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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 146
Tunnel of Love
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan sat up, causing both Christine and Amy to pull away from his privates. He wanted to see what he wanted to do next. As he sat there, pondering what to do, he fondled Amy's and Christine's racks at the same time. He loved the way their four big, round tits happened to be lined up for his play, since the girls were sitting shoulder to shoulder. He also loved the way that they each brought one hand to his boner, where they then stroked it up and down in perfect synchrony.

Then an idea came to him, inspired by his happy tit groping. DUH! I'm a fucking idiot! Titfucking! That'll be the perfect distraction. The two of them can talk about that while I rest and take a desperately needed strategic break. And then, once I'm ready to go again, damn! I can fuck Christine's tits! What a dream come true! Why didn't I think of that earlier?!

He cleared his throat, and said, "Thanks, girls. This is a dream come true for me. But I think it's time for something different. Plus, I think sitting in a chair might be more comfy. Let me sit down in that chair over there and explain."

Amy pretended distress at this move, and griped, "Awww!" In recent minutes, she'd been just pretending to suck his cock, but she bent over and gave him a couple of very real bobs with lots of tight suction before she pulled off again.

Alan frantically clenched his PC muscle, because even that little bit of suction was almost too much for him.

Then Amy "said goodbye" to his hot erection with a series of loving kisses all along its length.

Christine paid close attention. Look at that! She LOVES it! Just seeing that makes me hot! Well, I can show her that I love it too! She helped with some goodbye kisses of her own all around his cockhead, plus a few long licks from base to tip and back.

Amy, in turn, was inspired by Christine's loving kissing and licking, so she got busy kissing and licking it again.

Amy and Christine on each side of Alan's cock, facing each other while licking his cockhead, while his pre-cum drips on them both

Things quickly turned into a cock licking free-for-all. Both girls lapped seemingly everywhere at once, until their tongues brushed into each other when they attempted to lap on his sweet spot at the same time. They were surprised by that, and giggled.

Alan was playing with fire. He knew his control over his body was wavering and he might cum at any second, but he wanted to establish the precedent of them licking his cock together in the hopes there would soon be a lot more of that.

He thought he was out of the woods when they finally pulled away together after their giggling, but then they looked at each other and French kissed. Knowing that he was watching, they put on a little show, rubbing their racks together while watching him from the corner of their eyes.

Christine thought, This is fun! Hell, it's all fun! I have to admit that kissing Amy - and more - feels really good, especially with Alan watching. But sucking his cock is even better!

He thought, Fuuuuuck! Man! Someone, have mercy on me! He quickly retreated to the chair, but he moved it onto the grass lawn since he hoped the girls would be titfucking him soon, and he figured the grass would be more comfortable for them to kneel on than either concrete or a hardwood deck.

Once he was settled in, he closed his eyes. He hoped that Amy would cover for him, because he needed to shut down all sensory input to recover for a few minutes.

But he couldn't control his erotic thoughts, so his hard rod kept on spasming wildly. He wasn't out of the danger zone yet. Too much soft and squeezable tit-flesh there! Soon, I'm gonna be sliding my cock through all that bosomy perfection. Through Christine's legendary F-cups! Oh fuck! How do I turn my brain off? It would be embarrassing to just cum while sitting here without even being touched.

Fortunately, he began to recover after a minute or so, only to realize the girls were standing a few feet away, staring at him and waiting for him to give them some sort of direction. Seeing them there, completely naked and with sopping wet pussies, hit him like an electric shock. Then he remembered, They're both my girlfriends now! Whoa! True, their deal isn't finalized yet, but I'm sure that's just a matter of time. How can I express how friggin' thrilled that makes me?! Man, I'm going to be the most sexually pampered man in the history of creation! More than that, all my dreams of loving Christine are coming true!

His dick was as erect as ever, and those thoughts caused it to elevate even more with a series of jerky movements. (In his excitement, it was easy for him to forget that big and possibly unsolvable problems with Christine remained, such as the incest secret.)

The girls laughed and pointed at his twitchy boner with glee, as if they were observing a neat magic trick. Amy said to Christine, "Look at that. Doesn't that just make your mouth water?"

"Mmmm," Christine said without really answering the question. She was embarrassed to admit it, but her mouth was already watering from the sight.

Alan fantasized, Shit, man! Imagine walking down the hall at school, with Amy on one side, holding one of my arms, and Christine on the other side, holding the other. That's totally gonna happen now! I could cup their ass cheeks at the same time! Hell, I could pin Christine against a wall of lockers and make out with her and fondle her big tits, and then do the same to Amy!

I'd probably get in trouble, true, but I could do it! He chuckled to himself about that. Tooootally worth it!

In any case, people are gonna freak out. But so what? Oh, man! Then the three of us can steal away to the theater room during lunch, and my two busty girlfriends will drop to their knees and... oh man! I can't even go there! Too stimulating! And we can have lots more fun after school too! The world is our oyster!

He realized that he needed to get them talking to each other, especially since he was still on a hair trigger. He feared they would do something that would push him over the edge, like making out with each other some more. So he said, "You know what I'd really love? Some titfucking! Amy, can you explain to Christine how that works?"

Christine put her hand on her hip, feeling a bit indignant. "Of course I know what a titfuck is." To excite him, she deliberately explained, "That means you're going to slide your cock between my breasts. Then I'm going to squeeze it with my breasts, rub them up and down it, maybe lick it a little, and generally drive you wild!"

He practically whimpered. Lord have mercy on me! Give me strength!

She added, "While it's true I've never done one before, I've studied the proper technique." She thought about reminding him that he'd walked in while she and Amy were practicing with a dildo earlier that day, but it was too embarrassing to bring up.

Amy and Christine standing naked, side by side, each with an arm around the other's waist

He thought, I need a bib before I start drooling just from watching my two nude girlfriends standing there! It's not just that they're sex bombs and arguably the two sexiest girls in my high school... although that helps! He chuckled silently. I love how they both have become so comfortable with each other. It's encouraging to see how they each have an arm around the other's back, as if they can't bear to part.

It was a good thing that Amy knew Alan's moods, and just how much his dick could handle. She realized that he needed an extended break, so she took Christine aside and out of Alan's hearing range, as if sharing an important conspiratorial secret.

She told Christine, "Sure, you know titfucking from books. But the reality is different. Think about how different sucking his cock turned out to be compared to practicing with the same-sized dildo earlier. I'm thinking you want to really enjoy servicing his big fat cock between your humungomeganormous beautiful tits, don't you?"

Christine nodded. She was so far into her sexual bliss that she didn't even question the way Amy had phrased that, although it did strike a sour note somewhere in her mind. The word "service" really rankled her whenever she thought about it.

"Good," Amy said firmly. "Let's go talk in private for a few minutes, and I'll give you a crash course."

Christine thought again about their earlier dildo practice, but she was still loathe to mention that with Alan possibly being able to hear. (The fact that Alan had walked in on their dildo practice earlier didn't lessen her reluctance to bring up the topic, and in fact only increased her embarrassment about what he'd think.) She turned and looked around for a private spot. As a result, she turned her back to Alan.

Amy couldn't resist, and ran a hand down to Christine's muscular ass. She gave one ass cheek a firm squeeze while whispering to her, "By the way, O.B.'s totally checking out your backside. Spread your legs wide and get up on your tip-toes. He'll love that!"

Christine was usually too self-conscious to deliberately strike sexy poses, and even now she felt uncomfortable about that sort of thing. But she followed Amy's instructions. "Like this?" she whispered back, once she was in position.

"Good!" Amy ran a hand down Christine's ass crack, cupping her pussy from behind.

Christine blushed, in part because Amy was running a finger up and down her wet labia, but she remained on her tip-toes in hopes that Alan would be pleased.

Amy insisted with another whisper, "Now, stay like that, but put your hands on your head too!"

Christine closed her eyes in humiliation, but she did as instructed. I can't believe I'm doing this! Have I no shame?! What if the other kids in school could see me right now? Or my sensei? Gaawwwd! But all I can think about is keeping Alan's cock nice and hard so he can stick it between my breasts! I'm so shameless!

She waited for something to happen next, but nothing did, except for Amy continuing to fondle her, now with both hands. She even felt Amy's index finger tentatively poking at her anus, That felt slightly alarming, but since Amy made no move towards actual penetration, Christine felt reluctant to object and break the spell of arousal she was under.

Amy standing close behind Christine, fondling C's right boob with her left hand on C's ass, while C has her left foot up, stabilizing herself against Amy's left knee

Finally, as Amy reached up to caress one of Christine's big tits, she whispered in her ear, "Gaawwwd, you look so darn hot! Alan's totally jizzing over there. Well, almost. He's gonna cum like Old Faithful!"

Christine liked the sound of that, but she asked uncertainly, "Can I come down now? I've never been so humiliated in my entire life!"

Amy commented as she rubbed one of Christine's erect nipples between her fingers and explored Christine's ass crack, "No. And that's good! Humiliation is good. Admit it: it makes your flames of lust burn even higher, doesn't it?"

That was true, but Christine was too embarrassed to say so. She thought, Actually what I just said isn't true. I've been humiliated more than this several times today. In fact, it's been pretty much non-stop humiliation, especially since no one seems willing to let me wear any clothes! Is this how it's always going to be with Alan? Being naked with Amy, acting like two shameless sluts, constantly doing obscene things with our mouths and our bodies to keep his cock stiff?!


Wow! Just... wow! My "flames of lust" are going to burn me alive!

Trying to act casual and also change the conversation, she quietly asked, "Didn't you already teach me about titfucking earlier, with the dildo?"

Amy casually pinched and tugged on Christine's prominent, engorged clit. "Yeah, but that was just for starters. Kinda just getting you used to the idea, to be honest. Now that you're gonna do it for real, I've got a bunch more things to say."

Christine was eager to get started, if only so she could get down from her tip-toes and lower her arms. She thought, This is a disaster! I'm a logical person. I'm in control. I don't let my emotions rule me. I have dignity! So why do I stand here like some kind of shameless slut?!

She hated the idea of being a slut. When she thought of sluts she thought of Heather, and the last thing she wanted was to become like Heather. Curiosity got the best of her, though, and she twisted her head around to see what Alan was doing while she was maintaining her pose. She saw that his gaze was roaming up and down her legs. He looked to be slumped in a relaxed, resting pose, but his dick was still very erect, poking up at a 45 degree angle.

She licked her lips with longing, and made sure to flex her muscles to firm up her pose. He's looking right at me! Now I know why people talk about sex being hot, because just feeling his eyes on me makes my skin burn, in the best way. And look at his thick cock, just resting there, uselessly doing nothing. I want it back in my mouth, and right this very second! Or trapped in my breasts! Let's get to that already!

She asked Amy, "But what about him? Shouldn't we be taking care of his cock? Maybe you can teach by example." She smiled as she said that.

Amy grinned. "I like how you think! And normally, the answer would be YES! We should. Servicing his cock is the most important thing - always. Do you understand that's a big, big part of being his co-girlfriend or are you going to keep complaining about 'pride,' 'dignity,' 'equality,' 'freedom,' 'fairness,' and all that jazz?"

Christine was taken aback. Those were all things she valued highly. But she said, "I'm trying! I'm trying!" She thought, God, this IS going to be endless sexy humiliation!

Amy looked at her doubtfully, but continued, "We'll see. Look at him right now. His dick can go on and on forever, but the rest of him is pretty pooped. Let's give him a few minutes to recover. Then he can really fuck the shit out of you! Your tits, I mean." She winked playfully.

Christine kept on smiling. She could hardly wait. I'm sure this is going to be yet more humiliation for me. Kneeling between his legs and using my breasts to get him off is inherently demeaning. But I don't care! I can't wait to feel his hot cock burning against my chest, and make him moan and whimper with total elation! Until he CUMS! He loves my boobs, and I love that he loves them! I'm gonna give him good reason to love them even more!

To Christine's surprise, Amy spread her own legs, got on her tip-toes, and put her hands on her head too. Then the two of them shared a brief kiss while they maintained that difficult pose, just because they wanted to, and because they knew that Alan would love watching it.

For some reason, Christine found it incredibly thrilling. Even though their lips only touched for a second or two, she also found it to be kind of a bonding experience with Amy that meant much more than the mere physical pleasure did. It's a good thing to see that I'm not the only one naked and humiliated. It's key to have Amy here, showing me the way. We're both proving that we're willing to go to great lengths to please our man. I feel like we're bonding and become an effective team! A co-girlfriend, cock-stiffening team!

Christine was flying high as she tilted her head forward and French kissed more effectively. Then the two of them focused on rubbing their great racks together while maintaining their difficult and obscene pose, staying on their tip-toes the entire time.

Amy and Christine on tip-toes, facing each other naked, kissing, while each has her hands behind her head, holding her hair

Alan thought as he watched, Oh man! Too hot! Too fuckin' hot! This IS a dream come true. Christine is so awesome, and so shockingly WILLING! I wish I could take a picture. I never expected this attitude from her. Never! Especially that she's so willing with Aims as well!

But I still feel guilty. I keep having this nagging feeling that I'm tricking her, and it isn't right. The more she takes to this, the more it seems possible she might really fully join the harem someday, and that actually makes me feel even MORE guilty, because is that what's best for the great, super-talented Christine? Is that what's going to make her the happiest in the long run?

Man... How can I know the future, or compare imagined futures? But the fact is, I really, truly think that this is for the best for her. Harems offer a lot of advantages. For instance, right now, Christine is kind of a loner, but she'd have a whole bunch of close sisters who are going to totally love her, even if they don't get physical. Look how close she's getting with Aims and Kat already. And she loves me, and I love her, and I think it's safe to say I've shown I can love someone pretty intensely despite loving more than one woman. Plus, there's just the sheer sexual pleasure. I really don't think there's any doubt that she'll have a much better sex life in the harem than if she had a typical boyfriend.

But the most important thing is to make sure that the harem lifestyle won't slow down her academic achievements and other interests, like her sports and martial arts. In fact, the harem could be a really strong support group, if we do it right.

That's what I firmly believe. But the big question is, am I really being honest with myself, or am I just thinking with my dick? Even now, I'm STILL dangerously close to cumming, due to the little show they're putting on! I wish I could somehow be truly objective, because I really do want what's best for her... And the lying and trickery... Dang. Is it really true that all's fair in love and war? Look at her! She's so awesome, so precious to me... She inspires me to be a better person!


While he was thinking, the two naked girls walked back to the deck chairs they'd been sitting in earlier when they'd discussed The Deal. They were too far away for Alan to overhear them.

He didn't really want to try this time anyway, since he was in a guilty mood. Besides, he felt he'd heard the important stuff and that anything else at this point would probably be icing on the cake.

Christine exhaled, slumping in her chair. "Phew! I'm beat. All that cocksucking is exhausting. But I'm still really horny!"

Amy reached out and ran her fingers through Christine's swampy pussy. "Boy, you sure are!" Within seconds, she was running her fingers up and down Christine's pussy lips.

"Stop that!" Christine demanded, but made no move to deny Amy access to her privates. She was getting used to Amy touching her there.

"Why?" Amy asked, innocently but with a big smile on her face. She sensually stroked Christine's wetness, but deliberately avoiding touching Christine's ripe, swollen, extra-large clit.

Christine swatted Amy's hand away, but in a playful way. She was all smiles too. She chided, "Aims!"

Amy was unrepentant, just giving a naughty smile in return. But she settled back in her seat and kept her hands to herself, for the moment.

Christine commented, "I can't believe how much my attitude on giving a blowjob has changed in such a short time. I've heard about how much of a bother it is for women, and that most usually only do it for their boyfriends or husbands on special days, like anniversaries. And it was like that for me at first too. But now, it's like... continual pleasure for ME! Not just him, but me! I know this is going to sound weird, but it's like there's a direct line between my mouth and my... clitoris."

Just mentioning her clit made her nervous, since she still considered it a freakish deformity. She was trying hard to change though.

Amy grabbed her hand, suddenly bursting with excitement. "That's not weird at all! That TOTALLY happens to me too, like, ALL the time!"

Christine's smile broadened. "And it's FUN! I like the challenge. If it were easier it would probably get boring eventually, but it's just difficult enough and challenging enough to make it really interesting... if you know what I mean. You never know when you'll manage to make him cum. There are just so many different ways to suck and lick and stroke him, and when I do something really good and I hear him moan lustily... Oooh! Shivers!" She did actually shiver when she said that.

Amy beamed at Christine's excellent attitude. "I know! Me too! Shivers right down my spine, and goose bumps too. I totally dig the challenge too. Let me tell ya, I've been doing this for a while, and I NEVER get bored. In fact, I never get used to just how hard it is to even get Alan's cock in my mouth. But I LOVE it!"

For some reason, they both chuckled knowingly in amusement at that.

Amy went on, "And it gets even better! It's like an art form, y'know? I've been blowing him for, like, two months now, and I swear it never gets boring; I keep learning new ways to do it. Sometimes, I'll just suck on his cock for an hour or two with a real lazy pace while he does his homework, just so I can keep his thingy in my mouth. It's just so... cozy and intimate... you know? I mean, like... sometimes I just close my eyes so I can, like, TOTALLY focus on savoring his flavor. Even if my jaw gets tired, I never get tired of tasting him like that, in my mouth."

Christine was still so incredibly horny that a prolonged sucking session like that actually sounded like a tempting idea. "Wow... That's amazing. But how do you do it? I mean, I have trouble lasting five minutes at a time." She rubbed her face, checking her jaw muscles. "Even now, my jaw aches. Just keeping him in my mouth stretches my face so much. And my tongue is crying for mercy after constantly flicking against his special spot."

Amy leaned forward, and said, "It's just like anything else. Consider running. First you do one mile, and then you work up to two, and so on. Look at your legs." She ran a hand up one of Christine's muscular legs. "You've got really strong legs. And your thighs..."

She leaned even further forward and caressed and squeezed one of Christine's thighs. "You have such firm thighs! Geez, Louise! I'm envious. How did they get that way? I know: practice, practice, practice."

She stared intently into Christine's eyes. "Ditto with sucking Alan's cock. He has BIG needs! If you really want to be his second girlfriend, it means that from now on, you'll pretty much be servicing his cock daily. It's, like, a big part of the whole thing. If you can't handle that, you need to tell me now!"

Christine felt butterflies in her stomach as she replied, "I can handle it! I swear to you, I can."

"Good! You and I, we're gonna be spending a lot of time on our knees, side by side, slurping and choking and gagging. It's a lot of hard work! But don't worry, it'll be AWESOME! Trust me, there is NOTHING in this world like bobbing on the cock of the man you love! At first, you may not last all that long... but each day you'll get a little better and be able to last a little longer... until you can contentedly suck his cock by the hour, savoring the feeling and loving it like the rest of us!"

Again, Amy's words both excited and depressed Christine. She was positively excited by the thought of all that sexual fun, even if it was unfair and demeaning. But that "rest of us" comment was a real killer.

Amy had never let up once she started fondling Christine's thighs, and her hand wound up fingering Christine's turgid, oversized clit again.

But Christine didn't want to get all horny while Alan was unavailable, so she shifted in the chair, placing herself almost sideways, cutting off Amy's access to her pussy. They both knew that she wasn't just objecting to being fingered by Amy; they'd already crossed that bridge. She just didn't want to be fingered at this particular moment. She griped about her own lack of cocksucking endurance, "You make it sound so easy..."

"It is!" Amy replied with her usual gusto. "And you have a huge head start. You know why? You're so fit and strong! Holy moly! Look at this ass, for instance."

Amy wasn't deterred by Christine's shift of positions, especially since the new position put one ass cheek on top of the other, giving Amy a new target to fondle. As she caressed Christine's upper ass cheek, she said, "These are buns of steel. They're, like, scary awesome! This is an Alan-worthy ass if there ever was one. It's easy to see why you're rapidly becoming one of his favorites, and he's willing to make you one of his girlfriends. This is a body built to please a man... A superior kind of man like Alan..."

"Aaaaaaammy!" Christine complained. But she wasn't complaining about Amy's comments this time (even though the "superior kind of man" phrase greatly annoyed her), but about the way that Amy's fingers had started to explore her ass crack.

Amy seemed not to hear, even poking again at her anus.

Christine mulled, "One of his favorites?!" That's depressing. Who is his very favorite, I wonder? Is it Amy?! Or what about her mother Suzanne? The mysterious Miss X? Ms. Rhymer, maybe? I sure hope it's not Heather! No, it can't be!

Amy retreated and went back to just playing with the rest of Christine's ass. She noted, "Besides, you may not have much experience or endurance at first, but remember that I'll usually be right there, helping out."

Christine was so very horny that she didn't stop Amy's wandering hands. Instead, she griped, "Do you really have to?" She added in a sad voice, "Don't mind me; I don't really mean it. I know that's a part of our Deal. It's just... that's not exactly how I dreamt things would be."

Amy chuckled with knowing sympathy. Then she replied, "You're in the big leagues now, with big league competition. Sure, Alan loves you a lot, but he's VERY capable of loving more than one woman at the same time. Think about my mom. She's practically been a second mother to him since birth. He loves her a WAY lot! Or think about Glory Rhymer. You know he's had a crush on her for over three years, don't you? He loves her a way lot too. And it's like that with everyone in the harem. He's surrounded by beauty, and he can pick and choose. He's not gonna have some woman in his harem if he doesn't totally love her."

This distressed Christine so much that she actually put her hands over her ears and shut her eyes. "Stop! Stop saying that terrible word!"

"What word? 'Love'?!" Seeing how upset Christine was, Amy let go of her ass.

"No, 'Harem'! God, how I hate that word! I don't think I'd ever heard someone use it in a conversation before today, and now it seems that I'm hearing it every few minutes. Amy, you're destroying me! I'm clinging to this fantasy that it's just me and him..."

Amy spoke sternly, even as she kept on lightly fondling Christine's magnificent body. "Well, you gotta wake up. If you keep living in fantasyland, you're gonna fall behind. Sure, Alan loves you a lot, but there are only so many hours in the day, and he has to keep all of his women happy. If you're weirding out on him all the time, he's naturally gonna gravitate more to someone who isn't. But it's not all bad news; you've got a secret weapon!"

Christine reluctantly dropped her hands and opened her eyes. She added in a wary voice, "I do? What?"

"ME! You see, most of the time, Alan is with just this woman or that woman instead of two or more at once." Of course that wasn't true lately, and Amy hated to lie, but she figured that Christine's case required extreme measures.

She continued, "For instance, take Glory. She's like you and she has what she calls a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy where she doesn't want to know about or see Alan's other lovers. But you and I, we can be a team! If he has to choose between the two of us pleasuring and servicing his cock together versus just, say, Glory doing it alone, which option do you think he's gonna pick more often than not?"

Christine sighed. Gloria Rhymer, my history teacher! Just picturing HER giving him a blowjob... Ewww! Too weird! She said, "I get your point... And that's good. But... I feel like venting my frustration. This just isn't how I wanted things to go. At ALL! I've imagined romantic candlelight dinners and sunset walks on the beach... Just him and me, obviously..."

Amy shrugged. "Well, you'll get those things too. I know you're kinda in shock. That's cool, I get it, but you've gotta bounce back fast. Like I said, you're in the big leagues now. You've gotta be determined. I know you can do that. You've gotta go for what you want with all you've got. I know you can do that too."

Christine thought, I should have insisted on keeping some clothes on. At least my bikini. She looked down at her bare body. It's all this constant nudity that's making me practically lose my mind! It's seriously skewing my thinking. I mean, take this talking about sharing; it almost seems normal to me right now. Almost. I know that later, when I calm down, everything will seem different. I'll probably be horrified. But it's not like I'm going to back out on The Deal. No way!

Amy continued, "Remember how Alan was just talking a while ago about how he was gonna help you tear down your walls? Well, he can't help you if you don't help yourself. Like regularly sharing his cock with me. I'm not gonna force you to do that, even though I could because of our Deal, because I think you'll realize it's the right thing to do, and the smart thing to do, and the FUN thing to do! Wasn't it a blast when we were licking his cock together a few minutes ago? Remember how our tongues touched when we both lapped on his sweet spot at the same time?" She giggled.

"Yes, of course," Christine replied. "But you've gotta understand that I'm really, really horny now! It takes me a while to get in that state, probably a lot longer than you. What if I'm 'cold,' not feeling it at all, and his penis gets stiff? I'm going to get weirded out by everything, especially the sharing! I'm sorry, but I'm warning you. I know myself. I can't totally change overnight!"

Amy nodded. "I get it. But I know you're a fighter. You've gotta fight your outmoded, prudish ideas about sex. I believe you can make this work if you try hard. I can help you. If we're his two girlfriends, we need to be allies and work as a team to keep our man hard and happy, every single day!"

Christine thought about that. Damn. She's right; I am a fighter. I'm not gonna lose him to one of his other lovers. Yes, this isn't my dream situation, but I've still got it pretty good. If I can be with the boy I love nearly every day, then who cares what he does and who he's with when I'm not around? Right? And is it such a big deal that Amy might be there too sometimes? It's not like I'd be with him every second of every day in any case. Right?

Actually, she was far from happy. She was lying to herself when she said in her thoughts that she didn't care whom he was with when she wasn't with him. But she was determined to do whatever it took to win as much of his love as she could. It wasn't the sharing with Amy that was her main issue. Truth be told, that was growing on her in a big way. She also felt she could cope with the issue of going from "cold" to "hot" if she pushed herself. It was all the other unknown women she felt she was fighting against that really rankled her and gave her heartburn.

As if reading those thoughts, Amy continued, "Remember, if we don't do our best, Heather's there, waiting in the wings. Did you know she thinks she's in love with him?"

"You mentioned that earlier," Christine muttered glumly.

"She really might be, in her weird Heather-y way. If he tells her to crawl naked across the room, she'll do it gladly. She'll do threesomes with him, and moresomes. THAT's our competition! And it's not just Heather. There's all the wanna-be Heather types out there!"

An imagined Heather, naked on her knees but wearing red high heels, crawling up over Alan's body toward his rampant erection

Christine clenched her teeth. Any mention of Heather triggered her competitive instincts. She envisioned Heather on all fours, crawling up Alan's bare legs towards his erection. Slut! You shameless SLUT! Wearing your goddamn slutty red high heels, slutty red lipstick and slutty red fingernail polish. Well, I've got news for you: that's MY cock, BITCH!

Teaming up with Amy as part of The Deal was sounding better and better all the time, if it could help keep him from Heather.

She asked, "Um, Aims... about Alan making me his second girlfriend... What else do you want me to agree to there? Let's do it soon, because my love and lust for him is growing and growing... I'm on pins and needles, worrying we might not come to a final agreement. I think you're right and we do need to unite as allies. I'm pretty willing to make concessions, because, dammit, I just love him and want him so much!"

She thought she was done. But then she spat out angrily, "And I'm not gonna lose him to HER!"

Amy said cautiously, "You do realize that having Alan as a boyfriend isn't like having most boyfriends, right? There's NO fairness here. He's in charge, period! There's no 'What Have You Done For Me Lately?' selfishness for you." She sang the title to the Janet Jackson hit song rather than just saying the words.

Then she warned, "Like I keep saying, a big part of your day, every day, will be keeping his cock stiff and throbbing with joy with your mouth and tits and hands, and eventually, when you're ready for it... your pussy. Do you think you can deal with that?"

Christine thought hard. I'm always so big on fairness and justice, but things are different when it comes to sex and love. This Alan-centric situation is DAMN unfair, and I hate it! Even the way Amy just said that really gets my goat. But... screw fairness! This is what I want. It's what my heart and body needs! Besides, like Amy says, it's just the laws of supply and demand at work, and everybody wants him.

She finally said with determination, "I can."

Amy smiled from ear to ear. "You know what, C? Maybe I'm just a big softie... But when I see how much you love him, how hard you're fighting to overcome your sexual hang-ups, and how good you're getting at servicing his cock, I find myself thinking of you as his second girlfriend already. I know we've got some details to iron out, but I think it's safe to say that you can consider yourself his second girlfriend from now on."

Christine quickly sat up in her chair, leaning forward, causing Amy to let go of her ass. "Really? REALLY?!"

"Really." Although Amy was a secret schemer, she was also somewhat of a softie due to her big, loving heart, and she loved how overjoyed her words were making her new friend.

"Oh God! Oh God! What a day! I keep saying it, but it's true! What a day!"

They kissed, but it was only a brief meeting of the lips, because they were both excited and distracted with thoughts of the future.

Christine sat back and sighed with relief.

After a few moments, Amy pointed out, "You know, we probably should get around to that titfucking lesson before too long."

"Oh yeah!"

They both laughed at how distracted they'd gotten.


Amy managed to really draw out the titfucking instruction. Alan was able to get such a nice long rest that he actually drifted off to sleep. As a result, his penis went completely flaccid.

He woke up to the sound of a loud wolf whistle. That startled him, so he looked all around. His eyes quickly locked on Amy and Christine, standing together about thirty feet away. They were still nude, of course.

The Motown mix CD was still going, and the song "Leaving Here" by Eddie Holland had just started. It had a very good beat, and the girls took advantage of that. They both started walking towards him, but it was more of a sexy dance than simply a walk.

Alan's dick engorged in a matter of seconds. It was especially inspiring to see how they weren't just outrageously tempting him, but that they were doing so as a team. For instance, when one of them tried out a new move, like raising an arm to the sky or swinging their hips low, the other would usually try it out too, and then they'd do it together, in sync.

He groaned lustily. Fuck! Bouncing big tits! He had to chuckle at that simplistic thought. But he had a point, because the way they sensuously caressed their own tits - and each other's - as they slithered towards him was truly inspirational.

Amy and Christine posing naked, butt to butt but on tip-toes, both looking toward the viewer

He was especially delighted when they went back to back and rubbed their asses together. He'd seen a lot of tit rubbing, and he loved that, but seeing ass rubbing was new for him. What made it even better was how much fun Christine and Amy obviously were having. To see Amy like that was no surprise, but he hadn't believed Christine could be that spontaneous and carefree. It made him love her even more.

A minute or two later, both girls were on their knees, wedged in between his legs as he continued to sit in the chair. They were eager to get the titfucking started.

Amy said in a husky tone, "I was just giving Christine a lesson on how to pleasure and service your cock with her big tits. She's such a fast learner! But first, I want to give her one last live demonstration to make sure she gets it... and because I love doing it!" She pushed closer.

Alan obligingly positioned himself to slump down on the edge of his seat so that his boner and her cleavage could easily meet.

Alan could sense that Amy's big breasts must have just been lubed with some kind of oil. He inhaled deeply and decided she must have used copious amounts of suntan lotion, because the smell of coconut was heavy in the air. He loved it, and inhaled it some more. Thanks to the previous fun times he'd had applying suntan lotion to Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, and others, the mere smell of coconut had become an aphrodisiac for him.

Alan's amber-haired beauty created a very tight tit tunnel, with her hands pressing in from each side, after which she started sliding her tits up and down. When one boob went up the other usually went down, but she made sure not to follow a predictable pattern so he'd always be pleasantly surprised.

As that went on, Amy said, "C and I have been talking about the 'second girlfriend' idea too. We're still negotiating, but we've both decided it's a very good idea. What do you think?"

"Sweet!" Alan cheered. Fuck! Such GREAT news! He looked at Amy titfucking him, and especially at her collar. Then he looked at Christine waiting for her turn, with her huge, perfect tits and her jaw-droppingly beautiful face. Finally, his gaze settled on her bare neck. I swear, she's gonna wear my collar someday! This is the first step!

A tsunami of lust crashed through him, but he held it off with some frantic PC muscle squeezing.

Amy giving Alan a titfuck and reaching to lick his cockhead, while Christine is snuggled up behind Amy, holding Amy's left tit

Christine was feeling left out, so she got behind Amy and took over the task of squeezing Amy's tits together.

This just about blew Alan's brain apart, that Christine would be willing to do that. He felt another wave of orgasmic lust rushing through him.

A few moments later, once he'd recovered from that, he was hit with another wave, only this time it was a wave of guilt.

To make matters worse for him, Christine took over the titfucking duties, while Amy sat behind her and kept Christine's big melons squeezed tightly around his boner.

This was a truly epic moment for him. Before his six-times-a-day diagnosis, in the last two years, his most common masturbatory fantasy had been titfucking Christine's great chest. But now that it was happening for real, he was having trouble enjoying it to its fullest, due to his guilty feelings.

The fact that his cock was nestled between Christine's awesome F-cups was literally a dream come true. But it was even better than any dream because in his dreams he'd usually envisioned Christine being reluctant, whereas she was downright enthusiastic. And Amy was tightly holding Christine's tits in place most of the time, and that was better than most of his dreams, since he'd rarely dreamed or fantasized about something so "unrealistic."

However, as time went on, he thought, Shit! Everything is going so great, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm some kind of selfish bastard. I mean, Christine is trying so damn hard to fit into all this weirdness. I'm sure the jealousy issue must be killing her, amongst other things. She's even helping to give me this great titfuck, which is my most arousing fantasy come to life!

Little does she know that this is only the tip of the iceberg in my massively weird life. And she doesn't know 'cos I keep lying to her, even if it's only lying by omission. This can't go on. She's taking a big risk for me. I have to reach out and take a big risk with her. Maybe I'll ruin everything. Maybe she'll hate me and never want to speak to me again. But it's better that than a relationship built on lies! I have to tell her the full story. Even the incest part!

I just have to cross my fingers and hope that she loves what's happening so much that she won't want it to ever end. It's tempting to wait until AFTER she finishes the titfuck, but that would seem even more dastardly. No, I need to do it now, while I still have the guts!

Has she crossed some kind of sexual Rubicon? I guess we're about to find out!

He cleared his throat. "Um, Christine, that feels wonderful. Thanks! But can you stop doing it for a minute? I have something really important to say."

Christine disengaged from the titfuck, but remained on her knees.

"Um, maybe you should stand up too."

They all stood up, with Amy standing right behind Christine. Both girls had growing apprehension, because his face suddenly looked very grave and serious. They also noticed that his penis was deflating rapidly.

He put a hand on Christine's shoulder, and said, "I love that you're prepared to be my second girlfriend and everything. But it's not fair for you to do that when you don't really know what you're getting into. In fact, I haven't been fair to you at all, because I haven't told you the full story."

Christine said, "That's okay. You don't have to. I can read between the lines easily enough, and Amy's told me more than enough. I get it that you have a... a harem. I really get it now. I understand this is a fundamentally unfair and unjust situation. You'll have all your other lovers, and I'll have just you. That's the reality. I have to accept it."

She gave him a devastating "come hither" look as she continued with much more lusty enthusiasm, "And Amy's made clear that a big part of being your co-girlfriend is working with her to take VERY good care of your penis." She hefted her big boobs and squeezed them together. "With our tongues, our lips, our hands, and our breasts..." She was working herself up. "The two of us, together, working on you!" She stared at his flaccid penis with wanton desire. "I accept all that too!"

Steeling his resolve, he thought, Shit! She's willing to agree to all that?! That's making me MORE aroused, especially with her sultry look and the way she eagerly talked about taking "VERY good care" of my dick. The harder she tries to fit in, the worse I feel. I have to do better by her!

He waited until she let go of her breasts, so he could think relatively clearly.

Then, with heavy heart, he replied, "That's not true, about the harem. I mean, yes, that part IS, true, but you haven't been told enough. I've been a real cad. Christine, I love you. I really do. And I can't love you and lie to you at the same time. I know that once I tell you everything, you probably won't want to be my second girlfriend. Hell, I doubt you'll even want to speak to me ever again. But I'm hoping there's a slim chance that you'll understand and at least try to forgive me."

Amy had a sinking feeling and a growing sense of despair as she realized that Alan was working himself up to tell Christine everything, including about the incest. She loved him all the more for trying to do the right thing, even if belatedly, but she also felt that it would be a massive mistake. Like her mother, she believed that the ends could justify the means, and that sometimes, in the end, deception could be best for everyone. She looked to the way that Suzanne deceived Susan to get her over her sexual hang-ups as a guiding example.

Since she was standing behind Christine, she started frantically waving her arms around and making faces, trying to get Alan to shut up.

Alan had a gut feeling that he was about to open up a world of troubles, but he continued, "I know you know the names of a couple of my lovers. But you need to know more, a lot more, to be able to make an informed decision about whether this path is right for you."

Christine suddenly stepped forward and briefly put a finger across his lips. "NO!" Then she wrapped both her arms around him, distracting him with a sexually pleasing hug.

He stared, puzzled. "No?"

"NO!" She pressed into him even tighter, practically enveloping his chest with her soft F-cups. "Look, Alan, I understand what you're trying to say. A lot of weird stuff has been going on in your life since you've developed your sexual powers. You've done some things you aren't too proud of. You've got women falling all over you just to have the chance to suck your dick under the table while you eat dinner, from what I hear. You've been trying to keep me from your crazy lifestyle all along, but I just wouldn't listen. Now that things are suddenly getting even more serious, it's kind of hit you that this is your last chance to come clean before we cross the Rubicon with the second girlfriend idea. Am I right?"

Surprised by her perceptiveness, he had to fumble for an answer. He finally said, "You're exactly right. Wow. You're so darn smart."

She wiggled into him with her naked body. "Well, Mr. Super Stud, you don't have to draw me an exact picture. In fact, I'd rather you don't. No, make that 'I DEMAND that you don't!' The fact is, I already have crossed the Rubicon. And it wasn't just today or even yesterday - I've had my heart set on you for some time. True, I didn't think of it as a 'harem' until today, but I knew you had a lot of other lovers, serious lovers. This is hard enough for me already! I don't want to know more! I don't want to know any other names or details! That'll just make it harder!"

He pleaded, "But I have to! If you only knew just-"

She cut him off. "I don't want to know! If you're feeling guilty about lying to me, don't be! I absolve you right now of any guilt. I APPROVE of you not telling me the full truth, okay? I really do! I don't want to hear about your extreme sex orgies, and worse. This isn't just about you, you know. I've gone without sex all my life. I'm only starting to discover just what I'm missing out on, and so far I really like it! I want to find out what it's all about, and I want to find out with YOU. Nobody else, just you. If you were to suddenly disappear, I'd be all messed up, because it's you that I love. Do you hear me, Mr. Alan Evan Plummer? I love you!"

She literally took his breath away with that comment, causing him to gasp out loud. True, she'd told him that earlier, but to reiterate it even now after becoming more aware of difficult realities was very meaningful.

His voice choked with emotion. "I love you too!"

She smiled knowingly. "I know you do. That's why I'm agreeing to some pretty crazy stuff."

She went on, "I know you're not blameless. You've found you have this power over women, and you're more than a little out of control with it, like a kid left alone in a candy store. But sometimes ignorance really IS bliss. This is what I want. This is what I need right now. For me. Not just for you, but for ME. I'm having a hard enough time with all the weirdness I know. I don't want to learn so much more weirdness that it'll cause me to go back into my sexless shell of being 'Christine, the Ice Queen'."

She added with a steely gaze in her eyes, "I want her dead! I want you to kill her! Please! I know you're a good guy, a basically moral guy. Whatever else you've done, I figure it can't be that bad, because you're good at heart. I also know I can be overly judgmental and intolerant, so right now ignorance really is for the best, for everyone. Hell, I don't even have any really close friends, because I always find out something about them that doesn't meet my high standards."

She grew increasingly pleading and passionate. "Don't let me do that with you! That would kill me, because I need this! I need you! I've been so desperately lonely all the time, and I didn't even realize it. I need love in my life! I'm so desperate for real love, and not just from a parent! Love me, please!"

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, eagerly awaiting his lips.

Alan felt his resolve to tell all melt away. Upon reflection, he decided that was probably a lucky thing, because he didn't want to lose Christine for anything. At least now he wouldn't have to feel quite so bad about keeping his vital secrets from her.

Alan hugging Christine, with his arms around her, while she holds the shaft of his erect cock in her right hand and fondles the tip with her left

They made out for a nice, long time. Their hands roamed and explored. But not too surprisingly, his hands eventually wound up squeezing her ass cheeks while she wound up pumping up and down his newly-revived erection.

Amy was left out of the fun, but she didn't mind. She was content to let Alan and Christine share a special moment. Besides, she needed to calm down and recover after that close call. She'd been on the verge of doing something drastic to prevent Alan from telling all, although she hadn't worked out just what that drastic act might be. She'd practically had a heart attack over it.

After a few minutes, Alan lay down on the grass.

Christine followed him, winding up lying on his chest at an angle. She immediately got busy kissing him some more.

This left Alan's still-raging erection exposed and untended, so Amy decided to take care of that with some more titfucking. She crawled up between his legs.

Since Alan had had an unusually long rest, his dick was almost fully "recharged." Even Christine's recent titfucking and hand stroking hadn't fazed him much, since he'd been emotionally distracted most of the time. As a result, Amy didn't need to fake anything or hold back anymore to help him avoid cumming too soon. In fact, she went all out with her titfucking, licking as much of his cockhead as she could reach while doing that.

At first, Christine didn't realize that Amy had started titfucking. She felt Amy's body press up against part of hers, but she couldn't see what was happening. But once she heard the sound of licking, she pulled back to look and had a good laugh. She thought with amusement, That's what I get for leaving his penis alone for a minute!

She felt surprisingly little jealousy compared to earlier. She was warming to the idea of her and Amy being a selfless team, but it would have been entirely different if she'd seen anyone else do the exact same thing to him.

He wrapped Christine in his arms from behind, with both of them sitting up. They watched Amy's titfucking efforts together. He asked her, "What's so funny?"

She was still smiling and giggling. "Nothing. Everything. Things ARE so weird. Look at us now." She nodded in Amy's general direction. "If you've been doing even weirder things than all of this threesome stuff, and I'm sure you have, I can't imagine. Hell, I don't want to imagine."

He said, "Well, I'm still willing to tell you. If you want me to tell you the names of my other lovers..."

Amy's head jerked up with concern.

"NO! Please, don't even tempt me with that!" Christine was emphatic.

Relieved, Amy resumed her titfucking, complete with licking around his cockhead.

Christine continued, "I'm gonna pretend you never said that, or thinking about it will kill me. There's a part of me that's just DYING of curiosity, and that part doesn't need to be encouraged! If I'm your second girlfriend... Oh shoot! That's not resolved yet, is it?"

Alan replied, "It sounds like you and Amy still have some things to work out with that, so I'm not going to interfere there. But, for what it's worth, I'm all in favor."

Amy spoke up. "Me too!"

Christine squealed with glee, and plastered her lips on Alan's all over again.


They necked for a couple more minutes, while Amy kept on with the titfucking down below. But Christine was eager to have a try at titfucking, and Alan was probably even more eager for her to have a try. So she crawled back down his body in order to get into position.

He sat up on one of the deck chairs to help her out. Since he'd buried his guilty feelings, at least for the moment, this felt more like his first titfuck with her. He could fully focus and enjoy it.

Amy moved to the side, so the focus could be entirely on Christine - Amy truly was a very loving and giving person. But Amy stayed close with a hand on one of Alan's knees, so she could provide both encouragement and advice (and a bit of control).

Funnily enough, Christine also felt that the titfucking she'd taken part in a few minutes earlier didn't really count, since she realized in retrospect just how distracted Alan had been. She considered that a warm-up for this, the real thing.

Titfucking wasn't exactly rocket science, and given all that Christine had done to Alan's dick today already, she wasn't afraid. Her enormous tits were already well lubed with suntan lotion from when she and Amy had been making their titfucking preparations just a few minutes earlier. She quickly slid his cock into her cleavage until it almost disappeared in the depths of her ample rack.

Instead of using her hands to squeeze her tits together, Christine pinned her hands behind her head. She knew that would present a more alluring sight, and either Alan or Amy could hold her tits in place.

Sure enough, Alan had a great time squeezing her tits around his long shaft. (Amy decided to back off for a little while, sensing the other two were about to share a special bonding moment.)

Christine gave him a smoldering look as she kept her hands behind her head. "So, Mr. Tit Fiend, are you happy?"

Christine giving Alan a titfuck, with her hands behind her head while he holds her tits together to make the needed tit-tunnel

He laughed. "Are you kidding me?! I'm in Heaven! Titty Heaven!"

She smiled. "Me too." Strangely, she felt embarrassed to be in this lewd pose, but she also brimmed with confidence at the same time. She purred sexily, almost goading him, "I'll bet you've masturbated more than once or twice, picturing this exact thing, haven't you?"

Very uncharacteristically, he blushed a little bit. "Yeah."

She leaned forward. "To be honest, I did too! Even before you asked me out and I stupidly turned you down, I loved the way you stared at my body. Sure, I pretended to be annoyed, and when it came to other guys I actually was annoyed, but with you... I secretly liked it! Sometimes, lying in bed, I wondered what it would be like if I let you touch me... everywhere!"

He grunted with lusty need. Dang! Now she tells me! He humped his hips a bit, causing his shaft to slide up and down in her coconut-scented tit-tunnel.

She continued in a sincere and increasingly sultry tone, "Sometimes, I even wondered what it would be like if you did this." She lowered her hands and placed them on his, tightening the grip of tit-flesh around his pulsing cock, making clear what she meant by "this". "I'd lie in bed late at night and play with myself, thinking about you fucking my breasts!"

"Oh man!" he grunted again, and started thrusting through her cleavage. "You're kidding me!"

"No, I'm not. If you only knew some of the weird dreams I've had with you in them..." She blushed, feeling that she'd said too much.

Amy, sitting a few feet away, definitely took note of that comment. She suspected it was linked to Christine's overwhelming earlier reaction to the gift of the Wonder Woman outfit.

Sensing Christine's embarrassment, Alan didn't push for details. "Whoa. Then why didn't you say anything?! Why did you turn me down?!"

She wailed, "I don't know! Stupid! I was thinking about my... status. And I was afraid! Afraid of sex, afraid of my feelings for you. If you'd given me more time..."

Her words trailed off, because both of them were getting into the titfuck and she didn't know what else to say.

However, she unexpectedly added, "I really regret turning you down, especially since you're turned into a raving sex maniac since then!"

The both laughed a bit uneasily, because they knew there was a lot of truth in that.

She went on, "But know this: if I had been intending to date someone, it would have been you. You were the only one I was interested in. You were the one I thought about in that way. I was just... I dunno. Stupid. I thought a boyfriend would distract me from my studies, and that I didn't need sex, I didn't need love. STUPID!"

She felt better for having gotten that off her chest. She raised her hands back behind her head. She could tell he greatly enjoyed the resulting visual splendor, and it also allowed her to relish the pleasures of the titfuck even more. And on a subconscious level, there was something about the submissiveness of the pose that appealed to her.

Alan got distracted playing with her nipples, so there was no one left to keep her tits pressed together, and the tight tit tunnel was lost.

Amy saw that, and was eager to help. She moved in behind Christine and took over squeezing her tits together from the outsides.

That made an even more arousing sight for Alan to enjoy. If there was one thing that pleasantly surprised him today, not counting The Deal, it was how well Amy and Christine were working as a team to stimulate him. Fuck! As if titfucking "Pristine Christine" isn't awesome enough, just look at THAT sight! Fuuuuck!

A new and even more startling thought hit him. Christine doesn't realize it, I'm sure, but she's kind of acting like a good, obedient sex slave already! Fuuuucck! I mean, this isn't that different from how I get treated at home. UNH! Too hot! I can't even think that. UGH! Too horny!

Christine liked Amy's help too, especially since Amy didn't just hold her tits in place, but actively fondled and caressed them at the same time. She could feel Amy's hard nipples, plus lots of her soft tits, pressing into her back, and that turned her on. She also could feel Amy breathing on her neck, and then, to her great surprise, she even felt Amy licking her shoulder near her neck. That aroused her so much that she shivered all over.

Christine giving Alan a titfuck while reaching back to touch Amy's head, while Amy, behind C, licks her neck and holds her boobs together for the titfuck, at the same time as Alan has his right thumb in C's mouth

As if that wasn't enough, Alan put his hand in front of her face, and without any words being exchanged, she opened her mouth and he slipped his thumb between her lips.

She started suckling on it like it was his penis. She couldn't understand why, but she loved doing that.

She thought, I feel so totally wanton and sexual! With Alan fucking my breasts, Amy playing with them and licking near my neck, kneeling naked in some strange backyard... This isn't me! But it IS me, the new me! I want more of this! A LOT more! Why can't I still be a straight-A student and be kind of slutty for my awesome boyfriend? I can!

Amy licked her way to Christine's ear, and then licked all around it. She quietly whispered as she kept licking her ear, "Good, girl! Very good! I love the pose. But don't stop now. You've got him where you want him. Service him with your big, fat tits! Don't make him do all the work!"

Christine started sliding her huge, round melons up and down in the style she'd seen Amy use. Christine's tits were considerably firmer though, so they maintained more of their roundness, even when tightly pressed together with a hot, hard cock in between them.

As a result, Alan didn't have to keep up his short thrusting motions. He was able to kick back and enjoy things even more than before. Hot damn! I couldn't possibly be any more aroused or overjoyed if I tried! Even having her suckle on my thumb felt surprisingly good!

But Christine didn't know his thoughts, and she wanted to make absolutely sure that he loved the experience, so she also tried to work him up even further with some more sexy talk. She had a great deal of difficulty with that kind of thing, because even now after hours of intense erotic buildup she couldn't completely let go of her sexual hang-ups, but she did well by saying the sort of things she imagined that Amy might say to inflame him further.

Once Alan finally pulled his thumb from her mouth, she said to him in a sultry purr, "I'm genuinely excited about this 'second girlfriend' idea. Amy is too nice to be believed. But she's warned me that a title like that has to be earned every single day. Your girlfriends have to see to it that your cock is properly taken care of! She said it needs to be sucked and stroked and titfucked a lot!"

Amy giggled, "It's true!"

"Since we're both your girlfriends, it's a duty we're going to share. Which means that you're going to get your cock sucked and stroked and titfucked by the two of us... well... a hell of a lot! Sometimes at the same time. You got a problem with that?" She smiled at him in a sexy challenge kind of way.

He was floored all over again. Hot damn! Hot DAMN! I can't believe what I just heard!

He squirmed around, almost as if he were trying to escape her titfuck grip, because he felt like he was in a life-or-death struggle not to cum. He nearly forgot to answer, but when she kept staring up at his face expectantly, he finally managed to say, "Um... no! Not at all!"

Still stunned, he quietly muttered, "Jesus H. Christ!"

She gave a victorious smirk. "Good!"

In what was a move the girls had obviously worked out in advance, as soon as Christine said that, she adjusted his cock so that the tip poked out as much as possible, and switched to a less vigorous titfucking style. At the same time, Amy leaned over and started licking her way around his exposed cockhead.

Alan shook his head in delighted disbelief. "Holy FUCK! No fuckin' WAY!" Not only did it feel great, but he loved the sight of Amy's boobs resting up against Christine's stupendous bust. On a whim, he reached out and slid a hand in between Amy's tits, which were pressed together due to gravity.

That made Amy giggle, so she playfully "titfucked" his hand for a while. Soon, both girls were back to going all out on his cock. Time passed, with a hell of lot of titfucking and licking going on. Amy and Christine took turns. They both really liked having one do the titfuck while the other leaned over and licked, because that gave them both something fun and exciting to do, together.

Christine and Amy giving Alan a combined titfuck and cock-lick (by C) and blowjob (by Amy), with Amy's boobs resting on Alan's abdomen

The girls found out that, when he was lying down, it was a lot easier for them to access his cock at the same time. Christine was discovering that it wasn't that hard for her to crane her head down and lick some while the titfucking went on. With Alan lying down, his boner stuck up enough that they both were able to suck and slobber all over his cockhead and sweet spot.

Amy frequently managed to bob her way all the way down to Alan's sweet spot, even as his boner remained lodged in Christine's cleavage. It was a very tight fit indeed, and between Amy's busy lips and tongue and Christine's firm yet pillowy rack, pretty much the entire surface area of his erection was stimulated at once.

They experimented with a variety of positions, including with him sitting and standing.

Naturally, Alan loved every second of it. At one point, he thought, Oh man! Dang! This feels even better than fucking! Of course Amy's way into it. She's so awesome. But Christine is just as into it! I mean, look at the expression on her face. She's loving it!

Christine loved it just as much. Her fear about not being sexually experienced enough to please Alan, and especially not being good enough compared to his other lovers, was forgotten. She was a naturally physically talented woman, and it wasn't hard for her to redirect those talents to sex. Her concerns about sharing him with Amy were forgotten too, at least for the moment. In fact, sharing with Amy made everything better, more arousing, and more fun. It was like they were on a grand adventure together.

She still knew that she'd have big regrets and doubts later, but that was later. She didn't want thoughts of that to ruin her great time now.

Amy loved it all too. She was growing more confident by the minute that the co-girlfriend deal was a good idea. She saw Christine proving by her actions that she had the sexual passion necessary to enjoy threesome fun on a perhaps daily basis.

Sometimes, Amy and Christine varied things up by fitting his cock between their bodies so they could give him a simultaneous double titfuck. That wasn't quite as much fun or as pleasurable for Alan, but all three of them liked it a lot just the same, if only for its symbolic value, since it showed that the girls were a cock-pleasuring team.

The barriers continued to drop, not only between Alan and Christine, but between Christine and Amy. Only two hands were needed to hold the titfuck in place, which meant whichever one of them wasn't doing that usually had two hands free. Those hands stayed busy playing with the other's pussy or breasts.

More time passed. The afternoon was long, and Alan's sexual stamina was great. They generally kept to the titfucking idea, but they weren't strict about it, and often there was nothing but lots of licking and sucking going on.

Christine still strove to get Alan to cum, but Amy was trying to teach her how to bring him to the very brink and keep him there for as long as possible. She explained that that was the real goal. Sometimes one or the other girl would get tired, especially Christine, since she wasn't used to such activities. But because there were two of them, the fun never stopped for Alan unless he deliberately called for yet another strategic break.

At one point, Christine found herself playing with Amy's pussy lips as well as her own. She couldn't believe how "wanton" and "debauched" she was acting, but she'd reached a point where she didn't really feel bad about it. She simply let the unending waves of pleasure wash over her.

Amy and Christine pressing their breasts against each other, surrounding Alan's cock in a four-tit titfuck as they share some tongue action with each other

A little while later, when they were giving him another double titfuck, Christine had the inspired idea of tilting her head and French kissing Amy. Alan was able to enjoy awesome "visual stimulation" while his stiff pole slid between their racks at the same time.

As Christine necked with Amy some more, she thought, I'm getting concerned with just how much time I've been spending kissing and touching Amy, and how much fun I've been having doing it. I know on some level that I'm just so horny overall that almost any sexual activity is bound to feel great, so it doesn't mean anything, right? But still, I don't want to give her the wrong idea. I need to cut back on such contact, especially the pussy touching. But... later. After all, if there's one time such "lesbian" activity is acceptable, it was when we're right in front of Alan and trying to inspire him. His cock is so stiff and alive trapped between our breasts, and our kissing has to be helping! I love it!

She kept on with the kissing and fondling.

Fucking Christine's tits was every bit as much a joy as Alan had hoped it would be. He thought, This is it! This is the bomb! We've been at this for a good long time and I'm still just as thrilled as if we'd just started. The crazy thing is, the reality feels so much better than my fantasies - even than my recent fantasies based on real titfucking. She has the perfect tits for this! They're so round and firm that it almost feels as if they were fake, but they have a natural give and shape that no fake boobs could possibly match. It really is like they were ideally formed just to be fucked. By me! He chuckled to himself.

God, I'm the luckiest guy on Earth! I really am! Just look at this scene! Amy AND Christine together, working on me! Need I say more?! Man! I'm gonna need yet ANOTHER strategic break soon!

Amy was such a sweetheart that she let Alan fuck Christine's tits most of the time, while only helping out with some licking of his cockhead. She understood that Christine offered a novelty of the new that she couldn't match, but that it would fade in time. Although she wasn't nearly as hard core about it as Katherine or Susan, she did see Alan as her master, and she'd willingly signed The Pact, which meant that she was one of his sex slaves, so his sexual satisfaction was paramount. She also knew that the more sexual pleasure Christine experienced before she left, the more hooked she'd be.

Christine was quite pleasantly surprised by her growing sexual self-confidence. She knew she was temporarily uninhibited while riding this prolonged erotic high, so she wanted to take full advantage of it for as long as it lasted. She reveled in her newly-found, unbridled sexuality.

Amy continued to encourage her in ways that also subtly (or not so subtly) helped indoctrinate her. "That's it, girl! Boy, you're so lucky to have tits like that. Sure, some of his lovers have even BIGGER tits, but he seems to have a special love for Betty and Veronica, and a special love for you!"

That comment was typical of the clever way that Amy both encouraged and discouraged Christine, while attempting to get her to accept Alan's other lovers.

The end result was that Christine found herself even more determined to sexually satisfy her new boyfriend. For instance, after hearing that comment from Amy, the lusty blonde thought, Good grief! "Some" have bigger tits than me?! "SOME?!" How much bigger?! And how many other lovers does he have?! If we're talking tits bigger than mine, that rules out Glory, Heather, and Amy for sure, and maybe even Amy's mom. Who's left? "Miss X?" But "some" means at least three, right? And who are these super-endowed women?! It can't be anyone else in school. The only ones with breasts bigger than mine got that way because they're really fat.

God dammit! My new 'official boyfriend' is such a total stud! It should piss me off, all this talk of his other lovers, but I'm so horny that it just makes me even MORE horny! It's messed up, but I can't deny that it's a thrill! And right now he's fucking MY tits. Not their tits, but MY tits! I'm gonna make him forget all those others by giving him the titfuck of a lifetime!

She tried to stimulate him even more, but it was difficult because she was already doing all that she could think of.


Christine had never even kissed a man on the lips before Alan, but she knew enough about sex to realize that Alan's stamina was very unusual. Even if one discounted the rest he'd gotten while she was essentially out of it, it seemed that he could hold back from cumming forever. She was extremely impressed, and that went a long way towards her having to grudgingly admit that he really did "need" multiple lovers.

But this time, Alan had lasted for so long, and through so much outrageously enjoyable and arousing stimulation, that even he had to marvel at his good fortune. The way Christine titfucks me and Amy licks what's poking out the top feels soooo fuckin' good! And then they switch and it feels even better. And it keeps going on and on and on! I've had some really close calls, but now I'm just in this groove. I feel like I could do this for hours!

We're talking about Christine titfucking! I mean, I can't even see my cock because it's totally hidden by her deep cleavage! Well, that and Amy's sliding lips nursing at the tip. I should be cumming just from THINKING about that! God knows I've shot off enough cum masturbating, visualizing this very event, and that's not even counting the improbable addition of Amy.

Somehow I continue to revel in this simply unimaginable pleasure! It's like I'm training my dick, little by little, to get over the need to cum at all. Is that possible? I think I've heard something about some yogis in India doing that. Tantric sex and whatnot. All I know is, I love what's happening, and I'm not going to cum if I can help it, ever!

After a while, as Christine titfucked Alan some more, she grew frustrated at his endurance. She felt that she needed to take things to an even higher level to get him to cum. So, even though sex talk wasn't her thing, she tried to get an arousing discussion started. She asked him in an almost challenging tone, "So, stud. What do you think about having two girlfriends now? What are you going to do with us?"

He actually took that question seriously, considering it for a while (while still enjoying the titfucking, of course) before he answered. "Hmmm. Great question. Well, for starters, we need to finalize your deal. I'm going to assume that you two will work that out tomorrow, although I can lend a hand if it would help. So, tomorrow night, the three of us should celebrate! Are either of you doing anything tomorrow night?"

Amy was licking his cockhead, but she briefly lifted her head to shake her head 'No.'

Surprisingly, Christine said, "Yes." But she hastened to add with a mischievous smile, "I'll be spending it with you."

He smiled back at that. "Good. Then here's what I'm thinking. I'm gonna take both of you to the nicest restaurant in town. My treat."

Amy teased, "You're just saying that to get into our pants."

He leaned down and took turns repeatedly squeezing their tits, including both of Christine's as they stayed tightly wrapped around his cock. He joked, "Pants? Does anyone around here wear pants? What are these things you call... 'pants'?"

That got a good laugh from the others.

He continued, "We'll dress to the nines. Which means actually putting on clothes."

Amy joked, "Drat!"

"And that's about it. I want to show off my two gorgeous girlfriends." He considered it some more, then added, "Unfortunately, now that I think about it, we'll have to go a couple of towns away so we won't run into anyone who might possibly know us. But on the plus side, that'll allow us more freedom to get naughty." He winked playfully.

Christine had to stifle a groan, although she didn't even know what kind of groan it was. She both hated and loved imagining what he might do to her in a fancy restaurant.

Amy, still being more sexually open than Christine, asked eagerly, "And after?"

He scratched his chin. "Hmmm... Maybe we'll go to a lover's lane or some place like that, somewhere safely far away. And perhaps we can practice some more cocksucking and titfucking and the like. And Christine, watch out, because I'm gonna be pretty determined to go down on you too."

Christine let out a frightened shriek, but it was all in good fun. In fact, she couldn't believe how much non-stop fun she was having, in addition to all the intense, continuous arousal. She was a serious person most of the time, and she'd always figured that sex was a serious business, but Alan and Amy maintained a light, fun, humorous mood. She couldn't help but get swept up in it, even cracking jokes on her own (which was very rare for her, and a clear sign of how much she'd loosened up).

Alan's knack for keeping sex fun and sometimes funny was a big part of his success. Everyone was guaranteed a good time, even without considering all the orgasms.

Alan thought some more about future plans.

While he did that, Amy leaned over and licked his cockhead and Christine titfucked the rest of his shaft. They were getting extremely good at working together.

He added, "That's tomorrow. Then comes Monday. Phew! Another day of school. That'll be interesting, to say the least." He thought back to the two full years he'd longed for Christine but wasn't permitted to touch her. He had visions of running his hands all over her and kissing her in the school halls, and even in class. It wasn't realistic, but it was a thrilling idea.

Amy, not knowing how much he had overheard, pointed out, "Um, we kinda decided that it would be better to keep things secret at school for a while. You know, so Heather doesn't try to mow us all down with a machine gun or something. Not to mention how everyone else will react! We're thinking that we can let the rumors grow and let people come to their own conclusions, but not say anything official for another month or so, until after the Christmas break. By then, it'll pretty much be old news."

Alan acted like he was hearing that for the first time. After a pause, he nodded. "Hmmm. Good thinking. Of course, you realize that won't really help much with Heather. We're still gonna have to come up with some sort of plan for her."

Christine frowned. "You know, I hate to bring this up, especially when your cock is still in my cleavage. How bizarre! But there's another complication: my Mom, Olga."

Alan asked, "What's the problem?"

"She knows what's been happening between us. Apparently, she even peeked at us briefly when we were carrying on pretty hot and heavy in my backyard."

"Oh!" Alan's eyes went wide.

"Don't worry; it's not so bad. She's actually your number one fan. She's psyched that I'm finally showing interest in a guy, and she's glad that it's you. She's hoping that we'll get really serious. But that's also the problem. She's under the impression that we're dating now. I've told her about Amy. She knows you're dating both of us." She paused for a moment, then continued, "But she doesn't know about any of your other lovers. And she expects that you and I will be going steady in the very near future, with Amy pushed out of the picture."

Amy reacted hotly. She paused her licking of the tip of Alan's cock to look up at Christine and give her the evil eye. "That's not going to happen!"

"I know, I know," Christine placated. "I'm just saying that's what she thinks, and we've gotta manage her expectations. And my dad's too, but mainly hers. He'll believe what she believes. But you can't expect me to be totally honest with her. She'd completely freak! Even the co-girlfriend idea, that's going to be hard for her to swallow."

Amy brightened, running a hand along Christine's neck. "'Hard to swallow.' It's funny you say that, because you're REALLY going to get to understand the meaning of those words. You're going to be sucking soooo much cock! Super thick, hard-to-swallow Alan cock! The two of us together." She continued to caress the front of Christine's neck, as if trying to feel Alan's cockhead inside her throat, even though in fact it was a few inches away. "I can totally picture us spending all afternoon slurping and sucking, taking dozens of turns of solo bobbing for minutes on end with each and every turn! Heck, even choking and gagging as we swallow him deeper and deeper! I'll bet we're both going to become deep-throating experts!"

"Aaaaaaamy!" Christine chided. "That's not helping. What about the problem with my mom?" But it was obvious that Amy's words were getting her worked up all over again, augmented by Amy's stimulating caresses. Christine started unthinkingly sliding her tits up and down Alan's boner while squeezing it tightly.

Amy switched her attention to Christine for the moment. Using her other hand, she caressed the underside of Christine's left breast, which got Christine panting heavily.

Alan said to Christine, "Don't worry. I'm sure we'll be able to sort out the problem with your parents. Tell me, do you think we could convince your mom that the status quo is continuing, where I'm dating both of you but not going steady with either of you?"

"M-m-m-maybe. I suppose. For a while. But how long that'll work, I don't know." She was having a hard time talking because Amy's touch was getting to her. God, I feel so slutty! Why am I getting all hot again? All this talk about sucking Alan's cock for hours... HNNG! ... And sharing with Amy... Why is that so... UNH! ...so... stimulating?! I'm titfucking him even as we talk about my parents and their concerns. If only Mom could see me now!

The scary thing is that I can easily see Amy's vision of spending our afternoons slobbering all over his cock coming to pass. I'm getting too addicted! She gave his boner a particularly tight squeeze. Dammit, I love him so much! Too much! Just what am I getting myself into?!

Alan was getting worked up watching how rapidly Christine was getting aroused. That boded well for the future. As if things weren't arousing enough already, Amy resumed licking as much of his cockhead as she could reach. Christine was careful to do more tit squeezing than tit sliding, so she wouldn't interfere with Amy's efforts. They diligently coordinated their efforts to keep every inch of his boner stimulated.

He commented, "Like I said, we'll work it out. Frankly, I think the problem at school with Heather and all the rest is much more difficult."

A devilish grin spread across his face as he came up with a role-play idea. He continued to speak in a serious tone while getting slowly titfucked. "You know, Christine, if you're my second girlfriend now, we should celebrate it with a bang. We should be open about it with everyone at school, from the very start, because fuck Heather! I think in the middle of lunch, right in the center of the cafeteria, I'll stand up and kiss Amy in the sexiest way I can manage, to remind everyone that she's my FIRST girlfriend."

He was glad that he'd overheard their earlier negotiating, because now he knew just how important such distinctions were to Amy, and he could adjust his language accordingly to avoid making any mistakes that upset her.

Amy was so happy that she stopped her cock-licking just to look up at him with an enormous smile.

Christine was confused, and wanted to whisper to Amy, "I thought we agreed to keep things a secret at school?"

He went on, "Then I'll call over my second girlfriend." He winked at Christine. "By this time, we'll be the center of attention. With an arm still around my other lover, I'll pull you in close and kiss you on the lips too. There'll be dead silence as everyone wonders what the hell is going on. I'll have to make things perfectly clear, so there can be no misunderstanding. I'll French kiss Amy again, and slip my hands inside her dress and her panties too, pulling them down to clutch at her bare ass cheeks."

Christine looked to Amy and whispered. "Holy shit! Amy, is he serious?!" She still was very confused.

Amy stopped her cock-licking yet again to look up and make eye contact. She just enigmatically asked, "What do you think?" Then she smiled at her and winked mischievously.

Christine didn't know what to think. But her naked body was burning up all of a sudden, even more than before, and her heart pounded a lot harder. Since Alan's thick cock was still in her cleavage, she redoubled her efforts, sliding her tits up and down it. And since Amy wasn't helping with licking the tip at the moment, she tilted her head downward and did that too.

In fact, Alan was just fantasizing. But he could see that it was having a great effect, especially on Christine (who wasn't used to this kind of wild fantasizing), so he ran with it. "Then, with a hand still squeezing one of Amy's bare ass cheeks, I'll slip my other hand inside the back of your panties, Christine, and squeeze your ass cheeks too. In fact, I don't think the kids at school fully appreciate what a great, firm ass you have, since your boobs get all the attention. I think I'll pull your panties and skirt down to your thighs, so they can see just what I'm squeezing."

Christine gasped. On one level, she realized that nothing this brazen could happen in reality, but on another, it felt like it was really, vividly happening to her at that very moment. Besides, with Alan, it seemed that anything might be possible.

Amy helped out by reaching behind Christine and roughly squeezing her nearest ass cheek. She had realized that he was speaking mostly for Christine's benefit, and she approved, since she was in favor of anything that helped lower Christine's sexual barriers.

Christine hadn't cum in a while, but what Alan was saying, plus the feeling of his hot, throbbing cock squeezed tightly between her hefty globes, was taking her right to the cusp of a climax. Ironically, she'd started talking in the hope that it would help him cum, but it was bringing her to a great orgasm instead.

He went on, "But you know what? Your big tits are even MORE fantastic, and it's high time the whole school sees them in the flesh! Leaving your ass bare, I'll bring both my hands up to your breasts and make quick work of whatever top and bra you may be wearing, until your massive beauties are thrust forward in all their glory. We'll hear gasps and screams and the clicking of cameras. As I cup and squeeze them from underneath, Aims will take your hand and stick it down my shorts! She'll make sure you're holding and stroking my hot cock while the teachers cry out and call for the police!"

Christine was positively feverish with sexual need and desire. She channeled her lust into her titfucking and cock-licking. In fact, she kept bending her head down until she was finally able to suck and slurp on the top half of his cockhead. Most other women had to really strain to reach that far, but it wasn't that difficult for her. The neck stretching exercises that were a standard part of martial arts practice had certainly helped.

He continued, "From there, things'll turn to a free-for-all. My hands will wander all over until both of you lose all your clothes!"

Amy appeared to have no problem with that, instead merely asking, "What about our feet?"

He was puzzled by that, until he realized she was referring to his fetish for high heels. "Oh, you'll both keep your high heels on, of course. And my shorts will slide down so both of you can pump your hands up and down my cock at the same time."

Amy asked in a tone of voice that was both joyous and pouty, "Is that all we're doing with it? Just pumping it?"

"No!" he shouted excitedly. "Christine, you're so horny that you just can't help yourself: you start sucking on the tip of it too!"

Christine cried out in dismay, as if it was really happening to her in some alternate reality, "No! Pleath! Nod in frond of eveybothy!" But these words only accentuated her desire. She couldn't even speak clearly because she was bobbing and titfucking Alan's erection back in the real world.

Amy squealed with glee, "Omigod! C, that's too cool for school! Doing it in front of all your friends, and all those strangers? And totally super nakedtastically nude? You go, girl! Can you picture your mouth just totally crammed full of HOT COCK?!"

Christine could imagine that very well, since she was slurping and sucking down to his sweet spot in real life! But, like Amy, in her mind she was in the school cafeteria, and she was getting reality and fantasy tangled together in a highly arousing way. She could almost hear the gasps of strangers, and that inspired her to swallow another inch, until her gag reflex forced her to pull back.

Amy added, "Just make sure I get a turn on it!"

Christine was burning up with lust to such a degree that she thought she might actually pass out.

Amy and Christine at school, kneeling on a cafeteria table naked and in heels and holding Alan's cock (with his shorts around his thighs), with Christine tongueing his dickhead while Simone and other girl students watch

Alan went on, "Then, as the three of us fondle and suck, I'll shout to the stunned audience, 'As you can see, these are my two girlfriends now! Amy is my first girlfriend, and Christine is my second girlfriend! Does anyone have a problem with that? No? Good! End of announcement!'"

Even though Alan was mainly targeting Christine, and staring right into her eyes, Amy was also greatly inspired and aroused by this scenario.

She squealed, "Oh my God! That is too hot to trot! You should totally do that, for real! And then C and I really will drop to our knees and show what good, obedient girlfriends we are by sucking your cock together, right in front of everybody!"

That reminded Amy that she'd been without Alan's dick for too long, since Christine had been titfucking it for a while now. She hadn't even been assisting with the licking for the last few minutes. She looked over, and was staggered by what she saw.

Christine was still sliding her tits up and down either side of Alan's shaft, and she was sucking on as much of the top of his erection as she could manage. What was amazing was how much she could manage: she had all of his cockhead in her mouth, and then some!

Amy exclaimed, "Wow! You GO, girl! Look how far down you're going, with the titfucking still going on! Gaawwwd, I wish I could do that! How are you doing that?!"

Christine didn't know, but she was tickled pink that she was able to do something that Amy couldn't do. She had more than enough reach to slide her lips over Alan's sweet spot, and she was doing that repeatedly, to great effect.

Amy wanted to get involved but she didn't know how to do so, for once, because Alan's shaft was completely enveloped by Christine's soft yet firm tits, and most of the rest was inside Christine's mouth.

At first, she tried stroking her fingers over the very limited exposed area of Alan's erection. But that didn't seem enough, especially since she only had less than two inches to play with, between Christine's bobbing lips and her rising and falling tits. She doubted if Alan would even notice.

Still impressed, Amy commented, "Whoa! Girl, you're STILL doing it! Wowsers! Of all Alan's women, NONE of them can do that as well as you can. You're gonna be Alan's blowjob and titfuck combo queen, for sure! Even my mom, with her super long tongue, can't do that. Phew!"

Christine giving Alan a simultaneous titfuck and blowjob

Once again, Amy's comments simultaneously pleased and annoyed Christine. The incidental revelation that Suzanne had a remarkably long tongue was particularly distressing, but it also fired her competitive instinct. She somehow managed to bob a half inch further down than she'd gone before.

Amy could see that her fingering of Alan's boner wasn't having much effect, so she leaned over and tilted her head to lick that area. However, there was very little there to lick, and she wound up licking Christine's tit-slopes more often than not. She kept at it though, since she was eager to help with his cock in a way that would please her love and master. After another minute or so, she also managed to start fondling his balls without getting in Christine's way very much.

Christine responded by sliding her lips up and down Alan's sweet spot faster and faster. She even managed to use her tongue while doing so. For someone who'd never given a blowjob until an hour earlier, it was a remarkably dexterous performance.

Alan couldn't believe what lengths Christine and Amy were going to in their desire to pleasure him and his cock. It seemed as if every last square inch of both his cock and balls were being stimulated in some highly exciting way, and in fact that wasn't too far from the truth. Oh no! I'm gonna cum for sure! Gotta... hold out! Too good to stop!


Knowing that Christine was about as sexually worked up as a person could possibly get, he said, between increasingly ragged breaths, "You know what would make this even BETTER? Christine, I'd love to fuck your tits while you're wearing that Wonder Woman costume. Isn't that around here somewhere?"

He looked around and saw it on the ground a short distance away. "Yeah, there it is. It's super low-cut to begin with, and we'll just pull it down below your massive bust. Then I'll be titfucking you AND Wonder Woman at the same time. That's a fantasy of mine, especially thanks to your awesome Wonder Woman T-shirt."

At first, he'd thought of the outfit mainly as a way for her to disengage, so his dick could recover for a couple of minutes while she got it and put it on. But he realized involving the outfit in their sex play was a damn good path to even greater fun once he did recover.

Christine whimpered around the fat bat that completely filled her mouth. She was so upset by this suggestion that she almost wanted to cry. The problem was that wearing the outfit was too tempting. She worried that she'd give in to the submissive tendencies that seemed to come to the fore whenever Wonder Woman entered her thoughts. She'd already had so many sexual shocks and changes in her thinking in one day that she literally couldn't take any more.

Her worries - and her arousal - doubled when Amy reached behind her and pinned her arms across her lower back.

Alan sitting on a chair while Amy and C lick his cock, with Christine sitting on her heels and Amy up on her knees with her right hand stabilizing herself against C's left arm

The only problem with that move was that the tight titfucking tunnel was lost. So Amy and Christine changed positions and switched to a double blowjob for a while. The funny thing was that Amy soon got too far into it to concentrate on keeping Christine's arms pinned back, but Christine held them there on her own as long as Amy made at least a token effort to keep a hand on one of her arms.

Between loving licks, Amy said, "Super double megawondertastic idea, O.B.! And we can take some of that golden lasso rope and bind Wonder Woman's wrists together behind her back. Because that's the kind of thing that happens to Wonder Woman all the time."

Luckily, or unluckily for Christine, she was already bobbing on Alan's cock when Amy said that. It was lucky, because she was so powerfully aroused that she needed some outlet for the volcanic explosion of lust and desire that it triggered, and she was able to channel much of that into sucking his cock with greater fervor. In fact, she suddenly used so much suction that it was almost downright painful for Alan. She also started bobbing even faster, and managed to go even further down, until she was on the verge of deep throating him.

But the unlucky part for Christine was that she wanted to make her opposition to the costume idea clear, and she especially wanted to get Amy to shut the hell up before she spontaneously burst into flames. Each word Amy said was almost triggering her into another orgasm; her entire body tingled, buzzed, and shook. But she was bobbing on Alan's sweet spot with such desperate need that she couldn't pull off to say no.

She tried to make up for this by registering her opposition to the costume idea while bobbing, but all that came out was a series of "NNNGGG!" noises as her head flew up and down like a busy woodpecker.

Amy naturally was encouraged by that, thinking that Christine was trying to express her approval. Since Christine was getting so wild with her cocksucking motions, she just sat back to watch for a while. She resumed holding Christine's wrists behind her back with one hand and caressed one of Christine's round tits with her other.

Christine realized with a start that her wrists had stayed together as if bound, even though Amy hadn't been touching her at all for the last minute or two, and had barely been touching her for the few minutes before that. I'm really the one pinning my own hands! What the hell?! That's both disturbing and arousing. I'm so horny! Is it even physically possible to be any more aroused?! I don't think so!

Amy continued her lusty spiel. "Deep down, Wonder Woman is a big-titted slut. So she always ends up just like you are right now, C: naked and on her knees! Her powers are useless! Despite all her wonder powers, she knows that her REAL purpose is to serve her man. To serve his big COCK!"

Amy was having a field day with this, since the role play would allow her to be even more blatant with her harem indoctrination themes. But not even Amy realized just how much her words were shooting straight to some deep recess of Christine's subconscious, inflaming the highly repressed submissive sexual desires there. The fact that Christine seemed to already be doing an outstanding job of "serving Alan's big COCK!" was not lost on Amy, and it drove her wild.

It drove Christine wild too. She could feel Amy's words hitting a mental bulls-eye. In fact, she'd never felt greater temptation. It seemed that there was an animalistic beast inside her that had always been slumbering, but was now stirring and starting to wake. As she sucked back and forth over Alan's shaft with the power of an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner, she thought, God! God! Powers... useless! Serve her man! Service him! His big cock! YES! Love it, service it, suck it! So good! Tastes so good! Trapped! Helpless! So hot! Hot, hot, hot! Burning up! Big-titted SLUT!

Christine was almost scared out of her mind. It would be so easy for me to put on the Wonder Woman uniform, and then not just pleasure Alan's cock with my mouth, but positively and endlessly WORSHIP it! Like a slave... His sex slave...

This frightened her so much that she somehow managed to open her jaw even wider than it already was. And that in turn enabled her to speak with at least some semblance of clarity. She shouted, "NO!"

Then she engulfed him all over again, slurping, licking, and sucking him as far down as she could go. Then she did the same, but in reverse, as she slowly worked her way back up so she could speak again. She quickly shouted "NO!" again, and then repeated the process. After each lunge down his shaft and back, going faster each time, she repeated, "NO! ... NO! ... NO!"

That was as far as she got with speaking, because she was bobbing and slurping like a woman possessed. There was no way for Amy to lend a tongue, which meant that Amy stayed busy fondling Christine's body instead. That, in turn, helped make sure Christine's lust burned with the heat of molten lava.

Alan got the message the first time, but what she was doing to him felt so good that he wasn't capable of speech. He just strained and clenched his PC muscle like his life depended on it. He wasn't moving much at all, but he was dripping with sweat from all the effort.

It was up to Amy to reply, so she said, carefully, "M'kay. What I'm getting is that you don't like the Wonder Woman costume idea, right? You don't want to wear it now?"

Christine frantically nodded her head. But then she realized with chagrin that, since she was already sliding her lips up and down Alan's fat erection at a fast pace, her nodding was essentially indistinguishable from her mad cocksucking.

But it didn't matter, because Alan and Amy had already gotten the message from her shouts of 'No' that the Wonder Woman costume idea was a definite no-go at this time. (They also noticed what an arousing effect it's mention had on her.)

Besides, it was a moot point, because Christine was already so incredibly horny from everything that the mention of the Wonder Woman costume and Amy's pinning her arms behind her back had doubled her arousal, rapidly spiraling her up to an epic supernova orgasm, even in comparison to her earlier great orgasms.

She was right on the verge. And the fact that Amy was still pinning her wrists behind her back was like pouring gasoline on an already raging fire. The only thing that held her back was that she didn't want to cum by herself. It was pretty much physically impossible for her to stimulate Alan's pulsing, wet boner any more than she was already doing. True, she wasn't titfucking him anymore, but she more than made up for that with her repeated lunges down his shaft, plus the way her hand slithered and pumped all over the rest of his stiffness.

Yet when that wasn't enough to get him to cum, she somehow put even more of her heart and soul into it. Fuck! Fuckin' big tasty cock, you won't defeat me! I'll defeat YOU! I am determined to make you squirt out all of your cum, and I am NOT going to be denied this time!

He clenched his PC muscle frantically, but Christine was simply relentless! One minute passed, and then another, while she kept putting more and more effort into it. Her lips had practically gone numb from so much sucking and sliding, but she didn't care. And all the while, she was still teetering on the brink of her own explosive climax.

Amy could see how close he was. She decided he'd held off enough. Still holding Christine's wrists with one hand, she reached back around and resumed playing with his balls, because Christine had his cock so thoroughly taken care of that that was all that Amy could do to help.

Christine with a surprised expression on her face and Alan cums while she's sucking his cock

Finally, he couldn't take any more, even though he was doing absolutely everything he could to stave off his climax. Because he'd been holding out hope that his PC muscle squeezing could stave it off indefinitely, he was taken by surprise when he started to shoot. He wasn't able to warn Christine, even with a panicky shout. Since he was feeling as much pleasure as during an orgasm, even before his orgasm began, he didn't really realize he was cumming until after his cum was already painting the back of her throat.

It didn't seem to matter though. Unlike his previous climax, when she would have recoiled at taking his cum in her mouth, this time she hungrily swallowed his ropes as quickly as they shot from the tip of his pulsing pole.

But the surprise had an advantage. As much as Christine had come to love stimulating Alan's dick, she still had big issues with cum, which she mentally lumped in with other disagreeable bodily fluids like snot. So, if asked, she wouldn't have known what to do with his cum. But she didn't have time to think about it, since she had to swallow quickly before it flooded her mouth.

The way Amy's hand churned and fondled his balls, it seemed as if she was coaxing every last bit of sperm to shoot straight down Christine's throat. That was because that's what she was actually trying to do. She loved the taste of Alan's cum and she wanted to help Christine learn to love it too.

Halfway through Alan's climax, Amy finally let go of Christine's wrists and dropped her hand to touch Christine's extra large, swollen clit. Christine was already climaxing, but that simple touch took Christine even further, to the very brink of how much pleasure was humanly possible.

The stunning blonde trembled and shook all over.

Christine was too far gone by this time to think to reciprocate, but Amy didn't mind; she touched herself too, and had a powerful climax of her own.

Christine somehow opened her mouth even wider than it already was, and let loose with a piercing scream that could be heard far down the street.

Alan didn't want her to forget where his dick was and clamp her teeth shut after her scream, so he quickly removed it from her mouth. As a result, some of his cum splattered on her face. But by the time he pulled back, he'd already shot most of his load, so she only wound up with a few minor streaks of cum here and there around her mouth.

In truth, Alan had already climaxed so much during the course of the day that his cum loads weren't up to his usual amount. It wasn't like it mattered much, though, since everyone had had so much fun.


A minute or so later, the three of them were splayed out on the lawn as if they were victims of a nearby bomb blast. Alan had slid from his chair and crumpled to the ground like a lifeless blob, because his climax had been that intense.

Christine and Amy lying naked on the grass - C in the foreground with an expression of wonderment while Amy's expression is one of satisfaction

It took several more minutes before anyone was even able to speak.

Christine was first: "So... you're telling me it gets even BETTER than that?! No way!"

They all laughed.

However, they all continued to just lie there with their eyes closed, resting and recovering. It was unusually quiet because the Motown CD mix had come to an end.

Christine was haunted by how close she'd come to... something. She wasn't even sure what it was, but it was scary. She thought back to the Wonder Woman fantasies she'd been having lately. I thought that gift was great, but now I see it as evil! No wonder I never allowed myself to buy one of those outfits.

Okay, 'evil' is a bit strong. Especially since Katherine meant well. How could she know about my twisted, sick dreams? Why is it always like what Amy just said? Wonder Woman IS a big-titted slut, deep down! She IS always getting captured and exploited sexually. Of course they don't show the X-rated parts, but you know they're there. Why couldn't I have picked a NORMAL superheroine?

Phew! I feel like I came right to the brink of a bottomless pit, and I nearly fell in. I can't ever put that outfit on. Never! At least not if I'm around Alan. The combination would be deadly. I could see myself submitting to him... Totally submitting... Letting him rule me and control me...

Dammit, I can't even think about it! Just thinking about it is doing strange things to me, setting off tingly aftershocks deep inside me. No, I'm gonna have to take that home and put it in a box and stuff that box into some deep corner of my closet. It won't be able to do any damage there.

Hell, I'll put a lock on the box, just to be sure. Literally!

There. Problem solved.

Okay, maybe I can try it on just once or twice. I have to find out if it fits, at least, right? And Alan would love to see some sexy pictures of me in it, I'll bet. Okay, so maybe a few times. But ONLY alone in the privacy of my own bedroom! Other than that, it stays in the box. And there's NO WAY I can put it on when Alan's around, at least not until I can figure out why it affects me so much, and how I can control those weird desires that it triggers.

Christ! Today's been strange enough without opening that Pandora's box!

She felt a lot better after that. She'd decided that she wasn't going to put on that costume for anything, at least around Alan, and that decision allowed her to put the issue out of her mind for the time being.

Amy got up a couple of minutes later. She didn't want to, but she felt that she had to. While Christine was still out of it with her eyes shut, she went to the bushes where she'd tossed Christine's bikini, found the two parts, and brought them back.

When Christine finally opened her eyes, she was actually both surprised and sad to discover her bikini nearby. "Oh! Where did you find that? More importantly, WHY did you find that? I guess this means that this most amazing day is coming to an end, isn't it?"

Amy was ready to pontificate on that last question, hoping to keep the talking going so she wouldn't have to answer the first question. "It is." However, she also had one hand behind her back, and now she revealed that she was also holding Christine's new Wonder Woman costume. "Or... you could put this on!"

Christine with eyes closed and arms held over her head, recoiling from something

Christine grunted and clutched her head, like she was a vampire being confronted with a stake. "UGH! Please, NO! Put that thing away before I take you up on that idea. PLEASE!"

Amy giggled. She loved the powerful effect that the costume obviously had on Christine. (She always knew that it would have a strong effect, but she hadn't expected that much.) She couldn't wait to take advantage of that knowledge in the future, when the time was ripe.

But, having mercy on her new friend - at least for the moment - she again put the costume behind her back. Still, she said, "M'kay, no worries. But what's up with that? I mean, the way you cried 'NO!' earlier, it was weird. I thought you really liked that gift."

"I do, I do! It's just... I don't want to talk about it now, okay? Please, I beg you, let's not talk about it. You don't know how much I love the gift, but I'm already way too aroused, and the last thing I need is THAT." She dropped her arms, but nodded with fear in her eyes towards the outfit that Amy was still holding behind her back, as if it had magical powers. "In fact, can you put it away for now so I don't even have to see it?"

"M'kay. Sure. And for what it's worth, I can see how you're maxed out on new stuff. So just relax. We're your pals here. I promise not to bring it up again today."


Amy walked away, closer to the gate, and left the costume in a chair there. Then she came back.

As she walked around, she thought more about the strange power the costume seemed to hold over Christine. She practically licked her lips in anticipation of all the possibilities that offered. Thanks to Wonder Woman's well-known history of frequently getting caught and tied up, it was easy to see that this outfit could open up Christine's submissive side. That made Amy giddy, and helped convince her that she was doing the right thing in attempting to bring Christine into the harem. But she stuck to her promise not to say a word more about it - for the moment.

Christine looked around and felt relieved. But she remained quite depressed and distraught. In truth, the Wonder Woman outfit was only one of her worries. Now that she was coming down from her erotic buzz, her head was full of doubts and second guesses.

She thought back to some of the things she'd done. Did I really stand on my tip-toes with my arms over my head while Amy brazenly fondled me?! It seems that must have happened to some other person. Shit! What just happened to me? I'm not into girls at all! I mean, Amy's very nice, but just as a friend; I don't have any special feelings for her.

She took a quick glance at Amy, just to be sure. Yep. There's no doubt about it. Amy is gorgeous; that's for sure. But I don't get any special thrill or tingle when I look at her, or at least not like what I feel when I look at Alan. And yet... I did all that stuff with her. I have to admit, kissing her is really nice. Really, really nice. But now, it seems like that happened to someone else.

Amy sat next to her where she could make eye contact, and asked, "You're feeling all bummed out, aren't you?"

Christine nodded.

Amy flashed one of her winning smiles. "Don't feel bad. Yeah, what you're feeling is called the post-orgasmic blues. But chill, 'cos it doesn't last long. And yeah, I guess you're gonna be pretty bummed even afterwards, since you're gonna have to go all back to normal and stuff."

She quickly added, "But don't worry! Things'll be normal, but it won't be the same normal as before. You're Alan's second girlfriend now! What happened today happened, and it can never unhappen. You'll never, ever be the same. You've discovered the power and the joy of really good sex, and believe me, today was only the tip of the iceberg. That was the thing the old you was missing. You'll never be that person again."

Christine sat up to get a better look at Amy. "Amy! Aims! You're so wise. You've been such a great help today. I feel like, well, like I have a new best friend. I still feel so sad that I'm gonna have to put on some clothes and go back home. But you're right. It won't be the same!"

Amy held her hand and said, "I feel like I have a new best friend too."

They shared a tender, bonding moment. It ended when Amy swept a finger across Christine's cheek and then sucked that finger into her own mouth.

"Aaaaaammmy!" Christine complained. "You didn't tell me I've still got cum on my face."

Amy just smiled. "You didn't ask. But anyway, you say that like it's a bad thing."

Christine wiped her face clean with her hands, and then went over and wiped her hands on the grass. She actually got all of it this time. As she came back, she muttered, "You've said that to me before. Why do I get the feeling that I'm gonna hear that line from you a lot?"

Amy kept right on smiling, and finally Christine couldn't help but smile at Amy's mischievous ways. I may not like Amy in "that way," but I really like her as a friend, just the same. I hope we can get this 'two girlfriends' things to work out without butting heads. After all that happened today, and how much of it went her way, I somehow get the feeling that she's not quite the innocent airhead that she seems to be. Didn't Alan recently say to me that she's probably a lot smarter than people think? Hmmm.

Then Christine looked to Alan and grinned at him. He was just starting to rouse himself and open his eyes. "I may start to go back to my old ways, but I know Alan won't let me, will you? I suppose you won't REALLY strip us in the middle of the school cafeteria, but you'll do something else that's just as hot. I'll be putty in your hands again."

Alan was still too out of it to say anything in response. He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to rouse himself, but remained flat on his back.

Amy scooted over to sit even closer to Christine's side. She gave her a hug from the side, with both hands on her nearer shoulder. "No, you'll be fucking HOT TO TROT in his hands! Within five minutes, you'll be on your knees, naked and with his cock halfway down your throat! I guarantee it!"

Christine sighed with longing. She was surprised at how good that prospect sounded, even with her erotic high coming to an end. "Oh, Amy. Please. Don't get me started. Or I'll be doing that five minutes from now! And I know, I say that like it's a bad thing!"

Both girls giggled. Christine loved that she was able to make an inside joke.


But it was clear that their fun time was over, and the sexy mood was fading. They got up, put on their bathing suits, stretched, and cleaned up a little.

Alan was a little slower in recovering, but eventually they tossed him his shorts and dress shirt, and he got dressed too.

As they waited for him to recover fully, they stood in front of him in their bikinis and made some small talk. Amy asked, "So, C, how was it to take almost his entire load down your throat? You didn't say anything about that."

Christine frowned with alarm. "Oh no. Amy, it's happening. Your question has made me realize that I'm like Cinderella and the clock has struck midnight. My golden coach is turning into a pumpkin, and everything is becoming normal. I almost can't answer that question because my guilty conscience is back in force and I feel ashamed and afraid. I HATE it!"

Amy said, "Then fight it! Tell me about his cum!"

The blonde bombshell admitted with surprising enthusiasm, "Oh, Amy! Don't make me think about that. It tastes soooo good! Cum is gross, but I can't help but like the taste. I guess that makes me a freak, but what else is new today?" She sighed. Her enthusiasm about his cum had quickly petered out.

Amy responded strongly. "That does NOT make you a freak! We're gonna need to give you, like, a whole new education. You need to UN-learn. Where is it written in stone that cum is gross and that it has to taste bad?!"

"Well, I guess," Christine said uncertainly. "I do have to admit I liked it, and taking it in my mouth wasn't as bad as getting it all over my face. I kind of wasted it though, because so much of it went straight down my throat. Next time, I want to take it on my tongue and really savor it. I have to admit that it tastes pretty good."

Closeup of Amy with a big smile of her face

Amy gave her another hug. "Coolio! That's the spirit! I love that you like it. That's so awesome. We're gonna have so much fun, you and me. Pretty much most every day, we're gonna be slurping and sucking and slipping and sliding our tongues and lips all over his great big hot cock! Isn't that great?"

"Um, I guess." Christine was increasingly wondering what she'd gotten herself into.

Amy continued with undiminished enthusiasm, "And as for Cinderella, remember how that story has a happy ending? The prince goes around with the slipper until he finds it fits Cinderella's foot. What's gonna happen with you is that Alan's gonna slip his cock in between your lips and you'll both find it's the perfect fit! And not just once, but day after day after day!"

Christine sighed. She had to admit to herself that on some level that sounded good to her, but now that her mood was changing, it also sounded improbably strange. In fact, it seemed strange that people even put their penises in other people's mouths. She had to remember that she actually had had Alan's dick in her mouth only a few minutes earlier, and thinking about that helped her recall with fondness how much she'd loved sucking it. But it still was like a fleeting dream that was fading after she'd awoken.

Amy added, "Actually, what's an even better fit is how you titfucked him AND totally sucked his cock at the same time, with ease! That was AWESOME! How'd you do that?!"

Christine shrugged. "I don't know. I just did. I guess I'm just extra flexible there or something. Is that not normal?"

"Definitely not normal! I mean, we can all lick at the tip, but you were totally bobbing down to his sweet spot! You really are gonna be his titfuck and blowjob combo queen. That is so great!"

Christine smiled, happy that she apparently had a unique sex skill. But her smile quickly turned into a frown.

"What?" Amy asked.

"You said 'we'. I'd forgotten all about the others for a while. Now that I'm coming off my high, that thought hurts so much! It's like a stab to the heart. Amy, what have I done? I've given my heart and my body to a boy who has a harem. A god damned HAREM! God, how I hate that word!"

Amy continued to give her a supportive hug. "Don't worry. It hurts now, but you'll get over it. Have I ever steered you astray? Hasn't everything I said come true?"

Christine nodded in response to that last question.

"Well, trust me. You'll get over it, and soon. Besides, isn't Alan a kind and loving guy?"

Christine nodded again.

"Don't worry, he's not going to try to hurt you. He loves you! You're entering a new phase of your life. You'll be so happy that you'll look back and wonder how you ever lived before. You're Alan's second girlfriend now! Is that not cool, or what?"

Christine grinned just a little. She admitted with a widening grin, "It's pretty cool. I guess."

"You guess? You guess?! Sheesh! It's AWESOME!" She shook Christine's shoulders with her boundless enthusiasm, and bounced around at the same time.

Christine couldn't help but feel her own excitement start to grow, despite her depressed mood. It was times like this when she appreciated Amy the most.

Amy bubbled, "Let me tell you, C. Days like today will be the new normal for you. You'll spend countless hours sucking and stroking and titfucking and all-around servicing Alan's cock. That will be your greatest joy, servicing his cock!"

Christine gave Amy a hard look. "'That will be your greatest joy, servicing his cock?' Come on, Aims! I must have been out of my mind, because I guess you said that kind of thing earlier a couple of times and I didn't really think about it much or argue about it. In fact, it even seemed arousing to me somehow. But I can't even BEGIN to tell you how wrong that sounds, now that my head is clear again. It's so demeaning! Where is your dignity?"

Amy shook her head. "C, I understand you've got the post-orgasmic blues and all, but you still do have a brain, don't you? Did you just forget every last thing that happened? Do you not remember how much TOTAL JOY you had with all the cocksucking and titfucking? Do you not remember me telling you that the more pleasure you give, the more you receive? And did that not turn out to be true? Tell me: have you EVER had a better time in your entire life? And just wait until he FUCKS you! Good grief, girl! It's too good to believe!"

Christine was at a loss for words. "Yeah, but... Awww, dammit! You see? I'm all screwed up now. The old me and the new me are colliding. I know I did some things I shouldn't have, but I don't know what's too outrageous and what's acceptable, because my entire world has turned upside down. This sucks!"

She added as an aside, "I wish I'd had some normal relationships and sexual experiences to compare this to."

Christine may not have realized it, but that was a very important point. Amy was counting heavily on the fact that Christine didn't have any experiential basis for comparison. Amy wanted to establish certain things from the very start, such as constantly sharing Alan's dick, so that Christine would treat those things as givens.

Alan had been standing there, listening to every word, but they'd been so involved with their discussion that they'd temporarily forgotten he was there. Amy looked his way now, and saw that he was up. She turned back to Christine and whispered in her ear. "Let me tell you a secret. You did really great today! Actually, WE did great. Alan gets his cock sucked, stroked, and titfucked multiple times a day, and that's not even counting the actual fucking. But even by his super high standards, I think we totally blew his mind!"

Christine hated the reminder of his other lovers, but she also was encouraged. She whispered back, "Really?"

Still whispering right into Christine's ear, Amy continued, "Really! I mean, you were asking earlier if sex is that great, why doesn't everyone just fuck all the time until the world economy collapses? The answer is that sex with other guys just isn't anywhere near that good. But we've got something extra special going with Alan, something extra intense! I think it's because we all love each other, and, let's be honest here, we've got bodies built for sex. If we can keep this up, he's gonna want us to suck and titfuck his cock together, like, every single day!"

Christine whispered uncertainly, "You think?" Again, she was torn. That seemed like a demeaning thing to aspire to, but she couldn't deny to herself that she wanted it.

"Definitely! And this is only your FIRST DAY as his second girlfriend. The mind boggles!" She giggled. "And as for Heather, she can go sit on a log!"

Christine didn't quite understand the "sit on a log" comment, but she loved the general sentiment. She practically cackled with glee at the prospect that she and Amy could keep Alan so constantly sexually satisfied that he'd forget about Heather altogether. That thought alone greatly lifted her spirits.

Then, still speaking in a quiet, private tone, Amy said, "Oh, by the way, I realized that there's a big problem with the second girlfriend plan that we haven't dealt with yet."

"Oh shit. What?"

"Um... you might not be able to use the Plummer house much... or at all. Kinda ever. You see, Alan's mom Susan is really, really naïve, and super-duper prudish in her views. She tolerates all the women Alan fucks in his room because he says he's 'dating' them, and that he and I aren't dating each other exclusively yet. But that excuse isn't flying anymore, since there's just so much 'dating' going on, which is why Kat and I were saying doing stuff in the house was already probably a bad idea."

Christine was relieved that it wasn't a more serious concern. "I can handle that."

Amy grimaced. "It gets worse. See, Alan's mom won't be able to handle the whole two girlfriends thing. No offense, but she's even more prudish about that stuff than you are. So, no matter what happens with people finding out at school or not, we'll have to keep that a total secret from her. If she finds out, she might put her foot down and try to stop it."

"Shit!" That one did concern Christine. "But how can we keep that from her, once everyone else knows? As we discussed, I can keep the secret at school for a while, but not forever."

"It'll be tricky, sure. But she gets all her news about what Alan is doing outside the house from the rest of us: Alan, Kat, my mom, and me. If we all kinda fail to mention the second girlfriend thing, she'll never be the wiser. But you'll have to avoid his house, and especially her, like the plague. You may not see it, but when you and Alan look at each other, it's kinda obvious that you're both in love with each other. She'll see that right away. We'll have to find someplace else for us to service his cock."

Christine nodded, although she still rankled at the "service his cock" phrase Amy was so fond of. "Well, we can use my house. My parents are never home until after five, and they go lots of places together after work too."

Amy beamed. "That'll work!"

Amy was secretly pleased with herself. One big worry everyone in the harem had was how to keep Christine away from the Plummer house to maintain the incest secret, and especially from Susan (since her enthusiasm about her slavery to her son was sometimes too obvious). The 'second girlfriend' idea would be the perfect excuse to take care of that, at least for a while.


Amy stepped back and looked at Alan again. She said in a loud voice, since he was still a ways away, "Hey, O.B., I'm gonna take Christine back into my house and the two of us will chill out. I think she needs, I dunno, a helping hand or something for a while."

Alan got up and started to walk over to them.

Christine was quick to insist, "A helping hand, okay, but a non-sexual helping hand, right? Promise?"

Amy gave an encouraging nod. "Promise."

Christine's worry about being left alone with Amy made her think about all the sexual things they'd done together, and she grew even more distressed. "Looking back, I can't BELIEVE the things I did with you, Amy! I mean, I love that we're getting to be such good friends and all, but we're just... FRIENDS! We were acting like lovers! What came over me?! I hope you didn't get the wrong idea. There are certain places we touched each other that we just shouldn't touch. I don't really understand what happened, but I am NOT into women!"

Amy nodded like she really believed her. Then she looked over at Alan while Christine was looking away and gave him a non-verbal message to the effect of, "Oh my. I've got a lot of work to do with her."

Alan got the general gist. He sensed that Amy needed some time alone with Christine, and right away, to minimize just how far Christine would revert toward her previous way of thinking.

He walked up to Amy and kissed her on the lips, but it was only a quick, close-mouthed kiss. Then he did the same to Christine. But, feeling playful, he simply pulled Christine in without letting go of Amy, so they wound up in a three-way hug.

He was a bit worried that Christine might not be in a mood for anything sexy, but he pushed his luck a little bit: he kissed Amy again, and while he did that, he untied her bikini top and tossed it to the ground. Then he did the same to Christine.

Christine's only reaction to the loss of her bikini top was to complain, "Hey!"

Alan chuckled. "That's it? 'Hey?'"

Christine grinned a little bit. "Yeah, well, what can I do? I'm in the grips of an insatiable sex monster."

Christine and Amy hugging Alan, with the girls wearing bikini bottoms and Alan wearing short swim trunks

Alan's smile widened. "That's true." Then he made out with Christine for a while. Since Christine responded favorably, he took turns kissing his two girls while playing with their boobs. Sometimes, he actually found his lips touching both their sets of lips at the same time.

As the hugging and kissing continued, he was suddenly struck by the fact that he'd shared a naked three-way kiss with Glory and Suzanne earlier in the day. Dang! What a day! Even by my recent awesome standards, today is something special. It's all coming together. And tonight... Well, tonight will be the ultimate!

After a while, his hands roamed down and he played with the girls' pussies and asses under their bikini bottoms, as if those bottoms weren't there. He could feel four erect nipples boring into his chest, but his penis stayed flaccid and tucked in his bathing suit. The fact was, they were all too wiped out from what had happened to get fully back into it so soon.

Eventually, Christine pushed him away again. "Okay, enough already. You'd be happy to hug and kiss and fondle us all day long, wouldn't you?"

"Yep!" He admitted proudly with his hands down the fronts of both Amy's and Christine's bikini bottoms. Even though his penis remained flaccid, he still was having a great time in the three-way hug.

Christine rolled her eyes, but she obviously wasn't upset because she still wore a big smile. "Amy, what are we going to do with this guy?" She pulled away, and bent down to pick up her discarded bikini top.

As Amy also picked up her top, she playfully replied, "I don't know. Probably suck and titfuck his cock a lot!"

Christine just sighed and rolled her eyes again. She thought, Amy really has some kind of unhealthy fixation on "servicing his cock." I've gotta help her with that. I mean, there's being a good and dedicated girlfriend, and I have to admit it's a lot of fun, but she takes it to an extreme.

Seeing that the fun really was coming to an end, Alan said, "Okay. I'm gonna go back to my house. I'll leave you two to unwind. But Aims, you will be by for dinner tonight, won't you? We're gonna have a big family feast."

Amy nodded, even as she wondered what his real plans were for the evening.

He turned to his blonde beauty. "Christine, I want you to know that I love YOU - the old Christine and the new Christine, and whatever is in between. For what it's worth, I think Amy's right and there's no going back. This IS just the beginning of a great adventure that we'll share together. We are still on for our date night tomorrow night, aren't we?"

"Of course!" Christine replied quickly. Then she thought about it. Crap. I'm gonna go on a date with Alan, which is great, but Alan AND Amy? I can see how that's gonna end. I'll get all uncontrollably horny and I'll wind up taking turns sucking his cock with Amy. I mean his penis, dammit. Heck, I'll bet I'll end up doing all kinds of weird things with her. Again!

But you know what? That sounds pretty good!

Oh damn! I'm all screwed up. I already can't wait until tomorrow night, and yet it's totally fucked up to go out on a date with a guy AND his other girlfriend. I hope Amy can help me with more words of wisdom. Or maybe I should talk to Katherine. I need serious help to sort all this out.

Amy was more than glad to help sort out Christine's confusion. She'd seen how Suzanne had slowly indoctrinated Susan, and she'd learned from that. Christine was going to be a much, much tougher case than Susan, but Amy was ready for the challenge. Besides, she knew she'd have lots of help from Katherine and the others.

Alan left them shortly after that, going towards the gate in the fence while the two girls headed the other way to the Pestridge house.

Christine was walking away hand in hand with Amy, who was carrying the ghetto blaster and CDs, but then she stopped and turned back towards Alan. Her face was lined with a new worry. "Um, guys? Could I ask a big favor? Could we not talk about the details of what happened today with anyone? Not even with Katherine? I did some things I'm not too proud of, and barely even understand, and if word got out... I'd just..." She practically blushed.

Alan started to speak, to reassure her, but Amy beat him to it. She said, "Done, and done! O.B. is great at lots of things, and one of them is that he NEVER kisses and tells! Ditto with me. You can feel free to 'get your freak on' with us, and no one will ever know. Unless you want someone to know, like Kat..."

"Definitely not! Not even her." Thinking twice, Christine realized Katherine would have to know a certain amount if she were to confide in her in the future. "Well, okay, maybe you can tell her, but only in a general way. She's probably gonna be able to guess the gist of what happened here anyway, won't she?"

Amy nodded.

Christine turned to Alan. "Thank you. Not just for keeping mum, but for everything. And for what's it worth, I really do love you."

He gulped, nodding. He'd already realized that Christine loved him, but hearing her say it again gave him goose bumps just the same.

He waited and watched them walk towards Amy's house. He belatedly shouted, "I love you too! Both of you!"

Christine and Amy showing us their backs while they wear their bikinis

Neither girl turned around, but they both stopped, and Amy put her ghetto blaster on the ground. Then they swished their asses, bending their knees low to do so. It was so well coordinated that he realized they must have quickly worked it out with some quiet whispering. Then he heard giggles as they picked their things back up and walked on.

Dang! How does that saying go? "I hate it when you leave, but I love to see you walk away." Times two, with those two. Phew! And both those sexy, swaying, bikini-clad asses belong to me now. Sweet!

From what it sounds like, Christine could be mine for years, or even forever! Forever is a long time, so who can say, but damn. Just the possibility of having her in the harem makes me want to fly!

But will she really take to the harem thing? There's something special about Amy. She's the epitome of non-threatening. But what if Christine were to see me, say, fucking Suzanne? There's no telling how she'd react. And what about the incest? Oh, man! That's the killer. There's so much that could go disastrously wrong.

I know I'm a cad and a hypocrite and a greedy bastard and all the rest to want yet another woman, but I really want Christine in my life in a big way. And yeah, for the sex, but not JUST the sex. I really do love her! I have to count my lucky stars that she was the one who stopped me from telling her the full truth. That could help soften the blow if and when she finds out everything.

Would I really have told her about the incest? I don't know. I certainly was going to tell her everything short of that, and at least strongly hint at it, so the lying would be minimized. But would I have...? I don't know. I just don't know.

Of course, this doesn't really solve the issue; it just kicks the can farther down the road. If things work out and we keep getting closer and more intimate, eventually the day will come when she'll find out by accident or I'll have to man up and tell her. Besides, this "Don't tell me all the weird stuff you've done" attitude of hers isn't going to last for long. I know her, and she's just too curious about everything. What'll I tell her then? But I'm not gonna worry about that now.

Hmmm. In the short term, the only problem is Kat. She had a hard enough time when Amy got the Official Girlfriend title. The fact that I have two girlfriends is going to doubly bum her out, especially since she's been so key in bringing Christine along. She should be rewarded for that, not punished. I'm going to have to do something special for her, and I do mean really special, and fast! I've gotta drop that good news at the exact same time she hears about the second girlfriend thing. Which means I need something NOW.

But what? I'm already gonna give her her own special day. What if I officially make her my Number One Fuck Toy with a full-on ceremony and everything?

No, that won't work. Earlier today I said she was tied for that title, and I can't unsay that. Plus, let's face it, Mom is a pretty awesome fuck toy, family sex slave too. So that pronouncement wouldn't be sincere. Besides, it's obvious that I'm gonna be spending a lot more time with Aims and Christine from now on. I need to do something that's not just symbolic, but shows that I'll be spending plenty of time with my beloved Sis too.

Hey! I know! What if I announce that, from now on, she's gonna sleep in my bed every night? She'll love that, and hell, I'll totally love it too.

But then Mom'll be bummed. Seriously bummed! And Suzanne and Aims will be miffed too.

Dang. Managing a harem is really complicated.

Hmmm. Well, I'm gonna have to stay here until I think of something. Because the second I go back in the house, Sis is gonna be all over me, eager for the latest news. Mom too. Probably Mother too. Which reminds me - I wonder where she's been since we were at Glory's.

But no problem. I can figure this out. I'm a smart guy. Besides, I need to take a break here anyway. If I go inside and something sexual starts up right away, I swear, my dick is gonna fall off!

He walked over to the gate between the Pestridge and Plummer properties, so he wouldn't run into Amy or Christine in case they came back outside. But instead of going through the gate, he sat down on a nearby large rock and tried to figure out a way to manage the give and take, so that all his women would treat these latest developments with Amy and Christine as good news.


Christine and Amy walked into the Pestridge house. They were both wearing bikinis, and Amy was carrying Christine's new Wonder Woman outfit and the ghetto blaster she'd been using. All was silent, because Christine needed time to think and Amy respected that.

As they stepped inside from the back patio, Amy headed to the kitchen. "Let me get you a drink. What would you like? Mango juice, perhaps? That's my favorite."

"Sure, uh... sounds good." Christine replied absently as she followed along. She was so overwhelmed by the emotional rush of recent events in the backyard that she felt as if she were in a stranger's body. She didn't care about the drink; she was just taking the easy path of going along with Amy's suggestion.

While Amy prepared drinks for both of them, Christine looked around with worry. She felt naked and exposed, so she kept her arms wrapped around her chest as if she were cold. She was annoyed that her nipples were still erect, and she used the pose to cover them up. "What about your father? And your brother that's on the football team? What if they come home and see us like this?"

"No worries! My brother Brad and my father Eric are on some silly fishing trip again. They won't get back till, like, late tomorrow, so it's totally cool. Let's just hang out and talk."

Christine spoke with a glazed look in her eyes. "You know what? I'd like to talk with you, to help me make sense of what just happened. But first I need some time on my own. Can I just take my drink and sit back, I dunno, in the living room, I guess, and chill out for five or ten minutes or so?"

Amy smiled and nodded. She handed Christine the mango juice. "Sure. It sounds like you need to chillax."

That strange word startled Christine from her reverie. "Did you say 'chillax?'"

"Yep! That's 'chill' and 'relax' all kinda combin-ated."

Christine shook her head at Amy's mangling of the English language. But she couldn't help but grin a little too.

Amy led Christine to the living room. "Here we go. Sit back and chillax anywhere you want. I recommend that big comfy chair over there. And don't worry, nobody's gonna be home anytime soon. It's just us girls."

Hearing that was a relief to Christine, but also a concern. This is bad. There's too little clothing and too much irrepressible and irresistible Amy! I've got a sneaking feeling that I'll wind up doing intimate things with her if we're left alone together for very long. I can't say I particularly want that, but somehow I get the sense that I wouldn't resist her very well if she decided to do something wild and crazy.

She asked, "Okay, but promise me one thing: no more intimate kissing or touching between us today. Please? Just before we left the backyard, you said that you would lend me a helping hand. Quote, 'a non-sexual helping hand,' unquote."

Amy replied carefully, "Yeah, I said that, but what I meant is, I know this isn't the time or place for us to totally get into it. You know, full-on pussy fingering and all that. But just kissing and touching? Come on! That's, like, the new normal."

She explained further, "You should know something about me: I'm, like, REALLY super duper into nudity. I love it! It's just so liberating, ya know? So if you and I are chillaxing together somewhere private, like in my room, or your room, or even here, I'm probably gonna be naked most of the time. And I'm gonna want you naked too, 'cos it would be weird if I'm the only one. Then, when we kiss, why not kiss on the lips? It's much more funiferous that way."

Christine sighed and frowned. Great, she thought sarcastically. Just what I need: more nudity. I've been naked practically all day! This is where I need to put my foot down! And yet she did not. A lot of that lack of resistance was due to the fact that she was still riding an emotional and erotic high from everything that had happened with Alan (and Amy), even though she didn't realize just how much that was still affecting her.

Amy continued, "And one other thing. I know you think I'm all easy-going, and mostly I am. But I also believe in tough love. With you, that means stopping you from going back to your old sexless ways that keep you from being happy and comfortable with yourself. You're Alan's second official girlfriend now. It's totally official and everything! Well, minus a few details that we'll hopefully work out before you leave here today. It's time for you to start accepting that you're a real hottie of a girl who's allowed to fall in love. You've gotta really want to make it happen. I'm helping you chill for now, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let you sit around and feel guilty and bad, because what kind of friend would I be then?"

Amy, taking off her green bikini bottoms

As Amy kept talking, she started taking off her bikini. "In fact, I'm gonna have to insist that we both get naked, right now."

"What?!" Christine stared in dismay as Amy shucked her bikini, dramatically tossing both pieces away. "Why? But... No! You can't do that! I need to recover and process what happened. I feel like I was just run over by a truck. How does getting naked help me?!"

"Oh, it helps you big time," Amy said confidently, stretching and proudly showing off her body now that she was fully and happily naked. "One reason I love nudity so much is 'cos, like, it's really hard to lie when you're totally in the buff. It's true! Give it a try; you'll see. I call it buff love."

Christine knew she was supposed to complain, but all she could do was chuckle at "buff love," especially since it played off the phrase "tough love."

Amy added, "You're all exposed on the outside, so that exposes you on the inside too. Dr. Freud and all those guys, they should do that psycho-talky stuff on the sofa with their patients naked. They would get much better results. That's why that's what we're gonna do today."

Christine sighed again. "Fine. But give me a few minutes of normality first, okay? If nothing else, I need to come down all the way from the horny high I had out there with you and Alan." She was tempted to add, And stop stretching your body already! I don't really lean "that way," but I'm only human. Sheesh!

Indeed, Amy was casually striking sexual poses under the guise of stretching, hoping that would help keep Christine aroused. "M'kay. No problemo. I'll be upstairs for five minutes or more. Then we'll get down to some nude truth-talking!"

Christine nodded wearily.

Amy smiled, like always. She picked up the bikini she'd tossed aside and walked up the stairs to her room. She knew that watching her naked, sexy body parading around would add to Christine's arousal, even if Christine was mostly straight. So Amy made sure to sashay her hips in the sexiest manner she knew as she went upstairs.


Christine turned in time to see Amy's bare backside slowly saunter up the stairs. She couldn't stop watching. This is not good. I thought Amy would be a cream puff, but suddenly she's all bossy! Is this how it's going to be from now on, as part of this Deal? If she thinks I'm going to let her boss me around, she's got another thing coming! And I don't like her attitude about nudity either. Although I'm not really at all surprised. I could totally see her dancing naked at that '60s Woodstock concert, if she'd been born at the right time for that.

She sighed with relief when Amy's tempting ass disappeared from view. The fact is, I'm still distraught from what happened. Maybe I should have gone straight home, but hopefully all we're going to do is talk. I've gotta be careful with nakedness though, or Amy will probably get me all horny again so she can get intimate with me some more. I've experienced that once now. I need to process it before we go at it again, to decide how to handle it the next time she wants to do that, which she almost surely will.

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