd love to see her turn into one of his obedient, devoted sex pets. I never imagined that was possible, but after today, who knows? And if she could be fully integrated into the harem... holy crap! Too awesome for words!

That could be ME kissing and fondling her incredible body right now instead of Amy. Or better yet, me AND Amy! And then, after we'd made each other cum lots of times, the three of us could drop to our knees and take turns sucking our master's cock! Mmmm!

Just thinking about the three of us on our knees, all wearing our collars and high heels and nothing else like good little fuck-toy slaves... damn! DAMN! Amy'd have a turn bobbing over Brother's sweet spot while I suckle on Christine's fat boobs and finger-bang her. And then, after Christine has her turn making oral love to Alan Junior, she'd suckle and finger-bang ME! It could happen someday, for real!

Wow. I have to stop this. Now! It's too much, just thinking these thoughts, but thinking about this while actually watching Christine and Amy get it on in living color, right in Amy's backyard?! I swear, I'm gonna burst into flames! Shit! Are they fingering each other's pussies now too? I think they are! Damn, damn, damn! Mom should totally see this! At the very least, I should take some pictures!


Katherine gathered her willpower and walked through the gate, leaving the sexy scene behind. Keep the eyes on the prize, kiddo. If we're ever gonna see that happy day when Christine is tamed and collared become a reality, we've gotta play it cool. Take it nice and slow. Let Brother work his pussy-taming magic on her. Besides, I can go to my room and finger myself to thoughts of him spraying his seed over the three of us. Mmmm! Sweet brotherly baby-batter seed. I can't wait to lick it off Christine's gigantic watermelons!

At least now I can honestly say that I know first-hand that they feel as good as they look. Hee-hee!

She kept on walking to the back door of the Plummer house. I just hope he appreciates what a good fuck toy I've been today. I came up with the Wonder Woman costume idea, which obviously went over like gangbusters. I helped Christine take a step closer to joining the harem. Heck, I even took my collar off so she wouldn't get too suspicious, and that was like having to go without my legs. Oh, sweet! I can put it back on now. Finally! I hope my brother-master is gonna give me a big fat cummy reward later.

She redoubled her pace back to the house so she could find her collar.


Katherine was correct about one thing at least: Christine and Amy did start fingering each other's pussy.

Christine and Amy nude, kneeling, kissing while fondling each other's pussy

The funny thing was neither of them knew how it started. Amy had set some boundaries for herself, and one of them was not to touch Christine's pussy unless it was a matter of just inadvertently brushing past it. She didn't want to go too far too fast, and have it backfire on her. But one minute they were French kissing, and the next minute they were French kissing with their fingers playing with the other's pussy lips. It was so overwhelmingly arousing that they both were forced to drop to their knees, and yet they kept on going.

A short time earlier, Christine would have gone postal if Amy had even tried to touch her there. But she was so enveloped in a vortex of sex and lust that she simply willed herself not to think about it, so successfully put it out of her mind. It simply felt too good for her to make a big fuss about. She was practically dying, she needed to cum so badly, and Amy's fingering would help make that happen sooner.

Christine thought, I can't believe what a hot, wild time I had when Alan was here. And I REALLY can't believe I'm still this hot and horny even when he's NOT here! It's like my sexual needs were deeply buried all this time and they're finally pouring out like a raging flood! Now that's this has started, I can't stop it and I can't even control it! Poor Amy! She's the only one here, so I'm dumping all of this on her like she's a pretend Alan. I'm so sorry!

Needless to say, Amy didn't mind all the sexy attention in the least. She was loving life. This confirmed to her that she'd made the right call trying to help bring Christine into the harem instead of manipulating the situation to keep the blonde out.

Amy knew well that the focal point of a woman's physiological pleasure was her clitoris, and Christine's was easily the largest that Amy had ever encountered. Its engorged size was so great that it was simply too big to stay concealed at the crest of her labial lips; it projected out from under its protective clitoral hood. Amy's talented fingers obligingly kept Christine's big erect clit constantly stimulated, leaving Christine throbbing with erotic arousal.

In fact, Amy was more freaked out about this new intimacy than Christine was. For one thing, she worried that she'd gone too far in taking liberties, so it took a few minutes of nothing but more glorious mutual kissing and touching before she decided that it was okay so far. Amy knew that Christine was a real virgin with an intact hymen. She didn't want to be the one to ruin that, especially with Alan intent on ridding Christine of that obstacle within the near future. So Amy tended to focus on Christine's big, erect clit with her thumb and index finger while slipping and sliding her other fingers up and down Christine's wet pussy lips. Every now and then she'd push those fingers in, but usually not deep enough to touch Christine's hymen.

Christine didn't know what she was doing, but somehow two of her fingers wound up inside Amy's slit and they more or less stayed there. Unlike Amy, she didn't have to restrain how deeply she went, so soon she was pumping in and out with a good rhythm.

Christine also knew the primacy of a woman's clit, if only from her own masturbation sessions, so, despite her inexperience, she kept Amy every bit as aroused as she herself was.

In other words, a hell of a lot.

Christine thought, as her heart pounded like a drum, Oh God! God, God, God! What the hell is wrong with me?! This is NOT right! But I'm just... I can't stand it! Too horny! Too hot! Gonna burn up! I need Alan here! I need a safe target for all this sexual energy!

Eventually, during a break in their kissing to gasp for air, Christine panted, "Amy! We can't... can't do this! It's totally out of control!" She was too shy to bring up the pussy-touching issue directly, but she figured Amy would get the gist.

Instead, Amy just smiled even more widely than usual and replied, "I know! Isn't it great?!" Then she planted another monster kiss on Christine's lips that left them both delirious with lust.

Christine was perplexed by Amy, and hardly for the first time. She thought as she kept on fingerbanging, That Amy. How can I get it through her thick head that I'm serious? She just doesn't understand 'No.' And why does she... Oh God! It feels so good! I can't fight it!

She found herself humping against Amy's hand, even though Amy was only pulling on Christine's large clit. The humping actually made it harder for Amy, but Christine was so horny that it seemed that her body needed to at least simulate a fucking motion.

Now that their clits were being directly stimulated, it was just a matter of time before both of them came. Christine's body was not used to climaxing easily, or often. When she did cum, it usually was powerfully explosive. The problem was, she rarely could get herself worked up enough with her own fingers, and her sex toy ownership was very recent.

Thus Amy was the first to cum, and came again, and then again. It was epic, thanks in large part to the way Christine kept working on Amy's clit and pussy lips.

As usual for her, Christine had much more difficulty reaching orgasm, even as supercharged as she was. But the benefit was that when she finally came, it was a whopper that completely overwhelmed her.

In fact, the blonde beauty was forced to sit and rest awhile as her climax receded. She literally was so weak in the knees that she was unable to remain standing. She realized that she was gasping desperately for air, with sweat pouring off her brow.

She thought, Christ! Amy touched my clit! A LOT! My freakishly big clit! And she explored all kinds of other places she shouldn't ever touch. She did a lot more than just simple, curious touching too! How did that happen?! And why isn't she laughing at my gross deformity?!

Christine's clit was a "gross deformity" only in her own mind. Even though Amy, Alan, and even Katherine had said there was nothing wrong with it, she still found it hard to abandon her long-held fear. She longed to ask Amy how she could be so blasé about it, but that was far too embarrassing to actually do. At least she admitted, Maybe they're right. Maybe it is a blessing instead of a curse. But I don't know. How could I have been so wrong for so long?


Amy was careful not to stop her stimulation of Christine, even though she knew that Christine needed to rest. So when Christine sat in a chair, Amy sat right on her lap, even keeping a hand on Christine's pussy. She did pause in the kissing and fondling, but she kept things intimate enough to make clear that this was only a short respite.

Christine sitting in a chair with Amy sitting on her lap, both naked, while Amy has her legs crossed at the knee

Christine protested rather weakly, "We shouldn't be doing this." She didn't say so explicitly, but they both knew she was referring to the pussy play; she'd pretty much given up resisting everything else. Even as she spoke, she ran her hands over Amy's ass and thighs.

Amy replied, "Oh no; we have'ta. This is key practice for Alan."

"It is? But how?" Again, the overheated blonde didn't say so in words, but it was clear that she was wondering how this could be good practice, since Alan didn't have a pussy.

"Well, the thing is, when you're with my O.B., it's like being on a roller-coaster. But you know how when you're on a roller-coaster, there are those parts where you have to wait while your cart goes dink, dink, dink, dink, dink slowly up the rise in the track so it can go zooming back down real fast?"

"Yeah?" Christine actually had never been on a roller-coaster, because she thought that amusement parks were an immature waste of time, but she understood the metaphor.

"Imagine a roller-coaster ride, only without the slow parts. It's like, 'WHOOOOAAA!', sliding down the super fast and thrilling parts the entire time! So you need to be ready for that. You can't take a big break." Even as Amy said this, she squeezed her hand between their bodies and slightly brushed her fingertips against Christine's throbbing clit. Since the two of them were more or less resting and taking it easy, she didn't want to get too aggressive just yet, so she was playing around, trying to see how close she could stay to the line between touching and not touching.

Christine liked it a lot, even though she felt she shouldn't. She looked down at Amy's hand. So wrong. So very, very wrong. That's a female hand! Nobody should be touching me there but Alan! And maybe not even him, since the cheeky bastard has so many other lovers. But Katherine did point out that Amy is an Alan substitute, so in a way it IS Alan touching me there...

Oh God! Too hot! Alan, touching me there, fondling me everywhere! I can't get all horny again! If this is a roller-coaster ride, I need to get off!

But Christine made no move to get Amy off her lap, or even to stop her from ever-so-tantalizingly almost touching her clit. She haltingly panted in reply, "Come on. It can't be like that ALL the time. From what you said, there are times when you just perform oral sex on him for an hour or more. That can't be like an endless, wild roller-coaster ride, at least for you."

But rather than be put out, as Christine expected, Amy just smiled fondly. "M'kay. You got me there. Admittedly, it's not like that all the time. Or even most of the time, to be honest. He does take a lot of what we call 'strategic breaks' to get his second wind, or third wind, and so on. But even that is pretty darn hot. I mean, you work really hard, sucking and licking and licking and sucking, and doing everything you can to make his fat cock erupt with all that yummy sweet seed."

She brought a hand up to her face and pumped it back and forth in front of her mouth, mimicking the gesture of giving a blowjob. Seeing a good reaction from Christine, she lavishly licked the imaginary erection while also pretend-stroking it. She used the distraction as cover so that she could play with Christine's pussy lips at the same time with her other hand.

Their faces were so close that she stopped and said, "Oh, come on, give me some help here!" She giggled.

There was no denying a playful and loving Amy, so Christine found herself licking the pretend erection too. It was surprisingly fun. I wonder if I'm going to end up doing this for real! With her, on him. Sharing. I bet I will. Everything Amy says seems to come true. I can't believe it. It's too outrageous! But look at me now, look at what I'm doing willingly. Everything I predict seems to turn out wrong.

After a minute or two of jointly pretending to lick, Amy finally continued, "That can go on a reaaaaally long time, even when you're sharing, but it never gets boring. Then, just when you think he's gonna cum in your mouth, he stops and rests. Then you have to start aaaaall over again! And then you work him up to a fever pitch AGAIN, and he stops AGAIN! You think, 'Geez, Louise, what do I have to do to get his cum to splatter all over my face?' It's like an EPIC struggle! I tell you, it's super duper fun, and HOT! And when you share the slurpy adventure with another one of his busty beauties, it's like even way more extra fun!"

Christine looked down and saw her big tits starting to rise up and down with her increasingly heavy breathing. There wasn't any room, so they were continually sliding against Amy's impressive globes, and her nipples were always rubbing against soft tit-flesh. Dammit! Too predictable. Why is it that every time Amy starts talking about Alan's big cock, er, I mean his penis, it's like I'm suddenly out of breath? This whole arousal thing sucks. It's like someone has stolen my body and is making it do weird things. I want my body back!

Amy leaned forward a bit as if she were going to whisper something conspiratorial and important, and she did speak quietly, but she really just wanted to make sure more 'accidental' tit rubbing took place. "And there are times when he's mellow and gentle... Like when he's got his big fat cock in you, buried deep, deep inside your cunnie, but he just keeps it there, all the way in, and ever so slowly churns it around... Churning and churning and churning..." She closed her eyes and looked totally blissed out as she slowly gyrated in Christine's lap.

Her eyelids fluttered as she took another deep breath. "So much churning! There's nothing like it! That glorious feeling of... fullness! Total fullness! When his thick, long cock is all the way inside you... deep, deep... penetration... it's sooooo goooood!" As she said this, she suddenly probed as deeply into Christine's gash as she dared, brushing her fingertips against Christine's hymen.

The sexual arousal jumped several levels for both of them. But the mood remained mellow, since Christine was still recovering.

Amy continued with more animation, "So there's that kind of thing. But when he's on, he's on! Especially when he's fucking you. Geez, Louise! I mean, not like that slow churning I was talking about, but the fast drilling. Bam, bam, bam! Ohmigod! I really meant it when I said he's made all of us cum so much that we actually pass out. Once it happens to you, you'll understand why we love to serve his cock so much. Can you imagine being SPEARED and SKEWERED and IMPALED, over and over and over again, until you think you're simply gonna die from too much joy?"

Christine, naked, having her nipples pinched, presumably by Amy

She was afraid to finger Christine's gash as she said that, because she might get carried away, so she unexpectedly raised both her hands and yanked on the panting and moaning blonde's nipples instead.

Christine looked like she was suffering, but in fact it was just that she was already struggling not to cum again. She gazed towards the gate. She loved the incredible, erotic high of the moment, but realized that she desperately wanted the real thing. Alan, please! Rescue me from Amy's sexy hands! But... but... if you do come, I'll lose all control with YOU! I'm screwed either way. And then, someday soon, I'll be literally screwed! By you!

Amy kept up the nipple play, and soon was back to working Christine's clit as well. "Ohmigod, have you ever had a huge cock just BURIED in you so DEEP that you just KNOW you're gonna drown under the endless waves of pleasure?!"

Christine gave Amy an incredulous look, especially since she knew that Amy was well aware of her intact hymen.

Amy kept on raving enthusiastically, "Of course you haven't, but trust me, it's the BEST! There's nothing else like it! It's like, he's an unstoppable machine! That's what he is, a FUCK machine! You'll scream and wail and yell his name, and cry for more, and then cry for him to stop because the pleasure is too intense, but he won't listen! You'll cum so many times that you lose count. He'll keep on drilling and pounding and splitting you in TWO! Ohmigod! I'm not just saying that either. It's like you really think you're gonna DIE!"

Amy was wide-eyed, as if she couldn't completely believe what she was saying because it was so amazing. "That's the way he really gets you. You think you love him now? Just wait until he takes you to the stars and back! You'll feel like you've died, multiple times! And yet you're reborn each time. It's so intense, I can't even explain!"

She scrunched her face up and momentarily stilled her fondling hands, trying to figure out how to put it into words. Then her face brightened. "Hey! I know. You know that orgasm you just had?"

"Yeah?" Christine was embarrassed to even admit that she'd orgasmed with another woman, but there was no way to deny it since her entire body had been shaking and she'd nearly collapsed to the ground.

"Imagine feeling like that, but not for just a few seconds. Imagine you're like that, but for minutes at a time, until the whole thing about having a climax or not is a moot point, 'cos you're just, like, on this one endless high. And THEN he starts fucking you! And then it starts to get REALLY good!" Amy giggled.

Christine vigorously shook her head, causing her soft yet firm globes to repeatedly crash into Amy's. "Impossible! If sex was that good, people wouldn't do anything else!" She cupped Amy's hefty tits from below, and caressed them in a way that showed that she was fascinated by the beauty of the female body, at the very least.

Amy wiggled her eyebrows knowingly. "I'm not talking about normal sex; I'm talking about sex with Alan. Think about how you've felt with him today and yesterday. Do you think it would have been that good with any other boy in school?"

Christine thought, No way! If it was, I would have heard about it. Other girls would never stop raving about it. But instead, they spend most of their time complaining about their boyfriends and thinking about finding someone new. Hell, if it was that good, nothing would get done; people would just have sex all day long!

Breathless with excitement, she shook her head 'No.'

Amy continued, "Damn straight! Alan's just getting started on you. Why do you think all those women pursue him, and then keep coming back for more? Welcome to Alan World!" She giggled.

Christine shook her head as she continued to explore Amy's squeezable melons. "No. No way!"

"Yeah way!" Amy rhythmically poked into Christine's slit without endangering her hymen. "The thing is, your body can't take that much pleasure for that long. You'll need to rest. Your pussy will literally cry for mercy. That's when you'll think: 'Thank God! Thank God Alan's got a harem. Someone else can help tame that big cock of his for an hour or two.'"

Christine shook her head again, but she was starting to believe all the hype. "Come on, that's crazy!"

Amy replied defiantly, "Yeah, crazy like a cock!" That didn't make much sense, even if it was a play on "crazy like a fox," but it caused both of them to burst out in uproarious laughter.

However, Christine was still anxious, not to mention eager. Even as she recovered from her laughing spell, she looked towards the gate again. It was getting to the point where she not only didn't fear stroking or even licking his boner, she actually salivated just thinking about it.

But looking towards the gate reminded her that she was outside and in a strange backyard. She'd been getting so carried away that she'd completely forgotten. Somehow, the shame of sitting naked in the great outdoors, with Amy naked on her lap, fired her lust even more than Amy's wandering fingers.

She asked, "What about him? Doesn't he get tired?"

"Oh, sure. All the time. Sometimes his thingy, er, I mean his cock, goes flaccid. Sometimes he has to take a nap. And there are all those strategic breaks I mentioned. But you'd be surprised. His stamina is amaaaazing! It's like he doesn't have to cum, ever, unless he feels like it. You know, maybe he wants to paint your face or tits with your cum, or cum deep inside you to give you a really warm, special feeling. It really does take a harem to keep his balls drained dry."

Amy continued, "So you seriously need to get used to feeling that hot and horny for long periods of time. You know how good you feel right now, where you're thinking, 'Amy, please don't make me cum again, because I don't know if I can take it?'"

Christine couldn't help but laugh, because she'd been thinking nearly those exact words. She was still too wiped out to do much more than explore the curves of Amy's rack, or caress Amy's luscious ass. But Amy was getting even more aggressive with her clit play, and she was usually playing with one of Christine's nipples too. The result was a steady erotic buzz that kept Christine from really thinking about the fact that she was getting this much pleasure from another woman.

Amy smiled, knowing that Christine understood. "Yeah, feels good. Feels like heaven. You're gonna feel that good just from sucking his cock!"

Christine protested, "But the books I've read-"

Amy cut in. "C, did you ever buy a book called 'Sucking Alan Plummer's Cock?' What's that? No? I don't think so! His cock isn't like other cocks. Isn't that obvious by now? It totally NEEDS to be sucked! I dare you to look at it when it's all hard and throbby and not think, 'That big, fat thingie belongs in my mouth, right now!' There's something about sucking on it that's just too much fun. Especially when you're sharing it. That's the best! It really is my favorite. That's perfect, because you get someone to take over when you get too tired. And Alan gets double the pleasure. So everybody wins!"

Christine wanted to tell Amy to shut up, but instead she found her hands squeezing Amy's soft orbs some more while fantasizing about how good cocksucking Alan could be. I had nooooo idea what I was getting into. Even this morning I had no idea! I just thought it would be more of the great kissing and fondling Alan and I did yesterday, with maybe some new things to try. I've really fallen far down the rabbit hole!

Amy's eyes went dreamy as she obviously got lost in her reverie. "And then there's the payoff. The creamy, spermy payoff! Aaaah!" She sighed with both satisfaction and longing. "Splattered over two or three women, usually. All pearly and gooey, like a glazed donut, but even yummier. I swear, there's no sexier sight on Earth than that!"

Kat, Christine and Amy, all naked and collared, kneeling, while cum is spraying from a long cock over all three of them

Amy envisioned herself, Katherine, and Christine in a row, kneeling and naked as Alan took turns cumming on all three of them. Since this was in Amy's ideal future, Christine was collared and loving her life as a harem slave. It looked like Alan had already cum on them quite a lot, and was applying another coating of his spermy seed.

Amy grinned knowingly. She could practically taste his delicious cum.

Christine said severely, or at least as severely as she could while Amy played with her nipples and big clit, and her own fingers were sinking into Amy's soft tit-flesh, "Amy, Aims... I can guarantee I will NEVER ever do that! That's beyond the pale, and demeaning too. Besides, I'm just not wired that way. I have big issues with sharing my man."

She wasn't actually sure about that. In fact, she had a hunch that it would come to pass for her, and maybe even soon. But she felt like she had to fight it. It was like she was on a slippery slope, sliding down with nothing to hang onto. She needed to establish some limits, at least temporarily, so she could have time to adjust.

Amy's eyes twinkled with delight. She already had some plans that she could hardly wait to put into motion. "We'll see. Anyway, we need more practice to help you cope with endless pleasure. You're one of Alan's women now, so you've gotta get used to it." Then she kissed Christine's lips to end the conversation.

As wiped out as Christine was, her body couldn't help but respond to Amy's kisses, as it always seemed to do. Before long, she had one hand back fondling Amy's ass while the other played with Amy's pussy lips. I'm one of Alan's women! Too hot! My man - the hottest guy in school! Best of the best! Unstoppable cock, gonna be in my hands later!

She couldn't understand her body at all. She was perfectly fit. She knew she was capable of running a marathon, and in fact she had run marathons before, but her latest orgasm had made her as weak as a newborn kitten. For a while, she literally had felt unable to lift her hands, and she'd never felt like that with her previous orgasms, not even the few she'd had with Alan. She'd been recovering slowly, so she figured she'd still need a long time to recover fully. Even though she could feel another orgasm coming on, being so aroused only seemed to make her more exhausted.

Then, all of a sudden, she was fully energized again and she and Amy were writhing around so much they practically fell out of the chair.

Being called "one of Alan's women" had hit her like an electric shock, and given her a ravenous sexual hunger. She didn't understand it, but the pleasure was so great that she didn't take the time to question it.


Amy was being manipulative, a trait that she shared with her mother Suzanne. In part, she wanted to keep playing with Christine because she was enjoying it greatly just from the physical pleasure. She also hoped Christine might learn a bit about experiencing prolonged, intense pleasure and thus could be able to handle things better with Alan later. But her main goal was to keep Christine so extremely aroused that she'd be ready and willing to do just about anything when Alan arrived.

Amy assumed that she wouldn't have all that long to wait, since Katherine would go back and give Susan an update on how well things had been going. Alan should have had a decent nap by then, at which point Katherine and Susan would wake him and tell him that Christine was hot to trot and that he was needed in the Pestridge backyard, pronto.

That was a very good guess, except that Katherine and Susan weren't in THAT big a hurry to have him leave.

Alan woke from an erotic dream and let out a happy, contented sigh. "Aaaah..." Everything felt fantastic. More than fantastic, even - especially his crotch.

Realization slowly came to him as he became aware of his surroundings, and especially the joyous feeling of lapping tongues and sliding lips. Plus, it felt like there were ten hands pumping on his shaft. He wore a big grin on his face even before he opened his eyes to see just who was working on his stiff erection.

Susan holding the tip of Alan's cock while Kat licks his balls

He looked down to his crotch. A smiling Susan was licking all over his cockhead. Below her, Katherine was lovingly lapping one of his balls. He could barely see his erection because there were three hands slowly sliding up and down it, all at the exact same speed so they wouldn't bump into each other.

It figures, he thought with unrestrained glee. Especially Mom taking the top. She is a bit of a cock hog, but hell, it feels too good to complain!

The surge of constant arousal only seemed to increase as he awakened fully. God, this is fucking awesome! It's got to feel better than any drug. I mean, just knowing my Mom and Sis are my devoted, eager sex slaves... priceless!

Susan had her eyes open while Katherine did not, but Susan was so totally focused on her task that Alan didn't worry much that she'd look up and notice that he was awake, especially since it was no big deal if she did. Still, he was content to not reveal that he was awake just yet, so he could fully enjoy the sights as well as the sensations of how they behaved when they didn't know he was paying attention. He was impressed at how devoted they were to their tasks; it appeared they worked just as hard when they thought he was asleep as when they knew he was awake.

Another minute passed, and the only change was that Susan closed her eyes, engulfed his cockhead, and bobbed down to his sweet spot. Katherine kept on lapping at his balls and stroking his shaft with both hands. The room was silent except for the sounds of their slurping and Susan's familiar, contented "Mmmm!" noises. Both women were so into what they were doing that they still hadn't realized he was awake.

He took his time to admire their beautiful faces and their talented oral teamwork. Dang! What a way to wake up from a nap. Especially to see them both wearing my collars. I swear, it turns out those were the best gifts ever!

Like right now, I can barely see their bodies, since I don't want to raise myself up and tip them off that I'm awake. All I can see are a couple hills of perfect ass off in the distance. Hmmm. Those must be Sis's, judging from the tan and the tan lines. Phew! What a great ass!

Anyway, I can't see much, but I can see that Mom's wearing her collar, and I would see Sis's if she didn't have one of my balls in her mouth, and DAMN is that hot! I mean, whenever they wear those, it's like they're telling the whole world, "I'm one of Alan's sex slaves. My body belongs to my master." And what's hotter than that?!

Especially since I know they really mean it, and they love it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were thinking that very thing right now.

He wasn't exactly right about that, but he was close. They didn't so much consciously think about being enslaved to him as they felt it, constantly. It gave Susan in particular an extra spring in her step, all day long. And when they shared sucking his cock, their feelings of being owned by their soul mate grew much stronger, giving them a blissful, contented glow in addition to whatever erotic joys they were enjoying.

A few moments later, Katherine got tired of waiting for Susan to end her latest turn. They were supposed to switch about every minute or so, but Susan had been bobbing for two minutes, at least. So Katherine tapped her on the shoulder.

Susan had her eyes closed, but she opened them and shot her daughter a stern look. She wasn't telepathic, but she spoke in her mind to Katherine and hoped that she could at least pick up her general mood and message. As she kept on bobbing, she thought, Angel, fine. Take your turn. But remember this isn't just any ol' cock; this is our master's cock! It deserves your very best effort at all times! Remember The Pact! Our purpose is to serve! NO slacking, even if he is sleeping!

In fact, it was as if Susan actually were telepathic, because she'd lectured Katherine on the proper behavior of a good sex slave so many times that Katherine could pretty much guess what Susan would say if her mouth wasn't still stuffed with cock. She nodded in understanding.

Satisfied, Susan pulled off and then licked her way down to Alan's balls and took over sucking them.

Katherine was in position to control Alan's most sensitive inches, and she moved so fast that she was able to continue Susan's cocksucking rhythm without a break. In fact, Alan probably wouldn't even have noticed that they'd switched positions if he hadn't been watching their bobbing heads.

Katherine sighed with pleasure once she'd fully engulfed her brother's shaft. Aaaah! Such a joy, every time. This is the life of the world's happiest sister fuck toy. Taking turns on Master's cock with Mom... The best! MMMM! Yum! Gaawwwd, I just love it when my jaw is stretched as wide as it can get, and his big log slides back and forth while I tickle his sweet spot with my tongue. Mmmm!

Mom is right: no slacking off, even if he's still sleeping. He's bound to enjoy it on some level. I'll bet he's having some extra sexy dreams right now, hee-hee! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he wakes and finds TWO cock-hungry alarm clocks!

He'd been spacing out, luxuriating in the total erotic euphoria of the moment. But he happened to glance down and noticed that he'd been wrong in assuming that Katherine was wearing her collar. Whoa! Sis? Collarless?! I thought she was really into her collar. I'm gonna have to ask about that later. But now's not the time for talk.

Just when he sensed Katherine was going to end her turn, he cleared his throat. He figured that would start a conversation with Susan, and give Katherine more time to make up for Susan's extra-long previous turn.

Both women looked up and smiled at him. Or at least they smiled as much as they could, considering that their mouths were full of his cock and balls respectively. Katherine gave him a friendly wave, and seemed to suck his cock with even more powerful suction than before.

But that was it. To his surprise, neither of them had anything to say. At least, not yet.

He decided not to question it and just enjoy the oral attentions for a while. He bunched up all his pillows below his head, which raised his eye level and allowed him to appreciate the view from a better angle.

As Susan took her next turn bobbing on his boner, Alan tried to think what (and who) he'd done, and what the plan for the rest of the day was. Let's see... Aunt Suzy and Glory at Glory's house... Dang, that was fun! Things weren't totally wild, but it was great seeing the two of them starting to get it on together...

Oh my God! Christine and Amy!

His entire body bucked with surprise, as he not only remembered what had happened earlier with those two teen hotties, but he also realized that they were almost certainly still there, waiting for him. He had visions of Christine and Amy running their hands all over each other's naked bodies, with them both smiling at him and beckoning him to join in.

That thought was so inspirational that his cock twitched wildly, and he had to clench down hard on his PC muscle to stop from cumming. He grunted and strained like he was suffering terribly, when in fact his problem was with feeling too good.

Susan looked up at him with surprise, since his cock had unexpectedly jerked around inside her mouth so much. She'd had his erection in her mouth enough times now to recognize different kinds of twitches, and so she knew he was flexing his PC muscle to stave off an orgasm. Somehow, she managed to smile at him even though her lips were stretched almost painfully wide as she kept right on bobbing over his sweet spot. She didn't know what he was thinking about, but she figured it was something good. She tried to make his thoughts feel even better by suddenly bobbing at double speed until her turn ended.

He thought, Daaaamn! Just look at me. Mom and Sis waking me like this, and Christine waiting for me, with Amy ready to help? Fuuuuck! This is almost too good. Nobody should have it this good. It's damn unfair!

But he wasn't bothered enough about the unfairness issue to do anything about it.

Fuck me, man! I can't believe what great progress I've made with Christine today! So much for staying platonic with her. Fuck that! The risk is great, but the rewards are greater still! Right before I left, I actually was kissing her and hugging her naked body while she jacked me off! She was jacking me off, for real! And I was fondling her big tits as the same time! Phew! I've had too many dreams and fantasies to count about that very thing, and it's happening to me while I'm awake!

Amy must have really worked some magic on her while I was gone. She's so great. Oh my God! The way the two of them kissed! French kissed! I can hardly believe my own eyes! With them naked and fondling each other and everything! Who knows what'll happen when I get back?! Never say never. At this point, I'm starting to think anything is possible, especially with Amy helping to make it happen!

He waited for Susan and Katherine to each have another turn bobbing on his sweet spot before he said anything. Finally, he cleared his throat to get their attention.

They looked up again, but neither showed any signs of pausing, let alone completely stopping.

He said, "Soooo... Thanks for the extra-special wake-up. What's the occasion?"

Susan and Kat simultaneously licking Alan's erect cockhead while their tits press into Alan's sides

As if they shared the same mind, they both stopped what they were doing at the exact same instant and switched to licking the top third of his cock together, so they could talk and lick simultaneously.

Katherine said, "Silly Master. There's no special occasion. You're our master."

Susan continued, as if the two of them really did share the same mind, "And we're your sex slaves. Your busty sex slave mommy and buxom sex slave sister, respectively. This is what we do - we live to serve your cock because we love it, and we love you! Expect this kind of treatment for no reason at all, every day, for the rest of your life!"

Then she locked her lips around her side of his shaft and "Mmmm"-hummed in happiness as her tongue swabbed his erection between her parted teeth. She slid her lips up and down her side as if she was trying to give his cockhead a hickey.

He grinned from ear to ear. "Well, hot damn! What can I say to that, except thanks again. I honestly don't deserve this kind of treatment." He added with a wry grin, "Since I'm your master, don't you dare disagree."

Katherine stopped licking to cough. But during her cough, she fairly clearly said the word "Liar." Then she winked at him, giggled, and went back to licking "her side" of his shaft.

Alan grinned even wider, if that were possible. He liked that Katherine was still quite "uppity" (although the fact that she wasn't wearing his collar still bothered and puzzled him more that he liked to admit, even to himself). Seeing that the two of them were probably content to lick and suck all day unless he said something, he continued, "Soooo... Is there any special reason you woke me up, instead of letting me take a longer nap? Somewhere I should be, perhaps...?"

Both women stopped licking at the same time, and their facial expressions were exactly the same: abashed, guilty, and disappointed.

Katherine was the first to speak. "Oh yeah. We forgot."

Susan said with growing embarrassment, "Um, yeah... We probably should have just woken you in the regular way, because I think you were expected in the Pestridge backyard, oh, about five minutes ago."

Katherine resumed licking. "Sorry, Bro, but it's your own damn fault. You were sleeping in the nude with a tasty, stiff woody sticking practically straight up! Do you seriously expect us to ignore this great big slab of manly, masterly, cock-meat?" She locked her lips around her side of Alan's shaft to give him a long, lingering, wet and sloppy kiss, with lots of tongue flickering against his sensitive skin.

Susan also kissed his cock from the other side, then resumed licking. "Yeah. We're only human. This is what big-titted sex pets do when they see untended, superior cock!" She smiled and winked, then ostentatiously licked in a candy-cane stripe pattern around her side of his turgid pole.

Alan thought about the great pleasure he was experiencing, but also thought about the pleasures he could enjoy in the backyard next door. Christine! As great as this is, Christine is just too tempting. I hate to take them for granted, but the fact is, Mom and Sis will be here pretty much all day, every day. Whereas who knows how long Christine will still be here? Not to mention what could happen with her AND Amy!

He decided he couldn't afford to cum at that point, since he had only so many bullets in his gun, so he pulled back. "Sorry, ladies. I need to go to the bathroom and wash up. Are you saying that Christine and Amy are expecting me?"

"Oh, poo!" Susan pouted, her favorite spermy treat now out of reach. But she quickly recovered, explaining, "Well, not exactly. Christine still expects you later, but she has no idea when later will be. Angel was just there, and even though they never said anything, she's pretty sure that Amy expects you to come over shortly."

Clutching her huge tits from below, she licked her lips sensuously and purred in her most tempting voice, "But if you're delayed an extra ten minutes, I'm sure no one will be the wiser..."

He ignored that obvious offer, although he was extremely tempted. "Oh. Well, I'd better get a move on. Come on, Sis. You can brief me in the bathroom while I get ready." He stood up.

Susan stood up too, as did Katherine. The voluptuous mother struck a sexy pose as she said, "Hold your horses. I know you're eager, but I need to properly clean your cock and balls first. You can't go back to her with Alan Junior soaked in pre-cum and saliva."

Katherine put a hand on her hip. "Yeah! And I need to help!"

He shook his head and chuckled. "Sorry, ladies. That's only for after I cum. You're just looking for any excuse to keep licking and sucking. If anything, you'd probably make the pre-cum and saliva problem worse."

There was a collective sigh of disappointment from mother and daughter. Susan was slightly mollified though, because his words hinted that he was starting to consider the "cleaning" as part of a necessary tradition.

Not wanting to disappoint them too much, he gave each of them brief but sizzling kisses.

Susan was left standing alone a few moments later, but she was very content. That's my master. He still calls us "ladies," even though he knows we're his helpless and totally devoted sex slaves. And he still takes the time to say thanks and give us heartfelt kisses. That's the thing about him. I'll bet he's never going to change. He could just be a selfish ass, but no, he always shows us his love and appreciation. Serving his cock is such a joy already, but he's so adorable that it just makes me want to suck his cock even MORE!

She giggled to herself. As if that were possible. Hee-hee!


Katherine did brief Alan as he got ready, and without any hanky-panky since he clearly was in a hurry. "Guess what? Christine is TOTALLY BUCK NAKED as we speak, and Amy is too! Last I saw, they were getting it on with each other, big time! Christine is so hot and bothered and ready for you that it's not even funny!"

He felt his heart skip a beat. "No way!"

"Yes way! Would I lie to you?" she smiled smugly. "They were full-on fondling each other, even fingering each other's pussy! She's, like, panting in need. She's ripe! She's probably salivating right now, dreaming of sucking on Alan Junior."

He asked in disbelief, "Are you serious?!" In particular, he found it nearly impossible to believe that Christine and Amy were fingering each other. He decided Katherine had to be exaggerating for effect about that.

He looked down at his penis. It had started going flaccid, but was already rapidly reversing course. This frustrated him, since it tended to hurt when it stayed stiff for too long.

But Katherine started going into more detail about what had happened next door. "Brother, Big Gondola Brother, Christine's body is just so RIPE! And I got to feel a hell of a lot of it! I gave her this consoling hug when she and I were both naked, and... Oh. My. God! Best hug ever! Aaaaah, so soft and creamy and luscious... I know my boobs are pretty big, even though I have size issues with them, but holy hell! Mine were just like, enveloped and absorbed by Christine's! They were taken over by the Tit Borg, or something! Do you know how much willpower it took for me to not try to French kiss her too? Or just to simply keep my hands still?! It was sexy torture!"

He chuckled at the "Tit Borg" mention. As she kept on excitedly talking in this vein, he realized that there was no hope of giving his dick a break anytime soon.

He was extra careful to wash his mouth with plenty of mouthwash, and wash and then thoroughly dry his crotch. He didn't want it to appear that he'd just been enjoying a blowjob before hopefully reintroducing Christine to his dick.

Dang! This is totally nuts! It sounds like my sisters are cluing Christine in to some degree about what a wild sex life I've got. But it's one thing to hear it in the abstract. If she had any idea of the reality, she'd totally freak out! Like my day today. I mean, since I saw her last, just a couple of hours ago, I had sexy fun with Mother and Glory, then I gave Glory a good fucking. Now, this wake-up dual blowjob, and my crotch is still gonna be a bit damp by the time I get over there. Nuts!

I really shouldn't go any further with her. At some point, Christine is gonna learn things that'll make her explode in anger. I feel terrible lying about everything with her, and I have this gut feeling that it'll end in disaster. And yet, deep down, I guess I'm also confident somehow that things are gonna work out for us somehow. Am I getting too cocky? Probably. But dammit, fortune does favor the brave!

As Katherine and Alan waited in the bathroom for his crotch to dry while Katherine continued "briefing" him, Susan brought in a nice button-down shirt for him to wear. He put it on, even though he wasn't sure why, since he had a strong feeling that he would be getting naked again before long. But there was no telling how things would be by the time he got there. His penis had finally gone flaccid, even though all three of them remained naked.

When Katherine finished updating him on events, there was a short silence. He wanted to ask her why she wasn't wearing his collar, but he didn't know how to bring it up. He wanted to be modest and not demand she wear his collar twenty-four hours a day, but in fact that was what he really wanted to see happen. He'd been hoping she'd explain it to him, but she didn't mention it at all.

So he was finally forced to ask, "Um, Sis? Is there some reason you're not wearing my collar?"

Her face filled with relief. "THANK you! I thought you'd never say something about it! I'm so glad you care!"

He chuckled. "Of course I care. I thought you were going to say something, so I was waiting for you to mention it first."

They both laughed at the misunderstanding.

Then she explained, "I took it off because I figured that if I wore a black collar and nothing else while Amy did the same, it would be waaaay too suspicious for Christine. She's a smart cookie. I can't believe what torture it was for me to take it off - it's like it's a part of me already. I wanted to wear it in front of Christine soooo bad! I wanted her to see that I'm your happily enslaved fuck toy, and totally blow her mind." She looked away unhappily and hunched her shoulders. "But I... I was good."

He smiled, and ran a hand through her long, dark brown hair. "You did the right thing."

Kat, without a collar, with her cheek being stroked by Alan's hand

Her shoulders relaxed as she basked in his approval while he caressed her face. "When I came back, I could hardly wait to put it back on. But then it occurred to me, 'NO! I'm my brother's sex slave. This was kind of an emergency, and you were sleeping, so I didn't get to ask you for permission to take it off. Somehow, it seems like only you should have the right to take it off and put it back on.' And just so we're clear, I don't want you to have to take it off! Ever!"

She stared at him expectantly.

Finally, he understood. "You have my permission to put it back on."

"THANK YOU! Phew!" She was still wearing nothing but her high heels. She started towards the bathroom door to get her collar for him.

Before she could take more than a step, Susan came sashaying through the door, wearing nothing but her collar and her high heels, holding Katherine's collar in her hand. She blushed, but also grinned defiantly, while her giant orbs slowly stopped their swaying. "Okay, okay, so I happened to be listening in a little bit, by accident. And I knew you two would get this issue sorted out. Angel, I'm proud of you; you did the right thing, both in taking off your collar to help with Christine's taming, and waiting for your master to collar you once more, with his own hands."

Alan laughed. "'By accident.'"

Susan playfully stuck out her tongue. Then she turned around and thrust her bare rump at him.

He obligingly gave her tempting ass a very hard smack.

Susan naked in red high heels, preening, with Alan's hand on her bare butt

Susan instantly abandoned her playful posture and bolted upright, as shivers of pleasure raced around her body. Her eyes bugged out and her head jerked back. She moaned, "Mmmm! Soooo good! My son knows JUST how to keep his naughty mommy-slave in her place!"

Katherine enthused, "Big-titted mommy-slaves get spanked a lot!"

Susan couldn't have agreed more. "They do! Whether they're bad OR good!"

Susan quickly handed the collar to her daughter, and then dropped to her knees and hungrily engulfed her son's newly re-engorged erection. Between swatting Susan and her words about being kept in her place, his dick got hard even before her lips locked around it.

"Thanks, Mom!" Katherine said, beaming. She bowed her head low to Alan and reverently offered her open collar to him, keeping her head bowed.

"Hey!" Alan complained, but weakly. He put his hands on Susan's head like he was going to try to push her from his crotch, but he just didn't have the willpower, especially once she started doing a corkscrew sucking and ardent lapping move that he loved. Still, he griped, "What's with the blowjob? My dick was finally getting clean and dry."

Katherine looked up from her bowing position and shot him a naughty, impish look. "You don't seriously think you can put your collar on one of your sex slaves WITHOUT the lips of one of your other sex slaves bobbing up and down over your sweet spot, do you? I mean, come on! Be reasonable!"

She giggled, then added, "And do you think you could EVER slap Mom's bare ass like that and NOT expect her to want to fall to her knees and worship your cock with all her might? Get real!"

He chuckled, giving in to the inevitable. He looked down. Sure enough, Susan was fondling his balls with one hand, stroking his lower shaft with her other hand, and sucking like a Hoover vacuum with her non-stop "Mmmm!" noises with the inches her lips could reach at the top. She was so into it that there was just no way he could stop her.

With a devilish grin, Katherine confided to him, "Although, to be honest, I'm kinda surprised that you didn't just punish her by skewering your thick dick into her ass! Oh, and THEN give her a few more good, hard ass smacks." She giggled. "Would you like that, Mom?"

Susan thought up a novel way to non-verbally indicate her heartfelt approval. She shamelessly reached back to clutch her own ass cheeks with both hands and then spread them open before lunging forward to try and deep throat Alan's length inside of her mouth. She didn't quite make it, and wound up fighting her gag reflex instead before giving up and just holding his erection in her mouth on her tongue as she longingly gazed up at her son's face.

Alan chuckled nervously, awed once again by his mother's obvious appetite and lustful desire for anal sex. He softly stroked her facial cheek and looked down at her with love and adoration.

Conscious of his hand on her face, she mischievously shifted his hard shaft until he could feel it through her cheek.

He could even feel her tongue running over it, as she pushed his cockhead out. Looking back and forth between Susan and Katherine, he laughed quietly to himself as he thought about how often this kind of thing seemed to happen to him lately.

He said, "Very well. You two are too much to resist. I suppose we can keep going like this. But we need to make it quick. I'm in a hurry." Since Katherine was still bowing low right in front of him, he said in a formal tone, "Katherine Plummer, my sister, my slave, my number one fuck toy-"

Susan coughed. She was creating a tremendous amount of suction, and really putting the "suck" into cocksucking, so it was impressive that she could cough without breaking her tight lip-lock around his thick shaft.

He chuckled. "Sorry. I mean 'my tied-for-number-one fuck toy.'"

Susan looked up at him. If her mouth hadn't been stuffed to the brim with cock, she would have been beaming from ear to ear with the world's biggest smile.

He continued, trying to regain the seriousness of a proper ceremony. "Sis, you've been a disobedient slave. Yes, you had good reason to take your collar off, but still, you did it without my permission. This can not and will not be tolerated! Naturally, you're going to get a very sexy spanking later. And probably a long, hard fucking too."

Katherine was so happy to hear that, she couldn't help but giggle with glee. She loved how he planned to reward her, by pretending that he was punishing her. She whispered to Susan excitedly, "Did you hear how we're not allowed to take our collars off?!"

Susan whispered, even as she sucked, "Shooo hod!"

Katherine giggled at Susan's attempt to say her "So hot" catch phrase.

Alan continued, "Now, kneel before your master and raise your chin with pride to accept my collaring of you. With this I do I reassert my claim over you, as a woman of my harem, who is eternally bound to serve me and my cock!"

He didn't really want to say that, since it cut against his natural modesty, but he knew it was the kind of thing they were expecting, and it would delight his sister and mother to no end. Besides, in a ceremonial situation like this he could say more outrageous things without feeling so self-conscious, since it was much like a role-play.

Sure enough, both women moaned like he'd just skewered their pussies with his boner. Katherine thought, "ETERNALLY bound!" I love the sound of that! I hope he's finally starting to understand that this is forever!

Susan loved those very same words too. She reached up between his legs and managed to briefly worm a digit of her index finger into his asshole, causing him to join in with a yelp of pleasant surprise. Take THAT! Your mommy is going to be "eternally" surprising you with fun little tricks like that!

As Alan was about to fit Katherine's collar to her neck, Susan wanted to do something extra special to mark the occasion. She grabbed his ass cheeks and forcefully crammed his dick into her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes were blissfully closed as she moaned her pleasure around his stiffness. She actually managed to deep throat him!

A kneeling Susan sucking Alan's cock while he is standing, with Kat bending over near Susan

Her hands dropped back to the floor as she tried to hold her position. But her victory only lasted a few seconds after that. She had been practicing with getting over her gag reflex, and with some success. However, that was only part of the battle. His thick cock in her throat felt alien to her, and she got panicky over being unable to breathe with her air passage blocked.

Still, Alan was so impressed and surprised that he had to pause during the ceremony. He looked down at Susan and said, "Hey, Mom! Wow! Nice!"

She looked up at him, her eyes twinkling with delight. I did it! I did it! I really did it! Woo-hoo!

But instead of saying anything, she just went back to bobbing on his shaft in the usual way. She was gaining confidence with deep throating, but she didn't want to steal the spotlight by trying again right away. Wow! This is big news! It proves I can do it! Now, I just have to practice more and more until it's second nature! How can I be one of his official personal cocksuckers, not to mention a sex slave, and not be a deep-throating expert? It just isn't done!

Alan returned his attention to his sister. He managed to finish putting her collar over her neck, despite Susan's constant oral distraction. "There. Now you truly are my Sister-Slave in every way again."


Alan stroked her cheek. "Feel better?"

Katherine leaned into his caress. "MUCH!" She was suddenly on him, with her arms around him, but she was careful not to disturb her mother's blowjob. So she straddled Susan's head with one leg on either side, with her wet pussy actually resting on the top of her mother's head. "You have no idea! I felt like I was naked, but not in a good, sucking-Master's-knob-on-my-knees kind of way. More like a humiliated-at-school-in-a-nightmare way. But you make it all better!" Then she gave him a ferocious kiss.

The kiss didn't last long though, because she suddenly slithered down to his crotch, while at the same time Susan slithered up his body and took over kissing him.

Katherine took her place down below, engulfing his cock, and began frantically bobbing on it. She sighed with deep contentment. Aaaah! That's better! It felt weird and wrong sucking him without my collar on. And... aaaah! I love sucking his cock when it's already slippery with Mom's spit. Then I get to hand it off to someone else, hopefully still dripping with MY saliva. The next mouth on him today may well belong to Christine! Oh boy!

He wanted to complain about the time, but he didn't get a chance to speak, with all the kissing going on. In fact, he had a tough time just getting enough air, because Susan and now Katherine had really been giving their cocksucking efforts their all, even more than usual. That forced him to concentrate on squeezing his PC muscle and breathing through his nose as the necking and bobbing went on and on.

Eventually the pace slowed, since the women were intent on keeping his dick throbbing with pleasure as long as possible.

He thought, Oh, man What about my goal of leaving the house to be with Christine and Amy? That sounds soooo tempting. But how can I stop this? Everything felt so good... I think I'll stay here just a little longer...

After a few more wonderfully-pleasurable slurpy minutes had passed, things mellowed to the point that he was no longer gasping for air.

Now that the collar ceremony was over, he felt free to talk about Susan's deep throating success. He broke the kiss with Susan and said to her, "Hey, Mom, great job going all the way down my shaft. You've been wanting to do that for a long time now, haven't you?"

"Oh, son! So much! It means everything to me! There are so many wonderful ways to serve your cock, but cocksucking is an extremely important one for a lot of reasons, especially since you can experience great pleasure for a long time without having to do anything at all. No matter what other titles you give me in the years to come, I'll always be one of your official personal cocksuckers in my heart. I dream of being one of your very favorites! But how can I excel if I can't deep throat you? I want my throat to be another Mommy cunt for you to fuck and tame! And now it will be!"

Alan might have been disturbed by the supreme importance Susan now placed on cocksucking in her life. But she was just so extremely passionate and excited that he couldn't muster a complaint. Besides, even as she was raving on and on about cocksucking, Katherine was the one actually doing it, bobbing up and down on his shaft with such talent that it was making it hard for him to think, much less talk. It was as if his sister was saying "Don't forget about me and my cocksucking skills," but she was saying it with her lips, tongue, and ever-sliding fingers.

Then Susan channeled all her excitement into another kiss.

Meanwhile, Katherine seemed determined to prove she loved cocksucking just as much as her mother did. Feeling naughty, she wanted to make him cum before he could leave for Christine and Amy.

So much pleasure washed over and through him that he lost all track of time, or even where he was. He simply lived in the moment, and it was a fantastic moment. He clutched at his own head with both hands, like he was suffering through a terrible case of "ice cream freeze."

Eventually, Susan broke the lip contact, but kept her mouth only an inch or two away, and said, "Son, I'm so proud of you! You really know how to handle your harem. I'm sure I speak for Angel too when I say you make being kept in our proper places a daily joy. And I just KNOW you're gonna go outside now and fully tame Christine. Break her to your will and make HER wear your collar too! Maybe you should take one with you, just in case?"

"Mom, that's not necessary. I can assure you that's not going to happen today. Maybe not ever."

"Oh, poo!" That bummed Susan for at most a few seconds before she asked hopefully, "But that says there's a chance, right?"

He asked, both teasing and genuinely curious, "So, you think she belongs in the harem?" He didn't remember how it started, since he'd been off in an erotic la-la land, but somehow his finger was pumping her slit, so he kept doing that.

"Oh, definitely! She's VERY Alan-worthy! She's living proof of the Big Tits Theory. That girl has luscious, full tits that totally need to be OWNED! Plus, our harem needs a super busty blonde." She started licking and kissing his face, but leaving his mouth free so he could respond.

As Katherine's tongue and lips slid all over his most sensitive spot, and Susan actually licked his nose, it was easy to simply give in and agree. But he knew Christine was a different kind of woman, and he wanted to treat her very differently than, say, Brenda.

He thought some more about their comments about taming and breaking, and complained, "Mom, it's not like that. First off, I don't want to break her to my will. I like her as she is: strong and smart, with an iron will of her own. She's not the type to be collared, period. Trust me, I know these things."

"Oh, poo! Well, I suppose you do know best about these things, so take your time with her. That's why you're the master with six genuine sex slaves. Going on seven." She winked. "Oh my gosh! Thinking about you making her your seventh slave makes me SO HOT!"

Inspired by her own words, she dropped like a stone to his crotch. She found herself sharing licking duties with Katherine mere seconds later.

Alan shook his head with amusement as he felt both of them attempting to lick his sweet spot at the same time. Man oh man. I JUST got all clean down there, and now I'll have to get cleaned up all over again. And it was hard enough getting them to stop a little while ago. How am I going to get them to stop a second time? I'm gonna be so late. Dang!

Susan working on the base of Alan's cock while Kat works on his cockhead

He looked down just in time to see Katherine staring up at him with love as she briefly fingered her collar. She winked at him as she and Susan lapped and lapped, and lapped some more.

He thought, I can't believe how ballsy I am. Going outside after this. Geez! If Christine only knew what my home life is really like! She might actually attack me physically - seriously! How am I going to keep all of this secret from her?

Yes, I want to tame her, but at the same time I don't. God knows I want to have lots of sex with her, but I love her and I want whatever is best for her. Unless it's not to have sex with me a lot! And be near her, and love her. Dammit, I'm such a hypocrite.

Yes, the taming thing worked out for Mom, and that never would have happened if we'd been honest with her from the start, but is tricking Christine in the same way really the right thing to do? With Mom, it was clear from almost the beginning that she was submissive, so "taming" her made perfect sense, but with Christine I can't really figure out what she is.

Why am I having so many doubts about this NOW? I guess 'cos I managed to fool myself about the whole "practice dating" thing, and now I don't have that fig leaf. But haven't we already gone too far to turn back? Oh man. Why can't I just enjoy this great dual cocksuck?

After a couple more minutes of his sister's and mother's lavish oral attentions, he said, "Um, ladies? We probably should move into the cleaning phase. I'm getting antsy about the time."

Susan happened to be the one going down on his shaft, but she pulled off, saying, "Say no more! As you know, I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to cleaning your cock, and I have some supplies stashed here and there for just this kind of emergency."

She reached out and opened the cabinet right below the countertop Alan was sitting on, pulling out a bottle of liquid soap. First, she wet her hands and then wet her chest, heedless of where the water went. Then she poured some soap down into the depths of her prodigious cleavage and started lathering it into her round globes.

Alan watched transfixed, his enjoyment augmented by the way Katherine was lapping on and stroking his boner.

The soap turned remarkably sudsy, like a bubble bath.

Photo of Susan's sudsy breasts, with her long brown hair hanging down behind her

Susan showed off her soapy chest. "Tiger, what do you think? Think you could squeeze Alan Junior in here?"

Before Alan could answer, Katherine crowed, "Mom, that's brilliant!"

All Alan could think to say was, "Ditto!"

Susan took control of Alan's erection, and when she positioned it in the tight tunnel she'd made between her huge tits, it was nearly hidden by all the suds there.

Then Susan tilted her head downward, stuck her tongue out, and lapped her way around her son's cockhead, even though it was so thoroughly covered in suds that it couldn't be seen.

This greatly surprised both Alan and Katherine, since they knew that most soap had a very unpleasant taste.

Susan saw the sour faces. She pulled up, explaining, "Oh, did I mention that this is a special type of soap meant for sex play? It's safe to eat, and doesn't have any bad taste." She went back to licking, and also sliding her tits up and down Alan's thick rod.

Katherine exclaimed, "Mom, I take it back. You're not just brilliant; you're a friggin' cock-cleaning GENIUS!" She picked up the bottle of liquid soap and poured it into her impressive cleavage and got her chest all sudsy too. She even took a taste of the soap and decided it wasn't bad. Then she knelt there with her tits tightly pressed together, eagerly waiting for her turn.

Alan had a long chuckle. To think: I actually thought for a moment there that I'd leave in just a couple more minutes!

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