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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 144
The Times They Are a-Changin'
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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As it turned out, Alan was about twenty minutes later returning to Christine and Amy than he otherwise would have been, thanks to the special way Susan and Katherine had awoken him and all that had transpired after that (including quite a lot of sudsy titfucking "cleaning" with both of them). It had been a close thing, but in the end he still hadn't had an orgasm. His penis was clean though - very, very clean!

He walked across his backyard wearing a pair of shorts, flip flops, and a different dress shirt (since the other one had gotten soapy when he'd been wearing it while being "cleaned"). He was concerned about what had been happening next door, and the delay caused by his sexy mother and sister only added to his worries.

Sis says that Christine and Amy were getting it on pretty hot and heavy, but did I wait too long? Did I miss my perfect opening? And what if they're still going at it? Will Christine totally freak out if I catch her in a "lesbian moment" with my Official Girlfriend? Maybe I should call out first before I get to the gate, so she can make herself presentable?

Nah! I need to be bold and assertive, and just roll with the punches. That almost always seems to work.

I wonder if I should have climaxed before I left, just so I could calm down. It sure was a close call, and I almost didn't have a choice! As it is, I'm so hyped up and horny thanks to Mom and Sis and their sudsy racks that I'm not sure I'll be able to fully control myself. And I'm certainly not thinking sharply. Also, my dick still feels all weird and tingly after experiencing that much arousal without cumming. Maybe I should wait a while, just to let it get back to normal? But what if things are wild and I show up flaccid? Boy, it's hard to know what to do.

As he strolled next door, he tried to psych himself up. I can do this. For some reason, women seem to react to confidence like it's some kind of catnip. That's probably half of my appeal, I think - that I'm confident, and yet I'm not a jerk about it. Even Christine is gonna respond to that. I think!

As usual, luck was on his side. Amy had kept Christine on the edge of an immense orgasm. In fact, the extra delay had just served to loosen up Christine that much more. She and Amy had been kissing, fondling, and especially playing with each other's pussy the entire time, and they were having a great time doing it.

On the one hand, this kind of girl-on-girl activity had practically become the new normal for Christine, but on the other hand, she was continually embarrassed by what was happening, which helped keep her horny.

Crucially, Amy had seen how Christine had come down from her erotic high and had a big energy crash after her previous orgasm. As a consequence, Amy had been expertly keeping Christine right on the edge of a tremendous release, without going over that edge while waiting for Alan to show up. She'd noticed that Christine didn't cum easily, which made her job a lot simpler.

Christine simply couldn't have been any more hot and bothered. She was practically going out of her mind with the need to cum, because she'd been oh-so-near, yet so far, from a wonderful climax for such an extremely long time.

Alan saw an extremely sexy and inspiring scene when he went through the gate to the Pestridge backyard. His heart skipped a beat, and then started pounding even harder. FUCK ME! Just look at that! They're both still COMPLETELY NAKED and getting it ON! YES! Sis wasn't lying or exaggerating one bit!

The two naked girls had fallen out of their shared chair a while back, and Amy was lying on top of Christine on freshly-cut green grass. They were face to face instead of in a sixty-nine, since Amy thought pussy licking was probably one bridge Christine still wasn't anywhere near ready to cross.

The fact that Amy was lying on top of Christine wasn't an accident. Knowing that Alan was likely to arrive soon, she figured that was the best position to be in, because when Christine heard Alan's voice, the sexually shy girl would be less likely to flee, or even to cover up effectively, if Amy were on top of her. That position also made it hard for Christine to see Alan until he was literally right on top of them.

Alan saw the logic in that and thought, Dang! Aims is friggin' brilliant. And people think she's an airhead. This couldn't be more ideal, and it's all thanks to my sister here. No, both of my sisters. They're gonna need some super extra special thanks for this! Jesus Christ! What an inspiring scene!

He wished that he could just enjoy that view forever, but he was propelled onward by the realization that being involved would be even better. Needless to say, his dick was as stiff as it could possibly get.

He thought back to his "previous life," before his six-times-a-day diagnosis. Dang! Back then, I didn't even have fantasies this hot! Sure, I dreamed about Christine and Amy individually, but I never would have put them together because it was too improbable to be believable, even in my fantasies. And yet, here they are together right here in front of me! Fuuuuck! Each one could be a Playboy centerfold, that's for sure. Although, in Christine's case, Playboy doesn't even publish tits that big!

He stood right next to the two writhing girls, but they were still so into kissing and fondling each other that neither of them had noticed that he was there. Amy happened to be busy suckling on one of Christine's nipples, and Christine was writhing and moaning in response like a bitch in heat.

He spent a minute trying to think of what to say. He couldn't come up with anything witty, so he decided that casual was best.

He cleared his throat, and said, "Howdy, girls. How's it going?"

Christine lying prone, with knees elevated, with Amy between her legs working on her breasts, both nude

Both women twitched from head to toe in surprise. Even Amy seemed a bit shocked, probably because his voice came from very nearby. But she recovered quickly, slid up, and kissed Christine so long and hard that Christine had to deal with that, so she that she could only partially respond to Alan being there.

The panting blonde thought, just as Amy's lips locked again with hers, Oh no! Alan! Please, God, NO! This isn't how he was supposed to see me! He's going to think I'm some kind of girl-crazy slut, when nothing could be further from the truth! I'm not attracted to women at all! I want him and his cock! It's just that... well, I don't even know what it is! This kind of thing has been happening to me all day. Amy's just too kissable!

In a way, she was actually grateful for the way Amy was French kissing her, because it gave her an excuse not to have to say anything to Alan. Any excuse was bound to sound pathetic. Yet at the same time she was extremely embarrassed that he was witnessing that. She shut her eyes tightly, as if that could make him not see her. Her face quickly turned bright red.

The combined fear and arousal that was brought about by Alan's presence had Christine practically hyperventilating, but she kept on kissing Amy back anyway. She didn't even stop caressing Amy's round tits, which were pressing down on her. She wished her hands would stop fondling them, especially with such obvious gusto, because she was terribly afraid he'd get the wrong idea. But the problem was, Alan's presence not only horrified Christine, it also pushed her arousal level into the stratosphere so that she simply lost control of her insanely horny body.

A similar thing happened to Amy, driving the two of them to go at each other with renewed fervor.

Christine thought, Amy, whatever the hell you do, don't move off me and leave me fully exposed! I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack! Maybe I'll get lucky and have one, and die, and then I won't have to face Alan's disapproving stare. Or is it possible to simply die of shame? I think it is! I'm BUTT NAKED and writhing around in the grass with another girl, like some kind of wanton slut in heat, and even now I can't stop! My body NEEDS to cum, and Amy's fingers have me soooo close!

In fact, after the initial panic passed, Christine decided that the easiest way to deal with his arrival was to continue pretending that he wasn't there. Her heart was in her throat; she was absolutely petrified. But something had happened to her, and the part of her that normally would have recoiled from this kind of thing had pretty much been suppressed after several hours of incredible sexual pleasure. She had a strong feeling, bordering on certainty, that somehow she'd be sucking Alan's cock before long. That caused powerful mixed feelings. She'd been surprisingly okay with that concept earlier, but now that he was actually present, it suddenly seemed VERY scary all over again.

Both Alan and Amy realized what Christine was doing to cope, so they let her have a few minutes to calm down a bit. But "calm" wasn't exactly the word for it - Christine's pussy was throbbing and positively gushing, and Amy kept a wet hand down there, gently stroking and caressing in all the right places, holding Christine right at the brink of an unbelievable climax.


Alan was still extremely hot and bothered by everything Katherine and Susan had done to him back at his house, especially their prolonged dual oral attentions. He thought back with amusement to how Katherine and Susan had attempted to clean his crotch for a second time. Not surprisingly, their "cleaning" involved a hell of a lot of cock stroking, until they decided they could get him even cleaner with their lips and tongues. And when they'd finished, they both insisted on kissing him goodbye, and somehow that ended up involving yet more bobbing on his shaft, and a good deal of titfucking.

He simply didn't have the willpower to merely watch the two nude sex bombs in front of him, after all that prolonged stimulation. In fact, he was so inspired that he took off his flip-flops and then his shorts. He figured that it still left him more dressed than they were, since he kept his dress shirt on. He liked that, but he unbuttoned his shirt all the way and opened it up in front.

He decided not to play with his throbbing erection, because he thought that the more rest from tactile stimulation it got, the better. He had a very good feeling that it would be getting lots of action soon.

Then he bent down next to the two bombshell girls and silently ran his hand up and down Amy's bare backside. He slowly and sensually stroked a finger right up the shapely line of her spine, sending involuntary shivers up and down her body.

Even Christine felt thrilling chills through her direct contact with Amy. Even though she couldn't see or hear Alan, she could sense something was different, and she guessed he was touching Amy. Alan?! Is that you making her shiver?! Oh God! I hope not! Don't look at me like this! I've been kissing Amy for a couple of minutes even with you right there, and I STILL can't stop! You're gonna think I'm a total slut! A lesbian slut! But I want you so bad! Right now!

Christine was about as close to orgasm as she could possibly be without actually having one. The only thing holding her back was that she knew it was be a very obvious, loud one. She didn't want to magnify her great humiliation in Alan's eyes by cumming due to the attentions of another woman.

In Amy's case, nothing was holding her back. She absolutely loved Alan's touches and kept shivering and writhing in response. When Alan cupped her left ass cheek even as she slid her entire body up and down Christine's like a cat in heat scratching a post to relieve a maddening itch, it was too much for Amy and she had a big, but fairly quiet, orgasm.

Christine sensed that, which also greatly embarrassed her. Oh no! Amy, how could you?! We're not supposed to be cumming with each other, only with him! What is he going to think?!

However, Alan wasn't done with Amy. He fondled her more aggressively, sending her to an even higher plane. When she felt his hot thick pole pressing against her bare thigh, she had to break her tongue dueling with Christine and scream out loud. Luckily though, she'd been having little climaxes here and there while having fun with Christine, so this one didn't totally wipe her out.

However, Amy did need some time to recover. She stilled her hand on Christine's pussy, leaving the horny blonde aching for the release which was just beyond her reach. Amy also cleverly started to slide to the side while also keeping an arm and a leg draped over her. That succeeded in exposing more and more of Christine's perfect nude body to her master's gaze, while also making sure Christine wouldn't bolt.

Christine still had her eyes closed. Amy just came so hard! She screamed right in my face! That was no ordinary climax, and it was out of the blue. I'm gonna cum like a banshee from Hell any second now, 'cos I know Alan must be staring right at my nude body! I'm too humiliated to look! Jesus Christ, he's gonna think I'm some kind of lesbian, for sure!

But curiosity and lusty need finally got the better of Christine, and she opened her eyes. When she saw Alan standing there with his shorts off and his big erection swaying in the breeze, she did bolt, but not in the way Amy had feared. Christine's lust had reached a fever pitch, and she was so wild with desire that she couldn't control herself.

Christine had only one thought: I NEED IT! I need his cock in my mouth! So help me, God! She quickly sat up, dumping Amy without hurting her, and immediately repositioned herself on her knees before Alan with her face level with his raging boner.

Christine on her knees, sucking Alan's dick, while Amy watches, while they're all nude

Christine didn't waste time. She quickly grabbed Alan's shaft, still without consciously thinking or worrying about what she was doing, and hungrily fed his thick cock-meat into her sex-starved mouth. Oh God, yes! I need it so much! I need it NOW!

Somehow, she got all of his cockhead inside before she was fully aware of what she'd just done.

Her whole body was burning with lust to such a degree that even her thoughts were disjointed. Plus, she was completely preoccupied just trying to handle the massive intrusion in her mouth. Oh God! God! ... Alan's dick! ... In my mouth! I've got his damn dick! In my MOUTH! ... Holy hell! Damn! So big! So THICK! ... Can't believe it! ... Oh God, oh God, oh God! This is it! It's really happening!

She was so out of her mind with lusty need that she fully intended to swallow him down to the root of his shaft. But reality intervened; he was much too big and long for her untrained mouth and throat. To her great dismay, she barely managed to get all of his cockhead in her mouth, and once she did, she wondered how she'd even managed to do that much. Her grand hope that she could deep throat him was forgotten in her struggle and panic. (In fact, she didn't even get him deep enough to trigger her gag reflex.) Her eyes went wide as she valiantly fought just to keep her lips closed around his thickness.

Dammit, I can do this! Noooo! Nooooo! Can't hold it! I NEEEED this cock in me! Slipping away! NO! Help! Dammit, I need it all the way down my fucking throat! NOW! But, but... it's too damn wide!

Amy held her breath in awe. Until that day she'd severely doubted the wisdom of trying to get Christine to join the harem, let alone helping that process along. But seeing "Ice Queen Christine" kneeling, naked, and desperately fighting to keep Alan's fat pole in her mouth, was so inspirational that Amy knew it had to be right. Without thinking, she gasped, "HOT! So... HOT!"

Both Alan and Christine were so preoccupied that they didn't even realize Amy had said anything.

Alan's mind was reeling and his heart was pounding like a jack hammer. He was getting an excellent, up-close view of Christine struggling to keep his thick knob inside her mouth. Knowing how sexually innocent she'd been all her life, the fact that she was trying to do that for him was an extra big turn-on. He was so excited that he forgot to breathe, and finally had to gasp loudly to catch up.

Unfortunately, Christine had also forgotten to breathe, so she had to pull her lips all the way off Alan's dick in less than a minute.

Christine wasn't a person to curse much, but she cursed at that. It wasn't that she was upset over what she'd just done; it was that the act was so much more difficult than she'd anticipated. "Fuuuuck! What the...? Dammit! Amy, what the hell?! You made it sound like this is so easy and fun! It's a fucking nightmare!"

To her surprise, she found that Amy was suddenly right next to her, also kneeling, and so close that their shoulders touched.

Amy with Alan's cockhead completely in her mouth

Amy said brightly, "It IS fun! Watch!" Then Amy moved in closer, quickly engulfed Alan's cockhead, and started bobbing on it. She took in an inch or two more than Christine had managed, and with practiced ease. As she did that, she tried to look at Christine encouragingly. It wasn't easy, but she tried to express her feelings with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

Christine would have been royally pissed off and taken action to reclaim her "prize," but she was too shocked by Amy's audacity to do anything but gape. She was far too horny to even consider leaving. All she wanted was to try sucking on Alan's thick pole some more, so she could get it right and enjoy it.

Alan kept on grunting and gasping, but this time because he was struggling hard not to climax. Amy wasn't just showing off her bobbing technique; she was expertly lapping on his sweet spot at the same time whenever it was far enough inside her mouth. Between that, and simply knowing that Christine had sucked on his stiff pole and was keen to do it some more, was almost too much for him to take. He literally felt weak in the knees, and rued the fact that he was standing up.

As part of her seduction, Amy pulled off after less than half a minute so that Christine could try again. "See? Easy peasy. The key is... relax! Have fun with it!"


Christine was determined not to look up at Alan or really think about the implications of what she was doing. She realized on some level that if she were to consider any of that, her logical mind would take over and lead her to too much analysis and second guessing. It was better to just operate on pure instinct and learn to handle the situation, and his dick.

(Alan was thinking along similar lines, which was why he hadn't said anything to her yet. He feared that starting any discussion with her would disrupt her momentum.)

She thought, Ewww! Now it's got her slobber all over it. I don't want to put it back in my mouth. But wait: I've just been kissing her forever. That's silly. Besides, she didn't mind that it was just in my mouth. Come on! Be bold! Be daring!

She took several deep breaths and tried to summon her resolve. Okay. I can do this! Relax! Easy! No problem! Then, with Amy still holding the base of Alan's shaft so Christine could keep both her hands on the ground, the virgin blonde lunged forward and engulfed his cockhead again. She was grateful when Amy completely let go of his stiff pole.

Fuck me! she griped in her own mind. This is NOT easy! This is a fuckin' thick MONSTER! How the hell am I supposed to enjoy this?! And why can't Amy just let us be?

But then she remembered that she and Amy had practiced with a dildo that Amy had sworn was exactly the same size as Alan was when fully erect, and that memory gave her assurance that she could handle it. I'm NOT going to be intimidated just because this is the real thing, and so hot... and pulsing with life! God, it feels weird! Fleshy... Super firm and stiff, yet somehow soft too...

Hmmm... And it doesn't taste bad. In fact, it almost tastes good!

Using her considerable willpower, she started sliding her lips back and forth. Both her sex manuals and Amy had discussed many things a tongue could do simultaneously with lip action, but she didn't see how that was possible, at least with a dick as thick as Alan's. So THICK! There just isn't any room left in my mouth! And LONG! I thought my mouth would cover a lot more of it. Didn't Amy say something about this being an epic struggle? I see what she means now!

She concentrated fully on sliding her lips over his thick pole, and didn't try any tongue moves at all.

In fact, her efforts were rough and amateurish. A minute passed, and then another. Even though she was horny as hell, she was struggling so much just to keep it in her mouth that it was all she could do to slide her lips back and forth.

She didn't want to release it, not even for a few seconds to get desperately needed air, for fear that Amy would take over again. She could feel Amy's hand on her back, and even sometimes on her ass, so she certainly couldn't forget the waiting "competition." Also, she dreaded the difficulty of getting the entire cockhead into her mouth again.

Alan knew this couldn't be easy for her, so he wanted to be as encouraging as possible without spooking her. If it had been necessary, he would have faked extra loud moans of arousal and satisfaction just to inspire her. As it was, he didn't really need to do any faking; the mere fact that it was Christine who was willingly sucking him off was so exciting that he groaned loudly and lustily with complete sincerity. And if that wasn't enough for him, seeing her perfect nude body, and Amy's equally impressive nude body right beside her, was nearly enough to make him explode.

Christine bobbed on him for another minute or two without stopping. She was nothing if not determined. As time passed, she felt herself growing accustomed to his thickness, and figured out how to keep his cockhead in her mouth while breathing through her nose. She couldn't quite get comfortable enough with having him in her mouth to really enjoy the experience, but she found it tolerable. The one thing she really loved about it was the lusty and happy noises that he was making. The fact that it was Alan to whom she was bringing such pleasure actually made it worthwhile, which inspired her to keep going.

Christine sucking Alan's dick while fondling her own boob with her left hand

She was so completely absorbed in her cocksucking that she hardly noticed that Amy had moved behind her, planting her soft boobs against her back. She barely even noticed when Amy started fondling her boobs from behind as well. It was like she was already as aroused as she could possibly get, so this extra stimulation didn't matter. However, the fondling did affect her body, making her fires of desire burn even brighter.

Amy was tremendously excited for Christine. She realized that, by positioning herself behind Christine, she was missing out on seeing the full encounter, so she moved back to the side. As soon as she did, she squealed, "WOW!" The other two were too preoccupied with their all-consuming pleasure to pay attention or ask was that was about, but in fact she was particularly floored by the sexy sight of Alan's cockhead bulging through Christine's left cheek.

Christine was a fast learner, improving her sucking technique by the moment. But even so, she wasn't able to completely master how to breathe at the same time, so she was forced to pull off again after another minute or so.

Alan was impressed. He figured she'd kept his boner in her mouth for a good five minutes, non-stop.

Amy wasted no time, moving in closer. "Better! Very good! But you're not going deep enough. You know where his sweet spot is. See? Right here!" Amy lapped all over his most sensitive spot. She knew Christine was well aware of the anatomy, but she couldn't resist.

Impatient and jealous, Christine loudly cleared her throat.

Amy pulled back, but only to position her mouth over the tip of his boner. "If you can go down another inch, you'll be golden. Like this!" Again, Amy taught by example, and started bobbing right over Alan's frenulum.

That pissed off Christine. She had struggled mightily not to let Alan's hard-on out of her mouth just to avoid having Amy take over in that manner. The paralyzing shock of Amy taking her turn earlier had worn off, and now Christine's blood practically boiled with jealousy. Even though she was having trouble, and blowjobs weren't living up to all the hype she'd been given, she wanted this to be an intimate thing just between her and Alan. She growled like a territorial tigress.

Amy got the message and pulled off quickly. But she kept a hand on Alan's boner, helping to feed it back into Christine's mouth.

Christine engulfed Alan's knob again, thinking, MY cock! MY man! Give me a chance. I can do this!

As Amy guided Alan's thickness back into Christine's mouth, she advised, "Remember, have fun. Relax! Enjoy! Don't be mechanical, and all steady back and forth-y. Try different things. A corkscrew. Treat it like a lollipop or a Popsicle. Get creative! Go wild!"

Christine sighed, even as her mouth was totally stuffed with cock again. That's easy for you to say. Sheesh! You've had lots of practice; I'll bet you suck on it every day. But okay, fine, I'll try. Oh, wait. I've gotta go deeper too. Dammit, this is tough! It's just too damn long and THICK!

Another minute or two passed. Christine's technique was continually improving, as she mastered the breathing and got used to bobbing down far enough to steadily stimulate Alan's sweet spot. She closed her eyes, both to hide her embarrassment and to concentrate more intently on her technique. She was rewarded by even more of Alan's lusty moans.

Amy never let go of holding his shaft, but eventually her holding it morphed into stroking the inches beyond the reach of Christine's lips.

Christine would have complained about that, but her mouth was full. She tried growling, but that just came out sounding like more muffled erotic moaning.

Alan thought, Dream come true! Friggin' dream come true! Not only is Christine sucking me like she loves it, but Amy is stroking me AT THE SAME TIME! No way! Yet again, reality goes beyond my fantasies! And just look at her body! Whoa! I can't get over seeing Christine naked, after her being bundled up all these years. Then there's sweet Amy too. As Mom would say, "So HOT!"

He bent over. He couldn't ignore Christine fantastic, athletic body forever, especially now that her entire upper torso was swaying back and forth in time to her cock bobbing. He was tempted to grasp her incredible globes, dangling below her like cow udders, but he was still afraid of doing something to spook her. So he put a hand on the top of her head and another one on her upper back.

She at least tolerated that, so he stroked her back and brought his other hand down to her face and lovingly caressed her cheek and chin.

He thought, Oh man! Man oh man, this is fucking INSANE! Okay, I know I've been through a lot of wonderfully insane things lately, but this is right up there with the greatest moments of my life! Christine, friggin' CHRISTINE, is sliding her sweet, innocent lips back and forth on my... Oh man! Phew! I can't even think about it! And Amy! She's stroking in perfect time to Christine's sliding lips! What a mind-blowing fact that is, all by itself!

Dang! I am soooo glad that I've had such a hyper-sexual lifestyle lately, because it's enabled me to build up a tolerance for totally, insanely arousing sensations like this. I still FEEL all the arousal just like it's the first time, but I don't have an overwhelming need to cum. And that's key, because the old me would have cum, like, ten times already! And cumming right now could ruin Christine's momentum.

He was careful not to say anything out loud though. He'd learned from experience that moans and grunts and other noises worked well to show his arousal and satisfaction. If he used actual words, there was always the chance he could ruin the mood by saying the wrong thing.

But Amy more than made up for his lack of speech by cheering Christine on, like the cheerleader that she was. As her fingers sloshed through pre-cum and saliva along his shaft, she said to her, "That's it! ... Good, good! ... You're doing that JUST RIGHT! ... Bingo! Sweet spot city! Keep going right there, on his sweet spot!"

Amy knew that Christine was really doing a merely adequate job, at least by the high standards Alan was used to, but she wanted to be supportive and inspirational. Besides, she could tell it was a good enough effort, since Alan was obviously extremely happy and aroused, so she made sure not to say a single discouraging word. She kept stroking him along most of his shaft, and even stuck a hand between his legs and wiggled a finger across his perineum up to his ass crack.

Alan thought, Oh man! Aims, no! Not the ass! Don't poke me there; I can't cum yet! He clutched his ass cheeks together tightly.

Amy got the message. She avoided massaging his prostate, instead using that hand to fondle his balls. She loved that her O.B. was so horny that he couldn't handle any more stimulation.

Christine had generally kept her eyes tightly shut as she sucked, but eventually the way that Alan was caressing her face caused her to open her eyes and attempt to look up towards him. They made eye contact, which embarrassed her to no end, so she decided that closed eyes, or at least not looking up at him, was better. The blush on her face had started to fade, but now it came back.

She thought, Jesus! I'm actually starting to like this, but still, it's so humiliating. I mean, I'm totally nude, OUTSIDE, and I've got my lips tightly wrapped around Alan's big cock. Not to mention, my breasts are swinging in the most embarrassing way, bouncing in time to my bobbing. And Amy has one hand on me and another on his cock, sliding all over it, practically right next to my lips! I can't possibly look him, or anyone else, in the eyes, ever again! Not to mention, I'm probably like the fifth girl to do this to him today alone. Okay, that's an exaggeration - I hope! But still, I'm not the first, I'm sure. UGH! So why is all this weirdness actually turning me on?!

(Little did she know, but her "fifth girl to do this to him today alone" wasn't an exaggeration at all. In fact, he'd been having one of the most sexually active days of his life. Already, his dick had been in the mouths of Amy, Susan, Katherine, Suzanne, Brenda, Xania, AND Glory - seven other women before her!)

Christine thought about his hands, even as he let go and straightened back up. He's trying to be loving while I have a fucking full COKE CAN crammed in my mouth! This is ridiculous! Can't we just kiss and fondle or something?! Why does everything have to be so difficult and utterly humiliating?!

While Christine had her eyes open, not only had she noticed that Amy was stroking Alan's shaft, but she could feel Amy's other hand tugging on one of her nipples, as well as Amy's body generally pressed closely against hers. All of this irked her, because she'd dreamt of sex between herself and Alan, not between herself, Alan and Amy. But Amy was so irrepressible that Christine knew that trying to get her to back off would be more trouble than it was worth.

Besides, as time went on, she realized that Amy's constant encouragement was helping. Amy wasn't actually giving much in the way of practical advice, but her boundless enthusiasm was infectious. In addition, her words were downright amusing at times, such as when Amy made up cheerleading-styled cheers, like "Suck that cock! Suck that cock! You go, girl! C, you rock!" That helped make things fun, and the more fun Christine had, the less self-conscious she felt about what she was doing. She decided to revel in the absurdity of it all instead of fighting it.

Christine still wasn't too taken with the physical actions of a blowjob, but she remained extremely aroused from before and from Alan merely being there. Between Alan's lusty moans and Amy's hollers of support, she was determined to keep going.

Additionally, she knew that if she pulled off even for a moment, Amy would probably take her place, and she didn't want that. After all, Amy had done that twice already. She wanted to prove that she could get Alan off by herself (not counting Amy's stroking hand, which now sometimes bumped into her face, due to Amy's increased vigor).

But Christine was also finding cocksucking to be surprisingly difficult work, both physically and mentally. She guessed that she'd been at it for only about four or five minutes since she'd taken over from Amy again, plus another four or five minutes previous to that. But her jaw was already starting to tire from being stretched open so wide, and having to slide and suck in addition to that. She was increasingly worried that she'd have to take a break before she could get him to cum, especially since she'd heard many stories of his almost legendary stamina.

With her eyes closed, Christine remembered what Amy had said earlier about why she was so willing to "share" Alan with so many other girls (and women!). "I'm sure that before long, you'll be stroking and licking and sucking his cock for so long every single day that you'll be thinking, 'Jeepers creepers! My hands are too tired. My jaw is too tired. I need a break.' It happens to all of us."

Christine winced, inwardly, with the dawning realization that Amy hadn't been exaggerating on this point. God damn it! It hasn't even been ten minutes yet and I'm already suffering from cocksucking fatigue? This can't be happening! Not to ME!


Amy could see that Christine was slowing down and getting tired and frustrated. She sensed the bombshell girl was still deliriously horny, yet she was in need of another jolt to keep her going. So she said, "Pretty fun, huh? But you know what makes it way better? If you do this too." She reached under Christine's swaying body and found her oversized clit.

Alan, Christine and Amy, where Amy is between Alan and C, fondling C's clit, while C is sucking on Alan's big log and stroking Amy's hair. All are naked

That was the missing element. Christine's eyes bugged out, because such a surge of arousal enveloped her that she seriously thought she'd pass out. Oh God! Suddenly, everything, everything... it's all... interconnected! It's like there's a direct line between what my mouth is doing and the SHEER JOY radiating from my extra-sensitive, freakishly-big clit! WOW!

Oh God, dear God! My entire body is on FIRE! Now, I'm not just coping with the challenge of cocksucking; it's something that I NEED to do, just like needing to breathe!

Alan could tell that something good had just happened. Christine's entire body had jumped a little bit, yet he knew it wasn't a climax. His eyes followed Amy's arm, leading him to guess that the difference was due to Amy touching Christine's clit or pussy lips, or both.

Inspired, Alan bent back down again and brought his hands to Christine's swaying tits. His fingers went straight for her nipples. He lovingly squeezed them both at the same time.

That aroused Christine even more. She would have screamed at the top of her lungs, except that her mouth remained completely stuffed with Alan's cock. As it was, she did manage a muffled shout (which gave Alan a most unusual "hummer" while it lasted).

She'd already been aroused more than she ever thought possible, due to the overall situation if not the pleasures of the cocksucking per se, but now her erotic joy increased beyond belief. This is... incredible! Are all blowjobs this great? I had no idea it was physically possible for a person to feel so fantastic, from head to toe! I'm tingling all over! Chills! Suddenly, I absolutely love the fact that I have Alan's cock in my mouth! Hell, I'm even starting to love the taste. No wonder all those beautiful women are falling over themselves to do this to him!

In the last minute or two, she'd started experimenting with corkscrew moves and other variations, so superficially the motions of her mouth didn't change much. But she was treating his shaft with newfound love and passion, and that made all the difference.

In actual fact, Alan wasn't doing anything special to arouse her so much, unless one counted the fact that he was managing not to cum just yet. There was nothing truly remarkable about the size or shape of his dick either. It was the hype that had built up for weeks and weeks that mostly explained why Christine was so aroused, and in particular the way Amy had gotten Christine more horny than she'd ever been before in her life, even before Alan showed up. Then, once again it was Amy touching and talking, plus her mere presence making everything that much more naughty and strange. And finally, it was Amy constantly touching Christine's clit that had sent her to an even higher level of arousal.

Alan had been riding the edge of climax, primarily because he was still so psyched that Christine was blowing him. All of a sudden, he found that he had to squeeze his PC muscle frantically. UGH! How can I NOT cum? This is Christine sucking me AND she's doing a great job! As if that isn't enough, even though I'm practically drowning in big breasts in my harem, there's something special about being able to play with her huge melons. UNGH! Phew! Perhaps it's because they've been forbidden fruit for so long. Man! This is the life!

He gleefully played with them now, twisting and pulling on her nipples.

He loved the way that his fondling contributed to making her scream around the cock that filled her mouth, even though she wasn't making much noise because her open mouth was stuffed so full. He also loved how her entire body bucked and shook as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

Christine had finally stopped trying to fight her orgasmic urge. She realized that enough time had passed since she'd starting sucking him that it would be "permissible" to cum, since it was with a man. But even so, she still felt slightly embarrassed any time she climaxed in front of others. To her, it indicated a loss of control over her own body, and she wanted to always be in complete control. Her humiliation truly seemed never-ending. But what she didn't realize was that a certain level and type of humiliation actually aroused her more than almost anything else.

It had only been less than ten minutes since Christine had started sucking him off, so by Alan's recent standards he should have just been warming up. But his pleasure was so intense that he knew it was just a matter of seconds before he'd have to blow. He cried out, "UGH! Too good! Gonna cum! Quick, where should I cum?!"

Christine was blindsided by that question. In her fantasies of sex with Alan, she'd never given much thought to where he'd cum except for in her pussy, and that obviously wasn't an option yet. Cumming in her mouth sounded about as equally gross as him cumming on her face or anywhere else. Besides, her mouth was so filled with thick cock-meat that she was unable to speak. Plus, she was in the throes of an orgasm so intense that she literally forgot her own name. If she managed to say anything, it would be a wild, incoherent, banshee shriek.

Alan could well imagine her gagging and choking if he blew a heavy load into her mouth, and he didn't want that, so he let go of her nipples, grabbed his shaft, and quickly pulled back until the tip of his cockhead was free of her lips. He hadn't figured out what to do beyond that when his first rope started to fire. Since he didn't point his cock anywhere else, his cum flew forward, splattering her on her nose from only a couple of inches away, leaving a long streak across her right cheek.

Christine was so delirious that her mouth gaped open. She didn't even think to close her eyes. It was mostly luck that his splatter fell between her mouth and eyes, rather than in either. Eventually, she did recoil, belatedly closing her eyes.

Another rope hit her, draped from her cheek back to her nose, at the same moment that it dawned on him that pelting her with a facial might not be such a good idea. He really wanted her to have a great experience, so she'd be keen to do it again and again, but at this point his dick was pretty much in control.

Luckily, Amy was eager for his cum. She'd kept fingering Christine's big, throbbing clit until she was sure that Christine's long-awaited great climax was inevitable. Then she moved forward and plastered her face right next to Christine's. She even shouted quickly, as if it were one word, "ME! ME! ME!"

Alan got the idea, so he redirected the rest of his ropes to rocket at Amy's face.

Amy loved getting both a facial and a pearl necklace, so when his shots started to weaken, she repositioned herself to make sure she'd get some of his pearly seed dripping down onto her big breasts.

Alan liked that so much that he "accidentally" shot some of his cum onto Christine's rack too. He'd longed to do that for years. His loud groans expressed his supreme satisfaction.

Christine and Amy, naked, side by side, while Alan gives each a cum facial and pearl necklace

Christine gawked as Alan went back to painting Amy with his sticky seed. Her heavy tits heaved up and down as she panted hard for air. Even though she'd just climaxed, she felt like her entire body was still on fire.

She was filled with a mixture of disgust, fascination, and even longing as she watched the last of the cum splatter on Amy's face. Although she thought of cum as a rather gross bodily fluid, she also felt envious.

Dammit, that cum is MINE! I earned it. Wait, what am I saying? Cum is gross. Amy can have it. Yuck! But she looks so downright rapturous. I can't help but think I'm missing out on something really great. She really wanted it, on purpose. And now that I think about it, she's talked about how much she loves it whenever he cums on her. But then again, it's supposed to be demeaning to women, isn't it? In fact, it's not just supposed to be - it IS!

Hey, it's on my face too! And my chest! Ewww! It just feels... weird!

She didn't know what to think, because her ideas were so contradictory. She was humiliated (and thus aroused) still further by being "painted" with his cum. But she also longed to be able to be as uninhibited as Amy.


Finally, Alan's squirts turned to dribbles, and then the flow of his cum stopped altogether. He let out an extremely satisfied grunt. Man! I've dreamed about doing that to Christine for YEARS! I just fucking squirted my load on CHRISTINE'S FACE AND TITS! I never really thought it would actually happen. The reality was better even than my best wet dream. Sweet! And that's not even counting getting to squirt on Amy too!

Man alive! Christine just sucked my cock! And what's even better news is that she seems to have really enjoyed it, judging by that look of wonder on her face. I was worried about that.

Whoa! To think that she might end up doing this to me again and again and again! That's such an awesome thought that it's almost frightening. My life has changed so much these last two months. I can't even believe so many great things have happened to me. And now... Christine! I know I'm ridiculously sexually spoiled, especially when it comes to cocksucking, but fuck; it's still extra special if it's her!

When Christine's own massive orgasm had peaked and passed, she thought back to how Amy had likened sex with Alan to a non-stop wild roller-coaster ride. She had to admit to herself, There's a lot of truth in that analogy. Things HAVE been very exciting. The blowjob was difficult and disappointing at first, but it got better and better as it went on, and by the end I reached such a frenzy of excitement that it was almost scary! I'd never imagined that I could experience such powerful emotions and intense arousal from any sex act, much less a "mere" blowjob!

But now it felt like the roller-coaster ride had ended and she was at a point where she had to get out of the cart and return to the real world. She felt a crushing sense of disappointment.

Alan was also crashing, forcing him to sit down on the grass to recover his breath.

Luckily, Amy was still there to continue to manage events. Christine had just put her ass on the grass, like Alan, when Amy grabbed her shoulders and stared into her eyes from less than a foot away. Amy's eyes were filled with excitement and happiness. "Yeay! C, you did great! Wasn't that fun? Tell me that was fun!"

Christine shook her head in disbelief at the craziness of it all. She chuckled. "Yeah, I have to admit... that was... um..." - she couldn't look Amy in the face - "pretty good."

"Pretty good? Pretty good?!" Amy shook Christine's shoulders until the blonde reluctantly looked into Amy's cum-streaked, beaming face. "It was GREAT! And you were great! You totally ACED that! Just look at Alan!"

Christine looked at Alan. She wasn't sure what she was looking for. She saw him looking back, and she felt newly ashamed at her nudity, as well as what she'd just done. What must he think of me now? "There she is, Christine the cocksucker. Christine the shameless slut!" Does he realize how much I love him? How I can't seem to resist him?

She started to cross her arms over her huge globes (which were still jiggling from the way Amy was shaking her), but then she stopped herself. It seemed silly to cover them considering what she'd just done.

Besides, she wasn't keen on touching the streaks of cum splattered across her bust. She reached up to rub her jaw, sore from so much sucking, but she had to stop herself when she remembered how much cum had landed on her face. UNH! I can't even touch my own face! Gross! I've gotta wash that off, and fast!

Amy enthused, "That's one happy camper! Look at him! Aren't you, O.B.?"

Alan was so wiped out that all he could do was weakly smile and nod in their direction.

Amy giggled. "Look! You practically killed him with pleasure. He can't stay standing. And he can't even talk!" She giggled some more.

Again, Amy's joy was infectious. Christine was suffering from her post-orgasmic letdown, but it was impossible to get the usual post-orgasmic blues with Amy there cheering her on. Christine smiled, surprisingly proud at what she'd done. She thought, HA! That wasn't so hard. I've been fearing that for weeks. He does seem pretty wiped out and satiated. Is that due to me? I think it is! And yeah, his dick is too damn thick and it is quite a struggle, but I persevered and triumphed! He had a great climax because of me!

I feel a strange sense of power. It's like I fought the great lion and slew him; I literally brought him to his knees! Well, Amy helped, but it was nearly all me. And now that I did it once, I can do it again. I have nothing to fear. Compared to that jaw-breaking task, stroking or licking it has got to be easy. Or as Amy would say, 'Easy peasy'.

She giggled with pure glee in a very Amy-like manner. She'd never felt so happy or free. For one thing, sex had always been a mystery to her, and blowjobs were one of the most mysterious aspects. But now she'd discovered she could handle blowjobs, which meant the other mysteries of sex probably could be handled too.

She let out a sigh of relief. I'll bet I wasn't very good, compared to Alan's other lovers. Unfortunately, this doesn't change the fact that he still has an honest-to-God harem! Ugh! Hell, I'll bet even Heather is a lot better than me, at this point! I read up on so many fancy tricks, but most of the time I was just sliding my lips up and down the damn monster. But it looks like even a 'just okay' blowjob is enough to make him cum.

Ya know, I suppose it's really not THAT difficult, once you get used to his sheer girth. I guess it's like what Amy said earlier about handjobs: if you keep the focus on the sweet spot nearly all the time, it's almost impossible to go wrong. I'll bet it's way easier with normal-sized penises, although it's not like I'm ever going to try out one of those. Just wait until I get more practice! Heather, watch out! "Heather who?" That's what he's gonna say in a few weeks! HA!

She even punched a fist in the air in triumph. She was so carried away that she didn't realize what she had implied with her thought about how she'd never find out what it was like to suck a normal-sized penis. But the truth was, in order to come this far with Alan despite all the obstacles with his other lovers, she'd made a serious commitment to him, at least in her own mind.

She didn't yet fully and consciously realize what she'd done. But already, she couldn't imagine being with another man. Olga was right that Christine had a unique mental attitude. For Christine, it was Alan or no one. Now that she'd made that mental commitment, he'd have to do something really big to screw it up - such as revealing that he was having sex with his mother and sister!

Her happy reverie was broken because Amy's face was still just inches away from her own, and it started moving even closer. "C, I'm proud of you! We did it! You're going to become a fantastic cocksucker!"

Amy's mouth opened wide, and the next thing Christine knew, she was sharing a "victory kiss." And like all her other recent kisses with Amy, even if Christine started out being reluctant, somehow it turned very passionate for both of them very quickly.

Christine was flushed with success. We DID do it, didn't we? I can hardly take all the credit. It never would have happened without Amy's advice and encouragement. She's so nice. And... and... a really good kisser!

The next thing Christine knew, her hands drifted up to Amy's boobs, just as Amy's hands started playing with her even more impressive rack. But there was a key difference, and a problem, because in her victorious reverie, Christine had forgotten all about the cum on her face, plus even more cum on Amy. Now her hand found itself sliding through something sticky, and she realized with dismay just what that must be.

Amy and Christine naked and kissing, with cum on Amy's face and boobs and on Christine's face, with Christine's hand on Amy's boob

At nearly the same time, she belatedly realized that Amy's mouth tasted quite different compared to any of their previous kisses. It wasn't a bad taste. In fact, she quite liked it. But she was disturbed too, because it occurred to her that the only explanation for the difference was that Amy had taken some of Alan's cum in her mouth and she was tasting Alan's seed, mixed with Amy's saliva, plus whatever of his cum was already in her own mouth.

"Ewww!" Christine broke the kiss with a sour look. She took her hands off Amy's boobs as well. She brought a hand up near her face and saw strings of cum between her fingers. She quickly wiped that hand through the grass until the cum was gone. "Oh, gross! It's everywhere!"

Amy frowned. "Awww. Don't be like that, C. Cum isn't always yucky; it can be yummy!"

Christine thought, Amy, Amy, Amy. 'Cum isn't always yucky; it can be yummy!' She sounds like she's five years old, except she's talking about a man's CUM! How can I hope to explain anything to someone like that? ... Although... I've heard a lot about how bad semen tastes, and if that kiss was any indication, it's really not that terrible after all. Or, at least Alan's doesn't taste bad, and that's what matters to me. Heck, I have to admit that even his pre-cum tasted pretty good. Isn't that supposed to be flavorless?

She looked again at Amy's face and chest, especially where his cum glistened in the sunlight. Still, it's cum. I'd rather pass, thank you very much!

She looked more carefully at Amy's face, still right in front of hers, and noted all the strands of pearly goo there. She was both repulsed and intrigued. Maybe I should take a small taste of his cum, just to find out for sure what its exact taste is, all on its own? Amy did praise it as being unusually sweet and tasty, and everything she says seems to turn out true. Or so I'm discovering. I knew that a good deal of his stuff was dribbling into my mouth from time to time, but so much was going on that I didn't really focus on it. My face probably looks just like hers, although hopefully not as bad. I could get some from my chest when she's not looking...

No! What am I thinking? That's gross! What I need to do is clean up my face and breasts and then put my bikini back on at last. She looked around yet again for her bikini.

But she didn't get much of a chance to search for it, because Alan had mostly recovered, and suddenly his face replaced Amy's in front of hers. Somehow, he was right there, and he even had his hands on her shoulders before she knew what was happening.

She briefly looked down his body and noticed that he was still wearing a dress shirt, unbuttoned and open in the front. Seeing him at least partly clothed reminded her of her total nudity, and that thought went straight to her nipples and clit like bolts of lightning. Oh no! I need to put on some clothes! Except I don't want to!

He stared deeply into her eyes while running a hand down her voluptuous body as if he owned it. "Christine, you're so beautiful. Thank you! And when I say you're beautiful, I don't just mean your obvious physical attributes." His hand slid down over the outrageous curve of one of her tits, but then it kept going, wandering down her tummy.

She trembled a little bit as she wondered if he'd go all the way to her pussy, but love was on his mind more than sex. He said softly, "I could feel the love flowing from you. I know doing that wasn't easy for you, and yet you did it! And what you did! What a rush for me! I'm still flying. Just knowing how hard you tried makes me love you even more."

Christine was glad that she was sitting on the grass, because she practically swooned. He loves me! He'd said that to her before, but hearing it again caused a wave of tingly joy to sweep through her. She needed a lot of reassurance that she was doing the right thing with him. Forgetting that her face was still partially cummy, she floored him with a nuclear kiss.

Even though Alan's penis was down for the count, his lust for Christine's fantastic rack knew no bounds, leading him to cup and squeeze her tits some more. He also didn't care that her boobs were somewhat cummy, although that didn't matter much anyway since the cum was mostly on her top slopes and he was focused on her more sensitive undersides. He wisely chose to ignore the taste of his cum that was still on her lips and in her mouth.

She thought, There he goes with my boobs again. I wonder: does he just think of me as one of his sexy, busty sluts? One of many, no doubt! And now he's got me sucking his cock too. So is he just taking advantage of me, or does he well and truly love me?!

You know what? I honestly think it's both! He's obviously an insatiable horndog, so he'll walk all over me and dominate me sexually if I let him. I'm going to have to draw some firm lines! But at the same time, I know that he loves me! Not only does he confess his love to me, but I can feel it in his touch and in his kiss!

His fondling made Christine moan loudly into his mouth more than once. She wished the kissing could continue forever and lead to lots of other things, but she and Alan were both exhausted; their previous high level of passion just couldn't be sustained.

Besides, Amy was still nearby and getting more involved than Christine liked. Amy put one hand on Christine's back and her other on Alan's back, turning them so that the three formed a small circle. As the other two stopped kissing, Amy said, "O.B., isn't Christine the best? I totally think she should join the harem!" Then she added deferentially, "But of course that's up to you..."

Christine was irritated by that. She thought, This stuff with Amy is going too far. I appreciate her help, but enough is enough. Everywhere I turn, there she is, kissing me and making me love it, or saying something lewd, or playing with my naked body. Even playing with my clit and pussy! And now she wants to throw me into some crazy harem lifestyle. She doesn't understand me at all. I need to get things straight with her, and then I can get things straight with Alan. I can't just be some 'sex helper.' That's not what I am!

She turned back to Alan. "I think Amy and I need to talk. Do you mind if she and I, I dunno, take a little walk?"

He leaned back in a sitting position on the grass with his hands behind him. He'd just taken his shirt off, finally, and tossed it onto a nearby chair. "Please. Be my guest. But you might want to rethink the walking. We're in sort of a special zone here. This pool and hot tub was placed for privacy. The Pestridges have a huuuuge backyard, and you can see there's even a tennis court up the hill, but parts of it can be seen by the neighbors." He nodded towards a couple of nearby houses.

In fact, he was exaggerating the danger of being seen because he was hoping for them to stay close enough for him to overhear their conversation. He knew it was a bit underhanded of him, but he was dying to find out what they'd say to each other.

His warning reminded Christine that she was still buck naked, in an outdoor setting no less, and that condition both aroused and embarrassed her all over again. But she'd been naked for so long that she thought, Fuck it.

She elaborated that thought to herself: Why am I still such a prude? I don't want to go back to the way I used to be. Compared to giving Alan a blowjob, being naked a little longer isn't such a big deal.


Christine stood up, and pulled Amy up with her.

Then she led Amy over to some patio chairs. They were just far enough from Alan that she was confident Alan wouldn't be able to hear them, provided that they didn't raise their voices. (Alan had a plan to fix that, though.)

She sat in one chair and had Amy sit in another. When she looked at Amy's cummy face and chest, it reminded her that her own face and chest remained cummy. Oh, Lord. What next? I have GOT to do something about this cum on me! She looked around for a way to wipe her face, but their chairs were sitting on concrete, and of course she was still completely nude.

Lacking any other option, she simply brought both hands to her chest and rubbed the remaining cum into her skin. (Alan had already smeared some of it around when he'd last fondled her rack.)

Amy with open mouth and cum-covered face

Amy lit up with happiness. "Oooh! Nice idea! Alan's cum is not only super-duper yummy, but it's good for the skin. I hear it's all the protein or something like that. I'd totally do that too, except I prefer to eat it." She wiped a big gob off her cheek and sucked it into her mouth.

Christine rolled her eyes, but she also felt a shock of arousal in her nipples and pussy when she saw Amy do that. She was going to chasten Amy, but the sensation in her pussy reminded her that she must be quite wet and swampy down there. In fact, she was afraid to even look down and check. She realized she couldn't exactly be the first to throw stones when it came to copious leaking of body fluids.

Christine griped, "I'm only doing this because I don't have other options. I have to get this gross stuff off me somehow."

Amy said, "You shouldn't say that. Alan's cum is very special. It needs to be treasured, down to the last drop. It's kinda like liquid love. Getting a big load splattered all over your face or tits is a special honor. You'll see. I'm sure you'll come to love it soon enough. Actually, smearing it into your skin is a good idea, but you need to do it for the right reason, so that other men will smell it and subtly realize that you've been marked as belonging to him. Don't do it to get rid of it! That's all wrong!"

Christine replied sourly, "Well, I'm doing it to get rid of it." However, as she continued to smear the cum in, she thought, It sounds like Amy's been brainwashed. I had no idea things were that extreme for her! "Special honor?!" Give me a break! That's what he wants you to think.

She glanced at Amy as she continued her smearing. But then again... I must admit I'm feeling a certain kind of enjoyment smearing his cum into my skin. I DO sort of feel like I've been... marked... and it feels good! Even Amy looks like of... appealing... with all that cum on her. No, wait! What am I saying?! I can't let her delusions infect me. But then again, she keeps saying "You're going to do this" and I say "No way!" and then I do and I end up loving it. Unfortunately, I can't keep dismissing her claims out of hand.

That said, I can GUARANTEE that I'll NEVER enjoy having Alan cum on my face! I might tolerate it, at best. UGH! The things one does for love.

She finally finished cleaning her bosom and then tried to wipe her face clean. She asked, "Did I get it all?"

Actually, she hadn't. Since Christine's hands were cummy from first cleaning her chest, she wasn't cleaning her face so much as moving the cum around. In particular, there was a heavy streak of cum under her eyes, crossing over both her cheeks and her nose. But Amy was feeling naughty, so just smirked and said, "Yeah, pretty much." After that, she scooped up another cum gob from her own face and ate it with obvious relish. "Mmmm! So yummerifous!"

Christine said seriously, "Could you please not do that while we talk? I have some important things to discuss here."

"M'kay. Sure. What's up?"

Christine sighed, but only on the inside. She's so simple and naïve. How do I explain things to her? This is kind of mean, but these are high stakes here. I'm hooked on Alan, so I've got to establish a position here that I can live with. Maybe I can take advantage of her easy-going nature and her enthusiasm for me "joining the harem" - which, by the way, is never going to happen! - to get her to agree to be, like a... some kind of co-girlfriend or something? It's worth a try.

I can't just be a 'sex helper'. I don't even know what that means, and I mean a lot more to Alan than that! I've got to carve out a special, meaningful role for myself that's free of the harem craziness. It's the only way I can preserve even a shred of dignity. Even that kind of arrangement would be far too embarrassing to explain to the likes of Mom or Aunt Kirsten!

I've years of training in Aikido, years of learning how to lead an opponent's mind to achieve a desired outcome. Why am I not using that on Amy?

She said, carefully, "Aims, we're friends now, right?"

Amy had actually stopped smiling as she braced herself for a serious talk, but her big smile returned. "Sure! I really like you! Today's just the start. I'm hoping you and I can get to be better and better friends, every day. And Katherine too. We can be like the Three Musketeers, united in our love for Alan." She hastened to add, "Although Kat loves him in a different way, of course."

"Of course. But Amy, Aims... here's the thing..." Christine lowered her voice to a near whisper. "I liked what I did to Alan just now. A lot. It was weird, and not at all what I expected, but... I want to do it again. And again and again!"

Amy's smile only widened more. "Cool! Cool beans in the blue jeans! I totally knew it. And just you wait. Before long, you'll be totally wanting just to suck his thick, fat, hot COCK more and more and more, just like the rest of us. We all love it!" She swiped another cum gob off her face, placing it in her mouth. But then she "remembered" she wasn't supposed to do that, and said, "Oopsies. Sorry."

Christine was rankled by the mention of "we," but she tried not to show it. Now that she'd had her great orgasm and she'd come down from her erotic high, things like mentioning Alan's harem bothered her a lot more than it had earlier. In fact, she found it hard to believe some of the things that she'd done, especially all the time that she'd spent kissing and fondling Amy without Alan even being there to watch.

She shook off those thoughts, and said, "You may be right. The thing is, I'd probably want to do it even if I didn't enjoy it, because I can see how much Alan loves it, and I love him. I feel happy making him happy."

Amy's eyes lit up again. "OOOH! Me too! Totally! That's the best! We ALL totally feel that way! That's why it's practically standing-room-only just to service his cock." She had another thought, and then giggled. "Or I should say 'kneeling-room-only,' 'cos we love to do it on our knees! It feels better that way somehow."

Christine flinched at this latest reminder of his other lovers. Also, Amy's loud voice made her worry that Alan might be able to overhear. She looked over to where she'd last seen him, and saw that he was slouched in a lounge chair with his eyes closed. He looked zonked out, which put her concern about him overhearing them to rest.

Furthermore, Christine worried, What if EVERYTHING Amy says is true?! That's a scary thought. But she has a pretty good track record so far, I must admit. What if there IS "kneeling-room-only" around him on a frequent basis?! How can that BE?! It just can't be! Surely she exaggerates. Like when she said earlier that he has other "jaw-droppingly" beautiful lovers with G-cup breasts. I've never even SEEN other women like that! She MUST be exaggerating! She loves Alan so much that she's hopelessly biased.

She persisted, "That's, uh, nice. But here's the thing. I love him. I really, really love him. I know that now. I'd been in denial for a long time, but my feelings for him are growing stronger every day. I really love him! And he loves me. He said so."

Amy said a bit boastfully, "I know. Because he's the kind of guy that inspires love in others. And because his heart is so big that he can fully love more than one of us, no problemo."

Christine wasn't happy to hear that at all, as she wanted to believe that her love for Alan and his love for her were special and stronger than any other love, but again she wouldn't allow herself to get sidetracked. "Maybe some of his other lovers can be happy just being his 'sex helpers' or something like that, but that doesn't work for me. I'm not wired that way."

Amy's smile fell and turned to a frown. There was a long, uncomfortable pause, before she quietly asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean... You have a good situation. You're his official girlfriend. I need to have something like that."

Amy bristled visibly and her face hardened. "I think we've covered that. That's NOT an option! I'm his official girlfriend! PERIOD! End of discussion!" She stood up from her chair and defiantly crossed her arms under her bare rack, pushing her cum-covered tits up and out.

Christine thought, Uh-oh. She's really stuck on that damn title. This isn't gonna be easy. But it's worth a shot. Besides, what option do I have but to convince her? I can't live with being some "sex helper."

She was obliged to stand too. She started again. "Okay, okay. I get that. And I'd never want to take that title away from you. You've been such a great help to me. I mean, where would I be without you? Sometimes, I kind of wish I was alone with Alan, but you always seem to be underfoot. That kinda bugs me, but the fact is, you sort of kicked me into the fast lane and saved me a lot of grief and gnashing of teeth in helping me get over some of my sexual hang-ups. I can't even begin to thank you enough."

Amy relaxed just a bit, but she remained wary. She'd apparently been taken by surprise by Christine's suggestion. But, in fact, she'd previously thought through this kind of situation, since she'd seen Christine as a threat to her Official Girlfriend title from the beginning. She forced herself to breathe deeply and not get too angry.

With that new attitude, she even managed a slight smile as she said, "Sure. That's what friends do for each other. And I want us to be the very best of friends."

Christine thought, Boy, she's not making this any easier. "Right. Okay. But... I was thinking..." She took a big breath. "You're Alan's official girlfriend. That's given. That's never going to change."

"Right!" Amy still stared hard at Christine, daring her to challenge that fact.

"But... what if he had two girlfriends? What if we were, um, co-girlfriends or something?"

Amy standing naked, collared, with her arms wrapped under her breasts, with a really angry expression and a small bit of cum on her face

Amy's eyes flashed with anger. But again, she used her self-control and managed to just say tersely, in a dangerously quiet voice, "That is NOT a good idea!" She'd just put her hands on her hips, but she folded them under her hefty rack again.

Christine sighed quietly. "Okay, okay... I hear that... But it's just... I don't go for this harem stuff. Maybe he has a harem, but I'd like to pretend that's not the case. I need some kind of fig leaf, some way to cope with all this weirdness. I think in a monogamous way, in terms of boyfriend and girlfriend. In my mind, I think of him as my boyfriend."

Amy sighed heavily. Christine was sorely testing her self-control. She tried to sound understanding as she replied, "Fine. Think like that all you want in your mind. But remember that out in the real world, he's MY boyfriend. Full stop!"

Christine held her hands up defensively, because even though Amy was staying polite, Christine could tell she was rubbing her the wrong way. "Um, okay. But, uh... when I realized that I think of him as my boyfriend, I still understand that he's your boyfriend too-"

Amy cut in. "Where did this 'too' of yours come from?! There's no 'too'! He's my boyfriend, period!"

Again, Amy forced herself to calm down and be polite. She even managed to sit down, allowing Christine to sit down too. "Look. I like you a lot, and I'd much rather have Alan with you than with five or more Heather-y bimbos. But this 'I think of him as my boyfriend' stuff, that just isn't going to fly. M'kay?"

Christine thought, Uh-oh! Danger! Amy is such a sweetie. By her standards, if she's getting this bothered, I must be really pissing her off! This isn't working at all, and I'm endangering my friendship here. New plan. I need a new approach. I DO need to think of him as my boyfriend to cope, but what's in it for Amy? I've gotta come up with some kind of compromise that'll offer her something. Think, girl, think!

She tried again. "Okay. Please don't be upset with me, okay? I'm just throwing out ideas. If you hate it, just let me know, please? I've realized that I want Alan in my life in a big way, and I'm trying to figure out a way to make that work that'll satisfy everyone. So don't get angry, please?"

Amy growled, "M'kay. I'll try. But understand one thing. There are certain things that are NOT negotiable. And I'm not going to give up my Official Girlfriend title for anything! I love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul, and I have since we were small! It would just KILL me to lose him! That is NOT going to happen."

Amy said that with such intense emotion that Christine didn't doubt it at all.


Christine nodded. "Understood. I'm not saying you shouldn't be his Official Girlfriend. I'm not saying that at all! But what if we could be allies? You're his Official Girlfriend. Period. I get that. But what if you were his FIRST official girlfriend, and I was like girlfriend number two, his second-place girlfriend?"

Amy shook her head, causing a cum gob to detach and fly away. Again, it took all her willpower not to react more strongly.

But Christine still persisted. "Hold on! Hear me out! I would totally, TOTALLY defer to you on everything. Whatever you'd want to do with him, that would come first. I wouldn't get in your way at all. Whatever you say goes. You have no idea how humbling this is for me, to be in second place. I always strive to be first, and I usually succeed."

Amy just stared at her, clearly peeved and impatient.

Christine pressed on. "And... this is hard for me to say, because I've been taught to be modest. But objectively, the fact is, I'm a prime catch. Between my smarts and especially my looks, I should be able to get just about any man I want."

"So?" Amy huffed, "Any man BUT Alan! He has different standards. I hate to be a meanie, but I have to straighten out your crazy ideas. By his standards, you're okay, but nothing extraordinary. I mean, look at my mom. Or Miss X. Or Glory. Or... well... I guess you don't know the others."

Christine bristled at that. "I don't know 'Miss X' either," she pointed out. Unfortunately, Amy's got a point! Dammit! What do I have that's so special, compared to them? I should be glad he even lets me suck his cock. No, wait; that's not true. I AM special. I'll even go toe-to-toe with the likes of Mrs. Pestridge! Besides, he really loves me! That counts for a lot, even if he loves some of them too. That's one ace in the hole!

She continued defiantly, "Well, you just can't tell someone like me that the best she can possibly hope for is to be one of Alan's 'sex helpers'. I mean, come on! Do you have any idea how demeaning that is? I could get any guy in school, or almost anywhere, to go out with me, and that's not boasting; that's just a fact."

Amy shrugged, unimpressed. "I'm sorry, but that's how it is around here. Alan's not just some guy, and you know it. He has a harem and I'm proud to be a part of it. If you can't handle that, why stick around? Go date one of those other guys." She gestured in the general direction of the front of the Pestridge property, setting her cum-covered big melons swaying when her upper body turned.

There was silence. Christine didn't even consider leaving. She found herself staring at the cum on Amy's bare boobs. She was really wishing now that she'd insisted earlier that Amy wipe her tits and face clean too, because that cum was extremely distracting. She didn't want to bring it up now, for fear it would only upset Amy more. Plus, she didn't want to be seen as prudish.

Besides, the more she got used to the sight of the cum on Amy's skin, the less disgusting it appeared. It was even starting to look a little tempting. That was another reason not to look.

Amy tried to sound more sympathetic. "Christine, no offense, but you need to understand the situation. You're special, and you're a really great person and all, but so are all his other lovers. For instance, let's talk about my mom. Do you have any idea what a mover and shaker she is? How do you think she felt at first, to be just one of the women in his harem? She kicks ass! She's the kind of woman who can have any normal man she wants, just like you, and yet now she has to share Alan with a bunch of other women. Even with her own daughter! Sure, it was humbling, at first, but now she's totally fine with it. In fact, she loves it! I'm sure you'll come around too... in time."

Amy was being unusually blunt because she sensed that Christine was already hooked on Alan, even if Christine didn't fully realize it herself yet. That Rubicon had been crossed. She knew there were still limits to what she could say or do in Christine's presence, but now she could be more daring and challenging than ever before, knowing that the bombshell blonde wasn't likely to walk away (unless the incest secret came out too soon, that is).

Christine started to ask, "Does she..." But she stopped herself. She was extremely curious, but she didn't know what to ask exactly or how to ask it.

"Does she what?"

"Oh, never mind." Christine looked down in embarrassment.

Amy nonetheless replied, "I don't even know what you're asking, but the odds are really good that yes, she does! Because she does everything for him! She's like a young man's sexual fantasy come true! She's awesome at everything sexual and she can't get enough! She loves to serve him sexually! So THAT'S kind of what you're up against, and not just from her. I hate to say it, but you're in a really tough spot. You're kind of late to the party."

Suzanne on hands and knees, naked, approaching Alan's rampant cock

Christine thought about Suzanne and Alan. "She loves to serve him sexually!" Suzanne Pestridge! Incredible! But I can believe it. She flashed on a vision of Suzanne naked and on all fours, wantonly begging for Alan's cock. For some reason, thinking about that was extremely arousing, as well as very painful.

Then she pictured Alan tilting his erection down and Suzanne rising up to meet it. Suzanne opened her mouth and began lovingly bobbing on it.

She'd never seen Suzanne less than fully clothed, but even so it was obvious that Suzanne had a remarkable body, very similar to her own. So it suddenly struck her that her vision of Suzanne sucking Alan's cock could have been herself, except for a different head and hair, and paler skin.

For some reason, she found that extremely arousing, although she couldn't understand why. But, at least in part, it was hard not to be impressed by a mere 18-year-old who could get a mature, "perfect ten" woman like Suzanne to join his harem, and it was thrilling to have a lover in such demand, even if it was incredibly frustrating as well.

She had to forcibly terminate her daydream, in part because she was starting to pant and she didn't want Amy to notice that. With her big breasts fully exposed, it was hard to hide signs of her arousal. She had to refocus on the serious discussion at hand.

She thought, This is the time I should run! Far, far away! He has too many other lovers. It's all fucked up. But I'm not going to give up that easily. After I've had a taste of sex with him, how could I ever settle for some ordinary guy?! And unfortunately, I can't shake the way I feel about him, seemingly no matter what Amy says. I'm stuck! I have to find some way to make this work!

She could see that her attempt to demand special treatment was going over like a lead balloon, and that wasn't such an important point for her anyway. So she went back to trying to figure out what else she might say to Amy to persuade her.

She decided to try to sweeten the pot, actually using the existence of his other lovers to her advantage. "Think about it. You and I, we could be allies. Heather is out there! She's threatening. She acts like she's in love with Alan." She sighed sadly. "There seems to be a lot of that going around, I'm starting to realize. But anyway, you know how she is. She'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. And unlike me, she'll use any and every underhanded tactic she can. So far, she hasn't targeted you, because she considers that like taking candy from a baby, to be brutally honest. She thinks you're a pushover."

Amy complained indignantly, "Well, I'm not!"

"I can see that now! But do you think that's going to stop her? And it's not just her. You yourself pointed out that there are all these other Heather clones out there. Gold-digger selfish types out to snag Alan because he's the most desirable guy around, by far. You're gonna face a non-stop war to keep your 'official girlfriend' status, and it might get VERY ugly."

Amy sighed, because she could see that Christine had a point, and that there almost certainly would be tough times ahead. Success breeds success, and a lot of girls wanted Alan simply because he was now perceived as a prime catch.

Christine continued, "And I know that you'll fight with everything you've got to protect your man, but you don't know how to fight physically, or how to play school politics. Remember when you started telling everyone at school about how you were sharing him? I hate to say this, but that's what led to many of the guys getting jealous enough to start harassing and attacking him."

Amy had to admit to herself that Christine was making some very good points. She felt guilty for being partly to blame for Alan's troubles that had led to the recent fight, and she didn't want to be the cause of more trouble like that.

But she felt that she also had good points to make, so she said with determination, "You're half right and all wrong. Yes, I can't fight physically like you can. And I'm not that great at playing politics; I did make some mistakes there. But if you become some kind of second girlfriend, that would be a total disaster! A super duper, way total disastorama! Everybody in school would be in an uproar! Everybody would be even MORE jealous and envious of Alan, and out to get him! He'd be attacked even more than before!"

Christine pointed out, "True. It would be bumpy at first. But we can overcome that! Together, we could make quite a team: your fierce loyalty and resolve, and my school network and understanding of school power games. Besides, with me on your side, nobody else would attack you physically, like girls sometimes do. That would also help protect him in a big way, especially once word of yesterday's fight gets out. Nobody would dare try to hurt him now, not if his co-girlfriend will stop them. Isn't that important to you?"

"Well, yeah," Amy conceded with a frown. Clearly, that point struck home.

"I don't want to fight you, but if all I can be is a 'sex helper', that's gonna be a constant thorn in my side, driving me crazy. I've promised not to threaten your official girlfriend title, and I really do mean that, but I'll probably be disgruntled and restless simply because I can't help my feelings, and that'll rub off on Alan and make him unhappy. And you really want to make sure he's happy, don't you?"

Amy's frown deepened. That reminded her that the desires of her master were of paramount importance, and she knew he'd love this two-official-girlfriends idea.

Christine added hopefully, "If I could be girlfriend number two, that wouldn't cost you a thing. You could tell everyone that you're his FIRST girlfriend, his PRIME girlfriend. It actually would be pretty humiliating for me. Kind of like if you were his wife and I was only his mistress. Let's face it: people are going to know before long that he has more than one significant other. In fact, I'm not making a threat here; I'm just stating the obvious: I won't be able to hide the fact that I'm in love with him and..." - she squirmed uncomfortably in her seat - "... intimately involved with him. That's just who I am. I can't lie well, much less live a lie, and it's very easy for anyone to read my face."

Amy finally spoke. She grunted, grumbling, "That much is true. You're probably going to have a head-over-heels glow on your face for the next week, or even longer. There's no way to say 'Don't glow.' I'll bet you'll have this blissful stare and a perpetually humungonormous smile, not to mention perpetually hard nipples."

A glowing Christine, dressed in a lime green T-shirt and white pants, held up by a brown belt

Christine gasped in silence as she realized how right Amy was. Oh no! I probably WILL be horny quite a lot. What'll I do about my nipples? I'll have to wear two bras at once! And what about my clit? Everyone will see my freak clit, 'cos it'll be erect all the time! Amy and Alan seem to humor me about it, but Heather will be merciless!

Actually, the likelihood of anyone seeing Christine's clit through her clothes was next to zero, since it wasn't nearly as big or as freakish as she thought it was, but she wasn't entirely rational on that subject.

Amy continued, "Heather's gonna figure everything out pretty darn soon. That's bad. Way bad, darn it!" She smacked a fist into her other hand in frustration, "And that's gonna happen no matter what you call your relationship with my O.B."

Christine nodded. "Yeah, see what I mean? I've been worrying about what to do when that day comes for quite a while now. So, at school at least, everyone is going to know in a matter of days that I'm Alan's de facto second girlfriend, or something along those lines, no matter what label we try to call it. All you'd really be doing here is putting a label on something that already is. But if you're willing to go along with my idea, so we could kind of strike a deal here, things could be much, much better."

Amy warned, "Uh-oh! That could be a deal-breaker. If we were both his girlfriends, that would cause soooo many problems at school! We just can't have that happen!"

"Maybe at first," Christine admitted. "But ultimately, we could be a force for good! Think about it. We could work as a team to keep Alan happy and satisfied sexually. I could be, like, your assistant with that. We could teach each other things. And we could work as a team to keep Heather and other threats away."


Amy was so agitated she got up again and started pacing around. "No! No, no, no, no, no! Right now, O.B. has Heather under control. Barely, it's true, but she's trying to behave herself, after getting in hot water with him for doing her usual Heather-y stuff. When she figures out you and he are sexing things up, she'll be pissed, and I mean mega, ultra, WAY pissed! She'll probably get all mean with you, but in a kind of dealable way, ya know? But if she hears you're his second girlfriend, all bets will be off! She'll go totally nuclear! I'm not gonna sit here and watch the love of my life die in a nuclear bomb blast!"

She stopped her pacing, folded her arms under her rack, and glared at Christine defiantly. Then Amy muttered darkly, "Heather wants to be his girlfriend too, you know. In a lovey-dovey kind of way."

Christine's mouth dropped open. She'd strongly suspected that, but hearing it confirmed was like a punch to the gut. Ah, fuck! Today's been like the greatest ever, but my worst nightmare too. At the exact same time! Of course she does. What next?!

There was a long pause. Amy finally said, "You almost had me thinking that this could be an okay idea. But the more I think about the fallout at school, the less I like it!"

Amy considered the situation some more before hardening her resolve. "You know what? No way! It's too risky! Being O.B.'s girlfriend means EVERYTHING to me, and any change in that is way scary! And thinking about what could happen to him at school with Heather and jealous football players and all kinds of bad stuff is even super double duper waaaay scarier!"

In desperation, Christine suggested, "Hold on! Wait! It's not scary! It would definitely be a 'girlfriend number two' kind of thing, and I won't threaten you at all. Together we can overcome those problems at school, which, as you point out, are gonna happen sooner or later anyway, once people figure out Alan and I are involved, no matter what one calls it. We could even write up a contract or something, and sign it, to make sure there's no slippery slope. And you would definitely be the top dog. Like I said, whatever you say, goes."

Amy raised an eyebrow. "Anything I say?"

Christine nodded. She found herself staring at the cum on Amy's hefty globes and face while she waited for an answer. But that sight still both disturbed and intrigued her, and she forced herself to look somewhere else. Why does looking at that cum on her kind of arouse me somehow, when it was totally disgusting before? Or does it? No. It's gross! Besides, I need to focus!

Idly scanning the backyard, she happened to glance again at Alan, who appeared to be still sleeping in his lounge chair. She felt a bit confused, because it seemed as if his chair was closer than when she'd seen it previously. His chair was just on a big expanse of grass, so there were no easy visual markers to help her measure any movement. She decided she had to be mistaken.

Finally, Amy replied, "I think you don't really have what it takes to be his girlfriend number two, so all this grief at school that's gonna happen isn't gonna be worth it. You're just too moral-y. You're chicken! You're not gonna be able to keep up and help keep his cock properly serviced all the time, like any girlfriend of his has to do!"

Christine knew she was on shaky ground, because she had her own doubts about whether she'd be able to be as sexually adventurous and active as Amy expected. In fact, she'd done many things already that day that she couldn't have imagined doing when she'd woken up that morning. But she had a fierce resolve and an even more powerful competitive drive. "I CAN keep up! Test me. I'll prove it!"

Amy looked at her with skepticism. "M'kay. Hmmm... What if I say we go back to Alan right now and share his cock? We'll suck it and lick it together until he blows his load all over our faces, BOTH our faces. Would you be willing to do that?"

Christine wasn't happy about sharing, and having him shoot more cum on her face worried her, but she nodded. She was determined to prove herself. UGH! But, dammit, this is the time to grin and bear it. I've gone this far. We were practically sharing him already. And he's cum on my face once and I survived. So really, it's not so bad.

All this talk about cum on faces made her wish she could take a towel to Amy's face right away, but she held her tongue on that too.

Amy added, "And then we'll lick each other clean. And then totally make out in front of him to get him hard again, and then we'll service his cock together all over again, until he splatters even more cum all over us. In fact, we'll do that kind of thing together a lot! Can you handle THAT?!"

Christine paused. Oh, shit! That sounds a lot harder! Especially because she'll expect us to keep doing it in the future. And he will too, no doubt. CAN I handle that?! Not just once or twice, but often?!

Jealousy and angry thoughts about Heather doing sexual things to Alan increased her determination. She also thought about Suzanne and felt a curious desire to be even more sexually impressive and adventurous than Amy's mother, so that Alan would eventually rank Christine higher than Suzanne.

Amy's trying to test me and push me to my limit. She wants to scare me out of this co-girlfriend idea. I'll show her! Besides, ultimately, she's kind of a puffball. She's so nice. If, in the future, I make clear that some things make me too uncomfortable, I'm sure she'll back off. That'll mean more cock for her, so why should she mind? Still, this isn't going to be easy. My jealousy could get out of control. But I have willpower!

Christine finally nodded again, slowly.

Amy looked at her skeptically for a long time. "I still don't know if you really know what you're getting into. Alan is no ordinary guy, and being one of his girlfriends is no ordinary thing. Compatibility, looks, and love are all necessary to even qualify, and that's just for starters. But there's something else: dedication! Taking care of his cock is a BIG responsibility, pretty much every single day. Are you REALLY up for it? I don't think so."

Christine protested, "I am! Look at me here!" She stood up and held her hands out, showing off her incredible nude body. "What more can I do? I have his cum smeared into my skin all over. Why do you doubt me?"

Amy remained sitting, frowning. "'Cos you're all... I don't know how to put it... conventional-y. You only smeared the cum in to get rid of it."

"I'm not at all this! It's basically my first day! Please, cut me some slack!"

Amy still looked skeptical. "I appreciate that you're trying hard to change, but deep down you're still the same basic person as before. You care too much about 'equality,' 'fairness,' and what society thinks. I don't know if you can REALLY handle this lifestyle. For instance, imagine that he's having dinner with some of his harem women. It's only natural that one of us will want to strip, crawl under the table, and suck his cock all dinner long so he'll enjoy his meal that much more. Do you think you could do that?"


Christine didn't know how to respond. Her first instinct was to say "Hell no!" She had a frightening vision of sucking Alan's cock under the table with Suzanne and Amy sitting close enough for their legs to bump into her. But Amy was challenging her to be unconventional, and her overwhelming sexual desire was making her think and do crazy things. She practically whispered, "Does that really happen?"

"It does! When his cock is hard, which is a LOT of the time, one or more of us take care of it. It's all way too weird for you, isn't it? Imagine that's you, naked and slurping, while everyone else just eats and talks. Do you really expect me to believe you could do that?" Amy huffed, "I think not!"

Christine thought about how humiliating that would be, with all the other women listening to her slurping, and that both aroused and disturbed her, but it mostly disturbed her. What am I getting into? Is there no end to the shame and humiliation?! I mean, honestly! Today has been a total disaster for my dignity. A highly-desirable girl like me shouldn't even be considering something like that! Yet she was still determined to make a deal with Amy.

Finally she admitted, "I don't know. I honestly don't know. I would have serious issues with that, it's true. Just having dinner with some of his other lovers would be a SERIOUS problem for me, much less crawling under the table to 'service' him! Besides, it just doesn't seem fair. Why should he be pampered like a king?"

"You see?" Amy complained. "You just don't understand how harems work, and you keep trying to judge that based on some totally other kind of thingamagummy. Things don't work in a perfect 50-50 way when one guy has a bunch of lovers. They just don't!"

Christine complained, "I know, but it's one thing to have some imbalance; it's another to have that dinner scenario! That's just crazy!"

Amy smiled in triumph. "A-ha! See? I knew it! You can't handle it! You're obviously NOT really potential second-girlfriend material. Case CLOSED!"

Christine hastily replied, "Look. I'll try, okay? I want this second-official-girlfriend title a lot. I NEED this! I'll really try to push my boundaries. I promise I'll try everything at least once. And even if I can't do everything, there's still a lot I can do to help out."

Amy nodded while staring at Christine dubiously. She was in a very thoughtful mood as she pondered the situation some more. Then she said, "I know you're not into some of that stuff yet, like getting all cummy. And I know you're, like, an alpha female type, like my mom is. You just don't do the number two thing very well. So why would you be willing to agree to all of this?"

There was a long pause. Standing there, Christine felt like she was being judged to see whether she was worthy. She subtly struck a sexy pose, since she sensed her physique was being evaluated as well. Finally, she sighed heavily. After another pause, she said, "I have to be honest. It's my pride. I can't handle being just some 'sex helper' in a harem! It's so demeaning!"

Amy asked, "But isn't it demeaning in a good way?"

Christine looked at her in confusion, even as her heart started beating faster for some reason. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh... never mind." Amy worried that she was revealing too much too soon.

Christine found that very curious, especially since, deep down, she did find the idea of being part of Alan's harem exciting. If nothing else, it showed that her man was the most desired man in town. Also, she might never know what kind of wild scenario would be expected from her. However, she had a very hard time admitting feelings like that to herself, so she didn't press the question.

Instead, she explained, "And I also have moral issues. The whole harem thing grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. I simply can't deal with that. But for some reason, I can deal with you being his official girlfriend. Somehow, I get that, and I fully understand that I can only be number two at best because you were there first. You two were pretty much born and raised together, and I wasn't."

"You had your chance when he asked you out first," Amy noted.

Christine winced. "Please don't remind me."


Christine continued, "Anyway, I'd like to think of this... thing we have going on here as being just you, me and him. No Gloria Rhymer. No Suzanne Pestridge. No Miss X, whoever that is. No 'a few more,' whoever THEY are. And, above all, NO HEATHER! So this is like, I dunno, a coping mechanism?"

A naked Christine standing with feet spread and hands raised to her head, with traces of cum on her face

She suddenly clutched her head, like she was suffering from a terrible migraine. "To be honest, this entire Alan situation is tearing me apart! I just don't know how to cope! I love him so much, and yet he has this... harem! An honest-to-God damn harem! Do you know just how WEIRD that is?! Especially considering my looks, there's no way I should have to put up with..."

Amy stared hard at her. Clearly, she didn't go along with that line of thinking.

Lowering her hands, Christine forced herself to stop, and then started again. "The bottom line is, I don't want to see his other women. I don't want to know their names or even that they exist! That just makes my heart hurt. But you, you're different. You're just such a nice, sweet person. I can handle you. When I see you and Alan kiss, it hurts, okay... but it doesn't kill me, you know? I mean... I don't know..."

She grew sad. "I guess I'm being selfish. I'm trying to figure out a way to sweeten the pot, to make this a deal that works for you too, and I do mean what I say about how I hope we can ally together and keep the Heathers of the world at bay. I'm even willing to work with you to team up on Alan, to increase his pleasure. You ask if I could keep up. To be honest, the one way I won't be able to keep up is having to be in situations where he's with any of his other lovers except you. You, okay. But seeing any others with him would tear my heart in two."

Amy nodded in understanding.

"But I'm mainly suggesting this for me. I'm head over heels in love with him, and he has a damn HAREM! Do you know what a body blow that is for me, to hear that? A harem! I'm still in shock! If I'm even his second girlfriend, that's like a semblance of normality, you know?"

Christine waited for Amy to say something, but after a pause she continued, "I know it's still exactly the same basic situation, but at least I can pretend it's something semi-normal, something that sort of fits my mental framework of how relationships are supposed to work. Then I can bring him home to my parents and say, 'Hi, this is Alan. He's my boyfriend now. Actually, he's got another girlfriend, and she's his first girlfriend, but he's such a great guy that I'm his second girlfriend.'"

Amy asked, "Do you think they'd go for that?"

Christine sighed. Oh God! MOM! She will NOT be happy. But she already knows he's "dating" both Amy and me. At least I've been honest about that. If I can just convince her that the arrangement has to persist... That's not so tough. The big problem is if she found out about any of his other lovers!

She said, "They'd think that's reaaaally weird, but they're pretty open-minded; I think they could accept that. But if I say, 'Hey, Mom and Dad. Guess what? I've joined a harem. I'm a 'sex helper' now'; that's not gonna fly! And it's not just a matter of what I could tell my parents or my friends. The main thing is about what I can tell myself. This is just off my moral map; I can't cope!"

Amy's heart went out to Christine. She could see how much Christine was suffering about the harem issue. Although the word 'harem' had only entered the picture for Christine recently, Christine had known Alan had multiple lovers and an official girlfriend for a long time now, and it was tearing her apart. Christine was a true romantic at heart, so being able to somehow call him "boyfriend" drastically changed her perspective on the situation.

Amy considered this and began to see how, in the long term, the situation could work to benefit herself and the harem as a whole. She felt that having Christine join the harem would be a good thing for everyone involved, if it could be worked out. But that wasn't going to be easy. She sensed that Christine's "moral map" couldn't readily be stretched or bent, let alone completely redrawn like Susan's had been. Christine had already been stretched as far beyond her comfort zone as she could go, at least for the time being. Amy realized that Christine desperately needed a stable framework and some way to apply a conventional label to her relationship with Alan.

Amy thought that if she could get Christine to accept being in a threesome with Alan AND herself, that would be a key step towards eventually bringing her fully into the harem. At first, Amy could push to ensure that their sexual interactions with Alan were usually as a threesome. Not only would that make Alan a very happy man, but Amy also really enjoyed the physical intimacy she'd shared with Christine and wanted a lot more of that for herself.

More importantly for the overall harem, Christine would slowly grow accustomed to things like sharing Alan's cock, kissing and fondling other women, and sharing Alan in general. In addition, with the two girls so closely involved, physically and otherwise, in pleasuring their man, Christine would find it harder to use her considerable abilities to further attack Amy's prized official-girlfriend position. Of course in theory Christine could do so, but in practice her strict ethical code wouldn't allow her to do that.

Over time, Amy could introduce another woman into their threesome interactions. Once Christine got over that, she could introduce another, and so on. Xania, Suzanne, and Brenda seemed like women Christine might be able to get comfortable with, eventually. It might take months, or even years, and the incest factor would be a major hurdle, perhaps even an insurmountable one. But hopefully this deal between herself and Christine could evolve until Christine was a fully integrated part of the harem.

Amy, Brenda, Suzanne and Christine, naked and arranged clockwise around a naked Alan on a big bed, with Amy kissing him and Suzanne working on his cock

Amy had a vision of Christine as just "one of the girls," spending some future evening on a big mattress in the Plummer house, pleasuring Alan along with herself, her mother and Brenda. Christine was fully collared and enslaved along with the others. She licked Alan's balls while Brenda jacked off his lower shaft and Suzanne bobbed on the rest, and she didn't mind not having the "prime real estate," because she'd learned to put pleasuring Alan first.

Amy loved the idea that the four of them were serving him and his cock, not because there was any special occasion but because this was just a typical part of what happened to him every day. Christine was simply one more busty, collared slave waiting for her turn to bob on her master's cock. Amy was so excited by that vision that she felt powerful chills run through her body.

Amy figured the harem was big enough as it was. Six was a large number of sexual partners for any one man to handle, and there was only so much of Alan to go around. But she knew that Alan had loved Christine for years, even if only in an unrequited way. For a number of reasons, Christine seemed like the last missing piece to complete the harem. For one thing, her toughness and strict ethics could help balance out the submissiveness and wild sexuality of most of the others. She would end up as a long-term leader of the younger women, like Suzanne was of the older generation. It seemed worth all the effort and risk to try it out.

Amy stood up and started pacing around. "C, you have no idea what a huge sacrifice this would be for me. Being Alan's official girlfriend means the entire world to me. I love him so much! I can't even begin to say!" She almost started tearing up as she thought about her feelings for him and how lost she would be without him.

Christine was glad she wasn't the only one standing anymore. She replied gravely, "I know. Or at least I have some idea. That's why I'm going through all this torture." She waved her hands down her body. "Running around naked all day. Practicing kissing with you. Trying to give him a blowjob when I'm just so not a blowjob-giving kind of gal. Er, at least not yet."

Amy shot her a disapproving look. She put her hands on her hips. "C, sucking cock is a big, BIG part of being his girlfriend! You HAVE to love it! Otherwise, how are you going to help take care of him? His cock needs a LOT of tender, loving care, every single day!"

Christine clarified, "I'm trying, I'm trying! This was my very first time! Cut me some slack, okay? I'm sure I'll come to love it."

"Yeah, but what if you don't?"

"Amy, please. Don't underestimate me or how I feel about him. Here I am, humbling myself, trying to make some kind of deal with you. Because I want Alan in my life in a big way. Not just for a week or a month or even a year! No one else interests me. Seriously!"

Christine was startled to hear those words come from her mouth. Once she said them, she realized she truly meant them. I'm so fucked! Now that I love Alan, how can I love someone else? I just don't work that way. I want him to be the man I marry! But that's not going to happen! At best, all I can hope is if this co-girlfriend idea can work out in the short term. I'm too afraid to even think about the long term. Maybe eventually I'll come to my senses and fall in love with someone else.

She continued earnestly, "I was sure I was going to graduate from high school still a virgin. For me, loyalty is everything. I'm already fully committed to him, although he doesn't know that yet 'cos I'm kind of afraid to tell him. I honestly can't even think of anyone else I'd want to be with."

Before Amy could respond, Christine added, "Now, I know that all I've really done with him is some 'practice dates,' and then we fooled around yesterday and today, but just to get that far, for me, that's huge. Even now, I may not actually have intercourse with him for a while, because that's such a gigantic step for me. In a perfect world, I'd like to have sex with only one man in my entire life."

That was like music to Amy's ears, especially since she could tell that Christine really meant it, so she said "Me too!" out loud. She figured that anyone who joined the harem had to have total devotion and undivided loyalty to their master. Although Christine seemed incompatible with the harem lifestyle in many ways, it was possible she might be a good fit in at least that way.

Christine went on, "I'm not like other girls, dating this guy and that guy, having sex with just anybody after a date or two. That's the shotgun, scattershot approach. It's a weird analogy, but I'm more the kind to take the sniper approach. One shot and that's it, in my book. In order for me to even want to try to give him a blowjob, that means I've made my choice, despite all the enormous weirdness and harem talk and you being here and everything. Do you understand how serious I am about him?"

"I do. And I've seen that all along." Amy made a surprisingly revealing admission: "In fact, I've seen this day coming for a looong time, and I've spent a long time thinking about what to do about it."

Christine didn't understand that disclosure, since she couldn't conceive of Amy as a long-term, strategic thinker. She tended to think of Amy as an adorable but simple sex bunny. The fact that Amy was naked and her face and tits were dripping with Alan's cum didn't exactly dispel that notion.

Amy cocked an eyebrow. "But what about his other lovers?"

Christine sighed. "Well, from the sound of it, that's not gonna change. Look at you. Look at me. All false modesty aside, look at our perfect, naked bodies." She stood up too, and waved a hand over herself. "Together, we should be more than enough to satisfy any man."

Amy gave her a discouraging look.

The buck-naked blonde continued, "But unfortunately, Alan has a harem, and he's kind of hooked on that, isn't he?"

Amy nodded her head vigorously, causing her tits to shake and a few dangling strands of cum to fly off.

Christine was becoming more resigned to that, since she'd figured as much. "Even the two of us together, even if we share his bed and his heart in every way, you're saying that we're still not enough for him, are we?"

Amy shook her head 'No' vigorously, sending another cum gob flying. "No way, José! Not even close. Don't take it personally. I don't think there's a woman on Earth, or even two women working together, who could make him give up his harem. Why should he? He's got what women want."

Christine sighed heavily.

Amy hastened to add, "But it's not just that. He loves all of them a way, way, super way lot! And I know this may sound weird to you, coming from me, but they all love him a way lot too. If I could wave a magic wand and have him lose interest in them, I wouldn't, because I can see just how, well, LOVING it all is. It's not just about the sex, that's for sure."

Christine was disappointed, but not surprised. "Obviously, what is... is. I have to try to deal with that." She punched her fist into her open hand. "Dammit! I don't want to know about his other lovers, okay? I know about Ms. Rhymer and your mother, and I suppose this Miss X... That's way more than I can handle already, emotionally. But maybe over time, slowly, I could try to come to grips with that. Sloooowly. You talk about me having to keep up with all kinds of wild stuff to be worthy of second-girlfriend status, but that's one area where I won't be able to keep up very well. Or practically at all, actually. I hope you can be understanding about that."

Amy nodded. "M'kay."


In truth, Alan had never gone to sleep as they'd assumed he had. He'd figured that they were going to talk about something extremely important, and that it was going to impact him in a big way, so he'd only closed his eyes and pretended to be dozing. And, as Christine had observed but hadn't really realized, he'd covertly scooted his lounge chair closer when they were too deep in discussion to notice, which enabled him to hear most of their conversation.

He thought, My God! Christine is so serious about me. WAY more serious than I ever imagined! She loves me! She really loves me! She's talking a major commitment here. I love it!

That's key, 'cos I'm taking a big risk. Not so much with me, although there is real danger in what secrets she could find out and then expose, but with her future. I mean, I'm dragging her into this crazy harem lifestyle. Is that fair? Do I have that right? She's such an amazing, talented person; she needs a relationship where her talents can fully flower. The thing is, I tried so hard to keep her from all the weirdness, but the sexual pull between us is just too strong! I don't think either of us can fight it. Maybe we could have earlier, but not anymore. It's like two magnets getting closer and closer and the pull between them getting too great for any force to hold them apart. The fact that she's trying to forge some kind of deal with Amy despite all the obstacles shows how powerful her feelings for me have grown.

But maybe, at the very least, I need to be more honest with her regarding what she's getting into. Can I do that? Do I dare reveal the incest, even? What if I lose her?! But I don't want to sell her a false bill of goods. That's not the loving thing to do, and I do love her so.


I need to be a good guy - the "Good Alan" - and not just think with my dick.

I don't want to influence Amy's decision here, but I seriously hope she can agree to some kind of second girlfriend plan. It's not that I'm so keen on having two girlfriends at school... Sure, that would be a big ego boost, but it would also cause all kinds of trouble. Starting with Heather. Yikes! I just want something that Christine can live with, so she can keep some kind of dignity. But how are they gonna deal with the school situation?!

Curiosity about how they looked got the best of him, and he opened his eyes. Whoa!

Amy and Christine facing each other, both nude

His excitement and arousal soared as he spied Christine's backside, and then Amy standing right behind her. Look at those two! Jesus! I could get up right now, walk over there, and run my hands all over both of them at once! Heck, I could even run my dick all over them. Amy would love it, and while Christine might grumble she'd be willing. After all, SHE was the one who pulled my swimsuit down earlier! She's already starting to get the hang of sucking me. Phew!

God DAMN! Aims still has my cum all over her face and tits! That's so brilliant.

And they're so FUCKING HOT, standing there like that! Why does Christine have her arm over her head? I don't know, but somehow it makes me want to rub my cock all over her ass! Right now! Bend her over and... FUCK!

But hey, I have to think about not just what I want, but what she wants. I'm gambling that I know what she wants better than she does sometimes, at least when it comes to sex, but what if I'm wrong? I have to be responsible. I can't treat Christine as nothing but a sex object, even if she seems to get off on what I'm doing with her. What's best for her? I love her. I can't just let "Bad Alan" rule and think entirely with my dick!

However, even as he thought this, important words were being spoken outside his awareness. He closed his eyes again and listened closely to hear what else the girls would say.

Amy felt like she was taking a giant step into the unknown. She said to Christine, "M'kay. Maybe we can do this. Maaaaybe. I owe you for saving Alan; we all owe you for that. I'm open to doing a deal. In fact, we should call it 'The Deal', like it's all capitalized and everything, since it's so important. But I'm only saying maybe. Maybe!"

Christine's heart leapt for joy. This was very, very important for her. Without some sort of deal with Amy, she felt she'd be stuck in limbo: unable to get over her feelings for Alan but also unable to move forward in her relationship with him.

However, Amy quickly added, "But if so, it's gotta be EXACTLY the way I want it. I'm gonna have to sit down and come up with a list of specific demands and conditions, to make sure I don't miss anything. And I'm gonna want to talk it over with Alan, and Kat, and maybe even my mom, to make sure I'm not making some big-time mistake here. And maybe, after all that, we can sign, like, a contract. Ya know, make it all official and everything. But if we do, you're gonna be the number two-iest girlfriend in the history of number twos! Like you said, whatever I say goes. Can you really deal with that?"

Christine nodded. "Yes. And you know why? Because I know that you're a good person. Everyone sees that you are a nice, friendly person on the surface. But I'm also counting on the fact that, deep down, you've got a heart of gold. I believe that if I agree to give you some power over me, you're not going to abuse it. In fact, I'm confident that you'll exercise that power wisely, for good. I also believe that you and I both love Alan a great deal, and we'll both use our abilities to make his life better. And not just better for his sex life, but better for his heart and his soul."

She thought, That's true enough, but also, I have a weak hand to deal with here. Actually, no hand. If Amy says 'No!', I'm screwed! I don't even know what I'd do.

Amy didn't want to hug or kiss Christine just yet because she felt she still had a long way to go before she agreed to any deal, but Christine's words moved her so much that she couldn't help herself. She walked closer to her new friend and squeezed her tightly. "That was so... right! That almost makes me want to cry! You see? This is why Kat and I believe in you, and believe you'd be a healthy influence on him."

She kissed Christine on the lips, and they shared another emotionally intense kiss with their great racks pressing tightly together. Their nipples were no longer erect, but that quickly changed as the French kissing went on. Their hands clutched each other's bare ass cheeks tightly, pulling each other in closely. The heat radiating from their bodies made their necking still hotter.

However, Amy made it a relatively short kiss, because she had more she wanted to say and she didn't want Christine to recoil from their sudden intimacy. With her hands idly squeezing Christine's ass, she continued, "Lately, I've discovered that there are a LOT of really gorgeous women around here. I mean, you have no idea. And my O.B. has this kind of sexual magnetism. The point is, good looks, even perfect-ten looks like yours, that's just the first qualifier. The main thing is HEART! Love! That's what matters. He doesn't need a zillion women begging to be fucked and salivating to suck on his cock; he just needs a few good ones who well and truly love him... AND who fuck and suck him regularly!"

She giggled, smiling. "He needs you. And me. That's why your crazy alliance idea may not be so crazy after all."

Pondering things a bit more, she put her hand on her chin. "Hmmm. But we still have the problem of how this would go over at school. This could cause soooo many problems. Heather's totally gonna declare nuclear war when she finds out, for starters, and then she'll get REALLY nasty! I'm stumped on what do to about that. That could be a deal breaker, 'cos I don't want to see my O.B. getting in any more fights."

While still in a loose embrace, Christine suggested, "But I could be his bodyguard! I saved him in the fight. Amy, I hate having to boast, but I have no choice but to say that the plain truth is that with my martial arts training, I'm confident I could take care of ANY physical threat that comes Alan's way. Look at what I already did against FOUR big guys!"

Amy replied, "Maybe. Maybe not. For one thing, you're not gonna be around him EVERY minute of the day. I must say, I suppose your martial arts reputation COULD help him, and that is a good thing. But the threat isn't just a physical one. The biggest problem is sneaky schemers like Heather. There's no telling what kind of sneakery she'll come up with! And having you announce you're his second girlfriend is like ASKING for trouble from her! I'm not gonna let that happen!"

Christine was crushed. She'd come so close, but now it sounded like Amy had given up on the idea of a deal. She looked down forlornly at Amy's curvy, cummy chest.

Amy got down on her knees. Taking Christine's hand, she pulled her down too. She continued to hold hands while staring intently into Christine's eyes. "Hey, don't fret. I'm not saying all hope is lost. It's just that I'm really worried about what could happen at school. So... what if we try this second girlfriend idea, assuming we can work out the details... AND... assuming you'll stop at nothing to help me serve his cock. No matter where, no matter when, no matter what!"

Christine considered that, then nodded. She actually tingled with lust at the challenge. A part of her liked being forced to push herself.

Amy continued, "But! And here's a key thing: but keep it a secret in school for as long as possible. We know that your love and lust for Alan is gonna be written all over your face come Monday, and that'll lead to all kinds of rumors. But rumors are a long way from proof. Let people speculate! It'll drive Heather crazy, trying to figure out what's going on!" She giggled.

Christine smiled a little at that, even though her heart was still in her throat, trying to find out if there would be a deal or not. She did like the idea of Heather dying of frustration, snooping around in vain in a frantic effort to figure out Christine's exact status with Alan.

Amy continued, "Here's what I'm thinking: hold off as much as you possibly can on revealing your new love life. Of course, people are gonna figure out before long that you're getting sexy with Alan, but it's already open knowledge that I'm okay with him fooling around, so that won't be such a huge deal. Hopefully it'll take time before most people catch on to just how serious you are about him. Eventually, yeah, we'll be forced to confess the whole second-girlfriend thing, and then deal with the resulting fallout. But we can hope that by then people will have seen you hanging out with him and me so much that it'll kinda be seen as a done deal anyway. Sure, it'll be juicy news, but not nearly the shocker it'll be if you just up and announce it on Monday. Especially on top of the fight, which will be big enough news already! Sheesh!"

Christine let out a great sigh of relief. "Okay. I can do that. It'll be hard, since I'm a terrible liar... but I won't have to lie exactly, will I? If someone asks me what's going on between me and Alan, I can just say, 'It's none of your business,' or something like that, right?"

"Of course! O.B. and I will play coy too. Let the mystery build. Let people talk. The more people think they've got it figured out, the less of a big deal it'll be when the truth comes out a couple of months later."

"A COUPLE of months?! UGH!" Christine frowned. "I don't know if I'll be able to hold out THAT long!"

Amy loved how emotionally and physically needy for Alan Christine seemed to be. "Well, you gotta hold out at least one month. Two is much better. Anyway, Christmas break is coming up, so that'll help. But keep in mind that Alan will know you're already his second girlfriend, and I will, and you will, and that's what really matters, right?"

"Right!" Being reminded of that made Christine feel much better. She grimaced. "I hate to say this, but won't this plan only be delaying the inevitable? I mean, sure, it's great if we can minimize how people in school in general take this. But Heather is still Heather; she's still gonna go nuclear when she finds out that I'm his second girlfriend and she isn't. She'll probably demand to be his third girlfriend, at least, and if he doesn't go along with that there'll be hell to pay. I don't see her reacting much differently on Monday versus in a month or two."

"True," Amy admitted, "but we'll have that much more time to plan and gather allies and stuff. And a lot can happen between now and then. Heck, it's quite possible that he'll have a big falling out with her about something else by then."

Christine considered that. She had to admit that was at least a possibility. There were also many advantages to having time to plan. She told herself, It'll be torture keeping all this a secret at school, but I can do it! The main thing is that Alan will know the truth. I need to stop worrying about what other people think. It's that kind of thinking that made me turn him down when he asked me out. If HE calls me his second girlfriend and treats me like one, then that's all that matters!


Amy lay down on the grass and pulled Christine down too. Then they kissed again. But they were both tense from their negotiating, so the kiss was more an expression of relief than lust.

They necked in a very easy and comfortable way for a minute or two. Afterwards, they just lay there entwined together as each of them tried to process what had just happened.

Christine reviewed everything that had happened during the day. This has been the strangest day of my life, hands down! I still can't believe Alan has an actual harem, and not just any harem, but one made up of women at least as attractive as I am! But, you know what, despite everything, I think this is a situation I can live with. We have to break it into pieces. Just focus on Alan, Amy, and me. That's it. Forget the others. It's like they don't exist, starting right now. Looking at it that way, it's not so crazy. Mom, Dad, and Aunt Kirsten might even accept a sort of rose-colored version of that.

True, there are a lot of things I'm very uneasy about, such as just what I'm getting myself into sexually. It sounds like it's a must that I grow to love blowjobs, for starters! Yikes! I sure hope I do. Amy's example about sucking Alan off under the table during dinner with his other lovers present is particularly disturbing. I have to assume it's not going to come to that. I mean, if Amy agrees that I don't have to know about his other lovers, and she pretty much already has, that it's impossible for me to even be in that situation with them in the first place! A-ha! One small victory for me!

Christine lying on her back on the grass, propped up on one elbow, with Amy draped over her off to one side, both nude

But she thought, Amy seems to have no boundaries, no modesty, like... at all. It's as if she's up for practically anything! I'm not. She made a good point that even though I've been opening up sexually in a big way today, I'm not gonna suddenly become a different person. I still am very "conventional-y" in ways that she's not. So I'm probably going to disappoint her when it comes to living up to my "second girlfriend" duties. But that's not such a bad thing, really. That'll give her more time with him, if she's the only one to blow him under the table and that kind of stuff, right? And I'll be able to have quality time with him in more normal settings.

After working through her feelings on The Deal, she considered her feelings for Amy. It's weird. I just kissed her again a minute ago, and I liked it. A lot! And here we are, lying naked together and cuddling. I have to admit it feels good. But I'm not in love with her at all. Heck, I'm not even in lust with her. Well, not really. Sure, a kiss like that last one gets my heart thumping, but it doesn't make my heart skip a beat. And let's face it: intellectually we're on completely different levels, so we're never going to be that close.

But we've gotten seriously intimate today. And it's fun! I should just roll with it and not think too much. Mom says I overthink things. I'm not a lesbian at all, but I could do this without hating myself for it. Her body feels good, really good, and she's a great kisser. And she makes me feel so good that I almost can't handle how intense the pleasure is. It's almost as good as it is with Alan sometimes!

And it doesn't feel like I'm cheating on him with her either. It's like we're practicing or warming ourselves up for him or something. The main thing is, he knows about it and he's cool with it. In fact, it's almost like I'm with him by proxy or something. I can't really explain what it is, but I'm surprisingly okay with it. It's like this doesn't count, almost. I mean, if I would'a thought when I woke up this morning that I would end up rolling nude in the grass with another girl... Ha! No way!

She found herself kissing Amy's collarbone area, because they had repositioned and that was right in front of her face. She also unthinkingly ran a hand up and down Amy's bare back, enjoying the silky smoothness of her skin.

There's just something about Amy. I don't "want" her, but I could totally hang out with her. And for some reason, I can handle sharing Alan with her. Maybe because she is so good-hearted, not to mention so giving and so easy-going. All she's done is help me and be nice, without asking for anything in return, like how she's agreeing to this 'Deal' when she doesn't have to.

Amy was lazily caressing Christine's left ass cheek, which Christine didn't mind at all; in fact, she purred with contentment. Christine continued to think, The thing is, she may feel strongly about her "Official Girlfriend" title, but she still is a pushover in general. I don't mind making whatever concessions it takes to get this deal done, because I'm sure I'll be able to wiggle out of most of her demands before long. I'd never cheat her or anything like that, but it's a matter of how much you push, and she's just too easy-going, nice, and good-hearted to push back much. Over time we'll become equal co-girlfriends, I'm sure, once she sees that will benefit everyone and won't threaten her position with Alan.

If Christine could have read Amy's thoughts, she would have been in for a big surprise. Yes, Amy was easy-going and nice, but she also had a knack for getting what she wanted. And what she thought 'The Deal' could accomplish was so radically different than what Christine thought it could accomplish, it was as if they were talking about completely different things.

The agreement they were making was bound to lead to repeated conflict between them down the road. But at the moment, Christine and Amy couldn't have been happier about each other. Mainly, they both loved Alan intensely, and they appreciated that the other one loved Alan intensely. Their love for him carried over and gave them their strong positive feelings for each other as well. That was true in a sexual sense too, since each saw the other almost as a stand-in for Alan.

But of course the real Alan was right there. In fact, he was staring at them now, since he knew they were too preoccupied with each other to look his way. Besides, if he got caught, he could pretend that he'd just woken up. He was very pleasantly surprised by what he'd heard, in a whole variety of ways.

So it sounds like they're really going to make some kind of deal. Sweet! Amy is truly incredible. I never would have tried that on my own. A deal will help things, but it still doesn't change the fundamental problems between Christine and me all that much. She isn't someone who can just up and join the harem. In fact, I might have to find a way to keep my sexual relationships with Mom and Sis secret from her forever.

Dang! I'm damned if I do, and I'm damned if I don't. Do I tell her the full truth now and have her run away? Or do I keep it from her and live with being shitty to someone I love AND have her get pissed and possibly run away later when she inevitably does find out?

But it was hard for him to focus on that problem, because so many exciting things were happening. His libido was taking over, especially since he was watching the two nude girls lying there tangled together on the grass. Having some kind of long-term arrangement with Christine was an extremely exciting prospect, and even more so if Amy could be intimately involved. He especially loved that these things were evolving without him even having to participate directly in their negotiation.

He thought, If you listen to these two go on about what a stud I am, you'd think I'm superhuman. The thing is, once again, the hype becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I mean, geez! I practically don't even have to lift a finger to bring Christine into the harem, because Aims and Sis are doing all my work for me. Awesome!

I'm realizing that it takes a while to get Christine really horny. At least, normally it does. But when she finally heats up, she gets REALLY hot, like burning-oven hot! Now she's as hot as a firecracker again, also thanks to Aims! This is too cool! So why am I just standing here? Heh!

He got up and walked over to where they were. Then he coughed to make sure he wouldn't startle them. He said, as if that kind of thing happened all the time, "Hey, what's up? Mind if I join in?"

This time, neither Christine nor Amy were that surprised. In fact they hardly reacted at all, except to smile knowingly and then go back to kissing each other.

Amy lying back on her elbows while Christine straddles her lower thighs and kisses her, with their boobs pressed together, with one of Amy's legs draped over Christine's butt, while Alan reaches out to Christine

That was fine with Alan, especially since he had Christine's gorgeous nude body lying on top of Amy's, in an ideal position for him to explore. Seeing some symmetry to the earlier situation, he ran a finger down Christine's spine, just as he had earlier run his finger along Amy's spine.

He watched her shiver in response to his touch, and seeing her do that made him shiver too, despite being outside in the sun on a warm day.

He thought, Such a fucking awesome body! Man! In fact, I dare say, she's got the hottest body of all my women. Okay, that's probably not true, but... tied. Definitely tied. If I could design the perfect woman's body, I don't know how I could improve on her. Heck, even her skin is so silky smooth, I can barely find a mole or blemish. She's got a body built for sex, for sure. And hot damn! She's one of my women now! Okay, not in the same way as the others, but still, this rocks!

Christine had had enough of pretending to be indifferent to Alan's presence. In fact, she was as hot as an oven, and she was burning up for him, not Amy. So she rolled off of Amy and sat up, facing him. Then she gave him a scorching hot stare, and moved in closer.

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