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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 145
We Will Rock You
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan was busy cleaning the kitchen when she heard the front door open and close.

"Honey, I'm home!" Suzanne shouted. That was a bit of a joke to herself, acting as if she were the father in some 1950s sitcom of domestic suburban bliss coming home after a long day of work.

Susan rushed to the front foyer and gave Suzanne a big smile followed by an even bigger kiss on the lips. She loved the way Suzanne was dressed in a formal yet sexy way, as usual, and was wearing seductive perfume, also as usual, and it fired her lust (again, as usual!).

"Whoa," Suzanne protested after she finally got the chance to come up for air (although she didn't try to push Susan away). "Remember what I told you about behaving yourself while Christine is nearby."

Susan's face fell. "I know. I have to be normal."

Susan and Suzanne, both dressed, greeting each other in a hug, with Suzanne's left hand on Susan's right boob

Despite Suzanne's caution, she couldn't completely help herself, so she found her hands squeezing her best friend's clothed breasts a little bit. "Yes, but remember that it's only temporary. Soon enough, you'll be back to being a wanton sex cow, a milky mommy who loves shamelessly begging for her son's hot, sweet cum."

Susan stared dreamily off into space. "Mmmm... You promise?"

Suzanne replied, "I do. You only have to hang on to being normal for as long as Christine is still with our Sweetie."

She turned to walk through the living room towards the dining room, leaving Susan to trail blissfully in her wake. She conspiratorially confided over her shoulder, "In fact, I happen to know that a certain voluptuous Nordic blonde is very close to him right now."

Susan was suddenly bursting with excitement, so much so that she even grabbed Suzanne's blouse from behind rather forcibly, causing Suzanne to stop and face her. "Wait! What do you know?! Where have you been?! Tell all!"

Suzanne chuckled as she gently removed Susan's hands from her blouse. "I'll have you know that I've been at Brenda's, getting to know her better." She winked knowingly. "But, just before coming over here, I thought I'd stop by my house, change my clothes, and pick up some things, and while I was there... No, wait; why should I lie to you? You're my best friend, so no more lies, even little ones, if I can help it. I did change my outfit, but I have to admit I pretty much went home to peek into the backyard from a certain second-floor window."

Susan's eagerness only grew upon hearing that. "And?! And?!"

Suzanne chuckled some more. She loved Susan's passion. Playing hard to get, she turned and resumed casually walking into the dining room. But then she stopped and turned again to add, "And... unfortunately, I didn't see much. Amy and Christine were off together. I was way too far away to hear anything, but it looked like they were having a very serious talk. Sweetie was slumped in a chair, taking a nap. But what was really interesting was that all three of them were completely naked."

Susan's eyes went wide. "No! NO!" She pushed Suzanne in the chest just below her big boobs, forcing Suzanne to take a step back.

Suzanne chuckled yet again. "Yes! I'm guessing that they gave his cock a good draining, leaving him so wiped out that he needed to take a little rest. Mind you, that's just my speculation. Besides, I only peeked in on them for a minute, if that."

Susan exhaled passionately, "That's SO HOT!"

Suzanne smiled widely. "You want 'so hot'? I can't be completely sure, since I was a ways away, but I think I saw cum glistening on both Amy's and Christine's faces."

Susan's eyes nearly popped out of her head. She screamed, "NO! Just... NO! NOOOO! That is so AMAZING! Are you serious?!"

Suzanne nodded. She loved making Susan so happy.

"Gaawwwd! That's the best news EVER! That means Christine... she must have sucked Tiger's cock WITH Amy? Oh God! Pinch me!" She bounced up and down with sheer joy. "I know I said it's 'so hot' already, but this is even HOTTER! Suzanne, how can you just stand there looking calm when you know that?!"

Unable to restrain herself, she kissed Suzanne like her life depended on it.

Suzanne had to grab and hold Susan's wrists during the kissing, because she knew that if she didn't, Susan would have both of them naked in a flash. However, the mere act of holding her wrists set off Susan's submissive desires, keeping her as hot as burning lava.

The crest of Susan's lusty wave finally began to pass after a couple minutes. But then she stopped their necking and exclaimed, "Suzanne! This is HUGE! For all we know, Tiger could be taming Christine EVEN AS WE SPEAK! Mmmm! Oh my God!"

Suzanne was all smiles as she shook her head. "Not likely. I just came from that window literally a minute or two ago. Well, to be more precise, a minute or two before we started kissing. Before that, I was at Brenda's, like I said."

Trying to calm down, Susan forced herself to ask, "Oh? And how was that?"

"Good, good." Suzanne looked around the kitchen and dining room area, taking a seat at one of the stools next to the kitchen counter. She made small talk to help Susan get back to normal. "Boy, you've been busy. You're making this place shine."

Susan smiled proudly. "Well, if there's one good thing with having to act normal for a while, it's giving me a chance to catch up on cleaning. Plus, I've got so much nervous energy, hoping that the taming is going well. I mean, what if Amy and Christine are taking turns bobbing on his sweet spot RIGHT NOW?! How can you just sit here when..."

She saw Suzanne giving her a stern and disapproving look, and realized she was getting carried away. "But enough of that. I need to think of other things. So, uh..." She forced herself to refocus. "Um, what were you doing at Brenda's?"

Suzanne reaming a bent-over Brenda anally from behind with a big strap-on double dildo while also impaling herself

"I'm glad you asked. We talked about this and that." Suzanne replied airily, dismissively waving a hand, as if they'd been discussing color coordination in embroidery or something. Then she cocked her head to the side and got a thoughtful look as if remembering something. "Oh, and I fucked her in the ass with a strap-on she happened to have lying around." She got a wicked smile as she waited for the bomb to hit.

There was a pregnant pause, and then Susan gasped, right on cue. "WHAT?!"

"By the way, where's Angel?" Suzanne looked around, as if nothing were out of the ordinary. She was enjoying this quite a lot.

"She's upstairs, taking a nap," Susan replied automatically. "But hey, don't try to change the subject! What's this about you fucking Brenda in the ass?!"

"Well... she kinda insisted..." Suzanne replied, thoughtfully, as if that somehow explained everything.

There was another long pause. "And...?" Susan finally prompted impatiently.

Suzanne finally stopped playing around, and smiled warmly. "Sit down and I'll tell you the whole story."

Susan was in the process of getting coffee for them both. She hurried that up, and then sat at the stool next to Suzanne. "Okay. 'Fess up. I want details. LOTS of details! Intimate details!"

Suzanne chuckled knowingly. "Well, you see... when I left Glory's apartment, I was feeling soooo horny-"

"Wait. Why? What were you doing there? What happened?!"

Suzanne had to go back and relate the story about what had happened with her, Alan, and Glory at Glory's place. That took about ten minutes.

Even though she tried to be dispassionate about it, since they were supposed to be acting "normally," both she and Susan got more than a little worked up over her story. Had they not been sitting on different stools they probably would have wound up naked with their legs entwined around each other.

But Suzanne got to the part about visiting Brenda as quickly as she could. "Well, as you can imagine, after all that I was more than a little hot and bothered, and I needed to blow off some steam. Unlike you, I've hardly cum at all today! Of course, my first instinct was to come back here and have fun with you and Angel, but then I remembered about having to behave ourselves while Christine is next door. So I thought I'd give Brenda a surprise visit."

"And?!" Susan was hanging on every word. But when Suzanne paused for dramatic effect, Susan looked down at her own chest. Frustration was written on her face, and her erect nipples were bothering her greatly. "Wait. Before you continue, do you mind if I take my bra off for a minute or two, to, uh, give it some air?"

Suzanne had a good laugh at that. The funny thing was, she imagined Susan's bra really needing an occasional break from its difficult task of straining to hold Susan's huge melons in captivity. "No, I don't mind... and if it was just the two of us, I'd lick my lips and say 'yes, please.' But all the same, you'd better not."

"Why not? We don't have to be THAT good. You should see how Angel and I woke Tiger up from his nap!" She wiggled her eyes suggestively, and licked her lips. "It took us a good twenty spermy minutes!"

Suzanne wanted to hear that story in full, but she figured it was better to wait, if she wanted them to stay clothed with Christine so dangerously close. So she pointed out, "Yeah, but that was upstairs. Besides, there's a slippery slope. First you take off your bra, then I take off mine, and the next thing you know, we're writhing around on the floor with all our clothes off, in full view of anyone who walks in from the backyard next door."

Susan bit her lip in frustration, because she knew how true that was, as well as how good it could be.

Suzanne resumed her story. "So, anyway, I dropped in on Brenda. It turned out Adrian was out doing some early Christmas shopping with Anika, so we had the whole place to ourselves. I didn't even have to say anything when I arrived. Brenda simply dropped to her knees, bowed her head, and humbly asked, 'How may I serve you, Mistress?'"

Susan's eyes bugged out. She loved everything about that. That's what I need to do a lot of! Any time Tiger comes home, I should be on my knees, bowing, wearing sexy lingerie or nothing at all, not counting my high heels and collar, of course. "How may I serve you, Master?" Oooh! Chills! I love the sound of that!

Suzanne continued, "Phew! I was NOT ready for her to do that, especially with such a heartfelt feeling of love and devotion! I mean, she did it so automatically and without the slightest trace of doubt that it took my breath away!"

Suzanne, feeling her lust rising from the memory, fanned herself with one hand. "Susan, I know you're very submissive, and that works great for you, not to mention our Sweetie, but you should try taking a walk on the other side from time to time. It's such a rush!"

Susan frowned. "I couldn't do that. That's not me. Serving my son and master by loving his great mommy-splitting cock with my mind and body, heart and soul, is all I could ever want or need."

Suzanne countered, "Oh, come on. You've bossed Brenda around some, so you're perfectly capable of doing it. I can't even imagine how much fun Sweetie has, bossing all of us around every day. I mean, all I had to say to Brenda was 'Strip,' and... whoosh! She was able to take all her clothes off except her heels in seconds, without even getting off her knees. And of course she kept her collar too. I don't know about you, but just seeing one of those collars gets me, well, 'so hot!'"

"Me too!" Susan breathlessly agreed.

"Seeing Brenda on her knees wearing that collar, her heels, and nothing else... damn! All I could think about was the fact that she was Sweetie's slave. And then I remembered that I was wearing his collar too, and I'm one of his sex slaves as well. I swear, my pussy started gushing! And now, sitting here telling you this, I see you in your collar..."

She reached out and reverently caressed Susan's collar, while Susan did the same to hers at the same time. It was as if they were both in a trance - they lost track of time just staring at their collars and into each other's eyes. The sexual tension rose by the second.

Eventually, Susan whispered, "It's like... we're touching Tiger's control over us. Its physical manifestation..."

Suzanne nodded. Then she forced herself to cough, to take them out of the spell they were under. "Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Brenda's collar. We were still practically right at the front door, and I didn't know when Adrian and Anika would come back, so I ordered her to go to the middle of the living room. Well, at least I think that's what it was. She has so many rooms there, and they're all absolutely huge, with ceilings twice as high as this one! But I digress."

Attempting to refocus, Suzanne continued, "I was incredibly revved up from before, like I said, and then seeing Brenda kneeling there, wearing our master's collar and thinking about what that signified... I needed relief! So I was keen to speed things up a little. I told her to lie down on the carpet but with her bare ass high in the air."

"What reason did you give her?" Susan asked.

"That's the thing, Susan. When you have a slave who is wholeheartedly devoted to you, you don't need to give a reason. I just told her what to do; I didn't give her a why. And she just did it."

"Oh, Gaawwwd!" Susan groaned lustily. "That's so hot! That's how Tiger treats me! He doesn't tell me why, he just tells me to SERVE. Even though I'm his mommy! His big-titted mommy!"

Suzanne looked at Susan, and in particular the way her hefty globes were heaving up and down in time to her labored breathing. She said, "Uh-oh. Let's take a break. Do you have some crackers? I could use some crackers."

Susan looked incredulous. But then she caught herself. "Oh. Right. We have to be normal. Drat!" She got up from the chair and went to a cabinet above the oven to get a box of crackers. "It's not fair, though. I mean, how are we supposed to behave when we have a master who's just so..." - she breathed with a simmering, lusty heat - "masterly?"

Suzanne chuckled. A few short months ago, she wouldn't have been caught dead even thinking about sex, let alone sexual submission to her own son. And now, she can't STOP thinking about submitting herself to her son's cock! And hell, I've got to admit that I think about that a lot too. Bossing someone around like Brenda is great, but feeling the chains of being enslaved to my master is even better. It gives me such a contented sense of belonging and possession, knowing that his love and bond to me is as strong as it could possibly be.

She stalled for time by eating some crackers while Susan returned to her stool and calmed down a little.

Finally, Suzanne said, "Where was I? Oh yes. I was just getting to the part where I spread Brenda's ass cheeks wide and fingered her anus. You know, to check up on how she was doing back there after her anal enslavement ceremony to a certain well-hung you-know-who." She winked. "Actually, I suppose I'd better skip past a few things, get to the strap-on part, and wrap this up quickly. You're getting too horny."

"I am not!" Susan protested hotly. But then she calmed down and reluctantly admitted, "Okay, maybe I am. A little... But you are too!" She pointed at Suzanne's nipples, which were obviously erect even through her blouse and bra. Plus, Suzanne's rack was rising up and down rapidly, due to her own heavy breathing.

Suzanne smiled as she also looked down at her rack. "I know. I'm guilty too. Just watching these hefty puppies rise and fall can practically make me seasick. But regardless, we have to be good." She looked knowingly out towards the back patio.

Susan bit her lip again, and then nodded. She waited until her breathing was back to normal, and then shyly asked, "Suzanne, do you think we get... too... horny sometimes? I mean, I love it, and I know Tiger loves it, but it's like I don't have an off switch anymore. Actually, I do. In fact, I was doing pretty well before you arrived, even though I'm terribly anxious to find out what's happening next door. But the problem is that everything is so exciting to me that my switch gets turned back on too easily. It seems that there's always something that somehow reminds me of something else, which ends up getting me really hot!"

Suzanne replied seriously, "I know what you mean. I was kind of asking myself that on the way to Brenda's mansion: 'Can't I just cool off for a little while?' But I was so damn horny that it was like I couldn't say no. Actually though, trying to be normal like this is good. We should make this a regular practice. Maybe one day a week, we should do this all day long. We should wear bras and panties, even. It'll make us appreciate the other days more, give Sweetie a bit of a break from trying to please all of us all the time, and give us a chance to catch up on errands and whatnot."

Susan nodded, but she looked sad. "Good idea. But... do we really have to?"

Suzanne laughed. "We do. It'll be healthy, and even therapeutic. But if it's any consolation, it's not just us with the perpetual hornies. Brenda's just as bad, if not worse, if you can imagine that. In fact, when I headed to her place I didn't have any plans to fuck her ass at all; I just wanted to use a dildo on it as a kind of follow-up to what Sweetie did to her ass earlier. You know, I wanted to see how keen she was on being an anal sex slave to her mistresses in the harem, as well as to our master."

Susan nodded again in understanding, and puckered her own asshole a little bit needfully.

A nude, collared Brenda standing, inspecting a big double dildo

"But after I did that to her and given her a nice orgasm or two, she pulled out this huuuuge and incredibly long double-ended dildo, with straps and everything. She kind of held it up and looked at it curiously, as if thinking, 'Hmmm, where did this come from? I wonder what we could do with this? I sure hope Mistress Suzanne doesn't fuck me with it!'"

Suzanne laughed some more as she recalled Brenda's facial expression. "Needless to say, she wasn't anywhere near as innocent as she looked. And being her mistress, what choice did I have but to-"


<Ding dong!>

Suzanne was interrupted in mid-sentence by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Susan looked to Suzanne in panic. "Who could THAT be?!"

Suzanne also looked alarmed. "I don't know, but it can't be good." What she meant was that she figured everyone who was in the know about the family's new lifestyle was already accounted for. Alan and Amy were in the backyard next door with Christine, Katherine was upstairs, possibly taking a nap (or writing in her diary), Glory was at home and probably still recovering from her recent visit by Alan and Suzanne, and Brenda was also almost certainly still at home recovering from Suzanne's visit.

Susan looked down at herself. "Well, look at me! I'm actually dressed normally for once, with a bra on, even! I guess I'd better check to see who it is." She resettled her breasts within the confining restraints of her bra cups, brushed her hair back into place with her hands, and got up.

"Let me come with you," Suzanne said as she also got up. "Even though our clothes are okay, we should try not to let whoever it is very far into the house. I'm so used to it that it's hard for me to tell, but I'll bet this place smells like sex."

Susan pouted, "It does. But I LIKE that smell!"

Suzanne just chuckled, because there wasn't time to properly respond to that. They hurried across the house to the door, double-checking their appearance as they went.

Susan peeked through the peephole and announced, "Oh! It's Akami!" She looked to Suzanne for guidance, as usual. "That's okay, isn't it?"

"Very okay," Suzanne said. When she'd considered those "in the know," she'd forgotten about Akami, since they hadn't seen her in a while, and her arrival wasn't at all expected.

Susan opened the door and ushered Akami in. Then she quickly closed the door behind her, since she was so used to being naked or semi-naked that she felt like she had something to hide.

Akami was greeted with some pleasantries and hugs.

Suzanne was quick to ask, "This is a nice surprise. What brings you here? Is there some kind of problem?"

Akami smiled. "Absolutely no problem at all. Except one: it's been too long since I've seen any of you! I just thought I'd stop by and say hi."

Suzanne secretly felt very relieved. She was acutely aware of the fact that Akami knew the six-times-a-day secret, and Akami's continued participation in that deception was essential. So she figured that, in her case, no news was good news.

Susan also was feeling relief, just because their guest was someone in the know. She smiled, and said, "Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Since things... uh, have changed around here, my social life has kind of died off. We don't exactly get many guests anymore. But where are my manners? Come on in! Your timing is great, since we're not doing anything special. Would you like a drink? Or a snack?"

The three of them moved to the dining room where, after Susan brought Akami a cup of coffee, they got to talking.

Suzanne asked, "Akami, just how long has it been?"

"Not that long, actually. I was here on Wednesday. That party with your friend Xania, remember?"

Susan thought back. "Oh yeah. Boy, that seems like YEARS ago! It's only been what, three days? But so much has happened since then that it's not even funny. Alan fucked you pretty good that night, didn't he?"

Akami smiled knowingly, and sensuously licked her lips in fond remembrance. "He did." She stared quite obviously at Susan's and Suzanne's outfits. "By the way, I feel like I must have walked into the wrong house. You two are dressed so... normally. You look like typical suburban housewives, aside from your outrageous curves, of course. I feel like I'm out of place."

Akami in a brief tank top and shorts, showing a bare midriff

Suzanne grinned. "Yeah, I don't think Alan will recognize you without your lab coat." Akami was wearing a stylish yet very sexy outfit that showed a lot of leg, bare shoulders, and a bare midriff.

Susan explained, "I feel all... weird. I'm wearing a bra, even, if you can believe it, and it feels so wrong!"

Suzanne helpfully prompted her, "You should mention why."

"Oh yeah - get this! Alan is busy taming a gorgeous girl named Christine. They're in Suzanne's backyard next door with Amy. The thing is, Christine is a stunning, busty blonde Nordic bombshell, not to mention smart as all get out and all kinds of talented - she'll make a great addition to the harem. But she still needs to be properly tamed. As long as she's so close, I have to play the role of a normal mom, on the off chance that she'll stop by before she goes home."

"Oh." Akami's disappointment was clearly written on her face.

Suzanne picked up on that, saying, "You were hoping to see Alan, weren't you?"

Akami blushed. "Um, well... yeah. But I'm happy to see you both too! I'm keen to catch up on the doings of America's most interesting family."

Susan and Suzanne chuckled at that description.

Suzanne commented, "We might just be that. We'd make a pretty interesting X-rated reality TV show, at least. But don't worry; if you don't mind sticking around for a little while, you'll get a chance to see him, I'm sure. Christine and Amy have been over there practically all afternoon, and Alan's been there a good chunk of the time too. He'll be back. But I warn you, I doubt he'll be in much shape for any sexy shenanigans."

"Oh? Why is that?" Akami asked, trying to hide her disappointment without much success.

Suzanne replied wryly while gazing towards the glass door to the backyard, "Let's just say that Alan Junior has been a very busy bee today. He's been buzzing in a lot of different bonnets, pollinating a lot of different plants."

Susan proudly exclaimed, "My son is a total stud! He's a fucking MACHINE! Akami, are you up on all the latest harem news?"

"Probably not. We've spoken on the phone once or twice since Wednesday, but those calls were short and we didn't really have time to catch up."

Susan scanned her memory. "Oh, that's right. So much has happened since then that it's easy to lose track of a few phone calls." She turned to Suzanne.

Suzanne could guess what Susan wanted to ask, so she said, "Sure, go ahead, tell her everything. If there's one person who knows everything, it's Akami. She can be trusted one thousand percent." She stared at Akami intently as she said this, non-verbally conveying the importance of keeping secrets, especially the essential six-times-a-day secret.

Akami nodded. "Absolutely. Now that Dr. Fredrickson is out of my hair, there's no problem at all. You couldn't even torture anything out of me."

Suzanne gave her a feral look. "Maybe. But it would be fun to try."

"Oh dear," Susan said sadly. "I'm afraid I have to say it, but until Christine leaves and we get the all-clear, we can't have any hanky-panky at all. Not even an extra friendly kiss. I'm under strict orders to not even take my bra off, if you can believe it, and I can't tell you how much that's killing me! I feel like my breasts are in a cruel cage. They need to be free!"

She thought she was finished, but then a series of heartfelt additions followed. "And seen... and fondled... by my son!"

Akami chuckled. "Susan, you've become such a wonderfully sexual woman. Remember how you used to be, back when you came in for your first appointment?"

"Ugh! Don't remind me." She felt a pang of despair, thinking about how her life with Ron used to be. But then her thoughts drifted to that first appointment itself. "Although... in retrospect, that was really hot. Mmmm... seeing Tiger's big cock for the first time... Smelling his yummy cum... Little did I know all the love and joy that would follow... Hot, spermy joy... Mmmm..." She spaced out, drifting in blissful memory.

Suzanne snapped her fingers in front of Susan's face. "Hello? Earth to Susan: Come in, Susan!" She chided, "Not only do we have to keep our clothes on, we can't get ourselves too worked up with sexy talk."

Susan came back from her reverie. "Oh, poo! Where's the fun in that? What can we talk about, then? There's so much I want to tell Akami, but pretty much all of it is really HOT!"

Suzanne laughed. "Go ahead. I'll be a referee to make sure you don't get overheated."

"Goody! Akami, everything is too wonderful to be believed! Oh boy. Where to start? Oh! I know!" She tilted her head back and brought a hand up to her black collar. "Look! Tiger has collared us!"

Akami quickly looked at Suzanne.

Suzanne talking to Akami

Suzanne also tilted her head back and brushed her curly hair back to show off her collar. "It's true. Alan's formalizing his harem. These collars signify that we've sworn to be his sex slaves."

"Forever!" Susan added excitedly.

"Wow!" Akami said with genuine awe. "That's just so... extraordinary. He's only an eighteen-year-old boy, for goodness sake, and look at you two..."

"We like to think of him as an eighteen-year-old man," Suzanne corrected.

"Well, he certainly deserves that," Akami agreed. "May I ask who the official harem members are at this point?"

Suzanne answered. "Certainly, although I'm trusting you not to tell another soul. There's Susan, me, Amy, and Katherine, all of whom you obviously know already. Plus, there's Brenda, whom you met at one of our poke-her parties. And then there's Glory, who happens to be Alan's history teacher. Have you met her?"

Akami shook her head no. "Wow. I'm staggered. One boy and six women?! What about Xania?"

"She's kind of an associate," Suzanne explained. "She's not certain what she wants, so we're giving her some time to work out her priorities."

Susan butted in. "She's totally harem-worthy, though! I'm sure she'll join in before too long. On top of that, Tiger is in the backyard right now, taming Christine even as we speak! I'm really rooting for her to fall under his spell. Suzanne says he's giving it to her good!"

Suzanne held up a hand and clarified, "That's a bit of an exaggeration. I was changing clothes back at my place a while ago, and before I left to come here I peeked in the backyard. I was too far away to see much, but the three of them were completely naked, so I took that as a good sign."

Susan whispered to Suzanne excitedly, "And the cum on their faces! What about that?! You've gotta tell her about that!"

Suzanne whispered back, loudly enough for Akami to hear, "Hold your horses. I'm not 100 percent sure on that."

Akami looked back and forth between them in disbelief. "So Alan's harem could grow even larger? That's just... nuts. I mean, no offense. I know he's a virile guy, but he is only ONE guy. Aren't you worried he could be spread too thin?"

"Definitely," Suzanne said firmly. She looked hard at Susan, making sure she wouldn't be contradicted. "Things are getting a bit out of control, even considering that getting Christine to join is a long shot at best. We're trying hard to close the door to any more new hotties before the whole town moves in with us. By the way, you're not interested in joining the harem, are you?"

Akami shook her head firmly. "Absolutely not. I'll admit, it probably would be a fun way to live, but it's not for everyone. For starters, I like Alan a lot, but I don't love him, and I think you'd have to love him to make things work."

"That's true," Susan agreed. She wasn't upset because, although she liked Akami a lot, she didn't feel that Akami had a body that was Alan-worthy enough for the harem. Knowing that Akami didn't want to join was a relief, because she could keep that opinion to herself and not hurt Akami's feelings.

Akami went on, "Plus, I figure you'd have to be on the submissive side, and I don't really work that way. Sure, maybe in bed for fun every once in a while, but not as a permanent lifestyle. I value my freedom too much to give myself to anyone forever. Heck, that's why I'm not even that keen on marriage."

"That's what I thought," Suzanne said. "That's why the idea never even occurred to me. You're just not the type."

Akami nodded. "But I wish you all the best. I'd still love to be a frequent guest at your parties and whatnot, if you remain open to having guests."

Suzanne said, "Certainly. But I've gotta warn you, Alan says his first priority is going to be spending time with his women. The women in his harem, I mean. Even a week or two ago, he seemed keen on fucking every beautiful woman that moved, but he's evolving fast as he focuses on his harem, by which I mean us."

She smiled at Susan, and Susan smiled back.

Susan added apologetically, "So I imagine we aren't going to have that many special parties with extra guests anymore."

Akami nodded. "I understand. If he's got six women in his harem, I'll be lucky to see him at all! That's a lot like having six wives, isn't it?"

"It's exactly like that," Suzanne nodded. "Especially if you toss in a few mistresses for good measure. That means, and I'm sorry I have to say this, but we've got to be more careful who his sexual partners are. For instance, if you're having sex with other people, that could be a problem."

Akami blanched at that, and replied, "Uh-oh. That could be a very big problem. Let's get back to that later. But no matter what happens with that, I'd still like to be friends with you all. I feel like I was privileged to be there at the start of something very special and unique, and I kind of want to see that my 'baby' grows up well. And that's true even if you don't need me anymore for the medical treatment side of things."

Susan and Suzanne both smiled at that.

Susan said, "That's wonderful. I love it! And we'd love to have you in our lives as a good friend. Our door is always open for you. And I certainly hope we can keep the Wednesday poke-her party tradition going, at least. It's just that Alan may not always be available. I do have to admit that we're taking care of the medical treatment pretty well-"

Suzanne snorted. "Ha! You could say that again! We don't even keep track of how many times Sweetie, I mean Alan, cums each day anymore, since his daily average is well over six. Heck, I dare say that it would be tough to see how he could be any more sexually stimulated. His balls are pretty much drained dry at all times."

Susan beamed with satisfaction. "It's true! Isn't it wonderful? Suzanne, just hearing you say that makes me-"

Suzanne interrupted, finishing the sentence. "'SO HOT!' Color me shocked." She couldn't help but smile though. "Akami, needless to say, Susan gets 'so hot' quite a lot. We hear that about twenty times a day."

Akami smiled too. "Awww, that's cute. I'm envious. You have so much fun. That's one reason I wanted to stop by. I must admit I wouldn't exactly mind having Alan fuck me, but that's just one part of the appeal of coming here. You all seem to be having so much FUN all the time!"

"That we do," Susan said proudly. "I can't wait to tell you all the things that have happened since Wednesday! Not to mention some of the things that happened before then that you may have missed."

"Pray tell!" Akami enthused. "And I've got some interesting things to tell you too."

"Good," Suzanne said. "That'll help pass the time. To be honest, we're just kind of marking time right now until Alan comes back. We can't wait to hear how things went with Christine. Call it a gut instinct, but I sense that what happens with her today could determine whether we end up with her in the harem or not. At the very least, it's a key step on a long, uncertain road."

The three of them started sharing stories about their recent adventures, with Susan and Suzanne doing most of the talking, since they had a lot of adventures to share.


Christine's heart was pounding. A part of her felt at ease around Alan and Amy, but she was still naked and Alan's thick erection was hanging there right in front of her, and that was driving her wild. Plus, she was very worried that he would misunderstand her making out with Amy (even more!) and would think she was into girls.

Mostly, though, she just wanted to get her mouth back on his cock. Amy had been raving about how much she and all of Alan's other lovers loved doing it, like they simply couldn't get enough of it. Christine had sucked him once, and she'd started to really enjoy it. She felt like she'd gotten over the most difficult part, and now, hopefully, she could get seriously into it and start to find out what the others were raving out.

Furthermore, she wanted to prove to Amy that she had what it took to be a good co-girlfriend for Alan, and it was becoming clear that a big part of that would be cocksucking, even dual cocksucking with Amy.

She tried to put up a brave front before a prolonged silence would make things even more awkward. She couldn't stop staring hungrily at Alan's erection, but she said to him, "So, tell me a good dumb-blonde joke."

He grinned. "Sorry. How am I supposed to come up with one with you sitting in front of me like that? All the blood has gone from my brain to somewhere, uh, else." That was true enough, since she was squatting right in front of him while leaning forward, as if she were ready to start a blowjob at any moment (which, in fact, she was).

Christine squat-sitting on her heels on the grass next to a naked, standing Alan and his rampant cock

She said wryly, "Yeah, I wonder where." She couldn't believe that she was bold enough to be that suggestive in this situation, especially since she was brazenly ogling his stiff cock from just feet away as she said it. She didn't really want to stare, but she couldn't help herself.

He took a step closer, and then another, until his boner was only inches from her mouth.

She thought, Oh boy! Here it comes! Any moment now, I'm gonna open my mouth and take that in! I'm not afraid this time; I can do it! I'm gonna stretch my lips around it and suck! And use my tongue too! They'll both be impressed!

He kept on grinning, then said, "I can't tell you a dumb-blonde joke, but I've got a sexy blonde question."

"Okay, lay it on me." She almost blushed as she realized the possible double meaning in that. She was longing for him to push his boner into her mouth. If he took the initiative, that would make it easier for her. Also, although she didn't consciously admit it to herself, she liked it when he was in charge.

She was having a hard time thinking about anything but his fat dick, jutting out rigidly only a few inches in front of her, and how it would feel in her hands and mouth. She was salivating like crazy, even licking her lips.

Alan knew that he could easily move a little closer, put his hands on her head, and slide his cockhead into her mouth. He could tell that she was waiting for it, longing for it. But he was feeling a bit devilish. He wanted her so hot for him that she'd be the one to initiate the action, so he just stood there, practically close enough to touch his cockhead to the tip of her nose.

Just being that close to it was making her dizzy. She was still too shy to initiate the blowjob, but eventually she couldn't stand the temptation, so she stood up.

He put his hands on her shoulders, trying to ignore the way her erect nipples were lightly brushing against his chest. "How many smart, sexy, and all-around incredible blonde girls does it take to get my heart beating so hard that I feel like I'm going to pass out, time after time after time these last few years?"

Her mouth suddenly went dry, and she gulped. Oh God! He feels like that about me too?! She was too emotionally overcome to reply.

He answered smoothly, "One. You. You do that to me."

"Oh God!" She was staggered by how much his simple but heartfelt words affected her. With her great smarts, she realized that his comment almost certainly wouldn't be true if he didn't include the "blonde" qualifier, not to mention "girl" instead of "woman," but in the heat of the moment she was so overcome by love that she didn't care.

Their heads drew closer, ever so slowly, until they started French kissing.

Alan was learning how to integrate his kind "Good Alan" side with his more aggressive "Bad Alan" side. He realized that she still needed some encouragement to get over her lingering hesitation. So even as their loving kiss continued, he gently but firmly took Christine's hand and brought it to his stiff cock.

Christine was shocked, but it couldn't be said that she was upset. In fact, she'd been hoping he'd do exactly that. Even then, after a long afternoon of having her sexual barriers demolished, a part of her still resisted. So she was glad to be "forced" into submission, which further fueled her Wonder Woman fantasies. That made her think about the nearby costume she'd been given, and wearing it for role-plays with Alan in the near future, and that in turn pushed her arousal even higher. She immediately started jacking him off.

She'd done that earlier in the day, but only ever so briefly. She'd been terrified at the time, but now it wasn't that big a deal, considering that she'd had practice sucking him in the interim. Her heart still pounded wildly, and she thrilled to his kiss and to every touch, but she also had a certain confidence and even brazenness that she'd lacked before. This time she didn't just shyly or mechanically stroke him; she very ably pleasured him, letting her love and passion flow through her hands. She even managed to experiment with different rhythms and moves to see what worked best.

Once Alan felt that she was getting into her stroking, he got busy exploring her body further. As he pulled on her nipples, he thought with awe, I can't believe I can just reach out and touch her nipples, or sink my fingers deep into her tit-flesh, or just heft and caress these big puppies, and she doesn't sock me in the jaw! He held her tits from below, feeling their weight.

That resulted in a loud, erotic moan, on top of her already constant sexy panting due to her cock stroking.

He thought, In fact, she's actually getting off on it! Listen to that! He hefted and squeezed her great globes some more, and was rewarded with another loud moan. Wow! Talk about a kid in a candy store! So bouncy and firm, but still somehow soft and squeezable! And now I can do this with her anytime I want! SWEET!

He got even more excited as he thought, Even in public! Even in school! Okay, maybe not just yet, and not just anywhere, but soon! Imagine the shocked looks the first time I French kiss her in the middle of lunch, and maybe slip my hands down to her ass cheeks and give 'em a good squeeze! I won't get in trouble for doing just that, right? WOW!

Christine was having somewhat similar thoughts. It looks like Amy may well go for the co-girlfriend idea. That means Alan is my boyfriend! And that means I'm going to be spending a LOT of time with this cock! Frankly, that thrills and excites me! Today has been a complete revelation; I'm not the same person I was when I woke up this morning. I love this! I love sex! I love getting a little bit slutty. A lot slutty, even, if it's with my man! Why does that have to be such a shameful thing? Mmmm! I love the sound of that: "my man!"

I can still be a straight-A student and excel in everything else I do AND have Alan as my lover and my love, can't I? Why not? Of course I can! Aaaah... I just love the HEAT and the heft of this thing! It's getting wetter in my hand all the time, and that's helping my fingers slide faster! It's great fun to stroke from top to bottom, but I've gotta remember Amy's advice to focus on the sweet spot! I want to make him feel real good, just like the butterflies he's making me feel. I wanna make him CUM!

After a few minutes of increasingly adept and confident cock-stroking, she had to break the kiss to snicker. "Come on, Alan. What's with you and boobs? You know there's more to me than just my breasts." She said that because he'd been fondling her huge melons to the exclusion of nearly every other part of her gorgeous body.

She loved it, especially the way he treated her nipples (being neither too gentle nor too rough) and caressed the undersides and sides, and her big smile showed her feelings. He was quickly learning what her boobs liked best, just as she was quickly learning what his cock liked best. But still, the rest of her body felt neglected.

Continuing to hold and fondle his hot, throbbing boner, she leaned back and tried to strike a sexy pose to entice him to run his hands elsewhere. But since she was reaching out with her hands at his crotch, her boobs were squeezed together and pushed up and out between her stiff arms, ironically drawing even more attention to her incredible 38Fs. XX01

His heart thumped like a sledge hammer, but he tried to play it cool, and gave Christine an "awww, shucks" look. "Hey, you know me. Boobs are like my kryptonite."

She gave a knowing glance at his crotch. She ran a fingertip all the way up and down his long shaft as she teased, "Does kryptonite give Superman a super-hard erection? Is that why you have such trouble fighting, 'cos you're doubled over and wincing with a Superstiffy?"

Alan had a good laugh at that. He especially appreciated the joke, since Christine wasn't known for her sense of humor.

She surprised even herself by speaking in a new sultry tone. "I have my own kryptonite too, you know, and it's in my hands. It makes me so weak that I drop to my knees! Then I wind up doing naughty, naughty things!" She gave him a shockingly passionate "come hither" stare, even though they were already pressed about as close together as they could get.

Alan was blown away, and unthinkingly exclaimed, "WHOA! So hot!"

Christine flashed a big smile. She was proud of herself for being such a sexy tease, because she hadn't known she had it in herself. Between stroking his cock and practically drooling with thoughts of sucking on it some more, very, very soon, she was extremely inspired.

He firmly gripped her bare ass cheeks and pulled her in closer still. "This is so great! Christine, we've still got our bond of friendship, and that's not gonna change; we're just adding a sexual dimension that'll make everything ten times better. I feel so comfortable with you. This is really GOOD!"

She smiled and pulled her body back some, so she had sufficient room to play with his cock and see what she was doing to it. She ran her fingertips up and down his thick pole a couple more times. She'd just discovered a new technique where she straddled a fine line between touching and not touching his shaft with just her fingertips. That created a tantalizing sensation almost more arousing than if she were firmly jerking up and down. She loved the way that made him shiver all over, especially when she focused on his sweet spot.

Then she moved back into his tight embrace while keeping both hands moving up and down his hot, pulsing pole. "It is. Although I kind of feel like this is just a dream, and I'm about to wake up. And then it'll disappear in a puff of smoke." Her mood turned sad as she said those words.

"What? Why?"

She shook her head and stared into space, even as she kept stroking him. "I don't know what happened to me today. This isn't me! I guess the credit, or maybe the blame, should go to Amy. Where'd she go, anyway?" Given the way that Amy had behaved all day, Christine was surprised that she wasn't right there stroking Alan too, or leaning over her shoulder with advice, or something like that.


As if on cue, Amy came skipping out the back door of her house carrying a ghetto blaster and a handful of CDs. Even though she'd gone into her own house, she'd done so naked, so her big tits bounced freely as she skipped along. She'd overheard Christine's last comment, so she responded, "I'm right here! I was just getting some tunes. When I stroke or suck O.B.'s big fat dick, I like to do it to some groovy music!"

Amy had spoken quite loudly, since she was still a ways away when she started speaking. That caused Christine to say sarcastically, "Amy, can you say that any louder, so the whole neighborhood can hear you?"

Amy, naked as usual, with her hand cupped to her mouth to make a megaphone, preparing to yell

Amy looked at her strangely, now that she was standing nearby, and said, "M'kay. Whatever floats your boat." She cupped her hand to her mouth and took a deep breath, as if preparing to yell. As she inhaled, she made sure to arch her back, thrusting out her tits.

Christine slapped her forehead in frustration with one hand while continuing to hold Alan's cock with the other. It was as if she couldn't let go of it to save her life.

Then, before Amy had a chance to shout, Alan said, "Aims, please! Christine was just joking."

In truth, Amy hadn't been about to shout, since she knew that if she delayed long enough someone would stop her. But she liked to take advantage of such situations to reinforce Christine's belief that she was an airhead, as well as a sexually free spirit. It was always an advantage to be underestimated, especially since she knew that there would be hard bargaining ahead with Christine to finalize "The Deal."

Amy sat down next to Christine and put her hand on Christine's back in a very familiar manner. In her usual bright and cheery tone, she asked, "Hey, is it just me, or does this place totally smell like aroused pussy or what?" Her eyes opened wider. "It does! Cool beans! Wow, C, you must really be hot to trot, since we're outside and everything yet I can still smell you."

Christine just slapped her forehead in frustration. UGH! GOD! Amy! She has NO sense of propriety! But she also sniffed the air and realized that Amy was right. To say that she was embarrassed was a great understatement, but she didn't know what to do about her sopping wet pussy, which was getting wetter all the time as she continued to jack Alan off.

Then Amy suggested, "Hey, you should kneel while you're doing that. Then you can focus totally on serving his cock while you get ready to suck it!"

Christine was tempted to slap her forehead again, but she didn't this time. Does she really have to call it "serving his cock?" Why not just "stroking?" It's like she's trying to embarrass me on purpose. I swear, she's got a very loose relationship with the English language. But she dropped to her knees, just as Amy had suggested. She was so surprisingly attached to Alan's erection that she managed to keep one hand on it all through the repositioning.

In fact, Amy WAS trying to embarrass Christine, on purpose. She'd observed from how Alan treated some of his other women that a little sexy humiliation could arouse like almost nothing else, and she'd noticed that kind of treatment seemed to work especially well on the normally proud, self-controlled, dignified Christine.

Amy knew she had to be careful not to go too far, so she changed the topic by asking, "So, like, what's your favorite kind of music?"

Christine admitted, "I'm not really that into music." Like Suzanne, her preference was classical music, but she figured that wasn't a "cool" thing to say. She brought her other hand back to Alan's boner, trying to cover it with both hands, to hide all of it from Amy's eyes. However, it felt so good beneath her fingers that she couldn't help but continue pumping up and down its length.

She felt strangely self-conscious about what she was doing because of Amy's reappearance, especially because Amy was blatantly staring at how her hands were stroking Alan's hard-on. What she didn't realize was that, even though she was annoyed at Amy for being there, Amy's mere presence made everything feel yet more naughty and exciting.

Amy wasn't even slightly deterred by Christine's answer. "Well, don't worry, I've got all kinds: the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, B*Witched... oooh! And here's a brand new CD by the Sugababes! Let's play that!" She looked at Christine and asked in a saucy tone, "Are you a freak like me?"

"What?" Christine didn't know that the Sugababes had a current hit called 'Freak like Me,' so she found the question very puzzling. She'd never even heard of the Sugababes, which wasn't too surprising since they were only big in Europe.


She looked back down at the thick rod sliding in her hands. Weird. I didn't expect it to be this wet all the time. It's so slippery! Obviously, the body lubricates on purpose to enable this very sort of sliding. I like it! Her hands sloshed all over, occasionally making odd squishy noises.

She had a sudden epiphany. I'm becoming a sexual being! I'm no longer "Pristine Christine." They won't be able to tease me in school anymore, not once they find out I'm Alan's co-girlfriend. I'm discovering the joy of sex!

Alan said, "Hold on." He rifled through the dozen or so CDs Amy had brought. He loved Amy to pieces, but the one thing about her that really drove him nuts was her preference for mindless dance pop (especially since she loved to play the same few CDs over and over, and sing and dance to them). He didn't want to ruin his future memories of this pivotal time with "crappy" dance music.

While Alan was making his selection, Christine was still feeling a bit self-conscious due to Amy's reappearance. Seeing Amy exit the house reminded her that there was a wider world out there, and that one didn't just sit in the nude playing with a stiff dick all afternoon. She said to Amy, "You know, when you were in there, you could have gotten both of us some clothes."

Amy pretended to ponder that. She could have easily pointed out Christine's hypocrisy in complaining about nudity even while she was stroking Alan's boner with both hands, but that wasn't Amy's way. Instead, she brightened, and said, "Yep! I could have!" She winked playfully.

Christine had to laugh, and her worries faded for the moment. Amy brought such a sense of fun that Christine simply couldn't remain so uptight.

Then Amy said, "No, seriously, it's good to be naked. It kinda makes everything sexier, ya know? It might make you feel a little scared and helpless to be naked outside, but that's good too. Somehow it helps remind us that we belong to Alan."

Christine thought, Well, Amy has some weird ideas, especially about "belonging." But I might as well get used to the nudity as best I can. It seems like I'm gonna be naked and playing with Alan's dick a lot from now on, if I really get to be his second girlfriend. Amy thinks I won't be able to handle all the weirdness, but I'll show her! I can do almost anything when I put my mind to it.

Amy added, "Plus, Alan really likes it when his women are completely, totally, buck naked."

Christine's glance immediately shot up to Alan towering over her. She asked as she rubbed his sweet spot, "Is that true?"

"It is," he replied. "Although I love sexy clothes too, and especially watching you get out of them."

"OH!" Christine felt a jolt of pleasure as she thought about that. I can't wait until our next practice date! Heck, just plain "date" now. I'll borrow something extra sexy and amazing from Aunt Kirsten. We'll flirt and tease each other all through dinner at a fancy restaurant, keeping his cock hard. Then, when we get home, the fun will really begin! I'll do a private striptease for him and make him moan and groan in tortured ecstasy. Then I'll drop to my knees, scoot up to his cock, and show him just how much my cocksucking has improved! We'll have an early dinner so I can practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect! She giggled silently.

Christine took another look at Amy, since Amy had gone silent. She pointed out, "I see you must have cleaned your face when you were in the house."

"Yep!" Amy replied. "I totally loooove my O.B.'s cum on my face, but it does get sticky after a while. Speaking of which, you still have some of it here and there. Let me help you." She carefully wiped the last of Alan's cum off Christine, since it was drying there also.

Christine was grateful. But she thought to herself, I've had that on my face the whole time? Wow! That's kind of... hot! Alan must have looked at me and seen the cum and decided not to mention it. I'll bet he likes to see my face "painted" with his cum. What man wouldn't? I'm starting to see why Amy likes it. It's like he's publicly claiming me. "Hands off! She's mine!" Sexy! Gross and sexist too, but sexy!

But why does she bother? It'll just be a matter of time before he paints me with a fresh load! Hmmm... Why does that thought both gross me out and turn me on? I hate this sex stuff. It's just too... weird!

Meanwhile, to Alan's relief, he noticed a mix CD he'd made of his favorite classic Motown hits, so he held it up. "How 'bout this one?"

"Cool beans!" Amy grabbed the CD and put it in the stereo. Luckily for Alan, there were a few areas where his musical tastes overlapped Amy's, mostly for music with driving beats and catchy melodies. Motown was one of those rare areas of intersection.

The Temptations' classic "My Girl" started to play.

Alan wasn't a great singer, but even as Christine continued to jack him off, he stared lovingly into her eyes and crooned along with the song:

"I've got sunshine
on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside,
I've got the month of May

"Well, I guess you'll say
what can make me feel this way?
My girl, my girl,
talkin' 'bout my girl"

The words were simple, and the gesture was nothing elaborate or even planned, but Christine was profoundly touched. She was more of a "true romantic" than most of Alan's other lovers, so little romantic gestures like that went a long way with her.

In fact, it was this very moment that started Christine's love of Motown music. That would turn out to have a nice benefit, since Alan was quite a Motown aficionado, and it would give them another mutual interest to talk about.

Alan had planned to sing the entire song, but he didn't even manage to get to the start of the second verse, because Christine was so overcome with love and lust that she pretty much attacked him. She actually knocked him backward onto the grass in her enthusiastic need to kiss and caress him that very second.

Alan lying on his back on the grass, with his erect deck against Christine's ass crack as she lies on him with her tits against his neck, bracing herself up with her arms

She wound up on top of him. Before she got a chance to lock lips with him again, she felt his erection poking straight up just behind her ass, slightly enfolded by her ass cheeks. In fact, she could feel the heat of his boner warming her wet pussy.

That was so exciting and dangerous that she felt woozy. She knew it wouldn't take much for that steel pole to shift and puncture her hymen.

Alan knew that too, and he forgot to breathe for a surprisingly long moment.

She slid down his body so her pussy wouldn't be in such a tempting predicament. His boner wound up under her taut tummy, but she was able to reach between them and grasp it. Before long, she was French kissing him while rapidly jacking him off, as if her life depended on getting him to cum right away.

Alan's hands went to her ass cheeks, where he held her as if he were holding on for dear life. That wasn't far from the truth, because he was clenching his PC muscle hard, fighting the urge to cum. He loved the fact that she was being the aggressor while he mostly just lay there and enjoyed what she was doing to him. He also loved the fact that she simply couldn't stop smiling, which showed that she too was having a great time.

Christine giggled silently, I think I'm gonna like being Alan's co-girlfriend. I'll bet I'm gonna like it a lot! Hell, who am I kidding? I'm going to love it!

Amy returned to her role of sexual cheerleader. "WOW! You GO, girl! ... I can't even see what you're doing with your hand, but judging from the way your arm is shaking rhythmically all over the place, you must really be stroking up a storm! ... Jerk that cock! Wooooo! Oh, and remember his sweet spot! Don't get so herky-jerky with your fast pumping that you forget all about that spot. Sometimes less is more."

Not surprisingly, there was no reply, since Alan and Christine were far too busy kissing and fondling to talk. However, Christine did alter her rhythmic movements to focus more on Alan's sweet spot.

Amy just kept on. "See what I mean about music? I always love to suck him or stroke him to some good, bouncy tunes. You can totally get into the groove and stroke or suck or titfuck right along with the rhythm. You should try it! But the main thing is, keep going all fast, and pump and pump and pump him like you're already doing so well, until he shoots his cum all over your tummy!"

Christine thought, Typical Amy. That girl drives me crazy! But at the same time, I have to admit that it's hard not to love how she is just so, well, Amy-ish.

She returned her focus to jacking off Alan's cock, following Amy's suggestion to do it in time to the music. She loved how hot and alive if felt in her hand. She slid off his body somewhat so she could occasionally look down along their bodies and see what her hand was doing. She really wanted to get him to cum without any help from Amy, and she was testing out all the tricks she'd read about in her sex books.


Eventually Alan's surge of passion passed. All of Christine's efforts to get him to cum with her fast stroking came to naught, and she was forced to admit defeat when her hand got too tired to keep up the pace. They wound up sitting up, but with their bodies even more entwined than before.

Amy had the sense to give them a little space, at least for a while. While she sometimes chimed in with a suggestion or encouraging words, this time she refrained from getting physically intimate with either of them.

However, she stayed close, lingering behind Alan with an arm around his back so she could look Christine's way and observe closely. She also didn't miss the chance to hype Alan's stamina. "Don't feel bad, C. You think you're gonna get him to cum. You can feel it pulsing and hot. Really hot! You KNOW it's gonna happen! And then, just when you can almost feel the splooge splattering all over your face, you poop out and can't keep stroking or sucking for even a second longer. It happens to us all. He's got some kind of super duper spermalicious wondergasmic mega-boner! That's why it's good to work as a team to help conquer it. Well, at least until it gets hard again." She winked and smiled.

Amy hoped that might give Christine the idea to invite her to join in.

But Christine just rolled her eyes. The mention of "us all" reminded her of the harem and depressed her a little.

Even though Christine continued to hold and sometimes stroke Alan's boner - she felt like she couldn't let go of it! - things calmed down enough for their conversation to resume. Alan said, "Hey, Christine, I've got a question."


Amy joked, "Watch out! He might do just that!" She giggled. She added more seriously, "You never know. Even with his great self-control, sometimes his cock just decides to squirt. Think of his cock as a powerful gun that could fire at any moment!"

Alan said, "Actually, that is true; I do lose control unexpectedly at times, but I'm good right now. I certainly don't have a 'wondergasmic mega-boner!'" He and Christine grinned at that, but he also knew that he could benefit from being modest since Amy was providing all the hype for him.

He continued, "What you're doing to it feels really nice. Anyway, Christine, you mentioned something earlier about how you were sad because you felt like you were in a dream but it was going to disappear in a puff of smoke. What did you mean by that, and how can we fix it? You know I want to make you happy."

Christine frowned because of that reminder about those feelings. She stared down at her sliding hands as she explained, "Yeah, well... I wish you could help, but I don't see how. You see, this isn't really me. It's like I'm living in an alternate reality where all my sexual hang-ups are just... gone. Poof! But no one can change that quickly. I KNOW that, in a matter of hours, you two will be gone and I'll be back to the same old me, pretty much. I'll be feeling embarrassed, stunned, and maybe even guilty over what I've done. The thing is, I'm in the middle of some kind of sex tornado. The feelings are just soooo good and soooo intense, I never want this to end! But it WILL end."

She continued even more emphatically, "Eventually, I'm gonna have to return to reality. But I don't want to go back! I love this! I love being so free and uninhibited, without a little voice telling me 'No' all the time. I love being wanton and sexy! I love holding and stroking your big cock."

She was jacking off his shaft with two hands without really thinking, but now she examined her stroking hands and thought about what she was doing. "In fact, I just love the fact that I can call it a 'big cock.' Normally, there's a part of me that simply won't allow me to even go there, even in my own thoughts! ... And it is quite a big one, isn't it?"

Amy chimed in. "Definitely!"

The busty blonde looked around the backyard. "This place has become like some kind of magical land for me. It's like I've fallen down the rabbit hole and I'm in Wonderland. I don't want to go back home, ever! All the things that I care about so much - my homework, my martial arts practice, my daily exercise regimen, the various books I'm in the middle of reading - I don't care about them anymore! Of course, that's not really true, but it's how I feel at this very moment, and it scares me. I just want to be naked and panting with arousal while I do fun and sexy things with you!"

She turned to Amy. "Hell, it's kind of embarrassing to admit, but I even want to do sexy things with you too!" She quickly added with increasingly pained shyness, "You know, not like SEX sex, but in a kind of limited, 'practicing for Alan' kind of way, with just kissing and stuff. I'm not into... you know..." She closed her eyes tightly, which curiously allowed her to express herself more freely. She admitted with a burst of enthusiasm, "But even doing only that much was FUN!"

Amy just nodded and smiled. She knew better than to say anything on that touchy subject.

Christine looked down at her fingers rubbing against Alan's sweet spot. My hands are soaked with pre-cum, and yet more flows out all the time. I should be grossed out by all these body fluids, but I just love stroking this fat thing! She looked back up at Alan's face pleadingly. "Can we just stay here forever? Please?"

When there was no immediate reply, she looked around the backyard, and joked, "Look at all this land. We can plant crops here; we'd never have to leave."

She thought, I've been dying to suck his cock some more, ever since he just about bumped my nose with it a little while ago. Well, what am I waiting for? I can at least try licking it for a while, can't I? That's not so difficult or daunting. I'm ready for some more of THAT!

Christine holding the middle of Alan's shaft while carefully extending her tongue to the tip of his dick

Repositioning herself, she lapped at the tip of his cockhead as if trying to sway his opinion on this, while at the same time she kept pumping one hand firmly up and down his thick shaft.

Alan chuckled at that as he caressed her big tits from below. "Unfortunately, no. And the fact is, you're right, things will go back to normal. I'll bet you'll wind up reading one of your books later tonight."

"Nooooooo!" Christine whined. She defiantly stroked his cock even more vigorously while also licking her way all around his cockhead.

She'd meant to just tease him with a little licking. Her secret goal was to tease and goad him so much that he'd lose his patience and push his cockhead into her mouth, "forcing" her to suck on it. But once her tongue got started on it, she couldn't stop. She hadn't simply licked his pole before, so she was discovering that it was a great pleasure, especially since she kept right on jacking him off at the same time.

She thought, This is easy! I hope that when Amy talks about having to "service" his cock a lot, she means doing a lot of this. Actually, I'm sure she must, because she said pleasuring him together would be a key part of being a co-girlfriend, and how can we both suck him at the same time? We can't! I'll bet I'm going to end up licking it with her licking it too, at the same time!

Oh, wow! That's so weird! But what's new about that? I'm way down the rabbit hole now, Christine in Wonderland. I've just gotta deal with it. Besides, I really like this! I'm even tempted to try some more sucking, to lick him INSIDE my mouth! But... I don't know. That's really tough. If only it wasn't so THICK! I got really tired earlier. Maybe I should just try this for a while. Licking and stroking together is much easier, and it makes me feel almost as good.

She looked up to his nearly rapturous face. I can see he's definitely enjoying it!

Alan reached out and brushed one of her curly locks back, since it was getting in the way of his tit play. Then he sank his fingers deep into her tit-flesh.

That caused her to close her eyes and moan ecstatically. HNNNG! UNH! That's too... OH! What a rush! If he keeps doing that, I'll have no choice but to suck him! She redoubled her tongue "attack," sliding her lips against his cock without actually taking it into her mouth.

He continued, as she covered his cockhead with loving kisses and licks, "And the odds are good that you won't be able to just pop back into this mood with the snap of your fingers. You do have all these barriers. They're down right now, but they'll be back up tonight, I'm sure. But here's the thing. This isn't a boast; I'm just stating a fact: I now know how to tear down those walls of yours at any time. I can guarantee you that this is just the beginning. It only gets better from here. You think you feel good now? Just wait until we really get into it!"

She protested while her fist continued to pump up and down his shaft, "No! Impossible!" She lapped on his sweet spot as she talked. "I already said earlier to Amy that if sex feels this good, people would do nothing but have sex all day. The world economy would collapse! And you're saying it gets BETTER?!"

He leaned way forward and down, while replying firmly, "It does." Then, since he was there, he ran his hands down her body to her abdomen. He slowly drew his hands back up, making swirling motions to explore most of her incredible round F-cups. Then he continued up her neck, along her jawline, and gently explored her fine facial features.

Even though he did nothing but touch her, it caused her to feel such an unexpected surge of lust that her hand temporarily lost her cock-stroking rhythm. She felt like he had lovingly laid claim to her body, and it thrilled her beyond belief.

Amy suddenly leaned forward and whispered in Christine's ear, "It really does!" She licked her way around that ear and down her neck. Then she decided to lick that ear some more.

Alan saw that Amy's ear licking was a big success, judging by how it made Christine shudder and shiver. He leaned way down again and licked his way around her other ear and then blew air into it.

Amy could tell what he was doing, even though it was happening on the other side of Christine's head, so she breathed into Christine's ear as well, then licked it some more for good measure.

Christine very nearly came on the spot. It seemed unbelievably naughty, not to mention arousing, to have two different people licking her ears at the same time. Oh! They're teaming up on me! No fair! But she was in ecstasy.

She'd had to stop licking his dick when he pulled away to bend down and lick her ear. But when he stood back up, she leaned in again and resumed her licking and stroking with even more passion. She very much wanted to suck him, but she felt she couldn't just yet because she was panting and breathless. Cum, dammit! Cum, already!

Looking down, Alan resumed eye contact with her. He said, "The thing is, you have all these mental blocks, but your body is built for sex! It's hard to get your sexual motor running, but once you get into it you're all easily-aroused erogenous zones. I haven't just been fondling you willy-nilly for my own pleasure; I've been studying your reactions, and learning. For instance, I've discovered that you really like it when I do this."

He dropped to his knees. That unfortunately put his boner out of range of her mouth, but he wanted to play with all of her body. He lightly grazed his hands down her abdomen, barely touching the almost invisible hairs there.

She shivered visibly with lust. She was almost too hot and bothered to fully pay attention. Instead, certain phrases stuck out. "My body is built for sex," he says! He's been "fondling me willy-nilly for his own pleasure!" Oh God! That's too hot! And his touch! His magic touch! Now, if he'd just cram his cock back in my mouth, I'd show him just what this sexy body can do! Instead, he pulls it away! Argh!

"And you like this." He caressed her tummy more firmly, but in a way that made her shiver and tingle even more.

However, she also relaxed, like a contented kitten being petted. She even purred like a kitten, and gave him the most adorable and cute look. Oh! Oh! This is divine too! It's all good, with him! Sex, where have you been all my life?!

Then his hands went to her boobs, causing her to respond with another excited gasp. He explained, "And I've been studying your breasts quite extensively, not just fondling them willy-nilly. It turns out they're quite sensitive, but not how I expected. Your nipples seem to have only average sensitivity. And touching some other areas doesn't do much for you. But when I caress the undersides like this, your face lights up like a Christmas tree."

She hissed to herself, YESSSS! Do it! Do it! DO IT! Go wild with my breasts!

He cupped and fondled the curvy lower slopes of her huge rack.

Sure enough, her face lit up and her eyes went wide. "Oh God!" she cried out. So great! I love how he absolutely ADORES my breasts! They're very sensitive wherever HE touches them, so he needs to touch them a lot! She laughed to herself at that. Although I must say it feels pretty good when Amy plays with them too.

She tried to repay the pleasure by jacking him off with the techniques that seemed to have worked best for her. She was frustrated that he didn't seem close to cumming, judging by the fact that he wasn't even breathing hard. Her hands were getting tired from her near-constant handjob work and weren't able to maintain the fast pace.

She thought, All those times he stared at my breasts like a starving man eyeing a four-course meal. If I'd only known his touch felt this good! He's gonna make me cum just from playing with me there!

Amy giggled as she watched from up close. "You see? This is one big advantage to having a man with his own harem. He knows a woman's body so well! And things he learns from his other women he can use on you." Her hand was exploring Christine's back now, and that seemed fairly tame compared to everything else, but it added to Christine's pleasure. Merely having two people with their hands on her nude body at the same time felt delightfully naughty.

Unfortunately, Christine had to clench her teeth in frustration at Amy's reminder about all his other lovers. Grrr! It seems that every time things are going great, Amy says something to upset me. Why can't she shut up about his other lovers already?!

What she didn't know was that Amy knew full well what she was saying. She was already trying to ease Christine into the harem by many small steps, including getting her to view the harem in a different light by discussing its benefits.


Alan was on a roll. "But I'm only getting started. There's one place I've never even touched you, and that's..." He let his hand wander down her tummy again, continuing down her lower abdomen.

Christine's heart leapt to her throat as she realized where his hand was going. Her eyes opened even wider than before. She wanted to shout "NO!" In fact, her sexual barriers weren't completely gone; they were just mostly dormant at the moment. However, she forced herself to ignore her worries and stay silent, to see what he would do to her.

After an almost agonizingly long time, his fingers finally made it to her pussy, where he took her big clit between his fingers.

She gasped. AAAAEE! He IS going to touch me there!

He knew that was a bit risky, but he felt it was worth the potential backlash. He knew all too well how he'd been banned from touching Susan's pussy for seemingly forever, and he wanted to take action now to avoid that happening with Christine. He'd seen Amy touching her there quite extensively, so he figured the precedent was set. Besides, he wanted to show her that he really didn't have any problem with her clit.

She bit her lip. Amy had touched her there quite a lot that day, but it was a totally different thing when Alan did it. For some reason, it felt much better, and way more intense. She almost couldn't handle it, and had to fight the urge to tell him to stop touching her there. She reflexively brought her hands back to her crotch to protect herself, causing her to stop stroking his dick, at least for the moment.

He finally said, "here." It had actually been a couple of minutes since he'd started his sentence "There's one place I've never even touched you, and that's...", because he'd teased and prolonged the moment for so long. So much time had passed that the girls had to think back to realize he was finally finishing that sentence.

Now that he'd reached her most sensitive spot, he let go of her clit and guided her body down until she was lying with her back on the grass, with him sitting low near her. He was so confident and determined that he removed her hands from covering her vulva.

She didn't resist, but merely whimpered with wild desire.

Then, even more brazenly, he put his hands on her knees and spread her legs widely, leaving her pussy and clit totally exposed from nearly all angles.

Again, she didn't resist. Oh God! Oh God! Things are getting intense! What is he going to do to me now?! This is scary! I'm not afraid of him raping me. For one thing, he'd never do that, and for another Amy is here. I'd kick his ass anyway. But, but... I'm just so fully EXPOSED! And too horny! He's going to play with my privates and I'm too horny to stop him!

She'd been panting hard, but when he resumed pinching her throbbing clitoris between his index finger and thumb, she pulled her legs up and suddenly blurted out, "No! Not my clit!" She gasped to herself, Look at that! He's touching my freakish clit! And I'm letting him!

She felt another tremendous rush of pleasure, due to what he was doing to her clit. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She would have cum, for sure, except she was too embarrassed to do so with her pussy being exposed and examined as if in an OB/GYN clinic.

Alan fingering Christine's clit while she lubricates copiously

Alan wasn't deterred by her complaint. Instead, he kept gently but firmly tugging on her clitoris. However, he was polite enough to ask, "Why not?"

"Don't look at it! It's... it's... it's freakish!" She closed her eyes and blushed.

Alan stilled his fingers for a moment, and then said firmly, "No, it's not. Seriously, stop thinking that! Didn't you hear what Amy and I said about it?"

Amy chimed in, "Kat saw it while you were gone. She agreed that there's nothing 'freakish' about it. In fact, she thinks it's great!"

He nodded. "There. What did I tell you?"

Christine was on the verge of passing out from abject humiliation. THREE people have seen my clit today! That's three more than ever before! What's happening to me?! If he doesn't stop playing with it, I'm gonna, gonna... I'm gonna be mad at him!

That was an empty threat if ever there was one, especially since she kept it to herself. She didn't even try to close her legs. She did attempt to look angry, but the others didn't notice, and she looked way more hot and horny than angry anyway.

He continued as he gently rubbed her clit between his fingers, "What is a clit, anyway? It's a bundle of nerves, right? So, if you have an extra big one, that means you have a lot more nerves and surface area than usual. And that means more pleasure. So you're actually blessed."

Amy happily chimed in, "That's exactly what Kat and I said!"

Christine just whimpered helplessly, because he was continuing to drive her wild with his clitoral manipulation, not to mention her lewd pose. She asked with trepidation, "What are you doing to me?!"

"I'd love to play with your big, beautiful clit all day, but I think it's time I explore your lovely pussy too."

"OH GOD!" She bit her lip. Please don't fuck me! I'm not ready!

He touched all around her clit and pussy lips, but mostly avoided touching them directly. He was stoking her fires.

She thought, I'm lying on my back, buck naked, and Alan's playing with my pussy! Is he going to fuck me today? Oh God! He might! I'm just so in love with his touch that I can't say no to anything. I'm falling deeper and deeper under his spell! He's like some kind of sex demon, with a damn harem even, yet I love him!

Damn you, clitoris! Damn you to Hell! I hate you! Not only are you too big, but you're making me feel too good! I'm slowly losing my mind to lust and joy, and yet he's probably only getting started!

Being a woman, Amy could guess Christine's worries. She scooted up close to get a good look. Then she said, "Don't worry; he's not going to fuck you today."

Christine relaxed slightly, lying back on the grass while keeping her legs in their obscene, spread-out position. Phew! Thank God for that!

Amy came in ever closer. She actually rested her boobs on Christine's tummy. "But he doesn't have to fuck you to drive you wild. C, just you wait. He's really good at this. He's gonna blow your mind!"

Now that she'd observed how unusually sensitive the undersides of Christine's boobs were, thanks to listening to Alan and watching him fondle her, she used a hand to brush her own hair back and forth against them there.

That's what I'm afraid of! Christine whimpered helplessly. Amy's hair caresses tickled her, but it also aroused her even more than Alan's fingers had. (Of course Amy knew well, from her own practice with Kat, how to stimulate a woman's erogenous zones for maximum effect.)

While Amy did that, her eyes were locked on Christine's pussy and what Alan's fingers were doing on and around it. She shamelessly commented, "Wow, girl, you're WET! Your inner thighs are just SOAKED! Geez, Louise!"

Christine closed her eyes in embarrassment. "Amy, please! Don't say that!" But in fact, even though Amy's observation was humiliating, it only increased her arousal. In fact, it seemed that everything was increasing her arousal, higher and higher and higher. Masturbation had never felt this good; it wasn't even close.

Christine shut her eyes tightly and tried to calm herself through slow, controlled breathing. It helped, but not much. She whispered, "I'm scared!"

Misunderstanding, perhaps deliberately, Amy commented, "O.B., be careful poking around there. Remember, her hymen is intact. You gotta save that for later, for the day when you'll be busting through it with your big cock!"

Alan was already aware of that danger. He decided to remain diplomatically silent about Amy's comment, but naturally it thrilled him tremendously.

Christine thought, It's true! I can't even raise my voice to deny it! Oh dear God, why do I love him so? And the more he plays with my body, and even my pussy, the harder I fall!

Alan continued to trace his fingers around Christine's pussy lips and her lewdly-exposed big clit. At the same time, he talked in a confident but soothing voice, as if he hadn't heard the interruptions. "Christine, you have nothing to fear. Yeah, we can't live a sexual fantasy every minute of every day, and we won't always experience the kind of day we're sharing today. But now I have the keys to your body. I know how to get your engine running. I'm gonna make you cum hard, again and again!" He unexpectedly squeezed her clit, causing her to cry out and very nearly climax.

She thought, That's exactly what I'm afraid of! Not that you'll try to fuck me before I'm ready or something like that. I know you have a good heart. But you're such a STUD! I worry you're going to turn me into a horny sex maniac with your sexy touch and your big cock! It's already happening! And I hate that!

However, she was careful not to say it out loud. It was all too embarrassing to confess.

He continued, "I've figured out that you don't cum easily, but so what? That's not a bad thing; it just means that when you do cum, your orgasms will be that much more powerful and glorious. I'm gonna blow your mind... tomorrow! Yes, we'll do this again tomorrow! And more and more after that. Before long, you'll be addicted to my cock, just like I'll be addicted to your incredible body in return. In fact, I already am." He brought a hand back up to her chest and pulled on one of her nipples.

Christine thought, And I already am too! It's true: I'm addicted to his cock! It's almost too late for me already! In fact, she reached out, trying to find his boner so she could resume stroking it. But Alan was still teasing her pussy, and he'd reduced her to such a helpless state that she hardly knew up from down. She couldn't even figure out where his crotch was since she didn't lift her head to see over her own voluptuous body, and Amy was partly in the way anyway.

Amy could see what Christine was trying to do. She lifted herself off Christine's torso and repositioned herself, getting on all fours with her face in Alan's crotch. She said, "C, my O.B.'s cock is being neglected. Do you mind if I take care of it for a while with my mouth?"

"Please do!" Christine exclaimed. She felt jealous, but she also very much appreciated Amy's help, since she was in no shape to do it. She had a powerful compulsion to keep Alan's erection buzzing with pleasure, especially because he was keeping her on the edge of orgasm for an impossibly long and incredibly exhilarating time. She momentarily lifted her head just enough to see what Amy was doing. When she saw Amy's jaw opening wide, her own jaw did the same in sympathy.

"MMMM!" Amy exclaimed, as her lips slid down Alan's shaft to his sweet spot.

"Oh God!" Christine cried out. "She's doing it! So hot! So fucking HOT!" A logical part of her brain noted how odd it was that she found the fact that AMY was blowing Alan to be extremely arousing, but that's how she felt. She did realize that she'd feel a lot more jealous and a lot less aroused if she wasn't so extremely out-of-control horny already. Besides, Christine was nearly frantic with her desire to suck him, but since she was unable to at the moment, she felt like Amy was doing it for her, as if by proxy.

Alan was secretly amused by Christine's use of "So hot!" It reminded him of his mother and her loving blowjobs, which kicked his arousal into a higher gear. As Amy's lips and tongue worked his cock, he thought back to how Susan and Katherine had woken him from his nap and then repeatedly "cleaned" his crotch with blowjobs and titfucks just a little while ago.

I wonder what Christine would think if she knew that my own mom and sister wear my sex slave collars? Needless to say, that wouldn't exactly go over well, no matter how horny Christine might be. Would she kill me quickly or slowly? I wonder if Christine could ever join them in a sexy situation, or would she always remain apart?

That line of thought reminded him that it wasn't fair that he was getting so involved with Christine without telling her the full truth of what she was getting into. He tried to push such unpleasant thoughts aside for now. Happily, he had plenty of erotic distractions.

As Amy ardently bobbed on Alan's boner, she started making unusually loud, slurpy, sucking noises, accompanied by even more contented moans. She did it primarily because she knew that Christine likely wasn't looking at her, but would be able to hear.

Christine desperately wished that it was her mouth that was crammed full of Alan's cock. She moaned loudly in frustration. She realized that her feelings about blowjobs had done a near 180 this afternoon. You GO, girl! That should be me! Alan waved his cock right under my nose, but I was still too chicken! Well, that changes the very first chance I get! I'm gonna suck him half to death until he actually cums himself. Then I'll let him cum all over my face AND my tits! So there!

Alan was suddenly so aroused that he picked up the pace and rubbed a finger directly down Christine's pussy lips for the first time.

That caused Christine to scream with joy and need, so very loudly that Amy pulled her lips off Alan's thickness to see what was going on. Amy watched as Alan kept on petting Christine's slit. When she saw his fingers start to press inside, she warned, "O.B., watch out! Remember about her hymen!"

He nodded. "Don't worry. I told you already I'll be careful." He carefully poked two fingers in deeply enough to actually feel her hymen (which admittedly wasn't that deep). He was fascinated, since he'd never touched one before.

That caused Christine's entire body to clench up. She was beyond ready to cum, but she felt she couldn't do it while Alan practically had his face in her crotch.

Temporarily forgetting her cock-tending "duties," Amy ran a hand up Christine's leg and through the wetness of her swampy inner thighs, but not quite to her pussy, where Alan's hands were. She cooed, "C, guess what? You have that hymen now, but do you know who's gonna bust right through it pretty darn soon?"

"Oh God!" Christine shrieked. Her entire body writhed with need. She even salivated and licked her lips. She was almost suffering physically from not being able to feel Alan's cock filling her mouth. She knew Amy's fuck talk would only increase that need.

Alan suddenly had to move his fingers from just inside her slit. Christine's body started to buck and twitch as she began to lose her battle not to cum, and he didn't want to penetrate her hymen by accident. He decided it was safe enough to keep playing with her clit, so he did.

Amy pressed, "Guess who's gonna SPEAR his way into it? Guess who's gonna IMPALE you with his super FAT cock, and make you feel better than you've ever felt in your entire LIFE?!"

Christine practically begged, "Stop! Please stop!" She didn't dare reveal her true feelings: ALAN! Only Alan! It's so true!

Far from stopping, an emboldened Amy suggested, "Guess who's going to fuck you all night long, until you beg for mercy, and then keep on fucking you anyway? There's no mercy with him! Hey, I just had a cool idea. Wouldn't that be neat if he's not just the first man to fuck you, but he's the ONLY man to ever fuck you? To love him and him alone? That's what I want for myself, anyway."

Christine screamed and moaned some more. She shook her head back and forth, causing her huge tits to wobble on her chest. Her eyes were shut tight as she felt herself slowly slipping over the edge into orgasmic paradise. DAMN that Amy! How does she know my secret desires?! It's like she can read my mind! He's the only one! But I shouldn't feel that way. Just because I fell in love with him first, that doesn't mean-

Her thoughts were interrupted, because Alan continued to play with her clit, as well as running a finger up and down her wet slit. Between that and Amy's words, she finally crossed the line to total erotic nirvana, cumming very HARD.

Amy had to move out of the way, since she couldn't do anything to Alan's erection while Christine was thrashing around. She took a few steps back, to better appreciate the entire scene.

Alan tried to keep fondling her vulva in order to take her higher into sexual ecstasy, but it was like trying to hit a moving target. He gamely kept on trying though, even as her legs sometimes smacked into him.

Christine in ecstasy on her back on the grass, with her hands by her sides stabilizing her while she holds her body arched off the ground, on tip-toes, all while Alan, who is kneeling pressed against her knees, reaches between her legs to fondle her pussy

Christine couldn't take it. Her orgasm went on for well over a minute. She wasn't used to such an intense experience, and it frightened her. It seemed like she was overdosing on lust. She convulsed so much that at one point she somehow managed to arch her body enough to lift her buttocks a foot off the ground. She alternately screamed out and gritted her teeth. She also took turns clenching her fists and grasping at the grass.

As she finally started to come down, she had thoughts that threatened to start her orgasmic peaking all over again. Alan! Alan! His fingers...! In my pussy! Touching me, everywhere! Just like his cock! His cock is gonna... He's gonna... He's gonna deflower me! It's a done deal!

Inspired by Christine's orgasmic convulsions, Amy spoke even more enthusiastically while sitting several feet away. "In fact, I'll bet you right now that Alan's cock is gonna be the only one to ever enjoy your pussy! Your pussy - and all the rest of you - will belong to him, and him alone! Forever! You'll be part of his harem! One of his favorites! Won't that be great?"

Normally, Christine would have been offended by Amy's submissive notions. But in the burning heat of the moment, she found such ideas to be extremely exciting and promising. YES! Favorite! Fuck me, Alan! Fuck me! She screamed even louder, incoherently, as a new orgasm ripped through her mercilessly. She'd completely forgotten that she was outside lying on the grass, so she screamed at the top of her lungs without restraint.

Then Amy scooted up close again, reached in, and prodded Christine's throbbing clit.

That was the final straw, and Christine lost all control - again. It was a double whammy of two great orgasms, nearly back to back.

Christine's latest climax was so incredibly powerful that it took all of her willpower not to pass out. It was an extremely close call. Her spongy tits bounced wildly in every direction, crashing into each other. Her arms and legs thrashed around, and she inadvertently hit and kicked both Amy and Alan, but they ignored that and kept on stimulating her all the way through her prolonged climax.


Christine didn't quite pass out, but when her climax receded she was so totally wasted and satiated that she drifted on the edge of losing consciousness for several minutes. Jesus! Jesus Christ! Did that really happen?! It's almost a miracle that I'm still alive! I didn't know... I didn't know it was possible to feel that good, ever! ... Jesus!

Had she thought about it, she would have figured that Amy probably was sucking Alan off while the two of them waited for her to recover. But in fact, both Alan and Amy rested too. Alan was secretly glad that Christine was momentarily out of it, because he was intent on building a "super stud" reputation with her, and this allowed him to have a long strategic break without her realizing his limitations.

Alan and Amy were careful not to talk to each other, not even a whisper, because there was no telling what Christine might hear since she was almost within arm's reach. But they shared some very happy knowing looks.

For about ten minutes, the three of them just rested and listened to classic Motown songs.

Christine drifted in and out of consciousness. She hadn't actually passed out from cumming, but her orgasm wiped her out so much that she fought to stay awake afterwards.

As she grew more alert, she thought while still lying with her eyes closed, Everything has changed today. Everything! I worry: sex is TOO good! At least sex with Alan is. I can never go back to how I used to be just two days ago. Not only do I fall deeper and deeper in love with him as the day goes on, but I'm just LOSING MY MIND to these orgasms! And to everything else! Once I get up, I'm going to have to say, "No more. Please! I'm crying uncle here. Have mercy. I need a break."

It's really true! My body is overheated and super sensitive. I almost passed out that time. I swear, if Alan so much as touches my knee, I'm going to cum and cum until I DO pass out!

She finally opened her eyes and tried to rejoin the living. She looked around, but she couldn't see much because she truly didn't have the energy to lift her head.

She asked, "Where are you guys? I'm so DEAD! I honestly can't even lift my head to look."

Amy responded by running her hands along Christine's body.

Fortunately for Christine, those hands slid up her abdomen and breasts without pause until they reached her shoulders. This was fortunate, because she didn't think she could handle any more serious stimulation, especially "down there". In fact, when Amy finally grazed her nipples, it actually hurt a little because they felt so sensitive.

Then Amy's head appeared right above hers, looking down. Amy was all smiles. "Howdy! So, do I have a pretty neat boyfriend or what?"

Christine just grinned weakly in agreement. But even that was an effort. She realized her face was drenched with sweat. All she could do was mutter weakly, "Christ! Too intense!"

Amy lowered her head just a little, causing her nipples to "accidentally" brush against Christine's mostly flattened boobs (at least in as much as boobs as large as Christine's could flatten while she was on her back). "So... are you still worried that this is a one-shot thing and you'll never feel this good again?"

Christine wanted to laugh hysterically, because the answer was so obvious.

Seeing that Christine was in no shape to talk, or even move much, Amy brought a hand down between Christine's thighs. She didn't touch her pussy directly since she didn't know what her post-orgasmic mood might be exactly and she worried that might freak her out too much. Instead, she just ran her fingers through the wetness rolling down Christine's very wet thighs. "Geez, girl, look at you. You're SOAKED!"

Christine winced and kept her eyes shut tight. Strangely, she didn't mind how Amy was touching her, but she was embarrassed at being told how wet she was.

Amy went on as her hand caressed Christine's wet inner thighs, "The fact is, this kind of fun-tastic, slippery, slidy, superorgasmo thing you just took part in is totally normal around here. Seriously! You are very, very lucky that Alan's chosen you. Trust me when I tell you that other guys simply aren't even in the same league as him. I've never been with another man, but that's what his more experienced lovers like my mom say."

Christine sighed quietly. Every time Amy made a passing mention of any of his other lovers, she felt like she'd just been punched in the gut. Although perhaps the feeling was more akin to an internal burning. She seemed to be constantly burning up all over with the competing raging fires of lust and jealousy.

Amy "accidentally" brushed over Christine's pussy lips as she kept talking and caressing. "Maybe you can start to see why he's got a bona fide harem of the most beautiful and loving women around, and even more wanting to join in."

Christine could definitely see that. It was so obvious that she didn't even need to say anything.

Amy continued, "It's not just the sexual pleasure. Although, to be honest, I think that's pretty darn addict-y and great. Besides, I think super intense orgasms like he gives us kinda create loving bonds too, 'cos each time that kind of thing happens to one of us, we just love him more than ever! And he ends up loving us more too. Soon, you'll be one of us. I meant what I said, that your pussy and your body will totally belong to him before too long."

Alan had been listening in, and was disturbed by Amy's last comment. He felt she was pushing too hard, which could backfire, particularly now that Christine had climaxed and was presumably in a different mood.

His instincts were good, because Christine was about to complain.

But just as she opened her mouth, he beat her to the punch by saying, "Okay, Amy, enough of that. Christine, don't mind her. She gets carried away at times. I don't know where she gets all these crazy ideas."

He thought it best to portray himself as normal, so that he and Amy together could run a kind of "good cop, bad cop" routine. That way, if Amy said something too outrageous, Christine would probably just dismiss it as another wacky Amy thing. But over time, a steady dose of such "wacky" comments and ideas probably would have an effect on her.

He didn't like being sneaky, but he figured that all was fair in love and war. And with Christine, he figured it was almost like both love AND war, because if she didn't accept some of these ideas, and soon, things could get very dangerous were she to find out too much.

Christine complained, "Thank you, Alan. Amy, you really do get carried away. I mean, all this 'belonging' stuff, it's just... it's way over the top!"

He nodded, and then continued, "But she's right about one thing - that this is just the start. In fact..."

Amy pulled away, but Christine didn't get any respite because Alan immediately positioned himself over Christine's splayed-open legs and brought his head down towards her crotch. He stared at one of her soaked inner thighs before beginning to lick at a rivulet of her pussy juice.

Christine sitting up on the grass with one hand on Alan's head as he goes down on her, with his head buried between her raised knees

Christine sat up and froze in panic. "W-w-what?! What are you doing?!"

He paused to explain. "I'm tasting you. And I like it! It's funny... You taste kind of like what I thought you would. Sweet... Peachy, almost... But there's also a kind of complicated, interesting taste that I can't quite explain, 'cos you're such a complicated and interesting gal." He resumed licking. "Mmmm... Definitely delicious. I could do this all day!"

Christine whimpered. Luckily for Alan, the ten minutes of resting meant that Christine's pussy had recovered just enough so she wasn't too sensitive. Plus, it helped considerably that he was only targeting her inner thighs so far, not her pussy directly. However, she worried she couldn't cope with any more intense pleasure just then, especially since he was soon bound to reach her pussy.

She tried to gather her strength, because she felt she had to stop this. Must... must... resist! It's not that I'm not totally loving it; the problem is that I'm enjoying it far too much! Once he starts lapping on my pussy lips or my oversize clit, that could be the end! Disaster! I honestly worry that if I have another orgasm as strong as the one I just had, I'm gonna completely lose my mind, for real! Then I'll lose all restraint and give in to my lust. He'll have his way with me! He'll do anything he wants to me, and I'll gladly let him!

Actually, that doesn't sound too bad. Not bad at all... Maybe he'll make me suck his cock! I could take turns doing it with Amy! Now, that's HOT! No! I can't think like that. I must resist! I MUST!

Christine looked down at Alan. The sight of him feasting on her wet thighs nearly made her swoon. She thought, Why does an orgasm totally destroy me? I've gotta get my shit together! If he keeps doing that, I'm gonna fall even DEEPER in love with him! I need to retain at least some self-control!

She tried to breathe slowly and deeply to calm herself, as she did with martial arts, but every flutter of Alan's tongue against her inner thighs broke her concentration. She almost couldn't do it, because Alan's constant lapping was so distracting.

However, the mental effort did help, and her sense of feeling almost paralyzed with exhaustion faded away. She stretched her arms high over her head and exhaled strongly.

Looking around, she made eye contact with Amy. She realized that, for once, Amy wasn't touching her in any way. She was grateful, because again she was simply being overwhelmed by so much sensation. Feeling more relaxed, she laid her head back on the grass.

Her entire body seemed primed for a sexual reaction. Any touching seemed to connect straight to her clit, making her pant and moan like a bitch in heat. This frightened her, because she'd never truly given free rein to her sexual nature, and now that it was being released, she found that she couldn't control it (or perhaps she didn't want to). She found this hard to understand.

Amy said to her, "Good! You're coming around. I'm soooo super keen on wanting to taste you too, but I figured I shouldn't. At least, not until I got your permission." She obviously was chomping at the bit. She'd even rubbed her hands clean of Christine's juices on the grass, because she didn't want to trick her any more than necessary.

Christine's head swirled at the thought of Amy licking her pussy. Her heart raced faster thinking of Amy getting her chin wet with Christine's own pussy juices. She was careful not to give her permission though. For one thing, even in her hyper-sexual state, she knew she didn't want another woman to do that to her. It was a stretch, but she could justify all her sexual activity with Amy so far as something to help get Alan horny, or at least to help get herself horny for him. But she felt pussy licking would cross a line into unabashed lesbian activity that she was determined to never cross. Besides, it would just be too much sensation for her body to handle in her current condition.

Alan had been making slow but steady progress towards Christine's pussy, and suddenly his tongue began lapping against the lower part of her pussy lips.

Christine panicked and screamed "NO!" Her panic made her heart race, giving her an instant adrenaline rush. Her powerful thighs clamped together, practically crushing Alan's head. But then her hands flew to her crotch and thoroughly covered her pussy, forcing Alan's head away.

Even that wasn't enough for her to make her message clear. She sat up and brought her knees up, holding her legs together, totally blocking Alan and Amy from even being able to see her pussy.

Alan was shocked. He sat back and looked at her with concern. "Oh no! I've pushed you too far. I'm sorry! I just thought that-"

She interrupted, explaining, "No! Don't worry! It's not you; it's me. You didn't do anything wrong; the problem is, you were doing too much RIGHT! Gaawwwd! Too much! I can't even believe it. It was like I'd died and been reborn!"

Her memory flashed back and she realized that Amy had said nearly that exact same thing to her earlier, in describing what sex with Alan was like. I'll be damned! Amy was right again! Why does she always have to be right? It's unsettling, to say the least. Especially given some of her outrageous ideas.

She told Alan, "I really can't take it! At least at the moment. Even considering what you and I did yesterday, I've probably felt more pleasure today than the rest of my life put together! It seems I've been riding a non-stop wave of arousal almost since I walked into this backyard. If I cum again so soon, or at least as hard as I just did, I literally will DIE! And if you start licking my pussy like that, I'll cum hard for sure!"

She realized that she was getting a little carried away with her words, so she added with a smile, "Do you want to kill me with pleasure? Do you want my death on your conscience?"

He grinned, and put his hands in the air as if she were holding him at gunpoint. "Definitely not! I can't kill you now; we've got far too many fun things to do together, for a long time to come. In fact, I hope our good times never end."

Christine lying naked on her back on the grass with legs splayed

She beamed. "For a long time to come." Yes! Maybe he feels the same way I do. I'm not just another one of his many beautiful, busty conquests. Not just another fuck-and-run. He truly loves me! We're going to be together a long time. Boyfriend and girlfriend!

Well, co-girlfriend, that is. She winced at that correction, and tried very hard to ignore the existence of his harem.

Realizing that she'd overreacted, and also realizing that she had practically curled into a fetal position like she'd done earlier, she planted her hands in the grass behind her and then straightened her legs. Knowing the other two were watching closely, she gave Alan a smoldering look as she slowly spread her legs out widely on the grass, until she was lying down and her gushing pussy was blatantly on display.

Alan was so floored by that sight that he actually scrambled backwards like a crab. Then he stood up. He didn't want to be too close to such temptation, because he wasn't sure that he could control himself. His "Bad Alan" side was running rampant. Uh oh! This is dangerous! I don't want to just lick that succulent pussy; I want to fuck it!

Surprising even herself, she said in a sexy purr, "I think Amy's right. I think it's a good bet that this pussy is going to belong to you and you alone before very long. What do you think about THAT?!"

He looked like he'd just been run over by a large truck. He gaped at her pussy with intense need. Now it was his turn to swoon with a rush of pure lust, which caused him to stagger while trying to maintain his balance. Oh God! Christine, mine, totally?! Even on top of all the other incredible things that have happened to me, this is just too much!

She smirked, and even wiggled her hips a little in triumph, which set her huge orbs wobbling on her chest. He likes that idea! GOOD! Because I'm the best of the best, and I deserve to be fucked by the best of the best! It felt good to give in to her sexual desires and speak her mind (even if she wasn't sure whether she really meant it or was just being carried away by the moment). Her entire body tingled, knowing that Alan was practically having an orgasm just from looking at (and lusting for) her perfect, voluptuous form.

She sat up on her elbows and arched her back, thrusting her big breasts forward. She almost giggled out loud when he rewarded her with another lusty groan.

He thought, What does this mean? What if I do fuck her and we fall deeper and deeper for each other? Where will it end? What if, someday soon, I'll be able to kiss and fondle her huge melons any time I want, even out of sight at school?! WHOA! With her shockingly great attitude today, is it too much to hope she'll wear my collar one day, fully understanding what it means?! Pledging to sexually serve me, enslaving herself to me? WOW!

I still highly doubt it, unfortunately. But what a rush, just thinking about it!

Seeing that Alan's erection was actually throbbing with desire, Amy sat up on her knees, enabling her to reach out and stroke it.

To Alan's dismay, he had to shoo her away from touching it, because at that moment he was on a hair trigger and didn't want to spoil everyone's mood by cumming all over the place.

However, that didn't dismay Amy, because all of her plans were working out so well. She couldn't wait to tell the others in the harem what Christine had just said, about how her pussy was going to belong to Alan alone. She knew that Susan in particular would love it more than words could possibly convey.

Christine realized that she might have gotten carried away with her comment. So she added more cautiously, "Now, mind you, I'm nowhere near being ready for actual intercourse. In fact, after today, I'm downright afraid that it'll feel so good that you really WILL kill me! But you've been the only one I've been dreaming about for a long time now. When I'm ready, I know I'm going to give my virginity to you."

She'd been trying to backtrack a bit, so she was as surprised as the others when she heard herself making that tantalizing promise instead. She was just that horny, not to mention that much in love.

She thought about taking it back, but her body didn't want to. I know I'm probably setting myself up for all kinds of grief. Trying to share him is going to kill me a bit every day. But dammit, he plays my body like a violin. I know sex usually isn't that great, at least with fumbling, inexperienced teen boys. Amy's right: he's the only one who can make me see stars. And he's the only one I love!

She sighed in satisfaction, imagining that he was fucking her already. "Aaaaah, yes! That's it, Alan! Fuck me again! Fuck me harder! Make love to me all night long!"

"Oh, Christine! That's a beautiful thing to promise! I promise I won't let you down!" Alan was so emotionally overcome with love and lust that even he, with his increasing ability to say the right thing, was unable to say anything else. He would have covered her with kisses, but he sensed that that would be pushing her too hard, too fast - she still needed to recover.

She thought, This is totally insane! I've just promised him my virginity, and yet I said that while Amy was leaning against him, ready to jack him off! Is this how it's gonna be from now on? Every time I get intimate with my lover, is Amy going to be right there too?! I can't accept that.


Amy watched Alan's breathing until it seemed that his urgent need to cum had passed. Then, without asking, she casually resumed stroking his throbbing boner. Sensing that the moment was ripe, Amy asked, "Hey, O.B.? I've got kind of a weird question for you. You know how much being your official girlfriend means to me, and that'll never change, right?"

Amy sitting on her heels facing a standing Alan while holding his erect cock with her right hand and cupping his balls with her left

He turned her way and tried to focus. It was hard, especially since she was jacking him off with one hand and cradling and fondling his balls with the other as he stood there. He managed to reply, "Yeah?"

As she pumped a fist up and down his shaft, she moved her head in closer so she was breathing on his cockhead too. "But what if, just... totally hypothetically, mind you... What if... and remember this is just a tooootally 'what if' scenario... What would you think about having TWO official girlfriends?"

Christine gasped. She hadn't expected Amy to bring that up with Alan so soon. (In fact, even Amy was winging it, goaded on by her emotions and by Christine's heartfelt declaration that her pussy would belong only to Alan from now on, which meant the rest of her did too.)

The blonde bombshell especially hadn't expected Amy to mention the idea while kneeling naked and jacking him off with both hands. The mere fact that her head was so far below his visually represented a power differential. Not for the first time, Christine felt both disturbed and aroused.

Amy added quickly, "I would be your FIRST girlfriend. No question about that; that's NEVER gonna change! Never, ever, ever! You know how much I love you!" Her hands twisted in corkscrew fashion over his wet cockhead.

He smiled, and felt his heart would burst with joy. "And you know how much I love you too."

She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cockhead. "I know. And you know how much I love to make and keep you happy." The kiss quickly turned into licking. "Like... when I do this..." She seemed to get carried away with a combination of loving kissing, licking, and stroking.

Christine was on her knees, and she kept scooting forward for an even closer view. She felt a sharp pang of jealousy watching the loving looks and words between Amy and Alan. But at the same time, seeing the talented attention Amy's tongue was giving Alan's bulbous cockhead made her uncontrollably horny, and that distracted from the jealousy.

After Amy's tongue had circled his cockhead a few times, she pulled her head back and looked up to resume eye contact. With her hands still pumping and fondling his thickness, she said, "And then, like, way, way second, on a totally second-y level... Christine could be your second girlfriend." She resumed lapping on his cockhead right after saying that, as if punctuating her words with a spike of sexy stimulation.

He had to clench his fists and grit his teeth to cope.

She kept on licking on top of everything else, causing her to take a lot longer to explain. "We were kind of talking about it... while you were resting earlier." She did yet more licking between sentences and clauses.

Christine was fascinated by Amy's combination of verbal pleading and cock-licking. She was on pins and needles waiting to hear Alan's answer. But still, she thought, Does she do this with him to get what she wants, or is this how they communicate just whenever? I think it's the latter! Wow! That's making me so horny! Look at him, standing tall and strong, while she's kneeling in supplication, practically worshipping and adoring his big cock! That's exactly how I'm going to look, once she gives me a chance to take her place!

Amy continued at her slow pace, with lots of licking, "I'm not saying I'll do this - we have a LOT more talking to do! ... But... I'm just wondering... what you think... MMMM! ... about the idea? What if... what if she and I... could come to... some kind of agreement like that?"

Amy gave Alan her best adorable-puppy-dog look. But the look was brief, because she was keen to get her tongue back on his boner. So she glanced back at Christine to see how her blonde competitor was taking things, after which she fully engulfed Alan's cockhead again.

Amy sucking Alan's cock and working his balls with both hands while Christine watches

Christine held her breath. Her heart seemed to stop beating while she waited for his answer. At the same time, watching Amy slide her lips well past his crown and then start to suck and bob from mere inches away was just about the most arousing sight of her life.

Alan's mouth hung open. Even though he'd overheard their deal-making conversation earlier, it still took his breath away to be asked about this so bluntly and so soon, not to mention in such a cock-stimulating manner. He knew Amy well, and knew that if she was bringing it up with him now, that meant she'd pretty much made up her mind in favor of the idea, even though she was trying to appear still undecided, to give her more negotiating leverage.

The fact that she was fondling his balls, sliding her soaked fingers up and down his shaft, and bobbing on his cockhead made it abundantly clear that she wanted him to say 'Yes.' Clearly, she was promising him even greater sexual rewards if he gave the right answer. And with Christine leaning in so close that he could easily feel her breathing on his shaft, looking exactly like she was ready to help Amy lick at any moment, it wasn't hard to imagine what those rewards would be.

He looked down at Amy and then to where Christine knelt by her side. Fuck YES! These are the two most beautiful girls in school! Well, not counting Sis, but she obviously can't be my public girlfriend. Jesus, just look at 'em! Am I the luckiest guy on Earth or what?!

Amy pulled her lips off his shaft and looked up at him expectantly. But all the while, her fingers kept sliding relentlessly over his thick pole.

He looked down at her and answered, "Well, hell, of COURSE I'd love that! Why wouldn't I?"

Even that was a great understatement as to just how happy and excited this proposal made him. He wanted to pump both fists in the air and shout to the heavens in triumph, like Sylvester Stallone in the movie 'Rocky'. However, he did his best to not seem too jubilant, as Amy might get concerned about the wisdom of The Deal if he were to appear to be too ecstatic.

Being diplomatic, he added, "As long as it's completely clear that, while I would love and treasure you both, you're my FIRST girlfriend always, and Christine is my second."

Amy really liked that, and let out a happy "Mmmm!" as she licked his sweet spot for a little bit. Then she rewarded him for his answer by engulfing his cockhead yet again, quickly bobbing her way down his shaft for half a minute or so.

Christine just stared at Amy's oral expertise. Her pussy was on fire again, and she couldn't help but run her fingers over her needy pussy lips and up to her big clit. (She feared getting caught doing that, but her need was too great and she figured that Alan and Amy were too busy with each other to notice.) But she was on fire in more ways than one, because she burned with jealousy too.

Look at how much Amy loves his cock! Christine briefly glanced up at Alan's ecstatic face. Look how much he loves what she's doing! Her focus returned to Amy's sliding lips. There's nothing I want more than to be in Amy's shoes, with MY jaws straining with the effort of a good, long cocksucking! I'll bet her tongue is going wild on his sweet spot, as it should!

She was tempted to put a hand on Amy's back, push Amy away, lean in, and engulf Alan's cockhead. She was so close that it was even more tempting to just stick her tongue out and help out licking a little further down his shaft. She actually stuck her tongue out of her mouth a couple of times, intending to do just that. But she chickened out at the last second.

Frustrated, she just licked her lips and salivated.

Amy abruptly pulled back off his cock so she could talk some more, but it remained well covered with her tongue and fingers. She got more into her devoted licking, then asked, "But what about your other lovers?"

She paused, licking his hard-on from tip to base and back again while sliding her fingers up and down it too. "And I'm not just talking about the random busty babes you fuck from time to time." (Even now, she was trying to hype him up for Christine.) "I mean the ones you love the most in the harem."

She paused once more, licking him from tip to base yet again. "Wouldn't this cause problems with them?" She couldn't say so directly, but he knew she was referring to Katherine.

He understood the careful Katherine reference, and he knew he'd have to be equally careful with his reply. He said, "They'll just have to deal with it. I'm sure I can make it up to them in... other ways."

Christine was ready to explode from too much joy, hearing that the second official girlfriend plan might actually work. Forgetting her concern about getting caught, she continued to play with her pussy. Yet in a way she was still holding her breath, concerned that he would object.

She thought, I'm so excited! This is huge! She stared as Amy lapped her way down and around Alan's balls and then back up to his sweet spot. I must admit... my joy is somewhat tempered by the torture of seeing Amy do to his dick what I want to be doing to it. Yet watching her lavish his dick and balls with so much love and attention is extremely arousing. Why is that? He's supposed to be MY boyfriend!

Wait a minute. I can't think like that. That's what The Deal is all about. I may be monogamous, but I have to accept that he is not. In fact, he's far, far from it. Besides, it'll be my turn to love it soon. Love his cock with my lips and tongue! I really, really, REALLY want to reward him for agreeing to this! I don't care how many other girls he has; I love him! And I love that I'm going to be one of his two official girlfriends!

Amy brought up another thorny issue as she lapped and fondled. "And what about at school? That'll cause ALL kinds of problems, you know. You just had a fight over" - in mid- sentence, she paused to thoroughly "polish" his cockhead clean - "over this very kind of thing. The other guys" - she paused again for more prolonged polishing, just about driving Christine mad with anticipation - "will only be even MORE super duper jealous that you're taking all the hottest girls for yourself. Which you ARE!" She looked up at him and winked.

Christine thought, He IS! Amy, Heather, Simone, me... If Katherine wasn't his sister, I'm sure he'd be fucking her too! Donna's probably next, if he hasn't fucked her already!

However, Christine's attitude was rapidly changing. She still felt burning jealousy thinking those thoughts - that was very hard to change. But she also felt pride and arousal to hear more confirmation her soon-to-be boyfriend was such a stud. She didn't get upset with him. It seemed pointless, like getting angry at a lion for being a carnivore.

Then Amy resumed, "And..." - she paused for yet more lapping - "...and Heather will probably declare war on you" - she stared right into Christine's eyes as she kept on licking - "and me! Everything will get really weird, I'm sure."

Alan closed his eyes and counted to ten in an attempt to control his soaring arousal. Somehow, that calmed him enough so he wasn't panting too hard to speak clearly. "True. The shit'll hit the fan if this comes out now."

That had been an effort to say, given how aroused he felt from head to toe. He had to pause to recover his breath enough to keep speaking. But since Amy kept on lapping at his sweet spot, his pause for breath didn't really help. Finally, he managed to gasp out, "But we'll deal with it. And those other people will have to deal with it."

He groaned lustily, happy that he'd said his piece and could just kick back and enjoy Amy's oral attentions. But then another thought came to him. Keeping in mind that he didn't want to destroy Amy's bargaining position, he was careful to add, "Aims, if this is okay with you, then it's okay with me too."

Christine could restrain herself no longer. First, she finally allowed herself to breathe. Then she stood up and simply threw herself at Alan, nearly knocking him over for the second time. "Oh, Alan! God! What a DAY! Oh God!"

The only reason she didn't actually knock him over was because Alan happened to be standing, so she had to stand up first to throw herself into his arms, plus her body was still sluggish from her most recent overwhelming climax. Additionally, as she wrapped her arms around Alan, she had to be careful not to slam into Amy, who stayed on her knees, loudly slurping all over his cock.

She gave Alan a blazing kiss.


Amy had stopped her cock licking when she saw Christine stand and then throw her arms around Alan, for fear that she might accidentally injure him. But once Christine settled down, Amy went right back to pleasuring her master's cock. In fact, she decided slurping on his boner wasn't enough, so she started bobbing her way down it with lots of talented tongue action.

She loved the fact that she could blow him while Christine was kissing him. Realizing that Christine's pussy was in easy reach, she ran a hand up Christine's swampy thighs until she touched Christine's slit.

Christine gasped, then tried to redouble her French-kissing efforts. This is beyond crazy! Amy is fondling my pussy and sucking Alan's cock even while I'm kissing him! I should be upset, but I'm just so horny! This is so wrong. It's weird, but who the fuck cares! Everything I thought about sex was wrong anyway. It's time to throw out the old rules!

She put all of her energy into necking with her new 'official boyfriend'. Soon she forgot the intimate way that Amy was touching her, although the pleasure of having her pussy fondled continued to drive her wild.

When the loving and scorching-hot kiss ended, Christine remembered Amy's key role in all this. She exclaimed, "AMY! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!" She wanted to hug and kiss Amy too, so she quickly dropped to her knees.

That put her within inches of Alan's saliva-soaked cockhead. Christine eyes bugged out, and her pussy practically burst into flames at the tempting sight. She couldn't believe how cock-crazy she'd become in the last hour, but her horny body drove her on.

Giggling, Amy pulled her lips off with a satisfying smack, put a hand on the back of Christine's head, and slowly guided Christine in.

"Don't thank me..." Amy whispered hotly, as Christine's lips parted hungrily in anticipation, "Thank this COCK! Now... open your mouth and close your eyes, and get used to loving the taste of your great BIG surprise!"

Christine forgot all about her desire to give Amy a thank-you kiss. Instead, she simply closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as it could get, to engulf Alan's bulbous head in a single motion. Finally! Now's my chance to really prove myself!

Amy giggled. "Here. You deserve it." She still had her hand on the back of Christine's head, and she used a little bit of pressure until she was certain that Christine had gone down far enough and was bobbing directly over Alan's sweet spot.

Christine's eyes flew open and bugged out when she felt how FULL her mouth was. Her heart was pounding so loudly that she felt like even the neighbors ought be able to hear it. But she took to her cocksucking task with unbridled enthusiasm and joy. She was flying high after hearing Alan's approval of the 'two girlfriends' idea, and she wanted to reward him with the best blowjob he'd ever experienced, even though she knew that was probably impossible, given her inexperience and the highly talented competition.

She was so determined that she even managed to get her tongue more involved. It wasn't easy, but as his thick log slid back and forth through her tight lip-lock, her tongue flicked and lapped against any cock-meat that was within reach.

She kept going for a minute or so, actively using her tongue all the while. To her surprise, she found that once she got the hang of it, that technique wasn't as hard to manage as she'd feared.

Amy could see that Christine was doing much better than before. Christine's eyes remained open, and there was a fiery look of both determination and triumph in her eyes.

Christine sitting on the ground in front of a standing Alan, sucking his cockhead, while Amy kneels behind him and reaches between his legs to hold Alan's shaft and guide it into Christine's mouth

Amy felt inspired by Christine's enthusiasm, and that made her want to get back in on the action, but she didn't want to get in Christine's way. So she scooted around to Alan's backside and started licking his ass crack. Then she reached between his legs and stroked his pulsing pole from behind.

At the same time, she said to Christine, "Now, keep in mind that our Deal is hardly done at this point." She paused to lick her way up Alan's anus, and she tongued it a little. "Mmmm! We've got a lot of things to work out."

She paused again for more sloppy licking. "But if Alan wants it, I'm sure we can work it out, don't you think?"

Christine had no way to reply. Crazy! This is crazy! I think Amy's mouth is in his ass crack! WILD! I'd had mixed feelings about my last blowjob, but now I'm totally in love with sucking his cock! I simply can't get enough of it! She tried to convey her approval of that idea by opening her eyes wider and letting out a heartfelt "MMMM!"

Amy giggled. "I agree. MMMM!" She giggled some more, and kept on lapping at Alan's ass crack. "Remember, the needs of our man come first, always."

She had very nearly said "Master," but luckily she remembered to be careful with her words. She realized that Christine was a long, long way from truly accepting that Alan had a harem and what her proper role in it should be, and Christine had an even longer way to go before she willingly called him "Master" and herself one of his sex slaves, if she ever did.

Amy felt certain that Christine wasn't going to change her attitude spontaneously. So Amy was intent on using every opportunity to indoctrinate Christine into the proper way of thinking, and this was a good opportunity to do that. So she added, "If we're going to be his girlfriends, that means that our main job is to keep him happy. And that means servicing this great big yummiferous cock, quite often together, every single day!"

Christine thought, Jesus, it's like Amy is brainwashed or something. I mean, I love Alan, and I know she does too, but let's have some perspective! I understand I can't expect total equality when he has at least five other lovers - and probably a lot more! - but Amy goes overboard with all this "servicing" talk. I'm gonna set her straight, just as soon as my tongue and lips get too tired to keep loving his tasty cock.

She giggled, causing Alan to feel the vibrations around his erection. And that's not gonna be for a loooong time! Because I'm sucking my boyfriend's cock! Alan's my boyfriend too now! At least I can agree with Amy on one thing: making him feel good makes me feel really good. This IS fun!

I don't even mind that she's jacking him off while I'm sucking. She warned me that we'd be pleasuring it together, and she was right. If this isn't so bad, then I can handle more sharing in the future, right? I mean, clearly with Alan, the normal rules about monogamy have to be thrown out the window. Yes, I'll suffer with my unresolvable jealousy problem, but we'll have many great times together too.

Like right now! It's time to step things up a notch and get him to CUM!

She opened her eyes and shot a look that appeared truly murderous, it was so full of intensity and determination. But she was only staring into his lower abdomen. She wore that look because she was focused like a laser on getting Alan to cum. That was the best way she could think of to show her appreciation at this joyous turn of events.

She attempted to deep throat him, but that failed after a matter of seconds. She had no idea what she was doing with that, and sheer enthusiasm wasn't good enough. She gagged and gasped as she held his thickness an inch too deep in her mouth. She had to pull all the way off to recover her breath.

As she did that, she became more aware of the fact that Amy was making loud slurpy noises on Alan's backside. This greatly puzzled her, especially since she'd already realized that Amy's mouth had to be centered over Alan's ass crack. So as she got back to licking her way around Alan's cockhead, she asked, "Amy? Um, I'm kind of afraid to ask, but what are you doing back there, exactly?"

Amy replied in her usual bright and innocent tone, "Oh, I'm just licking his ass crack. It's really yummy!"

Christine gasped loudly. I was afraid she'd say that. That's so wrong! So very, very, VERY wrong! So why does it make me so damn HORNY?! Arrrgh! A great rush of arousal made her engulf Alan's cock again like she was a woman possessed. Lacking any other more-stimulating technique, she went back to bobbing and licking at the same time, but with an animalistic passion.

It felt absolutely amazing for Alan. Actually, everything felt great for him already, but her fervent efforts sent his arousal to an even higher level. He was forced to put his hands on her head and slow her down, because he still wasn't ready to cum. Even putting aside what she and Amy were doing to him physically, he was flying high over how enthusiastic and passionate Christine was acting. He'd long suspected that a sexual dynamo was lurking under her controlled and sometimes severe persona, just waiting to be turned on. Now he was being proved right.

Silence followed, except for the Motown music - the song "Behind a Painted Smile" by the Isley Brothers happened to be playing - plus a lot of heavy panting, moaning, and slurpy noises. Amy had stuck her head between his legs so she could lick his balls from an unusual angle, but she still had a hand stroking his cock too, leaving just his cockhead and sweet spot for Christine's busy lips.

Christine no longer minded Amy doing that. In fact, she appreciated the help. She figured the only chance of getting him to cum was if they worked together.

Alan found himself clenching his PC muscle over and over again. He knew that if he ever stopped his clenching, even for a moment, he'd lose control and cum, but as long as he kept doing it he could "endure" practically anything they did to him.

He thought, Man, I try to stay modest and grounded, but Jesus fucking Christ! Could things possibly get any better?! And the way they're teaming up on my cock and balls! Damn, that feels fucking out of this world! Christine must be a natural cocksucker, or maybe it's just that she's an amazingly quick learner. To think: I'll be enjoying this all the time, from now on!

For some reason, he thought about his good friends Sean and Peter. I swear, no one would ever believe this! What if they could see me right now? Christine the fucking ICE QUEEN is hotter than hell in her naked glory and sucking hard on my cock like it's the tastiest Popsicle in the world, and Amy's helping out with my balls, and more! Fuck, that feels good! Mmmm... He let out a long sigh of total contentment.

Even Sean, with all he knows, would be gobsmacked. Heh, I could totally hear him saying some kind of outlandish joke like, "Dude, Amy AND Christine? At the SAME TIME?! We need to wipe that guy with the glasses off Mount Rushmore and put you up there instead!" He quietly chuckled to himself.

Alan idly ran a hand through Christine's blonde hair as her head steadily bounced up and down in time to her sliding lips. She was doing a great job, bobbing with a steady rhythm, but every now and then breaking the rhythm a bit just to keep him pleasantly surprised. Man, she's soooo into it! Clearly, it's not like she's just doing this 'cos she feels like she has to, to keep up with Amy. It's like she wants her tongue and lips to be everywhere at once, and even after all these minutes she's still going full blast.

Dang! What if Christine becomes a really great cocksucker? What if she comes to crave it? And what if she gets into sharing with Amy? I have this vision of trading notes with her all through the school day, where she's teasing me with what she's planning to do when school gets out. Then, when it does, the two of them will spend the next hour or two licking, sucking, titfucking, and more! And that'll just be another day! Just another day! Then I'll go home to find Mom waiting in the foyer in a sexy nightie, waiting to lick my wet cock clean with HER saliva!

My God. That could happen! Hell, it may even be PROBABLE at this point! Oh, fuck me!


After a few minutes, Amy came back around to Alan's front side. With an arm around Christine's back, she continued to focus on licking and fondling Alan's balls. Sometimes, she even managed to fit one of his balls in her mouth. However, she made no move to try to take her turn with his cock. She knew Christine had to be getting tired, and she hoped that Christine would eventually think of sharing, or simply pull off to rest.

Christine did think of sharing, but only after she'd bobbed on him for another five minutes or more. She was having a grand time, improving her technique and changing her methods based on his moans and physical reactions. She could sense that "victory" was in sight.

She'd sensed from Alan's labored breathing that she had him on the brink of a climax, and she felt like she was in a race to get him to cum before her lips simply couldn't suck and slide any more. It was a race that she began to realize that she was going to lose, and that frustrated her to no end. She knew she'd have to rest for at least a few minutes, which meant that by the time she'd be able to resume her cocksucking, he would have recovered and she'd be forced to start back at square one.

Then it hit her: I can have Amy take over while my jaw gets its desperately needed rest. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't have much choice. As soon as my lips pull off, Amy probably will be right there on him, like white on rice!

Dammit! When Amy talked about how it took all these sexy women to keep him sexually satisfied, I thought she was exaggerating wildly. Now I see that she wasn't! It really does take more than one, just so that they can each recover. I'm actually welcoming the chance for her to take over, 'cos my jaw is killing me!

She pulled off, and then made some yawn-like stretches to help her jaw. She was too embarrassed to ask Amy if she wanted to share, but she nodded at the long shaft she was still holding and stroking, and then gave Amy an inviting look.

Amy gave Christine a questioning look to make sure she understood. Once Christine nodded, Amy smiled knowingly. Then Amy immediately swallowed Alan down to just below his sweet spot.

But then, to Christine's surprise, there was no obvious movement.

In fact, what happened was that Amy knew that Alan was right on the edge of a climax, and, as usual, she knew he'd want to prolong the joy. She also knew he was looking to wow Christine with his stamina. So she simply kept his first few inches in her mouth, but didn't actually do anything to stimulate him too much. She went out of her way to make sure her tongue didn't brush, even accidentally, against his wildly pulsing erection.

This gave Alan a desperately needed break.

Christine kneeling on the grass in front of Alan, sucking his balls, while Amy, who is behind but alongside her, has Alan's cockhead in her mouth

Even though Christine felt her jaw and lips were crying out for mercy, she sensed that just a little more effort would push him over the edge. Despite her sexual inexperience, she knew enough from popular culture, plus reading her sex books, that guys simply didn't last this long with such stimulation from one mouth, much less two mouths at once. So she tried her best to help Amy by licking his balls. Her tongue almost couldn't take it any longer, but she was determined.

She thought, This is crazy! If the me from two days ago could see the me of today, she would cry. Where's my dignity? It's nothing but endless humiliation, and the strangest thing of all is that I don't seem to mind much! Here I am, kneeling naked in the great outdoors, and I'm practically worshipping Alan's balls, rolling one of them around in my mouth, while I let Amy bob alongside me! She's got all the best real estate, and even so I'm having the time of my life! Actually, THAT has to be the craziest thing of all!

But not only did Alan not cum, his ragged panting soon calmed down to just heavy breathing. He sat down on the grass, and then decided to lie down.

Christine was astounded, because she'd been sure he was going to cum any second. Oh no! He's lying down? That means he's getting comfy, like he's settling in for the long haul. And his breathing is almost back to normal. Dammit, I was so close to getting him to blow! Or was I? I wish I could ask Amy, but I don't want to sound like I'm totally clueless. On the plus side, I can take a proper rest now and then enjoy a LOT more cocksucking! Aaah! Yes!

Amy pulled off his cock while he was changing positions, but she wound up lying on top of him with his rigid dick back in her mouth mere seconds later. But she wasn't doing anything to stimulate him, again simply keeping his cockhead inside her mouth, because she wanted to convince Christine that his stamina was nearly limitless. Eventually Christine would find out otherwise, but hopefully by the time that happened she'd be one of them.

Now that Christine was simply kneeling and rubbing her jaw, she could closely examine what Amy was doing. She was confused by Amy's apparent lack of movement, not to mention the lack of the usual loud slurping and sucking sounds. She lay next to Amy with her hand on her back, and asked, "Um, what are you doing there? Is... uh..."

Christine was at a loss for words. She didn't know how to politely ask Amy whether she was doing a sufficiently good job sucking Alan's cock. It sure seemed like Amy wasn't doing enough, especially since Alan was acting calmer and more relaxed all the time. But she was so inexperienced that she worried she was missing something important.

Alan generally didn't like to talk in these situations, but he realized that this time it was better if he did, before Christine got too suspicious. He lied, "Christine, Aims is doing this really intense tongue-work thing right now. But it's all taking place inside her mouth, so you can't see much."

"Oh." Christine accepted that, since it could have easily been true. But then she asked, "But why aren't you panting like before?"

He continued to lie, "Well, I'm still feeling great, but it's more of a subtle technique, so it's more a mellow, sublime pleasure. Sex isn't all hard and fast all the time, ya know. Things can be extremely arousing with a minimum of movement."

"I see." Christine was dying to find out what Amy was doing so she could do it to him too. She certainly intended to ask her about it later. But in the meantime, she was chomping at the bit, even though her mouth and jaw were still recovering. She looked at Alan beseechingly, and asked, "While she's doing that, is it okay if I... try some other things too?"

"Sure. Please do!" He clenched his ass cheeks, steeling his body for more great sexual joy. Someone pinch me, I'm dreaming. Christine has come out of her shell, and she's acting like some kind of insatiable succubus!

Christine had recently read in one of her sex books about licking and sucking on a man's testicles, and even about putting them in one's mouth. She'd also seen Amy doing that earlier, and she'd even done a little of that herself a couple of minutes ago. But she'd been so exhausted that she knew she couldn't have done a good job. Now she wanted to try to master this new task. So she moved in closer.

Amy could see what Christine was trying to do, so she slid to the side to let Christine have easy access to Alan's balls while she herself kept his erection in her mouth.

This gave Christine the prime position right on top of Alan, which she immediately used to her advantage, molding her huge melons against his legs. She started with some tentative licking at his balls.

Alan's balls were completely hairless, since his only pubic hair was a thick but very tidy patch just above his dick. As a result, Christine found licking his balls as easy as licking his boner, and nearly as much fun. She also had read about stimulating the perineum, the area between the asshole and balls, so she explored that area with two of her fingers as well.

Alan thought, Dang! This is not good! If I cum, the fun's over. Even if I could cum again, I've got big plans for my moms and my sisters tonight, and I need to save myself for them. Aims is trying her best to help, God bless her, but just the way she's pretending to blow me feels too damn good, since her every breath swirls air all over my cockhead. The killer though is having Christine, the mighty Ice Queen, licking my balls! Damn! What a GREAT day!

Then he got an idea. He realized that if he could engage Christine in conversation, she'd probably stop licking his balls for a while, since she didn't have practice in doing both at the same time. And that thought led to a question. "Soooo... It must be weird for you, seeing how Amy was talking about important stuff while licking my dick at the same time."

Christine took the bait. She pulled her head back and looked up at him.

He was a bit disappointed though, because she continued fondling his balls with her hand, so he didn't get that much of a break from the non-stop pleasure. Plus, when she pulled back and sat up on her elbows over his chest, he had a fantastic look at her dangling F-cup tits. That thrilled him so much that it made his dick pulse repeatedly inside the tight grip of Amy's lips.

Amy couldn't do much to help him. She did her best to keep her mouth still.

Christine said, "Yeah! So strange! But I found it exciting too. It was like she was so into it that she couldn't stop for a second, not even when she had something important to discuss. Does that kind of thing happen a lot?"

He chuckled. "You could say that. In fact, it practically gets to the point where it's kinda weird to have a conversation without someone blowing or stroking me."

That dismayed Christine a lot. She dropped her head in disappointment. Shit! What am I getting myself into? I'm letting all this pleasure overrule my common sense. He has too many other women! There's too much crazy sex. I have a very busy life already. When would I even find the time?

He realized that he'd said too much. In his excitement, he'd forgotten how much reference to his other lovers troubled her. "Sorry! I didn't mean-"

She sat up higher and clutched an arm around her massive globes. "No, it's okay. But it hurts! I can easily understand now why you have a harem of bombshell beauties. There's something about this that's addictive and intoxicating. Amy made some comment earlier that it's usually 'practically standing room only just to service your cock,' and I now see that she wasn't exaggerating about that either. I'm already hooked. But still... it burns! I'm jealous, and it hurts like heartburn, dammit!"

Amy suddenly pulled off his hot pole and patted Christine's leg to get her attention. "Awww. That's sad. Here, this'll make you feel better." She handed off Alan's erection, and focused her attention on his balls instead.

Christine considered what to do. If I were smart, I'd just walk away right now. But dammit, I need my lips around his hot cock!

She lay back down in position, stretched her mouth wide, and slid her lips as far down his shaft as she could get, which was just past his sweet spot. Then she started bobbing. The funny thing was, having his stiff pole in her mouth like that did make her feel better.

She thought about it as she sucked while also using her newfound technique to lick him at the same time. It's strange, but while I'm doing this, I feel like Alan is mine! And that's silly, because, hell, look at Amy right here, bumping her head against me. She's slathering her tongue all over his balls with an ease and skill that shows she does it all the time. AND she's playing with my nipples and my clit! Damn, she's a good multi-tasker. I shouldn't let her do that, but the pleasure - I can't fight it! I need it! She's getting me addicted to it.

But still, while I'm doing this, I can pretend his other lovers don't exist. And Amy... well, she's Amy. It's like she doesn't count. Or, actually, it's more like she's on my side. We're a team! And that makes me feel good. The Official Girlfriend team!

Actually, fuck it! Too much thinking and worrying. I'm just going to enjoy his meaty cock and give it my all! I've got to do a lot better if I'm gonna compete with all those damn other women.

Unfortunately for Christine, her turn only lasted less than a minute. She had been really into it, experimenting with "writing" the shapes of letters on top of his sweet spot.

Christine had to stop when Amy tapped her on the shoulder to take over again. It wasn't that Amy was being greedy; it was just that she was concerned that Alan was too close to blowing his load. So Amy immediately engulfed Alan's cock again, but she went back to her technique of pretending to give him some subtle tongue work that wasn't externally visible. She even pushed her tongue against the insides of her cheeks at times, to make it look like there was action going on.

But Alan still didn't get much of a break, because, even though Christine's tongue was tired, she was keen to experiment with working on his balls. If she wasn't licking them, she was sucking on them or fondling them. Sometimes, she even fit one of his testicles into her mouth, allowing her to do more to it with her lips and tongue. And she also noticed how more than half of his cum-soaked shaft was untouched, so she pumped a fist up and down that as well.

Then it was Christine's turn again.

Back and forth they went, Amy with her pretend cocksucking and Christine with her very real and increasingly effective technique. The only thing that saved Alan was that Christine wanted to try out the subtle tongue-only method that Amy supposedly was using, because Amy managed to draw out the process of explaining and "demonstrating" that to give him his much-needed break.

Alan lost track of how many times the lusty girls passed his cock back and forth, but eventually he realized that the next time Christine took her turn, he was going to lose it. A real strategic break was way overdue. But at the same time, he was building up a reputation with Christine of nearly limitless endurance, and he didn't want to ruin that. He figured that the more of a "super stud" she believed him to be, the more likely she was to accept that he really "needed" a harem.

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