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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 147
Things Can Only Get Better
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Amy continued her slow walk through the upstairs hallway until she reached her room. But as soon as she got inside and closed the door, she rushed to her phone and immediately called next door.

Suzanne was in the Plummer living room, talking to Susan and Akami. She picked up the phone because she happened to be closest to it, and said in her best executive-secretary voice, "Plummer residence."

Amy whispered, "Hey, Mother, is that you?"

Suzanne whispered back (although she didn't have to whisper), "Amy!"

That got Susan's full attention. Her entire body stiffened in anticipation.

Amy kept on whispering, but with unusual excitement. "Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod! I'm back from an EPIC all-around super awesome... Ohmigod! I can't even make up a neato long word to explain how AWESOME it all is! Is our master home yet?"

"No," Suzanne answered with growing excitement as well. "Should he be?"

"He could be, soon! We just finished in the backyard. Christine and I are back in our house, the Pestridge house. I noticed he was just kinda hanging back in the backyard. He's probably giving himself a few minutes to recover before going back home, straight to all of you!"

Suzanne smiled from ear to ear, pumping a fist in the air.

By this time Susan was standing right next to her, dying of curiosity. "What?! What?! What's happening?!"

Suzanne held up a hand, indicating that Susan should wait.

Akami simply looked on with amusement.

Amy continued, "The HUGE news is, things went so well with Christine that's it's unbelievable! She sucked his cock for, like, ages! With me! There was so much cocky fun that it's almost unreal, just to think about it even! We took turns bobbing on it, and we licked it together! And she and I French kissed a lot too, and more! She appeared to LOVE IT! All of it!"

Suzanne couldn't help herself; she squealed with excitement.

Susan was dying of curiosity, since she couldn't hear Amy's excited whispers. She actually shook Suzanne's shoulder. "What?! What?! What?!"


Suzanne realized it was cruel to keep Susan in suspense, so she paused to say, "Amy just told me that she and Christine spent ages sucking Sweetie's cock! Together! And she says Christine loved it!"

Amy heard that and added, "And titfucks! She titfucked him just as much!"

Suzanne passed that on. "And titfucks! Lots of titfucking too!"

Susan's eyes bugged out when she heard that. She staggered away from Suzanne, seemingly in a trance. She whispered in a delighted awe, "Titfucks!" She knew how impressively large and perfectly shaped Christine's breasts were, and she had a good idea how long and how ardently her son had lusted after them, so she considered this very great news indeed.

She thought, This is big! This is HUGE! Christine is such a lovely young woman, so smart and gorgeous. She'd make an excellent addition to the harem. And now that she's discovering the joy of sucking and titfucking my son's great cock, isn't it just a matter of time before she becomes one of us? I think so!

Suzanne waited for Susan to absorb the news. She could guess pretty accurately what Susan was thinking. Interestingly, she found herself thinking much the same. Her entire body tingled with arousal and excitement as she considered the implications. Christine would make a fine addition to our harem. She certainly has the "right stuff" when it comes to sex appeal. But more than that, we could use someone with her intelligence, morals, and determination. If we could ever get her to join it fully, that is. That's still a pretty tall order. Although... I must say... I wonder if she's bisexual? If she's kissing Amy and sharing our master's cock, that's a really good sign. I wouldn't mind having some fun with her myself, that's for sure!

Then Suzanne told Susan, "Oh, and he'll be here alone any minute now!"

As Amy started telling Suzanne more details about what had happened, Akami got up and walked in front of Susan. She waved her hand to get Susan's attention. "What? Are you okay? Is something wrong?"

A huge smile crossed Susan's face as Akami's intervention snapped her back to reality. "Huh? Something wrong? No! Just the opposite! Nothing could be MORE RIGHT! My Tiger, our master, it seems he's well on his way to taming Christine! Isn't that the greatest?!" Overwhelmed by this news, she gave Akami a crushing bear hug.

"Uh, yeah." Akami was amused, because she knew very little about Christine, so that news didn't mean much to her. She found it very strange that Susan and Suzanne would actually welcome having to share their lover with someone else, especially since it was obvious to her that his attentions were already spread far too thin.

She thought, This is why life here would never work for me. I guess it takes a special kind of person. But I don't suppose I see any harm in it for them. They seem to have their own little world, and it looks like it works for them, at least for now. I guess I'll just smile and be happy for them.

Suzanne suddenly pulled the phone from her ear and practically shouted, "Susan! Get Angel! What's she doing upstairs, anyway? If she's sleeping, wake her up! It just occurred to me that I can put Amy on speakerphone, and she'll want to hear this too! Hurry! Our master could walk through the door any minute!"

Susan broke the hug and ran to the stairs. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was throbbing, and her mouth was watering as she anticipated giving her son and master a proper welcome-home reception. "Titfucks!" My wonderful son has finally fucked Christine's tits! I didn't want to say much with Akami right there, but this proves the Big Tits Theory is as right as rain! Busty women are meant to serve his cock! Even Christine is no exception! YES!

Amy didn't say much until Katherine came on the line and the call was switched to speakerphone. "Okay, everybody, check it out! Christine, is like, totally in love with Alan, and in lust with him too! She's a super sultry sex vixen, and she's falling in love with serving his cock!"

Susan screamed with delight, "NO! YOU LIE!"

Amy giggled. "I do not! Let me tell you..." She launched into a quiet but excited account highlighting what had happened

After more than five minutes of explaining, Amy ended her call. She figured she'd clued in the others enough for the moment, and she knew not to leave Christine alone downstairs for too long. She was surprised that Alan still hadn't returned home; she realized that he really must have needed some time to himself.


Amy was smiling as always when she came back downstairs, but then she began making a disapproving "tsk-tsk" sound as she descended because she saw that Christine was still wearing the yellow bikini she'd been loaned earlier.

As she stepped off the stairs, she asked, "Hey, C, what did I tell you about taking off that bikini?"

Christine replied petulantly, "Do I really have to?"

"Yes. Like I've been saying, I'm the First Official Girlfriend, and I'm taking that responsibility VERY seriously. That includes making you the ideal Second Official Girlfriend for my O.B. as quickly as possible. You go along with what Alan and I say in everything, so there'll be no fighting or problems. That is, unless you don't want the job...?"

Christine took the none-too-subtle hint. Ugh! Why does she have to bring up all that about following their orders? It's like she wants to embarrass me! I shouldn't have to put with any of this crap. However, she nodded. Then she asked, "Can we at least close the drapes?" She looked towards the wide-open curtains.

"M'kay, if you insist." Amy walked over and closed them. She knew there would still be plenty of light, and she didn't want to make Christine more uncomfortable than necessary.

Christine stood up and reluctantly began removing the bikini. She'd had some time to clear her head, so she didn't feel nearly as horny anymore, although some effect still lingered. As a result she turned her back on Amy while undressing, because she felt more self-conscious than before.

As she stripped, she tried convincing herself, It's no big deal getting naked this time. I'm back to normal, more or less. Sanity has returned, and thank God for that. This'll be just like getting naked in the doctor's office or in the shower at school. I'm not going to lose control with Amy again, particularly since Alan is no longer around. I don't care how attractive Amy is; she doesn't turn me on. But I can sure see what Alan sees in her.

Christine, taking off yellow bikini bottoms

Christine removed her bikini top fairly quickly, but she was much more reluctant to do so with her bikini bottoms, due to her lingering concern about her "freakishly large" clitoris. As she stalled for time, she looked over her shoulder and asked, "My brain still feels fried. I know you told me this already, but what does Obie mean again?"

"It's my special nickname for him. O.B. is for Official Boyfriend. By the way, what's the hang?" Amy was asking that because Christine was pulling her bikini bottoms down inch by inch, taking forever.

Christine turned her head away as the blush spread across her face. "It's my... you know what."

"Oh, your clit? Girl, you have the bestest clit ever! How many times do we have to tell you that?" Amy enthused effusively, "Can we trade? Seriously, I want yours!"

That encouraged Christine enough for her to quickly shuck her bikini bottoms and turn around. However, she kept a hand in front of her pussy to cover it, and especially to hide her clit.

Still naked, Amy sat down at one end of a sofa and motioned for Christine to sit at the other end. "Come on. Let's get comfy." The gap between them gave Christine a sense of personal space and comfort, as Amy had intended.

Amy turned sideways to face Christine, bringing a hand to her chin in the process. "Now that I think about the O.B. name, I suppose you could call him that too."

Christine felt a flush of excitement at that prospect. "Could I?" But then, as she sat down naked where Amy had indicated (with her hand still over her crotch), she had second thoughts. "No, I shouldn't. That's obviously a special thing between you two."

Amy agreed, saying, "True. It is. But I'm not taking this two-official-girlfriends thing lightly. If we're gonna do it, we need to do it right. So maybe you should call him that too. Let me think about it for a while though, m'kay?"

Christine smiled and nodded.

Amy changed the subject. "Hey, by the way, that's cool that you're probably gonna go to Stanford next year. O.B. told me about it, and he says it's basically a lock. And with him going to Berkeley, you two will practically be next door! Isn't that great? But what you may not know is that I'm almost certainly gonna go to an art college nearby called the CCA. The California College of the Arts. Have you heard of it?"

"I can't say I have."

"Well, it's one of the best. And it's kind of split between Oakland and San Francisco, so I'll be right there. I'm totally counting on living with my O.B.! It'll be great! And, if things between you and him are still going strong, there's no reason we'd have to stop for college! Isn't that awesome?!"

Christine smiled. "I hope it all works out like that. And good for you. We'll see. That's still a long ways away." But she thought, Dammit, it looks like I'm never going to get a chance to be with Alan without Amy there too. It's like I'm cursed. But then again, it could be pretty great to have her living so close. What if we end up becoming really close friends, like I hope we will? I probably won't know a soul at Stanford, but then I'll get to have Alan AND Amy nearby. That's pretty lucky, IF we're still together then.

Amy suddenly sat forward eagerly. "M'kay! Now it's time, C! Time for you to hit me with your questions and concerns. What's up? What are you thinking? How can I help you work through this?"

As Christine considered what to say, she realized, Here I am, sitting completely nude in a strange house. I think my brain must be broken or something. But, to be honest, it doesn't feel that weird. I'm not trembling from head to toe with arousal anymore. I'm just normal, sort of... and naked. With an equally nude Amy looking on... And I'm surprisingly okay with all of it now. Have I been desensitized that much in just an hour or two? Or have I actually changed my opinion about it? Compared to all the other craziness that's taken place today, nudity just among us girls is really no big deal.

She decided to consider that later. She needed to use this time alone with Amy to talk about the issues that were topmost on her mind. "Aims, while you were upstairs, I was trying to sort out what happened today, and what it means for me. I've come to several conclusions. And some of them... I don't like very much."

Amy declared happily, "Let's hear 'em all!" She was back to being her usual bubbly self, despite Christine's distress.

Christine thought back to her recent encounter with Alan when Amy had been by her side the entire time. She felt shame, but more strongly than that, she felt a tingly echo of her incredible, overwhelming lust. She actually found herself salivating, merely from thinking about licking and sucking Alan's erection.

She said, "For starters, I can't deny that I really enjoyed what happened out there. All of it. Even the things I did with you."

"Yeay!" Amy practically leapt up from the sofa, making a cheerleader-like gesture.

Christine held out a blocking hand, because she sensed that Amy was keen on a celebratory kiss and, at the moment, she didn't want any physical contact. She added firmly, "That doesn't mean I'm bisexual or anything like that. I searched my feelings, and I still don't feel that way. Not to offend, but even as beautiful as you are, looking at your naked body doesn't really do anything for me." (She realized that was no longer entirely true, but she was trying to convince herself that it was mostly true.) "But curiously, when I think about kissing you, and touching you, that sounds like... not that bad, actually. Particularly in Alan's presence."

She hastily added, "Not that I want to do that right now!" Then she continued more calmly, "Does that make any sense to you? I don't get it myself."

Amy admitted, "It is kinda strange. As for me, I know I'm bisexual, like a lot of women, and I have no problem with that. Everybody agrees that sexy women are, well, sexy! Seeing you all nude and stuff does make me hot, because you are. It's just a fact!"

Hearing that, Christine felt the urge to again cover herself with her hands. She didn't want to be getting Amy hot and bothered over her.

Amy blithely rambled on, "Of course, seeing you nude would probably make a frozen-stiff corpse in the morgue hot, and some parts of it would get extra stiff!" She giggled, playfully waving her hand like a fan over her bare boobs as if she needed to cool down. "But I think I do kinda understand. Let's get to that later though. I want to hear your other conclusions first."

Christine sighed. "The main conclusion is that... I think I really love Alan. I mean, I thought I loved him before the events of the last day or two. But now?"

She exhaled, trying to cope with her feelings. Just thinking about him made her heart race. "I love him so much! I guess it's true what they say, how sex strengthens emotional bonds. My feelings for him are so INTENSE now! I'm head over heels! I love him enough to put up with the indignity of his harem and the rest, and you have no idea how tough that is for me. That's not just me basking in the afterglow of physical intimacy; I'm pretty sure that I'll feel the same way tonight and tomorrow when I think about him."

Amy nodded happily.

"And that SCARES me!" Christine practically shouted. She sighed sadly. "It would be scary enough, just being in love for the first time. I mean, I've hardly ever had a crush before. I was so... focused! Like a laser."



Christine closed an eye and pointed a finger at Amy, as if she were aiming a gun at her. She'd convinced herself that she wasn't aroused anymore, but that simply wasn't true. So without really thinking about it, she pinned a hand behind her head as she pointed, striking a sexy pose.

But posing like that didn't come easily to her, so she quickly dropped both of her arms. However, in doing so, she neglected to cover her crotch again - a sign that she was slowly losing her phobia about her clitoris, at least with Amy.

She said, "You know, I've kept myself focused mostly on school work and martial arts, just generally learning everything I could. Sure, from time to time, I'd see some guy in class I thought was cute, but I'd see what his personality was like and that usually killed any interest. Most guys are... Well, let's just say they don't inspire me much."

She added unhappily, "Amy, now that we're going to be good friends and Alan's official girlfriends and all, I have a confession. I can be kind of... elitist."

Amy didn't respond to that at all, so Christine sighed and explained further, "I mean, I know that I'm pretty, but that's not important to me. At least it wasn't until recently. I'm not stuck-up about that. But when it comes to intellect, well, I've found that most people don't measure up. They aren't intrigued by what they see. They don't try to understand the world. I don't understand them or their goals. That's one reason why I don't have really close friends. Most people seem so shallow, including almost all the guys I know. I just... well, you know. I've felt like maybe I'd never find someone I could relate to, at least not until next year, when hopefully I'll be at a great university like Stanford."

This was a particularly awkward thing to confess to Amy, because in Christine's opinion Amy was definitely not an intellectual peer. Despite being repeatedly surprised by Amy during their recent discussions about The Deal, and despite Alan's telling her of Amy's true intelligence, she still habitually thought of Amy as most people did, as an "airhead."

Amy knew that Christine, like most people, thought of her as an "airhead," but since she herself deliberately projected that persona to encourage that impression she could hardly complain. Christine would figure out the truth soon enough.

So Amy asked, "How does Alan fit into that?"

Christine replied, "Frankly, I don't think he's as smart as me. But he's close enough. He and I can definitely relate. Being really smart does make it harder to have close friends." She considered her feelings about the matter, then added, "And maybe, maybe my... how I look did affect me more than I realized, feeding some kind of superiority complex. I don't know." She sighed again.

She was starting to feel depressed, but then her thoughts turned back to her recent blowjob and titfuck with Alan. That got her heart racing even faster, to the point that she wished he were with them at that moment so they could resume their fun. "But this sex thing, it's been like a kick in the ass. I thought I was so good at everything I tried, but it turns out there are entire major aspects to life that I didn't have a clue about! And now I'm starting from the very bottom. I haven't had to do that since I started Aikido years ago. I'm treating this the same way. As my first sensei said, 'Don't try to understand it intellectually. Just do it, and eventually you'll get it.'"

Amy said, "'Do, or do not. There is no try.'"


Amy waved a hand dismissively. "I'm quoting Yoda, you know, the cute little green muppet from Star Wars. I think I get what you mean."

"Oh. Anyway, this is like that. That's why I've let you play with my body and all. I don't think I've got any interest in women, but I'll never know what it's like unless I try it. The same with what we were doing with Alan earlier."

She stared right into Amy's eyes. "Yoda quotes aside, I suspect you don't understand what I'm talking about, because you have to have tried that kind of total-immersion learning to understand how it works. But so what? I realize you have a lot to offer me; we have lots of things to talk about. In fact, I can probably learn a lot from you quite rapidly, because I've learned how to go one hundred percent into something new. I really like that! You and Alan are showing me a whole new side of myself. Thank you for that!"

She and Amy shared a happy giggle.

Amy prodded, "So to sum that all up, you love Alan and you're trying to see if you can fit in with us. That sounds great! So why do you look unhappy about it?"

Christine's frown quickly returned. "Do I really have to answer that? He has what amounts to a God damned harem! The other women! Your MOTHER, for crying out loud! My history teacher!" She growled with particular menace, "HEATHER!"

She continued, "Then there's this mysterious 'Miss X.' And if that isn't bad enough, at one point you mentioned that 'some' of his other lovers have breasts even larger than mine. From that alone, that must mean we're talking probably at least three other lovers I haven't met." She was visibly upset after mentioning that.

Amy admitted shyly, "I might have exaggerated a little bit on that point. You know, in the heat of the moment, it's easy to get a little carried away. But yeah, there are... others." She sat up on the sofa with a knee to her chest, "accidentally" exposing her pussy to Christine's gaze.

She gave Christine's impressive rack a critical examination. "With the boob size thing, maybe I should have said 'a couple' instead of 'some.'"

Christine exhaled heavily, slumping back against the sofa. "Amy, whenever you say something like that, it's like you're taking a sharp knife and JABBING me in the heart!" As she said "JABBING" she suddenly demonstrated a dramatic knife jab in the air, inadvertently showing off her lightning-fast technique.

Amy jerked back, reacting automatically as if she had been under a real attack.

Christine wailed, "And 'a couple' isn't a whole lot better than 'some!'" Her jealousy flared as she asked, "Does he really have lovers with bigger breasts than mine? Even much bigger than mine?!"

Amy nodded solemnly. "He does. That's one reason why you and I should join up as a cock-pleasuring team to really wow him."

Christine sighed and deflated even more. "'Much bigger?' Really?! How is that even possible?!"

Amy looked around, uncertainty, as if she were afraid of someone overhearing. Then she added, "I probably shouldn't say anything, but there's this one hottie he fucks, she's like the boobiest of us all. Her tits are even bigger than my mother's! 34Js!" She clutched her hands in front of her chest as if holding her tits after they'd doubled in size. "Not only that, but she's totally hot all around, horny as heck, and rich to boot!" She wanted to say more about Brenda, but then she glanced at Christine and decided that it wouldn't be wise to elaborate.

Christine felt the sharp knife-jab sensation she'd just been describing. Oh no! How can I compete with that?! For practically the first time in my life, I feel inadequate in the looks department. And to think that I passed him up because I thought I was too good for him! That was certainly a foolish decision.

She couldn't help but ask, "Are you talking about Miss X?"

"No, that's someone else. Although she's super stacked too." Amy looked at Christine's bouncy rack. "About the same as you, I'd guess, maybe a little more. And she's a sexy, cock-hungry slut too."

Christine groaned in dismay. "How is that possible? How does he even FIND these women?! They must be exceedingly rare, right?"

Amy shrugged. "I don't know, but he does. He's a tit man, as we all know, and he can pick and choose whoever he wants, so I don't find it all that surprising."

Grasping at straws, Christine asked, "Are you lying to me?"

Amy took her hand. "C, I'm not going to lie to you. Period! True, there are things I might not be able to tell you. For instance, this woman I'm talking about, would she want me to tell you her name? I don't know. Maybe not. It's not for me to guess. But I'm gonna try to be as honest as I can, so we can be co-girlfriends that work well together as a TEAM!"

Christine nodded. "Thanks for that." She forced herself to stay positive. I am NOT going to let his other lovers get me down, no matter how incredible they may be. I know he loves me, and he really lusts after my body. That can't be denied! Amy told me that, even when he's so worn out that nothing else works, she can get him all hot and hard just by mentioning my name. Besides, he just approved my becoming his second official girlfriend, so that means a lot, right?

She continued, more calmly than she felt, "The more I fall in love with him, the more hearing about another lover like that hurts. But what's weird is that, 'in the heat of the moment' as you put it, I got even MORE aroused hearing about his other lovers! Even at the exact same moment that I was hurting from hearing that! For instance, when you said, 'Sure, some of his lovers have even BIGGER tits,' it was worse than a knife jab. It was like I got pummeled in the face by a barrage of angry fists, with a knife jab in the gut at the same moment! It hurt so bad! Even now, I'm almost overwhelmed and wanting to cry, just recalling it."

"I'm sorry," Amy said sadly.

Christine pressed on. "But at the same time, you know what I thought to myself? I was actually cheering to myself about what a 'total stud' my new boyfriend is."

Amy frowned.

Christine quickly added, so as to not offend Amy, "Our boyfriend, I mean. And, searching my feelings just now, I kind of LIKE hearing he has lovers who are even more impressive than me. In a way, it helps erase my doubts that I'm making a mistake by being with him and having to share him. It also gives me a challenge to overcome, to be the best. But mostly, it makes me horny. Wow, what a guy! Do you know what I mean? I think I hate it more, and I'm angry at myself for thinking this way, but I like it too. Pardon my French, but is that fucked up or what?"

Amy said, "Not at all. All of us in the harem feel like that, like, a LOT! That crazy mix of lust and pride and jealousy, all jumbled together. But go on. I'm dying to hear your other conclusions."

Christine grew increasingly shy as she thought about what she wanted to say, so she reflexively crossed her arms over her huge globes. But she forced herself to uncross her arms and say: "That kind of leads into my next point, actually. I have this strange... well... Dammit, I don't even know how to put it. At times... I feel..."

Amy sat on the edge of her seat. She could sense an important confession coming on. "Please! Spit it out! Nobody's judging you here."


"Thanks." Christine sighed heavily, twice, and looked away. She found it easier to continue without making eye contact. "Sometimes, I have these... submissive feelings." She sighed with relief, having said that. "I don't know what to do about it! I hate it! That's not me at all!"

Amy spoke tenderly. She even moved closer to Christine and put a hand on her knee in a supportive, non-sexual gesture. "That's cool. There's nothing wrong with that. I feel that way too sometimes."

Christine's head jerked back around in surprise. "You do?!"

"Sure! Let's face it: my relationship with Alan is pretty much a submissive one in some ways, although definitely not in all ways. Your relationship with him will be kinda like that too, although I'm sure it'll be different as he figures out what you're comfortable with and what your special wants and needs are. And that's how it is with all the other women in the harem. He's the boss. He calls the shots. We serve him, at his pleasure."

Christine griped, "That's NOT a normal relationship!" She felt pain, but also a jolt of arousal.

Amy smiled in sympathy. "No, it's not. But, with so many of us and only one of him, it's pretty much got to be that way. If you want to get all intellectually about it, it's simply supply and demand - and we ladies are pretty demanding, when it comes to being sexy!" She smiled and giggled.

However, Christine was not even slightly amused. She pulled back, distraught. "But that's so messed up! No, let's not pull punches: it's FUCKED up! I hate it!" She thought, "We serve him, at his pleasure?!" Are you fucking kidding me?!

Amy grinned knowingly. "Maybe so, but you love it too, don't you?"

Christine looked away, petulantly refusing to answer. Finally, she asked, "Why would I love that? That's crazy! I find your language very disturbing, especially the part about us 'serving him, at his pleasure.'" She huffed defiantly, "Get real!"

However, Amy wasn't deterred. "You say that now, and I'm sure you mean it. But people are super complicated. I'll bet you have weird dreams where you find yourself submitting to him and serving him."

Christine felt her heart jump in her chest, that was such a shock to hear. How...?! How the Hell could she know that?!

As if reading her mind, Amy said, "You're probably wondering how I could know that. It's because I have dreams like that too sometimes." Actually, it wasn't true that Amy had a lot of submissive dreams about Alan. But she'd pieced together what Christine's fantasies were probably like from clues such as her known love of Wonder Woman and her extreme reaction to the Wonder Woman outfit. She figured that if she claimed to feel similarly, Christine wouldn't feel so ashamed.

Christine stared at Amy as if she had just sprouted a second head. "You DO?!"

"Sure thing. He has that effect on women." Amy cuddled in closer, putting one hand on Christine's shoulder and the other on a knee. She decided not to dig deeper into Christine's unusual dreams until later. She figured that just getting her to admit having them at all was a big step. "Think about it. Sucking his cock was great fun, wasn't it? And titfucking it for so long? You loved that, didn't you?"

"Yeah," Christine admitted defensively. "But there's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to be submissive to enjoy that."

"No, of course not, but it helps. Here, close your eyes and think about it."

Christine reluctantly closed her eyes.

"Imagine that you're naked, on your knees, just like you were a short time ago. You can feel the grass beneath you. Above you, Alan towers up into the clear blue sky! He stands so tall above you, dominant, handsome, strong! His great big cock extends from his crotch like a rocket on a launch pad! Such a powerful, thick, demanding cock! It's a cock that needs to be licked and sucked! By the BEST! By the sexiest and most beautiful of his many women! By you! You stare at it, bobbing inches from the tip of your nose, overwhelmed by its manly scent, and you can't help yourself: you need to pleasure it, to serve it, to love it! It calls to you, doesn't it?"


Christine was surprised at how carried away Amy's words got her; she vividly imagined her tongue stretching out in an effort to lick and suck Alan's cock. She practically shouted, "Yes! Yes! YES!" She extended her real tongue, as if actually searching for Alan's pole. She also brought a hand to her bare crotch, but this time it was because she longed to touch herself there, not because she was attempting to hide her clit.

Then she snapped out of it. She pulled away from Amy and scooted a few inches further down the sofa, separating them. "Okay. You made your point. I got carried away, just like you knew I would, I suppose. But you see? That's bad! That's my submissiveness showing right there. I'm not really like that. I don't understand it at all!" She spat that out like it was a vile poison.


Amy sat back in a relaxed pose. "C. Oh C. You have so much to learn. You're looking at this the wrong way. I have a theory. You wanna hear it?"

Christine shrugged unhappily. Among other things, she was really wishing she could wear some clothes. "Sure, if you think it'll help."

"I do. M'kay. Here's a question for you: What's so great about Alan? Why do all these beautiful women flock to him?"

Christine replied hesitantly, "Well, he's very nice. He's a really good guy, for starters. Handsome. Smart. Loving. Funny. And he has undeniable sexual skills. For one thing, I couldn't believe how long we sucked and licked him, but we couldn't get him to cum no matter what we did!"

She blushed slightly. Now that she wasn't quite so high on lust, she was embarrassed to talk frankly about such things. She still shocked herself remembering all that had transpired. Yet she remained somewhat aroused, especially after Amy's little visualization exercise, and recalling how long she'd sucked Alan's cock with Amy's assistance further fired her desire. She hoped Amy wouldn't notice that her nipples had become erect.

She asked hesitantly, "That's not normal, is it? His stamina, I mean."

Amy spoke proudly. "It's waaaay super duper not normal! Ask the girls at school how long their boyfriends last. Five minutes, tops! You'll see what I mean. Alan's stamina isn't the end-all be-all, but it sure means lots more sexual fun for everyone. For instance, no way could we have had that awesome titfucking session if he was like other guys and came after a few minutes. That kind of makes special times like that possible." She beamed.

Christine nodded in understanding. We were at that for an hour, it seems! And maybe we were. I lost track of time. True, I'm completely inexperienced sexually, but I know enough to be sure no other guy in our school would have lasted more than a few minutes. And that was just one part of what we did. Alan really is something else!

Then Amy continued, "As for the other stuff you said about him, yeah, that's all true. And he has lots of other great qualities. But then again, so do lots of other guys, but they don't have harems like he does. Heck, there are some guys, like big movie stars, who ooze more charm and sex appeal in their pinkies than Alan has in his entire body, and even THOSE guys don't have harems! So what makes him special?"

Christine furrowed her eyebrows as she pondered that. "I don't know. I'm stumped."

"I'll tell you. It's that he allows US to reach our full sexual potential. And when I say 'us', I mean you, me, and all the rest of his lovers. Sex with him, it's not a normal thing. Things get wild, fast! Think about what you did today. Sure, you had great fun with him yesterday, and you were ready to take the next step today. You were going to give him a handjob, or maybe even a blowjob, and sure enough, that's what you did."

"Right..." Christine frowned slightly. She didn't understand where Amy was going with this.

"But you did more! Lots more! For one thing, you didn't JUST give him a blowjob. No, you went at it like your life depended on it. You were soooo totally into it! Weren't you?"

"I was..." Christine's face reddened slightly as she recalled her lusty enthusiasm. Suddenly, she could recall just what it felt like to have her jaw open so wide, stuffed with stiff cock. She stared off into space grinning as she recalled trying to lick his sweet spot while all that thickness was sliding back and forth between her lips.

Amy grinned knowingly, well imagining what Christine was thinking. She reached out and playfully pinched one of Christine's nipples. "It's super fun, isn't it? And yummy!"

Christine suddenly got defensive, swatting Amy's hand away. "It is. But please, what's your point?"

Again, Amy wasn't deterred, so she caressed the underside of Christine's nearer tit, expecting her to be extra sensitive there.

This time, Christine didn't fight it, but she did keep a protective hand over her pussy and big clit.

Amy said, "Don't worry; I'm getting there. Not only did you do all that, but what about the way you licked and sucked his balls? I taught you some about cocksucking, and I know you've read about how to do it in some books. But where did all that ball-licking come from? No one prodded you to do that; you just did it on your own. What was that all about?"

"I don't know," Christine admitted. Hmmm. I'm genuinely puzzled, now that Amy put it like that. It was fun, lots of fun, but the male scrotum is weird. I had no plans to so much as touch him there, that's for sure! She tried to ignore her rising feelings of arousal and the way Amy was fondling her boob, and figure out why she'd acted in such a "wanton" manner. She didn't know the answer, because it had been so out of character for her.

Amy asked, "Before that moment, even after all you did with him yesterday, could you have imagined licking his balls like that, or even holding them in your mouth one after another, sucking on them like you did?"

"No way! I don't know what came over me! It was like I was so overcome with desire for him that I was ready to do anything. I just went completely wild."

Amy smiled triumphantly. "Exaaactly! And THAT is exactly why Alan has such a successful harem. He gets you to lower your guard and let your sexual side roam free! It's just the BEST FEELING EVER, to be completely uninhibited like that! Total sexual freedom!"

Christine grinned in fond remembrance, despite her continued embarrassment. She said dreamily, "Yeah..."

Amy was still subtly fondling the underside of Christine's nearer boob. Their more serious topics had cooled Christine's ardor, but Amy was well on her way to "fixing" that.

Without consciously thinking about it, Christine found herself fondling the underside of her other boob in the same way. Aaaah... That was really... incredible... Who knew that a blowjob could feel so good for the person doing the sucking? Or that feeling Alan's dick slide between my breasts could make my whole body tingle all over? And the freedom. Amy is so right about that. I didn't have a care in the world! My whole focus was on getting him to cum! I was ready to do anything and everything to do that, without overthinking or judging myself. Sliding my lips back and forth over his thickness... hearing his sexy moans... feeling his trembling shaft fill my mouth, its heat radiating out, and cooling it with my saliva... I lost all control, in the best possible way!

Suddenly, Christine remembered she was supposed to be holding up her half of the conversation. She added more cogently, "And that probably goes doubly for me, because I'm so, well, uptight about that kind of thing in the first place. You... you're the free spirit. For me it was almost like being reborn as another person." Her eyes opened wider as she recalled with amazement, "I didn't know who I was, or what I was doing anymore, but it was the best I've ever felt in my life!"


Seeing Christine put her hand on Amy's knee, Amy switched to fondling the underside of Christine's farther boob, taking over where Christine's hand had just been. She was definitely in Christine's personal space now, and Christine didn't seem to mind. "Yeah! It's true that we're different, but I've felt that transformation too, big time! It feels great! Once you've experienced that, you can never go back. No other lover will do."

Christine frowned. "That could be true." The problem is, she thinks that's a good thing and I don't. I hate the idea of being constrained by this harem situation, no matter what. No matter how much I enjoy my time with Alan, I also need to have fairness and freedom of choice.

She asked, "So how does he inspire all that?"

Amy shrugged. "That's his special gift. I don't know how he does it. I doubt if even he fully knows. But I can kind of guess some parts of it. For one thing, he makes sex fun. Somehow it just seems so easy and natural. Take your ball licking, for instance. When you did it, it didn't seem that weird, did it? Somehow it was like you'd been doing that for ages already. You didn't feel like you were being judged as some kind of freak or deviant."

Christine said, with shock, "It's like you're reading my mind, again! Amy, you almost scare me."

Amy giggled. "That's just 'cos I've been where you are, so of course I know how you feel."

Christine continued, "And it's not just that. I did soooo many things today that were waaaaay beyond my comfort zone. In fact, I never would have imagined I could have done them. Like all the things I did to you." Chagrined, she looked down at Amy's roaming hands. She tried to shoo them away with a discouraging look, but Amy seemed not to notice.

The truth was, Christine was enjoying Amy's touch too much to put up a fuss. She went on, "Or with you, to him. It was beyond crazy! It was total, sexual, wanton... complete... uninhibited... freedom! I did whatever really felt good! Sure, I felt embarrassed and even humiliated at times, but somehow that made me even MORE aroused! Because I knew I was safe with him."

Amy nodded. "Yeah. O.B. has that way about him. Definitely get used to being embarrassed and humiliated, 'cos that's gonna happen a lot. He pushes you to your limit. He knows just how far to push, and not to push too far. And the result is, you'll be dying of shame sometimes, but you'll also be feeling so horny that it'll feel like you've died and gone to Heaven, over and over and over again!"

Christine nodded back, in wonder. "Yeah. I know what you mean, because I've experienced that with him already." She thought back in particular to the evening before, and how greatly embarrassed she'd been to be completely topless in front of Alan, not to mention the way he'd played with her body as if he'd owned it. "At times I've wanted to slap him and scream in his face to get his attention, to get him to stop. But then I don't want him to. It's so frustrating!"

Amy added knowingly, "But it's oh-so-good, isn't it? So totally arousing! The greatest, biggest orgasms ever!"

Christine couldn't disagree. Her earlier concerns from recalling what she'd done were now lost in the rising lust of memory. She resumed idly fondling one of her big globes while Amy did the same with her other one. That touching took Christine back to the evening before when it had been Alan's hands playing endlessly with her there.

Amy said, "I don't know how he does it. Maybe even he doesn't know. But somehow he frees our sexual spirits. I think a key part of that is the submissiveness. I suspect that women who don't have some submissive side to them can't get the full benefit of the 'Alan experience.' Maybe they need someone else to unlock their inner sexual tigress. I don't know. When you put all the power in his hands, and you do whatever he says, no matter what, that frees you up to be, well, totally free and uninhibited! If you're doing something too weird, it's not your fault! It's his fault. Just do it, and blame him later, if you've gotta blame somebody at all."

Christine nodded as she stared off into space. That's my problem in a nutshell. When it comes to sex I think too much and worry too much, so I end up feeling paralyzed. But with Alan somehow I let go and forget all that. I'm sure he's frustrated because it can take so long, but eventually he gets me to some kind of happy place. I really doubt any other guy could do that for me. I suppose she has a point that it's good to have him push me some. If the relationship was "balanced" and "just," that wouldn't happen. I'd just say 'No.'

Amy admitted honestly, "When things got started with him and me, I wasn't into this whole submissive thing. I'm still not sure I'm into it, to be honest. I mean, he's just a guy, right? He's not some superman. But I've found that the more he takes charge, the better our sex is! It's super FUN! It feels so GOOD! All I do is worry about making HIM feel good, serving his cock, helping him have a super big cum. And you know what happens? I end up cumming soooo hard! And lots of times! Way more than him, actually. Way, way, way, way, WAAAAAAAY more!"

Christine nodded. "I can see that, 'cos I've experienced that too. It's like the saying: the more you give, the more you receive."

"Exactly! If you can swallow your pride, it's like a road to endless sexual nirvana. Given all that, is it really soooo bad to talk about 'serving him?'"

Christine spoke reluctantly. "Well, I guess not..."

"Of course not! And besides, even when we're not having sex, I like having him in charge. He's good at it. I feel loved, and protected, and cared for. Ya know what I mean? He's not gonna let me down, ever. Even though he has an entire harem, he loves us all and takes care of us all. I know he's only eighteen, and he's just a guy, not a magician. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else, but somehow it all works!"

Christine was overwhelmed by all that. She could tell that Amy truly meant it, and it made a great deal of sense, although she didn't completely agree with all of it. "Wow. So that's your theory, huh? You've given me a lot to think about."


Alan had been sitting on a large rock in the Pestridge backyard for at least ten minutes. His body needed to recover and his mind did too. He knew that few people would sympathize with his erotic "ordeal" with Amy and Christine, but experiencing incredibly prolonged sexual pleasure did in fact really wear a person out, both mentally and physically.

He was finally starting to feel better, but he was still pondering the bigger picture. I honestly don't understand why so many great things are happening to me. On top of everything else, now Christine says she loves me. Wow! I've been sloppy and careless with this great hand of cards that's been given to me. For instance, I've had sex with too many women without thinking through all the consequences. And yet it hasn't really bitten me on the ass much yet, except for the attacks on me at school. But how long can my good luck hold out? Especially with Heather waiting for me to make just one slip-up. It's not a matter of having blow-back or not, since it's bound to happen eventually. It's just a matter of how much, and when.

It's time. Tonight is the time. I'm finally gonna do it! It's time to stop dorking around, letting my dick do most of my thinking, and just going with the flow. I've learned what's important to me, and WHO is important to me. I have to seize this opportunity and make the most of it, or I know that I'll regret it for the rest of my life!

Feeling inspired, he stood up and straightened out his dress shirt in preparation for heading back into his house. And part of my new way of thinking is I have to stop trying to have my cake and eat it too. A whole bunch of incredible women call me "Master," and I get to enjoy all the great sexual benefits of that, but at the same time I keep trying to be modest and downplay it or shrug it off with an, "Awww, shucks. Who, me?" style. Well, the fact of the matter is, they've made me their master, whether I want it or not, and even whether I admit it or not. It's so easy to let Mother run things, more or less, and she's damn good at it, but that's the easy way out. As far as they're concerned, I AM the "man of the house" now - I have to start acting like it!

I'm not saying I should start bossing everyone around. I can embrace this "master" thing and still not let it turn me into an asshole. I can be loving and humble, AND also be the one they look to for leadership. It starts with showing more backbone. And I'm gonna do that in the big ceremony tonight! Boy, is that gonna knock everyone's socks off! Sweet!

Filled with resolve, he walked the rest of the way to the house. Now, the question is, what's going to happen when I go inside? I suppose it's not exactly an accident that I waited long enough for my dick to be ready for some more action. But I do have to save myself for the big ceremony tonight. That's going to take ALL of my energy, sexual and otherwise!

I guess I could really use a nap. Phew!

He opened the sliding glass door on the back patio, walked into the dining room, and was immediately disappointed that no one seemed to be around. He'd been fairly certain that he'd get a great sexy greeting, which was one reason why he'd waited to recover for as long as he had.

As he walked to the kitchen to get a drink, he spied someone in a red tank top and short blue skirt walking from the upstairs stairway to the living room. "Oh, hi Akami! Long time no see. I didn't recognize you there dressed like that."

She spoke to him from across the house, without moving any closer to him. With a big grin she asked, "You mean you think I always have to wear a nurse's outfit, or be naked?"


He chuckled as he pictured her naked under her open nurse lab jacket, ready to "probe" him with her stethoscope before he probed her with his instrument. "One or the other! Either way, you're still my favorite sexy nurse." He enjoyed the shy way she looked away. "So, what's up? Where is everybody?"

She started backing towards the stairs and out of view. "I can't say. I'm only supposed to tell you to get your ass up to your bedroom, and fast!" She made clear with a sexy smile and wink that there wasn't any problem to worry about. Then she disappeared out of sight, hurrying back up the stairs from where she'd come.

Alan smiled widely. "Hmmm..." His mind was filled with all kinds of exciting possibilities about what he might find when he got to his room. But he wasn't in any rush, so he went to the refrigerator, poured himself a glass of pineapple juice, and drank it quickly.

Then he went to use the nearby downstairs bathroom. He wanted to be rested and ready once he got upstairs. It took some effort to start peeing though, since he had a very firm erection from thoughts about what awaited him upstairs.

As he walked up the stairs, he treaded lightly so as to not be heard. Uh-oh, this isn't good. I've gotta stick to my plan, which means saving my energy for tonight. I need to rest, to take a really big nap. As usual, my dick doesn't agree. It's very stiff and needy, because I just know my sweet ladies have something really hot planned for me. How can I not be aroused whenever I think of them? The truth is, I want to have some kind of victory celebration with them; which is partly why I waited before returning home. But at the very least, I can't let them make me cum this afternoon! That's for sure. I have to draw the line there, to save myself for tonight.

He stopped as he reached his door, which was closed. Out of curiosity, he stood there for a few moments, just in case he might hear something.

Sure enough, in a matter of seconds, he heard a voice whisper, "What's taking him so long?! I'm dying! My mouth NEEDS him!"

He chuckled quietly. Mom. Heh! She's so cute with her oral fixation. He tried to act like he was used to that kind of thing, but in fact his heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

Then he heard another voice he didn't recognize whisper, "Ssssh!"

With his boner lewdly tenting his red bathing suit, he opened the door and stepped into his room. He was surprised to see Katherine, Susan, Suzanne, and Akami packed closely together right in front of him. They were waving wildly, with wide-open eyes, as if they were announcing a surprise birthday party. Then, adding to that impression, they all yelled "SURPRISE!"

Kat, Susan, Suzanne, Akami

Of course, he couldn't miss that they were entirely naked. He was mildly surprised to notice that they weren't even wearing their usual high heels. He suspected that was because they all wanted to end up on his bed before long.

But he didn't have much time to appreciate the view, because within seconds he was surrounded by soft naked bodies, pressing into him on all sides, hugging and kissing him all over.

The surprise was no surprise at all, but he still felt a surge of delight that caused him to smile from ear to ear. As they continued to mob him, he said modestly, "Hey, you all, what's the big deal? I was only gone for a short time."

He didn't even know who was hugging and kissing him yet, but he heard his mother's voice ask, "What's the big deal? Victory! This is the return of the conquering hero!"

He looked around and noticed Suzanne, Katherine, and Akami also squeezing him. To his amusement, he hadn't been in the room ten seconds and someone had already pulled his bathing suit down. There was a jostling of hands as at least three different women tried to stroke his newly exposed erection.

Suddenly, Suzanne's face was right in front of his, nose to nose. She looked as excited as Susan sounded. "Yeah! What she said! Don't downplay it, Sweetie. This IS a big deal! Amy called and gave us the news!" At that, she kissed him directly on the lips, making it impossible for him to reply.

Katherine added suggestively, "Yeah, this is HUGE! Just like some other things around here!"

He felt two hands on his erection while the third that had been there had "retreated" to fondling his balls. One of the remaining hands gave his shaft an especially sharp squeeze at the moment Katherine said "other things," making Alan realize that it undoubtedly was her hand.

He was still looking around this way and that, trying to figure out who was doing what where. That was hard to do while Suzanne was trying to "deep throat" him with her tongue.

Dang! So good! The sheer physical pleasure from so many busy hands at once is a total rush. But so is being enveloped in this much love! He concluded that Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne were the ones working on his privates even as they hugged and kissed him, whereas Akami was just hugging him from behind.

Susan spoke from mere inches away. Her head was right next to Suzanne's, as she was apparently waiting for her turn to kiss him once Suzanne had finished. Her big bare breasts were sliding up and down the side of his shirt-covered chest. "Tiger, you've tamed Christine! That IS huge! I know you haven't tamed her completely yet, but today was a big step in that direction!"

Of course he was delighted by what had happened earlier with Christine, but he thought it was a far cry from saying she'd been "tamed" in any way. But he didn't get a chance to dispute that because, as soon as those words left Susan's mouth, Suzanne broke her French kiss with him to let Susan take over. Then Suzanne's head dropped down out of view and Katherine's showed up, ear to ear against Susan's. Clearly, his sister was "on deck," waiting for her turn to kiss him next.

As his tongue dueled with Susan's, he felt Suzanne's body slither down his. In his mind he counted Five, four, three, two, one... Yep! Sure enough, Suzanne's mouth engulfed his cockhead at precisely the moment he'd figured it would. As if there was any doubt who it was, Suzanne wrapped her extraordinarily long tongue much of the way around his shaft, as a kind of personalized greeting. Then her lips got busy slurping, sliding, and bobbing, while her tongue did things that only someone with such an exceptional tongue could do.

As if that wasn't pleasurable enough, two hands remained on his privates, one jacking him off and the other fondling his balls. The hand pumping up and down his shaft clearly didn't belong to Suzanne. That person quickly accommodated her stroking style to take into account that Suzanne had taken control of his cockhead and the biggest prize, his sweet spot.

A surge of arousal washed over him. It was so intense that he wouldn't have been surprised if all of his hair stood on end. Nearly any man would have climaxed on the spot, but he'd learned from experience how to "ride out" and "surf" this kind of tsunami of lust.

Once he'd more or less recovered enough to think coherently, his mind began to race. Hold onto your hat, 'cos here we go again! You'd think it might get old after a while, but it never does! My entire body is tingling! The thing Aunt Suzy is doing with a little gentle scraping of her teeth against my shaft - I can feel it down to my toes! And I'll bet that's Sis jacking me off; I can tell from her grip and her rhythm. Phew! And, I swear, just seeing flashes of black collar everywhere is as big a thrill as all the tongue work going on!

Oh God! This is the best! I thought Christine and Amy together was beyond belief, but this is even BETTER!

Since Akami was silently hugging him from behind, Suzanne was bobbing on his thick shaft, and Susan was kissing him, the only one left who could talk was Katherine. Which she did: "Mom, don't call him 'Tiger' all the time; call him 'Master' too! Master, I have to apologize. I was dead set against Christine joining us, but I was soooo wrong and you were soooo right! She's totally harem-worthy! Just seeing her completely naked out there with Amy, so FIT and STACKED and RIPE to be taken! Jesus! I wanted to put a collar on her myself, then and there!"

Susan broke the kiss so she could speak. As she started to talk, she quickly dropped to take Suzanne's place, kissing his belly button and other sensitive spots along the way. "Angel, you're right: 'Master'! I've been fighting the urge to use that all the time, for what seems like ages now, even as I've been secretly thinking it, due to a certain young man having problems with it." She playfully squeezed his balls, as if she wanted to punish him for his earlier reluctance. "Now I don't have to fight it anymore. MASTER!" She said that in an awed, breathless voice, as if it were the trigger word to induce a great orgasm.

Katherine and Akami pressing up against Alan while Susan and Suzanne watch

Katherine immediately took over the "kissing duties." Alan hardly had a chance to catch his breath when he was floored by yet another passionate kiss. He couldn't have spoken even if he'd tried.

Susan was kneeling already, but she couldn't get her mouth on Alan's cock because Suzanne was still bobbing on it. So, as she impatiently tapped Suzanne's shoulder, she added, "Angel, of COURSE he was right! He's our master; he's always right! Soon Christine will be one of us, collared and kneeling and slurping right here with us!"

She was going to say more, but at that moment Suzanne relented, pulling her lips off Alan's boner with a loud, satisfied smacking sound. Susan replaced her in a flash.

Alan had to laugh into Katherine's mouth, because as soon as Susan's lips closed around his thickness, he heard a loud, satisfied "MMMM!" as her lips instantly slid down to his sweet spot. Naturally, her tongue immediately came out to play as her lips slid back and forth right over his most sensitive area.

He thought, Mom is so predictable. The only surprise is that Mother's mouth got there first. That actually is kind of surprising, especially with Mother being so responsible lately. You'd think she'd have given me a word of caution about Christine or something, but she seems just as excited about the news as the others.

Fuck it! There'll be enough time for cautions later. It's time to rejoice!

He luxuriated in all of the things happening to him, not to mention the many interesting female body parts he was touching. But, not surprisingly, he was particularly taken by the way Susan was blowing him. Man, she definitely is jazzed, judging by the way she's going wild on my dick! Mom's sucking lips have the top, but Mother's snake tongue is practically jacking off the lower half. DANG, that's a long tongue!

Ha! What a fool I am! Here I thought that I'd walk in, hold up my hand to stop them, and tell them that I needed to take a nap, so they had to take it easy before any fun could begin. As if! But I love it, and them, anyway!


Katherine broke her kiss and dropped to her knees less than a minute after Susan had started sucking. Within seconds, she'd replaced her mother and was taking her turn bobbing on his shaft.

The two mothers were so cock-hungry that they did their best to lick the remaining inches of his shaft, even though they were well aware that those inches weren't nearly as sensitive as what Katherine now had.

He steeled his resolve not to cum. Oh boy! Triple blowjob! Too many fingers and lips and tongues to count! Geez, that's good! My sweet spot sure is getting well taken care of. Thanks, Sis!

That left Akami standing behind Alan. Seeing that the other women were probably going to stay kneeling and focused on pleasuring his cock for a while, she moved to Alan's side and pressed her naked body against him from that more satisfying angle.

She was considerably shorter than he was, so she had to look up at his face when she said with amusement and approval, "Look at you now! Apparently you ARE the big conquering hero! How does it feel?"

Before answering that, he looked down at his crotch. Or at least he tried to. Akami had pressed against him from the side, since there was such a hive of activity in front of him. But even without Akami's body blocking his view, all he could really see were three heads of hair, swaying back and forth and up and down.

Katherine pulled her lips off his cockhead while he was watching. He thought she would turn his boner over to one of the other two. But instead a licking free-for-all broke out, with all three women vying to work on the much more sensitive top few inches of his cock. It was a fight, but a friendly fight. It felt beyond heavenly, and the combined effort was more effective in driving him wild than if they had taken turns.

He laughed out loud at the craziness of it all before returning to Akami's question. "How does it feel? Pretty darn great!" He chuckled some more.

She quipped, "Can you speak up? I can't hear you above all the lapping noises."

Katherine, Susan, Suzanne

He chuckled some more, but in fact she had a good point. The three beauties down below seemed to be trying to outdo themselves in making slurpy sounds as well as "fighting" to slather his sweet spot. At times, he felt all three tongues on it at the same time.

After some long moments basking in an overwhelming sexual euphoria, he realized that he was ignoring Akami, so he tried to get the conversation going again. "But... uh... what's going on? What are you doing here?"

Akami chuckled, amused and impressed at his ability to even ask a coherent question. "I thought I'd come by and say hello. I haven't seen enough of you and all these lovely women lately."

"Well... hello, then!"

He thought, I can't believe I'm just standing here casually talking to my sexy nurse while there's an all-out tongue attack on my dick, and that we're both acting like that's so common that it's not even worth noticing! Man, I need to start kissing her or something because it's just too hard trying to talk with that going on!

As if on cue, Akami stood on tiptoes, tilting her face up to kiss him on the lips.

He took the hint, and planted a powerful kiss on her lips.

After that, he and Akami began making out and fondling each other, even as the other three women kept up what could only be called a cock-licking frenzy. Happily, all three of those other women had gotten used to sharing cock-licking duties, so there was surprisingly little bumping of heads. But each of them wanted to be the one to pleasure his sweet spot, so there tended to be two tongues lapping at it at any given moment, and sometimes even three. But the three women loved each other dearly and had lots of practice with sharing his cock. Thus, because none of them stayed with just one technique for very long, his shaft became the site of an endless blur of activity.

On top of everything, he took a satisfying deep whiff. He was pleased, because when he'd first come into the room it mostly smelled of perfume, but now the main smell was one of wet pussy. Clearly, he wasn't the only one having a great time.

After a few minutes of very satisfying and arousing kissing, Akami pulled back to catch her breath. She said to him, "Wow! You're getting better at that all the time."

He pointed out jokingly, "Yeah, well, you know... I've been getting a lot of practice."

She looked down at the mass of bobbing heads and laughed. "Yeah, I can imagine." She brought her face in closer in anticipation of another kiss. But before they resumed, she pointed out, "You know, it's safe to say that this is the first time I've kissed a guy who's in the middle of getting his dick sucked by three women at once."

Surging with lust and self-confidence, he replied a bit cockily, "If you stick around here, it won't be your last."

She chuckled. "I'm sure that's true." Then they necked for another minute or two.

Akami was trying to act nonchalant, but knowing what the other three were doing to Alan, and hearing the constant clamor of all the activity on his boner, was getting to her. Her pussy wasn't being touched but it was pulsing with such need that she wanted to push those other women away and spear herself on his saliva-covered pole.

Her voice was breathy and wavering as she commented, "By the way, I want to add my congrats on Christine. While I don't know her, from everything everyone's said she must be quite a catch. I hope you know you have the house in an uproar. You should have seen how they all went wild when Amy called."

He laughed. "I can imagine."

"Especially Susan. She was literally flying around the house."

He laughed some more. "I can imagine that too! By the way, I have to apologize. You must think all of this is pretty weird, what with the 'master' talk, the collars, the, uh, oral 'attention' I'm getting down below, not to mention this stuff happening with Christine who you don't even know..."

Akami sucked on his tongue briefly before replying, "Yeah, but obviously I'm not too bothered by it or I wouldn't be naked and kissing you." With that, they tried out quite a lot more tongue-sucking, where one of them would stick their tongue out and curl it up and the other would suck on it like sucking a finger.

She was having so much fun doing that, as well as running her hands over his muscular upper body, that at times she almost forgot that three women were licking him down below. However, the other women were going at it so fervently that their loud slurpy noises couldn't be ignored.

At one point Akami thought, How can he stand it?! How did he not cum in the first minute?! Just hearing all that lap-, lap-, lapping is making ME need to cum, and nobody's even touching my privates! Christ Almighty, it sounds like a thousand greedy little tongues down there!

Alan was fondling Akami's body too, but not long after she thought that, he started to finger her pussy. She broke their latest kiss to explain, "By the way, I should mention that there are limits to what you can do with me today."

"Oh, really? Why is that?" He grimaced as some unknown mouth sucked on his hard-on particularly powerfully, after having swallowed his entire cockhead. That, plus two other tongues licking further down his shaft, forced him to close his eyes momentarily. He shook off the impulse to cum and tried to refocus on Akami's face.

"As you know, things went south with Dr. Fredrickson. Thankfully, I've finally broken up with him."

She had to stop, because she was concerned by what looked like a very pained expression on his face. She undid his dress shirt, took it off, and put her hand over his heart to check it. (She didn't really need to do all that just to check his heartbeat, but it was a good excuse to get him fully naked.) His heart was thumping as if he was in the middle of some athletic event. She asked him with worry, "Are you doing okay?"

Akami, Katherine, Susan and Suzanne

He grunted, "Uh, yeah. I'm just... I'm... I'm fine." All the slurping and sliding lips and tongues were getting to him, and he was mindful that he needed to save himself for his evening plans. To show he could handle all the stimulation, he managed to go from swiping a finger along Akami's wet pussy lips to teasing her clit.

That startled and delighted her, but she too tried to act unaffected. She went on, "Since then, I've had sex with someone else, someone I'd been eyeing for a long time. The thing with Dr. Fredrickson lasted as long as it did only because he was my boss and I couldn't figure out how to get out of it. It's not like I'm going steady now or anything, but I mentioned it to Suzanne and she feels strongly that my pussy should be off limits. Hands and mouth only, she says. I suppose the way you're diddling my clit right now is okay, but she says I can't have sex with you and other people at the same time. And if I want to have sex with you, now that I've had unprotected sex with someone else, I've got to get tested first."

He replied between labored breaths, "Oh. Bummer. That's too bad."

Akami was more and more amazed and aroused by his stamina, plus the overall crazy situation. She was working harder to help the group get him to cum, for instance by fondling his ass cheeks and even occasionally fingering his ass crack, lightly poking against his anus from time to time. She loved the necking, but she increasingly wished she were down on her knees, jostling with the others for a chance to swipe her tongue along his long shaft.

Suzanne had been listening carefully. She pulled off, wiped the drool from her chin, and looked up to say, "Sweetie, I've been far too lax. You've somehow distracted and bedazzled me with your great fat cock, and I haven't been thinking straight for weeks now. I know you like playing around, and we all love it when you conquer another woman, but there have to be safeguards! Just wearing a condom isn't enough, and sometimes you forget to do even that. I'm sorry, but we need to step up our safety procedures a notch. Too many people will be affected if you screw up and catch something."

Alan held up his hands defensively, even as Katherine and Susan kept on working on his cock. In fact, with Suzanne busy talking, the other two were taking advantage of her absence, alternately bobbing as far down his shaft as they could manage.

Even so, Alan continued to reply in a relatively normal voice. The pleasure was as intense as ever, but he'd learned to control himself under such extremely arousing stimulation. He simply breathed deeply for some long moments, then replied, "Hey, Mother, don't worry. I totally agree. I know it'll limit my spontaneous encounters, but that can't be helped. That fits in perfectly with my resolve to focus my attention on the ones I love the most."

He turned his gaze back to Akami, who was still almost nose to nose with him (helped by the fact that he was slouching down to make their mouths meet). "Sorry, Akami. No offense. I like you a lot, but you're not family. I need to focus on these ladies here, and also on Amy, Brenda, and Glory. They're kind of my new family. If they say that I need to stop being with any other women outside of that, then that's what I'll have to do."

To soften any possible perceived rejection, he quickly followed that with a heartfelt kiss to her lips.

Akami didn't seem troubled by his words, although she was slightly hurt. She kissed back with the same apparent lust and passion as before. She and Alan continued to fondle each other while he worked her clit.

As their kissing continued, Katherine pulled her head away from Alan's crotch, letting Suzanne back in. She griped, "Hey, wait a minute! Nobody said that! Big Totem-pole Brother, we love your new focus on us, but what about Christine? You gotta keep on taming her. You're making such great progress; you can't stop now. And what about Xania? I love her too. She's awesome! She's halfway in the harem already. And as for Heather, well, her I could DEFINITELY do without! But I understand you can't just stop fucking her all at once, not without starting World War III."

She was going to return to her licking, but then Kim came to mind. "Oh. And Kim. She's a little sweetheart. Sure, why not have her over for Poke-Her night every now and then? She's a great little cocksucker. And Akami here... Akami, of course we love it when you visit. I don't even mind Alan nailing your tight little pussy from time to time, just as long as you stick to Aunt Suzy's rules."

Akami glanced down and nodded.

Katherine saw a vacancy between Alan's legs and stuck her hand into the gap. She started tickling her way along his perineum up towards his anus. Then she looked up at him with a face full of determination. "But as far as I'm concerned, that's it! Forget anyone else! Spend more time with us!"

She thought she was done, but as she fingered his ass crack she had another idea. "Well, aside from the occasional new conquest, that is. I love it when you bang fresh pussy, Brother! Especially big-titted, beautiful women. That shows what an unstoppable sex stud of a master we have! But you've gotta follow Mother's rules on that too."

Simone being held out horizontally from Alan, getting fucked by him, with all six cheerleaders standing around watching or helping

Suddenly, Katherine remembered the other girls on the cheerleading squad, and Simone. Although Simone wasn't on the squad, she found herself imagining Alan inducting her as an honorary squad member by giving her an outstanding fucking, with the rest of the squad actually lifting her up in the air to get impaled on his boner. Sweet! Give it to her, Brother! Simone belongs on the squad, because it's not about cheerleading for the crowd; it's your personal harem of the hottest girls in our school! My brother-master has not one but TWO harems! How awesome is that?!

(Of course, even if Alan had sex with all of the girls on the cheerleading squad, that didn't make it "his personal harem." But Katherine wasn't going to let such minor details ruin a good fantasy.)

She tried to hide her thrilled feelings, so she said with a forced calm, "Oh, and Simone. She's okay, I guess, as long as she follows the rules too. And now that I think about it, with Janice and Joy, sometimes you're gonna want to have a full-squad cheerleader orgy. I'd love to be a part of that if I could. That would be really hot. But THAT'S IT! Really!"

Everyone laughed, even Katherine, because her short list had grown so long. Akami found it particularly amusing, because it seemed so crazy that Alan was fucking that many different women.

Now that Katherine had gotten out what was bothering her, she dove back in, eager to join the two mothers in the lick-fest at Alan's cock. She did so with gusto, but also kept playing with his ass crack.

Alan laughed heartily, ending the kiss with Akami. He thought, That's my problem right there. I'm spread too thin already! Worse, once I start fucking somebody new, they don't want me to stop, and I don't want to stop either. And... man! Things are reaching a crisis stage with my dick. If I don't stop soon, right now, I'm gonna cum hard! Not even all my PC muscle flexing will be able to stop the imminent gusher!

He said to Akami, "As you can see, I've got my hands full. It's nuts! Every day is like this." He waved a hand towards his crotch, where all three heads were bobbing up and down as if they were one. Just as Katherine had done, he spoke with a forced calm. But his entire body was trembling, thanks to his effort to not get carried away by the extremely arousing stimulation.

Looking down, he spoke to the constantly moving mass of dark brown hair. "By the way, you've all distracted me, to say the least. When I came in here, I HAD intended to say that I'm wiped out from being with Christine and Amy and I really need to take a nap. Even though I totally love what you're doing down there, that's still the case. I'm beat!"

There was a long pause. Akami pulled away from him, just holding her arms loosely around his back. The only sounds to be heard were sloppy, slurpy ones from down below.

Alan emphasized, "Did you hear that, ladies? I need to take a nap. Like now." There was added urgency for him because he knew he'd cum soon if they didn't stop, and he needed to save himself for later that evening.

There was still no response, other than lots of loving licking, and possibly a little bit of naughty giggling.

Then a thought came to him. He suspected that hinting at what he planned for the evening might get them to stop so he could get some rest. "By the way, I have plans for tonight. Big ones for all of you."

That finally got their attention; they each stopped their licking. But they didn't stop for long. Instead, they went right back to what they'd been doing, but quieter than before, to make sure they'd hear whatever he might say.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. They just don't stop, do they? Let's see what they're doing. Aunt Suzy's tongue, er, I mean Mother's tongue, that's easy. There's no way to hide its sheer length, or its talented moves. But Mom and Sis are doing their best to get noticed too! Dang! It seems they're teaming up on my sweet spot, while leaving the other side to the snake tongue. DAMN, that feels too good! I hate to say it, but I have to get them to stop NOW, before my inevitable creamy explosion!

He spoke with increased volume and urgency. "My plans involve the three of you, plus Amy of course. It's going to be a really great night, and an important time for us all. An unforgettable time!" He hoped that would entice them enough to stop, but it didn't.

He sighed, then continued, "We're all going to need to be well rested. Especially me, since I'm badly outnumbered by the four of you. And I'm already wiped out from all that Aims had me do with her and Christine. Do you hear me?" He added with uncharacteristic desperation, "Please? Please!"

Akami said mirthfully, "Oh, they hear you all right. It's just that they've got a big cock within tongue's reach that needs a lot of love and attention."

All three women replied as one with a very affirmative "MMMM!" Katherine added as she licked, "What she said!"

Alan chuckled some more.

A second or two later, the tips of all three tongues met right at the middle of his sweet spot. This was quickly followed by more snickering and giggling from down below.

He had a really good laugh over that, because it was obviously some kind of collective high-five between the three of them. Then he sighed, even as he felt another lusty overload, thanks to the way the three tongues licked over and around his super sensitive frenulum area. He exclaimed with theatrical drama, "Ugh. What am I going to do with all these cock-hounds?"

That resulted in some barking noises from below, followed by more giggling. He was pretty sure that even Suzanne was joining in their teasing, because he heard her distinctively scratchy voice barking, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"

Akami licked along his chin, then planted small kisses around his mouth. "Well, they ARE your sex slaves, aren't they? Good slaves obey their master when they're given a direct order, don't they? Why not order them to let you get some rest?"

He was surprised. His boner seemed to love the idea of him being their master, reacting by throbbing with a rush of arousal. He'd already been repeatedly clenching his PC muscle, and he knew time was running out for him, as the urge to cum was reaching the point of no return. But still, he managed to ask, "Are you okay with that? The whole 'master' thing? It's just so weird. I feel kind of embarrassed."

Akami replied, "It is weird. Hey, ladies, can you...?" She paused in an attempt to stick her hand in between all the bobbing heads so she could at least caress Alan's balls, in order to help show him that she was more than okay with all this. To her pleasant surprise, the three lickers made enough room for her to grasp the lower half of his shaft. That wasn't really much of a sacrifice, since they were focused on his sweet spot, his cockhead, and areas closer to their mouths most of the time anyway.

Akami exhaled happily when she finally had a hand on Alan's thick pole and could start stroking it. She had to be careful, just sliding her fingers up and down an inch or so, because of all the other action going on down there. "Aaaah! That's better. My God, this is one cum- and saliva-soaked cock! As I was saying, it is weird. It's certainly not the life for me. I have zero interest in being your slave, or anyone else's slave. But if it works for you all, why not?"

She brought her lips to his ear and loudly whispered, so everyone could hear, "Besides, it's hot as hell to watch!"

Alan recalled what he'd been thinking to himself as he sat on the rock just before coming in the house. I was just telling myself that it's high time I embrace being their master. Enough of getting all the sexual benefits without taking any responsibility. A harem needs a leader, and letting Aunt Suzy do most of the leading is lazy and chicken. Why am I embarrassed in front of Akami anyway? She knows the score. I should be proud to be the master of four such incredible, loving women!


Alan further thought, And, sweet Jesus, I really need to do something fast! It's so tempting, but I can't cum just yet. I can't! Akami sticking her hand down there gave me a bit of a respite when the others backed off to make some room for her, but now they're all slathering and slurping their way around my cockhead again while Akami aggressively pumps up and down on the rest! Gaawwwd, it feels good, but I could blow at any second! It's time to act!

He gave Akami one quick last kiss on the lips, then whispered in her ear, "Stand back, okay?"

Akami nodded and disengaged completely, moving a couple of steps to the side. Then she waited to see what he'd do next.

He cleared his throat and stared down at the others. "Attention! This is your MASTER speaking! I order you to stop your licking at once!"

Immediately, all three of them froze.

"Step back! Then kneel in position, like good... sexy... slaves,"


To his great delight, Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine all scooted back. They kept backing up until they were about five feet from him, almost to his bed. Then they struck very provocative, submissive poses, with their heads bowed slightly, their breasts thrust proudly and prominently forward, with their wrists crossed behind their backs. But what made the scene unexpectedly arousing was that they all struck the exact same pose in a very even line, almost if they'd choreographed and practiced it before.

He felt a shiver race down his spine, and goose bumps all over. Dang! That was too close! And the crisis isn't over. Just looking at my lovely ladies all lined up like that... So fucking arousing! Gonna... gonna cum! Dammit, I've gotta hold on!

Akami couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow! Do they do that all the time?"

Alan wiped the sweat from brow and tried to control his breathing. After some long moments, the imminent urge to cum passed. He admitted, "I don't know. It's the first time, actually, but it probably won't be the last."

Every woman in the room shivered with excitement at hearing that, even Akami.

He held his stiff dick, trying to wipe off some of the excess pre-cum and saliva they'd slathered all over it. His shaft was so soaked that the effort was almost amusing.

As he surveyed the scene, he thought, This is pretty nice. Actually, it's very nice. I've just had a prolonged triple cock-licking, and that intense "gotta cum right now" feeling has passed. Phew! I've really gotten used to handling almost any amount of stimulation, and it still keeps going! Is that the greatest thing ever, or what? In fact, why stop now?

He motioned to Akami. "I've got a few things to say to my slaves. I know you're totally free to do what you want, but I'd love it if you could blow me while I talk."

Akami grinned wolfishly. "It would be my pleasure. After all, I've been told 'oral is okay.'" Still, to be sure, she looked to Suzanne, who gave her a nod of approval.

So Akami got on her knees in front of him, knowing full well that the other three women were jealously watching her every move. She took a good look at Alan's rigid boner, literally dripping with bodily fluids of one kind or another from four different people. It would have been off-putting to many, but she just muttered, "When in Rome..." and opened her jaw wide to slide her lips over his cockhead.

There was a collective groan of frustration from the three other women, but they remained kneeling in their submissive poses as ordered. The only difference from before was that they were now all staring at Akami's head bobbing forward and back over Alan's cockhead instead of looking up at his face.


Alan sighed with supreme satisfaction while another wave of erotic joy washed over him. "Aaaah. That's better. Now, as I was about to say before you... - aaaah! - distracted me... What? Oh yeah. After Amy and Christine left a while ago, I did some thinking. The long and the short of it is: no more Mr. Nice Guy!" He looked back and forth between Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine, making eye contact with each of them. "If you all are so keen on me being your master, then, dammit, I'm gonna be your master! Master Alan with a capital 'M.' I'm not going to try to deny it or downplay it anymore."

That got their full attention. All eyes were on him, despite the huge distraction of Akami and her steady bobbing.

He went on, "I say 'No more Mr. Nice Guy,' but the thing is, I am a nice guy. Or at least I think I am. I still want to be the nice Alan you all love, and I DON'T want to turn into a bossy, arrogant asshole. That's probably my greatest fear. But there's a big area between the kind of passive way I've been letting events happen to me, and going overboard in the asshole direction. I'm going to try to be a firmer, better master to you all, starting right now. Is that understood?"

The three women spoke as one, in perfect unison. "Yes, Master."

The way they spoke that without hesitation, and with such obvious pride and heartfelt passion, sent chills down his spine. Wow! Just... wow! He was particularly staggered that Suzanne appeared to be just as keen as the others.

Akami couldn't see what was going on, since she had her eyes closed, concentrating on licking with her tongue while sliding with her lips. But she too felt a thrill run down her spine when she heard that.

He said, "Part of my problem is that I've kept telling myself that you've just been kidding about it. You don't really want a master, do you? It's just sex talk."

Both Katherine and Suzanne started to say something, but Alan silenced them with a wave of his hand.

He continued, "After a while, I kind of understood that Mom was really, honestly into it. But I told myself that Sis was just playing around, having fun with the idea of having a master without really wanting one."

"That's not true!" Katherine protested.

"Silence! Let me finish, please." He waited until Katherine composed herself and nodded her agreement; then he continued. "I kept telling myself that Mother was conflicted about it, to say the least, but she went along with it for the good of the group. And Amy didn't care one way or another, but went along with it because everyone else seemed to like it."

Suzanne raised her hand. "Excuse me, but please can I speak? I really must get this off my chest."

He nodded. "Fine. Go ahead."

While the conversation was going on, Akami was doing her absolute best with her cocksucking task. Knowing full well that his three sex slaves were closely watching and judging her kept her on her toes. That he was talking to them while seemingly ignoring her most strident efforts strangely aroused and inspired her even more.

But he wasn't ignoring her. In fact, a few seconds later he put his hands on her head and stroked her hair some to show his approval. His hands immediately started rising up and down in time to her bobbing.

Curiously, Akami was slightly disappointed by his gesture. She was getting off on the fact that she was using every cocksucking trick she knew while seemingly having no effect on him whatsoever.

Suzanne said to him, "What you said about me, that was true, and it still is true to some extent. I am conflicted. And it's true that I don't actually use the 'M' word that much, and I still have trouble saying it - unless I'm really horny." She muttered hotly under her breath, just loud enough for the others to hear, "Like right now."

She went on, "But! But! Every day since we agreed to The Pact, I've been warming to the idea of you being our master, my master, more and more. You're right: I was going along with it mainly for group harmony. But not anymore. It's become my reality. It works. It feels good and right. I want you to be my master! Forever! I love you! I love serving you! I love that you're stepping up and taking this more seriously. It'll be good for you to be more of a leader, and it's what our harem needs. I was worried about what change might bring, but I'm confident now that I can still be the strong person I like to be and do the many things I like to do AND be your sex slave for as long as you'll have me!"

Alan was absolutely blown away. He gasped in wonder.

Susan couldn't restrain herself. She broke her pose to turn her head and look Suzanne in the eyes. "Oh, Suzanne! That was so beautiful!"

The two busty MILFs kissed briefly on the lips, to help share and affirm the moment.

Then Suzanne broke the kiss to add, "As for Amy, it's too bad she can't be here right now. I'm sure she's working on Christine, to help bring her into the harem, or she'd be here too. But I've talked to her lately about this kind of thing, and I know she's sincere when she says that she loves the fact that you're her master. It's not something she takes lightly at all."

Katherine spoke up. "It's true! I talk to her most of all, and even a week or two ago, when the 'master' word would come up, she'd be all 'Whatever.' But lately, when we're talking, she says 'Master' as much as I do! And she means it! We've had long talks about what it means to be your sex slaves, forever." Her eyes narrowed, and she said with extra passion, "And of course it's BULLSHIT if you think I'm treating this like some kind of game!"

She stared enviously at the back of Akami's bobbing head, but then she lifted her gaze and locked her eyes with his in a challenging manner. "I want to be your total fuck toy, your sex slave, and have your babies, because that's how much I love you! If you'll let me, I plan to fuck and suck and serve you, my brother, my master, until the day I die!"

Alan nodded in understanding. He was very glad to hear all that. In fact, he felt more than a little emotionally overwhelmed. He looked at his sister with her back stiff and straight and her head held high. He knew she was being completely honest.

Katherine continued, "And if Amy were here, I know she'd say the exact same thing. Including the part about having your babies! Maybe she's not as eager as I am for that to happen right away, but I know for a fact she still wants it to happen."

His eyes widened as he contemplated that. Good God! Babies? That's a scary thought. I'm only eighteen, for crying out loud! If I impregnate Kat and Aims, that's two babies, at least. Probably more. And what about the others? I could wind up with a huge brood. Could Glory want kids too, for instance? Oh God! That's a pretty awesome thought, but I'd better-

Katherine cut off his train of thought when she abruptly added, "Oh, and while I have the floor, I just have to mention that it's SO HOT that you're having Akami suck your cock while we're talking about all this. It's just so perfect and so right! It puts us all in our place, kneeling and naked, in total servitude to you!"

Akami's face flushed a bit, because she sensed that again all their eyes were on her. She could even feel Alan staring down at her. Her cocksucking efforts had flagged as she tired. She wasn't used to such prolonged sucking sessions like the others were. But that comment inspired her to go all out some more. She even tried a tricky tooth-scraping maneuver.

As she was doing that, she thought, This is beyond crazy. I should have known something like this would happen when I came over here. Maybe I'm being an enabler to all this harem nonsense? I would never say it to them out loud, but it bothers me that these wonderful women willingly call themselves "sex slaves." But at the same time, dammit, it's too hot to resist! This is so much fun! In a way, it's even better than if he were fucking me. If they have this much fun every day, I can easily see why they're so into it. And, hey, it works for them, so who am I to judge?

But still, it's too weird. Even as she pondered the situation, she slurped loudly while repeatedly flicking the tip of her tongue against his sweet spot.

Dammit! I'm not gonna think about it. I'll just float in the experience of working on his cock! She tilted her head and launched a new "attack," running her tongue just under the rim of his crown while still sliding her lips relentlessly.

Alan winced and clenched his teeth as more waves of pleasure hit him, thanks to Akami changing technique. Still, he cleared his throat and prepared to resume talking.


But Susan leaned forward eagerly while still trying to maintain her sexy, submissive pose. She used her upper arms to squeeze her huge globes together and cause them to balloon outwards. "I'm sorry, but everyone else has had a chance to talk, and I just HAVE to say something too!"

He nodded. "Go ahead."

"Son, I LOVE being your sex slave! It's not an exaggeration to say I LIVE to serve you and your amazing cock! This is what I do now, and what I want to do until the day I die! I'm your big-titted sex-slave mommy!"

There was a fiery passion in her eyes as she ostentatiously licked her lips. "That's what gives me the greatest joy. Angel is right! Having Akami suck you off while you tell us all this IS so hot and so perfectly appropriate! Just knowing that your cock is being well tended makes me feel so good that I can't begin to explain it!"

She spoke directly to Akami with great passion. "Don't go easy on him! You have to make him struggle with the urge to cum! Keep him right on the edge, but don't let him go over. Bob faster and deeper! Make him pant and moan, so he has trouble speaking! Give it to him good, with lots of fancy tongue work and great suction!"

Suddenly, all the attention was right back on Akami, but with a new critical focus on the quality of her cocksucking. She had just started to ease up on his shaft, mostly because she was so interested in listening to the conversation and didn't have the multitasking practice the others had. But due to Susan's goading, she threw herself into her task with renewed determination.

She began by following Susan's admonition to bob faster and deeper. That part was relatively easy to do, and soon her lips were sliding up and down as fast as she could physically manage. It also was easy for the others to see, so she was rewarded by murmurs of approval from the other women.

Then she tried to implement Susan's command to use great suction. That was much more difficult, due to the rapidity of her movements. She found that she had to slow down some, but the reward was a much tighter lip-lock.

It made Alan feel so good that he moaned loudly and suddenly clutched at Akami's hair with both hands.

She knew that response was a major achievement, since it took a lot to physically affect him so quickly. But she didn't stop there. In fact, as she kept going with blazing speed, she tried to add "lots of fancy tongue work" too, just as Susan had urged. That, frankly, was nearly impossible, since there was just no way to do any fancy or tricky moves with her whole head moving so rapidly. She stuck her tongue out and managed to lap against Alan's thick pole as it slid past, but even doing that much required a lot of effort and concentration.

She maintained a near frenzy of bobbing activity, because hearing the three other women declare their eternal servitude to Alan made her far more aroused than she would have believed possible. Although she simply wasn't the submissive type, the sheer passion, emotion, heartfelt devotion and love couldn't help but fan the flames of her own desire. And since her mouth was crammed full of Alan's cock already, that's where she directed all her energy.

Even though no one could see much of what was happening inside Akami's mouth, the other women noticed the effect of her renewed efforts, especially thanks to the way Alan started moaning loudly and grimacing, showing how desperately he was trying to avoid cumming. She tried her best to hold the head of his cock against the inside of her cheek, deliberately creating a bulge that the others would see and appreciate.


Akami knew she could not compete with the others on stamina at sucking Alan's cock, but she quickly found a way to keep herself going. Whenever she felt herself flagging, she would glance back at the other three. Just seeing them naked, kneeling, and in a line inevitably gave her a new burst of resolve.

Susan shouted, "You go, girl! That's what I'm talking about!" In all the excitement her posture had gotten pretty relaxed, but she stiffly and formally resumed her submissive pose. Then, with a smile on her face, she said sweetly and politely, "So, Master, you were saying?"

The other women and Alan all had to laugh at that. Even Akami choked and gagged as she struggled not to laugh too hard, given the way her entire mouth was filled with slippery cock-meat. It was funny, because with Akami's lips sliding so fast, her entire head almost slamming up and down, there was simply no way for Alan to resume calmly talking as he had been doing before. He was right on the verge of cumming, just as Susan had instructed Akami, frantically squeezing his PC muscle to hold back.

Even so, he tried his best to brave it out, speaking slower and with long pauses for breath before each phrase. "Very... cute. ... You see, Akami? ... This is what I have to put up with."

Katherine had returned to her stiff, formal posture after Susan did so, causing Suzanne to do likewise. Katherine was all grins as she said, "Hey, we're slaves, but we're uppity slaves! I'm afraid this uppity disease has been spreading."

He chuckled. "Yeah, well, I like it that way. ... But that doesn't mean I won't give you all a good spanking..." - he had to gasp for air - "just because I feel like it! Besides, you all deserve it."


Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine all shared knowing looks at each other. Then, as one, they all turned around. Still kneeling, they bent over so they were facing the carpet with their asses high in the air.

Suzanne spoke for all three when she said in a cheeky, sing-song tone, "We're ready to be punished, Master!"

Alan groaned lustily. Oh, man! They are really, really getting to me! So fucking arousing!

Akami quickly glanced back to the other women. She wasn't able to move her head much, but she was just able to see the three bare asses lined in a row. Holy shit! They're ready for spankings! And look at the way all those asses are wiggling. They want it! They're actually eager! She'd never experienced a sexy spanking before, but at that moment it looked quite tempting. Still, she forced herself to close her eyes and focus on her cocksucking.

Alan breathed heavily while another wave of intense arousal washed through his body. He realized with a start how close he'd come to cumming - again. Ironically, Akami was having more of an effect on him than the other three had combined (although in part that was because she was building on what they'd done earlier).

He grimaced and squeezed his PC muscle with greater urgency as he fought the urge to ejaculate. Shit! Can't cum! Tonight's the big night! I've gotta be rested and ready! I wasn't expecting any of this. This... is... not... good! But how can I stop the fun? Especially after all their declarations of slavish devotion? Gaawwwd, I just wanna up and fuck the hell out of them all, one by one, until I'm totally spent! But I can't! Not now!

Even though I'm the master and they couldn't be any more submissive, I'm not in control. Maybe my dick is in control, but my brain definitely is not. I need to get back on track!

He was still right at the edge of climax, because Akami hadn't stopped or even slowed down. He could have made life easier on himself by simply asking her to take it easy, but he was enjoying the struggle, similar to how some surfers seek to ride the biggest and most challenging waves. However, he did take some moments to close his eyes and focus on some calming breathing exercises.

That made him feel much better, so he sighed with relief. He opened his eyes and was startled all over again by the sight of the three perfect asses lined up in a row, with hints of juicy pussies showing between firm ass cheeks. Shit! Too tempting! I know it's 'out of the frying pan and into the fire' with these beauties, but I've gotta get them to move before I up and blast a load into somebody's cunt!

So he spoke with deliberate calm, although his still-heaving chest betrayed how much he was being affected. "Okay, ladies, very cute. I don't have the time or energy for spankings now. Please resume the position you were in before."

They hastened to outdo each other over who could get back into their previous pose the quickest, resulting in a three-way tie. In what seemed like a flash, they were back facing him in their kneeling pose with tits thrust up and out, chin down, and wrists crossed behind their backs.

He sighed. Oh shit! That's not much better. Like I said, 'out of the frying pan, into the fire', and my women are blazing bonfires! But I can't make myself close my eyes. If only Aims were here to complete the picture. Still, I have do to something. I just can't let them make me cum now. Period! Tonight's ceremony is what matters!

He looked down at Akami. "Okay, that's... um... Let's take a break from that, shall we?" He was trying to sound cool and cavalier about it, but he knew that if she didn't stop her frantic bobbing, and fast, he was going to cum.

She stopped moving her head. But she had only stopped her fast pace. To Alan's surprise, she didn't even pull her lips off to take a quick breather. Instead, with her head hardly moving, she switched to the "fancy tongue work" that Susan had called for earlier.

He was panting hard. Oh man! That's not a whole lot better! But I suppose it's enough different to avoid an imminent spermy disaster. I could just tell her to stop altogether, but it just feels too damn good! I can grin and bear it. I know I can. This is part of my role now.


Alan started to say, "Okay, ladies-"

But Katherine interrupted. "Uppity alert! Sorry to interrupt you, Master, but what's up with this 'ladies' crap? We're your slaves, and we're damn proud of it! Call us 'slaves' already!"

He said, "As your master I can call you whatever the hell I feel like. I was feeling kind of weird saying the 'S' word with Akami here, but you're right: that's part of coming to grips with my role. Okay... slaves..." - he watched with fascination as they stiffened with pride - "I have some bad news. When I said that we have to stop the fun so I can take a nap, I meant it."

There was a collective "Awww" from all the women except Akami, who was too busy sucking with lots of tongue action to even make that sound. Feeling wicked and almost too horny to control herself, she'd already disregarded his command to take a break. The only reason she wasn't bobbing again was because her neck and jaw were tired, potentially making her focus on "fancy tongue work" more effective.

Suzanne said to Alan, "Look. We understand you're tired. I can see it in your eyes. Amy and Christine must have exhausted you with all that delicious cocksucking and titfucking they did to you. You know what they say: there's no rest for the spermy." She grinned impishly at that.

Susan's eyes lit up and she interrupted, "Oh! Thanks for reminding me. Son, I'm over the moon, hearing that you finally got to fuck Christine's tits! How was it? I want you to tell me all about it while you fuck mine!"

Alan's eyes rolled into his head and he let out a desperate groan. He was trying his hardest to hold it together, but the reminder of titfucking Christine was nearly the final straw.

Suzanne shot an annoyed look at Susan's interruption. She continued, "My point is, there's PLENTY of time for a big nap before dinner. We're still wired from the news about Christine. We're all keen to celebrate, up and down and all over your cock! Why not enjoy another fifteen or twenty minutes of very 'SLAVISH' attentions from four women at once, and THEN take your nap?"

Glancing again at Susan, she added, "And I know you're not in any condition to tell stories about titfucking Christine, but you could still think about it while taking turns titfucking all of us." She used the 'pushing in with the upper arms' trick to cause her huge melons to thrust forward, drawing attention to her deep cleavage.

Alan was gasping for air. He had to close his eyes, because it all was simply too arousing.

Susan added, "And cum on us! All of us! All four at once! Shower us with your spermy love! Won't that be an inspiring sight? Then, after a nice cum, you'll go to sleep straight away."

Oh man! Have mercy! He considered pushing Akami's head off his erection, but he couldn't quite force himself to do so. But at least closing his eyes was helping. He practiced his breathing exercises some more.

The others waited with bated breath.

Steeling his resolve, he dared to open his eyes and again look at his line of beautiful kneeling women. He shook his head. "If there's one thing I can't do right now, it's have an orgasm. I'm serious about tonight! This is going to be a big night, a crucial night in all our lives. Trust me on this. I need the rest, and a fully loaded gun, if you know what I mean."

Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine all looked at each other with growing excitement. They'd heard what he'd said before about plans for the evening, but they'd been so consumed with their cock licking at the time that it hadn't really sunk in. Now it did.

Akami working on Alan's cock as Katherine, Susan and Suzanne watch

Akami pulled her lips off his dick so she could look back at the other women and see their reaction. She continued to lick his sensitive cockhead and stroke his shaft while she made eye contact with each woman in turn. She was immediately hit with a jolt of embarrassment and arousal, being reminded all over again that the others were still staring at her and judging her cock-pleasuring technique.

She closed her eyes, engulfed his cockhead again, and resumed her bobbing. She felt new resolve to perform even better. She'd been just holding his balls, but now she started to fondle them too.

For some long moments Alan also kept his eyes closed and simply luxuriated in what Akami was doing. He was impressed with some of the new things she was trying out on him. He knew that he was flirting with disaster, despite all his PC muscle squeezing. Fuck, man! Tonight, tonight, tonight - that's the only thing that matters. It's gonna change all our lives forever. I can't go into that with an empty gun. I know this feels too awesome to stop, but... priorities!

He caressed Akami's hair in a tender way, but also as a signal to stop. "Okay, Akami. Thanks so much, but that's enough. Really."

She pulled her lips off and wiped her chin. She held his erection in her hand, and as she looked up at him she kept on giving it long licks. "Are you sure? I'm having so much fun." After just a few seconds, she couldn't resist once again sliding her fingers up and down his cummy, sticky pole, as well as fondling his balls.

Susan spoke triumphantly to Akami while maintaining her submissive pose, proudly thrusting her big tits forward. "A-ha! You see? You say you don't want to be his slave, but give it a try. It's addictive!"

In truth, Susan wasn't really keen on Akami joining the harem for a variety of reasons, but sometimes her enthusiasm got out of hand. She wasn't entirely serious, and she hoped Akami understood that. Still, she loved the way that Akami was using both her mouth and her hands.

Akami laughed, and stood up, breaking free of his crotch altogether. "On second thought, it's better that I do stop while I still have my sanity and my freedom! Seriously, although I'm not in any danger of falling into the submissive lifestyle, there is something almost addictive about all this."

She turned around and saw Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine still kneeling in a line. Even though she'd seen them like that earlier, seeing them like that again was so arresting and arousing that her heart actually skipped a beat. "Oh my God! Look at you! See what I mean? Alan, frankly, it's not you that arouses me so much as it is them. This would have been just another blowjob, more or less, but knowing the three of them were kneeling behind me, watching me, judging me, wishing they could be in my shoes... And hearing the things they said... Phew! I got so aroused it felt like I almost lost my mind!"

She stared in wide wonder as she realized how true that was. Her heart was pounding wildly and her head was spinning. Strangely, for a few seconds, she actually felt a great temptation to get into line with the other three. "Your slaves are all so sexy and horny that if you put me in a room with them, I'm liable to get totally caught up in the spirit of things in a matter of minutes. It's... intoxicating!"

Alan nodded. "Yeah. Believe me, I know exactly what you mean. I really thought when I entered this room that it would be 'Surprise!' Then kiss, kiss, hug, hug, a little bit of 'How are you doing, Akami,' and I'd be off to take my nap. Ha! Fat chance!"

Everyone laughed at that, knowing how true it was that his intentions had never stood a chance.

He stared in wide wonder as he watched three impressive sets of boobs bounce and jiggle in response to all the laughter. I swear, I never get tired of a sight like that. It must be biologically built into all men or something.

He started waving his arms as if he were trying to drive cattle out the door. "Okay. Shoo! Shoo! Out! I hate to be rude, but I'm insisting on my prerogative here as your master. And no touching me as you go, please. If I don't manage to lie down in the next two minutes, I'm gonna fall asleep on my feet. I really, really, really have to insist."

All of the women reluctantly shuffled out of the room.

Suzanne was the last to go. As she put her hand on the door to close it behind her, she said, "Okay, we're leaving. For now. But when you wake up, all bets are off. There's no telling what kind of creative things we're going to do to you! You're probably a little tired of blowjobs at this point, even multiple ones."

He nodded. "It's not that I'm tired of them, and don't mean to sound ungrateful, but there's a lot of other-"

"I know. Variety is the spice of life. Don't worry. We'll wake you up with something new."

He nodded again. But then he caught himself. "Wait! No! For one thing, do NOT wake me at all! Let me sleep as long as my body needs. And then we've gotta be hands-off. Seriously! I'm not just flapping my lips about this evening; it's really important! All of you, take naps and shower and such so everyone is at their peak. Oh, and please pass along everything we discussed to Aims. Okay?"

The other three were all standing just behind Suzanne, peering into his room. They nodded.

"Good." He sighed with relief and exhaustion.

Akami leaned back towards him and said, "Oh, by the way, if it's alright with you, I've been invited to stay for dinner. But I'll scram after that, so I won't interfere with your big plans."

"Okay. Cool. Sounds good." He looked at the other three. "Later! Love you!"

"Love you!" each of his women said to him in turn. Akami noticeably just smiled and waved.

He peeked out his door and watched their sexy asses sway down the hall. "Oh, and thanks for the big welcome home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Katherine, Susan, Suzanne

The women smirked and waved back. He was left with the feeling that they found it amusing that he was thanking them, although he couldn't figure out why that might be.

"Phew!" He closed the door and slumped against it. God DAMN! I love having them call me 'Master'! Love it, love it, love it. But no one told me how EXHAUSTING it all would be!

He staggered to his bed and threw himself on top of his covers. With one last look around his room, he closed his eyes and immediately sank into a deep sleep.


Meanwhile, back inside the Pestridge house, Amy was on a roll, explaining her "Alan theory" to Christine. She could tell her words were having the kind of effect she was hoping for, because Christine's arousal level was slowly rising once again. As a result, she moved her hand from Christine's boob to her tummy and legs, but still avoided her pussy.

She said with her usual wide-eyed enthusiasm, "Even if you think that's all you need to know, there's more! The harem is KEY! I honestly think at least half the reason we ladies can let our sexual spirits soar is precisely BECAUSE we're part of a harem!"

Christine shook her head in disagreement. "You'll have to explain that one."

"Think about it. The key is to get out of your comfort zone." Amy playfully and repeatedly poked a finger in Christine's belly button, as if that was the button that controlled Christine's comfort zone. "That's when you start to let go. And again, when I say 'you' I mean me too and everyone else. I'm talking mainly about what I feel. All of us, even me, we have these ideas of sexual right and wrong, what is allowed and what is taboo. Right?"

"Right." Christine shivered lustily, because Amy's hand had briefly brushed the underside of her large breasts once again.

"The mere fact that I'm part of a harem - that automatically makes EVERYTHING I do with O.B. naughty and taboo, and thus more exciting. Because nobody's supposed to be part of a harem, so everything that happens in it is pretty wild, by definition. But also, it means I can't say 'No,' because there's no room for 'No' in a harem. I have that wonderful, totally-uninhibited feeling from the get-go pretty much all the time! It's amplified big time if one of his other lovers is there and we're sucking his cock together or sharing a titfuck or something like that."

Christine felt new tingles in her pussy and nipples as she recalled sharing cocksucking and titfucking with Amy. She strategically positioned a hand over her crotch, not to hide her big clit for once, but to hide the fact that her pussy was growing wet. She still hated that Alan had his own harem, but she had to admit that Amy was making it sound appealing.

Amy went on, while lazily running a hand across Christine's tummy, "But even if I'm with him all by myself, I still have this feeling that I'm part of this strange thing where there are no limits, no rules. And I've gotta do my best, because there's all that competition breathing down my neck. He has all these other lovers, so how do I stack up? I know he doesn't rate us or anything; he's not like that. But it drives ME on, you know? And it's that very sense of wanting to be all that I can be for him that's been driving me upwards and onwards for two months now - on the most incredible ride I've ever had in my life."

Christine was similar to Heather in being very driven by competition. Despite Amy saying that Alan didn't rank his lovers, Christine was filled with a strong desire to become the best he had. Besides, she knew it was impossible for Alan not to have favorites, even if he was diplomatic about it.

Amy was brimming with excitement as she explained, "You'd think that some of these effects would wear off after a while, but they don't! In fact, it's the opposite! The more time goes on, the more I get into the whole harem thing. I totally don't want to be 'normal' ever again. Yuck! The more I get into accepting that Alan is in charge, the more I find it even easier to let go and feel that total sexual joy and freedom. It's the BESTIFFEROUS feeling EVER! I love my O.B. so much! All day long, all I have to do is think about him and it puts a smile on my face."

Christine joked, because it was true, "That can't be, because you're smiling all the time already."

Amy giggled while lightly brushing the sensitive undersides of Christine's massive rack. "M'kay, but now I'm, like, smiling DOUBLE. And I'm double happy on the inside too, ya know? I don't care that he has those other lovers. In fact, I like it! No, I LOVE it! It just... WORKS. It makes everything better and more intense. It's like, what do you call a vicious circle, but in a good way?"

"A positive feedback loop, or a virtuous circle." Without thinking much about it, Christine reached out and started fondling Amy's boobs in the same way Amy was fondling hers.

"Exactly that! We're a team. We help each other in all kinds of ways. For instance, he learns from his other lovers how to be a better lover, and I benefit from that. How do you think he has such great stamina? It's because he has sex so very much. Of COURSE he's gonna build up his stamina from constantly fucking an entire harem of beautiful, sexually talented women. And when the time is right for him to fuck you, you'll have the best, most talented lover you could possibly imagine!"

Christine smiled and stared off into space. Aaaah... Yes... Alan is talented, very talented. I love the way he went down on me. But the funny thing is, I think I had just as much fun going down on him. I thought the stereotype is that girls love getting licked but hate licking in return? Not with him! Maybe that's a mark of what a special lover he is, that he makes everything fun? Heck, I'm salivating right now, just thinking about having his cockhead in my mouth, and all of the things I could do with it... Aaaah... And I must admit, it was just as much fun when he titfucked my breasts... That kind of sex isn't nearly as scary or difficult as I'd feared.

I know Amy says Alan doesn't rank his lovers, but still, I can't help but wonder where I stand. He has to have SOME sense of favorites... I must admit, Amy has to be ahead of me. And probably her mother too. After all, he's known and loved them nearly all his life. It's hard to compete with that. But then again, I must be ahead of the likes of Heather, Simone, and Kim. After all, he's lusted after me for at least the last two years already.

But what about Glory Rhymer? I've got a feeling he's had a thing for her for a long time too. She could be tough competition. They say sex bonds people together, and I can already tell that's true. If I take care of his penis on a daily basis, would that allow me to move ahead of her? Since she's a teacher, I doubt they can get together that often...

She was so lost in thought after hearing Amy's words that she'd hardly even noticed the way that Amy had been freely caressing her breasts. It was true that Christine had suffered another sharp jab of pain upon hearing mention of Alan fucking other women, and then a jab of apprehension, coupled with anticipation, when Amy pointed out that he would soon be fucking her too. But her rising arousal was like a soothing balm that quickly eased those wounds.


Amy was content to let Christine think for a little while. But after a while, she cleared her throat and said, "Look at the way I'm touching you now."

That drew Christine's attention to the way their bodies were tangled together, snapping her out of her erotic daze. She realized with a start that she'd somehow wound up with her legs across Amy's thighs, as well as a hand on Amy's nearest breast. Embarrassed, she swung her feet back to the floor and withdrew her hand.

However, Amy wasn't deterred. She even moved her hand from caressing one of Christine's legs and began touching Christine's far boob.

Christine considered telling Amy to stop all the touching, but then Amy resumed lightly brushing the undersides of her breasts in a way she absolutely loved. She made a vague note to herself to have Amy remove her hands once she stopped doing that.

Amy asked her, "Normally, that kind of intimate touching would be way weird, right? But we're both Alan's lovers, and now we're his two official girlfriends. So it still has the thrill of being weird, but it's also okay. In fact, it's almost kind of expected. Of course we're gonna be naked and horny and all touchy-feely when he's around. It's also good if we can kind of keep each other hot and bothered when he's not around, so we'll be that much more excited and ready for him when he's there."

Christine thought back to the moment not that long ago when Alan had appeared in the backyard and she was so aroused that she practically attacked him, then found herself sucking his cock as if her life depended on it. Once again, thinking of such things made her body tingle in all the right places.

Amy's constant stimulation had brought Christine back to that heightened erotic state, so she wasn't thinking as clearly as usual. Still, she had enough awareness to complain without anger, "Hey! You've been doing that to me a lot today, haven't you? You're pretty tricky yourself. And it's worked pretty well."

Amy couldn't help but grin impishly. "Yeah, well, that's just one more way we all benefit from being in the harem, by psyching each other up. And it's not just touching and kissing. I talk with some of his other lovers and learn from them. I'm learning soooo much about how to pleasure his cock better and better all the time, and you'll benefit from all that collective knowledge too, through me! Besides, we talk about all kinds of other stuff and get to be really good girlfriends, rather than the bitchy kind like you see at school and in the movies. I tell you, everything gets better and better... and then even BETTER!" She giggled.

Christine had her doubts. She didn't understand why there was so much focus on pleasing Alan and his penis. It just didn't seem fair. She griped, "You make some points, but you're not going to talk me into liking his harem. Not now, not ever."

Amy suddenly took Christine's hands in her own and looked deeply into Christine's eyes. "I want you to be part of all this. I know you have issues with the whole harem thing; I understand that. It's a lot to take in all at once. So what I'm thinking is, you need to find your own role, your own special place in Alan's heart. For starters, we can try just our own little threesome and see how that works. You and me and Alan, united in our love!"

Christine nodded. She was willing to give Amy's way a try, despite her doubts, as long as she wasn't pushed into joining the full harem.

But she couldn't help admitting, "Amy, I'm scared! I mean, everyone seems to assume I'm a virgin, and it's true that I still am. I've never done anything sexual with anyone before, ever! To me, going out on a normal date with a normal guy and just seeing a movie and maybe kissing afterward would be a BIG DEAL. And yet, somehow I've bypassed all that and now I'm finding myself smack dab in the middle of a HAREM?! Are you kidding me?! No wonder I'm scared! Maybe all that stuff you've talked about works for you, but it might not work for me. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure it won't work for me."

She paused, and thought things over. Then she continued, "However, I'm willing to try your suggestion. That said, I'd rather you not be so frank and so graphic about things all the time. At least for now, I think it's better if I stick to my 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy. Just talking and doing stuff with you has me so far out of my comfort zone that I'm somewhere near Pluto!"

Amy giggled. "That's cool. And I get it. I'm sorry if I get a little too graphic-y. I'm trying to see things through your eyes. That's why I just said that we should focus on our little threesome for now. You, me and Alan. That's all we need."

Christine breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God for that!

Amy tilted her head and asked shyly, "Are we cool?"

After a pause, Christine nodded.


Amy broke into her 1000-watt smile. "Cool!" She immediately leaned in and kissed Christine's lips.

Christine was bothered by that at first, but she was still riding such a wave of arousal that she soon found herself kissing back. A minute passed, and then another. Not only did Christine continue to neck passionately with Amy, but her hands roamed all over Amy's upper body just as much as Amy's hands were roaming over hers.

Christine felt mixed emotions, to say the least. Even as the kissing went on, she thought, I'm too damn horny today. That's my problem. I can't control my body anymore! I've trained my mind and body for years and years, and yet all that training doesn't help me control my arousal. Hell, I don't think I want to stop it! Even with Amy, if she so much as kisses my lips, we're off to the races. Dammit, she's just so soft and squeezable and curvy and fun. It's annoying!


After a while, Christine and Amy ended their kissing, and their hands more or less went back to their own bodies. (Amy knew that Christine needed a breather from time to time.)

The more Amy talked, the more Christine was overcome by Amy's enthusiastic ideas and vision. She felt herself swept along, with her many doubts falling away. She squeezed Amy's hands encouragingly, but she was careful to point out, "We're united in our love of Alan, but with you and me, it's a limited-love kind of thing. I mean, Amy, I really like you, and I feel the bond growing between us practically by the minute, but I'm not in love with you or anything. You get that, right?"

She turned away, embarrassed, as she added, "I mean, despite the way we just kissed-"

Amy interrupted, "Oh, totally! I get it. I'm not in love with you either. But I feel that in time we might begin to love each other. Maybe not in an 'in love' kind of way, because you say you don't swing that way, but I'm hoping we can be like best friends, and then some! Bestest friends, better than best friends!"

Christine was swept away by emotion. She almost felt like crying tears of joy, because she'd never had such a close friendship with anyone. She stammered, "I'd... I'd like that!"

"Me too! You and I aren't going to be become a sexual item or anything like that. Like most of Alan's women, I'm at least kinda bisexual, but I'm not into you that way. When I was touching you just now, that was just for fun. And then, when we kissed, that was even MORE fun! Am I right?"

Christine nodded. She couldn't stop herself from grinning.

Amy flashed her another brilliant smile and pulled in for another kiss, but it was only a playful peck on the nose this time. "You've got such a fit and curvy body, I just can't stop touching it." Her hands were already all over Christine. "But I don't want to have your baby or marry you or anything. Geez!"

Christine laughed along with Amy at that. "Um, you know that's not possible, right?"

"I know that, you silly willy! I want you to be my new bestest friend, maybe even as close as I am to Kat. I'd love it if we could have a deep soul connection, if you know what I mean?"

Christine nodded. She had no sister and had never had a close girlfriend. Her mouth hung open because she was so awed by that prospect.

Amy went on, "Is that possible, or are we just too different? I think it IS possible! The truth is, we're bound together by our love for Alan, and that includes sexual love. So there doesn't have to be any physical limit between us. When I kiss you, or you kiss me, it's more than us kissing each other - it's like Alan is with us, a part of us, and he's kissing us both too. You know what I mean?"

Christine found herself caught up in Amy's enthusiasm as well as her intimacy. Their noses were practically touching as they stared into each other's eyes. "Strangely enough, I do! Maybe that's how I get sexually aroused around you, even though I don't really have any sexual desire for you." Up until that point, Christine had been touching Amy with some hesitation, because she couldn't quite shake the feeling that such girl-on-girl touching wasn't appropriate. But after hearing that she ran her hands up Amy's sides and across her tummy with a newfound ease and intimacy.

Amy laughed with glee. "Exactly! That's why I didn't respond to what you said earlier, because I figured we'd get to an understanding about this kind of stuff eventually. And when it comes to submissiveness, don't think of that as a bad thing, because it's not - not when you're with the right person. Instead, think of that as an EMPOWERING thing!"

Christine frowned again, withdrawing her hand. "Aims," - she tingled with delight that she had remembered to use that nickname - "you had me up until then. The very word 'submissive' makes me recoil. All my life, the one thing I've been fighting is weakness. I AM NOT a loser. I always strive to be the best at everything, or at least super competent! Submissiveness goes against everything I stand for."

Suddenly, her face turned into an angry scowl. "I love Alan, but I swear, if he ever tries to call me his 'pet' or something like that, he's going to discover one very, very pissed-off Christine! And if he thinks he's gonna boss me around like I'm his French maid or something, just because I enjoy playing with his penis, he's got another thing coming!"

Amy nodded. "M'kay. I get all that."

Christine's anger dissipated just as quickly as it had arisen. She asked plaintively, "But seriously, where does that leave us? How can I have these submissive feelings that get me so aroused that they drive me crazy, in the very best way, and yet if he acts on any of that I just know I'm gonna smack him upside the head?"

Amy giggled. She was fondling the undersides of Christine's boobs again in a way that elicited the best response from Christine. "First of all, you're not REALLY gonna smack him upside the head, are you?"

Christine grumbled and scowled. "Well... he tempts me. Often! Sometimes he really deserves it! You should hear some of his dumb-blonde jokes, for starters. And now that I've gotten intimate with him, he's probably going to be incorrigible." Despite her words, she grinned thinking about the more overt sexy flirting she could enjoy with him now. She concluded, "But I'd be more likely to just grab his wrist and make him pay attention."

Amy giggled some more, causing Christine to break into a smile, because they both knew Christine wasn't really going to do that either. "Seriously, put your trust in him. Yeah, he's young, but he just knows how to handle this kind of thing. Take what happened today. You were in some kind of timeless zone, stimulating his cock with me and loving it! But do you remember him ever giving you an order or trying to boss you around at all?"

Christine raised a curious eyebrow. "Now that you mention it, no."

"You see? It'll all work out. He's got other lovers who get off on being ordered around, so he does that with them because that's what THEY want and need. But when he's with you, he'll sense what YOU want and need and he'll do that for you."

Christine clenched her teeth and scowled at the mention of his other lovers. I swear, this harem crap is killing me, one stab wound at a time! And now I have to imagine Alan ordering his lovers around? Does he make them crawl around on all fours and do tricks for him, like a dog? I don't want to know! That is so fucked up!

Seemingly unaware of Christine's renewed dismay, Amy continued, "Besides, you should try to look at it differently. Look at the other side. If you put Alan in charge of sex, don't think of that as being all about benefiting him. Think instead that it frees you to let your repressed sexual side run free. Sure, he benefits, but you benefit as much or MORE! A big reason this whole harem thingy works is that he has a knack for knowing just what to say and do. I really don't think he's gonna call you 'pet' or something like that, because he knows that's not what works for you. Besides, he doesn't think of you like that. He loves that you're so strong and independent. But if he does say something that pisses you off, let him know! He listens, and he learns fast."

Christine shook her head in disbelief. "This is... Ugh! Everything you're saying is simply too strange for me to comprehend. If he loves that I'm strong and independent, then what's all this submissiveness talk for in the first place? I don't get it."

Amy continued to caress the undersides of Christine's boobs as she spoke soothingly. "You're the one who said that you were having these submissive dreams and stuff. Just because you put him in charge sexually doesn't mean you have to bow down to him. Think of it as being like ballroom dancing, where just because you let him lead, that doesn't make you somehow less equal. Right?"

She went on, "It's like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. He led their dancing, but she did everything he did, and backwards and in heels as well! They were different, but equals."

Christine frowned, thinking over the implications.

Seeing her expression, Amy continued, "I don't know a whole lot about that kind of thing, because, like I said, it's not really my special thing either. But I do know enough to understand that it's often the people who are super powerful and dominant in their regular lives who sometimes get off on being submissive in their private sex lives. It's like, they spend all day telling other people what to do, so it's a refreshing change to have someone tell them what to do in a different kind of world, the sex world. You know what I mean?"

Christine reluctantly replied, "Yeah, I guess I can see that."

"It doesn't mean you're gonna stop being the super-achiever Christine we all know and admire! I don't want that. Nobody wants that. But if you can put aside your hang-ups, and let him lead the way, and let me help where he wants me to, that'll allow your repressed sexual side to run free. It's win-win, all around! What are you holding onto? What's holding you back? Your dignity? Your pride? Your expectations?"

Christine didn't respond. But she knew her self-image was a big part of it.

"Imagine spending an entire afternoon with Alan and me, and you and I spend the whole time just focusing on pleasuring and serving his cock. I'm sure that's gonna happen. A lot!" Amy giggled gaily. "Now, that may sound demeaning or something when taken at face value. Most girlfriends don't do that for their guys. At first glance, it doesn't seem 'fair' at all." At that point she assumed a dismissive scowl and made air quotes while saying the word "fair."

She went on, "But I'll tell you what'll happen. You'll have another day like today. Remember what I said about how the more your focus is on his pleasure, the more pleasure you'll have in return? You'll have more fun, more sexual joy, and more orgasms than you can shake a stick at! More, even, than you can shake a certain big fat cock at!"

They both had a good chuckle at that. Their hands were still all over each other, but in a lazy, comfortable way. Christine happened to be caressing Amy's thighs, while being careful not to touch her between her legs.

Amy kept on playing with Christine's big globes, knowing that would keep her horny. "It's really true, C! It's all about letting go. I know that cuts against the grain for you, but come with me. Let me be your guide. You, me, Alan - we'll start a journey together that leads to greater love, greater joy, greater sexual satisfaction. Better and more everything! Look at what happened to you today. How much of that do you think would have happened if I hadn't been there the whole time, helping you along?"

Christine looked back over the course of events and saw them in a new light. She admitted, "To be honest, it probably would have gone much differently. Alan helps me open up too. I had the best time of my life with him yesterday. But today, with the three of us, I must admit that it was even better than that. I didn't think that possible, but it was. And you were a big part of it. At the time I was kind of bothered by you being there, but now I have to thank you for it."

Amy smiled from ear to ear. "You're welcome. Kick-ass people like you need help learning how to expose their buried submissive side. It's not a weakness thing. It's giving up some authority to someone like Alan so you can let your sexual desires run free. Have you ever heard of a trust fall, where you fall backwards into the arms of a stranger?"

"Yeah. It's an exercise businesses like to run to build bonds between their employees."

"Right. Well, that's kinda what submissive sex with Alan is like, most of the time. You're giving up control, but falling back into the unknown with someone you trust is a total rush! Isn't it better to have help with that?"

Christine replied, "I've never thought about it before. I guess you're right. Thank you again."

Amy laughed. "You're welcome again, of course." She let go of Christine and arched her back slightly in hopeful anticipation, drawing attention to her own 36Es. "Would you give me a tit honk or two in appreciation?"


Christine couldn't help but smile at that. She lifted her hands from Amy's thighs and "honked" Amy's tits with both hands. She giggled when Amy made a noise like a car horn honking in response. Then she brought her hands to the undersides of Amy's round melons and tried to caress them in the way she liked Amy to caress hers.

It still felt somewhat strange for Christine to do that, now that she was merely fairly horny rather than deliriously horny like before, but she was trying hard to extend her limits as requested.

Amy immediately reciprocated with both hands. "And look at you sitting here in the nude. You resisted that idea too. But admit it: you feel more free to confess your innermost thoughts when you're not wearing clothes, don't you?"

Christine searched her feelings. "You know what? I think you're right." She sighed sadly. "Amy, I have so much to learn. I feel like the sexual part of me wasn't really alive until last night, when Alan was with me. Since then, it's been a crazy, wild ride, and I feel like I still haven't had a chance to catch my breath. There's a whole side of life here that I never even knew existed!"

Amy was bubbling over with excitement, happy that she was making such progress. "Here's the kicker! It's not just you! Sure, you're a virgin and you've been an 'Ice Queen' and all that. But I'm convinced MOST people are only half alive, at best! I hear girls talk at school. I catch the news and see TV. It seems to me that most women NEVER get in touch with their inner sexuality. Never, ever, ever! A lot of people turn to porn or movies or whatever to watch OTHER people explore THEIR sexual limits, but the people watching are too afraid to do it themselves. Or maybe they've never met someone like Alan who can bring those powerful urges up from some deeply buried place. It's scary!"

Then Amy frowned and added, "And sad."

Christine sighed heavily. "You've got that right! I've gone through so many trials. Like that science project last year that practically killed me. I was up for three days straight getting that done. But all that was a walk in the park compared to what I've done in the last 24 hours."

"But would you undo it if you could?"

Christine seriously considered that, then replied, "Don't ask me that!" She laughed, because she honestly wasn't sure. Although she had no regrets about the things she'd done, she still had a sense of impending disaster. Her greatest fear was that her love and lust for Alan would continue to grow, yet she would have to leave him because she would want him so much that she couldn't handle sharing him. She didn't see how she could avoid eventually having to deal with crushing heartbreak.

Christine, Amy

Amy ran her hands all over Christine's body, even getting dangerously close to her big clit. "Christine, let's be frank. Being beautiful has its downside, but it has its benefits too. Big time! Look at your body. You rock!" She couldn't help herself, so she reached over and playfully tweaked Christine's clit.

"Aaaaamy," Christine warned. She removed her hands from fondling Amy's boobs, moving them instead to where she could capture Amy's wrists, showing her displeasure.

"Oops! Sorry." Then Amy changed tacks. "Nope, I'm not gonna say sorry. I'll stop touching you there - for now - but there's nothing to be sorry about when it comes to your wonderful clitoris." Her eyes widened as if she were having a Eureka moment. "You know what it is? It's a super clit!"

Christine blushed and rolled her eyes. "Aaaaamy!"

"What? It's totally true. I'm way envious." She spoke in a theatrical voice, as if announcing Superman's arrival. "It's a bird, it's a plane, its... Suuuuuuuuuperclit!" She giggled at that, and added in her normal voice. "Like I said, I'm ready to trade clits with you, any time."

Christine couldn't stop smiling. She didn't realize it, but this kind of positive teasing was helping her accept her clit as it was. "Aaaaaaaamy! You know that's not possible."

"Then I'm just gonna have to stay totally envious." Amy winked, and gave Christine's clit a brief, friendly squeeze. Then she went back to caressing Christine's taut tummy. "Anyhoo, thanks to your great beauty, not to mention your smarts and lovable personality, you got chosen by the very best lover in the school. I don't think anyone else is even close to being number two. Alan's in a league by himself. Consider yourself super lucky."

Christine snorted derisively. Clearly, she considered having to share Alan anything but lucky.

Amy was undeterred. "I know you've been thinking it's beneath you, with your looks, to have to share your man. But I'll bet you this right now: if you ever break up with him, you'll NEVER find another man who will give you such love, such happiness, and such endless, overwhelming sexual pleasure. Never! Maybe you'll find someone who can give you one or two of those things, but not all three. And I doubt that you can really find even two of them with someone else."

Christine took some moments to ponder that. I have the sneaking suspicion that she's right. Alan is "just a guy," after all. By any objective measure, he's not gonna make your jaw drop. But there IS something special about him. Hell, the mere fact that he has a God damn HAREM is proof of that!

Dammit, even Heather has sunk her claws into him, when you'd think she wouldn't so much as deign to talk to him. Obviously, she's more than satisfied with the way he has sex with her, because she's been acting downright strangely about him lately. Almost moony, I'm sad to say. He must be really something when even such an experienced, shameless slut is so powerfully affected. I mean, she even broke up with her star quarterback boyfriend Rock, then stuck her neck out for Alan and stood up against Rock when it really mattered most! Heather simply doesn't go out of her way like that for anyone! She must be desperate to be with him.

I guess I can understand that, 'cos the same thing's happened to me. I've fallen head over heels in love with him myself. Nobody else makes me feel the way he does, not even close. He's gotten under my skin, and now I'm hooked... just like Amy warned me would happen! I thought she was just being her usual weird, over-the-top self, but it seems she was right about that!


Christine was startled to realize, Good grief! I feel so horny that it's crazy. But I can't do this!

After a long pause, she looked at Amy sadly and said, "Amy, it really hurts me to say this, but I can't go along with what you expect me to do, and who you expect me to be. I mean, yes, I'll admit that I love Alan, and I'll admit that I really, really enjoyed what I've done with him today and yesterday. I also don't want to backtrack on our Deal. But..."

Amy prodded, "What's the problem then?"

Christine gave an exasperated sigh. "The problem is, being a co-girlfriend is crazy enough, but you seem to want something far beyond that. Being, I dunno, some kind of 'sex bunny' or something in his harem. I mean, you say things like 'We serve him at his pleasure,' without any apparent sarcasm. Do you have any idea how much that rankles me?"

Amy frowned. "Is 'rankles' bad?"

"Yes. Very bad. That means it really bothers me. And the scary thing is that, at times, I can almost see things your way. It almost makes sense. To be honest, it hasn't even been half an hour since he left, and already I want to pleasure him some more! I thought I might hate sucking his penis, or at best tolerate it, but it was such FUN! I had the time of my life, literally the best time of my life. Amy, you're right: sexual freedom like that is the best high in the world. I was so overwhelmed by sheer arousal that practically all my hang-ups disappeared there for a while. I was flying high, like a soaring eagle!"

She continued more soberly, "But at what cost? I'll bet smoking crack feels great too, but that doesn't mean I'm about to do that. Just because something makes a person feel great, that doesn't mean it's right."

Amy asked with great worry, "So... what do you want?"

Christine threw her hands in the air. "I don't know! I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm very happy that you agreed to let me be co-girlfriend with you. Having to share at all is a huge blow to my pride and my hopes, but I'm willing to live with that. But I can't take all this 'harem' stuff too. I thought we had a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, but all you seem to do is talk about 'harem this' and 'harem that'. It's killing me!"

Amy bent forward and gave Christine a tight hug. Although their gorgeous naked bodies were touching all over and their hefty racks were pressing tightly together, Christine let it pass. It was obvious that Amy was trying to lend her new friend some emotional support. "I'm sorry. I'm really, really super sorry! I pushed too hard. It's just that... I get so enthusiastic sometimes..."

Christine chuckled mirthlessly at that. "You can say that again. You get 'so enthusiastic' pretty much all the time." She loosened the hug enough to make eye contact with Amy. "I must say, I really do like your enthusiasm. You're such a bundle of positive energy. It's adorable. But I think you're getting excited about the wrong things. I know you love Alan a lot, but you shouldn't let your enthusiasm for him allow him to walk all over you. If you go that route, someday you'll wind up calling him 'Master' or something crazy like that."

Amy had a very hard time maintaining a poker face in response to that. It was dangerous to provide even the slightest hint that she was already doing that. She wished that she could express her true feelings about it - that she did call him that and that she wasn't ashamed of it. But she knew this was not the time for such honesty, so instead she just nodded and then buried her face into Christine's neck. By doing that, she was able to hide her face from Christine's penetrating gaze for the moment.

Amy kept on hugging Christine in a non-sexy, supportive way, until she'd thought through a new approach. She realized that in her enthusiasm she'd been pushing Christine too hard, and now needed to be more conciliatory.

She retreated from the hug and sat back into the sofa. "I've really gotta apologize. It's not just that I get all excitable. The thing is, I guess I've kinda got a sexually submissive streak in me too. I'm not, like, full-on about it, like some people I know, but I do kinda get into it at times. You have to understand, when I say something like, 'We serve him at his pleasure,' that's honestly not something he'd want me to say. Not at all! He's totally modest. He doesn't even like the word 'harem.'"

"Thank God for that," Christine muttered.

"I know. That's one reason we love him so much, because he doesn't have his head up his ass. But when I use words like 'harem' or 'serve,' that excites ME. Ya know? And when I get all aroused, like I am right now, I get carried away with that kind of language. I didn't mean to freak you out. Obviously I've gotta try harder to be careful about the words that I use when were together."

Christine sighed with relief. "I'd really appreciate that."

Amy smiled widely. "Sure thing! That said, I have a new proposal for you."

Christine stiffened and frowned. "What's that?"

"I know you feel stuck. I think I know a way out of your sticky situation, and it's simple: just don't be so judgmental, and instead try to look at all this in a new way. Everything I've been saying up until now is still true, just minus getting carried away with certain words and stuff. I was so shocked by what you said a couple of minutes ago that I didn't reply to your 'crack' comment. What's happening to you now is NOTHING like being high on crack or some drug like that, from what I understand. Drugs like that are a BAD thing. This is a very, very, super double duper GOOD thing! There's nothing better than being in love! A bazillion love songs have been written about it, and another gazillion poems have been written about it too!"

Christine asked with private amusement, "Which is more, a bazillion or a gazillion?"

Amy scrunched her face as she considered that. "It's hard to say. They're both super way megahumungonormous numbers. My point is, you've admitted that you have a problem with being too judgmental and over-thinking things. Don't you have a sneaking suspicion that that could be what's happening here?"

"I... suppose..." Christine answered uncertainly.

"Come on. You KNOW it's true! Hasn't that been, like, your Achilles' heel? I mean, for a girl as totally super beautiful as you to have not even kissed a boy until just recently, with Alan, in your senior year, that's not normal."

"True, but being a 'co-girlfriend' isn't normal either. And a teenage boy having his own harem is most definitely not normal!"

Amy giggled. "Good point. Okay, so here's my new suggestion: I'll try to tone down my language and crazy ideas and stuff, and you try to open up your mind to new experiences without getting all judgmental and hesitant-y."

Christine wanted to point out that "hesitant-y" wasn't a word, but she managed to bite her lip and let it go. She could infer and appreciate why Amy had modified the word that way. Amy's got a point. I'm far too uptight about everything. Even hearing a word like 'hesitant-y' raises my hackles. But that's just Amy being Amy, and she's adorable in her own way. We all have our flaws. Amy gets carried away with her enthusiasm and mangles the English language, while I'm just too uptight. I DO need to take the stick out of my ass, so to speak.

I felt like I'd made a huge step forward from my 'Ice Queen' ways by agreeing to her co-girlfriend Deal. But it's not enough to just agree to that in theory; I need to maintain a new willingness to act on it too.

She said, "Okay, Amy. I'll give it a try. I'll do my best to move forward from here with a tabula rasa, a blank slate. Let's extend this 'don't ask, don't tell' policy to not talking about the harem at all, or any other weird submissive ideas that excite you. And in return, I'm going to try not to complain about all this, like I promised you already. More importantly, I'll do my damnedest to be the best co-girlfriend Alan can imagine, or even handle."

"Yeay!" Amy had been concerned that she might have ruined everything by pushing too hard too soon, so she felt extremely relieved to hear Christine say that. She leaned in and passionately kissed Christine on the lips. This time she wasn't motivated by some kind of greater plan; she was just unthinkingly expressing her tremendous relief.

At first Christine was resistant. This was exactly the kind of thing she'd been complaining about a few minutes earlier. But, with Amy's lips on hers, she decided, I could simply move Amy away. Or I could try to push my own boundaries. This is a test of sorts. Can I change those judgmental aspects of my personality that have come to be a kind of curse? I am NOT going to be an Ice Queen virgin for the rest of my life! Even though it's with Amy, there's no harm in a little intimacy. We kissed a lot today already, so what's the harm in a little more?

As their French kissing went on, Christine thought, There's something about Amy. I need to stop thinking of her as a woman and then getting all hung up on doing 'lesbian' things. Instead, I should think of her as a catalyst. It'll be kind of annoying if she's there when I want time alone with Alan, but maybe she has a point and her presence is a necessary ingredient somehow. At least initially, for a while, anyway, as I learn to overcome my hang-ups. At some point I'll be ready to insist that she give us time alone, by ourselves, but if I've gained her trust and learned enough from her by then she should let me do that.

Christine suddenly spoke aloud, with passion. "Amy, it's time for me to change! It won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight, but I'm determined. This isn't really about me or you, or even me and Alan, or sex in general. It's about an internal battle that I've been having for a while. I thought I was doing fine, but now that I know what I was missing, I can see that I was really pretty lonely and unhappy. I've pushed too hard with certain things and let other stuff slide, like my social life."

She raised a clenched a fist in the air. "But I'm going to change that! I can be just as successful in school and my martial arts training and all my other activities, AND at the same time I can have a great boyfriend and good friends like you and Katherine. Er, I mean Kat. Most importantly, I can learn to love and be loved - like an adult, not just a child. After all, what's more important than that?"

Christine facing Amy, sitting straddled across Amy's lap, with both girls naked

Amy replied gleefully, "Nothing!" She decided it was time to get even more intimate. She simply swung around, lifted Christine up, and sat her back down on the sofa. They wound up face to face, with their pussies nearly touching each other.

To her relief, Christine welcomed that much more intimate position with a smile, celebrating it by playfully rubbing their noses together.

Amy in turn celebrated that by kissing Christine on the lips. It was brief, but heartfelt for both of them.

Christine continued, "I feel that if you give me some kind of external target, like a tall mountain to climb, I can overcome it, whatever it is. But it's a lot more difficult to handle internal issues such as things I don't like about myself. Like acting so judgmental and superior that everyone calls me the 'Ice Queen.' Climbing another mountain or winning another big science award or whatever isn't going to make me that much happier. In fact, you could argue that doing that would just be running away from my real problem here. I need to change myself. And frankly, I think one thing I need to do is be more like you in some ways."

"Oh, really?" Amy was glad to hear that.

"Yeah. Think about it. You're the anti-me in a lot of ways. You're a free spirit. You run around naked without any shame, you're sexually liberated, you're open and accepting of everybody, you don't overthink things or worry too much... I could go on and on. My point is, I'd like to be able to be more like you. I don't want to be exactly like you, mind you, but I'd like to be able to be as free and tolerant as you are, to have that in my set of tools."

Amy was all smiles. "Cool! I'd like to be more like you in some ways too. For instance, I'd like to have more of your drive. Sometimes I'm TOO relaxed, if you know what I mean. Like with my art. I need to push myself harder on that, like the way you push yourself. I wanna be so good at painting and sculpting and stuff that I could make a living at it. But that's what good friends are for, right? We help each other."

Christine smiled too. "Right!" She felt her heart soar. Gaawwwd! I'm not into Amy in a sexual way, but I sure am feeling good about her in a friend kind of way. I've NEVER had a real friend talk to me like this! And that's almost certainly my fault; I've scared just about everyone off in one way or another.

Amy playfully rubbed their noses together again, then said, "Christine, you are so AWESOME! You're totally inspiring me with your determination to be a better, happier person. Its especially cool that you're not running from your scary new love feelings. What's more important than love? Zippo! Nada! That's how I live my life. I'm all about love. I really admire that you are so super great in so many different things. I could be more driven, like I just said, but I'm not all ambitious like you are. What I really want is to love and be loved. And Alan - he fulfills me. His harem fulfills me too. Oops! Sorry for mentioning the 'H' word."

Christine sighed, but said, "That's okay."

Amy added, "These past two months have been the super absolute BEST! And with you being a part of it, things are only going to get better!" With that, she again kissed Christine on the lips.

Christine wasn't as aroused as she'd been earlier when Alan had been with them. But even so, she responded. She felt an ever-deepening emotional bond with Amy, and this was reflected in their necking. They were bonding through their kisses, with passion, understanding, and tenderness. Their hands caressed each other in a similar manner - their pace was lazy and easy.

When the kiss ended, Amy pulled back and smiled. "Mmmm. That feels extra good! I can sense a difference in your kissing, even from when we were doing that with Alan watching just a little while ago."

Christine nodded. "Yeah. Everything you said has really helped me. I'm trying to go with the flow. Besides, I feel a new confidence about this, like everything is going to work out somehow. I don't know how, since it still seems to me this harem thing is a disaster waiting to happen, but who knows? You're like some kind of non-stop enthusiasm injection. How can I stay bummed around you?"

"You can't!" Amy giggled. She poked Christine's tummy, as if her finger was a needle and she was injecting Christine with more enthusiasm.

Christine smiled widely at that, then playfully poked back. She admitted, "Even your mentioning his harem doesn't give me as much heartburn as it did half an hour ago. Maybe it's because you rave about it every third sentence or so, and you're wearing me down through sheer persistence."

They both giggled some more at that. Since Christine still thought of Amy as an airhead - initial impressions are hard to change - she didn't realize that she'd just given voice to a major part of Amy's deliberate tactics.

Christine added, "Seriously, I know I'll feel bad about it after I go home. I'll probably even cry about it tonight, and on into the future for who knows how long. But right now, in the face of your inexhaustible enthusiasm, you almost have me thinking that I could be happy with Alan, despite all the co-girlfriend weirdness. Not to mention certain other weirder weirdnesses that shall not be named."

"Say no more!" Amy went through the motions of zipping her lips shut, as if with a zipper. Then she burst into giggles, causing Christine to giggle too.


Then Amy asked with surprising hesitation, "By the way, have you noticed a change in Alan lately?"

"Actually, yes. He's gotten VERY confident. Especially sexually. He almost has a swagger now. His shyness is long gone. And he's always smiling, always happy, kind of like you."

She paused, then added with a mixture of chagrin and amusement, "I'm starting to understand why he's so happy, and that's the understatement of the year." She asked with growing incredulity as she thought about the topic all over again, "A harem? For real? I still can't believe you're not kidding me?!"

Amy giggled. "For real. But, hey! If I'm not allowed to mention the 'H' word, then you aren't allowed to either!"

Both girls chuckled over that.

"Just look at us." Amy put some oomph into sliding her tits up and down Christine's slightly larger rack to emphasize her point. "Is it weird if I get all un-modest-y and say, 'Hey, I'm a sexy, busty, beautiful girl. And you're a sexy, busty, beautiful girl. And Alan, he's our boyfriend for both of us. And I think that's pretty darn hot!'"

Christine chuckled. "No, I suppose it's okay to say that."

"Yeay!" Amy was so excited, not to mention horny, that her tit-sliding contact wasn't enough. She drew closer still, and wound up sitting up on Christine's lap. She suddenly started bouncing up and down.


Christine put her hands on Amy's ass, trying to stop her from bouncing so much. She thought, That's Amy for you! She's just so Amy that I doubt she fully gets the difference between sexual and non-sexual contact. She just knows that we're feeling good, and touching our bodies together makes us feel even better, so why not do I? I can kind of understand that, so I don't really have the heart to tell her to stop. That would be like taking away a child's favorite toy.

Yeah, she really is quite child-like at times. But is that a bad thing? Maybe my problem, or one of my problems, is that I've grown up too fast. Turn around and blink and before you know it, I'll be off to college with the last vestiges of my childhood officially over. And I've never done many of the typical teenage things. Maybe I need more child-like wonder and innocence in my life!

When Amy's bouncing slowly came to an end, she tried to hold Christine's ass in the same way Christine was caressing hers, but she was more limited in what she could reach since Christine's ass was up against the sofa cushion. She asked hesitantly and with genuine concern, "You know what you said about our O.B. changing? It's all good, right? It's not like he's turning into an asshole?"

"No, I haven't noticed that yet. Yet! He could be headed that way though, if he's not careful. If he does start acting like a jerk, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind, that's for sure! You've gotta figure his crazy sexual success is going to go to his head eventually, sooner or later. But so far he still seems to be basically the same old Alan, except now he's a lot more self-assured. Besides, we know he has this ravenous sex beast inside that's now been unleashed, so that definitely explains his self-confidence!"

Amy giggled in a naughty way, letting Christine know that she wholeheartedly approved of Alan being a "ravenous sex beast" and didn't want him any other way.

Christine couldn't help but giggle along. She had been playing with Amy's ass without really thinking about it, but she realized with a start that she had her fingers in Amy's ass crack. Embarrassed, she pulled them out and went back to "safely" caressing Amy's lower back.

Amy, however, kept a firm grasp of Christine's butt. She was still careful to stay positioned at just the right level, so that their tits, and even their nipples, couldn't help but constantly rub against each other. "You see?! Basically, he's the same lovable Alan. He's special that way. And the reason he doesn't get all asshole-y is that he's got good friends and lovers like you and me who help keep him in line. He likes that you're always threatening to kick his butt. He really does."

Christine snorted with amusement at that, while staring into Amy's eyes from mere inches away. Her pussy was growing wet from all the tit rubbing and ass fondling, but she decided not to push Amy away because she was trying to stick to her new resolve to be more open to new things. "Really?"

"Really! It helps keep him grounded. And I mean it when I tell you to get used to the word 'harem,' 'cos you're never gonna get me to shut up about how great it is. In private, of course. We can't use that word at school. But the point is, it is totally great!"

Christine rolled her eyes. "Oh no, here we go again."

Amy frowned. "Oh, shoot, I forgot. I'll try harder not to mention that word again today, since you're all overwhelmed and stuff. But before I do, can I just say one thing?"

Christine sighed. "I suppose so. If you must."

"I MUST!" Amy giggled. "Let me give you just one example. Cum is gross, right? That's what everyone says. When a guy cums in a woman's mouth, or on her skin, what does she do? She rushes straight to the sink and spits it out, or frantically washes all traces away, like it's the bubonic plague or something. That's what most women do, 'cos that's what society says they do, right?"

Christine's expression soured. "Aims, I've-"

Before she could say more, Amy squealed, "Aims!' I love that you call me Aims, C!"

Christine smiled tolerantly. Her hands had slipped back down to Amy's ass cheeks, although she wasn't fully cognizant of that. "I've studied the human body a lot, because sometimes I think I'd like to be a doctor. I understand cum; it's a perfectly harmless, somewhat salty, alkaline bodily fluid. But still, having it squirted on you, well, it IS kind of icky."

Amy protested vigorously, "Sorry, but that is SO WRONG! Sure, it helps that Alan's cum tastes so super sweet, like a yummiferous fruity dessert. Being in the harem has taught me that cum ROCKS! I think I'd love it no matter what the taste, because it's like liquid love! Whenever Alan cums on me, or in my mouth, I love it so much that I can't begin to tell you. We all do! It's like you suck and suck and suck for so long, you practically think that you're gonna die of exhaustion. His gosh-darned cock just won't cum! Ya know? Soooo frustrating! And then... he DOES! It's like this sperm shower of total joy! A big ol' spermy, creamy, tasty treat as a reward for all that hard work!"

Amy abruptly repositioned herself slightly so her ass was between Christine's legs instead of sitting directly on her thighs. That allowed her to keep the tit rubbing and ass fondling going more easily. "And I probably wouldn't have learned to feel that way if it weren't for the harem. There aren't many of us, but we have our own little society, I guess, our own little social norms. Talking to them is how I came to see the light about cum. And you will too, if I have any say about it. Even though I'm not supposed to mention the 'H' word much, I can still pass on the things I learn, in kind of a subtle-y way, and then everything will be better for everybody. That's still cool, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess. As long as you keep the emphasis on the subtle." Fat chance of that, but hopefully at least she can tone it down some.

"M'kay! By the way, he sprayed his cum on you today and it wasn't the end of the world, was it?"

"No, I guess not," Christine admitted. "But it's not like I was singing in the rain in a 'sperm shower of total joy' either." She shot Amy a dismissive look.

Amy wasn't fazed. "Once you're able to put your hang-ups aside, you'll find that a cum shower is like the greatest thing ever! See, we've all gone through that sexual liberation thing, so it's like what you said before about a positive-feedy thingy-"

"A positive feedback loop."

"Right! One of those, but multiplied! We don't compete for Alan's love, like it's a limited thing. We multiply it! Like what happened with you and me and him earlier today. Come on. You have to admit that three is better than two!"

Christine grinned. "I don't know about that. But I can kind of see your point." She playfully gave Amy's bare ass cheeks an extra firm squeeze.

"A-ha! Victory!" With that, Amy kissed Christine on the lips again.

But after a few moments Christine broke the kiss to ask, "By the way, you mentioned something about 'we all,' and 'there aren't many of us.' Just how many is that, anyway? More than ten?!"

Amy gave her a dubious look. "I thought you didn't want to know. You specifically said no more harem talk, right?"

"I suppose." Christine sighed sadly. "Can you at least give me a clue?"

Amy seriously considered that. Finally, she said, "M'kay. I'll give you one clue, now, but then don't ask me for another. Since you asked 'more than ten,' don't worry; it's less than ten."

Christine didn't know how to feel about that. I suppose I should be happy it's not something even more extreme than that. But less than ten is still a hell of a lot! That's totally crazy! What the hell am I doing?! Ugh! But what option do I have? My heart is stuck on him. I should have asked about a lower number, like six or eight. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not that far below ten. Dammit! And he could always add more. ARGH!

Christine hesitantly pushed her luck. "Maybe just one more question, before we close that door for good." She admitted, "I'm dying to find out, and yet it would kill me to find out."

Amy joked, "Sounds like you're gonna die either way." She giggled, then licked and kissed her way all around Christine's face. "I have another idea. Better stay with the living and just have fun kissing me."

Christine made a chagrined face at that, and Amy responded by playfully sticking out her tongue.


Christine was trying not to get swept up by Amy's emotions, but Amy was too cute and irresistible. The horny blonde stuck out her own tongue and soon found herself in an "air duel" with Amy's tongue. But instead of moving in closer for a solid lip-lock, she persisted, "It can't be more than eight, can it?"

Amy just grinned enigmatically, then firmly planted her lips on Christine's, effectively ending the conversation.

As they resumed necking, still with plenty of mutual tit rubbing, Christine thought with amusement, What to do about Amy? I can't believe I'm willingly making out with her once more, not to mention enjoying it so much. She's so irrepressible! I'm not 'horny' for her, but God, I sure do find myself kissing her a lot! And I can't deny it feels good touching her soft and silky-smooth, yet firm, body...

She relished more French kisses. I can see what Alan sees in her. Mmmm... Niiiice... I can't even blame this on overwhelming Alan-related arousal, not this time. I'm in control now. At least I won't let it go too far.

After another minute or two, she realized that her fingers had migrated into Amy's ass crack again, perhaps in response to the way that Amy was fingering her own ass crack. This time she decided not to fight it, so she kept her fingers where they were. This is a relief. I know this is a funny thing to say with a naked girl sitting in my lap and kissing me and us rubbing our tits together, but this confirms for me that I'm NOT bisexual. Sure, it's arousing, but it's more like mutual masturbation. This isn't about how I feel about her, or how she feels about me. Instead it's about how we both feel about Alan. He's here in spirit somehow, and if it weren't for that we'd be sitting on separate chairs.

They kept on kissing and fondling, but neither of them were keen on working things up to orgasm. It seemed like they were just bonding and comforting each other, but in a very enjoyable and sexually arousing manner. It was similar to what Alan often strived for: staying close to the edge of a climax without actually going over it.

Christine continued mulling over Amy's words. It must be easy to be like Amy, to be so accepting and impressionable, even to the point of actually liking this stupid harem idea. I can see what she means, that having other women to talk to about intimate things could be a big help, particularly if some of them had more experience. It would be a real sisterhood.

If I turn off my judgment and listen to her talk, I could almost believe that everything she says is true, that harems are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course, that can't be the case, or there would be a lot more of them. It's certainly not true for me. For starters, I couldn't handle seeing Alan get intimate with other women. It really burned me when I found him with Glory at the beach. That's why harems don't work, except maybe for very unusual people like Amy, because we all get possessive. Humans are naturally monogamous. Period!

But I'm really going to try to listen to Amy and see if I can be more like her, at least in certain specific ways. She does have an interesting, different point of view.

Minutes later, while Amy and Christine were still making out and fondling each other, Christine sighed to herself. She couldn't stop thinking about her harem "competition." I'll bet it's more than eight, or she would have answered differently to ease my worries. It can't possibly be that many, but then again, knowing him, it just might be. UGH! What have I gotten myself into?!

Let's see. I already know of Amy, her mother Suzanne, Ms. Rhymer, Miss X, and this ridiculously stacked 34J woman. That's five, and I'm sure there's more. I guess I'll be "lucky" if the harem is "only" six or seven. Fuck! And I don't think Heather counts as part of the harem. There's probably a whole separate category of girls he just likes to fuck sometimes, such as Kim. In fact, I remember Amy saying that. UGH! So depressing!

I can't stop thinking about this stupid harem problem. I should enjoy things with Alan all I can while I can, because that's going to be what ends it. The curse of the so-called harem! Except... look at me. Look at us. I doubt there's any "so-called" about it! I'm gonna die of frustration, bit by bit, until I find out just how many there are, and who they are. That's just how I am.


A few minutes later, the two girls came to a satisfying mutual conclusion of their necking, even though neither of them climaxed.

Christine was glad she hadn't reached orgasm, because to her that showed that she hadn't gotten carried away. She was particularly happy that she had managed to avoid fingering Amy's pussy or having Amy finger hers. She recalled how she'd earlier spun totally out of control with raging lust when Amy had fingered her there while they were with Alan. That had been a truly unforgettable experience, but she particularly didn't want that to happen every time she was alone with Amy.

Still sitting on Christine's lap, but with her hands at rest, Amy asked, "So, do you have any other issues you wanted to bring up? Things to ask me?"

Christine had her arms wrapped around Amy's back. It felt nice, especially the way their bosoms still pressed together tightly, but it wasn't too arousing or distracting. "To be honest, I had all kinds of concerns to discuss. But I'm going to have to give them a rethink in light of everything you said. I must admit, some of those issues seem kind of trivial if I view Alan as helping me overcome my hang-ups through total sexual liberation. That in particular really struck a chord for me. And there are things I want to know about, but it's probably better that I don't learn. So, uh, let me think about it and get back to you."

Amy nodded. "M'kay, cool. Though remember that my theory isn't just about you, it's about me and all his other busty beauties too."

Christine rolled her eyes. "His other busty beauties." Good grief! I must be mental to be sitting here in the nude, acting as if this is even slightly normal!

Amy grinned impishly. "What? You've basically known he has a har- er, an 'H' thingy for weeks now, so don't act so shocked. You knew about a bunch of his other lovers. It's just that I didn't use that word, 'cos you don't want me to."

Christine griped, "Yeah, but I didn't know you all act and function like a real... 'H' word! But whatever. Please, enough." She rolled her eyes, frustrated all over again.

Amy ignored that, instead saying brightly, "Now let's talk brass tacks. Let's hammer out the rest of our Deal, so we can be done with that once and for all."

Christine asked with some chagrin, while pretty much guessing the answer, "Can we get dressed first?"

Amy answered, "Of course not! Don't be silly. We both need to be totally honest, right? Haven't you ever heard of 'the naked truth?' That's way more truth-y than the regular ol' truth, right?"

Christine chuckled a little at Amy's predictability.

Grinning, Amy pointed out, "Besides, this is good practice. Now that you're gonna be one of Alan's official girlfriends, you need to get used to being naked, like, a LOT! Preferably naked, kneeling, and cocksucking or titfucking, but we'd need a hot, throbby Alan cock to practice that, since you're beyond that dumb dildo now." She giggled.

Christine asked, "Are you serious? How much of that is sexually arousing hype, and how much do you really mean it?"

Amy replied earnestly, "Oh, I really mean it. I keep repeating myself, because it's REALLY important you know what you get into before you agree to this Deal. Cocksucking and titfucking is a super important part of my relationship with him, and I'm sure it'll be the same with you."

She tried to explain, "Look. I know I can get a little carried away with the submissive-y stuff at times, but that's not what this is about. Alan is a REALLY horny guy! Look at it this way. Some couples have sex once a week or once a month or whatever. That works for them, not having sex that much. Others have sex once a day, or MORE! That's what Alan is like, except even more. You think him having two girlfriends is weird now, but mark my words: soon, you're gonna have so many orgasms, you might well orgasm to death! You'll be waaaay grateful that you've got me - and certain others who shall not be named - to help you tame his relentless cock monster on a daily basis!"

Christine complained, "But he has all those other women!"

"I know. And it's a good thing too! It takes all of us to keep him satisfied. It's almost like he's got a permanent medical condition - stiffthingyitis - and we've got to constantly treat it. Except it's FUN, not a chore. Plus, if you're one of his girlfriends, that special status means special responsibility."

Christine shook her head in disbelief.

Amy stared challengingly at the blonde bombshell. "Do you think you can handle pleasuring his cock every single day, if need be, or is he too much for you?"

Christine stiffened, affronted by the notion that she couldn't physically keep up with Alan. She stared back with determination. "I can handle it!"

Amy put a hand on her own chin and stared off into the distance uncertainly. "Hmmm... I don't know... Maybe you should have a 'provisional official girlfriend' status for the next few weeks, to see if you really have what it takes. I know you're sincere, but will you fade fast or stay the course? Do you have the needed dedication when it comes to serving his cock? We can't really know the answer yet, can we?"

Christine bristled. "Hey, I thought you said you weren't going to use words like 'serve.'"

Amy replied, "I said I'll try. But it's hard, because aside from a ban on the 'H' word, you basically said 'don't talk too sexy.' How am I supposed to know what to do exactly with that?"

"Good point."

"I'm concerned you're going to get hung up on the whole supposed 'fairness' issue. As we've talked about before, it only SEEMS to be an equality issue, if you look at it on the surface. What it's really about is GIVING YOUR ALL! When I say 'serve his cock,' what I really mean is going all out, like there's nothing else in your entire world. Isn't that what you do with your hobbies and studies and stuff? You're totally in the moment, totally focused on just one thing, which in this case is giving him maximum pleasure. Then you're the BEST!"

Christine grudgingly admitted, "I see your point."

"And if you do that, you're rewarded with WAY more orgasms than he has. So it's kind of like we're taking advantage of HIM! But if you're gonna be so hung up on shallow issues like which words-"

Christine cut in, "No, I get it now. Really! I can handle it. And I'm great at focusing and being in the moment. That's been a major part of my martial arts training, believe me. I'm all over the idea of doing that with Alan, to make sex that much more fun and arousing."

Amy was suddenly all smiles again. "Goody! I'd like to see us give him a good ol' dual cocksucking or dual titfucking, or both, every single day this week, all over the place, just to show him we mean business!"

Christine replied defiantly, "I have what it takes! Don't doubt that. I'll prove it to you, and to him. You'll see."

"Cool beans! That's the spirit!"

Not for the first time, Christine thought, What am I getting myself into? Sheesh! But at the same time her arousal level was rising again, now that the talk had returned to cocksucking (which it seemed it often did, with Amy). She asked, "What do you mean though, 'All over the place?' Do you mean licking every last inch of his cock and balls, and even up his ass crack?"

"No I didn't, but that's a good answer!" Amy giggled mirthfully, 'rewarding' Christine with a quick peck on the lips. "I especially like the part about the ass crack. That's more than I expected from you at this point. Maybe there's hope for you yet!" She giggled some more.

Christine, though, felt a sense of chagrin yet again. Geez. What did I mean by that?! Gross!

Then Amy explained, "What I really meant is in lots of different places, starting with going to the restaurant with him tomorrow night. That'll end up with a cock slurping and sucking FEAST, I'm sure! Probably even before we leave the restaurant!"


Christine had to fight the salivation urge again. This is crazy! One blowjob and already I'm actually looking forward to more oral sex! But that does sound exciting. A real date! No more practice dates! And Amy and I can wear some really sexy dresses, the kind I've never really worn before going out with him. The kind that'll keep him rock hard all evening long!

And she can't literally mean it about sucking him AT the restaurant, can she? Nah. No way! She did admit that she exaggerates for effect. Thank God!

Amy added, "For the other days, we could use my house, I guess, but I'd much rather use your house, 'cos I have a brother, and we wouldn't want him to walk in. Would it be cool with your parents if the three of us went into your room, locked the door, and you and I gobbled on Alan's fat knob for a couple of hours? Not to mention all the time he'll go down on you, and me, and all the other fun stuff we'll do with him!"

That sounded very tempting to Christine, so she considered the logistics. "Hmmm. That could be a problem, if my parents knew everything, especially the two-girlfriends part. But they don't come home until after five, usually about six."

"Oh, goody! So we'll definitely do that." Amy beamed.

"But I have martial arts practice after school some days." Christine added to herself, And homework. Sometimes lots and lots of homework. Although... "gobbling on Alan's fat knob" sure sounds more appealing!

Sensing Christine's arousal rising again, Amy brushed her fingers lightly along the sides of Christine's breasts, tantalizing her with her feathery touch. "That's cool, 'cos on some days we'll hit him at school too. Lunch is kind of a difficult time to get him alone with his shorts pulled down, due to all the competition. Alan likes to play with Heather and some of the cheerleaders, like Kim, not to mention Heather's bestest friend Simone. I know you know about them, so that's why I'm naming names."

Christine shivered from what Amy's fingers were doing. "Play." Dammit! She makes it sound so harmless, when she stabs me in the heart again with those words. Sighing, she replied, "Yes, I guess I do. But, like Heather and Kim, Simone's not in the, uh, 'H' word too, is she? Please, please, PLEASE tell me she isn't!"

"No worries! She's just another busty, beautiful girl Alan likes to fuck from time to time. There's a whole other category of those, like I think I said already." Amy couldn't help but boast for Alan. "After all, who doesn't want to get fucked by the best?"

Christine's heart sank. "UGH!"

Amy continued undeterred. "And since she and Heather are best friends and all, boy, they really love to double up on his cock. The two of them totally love slurping his thingy together."

Christine had a hard time not growling out loud upon hearing that. But it strengthened her resolve to team up with Amy to pleasure Alan, so they would "beat" the Heather-Simone alliance.

Amy continued, "But the hope is that you and I, and some others like my mother, can keep his cock so very well tended, so constantly soaked in our saliva and our juices and our love, that he won't have much time for them. He's run a little wild with his newfound success with the ladies, but now I think he's getting smart and settling down with the ones he loves the most. Like you. And me."

Amy playfully kissed Christine's nose. At the same time, she went from a feather-light touch to hefting and kneading Christine's massive tits in a surprisingly possessive manner.

Christine was taken by surprise, while the kissing and aggressive fondling left her breathless and extra horny. It definitely took her mind off the "other category" problem.

Then Amy switched gears, explaining in a calm voice, "And then there's Glory Rhymer. You know about her. He often spends lunchtime playing with her, so much so that he's lucky if he actually eats any food for lunch. So that's a difficult time. But wouldn't it be great if we could rescue him from Heather's greedy clutches on some days?"


Christine thought, UGH! I seriously need to rethink the wisdom of my participation in all this. Being reminded about yet more lovers to compete with, such as Simone and Kim, is really depressing! And Ms. Rhymer! To think that he's sometimes had my history teacher bent over her desk, bouncing and shaking all her papers onto the floor while he drilled her hard from behind, even while I sat eating lunch, wondering where he was! That's the kind of "boyfriend" Amy and I have! GRRR!

But her desire for Alan was simply too strong for her to seriously consider giving up at that point, and she knew it. It helped that the lure of keeping him away from Heather fired her competitive instincts. She even flashed a feral smile, replying, "I'm on board with that!"

Amy could sense that Christine was in need of a distraction, so she bent over and lightly blew a stream of air onto Christine's left nipple. Seeing Christine gasp and shiver, she did the same to her other nipple.

Then she raised her head and said, "Coolio. And in the schoolio, no less! But let's not stop there. Let's be creative and find more ways to hang with him, both in and out of school! Being official girlfriends, we can do all kinds of stuff, especially once we make it publicly known about you."

Amy furrowed her brow and grimaced, as if intense thinking was tough for her. "You're so smart. Maybe you can come up with some kind of clever thing. Like... couldn't we start some kind of school project, like a newsletter committee or something? Some official excuse to get out of class from time to time? Then we could spend a whole hour just lapping our busy tongues on his cock and bobbing our lips up and down his shaft while he plays with our titties and kisses us! Oh, and titfucks us! So many titfucks! It's be spermtasmosupermegaorgasmically wondersuckariffic!"

Christine thought, I must be losing my mind. I should be running far, far away! I think I'm falling into some kind of collective insanity. But that actually sounds pretty good!

Sex is just too fun for me to say no to, especially since I'm discovering it all at once and in such an intense way. It can't always feel this good, can it? Certainly my lusty feelings will lessen as I get more used to it, right? I should ask Amy that, but I'm afraid she'll just smile from ear to ear in her usual Amy way and say "Nope! It gets even MORE intense!"

In fact, I can almost guarantee that's what she'll say. Hoo-boy!

But anyway, I can juggle being with Alan and Amy for an hour or so every day, together with all my other activities, can't I?

Trying to sound like the responsible one, she merely said, "I don't like the idea of missing class, but I'll think about it. Now, what about these negotiations?"

She teasingly ran her fingernails around Amy's nipples without actually touching them. She couldn't hide the lust in her voice or in her smile as she said, "Don't tell me you're going to conduct those while sitting naked on my lap and playing with my body and kissing me on the lips from time to time?"

"Yep!" Amy showed that she meant it too, by locking lips with Christine for yet another kiss.

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